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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Volume Number: LVIII    Issue Number: 2965
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser

Date of Article: 17/11/1809
Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number: LVIII    Issue Number: 2965
No Pages: 4
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AND MIDLAND COUNTIES Vol. LVIII. * J . Printed and Published by John Price, Market- place Leicester. f No noes FRIDAY, November 17, 1809- Circulated through the principal Towns, & populous Villages, in the Counties of Leicester, Rutland, Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby, Stafford, Warwick, Northampton, Cambridge, and York. " Stamp Duty - 3rjd. Paper and Print 3d. PRICE 63d— or £ 1: 9: 0 p. , A. „. n , RAL ADYERTIS SUN DAY'sTUESDAY'SP() STS LONDON. MONDAY, Nov. 13. Dispatches were yesterday received by Government from Lord Wellington ; Portu- guese Papers to tiie 28th ult. together with Sir Robert Wilson and Gen. Stewart, also ar- rived iu the same conveyance. A Mail from Cadiz has also brought Spanish Papers to the 23th ult.— The health of our troops on the frontiers of Portugal is said to be greatly im- proved. The British army is staled to muster about 19,000 effective men. Marquis Welles- ley was supposed to have sailed from Cadiz before the frigate left the Tagus. The Jujjjlee wa? celebrated with great enthusiasm at Lisbon. ' I he Spanish Papers contain a very pleasing official account of the successful issue of a battie between a French corps of about ! 2,000 men, under Marchand, and the Spanish force of 19,000 men, under the Duke del Parque. The French are staled to have been completely beaten, with the loss of 1000 men. It is most pleasing to hear, that the Spaniards are becoming sufficient soldiers to beat 12,000 men in the % dd, and this knowledge will no doubt produce a good eftect on them. The advantage already gained will proba- bly oblige Souit to move from his position at Placentia, to restore his communication with Salamanca. Tamames, in the vicinity of which the action took place, is about six leagues to the South of that city. It is not unlikely the French might have intended to Fay siege to Cindad Rodrigo, and that this movement from Salamanca was one of the combinations necessary for that purpose. The Spaniards have been long aware of the probability of this attempt, and the Duke del Parque was detached w th a considerable force to cover this important fortress. Ihe Gazette of last night contains Colonel Carroll's account of the above victory which Ls nearly the same in substance. The " Spanish Papers also contain the Mani- festo ofthe Supreme Junta formally declaring war against Denmark; and also an interesting account of the retreat of the Spanish corps under Colonel O'Donnel, after having success- fully escorted the convoy for the relief of Gerona. The Spaniards are said to have cut their way through the French besiegers with great gallantry. They contain a decree for the meeting of the Legislative Body on the 1st of December, ever, extremely cheap, while on the othe hand every article of clothing and m'anufac ture of domestic necessity or luxury, Were exorbitantly dear: but what was most ap- pareot, was the prevalence of old men, wo- men, and children, the conscript laws having operated so to deprive the country of its youth, that, to use the words of our informant) there was a want of males for every purpose — in" fact, it is said, Buonaparte's ambition, with the prior events of the Revolution, had: Mtijor Dodd> Messrs'. Glennie, Illingworth, forestalled and exhausted mankind by one generation. What was stated several day since* that Lord Collingwood had fallen in with the Tou- lon fleet, appears powerfully sanctioned by private letters received from Holland on Satur- day, as well as- by the Dutch Papers which reached town on the evening of the same day. of 20001. immediately to pay Wright.— Lord Ellen- The Catholics of Cork had a meeting on the 1st inst. a which it was resolved to petition Parliament n the next Session, for the repeal of the remaining disabilities affecting the Catholic Body. An amend- ment, proposing to give the King a cOntroul over the election and appointment of Roman Catholic Bishops, was offered, and rejected on the ground that the Catholic clergy ought t » be left at liberty to 3Ct for themselves. Mr. Serjeant Best moved on Thursday, in the Court of King's Bench, a Rule for a new trial, in the cause of Wright v. Wardle, on the affidavits of & c. which directly contradicted the testimony given by Mrs. Clarke on the trial. The answer of Mr Wright to a Bill hied in Chancery, was also al- luded to, as furnishing material evidence; and an affidavit of Sir R. Phillips, who stated, that being requested by a Nobleman of high rank to negotiate with Mrs. Clarke for tl. e suppression of her threaten- ed publication, she stated to him she was in want and a fulsome Address from the Senate of the kingdom of Italy to Bonaparte, presented by a Deputation, headed by a Count Moscati. We are sorry to find, that the Bavarians have entered the Tyrol in great force. Dutch Papers have arrived to the 9th inst They mention an intended assemblage of Princes of the Rhenish Confederacy at Paris this mouth— they are summoned thither, in all probability to do homage to their Master, and to receive from him the wages of their subserviency during the late war.— The Car- dinals have also been sent for from Italy, to hold a l onclave. The Pope will be invited to resign his dignity, and another wiM be elected more acceptable to the Usurper.— Should the Pope refuse, the Conclave will be instructed to depose him, anil Bonaparte will exercise, with respect to the Papal Office, in - the same power which one of'his predecessors ^ l^ rlitl in the tenth Century, Otno, the conque- ror of Italy, and the restorer of the Empire of Charlemagne. A French army of 60,000 men is to be kept in the Countries ceded by Austria. Some of the letters recently received from the Continent state, that Bonaparte has it in • contemplation to restore the Monarchy of Poland in favour of Eugene Beauharnois. They also state that Bonaparte is determined to carry into execution his threat against the Spaniards, viz. that he will divide that kingdom into provinces, and give them to his favourite Generals. Joseph Bonaparte, it is said, is to be sent back to Naples, with an accession of territory. Prince Stahremberg has, we understand, received orders fr « m his Government to break oft'all further communication with this country, in compliance with the 16th article of the treaty of Vienna, and to return to Austria. This stipulation of the treaty, whe% Austria no longer had the means of commercial inter- course with us, shews the hostility and the jealousy which Bonaparte entertains towards us, at the same time that it manifests the pliant subserviency of the fallen Francis.— The general terms of the treaty are however better than report had stated them, although they have sunk Austria below the possibility of eve r again entering the lists, as a principal, with France. A Gentleman, recently arrived from France, gives the following particular, respecting its internal state :— He says, that the cultivators of land have in hand the produce of upwards of three years, for which they can obtain no market; the consequence is, that they have riot bt en able to make good their payments to the proprietors, who have also as a farther result been obliged to lower their rents and reduce their establishments; and this with the taxes, farther operated to decrease the consumption of prOYiarciis. These were, how- The private accounts state, that two respectable houses in Amsterdam had received letters from their Correspondents at Paris, which mention, that Lord Collingwood had intercepted a large convoy of military stores and provisions, that Were proceeding from Toulon to Barcelona, the whole of Which he had captured. Of the ships of war, under whose protection it was, an 80 and 74- gun ship were driven on shofe, where they were burned by their crews, to prevent them from falling into our hands, A frigate was also driven on shore, which, to all appearance, must be lost. An article in the Rotterdam Courant, dated Nismes, Oct 28, states, that " between ten and eleven o'clock on the night of the 26th, two loud explosions were hc. ard, within the in- terval of half ail hour between each, proceed- ing in a direction from the coast; that it was the next and the following day ascertained, that a number of French and English vessels were seen during the 26th between Cette and Aignesmortes on the coast, and that two large vessels had been driven ashore, and blown up. Other advices from the Dutch coast state the loss of the enemy to be six sail of the line captured, and two driven on shore and blown up, aud that the British lost two or three ships on the occasion. Accounts from so many dif- ferent quarters, all concurring in the main fact, though differing in particulars, induce a confident hope that the enemy have expe- rienced a signal defeat. Government have certainly received no advice upon the subject, but as Lord Collingwood was known to be cruising in the direction described several days pr- vious to the time at which the explosion was heard at Nismes, we indulge the fond hope that we shall have to add another splen- did page to the bright and glorious annuls of the British arms. The explosions heard at Nismes must h& ve been tremendous, and the French ships of the line must have been laden with great quanti- ties of gunpowder and military stores, as Nismes is some distance from the coast. It is, however, observed, that the wind was pecu- liarly favourable for the conveyance of sound Cette is situated in the point where the great Canal begins, between Montpelier and Agde on the Mediterranean. The other contents of the Foreign Papers are not of much importance. Bonaparte does not mean to set out for Spain for some time to conie ; he means to wait til! the troops of the Renish league ( who, instead of the French divisions, are to march thither from Germany) shall have arrived on the frontiers. Expectations are entertained in France that the Americans will make common cause with France, and the Northern Powers, a- gainst this Country. Thursday a very large fleet of transports arrived at Portsmouth, from the Tagus, with troops. ' The two regiments of embodied de- tachments, which gained somucli renown, at the battle of Talavera, are on board : the remainder consist of sick, amounting to iiear- boroiigh granted the Rule, as the affidavits seemed to fix Mrs. Clarke with a greater intercourse with Wright. Lord Mayor's Day.-- The old and new Lord Mayor, Sheriffs, Aldermen, & c according to an- nual custom, met at Guildhall on Thursday, about twelve o'clock j when, after partaking of a cold collation, they went in grand procession to Blackfriars- bridge, where the City barge waited to receive his Lordship and company, and in which they proceeded to Westminster. The procession returned to Blackfriars about four o'clock, and was preceded to Guildhall by the band of the East London Militia, the Leather- sellers Com- K ' To Upholsterers, Innkeepers, and othe s. JUST arrived, 300 Pair of Witney Blankets the Stock of Messrs. Fisher and Co. Bankrupts, London, selling full 30 per Cent. Unditr the Manufac- turing Prices; 140 Pieces of Russia and other Sheet- ings, Counterpanes, Bed Furnitures, Bed Ticks, Irish Linens, Home- made Ditto, Suffolk Hemps, undrejs'd Hollands, and some beautiful Patent Liuens-^ ibe Sold at very reduced Prices, Muslins of all descripti- ons, Prints, elegant Silk and Imitation Shawls, Flan- els, Calimaicos,. See. & c. to he Sold equally Cheap, at Mr. MUNSS's, Agent to the Commissioners of Bankruptcies, Market- place, Leicester. 9- TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LET. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Tolls ari ing at the several Toll Gate3 and Bars undermentioned, erested upon the Turnpike Road leading from Hinckley to Melbourn Comnion iri the County of Leicester, and the several Branches there- of, will be Let by Auction to the best Bidder or Bid- ders, at tilt Bull's Head, in Market Bosworth, on Wednesday the 22d Day of November next, be- tween the Hours of 2 and 6, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, " for Regulating Turnpike Roads," which Tolls let the last Year for the follow- ing Sums, and will be put up at the same Sums, Hinckley and Stapieton Gates, - - ,£ 121 Osbaston Gate and 4 Bars - - 120 Heather and Swepstone - 116 Hoo Ash, Old Lane, Froggat's Lane, Etigine Cartbrook, Newbold, and Swantlington >• 386 Bars ) Staunton 53 RedwooJ, ... 50 Whoever happens to be the Takers of the said Tolls, must at the same Time pay a Deposit of. Tea ; per Cent on the Rent agreed for, and be prepared to t / y Estate at O'igatkorpe, Leicestershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUC HON, By Mr. TiTTERTON, At the House of Mr. Williarh Merryihan, the B » ! l's Head Inu, in Thringstone, in the ' duntv of Lei- cester, on Monday the 87th Day of November Instant, at four o? Clock in the Afternoon, either together or in the Lots specified . below, end sub- ject to such Conditions as will be then pro- duced, AVery desirable arid compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, situated at Osgathorpe, in the said County Of Leicester, comprizing five Clos's of exceedingly rich Land, principally Grazing, with a large substantial Rarri standingon one dfthem, and called by the sever. 1 Names, and containing the re- spective Quantities following, ( viz.) A. 2 10 10 8 8 LOT 1 — The Meadow below the Canal 2.— The Swiddells 3.— The Near Snarewo. od 4— The Far Snarewood 5 — The Barn Close - - , „ „ There is, a Bed of Lime Stone ort the Estate. Mr. Moseley, the Tenant, or the above named W m. Merrvman, will show the Estate j anil further Particulars may be known Itv, application at Mr. GRE WES' Office, Saint Mary's Gate, Derby, N. B. A considerable Part ofthe Purchase Aloney may remain on Security ofthe Estate. pany, a manridingin armour, protected by a party < give Security, with sufficient Sureties for the Remain- of soldiers.--- The dinner was extremely splendid---- I < Jer of the Rent t. o the Satisfaction of the Trustees Among the company present, were the Duke ot" then present, payable at such Times as they shall Norfolk, all the Ministers of State, Flanoverian, Spanish, and American Ambassadors, the Tyrolean Deputies, Earls Radnor and St. Vincent, Lords Folkestone, Erskine, and Holland, Sir Sydney Smith and Lady, Sir F. Burdett, Mr Wardle, & c.— The Spanish Ambassador, on his healih being drank, returned thanks in a neat speech.- - The ball : n the evening was well attended, and- the dancing kept up with much < piiit to a late ho5r. 2- Wanted immediately, AStout healthy Lad as an Apprentice to a Miller and Baker.