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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXII    Issue Number: 3302
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 08/01/1810
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXII    Issue Number: 3302
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal, Cle Jliitii ttfzmp Stttoertisrcr; " 3b . bee ' X prtntea anO publtfljcD bj> anO for dltlltam anO Slrtljur Lee. VOL. LX. 1I. NO. 3303. j MONDAY, JANUARY 8, 1810. [ PRICE SLX- PtACI . IT m Un TPCMlarlv miblisheS every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every 1 own and Village of aU& feh. X, in Parts ot KLN1, abkKiiV, J las Paper which has been re0. iia. iy | HAMPSHIRE • and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London,-" and to every considerable Town in the Un. ted Kingdom. „, CIC- FV N rpif R Y ADVF'ITKFR is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by whom.-, ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will. be received and punctually forwarded to the Publishers '! E SUSSEX WLLK. L_< Ai- N. iioi-. il B y It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. :' SUSSEX. IHEREBY give Notice, that the next General Quarter Sessions of tlit-, Peace for ilic County mf Sussex, will' be held a- follows. Fur the Western Division of the said County, nr. the Sessions House, in chichester, on Tuesday,-- the 9th day of January instant, at the hour of ten in the forenoon. And for the Eastern Division of lite said Count;, at the Sessions House in Lewes, on Friday, the 12th day of January, at the hour of' ten in the forenoon. ' WM. BALCOMBE LANGRIDGB, Clerk of the Peace for the said cot ty Lewes, Jan. 1, ISIO. FCJT'.. ' Custon- HOUSE, London, JAN ISIO, WHEREAS it has been represented f& 4* Com- missioners of His Majesty's('• stoiav^ ti > on or about the Ninth .( ay of December last, some Person or Persons unknown, broke into a Warehouse, situate at Crowlink, in the- county of Sussex, in which were de- posited wrecked Goods, and feloniously stole and car- ried away a Sail, which belonged to a vessel wrecked in Seaford Bay : The said Commissioners of the Customs do hereby offer a Reward of TEN POUNDS, to any Person or Persons who shall apprehend or cause to be apprehended any one or more of the said Offenders to be paid by the Collector of the Customs at the Port of Newhaven upon Conviction. RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and co. joint Contractors for the late State Lottery, return their most grateful acknowledgements to the Pub- lic, for the high encouragement they gave to the New Plan, for Drawing the Lottery in One Day, and to assure them, that it has fully answered the expectations of Government, by doing away the eii's attendant on Lotteries, that have' been so much complained of. They beg leave to recom- mend the New State Lottery, which is on the same priuciple, and will be drawn in One Day, 14th February next. Only 5,000 Numbers:— Four Tickets of each Number. SCHEME. 4— Prizes of ,£ 20,000 4 — Prizes of ,£ 5,000 13 1,000 20 100 20 « 500 4,940 from 50 11 15 Tickets and Shares are on Sale by J. WEST, and Co. Lymington. W. WOODWARD, Hard, Portsea. C. WALKER, Library, Brighton. J. BAXTER, Bookseller, Lewes. J. NORTON, Librarv, Hastings, G. AUSTIN, Bookseller, Battle. For Richardson, Goodluck and Co. Bank Build- ings, Cornhil!; and facing ' he Gate of the King's Mews, Charing- Cross, London. CATTLE LIFE INSURANCE OFFICE, SKINNER STREET, WEST- SMITHEIELD, LONDON. npHE Directors of the Company beg leave to in- J. form the Owners and Breeders of Cattle in the fol- lowing Counties, viz. Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hants, Wilts, Devon, Lincoln, York, Northumberland, Edin- burgh, Lanerk, Ayr, Renfrew', Haddington, Linlithgow, Dumbarton, Stirling, Fife, Kinross, Perth, and Angus, that the following Gentlemen have undertaken the Ad- ministration of the Affairs of the Company, viz. Ant Harman and Thomas Tait, Esquires, and Bank- ers, for the Croydon, Ryegate, Westerham, and Dorking Distticts ; James Terrell, Esq. Solicitor, for the Exeter and Thorverton Districts; Rich. Bellwood, Esq. Solicitor, for the Louth Dis. triet; Messrs. R. Newcomb and Sop, for the Stamford Dis- trict; Mr. Joshua English, for the Leeds District ; H. Clarke, Esq. Solicitor, for the Gisborough in Cleve- land District ; Messrs. E. and. F. Humble, for the Newcastle. on- Tyne District; Messrs. John Young and Co. for the Edinburgh Dis- trict ; Mr. Arch. Buchanan, for the Glasgow District ; Mr. John Halliday, for the Sanquhar District; Messrs. James Scott, Jun. and Co. for the Dnndee District ; Geo. Strode, Esq. for the Warminster District; Win, Horwood, Esq. Solicitor, to the Ringwood Dis- trict ; Mr. Wm. Jackson, for the Staines District; who are empowered to make Insurances on the Lives of Cattle, agreeably to Proposals, which will bo delivered to the Public by the aforesaid Gentlemen, at their re- spective Residences, in the Places above- mentioned. WM. BAYLIE, 3oth Dec. i8og. office Clerk. N. B. Insurances will, in a few days, be made in most of the C . unties of England and Wales. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE- OFFICE. PEC. 180< J. THIS CORPORATION have reduced the Pre- miums on Farming Stock, from 2s. 6d. per cent, to 2s. per cent, and existing Insurances, covering such property, will be reduced as they become due, upon application to the Agent through whom the Insurances were made. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 25th instant, ate hereby, informed that receipts are now ready to be delivered by the Company's Agents under- mentioned, and the parties assured are requested to ap- ply for the renewal of their Policies on or before the loth day of^ an. next, as the usual fifteen days allowed for payment, beyond the date of each policy, will then expire. SAMUEL FENNING, jun. Secretary,. SUSSEX. CHICHESTER, J. BARTLET T. ARUNDEL, William Olliver. BATTLE, William Ticehurst. BRIGHTHELMSTON, John Mills. HASTINGS, William Gill. HORSHAM, Humphreys and Turner. HAILSHAM, Wm. Martin LEWES, Henry Brown. MIDHURST, John Geering, jun. PETWORTH, Thomas Hoit. RYE, Daniel Gill. TICEHURST, Samuel Perigoe. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of expence, where the annual premiums amount to Gs, or upwards, *** This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned by lightning. Proposals may be had of the different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES, being found to he ad- vantageous to persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life of Lives of themselves or others; Tables of the Rates on such Assurances, and for the (.' ranting Annuities or Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And, for the greater convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by special agreement) the As- surances on Lives at the age of 75 years. STRAYED, Into the Grounds of James Sturt, in the parish of Horsham, about the latter cud of May last, ONIS three year old HEIFER. Whoever will own the said Heifer, by paying for keep and ad- vertising, may have her again by applying to James Sturt aforesaid, WHEREAS 1 WILLIAM PITT, Gatekeeper, at Shoreham Bridge, did in July last, lose out of my pocket about £ 19, and I have accused Mr. Richard Sharp, the Younger, of Lancing, with having stolen the same, and he has threatened to commence an action against me for such accusation, unless I do publicly withdraw the same: Now I do hereby declare that such accusation was false and most unjust against the said Richard Sharp, and do beg his Pardon and Forgiveness. Witness my hand the 5th January, I810. WILLIAM PITT. NEWHAVEN PIERS, IN Pursuance of an Order made on the 9th day of October last by; the Commissioners and Trustees of the Harbour and Piers of Newhaven. that 5( iol. part of the principal < hie from them should he paid at Christmas then next, under such an arrangement as should give to each Creditor a due and proportion- ate chance of payment •- 1 hereby give Notice that at a Meeting of the said Commissioners and Trustees, to be holden at the White Hart lnn, in Lewes, on Monday, the Silt day of January next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, it will he settled by the drawing of lots 10 what Creditors the said sum of 50< ll- shall be paid: and, that the Creditors who shall in con- seqnence become in tit led to receive the money, will hp required to produce their securities. ' J, HOPER, Lewes, December 23th, 190f). PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in two several Causes, Murray against Shadwell, and Murray against Murray; the Creditors of the Honourable General James Murray, formerly Governor of Minorca, and late of Bean port, in the county of Sussex, deceased, ( who died in or about the mouth of June, 1791), are to come in and prove their debts before JAMES STAN LEY, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers ill South- ampton- Buildings, Chancery Lane, London, on or be- fore the 23d day of January, 1810 ; or in default there- of they will be. peremptorily excluded the benelit of the said Decree. CARR and KENSIT, John Street, Bedford Row, London, HORLEY and CUCKFIELD TURNPIKE ROAD. TO CARTERS and OTHERS, THE Trustees of the above Road do hereby give Notice, that at their next Meeting to he held pit MONDAY, the 33d of January next, at Twelve o'clock, at the Talbot Inn, Cuckfield, they will be ready to receive proposals from permits willing to provide horses ao< 4 carts for the making the said road. Particulars and conditions may be known by ap- plying to Mr. John Waller, Clerk to the Trustees at Cockfield ; to Mr. Grantham, Croydon; or to James Robinson, at Black Corner, 011 Horley Common. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. WHEREAS HENRY PECKHAM, of Malling. Mill, in the county of Sussex, hath executed an assignment of his estate and effects to Thomas Peck- ham, senior, of All Saints, Lewes,— and Robert Ash- downe, draper, Cliffe, Lewes, for the equal benefit of all his Creditors. The Creditors of the said Henry Peckham, are desi- red to deliver an account of their demands to the said Thomas Peckham, senior, or Robert Ashdowne, and sign the deed which is left at the house of Robert Ash- downe immediately, that a dividend of the effects may lie made without delay. , And all Persons indebted to the Estate of the afore- said Henry Peckham, are desired to pay the same to the aforesaid Thomas Peckham, sen. or R. Ashdowne im- mediately. THEATRE OF ANATOMY, BLENHEIM- STREET, GREAT MARLBOROUGH STREET. THE Spring Course of Lectures on Anatomy, Physiology, and Surgery, will be commenced on Monday the 2- jd of January, at two- o'clock, By Mr. BROOKES. $ nrgcons in the Army and Navy may be assisted in renewing their Anatomical Knowledge, and every possi- ble attention will be paid to their accommodation as well as instruction. Anatomical Couver2ationes will be held weekly, when the different subjects treated of will be discussed fa- miliarly, and the Students' views forwarded.—— To these none but Pupils can be admitted. Spacious Apartments, thoroughly ventilated, and re- plete with every convenience, are open all the Morning for the purposes of Dissecting and Injecting, where Mr. Brookes attends to direct the Students, and demon- strate the various parts as they appear on Dissection. An extensive Museum, containing preparations illu- strative of every part of the Human Body, audits Dis- eases, appertains to this Theatre, to which Students will have occasional admittance.-— Gentlemen inclined 11 support this School by contributing preternatural or- morbid parts, subjects in Natural History, & c. ( indivi- dually of little value to the possessors) may hive the pleasure of seeing them preserved, arranged, and regis- tered, with the names of the Donors. The inconveniences usually attending Anatomical In- vestigations, are counteracted by an antiseptic Process. Pupils may be accommodated in the House, Gentlemen established in practice, desirous of renewing their Ana- tomical Knowledge, may be accommodated with an Apartment to Dissect in privately. FREE HOLD FARM" and LANDS, near HORSHAM, SUSSEX. MESSRS, Skinner, Tuchin, and Forrest re- spectfully inform the Public, that the Sale of the Freehold Farm and Lands of 152 acres situate at Slin- fold, near Horsham, in Sussex, late the property of JOHN CLARK, ES< j. Advertised to be Sold by Auction by them on Saturday, the 30th instant, at the King's Head Inn, at Horsham, is POSTPONED FOR A SHORT TIMS, due Notice will he given of the day of Sale. Aldersgate Street, London, Jan. 4, 1810. FOR SALE BY AUCTION^ At Mr. Wells's Warehouse, Newhaven, on Wednesday, the 10th day of January, 18lo, at eleven o'clock in g| ihe forenoon ; for ( lie benefit of the Underwriter? and Owners :— ALL the Sails, Anchors, Cables, Masts, Yards, arid other Stores, saved front the Brig Erenice, of and from New York, for Tonningen, stranded in Seaford Bay, the 7th of December last. Also, A quantity of Old Beams, Pieces of Timber, and Planks, belonging to sundry Vessel, likewise stranded in Seaford Bay the same day. For Particulars enquire of the Collector and Comp- troller of the Customs, Ne » haven; or WM. CLOSE, Agent, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. V1DLER, On Monday the 29tb of January, 1810, at the George Inn, til Battle, in the county of Sussex, at four o'clock in the afternoon, by order of the Assignees of James lnskipp, the younger, a Bankrupt, IN THREE LOTS: Lot A LL that extensive and convenient Mes- JTX. suage or Tenement, well calculated for two separate dwellings far good families, carpenter's shop, saw lodge, warehouses, counting house, buildings, large yard, excellent garden, with the premises and appurte, nances belonging to the same, situate, lying, and being ill Battle aforesaid, in the occupation of the said James lnskipp ; whereon a very good and extensive business ill the several trades of a Carpenter and Joiner, and Cabinet Maker, is still carried on by the Assignees, who five now employing upwards of 20 men in jobbing only. The premises are freehold, abundantly supplied with the cry best water, and immediate possession may be If id. LOT II. All that Messuage or Cottage, Garden, and Plot of Ground, containing ( by estimation) one acre, more or less, situate and lying about a mile from Bat- tle town, adjoining the high road leading from thence to Brightling and Dallington, now in the occupation of Richard Peters and Felix Roakes. LOT III. All that Piece of Ground, lying at the cor- ner adjoining the new- erected Blacksmith's Forge, in Battle town aforesaid, extremely well situated ( or build- ing upon, the situation being deemed to be superior to any other in the town for trade in general, Lois 3 and 3 are Copyhold of Inheritance, holden of the Lord of the Manor of Battle. The Premises may be viewed 10 days preceding the sales, by application to the Auctioneer ; and particulars may be kuown of Mr. Martin, Solicitor, Italic, and Messrs. Gregson and Dixon, Angel Court, Thregmorton Street, London,— and of Mr. Tilden Smith, Viaehall, and Mr. Thomas Breeds, of Griffin's Wharf, Southwark, tile Assignees. On the following days, viz. Tuesday and Wednesday, the 30th and 31st of January, lain, will be Sold by Auction, on the Premises, comprising Lot I: All the neat and genuine Houshold Furniture, and Implements of Houshold and Effects: Consisting of a large and excellent - assortment of four- post bedsteads, with mahogany pillars, dimity and printed cotton hang, ings ; ten excellent feather hc<| s ; hair mattresses, coun- terpanes, blankets, linen, mahogany double and single chests of drawers capital wardrobe and secretary, ni<* ht I tables, wash stands, dining tables, very handsome Pem- broke and card tables nearly new, portable desk, wri- ting table, hair- bottomed settees and chairs; a capital repeating clock in a handsome mahogany ease, a good toned barrel organ, an horizontal piano forte with addi- tional ke> s, an entirely new repeating bracket clock, a capital mirror in an elegant gilt and bronzed frame entirely new, pier and dressing glasses, Windsor aud painted chairs, wainscot tables, glass, earthen, and tin ware, barrels, keelers, tubs, & e. Stc. And, on the succeeding days, Thursday and Friday, the 1st suil 3d of February, 131( 1, will'be Sold, also by Auction, on the same premises, All the extensive Stocks in Trade and Effects, com- j prising, amongst many other articles, large assortments of fir, oak, and elm timber, scantlings of ditto, planks and scantlings of chesnut, Foreign and English oak and mahogany boards of various thickness, planks of maho- gany, ten pair of very excellent mahogany bed pillars, stained beech ditto, mahogany work tallies, knife trays, voiders and wash stands, very superior cranks, springs, & c. for hell hanging, fashionable paper hangings, deal doors, sash frames and sashes, posts and slabs, work benches, and all' kinds of tools and implements appertaining to carpentery, joinery, and cabinet- making. f it Catalogues of the Houshold Furniture. Stocks in Trade, and Effects, may he had ten days preceding the sale, of the Auctiouer ; at the George Inn, Battle; Swan Inn, Hastings; George Inn, Rye; George Inn, Robertsbrige ; Chequers Inn. Lamberhurst; and King's. Head Inn, Horsebrid^ e, * MALTHOUSE AT PEVENSEY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. HARRIS, At the New Inn, in Pevensey, in the county of Sussex, on Thursday, the 8th January, tSlo, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, unless disposed of in the mean time by Private Contract, of which, should it bap- pen, public notice will be given : A LL that compact and convenient Malthouse, IX capable of wetting at least 20 quarters per week, and comprising three rooms for laying barley and malt, and a pump well supplied with good water ; together with a new erected Cottage, Garden Ground, and Pre- mises adjoining the same, containing together by es- timation half an acre more- or less. The whole of the Premises are Freehold, and posses- sion may be had at any time. For particulars and treaty by private contract, ap- plication to be made to Mr. Martin, of Battle ; and Mr. Thomas Fowler, of Pevensey, will shew the premises. FINE LARGE BIRCH AND ALDER, Standing on nearly 200 acres of Land. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By TESTER and BATES, At the Red Lion, Hand Cross, Sussex, on Wednesday the iotli day of January, I81o, at five o'clock in the evening,— in 33 lots ; ALARGE quantity of UNDERWOOD, grow- ing in Slaugham- Park, near Hand Cross :— The Wood consists chiefly of fine large Birch and Alder, with some Beech and Birch Pollards. The lots are con- veniently laid out for Purchasers, and situate near the High Road from London to Brighton, and other good Roads. Mr. Mitchell, at Slaugham- Park House, will shew the respective lots, three days prior to the sale :— And fur- ther particulars! may be known of the Auctioneers, at Cuckfield. CAPITAL ASH AND ELM TIMBER, LINCOLNSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Thursday, the 25th day of January next, at the Black Horse Inn, in Grimsthorpe, at Three o'clock ill the afternoon :—• ONE Thousand One Hundred and Fifty remark- ably fine Ash and Elm Timber Trees, some of very large dimensions of the very best quality, and fit for all purposes to which Ash Timber is convertable with the lop and top,—; n Thirty- six lots, for the accom- modation of Timber- Merchants, Builders, Coach- ma- kers, Wheelwrights, & c. The Timber is four miles distant from the Bourn Navigation, and the port of Boston and to Spalding, an easy distance by good hard roads from Wansford and Grantham, from whence there is communication by wa- ter, with Wisbeach, Lynn, Nottingham, Derby, & c. A deposit of £' 25 per cent, will be required. William Rosslyn will shew the Timber; and printed Catalogues to be had at the Bull Inn, Bourn ; Red Lion, Boston; Messrs. Newcomb, Stamford ; of Messrs. Bray Solicitors, Great Russell- street, Bloomsbury; at the " lace of Sale; and of Mr. Cluttou, Hertswood, near Riegate, Surrry, TO BEHOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. THE Dwelling- House, being the residence of of the late Mr. Benjamin Blocker, in Newha- ven, with the brewhouse, coal- house, paved yard, ground, and appurtenances thereunto belonging — Also, a large handsome, high walled garden, with turfed walks, and planted with fruit trees. The House and premises a; e situate near the cen- tre of the town; contain in front of the high road about 67 feet, and are capable of being ren- dered a very handsome residence, either lor a gen- tleman or a tradesman. Mr. Joseph Brooker, of Newhaven, will shew the estate ; and further particulars may be known at the office of Messrs. Brooker and Colbatch, Prince's Place, Brighthelmston. This day is published, Closely printed in one volume, 121110.) price 7s. in boards, BIBLIOTHECANOVA LEGUM ANGLE. ® ; or, a complete Catalogue. of LAW BOOKS, ar- ranged upon a plan entirely new, compiled and correct ed to the present time, . by WILLIAM REED, London. Loudon : Printed for W. REED, Law Bookseller, Bell Yard, Temple Bar; P. PHELAN, Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin ; and sold by W. Lee, Lewes, A complete Catalogue of Law Books being much wanted, the Publisher was induced to undertake one upon a plan entirely new, which he trusts will be found not inferior in correctness and utility to any of the Law Catalogues hitherto published ; and it is presumed, that the advantage of the present compilation, will be appa- rent ; the whole being so arranged as to enable the pur- chaser to select at one view such works as may treat 011 the subject of his particular study or enquiry, LAW BOOKS. IT. REED, LAW BOOKSELLER and PUBLISHER, iJQ, Bell Yard, Temple- Bar, begs to acquaint Gentlemen of the Profession in the Country, that they may be sup- plied at his House with new or second- hand LAW BOOKS, upon the t^ ost reasonable terms. N. B. Law Libraries, or Parcels of Law Books, purchased. BLAIR's ENGLISH GRAMMAR; This day is published, the fourth edition, price only half a- crown, with an allowance of the 25th hook, rpHE GRAMMAR of the ENGLISH LAN- A GUAGE, adapted to the use of Schools, including numerous Exercises on every Rule, with queries in the manner of Goldsmith's Grammar of Geography : and treating completely and practically 011 Orthoepy, Or- thography, the Accidence, Syntax, Prosody, Compo- sition and Rhetoric. By the Rev. DAVID BLAIR, A. M. Author of the Class Book, First Catechism, Grammar of Philosophy, Reading I*;.\ crcises, See. It has long been felt by conductors of Seminaries of Education, that the existing English Grammars are. ei- ther too brief or too prolix— so concise as to be useless in the details of School Business, so copious as to exceed the retentive powers of young persons, or so complica- ted as to Exceed their comprehension. This new Gram mar is simply didactic, including Queries and Examples Tor Exercise, and containing every thing essential, yet nothing superfluous. Printed for RICHARD PHILLIPS, N0.6, Bridge street,' and to be li » :. l of W. Lee, Lewes, and of all Booksellers. Cf whom may be had by the same Author, 1. The CLASS BOOK, 5S. 2. The READING EXERCISES, 3S. 6d. 3. The FIRST CATECHISM, QD. 4. The GRAMMAR of PHILOSOPHY, 3s. 6d. 5. The SCHOOL DICTIONARY, 2s. Gd. 9. The GRAMMAR of CHEMISTRY, 4S. BENJAMIN RIDGE, MANS' MERCER, TAYLOR, AND HABIT- MAKER, SOUTH STREET, CHICHESTER, HAVING opened a Warehouse in the above branches, has engaged a Foreman of the first prac- tice and abilities from London to superintend the busi- ness, with workmen of acknowledged taste in their re spective lines. Those Gentlemen and Families who ho- nour hint with their orders, may depend upon their be- ing executed in the same superior style that distinguish- es the most eminent houses in London. B. and W. Ridge take this opportunity of returning their best thanks to those Gentlemen who have honoured them by purchasing their cloths, and beg leave to ex- press their hopes that the excellence of their articles will. entitle them to further favour and support. Garments seat in from other drapers made up with every attention and dispatch. NEW STATE LOTTERY, To be Drawn in ONE DAY, J4th February, 18I0. SCHEME. 4 - - - - £ 3o, ooo ----- £ 80,000 4 - - - - ">, ooo ----- 3o, ooo 13 - - - - 1,000 ----- 03,000 S'J - - 5oo ----- 10,000 2o---- loo----- 3^. 00 44 - - - - 50 3,300 36 - - - - - - - - - goo 360 ... - 15 72,9oo 5,000 Prizes £ 300,000 This Lottery is upon the same Plan as the last; it con- sists of only 5,000 Numbers ( from 1 to 5,000 inclusive) but there are FOUR Tickets of each number, which will he severally entitled to whatever Prize is drawn against such number; for instance, if No. 1 should be drawn a Prize of £ 30,000, the Four Tickets of that Number will be EACH entitled to £ 30,000, making, in the whole, ^ 80, COO. *** Shares will be entitled to their Proportion. TICKETS and SHARES ARE ON SALE AT ALL THE OFFICES. A COUNTING- HOUSE LIBRARY. This day is published, price One Guinea in Boards, con taining nearly 12110 closely printed pages, demy 8vo A DICTIONARY of COMMERCE, TRADE, X'Y and MANUFACTURES, containing the Laws' Customs, and Usages of Merchants, the present state of every branch of Foreign and Inland Trade, the History of Raw Materials, and the Mysteries of all kinds of- Ma- nufactures, with the Names in Ten Modern Languages of the various Articles of Commerce. By THOMAS MORTIMER, Esq. Author of Every Man his own Broker, Editor of two Editions of Beawes' Lex Mercatoria, & c. Ike. It is not saying too much of this work to assert, that it contain < information essential to the prosperity of eve- ry mail of business, and that sooner or bier it must tin, I its way to every Couuting- House, and Place of Accounts. I in the British dominions. No snch work has been. tempted in the English language, except the 11 Folios of Postlethwaite, which were published 1 century ago. Printed for RICHARD PHILLIPS, No. ( i, Bridge street, London ; and sold by W. Lee, Lewes • and ill Booksellers. ^ Of whom may be had, forming a complete Course of Commercial Education :— I. JOYCE'S ARITHMETIC of REAL LIFE and BUSINESS, price 3s. 6d. i. MORRISON'S ELEMENTS of BOOK- KEEPING, by Single as well as Donb| e Entry, price 7s. bound .1. BLAIR's GRAMMAR of " the ENGLISH LAN- GUAGE, with Exercises, & c. complete in this si 11- is book, 3s. 6d. 4. MORTIMER'S GRAMMAR of COMMERCE, 3s. tid. 5. GOLDSMITH'S GRAMMAR of GEOGRAPHY, 3s. 6d. ' 6. GOLDSMITH'S GRAMMAR of LAW, price 4. « . 7. The BOOK Of TRADES, or Library of the Useful Arts, in 3 vols, with 60 Engravings, price ys. COMPANION to BEWICK'S QUADRUPEDS, BIRDS, and FISHES. This day is published, in a very large and elegant vo- lume, ROYAL OCTAVO, priced!. i « s. ( id. in Boards, or on DEMY PAPER, price il. lis. t; d. in Boards, il- lustrated with nearly FIVE HUNDRED ENGRAVINGS ON WOOD, by Mr. BEWICK, of Newcastle, from Drawings by HENDERSON, AFAMILY HERBAL: Consisting of full and accurate accounts of all the Exotic and Indigenous PLANTS useful in DIET, MEDICINE-, and the ARTS ; containing likewise an Easy Introduction to Botany : the Letter- press By R. J. THORNTON, M. D. Member of Trinity College,' Cambridge ; Lecturer on Medical Botany at Guy's Hospital; Anthor of the Il- lustration. pf the Sexual System of Linuaeus ; of the Temple of Flora, Ike. < scp. The engravings made on wood, from accurate Figures o the Plants, drawn by HENDERSON, f By T. BEWICK, OF NEWCASTLE. Printed for RICHARD PHILLIPS, London; maybe had of W. Lee, Lewes ; and all Booksellers. Of whom may be bad, by the same Author, a GRAM MAR of BOTANY, for the Use of Schools ' and Students with numerous Plates, price Five Shillings. EVERY ENGLISHMAN'S BOOK. 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To establish its peculiar Claims to general" preference over every other Work of the same kind, it is simply nece., sary to mention that the Author Is the person who was employed by Government to condense and complete the Reports published by Parliament of the Population and Cultivation of Great Britain, and likewise to ar- range the Clerical Returas, and the corrected Lists sent from the different Clerks of the Peace. Printed lor RICHARD PHILLIPS, No. 0, Bridge- street, Blackfriars ; sold by W. Lee, Lewes ; and to hq had of of all Bookseller's in Great Britain and Ireland, in boards, and iii various bindings. THE ARITHMETIC OF REAL LIFE. 1. The Tables of Weights and Measures, corrected throughout, and adapted to modern usage. 3. Obsolete and useless Rules expunged, and a much larger portion applied to . 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Vice- Admiral Campbell has transmitted to John Wilson Croker, Esq. a letter tie had received from Captain Maxwell, of his Majesty's sloop the Royalist giving an account of his having on the • 31st of December, captured a French. lugger pri- vateer, called Le Francois, of fourteen guns and. sixty men, put from Boulogne three days, without having made any capture The Rovanlist has also retaken two English ves- sels, which had been taken by the enemy. BANKRUPTS. William Faller, Brandon. Suff< S lk, money- scri- veacr Robert Roper, Hounds ditch, timber. merchant —- Thomas Harrington, Crown- street, Soao; Middlesex, trunk- maker.——— John Hitch- cox, Broughton,. Oxford, miller. William Ken- worthy, Pendleton, Lancaster, joiner. John William ' Benson Holbeach, Lincoln, surgeon. Thomas Tavter,- Edgware- rnad, St. Mary, Padding- ton, Middlesex, carpenter. Thomas Chandler, Bethnall- green, Middlesex, grease- melter.— Tho- mas Wardman, Horton, Bradford, York, calico- manufacturer.- Robert Longridge and George Pringle, Painsher, Durham, colliery- undertakers. — James Wallis, Fleet- street, London, . jeweller. ~ LONDON, JAN. 6. Ministers, it is said, have determined to recall Mr. Jackson from America, and not to appoint a successor in bis place. We have received some more American Papers, including the Norfolk. Journals to the 2d last.— In a country like America, where party, spirit runs so. high,' and the public press is. enlisted upon the • one side or the other,, it is impossible to draw any conclusion from the newspapers, of which one set are as loud in the praise of Mr. Jackson as the other in the praise of Mr. Smith It is, therefore, only in official documents, and the proceedings of Congress, we can expect to find the lights neces- sary to assist the judgment in forming - an- opinion on the merits of the case, as well as the probable result. The misunderstanding between Great Bri- tain and America not having been taken up in Congress, the President's speech, and the corres- pondence between the Secretaries of the respective countries, constitute the whole information before us, and that is, certainly, as we have before ob- served, of a very unfavourable and angry . com- plexion. . The National Intelligencer of the 29th of No- vember, from which we cop- ed several of these do- cuments, promises the remaining four letters in full , but, in another Paper, gives the following as the purport of the whole. We copy the coarse language of the American Journalist verbatim, as • - ; In the first letter Mr. Jarksop d"; t'-.. -. - • " letter of the - 23' i . January, to • yhon which v ; « • made, . » <- -. v", ei. • i .