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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3356
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 21/01/1810
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3356
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. printed and published be and for SMltsin and Arthur lee. VOL. LXIII. NO. 3350.. j MONDAY. JANUARY 21, 1811. [ PRICE SIX- PENCE. This"" Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Parts of KENT, SURREY, 1 ,. a and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and, to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & e. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publisher? It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. EXPECTED LAST LOTTERY.. I? VERY. Person in this County is most respectfully informed, that should the Change in U PUBLIC MEASURES take place, it is most probable THIS will be the last STATU LOTTERY, and, the ONLY OPPORTUNITY of gaining an INDEPENDENT FORTUNE by the Risk of a small Sum Of Money. In the arrangement of the present Scheme, every advantage in past Lotteries is retained, and the Capital Prizes increased to 44. There are upwards of Pour Thousand Prizes, and the lowest is .£ 20, which gradually increase in value to the Capitals of £ 20,000. A Purchaser of several Numbers may gain £' 2C, 000 by each of them, which could not be obtained in the late Lotteries. Tickets and Shares are much cheaper, and maybe had of every Agent in this County, ,. P by sending- Post Office Orders or good Bills to any Lottery Office in London. An nmediate Purchase is advised, to pvevei. Tu^ ppointinenf. The Whole Lottery will be drawn In One Day, 15th of February. ; r BEAR INN. CLIFF. RICHARD INSOLL, late and for many years Butler to General Prescott.) respectfully informs the Public, Gentlemen Travellers, & c. that Vic lias taken and entered upon the above INN, where he humbly hopes, by an assiduous attention to their every comfort, with a choice selection of wines and other liquors, clean well aired beds, and obliging servants both in the House and Stables, he shall meet with their support and encouragement, which it will be his unremitting study tomerit. , ., N. B. For the more commodious entertainment of his Friends, the Premises are about to undergo considera- ble improvement. A good COOK wanted. Lewes, Jan. J4, 1811. J. DODSON, Grocer, Tea- Dealer, Cheesemonger, Oil- Man, and Importer of Butter. NEAR ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH, LEWES, I^ EELS it his duty, at the commencement of a New Year, to return his most grateful thanks to his Friends, the Military at the Barracks, and to the Public in general, for the liberal support and encou- ragement he has hitherto received from them ; a conn, nuance and furtherance of which he humbly begs leave to solicit; and at the same time to. assure them, that no pains nor assiduity shall on his part he wanting, to serve them with the best of articles, and on the must reasonable terms. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. NOTICE IS HERESY GIVEN, RRVLAT the Copartnership between THOMAS 1 . WESTON, and JOHN WESTON, Butchers, at Newick and Fletching, in the county of Sussex, was, this day, dissolved by Mutual Consent. All Persons having Claims on the said late Copartnership, are desir- ed to deliver in their accounts either to T. or J. Weston, and to either of whom, all Persons indebted to the said Copartnership, arc requested to pay, respectively, the amount of their debts. N. B. The Business at Newtek will, ill future, he carried on by THOMAS WESTON, oil bis separate ac count ; and that at Fletching will, hereafter be con- ducted, on his own separate account, by JOHN WESTON. THOMAS WESTON, JOHN WESTON. Lewes, Dec. 31. ISIO. SUSSEX. FARMS TO LET, FARMS to be LET by TENDER, together or separate, for a term of 14 or . 31 years at the option of the Landlord or Tenant,— The following newly purchased FARMS, and a QUARRY of STONE, in the parish of Worth, near East Grinstead, in the County of Sussex, and entered on immediately : HOSPITALITY HALL FARM, consisting of Ara- ble, Meadow, Pasture, and Coppice Land, lying in- closed within a ring fence, containing '.> 89 Acres, sta- tute measure. COLD HARBOUR FARM, containing 188 Acres and consisting of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Cop- pice Land, lying within a ring fence. Part of TULLEY's FARM, ditto, ditto, ditto 88 Acres, together with a Quarry of excellent Stone, that will saw out into large scantlings, and lias been used in London and its Vicinity, as well as in various parts of Sussex ; it stands the frost perfectly well, and is equal in durability to the best Portland Stone. The Farms and Stone Quarry are within 30 miles of London; one mile from the proposed Navigable Canal from London to Portsmouth; and the Turnpike Road from London through Godstone, Turner's Hill, and Lindfield to Brighton, runs close toit; and as there is a great abundance of Pheasants, liar's, and Partridges 011 the Estate, the principal Tenant may bave the ex- clusive privilege of shooting over the whole Estate dur- ing the term of the Lease, if the present Owner so long enjoys the property. William Sutton has a Plan of the Farms and a Copy of the Covenants to be entered into by each Tenant, and lie will altend at Mr. Dench's, the King's- Arms, at Worth, till the 21st day of Jan. inst. to shew the pre- mises, and receive the Tenders sealed up ; and the per- son whose Tender is accepted, will receive an answer within a few days from that date ; and those who do not receive any answer, mast conclude that their terms are 1 ejected. The Owner may be referred to on application to Wm. Sutton, 011 the premises; FarmerShotter, at the Manor- Farm, North Chaple, near Petworth, Sussex; or fur ther information may be had, and Tenders will be re ceived previous to the said 21st day of January, by letters, post- paid, addressed to Messrs. Strong, Still, and Strong, Lincoln's- lnn, who have a Plan of the Estate. P. S. On account of the severity of the weather, the time for the delivery of the Tenders, is postponed from the 14th to the 21st inst. PLANTING SEASON. JOHN CORMACK and SON, NURSERYMEN, NEW CROSS, near LONDON, BEG leave to stale that they have for sale this Season, a large and flourishing Stock of FRUIT and FOREST TREES, EVERGREENS, and FLOW- ERING SHRUBS. Also, one and two years seeding Larch, Scotch, an.! Spruce Fi-.<; tw- ;•••> « . seedling and bedded Quicks; one and two yc'. v.-' set Beech, Oaks, Sycamores, Horse and Spanish Chesunts, Alders, Hornbeams, See. which they are determined to sell oil such terms as cannot fail of giving general satisfaction. N. IS. Apples, Pears, Plums, and Cherries, of clean growth, and very handsome. An extensive col- ection of Grernhnu « e and American Plants. • ' TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LET. "\ JOTICE is hereby given, That the next gene- ral Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road, leading from Arundel to the Junction of the Perworth and Pulborongh Roads, and from thence to join the present Turnpike- Road on Fittleworth Common, in the county of Sussex, is appointed to be held at the Cros. 11 Inn, in Arundel, in Sussex, on Monday, the Eleventh day of March next, at the hour of Ten o'cloik in the forenoon, at which Meeting, between the hours of Eleven and Twelve o'clock in the forenoon, . the TOLLS arising at the Gales upon the said Road, will be LET BY AUCTION, in One Lot, to the best Bidder, from the First Day of May next, inclusive, for One Year, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the Thirteenth Year of the Reign of his present Ma- jesty. for regulating Turnpike Roads, which Tolls were Let the las! Year at the Sum of One Hundred and Sixty five Pounds, and will be put up again at that Sum. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the game time, give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Road, for the payment of the Rent agreed for, at such times as they shall direct. WM. HOLMES, Clerk to the said Trustees. Arundel. 17th Jan. 1311. DISCOUNT. CASH to an unlimited amount for BILLS accepted by London Bankers ( not exceeding two month's date) at the usual Banking Com- mission only, by Osborne and Co. Bankers, and Bank- in" Agents for Country Residents, Budge Row, Lon- don, who also LEND ' the ACCEPTANCES of their own RANKING HOUSE on Slock in Trade, Merchan- dise, or Securities being deposited as a Guarantee.— No Letters admitted unless Post free. PELICAN OFFICE, For ASSURANCE 011 LIVES, & granting ANNUITIES. THIS Office was^ eslablished in Lombard street, London, in'the year 1797, by a numerous and re- spectable Proprietary : and the Board of Directors with confidence, arising from the increased prosperity and permanency of the establishment, as well as from the experience of the usefulness and benefit to the public, think it due to those who may he still unacquainted with the importance and advantages of Life! Insurance, briefly to suggest some of its leading and peculiar recommen dations to almost every degree and rank in society Life Insurance is of manifest consequence to all who hold estates for life, situations and offices, civil, eccle- siastical, or professional ; to officers in the army and navy, & c. as, by payment of an annua] premium, the part) insured is enabled to provide for wife, children, or others, whose future welfare he may wish in vain, by other means to promote. It affords a permanent, ulti- mate security to those who advance money upon an- nuities or otherwise. It renders leaf determinable on one or more lives, nearly equal in '.<•' *. to freehold estates; as an insurance to the amount of the line pay- able 011 the demise of a party nominated in such leases, will produce the sum required for renewal. It is a cheer- ing refuge to parties engaged in extensive and specula- tive undertakings; it affords to persons in trade the cer- tain means of indemnification against a bail or doubtful debt; in short, Life Insurance, established ill policy, sanctioned by Government, and confirmed by the test # f experience, is become, to almost every situation dl' human life, a measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most equitable terms, under a special Act of Parliament, granted to this Office. THOMAS PAKKE, Sec. Company Agents at Chichester — P. PH1LPOTT. Portsmouth 1 . C. MOTTLEY. Lymington -- J WEST. HASTINGS, - SUSSEX. HPO be DISPOSED of, and entered upon im- M mediately, a desirable Situation in the IRON- MONGERY, HARDWARE, and UPHOLSTERY bu- siness. For particulars, apply to Mr. Joseph Hannay, or Mr. John Cossum, at Hastings. To BAKERS, CONFECTIONERS, and OTHERS. House and Baker's Shop situate in the centre of the Town of CUCKFIELD, with Immediate Possession. TO BE LET, A Substantial, well- built HOUSE and. SHOP, with a good BAKE- HOUSE adjoining, Garden, Stable, and every other Convenience-, very desirably and advantageously situate for Business, in Cuckfield aforesaid, in the occupation of William Stone, Baker and Confectioner, who is about to leave to enter, into other Concerns. Further particulars may be had by application to Mr. Isaac Leney, Cuckfield; Mr. Hamlin, Clayton Mill, or Messrs, George Stone and Son, Newhaven. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVERY valuable Freehold PASTURE FIELD, containing Four Acres, in the parish of West- ham, adjoining the Turnpike Road, near Langney Turn- pike- gate. The Land is in excellent condition, and im- mediate possession may be had. This. Field is particu- larly desirable to any Person who has Marsh Land in the neighbour hoot that is subject to be flooded. Also, Three Stacks of FINE OLD HAY, contain ing about Sixty Tops, in the parish of Willingdon, and One Slack of SAINTFOIN and NONESUCH HAY, made this year in excellent condition, standing in the parish of Eastbourn. Further particulars may he known upon application to Mr. Thomas White, Auctioneer, Eastbourn, Sussex. PUBLIC HOUSE. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, At the Red Lion Inn, Rye, on Thursday, the aist of January, la II, between the hours of five and six (•' clock in the afternoon, ALL that new- erected brick- built PUBLIC- HOUSE. called the JOLLY SAILORS, situate at the Western side of the entrance of Rye Harbour, in the occupation of Michael Tiltman, and now in full Trade. Immediate Possession may be had. For further particulars enquire of Mr. Wm. Chatter- ton, or Mr. John Lawrence, Rye. A STACK, of HAY, WAGGONS, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By M. HARRIS, At the Crown Inn, Hailsham, on Wednesday, January 30, 1811, at Three o'clock ill the afternoon;" AStack of exceeding good old MEADOW HAY about 17 Tons, more or less, standing in Friday Street Drove, near Langney Gate, adjoining the High Road ; one Cant has been cut out for inspection; Also, a new narrow- wheeled Waggon and Dung- sCart, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By SAM. MAPLESDEN, At the Royal Oak Inn, Mayfield, Sussex, on Wednes- day, the 30th January, 1811, at Six o'clock in the evening, unless disposed of in the mean time by Pri- vate Contract, of which ( if it happen) due notice will be given, ANEW- erected MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, with the Shop, Bakehouse, Yard, and Premises thereto belonging, situate in Fletching Street, in Mayfield, now in the occupation of Mrs, Sarah Bil- lings, the Proprietor.' Further particulars may he known or. application to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Mayfield, or to the Auctioneer, Rotherfield. N. B. The Stock in Trade and Effects are to be taken at a valuation. NEW PLAN OF DRAWING, STATE LOTTERY, ( Numbered from No. I to No. 20,000). All in ONE DAY, 15th of FEBRUARY, SCHEME. 4 Prizes of ,£ 20,000 — are — <£ 80,000 8 2,000 10,000 12 1,000 12,000 20 • 500 10,000 24 100 2,4- 00 144. 25 8,600 3. S00 ' 20 76,000 4,012 Prizes. ^£ 200, OuO TICKETS and SHARES CHEAPER ! MORE CHOICE OF NUMBERS, and NO INCREASE OF TICKETS! MOOTS CAPITAL PRIZES ! and NO PRIZE UNDER TWENTY POUNDS ! Tickets and Shares are selling at all the Li censed Offices, arid by every Lottery Agent in the Unit- ed Kingdom, on much cheaper terms, being nearly Two Pounds per Ticket less than in the last Lottery ; vet the Scheme contains superior benefits to the Public. An early purchase is recommended, as the demand lias already exceeded any former Lottery at the same period before the Drawing, and it is most probable both Tickets and Shares will considerably rise in Price. New Plan, New Lottery, New Year, 4 Cornhill, and 9 Charing. Cross, London. TBISfl respectfully acquaints the Public, ( hat • by their unbounded favors, he is enabled to boast of the sale of Two Prizes of £' 20,000 in the Las( Lotte- ry, aud of Five Prizes of £'- 20,000 in the last twelve months, besides Thirty other Capital Prizes in Shares, at his Offices as above, where Tickets and Shares are selling in great Variety of Numbers, from No. I to No, 30,0011, for the STATE LOTTERY which draws the 5th Next February, on an Entire NEW PLAN, with the following advantages TICKETS and SHARES CHEAPER ! MORE CHOICE OF NUMBERS, and NO INCREASE OF TICKETS I MORE CAPITAL PRIZES! and NO PRIZE UNDER TWENTY POUNDS? Tickets and Shafts are also Selling by his Agents, J. DONALDSON, Brighton ; Mrs. SPOONER, Worthing. S, MILLS, Portsmouth, Several Shares of the above Capitals were Sold in the neighbourhood, of this Town, STATE LOTTERY HAZARD, BERNE, and Co. Stock Brokers, respectfully inform the Public that Tickets and Shares for the NEW STATE LOTTERY, arc now. on Sale at their Office, No. 93, ROYAL EXCHANGE, London, The Lottery consists of 30,000 Ticket's numbered from 1 to 2i), 0() c, 011 an entire New Plan. The Scheme contains Four Prizes of £ 20,( 1110,— Forty other Capitals, — and no Prize lower than £ 20. All to he drawn the ir. rti FEBRUARY next. In the late October Lot'ter^'^ Pw. 97, a Prize of 20,001) 1. and 9,313, a Prize of 2jti ® , were both sold in Shares, at the above Office. Letters, post paid, duly answered. Shemes gratis, AGENT for the above Office, Mr. W. LEE, Printer, Lewes; of whom Tickets and Shares may be had at the London prices. *** No Shares but those for the State Lottery sold'by Hazard, Burne, and Co. A New and Elegant Edition of THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF DON QUIXOTE DE LA MANCHA, AND HIS HUMOROUS SQUIRE SANCHO PANZA. In a few. Days will be published. No. I. of DR. SMOLLETT'S TRANSLATION of DON QUIXOTE, embellished with a superb Series of Engravings by the first Artists, from the orignal Draw- ings of that celebrated Painter, F. HAYMAN, ESQ. / London; Printed for J. STRATFORD, No. ! 