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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Volume Number: LVIII    Issue Number: 2967
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser

Date of Article: 01/12/1809
Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number: LVIII    Issue Number: 2967
No Pages: 4
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kmroL AND MIDLAND COUNTIES GENERAL ADVERTISER © Vol. LVIII. FRIDAY, December- 1, 1809 Printed and Published by John Price, Market- place Leicester. [ No. 4967 Lincoln, Nottingham. Derby, Circulated through the principal Towns, & populous Villages, in the Counties of Leicester, Rutland, > by, Stafford, Warwick, Northampton, Cambridge, and York. S Stamp Duty - - 3{ d. t Paper atid jPrint 3d. ( PRICE — or £\ : 9 : 0 per Annum S UN DA Y'sSC TUESDAY'S POSTS LONDON, MONDAY. Nov. 27. Ou Friday the Africaine frigate, Capt. Rag- gett, arrived a-. Portsmouth, from the Chesa- peake, in 26 days. The Hon. Mr. Erskine, his Lady, and four children, came home in her. I he Africaine lay two months in Hamp- ton- roads, after she landed Mr. Jackson.— Soon after she arrived, several of the crew deserted in one of her boats; the men were bier's flag- ship) ; aud the San Joseph, Cap- tain Dunn, ( Sir John Thomas Duckworth's flag- ship), are ordered to be fitted for sea im- mediately.— The Royal Oak, 74, Lord Ame- lius Beauclerc, is likewise intended for Chan- nel service. France does not at this moment contain suf- ficient stores and materials to build and rig out three sail ofthe line The French Navy, instead of being twice as strong as ours, does not consist in all of 30 sail of the line, and those are so situated as to be incapable NEW ST TE LOTTERY, To be Drawn in one Day, 14tli February, 1810. ,£ 80,( 100 20* 000 12,000 10,000 2,000 2,200, 900 72,900 SCHEME. 4 <£ 20,000 4 5,000 12 1,000 20 500 20 100 44 501 36 | 25 4,860 15 claimed by Capt Ragget, but the American j eyen mob seemed to be the judges in the case, for, j ofactiug ;„ concert 1 At Flushing there are though there appeared every disposition in , geyen 0° eight vessels hermetically sealed up ; the Government to restore the men, they " 5,000 Prizes <£ 200,000 were never given up, and it was attributed to the influence ot the mob. 1 he Officers of " the Africaine had very little communication with ihe shore, in consequence of this dis- graceful transaction. Capt. Raggett did not go- on shore all the time the Africane was in A « ierica. at Brest not one ! at Rochefort there are five or six, unfit for seivice, and at the same time closely watched. Iiow many there are now at Toulon, remains yet to be ascertained.— Before their late unfortunate sortie, there were fourteen fit for sea, three or four in a state of forwardness, and two Russian wrecks. It is reported that 10,000 troops, cavalry This Lottery is upon the same Plan as the last; it consists of only 5,000 Numbers ( from 1 to 5,00( 1 in elusive); but there are Four Tickets of each Num- ber, which will be severally entitled to whatever Prize is drawn against such Number ; for Instance, if No. 1 should be drawn a Prize of ,£ 20,000, the Finn Tickets of that Number will each be entitled to .£ 20,000, making, in the Whole, .£ 80,090. *** Shares will be entitled to their Proportion . Tickets and Shares are on Safe at all the Offices. Saturday Government received Dispatches an< j infantrv, with a large detachment ofthe from Mr. Jackson, our Ambassador in Atne- INTENDED NAVIGATION FROM STAMFORD TO HARBOROUGH. rtca, by Mr. Erskine, our late Minister there. These communications, we understand, are of a pacific character, and refer to the inter- course which had taken place between Mr. Jackson and the American Executive; but we hear they are not decisive as to any of the points in dispute, as Congress had not assem- bled at tiieir date. A series of American papers to the 29th ult. have been received. The following is the most interesting article they contain :— " A report has reached town tins morning from Washington, on which we place some reliance, that JVlr. Armstrong has written to this Government thai any arrangement with France is utterly im- practicable, aud that all further a tempts art aban- doned ; in consequence of which, it is added, ne- gotiations lor an arrangement wi h England are begun with Mr. Jackson."— New York Evening Pose. Friday, the Gottenburgh Mail of the 17th arrived at the Post Office. It is stated, that Swedish ships of war are stationed off their principal ports to prevent the ingress of British vessels; but vessels loading there are allowed to the 1st of December for their departure. Three convoys have sailed from this country far Sweden since it was known here that the Swedish ports were to be shut against us on the 15Lh instant. The last, in fact, did not pass Yarmouth until yesterday. Whether this singular circumstance results solely from a spirit of adventure and enterprize in our , merchants, or from an understanding between !' s Ullder convoy ofthe Confiance. the two Governments, we know not— wc in- i Tlle Haddock schooner, Lieutenant Henry &'- — - waggon tram, are immediately to be embark- ed tor Portugal. If this be correct, the de- i sign that was lately entertained to bring away the British army from the Peninsula, must have since been abandoned. But it is possible that these troops may be destined for Corfu, or for Guadaloupe : in either case, the Expedi- , tion may call at Portugal. I'he following corps which are now perfect skeletons, are immediately to be brought home from Walcheren :— Royal Artillery, Royal Waggon Corps, a squadron ofthe 9th Dra- goons, 5th, 6th, 26th, 36th, 84th, 88th, 91 st. The following corps are immediately < o go out:— the lltli, 14th, 51st, 79th, 94th; liesides Artillery, and two squadrons of the 9th Dragoons, with strong reinforcements for the Scots Royals, Queen's, 50th, 76th, 77th, and two light battalions of the German Legi- on. Ofthe 76th regiment now in Walche- ren, 350 have come home sick, and 200 more remain sick in the hospitals on the island. The Confiance, Capt. Yeo, arrived in - the Downs on Saturday, with eight sail of mer- chantmen, from Rio Janeiro, in thirteen weeks. She has 600,000 dollars on board, belonging to British merchants. Capt. Rose, of his Majesty's late ship Agamemnon, which was wrecked jn the River Plata, his officers, and part ofthe crew, came home in the Bawn 1 transport and are arrived at Portsmouth. The i Admiral Gambier, from New South Wales, NEW NORTHAMPTON COACH THE Old Northampton Coach, lately worked by Messrs. Levi and Co. having stopped on Saturday the 2Sth of October, induces the Proprie- tors of the NEW NORTHAMPTON COACH re spectfully to inform the Public, that, for the Ac- commodation of their Friends, this Light Coach will continue to set out every Miming at Five o'Clock, from the Angel Inn, Northampton ; anil at Six o'Clock every Morning from the Angel Inn, St. Martin's- le- Grand, London. Performed by W. CULLF. N. B. PY. VELL, and Co. The Proprietors of the above Coach cannot be ac- countable for any Package or Parcel above Five Pounds Va'ue, unless entered as such and paid for accordingly. Notice is hereby given, THAT a Meeting of the Proprietors of Estates, and others interested in the intended Navi- gation from Stamford to Market Harborough, will be held at the Town- Hal I in Stamford, on Monday the 4th day of December next, at 11 o'Clock in the Fore- noon, to take into consideration the Report of Mr; Bevan, an Engineer, at which Meeting such Pro- prietors are particularly requested to attend, by themselves or Agents, and it is also desired that Uie Gentlemen who have put down their Names to become Subscribers to the Undertaking, and the Proprietors of Estates who wish to subscribe, will be prepared to declare the Number of Shares ( subject to the limita- tion already agreed upon) they may wish to have. By Order of the Committe, G. WARTNABY, J. TORKINGTON, A. JUDD, Town- hall, Stamford, 21st Oct. 1809 T TURNPIKE TOLLS, OTICE is hereby given, that the several Tollhouses and Tolls arising th- reat, uttion the Turnpike Road leading from the Leicester and Welford Turnpike Road, at Foston Lane End, to the Hinckley and Ashby Turnpike Road, at Osbaston Toll Gate, will be Let by Auction, for one Year, from the 1st Day of January next, to the bestBidder, at the House of Thomas Neal, the Saracen's llead Inn, in Leicester, on Friday the 15th Day of De- cember next, at the Hour of One o'clock, in the Afternoon, in the Manner directed hv the Act of the 13th of Geo. the 3d " for Regulating the Turnpike Roads;" which Tolls this last Ye r were Let for and produced the undermentioned Sums, and will be put A1 Melton. TO BE SOLD, New- erected House and Garden, situate ill the Burton End : the Iloustt is pleasantly si- tuated, having a good Prospect, and also near nil o ihe Melton and Oak ham Canals, and is well Calcu- lated for any Perso n carrying on Business on the said Canals.— For t urther Particulars apply to Mr. R. WHITCaUR CH, Melton. Loughborough Estates. Nl TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Bull's Head Inn, at Loughborough, on Tues- day the 2 id Hay of January, and the following Day's in small Parcels ; UPWARDS of One Thou « and Acres of very rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, Orchards and Garden Ground, together with some very valuable Ground for Building contiguous to the Town, and within the Parish of Loughborough. To be vewed by applying to Mr. WARMER, at Loughborough ; and Printed Particulars will be ready one Mouth previous to the Sale, and may he h id at the principal Inns at Loughborough, Leicester, Derbv, and Nottingham; of JOHN EVANS, Esq. St. Mildred's Court, Poultry; and of Mr. Cl. A- RIDGE, No. 47, Pall Mall, London; where a Plan ofthe Estates may be seen. EDMUND SWINFEN, Druggist, Market- 1' lace, LEICESTER ; HAS just received an As- sortment of Elastic Spring Trusses, manufactured by JOHN WRIGHT, No 31, Paradise Street, t. iver- ... .... [.... | oj. .; i, ese Trusses are made upon anew Principle UD at the same respectively; and if no advance I an( j j. \ y. warrantsthem to answer every Purpose r . - . - r Sums as I clitie to think the latter is the case. Several vessels are still loading in the River for the Swedish market. The commercial intercourse between this • country aud the ports in the Baltic, we un- derstand, has been greater this year that at any former period, even of profound peace. In the course ofthe last five months more than 2,200 Vessels passed through the Belt, not one of which was captured by the enemy, notwithstanding the repeated attempts of the Danish gun- boats, more than 100 in number, to annoy them during the passage in calms. The following is, we believe, the substance of the non- oflicial information received by Government from Cadiz, on which great reli- ance is placed, as evidence that an action has taken place in thu Mediterranean :— " 1 he Toulon fit et, cons- sting cf 16 or 17 sail of the line, left the harbour of Toulon on the 21TI and 22d ol October, having under its protection a fleet of transports, amounting to about 25 in num- ber, all bound to Barcelona. 1 he transports were conveyed to a certain latitude by the whole fleet, after which they were lelt to pursue the remaining part of their voyage, under the protection of three I satl of the line aud two frigates. ' I he remaining * : pa A. of the fleet having shifted their course, had pr. ifcfded either towards Sicily, or on their re- turn to 1 oulon. Ot the three sail of the line and frigates, two were burnt, and the third eacaped with the Pauline frigate into Cette. Of the trans- ports, 18 are understood to have been taktn, and three or ( bur destroyed." Orders have been sent to the Port Admiral at Plymouth to send to sea every ship of force tit for actual service. They are destined to cruize in different points along the French toast, with a view of picking up the straggling ships that might have escaped from Lord Col- lingwood, and run for their own ports in vari- ous directions. Saturday accounts were received at the Ad- - in b liralty of the sailing of four frigates and a rig from Nautz, for Guadaloupe. This squadron has been for some fnonths past ex- pected in the West Indies; and Admiral Cochrane, informed of their equipment and destination, had stationed the Alcmene and some other frigates, for the purpose of inter- cepting them. These vessels are supposed to have sailed from the Loire on the evening of the 15th inst. ; on the day following, one of them, the Ren mmee, of 28 guns, boarded a vessel, which on Thursday, arrived at Ply- mouth, from Bilboa: but suffered her to pro- ceed on her voyage. On the same day, the Dreadnought, of 9S guns, bearing Admiral Sotheby's flag, fell in with them, and chased for several hours, when the loss of her fore- top- gallant- mast obliged her to abandon the pursuit. A Channel Fleet is ordered to be formed.— ' 1 he Caledonia, CaptaiaBedford, ( Lord Gam- j Edwards, was captured on the 12th instant, by La Genie French National brig of war, of 18 guns, 24- pounders, to the westward of Scilly, after a chase of eight hours. She sailed from Jamaica on the 2d of October, with dispatches and a mail, which were thrown overboard and sunk during the chase. The Frenchmen plundered the Haddock, and afterwards gave her up to Lieutenant Ed wards. She arrived at Portsmouth on Satur- day morning. The long- pending question, respecting the illegality of subjecting Militia soldiers to nava discipline, is at length nearly brought to an issue; but not untill repeated remonstrances had been made to the Secretary of State by the Colonel of the West Essex Militia. The prisonships are now to be paid off; and it is understood that they will cease to be com- manded by naval officers in commission, but be under the management of agents appointed by the Transport Board : so that being con- sidered as hulks, the Militia may serve on board them, and be subject to the Militia laws only. It is said, that the case we lately mentioned will nevertheless be brought into a Civil Court. The Marquis Wellesley has announced, in dispatches received on Thursday by the Pickle schooner, his entire approbation of the late proceedings in his Majesty's Councils, and his readiness to accept the Seals ofthe Foreign Department. His Lordship intended to sail from Cadiz, if possible, on the 8th instant, on board the Donegal frigate, and his arrival in England may therefore be daily expected. A most destructive fite broke out, on Tuesday r. ight, in the stable of Mr. E. Argles, upholsterer, situate at the hack of his hotise, in High- street, Maidstone; from whence it communicated, in a short time, to the work- shops and extensive premi- ses adjoining, wh'ch were entirely consumed.