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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3795
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 06/11/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3795
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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WINCHESTER J SALISBU AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. ..... . . ' - v 1 [ NUMBER 3795. VOLUME LXXJV.] MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1809. , PR1, CE SIXPENCE " HALFPENNY. /" STA* UH- X » « ^ V.... 3\ 4. ••'••<• ...... ... ^ paper and print, ad. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. m FOREIGN NEWS Rp. iriEjr. HALL, ( in UPPER BAVARIA), Oct. 4. . N the 24th of Sept. the Tyrolese Insurgents, i numerous bodies, attacked at tbe same moment, — all sides, the Pass, of Lefers. On this occasion ' tRey climbed ovler hills which were hitherto believed to be impassable; after an obstinate resistance, tbe brave Ba- varians were obliged to yield to superior force, and, after a Hot inconsiderable loss, . to- retreat to Saltzburgh. HAMBURGH, OT- F.-' 10'.—' To prevent. misunderstanding, it "' ought to be known, that vessels in batla- t, or loaded with iron, hemp, timber for ship- building, Peruvian bark, arid bt. hrr medicines, ai e. not permitted to sail hence for French ' iporis altogether immediately, but only when such vessels' have received permission to sail from the Minister of the interior, in oeusequence of authority thereto granted by life Majesty the Emperor and King. LONDON, MONDAY,. OCi'OBER 30. The arrival of the French official paper has at length put an end to every doubt upon the subject of Peace.— The Monifceur of the 21st announces tliateveut in the following terms:— PARIS, Oct. 20.--" Peace between his Majesty the. Em- peror of the French ahd his Majesty the Emperor of Auslria, was signed on the 14th'of this month." Not a word is aid of the terms of the Treaty— The journal de Commerce of the 21st informs us, that the tfVent was announced by the firing of cannon in the morn- ing, and in all the different Theatres in the evening, where it was received with the leudest acclamations. • The Pope, it is said, has been ordered into close confinement at Avignon, and has been denied all inter- course with' the few attendants \ Vho had been allowed to ' follow him. into France.', Mr. Roscoe has been elected a Correspondent Mem- ber of the Royal Institute of Amsterdam, instead of the fete John De Muller, * a efistingui- hed Swiss writer.— It is pleasing to observe that the hostility Which divides the • nations of Europe, has not yet invaded the domains of „ Science. '••..'."•' Letters have been received from Elvas and Ba- Oiljos, which ' afford ground to hope that the mortality t among ' our troops in Portugal " has not been so great as the accounts previously received gave reason to apprehend. El- vas < 5dn'tain'< tdt » iir principal hospitals, and thither all the bail ' cas sin thte army hail been sent. Oo the 29th ult. however, ' the total number of sick did not amount t » 1500, and the total number of deaths daring the month was no more than ' 343. ' Many of the sick were'in a statu of convalescence, and ' bad every advantage derivable from medical science and .' attention. « If is said to be finally settled, not merely that Wal- cTicreh is to be maintained, hut that Portugal also shall tie ' intended ; and all the disposable force in England is under , r. l/ trs for these two destinations. On Saturday - an order vvus- sent down to the Sussex district, for every regiment except the 18th Light/ Horse, to hold itself in readiness for .. embarkation. . The Ministerial arrangements are at.' length com- pleted, but are Very different to what lias been stated. 1 L" l'd Liverpool is to succeed Lord Castlereagh as Secretary ' of State for " War and Colonies; Mr: Ryder is to be Secre- tary of State for tlie Hume Department, in the room of Lord Liverpool ; anil Mr. Charles Manners Sutton, son to the Afehbi hop of Canterbury, succeeds Mr.' Ryder, as . ' Judge Advocate ; Mi'., Dpnclas Saunders is to be President of the Board of Controul, The Cabinet will therefore now consist of the. following Members: Mr. Perceval, Lord Eldon, Lord Liverpool, Lord Bathurst, Mr. Ryder, Lord Camden, Lord W tmonelaml, Lord Hai'iowby, Mr. Dun- das, Ijord Mulgrave, and Lord Chatham. It is. probable, however, that even this arrangement is only temporary, . for we- are told that Lord Wellesley has announced his intention of availing himself of his Majesty's permission. to return home ; for the purpose, it is thought, of coming into office with. Mr. Canning, if lie can, ami, if he cannot,- of acei'pting- office without him. In the latter - case, which is conceived to be the most probable, Lord - Liverpool is to be moved into the War Department, and •• Mr. Richard Rvder fo be made Home Secretary. On' this subject ail evening paper, respectable for its '•• gen ial impartiality and freedom from party abuse, says, " What happy talents « nr Statesmen possess. They tire qualified for ." all Stations. Whether for peace or . war, whether'tor tbe home or the foreign department, is alike • a matter of indifference- ;> their habits and knowledge are • equally suitable for any, or every office !" ' It is reported that Sir Richard Bickerton is shortly . tQ have . the coinmand of the Channel fleet. He is just arrived in town from Norfolk, having been sent for. express • by tbe Admiralty. ' The following Conditions for the sale'of the first Lottery,' for the service of the year 1309, were this nioi'n- itfg sent dpwn to tbe Bank::— The Lottery to consist of '• 80,000 tickets, and to be drawn the l- 2th of February 1810.' " No prize above 20,000?. or less than 15/. to be allowed. No fixed prize,- and not more than three blanks to a prize. . The disgraceful contest between the frequenters of - "< jbv. e'nt- Gardcn Theatre at d the proprietors thereof has occasioned 42 bills of indictment to be preferred by the t, proprietors, at the Middlesex Sessions, against 41 persons • who are: cbarged with rioting at the Theatre. Of these 17 bills have been found by the Grand Jul y ( two against one person), and 25 bills thrown out. A servant girl was taken • into Custody for " blowing a penny child's trumpet, in the gallery, and not. being aide to give bail, she has lain nearly. ; a fortnight in bridewell, but in the end the proprietors of ' the Theatre declined indicting her. Surely, whatever may the the merits of'the contest, this poor girl ought not to have been so long incarcerated among thieves and vagabonds - on so trivial a charge. Sir M. BIOXAM and Co.' s Bankruptcy.— At the last ex- amination of the bankrupts, on Saturday, Sir Matthew Bioxam, Mr. Wilkinson, and Mr. B'. oxam, severally gave • Upuheir watches- and the- money in their possession, which, With the unanimous approbation of the creditors, were re- • ' turned to them.. A great many debts were proved ; a , claim for 700?. arising on a bill for which the holder, though 4 not a regular bill broker, had received half a guinea com- mission, in addition to the legal interest of 5 per cent, was rejected on that account. The assignees, So... .. declared their high satisfaction with the accounts and conduct of the bankrupts; and Mr. Robinson, one of the assignees, stated that Mr. Wilkinson had lost 105,0.00/. in this concern, and had now. made over a- further sutn of 10,000/. leaving him- self without a shilling. He gave notice that he should -. shortly call a meeting of the crtditofs, to propose their ' affording Mr. Wilkinson sonie relief. A most' curi'oos case is now under the. cgnsideration of tbe first Crown Lawyers. A person, who a short time- since was partner in a house! ( recently ip. the list uftfSankrupts), lieing discovered to be a constant frequenter of tbe gaming • houses ift the vicinity of Pall Mall, his partners insisted on bis quitting the concern. This lie, refused to do,, unless they would give a general release from all debts owing bv the" house, and from what he owed to the house.— By the books, he. appeared- to have over- drawn hisyrivate account to only a trilling amount, therefore the release re'qtiiVed • was given, and he quitted the concern. In a short time, upop examining tbe books,. some suspicious circumstances appeared ; in consequence of which the remaining partners were induced to look minutely into the aoeotmf., when, to their great surprize, they found that bills to the amount of moie than 49,000/. had been embezzled, and some of the books which would lead to the proof, taken away. A considerable number of the bills are traced to have been received for the ci decant partner by prhsate persons, • Search is making after the others, and the assignees have resolved to institute a strict and miifule inquiry' into the whole transaction— the release having been given only for the private debt of the party to the concern, and not for the sums that > vere embezzled. MARK- LANE, Monday, Oct. 30. There were very few vessels in turn with corn " of any sort for to- day's market, and the supply consequently Was quite scanty ; Wheat also came in general of such an inferior quality, and so cold in hand, that the top prices of. last Monday were not current by many shillings per quarter ; and yet v.- e do not know that real fine samples, if there had been " such on shew, would have been much cheaper.— Peas of both sorts are considerably lower, and the sales were dull universally this morning, but without that prevailing alteration in the value that establishes a new currency. We refer to the list subjoined for all further infor- mation :— Mealing Red Wheat figs. 90s. to 9Ss. fine 100s. to 104s. White ditto 70s. 92S. to 100s. fine 104s. to 108s. sup. 11,2s. Foreign Red ditto 70s. to 84s. fine 86s. to 100s. sup. 10BS. to 112s. Zealand White 80s to 100s, fine Dantzic and. Ameri- can 106s. 116s. to 120s. Black 68s. to 78s. fine 30s. to 88s— Rye 50s. to 56s.— White Peas 56s. to 70s. boilers 76s: to 88s. Grey Peas 42s. to 4ys. fine 50s. to 52. s. new 53s. to 54s.—— Horse Beans, new, 46s. to 54s. old 56s. to 65s. Tick B. ans, new, 40s. to 45s. 47s. old 48s. to 52$. 54s.— Barley, 82s. to 44s. Malting 46s. to 52s.. fine new 54s. to 56s — Malt 70s. to 76s. fine 78s. to 82s.—- Qats, long feed, 24s. to. 33s. short 34s. to 36V. fine Poland. 37s. to- 10s. sup. 41s. to 43s.— Broad Beans 50s. to 100s. Long Pods 42s. to 56s. per quarter.— Tares 5s. 6d. to 7s. per bushel.— Rape Seed 38/. to 46/. fine new 50/. to 521, per last.- English Household Flour 95s. per sack. American ditto 40s. to 45s. 52s. fine 54s. to 60s. sup. to 63s. per barrel. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, Novembers, 1809. ON Thursday, the Qlh instant, I shall be ready to receive Tenders in writing ( sealed up) and treat for 1000 Quarters of CLOSE- DRIED AMBER MALT, 7/ ie ' Service of this Port, anstverable to a sample that will he pro- duced; at the time: of contract,' to he delivered- in one Month ,- which will he paid for by hills payable with , interest 30. days after date. No regard will le had to any Tender, in which the prices shall not he inserted in icords ai length, or. that shall not he delivered before twelve o'clock on the said gtH instant, nor unless the persons wliojnake the same, or someperson on their behalf, attend io answer thereto when called for. . . WM: REEKS. N. B. The Conditions! of the Contract may' be seen at . my Office. • ..':'... [ 5573 BURSLEDON BRIDGE AND ROADS. THE Special General. Assembly of the Company of Proprietors of Bursledon Bridge and Roads, intended to have been holden on Monday- the 30th day of October inst. is unavoidably POSTPONED to Monday the 6th day of Nov. next; .:•;..- » • ' . Notice is therefore hereby, giyen, That a- Special General Assembly of the said Company of. Proprietors will be holden at the Red Lion Inn, near the Bridge, on Monday the ,6th day of November next, precisely atelev. cn o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of taking into consideration the probable effect on the interests of the above. Company of the proposed esta- blishment of aTurnpikeJRoad from Park- gate or ' Litchfield to Cos- ham, and ofthe1 tolls consequenUthereupori : and in order to enter into resolutions, - andegiy'e directions - respecting the same. By order, . DAVID COMPIGNE, Clerk. GOSPORT, Oct. 21,1S00. [ 5' 236 SARUM AND EALING TURNPIKE. ' *. NOTICE is hereby given, that the irext Meeting of theTrustees is appointed to be held, pursuant to the last adjournment, at the. house of Joachim Hibberd, known by the name of the Maidenhead,-! nn, io . the city of New Sarum, on Friday the loth day of November inst. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.— SAR'C t. j,' Nov.'- 1,. J- SOS," 3S09J W. BOU. CHER-, Clerk and Treasurer. , Fisherton, Wilton, Ileytesbury, JVitloughiiy^ hedge, and liedhone Turnpike.- • THE next Meeting of the Trustees. tt'ilhbe' held on Wednesday the tSth inst. at the hSise ofVV'm. Cowdry, the Bell Inn, in Wilton, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. JAMES CHARLES.. STILL, Clerk. Knoyle, 2d Aroi'. 1809. V ... ,[ 55( 59 To MASTERS or VES'SL.'. S. CHARITY of the late JOH . ' 6' LINGAN.. NOTICE'S hereby given, ri fist the next Meeting of the'Trustees, of th'ls Charity will'be held at the George Inn, in Christchuitb, in the .:- v htyof Sauthahip'tdn', on . Monday the eOtb- day of this instant Novembe r, at twelve o'clock', for the purpose of'Phic;;. g out. P-. ea.'. Ghildi'en its AP- PRENTICES, u- nder the directions Ot ehi said Charity, when,, according. to the same, Apprentice.-. h. Sea Service, will be- preferred, and a premium n: - ven pounds paid to such Mas ters of Vessels who may apply to ti e Trustees with any such Apprentice, Whether of- the parish of Cnritjtehurch or any other parish.— Dated the'- lst ibv of Nov.- isos. 553ft] JOHN RICHMAN, Receiver. RURAL SPORTS. THE- Gamesters and Amateurs of ( he Manly Art of SINGLE- S TICK Playing are requested to take Notice, that. a SUBSCRIPTIONS on feoffor a PURSE to be played for, on. or about the. 16th of- November, the day previous to the Fair . at AkOOVER, Hants.—— Furthel particulars will be inserted in the next Journal. ' [ 5578 BOROUGH OE SHAFTESBURY. AT a'Meeting of'the Mayor, Recorder, capital Burgesses, and Inhabitants of the said Borough, held in the Guildhall this 25th day of October 1809,— ..' The • Wofshipfurthe MAYOR jn the Chair, ; : the following - Address" was unanimously agreed to: " To the King's most" excellent ' Majesty, ' * ''. MOST otiAcious SovKREI- GN,' ,-, '•-, « . Wc, your Majesty's lhost dutiful and loyal subjects, the Mayor, Recorder-, capital Burgesses, and Inhabitants of the Borough of Shaftesbury, beg - leave to hail your Majesty on the arrival Of this day," the commencemcnt- of the 5uth year of your Majesty's reign;— a period scarcely heard of in the history of Kings; --;-'.''". '.'" We participate with your, Majesty's other loyal subjects in . offering up to the Almighty our unfeigned and fervent thanks for having, thus- long afforded to, vour Majesty his most gra- cious aid and protection; and we further implore his divine goodness, to continue the same during , the evening of your Majesty's life. . - " We cannot omit the prespnt oppprtunity of expressing our most zealous attachment. to the principles of our. glorious Constitution, and to- your. Majesty's royal Person and- Family ; and we. most anxiciisjy- hope that your Majesty,, in your de- clining'years, may experience a tranquil arul prosperous reign, and your people the blessings of a lasting and honourable ^. peace." , - - Resolved,^ That the Mayor be requested to transmit the saitl Address to town to be presented to his Majesty ; and'thit if: .!-- thereof be inserted. in the Courier and Salisbury and Winchester Journal.; , , " . - THOMAS BENNETT, Chairman. Resolved,— That the thanks of this meeting lye given to'the Mayor tor- convening this meeting, and for his able conduct in the chair.' . - -. ' [ 54t2 PROPOSALS for publishing a PRINT, in mez- zotinto, to be dedicated, by permission, to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Salisbury, Chancellor of' the Most Noble Order of the Garter, & c.'& c. from the Great Altar- Piece in St. Thomas's Church, Salisbury, -* Painted by DOUGLAS GUEST, -. Professor, Lectufer on the Fine Arts in the lloyal Institution of Great Britain, & c. & c. To be engraved by VAI. ENTINF. GUEEN, Senior Associate Engraver of the Royal Academy, Mezzotinto Engrayer to the King, & ce& c. " THE TRANSFIGURATION." CONDITIONS.— The dimensions of the Plate will be the same with the one engraved from Rubens, " Descent from the Cross," viz. 36 inches high by 24 inches wide. The pricc of proofs, four guineas each,> and of plajn print3 two guineas each. Half to be paid on subscribing, and the remainder on delivery of the impression. Subscriptions jeceiVed bv Mr. Guest, High- Street, Sa- lisbury; and in London, . at So. 13,- Cockspur- street, Pall- t Mall. November \, 1809. • [ 5562 Glt- LINCIHAM AND MO'I'CQMBE INCLOSURE. IJOHN BIL. I. INGSLEY, the sole Commissioner named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 49th year of ' his present Majesty,,- inti- tuled " An Act for inclosing lands ill the several parishes of . Gillingham and Motcon\ ht:, in . the county of Dorset, V DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that I have closed my meetings for receiving claims from, the sevoral proprietors or persons claiming to . be interested or. entitled to any rights or interests iu, over,- and upon thejands. or grounds by the said Act in- tended 10 be divided or allotted. • I FURTHER GIVE NOTICE that A GENERAL OB - JKCTlON. hSs been dejivered to me the said Commissioner against' the. said several claims which have been'made or rle- liverr. d in to me as aforesaid under, the said Act, and that I shall hold a Meeting at the Phoenix Inn, irt. Gillinghamsfore- said,, on- M. onday the 20th- day of NovemKer. riext, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when,, and 011 the four following days, I shall proceeit to investigate, hear, and determine the said several claims. and- Objections: and- I FURTHER GIVE NOTICE,., that all and every perscin'or perions who havr made tir delivered in any claim or claims to me the said Com missioner as . aforesaid, are hereby required to. produce suf- ficient evidence before me at my said next meeting in support ef their said several and respective claims ; and all such claims ( where tlie objection or objections theieto shall not be withdrawn at my said next meeting) which shall not be then substantiated by- evidence will be wholly^ disallywcd, and the person or parsons . making default in proving and substantiating th- same will be wholly debarred from all benefit. or advantage in respect thereof under the, said Act. Dated thib- l'th of October, .180.9. 50- 30J JOHN BILLINGSLEY. This Day is published, Price 1 s. " A SERMON preached in the Parish Church of 11 TROWBRIDGE, Wiltshire,' on the 25th day of October, I809, and printed at the request of the ' Cbngregatiori there ssembled. ' e ..-•.< BY THE REV. WALTER BIRCH, IT. D. . PcllOWof Magdalen College, Oxford', . . Bath, printed by W. Meyler and Son;-- andsold by Sweet, Trowbridge; Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury; Parker, Oxford; Reynolds, Oxford street, and G. Robinson, Paterncster- row,- London. . • . - [ 55S1 Character ' Sf Conduct of his Majesty King George III. , THIS DAY IS PUBI. ISHED, PRICE Is.' t- ; THE JUBILEE -; a Sermon, preached. iii.' f. he " Chapel of the Foundlirig Hospital, on. Wednesday^ the 25th of October 180.9, being th'e day on which his Majesty . en- tered the 50th year of his reign. By the Rev. J. HEWLETT, B. D, Morning Preacher at the Foundling Hospital, and Lecturer .. of St. Vcdast's. • Sold.. by F. and C. Rivington, and J. Johnson, St. Paul's Church- yard; and J. Mawman, in the Poultry, London ; also by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury. [ 5549 THE GRAND JUBILEE MEDAL. rT, HE Proprietor of the Grand Jubilee/ Medal returns a. his sinccre thanks'for the distinguished patronage, his Medal has received from a loyal and patfiotic'pubfjc; and as they are still worn- atialj the Concerts and Assemblies, ' begs leave to inform them he has supplied his- Agcrits in various parts of the country with an assortment of them,. particularly an elegant one'in silvery. 1 Those ladies and gentlemen of Salisbury ati; d It?.- vicinity who were disappointed « n the Jubilee day, may-" bc provided at Mr. Harrington's, si- lver- smith and jewdlEr," cutler to thc Duke and Ductless of York, and the Princesses, Gath. fri. he7 street, Salisbury;— s]\ Jr. Lucas, jeweller, HlgH- sweel, Sdtijh ampton ; Mr.. Bailey,: 29,. Hanover- streetj- Por. tsea f Mr. Sym- monds, circulating library', Blandford ; and: Mr. Fitter, ' gpld and silver, laceman and jeweller, 4, Bath- s'tre'et';-: Bath. ',[ 5582 FISHERTON,- SALISBURY, OCT. 18-,; I8h9.' WM. PHELPS, " NURSERY and SEEDSMAN, . re- spectfully inforids- the public, that Ke'hjs'a general and choice assortmentof TRUIT TREES, FOREST TREES', Shrubs") and Flower Roots, which, With' Garden Mats, Tools, and Seeds of all - kinds, he continues to sell onsre; S'onable terms. A quantity of. stout Standard Apple- Trees for orchards. He has three acres'of N, ufsery, consisting principally of. Firs, Forest Trees, and Shrubs, which. lie will sell for ready money remarkably cheap, as the ground must be clearedby Christ- mas- next: * ' [ 5145 PARTNERSHIP WANTED. AGentleman," who lias been ' accustomed to the Retail Trade, is desirous of joining an established and respectable Concern, in which he would embark about! OOO/. The most satisfactory and respectable references can he giyen, and will likewise be required.- None but principals need . apply.- Letters ( post paid) with teal names, to be directed to Y. Z. Post- office, Bath. - - ' J5575 ' TO NURSERYMEN. ' • J ; ' WANTED,— A large Quantity of HAZELS. Whoever has any to dispose of, will send the particu- lars, as to their - height, and at what price per 1000, to Mr. Johnson, at the White Hart Inn, Sarum; if by letter, post paid. - [ 5,563, • MONEY WANTED. VITANTED, on undeniable security,— SEVEN V'V HUNDRED PT) UNDS.