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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Volume Number: LVIII    Issue Number: 2960
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser

Date of Article: 13/10/1809
Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number: LVIII    Issue Number: 2960
No Pages: 4
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ttt AND MIDLAND COUNTIES GENERAL ADVERTISE Vol. LVIII. P rinted and Published by John Price, Market- place Leicester. £ No. J960 FlirDAY, October 13, 1809. s Circulated through theprineipal Towns, & populous Villages, in the Counties ofLeicester, Rutland, \ Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby, Stafford, Warwick, Northampton, Cambridge, and York. ' ( r / o Stamp Duty - - 3^ 1. t PRICE 6^ d_ or ' Paper and Print 3d. J . i'f : 9: 0 per Annum S UN D A Y'sS T UESDAY's P () ST S LONDON, MONDAY, Oct. 9. FROM SATURDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE, Whitehall Oct 7. The King lias been plea'fd to order a Conge d'Elire to pass the Gieat Seal, em- powering rt e Don fnd Chapter ollbe Caihedral Church o Chester toclect a Bishop oftbat See, the • ane be ni void by ( he Translation of the Right l'ev. Father in God; Henry \\ ilham, late Bishop thereof, to ihe See of Bangor; and his Majesty has also been p, eased, by his Royal Sijn Manual, to recommend to the said Dean and Chapter ihe Bev. Bow ye. Ldwaro Sparke, Doctor in Divinity, to be by them elected Bishopof the said See. J he K'ng has also been pleased to recommend to the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London,- the Hon and Rev. Gerald Valerian Wellesley, Clerk, Master of Arts, to be by them elected into the placeof Canon Residen- tiary ofthesa: d Cathedral Church, the samebeing •* a; ant by the Translation of the Right lv- v. Father in Cod, Henry William, late Bishop ofCbester, lo the See of Bangor. The Km6 has also been pleased to grant to the Rev. William Harry Edward Bentinck, Cleik Master of Arts, the place and dignity of a Preben- dary of'h" Collegiate Church of St. Pete r, West- minster, vo d by the resgnation of the Hon. and Rev. Gerald Valerian Wellesley. Since our last, a series ot French Papers to the 26tli ult. and of Dutch and Get man to the 1st inst. have been receivedi— Notwithstanding the ap- parent probabilities of the resumption of hostilites, it appears from these papers hat the armistice has • been renewed; but neither the date nor duration of this fresh suspension of hostilities can be ascer tained. It is stated, under the head of Vienna, that it is to expire on the 30th in t ; from another place that it would terminate the 5 th of November; while an article frsm Erlangel asserts, on slight authority indeed, thai the Armistice was concluded for a month, with a month's notice of rup'ure. In the meanwbde, Austria is making unexampled exertions to meet the approaching storm. The Landuehr, or mili ia are ordered tc put themselves in military uniform, preparatory to their being in- corporated with the regular troops, as occasion may demand ; and a levy en masse is on foot, for the purpose of executing that part of the national defence that was assigned to the former. Bonaparte, it appears, passed the greater part of the first three weeks of last month, in reviewing " the several corp of his army. He first visited the positions in Hungary; next tU- ie on the rig-. t bank cf ihe Danube, ascending ti- Jt rivsr; anc lastly, those in Mmavia and Upper Austria. Bonaparte is reported to have lieen attacked bv it brain fever, at ti. e Palace of Scboenbrunn, the latter end o' August, but it is said he has since be- come convalescent. The inhabitants ofthe I yrol, with the most de- ternvned bravery, continue IO resist the combined foices of the French and Bavarians Complete suc- cess has hitherto crowned their efforts, 1 hey have also lately made their appearance in great force oh the side ot Italy. The Stockholm Gazette of the26: h ult. states, that on the 17tha treaty of peace between Sweden and Hussi'i was signed by Baron Stedingk and Co- lonel S. Kolcbrand on the pait of Sweden, and Count Romanzuffand Baron Alopeus on the part of Russia. An flier arrived on Saturday from Lisbon w; th dispatches from Viscount Wellington. We do not understand that any military operan6n has taken place since the date of the former accounts from j ins Lordship. Bv a Lisbon Mail we learh, tint the British army, when ,. r. d been considerably reinforced, and I the trot ps re st led to health, continued to occupy ' liadajoz. Of liie movementsof the enemy in Spain we have received no initll genfce; but it was be- lieved tney were making stupendous preparations in the North for the renewal of host lities. A p. an is stand to have beer, delivered to Go- vernment f x krepirig the Island ol Watcheren j more by a navaf than a military force :— the latter ; to be comparatively small, but the former to be ; considerable. | It was on Saturday reported, that a nt- gofciation ? between this countiy and France was about to take ! place ; but we think we may venture to assert that . this statement is at least premature. I Mount Vesuvius.— A letter from Nap'bs, dated the 9th ult. gve » the following account of the state I of this mountain :—" After a lew days of tranquility the eruptions cf Vesuvius recommenced. On the 4th of September, a new crater opened to the south- east, much latger than that which was lormed in 1807. This mouth has, since that time, con- ' stnntly vomited a va- t torrent of lava; which takes its direction towards the town of Delia Torre, ! which was formerly destroyed by an eruption of the ! . volcano. This torrent divides in two branches, i and forms an island at the extremity of which the i lava unites, and produces a lake of fire, in the dis- ; ttict of a Trio de l Cevallo. No damage has yet taken place ; and thete is no'hing to he feared, unless the torrent should change its direction, or become more impetuous In the night of the 5th,' as in the month of Angus' 1782, Vesuvius vomited an immense quantity of ashes, stones and smoke, forming upon the mountain a second mountain, the summit of which appeared to rise to the skies; but these substances receiving an impulsion absolute- ly perpendicular, have fallen into the crater, or in its neighbourhood, but have not done any injury either to tne inhabitants or the houses, nearest the eruption." I here was a Ccurt of Common Council held at Guildhall on Thursday. The latter was held for the purpose of finally settling the manner in wh; ch they should celebrate the Jubilee on the 25th instant: the former resolutions for illuminating Guildhall and during at the txpenceofthe Corporation were rescinded, and it was resolved instead, that 1000/. should be subscribed out of the City's cash, for the discbarge and relief of persons confined for small debts, especially freemen of London.—' 1 he Court will first proceed to attend Divine Service at Sr. Paul's t hurch, and then go up with an Address to liis Majesty, and alterwaids teturn and eat roast beef with . he Lord Mayor at the Mansion- House. His Lordship fir « i mentioned cold roast beef, but afterwords observed that as hot roast beef would be better than cold, it should be hot. Several resignations 3re expected to take place ' U. lti? City Senate, since a majority have declare ih't eating and drinking are no longer to be con sidered as - he first principles or loyalty. On a second' meetipg of the cred tori of Sir Matthew Blox m md Co. onSaturdav, the Solic - tor to the commission said, he was authorised to declare, thai there was no doubt whatever but that there wnu'd a dividend of 10s. in the pound. Captain Rati, of tbeDuke of Brunswick corps, may think himself a lucky rat to have escaped from the claws of the Corsican cat.—" It is best for such rats to per out of the way when suih a devil of a cat g: es a mousing." .-- ... O SAMUEL PECK, Stone- Mason, Carver, and Engravet, In the MARKET- PLACE, RESPECTFULLY informs the Inhabitants of Loughborough, and its Vicinity, that having entered upon the Stock in Trade, lately belonging to his Brother, J. Peck, he intends carrying on the above Businesses in all their various Branches.— He humbly solicits a Continuance of Favors as conferred on his Brother, and the Public may rest assured that he will Use his utmost Endeavour to give Satisfac- tion, in the several Parts of his Profession. N. B. All Persons to whom the said J. P. is indebt- ed, are requested to si nd in their Accounts to Mr. R. Parkinson, Grocer, Loughborough ; and those who are ind ibted to him. are requested to settle the same immediately. Loughborough, . September 30, 1S09, 3- JOHN BILLINGS aud SON, At their General Cloathing Warehouse, Whole- sale and Retail, . GALl. OWEREE- GATE ; ESPECTFULLY inform 1 heir Friends and the Public that thev have purchased in Lon- don, a large Quantity of Second- hand Clothes of every Descrip'ion ; a'so, made up their usual great '< lioice of M. ii's and Boy's New Clothes of every Quality, as under: Men's fashionable and plain Cloth, Velveret, and Fustian Coats. Ditto Ditto Cloth, and Beaver Gr « at Ditto. Marseilles, Toilenet, Shagg, Velveret, and Patent Corl Waistcoats Patent Cord, Kerseymere, Velveteen, and Shag Breeches. Velveret and Fustian Jackets and Overalls. Travelling and Chaise Box Coats. Ladies Beaver, Cloth, and Salisbury Flannel Pe- liesses. Ditto Gig and Common Great Coats. Chi! run's Rifle Drosses and Common Ditto Super Broad and Narrow Woollen Cloths, Kersey- mere's, and Fancy V. aistcoating Irisii and ! i 1111c made Linens, from the different Manufacturers. Large Stock of Men's and Boy's Cordies, Plate, and Stuff Hats. Fustian Drabet and Real Russia Duck Frocks, of every make. Measures taken and Clothes made on the shortest Notice. N. B. Attendance every Market Day at their Shop in Melton Mowbray ns usual Cheap Linen and Woollen Drapery, Wholesale . and Retail, h- — jdHN SWAN, MARKF1ELD, IMPRESSED with G atitude for the great En- couragement. already received, embraces this Opportunity of informing his Friends and the Public in general, that he has the undermentioned Articles ready for Sale,, which he flatters himself will 011 trial meet their Approbation, being Part of a Bankrupt's Stock, that he can engage to sell a great Part 20 per Cent, lower than the regular Trade: A good Assortment of Grocery Goods. 400 Yards of Fashionable Prints f. om Is. to 2s 6d. per Yard. , , . , 200 Ditto Gingham from 8d. to Is. 4d. Ditto 200 Ditto Figured Ditto from ' s. to is. fid. Ditto loo Ditto Chambray from ) 0d. to Is. Ditto 1000 Ditto White, Calico from 5d. to Is. 2d Ditto 150 Ditto Dinlity from Is. to ' 2s. Ditto v 150 Cotton Handkerchiefs from to 7s. each 400 Do. Do. from lOd. to 7s. Ditto 50 Ditto Men's Neck Ditto from Is. 4d. to 2s. Ditto 200 Silk Ditto Ditto from 5s. tid. to 10s. Ditto 3P Muslin Ditto 124 Silk and Cotton Ditto 100 Yards of Irish Linen Is. 6d. io 3s. 6d. per Yard' 100Ditto Droglicda Ditto Is. 2d. to 2s. Ditto 250 Ditto Derrv Ditio from 8d. to Is. 2d Ditto 150 Ditto Flaxen Cloth Is. 4d. to 2s. 6d. Ditto 100 Ditto Neivry Sheeting 7u0 Ditto Flannel from Is. to 2s. lOd. Ditto 100 Ditto Farrendiue Jersey Aproning 400 Ditto Check from Is. 2d. tc 2s. 9d", Ditto 200 Ditto Faihmy 250 Ditto Calamancoes from GJ. to Is. 4d. Ditto 1000 Ditto Ribbon and Lace 50 Worked Cap Crowns and Head Pieces at 5' d, Do. Thread Late from Is. 9d. to 7s per Yard 300 G ross of Cotton Balls, 70 per Cent, allowed for selling again A lirge Quantity of Bifiriingham and Sheffield Goods 50 Worked Cap Crowns Super Is. each 400 Yarils Corduroys and Velveteens 2s. to 4s. 200 Ditto Baragon Fustian 100 Ditto Pillow Ditto 50 Ditto Patent Woollen Cord 80 Ditto Herring Bone Fustian 100 Ditto Jane 300 Ditto iVoollen Cloth from 2s. Gd to 23s. per Yd. 100 Ditto London Quilting Waistcoatiug 150 Ditto Velveret and Toileuetts ISO Ditto Printed Velveteen 1 60 Ditto Russia Duck Smockfrocks ready made 50 Gross Double Gilt Bwttbhs at 6s. per Gross 20 Ditto Coat Ditto Ditto from Is to Is. 6d. Ditto 20 Ditto Ditto Plated from Is. ^ o Is. 6< 1. Ditto 56 Boy's Hats from Hid. 16 2s. 6d. 48 Diifn Ditto Plated from 4s. 6< 1. to 6s. 6d, 48 Youth's Ditto from 5s. 6d. to' 9s. 100 Men's Plated Ditto from 8 s. to 12s. Men's Stuff Ditto from 18s. to 22s, 30 Pair Blankets from 12s. to 24s. • 00 Cmbrellas from 5s. to 6s. bd. 27 Scarlet Cloaks from 18s. to 30s. each 600 Yards of fashionable Muslins The above Articles are of a fashionable Make and Well worth the Attention of the Public. Hosiery Goods taken in Exchange to any Amount on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. A large and fashionable Assortment of China and Crocks, lOCwt. Weight of NaiU for Wheelwrights, Blacksmiths, Cordwainers and Master Builders, & c. N. B. Wanted immediately an active Youth as an Apprentice who wilt be treated as one ofthe Family. — For further Particulars apply to Mr. li WARD, Market- place, Leicester, or to JOHN SWAN, if by Letter, Post- paid, STATE LOTTERY, WiR b: d'uxen in One Day, 20lit this Month. JWAl. LIS, Market- place, Leicester, begs • Lea/ 5 respectfully to remind his Friends and th ' Public, that the Whole of the present State Lot- e'y will bedetermiued iri One Day, viz. Friday 20th tiiis Month, after which Time no Tickets or Shares can be purchased; therefore he solicits those ttho intend to favor him with their Commands, to be as early as possible in their Application, as from the Novelty of the Scheme, and the great Demand at present in London, he may not have it iu his Power to Supply them, if they delay their Purchases until near the Day of Drawing. ' fo' BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A CROFT, containing by a late Admea- surement, 1A. 2R. 12P. of thereabouts, situate at Stoney Stanton, in the County of Leices- ter, late in the Occupation of William Franks, Mal- ster, together with several thriving young Timber Trees growing thereon. The Land is Ty the- frae & tltti Land Tax is redeemed. For further Particulars anil to treat for the Pur- chase, apply at the Office of Messrs . NICHOLS and BUXTON, Solicitors, in Lutterworth ; or at the Bull Head Inn, Hinckley, on Market Dayi. Lutterworth, Oct, 9, 1809. ROYAL EXCHANGE V MESSRS. HAZARD, BURNE, AND Co. St jck Brokers, have on Sale, at their State Lottery Office, No. 93, Royal ant1. Shares for the State Lottery, , vbich is on a new and improved Plan, Consisting of only 5,000 Num- bers, to be dtawn in one Day, 20th October, 1809. ' the Scheme contain, 4 Prizes of o£ 20,000, 4 of .