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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3799
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 04/12/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3799
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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mmg UNAL AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF TVILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET, 9 [ NUMBER 3799- VOLUME LXXIV.] MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1809. PRICE SIXPENCE HALFPENNY, /^ amp Duty.... 3Jd. \ Paper and Print, 3d. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. w FOREIGN NEWS. VIENNA, November 2. ' E are assured that the greater part of the Austrian fortresses occupied by Flench troops, which are to be given back to tbe Emperor of Austria, will be dismantled ; among others are, Raab, in Hungary, and Gratz, in Styria ; all the works of these places are undermined. BANKS of the ELBE, NOV. 10.— The Congress which has been held lor tills last fortnight, at the house of tlie French Minister, at Hamburgh, M. de Bairrier, at which the latter, and M. Reinhard, now French Minister at the Court of tassel, presided, had for object the definitive fate of the Hanse Town^ f Bremen, Hamburgh and Lubeck, each of which had sent two Deputies. The Minister Rein- hard, on taking leave of the Deputies, declared to tbe Hamburghers that he would venture to pledge them bis honour that Napoleon would confirm their Constitution, Which woidd of course undergo no change. This promise has brightened up many a care- worn patriotic face ; but the question is, whether it will be fulfilled. Some days past the ruined sugar refiners of Hamburgh have sent an address to Napoleon, representing that they, with near 1000 families, are almost reduced to ruin by not being permitted to refine sugar; they ouly request that the permission granted to the Danes may be also extended to Hamburgh, by permitting the entrance of American or neutral raw sugiu's ; but there are little hopes of their petition being successful. LONDON, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27. This morning German and Dutch papers reached town ; the latter are to the 17tb, the former to the 12th inst. Bonaparte, it is said, means to assume the title of F. mperor of Germany, and the assemblage of all his Vassal Princes at Fontaiubleau is supposed to have some con- nexion with that project. Further German papers to the 19th, and Paris pa- pers to the 16th inst. were received in the afternoon. We learn by the German papers, that the further re- sistance of the Tyrolese Patriots having become hopeless, Hoffer, their Chief, made bis submission, and delivered Up his sivordto the French General on the 5th inst. By a military convention concluded in - cor. sequence of the 12th article of the treaty of Vienna, several arrange- ments are made respecting tbe evacuation of tbe remaining territories of Austria by the French, and tbe formal de- livery of those ceded to the latter. The final evacuation of the Austrian provinces is not to take place till the 4th of January, 1810. The Prince of Augustenberg was expected at Stockholm from bis Government in Norway. The object of his visit was supposed to be, to go through the ceremony of being formally recognized as the successor to the present King. This intended change of the ancient dynasty is not received with Satisfaction by the bulk of the people. There is a strong party, it is said, in favour of tbe superior claim of tbe son of the unfortunate Gustavus. Advices from Vienna represent Russia as about to prose- cute tbe war against the Porte with the greatest energy An action was expected to take place with the Grand Vizier's army, between Silistria and Adriauople, which would be decisive with respect to this campaign. From the French papers we learn that Bonaparte arrived at Paris 011 the evening of the 14th, and the following day the King of Saxony arrived in that city. Preparations were making in the church of Notre Dame for a thanks- giving, which was to take place on the 2d of Dec. the anni- versary of Bonaparte's coronation, on which day it was Supposed he would assume tbe title of Emperor of Germany. Spanish and Portuguse papers, the former to the 101 hand tbe latter to the 12th inst. were also received this morning. The reports of the Duke del Parque having fol- lowed up his victory are well founded. O11 the 25th ult. the Spanish army took possession of Salamanca. Gerotia still continues to holdout, and the apprehensions respecting the reported defeat of General Blake's army are nearly removed by tbe silence of the Spanish papers oil tbe subject. Some letters have reached town from Rio Janeiro, of the date of the 25th of August. The dullness and insipidity of this new Court, under all the promises it has made, and all the expectations it has raised, is almost in- credible. Trade is extremely bad, and has to encounter numerous obstructions, both natural and artificial. The commerce at liufcnos Ayres, at the moment, was very brisk, under the supposition that it would be presently closed upon us. All Officers on the half- pay of the Commissariatarc required to deliver in their places of address, with a view to their being employed, if competent to service, under penalty of being erased from tbe li- t. The Haddock schooner, with dispatchcs from the West Indies, is taken by the French. Two vessels have been wrecked, and several others da- maged, on the Norfolk coast, during the high winds which prevailed there in the early part of the last week. The disturbances at Covent Garden Theatre are not con- cluded, notwithstanding the favourable appearances on Thursday and Friday evenings. The O. P.' s made a grand rally on Saturday evening: it was the 50th night from the opening, and they bailed it as a Jubilee. The charges for rioting, and for assaults arising therefrom, made at Bow- street, far exceeded in number those of any other evening MARK- LANE, Monday, Nov. 27. We had rather a larger shew of Wheat on the Corn Exchange to- day, from the counties of Essex, Suffolk, and Kent, than at any period since harvest; and the neighbouring country markets having also been very plentifully supplied in general the latter end of last week, the demand for mealing proved much less brisk than had been expected from the course or the trade on Fri-' day ; the decline in value varied from. Is. to 2s. or even 3s. per quarter, according to the quality, from our currency of the 80th, and there was some quantity left unsold at the close: the foreign arrivals continue numerous, and are nearly in a similar predicament: Flour has a very ready sale; and, for American Barrels, is 2s. dearer.— Spring Corn of most sorts, and Seeds of most sorts, are at present m considerable abun- dance. White Peas are dearer, for the best breakers, and new Rape Seed ; Grey Peas, Beans of both sorts, fine Malting Barley, and fresh Oats fully maintain the terms last advised, for the finest samples, but not otherwise. In other rcspects we observe no particular variation, but refer to the list sub- joined for fuller information in all:— Mealing Red Wheat 65s. » 9s. to 94s. fine 96s. to 102s. sup. 104s. White ditto 68s. 90s. to 96s. fine 102s. to 106s. 110s. sup. 112s. to II5s. Foreign Red ditto 70s. to S4s. fine 86s. to 100s. sup. lots, to 10ss. Zealand White 80s. to 93s. fine Dantzic and American 102s. 112s. to 119s. Black 68s. to 78s. fine SOs. to S8s. 90s.— Rye SOs. to 56s.— White Peas 56s. to 70s. boilers 72s, to 80s. fine Suffolk 82s. to 84s. Grey Peas 48s. to 56s. fine 58s. to 60s. — Horse Beans, new, 42 » . to 54s. old 50s. to 70s. Tick Beans, sew, 36s. to 42s. old 50s. to 56j. sup. 58s.— Barley, 32s. to 44s. Malting 46s. to 50s. fine new 51s. to 53s. sup. 54s. to 55s.— Malt 70s. to 76s. fine 78s. to 84s.— Oats, long feed, 24s. to 36s. short 37s. to 39s. Poland 40s. to 4Is. sup. 42s. to 43s.— Broad Beans 50s. to 100s, Long Pods 42s. to 56s. per quarter. — Tares 5s. to 6s. 6d. per bushel.— Rape Seed 381, to 467. fine new 501, to 541, per last.— English Household Flour 95s. per sack. American ditto 4- 2s. to 43s. 54s. fine 56s. to €- 2s. sup. 63s. to 65s. per barrel. CHANCELLORSHIP OF OXFORD. A Beport having been circulated, that it is the in- xA. tention of LORD ELDON to retire from the ap- proaching Contest for the Chancellorship of the Univeisity of Oxford, the Friends of that Nobleman assure the Public, that no such Intention has been oris likely to be entertained. The Election is fixed for Wednesday the 13th of this month. UNIV. COLL. OXFORD, Dec. 1, 1809. [ 5933 DORSETSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the next Ad- journment of the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the county of Dorset will be holden at the County Hall, at Dorchester, in and for the said county, on Saturday the 9th day of December next .— Dated this \ Stli day of Novem- ber, 1809. By order of the Court, 5861] WM. BURNET, Clerk of the Peace. NOTICE TO SCHOOLMASTERS. THE SCHOOLMASTERS in Hampshire and the neighbouring counties, whose terms are only Twenty Guineas per Annum, or under that sum, are requistedto MEET at the Black Swan Inn, in Winchester, on Thursday the 21st day of December next, at twelve o'clock, to take into consideration a just and moderate Advance for Board, Tuition, Washing, & c. in some small degree more propor- tionate to the present high and extravagant price of every kind of provision, and the enormous heavy and oppressive taxes with which they are peculiarly burdened. Nov. 20, 1809. [ 5770 PURSUANT to the Authority' vested in us by the Trinity Board, we the undersigned Sub- Commissioners of Pilotage for the Port of Poole and Coast adjacent, do hereby give Notice, that, in addition to the Pilots already appointed by the said Board, JOHN WILLS, WM. BROWN, WM. CARTRIDGE, JOHN DOLEMAN, JOHN BLUNDELL, jun. THOS. BLUNDELL, and JOHN TILSF. D, jun. have been ap- pointed by them to act as Pilots for this Port and Coast, viz. from Christchurch Head to St. Alban's Head inclusive; and from and to and in and out of all ports and places within these limits. [ 5889 To all whom this ? may concern. 5 Signed fS, YOUNG, - j JOHN EBSTER. I WM. LANDER. A correct LIST of all the COUNTRY BANKERS in Great Britain, with the NAMES of the LONDON BANKERS whom they draw upon, will be found in the WESTERN BOOK ALMANACK FOR 1S10. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, Price 2s. 6d. handsomely printed in a size for the Pocket or Desk, and interleaved with fine Wove Paper for Memo- randums, & c. rHE WESTERN BOOK ALMANACK, and Complete POCKET REMEMBRANCER, for 1810: Containing, in addition to the usual Contents of an Almanack, a correct List of all the Country Bankers m Great Britain, List of the Field Officers of the several Regiments of Local Militia in the six Western Counties, Law List, & c. & c. ALSO, PRICE IS. 9d. THE TFESTERN SHEET ALMANACK, AND COMPLETE COUNTY CALENDAR. BOTH BY MR. MOON, SALISBURY. Printed and sold by Brodie, Dowding, and tuxford, at the Printing Office, Canal; sold also'by Mr. Suttaby, Sta- tioner's- court, Ludgate- street, and Champante & Wliitrow, Aldgate, London; and by all the Booksellers and Stationers in the West of England. [ 5804 ISLE OF WIGHT. WILKIN'S, MEW; BUSSELL, and Co. Iron- mongers, Smiths, Tinmeh, Braziers, Brass Founders, Gunsmith's, BellhangerS, I fireworkers, Plumbers, and Bar- iron Merchants, Newport, Isle of Wight, beg to offer their grateful acknowledgments to their friends for the support they ever experienced during the life of their late Partner, Mr. WILKINS ; and to acquaint them, that the respective trades in which he was engaged will be continued, for the joint be- nefit of his family and surviving partners : they solicit a con- tinuance of the patronage so liberally bestowed on them, and add their assurance that their utmost study will be to merit it. CURACY VACANT. ANY Clergyman who can give unexceptionable re- ferences as to religious and moral character, may hear of a very eligible CURACY, with a House, Garden, & C. in a beautiful part of Surrj, by addressing ( post paid} X. E. at Mr. Lucas's, stationer, Basingstoke, Hants. [ 5861 1 Sum of .£ 2000 is ready to be advanced, on eligible freehold land security, situate in Hampshire or any adjoining county., Apply to Mr. Barney, Solicitor, Southampton. ' ' [ 5.915 ISLE OF WIGHT. WEST COWES ACAIEMY, under the direction of MR. LINTOTT, who requests his Friends to ac- cept his grateful acknowledgments for the prefeience they have already shewn him during the time ( now six years) he has had the conducting of the above Academy, respectfully hopes for a continuance of their favours, and begs leave to make known to them and the public, he purposes opening a BOARDING SCHOOL on the 22d of January 1810, for the reception of a limited number. of young Gentlemen, whose health, morals, and education, will be'treated with that at- tention as, he hopes, will merit the approbation of those parents who shall entrust their children to his care. West Cowes is highly celebrated for'tbe salubrity of its air and the pureness of its bathing, which, in addition to a dry and airy play ground, the young gentlemen will have the ad- vantage of enjoying. Mr. Lintott is enabled, through the kindness of his friends, to give the most respectable references, if required, [ 5811 The terms may be known on application at the school. MONEY WANTED. WANTED, on Mortgage of good Freehold Pre- mises in Poole, £ 400; and for the benefit of a Mort- gagee, the premises would be kept regularly insured. Any person wishing to place out such a sum, may have an opportunity of doing so by applying to Mr. Durant, solicitor, Poole. [ 58- 22 MR. GILL1NGHAM, Conveyancer, Attorney, and Solicitor, begs leave to return his thanks to his friends for the favors he has already received, and respectfully informs the inhabitants of Southampton and the public in general, that he has declined the Management of the Business of William Curry, Esq. Town Clerk, and now practises the above professions on his own account, at his office in East- street, Southampton, where business will be conducted with the strictest attention, punctuality, and dispatch. N. B. Debts recovered on terms advantageous tt> the Creditor. SOUTHAMPTON, Nov. 17, 1809. [ 5838 * « * Wanted £ 300, on Mortgage of a Freehold Estate. HHUMBY, of Christchurch, Hants, respectfully • informs his friends and the public, that he is admitted a Member of one of the four Inns of Court, and has taken out a Certificate, whereby he is duly qualified to practice as a CONVEYANCER, to draw and prepare any Conveyances, Deeds, and Writings whatsoever ; he therefore begs leave to solicit the support of his friends, hoping, that by an inviolable and unremitting care and attention to their business, he will be found to merit their favours, as he flatters himself he has experienced their approbadon in years past. CHRISTCHURCH, Nov. 30, 1809. [ 5882 Matthew hutchins, Land surveyor, Orcheston St. Mary, in the county of Wilts, solicits the patronage and support of the Nobility, Gentry, and Land- holders in the county of Wilts; assuring them that nothing shall be wanting on his part to merit their favour and encou- ragement, by his assiduity and attention to the interest of those who may honour him with their favours. Maps, plain or coloured, and plans, of every description, drawn with care and exactness. Reference for his character and abilities may be hat! of per- sons of the first respectability. [ 5776 This day is published, price 2s. Gd. hntni in red leather, with pockets for notes, or 3s. Gd. in red roan extra, nearly equal to morocco, KEARSLEY's GENTLEMAN and TRADES- MAN'S POCKET LEDGER, for the year isio; con- taining days and hours for buying or selling stock and re- ceiving the interest— list of bankers— holydavs at the public offices— 111 ruled pages for accompts and memorandums— a correct table of the present stamp duties— lists of army and navy agents— new hackney coach fares— list of the house of peers, commons, and officers— and many other articles equally useful, for which the reader is referred to the table of contents. Printed for G. Kearsley, No. 46, Fleet- street; G. Wilkie and J. Robinson, J. Walker, H. D. Symonds, M. Hinckes- man, Paternoster- row ; Scatcherd and Lettcrman, Ave- Maria- lane; J. Richardson, Royal Exchange; and W. Suttaby, Stationers'- court; and sold by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury. ' [ 5779 J. CROWN INN, GOSPORT. TYI. ER ( from the Bush Inn, Southsea) begs leave respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, Commercial Gentlemen, & c. that he has taken and entered on the above Inn, which he has fifed up with suitable rooms, and every other accommodation ; which, when joined to an unremitting endeavour to please, will, he hopes, insure him a share of public patronage. Kf5 Choice Wines and Spirits, of the first quality and flavour ; neat Post Chaise, Gigs, and Saddle Hoises. GOSPORT, Nov. 25, 1809. ' [ 5835 J.' Rare and Valuable Books. Just published, M. GUTCH's CATALOGUES, Parts I. & II. of a Collection of several thousand Volumes of choice and fine BOOKS, in every branch of Literature. - Part II. contains the valuable Library of the late Rev. J. WHITAKER, author of the History of Manchester, the Vindication of Mary Queen of Scots, & c. & c.— Several of the volumes arc cnriched with the MS. notes of that learned and able writer. Catalogues, Is. cach, to be had of the Proprietor, at the Printing- office of Felix Farley's Bristol Journal, 15, Small- street, Bristol; of Messrs. Longman and Co. Paternoster- row, London ; Parker, Bliss, and Munday, Oxford ; Barratt, Upham, and Wise, Bath ; Knott and Lloyd, Birmingham ; Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury ; and Mr. Sim- monds, bookseller, Blandford. " [ 5366 EXETER AND SALISBURY MAIL. THE Public are respectfully informed, that a new ROYAL MAIL COACH, carrying four inside and two outside passengers, will commence running Monday the 16th of October, at half- past seven o'clock every morning, from the Red Lion Inn, Salisbury, through Shaftesbury, Yeovil, Crewkernc, and Chard, to the New London Inn, Exeter, where it will meet the Plymouth and Falmouth Mails, with coaches to Barnstaple and all parts of the west ;— it will leave the New London Inn, Exeter, every morningat three o'clock, by the same route, to the Red Lion Inn, Salisbury, where it will meet the Portsmouth Royal Mail, the Portsmouth and Gosport coaches, with others to London, & c. Performed by ISAAC YOUNG and Co. Who will not be accountable for any article above the value of bl. unless entered as such and paid for accordingly. [ 4997 FROME, SOMERSET. JE. MANSFORD, WINE MERCHANT, returns • his most grateful acknowledgments to his friends, for the very liberal encouragem nt afforded him since his com- mencement in the aoove business, and at the same time begs to assure them and the public in general, that from the very respectable connections he has formed be is enabled to offer them FOREIGN WINES, of prime quality and ap- proved age and flavour, on as reasonable terms as any house in the trade. *** Sells best Cognac Brandy, Jamaica Rum, Hollands Geneva, London and Maidstone Gin, and all sorts of British Compounds. [ 5883 PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, November 30, 1809. ON Thursday, the 7 th of Dec. next, I shall be ready to receive Tenders in writing ( sealed upj and treat for 800 Sacks of KILN- DRIED FLOUR, for the service of this Port, answerable to a sample that icill be produced at the time of contract, to be delivcreS& n one Month ; which will be paid for by bills payable with interest 90 days after date. No regard will be had to any Tender, in which the price shall not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o'clock on the said 7th of December next, nor unless the persons who make the same, or some per- son on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when called for. WM. REEKS. N. B.— Thi CoMUims of Ihe Contracts may be seen at my *} IEE. [ 5896 CHEAP TRAVELLING. SALISBURY, Iifside .. 16s. Od. .. Outside .. 10s. Gd. BY the OLD SALISBURY COACHES, from the BLACK HORSE INN, SALISBU RY, to the BELL and CROWN INN, HOLUORN, and the SARACEN'S HEAD INN, FRIDAY- STREET, CHEAPSIDE, every day ( except Saturday) at half past three o'clock. All parcels sent by these Coaches will be received without any charge for booking, and will be safely and expeditiously delivered to all parts of London and Salisbury, without any charge for porterage. N. BROWN, T. FAGG, H. WHITMARSH, W. PENNY, and Co. PROPRIETORS. [ 5226 NEW SALISBURY AND LONDON WAGGONS, From the THREE SWANS, Salisbury, to the SALISBURY ARMS, Cow Lane, London. MATCHAM, MITCHELL, and Company, beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public in general, they have established WAGGONS for the Conveyance of Goods ( from London to Salisbury, anil from thence to Yeovil and Weymouth, on the most reasonable terms. The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Goods above the value of Si. unless entered and paid for as such. [ 5854 N EW STATE LOTTERY, to be drawn in One Day, the 14th of February, 1810. SCHEME. 