- s— Apply to Mr: Griffiths, attorney at law, Newport,' Isle of Wight. [ 5482 . CURACY WANTED.' WANTED, by a Clergyman ill Priest's Orders,— A CURAGY, ' with - a prospect of a Permanency^ . Tiie Advertiser wtjuld have . no objection to take charge of one,' or two . Churches, ( for the present) for two, four, or six months, either in Wiltshire, o. r any of the^ adjoining counties. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to the Printers of this Paper. WANTS a Situation, in a Gentleman's Family, as NURSE GOVERNESS,— A'middle- aged respecta- ble Woman, to take the charge of two or three young Ladies or Gentlemen,' frtim four years old.- and: upwards. [ 5481 Good references can be given by applying to A. Z. Wheat Sheaf, Bradingy- near- Ryd. e, Isle of'Wight. ' Letters postpaid. A. iYdurtg MAN,.. of respectable ^ connections^ who 1\. can, giVe goo. d reference for character, wishes te engage himself in souie Merchant's Counting- House.—- The salary will not be his particular object.— Letters addressed ( post paid) to A. 15,. Post- Office, Southampton, will be- duly attended to. TOs LINEN - AND WOOLLEN" DRAPERS. ' - . VITA- NTS'* SITUATION in the'above Line,— A V V youngMaN, who has" been accustomed to the Country Trade :— Salary not'so much an object as a comfortable situa- ritui.— Letters'. fpost paid)' addressed to. A. B. at » the Printers', will be duly- attended, to'. ' . . [ 5540 7 aV" eTS • a Situation,;— An- active Person,- about • • ethirtyeyears of- age, as WAITER at'an Hotel, Inn, or Tavern; - one- v. ho, can give . respectable references . for good character,— T.\ fitjjatio. n--. iit a'sea poft- tBwn would beipreferred. Apply st4^ bePrinters^ if- by letter, post paid', dire. cttdrJ. K. , N. li. The advertiser can give . security for plate, glass, & c. if required. " , ,'. • 1 •*:'• .{ 5568 ; ANTS' a' PLACE; as B'UTI. E'R" or " V. ALET R> S MAN, who can K5.41. to'a Travelling Gentleman,— A youn; come recommendttl jrom bis'ast place. Direct to'S. R. Air. Havter's, Midgeh^ m Farm, 1' o'rdi. ng- bridge, Hants.— Letters ( pbst, paitl) > Vtii bi duly attcntled to. • A ' To Navab Officers, Seam/ hi,- fctd'oih'cri; travelling Mtieelt •<*'•- Por- tsriimth and Pll) nidlilh. ' • •<• • n A M ' S'OTE s " i* q t; n p. 1 - tew NOTES. iy rapped ' invthe Envelope of h Letter," were, picked up in the.'. pight of the 25th of October, in,' tfre'y< ti< l oftlie Red. Lion Inn>'., Saitsb. uty,> sup- posed to have'beeifrffp'pped'Kv a Passenijir from Por( sjpouth in one of the Coa" chc%; '< The owner is hereby informed, tliat his property, will be restored to hitti, on h1£' appty-' rTig: to Mr. \ oung, at tho, R4- d., Liom Iruw. aforesaid- v and identifying'the same; and if . any pcrs, on. of, Plymouih,. 1& e.( sho. uM'have beard apy naval friend, since epiharked, on.- st ry^ e, mention. such loss, it is requested' they will immediately give mformatioft on the subject: • '' ','''":['''. ' . " f6, S § 6 ' ' VrWENTV- GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS' W1IJ. IAM .; STICKER!' late Master of the Brig Active, of Poole, has been guilty of Offences against the Revenue .' Laws, whereby lie h\. s in- curred certain penalties, to avoid which he has absconded. A Reward • df'Twrnty Guineas Will, be paidV>' ant person giving such'"! 1nfefhiatiqn as may lead to- a dis. fa'v'- Vy of " the said . Willijim - Stic^ ens, so ( hat hi- may he. s'ppiqheiid. ed'and delivered up to the Officers of his Maje ay's Custom's. POOLE, Nov. 1.-. 1809. ' ROBERT S- LADE.. The said Williarri Stickensis about five fe& t sfien or rtght inches high, square made, rather ioundvsh'oalth'rtfi, , b. s a short neck, ( lark complexion, datk bro\ vn short. hair, has a little cast in his. eyes, and is about forty years < jf , age...'" { 5. Y1S TWENTY POUNDS REWARD? STO BEN- froth the Fokl'of Mr.' Tfenfy'NWifi'an, of South Newton, near Wilton, on Wednesday the 1st of November, Four Wiltshire liO{ ntd EWE SHEEP, marked with G. N. on tbe. ngar side. Whoever will aive information of the offender or offenders, shall receive TWENTY POUNDS reward, to b$. ia djt> n his or their conviction, by thesaid Mr. Newman.—— An Actom- , pli'ce. impeaching the. persons who, actually committed the robbery,, shall receive the same reward. ,..-: [ 6560 * "' . ' PoiVl'KH. IOST,. on . Thursday tlvf 2( 5th ofOctnber, from U Warmiaster...—- A POINTER DOG, white;- with I river colour sp ) t^ round, her ears, jmd with a collar marked" Ei- muntl. Leigh Lye,' Boreham,". ... Whoeyer lias. the dpg, aptJ. wiilTeturnjt, shall, rfrcoive One Guinea re. vyat?,, all reasonable l^ enees,;. l^ ut if. detained after this public notice, any p rsdfligivin$ i^ brtAt ',> n, 6iK. ll, on conviction of the person', receive a reward o. O eji Guineas, ifflt'feveryexpense. ' .'". 5 ' ' ii> » } 2 ESCA I? E 1 ifrom JUSTICE, charged* withidling l-' Tvmber ft'orn fhelaiwt- nfiR. W. Si. EAT, Hsq. ' in•' the • parish' 6f Clwisichprbln^ WWiLAM I'AVE, 14te< Sf. Rga- Croft, in. th,; parish tot ' ChrisUd » uKh,' llaboqT( r;'; abJu| » 20 years of age, 5 feet 6' inthes high, sall'pw complexion, saijdy hair, his face inush summer fryckted, atjd vc'ru^ lender'rfiade about the thighs and- t.- Also, T. HQ'M- A^ ; H' 1> VV A MARY. GATTRELL begs, to return . Her most grateful acknowledgments tft. lie'f- nonteiipq. s'- friendsand the public for fayours ' so" generously conferred'; and - informs them that she ha^ declined Busiuess in favour of Mr. Gsoaoe MA B LOW, . whom shtv wjshes' . to recompaend . to their- notice, not- doubting, that he will merit their: countenance &' support. GEORGE MAR LOW, BUTCHER, haying suc- ceeded Mrs. GATTREI. L in the above Business, humbly solicits the favours of her friends and the public, which he hop- s to' merit by a regular and assiduous attention to their Commands.—, Bmcher- Tow, Salisbury, Oct. 28, 1809. DOLPHIN INN, ROMSEY. * WM. TINSON begs to return his sincere thanks to the public for the encouragement he has already met with at the above inn ; and - mosL respectfully begs leave to inform those. Ladies and Gentlemen who " may trayel through Romsey, that they may be accommodated with good Chaises, Horses, and careful Drivers; he has also furnished his house with.- genteel Beds and Furniture; and hopes, by the strictest punctuality and attention to business, to merit thostf favours the public may be inclined to confer on him. [ 5561 TO BUILDERS. AND OTHERS. .' ESSRS. HURRY,'. JUKES; & Co. have several 1VJL Cargoes of DEALS and. TIMBER arrived from Nor- way and America; which thay- are selling dri moderate terms. . - GOSPO^ T-, JVWJ.'- I, 1809.1,, « ' .. J'-* ~ . 5-" • 1 • • [ 5572 NOW ckiivermg at- So u th Sin jxon - QuayA Cargp of'the muoh: approved" EDEN- MAIN COALS,' at 5Ss. per chaldron,- ready- money.-:— Will be fobr'or five days deli- vering, by • - - e FLETCHER & • BAKER. "' • SOUTIIAMPTO. I, NOD. 4,-. 1809. • ; •'•'" ' t" 5569 EXE'I'KR A- NO^ SALISBURV MAIL. ' THE Pid^ Uc'ara respectfully informed,, that a ndw ROYAL ' M^ IL C'OA'CH, ' carrying- four inside- and two' outside passengers-, will commence running . Monday the,. 16th' of October,. at. half- past,' seven o'clock every morning, from ( he Red Lion Inn, Salisbury, through.' Shaftesbury, Yeovil, Crewkerne,. and Chard, to- the New London Inn,, Exeter, where it will meet the Plymouth and; Falmouth Mails, with coaches, t- s Ba. rtjst^ ple and all parts, of the. vyest ;— it will leave • the New London lnn, Exeter, every morning at threeo'clock, by the same- route, to- the Red Lion Inn, Salisbury, where it will meet the Portsmouth Royal Mail, the Portsmouth and Gos'pOrt coaches, with others to London, fa,. Performed by ISAAC YOUNG and Co. Who will' not he accountable for. any. article above the value of 5/. unless entered as such' and- paid for accordingly. [ 4997 CHEAP TRAVELLING: ' '"•• SAMSS6R'Y; Inside .. iesi'od. Outside . . 10s. 6d. BY the OLD SALISBURY COACHLS, from the B, LACK HORSE INN, SALISBURY, tothe BEI. i. and CROWN INN, HOI. BOIIN, and the SAR'AC- EN'S HF.' AD INN, FRIDAY- STREETS C- HEAPSIDE, every da- y ( except Saturday) at half past three o'clock. ... All parcels sent . by these Coaches will be received without any charge for booking, and will be safely- and expeditiously delivered to all partsxif . London- and. Salisbury, without any charge for, porterage. N. BROWN, T. FAGG, H. WHITMARSH, W, PENNY, and. Co. PROPRIETORS. [ 5226 THREE SWANS, SARUM. ATCHAM and PROCTOR, impressed with.' gratitude for favours hitherto conferred on them since the establishment of their. Coaches to London, Poole, & c. re-- " spectlully return thanks for the Same, suid. particularly to - those, gentlemen who have. so repeatedly'requested them to advance- their fares to an equivalent and moderate price, as . best calcu- lated to ensure to the country a continuation of their coaches ; and, as such, the inside and outside Fares are advanced as ujider; and which they trust will meet the approbation of their friends and the public in general: Inside from Saru'm to London. .. £\ 1 0 Outside .. 0 13 0 Andover Inside.... 18s. Optsides.. 1... 10s. 6d. Basingstoke... ditto 16' s. ditto 9s. Od. C7 A new Coach to Exeter and Plymouth, through Hin- doo, . Mere, Wincanton, and, Yeovil, every Monday, Wed- nesday, and Friday mornings, at nine o'clock. [ 5223 NEW- SALISBURY AND LONDON WAGGONS, From the THREE SWANS, Salisbury, to MESAEISEUUY ARMS, Cow Lane, Condon. MATCHAM, MITCHELL, and Company, beg leave to inform theifFrhends and the Public in general, they have established WAGGONS for the Conveyance of Goods from London to Salisbury, and from thence to Yeovil and Weymouth, on tlte most reasonable terms. The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Goods above the value of 5/. unless entered and paid for as such. [ 4S1S ' LAW. '. " ANT- ED,' in tin Office of- extensive'general ' W- practice, but principally- fn - con'vcv airing,— A YOUTH af liberal education, asSmARTlCL- ED OL'EIU'.: '" * • • Also, a WRITING CLERK, who cafi'Write'thC'differenfr- law hands- well and expeditiously, is ctmvers'ant in'accounts, can. bear confinement, ;& id. be well recommended; to- whom a handsome salary vyill be given. ' - .-.•-.. .( 549)- ' . 1 ajeference. tp the Advertiser, appl'cation may, be niadej ( if by letter,..^ postage paid) to the Printers of this Paper. ,, _ . ^ LAW. CLERK.' ' "' '' " • ' AR TED,— A M ANAGING CLERK, Who writes a'good hand," and is'well acquainted with con- veyancing and driroirfal law, together With, a ge. n'e" ral knbw- Icdge of prof essional • Concerns'•'— Salary £ 100 per ann.— An unexceptionable character for ability- arid integrity will he re- quired,— Apply fif by letter, post- paid) , to; Mr. Curry, town- clerk, . Se. utll3. h1 . ton.. . • :, "[ 5455 WANTED,- T- A'jo'ung ' Man . who has served four, five, or six Y'e'ats Appfenticeship to a LINEN and WOOLLEN- DRAPER, & c; Who would BIND IUMSELP for one, two, or- three Years, according to his competency. Any linen- draper having a son who has been that term ( 01 nearly) in his shop, and.. wishing to give him a further insight wito business, will find the offer . hereby, " made, very advan- tageous to the youth's improvement. , Apply by letter ( post paid) to the. Printers. [ 4971 To PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. ANTED, in ' a respectable, market arid sea- port Town,—- An APPRENTICE , to a CHEMIST and DRUGGIST, who will be treated as one of the family/ For particulars apply. to the Printers of this Paper. • [ 5203 ISLE. OF WIGHT. ANTED irhnfediately,— A MAS of good cha- . . racter, as. a SHEPHERD, to have the care of two or tfiree hundred Sheep ; he must bring with him a- good re- commendation as fo his knowledge in. all its branches; he must at certain times. do pther work, v. h n he can conveniently be taken from the sheep. To a person who can answer this de- sdription good wages . will be'given. ' Letters ( post paidj. dirScted to Messrs. JVfessotj and Tayler, Newport, Ijsje of Vyight^ will- be duly attended to. [ 5170 e • TO CABINET- MAKERS. ' AGood HShd iii the CABINET'Line, will find constant employ in a regular shop of best work, by ap- plication to Mr. John Davies, Market- place, Wells,. Somerset. ANTED,: in the Tallow-.- Clhandlery and Gro- , V , eery Business-,— A steady, active LAD,-'- who ca- fMill such a. situation ;. he will be under a: managing servant, and will be expected to bring a good character with him. . -' . Apply ( if by fetter-,> p « st paid, or personally) to the Printets of this Paper, - .. e, ... --" [ 5580 ANTED,—- A young Man that can work, at WHEELWRIGHTS and CRRPENTERS' Woik. Apply personally to ffm, Bracher,' at Bower Chalk. ffr Constant employ and good wages will be given. [ 55- 54 TO JOURNEYMEN SHOE- MAKERS. ANTED,—— One MAN's MANj- and i- orfe WOMAN'S < MAN ; good hands may meet with con- stant employ and good wages, by'apptyiiig to ThOmas- Moore, Andover. ' "• ''• • •' [ 5533 TO CLOCK- MAKERS. ANTED,— A - JOURNEYMAN in tlie. above Business, who a] so understands the Watch' Jobbing. A steady Man may meet with an'agreeable situation, and con- stant'employ, by addressing a letter ( post- paid)' to- J. Barker, clock and watch- maker, Godbury, Gloucestershire. [ 5511 ANTED for an Inn, as HOSTLER,—' steady single Man, where an under Hostler is lrept. No ptrson net- d apply who cannot refrain from excessive drinking,, and if aecustomeil to brewing would be preferred.— Enquire of the Printers, or Mr. John Lewis, grocer, Devizes, AN UPPER PORTER WANTED. ANTED, An ; UPPER PORTER, in a Wholesale Lead, Glass,. and Colour Sto. rq, who has been used to packing and carrying out goods, gan write " a tolerable good hand, and knows something of accounts. Such a person may hear of a comfortable situation by apply- ing ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Lempriere, Portsmouth. *** It is requested no one will make application who has not lived in a similar situation, and can come very well re- commended for sobriety and integrity. [ 4023 ANTED, by a single Gentleman, residing chiefly in- the country,— A steady active middle- aged MAN,' who understands the business of a Stable, where there is occasional assistance, arid to attend in the House. Liberal wages will be given, and kind treatment shewn ; hut he must understand his business, and have an undeniable character from his last place for honesty, sobriety, good temper, and cleanliness. '' [ 5583 Apply to Mr. Haydon, Catherine- street, Salisbury. I70R SALE by TENDER,— A large well- built .' STABLE, and MEADOW adjoining, held by two healthy lives, situated at Middle Wallop, on the GreatWcstern Road; well calculated for coach or waggon horses, being cloie to the turnpike road. Any persons desirous of beco'ii'og purchasers, are requested to send sealed tenders, on or before the lath cf November, 1809, to Thomas Robinson, surveyor, Andover. For a viev/ of the premises apply to the Landlord at the Upper George Inn, Middle Wallop." [- 5579 hair, had- on'a round frock, leather brteche's, and " dark wofsted stockings.; ; •*.• -.• '.- --' ' . -"•-• ' -' '"• Whoever will- apprehend - cither of tfc above . jpfersirtsi or cause them to be lodged in any of his Majesty's'- goala,-^ Uall receive a reward of Three Guineas, on- application. to : • • •.">.•• .' V Soitcit'of to the* Cihristchiirert AssOciafihr'-. CHRIST'HCRCH, NW: 3,- tSOii. '-, .'-<[ 5' 57' 0' . i , .•,.*- "> TCORSfl^ M,' WrVES- e've--' 1 : . WHEREA- S'- ' on- Ft- ulij' ' tiie' ' emh ' of Octdbefi' a man hy the name of. JOHN BRIAN I'", a;- native of ' Brotfghtori, neajr- Biadfcrd,- borjxtwed . a- - Mare, . of Xfeortias AylTff'e, wrth. thqgppearjijfce of- gj) ing to Laeock. a'niLrvljisom, promisiug'to/ etuip the'samSriight;> ut. has p. ovex'btcn. fieird of since': had 0) 1 - a"' da. rk coat, boots,'' and. oil- c'asi; Hit ; ,23 yeats of age, - 5 feet" 9 ' inches high-,' wilier tfuii, - lark'com- plexion, - and fulfeyes ;'- W( Jeo( f" a DARK B'ROWN MARE, agedy of'the" bla& d k-' to'dV in- harkls i- iric'h fiigh,'' hc. s lost'the near eye,- . speedy- cuts both-' fore- legs,-' and Mi's a lfttli>' White en the hind- legs-; » saddleaiithbritpe, with" platedibi't and stir- rups ; the off'stirrup has been mended. [ 5542 . Whnev.' ir will c-:. v- in. fc, rr,-- i, i. it- - APPRENTICE ABSCONDED.' ••" ; ' WHEREAS WLLLM'COLTO'N, APPRENTICE to - JOJIN GR'OUS, Shoe- maker, at. Freshwater, near Yar- mouth," in th'e'Tsle'of Wight, has, absconded and left his " Master '; " • '" ''. ' ' * '"''.., " '• Notice' is hereby- given, That any person who will lodre' the said Wm. COlton'. in any of his Majesty's gaols, Varid will give notice thereof to John Grous- aforesaid, rS1e. ll- reC'tve Two - Guineas reward ; - and any oue employing or harbouring him after thjs notice wijl be pr- os. ecutc. il.-' - HCJS fupjiosed to be in the neighbourhood of Bristol ; is 19 years. oftag$ j about five i'eet.^ even i; ielies. high, ' darkbrawn hair, blue ey. e § ,, 3- little colour in his. clteeks, rather long picked. rios'e, walks stooping forward, . and] is weak... in his ' ancles. He left his pla'cfc th. e ' t'Oth'of Sept. last. [ 552.8 NETHER WALLOP, HANTS., TAKEN UP, STRAYING, '. the " 28th of sep- ^ , tembcr, 1809,— A BLACK- MARE. PONY, about eleven ' hands high, with some Saddle- marks 6n'thc n'eitr side. *' Whoever can prove her fht- ir .' property may have Iter'tlgain by applying to- Mr. « R iohard - Hcndley, and paying all reason- able expences: if'noKowned in - ona month from the "' date hereof, she will be sold to defray. the same. ;. » • WALI. OP. Oct. 88, UJQ9. • . - . .,-',.-.. J5502 1 i^ AKEN . UP! at Nctlier Waifop* .. pn. the' gs'fh of ... September,— A BLACK. MARE PONY, about elt" ven ^ arids high, . marked . On . tfie near. side aud, both shpuldfrs J S. Any person that can, prove the tJbpvc their property may have' her again, by applying to Richard'Henley, at. Wa. li , p: if hot o'wried in a morith. ftom the date hefeuf, it will be sold to pay ex'pences. ' ! - " ' .-[ s'SUS CRP. OITOKS FI/'- J'ONN. ST. L'RDY, SoutliainptoH.- THE; C. feditors of; J. OHN' STURDY' may ' receive th'c'" first dividend of eight shillings in the pound, on sli£ nin% the " deed bf . compositionby appl) iiig-. to, George Hookey,,' Southampton. • '. -".< ', " ; ' t Ail persttts indebted to the Estate, are requirs'ied to • pay. th'e Same immediately, of they will be proc'e. ecle'd against without further notice. " • ' ' ' --• SOUTHAMPTON,. Oct. 27, 1809. , [ 5196 —,—- - — : e. ^ • •' Iste- of. WigM.-^-' Notice to Debtors'aild Cfrdi'iofst.- \ LL' Persons'' Who have any Claim or Demand X^ L'dpon the Effects/ of Mr. JOHN llORtbck, Jate of Ashley, in the Isle of'Wieht, deceased, are dcsucif to'send an accodnt thereof, on or before rhe Ist day ol December next1, to Mrs. Jane Horlock, widow and- adminrstVatfi* to the above : and'- all- persons standing indebted to the. same, are desirod to pSy- the- ir respective debts as above, Without delay. October. 20, 1809. [ 5199 NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND' CREDITORS, ALL persons having Demands on the Estate of- the late THOMAS SILVESTER, of Froxfield-,. in the county of Southampton, deceas.. ased, are requested . to send an- account thereof, to Mr. WjUiam' Silvester,, of Froxfield aforerai. d, or Mr. James White, of Purbrook," the. Executors and Trustees, or to their Solicitor, Mr. Cornthwaite John Hector, of Pctersfield : and all persons indebted to the said Estate, are requested forthwith to pay the amount of their respective Debts to " the said Executors or their Solicitor. PETERSFIELD, Oct. 00, 1809. [ 5525 STOMACHIC CORDIAL, Prepared by Ann Walker, Hetling House, Bath; sotU by Brodie, Dowdiug, & Luxford, Salisbury, PRICE 2S. 3CZ. A BOTTLE, THE STOMACHIC CORDIAL is a sovereign Remedy in complaints of the Stomach, relaxed state of the bowels, i'ndigestion, pains and giddiness in the head, pa- ralytic affections, and internal w, akness. It has also been found efficacious as a Preventive of the Gout ; and is parti- cularly be lcficial in female disorders, Mrs. Walker is permitted to give private references to. many persons of high respectability,' in whose families this cordial has been found of infinite benefit. The dose for a grown person is two table spftonfuls; for a child of seven years old, a dessert spootiful. . To be taken at night on going to bed.,. 1* 746 Tfm SALISBURY AND W'TNCftESTEtf lOl/ lLVAL, - a* wwifaM.^ jHSSKMi M - ui. sduy s urut 1 h tu - jiUhj s I'OilS. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF OCTOBER 31. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, Oct. 31. ALetter from Captain Maitland, of his Ma- jesty's ship Emerald, dated at sea, Oct. 8, states, that on that morning he hid captured the In- comparable, ooppetud brig privateer, of St. Maloes, carry- ing eight six- pounders, and sixty men; she had been out fun days without having taken any thing, but was running down to board an English brig w hen discovered. WHITEHALL, Oct. 31.— The King has been pleased to grant to Joseph I'hillimore, Doctor uf I- aws, the place or office of Professor of Civil Law in the University of Oxford, in the room of Doctor French Laurence, deceased. FOREIGN- OFFICE, Oft. 31.— The King has been pleased to approve of D. m Antonio Fernandez de Urrutia to be Consul far his Catholic Majesty at Gibraltar. OitDNANCB- Or. ticE, Oct. 30 Royal Regiment of Ar- tillery.— Major Gen- rid Robert J) ou; las to be Colon'el- Coiuma. idant, vice Page, deceased ; Lieot^ Colonel John l'ail hm to be Colonel, vice Douglas ; Major Richard W. ITnolt to Lieut.- Colimel, vice Burton S Capt. E. Worsley to be Major, vice Unett. lUNKHUlTS. John fcrtfilson, of Burr- street, St. Geo'r- e in ttift East marine*, William Rrtlten, of Abetiurcli- fano, l. eildon, merchant, fiolotnon l- f vien, juii. ot Barnes, Surry, broker. JMS.' UII lieOevt,. of Gsnten- Kow, St. G'eorg « ' I- Field » , baker. Pliiiijl V.' tti- wick, of Fleet- street, taylor. t'liarl"< Samuel Milward, of Rromtey, Middlesex, miller. Holier* Main, of GrriMinich, floor- cloth manufacturer, fi. ante UoflWrdou, am! ' 1 homas Newcomb, of ilaiiugiL- itl- street, Lon- don, wawfloHsemun. 