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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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56 ( Ireland)- Ninth REPORT OF THE' COMMISSIONERS [ Poll- mifmanagement, to profecute our enquiries into every branch of its details, we fhall proceed to give a general view of the mode of charging the Duties of Poftage againft the feveral Officers by whom they are collefted, and of the provifions made for checking the receipts and accounting for the produce of this branch of Appendis, No. i. the Revenue. The Inland Mails are difpatched from the General Poll Office at eight o'clock in the evening, and with each Mail is tranfmitted to the Deputy Poftmafter to whofe delivery it belongs, a Letter Bill or Docket fpecifying the Office charge for the Poftage taxed on the Letters fent therewith, a return whereof is alfo made to the Letter Bill Office, where an Account is kept of the charge againft each Deputy Poftmafter for General Poft Letters; this Docket the Deputy Poftmafter is required to fend back by the next Mail to the Inland Office, Hating in a column of the Docket termed the Pojlmaflers column, the aftual amount of the Poftage charged on the Letters received with the Mail, and of any increafe arifing from an advance of Poftage on fuch as had been under charged. From the Inland Office the Docket is fent to the Letter Bill Office, where the charge, though differing in amount from the Office charge, is always entered againft the Deputy Poftmafter according to his own ftatement. In like manner, every Mail difpatched from the Country to Dublin is accompanied by a Docket, fpecifying the total amount of the Poftage charged on the Letters it contains, diftinguifhing the poft paid from the unpaid Letters. On opening the Mails in the Inland Office, the charge in the Docket for poll- paid Letters is compared with the Letters, and the aftual amount being entered in the Office column of the Docket, and the caufe of variance, if any, ftated, it is fent to the Letter Bill Appendix, No. 2. Office for the purpofe of charging each Deputy Poftmafter with the Poftage he has received for poft- paid Letters; to the fame Office alfo the feveral Deputy Poftmafters are required to tranfmit monthly an Account of the daily charges they have incurred for the Poftage on all unpaid Letters fent to them from Dublin, and on all paid Letters difpatched from their refpeftive Offices to Dublin; after this Account has been compared with that which is kept in the Letter Bill Office taken from the Dockets, and any error that may appear has been invefti- gated and correfted, a return of the Monthly charge under each head againft every Poft Town, figned by the Secretary, is fent to the Accountant General. Appendix, No. i. During the comparifon in the Inland Office between the aftual charge arifing from the Mails and the Docket charge, the Letters that are to be forwarded to the Country, or to Great Britain, are feparated from the Letters belonging to Dublin. Thefe latter are delivered either at the Alphabet of the Poft Office, or by Letter Carriers at the houfes of the individuals to whom they are addreffed, ( the City being for that purpofe divided into fifteen walks, to each of which, in proportion to its extent, a certain number of Letter Carriers is attached) or they are conveyed within four miles round Dublin by the Penny Poft. Previous to the Letters being taken away for delivery from the Inland Office, the head Letter Carriers, who are held to be refponfible for the Poftage of their feveral walks, and the Officers belonging to the Alphabet and Penny Poft Office, examine the charges made up againft them refpeftively, the amount of which, when they are ascertained to be correctly told, is entered in the Books of the Office and in returns that are tranfmitted to the Treafurer, in order to apprize him of the fums he is to receive from each delivery. A daily return is alfo made to the Account- ant General, of the total amount of the Poftage arifing from the Mails brought each day into the Inland Office, and of its difpofal, Hating the amount to be for- warded and the amount fent out for delivery, diftinguifhing the charge againft each walk, the Alphabet, and the Penny Poft Office, and thereby enabling him to check their refpeftive Payments to the Treafurer. A daily Report is likewife made by the Prefident of the Inland Office to the Secretary, to be laid before the Poft- mafter General, of the hour at which the Mails were difpatched the preceding even- ing, the amount of the paid and unpaid poftage, and the number of Letters out- wards, of the hour of the arrival of the Mail Coaches in the morning, the bags not arrived, the number of Letters and amount of Poftage inwards, and the amount given to the Letter Carriers, with fuch other particulars relative to the attendance of the Officers, & c. as may enable the Poftmafters General to fee that due difcipline is maintained in the Office. The receipt, delivery and difpatch of the Inland and the Britifh Mails were formerly condufted in the fame Office, but the latter are now placed under the Appendix, No. 3. management of a feparate Department, called the Britifh Mail Office. In this Office two Books are kept for the Britifh Mails arriving from or difpatched to Jlolyhead,
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