— Enquire at the Journal Office. i" his Advertisement will riot be repeated. Wanted, YOUTH as ail Apprentice to a WOOL- LEN and LINEN DRAPER, MERCER, & e. & c. Apply to J. GUTTE RIDGE, Hinckley. Linen and Woollen D upery, if c. JTOON Egrateful to his Friends and a gene- , rous Public, for their distinguished Favors since his commencement in Business, returns his sincere Thanks, and informs them he has just re- ceived an extensive and fashionable Assortment* of Goods for the ensuing Season, which he mteud' 3 of- fering On Terms worthy their Attention. Loughborough, November ti, 1809. M. BAHK. EU begs Leave to offer his gratelul Acknowledgements to his Friends and the Public for past Favors, aud respectfully informs them that he is declining the LINEN & WOOLEN U It APERY Business, and that his Stock in those Branches, which is select aud extensive, is now dis- posing of UNDER THE USUAL PRICES. J. BARKER intends in future to confine his Atten- tion to the WHOLESALE AND RET A1 L HOSIERY HAT AND GLOVE Businesses, in all their various Branches; and he trusts that his MANUFACTORY and Connections will enable him to offer such Arti- cles upon liberal Terms, as will merit a Continuance ofthe distinguished Favors with which he has been so liberally honoured. An Apprentice wanted. direct. Tiie Tolls to be Let for one Year, from the 1st of January 1810. Renters of Gates that 3tand in Ar- rears will not be allowed to bid. JAMES HOLWORTHY, C lerk to the TrUstees. Market Boswortli, October 16, 1809. ] Q. ' TURNPIKE ROAD * From Loughborough to Cavendish Bridge. NOTICE is hereby given, That the* Soils arising at the Toll Gate at Dishley, " dy^ be Let by Auction to the best Bidder, at the Plough Inn, in Loughborough, on the 23d Day of November, be- tween the Hours ofThree and Six in the Evening, in the Manner as directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike Roads, which Tolls the last Year were Let for the Sum hereafter men- tioned. Viz. £. s. d. Dishley Gate i 430 0 0 and will he put up al the same Sum. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Road, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, aud at such Times as they shall direct. HENRY HOLLAND, Clerk to the Trustees.* Loughborough, October 28, 1809, ' V" « , broi TURNPIKE ROAD Tom Loughborough to Ashby- de- la- Zouch, and from Coalorton to Rempstone. f- OAKHAM CANAL COMPANY. MR. JAMES BULLIVANT having been ap- poimed Clerk ad interim to ihe said Com- pany, in the stead of Mr. John Briggs, late Clerk, Deceased. All Letters and Communications re- specting the Affairs of the said Company, are re- quested tb be addressed to him at his Office in Oakham: Oakham, November 1, 1809. I)- WEST ALl.' s EMBELLISHMENT'S To Marmion and the Lay of the Lust Minstrel On Friday December Ist, will be Published, Price 12s. in a Port Folio, gIX highly- finished Engravings and a Vignette, ly 1,200. Dr. Frazer has come home in charge of the sick. The several reports of the loss of the Lark sloop of war in the West Indies, are unfortu nately confirmed by accounts from Admiral Rowley, which state, that that vessel upset in a dreadful gale of wind, on the third of August, when Capt.. James Nicholson, the officers and nearly all the crew perished.— J. Dobson, seaman, and two black men, were picked upon part of the wreck, by the Mo- selle sloop of war. The following persons had, a few days previous to the lamentable occur- rence, been sent on board a schooner, by which they providentially avoided the fate of their shipmates: Mr. Wm. Matthewson, j 7 carpenter; Wm. Teal, boatswain's mate ; JamesWcatherhead, seaman ; and five black men. An Account, shewing what has been re- deemed of the National Debt, the Land Tax, and Imperial Loan, to the 1st of November, 1809: — Redeemed by Annual Million, & c. .£ 76,631,173 Ditto on account of Loans 82,894, § 4 I Ditto by Land Tax - 26,384,96". Ditto by 11, per Cent, per Ann. on Im- perial Loan - - 1,006,033 Tranferred for Purchase of Life An- nuities ... 919,903 from the Designs of the above celebrated Ar- tist; illustrative of the Six Cantos of Marmion, a Tale of Flodden Field, by Walter Scott, Esq. of a Size adapted to the Library Copies of that Poem recently Published ; or Proofs on Quarto Paper, Price II 4s. designed to accompany the original Edition. Also, Price 12s. Six Engravings and a Vigrieite, of equal excel- lence, illustrative of Mr. Scott's Poem of The Lay of the last Minstrel ; of which likewise a few Impfcssi- , ons will be provided to accompany the Quarto Edi- ( tion of that Poem, on the Terms already mentioned. | London . Published by John Sharpe, opposite ! Albany, Piccadilly, NOTICE is hereby given, That the Tolls arising at the Toll Gates undermentioned, will be Let by Auction to tiie best Bidder, at the Plough Inn, in Loughborough, on the s3d Day of November, between the Hours of Three and Six in the Evening, in the Manner as directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year ofthe B- eign of his Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike Roads, which Tolls the last Year were Let for the Sums hereafter mentioned, ( viz.): L. s. d. Loughborough Gate, Gracedieu Gate, THringstone Gate and Thringstone Bar 132 0 0 Ashby Lane Gate and Coalorton Bar 103 0 0 Belton Gate and Normanton Bar 178.0 0 And will he put up at the same Sums. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time g. ve Security, with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Road, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. HENRY HOLLAND, Clerk to the Trustees. Loughborough, October 28, 1809. / A. ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. CHAPMAN, At Mr. Smith's, tiie New Inn, in Whitwick, On Mon- day the 20th Day of November, 18,, 9, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to certain Condi- tions of Sale ; 1^ K> U R Cottages or Tenements* with a Stocking- . maker's Shop and Gardens belonging thereto, situate in Whitwick, in the County of Leicester, in the several Tenures of John Pare, Robert How, Widow Bradley, and Widow Moore. Also, a Piece of Land in Whitwick aforesaid, con- taining Three Roods or thereabouts, iti the Occupati- on of John Pare. For Particulars apply to Mr. PIDDOCKES OFFICE, in Ashby- de- la- Zoueb. }~ f Sale of Uind. /• TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ' By Mr. CHAPMAN, At the New Inn, Whitwjck, in the County of Leices- ter, on Monday, Nov. 2t, 1809, between the Hours ofThree and Five o'clock in the Aftcritoon, in Lots, and subject to such Conditions as will be then produced; SEVERAL very valuable Frc • hold Closes, con- taining together upwards of Fifty Acres of capi- tal Land ; also the House and Harris, & c. tilt on- — The Land is in liigH Cultivation and well ada t d for either Grazing or Tillage, situate in the Pan h is of Swannington and Whitwick, and in theOccu; . tio i of the Owner, Mr. Samuel Wilson, of Ashby- tle- la- Zouch, of whoiil any further Information he had. may Coventry, October 16, 1809. Freehold Estates at Pailtort. Copies of each of the Poems, with the Em- bellishments, in a Variety of splendid and elegant Bindings, will be kept constantly 011 Sale, at No. 186, Piccadilly ; w here also ihe Lovers of the Arts are invited to inspect the original Drawings. / z. TO BE LET, And entered upon at Lady- day 1810, ACapital Grazing, Arable, and Dairy Farm, consisting of a convenient Dwelling- house, with suitable Outbuildings, and about 147 Acres of Land, Tythe* free, and very desirably situated at Barkby, 111 the County, and about 4 Miles from the Town, of Leicester, now occupied by Mr. Joliu lllstone. Mr. JOHNCARNALof flarkby Thorpe will shew the Farm, and Persons wishing to take it are re- quested to apply at the Office of Messrs. WARD, LOCKETT, and BALGUY, in Derby. Derby, October 31, 1809. Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. Total - - The sum to be expended in Quarter is 2,893,877/. I Is. Qd. ^ 183,897,715 the ensuing THE Public are informed that the Several very valuable Estates of ROGER POCKLING- TON, late of Newark- upon- Trent, Banker, situa'e j JOURNAL OFFICE, at Winthovpe and Balderton, in the County of Not- tingham, and at Saxelbye in the County ot Lincoln, will shortly be offered for Sale by Auction.* Also that the valuable Estates of WILLIAM DICK- INSON, late of the same Place, Banker, situate at Sutton- upon- Trent,, and Newark in the County of ! Nottingham, will be offered for Sale in like Man- i ner, together with thejoint Estates of the said Roger Pocklington anil William Dickinson, situate at Ret- ford in the said County of Nottingham, and at New- ark aforesaid. As soon as the Lots can be arranged and the Particulars prepared ( of which due Notice will be given) they may be had by applying to Mr. ALL- SOPP, Solicitor, Nottingham, and Messrs. SHAWES and LE BLANC, Solicitors, New Brid. London, / 3- TO BE SO LD, AModern and Substantial Town- built Chario't, that has been very little used, with plated Furniture, patent Axle Trees, 3 handsome Lamps, Barouche Dicket Box, large Leather Travelling Trunk, and an Imperial, very handsomely trimm'd in the Inside with Drab Cloth ; red Morocco Leather Squabs and Cushions, and broad rich Lace Venetian Blinds; Plate Glass, and Spring Coitains; Seat Box, & c. The Whole is in exceeding good Condition, and lit for a Gentleman's Travelling Carriage. For Particulars, ( or to be seen), enquire of Messrs PEF. TS, Coach Makers, Leicester; and at the TO BE SOLD BY A" CTION, By Mr. BURTON, At the Sign of the Black Horse, in Grimstone, on the 29th Day of November Instant, at. 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon, unless sooner Disposed of by private Contact, AHouse, with a Barn, Stable for two Horses, Yard, Garden, and other Conveniences, at Wartnaby in the County of Leicester, now in the Oc- cupation of Mr. Thomas Spihy, who will shew the Premises. Immediate Possession may be had, and Half llie Purchase Money may remain 011 Security of the Property if required. For further Particulars apply to Mr. SPIBY af e street, Wartnaby, or at the Office of Mr.' HURBIDGE, 1 New Street, Leicester, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By RICHARD BOOTH, At the House of Samuel Arnold, known by the Sign ofthe White Lion, situate in Pailton, iu tr. e Parish of Monks Kirhy, in the County of Warwick, on Wednesday the 29th Day of November uext, be- tween the Hours of 4 and 6 o'clock in the After- noon, subject to the Conditions which will tlieii be produced; rPllE following FREEHOLD ESTATES, JL late belonging to Mr. Joseph Bosworth, of Brockhurst, in the said Parish of Monks Kirby, Gra- zier, Deceased, viz. LOT I. All those 3 Pieces or Parcel* of rich, Arable, Mea- dow, and Pasture Ground, sit ate in Pa Ito- i afore- said, commonly called by the Names of Fir-' siiuck- horough Meadow, Second Slluckborough Meadow, and Little Brakeley Hill, or Ballard's (.. lose, con- taining by Admeasurement 6 Acres, 3 Roods, and 9 Perches, be the sanle more or less, and now in the Occupation of J. Wright and the said VV. Hollis. This Lot is Tythe- free, but is subject to a Right of Way to a Close of Charity Land adjoining thereto. LOT II. All those 5 Pieces or farce's of rich Arable. Mea- dow, and Pasture Ground, with the Barns, Stables, Cowhouses, and other Outbuildings, standing there- on, situate in Pailtort aforesaid, corfliitonly culled by the Nacries of Brakely Hill Close, the Pingle, Bog Close, the Bottom Piugle, the First. Meadow below the Dam, and the Gardeq, containing together by; Admeasurement, 14 Acres, be the same more or less, and now in the Occupation ofthe said William Hollis. The Whole of thiS Lot is Tythe- free, fxcept the Dam Meadow and Garden. LOT III. All those 3 Pieces or Parcels of rich Meadow Land, called the Second, Third, and Fourth Meadows | below the Dam, containing by Admeasurement, 6 Acres, 2 Roods, and 32 Perches, be the same mora or less, and now in the nol ling of the said Williaui Hollis. This Lot is subject to' Tythe. An Annual Land Tax of o£ T 4 5f is payable for Lots 1, 2, and 3. LOT IV. All that compact beautiful add convenient small Farm with the new erected Messuage and Outb lil l - ings, standing thereon, situate in Pailton afore ai l, adjoining to he Turnpike Road from Cm entry tj Lutterworth, and containing in the Whole bv Ad- measurement, 43 Acres, 3 Roods, and 12 Perches,- of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, be thi same more or less, now in the Occupation of Johif Bosworth arid William Ar'is. This Lot is Tythe- free, and subject only lo an An- nual Land Tax of .£ 2. 5s. lOd. The Fences are ex- cellent and abound with fine young Thriving Timber Trees, which are to betaken at a Valuation. The several Occupiers are yearly Tenants and i have Notice to quit at Lady- day next, except Wm. Aris, who holds one Close only under a Lease, com- prising strict Covenants respecting Management, two Years whereof will remain Unexpired at Lady- , day uext. | The Lands of each Lot Its together in aRingFence* 1 and no Lot. is incommoded by Road or Way to any other Lot or Lots. Printed Particulars will be left at the principal Inns in Coventry, Warwick, Lutterworth, Hinck- ley, and CoteshiU, aud at the White Lion, in Pali- ton, in due l ime ; and further Information mttv Ha previously had on Application to the Rev M-, PODMORE, of Monks Kiiby aforesaid, Mr. BO->- WORI'H," Draper, or Mr. DICKENS, Solicitor, in Coveutiy, the Trustees for Sale. The respective Tenants will shew ( lis Premises, and a Plan and Admeasurement of th.- different L..: s may be seen at the Office vf Messrs- DICKKN8, Soli ci tors, Co yetry, f. eicester Journal, and Midland Counties G e n e r a l Advertiser. Wednesday's and I hursday's Post LONDON, WEDNESDA > November 15 Several more private letters were yesterday Veceived from Spain ; but with the exception of a report of' intelligence having re iched Cadiz just as the packet was about to sail, of Gerona having at length been compelled to Surrender, they contain no intelligence of im- portance. Yesterda\ r several Ladies, who have been inhumanly detained in. France during the war, • arrived in town, inconsequence of the order which has at length been given for the re- lease of the women.— Gentleman also con- trived to make his escape, and came over in the same vessel, an American. He left Paris on the 4th instant. They all confirm, the account of Bonaparte's epilepsy, and say that he continues at Fontainbleau for the pur- pose of recruiting his health. But his mind is as active as ever. He is, if possible more raiicaous than ever in enmity to England.— Ah ihe endeavours that have been made by the British Government to procure an ex- change of prisoners, or the enlargement of; those detained at the commencement of the j war, nave failed. They all speak of the s'ate j , of iv retchcdness that prevails in the country, j Universal complainU are heard of the fatal j cllects of his insatiable ambition. j Flushing.— A Gentleman writes thus on the 1 Oth of November:—" I have just been with j an officer all over the ramparts aud through the place, which is so much improved since 1 was here last, about six years, that I hardly knew it again, so long as you know I had re- sided here. 1 verify, that so small a number as oOo men, with the assistance, of the navy, would be able to repel all and every force which it is possible ( physically, as the rela- tive powers now stand) for Bonaparte to bring against it. 1 nave often thought of you, . on account of your recommending bathing imme- diately on my arrival, und daily aftawards, as a specific preventive of the disorder of the climate : I have done it, and have not been once il1 • and J am propagating he idea as widely as I can, in the hope that, eccentric as it seems, it will prove right." The Statement ot the Tyrolese Deputies, lately arrived here, commences with the aliairs of that interesting country, in the year 17b> 8, containing a lung catalogue of its suf- ferings from t rench cruelty and rapacity.