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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3798
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 27/11/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3798
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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SALISBURY AND TEH AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WlLtS, HANTS, DORSET; AND SOMERSET [ NUMBER 3798. VOLUME LXX1V.] MONDAY, NOVEMBER T(, 1809. PRICE SIXPENCE HALFPENNY. / STAMJP DUTY. ... 3ID. \ Paper anil Punt, 3d. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. G- FOREIGN NEWS. MADRID, Oclohcr 22. ENERAL St. Cyr has defeated, in Catalonia, General Blake's army of 25,000 men. Blake lost one- third in killed, wounded, and prisoners. We tire full here of the arrival of the Emperor of the French, for whom preparations are making. VIENNA, Oct, 2,0.— It is reported that part of interior Austria, ceded to France, will form, with Croatia and ci- de- vant Halmatia, the new Kingdom of lllyria, which is to have a particular Sovereign dependent upon tho Emperor of the French. PARIS, Nov. 6.— The fete to be given on the 12th, at Fontainbleau, will be very brilliant. It is in honour of the King of Saxony. Nov. 7.— Their Majesties will fix their residence at Paris on the Ifith. THe'Kiug of Saxony is to reach Pontainbleau on Friday liext. The Kings of Bavaria and Westphalia, and the King hn ! Queen of Naples are al- o expected. JONKOPING, Nov. 11.— Official intelligence was yi ster- dty received, that the following Noblemen and Gentlemen may be expected here within a few days, to negociate and Conclude a Treaty of Peace between Denmark and Sweden. The Swedi. h negieiators are Count Adlessparre and Baron Taube; and the Dani- h Baron Roserieranz, Baron Selay and Count Mollki, the Royal Danish Plenipotentiaries, are said to have already reached the Swedish territory. ' LONDON^ MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20. East night a Mail airived frotn Gottenburgh, by Vrhieh we learn, that an armistice has been eonoluded be- tween Sweden and Denmark, which was to commence on the 11th inst-. Thtf expected notification, that the Swedish ports would be shut to the British flag after the 15th inst. has been made to Sir James Sautnarez. Our fleet has left Carlscrona, and come into Hawk Koarb; a movement more probably produced by the season, than any appre- hension of hostility on the part of Sweden. Letters from St. Petersburg!), of the 26th of October, lave been transmitted by the Gottenburgh Mails. They mention the arrival there of tbe American Plenipotentiary, Mr, John Quiucy Adams, on the 23d, in the merchant- ship Horace. Tlie approach to the Russian capital of this ship and her charge, had been previously announced from Carlscrotia, and for a day or two previous to her appearance, tuns were, prepared on the ramparts to give eclat to the landing of the new Statesman ; at length, instead of a frigate, as was expected, a merchant- ship laden with sugar and coffee hove in sight, A bout was hoisted out, and Mr. J. Q. Adams approached the shore ; but before he was suf- fered to land, he underwent a severe examination by the Officers of the Customs, w ho were with difficulty convinced that he was the Ambassador expected from the new world. He was, however, at last permitted to land, but the usual salute by the guns on shore did not take place. Moniteurs to the. () th inst. were received this morn- ing. Bonaparte still continues at Fontainbleau ; but if tbe Moniteur may be. believed, the rumours of his ill State of health are unfounded, for lie lives in public, gives audiences, goes to the Theatre, & c. & e. It appears, however, that amidst all this gaiety, business js not neglected. An article from Vienna makes known the intention of Napoleon to form another new kingdom, out of the provinces ceded Ry the late treaty, but which is not to have the semblance of independence ; it is to be avowedly dependent on the French Empire. An article given as from Madrid states the defeat of General Blake's army, but the date of this important event is not mentioned. The same article says that Napoleon is expeeted in the Spanish capital, which is directly contrary to all the other advices oil that subjeet. No authentic intelligence of a battle in the Medi- terranean has yet been received. The following letter from Cette, received by a mercantile house iu the City, gives considerable credit to the report, and in is fact the best authority on which it rests:—" The 25th of this month ( October), we have had the misfortune to see stranded oil Our shores two ships of the line— the Robuste, of 80 guns, commanded by Vice- Admiral Bauiiin; and the Lion, of 74. These two ships, with the Boreas, of 74, and two frigates* and two garbares, served as an escort to a convoy • which- sailed from Toulon a few days before, destined for Barcelona. Abreast of Cape Creus, near Rosa , 15 or 16' sail of the enemy gave chase to the convoy, as well as to its escort.- Mt is hoped that the transports, to the number of 20, will have reached the Bay of Rosas. The Boreas, the frigate Pauline, and a garbare, entered the Port of Cette, on the same day ( 25th).— What is most to be re- fretted is, that t^ e following day six of the enemy's ships Cf the line directed their - course to the two French ships • which were stranded, ijvitli intention of burning them ; and Vice- Admiral liaoXn, seeiwg^ Lwas impossible to save them, took the desperate resolution of destroying them fcimselfby tire." The Confiance sloop of. war, with a convoy from fcio Janeiro, is arrived at C'rookhaven. The Confiance has * large quantity ol specie on board. At tivo o'clock yesterday a vessel arrived in the Thames, otf the Tower, uilder Ate orders of Admiral Wells, eontaining the whole of tlie property belonging to the Duchess of Brunswick. Immediately on her arrival, two • officers of tbe ship proceeded to Count Munster's, iii Half- Moou- street, Piccadilly, where they received the necessary instructions for the landing of tlie property this day.— It is * iid to be of immense value. The corps of the Duke of Brunswick Oelshas been taken into his Majesty's service, and is to comprise six - troops of cavalry, and twelve companies of infantry. A letter from Dublin states, " that the present High Sheriffs, Sir Edward Stanley and Sir James Ridden, lave summoned, on the City Term Grand Jury,' a number • Of respectable Roman Catholics, a circumstance unpre- •• edented for centuries." The late Marquis of Lansdowne has bequeathed all lis | iersoiiol property and unsettled estates to the Mar- * hioueas. Lord Henry Petty succeeds to tbe immense XansiWne Estates; but on the failure of Lord Heiuy's in. de issue, tho Marquis has strictly entailed those estates iupon Lord Winchelsca, and afterwards upon the Mar- chioness and her second daughter, Miss Harriet Gifford. • He his also settled his castle, and other proptrty at South- ampton, upon tlie Marchioness and her second daughter. All the journeymen cabinet- makers of Birmingham, who were meuibersof the Cabinet- makers Society, have, in con- sequence of a combination, beeu discharged by their mas- . ' tcrs, and are out of employ. MAYOR O/ POOL.— On Saturday Mr. Serjeant Lens moved the Court of King's Bench, for a rule to shew cause why a Mandamus, bv the way of a writ of Quo Warranto, should not issue, directed to Mr. Strong, requiring him to shew by what authority he executed the Office of Mayor of Pool. ' He moved this, on the oath of Mr. Carter and others, Burgesses of Pool.— It appeared that the Mayor and Alder- men had given to themselves a right of appointing three ' Candidates for the Office of Mayor, one out of which three to be elected bv the Burghers, although there was no such provision in the charter; neither was there any mention made of the title of Alderman, although those that had - served tlie Office of Mayor assumed it. Oil the 15th of September last the election came on ; the Mayor and Alder- - men appointed Mr. Strong and two other persons as candi- dates, and Mr. Strong was elected out of the three so ap- pointed, and sworn ill, although the Burghers had set up Mr. John Garland, without his being appointed by the Mayor, and the self- made Aldermen, and he bad a large majority of votes over Mr. Strong.— Rule granted MUSDERS John Williams, a farmer, of Brood- oak, in • Cheshire, oil the 5th inst. strangled his wife as they were returning from visiting a neighbour, and threw the body into a pit. He then absconded, and has not since been beard of.— One of the fleet- street patroles was, at a late lour ou Thursday night, killed in an attempt to apprehenu. joroe housebreakers in that neighbourhood, who effected escape. MARK- LANE, Monday, Nov. 20. The supply of foreign corn and seeds continues large, and we had also a considerable arrival of most sorts fresh up' from our own coast for this day's market.— Wheat, in respect to the superfine growths of Essex and Suffolk, was brisk at tile opening to- day, and about Is. per quarter dearer, but for all the second rate or inferior qualities, it is held in check by the foreign importation, and was certainly no dearer, nor by any means brisk in sale.— Boiling Peas have declined in value 4s. per quarter, and new Beans nearly as much ; Rape Seed il. per last: but old Beans have risen in value, though not quite as much in demand to- day as we found them on Friday. Some of the Suffolk Barley now comes very fine, and such samples are selected from 54s. to 55s. per quarter, but little of the Essex proves as good, and the general Malting growth fetches only 60s. to 53s. per quar- ter. Grey Peas and fresh Oats are full as dear, and much wanted ; we refer to tbe currency subjoined for all further particulars:— Mealing Red Wheat OSs. nos. to 96s. fine 93s. to 103s. White ditto 70s. 92s. to 100s. fine 104s. to 108s. 112S. . sup. 116s. Foreign Red ditto 70s. to 84s. fine 86s. to 100s. sup. 106s. to 112s. Zealand White 80s. to 100s. fine Dantzic and American 106s. 116s. to 120. s\ Black 68s. to 78s. fine 80s. to 88s. 90s.— Rye 50s. to 56s.— White Peas 56s, to 70s. boilers 72s. to 80s. fine 82s. Grey Peas 48s. to 56s. fine' 58s. to 60s. — Horse Beans, new, 42s. to 50s. old 56s. to 68s. Tick Beans, new, 36s. to 42s. old 50s to 56s.— Barley, 32s. to 44 s. Malting 46s. to 52s. fine new Ms. to 54s — Malt 70s. to 76s. fine 78s. to 84s.— Oats, long feed, 24s. to' 34s. short 35s. to 37s. Poland 38s. to 40s. sup. 41s. to 4Ss.— Broad Beans 50s. to 100s. Long Pods 42s. to 56s. per quarter.— Tares 5s. to 6s. 6d. per bushel. — Rape Seed 38£. to 46/. fine new 50/. to 521, per last.— English Household Flour 95s. per sack. American ditto 40s. to 45s. 52s. fine 54s. to 60s. sup. to 63srt per barrel. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, November 17, 1809. ON Friday, the Ist of December next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, will be exposed to Puttie Sale, at this Office, in serrral lots, the undermentioned quantities of OLD STAVES, IRON HOOPS, & c. lying in his Majesty's Cooperage at IVeeviU, near Gosport,- as also al- out 200 Gal- lons of BRITSH BRANDY, 2000 SALTED TONGUES, a quantity of DEFECTIVE BREAD, and other PROVI- SIONS, lying in ihe Victualling Stores at this place, where any persons inclinable to purchase, may have the liberty of viewing the same in the common working hours, any day before : the sale, viz. THE NEIV LOTTERY. rTPIIOSE Persons in the West of England who A were disappointed in obtaining a Chance for the SMII. ES of FORTUNE in. the late Lottery, will be gratified to find that TICKETS and SHARES for the NEW STATE LOTTERY ARE NOW SELLING BY BRODIE, DOWDING, AND LUXFORD, AGENTS TO SIR J. BRANSCOMB AND CO. AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, SALISBURY; By whom Shares of three Twenty Thousand Pound Prizes, a Pen Thousand, and several Thousands, were sold in the two last Lotteries. e^ R" The SCHEME of the NEW LOTTERY is nearly the same as the last, which was so generally approved of, and which had the good effect of totally doing away all Insurance, the whole Lottery being to be drawn in One Day. [ 5727 Leager Staves 1300 Butt ditto 8400 Puncheon ditto ....".. 10500 Hogshead ditto;...... 8000 Barrel ditto 5500 Half Hhd. & Kdn. do. 4000 Broken Puncheon ditto 2000 50000 14000 American flourBar. do. 3000 Heading Mble pieces) 17000 Irish Barrel& Tierce do. 18000 Iron Hoops, 3- 1 tons The particulars of the Provisions icill be expressed in the catalogues. A deposit of 25/. - jp. cent, is to be made on the amount of each lot at the time of sale, and the remainder of the money paid before the Stores are removal, for which thirty days will be allowed fd* the, Cooperage Articles, and seven days for the Provisions, a fler ihe sale. 5753j " IVM. REEKS. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, November 21, 1809. ON Thursday, the 30111 inbuilt, I shall he ready to receive Tenders in writing ( scaled up) and treat for the under mentioned articles, for the Service of this Port, to be delivered in the course of the. ensuing M6nth ; which will lre p id for by bills pat/ able willi interest 90 days after dale, viz. ENGLISH WHEAT, 1000 Quarters, t< rweigh ' 57 lb. per Bushel, and in case it. should weigh above 57 lb. per Bushel, the over- weight will bp paid for. BlSKET, 8,000 Bags, to be manufactured from good whole Meal. No regard will be had to any Tender, in tchich the price shall not be inserted iu words at length, or that shall wit be delivered before twelve o'clock on the said 30(/ i i) ist. nor unless the persons who moke the Some, or some person on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when called for. WM. REEKS. N. B.— The Conditions of the Contracts may be seen at my 0( fi. c-. ' [ 5799 HURRY, JUKES, AND Co. several Cargoes of NORWAY have just landed RED and WHITE DEALS, dye square Timber, Spars, Oars, Ufers, & c.— and from Sweden, Stockholm Deals, Tar and Pitch ;— also, from America, a Cargo of Red Pine Timber, of as fine quality as evorseen in this country,— all which arc now selling at reduced prices. : They have also for sale a very fine Swedish- built SHIP, under Swedish colours, burthen about poo tons • is well found, just arrived from Stockholm with a cargo of deals, tar, & c. and now laying in Portsmouth harbour; her cargo will be all delivered in a few days, GOSPORT, Nov. 17, 180,9. [ 5786 COALS. JHOOPER, COAL MERCHANT, Poole, avails * himself of this opportunity of informing his friends and the . public in general, that he is now selling the best COALS at 3s. per Bushel, allowing the usual discount for money. J. H. grateful for past favours, begs leave to inform those friends who are pleased to honour him with th. ir commands, that they may always depend on being supplied with Coals of the best quality, and on the most reasonable terms, being now 2c/. per bushel cheaper than at any other yard. POOLE, Nov. 27, 1809. [ 5314 BASINGSTOKE WHARF, Nov. 11, 1809. THE Public are respectfully informed, that the Carriers of Goods from Basingstoke Wharf to Salisbury are " compelled by the times to raise the Price of Carriage FOUR- PENCE pir cwt,— to take place from the 20th of this present month. A Waggon to SALISBURY every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. [ 5633 NEW SALISBURY AND LONDON WAGGONS, From the THREE SWANS, Salisbury, to ME SALISBURY ARMS, Cow Lane, London. ATCHAM, MITCHELL, and Company, beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public in general, they have established WAGGONS for the Conveyance of Goods , from London to Salisbury, and from thencc to Yeovil and Weymouth, on the most reasonable terras. The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Goods above the value of 51, unless entered and paid for as such. [ 4213 CHEAP TRAVELLING. SALISBURY, Inside .. 16s. Od. .. Outside .. 10s. 6d. Y the OLD SALISBURY COACHES, from the BLACK HORSE INN, SALISBURY, to the BELL and CROWN INN, HOLBORN, and the SARACEN'S HEAD INN, FRIUA'Y- STRIIET, CHEAVSIDE, every day ( except Saturday) at halt' past threeo'clock. * All parcels sent by these Coaches will be received without any ch ; rge for booking, and will be sately and expeditiously delivered to all prrts of London and Salisbury, without any charge for porterage. N. BROWN, T. FAGG, H. WHITMARSH, W. PENNY, and Co. P » ?? nirroas. [ 5226 W-" CHURCH PREFERMENT. ANTED,— Either an ADVOVVSON, or the NEXT PRESENTATION to a RECTORY, or other Church Preferment, in Wiltshire, or the neighbouring coun- ties. Particulars are desired to be addressed ( post paid) to A. G. L. Printing- Office, Salisbury. " . [ 5846 MONEY WANTED. WANTED, on Mortgage of good Freehold Pre- mises in Poole, ,£ 400; and for the benefit of a Mort- gages, the premises would be kept regularly insured. Any person wishing to place out such a sum, may have an opportunity of doing so by applying to Mr. Durant, solicitor; Poole. [ 5822 WANTED to PURCHASE, in the counties of Hampshire, Dorsetshire, Kent, or Sussex,— A FREE- HOLD ESTATE of about 100 acres, with a good moderate sized house, with offices, & c. Address A, B. Grecian Coffee- house, Middle- Temple, London. [ 5819 WANTED to RENT, and enter into early pos- session, by a practical Farmer,— A FARM of-,£ 300 to <£' 500 per Annum, situated in Hampshire, or either of the neighbouring counties. Address by letter to A. B. Post- office, Dorchester. [ 5793 To Common Brewers, Distillers, and / Vine and Brandy Merchants. ANTS a Situation, as Traveller or Collecting Clerk,— A middle aged Man, who perfectly under- stands the business, having served in that capacity many years, but for the last four years has been employed as Col- lector of the Post Horse Duties for Wilts arid Hants. Apply to J. B. at tbe Printing- Office, Canal, Salisbury ; if by letter, post- paid. [ 5852 AN active single MAN, of good character, who writes a fair hand, and has been regularly bred in the Husbandry line, wishes for a Situation'as BAILIFF, or ASSIS TANT in the Corn or Flour Trade. Letters ( post paid) addressed It. W. at the Printer's, will be duly attended to. [ 5828 TO USHERS. WANTED, at Christmas, in the Waiting depart- ment,— An ASSISTANT.— Adddress ( post paid) to the Printers of the Salisbury and Winchester Journal. [ 5829 ANTED immediaielv,— Two young Ladies, as APPRENTICES in the'gente 1 DRESS MAKING Line. Apply to Miss Alexander, Castle- street, Salisbury. [ 5826 /" ANTED,— A young Man who is thoroughly ' acquainted with the CHANDLERY Business.—- One who has a knowledge of the Grocery Business would be pre ferred Apply if by letter, post paidj to Mr. J. Horlock, High- street, Newport, Isle ot Wight. [ 5616 WJ '' HE T ANDOVF. R.— TO BUILDERS. O !> e BUILT by- CONTRACT,— Two BRICK DWELLING- HOUSES. For particulars enquire at Mrs. Maud's, Andover, where apian may be seen." [ 5707 NOTICE TO SCHOOLMASTERS. THE SCHOOLMASTERS in Hampshire and the neighbouring counties, whose terms are only Twenty Guineas per Annum, or under that sum, are requested to MEET at the Blsck Swan Inn, in Winchester, ou Thursday the 21st day of December next, at twelve o'clock, to take into consideration a just and moderate Advance for. Board, Tuition, Washing, & c. in some small degree more propor- tionate to the. pr. sent high and extravagant price of every kind of provision, and the enormous heavy and oppressive taxes with which they are peculiarly burdened. Nov. 20, 1809. [ 5770 EXETER AND SALISBURY MAIL. Public are resjiectfuiiy informed, that a new ROYAL MAIL COACH, carrying four inside and two outside passengers, will commence running Monday the 16th of October, at half- past seven o'clock cv. ry morning, from the Red Lion Inn, Salisbury, through Shaftesbury, Yeovil, Crewkerne, and Chard, to tlie New London Inn, Exeter, where it will meet the Plymouth and Falmouth Mails, with coaches to Barnstaple and all parts of tile west ;— it will leave the New London Inn, Extter, every morning at three o'clock, by the same route, to the Red Lion Inn, Salisbury, where it will meet thfe Portsmouth Royal M . il, the Portsmouth and Gosport coaches, with others tol. ondon, & c. Performed by ISAAC YOUNG and Co. Who will not be accountable for any article above the value of 5/. unless entered as such and pakl for accordingly. [ 4997 CITY OF NEW SARUM. