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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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( A.) 3, 4 ] Commitfioners on FEES, G R A T U I T I E S , See. cvii official duty upon the full value of their employments, with the approbation of Government. And altnough trom my advanced age and mcrealing infirmities tbeduty of my department will m a great mealure devolve upon my fon, who has been joined with me in the Patent as Secretary of this Office, 1 am neverthelefs defirous and determined to continue to take fuch a ihare in it as the liate of my health will permit. My prefent falary and allowances upon the Eftablifhment amount to no more than four hundred and thirty- two pounds, and I would fubmit it to your Lordlhips, in conlideration of the decreale in tne emoluments aiding from the- circulation of Newspapers, and in order to make iome provifion tor my fon, upon whom the weight of bufmefs will chieflv fall, whether it may not be reafonable, under ail the circumftances of the cafe, to hope that your Lordfhips will be plealed to recommend an additional allowance of three hundred pounds per annum to be paid as an incidental charge, and to commence at fuch periods as your Lordlhips mav think fit. J Right Honourable I have the honour to be, The Post Masters General, My Lords, See. & c. & c. Sec. .( Signed) John Lees, Secretary. ( A.) No. 3. To TI is Excellency the Lcrcl Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland. May it please Your Excellency, WF. beg leave to submit to the confideration of your Excellency, a Letter which we have received from our Secretary, together with the Statement therein referred to from the Clerks of the Connaught, Northern and Munfter Roads; and to acquaint your Excellency, that having made very minute enquiry refpefting the injury i'tated by thefe Gentlemen to have been fuftained in their refpective filiations, and being perfectly fatisfied of the correcl- nels of thele Statements, we conceive ourfelves called upon in juftice to thefe very merito- rious Officers, moft earneftly to recommend their claim to your Excellency's conlideration ; and this we are the more particularly impelled to do, when we confider that the lolfes thefe Gentlemen have fuftained, have not arifen from any default on their part, but have unavoid- ably refulted from a great political meafure which, in its general tendencies, we are convinced is fraught with the moft beneficial effects to the United Kingdom, though, unfortunately for them, it has militated fo ftrongly againft their particular interefts. Of the merits and fervices of our Secretary, we fliall only obferve, that they are too well known to every Adminiftration in this kingdom for a long leries of years, to ftand in need of any recommendation from us ; and of the other Gentlemen he has, in his Letter to us, and from a longer and more intimate knowledge of them, fpoken in terms highly honourable to them, and perfectly correfpondent with our fentiments. Under thefe circumftances, therefore, permit us again to intreat your^ Excellency's attention to their claims ; and to propofe that an annual allowance upon Incidents be made ; to each of thefe Gentlemen as follows, viz.— To John and Edward Lees, Joint Secretary - - - - £• 3°° ° ° To Henry Harrison, as Clerk of the Connaught Road - - 145 10 o To James Twigg, as Clerk of the North Koad - 149 10 0 To Wm Maturin, as Clerk of the Munster Road - - - 142 5 o Amounting in all to 1Z1- 5- Per annum. And we would farther beg leave to propose, that the fame may be paid quarterly; and that the lirft payment may be made 011 the 5th day of April next. ( Signed) ELY. General Poft Office, DROGHEDA. 16th February 1802. • ( A.) No. 4. M , x Dublin Caftle, 12th April 1S02. I AM directed ' by the Lord Lieutenant to acquaint your Lcrchhips that his Excellency his taken into his confutation your Letter of the ultimo m which you recommend, in confi erat o onhe losses sustained by the Clerks of the Roads m your department by reafon of the decrease in the circulation of Newspapers in confequence of the Un. on, tha real on 01 tie uecic charged unon the Incidents of the Poft Ofnce, equal AS of the amount received by each Clerk; « . he 5. h of Janu„, . So,, « , the - 5th January 1802.. 366.
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