— It concludes thus :— " From tueconcurring accounts in the Dutch, Geiman, and French papers, which . are copied inio tne daily prints ol London, it is placed beyond all d" U0(, that trie 1 yroles « and Voraibergers per- severe in their obstmate lesisiatice to theFreneh and their Allies. " 1 hey are, indeed now free, but at the ex- penie ot veiy uncommon sacrifices" Numbers of them ifiourn their fathers, biothers, and sons, not slain in oati e. but, for the most pift, muidered in the most inhuman manner. Four towns and twen y- i flourishing villages are reduced to heaps ofashes no. to mermen the destruction ol a num- ber ot detached cottages, i tiese calamities are telt mure sensibly in a Jimate which is very fai from being mild I he m untatns of the Tyro! and Yoralberg have, ever since ' he beginning ol Octo- ber, been covered with snow and ice. 1 lie . inha- bitants, tnough accustomed to subsist upon* the harct- ii taie. can, alter so many eievas ations, pil- lages, cunflagiatons, and hardships of every kind, scarcely gel wherewithal! lo satisfy the cravings of na. ure. Multitudes ai this moment are happy in being. allowed some little corner in a ciowdeu barn, Stable, or hut. " in spite ol all these sufferings, they are fully determined never to listen to any accommodation with Buonaparte, or consent lo be again governed by the iron sceptre ol Bavarta This determina- tion though it may appear rash, can be satisfacto- rily am ounted lor, from the above staled cruelties, exactions, anu oppressions. All, to a man, trained to the most sktiiui use ot the rifle; inured to the inclemencies ot the seasons; defended by huge mountain.', accessible to none but tntmselves; sur- rounded in every direction by, and allied to, . fi - A Stewards. sa LL i i > UWOh t ii e O. s v. I'. K is. J 11E first Subscription Concert will beat tlw Greyhound Inn, ( which has lately been fitted up for that Purpose) on Monday Evening, Novem- ber 20, 1809. Rev. T TERNARY, Mr. WORTIIlNGTON, Mr. HICK EN ROTH AM, ) PARTI. Overture to Esther.— Handel. Concerto— CortUi. Song, Mr. Coll. us— Handel. Overture to Lodoiska. PART II. Overture — Haydn. Grand Concerto — Handel. Song Mr. Co\\\ ns-- Handel. Conceito Piano Pone— Mr. F. Marshal. Gr *! Finale Gentlemen's Ticket tor the three Concerts 15s. — Ladies Ditto, 10s. 6d.—' To be had of J. Bft trill, and at the Denbigh Arms Inn. Tickets to Non- Subscribers 5s each. Concert commences at Half- past 7 o'Clock. lO BE SOLD BY Pit: VA i E CuN I RACT, " WO Houses with Soops ana sundry. Uut- .1 offices in the Yard, s tu- ite ill High.-. Cross Sireet, and Corner of Thornton Lane, Leicester, now in the Occupation of Mr. Adams, Clothier, and Mr. Pickard, Hair Dresser. Foi further Particulars and to Treat for the same, apply to J. EDWYN, Surveyor, near the New Work Gates . Leicester, November 15, 1809. Valuable Freehold Estate and Advowson, cestershire. 24. L%- Cfceatrt, ILtimttx. it- BY PERMISSION. This present Friday, Nov. 17, 1809, will be presented for the first Time these 5 Years, a celebrated histo- rical Play, called DEAF and DUMB; Or, the Orphan protected. This popular Play, founded on Facts, was adapted for tbe Stage by Mous. Bouilly, the famous French Dramatist, translated by C. Kcmble, Esq. and pro- duced at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, where it was performed upwards of 40 Nights the first Season, with the greatest Attraction, After which, the first Time these 7 Years, a grind Dramatic Romance, called. VALENTINE and OR. 3ON ; Or, the Wild Man of Orleans. The Dialogue written by T. Dibdin, Esq— f'be Over- ture and Music by Mr. Jouve.— With appropriate Scenery, Decorations, Dresses, Banners, & c. &, c. On Saturday the IStliNov. will be performed the Comedy of SPEED THE PLOUGH. To which will be added, forthe second Time, VALENT INE ar. d ORSON. On Mondav Evening, the Tragi dy of ALEXANDER THE GREAT; • Or, the Rival Queens. With for the tastTime, VALEN 1 INE AND ORSON. of the late A new Dramatic Piece commemorative Grand Jubilee in Preparation. The Tragedy of Macbeth, adapted as a grand se- rious Pantomime by Mr. F. lliston, atthe Royal Cir- cus London, . vill be prodneed in a short Time. BOXES 3s. PIT 2s.—— GALLfRY Is. Tickets and Places for the Boxes to be taken at Mr. Johnson's Fruit Shop, Upper End of the Market- place.— Pit and Gallery Tickets to be had at the Printers. - * V. The Doors to be opened at Half- past Five, and'the Performance to bestin at Half- psatSix o'Clock. ll Pa? ms to he Let And TO BE LET, entered upon at Lady. day next, A Capital Farm at A'by Grange, near Alford, ' in the County of Lincoln. This Farm lies very compact and convenient for Occupation, and consis s of about Four Hundred aud Twenty Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture, with a suitable Pro- poition of rich Marsh Land. Also to be Let and en- tered upon at Lady- day next, a most, desirable Cow and Sheep Farm, at 1' horesby, near Alford, in the aforesaid County, consisting of about Two Hundred and Forty Acres in the highest Stat* of Cultivation, i For further Particulars enquire ( Post- paid) of M. , THOMPSON, Gardiner, Ttioresby, uear Alford, i with whom sealed Proposals are required to be left ' ou or before the first Day of December next. Holbeach Marsh, Lincolnshire. TO BE LET BY PROPOSAL, And entered upon at Lady- day next, Old. Style', AValuable Farm, situate in Holbeach Marsh, in the County of Lincoln, called Crow Marsh Farm, consisting of a Messuage or Dwelling House, with appropriate Outbuildings, and 380 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in convenient Inclosures, no, v in the Tenure of Mr. Thomas Bur- rows. A Tract of about 35 Acres of open Salt Marsh, between the Embankment, an d the Sea, appertains to the Estate. Proposals are to be made, and delivered in Writ and BONNER, Solicitors, ing to Messrs. FOSTER mountaineers that are animated will the same love j Spalding, before the tlth of December next; and of independence ; reared up and happy in pover- ty ; leligious, virtuous from habit ; utter stran- gers to luxuty ; prefering their barren mountains to ihe most fruitful soils-— and, above all, remem- bring ihe horrible outrages committed by the order ot Liuoriaparte, to whom they have to oppose " lie hundred und Jifiy • Iwusana sharpshooters, in a country where no iegula< r armies can act, and where they, and they alone Know the paths to pro cure supplies, if Jie- y have but the means to pur- chase l/ im.-- Sucfl a hardy, stubborn, and athletic race of men, ate very torFiidabie enemies. Such they have certainly Droved to France, and no peaee which their beloved Prince may have been compelled to enter into, will induce them to ue- come a party to it. •' They aie firmly resolved either to conquer of die. « D. SCHoENCHER. " MUI. LER Major." London, November 12, 1809. Ft oof of cur going all to ruin, through want of Commerce.— On Friday there were reported atthe Custom house, London, 95 ships; on . Saturday 105; on Monday, 99. In three days 29s) ; all richly laden with Naval Stores, from which the Arch- enemy of Great Bri- tain thieatened and threatens to d- epeive this envied land ! on Application to them the Terms of Cultivation, &. c. may be known, Spalding, November 14, 18i 9. / f. PUBLIC ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. \\ : IIEREAS 1 JOHN BIRD, ofthe Lount, U- r t- ouni) oi L, cicestei HUNDRED ot FRAMLAND. HE ASSIZE of BREAD— Set the 31st Day ol October, 1809, to continue 14 Days lb. oz. dr ThePenny Loal Wheaten to weigh 0 4 Ditto Houlhold, - 0 6 Twopenny Loaf Wheaten 10 HfetgU 0 9 Ditto Houfhold, - - 0 12 Sixpenny Loaf Wlieaten to weigh 1 11 Ditto Houlhdld, - 2 5* Twelvepenny Loal Wheaten to weigh 3 12 Ditto Honfhold, - " 4 10 Eighteenpenny Loal Wheatento weigh 5 2 Ditto Houlhoid, - 6 15 R. NORMAN. T. B. BUKNABY. TO BE SOLD BY PR1VA 1 E CONTRACT, AValuable and very improvable FREEHO LD EST AT E, ' l'ythe- free, situate in a fertile Par. t of the County of Leicester,, within 15 Miles of the Town of Leicester, and 4 of Atheistone, and consisting ofa Manor and sundry Farm Houses, and about 900 Acres of inclosed Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, lying nearly in a. Ring Fence, in a good State of Cultivation, and . Let to Tenants who are under Notice to quit at Ladv- day next. Also the perpetual Adyowson of. tlie Living, which is a Rectory, and of the Annual Value of One Thousand Pounds or thereabouts. For fuither Pariiculars and to treat for the Pur- chase, apply to Messrs. MIDDLEMORE and PER- CY, Solicitor's, " Nottingham, if by better, Post- paid. To Milters. TOsBE SOLD BY aUCTION, By R. GLENHAM, At the Royal Oak Inn, in Uppp. nghnm, on Wednes- day, Nov. the 22nd, 1809, between the Hours of three atl five in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then and there pro duceo; I'V\ O Freehold Windmills, with about 2i Acres ot good Ljnd to esi h, standing nenr the Turnpike Road leading from Uppingham to Manifold. For a View of the Premises apply to Mr, THOS. SF. WF. LL, of Uppingham, tlis. Owner. 27. 10 BE SOLD BY AUCT ION, y- Bv Mr BURTON, On Monday the 4th Day of December next, at the House of Joseph Littiewood, ia Kirby Bellars, in • the County of Leicester,' at o'Clock in the Af- ternoon, ( subject to sueS' Conditions as will be then produced) unless previously Disposed of by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given; ' WO Messuages or T- nements with Yards and Outbuildings belonging thereto, situate in the. Town of Frisby- upon- tlie- Wreak, in the County of Leicester, and in the several Tenures of Thomas Brown and John Bloodworth. And also a Close of rich Pasture or Meadow Ground, lying in the Lordship of Kirby Bellars aforesaid, containing by Admeasurement 9A. 1R. 6P. and in the Tenure of For Particulars and to Treat for the Purchase by private Contract, apply. to Mr. LATHAM, or Mr. CLARKE, Attomies- at- Law, in Melton Mowbray. Melton Mowbray, Novemoer 14, 1809. , Valuable" Lime ' Trees, Underwood, 6fc. JA, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. GLEN HAM, Ou Thursday and Friday, the 23d and 24th Days of November, 1809, on the Premises of Campbell Morris, Esq. ofLoddington, Leicestershire; CONSIST ING of 25 capital Lime Trees, for Size, Height, and Quality of Wood, is sup- posed byAludges not to be equalled by any; 150 Lots of Underwood, Ash, and Sallow Poles, now numbered and divided into Lots. The Poles will be found well worth the Attention of Carpenters, Coopers, and others, as being the Growth of 25 Years. The Purchasers can be accommodated with Out- house, Sawpits, &. c. to cut up the Lime, if required. -— Ihe Underwood will be Sold on Thursday the lst Day. The Time of Credit and Condition will be produced at the Time of Sale. N.\ B. The Lime will be Sold in Lets for the Con- venience of Purchasers. Sale to commence each Day at 11 o'Clock. T Valuable Long- horned Dairy Cows, Heifers, iyc. *}/} fO BE SOLD BY AUCT ION, By Mr. HOLLIER, On Monday the 27th Day of Nov. 1809, on the Pre- mises of the late Mr. Edward Haekett, of Nailstone, in the County of Leicester, deceased ; CONSISTING of 17 capital In calf Cows, 4 Barren Do. 6 In- calf Heifers, Barren Do. and 21 Fat Sheep. Mr. Hackett has paid the greatest Attention to the Breed of his Cofs, having hired Bulls from RiJiard Astley, Esq. and other eminent Breeders iu the Country. The Cows are In- calf to a capital Shake- spear Bull bred by Mr. Wiufield, and the Heifers to a Bull got by one of Richard Astleys, Esq. The Sale to begin precisely at 10 o'Clock. or-. TO BESOLD BY AUCTION, ** ( IN I- OTS) On Wednesday the 6th of December, ( if not previ- ously Disposed of by private Contract) FIVE I- louscs all adjoining, situate in Gate Lane, in EailShllton. For View of the Pre- mises atid other Particular, apply to JOHN BOND, who resides near the Premises. EariShilton, Nov. 15, 1809. c Useful Household Furniture, Dairy Utensils, 5/ Tubs, Barrels, t) C. *> » • 10 BE SOLD BY AUC HON, By Mr. DAVIS, On Monday and Tuesday next, Nov. 20 and 21, 18.09, at the House of Mr. Coltison, opposite ( Harts Lane, High Street, Leicester; ONS1ST ING of Feather Beds, Blankets, Chests of Drawers, Bureaus, ' 1 ables. Chairs, Desks, Counters, Shelves, Nest of Drawers, Cup boards, very good 3- Fold Screen, Oven and Range, useful Brass Pots and Pans, 3 Pajr of Pewter Water I Plates, Pewter Scales and Weights ; the Dairy Uten- sils are a very- good 18- Gallou, Brass Cheese and MilkjPans, capital large Barrel Churn, in good Con- dition, Milk Pails; also a capi al Assortment of Brewing Tubs, Corn Ditto, several 18 and 20 Gallon Barrets, good Wash Trays, Tubs, Clothes Flaskets, with a great Variety of other Articles. Sale to begin each Morning at Ten o'clock. Chamwood Forest and Rothley Plain Inclosure. - OBE SOI L BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOTT, Under the Powers of an Act passed in tbe i8ilr Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, for allotting aud inclosing the Forest or C'hace of Charuwood and Rothley Plain, in the Coun y of Leicester, and conformably to the Statute of the 41st of George the ' third, at the Anchor Inn, is Loughborough, ou Thursday tbe 21st Day of De- cember next, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon ; On the said Forest. One Parcel of Land situate at Eawdon Castle, containing 277A 1R. 31 P. suirouiided by the: Loughborough and Boswcrth, the Charley and Ul- verscroft, and the Woodhouse Roads. One other Parcel of Land, situate at Charley Knoivl, containing 200A. 3R. 35P. bounded on the Fiast by the Sheepshead and Newton Road ; on tiie South, by the Loughborough and Bosworth Uond; on tbe West; by the Charley, and CivetsCroft Road ;. and on the North by Part ofthe said Forest. Printed Particulars with Plan annexed may be had atthe principal Inns in Leicester, Loughborough, Astiby- de la- Zoueh, Derby, and Nottingham ; and at the Offices of Mr. CRADOCK, Mr. PIDDOCKE, and Mr. BLUNT, Cleiks to tbe Commissioners, and in the mean Time any Information may be had at Mr. SMITHS, Shcepshead, and Mr. IVEsONS, Loughborough, Surveyors to the Inclosure, Given under our Hands this 1st Day of November, 1809. ROBT. H. WYATT, JOSEPH OUTRtM, THOMAS EAGLE, JAMES GREEN. Lei- < 7 a Neat Cattle. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. SHAW, On the Premises, on Wednesday, the 22d of No- vember, 1809, to begin at 10 o'Clock precisely Hp HE Entire STOCK of Long- Horned Cows, 1 Heifers, and Stirks, ( about Sixty in Number,) the Property of Mr. COX, ' Of Culland, six Miles from Derby, ( who is declining the Dairying System.) » This Stock has been brought forward with great At- tention and Expence for more than Forty Years, aud is descended from various Crosses of all the best known Loiig Horiis i'n the K ngdom. Patticular Care has been paid to Milk, and it is allowed that it is more united with good Carcasses in this Stock thjMi any that has ever yet been offer'd to Sale Culland is'One Mite Irom Brailsford, where there are three Inns, and good Accommodations. Valuable Stocking Frames. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr DAVIS, On Wednesday November 22, 1809, at the House of Mrs. Spencer, the Sign of the Fleur de Lis, Bel- grave Gate, Leicester, at 2 o'Clock in the After- noon, npWENTY- TWO valuable Stocking Frames, JL tbe Property of Mrs. DAWSON. Lot. G 1 24 Useful Household Furniture, Live and Dead r> A Stock. < JV~ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. OWST ON. On the Premises, at Market Bilsdon, ill tbe County of Leicester, on Thursday the 28th Day of ttits Instant November, 18l9, at Ten o'clock; ' r I H E genteel and useful Household Furniture, T China, Glass, Copper, seasoned Casks, a useful Poney, capital Hay, Fence Fleaks, and other Effects, the Property of Mr. PARKER, ( Who is leaving Bilsdoti) ; Consisting of 4 Post and Field Bedsteads, mounted in Loudon Print, Manchester, Cheque and White Callico Furnitures ; Feather and Wool Beds, Mat- trasses, Blankets, Quilts and Counterpanes, ln- laid Oak Chests of Drawers, and Bason Stand, excellent Mahogany, Oak Dining, Card, Dressing, and other TabLs; Oak stain'd and other Chairs, good 30- Hour Clock, lasbioHable China and Glass, a 20- Gallofi Copper, 2 18- Gallon Casks, and good Kitchen Requisites. The Stock consists of a useful Poney, a Rick of capital Hay, ( got without wet); a Quantity of Hay in the Barn, and Fence Flcaks, about 50 Cwt. of Coals, 2 Saddles and Bridies, & c. & e. Catalogues may be had on Saturday next, on the Premises, and of Mr. OWSTON. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 24 21 24 32 20 22 30 26 24 24 24 18 20 25 30 24 21 20 • 25 27 24 IV. 15 16 15 15 19 Mr. Whvlies, Framesmith, Leicester Ditto, Ditto, Ditto Ditto, Ditto, Ditto Ditto, Ditto, Ditto R. Gnmbley, Wood Boy Street, near the Public Wharf Benjamin Taylors, Sanvy Gate Ditto, Ditto, Ditto Mr. Gamble's, Barkbyflane, near the Cross, Belgrave Gate Robert Palmers, Woo I B y Street Thomas Goodrich, Belgrave G. Dawson, Bakehouse Lane Ditto,. Ditto Ditto, Ditto John Dawson, Ditto Ayres, London Road Archbald and Sibsou, Framesmith, South Gate Street 15 > G, 15 S 15? Mr. Langdon's Warehouse, Belgrave 16 £ Gate Id Mr. Veasy, Framesmith, Belgrave- gate They are all Plain and iu very good Condition, and well worth the Attention of Purchasers. 15 15 16 15 15 16 15 16 15 15 15 Dawson, Bakehouse Lane J/- Copyhold Estate, Sheepshead. County of Leicester, Yeoman, did some ' 1 tme past, wiUudy and malicitjusly attack the Ghaiacter of Edwaio !'• ice, of Coieorton, in the said County of Leicester, Coal Bailiff, by declaring that he had been bistioncst in the Service of his Employers, and for which he hath justly commenced an Action again- t n. e, but hath consented to withdraw the sat, e, upi n my paying the Costs already incurred, and making .. pubiic Apology for my Offence; I HUNDRED of GAR'I KEE. The Affize ol Bread iorthe Hundred of Gartree, in the County ol Leiceiler. lb et. dr. The Sixpenny Luaf Wheaten is to weigh . . 1 9 14 The Sixpenny Loal Houfhold 2 2 14 The Tvvelvepeiiny Loal Wheate i 3 " 3 12 The Twelvcpenny LoalHoulhotd 4 5 12 Set by ustwoofhis M ajelt y'sjutt ices oi the Peace iu and ( or the faid Hundred, the 7th £> ay ol Nov. 1809, and tocontinue in iorce lor 14 Days ( rum Saturday next. C. J. BF. WICKE. E. GRIFFIN. HUNDRED of GUTHLAXLON. Alii z of Bread lot the Hundred ot Guthlaxtori o take place on Monday the 2d of October, to be in Force until another Alflze is 1 et lor the faid Huu- TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, * By Mr. HEWITT, At the Bull Head Inn, in Sheepshead, in the County of Leicester, ou Monday the 27th Day of Nov. 1809, at three o'Clock in the Afternoon, according to Conditions as will be then produced ; THAT well known Public House known by the Sign of the Bull's Head, laiely belonging to Mrs. START, Deceased, And situated in the Centre of the Town of Sheeps- head with or without a Malt Office adjoining. The House contains House, 2 Parlours, Back Kitchen, Brewhouse, and large capital Cellar, with Lead Pump in the Brewhouse, Chambers and Attics over them, large Club or Dining Boom de- tached from the House, large Garden, good Stable, and every convenient Outbuilding requisite, with 2 small Dwellings attached to the same. Part of the Purchase Money may remain in the Purchasers Hand on approved Security. The Purchaser may have immediate Possession and may be accommodated with capital Brewing Vessels, and every other Article in the public Business, Li- cences, & c. Sheepshead, Nov. 16th. Valuable Live Stock, Grass Keep, Turnips, and Hay until the 5 th of April, 1810. 3// TO BESOLD BY AUC'l ION, < S* By v: r. DAVIS, On Wednesday November 29, 1809, THE valuable Live Stock, Hay, Grass Keep, Turnips, & c. of Mr. JOHN ILLSTON, On the Premises at Barkby, Leicestershire; Consisting of 4 valuable In- calved Cows, 2 In- calved Heifers, 3 two Year old Steers, capital Nag Horse 4 Yeat s old; 42 Acres of good Grass Keep in Lots, with 7 Tons of Hay, 15 Acres of Turnips, very good Lair and full Crop. The Whole to be eaten on the Premises, and cleared by the 5th of April next. Sale to begin in the Morning at 10 o'Clock. The Beast will be found very fresh and useful ; the Horse is in excellent Condition, and fit for a Gig or Road. Manors and Estates, in the County oj t t cester. W TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mi. R. ROUSE, At the Bell Inn, in Leicester, on Friday the 8th Day of December, 1 809, at 3 o'Clock In the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale, as shall be then and there produced ; IN 23 LOTS, For the Accommodation of Purchasers; SUNDRY valuable Freehold and Tithe- free Estates, situate in the Parishes of Quenebo- rough and South Cl'oxton, in the County of Leices- ter, about 6 K/ les from Leicester, and 9 from Mel- ton Mowbray,' late tiie Property of JOHN PEACH HUNGEh FORD, Esq. Consisting ofthe Manors of Queneborough and South Croxton, with Barsby, and 10 convenient Farm Houses, with useful and commodious Outbuild- ings, and several Cottages and Gardens, w ith divers Closes of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, sus- lounded with Quick Fences, and in a high State of Cultivation, containing in the Whole 119i Acres and upwards, well watered and supplied with Game. Mr John Whittle, of Queneborough, will she. r the Estate, anil printed Particulars may be had at the Offices, of Mr. GREiN, Solicitor, Spalding, Liu colushire; Mr. BURBIDGE, Solicitor, Leicester j- the Horse and Groom, Queneborough ; and of the Auctioneer, at Marker llarborough ; and Plans of. the Estate skewing the several Lots inspected at any ol the said Places after the ,5th of November In- stant. Spalding, November 7, 1809. A1 Northamptonshire.— Mansion House und Lund adjoining, suitable either for a Family or Spotting Residence, f a TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, J- il-' By Mr. SMIT H, At the White Hart Inn, in Kettering, in the County of Northampton, on I neday tbe Twenty Eight Day of November Instant, ot Twelve o'Clock at Noon, Capital MANSION HOUSE, situate at Geddington, near Ketiering, in the said County, comprising very large and excel. ent vaulted Cellars, a Hal!, Dining Room, Drawing Room, study, Servant's Hall, Housekeeper's Room, and all proper Conveniences on the Ground Floor, six Chambers, and good Attics; with two Coachhouses, Stables for at. least Twelve Horses, excellent Barns, and various other suitable Offices, large Garden well planted with Trees, Orchard, Lawn, Pleasure Ground, Shrubberies, and about Twenty Seven Acres of extremely rich inclosed Tithe free Land adjoining. The House L beautifully situated, in a goodNeigb- bourhood, a most Pleasant and Spotting Part of the County, full of Game, and near the first Fox Hounds in the Kingdom , and the Whole is bouuded on the West by the River Jee Tlie Turnpike Road from Ketteiing to Stamford runs through the Village and the Leeds Mail passes through Ketteiing every day. Immediate Possession may be had, and the Pur- chaser may be ace mm aaied with as much more Land ai may be suitable to him. Apply to Mr. SHARMAN, of Hardwick, near Wellingboro'; and to Messrs. HODSON, Solicitors, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. RHEUMATISM. T / 3- " O those afflicted with Pain in the Joints, died The Penny Loa 1 Wheaten to weigh Ditto Houiliold Ditto The Two- penny Loat VVheatcn Ditto Ditto Houthold Ditto tb. 0 0 0 » i. ar. 3 14 5 2 7" 12 ihe said John 15 rd do therefore hereby Acknow- ! The Six- penny Loaf Wheaten Ditto ledge that 1 madt use ot such expressions wnh an intent to injure the said Edward Price in the Es- timation of his Employers, without any foundation whatever, and tor which OtTence 1 do beg his Par- don, and Thank him for the Lenity he lus shewn me. The Mark X of JOHN BIRD. Witness to the Signing hereof, VVM. M- il. sLEY. A « bby- tts- la- Zouch, NUT. 15th, 1809. ,4 1 7 4 1 14 2 14 3 13 5 13 S Ditto Houlhold Ditto he Twelvepenny LoalWheaten Ditto Ditto Houfhold Ditto The Eighteenpenny Loaf Wheaten Ditto 4 2 Ditto Houlhold Ditto 5 12 6 T. BURNABY. ' C. CHAMBERS. Every Wheaten Loaf isto be marked with a large Roman W. audevery Houlhold Loaf with alatgc Ro all H\ on Pain cf forieitint not matstlian 20s and not less than 5s, for every Loaf; 32, Sheepshead. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HEWIT T, On Tuesday the 28th Day of November, 1809, ALL the Household Furniture, Plants, Trees, Seeds, & c belonging to Mr. T. CROFTS, Ga- diner, & c. Sheepshead ; The Furniture consists of Chairs, Tables, Clock, Bedding and Bedsteads, Pots, Pans, Fire Range, and almost every Kind ol Kitchen Utensils. The Garden contains about 1 Acre of early and Cow Cabbage Plants, about 400 young Apple and Cherry Trees, large Quantity of Scotch and Larch Firs, of 2 and 3 Years- growth, large Quantity ef Garden Seeds of various Sorts, Horse, Cart, & c. gale ta besiii at 10 o'Clsck, Leicestershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Stfme Time in the Course of next Month, ( by Order of tbe Trustee ® appointed by the Will of the late Thomas Charlton, Esquire, of Chilwetl, in the County of Nottingham); AVery valuable Freehold Estate, comprising 2 good Farm Houses and Cottages, with con. venient Stables and Outbuildings, and about 250 Acres of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land at Hoby, Rotherby, Rearsby, Gaddesby, Barsby, and South Croxten in the County of Leicester. The Estate is situate about 8 Miles from Melton and about 10 from Leicester, iu a fine Sporting Country, in the Centre of the Quorn Hunt, and with- in a very convenient Distance also ofthe Duke of Rutlands ; and will be Sold in Lots for the conveni- ence of intended Purchasers, and the Whole being in a very high State ofCultivation, ( and tbe greater Part thereof Tythe- free) comprising some of the most va- luable Land iii the County of Leicester, is particu- larly worthy the Attention of all Persons who wish to purchase Farms for their own Occupation. The Estate at Hoby comprises a very good House, with convenient Stables and Outbuildings, and about 76 Acr » s of valuable Land, is very near the Turn- pike Road leading from Melton Mowbray to Leices- ter, wholly Tvthe fiee, and within a Ring Fence, and is particulaily worthy the Attention of any Nobleumn or Gentleman as a Hunting Seat. Further Particulars will appear in due Time, and will be ready for delivery at the principal Inns at Melton, Leicester, Loughborough, and Nottingham, one Month prior to the Sale ; due Notice will also be given of the Time and Place of Sale, and Plans of tlie F'state, with Abstracts of the Titles, will be rcadyfo"- the Inspection of intended Purchasers, or their Solicitor, at the Office of Mr. ALLSOPP, So- licitor, in Nottingham, one Month previously to the Sale, and where all further Particulars may be had Mr. Simkin of Httby, One of the Tenants will she" Sis Prenrfs ® . Rheumatic Swellings, Sprains, Bruises, Con- tractions and other Affections of the Tendinous aud Ligamentary P. rts. Copy of a Letter received by the Proprietor, from Mr. J. Liatiby, Printer of the Btackiiurn Mercury, A Mrs. Rigby. of Houghton Lane near this Town, had her Knee very much contracted by a Rheumatic affection, for wtiich stie applied to many eminent Surgeons, but in Vain, and there was every fenr that she would be a Cripple for Life ; but providen- tially hearing of the good Effects your Chronic Em- brocation had produced in this Town and Neighbour- hood, she was induced to Purchase a Six Shilling Bottle of me, which completely removed the Swell, i ng and Contraction. She wishes this to be publicly known, that others in her Situation may have an Opportunity of trying the, same Remedy. I remain, yours respectfully, JOSEPH HANBY. Blackburn, June 24, 1809. N, B. A Variety of different Cases wherein the Use of this Embrocation has succeeded to a Miracle, may be seen noticed in the Bill of Directions enclosing cach Bottle, the Truth of which the Parties who are still Living are ready to attest. Prepared and Sold by Mr. Joseph Edge, Chemist, Northampton; and by Appointment by Mr. PI., Swi li- fe II, Apothecary and Druggist, Leicester ; Hillse, Hinckley; Beadsmore, Ashby ; Cor rail, Lutter- worth ; Adams, Loughborough ; iSfc. in Bottles of 3s. 6d. and 6s. each Duty included. This Day is Published, Price 6s. in extra Boards, JjU THE PRACT ICAL NORFOLK FARMER; describing the Management ofa Farm ihroutfh- - out the Year, and the Soils applicable to the diffe- rent Courses of Norfolk Husbandry.—- With Otiseiva- tions founded on Experience.— Also a copious Index, and a Description of the Norfolk Plough, an Engrav- ing of which is annexed. From the favourable Reception • of this Work throughout the Kingdom, and the Recommendation of it to Agriculturists in general by the different Re- views, a Second lidition is offered considerably en- larged. Norwich: Printed by Stevenson, Matchett, and Stevenson, and sold by Scatcherd and Letteriuan, Ave- Maria- Lane ; J. Hardhig, 36, St, Jame-'- street; and Crosby & Co. Stationers Court, London. T. Gregory, Leicester, Tuptnan, Nottingham, Clc- inentson, Melton Mowbray. The Author having several Years superintend'd extensive Estates, as Laud and Farming Steward, ie again desirous of engaging iu that Capacity with a Nobleman or Gentleman. References will be given to Persons of the tirst Respectability in Norfolk, and . Letters addressed Lo the Printers in Norwich, wilt duly anstterad. T. efcester Journal, and Midland Counties General Advertise?; ROTH LEY and COSSINGFON ASSOCIATION, , For the Prosecution of Felons. AMeeting of the Members or this Association will be held on Monday ihe 27th Day of November, Instant, at tiie House of Mr. Bvwater, Called Rothley House, at tlie Hour of 10 o'Clock in tlie Forenoon, totake into consideration ilie Rule ap- pointing an Annual Dinner, and on other Business. This Meeting is called at the Request of several Members of the above Associatiou JOHN L GREAVES, Solicitor. Leicester, November 9, 1S09. TURNPIKE KOAD From Loughborough to Cavendish Bridge. NOTICE is hereby given. That the Tolls arising at the Toll Gate at Dishley, will be Let by Auction to the best Bidder, at the Plough Inn, in Loughborough, on the 2: d Day of November, be- tween the Hours otThree and !- ix in the Evening, in the Manner as directed by the Act passed iu ihe 13th Yeai of ihe Pa igu of his Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike Roads, which Tolls the last Year were Let for the Sum hereafter men tioned. Viz, s. d. Dishley Gate - 430 0 0 and will be put up at the same Sum. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaciion of the Trustees of the said Road, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. ' HENRY HOLiAND, Clerk to the Trustee s. Loughborough. October 28, I8" 9. '! UKNPIK i- KOAIJ From Loughborough to Ashby- de- la- Zouch, and from Coalorton to Rempstone. NOTICE is hereby g vtn, That tbe Tolls arising at the Toll Gates undermentioned, will be Let by Auction to the best Bidder, at the Plough Inn, in Loughborough, on the i3d Day of November, between the Hours of Three and Six in the Evening, in the Manner as directed by the Act passed iu ti. e 13th Year ofthe Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Tump k- Roads, which lolls the last Year were Let lor tbe Sums li • after mentioned, (•./.): L. Loughborough Gate, Gracedieu Gate, ' l'hringstone Gate and riirinastone Bar 1 32 Ashby LaueGateand Coalortou Bar 103 Belton Gate and Nonnanton Bar 178 • d will be pu' up at thesame sums. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same l ime give Security, with sufficient Sureties to tbe Satisfaction uf the Trustees of the said Road, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such ' limes as ti.. v shall d rect. HENRY HOLLAND, Clerk to the Trustees. Loughborough, October 28, 1809. Ci) caive> 3leto£ tei\ BY PERMISSION. The Grand New Melo Drama. ie Opera, having been received on Tuesday last with n bounded Ap- plause, it will he repeated this present Friday J£ v ning, November 10, for the last Time but one this Season, THE EXILE; Or, the Deserts of Siberia. Written,!))' F. Reynolds, Esq. Author of I. atigh when you Can, Dramatist, Caravan, See. as peiformcd at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, with the greatest Attraction anil Applause. IS ACT I. A most extensive View of the Mountains of Sibe ria, with the seclud, d Habitation of tile Exile— the Hocks and Bridge over the Torrent covered with Snow. IN ACT II. A Grand Procession of Russians, Polanders, Tar- tars, S. ved s. Chin se, and Spaniards, to the Coro- nation of the Empress Elizabeth at Morocco. To cone ude with the Romance of BLUE BEARD; Or, Female Curiosity. In the Coins, of the Piece will he presented, Blue Hear l's M ire1 and Procession oil Camels, Elephant, & e. See. over the Mountains, with Palanquin, Ban- ners, Trophies See See. Tie Blue Chamber, through wh'ch ' s seen th. Spectres of Blue Beards Wives, for- hiei'U murdered by him. Outside of Blue Beards Castle , and the cavern of Death. Saturdav Evening, NOVUM ,1 11.