12, Holborn Hill, and sold by W. LEE, Lewes, and all others Booksellers, MISS EMMA PARKER'S NOVEL. This Day is published, in Four large Volumes, Price One Pound ill Boards, ^ LFRIDA, HEIRESS OF BELGROVE, " BY Miss EMMA PARKER, Of Fairfield House, Denbighshire. It is presumed the readers of Miss PARKER'S Novel will soon fancy some of the characters real ; they are. recent home scenes, and painted with natural ease, in the counties of Hampshire, K* nt, York, Devon, fee. as well as in the great Metropolis. London : Printed for B. Crosby and Co. Stationers'- Court; and J. Baxter, Lewes - H Wright and Co. Liver, pool; Painter, Wrexham; the Booksellers in Ports- mouth, Gosport, Southampton. Canterbury, Chatham, York, Don caster, Exeter, Plymouth, Chester, Shrews- bury, & c. & c. In a few days will be published, 1. The DEAD LETTER OFFICE, by the Author of the Banks of the Wye— Comma of England — Wo-' man of Colour— Winter in Bath, He. ike. 2 Vols. ma. 2. The MIRROR of the GRACES, or the English Ladies' < 0.1 nine, « uli elegaiit Plates, inn ndf d entirely tor the Use of the Ladies, as. or 011 tilie paper, co- loured, 7s. Gd, Just published, HENRY and ISABELLA, or the Reverses of For- tune, 2 Vols. ins. CAPITAL FARM. ( TYTHE FREE). TO BE LET BY TENDER, From Michaelmas next, for a term of Fourteen Years certain, ALL that capital FARM, called GREAT PEP PERING FARM, lying in the parish of Burpham, in the county of Sussex, now in the occupation of Mr. John Oxerington The Farm is very pleasantly situated within three miles of the Town of Arundel, by the side of the River Arun ; the House, Barns, and other Buildings, are commodious ; the contents of the Farm are estimated at 3no acres ; besides which there arc 450 Sheep Leazes and 53 Bullock Leazes, 011 the adjoining Down and Meadows. Tenders must he sealed up, marked " Tender for Peppering Farm, and left at the Office of Messrs. Holmes, solicitors, at Arundel, 011 or before the nth day of February next. A Plan of the Farm, with the Conditions of the old and new Leases may be seen, and other Particulars known, by personal Application at the Office of Messrs. Holmes, Arundel, 8th January, 1811. i TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD, PURSUANT to an Older of the High Court of A Chancery, before John Springett Harvey, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, " in the Public Sale- Rcom of the Court, in Southampton- Buildings, Chan- cery- Lane, London, 011 Wednesday, the 2nth day of February, is 11, between the hours of five and six, in Two Lots:— A FREEHOLD HOUSE, with Shop, Brewhouse, and Garden adjoining, situate in the centre ' of the town of Storrington, in the county of Sussex, in the occupation of James Constable, and a Small House or Cottage, in the same town in the occupation of Mrs. Wagstaff'; being the Freehold Estates of Mi- chael Naish, lute of Storrington aforesaid, Mercer, de- ceased. Particulars may be had ( gratis) at the said Master's Chambers, in Southampton Buildings aforesaid ; of Messrs. Home and Rogers, Solicitors, Serle- strcet, Lin- coln's Inn Fields ; and of Messrs. Ellis and Hale, At- tornies, at Petworth, Sussex. ~~ TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, AWATCH- MAKER's SHOP, situated in the Town of Worthing. The Whole, or a Part of the Stock to he taken. Enquire of Wm. Neale, . Worthing. TO BE LET, ' ' And entered upon immediately, ASHOP and business in the GROCERY Trade, situated in an eligible situation in North- street, Brighton, and now in full trade. Stock and fixtures of the shop to be taken at a fair valuation. To a person having some money and. an active mind, presenting an advantageous opportunity. For particulars apply t, o Mr. John Lashmar, Middle- street, Brighton. . ________ TO INNKEEPERS, AND OTHERS. TO BE LET, With immediate possession, rpilAT well- accustomed TAVERN and INN, the X NEW SHIP, in BRIGHTON. Tho whole of the Furniture, Wines, Post- Chaises, & c. & c, to he taken at a valuation. For particulars^ apply to Mr. Thomas Blaker, Brighton. „ TO TALLOW CHANDLERS. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, AGOOD old- accustomed TALLOW- CHAN- LERY Business ; consisting of a Workshop, Tallow Warehouse, a Fat Loft, 2 Store- rooms, and Counting- House, to which is attached other Warehouses fit for the Corn or Meal Trade, or any other Business requiring large premises, For particulars, enquire of the Proprietor, Thomas Eyershed, of Cuckfiled,—,— who leaves the above Concern, in consequence of having engaged in the Soap Business, at Lewes, N. B. A neat Dwelling- House for sale, adjoining the above Premises, To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Handcross, in the parish of Slaugham, 011 the great Turnpike Road from Loudon to Brighton, consisting of several Inclosures of Arable, Meadow, and Wood Land, con- tnining35 Acres ( more or less) in the occupation of Mr. James Knowles, the Proprietor. The Premises are very desirable for building on ; command most extensive views of the surrounding country.—- 35 miles from London, 19 from Brighton, 7 from Horsham, and 4 from Cuckfield. Tire Purchaser may have immediate possession. Further particulars may he known 011 application to Mr. Willard, at Winns Farm, near Crawley ; and, at the Office of Mr. Waller, Solicitor, in Cuckfield. FREEHOLD ESTATE, in SUSSEX. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD FARM, in the parish of Brede, in Sussex, containing by estimation One Hundred and Seventy Acres, in the occupation of Thomas Mor fey, situate by the road from Brede Oak to Rye. Further particulars may be known by application to Mr. Willis, Solicitor, at Cranbrook, in Kent; or Mr. Henry Noakes, of Ticeharst, iu Sussex. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, With immediate Possession,- ACOPYHOLD COTTAGE, and about 28 . Acres of Arable and Wood Land, known by the name of Lye Wood, situate on the West side of Chailey North Common, in Sussex. N. B. The above Estate has an extensive right of Common, and to ! be sold a great Bargain. Further particulars may he kown of Messrs. Verrall and Son, Auctioneers, Lewes. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By TESTER and Co. At the Eight Bells, in Bolney, on Thursday, the 24th day of Jan. 1811, by four o'clock in the afternoon, in Two Lots ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which notice will be given.) Lot 1. AFREEHOLD Messuage or Tenement, Stable, Onthouse, Garden, and Plot of Ground thereto belonging, containing in the whole by estimation, three roods of Land ( more or less) situate at Bolney Common in the parish of Bolney, in the county of Sussex. Lot 2. A Freehold Cottage or Tenement, and Parcel of Gar- den Ground thereto belonging, containing ( by estima- tion) One Rood of Land, more or less, situate at Bol- ney- Common aforesaid. The Gardens are well stocked with choice Fruit Trees,- and the Plot of Ground is in good cultivation ; both Lots are very pleasantly situate near the new Turnpike- Road from London to Brighton, which runs over Bolney Common. Mr. James Browne will shew the Premise; and for particulars, and treaty, apply to Mr. Morgan, soli- citor, Hurstperpoint. NOTICE TO' CREDITORS. • tTTM. COLLINS, of Ringmer, in the County W of Sussex, Common Carrier, having assigned overall his Estate and Effects to Messrs. Attwood and Wimble, of Lewes, in the county aforesaid, ironmon- gers, in Trust, for the benefit of his Creditors : AH Persons are therefore requested to deliver the particulars of their demands011 ibe, said William Collins, to William Graven, of Lewes, in the county aforesaid : And all Persons who stand indebted 10 the Estate of the said William Collins, are desired to pay the same to the said William Graven, who is duly authorized to receive* the same. And all Persons who have not signed the Trust Deed, are desired to lake notice, that unless they sign the same on or before the ar,; Vi day of March, they will he excluded from the benefit arising therefrom, as - a Divi- dend will he made of the Effects immediately after the said 25th day of March. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against James Lane' ; of Petworth, in the county of Sussex, linen- draper'- and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, 011 the Twenty- eighth and Twenty- ninth days of January in- stant, and on the Twenty- sixth Day of February fol lowing", at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon of each day, at the Half- Moon Inn, iu Petworth aforesaid, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Ef- fects • when and where the Creditors are 10 come pre- pared to prove their Debts ; and at the Second Sitting to chuse Assignees ; and at the last Sitting, the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that hare any of his Effects, are not to payor deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but to give notice to Mr. Tyler, of Pet- worth, Dedicated to the Queen. This day is published, Tenth Edition, With considerable Add lions and Improvements, and an engraved Portrait of the Author, price 2s. Gd. ATREATISE. on FEMALE COMPLAINTS, By E. SENATE, M. D. As this book is intended for, adapted, and earnestly recommended to the perusal of females, in every rank of life, the Author has been under the necessity of ex- pressing himself with that perspicuity which will render it intelligible to every reader, and enable every female to ascertain, with precision, the true state of her health at the same time that it points out proper r mediea for most diseases, and prevents the necessity of revealine those circumstances which the native modesty of the sex prompts them 10 conceal, too often to their very material injury. For these reasons each book is sold scaled up, and it is requested that the seal may not be broken by any but a Female. London : Published by the Author, and sold by W. " Lee, Lewes ; Messrs., Parsons, London Circulating Li- brary, 4li, Ludgate Hill, and by all other Booksellers. CHILBLAINS " Are prevented from breaking, and their tormenting Itching instantly removed, By WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE of MUSTARD. universally esteemed for lis extraordinary- effi- cacy ill Rheumatisms, Palsies, Gouty Affections', and Complaints of the Stomach ; . but where this certain re- medy has been unknown or neglected, and the Chil- blains have actually suppurated, or broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will ease the pain, and very speedily heal them. . They are prepared and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- street, Soho. London ; the Essence and Pills at 2s. gd. each. The Cerate at Is. | ld. and 2s. qd. - They are al o sold by Lee, Adams, Pitt, and Baxter Lewes; Mrs. Gregory, Put, Donaldson. Phillipson, and Walker, Brighten; Monday, Worthing; Mann, Hor bam ; Cuthbert, Battle ; Coleman, Rye : Pratt and Phillipson, Chichester, To Country Shopkeepers and Others WHEREAS, a Set of SWINDLERS are now travelling the COUNTRY to solicit ORDERS in the names of DAY and MARTIN, Blacking; Makers 97 High Holborn, London. Shopkeepers and others are, therefore, cautioned from the FRAUD that is at- tempted to be practised on them, as by paying attention to the No. 97, it will easily detect the COUNTERFEIT, many of them having NO NUMBER AT ALL; and prosecutions, after this notice, will he commenced against any persons offering the COUNTERFEIT for sale. N. B. No HALF PINTS made, London, 4th of August, 1810. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. ~ THE greatest Blemish to" Beauty is SUPER, FLUOUS HAIRS on the Face, Neck, and Arms — HUBERT'S ROSEATE POWDER immediately re- moves the 111; it is an elegant article, perfectly innocent and pleasant to use, price 4 » . or two in one" parcel ; s. — Sold by the Proprietor, No. 23, Russel- Street, % Cu. vent- Garden, London ; wholesale and retail, by W. Lee' Lewes retail, by Mrs. Gregory, Brighton ; Baker! Eastbourne ; Norton, Hastings; pike, Romney ; Rea, der, Cranbrook ; Spraoge, Tunbridge welts : Verrall, Uckfield ; Gold ring, Petworlh ; Binsted, Chichester • Blanch, Arundel Stafford, Worthing ; and by most Booksellers, Perfumers, ai; d Venders, in the United Kingdom, Good allowance to dealer*. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY* AND FRIDAY'* POSTS. IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. HOUSE, OF COMMONS. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 1( 5, FINANCE. MR. BANKER nave notice, that ttpon Monday J. V- S- next If wind"! move '<"• the continuance of the former Finance (\> ininiiiee, and al o submit a motion ujion ( lie subject of Sinecures. PRIVATE PETITIONS. BILLS, AND REPORTS. Till- (' ban; ell or of 111* Exchequer stated, that lie had before !<> ivcd to I lie House, that ii would he necessary there shnnld be some understanding as to the time for receiving- Private Bills and Pennons, although a might aft' rivards he thought proper that a subsequent arrange- ment sh old take place. As the House seemed to coin cine with him in that opinion, it did not appear to him improper tc fix the times now for receiving Private Pe- titions, Bills, and Reports; he should therefore move— That this House will not receive any Private Petitions for Private Bills, after Friday the First of February next." 1 That this House will not receive auy Private Bill after Monday the Fourth of March next," l> That the House will not receive any Report of Private Bills, after Monday the Twenty fourth of April next." ' I'hesf Motions wei c sev< rally agreed to, and oideVed to Le printed. EXPIRING IAWI. Upon the Motion of Mr. Lushington, a Committee was appointed, as usual at the Commencement of every Session lo enquire what temporary Laws have expired ( root the first ( Jay of last Session to the first day of the present one ; and what Laws are about to expire on or before the Wth of August, 1811. Said Committee to rep • t In the House what Laws ought lo be made perpc tti:* l, or to he continued for a further limited pcriad. The Report of the like Committee of last Session to be referred to them. REGENCY BILL. Thp Chancellor of the Exchequer intimated, that it was his inientioii to morrow, previous to the House ( jo- int; into a Committee upofl this Bill, to move for the appointment of an antecedent Committee, for the pur po- e of tilling up Some Wanks in one of tlie clauses of the Bill, relative to payments offlie salaries aud pen- sions out of his Majesty's Privy Purse. Gentlemeu would he aware, that as a great deal of jealousy had al- ready been shewn us to the payment oi these sums, a wish had hecu expressed that some enquiry should be made concerning I icoi, and it therefore appeared to him that I lie re should lie a Committee appointed to make that enquiry, previous to. the House going into » Com- in: ttee upon the Bill, so that the House might have their III purl before they came to that particular clause he alluded lo. The examinations which might therein t ike place would enable them to say whether there should bo such provi ions or not. . Is it was likely they should not get through the whole of the Bill in the Committee in one lay, the Report of llto other Com- mittee might he ready by Friday morning. Upon tin motion of liie Right Hon Gentleman, the Regency Bill was read a second time NEM. COM. and ordered lo be commute.! to a Committee of tue whole Mouse to- morrow. Adjourned. THURSDAY, JAN. 17. The Regency Bill went through a ' Committee down to the Clause respecting « he Royal Household inclusive, •—! t will be recollected that by the r, lb " Resolution, the Queen was to have only so inueb of tile Household as was suitable and necessary for the personal comfort ol llis Miijesty, and the Regent was to hare the rest. Al though these were the terms upon which Mr. Perceval ottered ihe Regency to the Prince, and His Royal High ness's consent was obtained, the . Minister, in this De- bate contrived to overhaul these terms, o> id her Majesty, s he originally proposed, is to have the patronage and tr i i iieirly the while of the Household, liuck- » 11' lad all '. h. .. . LONDON, JAN. IS. STATE OF THE KING'S HEALTH. The following Bulletins, on this interesting subject, wete exhibited at St. James's in the course of the week :-- » Windsor Castle, Sunday morning, Jan, 13. Ills Majesty has had a good night, and is better to day." « Monday Morning, Jan. 14. His Majesty is us well to- day as lie was yes- terday." " Tuesday Morning, Jan. 15. " llis Majesty bad a good night, and is in all re- spects as well as he was yesterday." " \ Vednesduy, Morning, Jan. It3. His Majesty's state is little different from nliat it has been thie last two days." Thursday Morning, Jan. 17- His Miijestv remains as well as he was yesterday." " Frid y Morning, Jan. 18, w His Majesty continues very much in the same state in which he hits been forlbe last two or three davs." " H. R. REYNOLDS. « H. HALFORD " M. BAILLIE. W. HEBERDEN. « < R WILLIS." TAO Anholt Mails arrived, this morning ( Friday).