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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3794
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 30/10/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3794
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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AND OUR Ajii^ fi:,!".'!' JIVD GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DOMET; SOMERSE^ [ NUMBER 3794. \ OLUME LXXIV.] MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 180.9. FRICE SIXPENCE HALFPENNY. | St « » P. K,, t>' Paper anil Print, 3d. Monday's end Tuesday's Pests. FOREIGN NEWS. FRANKFORT, Sept. 27- AGREAT deal of business continues lo be transacted at our fair. The armistice, with the rumours of a speedy peace, encourage a number cV s|> eculations which would not be ventured upon under other circumstances. Above all, the Emperor Napoleon's measures against English commerce have been most favour- able to the Continent. The sale of German manufactures has been increased, in consequence of there being no British manufactures exhibited ; and that those who are most partial to tbeiu can no longer procure them, since the erection of custom- houses along the line of tbe grand ' duchy of Berg, the duchy of Oldenburg, the kingdom of Westphalia, and the neighbouring states. LONDON, MONDAY, OCTOBER 23. Dutch papers to the 13th inst. have been received, but they contain no further intelligence respecting tbe peace between France and Austria, nor do they speak of it as having been positively concluded on the 3d, as stated in a former Amsterdam Gazette ; they merely say that " tbe latest advievs from Vienna considerably augment our hopes of a speedy peace, which is expected to be followed by political anil matrimonial alliances between the three Courts ( Russia, Austria, and France). Some persons assert that tbe peace with Austria ( or, as others say, a " truce for twenty years) is actually signed." We learn by a vessel which sailed from the dia- mante, a few days ago, that several of the officers who com- manded the French ships ill the affair in Basque Roads, have been tried fur misconduct upon that occasion. The Captain of the Calcutta has been shot for cowardice, and another his been sentenced to three years imprisonment. Many other officers are kept under close arrest. The French ships at Roebefort have repaired the damage Which they sustained in our late attack, and arc in apparent tea'diuess lor sea. A very heavy firing was heard on the French coast ' oh Saturday night, supposed to have been in consequence bf official Intelligence of the conclusion of the treaty of Jfeace. A Mail from New York arrived this morning, with teapers to the 17 th ult.— They announce the arrival of the Aliicairte in Hampton Roads oil the 29th of Augu t ; and v » n the 5th of September our Minister, Mr. Jackson, landed at. Annapolis, and proceeded to Washington, where he arrived on the 8th, and on the llth was received by the Secretary of the Government as the successor of Mr. Ers- kine. Congress wis not to meet until November, and it was supposed that no great progress would be made in tbe negociation until that period. The President was at his country seat; on retiring to which, he left orders that he l& ould be sent for, if tbe British Minister deemed his presence necessary. This bad not been done, and of course 30 immediate arrangement was expected. Jt is Jtnoivu that the rage of party is extremely high in America; it will not therefore be wondered at that tbe Journals in the democratic or French interest endeavour to depreciate Sir. Jackson and Irs mission: sOme of these Journals trinmphantly assert that he wa4 insulted on his landing; and others, ill the British interest, say they do dint know that to be fact, but " such conduct was to he If. tpeeu'd from fVench Jacobins."— Some of the democratic . Ui. i yals also advise the dismissal of Mr. Jackson, and a ( declaration of war against Great Britain.— The American Government liAs*, however, received Mr. Jackson with the Jvsjwct ( hie to the Minister of a great power, and on the whole, there ii little d ubt that the negociations will be Conducted with temperance. The American Watchman, a democratic paper, printed it Wilmington, Delaware, recommends a declaration of war against Great Britain, in the following terms:—" By declaring hostilities ( and Heaven knows we have su'j-. iiait fcause) we should separate tbe old tories and British emis- sai'i. es from the true friends of the country— we should set « t lilV+ ty the euslaVed sons of Canada— and totally annihi- late British ilHercotirse with North America." Several seamen had already deserted from the Africaine ; which bad occasioned an application from Mr. Wood, the British Consul, to John Hunter, Esq. the Sheriff of Balti- more, who in conseque: ce of that application bail seven of the deserters taken into cusliAlv ; but au application in be- half of tbe men for au habeas corpus being made to Judge Scott, he issued the same, and tlie deserters were brought tip to the Court House, and their Counsel moved for their discharge. Mr. Wood was in Court, with Counsel, who oifered to prove that tbe hleir were deserters from the AfHcaine, and requested to be allowed time to enquiteinto the law. The Chief Justice stated that the opinion of the jSecretary < f State had satisfied him that deserters from British vessels ought not to be arrested or detained Under the authority of the Government of the United States, for tbe purpose of delivering them up to the Officers of tbe British Government; he therefore ordered the prisoners to be immediately discharged. The Court was crowded with spectators, who ( it is stated in tbe Baltimore paper) " expressed their approbation of this decision by three loud and timfnltuoUs huzzas-, and execrations of the Tories; and carried off the deserters in triumph.** A New York paper savs, " that aCoiirt Martial is silting at Halifax, on a number of mutineers of the British Govern- ment brig Columbine.— It was said they had determined to murder the Commander ( Capt. Hill), and run the brig into New York, where they were so foolish as to expect protection." The whole of the Spanish tiaVV, with the ex- ception of that part at Carthagena, is probably before this sate mroreil in Cadis harbour. Letters to tbe 5th inH. from thence mention, that the first division of the Ferrol ships consisting ot several sail of the line and frigates, bad arrived there, and that the remainder were hourly expected. They also state, that the division of tbe troops lately under tbe command of the Duke of Alberquerque, was attached to the Briti- b arms. Letters from Sicily, dated the 16th of Sept. express an apprehension that tbe French were preparing for an inva ion of that Island. They also mention, that Sir John Stuart bad written home for a reinforcement of troops, under an impression that th • force at present under bis orders is incompetent for its defence. The transport Board continue to discharge the tra; ports engaged for the late calamitous expedition to Wal- rheren. Upward* of 400 of these vessels returned la- t week to the port of Shields alone, to be re- employed in the coal trad?, an employ that must be more advantageous to the public - if not more profitable to the owners) than any of > nr late expeditions have been. It is now believed that the Hon. Charles Yorlte will become Secretary of State for the War Department, as Cord Melville will nut permit bis son to accept tlie situ- ation. ~ Oil Saturday lr.'- t tbe Union Flag wa; displayed on the standard in New MilfordDock- yard, which is in future to be a Royal yard, and will be greatly enlarged, the ground necessary tor that parpose being marked out. Tbe sur- veyor, builder, builder's assistant, & c. are already ap- pointed, and have entered upon their respective duties. Mr. Thomas Gaseoigne, tbe only son and heir of Sir Thomas Gascoigne, of Parlington, met with a fatal acci- dent on Friday the 13th inst. white engaged in the chace with Lord Scarborough's hounds in the neighbourhood of * Wofksop. Impelled by tbe ardour of tbe pursuit, be en- countered a very dangerous leap, contrary to tbe advice of some more exjierienced sportsmen, and though bis horse cleared the hedge, the rider was thrown by the rebound with his back against a blanch of a tree, and tbe con- cussion was so violent as to afl'eet the spinal marrow, and instantly paralize the lower extremities. He was imme- diately taken from tbe field to Sir Thomas White's, where he died at nine o'clock on Friday evening, in tbe ? 4tb year of his age. MARK- LANE, Jt/ eWery. Oct. 23. We H: UJ a large afrival of coin in general for to- day's market, p articularly of jeans', Peas, Oats, and Wheat, although the last mentioned did not form quite so great a proportion of the quantity, as is usual at this season. The Mealing trade, notwithstanding, took a turA Very different fi om what was expected at the close on Fri- day!; the buyers were fewer thatt ^ e have seen for some Weeks, and the prices were fo'r tbe nios't part from is. to 4s. per quarter lower than on Monday the Kith instant.—- Peas of both sorts are now considerably lower, even the . best boilers; likewise Beans of all descriptions, except the finest stocks, perfectly hard and. fair, Tor planting; Oats have de- clined about Is. per quarter, Malt 4s-. TaYe- s lid. per bushel, as per list subjoined :— Meali'rtg Red Wheat l! 8s. 90,!. to 96s. fine 100S. to 104s. sup. I0( ft. White ditto 70s. 92s. to look filie lots, to 1085. sup. 112s. some few samples 11- 4.9. to U6s. Fo- reign Red ditto 70s. to 84s. fine Wis. to loos, sup. 106s. to 112s. Zealand White SOS to 100*. fine Dantzic and American luRs. no's, to 120s. Black 68s. to 78s.— Rye 50s. to 56s>— White Peas 5(? J. to 70s. boilers 76s. to 991. fine Suffolk to 96s. Grey Peas 42s. to 49s. fine 50s. to 52s. Horse Beans, new, 4l)' s. to bis. old 56s. to 65s. Tick B. ans, new, 40, S. to 46 » . old 48s. to 54s.— Barley, 32s. to 44s. Malting 46s. to 52s. fine new 54s. to 56s — Malt 70s. to 76s. fine 78s. to 82s.— Oats, long feed, 24s. to 33s. short 34s. to 36s. fine Poland 37s. to 40S. sup. 41s. to 43s.— Broad Beans 50s. to 100s. Long Pods 42s. to 56s. per quarter.— Tares 5s. to 7s. per bushel.— Rape Seed 381, to41> 1. fine new to 501, to 52/. per last.— English House- hold Flour 95s. per sack ; American ditto40s. to 45s. 52s. fine 54s. to 60s. sup. to 63s. per barrel. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, October 24, 1809. ON Thursday, the 2d of Nov. next, I shall be ready to receive Tenders in writing ( sealed up) and treat fur the undermentioned articles, Jhr the Victualling Service at this Port, to he delivered in four Weeks ; which will he paid Jol- ly bills payable with interest 90 days after dale, viz. B1SKET, 7,000 Bags, lo l- c manufactured from good whole Meal. FLOUR, ( KILN- DRIED) 500 Sacks, answerable to a Sample that will be produced at the lime of Contract. No regard will be had to any Tender, in which the prices shall not l- e inserted in u- ords at length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve O'I lock on the said id of November nej t, nor unless the persons n- ho make the same, or some person on their l- ehalf, attend to answer thereto when called for. WM. REEKS. N. B. The Conditions of the Contracts may be seen ut my Office. ( 5241 H. II. rpHE H. H. are requested to take Notice, the 1 Farmers'Dinner will be on'Tuesday, Oct. 31, at the Swan Inn, Alresford. The II. II. take this opportunity of requesting the Gentle- men and Farmers to accept their thanks for the kind protection and assistance they have given them," and hope to have the pleasure of seeing tbeni at dinner. On that day a CUP will be given, to be Run for on Abbots- don DOwn ( by permission of Mr. Roberts) by any horse, mare, or gelding, belonging to a Farmer ill the district of Mr. Villebois's hunt, that has never started ( except for an H. H. cup), paid or received forfeit, or has been in training before the 1st day of September 1809. The horses must have been in possession of a Farmer Within the district from the lst day of April last; to be rode by Farmers in the district; weisht, 12 St.; the best of three two- mile heats. ' The horses to be shewn on the down at twelve o'clock, and to start at half- past twelve. No race, unless three horses start, and if more than three, the horse that shall win one heat, and be second at another, or that shall be second two heats, will be entitled to a Jock- y Whip. J., T. VILLEBOIS, Esq. Stewaid. J- J71 Dinner on the table at three o'clock [ 54' 53 STOCKTON 1NCLOSUKE. WE, the) Commissioners named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 49th year of the reign of his present Majesty* intituled, " An Act for inclosing Lands in the parish oi Stockton, in the county of Wilts," do hereby give Notice, That we shall bold our next meeting on Wednesday the 13th day of December next, at ten o'clock in the for. noon, at tbe house of William Langley, called or known by the name of the IJeptford Inn, in the parish of Wily, Wilts, when and where all persons claiming any rights or properties within the said parish of Stockton, are required, by themselves or agents, to attend and support the'r claims ; and all persons who have made objections to any such claims are required to attend and substantiate such ob- jections, and th.- y will be severally heard.—— Given uuder our hands this 13th day of October 1809. RICHARD WEBB. 5148J THOMAS DA^ IS. Turnpike ltoad under Salisbury Plain. NOTICE is hereby given,— That Application will be made at the next Sessions of Parliament for leave to bring in a Bill for reviving, renewing, continuing, amending, and enlarging the Term and Powers of an Act passed in the 2Sth vear of his present Majesty's teign, intituled, " An Act for amending, widening, and' keeping in repair the Road from the bottom of White Sheet Hill, through Hurdcott to the Wilton Turnpike Road, at or near Barford, in the county of Wilts," anil which said Road passes through the several parishes of Donhcad Saint Andrew, Ansty, Swallowclift, Sutton Mandeville, Fovant, Compton Chamberlain, Hurd- cott, and Barford, in the said county of Wilts.— Dated this 8th day of August 1809. GEO. SOUTH, 4- 28?] Clerk to the Trustees of the said Road. ' BURSLEDON BRIDGE AN D ROADS. THE Special General Assembly of the Company of Proprietors of Bursledon Bridge and Roads, intended to have been holden on Monday the 30th dav of October inst. is unavoidably POSTPONED to Monday the 6th day of Nov.' next; Notice is therefore hereby giveri, That a Special General Assembly of the said Company of Proprietors will be holden at the Red Litin Inn, near the Bridge, on Monday the 6th day of November next, precisely at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the pilrpose ot taking into consideration the probable effect on the interests of the above Company of the proposed esta- blishment of a Turnpike Read from Park- gate or Titchfield to CoshanA, and of the tolls consequent thereupon : and in order to eriter into resolutions, and give directions respecting the same. By order, DAVID COMPIGNE, Clerk. Gos « sottT, Oct. i\, lsdp. [ side. HANTS, SUSSEX, AND DORSET FIRE- OFFICE, GOSPORT. rHF. Directors of this provincial institution are happy in announcing to the residents of the district its Continued increase in prosperity, and in offering their acknow- ledgments on the occesion. The endeavours of the Proprie- tors to procure the money sent away amongst strangers for insurances, to be expended in the immediate neighbourhood of the assured, has thus met with that patronage and en- couragement which the principle of the measure so justly claimed from the discerning and respectable inhabitants of the three counties, whose further influence with their neigh- bours and friends, in favour of the establishment, is therefore respectfully relied on. Receipts for the renewal of Policies fallingduc at Michael- mas are in the hands of tiic several Agents. glip This Office invariably makes good Losses or Damage by Fire from Lightning. Farmine Stock insured at the reduced rate of 2s. per cent. DAVID COMPIGNE, Secretary. Gosronx, Sept. 26, 1809. [ 4893 TLAS FIRE and LIFE ASSURANCE COM- PANY of LONDON.— Persons who have assured at this Office are requested to take notice, that the Policies which ex- pired ut Michaelmas should be immediately renewed. Persons desirous of increasing the amount of their assur- ances in consequence of the increased price of building ma- terials, are informed, that no additional cxpence of policies is incurred at this Office. The following are among the ad-, vantages derived from effecting assurances at this Office, viz — That rent is paid in case of fire, without any additional pre- mium.—' That farming stock is assured, without an average clause, at 2s. per Cent, per annum.— That damage by light- ning is made good, aild— That policies are issued and indorse- ments and surveys made free of expence to the assured: Printed proposals may be had on application at the Office in London, or to the following Agents in the country; By Ordi r of the Board, HENRY DKSliOROUGH, Jun. Secretary. CNEAVSIDF., LONDON, Oct. 16', 1809; Mr. J. Finch, of Salisbury; Messrs. Smart and Edmonds, of Bradford; Mr. Wm. l'hipos, of Westbury. v'Cif Persons of respectability desirous of being appointed A eTits to the Company in the following towns, are requested to aonly to tbe SecretaryDevizes, Wilton, Me'. ksham, •* • - • - • - . . . APPLESHAW FAIR. TURNIPS, GRASS, AND SEVERAL SHEW FLATS; may be had at the ensiling Appleshaw Fair by an early application to James Hedderly, . To be SOLD, Two Ricks of excellent . BLOOM SAIN- FOIN HAY, containing in each about 20 tons, and 25 tons of fine Meadow.— Apply as above. [ 52- 37 TIMBER AND DEALS. JUST arrived from the Baltic, and now unloading, — A CARGO of the best Square Redwood TIMBER, with a large quantity of the best three- inch Red and White DEALS, by T. EDRIDGE & SON. SOUTHAMPTON, Oct ID, 1& 09. [ 5175 1. DOLPHIN INN, ROMSEY. WM. TlNSON begs to return his sincere thanks to tbe public for the encouragement he has already met with at the above Inn; and most respectfully begs leave to inform those Ladies and Gentlemen who may travel through Romsey, that they may be accommodated with good Chaises, Horses, and careful Drivers ; he hai also furnished his house \ Vith genteel Beds and Furniture; and hopes, by the strictest punctuality and attention to business, to merit those faVours the public may be inclined to confer on him. [ 5200 LONDON, Oct. 19, 1809' MISS WHITE, killmer, Fancy Dress, Pelisse, and Corset Maker, from No. 10, Old Cavendish- street, Cavendish- square, has the honour to inform the Ladies of Southampton and its Vicinity, she has taken apartments, No. 14, Freuck- s'treet, Southampton, where she purposes com- mencing business in the above branches, ar. d earnestly in- treats the honour of their patronage, which, by a strict at- tention, and a constant supply of the uevVe3t fashions from the first houses in London, she hopes to nsetit. [ 5205 Miss W. will be at Southampton on Tuesday the 31st inst. with a genteel Selection of the MOST. FASHIONABLE ARTICLES adapted to the present and approaching seasons. Cheaji Shoe IVarehouse, MUfard- Strcet, Salisbury. JAMES JEBOULT returns his sincere . thanks to his friends for the very liberal encouragement with which they honoured him in the SHOE BUSINESS, and respect- fully informs them, that he has just received an extensive assortment of Men's, Women's, and Children's Shoes, from the first manufactories, at the following money prices, viz.— Good Men's Calf Ss. per pair Women's Velvet, 4s. Ditto Hide, 8s. Ditto Seal, - lt..;) if. Women's Spanish, 4s. 6d. Double Soles, is. extra Boys' and Children's in proportion to size. GCf* A good assortment of Gentlemen's Boot Trees. Sidwi 11 and Tongue's ( of lipth)" Japan Liquid Blacking; also their Superlative I. quid for Boots and Saddles. N. B.— A good assortment of PATTENS, at the usual prices. [.'. 015 NEW SALISBURY AND LONDON WAGGONS, From the THREE SWANS, Salisbury, to F/ TESAIIISNUIIY ARMS, Cote Lane, London. MATCH AM, MITCHELL, and Company, beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public in general1, they have established WAGGONS for the Conveyance of Goods from London to Salisbury, and from thence to Yeovil and Weymouth, on the most reasonable terms. The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Goods above the value of St. unless entered and paid for as such. [ 1213 THREE SWANS, SARUM.~ ~ MATCIIAM. and PROCTOR, impressed with gratitude for favours hitherto conferred on them since the establishment of their Coaches to London, Pools, & c. re- specttully return thanks for the same, and particularly to those gentlemen who have so repeatedly requested them to advance their fares to an equivalent and moderate price, as best calcu- lated to ensure to tlie country a continuation of- their coaches ; and, as such, the inside and outside Fares are advanced as under; and which they trust will meet the approbation of their friends and the public in general: Inside from Sarum to London... £\ 1 0 Outside 0 13 o Andover Inside.... 18s. Outsides 12s. Basingstoke... ditto 16s.—— ditto los. 6d. gy A new Coach to Exeter and Plymouth, throiigh Hin- doo, Merc, Wincanton, and Yeovil, every Monday, Wed- nesday, anil Friday mornings, at nine o'clock. ' [ 5223 CHEAP TRAVELLING. SALISBURY, Inside .. 16s. Od. .. Outside .. 