3. J. Brown, of Great Queen- street, Lincoln's- lnn- Fields, glass- er'inder. + William Gedgc, of Leicester- square, linen- draper, fijorge Ftiffett, of No, s, CilvTerrace, City ltoud, medicine- maker. Wliarson Rye, of Oxford- street, linen- draper. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1. French papers to the 25th ult. inclusive have been received. The contents of the. s'o pagers shew that there was no truth in the report of Napoleon being hi'dispotsed. lie left Schoenbrunn on the J3th of October; relays of guards, carriages, & c. were provided on the road from Vienna to Lintz, PassaO, and Munich, at M Inch latter city he was expected to pass a few days. From Munieh he w as expected to proceed direct for St. Cloud, w here he would stop a t'e-. v minutes only, then go tu, Fontainbleau, and cut i Pari-, on tbe .' Gth. The Emperor of An tria intended to proceed to Test, and reside there with his - family till the French have evacuated " Vienna and Lower Austria. According to some reports which are in circulation, feut without any character of authenticity, respecting the cessions made by Austria in the treaty of peace, that power will lose both the famous salt- pRs of Reiehenball, in the principal ly of Saltzburgh, and those of Vielicza, near Crae- jw, which supply her different possessions with • alt. An article from Munich, Oct. 15, gives tbe following extraordinary relation of an affair of honour: " Two young girls at lUti- ibon, the one fourteen, tlie other fifteen years Of age, having quarrelled about the affections of a lover, provided themselves with a brace of pistols belonging to the brother of one of them, and iu tbe rage of their jealousy, fired at each other, with tbe muzzles almost touching. One of them was killed on tbe spot, and tbe other danger- O4. lv wounded." Advices from Hamburgh of so late a date as the 20th ult. state that a desperate battle lias been fought be- tween the Russian and Turkish armies, consisting of about 30,00( 1 each, in which tbe latter were completely victori- ous ; but no particulars are mentioned. It is added that Isuiacl continued to hold out on the 27 th of September, Two Deputies have arrived fw this country from Ihofer, the General of the Tyrolean Patriots, for the pur- pose of soliciting pecuniary assistance from our Govern- ment. The* tantieme" have brought very favourable accounts of the resources uf the country, and of the dis- position ( if its inhabitants to sustain the arduous struggle ill which they are ^ rt^ sged; and declare that the French and Confederate At mie* lost upwards of 18,000 men during the last m nth, in their unsuccessful conflicts with the Ty- roli'se. • *. f Mr. Aldcrmnn Prinsep yesterday solicited of the Court of Aldermen permission to resign bis gown. The permission was ol course granted, and a precvpt ordeied fur the election of a new Alderman. The Bin lisn NAVY.— Tho total number of ships of war now in commission consists of 87.9, of which 158 are of the line, 27 from Ml to 4-) guns, 1* 4 frigates, 183 sloops of war, Sc. 12 bombs and fire- ships, 1) 8 armed brigs, GO cutters, 21 schooners and luggers. Besides which there are building and repairing as many as make the grand total 1130 - bii « of war, including 2b' 0 t f the line. A very serious mi - understanding exist? between the mtlftta ordered to do duty on board tbe prison ships at Ply mouth, and the Naval Commanders, one of whom has . ventured to C!' otitic andpunish a iiiiHiia soldier belonging t > tbe West Esse* regiment. The Naval Officer ju- tifies himself- by the pleti that every man 011 board is subject to his command, and that be is bound in duty to support tbe discipline of the service impartially.— It remains to be » eeu, {> u investigation, where the blame rests. Yesterday tbe Grand Jury for Middlesex found a true bid upon an indictment for perjury against Mi- s Frances I- ubain. This young Lady, it may be recollected, related an extraordinary tale of her having been assaulted at Worthin;', and Subsequently deposed that an eminent wiue- iu reliant committed the assault.' THEATRICALS.— Oil Monday night Mr?. Clark, from th. i Manchester Theatre, appeared at Covent Garden Theatre in the character of Euphrasia, in tbe Grecsau Daughter. Her figure, face, and manner are good, and she appears to want nothing but experience : she is only 10years old, and great, allowance is to be made fur the state of tbe Theatre, the jierformance of the two last acts of the play being com- pletely interrupted by the customary clamour of " Old Prices," Stc. Last night Mr. Egerton, from Bath, fwbo bad pre- viously played Lord Avondate) performed tbe character of Count Ulriek, iu tbe opera of The Exile, and gave great auisfaction till the performance was interrupted by a sq- leaking tmtnpet in the Pit, and equally musical ac- companiments. This Theatre will sustain little loss from tie secession of Pope, whose characters are to be generally given to Mr. Egerton. Among tbe persons taken out of tbe Theatre last night for riotous behaviour, and conveyed to Bow- street, was Mr. T. Ridley, a respectable tradesman, of Compton- street, Soho. lie was charged with having stuck the letters O. P. ( Old Prices) in his hat, and made a violent shouting and uproar. He avowed that he did wear the letters iu his hat, and express his sentiments of the performance according to the best of his judgment; and he declared that lie Would aoufinue to do so until be was satisfied that he was breaking Vis Majesty's peace, and he should look fcr higher autho- rity than Mr. Read's before he yielded assent to the doctrine ; be should stand the test of a trial in the Court of King's Bench, where he was sure he should meet- Kith justice. Mr. Read asked if he tneaiit to perSht in bis declaration, that he..\ fou! d impost the same conduct to- morrow ; and bein'g answered that be should, until he was conscious that in 10 doing he was breaking tbe peace, ill'. Read ordered him to find bail. At the close of the performance, Mr. Clifford, the Barrister, and four other - persons, were taken into custody iu the avenue lcndiu from tbe pit, and brought before the Magistrates. They were charged with wearing the letters O. P. in their bats, and making a violent noise and l'iot in the pit during the performance. Mr. Clifford and bis friends avowed the fact, and declared that they had expressed their dis- approbation, but not illegally.— Tbe Magistrate, without " hesitation, ordered them to be discharged; and on leaving tile office, they were hailed with cheers and acclamations by an immense crowd of persons. BREAD.— It wa- yesterday, Ordered by the Court of Alder * » en, that the price of the quartern loaf, wheaten, should " be continued at Is. - household at li. 2$ d. CORK- MARKET, - MAKK- LANE, NOV. I. This day tbe supply of Wheat is short; prime samples maintain their - price, but inferior heavy sale and a trifle lower; the Ame- rican exceeds. last quotation— Rye is cheaper— White Peas likewise— Barley and Mall keep their prices— in Eeans of tbe tvvq kinds iil. tle variation— there are but short supplies " of Oats, and fuie Sfil ft/ fiti* d^ F^- ivkwi' rsjUidn asiaie priucs. During ihe thick fog oil Saturday afternoon, a theft of a very extraordinary kind was committed near liolborn- hilt. A gentleman in the wine trade had ordered to bis cellars a pipe of Madeira, and the cart in which it was deposited was left iu the street whilst Hie porters were preparing to let the wine down into the cellar : all being ready, the cart and horses were looked for in vain ; they were found 011 Sunday at Islington, but the wine was gone, and the thieves are undiscovered. CURIOUS HOAX.— The neighbourhood of Bedford- street, Covent- Gaiden, was the scene of much confusion on Mon- day. Some wag had taken the trouble of going to different tradespeople, and ordered various articles of furniture, and of other description*, to be sent to the house of Mr. Griffith, an apothecary in that street. At an early hour, carpets, boxes of candles, articles of household furniture, flic, were sent. The family being out ot town, and 110 per- son hi t tbe maidservant at home, she of course refused to receive them; the consequence was, that the porters were obliged to take up their loads and walk home again, amidst tile jeers of an immense concourse of people, assembled to witness this curious hoax. Fresh arrivals in the course of the day iuduccd the crowd still to remain ; amongst these arrivals were a patent mangle, an enormous large rocking horse, three waggon load of coals, & c. At length, to cojnplete the joke, at the dining hour arrived eight post- chaises, from different parts of the country, with some of the most intimate friend! uf Mr. Griffith, all anxious, having received cards of invitation for that purpose, to taste his poultry and game, but the populace made game of them, and disappointment being the order of tbe day, the horses' heads were turned and the guests departed. EXTRAORDINARY CHARGE. Yesterday a person, de- scribing himself as au officer in the Guards, was charged by Mr. Guyer, master of tbe Surrey Hotel, tjlackfriars- load, 011 suspicion of having stolen a silver watch, gold chain and seal, and a silver snuff- box, the property of Mr. Mark Lay, of Danbury, in Essex. Mr. Lay and Capt. T. bad both lodged for sonic days past at the hotel. On Thursday night, several of tbe lodgers were disturbed by some person attempting to enter the rooms ; one gentle- man, who slept with his door open, perceived, by the glimmer of a rush- light, some person approach his door ; he lay till the person entered the room, wlieu lie sprung from his bed and attempted to seize him ; the person, however, escaped into a room which was unoccupied. The noise of tbe pursuit had drawn several persons to the spot, ktid amongst thein a servant belonging to the house. The night- walker, on being questioned as to whom he was, and what be hail been about ? made some indistinct answer, when the servant said lie recollected the gentleman's voice, calling him Mr. Edwards. Mr. Edwards is a gentleman who had lodged in the house some time, lint be had gone a a ay the day before ; this circumstance, however, was not at the moment recollected, and all parties retired to their rooms. I11 the course of the following day, the watch and snuff- box were, missed, and, from certain circumstances, suspicion attached to Captain T. The Captain was at that time absent; » it 011 his return in the evening, be was charged with the robbery, and taken into custody. The Captain, in bis defence, stated, that be was the son of Lieut.- Gen. T. and 11 Captain 011 half- pay in the first Foot Guards. He had a house in Bryanstone- street, where he has lived upwards of seven years. lle slept oil the night mentioned at the Surrey Hotel, and did not awake from tbe time of his going to bed till be was called by the waiter on Friday morning, between eight and nine o'clock. He was the Surrey Hotel, on account of some tsw business, which he bad to attend in tint part of tbe town, and be- cause his servant had lent his name to a libel, and been convicted. The libel he alluded to was a hand- bill on the Duke of Sussex. The Captain's Agent stated, that he had knownJlim upwards of thirty years ; lie had, besides bis half- pay, aji income, of TOO/, a year, arising from funded property. He was, notwithstanding, at present, in em- barrassed cirnum- tances, and tbe furniture of his house iu Hryanatone- street laid lately been disposed of under the authority of a bill of sale. lie had always' considered him to be a mau of strict honour,— Sir John Pinhorn observed, that when t! lis business came first before him 011 Saturday, he bad taken a great responsibility upon himself iu per- mitting Captain T. to be at large 011 his word. From the high character, however, which he had hitherto sustained, lie was still willing to risk that responsibility, upon his pledging hjs word of honour to appear again at tbe end of a fortnight, during » 1HC1i time, the worthy Magistrate observed, he hoped such au explanation would take place, as would remove every suspicion from his character.— Capt. T. readily pledged bis honour, and was discharged. URRSA ROOMS, BATH, Oct. < 21, 1803. WE, the under- signed, having taken into our serious consideration the best means of celebrating the entrance of his Majesty into the SOth year of his reign, have resolved unanimously, That ageneral SUBSCRIPTION be immediately made for the purpose of Discharging or Releasing, by compromise or other- wise, such Debtors as a Committee shall think proper, that are now confined in the gaols of this city and county ; and also for the relief of aged and indigent Persons within the same. That William Meade Ogle, Esq. John Wiltshire, Esq. Wm. Andrews, Esq. David Read, Esq. Charles Phillott, Esq. Charles Dumbleton, Esq. John Mackglassan, Esq. Charles Best, Esq. Robert Harvey, Esq. Wyndham Goodcn, Esq. George Robinson, Esq. Robert Abraham, Esq. Collett Maw- hood, Esq. and the Members for this city and county, and the Mayor and acting Justices for Bath and Rath- Forum, or any five of them, be a Committee for the above purposes. And that all classes of the Committee, Congregations, Public Bodies, Societies, and Companies, be invited to con- tribute for the furtherance of this plan, which is calculated to render general happiness and comfort throughout many families. WM. MEADE OULE. JOHN WILTSHIRE. WM. ANOHEWS. ROBERT HARVEY. DAVID READ. { Signed by order) R » . ELSE, Secretary to the Committee. Books for subscriptions are opened at the Rooms, the Pump- Rooms, the Guildhall, the several Banks, Libraries, and Inns in this city, and at the following places in this county: Mr. Evill's, Welts ; Mr. Poole, Bridgwater ; Mr. Poole, Taunton ; Mr. Crockcr, Fro 111 e; Uriah Messiter, Esq, Wincamon ; John Sl ide, Esq. Crewkeme ; Mr. Quariley, Shepton- Mallet; and at the Gaol at Ilchcster. SUBSCRIBERS CHARLES BEST. JOHN MACKGI. ASSAN. ROUERT ABRAHAM. COLI. ETT MAWHOOD. JOHN O'DONNEI. L. W. Meade Ogle, Esq. £$ 0 0 Sir Win. Barker 5 0 0 Gerald Fitzgerald, Esq. 5 0 - 0 Wm. Andrews, Esq. ... 500 Rt. Harvey, Esq 5 0 0 Cha. Phillott, Esq 5 0 0 John Wiltshire, Esq.,.. 5 0 0 Cha. Best, Esq 2 a Q Mrs. Gye., 1 I 0 Mr. Thos. Cottle, Bath- wick- street I 1 0 Mrs. V- igne & Lauticr. .110 Messrs. ' Keens 1 1 0 Mr. Penny , Bradley's- b. 1 1 0 Mr. Chas. Geary 1 1 0 The Committee at the Guildhall from their Subscription Fund.. 50 0 0 The Committee have deemed it prudent, to save the expence of advertisements, to ei-.- cline inserting any more of the subscribers' names, till the subscription is entirely closed, when the whole of the names will be alphabetically airanged, and laid before the public in a general advertisement. [ 5492 GAME DUTY.- LIST I. CONTINUED. ALIST of persons who have obtained General Cer- tificates, at tbe rate of Three Guineas each, in the county of Wilts, up to ths lst of November, I80; i. Names. Burne, the rev. Wm. Way Brawn, John Broome, Ralph Cole, Christopher Chandler, William Cawston, Charles Dvkc, William Durncford, John Dyer, William Dyer, George Fussell, Henry Gartick, Henry Hughes, William Kcllow, Charles Mayne, John Thomas, esq, Matthews, William Penruddocke, J. H, esq. Poulton, William Seagrim, George Seagrim, John' Shipman, John White, William Yvyatt, rev, Michael Salisbury, Oct. 25, 1809. T Residence. Grittleton, clerk Mynety W ootton Bassett Mynety Hullaviagton Bromham Chisledon Overtown Kingston Devcrill Ditto Corsely Magna Burtonhill Warminster Codf. ird St. Peter Teflr. nt Evins Kemble and Eweu Compton Chamberlain Critfklade Warminster Ditto Dinton Potternc Long N.' Wnton, clcrk Examined. J, P. TINNEY. Published by order of his Majesty's Commissioners for ths Affairs of ' I axes. 50fl5] MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. A1 LYSdE- REGIS & COBR SUBSCRIPTION WALL AND WALK. THE Sliding of the Cliffs, and the Inroads mtule by the Sea, between Lyme- Rt- gis and the Cobb, the da- mage it has done, and would do to the Town, unless plea- sures were adopted to prevent it, have induced part of the In- habitants to propose to the town and neighbourhood, as well as the nobility, gentry, & c. who occasionally visit tbe place, and the public in general, to enter into a SUBSCRIPTION for BUILDING a WALL for that purpose, of sufficient strength to make and preserve to the inhabitants and its numerous visi- tors a WALK between the two places. The proposals have been so warmly seconded by the inha- bitants, and promise such future and permanent advantages to them, as well as the visitois of tile place, that the following subscriptions have been entered into, and more than half the wall already completed. The Earl of West- morland .£ 100 Corpora, of Lyme.. 100 General Powell ... 100 W. Burridge, Sons, and Drayton 200 Mr. Rt. Clarke 200 11. H Henley, Esq. 100 Lady Dowa. Poulett 50 Capt. Follctt 85 John Warred, Esq. 20 John Donne, Esq. 20 Win. Peterson, Esq. to Mrs. Peterson to A. S. Lillingston. Esq, 35 Rev. Mr. Babbs.. ..- 30 T. Schreibcr, Esq... 20 II. E, Fisher, Esq.,. 10 Tho. Andross, Esq.. 10 S. Lee, Esq 10 10 Do. V- Mr. Fisher .. 10 0 Mr. Giles Davie 30 Sam. England 20 John Avery.... 10 Henry Swan... 5 Miss S wan 1 Mr. Rd. Sellers 5 Manning& fam. lO John Bennett.. 5 R. Swan T. Swan Mary Diment Mr. W. Palmer.... W. Hook.. n. Ca Case R. C. Davie. ... GilesDavic, jiin Rt. Co* John Hallett... Mrs. Eveieigh Matshall Mr. S. Davie ...... Rd. Aiming. Wm. Domett., Wm. Fox Wm. May.... Wm. Manfield Mrs. Swan Harris....... Mr. Champ John Hoare... H. Farrant ... John Uutchins Rt, Chick. Sep. Edwarila.. 0 10 Miss S. Forrest Capt. W. Kerridge.. 2 Mrs. Tucker 5 Miss. M. A. Follctt.. 3 Mrs. Follett 5 Mr. Tho. Carpenter 5 John Fudge.... 5 Norman, sen... 5 Poole 15 John Lock 3 John Hill » John Cookney 10 James Edwards 12 h. Love 10 10 John Hingeston 5 5 Sam. Harvey... 5 0 Mrs. Ross......... Mr. S. Oliver Dawson MissTozer Mr. John S. Davie.. Capt. U. Harvey. .. Mrs. Walker Mr. Scott.. W. England... Mrs. Roberts Mr. Wm. Domine.. Geo. Seller.... John Urquhart J. Cookneyffisherm.)* S Mr. Isaac Lovcridge 5 0 Rev. Mr. Tucker.... 5 0 Mr. Tho. Langford » * Messrs. Stanton and Boon 5 0 Mr. Js. Rlackmore.. 8 s Rev. J. Wheaton... » 3 Mr. Rd. Hutchings 10 0 A, M. Raymond, Esq. 10 0 Mr. John Gerrard.. 1 « VISITORS : John Rothwcll, Esq. i 0 Geo. Holland, Esq.. s 0 J. C. Lee, Esq 10 0 Capt. Domett 10 0 Mrs. Phcpoe I 1 Rev. J. B. Thompson 9 t James Smith, Esq.. S 3 Mr. Borrows 1 I F. Bonham, Esq.... 20 0 Gen. Mitchell 10 0 John Follett, Esq. .. 50 0 Mrs. Robinson 1 1 10 10 10 0 5 0 15 15 10 0 2 J 1 a 0 5 1 0 5 * GAMP, DUTY.— LIST III. CONTINUED. LIST of persons who have obtained GAME- KEEPERS' CERTIFICATES, at the rate of Three Guineas each, in the county of Wilts, up to the Ut of No7 vember, 1809. jVrtine of Manor or Hoyidty. BIJ whom appointed. Compton Chamberlain J. H. Penruddocke, esq Heytesbuty and Knook Sir W. P. A. a'Court, bart. Woodborouirh Upton Lovell lion, and rev. Edw. Seymour Soughlcy and Eastley SirW. P. A. a'Court, bart. D imerham South and Martin Lady Coote Bay ton, Corton, and Sherrington A. B. Lambert, esq. Salisbury, Oct. ib, 1309. Examined. J. P. TINNEY. Published by order of his Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, Xr* pi. rC Namel. Brabram, John Frickcr, Thos. Gale, John Philips, Jos. Stone, Wm. Ware, David White, Thos. FARM wear BASINGSTOKE. rI X) be DISPOSED OF, and eutcrcd upon imnie- J. diately,— A capital FARM, consisting of a good Farm- house, W. tii excellent farming buildings,' and 415 acres of good Land, of which n' 2 arc meadow and pasture, 18 hedge- rows, and the remainder arable, situate at Farleigh Wallop ; term unexpired of the Lease, 13 years.— The crops of this year's hay and Corn, with the lease, to be purchased, and the preparations for future crops, and the live and dead stocks, to be taken at a valuation. None but experienced farrncu of undoubted propeity need apply. Personal applications to be made at Farleigh House, near Basingstoke. [ 5182 X) be SOLD, PARKSTONE MILLS, one mile from Poole, a most desirable situation for a Miller, or any other factory that requires power by water. The Pre mises consist of an Edge- tool Mill complete; a substantial brick and tile Dwelling- house, with a roomy mill- house, with a water- wheel and lying shafts, &: c. & e.; a capital garden, tastefully laiJ out, and well stocked with choice fruit trees ; store- ruoums, waggon- house, pig- styes, tVc. with a small Field adjoining; and six acres of moory Land. Immediate possession oiay be had. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid ; to Mr. Rowden, attorney at law, Wimbornc ; or on the premises. [ 5t5t! X) be SOLO,— A compact £' AXflLY HOUSE, fit for the reception of a genteel family, with excellent stabling, double coach- house, and other convenient offices of every description : the whole in complete repair, with girden partly wailed, and paddock of pastuie land, in which the bouse stands, pleasantly situated at I landlev, a healthy part of the county of Dorset: remarkably good'shcoting, and se- veral packs of hounds in the neighbourhood.— These pre- mises are mostly Freehoold, and the residue held for the re- mainder of a term of 1000 years, under a peppcr- corn tent. Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. Arncy, Close, Salisbury. ' N. B.— The Household Furniture may be bad, If desired, and immediate possession given. JoSI- 7 r| XJ be SOLD by AUCTION, on Friday the 10th A day of November l « op, at five o'clock in the afternoon, at the Angel Inn, in Warminster, in the county of Wilts,— All that Close or Piece of GARDEN GROUND, containing about four acres, situate near a tane called Woodcock- lane, in Warminster, on the north side of tbe turnpike road leading from Warminster to Borcham, now in the occupation of Wm. Churchill and Joseph Warren, and held for lives under the Most Hon. the Marquis of Bath. Further particulars may be known at the time of sale, or of Mr. Phelps, Warminster. r.