— Notwithstanding the exertions of the fire- men, the flames afterwards communicated to, and burnt down the shop of Mr. Valentine, plumber and glazier; the slaughter- house of Mr. Johnson, butcher; and two dwelling - houses be- longing to Mrs. llussell, besides gut ling three others. Fortunately, at the moment when the flames were at the highest, the wind shift d, 3nd thus preserved the greater part of High- street froin destruction. The loss is estimated at 5000'. maueaiix'. I'jjm.' ii'L, — aiii'iia- Laiywu— B— / f . Real Japan Blacking. Made by Day and Martin, London, THIS invaluable Composition, with Half the usual Labour, producesthe most rilliant Jet Black ever beheld, adonis pec. uliarNourishment to the Leather, will not soil the tinest Linen, is perfectly free from any unpleasant Smell, and will retain its Virtue in any Climate.— Sold wholesale, by Day and Martin removed to No. 97, High Holborn, London ; Sc Retail by their Agents, Gregory, Swinfen, Combe, Merrall, & Matthews, Leicester; Acott, Boot- Maker, Sardin- son, Corbutt, Nottingham ; Harrod, Market Harbo- rough ; Merridew, Coventry ; Newcomb, Stamford , Jacobs, Peterborough ; Page, Oundle, Birelsall, Nor- thampton ; and Morgan, Lichfield, in Stone Bottles, Price Is. ( id. each. should be made thereon, then at such other Sum, the Trustees then present shall fi^ upon,—( viz. New- bold Gate, - <£ 53 Dtsford Gate, - 60 Blaby Chain, - - 19 10s. . Enderby Chain, - - 15 No Person will be allowed to make a Bidding without declaring the Name of his Security ( and an Authority from him of his Assent thereto) to be ap- proved of by the Trustees then present, for due Pay- ment of the Rent Quarterly, at which the said Tolls will be declared to be Let. By Order of the Trustees, THOMAS FREER, their Clerk. Leicester, Nov. 20, 1809. 9 6 PELICAN OFFICE. For Insurance on Lives and granting Annuities. rHIS Office was established in Lombard Street, London, in the Year 1797, bv a numerous and lespectable Proprietary ; and the Board of Di rectors, with Confidence, arising from the increased Prosperity and Permanency of the Establishment, as well as from the Experience of its Usefulness and Be- nefit to the Public, think it due to those who may be still unacquainted with the Importance and Advan- tage of Life Insurance, briefly to suggest soma of its leading and peculiar Recommendations to almost every Degree and Rank in Society. Life Insurance is of manifest Consequence to all who hold Estates for Life, Situations and Offices, Civil, Ecclesiastical, or Professional; to Officers in tile Army and Navy, See. as, by Payment of an An- nual Premium, the Party insured is enabled to provide for Wife, Children, or others, whose future Welfare he may wish in vain, by other Means to promote.— It affords a permanent ultimate Security to those who advance Money upou Annuities or otherwise. It ren,' ders Leases, determinable on one or more Lives nearly equal in Value to Freehold Estates, as an Insurance to the Amount of the Fine, payable on the Demise of a Party nominated in such Leases, will produccthe Sum required for Renewal It is a cheer- ing Refuge to Parties engaged in extensive and spe- culative Undertakings; it affords to Persons in Trade the certain Means of Indemnification against a bad or doubtful Debt; in short, Life Insurance, establish, etl in Policy, sanctioned by Government, and con- firmed by the Test of Experience, is become, to al- most every Situation of Human Life, a Measure equally Important, Useful, and Beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most equitable Terms, under a Special Act of Parliament, granted to this Office. THOMAS PARKE, Sec. COMPANY'S' AGENTS. LEICESTER— G. B. Hodges. M A RKET HARBORO UG H— Thomas G urden. LOUGHBOROUGH— R. Lacey. | NOTTINGHAM— E. Dear. 4 NEWARK— J. Stansall | WARWICK— Messrs. Bainbridge's and Co. ! BIRMINGHAM— J. Farror. i NORTHAMPTON— G. Osborne. TURN! IKE TOLLS, Between Tamworth and Sawley- Ferry, TO BE LE I', TH IS is to give Ni'tice, That the next Meet- ing of the Trusties, forputtingin Execution the Acts of Par lament for Repairing the Truripike Road, between the Borough of Tamworth and Saw- ley- Ferry, will be held at. the House of Thomas Fish- er, the Union Inn, in Measham, in the Couny of Derby, on Monday the 18th Day of Dec. next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon; at which Meeting the Tolls arising at the several ' Toll- Gates, erecttd upon the said Road and hereunder mentioned, will be l et by Auction, to the best Bidder or Bidders, pursuant to the Directions of an Act of Parli . ment, made and passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the ' Third, entitilled " An Act for Regulating the Turnpike Roads; " for one Year, to commence on the Twenty- Fourth Day of December next; which said Tolls, were Let the last Year at the several Sums hereunder mentioned, and will be put np atsuch Yearly Sums; whoever ^ lap pens to be the best Bidder or Bidders, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the'Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, at such Times as they shall direct. Ashby Field, - .£ 100 0 0 Gallows Lane, - 6 0 0 Birds Hill & Nomans Heath, 106 0 0 Wiggington Field, - 90 10 0 Swarcliff Lane, Lount Bur- ^ ney Lane, Walton Hill, > 250 0 0 and Smoile, j Hemington Pasture, 94 10 0 Anil also that at such Meeting new Trustees will be appointed in the Room of those who are dead or have removed, or neglected, or refused to Act. SAMUEL WEBSTER, C'leik to the said Trustees. Ashby- de- la- Zonch, November 13. 1809. ry Purpose for which they are intended, they can be altered at pleasure, so as to fit any sized Pe rson, and are far superior to any other ever offered to the Publicj and are approved ofby the most eminent Surgeons in the Kingdom; each Truss is accbmpanied with printed Directions, containing every Particular as tothe Manner of putting them on. Tliefe Trusses m ly be bad t Edmund' Swinfen's Genuine and general Drug Medicine and Perfume Warehouse, opposite the Conduit, in the Market- place, Leicester, and of the principal Druggists in mostTownsof the Kingdom. J. W. makes a new invented Naval Truss far su- perior to any other everoffcred to the Public. Orders from the Country, ( Letters Post paid), will be duly attended to N. B Gentlemen otihe Faculty or others may insnect the Trusses at Swir. fen's Warehouse The above may also be had of Mr. Adams, Drug- ist, Loughborough. fh- \ ARCLAY'I FOGS and DAMP AIR. BARCLAY'S ASTHMATIC for many Yea s been proved a most elle- CANDY has ual Preservative from the ill Effects of Fogs and Damp Air, which at this Season of, the Year ate so pi' « j* i,> dicial to those whoare affected with Asthmatic Cimrfs and Shortness of Breath. Its Effects are to expel Wind ; to defend the Stomach from the Admission of Damps ; and to relieve those who suffer from a Difficulty of Breathing. Prepared anrl Sold, Wholesale and Retail only, by Barclay and Son, No. 95, Fleet Market ; and Retail, by their Appointment, hy Gregory twin- fen, Matthews, Woodward, Leicester; Pearson, Melton Mowbray ; Snodin, Oakham ; Freeman, Uppingham; Adams, Loughborough; Beausmore, Ashby- de- la- Zouch; Dodsworth Brookes, Burton; Leigh, Atherstone; Baker, Tamworth ; Edge, Nor- thampton ; Munn, Kettering; Drakard, Stamford and Uppingham ; Tupman, Nottingham ; Drewry, Derby; Ridge, Newark; Mitton, Grantham; Dru- ry, Lincoln; andRobins, Wilkinsoi. Oaventry — But observe, none can possibly be genun. e unless tho Label affixed to each Box, is signed in re I Ink hy Barclay and Son, and much Danger may arise from Neglect of this Caution. /. TURB ERVlLLE's Superior Liquid Blacking. Til IS invaluable Composition is so prepared that it will improve the Quality of the Leather, at the same Time producing the most beautiful Jet Black, will not soil the finest Linen, or lerment in thchotest Climate, thus uniting the good Properties ofthe various other Preparations offered to the Public, at 3d per Pint lower than any of them, Pint Bottles are sold at 151 and % Pints 8d. Wm. Parsons, Ironmonger, & c. being appointed by the Inventor, his Agent at Leicester, is enabled to make a liberal Allowance to the Trade and to retail Venders, Patronized by their Royal Highness's the Princcss of Wales and . Duke of Sussex, / And most ofthe Nobility. £ • M A& Y^ SAR OIL, For the TrROJrVTH of I1A1R. THE Virtues of thJuQil extracted from a Tree in the Island « f Macassar, in the East Indies, are pre- eminent to any Thing ever discovered for im- proving the Growth of Hair, preventing it falling off or changing Colour, bestowing an unrivalled Gloss « n the TRESSES, and producing extraordinary Effects on Children's Hair.— Observe this is the only Preparation for the Hair that is sanctioned by any Part ofthe Royal Family. Sold at 3s. 6d. per Bottle, by the Proprietors, Rowland and Son, Kirby Street, Matton Garden, London; and by Edmund Swinfen, at his general and g ' inline Drug, Medicine, aud Perfume Ware- house, opposite the Conduit, Leicester; Booth, aud Caistor, Lincoln; Merridew, Coventry; and all Perfumers and Medicine Vanders in the United Kingdom.— Where may be had an Essay oil the Human Hair, by A, Rowland, Jatir, l" MnrMlE Royal Family, and Ladies and Gentlemen 5 Y J. of Fashion, use Russia Oil, for moisten ng the Hair when dressing, which is so great a Nourisher to the Hair as to prevent it turning Grey to all Peri- ods; promotes the Growth, and makes the Hair grow thick and long; it prevents its falling off, and restores it on bald Places, if the least Roots remain. Several Gentlemen that were bald, have declared, after using the Russia Oil regularly for 6 Months, the bald Places became nearly covered with Hair ; i also promotes F. ye Brows and Whiskers. Gentlemen ought not to omit using it to the Whiskers after Shav- ing, as it will prevent them turning a reddish Colour, or grey, which is too generally the Case, on Account of the Wetting they receive from Shaving. Ladies and Gentlemen who wear false Hair will find the Russia Oil a valuable Articic to use when dress- ing, asitg\ vos it a natural Gloss. It is generally remarked Persons wearing false Hair, that after a short Time wearing, it be comes dry aud stiff', and is easily discovieeU as- tf keeps the Hair soft, and ren- ders its appearance N atural. The high Reputation that the Russia Oil has gain- ed for preserving aud- promoting the Hair, and the great Demand foi it, has lately induced envious Per- sons to copy the Advertisement and advertise Arti- cles for a similar Purpose,' which have not the Effect!; it is therefore particularly recommended to observe the Label on the Outside Wrapper of each Boitle is signed in Russia Gold Ink, " Mpchrikufsky and Prince;" any without that Signature- tare. Counter- feits. Price 7s. per Bottle, or one Bottle containing four Saiali ones, at One Guinea, or Six Guinea Bottles at Five Pounds. Sold Wholesale and Retail by the Proprietor, A. 1' rince, No. 9, John- street, Oxford- street; and, by Appointment, by Mr. Smyth, Perfumer to his Ma- j. sty, Bond street; Hendrie and Sons, Perfumets to her Majesty, Tichborne- street; Bayley and Blew, Perfumers to the Prince anil Princess of Wales, and Duke and Duchess of York, Cockspur street; New- berry andSon, 45, St. Paul's Church Yard; Dicey and Sutton, Bow Church- yard; Baiclay and Son, Fleet- market; Butler, 4, Cheapside, Shaw and Edwards, 50, St. aul's Church- yard; Berry, and Johnson, Greek- street, London; Mr. Swinfen, Lei- cester; and by most of the principal Pet- tuners or Medicine Venders in F. ngland, Ireland, aud Scotland.. Country Shopkeepers sending their Orders to any Wholesale Vender they deal viiii in Tainloa, » i>, j yeceivc liberal AUonance, / X STRENGTHENING PILLS, Prepared by Dr. HARMSTUONG, No. 89, Great Bartholomew Close, West Sinithficld, London. AFrER much Labour and great Expence the Doctor has brought these incomparable Pills to Perfection, and in general Use amongst Women of all Ranks, from the Duchess to the Peasant, for Female Weakness of every Description ; bearing down of the Womb, from haul Labours ; and Semi- nal Weakness ir. the Male Sex.— The strengthening Pills are peculiarly efficacious iu Debility after malig- nant Fevers, Nervous Complaints, all inward V\ ast- ing, Loss of Appetite, or natural Strength, Indiges- tion, obstinattj Cough, Shortness of Breath, Con- sumptive Habits, Night Sweats, & c. See. & c. a net as a Bracer of the Solids, and a Promot r of Diges- tion, they are kept as a Family Medicine by the first Persons of Distinction in the Kingdom, and are strongly recommended by the most eminent Physiol ans to Sea Bathers, and for Debility in either Sex.— Price Os. the Box, Duty included. ALSO, Iiarmstrong's Female Menstruated Vegetable Pills For Females only, at the Commencement and De- cline of the most critical Periods of their Lives., which is the most proper Physic for Women after Lying- in or Miscarriages, being the only Medicine in the World to be depended on for curing Inflammation, Obstructions and Ulcers in the Womb. ToDr. Harmstrong. SIR, It is not possible to do you Jus tice in expressing the Merit of your Medicine, the Strengthening I ills. I have been the Mother of eleven Children, anil also have had s vera! Miscarriages, which has been the Occasion for these six Years past ofa low declining State of Health, and was severely afflicted with a | violent Pain in my Stomach and Back, and a heavy j Weight in my Head and Eyes, a Trembling and Pain • in my Thighs and Legs, with a bearing down ,. f. the Womb, and every Weakness anil Debility tnat a Fe- male could be afflicted with, till I was recommended to make ' Trial of your Strengthening Pil s, fouc Boxes of which have restored me to perfect Hi alth, Your's most respectfully, MARY SAMBROOK. At Sir. Futooze, No. 107, Mount- street, Grosvenor- square, London, Feb. 1, 18i, 9. These Pills inav be had ot the Doctor, No S9, Great Bartholomew Close, West Sinithfleld, I ondon; and bv bis Appointment they are sold Wholesale aid Retail, by Messrs. Barclay and Son, 9j, Fleet- Mar- ket, London ; sold al o gtnuine by Gregory, Lai- Cf » t..