— The following is the only article of auy interest in the Swedish papers!— « — STOCKHOLM, JAN. R. It is- t? ow uncertain whether the courier dispatched bv M. Alquier will return, in the mean while we are assured by well informed persons, on tlie authority of letters from Paris, that lite concessions made by our Government have been quite satisfactory to the I'u. pe. ror . Napoleon, and that no farther demands will be made. The following article is extracted from Woolmer's Exeter Gazette, in which it is given an account re- ceived by the Printer of that paper, froth a Person pf high rank in Lord Wellington's army :— • "- CARTAXO, DEC. 2S, 1910. 44 Yesterdaya Deserter came in here, who slates him- self to be a Portuguese by. birth, and employed in the Com; ni « sariit department of Ihe French army, with Reamer's corps, « hieh occupies Satttareni. According to his aerount, that corps has only provisions for eight days in the magazines at. Sautaretn. The army, gene rally, suffers for want of provisions. The enemy have collect, d boats upon the right bank of the Tagus ; and iris believed they propose throwing a bridge across thai r - r about eight miles heloiv the mouth of the Zezere, lor the purpose of passing into the province of Aleutey jo ; and that a general movement of Hie army is expect- ed to take place oil the Oth of January, but he knows not with " bat view, whether to advance or retire. So says lite deserter. *• q'he following is understood to be llic present dis- tribution ofthe French army :— The ad corps,{ Reg- liter's) at Santari m ; the. tith, ( Ney's) at Torres Novas, ami in the1 neighbourhood of lbat place; the' 8th, (. luuov's) at or near Golegan ; Massetia's head- quarter* are >-. l Torres Novas; be is said to be on bad jerins with all his Generals, except . Loisnn aud Frerion ; the Chief of the St » l? he treats, like dogs. The advanced posts continue to he on the most civil terms; the French hands and ours play to one another constantly. • Two or three days ago a dragoon, belonging lo one of our cavalry patrole-. accid- i « ' tly dropped his cloak, whilst patroling near the enemy's posts; llie following morn- ing a French dragoon rude forward w- ilh ii, and having hi Id it up to shew what it was, lie dropped it oil the ground and. rode oft." Letters from St Petersbugh, of the | 8lh nit > t; re, ( hat the Kmperor Alexander lias complied with 11io demand wf the French Government lo furnish a ccrtaiir number of Russian scaiueu to mat) •"• cTcii stups ol" war. A Mail from Jamaica amved lliis rnorniliij « nn accounts to 2,5th November. A Message having been sent to the House of Assembly to g, rant a supply for the payment of monies advanced by the Island Agents for the subsistence < tf the King's troops during the existence of tile differences be- tween the former House of Assembly and his Ma- jesty's Government; Ihe House resolved, that as the monies stated in the Message had not been provided for, or authorised to be expended, by the Representatives of tlie people, the House coulc not agree to discharge tbe saine without a giost dereliction of their dutv. The Captain of tlie galliot North Star, of Papen burgh, arrived on the Qth instant, at Aberdeen from Christiansand, in Norway, reports that a re volution had taken place overall Norway, in con sequence of Bonaparte having demanded a certain number of Norwegian seamen to man his navy. The forts on the Norway coast are ali in possession of the insurgents, consisting of ( he whole military and naval force of the country; the former having been ordered to enfoicer obedience, not only refus- ed liul joined them. The Princess Amelia packet lias arrived with a Mail llom the Brazils, after a passage of fifty- four days. The Gazelle Extraordinary of Buenos Ayres, dated 15th October, contains the proceed ing in Santiago de Chili on ( he lStl) > ept. when the new Junta was installed, and of which the Conde De La Conquest* was appointed President Five hundred of the principal inhabitants wcie assembled on that day in the grand saloon of i'a Real Consulado, and after five hours' deliberation, the business was concluded, when a dispatch was immediately forwarded to the opposite side of the Continent, for Ihe information of the Junta of Buenos Ayres. .. . Letters from India slate, that tlie forest of Imel- dbar, in the kingdom of Ava, was, through Ihe negligence of some wood- cutlers, who had kindled a fire at the root of several lofty trees, in a st. te of conflagration in the early pait of June. I he fines' was 05 miles in length, and 28 in breadth; and such was the power of the flames, aided by a high wind, that masses of burning wood, weighing half a ton, were carried through the air lo a distance of 20 miles. Fifty villages in the vicinity of the fo- rest were destroyed Many of the unfortunate and idolatrous natives, believing the calamity to be a direct visitation of some vengeful deity, and not choosing in survive the loss of their property, pie- cipitated themselves into the flames. At the date of these letters the conflagtation had continued with unabating fiercene » 9 for five weeks; and from the vast area in which the body of fire lay, together wilh the contiguity of other forests, the destruc- tion of half the kingdom appeared certain. All the vines and cotton within 14 miles of Mount Vesuvius, were destroyed on the 12th of September, bv a volcanic eruption. Every thing else within eight or ten miles was also destroyed. The lava, in some places, was 100 feet deep, A letter from Rode?,, department of the A veiron, dated Dec. Ifi, say^, " ihe winter has set in here witl. extraordinary severity, the snow being in ma- ny of tlie surrounding districts six and seven feel deep. But what excites the most dreadful alarms are the ravages of the woke-: within the last month S000 sheep, 400 gnats, and 300 horses, have been killed by these ferocious aninnls. In the de- partment of the Loziere, and the Higher Loire, the ravages are still greater " Three men were last month torn to pieces in the neighbourhood of Morlaix, by a numlxer of wolves, which- afterwards attacked the cattle, and destroyed 100 head The latest private accounts from the army in Portugal represent the conditions of the French triTops at San la rem and live neighbourhood, to have been materia lv impiovcd since their retreat upon that place. The temporary cessation of " hostilities, too, has given them leisure for recreations and amusements. They have established, among other diversions, an opera at Santarem. The letters from Gibraltar teach down to the 20th ult. They com:. tunicate that no more epi- demic cases prevailed cithei in ( lie bay or town. It is a curious fact, that sirn? e the reduction of Sweden lo what may be very justly termed a French province, England is the onli fragment of the Old Woid which crtains a trace of limited government. A Requisition has been signed uul sent to the High Bailiff of Westminster, to call a Meeting for the purpose of petitioning Parliament against the Restrictions in the Resolutions for appointing a Recency. The Master of the Horse has given orders for his Majesty's State carriage to be in readiness, should the Prince of Wales, when Regent, choose to use it on going to the House of Peers: for this purpose also, the cream coloured horses have been removed ftom Windsor lo the Kings- mews at Charing- cross, aud stand during the day iu theii sialls-, decorated with ihe state harness, to ascustom them to the superb trammels to which they have been for several years strangers.— His - Majesty has used black horses since Bonaparte carried off the cream- coloured stock from Hanover The legacy duties on the pioptrty of the late Duke of Queensberry, amount to I9O,< io0|. Lord Courtney's estates in England and Ireland produce a clear rental to his Lordship of 52,0001 per annum. The Act prohibiting Corn Distillation having expired on the 31st ult, the Distillers in Scotland have now begun to use corn, which has occasioned a great fall in the price of spirits ; ( hat distilled fiom sugar haying already been sold at 8s. per gallon, while that made from corn can lie sold much cheaper, as a boll of barley and malt mixed, worth about 35$. will make more spirits than an hundred weight of sugar, value about 75s, Notwithstand- ing ihe business of the Distilleries, barley has nei- ther advanced, nor sugar declined in price. The following is an account, as accurately as it could he made up, of the Colonial . produce, which in the month of November was warehoused in Got- tenburgh: — 7 million pounds of coffee, 4J million pounds of lice, 3$ millions ditto coy on, lo millions ditto raw and clayed sugars, 9 millions ditto to- bocco in leaf; there was also indigo, dve stuffs, bark, and spices of every sort. On English un- manufactured goods, the value is immense. At ihe parish church of Leeds, within the last year, the number of marriages has increased 4$. and the number- of births 55; while the burials have decreased 4591 At the collegiate church, Manchester', in the last year, there were 2790 chil- dren christened, 1220 marriages, and " 9- 2 burials. Almost every wall west of Temple bar had chalked upon it, on Friday, in large- characters, the follow ing words—" The Prince and no Perceval," A melancholy accident happened in Thoresby- park, Nottinghamshire, on Thursday last. As the Rev. Mr. Saltun was skaiiing on one of the lakes there, the ice unfortunately b; okc with htm, and he was drowned An Inquisition was taken on Tuesday, on the body of Frederick Bede, who was killed in a pu- gilistic combat with a young man of the name of Smithers, in Newington Fields, on Monday after noon. It appeared in evidence, that the comba- tants were two clerks in very respectable situations, and a quarrel arose in consequence of a dispute at cards. They retired to combat in the warmth of temper, and Bede refused to settle the dispute in any other manner. After fighting 25 minifies most determinedly, Smithers gave his adversary a blow under the right ear, which knocked him down, and he died in about 20 minutes. The Surgeon gave it a* his opinion, that death was rather occasioned bv the In 11 than the blow; but death having ensued iu ap illegal act, a verdict of Manslaughter was le- ? t being Considered thai Tuesday was only die I first day of the Session of Parliament Lord Gwy- dir, the, Great Chamberland of England, with his wand of office, attended at the House of Peers lo search, as is the usual custom since the discovery ofthe Gunpowder Plot by Guy Faux, to ascertain that the premises are in a safe state; his Lordship searched the cellars very diligently, and did not let the most obscure corner or hole escape his atten- tion: he also searched the House of Commons— He there found some barrels and pipes, but it was ascertained by Mr. Bellamy, the housekeeper of the House of Commons, to whom ihey belonged, that the barrels contained some excellent wine, which was proved on the spot. His Lordship was attended bv Mr. Quarme, the Deputy Usher of the Black Rod; eight Yeomen of the Guard, and an Usher; also, four of the Marshalmen. An emissary from the London HOAXING CLUB has been playing off his professional ingenuity in Sudbury. A few night since, an M. D. and a stitgeon wete called up to attend persons in imme- diate danger four or live miles off; and a veteri- nary surgeon was dispatched six mi'ics to the pre- mature accouehment of two cows. On their ar- riving at their respecting destinations, and eagerly inquiring after the state of their supposed unfor- tunate patients, the people, whom they had roused from their beds, answered from the window, that " nothing ailed them,',', " hd, peevishly closing the la'tice, slipped into. their feathers again.— As soon . as the hoax Was discovered, the gentlemen return- cd{ and spent the temain, derof the night in sear- h of the hoaxer, in. which they at last succeeded, and it js understood have adopted some legal pro- cess to. puiijsh this malicious disturber of noctur- nal test . s • ". Thakeham Inclosure. rf, HE Commissioners named and authorized JL umlcr ot ihy virtue ( if an Act of Parliament, en- titled " An Act fitr enclosing Land in the parishes of Thakeham, Sullington, anil Shipley, in tlie coniny of Sussex, hei* et> y give this public Notice, that we have set out e. ud appointed the following Private Carriage itonds, and Public Bridle- ways a. id Fo. it paths, in, upon, and" over ihe Commons or Waste Lands intended lo be enclosed, that is to say- One Private Carriage Road, for the several Owners and Occupiers of all the Lands and Premises adjoining to such privtiie Carriage Road, of the width ot Jfeet, commencing near the Ninth- east corner of Furze Com- mon, ut, and leading from aud out of a certain pulilic Carriage Road and Highway, leading from Abingsworlh to Thakeham, and ending at a certain Gate lieing ihe entrance to n ticid and premises late the property of Wm. Newton, Esq. deceased ; tlie same private Carriiige- Itoad being also a public Bridle- road and Footpath from and out of the s. tid public Carriage Road last- nicntioiied, to the said Gate. One other private Carriage Rood for the Owners and Occupiers of Lan'is adjojiiing thereto, and also for the Owners and Occupiers of Champion's Farm, of the width of feel, commencing near llie South east cor. tier of Furze Common aforesaid, at the sard public Car- riage Road leading from Abingsworth to Thakeham aforesaid, and procecditigiiiiiler the South, in hedge or . boundary of Furze Common aforesaid, towards Cham- pion's Farm and Land of Charles Lamb, F. sq. aud Elizabeth his Wife, and also towards an Allotment of Land of Melchior Henry Wagner, Lsij. One other private Carriage Road for the Owners anil Occupiers of Lands adjoining thereto, and also for the Owners and Occupiers of Lands called Guyhurst, of the width of feet, commencing at a certain public Carriage Road and Highway . which lead- from Merry Will to Jacket's Hill, and ending » t the entrance of a Ho. id or Lane ai a Farm Yard of Edward Chatfield, llie same being also a public Bridle Road and Foot | iaih leading to the entripice . of the said last mentioned Lane. One other public Carriage Road for the Owners and Occupiers of tlie Allotments of Thomas Howes und I In mas Walder, of the width of it feet, commencing al and leading ( Vain a public Road nud Highway frpin Wittry l. aoe to Wurnnngliursi, to' the Aliouoeui mid pren; i » es of, the, said Thomas Howes and Thomas Wal der. One other private Carriage Road for the Owners and Occupiers of. Lands i> f Sir Bysshe Shelley, Bart. and Thomas Boniface, of the width of - iu feel, commencing at a Lane called Bumper's Lane, aud leading between the property of Henry Harwood aud llie Allotment ot the said Thomas Boniface, unto Lauds of llie said Thomas Boniface and Sir Bysshe Shelley ; llie saint: last mentioned private Carnage Kuud being aUo a public FVoi- path. Also, a right of Carriage Road or Way, for Henry Shelley, t^ sq. his heirs and assigns, and other the Owners and (> « < upiers ot a certain Piece of Land now used as a < opse, on the North side of i n Allot- ment of Charles I a nib, list), aud Elizabeth his WIFC> abutting to the profit rty of Luke Upper on, i.