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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3800
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 11/12/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3800
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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THE SALISBUK WIN TER JO AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET\ AND SOMERSET,\ [ NUMBER 3800. VOLUME LXXIV.] MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1809 PRICE SIXPENCE HALFPENNY./ Stamp Duty.... 3id. I Paper a ' and Print, 3d. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. G' FOREIGN NEWS. PARIS, NOW. 18- I ERONA protracted it) resistance with an ob- stinacy which fanaticism alone could inspire, until the moment that we were enabled to erect batteries. within point- blank shot of the girrison. At this period we liad reason t6 hope, that we slioihlhe shortly able to enter a town, which began already to feel the effects of famine. At this time Geiieral Blake, * ho was at the head of the insurgents of Catalonia, undertook to relieve the town. Not feeling himself strong enough to hazard a general en- gagement, he had recourse tc artifice, and was at length successful. Gen. St. Cyr commanded the corps of observa- tion destined to cover the siege. He was attacked on tbe 30th of August hy troops whiih bore upon Souham's on the side of Brunola. This attack, although repulsed, having been maintained by fresh tr- iops, Geti. St. Cyr supposed that the enemy nieant to give him battle, and felt it licces- • jary to . strengthen himself with all his disposable force For < th « MARK- LANE, Maixday, Dec. 4. Our supply of Wheat continues tolerably plentiful, as well from our own coast as bv the fresh arrivals from the Continent of Europe; the sales this morning Were rather duller than had been looked for, and at a smalt abatement in the curiency, as per particulars be- neath ; Flbiir is full as. dear, and Wanted.— Spring Corn has come mora sparingly to hand since our last, Oats especially; White Peas, new Tick Beans, and Malt are 2s. per quarter dearer; Barley and Oats 1 s. Broad Beans at least 10s. for the finest stocks, and Grey Peas had many buyers to- day; but Rye, Rape Seed, and old Beans are all cheaper; other articles are for ' he mostpart unaltered in value, as per list subjoine- d: — Mealing Red Wheat hos. 88s. to 94s. fine 96s. to loos. sup. 102s. White, ditto. 68s. ,<) 0s. to ,96s. fine 102s. to 108s. sup. 110s. to 11.4s. Foreign Red ditto 00s. to 84s. fine 86s. to 100s. sup. 102s. to 106s. Zealand White SOS. to 96s. fine Dantzic and American ' 102s'. 112s. to 118s. Black 68s. to 78s. fine SOs. to 88s. 90s.— Rye 43s. to 54s.— White Peas 56s. to 70s. boielrs 72s. to 84s. fine Suffolk 86s. Grey Peas 48s. to 56s. fine 58s. to 60s.— Horse Beans, new, 42*. to 54s old | rpHE public Examination of the Pupils ofTilshead 56s. to 68s. Tick Beans, new, 36s. to 44s. old 50s. to 56s.— I c, 1 , ... , , . . 1 , , , Barley, a*, to 44s. Malting 4FIL to 50s. fine new 5is. to 54s. I X ? ch001 take place on the I4th instant, and on the sup. 55s. to 56s.— Malt 70s'. to 76s. fine 78s. to 86s.— Oats, tHIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, Price2s. 6c/. bound ih Red Leather, with pocketsfor notes, & c. . or 3s. 6< f. in Red Roan Extra, nearly equal to Morocco, * THHE DAILY JOURNAL; or, Gentleman's, A Merchant's, and Tradesman's Complete Annual Ac- compt Book, lor the Pocket or Desk; for the Year 1810; containing 112 ruled Pages, on fine writing paper, for memo- randums, observations, and cash, evety day in the year: cor- rect Lists of both Houses of Parliament, of the London Bankers, & c. & c.; and a variety of useful Tables, and otlier interesting articles, as specified in the table of contents. Printed for R. Baldwin, J. Walker, G. Wilkie andJ. Ro- blrison, Scatcherd and Letterman, M. Hinclesman, J. Ri- chatdson, and W. Suttaby ; and Brodie, Dowding, and Lux'- ford, Salisbury; and sold by them, ind all booksellers and stationers in town and country. Tnis book may be had ih various bindings, and with an Almanack, at the option of the purchaser. [ 5778 • wor , . - , While this was going on, 4000 infantry and 500 horse of • he atiemyV under the orders of Gen. Garcia Conde, escort- ing a convoy of 1000 or 1500 mules, advanced towards the Kinross, and finding nothing to oppose them but a weak Neapolitan division of Lecclii, they entered C. erona without difficulty; the garrison of which, thus supplied with men, provisions, and'ammunition, were enabled to contend with advantage against troops worn out with fatigue, diminished by disease, and labouring under want of provisions, in a country that was lately absolutely exhausted. The siege was afterwards carried oil with languor, and it was at last ' determined to convert it into a blockade. Shortly after, Co avion St. Cyr, who must have perceived that his position became daily more dangerous, in consequence of bis in- • odiciotli movement, solicited lli- rc. cal, which became ' lonbly heeessary on account of the Very ill state of his health. Tbe Duke of Castiglione ( Augereau) took tbe eolnmand M the- 7th corps in his place, and immediately prepared to act bn the offensive. General Blake was en- > aMpedun the height- of Brunola, wherethe Duke resolved to attack bun on the SSth of October ; but Blake having raised his camp, on the night of the 23th, took a position on the heights of Santa Coloma and Santa Fluzia. General Souham was old- red to attack him in this position. His dispatch to Marshal the Duke of Castigliorie, states, that after a very bride discharge of musketry for three hours, the enemy were dislodged from all their positions, and to- tally routed. Their army owed its safety only to the in- sunjUliifitable difficulties presented by the mountains in which it took refuge. All their Camps have been burnt, and their baggage taken ; 100 of their cavalry have been taken ' of killed; we have taken 300 prisoners, including three Lieut,- Colonels; in short, they have had ' i( t00 men killed or wounded, and have fallen back in tbe greatest disorder towards Saint Hilari. where the rest of Blal. u's troops are posted. •.. 1 _ LONDON, MONDAY; DECEMBER 4. " MToiiitcuSrs Add other Paris papers t6 the 23d tilt. %' ere received this morning. On the 16th ult. the Senate presented an Address to Napoleon, Congratulating him on the termination of the war, the reply to which exhibits Bint ill a new point of view. It seems the gratification « f Vis arthition, by the dcleat and humiliation of Austria, lias given him no pleasure; for he declares that those days • which he passed at a distance from France have been days lost to his happiness; he teels no satisfaction at a distance frosu uu great familyt lib people, he says, may hare had Princes more able or more powerful, btlt they never had a Sovereign who had more deeply engraven on his heart the Jove of France! For tbe first time the Moniteilr pays a tribute to the skill Of the Spanish Generals, and it were impossible for the Spaniards'to do more justice than the French official paper has detue to tlie masterly maiiTiivre by which Gen. Blake relieved Gerona.— This account is so interesting, that • we have given it at some length. A subsequent Moiiiteur ( of the 23d) contains a letter from Gen. Suchet at Saragossa, dated the 31st of Oet. ill which also the enemy are compelled to acknowledge the military skill of the Spaniards. The letter gives an account • of operation- in that quarter, from the 18th of October. On the 2ft'th Brigadier Villa Campo, with 7000 men, was attacked at N. S. Ficmendad, a very strong, position. Tbe battle lasted three hours, and the Spaniards fought with the gfeatest bravery. - They had fortified themselves in a monastery, which was taken hy » « ad) t. On the 30th the enemy passed the river near Torre do Megre, and at- tacked » Spanish camp, which iva- surrounded— they then pushed on within half a league of Lerida. Last night Spanish irtd P0rtu3ue. se papers to the 21- t ult. Were received. . The armie- are nearly all in their former positions, except that the Duke del Paique has Veen under the necessity ol falling back from Salamanca, in eoti- eqpenee of the French General Marchand having deceived considerable reinforcements. Papers and Letteii were last night teceivctj from iJolland, o » a . very recent date. The former do not con- tain any interesting nev » » , but the latter mention a report,- that Bonaparte intends to transfer Louis to Westphalia, and to place Jerome ori the throne of Holland. The expedition lately fitted out by the Dutch at Batavia. j against the eofcst nf Borneo, has miscarried. ' Several of! tlie transports with troops were sunk among the rocks on! Approaching the shore, and the men on board others only escaped the fury of the waves to ( all into the hands ol the • nemy, by whom they have been put into slavery. A Mai! from America arrived this miming, witty ' JJe*- York papers to the Hith ult. Reports from Washington concur in stating that the President was in alose ' and constant discussion with Mr. Jackson < and the impression is generally in favour ol theVj dnetissitnis terminating amicably.—' ftiesc pajjers ha « c not inutlier article of important*, A Let watt) Island Mai! also arrived this morning with letters and papers from Barbadoesof the 27 th of Sep- tember. They Ooutradict the report of an intended attack, en Guadaloupe. No French frigates or vessels had arrived at Guadaloupe, tut four were daily expected from France with troops and! provisions. A good look- out was kept for them. Captain; Ballard, of the Blondfl frigate, had the conimahd of tha cruisers to windward, and at the Saintes; aud CMptain Stanfell, of the Scorpion sloop of war, those off Basseterre • nd to leeward. The British Tar transport ( which arrived at Ports- mouth Oil Friday last, under jury- masts) sailed from Ha- lifax on the 25' th of October, underconvoy of hss Majesty's ship Squirrel, Lord W111. Fitzruy, with eight other light transports. They separated on the morning of the 3d of November, in a most tremendous gale of wind, when she . carried away her foremast by the board, main and mizen top- masts, and bowsprit, and lay a wreck upori the water for four days and nights, during which time the gale con- tinued with a violence never before experienced by any of the fleet. The frigate, near foundering, was, obliged to part with a number of her guns.— Three ships are missing, and the crews of three others from Quebec were picked up hy the fleet, their ships having foundered in the same gale. On Friday afternoon Mr. Thomas Boucher, a respectable tradesman of Rochester, went to drink tea with his niece, a short distance from the town, and not having returned home at midnight, his wife sent her son and a servant in search of him : they found him thrown over a low railing at ti e road side, with his throat cut, and his own pen- knife lying by him ; his pockets were rifled, and his hat and shoes were found at a few yards distance on the road. Mr. Boucher was alive, but i. capable of speech; they Co veyed liim 10 the near st house, where he remained in tile same state on Saturday night, with little hopes of his recovery. long feed, 26' s. to 37s. short 38s. te 43s. Poland 41s. to 42s. sup. 43s. to 44s.— broad Beans 50s. tollOs. Long Pods 42s. to 5b's. per quarter.— Tares 5s. to 6s. fid. per bushel.— Rape Seed .38/. to 4t>/. fine new 50/. to 52/. per last.— English Household Flour 95s. per sack. American ditto 42s. to 13s. 54s. fine 5fis. to 6Ss. sup. 83s. to 65s. per barrel. DECEMBER 2, 1809. PERSONS who nay wish to undertake the Supply of the Troops that are or may be in the Portsmouth Dis- trict, and in the Isle , of Wieht,— the Jirst with good OX REEF and WE THER MUTTON, the Lust with good OX BEEF for the Troops, and WETHER MUTTON for the Sick,— will give in their Proposals ( scaled) on or hefate the lith afithis month, at the Lieutenant- Governor's Office, Ports- mouth, where the present Contract may be seen. The Contract for the- Isle of Wight to commence on the 7th of January next, and for the Portsmouth District on the 20 th of February. [ 5350 TO BUTCHERS. SUCH persons who are willing to engage for the _ Supply of the Troops in the South- West District, which cODiprires. timts, Wilts and Dorset ( except Portsmouth, with its dependencies, and a small part of friltshire), uith good OX BEEF and good WETHER MUTTON, for One Year, commencing the ] st of January, Is 10, are desired to send in their proposals ( post paid J on or before the 1 Bth inst. to " Major Forster, Assistant Adjutant- General, Southampton Approved security, to the amount of £ 1500, Will be required for the fulfilment oj the Contract. • KJP Atl improper Meat will be refused, and good Meat pur- chased at the Contractor's expend. Head Quarter , Southampton, Dec. fi, 180.9. [ S97G PORTSMOU TH VICTUALLING OFFICE, lircembcr 5, 1809. ON Thursday, the 14Ih instant 1 shall be ready to reecive Tnidtrs in Writing ( sealed upj mid Ir eat for 1000 Quarters of CtOSF.- DRlED AMBER NEW MALT, for the service. <> j this Port, unslcerable to a Sample that will be produced at. the time of contract, to be delivered in one Mouth ; which will be paid for by bills payable with interest 90 days after date.' No regard will be hod to any Tender, in which the price shatl not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o'clock on the said 14th instant, nor unless the persons who, make the same, or some person on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when called for. WM. REF. KS. N. B.— The Conditions' of the Contract may be seen at my Office. fsW o? PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, December 5, 1809. iN Thursday, the SI st instant, I shall be ready - to receive Tenders in writing ( Sealed up), and heat With such persons as may be willing to furnish on Contract what FRESH BEEF may be required for the use of his Majesty's Ships ond I \- er's at Sr. Helen's, C . wes, and Yarmouth, , n the Isle of WlKht, for Twelve Months from the \ stoj'Ja- nuary next; which willhe paid forty bills payable with in- terest 90 days after d. itn. No regard wiil be had to any tender in which the prire shall not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o'clock on the said I s! instant; nor unless the persons who make the same, or some person on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when called for. WM. RF. F. KS. N. II.— The Conditions of ( he Contract may be seen at « iy Office. i fS97S UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. LORD GRENVILLE'S Coinmiiter in London having industriously circulated Kcports of Lord KL- DON's intention to withdraw from the Contest for the Chan- cellorship of Oxford, Lord ELDON'S Committee feel it in- cumbent on them again to assure the Members of Convoca- tion, that such reports are utterly unf und- d, and that the idea of withdrawing does not, nor ever did, for one moment, emst in bis Lonlship's contemplation.— Lord EICON'S Friends 11st b- v l(# ve to express this public caution against mls- fepr sedations of the above nature.— Dec. 4, 1809. [ S9S3 ! till same day the School will be closed for the Christmas Holi- | days. The meritorious will be rewarded. [ 5947 Norway Die Square Timber and Deals. MESSRS. HURRY, JUKES, and Co. have imported several Cargoes of the above Articles, which are now on Sale, at reduced Prices; and ir. about a fortnight ' ey expect the arrival of a Cargo of DEALS from Sweden, d one of DIE SQUARE TIMBER from Persgrund, in Norway, consigned to them for Sale here; both of which are ordered to be disposed of by PUBLIC AUCTION, of which due notice will be giveh.— GOSPORT, Dec. 7, 1809. [ 6015 SLATE PENCILS. CHAMPANTE and WHITROW, Jewry- strees, London, beg leave to inform their numerous friends, that they have just received a fresh Stipplv of Englisgh and foreign PENCILS, and a Cargo of the best Welsh SLATES; - they have also a good variety of Christmas School- Pieces, plain and coloured ; new Song Books, Valentine Letters and Valentine Writers, new Cards for entertainment and instruc- tion for young and old, with a variety of Warren's engraved and morocco framed Slates. [ 5S2H FROME, SOMERSET. JE. MANSFORI), WISE MERCHANT; returns « his most grateful acknowledgments to his friends, for the very liberal encouragement afforded him since his com- mencement in the above business, and at tbe same time begs to assure them and the public in general, that from the very respectable connections he has formed he is enabled to offer them FOREIGN WINES, of prime quality and ap- proved age and flavour, on as reasonable terms as any house in the trade. *** Sells best Cognac Brandy, Jamaica Ram, Hollands Geneva, London and Maidstone Gin, and all sorts of British Compounds. [ 5893 ' ATTIIEW HUTCHINS, LAND SURVEYOR, Orcheston St. Mary, in the county of Wilts, solicits the patronage and support of the Nobility, Gentry, and Land- holders in the cotlnty of Wilts; assuring tlicrn that nothing shall be wanting on llis part to merit theL favour and encou- ragement, by his assiduity and attention to the interest of those who may honour him with their favours. Maps, plainer coloured, and Plans, of every description, dtawn with care and exactness. Reference for his character « nd abilities may be had of per- sons of the first respectability. ' [ 5776 STALlRlDGE. HUNT and W. PIPER beg to inform their friends and the inhabitants of Stalbridge and its vici- nity, that they have re- opcn< d the Shop late ih the possession of the above George Hunt, with an entire new arid choice Assortment of GOODS, consisting of Linen and Woollen Drapery, Haberdashery, Hosiery, Hats, Sic. & c. all of which they ire determined to sell on the very lowest terms for ready money. Funerab Furnished. N. 11.— Every article in the Grocery Line sold on very rea- sonable terms. [ 5982 CHURCH PREFERMENT. WANTED,— Either an ADVOWSON, or the NEXT PRESENTATION to a RECTORY, or other Church Preferment, in Wiltshire, or the neighbouring coun- ties,^— Particulars are desired to be addressed { poSt paid) to A. G. L. Printing- office, Salisbury. [ 6027 WANTED to RENT in Hampshire, Dorsetshire, Devonshire, or Wiltshire,— A Country RESIDENCE, FURNISHED, with about twenty acres of Land, together with garden, coach- housc, stables, and other conveniences, suit- able for a small genteel family. Apply, with particulars, to G. B. L. Esq. at No. 20, New Ormond- street, Queen's- square, London. [ 5876 WANTED to PURCHASE, immediately,-— A LADY's HORSE, from 14 § to 15 hands high: it must be quiet, safe, and good in all its paces.— A fair trial will be expected. For further particulars apply ( if hy letter, post paid) to the Rev. J. Smith, Houghton, near Stockbridge, Hants. [ 59- 18 WANTED to RENT, FURNISHED or UNFUR- NISHED, for a small family,— A dctachcd HOUSE or COTTAGE, standing in a Lawn or Garden, and from ten to twenty acres of Grass Land, situated near a town or village, in either the counties of Hants, Dorset, or Somerset; the house must consist of not less than two good sitting- rooms, three or four best bed- chambers, and servants' rooms ; coach- house, stabling, dairy, and convenient offices, with good water on the premises'. Letters mouf TO SHOPKEEPERS, ( Sc. WANTED to rent, in a Market- town or populous Village,— A well- accustomed SHOP, in a General " Retail Line. Any petson wishing to dispose of the Stock in such a con- cern, oiay hear of a purchaser by addressing ( post paid), mentioning the particulars, with nearly the amount of pur- chase, to M. T. M. Post- office, Bath. [ 5901 STEWARDSHIP. WANTS a SITUATION ir, a Land Steward's Office, or as Under Steward to any Noblemah or Gentleman,— A youn^ MAN of undeniable character, who has had extensive practice in measuring and mapping land; having served his clerkship with a land- surveyor. N. B.— Security if required. Reference — Post paid letters to A. B. at the Printers' of this Paper. f- 5957 " f M' To Manufacturers and others, who employ a Numbe Workmen. \ Steady, middle aged Man wishes for a Situation in which he may superintend a manufactory, & c. or have the management of a tan- yard, to which he has been accustomed. Letters [ post- paid) stating particulars, full as possible, directed for A. B. at the Printing- Office, Salisbury, will have an early answer. [ 6016 G.' Cheap Shoe Warehouse, M ilfcrd- Street, Salisbury. JAMES JEBOULT returns his sincere thanks to his friends for the very liberal encouragement with which they honoured him in the SHOE BUSINESS; and respect- fully informs them, that he has just received ail extensive assortment of Men's, Women's, and Children's Shoes, from tile first manufactories, at the following money prices, viz.— Good Men'sCalf 8s. per pair Women's Velvet 4s. Bd. Ditto Hide8s. Women's Spanish 4s. Bd. Ditto Seal 4s. 3< Z. Double Soles Is. extra. Boys' and Children's in proportion to size. A £ ood assortment of Gentlemen's Boot Trees. Sitwell and Tongue's ( of Bath) Japan Liquid Blacking; also their Superlative Liquid for Boots and Saddles. N. BI— A good assortment of PATTENS, at the usual prices, [ 5951 AS the difficulties attending TRAVELLING on the turrtiiENT ROADS to OXFORD previous to THE ELECTION 011 the 13th i- stant wi'I probably be found to he very considerable, LORD G.' s FRIENDS are respectfully acquainted that application has been made to the Masters of the under- me : tibned Inns to furnish an increased Number of Horses and Carriages, with which they may provide them- selves, to enable them to continue their journey :— Henley, Red Lion High Wycombe Reading, Crown Wallingford, Lamb Newbury, Gertrge and Pelican Abiiigdon, Crown and Thistle Fermcdon, Bell Burford, Bull Witney, Staple Hall Woodstock, Marlbro' Arms Chapel House N> B.