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the Mayor and Justices of this city intend to meet on Monday next, the 27t'n instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Council- Chamber, for the purpose of considering the pro- priety of granting a Licence for a certain House in the parish of S lint Thomas, in the said city, called the Ox, when all • Dated this 24th day of [ 5849 persons interested may attend, November, By order of the Mayor and Justices, JC*'" T'~ T ™ ' JOHN HODDING, Jun. New Turnpike Road between Winchester if Petersfield. at elve AMeeting will be holden at the Red Lion Inn, Westmeon, on Tuesday the 28th instant, at twi o'clock at noon, for the purpose of signing a petition, and considering of tbe arrangements necessarily to be made pre- vious to the intended application to. Parliament. The attend- ance, therefore, of those gentlemen who wish to promote the undertaking is particularly requested at the above place and time. [ 5770 N< SARUM AND EALING TURNPIKE. OTICE is hereby given,— That the next Meet- ing of the Trustees is appointed to he held, pursuant to tbe last adjournment, at the house of Joachim Hibberd. known by the name of the Maidenhead Inn, in the city of New Sarum, on Friday the Ist day of December next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. W. BOUCHER, Clerk and Treasurer. SARCM, Woti. 22, 1809. [ 5807 F. VERLF. Y TURNPIKE. THE next Meeting of the Trustees of the said Road will be at the White Hart Inn, in Everley, on Friday the 15th of December next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon 5802J RA. ETWALL, Clerk and Treasurer. I CANFORD BRIDGE, DORSET. TO ARCHITECTS, MASONS, AND BUILDERS. T being necessary to TAKE DOWN and RE- BUI LIVsome of the PIERS and ARCHES of the above BRIDGE, and to repair the remainder,— All Persons desirous of undertaking or contracting for the whole, or any part of such work, are informed that Plans and Specifications of the whole may be seen by applying to Mr. John Dyson, of Spetisbury, near Blandford, to whom all tenders and proposals are to be. addressed. Particulars of the parts which are required tb be previously taken down may also be seen at Mr. Dyson's, and all persons wishing to contract for performing the same, are to make proposals as above, on or before the 9th day of December next, Dated Nov. IS, 1809, [ 5832 FIFTY GUINEAS. To Clergymen, Parish Clerks, and others, having the custody of Parish Registers. ANY Gentleman or other Person who may be able to discover and produce a REGISTER ENTRY, or other written document or proof amounting to legal evidence, of a MARRiAGcbetween Andrew or John Hobbs, ofBreamore or Fordingbridge, in the county of Hants, and Ann or Jane Palmer jor Pol more, of Steeple Ashton or Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts,— or between the said Jane Palmer or Pal- more and a person of the name of Crumpton, between the years 1650 and 16< io,— or any other lnter- marria. ee between any other persons of the families of the Hobbs, of Breamore: and the Palmers, of Steeple Ashton,— shall receive a renin neration of FIFTY GUINEAS, if the same is found to be legal evidence of such marriage or marriages. Direct to Mr. Wm. Hobbs. jNorth- street, Breamote, Hants, or to Mr. Woodyear, solicitor, Downton, Wilts. BRSAJIOJLS, Nov. 17, 1800. [ S77S Tv OVERSEERS of the POOR. J ANTED, A Few healthy GIRLS, from 12 to 14 years of age, for seven years' Apprentices in the Silk Mills. For terms, apply to John Slienton, Winch* ster; if by letter, post paid. [ 5800 TO JOURNEYMEN PRINTERS. WANTED,— Two steady, active, sober MEN, capable of Working both at Press and Case .-•- Those answering this description may meet with a permanent situa- tion by applying personally, or by letters ( post paid), to J Horsey, printer, Portsea. Reference will be required. [ 5788 W-' ANTED,— Two MEN in the COLLAR and HARNESS Line.— Good hands will have constant employ by applying to M. G. Carter, saddler, Gunville, near Blandford.— An APPRENTICE wanted : apply as above. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED-, Price 2. J. Gel. bound in Red Leather, with pockets for notes, & « . or 3s. 6d. in Red Roau Extra, nearly equal to Morocco, ' HF. DAILY JOURNAL; or, Gentleman's, Merchant's, and Tradesman's Complete Annual Aw compt, Book, for the Pocket or Desk; for the Year 1810 j contairfing 112 ruled Pages, 011 fine Writing paper, tor memo- randums, observations, and cash, every day in the year: cor- rect Lists of both Houses of Parliament, ol the London Bankers, & c. & c. j and a variety of useful Tables, and other interesting articles, as specified in the table of contents. Printed for It. Baldwin, J. Walker, G. Wilkio and J. Roi binson, Scatcherd. and Letterman, M. Hinckcsman, . I. Ri- chardson, and W. Suttaby ; and Brodie, Dbwdinsc, and Lux- ford, Salisbury; and sold by them, and all booksellers and stationers in town and country. This book may be had in various binding's, and with aii Almanack, at the option of the purchaser. [ 5778 TYROLEAN DEPUTIES. RACKERMANN has the honour to announce • to the public, that the next Number of the Repository j for the Ist of December, will contain two correct whole- length Portraits of the DEPUTIES FROM THE TYROL, by their express permission, in the Co- time of tl . ir Nation. A correct Portrait of HOFFER, t! eii Chief, will also be given in the Supplement, tobepubi h 1 on the 1st of Janu- ary, with some Biographical Particu. ars respecting them, and a characteristic Sketch of the heroic people to whom they belong, which will complete the Second Volume of this interesting Work, THE REPOSITORY OF ARTS, price - Is. A USEFUL BAY MARE FOR SALE. TO be SOLD,— A BAY MARE, by a capital horse, upwards of 15 hands high, 5 years old, has been broken for a carriage or the saddle, and is quiet for either. Enquire ( if by letters, post paid) of Farmer Littlecott, near the Church, Eling, where she was bred, and never yet out of his care. . v [ 5797 TO COACH- MASTERS AND OTHERS. TO be SOLD,— A capital BLACK GELDING, five years old, upwards of 16 hands high, warranted und and free from vice, is remarkably strone and h > d- ome, verv temperate either to ride or drive, And parted with f 1 110 fault; being the property of a gentleman who lus 110 further use for him. [ 5< KO Apply to Mr. Elderton, auctioneer, Market- place, Salisbury. V FIVE GUINEAS REWARD.. OST, between BoyJ- lane and Pimperne,— Two MAPS; one of the Manor of VVtst Camel, in tbe county of Somerset, the other of die Manor of Darner/ c - urt, in the county of Dorset, belonging to F. K. Galpme, Esq.— Whoever has found the same, and will bring the 0 to Mr. Maud, land- surveyor, at Pinrperne, sln. U reoeb. Five Guineas. Reward PIM'PESN. E, NOV. 2.3, ! 809. [ 5* 27 L OST, on Saturday the 11th of November, in Poole, and supposed to have been unwarrantably t ken up,— A WHITE'POINTER BITCH, with Liver- coh ured Head and a Spotxiver her tail. Whoever will send notice where she is to Mr. M . re, book- seller and stationer, Poole, so that she m y be had ae. . n, shall receive Ten Shillings and Sixpence '-.- ward; a:.' 1 Five Guineas will be paid on the convection 1 f any person detu n- ing her after this notice. [ 5tUa Hook, in the Parish ty Titvhfield, lia. its. ' TWEEN UP, on the 6th of Senfember,. I8O9,— 1 A pale RED and WHITE LINED COW, n:' .1 W B in the near hotn. " Who-.' ver can prove her their property may ha by applying to John Ayling,. Hook, ae. d p; yi- xpem M1 Ladies' French and English Hoarding School, EAGLE HOUSE, BLANDFORD. RS. CHAM BERLIN, late of Great Russel- street, Bloomsbury, respectfully solicits the patronage of her friends and the public, and hopes to merit their future favouT, by a libaral conduct, and strict attention to the morals, comfort, and accomplishments of the young Ladies entrusted to her care. Drawing, French, and geography, with the use of the globes, taught by Mr. Chamberlin ; dancing, music, and writing, by approved masters.— J>' o « . 24, 1809. [ 5808 ISLE OF WIGHT. " WEST COWES ACADEMY, under the direction of Mil. LINTOTT, who requests his Friends to ac- cept his grateful acknowledgments for the preference they have already shewn him during the time ( new sixy- ars) he has had the conducting of the above Academy, res|. ee: t! uliy hopes for a continuance of their favours, and begs leave to make known to them and the public, he purposes " opening a BOARDING SCHOOL 011 the 22d of January .810, for the reception of a limited number cf voung Gentlemen, whose health, morals, and education, will be treated with that at- tention as, he hopes, will merit the approbation of those parents who shall, entrust their children to his care. West Covves is highly celebrated for the salubrity of its air and the purencss of its bathir. g, which, in addition to a dry and airy play ground, the young gentlemen will have the ad- vantage of enjoying. Mr. Lintott is enabled, through the kindness of his friends, to give the nriost respectable references, if required. [ 5811 The terms may be known 00 application at the school. TO GUN- MAKERS. ' C XT' A NT ED, in the above Line,— Two good hands, f v who may have constant employ and good wages by applying to Mr. North, gun. uiakor, Southampton; if by letters, postpaid.— Nov. 10, 1809. [ 5714 W'ANTED, A good PLAIN COOK, who understands dressing of Fish, Game, & c.— Good wages will be given. ' None need apply whose chavacteis'will pot bear the strictest enquiry. For further paiticulars apply to C. I.. Phipps, Es'q.' We'stbury Lciph. [ 5839 SERVANT WANTED. WANTED in a Gentleman's Family, which is v ? small, and resides in the country, where no other man servant than a gardener besides is kept,—— A complete In- Doer MAN SERVANT, who will also have tile oare of one horse. Any servant of this description, between the ages of - 25 and 45, who can be well recommended from his last place, may. apply personally to Mr. Thomas Lucas, Horwood House, near Wuicanton. [ 583S ANTED immediately, in a small regular family, — A very good PX. AIN"' COOK, who mast thoroughly understand her business. She will be required to help wash, itc. Must have an unexceptionable character. Enquire ( if by letter, post paid) at Mr. Skeltor.' s Library, Southampton. " [ 5836' VIDONIA WINE. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A choice parcel of superior OLD VJDON1A, nearly equal in quality to Madeira, b « tconsiii* rabiy lower in piice, setiir. g in Pipes and Hogsheads. For further, particulars apply to Wm. Carver and Co. mer- chants, Gosport. [ 5810 Gottenburgh Deals.— lichen Wharf, Southampton. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Tuesday the 28 th of. November inst. on the Premises,— A Cargo of prime RED and WHITE DEALS, of various lengths " and thick- nesses •, just landed, from the brig Princess Amelia; which will be put up in small rots for the accommodation of pur- chasers.— For catalogues and particulars apply to Graves, Oke, and Co. or Charles Ward. " _ [ 5732 T and DEBTORS AND CRBI.- rroiu ' HE Partnership between JAMES CLARK i CHARLES THOMAS BASKET, ot Pool . Wine Merchants, having been lately dissolved, all pers- r - • i to that concern are requested to pay the amount e , eo - veral debts immediately, either to the said C. T. h kett, : v Mr. Durant, solicitor, of Poole, who are aufhoris. ti by in- terim of the dissolution to receive the same, otherwise le. 1 proceedings will be had against these vvlao negleci to do s c and all jiersons having any demands on the said concern, are requested to send their accounts to cither of the above. A EL persons having anv claim on the Estate of the I'i late Mr. GODWIN SEWARD, of Romsey, Hants, who have not already sent in the amount and particulars of their respective demands to Messrs. DAMAN and WARNER, of Romsey, are required to transmit the same immediately to them, otherwise they will necessarily lie excluded fioni all benefit arising from the effects of the'deceased. [ 5754 MR. GILLINGHAM, Conveyancer, Attorney, and Solicitor, begs lea ,' e to return his thanks to his friends for the favors he has .0, . arty received, ar. d respectfully informs th^ inhabitants of Sputhampton and the public in general, that he has declined tV. e Management of the Business of William Curry, Esq. Town Clerk, and now practises the above professions on his own account, at his office in Ea.; t- street, Southampton, where business will be conducted with the strictest attention, punctuality, and disparch. N. B. Debts recovered on terms advantageous to the Creditor. SOUTHAMPTON, NOV. 17, lso. o. [ 5838 TL/ TATTHEW HUTCHINS, LAND SURVEYOR, XTA Orcheston St. Mary, in the county of Wilts, solicits the patronage and support of the Nobility, Gentry, and Land- holders in the county of Wilts; assuring them that nothing shall be wanting on his part to merit their favour and encou- ragement, by his assiduity and attention to the interest of those who may honour him with their favours. Maps, plain or Coloured, and Plans, of every description, drawn with care and exactness. Ref^ renge for. his character and abilities may be had of per- sons of the first respectability. [ 5776 P POOLE, NOV. 27, 1809. smiths, Braziers, Edge Tool Makers, Tin Plate Workers, Gun Smiths, and Furnishing Ironmongers, feel peculiar plea- sure in being again enabled to acknowledge their sincere thanks to their friends and th? public in general, for the very distinguished and liberal support they continue fo receive from them ; and, by their constant assidutty and exertion, congra tulate themselves on a long continuance of similar favours,— They consider themselves too generally known to be under the necessity of assuring their friends that they may always repose in them the greatest confidence, and rely on being served with the strictest integrity and honour. P. L. and C01 have at fheir Shop in Fish- street, a large assortment of elegant and useful Goods of modern and im- proved patterns, and which they trust will meet with general approbation. A SHOPMAN wanted: a respectable Man, who is required to have a good knowledge of the Furnishing Business in general. [ 5813 N. of every description, cleaned and repaired. On Account of the Underwriters. TO be SOLD by AUCTION,^ at- the Store- House on the Quay, on. Wednesday the 29th insf. at noon,— About five Tons of DAMAGED HEMP, lately landed ex Juffer, Tykes, from Riga. For viewing, & c. apply on tbe morning of the. sale, to Wm. Lintott and Sons.— SOUTHAMPTON, NOV. 24, 1809. [ 5837 PORTSMOUTH. TPO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Blue Posts Ji Inn, Broad- street, en Thursday the 30th of November, 1809, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon,— The CARGO of the ANNA, Peter Crockwell, Master, from Oporto; consisting of S09 Boxfs Oranges I 90 Chests Lemons 15 Chests ditjo I 165 Bushels Chestnuts. For further particular apply to William Burridge and Sons, merchants^ Portsmouth. [ 5H20 PORTSMOUTH. TO be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, on ac- count of the Importer, on Thursday the 30th of No- vember, 1809, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Baltic Wharf, Portsmouth,— The whole Cargo of the Seven Sisters, Capt. Wm. Brownie, from Prince Edward's Island, North America; consisting of RED and WHITE PINE TIMBER, Masts, Spars, Pine Plank, arid. Lathvvood. For further particulars apply to Wm. Buiridge and Sons, merchants, Portsmouth. [ 5728 -. NEW FOREST, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at Lyndhurst, by Older of the Right Hon. Lord Glenbervie, Surveyor- General of his Majesty's Woods, Forests, & e. on Thursday the 30th dav of November, 1S09,— Thirty- seven ENDS of small BEECH TIMBER, in four lots, in New Coppice En- closure ;-— also a large quantity of Coalfire CORD WOOD and BAVINS, as will be expressed with the, conditions of sale.. For further particulars enquire of Joseph Mortimer, Esq. Ower. [ 5642 PRIME MAHOGANY. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Merchants' Flotaing Dock, on Monday the 4th of December next, at eleven o'clock,— About 200,000 Feet of very choice HON- DURAS. MAHOGANY, now landing out of tlie ship STA, R, from Honduras. To be v iewed at the place of sale; and further particulars may be had on application to GEO. BOOTH, Broker, Smail- stTeet- vourt. EDWARD BUTT, DECEASED. THE Creditors of EDWARD BUTT, late of Mere, in the county of Wilts, Tick Weaver, deceased, are requested to meet at the house of Albin Butt, called the Aneel Inn, in Mere aforesaid, on Thursday the 21st day of December next, at eleven o'clock in the lore noon, to take into consideration the state of the deceased's affairs. [ 5813 All persons having Claims or Demands on the Estate, are requested to send particulars thereof forthwith to Mr. John Curtis, of Mere aforesaid, lir. en- draper.- » A'oe. 21, 1809. J" w BUSCOT PARK. THF. REAS great and premeditated Depredations, have lately been committed in the D: mesnes of EB- WARDLOVEDEN LOTEDEN, Esq. peculiatly appropriated for the preservation of game, by persons assuming a light from certificate, and pretending to the character of gentlemen— Notice is hereby giv. n, That all and evt iv person and per- sons will be considered as a wilful trespasser or tr- spassers, and be immediately thereupon prosecuted at law as such, who shall at any time or times hereafter enter, come, or go within, or upon, any or erther of the manors, lordships, or royalties, demesnes, waste grounds, commons, woods, coppices, plan- tations, lands, grounds, and inclosuivs, belonging to the said Edward Loveden Lovden, in the parishes of Buscot, l- rt-.- oon Hastings, Farringdon, Coxwell, Slant rd, Ingle- sham, and Leachlaele, in the counties of Berhs, Wilts-, and Qlouc- ster, to'hunt, fish, fowl, course, shoot, search for, take, or destroy, any bare,, pheasant, partridge, woodcock, or any other game or fowl whatsoever, without tflc consent of him, the said Eelward Loveden Loveden, previously obtained. Dated the 14t/ i day if November 1* 09. WILLIAM WARD, Agent for Mr. Loveden, and the or, it piers of his lands, 57><' ej within the parishes afrresaid. /' HEREAS we JOHN MITCHELL ami JAMES SANGER, servants of JOSEPH BLANDY, Farmer of the Tolls on the Andover Turnpike Roarl, did on the 12th day of October, 1808, violently assault Samuel Whitchurch, Esq. of Salisbury, at the end of Abbotts- Ann- Lane, on_ the Turnpike Road leading from Salisbury to Ar. do- ver, by seizing the horses in his Carriage and throwing then* down,' and demanding a Toll, whereby JVIr. Wtvrchurch and two other gentlemen in the carriage were in imminent danger^ for which a Prosecution has been justly instituted against to 4 but in consideration of our being e xtremejy sorry for < a r offence, and consenting to make this public Apology, Mr. Whitchurch has kindly agreed to withdraw his Prosecution. Now we, the said JOHN MITCHELL and the said JAMES SANGER, do hereby publicly acknowledge that wc'lu. v been guilty of a very serious Outrage and Ofi'once, and we do de- clare thatyve are extremely sorry for our misconduct, n- l do undertake and promise not to be guilty of a like offence in future: and I, the said JOSEPH BLANDY, do hereby ad- mit that sdeh Toll Bar Ought not to have beeu erected across the Turnpike Road at the end of Abbotts- Ann- Lane aforesaid, and that Toll was demanded and taken at such tier without day Legal Authority. November, 1800. 5667] Witness our bands ibis lOthdavof JOHN MITCH Fit. JAMES SANGER. ' J. BLANDY. CORNS. UTHERY, Chirurgg- Podist ! o lite Royal .. _. Family, encouraged by the success which has invariably attended his mode of Eradicating- Cotns. and treating affection* of the joints, called Bunyems, hy the use of his Co VPOSITIOW, which has also Ihe advantage of relieving the pniu and irritation in a lew hours, unable to practi e to the full extent he is now called upon, is induced to yield ty the solicitation ol th so who have been pleased to'honour him with their patronage, and n. tend- the- beifefit of his Composition: He- now offers' it to lire public with die confidence w hich experience and ihe - upport it has obtained hooi tbe gentlemen 01' -, h.. laculty authorise ' The Composition is prepared and sold only ai his hou- e, Na. 7, Lower James's- stieet, Golden- square, London, in Pots of l). Is. er Vis. inducting a Tmutiw. [ 4cSU TIIE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL, Wednesday's and Thursday's Posts. FROM THE lOnDON GAZETTE OF NOVEMBER 21. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, NOV. 21. VICE- ADMIRAL CAMPBELL, Commander in Chief i: i the Downs, lias transmitted a letter from Captain Maxwell, of his Majesty's sloop the Royalist, giving an account of his having, on the 17th inst.. captured between Dungeness and the South Foreland, Le Grand Napoleon, a fast sailing French privateer, of IB guns and 75 me i. Rear- Admiral Sir Richard Strachan has transmitted a letter from Captain Adye, of his Majesty's sloop the Briseis, giving an account of his having captured, on the 6th inst. oil' Heligoland, the Reciprocite Danish privateer, of 4 guns and 14 men, out twelve days from llusum, without making ai, y capture. WilliEJFALL, Nov. 21.— The King has been pleased to grant unto Thomas Staines, Fisq. a Post Captain in the Royal Navy, and Commander of his Majesty's ship Cyane, his Royal Licence and permission to accept and wear the Insignia of a Knight Commander of the Royal Sicilian Order of St. Ferdinand and of Merit, conferred upon him by Ferdinand the Fourth, King of the two Sicilies, as a mark of the sense his Sicilian Majesty entertains of the great skill and intrepidity displayed by the said Captain Staines, in an engagement between the Cyane, under his command, and the French frigate Ceres, and several of the enemy's guu- boats, near the Mole of Naples, on the 27th of June last. BANKRUPTS. Ann Lanchestcr, of No. 5q, St. Jamos's- street, milliner, ( the Com- mi. nion issu- d on tlie 3d irist. having been superseded). T. Kendrick and J. Whitworth, of Salford, cotton- manufacturer*. Francis Itybor, of Cheapside, silk- mercer. Thomas Farley, of Sheemess, boat- builder. William Toulmin, of Aldermanbuiy, London, money- scrivener. Mary Ann Tudor, of Reading, innholder. John Leedham, of Matlock Bath, innkeeper, John Goutdsmith, of Flfetching, Sussex, victualler. James Cliallieoin, of Bristol, cordwainer. J on - s Morgan, of tlie Old Cily Chambers, money- scrivener. W. Jackes, of Guildforil- stteet, Btackfriars- Koad, coi n- dealer. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22. The letters bv the last Gottenburgh Mail contain some satisfactory information respecting the disposition of the Swedish Government towards this country. Notwith- standing the article in the Treaty with Russia, which stipulates the exclusion of British vessels from the Swedish ports, the packets, we understand, will be allowed to enter Gottenburgh as before. As there was every appearance of an early winter, the trade was preparing to leave the Baltic as soon as possible. Sir James Saumarez was expected to sail about the beginning of December, with the last convoy. A British detachment of 2000 men, under the command of Gen. Oswald, which sailed from Sicily on the 23d of September, have taken possession of the islands of Zante, Cephalonia, and St. Mare, part of the Ionian re- public. We understand they met with no resistance; nor do they seem to have expected any, as they took no bat- tering train with them. The Pickle schooner, which is just arrived from Cadiz, has brought a messenger from the Marquis Welles- lev, who, it is said, has condescended to accept of the offer of a place in the present Administration, tendered him by Mr. I'erccval, and will in consequence be Secretary of State ill the foreign department. It is now stated, that Ministers are not yet finally determined respecting the evacuation of Walcheren. It is surely time they should determine upon somethiug-. Lord Castlereagh, it is said, means personally to institute a Parliamentary Inquiry into the conduct of the late Expedition to the I . oiv Countries, as the most direct and effectual mean; of vindicating the state policy of that unfortunate measure. The Lords of the Admiralty have appoint, d Lord Balgonie to the command of his Majesty's sloop of war Delight, in the Mediterranean. Shipments of linens, damask, and large quantities of Irish calicos, for Rio Janeiro and Demerara, have taken place during this month, at Belfast; and also of linens and calicos for New York, but by no means in such large quan- tities as usual, for the latter place. Tile Collectors of the Assessed Taxes have com- menced acting under the Act passed last Session, pur- porting to be au Act for their better collection. After the Tax- gatherer makes application to the housekeeper, the latter has 40 days allowed him to pay the taxes, and if not paid within that period, his name is returned to the Trea- sury, and he is liable to be exehequered. Tne herring fishery at Yarmouth has been remarkably pi oductive, a greater quantity having been caught than . was ever known. The boats have come in repeatedly with twenty lasts, and, in some instances, as many as twenty- three or twenty- four lasts have been brought in at a time. A workman lately employed in digging a field between Blackmoor and Searcroft, loUnd buried in the earth an im- mense oak tree, which measured three tons 10 feet, or 130 solid feet, and 5.) feet long, the whole of a jet black, and j supposed to have lain there many centuries. On Sunday the 5th inst. the following lamentable cir- cumstance occurred at the Angel Inn, near the Old Bridge, iu Hath:— Two French prisoners, Charles Boutelier and Louis Pretie, both remarkably well skilled in the science of fencing, agreed, in the cnurse of the afternoon, to play with foils, which proved to have been badly capped. They were engaged in the sport about five iainutes, when on making a lunge, both i f their feet unfortunately slipped, and the foil of Pretie went through the orbit of his an tagonist's eye into the brain, carrying with it a small portion of the skull. Mr. G. Gold- tone attended him with unremitting diligence, till the 16th, when he died ; having remained in a state of stupor from the period of the acci- dent. The Depot at Bristol sent a French surgeon, who, with Mr. Goldstone, performed an operation to ascertai i the cause. An inquest was taken on the 17th. when, after an examination of two prisoners who witnessed the trans- action, a d who gave the clearest testimony of the strong friendship that had always sub- isted between the parties, the Jury, composed of respectable tradesmen, returned a verdict of— Chance Medley. The survivor manifested every token of real contrition for the accident, unmixed « jtb fear of whatever consequence might befall himself. A most dreadful robbery and murder were committed on the evening of Tuesday last, at Goathurst, near Bridge- water: Thomas Gage, a servant to Mr. Henry Styling, murdered his master's wife, by cutting her head quite open with a hatchet; he then robbed the house of two ten- pound notes, a watch, and various other articles; afterwards he stole his master's mare, and with his booty rode off, and Las not since been heard of. Extraordinary Character— Curious WILL.— W. Jones, a native of Gower, in Glamorganshire, quitted that part of the country about 50 years ago, to avoid the grasp of tlie parish officers, bis relations having all refused to give the trifling security required fur the support of ail illegi- timate child. He came to London, engaged as porter to a wine merchant, became successively Clerk, Partner, a id at length side owner of an extensive establishment In the wine and spirit trade, which lie carried on with so much success, as to accumulate a fortune of upwards of half a milion of money. He died a fe . v months since, leav- ing his four executors 2000/. each ; he bequeathed all his freehold property to several parishes in the vicinity of the metropolis; gave legacies of 5000/. and 10,000/. to a num- ber of his friends ; and directed that such of his relations a3 might apply to his executors, Within twelve months after bis decease, sh aid be paid one shilling each! NORFOLK FAR> IS.— Some idea of the extent of Norfolk f irms may be formed, when it is known that one occupier in the Western district last year expended more than 1100/. for only one sort of manure, ( brought many miles) notwithstanding the immense quantity made at home, and the great number of sheep annually folded on the grounds. On another farm 45 acres are consumed in roads across the lands. BRF_ « . D. Yesterday, there being no Court of Aldermen, the Master anil Wardens of the Baker's Company waited ou the Lord Mayor to set the assize of bread. His Lordship, liter examining the Mealweighers' report, was pleased to order hiead to be continued at its present price, viz. Is. 4Jd. the quartern loaf, wheaten, and Is. lid. household. CORN- EXCHANGE, Nov. 22. The supplies of Wheat to- day are considerable, but sides in general were nearly at Monday's prices ; as were those of Barley and Malt. The supply of White Peas is abundant. Grey Peas and Beans keep their price. Oats are rather lower. Flour remains last prises. LAW.— Dr. Robert Jack- on, a IAiysician in Durham, and late one of tbe Inspectors of Military Hospitals, was on Saturday brought up to receive the judgment of the Court of King's Bench, for assaulting Mr. Iteate, Surgeon- Gene- ral of the Army, ill February last, by striking him several blows with a walking- stick, and then saying " Mr. Keate, you know where to find nie ; I shall be ready to give you any satisfaction." The Defendant had allowed judgment to go against hiin by default. In mitigation of his offence, a long affidavit was now produced, disclosing the past history of his life, detailing long and meritorious services to Government, and that he had in return been persecuted by the Plaintiff, whom he had assaulted whilst tortured with the feelings which such conduct excited, and for which assault lie was extremely sorfy.— Mr. Justice Le Blanc, in pronouncing the judgment of the Court, la- mented that the Defendant should not have had that com- mand over his temper which his education ought to have instilled into him, and which a converse with liberal men, in the exercise of bis profession,. should have confirmed. To restrain spirits such as his, the Court must impose such a sentence, as would not only keep him within bounds in future, butrleler others from placing themselves in a similar situation.— The sentence therefore was, that the Defendant should be imprisoned in the custody of the the Marshal of the Marshalsea of the Court of King's Bench, ( or the space of six calendar months, and that at the expiration of that term he should find sureties for his good behav iour for three years, to be computed from the expiration of his imprison- ment, himself in 500/. and two sureties ill 250/. each, and that he should be further imprisoned till the security was given. On Monday the Attorney- General, on behalf of the Pro- prietors of Covent Garden Theatre, moved the Court of King's Bench for leave to file a criminal information against certain persons for a conspiracy, formed to oblige the Pro- prietors to reduce the prices of admission to their ' 1 heatre, and which had given rise to the most extraordinary and violent riots that ever disgraced the metropolis. The affidavits stated the circumstances of the burning of the old Theatre, the building a new one, and that the advance of prices had been made in consequence thereof; the opening of the new Theatre, and the circumstances attending the nightly riots which had ensued,— such as the sounding of horns, rattles, and bells, the display of placards, the wearing of O. P. by the conspirators, & c. The circum- stances which occurred on the nights of the 31st of Octobei, the 4th, 7th, 8th, anil 14th of November, were par- ticularly detailed, and the motion was directed against Mr. Clifford ( the barrister-), Messrs. Wienbolt, Savage, Scott, and Ridley, all of whom had worn O. P. in their hats, which was the badge by which the conspirators knew each other, and which, the Attorney- General said, proved an implied understanding between them.— The Court granted a rule for the parties to shew cause why a criminal in- formation should not be filed against them. Edward Goldsborougb, late Deputy Postmaster of the city of Wells, was brought up for judgment ( having suffered conviction by default) for defrauding the Post- office by false accounts and returns of mis- sent letters. He was sentenced to pay a fine of 200/. and to be imprisoned in Newgate for IB mouths. COURT O/' CHANCERY.— On an application to have a Com- mission of" Bankruptcy, taken out against Mr. Firmin, an eminent solicitor, residing at the Rookery, near Colches- ter, superseded, it appeared that Mr. Firmin was occasion- ally afflicted with fits of melancholy, iii which state he would fancy that he should be unable to pay all his credi- tors; and to relieve his mind from this uneasiness, two of his friends, Air. Woodgate, a solicitor, and Colonel Masters, a near relative of his wife, had sued out the com- mission of bankruptcy, although, after payment of all Mr. Firmin's debts, the surplus of bis personal property would amount to at least 29,000/. and he had besides a consider- able freehold estate. After a hearing of two days, the Lord Chancellor observed, that whatever reasons might induce the Gentlemen above- named ( taking advantage of Mr. F.' s state of mind) to prevail on him to commit an act of bankruptcy, and act as they had done, the commission must he superseded at their expence, and his Lordship de- creed accordingly. Police Office, Marlborough- street.— A hoary wretch named Simpson, the keeper of a brothel, in Suffolk- street, Middlesex Hospital, was yesterday- examined, charged with a rape on a eliild 12 years of age, servant to her sister, a prostitute, residing in his house. The chaige was strongly supported, and the prisoner, who is 60 years of age, was fully committed. N EW STATE LOTTERY, to be drawn in One Day, the 14th of February, is 10. SCHEME. ..£ 20,000 £ 80,000 5,000 20,000 1,000 12,000 .... 500 10,000 100 2,000 50 , 2,200 25 900 72,900 15 . 5,000 Prizes £ 200,000 This Lottery is upon the same plan as the last; it consists of only 5,000 Numbers ( from 1 to 5,000 inclusive) ; but there . are Four Tickets of each number, which will be severally en- titled to whatever prize is drawn against such number;- for instance, if No. 1 should be drawn a prize of £ 20,000, the four tickets of that number will Each be entitled to £- 20,000, making, in the whole, £ 80,600. " 4,* Shares will be entitled to their proportion. Tickets and Shares are on sale at all the Offices, (" 5726 IN THE LAST LOTTERY 2,618... ... A.. . £ 20,000 2,618... ... D . . £ 20,000 4,099... . ,. D.. 5,000 383... .. D.. 1,000 830.. . ... A.. ... 1,000 830.. . ... B.. 1,000 548... ... D.. 500 4,855... ... C.. 500 rjTHE above Capital Prizes were all sold in Shares A by BISH, No. 4, Cornhill, and 9, Charing- cross, Lon- don, w'ho is selling Tickets and Shares in great variety for the NEW LOTTERY, which is on the same plan as the last, only with an improved scheme, containing 5,000 numbers and 5,000 prizes, among which are Forty Capitals. There are four tickets of each number, and the whole Lottery will be drawn on the 14th of February next, in One Day. Mrs. Hopkins, silversmith, Bradford, Wilts, AsenttoBish, is selling tickets and shares, where schemes, with particulars, may be had gratis, or at No. 4, Cornhill, or 9, Charing- cross, London. *. t* Three Shares of the above Capitals in the last Lottery were sold in the neighbourhood of this town. [ 5817 rpo be LETT, for the Hunting Season, A con- JL venient COTTAGE, situated in the centre of the Hamp- shire Hunt; consisting of a parlour, drawing- room, entrance- room, housekeeper's room, pantry, kitchen, back kitchen, laundry, & c.; three best bed- rooms, and three for servants ; stabling for . six horses, and a good kitchcn garden. For particulars enquire of Mr. Faithful!, Winchester, or Mr. Bell, Swan, Alresford. [ 5151 LYMINGTON, HAMPSHIRE. TO be LETT, with immediate possession, for one or two years,— An excellent FAMILY- HOUSE, hand- somely fitted up, and completely FURNISHED in the most modern style, and late, in the occupation- of General Nicolls; together with three coach- houses, good stabling for 7 horses, lawn, meadows, gardens, and eveiy other requisite for a large family. The above is most delightfully situated in Ly- mington, and commands a view of the Isle of Wight and Channel, Needle Rocks, & c. For particulars apply ( post paid) t » Mr. West, banker, Lymihgton. ' [ 5791 A genteel Residence for a Family, in a pleasant and healthy part of the West of Englaad. rr> 0 be LETT, for a term of years, and entered a upon immediately, A handsome DWELLING- HOUSE, either Furnished or Unfurnished ( plate and linen excepted), with a six- stall'stable, coach- house, harness- house and largo room Over, a court- yard in fiont of the dwelling- house walled in and well planted with choice fruit- trees, and a small green- house. The dwelling- house consists of two entrance- halls ( ill one of which is a very spacious and light staircase), lofty and well- proportioned drawing, dining, and morning rooms ; study or library 18 feetsquare and 12 feet high, seven convenient bed rooms and dressing room, with closets, and three - attic rooms for servants; housekeeper's room, two good kitchens, most excellent arched larder, large under- ground arched wine and beer cellars. The premises have been lately fitted up by the owner with every domestic convenience, and fit for the recption of a large firmly. The house is situated in the pleasant market- town of Blaudford, on the treat western road from London to the Land s End, and within a short distance of that very fa- shionable and much frequented watering- place Weymouth, the surrounding country very beautiful and abounding with gam', fox- hounds and several packs of harriers kept in the neiehbourhood; the roads particularly good. Funher particulars may be had by applying to Mr. Mon- day, solicitor, Blandford; if by letter, postage paid. [ 4271 DORSET. TO be LETT by Tender, for a Term of Eight Years, commencing at Lady- Day 1810,— LANGHAM FARM, in the parish of Gillingham ; consisting of 94 acres Arable, and 146 ot Meadow and Pasture, with a Farm House and all requisite buildings in the centre of the Estate ; situate within five miles of Wincanton, and six of Shaftesbury.— Conditions may bt » seen at Chas. Bowles's Office; Shaftesbury, or at Mr. John Gatehouse's, Buckhorn Weston, where sealed tenders ( post paiii will be received until the 9th day of De- cember next. The premises may be seen 011 application to Mr. Herridge, the present tenant, or Mre'Gatehouse. [ 574a rPO be SOLD or LETT, by TENDERS in JL Writing, from Michaelmas next, A very fertile ESTATE, situated at Kingston, in the parish of Ringwood in the county of Hants; containing 100 acres of excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, with the right of a cer- tain portion of Malm; a good Farm- house, and necessary Out- buildings; now in the occupation of Messrs. Wheeler afid Dimock. The tenant to pay all rates, taxes, and out- goings, except the landlord's property tax. [ 57 la The letters to be directed ( post paid) to J. M. Post- office, Crewkerne, Somerset, on or before the 12th day of January next ; after which lhe Tender approved of will be accepted. The above Estate is 2 miles from Rmgwood, 7 from Christ church, and 20 from Salisbury and Southampton. WILTSHIRE. TO be LETT, and entered 011 immediately, for one year and a quarter,— An unfurnished COTTAGE, consisting of two small parlours, three bed- rooms, two gar- rets, kitchen, cellar, & c.; a two- stall stable, with a garden and orchard behind the same, situate in Donhead St. M iry, Wilts. For particulars apply to C. Bowles, Shaftesbury. DORSET. TO he LETT by TENDER, for a term of , Seven Yeats, commencing at- Lady- day next, STREET FARM, in the parish of Marnhulf; consisting of 9a acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, with a Fajm- hsuse, and all requisite Buildings; situate within7 miles of Shaftes- bury, and a of Sturminster and Stalbridge, all good market towns. Condition's and particulars of the estate may be seen at the Office of Charles Bowles, Shaftesbury, where sealed tenders ( post paid) will be received until the 16th day of December; . Mr. Stav, the present tenant, will shew the estate.— Dated Nov. 24,* 1809.. [ 5S: J 1 DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by H. PLOWMAN, at the Bell Inn, Shaftesbury, on Thursday the 14th day of December, 1809, at two o'clock in the • fternoon,— The following lots of good MAIDEN OAK, ELM, and ASH TIMBER, numerically marked, and standing at Highgrove Farm, in the parish of East Stower. Lots. 1 Vhere standing. Numbered. 1.— 3 Oak Trees, in Breach 1 to a 2.— 6 ditto Hulks- ........... 1.'... 4 to 9 à.— 2 ditto.......... Eight Acres 10 to 11 4.— 4 ditto Co'w Leaze .... 12 to 15 5 4 ditto Malm Close ......... 16 to 19 á.— 8 ditto Six Acres 20 to 27 7.— 4 E mTrees.... Breach 1 to 4 8.— 12 ditto Hulks 5 to 16 9.— 2 ditto Milking Barton ..'. 17 to 18 10.— 1 ditto Orchard 19 11.— 3 ditto Eight Acres 20 to 22 12.— 2 ditto Five Acres . 23 to 24 13.— 7 ditto Home Cow Lfcaze.- 25 to 31 14.— 6. ditto Great Malm Clijse 32 to 37 15.— 18 Ash Pollard ( Little Malm Close, Eight V Trees 1 and Five Acres . .7.... / 1 10 18 16— i7ditto / Hulks, Home Ground, Gt. " I ,,.„,, lb.— 17 ditto.. ^ Malm Close,& Breach / 19( 0 35 Mr. John Peters will shew the timber ; and for further par- ticulars apply at the Office of Charles Bowles, Shaftesbury. ELM, OAK, WALNUT, AND OTHER TIMBER, nno be SOLD by AUCTION, at the George Inn, fi. at Trowbridge, on Tuesday the 19th day of December next, between the hours of fr ur and five in the afternoon, in suitable Lots,— 542 Elms, 97 Oaks, 17 Walnuts, and 61 Ashes, and other Trees, now standing on estates in the pa- rishes of Westburv, Steeple Ashton, and Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts; also the tallage of about ten acres of Cop- pice W'ood, and of an Ash- bed of one acre, in ths said parish of Westbury. The Timber is principally of good quality, and some of it of large dimensions; and 4s situated adjoining or near to turnpike roads. { [ 5842 Particulars may be had (-{ iter the 1 st of next month) of Mr. Timbrell, solicitor, Trowbridge; Y. Sturges, surveyor, Small- street, Bristol; at the George Inn, Trowbridge; Abingdon Arms, Westbury; and" at tie Kine's Arms, Melksham. CAPITAL TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Kinu's Arms Inn, at Melksham, on Wednesday the 20th day of De- cember next, between the hours of four and. five in the after- noon, in suitable l. ots,— 350 Elms, 24 Oaks, and 30 Ashes, now growing on estates in the parishes of Mclksham, Chip- penh - in, and Keevil, in the county of Wilts, viz.: 150 Elms on- an estate at Meiksham Fore- st, in the occupation of Wm. Keevil; 60 Elms, 16 Oijks, and 30 Ashes, cn an estate at Tytherton, in ttie parish of Chippenham, in the occupation of Wm. Crook; and 140 Elms and 8 Oaks, on the Old Hurd Farm, in the parish cf Ke- vil, in the tenure of Th.- s. Ellis. This Titnb. r is principally of good quality, and some of it of large dimensions ; and that at Melksham and Tetiicrton is within a short distance of the Wilts and Berks Canal. The respective tenants will shew the Timber, and further particulars may be had of them (" after the 1st of next month); also of Mr. Timbrell, solicitor, Trowbridge; and Y. Sturges, surveyor, Small- street, Bristol. [ 5841 BOROUGH OF AV1LTON. 7< OR SALE by AUCTION, by WHITMARSH and _ RILY, at the. Greyhound Tnn, Wilton, on Friday the 8th day of. December 1809, b. tween the hours of three artd five o'clock in the afternoon, u.- i- ss sold by private contract, of which notice will be r, r,,— A go4 substantial Brick DWELLING HOUSE, .1 iy built, the wood work oak, desirably situated hi :.: - Market- Pluce in the borough of Wilton ; consist in. ot a ge< 1 and well- accustomed Shop, parlour, kitchen, c liars, large, wash- house with a pump of excellent water in the same, stable, and court; three large chambers, With garrets over. Also, adjoining and to be sol! with the above, in one Lot, Five TENEMENTS, each consisting of a kitchen, good cham- ber, and garret, and a pump to the same. The above premises are in good repair, and are now in the occupation of Mr. James Crabb, as tenant at will, and held on three good lives under the Earl of Pembroke.— For viewing or treating for the same, apply to Miss Raddon, the occupier of the shop, or to the Auctioneers, Wilton. [ 5809 WAREHAM, DORSET. TO be SOLD by A UCTION, 011 the Premises, on Saturday the 2d day of December, 1809 ( subject to the conditions th- n to be produced), unl ss in the mean time disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given, All that old and well- established, well- built Inn, called the RED LION INN, situate in Ware- ham aforesaid, and now In full trade; with the Stables, Outhouses, Gardens, Rights of Common, and Appurtenances thereto belonging. This Inn is well known to be one of the best on the western ro.'