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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3802
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 25/12/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3802
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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THE AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS> DORSETi SOMERSET. [ NUMBER 3302. VOLUME LXXIV.] MONDAY, DECEMBER OK 1809. PRICE SIXPENCE HALFPENNY./ Stamp Duty.. 3id. I Paper and Print* 3d. Monday'' s and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. VIENNA, November 27. THIS ( lav arrived in this capital his Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Austria. He was dressed in tile Hungarian uniform, aud seated in a coach drawn by six horses, which could hardly pass the streets, crowded by the inhabitant-, who received their gracious Sovereign with incessant shouts of " Long live the Em- peror!" At night, there was not one single house that was not illuminated. All the Theatres are this day to l> e thrown open to the public, and a general illumumtiou will again take place this evening. Her Majesty the Empre.- s mid tbe Archduke Charles are also shortly expected. The Emperor has ordered tbe sum of 100,000 florins to be dis- tributed among the poor. This morning Te Deum was sung in the fathedral. LONDON, MONDAY, DECEMBER IS. A Mail arrived yesterday from' Cadiz, " which brought Spanish papers down to the date of the 29th ult. These papers represent the defeat of the Spaniard's at Ocauo ' as less disastrous than the first accounts had staved. The Patriots fought for a considerable tima in expectation of a victory, and their defeat is attributed to'treason and cowardice in a regiment of cavalry, which was placed in an' advantageous position to cover a large body of the infantry, but shamefully took to flight at a critical moment, and spread disorder and consternation among the Spaniards. The superior tactics of the French enabled them to take advantage of this, and the slaughter which immediately ( hisued was dreadful. The Spaniards, however, rallied, preserved two park; of thtir artillery, marched off in good older, and hoped to make a stand on the banks of tbe Guadiana. The bead- quarters of General Arezaga were at Carolina. A, soon as intelligence of this defeat reached Seville, the Marquis de la Romans, with a detachment of about 9000 10 : n, left that city for La Carolina, to rcinf rec General An znga.— Several Officers of tbe regiment of cavalry who hah; veil so shamefully were tiied and executed as traitors ; ami an Address to the people, on the state of the country, was published bv the Junta. It is an admirable appeal to ' their best feelings; and. an additional proof that if the Spaniards could act as well as they can write, they might defy the power of their gigantic adversary.—- It is certainly a ibvotiiable circumstance that the Spaniards appear not to despond after such a defeat. A letter from Lisbon, of the 3d inst. states that the Count de San Pavo has been appointed Inspector- General » f, the Portuguese t.' ivalry. This seems marvellous, for the Count was the confidential agent of tbe French General Junot, aud held the office of Secretaiy of State tit. tier the Trench Government, whilst they occupied Li- bon 1 Dutch papers to the 15th inst. were received . this Vvening. 1 bey state the result of the battle of Ocano, but furnish few details of tlie engagement. The action t : rk place on tbe 19. h iilt. The French were commanded by Joseph Bonaparte in person, who bad under him the Marshal Duke of Dalmatia. Tbe loss of the Spaniards is stated at 4000 left dead ml the field of battle, aud 20,000 prisoners. But La Mancha is not the only quarter in which success lias attended the arms of the enemy. A corps under Gtn. JloiiNVt ha-' defeated General Marquesito, with considerable joss ( these papers say 2000 killed and prisoners) and tbe - J'Yeneh bane re- occupied St. Andero. The 30,000 Conscripts, destined to reinforce the French arttty in Spain, have pas- ed the Pyrenees. The last division inarched from Bayunue at tbe end of October. The Tyrol, we are told, for tbe tenth time, is nearly tran'quilized ; but other accounts admit that tbe insurgent-, tf- e in great force, and that Holier i; once illore at their head. On the anniversary of Bonaparte's coronation, the city of Paris gave a fete in the Hotel de Ville, at which the whole tribe of vassal Kings, P. inces, and Grand Dignita- Viu, were present. At five o'clock the Kings of Wiitein- herg, . Saxony, HoUan- U Westphalia, anil Naples, aud the. Queens of Spain, Holland, Westphalia, and Naples, tot k their seats in the grand apartment in the Hotel de Ville. Bonaparte and his consort Josephine made their appearance at half- past six. Bonaparte being seated on the Throne prepared for him, tbe Prefect of tbe Seine made an ora- tion, expressive of the fears of the Parisians, lest the extra- ordinary homage paid to Napoleon on every side might make their affection and loyalty appear of less value. The orator, however, checks himself by exclaiming, " Why these doubts ? who can love you more than we ?" and after these consoling recollections he closes his discourse with the declaration that Bonaparte's whole life has been dedi- cated to render Franc? the first of nations, and I'uris the lir-' t capital in the world.— Napoleon returned the fbllouing answer i " I consider it as a real festival to dine in the Hotel of mv good city, and thereby give an evident proof of my love to it. Its inhabitants must love me ; and 1 be- lieve in the sincerity of what they say ; their interest and their happiness are in my heart .-— Present or absent, I shall often think of my good city, to bestow on it whatever may be wanting to it," anil thus render it Worthy of myself and my great, people."— After this political coquetry in " the iE. dfof the Till", tie,'" his Imperial and Royal Majesty, we are told, passed into another apartment, to receive the homage of " several persons of distinction, public officers,-" •& c.; after Which he returned into the Hail of the Throne, Olid from thence, . accompanied by the Empress, and the Kin » s aud Queens, went into tbe Dining Hall. The - proceedings which Bonaparte instituted against teetti Monnet, tbe late Governor of Flushing, have termi- nated in the condemnation of that Officer, as a coward and a traitor, because he did not destroy tlie dykes ai d inundate tlie enpntrv, and because he surrendered before a. breach was made.— General Slonnet was tiot present at this trial, lle'is a prisoner on parole in this country, and it cannot be icry- desirable for him to be exchanged. Extracts from th » Petersburg!, Gazettes, given in tbe Dutch papers, state, that the Russians have been successful in every engagement with tbe Turks. The former seem . to be r-. pidiy advancing towards Constantinople. Letters from the coast of Coromaiidet state, that • the ( Inferences between tbe civil ( mil military authorities Lave not been compose;!. It seems the system of freonomy attempted to be introduced by Sir George Barlow interferes materially with the accustomed emoluments of the army, but trendies very little on those of Gentlemen in tbe civil department. To this cause tire disgust of tbe military is attributed. American papers to the 18th ult. have - arrived. The discussions between Mr.- Jackson and the Secretary of IState were suspended, in e insequence, it is said, of the in- di po-- iti. rn. of the latter. The British Minis er was at Bal- timore, ami it was not expected the negotiation would be further proceeded in until after the meeting of Congress, which wasT. ied for tbe SJth ult. A letter from Philadelphia states, that the Emperor Ntqicleori has created Mrs. Jerome Patterson, of Balti- more a Dnohnss of the house of Napoleon, with a suitable e- vaV. i.- hmpnt of 40,000 crowns per annum ; her son, by ' ' Jerome, is created a Pii. ice of the French Empire; Col. • - Tous- nn1., late of the American Revolutionary Army, is Appointed Governor of the young Prince, with the rank of General and a splendid salary. He has left Philadelphia lor Baltimore, to take upon himself the duties of his ap- pointment, The Americans ridicule these creations, which are certainly more calculated to excite envy than respect among such a - people. Baltimore, they say, is to be the Imperial and Ihgtd residence for tbe present. The report of the loss of the Hussar frigate is happily unfounded. She has resumed her station off Guernsey : the Pi! it who took her Irom Torbay is returned to Ply- in iutb, having left her on her station, all well, the day after rhe reported accident. Earl Camden has been. elected Master of the rrinlty- House, upon the vacancy ocasioned by the death f the Duke of Portland. Sir R G. Keaten is appointed Govesnor of Malta, Uhe rooia of tbe late Sir A. Ball, MARK- LANE, Monday, Dee. 18. We were not very largely supplied with English Grain of any sort for to- day's market, but the foreign arrival since this day se'rmigbt has been of some magnitude, Wheat especially. The Mealing Trade was brisk, and rather dearer, at an early hour, and for select samples of superfine White Wheat, some of fchich com- manded a still higher price than we deem ourselves authorised to quote as a general currency; in other respects, last Mon- day's prices were maintained in. general, with little variation. Peas of both sorts are cheaper ; and Oats, except for heavy stout Horse. Corn; Broad Beans dearer, for particular sorts ; Clover Seed is somewhat less eager in demand, and about 4..-. per cwt. lower.— For the rest we observe but little, alteration in the terms, nor anv thing material to add to the list- sub- joined :— Mealing Hed'Wheat Cos. 88s. to!) 4. s. fine 95s. to ,03s. sup. lOOis. White ditto 68s. 0- 2s. to 98s. fine 100- s. to 106s. sup. 103s. to us.:. Foreign Red ditto 70s. to 84s. fine 80' s. to pss. Zealand White 80s. to 96s. fine Dantzic and American 100s. 110s. to 114S. Black 68s. to 78s. fine 80s. to 88s. 90s.— Rye 48s. to 54s.— White Peas 66s. to 70s. boilers • J- ls. to 82s. fine Suffolk 84s. Grey Peas 48s. to 56s. fine 58s. — Horse Beans, new, 42s. to 5- ls. " old 56s. to 66s. Tick Beans, new, 36s. to 42s. old 50s. to 54s. fine 55s. to 56s.— Barley 3 2s. to 44s. Malting 46s. to 50s. fine new 51s. to 54s. sup. 55s. to 56s.— Milt 70s. to 7.6s. fine 78s. to 86s. 88s.— Oats, lpng feed, ,26s. to 87s. short 38s. to 40s. Poland 4- 2s. to 44s. sup. 45s. to46s.— Broad Beans 50s. to 116s. Long Pods 42s. to 56s. per quarter.— Red Clover Seed 48s. to 100s. 190s. sup. to 130s. White ditto 52s. to ids. sup. to 110s.— Trefoil 14s. to 3Cs. 48s. sup. to 63s. per cwt.— English Plousehold Flour 90s. to 9os. per sack ; American ditto 42s. to 43s. 54s. fine 5b's. to 60s. sup. 61s. to 63s. per barrel. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, December 19, 1S09. N Thursday, the 28ill instant I shall be ngal'y to receive Tenders in writing (• sealed up) and treat for the undermentioned articles, for the Service of this Port, to he delivered in the course of the ensuing Month ; ivhick will le paid for .'• y bills payable with interest 90 days after date, viz. . ENGLISH WHEAT, 1000 Quarters, to weigh. 57 ll>. per Bushel, and in case it should weigh, above 57 lb. per Bushel, the over- weight will be paiitfor. BISKET, 8,000 Bags, to be manufactured from good u hole Meal. No regard will le had to any Tender, in which the price '. hail not be inserted in rrords at length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o'clock on the said 28th instant, nor uu/ css the persons who make the same, or sofneperson on their behalf, alt& nd to answer thereto when called for. WM. REEKS. N. B.— The Conditions of ihe Contracts may le seen at my Office. [ 6144 • •• —— — *— • - Wiltshire, — 7b Surveyors of Bridges. OTICE is hereby given, That at the next Gc- N neral Quarter Sessions of the Peace, to be holden at Devizes, in and for the county of Wilts, on Tuesday the 9th day Of January next, the Justices then and there assembled will proceed to appoint a SURVEYOR of the BRIDGES and Other public Works within the said county of Wilts. Candidates for the situation are desireil tb attend at the Bear Inn, at Devizes, at eleven o'clock in tha forenoon of the 9th of January.— WILTON, Dee. 15, 1809. [<> 138 WILTSHIRE SHERIFFS' FUND. DECEMUF. 11 18, 1809. PURSUANT to the orders of the General Meeting of the Subscribers, held at Marlborough on Tuesday the 3: 1 day of October last, the several Subscribers are in- formed, that the Diatt of tile new Articles for regulating this Fund was produced at the said meeting, and was approved and ordered to be engrossed, and that the Engrossment ( on stamps) will be. reedy for execution on the first day of the ensuing Quarter Sessions to b . field at Devizes, to wh. ch time the General Meeting is adjourned. 6l3t] W. SALMON, Treasurer. USE, T SALISBURY CITY WORK- 1 Dec. 18, 1-' .). IIOSE Persons who arc desirous of serving the CITY WORK- HOUSE with the under- tr. e n-.- d Ar- ticles, are requested to sc. e ai- d Tenders to ... e Visitors and Guardians on or bet - - 27iii inst.— Malt, Salt, and 0:. t•••-,'. per bushel Candles, Soap, Sugar, Tobacco, Meat, ; Leather, by * pound; Coals by the chaldron ; ; nd all other articles •:, -.; the said house. N. B.— It is expected that all article- : t j be sent in good, or the contract will be void. [ 6125 BOROUGH OF VHLTON. SUCH Persons as are' willing to contract for Sup- plying the POOR- HOUSE in the borough of WILTON with the under- mentioned Articles, unto the 6th day cf April next, are requested to send in Proposals, accompanied with samples, to the Churchwardens and Overseets, on or before Friday the 29ih instant i [ 6145 Household Fiour, per bag Good Bacon, at per lb. Malt, at per bushel. Hops, at per cwt. Salt, at per bushel, Household Cheese, per cwt. Candles and Soap, perdoz. Grocery, & c. Hants, Sussex, and Dorset Insurance Company. NOTICE is hereby given, That the General Half Yearly Meeting of the above Company wilt be holden at tile Crown Inn, Gosport, on Tuesday the 26th day of December ii- ist. at ten o'clock in the forenoon. DAVID COMI'IGNE, Secretary. GOSPORT, Dec. 1- 2, 1809. f6o6o Bracelet) Brook, on the Turnpike Road leaifing from Romsey to Ringwood, T being thought necessary by the Trustees of the said Turnpike Read, for the accommodation of the public, to erect a CARRIAGE BRIDGE oyer the said Brook, any person or persons desirous of undertaking and contracting for buil'lim: the same are hereby informed, that a plan and specification thereof may be seen by applying at the office of Mr. Thomas Warner, Romsey, to whom tenders and pro- pi: al- s are to be addressed ; anil all persons wishing to con- tract for performing the same are to make proposals as above on or before the first day of January next, on which nay a Meeting of the said Trustees will be held, at eleven o'clock n the forenoon, at the Guildhall of the Town of Romsey Infra. - Dated the Uth day of December, 1809. [ 6071 NEW SARUM ASSOCIATION For tie Prevention of Rolheiies, Thefts, fyc. I\ C. rSPHE Rules and Regulations by which this I nstitu- JL tion has of late been governed, having been calculated to entail on particular members greater expenees than they had reason to expect ( in consequence of their affording no remedy far the recovery of the subscriptions): Notice is hereby given, That a Meeting is convened fur Tuesday the. 26th day of December inst. at three. o'clock in the afternoon, at the Cro :; Keys Inn, in the City of New Sarum,— at which such articles will be submitted as ( it is presumed) will effectually prevent a recurrence of the evil complained of; when and where such persons ( residing within twelve miles of the city) its arc desirous of becoming members, may by a personal at- tendance be admitted. WILMOT and GODWIN, Solicitors. N. B.— Those who may not have it in their power to attend the above meeting, mav at any future period be admitted, by person- Uy applying at the- office of the Solicitors. [ 6056 Ladies' Boarding School, Warminster, THE Miss PAW< jEYS respectfully inform their friends and the public, that their School will re- open after the Christmas recess on Monday the 15th of Jsn. 1810. Terms for Board, and instruction in the English Language, Geography, History, and the various kinds of Needle Work, Eighteen Guineas per annum. French, Music, Dancing, & c. at the usual prices, [ 6173 WARMINSTER. MISS ROYLE begs leave to acquaint hor friends and the public, that it is her intention, after the ensuing Vacation, to open a BOARDING- SCHOOL for young Ladies, when she hopes, by unremitting attention to the hctlth, mo- rals, and education of her Pupils, she will give satisfaction to those parents who entrust their children under h r care. ROMSEY SCHOOL. THE Miss TARVERS' School will re- commence after the present recess, for the reception of their young Ladies, January 24, 1810. [ 6140 MRS. and MISS MAY return thanks, for the favours conferred on them, and beg leave to inform their friends anil the public their SCHOOL opeas again on Monday the 29th of January. The aim of this undertaking is, to unite elegant acquire- ments with more useful knowledge : while tbe most essential part of female tuition, the economy of domestic management, will not be totally forgotten, the culture of the mind will claim their first attention, and be the leading object ;— and they trust that their unceasing exertions for the happiness, comfort, and improvement of the children entrusted to their care, will entitle them to meet the approbation and cncou- rajjement of their friends and the public. ROMSEY, Dec. iT, 1809. [ 6193 RINGWOOD, HANTS. • TTIE Miss GILBERTS respectfully inform their A friends and tbe public, that their SCHOOL rccpmences on Monday, Jan. 15, 18! 0. [ 6190 N. B.— An Accommodation for a Parlour Boarder. MISS C. TRATTLE, grateful for past favors, begs to inform her Friends and the PuUlic, her SCHOOL will recommence, for a limited Number c- f Pupils, on Monday the 15th of January 1810. A Parlour Boarder may be accommodated BRADING, Dec. 1.9, 1809. [ 6162 Rydc, Isle of Wight.— Ladies' Boarding- Sclool. ISS SPRAGG presents her acknowledgments Xv. EL to her friends, and begs leave to inform them her SCHOOL re- opens January the 15th, 1810, when she solicits the continuance of their esteem and support, and lopes, by her assiduous attention, with able assistants and misters, to convince tbe parents of the pupils committed to hercare that it is and ever will be her constant endeavour to teat them with parental kindness, and make them her constint com- panions. She trusts that not only the education but the manners, morals, and health of her pupils will be dbjects of peculiar attention.— The situation is one of tbe mostiesiiable spots in this delightful island, where the. young Laiies have the important advantage of sea- bathing. Terms for Board, including English, History, and tbe various kinds of useful aud ornamental Needle- vork, 18 Guineas per annum ; under sever- veats old, 16 Gtincas per annum; Washing an extra, chart:.:; Music asd entry other accomplishment by the most approved masters, on be usual terms. [ 6142 SAINT ANNE'S- STEELT, SARUM. NPIIE School conducted by the Rev. A. MORISON, it A. M. wiH re- open on Monday, Januaiy 15, ,810, on the same terms as before. Wanted in this Academy,— An ENGLISH ASSISTANT. A steady person, capable of close attention IO busintss, who is a good p Oman and accountant, will be liberally en- couraged. [ 6167 PRIVATE TUITION.— BURBAGE, WILTS. rpiIE Rev. IL WILSON, B. A. takes a limited St Number of Pupils, not mor" than six, and frcm seven to fourteen years of age. They will be carefully instructed in the Latin and Greek LitieuaeiSi, Fai- lish Grammar, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, &- ee— TermS, 40 Guineas pej- annum, Washing not included.— No Entrance Fee required. There is a Vacancy for two Pupils. [ 6151 SHAFTESBURY, DORSET. npIIE ACADEMY under the Superintendance of JL JOHN CHRISTIE, A. M. opens Januarv 15, 1810. SIUSTON, Dec. 15, 1809. ' [ 6134 ISLE OF WIGHT. WEST COWES ACADEMY, under the direetiai of MR. LINTOTT, who requests his Friends to ac- cept his grateful acknowledgments for theprefeiencc they have already shewn him during the time ( now six years) lie has had the conducting of the above Academy, respectfully hopes for a continuance of their favours, and begs leave to make known to them and the public, he purposeTopening a BOARDING SCHOOL on the 2 « d of January 1810, for the reception of a limited number c young Gentlemen, whose health, morals, and education, will be'treated with that at- tention as, he hopes, will merit the approbation of those parents who shall entrust their children to his care. West Cowes is highly celebrated for the salubrity of its air and the purcness of its bathing, which, in addition to a dry and airy play ground, the young gentlemen will have the ad- vantage of enjoying. Mr. Lintott is enabled, through the kindness of his friends, to give the most respectable references, if required. [ 5811 The terms may be known on application at tbe school. Great- Bridge House Academy, war Rtir. sey, ILL re- open on the 20th of January, IS". 