1 cis. 6d. BY the OLD SALISBURY COACHES, from the BLACK HORSE INN, SALISBURY, to the BELL and CROWN INN, HOLBORN, and the SARACEN'S HEAD INN, FRIDAY- STREET, CHEAPSIDE, every day ( except Saturday) at half past three o'clock. All parcels sent by these Coaches will be received without any charge for booking, and will be safely and expeditiously delivered to all parts of London and Salisbury, without any charge for porterage. N'. BROWN, T. FAGG, H. WHITMARSH, W. PENNY, and Co. PROPRIETORS. [ 5226 EXETER AND SALISBURY MAIL. ' T'HE Public are respectfully informed, that a new 1 ROYAL MAIL COACH, carrying four inside and two outside passengers, will commence running Monday the 16th of October, at half- past seven o'clock every morning, from the Red Lion Inn, Salisbury, through Shaftesbury, Yeovil, Crewkerne, and Chard, to the- New London Inn, Exeter, where it will meet the Plymouth find Falmo. uth Mails, with coaches to Barnstaple and all parti of the west ;— it will leave the New London Inn, Exeter, every morning at three o'clock, by the same route, to the Red Lion Inn, SaVsbury, where it will meet the Portsmouth Royal Mail, the Portsmouth and Gosport coaches, with others to London, . V- c. Performed by ISAAC YOUNG and Co. Who will not be accountable for any article above the value of 5i. unless entered as such and paid for accordingly. [ 4997 TO CAPITAL MILLERS. ASituation on the Hamspliire Coast ( not inferior to apy in the kingdom) for ERECTING A TIDE MILL is offered to a Man of respectability possessing a capital of not less than £ 10,000.— Vessels cf 150 tons and upwards may be brought to the spot, and 1$ perfectly safe at all times,— Nine pair of stones may be vVorked, as tile pond would contain 40 acres, which \ Vould always keep up an uncommonly good head of water; and the wheats grown in the neighbourhood are& uperidr to most in the kingdom. Apply to Mr. Richardson, No. 7; Lincoln's- inn- fields ; or Messrs." Webb, Webb, and Attwood, Salisbury, who will treat: letters to be post paid. * [ 5076 1.. i lilt — . Mariboioash, Warminster, Malmsbury, TX) he LETT or SOLD; for a Term of 13 Years, A — A capital FACTORY and FULLING- MILL,, well supplied With water; also a Close of Pasture Land, with Cottages, Stable, Out- houses, Gardens, Orchard; and'conve- nient ofilces thereto adjoining, situate in th> i parish of Marston Bigot, and within one mfle of the market- place of Frome, ill Somersetshire, lately occupied by Messrs. Fussell and Charles, and their under- tenants. Immediate possession may be had, and otberparticulars known by application to Mr. Chislett, Frome. [ 5460 Southampton.— Valuable lhiilding I. and at Bellevue. RPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by GEO. HOOKEY, I at the Dolphins Inn, Southampton, on Tuesday the 31st Inst, at one o'clock in the afternoon, subject to certain conditions of sale,— Twenty- four- Lots of LAND, on Building Leases of 60 Years, containing • ( on an average) 30 feet in front and 2t! 0 feet in depth, on ter/ ns most advantagous to builders and others, free of Land- tax, subject to the payment of loi. per annum each lot, as ail annual ground rent, with the liberty of purchasing the Freehold at any period within 15 years, on a calculation of 30 years pufhase on the ground- rent. Also,— To be SOLD at the same time,— A Piece of FREE- HOLD LAND, containing one 4Cre, situated behind Bruns- wick- place. Also,— To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, orl. r- rTon LEA3i for 7 or 14 Years, The MANSION- HOUSE at Bellcvue, together with 4 or 8 acres of Land. Also,— To he LETT on LN^ sr. for 7 Years,— The large Walled GARDEN belonging to Bellevue Mansion House, stocked with the choicest fruit- trees, together with the hot- house and melon- frames ' hereon, containing about 2 acres. N. B.— The above- mentioned lots of land are all delightfully situated on tbe lawn at Bcllevue, commanding extensive an'd interesting views. A plan of the allotments to be seen at Mr. Curry's Office, in Southampton, between the hotsrs of ten In the morning and three in the afternoon, and where all other particulars | may be known, ril00 . YOUNG OAK. PLANTS. ANY Gentleman or Nurseryman having a consi- derable quantity of healthy, vigorous OAKS, from 3 to 5 years old, that fiave been transplanted, to dispose of, in any of the western bounties, may hear ot. a purchaser, upon reasonable terms, by addressing a letter ( post paid), with their description and lowest price, to Mr. John Cunningham, at the Fo* and Hound, near Winborne, Dorset. [ 5144 TO NURSERYMEN. W/ ANTED,— From 60,000 . to 80,000 WHITE ? V THORN NURSERY PLANTS, of 3 years growth, one half to be delivered in the beginning of November next, and the remainder tlie beginning Of December following. Any person having such a quantity, or a part only, to dis- pose of, might send their proposals (' free of postage) to Mr. Kearley, Keaulieu, Hants, mentioning the lowest price per thousand delivered to Beaulieu. [ 5087 WANTED to Purchase,—- Ail ESTATE from 1600 to 2000 Acres of LAND, on which there must be a good and convenient FAMILY MANSION, with walled Garden, and other Offices, fit for the residence of a gentle- man's family. Applications to be made to Mr. Gibbons, No. 5, Argyle- street, Bath. fsis » HAMPSHIRE. WANTED to Purchase m this county, within the distance of 70 miles from London, Two Thousand or Three Thousand Acres of FREEHOLD PROPERTY; if with a Mansion- house upon it, tbeNnore dt- siia' le. Proposals and plans may be communicated for the intended purchaser to Charles Bowles, Esq. Sh . ftesbury. Dorset; Mr. Wasbrough, solicitor, Wainford- court, London; or Mr. M. Wasbrough, land- agent, ' Taunton. [ 5074 ANTS a Situation as GAMEKEEPER,— A young MAN who understands his business, and is used to breaking of Pointers and Spaniels, and taking . care, and can have a good character from his last place. [ 5238 Address to E. W. at Mr. Sopor's, Upton Crav, near Odi- ham, I lants ; if by letter, post paid, will be duly attended to. AN active single MAN, of good character, who writes a fair hand, and has been regularly bred in the Husbandrv line, wishes for a Situation as BAILIFF, or ASSISTANT in tbe Corn or Flour Trade. Letters ( post paid, addressed B. C. at the Printer's, will be duly attended to. [ 5496 WANTS a Situation, in a Gentleman's Family, as NURSE GOVERNESS,— A middle- aged respecta- ble Woman, to. lake the charge of hvo or three young Ladies or Gentlemen, from four years old and upwards. ;. V| si Good nfi rences can be given by applying to A.'/.. Whci. t Sheaf, Braiding, near Ryde, Isle of Wight. Letter- postpaid. CURACY WANTED. A. NTHD, by a Clergyman in PKest's Orders,—* A CURACY, with a prospect Ufa Permanency. The Advertiser would have no objection to tat; • charge of one or two Churches ( for- the present} for two, four, or six months, either in Wiltshire 11 anv of the adjoining count'us. Apply- fifby letter, postpaid) to'ihe Printers of this Paper. LAW CT PRK. , /" ANTED,— A MANAGING CLERK, who ' writes a good hand, and is well acquainted with con- veyancing and criminal law, together with a general know- ledge of professional concerns-— Salary ,£' l() » per anil.— An unexceptionable character for al'ility and integrity will be re- quired.— Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Curry, town- clerk, . Southampton. [ 5455 LAW. WANTED, in an Office of extensive general practice, but principally in conveyancing,— A YOUTH of liberal education, as an ARTICLED CLEiRK. Also, a WRITING CLERK, who can write the different law hands well and expeditiously, is conversant in accounts, can bear confinement, and be well recommended, to whom a handsome salary will be given. [ 5491 For a reference to the Advertiser, application may be made, ( if by letter, postage paid) to the Printers of this Paper. MONEY WANTED. WANTED, on undeniable security, — SEVEN HUNDRED POUNDS.- - Apply to Mr. Griffiths, attorney at li^ v, Newport, Isle of Wight. [ 5482 AX UPPER POUTER WANTED. WrANTKD, An UPPER PORTER, in a Wholesale Lead, Glass, anil Colour Store, who lias been used to packing and carrying out goods, can write a tolerable good hand, and knows something of accounts. Such a person may hear of & comfortable situation by apply- ing ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Lempriere, Portsmouth." * » * It i* requested no ttfie Will make application who has not lived in a similar, siru& tion, ami can come very well rc- conim^ rided for sobriety and integrity. [ 4a2; l LABOURERS WANTED. A Considerable number of active Men are wanted J \ in the New Forest, for Hole Digging, Trenching, and Planting. Any of tjie above description will find employ- ment by applying to Mr. Robert Barnes, at the Crown, Broc- kenhurst, near Lyndhurst, or at the Bee Hive, at Beekley, near Christchurcb. [ 5143 To Heavers and Manufacturers of Linen and IVoollen. ANTED immediately, or at Christmas next,— A sober industrious M- AN, who understands the Ma- nufacture ol coarse Linen and Woollen Goods, for the use of the Poor in the Home of Industry, Isle of Wight; and also of Miller's and Farmer's Sacks, for sale. Reference for cha- racter will be expected. Application to be made ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Thomas Cooke, Newport, Isle of Wight. [ 5168 ISLE OF WIGHT. Wf ANTED immediately,— A MAN of good cha- T v racier, as a SHEPHERD, to have the care of two or three huhdred Sheep ; he must brins with him a good re- commendation as to his knowledge in all its branches; lie must at certain times do other work, when he can conveniently be taken from the sheep. To a person who caii answer this de- scription good wages will be given, Letters ( post paid.) directed to Messrs. Musson and Tayler, Newport, Isle of Wight, wil! be duly attended to. [ 5170 . . To PARENTS ANI* GUARDIANS. Vy ANTED, in a respectable market and sea- port IT Town,— An APPRENTICE to a CHEMIST and ORUGOIST, who Will be treated as one of the family. For particulars apply to the Printers of this Paper. [ 0208 WANTED,— A voting Man who Has served four, five, or six Yea'rs Apprenticeship to a LINEN and WOOLLEN- DRAPER, & c. who would BIND HIMSELF for one, two,' or three Years, according to his compctency. Any linen- draper having a son who has been that term ( or nearly) in his shop, and wishing to give him a further insight into business, will find the offer hereby made very advan- tageous to tbe youth's improvement. Apply by letter ( post paid) to the Printers. [ 4971 WANTED, Two good CARTERS, wh~ « understand the care and management of horses ; they must be honest sober men ;— also TWO BOYS, to go with tbe teams. Apply ( if by letter, post- paid) to Mr. Harker, Anchor and Hope Inn, Lyminglon. [ 5112 TO BRUSH- MAKERS. rPWO good Workmen may have a constant seat of JL work and London wages, by applying to J. Keynes, brush- manufacturer, Winchester . street, Salisbury. [ 5460 VSMNTEI) immediately,— A CORDWAINER. T T A Man that can work round may have constant em- ployment,— Apply to Jas. Barnett, coruwaioer, Stowerpain, Dorset. [ 5464 WANTED immediately,— A JOURNEYMAN BLACKSMITH, and to work out of doors occasion- ally.— For particulars enquire of Mr. Robet Budden, Lanston, near Blandford, Dorset. [ 5463 SOUTHAMPTON. ' WANTED, in a Family near Southampton,— A good PLAIN COOK, ( where a kitchen maid is kept), who thoroughly understands her business, and can have a good character for hontsty and cleanliness. For particulars apply to" Mr. Harvey. High- street. SOuthatapton. [ 6499 .. ' JUBILEE: IN a few tlays will be published ( bv particular re- quest),— A SERMON, preached on tile' 25th of October instant, in the Parish Church of TUOWBRJDCL, Wilts. BY THE REV.. WALTER HlRCH, B. D. Fellow af Magdalen College, Uijortl. May be had of Brodie, Xtowding, and TTuxford, Salisbury; at Mr. Sweet's printing- office, Trowbridge 5 of Mr. Parker, bookseller, Oxford; and of Mr. Reynolds, bookseller, Oxford- street, London. [ 64ss SuBBP FOR SALE. • FOUR Score SOUTH- DOWI? EWFIS for . SALE, worthy the notice of Gentlemen and BrSflffers. Enquire at Inilecr Farm, or of Mr. James Garratt, Market Lavmgton. SWAY, NEAR LYMINGTON: rp<) be " SOLD, at Scanlans Farm,— About 30 I. EWE SHEEP, 18 LAMBS', and 12 WETHERS; and a fine OX, five years old, nearly fat. Enquire for the Bailiff at Mr. Lys's Farm. [ M78 Estate Agency Office, Southampton. rpO be SOLD,— A complete ROOF, 35 feet in H length and 20 feet span, truss framed; with three beams, plates, and ceiling floor complete. f. 1177 Application ( if by letter, post- paid; to Mr. Pitt, as above. TO SPORTSMEN. . , rPO be SOLD,— A Leasli of capital tli oroimli- brccl i SPANIELS;— also one Couple of remarkably good BEAGLES, small si/,-, and \ ery handsome: the whole ara warranted steady from deer. [ 5443 Enquire of Thomas Dairclee, sen. Ashmore, Dorset. DOGS. T') be DISPOSED OF, \ Brace of capital 1 GREYHOUNDS, two years pld,' ( dog and bitchi, the first breed in Wiltshire; They are flee? and handsome, and well worth the attention of any gentleman sportsman. For further particulars enquire of Mr. Hicks, Surgeon, Mere, Wilts, ( if by letter post- paid), where the Does in. v he s'-""- . ' f. vh'K A Two-// " heeled Chariot, and* capital young Horse. be SOLD,— A most complete anil convenient a TU'O- WHEELED CHARIOT, town- bniit, with Lamps and Harness; and also a handsome streii" voune HORSE, 15 hands high and upwards, free from- bfenn.- h and warranted sound, which has always run in it, and so n mark- ably temperate and safe as to render him invaluable in th s or am other carriage.— The lowest price together is 1 .' 0 guineas trie original cost ot the chariot, and is now as good as new 1; may he had separate, the Carriage " J, Guineas, the Horse V, Guineas.—' This carriage has all the comf. irts of a tour- Whceli A chariot, and subject to only half the't. x. They- mav be seen by enquiring of Mr. Phillips, ofBovton, "•-'"'' Htyresbury, within three miles of Warminster. [ soar . BANK NOTES. JOST or STOLEN, on the 1.3th of September last, fre> m Potterne, near Cranborne, Si::' £ 10 RING- WOOD and HAMPSHIRE BANK NOTES, of the i i-.-. v- mg Nos,— 6091, 6131, 6133 , 5913 , 6686, 6693 ; also two £ 5 ditto, Nos. 6005, 7ol 1. A reward of TE$ f GUINEAS is offered to any person who will Sivc such information as will enable the. proprietor to're- cover tlje said note s, if lost— or to prosecute to cemvetion t'. io offender, if stolen. WM. BALDWIN. RINGWOOD, Oct. 13, 1R09. < [ ; 9.3 • • ' ^ ( - • FOVANT, Oct. 25, 1809. WHEREAS some Persons unknown have lately threatened to burn the Poor- House in the parish of Fovant, in the county of Wilts ; and in the evening of Tue s- day the 17th day of Oct. inst. a man Was seen lighting s veral heaps of straw ( in which some wood embers were afterwards found) or, some rubbish and otherplaces immediately r. ofhmu- nieating with the^ aid Poor- House and the premises adjoining, with the obvious intention of setting fire to the same : . A Re ward of FIVE GUINEAS is hereby offered to anv person or persons who will give such informa'tion as may lead to . the discovery of the person or pe rsons guiltv of the offence aforesaid, so that he, she, or they may be'dealt with according t? ; hiw : which !-. e- Ward Will be paid to the person or peisons giving such information; by the Churchwardens and Ovi iseeis of tbe Poor of the parish of Fovant aforesaid. 10444 SI RAYED into the premises at Cuffneljs, about - < hree weeks back,— A SOUTHDOWN. RAi\ J LAO, marked with a dot of coom on the poll, anel rudelled across the shoulders, fresh, with the letter LI in a ring :— arid al ,<> a llotrted WILTSHIRE EWE, witfi L in a ring, and ruel- dled behind the head, but not fresh. Whoever can prove them to be their property may have them again, bv paying expences, on application to Wiliiahi Miles, Cuftnells, Lyndhurst. CT'FFNELI. S, Oct. 23, 1809. [ 5212 rg'MIE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, JL bearing elate the 2lst of March, 1804, awarded anel lssueel forth against JOHN TROKK, qf the city of New Sarum, m the county of Wilts, cutler, dealer and chapman, intend to meet on ' Tuesday the 31st dav of October instant, at six of the clock in the evening, at the Maidenhead Inn, in New Sarum aforesaid, in order to niake a further dividend of the Estate and Effects ol the saiel Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors, who have not already proved their debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be exr- iu. ied the benefit of the said dividend; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. [ 04" 3 CREDITORS of JOHN STURDY, Southampton. I^ IIE Creditors of JOHN STURDY may reccive the first dividend of eight shillings in the pound, on signing the deed of composition, by'applying to Geor c Hookey, Southampton. All persons'indebted to the Estate; ate requested to pay the same immeeliately, or they will be proceeded against without further notice. " SOUTHAMPTON, Oct. il, 1S09. [ 5486 Me of tVighl.— Notice to Debtors and Creditors. \ LL. Persons who have any Claim or Demand i" V upon the Effects of Mr. J01IN HORLOCK, late of Ashley, in the Isle of Wight, deceased, are desired to send U11 account thereof, on or before the 1st day of December next, to Mrs. Jane Hotlock, widow and administratrix to ths above: and all persons standing indebted to t'ne same, ;, ie desired to pay their respective debts as above, without dei;>\ October 20, 1809. [ 5199 WHEREAS EI. IZABETH77MTSTBITTC Wooelyate's Ihn, in the countv of Dorset, Widow, and sole devisee anil executrix of John Loats, late of W od- yate's Inn aforesaid, innholder, deceased, has duly assifnej over all the estate and effects of her said late deceased Hus- band to Trustees for the benefit of his Crcebtor. s : Notice is hereby given. That a meetintr of the Creditors of the said John Loats, deceased, will be ' held at the Crcwn Inn, in . Blandford Forum, in the SSiel county of Dorse t, ,- n Wednesday the 1st day of November next, between the hours - of twelve and four of the clock in the- same day, when this account.-; of the said Trustees will be. laid before tile Cre ditors" and a dividend on their respective elebts will be made ; and it is requested that all those Creditors who attend will i n- » with them an aefcount ol the debts due to them respective ly from the said John Loat.-,. And notice is hereby further given to all those'who stand indebted to the said John Loats, That they 1' Onliwith pajrtbeir respective debts to Mr. Monday, Solicitor^ in Hlarldfcrd afore- said. N. B.— The deed of trust is at the rflicc of the said Mr. Monday, in Blandford aforesaid, for execution by such of the Creditors as have not already executed the same". | r. opi LADIES' BUFF DRESSES. " ' rpiIE objections to Buff Dresses, from their liabi- J_ lity to stairs, and the difficulty of removing th.- m are now entirely obviated bv the use of HUDSON'S CNE'MI CAL BLEACHING LlOUlD, which removes Stains ot'red port wine,, tea,, coffee, fruit, mildew, and every vegctabla matter from buff'dresses, table linen, leather, cottons, mos- lins, and lace, without injuring the buff colour or the texture cf the cloth. Prepared and sold by Hudson c- el Co. her Majesty's Chv- rnists, 27, Haymarket, London; sold also by Brodie, Dow- ding, and Luxford, Salisbury; Messrs. Trewman, i.\ ttr. Frampton, Dorchester; Bjohicr, and Larkwortby, Vv ! mouth; Rogers, and Williams, Honiton ; and tbe prine i'. al perfumers and medicine venders throughout the united ku' i ->" dotn, in " bottlesat 5s'. 3si and 2s. each. I^ l - o' ' • « » •- ' 11! F. SALloBU. il>' AND VlLNCIil. S'i Lit JOURNAL, Wednesday's and Thursday's Posts. 8T*— FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF OCTOBER at. ^ WHEREAS it lias been most humbly submit- \ j\ j ted to the King, whether, ou the joyl'uf oee. i- V tf SIOH of his Majesty's entering into' the 50th jear of his reign, it might not be desirable to distinguish so memorable an epoch by an act of grace to all deserters; t. ud his Majesty having graciously approved of his free pardon being extended to all such deserters from his land forces as shall deliver themselves up within two months • from the 25th inst. thc= e are to declare his Maje- tv's be- nevolent intention; and to direct that all deserters, sur- rendering themselves as directed, shall be pardoned, and they are hereby pardoned accordingly. [ This Gazette also contains the Proclamation, mentioned b- lore, for pardoning all Seamen and Marines who may have dt ierted from his Majesty's service. | WAR- OFFICE, Oct. it. His Majesty has been pleased to appoint Lieut. Generals R. Donkin, f . i. ur, Sir J. Duffe, Lord Mulgrave, G. Blakeney, to be G nc. ais in the army. Major- Generals G. Elliot, B. Leighton, ft. Chapman, J. Coffin, R. Armstrong, .1. Murray, Sir C. Green, Wm. St. Lc- er, R. N. Hopkins, T. Harteup, to be Lieut. Generals. Colonels J. Hamilton, 81st; R. D. Blake, half- pay ; John Barnes, inv. art.; R. Douglas, r. art. ; Hon. R. Meade, 31st; W. Houston, SSth ; J. Prince, (.' th drag.; G. Michell, h p ; T. Hislop, sth W. Iud.; J. Macleod, r. art.; W. Cliffe, h. p.; W. Wynvard, r. W. lnd. rang.; A. Wood, h. p.; Alex. Dirom, 41th"; A. L. Layard, h. p.; Earl of Elgin, h. p.; Earl of Breadalbane, h. p.; J. Slade, 1st drag. ; W. Spencer, h. p.; S. Graham, - 27th ; J. Montgomery, tilth ; F. A. We- therall, J. D. Arabin, and W. Buchannan, Irish art. ; Hon. W. Lumley, h. p.; R. Brereton, 63d; M. Disney, lst. ft. gds. ; .1. Mackenzie, h. p.; A. G. Stirling, h. p.; W. Tho- mas, 41s; ; J. Michel, h. p.; to be ' Major- Generals. Lieut. Colonels H. Chester, Coldstr. ft. gds.; F. W. Grant, h. p.; E. Lloyd, 17th 1. drag.; G. 1). Drummond, 24th; M. Sharpe, J. Lindsay, and D. L. Tinling Wcddrington, h. p.; R. Blunt, ad ; 11. Bayley and R. Ilulsc, Coldstr. ft. gds.; F. S. Rebow, lst life gds.; G. Leigh, loth 1. drag.; G. Straccy Smith, 3d g. b.; W. Guard, 40th; Hon. E. M. Pakenham, 7th; 11. M'KinnOn, Coldstr. ft. gds.; Sir T. R. Dyer, r. Y. rang.; J. Wvnch, 4th; R. R. Gillespie, 25th 1. drag.; H. C iwran ; J. fiaird, 83d ; W. Wheatlcy, tst ft. gds.; W. H. Prin'dc, i. f. o. of militia in Canada; J. Hare, 22dl. Jrag.; O. T. Jones, lath 1. drag.; P. K. Skinner, 56th; to be Colonels. Lieut. Col. A. Ross, 7f> th, to be Aide- de- Camp to the King. Majors J. P. Hamilton, 4th g. b.; W. Jones, 5th drag, gds.; B. Shore, 4th drag.; J. R. Coates, 69th ; W. Johnson, 47th ; 1'. Vaumorcl, 30th ; C. Sturt, 3.0th ; 1-'. Dunne, 7th drag, gds.; J. Magrath, 3d g. b.; C. Darrah, 21st; to be Lieutenant- Colone's. Captains I. S. Ridge, 47th; K. Bunbury, 7th drag. gds.; E. Dalling, Coldstr. gds.; - W. Eraser, 60th ; 1. T. Prentice, Cape rcg.\ P. Westropp, r. marines; — De Villicy, r. f. art.; J. Edwards, 80th; P. - Robins, 69th; A. Wilkinson, 13th; J. Goodridge,' 62d;' P. Dorville, lst drag.; J. Curry, 6th; C. O'Gcrmin, 18th, to be Majors. VUNKItUlTS. Thos. Robson, of Rishop Weremoutli, jliip- lmilder. ll. iin.