-) lo0 rpo be SOLD bv AUCTION, on Friday the 10th JL of November Ififi9, at five o'clock in the afternoon, at the Angel Inn, in Warminster, Wilts,— All that excellent Piece of Freehold Arable Land, contain- ing about 7 a. 1 r. 9 p. situate in Morlev Field, in War- minster, now in the occupation of Mr. E. Eye. All that Plot or Piece of Meadow Land, containing about • IJ acres, lying at Portway Mead, in Warminster, held for three good lives under the most Hon. the Marquis of Bath, and now in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Hughes. All that Tenement or Dwelling- house, with the garden thereto belonging, containing about 6 lug of land, lying in Portway, in Warminster, held tor three good lives, and now occupied by Mrs. Tucker. Further particulars may be known at the time of sale, or of Mi. Pheips, Warminster. [ 5159 TO be SOLD by AUCTION, 011 Friday tlie IOth day of November next, at five o'clock in the afternoon, at the Angel Inn, in Warminster, in the county of Wilts,— The following eligible PREMISES : Lot 1.— Ail those two Messuages, with the Gardens lying before the same, pleasantly situate at a place called Ashes, in Warminster aforesaid, now in the occupation of Mr. William King and Rd. WJialley. Lot 2.— A convenient Dwelling- house, with a Coach- maker's Shop, and Premises adjoining the same, situate iu Silver- street, in Warminster, now in the occupation Of Wm, King and of James Barnes, coach- makers. Lota.— A Dwelling- house, in Silver- street aforesaid, now m the occupation of Mrs. Taplin. Lot 1,— A Dwelling- house, adjoining the last- mentioned tenement, situate in Silver- street aforesaid, now ui the occu- pation of Mr. Edmund Slade. The above premises are held by lease for lives, uncler the most Hon. the Marquis of Hath ; and may be viewed on ap- plication to the, respective tenants. For further particulars, or treaty, apply to Mr. Phelps, Warminster. [ 4936 Wilts.— Litlte Itedtein OtMbr Jnrtf Est*# s. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr Son r, • . i Wednesday the 22d of November, at tweh'e o'c b '•, ( Garrawuy's, London, INTHREE LOTS, unless an aec< pi 0 ' J offer shall be made fur the whole by private contr a. <\ capital FREEHOLD ESTATE, the MANOR or rtp. n. „ Manor, of LITTLE BED WIN, with Fishery. Rigbis, fi alties, Residence, two Farms and Cottages, situate in a Iicait, .\, admired, fine sporting country, adjoining Marlbofpugh I- on si; 1 mile from the Bath road, 4 from Hungerford, 7 from M.. t :- borough, tu Horn Newbury and An lavcr, 40 from Ui. tr-, comprising about 590 acres of excellent inclosed meadow, pasture, arable, Suid wood laud; the maw on ( which s a very comfortable family house), with lauds and woodsSrijcn .- ing, containing about 100 acres, are in the occupation 11 t'.. j proprii tor, who will irive early possession; the remainder :• i. i two Farms, le. tt for short terms at iow rents. The r* ia[ r 9 finely limb r- d, ornamenting and sef. triing the lands, v. hi 11 Cossess a pleasing inequality of hill and dale, command,.- cautiful views, and abounding with came, with the : i*> tage of the Kennct and Avon Canal, and ihe pica, nr. of fine trout stream bordering the estate: the buildings i'a'. r been recently repaired. This interesting ptopeity is h^. fi!' improvable, and eminently merits the attention of gen Ik n a-./ desirous of residing on their estate fond of field sports : a p eJ, of celebrated fox- hounds is kept within a very easy tvacf', ya. vf- a pack of harriers within two miles. Descriptive particulars may be had at the principal tnc a* Salthill, Speenhili, Hunperford, and Marlborough; Bc. l^ aid Crown, Heading; Bear, Devizes; York- hous.-, ai- ir- White Hart, Bath; Bush, at Bristol; York Hot-.- l, Clift'n-* White Hart, Salisbury; of Messrs. Crowdy and S- n, solicit tors, Highworth, Wilts; at Garraway's, and of Mr. Sc » r.,- 28, New Bridge- stieet, London, where a plan of the estat/ may be seen. [ 54; 4 5oa; j MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. FO NTH ILL MANSION, WILTS. 1" X) be SOLD by AUCTION, by GERRARD and . Co, on the Premises, on Friday the'ioth of Nov. 1609, — All the remaining Part of the MATERIALS of FONTHILL MA NSIO'N ; consisting of 4 tons of pipe and sheet lead, 5 ton* of Russia iron, 2 water closets, large force engine 011 an im- proved plan, 2 large iron grate* for areas, I large lead cistern containing t4 hogsheads, 5 small ditto from is to 3o gallons each, 3 Venetian windows with plate spd crown glass,' saslies and frames, panel, doors, skirting and surbace moulding*-, door frontispiece, oak and deal quartering, ditto battening, 2 large sky- lights, also a handsome dove marble niche, and a number of other articles of building. The above will be sold without reserve, and put up in small lot* for the convenience of purchaser*. ' The sale to begin at eleven o'clock. [ 3459 SOUTH WALES. AWi Court, freehold f'illa , V f. ands, in G la me rgttnshire - ^ PO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. CHRISTIE,, f. at Garraway's Coffee- house, 011 Wednesday the et November,- 1809, at twelve o'clock, in three lots. Lot I.— An elegant and modem MANSION, dcliehifully situated near the great western road from London to Miliord, one mile from the seaport town of Cardiff; has been recently finished in a stile of superior taste, and contains three par- lours of good proportions, nine good bed chambers, several servants' apartments, and excellent attached offices of cvstv descripiion ; detached arc stables for eight horses, a riewiv- crected porter's lodge, two barns, cow house, piggery, drvi house, and other convenient out bindings, with a black- smith's shop, extensive malthouse, eight cottages, an excel, lent walled garden and orchard, together with 122 statu, t! acres of arable and meadow land within a ring fence, of ihe most fertile quality, and in aresular way of cultivation. Lot J.— A11 elegant, handsome, and ncwlv- built residence, called ROATH- LODGE ; consisting of three good parlour , four airy sleeping rooms, a Well- arranged kitchen, and mary other conveniently attached offices, tngcth r with £ 0 acres of rich arable and meadow land, and lawn adjoining rh.- ieto. Lot 3.- Forty- eight acres of excellently fertile Arable and Meadow LAND, in five fields, most desirably adapted for building, in an open healthy situation, neap the gtcat turnv pike road. . The abova valuable property, it is presumed, is too v ' 1J known to require observation, being in a situation ( ncarth* Bristol Channel) of the first respectability, surrounded by good roads, with every local advantage to render it an obj< iit the most desirable for a genteel residence. Part of the purchase- money ( if required) may remain Via moitgagc; and the elegant and modern assemblage of Fur na- ture, with the Live and Dead Stock ot Jtoatb ¥ dla, may lit taken at a valuation. The premises may be viewed at any time previous to 1FW sale, and printed particulars of the respective lots lijidattl. a Office of Charles Bowles, Esq. Shaftesbury; of Messis. Ti> hoiuden, solicitors, Argyle- strcct, London ; at the Grecian Coffeehouse, Strand; the Biisb Tavern, Bristol; at t;> « Place of Sale; and of Mr. Wm. Upjohn, land- surveyor, Rumney Great House, near the Villa, or Mt Catin Cottage, near Shaftesbury, at either of which two latt mentioned places plans of the estate may be seen. [ 56m HAMMOON, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by M. BAKER, at the Swan Inn, in Sturminst r Newt'm, 0- 1 Tuesday tin 14th of November, ISO, at three o'clock in the nl'temc 00, on such conditions as a'nail be then and Uu- re ' produced, The REVERSION ( after a life aged 8 » years of aH that Tenement, Orchard, Garden, and several closes of Lan. l ( Meadow and Pasture) thereunto belonging, situate in fiarr,- trtoou aforesaid, containing by estimation 24 1 sr s ( lie the same more or less., now in the occupation of Mr. .1 > hu Cr ihe, as tenant thereof, which premises are held uuilcf Wm. Trenchard, Esq. for the term of 99 veSrs, determinable on- the deaths of two healthy live*, one aged about to years, and the other aged about34 years. For further particulars apply to Mr. John Templeman, Dorchester, or ihe Auctioneer ; and for a view of the pr.- raiae* « o Mr. John Crane, the tenant. ,£ l5D0 14 6 The whole ex pence of building the said wall from the town to the Cobb along the shore, froth 10 to 12 feet high, and from ft to 4 fett thick, and about 1300 feet long, is estimated at about £ 2000, leaving ti deficiency of about jfe- 150, which, it is hoped, will be raised without difficulty, when the advantages arising from'such an undertaking arc. duly appreciated— involving and promoting, as they do, the interests of the landholders and tradesmen, and conducing at the same time to the convenience and pleasure of its visitors. Many of the visitors having ( as will be seen by the list) liberally contributed towards the undertaking, it is presumed by the Committee appointed to conduct the w.. rk, that it only requires to be made known to the suirounding country to insure their pa-' tronais- and sr*, ort, as well as its final completion. A book is now open at the bank of W. Burridge, Sons, and Drayton, to receive the names and subscriptions of all those who feel desirous of promoting so considerable an object for the public welfare— which, when completed, will be found equal, if not superior, to the Esplanade at Weymouth, or any other watering- place in England, LYMJ. T& SGW, A'oi. 1, 11109, £ 5580 TO BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, & c. & c. TO be DISPOSED OF, in one of the pleasantest and most populous Towns in the South of Emrland,— A well established BUSINESS in the BOOKSELLING and STATIONARY LINE; together with the House, Outhouses, & c. & c. The Stock is entirely ntodern, and consists of such articles only as are in daily request. The House is new, sub- stantial, and commodious ; contains, on the ground floor, a large shop, parlour, kitchen, pantry, & c.; on ihe first story, a handsome spacious drawing room, a bed room, and large closet; on the second floor, a very large dining room ( bow window), and a bed room ; and four good bed rooms on the attic story. The outlet consists of a square court yard, with a pump and well of excellent water, a workshop, store loft, coal houses, Stc. & c. ' The whole of the premises are in very good repair, being built not more than ten years : situated in the centre of the rligh- strcet, by far the most eligible situation for business of any in the town. They arc leasehold for nearly nine hundred years unexpired, at the low rent of ( is. tid. per annum. The Land- tax is redeemed. If any accommo- dation to tbe purchasers, IOOOL may lay on mottirai; e; and if requested, the House will be sold separate from the Stock in Trade. For further particulars and to treat for the purchase, apply in person, or by letter ( post paid), ( o Mr. S. ' Thompson, tbe proprietor and occupier, Newport, Isle of Wight. To prevent unnecessary trouble, none but principals will be treated with.— Oct. 19, 1S0P. [ 5183 BRUSH MANUFACTORY. TO be DISPOSED OF, ( the present Proprietor being about to retire from Business)— An old- established and lucrative Concern, being the no's', extensive Wholesale and Retail Business of the kind in the West of England, which has been carried 011 by the present proprietor and his late father, upwards of forty- five years. ' The premises iu which the business has been conducted, are situated in a pleasant part of North- street, and consist of an extensive shop, ware- rooms, work- shops, cellar, & c. in front; a pleasant and compact Dwelling- house, garden with greenhouse, courtlage, having an excellent pump, with every other conveniency for a large ftmiily, situated behind the former, and separated from it by a neat courtlage, the whole in complete repair, and land- tax redeemed. The taker will be accommodated with the Stock and Utensils in Trade, at a fair valuation ; the stock is saleable and run low. The premises will be cither lett or sold, as it may suit the person who takes tile concern ; if sold, one half of the purchase money may remain 011 security of the premises. The business will be carrisd on as usual until disposed of. ^ Exeter is a most eligible situation for an extensive Brush Manufactory, having the command of the four western coun- ties, and there being but few in the * ade. Further particulars may be known by application to Mr, John Btitnell, the |> roprietor ; if by letter, post paid. EXETER, Or*. 25, 1809. [ 5471 SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD, A substantial and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, fit for the immediate re- ception of a genteel Family, and most desirably situated, No. 2e, on the cast side of the Above Bar Street, Southampton ; commanding, from the back front, an extensive view of the River Itchcn and the surrounding country, ' The ground floor comprizes entrance hall, stair case, and an entrance for ser- vants, dining parlour, and two others;— one pair of stairs, drawing- room, and three good bed- rooms with closets;— two pair of stairs, four good bed- rooms with closets, and way to the roof;— basement story, large kitchen, scullery, larder, pantries, cellars, and vaults for beer, wine, and every other convenience;— a large garden at tbe back of the premis s, tastefully laid out, with a small green- house, vine- house, Src. The whole inclosed with lofty brick walls covered with choice fruit trees in full bearing, and an uncommon good supply of spring and rain water. [ 4711 For viewing the premises, and further particulars, apply to Mr. Watts, builder, at his officc in East- street, Scuiliamptiip, F TO BREWERS, PUBLICANS, Ac. Clifton Brewery, Bristol. OU SALE by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, at Clifton Brewery, on Tuesday the 7th of November, 1809, at eleven o'clock in the morning,— About Five Hundred Barrels of sound old S'l'RONG BEER, in Lots, from five to fifty barrels cach ; several butts of Tabic Beer, twenty empty fcnall Casks, four seta of Cart Harness, and several other articles. N. B. The very beneficial LEASE ( IS years of which are unexpired), of the above convenient and well arranged BREWERY, with the Malt- house, that will work < 0 quarters per week, Granaries, Stabling, and all necessary Out- huild- ings ; three convenient Dwelling- houses, and good Garden adjoining—' TO BE SOLD, and entered 011 immediately. The Utensils, Plant, & c. to be taken at a valuation. Sholdd the Lease not de sold, the whole of the Plant may be rented with tile Brewery. [ 55t> 4 For viewing and particulars apply 011 the premises. WILTSHIRE. ( nv ORCIR OK TUB ASSIOKtlS.) ' po be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, A by W. VIGOR, of Bristol, 011 ' Tuesday and Wednesday the 14th and 15th of November 1809, and following days,— All the handsome HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Einen. Books, Prints, Plate, China, Glass, hardsome blue and white Tabic Service complete, c. of Mr. EiiiNtzm BROWN, a bankrupt, at Ciiamry- Housc, Bradford, in tlie county of Wilts. ' The Drawing- room Furniture consists of handsome blue damask window curtains, with cornice!,; handsome sofa conversation stools, and chairs covered with blue damask, to correspond; two laree- size pier glasses ; mirrors and giran- doles ; pier, card, and Pembroke tables ; one Axminstcr car- pet, fire screens, & c. The other Household Furniture consists of mahogany carved, fluted, four- post, field, and other bedsteads, with white'dimity, chintz, and other furniture ; prime feather and mill- puff beds ; hair and mill- puff mattresses ; blankets, sheds, quilts, and counterpanes ; table cloths, napkins, to. handsome oval- Corner cellaret side- board ; large- size secretary and book- case ; dining, card, and Pembroke tables; maho- gany wardrobes ; round and straight- front chests of drawers; mahogany night ruble*, bason stand, medicine chests; ma- hogany brass- nailed and other chairs , pier, swing, and other looking- glasses ; Brussels, Kidderminster, and other carpets; handsome parlour window- curtains, roller- blinds, < Src. The Plate consists of one tea- pot and stand ; one coffee- pot; Tl PU LH A MS - HO USE, DORSET. Valuable Household I'urnituit. be SOLD by AUCTION, bv PERCY and onc « , 011 Wednesday the 15th day of Noyeml er, 0 following days,— A considerable part. of the HOUSEHOLD FURNTI'URE, th « 1809, and t elegant and modem table, dessert, tea, and salt spoons; cream ewer, - V c. tea tongs, soup ladle, The Hooks consist of the Encyclopedia, is vols.; Henry's Bible, 3 vols. fol.; Rapin's History of England, 2 vols.; Man's Sermons, 5 vols.; Hunter's Lectures, 0' vols. ; Spectator, 8 vols.; I. yttleton's History of England, in loose numbers^ Pope's Works, 0' vols,; and sundry other books. A quantity of kitchen furniture and brewing utensils,— Two carts, capital saddle horse, new gig harness; quantity of prime hay; elm atjd oak quarter, and about 100O feet of elm boards; with various articles used in the manufactory,— parti- culars of which will be expressed in the catalogues. The whole to be sold v. ithout reserve : the pbitc on the first day, and the china and table service 011 the third day. CO* Catalogues, yd, each, to be had, four days before the sale, of Mr. Samuel Nicholls, cabinet- maker anil upholsterer, Bradford, or of the Auctioneer, Bristol. And at the same time will le. Sold, The following FREEHOLD PREMISES, situate in Folly- row, in the parish of Bradfoid, viz. an, n. OneTcnement, letttoJ. t'ueker, aster, ant at will, at 8 0 One— Wm. Simts, as ditto 8 0 One— H, Poritch, as- ditto .... 6 G 0 One James Ford, as ditto lO'lO 0 Also, Two FIELDS, Freehold, situate near Bradford Wood, in the parish of Bradford, lett to Mr. I-'. Everett, at lof, 10s. subject to thepaymentof 7i. 10s. per yearto a widow now about 40 years of age ; ihe land- tax redeemed, and the tenant paying all taxes.—' The whole of the above premises, & c. are consideraWy under- litt. N. B— The Machinery, with the Lease of the House, Work- shops, & c. to be sold by private contract. [ 5545 For particulars apply to Mr, P. Ciiiioid.. solicitor, Bristol, prop rfy of Lawis WILLIAM BROUNCKER, Esq. leaving Pelhanis ; comprising handsome mahogany four- post and tent bedsteads, with printed cotton, chintz, and check fur- niture; about fifteen fine seasoned bordered down and goose feather beds; hair and mill- puff mattresses, blanket::, and counterpanes ; mahogany wardrobes ; book cases; din- ing, card, Pembroke, ami dressing tables ; mahogany side- board ; chests of drawers; bureaus; wash stands; frc screens; easy and other chairs and night stools; pi, r, swine, and chimney glasses; Turkey, Brussels, and Ki - denninster carpets; Rumford, rcgisto*, and Bath stoves; fenders and fire irons ; a very good alarum ; copper furnaces ; kitchen range ; smoak jack; and an excellent assortment of kitchen, brewing, and dairy utensils; also a wtll- tuned piui. o feirtc, made by Longman and liroderip. ' The principal part of the above furniture was purchased of Messrs. Gillows, one of the Srst upholsterers iu London. Pelhams is six miles from Christchurch, seven from Rin£ wood, six from Poole, and six from Wimbc. rne. [ 503J Catalogues may be had 011 the lst of November at til's: George Inn, Christchurch, and at the principal. Inns in th* above- named towns. ' The furniture may be viewed two days preceding the sab-, which will commence at eleven o'clock in the forenoon or cach day. On the last day will be Sold,— A Rick of excellent Welft made French Gr. ss Hay ( about 13 tons), together with on-:, duag pot, two ploughs, chaff cutter, and some other useful articles in husbandry. WAREI- 1AM, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premise* on Saturday the 2d day of December, 1809 ( subject to the conditions then to be produced), unless in the mean time disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will ha< given. All that old and well- established, well- built Ir. n » called the RED LION INN, situate in Warehain aforesaid, and now in full trade; with the Stables, Outhouses, Gardens,' Rights of Common,' and Appurtenances thereto belonging. This Inn is well known to be one of ihe best " on th western road, having every accommodation; the premi-. e tire spacious and roomy, arid, in good and substantial rrpa r the under- ground cellars are arched and. Vvty complete. Ths purchaser may have possesion on St. Thomas's- day nest.— The premises would not have been disposed of but for lb*, recent death of Mr. Baker, the late tenant. For a \( itw of the, premises apply to Mrs. Baker, the pre- sent tenant; and tor further particulars ( if bv letter, post paiir, to Mr. Geo. Lnscotnb, Portsmouth, or Mr. Bartlett, atsotlr ney at law, Wafcham. [ 045' i ALL persons havinp; any Demand on the late Mr, BAKER, - re desired to' send in the same to Mr. Bart- lett, attorney, Warcham; and such as are indebted to ft.* late Mr. Baker, are requested to pay the same im mediate if tothe said Mr. B. irilett.— WAHEHA v, Oct. « C, ! Su9. r— —., - — — "' HE Royal Family, and Ladies and Gentlemen of- : Fashion, use RUSSIA OIL, for moistening the Haijr when dressing, is so grci, t a nourisher to the hair, as | re- vent it turning grey to all piriods; promotes the growth, makes the hair grow thick and long ; prevents its falling 1 K,* and restores it on bald places, if the leait roots. Several Gentlemen that were bald have declared, after using tl't Russia Oil regularly for six months, the btrld places became covered with hair; promotes eyebrows, whiskers. Gent'v- men ought not to omit using it to the whiskers after ahavhiz as it will prevent them turning aredish colour or grey, whic is too generally the case, on account of the wetting they rs- ceivc from shaving. Ladies and Gentlemen who wear false hair will find Russia Oil a valuable article to use when dressing, as it ki the hair soft, and renders its appearance natural.' Observe the label or. the outside wrapper of cach bottle signed, in Russian gold ink, " Mocbrikufsky and Prince any without that signature arc counterfeits. Price 7i. per bottle, or one bottle containing four Smati OQC guinea, or sin guinea bottles at five pound's. Sold wholesale and retail by the proprietor, A. Pri- No. 0, John- street, Oxford- street; and, bv appointment Mr. Smith, perfumer to his Majesty, Nrw'Bond- street, i don; and Messrs. Brodic, Dowding, and I. uxford, Salisl : and by most principal Perfumers cr Mulicsuo Jfw. dci: England,. Itclsjjd,. a « d Scotland,. ' [ 4.