— In Order to ac- commodate the Junior blanches of Families that may wi h to retire early from the theatre this Evening, the Dramatic Romance of BLUE BE. iUD; Or, Finale Cw iosity, Will be performed the first Piece. Tri tbe Course of the Evening, the celtbrated Mr. 0 » F\ RRE . from the Theatie Royal Covent Gar- den, ( who is engaged for 2 Nights) will perform on the New UNION PIPES, the well knowu Airs of the 1 ellow Hair'il Laddie, and Moggie Lander u: ith Variation 4'. To which will be added the Interlude of SYLVESTER DAGGERW OOD; Or, the Mud Dunstable Actor, The Whole to conclude with the Grand serious Pan tomime of PEKOUSE; Or. the Desolate Hand. As performed at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, upwards of : 00 Nights, with the giv atest Applause; with appropriate Music, Scenery, Dresses, & c In the Course of th' Pantomime the following Scenes :— View of tbe Sea— Storm— and Shipwreck. Inside of a Natural Grotto, covered with Shells, • Spar, Minerals, & c & c View of a Frozen Lake, where Perousc ( Teaks the Ice, lo obtain Water. Out and inside Views of Pcrouse's Hut. A V alued Ma « d s. HEX I ALL, XT . DDotw,, 1 . 1 « iivi't! sMiTri " Q EG to inform the Ladies of Leicestei and its N APPREKIKE t, a ML\ ERsMIl H . Vicinity,- thatthey have elected from I on- don an elegant Assortment, of Winter Fashions, which will be ready, for Inspection on Frid. v next. Leicester, Nov. 10, 1809. and IRONMONGER, with or with « ut Premium — Enquire at the Journal Office. Millinery and Child tied Linen Warehouse. HIGH STREET, LEICESTER. JFORD Respectfully informs the Ladies of . Leicester, and its Vicinity, she comm pees exhibiting Faslvons for the Winter Season, onTliurs- ilav the 16th Instant, which she trusts will be honor'd by their Patronage and upport, , Leicester, Nov. lo, 18( 9. VIE- SD' MS. WRIGHT and BISHOP, BEG to inform their Friends, that they will commence shewing Winter Fash on, on Tues- day the 14th Inst. N. B. Two Apprentices wanted. S KOBY, Milliner and Diess Maker, REspect'ully informs h r Friends and the Public, she intends shewing Fashions oil Friday No- vember 17. An Apprentice wanted. Leicester, Market- place, Nov. 10, 1809- LAW I ON and BRYAN WITH nine Respect mlorm t. ieir Fi tends that on Frtda next trie 17 h. they will hsvean elegant Selection of the mos' fash obable Goods for the present Season A stead) Youth wanted as an Apprentice, Leicester, Nov. li>, 1809. For the Benefit of Mr. Harley. On Monday November 13, will be presented the Historic:! Play of KING CHARLES THE FIRST. " Entl oj . ihe Plan Dancing bv Mrs. Forster. Afti r which the. Farce of ' 1 HE REVIEW. To conclude with lie first Part of the Pantomime of ROBINSON CRUSOE. Tickets to he had of Mr. Harley, at Mr. Clays; Millstone Lane, and of Mr. Johnson, where Places may be taken. Linen and Woollen D. apery, He. JTOONi giateful to ni » Fi ltiKis and a gene- . IOUS Public, for their distinguished Favors since his commencement iu Business, returns his sincere Th- nks, and informs them he has just re- ceived an pxtentiv. i and fashionable Assortment of Goods for the ensuing Season, which he intends of- fering on Terms worthy their Attention, rmarhborough, November 6, 1809. • s lu R- iONE- - UBsCRIP I ION AS- SEMBLIES, at neTown Hall. On Friday the 24th November, and Friday the 22d December, 1809. Thursday the ISth January, 1810. W. F. CHE I'W YND, Esq. ? „, , Rev. Mr. HUGHES, £ Stewards. Tickets to be bad at the Angel Inn. INCKLEY UB^ CRTPFION ASSEM- BL1ES will be held at the 1 wn Hall, on Tuesday 21st November, 1809. • 19th December, 16th lanuary, 1810. — , Otll February, Mr, T BLOXHAM, > ,, Mr! BROWN, t Rewards. LOS DOS, THURSDAY November 9 Paris Papers to the 31st have arrived. They contain nothing ii^ eresting. Y- sterday a Gottenburgh mail arrived.— The period for the shutting f the Swedish ports to the flag of this country, has been extended from the 12th to fie I5t: i inst. The C irtaret packet has brought mails from Malta and Gibraltar of late dates, as also a report that the Toulon fleet having puttosea, had been chaced for three days by that under the command of Admiral Lord Collingwood, hut had at length escaped bv taking shelter under the Hyeres islands. - The British fleet, it is said, blockaded the entrance of the harbour of Toulon, when the last accounts came away. It. is supposed by some that the object of the sailing of the enemy was to land a force in Sicily ; and by others that it was bound to Barcelona in Spain. The letters from Sicily state, that the greater part of the troops thai had been lately employed in the demonstration against Naples, were equipping for a new and more serious Expedition. The advanc- ed guard, consisting of 2000, had sailed on the 23d of September, and a much greater force was expected to put to sea in a few days after The destination of the troops was kept secret; but it was generally sup- posed they were going to take possession of some of the Greek Islands, with the concur- rence of the Turkish Government. H ASHBY- DE- LA- ZOUCH IRsT SUBSCRIPTION CONCERT and BALL, w 1 be on V.' edpesd: v the 22d Instant. Rev W. M' DON ALL, > T. THORPE, Jun. Esq. \ - Stewards. LU I 1 EUWORTII CONCLK I S. ' I "\ HE first Concert will be ai the Greyhound Jl Inn, ( which has lately been fitted up, very neatly for that Purpose) on Monday Evening, Nov. 2 i, 1809.— Gentleman's Ticket for the ThreeJCon- certs, ! 5s.— Ladies ditto 10s. 6d.— Single Tickets 5s. each, to be had. at Mr. BOTTERILL'S, and at the Denbigh Arms Inn. Lately Published, in 2 Vols. AN ACCOUNT of the- OPERATIONS of he BRITISH ARMY, and ofthe STATE and SENTIMENTS of the PEOPLE of PORTUGAL and SP \ 1N, during the Campaignsot' the Years 1 8 ' 8 and 1809. in a Series of Letters.— Bv the Rev. JAMES WILMOT ORMSBY, A M Chaplain on the i. aff and to the Lord l. < utenant of Ireland. London ; Printed for James Carpenter, Old Bond Str. et; and may be had of all Booksellers in Town aud Country. \ LL Persons to whom the' lite Mr. KEN- DALL, ol Melton Mowbray, was indebted, are desired to send their Accounts to Mr. T. TAYLOR, of Somerby, ( one of the Executors) that they may be Discharged ; and such Persons as were indebted to Mr. Kendall, are requested to settle their Accounts with Mr. Taylor. STRAYED, INI O some Grounds in the Parish of Oadby, where it has been 3 Weeks, AN ASS. If not owned within 14 Days from the Date hereof, it will be Sold to defray Expencrs. Enquire of the Blacksmith, Oadby. Oadby, Nov. If), 1809. TO BE LE I', QEVERAL Lots of LAND, lying between kj Leicester and Belgrave. — For Particulars ap- plvtoMr. HOLLIER, Leicester. zmW NOVEMBER 10. MARRIED. A few days ago, Mr. Tyler, silversmith, of Hinck- ley, to Miss Stafford, " f the same place. On Tuesday last, at Bu'bage, Mr. T. Tunnicliff, of Sutton Cheney, in this county, to Miss Haddon, of the former place. DIED. On Monday morning, after a lingering illness, which she bore with christian fortitude, Mrs. Read, wife of Mr. Alderman Read.— She was the daughter of Capt. David Haldane, of Auchlerarder, in the County of Perth, and neice to Colonel George Haldane, who was GovernorTM" Jamaica in 1761. A few days ago, in London, Samuel Parke, Esq formerly ol Oakham, C.! erk of the Peace for the county of Rutland. On Wednesday se'nnight, Mr. Briggs, attorney, of Oakham j Deputy Clerk for the Peace of the county. Charnwood Forest and Rothley Plain ENCLOSURE. WE the Commissioners for the said Inclostlre, do hereby give Notice, that on Wednesday the 20th Day of December next, at the Anchor Inn, in Loughborough, we shall be ready to receive Pro- posals in Writing for making and foraiiug the public Carriage Roads aud Highways, as set out by us over the said Forest and Plain, containing in Length about 40 Miles. Specifications and Plans of the different Roads may be « een at tbe Offices of Mr. CRtADOCK, "" We understand by a letter from Oxford, that only two Candidates have been announced for the Chancellor's Chair, vacant by the death of the Duke of Portland— the Rit, ht Honourable Lord Eldon, and the Right Honourable Lord Grenville. strenuous canvass is n » w on f'ior. and it is ex- pected that the Election will not be decided with- out a severe contest. The arrangement between France and Austria may be called any thing but a peace. France, it must be granted, is apparently victorious ; but her iriumph is not marked by the total prostration of her enemy. She has not cast Austria on theground ; she has hardly brought her on her knees. I he re- sult of the war has been rrost unfortunate to the military reputation of BUONAPARTE. It has dissolved the spell in which all the Continent was bound by his stupendous victories at Austerlitz, Jena, and Friedland. Instead of overwhelming and annihilating his opponents in the course of a few weeks, and dictating a peace at the point of the bayonet, he has been forced by the valour and j skill of the enemy to compound, and compromise, j and negociate. Yes, this inexorable and marble ' hearted despot has been compelled to have recourse ) to the subtilties of diplomacy ; to fawn upon, aad cringe to, and flatter the Prince he would h- ve devoured. With what deep mortificat on must he have signed the instrument which reconveyed 10 the Emperor FRANCIS his Capital and hereditary States! How dilferent too his departure from the theatre of his victories now, compared with what took p ace alter the humiliat ng peace of Presburgh! No interviews, no opportunity of schooling the un- fortunate Sovereign that was opposed to h'm, and : reading him a lecture on the blessings of a state of i peace ; the dangers of ill advised ambition, and i the hopelessness and folly of resisting a power, des- tined by Providence to be the mistress of the Mr PID- DOCKE, and Mr. BLUNT, Clerksto the Commissi- J , world' 1, t "" possible that this contrast should not oners, and at Mr. SMITHS, Sheepshead ; and Mr. 1 bestrongly felt by the German nation, and that IVESONS, Loughborough, Surveyors to the Inclo ; ^ ey should not denve heart and hope from it.— snrfi. To shew that France can be resisted at all, is stfn- cienS to embattle the whole of Germany at least, if Given uuder our Hands this 25tb Day of October 1809. fcOBT. H. WYATr. JOSEPH OUTRAM, JOHN BURCHAM THOMAS EAGLE, JAMES GREEN. Second Night of Mr, ( j'Fairel's Performance, uillteon Tuesday Novembei 14, When, will be presented the « dniited Play of HAMLET; Prince of Daunark In the Course of the Evening a Variety of new Performances on the Union Pipes, by the celebrated Mr. O'Farrel. To which will be added, the Farce of THE ROMP, Or, A Cure fo' the Spleen. The last Night of THE EXILE will be on Wednesday. BOXES 3s Pli 2s. GALI TRY Is. Tickets and Places for the: Boxes to be taken at Mr. Johnson's Fruit Shop, Upper End of the Market- Place.— Pit and Gallery Tickets to he had at the Printers. ' file Doors to be opened at Half- past Five, and the Perform& cna to begin at Half- psatSix o'Clock. TURNPIKE KOAD From Market Harborough, in the County qf Leicester, to the City of Coventry. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees for putting into Execution ti e Acts of Parliament made for Repairing* Widening, and Amending this Road, will be held at the House of Ann F. lston, the Hind Inn, in Lutterworth, ii. the ' < unity of Leicester, on Friday the Seventeenth Day of this lnstai t November, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon. Dated the 3d Day of November, 1809. r By Order of the ! rustees of the said Road, RICHARD WORTHINGTON, their Clerk. the pLte, ( ve believe held by Miss Lmwood,) ex- claim- d '• Godblessyou, I wish I wis TWENTY POUNDS." It is s imewhat extraordinary that a man pre- tending " to foretell all future even'* and contin gencies, mull the greatest accuracu and precision" should know so liitle of h s own destiny. The CONJURER whom we noticed in our last, had prepared for a long continuance, in hopes no doubt of a goldin hatvest; but he had scarcely got hi-, magic spells in order than he made an abrupt departure; he did not happen to know that, we were aboui to blazon f rth his fame, and spare him the trouble ol emitting his poison in the dark, lie was howeer aware that a visit from " the CHIEF" we were anxious IO introduce him to, might be at- tended wish some unpleasantry, he therefore verv prudently dropt his " SEMINARY" and moved Irom a not ce required to be given bv the Col- lectors of'he* Assesed I axes to all persons whose pnyinen's may be in arrear, t appears, that instead of their being returned immediately to the Trea- sury, thesp ce of40 davs is allowed, in order that every defaulter may have an opporturitv of dis- charging iny arrear of taxes IO which he may be so subject, before any farter proceeding takes place. Sporting — I he Yoik Herald of Saturday last contains the fo lowin paragraph.— " One of the most eminent Council in this kingdom has given it ashisclear and- decided opinion, that un- qualified persons may very safely sport with a quali tied man, without being subject to a penalty; and that it has been judicially determined; a Magistrate is even liable to an; nfnrmation, who convicts a person participating in the sport, in aid, and under the pro- tection, of aqualilied man " At i hearing on the 25th ult. before the Magis- trates of Newcastle, onan information laid by Mr. Charles Lowe, coiiec or of the po- t horse duty, aga; nst Messrs. Thomas Grles and William Wallace it was determined, " That horses i t by the Day and no by the Mile" re not liable to he duty chargeable on post horses." An appeal is made to tlie Sessions by the Collector.— York tiera'd. On Saturday last a boat with five men put ashore near the signal post at Sutton, on the coast of Lin- coln I he vtory connected with the circumstance is as follows: William Fitzgerald, Carpenter's Male of H. M. ship the Magnificent, cast away on the coast of France on the -' 5th March, 1804, was, with75 ofthecrew, put into u Frei ch prison ; and on the Cth of July, ' 8''' 9, this man with several others got avvav from the prison, and on his arrival at Amsterdam request- ed protection from the Americ n Consul, who re- fused his request; he then, rather than he, again im- mured in a prison, entered on board a French pri- vateer, iu the hope of being captured by some British cruizer.— 1 he privateer was at anchor at Shelling, when a boatwas sentout to captufe a vessel in the offing; in this boat went Fitzgerald, Peter Doyle an Irishman, and Thomas Green a Prussian, with ten Frenchman and an Amerifcan black. Fitzgerald and his two friends watched the proper opportunity, seized upon the arms, and forced all the Frenchmen to jump overboard, excepting one, who, with the American black, compose the number that have landed on the coast.