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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3797
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 20/11/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3797
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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ALISBURY AMD WINCHESTER JOU AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. TYT LT\ IT- TF. AJ-. JSJ [ NUMBER 3797. VOLUME LXXIV.] MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1809. PRICE SIXPENCE HALFPENNY./ Stamp Duly.... 2\ d.- [ Paper and Print, 3d. Monday's ami Tuesday's Posts. OlSV I LLt, WHAT with this city, and witl blisbed Councils in FOREIGN NEWS. SEVILLE, Oct. 20. . threats from Cadiz, with plots in with open rebellion to the esta- ds in Valencia, tbe Government i* completely paralyzed. Nothing is done either in com- merce or civil affairs, or even in military concerns, except sending recruits to the armies, which is attended to as fast as weapons can be provided for them, and arrangements made for their subsistence. LISBON, Oct. 28.— The Duke del Parque has written that the battle on the 18th iust. on the heights of Tamames, was more decisive than be bad before stated. General Marchand's army, lately commanded by Marshal Ney, amounted to 10,000 infantry and 1200 cavalry. This force was completely broken. 3000 of our light troops, Who, supported by some corps of cavalry, pursued the enemy on their retreat, have done them considerable mis- tfiief. Four leagues of tbe road are covered with their re- mains— with dead men and horses, overturned waggons, muskets, cartouches and cartoueb- boxes, provisions and accoutrements, every where scattered about. Such was their haste to return to Salamanca, which place they entered on the " 20th.— The Grand Chaplain of the array has superintended tbe interment of 1200 Frenchmen, and the dead which have been found between bait a league from the head- quarcert and Matilla are not included in this number. The loss of the enemy is now estimated at about SOOO men.— Vision Royal Gazette. LONDON, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13. Since our last Dutch papers to the 10th, containing Paris intelligence to the 7th inst, have been received. The reported action in the Mediterranean is mentioned in the Rotterdam Courant of Thursday last, in an ai tide dated Nismes, 28th of October, which states, that on the night of the 26th, between 10 and 11 o'clock, two violent ex- plosions were heard in the direction of the coast, and that it was afterwards ascertained that, a number of French and English ships were seen between Cette and Augnesmortes, two of which had been driven on shore and blown up. Letters received at Rotterdam from Paris also state, that the convoy from Toulon to Barcelona had been intercepted and captured by the English Mediterrrnean fleet.— But there is a discordance in the dates which prevents an implicit reiiance4> n these accounts. The two great Convocations of the Confederation of the Rhine and the Cardinals are to assemble at Paris early in December. On the deposition of the present Pope, it is expected Cardinal Fesch will be elevated to that dignity. The Bavarian and other German troops, it appears, are to be sent to Spain, agreeable to Bonaparte's general system, of making those whom he has subdued subservient to the further objects of his ambition, whilst he spares the waste of ibe native French soldiers. The rumour of the plague having broken out at Smyrna appears to have bet- u circulated by persons interested in raising the price of cotton wool. Letters arrived in . town this morning from St. Petersburg!), stating that Alexander was too much afraid of his subjects, completely to close his ports against Great Biitain; but they assert there cannot be the smallest chance ? any pacific accommodation of the differences betiv ftu.-* I* and this country, on account of the gob- nefviency of e Ministers of that Court to the purposes of trance. Prince Stnhremherglias received orders from Govern- ment to break off all further communiestiou with this country, in compliance with the IGth article of the Treaty of Vienna, and to return to Austria. Late accounts from Cadiz mention that the arrhy of Venegas, the. advanced guard of which was posted near Aranjuez, had been obliged - to fall back rapidly, the enemy having discovered au intention to get between it and the Sierra Morens. Venegas, it was said, had been fortunate enough so reach these mountains without any loss. Iu con- sequence of his retreat, tfc army of Estramadura had al- o ft" lei l back. The enemy were said to be in pos- fessipu of the whole province of Li. Mancha, and to'have establish* d a strong post towards the centre of the foot of the Sierra. It appears by letters from Cadiz of the egth and 30th tilt, that the proposed appointment of " the Cardinal of Toledo to the regency of Spain, bad'been negatived ; and a plan for an Executive Committee likewise rejeeted. A second plan was then digested, and was to be taken into consideration, but the is- ue of this proposition we have not heard, though it was supposed it would share the fate of its predecessors. Letters have hcen received from Cadiz to the 1st 5nst. Tbey state, that the French were concentrating themselves round Madrid; that the Marquis Romana had pone to the army of La Mancha ; and it is supposed is em- ploying his influence with his brother in Valencia, to re tore subordination in that province. The Priftcoss Amelia, since her return to Windsor, is a little better in health than when she left Weymouth ; but her Royal Iligjliness still suffers much pain from the severe complain' with which she has so long been afflicted. In consequence of a Proclamation issued by the Governor- General of Bengal, complete tranquility has been restored among the military, who had been agitated by the late disaffection of their Officers ; and most of the temporary appointments made on that occasion have been confirmed by the Court of Directors. It is reported that his Majesty's Ministers have resolved on the evacuation of the island of Walcheren, and that orders have been given for a strong detachment of the Royal Artillery to go over and cover the embarkation of our troops, which it is apprehended will be much impeded by the enemy, who have now collected a very strong force on all the military positions in the neighbourhood. . Ministers are said to have inet with a repulse ( and that not the first) from the Northumberland family. Mr. l'erceval, we understand, has recently made an offer of one seat at the Treasury Board to Earl Percy, which offer was declined by that Noble Lord. The election of Chancellor of the University, of Oxford is fixed for the 13th of December. The canvas continues to be carried on very warmly. The Archbishop of York, the Bishops of London, St. Asaph, and Oxford, with the majority of Christ Church College, are all in favour t> f Lord Grenville ; the Vice- Chancellor, with the whole of University College, St John's, and Worcester, are the Patrons of Lord Iiljon. The Duke of Beaufort has part of Christ Church, with a very considerable party in most tif the other college!?. The several reports of the loss of the Lark sloop of war, iu the West Indies, are unfortunately confirmed by accounts from Admiral Rowley, which state, that that vessel upset in a dreadful gale of wind, on the 3d of August, when Captain Robert Nicholas, the officers, and nearly all the Clew perished. James Dobson, seaman, and two black men, were picked up on part of the wreck by the Moselle Sloop of war. The following persons had, a few days previous to the lamentable occurrence, been sent on board a schooner, by which they providentially avoided the fate of their shipmates-;— Mr. William Matthewson, carpenter; Wra. Teal, boatswain's mate; James Weatherherd, sea- man : and five black men. , Yesterday, when the three culprits under orders for exe- cution on Wednesday were about to be locked up attending divine service, Sullivan was missing; imiWuare setrch was in vain made in every part of the prison, and a universal consternation took place among the turnkeys; at length a close investigation was made among a group of women, who bad assembled at the main gate, to go out. but who had been detained while the search was made ; when he was discovered amongst them, completely attired in female garb, having already passed two gates without suspicion. A female, upon whom the shoes he had pre- viously worn were found, was detained for aiding and assisting him, but as nothing could be proved against her, sb « ; was this morning discbiwjjed. MARK- LANE, Monday, Nov. 13. There has been, since this day se'nnighf, a veiy large foreign arrival of Wheat, White Peas, and Oats; followed tins morning by a more plentiful supply of our own produce, except Grey Peas, than we have known since harvest— The Mealing Trade for Wheat has- shewn some unsteadiness in the interval, but settled to- day in a great degree, at the prevailing value of Monday the 6th, except that ' the quality of the Essex growth being in some cases much superior, a higher currency was established tor such samples.— White Peas are from 3s. to 6s. per quarter cheaper; Grey Peas as much dearer, from present scarcity; new Tick Beans not current at more than 46.--. hut the best old, in some instances, as high as 55s. to 5lis. per quarter. Barley and Oats full as dear for the best but not for the inferior descriptions.— The prices, in other respects, have little alter- ation. The clearance was considerable in English Wheat and the best Foreign, also in Oats for such as are sweet and fresh, but not in most other respects. For further information we refer to the list subjoined :— Mealing Red Wheat 68s. 90s. to ,9ft.?. fine 100s. to 104s. White ditto 70s. ,92s. to 100s. fine 104s. to 108s.. 112s. sup. 113s. Foreign Red ditto 70s. to 84s. fine 86s. to 100s. sup. lOfis. to 119s. Zealand White 80s. to 100s. fine Dantzic and American 106s. 116s. to l- 20s. Black Sis. to 7Us. fine SOs. to 88s. 90s.— Rye 50s. to 56s.— White Peas 5(> s. to 70s. boilers 72s. to 80s. fine 82s. to 88s. Grey Peas 48s. to 56s. fine 5Ss. to 60s.— Horse Beans', new, 46s. to 51s. old 56s. to 65s. Tick Beans, new, 40s. to 46s. old 50s to 54s.— Barley, 32s. to 44>'. Malting 46s. to 52s. fine new 53s. to 55s.— Malt 70s. to 76s. fine 78s. to 32s.— Oats, long feed, 24s. to 34s. short 35s. to 37s. fine Poland 38s. to 405. sup. 41 s. to 43s.— Broad Beans 50s. to 100s. Long Pods 42$. to 56s. per quarter.— Tar s 5s. to 6s. 6d. per bushel.— Rape Seed 38i. to i61, fine new 50l. to 54/. per last. English Household Flour 95s. per sack. American ditto 40s. to 45J. 52s. fine 54s. to 60s. sup. to 63s. per barrel. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, November 17, 1809. ON Friday, the 1 st of December next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, will l- e exposed to Piil- lic Sale, at this Office, in seoeral lots, the undermentioned quantities of OLD STAVES, IRON HOOPS, & c. lying in his Majesty's Cooperage at PVeeviU, near Gosport; as also about 200 Gal Ions of BRITSH BRANDY, and a quantity, of DEFEC- TIVE BREAD, and other PROVISIONS, lying in the Victualling Stores at this place, where, any persons inclinable to pltrchase, may have the liberty of viewing the same in the common working hoars, any day before ihe sale, Leager Staves 1300 Butt ditto 8400 Puncheon ditto 10500 Hogshead ditto 8000 Barrel ditto 5500 Half Hhd. & Kdn. do. 4000 Broken Puncheon ditto 2000 Wine Pipe Staves . .. 50000 . Hogshead do. 14000 American FlourBar. do. 3000 Heading fdbie pieces) 17000 Irish Barrel& Tierce do. 1,8000 Iron Hoops, 81 tons The particulars of the Provisions will le expressed in the catalogues. A deposit of 251. cent, is to be made on the amount of each lot at the time of sale, and the remainder of the money paid before the Stores are removed, for which thirty days iall be allowed for the Cooperage Articles, and seven days for the . Provisions, after the sale. 5753] JVM. REEKS. N. F. H. THE N. F. H. will meet at Stoney Cross, on Tuesday the 2tst instant.— Dinner on tabid at half past five o'clock. STONILY CROSS, NOV. 16, 1809. [ 5733 H. H. THE'next Meeting of the H, H. will be held on Tuesday the 21 st of November.* 1809, at the Swan Inn, A'iresford. Dinner on table at six o'clock. — BLACHFORD, Esq.' 5729J C. GR. EME, Esq. >- Stewards. N' WILTS AND BERKS CANAL NAVIGATION. OTICE is hereby given,— That the liext General Quarterly Meeting of the Committee of Management of the \ Vilts aftft Series ' Canal'Navigation will be' held at the Harrington's Arms, in ShrivenRam, in the county 6f Berks, on Friday the i st day of December next, at • . n o'clock in the forenoon. - "• ' By Older of the said Cofinnittee, ,.'• 3 AS. CROWD.", Brine' pat Clerk. HIOUWORTH, NOV. 14, 1809. ' [ 5715 DORSET.— MILITIA GENERAL MEETING. AT a General Meeting of the Lieutencu c of the said County, held at the King's Arms Inn, in Dor- chester, on Tuesday the 31st day i f October, 1809, for carry- ing into execution the Acts of Parliament relate .' to the Militia, it was ordered and directed, that the first Meetings within each of tbe Subdivisions of the said county, for re- ceiving the Militia Lists and hearing appeals thereto, should be held at the times and places hcreinaftci mentioned, by ten o'clock in the forenoon, viz.— Subdivisions. Towns, & c. When held, llhefe hell. Ware- ham .,.. Wareham Dec. 4, Red Lion. W iidborne & Pooie Wimborne 5, New Inn. Blandford Blandford ... 6, Greyhound. Shaftesbury Shaftesbury.'. — 7, Red Lion. .. Sturmin. Newton 7, Swan, .. Sherborne....... 9, Half Moon. .. Cernc, Abbas 9, N. w Inn. .. Dorchester . 9, County Hall. .. Beaminster —,—' 4, White Hart. And it was ftirther ordered, that this present Meeting should stand adjourned to tbe County Hall, at Dorchester aforesaid, on Saturday the iG'. h day of December next. By order of the Lieutenancy, 566.-.] ED. BOS WELL, Clerk of the General Meetings. Sturminster.. Sherborne ... Cerne Dorchester... Beaminster... Andover, Hants.— Toadies Boarding School. ISS MAY respectfully informs her friends and i. VJ. the public, that tor the better Accommodation of her Pupils, she has removed to the House lately occupied by Mr. Marcer, deceased; y/ hereshe solicits tbe continuance of that patronage and support she has so liberally experienced ; and for which she embraces this opportunity of returning her most grateful acknowledgments. [ 5621 PRIVATE TUITION. AMarried CLERGYMAN, and A. M. of tile Uni- versity of Cambridge, residing in the vicinity of Bristol, in the county of Somerset, proposes to receive SIX PUPILS, to prepare them for a public school or university. Particulars may be known oil application ( post paid) to the Rev. C. D. Post- office, Bristol. [ 5736 TILL! AM SPARSIIATT, COACH and HAR- NESS MAKER [ from Messrs. Hopkinson and Sons, London), respectfully informs the inhabitants of Salisbury and its neighbourhood, that he has taken the premises lately oocup; ed by Messrs. Fort and Cooper, 111 Queen- street anil Mdford- street, where he intends carrying on the above Trades in their several hranches. Those Ladies and Gentlemen who may be pleased to favour him with their Orders, may depend on their being executed promptly, and in the most fashionable style. [ 5738 MARKET- PLACE, SALISBURY. JOHN MUNDY respectfully acquaints the inha- bitants of Salisbury and its environs, that he has taken the GLASS and EARTHEN- WARE- SHOP, kite in the oc- cupation of Miss GAST ; and that the Stock is now selling off at very reduced prices. [ 5712 ANE GALE, about fifty, who, for upwards of two years, had endured a distressing and painful state of internal debilit), with deprivation of rest, violent head- aches, and excruciating spasms in the, stomach, which, notwith- standing the most eminent advice and every salutary effort, hail lately encreased to an almost insufferable degree, experi- enced considerable relief by Mr. PYE, in twelve hours, followed by a progressive, speedy, and effectual cure. To promote the cause of humanity, persons interested are referred to Mrs. Cooke, High- street, Salisbury. [ 570,9 aftei Kennct and Av/ yri Canal Navigation. r" P, HE Committee of Management of the Affairs A and Business of the Company of Proprietors of th Kennct and Avon Canal Navigation not having, at the last General Quarterly Meeting of them the said Committee, ap- pointed the time and place for holding the next General - Quarterly Meeting nf the said Committee, I do hereby; in exercise of rh : powers in me vested, appoint the next General Quarterly Meeting of the said Committee to be held at the ' White Hart Inn, in the city of Bath, on Tuesday the 8th day of December, 1809, at eleven o'clock in the torenoon. S734J JOHN WARD, Principal Clerk to the said Company of Proprietors. IIURSLEY INCLOSURE. WE whose Names are hereunto subscribed, the Commissioners named and appointed in and by ail Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 4,9th year of the reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, entitled, " An Act for inclasing Lands in. tbe parish of Ilursley, any manor of Mcrdon, in the ccunty of Southampton," do hcrebd give Notice, That we intend to hold our next meeting, for the purposes mentioned in the said Act, at the house of Ed- ward Goffe, called the King's Head Inn, in Hutsley, in the county of Southampton, 011 Monday the 4th day of December next, at three o'clock in the afternoon. RICHABD RICHARDSON. THOMAS DAVIS. 5737] GEORGE BARNES. To MASTERS or VESSELS. CHARITY of the late dOHN CLINGAN. " JVTOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees of this Charity will be held at the George Inn, in Christchurch, in the county of Southampton, on Monday the 27th day of this instant November, at twelve o'clock, for the purpose of Placing out Poor Children as AP- PRENTICES, under the directions of the said Charity, when, according to the Same, Apprentices to tho Sea Service will be preferred, and a premium of seven pounds paid to such Mas- ters of Vessels who may apply to the Trustees with any such Apprentice, whether of the parish of Christchurch or any other parish.— Dated the lst day of Nov. IROfl. 6535] JOHN RICH MAN, Receiver, Barrack- Office, Spring- gar dms, London, 6th Nov. 1809. TO BUILD ICRS. SUCH Persons as are willing to CONTRACT for Executing certain Alterations, Additions, and Repairs, to the KING'S HOUSE at WINCHESTER, in order to con- vert. the same into a permanent Barrack, may see the list of articles to be tendered for, and also the terms of contract, and bond ( to be entered into for the due performance of the same,) at the Barrack- office in London, or at the office of the Barrack- Master, Winchester, any day ( Sundays excepted) after the 14th instant, between the hours of ten and four o'clock. The proposals must be, addressed to " The Commissioners for the affairs of Barracks, Barrack- office, Spring- gardens, London," With " Tender for executing certain Works at the King's House at Winchester," marked on the cover, and deli- vered at the Barrack- office in London, on or before two o'clock on Monday the 4th of December next, after which hour no tender will be received. The parties tendering must transmit the r. ames of two sureties for the amount of thesum stated in the bond.[ 5630 EW STATE LOTTERY, to be drawn in One the 14th of February, 1810. SCHEME. £ 20,000 £ 80,000 5,000 20,000 1,000 12,000 500 10,000 100 2,000 50 ..- 2,200 25 900 15 78,900 PEWSEY, WILTS, NOV. 10, 18,> 9. DSPENCER, Widow of tftt late Wm. Spencer, • Plumber, Glazier, & c. respectfully informs the friends of her late Husband, the Business will be carried on as usual, with the assistance of her Son and able hands, [ 5661 EXETER AND SALISBURY MAIL. TIIE Public. aie respectfully informed, that a new ROYAL MAIL COACH, carrying four inside and two outside passengers, will commence running Monday the 16th of October, at liaif- past. seven o'clock every morning, from the Red Lion Inn, Salisbury, through Shaftesbury, reovil, Crewkern- e, and Chard, to the New London Inn, Exeter, where jt will meet the Plymouth arid Falmouth Mails, with coaches to Barnstaple and all parts of the west ;— it will leave the New London Inn, Exeter, every morning at three o'clock, by tile same route, to the Red Lion Jnn, Salisbury, where it will meet the Portsmouth Royal Mail, the Portsmouth and Gosport coaches, with others to London, ,\- c, Performed by ISAAC YOUNG and Co. Who wiU not be accountable for any article above the value of 51, unless entered as such and paid for accordingly. [ 4997 CHEAP TRAVELLING. SALISBURY, Inside .. 16s. Od. .. Outside .. 10s. 6d. Y the OLD SALISBURY COACHES, from the BLACK HORSE INN, SALISBURY, to the BELL and CROWN INN, HOLBORN, and the SARACEN'S HEAD INN, FRIDAY- STREET, CMEAPSIDE, every day ( except Saturday) at half past three o'clock. All parccis sent by these Coaches will be received without any charge for booking, and will be safely and expeditiously delivered to all parts of London and Salisbury, without any charge for porterage. N. BROWN, T. FAGG, H. WHITMARSH, W. PENNY, and Co. PROPRIETORS. [ 5226 NEW SALISBURY AND LONDON WAGGONS, From Lhe TN REE SWANS, Salisbury, to the SALISBURY ARMS, Coic Lane, London. MATCH AM, MITCHELL, and Company, beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public in general, they have established WAGGONS for the Conveyance of Goods jfrom London to Salisbury, and from thence to Yeovil and Weymouth, on tile most reasonable terms. The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Goods, above the value of 5i. unlcs's entered and paid for as. such. [ 4213 MONEY. ANY Sum of Money, not exceeding .