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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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( B.) No. 4. The Examination of EDWARD S. LEES, Efq.; taken on Oath, the 30th of March and 30th of April 1810. This Examinant faith, TH AT he has difcharged the duties of Secretary to the Poll Office fmce April 1803, in con- fequence of the infirm ftate of health of his father Sir John Lees, with whom he holds the fituation jointly; he is alfo with him joint Clerk of the Leinfter Road; but Examinant ha* not as yet had any fhare in the emoluments attending it, nor until the removal of Mr. Armit, did he interfere in the management thereof; the Returns of produce of the feveral Roads, which were made annually by the refpeCtive Clerks, were exhibited to Examinant for appro- val, and Examinant never 1' ufpeCted that any incorrednels exifted therein until fome time in Auguft 1800, when, in a converfation with Air. Donlevy upon his fucceeding Mr. Harrifon, the late Clerk of the Connaught Road, who died about that time, he was furprized to learn front him that the profits of that Road, as appearing from Mr. Ilarrifon's books, would pro- bably far exceed the produce admitted by him in his annual Returns; from hence Exami- nant fufpe& ed that fome unfainiefs had been pradtifed in ftating the produce of the Roads by the refpeCtive Clerks, and he conceived it his duty to institute the enquiry which fince took place, and has terminated in the dismissal of the Clerks of the Munfter and Northern Roads from thofe fituations, and of Mr. Armit from the office of Firft Clerk of the Penny Poft. Examinant faith, that upon tlie removal of Mr. Armit from the office of aCting Clerk of the Lein'fter Road, which took place in December 1809, Examinant undertook the management thereof, and has since superintended the circulation of Newspapers, and con- cluded the receipt and expenditure of that Road. Very great and extraordinary loffes having been alledged to have occurred previous to the dismissal of Mr. Armit, Examinant has fince directed his attention moft diligently towards effecting such a system of management, and eftablifhing fuch checks as might prevent a possibility of any loss. For this purpofe credit is in very few inftances given to Correfpondents; an additional book, shewing the 1' ubfcriptions which expire each day, has been introduced, and Examinant has found it necefi'ary to em- ploy l'even Clerks, in order that the bufinefs of the Office thus arranged may be conducted with regularity and difpateh. With the affiftance of this number of persons, and his own iu. 3 Road cannot be managed fo as to guard againft confiderable lofs, at a lefs annual ex- pence than 400 guineas, there are debts outftanding, which were incurred whilft Mr. Armit was a& ing Clerk, on account of which Examinant is daily receiving payments, and he con- ceives they may amount to £. 400. Freffi Geale. Edward S. Lees Robert Alexander. Chas Stewart Hawthorne. John Hamilton. ( B.) No. 5. Examination of WILLIAM ARMIT, Efq.; taken on Oath, the 21ft day d? March and 16th day of April 1810. ,- pAnffl^? I Cbwt . he heft of recollection « • *'° XVbile you had the msnng « ment of the Leiniler Read, did , o„ give credit , o thejab
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