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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 835
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 24/01/1810
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 835
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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^•• Mim. . fi. r- ( '; ' PT PRINTED BYWILLIJM EDDOWFS, Yol. 17.] N° 835. Wednesday, m^ p^ Wk r; l TO, • . J- '.;.• £ COK^ M^^ MT, SHREWSBURY. January 24, 1810. Price Sixpence Half- penny. This Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through th„ adjoining Counties of ENGUA. NI> and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shi/ lings and Sivpence each. DR. REES'S NEW CYCLOPAEDIA. This day are published, in • Vto. price 20s. boards, PARTS 1. to XXVI. " Which may be had either periodically or together, OF THE NEW CYCLOPAEDIA, or UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY of ARTS, SCIENCES and LITERA- TURE. Formed upon a more enlarged plan of anangement than the Dictionary of Mr. Chambers, comprehending the various articles of that woik, with additions and improve- ments, together with the new subjects of Biography, GwigTa- phy, and History; and adapted to the present state oi Litera- ture and Science. Bv ABRAHAM REES, D. D. F. R. S. Editor of tbe last Edition of Mr. Chambers's Dictionary, with the Assistance of eminent Professional Gentlemen. Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, J. Johnson, R. Baldwin, F. and C. Rivington, A. Strahan, T. Payne, J. Stockdale, Scatcherd and T. etterman, Cuthell and Martin, R. Lea, Lackington and Co. Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe, J. and A. Arch, Cadell and Davies, S. Bagster, J. Mawnian, Black, Parrv, and Kingsbury, J. Harding, R. Se. holey, J. Booker, Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, Clarke, and Sons, London; Brodie and Co. Salisbury ; nnd Wilson and Son, York. Sold by W. Eddowes, Printer, Shrewsbury ; Smith, lion Bridge ; and Painter, Wrexham. From the Arrangements which have been made to expedite the Publication, it is hoped that in future a Part will appear every two or three Months. A few copies are printed off on loyal paper, with proof impressions of the plates, ptice 11. 16s. each part. BRITISH AND FORE1GN BIBLE SOCIETY, LONDON. President— Right Hon. Lord TBIGKMOVTH. VICE- PRESIDENTS. The Most Rev. the ARCHBISHOP of CASHLL. Bight Rev. LOR D BISHOP of DURHAM. Right Rev. LORD BISHOP of SALISBURY. Right Rev. LORD BISHOP of St. DAVID'S. Right Rev. LORD BISHOP of BRISTOL. Right Hon. LORD BARHAM. r Right Hon. LORD HEADLEY. Right Hon. Admiral LORD GAMBIER. Right Hon. Sir EVAN NEPEAN, Bart. M. P. Sir WILLIAM PEPPERELL, Bart. CHAR1. ES GRANT, Esq. M. P. ( WILLIAM WILBERFORCE, Esq. M. P. Treasurer— HENRY THORNTON, Esq. M. P. SECRETARIES: ( GRATIS) Her. John Owen, M. A. Rector of Paglesham, Essex, and Curate and Lecturer of Fulham. H Rev. Joseph Hughes, M. A. Battersea. Rev. C. F. STEINKOPFF, M. A. Savoy, for the Foreign Department. IT being a very desirable Object, to promote the Extension and Utility of the above excellent and libeial Institution, the following Acc unt of it is submitted to the Attention of the Christian Public. The exclusive Object of the Society is tbe Circulation of the Scriptures, both at home and ahroad. The Copies cir- culated, in the Languages of the United Kingdom, are those of the authorised Version only, without Note or Comment. To effect this simple and yet comprehensive Object, the J. xevlions of Christians ot ali Denominations have been en- gaticd; nnd tbe ttrsult of their united Efforts has been the most extensive and important. The Society commenced in 1804, and it has already ac- complished much of its pious anil laudable Design. For Proof of this, the Annual Reports, which have been regularly published, inav be consulted. From these it will appear, that not only our own Country, hut almost the whole Continent of Europe, and various other Parts of the World, have experienced the beneficial Effects • of this Institution. Beside the vast Numbers of Bibles and Testaments issued in our own Tongue, Translations of the Scitpturcs, or Parts of thorn, have been effected by Means of the Society, in tbe German, Bohemian, Polish, Icelandic, Calmuc, Turkish, Modern Creek, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Portu- guese, French, Italian, Mohawk. Hindostanee, Bengalee, Persian, Mahratta, Malayalim, Sanscrit, and Chinese Languages and Dialects. From the Example aud Encouragement of this Society, similar Institutions have been formed upon the Continent, in Ireland, and in America. Associations also, for the express Purpose of assisting this Society, have arisen in several Places, as Glasgow, Birmingham, Heading, Nottingham, & c. But for more full Information, Refeience must be had to the lteports and Accounts ajrepdy mentioned ; sufficient we trust is lieie HateJ to excite the Enquiry, anil procure the Support of such as regard the HOLY SCRIPTURES as tbe alone Standard of Religious Truth. ! n Addition to the abov. i Information, it has been an- nounced, that, on the 25lh of October last, and subsequently, auxiliary Societies were formed at Leeds, Exeter, Haddington, anil Falmouth: at the two foruiet Cities, the Mayor of each presided. N. B. The English and Welsh Bibles and New Testament! are all piinted by Stereotype, undei the Direction of the University of Cumbridge. THOMAS STEDMAN. FRANCIS LEIGHTON. ROBERT BURTON. EDWARD BATHER. Shrewsbury, JOHN WILDE. Jan 10 1810. WILLIAM FLEMYNG. WILLIAM CLUDDE. The last Report and Accounts of the Society may be seen, at the Banks of Messrs. EYTON, and Co. ; Messrs. BECK, CAHLKSS, and Co ; Messrs. ROWTON and MORHALL ; and Messis. SCOTT, BURTON, and Co. and at the following Places, FOR SCHOOLS. This Day is published, A New Edition, on fine Paper, price 8s. Boards, THE TRAVELS of ANACHARSIS the YOUNGER, in GREECE, during the Middle of the Fourth Century, before the Christian Era. Abridged from the French of the Abbe Barthclemy, for Schools. By Miss KNIGHT. Printed for Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe; Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme ; Lackington, Allen, and Co.; Otiidge and Son ; T. Boosey ; and Darton and Harvey. Sold by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury; and all Booksellers. N. 1!. The same Editions, with Heads, & c. price 9s. Boards. ~ TO YOUNG HOUSEKEEPERS. ' Just Published, ' price 4s. boards. THE FEMALE ECONOMIST, or a PLAIN SYSTEM of COOKERY, for the use of private Families. By Mrs. SMITH. The design of this Publication is to supply a deficiency which has long been complaiued of, in the department of i Cookery. The Receipts which have already appeared, are • considered too expensive for general use. The present collection having been used to advantage in the Family of the Authoress, ! they are now submitted to the Public, with the utmost con- i fidence of success. If she can be service to Young House- j keepers, in the important branch of Domestic manage- ment, her object will be accomplished. FOR THE TABLES OF THE GREAT. Just published, the sixth Edition, with considerable Additions, piice fis. tid hoards. THE COMPLETE CONFECTIONER, Or the whole Art of Confectionary made easy, with Instructions engraved on ten Copper Plates to decorate aTabic with Taste and Elegance; also Receipts for Liqueurs, Home MadeWines, See. & c the result of many Years Experience with Messrs, N'ECRI and Co. Berkeley Square. By FREDERIC NUTT, Esq. Alsoiust published by the same Author, price 6s. boards, THE IMPERIAL AND ROYAL COOK. consisting of the most aumptuons Made Dishes, Ragouts, Fricassees, Soups, Gravies, & c. Foreign and English, includ- ing the latest improvements in Fashionable Life. London; printed for MATHEWS and LEIGH, 18, Strand; sold by w. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury ; and all Book- sellers in Town and Country. THE INHABITANTS OF THIS COUNTY HAVE on all Occasions evinced their Zeal to promote tbe best Interests of the Empire. Their Atlention is now most respectfully solicited to a select Plan, in which the two great Objects of every Financier, PUBLIC GOOD and PRIVATE EMOLUMENT, are happily united. As a public Measure, we are promoting the Finances of our Country, when we purchase a Ticket or Share in the Lottery, and at the same time may be securing an immediate Fortune to ourselves. This will appfear by the Scheme of the present Grand Lottery, containing Two Hundred Thousand Pounds in Prizes, and only Five Thousand Numbers. There are Five Thousand Prizes, and Four of them Twenty Thousand Pounds each. One Number must gain Eighty Thousand Pounds. The Arrangement of the Prizes is superior to any Lottery heretofore in the Annals of Chance. Tickets and Shares may now be had at all the Lottery Ofiices in this County; but an immediate Purchase is earnestly recommended, or they may be all sold, as there were only 5,000 Numbers at first . .. FEBRUARY, being VALENTINE'S DAY. LONDON. SALES BY AUCTION. SALES BY AUCTION. TO PARENTS AND TUTORS OF YOUTH. ; rr^ HIS Day was published by CROSBY and Co. i JL Stationers' Court, London, who supply the Trade with every Class of Literature on the inost libeial Terms, and • sold hy EUDOWES, Wood, Newling, and Morris, Shrewsbury ; 1 Houlstori, Wellington ; Smith, Iron Bridge; Silvester, ; Newport; Wright, Whitchuich ; the Booksellers in Clies- ! ter; J. Painter, Wrexham; and by all Booksellers, Stationers, and Newsmen : 1. A New Edition, Four Shillings, veatlii bound. ENFIELD's GENERAL PRONOUNCING ENGLISH DICTIONARY; the Orthography, Explanation, and Accen- tuation ot approved Tenns, iu a neat Pocket Volume. 2 Second Edition, in one large Volume \ 1mo. 5s. bound. LOWNDES's New and Complete HISTORY of ENG- LAND, in Question and Answer, from Julius Caisar to 1807, including particulars of every recent event.. 3. The Fifth Edititon, ueatly printed, and bound, ' is. THE YOUNG LADIES' New GUIDE to ARITHMETIC; the common Rules and Questions on Domestic Affairs, by Mr. Greig, of Chelsea. Also by the same Author, An Introduction to the Use of the Globes, 2s. 6d. An Introduction to Arithmetic, for Groinmar Schools, 2s. 4. A jVeio Improved Edition, 3s. bound, or on fine paper, vith 4 plates, is. Gd. boai/ ls. CROSBY'S ELEGANT EDITION of TOMKINS's POEMS on various Snbjeets, intended to enforce the Practice of Virtue, and to comprise the Beauties of English Poetry. 5. The Fifth Edition, corrected by Mr. Malham, li. A NEW INTRODUCTION to the ITALIAN METHOD of RoOK- KEEPING, by the Rev. Rev. R. Turner, Author of Geography and Introduction to the. Arts, & c. 6. Third Edition, with a Life of t'te Author, Is. boards. ADVICE to YOUTH, being a Compendium of the Duties of Human Life in Youth and Manhood. 7. Price 5s. boards, 5s. 6/ 1. bound. THE ELEMENTS op ENGLISH EDUCATION for Youth of both Sexes, with Maps, Wood- cuts, Sec. containing the leading Parts of English Literature, by John Brown, Master of an Academy, Kingston, Surrey. 8. Sixth Edition, with Additions and Improvements, price 5s. bound, or on file Jiapcr 6s. 6cL boards. ESSAYS on RHETORC and BELLES LETTRES, chiefly extracted from Dr. Blair's lectures oil that Science. MORFE. BY WILLIAM WYLEY, At the Swan Inn, Bridgnorth, on Saturday, the 27th Day of I January, 1810, at 4 o'CIoek in the Afternoon, in the fol- | lowing, or such other Lots as shall be fixed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to such Conditions as shall then he produced: ALL those PARCELS of WASTE LAND on the COMMON of MORFE, adjoining the Village of Quatford, in the County of Salop, and within one Mile of Bridgnorth ; allotted in respect of a Farm at ' l" he Hay. in the Parish of Quatford aforesaid, in the Occupation of Mr. William Angeworth :— viz. LOT I. All that Allotment on the Yewtree Hill, eontain- i ing 33A. 2R. 20P. or thereabouts, bounded on the North by an Allotment to the Churchwardens of Quatford, on the East hy an Allotment in the Parish of Worfield, on the South by an Occupation Road from Quatford to Lauds in the Parish of Worfield, and on the West by the ' I'urnpike Road leading from Biidgnorth to Kidderminster.— This Lot fences upon ! the East, West, and Part of the South Side. I LOT II. All that Parcel of tbe Allotment on the Wyches | and Hill House Flat, containing 37A. 1R. 3P. or there- abouts, bounded on the Noith bv the said Occupation Road, on the East by a Road dividing " the Parishes of Quatford and Worfield, on the South by Lot 3, nnd on the West by inclosed : Lauds anil Allotments to Thomas Whitmore, Esq. and Others, near Quatford.— This Lot fences upon the North, j East, and Part of the South Sides. j lot III. All that other Parcel of the said Allotment being . Part of the Hill House Flat aforesaid, containing 44A. 3R. | 8P. or thereabouts, bounded on the North by Lot 2, on the East by the said Road dividing the Parishes of Quatford and Worfield, on the South by inclosed Lands of William Whit- more, Esq. and on the West by Thorny Bank aud an Allot- ment made to Christ Church College, Oxford.— This Lot fences on the North and East Sides, and will be sold subject to an Occupation Road to the Hill House Estate, along the North side thereof. The Purchaser of this Lot will be entitled to a driving Way from the Turnpike Koad over Lot 4. LOT IV. All that Parcel of the said Allotment called Thorny Bank, and small Strip or Parcel of Land leading there- from to the said Turnpike Road, nontaining 54A. 1R. OP. or thereabouts, bounded on the North by inclosed Lands at Quatford, and an Allotment made to Christ Church College Timber and Land. of the Town of Machynlleth. In the County of Montgomery. „ IiOT IV. TYNYRWTTRA, RHOSClLIWICK, Oxford, on the East b5 Part of Lot 3, on the South by anil FELIX TURNER, in the Parish of Tref- inclosed Lands of William Whitmore, Esq. from Dudmaston j eglivyn. in the Occupation Heath, and on the West by the said Turnpike Road.— This Lot fences on the East and West Sides, and is subject to the Right of a driving Way over Uie same from the Turnpike Road to Lot 3. Mr. Thomas Massey, of Quatford, with whom a Map descrip- tive of the Lots is left, will shew the Premises; and for fur- ther Informal ion and Particulars, apply to Mr. ANGEWORTH, of The Hay; or to Messrs. PEMBERTON and COUPLAND, Shrewsbury, where a Plan of the Lands may also be seen. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY it. The Paris Papers to the 10th instant, aud Dutch of the same dale, state that the French armies, as they re] tire from the Austrian territories, take up their quarters in the neighbouring states. A strong division, under the command of Oudinot, is to be permanently established at Ulm. This disposition of the troops answers a double, purpose; They will be at hand; ready to fall on Austria in case of another war; and France relieved from the ™ . , , • , ... v inconvenience; aud great part of the cxpence; of their I he Lottery will be drawn on the 1 l th ot i subsistcncr'. r > i French Papers are received, giving accounts from Bayonne and Madrid, which represent the afiairs Of Spain as in a very disorganised state. Meanwhile King Joseph is labouring, by the introduction Of salutary regulations, to court popularity, a matter which appears beneath the consideration of the Supreme Junta I The Kings and Queens whom Bonaparte had assem- bled at Paris, have taken wing, aud are on their return to their respective territories, leaving Bonaparte to make preparations for his intended bride. Jerome and his wife set off" on the 1st, and the Kings of Wirtemburg and Naples were to follow id A fdw days. The Emperor of Russia has ordered ait Alien Office to be established at Petersburgh, and one at Moscow, to which all foreigners; on their arrival, are to present their passports, on which they may obtain licence to remain six months in the country. " A liew regulation has also been published, imposing a yearly tax of ten rubles on foreigners of the male sex, arid of five ruble* on females, The last Spanish and Portuguese Papers contain a Proclamation, iu which the measures adopted for the defence of the country are detailed; It would appear from it, that aa unconquerable spirit of resistance per- vades the Government and the people; but experience does not allow us to place implicit confidence in Span- ish documents of this kind. The last dispatches from Lord Wellington, we under- stand, speak confidently of the sufficiency of the means he possesses for the defence of Portugal. While the British army, consisting of 23,000 men fit for duty, is stationed in the best positions for Covering Lisbon, Mar- shal Beresford has an army of 80,000 Portuguese on the north- eastern frontier. This Portuguese army has been reviewed by Lord Wellington, and its appcarance aud discipline have been found to surpass the most sanguine expectations. It is the intention of the Chancellor of the Exchequer immediately after the commencement of the Station, to move an order to regulate the time of introducing Private Bills, and also to appoint a day, after which no report of a Private Bill will be received. The time appointed will be earlier than that fixed upopi last Session, which will expedite the business considerably, and prevent the House from sitting when the summer is far advanced. After a long cessation of intelliggnce from Wal- chcren, communications were yesterday received from thence by the master of a vessel arrived from that coast. The Frouch, in r « - t< vkmg possession of the island, had hitherto not molested the inhabitants or their property, and no fears were entertained of the general seizure and confiscation of merchandize, which Was at first appre- hended. At John Cliff's, the Bull and Dog, in Cotton, in the Parish of Wem, in the County of Salop, on Tuesday, the 30th Day of January, 1810, between the Hours of two and four in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be pro- duced, unless disposed of by Private Contract, of which the earliest Notice will be nivcn : LOT I. QQ OAK TREES scribed and numbered, and fyZs growing on Lands in Noneley, in the Parish of I. np- pingtou, in the same County, in the Holding uf Mrs. Ann Meares. N. B. The above Trees are of large Dimensions. IAIT II. 16 Acres, 3 Roods and upwards, ot ciicellent FREEHOLD LAND, lying on COTTON'- WOOD, in the said Parish of Wem, allotted to Thomas Payne, Esq. in Respect of an Estate in the Holding of William Prince. Further Particulars may be had by Application at the Office of Messrs. KNIGHT and BROOKES, Solicitors, in Whitchurch, who are authorised to treat by Private Contract. Mr. Whitfield, of Cotton- Wood aforesaid, will shew the Land: and the said Mrs, Meares will appoint a Person to shew the Timber. ( One Property). Freehold Estates in Wales. At the Unicorn Inn, in the Town of Machynlleth, on Satur- day, the 24th Day of February, 1810. In the County of Merioneth. LOT 1. Annual Rent. AN ESTATE, called TONFANNEY, in the Parish of Clymn, in the Occupationof £. s. d. Mr. John Vanshan, 150 0 0 LOT II. BONYRAER, aud CWMYGULE, iu the Parish of Pennal, in tbe Occupation of Robert Jones ... LOT III. PENYPINNER, in the said Parish of Pennal, in the Occupation of Simon Thomas ... Lots 11. and III. are within a Mile and half 40 0 0 18 0 0 73 10 0 90 0 0 TIMBER. BY WILLIAM WYLEY, At the Cock Inn, Watling- Street, in the County of Salop, oh Tuesday, the 6th of February next, at four o'CIock in the Afternoon, in Ihe following, or such other Lots us shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to such Con- ditions as will be then produced, viz. LO T I. glivyn. Occupation of Nicholas Bennett LOT V. WHITE LION, an 1 YNYSCYNNIN, in the Town and Parish of Machynlleth ; the l* « rm in the Occupation of Catharine Lewis, Widow N. li. A Fee- farm Rent of 6s. 8d. is payable to the Owner of this Estate. LOT VI. A HOUSE in the Town of Machyn- lleth, in the Occupation of Robert Lumley and Johu Lewis County of Cardigan. LOT VII. LLWYNERWN, in the Parish of Llanfihangel, in the Occupation of John Thomas On several of the Lots there are Coppices of thriving young Oak, which will in Time become very valuable. The Estates are let at very inodeiate Rents, and are capable of great Improvement. The lespective Tenants will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars enquire of the Rev. ROBERT DAVIES, 8 0 0 0 0 ( J\ ASH TREES, growing on Lands at Lawley, Towvn ; and of Messrs. GRAHAM, KINDERLEY, and DOMVILLE, I in the Parish of Wellington, in the Occupation of ( viz.) Mr. EDDOWES, Mr. WOOD, and Mr. MORRIS, Pnnteis; , Werchanls aI) d Masters of Vessels to Mr. WILKINSON, Meicer, High Street; Mr ENOCK, Grocer ; j yard Quay and Lallding P| aces; w Mr. WILLIAMS, Hatter, Mardol Head; Mr. EDGRRLEY, j mercia, AD„ endaies. Grocer, Mardol; Mr. HULME, Pride Hill; and Mr. BROCAS, Castle Street; where Subscriptions and Donations ate re- ceived for the Society. The following Persons, resident in Shreu sbury and its Vicinity, have already subscribed. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: Aberystwyth, South Wales. Eligible Situations for Sea Bathing Residences, and Houses for Lodgings, Trade, and Commerce. TO BE LET On Lease for Lives or Years, SEVERAL ALLOTMENTS in and near the Sea Port Town of ABERSTWYTH, most delightfully situated, commanding beautiful and extensive Views of the Bay of Cardigan, and the Coasts of Carnarvonshire, Meri- oncthrhire, and Pembrokeshire, and contiguous to or near the Bathing Shore ; most desirably calculated to erect Sea Bathing Residences for Families, Warm Baths, Lodging Houses, Hotels, or any other Public Buildings. AND ALSO several most eligible Situations in the principal Streets, replete wiih every Convenience to Traders and Shop- keepers tor the Erection of Houses and Shops. Likewise, near and adjoining the. Harbour, several advantageous Spaces for erect Warehouses, ith all other Com- mercial Appendages. For further Particulars apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid) to Mr. HUGH HUGHES, at Aberystwyth aforesaid. Lincoln's Inn, London. BY T. DAVIS, At the Swan Inn, near to the Town of Tenbury, in the County of Worcester, on Monday, the 19th Day of February, 1810, at 3 o'CIock in the Afternoon, THE several FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSES, with the Buildings and OiKces thereto belonging, and TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY ACRES, or thereabouts, of FREEHOLD LAND, Tythe- Free, situate and being on the Clee- Hill, in the Parish of Cainham, adjoin- ing or near the Turnpike- Road leading from Ludlow to Cleobury- Mortimer, in the County of Salop, in the following Lots: LOT I. Containing One Hundred and Fifty- three Acres, or thereabouts, of Freehold Land, held by Mr. John Bate of Cainham, nnder a Lease granted to him thereof for a Term of ninetv- nine Years ; if the said John Bate, now aged forty- one Years, and John Turlev, aged about sixteen Years, or either of them, shall so long live, at the Yearly Rent of Twenty- seven Pounds, Five Shillings, and Sixpence. LOT II. The Seite of a House, and Seventeen Acres or Thomas Hulet. LOT It. 73 OAK TREES, growing on said Lauds. LOT III. 4> ASH TREES, growing on other Lands at Lawley aforesaid, in the Occupation of the said Thotnas Hulet, and John and Jos. Williams. LOT IV. 56 OAK TREES, growing on the said last- mentioned Lands. LOT V'. 57 ASH TREES, growing on Lands at Longner, in the Parish of Atcham, called the Cope Leasow, Atcham Leasow, and Aspy Field. LOT VI. 61 ASH, 12 ELM, 2 BEECH, and 9 FIR TREES, growing on other Lands at Longner aforesaid. The above Timber is numbered with the Scribe, and well situate to gixid Markets. Mr. John Williams, of Lawley, will shew the four fiist Lots, anil the two last Lots may be viewed on Application at Longner Hall : and further Particulars may be had of Mr. VICKERS, of Cranmere, near Bridgnorth. TIMBER. BY MR. JACKSON SALTER, At Ihe Hand Inn, in Chirk, in the County of Denbigh, ou , Tuesday, the 6th Day of February, 1810, between the I upwards'of Freehold Land, now held by the said John Bate, Hours of three and six in tbe Afternoon, in the following J ^ yearly Tenant. £. s. d. I. d. Robert Burton, Esg. Rev. John Wilde ... 1 1 0 Longner „..-. . Rev. F. Leighton 1 1 0 Rev. Edward Bather 1 1 0 1 1 0 Robert Pemberton, 0 Rev. John Eyton 2 2 0 Esq 1 1 Rev. H. Campbell 1 1 0 Wm. Cludde, Esq. Rev. Joshua Gilpin, Orleton 1 1 0 Wrockwardine 1 1 0 Mr. Richard France 1 1 0 Mrs. Deborah Darby 1 1 0 Mr. Joseph Davies 1 1 0 Mrs. Sarah Darby 2 2 0 Mr. John Bickerton, Rev. John Mayor 1 1 0 Roden 1 1 0 John Lee, Esq. Wem 1 1 0 Mr. Edwards, Harm Rev. T. Weaver ... 1 1 0 lescot 1 1 0 Mr. Richard Darby 2 2 0 Mrs. Margaret Lloyd 1 1 0 Mr. R. Williams ... 1 1 0 Miss Puttrell & Miss Mr. R. Williams, Nunn 1 1 0 junior 1 1 0 1 1 0 Rev. John Nunn ... 1 1 0 Rev. Archdeacon W. Flemyng, Esq. 5 5 0 Corbet 2 2 0 Mr. John Edgerley 1 1 0 Mr. William Hugdes 1 1 0 Mr. Wilkinson ... 1 1 0 Mrs. Smitheman ... 1 1 0 DONATIONS : £. s. d £ 1, d. Mrs. Sarah Darby 10 10 0 X. Y. Z. by ditto ... 5 5 0 Mr. Joseph Parry 21 0 0 John Beck, Esq 1 1 0 W. Flemyng, Esq. 20 0 0 Mr, Edw. Gittins.... 0 10 6 Mr. John Gittins 1 1 c Joseph Corrie, Esq. SO 0 0 John Lee, Esq. Wem 5 5 ( Mr. W. Eddowes.... 1 1 0 A Lady, by the Rev. 3 2 Turnpike Tolls. NOTICE is hereby given, that at a MEETING of the TRUSTEES, to be held at the Guildhall, in Shrewsbury, on MONDAY, the FIFTH Day of FEBRUARY next, at eleven o'CIock in the Forenoon, the TOLLS aiismg ou the Roads undermentioned will be severally LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidder, for one or more Years, as may be agreed on, commeucing at Lady- Day next, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of his present Majesty, " For regulating the Turnpike Roads:" which Tolls now produce the following Sums above the Ex- penses of collecting them. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must give Security, with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct.— And Notice is also hereby given, that no Person « III be allowed to bid for any of the said Gates, until his Sureties are first approved of by the Trustees. JOHN JONES, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Roads. £ TheMount- Gate in Frankwell, on the Road leading j) towards Pool and Oswestry, together with the Check > Gate at Montford Bridge J The Gates on the Road leading to Minsterley The Copthorn- Gate, on the Road leading to West- } bury $ The Meole Gate, on the Road leading to Church / Stretton J The Nobold- Gate, on the Road leading to Longden t and Bishop's Castle ) Shrewsbury, January 1, 1810. 790 450 229 301 180 Lots, subject to Conditions then to be produced : LOT I. Q / CAPITAL OAK, 40 ASH, 2 CHESNUT, 9 SYCAMORE, and 2 ELM Trees, Scribe- marked, and growing on BRYNKINALT DEMESNE, in the Parish of Chirk, and Lands adjoining in the Parish of St. Martin's, in the several Occupations of Edward Jones and John Dodd. LOT II. 67 OAK, 30 Capital ASH, and 1 Elm Trees, scribed, and growing on lands in the said Parish of SL Martin's, in the several Occupations of Robert Lewis and Edward Price. LOT III. 45 OAK, and 14 ASH Trees, scribed, and growing on RHOS- Y- LLAN Farm, in the said Parish of St. Martin's, in the Occupation of Thomas Jackson. Lor IV. 130 OAK, 37 ASH, 17 SYCAMORE, 10 ELM, and 2 Cherry Trees, scribed, and growing on Pentre- Morgan, Pentre Maddock, and Criftin's Paras, in the Parishes of Ellesmere, and St. Martin's aforesaid, in the several Oc cupations of Mr. William Gough, David Strange, William Coins, Edward Jones, Mary Thomas, and Mrs. Hayward. LOT V. 39 OAK, 25 ASH, 11 SYCAMORE, and 3 ELM Trees, scribed, and growing on Tie- Howell, Fron, and Rhos- Wiel Farms, in the Parish of St. Martin's aforesaid, iu the several Occupations of Thomas Jones, John Thomas, Widow Roberts, and the Rev. S. Steele. Lor VI. 122 OAK, 21 ASH, 5 SYCAMORE, and 4 Elm Trees, scribed, and growing on Lands at llton, in the said Paiish of St. Martin's, in the several Occupations of Edward Rogers, and John Berkley. LOT Vll. 199 OAK, 100 ASH, and 1 SYCAMORE Trees, scribed, and growing on Lands adjoining the last- mentioned Lot, in the several Occupations of Roger Jones, and Thomas Prynold. The above Timber is for the most Part of large Di- mensions, particularly Lots 1 and 7, and well worthy the Attention of Ship builders.— The Turnpike Roads from Os- westry to Chester, and from Chirk to Ellesmere, and also the Ellesinere Canal, pass through several of the Lots; and the remaining Lots are on Lands contiguous. The different Tenants will shew the Timber; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. Jebb, in Chirk; or Mr. SALTER, Printer, ( the Auctioneer), in Oswestry LOT III. A Tenement, Garden, and four Closes of Land, containing twelve Acres and nine Perches, now iu the holding of Thomas Tonks, a yearly Tenant. LOT IV. Two Tenements, under one Roof, with the Gar- dens, arid several Pieces of Land, containing fifteen Acres, one Rood, and twenty Perches, now held by Mary Gittons, for ninety- nine Years ; if or eitherof thein, shall so long live, ot the yearly Rent of Four Pounds, thirteen Shillings, and Four pence. LOT V. Two Tenements, with Ihe Gardens, and several Pieces of ' Land, containing six Acres, thiee Roods, and twenty Perches, now held by John Gittons, for a Term of ninety- nine Years; if the said John Gittons, aged thirty Years, and or either of thein, shall so long live ; at the yearly Rent of Two Pounds, Six Shillings, and Eightpence. LOT VI. Three Tenement*, or Dwelling- Houses, with the Gardens, and several Pieces of Land thereto belonging, con- taininn together seven Acres and twenty- one Perches, now held by Francis Hartland, as a yearly Tenant. LOT VII. A Tenement, Barn, Stable, Garden, and several Pieces of Land containing twenty- five Acres and ten Perches, now in the holding of Charles Hammond, as Tenant thereof, at the yearly Rent of seven Pounds ten Shillings, under a Lease for ninety nine Years ; if the said Charles Hammond, Martha his Wife, and Levi Hammond, or either of them, shall so long live. For further Particulars apply to Messrs CLARKE and I'ARDOR, Solicitors, Bewdley. BY MR. THOMAS PRYCE, At the Cross Foxes Inn, ill the Town of Llanfair, in the County of Montgomery, sometime in February next, ( of which Day proper Notice will be given) : 6) QC> OAK TIMBER TREES, now growing & 00 on RHIEWHIRIETH FARM, near the Town of Llanfair, and the Turnpike Road ; only 9 Miles from Pool Quay, and a remarkable good Road. The Timber may be viewed, by applying to the Auctioneer, Mr. THOMAS PRYCE, of Llanfair. January 10, 1S10. Much alarm has been excited by an account brought by an American ship from Cadiz, of an insurrection having broken out in that city, on the 1st of January, which continued till the 5th, at which time the ship- ping in the harbour are said to have been set on fire, and it is supposed that they were completely destroyed. The whole is a fabrication. India Slock experienced a fall yesterday of about 10 per cent. Yesterday Colonel Taylor was elected a Director of flte East India Company, iu the room of Sir W. Bensley, Bart, deceased. The Tyrolean patriots, who fell at the commencement of the insurrection, were buried with national honours, and epitaphs cut in wood placed over the graves. Since the occupation of the country by the Bavarians, these inscriptions have been levelled, and, in many instances, the graves opened, and their remains interred in the highways. Among other proposed enquiries in Parliament, it would be extraordinary were not an investigation to be instituted into the causes of the almost entire disappear- ance of specie from circulation. This is a subject of the highest importance to the guardiaus of the public fiurse. It is believed that much of our gold coin hits ately been drawn mto France by vessels coining with grain and other commodities, which have refused to take colonial produce or British manufactures in return, declining all payment otherwise than by specie. A Paper of last night says i—" We understand that the affair at the Isle of Bourbon was quite a coup- de- main. The foice by which it was effected was not adequate to keep the place. The population is stated to amount to no less than 25,000 souls; consequently a rising was t'l be apprehended, too numerous to be resisted by our 350 men of the 50th regimeut, and our detachmeut of Sepoys, with such part of the murines as could be spared from the frigates. We understand, accordingly, that the place had been evacuated very- soon after its surrender. The storehouses containing British captured jgouds, to the amount of half a million, were destroyed by the captors, from the impossibility of bringing the contents away." A letter has been transmitted from the Privy Council to the Lords of the Treasury, announcing the suspension of the licences for exporting cotton- wool to the Conti- nent, in consequence of an application from the Manu- facturers at Glasgow. Mr. S. Smith, late Minister Plenipotentiary at the Ot- toman Porte, has presented the University of Cambridge with two very valuable Greek marbles, to be added to the collection in the vestibule ; viz. the body af an Am- phora, three feet in length, from the shores of the I'ro- pontis ; and a votive tablet, or Cyppus, from Cyricus, The first exhibits a has relief in a very high style of ancient sculpture. Sittings appointed in Middlesex and Loudon before the Right Hon. Edward Lord Ellenborough, Lord Chief Justice, & c. in and after Hilary Term, 1810 s IN TERM. MIDDLESEX. LONDON. Saturday, Ian. 27 I Monday Jau. 29 Friday Feb. 2 | Saturday Feb. 3. Friday 9 | Saturday .... 10 AFTER TERM. Tuesday 13 | Wednesday .. 14 Ireland.—' The Irish trade is increasing at a great rate. The exports in 1S06 amounted to 314,851; ill 1807 they were £ 10,110,385; and in 1 SOS they were £ 12,567,517. Thus they have iucreased above a third since the Berlin decree was issued, and in defia. ice of the blockading system. Tbe revenue since the Union has increased in a triple proportion. LONDON. FRIDAY, JANUARY 19. A letter from Paris of Hie 10th instant, states that Napoleon had, on the 6th, a fresh attack of his epilepsy, which was so violent as to occasion considerable alarm for several days. A Bulletin of the 9th, however, pro- nounced him rapidly recovering from what was only called a slight cold. • A vessel which left the coast of Holland on Sunday last, brings information that King Louis had not arrived, but the repeated disappointments of the inhabitants of Amsterdam do not seem to diminish'their expectations of his early return. On the Exchange of that City a report very generally prevailed, that Bonaparte had made an offer of marriage to the Princess Elizabeth of England, and the Dutchmen could not persuade themselves, that such a proposal would be rejected by the House of Brunswick. It was yesterday reported in the Ministerial Circles, that Bonaparte had written a letter to our King, on the subject of Peace, in which he expresses a wish, that his Majesty will deign to return an answer from him- self." With this wish, it is added, Ministers have advised his Majesty to comply. The above communication has, it is said, been made through the Austrian Ambassador at Paris, from whom dispatches have been received by Count Stahremberg, written in answer, wc suppose, to those sent by Mayntz, and his Excellency's'Secretary, M. Prevost, which con- tained the reply of our Government to the first over- ture made to us from the French, through the Austrian Ambassador. All expectations of its leading to a nego- ciation are, we understand, at an end. France will not • accede to the terms which we suggested as the necessary preliminary for any negociation, viz. that we should ri ego date ' in concert with our Allies, Ferdinand VII. anil the Ciucen of Portugal. The presentation of Mrs. Pinckney at Court yesterday, < the Birth- day) of all days in the year, is looked upon as u favourable augury of the amicable views of the Ame- rican Minister in regard to the pending negociation between this Country and the United States, which is still actively carried on between the Marquis Wellcsley and Mr. Pinckney. It is said that Government have resolved to send out a new Minister to the United States; and tlr. t this measure has been adopted through the active influence of the Marquis Wellcsley. The report of a treaty be- tween France and America being actually concluded at Paris is not believed j but, whether it is concluded or not, common sense seems to require that wc should forthwith send a Minister to America, as some one was cxpccted there to replace Mr. Jackson. | ' Ihe. Queen's Birth Day.— Yesterday being appointed for ! keeping the Birth-' dav of her Majesty, who, on the 19th ot I May last, attained the 65th yeai ol her age, it was announced earl'v in the morning by a general ringing of bells, and flags and standards were displayed ( mm ihe steeples, ai d the ships in the liver. The New Year's Ode was performed, ( for which see our last page); the drawing room was . plenoidly filled; and the presentations to her Majesty were numerous. Her Ma- jesty appeared ill excellent health and spirits, and went througn the fatigues of the day with her accustomed grace and affability. Tile dres- es were very snpeib, as were the liveries and carriages. The illuminations at the public offices, theatres, See. were extremelv brilliant. The Inquiries, to which the establishment of the Board for Auditing the Public Accounts has given rise, have also led to the discovery of some most gross mal- versations in regard to Prize- Agency, of which the Public, we trust, will soon learn the particulars. A young lady made a very conspicuous appearance on the ice, in Hyde- park, yesterday. She was attended by a servant, and appeared to take particular delight m sliding. The peculiarity attached to her was her dress, which resembled the covering of a swan, being a pelisse made entirely of swan's down, and white feet. We did not hear of any accidents. The ice was solid, and the visitors numerous.