- 1. AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WjLTS, HANTS,. DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday's Posts. FOREIGN NEW 3. ANTWERP, Oct 22. TROOPS in small detachments are arriving here d* liv, and afterwards proceed ti> various station; in South Beveiand, Cadsand, & c. so that, though we have not now more troops in this city than usual, there i. in the neighbourhood a great additional force collected within the la. t forniglit. ' l'he English, we bear, are also continuing their improve- ments and additions to the works in WalcbTeii. Their tick are very numerous, and continue - o, although ear- goes of them have been sent off; and it is iioi at all likely, that in = ueb a situation, they can be in tne way of recovery. » •- - -. V J LTT- -—•= LONDON, FRIDAY, NO V KM HER 3. German papers to a late date were received vcstcr- " d. iy. It is reported at Hamburgh, th. it an army of 13,000 •> ri- in is to be collected ill Hanover, and. on the Bank- oi' the • lia.-, by tite irnin, ut' the Army of Hanover. The I'llucll 5. f Polite Co:* vo is'to Comm. ind. Tbe only important fact, of apolitical or military cha- racter, contained in the Hamburgh letters, is the intelli- gence that the Danish, Wes. tpbali. iu, and French garrisons flare sueee-.- lively left that city', and it is now wholly abandoned by foreign troops, but toe inhabitants are in ' continual apprehension of the return of these cormorants. According to letters from Elsineur, by a Gotten- . burgh Mail, an American ship anived there at the end of ln-. tuionr. il, which bad on b-- a'rd . Mr. Adams and hit family. This gentleman, who has been appointed American Mini:- ter at the. Court of St. PeteSsburgh, proceeds first on a ^ diplomatic mission to Copenhagen, wiicae he intends to ti- inain'- ixie time. The Kugli- h Ailn- a'l's - hip has detained four American Ships, which intended to. puss the Sotnid, and compelled therfi to sail tbroMgh the Belt. MJ-.' Robert. Dundas who lately was raised, by his Royal Majesty, » o the rank of a Swedish Nobleman, and invested with all the rights and privileges attached to that l-. iik, was on tiie . I2th tilt, iiitt'ud- j'- e. d to tiie assembly of the Noble, and Eiok b's seat accordingly. Letters from on board the convoy off Ca rlserona, give the important iuformitAoh' that the " Baltic Fleet bail passed the Beits, and no dottbt was entertained that it had reached Gotitenburg". The litters from that port of the 20th, however, do not mention it- arrival, but observe that it was daily expected. Mem! Letter- acquaint - us, that a few ships yet re- mained in t'. rst harbour and at Riga, which were loading their caigoes with the upmost rapidity, to prevent their being detained by the ice. We pi'e- dim- that nearly all of . them have before this time taken their departure. Last Hight and this morning we received Spanish • and P- ntugii e Papers to the dates of Get. - ii and 24. It is undersioo , thfct the Toulon " licet has put to sea, for the JWrpoSe uf tlit"* wiiig - It- y- ours into Barcelona. If this state- ment be correct, we may expect shortly to receive i- onie important advices, Lord Collingwood having ordered a formidable fleet to watch the Motion* of the enemy in that - direction. Tiie Spaiii- ii papers al- o state, that Soul t. had evacuated Plaeentia, and the whole of the North of l/ tni- maduru, and gsne to'falivera; and that. Nev had assem- bled his force? at Valhdolid, Salamanca, and Toro. The accounts front Geruna are rather eo'nfusetl. According to this latest letters from Li- bon, Lord Wel- lington remained in that city, hot was - oon expected to re Hum bis command of the army. Considerable reinforce- ments bad arrived, A Rus ian ship of the line, which had been left in the Tagil', lately took lire and blew up. Tbe crew were saved. The Daphne frigate arrived on Wednesday at Deal from Flushing with Lieut. Gen. Sir Eyre Coote and suite on board. They landed immediately and proceeded to tow". Dispatches were yesterday received from Lord We!- lesley, dated the IGth tilt, lie was preparing to return immediately to this country. Our armv in Spain was re- < k » vering fast. Tbe French have push. d a corps into La iJincha. There was a private Levee on Wednesday at Buck- ingham House, when the following presentations to bis Majesty took place iii consequoueJ of the new appoint- ments, viz. Mr. Ryder, a< Secretary of State for tbe Home Department; Mr. Qupdus Saunders, as President < » r file Beard of Cuntroiil; and Viscount Palmer ton, as Secretary at War. The Earl of Liverpool also kissed bands < m his removal from the - Home Department to that uf War and Colonies. Dtimig the L vce, the Lord Mayor a, d Corporation of London waited on bis Majesty with their Address on his • entering the jOth year of his reign. They were very gra- ciously received, and Lis Majesty was pleased to. create the I » rd Mayor a Baronet," and to confer the honour of Knight- hood oti ' dr. Alderman Plomer. The Hon. Mr. Jcnkinson, brother of Lord Liver- pool, succeeds Mr. Cooke as Under S eretary of State ill tbe War Department. Col. Bunbury is to b » bis Lord- Ship's private Secretary. Our gracious Sovereign has celebrated the , Itihilee in a maimer calculated to increase, if possible, the uir'eeiion entertained for him by his subject-. He has directed that proper steps shall ha taken to discharge from imprisou- Tn - ill all persons confined for debt- due to the Crowd, Whether by fine or otherwise, with the exception only of such cases as may be attended with peculiar circumstances t> f violence or fraud ; he lia- i given a benefaction of 2000/. from his private purse to the Society for the n licf and flisebtrge of persons imprisoned for small debts, to be fciuployed in England and Wales; 1000.'. for the like pur- pose in Ireland, and lOOOi. tor the like purpose in Scot- land. In order that this auspicious, period may be remembered with gratitude in foreign countries, bis Majesty bus also jgrauted permission for all prisoners of war on parole- to " return home. Tbe prisoners of tile French nation . ye tieees- etrily excepted I'mm this ii. diligence by the severity tif their ruler in detaining all British subjects in France. The parties who intended bidding for the Lottery Btt, miled this jnorning at the Trea- ury, when Messrs Ciipe and Co. offered 18<. IS.*. Cd. a ticket, and being the highest iidders, the contract, was of course given to them. Two considerable houses in the Corn Trade have Stopped payment ; hirt it is said they possess very eo'nsi- " 4orabIe proiwrtv, at present locked up, to answer tlw de- mands of their ci editors. A pony galloped 13 miles in one hour yesterday, on the Coll. brook rood, for a wager of VUO guinea*. The animal performed it in two minutes under the time, and was 30 fuiip.! Les going the first nine miles. Ttir. ATHiCA. i s.— Oil Wednesday evening Mi"*. Forbes, - a provincial performer cf celebrity, but who played once or Hwieetwo sea- mis ag.) at Drury- lane, made li-' i appt- arance jal the Lyceum, in the character of Julia, in the Rivals; her figure is petite, but pretty, her features pleasing, and fclie displayed altogether so much excellence, as to prove t'nat she will be a valuable acquisition to the company. Last night'Mr, Mebrin appeared at the same theatre as Vapid, in the Dramatist, and experienced a very flattering reception. He afterwards played Bannister's character in N " long No bupper, with equal success. At ( invent Garden Theatre, last night, Mrs. Clark played Euphrasia a second time, and still further establish- ed herself in the favour of the public. She was generally heard with attention, though towards tbe latter part of the playthe audience manifested, in the usual manner, their diseifntent at the advanced price-. Tbis was continued through the whole of the after- phiee. Several active parti- sans on both sides" were turned out with broken heads; placards were numerous, and one of them promised that a new edition would be published as soon as. po- sible. Three theers for the King, and three groans for Kembln, eon- • lud-' il tbe eveni- r's amusement.— Thus ended the thirtieth performance of Tie Covent Garden Uproar, which lias Ileal a greater run than almost any modern comedy, and still promise-' to go on. It is obn i v. ible, that four provincial performers, trans- plan - d to il-' L tiilon board-, have made their sue- sessi. t! d .1 1 in the short' space of a week; yet the L- aidon 1 e ; ' bir. allv exercising their shallow wit b - > mil -- s 11 eount- y pmformers, whilst tbev i ..-,.-;• oi i- iiiini ice ( now that Bannister 1, ,-' " i L-.- n- l- ni. The talents of all » i- . . uauiuig ,. eii^ yacrsTOfe £ a* liVtjl in 1' ttl- SUICIDE.— The Rev, Mr> Glasse, Rector of Hanwell, in Middlesex ( whose name eaine before the public during a late investigation, in consequence of some proposal re- specting the tilling up of a vacant deanery), put a period to bis lite ( xi Monday night at the Bull- aild- Moutb Inn, ill Bull- and- Mouth- treeti An inijdest was held on the body yesterday, when it appeared in evidence that the unhappy gentleman, on coining to the inn on Monday evening, took a place in a northern stage ; and on going to bed de- sired to be called at an early b ur. His solicitor visited him after he was in bed, persuaded him to defer his journey to the North, and a sured him his affairs might be arranged without his taking that < ep. This Gentleman gave un- equivocal testimony of Mr. Glasse's derangement of intel- lect. Wh-- u the servant went to call him at half- past four o'clock, she t'oundTiim suspended to tbe bod- post bv means of bis pocket- handkerchief and a napkin, in sil- h a way that his body lay on the floor, and bis head was elevated a few inches only : he was however completely strangled, and a surgeon who was called ill found no room for tbe applica- tion of his skill. The Jury brought in tbe following ver- dict— Died bjf strangling himself'in aJit of iiisanit;/. Or. n BAILEY.--- The Sessions began oil Wednesday ; three pll liners were capitally cmwict'ed ott that day, and two were capitally convicted yesterday, but there wss little re- markable ill any of their ca-. es. CORN'EXCHANGE, NOV. li. Sales of Wheat arc rather cheaper, as are Barley, Malt, and White Peas. Now Tick I Sun.-, - lll. s. to 45s. per quarter. Oats are rather cheaper. Flour is plentiful and cheaper. BIRTHS,] On Friday, in Giwvetior- squarQ, the (' nu- t- ess o! Harrowby of a son.— On Tuesday, at Westmore- land House, Middlesex, Lady Prvce, wife of Sir Ld-. vard i'l- yee, Bart, of a daughter.—— On the 17th ttlt. at the Dowager Lady F. tr'iIsitil's bouse in Dublin, Lady G. Gore, of a daughter.—- On Friday, in Bridge- street, Lady Phillips of a daughter. — On Saturday, in Stratford- place, the Lady of tile Hon. John Wingfield Stratford of a daughter. — Yesterday, in Holies- street, Cavendish- square, the Lady of Capt. Peter Parker, of tbe Royal Navy, of a son. MARRIED.] On the 27th of September, at Madeira, Major John Austin, Deputy Adjutant- General to the British forces in th. it island, to Jean, third daughter of Hp. Win. Gourlay, Physician- there.— On the Slid ult. at Rossie Castle, in Scotland. Win. EUice, Esq. M. P. to Miss Ross, daughter of Hercules Ross, Esq. of Rustic.— On Monday, Edward Ellice, E- q. to Lady Hannah Bettes- wort. il, sister of Earl Grey, and widow of tbe gidwiiit. Capt. Bett'- sworth, of the Navy.— On the 23th ult. at Taunton, Capt. Chanvtie, of the b'dth regiment., to Miss F. Douglas, daughter of the late ( Sen. Douglas.— On Monday se'iiniglit, at St. Issi- y, Richard Sandy, 11( 1. of St.. Winn, aged 70, to Miss Jane Handle, of St. Issey, aged 21 years. DIED.] On Monday evening, at Burlington- house, his Grace th DUKE of Port I I. AND. He bad experienced a very protracted illness : during tbe la t five or six weeks bis dfat. lt was almost daily expected. From tbe excess of bis su& ri » gs he was induced to have tile operation f-. r the stone .. performed ; a large stone was extracted, and every thing appeared to be going on well, but unfortunately an epileptic fit came on, and, after a taint struggle, his Grace expired. His Grace was Lord Lieutenant of Nottingham shire, Keeper of Sherwood Foiv- t and Folewood Park} Chancellor of the University of Oxford, High Steward of Bristol, an Elder Brother of the Trinity House, a Gover- nor of- tin; Trinity House, and a Family Trustee of the British Museum; be was also a Knight ol the Garter, i'lie Duke was in the 7- d year of bis age. Hi ; eldest sou, tiie Marquis of Titcbfield, now Duke of Portland, is in his - Kd year,— On Saturday, after a short illness, in the 50th year of his age, John Gurtu- y, E- q'. of Karlham Hall, near Norwich, one of tbe society of Friends, and a partner in the Norwich, Yarmouth, Lynn, . and other banks: his natural urbanity, munificent hospitality, ami other amiable qualities, made him trulv beloved and re- spected: bis lo. s t i Ills family and friends will be great, and will be severely felt hv the numerous poor who wi fe constant partakers of his bounty. On Wednesday, at Woolwich, Wm. Anderson, Esq. aged 102 years, who bad, belonged to tbe train of Artillery Upwards of ?.() years, had fought in all the campaigns ott the Continent under William Duke Of Cumberland, and retained his faculties till within J few days of bis death.— On the ," 5d of October, in Spain, Major Strutt, of the 3d Dragoon Guard..— On the 10th ult. in the ioth year of her age, Mrs. ' I rowers, wife of John Towers, lisq, and eldest daughter of Sir Walter James, Bart. Corskam, Wills, nine miles from Itath. rT', 0 be LETT, and entered on immediately,—- A A very convenient and substantial DWELLING- HOUSE, pleasantly situated in the centre of Corslxim aforesaid ; con- sisting of an entrance- halt and stair- case, two coot! parlours, store- room, excellent kitchen, brew- house, cellars, See. four good bed- rooms, besides attics, and other convenient offices, well supplied with excellent water; and a good walled Garden immediately adjoining. For particulars applv (" if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Arnold, the proprietor, who will shew the same. flS.' io A genteel Residence for a Family, in a pleasant and healthy part of the [ Vest of Ebgtaad. TO be LETT, for a term of vcars, and. entered upon immediately, A handsome DWELLING- HOUSE, eith - r Furnished or Unfurnished ' plate and linen excepted), with a six- stall stable, coach- house, harness- house and large room over, a court- yard in front ot the. dwelling- liouse walled in and well planted with choice fruit- trees, and a small green- house. The dwelling- house consists ,. f two entrance- halls ( in one of which is a very spacious and light staircase), lofty and well- proportioned druwmg, dining, and morning rooms ; study or library 18 feet square and 12 feet high, i- even convenient bed rooms ami dressing room, with closets, and three attic rooms for servants; housekeeper's room, two good kitchens, most excellent arched larder, large under- ground arched wine and beer cellars. The premises have been lately fitted up by the owner with every domestic convenience, and lit for the r'ecption of a large family. The house is situated in the pleasant maiket- town of lilandford, on the great western road from London to the Land's End, and within a short distance of that very fa- shionable and much frequented watering- place Weymouth, the surrounding country very beautiful and abounding with game, fox- hounds and several packs of barriers kept in the neighbourhood ; the roads particu arly good. Further particulais may be had by applying to Mr. Mon- day, solicitor, Blandford; if by letter, postage paid. fU71 To DYERS, CLOTHIERS, AND'OTHERS. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, The LEASE of all that commodious and lately erected DYE- IIOUSE, with the Sheds and Outbuildings then to be- longing, situate at Wilton, late in the occupation of M srs." Coward and Brewer, bankrupts. There are four years and a quarter of the Lease unexpired. Tile purchaser will be re- quired to take copper vats, fixtures, and dye- stuff and uten- sils tin the premis. s, at a valuation. Also the LEASE of a DWELLING- HOUSE snd STORE- ROOMS, situate at North Burcomb, near Wilton aforesaid, now or late in the occupation of the above bankrupts. Two years and a half of this Lease are now unexpired. Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. Burrough or Mr. Square v, two of the assignees; or to Mr. Arncy, solicitor; all of Salisbury. fSOI7 Gor. ely, Elingham, I/ arbridge, Fordingbridge, Hants. be SOLD, IN" THE FOLLOWING l. OTS : A Lot 1.— A very good BARN YARD, Cart- house, and Stable, with six closes of Arable Land, containing together by measure about 10 acres, situate in Gorely, adjoining the New Forest, in which it has great advantage's of Common Right; now in the renting of Farmer John Saunders. Lot 2.— A COITAGE, much out of repair, but consisting of a considerable quantity of good brick and timber materials for building; with a Garden, Orchard, and close of Arable Lund adjoining, containing by measure 1 acre and 4 roods, situate at Elingham; in the renting of Mr. Hide; and also the Cut yearly yn an average of 2 roods and 15 perches of Water Meadow, in Elingham Common Mead, with an un- limited Right of Common therein; now in the renting. of Farmer John Saunders; Lot 3.— The CUT yearly on an average of about 1 acre, in Harbiidge Common Mead, with Common for two Cows or one Horse therein ; now in the renting of Farmer Lot 4.— A Close of PASTURE or MEADOW LAND, witlt a little Coppice adjoining, called Fussell's, containing about 5 acres, in Fordin- gbridge; in the renting of Mr. Fran- cis Pope. The Timber on each lot to be taken at a valuation. Several parts of hits 1 and - 2 are pleasantly situated for building, and worthy the attention of anv gentleman who has a wish to reside on the verge cf the New Forest, Any person desirous of purchasing either of tbe ah we lots, are requested to deliver.' lenders in writing at the Office of Messrs. Hodd ng, in Salisbury, cr at Fty. eru Court, near Fordingbridge, on or before the 1st day ot December next: if not disposed of by tender on or before that day, it will soon after be sold by public auction. [ 6465 CATTLE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, Instituted ISO!)- CAPITAL iJSOO, OOU. Omen, Skhuicr- street, JfestSmithfecjd, London. IIF. Directors beg leave to inform the Public, that the Office for transacting tbe general business of the Company is now open, where print- d Proposals, containing the Premiums and Condttj ins ot Insurance, will be delivered 11 such perso. is as apply for them. The capital of the Com- p ny is divided into shares of fifty pounds saeh, proprietors of which will have a vote at tbe general courts for every five shares they may hold; but no proprietor wiil be entitled to more than ten votes. Tenp.- rc. nt. on each share is to be p id when called for bv the Directors, and no more will be required unless. found absolutely necessary. Applications have been very numerous from all parts of the kingdom; but the many considerations requisite to this un- dertaking, have prevented the Directors bom giving answers to every appiicatit: arrangements are, however, making to give replies as speedily as possible. There are yet vacancies for agents; for which, country hankcrs, stewards of noblemen and gentlemen, arid tanners of respectability, will be preferred : but no person can be ap- pointed an agent, unless he hold five shares at least, and give s - curity to the trustees, as well as reference to some person in London. Some shares will be r: served for country gentlemen, owners and breeders of Cattle, farmers, graziers, and others, who may be disposed to countenance this Institution, by causing their Live Stock to be insured by the Company. A deposit of two p - r cent, only has been called for on each share, and paid to Messrs. Smith, Paytie, & Smith, Mansion- House- streit, or Messrs. Ilainrnersleys & Co. Pall- Mall, bankers to the Company. Country gentlemen, if proprietors, will be appoint! d honorary Difcctois in their respective districts. The III rectors request, that applications made to them by letter, Be addressed at their office, and jwst paid. By order of the Directors, Kov. iSt, 1809. ' WM. BAYLIE, OfficeClrrk. 7' rouhridgt, Wilts.— Turnpike Tolls to be JjStt. N'OTICE LS hereby given,—— That the TOLLS arising at the Toll Gates undermentioned, belonging to the Trowbridge Turnpike Roads, will bo LETT ( separately or together, agreeable to the determination of the Trustees,; < w AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the house of William ' vett, commonly called or known by the name cf the George Inn, in Trowbridge aforesaid, on Wednesday the 8th day of November next, at five o'clock in the afternoon, for one year, to commence Ihe 19th day of November, ts() 3r it twelve o'clock at night, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the tilth year of the reign ot his present Majesty, for regulating the Turnpike Roads of this Kingdom, which Toll Gates were on the 4th of October instant put up at Auction, at the yearly sums undermentioned, but were not lett; and will be put up ( separately or together; at sucil sums as tiie Trustees shall think fit. Southwick and Poles- hole 13 0 0 Westwood 64 10 0 Keevil i4o o 0 Semington 55 0 0 Farleigh 130 0 0 Wingfield 7J 0 0 Conditions will be produced at the time of letting. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of tin, said Turnpike Roads, for the payment of tbe rent agreed for, and at such time as t'iey shall direct. 5-"< 5J THOMAS TIMBRELL, Oitoler 5, 1809. Clerk and. Treasurer. WUts.