. d, hiving every'accommodation ;• the premises are spacious and roomy, and in good fncl substantial repair; the under- ground cellars are arched, and very compleu. The purchaser may have possession on St. Thomas's- day next.— The premises would not have been disposed of but for the recent death of Mr. Baker, the late tenant. For a view of the ' premiss apply to Mrs. Baker, the pre- sent tenant; and f. r further particulars ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Geo. Luscomb, Portsmouth, or Mr. Bartlett, attor- ney at law, Wareham. [ 6457 ALL persons bavin; any Demand on the late Mr. BAKER, are desired to send in the same to Mr. B » rt- lett, attorney, Wareham ; and such as are indebted to the late Mr. Baker, are requested to pay the same immediately to the said Mr. Bartlett.— WAREIIAM, Cht. 26, 1809. SOMERSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by , T. JEANES, without the least reserve, 011 the Premises at SUDDEN FARM, near Wirtcantou, on ' Thursday the ooth of November, 1809, and foil ' Wing davs,—'' All the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE,. Dairy and Brewing Utensils, capital LIVE and DEAD STOCK, and sundry other Effects, late the property of Mr. Henry Dyke, deceased: comprising 28 choice dairy oows well seasoned in calf, 2 two- year old heifers in ditto, 3 yearling heifers, a choice ball of the north breed, three cart horses ; thill and trace harness, waggon with iron axles, dung put, cart, sulls, drags, harrows, van and stocks, about 100 tons of prime hay, bean mow, oat mow, 9 acres of wheat on ground ; several hogsheads of prime cider with the casks, cider mill and press, milk leads, cheese presses, tubs, trendies, vats, & c.:— Also good feather and other beds, bed- steads, tie. bed and table linen, plate, glass, china, & c. ma- hogany and other tables and chairs, bureau and chest of drawers, clock and case, a quantity of kitchen requisites, and sundry other articles. Also'will be sold thi Winter Lease of the said Farm till Old Lady- day next. N. B.— The cows, horses, hay, corn, cider, and utensils in husbandry, will be so!: t'n first day. [ 5794 QQT Sals oaan day at elevsn, CALNE, WILTS. Freehold Dwelling- house, Malt- house, if Paddoch. FOR SALE by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, at the Wheel Inn, 011 Wednesday the 29th of November, at three o'clock,— A neat and comfortable DWELLING- HOUSE, in Cuzen- street, now in the occupation of Miss Bodnian ; with a Malt- house,' Stable; ' and good Garden ad- joining. - Also a BARN, neWly- erectetl Granary and Stable, Rick Yard, and Paddock, with valuable stone quarry therein. To be viewed previous to the sale ;. and further particulars known at the office of Mr. Atherton, solicitor, in Calne, or of the Auctioneer, Devizes. [ 5748 MELKSHAM, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at tbe King's Arms Inn, in Melksham aforesaid, 011 Wednesday the 13th day of December next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, The BUILDING MATERIALS of three Dwelling- houses, late in the occupation of Mr. Bailey and others, adjoining the present bridge at Melksham, the same being necessary to be taken down, in the erecting a new bridge ;— also a Piece of GROUND, part of the garden belonging to the said houses. F'or particulars enquire of Mr. Whale,' Melksham. [ 5792 ESTATE, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Tuesday the 5th day of December, at three, o'clock, at the Spread Eagle Inn, Salisbury,— A valuable ESTATE at We k, ill the parish of Ddwnton, in theoccupation of Mr. John Harris, as tenant from year to year ( part Freehold and part Copyhold ot Inhe- ritance) ; containing about 192 acres, with 280 Sheep Leazes. Printed particulars may be had at the principal Inns in the neighbouring towns ; and at the Office of Messrs. Webb, Webb, and Attwood, Salisbury. [ 5725 One Hundred antl Sixty Dozen of Port Wines, Two Hundred anil ' Thirty Gallons of Foreign Brandy, Rum, & c. all the seasoned Beds, 19 Post. Horse's, 7 Chaises, & c. at the King's ( lead Tavern, Inn and Hotel, Stockbridge, Hampshire. T^ OR SALE by AUCTION, by JOHN- YOUNG, 4 on the premises, on Wednesday the 29th of November 1809, and s; x following days,— All the valuable HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE and Fixtures, Horses, Carriages, & c. belonging to Messrs. Randell and Marchant, Innkeepers and Wine Merchants, Bankrupts 1— Comprising all the high- flavoured wines and foreign spirits, 30 seasoned feather beds, bedsteads with rich hangings, 100 pair of blankets, all the linen, plate, and china; long services of handsome dinner ware, 20 dozen of ivory and other handletl knives and forks ; the furniture of six large parlours, consisting of large pier glasses, mahogany tables and chairs, Sofas, fine paintings, carpets, eight- day time piece, sideboards, large quantity of cur glass. Also will be sold the Furniture belonging to a Cottage now occupied by Mr. Marchant, together with the Horse; and Gig, & c.—— The property is nearly all new, and particularly worth the attention of any person in need of good articles. Sale each day at eleven o'clock, and close at three. Catalogues in time may be had at Is. each, to be returned to purchasers, at all the principal Inns in the neighbouring towns. . [ 5735 Ash and Elm Timber, and Building Materials. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at Totvnhill House, on Tuesday the 5th of Dec. 1809, at eleven o'clock, by Gio. HOOKEY,— About 250 fine ASH and ELM TREES, with Lop and Top, as now standing onTownhill Estate, some of which are of very large dimensions ; also about 100 acrcs of UNDERWOOD.— The BUILDING MATERIALS con- sist Of beams, joists, rafters, board, brick work,, and slates of the wing of the Mansion. The whole will be sold in small lots for the conveniency of purchasers ; and'may be viewed ten dovs previous to the sale, with catalogues, price Sd. each, to be had at the place of sale, and at the Autioneer's, Southampton. [ 5747 ANDOVER, HANTS. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, 4 by T. RAWLINS, on Friday the lst of December 1809, — The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Worsted Mili com- plete, Spinning Turns, Jack, coloured Pinions, dyed Wool, cic. for manufacturingStockings, of Mr. Wm, Carter, in the Market Place, Andover.— The Furniture, & c. consists of four- post and half tester bedsteads, feather beds, blankets, sheers, & c. double and single chests of walnut- tree drawers, dressing tables, pier and swing glasses, prints framed and glazed, barometer, mahogany and other tables, chairs, writing desk, thirty hour clock, handsome beaufet, china and glass, deal dresser, kitchen range, roasting jack, kitchen requisites, brewing and washing utensils, half hogshead copper and two others as fixed, good mash tub, iron bound half hogsheads and other casks, and various other at tides.— Also Shop Counter, sliding Glasses, < Stc.—•— Sale to begin at 11 o'clock. [ 5845 Andover, Hants.— Ash and Elm Timber. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, in twelve lots, by T. RAWLINS, at the Antelopelnn, on Tuesday the oth of December, 1809, precisely at two o'clock,— 63 remarkably clean ASH TIMBER TREES, of large dimensions, nume- rically marked with white paint; 47 ELM ditto, and 1 POP- LAR, with their Lops and Tops, as now standing and growing in the fields and meadows adjoining the above inn, within a quarter of a mile of the town of Andovcr aforesaid, and about the same distance from the Canal, For a view of the timber apply to Mr. John Lock, at the Antelope Inn, and for further particulars to T. Rawlins, auctioneer, Andover. [ 5763 TYTHES, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mess. SKINNER, DYKE, TUCHIN, and FORREST, on Thursday the 21st of December, punctually, at three o'clock, at the Globe Inn, Newbury, IN ONE LOT, by order of the Executors of the DUCHESS of BOLTON, The GREAT TYTHES of Corn, Grain, flay, Land, and Wool, arising from the chapelriesof Itchingswell and Sidmonton, within the parish of Kingsclere, in the. county of Plants, on the borders of Berkshire, about 3 miles from Newbury. The tythable lands consist of upwards of 2000 acres, statute measure. The Tythes are held by leases on two lives, to which the purchaser may nominate a third life, upon paying a moderate fine. Printed particulars may be had of the Printers of the Read- ing, Oxford, and Salisbury Papers ; at the Swan, Kingsclere ; Crown, Basingstoke ; George, Winchester; place of sale ; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, Tuchin, and Forrest, Alders- gate- street, London. [ 5795 TO be SOLD by AUCTION, some time in No- vember or December next,— Several very valuable and imprcvable well - timbered FREEHOLD MANORS and ESTATES, situated in the counties of Hants, Wilts, Dorset, Devon, Somerset, and Oxfordshire, containing nearly 7000 acres : the principal part in demesne, and the remainder held for one, two, and three lives, of the yearly value of TEN THOUSAND POUNDS and upwards ; with the Advowson of a very desirable Rectory and Glebe in Dorsetshire, from 500/. to 600/. per year. Descriptive advertisements and particulars will shortly be published, when further application may be made to George South, Esq. of Market Lasington, near Devizes, or to Mr. Bond, land- surveyor, Axminster, [ 5187 SOUTH WALES. Roath Court, Freehold Villallf Lands, in. Glamorganshire. TO be SOLD hy AUCTION, by Mr. CHRISTIE, at Garraway's Coffee- house, on Wednesday the 29th of November, 1809, at twelvfe O'clock, in three lots, Lotl.— An elegant and modern MANSION, delightfully situated near the great western road from London to Milford", one mile from the seaport tc-. vnof Cardiff; has been recently finished in a stile of superior taste, and contains three par- lours of good proportions, nine good bed chambers, several servants' apartments, anil excellent attached offices of every description ; detached are stables for eight horses, a newly- erected porter's lodge, two barns, cow house, piggery, dove house, and other convenient out buidings, tvith a black- smith's shop, extensive malthcuse, eight cottages, an excel- lentwalled garden and orchard, together with 122 statute acres of arable and meadow land withina ling fence, of the most fertile quality, and in a regular way of cultivation. Lot 2.— An elegant, handsome, and newly- built residence, called ROATH- LODGE-; consisting of three good parlours, four airy sleeping rooms, a well- arranged kitchen; and many other conveniently attached " offices, together with 50 acres of rich arable and meadow land, and lawn adjoining thereto. Lot3.— Forty- eight acres of excellently fertile Arable and Meadow LAND, in five fields, most desirably adapted for building, in an open healthy situation, near the great turn- pike road. The above valuable property, it is presumed, is too well known to reqOire observation, beiftg in a situation ( near the Bristol Channel) of'the first respectability, surrounded by good roads, with every local advantage to render it an objcct the most desirable for a genteel residence. Part of tbe purchase- money ( if required) may remain on mortgage; and the elegant and modern assemblage of Furni- ture, With the Live and Dead Stock of Roath Villa, may be taken at a valuation. The premises may be viewed at any time previous to the sale, and printed particulars of the respective lots had at the Office of Charles Bowles, Esq. Shaftesbury ; of Messrs. Ta- houiden, solicitors, Argyle- streef, London ; at the Grecian Coffeehouse, Strand; the Bush Tavern, Bristol; at the Place of Sale; and of Mr. Wm. Upjohn, land- surveyor, Rumney Great House, near the Villa, or at Cann Cottage, n ar Shaftesbury, at cither of which two last mentioned glases plaas of the estate may be seen. {. 5201 HAMPSHIRE. MANOR, or reputed Manor, of WIMERING, WiMF. itiS'c- HousE, and the Farm and Lands called Wi M r. R 1 N G- FA RM, containing upwards^ tif 700 acres of luxu- riant meadow and arable land in a ring fence, coppice, and I down land, within 5 miles of Portsmouth, 15 of Southamp- ton, 13 of Chichester, 20 of AVinchester, and 68 of London f in lots. Lot 1— A most desirable Dwelling- house, in excellent re- pair, called Wimering- house, situate in the parish of Winter- ing, in a genteel and social neighbourhood, with suitablr. do- mestic offices, coach- house, stabling, yards, gardens, pleasure- ground and home- ground, containing about 11 statutc. acres, laid out with great taste, and ornamented with plantations, shrubberies, and walks, forming a mcst desirable and com- modious residence, now in the occupation of Harris Bigg Wither, Esq. the proprietor, with possession at Lady- day next, if required. Lot 2.— Pettvmore Coppice, containing 7 A. and 31 P. ad- joining Southvvick Park, in the parish of Wimering, iu the occupation of Mr. Pittis. Lota.— A Piece of Pasture Ground, called the Moor, con- taining 10 A. 2R. 10 P. situate at - Potweil, 111 Widley parish 5 also in the occupation of Mr. Pittis. Lot 4.— A singularly valuable Estate, called Withering Farm, possessing local advantages in respect of markets/ roads, manure, eKrc. of the'first d. scripti 11; containingi> 20 statute acres of naturally fertile and highly cultivated me. i- dow, pasture, and arable'land, and 16' 0 acres of down ; a substantial farm- house, farm, and rick- yards, barns, stabling* and agricultural buildings of every description, situate in tl? s parish of Wimering, and adjoining the London and western roads, in the occupation ot Mr. Pittis; together with si » labourers' cottages, four of which have bee; n recently builj:.- The buildings and fences are in excellent repair, a consider- able sum having been expended thereon within the last twe? years. ' The above Estates, which are FREEHOLD, and exonerated from land- tax, will be SOLD by AUCTION, a' Garraway's Coffee- house, Cornhill, London, in the month of February or March next, unless an acceptable sum should be offered for the purchase of either or the whole of the lots by Tender, signed by principals only, addressed to Harris Bigg Wither, Esq. Wimering. house, near Portsmouth ( free of postage), on or before the ls't day of December next. The timber, tellers, and underwood on the farm and in the coppice- ground are to be- taken at a fair valuation : the tellers down to the value of Gd. Lot 1 may be viewed be- tween the hours of eleven and three; and lots 2, a, and 4, by leave of Mr. Pittis, the tenant. K3* Personal applications to treat will not be attended to. For particulars apply ( if by letter, free of postage) to Mr. Pouldcn, solicitor, Portsea, ' Hants, at whose office a plan of the estate may be seen. , [ 5537 LADIES' BUFF DRESSES. THE objections to Buff Dresses, from their liabi- lity'to stains, and the difficulty of removing them, are now e'ntire- lv obviated Vythe use of HUDSON'S CHEMI- CAL BuiACHlHG LiUUID, which removes Stains of red port wirte, tea^ coftie, fruit, mildew, and every vegetable matter from buff dresses, table linen, leather, cottons, mus- lins, a « d- lac'e, without injuring the buff colour or the texture of the cloth. Prepared and sold by Hudson and Co. her Majesty's Cby- mists, 27, Haymarket, London; sold also by Brodie, Dew- ding, and Luxford, Salisbury; Messrs. Trewman, Exeter; Frampton, Dorchester; Brohier, and Larkwortby, Wey- mouth; Rogers, and Williams', Honiton ; and tbe principal perfumers and medicine venders throughout the united king- dom, in bottles at 5J. 3S. and 2S. » ach." ( 21 SO Patronized by Her Royal Highness the PRINCESS of WALES, His Royal Highness the DUKE cf SUSSEX, and most of the Nobility. MACASSAR OIL, for improving the GROWTH of HAIR, preventing its falling of! or changing colour, particularly after sea bathing, which often proves < cry inju- rious to the hair, bestowing an universal gloss on the tresses, and producing extraordinary cfiects on children's hair. Observe, this is the only preparation for the bait that is sanctioned by any part of the royal family. Sold, at 3s. Gd. per bottle, by ihe proprietors, Rowland and Son, Kirby- street, Hatton- garden, London; and hy Brodie,. Dowding, and Luxfoid, Salisbury; Savage, Winchester; Simmonds, Portsmouth; Harvey, Weymouth; Langdon, Sherborne; and all perfumers and medicine venders in the united kingdom: where may be had, an Essay on the Human Hair, by A. Rowland, jun. ' [ 5475 ROW LANDSON's SKETCH- BOOK, - » Or, Choice- Views from Nature. This day is published, in royal quarto, containing four beautiful. Views from drawings, made on the spot by T. Ruwlandson, Esq, price in colours to imitate drawings, Hi. 6d.— No. 1, ( to- be continued every fortnight) of ROWLANDSON'S SKETCK- BOOK ; or choice Views from Nature; ' consisting of landscapes, shipping,, cattle, villages, gentlemen's scats, rucks, romantic scenery, See. The whole intended to assi.- t thu voung artist ill the various branches of this delightful and f. sciiu'ing science. All the- prints will be. etched by T. Rowlands, HI, Esq. from original drawings, by himself, during a tour made in various counties of> England in the summers of the years loO i - l- 5- 6- 7 and B. London: published by T. Tegg, 111, Cheapside; and Brodie, Dowdingyand Luxlord, Salisbury. [ 5+ 43 On Tuesday, Nov. 21, will Ire published, price 3s. 9c/. bound, gilt edges and paper case, AMuch improved POCKET ALMANACK, called POOLE's LADY's and GENTLEMAN'S POLITE ASSISTANT for the year 1810 ; containing ( besides the Ca- lendar) explanatory notes, a tide table, ruled pages for en- gagements and memorandums for every day in the year, a cash account, lists of both houses of parliament, great " officers of state, useful tables, and much other essential information ; likewise an extensive chronology of the most remarkable events, an abstract of the principtil tax acts, and a particular account of the commencement of the sessions in all the coun- ties ot England and Wales. LondonPrinted for J. Poole, 48, Fetter- lane, Holborn ; Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, Paternoster- row ; Ward and Middleton, Skinner- street; Cbampante and Whitrow, Aldgate; R. Rowney, Hatton- garden; Wilmot and Hill, Borough; C. Chappie, Pali- Mall; and Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury. [ 566.9 POETRY APPLIED TO EDUCATION. TAB ART and Co. at the original Juvenile Library, 157, New Bond- street, respectfully introduce the following valuable books tothenobilijy, gentry, and teachers in general, as being admirably adapted to the p'urposs of initiating young persons in tbe respective subjects. No principle is more uni- versally recognized than that ofahe efficacy of reducing to rlivnie whatever is intended to make a lasting impression on the me- mory ; and on this principle the following w. rks will be found worthy of general introduction among young persons ifboili s « es 1.— Goldsmith's Grammar of Geography, versified, bv ibe Rev. W. R. Johnson, price 4s. ball bound. 2.— The History 01 England, jn easy verse, by the same author, price 2.-. 6c/. half bound. 3— The Hi story ol Rome, in easy verse, by the same, price 2s. 61. ball bound. 4-— The History of Greece, in easy verse, by tbe same, priae 2s. 6d. halfbound. Sold by Brodie, Doweling, and Ltixford, Salisbury, and all booksellers, with a full allowance to schools, and the thirteenth book given gratis. [ I. ri4> Dr. FothergilTs . Nervous Cordial. Drops, I^ ROM experience are found a most efficacious Medicine for the following disorders: lou- ness of- spirits and nervous affectians, consumption, hypocliondriacism, hys- terics, spasms, pahy, apoplexy, loss ol appetite, bilious com- plaints, consumptions, Ins attending pregnancy, indigestion, ac- companied by sick bead- aches, heari- bum, &* c. Sold at Mr. Butler's, 4, Cheapsido, London ; Brodie, Dow- ding, and Luxford's, Salisbury; and by most medicine venders, in bottles at' 4s. GiL each. [. 55991 CHILBLAINS are prevented from Breaking, and their tormenting Itching instantly removed, by WHITE- HEAD'S ESSENCE of MySTARD,' universally esteemed for its extraordinary efficacy in Rheumatisms, Palsies, Gouty Af- fections, aud Complaints of tie Stomach; but where tins CER- TAIN remedy has been unknown, or neglected, and the Chil- blains have actually suppurated or broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will ease the pain, and very speedily heal them. They " are prepared and sold by R. JOHNSTON Apothecary, 1.5, Gleek- strfet, Soho, London, the licence and' Pills lit 2s. 9d. each— the Cerate at Is. l. jd. They ale also sold by Messrs. Brodie, DoWding, and Luxlord, Salisbury ; arid by every medicine vender in the united kingdom. f 5789 DIXON's ANTI- BILIOUS PI ELS. Fmm Mrs. Martin to Mr. Dixon, Apothecary. SIR,— I- have some years used, and C0! itiniie" t0 use, your DIXON's ANTI- BILIOUS PILLS; as a family Aperient I do not know their equal; since I have taken them, I am relieved from a bilious complaint, parnculaily sick head- aclis, which fiequently were very distressing to me. I re- commend them to every family I am acquainted with, uarti. culatly those who live at a distance from raedical advice. Yours, &- c. J. HAMILTON MARTIN. Birchmore- house, near JVol- urn, Bedfordshire, March 2, 1802. Sold by Mr. Butler, 4, Cheapside, Londoa ; Rrodie, Dow- ding, and Luxford, Salisbury ; and most medicine venders, in boxes at 4s. Si. and 61. each. fiili AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WjLTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Fridays and Saturday's Posts. F O R if I G N NEW S. BREMEN, November 2. THE trade in this and other cities " has beett for a long time very bid, and the difficulties have been daily increasing upon us. Since the peace between Austria aod France, no expectations can he indulged that any intercourse whatever can be carried on. Troops are marching from the interior to the cities once incorporated in th? Han eatic league, and upon them the harder- must fall most heavily. The garrisons are not only invested, with military powers, but civil authority is confided to them, SO that, in the sacrifice of our ancient institutions, favourable W commerce, a complete stop will he put to - our trade, which has been lately so much reduced. I he entire ruin of these towns must be the inevitable couse- •• quenee of the present systertl, • -•• Jl.':-!....