£ 5,000, 4 of <£ 2.000, " " y^ yf. Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. THE Public are informed that the several very valuable Estates of ROGE1* POCK LING- TON, late of Newark- upon- Trent, Ranker, situa'e at Winth irpe and Balderton, in the County, of Nit- Exchange, Tickets ' tingham, and at Saxelbye in the County of Lincoln, o- i> 1° "" - - t" ™ will shortly be offered for Sale by Auction.-' Also thatthe valuable Estates of WILLIAM DICK- INSON, late of the saiii." Place, Banker, situate at Sutton- tipon- Trent, will be offered for Sale iu like Manner.— As soon as the Lots can be arranged and the Particulars prepared ( of which due Notice will be NOTTINGH A MSHI K E. of 1,000, and 12 of <£ 500, , . withothersin Proportion, and hot Three Blanks to a ' f^ ^ may be had by applying to Mr- ALL Prize | SOPP, Solicitor, Nottingham, and Messrs. SHAWES Letters Post- paid, duly answered, and Scheme, 1 a, ld LE BLANC, New Bridge Street, London, gratis. All Kind of Government Securities bought and sold by Commission. Country Orders, accompanied with short- dated Bills on London, Post Office Orders, or Cash in Par- cel by Coach or Carrier, punctually attended to, and Correspondents may depeuelon being treated exactly on the same Terms as if Personally present. Z^ ftoyal Exchange Assurance Office, ;. London, August 9, 1809. HE Corporation of the Royal Exchange As- surance Office have constituted and appointed Mr. William Daulby, of Loughborough, Grocer, their Agent and Receiver for the said Place and Parts aeljacent, for the Assurance of Buildings, Goods, Merchandize, and Farming Stock, from Loss or Damage by Fire, and alsofoi the Assurance of Lives. By Order of the Court of Directors, SAM. FENN1NG, Junr. Secretary. y GAME. Lordship and Manor of Burton Lazars. ^ pHE GA M Eon the above Lordship and Manor ! having of late Years been much destroyed Gentlemen are requested not to sport thereon ; and all Persons ound Trespassing will be prosecuted as the Law Directs.— Dated Sept. 20, 1809. WILLIAM CUSTANCE, Agent. ( j _ BOROUGH OF LEICESTER. Til E next general Session of the Peace for the Borough of Leicester, will be holden at the Guildhall on Monday the 23d t> f October next, at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon. ^ W. T1F. YRICK, • Clerk of the Peace. Leicester, September 23, 1809 LEICESTERSHIRE.— To Wit. AT the General Quarter Session of the Peace of our Sovereign Lord the King, holden at the Castle of Leicester, in and for the said County of Leicester, on Tuesday in the Week next after the Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel ( to wit), the third Day of October, in the forty- ninth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, now King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and in the Year of Our Lord 181 9, and from thence by Adjournment to Wednesday the fol- lowing; Day; before Charles Thomas Hudson, Esq. the Reverend Richard Hardy, Doctor in Divinity. Peter Augustus Lafargue, Esq, the Reverend Ed- ward Griffin, Calverley John Bewicke, Henry Wood- cock, Thomas Beaumont Burnaby, Thomas Noel, William Richardson Tyson, Thomas Adilutt, John Dudley, and Thomas Cotton Fell, Clerks, Justices of our said Lord the King, assigned to keep the Peace of our said Lord the King in the County aforesaid; and also to hear and determine divers Felonies, Tres- passes, and other Misdemeanors, committed in the said County. This Court did atljudue the Price of a Days Labour in Husbandry, to regulate the Allowance to the Wives and Children of Men serving in the Militia, at 2s. This Court did Order that a County Rate of three Singles be raised and paid to the Treasurer against the next Session. By tiie Court, THOMAS FREER, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. Leicester, Oct. 5th, 1809. yy LEICESTERSHIRE MILITIA. NOTICE is hereby given, That the several Sub- division Meetings in and for the County ofLeicester, will be held for the. respictive Hun- dreds on the several Days and Times, and at the several Places undermentioned, for the Purpose of receiviug Lists of all Persons liable to be ballotted for in each Parish, and also for the Hearing of Appeals. Sparkenlioe Hundred. On Wednesday the 1 st Day of November neit, at the Bull's Head Inn, in Market Bosworth, at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon. West Goscote Hundred. On Thursday the 2d Day of November next, at the Plough Inn, in Loughborough, at 10 o'clock in the Forenoon. Gartree Hundred. On Thursday the 2d Day of November next, at the Rose aud Crown Inn, in Kibwortb Ilarcourt, at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon. East Goscote Hundred On Friday the 3d Day of November next, at the Unicorn and Star Inn, in Thurmaston, at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon. Borough of Leicester. O11 Monday the 6th Day of November next, at the Guildhall, in Leicester, at lOo'Clockin the Forenoon, Framland Hundred. On Tuesday the 7th Day of November next, at the Stfann Inn, in Melton Mowbray, at 10 o'clock in the Forenoon. Guthlaxton Hundred. On Thursday the 9th Dav of November next, at the Castle, in Leicester, at 10 o'Clock in the Fore- noon. By Order ofthe Lieutenancy, DECIMUS COOKE, » Clerk of the General Meetings. Leicester, 0 « t. 5, 1309, / f . Valuable Freehold Property, at Beeston, in the County of Nottingham, free from Tithes and the Land Tax. tO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. GASKJLL, At bis Sale Rooms, Nottingham, on Monday, Octo- ber IGth, 1809, the Sale to commence at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to tile Conditions of Sale which will then lie produced ; LOT I. ANew House, neat and very substantially buih, situated at Beeston, 3 Miles from Nottingham, adjoining the Road from Nottingham to Castle Donington.— Also, a Cottage, with the Harden and 2 Crofts or IIomecteads adjoining; a Stable for 3 Horses, Cowhouse, Dovecot, and Gig- bouse ; which Premises contain 2A. IR, and are now in the several Occupations of Mr. Wilson and Mr. Hudson. The House is built with double Walls, . Consists of • Vine, Ale, and Beer Cellars; Dairy, Brewhouse, and a Pump, with good soft Water.— On the Ground Floor, Kitchen, 2 Pantries, Parlour, and Drawing Room.— On the first Story, 4 Bed Rooms, with Clo- sets, & c. and oh the second Story, 2 spacious Bed Ruoms. 1 i LOT II. A Piece of Grass Land in Beeston Pasture, ( newly inclosed), containing SA. 2R. with a newly erected Brick Cowshed and Summer House, in the Possession of Mr. Wilson. LO'l" III. A Messuage or Cottage contiguous to Lot 1, with the Stable, Gighouse, Garden, and Appurtenances to the same belonging.— And also a Croft or Home- stead adjoining, with a newly- erected Cowsned, which Premises contain 3k. 5P. and are now unte- nanted. LOT IV , ... .' A Piece of old inclosed Land ( with a good Stable erected thereon), commonly called the Glede Wing Close, situated near the Town of Beeston, contain- ing 1 A. 1R. 23P. now in the Possession of Mr, Willson. For further Particulars and to see a Map ofthe Estate, apply to Messrs. BOLTON and RF. NSHAW, Solicitors, Nottingham; or to the said Mr. WILSON. N. B. The House ( comprised in Lot 1), may be viewed at any Time after October the 2d, and the Furniture may be taken at a fair Valuation. Nottingham, September 29, 1309. / I NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. In the Parishes of Caunton, Flintham, Sneaton, and Nottingham. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. GASKILL, On Thursday the 19th Day of October, 1809, at the Blackmoor's Head Inn, in Nottingham, at 12 o'Clock, QUNDRY valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, O consisting ot Houses, in theTown of Nottmg- liamj a Piece of Meadow Land, called Pease Hill, in Nottingham : andsundry Parcels of valuable Land, in the Parishes of Sneaton, Flintham, and Caunton. For further Particulars apply to Messrs. STRONG, HILL, aud STRONG, Lincoln's Inn ; ROBERT PADLF. Y, Esq. Burton Joice ; or the AUCTIONEER. Leicestershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Some Time in the Month of October or November next, ( by Order of the Trustees appointed by the Will of the late Thomas Charlton, Esquire, of Chilwell, in the County of Nottingham),! AVery valuable FVeehold Estate, comprising 2 gootl Farm Hon; sand Cottages. with con- venient Stab'es and Outbuildings, and alout250 Acres of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land at • Jtoby, Jlotherby, Rearsby, Gaddesby, Barsby, and ' South Croxten in the County of Leicester. I The Estate is situate about 8 Miles from Melton 1 and about 10 from Leicester, in a fine Sporting i Country, in the Centre of the Quorn Hunt, and with- in a very convenient Distance also of the Duke of Riitlands ; and will be Sold in Lots for the conveui- j ence of intended Purchasers, and the Whole being in I a very high State ofCultivation, ( and the greater Part 1 thereof Tythe- free) comprising some of the most va- luable Land in the County of Leicester, is particu- larly worthy the Attention of a| I Persons who wish to purchase Ffirms for their own Occupation. The Estate at Hoby comprises a very good House, with convenient Stables and Outbuildings, and about 76 Acres of valuable Land, is very near the Turn- pike Road leading from Melton Mowbray to Leices- ter, wholly Tythe- fi* , and within a Ring Fence, and is particulai ly worthy the Attention of any Nobleman or Gentleman asa Hunting Seat. Further Particulars will appear in due Time, and will be ready for delivery at the principal Inns at Melton, Leicester, Loughborough, and Nottingham, one Month prior to the Sale ; due Notice will also be given nf the Time and Place of Sale, and Plans of the Estate, with Abstracts of the Titles, will bo rcadyfOr the Inspection of intended Purchasers, or their Solicitors, at the Office of Mr. ALLSOPP, So- licitor, in Nottingham, one Month previously to the Sale, and where all further Particulars may be had Mr. Simkin of Hoby, one of the Tenants will shew t'je Prcir. ist' 5, Freeholds in Siueneboroiigh. TO BE SOL I j BY AUCTION. At the House of William Whittle, known by the Sign of the Horse and Groom in Qmmeborougb, in the Conditions of Sale as shall be then produced : 1- MIE following desirable FREEHOLD ES- TATES, in Queneborough aforesaid, late the Property of JOHN FEA'CIi IIUNGERFORD, F, q. LOT 1. Thive Cottages and Gardens, containing 1 Rood and 9 Perches, In the Occupations of John Brown, Thomas Alleii, Edward Marston, and Susannah Netvton. LOT It. A Cottage arid Garden, coot iHiiiig 1 flood and 4 Perches, in the Occupation of illiatn Godiiard. LOT Itf. A Cottage, Outhouses, and Yard, containing 1 Rood, ih the Occupation of John Stablcford. LOT IV. Three Cottages and Gardens, in the Occupations cf John Payne, Thomas Needham, Junior, anil Thomas Lowe, together w ith GaysClose adjoining, fn the Oc- cupation of William Whittle, containing together 2 Roods and 30 Perches. LOT V. A Cottage ahd Orchard, containing 2 Roods, ia the Occupation of John Sarsoti, Senior. LOT VI. Four Cottages and Blacksmith's Shop, v. iih Gar- dens, containing 1 Rood and 16 Perches, in the Oc- cupations of Thomas Goddiird, John Black, Ann Roddle, George Greasily, md John West. LOT YLL. A Cottage, Barn, ahd Orchard, Containing 1 Rood and si Perches, in the Occupation of William Whittle. LOT YNI. A Cottage and Orchard, . contalhirg Rood ahd 14 Perches, in the Occupation of Thomas Siiow, . LOT. IX. Foiir Cottages or Teneitients, with Orchards, con- taining 2 Roods and 24 Perches, iu the Occupation of Mh John Whittle and others. Also 7 Acres and, 10 Perches, in three Pieecs, of Meadow and Pasture Land, called Orchaid Leys, also in the Occupation of Mr. John Whittle. • • LOTX. Two Cottages and Card, ris, containing i Rbod and 28 Perches, in the Occupations of Tl. oinas Needhaui, Senior, aud James Whittle; , LOT XI. Two . Cottages and Gardens, containing, 1 feood and 8 Perches, in the Occupations of Thomas W hit- tic and l'honias Green. . . . LOT XII. < Two Cottage.-,, Bakehouses, Yards, &. C- Contain- ing 3 Roods and 2 Perches, in the Occupatiohs of James Whittle aiid William Whittle, Junior. LOT XIlb FiveCottagesand Gardens; together with the Home- stead and Close, called Rag Yard, containing to- gether Acres and 3 Perches, in the several Occupa- tions of Mr. William Marriott, John Sarson, Thomas Marston, Elizabeth Sarsin; widow, William Rod- well, and Williaui Xijbv: f LO T XIV. Six Cottages and Gardens, in the Occupations of the Overseers of tiie Poor, John Button, Margaret Kilby, Joseph Black, aud Jphrf Sarsori, Junior. LOT XV. 5 Acres, 2 Roods ai-. d 13 Perches of rich Arable Land and Seeds ( on which stands a Wind Com Mill), lying near to the Leicester Road, in the Occupation of Mr. George Sheffield. LOT XVI. A. R. P. 5 2 10 A Fox Cover in Hand. , 4 1 1 a Seeds, in Occupation of Thomfs Ward, sen. 0 2 30 A Sand Pit in Occupation of William Cas- tledirie. LOTXYIt. 