- - Cahie Turnpike Tolls io be Lett. \ T HEREAS, ( in pursuance of notice givei V f directed by an Act of the 13th year of the teicn i • en, as reign of his present Majesty for regulating Turnpike Roads), the TOLLS arising at the Turnpike Gates known by the several names uf Chilvesterhill, Quemerford, and Chalk- street side Gate, and Smellin|' s- lane Gate, were put up to auction to be lett to tbe best bidder, at the White Hart Inn, in Cable aforesaid, on the Gth day of October instant, at the sum of ,£' 1165, when Win. Park ( now lately come to reside in Cal. ne) was the best bidder for the same, at the sum of ; bin not producing . sufficient. sureties for payment of the rent, and making default in payment of the deposit- money required to be paid by the conditions, it was resolved in consequence thereof by the Trustees assembled, That the letting of the said Tolls to the said Wm. Park became null and void; Notice is therefore heteby eiven, That the said Tolls will be LETT by AUCTION t,. the best bidder ( according to the conditions to be produced), at the Cath. rine Wheel Inn, in Calne aforesaid, on Friday the loth day of November next, between the. hours of eleven o'clock in the forenoon and two o'clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the said Act; and which Tolls wiil be again put up at the several sums for which they were last lett, viz. Cbilvesteihill, Gtucmerford, and Chalk- street side Gate £ 1055 Smellitig's- lane Gate ( leading to Devizes) 110 Whoever happens to be tbe best bidder must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for payment ol the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. JOHN MERE WETHER, Clerk & Treasurer. CAI. SE, Vet. 7, 1809. . ( SIQI) APPLESHAW. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by T. RAWLINS, on Tuesday the 7th of November, 1809,— The HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, of Mr. William Hcnwood, Apple- shaw aforesaid; comprising half- tester and stump bedsteads, feather beds, blankets, quilts, sheets, chest ofdrawert, mahogany and other tables, chairs, thirty- hour- clock, kitchen requisites, roasting jack, dealdrpsse- r, crockery, brewing and washing utensils, imp. and wood- bound casks, twenty- gallon furnace, copper and brass boileis, & c. and va- rious other articles.— Sale to begin precisely at one o'clock, TOW Nil i LL HOUSE, scan SOUTHAMPTON, nno be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, I. by GEO. HOOKEY, on Tuesday, Nov. 7, iso9, and following davs, ut eleven o'clock,—— Tbe elegant HOUSE- HOLD PURN1 PURE, valuable BUILD1NG MA'PER 1A LS: consisting of the Wing of the said Mansion ; a Conservatory or Greenhouse ; a handsome Stuccoed Building, comprising P ASHI. EY's LIQUID ZAFFRE; or, ROYAL AZURE BI. UK: one of the most beautiful blue colours hitherto discovered, and found by experience to be superior to any other in getting up fine linen or cotton, and considera- bly cheaper, one buttle being equal to a pound of the finest smalts, fir powder blue. It is not in the least injurious, and requires no other preparation than to be shaken up, put through a fine flannel, anil used with o^ id water. Diluted with cold water, it makes a permanent blue ink for writing or drawing. Also the ROYAL AZURE B.'. UE DYE, for'the use of fa- milies; bv which linen or cotton niv be dyed tbe most vivid tints, with one tenth the usual trouble and expanse. Prepared by J. PasMey, Gainsborough; price Is Sold by Mr. Wm. Saxton, Weymouth ; and may be had of grocers, druireists, a ml venders of patent medicines in most of the principal tnvns in the kingdom. [ 3209 For the use of Bleachers, Paper Makers, fire, it is put n bottles, 5. i. each, which contains eight of the small ones. ECONOMY IN HARD SOAP. HIS Majesty was most graciouslv pleased, in Feb. last, to grant Letters Patent to BARON VON DOOR- NIK, to nnke a NEW SOAP, for Washing in SEA, HARD, and SOL- T WATERS ; also a SOAP for washing Wool, Flannel, Cotton, and Linen, in soft water only; which are manufactured by Doornik, Griffith, and Co. Well- street, Wcllclosc- square, London, and sold lower than common yellow soap. This Patent Soap is in bars, hard and dry, and has the ap- pearance of fine cuid soap; it is also made to resemble the finest yellow soap. ' l'he general, or sea, hard, and softwater soap, washes in cold sen water equal to the best moticd soap ; in hot soft water, in hard and soft water, it requires less of quantity, time, and labour, than any other . soap. Tbe colours of the most delicate prints, or coloured linens and cottons, arc preserved, and yellow or dingy whiles bleached by its use. Its e'ffcct i* so mild, that it never chaps the haneis, but renders the skin soft and delicate. The soap for woollens and common use in soft water, brightens the colour and softens the texture of flannel, and renders it more valuable in the market. This astonishing effect is produced by something less than two- thirds ot the usual quantity, and much less labour. Certlie ites'iif the astonishing effects of this soap may be seen at the Manufactory, where all orders are received; and as no. persmal application for sale is intended to be made in the country by the house, until the. article is generally known, orders fur single cwts. will be punctually executed. The price is the - m. me as the London trade price of yellow soap, with- ail allow mcc of 101, pei ton for immediate cash, without Which JW oitivis will be attended to. £ 551 HAMPSHIRE. Manor cf Ihrdle, with Taddiford, anil other Farm » and funds. be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— " he MANOR of HORD1. E, in the county of South- ampton, with Courts Baron, Copyhold and Leasehold ES- TA PES on lives, Royalties, Immunities, and Appurtenances belonging thereunto.— The Manor is nearly ten miles in cir- cumference, and is most congenial to the rise and support of alt descriptions of game. In the Manor is comprised the valuable Freehold Farms of Taddiford, Picks, and Beckton, containing upwards of 400 acres of most excellent arable, pasture, meadow, and coppice- land, tvthc- l'ree, with a good farm- house, barns, stables, and all requisite out- buildings ; unlimited rights of pasturage, tur- bary, and pannage, in the New Forest; and land- tax redeemed. This most desirable estate is situated in the parish cf Hordle, in the county afore- said, nearly within a ring- fence, close- to the sea, which washes its southern boundary, ani from various parts of the estate the most delightful and extensive sea views of the Isle of Wight and the Channel, as Will as those of rural landscape, are obtained. The shore abounds with iron stone, where is also found a specie's of coal, by no means precluding the opinion that this valuable production, in a more perfect shape, may be concealed under tlic surface of the estate, which, if once ascertained, would render tile property incalculable in value. That desirable manure, marl, is also found in plenty on the premises. Adjoining this property, and within the manor, is another FREEHOLD ESTATE, of less extent, but having an excel- lent Mansion- house on it, which is also to be Disposed of. Further particulars may be known on application to Mr. Richman, solicitor, Lymington, Hants, at whose office a plan of the estate may also be seen. [ 5192 Turnpike Tolls to be J^ ett by Auction. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates erected upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Swindon to the centre of Christian Malfotd Bridge, in the county of Wilts, called the Rushy Piatt, Coped Hall. Wootton Bassett, Folly House, Limham Green, Svvalleit Common, and Christian Malford Gates, will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, at the Royal Oak Inn, in Wootton Bassett, in the said county of Wilts, on Tuesday the 11th day of November next, between the hours of two and five in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, " for regulating Turnpike Roads," and will be put up at the following sums, viz. Rushy Piatt Gate at Coped Hall Gate at Wootton Bassett Gate at.. Folly House Gate at f. ineham Green Gate at Swallett Common Gate at Christian Malfotxt Gate at heing the respective sums at which these Gates are now lett for one yeat, ending on the^ 7IH ot December next. Whoever happens to be the' best bidder must, at the time and place of letting, give security, with sufficient safeties to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment ot'the rcntagreed for, and at such times its they shall direct. By order of the Trustees, Swtnnote, Oct. t4, 180) 1. JAMES BRADFORD, Clerk. And Notice is hereby also given, That the Trustees present at tbe said meeting will proceed to el ct new Trnst. es of the said turnpike road, m die room of bttch « s are dead or decline to ad. [ 5* 09 brick- built hipped and slated Engine House; a well con- structed three- piston Forcing Engine, with copper barrels, air vessel. Sec. in an iron frame", wrought by an undershot wheel, 14 ft, in diameter and 4 ft. wide. Also an elegant Freehold COTTAGE Orr. ee, called Mm- I. AND, present rent, furnished, 10( 4, per annum ; possession may be bad immediately. Together with several other Cot- tages and small Lots ot valuable Muadow and other Land, situated in the pleasant village of Western!, three miles from Southampton. The Household Furniture comprizes lofty fouT- post and tent bedsteads, with printed coiton and dimity furnitures, and window curtains to suit; prime seasoned feather betls and bedding ; mahogany claw, dining, elegant sideboard, library, loo, card, pier, and dressing tables, drawers, and wardrobes; Trafalgar chairs, with hair and morocco seats ; drapery French curtains, of kerseymere, trimmed with velvet; Brussels and Kidderminster carpets, costly hall lantern, Grecian lamps, kitchen requisites, register and pantheon stoves, number of iron- bound hogsheads, p- pes( & c. A" C. To be viewed the day previous to the sale, with Catalogues only, price 2.!. each, to be had at the Auctioneer's, South- am jiton ; on the premises; of Messrs'. Blake and White, Essex- street, Strand, London; and of Mr. Geo. Apesdaile, Westenil, who will shew the premises. The Forcing Engine will be set to work on Monday the 6th of November, at twelve o'clock, and may be viewed till two by persons producing: Catalogues. f" 5t91 FRUIT AND FOREST TREES, FLOWERING SHRUBS*, EXO TIC AXD OTHER PLANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at Mr. FINCH'S Nursery Grounds, situated at St. Mary's, Southampton, on Mondav the 13th of November 1809, and following davs, by GEO. HOOKEY,— A choice Collection of EXOTIC and other PLAN TS, Flowering Shrubs, Evergreen, Fruit, Forest, and other Trees, consisting of 4, taxi Exotic and other Plants, among which are 50 double white, red, and striped Carmillas, Japonicas, Magnolia, Ulartg, Pyrus Japohicas, Pareunia, Arboria, and other choice and valuable Plants, Also, 100,000 Flowering Shrubs, Firs, and Evergreens. 10,000 Standard and Wall Fruit ' l tees, 1,500 Trained do. 50,000 Forest Trees. Which will be put up in small I. ots, for the convenience of purchasers; to be removed before the - 21st of December next. The lease of the premises expires at that time. ' To be viewed with Catalogues, 6d. each, to be had on or after the 6th of November, at the George Inn, Winchester; White Horse, Reimsey ; White Hart, Salisbury ; and at the Auctioneer's, Southampton. {"- 54S7 - 1 LJ II I I 10.3S. DENNY LODGE, NE. R LYNUTICHVJ. TO he SOLD by AUCTION, by J. ETHKRIPOB, on tbe Premises, on Thursday the 9th dav of Nov, tuber 1809,- The FARMING STOCK," HOUSEHOLD FL'RNI- TUft « , Dogs, Nets, and Guns, of the late Mr. PE. HICE, de- ceased ; consisting ol an excellent mare for saddle or harness, about 14 hands, 6 years old ; an aged pony, i young cows, 5 pigs, rick of meidow hay ( about 12 tori's), light cart, lade ditto, cart and plough harness, ploughs, drags, winnowing fan, sacks, & c. The Household Furniture consists of bid- steads and furniture, mattresses, goose feather beds and bed- dmg; chairs, tables, pi i and dressing glasses, oak bureau, clock, kitchen art- clcs, brewing utensils, iron- bound casks, P.- C. Ax.— A staunch blood- bound, Newfoundland d » g, and spaniel; double and single- barrel guns, rifle and fowling pieces, pistols, nets, and d\ brace cf buck skins. Sale to begin at ten o'clock. [ 5547 PUBLIC- HOUSE AND WINE- VAULTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, bv Messrs. TUCKER and PITTIS, at the Green Dragon Inn, on Thursday the 17th day of November 1809, between the hours of lour and five o'clock in the evt niog, ( unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which notice will be given ',— All that substantial FREEHOLD well- built Brick DWEf LING- HOUSE called the ROSE and CROWN, situate in the centre ot South struct, Newp.- rt, Isle of Wight; comprising good parlours, a large tap- room, good btd- ronn-. s and attics, capital cellars, with useful out- offices ;— also a LEASEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, communicating with the above; • comprising a good p. rlour, kitchen, yard, Ale. or. the ground floor, with convenient cnarfibcrs and attics: now in the oc- cupation of Mr. Wm. Rose, the proprietor. The east part of these prer. iis-. s, containing by measure in length 8 » feet 4 inches, and in depth 11( 1 feet 4 inches, or thereabouts, is Freehold ; t.' e remainder is Leasehold for the residue of a term, of which 14 veats were unexpired on the 25th of March last, at the yearlv rent of ,£ l 7. . N. B.— The above being a Free House and most eligibly situated, and having of late been fitted Hp in a convenient manner, is well worth the attention of brewers and other-, as the returns h ive been £ toou per ann. and upwards for many- years past.—' The Fixtures to be taken at a valuation. For particulars apply to Mr. W. Rose, the proprietor, or the Auctioneers ; if by letter, post paid. , Marine Residence and Estate, Hampshire. TO be SOLD by AUCTION ( unless previous- disposed of bv private contract),—— A FREEHOLD HOUSE and ESTATE, called ROOKCI. IFF, in t. ie parish of Milford, near Lymington, Hants. The house is situ ted in a paddock of about 20 acres, partly surrounded wit:- planta- tions, and commands most beautiful views of th l ie of Wight, Needles, and surrounding country. It consists of a drawing room, dining room, and library, with suitable bed rooms, servants' offices, and excellent cellars. The estate contains 250 acres ( more or less) of arable and pasture land, in a ring fence-; togeth- 1 witti the manors or reputed manors of Milford Barnes and Milford Montaeue. ' The land- tax is redeemed. ' The estate is free of treat tithes, except about 20 acres, and entitled to extensive torest and common rights. About loo acres are on an old lease, which expires 1815; the remainder in hand. There is a good kitchen garden, green- bouse, ice- house, coach- houses, stables, burns, ox- sheds, pig- styes, and all necessary farming buildings, most of which bare been erected within these few years ; together with a house for the bailiff, and a labourer's cottage. ' Tiie furniture, fixtures, wines, prints, farming utensils, and live Stock will be ineiuded in the purchase, or sold by auc- tion on the premises. To be viewed with tickets only, which, with further parti- culars, may he li d of Messrs. Graham, Kinderlev, and Dom- v ' He, solicitors, l. ir. coln's- inji, London, who have a map of the estate, and an inventory of the articks to be sold with the house and farm.— All letters must be post paid. [ 5.513 THE REAL JAPAN BLACKING^" ^ MADE BY DAY AND MARTIN, LONDON. HPUIS invaluable Composition, with half the tisw J 3 labour, products the most brilliant jet- black ever behel I; affords peculiar nourishment to the leather, will pot soil t • finest linen, is perfectly free from any unpleasant smell, and will retain its virtues in any climate. Sold, wholesale, by Day and Martin, removed to No. 97, High liolborti, London; and by Brodie, Doweling, and Lux- ford, Salisbury, wholesale agents for the West of England ; Coulton, Devizes; Simmoneis, Blandford; Penny, Sherborne; Clarke, Dorchester; IIarvey, Weymouth ; Harold, jun. Marl- borough ; Skelton, Southampton ; Martin, Lymington ; C'- rockford, Castle- Carey; Moore, Poole; Shipp, Blanilford; and A. Tucker, Christchurch, in stone buttles, price Is. t; d. each. j" 4; jii NO Medicine is so well calculated, or ha succeeded in giving relief in numerous ... jt' 126 0 85 0 147 16 57 0 73 0 28 13 .102 10 HAMPSHIRE. better Scrophula than SPll. SBURY's PATENT ANTISCORBU- TIC DROPS. A trial will prove this, and convince even tha tender anxiety of parents, when the glands become firs » swelled and diseased, or the usual symptoms of scrophuh tu, enlargement of the stomach in children takes place, lu eruptive cases of Scurvy, Gout, Rheumatism, and Nervous Irritation of the Stomach from bilious affections, its superi- ority has long been acknowledged. f4 ld7 The genuine medicine has the words " By the King's Pa- tent" expressed on tbe bottle, bill of directions, and outsids wrapper ; and the King's duty is printed in black ink. Soli at the Dispensary, 15, Soho- sepiare, London, in small bottle* at os. 6d. ; double bottles 10s.; and larger 11. 2s. Compound Essence, toallay unpleasant irritation,' RS. The Medicine 10 be had of Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury, whole- sale venders for the West of England; and Bowling and Co. Newport, Isle ot Wight. Turnpike Tolls to be Lett by Auction. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising _ at the several Toil Gates erected up- n the" Turnpike Road hading Irom Swindon jo Marlborough, in the county of Wilts, called the Swindon and M - rlborouah Common Gates, will be LE TT by AUCTION to tb? best bidder, at the Crown Inn, in Swindon, in tilt said county of Wilts, on Thursday the 16th day ot Nov. next, between the hour* of two and five in the alternoon, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the 18th year of the reian of his present Majesty, " forregu- t lating Turnpike Roads," and will be put up at the following sums, til's. Swindon Gate and Weighing Engine at £ 131 10 0 Marlborough Common Gate 7.1 2 6 being the respective sums at which those Gates are now lett, for oneyear. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the time and place of letting, give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the rent agj eed for, and at such times as they shall direct. By order of the Trustees, SWINDON, Od. 14, 1809. JAMES BRADFORD, Clerk. And Notice is hereby also given,; That the Trustees present at the said meeting will proeeed to elcct new Trustees of the said turnpike toad., in the room of ; ueb as aj e dead cr decline toast. ' '" "" ' [. 5- 218 MANOR, or reputed Manor, of WIMERING, WIMEUING- HOUSE, and the Farm and Lauds called WIMERING- FARM, containing upwaidsof 700 acres of luxu- riant meadow and arable land in a. ring fence, coppice, and down land, within 5 miles of Portsmouth, 15 of Southamp- ton, 13 of Chichester, 20 of Winchester, and 68 of London; in lots. Lot 1.— A most desirable Dwelling- house, in excellent re- pair, called VYiniering- house, situate in the parish of Winter- ing, in a genteel and social neighbourhood, with suitable do- me. stic offices, coach- house, stabling, yards, gardens, pleasure- ground and home- ground, containing about 11 statute acres, laid out with great taste, and ornamented with plantations', shrubberies, and walks, forming a most desirable and com- modious residence, now in tbe occupation of Harris Bigg Wither, Esq. the proprietor, with possession at Lady- day next, if required-. Lot 2.— IJettymore Coppice, containing 7 A. and 31 P. ael- joining South wick Park, m the parish of Wimering, in the occupation of Mr. Pittis., Lot 3.— A Piece of Pasture Ground, called the. Moor, con- taining 10A. 2 R. 10 P. situate at Potwcll, in Widley parish; also in the occupation of Mr, Pittis. Lot 4.— A singularly valuable Estate, called Wintering Farm, possessing local advantages in respect of markets, roads, manure, & c. of the first . description ; e- ontairiiifg set) statute acres of naturally fertile and highly cultivated mea- dow, pasture, and arable land, and 160 acres of down; a substantial farm- house, farm and tick- yards, barns, stabling, and agricultural buddings of every description, situate in the pari- ii of Wintering,' and adjoining the London and western ! toad-.", in the occupation of Mr. Tittis; together with six i labourers' cottages, four of which have been recently built. The buildings aV- d fences arc in excellent repair, a consider- able i- u- rn having been expended therean within the last two years. Th.' above Estates, which are FREEHOLD, and exonerated from land- tax, will be SOLD by AUCTION, at Gsrraway's Coffee- house, Coinhill, London, in the month of February or March next, unless an acceptable sum should be offered for the purchase of either or the whole of the lots by Tender, signed by principals only, addressed to Harris Bigg Wither, Esq, Wirr. eririg. housc, near Portsmouth ( free of postage;, on or before the 1st day of December next. The timber, telHvs, and underwood on the farm and in the ccippice- gniiUKl arc to be taken at a fair valuation : the tellers down to the value of 64. Lot 1 may be viewed be- tween the hours of eleven and three; and lots 2, 3, and 4, by leave of Mr. Pittis, the . tenant. yy Personal applications to treat will not be attended to. For particular? fijinly', ( if bv letter, free of postage) to Mr. solicitor. Forties, ' Hants, at whose office a jilan of Hasselt's New Drawing Hook. This day is published, in 8vo. containing four beautiful Subjects trom Nature, to be continued weekly, and completed in fifty Numbers, ut6t/. eafch, HASSELL's Week. lv DRAWING MAGAZINE of RURAL SCENERY, or the Self- taught Artist; con- sisting of'views from nature, cottage and mountain scenery, river and coast views, sbipumg ; the vjriouscliaraciets of trees, rocks, & c. the various species of catde calculated to heighten and giva sublimity to picturesque effect: including subjects irom original paintings by Morland, never belore published: the whole en- graved by Hassell. London : published by T. Tegg, No. Ill, Cheapside, and sold by Brodie, Doweling, anel Ltixlord, Salisbury. [ 5446 The following Rooks, lately published by J. Taylor, at Ihe Ar- chitectural. Library, A'o. • 9, // vr'i lioll< 9rf1, London, are soli by Urodie, Downing, and l. urford, Salisbury. USBY's Designs lor Villas and Country Houses, on 24 plates, 4 to. 1/. f. s. boards.