— As general notice has been given of the probability of an increased demand for Horses anil Carriages on this occasion, it is probable that an additional supply Will also be found at the other Inns at these stages. - Gentlemen may provide themselves with Coaches direct from London to Oxford at tbe Goldan^ Cross, Charing- Cross. Enston, Lichfield Arms Banbury, White Lion North Aston, Fox Bicester, King's Arms Brackley Middleton Stoney, Dog Buckingham, Cobham Arm and White Hart Aylesbury, Buckingham Arms and White Hart DORSETSHIRE. VIOTICE is hereby given,— That the next Ad 1/ t journment of the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the county of Dorset will be holden at the Town Hall, at Blandford Forum, in and for the said county, ou Saturday the lfith day of December inst.— Dated this 9th day of December, 1809.—- By order of the Court, WM. BURNET, 5S6S] Clerk of the Peace for the County of Dorset. COUNTY FIRE OFFICE, SOUTHAMPTON- STREET, STRAND, LONDON, Established for the express Benefit of Country Residents, under Parliamentary Licence. TRUSTEES. His Grace the Duke of Rutland, K. G. ; the Most Noble the Marquis of Buckingham, K. G.; the Right Hon. the Earl of Northampton; the Right Hon. the Earl- of Buckinghamshire ; the Right Hon. the Earl of Upper Ossory 1 Wm. Praed, Esq. M. P.; Scrope Bernard, Esq. M P. and sixt^ Directors.— Managing Director, J. T. Baiber,. Esq. PERSONS insured in this Office share Profits equally. Farming Stock insured generally, without the average c! auje: at the reduced rate of Is. per cent. No charge is made forpolicies on removal from other offices. Persons insuring for seven ycais by one payment, are chargtd for six years only. Lo- ses have been always made good by this Office, without de- duction or discount. AGENTS.— Wiltshire:— Salisbury, Mr. J. Foot; Devites, Mr. Wm. Sedgfield j Marlborough, Mr H. Knight; Melksham, Mr. T. Bourne; Warminster, Mr. John Morgan. Hampshire .- — Alton, Mr. J. Waring ; Andover, Mr. S. Shaw ; Petersheld, Mr. j. C. Mitchell; Portsea, Mr. J. Horsey, Queen* street; Riugwood, Mr. J. Merry weather; Southampton, Mr. E. Rudd; Winchester, Mr. M. Charker. Dorsetshire:— Blandloid, Messrs. King and Johns; Bridpoit, Mr. John Denziloe. Somersetshire :— Bath, Mr. S, Simms, North Parade; Bridge- water, Mr. \ V. Mogg; Frome, Mr. T. B. Harding; Sliepton Mallett, Mr. If. Hippisley ; Taunion, Mr. T. Spiller; Wells, Mr. E. Sheppard. Agents are also appointed in all tbe principal towns, who are likewise Agents to the President Life OJice, founded on similar principles. [, 5992 ISLE OF WIGHT. WEST COWES ACADEMY, under the direction of MR. LJNTOTT, who requests his Friends to ac- cept his grateful acknowledgments for the prefeience tbey have already shewn him daring the time ( now six years) he has had the conducting of the above Academy, respectfully htipei for a continuance of their favours, and begs leave to make known to them and the public, ha purposes opening a BOARDING SCHOOL on the 22d of January 18) 0, for the reception of a limited number of young Gentlemen, whose health, morals, and education, will be treated with that at- tention as, he hopes, will merit the approbation of those parents who shall entrust their children to his care. West Cowes is highly celebrated for the salubrity of its air and the purenessof its bathing, which, in addition to a dry and liry play ground, the young gentlemen will have the ad- vantage of enjoying. Mr. Lintott is enabled, through the kindness of his friends, to^ give { fee most respectable references, if required. [ 5811 The terms may be known on application at the school. | TYROLEAN DEPUTIES. RACKERMANN has the honour to announce • to the public, that Number 12 of The. Repository of ' Arts, published the lst of December, contains two correct whole- length Portraits of the iDeputies from the tyral, by their express permission, in the Costume of their Nation. A correct Portrait of HOVER, their chief, will also be: given in the Supplement, to be published on the lst of Jan. with some biographical particulars respecting them, and a characteristic sketch of the heroic people to Whom they belongy— which will complete the second volume of this inte- resting work ( The R:. POS1TO « V of A^ FS), price 4s. to be had of Brodie, Dovvding, and Luxfbrd, Salisbury. [ 5949 NEW SALISBURY AND LONDON WAGGONS, From/* e THREE SWANS, Salisbury, to SALISBURY ARMS, Cow Lane, London. iyf ATCIIAM, MITCHELL, and Company, beg X v JL leave to inform their Friends and the Public in general, they have established WAGGONS for the Conveyance of Goods from London to Salisbury, and from thence to Yeovil and Weymouth, 011 the most reasonable terms. The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Goods above the value of 5/. unless entered and paid for as such. [ 5854 CHEAP TRAVELLING. SALISBURY, Inside .. 16s. od. .. Outside .. 10s. Cd. BY the OLD SALISBURY COACHES, from the BLACK HORSI: INN, SALISBURY, to the BELL and CROWN INN, HOMIORN, and the . SARACF. N'S HEAD INN, FRIDAY- STREET, Cur. APSIDP;, eveiv day ( except Saturday) at half past three o'clock. All parcel?- sent by these Coaches will be received without iny charge for booking, and will lie sifely arid expeditiously defivered to all parts of London and Salisbuiy, without any charge for porterage. N. BROWN, T. FAGG, H. WHITHARSH, W. PENNY. and Co. PuorimroRS. [ 5226 EXETER AND SALISBURY MAIL. TIIF. Public arc, respectfully iiformed, that a new ROYAL MAIL COACH, carrjing four inside ond two outside passengers, commenced runniig on Monday the 16th of October, at half- past seven o'clocl every morning, from the P. ed Lion Inn, Salisbury, throufh Shaftesbury, Yeovil, Crewkerne, and Chard, to the New London Inn, Exeter where it will meet the Plymouth and Falmouth Mails, with coaches to Barnstaple and all parts of he west j— it will leavt the- New London Inn, Exeter, every norningat three o'clock, by the same route, to the Red Lion Im, Salisbury, where i' will meet the Portsmouth Royal Mai, the Portsmouth and Gosport coaches, with others to I. onrin, & c. * Performed by ISA. C YOUNG and Co. Who will not be accountable for any rticle above the value of hi. unless entered as such and paid ar accordingly. [ 4997 AYoung MAN of respectable connections, who can give good reference as to character, wishes to engage himseii in some Merchant's Counting- house. The salary will not be his particular object. Letters addressed ' port paid; to A, B. Post- office, South- ampton, will be duly answered. fb' 004 WANTED,- An APPRENTICE to a SURGEON and APOTHECARY,— or an ASSISTANT. For particulars apply to Mr. Baskett, chemist and druq^ ist, Blandford. [ 59116 WANTED immediately,— Two young Ladies, as APPRENTICES in the'genteel DR'ESS MAKING Line. Apply to Miss Alexander, Castle- street, Salisbury. [ 6001 WANTED,— A JOURNEYMAN 10 a CHEMIST and DRUGGIST, of an unexceptionable character. For particulars apply to Mr. Randall, Southampton. [ 5881 WANTED,— A voting active MAN, . who under- stands and Will take Care cf a small Kitchen Garden, a Horse and Cow, a, ul otl-.- r .. env.- muk « 1> On,,. It u^ vl'ul In the House and about the Premises. A plain cleanly COOK, is wanted, liot more than 30 years of age. Apply to Mr. Legg, printer, Gosport. [ 6014 GTOLEN or STRAYED, from Longlcat Park, kj. some time between the 20th and26th of November,— A BAY MARE, about 13 hands high, fisihg three years old, the near foot behind white, a star in her forehead, and a malic R F under the mane. If strayed, a Reward of One Guinea, and ExpenceS, will be paid for her recovery; if stolen, Ten Guineas, bn- convic- tion of the offender. . [ 5924 Apply to the Bailiff, at Longleat. STRAYED, from Netley Marsh, in the parish of Eling,— Two HEIFERS, coming two years old, tharked W. R. S. on the horn, and a cut in both ears ;— also two HEIFERS, coming two years old, marked H. K. on the horn and on the hoof of the near foot before, and a hole through the ear.— Whoever will bring the above beasts to John Brice, Esq. Nursling, near Romsey, or Richard King, shall receive Ten Shillings for each heifer. . [ 5871 STOLEN, out of a Cart Shed at Cadenham, in the New Forest,, 011 Thursday night or Friday morning the ist inst.— A Four- Wheel CHILD'S CHAISE, made sociable fashion, quite plain, with two seats, painted dark green, and the side pieces worn in with the locking of the fore wheels. Whoever will give information so that it may be recovered again, shall receive Half- a- Guinea, and on conviction of the offender a further reward of One Guinea, by applying to Mr. Joseph Pickering, Cadenham. '[ 5981 TAKEN UP at Ripley, ill the parish of Soplev, near Ringwood,— Three " HEIFER BEASTS, rising two years old, of different marks. Whoever owns them may have them again by applying to John Croucher, as above, and paying the expences. [ 5998 TAKEN UP, straying, in the parish of Canford- Magna, Dorset,— A DARK- RED HEIFER, two years old, with two pieces cut out of the near ear, and the New Forest tail mark. Whoever can prove her to be their pro- perty may have her again, by paving all cxpenccs and ap- plying to Mr. John Hill, of Cudnell, near Wimborne, Dorset. [ e018 w ANTED, - A good PLAIN COOK, who understands dressing of Fish, Game, & c.— Good wages will be given. None need apply whose characters will not hear the strictest enquiry. For further paiticulars apply to C. L-. Phipps, Esq-. Westbury Leigh. [ 5839 TO SHOEMAKERS AND OTHERS. ELOPED from his Master, 011 Sunday the 3d inst, I ABRAHAM HAYTER, Jun. Apprentice to Mr. James Silby, Boot and Shoemaker, Poole; his appearance is remark- able, having a hair lip and light hair, and is about 17 years of age. He is hereby advised to return to his said Master's service without delay; and any person employing or harbour- ing him after this public Notice will be prosecuted. POOLS, Pec. 6, 1809. [ 5989 ISLE OF WIGHT. ALL Persons having any Claim on the Estate of JAMES COOPER, late 6( Newchurch, in the Isle of Wight, Gentleman, deceased, are requested to send an ac- count thereof on or before the first day of January next, to Mr. John Cooper, of Alverstone, in the Isle of Wight, the administrator of the effects of the said James Cooper; and all persons who stand, indebted to the estate of the said James Cooper, or have any of his effects, are requested to pay and deliver the same forthwith to the said John Cooper, or they will be sued for the same. Isle of Wight, Nov. 29, 1809. [ 588C ISLE OF WIGHT. ALL Persons having any Claim on the Estate of ROBERT JACOBS, late of Chale Farm, in the Isle of Wight, Gentleman, deceased, are requested to send an ac- count thereof forthwith to Mr. Wm. Jacobs, of Perreton, in the Isle of Wight, the administrator of the effects of the said deceased; and' all persons who stand indebted to the estate of the said Robert Jacobs, are requested to pay the same imme- diately to the said Wm. Jacobs. ISLE OF WIGHT, NOV 30, 1809. [ 5887 ISLE OF W! GI T ALL Persons having any Claim on the Estate of JAMES COOPER, late of Wlbw, in the Isle of Wight, Yc Oman, deceased, are requested to send an account I thereof on or before the Ist day of Janntry next 10 Mrs. Cooper, of Wellow aforesaid, the Widow 1 f the s- d Sec as.- d, or ko Mr. Routfll. Jl.. t.. l.|. • f HJ„ K.. .„.!.„; nistrators of the effects of the said deceased ; and all p rsonl who stand indebted to the estat of the said Jam* s Co p r, are requested to pay the same forthwith to the said Mrs. Cooper or Mr. Roach. ISLE OP WIGHT, November 30, 1809. [ 5888 TO TALLOW- CHANDLERS. WANTED, A young MAN, who has been accustomed to the CIIANOLERY Business in all its branches: he will be required to work under a managing servant, and will be expected to bring a good character. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. W. Reding, Andover. SERVANT WANTED. WJANTED, ill a genteel regular Family,— A re- T T spectable healthy WOMAN, from 25 to' 30 years of age, who has been accustomed to children, as a child of three years of age will be tinder her care: she must read, work well at her needle, and understand getting up linen. Apply personally to Mrs. Hayter, Totton, Eling, near Southampton. [ 5970 HAMPSHIRE. Manor, or Reputed Manor, of Wintering. THE Public are respectfully informed, that 110 part of the above Estate having been Disposed of by Tender, the same will be Put up to Sale by public Auction early in the ensuing spring, particulars of which will be published in due time. A. POULDEN, Solicitor. HORSE HIDES. FOR SALE bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— Four. Thousand HORSE HIDES, just imported from Monte Video in excellent condition. Apply to MATTHIAS MARCH, Gosport. GOS!> ORT, ' Dec. It, 1809. [ 5972 Stags a/ ul Hinds, near Salisbury. TO be SOLD,— Three Brace of each in good con- dition. -- For particulars apply ( post paid) to Messrs. Webb, Webb, and Attwood, Salisbury. [ 5978 TO be SOLD,— A Rick containing about 32 Tons of prime HAY.— Enquire of Mr. William Biddlecombe, at New- House, near Downton, Wilts. [ 6028 riPO be SOLD, A remarkably fine BLACK .1 COACH GELDING, rising five years old, nearly 15 hands 3 inches high, warranted sound and steady in harness, and the only reason for parting with him is, because he is too large for the proprietor: he has been used to a gig as well as a chariot.— Price 70 Guineas. Enquiry to be made of Mr. Robert Cole, Clatford, near Andover. [ 5859 A'i To the Creditors af Mr. RICHARD HAYWARD, late of Lymington, Hants, deceased. L persons having anv Demands on the Estate and Effects of Mr. RICHARD HAYWARD, some time since of Lymington, in the county of Southampton, Baker, deceased, arc requested to transmit an account thereof immediately to Mr. Richman, solicitor, Lvmington : and all persons indebted to the Estate of the said Richard Hayward, deceased, are requested to pay th ' amount ( without further notice) to Mr. Richman, or they will be sued for the same.— Dated this 6th day of December, 1809. [ 5986 ALL Persons indebted to the Estate of THOMAS JONES, of Marlborough, in the county of Wills, Baker, are desired forthwith to pay the amount of their respective debts to Messrs. Griffiths and Welford, solicitors, Marlborough aforesaid ; and all persons to whom the said Thomas Jones is indebted, are requested to send the particulars of their de- mands to Messrs. Griffiths and Welford, as aforesaid, on or before the 1st day of January next ensuing, otherwise they will lose* the benefit of the distribution now making of the said Estate.— MARLBOROUGH, Dec. 7, 1809. [ 6011 rpo be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A J. neat POST CHAISE, but little used; also a Pair of capital POST HORSES, and HARNESS complete; also a capital Black and Bay MARE, near 15 hands high, warranted sound, for hack or hunting. ffi0l7 Apply to T. Heather, at the London Tavern, Poole. TO BREWERS. TO be SOLD, An exceeding good BILGE CASK, containing255 barrels; it is almost new, and now just emptied. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Benger, Cart Wheel, Sarum. [ 0* 95 SPRUCE FIRS, & c. TO bo SOLD, at the late Mr. Barnard's Nursery at Wilton, A large Quantity of bushy and well- rooted SPRUCE FIRS, from two to four feet high ; also a few good headed and fine stomed Horsc- Chestnut and Ash Plants, from eight to twelve feet high. Applications to be made to Mr. Seagrim, or to Mr. Nightin- gale, at Wilton. [ 6000 SLOOP FOR SALE. Y AUCTION, by Mr. COTTERELL, at the Sun Inn, SOUTHAMPTON", on Friday the 15th of December 1909, at seven o'clock in the evening,— A SLOOP, about 30 tons burthen, with her Mast, Bowsprit, Boom, and Gaft; Mainsail, Foresail, and Jib: one Kedgc, and one Anchor, good Rigging, Cable of 50 fathoms, and Hawser of 30 fathoms, more or less.— The Sloop is now lying at West Quay, where she may be viewed.— For particulars apply to the Auctioneer, ( if by letter, postpaid) St. MichaeJ's- Square, Southampton. EDWARD BUTT, DECEASED. THE Creditors of EDWARD BUTT, late of Mere, in the county of Wilts, Tick Weaver, deceased, are requested to meet at the house of Albin Butt, called the Angel Inn, in Mere aforesaid, on Thursday the 21st day of December next, at eleven o'clock in the torenocn, to take into consideration the state of the deceased's affairs, [ 5815 All persons having Claims or Demands on the Estate, ate requested to send particulars thereof forthwith to Mr. J hn Curtis, of Mere aforesaid, linen- draper.— AtOT. 21, 180i'. MARTIN'S BANKRUPTCY. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against WILLIAM MARK- HAM MARTIN, of Gosport, in' the county of Southamp- ton, Bookseller, Printer and Stationer, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 21st day of December inst. at the Crown Inn, in Gosporc aforesaid, at one of the clock in tbe afternoon, in order to make a final Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where tht Creditors who have not already proved their Debts, are to com. pre- pared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend: and all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. JOSEPH PARSONS, 59543 Solicitor under the said Commission. ^ XTHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded v v and issued forth against SAMUEL SINGER, of Westbury, in the county of Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chap- man, and he being declared a Bankrupt is befeby required to surrenelcr himself to the Commissioners in the said Commis- sion named, or the major part of them, on tbe 18th and lPitv of December instant, and cn the 16th of . January next, at eleven in the forenoon on each day, at the Angel Inn, in Warminster, in the said county of Wilts, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his estate and effects; when and where the'Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts', and at the. second sitting to chuse Assignees, and at the last sitting the said bankrupt is required to finish his exami- nation, and the creditors are to assent to or dissent trom the allowance of his certificate. All persons indebted to the said bankrupt, or that have any of bs effects, a e not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissi mcrs shall appoint, but give notice, to Messrs. Davi s and Davis, attor- neys, Warminster, or Mr. Davies; attorney, Lothbury, Loudon. - [ 51,83 HOPE'S HECTIC PILLS. ALL COUGHS which are produced by Colds, Winter and Ch- onic Coughs, are cured in a very short time by these Pills. In all the earlv stages of consumption, iliey have never yet been known to fail. Where Hectic Fever has long preyed upon the patient, these pills as certainly cure il, as bark in intermitting fevers. In the last stage of consumption, many persons have been restored to health ; and there i. s 110 state of that deplorable disease, where visible and grtat benefit is not received. [ 56n> Sold wholesale and retail byO. Walker, 106, Great P.. ihnd- stieet, 1s. 9d. each box;— also by Biodie, Doivding, and Lux- ford, Salisbury, and may be had of all ilieir agents and newsmen, and of Mr. Hayss, Wiuchester. w Wednesday's and Thursday's Posts. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF DECEMBER 5. ADMIRALTY'OFT> CE, Dec. 5. Letter from Vice- Admiral Lord Collingwood, dated Villc •" de'Pai- is, of St. Sebastian, Oct. 30. " Y Letter of the 4th of August informed their Lordships of the proposal 1 had made to Lieut.- Gen. Sir John Stuart, that the islands of Xante, Cephalgia, & q. Should be seined on, before the French could turn their regard from the defence of Naples, to strengthen other points, and in which letter I inclosed to you a copy of the Instructions I had sent to Rear- Admiral Martin, to be delivered to Capt. Spranger, of the Warrior, • Whom I had selected to t; otnmand tbe naval part of the ex- pedition. The change which at that time had taken place iti the- staleof the armies in the north, required the Lieut.- General's consideration, whether an adequate force might be spared from the army, and delayed their departure from Sicily until the 35 1 Sept. when the Warrior sailed from Messit!-!, with the Philomel sloop, and transports carrying nbout 1600 troops, under the. command of Brig.- General Oswald. The Spartan at the same time sailed from Malta, With Mr- f ornsti and Count Cladan, a Cephalonian gentle- man, who had for some time taken refuge at Malta, and whose local knowledge and influence iu tbe country I hoped would tie advantageous to the service. Orders were also S nt to Capt. Eyre", of the Magnificent, to join them with the Corfu squadron. I iiave now great satisfaction in informing you of the • complete success of the expedition, and that the French garrison in the islands of Xante, Cephalonia, Ithaca, and Cerigo, bjve, after a very faint resistance, surrendered to his Majesty's arms, the people liberated from the oppres- sion of' the French, and the government of the Sept' In- sular Republic declared to be restored. As no preparation for so unexpected a change could have been made by the inhabitants, it has been found convenient by the otficers commanding, and by the principal people who are now to assume the government, that the British fiar, with that of the. Republic, shall be continued to fly until the several departments are tilled and regularity is • established. The influence of Mr. Forest!, and the estimation in which his character is held hy tbe people, very much facili- tated the operations:— 1 have written to him to resume his functions of British Resident with the Republic, until he shall receive the instructions of his Majesty's Ministers; I am, See. ( Signed) COLLINGWOOD. ' [ The details from Captains Spranger, Brenton, anil Crawley, inclosed by Lord Collingwood, occupy upwards of four pages of the Gazette. Were we to copy these de- tails into our columns, we fear few of our readers feel suffi- cient interest in the event to wade through them.— The rescue id these islands from the grasp of our mortal enemy, and their restoration to that form of government which is congenial to the inhabitants, are, however, events of im- portance to our commerce, and to the general cause of hu- manity, more especially as it has been effected without loss on our part, and the healthy atmosphere of these islands precludes all apprehension of our soldiers or seamen expe- riencing a visitation similar to that which has followed their operations at Waleheren, & c.