4 £ 20,000 £ 80,000 4 5,000 - 20,000 12 1,000 12,000 20 100 2,000 4- 1 50 2,200 72,900 5,000 Prizes £ 200,000 This Lottery is upon the same plan as the last; it consists of only 5,000 Numbers ( from 1 to 5,000 inclusive) ; but there are Four Tickets of each number, which will be severally en- titled to whatever prize is drawn against such number; for instance, if No. 1 should be drawn a prize of £ 20,000, the four tickets of that number will Each be entitled to £ 20,000, making, in the whole, .£ 80,000. Shares will lie entitled t6 their proportion. Tickets and Shares at* on rule at all the Offices, [> 726 SLATE PENCILS. CHAMPANTE and WHITROW, Jewry- strees, London, beg leave to inform their numerous friends, that they have just received a fresh Supply of Englisgb and Foreign PENCILS, and a Cargo of the best Welsh SLATES ; — they have also a good variety of Christmas School- Pieces, plain and coloured ; new Song Books, Valentine Letters and Valentine Writers, new Cards for entertainment and instruc- tion for young and old, with a variety of Warren's engraved and morocco framed Slates. [ 59- 28 W ^ OR SALE, DEI Rogers, Southampton. iT'OR SALE, just imported,. DERNEY COWS and HEIFERS. Enquire of G. and - Near Thirty AL f 1 [ 5930 TO be SOLD, A remarkably fine BLACK COACH GELDING, rising five years old, nearly 15 hands. 3 inches high, warranted sound and steady in harness, and the only reason for parting with him is, because he is too large for the proprietor: he has been used to a gig as well as a chariot.— Price 70 Guineas. Enquiry to be made of Mr. Robert Cole, Clatford, near Andover. [ 5859 VIDONIA WINE. FOR SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A choice parcel of superior OLD VIDONIA, nearly equal in quality to Madeira, but considerably lower in price, selling in Pipes and Hogsheads. For further particulars apply to Wm. Carver and Co. mer- chants, Gosport. [ 5810 TO BREWERS. TO be SOLD, An exceeding good BILGE CASK, containing 255 barrels; it is almost new, and now just emptied. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr, Benger, Cart Wheel, Sarum. [ 58.95 TO be SOLD, for 35 facturers Materials of - Guineas,— All the Manu- 1 THRASHING MACHINE of four- horse power, with Horse- wheel, & c. erected by Grecnsit, of Gtuidhampton, only two years since, together with a WINNOWING MACHINE, both complete. For a reference to the owner, and other particulars, apply to the Printers; if by letter, postage paid. [ 5858 TO be SOLD,— A Rick containing about 32 Tons of prime HAY.— Enquire of Mr. William Biddlecombe, at New- House, nearDownton, Wilts. [ 5903 CAPITAL HAY FOR SALE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Thursday the 7th of December, 1809, on the Premises, at New Hitchings, near Witham Friary, Somerset, subject to con. ditions to be then produced,— Three Ricks of excellent OLD HAY, about 100 tons.— Sale to begin at twelve. [ 5884 TO SHOPKEEPERS, & c. WANTED to rent, in a Market- town or populous Village,— A well- accustomed SHOP, in a General Retail Line. Any person wishing to dispose of the Stock in such a con- cern, may hear of a purchaser by addressing ( post pai< Q, mentioning the particulars, with nearly the amount of pur- chase, to M. T. M. Post- office, Bath. [ 5901 LOST on the 25th of Novenlberj 1800, between Salisbury and West Stour,— A GUN CASE, containing a Double- barrelled Gun, directed to Mr. Cole, MarnhulC Dorset. Whoever has found the same, and will bring it to Mr. Perkins, Catherine- street, Salisbury, or Mr. ' Col4, Marnhull, shall receive Two Guineas reward. [ 5? 29 STRAYED, from Netley Mdrsh, in the parish of Eling,— Two HEIFERS, coming two Years old, marked W. R. S. on the horn, and a cut in both ears ;— also two HEIFERS, coming two years old, marked H. K. on the horn and on the hoof of the near foot before, and a hole through, the ear.— Whoever will bring the above beasts to John Bnce, Esq. Nursling, near Romscy, or Richard King, shall receive Ten Shillings for each heifer. [ 5871 TRAYED, from a cow- house belonging to the 1 Widow Shepherd, Lymington, on Friday" night, Nov. 24,— A BRINDED COW, big with calf: she has long wide horns marked R P, and a white star on her face and right fl ink.— Whoever will bring the said cow to Mrs. Shepherd aforesaid, will be handsomely rewarded for their trouble. WANTED to RENT in Hampshire,- A Country RESIDENCE FURNISHED, with or without about twenty acres of Land, together with garden, coach- house, stables, and other conveniences, suitable for a small genteel family. Apply, with particulars, to G. B. L. Esq. at No. 20, New Ormond- street, Qucen's- square, London. [ 5876 WANTED,- An APPRENTICE to a SURGEON and APOTHECARY,— or an ASSISTANT. For particulars apply to Mr. Baskett, chemist and druggist, Blandford. [ 5906 WANTED,— A JOURNEYMAN to a CHEMIST and DRUGGIST, of an unexceptionable character. For particulars apply to Mr. Randall, Southampton. [ 5881 WANTED,— A young Man who is thoroughly acquainted with the CHANDLERY Business.— One who has a knowledge of the Grocery Business would be pre- ferred. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. J. Horlock, I ligh- street, Newport, Isle of Wight. [ 5616 TO WORKING BAILIFFS. WANTED,— A Man, as WORKING BAILIFF. Apply to Mr. Tiller, Damerham, Wilts, or at the Antelope Inn, Salisbury. There is a good housefor him. WANTED,— An able Man, as GRINDER, who understands his business and will make himself useful. Apply to Mr. Joseph Cull, Wimborne, Dorset. TO BRAZIERS. WANTED,— A JOURNEYMAN in the above line, who w'. ll meet with constant employment. Apply to Toplis and Hepworth, Gosport. [ 5917 SERVANT WANTED. WANTED 111 a Gentleman's Family, which is small, and resides in the country, where no other man servant than a gardener besides is kept, A complete I11- D. or MAN SERVANT, who will also have the care of one horse. Any servant of this description, between the ages of 25 and 35, who can be well recommended from his last place, may apply personally to Mr. Thomas Lucas, Horwood House, near Wincanton. [ 5833 WANTED, » A good PLAIN COOK, who understands dressing of Fish, Game, (& c.— Good wages will be given. None need apply whose characters will not bear the strictest enquirv. For further paiticulars apply to C. L. Phipps, Esq. Westbury Leigh. [ 5839 ANTED,— A middle- aged steady FEMALE SERVANT, to live with a single gentleman, in a small cottage: she must be a good plain cook, and clean and honest. Apply to J. Force, Printer, & c. Wimborne, Dorset; if by letter, post- paid. [ 5925 WANTED,— A GROOM and VALET, by single gentleman, who thoroughly understands his business, and occasionally to wait at table. He must have a good character for honesty, sobriety, and cleanliness ; but no person need apply who has not lived in'that capacity. For particulars apply personally any day before Thursday next ( but if by letter post- paid) at Mr. Harvey's, High- street, Southampton. [ 5916 s STRAYED, from the New Forest, A Dark Brindled SCOTCH STEER, burn marked in both horns with G. B. ; has been cut for the. tail sore, but not lately. Whoever will biing it, or give information so that it miuht be recovered, tb W. Mites, at Cuffnclls, Lyndhurst, shall receive One Guinea reward. CUFFNELLS, ATOV. 23, 1 809. [ 5865 rrO be DISPOSED OF , on advantageous terms,— X A good Concern in the LINEN- DRAPERY Line, in one of the first manufacturing towns ill Somersetshire. Letters addressed to O. I'. ( post paid) at the Post- office, Bath, will be attended to.— None but principals, with real names, will be treated with. [ 5806 TO be LETT, at Itchen Ferry, near Southampton, A DWELLING- HOUSE, with four bed- rooms, par- lour, a good shop, bake- house, with a large loft over the bake- house, and a. large yard, well situated for trade. Apply to Mr. J. Hunt, on the premises. • [ 5921 T O be LETT, for the Hunting Season, A con- venient COTTAGE, situated in the centre of the Hamp- shire Hunt; consisting of aparlour, drawing- room, entrance- room, housekeeper's room, pantry, kitchen, back kitchen, laundry, & c.; three best bed- rooms, and three for servants ; stabling for six horses, and a good kitchen garden. For particulars enquire of Mr. Faithfull, Winchester, or Mr. Bell, Swan, Alrcsford. [ 5151 SEEND, WILTS. TO be LETT, and possession had immediately,— A FREEHOLD VILLA, lawn, gardens, green- house, coach- house, stable, dairy- house, and other appropriate con- veniences, with or without land, from 5 to 16 acres, 8QS= For other particulars apply to Mr. Usher, solicitor, at Bristql; if by letter, post paid. [ 587- 4 MUford, near Lymington, Hants. TO he LETT,— A DWELLING- HOUSE and Garden, Stable, Cart- house, and Slaughter- house, with a Field of Meadow Land adjoining the same and others, now iri the occupation of Mr. John Jenkins, butcher, whose time expires the 25th day of December 180.9. For further particulars enquire of Mr'. Nicholas Lawes, at Burleyj,_ near Ringwood, Hants. ] 5905 SALE POSTPONED at the King's Head, Stock bridge, but not at the Cottage and Wine Vaults; there fore the Furniture, Wines, Foreign Spirits, & c. will be Sold by Auction, on Tuesday and Wednesday next, agreeable to the catalogues. J. YOUNG, AUCTIONEER. RICKS OP HAY, AT LEE, NEAR ROMSEY. FOR SALE by AUCTION, by J. YOUNG, on Friday the 8th day of December 1809, at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Crown Inn, Southampton, The following RICKS of MEADOW HAY: Lot 1. Stack of Hay, about - - 5 tons. 2. Rick of ditto, about - - 25 do. 3. Ditto in Charmas Mead, about 13 do. 4. Ditto about 12 do. 5. Stack of Second Cut Hay. At tbe same time will be Sold,— Two Ricks of WATER- MEADOW HAY, made this season, in good condition, standing near the Church at Nutshalling. Mr. Figes, at Nutshalling, will shew tbe Hay; and. for particulars enquire of the Auctioneer, Romsey, [ 5899 STOLEN or STRAYED, from Longlcat Park, some time between the 20th and26th of November,— A BAY MARE, about 18 hands high, rising three years old, the near foot behind white, a star in her forehead, and a mark R F under the mane. If strayed, a Reward of One Guinea, and Expences, will be paid tor her recovery; if stolen, Ten Guineas, on convic- tion of the offender. . [ 59- 24, Apply to the Bailiff, at Longleat. TO be LETT, Furnished, or the LEASE to be SOLD, atDownton, Wilts, 6 miles from Salisbury and 9 from Lyndhurst, in a fine, sporting country,— A genteel COTTAGE, with Coach- house and Stabl: ng for tliiee horses, and every convenience for a small family ; with or without four acres of good Meadow Land. For particulars apply to Messrs. Johnson and Gasltell, Grav's Inn, London ; the Rev. Mr. Dashwood, Downton ; or Mr. Bates, house- agent, Weibeck- street, Cavendish- square; if by letter, post paid. [ 5880 CAPITAL INN. TO be LETT, AH that old- established, well- known, and good- accustomed INN, called the KING'S ARMS, in the city of New Sarum, in the county of Wilts, with possession at St. Thomas's- day next. The above Inn is situated in the direct line of the great post- road from London to all parts of the West of England, and has been remarked as the house to which the greater part of a genteel neighbourhood usually resort, and now in lull trade. For particulars, and to treat for the same, apply ( if by letter, free ot, postage) at the office of Messrs. Wilmot and Godwin, solicitors, Salisbury. [ 5879 . Capital Farm in the Isle of'Wight. TO be LETT on LEASE, for a Term of Years, and entered on at Michaelmas 1810,— A very desirable FARM, called GREAT KINGSTONE, situate in the parishes of Kingstone and/ Shorwell, in the Isle of Wight, about six miles from Newport; comprising an excellent Farm- House, with every necessary and requisite farm- building, all in good repair, and about 575 acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, Wool, and other Land, in conveni- nt enclosures. Further particulars may be had by application to Messrs. Clarkes and Sewell, sobcitorsj Newport, Isle of Wight; if by letter, post paid. [ 5894 DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. THE Partnership between JAMES CLARKE azid CHARLES THOMAS BASKET, of Poole, Wine Merchants, having been lately dissolved, all persons indebted to that concern are requested to pay the amount of their se- veral debts immediately, either to the said C. T. Baskett, or Mr. Durant, solicitor, of Poole, who are authorised by the terms of the dissolution to receive the same, otherwise legal proceedings will be had against those who neglect to do s >: and all persons having any demands on the said concern, are requested to send their accounts to either of the above. [ 5841 SALISBURY. THE Creditors of Mr. GEO. WEBB, late of ihe Black Horse Inn, in this city, are hereby informed, that they may receive the first instalment of the dividend on their respective debts on application at the office Mess. Wilmot and Godwin, in Sarum. Dec. 1, 1809. [ 5878 ISLE OF WIGHT. A LL Persons having any Claim on the Estate of i. aL JAMES COOPER, late of Newchurch, in the Isle of Wight, Gentleman, deceased, are requested fo send an ac- count thereof on or before the fitst day of January next, to Mr. John Cooper, of Alverstona, in the Isle of Wight, the administrator of the effects of the said James Cooper; and all persons who stand indebted to the estate of the said James Cooper, or have any of his effects, arc requested fo pay and deliver the same forthwith to the said John Cooper, or they will be sued for the same. Isle of ' Wight, Nov. 29, 1309. . . [ 5 § . S6 ISLE OF WIGHT. 4 LL Persons having anv Claim on the Estate of ROBERT JACOBS, late* of Chale Farm, in the Isle of Wight, Gentleman/ deceased, are requested to send an ac- count thereof forthwith to Mr. Wm. Jacobs, ' Of Perreton, in the Isle of Wight, tile administrator of the effects, of th » s, their beloved Fernando, whilst the bands of the different corps played several popular and patriotic air-, nor did the zeal ot the Patriots utter them to omit the tribute of their gratitude to their sincere and firm ally ; and God save King George and Fernando, were alternately repeated during the entire ofhlm dav. The enemy's loss, in killed and prisoners, at the battle of Tamanies, exceeds 1200; and from every information v. • can collect, from tbe best authorities here, their wounded amounts to 2000, of which iiumln- r a great proportion are toftieors: one General, one Colonel, several subaltern Offi- cer-, and 7o privates, died of their wounds on the night of their retreat from Tamames, Illuminations will take place here tbis night, and to- mor- row a solemn TH Deum will be celebrated in thanksgiving for the signal victory gained at Tamatnes over tbe enemies of liberty and religion, Ttie victory of Tamames, and ourentrance toSalamanea, will no doubt prove highly beneficial to our cause. This army, ( which will daily increase in numbers,) now feels a degree of confidence in its powers hitherto unknown to it. 1 have the honour to be, ttc. WILLIAM PARKER CARROL, Major, B. S., Col. Sp. S. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, NOV. 23.— Vice- Admiral Holloway, Commander ill Chief at Newfoundland, has transmitted a letter from Captain Graham, of the Vestal, giving an Ac- count of the capture by that ship, on the 19th lost, of the French privateer brig'L'lntrepide, pierced for 20 guns, and having a complement of 12, a man, then on her first cruize. The Vestal bad also recaptured the English brig Bellona, from Newfoundland to Jersey, aud the English ship Forti- tude, from the Brazils to Liverpool. CAPTAIN BRACE, of Ins Majesty's ihlp Virginie, has transmitted a letter from Captain Sir William Bolton, of tbe Druid, giving an account of his having captured, on the 13th inst. the Fiencli National brig Le Basque, of 16 guns aud 112 men, commanded by Monsieur Li « court, Lieut, de Vai- scaux, hound from Bayonfie to Guadeloupe, with flour and other stores. And also a letter from Captain Worth, of the Helena sloop, staling the capture, on the same day, of tiie Re- venge privateer, of St. Maloes, pierc. d tor 16 guns, and with 61 men on board- Commission in the Dorsetshire Regiment of Militia, s'gned by the Istrd Lieutenant.— Ensign G. 1). Barker to be Captain, vice Steward, promoted. EHIIATUU in the Gazette of the 3d of June last..— South West Hants Local Militia.— For Lieut John Oake, read Lieutenant George Oake. BANKRUPTS. Samuel Billings, of Liverpool, hosier. Jos. pli Swiitdall, of Peml eton, Lancashire, shopkeeper. William Randall, of Stuckbridge, win. anil brandy merchant. John Richardson, of VVostminster- Briifc- Roa'l, liveiy- stiiMe- keeper. James syinons of llunterford- street, Strand, baker. Samuel tl is U op, of Cheltenham, haberdasher. I- eob- irt White- man, of 3righthulnistoit, victualler. Joseph Din.- d. ile, of Sculcoau- s, Yorkshire, grorer. James Bell, John Bell, and William Harrop, of Longtown, Cumber- land, manufacturer* "" chn William Southey, of Bath, paper- hanger. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 39. On Monday Vice- Admiral Sir James Sauinarez arrived olt Yarmouth, in the Victory, of 100 guns, from the Baltic. The Lord Mayor has appointed a Common Council to be held on Tun- day next,—" To take into consideration the late unwise, ill- digested, and calamitous Expeditions, by which the blond aud treasure of this realm have been wasted— the character of our gallant army expo Old— and its numbers reduced by pestilence, privations, and disease, more than by tbe sword. And to consider the. propriety of petitioning bis Majesty to institute an Enquiry into tbe e great national misfortunes— into the plans and in- structions upon which those Expeditions were undertaken — and Into the Conduct aud Capacity of tbe Commanders to whom they were entrusted.— And the more effectually to prosecute these Enquiries, to beseech his Majesty forth- with to convene the Parliament." AFR. CANNING lias at length published, in a long letter to Earl Camden, dated Gloucester Lodge, Nov. 14, bis full " Statement" of the rise and progress of those politi- cal manoeuvres, which at length produced the Duel between him and bis quondam colleague Lord Castlereagb, with the retirement ot both from tbe high and responsible situations' they held under the Government; but though the letter be long, it is not ve- jy luminous; at least, it informs us of no more than we knew before its publication,— that Mr. Canning was desirous of haying Lord Castlereagb out of, and Lord Wellesley in, the management Of th- War Department,— that he had applied to the Duke of Portland f- r this ehmse, had made kiiowti that application to Earl Cannlen, and thought the Noble Earl would communicate it to bis friend Lord Castlereagb,— that on the Duke of Port- land's signifying his intention to resign, he ( Mr. Canning) tendered his own resignation'; and on its being thjm made known to Lord Castlereagb that a negoeiation for bis re- moval had been going on, the Noble Viscount resorted to that extreme appeal which precludes discussion, and iti consequence of Which two of our leading Statesmen, holding the highest offices of Government, and when the country was in a situation of most extraordinary peril, exposed them- selves to 6' e carried off by a chance shot, without any of that, diseussitfu wfiich, Mr. Canning admits, usually pre- cedes tbis extreme appeal, aud which, lie seems himself to think, is. now out of time.— The dates of the communica- tions with the Duke of Portlanel, & c. al e given ; but these are of little importance: the whole gist of the Statement is to shew that the concealment of tile meditated arrange- ment from Lord Castlereash was the act of liis friend Earl Camden, and not of Mr. Canning. COVENT- GARUEN RIOTERS.— The conditional rule fur a erijililllli information against Mr. Clifford the barrister, and others, was yesterday made absolute by the Court of King's pencil, none of the parties opposing it.— II - rsemaii, convicted of publidiing a libel on the Duke of Sussex, was sentenced to a month's imprisonment. No further'notice was taken of the affidavit of Mr Thomas Hague, avowing that he was the author of the libel, and Horseman his servant. Yesterday an immense quantity of silks and bandanna handkerchiefs were seized at a house in Dover street, and conveyed to the Custom- house in five coaches. It has been ascertained that a controband trade in these articles has been carried oil for a length of time to the amount of seve- ral thousand pounds per month. Gage, supposed to be the murderer of Mrs. Styling, ( as related in our last), has been apprehended;" he was disco- vered near his father's house at Khigsbt- onipton. Ills name proves to be Tarr, not Gage. He ran away from his ap- prenticeship at Kingsbrompton about Midsummer last.— On being apprehended, no part of the property whatever was found on liim. After undergoing several strict exami- nations before tbe magistrates, he peisistsin his innocence. Nothing appears against hiiu except bis elopement, which he aceotints lor by asserting that he saw two men come into tliu court- yard, on which he left the barn and ran away, being afraid that those persons came to apprehend him for lately riding a horse, and throwing it down, which horse is since dead. ISRF. AB.— The price of Bread remains the same as last week. CORN EXCHANGE, Nor. 29.— Sales of Wheat are this elav heavily made, scarcely at last prices. Barley is in good supply, aud ( inferior samples) lower. Malt at dull sale. Peas vary but'little. Oats are in gooel supply, and rather lower. Flour as before. Some further German papers of / he lpth inst. were received last night.