-*- Another lady made a display in the art of skaiting on Wednesday, on the Serpentine River, which far out- stripped all " competition; and among other proofs of merit, she cut out the letters o. p. with a precision and neatness tritely astonishing. Berkshire Meeting.— A Meeting of the Freeholders of Berks, was convened at Abingdon on Monday, when on Address, proposed by Lord Folkestone, w as voted to be delivered by the High Sheiff into the hands of Fis Majesty, aud if he found that impossible, that he should deliver it to the. Secretary of State. The purport of the Address, is to petition an enquiry into the late disnstious expeditions to Spain and Walcheren, and to state to his . Majesty, that Ihe inhabitants of Berks discovered neither wisdom, prudence, nor' fidelity, io his present. Ministers ; that their acts are marked by every ap- pearance of rathness, incapacity, fully, and cabal ; aud that under the government Of poisons, so apparently inadequate to aveit the dangeis and difficulties, they see no eud to mis- fortunes." Mr. Matthew Montague Opposed the Address, but, alter some discussion, it was carried by a la'ge majority Remarkable Suicide.— Yesterday Mr. Lyon Levi, a diamond merchant, of. about ill yerns of age, precipitated himself from the top til the Monument, and was literally dashed to pieces. Mr. Levi attended lo several appointments in the city about eleven O'clock, and transacted his usual business. He has left a wife and eight grown- up childicu. It is stated, that his affairs were in a deranged state. On Tuesday the corning- house, No. 4, in the King's Powder- mills, at Faversham, blew up. Ol six men employed at the time, four were blown to pieces, and their bodies and limbs scattered upwards of 100 yards from the building ; one of thvii arms was found at the top ol an elm- tree. The fifth was taken up alive, but iv. i hopes of his recovery are en- tertained. The sixth man, Holmes, the foreman, was sitting in the midst ol the ruin, w'tth his clothes binning; but | otlu- iwise not much injured, and is likely to do w ell. At the door, of the- corning- house was standing a Covered waggon, with two horses and a driver. The waggon was completely blown to pieces, and the driver and horses were killed. Of three horses employed within the building, two have perished, but the third is living. The scattered remains of two of the men luue been collected for interment j those of the others have not been found. No circumstances have transpired, from which am opinion can be formed e. t the e: ause ot the accident It is the third of ( lie kind that has happeucd at these mills within seven years. FROM TIIE LONDON GAZETTE Queen's Palace, January 17. This day Murza Abdul Hassan, Envoy Extiaordinary from his Majesty the. King of Persia, had his first private audience of her Majesty ; to which he was introduced by the Earl iif Morion, hei Majesty's lord Chamberlain, and conducted by Robert Chester, Esq. Assistant Master ol the Ceremonies, The Persian Envoy Extraordinary was accompanied to the audience of her Majesty by Sir Gore Ouseley, Bart, whom his Majesty ha* Into pleased to apiuini to hold the situation of Mehmander to the Envoy duriog his residence at this Com I. SATURDAY, JANUARY i'O. IMPORTANT ADVICES FROM INDIA. By the arrival of the William, country ship, from Bombay, the East India Company have become pos- sessed of very late advices from Madras. The general tendency ol which is as consoling as could lie expected, although it does not vet appear that the disturbances in India are wholly calmed. Thai a very alarming insur- rection had taken place, and that it became necessary to resort to the sword, are equally certain. The King's troops, under the command of Colonel Hare, marched from Madras in the beginning of August, aud, between Chittledroog and Seringapatam, fell in with the 8th and 15th regiments of Native troops commanded by British officers. A parley eusued,- in which the commanders of the Native troops were requested lo sign a document, drawn up by Col, Hare, the contents ol which ( we un- derstand) were, that they would become amenable to the Government of Madras for their conduct, and that the troops should return quietly to their duty. This request was refused, and a battle followed, in which the European troops were completely victorious. The Native regiments are: said to have been cut to pieces, aud such of the officers as survived, to have been coin- , pclled to submit to an unconditional surrender. This affair, so unpleasant iu its consequences, would, it was) supposed, lead to a favourable' termination of difficult tics, but we do not learn that an adjustment had taken place when the last advices from Madras rcachcd Bombay. The following are given as important particulars of the State of India, brought by the William, from Bom- bay:— We understand two battalions of Native troops, under Captain Mackintosh, seizedarae treasure between Seringapatam and Chittledroog, when they " were at- tacked by the 25th King's troops, aideel by some Native troops and horse, who entirely routed the insurgents. The consequences were, that the troops at Seringapatam aud Hydrabad had disagreed, and the final result was their submission to Government. Lord Minto arrived at Madras the 10th of September, and forwarded dis- patches by the ship Ganges on tbe 16th. She sailed from St. Helena the 29th of November, and is hourly cxpected to arrive. All things were considered as going on well. A letter from Paris, states it to be the general opinion at the Thuilleries, that the Grand Duchess Anne of Russia is the destined new bride of Bonaparte. It is added, that let " the victim" be whom she may, the jewellers of Paris are preparing the diamonds which are to. ornament her person.— Talleyrand is again iu great favour with Bonaparte, with whom he has of late had several secret conferences. An American ship, it is said, with dispatches for Gen. Armstrong at Paris, in attempting to go into Havre on the 8th inst. was taken possession of by a French armed ship, and sent into another port. Her dispatches were forwarded immediately lo Paris, but her crew were not permitted to have any communication with the shore. This circumstance is of itself a sufficient proof that no definite arrangement has yet taken place between Ame- rica and France. All American vessel from Boston has arrived at Liverpool, a passenger by whom informs us, that ad- vice had been received before his departure of a violent debate in Congress, on the question for a renewal of the embargo, which was decidedly negatived by a large majority. From the same source we are informed, that out of this debate a serious disagreement had arisen between General Smith ( brother to the Secretary) and a General Jackson, which ended iu a meeting, in which Smith is said to have been killed, and Jackson mortally wounded. This morning several ships came from France, under licencc of Bonaparte, to obtain logwood aud other ] commodities from hence, according to tbe terms of the ! new Custom House Regulations. A gentleman yesterday, in Oxford- street, near the corner of Bond- street, accidentally slipping from the pavement, by the mere suddenness of the shock, frac- tured the patella of his left knee, which was effectually separated in tbe centre, and one part went down his shin, and the other above his knee.— Such is the struc- ture of this bone, that it would require t ie stroke of a cleavtr to cut it asunder, and yet iu this case, as ill all others of the like nature, the separature was occasioned by the sudden divulsive force of the muscles of the leg and thigh. It has been stated in most of the papers, that brandy aud Holland's gin have declined in price, iu consequence of the recent importations; on enquiry, however, we find the reverse to be the case, particularly in the latter article, wjiich has advanced considerably. Wednesday last, at Tewkesbury, Mrs. Cole, aged 101. Sunday last, Mrs. Ann Shorthouse, ol Claremont Hill, 75 years, who possessed; many christian virtues. a- ed postscript. LONDON, Monday . Night, January 22,1810. Advices have been received to- day from Cadiz to the Ud inst. A letter of that day, from a very intelligent gentleman, enters fully into the present situation of affairs in Spain, and, bad as they are, lie entertains a strong hope that tbe Spaniards will ultimately triumph : and he assigns various reasons in support of his opinion. " Nothing,". says lie, " is more certain, than the whole Spanish nation is roused to madness against France ;— not a man is to be found who would not willingly aud joyfully plunge a dagger into the: breast of a Frenchman whenever lie met one, but there is no Government that is, m, ruling mind, to concentrate this universal feeling." Frui. ce will be so tar from having conquered Spain, that a warfare of the most destructive species for France, and the most secure for Spain, vl ill commence, then will begin those sort of conflicts in winch individual exertion is every thing, and where combination is unnecessary. The Ganges Country ship, dispatched by I. ord Minto on the llth of September, with the rebellion proceedings in India, is a rived off Falmouth. The letters and papers will not be up until to- inorrow. It has transpired, however, that several of the mutinous officers will be hanged ( not shot) on account of then being guilty of plunder, among whom are mentioned Othy aud Mackintosh. The Bombay army, it is understood had not commuted itself, but on the contrary, is believed they seised ttie emissaries who went lo them with proposals to revolt and join tne insurgents A merchant's house iu the city yesterday received dis- patches, enclosed from Mr. Jackson in America to the Go- vernment: they were marked ' mirage papers. This proves the critical situation Mr. Jackson stands in with the American Government, that he dare not trust thClli lo forward his dispatches. The Lord Mayor will hold a" Common Hall oft Wednesday ntxt, at twelve o'clock, to receive; the. Report of the Sheriffs respecting the resolutions of the last hall, they having been refused an audience ol his Majesty. This is the first time that the Sheriffs of London have been denied an audience on a similar occasion. Oil Thursday next his Lordship will hold a Courted Common Council, at twelve precisely. Three per cant. Consols 68J,— Reduced 69J, SHREWSBURY, ll'ednesday, January 24, 1810. The Sale of the 233 Oak Timber Trees, at the Cross Foxes, in Llanfairt is fixed for Thursday, the 22 d February next.— see Advertisement in 1 st Page. BIRTH Last week, the wife of Thomas Jackson, a labouring man of Andover, of her THIRTY- THIRD CHILD !. She. has seven TIMES had twins. MARRIED. Monday last, at Weston Church, in the county of Stafford, by the Hon. and Rev. George Bridgeman, William Wo1ryeche Whitmore, Esq. ol Dudmaston, in Shropshire, Lieut.- Colonel of the Salop Militia, to the Hon. Miss Bridgeman, only daughter ol the Right Hon. Lord Bradford. On the 53th instant at Kinnerley, by the Rev. John Roberts, Mr. Edwards, printer and bookseller, of Oswestry, to Miss Mansell, ol Edgerley. On the following day, Mr. Menlove, of Hisland, to Miss Dorsett, of the Black Gate, Oswestry. Some day, at Bishop's Castle, Mr. Robert Evans, surgeon, of Overton, in'the counts oi Flint, to Miss Morris, of the Pound] Montgomeryshire. Monday last, by the Rev. John Eyton, Mr. Firmstone, to Miss Mary Law ley, both or Wellington. At Whittington, on the 14th inst, Mr. Jackson, to Miss Keates. At Oswestry, , on the 10th inst. Mr. J. Bate, of Park; Mill, to Miss Beckett, of Whixall. Monday se'nnight, at Birmingham, Mr. Thomas Ferguson Gaine, ol Stourport, to Miss Charlotte Goodbehere, ol Birming- ham, niece ot Mr. Alderman Goodbehere. ot London. DIED. On the 1. Mh inst, in this town, most sincerely lamented by his relations aud friends, James Wilson Flavel, only surviving son oi John Flavel, Esq. of Pulley, near ( his town. Ou the l0th inst. Mr. Harrison, of Roden. At Welsh Pool, ou the l0th inst. Mrs. Davies, widow of the Rev. William Davies, formerly oi that place. Same day, suddenly while serving in her shop, Mrs. Williams, grocer, of Worthenbury, Flintshire. At Whitworth, Lancashire, on the 15th in& t. Dr. J. J. H. Taylor, of Todtmorden Hall, in the ' 28th \ ear ol his age , by wh se death society at huge are deprived of his superior profesional abilities. Friday last, aged 80, Mr. Wigley, oi Berrington, in this county, uowards of 40A ears Clerk to that parish. By his upright conduct, and by indefatigable and successlul exertions* in the duties oi a schoolmaster, he deserved, aud possessed, the friendship ami esteem oi all his neighbour;, Wednesday last, Mrs. Martha Moore, a member of the Metho- dist Society in this, town, after a lingering illness, through the whole of which she was remarkably supported with the consolations o. Religion, and departed rejoicing in the piospect oi a glorious Eternity. On tiie 16th insf. at Dudley, sincerely lamented by all who knew him, Joseph Wainwright, Esq. Lieut.- Colonel oi the Dudley Volunteer Infantry, aged 69. Same da\, age a 93, Mr. B. Hunt, of West Bronnyich. Saturday, at Bath, Richard Cope Hopton, Esq.' o. Canon- Froome, Herefordshire. Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Mr. Griffith :— House- Visitors, Mr. J. Bythell, and Mr. R. Wood — At the weekly Board ou Saturday last. Mr. Josiah Parry, of'this town, was reported a Subscriber of one. Guinea per annum to that Charity. In the beginning oflast week, the town and neighbourhood of Ludlow was distinguished by great festivities. On Mon- day, which, was the birth- day of the Hon. Robert Henry Clive, youngest son of the Earl of Powis, who then attained his' 21st year and possession of the Oakley Park estate, the bells of Ludlow and Bromfield summoned all within their sound to partake of the hospitality of the occasion. The finest ox that was bred upon the e> tate * Aas roasted in the castle at Ludlow, and was distributed, with six hogsheads of ale and cyder, to thosa who chose to partake of them. Auother was roasted at Bromfield, with tha same liberality, and an excellent dinner aud ball given at the inn there to the principal tenants aud their families and friends ; and on the Glee Hill six fat sheep were roasted, and distributed with plenty of ale to the poor. At Oakley Park, the Karl of Powis invited all the neighbouring gentlemen and the corpo- ration and burgesses of Ludlow to dinner, to celebrate the joyful occasion ; who, to the number of 14u persons of the first respectability, assembled to testify their respect and attachment to a family so long and so deservedly esteemed by them. On Tuesday night, a ball and supper was given by the Countess of Powis, and at which upwards of 300 persons were present, and partook of the elegant entertainment which her ladyship's acknowledged taste and liberality had provided, consisting of every delicacy the country and the capital could afford. The company remained till a very late hour, and reluctantly departed from a scene, where they knew not which most to admire, the elegant profusion of the Fete, or the affable deportment of the Lady President and her amiab'e daughters. The Birth of a Son to Lord Ossulston ( see our paper of last week) was on Friday celebrated by the Tenants, Tradesmen, and Friends of Earl Tankerville's family. In the town, nu- merous and respectable1 parties met and dined at several houses; and that ail might participate in the festivity of the day, sheep were roasted and ale was distributed in the Abbey and Castle Foregates. in Coleham, and in Frankwell— Oil the Earl's Estates at the Vessons, and at Upper and Nether Heath, a similar display of joy and respect was evinced ; and to a general distribution of bread, meat, and potatoes, was added pecuniary relief from Ladv Ossulston, to the poor and industrious families of the neighbourhood. At Longden a noble ox was slaughtered by Mr. Richard Jones, which, with bread and potatoes provided by other tenants and their neigh- bours, was divided amongst the poor, to dress as their wants and inclinations might prompt: to this relief was also added a donation in money from her Ladyship. While on this day the several classes of society, connected with this family, were convivially celebrating the birth of the infant heir of this ancieut house, the iudusti ions poor, whose earnings at this inclement season ate often inadequate to the supply of their wants, were cheered by a donation from Lord Ossulston, of upwards of 200 tons ol coal. To all in the town, whose necessities required it, was his Lordship's charity extended.— In praising the benevolent spirit of the noble Giver,, who willed, that on an occasion of lejoicing to himself and family, '' the poor and lowly" too should re- joice, we may uot withhold that tribute of approbation, which is deservedly due to those gentlemen, who rendered this gift doubly valuable, by the discriminating, careful, aud judicious manner in which the distribution was effected. The prisoners in the County Gaol wish, in this public manner, to express their gratitude to Lord Ossulston for a very season- able relief of three tons of coal, sent to them yesterday j and also to a lady for one ton. Fire.— About nine o'clock on Friday night last, a stack of wheat, in the stack- yard of Mr. John Lloyd, of Ensdon, a few miles from this town, was most wickedly set on fire by some villain or villains at present unknown, and nearly the whole of it consulted. The stack thus maliciously destroyed was one of tm te adjoiuing each other length- ways, and it is remarkable, that at the time of its being fired the wind \ va> in that direction to favour the burning, not ot the wheat- stacks only, but of destroying the whole of the village ^ it soon after, however, changed to a contrary point, and by the active assistance aud good judgment of the family, and neighbours, in pulling down the middle stack to prevent its spreading, the remainder. was, saved.— A reward of <£ 100 bv the Salop Fire Office, and 20 ^ Guineas by the Montford, &. c. Associa- tion, is offered for fhe detection of the tincendiaries, whom il is hoped the arm of justice will speedily arrest.— See Adv. On Friday last, an inquisition was taken by Mr. George Wingfield, one of the Coroners of this town, on the body of Elisabeth Williams, of the age of I. 1), who was a servant ot Mrs. Ridley, in St. Alkmond's Square. The circumstances attending this case had excited a considerable degree of com- miseration in the minds of the inhabitants on the part of the deceased, and indignation towards her mistress. The verdict of the Jury was—. 