• . in Government; and that .:) c ai i afigtincnt would never hive taken '•' 3 To this assurance Jackson replies, by im- pudently insinuating, that at the time the April ar- rangement was made, the American Government did know that Canning's letter was the only letter of instruction authorising Erskine to negociate." " 4. Mr. Smith, in answer, properly resents the insolence of Jackson, and informs him, that the insinuation that the American Government had a knowledge which they had explicity denied, was an indecorum perfectly inadmissahle." . " r,. Jackson, in. reply to this intimation, reite- rated his former assertion, in language more gross and unequivocal than , that which he had before - used, and which had justly provoked the resent- ment of the Administration." " 6. The language of the American Secretary, in, reply to this repeated and unwarrantable false- hood, will meet, the cordial approbation of every: honest American, from Maine to Georgia. He in- formed this impudent Representative of a perfidi- ous Court, that no further opportunity would be a( Tinderi him to BEARD the Government, for that no more communications would be received, and that his insolent . deportment would be immediately communicated to his Government, who might if pleased, send out another Minister, or take the consequence of his unprovoked and arrogant im- pudence." Two Gottenburgh Mails arrived on Friday, from ] which it appears, " that there is no truth in the re- < port that Bonaparte had demanded the deposed ( King of Sweden should be sent into the interior of France His Majesty, family, and attendants, ar- , rided at Carlscrona on the 11th last to embark for Stralsand, from whence they were to proceed to Baden, the place originally destined or their fu- ture residence. This choice appears to have been dictated by a proper regard to the comforts and feelings of the expatriated Royal Family of Swe- den, as at Baden they wilt enjoy the society of their relatives, in the persons of the reigning fa- mily. The King of Sweden is recovered from his late alarming indisposition. We are very far from desiring, or intending, to diminish, at the expense of truth, the natural and just alarm felt by all orders of people, at the reports received from India, relative to the state of our affairs on the coast of Coromandel. They are very ethical, serious, and affording subject of much anxiety. But, when one of the Morning Pltpers, • which makes pretension to authenticity, accuracy, and prio itv of intelligence, informs us, that Sir George Bartow fatn be recalled from Madras, and • Sir Jonathan Duncan from Bombay; we can only admire at the utter ignorance demonstrated in such statements. The latest official or direct intelli- gence, which had reached the East India House, on Tuesday night;'( the 2d of January) from Madras, was dated the 29th of June last. At that period, the civil Government and the army were in a state of variance and mutual animosity; bat it was hoped, that all acts of violence might be prevented. There is no such person as Sir Jonathan Duncan, a Ba- ronet nested by The Times. Mr. Duncan, the present Governor of Bombay, is not only admitted to be one of the most meritorious, high- minded, incorrunt, and able servants of the Company in India; be has sustained their public credit and finances, in an eminent degree, at a time when Marquis Wellesley's profusion! nd spirit of con- quest. bad plunged the Bengal treasury in distress, and involved the army in arrears. At this time, the most flourishing, best administered, and least ijiHebud portion of our possessions in Asia, is ad- mitted to be the Presidency of Bombay. For what reason, there fore, on what pretext, or for what f. uK he is to be recalled, we must leave to The ;. ne< , io inform us. By no possibility can he be i !• nheated in, or even connected with, the commo. ... . S sn'msri'..; on the opposite coast. We owe :: detail and ' exposition to truth; for, with the • nt Governor of Bombay, we have up con- • n whatever. Accounts from Madias, down ,• hj- atHMiiig of September, are expected by t / ue'land, by the middle of the present They will enable;. us. to. form., a. correct < t<: the real position of out Uriahs in that > f the globe,— GLOBE. A dispatch from the Governor and Supreme Council of Bengal, addressed to Sir George Bar- on-, at Madras, on the subject of the recent dis- orders in India commences with a series of obser- vations upon the duties of an army, for the pur- pose of proving hie necessity of subordination ; and that, in no case, can it be allowed to become a deliberative body, or attempt to redress, by force, its own grievances. These observations in truth are almost self- evident propositions, and do not admit of further illustration. Having established these principles, the narrative proceeds to apply them to the present cases of the precise grievances complained of. These are, the exclusion of Lieut. General Macdowall from Council, the release of Col. Munro, and the removal of the Adjutant and Deputy- Adj.- General, from their offices. The dispatch then, proceeds to discuss these several sub- jects separately, upon the principles laid down" in the introduction, and thence to deduce that this paper setting forth these complaints, intitled, " the respectful Memorial of the officers of. the Madras Army," could only be considered a clamorous de- mand to intimidate and overawe the authority to which it was addressed, by the combined and unit- ed voice of the army. A letter, dated Madras, 4th July last, says, " Of news I have little to communicate. We have, at present, no w; » r ill India, and affairs in general are going on well,, You will hear much of the army question— rest assured, however, that, by adher- ing to ' the wise and steady course of measures adopted by Sir George Barlow, he will bring that business to a successful termination." '. Three more, American vessels have arrived, the Masters of which report, that previous to their sail ing, a general embargo had taken place in the ports of the United States which, however, totally disre- garding, and - determined to make a market, they with several others effected their; escape. The total number of vessels which, they state to have broken the embargo amounts to between 70 and' 80. No official advice has yet been received upon this sub- ject ; but as it is presumed that any restrictive mea- sures which the American Executive may think proper to adopt, cannot, under the present circum- stances, be extended to packets, a mail will, as usual, be dispatched this evening from the Post- Office . for• New- York; Indeed many persons seem inclined to doubt altogether the fact asserted by the- American Captains. An American shipping- house in the city stopped . payment for 3;> 1|, 0001. It is imagined that, on the meeting of Parlia- ment, the Opposition to the present Ministry will be as strong and as formidable", both in the House and out of it, as ever was known. The late, elec tions in the city all prognosticate this; arid tile country seem following the " example. . Lord Heath field get's the First Dragoon Cuards, and Lord William Benint k succeeds Lord Heath-, field, in the 20th Light Dragoons. ; The 79th, or Cameronian Highlanders; marched into' Portsmouth, in; Friday and Saturday, last, { or,! embarkation - for Portu « al,' C'aptain Lofe by. i- Q's ftft^'^. of Horse Artillery, destined' for the same service, still remain at Ca'!*>:> hury,; rind'it is expected will not march ' : ' V time as the infantry are em-. j ' i -'•'" '• - '' ; vh We need - hardly add". that • r x< mn troops Will proljab'J.'- be I j of ' the events which'have M rieeent- I- IV," . -•','' i'Thdia . The : ; \ i£' Opoio. V- Commons are anxious ' to ivhut" B'onSparte means,, by saying, that his repudiated wife has' adorned bis person for fifteen years. A paragraph has appeared in several of the Lon- don prints, respecting an attempt of a Baronet in " the neighbourhood of Bristol, to commit an atro- cious crime upon a voting woman, but it is in many, respect incorrect. That there has been some foun- dation, however, for the report, our readers will credit, when we inform them that the affair has re- gularly been brought before the Magistracy of the cjty.— Gloucester Journal. A gentleman in the county of Tipperary has. as ah object of curiosity as well as pleasure, under- taken to establish in his park, a colony of beavers. He has planted plenty of birch, aspen, ash, willow, sallow; osier, alder, and such like, round the ponds, and is about to procure several pair of beavers to turn in. In this project, however, Buffon's hint should be attended to— they should pair of the same families, lest they should all turn hermits. Last week, an eagle was shot in a field near Cammerfield, by Mr. Anderson, of Ullswater. The wings of ibis royal bird measure, when extended, ' from point to point, 0 yards 10 inches. It is likely to live, haying been only slighted wounded in one of his pinions ' . The following instance of the mildness of the sea- son, may , be depended on as a fact. The ostler of the Marquis of Gran by public house, at Thames Dittou, on Sunday morning found a magpie's nest, containing two eggs; when the nest was discovered, the old bird was sitting. The following curious circumstance happened at the Golden Bear Inn, at Reading, some years ago. A young fox had been taught to be in a wheel and turn the jack. After some time he escaped, and regained his native fields. Here lie met the fate common to his species; be was pursued by the hounds, and in his flight ran through the town of Reading, and, springing over a half- door of a kit- chen, jumped into the wheel, and resumed his oc- cupation in the very place where he had formerly been brought up, and thus, saved his life. SILVER COIN.— On the 14th ult. thirty- eight casks of dollars, part, of these transmitted, some time since, from London, to tie stamped at the Soho ' Manufactory, near Birmingham, amounting to the sum of ,00,000] were delivered to the custody of persons appointed, to. receive them, and sent by Spell's Canal Conveyance to the Metropolis, where they arrived the ensuing week. And, on the 32d, a similar sum was dispatched by the same medium. A match of a mile, for. 100. guineas, took place on Thursday morning, near Slough, between Mr. Athol, a known pedestrian, and Capt. Aiken. The Captain performed his task in five minutes and 12 seconds, and beat his adversary about 100 yards. The . winner performed a mile in 20 seconds under five minutes., in , June last. . ; A Coroner's Inquest sat on the body of Richard Watson, on Thursday, at a public- house, in Mount- street. The verdict was, that be died of want, • A melancholy instance of the fatal effects of in- ordinate passion took place on Wednesday night at a house in Leicester- fields A young lady, seven, teen years of age, a native of Paris but who had received her education in England, and who is de- scribed to us as a most beautiful, elegant,, and ac- complished creature, put an end to her existence by peison in the phrenzy of unrequited love. She had resided for " about two months at the house of a Lady " in St. Martin's- street, and had become so deeply enamoured of a British . officer, that the idea of being slighted distracted her understanding, and she took an immense dose of opium.. The desperate act was discovered too late for remedy, . Every ef- fort was made to save her, but in vain, . She died at seven o'clock on Thursday morning. DIED. On Wedeesday morning, at l^ r seat at Ham Common, Mary Countess. of Courtown, wife to the Earl of. Courtown, and daughter arid coheiress of Richard Powys, esq. of Hintlesham Hall, in in Soffolk, JIT Lady Mary Brudenell, sister of the late Duke of Montague; she has left issue, Vis- count. Stopford, Comptroller of the King's House- hold, and three other sons. Her - Ladyship was far adi. anced in life, and. the Earl is in his7Sth year-. ' j —.,— ALL persons willing " to Contract, for the space of One Year, for the following Soils, arising from the several Barracks, hi the county of Sussex, viz. ASHES, and " PRIVY SOIL. And SOOT, per Bushel. Are requested to send their Proposal, sealed up, to the Office of Fowler,' Esq. Barrack Master, South- over, u.'. ir ( endorsed on the cover " Tender for Barrack Suits,") within Seven Days from the Date hereof.' N. !). A separate Tender must he delivered for each Barrack. ' Lewes, January 8, isio. ^ CHASEMORE HOUSE, CUCKFIELD. ]\;- T'ISS MASS'Y takes this opportunity of inform- - l-' Jl ing her friends and the Public, that her Hoard- ing School for Young Ladies, will re- open on Monday, the 22d instant, when she hopes by an unremitting atten- tion to the pupils committed to her care, to merit a con- tinuance of those favors she has so long experienced from a generous and liberal public, Chase more House, Cuckfield, Jan. 6th, 1810. J. NORRIS, " ~ ' RESPECTFULLY informs the Public, she has taken the late residence of Nathamel Paine, esq. very eligibly situated in Easthoathly, in the County of Sussex, for the reception of Young Ladies, where they will be instructed in' every branch of useful and orna- UH'Ma) Needle- work, Grammar, and Geography. . ' ' Term.-' r ' * ' •' ' ' • ; Twenty opo. C; nitidis per Annum, and Half a Guinea . - Entrance;-'; Day Scholars— Fifteen Shillings per quarter. Masters : Wn'stem"; l it - 0 per quarter, t finitii- a Kiitran'ce, U » !< « « ffl « i- ah u per^ iu.[? ti^ i iiuutea Kalrancc, Duawxvo I- A ... o per triti, WnTriNO u io t) per . Quarter, Four Towels are requested with each Lady. It is likewise requested every young Lady will give three months notice, previous to leaving the School. School J. BUTTON, BEOS leave respectfully to thank his friends for. the . tiitrouase with which . they have, during so ma- ny years, tion'otired his System of Education, and to as'- sure th ' camiiiiiance of that attention to the learn- ing' and morals of his pupils, which has hitherto obtain- ed their approbation The.. bunineu of the School will be. resumed on January Vi. ISio. ! Young Gentlemen will prepared for professional or commercial engagements, by himself and qualified as- sistants.;" the classical . department will be conducted by J. PUTTON JUN and the prim tpje of the Mathematics. taught after the. method pursued in the University of. Cambridge-. '. '< eWii'- Dic. 3114 1800. '. Mr. ROSCORLA'S BOARDING - SCHOOL, ' „ FOR - 20 YOUNG GENTLEMEN, Will WTe- opened on Monday, the gjd instant. MR. and Mis. R. return grateful thanks to their . friends', and beg to assure them, that every exer- in, nj'^ vll will be" used to expedite the Young. Gentlemen's etl* afa! ioi\, : t. bd to rii.' ikt* them comfortable and happy in their - Various- pursuits, Mr. R. flatters himself, that his manner, of teaching is so generally known and so satisfactoril-- exemplified in many who ate now men of respectability! that it will be only necessary to add his Charges, which are for Board, English Grammar, French, Mathematics, & r. Thirty Guineas, Dancing, Music, Quarter each, with entrances. Washing, per Quarter," - rOs. I nl. Latin and Greek, iter Quarter, ll. Is. od. • HORSHAM. SUSSEX. CLASSICAL AND ENGLISH SCHOOL. " YOUNG GENTLEMEN are genteelly boarded A and educated by Messrs. THORNTON and SON, in English, Latin, Greek, French, Writing, Arithme- tic, Merchants Accompts, and. the Mathematics.-—. The Terms for those win, learn Latin. and. Greek, are Thirty Guineas per annum ; for those who desire only English and Accompts, 25 Guineas; - ENTRANCE: For ' Latin, & c. - £ 2 2 For English, & c. - 1 I They who direct their attention to the Classics, will hi> under the care of JOHN THORNTON, A. B. consider ed as Parlour Boarders, aud intitled to Tea Morning and Evening. Extra Charges— per Quarter : Geography, and the use of the Globes, £ i 1 Drawing, - - - . r ' 1 Dancing, , - - . -. ) . 1 French, - - . -., 11 The School opens on the 22d instant, and each. Gen- tleman on Entrance brings Six The Vacations are at Midsummer and Christina,, a Month each: and residence during either of them, is for English Scholars Two Guineas, for Latin ones Three. Horsham, Jan I, lain. BOARDING SCHOOL for YOUNG LADIES,. At Horsham, Sussex. MR. and; Mrs, DUBBINS, with gratitude for past favours, respectfully inform their Friends ami the Public iu general, that the Christmas Vacation will terminate on Tuesday, the 23d. Each Pupills expected to bring a knife and fork, and six towels ; and a quarter's notice is requested previously to the removal of a Pupil from School. '' HORSHAM SUSSEX. ALIMITED Number of Young Gentlemen are boarded pud educated by - the Rev. THOMAS WILLIAMS, A. B. Of the University of Oxford. TEAMS - for; Hoard and Tuition, Forty. Guineas per annum. EXtra Charges, as usual. The Christmas Vacation ends on the 29th instant. ' ACADEMY, " WEST TARRING, - SUSSEX. MR, PHILLIPS respectfully acquaints his Friends and the Public, that his Seminary for Young Gentlemen will re- open after the present Recess, on Tuesday, the 23d of January instant. Tarring is a healthy situation and every possible attention will con- tinue to he paid by Mr.. and Mrs, P. to the instruction, morals, and comfort of the Pupils entrusted to then; care. Sea Bathing Accommodations if required. ' A* Junior Assistant is wanted— apply as above. ' ELM GROVE HOUSE , ..; . YOUTH are boarded and instructed in the En- glish, Latin, and Greek Languages, Writing, Arithmetic, Merchants ' Accompts, & c, for 22, guineas per annum, and I Guinea Entrance. The distinguished marks of approbation Mr. Lock- wood has recently received from his numerous friends, cannot be more indicative of their exertions to encrease his establishment, and render it truly respectable, and in all respect's well calculated to preponderate over the general methods adopted in Schools, Whatever surmises may have, originated respecting his declining Elm Grove House are totally •. unfounded and invidious. • Six Gentlemen may, be prepared for either of the Uni- versities, or public » a! U of life; Terms lio Guineas per nuuum* - ,, —. -, P. S. School- re- opens on the (?' id Jan. i8! 