— In an article from Copenhagen, of the 4th inst, it- is indirectly stated, that tbe Swedish har- bours will remain open to the English until the conclusion of the present year. It is added, on the authority of advices from - Gotteiiburgh, that several Danish ships had been seized and detained in that harbour, Peace has been celebrated at Wirtemberg with great solemnity. The King and Queen, attended by all the Functionaries, and a brilliant Court, proceeded in stste, on the 4th inst. to the Royal Chapel, where, 7' e Dtttm was performed, amidst the ringing of bells and the thunder of artillery. The festivity of the day was concluded by a splendid banquet at the Palace. From Constantinople, ui del' the date of- the 1st ult. it is said, that the tumult of discontent has sub ideU in Egypt, aud that from thence a great abundance of provisions is drawn for the sustenance of the inhabitants of the Ottoman Capital. The Wechab'tes we are told, continue in the possession of almost the whole of Arabia, without excepting tbe holy cities ot Mecca and Medina. The Hon. Lieut. Waldegrave, of the Viiie- de- Paris, arrived at the Admiralty this day at noon, with dlspntches from Lol-. l Colliiigwood, stating the destruction of a French convoy, from Toulon, intended for the ri lief of Bare- el na. Marquis Wellesley arrived at Spkhead in the Done- gal, on Sunday, antl reached town ye- terdr. y. According to the accounts the Do egal brings, tbe disposition of the lower riass of people in Spain against the French is is violent as. ever. The Spanish armies are neat ly in the same condition as before; not much improved in numbers or in discipline. Garona - till held out. Blake was i, i the vicinity, but too weak to do much. The Maiquis has not been able to re- novate the Spanish Government to the extent that was hoped from his i., fluence, but it appears he has prevailed , M1 the Jin it a to fix the. Convocation of the Cortes for the st of January next, aud it is suppo- ed they will be able to begin bu mess on the 1st uf March bi llowing. In the mean while the Executive Power is to be lodged in the hands of a Directory or Executive Council, composed of seven Mem- fa- r% with the Marquis of A torga attheir bead. Much is expect'd from the vigour and energy of this body, who are to be invested with authority equal to the critical state of affairs in that count -.,.— Mr. B. Frere remains at Seville, jnour Minister Ph'. ipot- litiary. Two vessel, have arrived from Gijon; the Polly, in JO days, and the No tra Senom de Bogona, after the short passage of seven days. They are laden with I. uit. The Trench bad left Madrid, and were concentrating their forces in tbe vicinity of Toledo.— Spanish antl Portuguese payers, received this morning, to the 17 th iust. repeat this intelligence. The Spanish papers mention some further advantages obtained by the P. t. i ts Over th - French. The Duke del Pai- qu- continued to occupy an advantageou- position near SaLmamv. The Patriots, to the number of 13,000 men, Including 4000 cavalry, are ' tateil to have reached Aranj uz, and they even talk of proceeding to'Maehid. An article from Seville of ihe 15th states, that th French continue to fortify the P. etiroj and at the Cava de la China they planted loaded camion against tbe city. Ace ' lints frnui Opoi t > mention, that forty ships of the e nvoy from the Mouth of the Dour- i have been dispersed in a gale of wind, and serioui apprehensions are entertained lor their safety. The David Scott Indiaman, from Bombay, is arrived in the Downs. Tiiis ship sailed on tbe 1 Oth of June, without, any consort: ' Ilia Bombay Newspapers have reached us liv this conveyance, but we do not find in them any account of lhe embassy to Persia. They- contain some- details of a - battle between the Persians and Lilssians, in which the latter are stated to have been defeated. Some representations had been made by the French' Minister to the Persian Government, bill the ans'w, r wis posipon d until the Briti h Envoy should b. on nlted. A consider- tbli- 1 umber of French frigates continued at Foi t Napoleon, , ii could not sail fir the want .- I viim- a. The EngH h fn-' ate laurel, prize to the Cano. ii- re, had been fitted and ti. t on a cruize to the stiaits of Molucca, This Day is published, by Messrs. Cadell and Davis, PRICE SIXPENCE, ANew Edition, being the 5th, with additions, of— AN ACCOUNT of the PROVIDENT INSTI- TUTION. specially e- mpowed by Act of Parliament for the INSURANCE of LIVES and the GRANT and PURCHA'- E of ANNUITIES, illustrative of the principles of the Lite Insurance, and particularly recommended to the perusal of persons inclined to embrace that excellent scheme of do- mestic economy. Sold by the Booksellers ; also at the house of the Insti- tution, Southampton- street, Strand; and by the Agents ap- pointed in all tbe principal towns, who are likewise Agents to the County Fire Office. [ 5937 UNION INSURANC E OFFICE, Established in March 1737. TRUSTEES : Tbe Right Hon. EARL CRAVEN, Sir JOSEPH SCO'IT, Batt. JOHN HENRY LOFT, Esq. M. P. STARLING DAY, jun. Esq. and Aid,— Src. & c. Secretary— Mr. THOMAS BIG NO L D . IN this Ollice, till, the Premium is returned to the Insured, except what is uyanted to - defray the losses. The mini* er ot persons combined amounts to near 17,000, and the property insuretl to many millions. The returns are made to each member at the expiration of seven years from the com- mencement of his insurance,, and the deposits have been found so much more than sufficient to meet the expenditure, that diculends of £ 50 per rent, ami upwards have been made to a very considerable proportion of the insurers, the names o fa few of whom are inserted below: Paid in Rec. out Mr. Tutty, s en. Reading.... £'- 23 15 0...,£ U17 6 Mr. Blow, Whittksford 27 1£ 1 0 .. 16 15 4 Mr. AAgas, Newcastle 105 5 0. . j,.. 52 12 6 Mr. Bateman, Chatteris 5a 11 0 26 15 6 Messrs. Ashton & Co. St. Ives. .5- 2 10 0 26 6 0 Messrs. Burnett ik Co. Anel'tff.. 80 17 0 .. 40 8 6 ALL POLICIES GRATIS. Agent lor Dorchester, Mr. Wm. Beach ; Blandfortl, Geo. Mdor; Britlport, W. Williams ; Ccrnc Abbas, R. Williams; Po - le, John Foot, jun.; Sherborne, W. Harbin; Weymouth, J. Symes, jun. fj* Farming Stock insured at the reduced rate of is. per « * ut. without any average clause UNION OFFICE, For the Insurance of Lives, granting Annuities, and Endowment of Children. TRUSTEES! Ihe Most Noble the MARQUIS TOWNSIIEND The Rh- ht Hon. EARL GRAVEN Sir JOSEPH SCO'IT, Bart Sir ROBERT BURNETT, Knt. JOHN P ATTESON, E- q. M. P. arid Aid. JOHN HENRY LOFT, Esq. M. P. Stc. & c. & c. Secret ry, Mr. THOMAS BIGNOLD Actuary', Mr. RICHARD MORGAN. The advantages of Life Infurance are too numerous to be compressed within the limits of a le w sentences; but tbe great utility of it will be in some degree illustrated by a single- example.' A peison 28 years of age may, by an annual payment of 2; 6s. 8s. insure 100& payable to his executors at his decease; or for 23?. 6s. 8CI. may insure tlHia/.; and thus, at a moderate yearly expenc secure his family Irom distress. THE HATES 0? THIS OFFICE ARE NEARLY 101, PER CINT. LOWER THAN THOSE O A HERS. The surplus capital, after satisfying the cla'ms of the insured, is relumed to them it stated periods, by additions to the sums to which their policies entitled them. The follow ng Allowances will be made upon all insurances for the Wbole duration of life, which shall be effected with this institution precious to Ihe 3! st of December, 1 sop. Where tbe sum insured amounts to 80.: l and upwards, ( and for sums b. twien 800 and 500/.) Ihe n hole amount of ( Ac stamp duty I Vot soma between to I and you/, ahd between * ) 0l. and 800/. an allowance of halt the duty. No charge is made for entran e money, for von- oppenr- n. nce at, the chiif o[ jicc, for polities, or for neglect of paying the annual premiums in due time, ( except the mere interest lost by the delay.) The office in k.- s a liberal allowance for the policies, if the insurid cannot continue to pay the premium. The are ts f., r the Union Fire-'- fihe are u. so scouts tor the Union Liie- office,—( Que Concern) [ CCia Vy- EST of ENGLAND INFIRMARY, under TV the patronage of his Royal Highness the Prir. ce of Wales, established in Exeter, for CURING DISEASES of the EYE. President, Right Hon. Earl Fortcscue ( Lord Lieutenant of the county of Devon)— Vice- President, Samuel Frederick Mdford, esq.-~' Rrcisurer, Robert Russell, esq — Physician, Dr. Duiicl — Oculist, William Adams, esq.— Consulting Physician, Dr. Firre— Consulting Oculist, J. C. Saunders, esq.-— Secretary, Mr. Robert Thomas. COMMITTEE.— The President, Vice- President, and Trea- surer; Right Hon. Lord Viscnunt Courtena'y; the Hon. and Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Exeter; Right Hon. Lord Clinton ; Right Hon. Lord ltolle ; Right Hon.' Lord Grenville; Right Hon, Lord Graves ; J. P. Bastard, esq. and Sir Lawrence I'alk, bart. Members for Devonshire; Sir William Pole, hart.; Sir Thomas D. Acland, bart. ; Sir John Keiinawav; bart.; Sir William Elfonl, bart.; James Buller, Esq. M. P. for Exeter; Admiral Schank; Albany SavBle, esq. M. P.; Paul Orchard, esq.; J. B. Cholwicii, Esq.; Samuel Kekewich, esq. ; Thomas Potter, esq.; Lambert Blair, esq.; James White, esq.; William Jackson, esq.; John Milford, esq.; Edmund- Granger, esq-; Rev. Canon Hebetden ; Rev. Mr. Tripp; Rev. Mr. Tremayne, Heligan; Warwick HcleT6akin, esq.; Francis Glanville, esq.; Rev. Mr. Manning; James Builer, of Saltash, esq.; John Manning,- esq.; Robert Ken- nuway, esq.; Mr. Joseph S. Dytnond ; Mr. Robt. Trewman. MEDICAL Rh'l'ORT. Admitted from the lst of November, 1808, to the 1st of November, taofl, 8J5 patients, of whom 22 are incurable ; included in this number are 8 p.- i sons whose eyes were entirely destroyed when they applied— Id have absented themselves— 2 Were dismissed for irregularity—- 20 received benefit— 86 are still under the care of the charity— and 642 have been cured, as specified under the following heads of diseases: — Acute Inflammation 140 Acute ditto, with thickened discharge, approaching the state of Lippitndo ( some- times erroneously called Egyptian Ophthalmia) ... 7f> Acute Egyptian Ophthalmia 17 Acute Scrophuious Inflam mation 38 Acute Inflammation, with purulent discharge in In- fants 11 Acute ditto, with Pustules of the Cornea 34 Acute ditto, with Ulcers of the Cornea 70 Acute Inflammation, with Ulcers of the Cornea and Crusta Lactea inan extreme degree 3 Acute Inflammation of the Ins 3 Syphilitic Inflammation of the Iris.,.. 4 Protrusions of the Iris thro* openings in the Cornea, caused by the process of Ulceration 5 Chronic I nflammation- of the Eye- ball 12 Chronic ditto of the Eye- lids 24 Chronic ditto, with puriform discharge from the internal Membrane of the Eye- lid 8 ' Flic effects of tbe Egyptian Ophthalmia .' 7 Nebula of tiie Cornea 5 Pi rti at Opacities of theComea 8 Total Opacities of theCornea 7 Excsi n of the whole of the transparent Cornea, in a case of Staphyloma 1 Excision of a part of the transparent; Cornea, in a similar case 1 Wounds of the Cornea .... 1 Gutta Serena 2 Herneralopia ( or night blind- ness) 1 Imperfections ofSight, from debility of tbe Retina from various causes 2 Strabismus, with double Vi- sion 1 Tinea of the Eye- lashes. .. 50 Lippitudo 26 Styes 14 [{ version of the Eye- lid 3 Inversion of the Eye- lid ... 4 KneystedTumors la the Eye- lid 8 Abscess of the Fy.- lid 1 Extraction of shot from the Eye- lid 1 SyphiliticUlcerof the Eye- lid t Wounds of the Eye- lid 2 Excrescences of the Con- junctiva 3 A burn of the Conjunctiva from Metal in a state of fusion 1 \ burn of the Conjunctiva from Hot Iron 1 Removing extraneous sub- . stanccs adhering to tbe Eye- ball ^ 7 Abscess and Fungus of the Lachrymal Sac 2 Fistula I. achrymalis ( or ob- struction in the Lachrymal Passages) 6 Closed Pupil, complicated with Cataract* 1 C ipsularCataracts ( after the Operation of Extraction had eornpletely failed else- where, § 2 Restored to sight by the Ope- ration for Cataract, in per- sons of different ages 14 Cases of Cataract in persons born blind 11 Total cured 6- 12 Total of Cataract Cases cur- ed, included in the above number 28 Ages of persons cured born blind. 1 Seventeen months old 5 Between seven ee ten y. ars 1 Fifteen 0 Betwe- n twenty and twen- ty- three ' At thirty f Many of these patients, since Ages of persons cured of Ca- taracts not bom with them. 1 Eight years old 2 Betw en twelve 8t twenty 5 Betw.- en fifty and seventy • t Bitween sev nty- one and seventy- four 1 At s venty. eight At eighty ,1,1 their cur. s, have 1 arm to , The w' ole of this number sec read and write. I well enough to read. * Richard Rligh, sho- maker, of Liskeard, Cornwall, re- commtyfled by Fran - is Glanvill of Catch- French, esq. near Plymouth, w is admitted int > the Infirmary April 2P, 1809. From an attack of acot inflammation, whicn came on about s'ix vears ago, and cont. nued for sev r d months, in spite of all tiie means ni ide us ot to arrest its progress, he was re- duced to the Pillowing condition :—- The right eye appeared sunk in the orbit from suppuration— the pupil of the left eye was no larger th. n a s- na 1 pin's head, and through that a cataract could be distinctly perc iveri— it was with difficulty that h - could distinguish a fainter light than that of the meri- dian sun. The operation w - s performed the tlay after his ad- m- tt inc, in the pr sence of Mr Christopher Turner Johnson, an emin tut surgeon and anatomist, of this city, Tbe proper regitn, 11 was observi d— and, at the end of one month from this time, he could distinguish Ins fingers; and on the 10th of June following, hi could see the hour and minute marks of a watch- dial, when he was sent home. In about a month after h, s return, he walked up from Cornwall as a conductor to a blind relative ; it which time the ne- wly- fcrmed pupil did not manifest the sl- irhtest disposition to contract: he could then read small print, and plainly discern the eye of a middle- sized needle. § William. Pike, aged 21, shoemaker, of Widworthv, . near Honiton, Devon, recommended to the Infirmary in Novem- ber, 1803, by Mr. Colesworthy, a respectable surgeon, of Iloniton. The history of this man's case,. at the time oi his admission, was as follows :— About 16 months before, while a patient in a public charitable institution, he underwent the operation of extraction for cataracts in'both eyes. The result of this operation proved tofce, that, at the end of nine weeks, when discharged, he was in a state of more complete darkness than at the time of his admission. In this condition he re- mained for 11 months, obliged to be supported at the expehce of his parish. On inspecting the eyes, it was e- vttlent, that the cataract itseif had been extracted, but its opakc capsule still remained behind, completely filling up the whole of th6 pupil;—- in each eye, the capsule adhered both to the upper circle of the iris and the cut in the cornea below, so that the pupil had assumed an oblong shape. A few- days alter his admission into the West of England Eye Infirmary, he sub- mitted to an operation, which was performed in the presence of Mr. James White, the scientific author of a Treatise on Veterinary Medicine, In six weeks, he could sec well. enough to walk home and return ( a distance of 25 miles) without a guide : at the end of another month, a committee of governors was convened, to examine into the success of the operation ; when it appeared that the patient could not only distinguish letters of the smallest size, but likewise thread a needle. No- thing further remarkable occurred in this case, except tbe repeated declarations of Pike to his fellow patients, as well as to the nurses of the Infirmary, that, with respect to the com- parative degree of pain, he would- sooner undergo the latter operation ten times than that of extraction once. f Ifittiam Coffin, Hartland, Devon, aged 30, born blind of cataracts, and recommended by Mr. Hockin, of Hartland Uuay. At the time of his admission, which was in April 1809, he had about the same degree of vision which is usually • observed in cataract patients when the optic nerve is not dis- eased. Was operated on at the same time with Richard Blig't). At the expiration of about a fofmight be began to distinguish surrounding objects, and his vision continued to improve daily till he wis sent home. This was at the end of ten weeks— at which time he was capable of distinguishing letters of the smallest type and, the eye of a needle. In September following, Mr. Adams was informed by a neighbour of Coffin that he had seen him thread a cambric needle, and that he could discover ships at sea at as great a distance as any other p- rson. In this, as in every other case of cataract, it is to be understood that cataract spectacles are made use of. N. B. This patient a'tended the general court of Governors, this tlay, after having travelled alone, on horse- back, upwards of 60 miles. Any persons interesting themselves in the success of this in- stitution, may know the names and places of abode, of all the patients, by app ication to the Secretary, or at the Infirmary, where a regular account is kept. At a General Meeting or the Subscribers to the West of England Eye Infirmary, held in the Board Room,, this ist.' of November, iH'- 9, SAMUEL FREDERICK MILFORD, Esq. in the Chair; the following resolutions passed unanimously •— Resolved,-— That the since- rest approbation and Warmest thanks of the Committee and Governors at large are due to Wm. Adams, esq. for bis gratuitous and unremitted attention to the patients of th; s ch- pity, a . d for the superior s i d he has manifested in the tr e. tmcnt of cases the most difficult and complicated; particularly tlji- Meeting is impressed with the highest respeea foi the.' pro nssii nal talents he has evinced in curing, during one year, thirteen, persons, horn blind, of ca- taracts ( two of these, v. vie in private practice} without a single failure; and Ivy his having practised an operation, with p- er- ieet succ-. --, in the cure of closed pupil complicated, with ca- taract, ot which, as this meet- is informed,- there have • eeiVbuta very few cast; s r- cordnd in the annals of British surgery. This mm , is further of opinion, that Mr. Aiums's eminent succss* is, in a great measure, attributable to his having relinquished the general practice of physic and surgery, being thereby en « bltd to devote so considerable a portion of his time and attention to this particular branch of the profession; as well as to the patients of this institution. Resolved,-* That the thanks of this meeting be given to Dr. j Darnell,. Dr. Farre, and J. C. Saunders, esq^ Torthe readiness with which they have afforded their opinion and advice when required. Resolved,— That in the opinion of this meeting the public are highly indebted to Samuel . Frederick Mdford," esq. for his active benevolence in bringing forward this Institution, and for his zealous and unwearied efforts to promote its success. • Resolved,— That the following Address be published:— TO THE'I'UBLIC.- A year having passed since thrWest of . England Eye. In- firmary was first opened, the experiment has been made whe- ther such an institution might not be as eminently serviceable in this part of'the kingdom. as in the metropolis. It has now undergone the. test of experience; Which has demonstrated the wisdom and beneficial consequences, of this . compuratively in- expensive establishment. The patrons of the undent iking,, who brought it forward solely with a view to the a. lvailtage'of society, have the heartfelt satisfaction of- finding thar the'good which has been producjd exceeds their most sanguine expec- tations. So great a proportion. of cured patients, as is evinced in the medical report, cannot fail to acquire for Mr. Adams a very high reputation, . as, well- as to entitle him to the entire' satisfaction and confidence of'the Governors. A great number of poor persons has- been cured of inveterate disfcti'sb's of the eye, nriny'of which'would certainly have terminated in total depri- vation 6' f sight; Several paupers, who, ow'nj. to - blindness, had been necessarily maintained by their parishes for a long, scries of years, have been restored to the enjoy ment of vis en , and are now able to labour and maintain thertiselves. Chil- dren, born blind with cataracts, have been here Successfully operated upon, at a much earlier age than was ever thought practicable, by a novel mode of operation, eqUai- iv applicable to persons far advanced in years— of which thr hdnbiif of the invention js due to the celebrated M- ri tSaandib'V Ojuhst to the London Infirmary for the Eye,— this discovery he is now 011 the eve of publishing to the world. To Mr. Ad mt it w ; s communicated in confidence, at the time. he was his punil and assistant in that infirmary. The advantages of the adap- tion of an operation on the cataract, to the condition of child- hood and infancy, are of the very first importance, relatively to the future perfection of vision, as well as to the early edu- cation of the patients. But the benefit's of this institution- would have been diffused much more extensively, had its funds permitted the Governors to admit more patients into the house. Upwards of twenty poor persons, blind with cataract, whose names are 011 the books for admission-, besides a still larger number of other most distressing complaints, have been necessarily exclueed. Several patients, having been cured in this establishment, sent to it from different parts of the adjoining counties, it is presumed that it cannot be unrea- sonable to hope that more subscriptions, than hitherto, will be received from the benevolent inhabitants of those districts. In short, the friends of the institution, now that its value and importance are ascertained, trust that the opulent bencfafctois will augment their present contributions, and that new sub- scribers will not be wanting to enable tb. Governors to extend its benefits much more widely than has heretofore been prac- ticable. They are under the necessity of stating, that an in- crease of funds is indispensable to enable them to continue the following rule of admission, the liberality and extensive nature of which are, perhaps, unprecedented in any. other in- firmary, viz.