— In this expedition, at Ce- rigo, where the greatest resistance was made, we had only one man ( of the 35tn regt.) wounded. The enemy had one man killed anil one wounded: their garrison then surren- dered by capitulation. The garrison of French and Alba- nians in Xante also capitulated, after a shew of resistance, during which our shipping forbore attacking tbe strong battery on tbe Mole Head, which could not be taken with- out, destroying a great part of the town. The inhabitants of the islands rejoiced in the expulsion of " the common disturbers of mankind;" and this spirit seems to have over- awed the garrison iti Cephalonia, which surrendered un- conditionally, as did also the garrison ill the island of Jthaca.— The French and Albanian troops which surren- dered in Zante, consisted of 1 Lieut.- Colonel, 1 Major, 2 Captains, 11 Subalterns, 2 Staff, and 394 Rank and file ; and about 200 Albanians, who did not retire to the Castle, are dispersed ill the island : ill Cephalonia, 9 Officers, and 193 ' Rank and File : the prisoners taken in L'erigo Were, the Commandant, 3 other Officers, and a Rank and File, French ; 3 Officers and 38 Rank and tile, Russians4 Offi- cers and 2.3 llank and File, Natives; 4 Officers and 22' Rank and File, Affiance ; and 1 Russiad was killed : iii Jthaca, 7 Officers, and 69 Rank and File, Italians and Alba- nians- veer.. J • Another letter from Vice- Admiral - Lord Comngwood, dated Ville de Paris, " off Minorca, Oct. 3, incloses letters from Captains West and Clepbane, giving an account of a very spirited attack, made on tbe - 28th of July, hy the boats of tbe Excellent, Acorn, and Bustard, covered by the two sloops, on a convoy of the enemy, which had an- chored under a fortress at Duin, to the westward of Trieste, in which all the enemy's vessels, consisting of 6' gup-, Vessels and 10 trabaccolas, we're captured. This enterprise was well devised, and gallantly execute ® under the direction of Capt. Clephane, of the Acorn. Lieut. Harper, of the Ex- cellent, particularly distinguished himself in the command of the boats, and is : - " ken of by Lord Colling'. vood as " an admirable Officer." The returns of our loss are, two Ma- rines of the Excellent killed, two Seamen wounded; Mr. Katty Robinson, Ma terof the Bustard, wounded, severely • 1 Seaman wounded, since ( bad; a Marine and a Pilot slightly wounded.— The Acorn had none killed or wounded. — The vessels captured are, 3 gun- boats of the Royal Ita- lian : • of 3 24- pounders and 30 tons; complete in ammuni. i." ; 3 d-' tto, of 3 18- pounders. and 60 tons ; complete.:.-.': .: .-.* - " — Comrb - merit of men in each e . — • r ! '' '-'- ' - • " lery- men, 3 Soldiers, 15 .'.-• iea :>, <\ a.. Total; ei.—'"=•:. trabaccola% or coasters, front 10 to 20 ton", laden With brandy, flour, rice, ant! wheat; one sunt, cargo of flour previously taken out. Vice- Admiral Lord Collingwood has also'transmitted to this Office the following reports of captures made by ships under bis Lord hip's command, viz.— A letter from'Capt. Ayseough, of the Success, giving tin account of the capture by the boats of that ship, on the 30th of July, off Cerigo, of two French privateers, one mounting 9 carriage guns and 4 swivels, with 78 men, and the other, 1 gun and 20 • men.— A letter from Capt. Pearce, of tbe Halcyon sloop, stating the capture, on tbe 30th of Aug. of the St. Anna French privateer, of 2 guns and 43 men, 20 days from Na- ples, without making any prize.— And two letters from Capt. flosenhagen, of theVolage, giving accounts of his having, on the 6th and 20th of September, captured two enemy's privateers, the Annunciate and Jason, one of 2 guns and 40 men, and the other of 6 gum and 69 men. O RON A NCF.- Orrt CP,, Dec. 4.— Royal Regt. of Artillery. — Major Charles Waller to be Lieut.- Colonel, vice Unett, retired; Capt. Alex. Duncan to be Major, vice Waller, BANKRUPTS. Samuel Singer, ofWestbury, Wilts, clothier. Win. Clancy, of St. Mary Axe, London, merchant. Andrew Redpath, of Philip- lane, near Alaermanbury, London, builder. Thomas King, late of Gospon, erocer. Richard Woollgar, late of West Cowes, Isle of Wight, smith. VVillim Kirkpatrick and Richard Cort, of Bread- street, CUeapside, London, warehousemen. Thorn is Russell, of Dursley, innkeeper. John Hodgson, of PocWiniton, cornl'actor. Rignell Lve, late of Goswell- street- road, builder. Nicholas WHcox Cundy, ofUt. Mavlbro'- st. nearOxford- st. surveyor. Isaac Sitterfhwaite, of Taniworth, wine -- rid spirit- merchant, John Frodsham, of King- gate- street, Holborn, watch- maker. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6. Further letters and papers from New York, Phila- delphia, and Boston, were received yesterday. They men- tion a report that Mr. Jackson has proposed to accede to an arrangement of the same nature as the Treaty signed by Mr. Frskine, provided the Government of the. United States should agree to extend the Non- Intercourse Act to the ports of Holland. Spanish papers of thc 19th ult. arrived in town last night. The chief Spanish army is pursuing the plan for which it. was put in motion,— that of penetrating tp Madrid. The necessary preparations for passing the Tagns, in the neighbourhood of Aranjuez, having been completed 011 the 12th, some liattalions were sent over on the following day to reconnoitre ; and the whole of the army was immediately to follow. On the 18th, the head. quarters were at Santa Cr. iZ de la Zarza. Thc fleet lately arrived from Oporto, under convoy of the Fylla, consisted of 54 vessels, whose cargoes amounted ly 12,47s pipei ol' wine, 4713 quintals of corn, and 4305 ta* e « of octtofc. The ks » j occasioned by the fire at Bristol, on Thursday ( mentioned! u » Sit stj is estimated at 20,000/. A Court of Common Council was held jfeterlky at Guildhall, for the purpose of taking into consideration an Address to his Majesty, praying hiln to institute an enqliiry into the conduct and result of the late'expedition to'the island of Walehcren.— Mr. Waithman, after reprobating- both the plan and conduct of tbe expedition, moved an Address, beseeching his Majesty forthwith to call Parlia- ment for the above purpose.— Alderman Sir W. Curts thought an Address unnecessary, for he had no doubt but Parliament would enter 011 the investigation required early in the Session: he therefore moved the previous question.— On a division, the previous qnestron was negatived by the casting vote of the Lord Mayor, the numbers then being 68 against it, 67 for it.— A second division took place 011 the original motion, when the numbers were, for the Ad- Address 66. ag< jinst it 63.<— An Address was prepared by a Committee ^ cad, and agreed to ; after which the Sheriff's Were direettu to wait 011 his Majesty, to know when he would receive the same. BREAD.— The price was yesterday ordred to be raised half an assize, by which the quartern loaf, wbeate'u, will be sold fur Ibid, household for lojrf. MARK- LAVE, Dec. 6. Second and inferior samples of Wheat are rather lower. Barley, Malt, Peas, and Beans, support last prices. Oats rather cheaper. Flour as 011 Monday. The KINO against EDMt'ND GRIFFITH, Gent. This cause was tried on Saturday in the Court of King's Bench. Mr. Burrough having opened the pleadings, the Attorney- General opened the case, which was that of an indictment against the defendant, stating, that an action had been brought by Jeremiah Donovan against Mr. Messiter, in which there was a verdict for the defendant, and that the co- ts had been taxed, and an execution issued against the goods of Mr. Donovan, for 1- 207. being the amount of such costs. That the present defendant., Mr. Griffith, was at- torney for Mr. Donovan, and, 011 the occasion of the above execution entering the house. of Mr. Donovan, Mr. Griffith wrote to Mr. Messiter a letter, which reflected greatly on the character of that gentleman, and which letter had a direct tendency to a breach of the peace, and which was therefore a libel. The letter was dated ". Charles- street, St. James's- square, 2d June 180,9," directed to Mr. Mes- siter, and was to the following effect' " SIR, " Yourself v. Donovan. " I RECEIVED a note from my agents half an hour ago, saying, that these costs were taxed last night, and I instantly sent a e'erk for the money, desiring them to pay your agent. To my great surpriz% a sheriff's officer has tins moment brought an execution l » to Mr. - Donovan's house for these costs. This conduct is so atrocious, that I could not have believed it possible you could have been guilty of it. It would disgrace the most pettyfogging practitioner in the profession ; and I shall ceitainly tell every man, and in every company where your name is mentioned, the rascality of your conduct. I think it right, in the first place, to tell yourself, that you are a blackguard, capable of every dirty and cowardly action, who has not one pretension to the character of a gentleman. I am, Sir, yours, " EDMOND GRIFFITH, "' 23, Charles- street, St. James's- square, 2d June, 1809." Mr. Garrow admitted that tbe letter was such as one gentleman ought not to have sent to another : the lan- guage was coarse and indefensible ; and he was instructed to express the sorrow felt by his client for having written the letter. He trusted the prosecutor would accept of the apology thus made. The Attorney- General was inclined to accept the apology, which Lord Ellenborough also recommended ; but the pro- secutor { who was in Court) not concurring in the pro- position, The Attorney- General proceeded. An action, lie said, had been brought ly Mr. Donovan against Mr. Messiter, in which Mr. Donovan was unsuccessful. He moved the Court for a new trial ; was unsuccessful in that application. The whole of Ea ter term elapsed without the costs being taxed. They were afterwards taxed, and regular notice thereof given to the. agents of Mr. Griffith ( Mr. Donovan's attorney and partner; and notice was also given to the agents, that unless tbe money was paid 011 the following morning, an execution would issue for the same. The costs not being paid, the prosecutor again sent to defen- dant's agents, requiring tlie payment, and was informed that they had 110 instructions to pay tbe same, and there- upon the execution issued, upon which thc abo. ve letter was sent to Mr. Messiter, thc prosecutor, of whom the Attorney- General spoke in terms of high respect. Mr. Garrow addressed the Jury, not with the hope of obtaining a verdict, but with a view of shewing how sincere the rle'• • " 1-"-' - 1 10-- enrmw u. i- what bad happened ; and of shewing that he acted under the influence of a sud- den passion. He had not lost the hope that this apology would be accepted by Mr. Messiter, whose good humour he understood to keep pace with his respectability in life. Lord Ellenborough observed to the Jury, that the letter was a very gross libel, and the Jury could have 110 difficulty, in finding the defendant Griffith guilty ; and his Lordship added, that it was a very serious offence, and tbe Court coult not pass it over lightly, if the prosecutor required the defendant to be brought up the next term to receive judgment. The Jury immediately found the defendant Guilty. COVENT- GARDEN THEATRE.— The action brought by Mr. Clifford, the ban istir,' against Mr. Brandon, the box- keeper of Covent- Garden Theatre, was tried yesterday in the Court of Common Pleas. Mr. Serjeant Ruiinington, in opening the proceedings, stated that Mr. Clifford was taken into custody, 011 the night of the 31st of October, by order of Mr. Brandon, without due cause, for which, be sought a compensation, and laid his- damages at 100/. The defence set up was. th:.' !"". . employers had a grant bv patent • - Hit p?< vs ana ftiat tl » plaintiff, with three other ;>-.';"' ns, : tee. ., v ;.::;: : :. - ' a tumult and riot iu the theatre, for thc illegal purpose of obliging the Proprie- tors to lower the. price of admission. There were three other pleas, similar to this, to all of which the plaintiff replied that he was taken into custody without due cause, which was the issue to be tried by the Jury. Mr. Serjeant Best then dilated 011 the case at great length, insisting that the only thing imputable to his client was wearing O. P. iu his hat, which would not make him a rioter even though there was a riot at the theatre ; and if he had been joining in a riot, the defendant had no right to order him into custody when he was departing peaceably from the theatre, without the warrant of a Magistrate. Taken into custody, however, he was, by Mr. Brandon's order, and eonveyed to Bow- street, where Mr. Read discharged him, there not being any pretence to accuse him of rioting. His slient was proud to appeal for justice to a Jury of Gentle- men, who would know how to appreciate what was due to a Gentleman for the insult.— Different witnesses detailed . tbe facts of the case, which are already sufficiently before the public.— Se'rj. Shepherd ably defended the cause of the Proprietors of the Theatre, arguing that Mr. Clifford's wearing, the badge by which the rioters at the theatre were distinguished identified himself with them, and therefore the servant of the Proprietors was justified in ordering the constables to seize him. The learned Serjeant declined calling any witnesses.— Chief Justice Sir James Mansfield having summed up the evidence, the Jury retired fur a short time, anil returned nith a verdict for the plaintiff, damages 5/.— The persons in the Court anil Hall immedi- ately gave three cheers, and expressed the most extravagant exultation at this verdict.— As soon as silence could be ob- tained, the Chief Justice asked 011 what- ground the Jury gave this verdict?— whether they ' thought people had a right to assembly,. wearing the emblems of riot, to enforce the prices they thought reasonable; or that Mr. Clifford ought not to have been taken into custody when the riot was ended, without a warrant: the foreman sa'd, he was not prepared to state the particular grounds of the verdict; the jurors considered it a harsh measure to take a person into custody ibr wearing O. P. in his hat.— The Chief Jus- tice said lie trembled for the consequences of the verdict: he wished the Jury had stated the precise grounds of it, without which many persons might imagine that tbe dis- turbances which had prevailed were sanctioned by law.— The Court was then cleared. The trial lasted from ten in the morning till four in the afternoon. On Wednesday afternoon, about four o'clock, the Rev. Wm. Moselcy, of Hanley, in Staffordshire, was shot at whilst standing in a parlour on the east side of bis house, near a window, but providentially he was not hurt.— This is the second attempt to kill or wound Mr. Moseley, and the assassin has hitherto escaped detection. James Edwards, alias Dudley, and John Stock, alias Stockton, convicted of burglary at the last Carlisle Assizes, were executed near that city 011 Thursday last. Tney had considerable propertty, and interest was made for their pardon ; but their property and the attempt to break nut of gaol were considered aggravations of their offence. Ed- vVards was only 25 years old, Stockton 44; both were stout good- looking men, and each had a wife and young children, j Their bodies were delivered to their wives. THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNA • LEI , • ,, ,,, ^--.^ RRAR—' If t - \ CHILTON FOLIAT INCI. OSURE:" T> Y order of the Commissioned appointed hy an JJ Act ( ttssed in the - last session of-•?, eliament, intituled, " Ah Act for inclosing Lands in the pat jh of Chilton Fuliat, in the counties of Wiltsjand Berks," 1 .0 hereby give Notice, That the several claims of the persons interested, which have been delivered to tbesaid Cptpmissiooei., . are left at my office in NewBurj, and that an Abstract of snch claims is left with Mr. Thomas- Philips, the surveyor, atliis residence hi Chilton l'oliat afoieafd, and that such claims and abstract areopen to the inspection and perusal of all parties 1 iterated, or claiming to be interested, in the premises,, and hat they or their re- spective ageits or attornies may take Copies thereof or ex- tracts therefrom ; and that if any perfo- i or persons, or body politic 01 corporate, interested, or cl aming to be interested, 111 the premses, shall have any objection to off. r to either or any of such claims, the particulars of such objections are required to be reduced into Writing; and signed by them or their respective husbands, guardions, trustees, committees, or agents, and to be delivered to thc said Commissioners, at their next mteting, to be held at the Bear Inn, at Charnham- street, in tht parish of Huneerford, in the county . of Wilts, on Monday tie 11 th day of December next, at. eleven o'clock iu the forenoon; and that no such objection will afterwards be received, unless for some legal disability or special cause, to be allowed by the said Commissioners.— Dated the \ olh day . qf Nooember 180.9. Ro. TOWNSEND, . Clerk. llarford St. Martin and South Newton Inelosure. WE JOIN SKAGRIM, JOHN ROO^ RS, and JOHN CHARLTON, the Commissioners named in and ap- pointed by an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 49th year of the reign of his present Majesty, intitled, " An Act for dividing and allotting Lands in the parishes of Barford Saint Martin and South Newton ; and fo* extinguishing Rights of Common in other Lands in or adjoining the parishes of Bar- ford Saint Martin aforesaid and Baverstock, in the county of Wilts," do hctebygive Notice, That we have received varioul claims from prisons claiming rigbls or interests in, over, and upon the said lands and grounds intended to be divided and allotted ; but, on account of the proprietors beins numerous, and lest any proper claim may have bet ti omitted to have been delivered in, WE HAVE AIUO'URNEU our Meeting to the Grey- hound Inn, at Wilton, in the county of Wilts, on Monday the 15th day of January next, at elev. n o'clock in the fore-, noon, for further proceeding in the execution of the powers of th? said Act: when all persons claiming any rights or in- terests in, over, or upon the lands or grounds aforesaid, in respect whereof no claim or claims have been already made, are hereby required, by themselves or agents, to lay such, their respective claims in writing before us. the said Commis- sioners ; and no claim can or will be received after that day, and all persons making default will be totally barred and excluded. We also give Notice, That at our last meeting OBJECTIONS in writing were delivered to us the . aid Commissioners against certain claims already made and delivered to us under the, saitl Act; and at our next meeting, all persons having any further objection or objections to make to any or either of the claims which have already been or may be delivered to us at our said adjourned meeting, to be held ; aforesaid, are hereby re- quired to deliver in to us the said C immissioners their several, objections to the said claims in writing,- We further give Notice, That v e have appointed Monday the 2- 2d day of January next fat Proceeding, to investigate,' hear, and determine, such claims • ,1 objections; and all and every person or persons who hav made and delivered in, or shall make and deliivcr in, any cl: an or claims to us the said Commissioners as aforesaid, are hereby required to produce sufficient evidence before us atoui'said next meeting in sup- port of their several and respective claims; and all such- claims ( where the objection or objections thereto shall not be withdrawn at our Saul next meeting) which shall not be then substantiated by Evidence will be wholly disallowed, and the person or persons makin? default 111 proving and substantiating the same will be wholly debarred from all benefit or advantage in respect thereof under the said Act. Dated this 25tk day of Novemi : f 1809. JOHN SEAGRIM. JOHN ROGERS. 5958] JOHN CHARLTON. Raiford Saint Martin ani South Newton Inclosure. WE whose names are I ereunto subscribed, being the Commissioners named in and appointed by an Act of Parliament made and fassed in the 49th year of the reign of his present Majesty, intitled " An Act for dividing and allotting lands in the parishes of Barford Saint Martin and South Newton, and for extinguishing rights of common in other lands in or adjoining tie parishes of Barford Saint Martin aforesaid, and llivcrstmk, in the county of Wilts," do hereby give Notice that we have, by virtue and in execu- tion of the'power given as well by the said Act as by a certain Act of Parliament made and passed in the •'. 1st v'ear 0, f the reign of his said Majesty, intitleil" An Act for consolidating in one Act certain, provisions usually inserted in acts of in- closure, and for facilitating the mode of proving the several facts usually required on the passing of such acts," Set out and appointed the following public carriage roads and high- ways through and over the lands and grounds by the first mentioned Act intended to be divided and allotted in manner directed by the last mentioned Act, the general lines of which roads are herein alter described; that - is to sav,— IN BARFORD SAINT MARTIN. No. 1.— One public carriage road of the breadth of 30 feet, commencing at or near the paisonatje barn of Barford Saint Martin, antl thencs extending northward, near its ancient course and direction, through the common fields and down of Barford to its usual entrance into Shortengrove- coppice, in the Forest of Grovely, the same being the highway from Barford Saint Martin to Great Wishford. No. 2.— One other public carriage road of the breadth of 30 feet, commencing near the east end of Baverstock- lane, in Bariord Saint- Martin, and thence extending eastward, iu its ancient course and direction, over Barford- down', to its usual entrance into Sandgates- coppice, in the said Fofest of Grovely, the same . being the highway fiom Baverstock to Great Wishfofd. No. a.— On- other public^ carriage road of the breadth, of 30 feet, commencing at or near White- croft, in Baiford Saint Martin aforesaid, branching out'of the turnpike- road abd xtending southward, in its ancient course and direction, over a '",! I : nd down of Barlbrd to'its usual entrance into tl\ c •• • '. •' ...' Uth Burromb, the same being the high- way fi..: it. Broad- chalks, called White- holloway. No. 4.