0. ^ B^ nEX. commissioners in a Commission of Bank- JL rapt,." awarded and issued forth against JOHN FULLER. of Lewes,. in the county of Sussex, hatcher, dealer, and chapman. intend to meet on Monday the •> 9 « b day of January- instant, at ten of the clock in the forenoon, at the Star ( nu. in Lewes, in order to make a dividend of the estate, aud; effects of the said Bankrupt ; . when and . where the Creditors - who have - not already proved their d<; bt ,' me to t orae prepared to prove the same," or they will be exrl, ude. d,. ih., benefit of the said dividend and all claims not then substantiated with l> c disallowed. : ' S. GWYNNE, . , Solicitor to the Commissioners. THE Creditors who have proved their debts un- der a Commission of Bankrupt awarded sued forth agaiu& t JOHN GOLDSMITH, late of Fletch- ing, in the county of Sussex, innholder, dealer, and chapman, ire desired to meet the Assignees of the estate and effects of the said Bankrupt, on the lfith day of January instant, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon, at the house of Robert DUNN, bearing the sign of the Star, in Lewes, to assent to or dissent from the said AS- signees, commencing and prosecuting a suit or suits tit law or in equity, against the Sheriff of the county . of Sussex, Messrs. Hughes mid others, of Lind field brew- ers, the Right Hon. John Lord Sheffield, of Sheffield- Place, and Wm. Coe of Buxted, farmer, or any or . ei- ther of them. S. GWYNNE, Solicitor to the Assignees, Lewes. 8th January, t8to. DISSOLUTION or PARTNERSHIP ' ". NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership lately carried oil at Battle, in the county of Sus- sex, between WILLIAM HOLFORD and EDWARD SAXBY, Carpenters, was dissolved this 1st day of Janu- ary, tyio, by mutual consent. And all debts . owing from the said Copartnership will be discharged, by applying to the said William Holford, at Battle aforesaid ; to whom all debts that- are due to the said concern, are re- quested to by paid. Witness our hands, at Battle, tile 1st day of January, lsio, - WILLIAM HOLFORD. EDWARD SAXBY. WILLIAM HOLFORD begs to return his thanks to his friends, who have favoured him with their employment, and to inform theui,- that the business of a' Carpenter' will in future lie carried on at Baltic aforesaid* oil his own account. . ' " TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AHandsome, modern built HOUSE, fit for tl » e reside nee of a respectable Family, sitiKi; te. the town ot" Hailsham, in the occupation of Mr. Tutt, > iM* K; tH> ii, "' and containing a spacious hall neat stair'- case, two parlours, large kitchen, ' with &• shl'mifr Yinitiu and pantry adjoining, five bed chambers, Sf& rce tfjjp^ K" rooms, and two ; large with a - detached wash house, a bed- room over, it, a dairy- room• adjoining. * detached pantry, stabling for six hones, Wood- house, yard, two gardens, one of them enclosed t » y a brick wall two Orchards, a well of excellent water, with a pump, and a large lead cistsrn for receiving Tfun- w « ier, viae, whole freehold, and exempt from either heriot, or quit- rent. Mr. Tutt will shew the premises, of which the pur- chaser may have possession at La'ny day next, and to treat for the purchase, application to be made to Mr. Sinnock,, attorney, Hailsham ' ' TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT! \ Substantial- built DWELLING HOUSE and 1\ SHt>!\ situate tu St. James's- street, Brighton, one of the most eligible situations for .. trade in the town,' now let on lease, live years of which are unexpired) at\ he low rent of 4/ 1. 5* » per annum. Further particulars may be known, by applying to Mr. Evatt, ' Solicitor, " Dorset- place, Brighton., CAPITAL INN and POST- HOUSE, TO be LET, all . that convenient L customed INN, the WHITE HART, at Bromley, in Kent with stabling meadow land, and every con-, venence for carrying on a large stroke of business, which Uas been; established- any years. The lease, Vo ' years of which is unexpired, at a very. low rent5 may be pur- " ciiascd, and immediate possession had.. Apply 0,1 the premises, or of Mr. Harman, or Mr, Bell, Croydon. • , _ ; . TO NURSERYMEN, GARDENERS, & OTHERS. TO BE SOLD. AVERY beneficial Lease of a Mouse, and 5 acres land, with the hot and green- houses erected there- on, situate in the parish of Hamsey, in the county of Sussex, and late in the occupation of Josiah Siffieet.— The grounds have been, much improved at a great ex- pence, and are now in a high- State of cultivation, well stocked with- the choicest trees, shrubs, aud plants, which Way be taken at a fair valuation, and the premises entered upon immediately; - • _ ; The premises are held at a low rent, for an unexpired term of is years.' For further particulars enquire of Mr. Gwynne, Soh- citor, Lewes ; or Mr. Sam. Ellis, of Hamsey. N. Josiah Siffreet, are desired immediately to send, an ac- count thereof to Mr.. Gwynne, Solicitor, Lewes. FARM, near REIGATE, in SURREY, CALLED CLAY HILL FARM. TO BE LET, BY TENDER, For a Term of 14 Years, ACAPITAL FARM, with a Mouse, and every necessary outbuilding, in good repair, situate in the parish of I. eigh, within , five miles of Reigate, and the same distance from Dorking,, now in the occupation of- the Widow Arnold, coatttinin^ about ,170 acrcs of arable, meadow, pasture, dud wood, ( tithe free), * May be entered upon at Michaelmas lain. Tenders ( sealed) to be sent to Messrs Strong, Still, . and Strong, Lincoln's- Inn, on or before the 1st day of February next where a Plan, and the Conditions of the Lease, may be seen. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By- Mr. WELLER, On Wednesday, 1oth January, lSlor At the White Horse Inn, South Street, Chichester, at live o'clock in the evening-, AValuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE ;-' compri- sing n good barn, hovel, and gate room, together with 12 enclosures of excellent arable, coppice, and pas- ture land,. measuring ONE HUNDRED ACRES, one Rood and nine Coles, lying altogether, situate at BIRDHAM, with a delightful view of Chichester harbour being four miles south of this City, a small part only of the i'arni lias been chalked; the Tenant is under a strong cove, naut to dress the remainder with six waggon loads of Chalk oil every acre, the advantage of which to the pur- chaser, is of a considerable importance, and the im- provement will he only matured at the termination of the lease,- which will expire at Michaelmas i, tf! 7, in the occupation of Mrs, Gadd, widow,* Quit Rent sl.' per atiuum. . 1 ' ,' Land Tax redeemed. . Held for three food male lives, under the Dean and Chapter of Chichester,- the one 65, the others eg' and 14 ^• years old.^ ij-;'!.-.'. •..', . ' , - » .. ,->| i Further Particulars may. be known, by applying to Messrs. Johnson, Price, and Freeland, Solicitor* • or to Mr. Welter, Chichester. • A FREEHOLD ' WIND- MILL, & c. TO BE SOLD BY" AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON,. • At the Dorset Arms, in the Cliffe, on Tuesday the 9th of January, at six o'clock in. the evening, ALL that Freehold Estate, called Mailing- Mill, XA situate near Lewes. in Sussex :— Consisting of one of the. first Windmills in the County, now in full trade, together with a very substant''„ l built Messuage in ij- o Tenemerits with i'a large- « ulPd in garden1,- rtwo inclosed pasture fields, of about 24 .. cres, and every convenient out- building ; possession of which may be had immedi- ately. ' • , N. B. The premises may be viewed, and further particulars h. ul of Mr, Henry Peckham, of ' All Saints, in Lewes. And on the. following day, Wednesday the hit- h of Jai. nai N, 1 sifor the benefit, of the creditors,. oil t, fie ptrenv? es, by. iirdex yf tlie Assignees, .... .. - All the effects of Mr. Hein v Peckiiani. of Mal. ling- M. ll, near (. ewes: Consisting ,> T TWO very valuable gr- y." horses, a ulilcb cowv three i vi^ iogs.' oVe ybuii!?. , - w, oiie young b'mf ; ducks, fowls, pigcfttis. a iniller- Vcart and harness,-' a, very gcod wi;, (- art awii Ijarn^ ss, 3 stack „ f figgols, about two e. h;'. I(! i'fi| is of s*, r, eo three liaod- ' some bods urvd'appvirtCfiannes, ' laahogaiiy tabled'' uii'd" chests of drawees, -, kitchen n; ld' -. v. i-.' h'iiig requi-' !- sites, and a-.- targctnn. ni v'- of - rich iri . : ; i re. • ' i'o, bi! giu- tU'i'lCiv o't loi ! i: iu.;. llio . U'liuiiug 1 • The fiorses. hogs, low, . tmuiuri . wond and c- ittl, will be sold exactly it tiirc'u o'clock . in th^ jifn pio- ou^. Extract of a Letter from Udimore, Sussex ITHOMAS FURMENCER, of Udimore, near Rye, Sussex, was many years severely afflicted with an Asthma, attended with a had cough, and shortness of breath, - and in the month of September, 1799, I had not been able to lie down in my bed for a week, when I applied to Dr. Miller, for some of liis Nervous Cordial, which cured me, and 1 have never had any return of the disease, December 17, 1800., It is therefore ray wish that it should be made known to the public at large, what a blessing 1 have received, through the mercy of Divine Providence, having directed me to make trial of a Medicine so truly valuable. TAOMAS FURMENGER. We the undersigned, know the above declaration to he strictly true, as witness our hands, J. WOODHAMS, W. WOODHAMS, Church- Wardens. G. SLOMAN, Overseer. Likewise Dr. Miller's Restorative Cordial and Pills, Antiscorbutic Drops, and Worm Destroying Sugar Cakes may be had genuine of the following persons, viz. Battle, Beckley, S. Colbran Lamberhurst, J. Gibbs Bexhill, J. Fuggle Lewes, Pugh Davey Burwash, G. Gilbert Arthur Lee Brighton, Mrs. Gregory Lindfield, W. Durrant Cuckfield, J. M'George Maresfield, J. Maynard Dallington, J. Pardon Peasmarsh, E. Bannister Ditcheling, J. Browne Rye. M. Coleman East Bourne, T. Baker Cook and Son E. Grinsted. Palmer & Son Sandhurst, J. Beach Edenbridge,' W. Corke Seaford, J. Brooker •"| 1 R Parsons Tunbridge Wells, J. Sprange Groombridge, T. Kellick Uckfield,. W. Verrall * Goudhurst, J. Conchman Udimore, R. Chester Haitobkm, 11. H. Waters Wadhurst, T. Bull Hartfield. Mrs; Morphew —: W. Noakes .• MWS'W. L. Barry Winehlsea, Fi. Mapelsden ,- i J. Norton Wittersham, J. Wood. ' Heathfield, J. Ellis. . , ' : j. ( Further Proofs of the Efficacy of * , MR. CLARKE'S FLORIDA ELECTUARY,; .. . Bletchington Barracks, 12th Dec. isoQ.' SIR, THE Six Packets voir left With me on the 30th of November last, free of expence, I have distri-. buted to the following persons* " viz.— Serjeant Tabbs, Martin John Parsons, who have since had uo symptoms of the Ague. . I am Sir, ' : ..'• * Your most obed hble Servant, To Mr. Clarke, Brighton. J. DODD, '!- ' i . ; * Qr.- Mast.. Serj. 61st- roof, - 30th of Nov, and gave . his Florida Electuary, gratis, t » as many of the suffering Soldiers as he could find of the • . brave sist, and it bait" ihe desired effect in c\ ery ease. Sold whole sale and retail by Messrs. LEE, their Agents, and Newsmen;"' •"-'.' ' IT is much to he regretted;' but indisputably cer- tain, that many pi; isoiis.' of iioth deW are detorred from entering into the married state by infirmities,, which d lic. icy forbids them to disclose ; and there are not a few who being already married, are rendered miserable, for want of those tender pledges of nnrtiial lave, without which, happiness hi this state, is at feat," ! very precarious, ft has been ascertained beyond doubt • that these circumstances are ocea » « oded by a general or » partial relaxation or weakness in either sex;, and it is equally certain, that -'- e aenuine •-.- > ' AROMATIC. LOZENGES OF STEEL- - Are the best, if not the only remedy for this species of -, debility,. When taken into the stomach, they immedi- ately diffuse themselves like a vapour, through, every pore, producing effects, at once delightful, salutary, and permanent. When th* spark of life begins to grow dim, the circulation languid, and the faculty paralysed, these Lozenges are sound to give tone to the nerve** ex- animate the animal spirits, invigorate the body, and re- iititHKite the whole man. When aversion to exercise, loss of appetite, and pa,' id countenance indicate approaches consumption, the delicate female will be preserved, and " restored. to health and society, by the benign influence of this medicine. When the delusion of imagination, or the force of bad example have tempted unguarded you th into the dangerous labyrinths of secret sensuality, debi- itated his body, or impaired his understanding, these Lozenges will protect him from - lingering dissase, the infirnities of premature old age, and a wretched disso-. lution. When by luxurious banquets, copious libations, Paphian excesses, and midnight revels, the sons and daughters of dissipation have brought ' on, themselves debility, relaxation, imbecility, and a long tram of ner< vous complaints, these Lozenges will, restore health and vigour to the debilitated frame, and cheerfulness and animation to the mind. The AROMATIC LOZENGES OF STEEL are prepared genuine, by the. Inventor. Dr. Senate, and by his ap- pointment are sold by Messrs, parsons, at their circula- ting library, 40, Ludgate Hill ; also by Mr. Green, .19s, Oxford Street, near Dean Street; Messrs, Bell and Co, 1II9, Strand, near the Lyceum-, by Mr, W. Lee, Lewes, and alt the. Newsmen-; and by most respectable meih etne venders, price- 8s. per box, duty included HEALTH, AND LONGEVITY. DR. JAMES'S ANALEPTIC PILLS, which were contrived by the Inventor as a remedy for himself, ami which preserved him to an advanced age, are admirably calculated for Rheumatisms, Colds, and all those complaint* to which the human frame is liable from the vicissitudes of our climate ; likewise for Billon.-, and all other disorders of the Stomach and Bowels; and for Head- aehes, occasioned by indigestion or by free living; Recourse should be had to them after any excess and upon every slight Uidtapositioh ; and thus lllfirWtl known characteristic of promoting longevity will be maintained; for, by timely assisting nature in the due discharge of the animal functions, . they preserve th- bo- dy iir health and vigour, mid prevent premature decay. j Sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, at the Warehouse fur Lljr. James's Powders, No. 43, St. Paul's Church yard, in boxes, price 4s, tjd,, each, duty included; or six iu, one large box, for il. 4s.- r-\ noe are genuine hu. K those which have the words. •• F. Newbery, No. a. S, St. Piiui's," engraved in. the stamp.— And by those Tenders in the Country wb6 iiavo an appointment under their hands'. --• • • ':' _;.* ' MARKETS, . | ;,.. s, : Corn Exchange, JAN. 5. The supplies of Wheat this day are large-, part of them foreign arrival, and general sales are dull. at some what less,' but fine Dantzic I'lSi.- to' Itj's, •• per White and Grey Pease are lower. New Tick Beans -; 35s. to 406. per quarter; old per currency. There ace tolerable supplies of - Oats,- and this article heavy sale at last redaction in price. Flour at our last quotation, - PRICE OF CORN, s. s. | <.. •'. .8, ; Wheat . - 71 — 100 Tick Beans 43 — 53 Fine Rye,' - " 48 — hi Polands '." S3 — r 35' Bailey, - 41)' — 47 Potatoe ditto ' 36 ~ 0% Malt, - - 82 Fine Flour 4 « t' While Pease 70 — so Seconds . Jr, _ QIJ SMITH FIELD MARKET, Jan. 5, This day's market had but a short supply of dif, ; ferent kinds- of cattle: Veal and Pork sold at last prices; Beef and Mutton are cheaper; and the trade for the most part was not Over brisk. The sales in the Haymarket Straw, and. Clover, have got up in price since last Monday's" Market. We tmtiex an accurate state- ment Of the prices and numbers: —~ To sink the offal per stone of 8lh. Beef Mutton. 4 « , jftlt toAs. 0<},„- Beasts -; - - j^ J Veal - al 5s. or) to I Sheep and Lambs" 3760 • Lamb,- Avfld, t^. f^ d. j- Calves: - - » postscript. FROM SATURDAYS LONDON GAZETTE. Admiralty- Office, ] an. 0, isip. ADMIRAL Lord Gambler- hat.- transmitted to John Wilson Croker. esq. a letter from the Hou:. Captain Bouverie,' of his Majesty's ship Me- dusa, stating the capture of the French privateer L'Aventure, of Bourdeaux, of fourteen' i; un » anil 82 men; she had sailed from that port on '. lie pie, ceding eay, and had not. made any capture. BANKRUPTS.;. Joseph Slocomhe, Britol, hatter.—\ Y in. Wright. Stockport, ( Cheshire, hair- dresser and jeweller.— George. Perkins Alner, Weymonth, Dorsetshire, factor.