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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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6 2 ( Ireland.) — Ninth REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS [ Appx. PLACE. DUHLIV— [ continued.) Number of Officers. Dcfcription. Na: nes. ACCOMPTANT CENERAL's OFFICE. 3 Accomptant Gener.,, l Firrt Clerk Second Clerk George Rochfort Mau. Cramer Michael Murphy How appointed. Letters Patent. Comrr. inion. Do. The Accomptant General. States separately all Accounts that are found neceflaryin the General Poft Office, he examines and rtfpe& ing the bufinefs of the faid Office. The Firft Clerk. Keeps the Accounts of the Deputies in Divifions, Nos. r, 2, and 3, and checks the Window- man's Weekly The Second Clerk. Keeps the Accounts of the Deputies in Divifions Nos. 4, 5, and 6. TREASURER'S OFFICE. Receiver General Firft Clerk Second Cleric Graves C. Swan Ja. kfon Goulding Letters Patent. Commiffion. Do. Treafurer or Receiver General,— This Officer in his own perfon receives the Alphabet Charges, Port- paid, Window, and Penny- Letter Carriers and Deputies which pafs through the hands of the Solicitor, and all other Monies brought to the credit of the ••••• which are received by the junior Clerk in this Department, and are accounted for daily by him with this Officer. This Officer pays ; Incidental Accounts and Charges. He alfo makes the Payments on account of Poftage into the Exchequer, and the Payments to: Iri h Poft Office ; alfo the Payments to the Deputies in difcharge of the quarterly Balances due to them. He keeps all the Accounts an Account of his Receipts and Payments, an Abftraft of which Weekly Account he furnishes to the Treasury, to the Irish and to the Secretary of the General Poft Office. He fends weekly into the Office of the Accountant General of the Post count between the Bank of Ireland and the Puftmarter General, which Account is clofed and balanced at the end of each Week, Poftmafter General, is afcertained and returned in the before- mentioned Weekly Abftra& s of Receipts and Payments. Firft Clerk.— This Officer makes out the Charges payable by the Letter Carriers, tranferibing fame into the Letter Carriers Pay Packet Book. He alfo pays the Packet Eftablifhment and Dublin Office Ertablifhment, except the Letter Carriers, who are paid by Second or Junior Clerk. This Officer receives the Letter Carriers Charges. He also receives the Deputies Remittance confiding ham t'enfion Bills, Barrack B nrd Receipts and Money Orders. The Bills he gets accepted and afterwards lodges them to the makes a Daily Return of the Bills received to the Treafury, and a Weekly Return of them to the Accountant General of the sort Cart), and lodges all Cain in the Bank of Ireland to the credit of the Poftmaflers General. He accompts daily with the Treasurer Office Eftablifhment, which includes the Letter Carriers. SURVEYOR'S OFFICE. Refident Surveyor - Riding Surveyors. Henry Amyas Bufhe " George Webb - Thomas Heron . I Wm. Fetherftone . Wm. E. Lees Letters Patent. Commifiion. Pleafure. Pleafure. Sinecure. Perfon. 319 19 8 100 o o ico o o 100 o o 100 o o The Duties of a Riding Surveyor.— To instruct and regulate the condudt of the Deputy Postmasters. To take charge for any ether caufe: placing newly appointed Deputies in charge of their Offices. To observe the conduct of Mail Guards to any Tcwn in his Diftrift as foon as any improper conduct or other irregularity in the Deputy, or in any part of the Office De-' 1 > doing fo to the Secretary. To be obedient to the Orders and Instructions of the Postmasters General on all official occasions, and to , .
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