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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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( A.) 23' 24.25.3 Coinmiffioners on FEES, GRATUITIES, & c. cxxiii ( A.) No. 23. Copy of a Letter from Mr. Twigg to Edward S. Lees, Efq. T ' "' • rr , , , November 9th, 1800. 1 BEG permmion to acknowledge to have just received your letter of yefterday convevine your command, and being very unwell and some distance from Dublin, will not be able to proceed to the Post Office until to- morrow, when I truft you will grant me an audience If it ihall be the pleasure of Almighty God to afflict and humble me to the dust, and worfe than the dust, 1 ( hall bend m thanks to his wife providence, which is too intricate for man to develope ; but in his prefence, and at the foot of the throne of mercy, will I look up with confcious innocence of never having obtained one farthing in this world by any indirect or improper means. For 43 years have I discharged the duties of my office with a moft conlcientious correctnefs, and obtained the undeviating character of as honest a man, and as good an Officer in the line 1 moved, as ever entered the walls of the Post Office; to be deftroyed at once, my character destroyed, the bed 1 sleep on and the coat I wear lost to me and in my old age stript naked, and thrown an object on a merciless world, is an accumulation of human wretchednel's a Gentleman would sink under, and find no refuge but the grave. I afk pardon for denominating such a worm as myself a Gentleman, although indeed by defcent 1 am one. I am, Sir, with the greatest respect, \ our most obedient and very humble servant, James Twigg. ( A.) No. 24. Copy of a Letter from Mr. Maturin to Edward S. Lees, Esq. Sir, 10th November, ISOQ. . IN obedience to the commands of the Postmasters General Signified by you this day, I hereby lend you the refignation of my employment in the Post Office ; lest however my derile& ion of the office fhould be attended with any inconvenience to the public service, t am willing to attend till my Succeffor is appointed, and the official Accounts are arranged. I do not complain of the decifion of the Poftmafters General, though it has at once thrown me, after a laborious, and, till this unfortunate circumstance, an unimpeachable service of nearly 50 years, from a ftate of relpedtability, comfort and independence, to a situation of the tlcepeft diftrefs, and I may fay ablblute beggary and want; under these circumstances allow me to entreat you, Sir, to Solicit their Lordlhips in my behalf for charity. Judge, Sir, what muft be my feeling, and to what I am reduced when 1 wrote this word, yet 1 repeat it, for charity, to grant me or recommend me to Government for Some small annual stipend, to afford me daily bread, for of fuch I ( hall be in want, if they are not graciously pleafed to assist me. With refpeft to the „£. 1,000. demanded, I have only to Solicit a little time, at the longest Say fix months, by which time, probably much Sooner, I pledge mySelf to pay that Sum, though to do So I fhall be obliged to reduce mySelf to the State I have delcribed. 1 beg the favour of an anfwer, that I may know whether I am to attend the Office ; And am, Sir, . Your obedient servant, Wm Maturin. ( A.) No. 25. Copy of a Letter from Mr. Twigg to Edward S. Lees, Esq. t REOUEST you will be pleafed to represent to the Postmasters General, that the labour and Sati'Tue attached to the conducting oS the Road I have held under their Lordfhips, is Stated by ine as ill adapted to the ftate of health I have been in for many years, and that its produce to me was infinitely fhort of any estimation made of it, occasioned by the general credit j found mvfelf under the neceffity of giving, occasioned by the inSolvency of the late Clerk of the North Road, who died in debt to a large amount to Subscribers for Newspapers; and that impressed with the most profound reSpeft and Sense oS the obligations conferred on me, I humbly entreat permission to resign my Situation under their Lordlhips, and to deliver, at the command of their Lordships, a list of the Subscribers for Newspapers; and as my and under cover to my Officers, as in Such cal'es has hitherto been usual. ; ; Permit 300. 1 1
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