—- J. . other public carriage road and drift way of the breadth of 80 feet, commencing at the eastern!, of New Inn- lane, in Baverstock, and extending eastward, hear, its ancieat course and direction, over, Barford- down to its usual entrance nto the parish of Burcomb. IN STOWFORD. No. 5.— One other public carriage road of the breadth of 30 feet, branching out of the turnpike road, near the Sw'ati Inn, at Stowfortl, and t xtending north- eastward, in its usual course and direction, through and over the common fields and' down of Stowford to its usual entrance into the parish of Woodford, the same being the highway from Stowiord tot Woodford. Nq, 6.— One other public carriage road and driftway of the breadth of 80 feet, commencing at the south- west corner . of Stowford Burnbake- ficld, aud extending eastward, in its usual course and direction, between the common fields and over the down of Stowford " to the turnpike road leading from De- vizes to Salisbury, thc same being part of the highway from Staplefbrd to Salisbury, caUed the'Old Bath- road, And we do hereby also give Notice, that we have prepared- maps in whichsuch intended roads areaccurately laid diiwnand described, and caused the same maps ( being signed by\ is) to be deposited withJoha Swayne, of Wilton, in the County of Wilts, Gent. ourClerk, for theinspection of all persons concerned; and we have appointed, and we do hereby appoint a Meeting to be holden by usatthe Greybound Inn, iu Wilton, Wilts, on Monday the 22d day of January next, at eleven o'clockiin the f'oreiioon, at which meeting all such persons as may pe in- jured or aggrieved by the setting ouf of such roads may at- tend: and we do here'by further give. Notice, that we shall at the said meetinc; proceed in the further execution of the pur- poses of the first mentioned Act. Witness our hands this 2oth day of November, 1809. JOHN SEAGRIM. JOHN ROGERS. 59 © J JOHN CHARLTON. - Jk-, A genteel Residince for a Family, in a pleasant and healthy part of the West of England. ( 0 be LETT, for a term of years, and entered upon immediately, A handsome DWELLING-^ HOUS&, either Furnished or Unfurnished ( plate and linen excepted), with a six- stall stable, coach- house, harness- house and large room ov « r, a court- yard in fiont of the dwelling- house walled in anil well planted with choice fruit- trees, and a small sreen- hotse. The dweUing- hoose consists of two entrance- halls ( in one of which is a very spacious and light staircase), lofty and well- proportioned drawing, dinjng, and morning rooms; stuiy or library 18 feet square and 12 feet high, se*- n convenimt bed rooms, and dressing room, with closets, and three attic rooms for servants; housekeeper's room, two goodkitclens, most excellent arched larder, large under- ground archcdwine and beer cellars. The premises havehcen lately fitted up by the owner with every domestic convoiience, and fit for the recption of a large family. The house " B situated in the pleasant market- town of Blandford, 011 the Stat western load trom London to the Land's End, and wthin a short distance of that very fa- shionable and much frequented watering- place Weymouth, the surrounding corntry very beautiful and abounding with game, fox- hounds aid several packs of harriers kept in the neighbourhood; theloadsparticularly good. Further particular! may be had by applying to Mr. Mon- day, solicitor, Blandbrd; if by letter, postage paid. [ 5855 Fisherton, JVittofi', itet/ tesbnrv, tPiUoughby- tiedg7, and lledkone Turnpike. " VfOTICE is htircoy given,- That the TOLLS 1- si arising' at the several Gates belonging to this Turnpike, with the several Side Gates or liars to the same belonging ( ex- cept those at Bulbridge), will be LETT by; AUCTION, in one lot, to. the best bidder, at the Sun Inn, in Fisherton, 011 Wednesday the 20th day of December, 180!), between the hours of cleyert o'clock' in the forenoon and two o'clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th ye:' r of the reign of his present Majesty, for regu- lating turnpike roads, and will be put up at the sum of £ 9- 270, being the sum at which they are now lett. Whoever happens to be the bes't bidder must at the time and place of bidding give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the relit agreed for, and at such times as they sluill direct. By order of the Trustees, 57Hj JAS. CHAS. STILL, Clerk and Treasurer. Stoekbridge Turnpike Tolls to he Lett. NOTICE " is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the Stockbridge and Keippshot Gates, on the said turnpike road, will be LETT by AUCTION for one year to the best, bidder, at the King's Head I1111, in Stockhridge, in the county. Af Southampton, on Thursday the 4th day or Ja- nuary next, between the hours of eleven o'clock in the fore- noon and two o'clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed bv the Act passed " in the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, " for regulatingTurnpike Roads ;" which Tolls wilt be put up as under; viz. Stockbridgr £ 4.14 Kempshot Hate * t ® being the sums the Tolls were lett for the year ending the 10th day of January next. * < WhoeVer happens to be tbe best bidder must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties, to the sati i » saitt Turnpike Road, for the payment of the jent agreed' fbr,. jmd at such times as thr'v shall d- reet. H. ATTWOOD, Clerk to the said Trustees. SfoCKMilf .. , 1.809.,, ( 5953 Hingwootl, fsmgham, (" til Leigh Turnpike Tolls la Lett. NOTICE i hereby givn,—' That the TOLLS arising at the several Gates hereunder mentioned will be LETT by AUCTION, to the " est bidder, at the Crow* Inn, in Ringwood aforesaid, on Thursday the 14th day of December next, at twelve o'clock at noon, in manner directed bv an Act passed in the 13th year of the r tgn of his present Majesty, " for regulating turnpike roads," and will De put up at the following sums, viz. Kingwood Gate, at j£ 204 Longham Gate, at tia Leigh Gate, at 84 being the respective sums for which those ( Sates are now lett for one year ending the 31st day of December next. Whoever happens to be the highest bidder must at the time and place of letting. give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such time as they shall direct. ~ 5716] By order of the Trustees, Ringwood, Nov. 10, 1809, Wm. BALDWIN, Clerk. Andevor Navigation Tolls to he Lett. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the RATES arising from the Navigation on the Canal from AndevQr to Redbridge ( being a distance of 23 miles), and the PROFITS arising from the several Wharfs, Dwelling- houses, and Store- houses at Andrvdr, Stockbridge, and Romsey, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder, at a General Assembly of the Company of Proprietors of the said Canal Navigation, to be held at the Committee Room in Andevor Wharf, on Mon- day the 18th day of December inst. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, Under the conditions and reservations TO be then and there produced, fer the term of Three Years from the 31st Of December inst. as such Assembly shall think best. Whoever happens to be the highest bidder, must at the ' same time pay into the hands of the Treasurer to the said Company a deposit of one month's rent; and also give secu- rity, to the satisfaction of the said Company, for the due payment of the rent agreed for at such times and in Such manner as they shall at such Assembly direct. RA. ETWALL, Clerk to the said Company. Application for conditions, of letting, and for further parti- culars. to be made to Mr. New, the Inspector, at Andevor; if by letter, post paid. [ 8898 BARTLEY COTTAGE, NEAR LYNDHURST. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by- Mr. DELL, on Wednesday the 13th of Dec. IS09,— All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, China, and Glis, Farming Stock, Gig, Harness, & c. of F. GCLSTOX,' Esq. Tbe Household Furniture comprises four- post, tent, and other bedsteads, with dimity and printed cotton furnitures; irnosi- fewhcs- Wt^ JBitueiiiis. blankets, and counterpanes ; mahogany dining tables, with circular ends; Pembroke, card, and other tables; mahogany and painted chests of drawers ; japanned chairs and sofas ; a 20- inch mirror; pier glass, plate 36 by 48 ; box dressing glasses ; Turkey and Brussels carpets ( eight- day clock dial, good kitchen furniture, and brewing and dairy utensils. The Farming Stock consists of ope Alderney cow forward in calf, a remarkable handsome Devonshire heiter, three years old, forward in calf, one yearling, and four fat pigs ; two stacks of hay, 40 sacks ol potatoes, 20 sacks of buck wheat, and one stack of fern ; cucumber lights and frames ; a strong waggon, and several sets of harness. The goods to be viewed the day preceding and morning of . sale, until eleven o'clock, when the sale will Commence pre- cisely, owing to theiigreat number of lots. Catalogues, ta be, had at the place of sale; Crown Inn, I. yndhurst; and of the Auctioneer, Southampton. [ 69M Gorley, Elinghom, HarJbHdge, and Foidingbrulge, HANTS. TO be SOLD bv AUCTION, at the Greyhound Inn, in Fordihgbrklge, on Thursday'the 14tii day of December inst. at two o'clock in the afternoon, iti three lots, subject- to sueh conditions as wilibe then • produced,— Lot 1.— A good Barn) Carthouse, and Stable, with five ( formerly six) Closes of Auhle ^ jmd, containing by measure OA. 2 It.. 25 P. situatojat . Goifcy,. adjoining the New Forest,: in which, it. has great advantages of comrwn right, in the, renting of Farmer John ^ ftur-. dcrs.. , Lot 2.— A Cottage, out of repair, but coiissting of a consi- derable . quantity of gobu- brick and timber materials? with a Garden, Orchard, ' Mid Clpse ef Arable Land adjoining, con- taining by measure about one acre and a half, in the. renting, of Mr. Hide ;— the Cut yearly on an average of two. roods and: fifteen perches of water meadow inElingham Common Mead,]' with an unlimired' right of common therein and a| sp- the! Cut yearly of one acre, asit lavs.- in Ravbiidge Common' Mead, with common for two cows or one horse therein 5. arid1 all other rights of common to the Said premises respectively belonging. loot's:—' A _ CI-. se Of Pasture or Meadow Land, with a little Coppice adjbi'hing,' called Fussells, containing by measure! five acres- Anti eighteen perches, situate in Fordmgbridge,! in the renting of Mr. Francis Pope. QCjt The ' Amber in each lot to be taken at a valuation. Further particulars to be known at the officii of Messrs. Hodding, in Salisbury. [ 5812 ' ! LYMlXGTOy, HANTS. rj-^ O be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. NF. WP. LI,, JL Oil Thursday the 4th day of Janury, 1810, at tbe Ship Inn, on the Quay, in Lymington aforesaid, at six o'clock in the evening ( Unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which, due notice will be given),— The undermentioned PREMISES, ih the following lots. Lot! — JSH that Messuage or Tenement, in the High- street of Lymington, lute in the occupation of Mr. Minshall, but ne w rented by Mr. Richard Mason. Lot 2.— All that Messuage or Tenement, with the Out- houses and Garden thereunto belonging, adjoining lot 1, and now in the occupation of the said Richard Mason. Lot 3.— All that Messuage or Tenement, with the Gar- den, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate near. Boldre Bridge, in the parish of feoldre, near Lvmington, and now in the ocupation of Mr. Jesse Jenvey. FuVthcr particulars may be known on application to . Mr. . ichman, solicitor, Lymimrton. Hants: [ 5987 - — - •— —. J- 1" ilici. J wv^ nuutt 11 W1 Richman, solicitor, Lymington, Hants: Marine Villa and Estate, near Lymington, Hants. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. CHRISTIE, at his Great Room in Pall- Mall, London, in the month of April next, ( unless an acceptable offer by Private Contract is previously made), by order of the Executors of THOMAS GALDWIN, Esq. deceased,— A truly desirable I REEHOLD MANSION and ESTATE, delightfully situated on a fine eminence called Vicar's Hill, one mile and a half from thc town of Lymington, commanding views over the highly pic- turesque scenery of a part of the' New Forest, the town and harbour of Lymington, thc Isle cf. Wight, the Needles, and the sea, in a beautiful part of the county of Hants ; consisting of a substantial, well- built, and convenient modern Mansion, containing four apartments of good dimensions on each floor ; double coach- house, stabling for six horses, and numerous offices, detached and screened from the dwelling, and excellent kitchen garden with fruit walls: the whole stated in a pad- dock of about forty- two acres, disposed in parkish taste, pleasingly timbered, and sloping to tlie Lymington river. Also,— A compact FREEHOLD and Tvtha- free FARM, situated at Pilley ( half a mile, distant), consisting of a farm- house, barn, and all necessary buildings, in good repair, and about one hundred and thirty- two acres of arable, pasture, and wood land, lett'to a tenant on lease, of which only four years ant) a half are unexpired. The whole forming a delightful marine residence; in ai neighbourhood distinguished for its society, and convenier- t for sea- bathing. Further particulars' nuy be known of Mr, Chfictic, Pall- Mall, London. [ 587- 2 BISHOP'S SROKF. AND UPHAM, HANTS.' TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the D. npl, Inn, Southampton, on Thursday tee 14th day ot cember, 1800, at out o'clock in the afternoon, in two lot subject to such conditions ' as'WiU'be produced. Lot 1.— A capital, tesirahld, and very ffiijffSvabte FAR** called HALL LANDS, DIGENWOODS, TIPPEHS, and WAI,; - situate in the parish or Bishop's Stoke, Hants, with the Mes- suages or Dwelling- louses, Barns, Outhouses, arid several, pieces of Land thereo belonging, containing by csripiatku about 16' 0 acrcs, lease! to Joseph Lawrence till Mlchaelma-, 1813. This Farm is principally freehold, ( he residua Copyhold . under, the Manor of Biihop's Waltham, at an easy certain fin and quit- rent; also a pi; ce of Copyhold Land called the Chalk Pit, containing by estimation 3 acres, situate in thc parish ot Upham, Hants, atprea- nt leased with the above Faim ; like- wise several valuable fieces or parcels of Freehold Coppice Land, situate in the parish of Bishop's Stoke, containing bv estimation about 43 acifs, lett with the above Farm.— This lot is well stocked with ,13 owing Timber, which is to be taken by the purchaser at a valuation. Lot 2.— Several piecet or parcels of Copyhold Arable, Meadow, and Pasture GROUND, containing about 7A. 1 R. 29P. in the parish of Bi- hop's Stoke, leased with the above Farm till Michaelmas I3li. Bishop's Stpke is a pleasint healthy village, situate 6 mile. v f.- om Southampton and Winchester," and the intcrided turn- pike road from Go » | ort to Winchester through the village, and passing close, to the above Estate, will'make it very desirable. The Premises may be v » . wed by applying to the tenant; and further particulars kuoiwi, and a Plan seen, < t the Office of Mr. Ralfe, solicitor, Southampton. [ 07.90 MANORS, ESTATES, <><> d rl.''/ OIISON, in HANTS. ' TX) be SOLD by AUCTION, in one or more lots, X in March or April 1810,— The extensive MANORS and ESTATES of CHILTON CA. NDOVSK antl BRO. WK CAN- DOVEE, in thc county of Hants; consisting of Arable,- Mea- dow, and Down Landsjibout three thousand jicehurnhcdacres; and inclosed Wood Lands about six hiiiiflnti and fifty, acres; together with the AUVOWSON of the Rr. croav of the TW » PARISHES.— Thc whole of the above lands ( excepting abo^ t 230 acres small tenements, leas: d for lives) ate in band, ct Ictt to responsible tenants at yearly rents. These Manors are situate 8 mites from Winchester and Alton, 5 miles from Alresford and Popham- lane, in a capital sporting country, being in . the centre of the H. H. and in- cluding the celebrated covets called Thomfy Down. Particulars maybe had, any tinie. after" Christmas, at the principal Inns in'the neighbourhood; at the Printing Office, Salisbury; of Messrs. Richardson, Corfield, and Wharton, Lincoln s- inn- fields, London ; and at the Office of Mr. Davis, Horningsham, Wilts, who is authorised to treat for the whole by Private Contract. [ 5904 Maps of the Estates may be seen at the two latter places. < TYTHES, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mess. SKISTSE*, DYKE, Tocntv, and FORREST, on Thuisdav the 2tsi of December,, punctually at three o'clock, at the Globe Inn, Newbury, IN ONE LOT, by order of ( heExecutors of tlie Dt CHESS of BOLTON, - The GREAT U'THfcS of Corn, Grain, Hay, Lamb, and Wool, arising from the chapelricsof Itchiogsivell and Salmon 1 /'• « the parish of Kinesc'lere, in t| ie county of Hants, • ders of Berkshire, about 0 mile* from Newbury. Thc tytireaMe landjc - nsist of upwards ot 2000 acres, statute measure. The Tvihcs are held by leases on two lives, to which the purchaser may nominate 4 thir l life, upon paying a ftioder tic tine. printed particulars may be had of the Printers of the Read- ing, Oxford, and Salisbury Papers ; at the Snan, Kingscli re ; Crown, Basingstoke; George, Winchester; place of sale; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, Tuchin, and Forrest, Aid gate- street, London. [ 5795 Marine Residence'and Estate, Hampshire. HPO be SOLD by AUCITON ( unless previously J- disposed of by private contract),-^— A FREEHOLD HOUSE and ESTATE, called RooKcutr.- in the parish of Mill'ord, near Lymirgton, Hants. The house is situated in a paddock of about - 20 acres,- partly surrounded With planta- tions, and commands most beautiful- views of tiie Isle of Wight, Needles, and surrounding country. It'consists, of a drawing room, dining room, and library, with suitable bed rooms, servants'- office.-;, and'exceUentcilUirs. * " The estate contains iSO acres ( more or le, s.) of arable aul pasture land, in a ring fence; together with the manors or reputed manors of Milford Barnes and Milford Montague. The land- tax is redeemed. The ' estate is free of great tithe's, except about 20 acres, and entitled to extensive tcsest and common rights. About 100 acres are on an old lease, which expires 1313^ the remainder in hand. There is a. good kitchen garden, green- house, ice- bjjosf. coactl- imuicsr s « t » it » T b- ro.', 01 . ,-. 1,., y'f,-... etS, Bli necessary farming buildings, most of which nave l/^ fn erccttd within these few years; together with a house to the hailiff and a labourer's cottage. Thc furniture, fixtures, wines, prints, fawning utensils, and live stock will be included iu toe purchase, or sold by auc- tion on the premises. To be viewed with tickets only, which, with further rarti- eulais, may be had of Messrs. Graham, Kinderley, and Dom- vilkv solicitors, Lincoln's- inn, London, who have a map the - state, and an inventory of ( he articles to be sold with the house and farm,— All letters mustbe post paid. [ 55l « Dr, Ffithfrgiltt Nervous Cardial. Drops, FROM experience are found a most efficacious Medicine for the following disorders: Ifiwneis ol spirits and nervous affections, consumptions,. hypochondriac!- im, hys- terics, spasms, palsy, apoplexy, loss of appetite, bilious cam- plaints, consumption'',, fits attending pregnancy, indigestion ac- companied by sick head- aelies, hean- hurfi, & c. Sold a Mr. Butler's, 4, Cheap- tide, London ; Brodie, Dow- ding, and Liixi'oTd's, Salisbury ; and by most medicine vendors, in bottles at 4J. ( ML each. ( 5,'/ 2:> jOIULHLAINS are prevented from Breaking, and V- I" .' Heir tormenting Itching instantly removed, bv WHtTE- . miAp's ESSENCE'of MUSTARD, nnivtr- fily esteemed . fcjr its extraordinary effiraeV In Rlieiiinali. mS, Pabies, Gou y Af- fections, and Coirinlaims ol tfie Stofaach • but where this CER- TAIN remedy has- heeh'unkni wti,- or neglecied, and'the Chil- blains have actually * updurk\ ed or broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will ease the pain,- and verv speedily Ileal ihem.—- TB « y ars prepared and sold b\ R. JOHNSTON, Ap jjnecaty, 15, Greek- sheet, Sobo, London, the Essence and Pills at • Is. 9d. each— life Cerateal If. fyX"" T% are also sold by Messrs. Bt'odie, Do'wding, and Luxford, Salisbuiy ; and by every medicihe vender in tbe Uhitdd kingdufn. 