0, for the reception and Education of a select ntlmbti of young Gentlemen, to whom Mr. EDGGRTON dedicares his personal attendance, to advance the improvement and instruc- tion of his pupils in every elegant and polite science and ac- complishment.— Mr. E. is well aware, his personal attendance in the hours of his academical pursuits will equally exemplify and influence his assistants to their duty, so as to rende'r his instructicns to his pupils agreeable and pleasant; likewise every care will be taken of their health and morals, added to the advantages of excellent board and lodging; Great- Bridge House is most delightfully situated, and its salubrious aii will be as a restorative to any declining health his pupils might be inconvenienced by for the present. Any lady or gentleman who will honour Mr. E. with the education and care of their sens, will be sensible he will merit their encouragement and patronage in his new establish- ment, by favouring him with an interview to inspect his Academy. To ASSISTANT'S.— A qualified Assistant in the English lan- guage, arithmetic, wr- ting, ,' ee. is immediately wanted; one who understands Latin will be preferred. Letters ( post paid), stating particulars, addressed to Mr. E.' s Academy, will fie attrndkd to. [ 6- 291 BLANDFORD. •" IPHE Mhs TOWSEYS, Nieces and Assistants of JEL the late Mrs. JANE GUTCH, of Wirnborne; respectfully inform their friends and the public, that th .-> purpose re- opening the PREPARATORY SCHOOL, late Miss SPIN- NEY'S, deceased, on Monday the 15th of Jan. 1810 ; and as- sure them, that the children entrusted to their care shall have every possible attention paid to their improvement, tVe. N. B. Writing, French, Music, & c. by approved masters. ISS AN ST IE gratefully acknowledges the LVJL kindness of those friends who have entrusted her with the Education of their Children, and is happy to say that Mrs. EU. IOTT succeeds her in her present establishment. DEVIZES, Dec. 16, 1S09. [ 6104 MRS. ELLIOTT begs leave to inform her friends arid the public, that her SCHOOL will re- open on Monday January 22, 1810. Terms for Board and Instruction in the English Language, Geography with the Use' of the Globes, Needle- Work, & c. ' Twenty Guineas per annum, and One Guinea Entrance. \\ r-.; ing and Arithmetic, French, Music, Drawing, & c. at the usual prices. N. B. Mrs. E. has removed to the home lately occupied by Miss Anstie, anil has engaged the same masters. DEVIZES, Dee, 16, 1809. [ 6105 T WEYMOUTH ACADEMY, superintended by J. ROLLS, with Assistants, young Gentlemen are boarded and educated, in per ann. English, Writing, and Arithmetic, at Ji- is 18 Washing 2 2 Entrance ( if not previously paid at any other seminary) 1 1 Tea ( if required) 1 1 PARLOUR BOARDERS ^; TL LO Washing 2 2 Entrance 1 I Extra Charges for Latin, French, Italian, Book- keeping, Navigation, and the Lemurs. J. ROLLS, truly sensible of the flattering approbation and encouragement ho has hitherto r - ceived, begs leave to return his sincere thanks for the same to all his friends. From a convictie n of . the futility of requiring lessons, on every subject, to be repeated verbatim from memory,—- the plan pursued in this seminary is, first to excite the curiosity of the pupils, and then, by attentive reading ( aided by expla- nation and illustration), to lay a solid'foundation, on which to raise a superstructure pf life uture and science. It is meant, in futuie, to appropriate a small part of nearly every day, to explain, in a familiar manner, the principles of msctianics, hydrostatics, optics, astronomy, geography, his-, tory, & c. all of which, doubtless, may be profitably studied by youths ( according to their respective capacities), from above their 12th or loth year. The school premises are extensive, having the advantage of an excellent play- court. The salubrity of the air of Weymouth has been too long known to stand in need of any present encomiums. Particular attention is paid to young Gentlemen of delicatc health, and who wish for sea- bathing. ' fhe business of the School re- commences on Monday the 15th of January. [ b- lijs BRISTOL, October 31, 1809. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the Copert- nership between JOHN WoontioesE, JOHN PAGE, GEORGE GAY, and THOMAS WOODHOUSE, of the city of Bristol, Tobaconists and Snuff Manufacturers, carried on under the firm ot " John Woodhouse. and Company," is, by effluxion of time, this day determined and at an end. ' JOHN WOODHOUSE. JOHN PAGE. GEORGE GAY. THOMAS WOODIIOUSE. All debts due anil owing to the said Copartnership are to be paid to the above named John Woodhouse, who continues the trade and business of a Tobacconist and Snuff Manufac- turer, No. 47 and 48, Wine- street, Bristol. [ 604G ANTED to RENT, FURJJISHED or UNFUR- NISHED, for a small family,— A detached HOUSE or COTTAGE, standing in a Lawn or Garden, and from ten to twenty acres of Grass Land, situated near a town or village, in either the countics of Hants, Dorset, or Somerset; the house must consist of not less than two good sitting- rooms, three or four best bed- chambers, and servants' rooms ; coach- house, stabling, dairy, and convenient offices, with good water on the premises. Letters ( post paid) directed to M. N, Post- office, Char- mouth, Dorset, will be attended to. [ 6005 TANTS a Situation," as GOVERNESS in a r private Family,— A Young LADY. The most respect- able references will of course be given. Letters addressed ( post paid) to L. D. Post- Office, Marlboroue- h, Wilts, to be left till called for, will be immediately attended to. [ 6' 159 ANTS a SITUATION, — A voting Pelson, to . WAIT on a LADY.—-— Understands dress- making, can dress hair, and has no objection to travel; can have a good recommendation from the Lady she lately lived with. All letters ( pest paid) will tie immediately attended to. Address J. N. at the Printers', [ 6115 To Fancy- Dress and Pelisse Makers. A ^* oun § Pers0! 1 ( lately served four years apprentice- -' 1 ship), perfectly acquainted with the above Business, and who can give satisfactory reference as to character, wishes for a Situation as an ASSISTANT in the above line. For further information apply to the Printers. [ 6147 AYOUTH, about 17 years of age, wishes for a Situation in some respectable Family, where he could havs. au opportunity of improving himself in the different branches of AGRICULTURE. A liberal Premium will be giveh, ., Letters addressed to K. L. at the Priming- Cflice, Salisbury, will be duly attended to. [ 61 - 24 To Manufacturers and others who employ a Numler of Workmen. A Steady middle- aged Man wishes for a Situation in which he may superintend a manufactory, Sic. or have the management of a tan- yard, to which he has been accustomed. Letters ( post paid) stating particulars, full as possible, di- eted for A. B. at the Printing Office, Salisbury, will have rcct an earlv answer. [ 6165 ANTED, in the Poor- House of FISIIERTO. N- ANGER, near Salisbury,— A steady, active, careful Man and his Wife, who can engage to undertake the care of the Poor in the said Hodsc , they must have good cha- racters, and come well recommended. For particulars apply to WIL. LI. AM CIIOOME, 1 . , ROBERT ASKEW, j- Churchwardens. 6199] WILLIAM ROWDEN, 1 „ JAMES BARLING, '/ Overseers. ANTED,— A GAMEKEEPER, who thoroughly understands the preservation of all kinds of Game, and the care, management, and catching the several kinds of Fish usually found in large pieces of water.— A strong recom- mendation will be expected from some person of undoubted respectability who is well acquainted with his meiits. Enquire of the Printers of this Paper. [ 6039 w WANTED, as an ASSISTANT to a LINEN and WOOLLEN- DRAPER, & C.-- A young MAN of very good adibess, who perfectly understands' his business, and who can have an unexceptionable character from his last situa- tion.— A good salary will be given. Apply by letter ( postpaid) to the Printers, stating his pre- sent situation, name, and every necessary particular'. [ 6045 ANTED,— A young Lady of respectability, as an APPRENTICE to a MILLINER and PELISSE- MAKF. R, in a Market- town in Hampshire, wnere every atten- tion will be paid to her morals and improvement. Letters ( post paid) to Mr. C. Wright, draper, Winchester, will be duly attend*-! to.— A premium will be expect- d. [ 6081 TO CLASSICAL ASSISTANTS. ANTED, in a large and respectable School,— An ASSISTANT weil qualified to give instruction in the Latin and Greek Languages, and intimately acquainted with Latin and English composition, both in verse and prose. Letters post paid, and addressed to Mr. Jacob, bookseller, Winchester, will he duly answered. [ 6091 TO URIT1NG MASTERS. rANTED, after the Christmas recess, in a large School, where several other Masters arc employed,— A Person well qualified to teach Writing, Arithmetic, English Grammar, antl Geography. He must be a good penman, and accustomed to the business of a school. Respectable re- ferences will be expected as to character, and an ample salary given to tbe person who may be best qualified. Applications, stating abilities and experience, to be made ( free cf expence) to the Printers of this Journal. [ 6058 ASSISTANTS WANTED. THE Advertiser, who has retained his Classical Assistant and principal Writing Master for the last five years, is desirous to make other engagements. Letters ( post paid) addressed A. B.' sn, Queen- street, Pert- sea, will receive due attention. A healthy situation in a country town. [ 6116 TO WRITING MASTERS. WANTED, after the present Vacation, A WRITING MASTER ; and for particulars enquire of Mr. W. Watson, Sherfield School. [ rij'. o AN APPRENTICE WANTED. ASURGEON and APOTHECARY, in very ex- tensive practice, in a large market town in Somerset- shire, ( where ail assistant and two. apprentices are regularly kept,) has a vacancy for an Apprentice. As he will bi liberally treated, a liberal premium wiil be expected. Apply ( post- paid), to the printers. . [ 6is5 ANTED immediately,— An APPRENTICE in the Ironmongery Business. Apply to W. Barnes, ine- street, " Salisbury. ' [ 6113 ANTED,—- A JOURNEYMAN to a CHEMIST . . and DRUGGIST, of an unexceptionable character. For particulars apply to Mr. Randall, Southampton. ,[ 5 » 81 ANTED immediately, A Journeyman SHOEMAKER in the WOMAN'S LINE.— For a'state- ment of wages, apply ( by letter, postpaid) toJ. B. Golden Lion Inn, Weymouth. [ 6137 TO JOURNEYMEN TANNERS. " 57ANTED immediately,— A MAN who under- stands the whole of the Beam Work; he might have constant employ and trod wages, with house- rest arid fuel found him.— Apply to Mr. Kearley, Beaulieu, Hants. N. B.— None need apply whose character wiil not hear strict enquiry. [ 6057 /" ANTED immediately,— A professed COOK; ; be must be perfect mistress of her business:— like- wise: a good plain COOK, who will be required to attend to the business of the dairy. Unexceptionable characters will be required. For further particulars applv ( if by letter post- paid; at Mr. $ kelton's Library, Southampton. ' [ 6187 WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family, where two Servants are kept,— A steady Man as FOOTMAN, who can bring an unexceptionable character from the place he lived in last. Such a person may hear of a situation by applying to Mr. ' freaked, Andover. Hants. [ C2J2 SOCIETY OF SCHOOLMASTERS. THE Society of Schoolmasters will hold their Ansi ntlal Meeting ai the Crown and Anchor Tavern, in die Strand, on Thursday the 2Sth instant. PRESIDENT, The Right Rev. GEORGE ISAAC HUNTINGFORD, Lord Bishop of Gloucester. /' lev - Presidents.— The Rt. Rev. Wm. Goodenough, Lord Bp. of Carlisle; the Rev. William Vincent, D. D. Dean uf West- rtnnstet ; the Rev. Sam. Parr, LL. D. Prebendaiy of St. Paul's. Committee for 1809;— Rev. C Burney, L. L. D. and F. R. S. Chairman; Rev. Matthew Raihe, D.' D. and F. R. S. Deputy Chairman ; P. ev. A. Crombie, LL. D.; Rev. G. Gibson, A. M.; Rev. A. Greenlaw, LL. D,: Rev. J. Hewlett, B. D.; P. Kelly, LL. D.; Rev. J. Lint!- ay, D. D. ;' Mr. Lord: Rev. W. Shaw, A. M.; J. Strachan, LL". D, Secretary to the Committee,— Rev. G. Gibson, Secretary lo the Society and Treasurer.— Dr. Kelly. ytgents for their respective Districts.— Wm. burney, LL. D. Gosport; Rev. T. S. Bullen, A. M. Suffolk ; Rev. W. Moore, D. D. Cirencester; Rev. W. Rose, A. M. Uckfield , Rev. J. Smith, A. M. head Master of Manchester School^ Rev. Dr. Wool!, bead Master of Rugby School. Auditors.— Rev. Dr. Crortibie, ReV. J. Hewlett, Rev. Dr. Raine. Trustees lo the Funds,— Rev, Dr. Bai row, Rev. Dr. Burney. and Dr. Kelly* " StewardsJor the Meeting,— Rev. John Bransbv. A. M.; Mr. Nash, Mr. Otway, Mr.' Tmbey, Rev. R. Wilkinson, B. D. Mr. Willan. ' The principal object of this Society is to establish a Fund for ihe Benefit of the Widows and Orphans of Schoolmasters, and for the Relief of such Schoolmasters and Ushers as may become necessitous through age, infirmity, or misfortune. Subscriptions are received by Messrs; Hammersleys and Co. Pail- Mall; Messrs. Kensingtons and Co. Lombard- street; by the Treasurer, Finsbury ;, and by the Agents oi the Socicty, and Members of the Committee. Tickets for the Dinner may be had at the Bar of the Tavern, and also Books of the Institution. [ 6130 GENERAL POST OFFICE, LONDON, July 22, 1809. A CAUTION. PENALTIES to the Amount of Two Hundred Pounds, with full Costs, have lately been recovered and paid, in Actions brought by the direction of the Postmaster- Generah against a very considerable Mercantile House in London, having also an Establishment in a large manufac- turing town in the country, tor offending against the Statutes of the 9th of Queen Anne, c. 10. s. 17. and the - l ed Geo. ad. c. 81. s. 5. by sending LETTERS in PARCELS and other Packages, bv Coaches, to and from London, antl their Coun- try Establishment. It is hoped that this prosecution, in- addition to the many others that have been brought, by the orders of the Board, will stop such illegal practices. By command of his Majesty's Postmaster- General, C'S3] FRANCIS FREELIXG, Secretary. LOST, on Monday last, from Winchester,— A 4 Black and White spotted SPANIEL DOG, remarkably fine, long cared, and an: - - ers to the name of Rover. Whoever brings the said Dog t « Mr. Jacob, printer, Win- chester, shall be handsomely rewarded.— If detain d after this notice, any person so detaining him will be prosecuted, [ fli 82 1" TAKEN UP Straying, at Hardiev, in the New Forest, on the 17th day of Nov. last,-— A l'ALE- RED COW, about eight online years old, and burn- m. irktd I. H. in the horn.— The owner may have her again bv paying all cxpences, on application to Francis Hawkcsworth," el i- lartiley aforesaid. [ 6'. 88 T NU* AKEN LP , Sh,- ofi, about 11 j hands hit. h. STRAYING, in the parish of Whiteparish,— A BROWN MARE PONY, two years Whoever can prove her their propertry may have her again, by paying all expences, and applying to John Batten, ;<).-,'. stone Farm, Whiteparish. ' [ b:? TO SHOEMAKERS AND OTHERS. ELOPED from his Master on Sunday the. 3d inst, ABRAHAM HAYTER, Jun. Apprentice to Mr. Jam,* Silbv, boot and shoemaker, Poole.— His appearance is reui< ft- abie, having a hair lip end light hair, and is abt. ut 17 years of age. - Whoever wiil secure the said Apprentice, and give notice thereof to his said Master, shall receive ONE GUINEA Reward.—— Any person harbouring him after this public notice will be prosecuted. POOI. E, Dec. SO, 1- 09. [ 6158 TO DEBTOR S. T WOODWARD, having declined his Busioe s " at Salisbury more than six Months, now earnestly requests those persons who stand indebted to hitn ( relating to the above business) will settle the same without further delay, cither with him at Andover, or Mr. Perkins, Catherine- strci't, Salisbury. [ 6103 " TpIIE Debtors and Creditors of Mr. CHRISTOPHER . FI. WATTS, of Salisbury, builder, are informed that ht! has executed an assignment of the whole of his estate to Mr. R OBERTS, of Oxford- street, London, and Mr. FIGF. S and Mr. SQUAREY, of Salisbury, • in trust for the benefit of them- selves and the rest of his creditors. All persons indebted to his estate are required immediately to settle their accounts with Mr. TINNEV, solicitor, at Salisbury; ant! all persons wishing to take advantage of the assignment will execute the deed at Mr. Tinney's Office, and deliver in an account of their demand. By order of the Assignees. [ 6169 To the Creditors af Mr. RICHARD HAYWARD, lute of Lymington, Hants, deceased. persons having any Demands on the Estate ALL 1 t ant time since of Lymington, in the county of Southarnnton, Baker, deceased, are requested to transmit an account thereof immediately to Mr. Richman, solicitor, Lymington : and all persons indebted to the Estate, of the said Richard Hayward, deceased, are requested to pay the amount ( without further notice) to Mr. Richman, or tney will be sued for the same.— Dated this 6th day of December, 1809. [ 59S6 ALL Persons indebted to the Estate of THOMAS JONES, of Marlborough, in the county of Wilts, Baker, are desired forthwith to pay the amount of their respective debts to Messrs. Griffiths and Wei ford, solicitors, Marlbore.- Uglk aforesaid ; and all persons to whom the said Thomas JouVs is indebted, are requested to send the particulars of their de- mands to Messrs. Griffiths and Wclford, as aforesaid, on or before the 1st day of January next ensuing, otherwise they will lose the benefit of the distribution now making of the said Estate-— MARLBOROUGH, Dei;. 7, 1809. [ 6010 SALISBURY, Dec. 2!, 1?, J!>. LL persons having" any demand on the. Estate and Effects of JAMES CO MP ION, late ot' the citv of New Sarum, poulterer, deceased, are request J to send the particulars, thereof to Mr. WARDEN, attorney, Sarura.; and those persons who are indebted to the -.- State" of tbe deceased will be pleased to psy the amount of theii debts to Mr Warden. The said JAMES COMTTON net having disposed of the residue of his ' property, his r. ejtt of kin are desired to apply to Mr. Warden without delay. [ 6- 2:> 4 WILLIAM ARNOLD'S CREDITORS. WILLI AM ARNOLD, of the city ofNewS. trum, Boot and Shoe Maker, having assigned his Estate and Effects to Trustees for t c benefit of his Credit.- rs : All pi rsons to whom he stands indebted are desired to send the particulars of their demands to Mr. WARDEN, attorney, Salisbury; and ' hose persons who are indebted to him are requested ro pay the amount of their debts to Mr. Warden immediately, who is authorized by the Trustees to receive the same. SALISBURY, Dec. 21, 1809. [ 5293 HERE AS we, WILLIAM AISHER ami JOHN HICKS,. of Amesbury, Wilts, did, in the evening of Sunday the 17th instant, unlawfully enter the Chapel at Amesbury aforesaid, during the time of Divine Service, and did then and there behave ourselves in an inde- cent and contemptuous manner, and disturb the Preacher ant Consregnticn there assembled for the performance of Put lie Worship of Almighty God, for which a Prosecution has be'fn stituted against us: but on our thus publicly expressing our contrition, and promising never to be guilty of the like improper conduct, the prosecution has been withdrawn :— We therefore do hereby beg pardon fcr our conduct, and promise never again to be guilty of the like ; and do hereby; in the most public and heartfelt manner, return ur sincere th nks for the lenitv shewn us bv the Preacher and Cnngr- gation. " Witness, V The Mark .< of WM. AISHER. Th s. Edwards./ The Mark X of JOHN PUCKS. THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL, Wednesday's and Thursday's Posts. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF DECEMBER 19. FOREIGN- OFFICE, DCC. 18. THE King lias been pleased to appoint Charles Richard Vaughan, Esq. to be his - Majesty's Secretary of Legation in Spain. WHITEHALL, Dec. 19. The King has been pleased to promote the Rev. Joseph Goodall, Doctor of Divinity, to the Provostship of the College of. Eton, void by the death of Dr. Jonathan Davies, late Provost of the said College. ADAIIRALTY- OFFICE, Dec. 19. Dispatches, of which the following are extracts, have been received from Rear- Ad- miral Sir R. J. Straehan, Bart, and K. B. His Majesty's Ship Blake, in Flashing SIB, Roads, Dec. 13, 1809. I AVAILED myself of Vi6e- Admirel Campbell's offer of the Jasen to oertvey me to Flushing: and as soon as it moderated an the 9th, in tbe afternoon, I hoisted my flag on board that ship, and, accompanied by the Idas cutter, proceeded to - this anchorage, where I arrived on the evening of the 30th, I found Rear- Admiral Otway with the squadron here ; he bad embarked the troops, and put every thing in a state • of preparation for retiring from VValeheren whenever the " wind became favourable; the arsenal and works about the basin at Flushing having been destroyed on that day. The inclosed letter from the Rear- Admiral will inform you of the particulars of his proceedings. 