— Capt. Lloyd, of the Roy ,1 Navy, at Boston, has sent them to Great Grimsby, thereto wait for their disposal by the Admiralty, and he has, we nndeistand expresed s'rongly his hopes to the Admirality that the brave Fitzgerald may be made a Carpenter of some King's ship. On the evening of Wednesday se'unignt, about nine o'Clock, a rick in t. ie yard i » f Mr. Pell, of Sywell- hall, near Northampton, was discovered to be on fire, and in consequence of the very dry state of the adjoining ricks, & c. the flames speedily communicated to five other ricks in the yard, a barn nearly full of barley, five cottage houses, hovels, a quantity, of straw, dung, &'•• all ofvvhich'in a short time'were entirely consumed, notwithstanding every exertion was made to sub- due ihe flames. I he night was remarkably calm, oiherwise there iseverv reason to apprehend that the whole of Mr. l'ell's valuable dead stock, together with his dwelling- house must inevitably have been destroyed.— At present no satisfactory cause af the fire has been ascertained ; but we are sorry to state that there is reason to suspect its having been done wilfully. The Duke of Rutland, on the 23d ult. went out at Chevely Park, attendrd only bv his gamekeeper, and shot 109 head of game ; on the following day all the Sporting Gentlemen and Parkkeepers were out, and killed as much game as filled four one- horse carts The whole was dressed on the day of the Jubilee. N O f K in hereby given, l'hat the Tolls aris- ing at tbe Langhani Ga; e, upon the Turn- pike Road leading from Nottingham to Kettering, will be Let by Auction, to the best Bidder, at the White Lion Inn, in Melton, on Wednesday the 15th Day of November, between the Honrs of Eleven and Two, in the Manner directed by the Act of Parlia- ment passed in the Thirteenth Year of h s present Majestv, for regulating Turnpike Roads. The above Gate was let last Year for the several Sums under mentioned, but not being iet at the last Meeting, will lit put up to Auction at such smaller Sum as the Commissioners present at the Meeting shall determine upon. £. s. d. Langham Gate - - - 137 0 0 N. B. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, or Biilders, nius' a the same Time give Security with proper Sureties, to ill- Vatisfaction of the Trustees of the said Rpads, for he Payment of the Rent agreed for, at such times as they shall direct. JOHN HENS UAW, Clerfc- n , t all the continent, against her on the firvt fa- vourable opportunity. On Sunday last, the necessities of the Charity School of St. Margaret in this town, were power- fully pleaded at the parish church, in an eloquent, impressive, and energetic discourse, by the Rev. Mr. Ormsbv, Chaplain lothe Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, from 10 eh. Mark, v 14, Suffer the li'tie Children to come unto me and forbid ( hem not ; for of such is the kingdom of God." Although it was only knonn iheday before, that a sermon would he preached on i he occasion, the congregat on it may be said, was an " assemblage of all the churches." The learned Divine after ex- patiating onihe necessities of the charity, and ably enforcing the duties of Christianity, paid a hand- some and well merited tribute to tire Rev. Mr. Davies, ( the late curate,) to whose zeal, philan- thropy, and indefatigable exertions the parish are greatly ndeht. ed for the institution. It was truly observed that " he had both planted and watered," THE JUBILEE. This happy day has been celebrated so generally in every town and village throughout the kingdom, that it is impossible for us to find room for an ac- , ount of the rejoicings that h ive taken place eved in the principal places in the circuit of our paper. We consider it our duty, however, to notice some ofthem, ( which were unavoidably omitted in our lasi,) as it must be higoly gratifying to everv Eng- lishman to know thit our venerable Sovereign reigns not only on tiie throne of Great Britain, but in the hearts of his loyal and grateful subjecs. The Duke of Rutland's fete at Chevely- Park, Cambridgeshire, was a scene of joy and festivity in honour of ihe day. The morning was ushered in by the ringing . f bells, and at twelve o'clock, up- wards of 900 of the surrounding poor assembled on the lawn fronting the dining parlour, where the Duchess and Dowager Duchess of Rutland, and several persons of distinction, were Collected to witness the distribution of the donations which i he liberality of her Grace had provided for them. Shortly afterwards, Ladies Charlotte and Elizabeth Manners came out ofthe grand entrance door, fol- lowed by servants loaded with clothing or every de- scription, and bed linen, which was distributed to every one, by the orders of her Grsce. After the generous duration, they repaired to another part ot tne lawn, where afcles were set out and covered with the old English fare; intermixed wiih a great supply of all soi ts of game. The happv multitude sat down, to the number of 901. During dinner they were enlivened by a party of hand- bell ringers who played many loyal airs. The inside of this hospitable mansion evasfilled with upwardsofeiginv persons of rank and fash. on, who had c ndescended to vtsii the company on the lawn. At four o'clock, ihev sat down to a most sumpt ous d- nner. 1 hree elegant room, were set out with tables .' or the oc- casion, and covered with : he richest gold plate; In the evening ' he bouse was m- st splendidly illu- minated. In the course of tiie day, hisGi ace pro- for the laudable purpose, of regal,: . up* v/. if 1100 persons. The morn'ng was ushered in by the ring ng of bells, and the day was sptn' with the greatest conviviality, after divine service nearly 200 children belonging to the Sund ly School vvera regaled with cake and wine, provided for that purpose, who s'ang God save the King, Rule Bri- tannia, and gave hutza's three times three on this memorable occasion. Private par ies were geae. ral through the t nynj ar. d a public ball wh en Aas numerous and respectablv attended concluded• ihd festivities of this day, which terminated with re- gularity; and the utmost harmony and cohviVtaliiy Loughborough; Kegworih, Lockingion. Hem- ington, Disewoith, l. angley, Walton, Wnation, and most of tiie principal vdlages In tlie We- st Goscote hundred, had their particular orders, and their entertainments on the Jubilee. . ' I he joyous occasion was celebrated at Towceij- te> in the true old English style of hospitality.- J- Wre are mlorme.', ihat the pian of arrangement was suggested by Gilbert Fle her, Esq. and Cor' dially supported by all the opulent inhabitants of the place. The festivity gave complete Satisiad- tion to, everv individual, and afforded a display of loyaliy truly worthy cf Briton3. Having ascer- tained the probable expense ol entertaining the poor inhabitants of the parish, upw rds oi one thousand in number, with roast beef; plumb . utd- ding, and a proper qunnt'ty of ale, it was agreed that the Market- hill appealed to be the bes adapt- ed for the festal scene 5 which was ac. ord ugly announced by the .. own cryer m the open maiket on I utsday, when the presence of the poor - n Ha bitants, men, women, and children, was request- ed on the memorable occaron At a quaue- r be- fore one, preparation for dinner was nnounced by the church bell: and at one, rhe p^ ov sums which had been dr- ssed at the houses of of the inhabitants, who also furnished table-| in> '' Ci were p. aced on the festal board, and several bar* rels of ale disposed of at p. oper , u upvvardsof seventy of the principal i- er- , tun pla- e took their staiiohs for carving; & c. whilS srverallad. es arranged t. iemselves 1 convenient parts of the- table; Who e condescension and kind assistance gieatly enhanced tbe Cortifo. ts - I t td day A'ter'he company were properly pi* ed, Mr. Fiesher addressed hem ot the happy cause ot their having me together n so n vel a n'hinier. He recommended that the fragments, ait- r dirting, should all be conveyed to his h u v, so hai no waste mig: t. accrue ; by this arrangeihent upwards ol 160 poor families n ere next day fuinisued with a c- mfortable meal. Such wat tne econoiny irt the midst of plenty, ihat the whole ex len- b are did not exceed J. 71 During dinner the band played Gad savt the King, Rule D11H. 1v. it1, O ' tlie Roast Beef of old E gls d, dfc. His Majesty* health was then drank, when tiie air run., • til huzzas of three times three, the band playing God save the King. The remainder ol the ift. 1n... in was spent with the greatest tiarmony i ll good humour, in the enjoyn. en of Various iitsuc amusements-- Upwards of fifty ge tlertien'aiter- ward, adjourned 10 the Saracen's- H-. « . Ihh, wtifcre a handsome entertainment was provided. i he day was concluded with an assembly tttie ,' aluot Inn. which w « numerously attend d, and the company did not se. ierate till an r., r; y hour on hursday n 1. n ng. On the das' ot the Jubilee the principal inhabi- tants of Oakham, with some Iriends frorntne neigh- bourhood, dir. ed together at Lie O .011' at Oakham. Col. Noel ( after dinner) proposed that 1 Dis- pensary lor the Poor of Oaisham and' Baile, th - pe be established 5 and that it be support: d by uene- factors and adnu- ll subscriptions; and th. t n be named the Royal Jubilee Oakham D - pensaiy, in honor and commemoration of the day. I hat it begin its beoefic. al pcirpojcs jmmediatelv The proposal was unanimously approved, snd a sub- scription book opened > Dr. Doniy and Mr. Jones have been so liberal already " as to ctfr their gratuitous assistance, and w it no dnubi be followed by others at. he medic il profession, . is the plan unfolds uself.— Col. Noel declared his m en- tion, ( and the intention of his son Mr Charles Noel), to give each a benefaction of one hundred guineas, and each an annual - ubscription of five guineas; and he expressed his ii- pet that t e ei- tablishmenr might, in fine, be farther exten rd, for more general parochial ass siance for the sick poor throughout thecounty of Rutland. Messrs. Hill, bankers, Uppingham, to be treasurer, to the Dispensarv. At Uppingham, beef, bread, ale, and money, were bounteously dispensed to all thbse whose cir- cumstances made the present acceptable, aud the day was observed With the utmost loyally. At Market Overton and Edm inthoroe, consi derable sums of money were suiisc. ibed fo.- th'-' poor. In the latter village the clergyman ga - e 5 u ueSS for a calf, to be run for by women; and Charles Manners, Esq. gave half a li. rg. hc- ad ,- f ale. a round of beef, a quantity of muton, anil 10s. to the women for tea. The respectable farms, « alio gave ale, provisions, and money, to ti. e poorei inhabitants, and tue diy was s- or- nt most jovially and has been the principal instrument in founding j moted a pony- race between one ot his domestics I .,„, i .. fie of the Earl of Chatham's, establishing a PUELIC CHARITY, that willentitle him to . he gratitude of future generations. The appeiranceof the children, ( 100 innumber of boiii sex's,) bore ample testimony to the attention * tot Governors, and the discipline and perseverance of those who piesule over them; and reflects great credit upon the liberalitv and public spirit of the parish. Collection =£ 60 • 3 : 8|. The " Widows Mire" is recorded m scripture, to exemplify the pure spirit of benevolence, as con- and one which was won bv the Duke's servant; and als- a foot- race for a hundred vaids, his Grace backing his man, and giving his opponent twelve yards} t was won by the Duke's servant by one yard. General Grosve- nor also contributed to the sport of the day. He gave 10 tne grooms and stabie- boys belonging to Newmatket Course, three bairels of strong ale, and two large hampers ot apples, with the provision they should play at snatch- apple, which tr. ey did, fined to no situation in life ; and we aie informed J to the great amu ement of the company, who were of an anecdote of a poor woman at St. Margarets last Sunday, which proves that it is a predominant characteristic among the lower classes of the peo- ple, of which we are glad to make honourable men- tion. The Rev. Divine had pleaded powenully to the passions as well as the purses ot his audience, and the poor wotnan in parting will) her pence into assembled in order - o witness the sport. 1' he contribution at Castle Donington in com- memora. ion of his Majesty's fift f th accession to the throne was abundant. . he Earl of Moira hav ng. forwarded a liberal donat. on, it was liberally sup ported bv the inhalvtanis at large, all being una- nimous ( of whatever sect or party) in contributing QTTORN HOUNDS, M 1ET ON Monday, Nov. 13th, — at B. tfSgrave f ' vusX Wednesday, \ 5th,— at Alisop [ MSC. Ft ' day, 11th,— at H idmerpoo! \' ew Inn. Saturday, ,& th,— al Luckington. . Each Day at half past ten » ' lock. LORD VERNON's ilOUNDS MEET Monday, Nov. 13th,— al -. an- lley House, Tuesday, 14/ A,— at Odslone. * * Thursday, If th,— at Buibag § H'ooil, Friday, 11th, VeA Woods. PRICE OF CORN In LE ICES'! t-. ti MAI, h II, Nov. 4, J809. PER QUARTER Customary M. Wheat from « T4 ' 8 \) to 6 0 0 Rye 0 0 0 Barley from 2 16 0 to 5 6 11 Oatsfrom 1 16 0 lo 2 4 0 Beans 3 0 0 to 3 10 I; Blue Pease 0 0 0 Iloaf Pease O 0 0 Dills 0 0 0 Oatmeal 0 O 0 Average | Will. P 5 4 0< 4 18 tl 3 6 0 3* 2 I 3 1 0 2 17 3 0 0 ^ i- 7 a 5 0 3 1 * 0 ( i 0 3 4 0 3 a 0 4 15 0 4 9 5 0 0 O .5 12 0 JOSEPH SMC! H, renins,, or. TO CORRESPONDENTS, We would with pleasure have obliged " A Manu- facturer," but bis Address being " to the Hosier's < rf Leicester," would be considered at the Stamp Office, as an Advertisement. " Verax" requests us to correct the statement of the Jubilee at Rothley, wherein the ITOAST giicp of Old England" was forgot to be meirtiotfed ; 1 1 beast slaughtered on the occasion, be says, " might perhap< be equaled, but could not be surpassed by any 111 tlitf county." Coriander" was Joo long for our f. tBits ibis ivoi k. " C's" comments on souie JashiOnab/ csa theT - ealr*. are very just; but shusiiotiid recollect tn t noi. e run! nonsense'Art.' the characteristics of a- FO- 1 t a ccxcofc*.. aud form no part of " gentlemanly" dejiuft> r.* nt. f . e i c e s t e r Journal, and Midland Counties General Advertiser. LINKS. Written among the Ruins of an ancient Abbey. ' i : • shades of nisrht steal o'er the western sky, The .: v's last ling'rim eleam still fainter grows, The evt niiig star 1< ami brigh'lv from on high, And all around ' s sunk in soft repose. II . s'tM are thefeatlier'd warblers in their nests, The cittle to ' ho,,- isht'v haunts are none ; I n the po r labouring cart horse pe C'- ful rests Troin toil intense nd summer's scorching sun. Philomela wakes her woodland lavs, Anil through t o air the flutterinsniaht- mothsails; death watch ticks, the distant house- dog bays, Th forest murmurs to the parsing • ales. thiongh the waving boughs of yonder throve The lis !)•-' moon inst glances on the - iglit, nil a st'c rises tl. .