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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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civ ( Ireland.) SUPPLEMENT to the Ninth Report of the [ Poft- Office.] His Excellency defires me toobferve, that he does not conceive that a calculation made at the period of the greatelt receipts, is fufficient to warrant a permanent charge upon the Incidents to that amount, and that ail average Ihould have been taken of three or more preceding years; nor doej his Excellency conceive that the decreafe is in fo great a degree to be attributed to the Union, as it is reprefented to your Lordfhips by the Clerks of the Roads. The termination of the war, and the general change of intercft in the affairs of the Continent, muft have materially contributed to lelfen the demand for the public Papers, a change to which the Clerks muft always have confidered themfelves liable, and from the di( advantages of which they would be relieved whenever the public intereft fliould be again excited. His Excellency, however, wifhing as far as poffible to accede to your Lordfhips recom- mendation, defires me to propole for your Lordihips eonfideration, that the prefent amount of the receipts for fupplying the Country with Newspapers fhould be brought into one fund or joint ftock, and that fo much fliould annually be added thereto out of the Revenue of the Poft Office, as fliould enable your Lordihips to fecure to each Clerk who held the office on the 5th of January 1801, the amount to which he may now be confidered as entitled, upon an average of his falary and profits for the laft tiiree years at lcaft; at the fame time that if hereafter, by the increafe of the demand for Newspapers, the ftock fund fhould be increafed, the Revenue of the Poft Office may be relieved in the fame proportion, and that the Clerks may not receive their compenfation upon the Incidents, and alfo an increafed income in the ordinary way. I have the honour to be, To the Right Honourable & c. & c. & c. The Postmasters General, ( Signed) A. Marsden. & c. & e. & c. ( A.) No. 5. Sir, General Post Office, 14th April 1802. WE beg leave to requeft that you will reprefent to the Postmasters General, that we accept with great gratitude the propofition contained in his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant's Letter to their Lordfhips, and are fully fatisfied to receive compensation in the mode fug- gefted by his Excellency. At the fame time, in order to remove any impreflion his Excellency may have conceived of our calculation being made at a period of the greateft receipts, we think it our duty to obferve, that the receipts for the year ending 5th January 1801, were actually lefs by a fum. of ,£. 81. 11. 4. than the average of the three years ending at that period, which his Ex- cellency has been pleafed to fuggeft as the medium of compensation, as will appear by the annexed Account; but we confidered ourl'elves bound in our application, to confine ourlelvea to the period immediately preceding the operation of the late Act of Union. It only remains to be observed, that the falaries of the Clerks of the Roads continue Always the fame. ( Signed) Tor Clerk of the Leinfter Road - - - Wm Armit. Clerk of Connaught Road - - - H. Harrison. Northern Road ------ James Twigg. MunfterRoad- ------ Wm Maturin. Profits on Irifh Newspapers, on an average of three years to ? « 0 5th January 1801 - - 5 - 1 jX 2,158 17 1 ® Profits on Irifh Papers on 5th January 1801 - - 2,067 6 6 Difference - - £. gi 11 4 Profits on Irifh Papers as above, on 5th January 1801 - £. 2,067 6 6 Same, on 5th Januaiy 1802 ------ 1,339 1 6 Total deficient - of. 728 5 o ( Signed) Wm Armit. H. Harrison. James Twigg. Wm Maturin.
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