- r; Drakotd, St tmfoid; IKIIabv, i osiou; Adams, l. dughboxaijh; Diary, Lincoln; Robtit- son, Peterbou- ugh ; Turn; Gainsborough ; f iuher- by, l. aittii; Ward-, Hinikh y; Stretton, NoUHI*- , bain ; and by all respi elab'e Medicine VetWUt la i'. ujland, Ireland, a,, d Scvtland. Wednesday's and Thursday's Post. LONDON, WEDNESDAY November 29. German Papers to the 19th, and Paris Paper to the 16th inst. have been received in Town. From French Papers we learn that Bona- parte arrived at Paris on the evening of the 11th, and " the following day the King of Sax- ony arrived in that city. Preparations were making in the church of Notre Dame for a thanksgiving which is to take place on the 2d of Dec. the anniversary of Bonaparte's co- ronation. It is stated that he means on that day to assume the title of Emperor of Germa- ny ; and it is suggested that his German vas- sals hate been assembled to give some colour of right to the assumption. The German Papers remove all doubts with respect to the submission of the Tyroleans; and, in the state of Continental aflairS, vain and ruinous indeed had been any further re- sistance on their part to the overwhelming : force which the peace with Austria had ena- j bled France and Bavaria to send against them, j Hofler, their chief, is stated to have made his ; formal submission and resigned his sword to the Bavarian General at Inspruck. Letters from A Itona ofthe 10th state, that the Danish Government has notified an armis- tice w'th Sweden, to commence from the 12th and to continue until farther orders. Marquis Wellesley arrived at Spithead in • he Donegal, on Sunday, and reached town this morning. According to the accounts he brings, the disposition of the lower class of people in Spain againstthe French is as vio- lent as ever. The Spanish armies are nearly in the same condition as before ; not much improved in numbers or in discipline. Gero- na still held out. Blake was in the vicinity, but too weak to do much. The Duke del Parque has followed up his success ; he enter- fed Salamanca some days after his victory at Ta. names; and the enemy retreated without molestation. The Marquis has not been able to renovate the Spanish Government to the ex- tent that was hoped from his influence, but it appears he has prevailed on the Junta to fix t lie Convocation of the Cortes for the Ist of January next, and it is supposed they will be able to begin business on the lst of March following. In the mean while the Executive Power is to be lodged in the hands of a Direc- tory or Executive Council, composed of seven Members, with the Marquis of Astorga at their head. Much is expected from the vi- gour and energy of this body, who are to be invested with authority equal to the critical state of aflairs in that country. Mr. B. Frere remains at Seville, as our Mi- ' nister Plenipotentiary. L TO lit SOLD 1SY P1UVATE CONTRACT, '"" I^ HE Reversion of four per Cent Con- X solidafed Bank Annuities, transferable to a Purchaser on the Death of a Lady aged 71. Fo. Particulars enquire at the Office of Mr. BOND, Solicitor, Leicester. // Cteuve, jtaccsm\ BY PERMISSION. On Saturday Evening, December 2, will be per- formed the Musical Entertainment of THE TURNPIKE GATE ; t/ r, who pays Toll. After which ( for ihe first l ime in this Theatre) the Celebrated Play of MACBETH; King of Scotland. Arranged and performed as a Grand BALLF. T of ACTION, ( in 3 Acts) interspersed with Speaking and Cborusses: exactly in the Manner it was produced under the Direction of Mr. Elliston, at tbe Royal Circus, London, and performed upwards of 120 Nights to crowded and brilliant Audiences ; w ith all the original Music composed by Matthew Locke. In the Course of ti e Ballet the following Scenes:— The Assassination of Duncan in his Chamber, by Mac- beth. The fight of Banquo with three Murderers, and the Escape of Fleance. A Grand Banquet. A Dance oj Witches round the Cauldron at the Pit of Acherons The Murder of Lady Macduff and her Children in the Castle of Fife. And the Cverlk/ ow of Macbeth. To conclude for the last Time, the Petite Piece of THE JUBILEE. The Dialogue written by T. Dibden, Esq. the Mu- sic by Mr. Ware; as was performed at the Theatre Hoyal. Covent Garden, on the 25tb of October last, with the most unbounded Applause and Admiration. In the Course of the Piece will be exhibited the good Ship BRITANNIA, brilliantly Illuminated, with ap- propriate Devices, Transparencies, & c. &. C. To conclude with a Grand Finale composed for tbe Oc- casion. O Monday December 4, the celebrated Tragedy of KING LEAR; And his Three Daughters. With other Entertainments. the Ballet of On Tuesday, tbe Second Time. MACBETH ; King of Scotland. On Wednesday, ALEXANDER THE GREAT. BOXES 3s. PIT 2s. GALLiRY Is. Tickets and Places for the Boxes to be taken at JVIr. Johnson's Fruit Shop, Upper End of the Market- place.—. Pit and Gallery Tickets to be bad at the Printer*. ' I'lie Doors to be opened at Half- past Five, and the ^ etfoi inanc; to begin at Half- past Six o'Clock II County of Leicester HUNDRED of FRAMLAND. TF1E ASSIZE of BREAD— Set the 28th Day ol November, 1809, to continue 14 Days. lb. ot. dr The Penny LoafVVhcaten to weigh 0 4 9 Ditto Houfliold, - 0 6 8 Twopenny Loaf Wheaten to weigh 0 9 0 Ditto Houlhold, - - 0 12 6 Sixpenny Loaf Wbeaten to weigh 1 11 6 Ditto Houlhold, - 2 5 2 TwelvepennyLoalWheatento weigh 3 12 G Ditto Houfhold, - 4 10 4 EighteenpennyLoalWheatentoweigli 5 2 2 Ditto Houfhold, - 6 15 6 ft. NORMAN. J. 8. BKOWN. Every WheatenLoafisto Demark.< o withalarge Roman W. and every Houthold Loaf with a large Roman H. oil Pain of forfeiting notmetsthaa 2l) s aud not less than H for every Loaf; / y. KOAD MEETING. Turnpike Road from Saint Mary's Bridge in the Parish of Little Bozvden, in ihe County of Northampton, to the West Side of the Toll Ba'at the No: th End of the Town of Rockingham, in ihe same County. NOT ICE is b « reby given, That the Tolls arising at the Wilbarston Gate, the Dingley Gate and Weighing Machine, and the Gate at Ding- ley Lane End upon the above Road, will be Let by Auction to the best Bidders, either together or sepa- rately as the Trustees shall direct, pn Thursday the 21st Day of December next, for the Term of one Yetir, at the Angel Inn, in Market Harborough, in the County of Leicester, about 4 o'Clock iu the Af- ternoon of the same Day, in the Manner directed by tbe Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, for { regulating Turnpike Roads. Whoever happens to be the highest Bidder for any Gate or Gates on the said Raad, must pay to the Treasurer a Deposit of X20 per Centum in Part of such Toll, and enter into Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees for Pay- ment ofthe annual Rent agreed upon, at such Times as the Trustees shall direct. Dated this 29t. li Day of November, 1509. By Order of the Trustees, GEORGE WARTNABY, Clerk. TOWN OF NOTTINGHAM. TURNPIKE ROAD From Loughboiough to Ashby- de- la- Zowch, and from Coalorton to Rempstone. NOI ICE is hereby given, That the Tolls aris- ing at the Toll Gates undermentioned, will be Let by Auction to the best Bidder, at the Plough Inn, ill Loughborough, 011 the 21st Day of Decem- ber, between tbe Hours of 3 and 6 in the Evening, in the Manner as directed by the Act passed in the Pith Year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike Roads, which Toils the last Year were let for the Sums hereafter L. ( L mentionetl, viz.: Loughburough Gate, Gracedieu Gate, Thringstoue Gate, and Thringstone Bar 132 0 0 Belton Gate and Normanton Bar 178 0 0 and will be put^ p at less Sums. Whoevei happens to be' the best Bidder, must at tbe same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Road, for the Payment of tbe Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. HENRY HOLLAND, Clerk to theTrustees. - 2/" LEICESTERSHIRE. ADDENDA to the List of Persons to whom Game Certificates at the Rate of .£ 3 3s. 0 have been granted by the several Clerks to the Commissioners of Assessed Taxes for the said County, for the Year 1809, pursuant to Schedule ( L) of the Act of 48th G. 3, cap. 55, to the 27th Day of November, 1809. Name. Residcncs. Boyer Mr. Edward, Hathern Rowley Mr. Samuel, Ditto • Bulstrode Mi. John, Worthington Blower Mr. William, Junr. Rotherby Bendley Mr. John, Barkby T horpe Burdett Mr. Robert, Shearsby Burnaby Edwyn Andrew, Esq. Baggrave Hall Curzon Nathaniel, Esq. Breedon Crabbe, Rev. Mr. Musson Cbarnock Rev. Edmund George, Allexton Draper Mi. John, Castle Donnington Draper Mr. Simufrl, Goadby Marwood Exton Mr. John, Junr Eastwell Ereeman Mr. Richard, Dadlington Fiamson Mr. John, Ibstock FowkesMr. Dawson, Rothley Fisher Mr. W. Senr. Long Clavvson Flavell Mr. Joseph, Ragdale Floyd Mr. John, Swinford Goude Mr. Francis, Junr. Cossington Gallaway Mr. John Cole, Broughton Astley Grundy Mr. William, W igston Parva Heycock Mr. John, Junr. Owston Hassail Mr. J. L. Packingtou Hoe Rev. Thomas, Long Clawson Hollier Mr. James, Hinckley JervisCharles, Esq. Hinckley Lucas Mr. William, Bitteswell Morris Campbell, Esq. Loddington Millward Mr. John, Castle Donnington Morris Mr. John, Scalford Newbold Mr. John, Rothley Norris Rev. Thomas, Harby Otway Henry, Esq. Stanford Hall Oliver Rev. John. Swepstone Pagett General, Lindley Hall Prickett Rev. Giles, Newbold Verdoa Pagett Mr. John, Senr. Rothley Pagett Mr John, Junr. Ditto Packe Henry, Esq. Prestwould Peck Mr. Henry, Knossington Reeve Mr. James, Higham Smith Mr. Charles, Burbage Stevenson Mr. Joseph, Kegworth Stone Mr. Thomas, Bariow Seagrave Mr. John, Kerby Bellars Whitehead Mr Thomas, Mountsorrell Wagstaff ltev. John Siupe, Barkston Woodhall Rev. William, Branston Published by Order of his Majesty's Commis- sioners for the Affairs of Taxes, MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. w Jjc/ ICBCS ?! s 3 trc g 3 o I ° = --- W & 05- a J* O) K. o & | G IU 3 < rO " SO CD 3 JU 3 EP - Q o o 3 3 " 5. S n N O 13 CD - 1 o O 3 J~ * CT3 n> — s = g 5- B 2 fD rt > £ X t c 0- 5. VD cr ^ ft fl> £ O » 3" Cft « R. 5 0 w 3 — o £ OS = r0 a. 3.2 o>.-. S 6-° * § r?? 3 i • cn » 2T £ 3 a £ to- I § 1 > 3 2 * £ S H H H- 1 w 3 X H FJ F3 U3 n 3 o •- 1 n^ oo W - I V . t 98 a 3 a O. a- C = rt 5 3 >=, ** Si? O w- - Q PI a' R C3 3 » S S-" Z So 5 t5> s= a oi3 > 3 o o — J ™ M £ Z3 K § 2 ° a ^ ™ "" « n> S - w w e 5. 00 Q- n> c ^ 3 M M O PJ w H P5 « C/ 3 s ffi —: n Veterinary Premises and Warehouses, well adapted for currying on the Business of a Hosier, a Lace Manufacturer, or a Malster. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. GASKILL, At his Sale Room, in Nottingham, on Monday the I ith Day of December, 1809, at 3 o'Cloek in the Aftft'noon. ( either in one entire Lot, or in such Lois as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale ; and subject to such Conditions as will be then produced;) ACapital newly- erecied Freehold Messuage or Dwelling house, ( now divided in'o iwo T e- nements, aud in the several Occupations of Captain Orton, and Mr. Thomas Pickard, Farri er) with 3 Rooms on a Floor, aud 3 Stories high, exclusive of 2 excellent low Kitchens, Rock Cellars, and other at- tached Offices ; situated in Saint James Street, in tbe Parish of Saint Nicholas, in the Town ot Notting- ham ; together with some most valuable buildings aud Premises adjoining to the said Messuage, now used and occupied in the Business of a Shoeing Smith and Veterinary Surgeon ; consisting of a spacious Smith's Shop, a Shoeing Shed, a Parrying Slaeu, a Shop for Drugs, a Counting- house, a . tore Room, a Granary, a Hay Chamber, a 2- Stall, a 3- Stall, and a 5 Stail Stable, 5 Open Infirmary . Stables, a Car- riage House, and every other Convenience. Also some exct llent newly erected Premises suffi- ciently extensive and fit for a Hosier, a Lace Manu- facturer, or a Malster, now in the Occupation of Messieurs Hair and Co. cojisistmg of a tukvrg in Warehouse, a Counting House, a Sale Room, a Mending Room, a Getting- up- Room, and a Board- ing Room. There are two capital New Lead Pumps ( amply supplied with Soft Water) upon the Premises, and au entire Yard ; the Ground whereof, and of tbe Build- ings contain, by Admeasurement 633 Square Yards, inclosed from Saint James Street ( the principal En- trance) by large Folding Doors, and from Rutland • itreet ( the Back Entrance) by the Smith's Shop, the 3 Stall Stable, and the Carriage House. The Buildings are of lirick, and covered in with Westmorland Slate, completely fitted up with New and Strong Lead Spouts, the Windows Sashed, and the Whole will be found in the most complete Repair. Immediate Possession may be taken of such Part of the Premises as are occupied by - M . Pickard. Further Particulars may be known by making Ap- plication to Mr. CA LTON, Attornev- at- Law, Ches- terfield ; Messieurs. BARBER and* CRANCH, At- tornies- at- Law, Union Court, Old Broad Street, London; or to Mr. STRETTON, Surveyor, Not- tingham. A, fa- TO TIE LEI, j / And may be entered upon immediately, Genteel House pleasantly situated in Cranby Street, with Garden and all necessary at- tached and detacheJP Olfices, forming a desirable Hesideuce for a Gentleman or Manufacturer. Enquire atthe Journal Office. /> j Timber. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By EDW. NEALEand SON, On Tuesday, the 12th Day of Decembei, 1809, at the House of Mr. Thomas Bromwich, the Sigu of the Caves Inn, on the Watling Street llOad, in the Parish ot Churchover, in tiie '' ounty of Warwick, snbject to Conditions of Sale then to be produced ; | Capital Oak, Ash, and Elm Timber Trees, 1 OU some of large Dimensions, which will be Sold in Lots, now Blazed and Number'd for Sale, standing on a Farm in the Tenure of Mr. Wnt. Letts, of Shawel Lodge, adjoining the Watling Street Road. For a View of the said Timber, apply to Mr. Letts, the Tenant. Dinner on the Table at One o'Clock. - jr. ro BE SOLD BY AUCUON, / 0 By Mr. DAVIS, On Wednesday the 6th Day of December next, at 5 o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the House of Mat- thew Underwood, the Old Three Cranes Inn, in Leicester, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced }' ALarge and commodious well- built HOUSE, s tuate near the Upper End of the Silver Street, in Leicester, . ate- tli^ Residence of Mr. Car rick, measuring on the Front 64 Feet, and which, at a small Expence, may be converted into two conve- nient Houses. The Whole comprises 3 Cellars, well arched ; 5 Rooms on the Grouud Floor, besides con- venient Pantries and Closets ; Lodging Rooms, on the first Floor, and 4 on the Second ; with convenient Out- offices, ami other large Rooms, calculated 10 make capital Ware Rooms, and suitable either for an Academy, for which it has been long used ; a Woolstapler, an Hosier, or other considerable Ma- nufacturer that requires Room. There is a complete Yard adjoining the House, thai measures 39 Feet 9 Inches, by 38 Feet, in which stands a Pump that never wants Water; a Rain Water Cistern, that contains 3660 Gallons ; with a Garden neatly fenced off from the Yard, containing iu Length 117 Feet, and in Bieadth about 57 Feet, well laid out and well planted, at the further End of which stands a neat Alcove. The Premises are near the Centre of the Town of Leicester, also near St. Martin's Church, and about 200 Yards from the Market Place. Maybe entered upon immediately, and a Purchaser may be accom- modated with two Thirds of the Purchase Money on Security of the Premises. For a View apply to Mr s Carrick the Owner and Occupier; and for further Particulars apply to Messrs. 