- ij. West ward, on Greenhurst Common, from the private Car- ' ring* Road hereinbefore described, as leading oui of Ihe public Carriage Road from Merry Hill to Jackett's Hill, nolo, and from tiie sard Copse, at a point nearly fronting; Greenhorst Farm- House. One public Bridle Road or Way, commencing fiom Ihe private Carriage Way and public Fool Way herein before mentioned, ut, or near the sauKiate leading unto Land of llie late William Newton, l'isij. dVeeiivd, and proceeding in - a South West direction ncro- s s Piece o: ind sold by us, the said Commissioners under the said Act, tin to the Hon. George King, to a Whapple Gate leading to Handbarrow. Oue public Footpath, commencing at or near the last mentioned Gale, which leads into Lands ofthe late William Newton, Estp and proceeding under the Nor- thern Hedge of the • aid Land so as aforesaid, sold io the said George King, unto a Stile leading lo Handbar- row aforesaid. One other public Footpath, commencing at the South West Corner of a Piece of Land sold by us, the said Commissioners, to the said Luke Upperton, adjoining tlip said | rivate Carriage Road and public Bridle and Foot Way on the North Side, aud proceeding under | he Western Hedge towards and around the Garden of Mary Sayers, unto a Stile leading lo Property of the said Mary Sayers, One oilier piiblic Footpath, commencing a', the pub- lic Road leading from Merry Hill towards Roundabouts, und proceeding from thence between the Allotment* til John Burdfield and Henry Riddles, to a Stile at the entrance of Land of Henry Shelley, Esq. One public Footpath,- proceeding from and out of ihe wtid private Carriage Road, leading to Greenhurst Farm, opposite to a Cottage of John Butcher, across a piece of Land there, purchased by the said Luke Up- perton of ti « , the said Commissioners, to a atilc, leading towards Thakeham. Olio' oilier, public Footway, fcominenciiig at a Stile or Gate situate al the South Last Corner of an Allotment of the said Henry Shelley, and proceeding under the Eastern Hedge across such Allotment to a Stile or Gale, and from thence across the sa'd private Carriage Way which leads to Greenhurst Farm, into and across on Allotment of ihe said Charles Lamb and Eliz bis wife, to auother Stile at the entrance of the beforc- raeiitioued Copse of llie sard Henry Shelley. One other public Footway, commencing at or near the centre of an Allotment of the said Charles Lamb aud Elizabeth Ins wife, from and out of llie public Cur- rioge Road leading froin Warminghurst Road lo Wilkin's Lane, across the said last- mentioned Allotment io a Stile ut the entrance of Warminghurst Manor. And al- so from the said Stile on the I'. asl Side of the said last mentioned Allotment unto another Slile leading iuto 1 iu Insures of the said Charles Lamb and Elizabeth his wife. And we do also give notice, that we have deposited a Map, signed by us, wherein such intended privale Carriage Roads and public Bridleways and Footpath's are severally laid down aud described, lit the Ofiiec of Messrs. Langridge and Kell, Solicitors, at Lewes;— and that a Meeting will he holdeit at the White Horse lull, in Storrington, on Monday, the Itth day of Fe- bruary next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; when and where any persons thinking themselves aggrieyed may attend, and state lo us their objections. CALEB RICKMAN, 19th Jan. 181!. THOMAS OLLIVER. TO GLOVERS, SILK- MERCERS, AND HABERDASHERS; COURT of EXCHEQUER. Sittings after Michaelmas Term, lBto, before the I. Otd Chief Baron, MACDONALD. \ CAUSE came 011 to lie tried against a resptfeta- .1. ble House in the Haberdashery line, on a seizure of SILKS, GLOVES, AND LACES, in their possession, as being of Foreign Manufacture; and on that ground they were condemned iu Penalties, to the amount of 300 POUNDS. In the course of the Cause, It was held clearly by the Court, that ill the case of articles of this description, particularly LACES and GLOVES, it is incumbent 011 the person in whose possession they are found. 10 give satisfactory evidence that they are of British Manufac- ture, without which, the articles vyill be subject lo con- fiscation, and the person in whose possession iliey arc found, to considerable Penalties. That to prove* a great similarity between the Foreign anil the British Mann [' lietun . is not sufficient ; the Laws on this subject were made for the encouragement of British Manufactures, and of this construction of llie Laws, all Dealers in these articles, for their own security, must take nonet-. A CAUTION was at the s iltie time pub'ickiy again given of the severity, with which Foreign Gloves and Laces would in future be proceeded against, and the Penalty of Two HUNDRED POUNDS insisted upon, however small ihe quantity of the articles discovered tuigUt be. Custom- House, Newhaveu, . January 11. inn. H. HARISON, Collector,' J. B. STONE, Cooigtroilvr. ' 1 NOTICE to DEBTORS arid* CREDITORS JOHN Sawyers, of Worthing, in ( lie Oounty. of Sussex, Blacksmith, having'a-'.- ague',! over Ins Effects fqr the benefit of hi-; CredJ; • « o- Mr. W. Stuard and Mr. John Gibson, of Lewes, all Per- sons indebted to the sard John Sawyers, are de- sired to pay the saujc . immediately to ihe abuve- named Trustees. And all Persons having demands on tV. e said John Sawyers, are requested to deliver in their ac counts to Mr. Stuard or Mr, Gibson. Jan 12, HII. ALL Pertons who have, any claim or demand Oil llie estate of Mr. THOMAS ADAMS, of Hast- ings, Gentleman, deceased, arc'requested . to send their accounts to Mr. J. G. Shorter, or Mr. William Carley, of Hastings, li'u Executors, before the first day of March next; and alt persons who stand indebted to the said Thomas Adams, are requested to pay their debts to the said Executors, on or before the day abovetneiitioned. Hastings, Jan. 18, mil. WHKIUvAS a Commission - of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against GEORGE BOOLE, of Alfri- ton, in llie county of Sussex, grocer, draper, dcalerand chapman, and behaving been declared Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, 011 the tiventy- sixth day of January instant, and the first and twenty- sixth days of. February- next, at eleven of the clock in 4be- forenoon of each of the said days, at the Star Inn, in Lewes, ill the said eotiulv of Sussex, and mak* a full discovery and disclosure of bis Ivitat" and Effects, when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, at the Second Sitting to choo'se Assignees j and at the last Sitting, the said Bankrupt is required to finish bis examination, and the Creditors are to assent 10 or dissent from the allowance of bis Certificate. All Per son* indebted to the said Bankrupt, or who have any < d' his . Effects, are not 10 pay or deliver the same hut to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give 110- tice to Mr, Thomas Cooper, solicitor, Lewes; or Mr. George Palmer, solicitor, Doughty- street, London. H. ROSCORLA'S ACADEMY, ST. THOMAS'S SQUARE, LEWES. rp: iiS Acaieniy, which receives only Twenty a. Pupils, will be opened again on the 21st instant. Tlie situation h very healthy, and the comparatively small number of Boarders, winch the plan of this Semi- nary embraces; ip peculiarly advantageous to'the health and improvement ofthe young ticnib ti- ten. Terms, Thirty Guineas peraunuin, and Two Guineas washing. Half a d07. cn Towels brought wilh each Pupil, and returned with bint. *** H. R. ' returns grateful thanks to his friends, and hopes evt- r to merit their patronage, N. B. There are two vacancies only. ACADEMY, WEST- TARRING near WORTHING, SUSSEX. MR. N. PHILLIPS respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that the above Academy for the reception of Young Gentlemen, will re- open, eftcr lite present Recess, on Tuesday, the 22d in. siatit. I he Pupils may have the accommodation of Sea- Bathing, if rerpiired. EAST- HOATHLY. MISS NORRIS returns her sincere ( lianks and warmest acknowledgments to her friends* and the. public in general, for the very flattering and liberal neouragenu- nt which & he has so recently experienced from them. She avails herself of this opportunity of assuring thi in, that fche wilt not relax in her endeavours t* o se- cure their future favours, by a sedulous attention 10 the cultivation qf the minds imd the formation of the morals, of the Youth who may he entrusted to her care. 1 hp School » il| open after the present Vacation, 011 Monday, the OJst January imt. TERMS or TUITION 1 Twenty- One Guineas per annum, and Haifa- Guinea Entrance. Day Scholars, Fifteen Shillings per Quarter. 51A ST 1: lis. Music, £ 1 II u per Quarter, One Guinea En- trance. Dancing, 1 I 0 per Quarter, One Guinea En trance. Drawing, I I o per Quarter, One Guinea En- trance. Writing, « JO 6 per Quarter. .11: 11.- 7. isit. Brighton. TO BE SOLO BY AUCTION, By P. LEE, Early in the ensuing Month, ALL the genuine HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, of Mr. J. B. Phillipson, Chemist, & c. No pr, St. James's- street, who is removed to No. 88, iu the same street.- N. B. Further particulars will be given in a future paper. SUSSEX. All ESTATE, part FREEHOLD, & part COPYHOLD. A MOST ELIGIBLE SITUATION, In the Parish of Herstmonceux, TO 13E SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, Consisting of ALARGE convenient Dwelling- House, a goot} Garden and Orchard planted with choice fruit- trees, situate near the Turnpike- Road, with 76 acres of exceeding good arable, meadow and wood Land 5 £ barns. 3 lodges, stable, and other convenient buildings ; also, a new erected Butcher's Shop, Slaughter- House, The House, aud 20 acres of Land is Copyhold, llie rest Freehold. For further particulars, and to treat for llie same, ap- ply to Mr. Robert Pursglove, sen. on llie Premises, — Possession may he had at Michaelmas next ; or at 1111 earlier period, as agreed 011, A daily Post passes by, NOTICE to DEBTORS and CREDITORS. All Persons wbp have any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of Mr. Robert Pursegloye, Butcher, of Herstmonceux ; also, al] Persons yh-' stand indebted 10 the said Estate and Effects, are requested to send in to me such Claims and Demands, and to pay to me s; u- h respective Deht or Debts immediately, in order that the Business may be put iu a train of settlement, M. HARRIS. TO BE SOLD, AHANDSOME CHESNUT GELDING, S years old, 15 hands high, with etteeding good uctioji. The reason of his being parted vtth, the pre- sent Owner having 110 use for hint. Warranted sound, Price 31) Guineas. To be seen at Dean's Livery Stables, West- Street^ Brighton.- — KENT. MOST DESIRABLE MANORS, FREEHOLD ESTATE'S, and TYTHES, near CANTERBURY and DOVER,— TO BE SOLD BY TENDER. I> OT. a. R. P. 1. King • ton Lodge Villa —* 1 20 2. Kingston Court Farm -—. 1.17 I 3. King- ton, Lodge Fiirm —. . 147 3 4. Lord's Mead — SL. 8,- 9. O 5. Double Cottage with one road in froqt 0 2 0 ( i. Heart's Delight Farm — 836 2 21 7, Herd's Farm — gt.. o 31 B< Westtvuod Farm — _ S/ 2 12., 9. The Royalties of ihe Manor of Kingston-, extending oyer nearly the whole, parish ol Kingston, and pai l of the parish of Wymenswould, wi b the Profits of Courts, Fines, Rents, Privileges, and . . Advantages thereto b- lending , and the Quit Rents payable to the Lord. of. the Manor of Kingston, amounting to about y) l. per annum. .' Kb Denton Mansion- house, Pari:, & Lands J/ 0 0 24 It. Hog Green and - Lower Brommfield 7 t 24 i » > The reinuuHler of Barshot ( in hand) 400 tTl, Lower p- irt t> « ut Field 7 I t> 14." Old Mill Fi- yl — _ 820 15. Little Mill Field — 4 2 j, 2 lb. Palace Field, House Field, Robs- acli, ScC. in 0 o- 17 Shodhill Farm — — ' |()( i 0 is. Upper Four Acres, Upper Broomfield, and part of Eight Acres .—; 8 3 11 19. Dntritltt Cottage & Garden, Lower Four Acres, Nine Acres, rich Formal 24 ' 0 23 20. Gattridge F.-. I- 111 — J33 j 21. Liltle Gattridge Cottage and Meadow 1 3. 22. Selstead Fal- ui — — 56 0 19 23. Stoney Lajie Wood, tythe free, ( 111 hand) and Valley in Stoney Lane Wood 35 2 39 24. Part of Fifteen Acres, adjoining Denton Glebe — — & O a 2J. The Royalties of the Manor of Denton, together with the Manors of F. vering. in the neighbouring parish of Alknam ; the Profits of Courts, Fines, Rents, Pri- vileges, aud Ad t ant ages thereto belong, ing, and the Quit Rents of Denton, pay able to the Lord nf the Manor, amount- ing to about KJs per annum; and Ihe . Quit Items of Everiug, amounting to about 4l. per annum. 2ii. Sf John's Farm ( tythe free), with tlie reputed Manor of St. John's 177 o 6 27. Half ihe Grove of St. John's, with the Little Bam Hop Ground Acre ; with a double Cottage Si Garden ; Nine Acres or Burnt Field Selstead Meadow ditto adjoining Little Meadow and Willow- Field, 61 A. 3R. 13p.— Together with the Tythes of about 1200 acres, chiefly ara- ble. being the principal part of the Tythes of Swingfield, except llie Tythes of St. John's, Selstead, Smessal, Stoney Lane Wood and Field, Swingfield Park Wood, part of Swanton, and Park Hill Boughs — 6i 3 13 28. Double Cottage near Smessal, on Swing- field Minnis ; Selsted close by ditto, Ten Acres by ditto, and Twenty Acres. — The whole of this Tythe free 39 j 3 09. Stockholm Cotttige ( lj-. be free), ami Cottage Close — 2 I 01 30. Goldfinch's Messuage 1111! Lauds 28 o 3a 31. Spain's Cottage aud Garden -. 2 o- « 32. Moody's Cottage ami Garden - O I o 33. New Mill 1 — _ 15 s o 34. Denton Lane, Messuage, and Lands 37 1 21 33. Swanton Court Farm, together with the Manor or reputed Manor of Swanton 394 2 28 36. The Reversion of Swanton Woods ( jtj 0 o 37. The Reversion of Park Hill ityngh 40 0 0 38. The Reversion of a Farm, called Sines- sal, in Swiuglicld, consisting of above 93 o a Tlie above Estates are chiefly in hand The DENTON COURT MANOR is lit for the immediate rccep'tion of any Nobleman or Gentleman. The Park, Gardens and Plantations are singularly picture, suae. The elegant Villa of Kingston is also in hand ; a beautiful residence for a moderate sized family. The Farm Houses, and Buildings are in good repair; tl> c. Lands in very high Cultivation, abounding with Game, near good Markets, interspersed wilh 1 urn pike- Itoad,, end wHhiu two ot three hours ride ofail'tUe fValeritig Places on the Coast, of Kent, Sealed Tenders to he addressed to Mr. M. PHILLIPS, Fountain Hotel, Canetrbury ; or the New Inn, Brigh- ton or before the 31st of January, tall. Markets. CORN- EXCHANGE, JAN. IS. Owing to '. lie hi"' contrary winds cnuttwise, the ex- pected supplies of Wheat have not come to band ; nut much remaining, and lust prices are fully- supported Barley likewise-. Malt heavy sale. While and' Grey- Pease are each falling articles. New Tick Beuus lower, 32s.; Old as per currency. They are not many 0a} s on hand, and this trade still continues neatly at our last quotation. Flour as before. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat Cfts. 7<"> s. 8Ss. I Beans 50s. 55s. • Fine ditto 02s. 96s. Tick ditto S2s. SSs • live ( new) 3Is. 38s. Oats 23s. 25s 80s, Barley 2l2s. 38s Poland ditto 32s. Qos. Malt 64s. 72s. Potatoe ditto 36<;"-— S; White Pease ) r„ Rape Seed • 4( 1. Will. ( boilers) J 1, i> 5' Fine Flour \ ' S?> s. rjos. Grey Pease 42s. 53s. Seconds 80s'. 85s.' SMITHFIELD- MARKET, JAN. 13. Smithfield Market was boj tliinfy artendedwith dif- ferent kinds of cattle ; Beef is cheaper ; v" iton", Veal, and Pork support last prices ; and 1! e radf n general was but indifferent. The Salesjin the Hay oiark. l t were trifling. To sink the offal, per stone of Sib. s d. s. d. Head of Cattle, this da v. Beef 4 0 to 5 0 Beasts - - 070 Mutton 4 0 to 0 ' heep - - 3,100 Lamb 0 f) to O 0 Calycs - - 180 Veal 5 0 to 7 0 Pigs - - ojo Pork 4 8 to 6 0 HAY- MARKET. £ s. d. £ s. d. Hay - - ' 5 0 0 to p 0 O Straw - - 2 1,0 0 to 3 10 o Clover - 6 10 0 to 9 10 0 LEATHER, PER POUND. d. d. Butts, 5(> lh. a 561b. - 19 3 21 Merchants'Backs - 18 a 2rt Dressing Hides - 17 a Crop Hides fpr Cutting 18 a S. I Ordinary - - 17 a — 7' « nncd Horse - - 17 a 19 Calfskins, 30lf). lo 45lb. pr doz. 26 a S3 r r- rrr 5011). to Qjlb. 36 a OH 80lb. to 90lb. S3 a SO' heavy - 20 a 29 Seals, small - . 36 a — '—<~, large, per dp?. - £ 7 a J" •<•>,. postscript. From Saturday's London Gazette. BANKRUPTS. JAMES Reed, Southweald, Essex, ship- owner,-- William Wooddeson. Pall Mall, printserll . .. John Gotilob Wermnck, Plymouth, merchant.—. George Henry Archer, Qaeen- street, Cheapside, warehonse- Than. Benjamin Aspinall, Cheapside, manufacturer. -—- Thomas Binde, Liverpool, merchant.