> tiEh th- clouds above, Pours on the misty r tie her eUamsof light. How S- -"• tin now t is ruiud pile appears ! T , s scene the lunar ravs so sweetlv show, hcse gloomy beauties, mouldering fast with years, Br the on my pensive soul a kindred awe. O'er the high arches creeps the ivy green, hades • wry ci II and Iwines each pillar round ; The noddine lowers majesto rise between, Ami moss grown fragments cover all the ground. Here n this cell whcredarkness loves to shroud, . Rave when the moon beam thro' the crevice shine, Full many a beauteous virgin oft has bow'd, Vv'rapt in devotion at her favourite shrine? Th e while 1 dismal ray her taper shed, That dim iliscover'd e'en the nar • v walls, The i owed cros-( s tiiat around her spread, And the dark niche that echoed to her call. Along these vaults for many a soul, what time, Midnight bad wrapt the world in dark array, Oft has the requ em burst in pe Is sublime, Or in soft « olemn chauutings died away. And as was borne along the awful bier, In slow pr cession to tin Mlent tomb, Tile sullen death- bell struck the startled ear, While Superstition deepen'd every gloom. But now alike, for whom the requiem rose, And they who sung, beneath the green- sward sleep And as the wind around this turret blows, lt seems to Fancy'sear their dirge to sweep. Such is'he lot of man ! to day he sighs For S'lme lost f v'rite, some departed friend; Tomorrow, lo! dollied n a shroud be lies, And others weeping o'er his ashes bend. Ere long, and all that in this wide world live, Earn mortal form in da'li shut shrink away. EaCh re. pn now swell'd with passion cease to heave, Tin- warrior's arm, the beauty's cheek decay. Ah! then, ve fools, that sink in vice's arms, Ye that iu pleasure's magic mazes tread, Why sip v, still the poison of their charms, Wh n fate's impending thunders round you spread, To 1 in the secret work of time her • come, Reflect, rep. nt, and tremble at tbe sight; E'en now for you he fast prepares a tomb, When death's cold arm shall sweep you into night. Then riches, honors, power will be no more, Bland pleasure fail, and vicc no 1 - tiger rave ; The wintering dreams of life will all be o'er,— Virtue alone shall lie* beyond the grave. however the \ iermfis ceramlv had a great deal of food run up to seed, which dried away and was never eaten On the other side it may be said that when the Leicester sheep d ed, another ought to have been pu- on, but as their pasture was then bare o was judged better not. But if ever this ex ofScurvv, Gout, Rheumatism, and Nervous Irrita 1 tion of ihe Stomach from bilious affections, its supe- riorly has long been acknowledged. T he genuine Medtcmehasthe words, 11 BY THt KING'S PATENT," expressed on ihe hot* le, bill permem should be repeated, i should advise one person to find the Leicvstets, and another the Me- rinos, anu eacn to stock his pnrtion n what man- ner he pleases, os it never will be in the power of an individual to please boih parties, if ( please either it will De rather more than 1 expect, hotv- , ever thee isa moil. tor within I shall please, a con- i sciousness of having acted with justice and impar- ; tiality. An intelligent Leicestershire Gentlemin plainly told me he did not consider the experiment a tair One, his reason was one of the most extraordinary that can be imagined, namely, " that an acre of irood clover ought to c^ rry six or seven sheep!" M » neighbours all know, ( and th s gentleman ought also to have known) that thousands ot acres in my neighbourhood, and ' n many other parts of England, will not carry diree sheep per acre, still thev must be stocked with something, and, is it not desirable to know what stock will be most be- nefic al to the occup • of such soils ? For what is most beneficially to the occu ' ier, must be so ' o the public at large, their interests being inseparable. ' Pick won h, October 16, 1809. To lie Set e'wy of the ! iicestcr and Rutland Agricultural Society. To the Editor of the Leicester Journal. Mil. EDO OK, If you have any regard for the peace and com- fort of private fanvles, do pray put an end to the controversy between ti- e Afcrinoites and the Bake- wellites. Mv servants are all mad, and I attribute the mischief to your paper. My wife ( who bye the bye it a verv worthy and auvable woman), having read in your Journal ihe R. port of the Agri- cultural Meeting, and attending particularly to t i t part which praised the flavoui of the Merino Mutton, must needs teaze me unt'l I promised to obtain some ofthe true breed to gratify her taste, she is in a longing condition). ef direction, and outside wrapper, and the King's duty printed in black ink. > olelat the Oispensaiy, 13, '•' oho Square, London, in small bottles of 5s. 6d.; double bottles 10s.; aud lirger 1/. 2s. Compound Essence, to allay unpleasant irritation, 8s. Sold by I' Gregory, Leicester. Statement ofstn experiment made it Pickwortii in the vear 1809, in order to ascertain whether i is most prolit - j John w riant. the r. ile to keep New Leicester, or iV. no . e i.— Bv Wright. May the 1 it, 18C59 — Measured off from midci'fa I a large close of ' Trefoil four acres, and fen ed t in tw" exact divisions, the soil a poor gravel . ; t tl. e - eeds well planted, it was tbe opi in u -. e eral persons as wel s myself, it would carry three she. ppc acrc and no m re, acc - rriing 1. t w is Si icked '. vi'. h s x sheep to each division on 5 ilay, three limb hogs, qnd three shear ,( eae soit, nd all s^ euders weie weight' , and put oi each mclosureof two acres. The t ho, aliv . sheet! were all the p tm Mo'vbr-. y, Leicestershire. Wciji. t of the - beep May 15, September 25. Merino /. am!)- hogs, May 15. Auj. ii t 3. No wt. 4st 61b Do. 5st lOjIb. s- 2 4si. alb 3 5st. 81b G- rtied ;, ie seconc dav a Id. ng | 6j b perty of Mr. Hose of Mel August 3, and September C5, Do. 5st. 4 § lb. Do. 5st. 31b Do. 6st. lib. Do. 5st. 1: lb. Do fist 10ib. weighing, being eighty- one for the wool clipped off, 5. l | lb. of mutton. Gained in the whole at the tl id weighing being fiftv- lhree days more, 3st 6jlb. lost iietwei n :: e 2d and 3d weighings 1st. 9y<> Leicester Lamb- hogs. May ' 5. No. I wt 5st. 31b. I - . 3- S ptember 25. Dead. Do Vs. filb. Do 6st. + io Do. 6st- 1 •} b, • 5s'. 24b. I Do 7st. lUb - 4st. 91b. I Do. 6st. 4^ lo. Gaitie . t. i • first ei.; htv- one days adding lOil'is for their wool, 6st 6ili>. No. 1 died August 17. 1 shall therefore re kon his a- eight the same at tne third wei^ nng, as at the second, though they ali but two lost in weight lietween the second and third weigh ngs. Gained in the vvaole, being 134 days, 6- i. 2Jlu. lost between tiie second and thud weigh- ings 34lb. Merino -' hea lings. Mav 15. Au; ust 3. September 25 Do. lot. .2 Jib Do. 5s'. 8Jib. Do. fist. 9lii. No. 1 wt ist. 51b. Do. fist. 4- ilb. 2 5st. : 1b. Do 5st. Il£ lb. 3 - ist 51b. Do. 7st. OJIb Gained the first eighty- one days adding I4:{ lb. for tite Wool, 3st. 2} ib. gained in the whole being 134 days, 2st. 2| i i. lost between the second and i hit d tveighing 14 | ibs. Leicester Shearlings. Miyl5. August 3. September 25. No. x Wt. 8st 21b. Do. 9s 9' lb. I Do. 9sl. lOJIb; — 2 7st. 81b. Do. 9st. 7|! b. I Do, 9st. 4lb — 7- t. 61b. Do. 9st. 7Jb. | Do. 9s t filb. Gained the first eight,- one days adding 15 jib. fori ewool6st 9| lb. gained in the whole being 134 e ns 6s . 61i). lost between the second and uiird we gn n 3jl » . Total g tined in mutton by tbe Leicester*, iu 134 da's, 12st. 8jln. at 7d per lb.' is Tota gained by the Merino's iu 134 days, 5sc. 8 ,! b. at 7d. per lb. is Superiority of Leicesters over Merinos in mutton Total weight of six fleeces of Merino wool 3lib. sold at 4s. Id. per lb. Total weight of 6 Leicester fleeces ~ C. Jlb. at Is. Superiority of Merinos over Leicesters in wool - - - - d. 3 1 ( not that I believe and enable her to form an opinion of its merit as ell as the great and learned Dr. Parr, Mr. Coke, id the ingenious and numerous customers ofGib- lett the Prince of butcher-:. Wishing in every way to gratify the desires of my wtfe, I searched the markets, and obtained bv rhance St me kinjl of An. Jo Merino Mu: ton, bred , nd fed as the butcher informed me by a Zealous advocate fur the breed. The Mutton was dressed: the company I had nvtted that day approved of it, ( perhaps only in | compliment to mv dame); ths fixed my wife's determination to have nothing but Merino Mu ton ; if none ol ' he Royal could be procured, she would at leas' have some of tbe half bred. From this moment, Mr. Editor, may 1 date mv family com- motions. The cook a little before Uarborough ' air, came with a degree of rage in her counte- nanoe, and desired tn know whether poor servants Here to be deprived of their lawful perquisites, be- ." g answered in a temperate manner that ' hi- hard- ness of the tunes dui not varr. mt n, she boldly asked for more wages in lieu efkerd ippings; say- nj, " it some folks choosedtn eat' usually mutton, more fitter t be hurU'd a to]) of a dunghill than put to a gentleman's fire, instead » f the fine hit and natural mutton nf oui own country, f> am wlrch a poor servant can get their good 3 or 4 pounds of d ipping a joint, folks must pay for their taste it nd give more wages." I bis hint and in fact, demand, not beine complied with, Madame Cook g- a e warn- ing. Miss Ki'cnen Maid, alias Ms Cook's waiting maid, follows the example of her mistress. John, my own servant, having a sneak ng regard for Cookey, w'll not stay i he le ives iler plae- ; HK) \ V ,11 tbe Groom, being bound ( as I have been in formed since), bv ties not of the most vi'tuous kind, is afraid to stay, lest a press1> g request might be made to him to attend Church, which he had al- ways a great aversion to do Thus Sir, ihe eating ofa bit of Merino Mutton has caused nearly as great unearthly commotion in my family, as the Jew profanely supposed he had caused in the Hea- vens, because it thundered during the time he was eating a bit of bacon If such dis'tubances as these ire likely to arise in private families from reports ol S icieties and controversies on the qualities and properties of different breeds ot sheep, surely it is high time to put a stop to them; at all events, Mr. Editor, do not let your useful and intel- ligent paper be the vehicle of their circulation.— The Merino sheep mav have belter wool than the New Le'tes er Breed, but pray have not the New Leicesters a ih'eef ld nay i tenfold proportion of Fat, and pray is it not quiie as political for this County to en eavour : o render England as indepen- dent ot Russia m respect o ta low, as to do so in respect of wool witn Spain, we know nothing about fine w ol, mv wool buyci j the lairest dealer on the face of the earth, he treats all wool ahkt O'd Le cesters and A7 « y, disda ninn to shew any p tr t. altv because one is ofthe Oid and the t tiler of ihe New breed, by giving more per Tou for one t ian tne other, although a fleece ofthe Old Bri « d will in general weigh thrice as much as one of the New; , nd as to improvements in the breed of shte , t is all nonsense to suppose after what the tmm . rui Mr. Bikewell has done to further the improvement of them, or as a writer on ihe subject in vou- paper two or three week's back, proper. y re- marked in support of li s satements, " they , vould as soon produce another Eclipse from aF'land rs mare." ( I wi> h however that Gentleman had given us a lie— tiedescription of the ia ter an mal, to enable us to judg' as to the possibility of so doing./ ij Crossing) Let not the Agricultural Society of the county hereafter presume to declare their opinion ofthe flavor or qual ty cu/ ly kind ' if Mutton, m opposi- tion to a learned and Re- v. Doctor, whose ' aste | Properties) must of course bo greatly refined, if the continual g ' " ' BANKRUPTS. J Ferguson, Burr- street, St. George's in the East, mariner W. Butlen, Abchurcl'- lane, merchant J. Roberts, St, George's Fields, baker P. Warwick, Fleet- street, tailor C S. Milwa d, romlev, miller R. Main, Gieenwicli, floor cloth- manufactuver G Hnft'endon and T. Newcouib, Basingliall- street, w r houseman J. J. B'own, Great Queen street, glass cutter G. Billett, City Terrace, City- road, medicine- maker W Rvc, Oxford- street, linen draper J. Cuisset, East- street, upholder , f. Knight, Lower Clapton, corn dealer J. Nicholson, High- street, bookseller .1. Fewin- s, Gloucester, innholdev W. Slancome, Swansea, shopkeeper 1. Leedham, Buxton, Derby, innkeeper J. Bennett, Bristol, cabinet- maker W. Meadows and R Johuson, liell- street, Padding- ton, coil- merchants F. Chilis, Union- place, tailor J. Purvis, Sanelgate, vintner J. Napeir, Bucklersbtiry, merchant. W. Drury, Stamford- street, stationer T. Burt, Catherine- street, Commercial road, straw plat factor T. Goldsmith, Shoreditch, dealer in wines C. R Chadwick, Grosveuor Mews, Bond- street, iron- plate- worker J. Feuton and G. Moore, Rotherhithe- street, smiths T. J. Collis, Oxford- street, coach- maker Ann Lanchester, St. James's street, milliner J. Kerry. Little Newport street, haberdasher G. Taylor, Barsted, Kent, paper- maker J. Peploe, ICennington, coach- maker H. Chabaud, Bloomsbury, jeweller J. Pountney, Somerset, paper maker DIVIDENDS. Nov. 21. G. Stephens the younger, Bedford, grocer, at Guildhall —— 21. J. I. Levy, Ha} don- street, Minotles, nier chant, atGuild iall 78. T. Dickie, Cornhill, bookseller, at Guild hall, Loudon 25. Lewis Harty, Walford, Herts ster, at Guildhall 21. R Gill, Wakefield, Yorkshire, miller, at the Strafford's Arms Iuu 22. M Ma thews, Bath, grocer, at the Grey hound Inn 25. W. Pugh, Berwick street, tailor, at Guild hall 21. J, Johnson, Twickett's- mills, miller, at Guildhall 18. J. Leach, Tnrnham- green, shopkeeper, at Guildhall 25. 11. Martifc. Wallingford, linen- draper, at Guildhall 11. J. T. Cji ie, Weston- street, brewer, at Guildhall 2K. J. Todd Berwick- upon- Tweed, merchant, at tbe Dog and Duck Tavern, Kingston upon- Hull 25 J. I'odd, tall Mall, hatter and busier, at G'tildhall Dec. 5 W. Mason, Heartlev place, Kent Road, brandy- merchant, at Guiidhali 5. W. Webb, Westminster Bridge Road, coal- nierchant, at Guildhall 5. J. Duun, Stockport, Chesh re, draper, at the liridgewater Arms Inn, Manchester —,— 6 VV. Redfern, . N . tinghuui, hosier, at. the Ram Inn, Nottingham 2 E. T. Davies, Clerkeuwell, linen- draper, at Guildhall 9. J. M. App'ebv, Chatham, linen- draper, at Guildhall I. U. K. Frodsham, Flint, Flintshire, farmer, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool 7. J. Hyde , nnd John Chadwick, Manchester, dyers, at the iiri Igewater Anns A Superb Folio Edition ofthe IMPERIAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND, Containing a full and copious Account of all the F, vents relative to the interests of Great Britain, tr m the Accession of his present Majesty to the Fif tietli, or Jubilee Year of his Reign, with a minute detail of the Occurrences resulting from the French Revolution, aud the Campaigns of ' on. iparte. ' This Day is Published, ( Price only Sixpence,) decorated with an Emblema- tical Frontispiece, iroin an original Drawing by the ingenious Mr. Uw'ins, and engraved in a masterly Stile by Hopwootl, NUMBER 1. The succeeding Numbers to be continued Weekly, ofthe IMPERIAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND, accurately aud concisely compiled from the best Authorities ; recording the Revolutions it has under gone, the Wais in wnich it has been engaged, its ommercial Intercourse, Alliances, Revenues, Par lameetary History, Stc. from the Landing of Julius sesar, to the Commencement ot the Reign ol his Majesty King George tlu: Third ; from which Period to the present rime will be gWeu a full and copious Relation of all tlie momentous Events which have sign lized that important . ® rea, revolutionized the utiiit nt of Europe, and proved the United King- dom of Great Britain, the only Power capable of re- isting the Ambition of France. By THEOPHILUS CAMDEN, Esq. Assisted by Communications from several eminent Political and Literary Gentlemen. To he, comprised in 150 Sixpenny Numners, each containing Two Sheets, closely printed, upon a beautiful New Letter, and Paper of the 1 st Manu- facture, making two elegant Folio Volumes. The Embellishments From Designs of jliose celebrated Artists Smirke, fiurney, Uwins, Corbouid, lieuezach, and others ; silk- throw Leake's Tills. I en., raved by Mdton, Neagle, Warren, Anker Smith, Bramlev, Audniei, Walker, Rhodes, Tagg, Corner, and Hopwood. Likewise Portraits of all the Mo- narchswho have swayed tbe sceptre of Britain. TO THE PUBLIC. It is universally allowed that History is not only one ofthe most Us tut, as well as one of the most polite . studies thatc. n be pursued ; but it is equally certain, that it affords the greatest Fund of real Knowledge aud Improvement; so that for a Native of this Cou'itry to be ignorant of the History of the United Kingdom of Great Britian, would, in the present Day, render nim totally un- qualified for Public Employment, or for general Conversation No Country in the World has expe- ToT. Taylor, Surgeon, No 9, New Bridge- street, London. SIR, Edinburgh, May 2, ibUO. N the Spring of 1794, 1 was afflicted w ith a Venereal Complaint, which 1 treated witn In- ference for five Months, but was then obliged to apply to a regular Phyfician, who put a temporary Slop to the Virulence of the Difeaie ( by Meiccial Applications) for fome l ime ; but growing, i n Spite ol all Medicine and the Advice of the fii n Gentle- men of ihe Faculty here, worfe and woiit loi two Years, I was reduced to a State almoft unparallele d and beyono Defcription, being an entire l. epei and ulcerated from Head to Foot.