1 have ths honor to be, Ac. R. J. STRACHAN. SIR, Ctrsar, Flushing Roads, 1 \ th Dec. 1809- THE Transports necessary for the embarkation of the army having arrived the 25th ult. 011 the following day the measures that I had previously concerted with Lieut.- Gen. Don for the destruction of the basin, arsenal, and sea de- fences of Flushing, agreeable to instructions from the Earl of Liverpool, dated the 13th and received the 17th, were begun. The mines were exploded yesterday at low water, and appear to have fully answered their object. The storehouse and other - buildings in- tbe arsenal were set fire to yester- day, and totally destroy t d. Thus Flushing, is rendered useless to the enemy as a naval arsenal ; and the basin, which afforded very seeure retreat for several ships of the line during the winter, is tor the present effectually destroyed, and- can only be restored by great labour, and at an immense expenee. I cannot conclude without expressing my great obligations to Capt. Moore, of tbe Marlborough, for the able assistance he has rendered me in the performance of a very compli- cated service. I have the honour to be, & e. W. A. OTWAY, Rear- Admiral. Rear- Admiral Sir Richard Strachan, K. B. Commander in Chief, & c. & c. His Majesty's Ship Blake, in Flushing Sin, - Roads, Dec. 13, 1809. IN addition to my dispatch of this morning, I have now to transmit a letter, and an extract of one 1 have just received from Commodore Owen ; every time I hear from that gallant and animated Officer, I have fresh cause to ad- mire his conduct. I think it my duty to inform you that I found thp squadron under my command in the highest spirits, and ready to undertake any enterprise. I propose,, as soon as I have made my final arrangements at Flushing, to leave this command with Rear- Admiral Otway, and proceed to the Veer Gat, to communicate with Commodore Owen. Lhave the honour to be, & c. R. J. STRACHAN. { The letters inclosed, from Commodore Owen, relate the persevering attempts of the enemy to annoy us in the Veer Gat, all of which were frustrated by our gun- boats demo- lishing the embrasures they had opened at the battery 011 Woolversdyke.] Vice- Admiral Lord Collingwood has transmitted to this Office a letter from the Hon. Capt. Duncan, of II. M. ship Mercury, giving an account of the boats of that ship having, on the 7th of Sept. last, under the ejection of Lieut. Pall, boarded and carried, without any loss, in the port of Barletta,' the French schooner of war La Pugliese, of 7 guns and 37 men, protected, in addition to ber own force, by a castle, two armed feluccas, and musketry. And also a letter from Capt. Lumley, of the Hind, stating his having, 011 the 29th of Sept. captured off Me- lazzo a French privateer, cllled Le Temeraire, of 2 guns and 30 men, out four days, from Naples without making any capture. And a letter from Capt. Prescott, of the Weazle sloop, reporting the capture, 011 the 27th of Oct. ot Le Veloce French letter of marque, of 4 guns and 83 nan, four days from Tunis, without taking any prize. BANKRUPTS. Hugh Wilson and John Lightfoot, of Nottingham, hosiers. Geo. Roberts, iun. of Atdmondbnry, York- hire, Gptton- inamifacturcr. Ben jam n Barratt, of Lynconibe and Widcombe, butcher, ltichard Hawkins, late ot'Bridccwuter, innkeeper. John Ilutton, of Stoke- upon- Trent, dialer. Thomas Burgess, late of Hungerford, butefn- r. Win. Koto, of Bermondscy, timber- merchant. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20. Two Gotlenbui'gh Mails arrived this morning. Just befnre the packet sailed, intelligence was received at Rot- tenburgh of the King of Sweden having had an apoplectic fit., from which he was not expected to recover. The Stockholm Gazette, however, calls his disorder a cramp and giddiness in the head, and says he is rapidly recovering. — Considerable discontents existed in Sweden respecting the successor to the Throne. The Lord Nelson packet arrived at Gutteubnrgh on tbe 1st instant with two Mails from England, after having encountered most distressing weather. There were two valuable horses on board for his Majesty's Charge d'Affaires, at Stockholm, which, in a gale of wind, were thrown overboard. Latfers and papers to the 4th inst. were this morn- ing received from Gibraltar. Respecting the late defeat in La Maucha, they agree with tbe Spanish papers in stating that it was occasioned by the treachery or cowardice of a regiment of cavalry. The loss of the Spaniards at Ocano, they say, amounted to about 5000 killed and wounded, and 8000 prisoners. The French had about 1500 killed and wounded, and were twice repulsed in their attacks on the Spanish right wing.—- The Spaniards are certainly not de- pressed bv this misfortune, but appear rather animated to new exertions.— The great scarcity of arms among them, after all the supplies sent froth this country, is attributed to their throwing away their arms whenever they take to flight. American letters and papers have been received to tbe 28th ult. on which day the ve- sel by which they are conveyed took its departure from Bo ton. New York letters, of Nov. 18, contain intelligi nee which, if true, is of 110 small importance. They state, that a quarrel has arisen between the President and Mr. Jackson, which has terminated in the dismissal of the latter, with an intima- tion that if Great Britain wishes to treat with America 011 a friendly footing, she must send another Envoy. The American papers, however, do not bear out tbis statement of tbe private letters. A Treaty has been concluded between the Governor of the Indian territory and the Miami, Powtawatany, antl the Eel- river tribes of Indians, who have ceded to the United States two millions six hundred thousand acres of land, lying on both sides of the Wabash, said to be some of the finest land ill the United States. The Fiddle frigate, which the French began building at Flushing, and which fell into our hands when the island was taken, is arrived at Yarmouth. The troops are not yet arrived. LYCEUM THEATRE.— Last night a new comedy, written bv Mr. Cobb, who has produced several farces, was repre- sented at this Theatre, under tbe title of " Sadden Arri- vals, or Too busy by halt'." The whole plot is made to. turn on the improbable incident of George Transient ( the busy chat acter from whom the piece has its second title) misdirecting four letters at once, and sending them all to parties for whom they were not intended, which of cemrse produces, considerable embarrassment. There is no great abundance of wit to make up for this, and very little novelty of character.— The piece was beard out, and an- nounced for a second representation, amidst, a mixture of applause and disapprobation.— It is not likely to survive long. COLONEL WAUDLE has published a letter, addressed to Lord Ellenborough, occasioned by his Lordship having observed in his charge to the Jury, in a late trial for a conspiracy, that " the evidence for the prosecution was contradictory, anel that they must therefore look to the probabilities of the case." The Colonel submits, though in the most respectful terms, that there were also some im- probable circumstances stated by the defendants on a former trial. He particularly notices the direct contradiction given to the testimony of Mr. Wright and Mrs. Clarke, by Sir Richard Phillips and Mr. Illingwortb, both of whose credibility was unimpeached, but w hose evidence was passed unnoticed in the summing up.— Thfe Colonel concludes with the following observations—" Your Lordship seems at a loss to guess w hat, could induce Mrs. Clarke to make the discovery which she did, and undergo for a length of time the examination of the House of Commons, unless she was led to hope for a pecuniary iecoiftpence at my hands? The answer, my Lord, is not of difficulty; is it not probable that Mrs. Clarke might look forward to a public investigation, as a means of inducing the Duke of York to comply with the claims she had upon him ? and has not the result evinced, not only that such claims have been attended to, but that a far greater sum than was Ori- ginally demanded by Mrs. Clarke, has been pasd to ber?— ( alluding to the sum of 10,000/. reported to have been paid to Mrs. Clarke by the Earl of Chichester, besides an an- nuity settled 011 her for life, for the suppression of her pamphlet." A numerous meeting of the friends of Colonel Wardle was 011 Monday held at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, Peter Mallet, Esq. in the Chair; at which resolutions were passed, declaring that Colonel Wardle, by bringing forward the late investigation into the conduct of the Com mander ill Chief, had merited the gratitude of the public ; that in bis endeavours to obtain justice for tbe people he had sustained heavy losses ; that besides hazarding bis pri- vate fortune, he had given proofs of the purity of his mo- tives; and having honourably persevered ill performing his ' part towards the people, it became the duty of the meeting to call on the public to indemnify him from all losses in consequence thereof.— A subscription for that purpose was immediately entered into. Mr. Walker, of James- street, subscribed 100/. ; Mr. George Scott and Mr. Cob be ft. 20 guineas each; Alderman Goodbehere, Sheriff Wood, Sir R. Phillips, Messrs. Waithman, brooks, Wilson, Quinton, Solley, & c. 10 guineas each ; and before the company separated nearly 400/. was subscribed. It was last week reported that La Rhin frigate had met with a French ship of superior force, and refused to engage her. It is now said, that La Rhin had got under a bat tel- y 011 tbe French coast, and that tbe men refused to fight. Both these rumours must be scandalous libels. They are of Plymouth origin. A Swedish ship, with all her licences and papers perfectly regular, was detained by a King's ship, and in one of tbe late gales was wrecked on the Goodwin Sands. The owners are to bring an action against ihe Captain of the King's ship for the amount of the loss, which is estimated at 1 b' 0,000/. On the 22d an alteration is intended to be made in the appearance of Bank Notes, chiefly in having the date and number printed, instead of being written as at present, and the number printed on the words, " I promise," and " or Bearer," with- the omission of the names of the en- tering clerks. W. Eliston, the misguided young man who was taken into custody for wounding Miss Colson, with a pistol, who afterwards wounded himself, and was subsequently charged with embezzling a bill for 90/. belonging to his employers, yesterday underwent a final examination at Horsemonger- lane 011 " the latter charge, and was committed for trial at the Old Bailey Sessions in April. Loss of the HARRIER sloop of war.— The following is an extract of a letter from the Cape of Good Hope, dated the 17th of September:—" Yesterday arrived here the Upton Castle, from Bombay; this was the last and only hope from which we expected to receive some accounts of one of ourcruizers, the Harrier, which ship has not been heard of since the 10th of March last. She parted company that day with two more of our ships off the Isle of Bourbon, in a severe gale of wind, in the greatest distress, and we fear that the ship, with all 011 board, went to the bottom. The Hairier was commanded by Captain Ridge, who came out with Admiral Bertie, in the Leopard." BREAD.— The Lord Mayor yesterday ordered the price of the quartern loaf to be continued at Is. 4: tend f byjpecialagreement J the Assurance 011 Lives to the age of 75 years. ' [ 60G4 PROVIDENT INSTITUTION, Specially empowered by Act of Parliament, For the insurance of Lives, the Grant and Purchase of An- nuities, and the Endowment of Children, SOUTHAMPTON- STREET, STRAND, JLONDOS. President— The Most Noble the Marquis of Buckingham, K. G. I ,'- Presidents— Marquis of Salisbury, K. G. j Viscount Bulkeley; Viscount Duncannon ; Earl Temple ; " Viscount Chetwycd 5 Lord Braybrooke. Trustees— The Marquis of Buckingham ; Sir John Turner; Scrope Bernard, Esq. M. P.; Lord Braybrooke; W. Praed, Esq. M. P. And fifteen Directors. THE general approbation which the Plan of this , Institution has received in all parts of the country, and the important benefits which it has already procured for nu- merous families, confirm the promoters of the institution in their opinion of its usefulness, and induce them again to re- represent its distinguishing principle to a discerning public. — The persons insured are entitled to SHARE PROFITS EBUALLY with the original Subscribers, after the expences of an econo- mical management are defrayed, in which the Presidents, Directors, Trustees, and Auditors, act gratuitously. Thus, by the specific sum insured, and the division of contingent profits, every member has the fullest value for his payments, with the very important advantages of not being liable to make good thelosses of others, as the sole responsibility is undertaken by an extensive Association of Noblemen and Gentlemen, who haie. subscribei! an ample Capital to guarantee the en- gagemetts of the Office. Military Men are not charged with any additional premium unless called into actual service. No almission fees are required, nor any charge made for policies, except the stamp duty. Agents are appointed in most of the principal towns throughout Great Britain, who are likewise Agents to the COUNT? FIRE- OFFICE. A nev Edition ( being the Sth, with additions), of this In stitution, may be had of the agents and booksellers, price 6d. This illustration of Life Insurance is earnestly recommended to the perusal of all persons disposed to cmbrace that excellent schemeOf domestic economy. [ 6139 THE third and last GRAND CITY LOTTERY of- FREEHOLD HOUSES, discharged of Land- Tax, which hive been valued by respectable surveyors at upwards of 100,100/. situated in the most public thoroughfares of London Skinner- street, and Pickett- street, Temple- bar. This valuable Frehold Property is to be drawn in the Guild- hall of the city of London, in four days, immediately after the Statt Lottery. No fixed Prize ; and under and subject to tbe dirwtions of the Lords of his Majesty's Treasury; arid the inspectitn of Sir James Shaw,' Bart. Alderman and M. P. ; Harvey C. Combe, Esq. Alderman and M. P.; Sir J. William Andersoi, Bart. Alderman ; John Silvester, Esq. Recorder of the City of London ; and Newman Knowlys, Common Serjeantof the City of London; Trustees mentioned in the Act of larliament for disposing of the Houses at Temple- bar and Snov- hill, by way of Lottery. SCHEME : 1 P- ize of... • • £- 20,00V 3 Prizes of... ... £ 3,000 1 9.900 1 2,900 1 9,300 1 2,700 1 6,900 1 2,600 1 4,100 1 . .. . 2,300 1 4,000 1 1,900 1 3, son 1 1,800 1 3,500 I 1,400 3 - 3,300 1 ... 500 3 3,100 Tickets and Shares arc now selling at the Licensed Lottery Offices, and at the Grand City Lottery Office, No. 15, Skinner- street, Snow- Hill, and by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury at the following Prices: Ticket £ 8 15 0 Half 4 12 0 Quarter 2 7 0 Eighth £ t 4 Sixteenth 0 12 Thirty- second.. 0 6 N. B. Proposals for Agency in tbe above Lottery will be attended to by an application being made at the Grand City Lottery Office, 15, Skinner- street. [ 6' 074 ' N EW STATE LOTTERY, to be drawn in Ong Day, the 14th of Fehruary, 1810. SCHEME. I £ 20,000 £ 80,000 ^ 5,000 20,000 It 1,000 12,000 211 '. 500 10,000 20 100 2,000 41 50 2,200 38 25 900 4,860 15.'. 72,900 5,000 Prizes £ 200,000 This Lottery is upon the same plan as the last; it consists of only 5,000 Numbers ( from 1 to 5,000inclusive) ; but there ate Four Tickets of each number, which will be severally en- titled to whatever prize is drawn against such number ; for instance, if No. 1 should be drawn a prize of £ i0,0i) 0, the four tickets of that number will Each be entitled to ,£ 20,000, making, in the whole, £ 80,000. Shares will be entitled to their proportion. Tickets and Shares are on, sale, at all the Offices. [ 5728 STATE LOTTERY', on the new and improved plan, consisting of. only 5,000 numbers, to be drawn in ONE DAY, 14th February, is 10. Tickets and Shares tire selling by HAZARD, BURNE, ami Co. Stack- Brokers, at their State Lotcry Office, No. 93, under the Royal Exchange, London. By this Scheme, which contains Forty Capital Prizes, from £ 20,000 fo £ 500, may be gained By Two Tickets of the same Number, a Prize of £ 40,000 By Three, a Prize of 60,000 By Four, a Prize of 80,000 Other Prizes in the same proportion. Letters ( post paid) duly answered, and Schemes gratis, Orders by Post, Coach, or Carrier, accompanied with Remit- tance, punctually attended to. [ 6075 RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. Joint Contractors for, the late State Lottery, return their most grateful acknowledgments to the Public for the high encou- ragement they gave to the New Plan for drawing the Lottery in one day, snd assure them, that it has fully answ- ered the expectations cf Government, by doing away the evils attendant on Lotteries, that have bee- n so much complained of. They beg leave to rccommend the New State Lottery, which is 011 the same principle, and will be drawn in One Day, the 14th of February next. Only 5,000 Numbers.— Four Tickets of each Number. SCHEME. 4.. Prizes of.. « C20,000 12 1,000 20 580 4.. . Prizes of.. .£ 5,000 SO 100 4,940 from 50 to 15 Tickets and Shares are on sale by Mr. J. Moore, High- street, Poole; J. Langdon, printer, Sherborne; W. Meyler and Son, Bath ; Baker and Fletdher, Southampton ; J. F. Coulton, Devizes : and Richard Beale, Fordingbridge, for Richardson, Goodluck, and Co. Bank- Buildings, Cornhill, and facing the Gate of the King's Mews, Charing- Cross London. [ 6153 Stockbriilge Turnpike Tolls to be Lett. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the Stoekbridge and Kempshot Gates, oh the said turnpike road, will be'LETT by AUCTION for one year to the best bidder, at the King's Head Inn, in Stockbridge, in the county of Southampton, on Thursday the 4th day of Ja- nuary next, between the hours of eleven o'clock in the fore- noon and two o'clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed bv the Act passed in the lath year of'tbe reign of his present Majesty, " forregulatingTurnpikeRoads ;" which Tolls will be put up as under; viz. Stockbridge £ 434 Kempshot Gate 465 being the sums the Tolls were lett for the year ending the 10th day of. January next. Whoever happens to be tbe best bidder must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the ' Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for the payment of the lent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. W. II. ATT WOOD, Cleric to ( hs said Trustees. STOCKBRIBCB, Dec. 1, 1808. [ 6134 WHEREAS in pursuance of Notice given in maimer directed by an Act of Parliament passed in the 13th year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the turnpike roads," the tolls arising at the toll- gate called St. Cross Gate, upon the north district of the turnpike road from the city of Winchester, through Otterborne, to Bargate in the town and county of the town of Southampton, were this clay, at the Sun 11111, in the said city of Winchester, put up to be lett by auction to the best bidder, at the sum of £. 137, being the sum the said tolls were lett at for the last year, but no bidder offered :— Notice is therefore hereby given, that the said TOLLS will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the Sun Inn aforesaid, on Tuesday the 2d day of January next, between tin. hours of eleven of the clock in the forenoon and one of the clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the said Act. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said north district of ihe said turnpike road, for payment of the rent agreed tor, and at such times as tbeyshall direct.— WINCHESTER, NOV. 28, 1809. 5875] J. MEARE, Clerk to the said Trustees. Fisherton, Wilton, Heytesbury, Willoughby- hedge, and Redlione Turnpike. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the TOLLS arising at the several Gates belonging to this Turnpike, with the several Side Gates or Bars to tin- same belonging ( except those of Bulbridge), will be LETT by AUCTION, in one lot, to tbe best bidder, at the Sun Inn, in Fisherton, 011 Wednesday the 24tli day of January, I8H1, between the hours of eleven o'ctock in the forenoon and two o'clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, for regulat- ing turnpike roads, and will be put up at the sum of £ 1 ^ 720. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must at the time and place of bietding give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the rem agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. By order of the'Trustees, 6135] JAS. CHAS. STILL, Clerk ami Treasurer. RINGWOOD, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN CRANSTON, on Wednesday'the 10th day of January 1810, at three o'clock, at the White Hart Inn, Ringwood,- Nine capital ELM TREES, now standing in the Fqrlong, near the White Hart, in the following Lots :— LotM. Two'TREES, about 230 Feet. 2. Two ditto do 250 3. Two ditto do 210 4. Two ditto do 170 5. One ditto....... do...... 105 The Trees are to be sold with their Lop and Top, to be grubbed up, and sold at per Lot. [ 6062 Marine Residence and Estate, Hampshire. TO be SOLD by AUCTION ( unless previously disposed of by private contract), A FREEHOLD HOUSE and ESTATE, called ROOKCLIFF, in the parish of Milford, near Lymington, Hants. Tbe house is. situated in a paddock of about 20 acres, partly surrounded with planta- tions, and commands most beautiful views of the Isle of Wight, Needles, antl surrounding country. It consists of a drawing room, dining room, and library, with suitable bed rooms, servants' offices, and excellent cellars, The estate contains 250 acres ( more or less) of arable and pasture land, in a ring fence; together with the manors or reputed manors of Mil ford- Barnes and Milford Montague. ' The land- tax is redeemed. The estate is free of great tithes, except about 20 acres, and entitled to extensive forest and common rights. About 100 acres are on an old lease, which cxpijes 1815; the remainder in hand. There is a good kitchen garden, green- house, ice- house, coach- houses, stables, barns,, ox- sheds, pig- styes, and all necessary farming buildings, most of which have been erected within these few years ; together with a house for the bailiff, and a labourer's cottage. The furniture, fixtures, wines, prints, farming utensils, and live stock wall be included in the purchase, or sold by auc- tion on the premises. To be viewed with tickets only, which, with further parti- culars, mavbehad of Messrs. Graham, Kinderley,. and Dom- ville, solicitors, Lincoln,' s- inn, London, who have a map of tbe estate, and an inventory of the articles to be sold w ith the house antl farm.— All letters must be post paid. [ 5513 ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. TOCKER and PITTIS, at the Bugle Inti, in Newport, in the Isle of Wight, on Thursday the 4th day of January, 1R10, at four o'clock in the afternoon, before the Sheriff of Hamp- shire or his Under Sheriff, by virtue of a writ of Finditioni Exponas, issued out of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer in a cause " The King against John Jacob, Esq."— The fol- lowing very desirable LEASEHOLD ESTATES, late the property of the said John Jacob, viz. Lot l".— A capital and most desirable Tide Water'Corn Mill, called the West Medina Mill, driving three pair of stones, and capable of grinding 20 loads of wheat per week, with large and convenient store rooms, dwelling house, mill pond, and abcut two acres of land adjoining, on the west bank of Newport River, about two miles and a half from the town of Newport, and an equal distance from Cowes. N. B.— This lot, for convenience of shipping, X- c. is rarely equalled, and three additional pair of stories'may be put in tbe mill at a trifling expence.— Part of this lot, on which the buildings stand, is held for the residue of a term of 21 years, under the lessee of Queen's College, Oxford, of which 11 were unexpired at Midsummer last, at the yearly rent of 10/.; the garden and lands is held for the residue of a term of 17 years, under the lessee of the same college, of which 14 were unexpired at Midsummer last, at the yearly rent of 10 guineas ; and the remaining part of the mill pond is held for the lives of Samuel Rollestone, Esq. aged about 66 vears, James Kirkpatrick, Esq. aeed 53 years, and Osmond John- son, Gent, about 29 years, at the yearly rent of 5/. under the lessee of the same college.— These lessees are bound to renew upon piyment of a proportional part of the fines payable to the college. Lot 2!— A capital Water Cora Mill, called Shide Mill, driving three pair of stones, and capable of grinding 10 loads of wheat per week through the year; with a convenient malt- house and well- built brick dwelling- house, and every description, of out- offices, stables, gardens, and about 3 acres of meadow land ; the whole in a most complete state of re- pair, and vetv desirably situate about a mile south of Newport. N B.— Tiiis lot is held for the residue of a term of 30 years, of which 16 were unexpired at Michaelmas last, at the very low yearly rent of so/. Lot 3.—- The Equity of Redemption, subject to a mortgage for the sum of 800/. and Interest, of a well- built, roomy, and capacious Storehouse, situate in Sea- street, in Newpo'rt aforesaid, at a small distance from the quay and adjoining the river. N. B.— This lot is held under the Corporation of Newport for the reeidue of a terra of 51 years, of which 45 were un- expired at Michaelmas last, at the yearly rent of Is. lOr/. and one capon, or Is. in lieu, at the option of the Mayor of Newport. Lot 4.— The Equity of Redemption, subject to a mortgage for the sum of 2900/. of a Cottage or Tenement, and about 42 acres of Lapd, called Whitewalls, situate at Thorley, in the Isle of Wight, now in the occupation of Thos. Taylor. N. B.— This lot is held under the Manor of Thorlev for the residue of a term of 99 years, determinable on the death of the said John Jacob, now aged about 51 years, at the yearly rent of 1/. 6s. and a heriot of 3/. Lot 5.— The Equity of Redemption, subject to the same mortgage as lot 4, of a Cottage or Tenement, and about 3 acres of Land,' called Lowes or Woodfields, situate near Ashey Farm, in the parish of Newchurch, in the Isle of Wight, with common of pasture for two cows and two pigs on the common called Woodfields. N. B.— This lot is held under the Manor of Ashey and Ryde for the residue of a tetm of 9,9 years, determinable on the death of the said John Jacob, ae; ed about 51 years, at the yearly rent of 6s. 4(/. and an heriot of 2/. Further particulars may be had, and the conditions of sale known, on application to Horatio Leggatt, Esq. London; George Hollis, Esq. Under Sheriff of i Iants, Winchester; or to Messrs. Clarkes and Sewell, Solicitors, Newport, Isle of Wight. [ 6082 ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. DONALDSON, at the Founta'in Inn, in West Cowes, in the Isle of Wight, on Wednesday the 24th day of January 1810, at six o'clock in the evening, ( unless in the mean time disposed of by private contract, of which notice will be given),— All tfiat new- erected Freehold MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE desirably situated in West Cowes, in the Isle of Wight, com- prising it large parlour fronting the street, a large parlour with a bow window fronting the sea,, two good kitchens, house- keeper's room, butler's pantry, and other useful and conve- nient attached and detached offices, and two underground cellars, a large staircase, drawing room fronting the sea, two chambjrs, two dressing rooms, and water closet, on the second story, and three large chambers fronting the sea, anil a dressing room in the attic story; a large paved court extend- ing froin the dwelling- house to the waterside ; and aCottage, comprising a sitting room and two chambers; and a Store- house, 85 feet in length, in th? court. These premises are plentifully supplied with excellent water, and cotnmand very extensive and beautiful prospects, par- ticularly Portsmouth, Spithead, Stoke's Bay, Haslar Hospital, the Motherbank, Calsliot Castle, Southampton Water, and Cowes Harbour, with picturesque land views. For ether particulars, and to treat for the purchase bv pri- vate contract, apply at the office of Mr. Worsjey, solicitor, Newport, or of Mr.' James Hoskins,' West Cowes. ffiitS CANN, near SHAFTESBURY. rg" H) be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION: at tl,-. A Cross Keys Inn, in the town of Shaftesbury, on . VI n ,1 , the 8th day of January next, between the hours of two u . four in the afternoon, ( unless previously disposed of by pri- vate contract, of which due notice will" be given,)— All tho- w two Closes of excellent PASTURE LAND, very desirabb, situated in the parish of Cauu, near Shaftesbury aforesaid, containing, by estimation, 13 acres, more or less, and row in the occupation of Mr. Daniel Gillingham, who Will shew the same. For further particulars, and to treat by private contract,, apply to Messrs. Hooper and Broome, Ringwood, Hants.— Letters to be peist paid. [ 6091 D irsrtshird.— Eligible Freehold Estate, Tithe- free. X) be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Greyhound Inn, Blandt'ord, 011 Wednesday the 17th of January,'. 1810, at four o'clock, subject to such conditions as shall then be produced,—- All exceedingly valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, tithe- free; consisting cf a farm- house, two barns, stable, cow- house, barton, and orchard; together with 167 acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land, capable of great improvement; situate at Charlton- Marshall, in the county of Dorset, two miles from Blandford, six from Vv imborne, and twelve fr< m Poole. Mr. Shell's Bailiff will shew the Estate ; and particulars may be known at the office of Charles Bowles, Ks ;. Shaftes- bury, where a map may be seen; also of Mr. W. Upich. n, land- surveyor, Cann Cottage, near Shaftesbury; and Mr. John Charlton, land- surveyor, Stourton, Wilts. [ 61,48 WEYMOUTH. TO he SOLD by AUCTION, by J. CUMMINS, on Wednesday the 17th dav of January, 1810, at the Bear Inn, at three o'clock in the afternoon ( unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which public and timely notice will be given), for the remainder of a term of ninety- nine years, determinable on two healthy lives,— All that ex- tensive, commodious, and old- established INN, eallcd the BEAR INN, extending from tbe front in St. Mary- street back to St. Thomas- street; comprising 6 good sitting rooms, 15 good bed chambers, with closets and garrets, a kitchen, bar, brewhouse, cellars, and other convenient Offices; to- gether with stabling for 70 horses, and a yard that will con- tain lOOmaiket horses. Further particulars may he known by applying to Mr. Bowles, attorney at law ; Mr. G. Cooper,' the owner ; or the Auctioneer, at Weymouth. [ 6065 TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. THOMAS CUIIME, on Wednesday the 10th day of January 1810, at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the" Antelope Inn, in Dorchester,— The following FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD ESTATES, as described in the Hand Bills :— In Dorchester, lie- Id in fee,— The Dwelling- Houses, Shops, Cellars, Stables, and Buildings, in the ptWession of Messrs. John Bascombe, Bennett Han ey, Old, Thomas Bcsant, Charles Churchill, Francis Oakley, John Wal- lis, and Robett Rumsey. In Dorchester, held for terms of years or lives,— The Ware-, house, Stable, and Gardens in the. possession of Mess. Robert Rumsey, Robert White, antl Isaac Hodges. In Ryme Intrinsica, held tor lives,— Church Close, Pound Barton, Marsh Msad, and a Dole of Coppice Wood, in Gall Acre Coppice, in the possession of Messrs. Giles Haywood and John Brake. In Piddlehintun, held in fee,— A Piece of Ground, contain- ing by estimation 10 acies, in the possession cf Mr. Ambrose Ridout. IN Hermitage,— The valuable Coppice, called Prince'S Wood, containing by estimation TI'S acres ; a piece of Pasture, Ground and the Drove adjoining the Coppice, containing bv estimation 10 acres, in the possession of Messrs. Emanuel Mitchell and Hugh Kt- ates, held under tbe Prince ot Wales for 25 years from the 4th of May last, under the yearly rent of £ I 10 0. K. r further particulars apply to Mr. Salisbury, or Mr. T. Curme, in Dorchester. ' [ 61 no JT. RIGGE's celebrated MAGNETIC RAZOR • TABLET .( patronised by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales) having become so high in reputation, as to be con- sidered the only iiffention in the world capable of forming - 4. mo » T ^ ENTJ/ IC and acute Edge to a Razor, without tbe UN- pTcasam. use otoil or grease, the Proprietor and Inventor F.- TLS- it his duty' to caution the public, that none ate genuine but such as arc sold with his signature, " John Thos. Rirg.-," and numbered in red ink,' price 7s. Cd. at his warehouse, SO, Park- street, Grosvenor- square, and65, Cheapside ; by Brodie Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury ; F* ID by regularly a| - pointed agents in every cityand towu in the united kingdom. VALUABLE SCHOOL BOOK. This day is published, in octavo, price 9S. ti;/. boards, The Sixth Edition of CCOLLECTANEA GR2ECA MAJORA ; ad s usum. academic* juventutis accommod. au. Cum noli) philologicis, quaspartim collegit, partim seripsit, ANDREAS DALZEL, A. M. Socius Regix Societatis Ediriensis • et nuper in Aeademn LACI I i VI. Scotorum Regis, Lit. Gr. Prof, eidemque, A Secr'elis <- T Billothccarius. Tonius 1st. C. mpleetens excerpta ex varus orationis solutie Scriptoribus. Editio Sexta, ENM notis ubctio- ribus, cui accedit Appendix, in QUA indicamursubsidiaquxdani selects, lingu. E^ GILEISE siudiosis utilissima. Printed at the Edinburgh University Press, for T. Cadell and W- Davies, Strand, and JOHN MURRAY,' 32, Fleet- street, London-; and sold by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxtbrd, Salisbury. Of whom may be had, by IHC same Author, new editions of I. Collectanea Majors." Vol, 2, Svo. 1 Is. boards. II. Analecta Grseca Minora. Svo. 6S. boards. [ 5717 DISSENTERS' ALMANACK, Sanctioned and recommended by many eminent Ministers of different denominations, whose names will be given. This day is published ( to be continued annually Vin a small pocket size, neatly sewed in coloured paper, price 2s. 6d. HP HE PROTESTANT DISSENTERS' ALMA- A NACK, for the Year of our Lord 1810. Containing, besides all the usual astronomical calculations, and many useful tables,— 1. A calendar of anniversaries, associations & c. in 1810, with new biographical and historical notices. - 2. A concise history of dissenters.— 3. Abstracts of the princi- pal laws relative to dissenters.— 4. Proceedings for a repeal of the test and corporation acts.— 5. A brief account of sects and denominations— 6. A list of dissenting institutions.— 7. A" complete table of dissenting chapels in a'nd near London, the times of worship, preachers, and persuasions.— 8. An annual list Of recent ordinations, & C.— 9. A list of new chapels.— 10. A complete list of dissenting ministers in and near London. 11. The lectures at Salters- hall, in 1810.— 12. List of new publications, 1809.— 13. A chronological table of ecclesiasti- cal history.— 14. An obituary of pious and eminent dissenters. The whole designed, for the use of protcstant dissenters, and religious persons of every tie- nomination. London: Printed for the proprietors, and sold by Williams and Smith, Stationers'- court; and all the booksellers in the united kingdom, particularly by Brodie, Dowding, and Lux- ford, Salisbury. [ 5784 To Sportsmen, Farmers, Grooms, Dealers in Horses. This day is published, the 19th edition, corrected and im- proved, 6s. boards, CLATER's EVERY MAN HIS OWN FAR-. RIER, or the whole Art of Farriery laid open. Mr. Clater's Recipes for the Cure of every Disorder, have been drawn from his own as well as his Uncle's Practical Know- ledge of upwards of 50 years in'Nottingham, Newark, at d Retford ; the increased sale of the latter extensive editions IS the strongest proof of its worth.— To which is added anAi- PF. NDIX, containing the methods of preparing and com- pounding all the Medicincs, and remarks on the manner of applying them. Printed for Crosby and Co. Stationcrs'- court, Ludgate- street, London; and sold by Brodie, Dowding, andLuxtord, Salis- bury. [ 55YJ COMMERCIAL EDUCATION. Tiiis day is published, price 3. R. Gd. bound, with ,1 full allowance to schools, embellished with an engraving of the Royal Ex- change, London, rpHE GRAMMAR of TRADE, MANUFAC- A TURES, and COMMERCE; containing popular accounts of all the different branches of Trade and Manufactures,— defi- nitions of the various persons employed in them,— descriptions of t'- IE origin and. uses of commodities,— A vocabulary of terms used in the different branches of commerce,—- tables cf foreign monies, weights, and measures,— and maxims ol esperieuiee lor young tradesmen. By THOMAS MORTIMER, Esq. Author of Every Man his own Broker, the- New Dictionary of Commerce, & c. & c. Printed for Richard Phillips, London; and sold by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbuiy; and by all book^- ilei, IN Great Britain and Ireland. Of whom may be had, for a course of commercial educauu.., just published, 1. Joyce's Arithmetic of real Life and Business, prite 3s. 6D.. and Key, ' 2S. 6D. 2. Morrison's Elements of Book- keeping, by single AN/ double entry, with eoppev- plate forms, price 7s. 3. Blair's ENGLISH Grammar, with exetcises, complete in UF book, a new edition, price 2S. 6D. 4. Mortimer's Dictionary a!" Trade, Manufactures, and Cf raerce, price 21S / 5. The Book ol'Trades, of Library of useful Aits, willi S/-}'- thiee plates, 3 vols, price 3S, each. Hi. Mayor's Short UJUD, price IT. SI. boards. [ IF* I v AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WJLTS, HANTS, DOESET, AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday's Posts. i PETERSBURG, Octobcr 25. EN. Platow, of ' the . Moldavian army, lias defeated a division of the Turkish army, intended to relieve Silistria, and taken prisoner the Pasha of three ( ail-, and a great part of his carps. It is likewise reported that Silistria is taken. G? LONDON, FRIDAY, D JSC EMBER 22. n Yesterday three more Gottimburgh Mails arrived, bringing letters, and papers from Germany to the loth inst. Intelligence has been received at Stockholm of the final conclusion of Peace between Denmark and Sweden : the terms have not transpired, but it was reported, that Sweden had resolved the right to import colonial, produce, unmo- lested. No mention is made of Great Britain in the treaty. The renewal of commerce between Denmark and Sweden lias already taken place. The late King of Sweden, Gustavns IV. is on his way to Baden, where > e means to reside in future. The present King, who had been attacked with apoplexy, has recovered. West India articles are still permitted to he sent from Hamburgh into the interior, notwithstanding the rigour of the new custom- house arrangements in other particulars. By an Imperial decree of Napoleon, colonial produce cap- tured by French privateers will be admitted. into France. The public accounts from Petersburg, respecting tbe war with Turkey, are similar to those before received through private " channels. The Turks do not appear to uresent any formidable resistance to the advances of their adversaries into tiie heart of their dominions. Several ships are already frozen in at Riga, where of conr- e they must remain till tile spring of the ensuing year. The exportation of corn appears to be still permitted from the Prussian dominions. . It is rumoured in Holland, that Bonaparte has actually ordered 100,000 of his troops in. Germany and Italy to pro- ceed immediately to Turkey. The insurrection in the Tyrol is once more in full acti- vity under the enterprising lloffcr." They have commenced their career by intercepting couriers, and cutting off con- voys. The Tyrol is not the only place where the French are annoyed, by petty hostilities— in . Carniola the inhabi- tants have risen. Ships continue fo drop in from Walcheren. A transport arrived on Wednesday at Yarmouth, with horses. The Gambier cutter is also arrived: she left Flushing on the loth instant, and brings an account that our ship- ping have not suffered so much by the late bad weather as was expected. On Wednesday his Majesty held . a Levee at thc Queen's Palace, at which the Persian Ambassador was pre- sented to his Majesty. His Excellency was treated with peculiar respect. One'of the King's carriages was sent to convey him from his house in Mansfield- Street, and on his arrival at the Palace he was admitted at the great front door, generally appropriated to the Royal Family. His Excellency was introduced by the Marquis Wellesley, and presented his credentials with great form. He returned in the King's carriage, and was repeatedly cheered by the populace, with which he seemed much pleased. About half- past two, the Corporation of London arrived at the Queen's Palace, and being introduced, presented the following Address to his Majesty, which was read by the Recorder: TO THE KING'S MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY. • The humble,. loyal, and dutiful Address and Petition of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of Lon- don, in common council assembled. MOST GRACIOUS SOVEREIGN, We, your Majesty's most faithful, loyal, and dutiful sub- jects, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of London, in common council assembled, most humbly approach your Majesty's sacred person, in the perfect assur- ance that your Majesty v. a 11 graciously condescend to receive * t. he suggestions- of your faithful and loyal citizens, on subjects which seriously and deeply afftct their interest, in common with the rest of your Majesty's people. Wc have witnessed with deep regret the disastrous failure of the late Expedition,' as the magnitude of its equipment had raised the just hopes and expectations of the country to seme p rmuient benefit. Ann we cannot avoid expressing to your Majesty the sorrow id indignation with which we aae affected, by the unhappy sscnt'ibfts that have prevailed among your Majesty's Ministers, yfad our f eats that such dissentions may prove eminently pre- judicial to the best interests of the nation. Your Majesty's faithful Citizens, actuated by loyal attach- ment to your sacred person ant! illustrious House, and Soli- ' citous for the honour of your Majesty's arms and the dignity and solidity of your Majesty's Councils, - are deeply impressed with the necessity of an early and strict Inquiry into the causes of the failure of the late Expedition, therefore pray your Majestv will direct Inquiry to be forthwith instituted, in r to ascertain the causes which have occasioned it. Signed by order of the Court, HENRY WOODTIIORPE. TO which Address and Petition his Majesty was pleased to return tbe following Answer : I thank you for your expressions of duty and attachment to rue and to my family.