-—- 2. Hesby's Designs for modern Embellishments f< r Folding- doors, Chimney- pieces, Varandas, & c. 85 plates, 4to. coloured, 1/. 1 is. Ce/.- H— 8. Aikin's Designs for Villas and other rural Dwellings, 31 plates, 4to. 1/. lis. 6d.— V. Dearn's Designs for Cottages at. d rural Dwellings, 20 plates, large 4to. ll. 7s.— 5. Pocock's De- signs for rustic Cottages, picturesque Dwellings and Villas, 33 plates, 4to. li. lis 6rf.— 6. Randall's D. s'- gns for Villas, Man- sions, Lodges, and Cottages, 04 plat s. large 4 to. 2/. 12s, 6d.— 7. Lugar'sSkctchesforCouages, rural Dwellings,{ ire. 38plates, li. 1 is, firf_-— 8. Luaar's Designs for Farm Houses, FarmYiifds, Dairies, Cottages, itc. 21 plates, 4to. U. 6s.— 9 1 aing's Uinta for Dwellings, Cottages, Villas, & e. 34 plates, 4to. 1/. 5s.— 10. ' Tod's Plans of Hot Houses, Green il-.- uscs, Conservatories, & c. 27 plates, folio, 2/. 125. 6d. [ 2087 Poulden", the estate n jv be seeti. £^ 37 COMPANY OF STATIONERS, LONDON. On Tuesday, November 21, will be published, HPHE following ALMANACKS, for the Year 1810 £ Punted for the Company of Statipneis; and sold hrf Gebrge Greenhlll, Treasurer to the Company, at their Hal. in Ludgate- strect, and maybe had of all ( lie booksellers is te- wn and country :— Wing's and Cambridge Sheet.— Raven Or London Sheet, on a copper- plate.— Goldsmith's Almanack, on a fine pap* r, for the pocket.— Gentlemen and Ladies' Diary, Moore, Partridge, Poor Robin, Season, White's Coe- lestial Atlas, and Rider's British Merlins.— The London and Country Almanack.— Free Mason's Calendar.— W. ills'scom- plete Clerical Almanack, on a fine paper, adapted for the packet, neatly' sewed. Moore's Almanack improved; or Will's farmer and Countryman's Calendar, containing much useful knowledge and information, neatly sewed.— A Calen- dar to bind with the pocket books, COUNTY ALMANACKS, with Lists of Members of Parlia- ment, Cffici rs of Militia, and various useful Tables, particu- larly adapted. to each county, viz.— 1. Middlesex, Hertford- shire, Essex, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex.— 2. Cornwall, De- vonshire, Soroersitshire, and Dorsetshire. 1— 3 Gloucestershire, Worcestershire. Herefordshire, Motitnouths. ire, and South Wales.— 4. Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Ely, Hunting- 1 donshire, and Bedfordshire.— 5. Warwickshire, Northampton- shire, l- eicestershire, Rutland, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and, Derbyshire.— li. Cheshire, Lancashire, Shripsbire, Staf- fordshire, and Nortli Wales.— 7 Wiltshire, Hampshire, Ox- fordshire, B » rkshire, and Buckinghamshire.— 8. Yorkshire, Durh.' i, Northumberland, Westmorland, and Cumberland. In order to prevent the many complaints of not receiving • h • Almanacks immediately atie- r publication, it is r, quested that orders be sent on or before the sth of November. Almanacks unsold must be returned by tbe Kith of Febru- ary, carriage paid, after which time the j rice ol the stamps on y can be allowed for. Hints for future improvement in any cf the above Al- mauc'ii will be thankfully rewtived. [- 239 X. THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL', Sunday's Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY NIGI1T, NOV. 4.. 1809, At the Court at the Queen's Palace, Arov. 1, 1' FTESENT, The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council. " IM ^' DS day the Right Hon. Henry John Viscount a Palmerston was, by his Majesty's command, IB sworn of" his Majesty's most Hon. Privy Council, and took his place at the Board accordingly. His Majesty having been pleased to appoint the Rt. Hon. Richard Ryder to be one of his Majesty's prin- cipal Secretaries of State, he was this day, by his Ma- jesty's command, sworn one of his Majesty's principal- Secretaries of State accordingly. CARLTON- IIOUSE, A'oy. 4. The Prince of Wales lie's been pleased to appoint the Rev. Edward Brodie, A. B. to be one of his Royal Highness's Chaplains in Ordinary. WHITEHALL, Nor. 4. The King has been pleased to grant the digriiu of a Baronet of the United King- dom of Great Britain an:! Ireland to the Right Hon. Charles Flower, of Lobb, in the county of Oxford, and of Woodford, in the county of Essex, Esq. Lord Mayor of the Citv of London, and his Heirs Male. QUEEN'S PALACE, IV".-, I The King was this day pleased to confer the honor of Knighthood ou William Ploiner, Esq. Alderman of the City of London The King was this day pleased to confer the honor of Knighthood on James Alhol Wood, Esq. Captain in the Royal Navy. Commissions signed bv the Lord Lieutenant o( Hants.— South Hunts lleg, of Yeomanry Cavalry: G. Tarbutt, Gent, to be Covnet— Whitchurch Volunteer Infantry; Ensign . Moses Edney to be Lieutenant, vice Netherclitf, resigned. BANKRUPTS. John Cuislet, of East- street, Iteil Lion- square, upholder. Jobn Knight, of Lower Clapton, corn- chandler. Jonathan Ni. holson, of f] i- h- street, St. Giles's, bookseller, Jntm I-' ewings, of Gloucester, innholder. Win Stancome. of Swansea, 6ltopkct- per. Isaac- Ltiedhatn, of Buxton, innkeeper. John Bennett, of Bristol, cabinet- maker. VV. M.- adowsand R. Johnson, of Pad tington, coal- merchants, Francis Collis, of Soutliwark, tayl- ir. John Purvis, of Neivcastlc- upon- Tyne, vintner. John Napttjr, of St. fieorg^' s- delds, merchant. Waiter Drury, of Si* mford-. str « et, Blacktriare- road, stationer. Burt, ot Catlierine- stmt, Comtn- rcial- roail, atiaiv- plat- factor, Tli -. G. iHsmitli, of Slioreditoti, dealer in wints. C. R. Chadw.,- k, of Orosvenor Mews, iron ptete- worker. J. FintonnmlG. Moore, of Uolherhiltie, smiths. Thos. Joseph Collie, of Oxford- street, coach- maker. • / tin b- ancliecer, of St. Jam. s's- street, milliner. John Kerry; of Little Newport- street, Lont^- acre, haberdasher, • eo. Taylor, of Wrotti tm, Kent, paver- maker. JohnPe'ploi', of K- nniiigton, coach- maker.-'" W,: nn-< ' abaud, of Piumtree.- strtet, Bloomsbufy, jcsreller. Joseph l'o'unm'ey, 6f (' imddnr, Somerset, paper- maker, - • ' Port & M. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 4, ' Hamburgh Papers to the 2.; d ultimo, have Arrived. The Correspondenten contains a very important article from Dresden. It is the first account of the Terms of the Peace which any of- the German Gazettes have ven- tured to publish, and though not official, it trjay he regarded as exhibiting the substance of the reports which prevailed at the Court of Saxony. The prin- cipal cessions which, according to this account, Austria makes, are said to be Gallicia, Trieste, Fiume, tnd Istria, the three last to be united to the kingdom of Itafv. Bavaria is to be extended to Ltntz, and the Duchy of Warsaw to the Saar. The Tyrol and Saltz- burgh are to be given to the Duke of Wurtzburg. To whom the dominion of Gallicia is to be eonreyed, is not mentioned. Private letters from Flushing, cLttecJ on Tuesday last, state that the army was still very unhealthy, GeueralDon is ill, and Qaueral Moncrief, of the $)() th, is second in command. Hostilities have commenced in Zealand, the French batteries having fired on our gun- boats, a compliment which our lars returned wifh alacrity : thev afterwards landed, and drove the enemy from some guns, which they spiked, but they lost several men in the contest. We have before mentioned the circumstance attend-- ing the reception of L'Africaine frigate, in the eeas of the United States. By letters since received, we find that the insolence of the American populace had not subsided. Several of the officers having landed at Norfolk, proceeded lo the Hotel of the town, where th- » y were surrounded by the multitude, who not only loaded them with insults, but assailed. them with pitchforks, so that after some time spent in ineffectual expostulations, they thought it prudent to withdraw On board their ship. "" • Spanish Papers to the 10th ult. have arrived. They ' state, that the enterprising General B'ake, after a warm action on the 23d of September, succeeded in throwing abundant supplies into Gerona. The con- Sequence qf this second relief was the retreat of the covering army of the French to a considerable distance from that town. They are also $ aid to have manifested intentions to raise the siege. Lord Grenville and Lord Eldon have declarer! themselves candidates for the Chancellorship of the f ho- ve r- ity of Oxford, vacant by the ' deeth of the Duke of Portland. No other candidates bay; yet started. Tbe bill preferred against Mrs. Phmkett, for forgery, • was yesterday thrown out by the Grand Jury of the county of Middlesex. OLD BAILEY.— A man named. Cole was yesterday indicted for privately stealing bank notes to the amount of 186/. from tbe person of Mrs. Randal, in the pit of the Royalty Theatre, On the night of the 29th of September. It ap- peared in evidence that Mrs. Randal had incautiously taken the notes Out of her pocket, shortly after which she missed ( hem, and informed l) cr daughter thereof. , The. pri oner bad been sitting by thein. Miss Randal observed him jnovM off, followed bim out of tbe pit, and - eiaed hiin be- fore he cu! d got clear of the Tlwatre : he denied tbe rob- bery, but she observed that he dropped a paper, and set his foot on it; she kicked away his foot, and found the stolen note*. The flury without hesitation found him Guilty— Death. ' _ BIRTHS.] On Wednesday, at Brighton, the Hon. Mrs Childers of a daughter.— Yesterday, at Halliford, Middle- Sax, of a son, Airs. Barbor, widow of Capt. Harbor, late of the 36th regiment, who died at Flushing. AIARRlED. j On Tuesday, at Canterbury, Mr. T. Partridge to Mi's S. Coulson. The singularity of their appearance excited much attraction ; tbe man being about 6' feet 4 inches, and tbe Lady about 4 feet. From their youthful looks, andspiigtitliness of manners, it was strongly conjectured, that it was a runaway match ; particularly as their united ages could not, on a moderate calculation, be more than 150 years. DIED.] On the 17th of October, at Campo Mayo, in Portugal, after a few days illness, Major Richard Vandeleur, p( the 88th regiment. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three a' Clock, FALMOOTH, NOV. 2. The Narcissus frigate sailed this morning" with a fleet of victualling ships, under con- voy, for the fleet on tho coast of France. , The Princess Elizabeth packet arrived on Tuesday morn- ing, in eight days, from Lisbon. Lord Wellington had arrived there, but tlie armies had made no movement. The Marquis Wellesley had been expected at Lisbon, to embark on board a ship of war, for England ; but advices had been received that he would proceed to Cadiz for that purpose. The following packets sailed on Monday last, viz. Queen Charlotte, for Cadiz; Marlborough, for Lisbon; and Townsend, for the Windward Islands. PLYMOUTH, NOD. 3. On Sunday, arrive! the Rotleur French brig privateer, of 16 guns and 120 men, captured off the . coast of Spain, on the 25th ult. by the Seine, of 36 guns, after a chace of 38 hours. She was formerly the Rambler, of London; had been from Bayonne only one day. Caine in the Jolly Tar privateer, from the North Seas. Unicorn frigate, from Sheerncss,— And Mariner gun- brig, ftom the westward. Sailed the Indefatigable, of 34 guns,, for the coast of Spain.— And Anncde, of 33 guns, to the westward. Yes erday. came in a hired cutter from the Streights, with di- patches for Government. On Tuesday night Daniel Macarthy, a- elerk in his Ma- jesty's Dpck- yard, Plymouth, was detected in taking a pair of silver salts from the sideboard of W atkins's, the Crown Hotel: he was suffered to loave the house with them, and, on being pursued, threw them away in the street. He was taken before the Rev, J. William*, who, after a long examination, at twelve o'clock at night, com- mitted bim to the town prison. He was the builder's third clerk, with a salary of I50J. per annum, and was oil the eve of marriage with a respectable young lady. PORTSMOUTH, NOV. 4- Dispatches are gono « ut by the Hecate sloop, which sailed on Tuesday, for the Government of Madras. It is supposed they contain positive instructions relative to the late dis- pute between the Civil and Military authorities, and that some gentlemen high itr authority are ordered home. Sir Samuel Hood sailed on Thursday, with his squadron, for the Mediterranean, and finally for the Black Sea, to assist the Turks in their war with the Russians. Monday— Arrived the Endyinion, of 40 gnns,' Captain Capel, from Madeira ; Leyden, of 64 guns, C- apf, Usher ; Diana, of 38 guns, Capt. Cramer; and Persian sloop, Capt. Colquett, from the Downs. Tuesday— Sailed the Hecate sloop, Captain Buchanan, with dispatches for tilt: East Indies ; Del went sloop, Capt. Parker, and Rolla brig, C'apt. Clark". Wednesday— Arrived the Goshawk sloop, Cant. Inncs, from ( he Dowii9. Sailed tbe Persian sloop and Virago gun vessel. Thursday— Sailed . the Centaur, of 74 guns. Rear Ad- miral Sir Sainuel Hood, Capt. Weblev, and Warspite, of 74 guns, C'apt. Blackwood, for ( be Mediterranean ; and Diana, of 38 guns, Capt. Cramer. Arrived the Orpheus, of 3o '- uns, Capt. Tuny ft, from the Downs. Friday— Arrived the Ulysses, of 44 guns,' C'apt. Lake, . and Pod. u- gus- loop, Qapt. Heilard. Sailed the Fairvalus, of 38. guns, Capt. Dundas, and Fredericks; fin, of 28 guns, Capt. Searle, with convoy for the Mediterranean. Bank Stock, SS8 » 8S 3 tjj. Cent. Red. 68$ f S ^ Cent. Cons. 69| f 4 Cents. 83.$^ f -^ Cent. Navy, 100:{ J 5 V c'- nt- 1 ® 7, —' Long Ann. 18 4 9-' 6ths Imperial 3 Cents. 674 Irish 5 fi Cents. — India Stock, 193} | India Bonds, 26s. 27s. p. South Sea Stock, — Exchequer Bills, 10.', 14s. p. Omnium, —• English Lot. Tickets, Consols for Acc. 69 j $ | ' . WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4. Aiftorig'the instances of liberali* won the auspicious 85th of October, tbe noble donation of the Earl of Ports- mouth, at Hdrstbourn Park,, stands conspicuous. Fine ox beef, pluiit pudding, and good old strong beer^- were given to tbe poor inhabitants ol bis Lordship's sovei'a! ad- joining manors, to the number of one. thousand persons, who enjoyed with great- delight their excellent repast, and departed with repeated expressions of tbe most heartfelt loyalty to their beloved Sovereign, and of grateful ac- knowledgments to their noble benefactor. At St. Mary Bourn, tour fat Oxen were distributed to the Poor, on the 3d hist, which would have been given on the Jubilee Oav, bait that was prevented by the very liberal donation to upwards of flOO people, given bv the Right Hon. the Earl ot Portsmouth, at his Park at Down Hurstbourii. Tile Society " of- Aliens held their annual meeting on Wednesday, and walked in procession from the Black Swan Inn to the Cathedral, where an excellent ser- mon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Urquhart, and an appropriate anthem was sung by the Gentlemen of the Choir. After divine service, the Members of the Society dined together at St. John's House. The collection for the benevolent purpose of the Society,— the apprenticing out the poor children of those who arc not natives of the City,— nmotinted to 151 /. The Rev. Mr. Cctnitnins and. Mr. Findeu are the new Stewards. The President and Fellows of Magdaten College, in the University of Oxford, have presented the Rev. Gainsford Smith, B. D. and Fellow of that College, to the living of- Erenley, in Northamptonshire. A few days since was married Mr. Wm. Blake, brewer, of Christchurch, to Miss Mary A Id ridge, daughter of Matthew Aldridgc, Esq. of Tbrosp. Same day were married, at Rotnsey, Mr. James Blake, to Miss Naish ; and i\ Jr. Samuel Jackson, ty Miss Sarah Blake: A few days since was married. Mr. Goodwin', black- smith, of this city, to Miss Piper, of Crabwood. Lately died, in the Island of Jersey, Clement Heinery, Esq. ono of the richest and most respectable merchants of that island. His amiable : s'dv departed this life two days previous to her husband, vtbieb made that circumstance truly awful And melancholy. Their funeral was attended by the Governor and the principal inhabi- tants of the island, and their remains were debited in the same grave ill the ilurcli yard of the parish of St. Saviour. " They were pleasant and lovely in tlieir lives, and in their death, they were not divided ! 1" Oti Saturday the 28th ult, died, at the parsonage- house of Nurslmg, the Rev. Robert Cranmer, A. M. and who had been 33 years Rector of that palish. Mr. Cran mer was endowed with a sweet and amiable disposition, and was a truly worthy man. The living of Nursling is in the gift of tbe Lofd Bi- liop of Winchester. On Sunday last died, aged 25 years, of a rapid fever, Mrs. Pointer, second daughter of the late Mr. Giles Carter Barnes, of Morestead, near this city;. she. has left four small children, two of them six months old, and a large circle of friends, to lament her death. A . fire broke out at Bramshaw on Friday Oct- 27, and buret the dwelling- bouse of Mary Hunt and Thomas Curl, with great part of their household goods. By the speedy assistance of the inhabitants, further damage was prevented. It is supposed the fire was occasioned by a spark from the oven. Tbe house belonged to the poor woman: unfortu- nately it was not insured. Thomas Cook and William Edmonstone, two warrant Officers in the Navy, are committed to the County Gaol, charged with having feloniously stolen a considerable quan- tity of bread and rice, the property of bis Majesty, on board a Russian ship at St. Helen's. Philip Philipps is also committed to the Coquty Gaol, charged with breaking open the dwelling- house of John Field, at Kingselere. SALISBURY, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1809. The run on the Witnborne Bank has ceased,— the reaily payment of nil demands having demonstrated that the alarm Was groundless. Mo3t of the principal Gentleman of Poole, Wimborne.^ pid the neighbour- hood have signed the engagement tq take the notes of the Bank in payment. A Correspondent having intimated his regret at the slight notice taken of the proceedings of the Dorsetshire Yeomanry Cavalry, in our last Journal, we now with plea- sure give place to the following account: " On Monday the Dorset Yeomanry Cavalry, commanded by Col. Frampton, marched into Dorchester on perma- nent duty for six days. Our opinion of this fine regiment was always a flattering one ; but the late increase in their numbers, the iinprov. d breed of their horses, anil' the advanced discipline of the officers, gave us additional reasons to admire it beyond any thing of former memory. Oil Wednesday the 25th, being the anniversary of his Majesty's Accession to the Throne, this regiment, after exercising at ail early hour in the ' morning, attended divine service at St. Peter's church, where an excellent and appropriate sermon was preached by their Chaplain, the Rev. J. England, from the 1st chapter of Timothy and 17th verse: the attention with whieh this ceremony was marked, both by the officers and men, was such as to be particularly gratifying to the feelings of every loyal subject and devout christian. On the same day a very sumptuous dinner was served tip by Mr. Scott, of the Antelope, to the officers and a few of their particular friends, amongst whom we noticed, The Lord Lieutenant, the Members of the . county, the Staff Offietrs of the district, Col. Bin; ham, and many officers of the Dorset Militia, Col. Bankes, anil othei" officers of the Local Mililia, tbe Hon. and Rev. C. Strangways, Sir John Smith, Mr. Willett, many other leading gentlemen of the county, with Lord Eardlv, and a party of fashionables. As soon as the clotii was removed, Colonel Frampton gave the King"?! health with three times three, which was- drailk with enthusiasm; many appropriate arid constitutional toasts followed, aiid God save the King, and Hide Britannia, were admirably sung by two officers of tbe reg'tmailt, in the chorus of whieh they were heartily and unanimously joined by all the company present, At ( en o'clock the party adjourned to a Ball at the King' Arms, which was honored by' the presence uf bis Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, and attended by all tbe beauty and fa- lvon of tbe surrounding country ; amongst whom we observed, Lady II. Framptori, Lady S. O'Brien, Lady E. Fielding, Lady and Miss C. Glynn, Mrs. M. Pitt, Mrs. Portii. an, Mrs. Drax and Miss Grosvenor, Mrs. and Lwo Miss Baukes's, Mrs. Willet and Miss Gould, Mrs. and Miss Weld, Mrs. and Miss Calcraft, Mrs. Baker, & c. & c On Thursday the regiment was reviewed by his Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, who expressed himself highly pleased with their various evolutions and grand military appearance.— The ground was kept by a detach- ment. of the 7th Light Dragoons, from Weymouth; anil the day being uncommonly fine, drew together many neighbouring families, who sported some of tbe most elegant carriages and equipages that we ever remember to have see, T, within the- limits of Hyde Park, or the pre- cints of St. James's; a feu dejoie and three vollies were fired by the troops, with a degt'ee of order and regularity that would not have disgraced the more regular regiments of his Majesty's service. On Friday a very superb dinner was given by Mr. M Pitt, to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, Lord Di :. bv, ; uid the Officers of the Yeomanry Cavalry, at his seat near Dorchester.