— My Head, Throat, Mouth, Note, Legs, Arms, & c. havebeen alternate- ly in Dangerof becoming ulelefs ; in fhort. lbave had from twenty to thirtyeating Ulcers on my Body, and nearly totally deprived ot Sight.— It would be voluminous to particularize al I my Cafe— fufbeeic to fay, there never was, or ever will he, one of a more dangerous or ol a more complicated Nature, I was ' ong looked upon by my Friends, and imagined myfeIf, beyond all Hopes of Recovery; and indeed, in my then Condition, Death waspreierable to my more than miferable State. In this drcadliilSitua- tion did I drag a molt miferable Extltence, till Di- vine Pmvidence threw in my Way a i\ ewfpaper containing the Cafe of a Mr B. of Plymouth— my Friends read i t, I could not.— 1 fent aud procured fome of your LEAKE's I'ATEN'l PILLS, which, by tiling from Time to Time, am now, and have long been, ( after more than lour jfears indifcribable dil'- trefs), in as good a State of Health as ever 1 enjoy- ed; as a Proof of this, I had a fine, thriving, healthy Child, born to me a few Monthsago. lu Gratitude to God, and in Hopes ofrendering my Fellow- crea- ture fervice, I requeft you to puhlifh this; and you may at any Time refer Peifons who wifh to be satisfied of the Truth ol this, orfurther Particulars* of me or my Friends, by Letter or Perlon As lew Cafes lor Badnefs will everequal mine, and none exceed it, I have Irom Lxperience every Reafon to affure Mankind, that in your LEAKE's, PILLS they willfind a lure, fpeedy, fate, and radical Cure, for that molt dreadful Stage ot the Venereal Difeafe, which is called a CONHRMEDLUES 1. T. * InfurmountahlcFamily Reafon s pre vent making my Name and Addrefs Public j butcreditablc l'er- fons really wanting Information may alio he referred to me and my Friends by Mrs. S. Clark, Ranitay Gardens, Edinburgh. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, THOS. TAYLOR, Member ofthe Corporation of Surgeons, l'ienced g/ eater Vicissitudes and Changes than that Condon, at his House, No. 9 New Bridge- street; which we Inhabit; and no one possesses a greater . where hewil give Advice without a Fee, to Persons claim to the e. aooursof tbe Historian. taking these Pi Is and will answer eatients Letters, if The Events which have taken'Place during the last Post paid, on the same Terms, observing in all Cases Fifty Years, have rendered the Composition of a new ; the most inviolable Secresy, no Patient'sName or 2 5 10 Royal Jubilee. AMONGST the numerous Discoveries in Nature, during the Reign of our beloved Sovereign there is none to equal the wonderful Dis- covery aud surprising Efficacy of the M VCA-. SAR Oil., Wliioh is houor'd with the Sanctions of Their Royal Iligliness's the Princess of Wales and Duke of Sussex. Its Virtues are proudly pre- eminent to any Thing ever produced, for improving the Growth of Hair, preventing it falbng off or changing Colour, andgiving an incomparable Gloss to that distinguish'*! Ornament of Ihe Human Frame. It is Sold by the Proprietors, Rowland and Son, Kirby Street, Hatton Garden, London; and by . Swinfen, Leicester; and all Per- fumers in the United Kingdom. History of this Country more necessary than ever for whoever casts a retrospective Eyeoverthe Trans- actions of the present Reign, will readily A: kuow- ledge, that it is pregnaut with Circumstances of such Magnitude as cannot fail to render it an important Epoch iu the Annals ot Eng i ll History. ' IVit'following Engravings, executed by ihe most eminent Artists, are in a Male of Forwardness, anil will be presented at an eai ty Feriodof the Work. The Death of Sir Johu Moore, at the Battle of Corunna. Tne Archduke Charles of Austria rallying his Troops at the Battle of Asperne. The Death of Lord Nelsou, at the Victory of Tra- falgar. A striking Likeness, superlatively engraved by Hopwood, of his preseut Majesty George the Third, iii the Fiftieth ( or Jubilee) Year o his Reign. The Death of Sir Ralph Abercrombie, at the Battle of Alexandria. Every alternate Number will be embellished with a masterly Engraving, descriptive of the most promi- nent Circumstances iu the various Reigns, and parti eularly dilineating the most remarkable Incidents of tlie War* with Bonaparte. London: Printed and Published by J. STPvAT- FORD, No 112, Holborn Hill, aud Sold by all ooksellers in the United Kingdom. Case hav ing been mentioned but at their own par- ticulaorequest, by the Proprietor, duringthe Course of more than 45 Years, that he has hao the conducting of an extensive Sale ofthe above Medicine, and the Practice arising thererrom. Theyaresold by his Appointment for the conve- nience of those living at a Distance, by Mr. Watson South- Br dge, Edinburgh; Mr. Mentions, Printci Glasgow; Gregory, Swii'fen, Matthews, Leiceitei ; Caldwell, Dublin; and by one Person in every con- siderable Town in Great Britainand Ireland, iu Boxes at only 2s. 9d. each, sealed up with full and plain Directions, whereby Peisoiis of either Sex may cure themselves with Ease and Secrecy. B' FOGS and DAMP AIR. for many Yea. s been proved a most effectual Preservative from the ill Effects of Fogs and Damp Air, which at this Season of the Year are so preju- dicial to those who are affected with Asthmatic Coughs and Shortness of Breath. Its Effects are to expel Wind; to defend the Stomach from the Admission of Damps ; and to relieve those who suffer from a Difficulty of Breathing. Prepared and Sold, Wholesale and Retail only, by Barclay and Son, No. 95, Fleet Market ; and Retail, by their Appointment, by Gregory Swin- fen , Matthews, Woodward, Leicester; Pearson, Melton MowbraV ; Snodin, Oakham ; Freeman, Uppingham ; Adams, Loughborough; Beausmore, Ash by- de- la Zouch ; Dodsworth Brookes, Burton; Leigh, Atherstone; Baker, Tamworth ; Edge, Nor- thampton ; Munu, Kettering; Diakard, Stamford and Uppingham; 1 upman, Nottingham; Drewry, Derby; Ridge, Newark; Mitton, Grantham; Dru- ry, Lincoln; andRobins, Wilkiusoi. Oaveutry.— s But observe, none can possibly be genuine unless tho Label affixed to each iiox, is signed in red Ink hy Barclay and Son, and much Danger may arise from Neglcct of this Caution. ilark- Lane. Nov. 6, la06 Our arrivals of Wheat this morning were pretty considerable, and prices somewhat improved on ihose of this day se'nnight, particularly in the 3ales of very curious samples, wrtich obtained higher terms than we specify,— Barleys have come up in plenty, and were rather cneaper, espec. aliy those of inferior quality.— Boiling and Gte* Vea » declined a iriHe.— New and old Be= ins keep tneic price; and Oats, of which we have large suppl es, are ( except best Polands) lower.— Flour is very flat and scarcely letches 9as, per Sack. PRICE OF GRAIN Wheat 68s to 90s I White Pease Fine - Rye Barley - - - Fine- Malt Fine - - - - 100s to 106s 4fis to 52s I 35s to 50> — s to 54s I 70s to 8tls — s to 84s Grey Pease New Beans New Ticks Oats - - - - Fine - - - - Polands- - COs to 75s 48s to 52s 48s to ., 4s 40s to 46s 26s to c — s to 34 » 38s to iOt Kent Sussex Essex PRICE OF HOPS Bags. 5< 0. t to 51 15i M 10* to 51 it 10i to 5. Kent Sussex Fain. Pockets 51 0i to 6/ 15s 4/ 10 » - to it 12s' 91 0s to lit 0s LETTER From a Lieut.- Colonel in the Militia ; To the Proprietor of Dr Johnson's salubrious Vegetable Specific. Statfoid, Nov. 15, i » 08. SIR SOM E Yearsbefore vour most useful Syrup, call- ed Vegetable Essence, was made known as a 6 6 7 1 6 9 19 10 17 3 2 2 7 taking wool and mu'ton collectively, the superio- rity appevr- in favor ol Merinos £ 1 2s. 7d In tiusexper . nentone p ., » ; seems to lie clearly iisc- t med w i,. h is thu tne Merinos are the li'rt aters : t was the opinion of ali « vh • visited i xi i aeii . triat the pastuie allotted to the Merinos would have carried eight, to h, ve kept it equaii v litre with be pasture i- ccup ed by l. eicesn e i ' bi M 1 : v. iiu quaffing ol lobacco wil in any dejree ass st it. Let you' Graziers and Fatmersa tend o sound and inuiltemaitcal leusontng, and tead over mi l ovet again, the : eter of " a Farmer" in yuui paper f the 27th of Oitober, they will find the re sufficient to deter tiiern irom entering in o any wild schemes i • improve Wont or mutton, and a: lie same t me t iiiev leel nclined ( should you after this let- ter Mr. Editor allow t) to contribute as w. itirs to y- ui paper on this subject, thev will learn he art pleading favor, wool, mu'ton, and veget- ablefood, so as todssume* pos^' tion. although ideal rong enough I ; the argumentative def ence of our New Breet , against the attack of any person that wuuid be rush enougit to endeavour to improve them, either m wool oi carcass. Wishing 1 may in fjtute cut my Mu ton quietly, lam, Mr. Editor, Your sincere well wisher, Harmony. Melton, Nov. 2, 18o9. I County ot Leicestei HUNDRED of FRAMLAND. ' HE ASSIZE of BREAD— Set the 31st Day ol October, 1809, to continue 14 Days. lb. oi. dr, the six but here it may be ibjected, that if i s had been put on they would not ved n tiie same proportion that the six el 1 tuiug .40ftje are i opim "> tlicy wouid, and,- tins reason, their pastuie caused them to scour . .,,: , while that of the Leicesters never Spilsbury's Drop9. No Medicine is so well calculated, or has better succeeded n giv ng rel et in numerous bad cases of Scrophula, than MULSBUK Y'S PATENT ANTI- SCORBUTIC DROPS. A ir al will prove this, and convince even the tender anxiety of parents, when the glands become first swelled and diseased, or the usual sytrptomsof schrophulouscnlaigement ofthe jtomach in children takes place* in miptire cases Public Medicine, I was very much afflicted with the Scurvy, and Eruptions on mv Back, Breast, and Face, which were very troublesome and disagieeable. By taking about five Bottles of your Essence,-)- ( which I was tndaced to use, because I was convinc- ed it was composed of Vegetable Materials only, having employed a Medical Friend to examine its Properties) I found myself perfectly cured, aud free from Scurvy. The Eruptions on my Facte and Body disappeared, and my Skin became perfectly clear.—- It took off tbe Itching, gave perfect Ease to my Feet, which were threatened witi the Gout, ( it being a Family Complaint) and reiijved the Drowsiness with which 1 had been affected for a Length of lime. My Nights became comfortable, my Sleep refresh- ing, and my Health a ml Spirits fully restored. Though several Years have elapsed, 1 have hail scarcely any return of the Complaint, although a very Free- Liver. Whenever any Eruption has since appeared, one or two Bottles 1 always found suffi- cient to set me right again. " lam, Sir, yourobliged, & c." Tbe Materials are now made up into a Packet. One Packet is equal to five Bottles The Name ofthe respectable Gentleman, whose Case is stated in the above Letter, may be known on Applica'ion to the Wholesale Venders of the Remedy, Barclay and Son, 95, Fleet Market, Lon- don ; to whom Retail Venders are requested to make early Application. It may be procured genu- ine, Price 15s. with clear anil explicit Directions, of Gregory, Swinfen, Matthews, Woodward, Leices ter ; Pearson, Melton Mowbray ; Snodin, Oak- ham ; Freeman, Uppingham; Adams, Loughbo- rough; Beadsmore, Ashby- de- la- Zouch ; Dods- worth, Brookes, Burton; Leigh, Atherstone; Ba- ker, ' Tamworth; Kdge, Northampton. One Packetof this nutritious vegetable Antiscor- butic, has in many Instances done more towards eradicating the Scurvy, than all the dangerous Re- m> dies which have been ransacked from the Mineral Kingdom. The Vegetable Essence may be used at any Sea- son ofthe Year ; but is taken with pecu. iar advant- age in the Mouths of October and November, The Penny Loaf VVheaten to weigh 0 4 Ditto Houftiold, - 0 6 Twopenny Loal Whcaten to weigh 0 9 Ditto Houfhold, - - 0 12 Sispenny Loaf VVheaten to weigh 1 11 Ditto lloulhold, - 2 5 Twelvcpenny Loal VVheaten to weigh 3 12 Ditto Honfhold, - 4 10 Eighteenpenny LoafVVheatento weigh5 2 Ditto Houfhold, - 6 15 R. NORMAN. T. B. BURNABY. SMITH FIELD.— Monday Nov. 6. Ta sink the offal, perstoneof 81b. Beef 4s Od to 5 » 4n i Veal 5s Od to 6s 8d Mutton4s 4d to 5s 8d j Pork 6s 8d to 7s Sd HEAD OF CATTLE THIS DAY. Beasts, about 2660— Sheep and Lambs 12; CC0 PRICE OF TALLOW. St. James'sMarket ..... 5s 5d Clare Market - -- -- .- -- -- -- .,.-.- 5s 6d Whitecliape I Market 5s 3d ( Per Stone of 81b.) — if 2d Average Price - -- - » ... - 5s if Town Tallow 95s Od Russia( Can.) - - - .... - 90 s to — a Russia ditto ( So.) - - --------- - 88 s to — s Melting Stuff .... 64s to —- s Ditto rough - -- - . - 45s to 47s Graves - - ------ - s io 14s Good Dregs • — s to 14 » Yellow Soap 98s— Mottled I08s— Curds. 112s Price of Candles, perdoz. 14s. bu— Moulds! !> s0d. HUNDRED of GAR 1' REE. The Afiize of Bread lor the Hundred of Gartree, inthe County ol Leiceiler. lb oi. dr. The Sixpenny Leaf Wheaten is to weigh . 12 2 The Sixpenny Loal Houfhold 2 5 8 TheTwelvepenny Loaf VVhtate i 3 8 4 The Twelvepenny Loa I Houfhold 4 11 0 Set by us t wo of his Majelty'sjufl tees ol the I'eace in and for the faid Hundred, the 18th Day ot Julv 1809, and tocontinue in mrce lor 14 Days from Saturday next. C. J. BEW1CKE. E. GRIFFIN. HUNDRED of GUTHLAXI'ON. All! z ol Bread foi the Hundred of Guihlaxtou o take place on Motrda' the 2d of October, o be in Force unti'- another Atlizc is let for the laid Hun- dred The Penny Loa t Wheaten to weigh Ditto Houfhold Ditto The l'wo- pcnny LoalVVheaten Ditto Ditto Houlhold Ditto he Six- penny Loal Wheaten Ditto Ditto Houfhold Ditto he Twelvepenny Loat Wheaten Ditto Ditto Hotilhold Ditto he Etglueenpenny Loaf Wheaten Ditto 4 5 2 Ditto Houlhold Ditto 5 12 6 T. BL'RNABY. C. CHAMBERS, very Wheaten Loafisto bemarkeo with a fai . email W. and - very Houlhold Loai with alar nrH. oni . : ( orfeitin not mats than 20i and not less than 5s. far evei^ Loaf; PRICE OF LEATHER. In Lva'UnhaU Ajar . et. Butts — — — - j -- 22d to 2f4 Ditto -.--.- 23,1 l0 gij Merchants'Backs ----- - . ] 9d to 21d Dressing Hides - 171 to ISf Fine Coaeh Hides - - - - - - - 19d to 21d CropHides oreutt. - - ... I9d to 22d Call Skins --- - - . . 26d to 32d Ditto 34d to 09d Ditto - -- -- ... - ---. 33d to 3 fid SmallSeals - -- -- - .... ssd to 33d Large ditto - -- -- - .... 100s to l.' tie ' panned HorseHides ... - y( d to 22£ goatikins - -- -- -. - - 50s to 33 lb. « 0 3 0 5 0 7 0 10 1 1 1 14 2 14 3 13 14 ' tinted and Published by John Price, J\: a" 3 ket- place, Leicester. This Paper is regularly filed in London ; attheLondon, Chapter, ai. d I eel's Coffee HvUses ; aud by W Taylor and T. Mtwtou » Printers Agents, INo. 5 Warwick- square, New- gate- street ; where Advertisements arc received.— The Paper may also be seen at Mr. Billing' • Crown, Vinegar- yard, Drury- lane; r. t the Pied Horse, Chiswell- stri ct, Finsbury- sqv. aie ; at the Bull's- Head, Vere- strect; Advertisements are re- ceived, and the Paper distributed by Mr. Tupnian and Mr. Dunn, Nottingham ; Mr. Ridgaid, Shef- field ; Mr. Marriott, Derby; M iss Wilson. Rothef - ham j Mr. Barrow, Kegworth; Mr. Smith, Bake- well; Mr. War in and Mr. Park » s, Ashbourne; Mr. Hollerinshaw, Tideswell; Mr. Dodsworth, Burton; Mr Adams, Druggist, Loughborough j Mr. Lester, Shuepshcad ; Mesprs. G. ai d A. V era ; Hinckley; Cicmentson, Melton; JV'r I. ostbv, Biliesdon, Oakham, & e.; Mr. Holt art Younr « Ashby and Villages adjacent, & e, Mr, Olvier Frisby & Grantham,
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