€ 50( 10, may be had immediately, on mortgage of Freehold Land, by application ( letters post- paid) to Mr. Ryley, Soli- citor, Hungerfoid. [ 5640 MONEY. EADY to be advanced in one sum, on Mortgage of simple Freehold Landed Estate, in the county of Dorset, from £ 10,000 to £ 15,000, and may be had on appli- cation ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Durant, solicitor, Poole. There would be no objection to purchase to a similar extent. [ 5767 HOUSE OF INDUSTRY. ANY Person, or Parish having a House of Indus- try, that can take in and employ a few Paupers ( mostly Females); or will point out the best method of Employing and Providing for Paupers, will, by addressing a letter ( stating particulars) to the Overseers of Amport, near Andover, Hants, be thankfully received. [ 5668 ANDOVER.— TO BUILDERS. TO be BUILT by CONTRACT,— Two BFJCK DWELLING- HOUSES. For particulars enquire at Mrs. Maud's, Andover, where apian may be seen. [ 5707 WANTED to RENT, FURNISHED or UNFUR- NISHED, for a small family,— A detached HOUSE or COTTAGE, standing in a Lawn or Garden, and from ten to twenty acres of Grass Land, situated near a town or village, either in the counties of Hants, Dorset, or Somerset; the house must consist of not less than two good sitting rooms, three or four best bed chambers, and servants' rooms; coach- house, stabling, dairy, and convenient officcs, with good water on the premises. Letters ( post paid) directed to M. N. Post- office, Char- mouth, Dorset, will be attejided to. [ 5609 WANTED immediately, to purchase or rent, for a term of years, from thirty to fifty miles from Southampton,— A good substantial FAMILY HOUSE, con- taining three sitting rooms, five best bed rooms at least, and all necessary offices for a respectable family; with a good garden, stables, and coach- house, and from 80 to 120 acres of land, witli necessary farm buildings. The premises must bu in good repair, and early possession given. The furniture ( if approved of) and the stock will be taken at a fair valuation. Particulars to be sent ( postpaid) to Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury, or to Mr. Harvey, Perfumer, Southampton. ' [ 5750 ANTED,- A PARTNER in an old- established TAN YARD, to take one- half part of the Business.— A Person who has been brought up to the trade, the more agreeable. [ 6623 K . r particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Guillaume, Botlev. ARespectable. middle- aged WOMAN, wishes for a Situation, as Nurse, Governess, or as Superintendant. of Domestic Concerns, in: a private Family or School; and will answer letters directed to Mrs. M. Post- Office, Salisbury. WANTED, in the. Tallow- Chandlery and Gro- cery Business,— A steady, active LAD,' who can fill such a situation ; he will be under a managing servant, and will be, expected to bring a good'character with him. Apply ( if by letter, post paid,, or personally) to the Printers of this Paper. ' " [ 5580 WANTED,— A young Man who is thoroughly acquainted with - the CHANDLERY Business.— One who has a knowledge of the Grocery Business would be pre- ferred. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. J. Horlock, High- street, Newport, Isle of Wight. [ 5616 WANTED immediately, Several CARPEN- TERS and JOINERS. Apply to Mr. J. B. Barrow, builder, Gosport, or at Pcrt- Ohestff Castle. [ 5757 TO GUN- MAKERS. WANTED, in the above Line,— Two good hands, who may have constant employ and good wages by applying to Mr. North, gun- maker, Southampton; if by . letters, postpaid.— Nov. 10, 1' 809. [ 57C2• TO JOBBING SMITHS. WANTED,— A sober steady MAN in the above line of business. A good' hand may meet with constant employ and geod wages, by applying to R. Curtis, ironmonger, Andover. [ 5720 TO JOURNEYMEN BOOT- MAKERST" ™ WANTED,— A steady . MAN, who can work well on gentlemen's light boots.— Constant employ and good wages, by applying to James Ball, ladies' and gen- tlemen's boot and shoemaker, Poole. [ 5731 ANTED,— Two Journeymen PARCH- MENT- MAKERS. Good workmen will meet with constant employ and good wages by applying to Mr. Edmund Bailey, Marlborough. [ 5762 X) be DISPOSED OF, MANUFACTORY in the SAI. 1S A11 old- established DRY FLANNEk 5,000 Prizes • £ 200,000 This Lottery is upon the same plan as the last; it consists of only 5,000 Numbers ( from 1 to 5,000 inclusive)'; but there arc Four Tickets of each number, which will be severally en- titled to whatever prize is drawn agaihst such number; for instance, if No. 1 should be drawn a prize of £ 20,000, the tour tickets of that number will Each be entitled to .£ 20,000, making, in the whole, £ 80,000. » * » Shares will be entitled to their proportion. Tickets and Shares are on sale at all the Otfioc6; [ 572 ® BASINGSTOKE WHARF, Nov. 11, 1809. THE Public are respectfully informed, lhat the Carriers of Goods. from Basingstoke Wharf to Salisbury are compelled by the times to raise the Price of Carriage FOUR- PENCE per cwt.— to take place from the 20th of this present month. A Waggon to SALISBURY every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. | 5633 MARKET- PLACE, POOLE. MRS. STROUD respectfully informs the Ladies of Poole arid its vicinity, that she is just returned from London, with a fashionable selection of Millinery, Mantles, Ptlisses, Sec. Sec. most particularly adapted for the present season, such as she flatters herself are well worth the at- tention of those ladies who will please to honour her with their commands. Mrs. Stroud has added to her present large assortment'of Child- bed Linen 11 new collection of beautiful Caps, Robes, Frocks, & c. Sec. which, from her extreme sate, she is enabled to sell at very reduced prices. All orders from the country executed with fidelity and punctuality. N. B.— Stroud has also added a choice selection of Drapery, Ilaberdashery, Hosiery, and other goods. [ 5651 *** Irish Linens at the old prices. TO BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, & c. Sec. TO be DISPOSED OF, in one of the pleasantest and most populous Towns in the South of England,— A well- established BUSINESS in the BOOKSELLING and STATIONARY LINE; together with the House. Outhouses, Sec. Sec. The Stock is entirely modern, and consists of such articles only as are in daily request. The House is new, sub- stantial, and commodious; contains, on the ground floor, a large shop, parlour, kitchen, pantry, Sec.; on the first stoiy, a handsome spacious drawing room, a bed room, and large closet;' on the second floor, a very large dining room ( bow window), and a bed room ; and four good bed rooms on the attic story. The outlet consists of a square court yard, with a pump and well of excellent water, a workshop, store loft, coal houses, Sec. & c. The whole of the premises arc in very good repair, being built not more than ten years; situated in the centre of the High- street, by far the most eligible situation for business of any in the town. They are leasehold tor nearly nine hundred years unexpired, at the low rent of 6s, 6d. per annum.. The Land- tax is redeemed. If any accommo- dation to the purchasers, loooi. may lay on mortgage; and if requested, the House will be sold separate from the Stock in Trade. For further particulars and to treat for the purchase, apply in person, or by letter ( post paid), to Mr. S. Thompson, the prppnetpr and occupier, Newport, Isle of Wight. To prevent unnecessary trouble, none but principals will be trsuisl with.— Oct. 19, 1809. [ S1S3 Line. For further particulars ( if by letter, post paid) apply to the Printers of this Paper. SARUM, Oct: 31, 1809. [ 5531 nno be SOLI),. - An ADVOWSON, with an - ft immediate Presentation, near Wellington, in Somer- setshire, of £ 300 per annum, with - 28 acres ' of glebe close to the house, which Commands au extensive and beautiful prospect; barn, two stables for saddle and other horses, cow- house, and otfcer conveiriencies. £ 5"- Letters ( post- paid) addressed to the Printers, will be attended to. f ,745. I^ OR SALE, — About 300 Fleeces of MIXED WOOL, first and'second crosses : the ram from the real Spanish breed, the cwcs from the most excellent Southdown: in point of wool- cannot be exceeded. For'further particulars apply to Mr. Edmund Hawkins, Guirville, near Blandford, Dorset. [ 5741 TT O be SQLD, by Mr. JOHN COXETER J. at his Blanket Manufactory, Greenhani Mills, Newbury, 4- rishes. The above to be sold in small quantities, for the accommodation of the'puhlic. No abatement made from tbe price fixed. [ 5536 TEN GUINEAS REWARD. ESCAPED from JUSTICE, charged Willi stealing Timber from the lands of R. W. SLEAT, Esq. in tilt parish of Christcljurch,— WlLLLAM SHAVE, late of Nea- Croft, in the parish of Christchurch; labourer, about 2t » years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, sallow comolexion, sandy hair, his face much summer freckled, and very slender mada about the thighs and legs:— Also, THOMAS EDWARDS, an accomplice, who made his escape at Romsev, on the evening of the lst of November, from two Constables who were conveying him to the county bridewell. The said Tho. Edwards is about 30 years of . age, 5 feet 11 inches high, black hair, had on a round, frock, leather breeches, and dark worsted stockings. Whoever will apprehend either of the above persons, or cause them to be lodced in any of his Majesty's goals, shall receive a reward of TEN GUINEAS, on application to WM. BALDWIN, Solicitor te the Christchurch Association, CIIRISTHCRCH, Nov. 2. 180.9. [ sf'sa •' TWENTY GUINEAS REWARD.. ON the morning of Sunday the 2£> d of October, three Men, shabbily dressed in carter's frocks, SHCW and CARRIED AWAY A BUCK from the Paddock of Botley Grange. Whoever will give me such information as shall lead to th* conviction of any or all of the said offenders, shall receive a Reward of TWENTY GUINEAS.— This Reward is extended to either of the parties concerned in the felony, who shall, by his evidence, convict his accompliccs, except to the pji-> son who actually shot the Buck. [ 5611 ' BOTI. F. Y, NOV. 1, 180.9, JOHN MAURICE EYRE. STRAYED to Chilmark,— Twenty- eight SHEEP, Ewes and Lambs of different sorts.— Whoever will piova them to be their property, may have them aeain, by applying to Mr. Bcavis, Chilmark, on paying all expences. [ 5721 STRAYED away from a Field at East Meiburv, Dorset, on Monday the 29th of October, 1803,- ' A Bay MARE PONY, about Lhirteen hands and a half high, aged, with a cut tail, and the letter H on the near side, and two white saddle spots. Whoever has found her, or will give information where she may be had again, shall be hand- somely rewarded for their trouble, and all reasonable expences paid by Mrs. Foot, the ov/ ner, at East Meibury aforesaid, near Shaston, Dorset. [ 5719 TAKEN" UP STRAYING, atMnbrook, „ cnr Southampton, on the 21st of Octobcr last,— A DARK BROWN MARE, two years old, with a small white star on hei forehead :— Also one other MARE, about two years old, of a GRIZZLE colour, with a white star on her forehead ( the same having been cried in three market towvs t The owners, by paying the expences, niay have them' again, by applying to Richard Soffe, of Milbrook aforesaid. If not owned on or before the 30th of Nov. iust. they will be sold to pay the expences. [ 5703 NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS." ALL persons having Demands on tbe Estate of the late THOMAS SILVESTER, of Froxfield, in th » county of Southampton, deceaseastd, are requested to send an account thereof to Mr. William Silvester, of Froxfield aforesaid, or Mr. James White, of Putbrock, the Executors and Trustees, or to their Solicitor, Mr. Cornthwaite John Hect or, ot Petersfield: and ail persons indebted to the said Estate, are requested forthwith to pay the amount of their respective Debts to the said Ex. cutors or their Solicitor. PETERSFIELD, Oct. 30, 1809. [ 5528 ALL persons having anv claim on the Estate of the late Mr. GODWIN SEWARD, of Romsey, Hants, who have not already sent in the amount and ' particulars' of" their respective demands to Messrs. DAMAN and WARKER, of Romsey, are required to transmit the same immediately to. them, otherwise they will . necessarily be excluded from" all benefit arising from flu effects of the deceased. [ 5754 WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against JOHN 1M. AW, late of the town and county of Southampton, builder; ' and he bein? declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners, in the said commission named3 or the major part of them, on the 4th day of December next, at On* o'clock in the afternoon ; on the 5th day of- the same Decem- ber, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; and on the 30th day of the same December, at twelve o'clock at noon, at the Coach and Horses Inn, in the town'and county of South- ampton, and make a full discovery and disdosu're of his EState and Effects; when and where the Creditors arc to com » prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to chuse assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required'tb finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his cenificate. All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of bis effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give- notice to Mr. Thomas Nichols, solicitor, Southampton. [ 5758 WHEREAS we JOHN MITCHELL and JAMES SANGER, servants of JOSEPH BLANDY, Farmer of the Tolls on the Andovcr Turnpike Road, did on the 12th day of October, 1808, violently assault Samuel Whitchurch, Esq. of Salisbury, at the end of Abbotts- A'nn- Lane, on the Turnpike Road leading from Salisbury to Ando- ver, by seizing the hoises in his carriage and throwing them down, and demanding a Toll, whereby Mr. Wlvtchurch and two other gentlemen in the carriage were in imminent danger, for which a Prosecution has been justly instituted against us; but in consideration , of our being extremely sorry for our offence, and consenting to make this public Apology, Mr. Whitchurch has kindly agreed to withdraw his Prosecution. Now we, the said JOHN MITCHELL and the said JAME » SANOER, do hereby publicly acknowledge that we have been guilty of a very serious Outrage and Offence, and we dride- clare that we are extremely sorry for our misconduct, and do undertake and promise not to be suiltv of a like offence in future: anil I, the said JOSEPH BLAN'DY, do hereby ad- mit that such Toll Bar ought not to have been erected a< 5ros » the Turnpike Road at the end of Abbotts- Ann- l. ane aforesaid, and that Toll was demanded and taken at such Bar tcfthont any Legal Authority. Witness our hands this 10th'day of November, 1609. JOHN MITCHELL. CAPITAL HAY FOR SALE, nno be SOLI) by AUCTION, on Thursday the 4 7th of Dec. ,1809, on the premises,_ at New Hitchings, near Witham Friary, Somerset, subject'to conditions to be then produced, THREE RICKS of excellent OLD HAY, about 100 tons. Sale to begin at twelve. [ 5749 Gottenbvrgh Deals.— lichen IVliarf, Southampton. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Tuesday tbe 28tli of November inst. on the Premises,— A Cargo of prime RED and WHITE DEALS, of various lengths and thick- nesses; just landed from the brig Princess Amelia; which will be put up in small lots for the accommodation of pur- chasers.— For catalogues and particulars apply to Graves, Oke, and Co. or Charles Ward. ' ' [ 5732 PORTSMOUTH. TO be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, on ac- count of the Importer, on Thursday the 30th of No- vember, 1809, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Baltic Wharf. Portsmouth,— The whole Cargo of the Seven Sisters, Capt. Wm. Brownie, from Prince Edward's Island, North America; consisting of RED and WHITE PINE TIMBER, Masts, Spars, Pine Plank, and LathwOod. For further particulars apply to W111. Burridge and Sons, merchants, Portsmouth. [ 5728 NEW FOREST, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at Lyndhurst, by order of the Right Hon. Lord Glenbervic, Surviyor- Generalof his Majesty's Woods, Forests, & c. 011 Thursday the 30th day of November, 1809,— Thirty- seven ENDS of small BEECH TIMBER, in four lots, in'New Coppice En- closure ;— also a large quantity of Coalfire CORD WOOD and, BAVINS, as will be expressed with the conditions of sale. For farther particulars enqa^ iu of Joseph Mortimer, Esq. Ower. 5667] JAMES SANGER. J. BLANDY. APPRENTICE ABSCONDED. WHEREAS WILL? COLTON, Apprentice to JOHN GROVES, Shoe- maker, at Freshwater, near Yar- mouth, in.' the Isle of Wight, has- absconded and left Irs Master; • • Notice, is hereby give; i, That any person who will lodge th » said Wm, Colton in any of his Majesty's gaols, and wilbgiva notice thereof to John Grous aforesaid, shall receive Two; Guineas reward ; and any one employing or harbouring him after this notice will be prosecuted. - He is supposed to be in' tbe neighbourhood of Bristol ; is 19 years of age, about five feet Seven inches high, dark brown hair, blue eyes, a little colour in his cheeks, rather long picked nose, walks - stooping forward, and is weak in his ancles. He left his place the 10th of Sept. last. [ 53- 28 PASHLEY'S LIQUID ZAFFRE ; or, ROYAL AZURE BLUE: one of the most beautiful blue colours hitherto discovered, and fouqd by experience to be superior to any other in getting up fine linen or cotton, and considera- bly cheaper, one bottle being equal to a pound of the finest smalts, or powder blue. It is not in the least injurious, anil requires no other preparation than to be shaken up, put through a fine flannel, and used with cold water. Diluted with cold water, it makes a permanent blue ink for writing or drawintr Also the ROYAL AZURE BLUE DYE, for'the use of fa- milies; by which linen or cotton my be dyed the most? vivid tints, with one tenth the usual trouble. and expeuce. Prepared by J. Pashlty, Gainsborough ; price Is. Sold by Mr. Wm. Saxton, Weymouth ; and may be had of grocers, druggists, and venders of. patent medicines in most of the principal towns in the kingdom. ' [ 220.9 For the use of Bleachers, Paper Makers, Sec. it is put n bottles, 5s. each, which contains eight of the small ones. LARKE'S FLORIDA ELECTUARY, ^ FEI numerous trials, has never been known to fail in curing those Agues and Intermittent Fevers with which the inhabit tants of low marshy situations are particularly afHictcd. Thousands in the county of Sussex alone have been cured since March last; it has been administered with the happiest effect to, the brave men lately returned from the expedition under the immediate sanction of surgeons in the army and navy. One packet, price 2s. 9d. ij in most cases a complete cure. Prepared and sold, wholesale, by Mr. Clarke, Brighton - sold, wholesale, by Sanger, ISO, Oxford- street, London; Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury, ami retail bv their Agents and Newsmen.— May be had of all Venders of'Medi* cia? UvQajhout we uavica kingdom. TflK SALisMTiV AND WlNCHEsTnt Jot'ftS'A!., Wednesday's and Thursday's Posts. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OK NOVEMBER 14. WHITEHALL, Nun. 14. TIIE King has been pleased to constitute and appoint the Right Hon. Baron Mnlgrave, Vice- Ailmiral Sir R. Bickeiton, R. Ward, Esq. Vice Admiral l> omet, « Capt. Moorsom, and Viscbtint Lowther, to bo his Majesty's Commissioners for executing the office Of High Admiral. AOMIRALTV- OFFICE, JVoy. 14.— Capt. Browne, of his Majesty's ship Plover, in a letter addressed to Admiral Young, dated off Sciily,* Nov. ( J, says, At four o'clock this event g a logger was seen from the masthead beat ing S. E. and A hrig in cbace ol her E. N. E. ( which proved to ba his Majesty's sloop Actceon. His Majesty's sloop Ores- tes was in tiie N. V/. and, joined in the pursuit), at forty minutes past seven his Maje. ty'S sloop under my command, ran her alongside, when she proved to be tbe French hig- , g « * r privateer Le Lezarrl, of St. Malo, manned with fifty- seven men, and pierced for fourteen guns, but riot any found on board ; sailed from the Isle de Has last night, a. d has not made any capture. From the jodtcinus.. position kept by Lord Viscount Neville, of the Actajon, and Capt. J) ivies, of the Orestes, her escape would have been difficult. '* 1 have to add, that the Plover, in company with those si ions', has rncaptuivd tbe English ship Weymouth, • from G hraltar, just about to enter the port of Aber- wracli." * Dornet in Gazette.—" Sicily in Gazette. WtR- OmcB, - iVsf.' H.— His Majesty has been pleased to appoint tbe under m onioned Officers of the Ea^ t India Company's Forces to take rank, by Brevet ill bis Majesty's Army, in the East Indies only, as follows:— Colonels " David Campbell, John Wiseman, John Orr, James Pi in- gle, to be Major- Generals.— Lieutenant- Colonels Gabriel DoVeton, Thomas Dallas, Alexander Cnppage, Aidwell Taylor, John Chalmers, Alexander Dyee, Keith Macalister, Charles omi'r; Robert M. Strange, John J. Duraud, to he Colonels.— Majors Waiter C, Leimon, Colin Mackenzie, to be Lieutenant- Colonels. HA \ KHiil IS. . Inhn Shenhrril K'llick, . if Iliu- leney- Miifs, Lee- Briilge, milttr. VVOIi. im Elisor, of Bath, grnivr. Willi. en s. n. t ot P. ireiiool- 1, ri", ftray's- lnn- Lane, pump- maker. . n VV ilso -, jun. aod Jolm vvit- imis, ol Lonj; Acre, coacli- iuakt- rs. Jo M Mioiielt, of Kterl Marl:. a, frit k. ntiker. J T: ry 1 .. icll. i. o, of Wood- stivet, Loo- loo, hosier, i - i. ' W:,;; . y, jun. ot t- tsri- Str^.• t- iI. fl, I/ union, linen- Vlraper, WiMi'ini Le'-. ttiiwonil, of t. lv.' i'| iOot, cork- rutter. J. ii. lini' ijin.'. ori, a' Pot . v . tr... t, el.,: tonl- sire - i, victualler. Joan '' - 1', j ii: . . t" Harki. t-^, Is'. r. v. r. I1-,! v: J. - tie,-;, ..." V' ilt- Il- n- i, Sill- stow, tanner. M i! e- v- l. ii, of Hie Old I.:., TV. , t lyt . r. F, , wa."< i Wak - liof Clare, s. i'. O'k, I. reiver. T.'. omas K. nl. ni. i, o;' Hiiegnrtorii; draper. H. * Suie ! i, of Li tit.' n i:. li- t . ins, I''- lit . n-. root, Ml- pinter. to ot t." h i;> oaa. of isi.- Ptiv- or' - nt, M"- iotft Ms, stioemSekets I, Krceb ur-. i 6c J. Wilson, of e^ o. ii- n- ati- efrr, Clit- ansnlr, v.