— '. — 7"— f ' '" ' 1 LONDON, FRIDAY, NOJ'EMBE'R 24. Spanish papers to the 1st inst. were received last - Bight, ' llie intelligence they bring is not very interesting, " but they establish one important fact, viz. that as late as tlie 10th ult. Gen. Blake's army remained iu its old situa- tion,' and had not been defeated. A battle, however, was " Speedily expected to take place, as the Spaniards were de- termined, it- possible, to effect the relief of Gerona. The SEngh> h fleet, consisting of upwards of 9.0 sail, was oft'Bar- ' teloua on the 50th of last month. This account perfectly - accord-, with that which bad previously reached us, of the sailing of Lord Collingwood in search of the Toulssu fleet. The positions of the armies were, about the middle of last month, as follows : a strong division of the enemy's force was at Toledo ; Ney's and Mortier's divisions had joined in the neighbourhood of f'lasencia. The Spanish division ot Estremidura had its liead- quarters atDeleytosa; those of Marshal Bcresford nt Castel Bianco ; the English j- rmy occupied the positions of Montijo, Puebla, Talavera, and Badajos, being daily reinforced by troops from Por- tugal. The Duke del Parque and General Hallasteros are supposed to have entered Salamanca— they took, in the neighbourhood of that city, a convoy, aud man/ carriages intended to carry away the sick. Changes were expected to take place, about the 28th of last month, in the Spanish Government, but nothing was known at Cadiz respecting them. on the 31st. Private letters by the Flushing Mails of Wednesday, - speak of the health of the troops as somewhat improved by the cold weather, but state tbe number cf side, notwith- standing all that have been, sent home, as being from five to six thousand. Among the melancholy accounts received rroraWaleheren relative to the unremitting progress of di= eas; e among our troops, it is stated, that the 2b'th regiment, which, upon • its fir, t introduction to the island, consisted of 750 men, is absolutely reduced to 30. Still all the men capable of working are perpetually employed iu improving the fortifi- cations of Fluking, and in raising strong works svf Ar- jneiden, which was supposed to be the point most accessible to the invasion of the enemy from Bevclaud. A deputation from the principal merchants and inha- bitants waited a few days ago on General Don, to ascertain whether there was any intention to evacuate Walcheren. His answer was, that lie had received no instructions to that effect. On Wednesday his Majesty held a Levee at the Queen's Palace, at which Major- Gem- fals Orr, Maeleod, and De Watteville, Rear- Admiral SirT. Williams, Captains Sir Charles Hamilton, Peter Parker, and several other - Officers, were presented to bis Majesty on their late pro- motions.— After the Levee, his Majesty held a Council, at which it was resolved to summon Parliament to meet, for the dispatch of business, on Tuesday ths 23il of January. It is said that the Duke of Northumberland was solicited to permit the insertion- of Lord Percy's name in the List of Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, but that the Noble Duke refu- ed. Lord Francis Spencer, a son of the Duke of Marlborough, was afterwards gazetted as one of the Commissioners for the Affairs of' India. It is said that his Lordship had never h aid of the intention . to nominate him to the office, and instantly insisted on the revocation of the appointment! It is reported that ten thousand troops, cavalry and infantry, are to be immediately embarked for Por- tugal. There is no foundation for the report respecting the loss of the sloop of war Little Belt, off Jamaica. She arrived at'Halifax on the 28th of September, after having seen a convoy for B ubadoes, and a vcs, el with provisions lor Honduras, to their respective destinations. Mr. Robert Watson, Acting Lieutenant of the Vanguard, lately leaped overboard in the North Sea aud ' Great. Belt, and rescued, - in a he. eVy sea, two seamen and a hoy from a watery grave; the latter in the Belt, where the cuarent was running 3 or 4 knots. A Portu; has been seized for the Abolition of the Slave trade. It was under the care of a Portuguese House, by which it is alledged, that the vessel so prepared for that commerce Was the property of the master and supercargo, who are both subjects of the Queen of Portugal. The matter will probably be decided in the Court of Admiralty after the Christmas Recess. LONCEVITV.— Sarah Williams, in her 108th year, is now- Jiving iu a saiall- cottage, at tlie foot of that celebrated eminence, called Brent Torr, situated about half way be- tween Tavistock and Lidford. Within these few years she has cut five teeth, three of which still. remain, together with ten or twelve old ones. Her diet Consi ts principally cf broths, and other nourishing things, She has had 12 children, the elder of whom, now living, is In bis 82d year, and is a strong hale- looking old man. She is attended l) y a daughter, who is upwards of 60 years of age. CevRNT-' GAROEN THEATRE.— Tile uproar lias been con- tinued, with little abatement, up to Wednesday night, the seizure of the malcontents by Bow- street officers, and holding them to bail, some for the exercise of their orato- rical talents, others for wearing O. P. in their hats, one man for sneezing and coughing, another for laughing, and another ior calling " Silence," having had little effect in intimidating the rioters; and even the application of the Attorney- General to tile Court of King's Bench for a criminal information being equally unavailing.— Last night, however, the performances were heard with more attention than on any former evening since the rioting re- com- eoraineneed. The comedy of Every Man in his Humour was audible throughout. The presence of the party of the O. P.' s was only evineed by a trifling hiss, which now seems to he deemed the only legal method of expressing disapprobation. Tlie pit, at half price, was extremely crowded ; but the audience was by no means respectable. Two placards were hoisted, but torn down immediately ; and the occurrence was passed over without the usual rush of discontent.— The after- piece of Don Juan passed off with very little interruption. Mas. SIDDONS,— A Mrs. Galindo has published a letter, containing a history of the intercourse between Mrs. Siddons ahd the family of the author, during the last seven years:— The scene is' laid partly in Ireland and partly in England. It states, that when in Ireland, Mrs. Siddons being ill bad health, Mrs. Gilintlo made her an offer of the use of her curricle, iu which Mr. Galindo frequently drove her for the benefit of the air, while in Dublin ; and also upon a professional journey to Cork, while Mrs. Galindo snd family brought up the rear in another carriage ; that Mr. Galindo also'taught Mrs. Siddons to fence, and was in the habit of paving her constant visits, unattended by his wife. In England, it states that Mrs. Siddons had, for the benefit of liar health, a cottage at Hamstead, and after- wards at Pathlington; and that at a time when she was ill, Mr. Galindo frequently slept there alone upon a sofa. These are the principal circumstances from which Mrs. Galindo infers that an improper intimacy subsisted between her hus- band and Mrs. Siddnus ; if we omit, that, ill the course of the acquaitance, Mrs. Siddons used all her interest to pro- cure an engagement for Mrs. Galindo at the Covent- Garden Theatre, and lent Mr, Galindo 10001. to assist him to pur- chase a share in the Manchester Theatre, which he has not repair?,—- To support these charges, there is an Appendix, containing a series ol letters from Mrs. Siddons to Mrs. Ga- lindo; They breathe a pure and ardent friendship for the family of Mrs. Galindo ; yet such is the effect of jealousy— a passion with which the mind of Mrs. Galindo appears frenuied— she can see nothing in every line but guilt and wickedness, The letters certainly do honour to Mrs. Sid- dons ; they prove that she possesses a friendly heart and a < j » nerous spirit— virtues which her unetuies have « v » r ill- ustriously denied bur. as running ^ 01 - j Mtun. ; uguese ship, fitted out for the African trade, eized in the River, as an infraction of the Law On Wednesday afternoon, a pilot, of the name of Ma- son, was employed to work a foreign vessel up Hamoaze, just at the time the Conflict gun- brig was working down the harbour; both ships accordingly came in contact; when Mason, to save his boat, which was alongside, jumped into it, with the intention of going to the other side of the vessel; unluckily, however, he had scarcely descended into the boat, when both ships closed, and crushed the poor fellow to death between the sides. His death must have been instantaneous, as every hone in his body was broken. He has left a large family. During the voyage of the American schooner Priineverd, Yelding, master, arrived at Penzance, in distress,, the crew consisting of the master and mate, whites, and seven blacks, the latter had formed the desperate resolution of seizing- the mate, throwing him overboard, and running away with the vessel, the master being then sick in his cabin ; but fortunately one of them, the cook, discovered the plot iu time for the mate to arm himself with two pis- tols and a hatchet, all the weapons he had on board, and with which he kept them under till the Captain got better. LAW.— On Tuesday the Court of King's Bench decided the cause of the Earl of Lindsey against the Trustees of the late Duke of Aucaster, in favour of his Lordship, by which he becomes possessed of his ancient family property of Uffington, near Stamford. EI. OPEMF. NT.— On Wednesday Mr. Garrow moved the Court of Court of King's Bench for the return of the writ of Habeas Corpus, which had been directed to Captain Sheldon, commanding him to bring up the person of Elizabeth Moorhouse, whom he had detained at Man- chester Barracks, fbr the purpose of being delivered over to the custody of her father. The return of the writ was read by the proper offieer, wherein Capt. Sheldon stated, that Miss Moorhouse had voluntarily remained with him, without any force or compulsion on his part, and he was now ready to deliver her into the custody of any person the Court should direct. Mr. Garrow wished, through motives of - delicacy, that the young lady should be de- livered over to her father out of Court. Mr. Topping, on behalf of the father, thought it better to be done before their Lordships, lest any improper advantage shoitld be taken.— The parties were then ordered into Court, and Capt. Sheldon haying handed the young lady in, she was delivered over to her father, who immediately retired with her, apparently in deep affliction. The Court di- rected an Officer to attend, lest the order of their Lord- ships should be any way evaded or violated. The young lady liasva very interesting face and elegant figure, aud is stated to be about 15 years of age, but appears older. DUKE of SUSSEX. The Attorney- General yesterday moved the judgment of the Court upon W. Horseman, who stood indicted of publishing a hand- bill containing an atrocious libel on the Duke of Sussex, imputing to his Royal Highness that be was suspected of being the author of a hand- bill, reflecting on the character of a Mr. Hague, of No. 11, Bryanstone- street, and which hand- bill had been circulated among Mr. I- Iogue's friends; the hand- hill which this defendant hud been found guilty of publishing, offered a reward of 20/. for the discovery'of the author of the former hand- bill, of which his Royal Highness was ac- cused in this maimer of b'eing the author. The defendant, Horseman, presented a sort of memorial, or petition, to the Court, stating that he was not the author, nor in truth the publisher of the hand- bill containing these reflections on his Royal Highness, but that he was employed by Mr. Hague, who took a house iu Hanway- yard for him, whence lie issued the hill in question, Mr. Hague undertaking to secure him from harm, & c. An affidavit was then put- in, by a person of ihe name of J. P. Stevens, on behalf of Mr. Hague, and purporting to be also the affidavit of the de- fendant, Horseman; but Horseman had never seen it; the affidavit was only sworn by Hague, and was intended to have been presented to Horseman to be sworn The Attor ney- General said there was a mystery in this business, so that he should not pray the judgment on this defendant until there should he some further inquiry into the subject, for which be recommended to the Court to take bail for this person's appe-. tr « uce when - ailed upon. The Court assented to this, say iii: they iv -. 14 take his own recognizance in 40/. and two u ties in 20/. and he was committed until he shall find sUc . sureties. The King v. Wheeler and eight others.— The defendants were brought up to receive the sentence of the Court for a riot in the town of Liverpool, on the night of the 28th of November last, and rescuing- one Jo'un Crossley, a seaman, who bad been lawfully in, pressed. The Attorney General urged the necessity of punishing an offence of so serious a nature, and stated, in proof of a severe example bung wanted in the town of Liverpool, that he had been obliged within the last twelve hours ' o file an information against- several other persons, for rising in a body to destroy all the houses in that town, for the reception of impressed. men. Mr. Justice Le Blanc agreed with the A; t rney Je. ieral that a severe . example was necessary in this case, and sen- tenced the defendants to be severally imprisoned twelve- months in the Gaol of Lancaster. Wirc! iCRAFT.—- Four women and as many m •> tried an i c • vieted before Mr. Justice Grose Assizes for Huntingdon, for assaulting and. se • a wi'u pins the arms and parts of the body of '• a- wife of Wright Izard, on the a charge that she w witch, under the sorcery ahd iuca '. ation of whom t-. v ; gitT, hi-; l'; - en subjected to fits. They were yesterday bruiight up fee judgment, and the sentence of the Court was, that to ; defendants should each i. f them be imprisoned one month in the common jail of Huntingdon, and give security fee their good behaviour for two years, each in 40/. him and herself, and two suret e, in 20/. each; exeept a person of the name of Stourt, who was ordered to he imprisoned two months, having been convicted on two i. idietmcn: for being concerned in both the assaults, for this mischief had been perpetrated twice by two sets of defend . ts. WRIGHT v. WARDLE.—' This motion for a new trial being called on, Lord Ellenborough read the report of the evidence at the trial.— The Attorney- General made a long speech against granting the rule; Serjeant Be- t., Mr. Park, and Mr. Marryatt urged the Court to grant a new trial. The Court unanimously rejected the application, on the ground that Col. Wardle, by due. diligence on the former trial, might have produced the evidenee. by which he now sought to establish bis case. I'ublir- Ofjice, Bou'- street.— Yesterday T. Daly, a watch- man in the Savoy district, was charged with robbing Caro- line Wilciix, wife of a boatswain's mate of the Beagle sloop, of a bundle, containing Bank- notes and cash, to the amount iif 206'/. aud some wearing apparel, the hard- earned wages ami prize- money of her husband, which he had given her to take to her native country, Ireland, being himself about to sail. The prisoner, and another man, met her while waiting under the gateway of the Golden- cross Inn- yard, at Charing- cross, and persuaded her to accompany " them to a house, at which, they said, the coach stopped ; and while one kept her in discourse, the other contrived to steal her bundle. He was committed for re- examination. The poor woman was so much affected at her Ipss,. as to attempt suicide, by cutting her throat; but she is in a fair way of recovery. CORN- EXCHANGE, Nov. 24. To- day the supplies of Wheat are rather considerable, chiefly of second and infe- rior sorts, and the prices varied but little. Malt and White Peas as before. Ordinary Barley is rather cheaper. Grey Peas dearer. Rape Seed lower"; as are also Oats. Flour as on Wednesday. BIRTHS.] Oil the 4th inst. at Konigsberg, the Queen of Prussia of a son.— On the 17th instant, at Westhorpe- Ilouse, the Lady of Lieut. General Sir George Nugent, Bart, of a son.— On Saturday, the Hon. Mrs. Codringtoii, of Doddington Hall, Gloucestershire, of a son. MARRIED.] On Saturday, by special licence, at the house of General Layard, at Greenwich, the Right Hon. the Earl of Lindsey," to Miss Layard, eldest daughter of the late Dean of Bristol, and niece of the late Duchess of Ancaster.— Same day, at St. George's, Hartnver- square, Lord Viscount Barnard, eldest son of the Earl of Dar- lington, to Lady Sophia Pouleft, eldest daughter of Earl Poulett. On the 21st ult. at Gibraltar, Lieut. Colonel Middlemore, of the 18th regiment of foot, to Miss Lobb, eldest daughter of W. G. Lobb, Esq. Commissioner of the Navy at Gibraltar.— A few days since, Ml. Glynn, of the Ordnance department, Keyhatn Point, to Miss Price, second daughter of Charles Papps Price, Esq. Captain iu the Royal Navy. DIED.] On Monday, at his seat at Fulham, in the 88th • year of his age, Sir Philip Stephens, Bart, who was many years principal Secretary to the Board of Admiralty, and afterwards one of the Lords of tha' Board.— On the 9th of October, at a village near Elvas, in the South of Portugal, Mrs. Hawker, wife of Lieut. Col. Hawker, of the 14th Light Dragoons.— On Saturday, at Clare, Suffolk, Mrs. Mary Barker, daughter of the ' late Admiral Barker.— tin Sunday, at Swan ea, Robert Hamilton, Esq. soil of ihe Rev. Dr. Hamilton, of Bath, and nephew of the late Sir William Hamilton, K. II. OXFORD CHANCELLORSHIP. MN, EDITOR, T A HAVE the honour to be a Graduate of the University of Oxford, and cannot be indifferent to the result of the present active canvass for the Chancellor's Chair. With feelings, I flatter myself, not unworthy of a son of Alma Mater, I have endeavoured to call the attention of my friends to the claims of a Noble Peer, against whom the back- nied war- whoop of " No Popery" has again been raised, and the venerable walls of our Colleges defaced and disgraced, with an effrontery, surpassing indeed in folly that which marked the memorable epoch of the accession of Mr. Perceval and his friends to office, " His Majesty," we were t/ imtoldby Mr. Perceval, " con- ceived himself bound by his regards for the establishments and religion of his country, to dispose of the administration of his affairs in other hands than those to which it had been lately en trusted'." • Lord Grenvrlle and his friends bowed, with dutiful rcspcct, to the royal pleasure, and retired with the self- gratulations of conscious rectitude. The ignorance of one class of their ac- cusers, who were pleased to deem Lord Howick's Bill " an: innovation hostile lo the Established Church," has been tri- umphantly exposed in Lord Granville's letter to Dr. Gaskin, the perusal of which I sincerely recommend to those who may have been misled by a charge so inconsiderately made, and who may not have adverted' to the refutation ;— at the same time, I wish them to turn to the Act of the 14th July, 1804, passed under the auspices of Lord Eldoti, as Loid Chan- cellor and Speaker of the House of Lords I but who fortu- nately, on that occasion, escaped the animadversions of Dr. Gaskin. From the psriod of Lord Grenville's retirement from office, no change cf his political opinions has been manifested; on the contrary, they have been re- urged, with all the force of reason and eloquence, in Parliament, throughout the session of 1808. Under these circumstances, nevertheless, within the course of a few weeks, we have read the pressing overtures of Mr. Perceval to Lord • Grenville and Lord Grey, mvitioe them to resume the reins of government!— This invitation must cither have been transmitted by Mr. Perceval at the spon- taneous command of his Majesty, or it must have originated in the conviction of his own mind, that Lord Grenville was a person to whom the guardianship of " our establishments in Church and State" could be safety confided, and that the ac- cession of his. Lordship must necessarily add weight and sta- bility to his Majesty's councils. In this view, and it is im- possible to see it in any other, are we now to he gravely told, that the subordinate interests of our University are to be es- teemed less safe in the hands of Lord Grenville than in those of either Of his competitors? It is not my object, Sir, to enter into any injurious compa- risons of the claims of the respective candidates ; my purpose is rather to support what 1 conceive to be the just bias of my own opinions, by that description of authority which has, perhaps, the highest claim to deference on the question that has been so indiscreetly raised. The class of authorities which I consider most relevant, is that of distinguished Prelates and Dignitaries of the Established Church ; but before I proceed to cite them, I must beg to REFER to the declaration of Mr. Pitt, on the debate on the 25 th of March l? 0-">. "• I thought," said Mr. Pitt, " that such concessions to his Majesty's Roman Catholic subjects might have been granted, by an United Parliament, under such guards and securities for our civil and ecclesiastical Constitution, as would entirely remove the d. n- ger which many apprehended might arise from so great a de- parture from the policy of former times ; as would render the boon safe lo the country, effectual to those who received, inno- cent to those by whom it was conferred, and conducive to the strength, unanimity, 7mA prosperity of the empire.