1' that the deceased had departed this life on Monday, the loth day of January instant, but that no evidence had been pnxluced to shew to tbe Jury that the de- ceased had died otherwise than by the visitation ot Go. I, but that they had great reason to suspect that the deceased had been improperly treated by her mistress." The Coroner and Juiy had, notwithstanding, no doubt ou their minds but that her death was hastened irom the want of sufficient and proper food for her sustenance aud support; and the indignation of tho populace was shewn by a great number assembling, on Saturday and Sunday night last, before the house in which Mrs. Ridley resided, and breaking the windows thereof j an act extremely unjustifiable and unlawful on the part of the persons guilty of such a breach ot the peace, however repug nant this extraordinary affair may have been to their feelings, and we trust the same will not be repeated. Yesterday were Committed to our county gaol, by Joseph Loxdale, Esq. Jane Davies, Frances Whittle, and Esther Jones, upon suspicion of stealing from a commercial traveller, on Friday night, last, a pocket book containing sundry bills ot exchange, promissory notes, and country banknotes, amount- iug to upwards of ut300. A considerable part of the property has been found. A truly melancholy accident happened at Bangor, in Flint- shire, aooutsix weeks ago: us Mr. Thomas Roberts, maltster, ( son of Mr. Job Roberts, of Maesgwaelod, near Overton, in the same county) was returning home, the night being ex- ceedingly dark, a spirited mare which he rode took fright when crossing the bridge over the river Dee, and precipitated him over the battlement. The body was uot found till about ten days ago in a veiy mutilated state. On Satrudav last a party o » SAILORS discovering a large printed BILL oil tbe walls of the QUAY at Bristol, one of them called out, Messmates, avast ! what's that, there over there?-— My limbers ! quoth another, it is Goodluck's State Lottery. upon which they all gave a loud huzza, and immediately steered Lo the Agent's, where they took out their CHINK, and each bought a Sixteenth lor, his SWEETHEART, which they mean to present, with a hearty Buss, iu honour of VALE. N- TINE'S DAY, when the Lottery will be drawn. A new school is established in Hereford, for the excellent purpose of affording gratuitous education to 50 children or ra- tions of such freemen as may be unable to pay for their in- struction. It is under the immediate patronage of the Duke of Norfolk. . The subscription for completing the Newport Docks, Mon- mouthshire, amounting to £ 100,000, is lull, aud double the sum might have been procured. CAUTION.— A species of swindling is practised in Glamorgan- shire, against v\ Inch the public will fiud it their inleiest to be strictly on their guard. Two OM- pound notes o'I the LANDOVERY BANK have recently been passed in Swansea, w'lnch were so altered as to give them the appearance, one ol a tec- pound, and the other of a ten- guinea bill. The alteration was effected by cutting out the word 44 One" in the body, . arid ** One Pound"' at the corner of one of the bills, and substituting the word " Ten" in the body, and u Ten Pounds" at the corner; to pre\ eut discovery o. the omission of the s at the eud of the woid. " Pound' 5 in the body, a small hole was made w here the letter shouid have appeared, a » u worn out.— In the other, the words " One . Pound" were cut out in both places, and 4< Ten Guineas" inserted instead* Buih were tolerably nicely httvd lo the room, and had each a piece or coarse paper pasted to the back. The » e TEN POUNU notes may be readily detected, the shape of the letters composing the words 4i Ten Pound" in trie boil) , vary greall) > the latter word being of a- much more open cut than the former. R. Roberts, a boy ten years of age, w- as, a few days ago, seen to fall into the well, at Holywell, b\ another boy of the same age, who could give him no assistance, when John Hanson, a young man, leaped in, and rescued him,— Another accident, oi the same nature, happened on the 14lh uit. in tue parish of Ysceifiog, when Mary Coleshill, with great risk, saved au infant, of the name of Philips, out of the river Wheeler, after it had been carried forty yards by the current;— Ju both cases, animation, though nearly extinguished, was restored by the endeavour* of the North Wales Humane Society, Hanson aud Coleshill have both been rewarded by live same benevolent involution. On Wednesday, the 10th iust. a white- tailed Eagle, of great Strength and beautiful plumage, was shot b\ SIr Pyne Mostyn, bart. on h » a rabbit- warren, near Taiacre, in the county of Flint, The legs and talons are remarkably large and strong, and leathered all down to the claws, it has a large white spot ou the Jail, w nence it derives it denomination. Good Effects of the British and Foreign Bible So vV iy.- Jthe Societv has sent to Iceland, 1500 Icelandic- Testaments, print- ed at Copenhagen, . bound .^ t its own expense ; furnished types and paper for 5.000 Turkish Testaments, to be printed at Karass ; and encouraged, by a donation, the translating aud printing of the Testament in Calmuck, at Sarepta, near Astiacan. It has also supplied the scripture* in various Ian- images.— At Home : to Sunday Schools, & c. & c. in Ireland — TJie Convicts at Woolwich— Prisoners, in Newgate and other gaols— the Refuge for the Destitute, and the London Female Penitentiary— the poor in Hospitals and Workhouses— the poor Sufferers by the great Fire at Chudleigh— German Soldi- ers and Seamen at Margate, Gosport, Guildford, Dublin, & e. — Sea- Fencibles on the Essex Coast— Naval and Military Hospitals— Highland Congregations in Scotland— French, Spanish, and Dutch Prisoners of War.— Abroad: To the British Soldiers at the Cape of Good Hope, and other Foreign Stations— Army, Navy, & c. in the East Indies— Inhabitants of Newfoundland, Canada, New Brunswick, and Not a Scotia — Van Diemen's Land, Sierra Leone, and Goree— French and St. Domingo— Spaniards at Buenos Avres and in old Spain— Finlanders in Stockholm— arid to the Poor in Gallicia, Alsace, and Mecklenburgh.— See Advertisement in Ullage. Additional Subscriptions and Donation to Vie Uritish and Foreign Bible Society. ANNUAL SUBSCRIP TIONS. T. P. Stackhouse, Esq Acton Scott Mr. Thomas Weston, Whixall Mrs. Pemberon, Shrewsbury... Mr. Edward Tipton, jun. Ditto James Craig, Esq. Ditto Mr. Williams, Harlescott DONATION. James Craig, Esq. Shrewsbury.. ASSIZE OF BREAD, Set the 23d of January, 1810, for the Town and Liber- ties of Shrewsbury, to'take place on Saturday next. Lb. UZ. dr. NEW MILLINERY. she will have the Honour to shew those Friends who honour her uith a Call, an elegant Assortment of MILLINARY, WITH A VARIETY OF OTHER CHOICE ARTICIXS IN HER LINE. Princess- Street. January 23, 1610. Belmont House Boarding School. miSS HAWKINS respectfully ihforms her Friends anil the Public, her Sellout will upeaairain uu MONDAY NEXT, the 29tl. inst. Shrewsbury. January 1810. £ . 1 1 . 1 . 1 I ,. 1 5 5 0 Penny loaf, or tiro halfpenny loaves Y I'o weigh VVheaten 0 Household 0 White . 0 i ditto . O 0 hold 0 3 13 2 1 7 10 } Wheaten 0 11 / Household 0 .1 j S Wheaten 1 1 ? Household 1 l."> Twopenny loaf \ Wheat*.! I Houselioli Threepenny loaf Sixpenny loaf ... Twelvepenny loaf 5 Wheaten 2 } Household 3 • S 14 6 13 y 10 i i Grammar School, Wem. THE Rev. FRANCIS SALT respectfully in- JL forms his Friends and the Public, lliat his SCHOOL. » » e. opened again ou MONDAY, the 29m of January, Welsh Pool Academy. MR. WEAVER begs Leave most respectfully to inform the Public, that his SCHOOL reopens oi. MONDAY, the 22d Instant. ' Raisins for Wine. BECK AND SCOLTOCK lie, IN FORM their Friends and the Public, thai they ^ hive a Quantity of DENIA, of MALAGA RAISINs for WlNE; ihe Quality i, teuMkablV fine, anil which will be sold considerably lower than lor some Years | Shrewsbury, Jan. 19. 1810. i pa, t. ( tj* All Wheaten and Household Bread must he made of Wheat only.— Wheateu to be marked with a lar^ e W.— Household with a large II. MARKET HERALD. Average price or Grain in our Market on Satur- day last Wheat 15s. 9| d. Barley 10s. O. I.— Peas ys. Od. per bushel ot 38 quarts.— Oats 7s. 4d. per customary measure of 57 quarts. WoticEsTtn.— Wheat 15s. Oil. to los. 0d.— Barlev 7s. Od. to 9s. 0d.— Oats 5s. Od. to lis. 6d.— tleaus 6s. 4d. to 9s. Od. per bushel of 36 quarts. GLOCESTER.— Wheat lis. Od. to lis. 0d.— Barley 5s. 6d. to ys. 0d.— Beans 8s. Od. to 9s. 6d.— Oils 4s. Od. to lis. Od, per bushel of 38 quarts. Corn Exchange, January 19. There has arrived during the present week little sin, it of 40,000 quarters of Wheat fioui tha Continent; but the severity of tbe weather having impeded the unloading of tbe vessels and working the craft on the River, scarce any business was done this day in our market. Current I'rice of Grain per Quarter as under .- Wheat 7lis. to 100s. j White Pease 00s. to 00s. Barley 40s. to 48s. | Oats 2 Is. to 32s. Beans 54s. to 00s.' j Malt " 2s. to 80s. Fine Flour, this day, 90s. to 95s. per sack. JANUARY 22.— To day there are very la, ge remaining sup- plies ol Wheat, mostly of the late foreign arrival-, and rather consideiablti quantities of oilier articles; The craft uoi being able to unload the vessels, owing to the Thames navigation being stopped in the Pool, scarcely any sales are made, Cr any prices quoted. Boot and Shoe Warehouse. T. HILDITCH GRATEFULLY acknow ledges the many Favours conferred upon him by the Ladifs and Gentlemen of tlnsTown and Neighbourhood,- which has induced him tu solicit their Attention to a lie* h A « sornnent of Goods suitable fur tn,: Season; consisting of Ladies' Water- proof Half- Boots, . Quaiter- Boots, and Shoes. Also, inside and outside Coiks', ' Walking Shoes of vaiious Sorts, with strong Soleg, Ladie.-,' Clogs, aud outside Shoes, Gentlemen and Ladies' Dress Shoe., - Gentlemen's Shooting and Cork Shoes ; with a Variety of other Articles ( too tedious tu mention in an Advertisement) ; which he hopes will merit the Approbation of ihe Public A good SHOE BINDER WANTED. Schools, or any Public Institution, supplied witb'feood Shoes on moderate Terms. Castle street, Shrewsburyf Jan, 1810 Sale Postponed. HE Public are respectfully informed, that the Sale by AUCTION ol COFTON HALL, aud the Estate's aud Manors thereto belonging, IS POSTPONED, but Pro- posals for Sale by private Contract, continue lo be received as before. T Mr. W. SMITH, VETERlNARY SURGEON TO The Shrewsbury YEOMANRY CAVALRY, TAKES this Opportunity of returning his sincere Thank* to the Public aud his Friends, for the many Obligations conferred upon him since his commencement liu Business. He begs Leave to solicit their continued Patronage and Favours, assuring them every Care and Aiteution shall be. paid to their kind Commands As a Member of the Veterinary College, London, he Hatters himself that he treats the Diseases of Horses Scientifically. * 3* His Livery Stables are still open for the Reception of Horses to Physic and put iri Condition foi limiting, Stc. Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, Jan. .19, isitl. Bultington Association, FOR THE PROSECUTION OF FELONS & e THE ANNUAL MEETING » ill be held at ARTHUR WATKINS'S, the Sign of the GREEN- GRAGON, in BUTTINGTON, on TUESDAY, the 3otli Pay of JANUARY, 1810; where the . Company of each MemUSl is requested. Mr. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, of Hope, Treasurer. WANTED, OUT OF A SERIOUS FAMILY, A Steady, Active YOUTH, of strict Morals and good Ability, as an APPRENTICE to a GROCER DRUGGIST, and IRONMONGER. A Premium I., expected! Apply to Messrs. JONES and GRIFFITHS, Welsh Pool. WANTED, A PORTER in the GROCERY BUSINESS, and to serve iu the Shop occasionally r one used to the Business will be preformed. — Enquire of the PRINTER. REDUCED FARES— EVERY DAY. Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury.. rip HE Proprietors of the ROYAL GEORGE JL COACH return their sincere I hanks to the Inhabitants of Shrewsbury, and tbe Public in general, for the very great Encouragement the said Coach has experienced since ju Commencement, ; and inform them, iu future it will leave tl e Talbot Inn, EVERY MORNING at 4 o'Clock ( Mondays excepted), by Way of Oxford, to tne White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly, Golden Cross, Charing Cross, aud George and Blue Boar Inn, Holborn, London, where it arrives the NLXI MORNINGS at 9 o'Clock punctually. Inside Faie. only £ 1 (). Outside ditto „ fc'l o u. Performed by the Public's humble Servants, W. LEIGHTON, C. IBBERSON, G. BOULTON, and Co. N. B. The PRINCE of WALKS Post Coach every Morning as usual, at 9 o'Clock, carrying roua INSIDES, only, to the Geoige and Blue- Boar, Holborn. Davies's Bankruptcy. THE Creditors of SAMUEL DAVIES and PETER DAVIES, of Drayton- in- Hales, iu the County of Salop, are desired to take Notice, that the undermentioned DIVIDENDS of their Estates and ElVecU having been declared, the same will be paid to the Creditors iu Person, or their Attoruies duly authorised, on WEDNESDAY, the SEVENTH Day of FEBRUARY next, at the Phoenix Inn, in Drayton aforesaid; on FRIDAY, the NINTH Day of FEBRUARY, at the White I ion Inn, in Whitchurch, in" the said County ; or on SATURDAY, the TEN I'll Day ot FEBRUARY, at the I. iou Inn, in Shrewsbury, iu the said County; between the Hours of 11 and 5 of each of those Days: and Persona attending to receive the same, are desired to. bring their respective Securiiies with them. Amount of present Dividends : On the joint Estate.. 6s. bd. 1 separate Estate of S. Davies 13 4 ( . . T, separate Estate of P. Davies 110 ^ the Pound' two separate Estates.; IS 2 LEATHER. WHEREAS a BUNDLE of LEATHER, without any Direction,, was left some Time ago at the House of Mr. Willett, the Red Lion, in Whitchurch, in the Couuty of Salop ; THIS fS TO GIVE NOTICE, That any Person describing the Leather, may have it again on paying the Expense incurred ; but if not owned iHONE MONTH from the Date hereof, it ' will be SOLD BY AUCTION to defray the same. Hhitchutci, January IT, 1810. Notice to Creditors. THE Creditors of WILLIAM FLETCHER, - 11 late ot PAIN'S LANE, in the Parish of Shitt'ual, iu the Couuty of Salop, Giocer, ore hereby informed that they may uceive A DIVIDEND of Five Shillings iu tne Pound in Discharge of their respective Debts, by applying to Mr. JAMES RaynOLDS, of SHIFFNAL, Upholder, one of the Trustees* at any Time after the Eighth Day of February next; and such of the Cveditois who have not already executed the Deed of Assignment, and who do not enecute thesame or signify their Assent in Wilting thereto, on or bfcfoie the said Eighth Oav of February next, will be excluded fioui all Benefit arising thcielrom. Sfijjfnal; ISih January, 1810. J' To be sold in the Month of February, 835 CAPITAL OAKS, in Lots; besides a \ Quantity of ASH and other TIMBER, on the TREFLACH Estate, near Oswestry.— Most of the Oak Timber is rtmaikably long, aud fit for Ship Plank and other Purposes. The Turnpike Road from Welsh Pool to Oswestry, and the Ellesmere Canal, are adjacent to this Estate. Further Parti- culars in a future Paper.— Enquire of Mr. Asterley, Soli- citor, Shrewsbury : and of Mr. HUGHES, White Lion Inn, Oswestry, who will shea- the'Timber. Capital Timber. AT HAWKSTONE INNS UPWARDS oi 500 OAK TREES of large Dimensions, uow growing ou, or nearly adjoining tiie following Premises, viz. the lower Part of ttie Old Coppice, Which is about one Mile from the Turnpike lioud between Shrewsbury aud Whitchurch ; the Hayes, Rough's aod Bux- ton's, about one Mile from Hodnet ; the Brockhurst Farm, and Alderley Rough or Coppice, not two Miles from Weill : tha Lillow Abbey Farm, near to Prees Lower Heath, abodt six Miles from Whitchurch, and iifiuly the saute distance from Drayton and Wem. Aud a » o about I j. u good Asjl TREES growing on the aoove Farms. ' The above Timber will lie immediatly marked, numbered, and divided into Lots; and timber Particular;, will appear in a folliwing Paper, » lieu au early Day v. ill be tixcj fui ihe Sale. FIRE. One Hundred Pounds Reward. WHEREAS about nine o'Clock on Friday Night last, the 19tb of January, 1810, a STACK of WHEAT in the Stack Yard belonging to Mr. John Lloyd, of Ensdon, iu ttie Parish of Montford, IH the County of Salop, waj wilfully and maliciously set on File by some evil minded Person or Persons: Whoever will give such Information as shall lead to the Apprehension and Conviction of the Ofleuder or Offenders, shall receive a Reward of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS, ou Application to the Directors of the Salop l-' iii Office, in Shrewsbury. N. B. If more than one were concerned iu tha above atrocious Crime, any one discovering his or her Accomplice or Accomplices, shall ou Conviction receive the above ward, and every Means used to obtain a 1' iee Pardon. Shrewsbury, ' 20th January, 1810. WHEREAS some Person or Persons did, about nine o'Clock on Friday Night last, the 19th January Instant, maliciously SET FIRE to. a WHEAT STACK, belonging to Mr. JOHN LLOYD, of ENSDON, in the Parish of Moutford : Whoever w ill give Information of the Offender ot Offendcrs, shall, ou Conviction, receive a Reward of Twenty Guineas, from Francis BRADDOCK, Treasurer of the Moutford, Shra- wardine, Great Ness, & c. Association : And if more than one Person be concerned ill the above Felony, and will impeach his Accomplice or Accomplices, shall, on Conviction, receive the above Reward, and every Meaus used to obtain a Pardon. lid January, 1810. ) - 4 T Ten Guineas Reward. WHEREAS Hie Stable belonging to THOMAS DAVIES, Esq. situate in. Upper Brook- street, in the ' Town of OSWESTRY, was broken open about eight o'Clock on Monday Night the 8th Instant, and a Mare saddled, with an intent, to steal ijie same:-— Whoever will give Information of the Person or Persons, so that he, she, or they may be con- victed, shall upon Conviction, feceive a Reward of FIVE GUlNEAS, from JOHN GIBBONS; Esq. Treasurer of the Os. i\ e.- n y Association for the Prosecution of Felons ; and a further Reward uf FIVE GUINEAS, from the said Mr. Davies. • N. B. It is supposed that the'Person or Persons had with them a Dark Lanthorn, and were heard to make their escape thioogh another Door iu the Stable. Ojir i.' rjf, January, {.<: h, ISI' 0. Wanted, ASTEADY, SOBER MAN, as a SADIRON GRINDER ; also a HANDLE MAKER. Such Men, • who are Masters of their Business, will meet with every En- couragement, by applying to Messrs. JOHN ONIONS and SON, Broseley Foundry, Shropshire. Broseley, January 16, 1810. LOST, On Wednesday Night last, the nth inst. or earlv on Thurs- day Morning, from the PHEASANT INN, at WELLING- TON, 4BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND DOG, having a white Mark upon his Breast, Feet, and Tail, and the Name ofthe Rev. Mr. ROBINSON, BODENHAM, HERE- FORDSHIRE, engraved upon his Collar. If any Peison shall have found a Dog answering this Description, anil will bring him to THOMAS F. VTOK, Esq. Wellington, he shall be lewarded for his Trouble. TO BE LET\ And entered upon at Lady- Day next, A COMMODIOUS MESSUAGE, or DWEL- J\_ LING HOUSE and SHOP, with the Appurtenances, situate in the unper Part of BAILEY- STREET, in the Town of OSWESTRY, in the County of Salop, now in the hold- ing of Mr. Thomas Minshall. For Particulars apply to Mr. RICHARD GRIFFITHS, Builder, Oswestry. ST. VALENTINE'S DAY, FOURTEENTH OF NEXT MONTH. RICHARDSON, ~ GOODLUCK, and Co. • SPECTFULLY acquaint the Public, that the . . » ,. ~ - . .. •. » I. _ . J. rwTO T TO BE LET, . tnrl entered upon immediately, or at Lady- day next, THAT well accustomed PUBLIC HOUSE. situate in the Willow- street, in the Town of Oswestry, and known bv the Sign of the BUTCHERS' ARMS. The present ' Tenant has a Lease, of which 3 Years are unexpired at Ladv- dav next. For Particulars apply ( or by Letter postpaid) to Mr. HAY- COCKS, Butchers' Arms aforesaid. Oswertry, January 11, 1810. TO BE LET, And entered upon at Lady- day next, 4 DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, situate in the BAILEY STREET, in the Holding of Mr. Shack- field Williams, Grocer. Enquire of Mr. D. JAMESON, Oswestry. Oswestry, January 22. 