- lSliA'v, of Biirustey, Yorkshire, mi- reer. Swnii il ca « sUng, of Stockport, cotton- dealer. J >! i IT K.> s< Soe, of Liverpool, erweer. Sanw- t Krinfe, of Liverpool, butcher. A Irciv Niner, of Tome-, grocer, Robert Hunt, of Nottingham, mercer. Thyc iJ- jo. Alilwrson, joii. of Italy St Edmund's, printer. Cuaries WoiwlUain, oi Ciieslmin, Bucks, wiiu'- ineiclwirt. Persons shooting should be careful not to use paper in which sand or sugar has been wrapptd, as several instances have been known of tbe bursting of guns where such paper has been used. BREAD.— The price remains the same as last week.— No business this day at the Coru- Markut. UNION UALI..—- A person named Gore, who was dis- charged from the King's Bench Prison under the late Insolvent Act, wasr- eauunined yesterday in consequence of his having passed a 2/. Bank note, which was traced to have been paid for a cheque taken from the office of Messrs. Hazlewood, Vizard, and Hutchinson, solicitors, Liucoln's- Inn, in August last.— Tne cheque was paid into tin- bouse of Child and Co. on the 24tli of August. Gore stated, that he had received the note for the purpose of buying tea and sugar from the Mr. Eliiton, charged with an attempt on the life of Miss Colson. It appeared, in the course ol the evidence, that Mr. El is ton had been a clerk in the house of Hazlewood and Co. and he was ordered to be brought up oil Friday.— Mr. Barry, who attended for Gore, ob- served, that there was no ground for detaining him, and he was discharged, on his undertaking to come forward aud give evidence when called for. William Treble, alias Elbert, alias Thornton, who stands charged with six dilTcrent otfenees of magnitude, under- went a fourth examination. yesterday, at the Police Office, Mariborough- street, and was committed for trial on the charge of stealing Fordingbridge notes to the amount ot 700/. out of a mail coach, and on thu charge of picking the pocket of a porter to Bracebridge and Co. of several hundred pounds in Bank notes. On the charge of breaking open the house of Mr. Clementson, in Essex, in 1800", and steal- ing several hundred pounds worth o( Bank notes, and on the charge of breaking open the counting- house of Mr. Wood, in Bishopsgate- street, and also stealing from thence several hundred pounds worth in flank notes, which rob- bery was likewise committed in 1800', further examinations were ordered. The other charges were not entered into. SUDDEN DEATH.— Mr. Murray, a Gentleman of inde- pendent fortune, late a resident in Margate, had taken liis place to return thither iu one of the packets on Satur- day kist. lie was lodging at the Gun Tavern, Billingsgate, and bad but a short time returned to his chamber to pack up bis apparel, when the waiter, who went to inform him that tbe vessel was ready, found him sitting upright in a senseless state. Medical assistance was immediately pro- cured, but he was quite dead. It is supposed he came to town to receive his dividends, as a considerable sum in new bank notes was foii'ml about him. He has left a widow and eight children to deplore bis loss. ' A- - LONDON, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25. A series of Moniteurs and other French papers were yesterday received, to the 17th inst.— The former are totally silent as to the conclusion of Peace with Austria; but tbe other papers of the same date abound with as- sertions of its having been signed at the beginning of this month, but certainly not oil the lid, though it was so stated in the Amsterdam Royal Gazette. Another article from Paris, of Oct. 15, states, that Napoleon was expected in a few days, and that he would bring the treaty with him. The return oi Bonaparte's principal Generals to France leaves no doubt of his being sure of a peace iu Germany, whether it may have taken place at the time stated, or not. Berthier left Sehoeubrunn for Paris on the 12th insr. Marmont and other Generals, with the members of Bona- parte's household, had actually arrived at Paris ; and the Imperial guards had commenced their march for the same destination. Had there been the least likelihood of the renewal of the war, they would all have been detained iu Germany. Bonaparte does not mean to be long idle. A new levy, of 3b', 000 conscripts, is to be called out immediately. A Mail arrived vesterdav from the Brazils, and by this conveyance a few letters were received from Port ! » ' ip denn, I le of France. One of these letters, from a young Gentleman wlia had the misfortune to be captured on board his Majesty's ship Laurel, dated March 2f), says — We have now been six months captives in this place ; luckily for us, the climate is healthy, and we have abundance of amusement. The French, have five frigates here, in- cluding tbe Laurel ; the names of the others are the Cannoniere, La Manche, Caroline, and Venus, lately arrived. They are very fine ships. Our squadron has not yet ream ue. l from the Cape, but is daily expected here to resume tbe blockade." Accounts have been received from Ceylon, which states that the dissentions among tbe natives bad subsided, and that a number of the weaker party, with their families, had been sold to the piratical States of Borneo. Some French agents, from the Me of Bourbon, were lately on a secret mission with the King of Candy, but he had dis- missed them with an intimation that he did not wish to extend his foreign connections. The good conduct of the British troops is spoken of with high approbation by the Governor; mutual confidence is restored between the English and the natives on the frontiers'; and the com- mercial communications are open aud uninterrupted. The Merchants and Bankers of London had a general meeting yesterday, at the City of London Tavern, Mr. Bee- t'on Long in the Chair, for the purpose of con- sidering of an . Address of Congratulation to his Majesty, on hi, entering into the; 50th year of his reign. An Address, previou ly prepared by a Committee, was read; after which Mr. Forster expatiated on tbe virtues displayed by his Majesty during his long reign, and moved that this Address - hould be adopted by the meeting ; Mr. Grant seconded the motion, which passed unanimously, aud the Chairman wa directed lo sign it. in the name of the meet- ing, aud to forward it to his Majesty. His Majesty has been graciously pleased to desire that all the Russian prisoners on parole should return to their country. The Adjutants of tbe Militia are in future to have 8. S-. per. day during peace; and the Quarter- Masters, who used to have 3s. are to have 5s. per day in peace. Great fears are entertained for the safety of tbe Foxhound brig of war, C'apt. M'Kenzie, one of the convoy to tbe last homeward- bound West India fleet. She was last seen on the 30th of August in great distress by the ship Watt of Liverpool. The following day, at noon, the master of the Watt saw five sail with signals of distress hying, but the Foxhound was not one of them. The sloop William and Johanna, from Liverpool to Youghal, was lost > n Whiting Bay, in the dreadful storm of Tuesday, thet loth iust. and every person on board perished. The bodies of Some of the crew and passengers, and several fragments of the vessel, have since been washed on shop;. Some very outrageous proceedings have taken place at the East India Company's College at llayley Bury, insti- gated, it would appear, bv certain young men, whose con- duct on a former occasion had attracted the censure of tbe Court of Directors, who have been at length obliged to take stronger measures. MIRACULOUS ESCAPE.— Yesterday morning, about two o'clock, a young Lady, in Mil bank, Westminster, got out of bed in her sleep, and went to the window, which was two stories high; having lifted up tbe sash, she fell into the area, where very fortunately, there being a quantity of mortar, on which she fell, she did not receive any serious injury. COURT- MART! \ r,.— A Court Martial was held at Tarag- cejo, on the 18th of August; and at Merida, on thu ,27th and 28th, on Lieut. Ludlow, of the2d Batt. 4yth regiment, for being drunk ou Lhe inarch from Castello Braiico, and rising improper language to Ensign Purdy ; on the lst of which charges he was found Guilty, and sentenced to be cashiered j which s.' uteucs big Majesty been pieced to confirm. GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. Fire, Jiije, and Annuities. NOTICE is hereby given,— That persons desirous of raising Money for Redeeming their Land- tax, im- proving their Estates, or for other useful undertakings, by the Grant of adequate Annuities on Estates held in fee simple or fee tail, may on application to the GLOUE INSURANCE COM- PANY be enabled to effect the same, provided the security proposed be approved. Proposals and Rates for Fire and Life Insurance, Annuities for Widows and others, anil Endowments for Children, may be had gratis of the Agents of the Company in tbe principal towns in the united kingdom. No charge is made for Fire Policies for 300/. and upwards. No extra Rate is required for Officers in tbe Army or Navy, unless called out into actual service. Fire Insurances falling due at Quarter- day next must be renewed within 15 days from that time. DIRECTORS.— Sir Frederick Morton Eden,- Bart. Chair- man ;* Sir Theophilus Metcalfe, Bart. Deputy Chairman; Miles Peter Andrews, Esq. M. P. Thomas Blair, Esq. Wm. Bloxam, Esq. Sir C. Cockcrell, Bart. M. P. T. Coles, Esq. Harvev Christian Combe, Esq. Aid. M. P. WilliamDcvaynes, Esq. Joseph Dorin, Esq. Sir R. Carr Glyn, Bart. Aid. Edw. Goldsmid, Esq, Isaac I,. Goldsmid, Esq. Claes Grill, Esq. John Latham, Esq. M. D. Frederick Moiling, Esq. Frederick John Pigou, Esq. Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bart. M. P. John Hiichard Ripley, Esq. George Abercromhie Robinson, Esq. Sir Walter Stirling, Bart. M. P. Arthur Shakespear, Esq. James Taddy, Esq.' Robert Taylor, Esq. Charles Edw. Wilsonn, Esq. J. C. DENHAM, Secretary. Pall Mall, London, Oct. 16, 1809. [ 4829 WHd Wilts.-—— Catne Turnpike Tolls to be I. ctt. EREAS, ( in pursuance of notice given, as directed by an Act of the 13th year of the ieign of his present Majesty for regulating Turnpike Roads), the TOLLS arising at the Turnpike Gates known by the several names of Chilvesterhill, ( luemcrford, and Chalk- street side Gate, and Smclling's- lane Gate, were put up to auction to he lett to the best bidder, at the White Hart Inn, in Calne- aforesaid, on the 6th day of October instant, at the sum of £ 1! 6o, when Wm. Park now lately come to reside in Calne was tlie best bidder for the same, at the sum of £ 1885; but not producing sufficient sureties for payment of the rent, and making default in payment of thf deposit- moriwy required to be paid by tile conditions, it. was nsolved in consequence thereof by the Trustees assembled, That the letting of the said Tolls to- the said. Wm. Park became null jnd void ; Notice is therefore hcicbv gieen, That the said Tolls will be LETT by AUCTION tj the best bidder ( according to the conditions to be produced}, at the Catherine Wheel Inn, in Calne aforesaid, on Friday the 10th day of November next, between the hours of eleven o'clock in the forenoon and two o'clock ir the afternoon, in the manner directed by the said Act; and which Tolls will bcagain put up at t- he several sums for which thev were last lett, viz. Chilvesterhill, Guemerford, and Chalk- street side Gate £ 1055 Smelling's- lanc Gate ' leading to Devizes)...... 110 Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at tbe same time, give security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the'Trustces of the said Turnpike Roads, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. JOHN MEREWETHER, Clerk & Treasurer. CALNE, 0c'. 7, 1809. [ 5103 FARM NE. ik BASINGSTOKE. rjPO be DISPOSED OF, and entered upon imme- A diately,— A capital FARM, consisting of a good Farm- house, w th excellent fanning buildings, and 415 acres of good Land, of which 62 are meadow and pasture, IS hedge- rows, and the remainder arable, situate at Farleigh Wallop ; term unexpired ot the Lease, 13 years.— The crops of this year's hay and corn, with the lease, to be purchased, and the preparations for future crops, and the live and dead stocks, to be taken at a valuation. None but experienced farmers of undoubted property reed apply. Personal applications to be made at Farleigh House, near Basingstoke. [ 5162 PELICAN OFFICE, For INSURANCE on LIVES and granting ANNUITIES. rl~, iiiS Office was established in Lombard- street, A London, in the year 1797, by a numerous and respect- able Proprietary; and " the Board of Directors, with confidence, arising from the increased prosperity and permanency of the establishment, as well as from the experience of its useful- ness and benefit to the public, think it tlue to those who may be still unacquainted with the importance and advantages of I. ife Insurance, briefly to suggest some of its lending and pe- culiar recommendations to almost every degree and rank in' society. Life Insurance is of manifest consequence to all who hold estates for life, situations and offices, civil, ecclesiastical, or professional; to officers in the army and navy, & c.; as, by payment of an annual premium, the party insured is enabled to provide for wife, children, or others, whose future welfare he r. iav w- ish in vain, by other means, to promote. It affords a_ permanent ultimate security to those who advance " money upon annuities or otherwice. It renders leases, determinable ou one or more lives, nearly equal in value to freehold estates, as an insurance to the amount of thc- fine, payable on the demise of a party nominated in such leases, will ptoduce the sum required for renewal. It is a cheering refuge to parties engaged in extensive and speculative undertakings ; it affords to persons in trade the certain means of indemnification against a bad or doubtful debt; in short, Life Insurance, established in policy, sanctioned by government, and con- firmed by the test of experience, is become, to almost every situation of human life, a measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most equitable terms, under special Act of Parliament, granted to this Office. THOMAS PARKE, Sec. COMPANY'S AGENTS at Salisbury, Mr. Burrough ; De- vizes, Wm. Cook; Portsmouth, ' 1'. C. Mottley; Lymington, J. West; Ringwood, C. Hodges; Bridport, J. Williams; Beaminstcr. Wm. Clift; Weymouth, Thcs. Richardson; Bristol, Wm. Reid ; Taunton," C. Drake; Bath, H. Mant; Martock, J. Crabb. [- 1003 Turnpike Tolls to be Lett by Auction. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the several ' full Gates erected upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Swindon to the centre of Christian Malford Bridge, in the county of Wilts, called the Rushy Piatt, Coped lall, Wootton BasSett, Folly I louse, Lineham Green, Swallett Common, and Christian Malford Gates, will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, at the Royal Oak Inn, in Wootton Bassett, in the said county of Wilts, on Tuesday the 14th day of November next, between the hours of two and five in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the tilth year of the reign of his present Majesty, " for regulating Turnpike Roads," and will be put up at the following sums, viz. Rushy Piatt Gate at. £ 126 0 0 Coped Hall Gate at 85 0 0 Wootton Bassctt Gate at 127 15 0 Folly House Gate at 57 0 o Lineham Green Gate at 73 0 0 Swallett Common Gate at 28 13 0 Christian Malford Gate at 102 10 0 being the respective sums at which those Gates are now lett for one year, ending on the 27tli of December next. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the time and place of letting, give security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Ti ustces, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. By order oft he Trustees, SWINDON, Oct. 14, 1909. JAMES BRADFORD, Clerk. And Notice is hereby also given, That the Trustees present at the said meeting wiil proceed to elegt new Trustees of the said turnpike road, in the room of such as are dead or decline to act. ' [ 5209 Turnpike Tolls to be Lett by Auction. OTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising N at the several Toll Gates erected upen the Turnpike Road leading from Swindon to Marlborough, in the county of Wilts, called the Swindon and Marlborough Common Gates, will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, at the Crown Inn, in Swindon, in the said county of Wilts, on Thursday the 16th d. iv of Nov. next, between the hours of two and five in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th yea'f of the reign of his present Majesty, " for regu- lating Turnpike Roads," and will be put up at the following sums, viz. Swindon Gate and Weighing Engine at £ 131 10 0 Marlborough Common Gate 71 2 6 being the respective sums at which those Gates are now lett, for one year. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the time and place of letting, give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. By order of the Trustees, SWINDON, Oct. 14,1809. JAMES BRADFORD, Clerk. And Notice is hereby also given, That the Trustees present at the said meeting will proceed to clect new Trustees of the said turnpike toad, in the room of sush MS are dtud or decline " [ 5310 T o To Watch- Makers and Silversmiths, he DISPOSED OF,- A well- established BUSINESS in the above line, which has been some years, and is still, carried on with success, in a considerable Market Town. The House stands in the centre of the market place ; the shop is commodious, with a well- selected STOCK,' which is not large. To a young man going into businsss this would prove a most eligible situating. ' Further particulars may be known by applying ( if by letter, post paid) to Messrs. Jefferys and Ham, No. 49, Salisbury- square, Fleet- street, London. [ 5155 TO BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, & c.& c. TX) be DISPOSED OF, in one of the pleasantest and most populous Towns in the South of Emrland,— A well- established BUSINESS in the BOOKSELLING and STATIONARY LINF.; together with the House, Outhouses, & c. etc. The Stock ; s entirely modern, and consists of such articles only as are intlaily request. The House is new, sub- stantial, and commodious ; contains, on the ground floor, a large shop, parlour, kitchen, pantry, & c.; on the first story, a handsome spacious - drawing roum, a bed room, and large closet; on the second floor, a very large dining room ( bow window), and a bed room ; and four good bed rooms on the attic story. The outlet consists of a square court yard, with a pump and well of excellent water, a workshop, store loft, coal houses, etc. \ c. The- whole of the- premises are in very good repair, being built not more than. ten years : situated in the centre of the High- street, by far the nfost eligible situation for business of any in the town. They arc leasehold for nearly nine hundred years unexpired, at the low rent of tis. Cel. per annum. The Land- tax is redeemed, if any accommo- dation to the purchasers, 1000Z. may lay on mortgage; and if requested, the House will be sold separate from the Stock in Trade. For further particulars and to treat for the purchase, apply in person, or by letter ( postpaid;, to Mr. S. Thompson, the proprietor and occupier, Newport, Isle of Wight., ir^* To prevent unnecessary trouble, none but principals will be treated with.— Oct. 19, 1809. • [ 5tf 3 Pcnnerbj Cottage, near Beautieu, Hants. HPO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— 1 An exceeding neat new- erected COTTAGE, built with the best white brick, and slated ; consisting of two kitchens, two sitting rooms 11 feet by lo;, two best bed- chambers, and two servants' rooms ; wash- house, fuel- house, two- stall stable, cow- pens, and piggery, detached ; with three small paddocks of excellent grass 1 and alse* a large garden adjoining; enjoying an unlimited right of pasturage in the New Forest, bv which it is surrounded, adapted particularly to the resi- dence of a. sportsman, withina mile and an half of the pleasant village of Beaulieu, and in a situation the most picturesque. Further particulars may be known by application to Mr. Richman, solicitor, Lymington, Hants. [ 4986 HAMPSHIRE. Manor of Hordle, with Taddiford, and other Farms and I. ands. r" pO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— JL The MANOR of" HORDLE, in the county of South- ampton, with Courts Baron, Copyhold and Leasehold ES- TATES on lives, Royalties, Immunities, and Appurtenances belonging thereunto.— The Manor is nearly ten mites in cir- cumference, and is most congenial to the rise and support of all descriptions of game. In the Manor is comprised the valuable Freehold Farms of Taddiford, I'icks, and Beckton, containing upwards of 400 acres of most excellent arable, pasture, meadow, and coppice land, tythe- frce, with a good farm- house, barns, stables, and all requisite out- buildings; unlimited rights of pasturage, tur- bary, and pannage, in the New Forest; and land- tax redeemed. This most desirable estate is situated in the parish of Hordle, in the county aforesaid, nearly within a ring- fence, close to tbe sea, which washes its southern boundary, am4 from various parts of the estate the most delightful and extensive sea views of the Isle of Wight and the Channel, as well as those of rural landscape, are obtained. The shore abounds with iron stone, where is also found a species of coal, by no means precluding the opinion that this valuable production, iu a more perfect shape, may be concealed under the surface of the estate, which, if once ascertained, would render the property incalculable in value. That desirable manure, marl, is also found in plenty on the premises. Adjoining this property, and within the manor, is another FREEHSLD ESTATE, of less extent, but having an excel- lent Mansion- house on it, which is also to be Disposed of. Further particulars may be known on application to Mr. Richman, solicitor, Lymington, Hants, at whose offite a plan of the estate may also be seen. [ 5192 HPO be SOLD, before the major part of the Com- J. missioners named and authorised in and by a Commis- sion of Bankrupt awarded and Issued, and now in prosecution against JAMES HOWE, of the parish of Walcot, in the county of Somerset, grocer, dealer and chapman, on Monday the 13th day of Nov. 1S09, at four o'clock iu the afternoon, by Messrs. BALLY and BARTRUM, at the Gloucester Inn, Bath, in five lots,— Sundry FREEHOLD MESSUAGES or TENE- MENTS, Buildings, and Garden Ground, situate in the Lon- don road, and Trinitv- placc, Bath. Lot 1 .