— Such tcr- e my sentiments formerly, such are they now, if, from a concur- rence of circumstances, it were expedient now to grant them; and if, hy a wish, 1 could carry such a measure into effect, / am ready to confess that I SEF. NO RATIONAL OBJECTION." In'the debate' in the House of Lords on the the. same ques- tion, I find Lord Grenville qualifying the concession nearly in the same, terms, differing only wirh Mr, Pitt on the expe- diency of the moment, and moving to have a full discussion of the question, in a Committeeof the whole House, observing that " the concession must be accompanied by regulation, provision, and arrangement." I will NOW; Sir, without any comment, proceed to adduce a few of the recorded opinions Of eminent Prelates on the great political question, on which Lord Grenville is considered to be at issue with his competitors for the Chancellorship of this University. lst.— Extract from the Preface to the Theological Collections of R. R. Dr. Watson, Bishop of Llandaff, and Regius Professor of Divinity in t e University of Cambridge : " Tbe ruling powers, in Protestant and Catholic states," says his" Lcr.! ship, " begin, at length, everywhere top. irGsive, that an uniformity of " sentiments inrnatters of religion is. a circumstance impossible to be 0',. Mined. They perceive, too, that a diversity of religious opi-- ions may subsist among the subjects of the same state, without endangering the common- weal ; and they begin lo think - it reasonable, that no man should be abridged in the exercise of natural rights, on the score of religion" 2d.— Extract from " A Speech, intended to have been spoken in the House of Lords on the 28th of Nov. 180H, by R u. Dr. Watson, B shop of Llandaff, etc. &-. & c." " ' -. > ; should contend, that this is not the time for ' v - i'o -; : to make concessions to Ireland, I wish him to ce- i; fa ztmcther there is any time in which it is improper for •:'. her individuals o'r natio-,-'. re lo hts'ice; any season improper ir '•-:-. oriei;, . oig •. iinn v , e : e rsion more suitable than thefrfin. it, I > r pduiu ,. v e;..; to he,. rt- burnings aud internal discontent ?" ' f iVl. s—! . .. Iact from a Speech of R. R. Dr. Horsley,* Bishop of St. Asaph, 0( 1 th • loth of May IROS: " 1 do tto! hold tl " there is dun thing in the Roman Catholic rehgion c. i ear. . - : with the principles of loyalty.— 1 do not b-. i'.' v- vi t .. iy Itoman Cath' !: i; ot the present day thinks himself a liberty not to keep faith with heretics; not bound by his oath to a Protestant Government; or that the Pope can lease him from * he obligaiioU of his oath of allegiance to his sovereign.— I had ( said'his Lordship) ; « perfect know - de- nt th : qii stions proposed, and the answers returned •' ' the -: egn un. versities, in which those abominabii n 1 s { the deposing and dispensing power] were most •'•• * ivly and unanimously reprobated by thocc learned irdies to which the questions were propounded ; an isl am ; e- ri * • d tlie Roman Catholics aie sincere iu t. e'. r disavow.,--.. id abjuration of those pernicious maxims. J hold 0 t!: « Rc .". on Catholics of this country arc.. dutijid and loyal suijects of his Majesty." 4th.— Extract fiom a Charge to his Clergy, of R. R. Dr. Outburst, Bishop of Norwich, in 1806 Spt aking of toe Ro- man Catht lie subjects of his M '.* » . y, he ;•<--•— " TH-. t their conduct, and. TFTE unequivocal declarations made by rhem, in a variety of publications, are strongly ex- pressive of their total disapprobation of compulsion in religion. Aud that it would be very unfair to involve in the guilt of the misguided iealots of former days a body of men of a far dif- ferent description, to whom it is OUR duty, and should be our inclination, to shew ev ly marl; of hen voler. ee, both as bre- thren, and as deserving fellow- subjects." Sth.— Extract from a publication of the R. R. Dr, Law, Bishop of Elphin : " By far the greatest part of the population of my diocese are Roman Catholics. I know ( says his Lordship) I cannot make them good Protestants ; I therefore wish to make good Catholics of them ; mid Willi ihii intention, 1 put into their hands the works of Gother, an eminent CatKolic divine." 6th.— The Bishop of Elphin also, in tiled bate On the Ca- tbollc BILL FN 1793, candidly admitted, that" speculative dif- ferences in some points of faith were of no account.— His Ro- ' jkaii Catholic brethren and himself had but one religion— the religion of Christians.;— and that without justice to the Ca- tholics, tnorj, could be no security for ths Protest. a. r. 1 establish- ment." 7tti.— Extfact from a CHARGE to his Clergy, of R. R. Dr. Watson, Bishop of Llandaff, in 1802: " France has gone beyond every European state in liberality, and it appears to me, in. sound policy, inasmuch as she has undertaken, not pnly to pay the Catholic Ministers of the majority of the people, but the Protestant Ministers also of certain minorities ot the people ' who cannot in consciencc unite in religious worship urith the majority." Sth— The following advertisement is prefixed to a Charge of the said R. R. Prelate, delivered to his Clergy in June 1805, soon after Lord Grenviilc's motion in Parliament, and published, for the fust time, on the 1st of June 1808, three days alter the second motion of Lord Grenvillc -. " A numerous aud respectable part of the Clergy of my diocese requested me, at the time it was delivered, to publish the Charse now submitted to the world. I excused myself from complying with their request, because I considered the Catholic question to have been then settled, at least for a time ; ana 1 was unwilling to revive the discussion of a sub- ject, ou which I had the misfortune to differ in opinion from a majority in each House of Parliament. I have still that misfortune;— but, loo king upon the situation of the empire to be abundantly more hazardous now tha? i it was three years ago, 1 have thought it a duty to declare publicly my approbation of a measure, calculated, i sincerely believe, above alt other mea- sures, to support, the independence of the country, to secure the stability of the throne, to promote peace among fellow- subjects, and charity among fel'law- christians, and in no provable' degree dangerous to the Constitution,, either in church or slate. " Calgarth Park, lst June, 1808. " R L." • To the preceding authorities I could have wisbed^ to have added the impressive speech of the Bishop of Norwich on Lord Grenville's motion on the 27th of May 1308. To extract a * It la well known thatBishop Horsley had declared some time before the Mebate in 1805, that be intended to support Lord tStrtnvdl^ s motion, with certain qualifications } bat the circumstances stat, e by Lord Ketlesdale in the House, ( in which his Lordship li. nl been gro .- le im- posed on, as lxas since been proved), Induced the Bishop to vote against the question •, though his speech, in the ussemjal poiiits, MAY be CITED us tt strong arge, iaiiut Ui favour of it. part of it would be to offer violence to a^ master- piece of sound argument and demonstrative reason. 1 will only br. ifly ob- serve, that his Lordship, speaking of the objections grounded on the Coronation Oath, observes,—" Ot all the arguments, which eithet^ rinciple or prejudice has suggested, or which imagination has started, there is not one which appears to me to rest upon so weak a foundation as that which is built upon the words of the Coronation Oath." His Lordship then pro- ceeds to demonstrate the fallacy of the objection. In refer- ence to tlie same objection, the extract of a letter, ( peculiarly interesting from the known character and principles of the writer), we find was read by Sir John Hippisley in the course of the debate on Mr. Grattan's motion. Sir J. H. stated to the House that he had received the letter in question from Dr. Slurges, ChanccUor\ of Winchester, the celebrated antagonist or Dr. Milner in the polemical field ; " ot which letter," he ob- served, " with the permission of his learned friend ( Mr. Sturges Bourne), he would read an extract:— 1 Dr. Milner's pamphlet on the King's Oath ( says Dr. Sturges) is able and unansieer- able. The Catholics, I think, are obliged to me for calling forth his Letters to a Prebendary, written against me, which 1 see are frequently referred to as a work of high authority.' " To this confluence of authorities I will only add one more, of a very different class, but recognizing the policy, as much as the preceding authorities support the justice, of Lord Gren- ville's opinions as connected with this question. This also we find cited by Sir John Hippisley, in the same debate: it is of Portalis, ( fas ab hoste duceri), hn presenting the Concordat of Pius VII. to the Legislative Body : " The Catholic religion ( he observes) is that of a vast ma- jority of the French nation ; to abandon so powerful an engine, therefore, ivmtld be to desire the first ambitious knave, or un- successful demagogue, who wished to convulse France anew, to seize it, and direct it against his country." The application to the case of Ireland is but too obvious ! Such, Sir, are the authorities, among an infinity of others of no less force, which are upon record in support of the legita macyof Ld. Grenviile's opinions on thisgreat national question. But, be his political opinions what they may, let us see by whom his pretensions to the vacant Chancellorship are sup- ported i they certainly partake- not of the colour of party, for, unless I am much misinformed, wefind a graceful array of the high Prelates of our Church ranging on his side ; and the ve- nerable Archbp. of York, the Bps. of London, Lichfield and Cnventry, Llandaff, Bath and Weils, Norwich, St. Asaph, Lincoln, Rochester, and Oxford, with a numerous assembly of other dignitaries, liberally attesting the superiority of Lord Grenville's claims. And is the No Popery war- whoop to bear down the suffrages of such venerable names ?— 7But, Sir, in the language of Lord Grenville himself, to Dr. Gaskin, I would ask his opponents, " if the proposed concessions ( alluding to Lord Howick's motion), all or any of them, are subversive of the principles which placed his Majesty's illus- trious house upon the Throne, what is to be said of the tar more extensive indulgenceproposed in 1801, by that great Minister, now no more ? Were his principles' also subversive of the Established Church, and of the civil constitution of the mo- narchy?"— Let me askalso, what construction was given, by the^ e alarmists, to the conduct of Mr. Pitt and such of his colleagues who sacrificed their offices to their opinions on this question ?— or to the principles and conduct of our late Chancellor the Duke of Portland, of Lord Eldon, the keeper of the king's Conscience, and of Mr. Put, when, in 1804, they proposed the measure to enable his Majesty to allow foreign Catholics to hold any commission whatever within the realm, and exempting them from taking the oaths, and to station ten thousand foreign troops in any part e- t the kini'dom ?—- who also advised his Majesty to commissi , n Homan Cathalie Priests, British subject*, us chaplins to regiments raised on the esta- blishment. of Great Britain as well as Ireland! Copies of which commissions, signed by his Majesty, were stated and produced in Parliament in the debate on Mr. Fox's motion.— At the period of these transactions, Lord Eldo'n and Mr. Per- ceval ivere the principal law officers of the Crown. But, Sir, I am running to a lengt. i little suited to the limits of a newspaper; I will not longer trespass upon your, patience, but conclude with the words of Dr. Johnson, ( which were also well applied to the inflammatory Address of the Edinburgh Sceeders, aud similar effusions which disgrace the- Gazettes of 1.806'), " that those who cry out POPERY I POPEEY ! in these times, would have cried out FIRE! FIRE! in the genera! deluge !" I am, Sir, your obedient servant, O. xFonn, Nov. 20, 1809. OXONIENSIS- Gentleman's Cottage, completely Furnished, TO be LETT, very reasonably, for the Winter and Spring Months, in a warm and sheltered situation, with delightful marine and New Forest views, close to the, sea, to hot baths, and to Southampton,-— with about two acrcs of Pleasure Ground, well wooded, round it. Apply ( post paid) to the Printers. [ 5798 Also to be Sold,— About one score of standard young Peach and, Nectarine Trees, capitally trained, and in fine bearing, Jit I'M. Sdi e: e, ch; also an- unwornmonly handsome saddle Mule, price 12 Guineas.—( One Concern) CHILTON FOLIAT INCLOSURE, BY order of the Commissioners appointed by an Act passed in the last session of Parliament, intituled, " An Act for inclosing Lands in the parish of Chilton 1 liar, in the counties of Wilis and Berks," 1 do hereby give Notice, That ih several claims of the persons interested, which have been delivered to the said Commissioners, are left . at my office in Newbury, and that an Abstract of such claims is left with Mr. Thomas Philips, the surveyor, at his residence in Chilton l>' oliat aforesafd, and that such claims and abstract are open to the inspection and p rusal of all parties interested, or claiming to be interested, in ther premises, and that they or th- ir re- spective agents or attornies may take copies thereof or ex- fracts therefrom ; and that if any person or persons, or body politic 01 corporate, interested, or claiming to be interested, in the premises, shall have any objection to offer to either or any of such claims, the particulars of such objections are required to be reduced into writing, and signed by them or thcii respective husbands, gwardions, trustees, icQtpmlttees, or agents, and to be delivered to the paid. Commissioners at their next meeting, to be held at the Bear Inn, at Cbarnham- strcet, in the parish of Huneerford, in the county o'f Wilts, on Monday the 11 th day of December next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; and that no such objection will afterwards be received, unless for some legal disability or special cause, to be allowed by the said Commissioners.— Dated the 16th day of November 1809, Rn. TOWNSEND, Clerk. PIMPERNE INCLOSURE. fTTE the ( ommissioners named : id appointed in i ? and by the Act for allotting Lands, & c. in the parish of Pimperne, tl % hereby give Notice, that we shall hold our next Meeting for carrying, the said Act int.) execution, on Monday the tliiof Deceiv er : » - xt, and the following days, at the Greyhound Inn, in i. iandf. ,. 1, aild that on Tuesday the 5th, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, we shall proceed to perambulate the boundaries of the said parish, and shall begin such perambulation ataplace called the Yonder Ftulong, in the Lower Field, near DamaryFarm, adjoining the parish of Blandford Forum, in the said county of Dorset, and proceed ft'jm thence in a south easterly direction, against the parish of Blandfcrd Forum, Langton, Tarrant Lauhceston, Tarrant Hinton, TarrantGunvjlle, Iwerne, Stepleton. andStonr Payne, and shall continue the perambulation. from day to day until the whole boundaries be, gone through, of which, perambula- tion all Lords of neighbouring Manors, and other persons interested, are hereby required to take notice. And we give this further Notice, that we have fixed on Friday the" 8th day of December, for receiving objections to the claim or claims of rights of cdmriuIySnd. pasturage de- livered in by any person or person's, as attached to his, her, or their tenements within the said parish, and that an account in writing of all such claims is left at the Office of C. Bowles, of Shaftesbury, our Clfrk, and a copy of the same with P. Godwin, of Pimpeine, for inspection, to enable all persons who may feel aggrieved by such claims to make their objec- tions. Dated, at Blandford the lath day of October 1809. WILLIAM BOND. JOHN CHARLTON. 5742] RICHARD GEK. WEST WELLOW INCLOSURE. E whose Names ar? hereunto- subscribed, the Commissioners named and appointed in and by nn Act of Parliament, lately made and. pissed, entitultd, " An Act for inclosing Lands in the parish of West Wellow, in the coun v of Wilts," do hereby give Notice, That we shall hold o third meeting, for executing the powers vested in us by virtue of the said Act, at the house of Wo). Newell,, known by the name or sien of the Shoe Inn, situate at Plaitiord, in the saidcounry of W Its, on Wednesday the Both day of December next, at tweJv • • >' clock at noon ;— and we do hereby further give notice, that the accounts or schedules of claims delivered to us from the several persons hfcving or claiming aYiy cdm- mon or other right to or in the lands in and by the said Act directed to be incloc d, are left at the office of Mr. John Rid- ding, of the city of Winchester, in- the count;/ of Southamp- ton, our- Clerk, and also true and ex . ct copies of the same arc left at the house of the said ffm. Newell, for the inspec- tion and prrusal of all parties interested, or claiming- to be in- terested, in the premises, their . respective agents or ottornies, who may take copies thereof or extracts therefrom respec- tively ;— and if any person or persons, or bodies politic or cor- porate, interested, or claiming to be interested, in the ' pre- mises, shall have any objection or objections to offer to any such accounts or claims, ' they are desired to reduce the pattf- culars of such objection or objections into writing, te, be signed by them or their respective husbands, guardians, trus- tees, committees, or agents, and delivered to us at our said next meeting, by us now appointed for that purpose; and no objection shall afterwards be received, unless for some legal disability, or special cause, to be allowed by us. Dated th. s lath da}/ of Novemier 1809. GEO. BARNES. 58og WM. JENNINGS. MERE INCLOSURE. THE Commissioners appointed under or by virtue of art Act of Parliament, passed in the4? th year of his Majesty's reign, intituled, « An Act for inclosing Lands m tile parish of Mere, in the county of Wilts," hereby give Notice, I hat having received applications in writing fe'r that purpose by and on behalf of sevtral proprietors of lands, ih y will proceed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION at their n. xt meeting, to be holden ai the Sli p Inn, in Mere aforesaid, en Thursday the tst day of February next, between the hours of four and six in the afternoon,—- The following PARCELS o'f LAND, now marked and staked rut; ( that is to say), Lot 1.— A Piot or Parcel of Pasture Land, part of VVhitehill Common, containing hy admeasurement a A. OR. 23 P. ( more or less), bounded on the north by the road newly set out, leading from the Shaftesbury turnpike road towards tem- per's Hill, on tiie east in part hy a strip of the said common, and on the other pai t by an old inclosure called Oaktidges, - n the south by the sale lot No. 2, and on the west by the said turnpike road. Lot 2.— A Plot cr Parcel of Pasture Land, adjoining the south side of lot 1, containing by admeasurements A. 8 R. oP, ( more or less), bounded on the east in part by the said close called Oakridges, and on the north- east by an old inclosure called Sharp Haye, on the remaining part on the cast by the said common, on the south by a road newly set cut to Lye- marsh Common, and on the west by the said turnpike rfcid. Lot 3.— A Piot or Parcel of Pasture Land, part of Mapledore Common, containing by admeasurement 4 A. l R. uo P. ( more or less), bounded on the north by old inclosures, < n the east and south hy the said common, and on the west by the road newly set out, leading from Mere over the said com- mon to Gillingham. Lot 4.— A Plot or Parcel of Pasture Land, also part of Maple- dore Common, containing by admeasurement 4 A. is R. P. ( more or less), bounded on the north by the road newly set out, l ading from Mere to Woolvcrton, on the east bv the said road'leading to Gillingham, on the s-.- uth by the sale lot No. 5, and on the west by the said common. Lot 5.- A Plot or Parcel of Pasture Land, also part of Mnple- dore Common, containing by admeasurement -! A. I R. 20 P. ( more or less), bounded on the north by the sale lot - I, on the east by. the said road leading to Gillingham, on the south by the sale lot 6, and on the West ' jy the said common. Lot fi— A Plot or Parcel of Land, also part of Mapledore Common, containing by admeasurement- ;> A. 1 R. 20 P. ( more or less), bounded on the north by the sale lot 5, ( n the east by the said roacj leading to Gillingham, and on the south and west by the said common. The lands may be viewed by application to Mr. William Hindley, of Mere ; and further information had at the office of Messrs. Messiter, solicitors, Wincanton, where a map may be seen. JOHN FIELD. 5731] RICHARD ' A EBB. MERE, Oct. 31,1803. GEO. BARNES. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LETT. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the TOLLS arising at the under- mentioned Toll- gates upon the turnpike mad from the N. rth Gate of the city of Winchester, over Worthy Cow- down, through Whitchurch and other places, to Newtown- river, in the county, of Southampton, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the house of James Blake, known by thename of the White Hart Inn, in the Borough of Whitchurch, on Friday the sth day of De- cember next, between the hours of eleven jind two of the clock, in the manner directed bv the Act passed in the jth year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating turnpike roads," and will be put up at the fol- lowing sums, viz. Swan- lane Gate i* 207 Newtown Gate *. i U7 being the respective sums at which those gates are now Ictt for one year. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the time and place of letting give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustess, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as thev shall direct. WILL MONCKTON, Clerk and Treasurer. WHITCHURCH, Nov. 8,- 1809. :' S6M Fisherton, Wilton,. Heyle. sbu. rt/, Willoughbtj- hedge, and Red/ tone Turnpike. NOTICE is hereby given, - That tbe TOLLS arising at tiie several Gates belonging to this Turnpike, With the several Side Gates or Bars to the same be! ingmy . ex- cept those at Bulbridge), will be LETT by AUCTION, in one lot, to the best bidder, at the Sun Inn. in Fisherton, On Wednesday the 20th day of December, 1809, betweui the hours of eleven o'clock in the forenoon and two o'clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the Act passed in. the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, for i% gu- lating turnpike roads, and will be put up at the SUM of if 2270, being the sum at which they are now lett. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must at the time and placi of bidding give security, with sufficientsur- ties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall d. i set. By- order'of theTn. s • <:, 5714] JAS. CHAS. STILL, Clerk a> . Treasurer. Ringwood, Long/ mm, and Leigh Tumi , ke Tolls ' Lett. NOTICE is. hereby given,— That the TOLLS arising at the - e e ral Gates hereunder mentioned will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bid ier, at the Cro-. va Inn, in Ringwrod aforesaid, on Thursday the 1 3th - lav of December next, at twelve o'clock at noon, in manm r ihrccted by an Act passed in the 13th year of the r- ign ot his present Majesty, " for regulating turnpike roads," and will be put up at the following sums, viz. Ringwood Gate, at £ 204 Lpngham Gate, at 68 Leigh Gate, at 85 being the respective sums for which those Gates are now lett for one year ending the 31st day of December next Whoever happens to be the highest bidd r inusr at the time and place of letting give security, with suffice nt sur - ties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such time as they shall direct. By order of the Trustees, W. m. BALDWIN, C'- rk. RINGWOOD, N" b. lo, 1809. [: 71s W/' HEIIEAS in pursuance of the Notices given in Vf the manner directed by the Act, passed in the 18th year of the reign <•• i is present Majesty, " for regulating Turnpike Roads," the 1 arising at the several Toll Gates erected upon the Turnpik - d 1 * adint from Swindon tr the centre of Christian Maiford 1" '' ge, in the county of Wilts, were put up to auction to ha lett to the best bidder, at the Royal Oak Inn, in Wot tton B ssett, in ihe said county, m Tuesday the 14th day of Nov. instant, at the sev- ral sun s the said tolls produced last year, but no bidders offered for th; Rushy Piatt and Coped Hall Gates ; Notice is therefore hereby given, That the said TOLLS arising at the said several Toll Gates called Ruihy Piatt and Coped Hall Gates will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, at the Royal Oak Inn, in Woottcn Bassett aforesaid, on Tuesday the isth day of December next, between the hours of two and four in the . afternoon, in the maimer directed by the said Act, and will be put up at such sums respectively as the Trustees present shall direct Whoever happens to be the b.- st bidder for either of the said gates must, at the time and place ot letting, give security with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Tie. steeS, for pay- ment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. By order of the Trustees, JAMES BRADFORD, Clerk. SWINDON, Nov. IB, 180.9. ( 5777 ELEGANT FAMILY BIBLE IN OCTAVO This day is published, by Robert Sclioley, 48, Paternoster- row, London ,- Brodie, Dowding, and Lu. vford, Salisbury and may be had of every bookseller in town and country, rjPHE HOLY BIBLE, for the use of Families, Jt illustrated from the works of the most approved commen- tators, British . I' ll foreign.' Price in medium He . 1. 4,-. boards; royal 8vo. which hind in one or two volumes, l.-.- lGf. in boards; imperial Svo, 2 vols, a splendid book, 4.'. 4. boards. The Bible in its different sizes may de kad bound; a quantity done in the best manner being always kept. [ 5514 Under the immediate pat onage of his Royal Highness the Pr incp. or WALES. J. T. RIGGE's celebrated MAGNETIC RAZOR TABLET, AN ENTIRE NEW. 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And we do further lu n- by, with the advice aforesaid, declare our royal will and plea: ure, That the said Parliament shall, on the iaid 2.3 d day of January next, be held and sit- for the dispatch of divers " urgent and important affairs : And the Lords spi- ritual and temporal, and the Knights, Citizens, and Bur- ge scs, and the Commissioner; of Shires and Burghs ot the i louse of Commons, are hereby required and commanded to give their attendance accordingly at Westminster, on the said 23d day of January next. WAR- OFFI » E, NOV. 25. Is/ Reg. of Foot Guards— Capt. J. R. L'dney to be Captain of a Company, by purchase, vice Cocks,- who retires. I6// 1 Reg. of Foot— Lieut.- Col. H. Tolley, from the 1st West India Regiment, to be Lieutenant- Colonel, without purchase. 51A/ Ditto— Capt. F. Sparks to be Major, by purchase, vice Dunkin, promoted to the 77th Foot-. 81s/ Ditto— Brevet Major li. Gillman, from tbe 56th Foot, to be Major, without purchase, vice Williams, pro- moted in the 60th Foot. mh Ditto— Capt. R. B. M'Gregor to be Major, vice Vandeleur, deceased. 91 st Ditto— Brevet Lieut- Col. B. Glegg to be Lieute- nant- Colonel, without purchase. STAFF.—— Brevet Major F. Goiner, from the f> Oth Foot, to be Staff Captain at the Foreign Depot at Lymingtou. BANKRUPTS. Elizahetb Ware, of Cheapside, milliner. John N. wnuin, of Rishopsgate- street Without, linen- draper. Robert Cannon, < f Kingstand- road, builder. Edward Abell, of Old Ford, Middlesex, builder. Wm, Hett, of Leeds, woolstapler, Fb ncy I'arry, of Liveroool, merchant. Margaret 1' ivistau- l John Preist, of Btoomsbury, coach- makers. Wm. rhornton, of Cadiz, merchant. Geo. Mabbs Shelley, of Whitechapel, hosier. Charles Dihden, of the Strand, Middlesex, music- seller. Lrael Alexander, of Duke- street, Aldgate, broker. John Hirst, of Bristol, grocer. Jame> suddoMoe, of Wood- street, London, hosier. Win. M ' Da'. vail, of Tottenham- cont't- road, linen- draper. J.- s ph Strult, ot Little Queen- sl'rr t, Lincoln'a- inn- fields, stationer. Wm. Kirkpatriek, of Bread- street- hill, merehaut. BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED.—— Peter Firmin, of Dedham, In Essex, money- scrivener. LONDON. SATURDAY EVEN 1NG, NOVEMBER So. A Gottenburgh Mail arrived this morning— Notice of the shuiting the Swedish Ports against us has been publicly given— The exclusion was to commence from the 15 th inst. but as several ships are not vet loaded, they are to be allowed to the 1st of December to com- plete their cargoes— At Stockholm and at Carlscrona they are dreadfully apprehensive of a visit from us— They have no cause— We view Sweden " more in pity than in anger." All the ships of war and merchantmen from the Baltic may soon be expected. The Merchants declare that there never was so vast a trade carried on with so little loss as that to the Baltic has been during the present year. The number that has passed through the Belt under the protection of Admiral Dixon's squadron alone, between the 25th of June and 8th of November, amounts to 2210, not one of which has been captured by the enemy, notwithstanding the re- peated attempts of the Danish gun- boats, more than 100 in nnmber, to annoy tht'm during the passage of the Belt in calms. Ministers have as yet received no dispatches from Lord Coltingwpod ; but we do not find that this delay has damped their expectation of soon receiving some glorious intelligence from the Mediterranean. The reports continue to be as numerous and as vague as ever, and such will probably continue to be the case until the arrival of the official accounts. A squadron of four French frigates and a brig have made their escape from the river Loire. They are understood to be bound for Gtiadaloupe ; but as there is a competent force in the West- Indies, which has been some time on the look out, we hope we shall hear. a good account of them before they reach their destination. Barbadoes papers to the 24th of September were received yesterday We learn by them that the enemy has greatly augmented his privateers at Guadaloupe, and th'at they, are now kept very actively cruizing among all the islands to leeward, and capture without distinction American as well as English vessels. The arrival of the homeward- bound India fleet is hourly expected. Tlie pilots are upon the look- out in the chops of the Channel, tu conduct them to the River. Government have again granted licences for the I land of Walcheren, which is considered as a proof that that Island is not to be evacuated for the present. It has been remarked by our historians, that this country was for a considerable period wholly governed by Churchmen, but that latterly " the men oj the law" ap- peared to be acquiring the ascendancy. The latter remark strongly applies to the present half- formed Administration. -— Mr. Perceval, the first Lord of the Treasury,— Mr. Ryder, a Secretary of State,— Mr. Whartor, Secretary of tbe Treasury,— and Mr. Croker, Secretary of tbe Admi- ralty,— are all Barristers at law 1 The celebrated Major Cartwright, who it appears com- menced his career in the Navy, but withdrew from tbe profession about forty years ago, was on the late Jubilee promotion raised to the rank of Master and Commander ; so that in future be may be considered as a sort of am- phibious personage, a Major in the Militia, and Cap- tain R. N. Covr. NT GARDEN.— Tbe performrnce last night again passed uninterrupted, except that now- and- then a solitary hiss shewed that some discontent remained. The vigilance of the Police Officers kept iu awe the few O. P.' s who were huddled together in a- corner of the Pit, ami whosttuck their colours whenever the Otficers approached them. SHOCKING ACCIDENT.— A young Lady, of the name of Soan, the daughter of Mr. Soan, a meal- man at Shepley Mills, Surrey, was drowned in sight of two of lier sisters on Monday last. She was leaning over a rail at the mill- bead, when it gave way, and she was plunged into the water. She was in a moment entangled in one of the large wheels of the mill, and her body was racked in pieces, so that only part of her remains were found. The de- feased was 17 years of age, and the pride of her family. There was only one packet ( out of 32) in the harbour before the Manchester arrived— a singular circumstance. The prevalence of easterly winds has prevented arrivals. Several are expected daily. PLYMOUTH, NOV. 24. On Monday arrived the Violet, Capt. Dare, from Boston, North America, in bal- last, not being permitted to load a cargo for England, in conscqnenee of the enforcement of tbe Non- Intercourse Act.— Also the Gibraltar, of 84 guns, from off Kochefurt, to refit. By a cartel from Morlaix, which arrived late on Monday night, we learn that before sde left that port a deep- laden brig, called the William and Jane, with copper belonging to the Dock- yard, and earthen-. ware belonging to indus- trious tradesmen of Plymouth and Dock, worth 5000/. was sent in by the French privateer l'Enterprize, of 16 guns, commanded by the noted Surcouf. On Tuesday afternoon arrived the Pickle sloop of war, from the Suvights, with dispatches. When off Seilly, she fell in with the Brazil and Ncwfounland fleet, and took on board Capt. Muleaster, with dispatches from the Brazils, who landed here, and immediately set off express for Lon- don with his dispatches, accompanied by the messenger from the Streights. On Wednesday came in the Margarett, of Dartmouth, Gardner, master, from Prince Edward's Island, with tim- ber, bound to this port. On the 23d of October she was captured by the French schooner privateer Decide, which vessel had previously captured eight English vessels, the crews of which she had on board, and in consequence gaye up the Margarett with her cargo to them. Cams in the Plover, of 13 guns, from a cruize, and brought in the American brig Eliza, Gollop, master, from Bostori, with sugar and coffee, for Tonuingen : she was captured the 10th inst. by the Juno French privateer, and re- captured on the 13th by the Plover.— Portuguese brig Rio Douro, from Ireland, with provisions, for Lisbon, cap- tured by a French privateer, and retaken by the Niemen, of 38 guns. Sailed to the eastward several transports with troops, consisting of the 71st and other regiments, from Lisbon, last from Cork. Argus, of 18 guns, with a fleet to the eastward. On Thursday a vessel arrived from Bilboa, with advice that on the 15th inst. at J P. M. she fell in with the Seine frigate, and on the following day at 9 A. M. s'ue fell in with a French squadron, consisting of four frigates and a brig ; one of the former, the Renomee, of 2 « guns, boarded her, but did not keep possession ; as eo. n as they left her, the squadron stood on in a westerly direction, ' Came in the Dreadnought, of 98 guns, from. Basque Roads ; this ship chaced the four French frigates and brig for several hours, but she carried away her tup- gallant masts, and lost them : they are said. to be from the River Loire, and bound to Guadaloupe.— Sailed the Crocus, of 18 guns, on a cruize. PORTSMOUTH, NOV. 25. The Repulse, of 7- 1 guns, Captain IIallk! ay, and the Victorious, of 74 guns, Capt. Talbot, have'soiled from this port for the Mediterranean, lo reinforce Lord Collingwood, The Dawn transport, which arrived on Thursday evening at Cowes, from the Brazils, has brought home ninety of the crew of his Majesty's late ship Agamemnon, lost in the River Plate. She left off the back of the island a large fleet from the Brazils, which has passed on for the River. The French logger privateer Etoile, of 14 guns and 48 men, which has been sent in here by the Euryalus frigate, had ten of her guns in the hold, and very little ammunition on board, it being the intention of her crew to make all captures by boarding. She had not, however, made any capture. She is a fine vessel, and was on her first voyage. On Friday afternoon died S. Gaselee, Esq. one of the Aldermen of this Borough. Monday— Sailed the Aehille, of 74 gun*, Captain Sir Richard King; Illustrious, of 74 guns, Capt. Broughton ; Euryalus, of 36' guns, Capt. Dundas; a il Gannet sloop, Capt. Stevenson, to cruize off Cherbourg; Quebec, of 3- 2 guns, Captain Poulett, for the Downs; Sarpedoo sloap, Captain Green, for Guernsey ; and Loire, of 38 guns, Capt. Schomberg, for the West Indies with transports.— Arrived the Alphea cutter, Lieut. Gibbons. Tuesday— Sailed the Repulse, of 74 guns, Capt.. Halli- day; and Victorious, of 74 guns, Capt. Talbot, to join Lord Collingwood in the Mediterranean ; Jason of 32 guns, Capt. King, on a cruize. Wednesday— Arrived the Dapper gun- vessel. Friday— Arrived the Afiicaine, of 38 guns, Captain Raggett, with the Hon. Mr. Erskiue and family, in 27 days from Baltimore. Saturday— Arrived the Antelope, of 50 guns, Vice- Admiral Holloway, Capt. M'Leod, and Vestal, of 28 guns, Capt. Graham, from Newfoundland ; and Squirrel, of 24 guns, Capt. Lord J. Townshend, from Halifax. Sailed the Port Malum sloop, Capt. Chambers, and Alphea cutter, Lieut. Gibbons, with convoy for the Downs and Flushing. Went out of harbour the Horatio frigate and Challenger sloop. Put back to St. Helen's, and sailed again this morning, the Repulse and Victorious, for the Mediter- ranean. SALISBURY, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1809. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS At Three o'Clock. DAY, Bank Stock, — 3 - p- Cent. Red. 6.0$ 3 ^ Cent. Cons. 69J 70 4 - JJ- Cents. 84$ 5 ^"- Cent. Navy, 101$ 5 Cent. 1707, — Long Ann. 18 ,9- lGths J Imperial 3 Cents. — Irish 5 ^ Cents. — India Stock, India Bonds, 29s. 30s. p. South Sea Stoijk, — Exchequer Bills, 12s. 16s. p. Omnium, — English Lot. Tickets, 22/. 15s. Consols for Acc. 70 Port FALMOUTH, jNV'. 23. The Manchester packet Capt. Davies, from the Windward Islands, arrived this Bnorniug. She received much daipage in a hurricane shortly after leaving St. fhomae. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25. The detection of two of the men concerned in robbing the warehouse of Messrs. Crosby and White, clothiers, at Westbury, in this county, was a most fortu- nare circumstance, as it appears thev bad associates in situations which enabled them to dispose of tbe stolen property without suspicion, and consequently their wicked traffic might have been carried on to a most ruinous extent. On Wednesday William Lloyd, a shopkeeper at Weare ( by Axbridge) in Somersetshire, was brought here by Iiivet, the Bow- street Officer, and lodged in Fisherton Gaol, expressly charged with having stolen from the counting- house of Mr. Crosby eight ends 6f superfine Spanish dark blue cloth, of the value of 150/. and up- wards, the property of the saitl Mr. Crosby, a" d two ends of superfine English dark blue cloth, value 20/. and up- wards, the property of Mr. Crosby and his partner Mr. Thomas White. On Thursday William Hancock, one of tbe men appre- hended at Exeter, was brought here by Mr. Sarel, High Constable of that city, anil also lodged in Fisherton Gaol, charged with having broken open and entered the factory of the above gentleman, and stolen from the counting- house Or ware- room several pieces of superfine blue cloth. — Lee, the other man taken at Exeter, is lodged in De- vizes bridewell. I The above men underwent, art examination of two days at Westbury, before Thomas H ie Phipps and Abraham Ludlow, E^ qi's. two of the Just'ees of the Peace for this county. Counsel attended foiS'. loyd, who is said tube worth upwards of 5000/. Part . of the stolen property, found in Ll oyd's house at Abridge, was produced, to- gether with upwards of sixty" picklock keys, found on Hancock, of a most ingenious construction, with which' any lock whatever might bave been opened. Lee had 64/. in his pocket, and Hancock had 59/. I, t is said Lloyd has not always gone by that name, hut was formerly known known by that of Brown, both at Exeter and Bristol.— They are all fully committed'for trial at our next Assizes. Last week died Thomas Mitchell, Esq. of Standen House, near'IIungerford, Berks, . and formerly of Fovaiit, in this county, a gentleman much respected and greatly lamented. On Tuesday evening died Thomas Bush. Esq. of Bradford, aged € 3 years,— a Magistrate of this county, and who serv d the office of High Sheriff in the year 1801. He was universally and deservedly esteemed, and his loss will be severely felt by a numerous family and a large cir- cle of friends. A few days since died, at Waverley Abbey, in Surry, the seat of J. Thompson, Esq. Miss While, sister of the Lady of the Rev. Mr. Jacob, of Shilling- stone, Dorset. On Monday died, suddenly, Mrs. Meech, widow of Mr. Henry Meech, formerly a surgeon at Sherborne. The 15th Anniversary of the Christchurch Agri- cultural Society was held at the George Inn, in Christ- church, on Monday the 20th inst. when the principal prizes were awarded as follows:— To P. W. Jackson, Esq. for the best crop of turnips, the imial premium, with the addition of a silver cup, the gift, of R. Norris, Esq. which he proposes giving annually ; the prize for the second best' crop to W. Mills, Esq. and for the third best to Mr. C. Hicks.— To Sir G. I. Tjpps, Bart, the premium for the best cultivated heath land ; Mr. Daw, for the best heifer ; Mr. Mist, for the best bull ; J. Spicer, Esq. for the best boar; Mr. W. Wright, for the best sow; the Rev. J. Willis, for the best ram, and also for the finest woolled rarn, both of the Anglo- Merino breed ; C. H. Hunt, Esq. for the finest woolled ewe ; W. Mills, Esq. for th - best ewe, and also the be- t fatted ewe of the South- down breed ; Mr. Mist, for the best fatted wether of the Leicester breed. The usual prizes were disposed of, except for ploughing, the ground being too hard ; but the ploughmen and boys were rewarded. The match of Singlestick at Andover, on Monday last, afforded a grand display of skill between the Somerset- shire and Wilishire men, and consequently gave much pleasure t. 0 the amateurs of the game. The Wiltshire men gained the majority of heads, but the day was too short for the Tyers to be played out; they therefore quitted the town without tbe prize, and we hvve not heard that it has since been. sent to them. On Tuesday the Earl and Countess of Portsmouth gave a ball and elegant supper ( at their seat at Hurst- horne Park) to the nobility and families of the neigh- bourhood. Mr. Lampard, solicitor, of this city, was last week appointed, by the Rev. Mr. Gamier, Chancellor of the Bishopric of Winchester, a Proctor in the Consis- tory Court of that Bishopric. BIRTH.] On Wednesday, at Bartley Lodge, New Forest, the Lady of C. Lyell, Esq. of a daughter. On Thursday Nov. 16 was married, at Cheriton, Mr. Henry Foster, of Beworth, to Miss Sarah Mills, of the same place. On Thursday was married, at West Charlow, by the Rev. George Litchfield, Mr. Sellwood, of Frox- field, to Miss Pocock, daughter of Mr. Pocock, of Coppice Leaze, Berks. On Wednesday the 15th. inst. died, at Piddletown, in the 74th year of her age, greatly lamented by her family and acquaintance, Mrs. Abler, relict of Air. Alner, of that place. This week the Widow Kearlev put an end to her life, by cutting her throat, in her own apartment, in the Wi- dows' Alms- houses of. Hornet's institution, Southampton, WILTSHIRE AGAINST SOMERSETSHIRE. THOWBRIDGE, HILTS. TO be PLAYED FOR, on MONDAY the 4th of DECEMBER, at SINGLE STICK, a Purse ofTHIRTY GUINEAS. The Players to mount the stage precisely at nine o'clock. HOME MARKETS. Prices of Corn, per Quarter— Bread, per Gallon. Nov. Salisbury, 21 Basingstoke 2- 2 Devizes, 23 Newbury, 23 Andover 25 Warminster, 25 Wheat. ] Barley. I Oats. S. s. I s. s. J s. s. 104 Ml6 j 44 lo 5t 128 to 42 88< ol2r' ! 