— The recent Expedition to thc Scheldt was dir eted to several objects of great importance to the in- terests of my Allies, and to the security of my dominions.— 1 regret, that of these objects a part only has been accom- plished.— I have not judged it to be necessary to direct any Military Inquirv into the conduct of my Commanders by Sea or Land in tliis conjoint service.— It will be for my Parlia- ment, in their wisdom, to - ask for such information, or to take such measures upon this subject as they shall judge most conducive to the public good. . They were all received very graciouify, and had tbe ho- nour to kiss his Majesty's hand. Both in going to a id returning from the Palace, the populace cheered the Lord Mayor and Mr. Waithman. Mr. Ryder, Secretary of State for the Home De- partment," was waited upon oil Tuesday, respecting the Address and Petition of the Livery.— Mr, Ryder said he would learn his Majesty's pleasure when and where he w . uhl receive it.— 1On Wednesday, at the Queen's House, Mr. Ryder informed the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs that bis Majesty did not receive any Address, except from the City » f London and a few other bodies ( who claim the right of presenting to his Majesty on the Throne); at the Levee: and that the Livery's Address must be sent to the Secretary of State's Office. This was declined by the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, and it remains for them to determine whether they will request an audience of bis Majesty. On Wednesday a Quarterly General Court was held at the East India House, when, after the usual forms, the chairman submitted a resolution of the Court of Di- rectors, recommending the dividend from Midsummer last to Christmas next to be 5f per cent, which resolution pa- sej unanimously in the affirmative. Accounts have been received from the outward- bound Ea t India ships, which separated from the last fleet at Madeira, viz. Sarah Christiana, William Pitt, Lady Lushington, and Sir William Pultenev. These letters arc dated the 17th of August, in lat. 1. 58. N. long. 19. W. the fleet was expected to pass the line the next day. Of the three missing East India ship-, the Experiment, Glory, and Lord Nelson, are considered lost: the Glory, Captain 11.' Beevor, is supposed to have gone to the bot- tom. On the 22d ot November, she was last seen by the Phoenix Indiaman, in a tremendous gale in the Indian Ocean. In tbe afternoon of the above day, between four and five o'clock, the Phoenix being then at no great dis- tance from the Glory, observed that she was settling fast in the water; and " while the Phoenix's crew were, below deck at the pumps, - inhalf an hour the Glory disappeared. The Eastern coa- t presents a most distressing scene. The gale on Thursday and Friday night waitreinendous. The beach between' Leostoffe and Yarmoimi is strewed with wrecks. The Catharine, of Sunderland, was lost on the Home Sand on Friday night, and all the crew, except one man, perished. Seven other vessels are on shore. MFRDF. R.— A shocking murder was committed on tbe servant of Mr. Forde, of York- farm, near Dorchester, on Sundjy night. Mr. I'orde's bon a; was attacked by thieves, anil, on sdog barking, Mary Thomas went . to the door, nhich bad been broken open— whe. n two men, disguised loinied her oft' the premises, and she was found dead the next - morning in an adjoining field, with her head beat to i mummy. One of the supposed murderers bas been taken into'custody. CCRN EXCHANGE, Dec. 32. The quantities of Wheat eat " land make the supply rather considerable ; sales are scarclv at Wednesday's prices. Fine Barley nearly main- tains its. price; other sorts are cheaper, as is also Malt. Peas- are rather lower. Infieans. ihei'c is little variation. Qatar.; e ils. per quarter cheaper. Hour as before. BIRTHS.] Lately, at Nash Court, Kent, the Right Ham. Lady Sondes of a son.— On Friday, at Beaumont Lodge, the Viscountess Ashbrooke of a daughter.— Same day, the Lady of Sir William Blaekett, Bart, of a daughter.— On the 10th inst. at Edinburgh, the Lady of General Elliott I of a daughter. MARRIED.] Oil the 14th inst. at Cheltenham, C. Sat- terthwaite, Esq. of Rigmaideti, Westmoreland,. to Miss Sheridan, eldest ( laughter of tbe late C. F. Sheridan, Esq. and niece ot the Right Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan.— On Saturday, Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart, of Good- nestoue, in Kent, to Miss Ilawley, eldest daughter of Sir Henry Hawley, Bart.— On Tuesday, at Brighton' the Rev. John Po liard, of Hursperpoint, Sussex, to Miss Morgan, daughter of Gen. Morgan, late of the Coldstream Guards. — On Wednesday, Olinthus Gilbert Gregory, L. LAV of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, to Miss * ddome, eldest daughter of B. B. Beddome, Esq. of Walworth.— Oil Monday se'nnight, at Watlington, Thomas Hambltton, aged 82, to Ann White, aged O'O years : they were attended by two friends, as father and bride- maid, the former of whom Is 92, and tbe latter 6' 0 years old ; the collective ages of the whole party amounted to 294 years I DIED] On the 11th of May, in the Poonah District, in the East Indies, Col. Wm. Wallace, of his Majesty's Both regiment, " ommandi'ng the subsidiary force of British troops stationed with the Peishwa-.—- On the 2d of July last, at Serittgapatam, aged 33 years, Beilby Hodgson, Esq, third Judge of the Court of Circuit and Appeal for. the provinces of Canara, Malabar, & e.— On the 20th ult. at Merida, in Spain, Capt. John Betton, of the 3d Dra- goon Guards.— On the 7th inst. Lady Turing, wife of Sir Robert Turing, Bart.— On Monday se'nnigbt, at Ipswich, in his. 27th year, Lieut. J. Buck, R. N. late Commander of the Acute gun- brig.— On Friday, T. Kerricb, Esq. of Geldestone, Ntrfolk, who served the office of High She- riff of that county in 1788.— On Saturday, at Elthain, Kent, Sir Richard Welch, Knt. late Sheriff of London and . Middlesex.— Lately Capt. Collingwood, of the Royal Navy.— On Sunday, at Dawlish, Mrs. Brunton, wife of Lieut. Col. Brunton, late Military Auditor- General at Ma- dras.— Same day,, in Berners- street, Sir William Bensley, Bart, a Director of the East India Company.— On Wed- nesday, at his house in St. Paul's Church- yard, in his 71st year, Joseph Johnson, Esq. an eminent bookseller, and an ornament to that or any profession : - he was a man of a generous, candid, and liberal mind; he was oil all occa- sions ready to apply his time and his thoughts for the be- nefit of others, aud for bis integrity and the- clearness of his views, was the perpetual resort of all his connections in seasons of difficulty and embarrassment; his house was ever open to the worthy and necessitous, who had reason to bless the warmth of his heart, and will long have to re- gret his loss.— On the Bill inst. at Old Mill, parish of Tur- riff, in Scotland, Margery Scott, aged 100 years: her eldest son, aged 75, four grandsons and daughters, and three families of great grand- eliildren, all reside on tbe same farm.— A few days since, at Stonehouse, near Ply- mouth, Mrs. Hill, aged 103 years.— Last week, at Kings- bridge, Devon, Mrs. P. Beer, aged 107 years. Library and Reading Rooms, Iligh- Street, Bristol. THIS BAY IS PUBLISHED, BBARRY'S SUPPLEMENT f< y is 10, which . he flatters himself will in'no respect be found to de- viate from his original plan, ultimately to make his Library a popular, and yet scientific collection, suitableto all classes of readers, whilst at the same time it is calculated to promote the • taste for literature in this wealthy and respectable city and neighbourhood. Mineralogy and geology in i: enteral, having of late been more than ever attended to, he has not failed to enrich his shelves with the best works lately published, for the advance- ment of those useful and profitable studies; yet chemistry and the branches of experimental philosphy have not been entirely overlooked, and in valuable translations he has made advances, towards that complete collection, which it is his in- tention to accomplish b£ degrees ; of tracts also, he has added many that in future will become valuable and rare, and all such entertaining novels as bear the repute of bet'ng at the same time notimmotal, will he trusts be found a great ad- dition to his Library, always most desirous of affording satis- faction to, that class of his generous supporters, by whose kind partiality he is most flattered, and to whose wishes it is his highest gratification to attend. In the Rending Rooms are the following newspapers and publications :-- London Gazette, Star, Globe, Courier, States- man, Pilot, Sun, Traveller, Morning Chronicle, St. James's Chronicle, Observer, Dublin Evening Post; Bristol, Bath, Salisbury, Worcester, Glccester, Sherborne, Liverpool, Ox- ford, Cambrian, London Price Current, Cobbett's Political Register, Commercial Shipping List, Bristol Exports and Im- ports, Monthly Army and Navy Lists ; London, East India, and Bristol- Directories; Court Calendar; Critical, Anti- Jaco- bin, Eclectic, British Critic, Edinburgh, Quarterly, and Lon- don Reviews ;. Philosophical, Librarian, Gentleman's, and Scot's Magazines ; together with many pamphlets. [ 6044 TERMS TO THE ABOVE IN. TOWN OR COUNTRY. To the Library only.— 12 Months, 11, is.; 6 ditto, 15s.; 3 ditto, 10s. 6rf.; 1 ditto, 5s.; 1 week, 2, s. 6d. To the Reading Rooms only.- 12 Months, U. U.; 6 ditto, 15s. 3 ditto, 10s, Srf.; 1 ditto, bs.; 1 week, 2s. 6d. To both Library E? Reading Rooms.— 12 Months, 1 I. 11 s. Gd.; 6 ditto, li. Is.; ij ditto, 15s.; 1 ditto, 7s. 6d.; 1 week, 3s. 6' d. N. B.— A large assortment of Almanacks, Pocket Books, Souvenirs, Atlasses, Repositories, & c. & c. for 1810, and many new juvenile publications, both instructive and entertaining. WILTSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given, That the GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the county of Wilts, will be holden at Dev izes iij and lor the said county, on Tuesday the Ninth day of January next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, pursuant to the resolution entered into at a former Sessions, for the special purpose of examining and auditing the Treasurer's accounts, and ail other bills and demands on tbe county; and of attending lo all business relative to tiie militia, conveyance of soldiers' baggage, the gaols and bride- wells, and such othei business as may occur, relative to the civil concerns of ike said county ; and no bills will be allowed, unless delivered in at the sitting of the Court on that day. The Court will open on Wednesday morning, precisely at ten o'clock, for general business, which will begin with the trial of traverses, next appeals, and lastly prisoners. All Appeals ( except those entered for the purpose ol ad- journment) must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace previously to the opening of the Court on Wednesday, and in failure thereof the adverse party shall have a right to enter a Are Recipiutur. Tne Bailiffs and Constables cf the several hundreds, out of winch the jurors are taken, are hereby ordered to attend the C art, with proper wands, during the whole time of the Sessions, and remain in such place or places ia die Coiut as shail be then appointed, and assist in keeping peace and good order, and to execute llie orders and processes of the Court. JOHN SWAYNE, WILTON, Dee. T5, 1S09. Deputy Clerk of the Peace. In order to give all possible dispatch to the business of the Sessions, the Clerks io the Justices of the Peace of the said County are purti'iihr/ y requested to, send to the Oerk of the Peace, on or before the i'. srt morning of the Sessions, all Re- cognizances, Informations, and Records of Convictions, taken before such Justices of the Peace respectively. 16063 HANTS SESSION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN,— That the GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS OF THE PEACE for the county of Southampton, will be holdeu at the Castle of WINCHESTER, on Monday the Eighth day ol January next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, at which time the Court will be opened, and immediately adjourned to the George Inn, in die city of Winchester, lor the special purpose ol inspecting and ex- amining the Treasurer's Accounts, and also all Bills and other Demands on tiie counly, puisuant to the resolutions entered into at a former Session. * The Court will be adjourned from the George Inn, and opened again at the Castle of Winchester, on I lie Tuesday following, viz. the Ninth day of January next, precisely at ten o'clock in the forenoon, when all Constables, Bailiffs, Jurors, and others concerned, are hereby required to gave their attendance. And in order to give all possible dispatch to the business, the Attornies, Parties, and Witnesses prosecuting any Appeals, In- dictments, orotlvr business, must be prepared at the opening of the Court on Tuesday morning, and i. uiing the whole of tbe Session, that the Court may call on the Causes in such order and at such times as they shall see convenient. Appeals mast be entered with the Clerk cj the Peace, previously lo the opening of the Court on Tuesday morning, or the parties mill not be permitted lo try. Recognizances, Informations, and Records of Convictions are to be returned to the Clerk of the Peace by the respective Jus- tices' Clerks, on or before the day preceding the- Sessions.— Dated this ' 20th day of December, 1809. THOMAS WOODHAM, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. All persons who have entered into Recognizances to appear at this Sessions concerning Assaults, inc. are required to take notice, that they mu- t, in pursuanceof their Ree guidances, appear at this Sessions, either per " on. '< v or by their aiiornies, in wider to withdraw the same, although lliey may previously have ompromiscd the oulter. [ bill DORSETSHIRE. TVTOTIQE is HEREBY GIVEN—, That the next 1^ 1 GENERAL QUARTER SESSION OF THE PEACE for the county of Dorset, will be holden at BLANDFORD FORUM, in and for the said county, on Tuesday the Ninth clay of January next, on which day the Court will be opened precisely at twelve o'clock at noon, WHEN ALL CONSTABLES WHO HAVE RECEIVED NOTICE FROM THE SHERIFF ARE REQUIRED TO GIVE THEIR. ATTENDANCE TO TAKE THE OATHS, ,& C. THE COURT HAVING RESOLVED TO DISPAVCH SUCH BUSINESS IN FUTURE ON THAT DAY, INSTEAD OF THE WEDNESDAY MORNING AS. HERETOFORE ; the Court will afterwards adjourn to the Crown Inn, iu the said town of Blandford Forum, for the special purpose of examining all bills and demands on the said county, and taking into consideration such other business as may occur relative to the civil con- cerns therein, pursuant to a resolution entered into ai a former Session. And on Wednesday morning, the Court will be opened pre- cisely at ten o'clock, for the dispatch of business, and imme- diately proceed with hearing Appeals, next trying Traverses, and lastly the Prisoners. All Appeals ( except those to be entered for the purpose ol adjournment) must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace, on Tuesday, the first day of the Session, and on failure thereof the adverse party will have a right to enter a Ne Recipintui. And in the forenoon oi Tuesday all Recognizances, In- formations, and Records of Convictions, are to be returned to the Clerk of the Peace by the respective Justices' clerks. And ail persons having business to do, and Bills of Indictment to prefer, are required to attend accordingly, Daied this 21st day of December 1309. . [ 6172 WM. BURNET, Clerk of the Peace. TO THE PUBLIC. SWIFT and Co. beg leave ijiost respectfully to return their thanks to the Public, for the unexampled patronage and support they experienced as Contractors for the last Lottery, and at the same time to express the gratification they feel in having had the honour of laying before the public the first Lottery on the improved principle, which has at once fulfilled the beneficial intentions of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, by preventing the evil of insurance, and received the sanction of the public, as affording a superior chance to the adventurer. The present Lottery is exactly on the same plan as the last, and will, no doubt, be equally honored by the approbation of the public. SCHEME: of 4 12 £- 20,000 - 5,000 1 ,( 100 20 - of - £ 500 20 loo 4,9' 10 from £ 50 to £ 15 Only 5,000 Numbers; Four Tickets of every Number, each of w'hich will be entitled to the full amount of whatever Prize is drawn against the Number. Tickets and Shares are selling in great variety at Sivift and Co's Offices, No. 11, Poultry,' No. 12, Charing Cross, and No. 31, Aldgate. High- street, London. The following Capital Prizes were sold in Shares io the late Lotteries by Swift and Co.' s Agents to persons residing in the country; Five of them were in the last Lottery, drawn Oct. 20 B1SHOPSTONE IN CLOSURE. WE the undersigned Commissioners, appointed by an Act of Pariiament lately made and pasjed, inti- tuled— An Act for inclosing Lands in the parish of Bishop- stone, otherwise Bushopstone, in the county of Wilts,— Do hereby give Notice, that the several Claims of tht Persons interested, which have been delivered to us, are faft at the office of James Crowdy, of Highworth, in the tounty of Wilts, Gentleman; and that an Abstract of such Claims is left at the Heart Inn, in Bishopstone aforesaid; andthat such Claims and Abstract are open to the infection andperusalof all parties interested or claiming to be inteiested in the pre- mises ; and that they or their respective agents ot attornies may take copies thereof or extracts therefrom respectively ; and that if any person or persons, or body politic orcorporate, interested or claiming to be interested in the premises, shall have any objection to offer to either or any of such claims, the particulars of such objections are inquired to be reduced into writing, and signed by them or their respective husbands, guardians, trustees, committees, or agents, and to be delivered to us at our next Meeting, to be held at the Barrington's Arms, in Shrivenham, in the county of Berks, on Monday the 2- 2 d day of January next; and that. no sucfi objections will afterwards be received, unless for some legal disability or special causc, to be allowed by us. Dated thil 2d day of December, 1809. WM. JENNINGS. 6143J GEO. BARNES. WILTS. WEST KINGTON INCLOSURE. WE whose Names are hereunto subscribed, being the Commissioners named in and appointed by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the forty- ninth year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled " An Act for inclosing Lands in the Manor or Lordship of West Kington, in the parish of West Kington, in the county of Wilts," do hereby givtrNotice that we' have appointed and set out the following Public Roads, through and over the said lands intended by the said Act to be inclosed, that i3 to say:— No. 1.— One Public Carnage Road, of the breadth of forty feet, extending from Sherril Gate, in it's present track, over West Kington Down, toTormarton Gate. No. 2.— One other Public Carriage Road, of the breadth of thirty feet, branching out of the first described road at Stirt's Gate, and extending in an eastward direction over the West Field, to the village of West Kington. No. 3.