16 Part Arable and Remainder Brick Yard, in the Occupation of Mr. Castledintt. The above Premises ar. e held at will, and the re- spective Occupiers are tinder Notice to resign the Possession on the ^ ith of April next, when the Pur- chases are to l e completed.— Sir. John Whittle, of Queneborough, will shew the respective Lots ; aiid further Particulars may be had of Mi'. GttEF. N, At- torney, Spalding, Lincolnshire. N. II. The Remainder of the Estates. latcof John P. Ilupgerford, Esq. in Queneborough and South Croston and Barsby, 10 Farm Houses, with large liarns, Stables, & c and 119( 1 Abies of rich Arable, Mea- dow, and Pasture Laiid, divided into convenient Enclosures, surrounded v. ith thriving Quick Hedgys, will be Sold by Auction, ill Lots, by Mr. Rowland Rouse, at the Bell Inn, id Leicester, the latter End of November next. " Withers's Balm of Quito. 5 3 f Myr'WEN Druggist, Leicester, lias K- ' h received a large f'upplv of Wl ! HEICs CORDIAL BALM of QUITO, price 2s Id. a most convenient, safe, and Infallible Remedy for Nervous, Bilious Goutv, and Rheumatic Disorder-', and every Kind ofDebility or Relaxation 1: 1 Persons of either Sex, ybungor old, whether Hereditary, Natu- ral, or occasioned by a Residence in hot and un- healthy Climates, the immoilerate use of ! ea, spi rituous Liquors, or other noxious Fluids, too. seden- tary a Life, or , too close an Application to Study; excessive Brief, injudicious Administration of Merc'Jfy, Dissipation, Excess, improper Practi- ces, fainting Fits, violent Head Aclis, Complaints of the Lungs, inward Wastings, Trembling or shak- ing of the Hands or Limbs, shortness of Breath, consumptive Habits, & c. &, c. In all Cases, and in all Ages, where the Solids are relaxed, where the Constitution has received a Shock or is bv any Means debilitated this restorative and re- numating Balm of Li fe and Health will produce the happiest liff els. The cold and tremulous Nerves will be wanned and steadied, the relaxed Fibres or soft flabby Flesh -.. ill be braced and rendered firm, tin Muscles v. ill he invigorated, the. Sinews will be sfreng'liened flic emaciated Limbs will be covered with firm Flesh, the exhausted Vessels will be replenislietl, the impo- verished watery Blooilwill become rich and balsamic, and its languid Circulation restored 10 the sanative Impetus, which is the true Criterion of Health : the languid diooping Spirits will be: revived and ex- hilirateel, Digestion will be promoted ; in short, the Nerves will be restored, aud by these Means the whole Constitution will be renovated. 7 he Cordial Balin of Quito is prepared snd Sold by W. WITHERS, Chemist, Strand, 1. ndon ; al.- o Retail, nad Wholesale by Swinfen, at his genuine and general Medicine, Drug, and Peilume Wart- house, opposite * lie Conduit, Leicester; Adams, Loughbo- rough; Hulse, Hinckley; Corrall, l. mtei,. orth : and al respectable Medicine Venders.— Pin..' . s. iM fitr Bottle. TeKesteOfnmraT^ mt^ Hcfrand Counties" General Advertiser; Wednesday's and Ihorsday's Post. LONDON, WEDNESDAY October ll. Dutch and German papers were received yesen- dav : they continue lobe filled with accounts Of tiie hostile preparations making on ail sides; but tuey are exiremely coin, adrctory iu their vonjec- lureias to me result of ihe neg « idatioiisTor 1' t ace — It said that Bonaparte requires that a French army shall remain in Austria till the conclusion of I'ea e wuh England. Were the Emperor Francis to ccnsent to such, a degradation-, his condition would be as fallen and hopeless as that of the King of Prussia. The House of Lorraine will hardly at present- consent to such terms, and the renewal of the CJnre- H we consider as most probable. The Tvrolese, it appears, have burst through the cordon of troops drawn around them. Hunger, wfi ch will break through s'onp walls, will not be restrain- ed by tbe dread ot French troops. Tbe Tyioiese hope to find m Saltburgb and Havana the provisions triey so much want. Unless they can contrive to collect a considerable quantity, and convey to their mountains, thev ' will suifer severely in the '. viiuer. Jt is stated that they have offered to lay down taeir atmson condition of being acknowledged as an ndependant republic. The Dutch PapersalVord but little information from the Danulie, Bonaparte was expected to make a short visit to the King of Bavaria. It is probable, that this gave rise to the report which prevailed at Hamburgh, of his being on t e road to Paris. The grea est exertions are mace in Bohe- mia to rtcrun me Austrian ranks. I hieeGottenburgh Mails also arrived yesterday, bring a cinfirmation ot tbe indigence ot Peace having been signed be. ween Russia and Sweden. The Swedish Ports are to be shut against England on the 12til of November. The ice would by that time haveeffected ill's " bject, without any maty } and therefore this arrangement may be considered as not having any operation against us till next spring j belore v. i. ch period some fur her iff por tant change- will have taken pla. e in the general all'iirso! Europe. By a letter from Paris, dated ihe 18th of last month, we are informed that General Armstrohg had on that day rueived, through the'Minister for Foreign Atfairs, the ultimatum of Bonaparte) upon the subject of his dispu es with America) which was to the following effect: That he would lepeal his Berlin and Milan Decrees, provided li s Britannic Majesty would re- cind bis Order of Nov. 11, 1807 ; and also that of last April, fcstabli- hing the Blockade. A vessel was to be dispatched in the course of last month to America witn this in- telligence. Charnwood Forest and Rotltley Plain Inclosure. Uj. TT7E, Commissioners named and appointed in V r and by an Ac; passed in the 48th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, hititled " An Act for Allotting and Inclosing the Forest or Chace of Charnwood, otherwise Charley Forest or Chace, and Rotnley Plain Inclosure, in the County of fceictSter" having conformably to the Act passed iu th'e 41st year of his said Majesty, enquired into the boundaries of the several Parishes, uainlels, or Districts within the said Forest and Plain ; and it tippeAring to us that the same are not sufficiently Ascertained and Distin- guished, Do hereby give Notice, That we intend to hear Evidence, on Tuesday the 24th of October next, at the Bull's Head Inn, iri Loughborough, at tOo'Clock in tlie Forenoon, 011 the Boundaries of ihe Parishes, Hamlets, or Districts of Sheepshead, Kuighthorpe, Thorpe- Acre, Garendon, Loughborough, Uiarley, Marktiuld, Whitwiok, Thringstone, Belton, Gracedieu, Stanton- Under- Bar- don, Hugglescote, anil Donington- ou- the- Heath. On Wednesday, the 23th atthe same Hour and Place, on the Boundaries of the Parishes, Hamlets, or Districs ol Bat row, Woodhouse, Woodhouse Eaves, Newtown Linfovd, Ulvescroft', Mapplewell, Longdate, Switliland, Rothley, and Mountsoriel. And we do require all Parties interested-, to pro- duce Evidence in Support of the respective Boun- daries by I hem claimed, and other Persons objecting thereto to attend. Given under oor Hands, this 12th Day of September, 1809. JOSEPH OUTRAM. THOMAS EAGLE. JAMES GREEN. T J7- Linen Drapery, iy c. Bankrupt's Efficts now omSale at R. Munns's, Mar- k-. t place Leicester. By Order of the Commission- ers of Bankruptcies ; HE Stocks of S. Macklean, Irish Linen Fac- tor, and G Richardson, Calico Printer, con- sisting of 240 Pieces of Irish Linens, 135 Half Bleached Ditto, with several Hundred Pieces of Home Made, Russia, ami Drogheda Sheetings, full 30 per Cent, under tli e regular Prices ; 10( 10 Pieces of Fill Wide and Yard Wide Town printed Cambrics, all new antl elegant Winter Patterns; India, Swiss, and S'cotCh Work Muslins for Ladies Dresses; & c.— Jaconets, C- mbrics, Book and other Muslins; French Cambrics, Silk Shawls, Scarfs, Counterpanes, Blan- kets, Flannels, Calico's, elegant piiuted Furni- tures, See. Jee. The Whole must be clear'd by tile 12th November, as a final Dividend then will be made; N B. Two Doors froih the Bull Head Inrt. Modern Household Furniture, Linen, China, Books, Sfc. Glass, Al- ii No Medicine is so well calculated, or has better suCeeeded ' n giv ng rcief in numerous bad cases ol Scrophula, than SPILSBURY'S PATENT ANTI- SCORBUTIC DROPS. A ir. al will prove this, and convince even the tender anxiety of parents, when the gland « become first swelled and diseased, or lie usual syn ptomsof schrophulous enlargement of the steinach in children takes place. In eruptive cases of Scurvy, Gout, Rheumatism, and Nervous Irrita tion of the Sftnach from bilious alfections, its supe- rioiny has long been acknowledged. The genuine Medicine has the words, " BY TH K KING'S PATENT," expressed 011 the bo'- le, bi of direction, andoutside wrapper, and the King's duty printed in black ink. Soldat tht Dispensaiy, 15, - Soho Square, I ondon, in smsll bottles of 5s. 6d.; double bottles 10s.; and urger 1/. 2s Compound Essence. to allay unpleasant irritation 8s. Sold bv'I Gregory, Leicester. BOROUGH OF LEICESTER. LOST. On Tuesday last, between Leicester and Oadby, ABed and Whitfc Spot ed Heifer, full of Meat, and much Red in the Sides; was clipped on the Near Side upon the Hip Bone, three Marks with Scissars about 2 Inches long each.— Was with a Drove of Beast under the Care of John Perkins, of Sineaton, and Lost through his Inattention. Whoever will give Information of ihe said Beast* so that she may be restored to the Owner, 1 homas Crane, of breat Glenn, shall lie handsomely Rew ard- cd, and all reasonable Expences paid 33- Sheep Keeping. u- __ AT a Common Hall, held on the 12th of Oc- tober, 1800. This Hall, taking into its consideration tliat the Attention of 1 he Country lias been called to the ap- proaching Period Hvhenour gracious King wiil enter on the 50ih Year ot his Reign— U dulcet thai, on the 25th of October, the Corporation will assemble in tbe Guildhall, to consider of such a Congratulatory Addre.- s as may properly express the strong Sense they entertain of the Personal Virtues of his Majesty, and their Gratitude t'> the Almighty for having continued to tbe Nation a Sovereign so exemplary, in times so critical.— That the Members of the Body shall then attend Divine Service at Saint Martin's Church. That the Mayor be recommended toint'mate that be shall Dine on that Day at the Three Crowns Inn, where there will be an Ordinary , al Five Shillings e- ach, for such Gentlemen of the Town or Neighbourhood as may partake with him in * bis feelings, and be disposed to join him in the Fes- tivity. That the Corporation shall subscribe 200 Guineas towards a Fund, which, it may be hoped, from the known Liberality of the respectable Inhabi- tants of the Place, will become large enough to enable every one of our Fetkui Townsmen to eelebrate the Day with sober and becoming Joy, It teas Itesoked also, that, on account of the high Pi ice of Candles, it w ill be desirable to ahst in from any Mode of Rejoicing which would raise tbe price of that oecsssarv Article. That, therefore, the Public Buildings of the Corporation shall not be Illuminated, and that it be recommended to the Inhabitants of the Town not o 1 Humiliate their Houses. Jt was then Kisofoed that the Minister and Church- wardens of ea<- li Parish shall be requested immediately to collect Subscriptions, and that Hie Maj or anil the Fif een Gentlemen who shall be found to have con- tributed most largely, shall be requested, to take the Charge of the Funds, and the Application of them to th- ir destined Purpose, in such manner as they may think most proper, assisted by the Ministers and Churchwardens. Signed, by Order of Tie Hall, W. HEYRICK, Town Clerk. o JC Cltainwood Forest and Hothley Plain Z J ENCLOSURE. WE the Commissioners named and appointed in and by an Aet passed in the 48th Yeai ofthe Beign of his present Majesty, intitled " An A'et tor allotting and inclosing the Forest or CHace of Charnwood, otherwise c barley Forest 01" Chace. and Kothley Plain, in the County of Leicester." Do hereby give Xolire, That we Shall hold a Meeting to investigate the Claims of ibe seveial and respective Proprietors claiming Right of Common, and other Rights upon ' the said Opt n Commonable Grounds and Waste Lands 011 the following Days, viz. For the several Parishes; Constableries; Ttjwn ships, Hamlets, or Places of Loughborough, Wood- thorp, Sheepshead, Garendou, Dishtey, !\ mgl t Thorp," Thorp- Acre, and Gracedieu, 011 Tuesday. tin J4th ot October next, at the Bull's Head Inn, in Loughbo- rough, at leu o'Clock in the Forenoon. For Belton, Thringstone, Vhitwick, Markfieid, Hugglescoie, DoniiigtOn- on- tbe- Heatli, ibstock, Swatiuington, Bardon, Asbby- de- la- Zouch, I astle- Doningtou, Diseworth, Isley Walton, and Lan^ ley, 011 Wednesday ttie25th of October next, at tlie same Place and Hour. For Grooby, Newtown Linford, Bradgate, Ratby, Newtown Unthauk, Newtown Botcheston, Glenfield, Ansty, Ansty Pasture, Stantoii- under- bai'dou, Bag- worth, Desford, ' Thornton, and Snibson, 011 Thurs- d y the 26th of October next, at the same I lace and Hour. For Beautnanor, Woodhouse, Woodbotise Eaves, F. arlsthorpe, Barrow; Quorndon, Mountsorrel, 1 a- tliern, Long Whatton, Kegworth, Osgathorpe, W01- thington, Newbold, Breedou, and Great Wigston, on Friday the 27th of October, at the same Place and Hour. For Rothley, Rothley Temple, Swithland, Tlmr- i' 11- ton, C10pst. ni), Ulverscroft, Charley, and M apple- Well, oil Saturday tbe 28th of October, at the same Place and Hour. Printed Alphabetical Lists of Claims may be bad after Monday the 28th of Seplr. 