- arphonsomtln LONDON, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15. RegrJ. ir sots of French papers to the. Sth instant ( incln.' i ig tbe Moniteurs) were received yesterday, Buaaparte had manifestly the intention of remaining fir some time at For. tainbleau, since the Ministers of Foreign Powers have all received an intimation to go thi- therto do business with him. The first Circle for what in England we call a drawing- room) was held at the'Pabico on Sunday the 29th tile, at which tbe Emperor received in g- oat ' tate all tin; Foivign Ministers, as well as all tbe Ministers anil Dignitaries of bis own Court. Marshal Nev i • arrived at. Fontainbleau from Spain, and had a long audience of tbe Ejhptror. I le \ va-- acconipanicd by the Marquis d'Abendagna, the Chamberlain of King Joseph ; ' and ii appears that some important change is meditated in tbe destiny of that kingdom. Dutch papers to the I 1 th inst. and letters to the dale of Sunday la'- t have been received. The political part of their contents principally refers to the military events in tbe Tyrol. ' File Bavarian troops have entered Inspruek, the capital of the Tyrol, but they did not take that city Without sustaining- considerable lo; s; and if is said that Baron Wrede, who commanded them, was wounded during the siege. The Tyroleans did not long defend the eity, bat retreated to lire mountains, and occupy in force the , lonni. lable fljfiles of Brenner. German papers to the 1st inst have also reached us, and private letters from St. Petersburgh ol so late a date as the 29th ult. The death of tbe Empress of Austria ( which hail been asserted in former French papers) is contradicted in these journals, but her nss very is not expected. The Russian troops lately occupying Gallicig are reported to have been ordered to march eastward to the Turkish provinces. If tins account be correct, ti e report of the if pntcs between Alexander and Bonaparte are unfounded, or, if any such differences existed, harmony and confidence are restored. ' The French, or rather the Bavarian Commander in tbe Tyrol, has officially intimated to his Court, that the Tyr desc are wilting to lay down their arms. Count Mctteroich, the latu Austrian Ambassador at Piris, is appointed Minister tor Foreign Affairs, in the loom of Count Stadion. An order h is lately been issued in Franco, for'per- mitting British Females to return honi". In consequence of this ;> e!' nii ; sioii, a number f Ladies have arrived within ' these two dayj from France, in an American vessel. A Geniltman who bad also been detained, contrived to make bis escape, and came over in the same vessel. They all. confirm the account of Bonaparte's epilepsy, and they state, that he is remaining at Fontainbleau for the re-" coverv of hi, health. The inhabitants of these patts of France through which they passed, are described as being in a stale of the utmost wretchedness, but such is the tyranny under which they labour, that they are almost at: aid to indulge in tbe melancholy privilege ol cc mplaint Bv tiie statement of the Tyrol Deputies, the most horrible cruelties were committed by the French and Ba- varians in the Tyrol. The conduct ol tho French corps under Lofebvre was particularly atrocious; men, women, and children have been indiscriminately tnassaered, after suffering every possible insult. This conduct, the Deputies say, had not had the effect intended,— tbat of intimidating the Tyrolese and Voralbergers. They declare that, in. spite of all these sufferings they are fully determined never to listen to any accommodation with Bonaparte, or consent to be again governed by tbe iron sceptre of Bavaria. This de- ft rmination, though it may appear rash, can be satisfactorily . accounted for, from the above stat- d cruelties, exactions, and oppressions. All, to a man, trained to tbe most skilful use of the rifle; inured to the inclemencies of the seasons ; defend- ed by huge mountains, accessible to none but themselves ; surrounded in every direction by, and allied to mountai- neers that are animated with the same love of independence; reared up anej h ippv ill poverty ; religious, virtuous from habit; utter Strangers to luxury; preferring their barren mountains to the most fruitful soils and. above all, re- membering the horrible outrages committed by tbe order of Bonaparte, to whom they have to oppose one hundred and fifty thousand sharpshooters, in a country where no reo- jjiar armies can act, and where they, and they alone, know tbe paths to procure supplies, if they have hut the means to purchase them.— Such a hardy, stubborn, and athletic race of men, are very formidable enemies. Such they have certainty proved to France, and no peace which their beloved Prince may have been compelled to enter into, will induce them to be become a party to it. They are firmlv resolved either to conquer or die.— This statement is dated London, Nov. 13, l « oy, and is signed D. Schocn- eoher, Midler, Major. The fleet just arrived from the Baltic is composed of 850 sail, and is one of the largest and most valuable con- voys that ever reached the British shores.— The arrange- ments made bv c? pt. Evles, of bis Majesty's ship flantage- ne't, the Commodore of tbe fleet, for the protection of tiie convoy, were most judicious. The following is tbe Older in which the fleet sailed through the Belt, viz. tbe riantagerlet led, the Mars brought up tbe rear, the fleet in the" centre ; on the larboard side were tbe Saturn and Vanguard men of war, Ceyberiis frigate, Lynx and ."• » >- enrius sloops, and Cheerful cutter; on tbe starbeard, the Majestic and Standard men of war," the'Tartar frteato, Monkey gun- brig, and Nr. ro cutter; to which were added bv Admiral Manley" Dixon, tbe armed boats of his squa- dron, a d those belongio r to the I'iantagenet ; by which moan's thev were protected from the attacks of about 70 nil gun- boat* with 100 rni n. , in each,, on the coast of Laiigolaud, as well as from th" attacks of gun- boats from the. port of Naico, and, to a niit> cie, brought through in eafety,, East W efinesiliy" the ' General Committee of file Roman Catholics of Ireland met in Dublin, pursuant to public noticed A Co'mmittee was appointed to revise tbe draft cf the Petition prepared by the Sub- Committee, which, in its revised form, is to be reported to tbe General Committee. " " The Venerable, of 7- 1 gons, was taken'into dock at Chatham on ThfiiaiTiiy', the damage she sustained when shejrot on shore off Fhi bing is very considerable. The number of persons who resort to the Dock- yard to see tie w reck of her, bottom, is very great, and every body is struck with surprize that she could be brought into port ; great part of her Stern- post, two pieces of the dead- wood, tbe keel, and gripe, are torn away, and she made six feet water in an hour; they bail csutriveil to lis a large sail on bar bottom, which gave a check to her taking in so much water, and by which they were enabled to bring her home Madame CATALANI appeared at the Bath Theatre on. Saturday evening, and sung several favourite English songs between the acts: but tile spir t of persecution had fol lowed her hither ; she was hissed by a few, and more par- ticularly annoyed by one man in the pit, who mcwetl ill imitation of a cat: Tim maii was turned out, the other -'/ is stents were silenced, anil nearly the whole of a crowded and fashionable house joined in cheering the fair warbler ; but the incident so much affected her, that she was the next day seriou ly indisposed, and declined ap- p.- ariiu:. iin at the Theatre, where she intended to have sung three h'ojbt-. Miss Lath an has put in hail to answer the indictment for perjury found'. against her. Tbe receipts of the Cu.- toius for the present year, will, it is said, exceed by one million six hundred thousand pounds those of the last. DT; AT; I » /' the Marquis A/ XANIDOTRS.— This Nobleman expired but night, in the ilth year of his age, at his house iu Berkeley- square,* ot a malady with which he bad been long afllieted, generally denominated The Liver Complaint. ' He w as born D ceiiiber 9, I7B5; succeeded his father, the first Marquis, on the 7th of May 1K05, and on the 27th of the same month was married to Lacy G'ft'ard, by whom he has 1 ft no issue. He is succeeded by his brother Lord Henry Petty, who is now Marquis of Lansdown, Earl of Wycombe and Shelburni', Viscount Cable, and Baron Wy- combe.— Tbe late Marquis was for many months in a de- clining state of health. In the autumn of the present year, by the- advice 0' bis medical attendants, be was pre- paring to embark for. Lisbon, to tl v the effect of the tem- perature of the atmosphere of that country. Previous to • hii int * nded departure he visited his favourite Castle at Southampton, and finding himself daily getting better, be abandoned bis intention of going to Portugal. L-' RiS MONSON".— Yesterday died, at hi; bouse in Seymour P'aee, al": or a long anil paintoi illness, John George, Lord Moii- on. This, most amiable arid deeply- regretted young nobleman bad just ottered bis 24th year. He succeeded his father, the late Lord, in 180( 1, and the following year married Lady Sarah Saville, eldest daughter to tbe Earl and Countess of Mejtborough, by whom be has left a son, bot. ii in March last. S'rr Frederick Moiton Eden, Bart, died yesterday morn- ing, in Pall- Mali. He was a mail of distingui lied knowledge, particularly in political and commercial uhjccts. He was also- a man of speculation, and was chiefly instrumental in founding the Globe Insurance Company, from which he received a considerable salary as Chairman, with the beau- tiful bouse 111 Pall- MaU annexed to ' sat office. He was in the prime of life. About a year ago lie was deprived of a most'amiable and accomplished wil'.*, to tbe regret of a wide, circle of friends.— Sir Frederick has left a large and valuable library, among which are many rare and curious manuscripts. ' lite hftc Mr. HIJ. L, the Gunpowder Manufacturer.— Mr. Hill died on Thursday l"* t » . * ntl be has 1, ft property to the ' enormous amount" of 800,000/.. To Mr. l i b, of Greville- itreet, Hat ton- Garden, and 10 another gentleman, be has left 3otff0007. each; to' the Rev. Mr. Taylor, his nearest relative, who was offered 100,000/. some time ago, for the chance of his legacy, he has bequeathed 36', 000/ i' He has left nothing to bis relatives in Somersetshire, whom be bad placed on a valuable estate in that county, which he had bought for 75,000/. and which he had assured them they should inherit. Mr. Hill, the testator, was originally a tailor at Brentford; and the pe son who succeeded kiui in that business still t arries on the trade in that town. It was by the Powder Mills at Whitton, near Hounslow, that Mr. Hill realized his vast fortune.— He enjoyed the com- plete supply of Turkey ill powder, whence be imported back the produce of the. Levant, and with it carried on the bu-- ittess of a Turkey merchant.— The two principal legatees were tb » i managers of bis business, and bad been many years in his service. SrMPK'S v. HI* NT.— On Monday, in the Court of King's • Rei ch, Mr. Clifford showed caust; against the Rule, A'isi, which bad'been obtained 1iy Mr. Eastburn, why a new Writ of ( inquiry should not be executed, iu i bis action, for a trespass ou tbe Plaintiff's land to kill game, on- the ground tbat the Jury had returned a verdict of no damages, after Ihe defendant had suffered judmcnt to go by default. Mr. Clifford contended that, although suffering judgment by default was an admission of a causeof action, it was not airadmis- imi of the whole damage laid hi the. declaration.— Lord Elleuborough—" But it is an admission tit' some damage, - because the cati c of action is admitted. The rule must be made absolute." BREAD.— The Lord Mayor yesterday ordered that the price of tbe quartern loaf, should remain at Vs. ' vvbeaten, Is'. 3fr/. household. CONN EXCHANGE, ,\' ov. 15. The supply of Wheat this day is rather considerable, and the sales maintain last, prices ; Barley likewise; but in short supply ; Malt and White Peas fluctuate but little, and Grey are dearer; Beans of the two descriptions keep their prices; there are tole- rable supplies of Oats, but few fine, and those dearer; prices of Flour at last currency. CHILTON FOLIAT INCLOSURE. 15 V order of the Commissioners appointed by an 3 Act passed in the last session of Parliament, intituled, " An Act i'.-. r inclosing Lands in the parish of Chilton Foliat, ill the counties of Wilts and Berks," 1 do hereby give Notice, That the several claims of the persons interested, which have been delivered to the said Commissioners, are left at my office in Newbury, and that an Abstract of such claims is left with Mr. Thomas Philips, the surveyor, at his residence in Chilton Foliat aforesaid; and that such claims and abstract are open to the inspection ant! perusal of all parties interested, or claiming to be interested, in the premises, an'd that they or their re- spective agents or attorni'es may take copies thereof or ex- fracts'therefrom ; and that if any person or persons, or body politic 01 corporate, interested, or claiming to he interested, in the premises, shall have any objection to offer to either or any of sueh clainis, the particulars of such objections are required to be reduced into writing, and signed by them or their respective husbands, gaardions, trustees, committees, or agents, and to be delivered to the said Commissioners at their next meeting, to be held at the Bear Inn, at Charnham- street, in the. parish of Hun erfortl, in the county of Wilts, on Monday the 11 th day of December next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; and " that no such objection will afterwards be received, unless for some legal disability or special cause, to be allowed bv the said Commissioners.— Dated the lfiM day of November 1M> 9- RD. TOWNSEND, Clerk. P1MPERNE INCLOSURE. 7E the Commissioners named and appointed in . and by the Act for allotting Lands, & c. in the parish of Pirapcrne, do hereby give. Notice, that We shall hold our next Meeting for carrying the said Act into execution, on Monday the 4th cf December next, and the following days, at the Greyhound Inn, in Blandford, and that on Tu-.- sd y the 5th, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, we shall proceed to perambulate- the boundaries cf the said parish, and shall begin such," perambulation at a place called near Damary Farm, adjoining the parish of Blandford Forum, in tiie said county of Dorset, and proceed from thence in a south easterly. direction, against the parish of Blandford Forum, Langton,' Tarrant Launccston, Tarrant Hinton. Tar- rant Gunvillc, hverne, Steplcton, ami Stour Payne, and shall continue the perambulation from d? v to day until the whole boundaries be gone through, of which perambulation all Lords of neighbouring Manors, and other persons interested, are hereby required to take notice. And wa give this further Notice, that we have fixed on Friday the 8th. day of December; for receiving objections to the claim or claims of tights cf common and pasturage, de- livered ill by any person or persons, as attached to bis, her, or their tenements within the said parish, antl that an account in writing pf ail such claims is left at the Office; of C.- Bowles, of Shaftesbury, our Chrk, and a copy of tlie same with P. Godwin; of Pimperne, tor inspection, to enable alPpersons who may feel aggrieved bv iuch claims to make their objec- tions.—- Dated at Blandiord the 1 ath dnv ot October 1809. WILLIAM KOND. JOHN CH A Hi, TON. & 74SJ RICHARD Giili. FARM NEAR BASINGS' 1' OK. p. HPO be DISPOSED OK, and entered upon imme- 1 diately,—- A capital FARM, consisting of a goqd Farm- house, w th excellent farming buildings, and 415 acres of good Land, of which )'> i are meadow and pasture. I t hedge- rows, and the remainder arable, situate at Farleigrt Wallop ; term unexpired of the Lease, 13 years.—' I he crops of tins year's hay and corn, with the lease, to be purchased, and the preparations for future crops, and the live and dead stocks, to be taken at a valuation. None but experienced farmers of undoubted property need apply. Personal applications to be made at Farleigh Hoese, near Basingstoke. . [ Sltte rrt) be SOLD by AUCTION, some time in No- 1 vember or December nt xt,— Several verv valuable and improvable well - timbered FREEHOLD MANORS and ESTATES, sduated in the counties of Hants, Wilts, Dorset, Devon, Somerset, anil Oxfordshire, containing nearly 7000 acres : the principal part in demesne, and the remainder held for one,- two, and three lives, of tbe yearly value of TEN THOUS/ ND POUNDS and upwards; with the Advowson of a very desirable Rectory anti Glebe in Dorsetshire, from 50id. to tioo/. per year. Descriptive advertisements and particulars will shortly he published, wh. n further application may be made to George South, Esq.' of Maiket Lavirtgton, near Devizes, or to Mr. Bond, land- surveyor, A^ minster. ' [* 51 s7 CLATTERFORD, ISLE OF WIGHT. 1 TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by LOVE antl PALMER, at the Bugle Inn, in Newport, on Saturday the 85th of November 18t>! » , at four o'clock ig the aft: moon, — All that substantial and well- built Freehold COTTAGE, situate at Clatterfor.- I, in the parish of Carisbiooke, Isle, of Wight, late the property of Mr. T. Noyes, deceased; com- prising a large underground cellar, two front parlours, kitchen and pantry, four good chambers, and two attics ; a gard n at the back, and a bo- n at the front of the pr-. mists, with a well of excellent water.— The above Cottage is delightfully situate near the village of Car sbrookc, about a mile from the town of Newport, with a picturesque view of CarisbrookeCastle, & c. For further part culars and a view of tile premises, apply to Mr. R. Noyes, at Great Pann Farm, or at the respective offices of the Auctioneers, at Newport. f5b' 58 CAPITAL NAVY TIMBER.— HAN I'S. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the CROWN-, Brockenhurst, 011 Tuesday the 21st of November, 1809, at twelve o'clock, together or in lots, - One Hundred and Nine prime OAK NAVY TIMBER TREES, of a 1 feet meetings and upwards, now standing and numerically marked. in the manor of Brockcnhurst, about four miles trom Ly- mington, with the Lops, ' Pops, and Hark thereof. Also a considerable number of l ilt TREES, now felled and lying in Brockenhurst Park. . Mr. Peter Jenvey, of Brockenhurst, will shew the titrvber, of whom printed particulars may be had, as Will as at the place of sale. [ 5608 . Freehold Tenements. llovtset/. TO be. SOLD by AUCTION, by CLEMENT Siititr, at the White Horse Inn, on ' Wednesday the 22d of November, at six o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will then be produced, Lot 1.— FIVE TENEMENTS, situate in the Hundred of Roinsey, now in the occupations of Holloway, Moody, Thomas, and ithers. Lot 2.— PART of a HAY RICK, standing in Rack Close, near Priestlands. At the same time will be LETT, to the highest bidder,— The said CLOSE of LAND, containing about two acres, be the same more or less. For particulars enquire, of the Auctioneer, at his Cabinet antl Upholstery Warehouses, in Rornse. v. foti'ay • Household Furniture, a good- toned Grand Piano Forte. with the addiohal keys, . a capital Smoke - lack almost ne-. v, and other Effects, the property of different persons, sent for sale. souniAMpros'.' TO b? SOLD BV AUCTION, by GEO. HOOKEY, on Wednesday Nov. -?->, l'SOP, at'eleven o'clock,' at his War.- inorrt, at the baric of the Castle,— Sdndrv articles of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE} consisting of four- post, tester, ami pri- ssbedsteads, with cotton hangings, mattresses, palliass - s ; maho any dinin-.: and Pembroke tables, mahogany ^ aod stain - tl chairs, diair btd, windup range, two register str. v. s, f - til - rs, . fire- ir ns, kitchen utensils, glass, yellow war--, fee. ye. WEST WELLOW, NF. AFT ROMSEYI I^ OR SALE by AUCTION, 0,1 the Premises, ty I- J. YOUNG, on Thursday the 2.1d day of Nov. inst.- C- All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, Horses, Cows, & c. belonging to Mr.- Pikb, leaving Wellow ; comprising four- post bedsteads and furniture, prime beds," blankets", " sheets, counterpane's.; mtmogariy tables and chairs, chests, of drawers, carpets, eight- day clock, kitchen requisites, & c.-- A! so two draught horses arid coit, four milch cows in calf, sow and pies, g'nd 7 shuts ; dung cart and tax ditto, plough, harrows, drags, roller, and a variety of other useful articles. Sal? at half- past ten o'clockt CO* The neat DWELLING- HOUSE, together with the Barn and Outbuildings, and fourteen, acres of [. and, to ic LETT.—— Enquire of Mi. Warner, or of the Auctioneer, Komsev. fSb'lS' T'o be viewed in th.- mo'r in. irof the sale day. rwss Ash and Elm Timber, and {{ uildiwc Materials. TO be SOLD b, y. AUCTION, aiTowubill House, 011 Tuesday the^ Sth of Dec. IROp, at eleven o'clock, by G . o. H'ooki-. v,— Abtmt 250 fine ASH and ELM TREES, with. Lop tn. lTop, as now standing ori Townhill Estate, seme of which ar • of v.