- lo& eph parker Chalton- street, Somers- Town, timber and coal-* merchant. » Themas Ashmead and William Furlong, Bristol, haberdashers.— William Teasdele, Manchester, ' warehouseman — George Downes, Eccles, Lancashire, calendered . John Kroner, Plymouth, merchant. Phillip Abbey, Leeds, clothier.—- Thomas Lowndes, jun. anil Richard Baeson, Liverpool, brokers and merchants. _ 1ohu Wood, Brighthelmston, Sussex, plumber and'gia- zier.— James Knowlege, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, butcher.— William Wood, New- road, Paddington, Mid- dlesex, brewer. - Abraham Israel, Portsmouth, silver- smith.— Joel Benjamin, Rochford, Essex, shopkeeper.— James Hacks and Joseph Price,' Wapping, sail- makers. John Rees, Clifton, Gloucestershire, smith and farrier. — Haunah Maddy and Thomas Fyndale Gough, Here- ford, woodtaplers.— Thomas Lax, Halifax, merchant, —. James Ward, Sutton, Norfolk, merchant.——- Thomas Morgan, Crown- street, Westminster, scrivener. — Francis Hill, Wood street, Spiral Fields,{ weaver. - Edward Brad- shaw While, Chamber- street, Goodman- Fields, carpen- ter.— Wm Brown, Sackville- street, Piccadilly, fxceman. — Thus. Howse, Bath, carpenter.—. Dan. Newham and James Oliphant, Mitre- court, Cheapside, factors.— — i Christopher Chatferton, Nowark- upon- Trent, Notting- ham, linen draper,— James Manly, Mansel. street, Mid. diesex, merchant.— Wm. Stevens, Leeds, stone- dealer.—* Robert Collms, Prince's. square, Middlesex:, cabinet- maker. P —— Go LONDON, ( SUNDAY.) en The following Bulletin was shewn yesterday at sh< St. James's :— " Windsor Castle, Jan. 1Q. " His Majesty continues very much the same as tic he was yesterday." tic ( SIGNEd' bY THE FIVE DOCTOrS.) Ut' - 0- HOUSE OF COMMONS. mi REGENCy, ' ( The Regency Bill was again debated at conside- ! Table length, and the Report ordered to he taken ^ into consideration* on Monday next, to which day ^ the House adjourned, , * co Loss IN MASSENA'S ARMY, since he took the ul command against Portugal, I Generals, 8 Lieute H< riant Generals; 1* 2 Major Generals, and 20 Colo- pi nals Tint this is not generally believed; and as a dry old Gentleman observed, it looks like the M State Lottery Scheme, which contains the same number of Capital Prizes, being IV, and the whole Lottery amounting to ,£ 400,000, which will be ^ drawn on a New Plan, in One Day, oil the 1.5th of February next. ' — _ w; LEWES, JAN, 21, 1811. A Meeting of the Inhabitants of this Borough, a< convened by the Chief Officers, in conformity to a Requisition received by them, for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of petition- ing hot!) Mouses of Parliament, on the subject of ' the Regency, was held in the'Court- Hall, Mr. Madg;- ' wick, Senior Constable, in the Chair, on Thursday c< last, when the following Resolutions were agreed ' 4 H to—!" « » Resolved, That Petitions be presented to the two 11 Houses of Parliament, humbly i> rayin£ ihyiu, that ali p Onusesv « » f Restriction on His Royal Highness tSu- PaINCE of WALES, . from execi » inty ail regal ' Powers, inside e. tiojw, una Prerogative* to' tin' Crown HJI. I. G<>- vernment belonging, dn » ' » > 2;. tlie present melancholy i; j- ( capacity of Bis Majesty ( it' a>< v ' impossible to con- ( visteutly avoided altogether), may he, at Ie; » -, t, coalii » e< l t ' by the two Houses of Parliament, to the shortcut pos- a s'ilde period proposed for thi- ir enactment. fj An Amendment was proposed by Mr. HOPER,-?** That all the former Resolution, after the first word", * Ue* oly- n eti that* be « » mi » tr< Lj and the following substituted : fr* as e the question relative to the Prince of Waters appoint- ! i ment to the Regency, depends on many abstract points j of " constitutional Law of which this Meeting has not ^ the means of judging it is better, for the. present, to confide in the Wisdom of Parliament, than to present any Petition on the subject," but was negatived. v Resolved, That the Petitions drawn i » j> and proposed r t « ,) the Meeting by Mr Henry Blackman, be presented , to the two Houses of Parliament. Resolved, That Bin Grace the Duke of NORFOLK be ! ' requested to present the Petition to the House of Peer* ; ' and that Lord F. G. Osborne, who lately represented t this Borough, be ( in ti> 2 absence of our two present Members, from illness) requested tn present ihe Peti { tion to the House of Commons. p Resolved, That the Petitions, when iu< rr- s d, be f sealed with the " Common Sea! of the Borongh, signed by the Constables on behalf of the Meeting, and 1 that Sir H. Blackman be requested to present the same to the Duke of / Norfolk and Lord F. Gf Oshorue. Hesolved, That the Thanks of the Meeting he given to the Constables for their readiness in. calling this Meeting, and for their impartial conduct in the busi- ness of the day. The following is a - copy the Petition to the House of Commons. The Petition to the Lords is nearly the same :— To the Honourable the Common9 of the United King. dom The humble Petition of the Coti^ tables, Bur- gesses ro> u0i of Lewes, Sheweth, That your Petitioners have watched, with the most anxious attention, the proceedmgs instttuted in your Honourable' Bouse, on. the subject of providing for the exercise of the Royal Authority, during tlje c< » . uinu- auee of his Majesty's meclancholy illness. That, most deeply impressed with the general una- nimity of opinion that prevails amongst all e, lasses of his Majesty's loyal subjects, as to the expediency of the office of Regent being filled by his Royal Highness th: » PRINCE of WALES,. we beg. leave- to state to your Ho nourable ! l « use our bumble doubts of the wisdom, which could bring " under discission the abstract ri:; bt of the two Houses td^ ic't tip on this occasion ; nor ' eon we avoid noticing, after the facts to be found recorded 011 the Journals of your Honour, ab| c House, during ' he Vast Session of Parliament,' that the alled^ ed ri « ' lit of your Honourable Motive in this respect, can scarcely be said to arise from your iociudir,^ the full and free re- presentation of the Co- unions of the Realm. Dischiini'in^ however, a1, i'rnnnner of offence to your Honourable. Honse, the present mention of this. topic, and far from wishing ii » agitate the question of ri » ht, we ''.- g leave to represent i > your Honourable House, that it is a fundameated i pr-'. iei( » ) e of tl » e Coastitution, avowed and acted nj> ou by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales bin-" ' ', that the prerogatives and powers of the Crow i i.- vested in the Crown, as a trnst for the benefit and happiness of the people; nor do we believe that any other people in the world could such a suspension of the powers and of the Crown, as lias taken place in | iiis eo. untry,. dur- ing the last ten weeks, and such an insidions attempt l> y a corrupt and incapable administration, to restrain them during a much longer period, have occurred, without disturbing the public tranquillity, and possibly not with out bringing real ultimate danger on the Crown itlself. iThat we. humbly conceive if the powers and prero- gatives of the Crown are necessary at ail, they ought to te in existence at all times, and that not much less dinner can be thought to result from seeing them dir' vited, restricted, or usurped by'the factious combina- tin of any class of persons in the state, than from see- in - great public abuse* pa^ s unredressed, or glaring dp bee* in the representation left u. n- efoime< l. that think much too highly of, the affection and • fetir of duty of his Royal Highness the Prince of. Walea to his Majesty and the people, to suppose that he is ca- pable of wi^ hiuj for power or even praise to the injary of his Royal Father ; but that we cannot suffer the charac- ter of a Prince, ii|> un whose publie virtues we ground so many cheering; hopes, to be insinuated away by a string Of distrustful and unnecessary restrictions, or his means of providing for for public good, without offering to your Honourable House our humble representation on such a baneful attempt, nor without marking with our decided disapprobation, the- conduet of men, who ill the course of such ail attempt are constantly put tin » forward the private virtues of his Majesty, as if shield for their own public crimes, and ill- conceived schemes of ambition. That the evils which have already ensued, from leav- ing the Government of the country, during a period of such unusual difficulty, in the hands of such men. and more particularly their late daring and unconstitu- tional attempt to draw money from his Majesty's Ex. chequer, without even the consent of the two Houses, dangerons and irregular as that course of . proceeding is, have excited in the bosoms of your Petitioners the most well- grounded alarms, lestany further delay should arise in providing for the exercise of the Royal Au- thority ; and though it may be now too late to hope that your Honourable House will abandon your mode of proceeding by Bill, and adopt at once the more na- tural, the more constitutional, rind the more efficient mode of addressing his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, requesting him to take upon himself the govern, ment of the Realm, during the continuance of his Ma- jesty's indisposistion, free from all restrictions and limi- tations of any kiud. Nevertheless we humbly submit to your Honourable House our earnest prayer that the Bill now ponding in your Honourable House, may, for the sake of avoiding further difficulties be proceeded on with all possible and proper dispatch, and tlr. it provision be made in the said Bill, that All clauses of restriction on his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales from exercising all regal powers, jurisdections, and preogatives to the Crown and Government belonging; if now impossible to be consist- ently avoided altogether, may be at least confined to the shortest possible period proposed for their enactment. And your Petitioners,& c. Mr. Blackman enforced his motion for the adop- tion of the Petitions, by many sensible observa- tions, and such as ohtained him the applause ami unqualified approbation of the meeting. Mr. Hoper introduced his Amendment,, by argu- ments that kept him a considerable time upon his legs, and although they did not prove convincing to the meeting* it must have broken up satisfied from the free, candid, and manly way in which that Gentleman stood forward, under the most dis- couraging circumstances, to express his sentiments upon the occasion, that they were the result of an HONEST CONVICTION of the soundness of their policy. , Mr. Hoper was very spiritedly replied to by Mr. Blackman. On Sir Henry Black man's arrival in town, he learnt that the Duke of Norfolk and Lord Osborne, had left it for country ; the Petitions, however, found their way to good hands, being soon after- wards.' put into the p'ossess.- on of Mr. Sheridan, who will, no doubt, dispose of them to the best advantage. At the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, for the Eastern Division of our County, which ended here on Saturday, Thos. Marten, of Bright- helmston, convicted of an assault upon one Geo. Langley, of the same place, with an intent to commit an unnatural crime, was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment in our House of Cor- rection.— John Fuller, convicted of a misdemeanor, in demanding Wm Chatfield, of Two Pounds, by pretending that a TWO- PENNY note of the Fleet- prison, and which he paid him for value received was a Two Pound Bank of England note. was fined one shilling, re- committed for the space of three ca- ' endar months, and ordered once, during that time, . to be placed in the pillory, for the space of an hour, in the Town of Bightbelmston, at 01 near the Market- Place, ( where the offence was com- mitted) on a market- day, between the' hours of eleven and one ; and fo- a second similar offence, he was fined as above, and sentenced to an addi- tional three months imprisonment.— Kesiah Turner, for stealing some articles of wearing apparel in our House of Correction, the property of Mary Cook, was committed for 12 calendar months. —- Har- riet Benton; for stealing two pair of sheets, and a napkin, the propertv of Mr. Shuckard, of the Old Ship Tavern, Brighton, was sentenced to one month's imprisonment in our House of Correc- tion. Mary Downton, Samuel Hoare, . Tames Saun- ders, Joseph Townshend, and William Best, were severally tried on charges. of felony, and acquitted. Thomas Brookes- committed on a charge of fe- lony, was discharged by Proclamation, And a great number of rases of vagrancy and bastardy, were brought before the Court and determined. Our Cattle Market on Tuesday was well attended, and well supplied with beef and ' mutton. Beef 5s to os Rd. Mutton ( all sold) 6s. per stone. Four re- markably free oxen were exhibited, and sold for nearly ( wo hundred pounds . A three yearling suaid heifer, and a three yearling steer, sold by Mr, Hurly, of ford, were allowed, for weight and beauty to equal any cattle of their age, that wen: ever sent to market. Mr. John Button, jun. B. A. of this town, was on Friday last elected a Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge. The atrocious disposition which had manifes'ed itself some lime . ago in the Northern part of the parish of Maresfield, on the borders of Ashdown Finest, by threatening- letters, and the burning'of buildings and stacks, Ii3s'burst out afresh wit[ i dou- ble violence, and on Thurday" morning last, about one o'clock, the Parsonage, adjoining Maresfield church- yard, where the Curate, the: Rev. Mr, Bingham, resided, was burnt down. Last year Mr. Bingham's stables were destroyed in the same manner, and, as supposed, because he had en- deavoured to check the disorderly conduct of some of his parishioners ; but, notwithstanding the ac- tive measures of LORD SHEFFIELD, and the rewards offered, no d scovery has yet taken |> lace. 1' he encroachmenis on the forest had been conti- nued in an audacious manner, supported by the most outrageous threats, such as those held forth in the threatening letter, for the discovery/ of the author or authors of which, 200 Guineas reward were offered in our last paper. Nevertheless, til? laying them open, and ( he levelling of the fences, were effected about a fortnight ago, without resist- ance or disorder, through the precautions taken by Lord Sheffield, , who appointed the principal people in the neighbouring parishes, Peace Oncers; Inn, it can hardly be supposed that what was done on that occasion gave rise to the malice that has been shewn towards Mr. Bingham, who had taken no active part, in that business. If Mr./ Bingham had not been awake in consequence- of indisposi- tion, he and his wife and nine children, would, undoubtedly have been smothered, or burnt, in their beds. The particulars are said to be as fol- low: Mr B. having heard a noise, got up, went down stairs and saw a man going from the house ; he attempted to open a door, which lie found obstruct- ed by part of the furniture raised against it; he then vent round to an outward door, which lie had bolted within just before he went to bad, and Ey of John Cheesman, of Rogate, was re- commit- led to Petworth House of Correction, for the space } f two calendar months. As was W. Holden, for ah assault on Daniel Lucas. John Sevier, the elder, John Sevier, the younger, and John Figg, were recorded rogues and vagabonds, and remanded for the space of six- months ; or, as it regards the two latter, until they shall be placed in the army, under the directions o:£ the Secretary at War. Fifteen appeals were entered for the Ses- sions, eleven of which were heard and deter- mined. A dreadful accident happened in Black- Lion Street, between ten and eleven o'clock last night, to an elderly lady named Pankhurst, who was so dreadfully burnt, in consequence of her shawl hav. sng caught the flame whilst reading by the fire, that not the least hope is enetrtained of her re- covery. ', • i - i .... ——..— 1—• - 1 THEATRE, LEWES. On MONDAY Evening, Jan. 31, 1611, will he pre- sented, the Play, of THE CASTLE SPECTRE, with HIT OR MISS, TUESDAY Evening, The much- adnnir'd Historical Play, of THE BATTLE OF HEXHAM; Or, Days of Old. And ( he laughable Farce, of THE IRISHMAN IN LONDON. On THURSDAY and SATURDAY Evenings, A PLAY, AnD FARCE, As will be expressed in the Bills of the Days.' Boxes, Ss 6d.