18u9, of Messrs. Cradock, Blunt, and Piddocke, the Clerks to the Commissioners at their respective Offices iu Lough borough, and Asl. by- de- la Zouch, for the Use of the Proprietors claiming Right of Common, or othei In- terests iu, over, 01 upon the said Foiest or Plain. Given under our Hands this 5th Day of August, 1809. ROET. H. WYATT, JOSEPH OtI I RAM. JOHN BURCHAM. THOMAS EAGLE. JAMES GREEN. TO BE LET, A BOUT 90 Acres ol good Grass Land, lying l\ near the Town of Leicester, for 150 Pasture Sheep; until tbe 15th of February next. For fdrther Particulars apply to Mr. NEALE, Saracen's Head Inn, I. eicester. N- B. A proper Person resides on the Premises to take Care of the Flock. $ 47 TO BE LEI', \ Genteel House toi a small Family, situa'ed at l\ Spa Place, n Lecester, consisting ot a Hall, Dining Parlour, and Drawing Room, 3 i'ed Chambers, and 3 Garrets over them ; large Laundry, formerly used as a Hosier's Warehouse; Krewliuu. se, Larder, Two Stall Stable, with large Loft over the same, Saddle House, Dog Kennel, Spring and Rain Water, Wine and Beer Cellars, Kitchen aud Plea- sure Gardens, tlie Wails covered with choice Fruit, Trees, and a Paddock about two Acres adjoining N. ft. Possession maybe had immediately, aud for Particulars enquire of Mr. Oliver at the Stamp Of- fice, or at the Jouriial Of ice. IT TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr DAVIS, On Monday and Tuesday, October 16 and 17, 1809, ALL the truly modern Household Furniture, Linen, XJhina, Glass, Books. & c. ot Mr. FOSTER, Deceased ; On the Prea. ises, the Upper End of the Belgrave Gate, Leicester, Comprising handsome lofty 4- Post Tent, Press, and other Bedsteads, clothed with beautiful Moreen and Cottoii Furn ture, good Goosecoat and other Feather Beds, handsome large Blaukets, Counter panes and Coverlets, very good Hair Mattrasses, a large and good Assortment of Bed and Table Linen, modern Pier and Swing Glasses, beautiful modern Mahogany Wardrobe with Secretary complete, mo- dem Mahogany Chests of Drawers and Bason Stands, very good fancy painted and Oak Dressing Tables, several Sett of round and Bedside Carpets, 5 beauti- ful modern Painted Chairs, with 2 Arm Ditto to cor- respond, 2 Sets of handsome Mahogany Chairs; several Sets of Oak Ditto, modern Mahogany Pem- broke, Card, and other Tab es, Mahogany Stands, Set ol Mahogany Dining Tables, circular Ends, capital 8 Day Clock, several very good Scotcli Car- pets, ( new) Stair Carpeting and Wires, hi, nil polish- ed Fiie Irons, several handsome Green Wire Fenders, Brass top'd with Nobs, China and Glass, Needle- work Fire Screens, 2 handsome Settees, 3 Mahogai. y Side Slabs, vety good Oven and Stove, small Cop- per, & c. capital large Deal Dresser, with Drawers and Cupboards complete, several Dozen of Glass Bottles, Brass Pots and Pans, Kettles, capital pa- tent t in Roast Meat Jack, with a great Variety of other Articles. Likewise a valuable Library of Book-, among which are llussels History of Eng land, Cooke's Voyages, ( Folio) Ladies and Gentle- man's Magazines, Mayor's Universal History, 25 Vols. Spectator 0 Vols. Stern's Works 7 Vols. Saie to ncgiu each Morning at ldo'Clock. The above Go « ds have been recently bought in, arc neut, modern, and in the highest Preservation. Z&- rV BENSFOKl) BUIDGE. NY Person desirous of undertaking the Re- building of Bensford Bridge, on the Watlmg Street Road, near Lutterworth, in the County of Leicester, is requested to see the Plan and Specifica- tions of such Bridge, at the OHlee of Mr. Freer, At- torney, in Leicester, in order to bring in Estimates for Building the same. The Estimates lo be delivered at Mr- Freer's Office, on or before the first Day of December nex t. Leicester, Oct. 12, 18( 9. n+ f Fee Farm Rents. I " VTOTICE is hereby given that an Audit wiil 1/ N be held at ihe'Three Crowns, in Leicester, on Wednesday next, tbe ISth Day of October Inst, for the Receipt of Fee Farm and other Rents, due at Michaelmas, 1809, and payable to Charles Scott Murray, Esq. the Heirs of Arthur Barnardiston, Esq. and others ; at which Time and Place, all Persons concerned, are desired to pay the Rents from them respectivelv due. JOSEPH BELL, Receiver. Gough Square, London, 7th October, 1809. N. B. The Rents in the Collection of Mr. White likewise to be paid as above. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately; A Desirable Messuage or Tenement situate in . V Friar Lane, Lticester, late in the Occupa- tion of Mrs. LEW ITT, Pawnbroker, Deceased ; Consisting of a Houseplace, Parlour, Arched Cellar, good Back Kitchen, and 4 Chambers, with convenient Yard, Spring Water Pump, and Rain Water Cistern. Also, the beneficial Business of a Pawnbroker, be- ing the oldest- established Connection in the Town, may be had on very advantageous Terms All Persons indebted to the Estate of the late Mrs. Lewitt, ( Deceased) are requested t discharge the same immediately, to Mr. J. FRISBY, in South Gate Street, her Executor; and all Persons to whom the said Estate stands indebted, are requested to trans- mit their seve,., l Accounts to Mr Frisby, in Irder that they may be discharged. Leicester, October 1.', 180 . ^ — 1 Desirable Freehold Property in Loughbortitglt. H — TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOTT, At tbe Crown and Thistle Inn, in Loughborough, in the County of Leicester, on Monday the 16th of October, 1809, at six o'Clock, agreeably to such Conditions of Sale as will be then produced ; FOL R Freehold levelling Houses, with a Yard and capacious Malt Office, desirably si. uated on both Sides of the Baxter Gate, in Loughborough aforesaid, iu the following or such other Lots as m. y be fixed at the Time of Sale —( viz.) LOT I.— A roomy Dwelling House, with a detach- ed Bakehouse, in the Occupation of the Miss Brew i lit-; and a Dwelling House and Grocer's Shop adjoining, with a detached Candle House, in the Occupation of Mrs. 1 0011, Grocer and ' Tallow Chandler; and a larire Malt Office in the Yard, ( which is used iu common by the Tenant) in the Occupation of Mr. W. Mansfield. LOT 2.— A newly erected Sashed Dwelling House, lately in the Occupation of Mr. Bodtu, Hosier, aud Messuage or Tenement adjoining, in the Occupation of Abraham Pemberton and Ann Richards, or one of them Each of these Lots have extensive Fronts.— Lot one is of considerable Depth, and may be adapted to any Business that requires Room ; they are situated nearly iu ttie Centre of the Town, ata very short Dis- tance from ihe Market Cross. The Lots may be viewed with leave of tbe Tenants; and for Particulars apply to Mr. BOOTT, in Lough- borough. Valuable Live Stock, Implements in Husbandly, / jl Household Furniture, btc. A1 TO BE SOLD, HREE Loisoi iwedish 1 urnips, in the Parish of Avieston, to be eat on the Grpund, and the Keep of a 17 Aire Meadow, Which may bean U'commodation for some Drover. For atiiculars enquire of ROBT. LEE, Sheep Market, Leicester. October 12, it> u9. 3]. Leicestershire. TO BE SOL'^ LIY AUCTION, In 252 LOTS, At the Bull's Head Inn, at Loughborough, on Tues day the 14th Day of November, 1809, and fol- lowing Days, at 1 ! o'Clock each Day precisely, \ Very valuable FREEHOLD ESI ATE, l\ comprising the principal P311 of the Town of Loughborough, in the County of Leicester, and consist wg of very capital Alessuagt: s calculated for private Families or Trade, well Established Shops, Public Houses, Malt Houses, Cottages, Barns and Gardens, with sundry Parcels of Land immediately connected with the Town, and well calculated for Building to suit tbe Convenience of the increasing Trade thereof. Hie different Lots may be Viewed by rpplj'ing to Mr. Thomas Warner of Longhboiough, where a Plan ofthe Estate may be seen, and printed Particu- lars may be had at the principal Inns at Leicester, Loughborough, Derby, Nottingham, and Ashby- de- la- Zouch; of JOHN EVANS, Esq. St. Mildred's Court, Poultry ; and of Mr. CLARIDGE, Pall Mall, Loudon, where Plans of the Estate may also be seen. 31 ** STOLEN OR STRAYED, J~ " Out of Clifton's Yard, ARED FINCH HEIFER, near3Years old, wide Horns, and apparently a Maiden Heifer. Any Person giving Information where she WILLIAM PLAIT, Newtown Linford Mill 1m' handsomely Rewarded leifei isl t , slia AbSCONDEL), bis Master's Service, JOSEPH JOHNSON, Frame- work knitter, of Cosby, on Suuday the 24tll of September ult. ; JOHN liAISON, abiut 17 Years of Age, 4 Feet 9 Inches high, light Hair, and grey Eyes, — Had 011 whett he went away a dark brown Coat, striped Yellow Waistcoat, Leather Breeches, drab Stockings, and sirong Shoes, with Leather Strings. Any Person harbouring or employing the said Apprentice after this Notice will be prosecuted to the utmost Rigour of the Law.— If he will return to his Master's Service, 110 Notice w ill be taken of his present Misconduct. Cosby, October 7, 1809. Health, Beauty, a clear Skin, and a good _ Completion. " fk / f RS. Vir. cent's Genuine Gowland's Lotion IV1 stands unrivalled for clearing ihe Face and Skin from all Eruptions, Freckles, cxtraordinaiy Redness, Effects of Surfeits, Heats and Tumours, Scorbutic Impurities and dryness of the Skin, all Blotches and Pimples, from whatever Cause arising, hard Lumps or Knobs in the Skin, the Greasyor Oiiy Appt aiance, Livid and Sickly Paleness, and for clearing and improving the Complexion. The following is a l etter to Mrs. Vincent, from the Right Hon. Lord Sherborne. MADAM, Your iMimi having been recommended to me by a ' Lady, who rccejvcd great Benefit from it, and hear- ing it is much . superior to the Dickinsons, I beg you a ill send me aCpsn. I am Madam, & e. SHERBORNE. This truly genuine Lotion is Sold by Mis. Vincent. No. 4, Da vies Street, Grosvenor Square, London : Olid ill Leicester by Swinfen, Gregory, Mrs. Chat- i Ti-', and Cockshaw ; in Loughborough by Adams and all the most respectable Verniers of Medicines in tiurcpe; iu Quarts 8s. 6d. Pints 5s. 6d. Half Pints 2. s. 3J. ' To prevent Counterfi its see Mrs. Vincents Name figijed upon the Label ou each Bottle that in genuine. TO 13E SOLD BY AUCTION, By NICHOLAS WARD, SomeTime in the present Month October, 1809, ALL the Live and Dead Stock, Implemems in Husbandry, & c. 011 the Premises of the late VV M. COOKE, Of Shearsby, in the County of Leicester ; Consisting of 1 8 Head of the Cow Kind, 150 capital Ewes, Theaves, Shearhogs, and Lambs ; 3 Di aught Horses, Tackle, and Implements in Husbandry. Particulars and Time of Saie will appear in due Time. 3f. A1 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DAVIS, On Wednesday, October 18, 1809, and following Days; LL the valuable Eive and Dead Stock, Household Furniture, & c. ol the Rev. THO'S. CLARKE, Deceased, On the Premises at Hungerton, Leicestershire ; First Day's Sale, Wednesday Oct. 18, 1809, Coisists oi 39 Breeding Ewes, 45 Lamb Hogs, 35 Theaves and Shearhogs, 5 Fat Sheep, 1 capital Forket Pig, 2 Vpital Milch Cows, 5 Fat Oxen, 1 Two- year old Heifer, 1 Ditto Steer, 2 Yearlings, and 2 Calves, Nairow- wlieel t art, ' Tactile for 2 Horses Forks, Rakes, & c. iScc. Also, a capital well built One Horse Chaise, with Harness complete, in excellent Condition, and ( nearly new). Second and Third Day's Sale, Oct. 19 and 20, Consists of very good 4- Post, Half tester, Bureau; and other Bedsteads, clothed with blue and green Furniture; very good Feather and Wool Beds, Blanki ts and Coverlets, Bed and Table Linen, hand- some Oak Bureau and Chests of Drawers, very good Oak, Diiiuig, and Snap Tables; Mahogany Snap Ditto, good Turkey Carpet, 10 Feet by 13; capital Pier and Swing Glasses, Dressing Tables, Mahogany Stands, l ea and Coth- e Urns, Glass, China, capital 30- Hour Clock, good Assortment of Brass Pots aud Pans, Pewter, with other useful Kitchen Requ sites, good 8- Strike Mash Vat with other'Tubs to corres- pond ; several 30 and 18- Gallon Barrels, Thralls, Pails, Churns, & c. Also, a capital Lead Raiu Water Cistern in good Condition. Sale to begin each Morning at Ten o'Clock. The Stock wilt be found very usetul, and the Goods are worth Attention to Housekeepers. Valuable Live and Dead Stock, Implements of ^ ^ Husbandry, Sfc. IO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Bv Mr. T. BUKION, On Thursday tlie" l9th Day of October, iou9, on the Premises of the late Mr. R. L1NNEY, at Buiton Lazars, near Melton Mowbray, ALL the Farming itock, Cattle, and other Elicits, consisting of 82 1 upping Ewes, and 29 Ditto Theaves, 22 Shearlings, 96 Lambs, and 1 Ram, 2 Milking Cows, and 1 Co* with a Calf, 2 Fat Bullocks, 19 Eitt Cows, 4 three Year old Steers, anil I Ditto Heifer, 5 two Year old Steers, and 2 Ditto Heifers, 3 Yearling calves, an. I 3 Store Pigs, I Black Cart Mare covered by Mr. Day's Horse, and a. Foal by Ditto, 2 four Years old Ditto, by Ditto, 1 Yearling Colt by Ditto, 2 Hackney Mares, with a Colt and Filley Foal by General, 1 three Year obi Colt by Old England, a large Hove, of Oats, Stack of Ditto, and Oats in the Barn, a Narrow- wheel Waggoh, Ditto Cert, and a 6 Inch Wheel Cart, Pair of Harrows, 1 Lock Harrow, good Corn Roll, Corn Fan, Cart Ropes, Rakes, Forks, Corn - sieves, tackle fori Horses, a good new long LaiMer, smaller Ditto, a Quantity of Fence ' Frays, Pig Troughs, & c. The Sale to be/ n at 1 It o'clock. ' N B. F. uir Months > edit on .-'.' proved Security, or 6d. in the Pound for 1 Sady Mowsy. Likewise will be Sold by Auction 011 the abeve Premises, in November next, the Keep growing oil 217 cres of Meadow, aud Pasture Land until Latfy. day, sith 9 Stacks of Hay. Also, the Whole of the Household Furniture and otber Effects, of which' Notice will be given. 4.1" Coal Boats. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. OWSToN, ( is LOTS). At tlieVaUShall Whan, 111 Leicester, on Wednesday the 18th Day of October, 18u9, at 3 o'clock ill the Afternoon; SIX'Trent Coal Boats in exce lent Condition, from 40 to t50 Torts Burden. May be viewed 6 Days previous to Sale on Applicatii n to Mr. .1 xon, Vauxhall Wharf aforesaid. A3- To Graziers, Innkeepers, Iji TO BF. SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DAVIS, On Wednesday October 18, 1809, at 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon, 111 the Closes of Mr. T. KING, of Keyfiam, Leicestershire ; rT", H E following Lots of valuable Hay and Lat- JL termath, lying near to the Church Yard of Keyhani, and near to Huugartou, in Lots, 4 Closes of capital Eddish, containing 22 Acres, with a Rick of Hay to each, the Eddish or Hay to be Sold toge- ther or separate, as may be most agreeable to Pur- chasers, the Hay may lie taken off the Premises, and the Whole cleared by the 5th of April next. The Keeping is in excellent Condition, and the Hay will be found worth the Attention of Purchasers. For View of the same apply to Mr. T. KING, Keyhani. hi Burton Overy: TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. OVVSl ON. At Mrs. Harrald's, the While Lion, in the Villngdot Burton Overy, in the County of Leicester, ou Monday the 23d Day of October, lfco9, at 3o'Cl. . ck in the Afternoon, uu. ier such Conditions a-, will bo tnen produced; Al'ieebold ^ Tenement or Dwelling House, in ttie said , and several „ . f ~ CAUIION T To Farmers and Wool Dealers. WHEREAS. JOHN WILSON, Woolcom- ber, of Rearsby, in this County, has been regularly discharged from buying Wool in my Name, or 011 my Account, and notwithstanding such Dis- charge, has since made several Purchases unknown to me and without my Consent; this is therefore to Caution all Persons from selling him any Thing 011 my Account, as I shall not be accountable for any Transaction of Ins after this public Notice. JOHN GILL. Market Street, Leicester, October 5, 1809. Capital Spring Wood, Oak, Sfc. l b BESOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN - HELTON, On Wednesday the 18th of October Instant, 1809, upon the Premises, iu the Liberty of Cossington, and near to the Lodge House oceopied by Mr. John Hudson, BOUT S00 Feet of capital Spring Wood Oak, In Lots, fell'd last Season,- the Oak is from 50 to 40 Feet long, and from 8 to 12 Inches Square, v'ly straight, excellent cleaving Wood ; also about 400 Feet of Avh, Elm, and Aspen Timber, ii. Lots ; also about 10 Lots of Ash, and a few Oak Poles in Load Lots ; likewise about 2000 capital Oak Posts and Rails, and about 900 Fleak Heads ill Lots. This Wood lays within a Mile of the Melton Naviga- tion, and within a Mile and a Half of the Leicester Navigation, verv good Roads. For a View of the Wood apply to Mr. RICHARD PLACE, of Mountsurrel ; or JOHN SHELTON, of Syston. Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock. 3 ® ' General Post ( Office, London, Jul, 1 22,' 18. 9. A CAUTION. PENALTIES to the Amount ofTwo Hundred Pounds, with full Costs, have lately been re- covered and paid, in Actions brought by the Direc- tion of the Postmaster- General, against a very considerable Mercantile House in London, having also an Establishment in a large manufacturing Town in the Country, for offending against the Statutesof the 9th of Queen Anne, c. 10. s. 17. and the 42d Geo. 3d. c. 81. s. 5. by sending Letters in Parcels and other Packages, by Coaches, to and from Lon- don, and their Country Establishment. It is hoped that this Prosecution, in Addition to the many others that have been brought, by the Orders of the Board, will stop such illegal Practices. By Command of his Majesty's Postmaster General, FRANCIS FUELLING, Secretary. 1 AO TO BE SOLD BY AUCIION, By Mr. HOLLOW AY, On Wednesday the I8H1 of October, 18 9, on the Premises ofthe late Mr. George Watson, of Dingley Lodge, Northamptonshire, ( the Widow leaving the Farm); PART ot the valuable LIVE STOCK', and Implements of Husbandry, & e. consisting of ' 20 F. wes, 16 Sheerhogs, and 17 Lambsj 1 Stirk, 1 Steer, 2 Bulls, 1 Iu- calved Heifer, 4 In- calved Cows, 1 Barren Cow, 6 Fat Cows, a Corn Skreen, a Corn Drag, and Screw Jack ; a Set of Draught Tackle, 2 Cast Iron Wheels, a Malt Mill, and Chaff Box; a Quantity of Building Bricks and Timber, & c. Also, about 25 Tons of excellent Old Hay in two Stacks, to be eaten 011 the Premises before the 4th of April next, and the Keeping of 53 Acres of rich Grazing Land till tho Time before mentioned. Pur- chasers may have immediate Possession of tbe Land. ' The Sale to coinmem. e jjuuctually al Ten o'Clock. Valuable Drugs, Grocery, Ground Paints qjid Paint Mills, several Nests of Draweis, 6jc. 4 ^' 10 BE SOLD BY AUC HON, By A. r. DAVIS, On Monday, October 23, 1809, and following Days; y^ LL the truly valuable S TOCK in TRADE, Mr. BRADLEY, Grocer, Druggist, & c. near the Hi » h Cross, Lei- cester ; ( Who has retired from these Businesses, and removed to anothei Residence iu the Belgrave- Gate;)- Consisting of a choice Collection of Drugs, Ground Paints, Paint Mil's, arid Colours, several Lots of Giocery, a valuable and neat Assortment of large and small ' Tea Canniste.- s, exceeding useful Nests of large and small Drawers, Shelves, Counters, Scales and Beams, Weights and Measures of various Sons, two 300Gaiiou Standard, well painted Liquor Casks, several small Ditto, Number of Thralls, Packages, Boxes, Sugar Casks, large Tallow Press, small Oil Cisterns for R. tail Trade, Glass Petiti > ns, very large Beam and Scales, in excellent Condition, several Half Hundreds and Quarter Hundred Weights ; large Shew Board, 20 Feet long, large Bell Metta) Mor- tar, with a great Variety of other Articles iu- the various Branches. Also, suverat Lots of useful Huusehold Furniture, consisting of 4- Post Bedsteads, Feather Beds, Blan- kets and Coverlets, very handsome Mahogany Square Dining, Card, and other Tables^; Mahogany Side- board, 10 Mahogany Chairs, 6 Cherry ' Tree Ditto, Kitchen Chairs, t Ironing Boards, 2 veiy useful Dressers, very good Washing Machine, handsome Pier and Swing Glasses, 2 Pair of large White Dimi- ty Window Curtains, with Cornices, China and Glass, Book Case, Flour 11 inn, with Partitions, Stove Grates, Fire Ranges, 20Gallon Copper, small Dittc, Pewter, with a Variety of other Articles. Also, several Lots of useful Books. Sale to begin each Morning at ' Ten o'clock, W. D. assures any Person connected with the above TradtS, that a more suitable Assortment of Goods have not been offered to their Notice, aud will be fonnd particularly worth Attention, and a better Opportunity has not offered to any Person going into the Grocery Business, as tbe Drawers and Cannisters are in the highest Preservation, few Shops have been fitted up with better Judgment, and more useful Articles are seldom found so suitable for Bu- siness. The Household Furniture will be Sold at the Cbse of the Sale. Village of Burton Overy, Freehold Closes of Grazing Laud, of excellentquality and well watered, lyingin the Parish of Burton Overy aforesaid, and between the said Village and the Lou- don Turnpike Road, in the Lots following ( viz.) LOT 1. The said Tenement or Dwelling House with its Ap- purtenances, now occupied by John Bryan, as Tenant by the Year. LOT 2. A Close, called Hdme Close, containing 2 Acres or thereabouts, now occupied by Mrs. Elizabeth Ashby. LOT 3. A Close, called Hut Close, containing by Ad j measurement 3A. 2R. 33P. now occupied by John Franks. LO r 4. A Close, called Davenport's Close, containing 3A. 2R. OP, or there ibouts, now occupied by the said Elizabeth Ashby. LOT 5. A Close, ealledFarClose, coiitaininghy Admeasure meut7A. 3R. 53P. now occupied by the said Johir F ran k^. LOT 6. Two Closes, called respectively Gravel Pit Close and Clay Pit Lane Close, containing together by Ad- measurement 14A. 3R. 101'. aud now occupied by the said John Franks. Possession of the Land may be had at Lady- day next, aud the Purchasers may be accommodated with reasonable Proportions of the Purchase Monies on Security of the Premises, to which they respectively relate. For further Particulars apply to MOORE and, SHEl'PARl), Solicitors, in Leicester; and for a View of tbe Premises to Mr. Richard Dunkley, of Burton Overy aforesaid, Farmer and Grazier, JiQ7 VALUABLE LIBRARY AtlMeasham, near Ashby- de- a- Zouch, in the County of Derby, late the l'ropei ty of Wm. Hill, Est/. C Deceased.) WHICH WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mt. OWSTON, Oil the Premises, on Monday the 30th Day of October, 1809, begining at ten o'clock; CONSISTING ot upwards of four hundred Volumes; amongst other equally scarce and valuable are Dugdale's Warwickshire; Nicholas's Leicestershire j Camden's Britannia ; Patrick, Lowlh, aiid Whitby's Commentaries; Cooke's Voyages; Theobold's Shakespeare, & c. the principal Pait neatly Bound, Gilt, aud Lettered; and in a good State e/ f Preservation. Catalogues may be had, ten Day's preceding the Sale, on the u--' msi » » , and of Mr. OWSTON, Lei- cester. St Meusham, Derbyshire, TO BE SOLD BY AUC TION, Hy Mr. OWSTON, On the Premises, 011 Tuesday Ihe 31st. Day of Octo- ber, 1809, at 11 o'Clock in t. ie Forenoon, r'J~, H E valuable Materials ol ail that modern built. 1 Dwell. n.'- house, the late Residence of W. HILL, Esq. Deceased. The above will be Sold in Lots, Particulars of which Will be given some Time previous to ialc " Leicester Journal, sn'd Midland Counties General Advertiser. i LEASE TO OBSERVE. That as the Drawing of the prt sent State Lottery will begin anil finish in One Day, viz. Friday the SUfli of this Month, all Put- chases of Tickets or Shares must be made before that Day. STATE I. O ITERY, Containing only 5,000 Numbers, with Thirty- t, vo Capital Prizes, including 4 of 20,00' 0L Besides others, amounting to Two Hundred Thou- sand Pounds, will be drawn ALL IN ONE DAY, viz. 10th This Month, October, 130?. The present is the only Lottery that ever was Drawn in One Day. The Scheme is highly approved, and there is no Doubt but. that nearly all the Tickets will be Sold before the 20th, on which Day the Whole will he determined. Orders for Tickets anil Shares, accompanied by Remittances in Sank Notes, or good Bills at short Dates, addressed to either of SW 11' Tand ( Jo's OFFICES, No. II, Poultry, No. 12, Charing Cross, or No. 31, Aldgate High Street, London, trill be immediately executed, on tbe same Terms RS if the Parties were present, also by J. W A LI. IS, Market- place, Leicester. No other Lottery to be Drawn this Year. MONEY. 3000/. 20001.1000I. 6001. 500/. 300/. and several .- mailer Sums, Ready to be advan ed on approved Landed Security. Apply to Messrs. NICHOLS and lSUXTON, Soli- citors, Lutteiworth, or atthe Bull Head, Hinckley, on Market Days. LEICESTER HUMANE SOCIETY. THE Subscribers to this Institution, are re- quested ( o meet at the Exchange-, on Mon- day 10th Inst, at 5 o'clock in the Afternoon, for the Purpose of adjudgeing Rewards, for exertions in sav- ing Life, and Auditing the last Year's Accounts. RICHARD DAVIES, Secretary!. To Worsted SpinnerSt Wanted, Y DAVID HARRIS, and Co. a Person that understands the Management of a Spining Room.— A Woolsorter is also wanted. None but Men of Chaiaeter need appiy. W Wanted, N Apprentice to a Grocer. Apply to JOHN GREGORY, Gallow- tree- gate, Leicester. A' HOUSEKEEPER. Wanted, APerson to conduct the Domestic Concerns of a small Family ( herself making the Third Person): must possess a godtl Address, have been accustomed to serve iu a Draper's Shop, and if be- tween 30 and 40 Years of Age would be prefcred. Address, Post- paid, with respectable Reference, Mr. Hooper, Loughborough. N< Twentieth of the present Month. THE WHOLE of the STATE LOTTERY Will be Drawn in ONE DAY. a. ooo 500 RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK and Co. RESPECTFULLY remind the Public, that all Purchases in the present Lottery must he made before the 20th Instant, as the whole Drawing will be decided in Twelve Hours. Only 5,000 Numbers— Four Tickets of each Nvmber. CAPITALS. .4 . of <£ 20.000 4 of 5,000 I 4 of 8 . 1,000- 1 12 & c. &. c. Sec. And not three Blanks to a Prize. Tickets and Shares are selling by T. GREGORY, Printei, Leicester, For Richardson, Goodluck, and Co. Cornhill, and Charing Cross, London ; who shared and sold last Three Lotteries, Nos. 2,60?, 10,197, and 18,031, Three Prizes of 20,( » » /. and 7,950, 10,000/. They are also the only Office that ever sold in Shares Two Prizes of 30,000/. Wan tedi ASteady active Youth, as ail Apprentice to a Surgeon and Apothecary— For Particulars enquire ofDR WM. ARNOLD, Leicester Wan ted j AN APPRENTICE to a IlbSIF. tt whose Friend' will be fequired tb Board, & c. No Premium expected.— Enquire at the Journal Office. LEICESTERSHIRE.— To Wit. AT the General Quarter Session of the Peace of our Sovereign' Lord the King, liolden at the Castle of Leicester, in and for the said County of Leicester, on Tuesday in the Week next after the Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel ( to wit), the third Day of October, in the forty- uiuth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, now King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, anditi the Year of Our Lord IS 9, and from thence by Adjournment to Wednesday the fol- lowing Day; before Charles Thomas Hudson, Esq. the Reverend Richard Hardy, Doctor iu Divinity. Peter Augustus Lafargue, Esq. the Reverend Ed ward Griffin, Culverley John Bewicke, Henry Wood- cock, Thomas Beaumont Burnabv, Thomas Noel, William Richardson Tyson, Thomas Adnutt, John Dudley, and Thomas Cotton Fell, Clerks, Justices of our said Lord the King, assigned 10 keep tbe Peace of our said Lord the King in the County aforesaid; and alio to hear and determine divers Felonies, Tres- passes, and other Misdemeanors, Committed in the said County. This Court did adpid.