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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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(- A.) Q. 10.3 Commiffioners on F E E S , G R A T U I T I E S , & c. cxy ( A.) No. 9. Copy of a Letter from Mr. Maturiiv to: Edward S. Lees, Efq. x Slrr' , , , ift October 1800. IN confequence. of your letter, when my furgeon attended me this morning, f earneftly sexprefled my lohcitude to wait on you this day, but he declared he could not aniwcr for - the conlequences, and gave me the enclofed certificate. Precluded thus from learning the nature and extent of your charge againft me by a pcr- fonal interview, it only remains for me at prefent to fend you the key of my Office, in which will be found in the book rack my corrcfpondent and calh books for the laft two years, which 1 moft cheerfully fubmit to your infpeCtion. At the end of the former you wiil fee the entries of the number of Papers fent, from rohich a/ one, as i before ftated, I drew the comparative ratio of my Road with the original ftandard, and my confequent claim of compenfation for the deficiency. In calculating this claim, 1 ftated thus: If the • original' ftandard of 21 quires 10 papers produced 376. what would the average number of each year produce, and claimed credit tor ihe deficit number of Papers at that rate; for by the number of Papers alone 1 made up my Account, and not by the produce, which i never afcertained, as will appear by my calh books, which are not even caft up; indeed, 1 never conlidered my cafh book in any other light than as a check between me and my Correlgondents, to afcertain the payment of their fubfcrip- tions. On the principle above ftated, 1 apprehend, i fhall make no claim for compen- fation this year, becaufe the number of Papers will at leaft equal if not exceed the orig nal Jiundard, though the produce will be comparatively much lefs, in confeqiience of the advanced price of the Correfpondent. This was the original mode of ftating our claim for compen- sation, famStioned by the concurrence of your father, through Mr. Annit, and that of the other Clerks of the Roads, and adhered to ever fince. I mult here obferve, that fo far from taking advantage of the beneficence of Government, the Clerks of the Roads have exerted their beft endeavours to lclfen the amount of their claims, and with fuch fucceis that they have reduced it from about £. 800. the firft, to lefs than £. 30. the laft year, to the beft of my recolle6tion. If, as I am informed, you have reforted to the Printers for the number of our Papers, I jnuft obferve, that it is a very inaccurate ftandard.. for it was in confequence of their repeated i'urcharges, that I was obliged to employ Mr. A. Dejoncourt, not only to make up my Papers, but to check their Monthly Accounts, in which there are ftill frequent overcharges; in proof of which I lhall only ftate, that in the month of Auguft laft, 1 was uniformly charged for one quire feven papers ( 32) every poft, by the Dublin Journal, when in fact I only lent 21, as Mr. Dejoncourt proved, in whole cuftody the Accounts of the number of my Papers at prefent reft. I have now ftated, from recollection, every circumftancc that occurs to me with refpecl to the management of my Road, but I wait with impatience till the ftate of my health will permit ine in perfon to give you every explanation in my power. This, I truft, will be in a few days, for I beg you to be allured, Sir, no perfon can be mor anxious than I am to clear up every circuinftance. relating to the fubject. I have the honour to be, Sir, Your moft obedient fervant, Wm Malurin. ( A.) No. 10. Copy of a Letter from Mr. Twigg to Edward S. Lees," Efq. Sir, WITH the higheft refpeCt I bog leave to lay before you my eorrefponclent book in obe- dience to your command, and beg leave to oblcrve, that it would be hardly poffible, from the frequent changes. required by Gentlemen from one Paper to another, and alfo from change of relidence, to make out any lift from it with accuracy, to afcertain the grofs number of Papers furniflied to the North Road in the year 1808 ; a number of their Accounts too are not vet pofted up, of fome that have paid and others that have not, as it would he impracti- cable for me fince vour command to accomplifh it, but by to- morrow f truft I fhall be able to l iv before you a correct Statement of them, Imported by the bills and receipts of the Printers all of which 1 truft in God are among my papers undeftroyed. During that ucr'iod 1 had the misfortune to employ a young man named James Stevenfon, nephew to • lr Allen of Gleadov. es Bank, and brother to a man fometime a runner to that houfe. 1 mention thefe particulars to fhew, any one as well as me might have with propriety employed him However he was robbing me confiderably, and ordered of the Printers, 1 discovered, Pane's to a Yerious amount, which he fraudulently no doubt diipoled of, for he • iblconded inftantly on the dilcovery and made for America. In having employed him, and Wina n" id for every Paper monthly he fo robbed me of, I conceived an unlucky bufmess, , p 1 " <> Utt abb. 0
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