- ry large dimensions ; also about i00' Seres of. UNDER WOOD. The BUILDING MATERIALS con- sist. pf beams, joists, rafters, board, brick wptk, and slatcs'of the wing of the Mansion. The whole urjjl be sold in small lots f » r the convenience of purchasers ; and may be viewed ten ( lavs previous : t the sale, with cat • logues, price ttd. each, to be had at the place of sale, and at the Autioneer's, Southampton. [ 5747 Marine Residence alia Estate, Hampshire. > 0 be SOLO by AUCTION ( unless previously disposed of by private cortract),—,— A FREEHOLD HOUSE and ESTATE, called ROOHOI. IFF, in the parish of. Milfnrd, near Lyming'ton, Hants. The house is. situated in a paddock of about 20 acres, partly surrounded with planta- tions, and commands most beautiful views of tbe Isle oT Wight, Needles, antl surrounding country. It consists of. a drawing toom, dining room, and library, with suitable bed rooms, servants' offices, and excellent cellars. The estate contains 250 acres fmore or less) of arable and pasture land, in a ring fence ; together with the manors or reputed manors of Milford Barnes and Mil ford Montague, The land- tax is redeemed. The estate is free of great tithes, except about - 20 acres, and . entitled to extensive forest and common rights. About 100 acres are on an old leas?, which expires 1815; the remainder in hand. There is a good kitchen garden, green- house, ice- house, coach- houses, stables, barns, ox- s'fieeft, pig- stveS, and all necessary farming buildings,- mosr. of which have been erect within these few years ; together with ^ house for the. bailiff, and a labourerVcottage. The furniture, fixtures, wines, prints, farming utensils, antl live stock w ill be included in the purchase, or sold by auc- tion on the premises. To be viewed with tickets only, which, with further parti- culars, may be had of Messrs. Graham, Kinderley, antl Dom- ville, solicitors, Lincoln's- inn, l^ ondon. who have a map ot the estate, and an inventory of th s articles to be s. old with - the bouse antl farm.— All letters must be post paid. -[ 5513 HAMPSHIRE. MANOR, or reputed . Manor, of WIMERING, W J( Mr. iir KO- H. OUS E; and the Farm and Lands called WI ME RING- FA KM, containing. upwards of 700- acres of luxu- riant meadow antl arable land. in a ring fence, coppice, and down . land, within 5 nnles tit Portsmouth, 15 of Southamp- ton, 13 Of Chichester, 20 of Winchester, and 6H of London ; in lots. Lot 1.— A most desirable Dwelling- house, in excellent re- pair, called Winiering- house, situate in the parish of Winietr- ing, in a genteel antisocial neighbourhood, with suitable do- mestic offices, coach- house, stabling, yards, gardens, pleasure- ground antl home- ground, containing about 11 statute acres, laid out with great taste, and ornamented with plantations, shrubberies, and walks, forming a most desirable and com- modious residence, now ' n the occupation of Harris Bigg Wither, Esq. the proprietor, with possession at Lady- day next, if required. Lot 2.— Pettymore Coppice, containing 7 A. and 31 P. ad- joining Soutliwick Park, in the parish of Wimering, in the occupation of Mr. Pittis. Lot 3.— A Piece of Pasture Ground, called the Moor, con- taining 10 A. 2 R. - 10 P. situate at Potwell, in W. idley parish; also in the occupation of Mr. Pittis. Lot 4.— A singularly valuable Estate,, called Wimering Farm, possessing local advantages in respect of markets, roatls, manure, & c. of the first description ; containing 520 statute acres of naturally fertile and highly cultivated mea- dow, pasture, and arable land, and 160' acres of down; a substantial farm- house, farm and rick- yards, barns, stabling, and agricultural buildings of every descrtfition, situate in the parish of Wimering, and adjoining the London and western roads, in the occupation qf Mr. Pittis; together with six labourers' cottages, four of which have been recently built. The buildings aud fences are in excellent repair, a consider- able sum having been expended thereon within tbe last tv^ o years. ' i he above Estates, which are FREEHOLD, and exonerated from land- tax, will be SOLD by AUCTION, at Garrawtrv's Coffee- house, Comhill, London, in the month of February or March next, unless 1111 acceptable sum should be offered for the purchase of either or the whole of the lots by Tender, signed by principals only, addressed to. Harris Bigg Wither, Esq. Wimering. house, near Portsmouth ( free of postage), on or before the 1st day of December next. The timber, tellers, and underwood on the farm and in the coppice- ground are to be taken at a fair valuation : the tellers down to the value of 6d. Lot 1 may be viewed be- tween th.: hours of eleven and three; and lots 2, 3, and 4, by leave of Mr. Pittis, the tenant. ' f Personal applications to treat will not be attended to. For particulars apply ( if by letter, free of postage) to Mr. Poulden, solicitor, Portsea, Hants, jit whose office a pk: n of the estate may be seen. " [.> oi) 7 One Hundred and Sixty Dozen of Port Wines, Two Hundred and Thirty Gallons of Foreign Brandy, Rum, -,\ v. all the seasoned - Beds, 19 Post Horses', 7' Chaise;', fie. at the Kind's Head Tavern, Inn arid Hotel, Stockbrtdgc, Hampshire. • TJ* OR SALE by AUCTION, by JOHN VODN- Q, JR.' on the premii. « , on Wednesday the 2: : u of November 1809, and s * following da-.- s,— All the vdnabli! HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE and Fixtures, Horsi s, Carriages, &- c. belonging to Messrs. Rand, II an t Marehant, Innk. vwre and Wine Merchants, Bankrupts;— Comprising ail the hish- flavoured wines' and foreign spirits, -,- j s.- asoned fjt. ih.' r beds bedsteads with rich hangings, Too- pair of blankets, all the linen, plate, and china ; long services of band - irric dinner ware, 20 dozen of ivory antl other handled l< n; v,- s avid forks ; the furniture of six large parlours, consisting of large pier glasses,- mahogany tables and. chairs, sofas, fine. paintings, carpets, eight- day time . piece, sideboards, kiree'quantity'.,)! cut class. Also will be sold the- Furniture belong; e;- to a Cottage now occupied by ' Mr. Merchant, together with the Horse and Gig, « c. The property is nearly all new, a.-. I particularly worth the attention of any person ia need of cootl articles.—^- Sale each day at eleven o'clot k, and close at three. Catalogues in time may be had lit i s. each, to b - rctunisd to purchasers, at all the principal Inns . in the neighbouring towns. ^ • [ 573,5 Gorety, Etingham, Uetrbridge1' ordingbridge, Hants. rjP<~) ', E SOLD, IN- T1IH FOLLOWING LO i\ s :— X Lot 1.— A ter'y good BAllN- YARD, C-. rt house, and Stable, with six closes of Arable Land, . containing together by measure about 10 acres, situate in Gorely, at'v'iniiig the New Forest, in which it has ere;-. t ^ vantages ot Common Right; now in the renting of Farmer John Saunders. Lot l.— A COTTAGE, much " out of repair, but consisting of a " considerable quantity of goo/. l brick spid timber materials ft r building ; with a Garden", Orchard, aud close'ot Arable Land adjoining,' containing by measure 1 acre and 2 foot's, ' situati at ElingMatri; in. the renting t. f Mr. Hi. de 5 and also the Cot yearly on an average of 2 robtls and i - 5 perches of • Wat r Mi - tdow, in Elinrthim Comtncn Mead, with -. n un- limitted Right of Common' therein; now in the renting of Farmer John Saunders. t Lot : 3.— The CUT yearly on an average of about 1 acre, in Hat bridge Common Mead, with Common for two Cows or oneJ Horse therein ; now in the renting of Farmer Lot 4.— A Close of PASTURE or MEADOW LAND, wit* a little Coppice adjoining, calb-' d Fussell's, containing about 5 acres, in Fordingbridgc; in tlie renting of Mr. Fran- cis iPope. The Timber on each lot to be taken at a valuation. Several parts of lots 1 and ' 2 are pleasantly situated for building, and worthy the attention of anv gentleman who has a wish to reside 011 t. he verge of tbe New Forest. . Any perstin'el- esirous cf purchasingeither of the above lots, are requested to deliver Tenders in writing at the Office 6f Messrs. Hodding, in Salisbury, or at Fry- rii Court, near Fordingb'ridge, on or before the 1st dav 0} December next: if not disposed of by tender on or before that day, it will soon after be sold by public auction. [ 5465 Wilts.— Little liedwin Manor and Estate. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION,., by Mr. SCOTT, on JL Wednesday the 2- 2d of November, at twelve o'clock, at Garraway's, London, IM THREE LOTS, unless an acceptable offer shall be made far the whole by private contract. A capital FREEHOLD ESTATE, tha. MANOR or reputed Manor, of LITTLE KEDWIN, with Fishery, Rights, Roy- alties, Residence, two Farms and Cottages, situate in'a healthy, admired, fine sporting country, adjeiriing Marlborough Forest, 1 mile from the Bath road, 4 from Hun'- terforil, 7 from Marl- borough, la from Newbury and Andovcr, 40 from Bath ; comprising about 590 acres of excellent inclosed ineiidow, pasture, arable, and wood land; the mans: on ( which is a very comfortable family house), with lands and woods adjoin- ing, containing about 100 acres, are in the occupation of the proprietor, who will give early possession; the remainder is in two Farms, lett for short terms at low rents. The estate is finely timbered, ornamenting and screening the lands, which possess a pleasing inequality of hill and dale, commanding b^ uti. ful ' views, and abounding with fame, with the advan- tage of the Kennet antl Avon Canal, ant! the pleasure of a fine trout Stream bordering the estate : the buildings ba've. been recently repaired. This interesting property i> highly improvable, and eminently merits the attention of gentlemen desirous of residing on their estate fond of field spot's: a pack of celebrated fox- hounds is kept within a very easy reach, and a pack of harriers within two miles. Descriptive particulars may be had at the principal Inns at Salthfil, Specnhill, Hungerford, and Ma'rlborough; Bear, ar- l Crown, Readiinr;, Bear, Devizes; York- house, ant! White Hart, Bath; liush, tit Bristol; York Hotel, Clifton; White Hart, Salisbury; of Mess's. Crowdv and Son; solici- tors, Higbwerth, Wilts; at Gej- rawav':-, and of Mr. Scott, • 23, New Bridge- stieet, London,- where , a plan of tb - estate may be seen, [ 5474 HENSTRIDGE, SOMERSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, On the Premises nt Yenstonc, by R. WADMAN, on Monday the 27th day of November 1S09, and following dav, 1' prt of the capital LIVE'and DEAD STOCK, of Mr. JOHN MULW- NS, quitting - the farm ; consisting of as follows : First day's sale.— io prime- dairy cows, well'seasoned in calf; 9- heifers; 1 bull ; fl yearlings; 100 tvyo- tceth ewes, 20 different aged ditto ; 75 diilver hogs ; a brood mare and colt. Second day's sale.— TO crime dairy cows, w 11 seasonetl in calf;. HO setts of grass, in Windmill and Wood Closes, to the 6th of Aprd ' 1910, and 1 rick of hay near Windmill; 19 acres of grass, in Loinham and Goar Mead, and I rick of hay 111 Loinham ; 27 acres of grass in two Haskets Leazts and S '- Jen Acres,, and 1 rick of hay ; 40 acres of grass in South Lcaze, Sawyers, antl Hook, ar. d 1 rick of hav ; 2 large oat ricks ; 1 barley ditto ; 1 bean ditto ; 2 wheat ditto. THURSDAY the Sfith inst. Third day's sale.— 5- acres of grass, and I r'.' c of hay, in White's Close ; 12 acres of grass in Dunaze Mead ; 32 acres ' of grass in Higher and Lower. Long Meads and Bull brook, and" 1 rick of hay ; 12 acres of grass in I ioilock'sMead, and 1 rick of hay ; 7 acres of- grass in Middle Common, and I rick of. hav; 12 acres of grass in Great Common, antl I rick of hay; : ia acres of grass in Great Shorthands'imd Lotriiore, and 2- ricks of hay-. ." N. B.— The Live Stock will be put in lots convenient to purchasers... Dinner precisely at twel-. e o'clock. The sale wilt begin each day at one o'clock. [ 5748 SOUTH WALES. Roalh Coup t, Freehold Villa if Lands, in Glamorganshire. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. CHRHTIE, at G'arraway's Coffee- house, on Wednesday the 29th of November, 1809, at twelve o'clock, in three lots. Lot 1.— An elegant and modern MANSION, delightfully situated near the great western road from London to Milfdrd, one mile from the saaport town of Cardiff; has been recct - y finished in a stile of superior taste, antl contains three par- lours of good proportions, nine good bed chambers, several servants' apartments, and excellent attached offices of every, description ; dstachcd are stables for eight horses, a newly- erected porter's lodge; two barns, cow house, piggery, dove house, and other convenient out butdings, with a black- smith's shop, extensive rttalthouse, eight cottages, an excel- lent walled garden and orchard, together with 122 statute acres of arable and meadow land wrthm a ring fence, of the most fertile quality, and in a regular way of cultivation. • Lot i.— An elegant, handsome, imd tit wly- built r. sidence, called ROATH- LODGE ; consisting of three good parlour ", four airy sleeping rooms, a well- arranged, kitchen, and many other conveniently attached offices, together with 50 acre of rich arable and meadow land, and lawn adjoining thereto. Lota.— Forty- eight acres of excellently fertile" Arable and Meadow LAND, in five fields, most desirably adapted for building, in an open healthy situation, near the gaatturii- pike roatt. The above valuable property, it is presumed, is too well known to require observation, being in a situation ( near the Bristol Channel) of ihc fust respectability, sutroun- hd by- good roads, with every local advantage to « ender it an object the most desirable for a genteel residence. Part of the purchase- money ( if requirfcd) may remain on mortgage ; and the elegant and mo lern assemblage of Furni- ture, with the Live and Dekd Stock of Roalh Villa, may be taken at a valuation. The premises may be viewed at any time previous to the sale, and printed particulars of the respective lots had at the Office of Charles Bowles, Esq. Shaftesbury ; of Messrs. Ta- hourden, solicitors, Argyle- street, London ; at the Grecian Coffeehouse, Scrarid; the Bush Tavern, Bristol; at the Place of Sale; and of Mr. Wm. L'pj hn, land- surveyor, Runm- y Great House, near the Villa, or at Cann Cottage, near. Shaftesbury; at either of which two last me ntioned places plans of Che estate may be seen. [ 5201 This day U published, % it » bur " Shilling, fNTERCESSlON AN it TJU NKSGIVLVG r-..- -< KINGS: a Oi- eont- e dctivrfed in ihe parish ehurches ;" Nettlebed and Pishill, Oxo I, on the 25th of October I so- being tile day observed as a Jubilee, 011 the occasion of his Ma jesty's entering the 50th year of {- lis reign. By the Rev. HENRY GAUNT LETT. Sold by H: tchard, Piccad lly ; lirorlio, Dowtline, and Lux- ford SJi, bury; Baker and Co. Southampton', Hcnlston and' Co. V. ebington j Smith, Devizes; and ail the booksellers in Beading. f. j7<) 8 On Tuesday, Noo. i\, ici'd be published, price 3 s. Sd. l- ountL, gitt edges anil paper cose, AMuch improved Pocrti- T ALMANACK, callctl POOr. E's LADY'S artef. GENTLEMAN'S POLITE ASSISTANT for tbe year I SI 0 ; confining ( besides the Ca- lendar; explanatory notes, a tide table, ruled pages for en- gagements and ffiemorandutns fir1 every day in tbe year, a C ish account, lists of both houses cf parliament, great officers of. state, useful table s;' and muth Other e ssentia) iufcrnH, tioii; lileevrise an extensive chror. obiV of- the most rehiai'kable events, air a! struct of ihe principal tax acts, and a pbrtictflar account of ihe eommencemciit of the sessions in all the coun- : i s of liigbii: ! aBd Wales. I. on.!- 11 : Printed f.; r J. Poole, 4s,. Fetter'an?. Holborn ; Lor. gin::::, llurst, P. ets, and Orrr,. e, Paternosttr rove • Ward an. I Middle ton. Skinner- street ; Champante .-. ml WhitrowV Aid gate ; II. ilowney. I latfon- garden ; Wilmot arid Hillv Borough ; C. Chappie, Pail- Mall; and Brodie, Dowtiine. a'n>? Luxfpr:!, Salisbury. |- 5„- b- This day is published, price 1 » >-. in extra boards R- PII- E PRACTICAL NORFOLK FARMER F a describing the mitriagcment of a. farm tKrotfehetYt tb^' ye-: r, and the soMs applicable to the diffi- f : it course's of Nor-' : 01k turban dry.—' With observations fooneled on exavrirnc-* — Also a copi us Index, arid a description of the Norfolk: plough, an engraving of which is annexed. Norwich: Printed by . Stephenson, Matchett, and Stephenson ( and sold by, Brodie, Dowding, & Luxtbrd, Salisbury. [ 5718 ART OF ELEGANT COMPOSITTON This day is- published, ia royal l. imo, a new ediiioc, price It. Gdt b. una and lettered, 11 uh the luil allowance to schools ' T'HK ELEMENTS of ENGLISH COM POST- i. I'lOS, designed in a course of education to succeed to the study U the EngJisb gratiimar and the learned languages, and adapted 10 the use of [ jer. sons in general, who wish to ac-. iuiie a • good so. le. bv DAVID' IRVING, J. L. D. . Punted lor Rd. Phillips, No. 6, Bridg.'- 5: rcet, anel to be had ot Bug-. c and C.-. kdiiiburgl): of Kceiie, Dublin; and ol" brodie Dowdcig, arid Ltrxford, S- lisbiiry. ' Of whom may also be. hti -. Outers to hi? Soil " on Taste*! ite- r.- Kitre, and Csmpositi m, ' by the law Rev. GeorgerGre - ory, D D ice. pt iee l .' o-. " in boards. 0 p^ j ' ROWLANDSON",' SKETCK- UOOK, " Oi, Choicc Views from NatUie. This elay is published, in royal quariS, containing fnur beautiful » ' ews mom drawings, made on the spot by T. Rowlands ™ Esq. price in colours IU imitate drawings, sir. 6,-/.— No 1 ( ti bo Continued ottery fortnight) of ' OVVLAtNDSON's SKETCK- BOOK ; or choice j » - V V lews from Nay re; consisiing of, landscapes, shipping, cattle, villages, gentlemen's seats, rocks, ivmaiitic sceneiv, & c. The whole, intended to assist die young artist in- the various branches ol ; his delightful antl I icinating science. Ail the . prints will be. etched by T. Rrwlandson, Es. p from original di. iwmgs, by him ell during a tour made in various counties of England in the summer? of ilieyears I80,' i 4- 5- 6- 7 and 8 London : pijblisherf'by T. Teggjlll, Chcapside: and Broelie, Doweling, and LuSford, Salisbuiy. fii- IS This.( lay is published, embellished with . six ' beautiful Views, price 4s. octavo, and 7s. 6 /. royal quart., No. 11. of rpilE THAMES; or, Grapliic Illustrations of a Seats, Villas,' p. iW:- Ruiidings, and picfti esqne sceiictv, on the banks ol that noFie river, bngnved by William Co-'; V Irom. original drawings by Sam'. Owe- 1, F. » cp ' Willi an account ot its local histuiy, anda desc'iption o: eae- n view. " Thames, the most lo'. > d of all tbe Ocean's sons." Tt is number contains views of— I. Westminster ,' Hbbev — 3. O'ei h. Hises, near Eton bridge.— 3. Norlhflect. — !•. Ganit ' sSi house, at Hampton.—. 5. Richmond.— 6. Eton btidt'e. Printed lur Vernor, lldotl, and Sliarpc, 31, Puulirv • Ta-. lor and Hessfy, Fleet- Sticet j and W. Cooke, 2, Clnehcc- plice, Penionville; and sold by Brodie, Doweling, and Luxl'md, Salisbury. . [ •>,,:(, This day is published, in four vols, octavo, containing upwaidr - oi 230 Engravings, pricc 4/. \ C, s. in boards, vellum bacan, T" E HISTORIC GALLERY of PORTRAITS A and. PAINTINGS ; containing correct copies, in outline, ol the works of the tnoet Celebrated ' painter*;' with critical re- marks, and a biographical raefnAir. An edition in quarto,- with ihe first impret-, ions- of the plates, four Vols, prir. tf 9/. bds. • N. Ii— Vol. V. wa » - published on the First of August, con- taming 70 plates.- Printed tor-' Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe, HI, Poultry; and sold by Rrodie, Dmvding, end Lioeford, Salisbury. • Where may be had, RAPHAEL'S CARTOONS, complete, witit an elegant frontispiece, - bo. price It. 6rf. lotl- J i WEST ALL'S EMBELLISHMENTS Tl " Martnb.' t" ami " The Lay of the last. Minstrel." On Friday the lst of Diccmli r will be pablfshed, rniCE I2i. IN A PORTl'OI. IO, SIX highly- finished ENGRAVINGS, anel' a- Viaf. licttc, from the designs of tile above celebrated Arris?• illustrative of the six cantos of Marmion, a Tale of FlotMcti Field, by Walter Scott, Esq. of a size adapted to the library copies of that p - am recently published :— 01. proofs on quarto paper, price 11, is. desuiutl to accompany il. c original eti tton. Also, price 12s. ' , [ 5701 SIX ENGRAVINGS and a Vignette, of'equal excellence, illustrative of- Mr.- Scott's Lay ot the last M iistrel'; of which likewise a few impressions will be provide,! to accompany ti e quarto edition of that po; ni, 0: 1 thi MtaitfalreadVmentioned. Lontlon . t Publishc- tl. by John Shuroe, oppe, site Albany, Pic- cadilly ; sold by Broelie. Dovoding, and 1. oxford, Salisbury. * » * Copies of each of the Poems, with the Embellishments, 1: 1 a variety of splendid and elegant bindings, will be kt pt constantly on sale, at No. 1* 6; Piccadilly fwhere also the lovers of the arts are invited to inspect the original ebawings. AN UNIVERSAL SCHOOL BOOK. - This day is published, a new edition, ptice 5s. bound, with the l'uli all0w. 1ace. to. schools, NJ** HE CLASS- liOOK ; on :: 65 LESSONS FOR A English Classes, . in all school*, male and female • can taimng instiuctfon on every useful andjinportaiitsubject, in- the correct and elegant language of die best authors: arwwcd m lessons lor every dav in ihe year. By the Rev; DAVID BLAIR, A. M. Printed for Rd. Phillips, London ; and sole! by Urotlie, IW- oaiy.- and I. uxlord, Salisbury; and all booksellers iu Great Britain and Ireland. • Of wborn may be hail, by the- same author,—!. The First Catecliisin, pncti. 9./.--?. Reading Eacrciscs fur Uw junior ^. ass- es, OJV6/.— O. The Grammar of Philosophy, 3s.— 4 The Grammar of Chemistry, 3s. 6: 1. f. 1544 VALUABLE SCHOOL BOOK. This day is published, in octavo, price 9s. 6/". boards, The Sixth Edition of pOLLECTANEA Gl'LEQA MAJORA ; a « J Vv u- ium academic ® juventutis' aceammooau. Cum notla philologlcis, qua? pSnim colk- gu, parlim Scripsit, . ANDREAS DALSiiL, A. M, Sociu-: RegiiSocietatts Edinensis; et nuper in Acadejnii Jact. bt VI. Scott'rum Regis, Lit, Gr, Prof, eide'mtjue, a Scereti"? ut Biliothecanus. Tomti? let. Corhplectens exeei- fia ex vaii. s oratit nis solute Scriptoribu?. BHnio Sexta, ceini netis slie'rio- ribus, cui ncceriit Appendix, in qiiainelieaiiiur 3eibsidiaqujcei. ini, selects, hngue- Gia.-! k studiosis tuilissima. Printed at the Edinburgh Ujiiversiiy P, es?, forT. Cadell and W, Davies, Strand, and John Murray," 3i!, Fleet- street, Londoii - and sold by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxfoul, Salisbury. v Ot whom may - be had,- by the same Author, iiew oelitions of I. Collectanea Majora. Vol. 2, 8vo. lis. boards II. Anak- tra Graeca Minora. 