1810. whole of the STATE LOTTERY will be drawn in ONE DAY, the 14th of NEXT MONTH, FEBRUARY. From the small Number of Tickets in the present Lottery, they recommend an early Purchase, which will prevent the Disappointment that many experienced in the Country in the late Lottery, by delaying till it was too late for the Agents to procure sufficient Tickets and Shares to supplv the Demand Only 5,000 Numbers.— Four Tickets of each Number. SCHEME. 4... Prizes of ... ,£ 20.000 | 4... Prizes of ... £ 5,000 12 1,000 | 20; 100 20 500 | 4,940 from £ 50 to 15 Tickets and Shares are on Sale by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury, And W. BAUGH, Printer, Ellesmere, For RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK and Co. Bank Buildings, Cornhill, and facing the Gate of the King's Mews, Charing- Cross, London. " STATE LOTTERY OFFICE, PRINCESS- STREET, SHREWSBURY. MORRIS, Bookseller, Agent lor CAR- e R< ILL and Co. Stock- Brokers, London, ( established for upwards of 30 Years) respectfully informs the Inhabitants of Shrewsbury ami the Public in general, that he is selling Tickets and Shares for the ensuing Grand State Lottery, which begins Drawing on the 14th of next Month, with only 5000 Numbers, and £ 200,000. in Prizes. The Scheme is on the same excellent Plan as the last, and contains FORTY CAPITAL PRIZES, Including 4 Prizes of ^ 20,000 / / In the late Lotteries part of the following Capital Prizes were Sold by Carroll and Co's. Agents, to Peisons iu the Country, aud the Monev paid on demand. No. 6,345, a Prize of £ 30,000, In three Eighths and ten Sixteenths ; and Other Prizes of 20,0001. 10,0001. 5,0001. & c. & e. amounting to Half a Million. Stallions. THE PENLLYN and EDEIRNION AGRI- - I- CULTURAL SOCIETY, offer a Premium of TEN GUINEAS, to the best, and FIVE to the second b" st CART STALLION, thrt shall attend BALA and CORWEN Markets the ensuing Season. N. B. The Horses not to exceed 15 Hards high ; and to be shewn at Bala the third Day ofthe next Great Sessions. FOR THE SEASON, 1810 SAXE COBOURG WILL Cover on the same Terms as last Year. He is the most powerful thorough bred Horse in England, and his Stock, for Bone, Action, Symmetry and Consti'ution, cannot he excelled, Keep for each Mare seven Shillings per Week. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At Netley, neai Shrewsbury, on Tuesday, the 13th of February, 1810; Several thoroughbred COLTS ami FILLIES; also several well bred COWS, HEIFERS, CALVES and SHEEP, with a ftew IMPLEMENTS for Husbandry Purposes & c. This Stock deserves particular Attention, and printed Par. ticulars may be had at the George Inn, in Shrewsbury ; Mr. John Waidson, Printer. Welsh Pool; Mr. Edwards, Book- seller, Oswestry ; the Royal Oak. Ellesmere ; Crown Inn, Nantwich ; Mr. Houston, Printer, Wellington ; Mr. Silvester, Newport; Mr. Scarrott, Printer, Shiffnal ; Mr. Partridge, Printer, Bridgnorth; Mr. Smith, Printer, Iron Bridge; Mr. Griffiths, Bookseller, Ludlow, and Mr. Jones, Printer, Whitchurch. ( One Concern.) 1136' MBER. I — 1341 TO BE LET, And entered upon at Lady- Day next, * MESSUAGE, Outbuildings, and FARM, called . KNOWLES WOOD, containing about eighty Acres of Land; situate about three and a half Miles from Maiket Drayton, iu the County of Salop, For Particulars apply to Mr. W. ADAMS, of Cobridge, ill the Staffordshire Potteries; if by Letter, Post- paid. N. 11. This Advertisement will not be continued. Capital Inn and Farm. TO BE LET, And mat/ be entered upon at Lady Day next, THE EAGLE and SERPENT INN, in Cleobury Mortimer, with about SEVENTY ACRES of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, contieuons to the Town, with convenient Farm Buildings attached to the same. The said Inn is in good Repair, replete with suitable Offices 3nd Stabling, situate in the most centrical Part of Cleobury, through which there is a Communication hv wav of Ludlow into South and North Wales, and Posting to the several Towns of Bridgnorth, Bewdley, Kidderminster, Tenbury, aud the Hundred House, on the Road to Worcester. For Particulars, enquire of Mr. GROVES, Kinlet, near Bewdlev. 2,618 10,294 18,544 19,544 2,279 PAIL) ON - - =£ 20,000 - - 20,000 - - 20,000 - - 20,000 - - 10,000 DEMAND. 133 - - - .£ 10,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 4,000 T! To Woollen .. Manufacturers. ( A FAVOURABLE OPPORTUNITY.) To be disposed of by Private Contract, At HAY, in the County uf Brecon, following; Machines, now in full Work, JL viz. two twentv- six Inch Scribbles, two Twenty- six Inch Carders, one Willow, two Jacks, II Spinning Jennies, Looms, and one Warping Mill; with every other Article necessary for carrying on an extensive Trade in the Flannel Business. Or the whole may be taken at a fair Valuation as they now stand, and the present Proprietor will relinquish nml give up hi? Connections, Work People, wi'h tbe Milj aud jManufactory House, to the Purchase'*, on equitable Terms, and Possession may be had on the 2d Day of February next. Any Person desirous to treat for ( he above, is ' requested to apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid,, to Mr. JAMES PRICE, of Hay, who will shew the Premises. 8,831 - - - - 8,716 - - - - 19,510 17,127 - - - - Besides Prizes of £ 1,006. .£ 1,000, ,£ 500, & c. HIS grand List of capital Prizes were sold in Shares, in ' he last aud three preceding Lotteries, M the old established State Lottery Offices, 26, Cornbill, nod St. Margaret's Hill, Borough, of HORNSBY and Co. whq were also the first to sell two I'rizeaof ,£ 30,000. HORNSBY and Co. respectfully solicit the Favours of their Country Correspondents iu thfe New State Lottery, which abounds with Capital Chances; they also beg Leave to a- sure their Fiiends, that they will use their best Endeavours V> pro- cure Prizes worthy their possessing.— Tickets and Shares are selling at the Ipwest Prices, and all Orders by Post or Carriei executed lo any Part of the Globe, oti tbe Same Terms as if present. TO be Drawn in ONE DAY, WEDNESDAY, the 14th FEBRUARY.— 4; 3, and - V Tickets of the same Number may be had, so that 40,0001. 60,0001. or 80,0001. can be obtained by one Adventure. To Builders. ANY Person desirous of undertaking to build it DEPOT for the Arms, Ammunition, and Stores of the EASTERN REGIMENT of LOCAL MILITIA of the County of Montgomery, to be situate uear the Town of Welsh Pool, are desired, to t• lid Proposals, sealed up, before the FIRST ( if I'TSRUARY next, addressed to Major Dallas, at rrefminnev, in the. said County, or the Clerk of the General Meeting* to the Lieutenancy, at Maesmawr, in the said County, with each of whom a Plan, Section, and Specifica- tion of the Building is left. The Contractor will have Timber in the. Round GIVEN him, within two Mile, and a half of the S| » > t fiaed upon for this Building; which is only a few Yaids from a Stone Quarry. Security must be given for the faithful Performance of the Contract, aud thai the Building shall be compleated on or before the 10th of June next. Maesmawr, \ 2lli Jan. 1810. J. I. LOYD JONES, Clerk of the General Meetings. SALES BY AUCTION. Wellington, Shropshire. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a Cause DOSCOMNE v. HCWRI. I, BY MR. JONATHAN PERRY, of Shrewsbury, the Person appointed bv JOHN SIMEON, Esq. oneof the Masters of the said Court, at the Talbot Inn. in Wellington, on Thursday, the' 25th D* v of January, 1810. between the Hours ot 5 Sc 5 o'Clock ill the Afternoon, in FIVE LOTS; CERTAIN FREEHOLD ESTATES, consisting of several Messuages or Tenements, Arable and Meadow Land, situate in Walling Street, in the Arsh Marshes, and ill the Township of Wellington. Particulars muv be had at. the said Ma ter's Chambers in Southampton Buildings ; of Messrs. Blake and White, Essex Street, strand ; Messrs. Benbow and Hope, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn ; Mr. Weightmao, Castle Street, Holborn; Mr. MORRIS, of Newport, Shropshite ; of I HE AUCTIONEER J aud at tne Place of Sale. SALES BY AUCTION. Shropshire— Capital Timber. RY S. TUDOR, At the Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury, on Wednesday, 14th February, 1810, at. Three o'Clock tn the Afternoon : OAK TIMBER TREES, 451 SCOTCH FIR Trees, 275 BEECH ' Trees, situated at LINLEY, near Bishop's- Castle, in. the County of Salop, in the following Lots, or such as shall be agreed on at the Time of Sale: ........ OAK TIMBER. I FIR TIM LOT I. — 200 | LOT I. II. — 950 1 II. _ 120 HI. — 354 I III. — 137 IV. — 332 | IV. — 60 The Oak Timber is numbered with white Paint, standing iu a Wood called the Hernery ;— is of the best Quality and large Dimensions, well adapted for superior Purposes, of the Navy, & e. where long aud large Timber is required.—- The Fir Timber is numbered with while Paint, is large, and of the best Quality ; as also the Beech, which is numbered with red Paint. LINLEY is 16 Miles from Shrewsbury, and 11 Miles from Garthinil, on the Montgomeryshire Canal. Mr. PEPLOW, at Linley Hall, will shew the Timber ; and for further Particulars enquire of Mr. BLOCKLEY, Bioadstone; Mr. JOHN LEE, Shrews- bury; orof Messrs. PEMBERTON and COUPLAND, Shrewsbury. J BEECH TIMBER LOT I; — 85 H. tt 62 III. — 76 , IV. — 52 SALES BY AUCTION. BY MR. RICHARD MADDOX, At the George Inn, in Oswestry, on Wednesday, the 31st Day of January, 1810, between the Hours of three and six in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, in the following Lots: LOT I. ALL that new- erected MESSUAGE or DWEL- LING- HOUSE, with a good Stable, large Yard, Pump, and Garden, thereunto belonging, si'uate in BEATRICE- STREET, in the'Town of OSWESTRY aforesaid, aud late in the Occupation of Mrs. Menlove. N. B, The House is new- built, and finished in a handsome manner, consisting of two good Parlours, a large Kitchen, two good Pantries, anil a Cellar, on the first Floor; an ex- cellent Tea Room, and tlnee good Lodging Rooms oil the second Floor; and three Lodging Rooms in the Attics. The Garden is well planted with choice Fruit ' Trees LOT II. Another MESSUAGE, or DWELLING HOUSE, and SHOP, with the Garden, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, adjoining the last- mentioned Messuage, oi Duel, ling- House, and now in the holding of William Povall. For further Particulars apply to THE AUCTIONEER, OS- westrv. Prime Smoaky Faced Stock. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Thursday, the 1st of Februaty, 1810s ALL the truly valuable and well selected LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in. HUSBANDRY,, witlj Part ofthe Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, belonging to Mr. CHELMICK, of WILMINGTON, in the Parish of. Clnrv bury, in the County of Salop, ( who is retiring from the Fanning, Business):, consisting of; nine excellent young Cows, calvediapd in- calf; one Calving Heifer,' two 3- years old Bullocks, two, S!- vears old ditto, two ditto Heifers;, four Year- lings; four capital Waggon Horses, and Gearing for ditto;. one Sow in- pig, one Gilt iu- pig.> twr » Store Pigs; one Waggon, one Lime Cart, one Tumbrel, one Plough, two Pair of Harrows, one Roller, two Dozen p£ . Hurdles, que Winnowing Fan ; with a number of small Implements,: and a large Assortment of Brewing and Dairy Vessels - and Casks, also about twelve Tons of good Hay, and one Stack of Oats.' . N. B. The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Morning. ~ " , BY J. BROOME^ On the Premises, on Tuesday, the Cth, of February, 1810 ; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, belonging to Mr. WARD, of MEADOWTOWN, in the Parish of Worthen, ill tbe County of Salop : consisting of five Cows in- calf, three in- calf Heifers, two years old Bullocks, one ditto Heifer, two Yearling's; two Waggon Mares in- foal, one 3- years old Colt, of the Draught Kind ; 80 Sheep, either together or iu small Lots; one Harvest Waggon, one I. iifte Cart, one Hand Plough, one Pair of Harrows, Gearing for 3 Horses. A Quantity of HAY and CLOVER, all of which may be takeu ott" the Premises. . The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock lu the Morning. T Turnpike Tolls. [" OTICE is hereby given. That the Tolls arising at the Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Roads leading from Shrewsbury to Prees, Catwall, and Crudgington, in the County of Salop, called or known by the several Names of Old Heath, Harlescott, Berwick, Catwall, Crudninirlon, Hallo- way, and l're* s Gates, will be LET BY AUCTION to the trest Bidders, at the Dwelling- House of Mr, Rawlings, at LEE BRIDGE INN, on FRIDAY, the Kith Day ot FEBRU- ARY, 1810, beiween the Houisof twelve and three o'Clock . if the same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King GIOROE the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads." " Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the si* me Time give. Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for Payment of the Rent, agreed for, and at such ' Times as thev shall direct. FRANCIS ALLEN, Clerk to the Trustees, • Household Furniture, BY JONATHAN PERRY, On the Premises, at GREEN FIELDS, Shrewsbury, the late Residence of T. Mason, Esq. on MONDAY NEXT, the 29' h of January instant; THE Whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, Kitchen Requisites, Brewing Vessels, and some Miscellaneous Articles, in pait comprizing best and Servants' Bedsteads, with super Dirniw, Manchester, and other Hang- Uiis ; six good Feather Beds ; Straw and Flock Mattresses, Bed Clothes, Painted Chamber, Tea- Room, and Mahogany Parlour Chairs ; Pier and Swing Glasses ; Mahogany Dining, Card, Pembroke, Oak, Deal and Painted Tables ; some Paintings, China, Glass, 8cc, Also two good Kitchen Grates, Sway, Pit Grate, Eight- day Clock, Oven, Dresser with Shelves, various Culinary Articles, some Biewiug Vessels, Casks, & E.—. Likewise a BEETHAM'S Patent Washing Machine, a Man Trap, Sheep Netting, & c. & c. & c. Catalogues will be distributed iu Shrewsbury, and may be had of THE AUCTIONEER. Ten o'Clock will be the Time of commencing the Sale, which must continue without stopping till every Lot is sold. Elegant Household Furniture. BY RICHARD MADDOX, At the Rectory House, in Whittington, in the Connty of Salop, on Monday, the 5th Day of February, 1810, and the two following Days ! ALL the neat, elegant, and valuable HOUSE- HOLD GOODS, and FURNITURE, Biewing and Dairy Utensils, belonging to the Rev. WHITEHALL WHITE- HALL DAVIES. Catalogues of which will be prepared by the 26th of January instant, and may be had at the following places : the. Royal Hotel and Feathers Inns. Chester; Eagles and Lion Inn, Wrexham ; Lion and ' 1' albot Inns, Shrewsbury ; Cross Foxes and Cross Keys, Oswestry; Bridgewater Arms, Ellesmere ; Eagles, Ruabou ; Hand, Llangollen; Hand, Chirk ; White Horse, Overton ; White Lion, and Boot, Whit- tiiiL'ton ; the Place of Sale; of THE AUCTIONEER; and Mr. EDWARDS, Printer, Oswestry. BY J. BROOME, On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 6th and 7th Days of . March, 1810: rTIHE truly valuable and well- selected LIVE JL STOCK and IMPLEMENTS ip HUSBANDRY, be- longing to Mr. JONES, of LONGDEN, in the County of Salop. ( ttj" Particulars in our next. Valuable Freehold Estate. Glyndwrdovy, Rug, & Gwyddelwern inclosure. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At Mr. Geary's, the Public House at Westburv, on Wednes- day, the 31st Day of January, 1810, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one. Lot, or more if preferred at the Time of Sale : ALL those four MESSUAGES or DWELLING HOUSES, with Garden* and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate at HINWOOD, in the Parish of Pontes- burv, on or near to the Road between Westbury and Asterley, in the Tenure or Occupation of Isaac Tipton, and others. The said Isaac Tipton, will shew the Premises; and for further Pariiculai't apply to Messrs. MAUDOCK aud SIMES, Shrewsbury. , Turnpike Tolls. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Tolls arising at the Toll date upon the Turnpike Road leading from Wcm to Shaw bury, in the County of featnp, called or known liy the Name of Shawbury Gate, will be LET BY AUCTION, » o tbe best Bidder, ( for one Year, from ihe 25t| i Day uf March next,) at the House of Mr. WILLIAM STOCKALL, known by the Sign of the BLACK LION', in WEM, in the County of Salop aforesaid^ on ' THURSDAY, the TWENTV- second Day of FEBRUARY next, between, the Hours of One and Four o'Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Keigii of his present Majesty King George the Third, " For regulating the Turnpike Roads:" which Tolls will be put up at the Sum they aie now Let at. Whofver happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the mid Turnpike Kind, tor Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shali nirett. EDWARD HANMER, Clerk to the Trustees. Stanton, lid January, 1311). : ——— • • •— : — i—— " 1 ' Turnpike Tolls. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls arising at the Tqll Gates erected on the Turnpike Road leading train Harmer Hill to the End of Coiton Wood, commonly called or known by the several Names of the Tilley Gate, Creamore Gate, and Stone and Cross Gate, with the Side Gates, will he respectively LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidders, at. the Hpuse of William Stockall, known by the Sign • ol the BLACK LION INN, in WEM, in the County of Salop, on THURSDAY,^ he 22d Day of FEBRUARY next, between the Hours of one and Xour o'Clock in the Afternoon, for one Year ; the Tilleji Gate, and Stone aud Cross Gate, with the bide Gates, to commence from the 25th Day of March next, and the Creamore Gate from the 1st Dayof May next; in Man- ner directed by the Act passed iu the 13th Year of the Reign of liis present Majesty, " for regulating theTurnpike Roads ;"— which Tolls produced the last Year the following Sums: — £. s. d. Tilley Gate ^ 119 17 5 Stone aud Cross Gate, with the Side Gates 90 1 0 Creamore Gate 45 0 0 above the Expense of collecting, and will be put up at those Sums respectively. Whoever happen to be the best Bidders, must ut ihe sapie Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees ot the said Turnpike Road, for Payment of the Rents agreed for, and in such Manner as they shall direct. WILLIAM BICKERTON, Clerk to the Trustees of the skid Turnp ke Road. Wem. January 15, 1810. MOTICE is hereby given, that a MEETING will beheld at tHe NF'w INN, ifl Corwen, in the County • rioneth, on TUESDAY, the 13th Day of FEBRUARY next, at 12 o'Clock, to consider of and determine upon the Terms for the Division and Inclosure ot several Commons in the above Manors or Lordships; when and where the Attendance ofthe Freeholders and other Persons interested, or their Agents, is requested. 