— Rachel Marsh, Rayleigh, ESSEX, linen draper and shopkeeper.—/ Thomas Giles, Manches- ter, coach- maker.— James Dibsdate, Bedford- row, • boot and shoemaker.— William V'allance, l?. a « t- laoe, Bermondsey, builder.— Ann Darley, , Roe, Buck,. Holborn. . ' ~' - LONDON, SUNDAY.• " Some Spanish Papers have been. received, which- detail two or three trifling skirmishes; in one of which Don Juan Joseph Camacero;, with a small party, met the French at Villa Franca, and, dur- I ing a gallant conflict, killed many of them, taking," 23 prisoners and. 87 horses! Do-. Joan Ximenes, in another conflict,- got possession of HO cwt: . if plate,' much of- which had been plundered from the churches' of Madrid! ; It)., the i> eigbb- j; n', b'o>.>< J , of Quesada, the" Patriot's, were equallystiycc! sfu. l, where their advanced guard attacked and put . to* flight'Soo of the enemy's cavalry; ' V' • .;•• The reports, with " respect to India, Continue to be of a gloomy, cast; : it is ' said that ' tliesi'my of the coast has committed acinal Violence, and that ' it will I* necessary to oppose arms to arms. It is added that Lord Wellington is'going out with an army, of ten thousand men, to subdue, if, he can- not pacify, the Insurgents. If the military,, how- ever, arereally :<) open rebellion, there ie an end of the Indian Empile—- which, in truth, we should be sorry to set preserved by a civil war between our own troops. IF the British anny,/ which God for- bid, are in open revolt, and have thrown away the scabbard, they would find such support, and con- tract such alliances amongst the natives, as would amply secure and sustain their quarrel, a « d> lrak£ the foundations of our Indian Power. INQCEST.— An Inquest was. held at the Nag's Head Public Houso, in Orange Court, Leicester- Fields, on Friday afternoon, by Anthony Gell, Esq. on the body of Ann Paris, an unfortunmate young woman, only seventeen years of age, whose melancholy end is mentioned in our 2d page. The following interesting account of the young Lady is copied from a Morning Paper The history of this poor young Lady is at once . romantic ami interesting. She is the daughter of a Monsieut Paris, who was well known in the com- mencement of the Revolution, and in which he suffered. Madame Paris, with. her. infant da- ugh- ter^ took refuge in this country ; and, ill. the ruin of her fortune,. became a governess in a noble fa- mily in Scotland. After this, she had a house in the New- road j and, about two years ago, died of a rupture of a blond- vessel Her daughter had been placed at ' an eminent boarding- school near one of the new squares; and, on the death of her mother, was placed under the guardianship of a Member of Parliament, who, with the most Jibe*, ral and benevolent attention to her destitute situa.. liotl, resolved to complete her education;, and , she had every master of eminence in all the elegant arts. . She spoke French and Italiantouched, the prano with great e? cecutiou ; sang with tastey; and had read beyond her years. About six or eight months ago she was met in the square, when walking with the. other ' young ladies, by a young than" in the dress, of a midship- man, who followed her to the door, and who wrote to her under the name of Jones. A correspond- ence t<) o place. Her imagination was fired^ and she eloped with him under a promise of marriage. His address was found in her box, and they were traced by her guardian, and separated. Jonas de- clared she was virtuous, and that his intentions were honourable; and, as a proof of it, was ready to marry her with her guardian's consent. In effect they were married, and she was completely un- done. In about a fortnight or three weeks, Jones threw. off his disguise, gild fairly told her'his real character—- that Vie was' ho sailor, bi| ti| ved. hy, his shifts; that'be had married her only for the sum j her Protector. had. paid him, and that she must provide for herself, She was soon, after total. lv ' abandoned; and the shock had such an effect on 1 her imagination, that she has ever since shewn signs of a disordered' in tellect. With a heart that - shrunk from vice, she was Hung on the world with- < out a friend, or a home; and, in this deplorable I state, she became the victim of necessity; < About - three weeks ago she saw an officer, who I V is distinguished for his gallantries, and who by his address and attentions so won upon her affections, that she Could neither speak' nor think of any other | object. This falat attachment absorbed, her whole soul. They entered into engagements to live and die only fur one another ; ami in the frenzy of tilts passion, or under the idea that she could not be his, and his alone, she took the desperate resolu- tion of dying for him. She had prepared three phials of opium, two of which she swallowed) aud she- died- with a spirit of heroism; for no persua- sion nor force Could make her, when seized with the nausea of' the prison, take any antidote to the draughts. She would not suffer the medical men to approach her— and though, . after stupefaction came oh, they .- administered every known medicine, they all failed effect. . .- • --.-.. z • -.- Lord SHEFPIELD is appointed, by his Majesty in C « upc'ii, a Member of the Committee of Coun- cil, for " the ' consideration of all matter* rel^ tiijj^ Xo Trade. ahd Foreign Plantations, Sir Bolligham Graham, has retired from the prince's, or 10th. regiment of Light. Dragoons. i The following, gentlemen cadets are inserted in I Saturday's Gazette,- as Second Lieutenants in the. A Royal Artillery, viz. Henry Hough, Frederick < Monro, George Palmer, and Henry Hutchins,— . Commissions dated Dec. ao, 1.800- In the Medical Establishment of the Ordnance department,—" Or. Gustavus Irwin, to be Surgeon- General, & c. vice. Roilo,— Surgeon Macmillan Jameson, M- D. to be Assistant Surgeon, & c. vice IrgjW^' ffjrst Assistant Lloyd, to be Surgeon, vice Assistant. Surgeon, William Pat- * 1an'. be First Assistant Surgeon,- vice Lloyd,— tcn,' 1" ' Aloises, gent, to be Second Assistant and Hugh All dated Dec. Q7, IS09- burgeon, vice . re„ imcl) t pf Infantry, march- JS^ cSrS, i^ out, ^ Horsham has received orders to embark for s^ ce in the East ll, dCapt. Bean's company of Artillery marched from Canterbury, on Thursday morning, on its route for B The cotton, saved from the late wreck in Seaford; Bay,'( and which was first announced for Sale at Garraway's), was on Friday last'put to the hammer at Seaford; and knocked down at good prices* the sale. being well attended by buyers. Oh Fridsy'next the General Quarter Sessions of . the peace,, for, the Eastern division of our county, will commence, in, the Hall of this Borough. The WAY TO OET MARRIED,' with RAYMOND and AGNES, presented at our Theatre, on. last Thursday, evening;, by. desire of Lady.. HAHPDEN, produced a house worthy of such patronage. The Boxes- were fashionably hlled, and the Pit. and. Gal- lery were respectably- occupied, which gave Spinit to the act< ns, and their consequent exertions to please, did not pass unnoticed by the auditory, who- depaited in good humour, with tile evening's entertainment. Rowe's admired- Tragedy of JANE SHQRE. was on Saturday night performed nearly to- empty benches, which was the more to be regretted, as we do not recollect having, ever witnessed, on. these boards, so able a representative of Jane Shore, as Mrs. HAMERTON, whose performance, notwith- standing the emptiness, of the house, was, as it should be, chaste, attentive, and affecting. Trage- dy is, evidently, her forte. Several gentlemen have bespoke for next Thurs- day night, JOHN BULL and MOTHER: GOOSE, and we hope the pains they are now taking to- make a good house, wilt not be bestowed in vain. i On Tuesday a South- down, four. year old wether, bied and fatted by ; Mr. Hurley, of Iford, was killed by Mr. Paine, butcher, of this town, the carcass of which weighed 1- 1st. t'vibs. and the loose, fat SsU' 2_ lbs. i' 1' he above sheep, which w » s certainly one . of.,, the completest and fattest ever slaughtered, was- fed on grass only. '•••,; - « • » ' Several beautiful Swans, belonging to the pro- prietors of the Eewes and Isfield'paper mills, grace the river Ouse almost from its source to its outlet; and some . of them are frequently seen on the wins 5 but an they are notoriously, tame, and can be iden- tified, ' gunners, we trust whether the'birds " are on the water or in. the. air, will be cautious not to shoot at them— " Swans are protected . by several acts- of the legislature, and the destroying either them or their eggs, is deemed a felony, • Wednesday last; a private soldier belonging to tlie 82' d regiment in the barracks here, having . been sentenced to receive a severe flagellation, for repealed desertions, to avoid the punishment, cut his throat; and, at the moment the guard enter- ed the • apartment in which he was confined, to march him to the halberts, lie, was found welter> ing in bis blood- He had, however, although the incision in his neck . is a very deep one, mis- sed the vital parts, and lie is expected to recover, and we understand, ' tis ; he intention of theCom- manding- Officer to send him to what is denomi- nated a condemned regiment. • On Wednesday last an affray took place between some soldiers stationed at Silver- Hill Barracks, in which, vie hear, one man was killed, and another so dreadfully hurt, that his life was despaired of. SUSSEX AGRICULTURAL REPORT, JANUARY 6. tittle; during the past month, could be done with outdoors; oil the Downs, however, some Wheat has. been sown, and for the last fortnight the ground has worked remarkably kindly j the earlier sown Wheat crops have a very promising appearance; and vegetation: has been extremely active for the time of year. The mild weather, allowing the. eat- Ue still to graze in the meadows, greatly lessens the usual consumption of fodder, and saves the arti- ficial sheep feed,' which is yet very plenty, and pro- mises a sufficiency for. the spring The early west- country Lambs,. since the, dry weather set in, have been doing very. well, and a few South Down Ewes, in enclosed situations, have sdci. 4is. fwlly' ' dropped their La'rnhs. Wheat is from. < m\. to Sfil, . per load; Barley from 17s. to 32s." per' quarter; and Oats from 28s. to 33s Pi< « Pork continues dear, and Reef and Mutton from 5s, 4d. to os, ,8< J, per stone. MARRIED.]. At East- Grinstead, on Thursday last, by the Rev. Mr, Langley, Mr James Camp- bell, of Leigh, in Kent, to Susannah Terry, of East- Grinstead, in this county. DIED]. On Tuesday last, after only a few hours indisposition, aged 70 years, Mr, John Curteis, of the Cliff, deeply regretted by a numerous cir- cle of- friends and acquaintance*. We are requested to inform, the Stationers, & c. who may have any of Baxter's Gentleman's Pocket- Books in hand, that ' they will immediately return them; the demand being so great the Publisher has rot sufficient to supply his. friends;— he has further to inform them, that a publication which has been so much requested will make its appear- ance To- morrow ; that is, a Correct Narrative of the Distressing Shipwrecks that unhappily took place in Seaford Bay, on Thursday morning, Dec. 7, 1800, with other interesting matter relative thereto. Written by an Eye Witness. What'dreadful noise of waters in my ears '. What sights of ugly death wit lull my eves I1' SHAKESPEARE. Sold wholesale and retail by Baxter, Lewes, price only 6d. . The General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the Western division of- this county, will bo holden to- morrow, at Chichester, . DUEL. Last Monday morning, or Willard, of the Sussex Militia, and George Stamper, esq. late a Captain in the same respectable Regiment, met on West- Stoke Common, hear Chichester, at- tended by their seconds; Captains Arden and Pair- hill, to settle an affair of honor, and having taken their situations, at the distance of ten lpaces, fired together, when Mr, Stamper was wounded under the right arm, but we are happy to add, not very seriously, as the injury presented nn alarm- ing symptoms, even before the ball ( which lodged near the blade- bone) was extracted. The unplea- sant- business was put an end to by the interference of some Constables, and the , parties have been since all bound over to keep the peace. We have not learnt the ground of dispute On Friday, se'nnight Mr. Broad, a Custom- house officer, at Climping, near " Arundel, in a tit of de- lirium, shot himself with a horse- pistol, and ex pired immediately. The ball passed complete^ ly through the head of the deceased, and lodged ill the door of a cornier- cupboard, Mr.' Broad had, immediately previous l » his committing the rash act, . sent his servant- maid on an errand, by whom, 011 her - return^ lie wa's found quite dead, with the fatal pistol firmly grasped in - his right hand, Corouer's verdict. Lunacy. Last Monday night two men of this- place," na med Barton and Rolfe, whilst engaged. in. { heir. cus- tomary employment; that of fixing a light at the bottom of. West- street, as a guide to Fishermen in running their boats - on shore, renewed > an^ Uifrtet' which had taken place between them a few days before, and wrought it up to such a pitch, that Barton, on receiving a blow, became infuriated, and plunged a knife into his adversary's abdomen, Which caused the intestines to protrude through the wound; the poor man, nevertheless, contrived to get home, and was immediately put under the care of a Surgeon, and we are glad to hear, now lies in a fair way Of recovery. Barton absconded, and has not since been heard of. Rolfe, by his generosity, in taking part of the blame 011 himself, and admit- ting that the wound might have been unintention- ally inflicted, has gained great credit, and increas- ed the anxiety for his recovery. The Grand Southern Tour, and Map of Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and Hants, which is shortly to h published by Mr. M. Phillips, of this Town, will, we think, be a very interesting and useful: publica- tion ; unci we heartily wish, and scarcely doubt, but the Author of so arduous an undertaking, will meet with ample remuneration from a discriminating pub- lic.—— See Advertisement, *** Our- Correspondent, A NON- COMMISSIONER, we trust Will pardon our not inserting his Letter, for reasons before assigned, respecting similar anonymous Epistles, oh the subject of the intended application to Parliament for new Town Act for Brighthelmston. The Hunting article, signed C. F. B. is not calcula- ted for a County Newspaper.' TO THE PRINTERS OF THE LEWES AND BRIGHTHELMSTON JOURNAL. GENTLEMEN, ISend, you the following, and if von think it worth inserting in . your paper, it is much at your service: — Observing, a few days ago, in one of the Lon- don Papers, a full detail of- the operation for the relief of toothache,, as lately performed at Brigh- ton, fey means of a heated pipe, containing the seeds of henbane.- the vapor of which was Conveyed to the affeted tooth through a funnel!, and it was supposed, and is by many aeredited, that three or four maggots came out, and were found adher ing to the funnel. 1 have carefully investigated the same, and can satisfactorily account for it. These minute seeds when heated, suddenly burst, and that part of them botanically termed the germ, quickly escapes, and to the eye, unassisted by glasses, much resem- bles very small maggots This species of deception has been practised upon many people, with success, and perhaps may puzzle some. of the PHILOSOPHERS or THE PRE- SENT D AY- This is no new remedy for the relief of tooth- ache, as it was used in the days of CELSUS. Jan, < 3,1810. AMICUS ANT1QUUS. NEWHAVEN BRIDGE. NOTICE is hereby given, that the next Meet- ing of the Trustees of the above Bridge, will he holden at the Bridge Inn, in Newhaven, on VEDNES- DAY the loth day of January next, at o'clock at noon ; at which Meeting new Trustees will he ch » cn in the room of some wl> 0 arc dead. HEN. BROOKER, Clerk. Brighthelmston ,' " December .' So, 1809. ON TUESDAY Evening, January 0, ( 310, will be performed, the popular Play yl THE POINT OF HONOR ; Or, The Fortunate Deserter, To w) uch will be added, the musical Entertainment, of TP HIGHLAND REEL. On THURSDAY, By Desire of SEVERAL GENTLEMEN cf LEWES, The celebrated Comedy of JOHN BULL. To which will be added ( by desire, and for the last time this Season) the Pantomime < f MOTHER GOOSE. And. 011 SATURDAY, The celebrated Comedy, of SPEED THE PLOUGH, with THE. MAYOR OF GARRATT, Boxes, 3s ( id, Pit as Gallery, li Boxes, ( Second Price) 2s. Pit, ( Second price) ( s. No half- price to the Gallery. Tickets, and Places for the Boxes to he taken of Mr. Jonas, at Mr. Ticehurst's, Nortb- Sp^ et. ^ pHOSE who have claims 011 tie UP 1' Eli J OUSE NAVIGATION, for Land taken or da- maged, and the Creditors of every description of the Company, or their Agents, are requested to, meet at the Sheffield Arms, in the parish of Fletching. 