1 Svo. 6s. boards, [: V717 This day was published, well printed with a large type,- of a convenient size foj- the pocket, price It. < 37. in common binding, . A COMPANION to the ALTAR ; shetvin? - tJ, je nature and . necessity of a sacrament;! prepsiaiion, in . t'der 10 our worthy receiving the Holy Coir. niunioii To which- ate added, Prayers, Meditaiions, arid- Hymns; with an inirodut tuiy essay on the origin, nature, and tendency of ibe Lord's Supper. Chiefly selected from the writing's'cf HUGH BLAIR, D. D. Printed for Scatebsrd and Let erman, Ave- Maria- lane, Lon- don ; and sold by Brodie, Dowdinc-, and Luxford, Salisbury. , Where may be had, 1 — The New Whole Duly of Prayer j containing .16 family prayers, suitable for morning and evening for evei v day in ||, i week; and a variety of other devotions and thanli. sghings lor particular persons, circumstances, and oecasiiins. Price - l. t. Si, boards. • J.— The Daily Companion, with Christian Supporls under the Ttoubles ol this World. Price Is. b-. mnd. 3.— The Devout Soul's Daily txercise, in Pravers, Cohtem. plations, anel Praises. Ity R Parker, D. D. Price Is. . - 1. - Divine Breathings;" or, A Soul tliirsiing alter Christ Price Is. kYni GENERAL AI) VERTlSER OF ' vYjLTS, HANTS, DORSET> AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday's Posts. FOREIGN N E W S. SWITZERLAND, Oct. 21. ATraveller, arrived from Toulon at Lausanne, assures us that lie saw the French fleet'sail from that port. It consists of seventeen sail of the line, of different rates, and many transports. PARIS, Nt". 4. M. Dubois Thamvittr, Consul General of France at Algiers, arrived here a few days ago ; having, during a period of nine years, maintained with honour the character and dignity of a Frenchman, notwithstand- ing the singular policy of the Barbarv States, and the in- timites of the Liigli- h. He effected the relea- e of the French, Genoese, and Italian prisoners without ransom, and witnessed three bloody revolutions, which placed three new Devs upon tbe all- tottering throne of Algiers. Accor . ing t:> a; i'article from Hilda, of flic 12th ult. her Imperial Highness - Marli Anna, late Abbess of the Royal Nunnery nt Prague, ister fo the - Emperor Francis, has paid, the" debt of nature. She was born on the 21st of April, 1770. After passing several years, at Rome, she dately returned to Hungipy, where Shu departed this iil'e • at Neudorf, near Temiswjir, LONDON, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17. Some Hamburgh papers were received yesterday. ' They contain a copy of the Treaty of Peace concluded be- ' tvveen Russia and Sweden, the substance of which, as re- lates to this country, has been known for some time, The '• ports of Sweden are to bs shut agiiust us, but salt and co- lonial produce will be admitted into that country in neu- tral bottoms. It appears that Bonaparte has adopted a new expedient to reduce the Tyrolese to . submission. He lias- prevailed on Prince John of Licbten- tein to repair to their frontiers, and to endeavour to convince them of the absurdity of fur- ther resistance, by telling them that they eftn never'agaiu couie under the dominion of the House, of Austria. It is impossible to conceive a greater act of humiliation on tbe part of the Emperor of Austria than thi '— it is a more unequivocal act . of ' submission than any of the- cessions made ill tire Treaty of Peace. These papers ilo not give us any further information re- peating the battle . supposed . to have been fought in the Mediterranean, but ' it is stated, th it a gentleman had ar-' rived at Lau- aiine from Toulon, which place he left oil the 14thorl oth i. lt. This gentleman. declared, that- before ' he left Toulon tbe Trench fleet had put to sea. The King of Sweden promi . es to adhere to tbe Conti- ' - nniital System, with such modifications as shall be more " - particularly stipulated in the negoeiat. ii in about to be en- tered into between SwAleti, France, and, Denmark; The letters from Hamburgh make some complaints that the British ship of war, appointed to tbe station at the mouth of the Elbe, is not constantly in the way; and they state, tint a; soon as it disappears the Danish gun- boat. take. ad vantage of it's absence,- and capture many of the vessels laden with British- property; iu the short run between Cuxhavcn ai'id. Heligoland. Those from Bremen remark, that the Duke of OlctenbttVgh has became much more strict, in consequence of . the discovery of sums mal practices of his. commercial officers, and it is added, that several of them have been re- moved. ....... It is stated in some of the letters recently received from the CoTp. iuo. nt, that Bonaparte has suddenly- adopted, a n? v,- Jm » yf e- ojiey. He has lately, treated Mr. Armstrong wit1!' marks ot particular attention, instead of contempt ; and it b supposed that hm- hri made socio propo- it- ions to America,- as " Mr. AVnlstrong, within " a very few days, sent oif a vessel f. om'Dieppe with dispatches. A n A'fjcrioan paper, of the 25: h of September, has readied town. It c. wtains a paragraph, which officially contradicts, the report that Mr. Jackson bad not been received as art accredited Minister from Great Britain; It: is, on the contrary, aaseitiiV- ihut be sos receivj-. d with • every mark of respect. The. report that Government has resolved to with- draw the British troop's from tbe island of Watehemi is • confirmed by t'n; official airitngenients' for carrying the measure into olivet} and . this, hss'fc'iyen rise to another report,-— that it lias been ' resolved also to abandon Spain and Port;; a!; but this latter report is far from, obtainii- ig . general cieilit. A letter, dated Flushing, Nov. 12, says: — " The uliiea- e here rath r - increases titan abates ; and since the determination of Government to abandon Walclyeren has. bce- i hit'imated, the greatest joy has prevailed among the troops, and indeed among ail tlra Bi itisli inhabitants— Several cargoes " of iek havebeen sent. to England, aid very hap; v tin y ucra to escape from hence, but the hospi- tals* areViil iuii." -:"", '. Oil We. lne-' hy . his'M; iiesty arrived nt the Queen's Tal ice from WindC> r, and hold a Levee, at which the Duke of. Portland was p: •• fiitinl to bis Majesty nit acceding to l is title, ami delivered to his Majesty the insignia of the Oilier of the Gartir with which his late Noble Father had been invented. The Lords of the Admiralty have brihred 10/. to lie. given to each of the petty officers and seamen who were employed on board tbe tire- hips at the late attack on the enemy's fleet' in Ba quedioads. The Irish Catholics . are to petition Parliament by Bounties, and n it, av before, by one general petition- There were entered'at the Cnitom- honse, on Wed- nesday last, 4750 quarters of Wheat, chiefly from the portsin the Baltic. Proof Oi7 our g- oiiipr all. to ruin for want of Commerce.— On Friday there'. vein reported at. the Ctj- ioiu- huuse, Lon- don, .95 siiips; on Saturday' IPS ; on Monday40-, t « three days » yy ; ail richly jaden with naval stores, from - which the arch- enemy of Great Britain threatened aud still threatens to deprive this envied latld 1 The Marquis of Lnh= dowt> e, had a presentiment of his approaching end. , It. was only three days. before bis death that he observed to a favourite domestic, " Happy is that $ ian who finishes Ins earthly career when in sleep." It wm a singular circumstance' that he should depart this'life in a way must agreeable. lo. iiis own wishes ;— bis Lordship died Without n groan, at the time when bis servant was sitting- near the head of the bed, and imagined h; i master Si ill asleep. If was not until half an h mr afterwards that tin? Noble Loid'was discovered to. be dead. The Mar- chioness is inconsolable. The deceased possessed t'ue nio- t - unassuming and conciliatory manners. A few months sili- ee, as he passed the church- yard at Padilington, commenting- on the display of » pompous funeral procession, when extended; frequently, a hundred miles into the conntry, he ridiculed th • ii( ea, " and added, " when f die, pray let n> v remains be • deposited here," In consoqti uce of that < rp'" st being lately repeated, the body will be deposited tjjW^ in a vault, • sverurhieh * plain mausoleum will be erected to" his me- mory, Wowv. vard, the celebrated Cariciturist, luwitcrminated hi; mortal career* under circumstances too frequent among the eccentric sons of Genius-. Careless habits had produced • embarrassed eirCBtnstatices, liquor was resorted to « s a n- fuge' from reflection, and frequent inebriety had brought on a dropsy ; in which' debilitated state of Health, from the irregular payment of bis lodging's, be was left without a home, and a few days since iv, i set down front a hackney- coach at the BttWa Bear, in Row- street, where he had occasionally lodged,. and where medical advice and assist- ance were procured for him; but, alas! too late,— be • expired. a f'mv liours after, and was interred on " ilonduy. On Wednesday the old woman, who" hii been a pest to all ihe Court: of '. AIV; for SOUK time past, also to both Houses of Parliament when sitting, attempted to gatri adinittanee into the presence of tjie King. She entered til" door of the Lodge, , at the iiiiie'tbe Ministers' and other di- ti iguis'ied personages wen? going to attend his Majesty's Levee. She shut the door after- her, " and was praeeedirg up tbe passage very coolly, : w'iien oneof the porters called to know to whom she was going, as a number of persons reside in the palace ; but she made no answer, and was pushing oir. Il was immediately discovered who she Was, and' shi- was turned - dut. She became very troublesome on the outside, ' was very abusive, barai& ued the populace, saying, as she. could not get her grievances redressed by the . Judge-, she would see. the King, and shewed - hfr clothes, " which had been torn in the Court of King's Bench. Mac- manu , Townsend, and Sayers, who attend the Palace, in con equ ' ee took her into custody, and coiwyed net before Mr, Read, at Bow- sU'eet, who" ordered her. to bu • unfilled. LoNORVtry.— Mr. Thomas Nelson'is now living at Mor- land, Westmorland, the place of h'is nativity, and although 103 years of age-, he rides generally every Saturday to Ap - pleby market, a distance of seven miles, and sometimes to Penrith, which is much ' further. He was parish clerk of M ,1' find upwards of 70 years, but resigned the office about five years since. The Bishop would have permitted him to appbi'nt a proxy, but the conscientious veteran declined the offer, and determined totally to relinquish a station, the diities of which he was no longer able to discharge in the way he wished. LAW.— On Wednesday tlie Attorney- General moved for the judgment of, the Court of King's Bench on Pyhlrnan, Keylock, and Mrs. Harvey, convicted in Trinity Term of a eonspiaaey to obtain 2000/. from a Mr. Hesse, under pre- tence Of procuring' tor him an office in the Customs ; but tbe statements of the defendants in mitigation of punish- ment not being properly sworn to, Lord KUenborough re- manded them to prism), aud ordered that they should be brought up again on Saturday se'nnight. ELOPSMENT.— Yesterday Mr. Topping applied for a writ of habeas corpus, to bring up the body of Elizabeth Moorfc- Wonse- to'be'i- estored to her father and family. Me moved this at the request of the young lady's father-, who stilted in his affidavit that she was only la years of age, and he had put her apprentice to a respectable dres '- maker at Manchester, from vVheuee she was taken away by a Captain S.' . eldo'n, all officer of dragoons, who had carried ber from place to place to* elude her friends— that, he now kept her at his barracks i" Manchester, and had declared that before her friends should get her from him, they should first kill him.— The Court granted the application. The KtNG v. W.' SCIIORF. SI and MARY WAY:— The de- fendants were convicted at Dorchester, before Mr. Justice Lawrence, for obstructing James Gold in the execution of his office, he coming to search the hpuse of Way for smug- gled goods, having authority. to do so by warrant of a ma- gistrate.— They resisted, tbe officer because he had not a constable with him ; but Mr. Justice Le Blanc told them, " in the cmrse of delivering judgment, that, they were to be satisfied that if the officer had a warrant, he was entitled to enter, anil to search the bouse, and they must not resist him. It. appeared in this case that Mary Way was much more active than William'Schorer; a difference should therefore be shewn in their punishment. Mary Way, was ordered to be imprisoned for twelve calendar mouths, iri Dorchester Gaol; and Win. Schorer six months in the' - same prison. EXECUTION.— On Wednesday morning Charles Onkderi, D. Eitzgerald, and C. Sullivan, were executed. opposite to the debtors' door of Newgate. A more than u ual degree of interest was excited in the public mind'by the execution ' of these men,, from the unsuccessful attempt made by Sullivan, on Sunday last, to- escape from Newgate, disguised in women's clothes; and a va t concourse of spectators were a-' scmbbed ill the Old Bailey nt art early hour.— Soon after eight, o'clock, Sullivan and Fitzgerald appeared on the platform, accompanied by a Catholic clergyman ; a id a short time afeer Oak'den came forward, attended by the Ordinary, of. Newgate.—- The prisoners severally passed a few minutes in prayer, anil each of them appeared duly impressed with tb" justice of Ins sentence, and contrition for the crime he. had been guilty of. About a quarter after eight o'clock," the. awful signal was . given, when these ' un- fortunate men. jvere launched into eternity ; they appeared to die almost withow* » struggle.- ' Aftiy ' being suspended ' the usual time, the bodies were cut down and delivered to tbeii respective relatives. " . ... MURDER.— Two most inhuman murders were lately com- mitted. in the hfrigbboarbood of Shallow Bay, Newfound- land, by Jolm pe. ify, a tisherinan, who, injeonsequeiiee of a reprimand fromhis master [ Joseph R- eudaii)-,- took sip an axi* and killed him oh. the spot ; another man n unt il R. Cross, inn) who - is nuppo'si'd to have, gone to' Rendadis assistance, shared t lie ' same fate. The Wretch buried the bodies ; . lint,' struck with remorse of e- ii- eic'iiei-, be al. tefivards ton- ibi; fact, and surrendered himself- to justice. -. Cowi EXCHAKOR', Ner. 17- This d,; y tjie supplies of Wheat are again considerable t. ' he article, however, main- tains late prices. • Bayhy and Malt likewise do not ileeliiie. Grey Peas are again higher. Ill Wbitq- Peas; and the two kinds of Beans, there is little variation, Oats support former prices. Flour as before. MARRIED.-] On tbe. pth inn; at St Andrew Auck- land, . Durham, Thomas Nortbm ire/ Esq, " of Creve, Devnii, to Miss Emmeiine Eden, '.' fourth daughter of ' Sir John Eden, ifurt. of v.' iiidlestoiie, Dnriiam; DIED.] On. Saturday, George Kuapp,' Esq.: M. P. for' Abingdon: his- death was occasioned by hi; being thrown from a g'g, about a fortnight ago,.— On Monday, in Fl'. iiis Place, Lieut. Cid. Henry IJrownrigg, Deputi- . Adjutmit? General to the Forces in the .' sland of: Ccvlon.— On Tues- day, at his. seat at Nnwlamls, iju- k- « , Sit ' Hencv. Tbtmias Gi'dt, aged 79 years.^ r- On- the 7th. inst.- at FuliiVr- place, Bucks, Win. I'VoKgatt, Esq;. D'p'. rty. Su'iv . id of ' the City ami' Liberty of Wesfni( n= ter.— On Lis pasisagi; fi bin Malta to. Gibraltar, William I'att'i'- on, Esq. Coiiimander of bis Majesty's packet Carteret, on the Falmouth station.— On the 9tb inst. at bis, house. in Kent- road; Mr. Rich. Paps, Purser of his Majt: ! y's ship Arab. r] P0 be- SO LI),—. V'codipaet FAMILY HOUSE, A fit for the reception ' of a geitfeel family, with excellent ' stabling, double cpacTi- iioiisc', and other convenient offices of every dessription : the wluiie in complete repair, - with garden ' partly walkd, and paddock of pastuee land, in which the house'Btanils,. p) ei- iKaiitly sicuatedat HandleV, healthy pa'rt of tbe'eounty of Dorset-, remarkably good shooting, and se- veral packs of hounds in the neighbourhood.— These pre- mises tire rncstly Freehoold, and the residue held for the re- mainder of a term of 1000 years, under a pepper- cora rent. Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. Arney, Close, - Salisbury. N. B.— The Household Furniture may be had, if desired, and- ilvimediate possession given. [ 651 -> UNION INSURANCE OF* ICE, Established. in March 1797. TRCSfEES I The Right Hon. EARi. CRAVEN, - Sir JOSEPH SCOTT, Hart. JOHN HENRY LOFT, Esq, M. P. STARLING DAY, jun. Esq. and Aid.—& c. & c. Secretary— Mr. THOMAS HIGNOI. O. IN this Office, all the Premium. is returned to the Insured, e: r ept what/ is wanted to defray the losses. The num> er ol persoi'is combined am'oiin- ts to near 17,000, and the property insured to muiy. millions. The returns are made to each member at the expiration of seven years from the com- mencement. - of his insurance, and the deposits have been found, so much' more than sufficient to meet the expenditure; that dividend., of £' 50 pee . rent, and upwards have been made to a very considerable proportion of the insurers, the names T> fa few of whom are inserted below i Paid in Red out Mr. T. uttv, sen. Reading £ 39 IS 0 £' 1417 \ fS'iteniaii, Chatteris ... . i.; SS 11 0 « J 15 G Messrs. Ashton & Co'. St. Ives.. 52 10 .8 26 6 .0 Messrs. Burnett & Co. Ancliff.. 80 17 0...... 40 8 6 A LI. rrtucins GRATIS. Agent for Dorchester, Mr. Wm. Beach ; Blandford, Geo. Moor ; Mlpoit, \ V; Williams ;. Cerne Abbas, R. Williams ; Poole, Jolm Foot, jun.; Sherborne, W. Harbin ; Weymouth, J. Syrries, jun. Sy Farming- Stock insured af'tiie. r^ luCfcd rate of 4s. pe'r cent, without- tiny average clause UNION OFFICE, For the Idsurcuiee of Lives, granting Annuities, and Endowment of Childr. en. - TRUSTEES : , The. Most Nobis the MAROOIS TOWNSHEND The lUsht Hon.- EARL GRAVEN Sir JOSEPH SCOTT, Bart. Sir ROBERT BURNETT, Knt. JOHN PATTESON, Esq. TVL'P. and Aid. JOHN- HENRY LOFT, Esq. M. P. i . - . he. & c. & c. ' i Secretary, Mr. TUOMAS BIGNOLD Actuary, Mr. RICHARD MORGAN. The advantages- of Life Infurance are too numerous to be compressed within the limits of a few sentences ; but the great utility of it will be in some degree illustrated by a single ' example. A person 23 years of age may, by an annual pnyment Of 11. ( is, S. s. insure lOClJ. payable to his executors at bis decease ; or intwL C> s.. ftd. may insure ISbai; ; and- thiis,! at ft rabdefats- yearly axpeuce, secure his fsnfiiv . trom distress. ' Tun. HATES OF THIS 0F* tCI! " Aft£ NEARLY 10.'. PER CENT. LOWER THAN THOSE OI-' OTHCtlS. , ' , V The surplus cap'J % after satisfying the claims of thiittfcjtW, is relumed to them at stated periods, by additions to tbe sums to which their policies entitled them. The following Allowances will be mnie upon all insurances for the whole duration of life, which shall be effected with this institution previous to thc Sistof Deirmbcr, 1: 109. Where the sum insured amounts to 800/. and upwards, -' and for sums between 300 and soot.) the whole amoi. nl of the stamp duti/ / For sums between 10ol. and 80 » i. and between 500/. and BOOtr an allowance of half the duty. No charge is made for entrance money, for non- appear- ance at the chief o[} ue, for- policies, or for neglect of paying the animal premiums in due time, ( except the mere interest lost by the. delays) The office makes a liberal allowance for the policies, if the insured cannot continue to pay the premium. The agents for the Uni.- n F. re- orfice arc alsoagcr.' s for the UiiUl Life- office.—( One Cmarn. j [ 661- 5 TI S 0 U T H A M P T O N. be SOLD, A substantial arid convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, fit for the immediate re- ception of a genteel Family, and most desirably situated, No. 3C, on'the Cast side of the Above Bar- Street, Southampton; commanding, from the back front, an extensive view of tfie River Itc'nen and the surrounding country. The ground floor comprizes entrance hall, stair case, and an entrance for ser- vants, dining parlour, and two others;— one pair of stairs, drawing- room, and three good bed- rooms with closets ;— two pair of stairs, four good bed- rooms with closets, and way to the roof;— basement story, large kitchen, scuilery, larder, pantries, cellars, and vaults for - beer, wine, and every other convenience;— a large garden at the back of the premisis, tastefully laid out, With a small green- house, vine- house, e~. The whoje inclosed with lofty brick walls covered with choice fruit trees in full bearing, aud an uncommon good supply of spring and rain . water. 1 ^ [ 474 f 1 For viewing the premises, and further particulars, apply to Mr. Watts, builder, at pis office in East- street, S . athampton. FARM BETWEEN ANDOVER ANU SALISBURY, nno be LETT by TENDER, for fourteen years, A from Michaelmas 1810,-—— A FA RM, situate at Over Wallop, adjoining the western turnpike road, in the tenure of Mr. John Wells, containing 185 acres ( little more or lessj of Arable, Meadow, an.' Pasture Land. The tenant, or Mr. Richard Holloway, will shew the land; and particulars m . y be known on application to Mr. Todd, And aver, who will receive prop- sals until the 25th day of De- cember next. - [ SGoS r| X) be. SOLD or LETT, by TENDERS in 5 Writing, from Michaelmas' next, A very " fertile ESTATE, situated at Kingston, in the parish of Ringwood in the ebnniy of Hants; containing 100 acres of excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, with the right Of a cer- ta; n portion of Malm; a good Farm- house, and necessary Out- buildings; now in the occupation of Messrs. Wheeler and DimOek.