- e tbe Price of_ a Days Labour in Husbandry, to regulate the Allowance to the Wives and Children of Men serving in the Militia, at 2s. This Court did Order that a County Rate of three Single* - be raised and paid to the Treasurer against tbe next Session. By the Court, THOMAS FREER, Deputy Clerk of tbe Peace. Leicester,. Oct. 5th, 1809. Cijeatre* 3letcestet\ BY PERMISSION. Wanted, AN Apprentice to thsj I irocery Business, one from t e Country will be preferred, no Premium required.— Enquire at the Journal Office, if by Tetter, Post- paid. Third Night of Mr. COOKE's Engagement. This present FRIDAY, October 6, will be presented the celebrated Tragedy ot MACBETH ; King Of Scotland. '( With all the original Music by Matthew LotWe), The Part of Macbeth by Mr, Cooke After which the much admired Farce of THREE WEEKS ArtF. il MARRIAGE, Or, What tee must all come to ! Mr. COOKE'S Night, i'nd positively the La5t of his performing here this Season; Oil SATURDAY Evening, the celebrated Tragedy of OTHELLO ; Moor of Venice, The Part of Iago by Mr. Cooke; To which win be added; the Farce bf LOVE A I. A MODE. ( Written by Mr. Maeklin). The Part uf Sir Arclry Macsatcusmby Mr. Cooke. On MONDAY Evening) October 9, * ill be performed forthe last Time this Season, the admired Play of PIZ ARItO ; Or, The Spaniards in Peru. To which will be added, the first Time this Seasoh, the Farce of The Portrait of Cervantes. On TUESDAY, ( for the Second Time in this Theatre}, will be presented the celebrated new Play of THE FOUNDLING OE THE FOREST. As performed here on Monday last With the greatest Applause. To which will be added, a celebrated serious Panto- mime, called PEROUS E; Or, The Desolate Island. As performed in London, and most of the. bthef principal Theatres with thfcgreatest Attraction. On Wednesday Evening will be performed the Tra- gedy oi* JANE SHORE. After which the much admired Melo Dtanie, Of ELLA ROSENBERG. As performed at Drnrj Lane ' Theatre with universal Applause. To conclude with the Faice bf THE GHOST; Or, the Affrighted Farmer. The new grand Melo Dramatic Opera of The Exile; or the Darts of Siberia ; written by F. Rey- nolds, Esq. and performed upwards of 40 Nights with universal Applause, is in Preparation, and will speedily be produced. There will be Performances at the Theatre on Thursday and Friday. BOXES 3s. PIT 2s GALLERY Is. Tickets and Places for the Boxes to be taken at Mr. Johnson's Fruit Shop, Upper End of the Market- Place— Pit and Gallery Tickets to be had at the Printers. The Door* to be opened at Six, and the Perform- ance to begin at Seven o'Cloek, A Wanted, N Apprentice to a Wholesale and. Retail Grocer.- - Enquiieat the Journal Office. I n a Hosier' Wanted, Warehouse, now, or January 1, 1810, ASteady intelligent Jlan, well acquainted with the Business."— Applications by Lett r, ad- dicssed N. W. Journal Office, will be attended to, it ( Post- paid) signed by real Names, and Intimation given, wberetlie Parties have, already served. Wanted* \ N Apprentice to?. Draper and Haberdasher, il enquire of LAWION and BRYAN: L. and B. respectfully inform their Friends; that their Sale of Furs has commenced, for the Seasdn, consisting of an extensive Assortment of fashionable Tippetts, Trimmings, & c. which from their, early niid extensive Purchases they are enabled tb offer full 20 per Cent lowerthan last Sea on. A. ERLS's Drapery, Haberdashery, and Glove Warehouse, MARKET- PLACE, LEICESTER. MERES, having just letumed from the London Markets, respecifully informs his Friends and the Public in general, be has select- ed a choice Assortment of the most fashionable Win- ter Articles, which will be exhibited in his Shew Room on Tuesday, and during the Fair, with the great Variety of Goods he presents to the Notice of the Ladies a choice and well selected Assortment of Furs, which for neatness of Workmanship and Qua- lity, are not to be surpass'd, and full 35 per Cent, lower than the Prices usually charged; an ele garit Assortment of Rich Ostrich Plumes, Ladies and Children's Beaver Bonnets, of tbe most fashionable ,' atterns, plain and twill'd shot Sarsenet*, rich Silk and Cottons Imitations, India Shawls, Yard and Ell Wide Town Prints, of the newest Stile of Work, Muslins, Ribbons, and every Article in the above Line. N. B. Irish and Flaxen Linens at tl'. e Old Price, having purchased a very heavy Stock before the Advance. • N. DIXON, T> ESPECTFULLY informs the Inhabitants of lA_ Mehon, and the Public in general, that e has commenced the Wholesale Spirit Trade, in House adjoining Mr, Caldecot's, High Street Melton, wli'ere he has laid in a large Stock ol over- proof Spi - tits of the choicest Flavours.—{ Those Friends who are kindly pleased to favour him with their Commands, may depend on being served with genuine Articles on thetnost reasonable Terms, and with that Celerity and Punctuality, Which he trusts will ensure him their Confidence and Esteem. N. B. Fine Kent, North- Clay, and Worcester Hops. LEICESTER MICHAELMAS FAIR. tin ' Tuesday, the H> th of October. OTICE is hereby given, that, the Shfesv of Rams at this Fair; will be held in the Beast Market, the sailje as last Year, aud will be continued there in fiitiire. Persons bringing Cheese to the Fair are desired to take Notice, they will not be allowed 1 to driw tip to the ' Chalice before II2 o'Cloek, that the Sheep Fair may experience rio Inconvenience.— And, as great Inconvenience war experienced in the Sheep Market last Year, by Persons drawing up their WagT gons. as near as possible before tbe Removal bf the Sheep, • Notice is hereby given, < i'liat proper Persons are appointed to prevent a Recurrence of ti f- same Inconvenience, and their Authority will be supported by the Magistracey bf the Borough, -.;. i ' W. FIRMADGE, Mayor. T,< jcester, Oct, 4, 1809. each in sticcessi > ii she has not hail within her lips any kind uPnntriment, solid or liquids, her conduct on this occasion, was truly exemplary. : ft Last week, at Cusworth, near Doncaster, Miss Heber, of Weston, in Northamptonshire; sister of tbe lady of W. WrigHtson' Esq. ofthe former place. On Sunday, suddenly, Mr. Love, of tlie Greeii- Dragon puhli c- house, Northampton. Wholesale and Fbetail Linen and Woollen Drapery. MARKET- PLACE, and GALLOWTREE- GATE, LEICESTER ; GEORGE SP ENCE most respettfully offers his grateful Acknowledgements io his Friends and the Public, fot the very liberal Support lie has been honored with since his Commencement in Bu- siness, arid assures them his future exertions shall not he Wanting to liierit a Continuance of their Favors. , He has hlso to make knbwri that Mr. Win. Atkins has joined liiin in Partnership, aud intends on Mon- day next to open a very extensive Shop and Ware- house in this Gallowir'ee- Gate, iii each Place there- fore; they will keep a large Assortment of evpry Article iu their Line, for which tbev intend to ask the lowest ready Money Price, aild pledge them- selves that in tnddei ate Charges aud prime Goods iio House in the Trade shall have a Preference. Country'Shopkeepers tc. will find they keep Arr ticliS for their particular Accommodation, and their Interest in gehferil so attended to, as to ens'iirt fii- ture Notice. Leicester, OhtoW- 5, 1809. JOHN BILLINGS and SON; At their General Cloathing Warehouse, Whole- sale and Retail, . G. ILLOWEREE- bATE ; . RESPECTFULLY inform their Friends and the Publ ic that thev have purchased in Lon- don, a large Quantity o'f Second- hand Clothes of every Description ; also, made up thcit usual great Choice of Men's aiid Boy's New Clothes of every Quality, us limit - : Men's fashionable and plain Clothf Velveret, and Filstiaii Coats. Ditto Ditto Cloth, arid Beaver Great Ditto. Marseilles, Toilenet, Sliagg, Velveret, aiid Patent Cord Waistcoats Patent Cord, Kerseymere, ViJvetecn, and Shag Breeches. Velveret arid Fustian Jackets and Overalls. Travelling and Chaise. Box Coats. Ladies Beaver, Cloth, and Salisbury Flannel Pe- liesses. Ditto Gig ami Common Great Coatsi Children's Rifle Cresses, and Common Ditto Super Broad and Narrow Woollen Cloths, KefSey- mere's, and Fancy Waistcoating Irish and Hoirie in ad a Linens, front the different Manufacturers. Large Stock of Men's arid Boy's Cordies, Plate, arid Stuff Hats. Fustian Drabet and Real Russia Duck Frocks, of every make. Measures, taken and Clothes made ' on the . shortest Notice. N. B. Attendance every Market Day at tlicir Shop in Melton Mowbray as usual. LEICES1 ERSlilKE iVULl t IA. NOTICE is hereby given, That the several Sub- division- Meetings in and for the County of Leicester, will be held for the. respective Hun- dreds on the several Days and Times, and at the several Places tthderhlt ntiytied, for tlife Purpose of receiving Lists of all Persons liable to be ballotted for in each Parish, and also for the Hearing of Appeals. ,., Sparkenhoe Hundred. Oh Wednesday the 1st Day of November next, at the Bull's Head inn',' in Market Boswoith; at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon. , f. , ... West Goscote Hundred. . • . Oli Thursday the. 2d Day of November next, at the Plough Inn, in Lougnborough,: at 10 o'Clock ill the Forenoon. Gai tree Hundred* On Thursday the 2d Day of November next, at the Rose and Crown Inn, in Kibworth Harcourt,. at 10 o'Clobk in the Forenoon. East Goscote Hundred , . , On Friday the 3el Day ot November next, at the Unicorn and Star Inn, in ThUrmaston, at lOe'Clock in the Forenoon. Borough of Leicester. ., On Mdhday the 6th Day of November next,, at { he Guildhall, in Leicester, at 10o* " lock ill the Forenoon, Framland Hundred. Oil Tuesday the 7t! i Day of November next, at the Swaun Inn, in Melton Mowbray, at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon. Guthlaxton Hundred. . On Thursday the 9th Da of November next, at the Castle, in Leicester, at 10 o'Clock in the Fore- noon; By Order ofthe LieUteriancy, DEC IM US COOKE, Clerk df the General Meetings. Leicester; Oct. 5, 1809. CDaritp Sermon, On Sunday, October the loth, A SERMON, Will be preached in the Great Mooting, By the Rev. CHARLES BERRY, For the Support of the CHARII'Y SCHOOLS belonging to thai Congregation, HYMN— ' HAYDN. " Give Punks ti Gotf most High " HYMN. - CHILDREN. — Dr. BOYCE. " Author of numerous Worlds unknown." ANTHEM.— Dr. GREEN. O God df tiiy Righteousness.'' at Three o'Clbck. ¥ sssy. x ^ ii' V l^ fs y LONDON, THURSDAY October 5. ' I he Ministerial arrangements are not yet com- plete. Mr. Perceval is ti. e only Member of the New Administration whose appointment has re- ceived the customary sanction ofthe Sovereigii.—- He yesterday kissed hands, on succeeding the Duke of Portland as First Lord ofthe Treasury — M r. Robert Dundas who is destined to the Colo- nial Department, , has gone to Ireland 10 pack up his papers, and is expected back by Wednesday next, when he probably will go through the same ceremony. As to a successor to Mr. Canning, there is, we understand, great difficulty in finding any one who will accept the office on a provisional tenure. Lords Ilarrowby and Bathurst, certainly the latter, are understood to have declined it. Neither Mr. Canning nor Lord Castlereagh re- signed their seals of office yesterday, as was ex- pected. The Duke of Pertland was considered in a very dangerous s'ate yesterday. Mr. Home, the sur- geon, and Mr. Walker, the apothecary, were with his Grace till two o'clock in the morning. Dr. Majendie did homage before his Majesty, cn Wednesday, at the Levee, upon his being trans- lated from tlie Bishopricof Chester to the Bishopric of Bangor On Sunday last, after an appropriate ciiscoutse by the Rev. Mr. Pickerii. g, for the benefit ofthe Sbnday School of the General Biptist Meeting Iliieglescoie. thecollectionamounted to24/. 2i\ 8' e?. The Great Glenn Volunteers under the co m- mand of Capt. Oldacre, were on Wednesday in; j spefcted by C'ol. Corbett, who was pleased to pas: I some high encomiums oh their discipline and mili- tary appenrance. At Loughborough iair, cheese sold from 6Si. to 72s, and at Nottingham from 05s. to 70s. but was lower on the second day. The late schism in the cabinet, is indeed seriously to be deprecated. It is impossible to refle ct upon the constitution of an admihistrStion where the component parts are influenced bv separate views, and convulsed by particular interests, without being alarmed at the injury tile public service in such a cisfc is liable to sustain. We have, however, this consolation remaining, that the safety and prospe riiy cf otlr country do not depend entirely cn any Administration. I be power and energies of a de- spotic state rest almost solely in its Government; but thanks be to God, the strength of Britain is rooted in her Constitution ; her energies may be' misdirected, but while she remains free, they can- not be annihilated by the Weakness of her rulers.— With respect to theaffatrs of the Continent, there still prevails, " a death like s'lence, and a dread repose,.'" , Whether Austria has set her Seal t » the instrument of her doom, or reso'ved to make ano- ther struggle for her independence, we cannot tell ; but we fear that in the existing deliberations between her and the Conqueror, there is a myste- rious something, which hts not yet, met the ear; and whicn, when it shall tranjpire, wjli astonish, if not confeiirid, the, most ingenious politician,! The Manager of oifr Theatre, Mr. M'Creadv has gratified the adnrrets of the Drama with a grand in- tellectual treat in the talents of the inimitable Cooke, who appeared on Wednesday evening as Sir Perti- nax Macsycophant, in the. M m of the World. The arduous and difficult character of Ladv Ran doipho, vvas that evening most ably pourtrayed by Miss Birchall, and afforded thatrespectabb acress an opportunity , of shewing the great versatility of her professional talent^,, Last night Cooke ap- peared as Richard the III. and takes his benefit on Saturday evening in the character t} f jago. : Mr. M'Cready has liberally presented the Trea- surer- of the Infirmary with a donation of Ten Pounds, as usual in former years, on the opening of the Theatre.