1 [ 57$ 0 V ' . V. r 1 t,. ,, t . - Cases at Wntton- en- Hic- HiU, Eptont, Surry. LUCY BAILY was four years afflicted with Scor- butic Ulcerations-' in one'leg, andmpettlilvcured bv SP1 LSBURY's PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS. . , ELIZABETH MATPEWS jilso cured of an. ulcerated leg by taking seven small, bottles. ... JAMES SKELTON, aged 26. reduced to great weakness, with the loss of'ninety pietVs ' of hone, r- st'orM to health and a laborious occupation ; thohjh the loss of his- lcg was thought necessary to save his life. • [ 413a The genuine' medicine has the words'! By the King's Pa- tent" expressed on . the bottle, bill of directions, and outsiilc wrapper ; anil thc King's . duty is printed jn black ink. Sojd d - r ... to be had. of - Brodie^ - Dovvding,, and tux Cold, Salisbury, whole- sale vendersfor the; West cf England; Mr. Haves, Winches- ter; and Bowling and Co. Newport, Isle of Wight, [- J70S, DlftK- m ANTI- BfLtOOS' PILLS. ' " From Mrs. Martin to Mr. Dixon,' Apothecary. IR,— 1 have some years used* and coluinne'tn ine, ' partK achs, which frequently were very distressing to me. 1 re- commend them to every, family i am acquainted \ yith, parti- cularly those who live at a distance from medic 1 advice, Yours, iSrc: „ , J- HAMILTON MARTIN, B/ rchmore- hwse, near H vRmi, Bedfordshire, Marchi, 1802, Sold by Mr. Butler, 4, C'heitpsidc, London ; Rrodic, Dow- ding, and Luxfird, Salisbury; and most medicine vender, n boxes at 2s. fid and 6s. each. - [ 5-, 1 u' TO PARENTS AND OTHERS! \ T, rORMS are known to be the most Frequent T V of Children's complaints,, they produce the rocst alarming disorders, pains in the stoma'ch and boweb. v with the loss of appetite, and saBow complexion, convulsion;, ^ i. fections of tin; head, emaciation, consumptions, and a general wasting of. flesh,— the cause uf these. complaints i:, otte. h mis- taken by Physicians, and this is proved by the high testing, nics of the Right Hon. the F. arl of Exeter, llie'tiud Chief Baron arid the Right Rev. the Bishop of Carlisle, their CJraee* the Dutcltcsses of - Leeds ao'd Rutland, the Countess's* uf Darnley, Shaftesbury, Mountnorris, and Cork, and many others- of the first rank and character, wtlo- have both admi- nistered in their own families, and recommended to otlxN CHING'a PATENT WORM LOZENGES, which : hu\ e been the happy means of rescuing thousands from thejiwa of death in, tin last stage ot the above Complaints, Sold by Brodie, Dowding, ar. d Luxfard, Salisbury; fbvts. Winchester ; and most Medicine '. tender; ih every town, in boxes at 3s. Od. and St. fid. each, iuid 1yi charitablep'ui' poses in boxes at 24 « , eaai, [ SSvi AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF W* LTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday's Posts. • FOREIGN NEWS. MAORIS, NOV. 6. AUTHENTIC intelligence has • been received ' here that 100,000 choice troops are on their inarch to Spain. The Duke ofDalmatia arrived here the day before yesterday: he has surrendered the command of the Gth corps, and now acts as Major- General under the King. Preparations are making for the reception of the Emperor Napoleon, LONDON, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8. A messenger has reached Government with dis- patches from Seville of the 13th ult. but no information relative to the important crisis which it was known im- pended over the Spanish Government has been communi- cated by this source. Private letters from Cadiz, of the date of the 10th ult. have been received, which intimate that several persons hare been arrested and imprisoned at Sevit'-, hy order of the Supreme . Junta. Among the pri- soners is Palafox, brother of tlje hero who defended Sara- gossa. It is feared th » t this commotion is not of a nature 4.0 help the Spanish cause. Last night French and Dutch papers reached town, ' the former to the 2,9th ult. and the latter to the 2d inst. They speak of the speedy deparure of Bonaparte for Spain, and " say that he will take with him an army of 100,000 • men. Yesterday several letters were received from the Continent, which tend strongly to confirm the reports of Bonaparte's intention to assume a higher and mole com- prehensive title than that which he now hears. Some of the letters say he will take the title of Etnperor of Get- many, in addition to that of Emperor of Prance; oshers, that he ivilll take that of " Emperor of the West;" and Otheis again that his style will he " Autocrat of the West.'' The Baltic fleet, to the number of 100 sail, arrived on Wednesday aiul yesterday in Yarmouth Roads. Notwithstanding the easy capture of Zante, Cepha- lotiia, and Ithaia, the reduction of all the Seven Islands is not expected to be easily accomplished. The French garrison at Corfu is said to exceed .1000 men, well provided With every article for the defence of the island. His Majesty came to the Queen's Palace on Wednesday, aud held a Levee, and afterwards a Council, . at wbi ii the Marquis Wellesley was sworn in Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, in the room of Earl Batkurst. LAW.— On Wednesday an action was tried in the Court ef King's Bench, wherein Mr. Harrison, an attorney in Craven- street, sought to recaver damages of Mrr John King ( well known by the appellation of " Jew King the money- lender",) for a malicious prosecution, a libel, and a malieioue. igr- cst. The Jury gave a verdict for the Plain- tiff— damages 1500/. The trial of the indictment of the Duke of Gordon, for an assault on Mary the wife of Thomas Waight, was called on yesterday. Mr. Parke, as leading Counsel for the pro- secution, stated the ease, from which it appeared that the Duke had taken liberties with the woman ( who was left ill charge of a furnished house rented by his Grace), and that she had been prevailed on to drink a glass of wine with him, to accept of - some fruit, and of a piece of money* to buy a gown, hut when she examined the money it was only a new shilling— a mistake which vias doubtless occa- sioned by the " NobleDuke's agitation at the moment. Ilad this stntawjiit been confirmed hy evidence, it would not havft % oj) ported the charge in the indictment; but when Zir. Parke proceeded to call hi's witnesses, the prosecutrix • was not to be found. A verdict ot Aa/ uittal was of course ( recorded.— The Duke succeeded his father 57 years . ago, and must be nearer seventy than sixty years of age. He was married to tha'bonny Duchess ( the life of all juvenile parties) 42 years ago ; but this nolle aud fashionable pair lave long lived separate.— Mary Waight, the prosecutrix of this indictment, is about 24 years old, stout and ruddy, hut rather blear- eyed. She was married^ o Waig. hr. the day bitfure'the alleged assault, and it was stated- by the Duke's Counsel that she knew Waight. to have a wife living.— How nearly does the morality of the great and Utile world appwrntmrte! VIOLENT ASSAULT.— On Monday Mr. Thomas Herbert, a man in very respectable business as a cotton merchant, was indicted at Hicks's Hall for assaulting Lient.- Coloiiel Vigoreaux. It was stated by the counsel for the prosecu- tion. and proved in evidence, that as Col. V. who has been wound ( 1 in the service of his country, was riding on horse- back towards his house at Chiswick, he was met by the defendant and another person in a gi;,-;: the defendant wantonly cut the Colonel witli his whip, and the Colonel. demanding the reason of the insult, he was abused in the grossest language. The Colonel then rode after the de-. fendaut, and on his coming tu the toll- gate at Hyde- Park corner, called to the gate- keeper to shut it. The defendant then got out of the gig, and offered to fight the Colonel, Who told him he might perceive he had lost his leg, and « as incapableOf such a Contest,' hut he woul, d have the de- fendant's address. The defendant- said he was Captain Herbert, and he might find him in the City at any time. He refused to give any move particular address, and the C'olopel persevered, under a repetition of insults, in fol- lowing him toDowgatcrliill, in the City, where he learnt who he was, which enabled him to prefer this indictment. The Counsel for Capt. Herbert ( who it seems belongs to a volunteer corps) confessed he could not defend his conduct, but he assured the Court that his client felt the deepest contrition for it.— The Jury having pronounced a verdict of Guilty, - the Court sentenced the defendant to pay a fine of 501. and to be imprisoned three months in the house of correction, Cold- Bath- fields,— for which Newgate was after- wards. substituted. MARK- LANE, Dee. 8. There is a sufficient supply of all articles to- day, and the prices are without variation. PELICAN OFFICE, For INSURANCE on LIVES and granting ANNUITIES. TIIIS Office was established in Lombard- street, London, in the year 17.97, by a numerous and respect- able Proprietary; and the Board of Directors, with confidence, arising from the increased prosperity and permanency of the" establishment, as well as from the experience of its useful- ness and benefit to the public, think it due to those who may be still unacquainted with the importance and advantages of Life Insurance; briefly to suggest some of itsleading and pe- culiar recommendations to almost every degree and rank in society. Life Insurance is of manifest consequence to all who hold estates for life, situations - and offices, civil, . ecclesiastical, or. professional; to officers in the aimyand navy, & c.'; as, by payment of an annual, premium, the party insured is enabled to prsvide for wife, children, or others, whose future welfare he may wish in vain, by other means, to promote. It affords a permanent ultimate security to, those who advance money upon annuities or otherwice. It renders leases, determinable on one or more lives', nearly equal invahic to freehold estates, as an insurance to the amount of the fine, payable on the demise of a partynominated in such leases, will produce the sum required for renewal. It is a cheering refuge to parties engaged in extensive and speculative undertakings; " it affords to persons in trade the certain means of indemnification against - a bad or doubtful debt; iu short, Life Insurance, established- in policy, sanctioned by government, and con- firmed hy the test of experience, is become, to almost every situation of human life, . a measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. . ;; ' Annuities are granted upon the mos. f. f_ quitahle terms, under special Act of Parliament, granted to thisfOffice, THOMAS PARKE, Sec. COMPANY'S AGENTS at Salisbury, Mr. Burrough ; De- vizes, Wm. CoOk ; Portsmouth, T. C. Mot'ley; ' Lymington, J. West; Ringwood, C. Hodges; Bridport, J. Williams; Beaminster. Wm. Clift; Weymouth, Thos. Richardson; Bristol, Wm. Keid;' Taunton, C. Drake; Bath, H. Mant; Martock, J. Crabb. [ 4000 J^" EW STATE LOTTERY, to be drawn in Ong Day, the l- lth of February, 1810. SCHEME. £ 20,000 .. 5,000 4 4 12 80 20 44 3( 5 4,860 1,000 500 . .£ 30,000 . .. 20,000 ... 12,000 . . . 10,000 100 ' 2,000 50 2,200 25 900 15 72,900 '£ 200,000 5,000 Prizes This Lottery is upon the same plan as the last; it consists of only 5,000 Numbers ( from t to 5,000 inclusive); but there arc Four Tickets of each number, which will be severally en- titled to whatever prize is drawn against such number ; for • insta- nce, if No. 1 should be drawn a prize of £- 20,000, the four tickets of that number will Each be entitled to £ 20,000, making, in the whole, .£' 80,000. ' *.** Shares will be entitled to their proportion. Tickets and Shares are on sale at all the Offices. [ 5726 ICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. joint Contractors for the late State Lottery, return their most grateful acknowledgments to the public fur the high encou- ragement they gave to the New Plan for drawing the Lottery in one day, and assure them, that it has fully answered the expectations of Government, by doing away the evils attendant on Lotteries, that have been so much complained of. They beg leave to recommend the New State Lottery, which is on the. same principle, and will be drawn in One Day, the 14th of February pext. Only 5,000 Numbers.— FourTickets of each Number. SCHEM^. 4 . . Prizes of... £ 20,000 1,000 20 • 500 4 .. Prizes of. ..£ 5,000 20 100 4,910... from £ 50 to 15 Tickets and. Shares are on sale by Mr. J. Moore, High- street, Poole; J. La'ngdoji, printer, Sherborne; W. Mcyler and Son, Bath; Baker' and Fletcher, Southampton; J. F. Coultbn, Devizes; and Richard Beale, Fordingbridge, for Richardson, Goodluck, and Co. Bank- buildings, Cornhill, and facing the gate of t'hc King's Mews, Charing- cross, London. f » 991 SALISBURY. To Coach Proprietors, Mail Contractors, and others. Fifteen seasoned Post Horses in high condition, foul Post. Chaises, and Modern Household Goods, Plate,. Table and Bed Linen, China, Glass, Brewing Utensils, and 15 large Casks. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by C. NORTON, on Wednesday the 13th day of December inst. arid five following days fSuhday excepted),— All the HOUSEHOLD GOODS' and FURNITURE at the Kino's Amis INN ; con- sisting of 15 four- post, field, and other bedsteads, 40 seasoned goose feather beds, mattresses, blankets, counterpanes, quilts, & c: mahogany dining, pembroke, pillar and claw, card, and other tables; sideboards; Wilton, Kidderminster, and Scotch carpets; chests of drawers, bureaus, chairs; pier, chimney, and swing glasses ; grates and fire irons. Sale to begin each morning at ten o'clock. Catalogues may be had at the Bell Inn, Romsey ; Coach- Office, Southampton; Greyhound, Blandford; Star and Garter, Andover; and at the Auctioneer's Cabinet and Up- holstery Warehouse, Poultry- Cross, Salisbury. [ 5935 K5" ' l'he Post Horses and Chaises to be put up on the last day of the sale, precisely at two o'clock. SALISBURY. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by C. NORTON, on Thursday the 21st dav of December- instant, and fol- lowing day,— Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FUR- NITURE of a GENTLEMAN leaving his residence in Exeter- Street ; consisting of four- post and field bedstead :. With chintz, dimity, and other furnitures,; prime bordered goose feather beds, mattresses, superfine, blankets, counterpanes, and quilts; mahogany double chest of drawers, with a secretary ; set of dining tables ; dressing chest of drawers,; Pembroke, card, add other tables ; Brussels and Kidderminster carpets; sideboard, dumbwaiter, & c. bureau and bookcase with glazed doors; sota, chairs; pier, chimney, and swing glasses ; capital time- piece, an eight- day clock in a mahogany case, about b'O dozen of fine old port, & c. with numerous culinary articles; Sale to begin each morning at tean o'clock; and Catalogues will be delivered two days previous to the Sale, at the Auc- tioneer's, Poultry Cross. [ 5935 Sixty- three capital Walnut Trees. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. VIDLER, on Thursday the 21st of December 1809, at the Maidenhead, Inn, Salisbury, at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then produced, in the following' " Lots,— Numbered Lot i.— 9 Trees, from 1 to 9 J standing on Mr. Bradby's Farm, Stratford Tony* on Mr. Newton's, Dog- Dean Farm on Mr. Bell's, Harnham on Mi. Biddlecomb's, Britford f two of this lot are on Mr. I Godwin's, Britford For particulars apply at the Auctioneer's, High- street, Sa- lisbury. The Farmers will shew the timber. TsflW SALISBURY. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mess. GERHARD and Co. on Monday the llth of Pec. 1809, and two following days, under an execution from the High Sheriff of Wilts,— All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and STOCK' in TRADE of Mr. W. ARNOLD, Boot and Shoe- maker and Haberdasher, in Queen- street; consisting of four- post and other bedsteads, with cotton and check furniture ; goose- fea- ther beds and bedding; mahogany dining, card, and tea tables ; oak bureau and chests of drawers, stained chairs, carpets, pier and dressing glasses, a handsome time piece in satin- wood case, register and other grates, shop glass case, nests of drawers, counters, small desk, Copper and brass arti- cles, and kitchen requisites. The Stock consists of 200 pair of men's, women's, and children's shoes of various sorts, 9 pair of men's boots, 8 pair of ditto legs, a quantity of morocco and other leather, jeans, & c.; 100 yards of fine white thread and cotton lace, 200 yards of fine deep and narrow black British lace, black and coloured silk handkerchiefs, silk and cotton sleeves, black netts for cloaks, ditto veils, and 500 yards of fancy ribbon, with tapes, thread, cotton, needles, pins, and a r/ umber of other articles. [ 5999 The above Will be sold in small lots for the convenience of purchasers.— The sale to begin each ( lay at eleven o'clock. 2.— 10 ditto 3.- 4 Trees 4.— 12 Trees 5.— 14 Trees 6.— 14 ditto 10 1 1 1 15 28 BIRTIIS.] . On Saturday, in HiU- str. Berkeley- square, the Right Hon. Lady Foley of a daughter.— On Friday, at Deithftcld Paik, Sussex, tlie Lady of cieut. t. ol. Fi unci's Newberrv, of the 24th Light Dragoons, of a daughter.— Lately, Mrs. Phillips, wife of Wm. Phillips, Esq. of Ricca;, Moumoqthshire, of a son, being her 20' th child in- less than as many years, several of whom are now serving their country in the army- and navy. MARRIED.] Lately, at Great Yarmouth, Capt. Rich. Spear, uf the Royal Navy, to Miss Walter, only daughter of John Walter, Esq.— t') n the 18th ult. at Douglas, . Isle of Man, Thomas Stowell, Esq. Master of the Rolls aiid a Member of the Council of the Island, to Miss . Clark;, doughterof Joseph Clark, Esq. of the Royal Navy,— On the' 20th ult. Henry George Liddle, Esq. of Raveoswortli Ca< tlu, Durham, to Miss Charlotte Lyon, fourth daughter of the Hon. John Lyon.— On Saturday, at St. Martin's in the Fields, James Wilkinson, Esq, Secretary to Lord Gambler, to Mils Caroline Craig, second daughter of A. C. Craig, E- q. of Great Scotland- yard, Whitehall.— On Tuesday, St St. George's, Hauover- square, G. W. Denys, Efq. nephew of the Earl of Pomfret, to Miss Lind, eldest daughter of B. G. Lind, Esq. of, Stratford- place. • DIED.] On the 26' th ult. at Sunderland, Capt. Edw. Koe, of the Royal Navy, several years Commander of the Sea Feneibles " in that district.— Lately, at Vera Criiz, Lieut. T.' C. Mating, Commander of his Majesty's gun- brig Haughty.— On the 30th ult. Mrs. Lewis, wile of Col. Lewis, of the . Royal Marines.— On Saturday, at Maker, aged 45 years, Mrs. Blennerhassett, a near relative of the late Dr. Oliver Goldsmith, and daughter of the Lady from whom he delineated Mrs. Primrose, in his Vicar of Wake- field.— On Tuesday, suddenly, Capt. Hicks, of the Royal Navv 1 he had dined at the house of Mr, Vigor,, in South- amp'ton- street, Strand, and appeared in perfect health and spirits: he went from Whence in a hackney'coach, accom- panied by Mr. Owen, who alighted at the end of Norfolk- street : the coachman then drove to Catherine- street, in the City ,; on opening the coaeh door, and finding the Captain did not move, he endeavoured to awake hhu from his suppo. ed sleep, and found- that he was deed : the Captain had the day before been appointed to a ship.— On Wedne- day night, at Four- tree- hill, Enfield, aftdr a short illness, Sir . James Brauseomb, Knt. aged 74 years: he kept the Lucky Lottery- office, in Holburn, upwards of A j veai*, and was inure than 30 years a Common- Council- man for the Ward of Farringdon Without — On Tuesday, ou St. James's Parade, Bath, in her 88th year, Mrs. Jones, relict of the Rev. John Jon. es, formerly Rector of St. James's, Bristol i this venerable Lady possessed a still more venera- ble companion— a Cochatoo, whose age was'ascertained to be 102 years: the poor bird was taken in strong convul sions, and expired a tew hours after his mistress. TO THE PUBLIC. SWIFT and Co. beg leave most respectfully to' return their thanks to the Public, for ihe unexampled patronage and support they experienced as Contractors for the last Lottery, and'at the same time to express the gratification they feel in having had. the honour of laying before the public the first Lottery on the impro. yed ptincijile, which his at once fulfilled tiie Beneficial intentions of the Chancellor of the Exchequer,' by preventing the evil of insurance, and received the sanction of the public, as affording a superior chance to the adventurer. The present Lottery is exactly on the same plan as the last, and will, no doubt, he equally honored by the approbation of the public. SCHEME: 4 - of - £ 20,000 I 20 - of - £ 500 4 - - - - 5,000 20 - 100 12 - - - - 1,000 I 4,910 from £ 50, to £ t5 Only 5,000 Numbers ; Four, Tickets of every Number, each of which will be entitled to the full amount of Whatever Prize- is drawn against the Number. Tickets and Shares are selling in great variety at Swift at. d Co's Offices, No. 11, Poultry, No. 1- 2, Charing Cross, and No. 31, AUlgate High- street, London. The following Capital Prizes were sold in Shares in the late Lotteries by Swift and Co.' s Agents to persons residing in the country; Five of them were in the last Lottery, drawn Oct. 20. 8,82- 1, 20,000?. ; 6,791, 20, OOOZ. ; 11 ,< tfo, 20,000/. ; 184, 10,000/.; 2- 2( 5, 40,000/ ; 7,157, 10,000Z.; 9,362, 10,000/.; 8,041, 10.000/.-; 4,099, 5,000/.; 12,035, 5,000/.; 231; 5,000/.; 753, 2,000/.; 15,984, 2,000/.; 8,684, .1 , OO0Z.; 13,907,1,00' tZ.; 11,387, 1,0001.; 13, 6 « , 1,000/.; 10,231, 1,0.00/.; 548, 500/.; 2,( 597, 500/.,- 4,95,'-, 500/. & c. & C. [ f> 3S7 THE MANOR of HOUGHTON, in the county of Southampton, with its Royalties, and extensive Rights of Fishery, and a Right of Sporting over a large tract o'f Copyhold ' Land, with a House," and excellent Stabling, Coach- house, Yard, Garden, and other conveniences, with four hundred " and eighty acres of Land, Will be SOLD by AUCTION, in March next, unless previously disposed of by pr- iyite contract. . - Houghton is within two miles of Stockbridge, near the New ; Forest", Southampton, It was some time since the sporting residence of Lord Riv-- rs. t'-.- iv aissessinn may be had of tile Manor House and its conveniences ; and of the land in hand, consisting of above seventy acres, including a, hare- warren ; and the tenant in possession of the remainder of the land will quit it at Michaelf- in -. s next. . The Estate may be seen by application at the- House ; and further particulars had of Edward Atkinson, Esq. residing; ® it; and of Edward Chipptridale, Esq. King's Bencli- w; lkj, Temple, London. [ 69W5 : WARMINSTER. TO be SOLD by, AUCTION, at the Angel Inn, on Monday the Uth of December inst. between the hours of five and seven in the evening,— All that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, Work- shop, Out- house, and Garden, with a very excellent Malt- house there- unto belonging, sufficiently commodious for making sixteen quarters of malt a week, now in the occupation of Mr. Tho. Ubsdale and Mr. Richard Aldridge ; together with two Closes of Pasture Land adjoining to the said premise?, containing 4 A. OR. I P. ( be the same more or less), held by Copy of Court Roll, under Corpus Christi College, for three lives." For viewing the premises apply to the respective tenants ; and for further particulars to Mr. Lampard, solicitor, War- minster. [ 58( 53 TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Wednesday the 20th day of December instant, by JOHN Day, at the Castle and Ball Inn, Marlborough, at ' four o'clock in the afternoon of the same day .