- The tenant to pay all rates, taxes, and out- goings, except the latidloj- fl's property tax. [ 6713 The letters to he directed ( post paid) to J. M, Post- office, Cre'- v'.: er", e, Somerset, on or before the 12th dnv of January next; after which Ihe. Tender approved of will" be accepted. The above Estate is 2 miles from R'. ngwood, 7 from Christ church, and 20 from Salisbury and Southampton. DORSE T. npO be LETT by Tender, for a Term of Eight 1 Years, conim. incing at Lady- Day ts. ia,— LANGPIAM FARM, in the parish of Gillinsrham consisting of 94 acres Arable, aud Hi! of Meadow and Pasture, with a'Farm House and ail requisite buibbnes in the centre of the Estate ; situate within five miles of Wincanton, and six of Shaftesbury.— Conditions may be seen at Cfias. Bowles's Office, Shaftesbury, or at Mr. John Gatehouse's, Buckht- ru Weston, where sealed tenders- ' post paid) will be received until the <: th day of De- cember next.—— The premises may be seen on application to Mr. Herridge, the present tenant, or Mr. Gatehouse. [ 5743 A. genteel Residence for a Family, in a pleasant. and healthy part ' of the I Vest of England. '- ' rJHO be LETT, for a term ot years, and entered I upon immediately,—- A handsome DWELLING-/ HOU. SK, either Furnished or Urifuriiisix'd'. i'pi'- i. fe and-' linen exeep tec' ;', with a six- stall stable, coach- hbuse, harness- house and large room over, a court- yard in fiopt of the dwellirig- • house wailed in'and well planted wftif cKoiec fruit- trees, - and a small greer.- hou'se. The dvvelli. n|- house eonsists of two entrance- halls -( in one of which is a very spacious and light staircase), lofty and well- proportioned dravying, dining, and' morning rooms ; study or library 18 - feet square anil' 1- 2 feet high, seven" convenient bedrooms ani- dfessi'ng room, wi. th Closets, and', three, attic rooms for servers:; housekeeper's toorn, two good kite- hens, most excellent arched larder, large andsr- grpuuftatcbed wine and beer celiacs., TIvj premises- have been lately fitted up by the owner with evei'y domestic ctiyvenience, and fitfej' theji'Cpti- an Of. aiajge family. The'house is situirtr/.' fei the pie:, vant mstket- tpwn of Bland ford, on tbe great western'iohd from London to the Land's End, and within a sbcrr distance of " that very fe- s'niotiabfe and much frequented wiue-'- iig- plaec Weymouth, the surrounding- Country vers- beautiful arid ' ab- undih./ vvitli game, ,/ ox- hoiihds and several packs". of harriers- kept in tiie • neiehb airboOif.; the roads partieiVariy goied. . - . , Further particulars may die had by ir. iiiJvitTg to Mr, e, f" n- day, solicitor, . Bi'mdftjrilit. by letter, p isei,---/. p.' iif-; 271 •• NOTICE ii- hereby pien, that the Tolls ifriiiijg at- the Toll Gate called St. CrpiJftfe, ojr. ri die rioiih di- trict of ihe Turnpike Head from the'Hty'of Winchester thrdugh Ott'erborne t'l Barbate, in the town arid Count-/ of the town of Southampton, will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, at the Sim Inn, in the-' city of Winchqsfer afoft'-' said, on Tues- lay the ! Sth day ol November, feext-,-' between the hours of eleven of the clock in. the forenoon and one of the clo: k in the afternoon, id the manner directed - by' the Act passed in the lath year of the reign of his ' Majesty King George the Third, for regule. t.' ng the Turnpike . RoadS ;" which Tolls were lettthe last year at the'sum of £- iS7, and Will be put. up'at that sum. '- [ 517S. Whoever happens to be the best- bidder must, at the'same time, give security; with sufficient sureties';; to the satisfaction of tbe Trustees of the said north district of the said turnpike- road, for payment of the rent agreed for, " and at such times as they shall direct. J. MEARE, tCvtcheSter, Oct. IS, 1309. Clerk to the said Trustees. ' Fishertotr, H'ilton, Hei/ tesbliri/, If ' illoughby- hedge, and lied hone Turnpike. IVrOTICE is hereby given,——— That, the TOLLS i. i arising at the several Gates belonging to this Turnpike, with the several Side Gates or Bars to the same bel . refills ( ex- cept those' at Bulbridge), will be LETT by AUCTfON, in one lot, t6 the best bidder, at the Sun Ipn, in- Kisberton, on Wednesday the 20th day of December, 1809, between the- hours of el » vsn y'edock." in. the forenoon and two'O'clock jn t(, ie afterncipny in tfie manner directed by the Act passed in the With yefti- of the reign of his present Majesty, for regu- latihg- ttive, p !: e ' roads,- and will be put up at the sum of £ 1970j being the sum at which they are now lett-. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must at the time - and place of " bidding give- security, with sufficient sureties, tft the satisfaction of the Trustees, for pavme- nt of the rent agreed for, anil at such times as they sball direct. Bv oril- er of the Trustees, - 57HJ JAS. CHAS; STILL, Clerk and Treasurer. Ringwood, Longham, and Leigh Turnpike Tolls to Lett. NOTICE is hereby' given,— That the TOLLS arising at tbe several Gates hereunder mentioned will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the Crown Inn, in Rinswood aforesaid, on Thursday the I4tb day of December next, at twelve o'clock at noon, in manner directed by an Act passed in tlie llith year ef the reign of his present Majesty, " for regulating turnpike r$ ads," and will be. put up at the following sums, viz. . Riugwooil Gate, at £ 204 Laneham Gate, at...,..,. A US Leigh. Gate, at f. 85 being tbe respective. sums. for which those Gates are now left for one year ending the. 31 st day of December next. . Whoever happens to he the/ hie, he-- • '' must at the time and place of letting sive security, wath.' stifiicit- nt sureties, to the s'. uisfkctj.- in of the Trustees,' fiit agreed for, and at such tinSe as they By order of - the TT Wi:.; RINK wo on, N'V. 10, 1809. TURN, PI ICE TOLLS TO';. BE LETT. is here'ii'y- given,— That ihe TOLLS lament of the rent direct. lWIN, Clerk. [ 5716 ' af. tfwg at - ibe- Ui'sds- r- meritioiied Toll- gates upon the ftfirnpikif riii- tdfr- 1 m the North Gate of tlie city of \\ 1 icbcster, " over- ffi. yfW C'. iw- dnwn, through Wh'itcburctl a id other places," to" Newtown- river, in. the county of Southampton, • Will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the house of James Blake, known by the name of the White Hart Inn, in the Boron,, h of Whitchurch, on Friday the 8th day of De- cember next, between the hours of eleven and two of the clock, in the manner directed by the Act'passed in thi 13th year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating turnpike roads," and will be put up at the fol- lowing sums, viz. Swan- lane Gate £ 207 Newtown Gate 137 being the respective sums at which those gates arc now lett ifQr one year. Whoever happens to bo the best bidder, must at the time aadolSee of letting' give security, with sufficient stir,' ties, to ti. e satisfaction of the Trusress, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. WILL M'ONCKTON, Clwkaml Treasurer. WniTSHBRCit, Nov. 8, I809,_ » ft « 22 " SALISBURY. HpO be SOLD, in the Market, on Tuesday the 21st A instant, v/ ell worth the attention of gentlemen and otinrs, — A beaut, ful BRIGHT BAY MARE," rising four years eld, 14 bands 2 inches high, - got by Truss, her dam by a famous hunter, i's j it's t taken from grass, and not broke in ; three strong useful Cart Horses, s'ix years old each ; a handsome Set . of plated. Gig Harness compiet.-, almost new;-, a good Malt Mill,- and'tin to ditto, malt screen, bushel measure, scoops, COal rakes and pok. rs,, & c.. The above is the property of a gentleman who is leaving the neighbourhood of Salisbury.— For further particulars apply to Mr. Webb, Longford, or tci the Auctioneer::,, Gerrsrd and Co. Salisbury. [ 5739 The sale to begin at a quarter of an hour before twelve. ESTATE, " WILTS. HjpO be SOLD by AUCTION, On Tuesday the .5th Jl day of December, at three o'clock, at the Spread Baffle Inn, Salisbury,— A valuable ESTATE at Week, in the parish of Downton, in the occupation of Mr. Jeh'i Harris, as tenant from year to year ( part Freehold and part Copyhold of Inhe- ritance) ;' containing about 192 acre-', with 280 Sheep Leaz s. Printed particulars maybe had at the principal Inns in the neighbtauring, towns ; and at the Ouiee of Messrs. Webb, Webb, and " Attivood, Salisbury. [ 5725 WARE! 1AM, DORSET. HTO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, JL on Saturday the sd day of December, 1809 ( subject to., the conditions then to be produced), Unless in the mean tune, disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given, - All that old and well- established, well- built Inri, Celled the- RED' LION INN, " situate in Wan- ham aforesaid, and now in full trade; with the Stables, Outhouses, Gardens, Rights of Common, and Appurtenances thereto belonging. This Inn is well known to be one of the best on the western road, having every accommodation ; the premises are spacious and roomy, and in good and substantial repair; the under- grou. ud cellars are arched and very complete. The purchaser may have possession oil St. Thomas's- day ne- :..— The premises would not have been disposed of but for the. recent death of Mr. Baker, the late tenant. For a view of the premises apply to Mrs. Baker, the pre- sent tenant; and for further particulars ( if by letter, post paid) - to Mr. Geo. Luscomb, Portsmouth, or- Mr. Bartlett, attor- ney at law, Watebam. [ 5157 ALL persons having any Demand on the late Mr. BAKER, are desired to" send in the same to Mr Bart- lett, attorney,. Wareham; and such as are indebted t'p the late Mr." Baker, are requested to pay the snanti immediately to the said Mr. Bartlett-.—' WAREHAM, Oct. 26, IS09- FINE VIEW OF THE SEA, etc. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, HV J. BRISTOWE, J!, at the Old Antelope Inn and Hotel," Poole, on Thurs- day Dec, 7, 1809, at three o'clock, if not previously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given,— All that desirable LEASEHOLD ESTATE called STRAW- BUR ay Hill, situated in the tything of Longfieet, and manor of Canford; comprising a good Dwelling- bouse, with a Gar- den, and Orchard which contains about 50 full crown fruit trees, with a great number Of small ones fit for removal, and two adjoining Fields, well supplied • wit. h'fin'e water, contain- ing together about 10 acres; one mile and a quarter distant from the town of Poole, and commands a beautiful view of the sea and harbour, the Isle of Purbeck, Brownsea Castle and Island.— The mail coach runs every day to and from Pcole, where there is good sea bathing upon moderate terms. Also 40 acres ( more oriess), of which about 30 have been broken up and converted to Arable and Pasture, which have ' produced fiiy: crops, having, a fine stream of water running through . it. This said 40 acres is about a quarter of a mile from the ' house, arid may be sold together or separate from the premises, which are held by Lease under the Devizees of ihe Tate Sir John Webb, Bart, for a turn of years detcr- mtnahle'on the death of two healthy lives, the eldest about 33. years- of age, at- a very easy lord's rent. [£ 730 . For- a'view of the " premises, and farther particulars ( if by letter, post paid), apply tb Mrs. Pearce, the present occu- pier, Strawberry- hill, Lorn- fleet, near Poole, Dorset. •-——-—-— , —: -— - i — HEALTHANO BEAUTY. : BURGESS's LILAC FLOHER SOAP IS far snpc. t'or. in jis fragrance, and infallible in its, efficacy, to any other Soap, being- prepared with ihe milk - extracted from the flower i this mill-:, being of an oily sub- stanci, wili- maice- the complexion bqgui- ifu-' ly white,. soft, and smooth.; ' it braces and . cherishes ill,: skin, fir even in oki age it produces a bjqoming appearance, of youth. It is einiieces- ' se. ry to comment ppoii this valuable discovery,', as the Pro- prietor', will- pledge binisrlf, to return the tubniy, if nipt found to answer ihe desired effect. ' '[ 1071 Sold wholesale only Ivy the Proprietor, at h's manufacfry, Corsitoz- street, Chancery- jane,' London ; and retail ( by ap- po'Hi'tment! ' at every principal toWn in'the united kingdoni, v--^ r—-: '..'•' ELEGANT FAMILY BIBLE IN OCTAVO, This dan is published; h), Robert Scholej/ i 4' b Po f e> noster- r'ow, . Lijiidc. il Uroilh], Doieding,' and Linfiird, Salisbury and may I'd had of every bodkseHcr in town anil country, npllE HOLY BIBLE, for ihe- use of Families, ." J. illustrated from i- be works of tbe most approved com men- taloi'Sj lii'ifjsh aitd foreien, Price in medium & v: b. i.'. A>'- boards; royal. Svo. whichvbind in one or two voluraesi 1'. lbs. in boards; imperial Svo. 2 vols, a splendid bdjk, - H' 4f boards,' - : The/ Bible in its different sizes may do bad- bound ;" a quantity done in the- best mamie'r being- always kept. [ 5514 . ' PRACTICAL - ARCHITECTURE. Thefollowing Rooks, published'ty.,/. Taylor, High Tlolborn, are sold bp Brodie,' Dilating, 0? iv. rford, Salisbury : NICHOLSON^. Carpenter- and Joiner's Assistant, illustrated with. 79 plates and copious explanations, 18s, . bound. •-• 2. Nicholson's Carpenter's N'cwGuidf, a complete Book of Lines for Carpentry and Joinery; with' 7e:, plates, 1 /--:, 3. Niciioison's student's Instructor in drawing and working the Five Orders, 88- plates, - lis. bound. 4. Pain's Practical House Carpenter, 110 plates, lft » .. 5. Designs, for Monuments, Gravestones,- Wallpieces, and Tombs, 40 plates, lG. s. 6. Elevation and Plan of Rlackfriars Bridge, 5s. 7. Plans, & c. of the Machines and Centering used in erecting the Bridge, 7 plates, 10s. ti. 8. Ornaments displayed to a full size for Working, 33 folio plates, 15s. 9. Copper's Designs for the Decorations of Rooms yd th Pi- laster and Friezes at large, 90 plates, 1/, is. 10. Busby's Modem Embellisher— Designs for Diawing- Roons, Folding- Do'qrs, Chimney- Pieces, Vara- ndas, Friezes, & c « ' 25 plates, coloured, 17, 1 Is. ( id. '[ 208a BINGLEY's' BRITISH QUADRUPEDS. This day is published, in octavo, with 70 Engravings, executed chiefly by Mr. Samuel Mowilt,— the demy copies, price 18s. in boards,— the royal copies, with proof impressions, li. lis. MEMOIRS OF BRITISH QUADRUPEDS- illustrative principally of their habits of life, instincts, sagacity^ and uses to mankind. Arranged. according to the system of Linnaeus. By ihe Rev. W. BINGEEY, A. M. Fellow of tbe Linne'anSociety, & iaie of PeterFioase, Cambridge. A few copies are taken off on fine imperial vellum paper, with tbe p'ates beautifully coloured, price S/, 1 » -. 6,7. in: boards. Louden : Printed for Barton ami Hal vey, Giaceoliu- cli- siieet; John Walker; Longman, Huret, Ree « , and Orme ; R. Seboley : • Sbei'wood, Neeley, and- jpnes, Paierneisieef- i- ovv ; j. Uaiding, St. james's- street;' John I? eeee- o'-:':::, Re- y- a! lixeiiange'; and Brudie, Dowding-, and Luxford, Salisbiu- y, ' [- 1998 ' COMMERCIAL EDUCATION. This day- is" putl! islicd, price 3s. 6- 1, bound, with a full allowance to schools, embellished wish an engraving of the Royal lex- Tchange, London, HE GRAMMAR of TRADE, ' MANUFAC- TURE'S, and COMMERCE; containing pripuUbaccount? of all the different branches? of Trade and Manufactures,— defi- nitions of the various persons enipkived III tl- eni,— descriptions of t e origiri and uses of commodilie-:,— a vocabulary of terms ' used in tbe iblT-. aout branches ol Commerce',— tables' of loreigtr monies, - weight,, and measures.,— and maxims of experience for young tradesmen. By THOMAS MORTIMER, Esq. Author of Every Man bis own Broker, the New Dictionary of Commerce, See. & c. Printed for Richard Phillips, Loiidop ; and sold by Brodie, Dowding, and Lue. ford, Salisbury';, and by ail booksellers in Great Britain and Ireland. Of whom may be had, for a course'of commercial education, just published, 1. Joyce's Arithmetic of real Life and Business, price 3s. 6.1. and Key, 2s. fv/. 2. Morrison's Elements of Book- keeping, by single and double entry, with copper- plate firms, price 7s. 3. Blair's English. Gi iirnnur, wiih excicises, complete in one book; a new edition, price 2s. 61. 4. Mortimer's Dictionary of Trade, Manufactures, and Com- mer- e, price 21s 5. Tbe Book of Trades, or Library of useful Arts, w ith sixty- three plates,' 3 vols, price 3s., each. & Haver's Sboit iialtf, price Ts,"£.'. boards. [ 5700 rFW BART . 1 157, New! POETRY API LI EL) TO LDTJCA.: 10.\. anil Co. art the i rigi'i:.! . Miveiiiie '-. ibi'eH-; ew Hond- a. eet, lespectlod,, iiilroi - nee '. lie f.„ „ « in • valuable bijok's toate bo'./ nuy,- eoi'- y, a: i< J t- atliei's iil^ i- n- being admirably adapied lo the puipo- w of initial;,:. 1, . aiiig persons in ibe're- pecuve subject. Nopiimiile is more uni- versally leee- gniz'eri than tltit oi ike cfliei. ev of i- e,: i:;: i: ie to i i. vme wiiatever is intended to make a lasting impiession ,' n - I e me- mory ; and on ibis principle" ills- followm^ w rfer wi. l I;" loond W' rtliy ol eeeeral introduction anion ; v ^ ung pel son. i i 1.,-. : , -, es 1.— Goldsmitli's Grani. mar t. f Ce'o^ ra; iiy, veie. ii'ied', by mo Rev. \ V. R. Johnson, price I", hall boa. ei. 2.— The History ol liiigbnid, in easy verse, by die same" auibor,-' price ' e,. 6./. bad'I;,, nnd. 3.— Tlie History uf Rome, in easy verse, by ihe same, price r2s. 6ball- bound. 4.— The History of Greece, in easy verse, by the same, price 2s. 6'. " half bound. Sold by Be-, die, Dowding, and I. uxl'oid, Salisbiuy, and all book . elites, witii a full allowance 10 selio.; ls, and tbe ibirle, i. th book gven gratis ' | lei't,, r S^ Hli Royal Family, and Ladies and Gentlemen of JL Fashion, use ROS TA OIL, f-- r niost'emi- g tile Hair - when dressing, is so - great a nnurislnr to the liiur, as pre- v. nt it turning « rey to alt periods^ pr- nnot, s the erowth, m , U. s the hair grow thick and kn. e,; pit vents its failoig . ft'; itn. l reste res it on bald pieces, if the least roots. Several G- ntiein- n that were bald iiave d. ca red, ait. r us'ni the Russia'Oil regularly for sx iudntr. s, the bah! places became covered witii ha. r; prpmot. s eyebrews, wh. skers. Gentle- men oughttiot to oenit using it t . th. v. .. iskt- rs after sh: e : n » , as it will pr, yeut tltem turnine, a redish colour, or grey, wl. ich is too generally the ease, on account ot the wetting they re- ceive from shaving. La- lies- and Gentlemen who wear false hair wili find the Russia Oil a valuable art cle to use when dress ng, ;. s it kt\ ps the hair soft, and renders its appearance'naiuiiil. Observe ihe label on the outside wrapper ot each bottle is signed, in Russian gold ink, " Mi- chr. kufst.' y an.: Pi/ , ct;" any without that signature are counterfeits. Price 7s per bottle, or one bottle containing four small, at one guinea, cr six ijinea bottles at five pounds. Sold wholesale and retail by lb. proprietor, A. Prince, No. 9, John- street, Oxfonl- street; and. bv appointment by Mr. Smith, perfumer to his Majesty, New Bond- street, Lon- don ; and Messrs. Brodic, Dowdint^, and Lwx! Til", Sul^ buirV 5 and by most principal Perfumi. is or M. dioi. si Venders ' in England, Ireland, and Scotland. [ 47ns NO Medicine is so well calculated, or ha.-, better succeeded in givine: relief in numerous n. s s'of Scrophtila than SPlLSBURY's PATENT ANTISCORBU- TIC DROPS. A trial will prove this, and convince even the tender anxiety of parents, when the glands bee. me first swelled'and diseased, or the usual symptoms of scrophub us enlargement of the stomach in children takes pi: ee. In eruptive c,. ses of Scurvy, Gout, Rheumatism,, and N rvous Irr ration of the Stomach from bilious afflictions) its superi- ority ' ni. s long been acknowledged. T4 137 ' The genuine medicine has the words " By the Kind's Pa- tent" expressed on the bottle, bill of directions, and outs de wrapper. ;• and the King's duty is printed in black ink. Si Id at the Dispensary, 16, Soho- sqiiare, London, in small bottles at. 5s. tid. ; double bottles 10s.: and lareer \ l. g. f. Compound Essence, toal'ay unpleasant irritation, ' 8s. The Medicine to be had of Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury, whole- sale venders for the West of England ; and Bowling and Co. Newport, Isle of W ight. AGUES and Intermittent Fevers effectually cured by BURY's AGUE PILLS, if ever so long standing.— This valuable medicine has succeeded in cu: tag a great number of persons ( after regular practice bad be- en uilseceeisfolli' tried) and in the cxperi^ ncepf thiny years has never been known to fail. Its operation is generally imperceptible, and it may be taken at all seasons, without danger of cold. Hitherto it lui's bee'n admi- nistered gratis, but this method necessarily circumscribed its utility, and therefo.