— A substantial and convenient Freehold House, with two shops fronting the London road, late in the occupation of the bankrupt; one of the shops, with the rooms over the same, is left to tenants at will, at 12/. per annum. The whole are of tbe value of 105/. per ann. and upwards. N. B. This lot will be sold subject to the payment of a per- petual ground- rent of 49/. per ann. and subject also, with two other messuages and premises adjoining the same 011 the south- west side thereof, to a further perpetu-.-. l rent of 51/. per ann. and the purchaser" is to enter into a covenant to pay the same, and to indemnify the purchasers of the other tots there- from. Lot 2.— A Messuage, newly built, situate in Trinity- place,' in the occupation of Mr. Godby, as tenant at will, at the yearly rent ot 18/. with a small piece of Garden Geound in front. Lot 3.— A Messuage adjoiningthe last lot, in the occupation of Mr. Hussey, as tenant at will, at the yearly rent Ot 21/.— lessor paying half the taxes. Lot 4.— A Picce of Ground for building four houses, ad joining the last- mentioned lot, of similar dimensions ; with the Materials of two Foundations laid down ; the ground- rents of which are estimated at 1- 3/. per . ann. Lot 5.— All the Right and Interest in a certain Agreement or Contract for a perpetual Fee- Farm Rent of 501, per annum ; and the piece or parcel of Ground thereby contracted to be lett for building eight houses, two of which are finished— one in the occupation of Mr. Howard, druggist, 011 lease for 14 years, at the yearly rent of 65/. clear of taxes— and the other 111 the occupation of Garrett, at the yearly rent of 13/. subject to such agreement. N. B. The purchasers of lots 2, 3,4, and 5, are toacccpt an indemnity from the purchaser of lot 1, against the payment of the perpetual ground- rents which the whole of the premises are liable to. [ 5450 For further particulars apply at the office of R. A. Sheppard, St. James's- parade, Bath, solicitor to the Commission ; or to the Auctioneer, Milsom- street, Bath, where a plan ot the premises may be be seen ; and to Messrs. Hie, by and Lowless, solicitor* Ift tht; mortgages, No » 14, Ch « tiwinsp'aee> London, ' Corel/, Elingharn, Hrirbridge, if I'tirdingbridge, Han'sf. HPO be SOLD, IN- Till-: FOLLOWING LOTS :—- A l. dt 1.— A very good BARN- YARD, Cart- house, atict Stable, with six. closes of Arable Land, containing- togrtber by measure about 10 acres, situate in Gorcly, adjoining the New forest, in which it has great advantages of Common Right; now in the renting of Farmer John Saunders. Lot 2.—- A COTTAGE, much out t.- f repair, but consisting of a considerable quantity of good brick and timber material's for building; with a Garden, Orchard, and close of Arable Land adjoining, containing by measure t acre and 2 roods, situate at Elingham ; in the renting of Mr. Hide ; and also the Cut yearly on an average of 2 roods and 15 perches of Water Meadow, in Elingham Common Mead, with an un- limitted Right of Common therein ; now in the renting of Farmer John Saunders. Lot 3.— The CUT yearly on an average of about 1 acre, in Harbtidge Common Mead, with Conine n tor two Cows or one Horse therein ; now in the renting of K rincr Lot - 1.— A Close of PASTURE or MEADOW LAND, with a little Copp- ce adjoining, called Fiissell's, containing about 5 acres, in Fordingbriilge; in the renting el' Mt. Fran- cis Pope. The Timber on each lotto lie taken at a valuation. Several parts of lots 1 and' 2 arc. pleasantly situated for building, and worthy the attention of urn- e. emleman who has a wish to reside on the verge of the N'eiv Forest, Any person'desirous of purchasing either of the alv- ve lots, arc requested to deliver Tenders in writing at the Office- of Messrs. Hooding, in Salisbury, or at Fryirn Court, near Fordingbridge, on or before the lst day of December next: if not disposed of by tender 011 or before that day, it will soon after be sold by public auction. " [ 5465 BROUGHTON, HANTS, npo be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. YOUNG, on A Thursday the 2d day of November next, at the Plough Inn, at three o'clock,— The under- mentioned FREEHOLD LANDS-.— A" hat piece ot parcel of rich Arable Land, con- taining 9 A. 1 R. 23 P. more or less, situate in Andover Way Field.— Also a piece or parcel of Arable Land, containing I A. ol*. 16 1'. situate at Lord's Wood; together with a piece or parcel of Down Land adjoining the same, containing 1 R. 24 P. more or less.— Also a piece or parcel of Arable Land', containing 2 R. 34 P. more or less, situate at Lord's Wood. The above premises arc eligibly situated in the parish of Broughton, and were late the prop - rty of and in the occupa- tion of the late Mr. William Futchc- r, late of Houghton Mill, deceased. Also will be SOLD — Th iiOUSEHOT. D FURNITURE, and UTENSILS, & c. in HUSBANDRY, consisting of several draught horses, one cow, one waggon, two cans, harrows, plough, & C. ail in good condition: a cons'ebraMe quantity of faggots, two hay ricks ( one mc-'. dow the other clover), well put together ; also a clover seed ri e, ic. etc. The" sale of the Goods, Ute:. . ils in Husbandry, X: c, will commence, upon the Premises, at eleven o'clock." For particulars apply to the Auctioneer, at Romsey; or Mr. Burt, solicitor, Broughton. The purchaser of the Lands will have immediate possession. N. B All Persons having anv Claim uron the Estate and Effects of the said Mr. WILLIAM FUTCHEB, deceased, are desired to send particular thereof; and those who stand indebted to thtv Estate, are requested immediately to pay the same to Mr. Burt. [ 5172 Horses, Carriages, Plate, Linen, and other valuable Edi cts, the property of a Gentleman, lately deceased, at the PRIORY, CHRISTCHURCH. nno be SOLD by AUCTION, by , T. CRANSTON, A on Thursday " the 2d ot N mbcr, 1809, at the Priori-, Christchutcb, at eleven o'clock, Two exceeding good brown geldings, which have been occasionally used in a chariot and as riding horses ; a capital saddle mare, seven years of!', perfectly free from vice ; an aged civ snut horse, two good milch cows in calf, 18 Dorset ewes, three young pigs, and a Newfoundland dog; a chatiot and harness; a good phaeton, with pole and shafts; a nek of prime meadow hay, about 25 tons; a stack of ditto, about tons; about eight loads of oats in straw, saddles, bridles, ladders, corn- bin, about 50lb. of wool, a quantity of dung, ashes, wine bottles, step ladder, two fowling pieces, a brace of pistols, dairy utensils, barrels, tubs, a camp roasting jack, and various other articles. And on the following day will be sold,— A Quantity of PLATE, consisting of a 12- inch salver, coffee and tea pot, a two- handled cup, 17 table spoons, 3 gravy, 8 dessert, and 18 tea ditto; a fish slice, and other articles; good tinie- piece, plat, il candlesticks, dish cross, cruet - stand, Sc.; - 28 sorted sheets, 8 damask table cloths, and other bed and table linen ; a new Brussels carpet, 12 ft. by 10 ft. 4 ; Scotch Carpet, 15 ft. by 17 ; bjize carpet, about - 21 ft. by 18; stair carpet, sofa, small mahogany chest of drawers, table set of blue- and- white ware, decanters and glasses, good paintings and prints, about 150 volumes of books, japanned piste warmer, kitchen requisites, & c. etc. [ 5228 May be viewed the day preceding the sale. RINGWOOD, HANTS. FOR SALE by AUCTION, by J. CRANSTON, on Monday the 6th day of Nt vemb- 1 1809, at the White ' I lart Inn, in Ringwood, ( unless previously disposed of by pri- vate- contract, of which notic* will be given 1,' A valuable FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, with convenient at- tached and detached offices, together with a good Garden, and also a piece of Land adjoining about a quarter of an acre,, in Bickerley Common. The dwelling- house is situ ite in the most centrical part of the town of Ringwood, and is now in the renting of Mr. Macilwain, surgeon, at the low rent of 30 gs. per ann. The premises are in excellent condition, and tlie bouse well calcu- lated for the residence of a genteel family, comprising three parlours, a good kitchen, and other convenient rooms' on the ground floor, with under- ground cellars, aud six good sleeping rooms besides attics. For othei particulars apply to Mr. Harbin, solicitor, Ring- wood. [ 5229 NETHER'fON, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by II., CRISWICK, on the Premises, on Tuesday the 7 th day of Novem- ber, 1809, and following tlav—- The FARMING LIVE STOCK, UTENSILS in HUSBANDRY, neat One- horse Chaise and Harness, and Part of the HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, at N.- therton Farm; consisting of eight draught horses ; a fine two- year old bav colt, got'bv a cart horse cut of a blood mare ; three handsome cows in calf; three South- down rams ; four waggons, two nine- share and three other ploughs ; four rollers ; drags and harrows ; cart and plough harness ; wheat, barley, ' aud saintfoin cleansers ; sievts, rud- ders, prongs and forks, hoops of bells and bell halters, hurdles, hay cages, & c. The Household Furniture comprises a variety of cabinet and upholstery goods, a 90- gallon copper, mash tub, coolers, & c. to correspond ; eight iron- bound hogshead casks, seven half hogshead ditto, iron- bound pipes, small cask and har- vest bottles, a 30- gallon copper, washing tubs, pickling ditto and salting troughs, dairy utensils of all sorts, a double- bar- rel gun by Perkins, two ' single ditto, brace of pistols, three sides of warranted good bacon, a quantity of cheese, and numerous other articles.— The sale will begin with the farm- ing stock the first day at eleven o'clock. N. B.— Netherton. is 8 miles from Andover, 9 from New- bury, and 2 from Up Hurstbourne. [ 5173 SOUTH WALES. Itoath Court, Freehold Villa if Lands, in Glamorganshire. " pO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. CHRISTIK, A at Garraway's Coffee- house, on Wednesday the 29th of November, 1809, at twelve o'clock, in three lots! Lot 1.— An elegant and modern MANSION, delightfully situated near the, great western road from London to Milford, one mile from the seaport town of Cardiff; has been recently finished in a stile of superior taste, and contains three par- lours of good proportions, nine good bed chambers, several servants' apartments, and excellent attached officcs of every description ; detached are stables for eight horses, a newly- erected porter's lodge, two barns, cow house, piggery, dove- house, ami other convenient out buidings, with a black- smith'.* shop, extensive malthouse, eight cottages, an excel- lent walled garden and orchard, together with 122 statute acres of arable and meadow land withina ling fence, of the most fertile quality, and in a regular way of cultivation. Lot 2.— An elegant, handsome, and newly- built residence, called ROATH- LODGE; consisting of three gc, od parlours, four airy sleeping rooms, a well- arranged kitchen, and many other conveniently attached offices, together with 50 acres of rich arable and meadow land, and lawn adjoining thereto, Lot3.— Forty- eight acres of excellently fertile Arable and Meadow LAND, in five fields, most desirably adapted for building, in an open healthy situation, near the gr. at turn- pike road. The above valuable property, it is presumed, is too well known to require observation, being in a situation ( near the Bristol Channel) of the first respectability, surrounded by good roads, with every local advantage to render it an object the most desirable for a genteel residence. Part of the purchase- money ( if required) may remain on mortgage; and the elegant ami modern assemblage of Furni- ture, with the Live and Dead Stock oi Roath Villa, may be taken at a valuation. The premises may be viewed at any time previous to the sale, and printed particulars of the respective lots had at the Office of Charles Bowles, Esq. Shaftesbury ; of Messrs. Ta- houiden, solicitors, Argyle- sireet, Lour'. on ; at the Grecian Coffeehouse,. Strand; the Bush Tavern, Biistol ; - at the Place of Sale; and of Mr. Wni. Upjohn, land- survever, Rumney Great House, near the Villa, ci at Cann Cottage, near Shaftesbury, at either of which two last mentioned places plans of the estate may be seen, [ 52U1 TOWXlHI. r, HOUSE. SOUTHAMPTON, npo be SOLD by AUCTION,, on the premises, A by GEO. HOOKEY, 011 Tucsdav, Nov. 7, l « 09. ar. d following dajt3, at eleven o'clock. The elegant HOUSlv IIOLD FURNITURE, ea - iable BUILDING MATERIALS : coi_ s, s: iog oi the- Wiiig ..-.! v, e said Mansion; a Conscn atorr or Greenhouse ; a hand- : Stuccoed Building, compris ng a spaeious. CoM hath,, line.', v. th polished marble slabs of large d- i: 1 " lesions, with ratable r. • , a capital Peach and Grape JL'Us-'. •'.' « ' ft. in length ( in s\;. -. Helots; 5 a handsome regular wicKmBt hipped and slate-- s me House; a well ' con- structed three- piston Forcing IV.. - with copper barrels, air vessel, etc. Ill an iron frame, » t. : .1.-. by an undershot wheel, 14 tt.- in diameter and 4it. wide. Also an edegant. Fret hoki COTTAGE Ort'. ee, called Mm— I A.-. O, present rent, furnished, Jtv\ o. ranmirn; possession may be bad fmftlcdi tely. Together with several other Cot- tages and small l. - ts of valuable Mea.: - i and other Land, situated in rlw pleasant village of. West- end, three miles from Southampton. The Household Furniture'comprizes lofty four- post and tent bedsit ids, with pr. nted cotton ami dinntv tur. riiims, and windpw curtains to » uit; prime seasoned- leather beds . and bedding ; mahogany claw, dining, elegant sideboard, btiiw v. t » Vo, card, pier, and dressing tables, drawer.-:, aud wardrobes Trafalgar ena- rs, v. ith hair ai-. d moioce'o seats; dripcry Freac! h PERUVIAN BARK. BACON's Dr. HuSHAM'S genuine TINCTURE of PERUVIAN BARK, as directed l- i/ theRotjul. College of Physicians, London. This very elegant and efficacious preparation has for twenty years past obtained a most decided superiority over every other. Asa corroborant, or strcngthener ot the solids, and as a stomachic, and for nervous complaints, it has been long unrivalled, possessing the greatest e fficacy as a tonic and febrifuge, and attended with the happiest eilccts when taken alter long fevers. Sold by J. SANGER ( successor to Bacon & Co.) No. 150, Oxtord- street, opposite New Bond- street, Loudon ; ' and Mess. Brodie, Dowding, as J Luxford, Salisbury, iu bottles at 2s. iul. ' and 8s. each. [ 2121 Health, Beauty, a flear Skin, and a Good Complexion. MRS. VINCENT'S CJOWLAND'S LOTION ,' s the most elegant, safe, and mild preparation for the• cure of all eruptions in the face and skin, and improving the nipst delicate complexion.— The following is a letter to Mrs. Vinccnt from the Right Hon. Lord Shcrbourne. MAUAM,— Your Lotion having been reconimended to me by a Lady who received great benefit from it, and hearing it is much superior to the Dickinson's, I beg you will send me a case. Iain, Madam, eVc. SIlERBOURNK. This truly Genuine Lotion is sold by. Mis." Vinccnt, at No. 6, Dalies- street, Grosvenor- square, London; and in Salis- bury by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford; in Southampton by Harvey; in Winchester by Flight and Earlc; in I'oolc by Moore; iu Blandford by Simmonds; and bv every rcspitt- able Vender of Genuine Medicines, in Quart-,, si ; Pints 5s.; Half- pints, ts. sd. , * As 11 is vcrv improbable, if not impossible, that any other person than Mrs. Vincent can know of what ingredients this most excellent Lotion is composed, to prevent Counter- feits, see Mrs. Vincent's name signed' upon the label on all that is Genuine. [ Jo's7 TO PARENTS AND OTHERS. " WORMS are known to lie the most frequent cause * 7 of Children's complaints, they produce the nio- t alarming disorders, pains in the Stomach and bowels, with the loss of appetite, and sallow complexion, convulsions, af- fections. of the head, emaciation, consumptions, and : t general wasting of flesh,— the cause Of these complaints is often mis- taken by Physicians, and this is proved by the high testimo- nies of the Right Hon. the Earl of Exeter, the Lord Chief Baron and the Right Rev. the Bishop of Carlisle, their Graces a the Dutchesses of Leeds and Rutland, the Countesses of Darnley, Shaftesbury, Mountnorris, and Cork, and mi'i y others of the first rank and character, who have both a. lmi* nister. d in their own families, aAd r • omrnended to uth •• . CHING's PATENT WORM " LOZENGES, which htfve been the happy means ot rescuing thousands trein thejaws 01 death in the last stage of the aiiove Complaints. Sold by Brodie, Dowding, and l. nxforj, Salisbury, ami most Medicine Venders in every town, in boxes at'-.> » . $ 4. and 5s, ud. each, and Tor charitable PIUTPTTES 1.1 UJH . .' V each, ! curtains, ot kerseymere, trimmed With velvet; Brussels and Kidderminster carpe. s, costly hall lantern, Grecian lamps, kitchen requisites, register and pantheon stoves, numbei of iron bound hogsheads, p pes, Sic. & c.. To be viewed the day previous to the sale, with Catalogues only, price < 2s. bach, to be had at the Auctioneer's, South- ampton ; on the premises; of Messrs. Blake and White, Essex- street, Strand, London; and of Mr. Geo. Apcsdailc, Westeud, who will shaw the premises. The Forcing Engine will be set to work on Monday the 6th of November, at twelve o'clock, and may be viewed till two by. persons producing Catalogues. [ oipi FROME, SOMERSET. ' TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by WM. AI, T. TAN- A PF. 11, ajthc Guorge Inn, Frome, on Wednesday, the lst day of November, 1.809, at five in the evening,— The fol- lowing FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSES, situate in Badcox, Frome. Lot I.— A DvyeUing- h. use, front Shop, and walled Gar- I den adjoining, occupied by Miss Tatrant, milliner, & c. as tenant at w ill. Lota.— Two Tenements adjoining the above, in tlie occu- pation of George Watts and George Porch, tenants at w ill. Lot 3.— A substantial and desirable Dwelling- house, con- sisting of a hall, parlour, bed rooms, and suitable cfficSt, front shop, counting room, work shops, all adjoining, with a convenient outlet, now in th" occupation ot ' Mr. Oldfield, saddler, & c and holden by him for the remainder of a term of - 21 years, of which 14 are yet unexpired. Lor 4.— A House situate on Catherine- hill, comprizing a parlour, kitchen, bed rooms, garret, & c in the occupation ) of Mr. James Symes, as tenant at will, with a garden and - suitable offices adjoin- ng. : The premises may be seen by leave of the respective tenants; and for further paiticulars apply to Mr. Qiis'. ett, solicitor, Frome. ' [ 5- 2: 3 IIY ORUF. R or THE ASSIGNEES'. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on tbe Premises, by W. VIGOR, of Bristol, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the 14th, 15th, ami Uith of- November,— All the handsome HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Linen, Plate, ' China, Glass, handsome blue and white Table Service com- '• ple- te, & C. of Mr. EBENEZER BROWN, a bankrupt, at Chantry House, at Bradford, in the county of Wilts. The drawing- room furniture consists of handsome blue ila- I mask window curtain*, with cornices ; handsome sofa ; con- ' vcrsation- stools, and chairs covered with blue damask, to cor- * respond ; two large size pier glasses, mirrors and girandoh s ; pier, card, and. Pembroke tables; one Axminster carpet; fire screens, Arc. The other household furniture consists of ma- 1 liogany carved, fluted, four- post, field, and other bedsteads, t with white dimity, chintz, and other furniture ; . prime feather and mill- puff beds ; hair and millpulV mattresses ; . blankets, sheets, quilts, and couri'ierpanes ; table dotbs, intpkins, & f. I handsome oval- corner cellaret Side- board ; large- size secretary I and book- case; dining, Card, and Pembroke tables ;~ maho- < 1 gany wardrobes; round and stiaight- front chests of drawers, mahogany night tables, bason- stand, and medicine chest ; , mahogany brass- nailed and other chairs; pier, looking, anil other glasses ; Brussels, Kidderminster, anil ' other carpets ; handsome parlour window curtains,. roller blinds, f: c: The plate consists of one tea- pot and stand, one coffee- pot; table, ( dessert, tea, and salt- spoons; tea- tongs, soup- ladle, cream ewer, & c'. Sec. A quantity, ofkitchen i'urniture, and brewing utensils.— The whole to- be sold withont reserve. .. [ 5158 PELH A MS- HOUSE, DORSET. Ijtbiable Household Furniture. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, bv PERCY and l- ORCE, on Wednesday the 15th day of November, 1809, and two following davs,— A considerable part of the elegant and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, tbe property of LEWIS WILLIAM- BROUNCKLR, Esq. leaving Pelhams ; comprising handsome mahogany four- post and tent bedsteads, with printed cotton, chintz, and check fur- niture; about fifteen fine seasoned bordered down- and goose feather beds; hair and mill- puff mattresses, blankets, and counterpanes; mahogany wardrobes ; book cases; din- ing, card, Pembroke, and dressing tables; mahogany side- board ; chests of drawers ; bureaus ; wash stands ; fire screens ; easy and other chairs mid night stools ; pier, swing, and chimney glasses ; Turkey, Brussels, and Kid- derminster carpets; Rumford, register, and Bath stoves; fi nders and fire irons ; a very good ' alarum ; copper furnaces ; kitchen range; smoak jack ; and an excellent assortment of kitchen, brewing, and dairy utensils ; utso a well- tuned piano forte, made by Longman and Broderip. The principal [ rar't of the above furniture was purchased of Messrs. Gillows, one of the first upholsterers in London. Pelhams is six miles from Christchurch, seven trom Ring- wood, six from Poole, and six from Wimborne. [ 5032 Catalogues may be had on the lst of November at the George Inn, Christchurch, and at the principal Inns in the above- named towns. The furniture may be viewed two davs preceding the sale, which, will commence at eleven o'clock in the forenoon of each day. Ou the last day will be Sold,— A Rick of excellent well- made French Grass Hay ( about 13 tons-, together with one dung pot, two ploughs, chaff cutter, and some other useful articles in husbandry. k I AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WjLTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. GotTEKBURSH, Oct. 16. THE Danish Government have appointed Baron Rosenkrantz to meet the Swedish Envoy, Adler- burg, at Jonkspiug, as early* as circumstances will allow, to settle the Preliminaries of Peace besween the two countries, wh e. h, it is supposed, will be concluded by the end of next month. The fh nderthe command of Sir James Saumarez, hi- arrived at Carlscroua, where it experiences the most friendly inception. O, ,... .,[ [ 7.