— The following additions have been lately made to the list of annual subscribers to that excellent institution : Mr. Jonathan Atherstone, Mr. Benj. Cort, Mr. J. D. Jackson,. Mr. James Jarratt, Mrs. Hartopp, ( Dalby House), Right Hon. Lord llancfiffe, Mrs. Lowdham; - JVtr. Joseph Wallis, Friendly Society at the- Marquis of Gran- , by, in Castle Street ' - 5 3 Ditto Ditto at the Bull's Head ill Wig- ston Magna - - 5 5 Parish of Wigston Magna . 5 5 Ditto of Elaby, . - - 2 ' i Parish of Cosby, -.-. • 2 2 Ditto ofGreat C'aybrook -< 2 2 . Ditto of Husband's Bosworth, i 2 , 2 ... The Tamworth Musical Festival on the 21st and 22d ult. was attended by a brilliant and numerous assemblage of tlie neighbouring Nobility and Gen. iry. The performance was throughout excelletit- OCTOBER 0. MARRIED. , , , Lately, the Rev. J. Schofield, rector af Barton- on- the- Heath, Warwickshire, to Margaret, youngest daughter of Win. Holmes; Esq. of Eitliam. On Monday se'nuight Mr. J, Winterton, grazier, of Lang, to Miss Dorothy Wallij, of Ashby, both in this county. .. , ..,, . Ou Thiirsdiy se'iinigfit Mr. William pllson, gra- zier, of Kilwortb, in this county, to Miss Raeh'ael Marshal, of Chippingwarden, Northamptonshire. . On Saturday last, at St. Waiburgh Church, in Derby, Mr. John Billing, to. Eliza, second daughter of tho Re v. llenry Peach, of that place. , , ,, . Oti the 3d instant, at Heather, in this county, Thotrias Slater; Esq. of Hitllj to Marv, eldest daugh- ter of Samuel Bradley, Estj. of the former place, . Yesterday, at Loughborough in this county, by the Rev. D. llardv, Henrv. Macdonald Mawe, Esq. ofBeighton Ilrtuse, Yorkshire, to Miss Harriet Coop- er Holland,' youngest daughter of Ilenry Holland, Esq. of the former place. On Saturday last, at Newark, George Wilkinson. Esq. ofthe Hay- market, London, to Miss Elizabeth Cecilia Mary Broadliurst, of the fornlet place. , DIED. On Tuesday September 26, after a short illness; in her 27th year, Mrs. Hall, ivife of Mr. Thomas Hall, merchant, at Hull, and youngest daughter of the Rev. Thomas Robinson of this town. On Monday nicrnitig, at Oadhy, in his 64th year, Benj. Dowley, Ge'nt. of this town. Oil Wednesday last, in prospect of future happi- ness, Miss Chamberlain, of this place, only daughter of Mr. John Chatrib'erlaiu, grazier, of Whetstone, in this county. Lately iif Scotland, the Right' Hen. Caroline, Lady Lyttleton, relict of the. late Right Hon, Lord I. yttjeton, of Ifaglev Hall, Worcestershire, and Mo tlier of the Hon. William Iltcry Lytiieton, one of the representatives of that county. At Castle Doniiigton, in this county, on the 30th ult. ifi the 66th Year of her age, Penelope Hearstm, lute wife o£ William Ilearson; Gent, of that place; this truly pious and good christian supported herself with exemplary fortitude, whilst labouring under a long and severe Indisposition, for 15 Days and Nights. / A a— o / A £ 1 2 2 2 1 I 2 2 5 5 2 „. 2 2 2 1 I ly conducted by Mr. Cramer. The admirable .. lents of Mr. BraHairi, Mr. arid McS. Vaughan, in- deed of all the performers; instrumental as well as vocal, were never more eonspieious; nor were they ever we may confidently affirm, exerted in a better cause, or with greater effect. Anniversary of the King's Accession.— At a meeting of the Inhabitants of Birmingham on Fri day last. I he idea of an illumination on the oc- casion was introduced; and Very pfoperly negativ- ed. Indeed, when it is considered that there are upwards of 12,000 inhabited houses iri , that town, and if only 6,000 of them were illuminated, it would, at five shillings each, cost 1500/. I This sum collected ani funded for the future benefit of the poor, would be more grateful to the feelings of our good old King, than to hear ofthe momentary blaze of ah illumination. On Wednesday last, accordingto advertisement, a meeting was held in the Exchange, Chester, to fix upon the most proper way of celebrating the 50; h anniversary of his Majesty's accession to the throne, on the 25th of October next. . The Mayor having explained the cause of calling the inhabi- tants together, Earl Grosveuor rose, and in a. loyal and appropriate speechcomp imented the, citizens on the pleasure they must feel in celebrat ng the event; he contrasted the, ease and. tranquility we enjoy in this kingdim, under his mild . reign, with the anarchy and confusion which at this time per- vade the Continent, which he attributed to the unceasing and paternal care of His. Majesty) who rules over his. subjects with the anxious solicitude of a tender father over his family, , After several o » ther observations, his Lordship moved an Address to his Majesty, . and proposed a prtjcession to church, to return thanks t. o Almighty G° d for the blessing s we enjoy, and that a subscription be entered into ( which was immediately done with great liberali- ty and spirit) to be distributed fothe poor in coals, or nescessaries, during the winter, a) l which was uriam nously adypted. , The. following Resolutions have been unani- mously agreed to by the inhabitants bf . Windsor i— That a congratulatory Address be d awn up, and signed by the Mayor, Corporation, he. of Wind- sor and its environ!, and presented to h; s Majesty by Colonel DesbrovV and Richard Ramsbottom Esq Members for the Boroiigh'. „ THa't the Mayor & c. go to church, ahd that a Sermon be preached on the occasion. . That it is requested that the Royal Hbrse Guards ( Blues), and the King's Own Royal Regiment of. Staffordshire Militia, and the Volunteers of Windsor and Clewer, do attend and fire a feU dejoie, together with the discharge of 50 pieces of cannon. Thai dinners be provided at I the ir. ni and taverns, fee. for those who wish to take tickets.— That the pooretinhabitants ofthe town of Windsor ahd Clewer, who are not above accepting of bread, indat, and beef, shall be pro- vided with them that day, to enjoy the festival.— I hat there be a Ball and Supper tiie following even- ing, at the Town- hall, for the Ladies. And, to prevent accidents and inconveniences by a general illumination, it is resolved, that a grand piece of illumination be erected, ahd a grand display of firevyorks, and a discharge of 50 pieces of camion on a conspicuous part, free from any danger. That a Subscription be immediately opened at the two Banking- houses in Windsor, to defray the expence of the illumination, fire woiks, and the emerta. u- mei. t for the poor inhabitants. It is a circumstance w ithv ol renvufc, t, - u in the ccur. se of thepre. ent year a Jubilee- is to be celebrated throughout the whole exten ive Empire of China, on the occasion ofthe Emperor ' Kta- king heving aitained the 50th year of his age. • On Saturday last, Agreeably to tidveri isement, a meeting ofnpersoris inf re teel in the proposed na- vigable. communications, from Oakham and from Harb irough took place at the town- hall in Stam- ford ; upwards of ,1( 10 gentlemen o the neighbour- hood and principal inhabitants of the town were present. File - business of ihe day having been opened by the Mavor, > .. - r Mr., Torkingtori- briefly asserted, from the infor- mation of persons competent to estimate the respec- tive merits of ^ he measures prop ised, that a can tl from Oakham ki Stimford was a measure against v-.- hich such reasonable ^ objections, and natura im- pediments eiisted,. as that it- was chimerical to ima- gine that it would ever be eiecut d ; or, lie ng executed,, that it would ever answer the purposes of, those adventuring upoii. the- undertaking ; whilst ( Ije ihaitltai. nedViht; measures, of a. fcarial ? • Market Hi. rborough; and a comtruniCil'ion theie With that extensive navigation the Grand Junction^ , w « one from which the best founded hopes of advantage to those embarking in. it, and 10 the intersected country generally, were derivable^ Mr. War- tnaby ( of Harboiottgh) explS'ilcd a few of the advantages which w.- uld be peculiar to a na- vigation that- sliouUI give a tommunicatton between this district and the ejttens, ive tr^ ct titcough which the Grand Union ( or- Junction) flowed. Contrary, to expectations no opp jsition was ex- pressed to the measure thiis recorr. mendt d, although some of the gentlemen tvhoi are interested m the proposed canal to Oakham attendfe'i the meeong! a ntimber- of resolutions, . passed unatiimously, and aboeit Sppersons immedlatfely subscribed their names for sucti a number, of shares each ti will be declared at a future- itiefctiriij. ' , ll is believed that Co, opol. will be all the money, wapted; and that the proprietors of estaies will subtcribe for. the tno: et, y of' thai sura which is yet to beiraised. y- Wu understand that another meeting of those interested , n the undertaking will be ap- pointed in a few < lavs., , , The . Earl.. if Dundonald has feti| aged a worsted mill near Canterbury,- for the purpose of hitrodue- > ing a new manufactory. From an address ^ circu- lated by his Lordship it appears, that he has form- ed the. design of enabl rig the bounty of Kent, by working, Up its own Wodl, to rival in he worsted hosiery radp i the counties Of Leicester, N'ttinguarri. part of Warwick, and Derby, to which that branch of trade lias been confined. . The: coram ttee of th" Leicestershire and Rut- land ihire Agricultural Socieiyj to whom was refer- red ihe_ duty of an investigation into the manner of preparing Compost Dui- ighillj jjractisbd by Mr, John Wright,. of Pickworth, hear- Stamford, have awarded i; o him the premium of the bciety offer- ed in, 1808 on ihat brand of agri u. taral economy j and have ordered his statement ttiidfe oti tue sub- ject to be printed, which Jn, i a . jt- ir ill our next. .. ' 1 he Society of Arts has offered fit: gold medal to any person who shall discover tl itisthod, supe- rior to any hitherto practised, ofmaSnig meadow- hay in wet weather ; nho another gbld ftiedal lot the best and cheapest mode of hdrvHting corn in wet weather. We are informed by S cbrrespoticierit; \ vho has recently travelled through the comities o( SttlToik, Norfolk, Cambridge, Lincoln, LeitSiier, & Not- tingham, that ihe crops of wheat dH8 barley are very abundant; and t+ iostlv hcusbtl Vitli. The store granaries at the city of N'ot wicli;. Yirttiobih, King's Lynn, and Boston are stoied retiinrlUblv lull of the crops of 1S07 and lfJOtj, in Wheat; rye; barley, oats and malt. On the Downs in Stissex tht prodded bf wheat this. year nas been between five arid sii duarters per acre, being nearly double what is tfcrmfed an ave- rage crop. u . , ,. Three small orchards We're lalely sdlei at Chel- tenham— 9ne, coptainmsc little riiorfe th in an acre, and divided mio two lot", vent fdt 1,80,^/ 10s. an other, ^ bqut ah acrfe and. a Hdlfj tof. 1156.' 10s. and the third, about two acres; fdt iiiiS/. I'ctil for four and a half acies. 4208/.— This very ground wae sold but a few years ago at What was'thought a high price, ab ut 90/. per abfe . .. ' Lie Serj eaht whose preiriature death no'iced ip our last, in his passage frdrti otieSoach to anotner, was, buried on Suridiy l ist witH niil tarjr honours; an account has since been rece Ved of hi til, he was in his 70th year, alia had been ih the Service of his country from his infancy, the KniretBotoiigh Volun- teers having commuted tiie r s'erv cts for the Local Militia;, he had been to Londoii with rtidst respect- able te- timonials as to cha- tictgl-; ih tbb hope of obtaining ati out pfristoii iii Ghelscd Hbsp'nal, in which he was. disappointed.— Ili5 lot however fell oti fare ground, and his ttlari'eS had every attention paid to them from the Militia here, tint one soldier chn possibly fexpect from another; 1 A more wanion act of barbafitji we never re- member to have heard ot; than Whicn was com- muted on Saturday se'pnight; Mr: L— -, of Brighton, Northamptonshire, hating fcdnsigned the mariagemen of his farm to his tiejJhew, a voung man of irritable disposition , he cjuair'blled with one of the plough boys, whom he tied to tiie tail of the cart, and flogged . unmercifully,. The lad rtmon- strating against the treatment ( fe had received,- | brought upon him farther and more Severe punish- ment His inhuman master iiext fastened him to the tail qf one of the cart liorSes, thert, giving the aniitial a cut vviifi His whip; he spuing forward, ar. d finding an incumbrance behind, kicked to gel rid qf it, arid hitting tli. i pobr boy oil tne stomach, he immediately expired, ,. 1' he. bodv \ Vas taken to a publifc house in the neighbourhood, for a Coronet's inquest to be taken upon it. The farmer was im- mediately arrested, and coiiveved to Northampton j gao1' , i. | Mrs. Clarke has at; ended with her bail at Hick's. | Hall, and pleaded not guilty to the indictment of i that arch ejnack, Mr. Wardle LORD VERNON'S HOUNDS , Ml. tT Monday, Oct, 9.— at SuUon- on- tKe- Uilk Tuesday, 10 ut tuton tVoud. Thursday, 12/.<, iva;/ W Car.' Friday, 1 i.— at Highlands Park Additional Benefactions lor Widow Amount in our last, - SO ' i'he Members of the VVouIpa'ck News Room, in Bond Street 7 Mr. niestmari' - ( Mr. Bradley , - - j Society at Satcheil's, White , Bear Inn - , . ' 4 0 rf./ f Q Bruce: 6 6 3 10 lo PRICE OF In LEICESTER MARKET, Sept: i30, ISC9. PER QOARTElt CustomNfyM; ( Average | Wiii. P V/ heat from to Rye Barley from to Oatsfrom to Beans to Blue Pease Hog Pease Oatmeal 0 i) { 5 13 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 o 0 i - i : c 6 4 « JOSEPH SMITH, f. eicester Journal, and Midland Counties General Advertiser. n Mm — rin"<~ i -•' To the Editor of the Leicester Journal. Si'..