- e' has iuducgd the proprietor in this manner to present it to the public. They are sold by appointment of the pfopricto' bv R. Johnston, chv'mi. st, 1.5; Gieek- stietk, Soho, London ; and may be. had of Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Sa. isbury, at 2s. 9d. each lwx » —— The genuine aro distinguished by the. name of R. Johnston, insetted in the government stamp, ae. d printed with black ink. : 2015 |"\ R TAYLOR'S ANTI- SPASMODlC PILLS, i- Jt a. late discovery of a Medical Gentleman of great emi- nence in his profession, and which is" the only Specific lor the cure of Ep leptic and Convulsion Fits, hysteric and. paralytic affection., debility of the nervous system, and without . eviepticn the best preventive ol that monai malady the apoplexy. Sold by'Messis. flreniie, Dowrfmg/ iiild Luxi- rd, Salsbiiiy ; by the agents and newsmen - of this paper; and by aiires:: ect,. L1e ytndtrs of medicine;, price 4s. 6d.. per bos,' wiih plain di rections. ,'" 5595 For. Gout, Rheumatism, Nervous Complaints, Indigestion, ccc, eNLEY's concentrated. ESSENCE of .1A M. MCA GINGER. —— This useful medicine is re, omnv tided by several eminent medical men, and is in'o nstant use iyifV> many persons of the h'ghast rank and respectabili'tw It relieves and shorlens the dura noil ,,!' bis qftiif; gout, conii i; ig i hern, in tfse ex- tremities and iv. itig. aiiigihe paioxy/ sms.: it removes those unplea- sant'symptoms arising loom weakness of the stomal h an- bjvei- Js, viz. flatulency, indigestion, and oppression ai'ler - eating; in ner- vous eompiaints it warms and invigorates tbe s'oieecii, creates appetite, and assists digestion, and tliertuy strengthens the whole system. Prepared by the inventor and proprietor, Sao- tiol Oxiey, I'. cr Majesty's ciiymisi ; and. s.. id. by Hudson and Go,, cliymisis, 27, Havmaket, London ; sold aUo' by brodie, Doweling, and 1. Ox- ford, Salisbury; Flight, Winchester; Adam-, Sn fu- dniiy ; Mollis, Rom e-,' ; and others throughout the united kingdom, in bottles at lue. G /._'*,; 6 /. — and 2s. 9d each. ' [ 510.5 DIXON's ANTI- BILIOI'S PILLS. From Mrs. MariUi to Mr. ULron, Apothecary. SIR,-— 1 have some vears uneil, and continue to use, your DIXON'S " ANTI- BILIOUS PUTS ; as a family Aperient I do not know their equal; since I have teke. n them, i- anj relieved from a bilious complaint, psrt- citlariy sick hend- achs, which fiequentiy were very distressing to me. I re- commend them to every family I am gcqiiainled with, parti- cularly those who live at a distance fr-"- mYeedic d advice. Y fair's. c. J. HAMILTON MARTIN. - Birch more- bouse, near JVoburn,' Bedfordshire, March 2, 1802. Sold'by Mr. Butler, 1; Cheapside, London ; Brodie, Dow- ding, and Luxford, Salisbury; and most medicine venders, in boxes at 9s. 9d. and Cs. each. [ 5616 ' TO PARENTS AND OTHERS. lk^ 7" ORMS are known to he the most frequent cause of Children's complaints, they produce the most alarming disorders, pains in the stomach and. bowels, with the loss of appetite, and sallow complexion, convulsions, af- fections of the; head, emaciation, consumptions., and a cenual wasting of flesh,— the causc Of these complaints is often mis- taken by'Physicians, and this is proved by the high testimo- nies of. the " Right Hon, the Earl of-- Exeter,: tfie- Lord Chief Baron and the Right Rev, the Bishop of Carlisle, their Gr,, ces the Dutcbcsses of Leeds and Rutland, the Countesses of Darnlcy, Shaftesburyr- Mountnorris, and Oik, and many others ' of the first rankjand- character, w- hohave both admi- nistered in their Own families; and recommended to oth; rs CliTNG's PATENT WORM LOZENGES, which have been the happy means of rescuing thousands from the jaws of death in the last staae of the above Complaints. Sold by Brodie, " Dowding, arid Luxford, Salisbury, and most Medicine Venders in every town, in boxes at'ss. ad. and 5s, Ci/,- each, and for charitable purposes in boxes at S? s. each. : ' . "" ' [ 5521 A Cord. Id Females.— Dr. Fdthergill's Female Pills. fN every stage of Fet. nale Life, Dr. FOTIIKUOILL' 9 PILLS siioiiid be resorted to by women who are, careful of themselves, particularly at the age of puberty, when the consti- tution is forming, and alierwaids at the decline of life, when lhe decay of the system is uking place : the intenposiiipn of t'other- gill's Female pills at this critical time, regularly taken, will save much pain and distress lo p . bents, and prevent the aitaek of various in rvous and hysteric symptoms, , nu: preserve the female in such health, as will enable liei- td pass the remairider of life without tile inflicting ailments which so freqnently confine her sex, and. i.' iiibirter- ti e close of their days, - i'otiiOreoil's Loo are teC'. f ouanf'ed no mothers and guardiane who' have females in* t, u . f , d to thfiv care. ' ; S4d. wholesale and retail al Mr, Sutler's,, 4, Cbeapside. Lon- don ; by- Brodie, Dowding, and Lux fed, Salisbury, and most medicine venders, in boxes at it*; 9,1. each. '. , f 5519 CORNS. MR. GUTHERY, Chifitriro- Podist to the Royal Family, encouraged. by the success which lias invar, ,' bly attended his mode of Frudicatujg Coriii, and beating affections ' ol the Joinis," called Bunyoiis, by the use ot his COMPOSITION, which has also die 2ilv; m. ag; e'of relieving the pain and'hrhatitm ill a few hours, unable to piacti e to tbe fu'i extent he is now lulled upon, is induced to yield to the solicitation of those who have been pleased to hon'ou,- him with'iiieii' pattniiage; and ex- tend " the benefit of ids tJnniposiiioii: He now etiV- r.. it i the pubiic with ibe confidence which experience and the svpfott it lias oWjiined fi. o. ai tee gentlemen uf.' b ',:. ilb: v aurnein. e. The Cornpo- iti'jn i pi epa; ed and sbid only at his house, No. 1, Lower jarnes's- sueet. ;. , ben- <. j, ii, i, fcn vondon, in Bias of 1/. Is. or lis. iuclu'dinj'a T". « atile'. ' L- 1S8B THLI SALiSUUHY AM) WINCHESTER JOURNAL. Sunday's Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY NIGHT, NOV. 18. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, NOV. 18. ADMIRAL Sir Roger Curtis, Commander in Chief at Portsmouth, has transmitted to J. W. Croker, Esq. a letter from the Hon. Capt. Dundas, of the Euryahts, to Capt. Sir Richard King, of the Achille, stating the capture, by the former ship, off Cherbi urg, of the French privateer lugger L'Etoile, of 14 guns and 43 n. en, out from the Hague two day3, without making any capture. Vice- Admiral Whitshed, Commander in Chief of H. M. ships and vessels off the Coast of Ireland, has trans- mitted to J. VV. Croker, Esq. a letter he had received from Capt. Maitland, of II. M. ship Emerald, giving an account of his liaving, on the 6th Inst. captured the French Na- tional corvette Le Fanfaron, of 16 guns, and 113 men, commanded by Monsieur Deshauteur, capitaine de fregate. She had sailed two days before from Brest, bound to Guada- loupe, with a cargo of flour, salt provisions, & e. CARLTON- HOI'SE, Nov. 16.— The Prince of Wales has been pleased to appoint the Rev. John Kipling, M. A- to be one of his Royal Highness's Chaplains in Ordinary. WAR- OFFICE, NOV. 18. 11 th Reg. of Foot,— Lieut. Col. G. Cujler, from the Staff, in North America, to be Lieu- tenant- Colonel, vice Gubbins, who exchanges. Hoth ditto,— Major Win. Williams, from the 81st Foot, to be Lieut.- Colouel, without purchase.— Mayor J. Lomax to be ditto. nth ditto,— Major ,1. II. Dunkin, from the 51st Foot, to be Licut.- Colonel, viee Maddison, who retires. BANKIiUlTS. Thomas Hanson, of Liverpool, merchant. Charles Greetluun, of Liverpool, merchant, John Plaw, of Southampton, builrler. David Hardie, a Ru& ala- ruw. Milk- » treet, London, warehouseman. John Fearv, of Kl: ig, lanel- Roael, Middlesex, builder. Wm. Curnforth, of ilisbop- Wearmouth, sailmakeir. rhomas Holme, of Liverpool, house- builder. Thomas Jones, of Camomile- street, London, ware- houseman. Wm. Ormc, of Charles- street, Middlesex- Hospital, bookseller, tt'. n. Poll a k Coweher and Thos. Fcnoulhet, of Clement's- lane, Lom- bard- street, merchants, fl.^ irge Molt :'"., ot Foster- lane, Bishopsgatc- street, cheesemonger. Jjemes Tomting, of Chad's- row, Gray's- inu- lane, builder. It ittlu- w Molloy, of Bristol, grocer. Win. Field, s^ n. ol High Hoyland, horse- farrier. John Thorpe, of Vine- street, Cliandos- etreet, Middlesex, victualler. J Thomas Lister, of King- street, Holborn, coach plater. James Twrpin, of Upper Tooting, corn- dealer, fiobert Best, of Alder-^ ate- street, Loudon, watch- maker. Jn! in Gibhs, of Havcrford- West, wine- mercliant. James Challicom, of Bristol, cordwainer. John Dowse, of Great James- street, Hedford- row, scrivener. Samuel Stemson, of Axhridge, baker. Same's Dotid, of Upper Thames- street, London, grocer. Rn'ui- n! Marchant and Martha Barton, of Bond-. treet, Middlesex, milliners. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 18. The last numbers of the Hamburgh Corresponden- ten which have been received, contain some interesting letters from Vienna. The exchange of the ratifications of the Treaty of Peace, it appears, took place at Vienna, on the 20th ult. and that event was on the Same day announced to the people of the Austrian capital by a Proclamation. The Emperor Francis was to visit Vienna on the 16th, where it was expected he would reside for a short time, and afterwards pro- ceed to Prague. The troops of the Confederation of the Rhine are marching to Spain, and some of the French corps arc destined to occupy the territories ccded by Austria. The last letters srom St. Petersburgh present an afflicting picture of the total devotion of that Court to France. The Russian Cabinet has for some lime beer; suspected to be in the interest of that Power: the Army and Navy are on the point of falling tinder its influence. The latter, in fact, is already so. The Klarquis of Traversi, a relative ( and not a verv re- mote one) of the Empress Josephine, has lately been ippoiuted head of the Naval Department, in the place of Admiral TchitzagofT. The letters from Valencia by the Gibraltar, were delivered yesterday. They contain nothing of interest but the important fact— Gerona continued on the 18th ult. to resist the enemy. The yellow fever has renewed its ravages in the United States of America. A Proclamation has been issued by the Mayor of New York, prohibiting all intercourse with Brooklyn, in the county of Kings, in consequence of its beiug visited by this calamity. A General Court- martial is orelered to assemble, for the trial of four Officers of the 13th Regiment of Light Dra- goons, SUICIDE.—- A young lady, not more than IT years of age, who resided a short distance from Buckingham- gate, put a period to her life, by drowning herself in the Thames, on Wednesday last. The body was taken out of the water in ten minutes after the act had been committed, but all attempts to restore animation were fruitless. DIED.] On the 8th inst. at Hemsted, in Kent, the 9 » at of Thotaas Law Hodges, Esq. Sir Wm. Darley, Knight of the Sicilian Order of Constantino St. George, which dis- tinction, together with many other marks of approbation, bis Sicilian Majesty conferred upon him, as a reward for his active and spirited conduet ogainst the French in Italy during the last war. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS At Three o' Clock, DAY, Bank Stock, — 8 - p. Cent. Red. 69 § 69 3 f>- Cent. Cons. 691 70 69$ 4 • p. Cents. 64 § 84 9 ^ Cent. Navy, 101J $ 5 Cent. 1797, — Long Ann, 18 9- lGths J Imperial 3 ^ Cents. — Irish 5 n- Cents. — India Stock, lflffj J India Bonds, 33s. 30s. p. South Sea Stock, — Exchequer Bills, 8s. 12s. p. Omnium, — English Lot. Tickets, Consols fat Aec. 70 Lisbon, bound to Portsmfmth. Also sailed again, on a cruize, the Quebec, of 44 guns.— Arrived the Cockatrice, from the Wot Indies, with stores for Government. This day arrived the Motricetown hired aimed brig, with a convoy from the Westward, PORTSMOUTH, Nov. 18. The Repulse and Vic- torious are ordered to join Lord CoHingwood, in the Mediterranean. Capt. Halliday is appointed to the former, in the room of Capt. Legge, indisposed. The Loire proceeds with the transports for the West Indies. Sir James Macnaughton, Judge of the Supreme Court of Judicatare at Madra*, and Prinsc Khan, who lately arrived a refugee in this country, in the Fredenickstein, and had previously fled to the Em- peror of Morocco for protection, when driven from his dominions by a rival Prince, sailed for the East Indies on Wednesday, on board the Bucephalus. Monday— Sailed the Perlen, of 36 guns, Capt. Thomp- son, and Peruvian sloop, Capt. Douglas, for the West- Indies. TVednesday— Sailed the Bucephalus* of 38 guns, Capt. Pelly, for tlie East Indies; Abundance store ship, for the Cape of Good Hope ; anil Sybille, of 38 guns, Capt. Upton, on a cruize. - Arrived the Dolphin store ship, from Gibraltar. Thursday— Arrived the Persian sloop, Capt. Colquitt, and several transports, with troops on board, from Guern- sey for the West Indies. Friday— Arrived the Illustrious, of 74 guns, Captain Broughton ; Achille, of 74 guns, Capt. King ; and Eu- ryalus, of 36 guns, Capt. Dundas, from off Cherbourg; Quebec, of 3' J guns, Capt. Poulett, from Plymouth ; Port Malioii sloop, Capt. Chambers, and Redpele sloop, Capt. Macdonald, from the Downs. Sailed tbe Ulysses, of 4- 1 guns, Captain Lake, with transports with troops for Flushing ; and Dolphin store ship, for the river. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, NOVE MBER 18 Port Betosf. BUIXHAM, Torhay, Nov. 17. Sailed on Wednes- day night, for Walcheren, his Majesty's ship Mariner, with the Prince of Wales transport, having part of the gth Regiment of Light Dragoons on board. PLYMOUTH, Nov. 17.— Seven French Captains tnade their escape from here on Monday night last, in a small boat, but when, about the middle of the Sound, they vre discovered by some men 011 board a fishing smack, who immediately gave chace; the Frenchmen immediately ran the boat ashore and escaped; one of them was taken • 0011 after, and a diligent search is making after the others. On Monday arrived the Plover sloop of war, from a cruize, with le Lizard French privateer, her prize. Also tbe Pheasant sloop'of war, from a cruize, and was imme- diately put under quarantine, for having communication yith the brig Traveller, from Malaga, which ship she re- captured and sent in here. Sailed the Atalanta cartel from Morlaix, with sick and wounded French prisoners, and several women, in all about 70 persons. Also sailed the Harlequin armed ship on a Cruize ; and the Quebec frigate, for Portsmouth. On Sunday the crew of the York, ol 74 guns, Capt. Bar- Ion, were paid wages and prize money, and all the women ordered out; on Tuesday she sailed for the Mediterranean. It is supposed the will join Lord Collingwood, off Toulon. On Tuesday arrived the Elizabeth and Unity cartels, from Morlaix, whither they had carried aged, infirm, and sick prisoners of war. During their stay at Morlaix, they bad a guard of French soldiers on board each vetscl, and Hone of the crews were permitted to land. On Wednesday sailed the Quebec, of 44 guns, to the Westward ; Harlequin hired armed ship on a cruize; and Jf" n-- a » ''. nt sloop of war to the Westward. Yesterday sailed the Hmnber hired ai med ship, Captain Ylngland, with a convoy- to the Eastward; and 8uphia transport, Capt. May, vyith sick soldiers on board, from Andover Sheep Fair was held yesterday. The pens [. resented the appearance of an ample supply, an immensely large number being brought for sale. The purchasers were, however, so numerous and spirited, that the whole were sold at an early hour, fuii lis. per, head dearer than last year, and many who wished to purchase were disappointed. At the Cheese Fair, this morning, the situation of buyer and seller was exactly reversed. A large quan- tity of Cheese was pitched, but few wholesale pur- chasers were in attendance. The sale was in conse- qncnce very flat, and good Cheese was purchased at 3/. 3 » . per cwt.— the general top price 31. lG » . prime old Somersetshire 4/. 10s. Many dealers and dairy- men, who had brought Cheese from a considerable distance, at a he^ vy expence, sold for less than the home price; and after all, a large quantity ( nearly one- third of the whole) remained unsold. The Rev. James Reed,. B. D. and one of the five senior Fellows of Exeter College, Oxford, has been pre- sented by tl. e Marchioness of Dowmsliire to the Rectory of Evershot, in Bedfordshire.— When the living of Wootton, in Northamptonshire, at present in contest between Mess. Vye and Heyes, is decided, Mr. Dtipre will be admitted one of the five senior Fellows of that College, in the room of the said Mr. Reed. BIRTHS.] On Thursday tbe pth insL the wife of II. B. Wither, Esq. of Wimering House, near Ports- mouth. of a son.—- On Monday, in this city, the Lady of MajOr- General Dyott of a 3011. Last week was married, in London, Jeremiah Hob- oil, to Miss Be'sey GaiHvford, daughter oTMrs. Gains- ford, an eminent slopseller of Wapping. Miss G. was in the habit of attending the boats with her mother's goods, and the beauty of her person, as well as the elegance of bet- manner?, made so deep an impression on Mr. Hobson, that after a short court- hip, he led that fair and amiable young Lady to the altar of Hymen. On Sunday morning died, at Woolly Green, nea, Romsty, Mrs. Wade, widow of the late Charles Wade, Esq. On Tuesday died, aged 55 years, Robert Bird Wilkins, Esq. banker, of Newport, Isle of Wight, sincerely regretted by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance ; in him his children Iiave lost ihe best of fathers, his friends a cheerful and social companion, and the poor a generous and liberal benefactor. GLUTTONY.— On Saturday night last A man of the name of Coppercroft, at Twyford, eat a peck of flour made into a pudding, in the space of half an hour, with apparent ease 1 On Monday last a fire broke out at Easton, and consumed three tenement? there; - It was occasioned by a woman's negligence while beating her oven. On Wndllesay mottling last., as a waggon from St. Cross was passing through the West Gate of this city, the horses took fright at the report of a gun, and the thill horse was thruwn down and instantly killed. Edward Pattison, a deserter from the GOth regiment of foot, is committed to tbe County Gaol, charged with breaking open the dwelling- house of Richard Selby, of Hatnpstead, in the parish of Sbalfleet, in the Isle of Wight, and stealing therefrom a gun, and a variety of other articles.— Henry Moorey, for harbouring and assist- ing a deserter to escape from his Majesty's service, is com- mitted for six months.— And James Gardiner, for detain- ing regimental necessaries belonging to a deserter, is com- mitted for three months imprisonment. SALISBURY, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1809. Oil Wednesday James Hussey, Esq. was sworn in Mayor of this City; on which occasion he gave a grand dinner at the Council Chamber to the Members of the Corporation, the Dignitaries of the Church, and other principal Gentlemen of the city and neigh- bourhood. The Earl of Pembroke, the Earl of Rad- nor, Viscount Folkestone, Sir C. W. Malet, the Rev. Mr. Chancellor Douglas, & c. were present. The whole of the Officers who had marched in on the pre- ceding day, with the several detachments just landed from serving their country in Spain and Portugal, were also invited to the civic banquet, and generally attended. The appropriate toast of " Lord Wellington and the Heroes ol'Talavera," given early in the after- noon, was received with rapturous applause. The above being the. fiftieth anniversary of the. day on which William Hussey, Esq. our venerable Repre- sentative in Parliament ( and great uncle of James Hussey, Esq. the present Mayor) first served the office of Chief Magistrate of the City, the Council had in the morning passed a vote, declaring, that during the long period which has since elapsed, Mr. Hussey has uniformly maintained himself in the regard arid con- fidence of his fellow citizens; that he has served his country faithfully in eight successive Parliaments, as the Representative of this City, on which lie has reflected honour by his unimpeachable integrity and independence; and therefore it was resolved that the congratulations of the Council should on this day be presented to him, with an assurance of its continued attachment and perfect esteem, and thanks for his long services in Parliament, and for the many instances of his regard to the interests of this his native city. And it was ordered that the resolution should be en- grossed on vellum, and presented to Mr. Hussey by the Mayor. Honourable as this resolution is to the venerable Senator, it is almost equally so to his constituents who have voted - rt. The whole kingdom will testify its justice ; for even party rancour has never ventured to impugn the motives which have guided our worthy Representative in the long period of his parliamentary life. Wlien Mr. Ilussey's health was specially given on this occasion at the Mayor's Feast, it was received with every mark of affectionate attachment by the company, and the pleasure was much increased by the evident symptoms of health and good spirits still dis- played by the object of the toast. We understand that the Bishop of Salisbury intends holding an Ordination the Sunday in the Ember Week, being the 24th of December next; and that the Can- didates aae desired to send their papers, under cover, to his Lordship, in London, before the second week in that month, and attend him at ten o'clock in the morning the Wednesday preceding the Ordination. On Tuesday about 600 Officers and men, belong- ing to nine different regiments from Spain, & c. who had lauded at Portsmouth, arrived in this city; and 011 Tuesday the 21st inst. they are to march from hence to join their respective regiments. Nominations for Sheriffs by the Lords of tbe Council, 011 the 13th of November 180.9. . Berkshire.'— I'uter Green, of Crookham, Esq.; William Wiseman Clarke, of Ardington, Esq.; Adam Blandy, of Kingston Bagbewys, Esq. Devonshire.— Philip Biundell, of Tiverton, Esq. ; Sir Masseh Manasseh Lopes, of Maristow, Bart.; Arthur Champernowne, of Bartington, Esq. Dorsetshire.— EdwardGreathead, of Ueldens, Esq.; John Willett Willett, ot'Merlj, Esq.; Henry Seymer, of Han- ford, Esq. Somersetshire.— Thomas Strangewavs Horner, of Mells, Esq.; George Penrose Sevmcur, of Wraxhall, Esq.; John Frederick Pinney, of Somerton Early, Esq. County of Southampton.— Sir James Whalley Smith Gardner, of Roeh Court, Bart.; Sir Robert Kingsmill, of Sidinonton, Bart.; Thomas Thistlethwaite, of Southwick, Esq. Wiltshire.