13d January, 1810. Dudlcston, fFaton Nhi/ ii, and Iftun Ilhjjn INCLOSURE. ITHE Undersigned ARTHUR DAVIES, the Commissioner' nominated and appointed in and by a Certain Act of Parliament, made and pa%. d in the forty sixth Year of ihe Reign of his present Majesty, for dividing, allot'. ng, and inclosing the Commons and Waste Lauds, in the several Townships of Dudleston, Ifton Rhyn, and Weston Rhyn, iu the several parishes of Ellesmere, aud Saint Martin, in the Manor or Lordship of Travan. otherwise Traian,, in the County of Salop, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that I mean to attend at the House of Mr. THOMAS HUNT, known hv the Sign of the CROSS KEYS,' in the Tow,, of OSWESTRY, in die said Coiluiy of Salop, upon THURSDAY, the FIRST Day of FEBRUARY next, at 11 o'Cluck in tbe Forenoon, for ihe Purpose of reading and executing my Award ; when and where all and tvery Person or Persons interested in the Division, Allotment, and Inclosure of the said Commons and Waste Lands, may attend, if they think proper. ARTHUR DAVIES. ITayrs, near Osweitry, 9th January, 18) 0. Capital Oak Timber. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Fox Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the loth Day of February, 1810, at Four o'Clr « V in the Afternoon -. 0OO OAK T1MBER TREES, glowing in GATTEN WOOD, at ajten, iu the County of Salop, marked aud numbered with white Paint. ' Thomas Pugh, of Gatteu, will shew the Timber; and for further Particulars apply to Messrs. PEMBERTON and Co VI- LA ND, At'ornies, Shrewsbury. Freehold Estate. BY JONATHAN PERRY, AVERY ELIGIBLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, prizing a convenient Farm llonse, Bams, Stabl On Saturday, the 10th Day of February, 1810, at the Fox Inn, Shiewsbury, between the Hours 6f Five . and Six o'Clock in the Afteritobii, subject to Conditions, and in one or more loots', as shall be freed upon at the Time of Sale, ( unless disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be "" ™ ~ ' ~ com s, Stables, and > ther necessary Outbuildings in most excellent Repair, and 170 Acres or thereabouts, of good ' Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Laud ; the \ Vhole of which is TI THE FREE, situate at LYTHWOOD, in the Parish of Condover, in the County of Salop, in the Occupation of Mr. GEORGE BROUGHALL. The above Farm is 3 Miles distant from Shrewsbury, and near to the several Roads leading to the Towns of Ludlow aud Bishop's Castle, and close to Lime and Coal.— There is u ' Vein of Coal running under Part of this Estate. For a View of the Estate apply to the Tenant, Mr. GEO. BROUGHALL ; and further Particulars may be had by Appli- cation to Messrs PEMBERTON and COUPLAND, Shrewsbury, where a Map of the Estate may be seen. Freehold Estates. BY MR. MADDOX, Without Reserve, at the Cross Keys lull, in Oswestry, on Thursday, the 8th Day Of Febiuary, 1310, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in the following, or sueh other Lots as shall he agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to Conditions then to be produced. i. ot r. 4 MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with suitable Outbuildings, and TWENTY ACRES, ( be the same more or . less) of most excellent I. and, situate in WERN WESTON, in the Parish of St. Martins, in the County of Salop, now in the Occupation of Mr. John Matthews. 4 v' There in under this Lot a moral Certainty of Coal, Itie same having been lately worked; aud two Pits, well secured, are now open. I. OT II Four MESSUAGES or DWELLING HOUSES, with the Gardens or Croft adjoining, situate in URONY- GARTH, in the Parish of St. Martins aforesaid, in the several Occupations of the said Mr. Matthews, Edward Stokes, Sarah Jones, Edward Edwards, and \ lnrv Probert. LOTS 111. and IV. Two PIECES or PARCELS of LAND, containing bv Estimation, ( be the tame more or less) FOUR ACHES, situate in BRONYGARTH aforesaid, iu the Occu- pation of the said . Mr. Matthews; bounded on the South and East by Lands in the Holding ot William Griffiths ; on the j North by Lands belonging to Mr. Richard Phillips and Mr. William Edwards; and on I Sylattin. LOT V. All that well. accustomed Public House, called THE NEW SHOP, with the Garden, Malthouse, and about THREE ACRES ( be the same more or less) of most excellent Meadow Land adjoining the same, situate in BRONYGARTH aforesaid, aud adjoining the Turnpike Road leading Ironi Ellesmere to Bronygarth Lime Kilns, in the Occupations of the said Mr. John Matthews, aud Edward Probert. t^ f The House and Land are in Lease tu the said Edward Probert, at the yearly Rent of ,£ 2j, for a Term of Years, live of which will remain unexpired at l ady- day next. The above Estate is a very short Distauce from good Turn- pike Roads ; two Miles from Lime, aud tour from the Market Town of Oswestry. — The respective Tenants will shew the Premises; and further Particulars may be known on Appli- cation to Mr. EDWARDS, Solicitor, Oswestry. BY CHURTON, On Monday, the 2ihh Day of January, 1810, ( and not In the Mouth of February, as before advertised) between two and four o'Clock in the Afternoon, at tbe Bull and Dog, in Cotton, in the Parish of Wem, and County of Salop, subject to Conditions then to be produced, in the follow- ing Lots'. I. OT I. A. ONE Piece of Copyhold Land, called Maddock's Moor, now marked out, contain- ing, more or less LOT II Two Pieces of Freehold Land, called Cloak and Cape, together with a small Part of Freehold Land adjoining Lot I, now inailted out, from Turn Birch and Meadow- Ban*, containing, more or less Lot III. One Piece of Freehold Land, called the NearTurn Birch, containing otore or less LOT IV. Three Pieces of Freehold Land, called the Two Coppiee Fields and Black Pit Meadow, containing more or lesl ..... LOT V. One Piece of Freehold Laud, called the Tench pit Field, containing niore or less LOT VI. One Piece of Freehold Land, called Phib's Croft, containing more or less LOT VII. ' Three Pieces of Freehold Land, called the I. ane- ehd Croft, Clover Field, audThree- corner- ed Piece, Containing, moieorless 7 Lot VIII. Oue Piece of Freehold Land, called Foot- way Field, together with a Fatm Hou » e, Out- buildings, Yard, Garden, and Coppice, containing, uiure or less Lor IX. One Piece ot Freehold Land, called the Darn Mcadutf, containing, more or less R. r. 2 8 0 5 2 0 3 2 24 6 1 0 5 0b 4 2 0 17 6 0 12 and on the West by tbe Poiad leading to W' 7em llill, 3d February, lKyy. HEREAS divers Kinds of Thefts aie daily committed in the Neighbourhood of Terhliill, liletchlev, Morton Sea, I. ongslow, Longford, & c. in the County of Salop : We, the following Subscribers, have bound ourselves to punish all Kinds of Felony at the Expense ot the whole Society, that shall be committed within our Districts, especially Horse- Stealing ; for if any Member of this Society should lose a Horse, & c. we all of us agree, on the earliest Notice, to set out each a different Road ill Pursuit thereof, and ride One Hundred Miles Endways, making the strictest Enquiry; and, upon the least Intelligence, to lids England through, and use the utmost Endeavours to bring back the Horse, & c. so stolen, and likewise the Offender or Offenders to Justice. And for further Encouragement to find out the O( Tenders, we do agree to give a Reward of Two GUINEAS, on Conviction, to any two Members who shall bring the same to Justice. And any Toll- Gate Keeper who shall give jood Intelligence, shall be well rewarded. SUBSCRIBERS' NAMES. 326 Oak Timber and Underwood. BY JONATHAN PERRY, In one Lot, at the Bowling Green, Iu Uffington, on Tuesday, the 13( b Day of February, 1810, between the Hours of Three andFive iu the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced : J OAK TIMBER TREES, fit for Laths, Hurdles, See. See. being excellent Cleft, now grow- ing i. i a certain Coppice near Battlefield, called Chevy Chase.— Also, 13 ACRES and upwards of well grown OAK POLES and UNDERWOOD, in the same Coppice; which is situate on the Hadnall Road, leading from Shrews- bury to Whitchurch, within Two Miles distance of the Shrewsbury'Canal and ofthe River Severn, The Oak Trees intended to be Sold are numbered with white Paint; and the Timber Trees and Poles to stand, are linged with the like Paint. Mr. Thomas Evans, of Sundorn, or Mr. Salter, of Battlefield, will shew the Timber and Coppice ; and for further Particulars apply to Messrs, MADDOCK aud SIMES, Shrewsbury. Styche. William Clive, Esq. Thomas Bates Moreton- Sea, John Peplow Walter Minor Bletchley. John Hayward Richard Nixon Edward Baker Lawn. Thomas Morris Higgins Wood. William Baugh Northwood. William Ford Ternhill John Brayne John Swinchatt Stoke Grange. Thomas Hodgkins Old Fields. John Hampton Newstreet- Lane, John Hampton Longslow, William Ratcliff George Andrews Longford. John Leigh John Cartwright William Minor Wollerton, William Massey Lossford. John Venables f Roods. 1 Charles Gregory Capital Timber. BY WRIGHT AND SON, At the sign of the Fox and Hounds, in Cheswardine, in the County of Salop, on Monday, the 2' Jth January, 1810, at three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced : ALL those 36 capital OAKSy and 42 ASH TREES, now blazed and numbered with Scribes, standing aud growing on a Farm at Great Soudley, iu the Parish of Cheswardine, aud County of Salop, in the Tenure or Occupation of Mr. Michael Walton, Owner thereof. < t3* For a View of the Timber, apply to Mr. WALTON; and for any further Information to THE AUCTIONEERS, in Market- Drayton, Salop. Montgomeryshire— Timber. At the Buck Inn, Welsh Pool, in the County of Montgomery, on Saturday, the 3d Day of February, 1810, between the Hours of 4 and 6 ill the Afternoon, subject to Conditions: LOT I. Montgomeryshire— Timber. BY DAVIES AND SON, At the House of Mrs. Mary Hughes, Innkeeper, in the Town of Llanfyllin, in the County of Montgomery, upon Thurs- day, the 15th Day of February, 1810, between the Honrs of three aud six in the Afternoon, subject to such Con- ditions, and in one or tuore Lots, as shall then be agreed upon: OAK Timber Trees, 79 ASH Trees, 14 SYCAMORE Trees, and 5 ALDER Trees, Scribe- numbered, growing on Bodyddon Farm, in the Parish of Llaufyllin, in the said County. The Oak are of great length, perfectly sound, and fit for Merchant Plank and Cleft. Bodyddon is situated about two Miles from the Market Town of Llanfyllin, about one Mile from the Turnpike Road which leads through the said Town to the Montgomeryshire Canal, and distaut from the Canal about nine Miles. Mrs. Roberts, the Tenant, will appoint a Person to shew the Timber; and Particulars may be had by applying at the Office of Mr. J. THOMAS, in Llanfyllin, or of Mr. THOMAS DAVIES, in Myfod. 2 2 0 Total 43 3 21 TheTItfibct growing noon each Lot to be taken at a fair Valuation, which will be produced at tbe Time of Sale. The aboVe Valuable ' the Parish of Wem, and County of Salop ; now in the holding of Mr. John Simpson, who is under Notice to quit at May ne* t. Further Particulars may be had from the Auctioneer, Whitchurch, Shropshire. N. B. Mr. John Simpson aforesaid will shew the Lands. A VALUABLE AND Superior Farming Stock, cS'c. BY CHURTON, Oil Wednesday,. Thursday, and Friday, the 21st, 22d, aud 23J Days of February, 1810, ALL the well known choicely selected LIVIi STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy, and Brewing Vessels, HOUSEHOLD FURNI TURE, ami other Effects, the Property of the late Mr. NICKSON, at THE STOCKS, near Ellesmere, in the County of Salop, ( deceased). Catalogues of Particulars will be prepared immediately. Particulars in a future Paper. Young and excellent Farming Stock, He. BY CHURTON, Without the least Reserve, on the Premises at SOULTON HALL, near Wem, iu the County of Salop, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 12th, 13th, and 14th Days of March, 1810: ALL the valuable and well selected LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, HOUSE FURNITURE, aud other Effects, of the late Mr. BARNUTT, deceased. Catalogues will be prepared in due Time, Particulars in a future Paper. N. B. A HAY and STRAW YARD will be opened imme- diately at SOU (. TON H ALL, for the Reception of Colts, young Cattle, &. c. till May next, with convenient Shade, Water, & c. Likewise the Liberty of an extensive BOOSEY PASTURE : ( Terms iii our next.) Shropshire. On Wednesday, the 21st Day of February next, at the Buffalo's Head, in Cluu, between the Hours of three and live o'clock in the Afternoon, subieet to Conditions of Sale', ( unless disposed of in the mean Time by Private Contiact, of which Notice will be given): SEVERAL PARCELS of very improveable Arable, Mead ow, and Pasture LANDS, containing together about 24 Acres, more or less, situate at SPODE, in the Parish of Clun, in the County of Salop, in the Holding of Mr. Edward Bryan, as Undertenant to Mr. Francis Williams, who is Lessee for Life of the Premises, and aged about 05 Years. Mr. Williams, on Application to him at Redgate, near Spode, will shew the Premises ; and further Particulars may be had of Mr. TENCH, Bromfield, or Messrs. LLOYD aud LLOYD, Solicitors, Ludlow. 10th January, 1810. 59 OAK TREES, numbered with a Scribe, l to 59. LOT II. 11 ASH TREES, numbered in like manner 1 to J7 SYCAMORE ditto, numbered in like manner 1, 2. The above Trees are standing upon BROIN FARM aud Lauds adjoining, iu the Township of Cuffunydd, aud Palish of Pool, iu the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Bebb. Broin Farm is about i Miles from Welshpool, and" Miles from Pool Quay. Many of the Trees are large, and appear perfectly sound. The Tenant will shew the Lots ; and further Particulars may be had of Mr. Gould, Golfa, neat Welshpool. Worcestershire. On a Day hereafter to be mentioned, at the Crown Inn, Bridgnorth, in the County of Salop, between the Hours of 11) and 11 in the Forenoon: ABOUT 500 OAK, AND 500 ASH TIMBER TREES, now growing on the Estates of Mr. John De- verel, and Mrs. Smith, in the Parish of Sidbury, in the County of Salop. The above- mentioned Timber is of the lirst Sort, and in the best Condition imaginable. Most of the Oak is well calcula- ted for the Use of the Navy. The whole will be put up in Lots, and sold according to Such Conditioui as Will be publish- ed, in due Time, previously to the Sale. Sidbury is live Miles from Bridgnorth, liiue from Bend'ey, and is m ar the River Severn, . Fur a View of the Timber, and further Particulars, apjffy | in Mr. JOHN DEVEREL., at SIDbury, BY MR. GEORGE WINTON, At the Oak Inn, in Tenbury, on Tuesday, Ihe 20th Day of February next, between the Hours of three and five o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions of Sale : AVERY desirable and compact COPYHOLD ESTATE, called DEEP CROFT, siluate iu the Parish of Lindridge, ill the County of Worcester; comprising a very good Farm House, with all necessary and convenient Out- buildings, in excellent Repair, and about SIXTY TWO ACRES of very valuable and improveable Arable, Meadow, Pasture Land, and Orcharding. Great part of the Meadow and Pasture is capable of being irrigated at Pleasure. This Estate is liolden of the Manor of Lindridge, under a small Fine certain of one Year's Copyhold reserved Rent, amounting only to <£ 1 I3s. 8d. on Admittance, and situate within about 1 Miles of Tenbury, and close to the Turnpike Road leading from thence to Worcester.— Tli s Timber upon it is to be taken to by the Purchaser at a Valuation, which u ill he declared at the Time of Sale. The Premises, of which Possession may be had at Lady Day next, may be viewed on applying at the Farm House ; . andfuriher Particulars maj be had of Messrs. LLOYD'S, SU- licitors, Ludlow. 20th Jariuary, 1110. ODE FOR THE NEW YEAR, 1810. Bv H. J. PYE, Esq. Poet- Laureat. Ere yet, mid' Rhedecyna's bowers, 1 humbly cnll'd the muses'- flow'efs, By silver Jj- is',. sedgy side, Not rolling thece a classic, tide, My native. meads and grOves among. As blythe I tun'd my artlfess song-; My fancy bail'd the halcyon daV, Crown'd with oiir Sovereign's opening swav, And pour'd the verse to that auspicious morn, Which plac'd on Britain's throne a Monarch Britain. born. Raptur'd I poor, the verse again, To hail the British Monarch's lengthen'd reign, To celebrate the rising year, In which a . King, to Britain dear, Bids every British breast, with grateful lay, Bless the tenth . lustre of his lenient sway; For while 1 strike the votive lyre, The thViilings of the trembling wire Are lost amid the swelling notes ot praise, Which, , with accordant vyice, a grateful people pay3. From Thulc's hyperborean reign, T'o where, upon Ihe southern main, Bellerus frowns— to where the Atlantic roars, O verdant Erin, ' gainst thy western shores, The paeaus loud of exultation rise, Wafting a nation's plaudits to the skies ; And, while the, hfilowM rites of prayer and praise To Heaven's high throne their grateful incense raise, Mild Charity, witfi liberal hand, Spreads her blest influence o'er the smiling land ; With'geilial'current far and wide, Flows of Benevolence the copious tide, Grateful the hnon, while shouting myriads- see, That dries Affliction's tear, ' and sets the jCaptive free. Though looking back,' through many an age, Since Egbert first our S^ xAn Sites obey'd, No King recorded stands nn History's page So long, who England's golden si efitre sivay'd j* O yet. through many a rolling yeiir. Long ! long I may Albion's joyful ' race Behold a crown, to Freedom sacrtd, grace The Mail they love— the Sovereign they revere. Tho' seated on her rocky throne, Girt by her navy's adamantine'zone, Britannia- rears sublime her dauntless head, Amid' the storms of war' that round % er spread-; Yet by a generous Monarch be possest. The first great object of his patriot breast— May eiery baleful ' vapour" fly, " That hangs malignant now oVr Europe's sky, Infernal Discord's iron'tempest- cease, And GtGRGE's sun decline in'ftlory and in Ve& ir. * Though, to reckon from Mire accession - to the demise, Henry III. reigned nominally ' 56. and Edward III. 50 years; yet, as the fir » t acceded at nine \ ears ot^ ge, and Ihe last at fourteeh; tllfey did not, either of thtm/ in fact, reign so long as htf present Majeity as stated in the Ministerial circles;— The accounts of the Hon. Mr. G. Villiers, Paymaster of Marines, having lieen for some time considerably in arrear, attracted the particular attention of the Navy Board ; the examin- ation being completed to the end of the year 1804, a balance of £' 230,000 appeared instantly upon the face of the account to be due to the Public." This balance, arising upon an account current only, afforded no means of judging correctly of the actual amount; hut, as the sum was sn large, and as it was still probable that there must be a considerable sum in the Accountant's hands, lie was called upon to give in the remainder of his accounts without delay, and to account for whatever might be due from him to the Public. With this de- mand Mr. Villiers was unable, as he stated, to comply, by reason of the extent and intricacy of his accounts, and the number of his sub- accountnnts; and he therefore ltequested that some time might be allowed for this purpose ; but, in order to obviate the possibility of his encrcaving or employing in the mean time the balance in his hands, he tendered at the same time the resig- nation of his office, and offered to put into the hands of Government his estates and property of every descrip- tion, as a, security to the Public for any balance that might finally be declared against him. Upon this ground, and accompanied by this security, his resignation was accepted, and au arrangement has, we understand, been made for the speedy examination and final liquidation of the accounts.