01 Tuesday, the 16th instant, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, in order to eonsider of the most effectual mens of obtain- ing a settlement of their several accounts, and payment or proper security fur their demands, which have been so many years unjustly evaded. SHEFFIELD, WILLIAM CAMPION. JOHN TRAYTON FULLER. JOHN THOMAS RATT. E. CARTER. STAN1ER PORTEN. MRS- JEFFERSON and~ M. VINE, REspectfully inform their Friends and he Public in general, th « t their Preparatory Bonding and Day Sehool for Young Ladies, at Hellingly, near Hail- sham, Sussex, will recommence on Monday, January i- 2, 1810. FRIAR'S WALK ' CLASSICAL & COMMERCIAL ACADEMY. JDUNN respectfully informs his Frends and * the Public, that the School will open after the preneat Recess, on Monday, January is, I8lt. ; PETWORTH ASSEMBLY. rT^ IIE next PETWORTH ASSEMBLY will be A on Wednesday, the 10th instant. TOE next ASSEMBLY will be on Tuesday,' the 16th E. BROWN. . .. ^ EWHAVEN ASSEMBLY^"" next Newhaven . Assembly. will be on a. Thursday, the 18: h instant', at the While Hart Rooms, in honor of Her. Majesty's Birth Day. Tickets of Admission as usual. " WANTED' TO RENT", ON LEASE A FARM, containing from 200 to 1OOO'acres of l\ hind, with a good house, and Other necessary buildings, next, to Lady- day istl. As the Advertiser would take pleasure ( tythe free) would bp preferred.—, Letters ': po, t paid) dnected to Mr. LEE, printer, at Lewes, will, be duly attended 10. WAN'l'ED, as House Servant-; in a retired plat* iu the Country, a' steady, sober man, who" understands waiting at table, and who will have no ob- jection to take care of a Poney, and to make himself useful, He must have a good character from his last place. Apply to Mr. ARTHUR LEE, Printer, & E. School Hill, Lewes. WANTED, a' careful steady Youth, ait an Apprentice in the Wholesale and Retail IRON- MONGERY - Business, in a large Country Town. Apply to Mr ARTHUR LEE, Printer, & c. School Hill, Lewes. :..-.... : TO PARENTS and GUARDIANS WANTED, a Youth of respectable connexions' as Apprentice to a DRAPER, in a principal Town in- the County. For particulars apply to Mr ARTHUR LEE, Printer, & c, School Hill, Lewes. ; '• , ' N. B . A Premium " Y^ LTANT'ED, a middle- aged Woman, as servant * T • • in the country; She must be a good PLAIN COOK, and capable of managing & small Dairy,— A character will be required. .. Apply to Mr- W. Lee, Printer, Lewes, WAJJTED a good COOK, who understands• her Business. Apply < » t the Half Moon Tavern. Pctwortb. Lewes," Jan:- C, l8IO.:- AT a Meeting held at the Bear Inn, in the Cliff, by those persons in the Town of Lewes and the Cliff, who are interested in th? shipping of goods from London to New haven, it was Resolved unanimously, That very considerable, delay and inconvenience has for a long time been submitted to, in conse- quence of vessels in the Newliaven, coasting trade going to two wharfs in London, whereby they have frequently been, detained much longer than would have been necessary, provided the goods to be shipped in them had ail been sent to one wharf only. Resolved unanimously, That in order to meet the interests of those who are concerned in the trade from Hull, NEW BRIDGE WHARF is eligible, as it will embrace the interests of all parties. We therefore, whose names are undersigned, do intend in future to give directions for the shipping of our goods from the said wharf only. Resolved unanimously, That these resolutions be advertised in the Lewes and Brighton Journal, and Brighton Herald. Charles Blaker Molineux, Johnston, and John Elliott A. Lee John Farnes John Holland Freeman and Sons Marten and Adams Molineux and Stuard Richd. Lambe Win. Madgwick Attwood and Wimble Polhill and Gibson . Henry Browne Christopher Elliott flint, Brown, and Co Jeremiah Dodson S. W. Durrant and Co. Fisher and Johnston Thos. Verrall John Ellman Thos. Cooke Molineux, Johnston, and G. H. Verrall Cater FOR SALE, FIVE varuable CART HORSES, the property of Mr, Wm, Collens, of Brenchley ; sold tor 1: 0 j faults whatever, and well known at Yalding, & c. lo be good ones:— Col| ier,-^ 6 years old, and a Stone Horse, fit to cover, or breed from, Boxer,— Ditto, a Gelding, Tinker, « rFive years old. Ditto. Stroller,— Seven years ' old, Ditto, Captain.— Ditto, . Ditro. TO BE DISPOSED OF THE business of a WATCH- MAKER and SILVERSMITH, now in full trade. The House is well situated in the Market Street, near the Swan Inn, Hastings, which may be taken for a term of years. For particulars enquire of Thomas Fowle, Silver- smith, Hastings, Sussex, - Patronised by upwards of 500 Subscriber?,. THE GRAND SOUTHERN TOUR, And MAP Of SUSSEX, SURREY, KENT, and HAMPSHIRE. FIEPARING for publication, on an extensive scale, a new and elegant Map, including the counties of Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Hampshire, accurately delineating the different Roads, with the latest improvements, exact distances, and conspi- cuously shewing the various routes to the Watering Places 011 the Southern Coast, the Inns letting post- horses, & c. every city, town, village, and parish, with the principal noblemenS and gentlemens'seats, together with parks, farms, harbours, rivers, canals, the whole range of Martello towers, barracks,- and other objects worthy the notice' of the traveller, will be laid down with the utmost care and precision.— The size ofthe Plan will beat least from 5 to 6 feet long, and from 2 to $ feet deep, forming a pleas- ing appendage to the parlour or compting house, not so cumbrous as to be inconvenient, at the same time sufficiently large to admit of perspicuity. For the variety of place's for Sea- Bathing on this delightful line of coast, the salubrious air, proline soil, and high state of a^ teokurt,' through these counties, with the goodness of the roads, excellence of accommodation at the different towns, and easy communication with the metropolis, this part of the country is equal if not superior to any in the uni- verse. The Engraving, Colouring, & c. will be executed by eminent artists; and, as this space of country naturally forms a beautiful and interesting picture of a most important part of the British Empire, the plan, it is presumed, will be deemed ofgreat utility, and rendered highly entertaining and instructive. The Publither has received letters of thanks from the late Commander in Chief; one of his Majesty's Secretaries of State ; the Master- General of the Ordnance, & c. for his descriptive survey of the coast. The price to Subscribers will be Two GUINEAS, but no money to be paid till the work is delivered. The liberality of the public in promoting the. above, as a work intended to display the beauties and prosperity of the country, and to aid sugges- tions relative to infernal ^ improvement, is evident from the 1111 ruber of names already received as Sub • scribers. Those who may be pleased to encourage this arduous and expensive undertaking, are requested to send their names and address to M. Phillips, North- street, Brighton, the superintending Sur- yeyor and Publisher ; or leave them at the princi- pal Libraries in the afore- mentioned counties; where the Prospectus, a small sketch of the work, with the names of those '. who. patromize it, way be had GRATIS, PATRONIZED BY UPWARDS GP lifts , ' SUBSCRIBERS. \ NEW. FAMILY BIBLE, on a much improv-'- JL ed plan, to be completed in about too Number , price only 8d, each, coiitainiu^ 12 pages of letter- press, 4to. and in Parts, price Is. This work will contain . the Old and New Testaments, with References, and G( <>• graphical Historical, mill Explanatory Notes. It will J be printed on a su'perfine wove paper, v. - 1 Vi r. bold type . can 011 purpose. In the course of the work rot fewer fh'ah 3d excellent plates and maps will be given. The plates will be illustrative of some important i> i> sstifCs: of • Vrijitiife, ami the in ps will point out the.; geography of the Old and New Testaments. The above 13 an undertaking of very cou< iderable mag- nitude, perhaps the mow extensive.,<>('• the kind which h .. was ever known to have been . executed in the County of Sussex. The Publisher solicits therefore the patronage and support of the inhabitants of this County, in particu- lar. As it is one leading part of th « plan to avoid as have divided the Christin world, and; an it- will be printed and embellished iv » a superior manner," the Pub- lisher hopes that it will be generally approved, that it - . will be found equally acceptable to the members of the established church, and to the dissenters, of different de- nominations. This work he flatters himself will be just- ly considered as one of the most useful and valuable ad- ditions which can bp made to the library of any indivi- dual. • . V. N. I?. A few copies will he printed oh large paper,' at isj. each Number, or in Parts, containing eight Ninu- '- b rs. . ' ' Printed and sold by J. Baxter,_ Lewes ; and Croshy^ V Stationer's. court, London, . i - ,* , - i : HEALTH PRESERVED WFTHOUT QUACKERY, . • IMPORTANT ADVICE TO BOTH SEXES. nH^ CHS day was published,- ne< « lv printed . in | 2Wo; ' 1 price 4s. sewed, " A GENUINE GUIDE TO "• HEALTH, or Practical Essays on the Preserwition- cf Health, with the most effectual means of preventing, and curing Diseases; also Strictures, ton " Regimen, and THE MANAGEMENT OF INVALIDS, WITH PARTICULAR ADVICE T! 0 WOMEN IN CHLT. D- 3T, D, . A X 1) THE FOOD, BEST ADAPTER FOR INFANTS. To which are added. Observations on. Intemperance, and, various Excesses-- Their extraordinary Influence 011 the . Human Frame; with Suggestions , to counteract their baneful Effects; written 111 a " brief," but cl^ te. and . com- prehensive manner, By T. F. CHURCHILL, M. D. Professor of Midwifery, in London, . Author of the Prac- tical Family physician, Medical Remembrancer, Sse. & C.. ,. .- X- Loudon: Printed for B. Crosby and Co. Siationers' Court, Paternoster- Row ; sold by 3. Biitrttr." - » •< - • aud by all Booksellers, Stationers, and t. .... •• -* a good allowance for ux( Kt « « iiii< vii> TO PARENTS AND TUTURS YOUTH. THIS day is published, h Stationers' Court, London with every Class of Literatur and sold by J. Baxter, of Lewes Ier9; 1. A new Editions f 4s. , Enfield's ( Jenerftl •><: " ing • ,• ,, ' <•• the Orthography. Expla"-. tu , uv. A n .1 . proved Terras, i: i a i> uat Pi,, k,-- Volur. . 3. Second Edition, in oiv la. , oli. ..... . .,.„ hoiuul,' Lowndes's New and Complete History of England. Question 1 .' 4 Answer. r. om J - '. awer to n .% { n'clu ding particulars of , very receu; even.. 3. The Fifth Edition, neatly pt, iitej„ .- nnv ', . The Young Ladies' New Guide, ti'c-. common Rules and Questions • • : : A i< t Mr. Greig, of Chels : a. Also by the f 1:: ^ liliior, •' An Introduction to- tl, o Use. of tl-, c I. An lntroduction to Arithmetic, for Grammar v:': iools. is. 4. A new improved Edition, as bound or on fine paper, wirth 4 plates, 4s. GH. b ar-. ls, Crosby's elegant Edition of Tomkins's Poems 011 vari- ous Subjects, intended to enforce the Prnctice of Virtue, and to comprise, the Beauties of English Poerry. 5. The Fifth Edition, corrected by Mr. Malham is, A new Introduction to the Italian ^ Method ' Of book- keeping, by the Rev. R. Turner, Auihorof Geography and Introduction to the Arts, & c. 6. Third Edition, with a Life of the Author, 2s, hoards, Advice to Youth, being a Compendium of the Duties of Human Life, in Youth aud. tvianh^ pd. ; 7. Price 5 « . boards, or 53,13d. bound, The Elements of English E<' i'- cation for' Youth of both Sexes, with Maps, Wood Cuts, ice. containing the lead- ing Parts of English Literature, by John • Rrovvu, Master of an Academy, Kingston, Surrey,, S. Sixth Edition, with AM ditions and Improvements, price 5s. bound, ur on line paper 6s. Od, boards. Essays on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, chi'efiy ex- tracted from l) r. Blair's Lectures011 that- Science. II> E THE" LAST LOTTERY. " 2,6lR —- A — c£ 5p, 00ri 2,6lS : ; D £<-> OA£ IO 4,009 D -' 5,00d .383 —— D — # ln 8SU —— A 1,000 830 : ^ R —- 1,000 518 D 500 4,855 — C — 50Q; The above Capital Prizes were all Sold iu Shares by BISH, No. 4, Cornhill, and p. Charing Cross, London ; who is selling Tickets and Shares in great variety for the which is on- the same plan as the last, only with an im- proved Scheme, containing 5,000 Numbers, and 50114 Prizes, among which are FORTY CAPITALS. There are four Tickets of each Number, and the whole , Lottery will be drawn on the 14th February next, In ONE DAY. ' , • BISH has Agents in most of- the principal Towns, who are selling Tickets and Shares, w here Schemes and Particulars, may he ha< J gratis, or at , . . No. 4, Cornhill, or 9, Charing Cross, London. Several . Shares, of the above Capitals, in the . last; Lottery, were Sold . in tbe. AeighboTrM" 1', o'( this Town. PRICK OF ' R. M. 14' IUC'IS ; v The only i>) aitet. is'o. n f^ iUay. , , . ., , 9. . S- t." James's Market., I',";'•' ,' ' "'• Clare Market . r"' '". ' ' 5 1 White Chapel . , ' . a 0 '' 15 S Average . • r . si.'.-' - Town Tallow . • , S7s. Stuff . ... 70s. Rough Ditto . « Graves , . >,. - Good Dregs . , ' 1, y- Yellow Soap - Mottled Ditto - - li- 28. i urd Ditto - - lies. Casks - - Sl- 22 " HAY- MARKET. Hay - - al. 10s. Od,. to 61. Os- Od. Straw .- ll. iCs. Od. to el. 10s Od. Clover - 61. Os. Od. to 81. Os Od. • * — — _ Lewes, Saturday, Jan. t) Red Wheat - - -£ 5 0 0 to 0 0 0 White Wheat - - 5 4 o to 0 0 C Barley ----- - 2 " 0 to' a 12 o Oats1 t) o to I 13 O J. LEIGHTON, Inspector. PRUsE () F SToc^ a * SATURDAY, Jan. ti, I8I0. COTS. J Reduced 6j) J. 1 Long Auu, u\ BRIGHTON, JAN. 8,1810. Although the weather, since the commencement of the Christmas Festival, has been for , the- most part serene' AND mild, the roads here, :, and:. those adjacent, are heavy and uncomfortably dirty, both to the equestrians and pedestrians, who, at present, give so much . respectability to this healthy and dis- tinguished watering place. The Castle Ball, on New Year's Day, being made subject to no restriction, with regard to the hour of separation, as in other assemblies, drew - into its enlivening circle, nearly all the groupes of our Wittier Fashionables, who entered gaily into the pleasures of the sprightly dance, and kept it up with the greatest pleasantry, till nearly day- light. 