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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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Appendix, ISios. 16, 17. Appendix, No. 13. OFFICE'L ON FEES, GRATUITIES, & c. fence Clerk, of the funis for which each Deputy is to get credit in his quarterly Account, but if the alteration we have propofed in the mode of maW thefe re- mittances be adopted, the Accountant General will, from the returns tranfmitted to him by the Deputies remitting, be able to afcertain the Amount of the cafn remitted by them to the Treafurer, and by infpefting the Bank Cafh Pafs- book, and comparing it with fuch returns, he will be informed of the amount of the bills remitted that had by arriving at maturity become cafh. With refpect to the Treafurer's payments, the check on them in the Account- ant General's Office has hitherto been extremely defeftive. For many years pre- vious to the year 1808, the fame perfon condufted the bufmefs of the Accountant General's department and that of the Treafurer, the principal in neither doing any duty, and confequently the benefit chat might be derived from the check the former was intended to maintain upon the latter was entirely loft. But though the duties of thefe Offices are now executed by diftinft perfons, the Accountant General has no actual check on- the credits claimed by the Treafurer, who it • APPendix » No. 11- appears cannot produce to him, at the time he fubmits to his examination the weekly Abftra& s of receipts and payments, any voucher for the latter, as for the moft part he has not then received them himfelf; and though the Accountant General makes up every quarter an Account of the Treafurer's receipts and payments during the quarter, the vouchers for the payments are never produced to him, and 110 other ufe is made of this Account than to compare it with the Treafurer's Accounts for the like Period. To obviate fo glaring a defect, the Ac- countant General fhould, at the clofe of every quarter, make up an Account debit- ing the Treafurer with all fums brought to chargc within the quarter againft the Letter Carriers, the Alphabet- keeper, and Window- man, with the remittances made by deputy Poftmafters within the quarter, and with his Receipts on account of Penny- Poft Revenue, and his mifcellaneous receipts within the quarter, and crediting him with his feveral payments, and with the charges againft the Letter Carriers, & c. unpaid at the clofe of the quarter, and the bills remitted by Depu- ties not payable until after quarter- day. For his payments he fhould be required to produce fufficient vouchers ; thofe into the Treafury fhould be vouched by the Treafury acquittances; his Remittances to Great Britain by the acknowledgement of the London Poft Office ; his Payments on account of the Eftablifhments by the feveral books thereof figned by the Poftmafters General, with the receipts of the Officers annexed ; and the incidental and mifcellaneous Payments by the Order of the Poftmafter General warranting each, with the receipt of the party entitled to receive the aino^ t. The balance of this account, if any, ought to agree with the balance at the foot of the Abftract of receipts and payments for the week clofing the quarter, and fhould form the firft item of charge in the next quarter's Account; after which fhould be entered the feveral fums taken credit for as out- ftanding at the clofe of the laft quarter. The Accountant General alfo keeps the Deputy Poftmafters Accounts, making up in his ledger, at the clofe of every quarter an Account for each, in which they are debited with the Poftage charge- able againft them within the quarter, according to the refpe& ive returns made by the Letter Bill Office, the Bye Letter Office, and the Poftmafters of Waterford and Donag'nadee ; and are credited with the fums to be allowed them according to a return made by the Secretary for their falaries, riding work, expreffes, in- cident expences, and payments for fnip- letters, alfo with the fums to be allowed, for general letters and bye letters returned, according to the Account furmfhed from the Dead Letter Office, and with their remittances, in cafh or in bills, that had been paid during the quarter according to the return made by the Remittance Clerk Each Deputy Poftmafter is furnifhed with a Copy of his Account, and my error that may appear to have been committed in making it up, is correfted m the fucceeding quarter's Account. We are informed that, prev. ous to the year Append* No. 14. Appendix, No. [ AX L Wt< lU^ V/ Vwu* vjutntwi w — — m , - j Sc8, credit was always given to the Deputy Poftmafters for their remittances, by bills, as foon as made ; but they appear now to be brought to their credit only when paid. The reafons we have already given for difapproving of this practice in the Cuftoms and Excilc departments are equally applicable to this, ana the effect of it in exhibiting a falfe view of the balances due by the Deputy Foit- ,- c f„ fflr, Vntlv ohviousfrom the annexed account, m which their amount, whereas after deducting on cth hmuary l3o9> is ftated t0 be 2I>° 44- I2--- - t - - , i8a 18, 6. for bills not then payable, the aftual Caffi Balances on that day - - We therefore recommend, that the former mode of would beX. 17. H59. 13. 7 . giving credit to the Deputy Poftmafters for their 2 bills when remitted, fhould be recurred •
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