— One other Public Carriage Road, of the breadth of thirty feet, extending from the south side of the village of West Kington, in it's present track, over the South Field, to an antient lane, leading to Marshficld, No. 4.— One other Public Carriage Road, of the breadth of thirty feet, leading out of Ivy Lane, and extending in its present track across the South Field, to an antient Gate in the parish of Marshfield. No. 5.— And one other Public Carriage lead, of the breadth of thirty feet, extending in a southward dMrion across Wick Green. And we do further give Notice, that a Map signed by us, on which the said Reads are accurately laid down and de- scribed, is deposited with Mr. Audley ilarvev, solicitor, our Clerk, at his Office in Chippenham.— Any person or persons who may object to any Public Road so set out or omitted to be set out, may exhibit their cause of complaint to us, at our next Meeting, to be held at the King's Arms Inn, in Marsh- field, on Tuesday the 6th day of February next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.— Dated the 11 th day of Nov. 1S0.9. RICHARD RICHARDSON. 6096] ROBERT WRIGHT HALL. GILLINGHAM and MOTCOMBE INCLOSURE. I JOHN BILLINGSLEY, the sole Commissioner named and appointed in and by the Act of Parliament passed in the 49th year of his present Majesty's reign, " for inclosing Lands in the several parishes ot Gillingham and Motcombe, in the county of Dorset," Do hereby give Notice, that I nave caused to be marked and staked out certain Car- riage Roads or Droveways in, over, and upon the Meadow in Gillingham, called Cumber or Common Mead ( that is to say),— One public road or dr-. veway, of the breadth of 20 feet, commencing on the south east in the said Cumber or Com- mon M an iu the River Stour, crossing over the land of John Knellrr, E< q. extending from thence in a straight line across a piece ui the said meadow, called Oak Acre, and terminating, at th, south end of a plot in Smith's Mead, called the Vicarage Two Acres.. And one other public road or droveway, of the like breadth of 20 feet, commencing at the said River Stour, at the water- ing- place in Cumber or Common Mend, on the land belong- ing to Mr. Edward Hawkins, running nearly parallel with the above- mentioned road by the north side ot Soaper's Acre, belonging to Mr. Giffard, and terminating at the present road or lane whicn divides the said Common Mead and Smith's Mead. And that I have appointed at my next Meeting, to be held at the Phoenix Inn, in Gillingham aforesaid, on Monday the 8th day of January next, at eleven o'clock in tilt forenoon, to receive any objection or objections to the said roads and drove- ways so marked or staked out, or to cither of them ; and also as to any roads or droveways that have been omitted to be marked " or set out in, over, and upon the same Common Meadow; and that no . objection or objections as to the said roads or droveways, or any of them, can be received by me, the said Commissioner, after the said 8th day of January. I further give Notice, that I shall immediately proceed to consider and determine all such objections ( if any) which shall be then made respecting the said roads so staked out yr omitted to be staked out as aforesaid. I hereby further give Notice, that I have investigated and allowed the various claims. Which have been delivered in to me, the said Commissioner, under the said Act; that I have appointed to continue my said meeting at the Phamix Inn, in Gillingham aforesaid, on Thursday the said Bth day of January next, and on the two following days, for the purpose of proceeding in the investigation of, and decision of, all such several claims as remain objected to, and otherwise to proceed in the execution- of the said Act. The several claimants are herebv required to produce legal and sufficientevidence in support of their respective claims before me the said Com- missioner, at my next meeting to he held in support of the said several claims; and all persons are hereby required to take notice, that ill such claims not already allowed, which shali not be substantiated by legal and sufficient evidence at my saal next meeting, will be wholly disallowed, and the person orpers - ns making default in duly proving and substan- tiating the sa ne, will be wholly debarred * rom all benefit or sd- aiitaae in respect of such said several cla ms in, over, or upon tke open or'common lands directed or authorised to be divided, inclosed, or al. otted under the said Act- T— Datjd this 24th day of November. 1S09. „„„ » ,.,, 614B/ JOHN BHL1NGSLEY. LYMINGTON, I- IAMPSIURE. TO be LETT, with immediate possession,. for one or two years,—- An excellent FAMILY- HOUSE, hand- somely fitted up, and completely FURNISHED in the most modern style, and late in the occupation of General Nicolls ; together with three coach- houses, good stabling for 7 horses, lawn, meadows, gardens, and every other requisite for a large family. The above is most delightfully situated in Ly- mingtoii, and commands a view of the Isle of Wight and Channel, Needle Rocks, & c. For particulars apply ( post paid) to Mr. West, banker, Lymington. Also aVandsome ORGAN, standing in the hall, which plays with Finger, and lias the addition of five Barrels set with Tunes. [ 5791 Dairy Farms, near IVinvanton, Somersetshire. TO be LETT by TENDER, for a term of 21 Years, optional in the landlord or tenant to vacate at tbe end of the first 7 or 14 years,— Two very desirable DAIRY FARMS, with good houses on each, and all proper and necessary out- buildings, in good repair, situate in the parishes of Stoke Trister, Horsington, and Cublington ; the one in the occupation of George Read, containing 74 A. I R. 25 P. including two orchards ; the other in the occupation of James Sprackling, comprizing 6- 2 A. 2 R. 32 P. ( both statute measure), including also two orchards," and two cottages. May be entered upon at Lady- day next. Tenders ( sealed) to be sent to Wm. Strong, Esq. No. 7, Montague- place, Bedford- square, London, on or before the 1st of February next; where a plan may be seen. [ 5967 N. B.— With leave of the tenants the farms- may be viewed. WARM INSTER. by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A - new- built DWELLING- HOUSE, very eligibly situate near tbe Market- place of Warminster, and which might be occupied either as a private residence, or for the purposes of trade, with a commodious shop in front. Immediate possession may be had. [ 5952 For particulars and treaty apply to Mr. Phelps, Warminster. X) be SOLD substantial WEYMOUTH. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT.— All that modern brick- built, extensive, and well- accus- tomed BAKERY and DWELLING- HOUSE, situate in High- Street, the property, and now in the possession, of Mr. HUGH SEXEY, ( who is leaving Weymouth) ; comprising a convenient, well fitted- up shop, parlour, large bake- house with two excellent ovens, fuel- house, aud a large paved yard and garden behind the same; drawing- room and two bed- rooms on the first floor ; three attics, and one large garret over.— The above premises are in complete repair, and have a good supply of water. Application to be made ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. John Henning, attorney, Weymouth. N. B. Half of the purchase- money may remain on security of the premises, if desired. [ 6043 T ITCH FIELD, HANTS. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, or LETT, ready furnished, for a term not exceeding six nor less than three months,— An excellent FAMILY HOUSE, situate in the agreeable village of TitchfitId, seven miles from Gosport, three from Fareham, and nine from Southampton ; consisting of a drawing- room 26 feet by 20, dining and sitting rooms, six rooms on the first and four on the attic story, four servants' rooms, butler's pantry, housekeeper's room, servants' hall, kitchen, scullery, pantry, dairy, good wine and beer cellars, & c. There are stables, double coach- house, brew- house, wash- house, and laundry, with divers other convenient offices detached. At the back of the house is a flower and kitchen garden* comprising upwards of two statute acres of land, completely walled round, with a grapery, & c. N. B. About 450 feet on the north side of the garden front- ing the street ( with the exception of the space occupied by three small cottages, which may be had iPfequired) through which it is proposed to bring a turnpike road, leading from Cosham to Southampton, Botley, and Winchester, and is well worthy the attention of builders. For particulars enquire of Mr. Thos. Mondey, Titchfield; Messrs. Moudey and Tayler, Auctioneers, Gosport ; or Mr. Thomas Edwards, No. 3, New Boswell Court, Carey- street, London. , [ 6036 LYMINGTON,' HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. NEWELL, on Thursday the 4th day of Janury, 1810, at the Ship Inn, on the Quay, in Lymington aforesaid, at six o'clock in the evening ( unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice- will be given),— The undermentioned PREMISES, in the following lots. Lot 1.— All that Messuage or Tenement, in the High- street of Lymington, late in the occupation of Mr. Minshall, but now rented by Mr. Richard Mason. Lot 2.— All that Messuage or Tenement, with the Out- houses and Garden thereunto belonging, adjoining lot 1, and now in the occupation of the said Richard Mason. Lot 3.— All that Messuage or Tenement, with the Gar- den, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, Situate near b. aldre Bridge, in the parish of Boldre, near Lymington, and now in the ocupation of Mr. Jesse Jenvey. Further particulars may be known on application to Mr. Richman, solicitor, Lymington, Hants. [ 5987 CAPITAL ELM TIMBER, Great part of which is of very large dimensions, suitable to A aval purposes. FOR SALE by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, at the Bear Inn, Devizes, on Friday the29th of D-- cemher, 1809, at two o'clock, in lots,— 136 very fine ELM TREES ; 84 of which are now standing on a farm in the occupation of Mr. Ferris, at Bulkington, five miles west of Devizes, the remainder at Rowde, two miles north of Devizes, within a very- short distance of the Kennet and Avon Canal; also 125 Oak and Ash Pollards, and 7 Maiden Oak frees. For viewing thc timber at Bulkington, apply to Mr. Ferris aforesaid; and for the timber at II owde, to Mr. Bains, on the premises, or the Auctioneer, Devizes ; from all of whom printed particulars may be obtained. [ 6007 ELM TIMJiER, At POUI. SHOT, two miles West of Devizes. LNOR SALE by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, at 2? the Bear Inn, Devizes, on Friday the 5th of Januarv, 1810, at two o'clock, in lots,— 16- 2 good ELM TREES, with their Lops and Tops, as now standing on a farm in thc occu- pation of Mr. Gilbert, at Poulshot, one mile from the Ken- net and Avon Canal. For viewing and printed particulars apply to Mr. Gilbert aforesaid, or the Auctioneer, Devizes. [ 6008 RAMSBURY, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by EBW. HAROLD and SON, on the Premises, on Tuesday and Wednes- day the 9th and 10th of January, 1810 ( and not on the. 16th of Dec. 1.809, and following day, as advertized tot ivee. k), with- out reserve,— All thc neat and genuine HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE of Mr. JOHN EYLES, Surgeon; comprising fine- feather beds; mahogany four- post, tent, and bureau bed- steads and furniture ; handsome mahogany dining and other tables, a very comphte mahogany wardrobe, ditto bureau, night tahle, two sets mahogany chairs, chests of drawers, wash- h md stands, carpets, fire irons and fenders, a capital eight- day clock in an oak case, a very fine toned harpsichord, pier and other glasses, candlesticks, exceeding good roasting jack, copper boilers, dittostewpan, ditto saucepans, a dinner service, with a great variety of useful kitchen requisites ; brewing and washing coppers, large iron- bound mash tub, iron- bound casks, garden seats, bridle and saddle, side- saddle, a large quantity of stone jars and quart bottles, <. Vc. & c. The sale to begin each dav at ten o'clock. *** Part of the House to be Lett. ( Cf* It is requested that those who have any Demand on Mr. John Eyles, will send a statement of their accounts : and those who ate indebted to Mr. Eyles are requested to pay the. same to Mrs. Eyles, at Ramsbury aforesaid. [ 0037 CORSHAM, WILTS. Valuable House and Lands at Rutside, near Corsham, being Copyhold of Inheritance, next in value to Freehold, eight miles from Bath and five from Chippenham ; GreatTythe- free, and Land- tax redeemed. rpo be SOLD by AUCTION, by HARRY RUSS, J. at the Red Lion Inn, in Corsham, on Friday. the ! 9th ofJanuary, 1810, between the hours of three and four in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then pro- duced, All that very substantial DWELLING- HOUSE,' containing good sitting and bed rooms, yard, walled garilen, dairy and brewhouses, barn, stable, skillcn, and offices thereto belonging : also all those four Closes of rich Meadow or Pas- ture Land adjoining the said house, contain:, g together 98 acres ( more or less) : and also all that rich Close of Arable Land, containing 12 acres ( more or less). The above house is very desirably situate, and capable of considerable improvements, so as to make it a genteel resi- dence, commanding, from its scite of ground, most exten- sive and picturesque views of country, interspersed vv, th towns and villages, and bounded at the exnemity by the wide range of Wiltshire hillsr The " roads are verv good in this parish one running close to the estate), and the neighbourhood highlv respectable.— The premises are now in the possession of'Mr. Charles Harford. For- viewing the premises apply at the house, where a ser- vant will shew the same ; and tor further particulars ( if by letter, o n id; at the Office of Mr. Audley Hare/, so. i- citor, Chippenham, [ 5873 THE MANOR of HOUGHTON, in the countv of Southampton, with its Royalties, and extensive Rights of Fishery, ard a Right of Spo'rOng over a large trac- t of Copyhold Land, with a House, and excellent Stabling, Coach- house, Yard, Garden, and other conveniences, wiih four hundred and eighty acres of Land, will be SOLD bv AUCTION, in March next, unless previously disposed of by private contract. Houghton is within two miles of Stockbridge, near theNew Forest, Southampton. It was some time since the sporting residence of Lord Rivers. Early possession may be had of the Manor House< end its conveniences ; and of the land in hand, consisting of above seventy acres, including a hare- warren ; and the tenant in possesston of the remainder of the land will quit it at Michael- mas next. The Estate may be seen by application at the House; and further particulars had of Edward Atkinson, Esq. residing iu it; and of Edward Chippendale, Esq. King's Bench- Walk, Temple, London. [ 5966 Dorset. Ash and Elm Timber. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by M. BAKER, at the Chequers Inn, in Higher Lytchet, on Thursday the 28th day of Dec. 1809, at two o'clock in the afternoon, sub- ject to such conditions of sale as will be then and there pro- duced,— One hundred and eighteen prime ASH and ELM TIMBER TREES, in small lots, now standing on the several estates at Lytchet Matravers and Lytchet Minster, about six miles from Poole and six from Wareham ; alphabetically marked with paint;— with about fifty pair of good Ash Poles, in lots. For a view of the above apply to Mr. Joseph Hart- land, carpenter, Higher Lytchet. And on on Friday the 29th of Dec. will be Sold by Auctioh, at Higher Lytchet,— About sixty prime fat Wether SHEEP, in small lots for thc convenience of purchasers.— Particulars may be had at the Chequers Inn. Thc sale to begin at eleven o'clock in the morning. ( One concern J [ 6118 DORSETSHIRE AND DEVONSHIRE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Three Cups Inn, in Lyme, on Friday the 19th day of January, 1810, at one o'clock,— The following very valuable and iin- proveable FREEHOLD MANORS, ESTATES, and AD- VOWSON, situated in a - fine sporting country abounding with game. ' * Lot 1.— The capital and very desirable Freehold Manor of WILD COURT, with its Rights, Royalties, Members, and Appurtenances, situated in the parish of Hawkcburch, in the county of Dorset, and a small part in Axminster, in the county of Devon, about 4 miles from Axminster and Lyme, 6 from Chard, and 10 from Bridport and Crewkerne ; com- prizing the Mansion- house of Wild Court, with very valuable and improvcable Farms in Demesne, containing about 572 acres; and sundry l. ifehold Tenements, containing 71 acie^, the whole within a ring fence and well timbered, of the esti- mated annual value of $ 1000 and upwards. Lot 2.— The ADVOWSON of the Rectory of the Parish Church of Hawkchurcl, with the Glebe Lands, Great and Small Tithes, and Rectorial Manor thereof; thc yearly value about £ 600. Lot 3.— The capital and very improveable Freehold Manor of WILD, with its Rights, Royalties, Members, and Appur- tenances, advantageously situated adjoining the great Western road, in the parish of Whitechurch Canonicorum, in the county of Dorset, about two miles from Axmmsterand Lyme ; consisting of several improveable Farms and Woods in Demesne, containing about 511 acres; with the Reversion of sundry other valuable Estates held bv 1, 2, and 3 Lives, containing about 583 acrcs, with a valuable Common about 150 acres ; the whole within a ring fence, and well timbered; the annual value £ 1200 and upwards. Lot 4.— A capital Freehold Estate called WESTFORD PARK and BATCHAMS, situated near Broadbridee, on the banks of the River Axe, in the parish of Thorneombe, in the county of Devon ; consisting of a Farm- house and suitable Outuuildings, with 204 A. 3 R. 35P. ( more or less) of rich Grazing, Pasture, and Arable Land, of the estimated yearly value of £' H0, Lot 5.— A compact and desirable Farm called SELLIOTS, situated in the parishes of Stoke Abbots and Burstock, about 1 mile from Broadvvindsor, in the county of Dorset; consist- ing of a comfortable Farm house and Outbuildings, and .75 acres ( more or less) of rich Land, of the estimated yearly value of £ 120. Printed particulars may be had at the Grecian Coffee- house, London ; at the Place of Sale ; and the principal Inns in Ax- minster, Bridport, and Crewkerne; also of James Hodder, of Hawkchurch, who will shew the estates ; and for further particulars application may be made to John Stanley Smart, Esq, 28, Red Lion- square, London; George South, Esq, Market Lavington, near Devizes, Wilts ; or to Mr. Bond, lar. d- surveyor, Axminster, where plans of the manors and estates may be seen. [ 5963 HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at Mr. Demezey's the White Lion Inn, at Hartfordbridge, on Thursday tbe 1st day of February, 1810, at one. o'clock, in three lots,— The following FREEHOLD and'COPYHOLD MANORS and ESTATES, situated in a fine sporting country abounding with game. Lot t.— The very desireable Manor of HALL- PLACE, situated in the parish of Yaiely, about 3 miles Irom Hartford* bridge and 2 from Blackwatef, with the Court Baron, Roy- alties, Quit Rents, and Lands, being Copyhold of hiln ritance ( nearly equai in value to Freehold), held of the Manor of Crondall; comprising a Mansion called Yately House, with Gardens and Fish- poftds, Water Corn- mills and Farms, con- taining 239 A. 2 R. 13 P. ( mere or less) now occupied by Messrs. Bosley, White, and Hewit, at low rents amounting yearly to £ 23- 2.. 10. Lot 2.— A Copyhold Estate, consisting of a c^ piral and good- accustomed Inn, the RED LION, with capacious Stabling and Outbuildings, and 28 A. 0 R. 30 P. ( more or less) of good Land adjoining, advantageously situated in the great western road at BlacXwatcr, in the ' parish of Yately, about 32 miles Irom London ; now in the occupation of Mr. Hart. Lot3.