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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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• There is one Daily Paper, of which the price, by the Editor, has been raifed within thefe few Dionih3 paft. • With the exception of the Print alluded to in the above refersace. t By applying this calculation to each quire or twenty- five ( heels of paper purchafcd, I find that a nett profit ariles to the Clerk of the Road of, for a Print of a three day publication •£• 33- 8. and confcquently for a Daily Paper, from a quire or 25 ( heets is derived a profit of 66. 13 4.+ In a further reduction it will be found, proceeding upon the fame calculation, I find that for every quire purchafed from the Editor a payment is made of 6s. SrZ. and that it is circu lated by the Clerk of the Road at 10s. i\\ d. leaving a profit 011 every 25 fiieets of4s. 34^; and applying this to the purchale of every fingle fheet, it appears that to the Editor is paid about 3yd. and to the Clerk of the Road 5\ d. for each Iheet, being a profit of 2 upon every individual Iheet of paper circulated. Having polTefled myfelf of this information, and eftabliftied beyond a doubt the value of each Paper difpofed of, without however taking into my calculation llie expences of management to which the Clerks of Roads zcere liable; it only remained to afcertain the number of Papers circulated, in order to eftablilli the grofs profits annually arifing from the exercife of their privileges, and with a view to obtain this information without calling upon the Clerks them- ielves, or applying to the only remaining alternative, but the mode determined upon, the Editors, I beg to itate, I directed the Prelident of the Inland Department tofurnifli me with a correft Return of the number of Papers tranfmitted by the Clerks of Roads, on any two fucceflive nights, thereby meaning to comprize in my eftimate of value, the Prints, that had a publication of three as well as of fix days in the week. The Account was taken upon Thurfday and Friday, the 30th and 31ft of Auguft laft, and the relult was as follow- s: viz. Leinfter Road: 30th 31ft Papers 531 - - 1,051 ----- Total 1582 = 77 Connaught Road: . - 611 888 North Road: 273 - " 38/ Munfter Road: 213 - - 362 575 Unable to diftinrniifh how many of the above- ftated Papers were publifiied daily from thole publilhed but three times in the week, and confequehtly without the power of making an exad calculation of the profits thereby derived to the Clerks of the Roads for the year averaged from their then Correfpondents, I was induced to eftimate their value, and calculate their produce at 4 « - each quire, thereby reducing the whole number to the average of 2r ( heets at 2 i^ d. each ( heet, and upon this principle I believe i am warranted instating, and perhaps under- rating the value that the annual profits of each Clerk, eftimated at the above average, would produce to each as follows : viz. Leinfter Road - - £. 2,100 o o Connaught 1)° - - 1,163 4 o North D° - - 864 10 o Munfter D° - - 767 00 • A Return fo very unexpected, a circulation of Papers in number far exceeding what had' ever been returned by the Cierks of Roads, and manifeftly producing a profit that no official Document or other Voucher authorized me to conclude arofe from their privileges, forced me
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