— We hear that Mr. Villiers is to be TO THE CONDUCTORS OF CIRCULATING LIBRARIES. 7 his day was published, in 3 vols. Price 15. r. hoards, BLACK ROCK HOUSE, OR DEAR BOUGHT EXPERIENCE. By tbe Author of Ihe WINTER in BATH, BANKS of the WYB, CoRINNAOf ENGLAND, EvERSFIELD ABBEY, WOMAN of COLOUR, Sic. & e. London : Printed for CROSBY and Co. Sfationers'- Court, Ludgate- street; and sold by EDDOWES, Wood, Newling. and Morris, Shrewsbury; Houlston, Wellington ; Smith; Iron Bridge; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Whitchurch ; the Booksellers in Chester; J. Painter, Wrexham ; and by all Booksellers, Stationers, ' ami Newsmen. Where a constant Supply of the best Modern Novels are kept for immediate Use Also, just published, 1st. CASTLES of MARSANGE and NUGER, 3 vols. 12s. 2d. LONDON CHARACTERS of the PRESENT CEN- TURY, 2 vols. 16s. 3d. D ELM ORE, or MODERN FRIENDSHIP, 3 vols, 12-. 4th. TALES of the MANOR, 2 vols, 10s. 5th. MORLAND MANOR, 3 vols, by Mrs. KENDEI. I,, 12S. 6th BRAVO of VENICE, by MONK LEWIS, 6th Edition, 6s. HEALTH PRESERVED WlTHORT QUACKERY EVERY ENGLISHMAN'S BOOK. SHERIDAN IMPROVED.— STEREOTYPE EDITION. has now leigned. Germany.— FROM COLERIDGE'S FRIEND.— In THE North of Germany, the whole lake of Ratzeburg is at this time one mass of thick transparent ices a spotless mirror of nine miles in extent! the lowness of the rills, which rise from the shores of the lake, preclude the . awful sublimity of Alpine scenery, yet compensate for ithe want of it by beauties, of which this very lowuess is- a necessary condition. One morning, I saw the lesser lake completely hidden by mist; but the moment the sun peeped over the hill, the mist broke in the middle, and in a few seconds stood divided, leaving a broad road all across the lake ; and between these two walls of mist the sun light burnt upon the ice, forming a road of -"• olden fire, intolerably bright; and the mist wills tbem- , selves partook of the blaze in a multitude; ofshiniug • colours— this is our second frost. About a month ago, before the thaw came on, there was a storm of wind ; daring the whole night, such were the thunders ami ' ibowlings of the breaking ice, that tbey have left a con- eviction on my mmd, lhat there are sounds more sublime than any sight can be, more absolutely suspending the power of comparison, and more utterly absorbing the tmind's self- consciousness in its total attention to the object working upon it. Part of tbe ice which the ve- . heraence of the wind had shattered, was driven shore- ward, and frozen anew. On the evening ot tne next day, at sun- set, the shattered ice thus frozen, appeared of a deep blue, and in shape like an agitated sea ; be- yond this the water, that ran up between the great . islands of ice, which bad preserved their masses entire : and smooth, shone of a yellow green ; but all these scattered ice- islands, themselves, v ere of an intensely ' bright blood colour; they seemed blood and light in union! On some of the largest of these islands, the fishermen stood nulling out their immense nets through / the holes made i: i the ice for this purpose, and the men, ilheir noUpoles, » nd their huge nets, were a part of the glory ; say rather, it appeared as if the rich crimson light had shaped itself into these forms, figures and atti- tudes, to make a gloricus vision in mockery of earthly _ . • - t I 1 a T, ... » -, Inn- things.— The lower lake is now all alive with setters, and with Isdies driven onward by them in their ice carts. Mercury, surely, was. the first makfirof scates, and the . wings ut'liis feet arc- tymbols of. the invention. In scat- • la"" there are. three pleasing circumstanccs; the infinitely " subtle particles of ice which the scate cuts up- and which creep and run before ithc - state like a low mist, and m cun- risc, or sun- sfc^ vbecome coloured; second, the . sha- dow of the scater in the water seen through the . trails- parent ice; and third, the melancholy undulating sound ( Jiom the scatc, not without variety ; aud when very marty are seating together, the sounds and the noises give an impulse to the icy trees, and the woods all round the lake tinkle ! Extraordinary Ball.— A charitable old farmer, IU Ihe parish of Kilrush, county of Antrim, has been in the habit of allotting an apartment, adjoining his habitation, . for tlie reception of poor. travellers, where they were accommodated with- l victuals and lodgings. The. charity - of the farmer was well, known, and. the bed was seldom empty. A short time since, after night- fall, a sturdy fellow called at the. houke aud requested quarters. The farmer imagined he had a juspiciouo appearance, asked if he could give an accouO. t o. t himself, so as to satisfy hint, iri.. the way of bail, that he . would not, do any dam- age. The man answered that he- w. ould. give him God Almighty as bail, that he would not do any damage to his house. The farmer,. content with this bail, admitted the traveller. Early io- tite morning, before any of the family were awake, the fellow . arose, packed up the bed- clothes, together with some dried beef, aud several other articles he found in the kitchen, unbarred the door, aud went off. During Hie whole of the ensuing day, a thick fog filled the air; - the thief continued rapidly travelling, calling for charity at every house in his way, and in the evening thought himself many miles distant from the good farmer's house.; but, to his great surprise, and no less surprise of the old farmer, lie ac- cidentally entered the same house, about the same hour he did the former night, with ihe bundle of stolen pro- perty upon his back, and requested lodging; to which the farmer answered, " Come forward, my good. fellow, I will lodge you this night jet; - I trusted to my bail, and he has proved true." The fellow struck with as- tonishment, implored his mercy ; he delivered up all the stolen goods, and promised never to ie iguilty of the . like again, and the farmer not only forgave him, but lodged liitri another night, still trusting to his hail It appeared, that, deceived by the fog, the fellow had not teen out of the neighbourhood during the whole day, The week preceding Christmas- day not less than tons of turkies and game were sent from Norwich city and county to tho metropolis; which, including the expenses of package and carriage, averaged at Is. 6d. per lb. amounts to above £ 5,£ 66. Some returns from the munificent citizens are usually expected to arrive by New Year's Day, but three of the coaches into Norfolk brought only two barrels of oysters and two quarters of lamb !— One stage waggon carried from Cambridge 12 tons weight of geese, for Christmas day presents to London ; and one higler sold as many feathers to an upholsterer as came to £ 21. Defalcation.— The following are the particulars of an affair which has been for some days whispered about,' succeeded by Gen. Phipps, and that the office of Pay- master of Marines is in future to he conducted upon a different plan, by which, in conformity with the present practice of other public offices, the balances w ill no longer remain in the hands of the accountant, but will be deposited in the Bank of England. Fraternal Affection.— Wednesday morning, as three children of Mr. Peggs, of the Old Barge- house Wharf, Surrey side Blackfriars- bridge, were playing on the wharf, the younger- of them being only three years and a half old, by over- running himself, was precipitated from the wharf, a height of at least 12 feet, into the Thames.; the elder brother, only II years old, seeing the danger of the poor child, immediately jumped into the water < to endeavour to rescue him; the second brother., mtie years of age, in dreadful anxiety for the fate of the two others, also jumped in; and had it not been for the interference of Mr. Doe, who was near the spot, on some craft, and had » witnessed all the trans- action, most probably they wr> uld ail have met a watery grave, but he went into the water, and rescued them all. Nutmegs.— It is a fact which ought to be known to all housewives, that if they begin to grate a nutmeg, at the stalk end, it will prove hollow throughout; whereas the same nutmeg, grated from the other end, would have proved sound and solid to the fast. This is ac- counted for in the follow ing manner : the center of a nutmeg consists Of a number . of fibres issuing from the stalk, and its continuation through the center of the fruit; the other ends of which fibres, though closely surrounded and pressed by the fruit, do not adhere to it. When the stalk is grated away, these fibres having lost their hold, gradually drop out in succession, and the hollow continues through the whole nut. By be- ginning at the contrary end, the fibres above mentioned are grated off at their core end, w ith the surrounding fruit, " and do not drop out and cause a hole. Another circumstance w orth knowing is, that in consequence of the great value of the oil of nutmegs, it is often ex- tracted from the nuts exposed to sale, by which they are rendered of very little value. To ascertain the quality of nutmegs, force a pin into them, and if good, however dry they may appear, the oil will bo seen oozing out all round the pin, from the compression occasioned in the- surrounding parts. A circumstance has occurred within these few days, which, it is hoped, will iead to the developement of a number of depredations that have lately been committed at Stavuford and Leicester; a package of cloth con- sisting of forty pieces of Irish linen, was ou Wednesday night stolen from a stage- waggon in the Angel Inn yard at Leicester, and suspicion falling upon a hawker, named Harsbridge, who has for some time travelled irith a ant from Elton, iu Huntingdonshire, and who was at Leicester on the evening of the robbery, he was pursued on Thursday by some constables, who, disre- garding his assurances that the things in bis cart were all bought at Leicester, according to an inventory and receipt which he produced, proceeded to examine the articles, and very soou discovered thirty- eight, pieces of cloth, out of the forty which had been stolen. Jlars- bridge was, of course, immediately secured by them; aud, in the hope of indemnity for his own offence, he soon after impeached an accomplice in the- robbcry, a man named Johnson, who worked as a journeyman shoe- maker in Stamford, and co- habited with the widow of Wells, w ho was hanged some years ago at Lincoln for forgery. Johnson was accordingly apprehended iubed, at his house in Stamford, ou Friday night, and con- ducted to Leicester early next morning by constables. The remaining two pieces of cloth have beenfouud in the possession of a woman named Bowles, w ho keeps a public- house at Leicester. BANKRUPTS, JANUARY 13. William Curtis, late of Bayswater, Middlesex, dealer, January 16,23. February 24, at Guildhall.— Henry York, uf Carey Lane, near Cheapside, London, silk dealer and warehouseman, January 23, 30, February 24, at Guildhall.— Peter Upsdell, of Castle- Street, St. Martin in the fields, Middlesex, builder, January 16, 27, i'ebrua » j 24, at Guildhall. - William Short, and John Hopper, of Clapham, Surrey, carpenters and builders, January 20, 27, February 24, at Guildhall.— Edward Asling ana James Cooper, late ot the Spa Road, Bermondsey, Surrey, ( but now prisoners in the King's ' Bench Prison) merchants and manufacturers, January 20, 27, February 24, at Guildhall. JANUARY 16.]-— James Hamber, of New- road, Ratclifle- High- M av, Middlesex, victualler, January 20, 27, February 27, at Guildhall— James . Rowley, of Bow- lane, Cheapside, London, warehouseman, January 2- 7, February 3, 27, at Guildhall.— Thomas Hewson, of ' Great- Street, Bishopsgate- Stwet, London, merchant, January 20, 31, February 27, at the Christopher Inn, and Tavern, Bath.— Richard Swallow,. of Selby, Yorkshire, money scrivener, January - 0, 27, February 27, at Guildhall, . London.— Capel Hanbury, ot'Seething Lai c, London, conductor, January 20, 27, February 27, at Guildhall, London.— William Biss, of Bristol, coal men haul, January 29, 30, February - 27, at the Bush Ta\ ern, Bristol.— William Weightman, now or lateof Birmingham, mercer and draper, January 30, 31, February 27, at ihe Old Crown Inn, Lichfield.— Richard Marriott, op Northampton, banker, Jan. 29, 30, February 27, at the George Inn, Northampton.— John Browne dell and John de Camp, of Catherine- Street, Strand, Mid- dlesex, booksellers, printers, and publishers, January 20, 30, Fe- bruary 27, at Guildhall, London,- Joseph Johnson, ot Stourport, Worcestershire, hop merchant and corn dealer, February 15, 16, 27, at the Stourport Inn, Stourport. Th is Day is published, Carefully corrected and improved by the Author, price 3s. 6d. bound, SHERIDAN IMPROVED; or, a GENERAL PRONOUNCING and EXPLANATORY DICTIONARY of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, for the Use of Schools, Foreigners, & c. on the Plan of Mr. Sheridan. Considerably enlargedby Selections fiom Ash, Bailey, Barclay, Buchanan, Dyche, Elphinston, Entick, Fiy, Johnson, Johnston, Ken- rick, Lemon, Marriot, Martin, Nares, Perry. Rider, Scot, and Walker. By STEPHEN JOSES. Price 3s. 6d. bound ; on fine Paper 4s. bound. The Author has ear/ fully improved this Edition throughout. The Type is new and elegant, and the accentuation is larger and more distinct than any Work of the kind. Prioted for Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe ; J. Harris; Darton and Harvey; It. Crosby and Co. London; Wilson and Son, York; H. Mozley, Gainsborough ; W. Robinson, Liverjiool; J. Clarke and Co. Manchester; and J. Robins, Winchester. Sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury. N. B. This is the only genuine and improved edition, by Mr. Stephen Jones, IMPORTANT ADVICE 10 BOTH SEXI'. S. TH^ HIS Day was published, neatly printed in - I- 12mo. price 4s. sewed, A GENUINE GUIDE TO HEALTH, or Practical Essays on the Preservation of Health, with the most effectual Means of preventing and curing Dis- eases ; 3lso Strictures on Regimen, and the MANAGEMENT OF INVALIDS, WITH PARTICULAR ADAIC13 TO WOMEN IV CHILD- BED, And the FOOD BEST ADAPTED FOR INFANTS. To which are added, Observations on Intemtieranre, and various Excesses— their extraordinarylnfluence on the Human Frame; with Suggestions to counteract their baneful Effects; written in a brief, but clear and comprehensive manner. By T. P. CHURCHILL, M. D. Professor of Midwifery, in London, Author of the Practical Family Physician, Medical Remembrancer, & c. & c. Loudon : printed for B. CKOSBV and Co. Stationers' Court, Paternoster Row ; an 1 sold EDDOWF- S, Wood, Newling, and Morris, Shrewsbury ; Houlston, Wellington ; Smith, Iron Bridge; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Whitchurch; the Book- sellers in Chester; J. Painter, Wrexham; and bv all Booksellers, Stationers, and Newsmen, with a good Allow- ance for Exportation. A Library of Voyages and Travels. Woodbatch— Bishop's Castle. To be Sold by Private Contract, Or Let and entered upon at Lady Day, 1810, AVERY Compact and desirable FARM, called LOWER WOODBATCH, within one Mile of Bishop's Castle, containing about 100 Acres, be the same more or less, of CAPITAL LAND, a MESSUAGE and Buildings, a good Garden, and every other Requisite ; with or without the Hall House adjoining. Should a Gentleman wish to reside near, or to farm it himself, there would be sufficient and genteel Apartments for a Family, with beautiful Lawn, Fish Pool, Garden, Coach House, Stables, & c. Further Particulars may be had at the Hall House, Wood - batch ; and a Person is appointed to shew the Estate. GRINSHILL. House and Land. TO BE~ LET, And entered upon the 25th March next; ANeat and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, fit for the Reception of a genteel Family, consistiog of two Parlours, Kitchen, Housekeeper's Room, three Bed- Rooms, on the first Floor, and Atticks over the same, with Closets adjoining. A ' Brewhouse and every other necessary Convenience, with Servants' Rooms over the same. A large Garden, walled round, and well planted with Wall Fruit Tiees. A good Orchard well stocked with young Trees. A three stall Stable, an open Stable for five Horses, Cow- llonse, Barn, and every other necessary Out- building, uith or without a Malt ; Characters of Style, diffuse, eon Kiln adjoining, which will wet aud dry 2"> Measures. The Tenant may be accommodated with a few Acre* of Land sufficient to keep a Cow and a Horse. GRINSHILL is distant from Shrewsbury seveu Miles, to and from which there is a regular daily Post; and five Miles from Wein. N. B. There is a Pack of Fox Hounds within three Miles, and a Pack of Harriers within half a Mile. For a View of the Premises, and Particulars, apply to Mr. WOOD, Solicitor, Grinshill, Salop. This pay is published, in twenty- eight handsome and closely printed volumes, royal 18mo. containing each about 400 tiages, illustrated and embellished with upwards of one Hundred large Engravings, price Eight Guineas in hoards, or Ten Guineas elegantly bound ; and the VOYAGBS in thir- teen volumes, or the TRAVELS in fifteen, may be had se- parately after the same rate. ACOMPLETE COLLECTION of VOYAGES and TRAVELS from the First Voyage of COLUMBUS in the Year 1492, to the COMMENCEMENT of the PRE- SENT CENTURY, the principal of them printed verbatim from the best Editions of the Original Works. The whole selected aud prepared for the Press, By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL. D. Vicar of Hurley and Rector of Stonesfield ; Chaplain to the Earl of Moira ; Honorary Member of the Board of Agri- culture ; Author of the Universal History, British Ncpos, & c. & c. kc. This new and enlarged Work consists partly of a Reprint of a similar Collection made by the same Author, which has for a considerable time been out of print; and partly of new matter, comprising the Voyages unabridged of ANSON, BYRON, WALLIS, CARTERET, and COOK; the Travels unabridged of ADDISON, MONTAGU, and SMOLLETT; and of Abridgments of many valuable Woiks published subsequently to tho appearance of the former Edition, and bringing the collection down to the present time. Printed for RICHARD PHILLIPS, NO. 6, Bridge- Street, London; and to be had of W. EDDOWES, Saudford, Wood, Palin, Newling, and Morris, Shrewsbury ; Procter, Felton, and Griffiths, Ludlow ; Houlston, aud Mobbs, Wellington; Smith, Iron Bridge; Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswestry; Gitton, and Partridge, Bridgnorth; Scarrott, Shitfnal; Silvester, Newport; Procter, Dravton; Wright, Whitchurch; Baugh, Etlesmere ; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Edmunds, Madelev ; Owen, Waidson, Welsh Pool; Painter, Wrexham ; aud of all other Booksellers. BLAIR, S ESSAY^ On Rhetoric, and Belles Lettres, friHIS Day was published, 5s. bound, for Schools, A or on line Medium paper, for G< Th'- s Day is published, in a very large and closely printed Volume, octavo, accompanied with separate Maps of every Cotinty in England, and with general Maps of Wales, Scot- land, and Ireland, price 25s. complete in boards, or 30s, with the Maps coloured, ADICTIONARY OP THE UNITED KING DOM, compiled from PARLIAMENTARY, and other Mo. DERN DOCUMENTS and AUTHORITIES, and containing ECCLE- SIASTICAL, GEOGRAPHICAL, TOPOCEAPHICAI., COMMERCIAL, ACNIEUI. LURAL, and STATISTICAL ACCOUNTS of every County, City, Town, Parish, Hamlet, River, Canal, and other remark, able object and place in ENGLAND, WALES, SCOT- LAND, IRELAND, and the Islands dependant on the Bri- tish Empire. BY B. P. CAPPER, Esq. Of the Secretary of State's Office. It would be useless to specify to whom such n work as the above- described would be useful, because it would be difficult to discover any Class of Persons to whom it is not indispensible for daily and hourly Reference. To establish its peculiar Claims to general Preference over every other Work of tbe same kind, it is simply necessary to mention that the Author is the person who was employed by Govern ment to condense and complete the Reports published by Parliament of the Population and Cultivation of Great Britain, and likewise to arrange the Clerical Returns, and the cor- rected Lists sent from the different Clerks of the Peace. Printed for RICHARD PHILLIPS, No. 6, Bridge- Street, London ; and to be had of EDDOWES, Sandford, Wood, Palin) Neivling, and Morris, Shrewsbury; [ Proctor, Felton, aod Griffiths, Ludlow ; Houlston and Mobbs, Wellington ; Smith, Iron Bridge ; Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswestry ; Git- ton, and Partridge, Bridgnorth ; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Silvester, Newport; Proctor, Drayton; Wright, Whitchurch. Bailgh, Ellestnere ; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Edmunds, Madeley; Owen, Waidson, Welsh Pool; Painter, Wrexham ; and of all other Booksellers. A Farm- House Library. This da) is published, in two very large volumes in quarto illustrated ivith one hundred engravings, plain and colour! ed, price 41. 