—- Pit, 2s r- Gallery, Is. Doors to be opened at Half past Five, and to begin at Half- past Six, precisely. ^ . Nights of performing, this Week MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY. i- — —— —• 1 i r ™ / WANTED, a CURATE, single Gentleman ; near Horsham, in a healthy and beautiful sitna- ti; Duty easy, Stipend handsome \ Cottage furnished, it's Taxes paid, a small steady Household tin hoard 0 wages, and Cooking Fire always kept up, Garden cropt . free of expence. It is hoped he may bring sqme Patri- modials in further of Income; and above all, that he may be a Gentleman of that humane, discrete, and worthy cbanacter, who, out of pulpit hours, will watch over ; lie public man and manners, both in discharge of his own Conscience, and in gratitude to the Establish- ment we live under. Direct, ( pOST Paid-) Rev. T. D. Post Office, Arun- del, Sussex. WANTED immediately, an active, steady Youth, as an Apprentice to an Upholsterer nod Auctioneer, in a- principal town in Sussex j by whom tic j. wi} I i> e treated- as one of the family. t , Applv t" Mr. LAMBE'. Upholstcrer, & e. at I . ewes. c ' WANTED to PURCHASE ' " AN Estate from Fifty to Five Hundred Acres ' of Lt) i. d, in the Vicidity of Lews, in the County of Sussex, either with or without a house. Communications left with Mr. ARTHUR LEE, Printer School Hill, Lewes, ( if by letter, post- paid) will be J forwarded to the Advertiser. . DRAWING, ' " * i YOUNG Ladies and Gentlemen . instructed at t their own houses, in Drawing and Painting, by < H. F. POLLARD,' Drawing Master, I, Prince's Street, I Brishton, opposite the Pavilion. ' " N. B. Respectable Boarding Schools attended. Reference may be had of the Rev. Mr. Walker, • Brighton. To" the HIGH CONSTABLE of the PARISH of BRIGHTHELMSTON. TT7E, the undersigned, do request you will con- • V ? vene an early Meeting of the lnha, bitnnts of the Town and Parish of Brighthelmston, to take imo Con- sideration the Propriety of ADdRESSInG HIS Royal. Highness the PRINCE of WALES, on his having acr cepted the Regency of the United Kingdom, William Cbapmau, N. Beard John Smith, T. Crosweller, W. New bold, - William Izard, William Blaber, ' J. Whichelo, F. W. Lee, Thomas Tilt, A. Baldey, John Spilsbury. N. Cooke, Charles Sheppard J. Kirby Rarry Attree, John Redifer, William Moorey, John Donaldson, E. H, Cohen. January 19, 1811. RIVER OUSE NAVIGATION. rT^ HE first General Meeting, or Assembly of the J- Company of proprietors of the River Ouse Navi- gation, for the present year, will tie holden at the fyger Inn, in Lindtield, on the 4lh day of February next, being ( he first Monday in the Month, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon, pursuant to the statute pas, sed in. the 4tith year of the, » eign of his present Majesty, . intitled *> An- Act, for altering, amending, and rendering more effectual an Act, passed in ( he 3oth year of his present Majesty, for improving the Nayigation of the River Ouse, in the County of Sussex.'' AND, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Tolls, » Rates, and Duties granted and . made payable on all Boats Barges, and Vessels, navigating the said River, WILL BE LET BY AUC- TION to the BEST BIDDER, for one year, from the 2.) th day of March next, at the Tyger Inn, in Lindfield aforesaid, on Monday the 4th day of- t|) e said Month of March, between the hours ; of twelve and two of the same tiny. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, most give security, to the satisfarction. of the Company , t. f Proprietor*, for payment.' of the Bent agreed 911, and at such tune'.-, as they shall appoint-. SAM. WALLER, Clerk to the said Company of Proprietors. Cuckfield, January is, tail. Advantageous offer TNEWMAN, of SCHOOL- HILl,, being about • ' to decline the DRAPERY, & c. and to leave lewes ; to inform the Public, that it is his inten- tion to dispose of the whole of his valuable Stock in Trade, if possible, by the First day qf March next, and to effect which, he will commence selling it 0;}', THIS DAY, at Prices MUCH UNDER THE ORIGI- NAL COST. The Stock consols of Irish Linens, Sheetings. Cotton and Linen Huckabacks, Calicoes. Muslins, Prims, Flannels, Cotton and ' Thread Laces, Hosiery, Gloves, Straw Bonnets, Haberdashery, Silk Goods, Perfumery. . Jewellery. & c. & c. ( kc.-^ Shonld any person wish to treat for the Stock, pictures, and Lease of tbe Premises, which are situated in a centrical pait of the Town, either now, or at any time before the First day of March next, Particulars ay be known, by application ( if by letter, post paid) on the Pre- mises, *** T. N. desires' that all Bills on him may he deli- vered immediately, that they may ke discharged.— \ nit ed to him, will immediately, or in the course of the present Month, discharge the same, Lewes, January 7, 1811.' ALL Persons to whom the Estate of the late Mr- Tilt, of Brigcthelmston, is indehted, are de- sired to send in their Accounts to the Castle Tavern . and all Persons who stand indebted to the said E>(- u- ? are requested to pay the amount of their respective ac- counts nt the same Tavern. Brighton, Ja> i. 19, ( til!, NOTICE is hereby given, That $ Person? in- debted to. the Estate of the late Andrew Run- kert, of Worthing, 111 the county of Sussex, hiker; deceased, are required forthwith to pay In the amount of their respective Debts to Mr. Edward Stanford or Mr. John Whitmore. of Worthing aforesaid the Execu- tors of the said Andrew Runkert. And all Persons w\ io have any Claims- or Demands oil the Estate of the Said Andrew Runkert, e, rcrte* ired to send in an account thereof, in. order that the Same may he adjusted. Worthinp,' Jan. 15, lSH. underwood IN MAYFIELD. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, in Two lots, at the Star IlV- i, in Mayfield, on Wed- nesday, the 3(> th of this Month. TWENTY- foUr Acres of UNDERWOOD, of 14 years growth, now standing on Old Mill i ; inn, in the parish of Mayfield The Tenant, Mr, Thomas, Peckham, will shew each Lot. N. B. Dinner oil Tabic at one o'clock, and the S; ile to begin at half- past two. ~ TO BE SOLD BY- ' AUCTION,-" By VERRALL and SON, By order of the Assignees of William Verrall, a Bank- rupt, on Saturday, the 91b day of February next, at. the Rear Inn, in the dill, between the hours of six and seven in the afternoon* ALL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE and DWELLING- HOUSE, large commodious Shop and Warehouses, with a desirable enclosed Garden be- hind the same, well stocked with choice fruit trees, . si- tuate in the High street of Uekfield, in the county of Sussex, and lately in the Occupation of the said Bank- rupt, The whole Premises are in excellent repair and par- ticularly adapted for carrying on an extensive ( ;.: ic' « ' rit in any line of Business and at a triihn^ expeuer in- iy be converted into a comfortable reside ce for a pnyiiiu Family, Uckfield is situate about 41 miles from London, - and 8 from Lewes , and has three coaches daly passing through the town to and from the '. metropolis. The above Premises maybe viewed on application » » Mr. Lidbetter, or Mr Pierce, at. Uckfield, two << f the Assignees : and further particulars may be had of them, or of Mr. Batchelor, Lad- lane; Mr. Tail, Banker, Croydon ; the other Assignee? . Mr. George Gwynne, Solicitor-,. Lewes;, Messrs. Loddington ;: i; d Hal!, Solicitors, Secondaries t) fliee, Loudon; or of the Auctioneers, at Lewes, N. B. All persons standing isdehted > the Estate of the above- n- imed Bankrupt, 11. 1 who clo imt , ay the same on or before the £ d 0/ I'etiruary next, will be le- gally, proceeded 1144. u- M without further notice, Lewes, 1 „> th Jan. 1811. sLf^' i^ xT" ^^ A CAPITAL FREEHOLD FARM, WITH EARLY POSSISSION. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By . Mr. WALLER. At the King's Head I1111, Horsham, early in the month of March, ATruly valuable. Freehold Estate, called DIAL POST FARM. exonerated from Land Fax, com- prising a superior Farm- house, with all necessary out- buildings, together with nearly 4uo - statute acres of capital arable, meadow, pa- lure and wood hud, lying, 1 a ring fer. ee, in a good state of cultivation, particu- larly favourable to the growth of wheat, and is aUo a Stock I ami. having a great proportion of meadow and pasture] ground i the soi| is geepit to the growth of lum- ber ; a broke is now fit to cut) atsQ 4.5^ thriving oaks, and near - J.' ino tellers, which are to be taken at a. fair valuation. This estate combines every object to redder it worthy the attention of the Gentleman Agriculturist, eligible in point of residence, 111 a highly respectable neighbourhood, with n plenitude or' game and fiihl sports,, surrounded by good lull is and markets, near the turnpike- road and navigable river,- which renders lime, chalk, and coii| s. oii ir,- y leruis, '- ituat in tbe parishe sof . West Grinsted and Shipley now in thy occupation of James Heasman, whose tease expires at r » | p.- hjietn: a. i next. Further paticulars vyi'l shortly he, published, which rj » ay be had at the Auction Mart of Messrs. Winstan- Iey, Paternostor- row ; of Mr, Harry Phillips, Bond- street; and a p) an of the estate, with communications,' may be obtained at the office of Mr. Med win, at Hors- ham; and « f Mr. WELLER, Chichester. found it broken open, and some furze faggots 1 burning, which bad keen- brought into the room, t and the furniture placed round them. The fire < was so rapid, the house being principally of wood, and the smoke so instantaneously great, that it was with difficulty any lives were preserved. Two of , the children were obliged to be thrown out of the '; window, and two were nearly suffocated before ' they could be extricated ; but 110 wearing apparel ! or furniture could be sayed. The extreme distress 1 of Mr. Bingham's family is for the present, in some degree relieved by the kind reception of it i 11 to dif- fent houses in the neighbourhood. , . Since writing the above, certain facts have come to our knowledge, which envelope the cause of this very serious conflagration in much mystery, and it will, no doubt, in consequence, undergo a very strict investigating. Last Thursday the. maw of a fat ox, slaughtered by a butcher, at Winchelsea, on being opened, pre- sented the blade of a clasp knife, which had been productive of no apparent injury to- the animal. On Sunday the 13th inst about eleven o'clock at night, the Brig Brothers, belonging to Wey- mouth, Robert Jameson, Master, from Ross, in Ireland, laden with a . cargo of provisions, consist- ingot' beef, mutton, lard, valued at upwards of ten thousand pounds, was driven on shore: on the Bar of Beach, near Bexhill, in ( his county, by a French privateer; and,. the wind blowing a gale from the south- west, . she was so. . greatly damaged that the cargo was obliged to J> e got out, and ' tis thought the vessel will go to pieces. The crew were all saved. • '. By the judieious " management and great exertions of the Comptroller and Surveyor of the Custom- house at Hastings, and the Officers under their survey, together with the assistance rendered by Lieutenant kennedy, of the ( 1th li. V. Battalion, stationed: at" Bexhill Barracks, and a small detachment under his command,- the descrip- tion of persons who, usually assemble on such occa- sions, were kept from marauding and carrying away any part, of the Cargo, ( which, is top often the case under similar circumstances), and: the whole was got 011 shore, and stowed , in warehouses belonging to Messrs, S, and A, Brook, who with Mr, James Breeds and Mr. James Russel, acted as Agents for the Owners ; and to them also great praise is due for their successful exentions with the foregoing Officers, & c. in securing the valuable | cargo. On Sunday the 151b instant, the Ship Cumber- land, from Quebec to London, w, as attacked going up Channel, near Folkestone,, by four French pri- vateers, by ( he crews of which the Cumberland was boarded five several times; by the gallant crew of which, ( s> 0 only in number) the boarders were as often killed and driven into the sea. The Priva- teers crews amounted to 270 men, about Go of whom lost their lives in the terrible conflict; whilst on board the Cumberland only two were materially wounded, one of whom is since dead. Captain Barrett, the Commander of the Cumber- land, killed three Frenchmen with his own hand, one of whom he so fitmly transfixed to the deck with his pike, that he was obliged to place his foot on the hotly to withdraw it. The Cumberland af- terwards arrived, without further insult in the Do\<- ns. The above is thought the most gallant defence made by a merchant ship during the long . continued war; and the Admiralty, we understand, have in consequence, granted the brave crew pro- tection from impress, for three years to come. MARRIED.] On the 10th of January, Mr. Philip Chitty, of Farnham, Surrey, to Miss Mary Man waring, second daughter of J. Manwaring. Esq. of the same place. DIED.] A few days since, at Brighton, Miss New, eldest daughter of Mr, New, yeoman, of Ringmer, aged 19 years. Friday lost proved particularly unpropitious for the accustomed compliments of the military, in the celebration of Iter . Majesty's birth- day, it having rained, with little intermission, throughout the day. The Volunteer Artillery, however, succeeded in making a most respectable muster 011 the occa- sion, in Artillery- Place. The Ball, a the Castle, on Friday evening was, as we predicted, most numerously attended, the company amounting to upwards of 400, who with elegance and vivacity kept up the spirit of the dance ' till a late hour. The PIC- NIC revels appear to give general sa tisfaction, and the private parties for dance, cards, and. conyersation, fill each day of the week; but to state them specifically to the public, would not add a jot to the pleasure of the parties who give til em, nor to the conviviality of the company, by whom they are attended. The weather being yesterday- particularly fine, the Steyne was'thronged with company, as numer- ous, and fashionable, as we have sometimes wit- nessed it in the height of the season. The Band of his Royal Highness the Prince of Waits, is ordered, we understand, to proceed from hence to London, to- morrow morning, A Requisition, respectably signed. at the Star and Garter Tavern, in this town, has been forward- ed to the High- Constable, requesting him to con- vene an early Meeting of the inhabitants,, at- the Town- Ball, to take into consideration the propriety of addressing his Royal Highness the;. PrINCE of WAleS, on his having accepted the Regency of the United Kingdom; and from the known ability ai) d patriotic zeal of the party signing this Requisi- tion, we do anticipate a very manly and spirited address on the occasion,— See advertisement in the following column. Two of the Brighton fishing boats, on their re- turn on Saturday night, at. a great distance from the shore, fell in with and picked, up a large pack- ing case, which, op being brought to . the Custom- house, early 011 yesterday morning, was found to contain the body of 3 curricle, with cushions, & c. from the name ELIZABETH appearing on the esse, it is conjectured to have floated away from the Indiaman of that name, outward- bound, and re- cently wrecked off the coast of France, near Dun- kirk. We are shortly to be treated here with a species, of punishment, to be inflicted on a delinquent, who was found guilty at the Quarter Sessions at Lewes, 011 Friday last, which we believe was never before witnessed in { bis town. He is to stand on a Pillory, in. the Market- place, and from the novelty of the scene, we anticipate 3 very numerous assem- blage of spec'." tors, Toe fellow who practised so successfully the art of swindling here, has, we are glad to hear, through the exertions of Mr. Wigney, been apprehended and committed to Dover Castle. At the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, for the Western division of our County, held at Chichester, on Tuesday last, William Reen, for stealing a grindstone and other things, the proper- IS MANN's APPROVED MEDICINE; F> Ecommended by Physicians and patronised by Ladies and Gentlemen of the first distinction.