— We learn from Stockholm that the Prince Chri- Augustus of Schlesuig Holstein Sondeiiborgh A- vustenburgh, who has been chosen ' successor of his p, -' cnt iMaje- tv, has returned for answer—'< That, deeply impressed with his duty towards his native country, he cm Id not accept the hjgh tru- t committed to him, till the tiitn when peace should have been restored in the North, but tint th'- p lie would readily join- the brave Swedes who surround the throne, and express to them the high sense he '- lite- tains of the confidence placed in him." LONDON, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27. Tur. Junn. Er..— The happy event of a British Monarch's entrance into the fiftieth year of his reign, an event which has occurred hut twice before in the long and splendid history of this country, was celebrated by all ranks of people in this great metropolis, iu a manner worthy of an aged and venerable King, and a loyal and enlightened Nation. The day was one of the finest imaginable for the season of the year, and favoured the public expressions of satisfaction in the highest degree. The celebration wab announced by the pealing of bells, the hoisting of tlag- j, and the assembling of various bodies of regular troops, and the ditferent corps of volunteers throughout the town. The forenoon was dedicated to public worship; at one o'clock the Tower guns fired, aud the Guards assembled on the parade iu St. James's Park, and fired aj'cu dejoie. in honour of the event. After church hours, the streets were crowded with well dressed persons, and the display of the genuine beauty of a great majority of the sex, who do not shine at " midnight dances, and the publie shew," hut • whom this selebnuion brought into public view, exceeded anv former example. Most ofthehi wore ribbons of garter blue, and many wore medals with the profile of the King. As tire oveuing approached, the Got pot ation of London, and various other bodies, were hastening to the Mansion- house, and to their diifereut halls, taverns, and other places of meeting. At the Mansion- house the Corporation sat down to a dinner, provided by the Chief Magistrate of the City, aud ma ly of the chief Companies of London, at th- ir halls; and numerous other parties, at various places of public or private entertainment. Day- light was. scarcely gone, when the full blare hurst forth upon the eye iu all the skill of art, and in all the l'adiant splendour and varied magnificence of the general illumination of the British capital. Hand, could hardly be procured to light up the innumerable lamps, and there- fore the illuminating of most of the publie edifices cijjn- inenced as early as two o'clock in the afternoon. The Bank ( if England was elegant and superb. The entablatures, ballustrades, and arches, were all marked by lines of lamps, and the columns enriched by serpentine wreaths. In the centre was a very large brilliant star and crown, with the motto, " God save the King." All the pediments and the recesses behind the pillars iu Thread- needle- street, liartholomew- lane, and Princes- street, were ornamented with stars and other devices. The Sun and the Imperial Fire- offices, and all the neigh- bouring buildings, lent their aid to this most dazzling scene. The Royal Exchange Assurance, the Gresham Committee, and the Kiver Dee Company, illuminated jointly. ' Pile Mansion- house was richly and tastefully decorated. The Fost- oflyie fumed a beautiful promenade in an arbour of variegated lamps. The India- house seemed an epitome of Eastern grandeur ; to attempt to describe the splendiitV effect it had ou the eye of the beholder would be altogether vai ti. The Trinity- House, Tower- hill, exhibited in front the royal initials ( i. R. surmounted by the British Crown, sup- ported beneath - hv crossed - tridents bound together by a blue wreath; and on each whig- was an anchor of appropriate colours in variegated lamps. The Merchants at Lloyd's made a beautiful display of. variegated'lumps, and they were very judiciously di- posed of in the following manner i:— In the centre, the stern Of a first- rate" vessel ; mi each Side anchors and liable,; beyond - tiii-, 011 eaah side, the words " Ships, Colonies, Com- merce ;" "- God save the King," the crown, and " ( i. R. ;" in the wiudows of the cabin was a transparency, with the words " Protection for Mariner-." The Hudson's Bay Company, the East India Doek House and the West India Dock llou- e, had each a brilliant crown, and G. It-, with " Long live the King.' The City of London Tavern bad a beautiful transparency, and an immense number of lamps. The Admiralty, tiic War- Office, and the Horse Guards, had each a brilliant crown, G. R. and " God save the King." The Ordnance Office, formerly Cumberland House, Pall- Mall, was very elegant. On the long balcony were placed - ix obelisks, well lighted up, and over the portico was a beautiful transparent pieec, represent ing in 1 he cen- tral compartment an Angel, holding iu one baud " Magna Charta," and in the other the Royal Robes and CrovVn, and the eye of Providence above watching the sacred charge. In the side compartment were well executed busts of the King and ( juecti; and paintings of the Lion and Unicorn, with " God save the King" underneath. Somerset- place presented a beautiful coup d'oeil, from the advantages afforded by the uniformity of the buildings; among- which the Navy, the Navy Pay, the Stamp Offices, & c. were particularly distinguished by the royal insignia, anchors, & c. Ke. The Opera House, Covent- Garden Theatre, the Lyceum, the Albion, Atlas, Eagle, Globe, Hope, and. other Insu- rance Offices, the subscription houses, taverns, and coffee- houses, were all very brilliant; as were several private houses, shops, & e. but particularly the principal glass shops. The illumination was general, with very few ex- ceptions; the few who declined to illuminate, whether from motives of ( Economy or from any other cause, were unmolested; not a window was broken, nor any insult offered to tliose who thus shewed their dissent from the general opinion. Such was tin- immense number of lamps to be lighted at the Bank, that it was fiiind necessary to begin at one Veloek, and the front, reaching from Bartholomew- lane to Princes- street, was lighted before two o'clock in the day ; the lamp- lighters had not finished the remainder of their task before six. At Windsor the Jubilee was celebrated with peculiar de- monstrations of joy. At six o'clock ill the morning, the commencement of the festive sports was announced by Sound of trumpet ; soon after, the hells rung, the drums beat to arms, and the soldiers paraded. Between eight and nine, the King, f> ueen, Princess Elizabeth, the Dukes of York and S; i; sex. attended divine service at the- private chapel. After service, the Queen went to inspect the pre- parations at Frogmore ; and at one her Majesty, the Prin- cess Elizabeth, the Dukes of Yoik, Kent, Cumberland, aud Sussex, attended by several of the Nobility, and escorted by the Mayor and Corporation of Windsor, went » o the Bachelor's Acre, where an ox and two sheep were roasting whole ; a part of the ox was cut off, and handed bv the Batchclors to the Royal Party, on silver plates, with which they appeared much pleased. On their return to tho Castle, the populace gave them repeated huzzas.— At one o'clock, 5U pieces uf cannon were discharged from the Grove. The Queen gave a mo= t superb fete at Frogmore on Wednesday night. At half past nine o'clock the gates were thrown open for the nobility, & c. who had tickets of ad- mission. Ou entering the gardens, the spectator was struck • with astonishment at the charming and fanciful scene of variegated lamps, of different figure, and colours. At ten o'clock the Queen joined the company, when the fireworks were displayed, at the conclusion of which there appeared on a sudden, and as it were by magic, on the beautiful piece of water opposite the garden front of the house, two triumphal ear , drawn by two sea horses each, one occupied by Neptune, and preceded by the other with a baud of music. On a temporary bridge, erected over the canal oppo- ite the garden front, transparencies were displayed in an equal! v sudden and unexpected manner ' oil the battle- in nt, with the words, " Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the VS live," inscribed on them ; at the same moment the band struck up the tune. Opposite the bridge, an elegant Grecian temple was erected on a mount, surrounded by- eight beautiful marble pillars. The interior of the temple was lined with purple, and in the centre was a large trans- parency of the Eye of Providence, fixed, as it were, upon a beautiful portrait of his Majesty, surmounted by stars of lamps. 1 From the temple a double staircase descended to the water's edge. On the w- ndiiigs of the staircase were erected nine altars with burning incense. O11 the lawn twelve beautiful marquees were erected, where the company partook of tea and coffee during the fireworks. Covers wen! laid iu the principal dining rooms, and at twelve o'clock the company sat down to an elegant supper. The frames were beautifully done in emblematic figures, part of which represented Britannia kneeling by the lion, the eye of Providence above, and underneath was written by her Royal Highness the Princess Elizabeth, " Britannia, grateful to Providence, celebrates the 50th year of a reign sacred to piety aed virtue." The Dukes of York, Clarence, and Sussex, and the Princesses Augusta, Elizabeth, aud Sophia, were present. Her Majesty retired at lujlf past one, when the company began to depart, and were all gone by two. The following are the names of the Po- t Captains, who ai e to be Rear Admirals of the Blue, viz. Rowley Bulteel, Win. Luke, Isaac G. Mauley, John Osborne, John Smith, Edmund Crawley, Charles lioyles, Sir T. Williams, Knt. Thomas Hamilton, Sir T. B. Thompson, Bart, and George Countess. Captains the Hon, Henry Curzon, and Sir C. Hamilton, Bart, are made Colonels of the Royal Marines, in the room of Captains Boyles and Sir Thomas Williams. Towards of one hundred unfortunate debtors in tilt- prisons of the metropolis were on Wednesday re- tored to liberty by means of the liberal donations made to the Society for the Relief ' of Persons imprisoned for small debts. Eleven Crown debtors were on Wednesday discharged from prison, in addition to those liberated by the Society for tlie Relief of Persons imprisoned for small debts. Spanish Papers arrived on Wednesday night to the J) th, and Portuguese to the l'ith. Lord Wellington, who had been appointed by the Prince Regent Chief Member of the Regency, Commander in Chief of all the Forces, and Head of the Departments of War, Trade, and Finance, is arrived at Lisbon.— It. is hence inferred, that there is no idea entertained of any attack from the enemy. They have abandoned the left bank of t lie Tagus, and marched towards Talavera, and confine thenisebes to operations merely de- fensive : they will not undertake any other, till Bonaparte shall he able to send his troops from the Danube into Spain. At the date of the last accounts Ney was at Salamanca, with 14,000; Sonlt at Placentia, Zaiza Mayor, and Ma I- partido, with 8000; Victor at Oropesa, with 4000; Mor- tier at Talavera, with 10,000; Gen. Sebastiaui ou his march to Guadalupe, with 10,000. Dispatches were vesterday received by Government from Badajoz, dated the G'th instant; at that time the whole of our troops were nearly restored to perfect health. The French had 111 ide 110 movement against them. Captains Drake and Allen, of the 2Ud Light Dragoons, who distinguished themselves greatly in the celebrated " charge made by that gallant corps in the battle of Talavera, and who were severely wounded and taken prisoners by the enemy, have since effected their escape, and joined the remains of their intrepid corps at Elvas. A letter to Sir Robert Wilson from Lieut.- Colonel Guard, of the 45th regiment, dated Valladolid, Sept. 17, states, that most of the British Officers left at Talavera had recovered of their wounds, and that General Kellerman had received such as were passing through Valladolid with the greatest kindness and attention. Three Gottenburgli Mails arrived yesterday. The principal intelligence they bring is given under the head of Foreign News. It is stated under the. date of the lQth inst. that a « on of tbe renowned General Bhieher arrived at Gottenburgh that morning from England, whither he had been sent with dispatches from the Archduke Charles ; and that he set otf immediately fur Cai lscrona, from whence he was to be conveyed " to the continent" by a sloop of war now on that station. The American Colonel Burr had been at Gotteuburgh - about a month, anil had just left that pint for Copen- hagen, from whence he was to proceed to Paris, ^ soou as he could obtain a passport. It is remarked in the Gottenburgh papers, that he lived in the most recluse way, and appealed very dejected. Our readers may re- collect that Burr killed General Hamilton in a duel, near New York ; and Hamilton being a very popular character, Burr encountered much obloquy 011 the occasion, al- though, when tried for the murder of Hamilton, he was acquitted. Burr was afterwards engaged in extensive speculations on the banks of the Mississippi, supposed to he uf a revolutionary tendency, and was tried for treason against the United States of America, but was also ac- quitted of this charge. Momteurs to the 1 Stli, and Dutch papers- to the £ 2d inst. were received yesterday ; but their contents are extrenn ly . uninteresting. Not one word is mentioned on t'ne subject of the peace between Austria and France. At a late hour last night the Moniteurand the Jour- nal do Commerce of the lflth and 20th, reached town. The Moiiiteur is still silent qn the subject of Peace, but on the margin ot the Journal de Commerce of the 20th, the following paragraph is printed in a small character:— " This ',' Oth of October, at nine o'clock in the morning, we hear the firing of the cannon, and every thing an- nounces that it is a confirmation of the news of peace, signed on the 1 - 1th." The same paper mentions a report that the peace was signed on the 14th instant, but it is singular that the Moniteur should not have as early intelligence upon the subject- as the Journal dc Commerce. There is certainly a degree of mystery connected with this subject, vvhieh we are at. present unable to develops. The French and German papers have been for some weeks past announcing Bonaparte's intention to take journeys to different places, and yet he remained stationary at Schucnbmnn. ' I he la- t French papers stated, that he was expected at Fontainbleau between the 15th and 20th, and preparations were made for his reception ; but the Mtmiteurs to the 20th inclu- sive make no mention of his arrival. It is now reported, 011 the authority of private let- ters, that peace between Trance and Austria was signed 011 the 5th inst. and that the following are the principal terms:— Till' greater part of Austrian and Polish Galicia is to- loo surrendered. Russia is to have a small portion of it, and France the remainder. The Bishoprie- of Saltzburg is to be given to Bavaria, and France is to receive Trieste, and Finnic, and the whole of. the Austrian- possessions on the shores of the Adriatic. So that in fact Austria is left without any port, or any means of communication with the sea. A letter from art Officer at Flushing, dated Oct. 22, says, " notwithstanding the two large fleets of sick men which, yesterday and the day before, sailed for England, our hospitals arc still quite full. In truth there are now very few troops in the island but sick. In our regiment we have not 50 duty men, and some other regiments have not 30. In the mean time the French are very busy in ail the neighbouring islands, and will some morning certainly as- tonish our Dons here. General Moutresor is gone home ill ; General Don is daily expected here as Commander in Chief, when Sir Eyre Coote leaves us. We have, however, Generals enough, and nearly as many Doctors and Com- missaries as military officers." Mr. Sydenham, who was formerly Secretary to the Marquis Wellesley, and who was lately appointed a Com- missioner of the Excise, has been sent to Spain 011 a con- fidential mission to the Marquis. It is rumoured in tile political circles, that Mr. Canning has at. length determined to publish a detailed statement of the circumstances connected with the late duel. This narrative, it is said, will he given to the publicWith Mr. Canning's signature. The Rev. Dr. Madan has resigned the situation of Canon Residentiary of Litchfield, to which Dr. Outran), Public Orator of the University of Cambridge, has suc- ceeded; in consequence of which, Dr. Outram 011 Friday resigned the office of Public Orator to the University, and six candidates immediately began to canvass for that honourable appointment. On Monday last, the Canal dug between the Thames at Rotiierhithe and the town of Croydon, in Surrey, was opened for the passage of barges and other vessels, in the presence of a numerous assemblage of spectators aud pro- prietors. By this new public work, the towns of Beckeii- ham and Bromley, and most pan of Ke:. t, will be supplied with coals, manure, and merchandize, at a reduced late ot carriage. It is promised to proceed with thi; Canal until it reaches Portsmouth. On Friday last a general meeting of the worstead and silk and worstead manufacturers of Norwich was held in that city, when it was resolved to increase the wages of the weavers.— It is supposed that the amount to be paid by this advance will be about 5000/. per annum. It was before a melancholy fact, that an industrious man with a wife and three or four children ( though willing to work 12 or 14 hours iu a day) could not maintain his family without applying to tiie parish for relief, in aid of his earnings— an humiliating state of dependence, calculated to debase his character, lessen his self esteem, and to destroy those qualities which are the best preservatives of his integrity and virtue I CORN- KXCU. VNC. E, Oct 27.— There is a tolerable supply of Wheat to- day, with some Foreign arrivals. Sales are very heavy and hardly maintain last prices; Barley, little variation ; Malt cheaper ; White Peas and Beans rather lower; there are very large supplies of Oat=, and salci lower. Flour at late . prices. A considerable fall in she price of corn may be looked for, owing to the large quantities expected, by license, from France. Certain Commissioners, who were buying up com in Cornwall, for Bri- tol, have, iu consequence, receiveiTOrders to stop their purchases; ami even to di- en- tangle themselves from all such engagements as may not amount to actual contracts. BIRTHS.] In April last, at Calcutta, the Ladv of the Hon. tl. A. Bruce of a daughter.—- Last week, at We ut worth House, Yorkshire, the Lady of Lend William Beauch- re of a daughter.— On Friday, iu Devonshire- street, the Lady cf Lieut.- Col. Wheatley, of the 1st loot Guards, of a daughter. MARRIED.] On Thursday the 19th inst. at midnight, at Burlington House, Cniswiek, by special licence, hi-. Grace the DUKE « /' DEVONSHIRE to Lady Elizabeth Foster, daughter of Frederick late Earl of Bristol aud Bishop of Deny, and widow of the Hon. John Thomas -" ester, son of the Right Hon. John Foster and Viscountess Ferrari!. The attachment of the Noble Duke and Lady Elizabeth has been long known in the higher circles, and was ac- quiesced in by the late Duchess, who lived fit fantVle with the Lady now elevated 11 above : the day liv- il for the mar- riage was however unknown to the Duke's nearest con- nections, hut messengers were sent on the following day to Lord Morpeth, Lord Ossulstun, Scc. announcing that it had taken place. The late hour of the marriage was occasioned by a blunder of the messenger who was sent for the licence.— On the Kith inst. at Dull' House, near Edin- burgh, R. \ V.. l> utf, Esq. Comptroller of Excise for Scut- land, to Lady Anne Duff, sec 11 d daughter uf the F. arl of Fife.— On Saturday, Booth Grey, Esq. of Aston Hayes, in Cheshire, to Lady Sophia Grev, fourth daughter of the Earl of Stamford and Warrington.— Ou Monday evening, by special licence, at the Earl of Breadalbane's, iu Pai k- lane, John Henry Ley, Esq. to Lady Francis Hay, second daughter of the late Marquis of Tweedale.— On Monday, at Aston Ikiniell, in Shropshire, Lcbvard Joseph Smvthe, Esq. only son of Sir Edward Smvthe, Bart, to Frances only daughter of Sir £ dward Bellew, Bart, of Barmeath, eo. Louth.--— Same day, at Norwich, Wm. Geo. Milman; F. sq. eldest son of Sir Francis Milium, Bart, to Miss Alders 111, daughter of ReAlderson, E.- q. DIED.] On the 21st of August, at Malta, the Rev. David Peloqttin Cosserat, Chaplain to his Majesty's Ibices iu that island.— On the 8th inst. at Kusliton House, North- amptonshire, the Hon. William Cockayne, second son of the late Viscount Cullen.— On tbe 10th inst. at Weybridge, Mrs. Ann Prevost, relict of Major- Gen. Augustin- Prevost, and mother of Lieut.- Gen. Sir George Prevost, Bart, of Captain James Prevo- t, R. N. aud of Lieut.- Colonel Wm. Prevost, of the b'Tth regiment.— On the IfJih inst. at Guernsey, in his 8D1I1 year, Win. Le Merchant, Esq. late Bailiff and ChiiP Magistrate of that island.