— Two FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSES ( one used as aTiakehouse), with a large Garden to the same, adjoining, situate on the north side of the High- street, opposite St. Peter's Church, in Marlborough aforesaid. The Premises adjoin each other, and contain, in front, nearly 26 feet, and- 225 feet in length; are in. good repair, and pos- session may be had immediately. Further particulars may be had on application to the Auctioneer, or to Messrs/ Griffiths and Welford, solicitors, Marlborough., [ 6012 ELM, CAK, WALNUT, AND OTHER TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the George Inn, at Trowbridge, on Tuesday the 19th - lay of December next, between the hours of fcur and five in the afternoon, in suitable Lots,— 542 Elms, 97 Oaks, 17 Walnuts, and Gl Ashes, and other Trees, now standing on estates in the pa- rishes of Westburv, Ste-.- ple Aishton, and Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts; also the tallage of about ten acres of Cop- pice Wood, and of an Ash- bed of one acre, in thesaid parish of Westbury. The Timber is principally of good quality, and some of it of large dimensions; and is situated adjoining or near to turnpike roads. [ 58- 12 Particulars may be had ( after the lst of next month) of Mr. Timbrell, solicitor, Trowbridge; Y. Sturges, surveyor, Small- street, Bristol; at the George Inn, Trowbridge; Abingdon Arms, Westbury ; and at - d « e King's Arms, Melksham. CAPITAL TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the King's Arms Inn, at Melksham, on Wednesday the 20th day of De- cember next, between the hours of four and five in the after- noon, in suitable Lots,— 350 Elms, 24 Oaks, and 30 Ashes, nenv growing on estates in the parishes of Melksham, Chip- penham, and Keevil, in the county of . Wilts, viz.: 150 Elms on an estate at Melksham Forest, in the occupation of Wm. Keevil; CO Elms, 16 Oaks, and 30 Ashes, on an estate at Tytherton, in the parish of Chippenham, in the occupation of Wm. Crook ; and 140 Elms and 8 Oaks, on the Old I lurd Farm, in the parish of Keevil, in the tenure of Thos. Ellis. This Timber is principally of good quality, and some of it of large dimensions ; and that at Melksham and Tytherton is within a short distance of the Wilts and Berks Canal. The respective tenants will shew the Timber, and further particulars may be had of them ( after the lst of next month); also of Mr. Timbrell, solicitor, Trowbridge; and Y. Sturges, surveyor, Small- street, Bristol. [ 5341 NICHOLSON'S ENCYCLOPEDIA. Complete in six vols, large 8vo. This day is published, piice 6/. bds. neatly printed bv Whit- tin- ham, with upwards of 150 Engravings ty Lorry & Scoi rpiIE BRITISH ENCYCLOPEDIA, or Die J1 TIOSASY ot ARTS and SCISNCES ; comprising ail accu- rate and popular view ol the present improved state of human knowledge. By WILLIAM NICHOLSON, Author anrt Proprietor of the Philosophical Journal, and various other Chemical, Philosophical, & Mathematical Woiks. Printed for Longman, Hurst, . Rees, and Orme; J. Johnson, R. Baldwin; K and C. Rivington ; A. Strahan; T. Payne- J. Stockdaje; Wilkie and Robinson ; Scatcherd aad I. etteiman; Luthell and Martin; Laclungton and Co.; Vernor, Hon ; i d Sharpe; J. Butterworth ; J. and A. Arch ; Cadell and Davies ; ... Bagster; J. Mawman ; J. Booker; R. Schoiev ; Black, Parrv! and Kingsbury; J. Harding; Sherwood, Neely, , u, d l'o- es London; T. Wilson and Son, York; and Brodic, Dowdm'tr, and Luxford, Salisbury. ° Desirable • Situation as a Retail Shop, in Poole. nno be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. BRISTOWE, A at the Old Antelope Inn, in Poole, on Thursday the 21st of December, 1809, at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to the conditions then to be produced, — All that MESSUiGIi or- D- WELLING- IlOUSE, fitted up, and which h is for many years been used as a shop in the grocery and slop trade, situaR 111 Fish- street, in Poole, at a convenient distance from the Quay, and near the Strand- street, now in the ocecupation of Mrs. Plownyin ; and also a small Store- house behind the said messuage or dwelling- house. The dwelling- house is in thoj rough repair, being new, and there is a very good rain- water cistern.— The Premises are freehold of inheritance. For further particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Parr, attorney, Poole ; or to the Auctioneer. [ 6988 CAPITAL TIMBER. BRAMDEAN, NEAR ALRF. SFORD, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. MANT, at the Fox Inn, in Bramdean, on Tuesday the 19th of December, 1809, at three o'clock in the afternoon,—' The undermentioned lots of capital TIMBER . TREES, now stand-, ing and growing on Woodcote Estate, at Bramdean. Lot 1.— 34 Ash Trees, in Woodcote Park, numerically marked with white paint. Lot 2.— 56 ditto, in Woodcote Coppice, hammer- marked R P. Lot 3.— 25 ditto, in ditto, marked X with red paint. Lot 4.- » - 27 ditto, in ditto, marked X witn white paint. Lot 5.— 23 ditto, on Wood Farm, marked X with white paint. Lot 6.— 108 ditto, in Beech Wood, and 14 ditto, in Cock- sbutt's Coppice, lummer- maikcd R P. [. ot 720 Beech Trees, in Woodcote Park, numbered; with rase. , ,' i Lot 8.— 2,9 ditto, on Wood Farm, harrtmer- nwrked R P. . Lot 9.— 6 Fir Trees, in Woodcote Coppice, hammer- marked R P. . ,, Lot 10.— 23 Elm Trees, in Woodcote Park, numerically marked with white paint. ' Lot 11.— 30 ditto, in Woodcnte Park, and 14 ditto, in Waodcote Coppice, marked X with red paint. Lot ! 2.— 36' ditto, in Woodcote Park, hammer- niaiked R P. Lot 13.— - 28 Lime Trees, in Woodcote Park, hammer- marked R P. „ . Lot 14.— 59 ditto, in ditto, marked X WUH while pamt. Lot 15.— 62 ditto, in ditto, marked X w. th red paint. For further particulars, and a view of the same, apply to Mr. Barnard, at the said Inn, Bramdean. [ 5990 - CORSUAM, wins. Valuable House and Lands at Rutsidc, near Corsham, being Copyhold of Inheritance, next hi value to Freehold, eight mile's from Bath and five fyom Utiippenliam; Great Tythe- free, and Land- tax redeemed. TO be SOLD by AUCTION,' by HARRY- RUSS, at the Red Lion Inn, in Corsham, on Friday the ,19th ofJanuaty, 1810, between the hours of three and four in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as wdl be then pro- duced, All that very substantial DWELLING- HOUSE, containing good sitting and bed rooms, yard, walled gardi'h, dairy nd brewbouses, barn, stable, skillen, and officcs thereto belonging: also all those four Closes of rich Meadow of Pas- ture Land adjoining the said house, consuming together 28 acres ( more or less): and also all that fch Close of Arable Land, containing 12 acres ( more or less). . The above house is very desirably situate, and capable of considerable improvements, so as to make it a genteel resi- dence, commanding, from its scite of ground, most exten- sive and picturesqud views of country, initrspersed with towns and villages, and bounded - at the extiemiiy by the wide range of Wiltshire hills. The. roads are rerv aeod in this parish 1' one running close to the estate), and the neighbourhood highly respectable.— The premises are now in the possession of Mr. Charles Harford. For viewing the premises apply at the house, where a ser- vant will shew the same; and for further particulars ( if by 1- tter, post paid) at the Office of Mr. Aidley Harvey, soli- citor, Chippenham. ' [ 5873 TROWBRIDGE, WILTS. TO be SOLD bv AUCTION, by D. HERITAGE, at the- George inn, Trowbridge, tin Tuesday the 19th dayofUec. inst. between the hours of tliree and four o'cl ck in th evening,— Pile following truly desirable FREEHOLD PREMISES, subject to such' conditions as shall then and there be produced : L « t 1'.— All that Messuage or Dwelling- house, with the garden, and large. and ext- nsive Workshops thereto adjoining and belonging; together With five Tenements, and a stable thereto also adjoining situate near the Market- place, in Trowbridge aforesaid, now in the bocuoation of Messrs. Dea- con, clothiers, and others, under kaie, determinable 24th June l- i 14, except two the tenements, which are. occupied hy Mr. James Berance and Isaac Mo irr. as tenants at will. Lot 2.— All that Dwelling- house, '. vith the- Ware- houses and Stables thereto adjoin'ne and belonging, situate near the list- m - nti- nea lot: . the dwelling- home in the occupation of Sarah Tucker, and the war - houses ami stable, of Mr. Thos. Norte,' groeer. i. Lot 3 — Ail ' those two Cleses of rieh Meadow or Pasture Ground called Coljey Mead and Newlands, situate near White. fn ugh- bridg;, containing toicti er 13 A. 2 R. 16 P '( more or less), lett to Wm. Vinccnton lease, which will ex pire 25th March 1815. hot 4.— Two Closes of Pasture Ground, called Redhouse Upper and Lower Grounds, situate near Studley Green, con- tnirii rig together 6 A. ( more or! ss).-- If th- u : ht more advisable at the rim- of sale, this 1- t will hi- divided. . Either of the fields wrfuld be a desirable situation fw building - A cottage, the views from whence are ext nsive iind picuresque. Lot 5. All those two, Cottages or Tenements, with a large piece of. Garden Ground thereto bcloagine, adjoining the last- mentioned lot.— The last two lots ar( lett to Jomes; Newman, as te nint at will. Lot 6.— All that Close of Pasture Ground, situate in London- bridee- lane, called Hillman's, containing 1 A. 1 R. 30 P. ( more or less). Lot 7.— All that Close of Pasture Ground adjoining the last- nientimed lot, called Gillet's, conmining 2 A. OR. 14P. ( more or less). a ' J* The two last lots are in the occupstion of Mess. Frame, under lyase, of which two years will le unexpired at Lady day next. Lot s.— Ml that valuable Brick- Yard, with the Cottages and Gardens adjoining, situate at Lower Studley, Containing 1 A. 3 R. 6 P. ( more or less) lett to Nat. Frallv,' brick- maker, on lease, of which 7 years will be uni- xoied at Lady- day next. Lot .9.— All that Close of Pasture Grrund, called lilake's, containing i A. 2 R. 35 P. fmor- oTless); and all that Close of Pasture Ground, called Arnold's, confining 5 A. off. 9 P. ( more or less), both adjoining the turnpile road " leading from Trowbridge to Westbury.— Blake's is cccupicd by Messrs. Frame, underlease, of which two v- ars vil be unexpired at Lady- day next; and Arnold's, by Mr. Thitnas Martin', under 1 ase, of which 5 years will be unexpiredat the same time. L it'lO.— A Close of rich Mcidow Land, called Gr at Pinch- mead, contniri' ig 8 A. 2 R. 3-! P. ( more ir less), now in the occupation of M ss- Frame, under L ise, of which two years will be unexp- red at Lady- day next. The lost eight lots are also situate iathe parish of Trow- bridge stores', it. Lot ll — All that Close of Meadow . r Pasture Ground, called (. ark Leazc, situate in the p- nshof Steeple Ashton, containing 13 A. 1 R. 20P. ( mo; e or let), now in the occu- pation of the widow Glass, as tenant at. yi. ll. Lot i; 2.— All those two Closes of Laid, called the Clays, situate at Steeple Asht n aforesaid, contaning 5 A. I R. 36 P. ( more fir. less), n w in the occupation> f FarmerTtley, as tenant atw 11. The two last lots have ights Of common on St. eple Ashton. Qomnfon;, e. • OCT Further particulars may be ob> incd at the. office of Mr. Timbrell, solicitor,' Trowbridge; c of Y, Sturge, sur- veyor, Small- street, Bristol. [ 5902 DORSETSHIRE AND DEVONSHIRE. TO. be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Three Cups Inn, in Lvme, on Friday the 19th day of January, 1810, at one o'clock,— The following very valuable and im- proveable FREEHOLD MANORS, ESTATE, and AD- VOWSON, situated in a fine sporting country abounding with game. Lot 1.— The capital and very desirable Freehold Manor of WILD COURT, with its Rights, Royalties, Members, and Appurtenances, situated in the parish of Hawkchurch, in the county of Dorset, and a small part in Axrainster, in the county of Devon, about 4 miles from Axminster and Lyme, 6 from Char l, and 10 from Bridport and Crewkerne; com- prizing the Mansion- house of Wild Court, with very, valuable and improveable Farms in Demesne, containing about 572 acres; and sundry Lifehold Tenements, containing 71 acres, the whole within a ring fence and well timbered, of the esti- mated annual value of £ 1000 and upwards. Lot 2.— The ADVOWSON of the Rectory of the Parish Church of Hawkchurcb, with the Glebe Lands, Great and Small Tithes, and Rectorial Manor thereof; the yearly value about £ 000. Lota.— The capital and very improveable Freehold Manor of WILD, with ill! Rights, Royalties, Members, and Appur- tenances, advantageously situated adjolrrtne, the great western road, in the parish of Whitechurch Carionicorum, in the county of Dorset, about two miles from Axminster and Lyme; consisting of. several improveable Farms and Woods in Demesne, containing about 511 acres; with the Reversion of sundry other valuable Estates held by 1, 2, and 3 Lives, containing about 533 acres, with a valuable Common about 1 ", 0 acres; the whole within a ring fence, and well timbered; the annual value £ 1200 and upwards. Lot 4— A capital Freehold E- itate called WESTFORD PARK and BATCHAMS, situated near Broadbridge, on the banks of the River Axe, in the parish of Thorncombe, in the county of Devon ; Consisting of a Farm- house and suitable Outbuildings, with 204A. 3 R. 35P. ( more or less) of rich Grazing, Pasture, and Arable Land, of the estimated yearly valua of £ 350. Lot 5'.— A compact and desirable Farm called SELLIOTS, situated in the. parishes of Stoke Abbots and Burstoek, about t mile from Broadwindsor, in the county of Dorset; consist- ing of a comfortable Fi rm house and Outbuildings, and 75 acres ( more or less) of rich Land, of the estimated yearly value of £ 120. Prlhted particulars may be had at the Grecian Coffee- house, London ; at the Place of Sale ; and the principal Ions in Ax- minster, Bridport, and Crewkerne; also of James Hodder, of Hawkchurch, who will shew the estates ; and for further particulars application may be made to John Stanley Smart, Esq. 28, Red Lion- square, London; George South, Esq. Market LaVington, near Devizes, Wilts ; or to Mr. Bond, lar. d- surveyor, Axminstcr, where plans of the manors and estates may be seen. [ 5963 *** This work may either be had complete, or taken monthly in 12 parts, price 10s. 6rf. each. fofitio This Day is published, by Messrs. Cadell and Davis, \ _ rntCF. SIXPENCE, ANew Edition, being the 5th, with additions, _ of— AN ACCOUNT of the PROVIDENT INSTI- TUTION, specially empowed by Act of Parliament fort' * INSURANCE• » LIVES and the GRANT and' PURCIE of Ar-. MjIllES, illustrative of the principles oi ti,.- e Insurance, and particularly recommended to the pau » of persons incliued to embrace that excellent scheme of do- mestic economy. Sold by the Booksellers; also at the house o. f the Insti- tution, Southampton- street, Strand; and by the Agents ap- pointed in all the principal towns, who are likewise Agents to the County Fire Office. ' s<" i7 Qu Tuesday, Nov. 21, teas be pid- ti.- heJ price Us. ad. bound gilt, edges atid paper case, AMuch improved POCKET ALMANACK, called POOLE's LADY's and GENTLEMAN'S POl 1TE ASSISTANT for the year 1810 ; co. tahv 0> cs; d- s the Ca- lendar) explanatory notes, a. tide ta le, rul if pit; s r , » .- gagements and memorandums for every y . u the \ csr, t cash account, lists 6f both houses of parliariu t, gr t ..>.' • s of state, useful tables, and much other essential m r. :. likewise an extensive chronology of the mos. . events, an abstract of the principal tax acts, and account of the commencement of the sessions in aii ties of England and Wales. London : Printed for J. Poole, 48, Fetter- lane, II. lb, Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, Paternoster- raw ; Wao- and Middleton, Skinner- street; Champante and Whit-> w, Aldgate; R. Rowney, Hatton- gardon; Witrnot and Till, Borough ; C. Chappie, Pall- Mall; and Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury. [ aw 9 On H'ednesday the 29th Nov. teas published, fiice 5s. THE FOURTH NUMBER OF THELONDONREVIEW, conducted by RICHANO CUMBERLAND, Esq. Contents. Pharmacopeia Collegii, Regalis Medicorum I. Ondinensis, 1809, and Dr. Powell's Translation, by Dr. YOUNG.— Wordsworth, Neale, Ormsby, or the Spanish Revolution, by H. C. ROBINSON, Esq.— Bachelor's Or- hoe- pical Analysis of the English Language, by H. J. PYE, Esq.-*- Hale's Address to the Pabhc upon the dangerous tendency of the London Female Penitentiary, by J. BOVILL, Esq.—- Joel Barlow's Columbiad, a Poem, by HEWS on CLARKE, Esq.— Rose's Observations on the Historical Work of the late Right Hon. C. J. Fox, Esq. byH. Jf. PvE, Esq.— Green's Seventy- eight Studies from Nature, by JOHN LANDSEEH, Esq.— Par- son's Travels in Asia and Africa, by J. BOVILL, Esq — Shee's Elements of Art, by G. W. CROWE, Esq.— Les trois Regnes de la Nature, & c. par De Lille, by D. Boileau, Esq. Da Motu per Brittanniam Civrco, Annis 1745 et 174G. Liber Unicus Auctore, T. D. Whitakero, L. L. D. S. S. A. byG. W. Crowe, Esq.— Lord Byron's English Bards, and S.- oich Re- viewers, by G. W. Crowe, Esq. & c. & c. Printed forSamuslTipper, I. eadeiihall- street, London; and sold by Brodic, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury ; of whom also ( and of all other booksellers] may bu had the three former numbers, price Ss. each. [ 5448 HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at Mr. Demczey' the White Lion Inn, at Hattfordbridge, on Thursday t ic lst day of February, 1810, at one o'clock, in three lots,— The following. FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD MANORS and ESTA TES', situated in a fine sporting country abounding with game. Lot 1.— The very desireable fvlanor of HALL- PLACE, situated in the parish of Yately, about 3 mile- s from Hartford bridge and 2 from Blackwater, with the Court Baron, Roy- alties, Quit Rents, and Lands, beidg Copyhold of Inheritance ( nearly equal in value to Freehold), held of the Manor of Crondali; comprising a ' Mat" » oh called Yately House, with Gardens and Fish- ponds, Water Corn- mills and Farms, con- taining 23d A. 2 R. 13 P. ( more or less) now occupied by Messrs, Bosley, White, and Hewit, at low rents amounting yearly to £ 2S2 .. 10. Lot - 2.— A Copyhold Estate, consisting of a capital and good- accustomed Inn, the RED LION, with capacious Stabling and Outbuildings, and 29 A. 0 R. 30 P. ( more or less) of good Land adjoining, advantageously situated in the great western road at Biackwater, in the parish of Yately, about 3- 2 miles from London ; now in the occupation of Mr. Hart. Lot 3.— The imprqveable Freehold Manor of MINLEY WARREN and HORN LEY FARM, containing 966 A. 3R. 36 P. ( more or less) situated near I lartfordbridgc and Black- water, with the Plantations in hand, and Minley Warren Farm, with a newly erected Farm- house, Barns, Stables,. and Out- buildings; now occupied by Mr. Bosley, on an improving lease. Printed particulars may be had at the Grecian Coffee- house, London; at the Place of Sale ; and of Mr. Bosley, the prin- cipal tenant, who will shew the estates ; and further particu- lars maybe had of Johu Stanley Smart, Esq. 33, Red Lion- square', London ; George South, Esq. . Market Lavington, near Devizes, Wilts, where plans of the estates may" be seen ; or of Mr. Bond, land- surveyor, Axminster. [ 5882 THE Royal Family, and Ladies and Gentlemen of Fashion, use RUSSIA- OIL, for moistening the Hair when dressing, is so great a nourisher to the hair, as pre- vent it turning er- y to all periods; promotes tbe growth, makes the hair grow thick and long; prever.- s its falling rf}; and restores it on bald places, if the least roots, Several Gentlemen thfet were bald have declared, aftir using the Russia Oil regularly for six months, the bald places became covered with hair; promotes eyebrows, whiskers. Gentle- men ought not to omit using it to the whiskers after shaving, as it wdl prevent them turning a redish colour or grey, which is too generally the case, on account of the wetting they re- ceive from shaving. Ladies and Gentlemen who wear false hair will find - the Russia Oil a valuable- article to use when dressing, as it keeps the hair soft,- and renders its appearance natural. Observe the label on the outside wrapper of each bottle is signed, in Russian gold ink, '" Mochnkufsky and Prince any without that signature are counterfeits. Price. 7?. per bottle, or one bottle containing four small, at one guinea, cr'six guinea bottles at five pounds. Sold wholesale and retail by th. proprietor, A. Prince, No. 9, John- street, Oxford- street"; and, bv appointment, by- Mr. Smith, perfume to his~ Majesty, New Bond- street, Lon- don; and Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury ; Mr. Hayes, Winchester; and by most principal Perfumers or Medicine Venders inEngland, Ireland, and Scotland. HEALTH AND BEAUTY. BURGESS's LILAC FLOWER SOAP IS far superior in its fragrance, and infallible in its efficacy, to any other Soap, being prepared with the milk extracted from the flower : this milk, being ot an oily sub- . stance, will make the complexiod beautifully white, soft, and smooth : iLhraoe*-. and cherishes the- slsO,,, it produces a bioormng- appearance of you-. h. It is unneces- sary to comment upon this valuabl • discovery, as the Pro- prietor will pledge himself to return the money, if not found to answer the: desired effect. [ 4071 Sold wholesale only by the Proprietor, « t h's manufactory, Cursitor- strect, Chancery- lane, London ; and retail ( by ap pointment) at every principal town in Ihe united kingdom, LADIES' BUI- F DRESSES. THE objections to Buff Dresses, from their liabi- lity to stains, and the difficulty of removing them; arc ' now entirely obviated Vy the use of HUDSON'S CHEMI- CAL BlEACHLiTG LiUUID, which removes Stains of red port wine, tea, coffee, fruit, mildew, and every vegetable matter from buff dresses, table'onen, leather, cottons, mus- lins, and lace, without injuring the. bufTcolour or the texture ofthecloth. Prepared and sold by Hudson and . Co. her Majesty's Chy- - mists, 27, Haymarket, Lond n; sojd also bv brodie, D< w- ding, and Luxford, Salisbury ; Messrs. Trewman, Ex ter ; Frampton, Dorchester; Brohier, and Larkwortby,. Wey- mouth ; Rogers, and Williams, Honiton ; Hayes, Winchester; and the principal perfumers and medicine venders throughout the united kingdom, iq bottles a. t 5S. 3s. and is. each; | 21f6' - i THE REAL JAPAN BLACKING, i MADE BY DAY AND MARTIN, LONDON. TIIIS invaluable Composition, with half the usual labour, produces the most brilliant jet- black ever beheld ; affords peculiar nourishment, to the leather, will not soil the finest linen, is perfectly free from any unpleasant smell, and will retain its virtues in'any climate. Sold, wholesale, by Day and Martin, removed to No. 97, High Holborn, London; and by Brodie, Dowding, and Lux- ford, Salisbury, wholesale agents for the West of Fngland ; Coulton, Devizes; Simmonds, Blandford; Penny, Sherborne; Clarke, Dorchester; Harvey, Weymouth; Harold, jun. Marl- borough ; Skelton, Southampton ; Martin, Lymington ; Crockford, Castle- Carey; Moore, Poole; Shipp, Biandford; ' and A. Tucker, Christchurch, in stone bottles, priee Is. fid. each. [ 4311 AGUES and Intermittent Fevers effectually cured by BURY's AGUE PILLS, if ey » r so long standing.