--. Sold ii: bottles at 2s. ( id. and 45, 6d. each, duly induc- ed ; engraved on the stamp Thos', Mann, Horsham. Sussex, the inventor end sole proprietor," without which it csnnot be genuine. No Medicine has been so much blesse. l in restoring such multitudes, when all hopes of recovery have been given over in consumption, coughs, colds, convulsion fits, long standing asthmas, hooping coughs, influenza, dropsy, relaxed habits, and ill a low nervous deb;| itatpil state ; also ladies in e pr-:> nant state may take doses of tu to fifteen drops with perfect safety, and the infant from tie first' week nr the aged in any state. Ample c| ireetiops accompany each bottle, with many authentic cures, amongst which is one from an eminent physician, together with is afridMaite sworn before different justices of tlje Peace for the county of Sussex, and mamy other respectable character* who have witnessed their names to many astonishing cures effected by this celebrated remedy. If strengthens the coats of tile stomach, he| ps- digestions, creates an appetite, and re- animates the whole frame. Mas. WALKER , North Street, Brighton, Sussex, whose Daughter, upwards of Eight Years old, had been dangerously iil for about Ijrs months from taking co d, attended with a violent Cough, at times a Discharge from bet- stomach which was very nauseous, with <; resit difficulty of breathing, loss of appetite,, was at lust ret daced to 50 low a state that no person expected her re- covery, being considered in a Consumption; after all medicines had failed, am! no relief could be obtained, MANN's APPROVED MEDICINE was taken, fr » n! which, by the Blessing of God, she is restored to per- fect health Mrs. Walker think* it right the same should be made public. ( Stoned) F. WALKER. Brighton, 13th Sept, tali), Sold wholesale and retail by the Proprietor at hi; Warehouse, Horsham, Sussex; and retail by Mrr. ARTHUR LEE, LEWES, and by the principal Ven- ders of Medicine in the United Kingdom. PrICE of CORN.— Lewes, Saturday, Jan. ) 9 Red Wheat r - £ 4 0 " jo 4 16 0 White Ditto - - 5 0 ' Q to 5 2 if Oats - - - l 0 0 to j 8 0 J. LEIGHTON, Inspector. PRICE OF STOCKS. Op Saturday, at One o'clock. Reduced - - 6,6| 4 per Pent. - , g- l. J — tt—— r—— 1 1 ——; j '••-'^•• t PRICE OF TALLOW IS LONDON. The only Market is on Friday. s. < 1. St. James's Market - 4 s Clare Market - - 4 8 Whitechapel. r - 4 7 ) 3 11 Average .4 7| Town Tallow - 79 6 Yellow Russia . yfi 0 White ditto - ,6.1 0 Soap ditto t jfi$ O Stuff . 5? 0 Rough dit'o • 34 Q Glaves • r r From Tuesday's London Gazette. • Downing- street, Jan, 14, 1811. DISPATCH, of which the following is a co- A py, was yesterday received at the Office of the Earl of Liverpool." addressed to his Lordship, by Lieutenant- General Lord Viscount Wellington, dated Cartaxo, Dec. 22, 1810. MY LORD, The enemy still continue in their position at Santaiem, in which no alteration of consequence has been made since I addressed your Lordship on the 15th instant. They continue to collect boats on the Zezere, over which river they have now two or three bridges. The enemy have shewn themselves on the Lower Coa, according to the last accounts from General . Silveira, but not, in his opinion, in such force as to pass that river. The reports which I had receiv- ed of the march of the troops of the 9th corps to- wards Madrid have not been confirmed. , The last accounts which I have received from Cadiz are of the 8th instant. I have. & c. ( Signed) WELLINGTON. The following extract of a dispatch from Lord Viscount Wellington, dated Cartaxo, December 29, 1810, has been received at the Office of the Karl of Liverpool: Sinc% 1 addressed you on the 22d instant, I have received reports that the enemy's troops, which had retired from Lower Beira, in the end of last and die beginning of this month, had crossed the Coa at Almeida, on the 15th and 16th inst. and bad moved into Upper Beira, by the roads of Pinhel and Trancoso, and of Alverco and Celo- rico. I have not been able to ascertain exactly the strength of the body . of troops which have entered by this frontier, but it is stated to he 16,000 oi- ly, 000 men, and consists, I should imagine, not only of Gardanne's division, but of some, if not the whole of the troops of the 9th corps. By the last accounts I have of these troops, the advanced guard had arrived at Maceira, in the val- ley of the Mondego, on the 22d, and their progress has not been rapid. But if they have continued their march, they ought by this time to he in com- munication with the enemy's post in the neighbour hood of Thomar. General Silveira had retired with his division of troops to Moimento de Beira; but he and General Wilier and Colonel Wilson were prepared to act across the Mondego upon the flanks and rear of the enemy's troops, the whole of which it appears were marching on the left of that river. No alteration has been made in the position of the enemy's troops in front of this at my, except- ing that a detachment of between 2 and 3000 ca- valry and infantry had moved , into Lower Beira, across the Zezere towards Castello Branco, proba- bly with a view to gain intelligence. By accounts from Estremadura, it appears that General; Mendizabal and Ballasteros have had some success in then operations against a French division belonging to Mortier's corps, which had been stationed in Lierena They have obliged this division to retire from Guadalcanal, with some loss. Admiralty- Office, January 15, 1811. Admiral Sir Charles Cotton has transmitted to John Wilson Croker, esq. a letter from Captain Stewart, of his Majesty's sloop Blossom, giving an account of the capture of a French privateer, the Caesar, of i guns and .", 9 men, by the boats of that sloop, under the directions of Lieut. Samuel Da- vies and Messrs. Hambly and Marshall, Midship- men She was carried in a gallant manner by hoarding, in which, and in the chace, the Lieute- nant and 3 men wee killed, and Mr. Hambly and 9 others wounded; the enemy had 4 killed and 9 wounded. A letter from Capt. Ayscough, of his Majesty's ship Success, stating the destruction, 011 the 4th and 6tb of October, of 2 of the enemy's gun boats; and 34 troop vessels, on the coast of Naples, by the boats of the Success and other vessels, under Captain Ayscough's orders. And a letter from the Hon. Captain Waldegrave, of his Majesty's ship Thames, giving an account of the boats of that ship, and the Eclair sloop, having, on the 5th of October, brought out 10 of the enemy's empty transports collected near Agr'i- poli, in the Gulph of Sale- no. Captain Tobin, of his Majesty's ship Princess Charlotte, has, in his letter to John Wilson Croker, esq of the 11 ill inst. given an account of his hav- ing, 011 ( he 9th, captured the French * privateer EAimable More, of Granville, mounting 14 guns, ( pierced for 20J and baring on board 91 men. BANKRUPTS. John Badger, of Old Jewry, London, mer- chant. - William Couch, now or late of Axmin- ster, Devon, builder. William Bartlett, of Plymouth- Dock, Devon, mason. Matthew Har- rison, of Carlisle, Cumberland, stationer. Thomas Hawkes, of Newport, Lie of Wight, but- cher. James English, of Manchester, Lanca- shire, linen draper Richard Crocker, of Caine, Wiltshire, shopkeeper. Thomas Wright, of Moor street, Birmingham, grocer. James Lane, of Petworth, Sussex,- linen draper. John Daw- son, of Chester, corn dealer. Thomas Taylor, of Charlotte street, Christ Church, Surrey, baker. John Roberts, of Liverpool, woollen & linen draper. Elkan Levy, of Clifton street, Fins- bury square, Middlesex, merchant. John Hiss, of Bristol, woollen draper. John Pollitt, of Manchester, grocer. Thomas Howell, late of Chepstow, Monmouthshire, ironmonger.—•—[ low- land Muckleston, of Cannon street, London, warehouseman. James Hemingway, of Halifax, Yorkshire, grocer. George Bodle, of Alfriston, Sussex, grocer. John Long, of Kingston, Surrey, maltster John Lewis, of Bristol, woollen draper. John Fletcher, of Little Le- ver, Lancaster, cotton manufacturer. James Cade and John Steevens, both of Garlick- hill, London, wine merchants. LONDON. THE ESTATES OF THE REALM. HOUSE OF LORDS, MONDAY, JAN. 14. A Message was sent to the Commons desiring a present Conference 111 the Painted Chamber; re- specting the subject matter of the last Confer- ence. The Messengers returned and informed their Lordships that the Commons assented to the re- quested Conference. The Managers of the Conference on the part of their Lordships proceeded to meet the Commons. On their return, ( he Lord Privy Seal stated, that they had seen the Commons in the Painted Chamber, and had communicated to them the Re- solutions agreed to by that House on Friday last. Upon the motion of the Earl of Liverpool; the House adjourned till to morrow. TUESDAY, JAN. 1.1. The Lord Chancellor stated, that, forasmuch as it was not convenient for his Majesty to be present in his Royal Person, and as it was, expedient that the Parliament should be opened by Commission- ers appointed, be should now move—" That the House do adjourn for the purpose of robing." Soon afterwards the Lord Chancellor returned in his robes, and the Royal Commissioners, name- ly, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Chan- cellor, the Lord President ( Earl Camden), the Lord Privy Seal ( Earl of Westmoreland), the Duke of Montrose, and the Earl of Liverpool, took their seats before the Throne. A Message was sent to the Commons, ordering their attendance at the Bar. Accordingly the Speaker and a great number of the Members of the House of Commons appeared at their Lordships' Bar, when the Commission having been read by the Clerk, the Lord Chan- cellor addressed both Houses as follows: — " My Lords and Gentlemen, " Acting by virtue of the authority given to us by his Majesty's Commission now read, among oilier things to open the Session of Parliament, and declare the cause of our meeting, we have, in the present discharge of our duty, to call your atten- tion to the afflicting circumstance of his Majesty's calamitous indisposition, and to the necessity of making due and suitable provision for the care of his Majesty's sacred Person, for the maintenance of his Royal Dignity, and the exorcise of his Royal Authority, in such manner, and to such extent, as the exigency of the case may appear to re- quire." After the Commons had withdrawn, the Earl of Liverpool presented, in the usual manner, a Bill for the better Regulation of Select Vestries, which was ordered to lie 011 the on the table, and was af- terwards read the first time. The Lord Chancellor gave notice, that he should bring the subject of Proxies under the considera- tion of the House on Wednesday se'nnight; and he moved, " That the Lords be summoned for that dev."— Ordered. Upon the motion of the Earl of Liverpool, the House adjourned till Monday. HOUSE OF COMMONS. REGENCY. Mr. Alderman Combe presented the Petition of the Common Hall of Liverymen of The City of London, praying that the Prince of Wales might be appointed Regent without Restrictions ; which was read, and ordered to lie on the table Messengers came from the Lords, desiring a present Conference upon the subject of their last Conference with the House. \ Committee were accordingly appointed; and upon their return, Lord Clive appeared at the Bar, and informed the House, that the House of Lords had resolved that it was necessary that Let- ters Patent should be issued to affix the Great Seal to i Commission for opening the Parliament ( which intended Commission he read from a copy, ' and it was conceived in the usual terms) ; and to which Resolution the Lords desired the concur- rence of that Hon House. Upon the motion of the Chancellor of ihe Ex- chequer, the House went into a Committee to consider further the State of the Nation, and to which tile said Resolution of the House of Lords was ordered to lie referred; and concluded with moving—" That the Resolution of the House of Lords should be agreed to." The Resolution was then read, and agreed to without a division. Adjourned. TUESDAY, JAN 15. OPENING OF PARLIAMENT. The Deputy Usher of the Black Rod summoned the House to the House of Peers, in order to hear the Commission for opening Parliament read; and the Speaker, accompanied by most of the Mem- bers present, accordingly proceeded forthwith. On their return, Mr. Speaker informed the House, that that House had been in the House of Lords, and had beard the Commission for opening Parliament read. They had also heard a speech delivered by his Majesty's Commissioners, of which he had been enabled to procure a copy, . which, with their permission, he would read to them. [ Here the Speech was read, for which see Report of the proceedings in the House of Lords.] THE REGENCY BILL. The Chancellor of the Exchequer observed, that being now constituted a Parliament, there was one measure which he was sure every Gentleman in the House, and every individual in the country, looked o'have introduced, namely, a Bill to supply the existing deficiency in the exercise of the Royal Prerogative.— \ fter the ample discussions that had already taken place 011 this subject, while they ex- isted under another form, lie felt that it would be superfluous for him to preface the motion with which lie had to conclude with any further obser- vations— he would therefore move " That leave be given to bring in a BALL to provide for the Admini- stration of the^ Royal Authority, the care of his Majesty's Royal Person, and his resumption of the exercise of the Royal Prerogatives 011 his re- covery." The Speaker then put the question, which was carried ; and the Chancellor* of the Exchequer, Lord Clive, the Master of the Rolls, Mr. Secre- tary Ryder, and the Attorney and Solicitor Gene- ral, appointed to prepare and bring ill the Bill. The Chancellor of ' lie Exchequer immediately brought in the Bill, which was read a first time, and, in substance, agreed with the Resolutions.— Ordered to be read a second time to- morrow, and to be printed. The Chancellor of the Evchequer said, there were two points to which, before rising, he wished to call the attention of the- House. The first was the Call of the House, which in their former state had been fixed for Thursday. In renewing a mo- tion for the enforcement of this Order, he did not conceive there could beany objection to the short ness of the notice, as the attention of Members had been kept alive to the subject by the Order formerly made. He would, therefore, before sit- ting down, move that the Order of the Day for calling over the House should stand for Thursday. — The second point respected the arrangement of business connected with the Private Bills, so ne- cessary to be ascertained at the commencement of every Session. On this subject he should therefore, to- morrow, take an opportunity of proposing to the House the limits that he should himself think necessary to propose, in point of time, to the re- ception of Petitions or Private Bills, ' and their ul- timate stages. Of course it would occur to Gen- tlemen, that they could not at this moment come to any decision on this subject, which it might not be necessary for them afterwards to alter, as cir- cumstances might require. This proposition would be founded on the principle of the Mouse's conti- nuing to sit; but as it was impossible to foresee what might be the opinion of the Regent or his ad- visers on the subject of any adjournment or proro- gation they might deem necessary, the determina- tion now come to must afterwards be varied in ac- cordance with such circumstances. The motion for the Call on Thursday was then agreed to, and the House adjourned. REGENCY BILL. The present Regency Bill differs materially from the Bill of 1789, as in tat the whole of the Royal ' Houshold was vested in the Queen; and in the present Bill her Majesty has only a suitable part of it, so far as is necessary for the perform- ance of her trust in the care of his Majesty's per- son. In other respects the two Bills do not mate- rially differ. The present Bill enacts, the Regent " shall not grant any rank, title, or dignity of Peerage; or summon any person to the House of Lords by any title to which such person shall be the Heir- Apparent; or appoint to titles in abey ance.' - These words seem to impose a restriction of which the Resolutions had not apprized us, importing, we apprehend, not only that the Regent cannot confer a new title, but that all old ones, in case the existing possessors die, must continue in abeyance till the restoration of his Majesty, or till the period limited for the restriction expires: and according to this interpretation, if it be correct, the present Earl Berkley, who has vacated his seat in the Com- mons, must remain for a time without a seat in either House. This clause, we admit, is copied from the Bill of 1788, but certainly the part of it respecting Heir- Apparent, and Titles in abeyance, is not suggested by the Resolutions, and its omis- sion would have been only an act of fairness; for, by the former Bill, the Regent was enabled to confer titles upon his Royal Brothers; but not one title in or out of his family can he confer now ! — Another clause says, the egent must reside in Great Britain, and must not marry a Papist. This clause, no doubt, is to be found in the old Bill; but why, we ask,- do we find it in the new? The present Bill does not profess to be a copy of that of 1789; it merely takes the latter for its ground- work as a general basis. The clause to en able the Regent to giant a Peerage to any of his Royal Brothers, who have attained the age of 21, copied into the present Bill; would be a palpa- ble nullity and delusion, there being no subject for the clause to act upon; why not then omit also this clause restricting the Regent to reside in Great Britain, and not. to marry a Papist ? He was a single man in 1789; he is now married. Is the clause then meant to prevent him from committing bigamy? or does Mr. Perceval mean that he may have as many wives as he pleases, provided none of them be a Papist?