— The improvcable Freehold Manor of M1NLEY WARREN and HORNLEY FARM, containing 966A. 3 R. 36 P. ( more or les8j situated hear Hartfordbridge and Black- water, with the Plantations in hand, and Minley Warren Farm, w ith a newly erected Farm- house, Barns, Stables, and Out- buildings; now occupied by Mr. Bosley, on an improving lease. Printed particulars may be had at the Grecian Coffee- house, London; at the Place ot Sale ; and of Mr. Bosley, the prin- cipal tenant, who will shew the estates ; and further particu- lars may be had of Johu Stanley Smart, Esq. 28, Rid Lion- square, London ; George South, Esq. Market Lavington, near Devizes, Wilts, where plans of the estates may be seen ; or of Mr. Bond, land- surveyor, Axminster. [ 5.16- 2 AGUES ami Intermittent Fevers effectually cured by BURY's AGUE PILLS, if ever so long standing — This valuable medicine lias succeeded in curing a great nn. i. ber of persons ( alter regular practice bad been unsuccessfully tried) and in ths experience ot thirty years lias nevei been known to fail. Its opetatiou is generally imperceptible, and ii may be taken at all seasons, without danger of cold. Hitherto it has becjii. arimi- nistered giatis, but this method neces. aiily ciicumscnbrd its utility, and thereto e lias iuduced the proprietor in tins manner to present it to tbe public. They are said by appointment of the proprieto by R. Johnston, chemist, lo, Gieek-' stieek, Soho, London ; and may be bad of Messis. Biodie, Doweling, and Luxfoid, Sn isbury ; and Mr. Hayes, druggist, Winchester, at 2s. 9./. each box*— The genuine are distinguished by tbe name of li. Johnston, inserted in the government stamp, and printed with black ir k. j 2015 Patronized by Her Royal Highness the PRINCESS O/" VVAI. IS, His Royal Highness the DUKE of SUSSEX, and most of the Nobility. MACASSAR OIL, for improving the GROWTH of HAIR, preventing its falling off or chancing colour, particularly after sea bathing, which often proves very inju- rious to the hair, bestowing an universal gloss on the tresses, and producing extraordinary effects on children's hair. Observe, this . is the only preparation for the ha. it that is sanctioned by any part of the rbval family. [ 5475 Sold, at 3s. 6rf. per bottle, by the proprietors, Rowland and Son, kirby- street, Hatton- garden, London ; and by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury; Savage, Winchester; Simmonds, Portsmouth; Harvey, Wivmouth; Langdon, Sherborne; Hayes, druggist, Winchester; and all perfumers and medicine venders fii the united kingdom : where maj be had, AnEssay on the Human Hair, by A. Rowland, jun. NO Medicine is so well Calculated, or has better succeeded in giving relief in numerous bad cases of • Scrophula than SPILSBURY's PATENT. ANTISCORBU- TIC DROPS. A tr'ail will prove this, and convince even the tender anxiety of parents, when the glands become fust swelled and diseased, or the usual symptoms of scrophulous enlargement ol thc stomach in children takes place. In eruptive cases of Scurvy, Gout, Rheumatism, and Nervous Irritation of the Stomach from bilious affections, its superi- ority has long been acknowledged. pi 137 The genuine medicine has the words " Hy the King's. Pa- tent" expressed on the bottle, bill ot dir. ctions, and outsidj wrapper ; and thc King's duty is printed, in black ink. Soil at the Dispensary, 15, Soho- squar., Lorn en, in sma. l bottles at 5s. 6d. ; double bottles ! 0s.: and larger 11, is. Compound Essence, to allay unpleasant irritation, 8s. The Medicine to be had of Brodi •, Dowdiftg, and L. ux'cird, Saliibuiy, whole- ; ale venders for the West of England; Mr. I- aves, Winches- ter; and Bow- lmg and Co. Newport, Isle cf Wight. T5IE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOUilNAL. Sunday's Post.- tress. ^ ONDON GAZETTE, er, L! s:: KD ON SATURDAY NIGHT* DEC. 23. At the Ccurt at the Queens Palace, Dec. 20, 1303, PRESS « T, - The Kind's Most Excellent Majesty in Council. "^ HiS day the Right Hon. John Lord Sheffield and the Right Hon. Henry Wettesley were, 1J b his Majesty's command, sworn of hi. Mdje- tv's M wt Hon. Privy Council, and took their respee ive 1 ' a-.- es at the Boaid accordingly. His Maj '-'. y having been pleased to appoint Henry Pdham Duke of Newcatle to be Lord Lieutenant of the county of Nottingham, his Grace this day took the oaths appointed to be taken thereupon, instead of the oaths of allegiance and supremacy. WAR- OFFICF., Dec. 23. The Right Hon. Lord Vi scount Palmerstofr, Secretary at War, has appointed William Merry, Esq. to be his Deputy, in the room of Francis Moure, Esq. BANKRUPTS. Jattrtt- s Macldow, of Whitscrosi- street, St. Lukt's, buti- her. Tiionas barker ami . loim • •. •. of Sloken- Chnreh, timber- dealers, ltn'i tl. iiile . md \ VLn. Ci'nn inn, of Hythe, linen- drapers. Hob', rt C. r o'v, of. lIo. o.- al uy- lanv, vicinaller.' Jo- 1 J th-. Tanner and Joel Tanner, of Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, blav ksmiths. John L'ndtay, of Nen cartle- nnon- Tyne. cheesemniniter. HOT- tceS tlosbiiry Cotton, of CnekfitiM, . schoolmaster, Thomas Vernoni of T.. v. - o.- r, grocer. Wni. Jowsei. jun. of No'rtaal'c- riori, jtrocpr. Benjamin vV . t v; i, of tonc. i- l. oo, Loti'l n. broker. Cli. o i. .-, B - nn'tt, no. ri't oleli . o..-..' ree.. London, drysalter. K. R, CiicUcley, of io' .. '..;!', Islington, liiovmfactnrer. H airy Davis, of Wnlvoi- rli, Suro y, cap- lnakcr. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING,- DECEMBER 23. Another Gottenburgh Mail arrived yesterday, and being- intelligence that Bonaparte, still proceeding in Iris career of violence and ambition, has sent a division of his troops into the Canton of Scha£ f hausen, who h - . taken posfession of the capital. It is reported to't another French army is to occupy the lesser Can- ton,. New York Papers have been received to the date of Nov. 17. The'following is an extract from one of them " By the Philadelphia stage, which arrived last night, we obtain the. following important information : The Negoti- ations between our Government anil tbe British Minister, Mr. Jackson, are entirely broken off." In an official publication of the American Govern- ment, this unfortunate result is ascribed to the offen- sive conduct of Mr. Jackson towards Mr. Smith, the . American Secretary of State, and not to any disagree- ment with the terms proposed on the part of Grca Britain.— It would be unfair to condemn Mr. Jackson on this assertion of the Americans, without hearin what he has to say in his defence. Some letters from New York state that Mr. Jack- son had set out from Washington on the 8th of No- vember, on his return to England; but other advices say, that while on his journey an express from the American Secretary of Stale pvcrtook him, with pro- poei. icns sufFieimit. k- ceimoiiornre to induce him to re turn to the seat of Government. The 74th and () 4th regiments of foot, with de tachments for other regiments to tht amount of 500 men are under orders immediately to embark for Portugal, to reinforce L. rd Wellington's army. SIXTHS.] Oil tbe 14th inst. al Lord Keith's house in v- reet, the Right Hon. Lady Keith of a daughter, iter lay, Lady •—— Fitzroy of a soil.— Same day, Ciiii- tipher, wife ol' Capt. Christopher, of the Sir vVil'jam P .:• • >• » • fcla- t Indiantan ( now on a i > yage to Ben- gali, of a so . li '.] On the 20th inst. at Edinburgh, after a few b ITS i - -. Ala, .. dee Adam, LL. I).' Rector of the H:.- i - '. •'., ti h" : o - i; nation he dilc. l nearly 40 years.— Oi '.. .!•!•, at Gla-' s i- iby, at the a': an- tol age of 110 3 , Mat v D iJesivell, a" native of Devon., hire, iviio tilt Within tilfee ,\ a ocs of her disgolutjoh continued to travel the count, y as a ileggar. BIRTH.] On Sunday, at Park Place, Milchaca, Oc Lady of the Hoii. Wm. Herbert of a daughter. Lately was married, at Ashwnldr, Devoji, the Rev. 1. Me Ihuish, A. 7\ I. Fellow of Exeter College, Ox- ord, to Miss Walters. Last week was married, iu Berkshire, by tbe Rev. \ ir. Dupre, Chevalier Bigonet to Miss Nancy Lapri- matidaye, with a fortune of 12,000/. A few days since wits married, in London, Mr. Nathaniel Dunn, Treasurer cf the late Drury- lane Theatre, to Miss Harfield,— both natives of this city. On Thursday was married, at St. Mary- lc- bone Church, London, W. J. E'Ufitlge, Esq. Captain- in the Hon. East India Con .- tank's service, to Miss Tadman/ eldest daughter of the late'Lauce Tadman, Est), of New House, Kent. The same day was married Mr. Twite, linen- draper, to Miss Elizabeth Winder, both of Southampton. On Saturday last was married, at EUng, the Rev. Win. Boseawen to Miss Leicester. The same day was married, at Minestead Church, '. Mr. W. Wheeler, timber surveyor, to Miss Picketing, eldest, daughter of Mr. Pickering, of Cadnam. Oil Tuesday was married, at St. James's Church, London, Mr. Gillmore, chemist, tn Mrs. ' I'. Hookey, both- of Southampton. On Sunday died Mrs, Ventham, wife of Mr. Ventham, umbrella- maker, of this city. We are informed that the account of the marriage of the Rty. Win. . Vcale, Fellow of New College, Oxford, to Miss Borlase, ( copied faom the Oxford Herald) is an imposition on tbe public. On Friday the I5lh inst. died, at her house in Berkeley- street, Manchester- square, London, Mrs. Dorothe Serle, relict of Peter tjerlc, Esq. Lite of Test- wood, in this county. Ei. orF. MHN r.— Mr. C. W- and Miss C. B. of Hur- ley, lately set off ftom thence on a matrimoni i! excursion, and were united in London; alter which they readily btained the forgiveness of Mr. W.' s father, who' had opposed' their union. On Tuesday o. me boys, playing in the Cathedral Church- yard, discovered a roll of lead in the cavity of .. tomb ; and on further search eleven rolls, weighing 98,1b. were found. They bad, no doubt, been stolen, and concealed there by the thieves, bt lio further discovery has been made. SALISBURY, MONDAY, D E C E M B E li 25, 1809. PRICES Bank Stock, — 3 "(?. Cent. Red. o9| 3 '. lent. Cons. shut. 4 Cents. 8* 4 5 ... Ceo i. Navy, shut. 5 Cent. 1797, — Long Ann. 18 .9- 16 £ Imperial 3 f Cents. — U F S" lit. RS TH IS DAY, At Three o'clock. Irish 5 ss. Cents. — India Stock, India Bonds, TIs. 24s. p. South Sea Stock, — Exchequer Bills, 10s. Vis. p. Omnium,— English Lot. Tickets, iSl. 15s Consols for Op. 70^ PERT' JSEVAJAF. PLYMOUTH, Dee. 22. We have certain accounts of the safety of the Hussar, of 38 guns, Capt. Skene, which v is reported to be lost. On Siinday evening a vessel ar- rived from Guernsey, which spoke the Hussar on the pre- ceding Thursday, all well, and then steering large for that ishmd,. And on Monday morning, to the further . satisfac- tion of those who have'friends onboard the Hussar, the Pilot who carried her o', er to the island of Guernsey arrived here, having left her safe in Guernsey Roads. Arrived the brig Dependence, of Sunderland, R. Pearson, M ister, from ( Quebec, with timber, bound to Loudon and Hull ; she sailed on the lu'th of November last; on the 12th of this month she encountered such a tremendous gale of wind, a. obliged her crew to throw part of the cargo overboard, lo lighten her ; she has lost her mainmast : she sailed with a fleet consisting of about' 52 sail, under convoy of tbe Mermaid frigate, and lost sight of the whole of them ill the gale. Arrived also the Plover sloop of war, Cupt. Browne, from a cruize ; and Daphne storeship, from Falmouth. Sailed the Endeavour, hired armed brig, with a large fleet, for Wales ; and the brig Scylla, Capt. Aitcheson, for V' - mouth. PORTSMOUTH, Dcc. 23. The Apollo frigate, which arrived on Monday, bearing the flag of Rear- Admiral Thornborough, sailed from Gibraltar on the 6th inst. and left there the Renown. Lord Colling-' wood was at Minorca. The Inconstant frigate, Captain Dickson, sails for the Cape of Good Hope, the first fair wind, with dispatches for Admiral Bertie. Monday— Arrived the Apollo, cf 38 guns, Vice- Admiral Thornborougb, Captain Taylor ; aud Hermes store- ship, from the Mediterranean. Wednesday— Sailed the Ganymede, of 28 guns, Captain Cathcart, for Lisbon. Thursday— Arrived the Impetueux, of 74 guns, Captain Lawford, from the Downs ; Euryalus, of 30' guns, Capt. Pundas, from off Cherbourg; and Sarpedon sloop, Capt. Green, from a cruize. Friday— Sailed the Trineulo sloop, with convoy for the Downs. Arrived tjie Dexterous gun- vessel, Lieutenant Tonilln- on. Saturday— No arrivals or sailings. Came into harbour the Victory, of 100 guns, and Escort gun- vessel. Went out the Coquette sloop, Capt. Forbes. WINCHESTER, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23. On Monday Mr. William Barnes and Mr. William Cave were elected Alderuien of this City. - Mr. Manger, ' of. the island of Guernsey, having bceti nominated by the Dean anc Court of that island, was lately admitted Fellow- of Pembroke College, Ox- ford, on the foundation of King Charles I. SINGLE- STICK. Mr. EDITOH, T 1 HAVE seldom thought it worth my notice to reply to the assertions or insinuations of an anonymous wni. e'r; nor would I now notice a paragraph instilled in vour excellent paper, dated Frome, Dec. 13,. ! 809, only that I wish to represent the Slngle- sfiek play that Was at Trowbridge in a candid and fair manner. No- thing can surpass the arrogance of the person w ho signs himself an Impartial Amateur, but. his folly. His arro- gance in asserting that one Somersetshire player was equal to two of any other county in tne kingdom; his folly in proposing that the ten Somerset tyers should play the twenty Wilt hire t) ers who had just beaten them. Oil the Somerset side fourteen played, and every man either bad his bead broken, or, what is worse, was 50 severely beat as to lie obliged to give 111. The statement that appeared iu your Journal of the Hlh inst. I know nothing of, nor l » v whom it was made, 1101' do I know any thing of your anonymous con e pondetit. I beg to he understood fairly 011 the part of the Somersetshire players, when J say they are in my opinion tho be t I have ever seen, except the Wiltshire. If tbe Somerset amateurs of Sitlgle- etick wish once more to try the courage, science, and manhood of the comity of Wilt., let them do as ive have done, viz. give a 11ur. se of guineas worth contending for, anil the Wiltshire lads shall come forward and meet them. I can- iior hni- b this paragraph without thanking your Frume correspondent for the honour he has done me, by calling me the idvoeate for the men of my county, an honour 1 hope to always merit. Your correspondent seems In beat himself with his own weapons t he signiflearitly tells us, that whfn the ten Somerset tyers were reduced to Geo'rge and John Wall, they had fifteen to play; the inference is, that whtn eight of the ten Somerset tyers were beat, there were but five of the twenty Wiltshire tyers had, lost { beir beads. 1 am v illi's, & c. THOMAS REDFEtlN, Surgeon, Trowbridge, Wilts. P, S.— When tbe tyers were played out, Wiltshire had F. y'es, Blackford, Penvtt, iiambleton, Humphries, and Coleman left, able to play any Somersetshire players that ever mounted a stage. The Marquis of Sligo passed through this city 011 Wednesday, for Falmouth, to embark for the Medi- terranean, and proceed up the Streights to Constanti- nople. It is conjectured, from various circumstances, that the Noble Marquis is going oti a diplomatic mission— perhaps to the Coun Persia, to improve the ftivourabls disposition manifested towards us by the Sovereign of that country, in sending an Am- bassador of high character to London. The annual allowance for clothing to the Volun- teer Corps and Troops of Cavalry will in future be reduced to the sum of 2/. per man. Tiie head quarters of the East Kent Militia are established in this city. Five companies are quartered here, and tbe sixth company is quartered at South- ampton. The Anniversary of the Bath and West of Eng- land Society was holden on Tuesday last, B. Hob- house, Esq. in the chair. Aficr dinner at the White Ilart Inn, the King's health having been drank with enthusiasm, the President noticed the condescension and liberality of the Prince of Wales, in having be- come the Patron of the Society, with an annual subscription of 50 guineas, and proposed " the health of his Royal Highness the Duke o{ Cornwall," which was drank with a thunder of applause. The shew of Cattle and Sheep was larger than usual. The premium for the best superfine cloth was adjudged to that matle of Wool of British growth, notwithstanding picked samples of the best Spanish and Saxon wool had been selected for the- competition. On Monday last .- new Lodge for the Honourable Society of Free and Accepted Masons was opened at Market Lavington, in this county, under the sanction of the Grand Lodge; when a most impressive ad- dress' delivered to the intended members by Mr R. Tucker, ofTilshend Academy, on his being ap- pointed Master of the said Lodge. Mr. George Goddard, youngest son of the late Mr. Goddard, of this city, is appointed an Ensign in the 50th regiment. of f< 1 On the 31st of July last was married, at the Go- vernment- House, in the Cape of Good Hope, sanc- tioned by his Excellency the Earl of Caledon, Lieut. C. G. Napier, of the royal artillery, Aide- de- Camp to his Excellency, and third son of the late J. Napier, Esq. of Tintinhull, in the county of Somerset, to Maria, eldest daughter of V. 11) Zvneveld, Esq. President of the Court of Justice at the Cape. A few days since was married, at Stafford, Mr. Joseph Pitfie'ld to Miss Betty Gould. On Thursday se'nnight. was married Mr. John Rowden, of Wishford, to Miss Northover, of Stoford, in this county. O11 Sunday the 17th itist. was married Mr. Francis Oakley, attorney at law, of Dorchester, to Miss Ingram, of Gallon. On Tuesday last was married, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, by the Rev. Mr. Grove, Mr. Herbert Whitmarsh, of this citv, to Miss Miiincr, only daughter ofS. Miliner, Esq. of Larkhall.. Surrey. On Wednesday was married Mr. Bartley, surgeon, of Nailesworth, Gloucestershire, to Miss Collet, of J'aggard's House, near Corsham, in this county. Same day was married, at Glanvilles Wootton, rset, by the Rev. J Monkhouse, J. B. Knight, \ of Anderston, to Elinor, youngest daughter of tin! Rev. II. Evans. A few clays since died, at Dorchester, in an ad- vanced age, Mrs. Chaffey, sister to the Rev. Mr. Chuffey, of Canterbury. O11 Thursday the 14th inst. died Miss M. Lewis, of this city. On Monday died, in the prime of life,' Miss C. Lock, youngest daughter of Mr. G. Lock, of Dor- chester. On Wednesday died, much regretted, Mr. Jacob Parsons, of Dorchester. On Tuesday died, at her house in High- street, Mrs Craddock, a very old and respectable inhabitant of this city. The same day died, at the Asylum at Fisherton Anger, Wilts, Mrs. Ann'Smith, widow, in the 93d year of her age, one of the six persons elected to that habitation July 14, 1707- COOTII and another, Plaintiffs, against JACKSON and others, Defendants.-— hi Chancery. This caii « c, after nearly fifteen years contest, and six days bearing; owing to the voluminous proceedings leading from the question, was decided 011 Monday last in favour of llie Plaintiffs.— It respected the title to a considerable estate at Knoyle, in this county, and has occasioned much speculation in the neighbourhood thereof, by reason of the pertinacity of the defence, and alternate indications of success'. GHAND STATE LOTT E 11 Y, Contiinvi$ FORTY CAPITAL PHIZES. ' TICKETS AND SHARES IN THIS NEW AMI POPUW Lottery ate now s lline in great variety of Nu- « b r- for Mem B « isscoM » an t Co. bv BRODLU, DOVVDING. and J. UXFORD, SK th PRINHINC- OFFIC- E, SALISBUBY ; who in the three last Lotteries sold Shares of four Twe \ Thousand Found Ffi? s— one Ten Thousand— severat of One Tf psand, Five Hundred, & c. & c. GFHY rejpectfnllv informs his friends and the • public, that ( notwithstanding a report has been cir- cul - ted that he has purchased Wines at the late sales in this city) he sells no Wines but of his mtm importation, nor- is he in the habit of eilher buying or selii, ig them at Audio*. SAI tsBi- LFC, Dec. 23, 1809. ui,—. — MtiLKSHiii, December1 13, 18119. OGDEN, Widow of the late Mr. THOMAS OGDSV, Of Melksham aforesaid, SPINNING- MACHINE MA^ ER, ( fc. desires to return her rratefui acknowledgments to those gentlemen, clothiers, and > tilers, who favoured her late husband with their commands; and begs to inform them, she designs to continue ( with the assist- ance of able Workmen} carrying on the Slid business., and humbly solicits the continuance of their favours, which shall j b i attended to with punctuality and dispatch. N. B— All persons having any demands en th? estate of the said Mr. Thomas Ogden. are desired to send an account of the same to tne said M. Ogden, immediately. I G164 HOME MARKETS. Prius cf Corn, per Quarter— Bread, per Gallon. Wheat. Barley. Oats. Beans. Bread Dec. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. d. Salisbutv, 98 foil/; 42 to 5G 28 to 42 56 to 72 2 7 Basing^ oft e eo 72( o! 2o 42 to S1 2 4 to 37 52 lo 1) 8 2 3 if Dtvizcs, 21 Sfl/ 0190 42 In 50 31. to 40 51 to 61 Newbuly, 21 91lo: 2.? lit to 52 iii to 40 52 lo 6,5 9 4 Andovet 23 92 In 12-, 37 to 49 27 to 40 5010 fit; 2. 35 Warmiister, 23 92/ o110 31 to 59 P3. to 45 58 to 7.0 Weight*/ the Ga"--> n Uaf, 8 lb. 1Jo* — Half Gall, ' til- 5{ ox. Mr. MOON'* WESTERN POCKET ALMANACK. Th's Day is published, Price 9s. fid. \ SBCOJID EDITION of this most useful vr. de mecum, . LS. detaining a correct List of all the Country Bankers in Great Btitain, with the names of the London Hank os whom they d « » v upon,— List of the Field Officers of the several Regimats of Local Militia in the six Western Counties,— Law Lit. & c. & c. Piintri and sold by BRODIE, DOWDING, and LUX- FORD, .' Successors to Mr. COLLINS,) at the Printipg- office, Canal, Salisbury. O; tfiovti also maybe had,— ATLASES, REPOSITORIES, St; eVENTas, ALMANACKS, Ladies and Gentlemen's Annual POCK ET BOOKS, the. in the greatest variety, at the lowest London prices. WYK SH A MIST MEETING. rpiIE BATH Wykehamist Meeting will beheld at ft . the u ai'. e Hart on w.. cb, s.