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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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^ Xxxv'iii ( Ireland.) S U P P L E M E N T to the Ninth Report of the [ Appendix, knowledge of the tranfadions contained in the Secretary's Report; neither can their Lord- fhips perceive that there is any ground even to make a charge of imprudence againlt the Clerk of the Leinster Road, from an improper confidcnce in tne perfon employed by him in the management of his concerns in this Road, the perlon feledted having hitherto borne a per- fectly fair character, and filling the confidential iituation under their Lordlhips of Acting Comptroller of the Penny Post Department. Thus circumstanced, there remains a double duty to perform upon the part of the Pofl- maftcrs General. Firft, to take the necefiary meafures with a view to indemnify the public purfe for every fhilling of lofs which it has fufiained by thel'e mal- pradices. Secondly, to guarantee the Post Oftice adininiftration from the fhame and injury which it would juffly fuller from their repetition. Perhaps in rigid juftice, a third duty might be all edged to attach upon their Lordfhips, viz. that of holding up to public juftice, by public profecution of their perfons, the charac- ters of thole implicated in thefe tranfadions. Their confideration, however, for the former character of all thefe perfons, for the long and in other refpeds eminent fervices of three of them, and regard for the connections of Mr. Arm it, will, they truft, exempt the Poftmafters General from incurring cenl'ure for not pufhing juftice to the extreme, and fending the furvivors of thefe perfons, two of them at an advanced period of life, back upon the world to flruggle with ail the difadvantages of doubt- ful character. Their Lordfhips are therefore defirous of purfuing a milder courfe, and one by which they are of opinion their duty will be fufticiently fulfilled, if the parties implicated fhall permit them to refrain from harfher meafures. The Postmasters General therefore hereby dired, that an exad and accurate Account ( hall be taken in the inftance of the North, Connaught, and Munfter Roads by their Secretary, and in that of Leinster by their Accountant General, of all fums which have been received by each of the Clerks of the relpedive Roads in confequence of their privileges in the circula- tion of Newspapers, from the 3d May 1802 to the 10th day of Odober inftant inelufive; and after deduding thereout the annual average ftruck and agreed to by the Clerks of Roads, aa the fair profits of each, under the directions of Government, fignified by Mr. Secretary Marsden's letter of the 12th of April 1802, and under the authority of my Lord Lieute- nant, notified by the letter of the fame Secretary of the 3d May 1S02, the balance to be brought in credit to the Public. The amount of the several sums which have been impro- perly paid out of the Post Office Revenue, and which ought to have been, but have not been credited to the Post Office Fund in aid of thefe Revenues, shall thus be afcertained, and the exad amount due by each of the Clerks of the respective Roads be thus made up ; and that when the same shall have been respectively ascertained, Sir John Lees, Baronet, Messrs. Maturin and Twigg, and the Representatives of Mr. Harrison, ftiall be refpedively called upon to refund the same to the public Revenue, and in default thereof, a public pro- fecution is hereby direded to be forthwith commenced againft them. In the mean time Messrs. Maturin, Twigg, and Armit will, if they fhall fend in their re- fped ive resignations on or before Saturday the 4th day of November inftant, be permitted to withdraw themselves from the public service ; otherwise, on the said 4th day of November next, they are hereby absolutely dismissed from all and every the office and offices which they and each of them respectively hold under the Postmasters General. ( Signed) O'NEILL, P. M. G. Odober 27th 1809. CLANCARTY, P. M. G. ( A.) No. 22. Copy of Letters to Messrs. Maturin and Twigg. Sir, I AM commanded by the Postmasters General to acquaint you, that they afforded to the feveral Papers lately transmitted to Lord Clancarty, in extenuation of the charges alledged againft the joint Clerk of the Leinster Road, ( but of which their Lordships have been pleated honourably to acquit them) every confideration in their power, in the hope of being enabled, from their examination, to pronounce you worthy of a further continuance of their confidence, and thereby be authorized to recall that part of their official Minute of the 5th ultimo, which affected you. In this hope, however, they desire me to inform you they have been dilap- pointed, and with infinite reluctance instruct me to add, that your longer continuance in any situation connected with the Post Office is impossible. Unwilling, however, from motives by which they are influenced, that your future life should be rendered uncomfortable by the reflections " that could not fail to attach to your character by a public difmiffal from office, for transactions which in that event would have to be officially recorded, they are difpofed to adopt a more lenient line of conduct, and one by which they feel that their duty to the Public will be fully answered; and I am ia consequence authorized to receive your refignation, of which their Lordships will accept.
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