—" That every poor person shall be admitted without any recommendation, who shall bring from the offi- ciating Minister of any parish in the four Western Counties, whether he be a contributor or not, a certificate that be con- siders the bearer to be a proper object of the- charity." That the skill and dexterity acquired in such an institution as tbis, must eventually prove of essential importance,^ personally, to the rich as well as to the poor, is too obvious to be insisted upon. After stating the result of one year's experience, the Governors confide, that it would be superfluous to advance- any further arguments During the t short period, 642 patients have been cured, and amongst them several born blind, who, had it not been for this charity, wou d, in all probability, have passed throu.-. h lit'- a burden to themselves and their fellow creatures; and have sunit into the grave without having known what the blessings of vision meant! - SAM 1.. FREDK. MILFORD, Vice- President. Subscriptione are received by Robert Russell, esq. Trea- surer; at all the Banks, and by Messrs. Trewman and Son, in Exeter; at the Banks of Messrs. Elfnrds and Co. in Ply- month ; at Mr. Ricard's, Hetling- eourt, Bath ; at the Bank of Messrs. Bury, Nott, and Co. Barnstaple; by Mr. Young, Stratton ; at the Bank of Messrs. Gill and Co. Tavistock ; and of Messrs. Prideaux and Co. Kingsbridge ; bv Messrs. Brodie, Doweling, and Luxford, Canal,' Salisbury ;' and in London, at the Bank of Messrs. Hoare and Co. Fleet- street, aud of Messrs. Lefevre, Curries, and Co. Cornhill; and at all the Banks in Bristol. [- 1867 WHEREAS in pursuance of the Notices given in the manner directed by the Act, passed- in the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, " for regulating. Turnpike Roads," the Tolls arising at the several Toil Gate's erected upon the Turnpike Road leading from Swindon to the centre of Christian Malford Bridge, in the county of Wilts, were put up to auction to be lett to the best bidder, at the Royal Oak Inn, i Wootton Bassett, in the said county, on Tuesday the 14th day of Nov. instant, at the several sums the said tolls produced last year, but 110 bidders offered for the Rushy Piatt and C > ped Hall Gates ; Notice is there ore hereby given. That the said TOLLS arising at the saitl several Toll Gates called Rushy Piatt and Coped Hall Gates will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, at the Royal Oak Inn, in Wootton Bassett aforesaid, on Tuesday the 12th day of December next, between the houts of two and four in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the said Act, and will be put up at such sums respectively as the Trustees pre sent shall direct. Whoever happens to be the best bidder for cither of the said gates must, at the time and place of letting, give security with sufficient sureties ti the satisfaction of the Trustees, for. pay- ment of tiie rent agreed for, and at such- times as they shall direct. By order cf the Trustees, JAMES BRADFORD, Clerk. SWINDON, NOV. .16, 180' P. ( 6777 Wilts.— licchahmpton Turnpike Tolls. 7L7TIEREAS in pursuance of notices given in the ' T manner directed by tin Act of Parliament passed in the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, for regu- lating the turnpike roadsthe tolls arising Spoil the said turn- pike road wirrc put up to auction, to be left to the best bidder, at the house of William Edmunds, being tbe Catherine Wheel- Inn, at Beckhainpton aforesaid, .011 Monday, the 6th day of November inst. at the sum of £ 1740, being - the clear sum the said tolls were lett for the last year, but no bidder offered $ — NOTICE is therefore hereby given, that tile said TOLLS will be LETT b< t AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the house of the said William Edmunds, 011 Monday the. Ilth day of December next ensuing, between the hours of eleven o'clock in the forenoon anil two in the afternoon of the same day, in the manner directed by the said Act. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to. the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said turnpike road, for the payment of the rent at such time end in. such manner as they shall direct. Dated this.-; th day of. November, 180,0. By Order of the said Trustees, 5605] ROBERT GRIFFITHS, Clerk and Treasurer. :— 1 ——— - llingwooit, Longham, and Leigh Turnpike Tolls to Lett. NOTICE is- hereby given,— That the TOLLS arising at the several Gates hereunder mentioned will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder,' at the Crown Inn, in Rlngvyboil aforesaid, on Thursday the 14th day of December h'extj at twelve o'clock at noon, in mariner directed by ah Act'passed'in ( be 18th year of the reign of his present Majesty, " jor regulating turnpike roads," ' and will be put up at the following sums, viz. RingwOod Gate, at £ tni Longham Gate, at 68 Leigh Gate, at .,,., .85 being the respective sums tor which those Gates. ate now lett for one year ending ( he 31s! day of December next. Whoever happens to be the highest bidder hiust at the time and place of letting give security, with sufficient sureties, to the- satisfaction of the Trustees,, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such time as they shall direct... By order of the Trustees, WM. BALDWIN,.. Clerk. FINGWOOD, . NOV. 10, 1809. , [ 5716 TURNPIKE TOLLS TO, BE LETT. OTICE is hereby given,— That ^ lli'e TOLLS N 1 arising at the under- mentioned Toll- gat: s upon . the turnpike road from the North Gate of tbe city of Winchester, over Worthy Cow- down, through Whitchurch arid other pbces, to Newr IIVII river, in the county of Southampton, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the , bent bidder, . at the house of James Blake; - known by the name- qf the White Hart Inn, in'the Borough of Whitchurch, on Friday 1 the 8th day of De- cember next, between the hours ot eleven and two of the clock, in the- manner- directed- by tip- Act passed in the 18th year of the- reign ot his Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating turnpike roads," and w ill be put u'p at the fol- lowing sums,- viz.- • 1 Swan- lane Gate £& tt Newtown Gate P. 137. being the respective sums atrwhich those gates are now lctt fur erre year. Whoever happens to. be the best bidder, rnust at the time aud place of letting eiVe security, with sufficient sureties, to tiie satisfaction of the Trustess, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times :• » they Shall direct.. WILL MONCKTON, Clerk and Treasurer. WLTLTCIIURCUI, Nov. 8, 1803. | 5622 Fishertott, Wilton, Heyteshnry, Willodghby- hedge, end Ihone Turnpike. " VTOTICE is hereby given,— That the TOLLS X arising at the several G it. s belonging to this Turnpike, with the several Side Gates or Bars to the same beiomrng ( ex- cept those at Bulbrid e), will be LETT by AUCTION, in on; lot, to the best bidder, at the Sun Inn, in 1- ishertQp, - on Wednesday the 20th d. v of December, 1809, Utwc It the hours of eleven o'clock'in the forenoon and two o'clock in the afternoon, in the, manner directed by the Act passed, in the. iatb year of the reign of his present Majesty, tor regu- lating turnpike roads, and. will be put up at ' the sutu' of £- 2- 270, being the- sum'at which they are now lett.. Whoever happtns to be the besr. l. lddcr must at tire tifne and' place jjf bidding give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for pVvmcfit of the lent agreed for, and ^ t ' snch times as they shall direct. ; Hy order of tie. Trustees, 571 tj JAS. CHAS. STILL, Clei'k and ' Treasurer. S. l:, U.\ I ASO H. 1LINO TUHS'PTKE. OTICH is hereby piyvn,— Thai the TOLLS 1 ^ arsing sit the sever. lt T. ll- s. it. s on this Turnpike will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bitl. l-.- r, at the hod$ e of Joachihi Hibberd,. known by the name of th.- Maidenhead Inn, jp. tbe. ciiy'pf New Sarum, mvWednesdiry Uie KKh da » ' of January next, between the |-,< kirsof eleven' and two if thtf clock, in the manner directed by the Act pasvd in tHe 1- itlt yutr of the reign of h's iWa, j Ml King George Tin- Third '•- lot re'gttlating the turnpike rQadswhich tolls produced the lasf year the several sums hereunder; metuionml-, above tSe ex-" pence at' collecting the same, anjj will be put up at tiie te< i spective sums, and in the lots following, v i /,. Lot I,— Petersfiagej-, Earldoms, Toiw. i, and Lynd- hurst Gates .£ 1 lojt Lot 2.— Lobcombe Gate. .. • t 51* Whoever, happ-.- ns to be the best, bidder must at the same . t mo give security, with suffi - i. nrf suretiis, to flic satisfaction of t ,; Trustees of the said turnpike roads, fur payment of the rent agreed for, and at such tim s as they shall direct. W. BOUCHlift", Clerk and- Treasurer. Sarum, Dee. 1, L •<, » ;>. [" 1907 Jf- dtvor Navigation Talt » to be Lett. N'OTKT. is hereby e. lvcit,—' That the RATES arising from the Navigatiorijon the Canal from Anth- vor to Redbridge Hieing a ditanee of 2a miles), and the PROFITS arising. from tin; several Wliarls, Dwelling- houses, and Store- houses at Atidevor, Stqcfcbridand Ramsey, will be LICIT by AUCTION, to the " best balder, at'a General ' Assemltfy of the Company of Proprietors of the said Canal Navigation, to be held at the Committee KoOih in Attdevov Wharf, On . Mon- day the ( 8th day of Decemln- r iil.- t. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, under the conditions, and reservations to b* then and there produced, fix th;- teem of Three, Years irom the 3 ist of December hist, as such At-. mbty. shall think best. Whoever happens to be the highest bidder, must at the same time pay into the hands of the Treasurer to tbe. sa'd Company a, deposit, of one m ihth's rent; and, also : ve secu- rity, to the satisfaction of tjie sai'd Company, for the dee payment of the rent agreed' for at stl'ch tirhes, aSd in such manner as ( hey shall at such Assembly direct. 1 ' ' HA. ETWACL, Clerk to'the said COrnpaiiiy. Application for conditions of letting, anil for further parti- culars, to be made to Mr. New, the Inspector, at Andevor; f by latter, post paid. . { 58< i8 ELM, OAK, W ALNUT, AND OTHER TIMBER. ! TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at ; he George In. 1, a. at Trojybridgon Tu-. siUy the. 12th day of Decemi er next, between the hours of ft ur cud five in the afternoon, in suitable Lots,— 51- 2 Elrhs, 97 Oaks, 17 Walnuts, and tfl Ashes, and other Trees, now standing on estates in the pa- rishes of Westbsry, Steeple AshftmJ and Trowbridge, in tit* county of Wilts; also the tali ige of about ten act. s of C y- pice Wood, and of an Ash- bed of one acre, in the said parish of Westburv. Th « TimV- r is principally of good quality, and some of it of large dimensions; aatl is situated adjoining or near to turnpike r > ads. [ o; i- 12 Particulars may be had ( after the 1stOf next month; of Mr. Timbrell, solictor, Trowbridge ; Y. Sturges, surveyor, Small- street, Bristol ; at the George Inn, Trowbridge ; Abingdon Arms, Westbury; and at tVe King's Arms, Milksham. CAPITAL . TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the King's Arms Inn, at Meiksham, on Widne- tl iy the 30th dayof De- cember next, between tiie hours of four and live in the aft. r- noon, in suitable Lots,— Sfto Elms, 24 Oaks, and 30 Ashes, Oqw gruwing on estates in tiie parishes of Mclksham, Chip- penham, and Keevil, in thee- iunty < f W. lts, viz.; V- io- Elius on an est . te at Meiksham Forest, in the occupation of V\ m. Keevi'l; 60 Elms, to'Oaks, and 30 A- h s, on an estate at Tytherton, in the parish of ' Chippenham, in the occupation of Will. Crook ; and 1 lo Elms and 8 Oal.- s, 011 the Oki Ilurj farm, in the parish of Keevil, in the tenure of Th s, Elhs. This Timb. r is principally of good quality, a d some of it of large dimensions; and that at Milks;-., m and Tytherton ia within a short distance of- the Wills and lleiks Can 1:. The respective tenants will shew live Timber,,' ai. d further partietil irs may be had of them ( aft ; r t e 1st ot 11. xt m. n'tftt; also of Mr. Timbrell, solicitor, Trowbridge ; ' and Y. Sturg. s'; surveyor, Small- stieet, Bristol. * fJSS- W' . - r-. .. TO HE SOLD by AUCTION, by D. HF. RITARV., » af the George inn, Trowbridge, oil , Tu - lay the'u'tii day of Dec. ii> st. between the hours of three- jind T" tir o'clock in the evening,— The following tiulv desirable FREEHOLD PREMISES, subject to such condition* 1 as shall thttt anil there be produced : Lot I.— All that Messuage or Dw lltng- house, with the garden, anti large and extensive Workshops thl- reto adjoining and belonging; together with five. Fenem ' Ots, and a stable thereto also adjoining, situate near the Mar'ict- pl. ice, in Trowbridge aforesaid, now in the occupation of Messrs. Dea- con, clothiers, and others, under iease, d.- teiminable 8Uh June 181- 1, except two of the tenements, which are occupied by Mr. James Berence and Isaac Moore, as tenants at wi ll. Lot S.— Ail that Dw- ding- house,' with the \ Vare- honse*> and Stables thereto- adjoining and belonging, situ it.: near the last- mentioneu lot: the- diveliiog- bouSe in the oi: cui; ation of Sarah Tucker,' and the ware- houses- and stable, of Mr. Thof. North, groeer. Let a.— All those two Closes of . rich Meadow or I'ajture- Grour. d called Colley Meati and Newlands, situate near Whitetrough- bridge, containing together fa A. ill. t a P. ( more or le. is), leit to Wm. Vincent'on lease, which will ex- pire 25th March 1 sis. Lot 4.— Two Closes of Pasture Ground, called Redhouse Upper and Low'Y Grounds, situate near Studley GK- OO; con- taining together .6' A. ( more or less; .--. if , h lught mo re. advis'abl ® at the time of sale, this lot will be divided. Either of tho fields would be a desirable situation for building a cottage, the views from whence are extensive and picturesque. I. ot 6.— All those two Cottages or Teuem nts, with a lar o piece of Garden- Ground thereto, b- elougin-;,- adioinin - the last- mentioned lot.— The last two lots are lett to J . mes Newman, as tenant at will. I. ot b'.- All that Close of P istnre Ground, situate in London- bridge- lane, calltd Hillman's, containing 1 A. 1 R. 30 P. ( more or less). 1. it 7.— All that Close of Pasture Ground adjoining the. last- rttentionedlot, called G'dlct's, containing A. Oil.' MP. ( more or less1.. The two last lots arc. in the occtip-. Hion of Mess. Frame, under lease, of which two years will be unexpired at Ladv- day next. Lots.— All that valuable Brick- Yard, with the Cottages and Gardens adjoining, situate at Lower Studley, contai ni"- 1 A. a R. 5 P. ( more 6r less) L- tt to Nat. f'rally.' brick- makerl on lease, of which 7 ye irs will be unexp- ied at Lady- dav ncif. Lot 9.— All tliat Close of Pasture Ground, called Ijlahe's, containing 1 A. i R. a.- i p. ( more or less) ; anil all tf, at Close- of Pasture Ground, called Arnold's, containing 5 A. 0 li. s P. ( more or less), both adjoining the turnpike re id loading frnn » Trowbridge t > Westbury.— Blake's is occupied by Messrs. Frame, under lease, of which, two v ar; will be unexpired at Lady- day next; and Arnold's", by Mr, Tljbmas Martin, under lease, of which 8 years will be unexpired at tint same time. Lot 10.— A Close of rich Meadow Land, called Gr. - at Pinch- mead, containing S A. S- R. 3:! P. { more or less), now in the occupation . of Mess. Frame, n- nder lease, of which two years w: il be unexpired at Lady- dav next. The last tieht lots arc also situate in the parish of Trow- bridge aforesaid. Lot Hi— All that Close of Meadow or Pasture Ground, Called Lark Lease, situate in the parish of Steeple Ashrori, containing 13A. 1 R. 20 P. ( more or iess), now in the occu- pation of the widow Glass, as . tenant at will. Lot 12.— All those two Closes of Land, called the CTars, situate at Steeple Ashton aforesaid, containing S A. 1 R. 8fi P. ( more or less 1, now in the Occupation Ol Farmer Tiley, as ten mt at wdl.-—- The two last lots have rights of common on Ste- ple A. iiiton Common. T. uither particulars may be obtained at the officc of • Mr. Timbrell, solicitor, Trowbridge $ or of Y. Sturge, sur- veyor, Small- street, Brist - 1. [ 5902 CII! LULA1NS hre. prevented from Breaking, muf their tormenting Itching instnmlv emoved. bv WHITE- HEAD'S ESSE. NQE of MUS TAHD, universally esteemed for its extraqrdinaiy efficacy in Rlieumatisms, Palsic?, Gouty Af- fections, and Complainis ol the Stoinaeh; bet where this'c* R- I'AIN remedy has been unknown, or ne.;: ected, and tha Chil- blains have actually suppurated . w broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CURATE will ease the pain, and very sneeddy Ileal them. - They ace pre, sued and sold bv Jon - 1 ., 1/ Apoilieeaiy, 15, Greek- sum, > oho, Loud,,.,.' t1 o >'...., . iceand Pi. l- t U 9 -. each- the Ce a r at U. 1) . 1 ev are alio sold by Mevii- i. Bi-. idie, Dowdiug, and I >?•'•.., tioiseuiy 1 and by every medicine . vender in the united k'.„. ...... [ aTliJ AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF Wjt/ rS, IjANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday's Posts. The London Gazette Extraordinary. ADMTHALTt* OpKICEy Kev. 2f). THE Hon. Lieut. William Waldegrave, of the Villi; de Paris, arrived here this morning with dis- patches from Viee- Admiral. Lord Collingwood, Commander iu Chief of his . Majesty's slii]> s and vessels in the Mediter- ranean, of which the following are copies;— FiUe ife Paris, off St. Sebastian, Oct. 30, 1809. SIR,—- By my letter of the lfa'th of September, their Lordships would he informed of the intelligence I had re- ceived relative to the intended movements of the French tqnadron, and of my reasons for changing my station to St. Sebastian. White oil this station, nil the night of the O'Jd inst. the Pomone joined, and Capt. Barrie ( who with indefatigable perseverance bad, wilh the Aiceste, watched the port of Toulon) intormed me, that the day before, Several of tire enemy's squadron bad put to sea, that others Xvere coining out when he left them, and that there was every ap|) eaiance uf the whale fieetbeing on tbe move from lite harbour. They had a numerous convoy with thorn, • and as this movement was made with tbe fust of an easterly • Hind, there was little doubt of their being bound to the • \ vcstvv. iril. 1 immediately made the necessary signals for Mie squadron to be prepared for their reception, and placed • the three frigates and sluop .( Pomone, Hydra, Yolontaire, tmd Minstrel,) to windward, to give notice of the enemy's approach. On the following morning, tbe 23< 1, soon after eight xj'clnck, the Volontaire made the signal for a Heet to tiie • .. rvvaid ; while they continued to come down before tbe wind, no alteration was made in the squadron, except by • advancing two fast sailing ships, the Tig " and Bulwark. At ten, the Pmnoue made the signal, that the enemy had hauled to the wind ; mid tbe convoy separating from the ' ships of war, ( which ivi'i'i now discovered to consist of tbree ships of the line only, two iiigates, two smaller fri- gates or store- ships, and a convoy of about twenty sail of vessels,) 1 ordered Rear- Admiral Martin to chaee them, with eight of ibe best sailing ships, which, standing on - contrary tacks, might take advantage of the changes of the \ vind, which was then variable. At two p. m. tbe Pomoue having got far to windward, was directed by signal to- destroy such of the convoy as could lie come up with; and ill the evening she burnt two brig's, two bombards, and a ketch. The enemy before dark was out of sight, and the ships chacing, not much advanced, were standing to the not thwanl while the squadron with ine stretched to the southward. The next illuming neither the French nor our own chacing hips were in sight. This moruiug Rear- Admiral Martin joined with bis divi- sion ( the Canopus, R& nown, Tigre, Sultan, Leviathan, anil Cumberland), having again fallen in wilh the enemy oil the 24tb, off tbe entrance of the Rhone, and on the 25th, they cliaced them on shore.; tbe Robuste, of 84 gun', bearing the flag of Rear- Admiral Boudain, and the Leon, of 74, off Front'ignan, were the day following set fire to bv the enemy. The Boree, of " 4 guns, and a frigate, ran oil shore at the entrance of the port of Cette, where there • is little probability of either of them being saved. I cannot sufficiently express the high satisfaction I hive felt at tbe intrepid perseverance of Rear- Athuiral Martin, and of the Captains of the ships who were with him in the pursuit. Nothing less ardent, or less skilful, would have produced a result so fortunate, where the coast near tbe Rhone is exceedingly shoal anil dangerous, so that some of She ships were in live and six fatbom* water, the weather thick, and the sosuh- east'wiiid blowing strong. 