-' lav, January 3. St... w » r, k THOVTAS LEIR. Esq. Stewards ; Rev. Dr. TOMKYNS. Dinneion table at five o'clock. Gentlemen who . intend to honoui the Stewards with their company, are requested to insert thtir names at the White Hart. ( rtlHl DOLPHINS INN, SOUTHAMPTON. R J " NT # WINTER BALL, for the MASTER of the ft Cf. inMONiEs, will be on Tuesday, . fa00 r- 2, ism. Ticket- ta be had at Mr. Skelton's Ubiary, 22, High- stre t, aim of Mr. Lynn, Above- Bar. [ i; i88 A N 1) O V E R. HpiIERE will be a BALL at the Town Hall, 011 J. Thursday the h . f !)• comb. r. Ticktts os. to be hail ot Mrs.".) u. l and Mr, Minefy. The Ctrhmaiidio- r Officer of the NOTTINGHAM MILITIA has very ibligingly offered the BAND. [ UI95 Cheap Shoe Warehouse, Milford- Street, Salisbury. JAMES JEBOULT returns his sincere thanks to his friends for tlie very libera! encouragement with which they honoured him ih the SHOE BUSINESS; and t. spct* t- fully info. iris them, that he has just receive;! an extensiv a- s irtment of Men's, Women's, arid Children'- s Shoes, ti 01 the first rr. anufactor fs, at the following money prices, t'u — G iodMen'sCalf8, n. p. rpair Ditto Hide 8s. Women's Spanish 4s, Womsn's Velvet 4s. Gd. Ditto S al - 1s. 3d. Double Sol ' s Is. extra. Boys' and Children's in propoitfon to sije. A goo I assortment of Gentlemen's Boot Tree's. Sitw. dl ant! Tongue's ( of Bath) Japan Liquid Blacking'; also their Superlative Liquid for Boots and Sad- lies. N. B.— A good assortment of PATTEN'S., at the usual prices. f5951 NEW SALISBURY AND LONDON WA IT. ONS, From the Tli. itEE SWANS, Salisbury, to the SALISBURY ARMS, Cow Lane, London. ATCHAM, MITCHELL, and Company, beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public in - general, they have established WAGGONS for the Conveyance of Goods from London to Salisbury, and froth thence to Yeovil and Weymouth, 011 the mbst reasonable term's! The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Goods above the. value of 51, unless entered and paid for as such. f. v< H CHEAP TRAVELLING. SALISBURY, Inside .. lfts. Qui. •• Outside .. 10s. Od. T> Y the OLD SALISBURY COACHES, from JLS the BLACK HORSE INN, SALISBURY, to the BEI. L anil CROWN INN, HOLBORN, and the SARACEN'S HEAD F\' v, FRIDAY- STREET,, CHEAPSIDE, £ very day ( except Saturday) at half past three o'clock. All parcels sent by these Coaches will be received without any charge for booking, antl will be safely antl expeditiously delivered to all parts of London and Salisbury, without any charge for porterage. N. BROWN, T'. FAGG, H. WHITMARSH, W. PENNY, and Co. PROPRIETORS. [ 522fl EXETER AND SALISBURY MAIL. THE Public are respectfully. informed, that a new ROYAL MAIL COACH, carrying four inside and two outside passengers, commenced runntii•- 01 Monday the loth of October, at halt- past seven o'clock every morning, from the Red Lion Ion, Salisbury, through Shaftesbury, Yeovil, Crewkern and Char. l, to th New Loudon Inn. Ex, t- r, . wit re it meets the Plynr- ut'. i md Falmouth Mails, with 1 oacht s to Bar staple jin'd all p it-' „ til • w. . t ;— it will leave the - W I. e.- don Inn, Ex tor, every morning 1 t thr e o'clock, by the same route, to th Red I. 91a Inn, Salisbury, wlierc it will meet the Portsmouth Royal Mail, the Portsmouth and C it eooci • , v h others to London, i armed by ISAAC YOUNG and Co. W: 0 will not I. a. .'..:.,( ible t'- r any article ab ive the v due of :/. unoss ;. « uch and paid for accordingly. [ 4997 WIM BORNE. HpHE Second SUBSCRIPTION ASSEMBLY B. - wi'l be hiiil on Thursday the 23th of December, inst. it the Kind's Head Inn. [ filSO COWES, ISLE OF WIGHT. JUST imported from St. John's, New Brunswick, p r the hrijt Success,— A prime Cargo of TIMBER and DEALS, low delivering: to be sold on reasonable terms by application to THO. DAY, ofCowes. N. B.— The quality of tills timber is far superior to any im- ported from that country. [ tiO; J5 ' SOUTHAMPTON, Dec. 23, 1809. \ TOW delivering at the Ouav, by WM. LJNTOTT and SONS — A Cargo of SOUTH E1GHTON COALS, of approved onality, at G( 5s. per chaldron r^ ady money. Will be seven or eight days delivering ALTON HOPS FOR SALE. - A Few Pockets of YEARLING HOPS, of ex- J SL cellent quality and in the best state of preservation.— Might be seen by applying to M. Wing, Salisbury. [ Hi68 WANTED immediately,— A person of respec- tability as an ASSISTANT to a Milliner and Dr ss- makcr, in a large Market- Town in Wiltshir.. She will be expected to produce- ail unexceptionable character, and will have the superintontlance of several apprentices; such a peisou v. ill meet with every encouragement, be treated as mc i! i the family, a id find a comfortable situation, by ap- plying to the Printers. . TIJ/ S DAY IS PUBLISHED, Price 2*. 6il. bound in Red Leather, with pockets for notes, & c. or ; 3. i. dUl. in Red Roan Extra, neariy equal to Morocco, TPHE DAILY JOURNAL; or, Gentleman's, i Merchant's, and Tradesman's Complete Annual Ac- compt Book, for the Pocket or Desk; for the Year 1810; c- uthnirg ! I a ruled Pages, on fine writing paper, for'. merao- rm lLm-;, observations, and cash, every day in the year: cor- rect Lists of 1 oth Houses of Parliament, of the London Bankers, & c. & rc.; and a variety of useful Tables, and other interesting a.' ticles, as specified in the table of contents. Printed tor R. Baldwin, J. Walker, G. Wiikie andJ. Ro- binso.- i, Scatcherd ; md Letterman, 1M. Hinckesman, J. Ri- chardson, anl W. Suttaby ; an; l Brodie; Dowding, and Lux- ford, Salisbury; and sold by them, and all booksellers and stationers in town and country. This book may be had in various bindings, and with an Almanack, at the option of the purchaser. r5773 WINCHESTER, Dec. 23, 1809. F » OBERT STRACHAN most respectfully bep; s leave to return his sincere thanks to his friends aud the public for tiie favours conferred upon him since his reqjdenee in Winchester, and to solicit a continuance of them in favour of - M-. ssrs. YOUNO and EDWARDS, who have succeeded to his House and Business, Winchester. All persons indebted to R. S. are requested to discharge the same to Messrs. Young and Edwards ; and all ckims upon R. S. are desired to be made immediately, that they may be settled. " [ 6179 WINCHESTER, Dec. 23, 1809. YOUNG ami EDWARDS, with gratitude to their numerous friends for the very liberal encouragement they have experienced, beg to inform them that they are removed into the Shop of Mr. ROBERT STRACIIAN ( lute Mr. Druitt's, opposite the Butter- cross), where they hope to re- ceive a continuance of tire favours ot their friends, the friends of Mr. Strachan, and the public. Y. and E. beg to observe, they have a complete and fashion- able assortment of new dark Printed Cambrics and Calicoes, rich Twilled Sarenets, Lustres, Pelisse Cloths, Salisbury Flannels, & c. & c.; a large stock of four- fourths and seven- eighths Irish Linens, Sheetings, Table Linen, & c. & c. war- ranted of the best fabrics, at the old prices. N. B.— Funerals furnished.— Country Shops supplied the same as in London. [ 6173 V47" M. ' . . .' ETT, Proprietor of the WAGGONS T T I Ka OKMAN'S, wiih . sentiment of the most heart- felt .-.' rati;;.; ., begs leave to return his sincere thanks to h; s friends .". ' n o publ. c for the very liberal encouragement he has exp. • er. ccd since, his en • mtemmt in the business, and to assure them it will be his unwearied study to merit the! ir fj- t lie support. 1 ie ia- nentS tliat the heavy pressor • of his ex- p. nets, together with ths gf . at advance in the price of Wags0". f! rses, constrain him to add Six- pencc per Cwt. to h s prase.. 1 charge tor Carriage ;— but he pledges himself to again oon as an alteration of price 111 the insumption will enable him to do so. [(> 175 art' V - I ice the charge f his . ' | ORSE be SOLD, the real ,, r o of a "> S . gentleman ; dark brown muzzle, I. lieu .< 3 inches .'• igh, equal to a h avy weight, s. very fi . fUcre, a . i oral! is p , c s, p. fvct'y temperate and free Iromr : t - p t acular.' y steady with troops, havina been always used a-, a el- ia r; apd : so - in the roail has been huntcd< ® ntl tr. cd'; i. i harness, in wh ch he is also very steady. He is paitetl wiili because hia • wiier has loo mar. v horses. For further particulars enquire of Mr. Tvler, Crown Inn, Gosport. ' fi! i » 2 A CAPITAL GELDING rpO be SOLD, for UK) Giiiiicaa,— A dark Bay,- A rising six, 15 hands and a half, with great bone; no white, except a little on one fobt, and a stw ; u. ot bv Torn Tiitig, out of a most excellent Hunter bv oi\ l Hue arid Cry. He is quiet with hounds, leaps well, and is like, v to make a prime Hunter. He was never out of the possession of the breeder, and is warranted perfectly sound. Enquire of Eton, sadWr, at Aiviover; or cf Wffli Ward, White Hart, at Fonton, near that town. f£ 078 FpOIl SALE, in the vicinity of Voole,— A very clever. IRON- GREY GELDING, coming six years old, warranted s ur. d; will go in harness,— has been rude by « lady,— would nuke a goud hunter,— and is altogether v.' ift deserving the attention of any person wanting a horse foj draught and saddle; has bone enough to carry a i, ood weight, and is well bred ; is parted with because the owner has nix further use for hirn.—— 1' rics 75 guineas. f'tlSS1 Enquire at Moore's Printing- office, High street, Poole. PORTSMOUTH. rPO be SOLD by AUCTION, ^ at tbe Blue Posts' JL Inn, Rroad- str et, on Thursday the h of D c. 1863, a eleven o'clo. k in the forenoon, ( wd. eis an accepted offer is. pi v: ous! y made, of tyhich timsly notice will he riven),— The good SHIP LOUISA CAROLINA, ncarlv Three Hu; id* e< f Titt burthen, and adapted for an/ trade where a .- h p of he; yzc ii wanted. For inventorijs and further particulars apple ti ' Messrs, BURRIUGr) and Siw/ Po 0985} Mes rs. D H. a 4 J. A. RliCi 1 to Portsmouth, or - f H. Lou KM. TO TANNLUS. SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT,—— A, • capital FREEHOLD TAN- YARD, in complete repair, np'sf in full work.— Tne principal part of the purChesc- mo.'. ey may remain on mortgage, if required. tor further pirticulars apply ( if by letter, po » t paid) to. M.. ..' plin Mortimer, the proprietor, AndPvsr, Hants. KS » A quantity of pi}. ne Crep. Hides tp be retailed at due . I prices'. ' " ' • f( H94 LOWER ROOMS, BATH. TO. be SOLD by AUCTION;' 0,1 Thursday P? C, cember the aatb, precisely at, one o'c'" ok in the alt- » - ndirn,— Iwo' eapital fCilf- sized BILLIARD- TABLES, Ea'U, Mac^ g, Cftes, fiiariiing- tables, Stc. & c. The liigh f-. timation . j these tables have acquiici is so universally ktn. wn, hot on'-." iiy this country, Inn even upon '. tic Continent. Iran hav. nj been for ' seVcal years a'ptincip .1 •<'- urce ot HWVlsement for the . noblemen and gentlemen frequenting Bath, and who have often pronounced them to be equal to tho hist in the king- dom, that tbev need no further comment. To be viewed oil Tu- sday the Stfth and Wednesday tbe 27th, from eleven o'clock till four, at which hours attendance v. ill ' be given. Alresford, Winchester, Southampton, Bomsky, Lyndhurst, Lymington, Ittngwood, and Poole C O M M ON STAGE WAGGONS. TTHOMAS ASLETT, Proprietor of the above Waggons, begs leave'to in'i. rra his friends and the p .,': c, that ( from the very great advance in his general ex- pduces) he is under the necessity of rising Sixpence per cwt. in addition to his present charges for carriage of goods. N. B.— The proprietor wi'i not be' answerable for any parcel or package not delivered after the expiration of twelve months. £< 5191 Southampton, Lymington, and hondon Common Stage WAGGONS, through Bo; ley, Bis!.. v,' s Il alliam, S< c. ADAMS and LANKESTER, Proprietors of'tl. c above Waggons, take this oppvtunitvof returning their united thanks for the liberal encouragement already received, and beg leave to inform their Iriends and the public at lar ; e, that from the very great encrease of every cxpence attending the Road Waggons, they arc under the necessity of advancing Sixpence per Hundred Weight on all Goods,' in addition to the present charges for carriage. N. B. The Proprietors will not be accountable for any goods delivered to their Warehouse, if lest or damaged, if not en- quired for within twelve months after the delivery. [ l; 184 SALISBURY. r| X) be LETT, with immediate possession, — A A genteel HOUSE and GARDEN, situated in Castle- street. For particulars ( if by letter, post paid) enquire of G. Morris, builder, surveyor, & c. Endless street. [(,' 101 ~ LYMINGTON, HANTS. TO be LETT, handsomely Furnished, and entered on immediately,— A good. FAMILY HOUSE, with a good walled Garden, Coach- house, ami Stabling for three Horses. [ 6052 Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Perkins, Lymington. Bed 1 Aon Inn, Somerton, Somerset., r| pO be LETT, and entered on at Lady- day next, A —- The above commodious and well- accustomed INN, with a great run of posting business; together with about 30 statute acres of rich pasture and meadow land, principally adjoining the house.— The taker may be accommodated with 30 acres of arable land, if required, after tbe first year. For particulars apply ( if by letter,' post paid) to Mr. Field, Shepton Montagu, near Bruton, Somerset, or Mr. Jennings, Evershot, Dorset. [ KH7 ANDOVER, HANTS. HPO be LETT, A convenient DWELL1NG- A HOUSE, well situated in the centre of High- street, with or without a Malt- house, capable of wetting from 1 n to 2') qrs. per week.—— For further particulars apply to Mrs. Mary Goodall, Andover. N. B'.— To be Sold,— A capital Horse Malt MiU, a Mashing Tub antl Underbade, calculated to mash from twenty- four to thiity'bushels, all of which is equal to new. [ BQI9 BLASH FORD- HOUSE. TO be LETT, at Christinas next ensuing,--— BLASI1FORD HOUSE, near Ringwood, the late resi- dence of James Powell, Esq. wi( h » ' Fixtures, several articles of Furniture, and some few acres of Land. For further particulars apply to Mr. Baldwin, solicitor, at Ringwood. [.. 95i) PENTON MEICSEY, NEAR ANUQCKR. TO be LETT, and entered 011 immediately, A convenient and compact DWELLING- HOUSE, con- sisting of two parlours, a kitchen, brcwhouse, and other offices, with five good bed rooms, a three- stalled ssable, small granary on six pair of stones, 6ic. an excellent garden walled lit, with nearly an acre of Meadow Land adjoining. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to William Ward, White Hart Inn, in Penton. p « 97 SOUTH A M PTON. Capital extensive freehold Premise* frrrSale by private Contra11.1 ' i LL that l- reohold MESSUAGE or DTl'KU' A LING.- HOUSE, mast desirably situate in Ea- t streetj* now in the occupation of Maa William Mouncher, butcher together with the extensive Itemises thereunto adjoining consisting of a spacious ganl u enclosod with brick walls, a, Iar, ge yard with entrance, from the back street, slau.. later hcu^ i, ' etit' • d ' ,.., ,._,., v — , for which business they are expressly calculated. For further particuUrt apply ( if Uy letter, post paid1 to M't '• Gilliagham, aiauucv at law. East- s'i'- it,' cr Mr C* ttereli- 1 auctioneer, St. M. ehasl's S.. piare, Soutlv- implon. '.• fiils;! ^ . — y. ^ - Dorsetshire.— Drsirajik IfreeMi Ouinf Esldtei, "* TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Saturday tl. 5 20th of January, mm, at the Bull inn, Br'ulport, three o'clock, on io'iiditions which wilt then be product. 1, I and the whole to be entered upon at I. adv- d- y r, e< tt.~. * Lot 1.— A desirable FREEHOLD EST ATE, called toDrit. .. LANDS, in the parish of Litton- Chaitiey ; con- istnig V conveniet dairy- house, a fin; young orchard just in its prim:,' v. i- h about 120 acres of good meadow and pasture laptl, .:; pable of very great jmprovement by'm . rime;' Lot 9.— An exceeding fertile DAIRY FREEHOLD TATE, in the parish of Ncther'. ury ; consisting fii act., venient dairy- house, barn, stable, and cart- hoi^ e, witl about fio acres of very rich meadow and pasture kind, a'so orchards productive for cvdrr. » Lot 3.— A FREEHOLD COTTAGE, with an orchard aid •' garden thereunto belonging, situate in the par sh ul Neth r- bury, and now in theoecu a- i > n of John I'itman. If any accommodation to the purchasers, S may remain on each estate for seven years certain. [ 8171 I< or particviiats apply to If. Tr.. v, n, Esq. Uploders, n- jj Bndport, or Mr. Giles Russell, attormyat law, Be. linjij^, TOWNI1ILL- HOUSE, near SOUTHAMPTON?^ VALUABLE MATERIALS, modern and ele- gant, to be SOLD by AUCTION, in lots, m ih © ' premises, by GEO. HOOKEY, on Tuesday the 7th of Maith Is 10, and following days; consistbig'of handsome ixi pannelled double and single doors of fine mahogany, iia- hogariy sashes of large dimensions glazed with plate glass, other well finished doors and sashes; beautiful rich "•. ivyf .• statuary ; veined and dove marble tbimney piec. a;. ifgli polished, japanned, and cast front register stoves ; Fo'tjind stone pavement, with black marble dots; the well ' ttei bookcases of the library, deal floors, & c. Ac. • i The main timbers, " Malmstock and ether bricks. P rtani stone staircases, porticci, & c. & c. will be sold i. ae firs' veclr in April. N. $.— There ar^ some beautiful spots in the park . ! on the estate'for building, and G, t.' ookey has direct < iia to communicate any proposals to tht'proprietor either to ; ur- chase or to build on long leases. Cottages Ornee or lorthe use of labourers are in great request m ihfc neighhc, Liii." od. Water carriage'to 1 London within a quarter of a in^ fthe premises. Particulars will be ready for delivery by the 1st o£ Ffb. ai and may be had, at 2s. lid. each, by applying to ' Blake and White, No. 14, Essex street, Strand, r.. a inv, George Apesdale, New Inn, Westend, near Southanaton ; and of the Auctioneer. ' ' [ 1,74 > ANDOVEB, HANI'S. EXCELLENT TAN- YARD, Dft'ELLINGrROIfiE, He. ' rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, by T. HAW,^;;, JL at the Globe Inn, on Friday the 12th of January 1) 10, at two o'clock, ( unless previously disposed of by pfivafe o; a-; tract, of which due notice will be given), Ait ie My dcsirable Freehold PREMISES ( land tax redeemed) lea- irjiht 1 occupation of Mr. Richard Hcaley, deceased ; con'. pnslit a capital i ntl old- established TAN'YARD, with upwi.' nli'iifa Eighty Pits, Barns, Shades, a Stable, fee. Also a DW. L- LING- HOUSE and Garden adjrining, situate . fitnjntCO yards of tbe Market Place, Ardovcr.. Possession may be had almost immediately if re-' uired, rt: l the purchaser may take to the Stock, il be choos s, at a'jr valuation. For further particulars apply to T. Rawhs, s auctioneer, Andover. [ ij- Jta Murine Villa and Estate, near Lyminfi'ort, HuuU. > be SOLD by AUCTION, bv Mr. CHRISTIE. S at his Great Room in Pall- Mall, Lomion, in the mihtij of Ajiril mxt, ( unless an acceptable offer by Pri- ate Contract is previously made),- by order of the Exteiitots'of THOMA « GALOWIN, Esq. deceased,— A rmlv il. saaS. le FREE I it 11) MANSION and KSTATK, debcbihd'y situi. t d on a lite eminence called Vicar's Hill, one mile and a half IV na tia; town of Lymington, commanding views over the highly pic- turesque s'cenery of a part of the New Forest, the town nr. l harbour of Lymington, the Isle of Wight, tin Nreil. s, aid the sea, in a beautiful part of the county of Hanrs, consisting of a substantial, wflbbuilt, and con\ eni^ nt moik'tn Mansion',' containing four apartments of goori dimensions « n each floor ; double coach- house, stabling for six horses, jmi numernut offices, detached aud screened from the dwelling, andcxCelkrt kitchen garden with fruit walls: the whole seated in a pad- dock of about forty- two acres, disposed in parl. ish taste, pleasingly timbered, anrt si wing to the Lymington, river. Also,"— A compact FREEHOLD and Tyth'e- free FARM,) situated at Pilley ( half a mile distant), consistii g of a farm- house, barn, sfld all necessary buildings, in toad repair, and about one ' nunared and thirty- two acres of arab.' e, pa. nure, ar wood land. It tt 10 a tenant on lease, of which only four yea: 4 and a half are unexpired. The whole forming a lelightfulf marine residence, in a neighbourhood distinguished ior in society, and convenient for sea- bathing. Further particulars may be known of Mr. Christie, Pa) 1 Mall, London. [ 58;/ PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BROOIE, J. DQWOING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRI^ TING- OFHCE, CANAL, SALISBURY } Where Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of News are received ( Postage paid). Also by thePROTERS AND ' OOKSELLEHS in Oifc WEST of ENGLAND ; by the respecth* WEWSMBS j and in London by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, No. 5, Warwick- Square, Warwick- Lane, Newgate- Street; and Mr. WILKIE, Bookseller, Paternoster Row, . •'- • - t v ' . . - . . • • • • ' " • .,, ..• , ... . , • • " ,..,.,.,...• . • • ¥
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