— This valuable medicine has succeeded in curing a great number of persons ( after regular practice had been unsuccessfully tried) and in tbe experience of thirty years lias never been known to fiii. Its operation is generally imperceptible, and it may he taken at all seasons, without danger of cold. Hitherto it has been admi- nistered gratis, but this method necessarily circumscribed its utility, and theref'o'ie has iuduced tbe proprietor in this manner to present it to tbe public. They are sold by appointment of the proprietor by R. Johnston, chymist, 15,, Greek- streek, Sojio, London; and may'behadof Messisi Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury; and Mr. Hayes, Winchester, at 2s. 9.1. each box. The genuine are distinguished by the name of R. Johnston, imeiied in the go- vernment stamp, and printed with black ink.- 12015 TUB STONE, GRAVEL, AND LUMBAGO. HICKMAN'S PILLS are a eertaia cure for that most painful and distressing complaint the Stone and Gravel,- in ail its various fftrnuj ss lumbago, " and. excruciating pain in the bowels. This disease is known to proceed from a ' faulty secretion in ti e kidneys, connected with the weaknesses of their vessels. The use d'- Hickman's Pil4s, by bracing the. se organs, restores the Secretion ot'the urine to a healthy state, aiid prevents the farther, production of that matter which forms stone and gravel. It is from success in private practice, and at the strong recommendation of numbers who liavelbisri cured hy ( hem, that they ' are brought before the pufilic, and experience will convince every one of their unparalleled efficacy against this fatal disorder. Sold at Mr. Butler's, 4, Cheapside, London; by Messfs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford,• Salisbury; Mr. Hayes, Wil « Chester; and most medicine venders, in bottles at Q. v. 9'. e. icli RobbeTds's Balsamic Elixir or Cough Drops. rjpiI. ERE" cannot be too much said in praise of this JL Medicine, as experience in almost innumerable cases has proved it the most extraordinary and beneficial discovery ever made: it is a certain, efficacious, speedy, and easy Cure Ipr Coughs, Colds, Asthmi's and Consaigptions. SIR From i- OJ- i/ BEKTLNCK to Mr. BUTLSR. I HAVE ireqa ntly experienced the ereatest satisfaction in ROBBERDS' Halsctmic Elixir at Cough hrops; I do not recollect one in; nice in which they . have tailed. A vciy old gentleman, friend of . mine, above 80 years, has taken them ih very smdl quantities these six months, and has foun 1 the greatest- benefit from them, arei intends persevering 14 theuse of them. I am, Sir, your humble servant', Ramsgate, Feb. 2, 1508. E-' BENTLSCK. Sold at Mr. Butler's, 4, Chrnpside, London ; and by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbmy; Mr, Hayes, Winchest. r; and by mssi medicine venders, in bottles at 2s. yd. and 1 s. 1 d. each. [ r£ 22 Wfc' THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL- Sunday s Post. - By Express. PUBLISHED LONDON GAZETTE, ON SATURDAY NIGilT, DEC. 9• QOJEEK'S PALACE, Dec. 6. HIS Majesty having been pleased to appoint the Most Noble Richard MarquisWeltesley, K. P. to be one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, he was this day, by his Majesty's command, sworn one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State accordingly. The King was this day pleased to confer tnc honour of Knighthood on Thomas Staines, Esq. Captain in ill the Royal Navy. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, Dec. 9. Vine- Admiral Campbell, Commander in Chief in. the Downs, has transmitted a l » uei he had received from Captain Anderson, of his Ma- j sty's slnop the Rinaldo, giving an account of his haying', o 1 the 7th instant; captured, between Duwgeness and the S > uth Foreland, a French privateer, called the Miratideur, huing 14 guns on board, and 66 men, out twelve days from Boulougne, without having made any capture. [ This Gazette contains Sir John Stuart's dispatches re- late g the capture of Zante, Cephalonia, and Ithaca, as detailed in the Naval dispatches published in the Gazette of Tuesday last.] Commissions in the Dorsetshire Regiment of Militia, signtel h. j the / jord Lieutenant,— H, S. North, Gent, to be Ensign, vice Cureton, dismissed; G. Ingram, Gent, to be ditto, vice Barker, promoted to a Company. BANKRUPTS. Francis Nicholson, of East lietford, mercer. Jam'*.] Hal: r, of Kinfcs* anlL'y, GlouceiteMliire, baker, K I'll ird Barrow, or l> ong IK'ao Milt, in the parish of Castle Combe, Witl5, pap-- r- makt- ri iVer firMVo, of Cardiff, # traw- ha*- manufactljfer. Jolin Jcikins, of Cow- court, Kollierhithe, timber & coal- merchant. Jllin ^ rnung, of Cheltenham, dealt r. Ji,: pli j :. V'iii, of IVal- street, f insbury, goldsmith, Hi ar 1 i'l. ll m ol Hiy, Brecon, shopkeeper. Jor. nCUrk, of Bow, . Middlesex, butcher, Wr- Ho: lg. sii! s in, of East Ki" lord, ironmonger. Joii: i Iv y, of t.' redit'Hi, linen- draper-' Wm. Weaver, late of K od- iane, lamdon, merchant. Jojiii Smith, of North Wamljoroagh, Hants, sackniaker, Ann Sheppard, of Leeds, milliner. Win Bull, of Bristol, grocer Conflict gun- brlg, Lieut. Batt, with a fleet of light victual- lers, from the squadron oif'Rocbefort. PORTSMOUTH, Dec. 9. The Crocodile, of 28 guns, Capt. Columbine, is appointed to take* the trade to the Coast of Africa. The Royal Oak, of 74 guns-, Capt. Lord A. Beau- clerk, dropped down to St. Helen's last Thursday, to relieve the Illustrious in her station off Cherbourg; the latter is fitting for foreign service. Monday— Sailed the Challenger and Persian sloops for the Downs.— Arrived the Surly cutter. Tuesday— Arrived tbe Ganymede, of 28 guns, Captain Cat heart, from a cruize. Wednesday— Arrived the Jamaica, of 24 guns, Captain Lvsaght, from Newfoundland.— Came into Harbour tbe Africaine frigate, and Wolverene aud Recruit sloops, with spceie, from the. Havannah. Thursday— Arrived tho Victory, of 100 guns, Captain Dumaresq, from the Baltic ; and Talbot sloop, Captain Jones, front Leitli. Friday— Arrived the Port Mahon sloop, Capt. Lawson, from a cruize. Saturday—. Sailed the Desiree, of 36 guns, Capt, Far- qubar, for the Downs.- Arrived the Sarpedon sloop, Capt. Green. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, DECEMBER The North Hants Militia have marched from their quarters in Exeter to the barracks in Ottcry, to remain for the winter. On Wednesday and Thursday the 8th regiment of Foot imrth? d into Southampton, to embarlt in a few days for the Island of Jersey. BIRTH.] On Wednesday last, at Wonstoti, near this oily, the Hon. Mrs. Legge, of a still- born 9011. On Monday dicd% Ir. Thomas Vinn, of this city. On Wednesday died Mrs. lumber, wife of the late Mr. Kitober, apothecary, of this city, aged 89 years. Lately died, at Edinburgh, of a declinc, iu the 24th year of her age, Mrs. S. Dunlop, youngest daughter of Mr. John Gely, ship- builder, at Coiyes, in the Isle of Wight, SALISBURY, MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1809. Letters have been received from the Mediterranean, • which mention a report of the Russians having entered Constantinople; but the report is not credited, though it is feared the Turks have sustained a defeat which Ditjy lay open their capital to the enemy. The Mail from Malta- brings an account of the death of Sir Alexander Ball, Goveanor of the Island. Basilico the Messenger h itl arrived at Palermo from Constantinople, which was iti great confusion when he quitted it, in consequence of the successcs of the Russians, who were engaged in the siege of Silistria, and meant, 011 its surrender, to march to Adrianoplc. Mr. Ad jr had retired for safety on board a frigate. A vessel arrived last flight at Yarmouth from Flush- ing, with troops. Another vessel arrived with troops at Harwich. The demolition of the works had been rapidly carried on, and our evacuation of this conquest was to be completed to- day. It was thought the enemy would not make any opposition to it, though they hajl a large body of troops in South Beveland, Some very iv. ipleasaht accounts have been received at the India House respecting the Company's shipping, of which the following is the substance :— The Lion man of war, of fii guns, arrived on Wednesday in the Downs, with the Bombay ludiaman ; sailed from Bombay on the 15th of June, and from St. Helena the 11th of October. Parted the Warlev, from China, on Monday last, in a gale of wind ; the Warley was eV, cttl « « Kv, but survived yesterday in the Downs. They heard at St. Helena, that four extra ships ( the Europe, Streathma, Asia, and Ocean) saihd from Bengal in April ; the Europe and Streatham were taken in June, in the Bay of Bengal, by the French frigate Caroline; the Asia was lost in the Bay ; the Ocean escaped, and proceeded to Princc of Wales's Island, The Lord Castlereagh sailed from Bengal some time after, and had arrived safe at Bencoolen. The Lord Mayor has had two requisitions made to him, of a contrary political bias:— One is to call another Court of Common Council, to reconsider the vote of the list Court for aderessing his Majesty relative to the expe- dition to Walcheren ;— the other is to call a Common Hall, 11 give the Liverv of London an opportunity of considering the propriety of addres ing his Majesty for such enquiry. His Lordship has attended to both requisitions, and has appointed a Couit of Common Council to be held on Wedn^- day next, and a Common Hal! on Thursday. The Rev. Dr. Cory, Master of Emanuel'ColIege, Cambridge, is appointed Casuistical Professor of Divinity in that University, vice the Rev. George Borlase, deceased. CRIM, CON.— An action was yesterday tried in the Court of King's Bench, in which VV. D. Taunton, Esq. an eminent attorney, of Essex- street, was plaintiff, and H. Wyborne, Esq. a barri: ter, residing in the same street, was defendant It was proved that the defendant hired a room in Boswell- court, in the name of Jones, to which he frequently went with the Lady, w! io wa at length known: she was the daughter of Mr. Atkinson, of the Tower, was young and handsome, had b - en virtuously educated, was married to the plaintiff in 1803, and her conduct was irreproachable till - he became acquainted with the defendant. From the frequency and manner of Mr. Wyborne's interviews with her, there was 110 doubt of his criminalty, which was putch aggravated by hi. s being a married man, and by the defence he attempted, slandering the plaintiff and all his. connections. Loid Ellenborough observed, that be was a disgrace to the honourable profession to which he belonged. — The Jury'gave a verdict for the plaintiff, damages Eight J'housartd Pounds. Another Crim. Cqn. cause was tried this day, Boyd v. Whit". It appeared that the Lady, wife of a Gentlemen of ( unity, was the seducer; she met the Defendant, a handsome young man, formed an acquaintance with him, and accompanied him to the Key, in Chandos- street: he had 110 acquaintance with the Plaintiff, and it did not ap- pear that he knew at the time who the Lady was.— Verdict for Plaintiff, damages 200/. STOCKS.— Consols for Opening 70}. port Betoa* The Eliza packet arrived We hear that tlie Visitations of the Archdeacons of Sarum and Wilts are appointed to be held at Sarum on Tuesday the 12th ; Hindon, Wednesday the 13th; Warminster, Thursday the 14th; Lavington, Friday the 15th; Chippenham, Saturday the 16th; Malmes- b. irv, Monday ihe 1 8th; Cricklade, Tuesday the lQth; Swindon, Wednesday the SOth; and at Marlborough on Thursday the 21st days of December instant. The best contested match of SINGLE- STICK that has been seen for many years was played at Trow- bridge on Monday and Tuesday last, between Wilt- shire and Somersetshire, for a purse of thirty . guineas. By four o'clock on Monday the Wiltshire men stood twenty tyers, Somerset fourteen, the Walls having saved their heads. Early on Tuesday morning the tyers commenced playing out; never was greater science or more play displyed than on that day by both sides; not till every Somerset gamester's head was broken did they yield the palm of victory to the Wiltshire lads. John Blackford, Humphries, Cole- man, Hambleton, Eyles, and Isaac Perrett were the Wiltshire gamesters who saved their heads. BIRTHS.] On Saturday the 2d instant, Mrs Hinxman, wife of the Rev. Henry IIin3cn1. n1, of a daughter, at Nnnney, near Frome, Somerset.— On Sunday the 3d instant, at Rookley Hout*, in this county, the Lady of Lieut. Gen. the II011. Frederick St. John of a son. On Wednesday was married, at St. Martin's Church, by the Rev.. Mr. Davis, Mr. P. Geary, of MUford, to Miss Louisa Smith, late of Great- Durnf ird, near this city. , The same day was married, at Collingbortic Ducis, by the Rev. Charles Francis, B. I). Prebendary of Sarutn, Mr. S. Whitchurch, eldest son of John Whitchurch, Esq. of Stratford, near this city, to. Miss G. W. Blatch, daughter of Win. Blatch, Esq. of Cholderton, near this city. On the 29th ult. was married, at Canford, by the Rev. George Tito Brice, Mr. Joseph Pearce of that place, to Miss C. Mantel!, of Win borne. Lately died Lady Stuart, wife of Sir John Stuart, Bart, of Allanbank. On Friday the 1st inst. died, at Mr. Fuller's, at Shillingford, in Oxfordshire, after a short illness, Mr. W. Tice, aged 21 years, son of W. Tice, Esq. of Blandford. On Wednesday last Mr. Robert Godby, of Trowbridge, had his pocket picked of country bank notes to the value of HI. It was the next day discovered that a woman w ho calls her- elf Lucy Hopkins had passed one or two of the notes; on which she was taken into custody, and examined before Charles Bytheseat, Esq. who committed her to Fisherton Gaol, tor trial at the next Assizes. She was recognized at the Gaol as an old acquaintance, but she was formerly known by the name of Charlotte, instead of Lucy. - » :: sesSS3S5£ © -<- 5^- SSeSiCiiSf—— To the Printers of the Salisbury and Winchester Journal. GENTLEM EN, TllE candid question of O. voniensis Alter, wihch appeared in your Journal of the 4th inst. is emit ed to the earliest answer. He says, he has read, that it was I - clared in a recent Meeting of the Roman Catholics at Cork, that the Irish Roman Catholic Prelates had decidtd, that it > against their religion to allow any check from a Protestant King and Government upon the appointment of their Bishops; and that a majority of the Meceting concurred in that deter- mination of their Prelates. Hethen pays a just compliment to the character of I. ord Grenville, adding, that " If Oxoniensis can tell what are his Lordship's sentiments, on the declaration of the Irish Roman Catholic Prelates, and of the Meeting at Cork, the information will be highly interesting." I am persuaded, Gentlemen, that Lord Grenville has never swerved from the sentiments he expressed in his Speech in Parliament, on the 10th of May, 1808, and in that more particularly as referring to the subject of enquiry, of the 27th of May, 1803. The state of the question, as agitated in Par- salutary provisions for promoting the interests of religion— for extending the beneficial intercourse of OUR REFORMED A NO ESTABLISHED CHURCH— for conciliating the warmest affec- tions of a pecple, whose various interests and feelings were thus consulted— and for insuring the success of a system of universal and unreserved benevolence." " What I ask ( says Lord Grenville) is only that you should enter fully into the discussion of the subject; whatever be the result of your deliberations, much benefit will be derived from the mere examination of these questions— asperities will be softened— unfounded jealousies allayed. Let it be indelibly impressed upon the mind of Ireland, that it is only by Union — by close and intimate Union— with Great Britain, that she can, in this dreadful convulsion of the world, defend her soil, protect her people, or maintain her independence." Such, Sirs, was the state of the question when last brought forward in Parliament. Of Lord Grenville's sentiments at a more recent period 1 am also competent to speak, having very lately seen an avowal of them under his own hand, in a cor- respondence with a friend on that part of the question, in which Oxoniensis Alter expresses so much anxiety 10 be in- formed : In that correspondence Lord Grenville declares that, with respect to the appointment of the Roman Catholic Bjshops, he could admit of no qualification short of A DIRECT NEGATIVE POWER ON THP PART OF THE CtOWtl. I trust that rpy Brother will accept this as a satisfactory answer to his question. If he should still liavg any doubt remaining in his mind, as to the accuracy of thu Isct I have stated, I have not the least objection to attest it under my real name, which you, Sirs, are authorized to impart to him, instead of that of my former signature. OXFORD, Dec. 7, 180.0. OXONIENSIS. P. S.— The statement that " the Irish Roman Catholic Pre- lates had resolved that it was against their religion to allow any check from a Brotestant King or Government upon the ap- poirftment of their Bishop," is not correct. In 1793, the Roman Catholic Prelates of Ireland resolved, " That in the appointment of Roman Catholic Prelates, such intnferenre qf Government as may enable it to be satisfied of the loyalty of the persons appointed, is just, and ought to be agreed. to. Iii 1808, after a great ferment being excited in Ireland on this mjfcstion, mostly proceeding from misconception, the Romim Catholic Prelates resolved, " that it was inexpedient to introduce any alteration," & c. " but that the Prelates pledged themselves to rccommend only such persons as are of unimpeachable loyalty and peaceable conduct. And, upon tlie Roman Catholic Prelate, Dr. O'Reilly, being calitdupctn fot an explanation of this resolution, be addressed a letter to Lord Southwell and Sir Etlward Bellew, in which he expressly states, " That the Prelates did not mean to decide that the admission to ift negative power on the part of the Crown, would be contrary to the doctrines o" f the Roman C sholic Church; but ftiat the resolution arose from au appre- hessioh of danger, & c. but such danger, in his mind, and in ttfe opinion of several'other Prelates, was of a temporary nature, resulting from existing circurhstances." . As to the proceedifi^ s of the Meoting held the 2d of No- vember last, a: Cofk, thev certainly must have been much misrepresented to have excited alarm. Mr. Boyle proposed ( in amendment of their original motion) " the offer of a nega- tive power to the Crtmn in the appointments to the Roman Ca- tholic Prelacy." This was certainly negatived by the majority of the Meeting— not npon the principle of not according the negative powers to Ihe Crownbut because it was considered- not. to he in the province of the Laity to make such an offer; and that it was imprudent to mingle the question of the pursuit of civil franchises with the discipline of the Church. On this principle alone the question of amendment was then nega- tived. It is for Parliament alone to protect the Establishment by adequate Institutions. HOME MARKETS. Prices of Com, per Quarter— Bread, per Gallon. Dec:, \ Wheat. t. Salisbury, Basingstoke Devizes, Newbury, Andover Barley, s. s. 4( 3 to 56 5: 100 Wl' < i 88 tali*) | 40 to 50 7 8( 3 Io\ t0 \ 44 lo 53 7 94 toe 27135 ta 50 9 mi." isr> 1 37 to 49 Oats. s. s. 48 to 4- 2 30 to as e6 In 40 40' 1.0 40 i7 In 40 Beans. s. s. SB to 74 50 lo US 54 to Gti! - SO lo 70 I 2 SO to 66! 2 58 to 70! - Bread s. d. Warminster, 91 94toll& f36 lo 60133 to 45 Weigh I of ihe Gdlon Loaf, Sib. 1102..— Half Gall. 41b Si at. FALMOUTH, DCC. 7- from Malta oil Tuesday. The Walsinjfham packet sailed on Saturday for Lisbon. Tlie Rhin and Arethusa frigates remain in Carriek roads. It is reported that the crew of the former have for some d. 15 9 past refustd to unmoor, until the receipt of an answer from the Admiralty to a representation which is said to have bee* made.— The subject is a delicate one; we there- f < re forbear to dilate 011 it. BRIXHAM, Torlay, Dcc. 8. Arrived on Monday tbe Lyra gun- brig, from the Mediterranean; she brings no news.— Also arrived the Lord Cochrane hired armed brig, from a cruize.— On Wednesday arrived from Portsmouth the Daphne frigate; and on Thursday the Hussar aud Thames frigates. Sailed this morning the Hussar and Lord Cochrane on 4 cruize. PLTMQOTH, DCC. 8. Rear- r\ dmiral Sir Edward Buller, Bart, is appointed second- in command at this port. O11 Tuesday am\ d tbe Jamaica, of 24 guns, Capt. Ly tight, from NeWt'oup Hand.