1 beg to congratulate their Lordships on three great tbi ; s of the . enemy being thus destroyed, without the smallest resistance on their part, of a s. iot being fired by tbe British ships, except a fetv by the Tigre at the/ Boree, when fclus was pushing ashore at Cette; of tbeir two fri- gates, tiif P > moue and Pauline, one hauled her wind Softie t on in tlte night, and fetched into Mu- cities Road. The ether part of ti ® Friieh. squadron are jjiiind to l'e- re . iii in Toulon by the ships which have since examined that port. i have the honour to. bi', dc. COLLLvGWOODI [ F. v; ry circumstance detailed in Rear- Admiral Martin's fetter ( inclosed, is s- > rspicuously related by Lord Colling- wood, Chat it ij unnecessary here to insert the Ineicsure. j fltle de; Paris, off Rosas, X„ v. I. SIR,— When the enemy's convoy was elia- ed on the 23d elf. their transports separated from the ships of war, and, u ler tbe protection of an armed store- ship, two bombards, an 1 a zeheck, made for the Bay of Rosas. When the ships ci war were disposed of, as related in uiy letter of yesterday, the convey because the object of my attention, and on the 89th the A; olio was sunt off- Rosas to examine what vessels wer there, and how far they were iu a . situation assailable. The next day rappointed t , e Tigre, Cumberland, Vo- lonulre, Apollo, Tnpaze, Phil nnel, Scout, and Ttwxm, for thi service, under the orders of i'apt. llaliowell, to. • b;!., them out if tbe wind wa- favourable; or otherwise to destroy th- m. The state of the- vtiml and sea would not permit this operation till last night, who , after dark, the ships bore up for the Bay, and anchored about five miles from ( he Ca- t. le of Rosas, under tbe protection of which cast la, of Trinity Fori, and of several other newlv- ei toted batt" i: cs, the convoy, consisting of eleven vessels, five of them armed, were moored. The b iat, being arranged in separate divi- iom, the whole were put uudrfr tie ortl rs of Lieut. Tailour, Fir- t Lieute- • na. it of the Tigre, and proceeded to tile attack of tlie enemy, who, although he could have had no previous inti- mation of such an enterprise against him, was found vigi- lant and completely am his guard. The ship, which was a Soulier sort ot frigate', win enclosed in boarding nettings, and a gun- boat . advanced a- head of her • on tiie look- out. O. i being bailed, and the alarm gun find, our boats mretched out, the erevy s, at the highest pitch (' animation, filling t ie air with their cheer,. Each division took tin; part previously allotted to it; the armed - hip was boarded at all points, a : d carried in a few minute*, notwithstanding a spirited and sturdy resistance which the enemy made; all their armed vejseis were well defended ; but. the British • seamen and marines, determined to subdue them, were not to he- repelled, even by a force found to be double that which was expected, and besides the opposition made by the vessels, the guns front the castle, tbe fort in the bay, th • gun- boats, and musketry from the/ beach, kept a con- stant fire oil them. On " the opening of day, every ship or vs: .. el was either burnt, or brought off, aided by the light winds which then came from the laud; and the whole of tiie convoy that came front Toufon, for the supply of the French army in Spain, has. been destroyed, with the tx- cepiii. n of tiie frigate which escaped to Marseilles, and one atsre- sh'p which has not since been h ard of. 1 cannot conclude this narrative without an expression of the se , t- merit which the execution of this bold enter-- prize h is inspired me with, and the respect and admiration 1 feel i'or lii. r- e* who performed it. In the first place, suecc s greatly depended upon the previous arrangement which was made by Capt. Hallowell, with a judgment and foresight that distinguishes that Officer in every . service be is employed in. The division of < he b- iats, the preparation of fire- materials, acid providing theiii with every implement that contingency could • i'c- « | Uire, established caiifidenee throughout the whole; and in t : is he wits ably assisted by the. experience and zeal of • Captains Wodehou- e, Bullen, Taylor, and Hope, The bjig- s were under sail, as near tbe vessels. attacked as the light Winds would allow, and Captain Ihdlowell speaks in high terms of praise of their Commanders Crawly, Raitt, • ami Wilson. The First Lieutenant, Tailom, led to the a--; ault in a most gallant manner, ami w is followed by tbe eitbe. Officers, as if each was ambitions of his place, and desired to be first: the whole party bravely maintained tiie character which Blitisb seamen have established for themselves. i am sorry to have to aud, that the loss has been consi- derable, of which I enclose a list., Lieutenant. Tait, of the Voloutaire, ail excellent a d brave young Oilicer, and Mr. Cald'. vell, Mater's Mate of the Tigre, a youth of great promise, are the only Officers slain. Many Officers in the fleet were desirous of being volun- teer- iu this service. 1 could could . not resist the earnest request of Lieutenants Lord Viscount Balgonie, the Hon. J. A. Maud, and the Hon, W. Waidegiavc, of the Villa de Pans, to have ihe command of boats, in which tlaey dis- played that spirit which is inherent iu them. ( Signed) COLLlNGWDpl). Captain IlaVlowcll's letter to Lord Colliugtroml incluses • be following list of vessels captured and d e- troyed : Armed stor—: nip, Li Lemprove, of 10 nine- pound " rs, US men, and 000 ton's ; burnt.— Pierced for 2- 5 guns on tile main" deck.— Vessel ol war. Bombard, La Victoire, of 14 six- pounders and 80 men; - burnt.— Vessel of war. Felucca, L'Alsarien, cf < 25 muskets and 20 men; burnt,— Vicnsport belonging to Government. L'Union, of 150 tons; burnt.— Landed her cargo. La Bien Aim£, of 150 tons, laden with biscuit; burnt. Notre Dame de Rosaire, of 150 tons; burnt.— Landed her cargo. Felucca, Notre Dame de Grace, of 90 tons ; burnt.— Landed her cargo. Bombard, Le Grondire, of 8 six- pounders and 45 men, laden with biscuit; taken.— Transport belonging to Govern- ment. Zebeck, T. a Normande, cf 10 four- pounders and 48 men ; taken.— Vessel of war. Le Dragon, of 200 tons, laden with biscuit; taken. L'lndie'ii, of 200 tons, laden with corn and flour; taken. The list of killed anH wounded is as fotlotvs:— Killed— 1 Lieutenant, 1 Master's Mate, 10 Seamen, 1 Serjeant of Marines, 2 Privates of Marines.— Wounded— 1 Seaman, 4 Privates of Marines, dangerously ; 2 Lieutenants, 1 Midship- man, 7 Seamen, 1 Private of Marines, severely; 3 Lieute- nants, 1 Master's Mate, 2 Midshipmen, 28 Seamen, S Pri- vates of Marines, slightly.— Total, 15 killed, 55 wounded. Lieut. 1 a t, of the Volontaire, and Mr. Caldwell, Master's Mate of the Tigre, arc the Officers killed.— The Officers se- verely wounded are, Lieut. John Tailour, of the Tigre, J. Foster, of the Apollo,, and Mr. D. R. Syer, Midshipman of the Tigre. LONDON, FRIDAY, OKCEMBF. R l. i tr,• s and , liotwith- tl by ill - it i - r live.-, t a letter Official. accounts, have been received liv Govern- ment that the Islands of Zante and Cephalobia have been taken possession of by tbe Expedition which sailed from Sicily. - Before tbe arrival of Lord Collingwood's dispatches, it was reported that a large body of French troops ( from 5000 to 25,000) were on board tho enemy's transports for tbe relief of Barcelona. These stateiu'u's appear to have been unfounded, but the business iu the Mediterranean was as completely done as it could be. Of the squadron the enemy sent to sea, not one vessel reached its desti- nation. We tind from the enumeration of the transports captured and destroyed, that three of them had landed their • cargoes— not however, at Barcelona, but iu the Bay of Rosas, seventy miles off. The supplies, therefore, they have conveyed, cm be of no use; to the'garrison of Barce- lona, which, suffering under the greatest distress, and seeing from the. fate of the squadron the little chance of being relieved by sea, may be expected to surrender. From the movements of tbe Toulon Fleet, there is every reason to believe tlultit'wa' intended that the whole of it should put to sea, add that a considerable part of it was destined for an attack upon Sicily. The French \ diuir. il, probably, supposed, that tbe whole of our force would have go ' e after Baudiu's division, and that the remainder of the fleet might, in safety, have pushed for Sicily. Last night letters and papers from Portugal to the 17th lilt, reached town. They in general confirm the pleasing accounts of the advance of the Spanish armies. The proclamation for assembling the Cortes, which the Spanish papers contain, i an interesting appeal to the people whom it iiutnr-. djatcl. v concerns; but it is to lie feared this measure is resorted to ai too late a period. Tbe Cortes is not expected to dv » mble for business till the 1st of March— will- Bonaparte be idle in the interval.' Letters have been received from Tarragona to the • 2d, from Malaga tu^ Ue 12th, from Gibraltar to tbe 15th, and from Cadiz to the lijtb of November. By the former we have the satisfacion to learn, that Gerbna had not sur- rendered oil the. 29th of October, and bv information, four days' later, received iu au official form from the same place, we find that it continued sncees ivelv to resist - the efforts of its implacable enemy on the od of November. Tne David Scott sailed from Bombay on toe 15th of June— a Single ship ; on the 30th'of June, the tluroiie, Streathanf, Lord Keith, Ha l Spencer, and Monarch, were to sail from Kadgeree, undue eo.. vny of th" Victor. Sh left the Bombay, Waitey, and Lion man of war, at St Helena. A large French privateer rue their ab- lutions. M4oy attempt., were made to destroy it, out i , vain. Three Brahini ; 3, with several chei toll ea, • , na.. already become it- victim- ; and th. r . t coiist- erttarinn prevail among thebaic ; wh- standing, rather than forfgyn prac'. i • • > i religion, are contest to enjoy it at to t The Gazette of Tuesday drily stair, . in from Captain Sir William RoltO", of ill" Druid, giv.-. an account of his having, on th ISitb. inuant, captured lb: French national brig Le Basque, of Hi gun , a d 112 men; but no notice is taken of tbe disa- trous conflict which pre- ceded this capture. The omission i. supplied 1> y the Cork Advertiser of the 23d, which communicates tbe following melaitchi Iv detail :— " The Druid frigate, Captain Sir William Bolto. , has brought i to this port a French brig of war. Tiie circum- stances which attended ( his capture are, too uufoituuate to render the event, advantageous as it is to our trade, a sub- ject of gratification— they are summarily these :— In the course of her cruize, the Druid f i! in with three, stran ves- cls at night, and at a con ideiable distance to the southward of the Irish coast. Unable to close with them, oil account of a calm, Sir William had three but' manned and rii- patchod, with some adm notion, that if they were ascertained to be encinv's ship of war, no risk should be incurred in. approach! g them. The First Lieutenant; Mr. Watkins, commanded this detachment, and ied it with his boat: Mr. Andrews, the Second Lieutenant, was in the next boat. With the zeal and spirit which distinguish all Our naval operations, tho. se Officers proceeded; but, un- mindful of the prudence which had been recommended, the headmost bad scarcely made out the nearest to be ail enemy, when it was determined to carry her by boarding. The attempt was accordingly made ; but the enemy was too strong to be assailed Miece'sfully hy so small te force, and, in a . short time, every man of the boat's crew, includ- ing the or intrepid Commander, was either killi dor wounded. The'wounded were taken on board the enemy's vessel. The wound of tbi' gallant Lieutenant, » e regret to state, was mortal, and he died shortly after enduring the am- putation of bis thigh. The first boat was so far a- bead of the others, that the destruction took place before she could be supported. The second, however, in which was Lieut. Andrews, not intimidated by the fate of tbe first, renewed the attack, but with no better fortune ; her crew was either killed, Wounded, or made prisoners. Lieut. Andrews received ades'perate wound, by a grape- shot, in the thigh, and apprehensions are entertained for his life. The third, which assailed the enemy with the same l'e- olution, was not. more successful— her ci'ew suffered similarly, As soon as tho French vessel had accomplished tliis work of de- struction, she, with the assistance of sweeps, got out of sight of the Druid, and Sii W. ' Bolton, not knowing what had happened to bis boats, kept on the same course with what progress bis ship could make. Th • next day he again got sight of the enemy, but, unable to come up with her, be lost her in the night. Standing on, he again observed her next day, and again she escaped him. Despairing either of gaining upon her, or recovering his boats, he altered his" course during the. night; the enemy, by a cri- tical e incidence, bad done the same; and the succeeding ' morning he again got in view of her, aud a breeze of wind springing up, after a chaee of « o » e length, be succeeded iu capturing the object of his anxiety. The prize proved fo be a large French national privateer, admirably well found iii every respect, and strongly maimed. It was a subject of deep. Concern to Sir William Bolton to under- stand the fato of his Officers ami men upon capturing the brig : it was, however, spine Satisfaction to have recovered tin- wounded and prisoners. The loss, in this unhappy affair, was 10 killed and wounded, ai d 17. prisoners, which have teen retaken. The two brigs, consorts to the. prize, escaped.— Sir William Bolton is nephew to the immortal Nelson." « The Board < f Admiralty, it is said, have corrected tbe abuse in the Naval Hospital at Plymouth. Orders have been issued, not only to discontinue the. lis. a day to (.' apt, Creyke, the Governor, which he received as a super- annuated, Captain, but that lie should be called upon to re- fund all . that, he has. received on that account since bis salary was augmented from 500/. to 300/. a year. A COURT. MARTIAL assembled yesterday at Chelsea, for the trial of four Officers of Ihe 13th Light Dragoons, charged with insubordination and improper conduct, at Hounslow Barracks.— A fifth, who was ail actor in the same scene, niade an apology. COvFNT- GARDl. n' T111. A'l iie.— The disturbance was conti- nued Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, with ' little abatement. " There was last night a tkiu audience, and the performances went Off without the customary iutciludes by the O. i" s. The subject for the next No\ risian Prize is— The Connection of' Religion aiuljLcariuii^ v \ ST. ANDREW'S DAY was yesterday obse'^ d by tlie Scotch in London with their usual religious exactNss. The Duke of York took the Chair at the meeting in Scottish Hospital; the Dukes of Clarence and Kent, Lord Keith, tbe Spanish Ambassadors, and the Tyrolese Depu- ties, were oil bis light,— the Dukes of Sussex and Montrose, with many noble characters, on his left. Tbe company consisted of upwards of 700 gentlemen. After the toasts of the King, the Heir Apparent, the Qneen and Royal Family, bad beeu drank, " the Duke of York and the army" was proposed, and drank with three- times- thite, amidst a thuuder of applause. « The Duke of Clarence and the Navy"— the other Royal Dukes,— tbe Spanish Ambassadors— and the Tyroleae Deputies, were also drank with great applause.— Appropriate songs and glees, with the bagpipe and union- pipe enlivened tbe company till about ten o'clock, when the ' friends of tbe Society in India, who have sent 1000/. to its support, and the other benefactors," was drank, after which the company broke up. The Iloval Society, as usual, elected then' Officers yes- terday. Sir Joseph Banks was l'e- elected President. It is said the Attorney General has filed an infor- mation against Mr. Cobbett, for an article which ap- peared some months ago in bis Political Register. Tbe munificence of the Duke of Northumberland has been lately manifested upon Tyne side.— Mr. Anderson, hi' Grace's tenant at Newborn- Hall, having suffered se- verely by the flood in September last, the Duke's agents represented it to his Grace, who was pi ased to order 800/. to be paid to him, in consideration of the losses he had su tabled. COSTS of SUIT.— It appeared by a motion made on Wednesday in the Court cf Exchequer, for referring the costs attending a writ of enquity to the Master, that the costs attending the recovery of the small sum of 5/. and a fraction amounted tuno less than 128/. I The following daring robbery was committed on Friday evening last:— Two men, fashionably dressed, went into a haberdasher's shop in Newgate- street, in which there were only two young women behind the eeunter, and whilst one of them was engaging their attention in looking at some articles, which he pretended to want to purchase, the other took up a large parcel of silk handkerchiefs which were lying on tbe counter, and ran out of the shop with them ; ihe first man then pulling a pistol out of bis pocket, declared be would shoot the lirst that attempted to give any alarm. When be thought his companion was out of danger of pursuit, he also ran off, and both of them escaped. The handkerchiefs were worth upwards of 20/. Saturday la.-: t a man was apprehended in Whitehaven, charged with poisoning a, y- oung woman, at Wigtoun, ill Galloway; lie was taken off in custody the next day. CORN EXCHANGE, Dec. 1. There are bnt few fresh ar- rivals of Wheat to- day, but tolerable supplies being on hand, part foreign, sales are at little fluctuation; Barley in demand, a short supply, and rather dearer ; White Peas likewise; Beans support their price; there are tolerable supplies of Oats, and samples of best quality are higher; prices of Flour at our last currency. BIRTHS.] On the 17th of November, at Woodchester Paik, tbe ( tight Hon. Lady Dude of a daughter.— On the 23d, at lli'ir htoii, tbe Lady of Captain George Lang- ford, Royi! Navy, of a son.— O'l the 25th, at Chester, the Lady of Capt, Schorr, In rg, cf the Loire frigate, of a son.— On Friday, at Canons, Herts, the Lady of Hew. B. mham, Esq. M. P. for Leominster, of a son.— On Friday evening, Lady Popham, wife of sir Home Bigg' Popbaip, of a son, her tenth child. On Sunday, in Green- street, Grosvrnor- square, t he Lady of Bi igf.- iier- Genei-' a! Anson of a son,— On Weilne das', at. the College, Doctors- Commons, the Lady of Dr. stoddai't of tvviii'. . MAP. iilEl>.] On the ,:- lth flit. Capt. John Walton, of his Majes y's ship s'tnethyst, to Sar. ali- second daughter of Major- Gcnerai Gabriel . bustone, of the East- India Com- pany's • ervr. v.—; Iii Friday, FuUvar Craven, Esq, of Chilton .'. louse, to Afiss. La. ur >. Yaiisittravt, - eeoiid daughter of Geo. Van< ii. tr. t, '.' sq. M P. for Berkshire. tin Saturday, Viscount Hamilton, son of the Marquis of Aberconi, to Viis• Douglas, second daughter of the Hon. John Douglas. — Sam day, at - t. u . urge's, iiauover- square, Lord Gran- v le Le. e- on Gow r, brother of the Mvrquis of Stafford, to Lady Harriet t. aveudi- li, youngest daughter of the Duke ol Devonshire-: Lord G. is 38 years of age, Lady Harriet 2- 1.—- On M slay, at St. George's, Hanover- square, bv the i>: a p .1 Salisbury, i enry dive, h q. M. P. for Ludlow, to Mi' Charlotte Jane Buller, youngest drugbter of the I ' • JvHjn i! till r, Esq. M. i'. of Morval, in Cornwall.— On Wednc . dav, at St. George's, Hanover- square, Lieut. Col. .";• rto , of the 44th regiment, to Miss Truubridge, only n lighter of tbe late Admiral Sir Thomas Truubridge, Bart. — On Saturday, N. A. Austen, Esq. banker, of Rain'gate, fei Miss Sophia Rain', second daughter of Capt. Rains, of the ' loyal Navy. DIED.] O • Wednesday se'nnight, at his house in tbe Cluie, Exeter, the Rev. Nuteonibe Nutcombe, LL. B. w ho had been 52 years Chancellor of the Cathedral Church of St. l'etcr, in Exeter; he was Rector of Bishop's Mer- chant, in Devon- hire, and Ashbiittle, in Somersetshire.— O. i ( he 14th of October, on his way home for the recovery of his health, Lieut. John Burgh, of his Majesty's ship Erebus.— On Monday se'miight, Miss Stephens, aged 21 years, youri rest daughter of Gen. Stephens, of Exeter.— On Friday, at his house in Soho- squaee, Sir John Burton, Knt.— On Monday, at Broinpfon, John Harrison, Esq. — On Tuesday, aged IS years, William Thomas Farnaby, youngest son of the late Sir John Farnaby, Bart.— Oil Wednesday, William Devaynes, E- q. of D iver- street, Piccadilly.— Same day, William James, Fsq. of Grosvenor- pl. tee, Bath.— Last week, in Avon- street, Bath, Mrs. Rachael Sbaekleton, aged 89 years.