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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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I I I I I I I I cxxviii ( Ireland.) SUPPLEMENT Id the Ninth Report of the [ Appendix, With refpeft to the Leinfter Road, which has equally been implicated, and in this impli- cation demands made upon Government, in which my father's name and mine have been involved, 1 be? permiffion to ftate, in the nioft unequivocal manner, that neither my father nor myfelf had the moft diftant iufpicion, much lei's knowledge, that there exilied the leafl incorre& nefs in the Returns made, and under thfe authority of which we claimed and received compenfation, in common with the other Clerks of Roads ; that thele Returns were not made by us, that the money received for our benefit was not claimed under our fignature, and that by whatever fums the grofs profits of our Road, from the circulation of our Papers, exceeded the fum ftated to have been the produce, in no way, direct or indirect, were they appro- priated to our benefit, nor did we derive any advantage from their application. While I give your Lordfhips this pofitive affurance, and ftate, with deep regret, that there evidently appears to have been derived an income far exceeding what we had a right to fuppofe ever arofe from our privilege as Clerk of the Leinfter Road ; 1 alio beg to inform your Lordfhips, that it only remained to difcover the circumftance to induce us to refund ( without coniidering the loli'es we have fuftained in having been obliged to pay a confider- able portion of our income under the alledgcd deficits in the receipts of'the other Clerks of Roads) every Jhil/ ing that the Revenue has been put to charge to in our name, and the amount has been already paid to your Treafurer and brought to the public credit. Having ftated thus much, it only remains forme, in my father's name and mine, to men- tion, in corroboration of what 1 have already aliened, cf our total ignorance of thele trans- actions, in vindication of our characters, and to rcfcue our reputation from an imputation, if not of fraud at leaft of remiflhefs ; that fuch has been his ftate of health for years, that he has been precluded from taking any lhare in the management of any part of his public concerns or his private affairs ; that the management of every part of his oliicial emolument has, together with the remaining private fources from which he derives his income, been entrufted to the care of a perfon in whom not only family connexion, but the clofeft ties of friendfhip and intimacy exifting from long acquaintance, naturally induced him to repofe the moll - unlimited confidence. I have the honour to he, my Lords, Your Lordlhips nioft obedient, and very humble fervant, The Earls O'Neil and Clancarty. Edward S. Lees, Secretary. ( A.) No. 19. Extract of a Letter from the Right Honourable the Poftmafter General, to Edward S. Lees, Esq. IN my letter of yefterday I mentioned my views with refpeel to the Munfter, North, and Connaught Road Clerks, but faid nothing of the Leinfter; you are aware that an accurate Account muft likewife be taken of the linn due from the Clerk of this Road. In addition to what you mentioned to me in converfation upon this fubjedt, 1 fee in the Accountant General's weekly check for the week ending 16th October 1809, the credit entry given for the lum of of. 437. 7. 8. actually paid by the Clerk of this Road upon this account, but whether this is the whole fuin due or not, I am not yet informed. With respect to Mr. Armit it muft be obvious, that he cannot remain in any fituation in the Post Office ; I should, however, on his friends' account, be averfe harfhly to make his conduct public. It appears therefore to me, that the fame line of conduct may be adopted towards him as towards Messrs. Maturin and Twigg, viz. that he may be permitted to retire. With refpedl, however, to them all, it feems to me efiential, that a ftrong fecret Minute fiiould be drawn for the information of all future Poftmafters General, in order to prevent the pollibility of their ever again entering into the Post Office employment. Garbally, ( Signed) CLANCARTY. Oftober 26th, 1809. ( A.) No. 20. the Right Honourable the Poftmafter General, to Copy of a Letter from Edward S. Lees, Esq. Sir, _ Garbally, 06lober 27th, 1809. HAVING received Lord O'Neill's sentiments upon the l'ubjecl of your Report of the'sth inftant, relative to the Clerks of Roads, which entirely coincide with my own, and under- ftanding that there exifts l'ufficient Documents in the Office to afcertain the exa< 5t lofs fuf fered by the Public from the mal- administration of the feveral perfons implicated, and alio to furnifli legal evidence'for the recovery of the fame; I have prepared the accompanying Minute upon this Report, to which 1 have affixed my fignature, and requeft you will apply • to Lord O'Neill, who will be in the Office on Monday the 30th inftant, to perul'e and authenticate
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