— Vtiled the Hussar, of 38 guns, Crocus brig, and Qrestes sloop, with a convoy for the Downs. Arrived a French brig in ballast, prize to H. M. » ship Christian the Seventh, ol " 4 guns, Sir J. Sydney Yorii ; and iiament, is, m gcucio., . s,, ... The Catholics petitioned for equal rights : Lord Grenville never moved that the House should agree to the prayer of the Petition ; but that it should resolve itself into a Committee, to consider the Pe- tition. In that Committee, he adds, the subject could be fully investigated : to consider what new safeguards its adop- tion might require— by what suggestions jealousy could be satisfied, and fear allayed : that, on this subject, he had con- curred entirely with Mr. Pitt; their opinions had been formed together, by mutual communication and unreserved confi- dence ; their plans embraced the whole ecclesiastical State of Ireland, including measures of considerable benefit to the established Church— calculated to promote both its honour and advantage The erection of Churches and Glebe Houses, in a country where, of 2400 parishes, not more than 400 had Glebe Houses, formed an essential part of their plan. The state of the Roman Catholic Church, administering to the spiritual wants of four millions of our people, had also been an object of their deliberate consideration. If you to- lerate the Roman Catholic Church, which is Episcopal, you must of course allow it to have Bishops; but, adds Lord Grenville, " IT IS UNQUESTIONABLY PROPER THAT THE CROWN SHOULD EXERCISE AN EHECTUAL NEGATIVE ovyt THE APPOINTMENT OF THE PERSONS CALLED TO EXERCLFT THESE FUNCTIONS." Lord Grenville then proceeded to enumerate the measures with which Mr. Pitt and himself always meant to accompany the proposal: " Great antl im- portant safeguards," says his Lordship, " they were for the civil and eccksiastical constitution of the realm; wise and H. H. ill be on Tuesday the lath instant, at the White Hart Inn, Winchester. Darner 011 table at six o'clock. LANE, Esq. 7 S.. w, rds SMYTHE, Esq. ] il, tv': iias- rJMIE next Meeting of the II. II. w OEI'lZXS ASSEMBLY. "' HE Third Subscription Assembly will be at the New Town Hall, on Tuesday the 19th inst. [ 5965 SALISBURY ASSEMBLY. THE next ASSEMBLY will be on TnoRsnAY the 21st instant, for the BENEFIT of Mr. GOODALL, MASTER of the CEREMONIES. [ 5977 ' TPHE next SHAFTESBURY ASSEMBLY will JL be on Friday the 22d of December, tfiOH. ( TIOOO ISLE OF WIGHT. WILKIN*, MEW, BUSSELL, and Co. Iron- mongers] Smiths, Tiiitnen, Braziers, Brass Founders. Gunsmith*, Beihangers, / fireworkers, Plumbers, and Bar, roll ,1/, ri. hants, Newport, Isle of Wiiiht, bejr to ofler their grateful acknowedsnents to their friends for the support they ever experience! during the life of their late Partner, Mr. WILKINS ; and to acquaint them, that the respective trades in which he wasengaged w II be continued, for the joint be- nefit of his family and surviving partners: they solicit a con- tinuance of the pdronage so liberally bestowed 011 them, and add their assurante that their utmost study will be to merit it. 17 WOOLCO'lTS return their most grateful ac- _ j m knowledansnts to their friends for their liberal en- c uragement aritl past favours, and solicit a continuance of them ; beg leaac to inform them, they have received from Lontion a variety tf FANCY HATS and BONNETS— among which are the Woadland Bonnetand Cloak, Woodman Hat, and Flushing Bonnet; with a variety of FASHIONABLE ORESSES. Thtse Ladies who please to honour them with their ctmmands, mayd pend on the greatest punctuality. SALISBURY, / Jet. 9, ls09. [ S022 CHEAP BLANKETS. [ AMES ROGKE begs to inform his friends ant! _ ' the public, he las a greatquantity of new BLANKETS, which he can sell tnder the usual prices, at Seven Shillings per pair and upwards, and a large quantity of COVERLIDS equally low, at his rady- made Clothes Warehouse, opposite the Antelope Inn, Citherine- street, Salisbury. [ 5913 SALISBURY, December 7, 1809. OIIN FISHIAKE, TEA DEALER, 8CC. begs to inforrn his fricrds he has for sale a Quantity of prime DORSET BUTTER; likewise fine SPERMACETI and other LAMP Oil., wirranted to burn well. [ SfM J' AYoung MAN, of respectable connections, who can give good reference for character, wishes to engage himself in some Merchant's Counting- blouse— The salary will not be his particular object. Letters addressed ( post paid) to A. B. Post- office, South- ampton, will be duly attended to. [ 6030 WORKING MALTSTERS. WANTED immediately,-— A sober able Man, as a WORKING MALTSTER. Apply at the Printing- Office, Canal, Salisbury. • [ 6031 SADLERS, HARNESS- MAKERS, & c. WANTED,— Several good Workmen in each Branch. Wages to Sadlers that can make a good saddle, 1/. lGi. per week, or piece work; Harness- makers, 1/. 1 is. 6d. per week, or piece work. 60- 29] RICHARD EVAMY, Southampton. ' TO be DISPOSED OF by TENBF. R, in such quantities as purchasers ro^ y requite, and delivered any where ( if. not less than a load) within the distance ot 20 miles, — Upwards of Eighty Tons of prime HAY. l or a view of the same apply to Mr. Henry Lyne, of Ashly- Hail Farm, near Ritjgwood, Hants: to whom all tenders, containing real names, quantity wanted, price to be given, and place where to be sent, must be delivered on or before the ? 0fh day of December init. [ 5893 FARM NEAR BASINGSTOKE. TO Us DISPOSED OF, and entered upon imme- diately,— A capital FARM, consisting of a good Farm- house, w th excellent farming buildings, and 415 acres of • good l, and, of which 62 are meadow and pasture, 18 tiedg. - roves, and the remainder arable, situate at Farlcigh Wallop ; term unexpired of the Lease, 13 years.— Hie crops of tins year's hay and corn, with the lease, to be purchaseel, a id tbe preparations for future crops, and tbe live and dead stt- eks, to Le taken at a valuation. None but experienced farmers of undoubted propeity need apply. Personal applications t » be made at Farleigh House, > far Basingstoke. f. j. 6i WARMINSTER. qpo be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A 1 substantial new- built DWELLING- HOUSE, very eligibly situate near the Market- place of Watminstcr, and which might be occupied cither as a private residence, or foe the purposes of trade, with a commodious shop in front Immediate possession may be had. [ CPZi For particulars and treaty apply to Mr. Phelps, Warminster. SALISBURY, Decembers, 1309. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Smith and Bell- Hanger, respectfully solicits from his friends and the public, by whom he was so long patronized in business, a continuance of their favours to bis Son, WILLIAM WILLIAMS, opposite the Printing- office, on the Canal, where heattends occasionally to assist his Son, andwill wait 011 any Gentlemen who may wish in preference to give their orders to him.— He begs leave to add, that on retirinj from busin ess he did not bargain away the good- will; he hop- s therefore that there is no impropriety in recommending bis Sou in preference to any other | icrson." LINEN AND WOOLLEN- DRAPERY WAREHOUSE, Corner of Oatmeal- row, Salisbury. JPARISH his now 011 Sale a- new and fashionable , Assortment of LADIES' PELISSE CLOTHS, fin, Stuff Bombazins aid Sarsnets, also Lustres anil other Fancy Dresses, which will be found very desirable purchases. A beautiful variity of Bear and Swansdown Tippets, with Fur Trimmings of every description uncommonly cheap. J. P. begs to recoannend his Kerseymeres and Waistcoating, which he is enabed to sell considerably under the regular prices, for ready noney. A large quantiv of good Irish and Diaper Table Linens, well worth the naice of families, with every other article in the above branchs, at the usual low prices. Biankets from Rd. per pair upwards. An Arri! ENTICE Wanted. [ 5996 Jest published, Price 13 s. 6d. SIX ANTKEMS, Twelve PSALMS, and a SANCTUS, adapted for the use of Country Choirs, composeel for two three, and four voices, by E. OXFORD, of Stickland, nea; Blandtord, Dorset. London: Printd and sold by Goulding and Co. 1 - 24, New Bond- street; sold ilso by Mr. S. Simnionds, stationer, Bland ford; and by Mr. Jxford, Piddletrenthide, near Dorchester, Dorset. [ 5979 SALISBURY, TO be LETT,— A HOUSE and PREMISES, lately occupied by a Grocer, and well suited to that or any other business requiring a town and country connexion. Enquire of Mr. W. D. Whitmarsh, Endless- street; if by letter, post paid. [ 6009 PENT ON MEH'SEY, NEAR ANDOVER. TO be LETT, and entered on immediately, A convenient and compact DWELLING- HOUSE, con- sisting of two parlours, a kitchen, brewhouse, and other office's, with five good bed rooms, a three stalled ssable, small granary on six pair of stones, & c. an excellent garden walled In, with nearly an acre of Meadow Land aeljoining. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid] to William Ward, White Hart Inn, in Penton. [ 5897 Gentleman's Cottage, completely Furnished, nnO be LETT, very reasonably, for the Winter and X Spring Months, in a warm and sheltered situation, with delightful marine and New Forest views, close to the sen, to hot baths, and to Southampton,— with about two acres ot Pleasure Ground, well wooded, roun 1 it. Apply .' post paid) to the Printers. [ 5798 Also to be Soul,— About one sc,.: e of standard voting Peach and Nectarine Trees, capitally trained, and in fine bearing, at 10,!. Sil. each; also an uncommonly handsome saddle Mule, price 12 Guineas.—( One concernj " LTMltfGTON, HAMPSHIRE. TO be LETT, with immediate possession, for one or tvfo years,— An excellent FAMILY- HOUSE, hanet- somcly Tted up, and completely FURNISHED in the most modern s- yle, ant! late in the occupation of General Nicolls; tocether with three eoach- liouses, good stabling for 7 horses, iawn, meadows, gardens, and every other requisite for a large family. The above is most delightfully situat- d in Ly- nwngton, and corhmands 1 view of the Isle of Wight and Channel, Needle Rocks, Sc. For particulars apply ( post paid) t ® Mr. West, banker, Lvmington. " Also a handsome OROAX, standing in the hall, which plays vvitli Finger, and has the addition of five Barrels set with Tunes. [ o791 Capital Farm in the Isle of Wight. TO be LETT 011 LEASK, lor a Term of Years, and entered 011 at Michaelmas 1810,— A very desirable FARM, called GREAT KmqsrpNf., situate in the parishes of Kiugstoiie and Shorwell, in the Isle of Wight, about six m. iles from Newport; comprising an excellent Farm- House, with every necessary and requisite farm- building, all in good repair, and about 575 acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, Wood, and other Land, in convenient enclosures. Further particulars may be bail by application to Messrs. Clarkcs antl Sewell, solicitors, Newport, Isle of Wight; if by letter, post paid. [ 0824 CAPITAL INN. nnO be LETT, All that old- established, wcll- A known, and good- accustomed INN, called the KING'S ARMS, in the city of New Sarum, in the county of Wilts, with possession at St. Thomas's- day next. The above Inn is situaicel in the direct line of the great post- road from London te all parts of the West of England, and has been remarked as the house to which the greater port of a. genteel neighbourhood usually resort, antl now in full trade. For particulars, and to treat for the same, apply ( if by letter, free of postage) at the officc of Messrs. Wilmot and Godwin, solicitors, Salisbury. [ 5879 A report having gone abroad, that no accommodation can be had at the above Inn; the pablic are respectfully in- firmed, thai tbe report is totally unfounded, and that every accommodation still is and will continue to be afforded in every department. . Dairy Farms, near Wineanton, Somersetshire. TO be LETT by TENDER, for a term of £ 1 Years, optional in the landlord or tenant to vacate at the end of the first 7 or 14 years,— Two very elesirable DAIRY FARMS, with good houses on each, and all proper and necessary out- buildings, in good repair, situate in tbe parishes of Stoke Trlster, Horsington, and Cublington ; the one in the occupation of George Read, containing 74 A. 1 R. < 5 P. including two orcharels ; the other in the occupation of James Sprackling, comprizing 62 A. ' 2 R. 32 P. ( both statute measure), including also two orchards, and two cottages.—— May be entered upon at Lady- day next. lenders ( sealed) to be sent to Wm. Strong, Esq. No. 7, Montague place, Bedford- square, Lonelon, on or before the st of February next; where a plan may be s een. [ 5967 N. B.— With leave of the tenants the farms may be viewed. BLASHFORD- HOUSE. TO be LETT, . it Christmas next ensuing,—— BLASHFORD HOUSE, near Ringwooet, the late resi- ideace of James Powell, Esq. with Fixtures, several articles of Furniture, and some few acres of Land. For further particulars apply to Mr. Baldwin, solicitor, at Ringwood. [ 5956 SEEND, WILTS. rvX) be LETT, and possession had immediately,— L A FREEHOLD VILLA, lawn, garelens, green- h'ouse- coach- house, stable, elairy- house, and other appropriate con, veniences, with or without land, from 5 to 16 acres. QCJ" For other particulars apply to Mr. Usher, solicitor, at Bristol; ifby letter, post paid. [ 5874 * TPO be LETT, Furnished, or the LEASE to be 1 SOLD, at Downton, Wilts, 6 miles from Salisbury and II from Lyndhurst, in a fine sporting country,— A genteel COTTAGE, with Coach- house and StabVng for thiee horses, : nd every convenience for a small family ; with or without four acres of good Meadow Land. For particulars apply to Messrs. Johnson and Gaskell, Gray's Inn, London ; the Rev. Mr. Dashwood, Downton ; or Mr. Bates, house- agent, Welbeck street, Cavendish- square; if by letter, post paid. » [ 5880 FARM TO LETT. rP, 0 be LETT, and entereil 011 at Lady- day next, I A FARM, at Slape, in the Isle of Purlicck, in the county of Dorset, about three miles from Wareham, in the occupation qf Farmer Richards; consisting of about 130 acres of arable, meadow, and pasture grounds," with rights over a very extensive heath, anel common for sheep and other cattle, and for 35 head of cattle in a large tract of moor grounds adjoining. ' [ 58fi- 2 For a view of the premises application may be niaele to George Stickland, at Slape; and further particulars known on application to Mr. Bartlctt, Attorney at Law, Wareham. To GENTLEMEN SPORTSMEN wanting Qual- Jcatims. A CAPITAL BARGAIN. r « X> be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,—• A Fifteen Acres and upwards of FIIEE LAND, bringing in £' 100 per annum, clew of all deductions excepting land- tax and property- tax, situated in North Wilts, having ar. unlimited right of common for sheep, Sic. » nrt a reeve in a common field. For the accommodation ot a purchaser grest part of the purchase money may rema n on mortgage. For particulars apply ( if by letter poit- jraid) to Messrs. Hoopei and Broome, Solicitors', Ringwood, Hunts, or Messrs. Broome and Pinniger, 1, Giay's- Ir. 11 Square, London. ALTO. N, HANTS. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— All that LEASEHOLD newly- erected MESSUAGE, Te- nement, or Dwelling- house, consisting ofa good dry under- ground cellar, twoparlours, six bed rooms, kitchen, and wash- house; \ rith a fixed pump and a well r, f excellent Water, a paved yard, good back entrance, and a garden be. hind, situate in the High- street, Alton.— The house is very fit for a school, or any business requiring room For particulars apply at the Post- office, Anon. [ 5flf 6 T) be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE as any in the counties of Norfolk or Suffolk, within a pleasing distance of the town of Brandon, containing S006 acres, all lying compact, wttk a good Mansion- house, Farm- house, and Offices, and way be occupied together or divided into two faltns.-~ 600 acres is good Meadow or Pasture, 1240 acres of Arable, the r « t in Sheep- walks and Plantations, and very immoveable. Particulars may be had of MCMIS. Hodskinson and Co, surveyors, Arun dell - street, London, where a plan of the estate' may be seen; of Mr. Sewell, Abbey, Thetford, Nor- folk: Messrs. Barrett's, solicitors, Gray' Inn, London; and of Mr- Matyn, Brandon, who will shew the estate. [ aflHS TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Royal Oak Inn, in the parish of Dulish, in the county of Dorset, on Wednesday the 27th of Dee. 1803, at three o'clock ill the afternoon, Two hundred and ninety- five exceeding rood OAK, ASH, ELM, SYCAMORE, and WALNUT ' UMBER TREES, with their Tops and Bark, all marked and numbered, and standing on different fields in Dulish aforesaid, divided in small lots,— particulars of which may be had ten days pre » vious to the sale, at the Crown Inn, Blandford; King's Arms, Pittletewn j Antelope, Dorchester; at the place of sale ; and of Mr. John Warr, surveyor, Beuunster. Kj" Dulish is eight mile& irom Dprchtstcr and eight from Blandford. [ 5p59 PORTSMOUTH. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Blue P » st » Inn, Broad- street, on Thursday the 28th of Dec. 1809, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, ( unless an accepted Offer is previously maele, of which timely notice w 11 be given),— The good SHIP LOVISA CAROLINA, marly Three Hundred Ten* burthen, and adapted for any trade where a ship of her si? e is wanted. Fof inventories and further particulars apply to Messrs. BURRIDG2 anJ Sons, Portsmouth, or 59S5J Messrs. D. H. and J A. ROCKER, London. VALUABLE LIBRARY OF BOOKS. TO ba SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs, GATE. HOUSE, at the Three Swans Inn, in Winchester- street, Salisbury, on Thursday and Friday, the 14th and 15th d- ys of Dec. instant,— Upwarels of 200 Lots of BOOKS, the pro- perty of a Gentleman, removed to the above Inn tor con- venience of sale, among which are the following— Gibbon's Roman Empire, 12 vols, brsl edition 5— Fielding's Works, 5 vols.— Spectator, 8 vols.— Brown's Self Interpreting Bible, 2 vols.— Field of Mars, 2 vols. 70 plates;— Evangel. cal Ma- - platesji ® Plutarch's Lives, 8 vols.-— Pop. s Works j— Commm liay r, in morocco;— Johnson's Dictionary, best edition, 4 vols. Sic, QC f The be » ks may be; viewed the day preceding the sale, which will commence each morning at eleven o'clock. CAPITAL TIMISE*. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr, KNIGHT, at the Surati Inn. Bradford, on Monday the 18th etjy of December inst. b- tween the hours e) T futir and five in et* e afternoon, in convenient lots,— 81. ELMS, to WALNUTS, 9 OAKS, and 8 ASHES, now standing gnd growing on the Conygar Estate, adjoining tbe town of Bradlortf, in the county of Wilts, an'! within half a mile of the Kennct and Avon Canal.— The timb r is of good quality, and princi- pally of large dimensions, and well wort! i the intent . n cf timber merchants.—. E. ich lot is marked and numbered with white paint. The whole may be viewed previous to the day of sale, on application to Mr. W111. Harvey, the tenant; ar. d particulars 111 it' be had of Mr. Thos. Flower, Melksham, and at the Swim Inn, Bradlord. [ 6023 CAPITAL ELM TIMBER, Great part of which is of ccry^ large dimensions, suitable ta Naraliiirposes, I70R SALE by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, at the Bear Inn, Devizes, on Frielayth'c 29th ot Deci nibt'r, 1809, at two o'clock, in lot?,— 136 very fine ELM TREES; 84 of which are now standing on a farm in the occupation of Mr. Ferris, at Bulkington, five miles west of 1) vixes. the renraineler at Rowde, two mijes north of Derizts, within a very short distance of the Kennet and Avon Ct- nai; also lift Oak and Ash Pollards, and7 Maiden OaltTrees. For viewing the timber at Bulkiugton, apply to Mr, Fe/ ris afoiesaid ; and for the timber at Rowele, to Mr, Daius, op tho premises, or the Auctioneer, Devizes; from all of wh- rn printed particulars may beobtaineti. [ 600^ ELM TIMBER, Al POULSIIOT, two miles II est qf Devices. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, BY R. K » JC, HT, » T the Bear Inn/ Devizes, on Friday the 5th of January, 1810, at two o'clock, in lots,— 163 good ELM TREES, with their Lops and Tops, as tiow standing on a ( arm in *. c occu- pation of Mr. tjilbert, atPoulshot, one mile from the Ken- net and Avon Canal. For viewing and printed particulars apply to Mr. Gilbert aforesaid, or the Auctioneer, De\ izes. T6 108 DEVIZES. RPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. CRO' 9KBTT, J. on Monday the 18th of Dec. 180!', on the premises,— The neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, pair e f tw. lye- inch Globes ( nearly new), China, Glasi, Eight-; » y Clock, Time Piece, and other effects of the Rev. R. EH IUTT, r> ar the Queen's Head Inn, in Rowd Lane; comprising hand- some tour- post, half- tester, and bureau BEDSTEADS, WKH dimity and cotton furnitures ; prime father and ( Jock teds, mattresses, btdeling, and window curtains; aait paint. d| chamber chairs,. h. giit table, and hasou stand ; dressing table and drawers; mahogany tables, chairs, pier and sVving glasses, parlour and bcdsiue carpets, passage and stair-, ase. floor cloths, japanned waiters, knivt> and forks, ironihi, ttove, neat kitcljcn range anil stove grates, fender and fire irons, good roasting jack, a « o. gallon cCppcr furnace and ; rate, kituhen utensils, and various other articles. Tne sale ( o iojn » mence at eleven o'clock. [ 6> K) t> DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by H. PLOWMAN, at the- Bell Inn, Shaftesbury, on Thursday the l4th day of December, 1309, at two o'clock in the ft. moon. The following lots of good MAIDEN OAK, ELM, and ASH TIMBER, numerically marked, and standing at Highgrove Farm, in the parish of EastStower. Lots. Where standing. Numbered. 1.— 3 Oak Trees, in Breach I to 0 2.— 6 ditto Hulks * to 9 it.— 2 ditto Eight Acres. 10 to 11 4.— 4 ditto Cow Leaze 19 to 8.— 4 ditto Malm Close 16 to 19 e.— 8 dim Six Acies SO to 27 7.— 4 E m Trees Breach 1 to 4 8.— 12 ditto Hulks .' Stole 9.— 2 ditto Milking Barton 17 to 18 10.— 1 elitto Orchard 19 11.— 3 ditto Eight Acres - 20 to 2 » 12-.—' 2 ditto Five Acres 23 to 9* 13.— 7 ditto Home Cow Le- aze - 2S ( o 31 14.— 6 ditto Great Malm Close as to87 15.— 18 Ash Pollard/ Little Malm Close, Eicht > Trees 1 and Five Acres ....... f 1 10 18 ,„ f Hulks, HomeGroond, tit. l - 16.- 17 ditto | Mal'm c, ost;> & Brt'J0h j IK to 3f Mr. John Peters will shew the timber; and for further par- ticulars apply at the Office of Charles Bowles, Shaftesbury. — PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B, BROQIE, J. DOWDHG, AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; Where Orders, Advertisements, vd authentic Articles off Nevis ew e received ( PoslagejiaW, Also by the F^ TERS and JJQOKBELLEES in the WEST of EN^ ANP ; by the respective Jtom**; and in London by Mors. TAVLBR w* NEWTON, No, 5, Wanylek- S^ re, Warwick- L- e, NewSate- Strcet; and , Mr. WILKiE, Bop^ er, Pa^ er- Row
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