— Abraham Ludlow, of Hey wood, Esq.; Harry Biggs, of Stockton, Esq.; Sir Wm. Pierce Ashe A'tourt, of Heytesbury, Bart, Nomination by the Prince of Wales's Council, for the county of Cornwall. Rose Price, of Kanegie, Esq. Richard Oxnam, of Penzance, F. sq. Edward William Stackhouse, of Pendarves, Esq. BIRTH.] On Thurs ' ay, at the Earl of Romsey's seat in Kent, Lady Marsham ( daughter of Win. Morton Pitt, Esq.) of a daughter. Married in London, J. While, Esq. late a surgeon in this city, to Elizabeth eldest daughter of the late Rev. H. White, rector of Fy field, Hants. Ou Tuesday was married Mr. Holborn Jol'. iffe, surgeon, to Miss Slade, both of Crewkerne, Somerset. On Wednesday was married Mr. J. Howard, nur- sery and seedsman, of Lymington, to Miss Clfarm- bury, of Blandford. On Thursday se'nnight died, aged pg. Mrs. Barton, of Corsley, mother of Nathaniel Barton, Esq. of War- minster. O11 Monday died John Monck, Esq. of Martho- rough- buildingj, Bath, a gentleman of distinguished worth, whose loss will long be lamented by his family and friends. On Monday night died John Bastard, E q. of the Blandford Bank, lie had been spending the day with a party at llanford Ilotee, tbe seat of 11. Seyiuer, Esq. The night was extremely dark ; anil as be was returning home in a chaise, accompanied bv bis wife and daughter, the carriage was over- turned they bad proceeded but a short distance: lie was taken up alive, and immediately conveyed back to llanford; ljut he had received so much injury, that he expired ere he could be conveyed into the house. Mrs. and Miss Bastajd received very littly personal injury; but their anguish 011 this melancholy event it would be difficult to describe. Indeed, a more distressing scene seldom occurs. Mr. Bastard quitted the party in health and spirits ; in a few minutes after he was brought back a corpse, his nearest and dearest relatives plunged in tbe deepest misery, anil the whole of the recently- happy party partaking thereof! PEDESTRIAN ISM.— Daniel Gilbert, a farmer, at Harlowe, in Somersetshire, is performing a ta k which will, if eotn- pleted, exceed any thing that lias been achieved by the crack pedestrians of the day.— Mr. Gilbert, backed by three of bis friends, has made a bet of 1000 guineas, that lie will perform 1000 miles in 15 days, which is at the rate of be- twixt 60 and 70 miles a day. Mr, G. is a stout, athletic man, and he commenced his ta- k on Saturday last, from Newbolt, Wilts. He had done 215 miles on Monday night, without much fatigue. Time is backed at great odds. On Sunday the 5th iust. the warehouse of Messrs. Crosby and White, of Westhury, in this county, was entered by means of pick- lock keys, and a quantity of blue broad cloth, to the value of 800/. stolen therefrom. Three Strange men had been seen in the neighbourhood, with a cart; and from Various circumstance;, suspicion fell 011 these men. handbills describing them were extensively circulated ; in consequence of which, three men were apprehended ill bed, at the Black Lion, in Exeter, on Friday morning tbe f6th inst. Bills to a considerable amount were found on them ; and in their portmanteau were various keys and pick- locks of most ehrious invention, with which any lock might be opened; also phosphorus, dark lanterns, and sundry imple- ments for house- breaking. Whilst tbe constable and as- sistants were engaged below stairs examining these things, one of the men contrived to make his escape from the chamber window, by the help of a sheet, with which he let himself down into the street, having nothing but his shirt on, and in that state he was met shortly after by two" soldiers, a mile from Exeter, on the Heavtree Road, pro- bably making bis way for the eart which had the stolen property, and which was supposed to be at no great dis- tance ; but though the most diligent search has been made, neither the man nor the cart have yet been discovered. To the PRINTERS of the SALISBURY^ WINCHESTER JOURNAL. GENTLEMEN, From the general circulation of your Paper in one of our principal maritime ports, and along the coast, I am induced to request vott will insert tbe following article :~ On Monthly the 6thinst. no less than three privateers niaele their appearance on the coast opposite Swanage, twoof them ( in the course of the day) not being more1 than three leagues from the land; and notwithstanding the signals were flying for them ( at the signal stations) from daylight until dark, yet an Excise cutter, that was at anchor in Swanage Bay, did not even make a pretence to chase ! If the Naval Officers along the coast have not sufficient authority to order these vessels to do their duty upon such occasions, it is high time they or some one had; and there can be no doubt but that, it the Lords of the Admiralty were in possession of tbe whole of the transactions of that day, some regulation respecting them would be adopted ; they are fitted and kept up at an immense expence to tbe country, and a fine class of vessels, fully competent to cope with any of the enemy's privateers in the channel; there can remain little doubt but those privateers have glutted themselves with British captures, as they have chosen a must judicious cruizing ground between Portland and the Wight, by the lights of both which places vessels bound up channel shape their course; indeed the channel frotu the Start upwards is full of them, and the commencement of the long nights is the season of their operations. Prices fif Corn, per Quarter•— Bread, per Gallon. Nov, Salisbury, 14 Basingstoke IS Devizes, II?! Newhury, 16 j Andover 18 Warminster, 18. .... .. . ... , Weight of the Gallon Uaf, Mk. Wm.— Half Gall, ill: SJPJ. Wheat. Barley. Oats. Beans. Bread s. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. s. d. lQ2/ ollC 44 In 52 28 to 42 - 58 to 74 2 6 94 to 113 45 to 51 HO to 39 58 to 69 2 3? 93 ( ol2l 4- 2 to 56 36 to 4- 2 57 to 70 95/ 0) 30 35 to 48 - 28 to 40 50 to 70 2 4 93 Ml 26 40 to 51 27 to 40 SO to 6- i 2 3i 98< ol9- 2 40 to 6- 2 35 to 46 53 to 74 ALMANACKS and POCKET- ROOKS. TO- MORROW, TUESDAY, November 21, a very- large antl complete Assortment of all the BOOK and SHEET ALMANACKS, will be published by BRODIE, DOWDING, AND LUX. FORD, At the Printing- Ofjice, Canal, Salisbury, Wholesale and retail, by appointment of the Company of Stationers, London. AISO LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S POCKET BOOKS, and every other Annual Publication, at the lowest London prices. In a few Days will be published, Mr. A1 O O N ' s WESTERN ROOK and SHEET ALMANACKS, FOR Hants, Wits, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall. In addition to the usual contents of an Almanack, the Book will contain a List of the Field Officers of all the Regi- ments of Local Militia in the six Western Counties; a cor- rect List of all the Country Bankers in the United Kingdom, with the Names of the Bankers they draw upon in Londop, & c. & c. [ 5613 *„* Country Shopkeepers and others who prefer dealing for money, will be served greatly to their advantage. SALISBURY INFIRMARY, Nov. 18, 1809. ON Saturday the 25 th day of Nov. inst. being the QUARTERLY COURT, tl. e Governors afe desired to attend at the Infirmary, at eleven o'clock precisely. All such as are concerned in the following Commodities, are desired to send their Proposals, sealed, to the Secretary of the Infirmary, before eleven o'clock on the above- mentioned day, specifying at what rate they are willing to supply the Infir- mary, for the ensuing Quarter, with Butchers' Aleut. Sn, th, Candles, Rice, S'nfur, Suit, Hops, Malt, Oatmeal, and Scotch Barley. The most reasonable proposals will be accepted; and if two or more tradesme n should offer to supply at the same price, it will be determined by ballot who shalldiave the preference, that the utmost impartiality may be observed, and 110 interest be made ill favour of any particular person. 15769 By Order of the Committee. RADNOR, President. WM. DYKE WHITM. AR. SH, Secretary. DEVIZES ASSEMBLY. HE SECOND SUBSCRIPTION ASSEMBLY will be at the New Town- Hall, on Tuesday the - 21 st of [ SFTLS T November instant. W1MBORNE. THE First SUBSCRIPTION ASSEMBLY will be on Tuesday the Twenty- first of November, 180,9, at the King's Head Inn. [ 5751 T SALISBURY ASSEMBLY. HE next ASSEMBLY will be on THURSDAY the 83d of November. H. BROOKE, Y H. EYRE, VStewards. W. B. BRODIE J Dancing to commence at eight and end at twelve. • S614J Mr. GOODALL,_ M. C. STURMINSTFR, Nor. 180.1. THE next STURMINSTER- NEWTON BALL will be on the Twenty- third instant. Tickets to be had at the White Hart Inn. f5G31 WINCHESTER, Nov. 17, 1809. THE Second CITY SUBSCRIPTION ASSEM- BLY will be held at the George Inn, on Tuesday the 28th of November instant. Mr. DE GANTI, Master of the Ceremonies. Subscriptions are received at the Bar. f5? Sf> THE NEW LOTTERY. THOSE Persons in the West of England who were disappointed in obtaining a Chance for the SMILES of FORTUNE in the late Lottery, will be gratified to find that TICKETS and SHAKES for the NEW STATE LOTTERY ARE NOW SELLING PY BRODIE, DOWDING, AND LUXFO'HD, AT THE FRINTINO- OFFICE, SALISBURY; By whom Shares of three Twenty Thousand Pound Prizes, a Ten Thousapd, and several Thousands, were sold in the two last Lotteries. The SCIIFMF. of the NEW LOTTFRY is nearly the same as tbe last, which was so generally approved of, and which had the good effect of totally doing away all Insurance, the whole Lottery being to be drawn in One Day. AN activc single MAN, of good character, who writes a fair hand, and has been regularly bred in the Husbandry line, wishts for a Situation'as BAILIFF, or ASSISTANT in the Corn or Flour Trade. Letters ( post paid) addressed R. W. at the Printer's, will be duly attended to. [ 5496 MARY BROWN and SON, Braziers, Tin- plate Workers, and Famishing Ironmongers, Warminster.— MARY BROWN gratefully presents her sincere acknowledge- ments to her friends in general for the numerous favours they have for many years conferred on her; and whilst she re- spectfully - solicits a continuance of the same, begs leave to inform them she has taken her Son into Partnership, and to assure them that their unted exertions will be employed to execute any commands they may be favoured with, punctu- ally, liberally, and with the utmost dispatch. N. H.—- Furnaces made and repaired at Bristol prices ; old ditto bought or exchanged.— Most money given for old metal. TFC. LR ENGRAVING in general. [ 57t>' 8 MR. GILLINGIIAM, Conveyancer, Attorney, and Solicitor, begs leave to return his thanks to his friends for the favors he has already received, and respectfully informs the inhabitants of Southampton and the public in general, that he has declined the Management of the Business of " William Curry, Esq. Town Clerk, and now practises the above professions 011 his own account, at his office in East- street, Southampton, where business will be conducted with tbe strictest attention, punctuality, and dispatch. N. B. Debts recovered on terms advantageous to the Creditor. SOUTHAMPTON, Nov. 17, 180.0. [ S760 SALISBURY, Nov. 18, 1809. VI7" 1LLIAM WILLIAMS, WHITE SMITH and V? BELL HANGER, respectfully informs the public, that his Father, THOMAS WILLIAMS, has declined Business in his favour, and which business he will carry on, as heretofore, at the Old Shop, opposite the Printina Office, on the Canal, where he elitreats of the Nobility, Gentry, and others, who have many years honoured his Father with their commands, a continuance of the same to himself, in executing which be will occasionally be assisted by his Father, and hopes, by strict attention tq his business, to merit their favours. N. B.— Two JOURNEYMEN wanted. Good workmen will meet with constant employ. S « , HIGH- STREET, SOUTHAMPTON. HDARWIN, ( from LONDON), Tailor, Man's • Mercer, & c. returns his sincere thanks to his friends and public, in general, fiir the very liberal enouragement he has been honored with in the above business; respectfully informs them that he is returned from London with a fashion- able assortment of articles lor the Winter, season, particularly Fancy Waistcoats and Stocking for Pantaloons, which he in- tends'to ofler ar the lowest prices. Ladies' Habits, Pelisses, Naval and Military Uniforms, and Liveries of all descriptions, executed in the first style, on the shortest notice. An APPRESTICE wanted. _ [ 5759 SHAFTESBURY, Nov. 17, 1R09. CWOODCOCK respectfully informs his friends , and the public, he has just compleated his Winter Stock of LINEN and WOOLLEN DRAPERY, HABERDASHERY, and HOSIERY, of the very best quality, from the first bouses in the kingdom ; consisting of an elegant assortment of worked and plain muslins; great variety of plain and twilled printed cambrics ami calicos, of the newest patterns, from Is. per yard; the best Scotch ginghams, light and dark, from SI I. per yard ; rich chintz and dimity furniture, from is. per yard; good stout calico, at 9ii.; rich India and imitation shawls, silk handkerchiefs, & c.; a most extensive assortment of casimeres, Georgiana cloths, and Salisbury flannels; rich vel- vets, & c. for pelisses; a large assortment of kerseys, drabs, and beavers, for great coats; patent Bedford and Newmarket cords, & c. at old prices; silk, cotton, worsted, and lamb's wool hose and socks, in great variety; cotton night caps, single and double, from 4d. each ; ladies' and gentlemen's gloves, of all sorts ; the very best beaver hats, of the London make; Welch flannels, from lOrf.; blankels, of all sizes; counterpanes and rich quilts, ditro; 7- 9ths and 4- 4ths Irish linen, and sheeting of all breadths, of the most approved make; with every other a- tide in the above line. C. W. begs leave to observe, that he h is purchased his present stock on very advantageous terms, and is determined to execute all orders intrusted to him on such terms as cannot tail giving the greatest satisfaction. ( pip Country shops and families buying largely will be served on the most advantageous teims. [ 5755 New Turnpike Road between Winchester if Pctersfieli. AMeeting will be holden at the Red Lion Inn, A Westmeon, on Tuesday the 28th instant, at twelvi o'clock at noon, for the purpose of signing a petition, anl considering of the arrangements necessarily to be tnade pre* vious to the intended application to Parliament. The attends ance, therefore, of those gentlemen who wish to promote tli* undertaking is particularly requested at the above place an<| time. [ 5770 *• On Tuesday, Nov. il, will be published, price One Shilling) ASERMON, preached in the Churches of Souijfc Damerham and Martin, Wilts, on Wednesday the 25tjk of October ldo: i; BY ANTHONY DAVIDSON, A. B. CURATF.. Printed and sold by Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxfr » 3, Salisbury ; sold also by all other booksellers in town ani} country. [ 5710 SACRED MUSIC. Anthem and Hymn for Christmas- Day. ON the 1st of December will be published, priJre as. 6d.— An ANTHEM and HYMN for CHRISTMAS- DAY, adapted solely forCountry Choirs, by W. H. Bvncisj. Arranged also for the Piano- Forte. Printed and sold for the Author by Messrs. Goulding and Co. 124, New Bond- street; Mr. James Peck, music engraver, & c. 47, Lombard- street, London ; Mess. Banks, Salisbury; Mr. Simmonds, Blaudfoid, Dorset ; Mr. James Gregory, Basingstoke ; Mr. Rusher, Reading ; and by Mr. W. Burgiss, Turgiss- green, near Hartford- bridge, Hants. Also, Eight Anthems, twelve Psalm Tunes, and Gloria Patria, published August 1, 1808, by the same author, may- be had as above. [ 5740 ASmall neat HOUSE Furnished, near Southamp<- ton, to LETr for a few months, on moderate Urn: -. Apply to Baker and Fletcher, Southampton. [ IGPi * . — —,— x LYMINGTON, HANTS. TO be LETT, handsomely Furnished, and entered on immediately,— A good FAMILY- HOUSE, v. itba good walled Garden, Coach- house, antl Stabling foe t tec Horses. [ 5706 Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Perkins, Lymine ton.. ' NEW FOREST, HAMPSHIRE. TO be LETT, furnished,— A HOUSE and COT- TAGE, with Coach- House and Stables to each, situated on the borders of the New Forest. Enquire of Mr. Hookey, Auctioneer, at Southampton ; if by letter, tree of postage. MERE, WILTS. TO be LETT,— A good- accustomed PUBLIC- HOUSE, known by the name of the SWAN, i » tb « town of Mere, with good convenient Stables, Cellars, kc. and Outlets; also two large Gardens adjoining ; now in the possession of Mr, Charles Arnood, and may be entered upon St. Thomas day next. For particulars enquire of James Thorn, Wincanton,. So- merset.— A'ov. 14, 180 » . [ 5711 be LETT, for the Hunting Season, A con- 1 venient COTTAGE, situated in the centre of the Hamp- shire Hunt; consisting of a parlour, dvawing- rootn, entrance- room, housekeeper's room, pantry, kitchen, Lac; k kitchen, laundry, A'C ; three best bed- rooms, and threefot servants J stabling for six horses, anc1 a good kitchen garden. For particulars enquire of Mr. Faithf ul!, Winchester, or Mr. Bell, Swan, Alresford. [ 5151 HAMPSHIRE, rpo be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A JL modern MANSION and 171 Acres of LAND, within three miles of Andover, 67 of London, and 13 of Bath. The House is spacious, in good repair, and amply supplied with commodious offices, excellent water, ard eveiy convenience for the comfortable accommodation of a large family. Immediate possession may be had, and part of tile money may remain on mortgage. [-> 174 Fot particulars apply to Messrs. Forstrr, Cook, and brr. re, Lincoln's Inn; or to Mr. Fleet, attorney at law, Andovcr. COPPICE WOOD, WINTERS LOW, WILTS. TO be SOLO by AUCTION, at Winterslow Hut, on Monday the 20th day of November inst. at leven o'clock in the forenoon,— About fifty Acres of COl PICE or UNDERWOOD, in East Winterslow, in the county ef Wilts.— The above will be sold in small Lots^ tor the accom- modation of purchasers. For particulars of the Lots, & c. apply at the office ol ' Me ssrs. Tanner and Cooper, Salisbury ; and I for a view of the Woods' to John Prince, Winterslow. [.••. s< i7' FOR SALE by AUCTION, by J. ELDERTON, On Tuesday the 21st inst. neat the Corn- market, Salis- bury,— A capital BAY MARE, remarkably strong and Band- some, five > ears old, 15 hands high, steady to rid. or dm e, and warranted sound and free from vice: she is well worth: tbe attention of coach- masters and others, and may be seen on Monday and Tuesday at the Catherine Wheel. ' Also,— Two strong useful HORSES, of the cart kind ; a handsome PONY, a neat TAX CART, and a quantity of HOPS. Sale at twelve o'clock. [ 5766 WINCHESTER. X) be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, in the ... - ~ , ..—,., . .. wiion, 111 etie Market- place, on Saturday the 25th of November inst. by Mr. DELL,— Sixstrong useful ARTILLERY WAGGONS, with iron arms, well calculated tor farmers, nearly new and of large, dimensions, with sis sets of harness. [ 5761 The sale to begin at twelve o'clock. ANDOVER, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by T. R AWL INS, on Thursday the 23d of N" v. instant, — The" HOUSEHOLD FURNITUIIF., Spirituous Liquors, & c. of Mr. D. HAWKINS, leaving the Crown . Inn ; com- prising four- post and tent beelstcaels, with dimity and cotton furniture, and window curtains to match ; slump bedsteads, feather beds, mattresses, blankets, sheets, quilts, counter- panes, and coverlids; mahogany antl other tables ; black stained and other chairs; writing desk; mahogany and japanned tiays ; prints framed and glazed ; glass and crockery; kitchen requisites ; good kitchen range, roasting jack, pewt r cups and measures, set of nine pins, quantity of nn- adew hay, and various other articles; also Brandy, Rum, Shtub, Geneva, & c. Sale to begin precisely at one o'clock. Andover, Hants.— Ash and Elm Timber. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, in twelve lots, 1> y T. RAWLINS, at the Antelope Inn, on Tuesday the sth of December, 1809, precisely at two o'clock,— 63 remarkably clean ASH TIMBER TREES, of large dimensio; s, nume- rically marked with white paint; 47 ELM ditto, and 1 POP- LAR, with their Lops and Tops, as now standing and gr wing, in the fields and meadows adjoining the above inn, within a quarter of a mile of the town ot Andover afe resaid, and about the same distance from the Canal. For a view of the timber apply to Mi. John Lock', . at the , Antelope Inn, and for further particulars to T. Rawlins, auctioneer, Andover. [ 47<: 3 CALNE, WILTS. Fre< ^ old Dwelling- house, Malt- house, i' Paddock. Foil SALE by AUCTION, byll. KNIOHT, the Wheel Inn, on Wednesday the 29th of November, at three o'clock,— A neat and comfortable DWELLING-.- HOUSE, in Cuzen- street, now in the occupation of Miss Bodman ; with a Malt- house, Stable, and good Garden ad- joining. Also a BARN, newly- erected G. ia. n ry and Stable, Rick Yard, and Paddock, with valuable stone quarry therein. To be viewed previous to the sale ; and further particulars known at the office of Mr. Atherton, solicitor, in Calne, or of the Auctioneer, Devizes. 1- 1748 DEWLISH, DORSET. npO be SOLI) by AUCTION, on th. by M. BAKER, oil Monday the 27th of November 1809, ewlisli Farm, about six miles east of Dorchester tin ie premises, _ .... D.- vixr- n, on [ vionuay tne ot No- at Dewlish cast an icrv west of Blandford, The following SICCK, COTIACE HOUSES, tic. by order cf the Exccutors of the late Mr. C, Blandv, viz. ten good cart horses, a maie and colt, one two y, ar oil filly,, one hackney, two Lirren cows, six yearling heifers, three calves; good string, thill, and plough harness, foui waggons, three dur. g pots, a nine share plough, drags, harrows, sulls, two corn rollers, a calves house, twelve cow cribs, sundry timber, five dozsn sheep cribs, thirty dozen of hurdles, about eighty tons of prim'- well- made hay, to be ' cd' on the premises, 24 acres of turnips in two fields with a light of common and down for 500 sheep, to the 6th day of March next; and the feed of the turnips, to the 6th day of April following. Some Dairy Utensils, & c. & e. > Also, Two convenient Cottage Houses and Gardens, held under the Earl of lichenter, for the term of 99 years, deter- minable on three good lives. The days being short, the sale will begin positively at ten o'clock in the moining. The Hay, Turnips, aim Cow $( ock will be sold first. , [ 5714 PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BROOIE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT TIIE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; Where Qrfert, Advertisements, and authentic Articles qf News are received ( Postage paid), " SB tbe" Wrnt* t England; Sw r< Wjrfofivfe HfimtWi and in kendo- p by Messrs. TAYW- S w! KF. UT0N, No- Warwick- Square, Warwick- Lure, Newgate Street , and MrAVIL K1E, Bookseller, Paternoster- R, »
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