— On Friday, at the Freeinens Hospital, Newcastle- upon- Tyne, M. uy Huntley, aged 102 years': she retained her faculties till within a day or two of her death, CHILTON FOL1AT INCLOSURE. BV order of the Commissioners appointed by an Act passed in the last session of Parliament, intituled, " An Act for inclosing Lands in the parish of Chilton Foliaf, iu the counties ot Wilts and Berks," i do hereby give Notice, That th. several claims of the persons interested, which have been delivered to the said Commissioners, are lett at my office in Newbury, and that an Abstract of such claims is left with Mr. Thomas Philips, the surveyor, at his residence in Chilton Foliat aforcsafd, ami that such claims and abstract are open to. the inspection and perusal ofall parties interested, or claiming , to be interested, in the premises, and tljat they or their re- spective agents or attornies, may take copies thereof or ex- tracts therefrom ; and that if any person or persons, or bo/ ly politic oi corporate, interested, or claiming , to be interested, in the premises, shall have any objection to often to . either or any of such claims, the particulars of such objections are required to be reduced into writing, and signed by them or their respective husbands, guardiims, trustees, committees, or agents, and to be delivered to file said Commissioners at thpir next meeting, to be held at the Bear Inn, at Charnham- strcet,' in the parish of Hun . erfonl, in the county of Wdts; on Monday the 11 th day of December next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon'; and that no such objection will afterwards be received, unless tor some legal disability or special cause, to be allowed by the said Comnnssioncrs.— tinted the \ 6lliday of November 1809. Rn. TOWNSEND, Clerk. PIMPERNE INCLOSURE. WE the Commissioners named and appointed in and by the Act for allotting Lands, & c. in the parish of Pimpcrne, do hereby give Notice, that we shall hold our next Meeting tor- carrying the said Act into execution, on Monday the 4th of December next, and the following days, at the Greyhound Inn,. in Blandford, and that, on Tuesday the 5th, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, we shall proceed to perambulate the boundaries of the said parish, and shall begin suoh perambulation at a place called the Yonder Furlong, in the Lower Field, near DamaryFarm, adjoining the parish of Blandford Forum, in the said county cf Dorset, and proceed from thenci in a south easterly direction, ugainst the parish of Blandford Forum, Langtou, Tarrant Luunceston, Tarrant Hinton. TarrantGunville, Iwerne, Steplcton, andStour Payne, and shall continue the perambulation from day to day until the whole boundaries be gone through, of which perambula- tion all Lords of' neighbouring Manors, and other persons interested, arc hereby required to take notice. And we give this further Notice, that we have fixed on Friday the 8th day of December, for receiving objections to the claim or claims of rights of common and pasturage de- livered in by any person or persons, as attached to his, her, or their tenements within the said parish, and that an account in writing of all such claims is left at the Office of C. Bowles, of Shaftesbury, our Clerk, and a copy of the same with P. Godwin, of Pimpcrne, for inspection, to enable all persons who may feel aggrieved bv such claims to make their objec- tions.—- Dated at Blandibrd the 12th day of October 1809. WILLIAM BOND. JOHN CHARLTON. 5742] RICHARD GEE, . MERE 1XCLOSURE. THE Commissioners appointed under or hy virtue or" an Act of Parliament, passed in thc- 47th ye t of l is Majesty's re ign, intituled, " Ail Act for inclosing Lands in the parish of Mere, ' in the county of W ilts," hereby give Notice, That having received applications in writing for that purpose by and on behalf of several proprietors of lands, ihey will proceed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION at their next meeting, to be holden at the- Ship Inn, in Mere aforesaid, on Thursday the lst, day of February next, between the, h airs of four and six in the aft i; noon,—- The following PARCELS of LAND, now marked aud staked out; ( that is'to say;, Lot 1 .— A Plot or Parcel of Pasture Land, part of Whitehill Common, containing by ' admeasurement - 3 A. 0 R.- 22 P. ( more or less:, bounded on the north by the road newly ser out, leading from the Shaftesbury turnpike toad towards Lim- pet's Hill, on the east in part by a strip of tbe said common, and on the other part by an old inclosurc called Oakodges, on the south by the sale lot No. 2, and on the west, by the. said turnpike road. Lot- 2.— A Plot or Parcel of Pasture Land, adjoining the south side of lot 1, containing by admeasurement a A. SR. OP. ( more or' less), bounded tin the east in part bv the said close called Oakridges, and on the north- east by an old inclosure called Sharp Haye, on the remaining part on the east by the said common, on the south by a road newly set out to Lye- marsh Common, and on the west by the said turnpike- road. Lot 3.— A Plot or Parcel of Pasture Land, part of Mapkdf ie Common, containing by admeasurement 4 A- - 30 1': ( more or less), bounded on the north - hy old iiicdosUres', on the east arid south by the, said common, and on the " west by the road newly set cut,, leading from Mere over the said com- mon to GiHicham. " - Lot 4.— A Plot or Parcel of Pasture Land, al< o part of Maple dorc Common, containing by admeasurement 1 A'l 3 R. I* P. ( more or less), bounded on* the north by the road newly set out, leading from Mefe to Woolverton, on the east by the- said road leading to Gilhngham, on the south by tbe sale lot No. 5, and on tbe west by the said common. Lot 5.— A Plot or Parce l of Pasture Land, also pajtof Maple- dore Common, containing by admeasurement - 1 A. 1 R. 2u P. fmore or less), bounded oh the north by the sale lot 4, on the east by the said road leading to GiUinghatn, on the south by the sale lot G, and on the west by the said common. Lot 0'.— A Plot or Parcel of Land, also part of Mapledore Common, containing by admeasurement 5.4. 1 Ii. 20 P. ( more or less bounded on the north by . the sale lot 5, on the cast hy the said road leading to Gillingham, and on the. south and west by the said common. The lands may be viewed by application to Mr. William Hindley, of Mere ; and further information had at the office of Messrs. Messiter, solicitors, Wincanton, where a map mav be seen. JOHN FIELD. 5781] RICHARD WEBB. MKRE, Oct. 31, 1809. GEO. BARNES. FARM NEAR BASINGSTOKE. TO be DISPOSED OF, and entered upon imme- diately,— A capital FARM, consisting of a good Farm- house, w th excellent farming buildings, and 415 acres of good Land, of which (? 2 are meadow and pasture, 18 hedge- rows, and the remainder arable, situate at Farleigh Wallop ; term unexpired of the Lease, 13 years.—' 1 he crops of this year's hay and corn, with the lease, to be purchased, and the preparations for future crops, and the live and dead stocks, to be taken at a Valuation. None but . experienced farmers of undoubted propeity need apply. Personal applications to be made at Farleigh House, near Basingstoke. " fjl& j HAMPSHIRE. TO he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A modern MANSION' and 171 Acres of LAND, within three miles of Andovs r, 67 of London, and 43 of Bath, The House is spacious", in good repair, and amply supplied with commodious offices, excellent water, and every convenience for the Comfortable accommodation of a large family. Immediate possession may be had, and part of the money may remain on mortgage. ' £ 5816 For particulars apply to Messrs. Forster, Cook, and Frere, Lincoln's Inn ; or to Mr. Fleet, attorney at law, Andover. npo be SOLD,—.-- PAllKSTONK MILLS, one JL mile from Poole, a most desirable situation for a Miller, or any other factory that requires power by water. The pre- mises'consist of an Edge- tool Mill complete ; a substantial brick and tile Dvvellinc- house, with rortmy mSil- bousr, v.- i; b a water- wheel and' lying shafts, & c. & c."; a capital garden, tastefully laid out, and Well stocked with choice fruit trees ; store- rooms, waggon- house, pig- styes, Src. with a small Field adjoining, and six acrcs of moory Laud.—— Immediate possession may be had. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr, Rowden, attorney at law, Wiin'borne ;, or or. the premises.' ['' 891 To GENTLEMEN SPORTSMEN iranling Qaidijkatrons. A CAPITAL BARGAIN- npo be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— JL Fifteen Acres and upwards of FREE LAND, bringing in ^ 100 per annum, clear of ail deductions excepting land- tax and property- tax, situated in North Wiles, having- an unlimited right of common for sheep, & c. and a reeve in a common field. For the accommodation of a purchaser great part of the purchase money may remain ou mortgage. For particulars apply ( if by letter post- paid) to Messrs. Hooper and Broome, Solicitors, Ringwood,. Hants, or Messrs. Broome and Pinniger, 1, Gray's- Inn Square, London. TIMBER. BR AM DEAN, near ALRESFQRD, HANTS. )• be SOLD bv AUCTION, by Mr. Al/. tfT, at npo- 2 the Fox inn, ; n Biamd an,' on Tcjalay lie i'.",. of • December m- jj » , ai three o'cl ek in. th. alt fyo n S ,. I'al LOTS oi capital ASH, ELM, BEECH, I.! ME. aud 1 IR rKEES, now standing ana on Wi odcote Fss. tc at orarvidean.— Pai oculars : a t'eelic. xt Journal. [, . as rpp- Jie DISPOSED" oi^ by TENDER, in such if quantities as'purCh.- is i. i'. mi' reqti. re, ; nd debv t red ; - y where ( if not less than a load: within tbe distance ot 20 Hides — Upwards ol Eighty Tons of- prime tUY. . Kyi a v iew of tbrf same apply to. Mr. H't r. y I. yne, of Ashly- Hall t , r'i! i, near Ringw^ od, Hants.: p whei'n all icm'trs, containing real names, . quantity wanted, ppec" to be •• i'ven and place where to be sent, must be dcliveied on or h.' fore tne. gntn day. Qf Decem'oef n.- t. • r.> o:! • rr. O . he S. OLD or LETT, bv TENDERS in ts- rtl0m M'chae'mas next;— A v. fv'ifcrtile Ea. lAljs, Situated at Kingston, in the parish of Rim w o l a" & of Hants j- cohtaiilifig too acKs of1 excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Lan'd, wirh the riabfot a tain port, on of Malm; a good Farm- hobse,- and ncccssaiv Uut- builthncs; now m - tlje. occupation of. Mcssrs. Whwle'r and Dimpck. The tenant to- pay . alt rates, taxes, and - ut- S'omgs, except the landlord's property tax. I 7 , i . The letters to- be dirciji'ed ( post paid; to J. M. Post office. Crew kerne, Somerset, o. n or before the iCtli day of J unary next ; alter which lhe ' IVrrdrr approved of win be ac ( ptcd. Hie abdVe Estate-' is 2' miles from It: hi Wood, 7 from Christ church, and 20 from Salisbury and Southampton. T." ' DORSET. O he LE'IT by TEND LR, for a term of Seven /... M'- commencing at Lady- day next,— STREET Iff? 1; 1 •<•' par. sh'ot Marnhull; consist n.; of'pa aens of Ahihle, Meadow and Pasture Land, With a Farmiho'ifce; and all requisite Buddings ; situate within 7 miles of Shaft,' s- town'sa' ot Sturminstef and Stalbridge, all good market Conditions arid particulars of the estate may be seen at the. Office ot Charles Bowles, Shaftesbury, vvhric s. cal. il tenders ( postpaid) will be received until the tilth day ot December- JVlr. Stay,- the present tenant, will shew the estate.—' Dotal Nov. 24, - 1809. . " " f58. il LYMINGTON, HAMPSHIRE. TO be LETT, with immediate possession, for one or two rears,— An excellent FAMILY- HOUSE, hand- somely fitted up, and completely FURNISHED, in the most modern style, and late in the occupation of General Nicolis; together with three cosch- houses, good stabling for 7 horses, lawn, meadows, gardens, and every other requisite for a large family. The above is most delightfully situated in Ly- mington, and commands a view of ti) e Isle of Wight and' Channel, Needle Rocks, & c. For particulars apply ( post paid) ts Mr. West, banker, Lymington. Also a handsome ORGAN, standing in the hall, which plays with Finger, and has the addition of five Barrels set with ' J unes. ' ' [ 5791 Gentleman's Cottage, completely Furnished, rBX) be LETT, very reasonably, for the Winter and i Spring Months, in a warm and sheltered situation, with delightful marine and New Forest views, close to the sea,, to hot baths, and to Southampton,— with about two acres of Pleasure Ground, well woeded, round it. Apply ( post paidj to the Printers. [ 5798 Also to be Sold,— About one score of standard young Peach and Nectarine Trees, capitally trained, and in fine bearing, at 10s. 6d. each; also an uncommonly handsome saddle Mule, price 1' 2 Guineas.—( One concern> J < • A genteel Residence for a Family, in a / jleasuhl UHd healthy part of the West of England. r? PO be LETT, for a term of, years, and entered J upon immediately,-^-— A handsome DWELLING- HOUSE, either Furnished or Unfurnished ( plate and linen excepted], with, a six- stall stable, coach- house, harness- house and large room over, a court- yard in fiont of the dwollln - house walled, in and well planted with choice fruit- tree's, and a . small green- house. The dwelling- house consists of two entrance- halls ( in one of which is a very spacious and light staircase), lofty and well- proportioned drawing," din in::, and morning rooms; study or library- is'foursquare- and 13 feet high, seven convenient bedrooms and dressing room, with closets, and three attic rooms for servants; housekeeper's room, two good kitchens, most excellent archcd larder, large under- ground arched wine and beer cellars. The premises have been lately fitted up by the owner with every domestic convenience, and fit for the re. cption of a large" family. The house is situated in the pleasant market- town of Blandford, on. the great western road from London to the Land's End, and within a short distance of that very fa- shionable and much frequented, watcring- pia. ee Weymouth, the- surrounding country very beautiful and abounding with game, fox- hounds and several packs of harriers kept'ih the neighbourhood; the roads particularly good. Further particulars may he had by applying to Mf. Mon- day, solicitor, Blandford; if by letter, postage paid. [ SS65 WHEREAS in pursuance of Notice given in manner directed by an Act of Parliament passed in the 13th year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the turnpike roads," the tolls arising at the toll- gate called St. Cross Gate, upon the north district of the turnpike road from the city of Winchester, through Otterborne, to Baigate in the town and county of the town of Southampton, were this day, at Ihe Sun Inn, in the said city of Winchester, put up to be lett by auction to the best bidder, at die sum of .£' 387, being the sum the said tolls were lett at for the last year, but no bidder offered :— Notice is therefore hereby given, that the said TOLLS will be. LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the Sun Inn aforesaid, on Tuesday the 2d day of January next, between the hours of eleven of the clock in the forenoon and one of the clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the said Act. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said north district of tbe said turnpike load, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct.—' WINCHESTER, NOV. 28, 1809. • 5875] J. StJEAKE, Cl;: k to the^ ai4Trustees. T° be SOLD by AUCTION, some time' in ' the JL present month of December,'-— Several very vsluabl- lci','? J. CvaUa well- timbered FREEHOl. D MANORS and HS> J AI situated in the counties of Hants, Wilts, Dots t Devon, Sortfcrset, and Oxfordshire, cOnt lining nearly 7000 acres : the principal part in demesne, and- tho rem- h r held for one, two and three lives, of the yearly v iue o TIN 1 iiousANii Poiijto. s aiid upwards.; vviih the Advowson of a very desirable Rectory and Glebe in Dor. iAsli'. rc, Tioth M I. to 000/. p r year. Descriptive advertisements and particulars will ih rtly be published, wh. n further application may i « m ule to Gt Ve south, Esq. of Market Lavmgton, ncai'Devizes,' et to Mr, • tsonn, » land- surveyor, Axminster. [ 6I& 7 TPO I* SOLD by AUCTION,' by t. ' Co* Mtt, oh X^ the Premises, on Wednesday the : isth dsy of Dec • ru- ber inst. at I hirnhill Farm- house, rt'ar Stalbntl- e in ' th- county of Dorset,— 12 DAIRY COWS of the li^- n ihir" brecd, 2 three- year Heifers, and ' 1 two- reltr ditto', all forward with calf; 5 Yearlings, 1 Buift alight Cart 1- foNe's, 1 It ck- ney Mare, about - 10 tons of Dry Meadowwdl- m ,( lc Hay — At ihe same tunc will be sold the Feed < Jf about 70 acsc's uf Meadow Land, till Lad)- day next. Sale to b. gitl at two o'clock; N^-.,— The Hay may remain on the premises till Lady- day next, if required. fspo:)* VORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J, JEAN. ES, at • Windlam Farm, in theparish of Gilli'ugham, On Tburs- of 1809,—- All the LIVE and DEAD SIOCK, Dairy Utensils, fee. the property of Mr. T; 1 JKOE HEDDOTCJI, quitting the Farm; compr, s nC two 4 four dairy cows, Wtjl seasoned in calf; two'two year- old heii is, in rhttc'- Wo two- year- old bulls, one of the north breed, the other the Devon breed ; twelve fat pigs ; three cart mar, s, in foal ; on. 3 cart hoi re, three years old - n.<„—, smr rm- tracKney hone, throe years old ; two tvvo- ysar- old" colis, of the hackncy breed; narrow- wheel v.: -.• on, iifaily new; broad- wheel dung pot, reared c-, rft nearly new, van and .- met-'; - ft,-,. ,. r . .. , ... 1 ' .1. .:.,. 1 .... stand, coQlers, and sundry. other effects: | 5J70 Sale at eleven.— Purchasers are requested to att n. i early. T RED AN- n WHLI'E DEALS. ' O be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Old Antelope - 1, m » nd Hotel', on Tfwnsday th « 7 th of December, 1809, at three oilock,— 1.0. 22— M feet 3 inch Red'and VYiii'e. Deals 8.' te. ' Or- r- l- Jfcet ditto ditto G. O. 20' - 1.0, fcet ditto ( into 1.0.. 29— 12 Ret 2 § inch ditto Which may be viewed' at any time be for- the sale, by art- plying to : • ' ]. BRlSTOWE and Co. P001. B, Dec. 1, 1809. f. .120 FINE- VIEW. OF THE SEA, Src. - " X) be SOLD by AUCTION, bv JAMKS Bitis- J. TOW p., at the Old Antelope 1 n'and Hotel, Poole on Thursday next December 7, at three o'clock! Ml' that desirable LEASEHOLD ESTATE Called STCAV.-- 11 isrry Hii. i., Situated in ihe tv'thirigof Lonj; fieet, and msnor of Canf. rd; comprising a good Dwelling house, wit! » Gar- den, and Orchard, which contains abo. ut .' 0 full gro'ivr, inlt • trees, with a great number of small ones fit'for removal, and two adjoining Fields, well supplied wjth. fuie water, core,. in- ' ing together about 10 acrcs; one mile aud a quarter distant from the town of Poole, and commands a beautiful v i > v of the sea and harbour, the Isle of Turbcck, Brownsca Castle and Island.— The mail coach , rfjfis every' dav to and from Poole, where there is a fine spacWus qu v for shipping; Arid where aquatic excursion--, and the salutary ami pl.'- asin- anjuscment of sea bathing may be enjoyed on moderate terms. " Also-+ D acrcs ' more or less), of wh'ch about 30 have been broken upar. d converted ty Arable and Pasture, which have produced finecrops, having a fine stream of water m: min<- through it. This saitl 4o acres is about a quarter of a mile frorii the house, tend may be sold together or separate from the premises, which are - held by Lease', urider the D. v iz, es of the tart! Sir' John Webb, Bart.- for a term of yer. rs d tcr- miaabl: 011 the death of twio healthyjivts, the eld st al out 33 years of age, at a vofy. easy. ford's rcn. t.. ( 5890 For ' a view of the pijeroisss,. and farther particulars ( if by letter, post paid) j apply tp Mrs. Pearcc, the 1 rewut occi£ pier, Strawberry- hill, J'oingfle. ct, near I'oole Dorset. TO njlEELlP'RlGlirS, CARI'F, XT'eIiS^ anb OTHERS.' ' 1 • • . MAKXHUU, JBOjtSE'f. •^ be SOLD . by AUCTION, by II. TAVLOR, nr S , j . » ... . A. U^ N, fi. ou Tuesday the 6th. day of D- cemher* inst. and. follow- ing day,— All the . STOCK in TRADE, Household Goods, and Working Tools, the property of Mr. Geor e Kendall, who is quitting his usi ience ; consisting of a quantity of oak, ash, and elm plank, of all thicknesses; a quantity of ptime oak quarter board, also of elm board, wheel- stocks, felloes, and. spokes; about 16 ton of prime oak timber, a quantity of elm timber; two turning- lathe* and tackle; Irani-, pit, and cross- cut saws; and assortment of wheelwright's and car- penter's tools, vyork- ber- ches, tic. " £ 5857 The Household G- ods consist of bedsteads, cupbcrirds, chaus, tables, and chests cf drawers; an assortment of kit- chen requisites m copper, brass, and iron; an exceeding good salting vat, a cyder mill, with various ether articles. The sale to begin each, day at eleven o'clock. DOUSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by II. PLOWWAW, at the Bell Inn, Shaftesbury, 011 Thursday the 11th day of December, 1809, at two o'clock in the ft .- moon,- The following lots of good MAIDEN OAK, El. il, and ASH TIMBER, numerically marked, and standimr at Hirbarove t,-..-^. In Iha ..." U*..,.. C- _ " 1' " Numbered. ... I 10 3 4 to 9 ... 10 to 11 12 to 15 16 to 1 £> ... 20 to 27 ... 1 to + .... 5 to 1S .... 1; 10 1 « .... 19 .... 20 to 22 2.) to 24 . .. 25 to 31 .... 32 to 07 Mr. John Peters will shew tlie timber: and for forth - par- ticulars apply a; the Office of Charles Bow Us, Shaftesbury. Lots. 1! Oak Trees, Where standing. 1,— in Breach 2.— 6. ditto ... Hulks 3.— 2 ditto ... Eight Acres 4.— 4 ditto ... Cow Leaze 5.— 4 ditto ... Malm Close 6.— 8 ditto ... Six Acres 7.— 4 E m Trees . .. Breach 8.— 2 ditto ... Hulks 9.— 2 ditto ,,. Milkimx Barton 10.— 1 ditto ... Orchard 11.