11. KING and SON, Solicitors, Leicester. Whitwick. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HEWITT, At the House of Widow Smith, the Sign of the Crooked Billet, in Wh. twick, on Tuesday tbe 5th Day of Decemner, 1809, at 3 o'Clock in the Af- ternoon, under such Conditions as will be then produced ,•) AFreehold Tenement, situated at the Upper End of Whitwick, fronting the Turnpike Road, and in the Possession of Henry Lydal. The House contains, House, Parlour, Pantry, & c. with Chambers over them ; large Stable, and other convenient Outbuildings, with a capital Garden. For further Particulars apply to Mr. WARD, of Whitivick; or the AUCTIONEER, Sheepshead. November 21, 1809. V Sheepshead. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HEWITT, On the Premises, 011 Monday and Tuesday the 11th and 12th Days of December, 1809, beginning precisely each Day at 11) o'Clock ; ALL the valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, Brewing Vessels, Coppers, & c. lately belonging to Mrs. START, Deceased ; Consisting of capital Feather Beds and Bedsteads, clothed in various Hangings; Dining, Tea and other Tables; Chairs, Fire Irons; Brass and Copper Pots, Pans, & c. Plated Cups, and Tankards; China, Glass, and every Kind of useful Kitchen Utensils; 2 Clocks, & c. capital Fine- toned Spiunet; Chests of Drawers; Oak Desks, Hanging Presses, large and small Brewing Coppers, capital seasoned Tubs and Barrels to correspond; Blankets, Coverlets, Bed and Table Linen. The Whole to be Sold without Reserve. M- Valuable Stocking Frames. TO BESOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HEWITT, At Mr. Cox's, the Fish and Quart I1111, Church Gate, Leicester, on Thursday the 14th Day of Decem- ber, 1809, at 2 o'Clock ; T^ HIRl'Y capital rib'd and plain Stocking A Frames, chiefly Coarse Guages; the rib'd Frames are most of them proper Width for Piece Work. Particulars in next Week's P » p « r. 3/ 7 TO BE SOLD BY AUCT ION, By Mr. BURTON, Oil Monday the 4th Day of December next, at the House of Joseph Littlewood, in Kirby Bellaers, in the County of Leicester, at 2 o'Clock in the Af- ternoon, ( subject to such Conditions as wilt be then produced) uuless previously Disposed of by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given; r~|"* WO Messuages or Tenements with Yards Ji and Outbuildings belonging thereto, situate in the Town of Frisby- upoii- the- Wreak, in the e ounty of Leicester, and in the several Tenures of Thomas Browu and John Bloodworth. And also a Close of rich Pasture or Meadow Ground, lying in the. Lordship of Kirby Bellaers aforesaid, containing by Admeasurement 9A. 1R. BP and in the Tenure of For Particulars and to Treat for the Purchase by private Contract, apply to Mr. LATHAM, or Mr. CLARKE, Attornies- at- Law, in Melton Mowbray. Valuable Dairy Cows, well- bred Sheep, and 1J. useful Draught Mares. ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. OWSTON. On the Premises at Ibstock, in the Ccanty of Leices- ter, 011 Wednesday next, December 6, at Half- after Ten o'Clock; XHIE valuable Neat Cat: le, Sheep, Horses, & c. & c. of the late Mr. WARD, Consisting of 24 capital Dairy Cows ar. d Heifers, aud 5 Stirks; 70 valuable Ewes and Theaves, ,97 Ewe and Wether Lambs, 3 Draught Mares, a Colt, a Foai, and a Hackney Mare. The Cows are very useful, and In- calf to a capital Bull. The Sheep have been bred with great Attention from the Flock of Mr. Astley. The Ewes are In- lamb by a sheep of that Gentleman's, and the Lambs are by a Sheep of Mr. Bradley's. Catalogues may be harl at the Inns, Market Bos- worth ; atthe Printing Office, A$ hby- de- la- Zouch ; and of Mr OWSTON. J4 Leicestershire. , TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, /) L % Mr. BOOTT, w ( IN LOTS) On Monday the lltli Day of December, 1809, at the. House, of Mr. Boncer, the Sign of the Ship in Rempstone, iu the County of Nottingham ( 4 Miles from Loughborough), at 3 o'Clock ill the After- noon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced ; T^ WO Messuages err Tenements, with a Hutchei's Shop to one of them, with Garden and Orchard to each, and about an Acre of capital Grazing Land adjoining, situate in Rempstone afore- said, in the respective Occupations of John Smith, John Bradley, and Mr. Laurence. Also, A Close of very rich Meadow Land, lying within, the Lordship, and near the Town of Rempstone afore- said, contiguons to the Turnpike Road between Rempstone and Costock, known by the Name of Marsden's Grange, and containing rather more thaa 5 Acres, in the Occupation of William Gregory Wil- liams, Esq. or his Under- tenant. The Premises may be viewed by applping to the said Mr. Boircer; and any further Particulars may be hjid at the Office of Mr. CRADOBK, in Lough- borough.. y. Leicestershire. Capital Dairy Cows, higti- bred Sheep, useful Horses and Mares. TO BEbOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. OWSTON, On Ihe Premises, at Willesley, near Asliby- de- la- Zouch, in theCounty of Derby, on Monday the 10th Day of December, 18U9, beginning punctu- ally at III o'Clock; ALL the truly valuable LIVE STOCK of the late Mr. GARNER, Consisting of 24 valuable Dairy Cows and Heifers, 7 Stirks, 11) Calves, and a Bull, 120 high bred In- lamb Ewes and Theaves, 100 Lanlbs aud 3 Rams, 7 very useful Draught Mares and Geldings, 2 Fil- leys and a Foal, and a Hackney Colt, by Curricle ; several Pigs, & c. The Cows will be found better than the Average of that Country. The Sheep have for severaf Years been bred from the Flocks of Messrs. Green, Burgess, and S. Weston, and are supposed superior to any lately brought to the Hammer. Catalogues may be bad 6 Days previous to Sale, at tbe Inns in Burton- upon- Trent, Atherstone, Tam- worth, and Market Bosworth; at the Printing Office, Asbby- de- la- Zouch ; and of Mr. OWSTON. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOTT, On Tuesday the 19lh Day of December, 1809, at 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Swan luti, in Melton Mowbray, in the Couuty of Leicester, ( by Order of the Trustees appointed under the Will of Thomas Charlton, Esquire, late of Cliil- well, in the County of Nottingham, Deceased) AVery valuable Freehold Estate, comprising 2 Farm Houses with convenient Cottages, Stab'es and' Outbuildings, and atout 250 Acres of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land at Gad- desby, Rearshy, Hoby, and Rotherby, in the County of Leicester, and which will be Sold in tbe following Lots; Names of Closes. Tenants. 1 32 2 28- 0 IS 0 10 3 16 1 24 Manors and Estates, in the County of Lei- 2 Jt. cester. " ^' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mt. R. ROUSE, At the Bell Inn, in Leicester, on Friday the 8th Day of December, 1809, at 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject lo such Conditions of Sale, as shall be then and there produced ; IN 23 LOTS, For the Accommodation of Purchasers ; SUNDRY valuable Freehold and Tithe- tree Estates, situate in the Parishes of Quenebo- rough aud South Croxton, in the County of Leices- ter, about 6 Miles from Leicester, and 9 from Mel- ton Mowbray, late the Property of JOHN PEACH HUNGEuFORD, Esq. Consisting of the Manors of Queneborough and South Croxton, with Barsby, and 10 convenient Farm Houses, with useful and commodious Outbuild- ings, and several Cottages and Gardens, with divers Closes of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, sur- lounded wf'th Quick Fences^ and in a high State of Cultivation, containing in the Whole 1191 Acres and upwards, well watered and supplied with Game. Mr John Whittle, of Queneborough, will shew the Estate, and printed Particulars may be had at the Offices of Mr. GREEN, Solicitor, Spalding, Linj colnshire; Mr. BURHIDGE, Solicitor, Leicester; the Hcrse and Groom, Queneborough ; and of the Auctioneer, at Market Harborough ; and Plans of the Estate shewing the several Lots inspected at any o! the said Places after the ; 5th of November In- stant. Spalding, November 7, 1809. Qnan. of each Close. LOT GADDESBY. A. R. P. 1 Twenty Acre Close, Mr. Wil- liamson, 2 Ten Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, 3 Seven Ditto Ditto, Ditto, , j Mason Close, Ditto, 7 ( Ditto, Ditto, 5 5 Meadow Close, Mr. Simkin, Barn Close, Ditto, 30 Brick & Tiled Barn, Ditto, Corn Close, Ditto, 20 Lane from Rearsby, f Corn Close, Mr. Williamson, 6 o J House, Barn, Stable, J Home Close, Ditto, 15 ( Lane from Rearsby, 9 Great Close, Mr. Williamson, 10 Berry Cliff Meadow, Ditto, [ Tbe above to be Sold subject to all such Roads and Ways as are now used over the same, and as marked 011 the Plan.] REARSBY. 1 Near Long Close, Mr. Simkin, 2 Little Barn Close, Ditto, [ To be subject to a Right of Road to the next Lot, as marked 011 the Plan.] 3 Far Long Close, Mr. Simkin, f House, Barn, Stables, j Buildings, & Gar- | den, Mr. Simkin, 0 1 1 •{ Home Close, Ditto, 6 2 I Nether Litling, Ditto, 12 2 Near Upper Lit- L ling, Ditto, 3 2 C Harris Leys, Ditto, 6 1 2 / Bancroft Meadow, Ditto, 7 3 ( Willow Holt Ditto, 0 3 t Far Upper Lifting, Ditto, 12 1 3 Middle Land Close, Ditto, 7 2 ( Far Land Close, Ditto, 6 2 The Far Upper Litling to be Sold subject to the Road over the same. 4 Near Sand Close, Mr. Simkin, ROTHERBY. 1 The S wap or fi'st Math ofa Close called East Murines, Mr. Simkin, Quan. of each Lot. A. R. P. 19 2 8 9 2 20 7 2 36 • 13 0 20 19 0 18 30 0 li( 20 0 IQ 22 1 0 21 1 24 3 2 '-' 4 106 2 15 12 3 28 15 0 3 « S 15 0 20 43 1 4 3 » - 12 24 0— 23 36 8 4— 15 28 32 12— 26 C 28 0 • 2 32 0 I t 4 2 9 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Bell Inn, in Leicester, 011 Friday the 8th Day of December, 1809, at 4 o'Clock in the Afternoon, ( orsosoon afterwards as the Manor aud Estates in Queneborough, late belonging to John Peach Hnn- gerford, Esq. advertised tor Sale 011 the same Day at the same Place are Di- posed of), subject to the Conditions of Sale which will be then produced ; AFreehold Close of exceedingly rich Arable Land, lying in the Lordship of Quenebo- rough aforesaid, bounded by the Turnpike Road leading from Melton to Leicester, on tbe North ; by two Closes, late Mr. Hungerford's, now in the Occu- pation of Mr. Thomas Kilbv on tbe South and Wrest; and by Lands belonging to Mr. Alsop, of Wanlip, 011 the East, now in the Occupation of the Owner, Mr. James Mason. A Purchaser mey have immediate Possession, and may be accommodated with a considerable Part of the Purchase Money on Security of the Premises. For other Particulars apply to Mr. PILKINTON, Solicitor, Leicester. „ e Market Harborough, November 29, 1809. < J 0 Leicestershire.— Freehold Estate. 10 BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROUSE, Atthe Angel Inn, in Market Harborough, in the County of Leicester, on Thursday the 28th Day of December, about 4 in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then pro- duced ; O EVERAL Closes of rich Grazing Land, situate O in the Parish, Lordship, or Libeities of Thed ingworth, in the County of Leicester, a short Dis- tance from the Village of Thedingworth, containing together hy Estimation 124 Acres or thereabouts, Land Tax redeemed, and in the Occupation of Mr. Peck Margetts, Tenant- at- Will. The Town of Thedingvvortli is situate on the Turn- pike Road leading from Market Harborough to Lut terworth, about 5 Miles from the former, and 8 from the latter, and is within easy Distances from the County Towns of Leicester, Northampton, and Co- ventry. Part of the Purchase Money may remain on Secu- rity of the Estate, and a Purchaser may have immedi- ate Possession on Payment ofthe Purchase Money, and taking the present Tenants Stock at a fair Valu- ation. For a View of the Estate apply to Mr. John Ire- sou, or Mr. Peck Margetts, of Theddingrvorth ; and foe further Particulars to GEORGE WAKTNABY, Attorney, in Market II arbaroa^ h. 78 3 5 The Estate is situate about 8 Miles from Melton and about 10 from Leicester, in a line Sporting Country, in the Centre ofthe Quorn Hunt, and with- in a ve- y convenient Distance also ofthe Duke of Rutlands ; and being in a very high State ofCultiva- tion, and comprising some of tbe most valuable Land in the County of Leicester, is particularly worthy the Attention of all Persons who wish to purchase Farms for their own Occupation. The Hoby and Rearsby Estates are Tythe- free, the Meadow at Rotherby and the Estate at Gaddes- by are subject to Tythes. The Whole Estate is subject to the Payment of tha Land Tax. Printed Particulars are ready for Delivery at the Three Clowns Inn, Leicester; the Bull's Head Inn, Loughborough ; and the Black's Head Inn, Not- tingham, and at the Place of Sale ; and a Plan of the Estate with Abstracts of the Title, and the Con,; ditionsof Sale, are ready for the Inspection of- iii- tended Purchasers, or their Solicitors, at the Offica- of Mr. ALLSOPP, Solicitor, in Nottingham, where all further Particulars may be hod. Mr. Simkin of Hobv, one ofthe Tenants will shew the Premises, and with whom a Plan ofthe Estate is left for the ' nspection of intended Purchasers. Chamwood Forest and Rothley Plain Inclosure. ^ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOTT, Under the Powers of an Act passed in the 48tk Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, for allotting and inclosing the Forest or Chace of Charuwood and Rothley Plain, in the Coun- y of Leicester, and conformably to tbe Statute of tho 41st of George the Third, at the Anchor Inn, in Loughborough, onThursda'y the 21st Day of De-. cembernext, at 3 o'Clock in the Afternooji ; On the said Forest. One Parcel of Land situate at Bawdon Cattle, containing 277A. 111. 