— The day passed " off. with, great liar- mo ay and cheerfulness, for while the usual condescension of tbe Royal Duke were never more conspicuous, the polite and divided attention of Mr. and Mrs. M. Pitt were never more liberally 0(\ pleasingly bestowed than on that occasion. '-. On Saturday the regiment was dismissed, after con- ducting themselves in a manner both honourable to them- selves, and highly sati- factory " to the feelings of tbe in- habitants of Dorchester, leaving behind them an impression which may be equalled," but cannot be surpassed by tpiy similar good conduct in future." His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge,' during bis stay at Weymouth, vi- ited Lullworth Castle, the seat of Thomas Weld, Esq. He arrived on Thursday morning, the 19th of Oct. about eight o'clock to breakfast, and afterwards, with a select party, amused hiijistlf with shooting on the ca- tle lands, and mahout four hours, bad th : pleasure of killing fifteen brSce and a half of fine pheasants.— The colours Were hoisted ou the castle, tbe tower, and at the battery ; tjie belte went merrily all day ; bis Highness set off again in' tlip evening tor Weymouth, well pleased with the kind attention paid him by Air, Weld atld Jamilyv He was received under a royal salute, and tbe Tike going off.— Lull worth was also very gay on the 25th, in honour of his Majesty ; the great guns at one o'clock in tbe. morning announced the approaching day by a discharge of twenty- one, and the like number at ten; the colours were up by six, and the bells sounded their merry peals ; two lat beasts were distributed amongst tbe poor of the neighbouring villages, with every other com- fort; tli" castle was thrown open at an early hour to admit the labouring poor; Sir John Barlyyoorn al o attended full of good' bOfnour, in high spirits, with bis jug full of nappy brown ale. The sons and daughters of mirth retired in good order, and the cripples went off playing the hop- frog dance, leaving their crutches behind. The 50th anniversary of our beloved Sovereign's Accession to the Throne was observed at Bridport with every demonstration of'joy ; the morning was ushered in with the ringing of bells ; the poor were regaled with beef and bread ; divine service v. as performed at the Church, when a very excellent and appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev. Dr. Williams, and a hymn, composed for tile occasion, was sung by tbe choir, assisted by several ladies who occupied the front seat of the gallery ; tbe remaining part, of the day was spent by the gentlemen in the greatest conviviality,— and the following evening a ball was, held at the Town- hall, whieh was very numerously and respectably attended: the merry dauce was k.~ pt up with great spirit*] till a late hour. The Earl of Malmesbury gave at Berwick St. James, and Airs. L. Harris, at Great Durnforil, a plentiful dinner, with strong beer, to the poor of those places. Oil the 25th ult. the parish of Littleton Panel, in this county, consisting of 500 persons and Upwtuds, were most liberally regaled with beef and strong beer, by Win. Tinker, E « q. of the same parish, in celebration of bis Majesty's entering the 50t. b year of bis happy reign. On the 2eth ult. Wm. Dyke, Esq. of Svrencot, entertained 300 poor people with beef, bread, and beer; and all his labourers received full pay for the day, although no work was done after the hour of morning service. It was highly gratifying to see Air. Dyke proceeding Imme- diately from ihe Church to visit the different cottages at Figheldein, in order to satisfy himself that bis bounty was regularly bestowed, and that every poor mail in tbe pari h possessed oil that day those comforts which eould not fail to incline . his heart to participate in tbe general joy which the occasion inspired. At the mansion of Joseph Daubenev, Esq. at Ibberton, near Blandford, on tbe above memorable day, the whole of the poor of Ibberton were made partakers of that, gentleman's liberality. Upwards of sev.- uty poor perapns sat down to a plentiful dinner uf roast beef, plum pudding, and strong beer; and a further donation of a quartern loaf was given to every indigent individual throughout the parish. The late Jubilee was kept at Frome, in a becoming and creditable manner: tbe happy day was ushered in by the ringing of bells, and by flags and streamers waving ' from tbe steeple. To gladden tbe hearts of the aged and sick poor, a sub cription had previously been made of up- wards of 100/. to be distributed in beef, bread, and money to such poor as were of the age of his Alajesty or upwards, or lay oppressed by the hand of sickness. Of tbe former' class there were about 300, who received 4} lb. of beef, a quartern loaf, and a shilling each; the remainder of the subscription has been distributed among J* e sick and poor' families of the town. A numerous congregation attended service at the Church, where a very appropriate sermon was preached by the Vicar. At one, the volunteer cavalry and infantry fired three vollies; tbe Officers afterwards dined together in high cordiality, and many loyal and constitutional toasts were drank. The day was concluded with bonfires and fireworks. Throughout the whole, the sentiment of loyalty seeuied universal; every face evincing the joyful and grateful feelings of the heart. In the night of the 25th tilt, after s. vral stage coaches had gono off different roads from the Red Lion Inn, in this city, a helper in the yard, unobserved by anyone, picked up a paper containing some Banknotes; but as soon as he bad opened the paper, and observed tbe valuable nature of its contents, he hastened to bis master, and deposited the vyhole with him, to be restored to the owner; to discover whom, he has inserted an advertise- ment in the front page of this Journal. It is probable, from circumstances, that the no. tes belonged to a seamen- On Thursday night twelve Danish Officers, lately J on parole at Ashburton, passed through this city on their way to a port, inconsequence of bis Majesty's permission to return home ; but we understand they entertained some doubts of his Majesty's gracious intention being carried into effect, in consequence of their being not sufficiently provided with money to pay their passage, and no cartel being provided to convey them. They reported that some of their friends, who were still less provided with cash, had declined to accompany them. Oh Thursday 150 Frehch prisoners arrived here from Forton prison, Gospon, anil were marched out the next day for Stapleton prison, near Bristol. Among them was' one of the ancient Noblesse, who previous to the revolution possessed a splendid fortune, and lived in the most sumptuous style; but having no military rank, be of course is subject to the same treatment as the other pri- soners ; and could he obtain his parole, be has not the means of procuring necessaries.— His present wants were relieved by a Gentleman who accidentally beard of bis situation. BIRTHS.] At Netheravon House, in this county, on Wednesday the 25th of Oct. the lady of Michael IleOch Hicks Beach, Esq. of a son and heir.—- On Saturday the 2Sth, the Right Hon. Lady Arundell of a daughter. Lately was malfte 1 Mr. James Mackenzie, of Bath, to Miss Kinnier, daughter of J. Kinnier, Esq. of Ciicklade. On Wednesday was married J, Brown, Esq. uf Marlborough, to Miss Ann Pitt, of Parton. On Wednesday was married, at St. Thomas Church, Mr. Mervin, an eminent butcher, of Duke- street, Manchester- square, London, . to Mrs. Gattrell, widow of Mr. William Gattrell, btitcher, late of this city. A few days since died, at an advanced age, Mr. Whittle, some years master of the Old Antelope Inn, in Poole.—, Also Mr. Blaney, of the New Antelope Inn, Poole, On Friday last died, after a few days illness, Mr. William Blake, ofSilkstead, near Winchester, third son of Mr. John Blake, of Ford, near this city, Two male convicts, from Launceston, passed through this city on Wednesday on their way to Gosport. On Monday last an inquest was taken on the body of William Luther, carter'to Air. King, of Alvediston, who died in consequence of being kicked by a horse a few days before.—- Verdict, Accidental Death. TO be LETT or SOLD, for a Term of 13 Years, — A capital " FACTORY and FULLING- MILL, weli supplied with water; also a Close of Pasture Land, with Cottages, Stable, Out- houses, Gardens, Orchard, and convc* nient offices thereto adjoining, situate ir. the parish of Marsion Bigot, and within one mile of the market- place of Fiomer, in Somersetshira, lately occupied by Messrs. Fussell ant'! Charles, and their under- tenants. ' Immediate possession may be had, and otherparticulars known by application to Mr. Chislett, Frorae. f5460 TO CAPITAL MILLERS. ASituation on the Hamsphirc Coast ( not inferior to any in the kingdom} for ERECTING A TIDE MILL is offefed to a Man of respectability possessing a capital of not less than £ 10,000.— Vessels cf 150 tons and upwards may !>• brought to the spot, and lie perfectly safe at all limes.— Nine pair of stones may be worked, as the pond would contain 40 acres, which would always keep up an uncommonly good head of water; and the wheats $ rown in ihe neighbourhood are superior to most in tile kingdom. Apply to Mr. Richardson, No. 7, Hnroin's- i? HVfields ; or Messrs. Webb, Webb, and Attwood, Salisbury, who will treat; letters to be post paid. [ 5076 TO be DISPOSED OF, An old- established? MANUFACTORY in the SALISBURY FLANNEt Line.- For further particulars (' f by letter, post paid) apply to the Printers of this Paper. Sarom, Oct. 31, .1809. [ 5531 TO SCHOOLMASTERS. TO be DISPOSED OF in the county of Berks,— An- established BOARDING- SCHOOL. [ 0648 Letters ^ post paid) fiom principals with real names, ad- » dressed A. B. 01, Cornhill, London, will receive d » e attention. npo be SOLD,— A remarkably handsome BROWN JL GELDING, rising five'years old," a very fast gallopper, and will make an excellent hunter or charger. [ 6556 Apply to John Linthorn, at the Greyhound Inn, Blandtord. In Me Advertisement offering a reward far appre- hending Mm. Shave and- Thomas Edwards " Escaped, from Justice," ( see the 6th column of llie ] stpagej the promised re- ward should te FIVE GUINEAS, instead of Three. This correction came too late to l.; e inserted in the proper place. HOME MARKETS, Prices of Corn, per Quarter— It read, per Gallon, Oct. Salisbury, 31 . Basingst. Noe. 1 Devizes, 2 Newbury, 2 Andover 4, Warminster,. 4 j Wheat. s. Barley, j Oats. s. 100/ 0116 ; 44 lo 50 I 28 lo 40 72 to 1 lo'l 40 to 50 ' 30 to 31 38 to 12- 7 . 42 to 50 37 to 41 9ofo! 3o- j 40 to 50 ' 2S lo 40 90< oii0 j 40 to 51 i 27. to 40 87/ ol2i 143 to 57 | 34 lo 44 Beans. tJ4 to 74 58 to 63 1 2 56 to 60 ' - 50 lo 70 2 50 lo 65 j 2 62 to 72 '. - Bread d. 5 2J Weight ot the Gallon Loaf, 8lb. 11 oi.— Half Gall, 4/(•. N WILTSHIRE LIEUTENANCY. JOTICE is herebv given, Th. lt a General Meeting of the Lieutenancy of the County of Wilts will be holden at my House, in Crane- street, in the City of New Sarum, in the said County, on Friday the 17th day of November next, at eleven o'clock ill the forenoon, for executing the Act 49 Geo. 3. ch, J3. [ 5500; By order of the Lord Lieutenant, THOMAS. WINCH, October 2S, 1809. ' Clerk of the General Meetings, See. JUBILEE. SALISBURY: . * THE Subscription . entered into for the purpose of enabling tbe Poor of Salisbury, the Close, and Fisherton to participate in" celebrating his Majesty's Accession to ti e Throne, is continued open a few days longer, in const. quencc of many gentlemen haying- signified a wish to promote the further and more important objects, to which the surplus of subscription will be appropriated, foi the benefit of the Pdor. Amount of Subscriptions already advertised, ,£ 702 8 6 Additional Subscriptions{^[; » ^-;':;:;; J ° JCj" Subscriptions received at the two Banks, and by Messrs. Brodre, Dowding, and Luxf6r; t. [ 5587 THEATRE, LVMINGTONi Minion's Company, from the Theatre Royal, Windsor. ON Mondav Evening, November (>, the Comedy of THE RIVALS, with THE AGREEABLE SUR- PRISE, for the Benefit of Mr. and Mrs. GOODARO, fey par- ticular desire of Col. Nacquard and the Officers of the Royal Artillery. Wednesday Evening ( positively the last night this season), the Comedy of THE BUSY BODY, with the Entertainment of THE WEATHERCOCK, for the Benefit of Mr. MINTON, by particular desire of the Gentlemen of the Neighbourly Club. . ; [ S--. 74 ' 180, High- street, Southampton, Nov. 2, 1809. MRS. MOODY respectfully informs the Ladies of Southampton and its vicinity, and her friends in parti- cular, that she is just returned from London, having selected from the first repositories of fashion ari elegant and genteel Selection of MILLINERY, MANTLES, PELISSES, 4c, & c. most peculiarly adapted for the present season, . such as she flatter^ herself are well worth the attention of those ladies who will please to honour her with'their commands'. Mrs. Moody has added to bef present large assortment of Child- bed Linen a new collection of beautiful Caps, Robes, Frocks, & c. Sc. ttc. whieh,- from her extensive sale, sue. is enabled to sell at very reduced " prices.% All orders from the. Country executed with fidelity and punctuality. [ 5577 SALISBURY, Arou. 4, 1809. CHANTER'S UNIVERSAL MUSEUM, oom- T prising the greatest variety of CURIOSITIES of NA- TURE and ART ever seen ; which will he exhibited, for one li'eek only, from eleven in the morning till nine in the even- ing, in a commodious Rdom at the Chough, in this citv. The Proprietor has been nearly twejitv years in collecting this exhibition, and can' safely fissure the public, that a more interesting and pleasing spectacle does not at this time travel the United Kingdom. " The Proprietor has also received an extensive collection of some of the rarest Curiosities, which he purchased at the late sale of tbe Leverian Museum. It would be impossible in the compass of an advertisement to enumerate half the articles this Museum contains, there being nearly TWO THOUSAND Natural and Artificial Curiosi- ties, of the most valuable and pleasing kind. In short, the Proprietor ventures to assert, that such an exhibition was never offered to the inspection of the public at. so low a price. N. B. The utmost value given for curiosities of every de- scription. Admittance:— Ladies and Gentlemen, Is.— Servants and Children, Half- price.— Permit Tickets,' 2s. ( id. each, which will allow admittance at any time. ^^^^^ f5584 NEW FOREST, HAMPSHIRE. TO be LETT, furnished,— A HOUSE and COT- TAGE, with Coach- House and Stables to each, situated on the borders of the New Forest. Enquire of Mr. Hookey, Auctioneer, at Southampton ; if by letter, free of postage. OHO be. LETT, for the Hunting Season, A con- J. venicnt COTTAGE, situated in'the centre of the Hamp- shire Hunt; consisting of a parlour, drawing- room, entrance- room, housekecpt r's room, pantry, kitchen, back kitchen, laundry, Sc.; three best bed- rooms, and three for servants ; stabling for six horses, and a good kitchen garden. For particulars enquire of Mr, Fa'lthfull, Winchester, or Mr. Bell, Swan, Alrcsford. [ 5151 FARM TO LET!', nno be LETT, for a Term of Nine Years from 1 Michaelmas 1810,— All that FARM called HA PS LEY, situate at Faecombc, in the county of Hants, containing about 107 acres of Arable, Meadow, and Wood Land, toge- ther with a Barn and Stable, and a ncw- ercctcd Dwelling- house, Cart- liouse, & c. For particulars apply to Tho, Holdway, on the premises. Faccoitibe j. s eight miles from Newbury, and nine from Andover. [ 5534 FOR SALE, About 300 Fleeces of > lixed WOOL, first and second crosses: the ram from the veal Spanish breed, the ewes from the most excellent Southdown > in point of wool cannot be exceeded. For further ' particulars apply to Mr, Edmund H. wkins, Gunville, near Blandford, Dorset. [ ooo5 \ Quantity of BLANKETS to be SOLD, from 1JL TWO Shillings and Sixpence to Eight Shillings and'Six- ivnce' each, at II. Phillips's, broker, Saint Ann's- spect, Salisbury. TO be SOLD, by Mr. JOHN COXETER, a. t bis Blanket Manufactory, Greenham Mills, Newbury.— A regular Assortment of common, medium, and superfine BLANKETS, from 6 qrs. to 14 qrs. wide; . likewise 500. pair of thick common Blankets for servants" beds, charities, or pa- rishes. The above to be sold in small qujintitie^, for tilt) accommodation of the public. ' '• • , , No abatement made from the pricc fixed.. [ 5S36 HAMPSHIRE. ' ,' 1^ 0 be SOLD by. PR4VATR f OMTRACT,— A . modern MANSION and m Aores of C'ANQ, . Within three miles* o'f AndoveY, 67 of Ivpndon, and M df ( fethi The House is- spacious, in good repair, and a. nply supplied with commodious'offices, excellent water, andxverV convenience for. the oorrifortable'accommfidation ot\ a large lamrty. Immediate possession thay be had, and part t f ( he- money may remain on. mortpp". , fo 74; t I- or particulars. apply to Messrs. Fojster; Cook, and. Ficre, Lincoln's Jrin; ot to Mr.. Fleet, attorney at larf, Atim'er., SALISBURY. • - 77" TO be- SOLD by AUCTION, by C. Xos'toy, in the Corn- Market, on Tuesday the 7ih of Nov. Ist < f, at twelve o'clock,: A Strang useful' CART HORSE. tight years old. - • r.' j.' vrt FINE WALNUT AND KtM TIMBER.' HPO be SOLD, by AUCTION, on the Premise at I Farmer Pt; arcs's, at Upton Scudamore ne mile aud a . half from Warminster), on Friday the 10th day of November IfiOl), at twelve o'clock at noon precisely,—' I en'fine clears WALNUT IREES, now standing near the Far. n- hous at Uptqn aforesaid, well calculated ior gun- stocks, & c, & c —• Also about Thirty- eight fine ELM THfcES, standing <. n the same farm, which will be put up in sO'table lots. fcj* The Tenant will- shew the tmber. ( 54qo HANTS.— UNDERWOOD, TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the King's Awn* Inn, Murrcll- green, on Thursday the Ifc'tli ot . Wyem- * 1> er, tsoy, at three jp'clock in the ( tft rnooh, sti't jret to tho. conditions of stile to be then produced, T'. UNQlKRr WOOD in Holrttlng Plots, in Rqthrrwck, Tithe fr •; and in Beard's Coppice, m Jtotherwjck and Hartley W. stpall ; the part in Rotherwick Titht- fre?; that part in Hanky W. st- pall Tiihable. * [ 5454 For particulars- apply to Mr. Wtn. Ellis, Tylncy- hall.' COPPICE WOOD, WINTERS LOW, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, nt Wm- c. sicw Hut, on Thursday the 16th day of Novem'"- r n. t. at eleven o'clock in th. forerfoon,— About fi'ty Acres of COPPICE or UNDERWOOD, in East W. ntcrslow, ia the county of Wilts.—' TTte above will Tje sold in sm;. ll Lots, Tor the aceojo- inti'Ution of purchasers. , • . F r particulars < K the Lots.'& c.' app'v at the offic. o: Messrs. Tanner aod Cooper, Salisbury;' and lot a v; evy of Words, to John Prince,. vVtnterslow. , f.'.) tir DIBDEN. COPPICE WOOD. rpo be SOLD bv AUCTION,' on Wednesday tbo 1 2 >. l day of November, 18< Jj>. preci'rly r t: rs. •• o'clock, • at the Rodney Inn, llythe, ~ A> » << K SlX'iy ACH'riS Of UNDERWOOD, in nine coppices, vjz'.— Hang. r Coppice, Moore Coppice, Buck- kiln Coppice, WhetJerS. tV'pj. k-.-, Bramblcshot Coppice, Ferns RowsCoppiei, Drap. rs C> pp. ee, Heath- hays Coppci, and Whosestont Conp. ce, f. WS For a view apply to Mr. James Gandy, the Woodman. ROMSEY. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by S. LEACH, Monday the 6th day of November, IR09, « — Part of the* HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE , f Mr. Same \ Blake, quitting his residence. The furniture consists of r. a- hogany tables, chcsts of drawers, teit bedsteads and furnirme, feather beds, heat painted a; d stained chairs, carpels, pi. r and'swing glasses, kitchen utensils, and oth. r useful rdel< s, Sale at eleven o'clock. [ 5Ma DOWNTON, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premise, hv GLRRAP. D and Co. on Thursday the flfh r' Nov. 1809,— Part of" the FARMING STOCK, and other Efletts, the property of a Gentleman, near tie King's Arn. s Itn, Downton; consisting of 4 useful carl horses; » haSds- nn- tig mare, 15 hands high, 5 years old, and very itteady in hajnew ^ a capital grey jelding, 14 hands and a half high, years n c^ remarkably fast in all his paces ; a waggor. s ploughs, har- rows, and tsckle ; a drill plough by Boorne ; tru e, thiil,; nd plough harness; 4 store piss;- 10 qrs. ot barley, 10. qrs. of good old white oats ; a granary, on .' I stones ; a quantity cf straw for thatching; winnowing tackle complete ; a lot of ol \ iron, firewood, and a number of other articks, which wiH be sold without reserve. The sale will begin precisely at eleven o'clock. [ 5- 153 RPO be SOl. D by AUCTION, at the Town- fi. Cellar, on the Quay, at Poole, on Thursday the lFth of November, ISO.'), at three o'clock in the afternoon, if nor previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which notice vviil be given,— A HORSE CORN MILL, with two pair of stones, and dressing mill, floor boards, and other appurte nances. It is well adapted to be used upon a small stream of water, anil will be sold together or in lols, as may bo deemed most convenient at the time of sale. The mill may be viewed the week preceding the sale, by applying at the Cdlar, or to J. Bristowe and Co. Brokers, Poole. * ' [ 54H5 TO be SOLD by AUCTION, some time in No, vember or Decembe r next,— Several very valuable and improvable well- timbered FREEHOLD MANORS AND ESTATES, situated in the counties of Hants, Wilts, Dorset, Devon, Somerset, and Oxfordshire, containing nearly Toou acres : the principal part in demesne, and the remainder held for one, two, and tlir- e hves, of the yearly value of TI N THOUSAND POUNDS and upwards; with the Advowson of a very desirable Rectory ami Glebe in DoraetsUire, tiom 5o:; i. to 600/. per year. Descriptive advertisements and particulars will shortly be published, wlun further application maybe made to George South, Esq. of Market Lavtngton, neu; Devize^, or to Mr. Bond, land- surveyor, Axminster. [ 5187 / PRINTED AND PUBLISHER BY W. B. BRODIE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXyORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY i Where Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of Npu* 9re. received ( Postagepatdf '.,,,„, Ttvr ro vrn- Tfl* No n Waiwick- S « « are, Warnkk- I- n'r. e, Nevgate-?!! fft , and M1 Al U WL, t cOf. clkr, raHiitcstrr B 4tlso by the PRIXTES- S aftd BOO& SELIER SO. tbe West of Englarttl; by the respective Nt IV^ JI^ n ; and in Loudoy by Messrs- ^ Alt LE$ ar. tl NEW TON, No, 5, v aiijiek „ qvat e, , v K f
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