— ' 3 ditto...... , ,, I'eght AeTes 1- 2.— - 2 ditto ... Five Acres 13.— 7 dim .'.. Home Cow Leaze 14.— <; ditto .., Great Malm Close .,. 15.— 13 Ash Pollr rd f Little Malm Close, E Trees.... . " l and Five Acres ... . 16.— 17 ditto f Hulks, HoineGround ' \ Maim Close, e\ i hie THE- SALISBURY A\ NL) WINCHESTER JOURNAL. Sunday's Post. By Express. ! LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY NIGHT, DEC. 2. ADMIRALTY- ONFICE, December 2. Letter from Vice- Admiral Lord Collingwnod, dated Ville de Paris, off Minorca, Oct. 12. IHAVE great pleasure in transmitting a. lettor from Captain Hoste, of his Majesty's ship the Aniphion, giving an account of a very gallant and well- conducted attack made on the enemy's fort and vessels at Cortelazzo, between Venice aud Trieste, by the Seamen anil Marines landed from that ship, which so completely succeeded, that the fort was taken and blown up, and all the vessels which were in the port captured or destroyed, without the loss of a man, one only being wounded by accident, when em- ployed in destroying the works. ( Signed) COLLINGWOOD. [ Capt. Hoste's letter, inclosed, contains a list of the enemy's gun- boats captured and destroyed, eight in num- ber, and of the Officers employed on shore and in the boats, at the head of whom were Messrs. Phillott, James, and Slaughter, the first, second, and third Lieutenants.] This Gazette contains also a List of the Officers em- ployed iu the boats in the attack 011 the enemy's vessels on the morning of Nov. 1, in the Hay of Rosas. Those who par- ticularly distinguished themselves are noticed in the Ga- zette Extraordinary, copied in the preceding page. WHITEHALL, Dec. 2. The King has appointed the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval, the Right Hon. John' Forster, the Hon. W. Broderick, the Hon. W. Eliot, the Earl of De- sart, and Snowdou Bar- tie, Esq. to be Commissioners for executing the office of Treasurer of hisMajesty's Exchequer. BANKRUPTS. Arthur Williams. of Cheltenham, jeweller. Wiiliam Anderson, of Salford, Lancaster, stone- mason. Edward lluHin, of Buckingham, linen- draper, Godfrey Davis, of Bloomsbury, dealer and chapman. Wm, Argent, of Romford, Essex, victualler. JohnShelton, of Great Tew, Oxford, timber- merchant. John Jeffray, of Leadenhall- street. London, merchant. James I nnskipp ( the younger), of Battle, Sussex, carpenter. Christopher Peel, of ChRtpside, warehouseman.. V,': n. Bradley, of Htidderslield, York, victualler. Teter Coren, of Quality- court, Middlesex, money- scrivener. Edward Stanford, of Westminster, livery stable- keeper, Robert Sadler, of South Shields, merchant. John Wm. Sherwood, of Newgate- street, cheesemonger. Samuel Milts, of Stamford, upholsterer. Win. Rhodes, of Saddlewortll, York, dealer. * amue! Clark, of Charlotte- street, Middlesex, taylor. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 2. from their quarters, the Lieutenant and 18 of his men being wounded ; the Second Captain aud two men of Le Basque were killed. Arrived La Revenge French brig, arirjed with 6 nine- pounders, and 80 men, from St. Malpes, takeli by the Helena; she had been out three months, on a cruize. Came in the French lugger privateer Jason, pierced for 8 guns, but only 2 mounted, and 40 men, prize to his Majesty's ship Helena ; she was on a cruize from Bayonne. Arrived his Majesty's ships Temeraire, Repulse, and Victorious, frOm Portsmouth. Sailed the Intelligent and Goldfinch brigs, westward. PORTSMOUTH, Dec. 2. The naval establishments of the prison ships here are ordered to be paid off and discharged, but the ships to remain for their present pur- pose under the superintendance of the Transpoiif Board, who have appointed agents to each ship. Thesj^ iilitary guard for the protection of the prisoners cannot now meet with any obstruction or interference, as by this arrange- ment they will be subject to the command of their own Officers only. The Dannemark proceeds with the ships bound to the West Indies. » Sunday.— Arrived the Donnegal, of 80 guns, Captain Brenton, with his Excellency the Marquis Wellesley, from. Cadiz. Monday.— Arrived the Crocodile of 28 guns, Captain Cadogan, from the Downs; Gannet sloop, Capt. Steven- son, from off Cherbourg; aud Herring schooner, from the West Indies. Sailed tbe Repulse aud Victorious, of 74 guns each, for the Mediterranean. Tuesday.— Arrived the Fylla, of 24 guns, Capt. Rod- ney, and Myrtle sloop, Capt. Inues, from Oporto and Lisbon, with convoys. Sailed the Arcthusa, of 36 guns, Capt. Mends, on a cruize, aud Persian sloop, Capt. Colquitt, with convoy, for Lisbon. Wednesday.— Arrived the Dannemark, of 74 guns, Capt. Bissett, from the Downs. Friday— Arrived the Achille, of 74 guns, Capt. Sir R. King; Illustrious, of 74 guns, Capt. Broughton; and Euryalus, of 36 guns, Capt. Dundas, from off Cherbourg. Satuday— Sailed the Thames, of 36' guns, Captain Waldegrave. Came into harbour the Squirrel, of 24 guns, Capt. Lord W. Fitzroy, and is ordered to be paid. Two Mails from Gottenburgh arrived yesterday, by which we understand that the arrangements, both for settling the succession to the Swedish Crown, and the ami- cable adjustment of all differences between that country and Denmark, are in great forwardness. The Stockholm Gazette states, that the town of Minst, in Lithuania, has been totally destroyed by fire, and the neighbouring district dreadfully ravaged by a hail storm. The usual insipidity of the inaelligcnce brought by a Gottenburgh Mail has been enlivened by the report of a Royal Crim. Con. detection in Denmark :— The Crovyn Prince Christian, in February 1806, married the Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburgh : his Royal Highness was lately called from home by military ilutie3. He had scarcely been gone three days, when it was discovered Vhat a Frenchman, of tho name ot Dupuis, nlio was the ballet master, and also bad been chosen to instruct the Princess in singing, had been perceived going into her apartments at a late hour in the night.— A guard was placed to watch liis return, and at four in the morning he was seen leaving the Princess's bed- room. An express was immediately dis- patched u the Prince, to make him acquainted with the circumstance; and on examining the Princess, she con- fessed her guilt. Dupuis was instantly sent under an escort « .. Luiaaok, never to return to Denmark under pain of death, and tne rrlncefa has shrce been som. to Altona. Messengei- s have been feut to all quarters, to apprise her relations of her conduct. His Majesty's ship Childeis arrived at Leith on the 23d ult. from a cruize of five weeks, having made three prizes, one of which, a brig, with India produce, is valued at 20,0001. Five waggon- loads of bullion, brought from South America by his Majesty's ship Conliance, Captain Yeo, were this morning landed at the Tavvcr.— They were escorted to the boat by Lieut. James Larque, Messrs. David Irvin, and Edward Bryant, Midship- men, with a party of seamen and marines, part of those who effected the conquest of Cayenne. In consequence of the immense number of forged notes in circulation of the Devonshire Banks, Mr. Kay, solicitor to the Bank of England, was lately sent into that county for the purpose of tracing the authors. After much ar- duous inquiry he at length succeeded, on Monday last, in discovering the whole plan. The proofs of the forgeries are brought home to some French prisoners of war, parti- cularly to two of that description confined on board the Genereux. The signature of Mr. Marshall, one of the pro- prietors of the Plymouth Dock Bank, was so correctly imi- tated, that when ' the note was presented, he declared it was his signature. DIED.] On the 21th of November, at Preston, Lady Mary Francos Hesketh, Abbess of the Nuns of the order of St. Benedict, late of Ghent in Flanders: her Ladyship was first cousin to the Duke of Norfolk.— Lieut. Andrews, who commanded the second boat of the Druid, ( in the unfortunate attack recorded in the preceding page), and three more of the gallant crew, of their wounds. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three o'Clock. Bank Stock, — 3 Cent. Red. — 3 tfi Cent. Cons. 69J 70 4 f. Cents. 81J 6 Cent. Navy, 101| 102| 5 ^ Cent. 1797, — Long Ann. 18| Imperial 3 - y- Cents. — Irish 5 Cents. — India Stock, India Bonds, 26s. 27s. p. South Sea Stock, — Exchequer Bills, lis. 16s. p. Omnium, — English Lot. Tickets, 22J. 15i. . Consols for Acc. 70| Port BRIXAM, Dec. 1. Arrived, j- esterday, from Ports- mouth, and remains, the Persian brig, with a small con- voy, bound to Lisbon, and will sail again a3 soon as the wind comes from the eastward. FALMOOTH, NOV. 80. The Walsingham packet Arrived on Saturday from Li sbon : she brought no news of importance.— The Prince of Wales packet came in on Mon- day from Lisbon. The Princess Augusta packet arrived Sunday night from Cadiz : she brought a confirmation of the capture or de- struction of 3 sail of the line and 5 frigates ( part of the Toulon fleet) with 20 transports, on the coast of Cata lonia, by Lord Collingwood, on the 85th of October. The Nocton packet sailed on Tuesday for Cadiz. The Rhin and Arethusa frigates arrived this morning, the former from the coast of France and the latter from the coast of Spain. Seven o'clock, P. M.— The Lady Pellew packet is just arrived from New York. The non- intercourse Act continues. PLYMOUTH, Dec. 1. O11 Sunday an order was re- ceived here for alt line of battle ships to put to sea as soon as possible, to look into Brest, and scour tbe French coast, it being deemed probable that the enemy may attempt to tendaaquadronfroin the Mediterranean to Brest or Roche fort. Arrived the French brig Le Basque, of 16 gunsand 120 men, from Bayonne, prize to his Majesty's ship Druid ; she was bound to Guadaloupe, laden with flour, iron, and lead. O11 the 11th of Nov. last, during a dead calm, Le Basque anchored about six miles from the Druid, under the Spanish Land , a boat's crew was immediately ordered from the Druid, under command of the l, st Lieutenant, Mr. Watkins, who, on reaching Le Basque, received a musket ball, which proved fatal, and he instantly dropped into ( he boat; twelve of the boat's crew were killed, and the remainder taken prisoners. Le Basque continued to remain in sight ol thfc Druid until the 14th, v. hen, in the evening, three boats were ordered to be inarmed und- r the direction of the Second Lieutenant, and after a very hard fought action, they succeeded in driving the frenchmen WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2. On Tuesday the Duke of Sussex paid a visit to his son at the College, and dined with Dr. Goddard. His Royal Highness afterwards viewed the Cathedral and College, and next morning left this city for London. Lately died, at Harling, in Norfolk, Mrs. Abigail Ayton, aged 87 years;— and a tew days after, Mr. Abraham Ayton, husband of the above, who lived in the reigns of Queen Anne, George I. and ft. aud to see and enjoy the Jubilee of George III. On Monday last died, after a long illness, Mr. Thomas Wilkins, of Kingston, near Ringwood. On Monday died, at Chilcomb, near this city, Mrs. Goodman, wife of Mr. James Goodman, jun. Early 011 Sunday morning the shop of Mr. Brown, watcli- maker, in the High- street, was attempted to be broke open, by cutting a hole through the window shutter and breaking the glass, which alarmed Mr. Brown; when the villains finding they were likely to be detected, made otf. SALISBURY, MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1809. The success which has attended the West of England Infirmary for euring diseases of the Eye, has scarcely been paa- allelled. The blessings conferred on various individuals, and the public good arising therefrom, are fully recorded in the Medical Report, 111 a preceding page. A benefaction of 25/. has been transmitted to the Governors Jt Exeter, in an anonymous letter from Salisbury. We have been informed, that the whole produce of wool from his Majesty's flocks of Negretti, Paular, and niixed^ Spanish breeds of the current year ( not much short of 7000 pounds weight) has been purchased by Mr. Job White, clothier, of Frome.-— It must prove highly exhilirating to those agriculturists who have adopted the Spanish breed, to learn, that in the opinion of this eminent manufacturer, the fleeces of his Majesty's Negretti ftock have not suffered the smallest deterioration in quality, although habituated to the soil and climate of England during a trial of fifteen years. The Rev. Wm. Willi, uas, of Fittleton, has been recently instituted and inducted to the Vicarage of Netheravon, iu this county. Lately was married Mr. Pearce, surgeon, of Brad- ford, to Miss Clement, of Welsh- mill- house, Frome. On Friday se'nnight was married Mr. John Rey- nolds, merchant, of London, to Miss Aland, of Christian- Malford, in this county. Ou Friday se'nnight died, at Newport, in the Isle of Wight, after a long and most painful illness, borne with manly fortitude, Mr. Shatford, Manager of the Theatres in Salisbury, Blandford, the Isles of Wight, Jersey, & e. He realised the charterer so inimitably drawn by our great bard:—" a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy, gibes, gambols, and flashes of mer- riment, that were wont to set the table in a roar." Ad- mired as he was', however, for his wit and talents, he was equally respected for his generosity and integrity. Caressed, consequently, by his friends, aud of a temper not to resist solicitation,— possessing, with the talents of a Quiii, an equally strong reli- h for convivial enjoyments,— an early inroad was made 011 his constitution, and the Dropsy, with a complication of disorders, carried hirn off at the age of 45 years. " O may thy bright genius, blest spirit! impart " To me the same virtues that glow'd in thy heart,' " T'ny forcible wit may no blockheads profane; " T'ny faults be forgotten, thy virtues remain. " Farewell 1 may the turf where thy cold reliques. rest " Bear herbs, odoriferous herbs, o'er thy breast; " Their heads thyme, and sage, and pot- marjoram wave, " And fat be the gander that feeds on thy grave'." Tuesday se'nnight a melancholy accident happened at Glastonbury: James Rowdeii, a little boy about six years old, going too near the fire at Mr. Ulet's school, his clothes caught fire, and Mr. Ulet, being a cripple, was un- able to render him any effectual assistance, though in bis attempt one of his hands was so much burned that it is feared he will lose the use of it; the child, after suffering till the Saturday following, died. He was grandson of Mr. Stuckey, excise officer, late of Sparkford, and son of Mr. Rowden, of Chilmark, in this county. One of the most eminent physicians in London, as a remedy for extreme deafness, recommends the pith of a cabbage stalk to be cut sufficiently small to be put in the car, ( like a piece of cotton) and there to remain for some considerable time. It lias been applied with great efficacy. To the PRINTERS of the Salisbury Winchester Journal. GENTLEMEN, I have read with attention the remarks of your corres- pondent Oxoniensis, on Lord Grenville's conduct with re- gard to that commonly called the Roman Catholic Question; and I have observed the weighty authorities diligently col- lected by him. Lately, also, I read in the newspapers of a Roman Catholic meeting at Cork, where it was declared that the Irish Prelates of that church, in Ireland, ( recent • objectsof new favour from the Government of the country,) have decided that It is against their religion to allow any check from a Protestant King and Government Upon the appointment of their Bishops by the Pope, and a majority of the meeting concurred iu that determination of their Prelates. Toleration, in the utmost extent that may be consistent with the safety of the Constitution, I believe, no party in England objects to ; but we know it is not recom- mended in scripture that a kingdom should be divided against itself. The Bishop of Norwich is known, by all vvho know him, to be a most respectable divine, and a most estimable man. Lord Grenville is universally acknowledged to be a Statesman of the first eminence. If Oxoniensis can tell what are bis LordsMips sentiments on the declarations of the Irish Roman ( jatnolic Prelates, and of tlie meeting at Cork, the inform Aion would be highly interesting ; but if he would. aii. jy All what are the sentiiuentsof Lord Gren- vttftTrfnends on those declarations, eyeii such information surely would be interesting to the public. I am, Sir, Your humble servant, OXONili NS1S ALTER. HOME MARKETS. Prices of Corn, per Quarter— Bread, per Gallon. Wheat. Barley. Oats. Beans. Bread Nov_ s. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. s." d. Salisbury, 28 104/ ollR 46 l. o 56 28 to 42 56 to 74 2 7 Basingstoke 29 9001124 4- 2 lo 50 31 to 39 64 lo 69 2 4 § Devizes, 30 88 foI24 4 2 to 55 37 to 40 52 to 68 Newbury, 30 94( 0128 36 to 51 - 26 to 40 50 to 70 2 4 Andover Dec. 2 93 0> 126 40 to 51 ' 27 to 40 50 to 65 2 3* Warminster, 21 9Sto 1- 22 39 to 01 34 to 45 58 to 72 | Weight of the Gallon Loaf, 8 lb. 1 loz.— Half Gall. 41b s£ oz. STATE LOTTERY. TICKETS and SHARES are now selling, in great variety, for Sir J. BRANSCOMB and Co. by BRODIE, • DOWDING, and LUXFORD, at the PRINTING- OFFICE, SALISBURY; who in the three last Lotteries sold shares of four Twenty Thousand Pound Prizes— one Ten Thousand- several of One Thousand, Five Hundred, & c. Sec. [ 5944 ' SALISBURY ASSEMBLY. RG,, HE next ASSEMBLY will be on THURSDAY the. A 2lst instant, for the BENEFIT of Mr. GOODAL'L, MASTER O£ the CEREMONIES. [ 5912 ASUBSCRIPTION ASSEMBLY will be opened on Wednesday next the 6th of Dec. 1809, at the Bell Inn, Blandford, when the company of Ladies and Gentlemen will be esteemfed an honour. Dancing to commence at seven o'clock. [ 5877 CORRECTED TO THE PRESENT TIME. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, THE ROYAL CALENDAR for ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, IRELAND, and AMERICA, for the Year 18 t. O; upon a new and more extensive plan than any hitherto offered to the public. Printed for the proprietors in London, and sold by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury. Of whom also may be ho< t, ALMANACKS ( Book and Sheet),- LADIES and GENTLE- MEN'S POCKET- BOOKS, ATI. ASSES, REPOSITORIES, SOU- VENIRS, & c. & c. in the greatest variety, and in the most splendid, elegant, and simple modes of binding; also Cou RT CALENDARS, HOUSEKEEPERS' BOOKS, and every annual Publication. SACRED MUSIC. On the lst of December, 1809, was published, price 4s-. AN ANTHEM and HYMN for CHRISTMAS- DAY; peculiarly adapted for Country Choirs.— Com- posed by W. H. BUKGISS.— Arranged also for the Piano Forte and Single Voice. Printed and sold for the Author by Messrs. Gouldingand Co. 124, New Bond- street; Mr. James Peck, music engraver, & c. 47, Lombard- street, London; Messrs. Banks, Salisbury; Mr. Simmonds, Blandford, Dorset; Mr. James Gregory, Basingstoke; Mr. Rusher, Reading; and by Mr, W. Burgiss, Turgiss- green, near Hartfordbridge, Hants. Also, eight Anthems, twelve Psalm Tunes, and Gloria Patri, published August 1, 1808, by the same author, may be had as above. N. B.— As the part arranged for the piano forte is not re- quired by choirs, or the part in*, core by a single performer, each part is therefore printed separate at the above price, which the author trusts will meet with the approbation of those who may please to favour him with their commands. The Anthem may occasionally be perlormed at any other time. [ 5931 QTROUD and PEARCE, Milliners and Fancy- L.. J Dress- Makers, next door to the Printing- Office, on the Canal, Salisbury, respectfully info:-.. the- r friends and the public in general they are just returned from Town, with a fashionable assortment of Winter Fashieins. They return many thanks for the liberal support they have already re- ceived, and hope by mention to merit a continuance of it. ]%/ TRS. DARBY respectfully informs the Ladies of IVJ^ SALISBURY and its vicinity, she is just returned from LONDON with a genteel assortment of MILLINERY, Pelisses, Mantles, & c. adapted to the present season. • rsonst HIGH- STREET, SALISBURY, Dec. 1, 1809. L W CHE4P BLANKETS. JAMES ROOKE begs to inform his friends and the public, he has a great quantity of new BLANKETS, which he can sell under the usual prices, at Seven Shillings per pair and upwards, and a large quan'ity of COVERLIDS equally low, at his ready- made Clothes Warehouse, opposite the Antelope Inn, Catherine- street, Salisbury. [ 5913 WANTED immediately,— An APPRENTICE in the Ironmongery Business. Apply to W. Barnes, Catherine- street, Salisbury. [ 5940 TO GROCERS. WANTS a SITUATION,— A Person who tho- roughly, understands the above Line of Business, and who can write a good hand, keep accompts, & c. For particulars direct ( post paid) to A. Z. to be left at the Printing- office, Andover. [ 5945 TO he SOLD,— A THRASHING MACHINE, made by COOKE, three horse power; thrashes all sorts of grain clean and with expedition, is in perfect and com- plete repair, and better than new, as its powers are proved. Enquire ( if by letter post- paid) of Mr. Mills, Mill- wright, Andover. [ 5946 PENTON MEWSEY, NEAR ANDOVER. TO be LETr, and entered on immediately, A convenient and compact DWELLING- HOUSE, con- sisting of two parlours, a kitchen, brewhouse, and other offices, with five good bed rooms, a three- stalled ssable, small granary on six pair of stones, & c. an excellent garden walled in, with nearly an acre of Meadow Land adjoining. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to William Ward, White Hart Innr in Penton. [ 5897 FARM TO LETT. TO be LETT, and entered on at Lady- day next, A FARM, at Slape, in the Isle of Purbeck, in the county of Dorset, about three miles from Wareham, in the occupation of Farmer Richards ; consisting of about 130 acres of arable, meadow, and pasture grounds, with rights over a very extensive heath, antl common for shfep and other cattle, and for 35 head of cattle in a large tract of moor grounds adjoining. [ SS9- 2 For a view of the premises appliaation may be made to George Stiekland, at- Slape; and further particulars known on applicadon to Mr. Bartlett, Attorney at Law, Wareham. Sixty- three capital Walnut Trees. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. VIDI- ER, on Thursday the 21st of December 180.9," at the Maidenhead Inn, Salisbury, at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then produced, in the following Lots,— Numbered Lot 1.— 9 Trees, from 1 to 9 7 standing on Mr. Bradby's 2.— 10 ditto 10 19j Farm, Stratford Tony 4 5 on Mr. Newton's, Dog- l Dean Farm 12 on Mr. Bell's, Harnham ..^ lon Mr. Bidcllccomb's, 14 I Britford f f two of this lot are on Mr. J I Godwin's, Britford For particulars apply at the Auctioneer's, High- street, Sa- lisbury. The Farmers will shew the timber. [ 5943 3.- 4 Trees 4.— 12 Trees 5.— 14 Trees 6.— 14 ditto 15 28 WARMINSTER. nn, the ' TX) be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Angel I J. on Monday the llth of December inst. between hours of five and seven in the evening,— All that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, Work- shop, Out- house, and Garden, with a very excellent Malt- house there- unto belonging, sufficiently commodious for making sixteen quarters of malt a week, now in the occupation of Mr. Tho. Ubsdale and Mr. Richard Aldridge ; together with two Closes of Pasture Land adjoining to the said premises, containing 4 A. OR. 1 P. ( be the saine more or less), held by Copy of Court Roll, under Corpus Christi College, for three lives. For viewing the premises apply to the respective tenants ; id for further particulars to Mr. Lampard, solicitor, War- [ 5863 and minster POULTRY CROSS, SALISBURY. C1 NORTON, CABINET MAKER, UPHOLDER, / • APPRAISER, and AUCTIONEER, begs leave to return thanks to his Friends and the Public in general for past favors, and solicits a continuance of their orders, Which will ever be punctually and gratefully attended to. A JOURNEYMAN. CAIIINET- MAKER wanted. A good hand will meet with constant employ. [ 5932 TO GROCERS AND OTHERS. SALISBURY. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by C. NORTON, on Tuesday the 5th of December instant, in the Corn- Market, at 11 o'clock,— Forty Baskets of Prime MALAGAS; to be put up in single Baskets, for the conveniency of pur- chasers. [ 5933 TAKE NOTICE, THAT on Wednesday next, and three following Evenings, will be SOLD by AUCTION, by C. NORTON, at a large Shop adjoining the Maidenhead Inn, in SALISBURY, — A Quantity of LINEN- DRAPERY, HOSIERY, Sec. con- sisting of Prims, Muslins, Dimities, Calicos, Ticks, Hand- kerchiefs, Shawls, Worsted and Cotton Stockings, Gloves, Stuffs, Modes, Lace, Ribbons, Flannels, and numerous Fancy Articles, well worth the attention of Country Dealers and others.— Also a few Lots of Men's and Boys' Hats, Children's Beavers, Bonnets and Caps, Umbrellas, & c. & c. The above will be sold without reserve, and the sale to begin each c » ening precisely at five o'clock. [ 5934 SALISBURY. To Coach Proprietors, Mail Contractors, and others. Fifteen seasoned Post Horses in high condition, four Post- Chaises, and Modern Household Goods, Plate, Table and Bed Linen, ( Shina, Glass, Brewing Utensils, and 15 large Casks - RRIO BE SOLD by AUCTION, by C. NORTON, JL on Wednesday the V3th day of December inst. and five " following days ( Sunday excepted),— All the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE at the KING'S ARMS INN ; con- sisting of 15 four- post, field, antl other bedsteads, 40 seasoned goose! feather beds, mattresses, blankets, counterpanes, quilts, & c. mahogany dining, pembroke, piflar and claw, card, and other tablea ; sideboards; Wilton, Kidderminster, and Scotch carpets ; chests of drawers, bureaus, chairs ; pier, chimney, and swing glasses ; grates and fire irons. Sale to begin each morning at ten o'clocjt. Catalogues will he delivered on Monday preceding tire sale, at the Bell lnp, Romsey ; Coach Office, Southampton; Grey- hound, Blandford; Star and Garter, Andovcr; and at tne Auctioneer's Cabinet and Upholstery Warehouse, Poultry- Cross, Salisbury. [ 5936 (£ § r* Tht Post Horses andCbaises will be sold the last day. SALISBURY. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by C. NORTON, on Thursday the 21st day of December instant, and fol- lowina day,— Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FUR- NITURE of a GENTLEMAN leaving his residence in Exeter- Street ; consisting of four post and field bedsteads, with chintz, djmity, and other furnitures ; prime bordered goose feather beds, mattresses, superfine blankets, counterpanes, and quilts; mahogany double chest of drawers, with a secretary ; set of dining tables ; dressing chest of drawers ; Pembroke, card, and other tables ; Brussels and Kidderminster carpets; sideboard, dumb waiter, & c. bureau and bookcase with glazed doors; sofa, chairs; pier, chimney, and swir*^ glasses ; capital time- piece, See. with numerous culinary articles. » Sale to begin each morning at ten o'clock ; and Catalogues will be deliveied two days previous to the sale, at the Auc tioneer's, Poultry Cross. [ 5935 BOROUGH OF WILTON. FOR SALE bv AUCTION, by WHITMARSH and Rn. v, at the Greyhound Inn, Wilton, on Friday the 8th day of December 1809, between the hours of three and five o'clock in the afternoon, unless sold by private contract, of which notice will be given, A good substantial Brck DWELLING- HOUSE, lately built, the wood work oak, desirably situated in the Market- Place in the boroueh of Wilton ; consisting of a good and well- accustomed Shop, parlour, kitchen, cellars, large wash- house with a pump of excellent water in the same, stable, and court; three large chambers, with garrets over. Also, adjoining and to be sold with the above, in one Lot, FivcTENEMENTS, each consisting of a kitchen, good cham- ber, and g rret, and a pump to the same. The above pre nises are in good repair, and are now in the occupation of Mr. James Craiib, as tenant at will, and held on three good lives under the Earl of Pembroke.— For viewing or treating for the sam-, apply to Miss Raddon, the occupier of the shop, or to the Auctioneers, Wilton. [ 5809 FARMING STOCK. Westfut Farm, near Swindon, Wilts. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by WM. JEFFERIES and SON, on the Premises, on Thursday the 7th of Dec. 1809,— All the LIVE STOCK, Hay, Implements in Hus- bandry, Dairy Utcnsi's, Sec. Sec. of Mr. JASPER LOCK, of Westcut aforesaid, leaving the said Farm ; comprising 10 useful dairv cows in calf, 2 three- year- old heifers in ditto, 6 two- year- old ditto in ditto, 3 yearlings, a capital two year- old bull ( from Mr. Bradford's stock), a yearling ditto ditto; a narrow- wheel wageon, a broad- wheel cart; 3 ricks of good hay ( about 60 tons) ; 2 30- round ladder::, 2 pig troughs, 2 single cheese ptesses, 2 cheese cowes, a barrel churn, an up- stand ditto, 2 whey knives, a butter knive, weights and scales, 2 tin milk pans, yoke and pair of buckets, oak cupboard, deal chest of drawers, & c. & rc. N. B.— The above Farm is adjoining the Wilts and Berks Canal; and the hay will be sold subject to be taken away or the use ot ' the premises till Candlemas next, to spend the same upon. £ 5" May be viewed the day preceding and morning of sale till t n o'clock, at which time the auction will precisely begin. — A person will attend with refreshments. [ 5803 CORSHAM, WILTS. Valuable House and Lands at Rutside, near. Corsham, being Copyhold of Inheritance, - next in value to Freehold, eight miles from Bath and five from Chippenham ; Great Tythe- free, and Land- tax redeemed. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by HARRY RUSS, at the Red Lion Inn, iri Corsham, on Friday the 19th of January, 1310, between the hours of three and four in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then pro- duced,-— All that very substantial - DWELLING- HOUSE, containing good sitting and bed rooms, yard, walled garden, dairy and brewhouses, barn, stabla, skillen, and offices thereto belonging: also all those four Closes of rich Meadow or Pas- ture Land adjoining the said house, containing together 28 acres ( more or less) : and also all that rich Close of Arable Land, containing 12 acres ( more or less). The above house is very desirably situate, and capable of considerable improvements, so as to make it a genteel resi- dence, commanding, from its scite of ground, most exten- sive and picturesque views of country, inierspersed with towns and villages, and bounded at the extremity by the wide range of Wiltshire hills. The roads are very ge. d in this parish ( one running close to the estate), and the neighbourhood highly respectable.— The premises are now in the possession of Mr. Charles Harford. For viewing the premises apply at the house, where a ser- vant will shew the same ; and for further particulars ( if by letter, postpaid) at the Office of Mr. Audley Harvey,' soli- citor,- Chippenham. [ 5873 Gorley, Elinghom, Harbridge, and Fording bridge, HANTS. TO be SOLD bv AUCTION, at the Greyhound Inn, in Fordingbridge, on Thursday the 14th day of December inst. at two o'clock in the afternoon, in three lots, subject to such conditions as will be then produced,— Lotl.— A good Barn, Carthotise, and Stable, with five ( formerly six) Closes of Arable Land, containing hy measure 9 A. 2 R. 25 P. situate at Gorley, adjoining the New Forest, in which it has great advantages of common right, in the renting of Farmer John Saunders. ' Lot 2.— A Cottage, out of repair, but consisting of a consi- derable quantity of good brick and timber materials, with a Garden, Orchard, and Close of Arable Land adjoining, con- taining by measure about one acre and a half, in the renting of Mr. Hide;— the Cut yearly on an average of two roods and fifteen perches of water meadow in Elingham Common Mead, with an unlimired right of common tlicrein ;— and also the Cut yearly of one acre, as it lays in Harbridge Common Mead, with common for two cows or one horse therein; and all other rights of common to the said premises respectively belonging. Lot 3.— A Close of Pasture or Meadow Land, with a little Coppice adjoining, called Fassells, containing by measure five acres antl eighteen perches, situate in Fordingbridge, in the renting of Mr. Francis Pope. f£ 3= The Timber in each lot to be taken at a valuation. Further particulars to be known at the office of Messrs. Hodding, in Salisbury. [ 594- 2 ESTATE, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Tuesday tlfe 5t' » day of December, at three o'clock, at the Spread Kae Inn, Salisbury,— A valuable ESTATE at Week, in the pans' of Dbwnton, in the occupation of Mr. John Harris, as tenai from year to year ( part Freehold and part Copyhold of In he ritance); containing about 192 acres, with 280 Sheep Leaze s. Printed particulars may be had at the principal Inns in the neighbouring towns ; and at the Office of Messrs. Webb Webb, and Attwood, Salisbury. [ 5725 Ash and Elm Timber, and Building Materials. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at Townhill House, on Tuesday the 5th of Dec. 1809, at eleven o'clock, by GEO. HOOKEY,— Abour 250 fine ASH and ELM TREES',, with LopandTop, as now standing on Townhill Estate, some of which are of very large dimensions ; also about 100 acres of UNDERWOOD.— The BUILDING MATERIALS con- sist of beams, joists, rafters, board, brick work, and slates ot the wing of the Mansion. The whole will be sold in small lots for the conveniency of purchasers ; and may be viewed ten days previous to the sale, with catalogues, price 6d. each, to be had at the place of sale, and at the Autioneer's, Southampton. [ 5747 Andovcr, Hants.— Ash and Elm Timber. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, in twelve lots, by T. RAWLINS, at the Antelope Inn, on Tuesday the Sth of December, 1809. precisely at two o'clock,— 63 remarkably clean ASH TIMBER TREES, of large dimensions, mime ricaily marked with white paint; 47 ELM ditto, and 1 POP LAR, with their Lops and Tops, as new standing and growing i 1 the fields and meadows adjoining the above inn, within u quarter of a mile of the town of Andover aforesaid, ar. u about the same distance from the Canal. For a view - of the timber apply to Alt. John Lock, at tlu Antelope Inn, and for further " particulars to T. Rawlins, auctioneer, Andover. [ 5763 ANDOVER, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by H. CRISWICK, 011 the premises, in tbe High- street, Andover, on Wed nesday the 6th of Decembei 1809, ' Hie HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. late the property of Mrs. Waight, de- ceased ; consisting Of four- post and field bedsteads, with dimity and stuff furniture; goose fcathet beds, blankets, and quilt* double and single chests of drawers ; mahogany dinner, claw, and card tables; mahogany and other chairs; six large pier glasses; Kidderminster carpct, 4£ yds. by 6;. variety of Nankin and British china, earthenware, and glass; 40 gallon coppi j and brev'ingutensils, eight- day clock, kitchen requisites, ani numerous other effects,—— Sale will begin at one o'clock. MANORS, ESTATES, and ADVOlf SON, in HANTS. HPO be SOLD bv AUCTION, in one or more lots, Jl in March or April 1840,—' The extensive MANORS and ESTATES of Can. TON CANDOVER anil BROWN CAN DOVER, in the county of Hants; consisting of Arable, Mea- dow, and Down Lmdsabout three Ufousandfve hundred acres ; and inclosed Wood Lands about sr.* hundred and fifty acres ; ' together with the ADVOWSON of the RECTORV ot tbe TWO PARISHES.— The whole of the above lands ( excepting about 230 acres small tenements, leased for lives) are iu hand, or lett to responsible tenants at yearly renis. These Manors are situate 8 mile? from Winchester and Alton, 5 miles from Alrjsford and Popham- lam;, in a capital Sporting country, being in . he centre of the H. H. and in- cluding the celebrated covers called Thojney Down. Particulars may be had, any time after Christmas, at the principal Inns in the neighbourhood ; at the Printing Office, Salisbury; of Messrs. Richardson, Cnrfiehl, and Wharton, Lincoln s- inn- fields, London ; and at the Office of Mr. Davis, Horningsham, Wilts, who is authorised to treat for the whole by Private Contract. Maps of the Estates may be seen at the two latter places. TYTHES, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mess. SKINNER, DYKE, TUCIIIN, and FORREST, on Thursday the2isi of December, punctually at three o'clock, at the Globe Inu, NewbuFy, IN ONE LOT, by order- of the Fxecutors of the DUCHESS of BOLTON, The GREAT TYTHES of Corn, Grain, Hay, Lamb, and Wool, i ris ng from the chap dries of Itchingsw II and Sidmont > n, within the parish of Kinesclere, in the eountv of Hants. 011 tne bord. rs of Berkshire, about 3 miles from Newbury. The tytl eable lands consist of upwai ! s of 2000 acres, stitute measure. The Tythcs are held by leases on two lives, to whiclrthe purchaser may nominate a third life, upon paying a moderate hue. Printed patticr. lars may Vie hei of the Printers of the Re- d- i- ig. Oxford, and Salisbury Papers ; at the Swan, Kingscic i ; Crown, Basingstake ; George, Winchester; place of <••.•.'. j and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, Tuehin4 and Forrest, A triors- gate- street, London. [ 5795 Marine Villa and Estate, near Lymington, Hants. NPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by MI:. CHRISTIE, 1 at his Great Room in Pall- Mall, London, in the month of April next^ ( unless an acceptable often by Private Contract is previously made), by order of the Executors of THOMAS. GAI- DWIN, Esq. deceased,— A truly desirable FREEHOLD MANSION' anil ESTATE, delightfully situated 011 a fine eminence ' called Vicar's Hill, one mile and a half from the town of Lymington, commanding views over the highly pic- turesque scenery of a part of the New Forest, the town and harbour of Lymington, the Isle of Wight, the Needles, nnd the sea, in a beautiful part of the county of Hants ; consisting of a substantial, well- built, and convenient modern Mansion, containing four apartments of good dimensions on each flor; double coach- house, stabling for six horses, and name 0115 offices, detached arid screened from the dwelling, and excellent kitchen garden with fruit walls.: the whole seated in a pad- dock of about forty- two acres, disposed in p. nkish taste, pleasingly timbered, and sloping to the Lymington r ver. Also,— A compact FREEHOLD and Tythe- free'FA:' MV situated at Pilley ( half a Tnile distant), consisting of a ' larm - house, bam, and all necessary buildings, in good repair, and about one hundred and thirty- two acres of arable, pasture, and woo I land, lett to a tenant on lease, of which only four years, and a half are unexpired. The whole f irming 11 d. lightful marine residence, in a neighbourhood distinguished lor it* society, and convenient fyr sea- bathing. Further particulars may be known, of Mr. Christie, P. dl- Mall, London, [ 5372 BARTLEY COTTAGE, NEAR LYNDHURS'l". TO be SOLD bv AUCTION; on the Premises, by Mr. DELL, on'Wednesday the 13th of Dec. 1809,— All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, China and Glass, Farming Stock, Gig, Harness, See. of F. GUI. STON, Esq. The Household Furniture comprises four- post, tent, and other bedsteads, with dimity and printed cotton furnitures; goose- feather beds, mattresses, blankets, and counterpanes ; mahogany dining tables, with circular ends; Pembroke, card, and other tables ; mahogany and painted chests of drawers ; japanned chairs and sofas ; a 20- inch mirro:; pier glass, plate 36 by 48 ; box dressing glasses ; Turkey and Brussels carpets ; eight- day clock dial, good kitchen furniture, and brewing and dairy utensils. . The Farming Stock consists of one Alderncy cow forward in calf, a remarkable handsome Devonshire heifer, three years old, forward in calf, one yearling, and four fat pigs ; two stacks of hay, 40 sacks of potatoes, 20 sacks of buck wheat, and one stack of fern ; cucumber lights and frames ; a strong waggon, and several sets of harness. The goods to be viewed the day preceding and morning ' of sale, until eleven o'clock, when the sale will commence pre- cisely, owing to the great number of lots. Citalogues to be had at the place of sale; Crown Inn, Lyndhurst; and of the Auctioneer, Southampton. [ 69! + BISHOP'S STOKE AND UPHAM, HANTS, TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Dolphins Inn, Southampton, on Thursday the 14th day of De- cember, 1809, at one o'clock in the afternoon, in two lots, subject to such conditions as will be producer!. Lot 1.— A capital, desirable, and veiy improvable FARM, called HALL LANDS, DIGENWOODS, TIPPERS, and WALES,'. situate in the parish of Bishop's Stoke, Hants, with the Mes- suages or Dwelling- houses, Barns, Outhouses, and se » eral pieces of Land thereto belonging, containing hy estimation about 160 acres, leased to Joseph' Lawrence till Michaelmas 1813. This Farm is principally Freehold, the residue Copyhold under the Manor of Bishop's Waltham, at an easy certain fine and quit- rent; also a piece of Copyhold Land called the Chalk Pit, containing by estimation 3 acres, situate in the parish of Upham, Hants, at present leased with the above Faim ; l. kc- wise several vabmble nie/ Spc r> r m.^. l. 1.'—'— 1 ^ c— wise several vaiuaote pieces or parcels of Freehold Coppice Land, situate in the parish of Bishop's Stoke, containing by estimation about 4U acres, lett with the above farm.— This lot is well stocked with growing Timber, which is to be taken by the purchaser at a valuation. , Lot 2.— Several pieces or parcels of Copyhold Arable, Meadow, and Pasture GROUND, containing about 7A. 1 R. 2.9P. " in the parish of Bishop's Stoke, leased with the above Farm till Michaelmas 1818. Bishop's Stoke is a pleasant healthy vilWge, situate G milc » from Southampton and Winchester, and the intended tjm- pike road from Gosport to Winchester through the village, and passing close to the above Estate,' will make it very desirable. The Premises may be viewed by applying to the ten. mt; and further particulars known, and a Plan seen, at the Office of Mr. Ralfe, solicitor, Southampton. [ 570 PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BRODIE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; mere OrdersAdvertisements, and authentic Articles of. News are received ( Postagepaid). Also by the PRINTERS and BOOKSELLERS in the WEST of ESGLAND ^ by the respective NEWSMEM ; and in London by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, No. 5, Warwick- Square, Warwick- Lane, Newgate- Street; and Mr, WILKIE, B. JokseUer, Paternoster- Row.
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