31 P. surrounded by the Loughborough and Bosworth, the Charley and Ul- verscroft, and the Woodbouse Roads. One other Parcel of Land, situate at Charley Knowl, containing 200A. 3R. 35P. bounded 011 the East by the Sheepshead and Newton Road ; on tha South, by the Loughborough and BoswOrth Road; on the West; by the Charley and Ulverscroft Road ; and 011 the North by Part ol the said Forest. Printed Particulars with Plan annexed may be bad at the principal Inns in Leicester, Loughborough, Ashby- de- la- Zoueli, Derby, and Nottingham ; and at the Offices of Mr. CRADOCK, Mr. PIDDOCKE, and Mr. BLUNT, Clerks to the Commissioners, and in the mean Time ally Information may be had at Mr. SMITHS, Sheepshead, and Mr. IVEsONS, Loughborough, Surveyors to the Inclosure. — Given under our Hands this 1st Day of November, 1809. ROBT. H. WYATT. JOSEPH OUTRA. M, THOMAS EAGLE, JA. MES. Gl'. fiEN. teic'ester journal, and Midland Counties General Advertiser. To Pat ents and Guardian % Wanted, AYoung Man as an Apprentices a L nen Woollen Draper. A Prem'um will ix Reeled. £ iqu. ru of Mr. CHRISTOPHER COR RALL, Market Hill, Daventry. and ex jjs Wanted, AN Apprentice to a Surgeon, & c. ( n thi • County) where eonsiclei able Pains w, pi % ie taken to prepare a young Man for an advantageous Reception of Instruction afterwards in London. Enquire at the Journal Office / JU '|"\ hK Church anu Co greg :' « .-• Meeting at J iii'i v i, in , r rn t'"" r mere Thinks to hose who havf so lihera. lv contributed for ti. e Enlargement or toa, Place of Worship. As many Friends have no. ' teen waited upon, and a consider- able Sum isstill wanting to defray the Expence, the Rev. R. HALL intends Preaching a Sermon fur that Purpose, on Sunday 2tuh November last; nt, when a Collection will b^ mad. at the Doors. Service to begin at llalf- p ' St 2 o'Clock. Iff • Wanted immediately, ' A N Assistant in a respectable Ladies' Boarding Scnool, whose Abilities will not be under va- lued.— Apply at the Journal Office. Letters Post- paid will be duly attended to. Wanted, AS Housekeeper and Cook in a large well regulated l'amilv in the Country, a steady, active, " respectable Woman; she will have two Servants under her in the Kitchen, and it ex treti} ely well qualified for such a Situation, very liberal Wages will be given. Enquire of the Printer of the Derby Mercu- ry ; if by Letter, Posi- paid. - LEICESTER abbey gardens. UTJ> THOMAS WARNER, TJ EGS Leave to inform tilt Nobility, Gentry, and x> Inhab tants ol the I'own and County ot Lei- cester and its Vicinity, that as the Season for plant- iug has commenced, he has ready for Sale a large Collection of FOREST- TREES, EVERGREENS, and ORNA- MENT VL SHRUBS. FRUIT I'REES i— Standard, Dwarf, and Trained TREES for WALi. S.— the most curious and valua- ble Sorts. VINES— trained in Pots for forcing. ROSES—, upwards of 50 Varieties. GREEN HOUSE and STOVE PLANTS— a large Collect. on. AMERICAN PLANTS— many Silts of the most esteemed and curious Varieties. BULBOUS ROOTS— of various Sorts just import- ed from Holland. ASPARAGUS PLANTS— one, two, or three Years eld, for Forcing or Planting. CABBAGE PLANTS for Cattle. PERKINS'S PEA— a valuablecarly PEA, much su- perior to the Common Frame. SEEDS aud PLANTS, for the Kitchen and Flower Garden; with every other Article tn the Business of a NURSERYMAN, SEEDSMAN, and GARDENER. Orders rece veil at the Abbey, or at his Shop near the Conduit, will be speedily and punctually per- formed By theirobedient humble Servant, I'HOMAS WARNER. Leicester Abbey, Nov. 14th, 18ut>. ffi. LEICESTER 1 '/" HE V\ e. ekly Commit I, have paid consider CHARITY SERMON. On Sunday next, Nov 19th, will be Preached in the Chapel of Mountsorrel, A SERMON For the Benefit of the Sunday Schools in that Town, Hy the Rtv. ROBERT MARTIN, A. M. ( Service vrill begin at Halfafter Two, and a Collec- tion will be made at the Chapel Doors. INFIRMARY Committee of Governors, who ruble A'tention to the State and Management of the General Infirmaiy, with a V'ew to the regular Enforcements ofthe Sta tntes, and the Improvement of its Resources, have found themselves under the unpl asant Necessity of rejecting seveial Recommendations ol Patients, in Consequence of the Arrears of those Subscribers w ho f sent them. They Trust that wj Apology for this Measure can be requisite when it is considered, / that they are acting only in Conformity to the stand- ing Rules of the House ( specifically recognized and enforced at the last Annual Meeting of the Gover- nor) which require a prompt Payment of Subscii'p Hons, and that they have put the. most liberal Con- struction on the 6th statute, Page loth, in reject- ing no recommendation exeept two Years Payment of Subscription be aetnally due. They assure the Public, that no Partiality whatever is shew n to any Subscriber, and they confidently Hope that no Of- lence can be takeit. By Order of the Committee, JOHN FLINT, Secretary. November 14, 180 9. GRAND J UNCTION CANAL. ADividend of Two and a Ilalf- per Cent, ( ex- clusive of the Property Duty thereon which will be paid in London) was declared at the General i semblv of the Company of Proprietors of the Grand Junction Cana!, Oil Tuesday the 7iii lust, and the Warrants will be ready for delivery to the Stock- holders on Friday the 5th of January next, at the Office, 21, Surrey Street, Strand, between the Hours of Ten and Three R. C. SALE, Clark to the Company. Surrey Street, Nov. 8, 18 09. I Shel C nrt' tw PIIE 1 Ye v Wholesale and Retail Cltees, Warehouse, • HIGH STREET, LEICESTER; ll, r - jMlTH gratetully Acknowledge? the V V . man) Favours o ins Friends and the Pub- lic, and embraces tins Opportunity of informing • them, that he bas agtin stored I is Warehouses witi, - the undermentioned Articles, of the very primest Qui, it / chateau he produced fiotn the uest Markets, " vhich will enable linn to offer them on reasonable - Terms :— Milton or Cream Cheese; Cream Eddish Ditto ; Cheshire an . Gloucester ; prime old Leicester and • Kosely, with every Sort in the Trade. Also oriinc new Salt Butters ; Westphalia anu York slams; 1' Tj. s Chawls; and dome- cured Hums; . Neat? T'ongues, Green or Mnoke- drj'< 1 ; Split aud Blue Peas ; fine Table Salt; itc. &. C. Nov. Iti, 1809. 57 HIGH STREET. hem ihe Com Market, MELTOS MOWBRW. DAY and Co. BOOKSELLERS and STATION ERS, most Respectfully uiloriT' their Fr end and ilie Public in general, th » t tney have taken Mi Mill's House, oj. pesite the Geoige Inn, where they intend commencing business in the Hook sell ng and Stationary Line, on Tuesday the 28th Inst.; anil hope by selling good Articles, oi| reasonable Terms, to Oe tionoureO with their Patronage and Support. Allordirs will be thankfully received and expedi- tiously executed.— Books well bound in common and elegant Bindings, and WINTING done with Neatness and Dispatch. A Circulating Library will be established as soou as possible. it I O BE LE T, MALTING KILN belonging to Mr. Sheldon, a Frisby- on- ihe- Wreak, in this C 11r ty ^ itershire aUd Rutlandshire Agricultural Society. HE loi. owing Premiums are offered for the " ear 1810:-- To the Person who shall make the best Compara- tive Experiment between the Effects of fresh Dtmg and rotten Dung, arising from the same Species, of A imal and Forage, upon Grass Land within one Year : the extent not being less than one Acre for e , ch Kind of Dtiug.— Ten Guineas. N. B. Dung not to be aonsidertd as fresh after the third bay. To the Person who shall on the Day ofthe Annual Meeting for 1810, produce a Pen of 5 of the bust Fat Miearhogs, to have been fsd with Grass, Hay, or Roots, and not to have had Corn or Cake.— Ten • Guineas I ol- a Pen of 5 of the best two Year old Wethers, fed in like Manner.—'> en Guineas. For a Pen of 5 of the best Fat Shearhogs, that shall have been bred and kept on natural Grass alone, respect being hat! in this, as also in the preCed ng Classes, to th- Qiiility and Quantitj of the Mutton, asw I a- to the Quality and Quantity ofthe Wool.— I en Guineas. Foi a Pen of 5 of Ihe best two Year old Wethers, fed in same Manner.— fen Gu heas. Foi a Pen of 5 of the best Ewes, to be shewn at the Annual Meeting for 1810, which shall have pro- , tuced and reared Lambs at two Years old, and the lollowing Year, the Lambs not being taken from the Uamsuntil Midsummer ( Old Stile) in each Year.— ten Guineas. For the best Ox under three Years old, the Time w hen CalveU being ascertained as nearly as may be. — - ijc Guineas. For the best Ox under 4 Year's old.— Five Guineas. { lo have bet'i fed iSi'. h Grass and Vegetables.) For the best Ox that shall haVe been worked from, three Years old off, to 6 Years off, or longer, the Age being specified.— Eight Guineas. V ( lo have been Jed with GrUss and Vegetables, or 0' 1 Cake, bat in Case the latter has been used, an Account ef the Quantity consumed to be produced.) For the best. Pig.— Five Guineas. For the Ijest conducted Experiment ascertaining the relative Advantages to be derived from Soiling or Grazi. ig Cattle in the usual Way.— Ten Guineas. To the Person who shall have cleared not less than five Acres of Land fiom Ant tlills, within one Year, in the best and most effectual Manner, the Expence being stated to the Committee, and it being under- stood that no Premium will be allowed without Proof of the Efficacy of the Measure for 3 Years.— Twenty Guineas. For the best Cow that shall have produced not less than 3 Calves, aud shall be in Milk at the'Time of Shewing, the Time of her last Calving being ascet- talned as nearly as may be.—- Ten Guineas These Premiums not to be given for any Animals of mixed Breeds, nor unless the particular Breed is ascertained to the Satisfaction ofthe Judges, The tollowing Premium is offered for Servants. To the Man who shall make the Experiment as to Dung, for which a Premium shall be obtained.— One Guircea. The following Conditions are to be complied with by all Candidates for Premiums. Every Candidate Or Person appearing on his Be- half, is to enter his Stock or Claim to a Premium, , with the Secretary, on or before the 1 st Day of Sep- tember next, the Stock to be exhibited at a Time and Place to be appointeu b . the Committee. A Certifi- cate in the following Form, is to be delivered to the Secretary at the Time of Entry. I A. B. do certify that the intended to be produced for tiie Premium offered by the Leices- tershire and Rutlandshire Agricultural Society, in Class is the 1' roperty of ( Here shall follow a Statement of sitch other Puiticulafs as may be itquired by the termsvfthe Premium, andJ'ur Ascertaining the Claim ofthe Candidate.) ( Signed) The Secretary is requested not to disclose the En- tries of Claims for Premiums, until after the 1st Day of September 1810. A. I Cattle shewn must be previously rendered tract- able, in Order to prevent Accident. No Candidate to enter more than one Lot in the same Class. There shall not be morethan three Judges for each Description of Animal, and .10 Person is to Act in that capacity in any Casein which he may be inte- rested. The Judges are authorised and desired to withhold Premiums in Cases where there shall be no Competi- tion, or where they shall not consider the Stock as possessing sufficient Merit to entitle the Claimant to the Bounty of the Society. Instructions to the Juuges. You shall decide which is the best, and second best, Animal or Lot of Animals in the several Classes, having regard in forming your Judgement, to ex- cellence and utility of Form, Quality of Flesh, light- ness of Offal, propensity to Fatten, aud early Ma- turity; as far as may be consistent with the special ' Terms of the Premium. Also in Sheepto Quantity and Quality of Wool. Having signed your Adjudica- Part ofthe Royal Famil . Il'on >' ou are not afterwards to propose any Change, Sold at 3s. 6d. per Bottle, by the Proprietors, I nor to mention your Decision till announced by tiie Rowland and Son, Kirby Street, Hatton Garden, Fashionable Millinery, £ fc. MARKETPLACE, LEiCESlER MRS SMI TH with mucii Respect informs her numerous I1 riends ar. d the Public, that she will have for their Inspection, on Monday next, the 20 h lust, a Selection of the most approved Fashioni for the ensuing Winter, together with an elegant display of Aitihcial Flowers, & c. of supe- rior Manufacture. BENJAMIN BULL, Plumber ( f Glatier. MARKET HARBOROUGH, RESPECT tULLY mtormshis Friends and ihe Public in general, thai he has opened a Shop in the above Business, and Trusts he snail merit ihe Favours of those who may honor him with their Commands, which will be duly amended to. N- B. Engine Pumps, and Water Closets, on the most app. oved Principals and reasonably T erms. , j LElCEslEU. ASSOCIATION, For the Prosecution of Felons. TWO Couple of Fowls having been Stolen from the Close adjoining and being a Part of the Old Conduit Close, in the Parish of St. Margaret, in Leicester, within the last few Days ; a Reward of T W O GUIN EAS is hereby offered by ihe Oc- cupier, in addition to the Reward allowed by the above Association, to any Person or Persons who will cause the Offender or Offenders to be brought to Justice ; both of which Rewards will be paid on Conviction ot such Offender or Offenders ; and should two or more have heen concerned in the above Offence, and any one of them w. ll Impeach his Accomplice, therein to Conviction, the Person so impcachmg, isheveb? promised both the above Rewaids, and that the utmost Endeavour shall be used to obtain his Majesty's Pardon. T. SHEPPARD, Solictor to the above Association. Leicester, Nov. 14th, 1809. Patronized by their Royal Highnesses the Princess of Wales and Duke of Sussex, rt And most ofthe Nobility. MACASSAR OIL, For the GROWTH of HAIR THE Virtues of this Oil extracted from a Tree in the Island » f Macassar, in the East indies, are pre- eminent to any Thing ever discovered for im- proving the Growth of Hair, preventing it falling off or changing Colour, bestowing an unrivalled Gloss » n the Tssssys, and producing extraordinary Effects on Children's Hair.— Observe this is the only Preparation for the Hair that is sanctioned by any LONDON, THURSDAY Yesterday afternoon Hamburgh papers to the 5th, and other German' papers to a late date,--- The most interesting part of their con- tents is inserted underneath ; " By letters from Prague of ihe 22d of October, it appears that tile Tyrolese are in great force and spirits " The" Austrian peace is rc. ost Unpopular in Aus- tria. T he Empress of Austria was the life and soul ofthe Austrian councils. Her illness palsied every thing, " From Switzerland, Oct. 21. " A traveller arrived froitl Toulon at Lausannei assures us that he saw the French fleet sail from that port— It consists of 17 sai1 of the line, of dif- ferent rates, and many transports The Woolwich store- ship; a triced at Ports- mouth with dispatches from the Governor of Gibraltar, dated the 31 st u It. is said to have brought a confirmation ofthe report ofthe de- feat of the Touion fleet by that of Lord Col- lingwoodv We think, if this statement had been correct, Government, before this, would have been enabled to have announced the important fact to thfc Public. it is said, letters from Paris, of the 9th inst. have been received in town, which are silent as to any naval operations on the Southern coast, of France. The silence of French letters, however, prove nothing. Lette s have been received from Vigo to the date of the 26th ult By these it appears, that the peasantry of all the adjacent country is provided with pikes or fire arms, and that the inhabitants are in the best disposition to sup- port the public cause. NOVEMBER 17. The SUBSCRIPTION CONCERT and BALL, at Ashby- de- la- Zouch, Adver- tised to be on the 22d Inst. IS POST- PONFD. DIED. I. atelyi at her house in Qeeen- sqttarei f. oiu! on, Mrs. Dorothy Chaoibi rs, relict ofthe Rev. W. Cham- bers, D. D. formerly of Derby. Yesterday, at his house in jjeyinour- place; John Georgfe Lord MonsOn. At his house in Pall- mall, Sir Frederick Morton Eden, Bait. Last week, at his apartments in Windsor Castle, aged neai 9 >, Sir John Diuely, Bart, ef Charlton, in the county of Worcester, and many years one of the poor Knights attached to the. Order ot the Gar- ter.