44 lo 80 31 to 39 92* 1123 i f4 to 66 : 36 la 42 94( 0128 1,36 In 50 j 26 toUS 93 ( ol26 1 40 to 51 I 27 to 40 99tol24l 40 fo 63 | 35 to 46 Beans, j Bread S. S. I s. rf. ' ' 56 to 71 2 6 58 to 63 I 2 41 56 lo 70 ' 50 to 70 j 2 4 50 lo 65 I 2 3 J 58 to 74 ; Weigh t of the Gallon Loaf, S'. f'. I loz.— Half Gall. 4//• b\ ox. - A- A correct LIST of all the COUNTRY BANKERS in Great Britain, with the NAMES of the LONDON BANKERS whom they draw upon, will be found in the WESTERN BOOK \ LMANACK FOR 1810. THIS DAY IS EBBLIS1IED, Price 2s. fid. handsomely printed in a six- for tbe Pocket or Desk, and interleaved v/.' h fine Wove Paper for Memo- randums, & c. THE WESTERN BOOK ALMANACK, And complete Pocket Remembrancer, for 1810: Containing, in addition to the usual Contents of an Almanack", a correct List of all the Country Bankers in Great Britain, I. ist of the Field Officers of the several Regiments of Local Militia in the six Western Counties, Law List; & c. & c. ALSO, PRICE IS 9RF. THE WESTERN SHEET ALMANACK, AND COMPLETE COUNTY CALENDAR. BOTH BY MR. MOON, SALISBURY. Printed and soltl by Brodie, D nvding, and Luxford, at the Printing Office, Canal; sold also by Mr. Suttaby, Sta- tioner's- court, Ludgate- street, and Champantc & Whitrows Aldgate, London; and by all the Booksellers and Stationer, in the West of England. . [ 5804 NEW ALMANACKS AND POCKET- BOOKS FOR NEXT YEAR. ALMANACKS ( Book and Sheet), LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S POCKET- BOOKS, ATI. ASSES, REPOSI- TORIES, SOUVENIRS, & c. & C. in the greatest variety, and in the most splendid, elegant, and simple modes of binding ; also COURT CALENDARS, HOUSEKEEPERS' BOOKS, and overv annual Publication, are now selling hv BRODIE, DOWDING, and LUXFORD, at the Printing- Office, Canal, Salisbury, at the lowest London prices. *• Just received— Several Boxes of BARRETT'S WAX CANDLES and GIBSON'S PLAYING CARDS, which are now selling at the same Money prices as at the Manufac- turer's, whereby the cost of boxes and London carriage is save d to Ladies and Gentlemen residing in the West of Eng- land. [ 5825 ® " RS, RUSS begs respectfully to inform the Ladies 1 < M of Rumsey and the neighbourhood, she is just re- turned from London with a genteel and fashionable Assort- ment of MILLINER Y and WINTER DRESSES, Pelisses, & c. ,& c. which will be ready for inspection on Tuesday the 28th ; and hopes to merit a continuance of their favours. THREE CROWNS, AVF. ST HARNHAM; A pleasant Walk, by the Water- side, of about one mile from SALISBURY. WILLIAM DREW respectfully begs leave to say, that he has succeeded Mr. ROBERT MARKS in the Public Line at the above old- established house, where he hopes to be honoured with the support of his Friends and a generous Public; to deserve which, he will endeavour always to serve them with GOOD HO M E- B R E WED BEER, excellent WINES, and all sorts of gciiutne SPIRITS ; and he will feel happy in rendering every other accommoda- tion in his power.— Arot.' i 24, 180.9" [ 5851 WILLIAM SPARSHATT, COACH and HAR- NESS MAKER ( from Messrs. Hopkinson and Sons, London), respectfully informs the inhabitants of Salisbury and its neighbourhood, that he has taken the premises lately occupied by Messrs. Fort and Cooper, in Queen- street and Milford- street, where he intends carrying on the above Trades in their several branches. Those Ladies and Gentlemen who may be pleased to favour him with their orders, may depend on their being executed promptly, and in the most fashionable style. [ 5708 TO BUILDERS, CARPENTERS, AND OTHERS." WB. WATSON begs to inform them he has . received a Supply of RED and WHITE DEALS and DEAL TIMBER, which he is now selling at his Yard in Brown- Street, on reasonable terms for ready money; likewise a Cargo ofS. EIGHTON- COALS, which are now delivering at Eling. Orders addressed to his residence in St. Ann's- sttect, will be punctually attended to. SALISBURY, NOIL 25, 1809. SALISBURY, NOV. 18, 1809. XVflLLIAM WILLIAMS, WHITE SMITH and VI BELL HANGER, respectfully informs the publb, that his Father, THOMAS WILLIAMS, has declined Business in his favour, and which business he will carry on, as heretofore, at tha Old Shop, opposite tho Printing Office, on the Canal, where he entreats of the Nobility, Gently, and others, who have many years honoured his Father with their commands, a continuance of the same to himself, in executing which he will occasionally be assisted by his Father, arid hopes, by strict attention to his business, to merit their favours. N. B.— Two JOURNEYMEN wanted. Good workmen will meet with constant employ. WM. HOLI. OWAY begs leave to inform the public in general, that he has taken the BUSINESS of Mr. THOMAS WILLIAMS, High- street, S. irum, where it will be carried on in all its branches in the WHITESMITH'S line. W. H. hopes) - with a strict attention and reasonable charges, to merit the favours of Mr. Williams's friends and the public ill general. * » * TWO JOURNEYMEN WANTED. Good workmen will meet with constant employ. [ 6818 CROWN INN, GOSPORT. JTYLER ( from the Bush Inn, Southsea) begs • leave respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, Commercial Gentlemen, & c. that he has taken and entered on the above Inn, which he has fitted up with suitable rooms, and every other accommodation ; which, when joined to an unremitting endeavour- to please, will, he hopes, insure him a share of public patronage. Choice Wines and Spirits, of the first quality and flavour; neat Post Chaise, Gigs, and Saddle Horses. GOS^ ORT, NOV. 25, 1809. [ 5835 For Disorders of the Head, Dimness of SiglU, Defect of Hearing, iff. • THE CORDIAL CEPHALIC SNUFF. AS a proof of its effioacy, Mr. RECHAB THORN, of Itchen Stoke, Hants, writes, in Feb. 1803, to the Proprietors as follows: *'. i atSLtio. w 74 years old, and can see to read with common glasses, and my memory is as good as when I was only 19. In July 1776' ( 99 years ago) I was seized with a dreadful giddiness in my head. My doctor gave mc various medicines : they diil me no good. He admitted this, and candidly advised the use of your Cephalic Snutf. I took it, and in a few weeks was much better. After this I took it more freely, and in six weeks was as well and hearty as ever, and so have continued to this day." In consequence of the increased expence of the ingredients of which this elegant and efficacious Snuif is composed, and the high duty upon the bottles, the Proprietors are under the necessity of raising the price to Is. 1 Jti. per bottle, stamp in- cluded. , [ oblii It is sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, at the ware- house for Dr. James's Powder, No. 45, in St. Paul's Church- yard, London, and Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, at Salisbury; and none is genuine, unless the words " F. Nacbery, No. 45, St. Paul's," is engraven- on the stamp ; and by their appoint- ment by Mollis, Romseyi; Anderson, and Carle, Winchester; Thomas, Whitchurch ; Maud, and Painter, Andover; Skel- ton, Hookey, Randall, Baker, and Moon, Southampton; Clarke, and Smith, Devizes ; Kellaway, Fordingbri8ge; Lu- cas, and Thome, Kingwood; Grove, and Briel, Lymington ; Moore, Poole; Hussey, and Force, Wiuborne; Hurd/ Shaftesbury ; Frampton, and Clarke, Dorchester ; Mussoft pnd Co. and Bowling and Co. Newport, Isle of Wight. MONEY. READY tcr1) e advanced in o « jteinr. fm Mortens of ample Freehold Landed Estate, in tft county ot Dorset, from £ 10,000 to jt'l 5,000, ma. y-. be HFTL on auol- extaTt n° ob-^ rioH 10 purchase to a similar v- r- -• [ 5 » « J Capital Farm in the^ Islejf lPisht. ' 8 ° LETT on LEASE, for a Term of Years cTo^ e" te, rc„ d on at Michaelmas 1810,— A vervdesirable FARM, called GREAT KINGSTONE, situate injhc partaii » o* K. We and Shorwell, in the Islefr from Newport; comprising an excellentwith every necessary and requisite farm- building, allTn good rena rI and about 375 acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, ^ bod Td other Land, , n convenient ensures, ' ' J cS^ rS'n' mLybc by plication to Messrs. by letter, post paid! S° ijClt° rS' NeW1< Wt' ^ ; if ABOUT 300 FLE « CS OF MIXED Danish hre / I Se, COnd <; r0£ s':' s : thc from the real in 00 ht nf uf M ewes . from the most excellent Southdown.: in point ot wool cannot be exceeded. hor further particulars apply to Mr. Edmund Hawkins Gunviile, near Biandford, Dorset. [ 5741 T°. be I) 1SPOSEI) ° jr. advantageous ur^ Z „ flS A S°° d Concern in the LINEN DRAPLBV Line, in one or tlie lust manufacturing towns in Somersetshire Bath" wmadh, r^ fd P'Jlaa P^ atthe Post- office, Bath, will be attended to.— None but principals, with real names, will. be treated- with. ' ' j; 580g TFARM NEAR BASINGSTOKE. O be DISPOSED OF, and entered upon imme* diately, A capital FARM, Consisting . of a good. Farm- house, w th excellent farming buildings, and 4* 5 acres of goon Laud, of which 62 arc meadow and pasture, itf hcilcc rows, and thc remainder arable, situate at Farleigh Wafionl term unexpired of the Lease, 13 yrttrs.— T he crops of t da year s hay and corn, with the lease, to'be purchased and the preparations for future cropa, and the live and dead stocks to be taken at a valuation. None but experienced { aimers' of undoubted property need apply. Personal applications to be made at Farleigh House, near PELICAN OFFICE, For INSURANCE on LIVES dndgranting ANNUITIES. THIS Office was established in Lombard- street, London, in the year 17f) 7, by a numerous and respect- able Proprietary; and the Board of Directors, with confidence, arising from the increased prosperity and permanency of the establishment, as well as from the experience of its useful- ness and benefit to the public, think it due to those who may be still unacquainted with the importance and advantages of Life Insurance, briefly so suggest some of its leading and pe- culiar recommendations to almost every degree and rank in society. Life Insurance is of manifest consequence to all who hold est,.! : r life, situations and offices, civil, ecclesiastical, or pro'.:: nal; to officers in the army and navy, & c.; as, by pay- ae . : of an annual premium, the party insured is enabled to provide for wife, children, orotheis, whose future welfare he may wish in vain, by other means, to promote. It affor Is a permanent ultimate security to those who advance money upon annuities or otherwise. It renders leases, determinable on. one or more lives, nearly equal in value to freehold estates, as an insurance to the amount of the fine, payable on- the demise of a party nominated in such leases, will produce tbe sum required for renewal. It is- a cheering refuge to parties engaged in extensive and speculative, undertakings'; it affords to persons in trade the certain means of indemnification against a- bad or doubtful debt; in short, Life Insurance, established in policy, sanctioned by government, and con- firmed by the test of experience,' is become, to almost every situation of human life, a measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most equitable terms, under special Act of Parliament, granted to this Office. THOMAS PARKE, Sec. COMPANY'S AGENTS at Salisbury, Mr. Burrough; De- viz.- s, Win. Cook ; Portsmouth, T. C. Mottley ; Lymington, J. West; Ringwood, C. Hodges; Bridport, J. Williams; Beaminsrer. Wm. CIift; Weymouth, Thos. Richardson; Bristol, Wm. Reid; Taunton, C. Drake; Bath, H. Mant; Martock, J. Crabb. [ 4003 UNION INSURANCE OFUCE, Established in March 1797. TRUSTEES : The Right Hon. EARL CRAVEN, Sir JOSEPH SCOTT, Bart. JOHN HENRY LOFT, Esq. M. P. STARLING DAY, jun. Esq. and Aid.—& C. & c. Secretary— Mr. THOM AS BIG NOLO. IN this Offiee, all the Premium is returned to the Insured, except what is wanted to defray the losses. The num' er o. t persons combined amounts to near 17,000, and the property insured to many millions. The returns are made to each member at the expiration of seven years from the com- mencement of his insurance, and the deposits have been found so much more than sufficient to meet the expenditure, that dividends of £ b0 per cent, and upwards have been made to a very considerable proportion of the insurers, the names 0 fa few of whom are inserted below : Paid in Rec. out 6 4 , 6 6 0 6 0. 0. 0 0 0.,.. . 16 15 .52 12 .26 15 . 26 6 .40 8 Mr. ^ utty, sen. Reading , i' 2p 15- 0 j£ T4 17 , Mr. Blow, Whittlesford........ 27 19 Mr. Angas, Newcastle 105 ft Mr. Batcman, Chatteris ... 53 11 Messrs. Ashton & Co. St. Ives.. 52 10 Messrs. Burnett & Co. Ancliff.. 80 17 ALL POLICIES GRATIS. Agent for Dorchester, Mr. Wm. Beach ; Biandford, Geo. Moor, Bridport, W. Williams ; Ccrne Abbas, R. Williams ; Po - le, John Foot, jun.; Sherborne, W. Harbin ; Weymouth, J. Symes, jun. ( Cf » Farming Stock insured at the reduced rate of 2s. per cent, without any average clause UNION OFFICE, For the Insurance of Lives, granting Annuities, and Endowment of Children. TRUSTEES : The Most Noble the MARQUIS TOWNSHEND The Right Hon. EARL GRAVEN Sir JOSEPH SCOT)', Bart. • Sir ROBERT BURNETT, Knt. JOHN PATTESON, Esq. M. P. and Aid. JOHN HENRY LOFT, Esq. M. P. See. ( fee. & c. Secretary, Mr. THOMAS BIGN( 5l. D Actuary, Mr. RICHARD MORGAN. The advantages of Life Infurance are too numerous to be compressed within the limits of a few sentences ; but the great utility of it will be in some degree illustrated by a single example. A person 28 years of age may, by an annual payment of 11. 6s. 8s. insure 100/. payable to his executors at his decease ; or for 231. 6s. 8rf. may insure 1000/.; and thus, at a moderate- yearly expence, secure his family from distress. TIIE. HATSS or THIS orriCE ARE NEARLY 10/. PER CENT, LOWER THAN THOSE OFOTIIERS. Theturplus capital, aft a' satisfying the claims of the insured, is returned to them at stated periods, by additions to the sums to which their policies entitled them. The following'Allowanceswill be made upon all insurances for the whole duration of life, which shall be effected with this institution previous to the 31 st of December, 1809. Where the sum insured amounts to son/, and upwards, ( and for sums between 300 and 500/.) the whole amount of the stamp duty! For sums between 100/. and 300/. and between 500/. and 800/. an allowance of half the duty. No. charge is made for entrance money, j'or non- appear- ance at the chief office, for policies, or- for neglect of paying llie annual premiums in due time, ( except the mere interest | ost by the delay.) The office makes a liberal allowance for the policies, if the insured cannot continue to pay the premium. The agents for the Union Fire- office are also agents for the Union Life- office.—( One Concern J [ 5645 Basingstoke. [ 516- 2 r¥ X) be SOLD,—*— An ADVOWSON, with an A- immediate Presentation, near Wellington, in Somer- T lZ'J a" nUm> With 28. acres of glebe close ,0 the house which commands an extensive and beautiful prospect; barn, two stables for saddle and other horses, cow- house, ajid other conveniencies. atte^ f ( p0St~ paidJ addressed to the Printers, will be D' 745 TPO besSOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT — A •^• ntat- POST CHAISE, but little used',; also a Pair of and . HARNESS complete; also a c. tj » W- black MAKE,, near 15 hands, high, ptrfictlv steady „ warranteci Apply to ' 1 ho. Heather, ( gag* 0 ® Tavern, Poole. . [ 6M0 HAMPSHIRE. r| X) !? e'SOLI) by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A i modern MANSION and 171 Acrcs of LAND, within three miles of Andover, 67 of London, and 43 of Bath. Thc Hftuse is spacious, in good repair, and amply supplied with commodious offices, excellent water, and every convenience for the comfortable accommodation of a large family. Immediate possession may be had, and part of the moRey may remain on mortgage. [ 5816 For particulars apply, to Messrs. Forster, Cook, andFrere, Lincoln's Inn; or to Mr. Fleet, attorney « t law, Andover. SALISBURY, TO be SOLD ty AUCTION, by C, NORTOX. A on Wednesday the 13th day of December, 1809, and four following days ( Sunday , x pted',— All the HOUSE- HOLD GOODS and FURNITURE' PostChais. s, Horses, at the King's Arms 1 11. [ 5847 Further particulars will be given in a future Paper. TIMBER. BRAMDEAN, near ALRESi OK i). i'/ INTS, TO be SOLD by AUCTION, t v Mr. ; UANT, at 1 the Fox Inn, in Btamdean, on Tiic. v'av the " sth of December 1809, at three o'clock iu the afternoon Se- -„? 2f cal> u 1 ASH, ELM, BEECH, LIME, and FIR lftli& s, novjf Standing and glowing on Woodcote Estate a$ Bramdean. Particulars in thc ncxi Journal. [ 5t> 34 FARMING STOCK, West cut Farm, near Swindon, Wilts. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by WM. JLFFERIES and SON, on the Premises, on Thursday the 7th of Dec, 1809,—- All the LIVE STOCK, Hay, Implements in Hus- bandry, Dairy Utensils, & c. & c. oi Mr. JASPER LOCK, of Westcut aforesaid, leaving the saitl Farm; comprising IQ useful dairy cows in calf, 2 three- year- old heifers m ditto, 6 two- year- old ditto in ditto, 3 yearlings, a ci. pit. tl two- year- old bull ( from Mr. Bradford's stocjfe), a yearling ditto ditto; a narrow- wheel waggon, a broad- whet 1 cart} 3 ricks of good hay ( about Go tons) ; 2 311- round ladders, 2 pig troughs, 2 single cheese presses, 2 cheese cowes, a barrel churn, an up- stand ditto, ' 2 whey knives, a butter knive, weights and scales, 2 ( in mdk pans, yoke and pair of buckets, oak'cupboard, deal chest of drawers, Scc. & c. N. B.— The above Farm is adjoining thc W Its and Berks Canal; and the hay will be sold subject to be taken away or the use of the premises till Candlemas next, to spend the same upon. May be viewed the day preceding and mornmg of sale till ten o'clock, at which time the auction will precisely begin. — A person will attend with refreshments. '[ 5803 BISHOP'S STOKE AND UPHAM, IJANTS! TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Dolphins Inn, Southampton, 011 Thursday the 14th day of De- cember, 1809, at one o'clock in the afternoon, in two lots, subject to such conditions as will be produce i. Lot 1.— A capital, desirable, and very improvable FARM, called HALL LANDS, DIGENWOODS, Ti » g « s," and W. U i-. rf situate in the parish of Bishop's Stoke, Hants, with the Mcs* suages or Dwelling- houses, Barns, Outhouses, and several pieces of Land thereto belonging, containing by estimation about 160 acres, leased to Joseph Lawrence till Michaelmas ... n.. 1.— 1... 1.1 • , .. ... 1813. This Fitrm is principally Freehold, the residue Copyhold under the. Manor of Bishop's Waltham, at an easy cert., in fino and quit- rent; also a piece of Copyhold Land called the Chalk Pit, containing by estimation 3 acres, situate in the parish o'f Upham, Hants, at present leased with the above Fatm ; like-, wise several valuable puces or parcels of Freehold Coppice Land, situate in the parish of Bishop's Stoke,' containing b\ t estimation about 4- 1 acres, lett with the above Farm. This lot is well stocked with growing Timber, which is to be taken by the purchaser at a valuation. Lot 2.— Several pieces or parcels of Copyhold Arable, Meadow, and Pasture GROUND, containing about 7 A. 1 R. 29P. in the parish of Bishop's Stoke, leased with the above Farm till Michaelmas 1818. Bishop's Stoke is a pleasant healthy village,. situate 6 miles from Southampton and Winchester, and the intended turn- pike road from Gosport to Winchester through the village and passing close to the above Estate, wilt make it very desirable. The Premises may be viewed by applying to the tenant; and further particulars known, and a Plan seen, at the Office of Mr. Ralfe, solicitor, Southampton.- [ 5790 —— — — — Gorely, Etingham, Harbridgs, Ftirdingbi idge, Hants. IX) be SOLD, IN THE FOLLOWING LOTS ^ Lot 1.— A very good BARN- YARD, Cart- house, and Stable, with six closes of Arable Land, containing together by measure about to acres, situate in Gortly, adjoining the New Forest, in which it has great advantages of Common Right; now in the renting of Earmer John Saunders. Lot 2.— A COTTAGE, much out of repair, but consisting of a considerable quantity ot good brick and timber materials for building ; with a Garden, Orchard,, and close of Arable Land - adjoining, containing by measure 1 acre and - 2 roods, situate at Elingham ; in the renting of Mr. Hide; and also the Cut yearly on an average" of 2 roods and 15 perches of Water M'e'adow, in Elingham Common Mead, with an un- limited , Ri; ht of Comnion therein; now in the renting of Farmer John Saunders. Lot 3.— The CUT yearly on an average of about 1 acre, in Harbridge Common Mead, with Common for tvyo Cows of one Horse therein ; now in the renting-' of Farmer Lot 4.— A Close of PASTURE or- MEADOW ItAND, with a little Coppice adjoining, called• Fussell's, containing about 5 acres, in Fordingbiidgc ; . in the tenting of Mr. Fran- cis Pope... The Timber on each lot to be taken afa valuation. Several parts of lots 1 and 3 itfe pleasantly s tuated for building, and worthy the attention of any genrleman who has a wish to reside on the verge of the New Forest. Any person desirous of purchasing either of the ah velots, are requested to deliver Tenders in writing at the Office of Messrs. ilodding, in Salisbury, or- at Ffyern Court, near Fordingbridge, on or before tbe 1st day of December next: if not disposed of by tender on ot before that day, it will soon after be. sold by public auction. ' [ i- itjj PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BRODIE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PMNTINQ- QFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY:; Where^ Oxrlers, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of News arc received ( Postage paid). Also by the PRINTERS and BoossEWEHsa the West of England j hy ttie WfW& n IfewSHBN j ai\ d jft Londop by Messrs. TAYLLR aud KE\ VTQNj Np. 5, Warwick- Square, Warwitk- Lssirj Newgatfi- Strict, and fir.' WILLIE, CoOks^ iler, PaternostcT- Ro*
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