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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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cxxviii ( Ireland.) SUPPLEMENT Id the Ninth Report of the [ Appendix, fee whether its refult WJH for or againft you ?— I did not, nor until I examined ray books, after I was informed by Mr. Lees of the charge that was made againft me, Was I aware of the profits January l^ oy, payments of n:^ appear from my books, which were not even totted at that time; and fo unconl'cious was i of the ftate of thefe two years receipts, that, being confined by fickncfs when the charge oi' fraud was ( hit made, 1 voluntarily and without any application from Mr. Lees lent him the keys Of my Office, where all my books were, that he might examine them, and every other Document in my poffeffion, relating to the management of my Road. Did you, or any perfon for you, keep any other books or Accounts of the receipts for Newspapers on your Koad, for the feven years fubfequent to the arrangement of 1802, than thofe you have produced to the Board ?— None other than thoi'e I have produced. Do they contain the whole of fuch receipts for that period?— They do to tiie befl of my knowledge and belief. Dave you knowingly and by defign omitted entering in thefe books any fum or fums of money received within fuch period of feven years, by you or for you, on account of News- papers circulated by you or for you as Clerk of the Munfter Road ?— L certainly have not. From what bock or Document did you enter in your book, of receipts the names of the Subfcribcrs and the funis paid by them ?— I firft entered the name of each Correfpondent, and the date of the expiration of his fubfeription in my Correfpondent Rook, under the name of his poft town, and 1 then entered his name, poft town, fum paid, and the date of his payment in my cafh book. Does the Account you have delivered in of yonr receipts and payments, on account of the Munfter Road, for the feven years ending 5th January 1809, contain the whole of your receipts and payments during the period of the Account as exhibited by your books, and is it juftlv and truly extracted therefrom?— The Account contains the whole of my receipts as exhibited by my books, but the payments to Printers arc not extra& ed from my books, but are, except fome part of them in the laft two years which are taken from the Printers bills, computed according to the number of Papers returned by me to the Poft Office as the amount of my ifi'ue 111 each year. Have you> or any other perlon for your ufe, any books or Accounts containing the particulate of your payments for Newspapers during the period of this Account?— 1 kept no fuch Account, nor did any other perl'on for my u!' e during that period. How comes it that you were able to make up an Account of your payments for Newspapers in the three years ending 5th January 1801, and that you cannot now make up an Account of fuch payments for the fubfequent years ?— To this queftion I can only anfwer, that during the former period I kept a current Cadi Account with my Clerk, and I conceive that the payments itatcd to be made to the Printers in the Document 1 have delivered in, were extracted from that Account, and were probably made weekly; but with the Editor of The Evening Poll I always kept a Monthly Account, and as my payments to him greatly exceeded thofe to all the other Printers, 1 paid him myfelf, and not having made any entry thereof, he furniflied me with the particulars to enable me to make up my Return ; fince that, period I have paid all the Printers myfelf, and have kept no Accounts thereof. Might you not be enabled to make up an exact Account of your payments to Printers in fcach year, by applying to fuch of them as you dealt with ?— I made every exertion for this purpofe, but could not procurc them, except from The Evening Poft and Correfpondcat; indeed, as moft of the other Papers were paid for daily or weekly, the Printers did not, as I believe, keep any Account. What occaiions. the great difproportion that appears between the amount of \ Tour atftuat receipts within the period of this Account, and the fums you ought to have received according to the charge made by you for each Newspaper to a^ ubferiber ?— 1 can account for this in no other way, but the loll'es fuftained by continuing the Papers after the fubfeription expired, as before ftated. Fredk Geale. Robert Alexander. Chas Stewart Hawthorne. John Hamilton. Wm Maturin. ( B.) No. 3. The Examination of Mr. PATRICK THOMPSON ; taken on Oath, the 26th day of April 1810. Examinant faith, THAT he was Firft Clerk in the Secretary's Office in the year 1802, and that he recollefts that an application was at that time made by Sir John Lees, and the other Clerks of the Roads, for compenfation for Joffes alledged to have been fuftained by them in the profits arifing from the circulation of Newspapers, and from his fituation in the Office Examinant was acquainted both with the nature of the application, and the feveral anfwers of Govern- ment thereto, it having been his duty to draft the correfpondence which took place on that occafion. Examinant alio recollects the fir'ft claim for payment of compenfation made by the
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