— Same day,^ it Exeter, 011 his way from Cornwall to Oxford, iii the (> 7th year of his age, the Rev. John Smith, Dl D. Prebendary of Gloucester, and Master of Pembroke College, Oxford. — On Monday, at Kensington Palace, J. A. Schwartz, Esq, Equerry to his Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex. A FARM, NEAR. BATH. TO he LETT, for a Term of Seven Years from Lady- Day next,— SWAINSW1CK FARM, situate in the parish of Svvainsvvick, in the county of Somerset, about two miles from the city of Bath, adjoining the turn pike- road leading from Bath to Glocester; consisting of about 200 acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Orchard Land, together with a Farm- House of a superior . description ; Gardens, and offi : es. attached and detachcd ; and a Barn, Stables, and other convenient and necessaiy out- buildings adjoining and appur- tenant thereto;— the whole forming a very desirable Farm. The premises are easy of access through good roads, arc well suppiicd. with good water, and the greater part of them are attached to each other ;. and the parochial outgoings moderate. For viewing the premises apply to Messrs. Hooper; the tenant; and for further particulars to Mr. Checsman, attorney, No. 1, St. James's- street, near the Post- office, Bath. [ 5li>' f WILTS. T0 he LETT, and entered on at Christmas next, - A new- built Brick FARM- HOUSE, consisting of a parlour, kitchen, two bed- chambers ; brew- house, dairy, and cheese- rooms, barn, stables, and other conveni^ t out- offices ; together with a garden and orchard, and 3- 2 acivs of rich pas- ture and meadow ground, all adjoining together, and con- tiguous to the house. The above is situate 4 miles from Warminster, 4 frCm^ Trowbridge, 15 from Devizes, and 12 from Bath, For further particulars apply toS. Yockney, Printing- office, Warminster. - * [ 54) 1 A genteel Residence for a Family, in a )> feasant and healthy part of the iVest of Eni> I a ad. be LETT, a term of years, and entered J upon immediately,-—— A ' handsome DWELL1NG- HOUSli, either Furnished or Unfurnished ( plate and linen excepted;, with a six- stall stable, r co'ach- house, harness- house and large room over, a court- yard in fiont of the dwelling- house walled in and well planted with choice fruit- trees, and a small green- house. The dwelling- house consists of two entrance- hails ( in one of which is a very spacious and light staircase), lofty and well- proportioned drawing, dining, and morning rooms ; study or library 18 feet square and 1- 2 feet high, seven convenient bed rooms and dressing room, with closets, and three attic rooms for servants ; housekeeper's • room, two good kitchens, most excellent arched harder, large under- ground arched wine and beer cellars. The premises have been lately fitted up by the owner with every domestic convenience^ and fit for the recption < •* a large family. Tfo « house is situated in the pleasant market- town of Blandford, on the. great western road from London to the Land's ICnd, arid; within a short distance of that very fa- shionable and much frequented watering- place Weymouth, the surrounding country very beautiful and abounding with game, fox- hounds and several packs of harriers kept in the neighbourhood; the roads particularly good. Further particulars may be had by applying to Mr. Mon- day, solicitor, Blandford j if by letter, postage paid. f427l SOUTHAMPTON. no he SOLD, A substantial and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, fit for the immediate re- ception of a genteel Family, and most desirably situated, No. 2fc*,. on the east side of the Above Bar Street, Southampton ; commanding, from the back front, an extensive view of the River Itcftc* n and the surrounding country. The ground floor comprizes entrance hall, stair case, and an entrance for ser- vants, dining parlour, and two others;— one pair of stairs, drawing- room, and three good bed- rooms with closets ;— two pair of stairs, four good bed- rooms with closets, and way to the roof;— basement story, large kitchen, scullery, larder, pantries, cellars, and vaults for beer, wine, a » d e\ ery other convenience ;— a large garden at the back of the premises, tastefully laid out, with a small green- house, vine- house, The whole inclosed with lofty brick wails covered with choice fruit trees in full bearing, and an uncommon good supply of spring and rain water. [ 4741 For viewing the premises, and further particulars, apply to Mr. Watts, builder, at his office in East- street, Southampton. ISLE OF WIGHT. rpO he SOLD,— A singularly elegant and desirable JL RESIDENCE, comprising a handsome stone- built Dwelling- house, finished in the most complete manner, and containing excellent and well- proportioned dining & drawing '- rooms, library, best- and other fyed chambers, good cellars, with every description of attached and detached offices ; a Cottage, good garden, and about 12 acres of land. This property is situate in that most enchanting part of the Isle of Wight called the Und ere lift', at a short distance from the vijlagc of Niton, and about 9 miles from Newport, and while it is completely sheltered from the north by a range of rocks and cliffs, it commands iu front an unbounded view of the sea, and on either side the most picturesque views of rock, wood, and cultivated scenery. The roads to Newport are good^ and the whole property is deserving the attention of any nobleman or gentleman de- sirous of a residence combining at once beauty and con- venience. Further particulars may be had, and the premises' viewed, on application to Messrs. Clark : s and Sewell, or Mr. Worsley, solicitors, Newport, Isle of Wight, [ nHO'l T WINCH F. S'FER. OHO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, A by Mr. MANT, on Monday the 80th of October, Iso.' i, at eleven o'clock,— All the FARM1XG UTENSILS, rick of prime Dry Meadow- Hay ( about 12 tons), an excellent half Norman Cow, and other cff'ects, late the property ot Mr.- John 1 Moody, deceased, at the lower end of South ; atc- strcct; a'><> the valuable L. case of aight acres of Land, in Paintcr's- fu- ld, near Winchester, five years of which wore unexpired at Mi- chaelmas last, at the low rent of 17/. His. per annum; like- wise all the HOUSEHOLD FURNI TURE in a dwelling- house in the occupation of Mrs. Wiilcox, in St. Swithin's- strcet, and various other property ; comprising one waggon, two carts, single- horse chaise, roller, plough, harrows, and ( hags; quantity of capital seasoned oak floor hoards and planks ; deal j walnut- tree,. and ash ditto ; four- post and other bedsteads with hangings, goose- feather beds and bedding, mahogany bureau and bookcase, mahogany tables and chairs, wainscoat bureau, chests of drawers, deal clothes press, pier and dressing- glasses, small washing copper aud tubs, kitchen requisites, tVc. 4tc. To be viewed " ou Saturday " preceding the sale, when cata- logue. may lie had oil the premises, and at the auctioneer's, Winchester. _ * fsitttf VALUABLE FARMING STOCK. RPO be. SOLD by AUCTION, under an Execution A from the High'Sheriff ot Hants, on the premises, by Messrs. HAI. II and GODWIN, on Mondav the30th of October, ISO!),—' The Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, and IM- PLEMENTS IN HUSBANDRY, belonging to Mr. W. I loans, at Bere Forest I-' arm, near Winchester, Hants; " comprising a capital rick of sanfqin hay and a rick of grass seed, ;! rams, n" horses, .! very excellent waggons, 1 strong dung cart, 1 light ditto, a tax- cart, .2 ploughs and tackle", a nine- share ditto, 2 drags with tackle, 7 harrows, 7 pair ot cart harness, 7 ditto plough ditto, two cows, one heifer in calf, one yearling, and two" weaned calvt- s. The effects rnuv be viewed bv application on the premises, where catalogues maybe had,' and of the Auctioneer.. The sale will commence precisely at ten o'clock, fol7il I. ooselicmger Coppices,, neat Vonnton, l/' ilts. TO G EXT LUMEN. UL' 11. DR. IIS, \\ II F. K. t. W R1G11TS, CoOPEllS, FA'U. MEIIS, AND OTHERS. HPO be* SOIJ> by AUCTION, by Messrs. GKR- 3- luiin and Co. at the Bull Inn, Down'ton, November 2' lsoii, viz.— HI- OAK TIMBER TREES, 701 cube feet of Oak Si- uitling from 4 hv 0 to s bv 8 inches, 71100 Oak Park Pates I ft et and - K feet in length, 1000 Barrel Staves, 300 I lalf- hogshead Staves, 100 Kilderkin ditto. 375 Pail ditto, |, H doz. Pail Bottoms, 4} tin*, ditto Heading, 31,800Oak Spine Laths, - 27,000 Sap ditto, t> o00 Thatching ditto, ( looOak Timber Tops, a large quantity of Waggon and Coach Spokes, Oak Slabs, & c. Me. The above will be put up in small lots for trite conveniencv of purchasers, which will he expressed in catalogues and de- livered at the Bull Inn, Downton, or at the Uiciionecrs', Salisbury.—" For a view of the same apply to Mr. John 1' ur- kess, Loosehangcr Park, or to. Mr. T. W'. Williams's foieman, at the coppicvs. ' File sale to commence precisely at one o'clock. fjim; FONTHILL MANSION, WILTS, npo be SOLD by AUCTION, by GKRRARD and 1. Co. on the Preuvscs, on Friday the ioth of Nov. IP09, — All the remaining Part of the MATERIALS of FONTIIII. I. MANSION ; consisting of + tons of pipe and sheet lead, 5 tons of Russia iron, 2 water closets, large force engine on an im- proved plan, S large iron grates for areas, 1 lame lead cistern containing l- i hogsheads, 5 small ditto from 15. to 30 gallons each, J Venetian windows with plate and crown glass, sashes and frames, panel, doors, skirting'and iurbkee" mouldings, door frontispiece, oak and deal quartering, ditto battening^ 2 large sky- lights, also a handsome dove marble niche, and a number of other articles of budding. The above will be sold without reserve, and put up in. small lots for the convenience of purchaseis, ' The sale to begin at eleven o'clock. ["> 459 WILTS. ^ ' Knlualie Freehold Manor, Perpetual Advou- ion, t? Estates. r| X> be SOLD by AUCTION, by MARRY lluss, A at the White Lion Inn, in Bath, on ' the fith day of No- vember next, at three o'clock in the afternoon, either'together or in lots, subject to such conditions as will be then produced, — The MANOR of NETTLETON, with numerous Quit Rents, Fines, Immunities, and Privileges extending over up wards of l'lOO Acres.— Also the Perpetual Advowson and next Presentation to the valuable RECTORY of NETTLETON; the present incumbent aged about Co.— And also sundry very improvable FREEHOLD ESTATES, containing about 1160 Acrcs, part in hand and the remainder held by lease tor lives and copy of court roll. Printed particular will be ready for delivery on the 10th inst. at the Office of Messrs. Debary and Darby, No. 1, Tan- iii ld- court, Inner Temple, London ;, at the. White Lion, Bath ; the Bush, Bristol; the King's Head, Gloucester; and at the Office of Messrs. Guy and Michell, solicitors, Chippen- ham, where a plan of the Estate may be seen. Ncttleton is 11 miles from Bath, 13 from Bristol, ,0 from Chippenham, and 4 from Marsh field, in a good sporting country. John Hall, the gamekeeper of Ncttleton, will shew'me estate. [ boso RpO he SOLD by AUCTION, on Friday the 10th 8. of November 1809, at five o'clock iu the atternoori, at the Angel Inn, in Warminster, Wilts,— All that excellent Piece of Freehold Arable Land, continu- ing about 7 a. 1 r. 9 p. situate in Morlev Field, in War- minster, now in the occupation of Mr. E. Lye. All that Plot or Piece of Meadow Land, containing about 4J acres, lying at Portway Mead, in Warminster, held for three good lives under the most Hon. the Marquis of Bath, and now in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Hughes, i A" that Tenement or Dwelling- house, ' with the garden thereto belonging, containing about fa' lug of land, lying in Portway, in Warminster, held tor three good lives, and now occupied by Mrs. ' Tuck. r. Further particulars may be known at the time of sale, or of Mr. Phelps, Warminster. [ ftt59 rjno be SOLD by AUCTION, on Friday the 10th JL day of November 1S0<), at five o'clock in the afternoon, at the Angel Inn, in Wt irminster, iu the county ot Wilts,— All that Close or Piece of GARDEN GROUND, containing about four acres, situate near a lane called Woodcock- lane, in Warminster, on the north side of the turnpike road leading from Warminster to Boreham, now in the occupation of Wm. Churchill and Joseph Warren, and held for- lives under the Most Hon. the Marquis of Bath. Further particulars may' be known at the time of sale, or of Mr. Phelps, . " arminster. [ MG'O TPO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Friday the' loth A day of November next, at five o'clock in the afternoon, at the Angel Inn, in Warminster, in the county of Wilts,— The following eligible PREMISES 1 Lot 1.— All those two Messuages, with the Gardens lying before the same,' pleasantly situate at a place called Ashes, in Warminster aforesaid, now in the occupation of Mr. William King and ltd. Whalley. Lot - 2.— A convenient Dwelling- house, with a Coach- maker's Shop, and Premises adjoining the same, situate in Silver- street, in Warminster, now in the occupation of Wm. King and of James . Barnes, coach- makers. Lot 3.— A Dwelling- house, in Silver- street, aforesaid, now in the occupation of Mrs. Taplin. Lot 4.— A Dwelling- house, adjoining the lost- mentioncfl tenement, situate in Silver- street aforesaid, now iu the occu- pation of Mr. Edmund Slade. The above premises are held by lease for lives, under the most Hon. the Marquis of Bath ; and may be viewed on ap- plication to the respective tenants. For further particulars, or treaty, apply to Mr. Phelps, Warminster. * ^ 4ti3t,' It ' ilts.— Little Hedwin Manor and Estate. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. SCOTT, 011 2. Wednesday the - 2Sd of November, at twelve o'clock, at Garraway's, London, INTHRF. I". LOTS, unless an acceptable otl'er shall be made for the whole by private contract.-—-— A capital FREEHOLD ESTATE, the MANOR or reputed Manor, of LITTLE BED WIN, with Fishery, Rights, Roy- alties, Residence, two Farms and Cottages, situate in a healthy, admired, fine sporting country, adjoining Marlborough Forest, I mile from the Bath road, 4 from Hungerford, 7 from Marl- borough; 13 from Newbury and Andover, 40 from Bath ; comprising about - Wo acres* of excellent inclosed meadow, pasture, arable, and wood land; the mansion ( which is" a very comfortable family house), with lands and wood:, adjoin- ing, containing about 100 acre's, are in the - occupation of the proprietor, who will give early possession ; the remainder i< in two Farms, lett for short terms at low rents. The ( State is finely timbered, ornamenting and screening the lands, which possess a pleasing inequality of hill rind dale, Commanding beautiful views, and abounding with game, with the advan- tage of the Kennet and Avon Canal, and the pleasure of a fine trout stream bordering the estate: the buildings have been recently repaired. This interesting property is highly improvable, and eminently merits the attention of gentlemen desirous of residing on their estate fond. of field sports : a pack of Celebrated fox- hounds is kept within a very easy reach, and a pack of harriers within, two miles. Descriptive particulars may be had at the principal Inns at Salthill, Speenhill, Hu.- igerford, and Marlborough; Bear, and Crown, Reading; Bear, Devizes; York- house, and White Har- t, Bath; Bush, at Bristol; York Hotel, Clifton; White Hart, Salisbury; of Messrs. Crowdy and Son, solici- tors, Highworth, Wilts; at Garraway's, and of Mr. Scott, 28, New Bridge- Street, Londorij where a plan of the estate may be seen. [ 5471 BRISTOL;— CATITAL INN A NO PRE Vi 16ES. rpo be SOLD ( in Fee) by Al.' CTHON, on Thur- i day tlie - 2d of November next,.. at one o'clock precisely, by Mr. JOSEPH BONHONOI S,— All tlnirsaid wetl-; vcn « > tujii.' d capital INN and TAVERN called THE LONDON INN aid TALBOT TAVERN, situate in Batb- strea, with an entrance from St. Thomas's- strett, in the city of lir s- ol, with thecoi. rt yards, stabling, and premises thereto belonging, 1 ow in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Holloway, undor a lease whkh t- xpins at Lady- day next. These premises are particularly well situated, have very ex- cellent accommodations, and are now in full bu « ini-:'.. ' For further particulars apply toll. B. Ward, solicitor. Ex- change- buildings, Bristol. | - j i(; HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, some time in No- * vember or December next,— Several v.- rv valuable and improvable well - timbered FREEHOLD M ANORS and ES I A TF. S, situated in the counties of Hants, Wilts, Dorset Devon, Somerset, and Oxfordshire, containing nea-. lv 7C0O acres: the principal part in demesne, and the remainder held tor one. two, and three lives, oi the yearly value ot T'I N I IIOLS/ ND POUNDS and upwards ; w- th the Advowson 01 a very desirable Rectory and- Glebe in Dorsetshire, from so<* to ( Ton/, per year. Descriptive advertisements anil particulars will shortly be published, when further application mav ht made to Geor- e south,. Esq. of Market Laungton, near Devizes, or to \ Ir. Bond, land- surveyor, Axminster. (",-, is7 BU'TLER's RESTORATIVE" rODriI POWDfiR, N offensive Breath is of all other thiings the. most __ disgusting in either Man or Woman, especially in the I air Sex ; it arises oftener from want of attention to the Teeth than any other cause: the regular u; e of a Tooth Powder to remove all impurities, and preserve tlie Teeth sweet anil clean becomes, on this account, indispensably necessary — Ot all the compositions for this purpose, BU'TLER's TOOTH POV\ DKR, from its carminative and n storative qualitits, has deservedly gained a preference :' it renders the teeth of a pearly- white colour, gives a firmness and vermilion hue to ( he gums and imparts a delectable fragrance to the breath. So xtensivc ha sheen the demand for it, that it forms an app, nda ; e to the toilets of the Royal Family, Nobility, and other n. inn- s ot high tank and fashion. Sold wholesale and retail at Mr. Butler's, No. 4, ChcapsHe corner of Paternoster- row, Louden ; I v Brodic, D, m dii> am! Luxtnrd, Salisbury; and retail bv most Medicine Vendeis and Perfumers, in boxes at its. 9d. each. [ 4 • > 2 Under the immediate patronage o f his Royal Highness the PRINCE or WAI. ES. J. T. KIGGE's celebrated MAGNETIC RAZOR TABLET, AN ENTIRE NEW INVENTION. XHF. distinguished honour with wh'Hi ,. t. he Ir - il ventor of the above Article has b. en f. v nir. fl/ bv so cle- vated a Patronage, renders a laboured en '•' iminiii 1 u i;>: me- r. u unnecessary : he therefore hri. i'. v st itcs, that the Tablet require, only to be seen to prove its decisive - uii - a ritv 1 -, t ev, ry invention for Mmilar purposes -, and he tnrthrr adds that hirtiself or " his agents will undertake to prove p a' tiially its us. s, in so unequivocal a manner, that 1 veil tiic mo-; in- credulous will immediately sveproved, beyond a ixiss bilily of doubt, its supeiior effects. It posa „•• s all the a. bantac - i fa hone and strop combined, without the unpleasant m is • : v of using oil or any greasy composition, and its suriacj - which IS a dense level; never ircquir s nv addition— eonsiq'i tly always acts equally in every clirni te. Sold at 7s. lid. eaeh at the Inventor's warehouses, Z9. Pai'i- strcet, Qrosvenor- square, and- (!.', Chcnptitlty Loudon ; also by his sole agents in Salisbury, Messrs. Brodic, Doweling, and Luxford. N. B. To prevent the public from being deceived by spurious imitations, each Tablet is sold with the Inventor's - denature, John Thomas Rigge, in red ink, and numbered.— No others arc genuine. ^ fji'livo Cases at If ' alton- on- the- Hill, Epsom, Surry.. LUCY HA- HA' was four years afflicted with Scor- butic Ulcerations in one leir, and speedily. cured bv - SPlLSBURY's PATENT ANTISCORBUT IC DROPS. ELIZABETH MATHEWS also Cured of an ulcerated leg by taking seven small bottles. JAMES SKEETON, aged 2G, reduced to great weakness, with the loss of ninety pieces of bone, restored to health and a laborious occupation : though the loss of his leg was thought necessary to save his life. " [" 4 laJj The genuine medicine has the words " By the Kind's Pa- tent" expressed 011 the bottle, bill of directions, and outsids wrapper ; and the Kiug's duty is printed in black ink. Sold at the Dispensary, 15, Soho- sqnare, Lomion( jji small bottles at 8*. lid. ; double bottles 10s.; and larger ll. is. Compound Essence, toallay unpleasant irritation, H*. The. Medicine to he had of Brotlie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbuty, who! - sale venders for the West of England ; and Bowling and Co. Newport, Isle of Wight. The following Books, lately published ht/ J. Tat/ lor, at the Ar- chitectural Library, No., < 1, High Ib'iiurn, London, are sold by Hrodie, Don- ding, and LurJ'ord, Snbisl- nct/. BUSHY'S Designs for Villas and Country Houses, 011 24 plates, lio. ll. ft. boards. 2. Busby's Designs f. ir modern Embellishments fur Folding- doors.' Chinincv- piec.- s, Var indas, etc. 85 plates, 4to. coloured, l. 1 I,--. t;< l. 3. Aikin's Designs for Villas ai d other rural Dwellings 31 plates, 4to. ti. 11.,-. Cd.— 1. Dcarn's De. i. e.- f, 1 Cottae, s'and rural Dwellings, 20 plates, large ltd. 1/. 74.- 5. Pocock's De- signs feirtustic Cottages, pictuVe. squr Dwellincs • n. l VilT « 33 plates, 4to. 1/. 1 u. Gd.— fi. Randall's D. s- gns for V ides Man- sions, L( d; es, and Cottages, 1 plat s, lar. v ltd. :/. i-. v. iid.~~ 7. Lugar'sSketches forCottages, rural Dwjln .- .„ » .-,' « -• plates, 1/. lis. t: d.-~ 8. Lunar's Designs for Faim HOUM . Earn A- rus, Dairies, Cottages, & c. 21 plates, 4to. it. fs - - 9. I aing's Hi: u f. r Dwe ( lings, Collages, \ jlias, & e. 3 I plat s, 4 to. 1/.' 5,<.— 10. Tod's Plans of Hot Houses, Green He. us, s, Conservatciies, ' & c. 27 plates, folio, 21. 12s. Gd. [-' 087 }] asscll's lYeu• Drawing Hoop. This day is- published, in Svo. containing four beautiful Subjects from Nature, t « be continued weekly, and completed in. fifty Numbers, at Set. each, ' ~ ASSliLL's Weekly DRAWING M AGAZINE of RURAL SCENERY, or ibe Self- taught Atlist; con- sisting ot views from nature, cottage and mountain scenery, river and coast views, skipping; the various characters of trees, rocks, & c. the various species of cattle calculated to heighten and give sublimity to pictui csque effect; including subjects from original paintings by Murland, never betore published : the whole- en- graved by Hassell. London : published by T. Tegg, No. Ill, Chcapside, and sold by Biodie. Dowding, and I. uxturd, Salisbury. [.' 