— Sir John traces his descent from the Kings of Jerusalem, through the elder branches of the Houses Of Plantagenet, Lancaster, Tudor, and Stuart, His father, Samuel Goodere, Esq. Captain of his Majes- ty's ship Ruby, was convicted and executed.( with Mahony anil White), for the foul murder of his eldey brother, Sir John Dinely, Bart, on board that ship; off Bristol, Jan, 17, 17 + 1, intending to secret the crime he had committed, and obtain possession of the title ami estates. The family shortly after sunk ii. to indigence, aud the late Baronet was for many years a pensioner on royal bounty. London; and by Edmund Swinfen, at his general mid genuine Drug, Medicine, and Perfume Ware- house, opposite the Conduit, Leicester; Booth, and Caistor, Lincoln; Merridew, Coventry; aud all Perfumers and Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom.— Where ma| r be had an. Essay on the Human Hair, by A. ^ owlaud, Juur. Committee. You are not to disclose the Opinion of each other, and the Decision ofthe Majority is to be conclusive, and you shall Number the Lots in each Class, in the Order of their Merit. By Order, R. COOKE, Secretary. Leicester, November 6, 1809, The Rev. Edmund Outram, D. D. Archdea- con of Derby, who lately resigned the office of Public Orator of the University cf Cambridge, has been collated by the Lord Bishop of Licit- field, to succeed the Rev . Dr. Madan, as a Canon Residentiary of the cathedral church of Lichfield, and rector of St. Philip's church, in Birmingham. The Rev. Isaac Milner, D. D, President of Queen's college, was on Saturday elected ViCe- Chancellor of Cambridge University for the year ensuing.^ The Heads of Houses are generally chosen in rotation, and the turn this year came to the Master of Christ college ; but the majority of the electors being in favour of the President of Queens, he was chosen to this very respectable office. The Bishops of several dioceses have issued cir- cular letters, ordering the incumbents of those churches where the livihgs will afford it, to aug- ment the salaries of their curates to a certain de- gree. ' The contest between Austria and France being closed for the present, the affairs of the Continent afford little scope for Political comment. In com- paring the great military occurrences of the cam- paign that has been just terminated, with those of former wars, we are surprised to find their politi- cal consequences so unimportant. On no occasion has the strength of two great empires been put forth so little to the advantage ofthe victorious, or the detriment of the vanquished power. Austria, it is true, has made great sacrifices both in point of ter- ritory and commerce, but her military power, or the means of maintaining it, are little affected thereby. Had the EMP£ ROR FRANCIS consent- ed, as was most likely demanded, to disband the greater part of ihe army that has survived the crash of the late dreadful battles, he would have been fallen indeed, li would have been tantamount to compleat political extinction. It would have been such a Confession of the power of the enemy, p. nd of his own weakness, as must have damped the spirits and deadened the energies of his gallant and loyal subjects, beyond the possibility Of restoration. " The enormous increase of the military establish- ment of Austria, was the teal and ostensible cause ot the late war; but we do not find in the treaty j any one article or proviso, which touches this im- I portant point or the original difference in the small- I est degree. There is no insolent condition, spe- cifying hat Austria shall reduce her military esta- blishment to any given number, and that she shall j not ir. crease it beyond that number, without leave from France. If it be Considered therefore | that France went to war with Austria for the avowed purpose of reducing her to a state in which she could offer no resistance to the projects of Buo- naparte, against herself or her neighbour, this treaty tan be regarded only as a negative triumph o n the part of France. Sorry as we are, that Austria has been compelled to purchase peace by any sacrifices; we derive much satisfact'on in finding that she is not so humbled as to consent to the reduction ot her military establishment. It is a favourable omen of what she may do at a more fortunate opportunity. Yesterday the Anniversary Dinner of the Cor- poration, was given at the Guildhall, to a numerous and highly respectable assemblage of the town and county, by Wm, Finnadge, Esq. Mayor.— The Dinner wa^ s served up with much elegance and tas e, in two courses, and consisted of abundance of every delicacy in season; Unanimity and Con- viviality were the order of the day, and the festal board had not lost all it i votaries , ai a late hour this morning.—- T be following Nobleman and Gentle- men honoured Mr, Mayor with their presence on the occasion. Loul Robert* Manners, and j G. A. L. Keck,. Esq. members for the county j — T. Bibington, Esq. one of the members of the j borough— C Pochin, Esq. M. P.— Col. Winvtan- i ley— Col. Wollaston — - C. L. Smitn, T. Pares, J. Pares, W. Ruding, J. Mansfield. T. A. Smith, & G. Pochin, Esqrs, with several Clergymen of the county; and the Officers of Dragoous and In fantry in the town. BONAPAPARTE in his spleen, has denominated us " a natron of shoplctepers ;" and we can find a ready apology for his illhumour; but we are really at a loss to account for the illiberal opinion of a Priest, who in the discharge of bis pastoral functi- ons, lately ventured to pronounce us a nat on of " cheats" and pekpockets. We know r. o other construction that can well be put upon the follow- ing sentence, which We believe is correctlv trans- cribed, " You can scarcely enter a shop without being cheated." We venerate the sacerdotal office, and bow with deference and respect io the man- dates ofthe pulpit, with no dispositiou whatever to speak irreverently ; but we cannot permit ( either generally or locally) so broad and coarse an asserti- on to be publicly made, without declaring it a gross and unfounded libel, upon the respectable part of the trading community. How far thelleveiend Gen- t'eman's wants may enable him to speak etpeiimen- taily we know not, but if we were disposed to be jocose, we should tharitab! v hope, the evil would be found to centre, with dealers in BR IMSTONK only I! T he long complained of evil, of want of light in the streets of this town, is at last likely to be remov- ed; the inhabitants in the Market- placeare making a general arrangeme nt for regularity in disiance, as well as an increase of lamps; anil we are glad to fird that in several ofthe public and more retired streets; a similar disposition is laudably evincing itself: it has been too often remarked by strangers to the disgrace of the town, that; to pass the streets in an everinig, it m'ght be supposed there was neither weahhNjr public spirit in ihe place! The Leicestershirerrgiment of Militia left Lewes on Monday last for Steyningin Sussex. The Theatricals of the present week, cdm- menced with the old historical play of King Charles the First, for the benefit of ITAKLEY .---- The ap pearance of the house at the commencement, did not appear tp have given merit its due, but was very respectably filled before the conclusion of the even- ing :— We think the selection a little unfortunate; the play being better calculated for the closet than representation ; it isbut justice however to observe, that the principal characters did all they could to maintain ihe dignity o: the piece ; and the costume ofthe day was closely attended to, and well repre- sented.— FOOTK, on Tuesday evening undertook the arduous character of HAMLET, and performed it with well studied character, and much T heatric ability. The cahvais for the high office! bf Chancellor of the University of Oxford continues with unabated vigour. The candidates are the Duke of Beau- ton , Lord Grenville; and Lord Eldon. Wd are informed; that notwithstanding a return is required to be immediately made of those per- sons who are liable to serve in the local and other militia's, that no ballot will take place at present. On Friday last; Willidm Davies a journeyman bootmaker, was publicly tvhipped in Coventry, for embezzling prime leather delivered to him to make np into boots; and substituting inferior leather in its sieath Two villains on Wecheiday, robbed a cart at- tached to the stage waggon belonging to Mr. Hunt, between Stamford and Casterton, and succeeded in getting possession of a chest of tea, with which thev were making rff, when a boy who was in the tail of the waggon gave the alarm, and the booty was abandoned.---'! he Melton waggon was last week robbed of a valuable truss, whilst standing at the door of a public- house in Siamford Ou Wednesday evening lastj as a gentleman of Coventry was returning/ rom Warwick, the night being dark andifoggy, his horse came in contact with a post chaise, the shaft of which struck with such violence, that it entered the horse's breast the poor animal expired a few minu es afterwards. The gentleman sustained no material injury. A melancholy circumstance took place cn Mon- day last, at Weefclevj in ihe county of Northamp- ton, Mr. John Knowie collector or taxes, for the above place, having had the misfortune to lose the money he had collected ( which he was to pay over to the Receiver General) to the amount of between three and four nundred pounds, and not hearing Of it after giving public notice of his loss, took the desperate t esoiution of poisoning himself, which occasioned his death the same evening. It appears, however, lhat the whole of the money was found prior to his having had recour.- e to that fatal act, but thai he was not informed of it till too late. A tailor, on Tuesday, paid a penalty of ' 101. at Stamford, for going out with a gun to kill game, ~ not having a licence. Caution to Hawkers and Pedlars.— We insert the following list of convictions, as a caution against hawkers vending goods without a licence : On the 23d of August last, Ed- vavd Killin, a native oflreland, was convicted before Henry Brown, Esq. Mayor ofthe borough of Derby, of hawking linens without a licence. On the 20th tilt. Lydia Banners, of Belper, was convicted before F. N. C. Mutidy, Esq. D. I'. Coke, Esq. aud the several other Sitting Magistrates, of hawking earthenware, at Pentridge under the like circumstances. On the 3uth ult. Samuel Peveral the elder, of the town of Nottingham, was convicted before Wright Coldham, Esq. Mayor, of a similar'offence. Aud on Friday last, Catherine Wilkinson, of Heage, was convicted before F. N. C. Mundy, aud D. P. Coke, Esqrs. at Derby, of hawking hardware, at t rich, without a licence, and oil non- payment of the penalty, she was committed to prison for three months. Mr. Hill; of WiHsdon, near Ilounslow, who died on ' Thursday, has left property to the amount of 1,800,0001. He has bequeathed' 360,000l, eaiih, to twogentlemen who conducted his business, and 40,0001. to a Ciergymart. As our new Ministers have begiin their career with bestowing promotions on the dead, we con- gratulate them on discovering objects who are not J. kely to pester them with applications. contended. that by a bye- law thai ch he ha,, been confined^ o. tlie Mayor, snd to a select body of the Corporation who had served certain offices, in ih£ majority of. wvhom present at any meet'ng held for the purpose, the choice oi Alderman. lay In this way had the . defendant been elected ; and at the trial, which touk. place, a the last Assizes in his town, before Sir Simon Le B. ant, the Jurv found for the defendant. The objection of the Learned ' Counsel to this Bye- Law was, that at the best, it was an un- eason- able one ; the choice not being in the majority even of the Seleci Body, but in the majority present at any s, uch meeti, g, so that it might happen that the choice might remain in ihe Mayor and one Alder- man: Lord Ellenborough—" Let us have a copy of t! i « rec > rd, and take your rule." The Attorney General—" If y0., r Ixjjdshtp please, I shall take my rule to shew cause why there should not be a judgement of Ouster agailist the defendant." ,,- Tty; following gentlemen have been nonrnated by the Lords, of the Council ami the Judges, As properly qualified to serve the office oi Shenff for the year ensuing, wiihm the circu ation of our paper:--. > Bedfordshire— J. Howell, of Market- street, Esq.; Sir GO. Turner, of Battlesden, Bart.; R. Hopkins, of in mien, Esq. Curhbridgeshire, and Huntingdonshire.-.— R, Jones Adtane, of Babraltam; . S. Knight, of Milton, G. W. Leeds, of Croxt'onJ Esqrs. Che hire— W. of Booths, B, Viner, of Bid- Ston, T. Brook, of Church Mmshuil, H. sqrs. Derbyshire.— W. T'urbati. of Ovston Hall, J, Crompton, of Delby, J M'eynell, < " f Langley, Esqra. Leicestershire.— R. Nortkan, of Melton MowbrayJ R Haymes, of Great Glenn, Esqrs.; Hon. f. Bowes, of Higham- oii- tlie* Ilili. Lincolnshire.— E. Turner, of Paritoh, J. Lives iy, of Bauui( ier, 11- qrs; Sir J. Troilope, ol C-' swich, Hart. Northamptonshire.— W. Sawbridge, , f Eastlladdan, W. Strickland, of Bnxworth Hall, peter Deuys, lit' Easton Neston; Esqrs- NotlifighamMre.— J. Chawoith, of Afelcy, W. F. Norton Norton, of P: tton, F. Sotheroo of Firkling- ton, Esqrs. QtyortlsMre.—\ V. II. Ashuest, of Wate stock, Esq; Sir J. Reside, of Shipstouer, Bart; P. Pigon, of Whi tnurch, Esq. . Rutlandshire.— W: Gillson, bf Wine, Hon. G. Watson, bf Gldistoii) G Noel Noel, of Exibn. Esqra. Shropshire,— W. Lloyd, of As on, G. Brooke, 6f Haughton, W. Owetl; of Woodliouse, Esq> s. Staffordshire.— H. Webb, of Forebridge J Buach, bf the Shaw; W. Sueyd, of Keel I, Esqrs- Warwickshire.— F Ncwdigate, of Ari, ury, James West, of Arlescoti, I vpoouer, Of Elrnsili n. Es jrs. Worcestershire.