011 the following morning. Mr. Montalembert, Mrs. Gibbs, Mrs, Stanhope* and Lord C. Somerset, gave elegant balls and routes at their respective residencies, during the course of last week. In the more humble walks of life, the gaiety of social intercourse, has appeared 110 less delighting to the New Year's votaries. Parties after parties hav- ing met, in succession, to partake of good cheer, and enjoy the heel- inspiring' fiddle, pipe and tabor, & rc. The report of the PRINCE'S having been compel- led, by the return of pain, to suffer the extraction j of the tooth, which had so much , tormented him wh? fl last at the pavilion, is slated to be, erroneous, and happy shall we be, in this instance, to be con- vinced of the error feeling, as we do, equally in clined to rejoice at the success of the means employ- ed for his Royal Highness's comfort, either in the form of a temporary palliative, or a radical relief. TO THE PRINTERS OF THE LEWES AND BRIGHTHELMSTON JOURNAL. SIRS, rp: iERI' has recently appeared in your paper, A two pieces of low ribaldry, under the signa- ling of Toby Timhertoe, in which there is nothing more remarkable than the sordid exultation with which little minds view any imperfection in the conduct of their superiors. These vulgar compo- sition';, 1 shall, without further comment, consign to contempt and oblivion. But if the circumstances alluded ' o in them have any foundation in truth, they suggest matter of grave consideration. A discrepancy in the decision of two petty sessions in different parts of the conniv 011 the exactions of double toil at the turnpike gates, is aimed at in the first of them ;— and in the second, a practice, not I believe un- ommon, of claiming exemption from toll when the gate is passed through for the purpose of hunting. With respect to the former of, these, the . rectitude of intention in the Magistrates in both decisions is doubtless unimpeachable. Of this 1 imagine there cannot exist two opinions. All that can be said is, either tliat the law is in itself unin- telligible, or that it is worse understood here than elsewhere. Whichever of these is the fact, it is a grievance that demands redress. One of the two I decisions must be Unjust and illegal; and, were it only to avoid scandal, it would be adviseable for I the Magistrates, under this embarrassment of their judgments, to submit a case to the Judges. Or if the eases which occur are too great in number, and too minute in difference, lo be included in anv Statement, it may be proper to apply for an amend merit and explanation of the General Turnpike Act. The clause in this act, on which the above decisions are founded, levies a double toll during a certain time of the year, on carriages laden with 1 TIMBER or PLANK. These expressions do not seem peculiarly liable to misconstruction. I pre- | some not, however, to instruct the Magistrates, but to deprecate discrepancy in their decisions. I shall now advert to the topic which is the sub- ject of the second of these productions:— the pas- sing through turnpikes without payment, when in pursuit of the chase. Of the illegality of such a practice there can be no doubt:* yet no liberal wind will lay great stress on any particular aggres- sion of this sort; in the instance described ( if in- deed the \ yhoie is not a clumsy fabrication) there appears nothing more than a momentary impulse , of temper excited by what might be construed into a novel ; ind pertinacious refusal in the Turnpike- keeper of an accustomed indulgence. A smile or a laugh would be ihe extent of MORAL censure pro- portioned to such an offence. I say moral cen- sure:— hut in the eve of the law such a trespass would assume a different aspect. The law looks llot to the heart, but to the conduct; not to the motive, but the act; and a Magistrate would ill perform his duty who should suffer such ail offence, if brought under his cognizance, to pass un- punished. I speak not of any individual, nor of anv specific offence. But should any person, how- ever elevated his rank or station, be cited before a Magistrate for such a violation of the law of the land,— that rank, that station, and the frequency I and publicity of such violation, would all be addi- tional arguments for the strict enforcement of the penalty. The act in itself is trilling, a mere two- penny transgression, nor can the penalty be a mat- ter of consideration to a gentleman who can afford to keep his horse and hounds, but the consequences to society of a lax or partial administration of justice, are serious indeed. To all orders they are revolting; hut in the poor they are sure to create bitterness of spirit and disaffection. It is not long since that two persons were fined for evading the toll on the road to Hartfield, one of them, a small farmer, for crossing the road twice to avoid the gate was fined three guineas. The man pleaded ignorance of the law. Of the justice and legality of his sentence, however, there can be no doubt. But he has a right to expect that should any other defaulter be taken cognizance of, the same weight and the same measure would be dealt to him also. This expectation subdues the feeling of personal injury, and reconciles the sufferer to acquiescence and submission. It is, Sirs, amidst all our public corruptions and national calamities, the pride and consolation of Englishmen, that the stream of pub- lic justice flows pure and unsullied,: Whatever party prevails, whatever faction predominates, our courts of law ( I speak now of the higher courts) are appealed to by men of all denominations with the most entire reliance on the integrity and im- partiality of the Judges. Every man enters them with a confidence proportioned lo his persuasion of the justice of his cause; and few indeed retire from them, even if defeated, without a conviction of their own mistake, negligence or injustice. It is this nndeviating rectitude in the administration of our laws, that is the grand efficient of conciliation between the rich and the poor. This is the bond of union to all classes of society. Before our tri- bunes, as before the Deity, all men consider them- selves as equal. The business of our lesser courts is, I regret to say, conducted with at least less circumspection. The individual sentences in these are indeed of less import 1 nee than in those, of the higher; but they are so much more numerous, and interfere so closely and constantly with our every day transactions, that it may he doubted whether their aggregate importance is not equal; and as in these there are 110 juries, which are excellent watchmen, it be- comes the duty of every individual to keep an eye on their proceedings. I say not this in disparage- ment. We are all influenced by public opinion. In other words, we all require looking after. The law of reputation has been called the strongest ol all laws. It is at least a powerful auxiliary to all Others. I am, Sirs, Yours, & c. AN IMPARTIAL OBSERVER, * The th owing down, levelling, or otherwise destroying a turnpike fence, is ail indictable of- fence, punishable by seven years transportation, 01 three years imprisonment. LONDON, Letters, dated on Wednesday last, were on Tues- day received from Holland. The Imperial Decree for the annexation of that country to Fiance had not been received there, but there was no doubt respecting the fact. The SENATUS CONSULTUM was supposed io have passed in the sitting 011 the J81I1 ult. None of the Custom- house Officers, or troops from France, had entered Holland at the date of these letters, but they were hourly ex- pected. The publication of the Decree of Incor- poration, it was supposed, will be deferred until their arrival; and the necessary precautions had been taken to prevent any explosion of popular re- sentment ai this political annihilation of the coun- try. The Dutch Funds had fallen considerably, in consequence of an opinion that, on the annex- ation, they wotrld either be entirely abolished, or the interest very much diminished. The alarm Was general, and holders were eager to sell at any price ; hev could obtain. Several ships sailed from the Dutch coast on Wednesday, the last that may be expected to leave it for some time. TOLICE. GUILDHALL, JAN 1 EXTREME CRUELTY. William Stevens, the driver of the Hastings stage coach, which plies to and from the Bolt in- Tun Inn, Fleet street, iras charged with ajnost inhuman assault upon his wife Ann Stevens, his child, a boy about seven years of age, and a Mrs. Lovelin, his landlady, 011" the night of the 29th of December last, in Pemberton- row. He was brought up under a warrant. The worthy Magistrate, Alderman Scholey, ex- amined the warrant, and inquired, why it been granted in the first instance, instead of a summons, which was the usual mode ? The Clerk answered, that the Magistrate who granted it, thought the case was so aggravated, that it did not entitle the Prisoner to any indulgence. The worthy Alderman then addressed himself, in the most humane manner, to the wife, Ann Ste- vens, and asked her, did she not think the business had been better settled without making a disclosure of their family affairs ? He said, he merely sug gested this hint to her, but she was at liberty to use her own discretion; he was then perfectly ig- norant of the merits of the case— if it was her wish to go into them, he was willing to do his duty. She answered, in a very mild and unassuming manner, that she had suffered most severely; but, at the same time, she would sooner screen the Pri- soner's ( her husband's) faults, than expose them, if she had any secmitv that he would not use future violence, when he was intoxicated; for, when so- ber, she had not any tiling to complain of; he had so often made promises and broken" them, that it became necessary she should have other security. Alderman Scholey then asked the Prisoner, would he give his assurance that he would use his wife Slid family better in future? He answered, in a most surly tone, " She wants to part with me, let her; 1 have reasons in my own head for what I have done; there is an improper connexion between her and my landlord, Mr. Lovelin." Mrs. Lovelin then came forward, and produced the child's shirt, which was literally dyed with blood; she said, that the boy had been since under the care of a surgeon; he had a fracture in his bead, besides his body being completely scarified. The surgeon had given it as bis opinion, that many persons had immediately expired of a less fractlu e; and the Prisoner made the boy strip himself naked, while he exercised his long four- horse coach whip on him, the same as he would 011 his leading horses; at each cut making an ejaculation, g't up there! She never witnessed such Cruelty! Anckas to the defence attempted to be set up by the Pii^ soner, it was entirely unfounded; and she believed the Magistrate would think so, when the wife of the man implicated declared his innocence. The Worthy Alderman observed, the disclosure of such brutality put it out of his power to pass it over without inquiring into every particular: a man's being a father, did not entitle him to treat his child as a horse. He therefore would be under the necessity of requesting of Mrs. Stevens to state the facts of the assault committed 011 her. She stated, that about six weeks back, the Pri- soner came home at four o'clock in the morning; she, the witness; was in bed; he stripped the bed- clothes off of Iter, and then struck her several tirfies with his whip, standing and using the gestures he would when diiving his stage- coach. She was con- fined to her bed ten days after, and the marks of the whip- lash had not yet left her sides. She had the infant which she then held in her arms, in bed with her ( a fine female child about two years of age,) she lay over it, to prevent it receiving any inju r y. Here the worthv Magistrate interrupted her, ob- serving, he wished her to come to the last assault, as he was not desirous of any thing in aggravation of the case. The Prisoner, in the most brutal manner, said, " I gave her that, because she had too much brandy in ;" meaning that she was intoxicated. Mis. Stevens continued, and stated, that, on the evening of the 29th nit. the Prisoner came home; her child was sitting opposite to her at the fire; he desired him to go to bed, which he did not do so soon as the Prisoner thought he ought; and for this supposed offence he made him strip naked, and used the whip in the- manner described by Mrs. Lovelin. The shirt that was shewn was not 011 him at the time, as he was naked, but afterwards put on ; and it was the blood from his wounds that dis- figured it so much. She, the witness, went upon her knees, to persuade him to desist, but without effect; for, when tired of whipping the boi, who was a lifeless state, he turned upon her and gave her several sevcte blows with the whip, the marks of which remained on her body; and if it had not been for the interference of Mr. and Mrs. Lovelin, he would have murdered her. The worthy Alderman expressed his honor at such conduct, and reprobated the defence set up by the Prisoner, as he did not believe a word of it; for it was generally the case, where a man was charged with incontinency, that his wife was the first to be his accuser, instead of his defender. Mr Lovelin, who stated himself to be a master bookbinder, said, it was the first time he heard the charge; and, as the circumstance had beeit men- tioned, be called on the Prisoner to state one in- stance that could have given him cause to suppose there was such a connexion. The Prisoner said, he believed it, from the gene- ral intimacy between his wife and Mr. Lovelin; he also made use of some very gross language, which we would be sorry to sully our columns with. Mr. Lovelin then called on Mrs. Stevens to ex- plain. She said, tile Prisoner, from his occupation, was seldom at heme: Mr. and Mrs. Lovelin were extremely kind to her, and seemed as attentive to, and as fond of, her children, as herself; she passed a great part of her time with Mrs. Lovelin, but sel- dom saw Mr." Lovelin more than once a- day, he was generally employed with his workmen. Mr. Lovelin observed, he was sure the Prisoner believed he had murdered the boy, as he leaped out of a two pair of stairs'window, to prevent his being taken into custody. The worthy Magistrate ordered the Prisoner to find bail. Mrs. Lovelin then brought forward her charge of assault, and stated, that she went into the Prison- er's room, to tell him of the impiopriety of his con- duct; he seized a poker, and said he had a right to kill his own family as be pleased; and he was not to be interrupted in it; the law of the land gave him that dominion. Ill- then ordered her out of the room; she obeyed; but his wife dared out be- fore her; he followed tlicia, and struck . them with the poker. She, the witness, got a wound over the eye, and another on her back. He followed his wife into the lower passage, and seized her by a handkerchief she had round her neck, and . vouhi have strangled her, if the witness had not called to some of her husband's workmen, who came to her assistance' On this charge, Alderman Scholey committed the Prisoner, and observed, that it was doubtful if he would not be indicted under Lord Elien- borough's Act, for using such an instrument as a poker. IRELAND and WALES. I11 many particulars there uppears a similarity in the ancient customs of Ireland and of Wales; in the royal household, amongst the ancient Welch, " the Judge of the Palace" ( the Court in which this Judge presided, was the principal court 111 Wales), among other presents received the TONGUES of all the animals slaughtered for the household; this peculiar and remarkable custom may possible receive explanation from the present given to the officer called " Watchman of the Pa- lace," who guarded the King's person while he slept; to him were given, as symbols of his duty, the EYES of all etiimals slaughtered for the use of the palace kitchen. There is, in the old Irish Histories, mention of like customs in the courts of some of the petty Princes or Caziques. Itshouhlj however, be observed, that these SYMBOLS car- ried a signification of suitable gravity; for, an un- just sentence was followed by deprivation of office, and loss of TONGUE, and so, a want of due vigi- lance in the " Royal Watchman." REMARKABLE FOX CHACE. We have been favoured with the following accu- rate account of a remarkable fox chace with the Duke of Grafton's hounds, 011 Thursday last, Dec. 28, I3ti9, in Suffolk:—" Met at Pakenham- hall, drew the Fen, found at the outer edge of it towards the track up to the wood, where the fox jumped up among the hounds, and in full view of a nume- rous field, he ran up 10 Pakenham wood, and thro' it, in its narrowest part, for Thurston Plain, to- wards Barton leaving the Shrub on the right and Rougham on the left, over Blowthorn Heath to Eldo Stubbs, Rushbrooke, and the Link; 011 the right of which he passed'to Bradfield, leaving Free- wood and Monk's Park on the left; from thence to Cockfield and Lavenham, leaving the Springs on the left; then on to the Waldingfields, Newton, and the Cornards, leaving Sudbury about two miles 011 the right, through Assington Thicks to Bures; and from thence on to Navland, in which parish the fox was coursed and killed by a cur dog, at the end of a chace of five hours, without going in- to any cover, except the small one of Eldo Stubbs and Assington Thicks " The fox was viewed several times by the horse- men in the last four or five miles, but, in general, latterly, tlie hounds beat, the horsemen a long way, and weie going in a good body to the last. The distance from Pakenham Fen, where the fox was found, to the spot where the hounds were foiled, by his being coursed, and where the chace ended, is upwards of 2.5 miles, as the crow flies. The hounds/ got back as far as Sudbury that night, and reached their own kennel, at Euston, about three o'clock the following afternoon.' PUGILISTIC DISPUTES. By ten o'clock on Wednesday morning, there were upwards of 2,000 persons assembled 011 High- gate Common, waiting to see the art of pugilism carried into effect At twelve, the combatants ap- peared in array. The first heroes that appeared in the ling, were Charles Christian, an Hibernian, seconded by two of his countrymen. His oppo- nent was Byrne, a Scotsman, seconded by Richman the black ; they fought half an hour, and had twenty rounds; but the Scotsman proved to have more skill, and came off" victorious, without either party having sustained much injury. The next combat was between Branham, a black- smith, seconded by Tom Blake, and the Westmin ster Lad, seconded' by Tom Jones; tliev fought sixteen rounds within twenty minutes; the West- minster Lad proved the conqueror. It was deno- minated among the connoisseuis, a bad fight. The last fight was between Shaw and Parker, both boot- closers; Andrew Parker, who fought James Belcher, and Lenox, were the seconds of the former; those of the latter were unknown; but, aftera long- contested battle of 45 minutes, in which 35 rounds took place, Parker was declared the vic- tor. It is not a fact that there is a combat to take place between Crib and Gull-. They are living on the greatest terms of friendship. Dutch Sam has refused to fight Little, the but- cher, although he is under eleven stone. Dutch Sam seeins cowed; for the butcher is seadv. at a moment's warning, as his friends have backed him fot 2001. FIRE! A most alarming fire broke out at half past ten o'clock on Monday night, at Mr. Ackers's timber yard, the bottom of Water lane, Fleet street. Be- tween 11 and 12 o'clock the flames had attained an immense height, and assumed a dreadful appear- ance. Tin atmosphere all over the Metropolis was strongly illumined. I11 Fleet street and the Strand, the light uas almost as vivid as in the day time.