3446 In a few days will be published, dedicated by permissi. 11 to lier Majesty, handsomely printed in onu octavo volume, a new Editi n of RRULL VILLAGE CURATE, and other POEMS, M, ( including some pieces now first- published) by tlie Rev JAMfiS HURDtS, D. D. late Fellow of Magdalen College-; and Professor of poi- tiy in the University ot Oxloid. To which will be prc'tixcd, Soma account of the Author's Life, by a Si- ier ; and a Portrait engraved by J. Romney, front a miniature painting by E. Nash! in the possessi'in ot the family, London : Printed for J. Sharpe and N. Hailcs, opposite Al- bany, Piccadilly; and sold byBrcdle, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury. Where may be had, lately published, elegantly printed in three volumes demy octavo, wiili a tine portrait'oi'the Author, price 1/. lit. t". 7. hi boards, The WORKS, in Prose and Verse, of Mr. A. COWLEY- with Notes, by Dr. Kurd, late Bishop of Worcester. Also, price 1a be.- uitilul Edition of Dr. WATTS's DIVINE SONGS for Children. Revised by the Rev. John Owen, A. M. and embellished with an engraving by A. Smith, A. R. A. from a drawing by ' I. Stoiliard, Esq. K. A. Also, in a miniature vul-. m ice •].,- in boards, Tie PANORAMA of WIT: extiibiiing, at . ne view, the choicest Epigrams in the English language. With a tine ,; n- _ I : r: J3 This day is published, in a neat and cbsfly printed vohtnu: small octavo, containing ' Ten useful Plate's, price 7s. Gd. ~ ti boards, a netv Edition of A New SYSTKM of DOMESTIC COOKERY, J.. jL formed upon Principles of Economy, and adapted to the ' use e. f piivate families. Comprising also the Art of Carving Observations on the management ot'the Dairy, and Poultry Yard ; Instructions fi- r Home Brewery, Wines, ; Cookery fur the Sick and for tl c Poor; many very u-; cfu! mi- eellaiieoiis Receipts and Directions proper to be given to Servants both in town and country. To which is prefixed, an Essay on Do- mestic Economy and Household Manageirie- nt, compris: ng many observations which will be found particularly useful to the mistress of a family. BV A LADY. " This is really one of the. most practically useful hooks of any which we have seen 011 the subject. The. Lady who has written it, has not studied how to form expensive articles fir luxurious tallies, but to combine- elegance with economy. She has given her directions in a plain sensible maimer. that everybody can understand; and these are net ccnimed merely to cookery, but are extended to i:\ hrien ofoMcctsin use in families; by which mentis the tuiliu of the >, c >.- kisveiy much increased indeed."— Ariti- Jacoii.-! i\ ei. si . t., 7. Printed for James Murray, 3?.- 1 1rr- < eb vlon; A. Constable and Co. Edinburgh ; Wogan , 11.1 Ctm mine, I) u!•- lin ; Brodie, Dowding, and Luxforei, S. e sl- ur- • i. nd inax I e had of every bookseller and new .. man in towi'acd country Of whom may l- e bad, jus! wHhhrd I. Mrs. CHAPOXK's WORKS * Vc'r v. '; - M , U 8vo 1 is Si, LADVs LIBRARY, small Bvo. ptice Gt. r « j • v THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. Sundays Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, rVSUSUKO ON SATURDAY NIGHT, OCT. 28. WHIT OIL ALL, Oct. 28.- V M NHE King has been pleased to constitute and 3 appoint the Right lion. Henry John Viscount — Palnlerston to be his Majesty's Secretary at War. ADMIRAI/ TY- OFFICE, Oct. 25. Tim day in pursuance of the King's pleasure, the following FlagOffiers of his Ma- je- tv's Fleet were promoted, viz. Admirals of tbe White, W. P. Williams, Esq. Sir . T. Colpnvs to ho Admirals of tho Red. Admirals of the Blue, I. Preseott, T. Spry, Esqrs. Sir 3. Ordv, to be Admirals of the White. Vice- Admirals of tbe Red, J. Thomas, .1. Btine, Esqrs. Sir E. ( lower, ,!. ilotloway, G. Wilson, E, qrs. to be Ad- miral; of the Blue. Vice- Admirals of the White, H. Savage, B. S. Rowley, l> qrs. Sir R. Bickerton, G. Bowen, Esq. to be Vice- Ad- lnirals of the Red. Vice- Admirals of the Blue, S. Edwards, G. Campbell, H. Frankkmd, A. Phillip, Lsqrs. Sir W. G. Fairfax, to be Vice- Admit'ah of the White. Rear- Admirals of the Red, J. C. Purvis, T. Jones, W. Domett, W. Wolseley, J. Mauley, G. Murray, J. Sutton, R. Murray, Esqrs. Hon. Sir A. Cochrane, J. Markham, - Esq. to lie Vice- Admirals of the Blue. R- ar- Admlrals of the White, J. Wells, R. Grindall, G. Martin, Esqrs. Sir A. J- Rail, Sir R. , f. Strachan, Str W. Si. Smith, T. Sothehy, N. Brunton, W. H. Kelly, John S hank, Hon. M. DeComey, to be Rear- Admirals of the lb d. i ir- Admirals of the Blue, D. Gould, Esq. Sir R. G. Ke , t • It. I). Fancourt, F. st|, Sir E. Buller, Hon. R. Stop- ford, M. Robinson, T, R. Shivers, C. Cobb, - F. Piekmore, J. S. ii,;'.. J. Dilkes, E qrs. to bo Rear- Adniirals of tbe While. Captain -?.. Rulteel, W. Luke, I. G. Mauley, J- Osborn, Ed. Crawley, '.'. Boyles, Sir T. William-, 1. Hamilton, Sir T. B. Thompson, and G. Countess— to be Rear- Admirals of tbe Blue. ] f • T<=. John Webb, of Oroat Portland-,-! at, Marv- le- Bone, hatter, fit iirirc Stmthombe, of Kristfll, che- - i. i -' tej^ factor. John'Perkins, ofNtath, Glamoigansho -, eary. Jolm I'ain, of Peckhaui, Surrey, hricklayve. Solomaa Fisher, of Noble- street, London, warehouseman. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 29. Letters from Gattenbnrgh contain some unfavour- able intelligence respecting the last convoy from Riga. Of Upwards of 100 ships that sailed from that port, no more than TO had arrived at Gottenburgh. The remainder either found- Ted at sea, were on shere at Calmar and Carlscrona, or captured. Between ten and fifteen had been carried into Copenhagen. STOCKS.— No business this d ty at the Stock F. xchatige.—- Cou- iols, Yesterday, 695. li nk Stock 2( J9i, 271. Port aetosf. PORTSMOUTH, Oct. 28. Amidst the display of benevolence which Wednesday's Jubilee occasioned, tbe following merits particular notice : Messrs. Burridge and Son-, of this place, gave to 18d Danish prisoners six- pence each, anil to G715 French prisoners three- pence each. Their long commercial dealings with Denmark led to the one, and their proper sense ot Marshal Mortier's care of our siek and wounded at Talavera occasioned tbe other. Rear- Admiral Sir Samuel Hood hoisted his flag this day on board the Centaur, to take the command cf the squadron destined for the Black Sea. The Frederickstein is appointed convoy fo the coast of Portugal and the Mediterranean. Sunday— Arrived bis Majesty's ship Spartiate, Capt. Sir Francis Lafory, with convoy from tbe Mediterranean ; and Harlequin hired- armed ship, Lieut. Austruther, from the we- tvi aril. Monday— Arrived the Rolla sloop, Capt. (" lark, from Plymouth; and the Port Mahonsloop, Capt. Lawson, f ont a cruize, Tuesday— Sailed ' lie Port Mahon sloop, Capt- Lawson, for Cork. ffednesdajf— Arrived the Victorious, Cnpt- Hammond, from Flti- hing, to fit for the Black Sea. Sailed tbe Vul- ture sloop, Capt. White, with e. onvoy to Guernsey. 1' lvsday— Arrived the Salsctte, Capt. Bathurst, from the Downs. Friday— Arrived the Virago gun vessel, from Plymouth. Saturday— Sailed the Rolla brig, Captain Clarke, with convoy tor the Downs. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 28. The Jubilee in commemoration of his Majesty's: Entering into the 50th year of his reign, was celebrated here with every possible mark of loyalty and affection to - our good Sovereign. The belis in all the churches began ringing as soon as the clock bad struck twelve on Tuesday flight, and continued ringing from that hour till Wednes- day night at ten o'clock. The Mayor and Corporation, the Sheriff, Under Sheriff, and Officers, the Clergy, the Volunteers, the Society of Natives, Society of Aliens, Friendly Societies, Children of the Free School, those ot the Charity Schools, & c. walked in procession to the Ca- thedral, where an appropriate sermon was preached by the Hon. and Rev. Mr. I) e Grey. After tile church service a feu. de joie was fired by the military iu garrison; and several parties dined together at the diifereut inns. Bfead, meat, beer, and fuel, purchased by subscription, were distributed among the poor. The ball on Thursday evening, at St. John's House, was attended by nearly 300 fashionables, and the dancing con- tinued t. i a late hour. Elegant transparencies were dis- played at St. John's House, both Wednesday and Thursday evening. A striking likeness of his Majesty, in his rpbes of state, was much admired. At the bonfire on Wednesday evening, serpents were plentifully thrown ; and a young man ( Mr. Finden) ( laving a pocket full, with a lighted one in his hand, unfortunately fell, by which accident those in bis pocket caught fire, and he was so much burnt that his life is iu danger. At Romscy, all the poor were supplied with pro- visions, and a pleasing sight was exhibited of 5. J0 children, belonging to the different schools, assembled iu ( pe Market- place, and each made happy by the present ot a four- penny pie. The Members of the Church establishment and the Dissenters united on this occasion, and the Hon. Misses Temple were most assiduously employed through the day in acts of benevolence. ' SirWm Ileathcote testified his joy on the occasion by a distribution of upwards of a hundred pair of excellent blankets among bis poor neighbours ; judging that the best method of making the poor rejoice. George Eyre, Esq. of Warrens, and Henry Daw- kins, Esq. of Standlyuch, sent liberal donations to the poor, John Eyre, Esq. of Landford, regaled the poor of his pal ish with a plentiful dinner at his own house. At Melchet Park, the seat of Major Osborne, a numerous party of men, women, and children were enter- tained with abundance of roast beef and plum pudding, and a proper portion of ale and strong beer; with a dance in the Park till evening, when they had a bonfire, after which they retired, with heart- felt gratitude for what they had received, taking with jhem the fragments that had been left at dinner. At Christchurch, early in the morning the bells began ringing, ami jhe union flag was displayed on the church steeple. Tlie lloyal Horse Artillery fired a royal salute, and fhe Yeomen Cavalry a feu dejoie. The church service was very numerously attended, where an impres- irive Sermon v/ a" s preached by the Rev. Mr. Clapham. The poor in the parish workhouse were feasted wit'ti beef and plum- pudding; and the poor of tbe town and neighbour- hood'we're amply supplied with meat, bread, and beer by the liberality of their opulent neighbour's. , TT) ere were several public dinners iu the town, at which conviviality, good humour, and loyalty prevailed.' In the evening there was a ball, which was attended by all the fashionables of the town and neighbourhood, and dancing wa § kept up with great spirit till a fye hour. The iOth Anniversary of the Accession of our gracieus Sovereign was celebrated throughout the Isle of Wight with givat eclat. At Newport the Corporation, and a large body of the ancient Society of Free Masons, pro- ceeded in form ti^ the church, where a most excellent ser- mon was preached by a Brother, the Rev. Peter Geary. After divine service, the Corporation adjourned to the Guildhall, and unanimously voted an address to the King ; and di- charged, at their ex pence, every person confined for debt in the pri son. At one o'clock, two thousand people were plentifully regaled with roast beef, plum- pudding, and strong beer, in booth", most judiciously erected for the purpose in the great square. Two hundred of the principal Gentlemen, Officers of the navy and army, and Yeomanry of the island, dined together at the Sun Inn, Lord Fitz- harris, the Governor, in the Chair ; several Officers of the Duke of Brunswick's corps joined this festive party, and nothing could exceed the loyal enthusiasm and joy mani- fested by every person present. Nun Nobis, and several excellent songs, were sung. A short patriotic oration ( composed for the occasion by James Willis, Esq.) was happily recited by him. In the evening several handsome illuminations and transparencies were exhibited, amongst which, those at Sir H. W. Holmes's were particularly bril- liant i his house and gardens were thrown open to his many friends, and the public in general, who were also much gratified with a grand display" of fire- work',— and so nu- merous an assemblage of happy people Was never befure known iu the Isle of Wight. At our Sheep Fair on Tuesday, the shew was not so great as last year ; but those that were penned met a brisk sale, at high prices: Lambs fetched from HH- to 25r. and a few superior lots sold at - iIs. On Wedne- diy, the price of old cheese was from M. to 4/. 10. f. per ewt.—. new from 3.'. to 31. 10- s. There was a tolerable shew of holies, and such as were good sold dear. On Monday last was married, at Holdenhqrst, Mr. Crabb, surgeon, of Romscy, to Miss S. Aldridge, daughter of Matthew Aldridgj, Esq. ofT'iroop, near Christchurch. On Tuesday was married, at Ringwood, the Rev. Mr. CooksOn, to Miss Alary Amy, both of that place. Last Thursday was married, at Milstone, - Mr. Wm. Lawes, of Woodhbuse Farm, near Amlovcr, to Miss Hester Hopkins, second daughter of the late Mr. Hopkins, of Mflstone. On the l? th inst. died, at Aldershot Lodge, in this county, Mrs. Pigot, aged Cl years. On Tuesday the 17th itist. died, at Vicar's Hill, Lymington, Thomas Goldwin, Esq. late of the Island of Jamaica. On Sunday last died, at her house in London, after a short illness, occasioned by the loss of an only son, Mrs, Bateson, relict of George Bateson, Esq. for- merly a Captain in the 3d Foot Guarib, and sister of Sir Robert KingsmiH, Bart, of Sidminton House, in this county. On Tuesday died, at Penton Lodge, near Andovcr, Louisa the second daughter of Geo. Nesbitt Thomp son, Esq. aged 1* 4 years. On Wednesday morning last ( lied Mrs. Ploughman, wife of Mr. Ploughman, brewer, at Romsey. She was dressed for the purpose of going to church, which she used punctually to attend, when, iii the midst of her ti ual flow of spirits and cheerfulness', she fell down sud- denly in her chamber and expired : a circumstance that cast a gloom over the good- humour of the day, as she was much respected and beloved by a numerous acquaintance. Committed to the County Gaol, John Windsor, 011 a charge of stopping John Padwiek, of Bentworth, oil the highway near Alton, on Saturday night last, between eight and nine o'clock, aud robbing him of two half- guineas in gold and other monies; and Riehard Toogood, for man- slaughter, having killed one Lawrence Hyud iu fighting, at Gosport. SOUTHAMPTON, Oct. 28.— AVednesday morning was ushered in with ringing of bells, rand ten pipces of small cannon were fired before the Custom- house three times in the course of the day. After service at the several churches, the Southampton Yeomanry Cavalry, dis- mouutrd, were drawn up before ihe Market- place with the Volunteers, and fired a feu de joie. At five o'clock, several ' Gentlemen sat down to dinner at tbe Dolphin , and passed the remainder of the day in loyal festivity.—, The subscription for the poor was given in Bread, in proportion to their several families. Messrs. Robert and William Minders, brewers, generously gave seven sheep to nearly 100 poor industrious families, in proportion to their numbers, as also a hogshead of good old strong beer. SALISBURY, MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1809. The 50th Annsvcrsary of bis Majesty's Accession fo the Throne was here indeed a JmiiLKR - At an early hour in the morning the Corporation met in the Council- Chamber, patties of the Gb'th regiment and Wilts Local Militia, tbe Salisbury Loval Volunteers, tbe Salisbury Troop: of Yeomanry Cavalry, the several Companies of Titvlors, Weavers, Woolcoinbers, Joiners, and Shoemakers, tbe Sarum and Apollo Lodges of Freemasons, the Fiiondly Societies, Children of tbe Charity Schools, Arc. assembled in tbe Market- place, were marshalled in order, and all walked in procession to the Cathedral, where the Church Service was performed in the most solemn and impressive manner, tile Dean and other Dignitaries officiating. The Sermon was preached by tbe Lord Bishop, from the very appropriate text, " Wljen the righteous are in authority t lie people rejoice,"— Prov. xxix. 2. The procession returned from Ihe Church to the Market- place, where a feu de joys and three vollies were fired by tbe troops. Bishop lilaze and his attendants fill proper costume), the Giant St. Christopher and attendants, pa- rad ' d, to the infinite amusement of the junior spectators. The procession of the Free Masons was very interesting. It. was composed principally of the metnb'rs of the Saruiu and Apollo Lodges, who appeared with their various insignia, and moved to and from the Cathedral church in such order os to arrest general attention. Their Chaplain, Brother the Rev. J. E. Harrington, attended them, and after returning from church delivered an excellent and appropriate address to the Brethren at their lodge- room, where a sumptuous dinner was afterwards served up by Brother Stock, of tbe Chough. They continued together till a late hour, in the enjoyment of that harmony aud friendship which is the characteristic of the fraternity, and the admiration of the we rid. The public dinner at the Rooms was honoured with the presence of the Earl of Pembroke, the Earl of Radnor, the Bishop of Salisbury, tbe Dean, Mr. Chancellor Douglas, Mr. Archdeacon Coxe, Mr. Canon Hume, Sir Ed. Hulse, Sir Geo. Staunton, Gen. Stevens, Mr. Wyudbam, Mr. Hussey.'& e. The Mayor of Salisbury presided as Chairman ; and in the whole R2 per- ons sat down to a plentiful dinner, with the gratifying reflection that they had all contributed to enable every one of the poor in the city and neighbour- hood to participate in the festivity, the subscription for which was so liberal, that a considerable sum remains over, to be expended for their more permanent, eumfort. Capt. Baker and the Salisbury troop of Yeomanry ( 6( 1111 number) dined in tbe large room of the Spread Eagle Inn. Both these dinners were served by Mr. Gibbons. The Officers of the Salisbury Volunteers handsome'y enabled the non- commissioned and privates of the corps to conclude the day with that spirit of cheerfulness which they had ma- nifested of loyalty to their King in the former part of it. The' Company of Taylors had a sumptuous dinner at their Hall, and upwards of forty Gentlemen were invited to join them iu celebrating this happy day. The dinner was well served tip and the wines excellent. Loyal toasts and appropriate songs kept the happy group together to a late hour.— There were various other public dinners at different Inns. Bonfires were lighted and fire- works exhibits in the evening; but. there were no illuminations ; and not tbe least accident, occurred during Ihe festival. The Ball and Supper at the Rooms, 011 Thursday even- ing, w re attended by upwards of 26' 0 Ladies and Gentle- men, including ( he Ear! and Countess of Pembroke, the Earl anil Countess of Radnor, and many others of high rank and fashion. The merry dance was kept up with spirit till three o'clock on Friday morning, when the com- pany became thin, and by four the Rooms were cleared. The anniversary of his Majesty's Accession to the Throne was observed by the inhabitants of Wilton with every mark of loyalty and respect. The Earl of Pembroke, fas High Steward,) the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, and Burgesses, in their robes, attended by their pi opCr officers,— tbe two companies of Loyal Volunteers, the Weavers' Company, and the four Friendly Societies, amounting in the whole to about 500, together with a vast concourse of other inhabitants, walked in procession from the Guildhall to the Church, to attend Divine Service, where an excel- lent aud appropriate sermon was delivered 1 after which the procession paraded the town, and a feu dejoye was fired by the Volunteers. The company then ( with the exception uf the Earl of Pembroke, who went to the public dinner at. Salisbury,) repaired to tbe respective Inns, where excellent dinners were provided, and tbe re- ivas mainder of tbe day spent with tho utmost harmony and conviviality. It was not a little gratifying to observe tbe deceht appearance of the Children of the Charity and Sunday Schools, who preceded the whole to church, and joined their infant voices to the psalms selected for the occasion, with the most pleasing effect. Mrs. Cook, of Donhead Lodge ( widow of Capt, Cook, who gloriously fell in the battle of Trafalgar) entertained more than 500 poor people in the lawn fronting the man- sion, with a handsome collation, where strong beer flowed in profusion, pui chased by a subscription of Mrs, Cook and all tbe principal Yeomanry of Donhead St. Andrew. The company were placed in two semicircles, on the heau- tiful bank of the river Nadir, the bells incessantly ringing, music playing, flags flying, and every heart overflowing with gratitude. After the repast country dances com- menced, with appropriate songs, cheering, & c. at eight o'clock the happy guests retired to their respective homes. The mansion was brilliantly illuminated in the evening. The Anniversary of his Majesty's Accession was also celebrated at Warminster with every demonstration of loyalty. The Officers and Non- commissioned Officers of the 5th Local Wilts Militia assembled from the surrounding parishes, and were attended to the Church by the recruit- ing parties of the Royals and Wilts Militia, and also by tbe Frii ndly Societies, with binds playing ami colours flying, where a much admired Sermon was preached by the Re/. Mr. Rowlands., n, Vicar of the parish. Six fat bullocks, six sheep, and 700 loaves of bread, were distributed to tho poor, by a general subscription, besides several private donations bv individuals;— among which, a dinner was given in the Town- Hall to 128 children of the Sunday Schools, by Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, of tbe Angel Inn ; and Mr. Lye provided a dinner of roast beef, plum pudding, & c. for all his workmen and dependants, their wives and children, on a table in his warehouse yard, where one hundred men, women, anil children were heartily fed, and bed plenty of strong beer to drink his Majesty's health. The day closed with rational hilarity, fire- works, and a blazing bonfire 011 the edge of Warminster Down. Every inhabitant of Ludgershall received a hand- some donation of beef and bread from Thus. Everett, Esq. to celebrate the Festival. At Blandford, the bells were milt! the while In, except during divine service, which was fully attended, and an appropriate sermon by the Rev. Mr. Hoare. Almost every shop was shut: 3000/ 4. weight of Beef were given to the poor, a half- quartern loaf to every one in each family, and one pint, of good strong beer to every one like- wise; bonfires and fire- wo k in the evening; Volunteers fired in the Market- place ; and the day passed wifti the utmost harmony. God save the King— Long live our King, Geo. HI. beloved by his People, > v<'.