— J. Williams, of JIartlebury, T. Beale booker, of Bengworth, J. Smith, of Sion Hill, Esqrs. Yorkshire.— T. W. Belize, ofN. ewhuigh Abbey T. Thurnhili, of Fixby, R. Watt, of Bishop Burton; Esqrs. , THE ROSE. BESIDE her cold and snowy breast A blooming Rose, my fair one bore; Which lohg its vivid tints posse » t, And long its dewy freshness wore; Come give," said I, in jealous rage, " Come give me from those alpine snowii " That which is true love's tender gage, " Emblem, a lover only knows " " And why," my saucy fair one. said, •' Should 1 to thee my Rose resign, Which near rtiy breast ne'er hangs its head, But quickly would lie parch'd 111 thine ?" It. does not fade, but freezes there, " And soon, a marble rose will he, " Traiisfix'd, as though iiy Gorgon's hair, " If longer,- it remains near thee." Then snatch'd the Rose 1 aud to rny breast I rudely press'd its blooming pride, Ahl sad reverse !—- the blushing guest Turn'd pale— with heat, shrunk up, aDd dried " Then go I" said I, " ungrateful Rose," Andtlilew it at thy fair ode's feet : l£ Revive ' an,! bloom in Winter's snows, " Who canst not live in Summer'* heat ! '* True ertililem of thy sei," she said, The Rosi, does woman's fatfe pourtray, " Courted, caress'tl— but when we fade. " Unpiiied, score' 1. and cast away." AUKWAlii) liVi'O THES1S. Young Maiden; should your Lover swear It is your soul alone he loves, And that your form, divinely fair, Least of your charms, his rapture moves, Then ask this Platonist rrfin'd If he would love you all the Same; Supposing, witli your soul, and mi , d, That yoli were old, or blind, or lame ? Transflx'd he'll stand, in mute surprise, Much you the gentle youth will pose, Convicted by his tell- tale eves, From his smooth tongu<\ what falshood flows. COURT OF KING'S BENCH, Nov. 8. The King v. Ashwell. The Attorney- General applied for a rule to shew cause why a NEW TRIAL should not be granted, or the judgement arrested in r his case ; it was an in- formation in the nature of a quo warranto, calling upon the defendant to shew by wh t auihority he acted as one of the Aldermen of th, town of Not- tingham. By the charter, the choice of Alderman mted in tUr 1 jvwy at large ; but it FAIRS. Nov. 22.— Rugby, Cluun. Sliiflhall, Wem, Pernbiidjt, Deddingtou i- 23.— Witriey, Atfrfeton, BrigstocK " " 24.— Colemrd, Chipping Norton QUORN* HOUNDS, MEET ON Monday, Nnv. 2' ith,— al Syston. Wednesday, 22< i,— at Bruunstone! Friday, - 24 h,— at Walton Thorns.- Saturday, — 25th,— at Baidcn llill'. Each Dai) at half- past ten o'Clock. The earths to bestopt at Bfaunston, Enderby, aWd Tooley Park, at midnight on Tuesday night. LORD VEUNON'S HOUNDS MKET Monday, Nov. 20th,— at Kirkby Housi. ' Tuesday, 2 lit — at Snareston. Thursday, 23rf,— a? TobleyPark. Friday, 24 th:— at jlrnntcott. PRICE OF CORN In LEICESTER MARKET, Nov. 4, 1809. PER QUARTER CustomaryM. | Average | Win. P Wheat from to i£ 4 6 8 0 « 0 5 4 0 Rye 0 11 0 3 6 0 Barley from - 2 16 0 3 1 0 to - a 6 0 Oatsfrom - 1 2 16 0 0 0 to 4 0 Beans 3 0 0 '. 3 5 0 to 3 lb 0 Blue Pease » 0 0 0 0 0 0 Hog Pease 0 0 0 3 4 0 Dills 0 0 0 4 15 0 Oatmeal 0 0 0 0 o n 17 5 17 8 1 2 o 0 3 0 9 5 3 12 0 JOSEPH S. Mn H, Com Intpe or. The Poor ofthe Trinity Hospital teturn thanks to the Mayor and Chamber! ns for 1391. of beef. TO CORRESPONDENTS. " A Manufacturer A Stocking maker" with four other long letters oh the same subject, are received.— they all CKinlemrt the conduct of Foitie persons who appear to have been seducing their neighbour's work- men, by treating, familiar visits, & c. We cannot devote our open column to a controversy on a h at subject, to which we see no end— those « ho have thourht proper to advance tneir piices have done i'( by public Advmtifeme. it— if there is any thing to co , « de-. » n, it must be uouc: through the same charinfk Leicester journal, and Midland Counties General Advertiser. YESTERDAY While vet oil) Time his w ng txtends, I his mortal frame each day expires, ilovv soon our gulden pleasure ends—• • And with the hoary King retires! Ah, YESTERDAY, that shone so clear, When Hope, resli beaming, charra'd the sight; No morn SB smiling could appear— No earthly prospect seem so bright! Alas, To day the scene how rurn'd! Each tender bliss forlorn and past, The' nitrs'd when ev'ry passion burn'd And clierish'd sweet too sweet to last! O'er the wide world, where Fancy roves— Where fond illusions gently swell, ' Midst magic caves and fairy groves, Mr grottos rude, where hermits dwell; E'en there Impatience feeds the mind, And pictures bliss each joining hour ; Fate throws a gloom we think unkind— And bends us with its ruling pow'r! Ah, YESTERDAY, for ever fled! Ourdeit'nest moments pass away; Too soon the clouds of Trouble spread— And Darkness ends the scenes of day ! TilE COW. I envy not the generous Steed Ofmarited applause his meed, Whatever Bard bestow it: And trust that candour will allotv Not less deserving is the Cow Of; raises from tlie Poet. ' Tis tiue, sne wears a pair of horns, A badge that much her brow adorns, And for defence intended— And none, but those who act amiss, Will, at au ornament like this, Feel pointedly offended. The follies of the giddy Calf, That always rdse Goodnature's laugh, May umbrage give some others, Where gravity, or spleen, or pride, tan nought that's jocular abide Among their youthful brothers. When Spring unlocks the genial yar, And blood runs brisk, and rivers clear, The Cow ou slight pretences, Perhaps allur'd by greener food, Or Haply, in a wanton mood, May break her Neighbour's fences. Ingratitude itself must own, Tins nobie Animal that none, lit usefulness surpasses— The stream that from her udder flows, Vigour upon our Lads bestows, And beaut} on our lasses. What were JOHN BULL, depriv'd of Beef? Why, heartless as a Highland Chief With a mess of porridge— ' Tis Bee) That nerves his arm for war, ' Tis beef. nspires the British Tar With more than mortal courage I When frowning Winter flings his sleet, in arrow tempests, at our feet, Against the hostile weather, ( Whether we chance to walk, or ride) ' Tile Cow supplies us from her hide With trusty shields of leather. The fragrance of her balniv breath Dispels the noxious airs " f Death Diseases couch surrounding, When Phys c's ski 1 has tried in vain Consumption's progress to restrain, Sad Friendship's hopes confounding ! F. v'u now the pest, yclept Small- pox, From Vaccine Viiluc gets such knocks, Weil seconded by JENSER— Tlta% coa'd, we trust she'll quit our shore, Nor e'er deform the visage more Of any hapless siuner. tl e Merinos during that period of 53 days lost 37jlbs. whilst the New Leiccsters lost only 7, lbs. which shews that ine loss of mutton on the part of the Merinos, whilst the sheep were all sinking ir. weight, bore a commensurate proportion to their inferi rity to the New Leicesv rs, whilst they we- e all kept in a thriving condition : keeping this considetation in view, the above statement cannot be dee' - e 1 an unfair one. For the saktr of perspi - cuiiy, let us now restate it. X. s d. Superiority ofthe New Leicesters over the Merinos in mutton, for a year Inferiority of the Merinos over the New Leicesters in wool, for a year To the Editor of the Leicester Journal. Mr. EDIT OR, In ihe manatement of any experiments con-- ducted by an individual, which have for their ob- jeci the ascertainment fthe comparative value of different breeds of cattle, or sheep, such a compli- cation of considerations are unavoidably involved, that it rarely happens that the result leaves upoti the minds of cool, and dispassionate observers, any jatisfactory impression. Error, prejudice, unfit ness of situation for the trial, an unfair selection of animals from the breeds, with which the experiment is tried, and nun1' rous other considerations rush in upon the Experimenter, either to strip the experi- ment of its ciaim tn ( aimers, or to render it altoge- ther nugatory, and abor ive. We might adduce numerous instances in proof of the justness of the foregoing observation ; but , to cite a very recent one we have only occasion to advert to your last week's Journal for a statement of an experiment, tried last summer at Pickworth, by Mr. Wright, between six Merino wethers, and the same number of New Leicesters. As a prepa- ratory step to this experiment, a selection of Me- i inos was made with a lb. of wool to each sheep above the authenticated average weight of any flock of that breed, whilst the New Leices'ers were selected with a lb. of wool to each sheep below their known verage weight. The Experiment wis conducted from May 15th, to September 25' h, and terminated ia favour of the Merinos. Had the Experimenter wished to have impressed us witba conviction of any tolerable de- free of accuracy, or fairness, it is presumed he would have continued hi s experiment for the space ofavearat least, and have kept the animals in a state of progressive improvement during that time: by omitting to do that he has glossed over the sub- ject in a very unsatisfactory manner, ft is proba- ble however there may have been some latent mo- tive tor such a palpab'e omission, " Errors like straws upon the surface flow, " Those who would search for Pearls, must dive be- [ low." DRY DEN. reasoning frcm the facts with which the Experi- menter has himself furnished es, let us proceed to a more minute investigation of the subject. From the aggregue statement exliib ted by him, it appeals that there remained £. s. d. A superiority ofthe Merinos over the New Leicesters, in the wool for a year oj A superiority of tiie New Leicesters over tbe Merinos, iu mutlou, for 4 months and 10 days of r 4 19 in 2 17 3 B. lance in favour ofthe Merinos 2 2 7 The Merinos as well as the New Leicesters could shorn only once within the year, and the profit srising from the fleeces having been already in- cluded in the account for the year, must continue stationary, for the remaining period of time ; on the contrary, the profit arising frotm the mutton, was progressively increasing Thp experiment as stated above terminated at the expiration of four months and ten days, and during that time; the New Leicesters had giined a superiority over the Merinos in mutton of • 42 17s. 3d. which by continuing the same pro- portion i-> shewn by a simple arithmetical progress to amount to jf7 15s. ll| d. for a year, i am awaee that it may be urged that, the New Lei- cesters mighi not have gained in the same propor- tion, during some other parts of the vcar, as for vmeseason ; but, by attending to the Expe- r n ers own statement, we find that for the ! a- t riavs, th ety of parents, when the glands become first swelled and diseased, or he usual symptomsof schrophulous enlargement of the stomach in children takes place. In eruptive cases ofScurvv, Gout, Rheumatism, and Nertrous lriita- tion of the Stomach f rom bilious affections, its supe- riority has long been acknowledged. The genuine Medtcmehasthe words, " BY THE KING'S PATENT," expressed on the bottle, bill ofdirection, and outside wrapper, and the King's J Withint; toii, Chester, stone- mason M. Harker, Oakham, Rutland, mercer W. Habgood and R. Bernard, Grosvenor- square, carvers and giid. rs A. Ue La Cou„ New Lisle- street, Leicester square, jeweller W Hancorne, Swansea, shopkeeper E. Young, Spalding, iiquor- merchant W. Randall and J. Marchant, Stockbridge,' Hants, innkeeper T. Lambert and S. Lambert, Leeds,. yvoolstaplers R. B. Poussett, East- lane, Bermondsey, coil- mer- chant J. M. Holwell, Sidmouth, Devon, haberdasher ; J. N. Billinge, Swithen's lane, victualler I J. Holmes, York, merchant I T. Downes, jun. Hereford, money- scrivener ' J. Conder, Moorfields, paper hanger R Fr. eebairn and J Willson, Queen- street, Cheap- side, warehousemen I J. Ruwstone, Shorters. court, Throgmorton- street, j merchant - DIVIDENDS. I Nov. 23. W. Mark, Plymouth Dock, linen draper, j at Guildhall 28. J Thomas, St. Jatnes's- place, St. James, at Guildhall -.- 28. W. Gore, Aldgate, Manchester, warehouse- mail, atGuildhall — 11 T. Moffatt and J. Brown, Goswell- street, blue manufacturers, at Guildhall 28. A. Hamilton and D. Haliburton, Oxford- street, linen- drapers, at Guildhall 30 W. Weaver, Bow- lane, London, ware houseman, at Guildhall 30. L. and T. A. Beale, Basiiigliall- street, warehousemen, at Guildhall — 3 '. G. and A. Remington, Oxford- street, ware hiisemen, atGuildhall — 24. J. Dyon, Ravage- gardens, at Guildhall Lon Ion 30. J. Curtis and H P. Griffin, Ludgate- hill oil antl colourman, at Guildhall — SO. A. Ross, Gracechtirch- street, hosie^, at Guildhall 26. H. Haywood, Ramsgate, butcher, tic Guildhall — 18. W. Wright, Ashby- de- la- Zouch, Leices tershire, draper, at Guildhall 21. J. Cole, Fere- street, stationer, at Guild- bait, London — 28. A. Thomas, Duke- street, warehouseman at Guildhall — 58, G. Elliott, Winchester- street, merchant at Guildhall — 30. J. Betts, Mistley, Essex, ship- builder, at Thorn — 29, G. and W. Losli and J. D. Lubbren, New castle- upou Tyne, merchants, at the Sbakespeai Tavern 14. J. Lyon, Savage- gardens, merchant, at Guildhall 28, I. Greenwood and W Gritnaldi, Old Bond street, auctioneers, at Guildhall Dec. 2. W. Mark, Plymouth- Dock, linen- draper at Guildhall 2. A. Vodell, Paul's- Chain, furrier, at Guild- hall, 2. S, Holmes, Thoinas- streot, Soutliwark, merchant, at Guildhall 16. J Rawlins, ClerKenwell, shardwareman, at Guildhall 12. J. Montieth and J. Sequiars, Gracechurch- stivet, hosiers, at Guildhall 21. W. Claphatn, Kennington, wine merchant, at Guildhall 5, J. Kay, Lloyd's Coffee- house, underwriter, at Guildhall 2 D. J. V. H ieven, Bury- conrt, merchant, at Guildhall 1. G. Dodsworth, Beverley, Yorkshire, dra- per, at Guildhall ' 1. J. Thompson, Liverpool, merchant, at the York Hotel 7. J. Neild, Manchester, grocer, at the White Lion Inn 7. Thornley, Manchester, tallow- chandler, at the Dog Tavern, Deansgate 1. P. Hunter, ilristol, merchant, at the White Lion Inn, Broad- street 2. G Grimes, Great Warner- street, linen- draper, at Guildhall 9. W. l'uckei, jun. Exeter, serge- manufac- turer, at Guildhall 9. VV. Cooper, Chick St. Osyth, merchant, at Guildhall 2. J. Turner, Rochford, carrier, at. Guildhall i. J- H. Merry, Smithfield, oilman, at Guild- hall, London i6. R. Tabrum, Walbrook, warehouseman, at. Guildhall — 2. S. Phelps, Grosveuor- place, merchant, at Guildhall 16. 