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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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cxxviii ( Ireland.) SUPPLEMENT Id the Ninth Report of the [ Appendix, May it therefore pleafe your Lordfhips to take the cafe of your Memorialifts into your humane confideration, and" to adopt fuch meafures for their relief as to your wil'dom and juftice fliail l'eem meet, and Your Memorialifts will pray, ( Signed) Henry Harrifon, Clerk Connaught Road. James Twigg, Clerk North Koad. . IVm Matunn, Clerk Munfter Road. Comparative View of the Roads at the periods immediately preceding the operation of the Adt of Union, and the 5th of January 1802. Connaught Road: Former period - 28 quires 700 papers produce about - £- 497 10 — 5th January 1802 20 D° 8 papers 518 - - - - - - - 352 Former period Former period - N. B. The apparent difference in thefe calculations arifes from the different expence attending the colledion. Observation ift. As thefe emoluments conftitute the principal part of the income of the Memorialifts, thefe defalcations, though inconfiderable in themlclves, rcducc their fituations to fo low a ftandard, as not only to become a very inadequate compenfation for their long and faithful fervices, but inl'ufficient for the fupport of themfelves and families. 2nd. This alarming and rapid decreafe has taken place during a period of War, and con tinues with increafing effect, though the public anxiety is yet coniiderably excited by the protradion of the Definitive Treaty; but in the event of the eftablifhment of Peace, little doubt remains, but that every apprehenfion of your Mcmorialifis will be fully juftified, and thehr income reduced to little more than their falaries. 1 Henry Harrison, 42 years in office, falary £. 60. per annum. James Twigg, 36 years in office, - - 40. — William Maturin, 40 years in offce, - - 40. — ( A.) No. 2. To the Ri" ht Honourable the POSTMASTEKR GENERAL. O My Lords, General Poft Office, 13th February 1802. AT the lame time that I fubmit, and earneftly recommend to the confideration of your Lordfhips, the accompanying Statement of the fituatioa of the Clerks of the Connaught Road, the Northern and the Munfter Roads, I beg leave to reprefent 011 my own behalf, • that as the privilege of circulating Newspapers through the province of Lei niter, is attached to the office of your Lordfhips Secretary, the fame caufes which have had i'uch a ruinous tendency in the reduction of their ufual incomes, the Union, have alfo operated in the diminution of my emoluments as Cierk of the Leinfter Road; and for the realons alfigned by thefe Gentlemen, 1 am perfuaded the decreafe has by no means reached its loweft ftate of depreffion. I therefore intreat permiffion to identify my caufe with theirs, and beg your Lordfhips will allow ine to hope for your interference with his Excellency the Lord Lieu tenant in our behalf. Thefe Gentlemen have fo fully and fo ftrongly ftated their cafe, that it only remains for me to fay, that if ability, integrity, and length of fervice can give weight to their claims, 1 can, from my own perfonal and official knowledge of them, teftify that they deferve every thing that can be done for their relief. For my own part I beg leave further to obferve, that for a period of nearly twenty- eigh* years, with the exception of about twelve months, during which time I held the appointment of Under Secretary in the War Office, I have ferved in my prefent capacity, the falary attached to which is precifely the fame now as at my jirjt appointment, nor have l ever during that period l'olicited any confideration for myfelf, upon occafions of general or other augmentation in the Poft Office department, nor have 1 attempted to avail myf'elf, as from the length of my fervices, now above thirty- four years, I might have done, of the Uefolution of the Houfe of Commons relpeding the retirement of Public Officers from the fatigue of official
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