— 011 ribbons and coloured papfcrs, were worn by every young person. At Dorchester, the morning was ushered in bv the ringing of bells; the Dorset Yeomanrv, who were there on duty, attended divine service at St. Peter's Church ; the Mayor and Body Corporate attended at the Holy Tri- nity, and heard a inost excellent sermon from the Rev. Mr. Riclunan ; and the remainder of the day was spent in becoming festivity. A very large subscription having pre- viously been made, four capital heifers were killed and dis- tributed to the necessitous in the proportion of two pounds ft, each person, together with a half- quartern loaf to tach. The Yeoinaicry were reviewed by the Duke of Cam- bridge on Thursday, who expresse'il bis high approbation at their various, evolutions and their grand military, appearance. By subscriptions made in the town of Poole on this occasion, seven Bullocks- anil six Sheep, anil 2000 lialf- quai'tern Loaves, were distributed to ( il~ poor families, including 2000 persons and upwards, with the price of a pint of strong beer to each. At Vv'arclifim, three fat. bullocks and a proportion- ate quantity of bread were distributed to the poor. The Volunteers* commanded by Capt. Bartlett, paraded and fired a f it dr jnyc in honour of the day, and were regaled by th.' ir officers with a hog- head of strong beer. A large party dined at the Red Lion lull, and iu the evening there was a ball at the Town- Hall. Amongst the numerous instances of munificence and liberality to the poor, which occurred on tlie Anni- versary, that of the Earl and Countess of Shaftesbury stands particularly distinguished . upwards of two thou. and persons ( including all the poor of eleven parishes iu tbe neighbourhood of bis Lordship's seat at St. Giles's) were supplied, at bis Lordship's expellee, with beef an 1 bread, in the proportion of two pounds of beef anil a pound and half of bread to each individual. Besides this, his Lord- ship sent liberal donations in money, to several other parishes in aid of subscription*, to be employed for the same purpose. This extensive liberality, joined to tbe nuineroui acts of unaffected charity anJHienelieenee which tbe surrounding neighbourhood have experienced from this illustrious family, will not only add fresh lustre to their characters, as friends anil patrons of the poor, but will ever be remembered with gratitude by all who have been partakers of their bounty. E M. Pleydell, Esq of What< » mb- Housf, gave ten guineas to the poor of each of the following parishes : Kingston, B re, Milborne, Houghton, Clenstonie, aud Whitchurch, with a hogshead ot old stout. Wm. M. Pitt, Fisq. gave a sumptuous dinner to near 300 poor of Bockhampton, as did R. Williams, Esq. to the poor of Little Bredy. A run 011 the Wimborne Bank has suddenly taken place. It was occasioned by an improper and unwarranted assertion. of an individual; but though additional labour anifbustle is occasioned to the concern by this alarm, it cannot last long. The principal Gentlemen of the town aud neighbourhood are so convinced of the solidity of the " firm, that they have voluntarily signed an agreement to take their notes in all payments. O11 Monday was married, Mr, James Laugher, of Birmingham, merchant, to Miss Eliza Ann Lewis, of this city. On Tuesday was married, at the Cathedral, by the Rev. Archdeacon Coxe, the Rev. B. Church- i'll, Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford, to Eliza Harriet ( laughter of the late Rev. Dr. Frome, of East Wood- hay, Hants. The . same day was married, at Yeovil, Mr. Henry Hodding, second son of Mr. Hodding, of this city, to Miss Letitia Scadding, of llchester. O11 Tuesday was married, at Poole, J. Inglebv, Esq. of Wood- street, Cheapside, London, to Sarah only daughter of the lhte Mr. Mark Richards, mer- chant, of that place. On the 21st of August died, at Truxillo, in Spain, in the ^ iriine of life, and in consequence of a wound received at the battle of Talavera, Thomas Brooke, Esq. brother of Henry Brooke, Esq. late of this city. On the 8th of August died, deeply regretted, on board the Undaunted frigate, in the West Indies, Mr. Charles Pester, midshipman, son of Mr. Pester, near Yeovil, a youth whose excellent disposition, and strict attention to his duty, endeared him to all who knew him. Lately died, aged 35 years, the Rev. Benj. Mosse, upwards of H) years Curate of East Stoke, Dorset. On Monday last died, at Weymouth, universally belovec| and regretted, Mr. John Ellary, of that plafe- A few days tince died, suddenly, Mr. Win. Spencer, of Pewacy. JUBILEE, SOUTHAMPTON," Tn Celebration of the fiftieth Year of his Majesty's R.- ign. THE BALL and SUPPER ( having been nil voitl- ably POSTI- ONEO) will be at the Long Rooms on Thurs- day November the Sd. W. LYNNE, M. C. DEVIZES ASSEMBLY. THE First Subscription Assembly will be held on Tuesday the aist instant, at the New Town Hail. Oct. 19, rsoy. [ 0S03 CITY QF NEW'SARUM. THE following ADDRESS, fr » nt the MAYOR and CO. MMONAI. TY of this CITY has been transmitted to the Secretary of State, to be presented to bis MAJESTY I— " To the King's Most Excellent Majesty. " MOST GRACIOUS SOVEREIGN, " WE your Majesty's moVt dutiful and loyal subjects, the Mayor and Commonalty of the City of New Sarum, in Common Council assembled, bes leave to tender to your Ma- jesty our most humble congratulations on the commence, mcnt of the fiftieth year of your reign. " Among the most signal benefits which the Divine Pro- vidence confers on a favored nation is the Government of a Sovereign, under whom the laws arc faithfully administered and the national rights protected, and by whom a personal example is eminently set of religion and morality:— That blessing, during your Majesty's reign, it is our highest grati- fication to acknowledge. " It would be want of gratitude towards the Supreme Being, with respect to tbe past,— it would be want of wisdom towards ourselves, with respect to the future, to with- hold our anient prayers for a long continuance of your Majesty's sacrcd life; as, from experience, we arc induced thence to infer, with humble confidence, a continuance of domestic blessings to your people, gratefully, faithfully, and zealously attached to your Majesty, and to your Royal House. " Given under our Common Seal, the 25th day of October, in the fiftieth year of your Majesty's reign, and' in the year of our Lord 1809." ANNIVERSARY OF I IIS MAJESTY'S ACCESSION, CITY OF NIC If SARUM. 1IIE SUBSCRIPTION will remain open til) NEXT SATURNAY,'— at the TWO BANKS, and at Messrs. BRODIE, DowqiNQ, and Luxroau's, T Amount of Sub- s. i. scriptions already £. s. d. Mrs. Shirley.... .... l 1 0 advertised 647 Iti 1) W. Collins 2 0 0 Thomas Lush .. 0 to a James Sutton. .. 2 0 Mrs. Fuller ,, l I 0 Mr. Nunn .. 1 I 0 General Michell.. , 10 0 0 R. B. Wray 1 J 0 Mrs. Frome .. 1 1 0 Ril. Snook....,. i 1 a Mrs. Brodie....... .. 1 1 0 Mr. Tubb, jun.. ..,. 1 t 0 Mrs. M. Brodie .. .. I I 0 Dyke and Gaby. 2 2 0 General Slade.... , 10 10 0 Devenisliand Whitty 2 2 0 Mr. Gray. .. 0 10 6 Mrs. Robinson .. .... 5 5 0 Mr. Ran'ecr .. 1 1 0 A. B 7 0 Wm. Tubb .. 1 1 0 Mrs. Moore..... 0 5 0 Master of St. Nicholas 5 5 0 Thomas Brown.. .. 1 1 0 .£" 702 8 6 Wm. Arney .. 1 I 0 AT a Meeting of the Mayor. Bailiffs, and Com- monalty of the City. of WINCHESTER, holdcn at the Guildhall in the said City this 2Jth day of October, in tha year of our Lord 1809, the following Address was proposed by JOHN NICHOLAS SILVER, Esq. Mayor, and seconded by Mr. Alderman Earle, which passed unanimously:— " To the King's Most Excellent Majesty. " WE the Mayor, Bailiffs, and Commonalty u'f the City of Winchester, in Council assembled, beg leave at the foot of the Throne to express our profound generation and affection for your Majesty's sacred person, also to congratulate you on the joyful period, the fiftieth Anniversary of your Majesty's Accession to the Throne. Sensible of the many blessings arising from your Majesty's mild and salutary Government, and impressed with the many excellent virtues that render your Majesty a bright example to all surrounding Monarchs, we fervently hope Divine Providence in his goodness will preserve your M tjesty's most valuable life many years, to reign over a People grateful for the comfons they enjoy under the auspices of so beneficent a Sovereign. " Given under our Common Seal this - 27th day of October, 1809." • Resolved, that the thanks of the Meeting be given to the Mayor for moving the said Address, aud also for his conduct in the Chair. [ 548J AT a numerous Meeting of the Inhabitants of the City and Suburbs of WINCHESTER, holden this 27th dav of October, in the year of our Lord 1809, at the Guild- hall of the said City, by requisition of the Committeirfor conducting the celebration of the Jubilee, aud in pursuance of n otice given by John Nicholas Silver, Esq. Mayor of the said City, the following Address was proposed by the Rev. Mr. Poulter, and seconded by Sir Henry Carew Saint John Mildinay, Bart, which passed unanimously. " ' Li the King's Most Excellent Majesty. " Wc your Majesty's faithful and loyal subjects, the Inha- bitants ot the City and Suburbs of Winchester, do anxiously embrace this auspicious occ ision of congratulating your Ma- jesty on the entrance intoyjur 50th year from your accession to the Throne. • " It is flot alone your Majesty's number of years, though in itself respectable, nor length of reign, though in itself venerable, which attaches your faithful and loyal subjects to your Majesty ; but it is the union of those numerous years, and that long reign, with the exemplary piety, virtue, and patriotism, in the constant practice of which they hive been uniformly conducted, that induccs us to oiler tile correspond- ing return of our veneration, attachment, arid admiration, together constituting the zealous loyalty of your Majesty's grateful subjects. " The still much longer continuance of yoti'r Majesty's pious, virtuous, and patriotic reign, in the exeicise of the same gracious qualities so honourable to yout Majesty, and • so beneficial to your people, is the fervent prayer of your Majesty's loyal and faithful subjects the Inhabitants of tlie City and Suburbs of Winchester. " J. N. SILVER, Chairman." A vote of thanks was then passed to the mover and seconder of the Address, Rcsnlved,— That rhc Address be inserted in the Salisbury and Winchester Journal, Hampshire Chronicle, the Ports- mouth and Hampshire Telegraph, the Courier, and Morning Chronicle papers. That the thanks of the Meeting be given to the Mayor as Chairman. [ 5484 BOROUGH or WILTON, Oct. 8( 5, 1809. N pursuance of certain Resolutions entered into at a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Borough and Parish I ' Resolved, that a Subscription should be entered into, for " the purpose of enabling the Poor of the said Borough and " Parish to participate in the Festivity." A Subscription was accordingly entered into, as undermentioned, and a Committee appointed to settle the mode of disposing of the same. SUBSCRIBERS' NAMES. 0 0 1 1 0 8 2 0 6 6 1 I 0 1 1 o 0 G 0 W. Thring, Bulbridge D. Sutton John Swayne Tin 111 is Mease..... William Cable Miss Friend William Wiltshire.. Wm. Cowdry James Randall R. Beaumont James Staple John Sutton Reuben Read ...... Richard ' fining.... 0 10 1 1 1 1 5 0 0 10 1 I Earl of Pembroke... 50 Cha. Herbert, Esq.) M. P } Ral. Sheldon, Esq. ) M. P C25 R. P. Whitmarsh, \ , • . Mavoi of Wilton \ J " Francis Seward 10 10 James Swayne 10 10 RR'ector'.. Het. 1! y:}, 0,° Rev. H. Hayman, \ „ „ Curate > ~ W. Whitmarsh, sen. 1 1 W. Seagrim 5- 5 J. Seagrim 5 5 W. Randall 3 3 J. and P. Phelps 2 2 Jos. Ilayward 3 3 James Nightingale.. 1 1 J. Whitmacsh, ~ Ditchton H. Ford, Burdens-' ball S. Ford 0 10 H. Ford, jun 0 10 J. Wiikmarsh, ) plumber ) W. Whitmarsh, ) grocer ) G. Yeats 1 1 R. Siilford I 1 W. Kerley I 1 TOTAL ,£' 214 3 <>' From the above Subscription the Committee were enabled to distribute a liberal quantitypf MEAT. BREAD, and STRONG BEER to upwards of fifteen hundred of the poor inhabitants, after which a surplus remained with the Committee, suf- ficient to purchase about 200 pair of blankets, which are in- tended to be given to { he necessitous poor, for their comfort against the approaching wiqter. (" 5161 James Shcppard.... 1 Miss Vineys l William Snelgrove.. 1 Elisha I lumhy I John Harman...... t Charles Chipps..... George > ippard .... Miss Fry Thomas Casscy .... Messrs. Townsend.. John Rily Samuel Jukes Amos West. James Targett 0 10 R. Coward o 5 Rev. Mr. Sloper, Dissenting Min. Win. Lankford, a pair of blankets d. 0 0 0 0 0 6 " 0 0 0 ( 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 (,' 6 0 0 a 0 u 6 0 0 10 6 t I 1 3 3 0 10 0 10 1 1 I 1 0 10 1 I 0 10 W1LTSHIRE LIEUTENANCY. ' OTICE is hereby given, ' lh. it a General i* Meeting of the Lieutenancy of the County/ if Wilts will be ho'lden at my House, in Crane- street, in " the City of New Sarum, in the said County, on Friday the 17th day of November next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, ft* executing tbe Act 19 Geo. 3. ch. 53. [ 5500 By order of the Lord Lieutenant, THOMAS WINCH, October 23, 1809. Clerk of the General Meetings, Jrc. THEATRE, NEWPORT. ON Thursday, by Desire of the Young Gentlemen of Mons. I'Abbe De Grcnthe's Academy, and in honour of their Patron, his Rayal Highness the Duke of Kent's p rth- Day,— The BIRTI 1- DAY : Interlude, CH KONONHOTON- TIIOLOGOS; Farce, SCHOOL rou AUTHORS. By Desire of the Young Gentlemen of Mr. Attwood' » Academy, on Saturday the 4th of November, .. SPEED THE PLOUGH ; and The ROMP. THEATRE, Cowts.— OH Monday the 30th of October, by Desire of the Gentlemen of the Free and Easy Ckb, East Cowes,—- The WHEEL or FORTUNE ; anil VILLAGE LAWYER. [ 54^ 38/ k October, ISO?. A N unfounded alarm having been excited respecting 1TL the Credit cf the WIMBORNE BANK,— We, the under- signed, beins satisfied of its perfect responsibility, de- clare that we are willing to take in payment tbe Notes of the- said Bank. INHABITANTS or 1' oot. r : John Strong and Co. George Garland John Lester and Co. G. and J. Kemp and Co. Jo » . Garland and Co. Thomas Dean Samuel and John Clark Oke, Gadeq, and Co, Q. W. Ledgard Peter Jolljtf looses Simmonds J. Bristowe and Co. INHABITANTS or WIIVHIOHNF.: Rev. Sir James Han- N, Belben John Rocks W. Hooper, jun, Oakley Drew James Frampton Emanuel Mullet Edward Butt John Ilowe Wm. Castleman M. Dean Thomas Druitt Robert Druitt G. E. Hussey William Evans J. Baskett J. Baskett, jun. ham, Bait. James Mayo John Crutehley D. Park, St. Giles's Edward White, jun. Wni. D. Goodeve Richard Oakley Geo. Belben John Bailey Wm. Reeks A. Sarjeant James Sarjeant John Gibbs Jos. Cull John Slide Robert S| ade Charles T. baskett Richard Ledgard J. Notky Wm. B. Best Thomas Butler John Kendall John Budthu B. Stroud, jun. E, Allen R. Miller Thomas Recta J. Barfoot T. H- Hussey M. Biirries James Keeping A. Webb M. Ellis Richard Tory Win. Barfoot Jos. Sirus M. Neave ^ Can- W. Banks J fold James Mayo, jun. Wm. Butt WANTED,— An active Young MAN, of genteel address, as an ASSIST ANT in the Linen Draaiery ; also a ^ outh ot respectable connections, as an APPRENTICE. Apply at Williams's London Warehouse, Matket Place. SALISBURY, Ort. 28, 1809. SALISBURY, be LETT,— A HOUSE and PREMISES, lately occupied by a Grocer, and well suited to that or | any other business requiring a town and country connexion j Enquire of Mr. W. D. Whitmarsh, lindhss- strect;' if by letter, post paid. f » « 21 nPO be LETT, for tbe Hunting Season,,— A con-' A venient COTTAGE, situated in the centre of the Hamp- shire Hunt; consisting of a parlour, drawing- rSbm, entrance- room, housekeeper's room, pantry, kitchen, back kitchen, laundry, & c ; three best bed- rooms, and three for servants ; stabling for six horses, and a good kitchen eardeo. tor particulars enquire of Mr. Faithful!, Winchester, or Mr. Bell, Swan, Alrcsford. [ yllr) 1 TO be SOLD or LETT by PRIVATE CON^ TRACT,- A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, <: tuate about 14 miles from the city of Bath, cons- stirc of a* atr s of rich Pasture Land ; with a DWELLING- HOUSE thereon, having every comfort and accommodation necessary I'ur the residence of a Gentleman with a large family. For particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Jarman, solicitor. Br| stol. ' r. 6, sp ' npo be LETT, in a genteel retired part of fiouth- X ampton,— A READY- FURNISHED HOUSE, consist- ing ot a parlour, breakfast ditto, drawing room, thief best bed rooms, and three servants' ditto; with convenient officis- and a small garden. * • Enquire of Messrs. Baker and Fletcher. [£ 480 — — - - - — • r Cors/ tam, Wilts, nine miles from Hath. ' yo be LETT, and entered oil immediately,,— A' A very convenient and substantial DWELLING- HOUSE, pleasantly situated in the centre of Corsham aforesaid ; con- sisting oi an entrance- hall and stair- case, two good parlours,.' store- room, excellent kitchen, brew- house, cellars, & c. foiii? •' good bed- rooms, besides attics, and other convenient offices, well supplied w ith excellent water; and a good walled Garden immediately adjoining. For particulars apply ( if bv letter, post paid) to Mr. Arnold, the proprietor, who will shew the same. [ 46y5 FINE WALNUT AND ELM TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, at Farmer Pearce's, at Upton Scudamore ( one mile and a half from Warminster,, on Friday the 10th day of November 1809, at twelve o'clock at noon precisely,— Ten fine clean, WALNUT TREES, now standing near the Farm- house atj Upton aforesaid, Well Calculated for gun- stocks, fee. & c.~\ Also about Thirty- eight fine ELM TREES, standing on the same farm, which will be put up in suitable lots. tjr' The Tenant will shew the timber. F. o Jpo HANTS.— UNDERWOOD. TO he SOLD by AUCTKIN, at the King's Arm, Inn, Murrell green, on Thursday the 16th of Novrm, ber, 1809, at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to tb t conditions of sale to be then produced, The UNDFR - WOOD in Holming Plots, in Rotherwick, Tfthe free* ai d in Beard's Coppice, in Rotherwick and Hartley Westpall • the part in Rotherwick Tithe- free, that part iu Hartley Wot- pidl Tillable. • T5454 » For particulars apply to Mr. Wm. Ellis, Tylney- hall. DIBDEN. COPPICE WOOD. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Wednesday the 22d day of November, 1809, precisely at three o'clock, at the Rodney Inn, Hythe, About SIXTY ACRES OJF UNDERWOOD, in lime coppices, viz.— Hang, r Cqppii*. Moore Coppice, Brick- kiln Coppicc, Wheeler's Ciippice, Braniblcsbot Coppice, Ferns Rows Coppice, Drapers Coppice, Heath- hays Coppice, and Whorestone Coppicc. f. HVo For a view apply to Mr. James Gandy, the Woodman. ' ^ O be SOLD by AUCTION, at the To mi- I Cellar, on the Quay, at Poole, on Thursday the lfc'th of November, 1809, at three o'clock in the afternoon, if not previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which notice will be given,— A HORSE CORN MILL, with two pair of stones, and dressing mill, floorboards, and other appurte nances. It is well adapted to - be used upon a small stmam of water, and will be sold together or in lots, as may bo d; emed most convenient at the time of sale. The mill may be viewed the week preceding the sale,- by ( applying at the CcjUar, or to J. Bristowe aud Co. Brokers, ' Io"' e- [ 0- 185 EN BOURN FARM. A capital Dairy qf most useful Cons and Heifers, Curt Horses. Coils, and Fillies; with Dead Stock and other Effects. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. W. HISCOCK, I on Tuesday October il 1, 1809, at twelve o'clock, on the Premises of Mr. Thomas Palmer, Enboum Farm ( two miles west of Newbury), who is leaving the same ; comprisine 16 MILCH ( ami in Calf) COWS, 2 two- year old Htifera, 4 yearling ditto, a two- year- old Bull, 4 Cart Horses, Mare and Colt, in yearling and two- year- old capital Cart Colts mid Fillies ( including a very clever Grey Stone Colt, pronmint to make a first rate stallion, also a well- grown Grey Filly l, y Countryman), a yearling Colt by Dottrel, dam by Pilot; a two- year- old !• illy by Giant, a four- year- old Gelding by Hugh Capet; together with three narrow" wheel Market and other Waitgons, broad- wheel Dung Cart, narrow- wheel ditto . i two- wheel Ploughs complete, u Harrows, 3 Rollers, She. a - Cages, & c. &- c— Great part of the live stock having been bied on the farjn from the most useful $ tock, may be truly reci ni- mended as worth the attention of the public. - * Catalogues in due time at the Red Lion, Hungerford- Swur tlsley ; White Hart, Atuldver; Place of Sale : and at the Auctioneer's, Stroud- green, Newbury. [ 54,98 PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BRODIE, J. DQWDING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT . THE PRtNTINQ- QFFipp, PANAL, SALISBURY; Where Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of News are received ( Postage paid). Also bv tW Printer? arid BOOKSEMERSD the West of England ; by tbe repetitive Nnys. Mty mid in London by Messrs. JAYLER and JfpM'TPN, No. 5, Wantyk- Square, Warwitk- Lane, Jfcvgate Street , ses! MiAYH-^ lJE, Euktelltr/ I'atcriicster- Itow,
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