11. Newman, Skinner- street, currier, at Guildhall 2. H. Pullinger, Ropley, woollen- draper, at Guildhall j. S. Ellis, Folkingham, draper, at the George, Grantham 18. J Watkins, Chepstow, draper, at the White L. on, Bristol 5. .1. Lee, Liverpool, merchant, atthe Globe, Liverpool 6. H Henry, Liverpool, tailor, at the Globe, Liverpoo M ,, 11 — I • II • • INBIIII• —— IMMI TU RBERVlLLE's Superior Liquid Blacking. rH IS invaluable Composition is so prepared that it will improve the Quality of ihe Leather, al the same Time producing the most beautiful J Black, will not soil the finest Linen, or ferment in thehotest Climate, thus uniting the good Properties ofthe various other Preparations offered to the public, at 3d per Pint lower than any of them, Pint Bottles are sold at lSd and h Pints 8d. Wm. Parsons, Ironmonger, & c. being appointed hy the I nventor, his Atreut at Leicester, is enabled to m ke a liberal Allowance to the Trade and to retail Venders. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN HE greatest Blemish to Beauty is superfluous - lamtnond and Spratt 0 6 Moore 1 S Gray 0 6 Tickell - 1 6 Collins 0 6 Cunningham I'S Otway 0 6 Lansdowne 1 6 Rochester 0 6 Addison 2 0 Walsh 0 6 Shakespeare 2 0 Sheffield 0 6 Waller 1 0 Armstrong 0 6 Langhorne 2 0 Sinullett 0 6 Savage 2 0 J ohnson 1 O Parhel 2 6 Garth I 0 Shenstone 2 6 Poillfret 1 0 Akensids 2 6 Dodsley 1 0 Watts 2 6 Lyttleton 1 0 Glover 2 6 Goldsmith 1 0 Somerville 2 6 Wartwn 1 6 Thompson 3 0 Falconer 1 0 Milton 4 6 Congrcve 1 6 Prior 4 0 Fenton 1 6 Butler 4 0 R- « we 1 6 Gay 4 0 Mickle 1 0 Yiiung 4 6 Kroome 1 6 Fope 4 fi Mallett 1 6 Dryden 6 0 Blackmoore 1 b SELECT NOVELS. s. d. tr. d. A Superb Folio Edition of the -. * IMPERIAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND, Containing a full and eopjous Account of all the Events relative to the Interests of Great Britain, from the Accession of his present Majesty to the Fif- tieth, or Jubilee Ye ir of his Reign, with a minute detail of the Occurrences resulting from the French Revolution, and tbe Campaigns of Bonaparte. Forbiddan Marriage O Solyman and Almena 0 Nourjahad Almoran & Hamet Zadig Sentimental Journey Castle of Otranto Rasselas - Theodosius and Con- stant ia - 1 Belisarius - 1 Jouruev to the next World I'ompey the Little Candid Jonathan Wild eruvian Princess Louisa Mildinay 2 0 Adventures of an Atom 1 6 Vicar of. Wakefield 2 0 Chinese Tales 2 0 Tale of a Tub 2 6 Launcelot Greaves 2 6 Devil on Two Sticks 2 6 Gulliver's Travels 2* 6 Sisters - 3 0 Henrietta - 3 o Joseph Andrews 3 0 Female Quixote 3 6 Telemachus S 6 Humphrey Clinker 4 O Moral Tales 4 0 Count Fathom 4 6 Tales of the Genii Roderic Random Tristam Shandy Amelia Robinson Crusoe Adventures of a Gui- nea Gil Bias Peregrine Tickle Tom Jones Arabian Nights Don Quixote Pamela SACRED CLASSICS. s. d. s. d. cises 1 6 Centaur not Fabulousl 6 Blackmore's Crea- tion - 1 Addison's Evidences 1 Pilgrim's Progress 2 Rowe's Letters 3 Hervey's Meditations 3 Re- 0 6 Fenelon's Pious flections Economy of Human Life Death of Abel llodd on Death Dodd's Prison Thoughts Rowe's Devout Exer- BRITISH CLASSICS, 1 6 Goldsmith's Essays Shenstone's Essay's J Vinson's Ilder 1 6 1 6 3 0 Citizen of the World Adventurer Rambler MISCELLANEOUS WORKS. New Bath Guide O 6 Watt's Essays 2 0 Stephen's Lectures on Watt's Improvement Heads 0 6 ofthe Mind 2 6 Life of Col. Gardiner 1 6 Cooke's Description Fenelon's Dialogues 1 6 of London 2 0 Watt's Logic 2 0 The aboveWorks may be had bound or in sepa- rate Numbers, Price Sixpence each. To accommo- date the Virtuoso in Embellishments and the Admirers of beautiful Printing, superior Editions are printed, on the best Vellum Paper, and containing additional Plates, which Editions are sold at double the Price of the above. London: Printed for C. COOKE, Pateinoster- Row, and Sold by all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom. / Leake's Pills. This Day is Published, ( Price only Sixpence,) decorated with an Emblema- tical Frontispiece, from an original Drawing by the ingenious Mr. Uvrins, and engraved in a masterly Stile by Ilopwood, NUMBER 1. The succeeding Numbers to be continued Weekly, ofthe IMPERIAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND, accurately and concisely compiled from the hest^ \ 111tiorities ; recording the Revolutions it has under- gone, the Wais in wnich it has been engaged, it!! Commercial Intercourse, Alliances, Revenues, Par* liamentary History, & c. from the Landing of Julius CtEsar, to the Commencement of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Third ; from which Pe » iod to the present Time will be given a full and copious i Relation of all the momentous Events which hava sigii ' lized that impor- ant - Erea, revolutionized the Continent of Europe, and proved the United King- dom of Great Britain, the only Power capable of re- sisting the Ambition of France. By THEOPHILUS CAMDEN, Esq. Assisted by Communications from several em uent Political and Literary Gentlemen. To be comprised in I50 Sixpenny Numbers, each containing Two Sheets, closely printed, upon a beautiful New Letter, and Paper of the first Manu- facture, making two elegant Folio Volumes. The Embellishments From Designs of those celebrated Artists Smirke, Burney, Uwins, C'orbouid, Benezach, and others ; eu, raved by Milton, Neagle, Warren, Anker Smith, Bramley, Audinet, Walker, Rhodes; Tajtg, Corner, and Hopwood. Likewise Portraits of all the Mo* narcliswho have swayed the Sceptre of Britain. TO TIIE PUBLIC. It is universally allowed that History is not only one ofthe most Us fill, as well as one of the mist polite Studies thatc ui be pursued ; but il is equally certain, that it affords the greatest Fund of real Knowledge and Improvement; so that for a Native of this Country to be ignorant of the History of the United Kingdom of Great Britian, would, in the present Day, render, him totally un- qualified for Public Employment, or for general Conversation No Country in the World has expe- rienced gieater Vicissitudes and Changes than that which vve inhabit ; and no one possesses a greater claim to the Laboursofthe Historian. The Events which have taken Place during the last Fifty Years, have rendered the Composition of a new History of this Country more necessary than ever; for whoever castsa retrospective Eye over the Trans- actions of the present ISeign, will readily Acknow- ledge, that it is pregnant with Circumstances of such Magnitude as cannot fail to render it an important Epoch iu the Annals ot Eng. ish History. ' I'hefolloxeing Engravings, executed by the most eminent Artists, are in a State of Forwardness, and will be presented at an early leriodof the IVork. The Death of Sir John Moore, at the Battle of Corunna. * The Archduke Charles of Austria rallying his Troops at the Battle of Asperne. The Death of Lord Nslsou, at the Victory of Tra- falgar. A striking Likeness, superlatively engraved by Hopwood, of bis present Majesty George the Thud, in the Fittieth ( or Jubilee) Year ol his Reign. The Death of Sir Ralph Abercrombie, aUlie Battle of Alexandria. Every alternate Number will be embellished with a masterly Engraving, descriptive of the most promi- nent Circumstances in the various Reigns, and parti- cularly diiineating the most remarkable Incidents of the Wars with Bonaparte. London: Printed and Published by J. STRAT- FORD, No 112, Hoi born Hill, aud Sedd by all Booksellers in the United Is. ingdom. Hairs on the Face, Neck and Arms.- Ilubert's Roseate Powder immediately removes them: is an elegant Article, perfectly innocent and plea saut to Use, Price es. or two in one Parcel 7s.— Sold by the Proprietor, No 23, Russel- street, Covent. garden, London; T. Gregory, Leicester; Corrall, Lutterworth ; Higgs, Harborough ; Freeman, Up- pingham; Snodiu, Oakham ; Clementson, Melton ,. - - j Mowbray; Hurst, Grantham ; Adams, Loughbo- duty printed in black ink. soldat the rispensai y, • rQngh} G_ stretton, Nottingham ; Drewry, Derby; 15, Sotio Square, London, in small bottles of 1 Beadsmore, Ashby- de- la- Zouch ; Leigh, A her- 5s. 6d.; double bottles 10s.; and Urger ll. 2s. ' stone ; Wars', Hinckley; and by one Rersou in ' ' rritation, j every Town. ' Good Allowance to Dealers US. UOUOIV. I^.^. VO .- Compound Essence, to allay unpleasant mR: 8s, bold by T. Gregory, Leicester. ToT. Taylor, Surgeon, No 9, Nezv Bridge- street/ London. SIR, Edinburgh, May 2, 1800. N the Spring of 1794, 1 v\ as afflicted will, a Venereal Complaint, which 1 treated with in- nfference for five Months; but was then obliged to apply to a regular Phyficiun, who put a temporary ' top to the Virulence of the Difeafe ( by Meic- on;,! Applications) for fome Time ; but growing, i n Spite il all Medicine and Ihe Advice of tbe firlt Gentle- men of the Faculty here, worle and woife for two Vears, I was reduced to a State almoit unparalleled end beyonti Defcription, being an entire Leper ano ulcerated from Head to Foot.— My Head, Tliroaf, Mouth, Note, Legs, Arms, & c. havebcen alternaie- • in Dangerof hecomitig ufelefs; . n fhort. l have ad from twenty to thirty eating Ulcers on my Bod) ind nearly totally deprived of Sight'.— It would bt* voluminous to particularize al I my Cafe— fufficeit ofay, there never was, or ever will be, one ol a • nore dangerous or ol a morecomplicated Nature. I was ong looked upon by my Friends, andimaginea nyfelf, beyond all Hopes of Recovery; and indeed, n my then Condition, Death was preierahle to my nore than miferable State In this dreadiulSiiua- IOU did i drag a molt miferable Exigence, till Di. fine Piovidence threw in my Way a Newlpapet containing tbe Cafe ot a Mr B. ol Plymouth— my Friends read it, I could not.— I lent and procured otne of your LEAKE's PATENT PILLS, which, b) ufing from Time to Time am now, and have lone been, ( after more than four Years tndifcribable dil" trefs), in as good a State of Health as ever 1 enjoy cdj as a Proof of this, 1 hud a fine, thriving, healthy Child, born to me a few Monthsago. in Gratitude to God, and i n Hopes ofrendering my Fellow- crea- ture fervice, 1 requclt you topublifh this; and you may at any Time refer Perforis who wilh to be satisfied ot the Truth of this, or further Particulars* 01* me or my Friends, by Letter or Perfon. As ft / Cafes for Badnefs will tverequal mine, nd none exceed it, I have from Lxperience eveiy Reafonto afl'nre Mankind, that in your LEAKE'i, PILLS they willtind a lure, fpeedy, fafe, aodradical Cure, for that mofi dreadlu I Stage ol the Venereal Difeafe, which is called aconriKMED LUES. [. T. * I nfurmnuntablcFamilyReafonspre vent making my Name and Addrefs Public; bu( creditable Per- fons really wanting Information may alfo be rcft- rrc to me and my Friends by Mrs. S. Ciaik. Raima' Gardens, Edinburgh. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, THOS. TAYLOR, Member ofthe Corporation of Surgeons, London, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- street; wherehe wil give Advice, without a Fee, to Persons taking these Pills and will answer Patients Lett- rs, il Post paid, on the same Terms, observing in all Cases the most inviolable Secresy. no Patient's Name oi Case having been mentioned but at their own par- ticulaorequest, by the Proprietor, dui fug the Course of more than 45 Years, thatlie has had theconducting of an extensive Sale ofthe above Medicine, and the Practice arising therefrom. Theyare sold by bis Appointment for the conve- nience of those living at a Distance, by Mr. Watson Soutb- Br dge. Edinburgh; Mr. Mentions, Printet Glasgow; Gregory, Swinfen, Matthews, Leiceste, ; Caldwell, Dublin; and by one Person in every con- siderable Town in Great Britainand Ireland, in Boxes at only 2s. 9d. each, sealed up with full and plain Directions, whereby Petsons of either Sex may cure themselves w ith Ease aud Secrecy, N, B. Every Box sold in Great Britain is sealed up villi a Stamp, on which, by favor of the Commissio - ners is printed at the St imp ' Mice, T. Taylor, No. 9, - New . Brid,. e Street— to imitate which is Felony, and all others are Counterfeits, Murk- Lane. Nov. 13, 1309 Our arrivals of Wheat to- day were rather con- siderable. and chiefly from Essex and Kent. F, ne samples from the last- meniioned county .' ully sus- tained ihe prices of th s day se nnight ; but, to- wards noon, there was a flatness in the salts of this and all othef quality.— Barley and Map like- wise acquired last Monday's value ; hvut Boiling Pease and the two sorts of Beans rather do I ned in price. In the Oat Trade, that art tie. with a tolerable quantrty on hand, continued mearly to obtain last week's terms.- - C, ey Pease, there being few here, fetched inure money than stated in our currency of this day week.—' Prices gene- rally as below. PRICE OF GRAIN Wheat 65s to 85s i White Pease 60s to 75s Fine - 10- is to li 9s Grey Pease 5i s to 5- ia Rye - - - - 46s to 52s j New Beans 50s to A5& Barley--- 40s to 52- New licks 40s to 4£ 9 Fine- - - - - — s to 55s I Oats - - - - 27s lo 32s Malt ----- 70s to 8i> Fine - - - - — s to 35s Fine---- - — s to 8js| Polands-- 38s to 40 » PRICE OF HOPS Bags. j Kent Si 0s to 61 — i j Kent Sussex 41 ! 0s to 51 5s J Sussex Essex 4i — s to 51 0s I Fain. Pockets 4.' 10s to 61 10s il 0s to 51 lis 8/ 0s to 10< Os SMITH FIELD.— Monday Nov. 13. To sink the offal, perstoneof 81b. Beef 4s Od to 5 » 4ri I Veal 4s lid to 5s 4< J Mutton4s Od to 5s 6d | Pork 5s 8d to 6s Sd HEAD OP CATTLE THIS IJAV. Beasts, about 32( H)— Sheep and Lambs 13,4£ 0 PRICE OF LEATHER. In Lcadenhall J\ 1 arket. N Butts ---- 5, - - 22d to 234 Ditto - -------- S5d to 26d . Vie rch a nts' Backs - - - - - None Dressing Hides ------ - - - ltd to lpa Fine Coach Hides - - J - ... 19-^ to 21* CropHides orcutt. - - - - . ] i- 4 lo Calfskins - - - - - . . 260 to » 2d Ditto 34d to 41 d Ditto - - ... - .... 54d to 3< d SmallSeals ...... ... £ 30 to no(| Large ditto - l( josto ].'( » Printed and Published by John l iice, Mar- ket- place, Leicester. This Paper is regularly filed in London-, attheLondon, Chapter, and Peel's Coffee Houses ; and by W faylor and T. New ton, Printers Agents,' No. 5 Warwick- square, New- gate- street ; where Advertisements are received.— The Paper may also be seen at Mr. pilling1 • Crown, Vinegar- yard, Drury- lane; atthe Pied Horse, Chiswell- street, Finsbury-!- quai'e; at the Bull's- Head, Vere- street; Advertiseiuenis. are re- ceived, and the Paper distributed by Mr. Tupman and Mr. Dunn, Nottingham ; Mr. Ridga. d, Shef- field ; Mr. Marriott, Derby; Miss Wilson, Rother ham ; Me. Harrow, Kegworth; Mr. Sjnilh, Pake- well ; Mr. Warin and Mr. I'arkcs, Ashbourne; Mr. Hollcrinshaw, Tide- swell; Mr. Dodswoith, Burton; Mr. Adams, Druggist, Loughborough ; Mr. Lester, Sheepshead ; MttEsrSi. G. ai d A. Ward' Hinckley; Clementson, Melton; Mr l. osebv, Kiiie. sdon, Oakham, & c. ; Mr. F, oi art Yoiinji, Ashby and Villages adjacent, & c. Mr. Glovei Frisby S; Grantham.
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