— Those who have read or re- member the proceedings of 1789, must he aware of the prejudices, the violent and powerful preju- dices, artfully excited against his Royal Highness at that period upon this . subject. Is it intended then to revive those prejudices— prejudices long since dead, and that ought never to have existed for a moment? As to the Restriction of residence; the Union with Ireland has taken place in the in- termediate time: if then the Prince may reside in Scotland, why should he be restricted from visit- ing Ireland?— The Restriction is, therefore, unjust to Ireland, and it is arbitrary in relation to the Regent! — We have noticed these few points, mere- ly to shew the present Bill. From the wording of it, the framer's appear to have thought that for the last 22 years, the world has stood still with regard to every thing that could make in favour of the Prince, or to have been retrogade; and that, every thing that could, be urged against him has been progressive! In the clauses of the Bill, where blanks are left open to be filled up in the Committee, we find that the Queen's Council consisted, in the old Bill, of nine Members, viz. The Archbishop of Canterbury; Lord Thurlow, Chancellor; Archbishop of York; Lord Kenyon, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench; the Lord Steward of the Houshold; the Lord Chamberlain; the Master of the Horse; the First Gentleman of the Bedchamber; and, lastly, the Groom of the Stole. Of these, five constituted a quorum, sufficient to certify as to the competency of his Majesty to resume the Royal Authority in person; and the Privy Council to be summoned in consequence, and whose sanction was necessary, must not be less than nine. This Privy Council was to be named and summoned by his Majesty, and not to include any of the Members of her Majesty's Council; and the advice of six them, however numerous, was to be sufficient to enable his Majesty to resume his authority. The Bill was read a second time on Wednesday in the Commons, and will be committed on Thurs- day AMERICA. The Lord Hobart packet is arrived at Plymouth, after a passage of thirty days from New York.— It is said that, she has brought letters of recal to Mr. Pinkney, the American Minister at this Court By this conveyance New York Papers to the 11th last, has been received, containing an account of the proceeding of the Government of the United States to take possession of the territory of West Florida, as far as the river Perdido; and the official correspondence accompanying this measure. This correspondence consists of the Proclamation of the President, the orders issued by Mr. Smith, the Se- cretary of State to General Claiborne, - Governor of Oilcans Territory, to carry the Proclamation of the President into effect, in conjunction with General Holmes, the Governor of the Mississippi Territory— and the letter of the latter to the Se- cretary of State, transmitting the Convention of West Florida. The Convention states, that the people of West Florida having asserted their in de- pendence, request to be taken under the protection of the American Government, as an integral and unalienable part of the American Union: and the President of the Convention, in his arguments urging this request, states, " that West Florida had always been considered part of the Louisiana cession to the United States,; that the latter had only deferred taking possession of it, in expecta- tion that Spain might be induced to ralinquish he claim by amicable negociation ; that France can not complain, because she has invited the Spanish Americans to declare their independence; and that neither can it afford any just cause of complaint to Great Britain, although she be the Ally of Spain as this measure was necessary to save the country from falling into the hands of the French Exile from the Island of Cuba, and other partizans of Bonaparte, her eternal enemies While one par of the New York Papers is filled with these argu- ments of meum and tuum, respecting West Florida another considerable portion is devoted to stric- tures upon Mr. Cooke's mode of pronouncing my and thy, which occupy several columns. THE DUKE OF QUEENSBERRY. By the death of the Duke of Queensberry, the following titles become vested in the Duke of Buc- cleugh, and the heirs of his Grace's family, male and female: — Duke of Queensberry, Marquis of Dumfiles- shire, Earl of Drumlanrig and Sanquhar, Viscount Nith, Torthorald, and Ross,, Baron Douglas of Kinmount, Middlebie, and Dornock. The statement formerly given in the newspapers, in regard to the titles devolving upon Sir Charles Douglas of Kilhead, Bart, by the death of the Duke of Queensberry, we understand to have been erroneous. We now learn, that the titles to which Sir Charles succeeds, as heir male of the family of Queensberry, Viscount of Drumlanrig, and Lord Douglass of Hawick and Tibberis; and that he has accordingly taken up these titles. POLICE. MARLBOROUGH STREET. Aaron Withers, Quelch, and Freeland ( the lat- ter of whom is a broker), were re- examined on the charge of having broken into a watch- maker's apartments at Paddington, and stealing therefrom 20 watches, on Christmas- eve. Quelch was admitted an evidence; . and he stated, that he met Withers, by appointment, and accom- panied him to the house of the Prosecutor, when lie first divulged his intention of the robbery. Withers having procured a ladder, he ascended to the Prosecutor's work- room on the first floor, and stole the watches, one of which the Approver picked up, and which led to the detention of the thieves, he having pledged it at a pawnbroker's, when he was taken into custody.— Quelch further stated, that he followed Withers to the house of Free- land,. who got up and struck a light, it being four o'clock in the morning, and received the property, and he received 4l. 9s. as his share of the booty the next morning. The two Prisoners were fully committed for trial. EHECUTION. Monday morning Antonio Cordosa, who was convicted on Friday last of the murder of Thomas Davies, was executed opposite the Debtor's- door, Newgate. From the time of his trial to the last moment of his existence, he persisted in his asser- tion of innocence, and was heard to say, that dur- ing his trial the man who actually committed the murder was in Court. He was attended in prison and in his last moments by a Portuguese Clergy- man, with whom he joined in fervent prayer. Pre- vious to his being brought from the press yard, he cried bitterly ; but on mounting the caffold, he j acted with becoming fortitude. A few minutes after eight o'clock he was launched into eternity. After being suspended for the usual time, the body was cut down, and conveyed to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, where it was dissected, and exposed 10 public view during the day. The concourse of spectators was immense: and amongst the crowd j several of the countrymen of the' criminal were observed, who seemed much affected at the melan- choly scene. STRONG BEER! Strong Beer brewed by the twelve principal Por- ter Brewers in London, from July 5, 1810, to Jan. a, 1S1I. Barclays and Co. - - 128,3- 9 Meux, Reids, and Co. 86,539 Henry Meux and Co. - 51,718 Truman and Co. - - 51,66.3 Whit bread and Co. - 45,812 Calvert and Co. - - 40,000 Godwin and Co. - - 32,767 Con- be and Co. - - 2S. 172 Brown and Parry - - 27,357 Taylor and Co. - - 23,099 Clowes and Co. - - 19,111 Elliott and Co. - - 17,301 The long- expected 8th Report of the Commis- sioners for revising the Civil Concerns of his Ma- jesty's Navy has at length made its appearance, and commenced operation in Plymouth Dock- yard on the 1st instant. It comprises a new system of pay for all the artificers and other workmen be- longing to his Majesty's several Dock and Rope arris, in reference to a very extended scheme of task and job- work,' for each respective description, which accompanied the same; together with sundry regulations for the internal government of the yards; and, it is presumed, will be found not only highly beneficial to the Slate, but satisfactory to every class of workmen, to whose skill and exer- tions we are so much indebted for our maritime ascendancy and national defence. We know not whether the Moniteur has fallen under the displeasure of Bonaparte, but since the commencement of the present year it has dropped the word Gazette Nationale, which formed part of its title. It is now called merely LeMoniteur Uni- versel. 172.000 ox hides, 20,000 horse hides, 3,095 calf skins, 7 hog skins, 9917 sheep and lamb skins, were last week imported into London from Buenos Avres. A prodigy of precocious acquirement has appear- ed in Germany, in the person of John Spilzer, a youth only 13 years of age; but who is said to he well acquainted with ten different languages, most of the mathematical sciences, and to be a proficient in music. He is a native of Lower Austria, and the son of a reduced clergyman. For the last six months he has been blind. The Emperor Francis has settled a pension on him. Alexander Phillips, who was lately discharged for suffering the son of Lucien Bonaparte to pass through the Dock- yard, Plymouth, accompanied by Captain Warren of the President frigate, has been restored to his situation of Warden. DIED, At Gretna Green, on Thursday last, Mr. Joseph Paisley, the celebrated COUPLER, aged 79. For the last 40 years of his life, it is generally supposed that he could not have drank less than two bottles of brandy daily. On Saturday last, at Easton, near Winchester, aged 94 1. cars, Mr. John Bucksey, a well- known pipe and tabor player, who has assisted in promot- ing the merry dance to at least three generations of the gay and sprightly. On Sunday morning, at his house, in Westbourn Place, Mr. William Thomas Lewis, aged 65, a Gentleman possessing an excellent character, of singular merit as a performer, and for many years manager of Covent Garden Theatre. Monday, in New King- street, Bath, Mr. John Ring, a Commissioner for taking special bail. He formerly kept the public house called the BELL, In Monmouth- street, the sign of " which consequent- ly bote this apposite inscription—" I RING." MARKETS. • CORN - EXCHANGE. Monday, Jan. 14. i As the Navigation of the River may soon be free from ice, and considerable arrivals expected, our Market this morning exhibited no briskness of demand for the samples of Wheat that were shewn J large supplies are likewise expected of other Grain, and in these the Same dullness prevailed as in Wheat. The currency for the day bespoke a de- cline. RETURN PRICE of GRAIN, on board SHIP. as under: Wheat 65i.- 75s. 72s. Boilers 50s. 60s. Fine 80s. 92s. Suffolks — s. — s. Superfine 94s. 95s. Grey Pease 40s. 47s. Fine White 100s. - s. Fine 49s. s. Fine Dantzic 100s. Os. Beans 40s. 50s, Rye 30s. 30s. Fine 5&. — s. Fine New 39s. — s. Ticks 36s 42s. Barley 24s. 35s. Fine 60s. — s. Fine New 41s. Os. Oats 22s. 26s. 30s! Malt 52s. 70s. Polands 32s. 36s. Pine 72s. — s. Potatoe Oats 38s. — s. White Pease 42s. 52s. RETURN OF WHEAT IN MARK LANE. By Messrs. Child and Malpas, Meal Weighers. Including only from the 27th December, to ti e 29th of Dec. agreeably to the new Act. Total 0,679 Quarters.— Average 9* fs. 8d. 2s. io| d higher than last return. A Return of the PRICES of FLOUR, From Dec. 22, to Dec. 24, from the Cocket- Office- Total 13,107 Sacks.— Average 84s. Sjd. 03. 2id. lower than last return. Flour - - 80s. to 90s. per Sack. Coarse ditto 75s. to 80s. Bran 14s. to 16s. od. per Quarter. Fine Pollard 26s. to 30s. ditto. Rape Seed 461. Os. to 511. Os. per Last. PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to continued to 14jd. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION S. < 4, Sack of Flour - . 84 2 Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 £> S a Eighty Quartern Loaves at 14Jd 98 4 In favour of the Baker ... 0 1 PRICE OF SEEDS. Carraway, - - 3Ss. od. to 40s. od. per cwt. Coriander, 28s. Os. to SOs. od Red Clover 40s. Os. to 115s. ditto While ditto " 80s. ( o 112s. ' ditto Trefoil 30s. Od to 56s. ( His. Od. ditto Rye Grass 30s. to SOs, Od. to— s per quarter. W. Mustard Seed 7s. od. to 10s. od. per bush. Brown ditto 12s Od. to 15s od. ditto Turnip 30s. Od to 45S. od. ditto Red and Green. 45s. od. to 50s. Od, ditto Oil Cake, at the Mill, £ s. per Thousand. PRICE OF MEAT. SMITHFIELD. NEWGATE To sink the offal— per By the Carcass— per stone of 8lb. stone of 8lb. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Beef ,4 4 to 6 4 Beef 3 8 to 5 4 Mutt. 5 o to 6 0 Mutt. 4 0 to 5 4. Veal 5 0 to 7 0 Veal 4 4 to 6 5 • Pork 5 t to 6 S Pork 54 to 6 8 Lamb 0 0 to 0 0 Lamb 0 0 to 0 0 Head of cattle, this day, Beasts, about - 3,400 Sheep& l. ambs, - 11,720 Calves, about - 120 Pigs, - - S00 RAW HIDES. s. d. s. d. Best Heifers and Steers ( per stone) S 0— 3 1 Middlings • 2 4.— o 6 Ordinary —— 2 O— 0 O Market Calf, each 15 0— 0 0 Eng. Horse 12 0— 13 0 Shearlings .. 2 6— 4 3 Lamb Skins 0 0— 0 0 PRICE OF HOPS. YEARLING BA, GS. YEARLING POCKETS. £ s. £ s. £ s. £ s. Kent 3 10 to 5 12 Kent 4 0 to 6 12 Sussex 3 0 to 5 0 Sussex 3 It) to 5 10 Essex 3 0 to 5 0 Farnham 9 0 to 14 Q NEW HOPS. NEW. Bags 6 0 to 7 10 Pockets 7 0 to 13 PRICE OF TALLOW. s. d. St. James's Market - - 4 4 Clare Market - . 4 .4 Whitechapel Market • 44 13 0 Average price per stone 8lb. 4 4 Town Tallow - - 74 6 Yellow Russia • . 71 < 1 White ditto - - fj-, 0 Soap ditto . . 63 O Melting Stuff - . 0 Ditto rough - . se o Graves - . J( j <( Good Dregs - n o Yellow Soap - - 80 O Mottled ditto - - q/, Curd - - 94 0 Candles, per dozen . 11 ( 3 Moulds - - - 12 6 PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. ST. JAMES'S. £• s. d £. s. d. Average ^ Hay, 6 0 0 to 9 10 0— 7 15 0 Straw 2. 17 0 to 3 6 0— 3 1 6 WHITECHAPEL. Hay 6 0 0 to <) 12 0— 7 19 o New 0 0 0 to 0 0 0— 0 0 0 Clover 8 8 0 to 10 6 11— 9 7 o Straw 2 10 O to 2 IS 0— 2 14 0 SMITHFIELD. Clover 900 to 10 0 0— 9 10 0 2d Crop 6 10 0 to 7 0 0- 6 5 O Hay 9 0 0 to 9 15 o— 9 7 6 Inferior 6 0 0 to 7 10 0 15 o New 0 0 0 to 0 0 0 — 0 0 0 Straw 2 10 0 to 3 0 0— 2 15 0 PRICE OF COALS. Newcastle, 45s od. to 63s, od. Sunderland, 47s. ( 3d. to 53s. od. Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by bom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE,• & c. are received, at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS will also be received, and are fully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth ; Mr- WHITE, Arundel. ' V. Mr, CHAMPION, HORSHAM PALME, East- Grinsted, Mr. MEYRON Rye Mr. BARRY, Hastings and by the Newsmen.
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