— The timber- yard being close to the Thames, the light was tirown along the river, and presented a full view o| the houses along the opposite shore, which looted beautiful in the perspective. The drums beatand the bugle sounded to summon the Volunteers, among whom the St. Clement's Danes were not tie last to render assistance. The streets were crowced with people, with whose clamour, and the ratling of the engines coming to the spot, from every quarter of the town, all was noise, bus- tle, and coiftision.— About two o'clock the fury of the flames litgan to abate, and they were, by the great exertions of the firemen, prevented from ex- tending beyaid the timber yard, and the adjoining stables, incliding Mr. Pocock's, the coal merchant. - Som; apprehensions were entertained foi the Grand Junction Canal Store- house; and, even in the Inner ? emple, several engines were brought down to tin bottom of King's Bench walk, under the idea tint the fire might possibly extend to that quarter. Slice the burning of Drury- lane Theatre, there has bien no fire in the metropolis of such ter- rific appearance. The abore fire, at Mr. Ackers's timber wharf, consumed leaily 30, OOOl worth of timber, 7,0091. of which hid only been landed a few days ago, and was not inslred. Of 18 horses iu his and Mr. Po- cock s stable, only seven were saved, including one that had its ears burnt off. A melancloly instance of the effects of'fright oc ciirred iu Salisbury- square, on Monday night, in consequence of the fire. A woman, who appeared very much agitated, sat down at the door of Mr Jones; upot inquiry into the cause, it was under- stood from ler, that her daughter was missing in the dreadful fire that took place in Water- lane, as above- mciiti » ued. She was invited into the house, but having nfused repeated solicitations, the door was shut. A short time after, one of the servants opened the dior, and- discovered the unfortunate person dead on the steps. It afterwards proved that 110 accicent happened to the daughter, DEATHS. On Saturday se'nnight, at Loughborough, in Leicesterslire, in the 69th year of his age, Mr. John Farrow, one of Mr. Bakewell's earliest fol- lowers in tie improvement of the breed of sheep, and from whose original ideas he never departed. On Tuesday morning, at his house in Hill- street, Berkeley- square, Sir Henry Streachy, Master of His Majesty's Household. O11 Saturday morning, General Sir William Pitt, at his seatin the couutry. CHILBLAINS are prevented from breaking, AND their tormenting itching instantly removed by WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE OF MUSTARD, univer- sally esteemed for its extraordinary efficacy in Rheumatism, Palsies, Gouty Affections, and com- plaints of the Stomach; but where this certain re- medy has been unknown, or neglected, and the Chilblains have actually suppurated, or broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will ease the pain, and very speedily heal them. They are pre- pared and sold by R. Johnston, Apothecary, 15, Greek- street, Soho, London, the Essence and Pills at 2s. & d. each— the Cerate at Is. l* d ... They are also sold bv Lee, Baxter, Adams, and Pitt, Lewes; Mrs. Gregory, Pitt, Donaldson, and Phillipson, Brighton; Blanch. Arundel; Munday, Worthing; Phillipson and Pratt, Chichester; Cuthbert, Bat- tle; and every Medicine Vender in the united Kingdom. The genuine has a black ink stamp with the name of R. Johnston inserted 011 it. THE GREAT RESTORATIVE TO HEALTH, MANN'S APPROVED MEDICINE For violent Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, Consumptions, Hooping Cough, Convulsions, and debilitated Consti- tutions, patronized by Ladies and Gentlemen of the first distinction. MRS. PARKER, of Warnham, called . on Mr. 1 » X MANN, of Horsham, and informed him of a ie- markahleCure of her Nephew, a son of Mr. William Brown, of Stone- street, Ockley, Surrey, who was some time since afflicted with the Hooping Cough, Convul- sion Fits, & c. which reduced him to skin and hones, and such an object of pity was seldom seen. Different Doctors were applied to for his relief, but all in vain, as he' continued getting worse, and every one thought his recovery impossible. In this hopeless state MANN's APPROVED MEDICINE was made trial of with par- ticular directions in his case ; in a short time his com plaints vanished, and be was restored to perfect health, — Mrs. Parker saw him 011 the aad of October, 1S09, and a finer Child she never saw, being in the Fifth year of his age, ( Sigued) MARY PARKER. October 24, 1809. Also A DAUGHTER of Thomas Eagleton, of Cranley, near Guildford, Surrey, about sixteen year9 old, had from her birth been a stranger to the enjoyment of health, and when they applied to Mr. MANN, of Hors- ham, last Summer, she was so dangerously ill as not to be expected to live, attended with great difficulty of breathing, dejection of spirits, loss of appetite, wasting of flesh, & c. On the 27th of November, IS09, her father called 011 Mr. Mann, to inform him that by taking his APPROVED MEDICINE, according to the directions given, such an alteration soon took place as was asto uishuig ; and she is now psrfectly recovered. ( Signed) THOS. EAGLETON, Cranley, Surrey, MANN'S APPROVED MEDICINE, strengthens tin coats of the stomach, helps digestion, creates an appetite, an< J reanimates the whole frame. Fifteen affidavits of remarkable cures effected by this celebrated remedy, sworn before different Justices of the Peace, for the county of Sussex, and patronized by Ladies ami Gentle- men of the first distinction. Such stubborn proofs one would suppose sufficient to overcoms those who are armed with prejudice as with a coat of mail, and dart through the shield of envy. Sold in. bottles at 2s. ( id. and 4s. ( id, eacn, duty in- cluded, wholesale and retail, by the proprietor, at his Warehouse, Horsham; and retail by Mr. A. LEE, Messrs. Pitt, Pugh and Davy, and Baxter, Lewes and all other principal venders iust the united Kingdom, Government security against counterfeits, None genuine without having " THOS. MANN, Hor- ha 111, Sussex, 11 engraved 011 the stamp- to counter- feit wilich is felony. ***' A fresli Supply received bv Mr. A. Lee, Lewes. XTO Medici tie is so well calculated, or has bet- X^ i ter succeeded in giving relief in numerous bad cases of Scrophula, than SPILSBURY'S PATENT AN- TISCORBUTIC DROPS, a fresh supply of which is just received by Mr. PHILLIPSON, Brighton, a trial will prove this, and convince even the tender anxiety of parents, when the glands become first swelled and dis- eased, or the usual symptoms of scropulous'enlurge- ment of the stomach in childreu takes place. In erup- tive cases of scurvy, gout, rheumatism, and nervous ir- ritation of the stomach from bilious affections, its su- seriority has long been acknowledged. Sold at Brighton and Chichester by Phillipson, as at the Dispensary, 15, Soho Square, London, in small bottles of 5S. ( id. double bottles I os. and larger ll. 2s, Compound Essence, to allay unpleasant irritation, Ss. The genuine Medicine has the words " By the King's Patent," expressed on the bottle, bill of direction, and outside wrapper, and the King's duty is printed in black ink. HEALTH AND BEAUTY. BURGESS's LILAC FLOWER SOAP, IS far superior in its fragrance, and infallible in its efficacy, to any other Soap ; being prepared with the Milk extracted from the Flower. This Milk being of an oily substance, will make the Complexion beauti- fully white, soft, and smooth ; it braces and cherishes the Skin for ever in old age, it produces a blooming ap- pearance of youth. It is unnecessary to comment upon this valuable discovery, as the Proprietor will pledge himself 10 return the Money, if not found lo answer the desired effect. Sold, wholesale only, by the Proprietor, at his Manu- factory, No. yn, Cursitor- street, Chancery- lane, Lon- don ; and retail, by appointment, at every principal town in the united kingdom. Price Is. 6d. a square. Letter from a Lieut. Colonel in the Militia, to the Pro prietor of Dr. Johnson's salubrious Vegetable Specific. " Stafford, Nov. f5, ISot). « Sir, " COME years before your most useful Svrup, O called Vegetable Essence, was made known as a public medicine, I was much afflicted with the Scurvy, and eruptions oil my back, breast, and face, which were very troublesome and disagreeable. By taking about five bottles of your Essence,* ( which 1 was induced tft use, because I was convinced it was composed of Vege- table Materials only, having employed a medical friend to examine its properties) I fouud myself perfectly cured, and free from Scurvy. The eruptions on qiy ace and body disappeared, and my skin became per- fectly clear. It look ofl'the itching, gave perfect ease to ray feet, which were threatened wiih the gout, ( it being a family complaint) and relieved the drowsiness with which 1 had been affected for a length of time My nights became comfortable, my sleep refreshing, and my health and spirits were fnliy restored. Though se- veral years have elapsed I have had scarcely any return of the complaint, although a very free liver. When- ever ally eruption has since appeared, one or two bottles I always found sufficient to set me right again. I am, Sir, your obliged, & r." * The materials are now r. ade up into a packet. OBC packet is equal to five bottles. The bailie of the respectable gentleman, whose case is stated iu the above letter, may be known 011 applica- tion to the wholesale venders of the Remedy. Barclay and Son, 95, Fleet Market, London ; to whom retail venders are requested to make early application It may be procured genuine, price 15s. with clear and explicit directions, of Mr. W. Lee, Lewes ; Gregory, and Phil- lipson, Brighton ; Munday, Worthing; Mann, Horsham; M'George, Cuckfield ; Smith, Newhaven ; Marchant, Steyning; Wheeler, Battle ; Phillipson, Chichester, and by the respective Agents of this Paper. One Packet of this uutritious Vegetable Anti- scorbutic, has in many instances done more towards eradicating the Scurvy, than all the dangerous remedies which have been ransacked from the Mineral Kingdom. CORN - EXCHAN G Monday, Jan. 1, 181*. There heing 110 Market last Monday, a consider, able quantity of Grain was poured in on Wednes- day and Friday; on neither of these days, how- ever, were the buyers numerous, and prices of every article, except Fine Wheats, experienced a, decline.— To- day we bad a large supply of Wheat, added to remainders left over, the bulk of which was mostly of second and inferior quality.— The Fine still continues to keep its price, but the ordi- nary was cheaper.— Barley, likewise, of infeiior quality, was lower, and the Fine did not obtain more than ,53s. per quarter.— Malt also dull, at the prices quoted— White and Grey Pease, and the two sorts of Beans, have not acquired prices equal to our last statement.— Oats also suffered a decline in value last week, but to- day Fine sam- ples rather revived. s. s. s. s. Wheat 84 — 92 Polands St — S* Fine ditto 98 — 104 W. Pease 72 — •>-> Rye 4( 3 — 48 Fine ditto — — sii Barley So — 52 Grey do. 43 — 54 Malt 76 — 82 j Beans 48 — 54 Small Oats 30 — 32 | Ticks 46 — 54 RETURN OF WHEAT IN MARK LANE. By Messrs. Child and Malpas, Meal Weighers. Including only from the 18th of Dec. to the 25th of Dec. agreeably to the new Act. Total 11,473 Quarters.— Average 99i. 5* d. Is. 8Jd lower than last return A Return of the PRICES of FLOUR, From Dec. 16, to Dec. 22, from the Cocket- Office. Total 14,892 Sacks.— Average 94s. ojd. • Is. | d. lower. PRICE OF FLOUR. Flour — 95s. per Sack. Coarse ditto 85s. to 90s. Bran 10s. to 12s. Od. per Quarter,. Fine Pollard 28s. to 32s. ditto, PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to bi continued at lfiid. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION S. Sack of Flour - - 94 6£ Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 108 71 Eighty Quartern Loaves at l6sd 108 4 Against the Baker - . . o 21 PRICE OF SEEDS. Rape Seed 481. Os. to 52i. Os. per Last. Carraway, - - 47s. Od. to 48s. od. per cwt. Coriander, 17s. 0s. to 18s. Od. Red Clover 5os. Os. to 135s. ditto White ditto 60s. to 130s. ditto Trefoil 15s. Od. to s.— 75s. Od. ditto Rye Grass 20s. to 50s. Od. to— s. per quarter. W. Mustard Seed 8s. Od. to 12s. Od. per bush. Brown ditto 16s Od. to 20s. Od. ditto Turnip I2s. od. to20s. od. ditto PRICE OF MEAT. SMITHFIELD. NEWGATE To sink the offal— per 3y the Carcass—. per stone of 8lb. stone of 8lb. s- d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Beef 4 4 to 6 4 Beef 3 8 to 5 0 Mutt. 5 4 to C 6 Mutt. 4 8 to 5 4 Veal 5 0 to 7 0 Veal 4 8 to 6 8 Pork 0 0 to 7 4 Pork 6 0 to 7 7 Lamb 0 0 lo 0 0 Lamb 0 0 to 0 o Head of cattle— this day— Beasts, about 2230 Sheep and Lambs, 11,360 Calves, 110. - - - Pigs, 280. PRICE OF LEATHER. d. d. Butts, 50 to 561b. each - 22 to 23 Ditto, 56 to 66lb. each - 24 to 20 Merchants Backs - 21 to 22 Dressings Hides, - 18 to 19J Fine Coach Hides - 19 to 21 Crop Hide for cutting 17J to IflJ Calf Skins, SO to4ofb. perdoz. 28~ to Si Ditto 50 to 70lb. per lb. 34 to 40 Ditto 70 to 80lb. — 34 to 39 Small Seals ( Greenland) Ss. to 3s. 2 Large ditto, per dozen 100s. to 140s. Tann'd horse hides, p4r lb. 19d. to 2i id. RAW HIDES. s. d. s. d. Best Heifers and Steers ( per stone) 2 fo— 3 $ Middlings —— .2 6— 2 4 Ordinary — 2 2— 2 0 Market Calf, each — 15 0— 0 o Eng. Horse 14 0 16 O Sheep Skins 2 6— 5 O PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. ST. JAMES'S. £. s. d £. s. d. Average. Hay, 4 4 0 to 6 10 0— 5 7 0 Straw 2 2 0 to 2 11 0— 2 6 6 WHITECHAPEL. Hay 4 10 0 to 6 6 0— 5 8 Clover 6 10 0 to 7 16 0— 6 13 6 Straw 1 IS 0 to 2 8 0— 2 3 V PRICE OF HOPS. BAGS. POCKETS. £ 6- £ S. £ S. £ J. Kent 5 o to 0 O Kent 4 10 to 0 6 Sussex 4 10 to 5 10 Sussex 3 15 to 4 15 Essex 4 10 to 5 10 Farnham 6 0 to 10 « PRICE OF TALLOW. s. d. St. James's Market - - 5 0 Clare Market ... 5 0| Whitechapel Market - 5 0 Average price per stone 8lb. 5 O Town Tallow - » 87 it Yellow Russia • - ,01 0 White ditto - 80 » Soap ditto - . 85 O Melting Stuff - 70 W Ditto rough • - 50 o Graves - - 14 o Good Dregs • 14 O Yellow Soap - - 102 0 Mottled ditto - - 114 O Curd - - - 118 O Candles, per dozen - 13 O Moulds - - - 14 0 PRICE OF COALS.. Newcastle, 52s. Oil. to 74s. 6d. Sunderland, 51s. Od. to 58s. Od. Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS will ALKI be received, and arefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHIRY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst ; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth; Mr. WHITE, Arundel. Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM ; PALMER, East- Gristed Mr. MRYRON RYE; Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen.
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