14s. Gd. in boards, a new edition of ACOMPLETE SYSTEM OF PRACTICAL AGRICULTURE; including all the MODERN I. M PROVEMENTS and DISCOVERIES, and the results of all the attention and enquiry which have been bestowed on thi- j important science, dining the last thirty years ; the whole combining and explaining fully, extensively, and completelv the PRINCIPLES and PRACTICE of the MODERN ART of HUSBANDRY in all its branches and relations, forming two large volumes in quarto, illustrated with nearly Ono Hundred Engravings, representing improved Implements the various Grasses, and the principal Breeds of Sheep and Cattle BY R. W. DICKSON, M. D, Honorary Member of tbe Board of Agriculture, kc. ko. N. B. The above- mentioned work, iu conjunction with Mr YOUNG'S FARMER'S CALENDAR, forms a complete Libraiy of Reference upon every Agricultural subject; an* this last Work, containing the business of every month on all kinds of l'arms, practically described, may " be had of all Booksellers, price 12s. in boards. Printed for RICHARD PHILLIPS, London; and to be had of EDDOWES, Sandford, Wood, Palin, Newling, and Morris Shrewsbury; Procter, Felton, aud Gri fiths, Ludlow- Hotrf ILR. R. YF .. KKT. « ... . ' Gentlemen Students, & c. 6s. 6d. boards. ESSAYS on RHETORIC, chiefly from Dr. Blair's Lectures on that Seienee, comprehending Definitions and Criticisms upon Taste, Genius, Style, Sublimi- ty arid Beauty in Writing. Origin, Progress, and Structure of the English Language. Figures of Rhetoric, Metaphor, fcc. The Ancients and Moderns compared. On Historical, Philosophical, Epistolary, anil Fictitious Writing. On Poetry— Pastoral, Lyric, Didactic, and Descriptive. U lama tic Poetry, Epic aud Hebrew Poets, and their Works. On English, French, and Greek'Tragedy and Comedy, & c. Wellington; Smith, Iron Brid? Ed- ston, and Mobbs, munds, Madeley; Price, Edwards, and Mins'haiirOswX try ; Gitton, and Partridge, Bridgnorth; Scarrott, Shilfnal- Silvester, Newport; Procter, Drayton; Wright, Whitchurch- Baugh, Ellesmere; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Owen, Wa id I sou, Welsh Pool; Painter, Wrexham : and of al'l Hook- sellers in Great Britain and IrelanJ, in boards, and in various bindings. NEW STATE LOTTERY. TO BE DRAwn in onE DAY, 14th FKBR0ARY, 1810. SCHEME. 4 .. ,£ 20,000 of 80,000 4 ......... 12 1,000 .... 12,000 20 500 .... 10,000 SO 100 .... 2,000 44 % .... 2,200 35 25 .... 900 4,860 15 .... 72,900 5,000 Prizes .£ 200,000 cise, feeble, nervous, flowery, See. with examples. Grecian, Roman, and Modem Eloquence, and its origin. Eloquence of Assemblies, Pul- pit, Bar, See. Conduct of a Discourse, Pro- nunciation, and Delivery. London; printed for Vernor, Hood and Sharpe ; Lacking- ton and Co.; Longman, Hurst and Co.; and B. Crosby and Co. Stationers'Court, I udgate- ftieet; and retail b\ EDDOWES, Wood, Newling, and Morris, Shrewsbury ; Houlston, Well, ington; Smith, Iron Bridge; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Whitchurch ; the Booksellers in Chester; J. Painter, Wrex- ham ; and by all Booksellers, Stationers, and Newsmen. TURNPIKE TOLLS! ~ NOTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls arising at the Toll Gate^ hereiinder- tnenti - led, on the Roads in the Western { Division of the Third District of the Mont- gomery and Bishop's Castle Roads, in the Counties of Montgomery aod Salop, willbe LET BY AUCTION to rhe best Bidders, at the House of William Read, known by the Sign of the Dragon, in Montgomery, ou THURSDAY, the FIRST Day of FEBURARY next, at eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for one Year fiom Lady Day next, iu the manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, for re- gulaticg the Turnpike Roads ; which Tolls are now let for the respective yearly Sums following, and will be put up at those Sums: viz, £ Stalloe and Sarnvbrvncaled Gates on the Road to Pool, 25.2 Montgoineiy Gate on the Road to Chirbury, ......... 70 Llwynobiu Gate on the Road to Bishop's Castle, Cefny- coed Gate on the Road to Kerry, 1 IS Brynderwen Gate on the Road to Giinley 15 Aylesford Gate on the Road to Maitou 52 Churchstoke Gate ou the Road from Bishop's Castle to Fordcn, 54 Chirbury and lthydygroes Gates oil the same Road, .. 114 N TAME- O , M , I R I- OTIP DII I c ... l •„!. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder for the Tolls of - R. JAMES, s ANALEPTIC PILLS, which aiiy or either J Ltt) e Gatcs< tml, t give SeL. urity Wlth sufficieRt were contrived by the. Inventor as a remedy for htmse f, Sur„ ti(; s to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of and which preserved him to an advanced age, are admirably the Reut at, ree(, ^ at snch T| mes as they sha,| direct an( J calculated- for Rheumatisms, Colds, and all those complaints „ 0 person wi'|, tle aiiowed to bid who does not ptoduce his to which the human Irame is liable from the vicissitudes of | Su, etiei at the of ttlB Auction. This Lottery is upon the fame Plan as the last; it consists of only i. ftbt) Numbers t'from 1 to 5,000 inclusive) ; but there are Four Ticket* of each Number, which will be . severally entitled to whatever . Prise is drawn against such Number ; for iosiance, if No. i should bn drawn a Prize of > c20,() 00, the iFour Tickets . of that Number will EACH be entitled to <£ 2Q} 90O, making, in the whole, <£ 80,000. Sharesntfll be entitled to their Proportion. TICKETS and SHARES ARE ON - SALE AT ALL THE UFPICES. Dl HEALTH AND LONGEVITY. T Dr. Humerus Alterative Pills. HIS infallible Medicine, of well- established . . reputation foi Years, effectually cures the VENEREAL DISEASE, iu all its different Stages,- without debilitating the Constitution in any Degiec, or emaciating tho human Frame, so happily restoring the Patient to Health, whilst Ins Attention •. o. business is uninteirupted. He is- rescued by- tbose sanative, salutary Pills from' the eventual Danger of trusting Ins Life iu the Hands of unskilful Pretenders, or the still more fatal Consequence - of Concealment. The radical Virtues of these salutary Pills may be ascertained by. inestimable Documeuts in the Hands of the Proprietor. Each Box is ascoinpanied with directions so plain and distinct, that any Person, even the most unlettered, of either Sex, cannot fail, by observing them, as all. the symptoms are described With* such great Ac- ciuacy, that no Mistake can possibly happen in their never- failing Application and Use. Prepared by the only Proprietor, WILLIAM WITHERS, 229, Strand, tlie Seventh House from Temple Bar, Loudon, and sold Wholesale, Retail, and for Exportation, by his sole Agents, Messrs. BARCLAY and Sou, ilo. JJ5, Fleet Market, whose Name is engraved ou the Stamp affixed to- cacti box of the Pills, without which they cannot be genuine. Sold Retail, price 2s. 3( 1. by EDDOWES, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury j Miller, Madeley Market- Place, lluulston . and JSon, Wellington; Smith., . Iron Bridge; Silvester, Newport; Baugh, Ellesmere.; proctor, Drayton ; Wea- ycr, Montgomery; Jones and Co, Evafis, aud Hu- berts, Welsh Puolj Morrall, Price, and Edwards, Os- westry; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Griffiths, Ludlow; Gittoii, and Partridge, Bridgnorth, Scarrot, Shiffnal; Pain- ter, Wrexham ; Jones, Chirk; Morris, Ruabon; Evans Llangeruiew ; Evans, Newtown; Jones, Ketley ; and by eveiy Medicine Veuder iu tbe Kingdom. our climate: likewise for Bilious, and all other Disorders of the Stomach and Bowels ; aud for Head- achs, occasioned by indigestion or by free living. Recourse should be had to them after any excess, and upon every slight indisposition ; and thus their well- known characteristic of promoting longevity will he maintained ; for, by timely assisting nature in the due discharge of the animal functions, they preserve the body in health and vigour, and prevent premature decay. Sold only by F. NEWBERY and SONS, at the Warehouse for Dr. James's Powder, No. 45, St. Paul's Church- yard, and by those Venders in tlie Country who have an Appointment un- der their Hands, in boxes, price 4s. 6d. each, duty included ; or six in one large box, for £\. 4s.— None are genuiue but those which have the words, "/•*. Newbery, So. 45, St. Paul's," engraved in the stamp. Montgomery, 20M Dec. 1809. FARNCIS ALI. EN, Clerk to the Trustees. Bristol, \ si January, 1810. 4LL the MEN of ENGLAND and WALES, subject to the approaching MILITIA BALLOT, are most respectfully informed tlmt they have au . Opportunity of becoming Members of an Institution, established iu BRISTOL called the ' UNION MILITIA CLUB Of ENGLAND and WALES, in which Persons of every Description are admitted TERMS ( Viz); I. — A Subscription of HALF A- GUINEA will entitle eacK Person . drawn to serve and enrolled, or by Substitute to a Proportion of the Funds of this Club, not exceeding Twelve Pounds Ten Shillings. II.— A Subscription of ONE GUINEA will entitle each Person so drawn to serve and enrolled, or by Substitute, to a Proportion of the l'unds of this Club, not exceeding Twenty. Five Pounds. III.— A Subscription of TWO GUINEAS will entitle each Person so drawn to serve and enrolled, or by Substitute, to a Proportion of the Funds of this Club, not exceeding Fifty Pounds. AOE. VTS in all the principal Towns in ENGLAND and WALES. are uppointed to receive Subscriptions for alt the Counties in the Kingdom, for which they will give each Member so entering a Memorandum of rec.' iving such Subscriptions which will be transmitted to the Head Office, No. 4 anil 5* Denmark- Street, Bristol, for Numerical Arrangement, when Certificates will be immediately forwarded by first Con- veyance, and for which One Shilling is to be paid to the Secretary. J. K. ABBOTT, 1 HEAD OFFICE, > Secretary. Nos. 4 & 5, DENMARK- STREET, Bristol, ) Who have Appointed Messrs. STUCKEY, LEAN, HART) and MANINGFORD I Treasurers. BANKERS, BRISTOL, ) N. B. The Directors of this Institution consider it necessary to observe, that though they do not pledge themselves to pay the several Members of this Establishment, who may be en- rolled, the full Sums of Twelve Pounds Ten Shillings, ' Twenty- Five Pounds, and Fifty Pounds, but only a Proportion of the Funds of the said Club, but they feel great Pleasure in stating, that from the general received Opinion, of the Success al- ready obtained ( being convinced that Numbers secures tho Undertaking,) have induced them to extend the Boundaries of this Institution contrary to the Practice of former Years • that by such Augmentation they have, no doubt but the full Sums of Twelve Pounds Ten Shillings, Twenty- Free Pounds, and Fifty Pounds, will be paid to the enrolled, and also a consi derable Division of the Subscription returned to the undrawn Subscribe rs. R HEUMATISMS, RHEUMATIC GOUT, Ti A FRESH SUPPLY. W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury, has received a fresh supply of the following excellent and celebrated medicines, via, HE CORDIAL BALM OF G1LEAD, so universally reported to for its extraordinary superiority iu it- moving all Coinplaurts of ilie Stomach, ' Relaxations of tlie. Solids, Nervous Weakness, the deleterious effects of hot . climates^ and particularly thc. Ul- couscquence » of intemperance; in short, iu every case . where tlie . substitution lias been reduced by < 1 sease ox irregularity., the good effects of the - Cordial Balm of Gilead are unequalled. Also, The ANT1- IMPETIGINES, or SOI. OMON's DROPS, the most powerful alterative, purficr and sweetener of the blood ever yet discovered, aud ixuy. be confidently relied an as the most safe . and certain - remedy For the - eCDRVY, Scrofula, King's Evtl, Scorbutic Eruptions, Leprosy, and other disorders arising from an impure or impaired state of the blood and lymph. Likewise, The ABSTERGENT LOTION and DETERGENT OINTMENT, at 4s. 6d. each, for pimpled Faces, Sore Legs, and all kinds of Old Wounds, Ulcers, Scrofula and Scurvy, humours alter the Small Pox, Measles, & c. with directions, in which the treatment of each disorder ii explained. The words* 4 SAML. SOLOMON, Liverpool," are engraved on the stamp,- which purchasers for their own safety will be particular in observing. N. B A few scarce COPIES of SOLOMON'S GUIDE TO HEALTH, price ! 3s. only. Sold by W. Eddowes, Printer, Shrewsbury, and all the prin- cipal Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom. KIDNIES, NUMBNESS, PALSY, & c. are speedily and effectually cured by that inestimably newly- discovered medi- cine, The Cumberland, Bituminous Fluid. " SIR, July 28. " The following remarkable oure having been effected by your Cumberland Bituminous Fluid, I think it a duty incumbent upon me< to send you an account of it, as does Mr. Charles, who desires it may be published for the . benefit of those who may be affected in a similar - manner.. " Mr. Charles, grocer, of Wigton, a truly res| iectable man, had for eight years and upwards been afflicted with a severe Rheumatic ( Complaint, so that he conld neither stand upright nor. diess or undress himself, and was total'y disqualified to attend his, business. Having applied to several medical gen- tlemen, and made use of almost every public medicine to no effect, he had given up nil hopes of ever gaining relief, wlirn a friend of his from Penrith, ( Mr. Harrison, tohacconist) strongly recommended to hint a trial of yont medicine; and from the use of three bottles, he was happily relieved from the above Complaint, and is now as able as ever ho was to attend to his business, " l am, Sir, your most obedient servant, R. HETHERTON." Discovered and prepared only by G. RAMSAY, Apothecary, Penrith, ( many years of Apothecaries' Hall, London) ; and is put up in bottles, with full instructions at 2s. 9d. each. — Sold wholesale by BARCLAY and SON, No. 9), Fleet- market, London; and retail by EDDOWES, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury ; Field, Pontesbury; Miller, Madeley Market- Place ; Houlstons, Wellington ; Smith, Iron Bridge; Silvester, Newport; Maddocks, Ellesmere; Proctor, Dravton; Weaver, Montgomery; Jones and Co. Evans and Roberts, Welshpool ; Morrall, Price, & Edwards, Oswestry; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Griffiths, Ludlow; Gitton, and Partridge, Bridgnorth ; Scarrot, ShiffnaJ; Painter, Wrexham , Jones, Chirk ; Morris, Ruabon ; Evans, Llan- gerniew ; Evans, Newtown > and by eiery Medicine Vender in the Kingdom, DR. STEERS's OPODELDOC. IS far superior to all other external applications in the Cure of Sprains, Bruises, Rheumatisms, & c.; as also in Cramps or Numbness, and iu promoting Circulation iu the Limbs when in a paralytic state. It is the best Remedy for Chilblains, if dissolved in a spoon, and applied warm, or witn a pledget of lint well moistened with it, and tied ou the part affected. It is likewise of admirable service in the accidents and local complaints to which Horses are subject. Soid only by F. NEWBERY and SONS, No. 4- 5, St. Paul's Church- yard, London, price 2s. 6d. a bottle, duty included ; but none are genuiue but those which have the words, " F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's," engraved in the stamp ; and by their Appointment by Eddowes, Wuod, Newling, Morris and Palin, Shrewsbury ; Proctor, Piodgers, and Felton, Ludlow ; Browne, Bridgnorth ; Evanson, Whitchurch ; Snelson, Nant- wlch; Mobbs, Wellington; Edwards, and Price, Oswestry; Birch, Ellesmere; Smith, Iron Bridge. CHILBLAINS Are prevented from breaking, and their tormenting Itching instantly removed, by Whitehead' 1 s Essence of Mustard, UNIVERSALLY esteemed for its extraordinary Efficacy in Rheumatisms, Palsies, Gouty Affections and Complaints of the Stomach ; but where this certain re- medy has been unknown or neglected, and the Chilblains have actually suppurated, or broke, Whitehead's Family Cerate will ease the pain, and very speedily heal them. They are prepared and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek Street, Soho, London, the Essence and Pills at 2s. <)| 1. each— the Cerate at Is. l| d. They are sold by EDDOWES, Newling, and Palin, Shrewsbury; Painter, Wrex- hain; Baugh, Ellesmere; Honlston, Wellington; Silvester, Newport; Prodgers, Ludlow ; Partridge, and Gitton, Brid-. north ; Edwards, Price, and Minshall, Oswestry; and by every Medicine Vender iu the United Kingdom. The genuine has a black Ink Stamp with the Name of R. Johnston inserted on- it. Printed and published by IK Eddowes, Shrewsb, uty.
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