-, As a constant reader of vour useful and judicious publication you will oblige me by an insertion of some facts that 1 wish to lav before the public. At a rim? like the present, when we hear and read so much unon agriculture and stock, and the prin- cipal part of rUr information b ing grounded upon theory, 1 hope it will not be thought unseasonable to lav hefoie the readers of your valuable paper, a statement ot the price of a lot of one year old sheep of the Leicester or Dishley breed, which must at once convince them that they have not been held out to the publ. c by their founder, the immortal Ilikewell, to more advantage than their merits deserve. The sheep I allude to were the property of the Honorable John Simpson, ofBabworth near Ketford, under the management of Mr. Holland, and I think it proper to observe, the greater part of this farm is upon the Forest, and I understand Mr. Simpson could not let it for more than 7s. 6d. per acre before he occupied it himself, and unfor- tunately for Mr. Thompson, it is upon that district where this noted champion ofthe Merino causa has ventured to assert the Lcicesters will scarcely exist. There were 230 of this valuable lot of sheep, ail of which I will give an account of ex- actly as 1 had it from Mr. Holland. Tl VBWORTH FARM. An account ofthe sale af the Honourable John Simpson's ^ aether hogs, in the year 1809. 1809 /.. s. d May 27— To Mr. Os- lesbv for ? 0 wether boss, at 47s. 6< 1. - 47 10 0 31— To Bi to for 811 ditto at 47s. Gd. 190 0 0 July 3— To Oxlev. sold at Rotherham Market, 20 ditto at 56s. - 56 0 0 —— 5— To Wilson, at Wakefield Mar ke , 1 ditto at 50s. - 25 0 0 To Newton atditto, 20 ditto at 48s. - - - 48 0 0 To Wilson at ditto, 20 ditto at 45s. - - - 45 0 0 —- 17— To Dakin, at. Rotherham Mar- ket, 10 ditto at 51s. - 25 10 0 To Watson at ditto, 5 ditto at 4S's. - - .12 0 0 To Helam, at ditto, 5dilto at 4S » . 12 C 0 - 19— To Wood at Wakefield Market, 10 ditto at 40s. - 23 0 0 To Hage at ditto, 12 ditto at 47s. 28 4 0 To Harding at ditto, 18 ditto at 46s. - - 41 8 0 C30 sold for .£ 55? 12 n Average value of ihe above, Carcass - - - 2 8 1 Wool shorn when lambs, July 1808, va- lue of each - - 0 12 Onto (. of hogs) ; n June 1809, average weight61b. at Is. 2d. - * 0 0 2 16 3 Now what will the advocates for the Merinos say to this statement, particularly their friend Mr. Wright, who has lieen bold enough to come for- ward in print, and to state lhat a Leicester sheep will pay only 25s. for a year's keep, when you have a statement before you of its being nearly double tjiajt sum, and can any thing lie a greater proof of their inclination to fatten at an early period, as these sheep were all sold in the public markets for im- mediate slaughter, and at the best market price. After this account has been laid before tilts public, I think they must acknowledge there is'still some merit due to the Leice ter. Hut 1 understand from a friend of mine that had some conver- sation with a Merino breeder, that they are of opi- nion they c: w improve these animals so as to make them more inclinable to carry mutton. Now I should wish to ask any one of these gentlemen, is it possible to improve a race of animals where there is nei her male or female to be found possessed w th the necessary properties to accomplish it.— They v.- ouid as soon produce another Eclipse from a Landers mare, as a Merino sheep with symme try and good flesh, without a cross from another breed possessing those qualifications to which the Merino have 110 pretension. And although the breed of the Leices'er sheep have added so much to i ha increase of mutton by their early maturity, still from the great consumption of animal food, the price is sufficiently high. And it is as clear as possible that if these Spaniards were to spread wide over this country, the lower class of the commu- nity could be neither fed or clothed, and it would materially injure one of our staple manufactures, that ofthe worsted and stocking trade. And not- withstanding some of our great agriculturists are taking great pains to spread the Meiino, I have no doubt but Mr. Bikewell's assertion will be verified that hev stand unrivalled, and of course spread over the Country. I remain, your*. & c. THOMAS STONE. Barrow, Ocr. 2, 1809 BANKRUPTS. Secombe and Co. Walkhampton, Devonshire, yarn- manufacturers Tierce, Canterbury, brazier Wood, Stockport, Cheshire, tailor Fuller, Lewe<, Sussex, butcher Dean, sen. I) Dean, jun. andj. Dean, St. John- street, cheesemonger Cuming, Castle- court, Birchin- laue, merchant Know- les, York, shopkeeper Stratum, Piccadilly, ironmonger Metcalf, New London- street, Crutched- friars, merchant Gale, New London- street, Crutched- friars, mer- chant . Mullens, Carshalton, Surrey, builder Hewett, West Bedfont, farmer P. Lucas. Birmingham, auctioneer Taylor, Blytbes yard, White- Cross- street, chair- niakcr Ilouson, Doucaster, victualler J. Leroux, Cfinonbury square, Islington, builder F. Drury, Clerkenwell- green, brass- founder DIVIDENDS. Oct. 21. C. Williams, sen. Turnhatn- green, butcher, at Guildhall • 24. T. Bowgin, Little New Street, plasterer, at Guildhall 28. A. Hamilton, and D. Hellburton, Oxford- street, linen- drapers, at Guildhall • 28- J. Appleby, Chatham, linen- draper, at Guildhall • 21. II Guthrie and C. Cooke, Liverpool, mer- chants, at the Globe, Liverpool — 21. E. Pemberton, anil j. Houlding, Liverpool, merchants, at the Globe, Liverpool • 21. T. Moyle, Newcastle- under- Lyne, draper, at the Roebuck, Newcastle - 27. J. Williams, Rumnev Ironworks, Mon- mouthshire, shopkeeper, at the Bush, Bristol ' 20. W. Hope, Brampton, cotton- manufacturer, at the Bush, Carlisle 24. J. and F. Bolton, Warrington, potters, at the Eagle and Child, Warrington • vfi. J. Moon, Manchester, and W. Maymon. Haslingden, Lancashire, cottou- manul'acturers, at the Bridgewater Arms. Manchester 23. J. Atkinson, Birmingham, ironfounder, at the Swan, Birmingham 31. T. Dixon, Bath, chinaman, at the Chris- topher, Bath 3H. II. I. Gilford, Bristol, skinner, at the Rum- mer Tavern, Bristol 25. J. Townshend, Liverpool, merchant, at • heplobe, Liverpool s, iv. y,, Wray, Henrietta- street, wine- merchant, - oiKii. Oct. 29.. A. Bendelack, Jamcs- court, Bury- street, St. Mary Axe, merchant, at Guildhall 17. j. Mackenzie, Old City Chambers, Bishops- j u ate- street, merchant, atGnildhall | —— 14 J. Parsons the elder, and J. Parsons the i younger, Ludgafe- liill, booksellers, at Guildhall ; 10. T. Guillod, Craven- street, Strand, wine- j merchant, at Guildhall ] 10. H L. Lomas, Throgmortoo street, insur- ance- broker, at Guildhall - 24. J. MacTachlin, llartford- place, Drury- lane, cabini't- maker, atGuildhall 31. J, Weedon, Albion- place, Blackfriar's- road, hosier, at Guildhall 31. J. Fry, New Goulstone- street, Wiiitechapel, sugar- refiner, at ( juildhall 19.- J. Pearson, Alt- am, Lancashire, and T. Spence, Blackburn, corn- dealers, Old Bull Inn, Blackburn ( 8. R. B. Hosking and J. Iloskingthe younger, South Brent, Devonshire, yarn- makers, Lonaon Inn, Ashburton 21. W. Chowne, Exeter, linen- draper, Globe ' Tavern 28. W. White, Apperley Bridge, Yorkshire, merchant, Bull and Mouth Inn, Leeds 19. W Knight, Stouebreaks, Yorkshire, clothier, Spread Eagle Inn, Manchester 23. T. and G. Gaskill, Lancaster, linen- draper, King's Arms IS J. James, Stafford, grocer, Bush Tavern, Bristol 19. R. Tate, Manchester, grocer, Bridgewater Arms Inn 21. W. Green, Vauxh. ll, dealer, at Guildhall 14, T. Lewis, Bedmirister, Somersetshire, bacon factor, atGuildhall 21. W, Roxburgh, Winchester- street, instir- ance- broker, atGuildhall 21. W. Kendall, Manchester- street, builder, at Guildhall 24. S. Davis, Upper St. Martin's lane, Long Acre, cabinet- maker, at Guildhall 28. J Parsons, C'heapside, warehouseman, at Guildhall 14. R. Swallow, Attercliffe- Forge, Sheffield, ironmaster, at Angel inn . 18. T. Bishop, Birmingham, plater, Shakespeare Tavern, New- street 17. B. Pearkes, St. Nicholas, Worcester, tea dealer, Diglis Bowling- green, St. Peter 21. W. and R. Furber, Hsftham, Gloucester- shire, and J. Furber, Balh, dealers, Rummer Tavern, Bristol 19. T. and G. Ferueley, Hufaie, Manchester, cotton- spinners, Dog Tavern, Deaiwgate 16. J Brown, Livcipooi, dealer. Coach and Horses Inn, Chester .5. W. Thompson the younger, Wolverhamp- ton Staffordshire, grocer, Little Aims luu, Peuk- ridge * Nov 7. R Rasell, Shoreham, Kent, shopkeeper, at Guildhall 4 S. Phelphs, Grosvenor- pl.- rce, merchant, at Guildhall - 4. J Parlter, Ringwood, Southampton, grocer, at Guildhall ll. J. Dennis, W. A. Phelps and G. Willains, Friday- street, Cheapside warehousemen, at Guild- hall 14 J. Chcn iy, Oxford- street, linen- draper, at Guildhall 4. J. Clarke, Salisbury, Wilts, haberdasher, at Guildhall PELICAN OFFICE. For Insurance on Lives and granting Annuities. '"" flllS Office was establisned in Lombard Street, I London, in the Year 1797, by a numerous and respectable Proprietary ; and the Board of Di- rectors, with Confidence, arising from the increased Prosperity aud Permanency of the Establishment, as well as from the Experience of its Usefulness and Be- nefit to the Public, think it due to those who may be still unacquainted with tbe Importance and Advan- tage, of Life Insurance, briefly to suggest some of its leading and peculiar Recommendations to almost every Degree aud Rank in Society. Life Insurance is of manifest Consequence to all who hold Estates for Life, Situations and Offices, Civil, Ecclesiastical, or Professional; to Officers in the Army and Navy, & c. as, by Payment of an An- nual Premium, the Party insured Is enabled to provide for Wife, Children, oi others, whose future Welfare he may wish iu vain, by other Means to promote".— ft affords a permanent ultimate Security to those who advance Money upon Annuitiesorotherwise. It ren- ders Leases, determinable on one or more Lives, nearly equal in Value to Freehold Estates, as an Insurance to the Amount ofthe Fine, payable on the Demise of a Party nominated in such Leases, will produce the Sum required for Renewal It is a cheer- ing Refuge to Parties engaged in extensive and spe- culative Undertakings; it affords lo Persons in Trade the certain Means of Indemnification against a'bad or doubtful Debt; inshort, Life Insurance, establish, ed in Policy, sanctioned by Government, and con- firmed by the Test of Experience, is become, to al- most every Situation of Human Life, a Measure equally Important, Useful, and Beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most equitable Terms, under a Special Act of Parliament, granted to this Office. ' THOMAS PARKE, Sec. COMPANY. S' AGENTS. LEICESTER— G, B. Hodges. MARKET HARBOROUGH— Thomas Gurden. LOUGHBOROUGH— It. Lacey. NOTTINGHAM—& Dear. NEWARK— J. Stansall WARWICK— Messrs. Bainbridge's and Co. BIR M ING H A M— J. Farror. NORTHAMPTON— G. Osborne. WESTMINSTER SOCIETY For Insurance on Lives and Survivorships and granting Annuities, STRAND AND CORNIIILL, LONDON. And by Agents in Edinbugh, Glasgow, Dublin, and other principal Towns. INSUR ANCEon Lives affords the Opportunity to provide for the Aged, the Widow, and the Fatherless, and to guard against tbe Loss and Disap puintuieiit of a Dependence oil the Casualty of Life ; To provide Finos for the Renewal of Leases, held on Lives; To secure the Purchase Money for Annuities or any Life Interest; as, Church Preferment or other Situation, by which they possess only Income for Life ; To facilitate the Arrangement of Marriage Settle- ments and other pecuniary Transactions; To assist debtor and Creditor in accomplishing the Settlement of Affairs to prevent Bankruptcy. Granting Annuities affords a Resource against Old Age, Sickness, bodily Infirmity, and other Casualties of Life. ROBERT SKELTON, Sec. Rowlandson's Sketch Hook, or, Choice Views from Nature. This Day is Published, in Royal 4to. containing four beautiful Views from Drawings, mad.- oil tbe Spot by T. Rowlandson, Esq. Price in Colour.- to imi- tate Drawings, 2s. 6d. No. 1, ( to be continued every Fortnight) of ROWLANDSON'S SKETCH- BOOK; or, choice Views from Nature ; consisting of Landscapes, Shipping, Cattle, Villages, Gentlemen's Seats, Rocks, Romantic Scenery, & c. The Whole intended to assist the Young Artist, in tbe various Branches of this delightful and fasci- nating Science. All the Prints will be F. tched by' 1'. Rowlandson, Esq from original Drawings, by him- self, during a Tour made iu various Counties of Eng- land iu the Summers of tbe Years 1803 4 5- 6- 7 and 8. London: Published by P. Tegg, 111, Cheapside. Hassell's New Drawing Magazine. This Day is published, in 8vo. containing four beau- tiful Subjects from Nature, to he continued Weekly, and completed in fifty Numbers, at fid. each, HASSELL'S WEEKLY DRAWING MA- GAZINE OF RURAL SCENERY, or the Self- Taught Artist; consisting of Views from Nature.; Cottage and Mountain Scenery ; River and Coast Views; Shipping, Characters of Trees, Rocks, & C. the various Speciesof Cattlecalculated to heighten and give Sublimity to Picturesque Effect; including Subjects from original Paintings by Morlaad, never before Published ; the whole Engraved by Hassell. London: published by T. Tegg, No. Ill, Clieap- sfde; and to be had of all the Booksellers in tbe United Kingdom. County of Leicester. HUNDRED of FRAMLAND. I " HE ASSIZE of BREAD— Sellhe 12th Day ol September, 1809, to continue 14 Days. lb. oz. dr The Penny Loaf Wheaten to weigh 0 3 13 Ditto Houlliold, - 0 5 1 Twopenny Loaf Wheaten to weigh 0 7 10 Ditto Houfhold, - - 0 10 2 Sixpenny Loal Wheaten to weigh 1 6 14 Ditto Houlhold, - 1 14 6 Twclvepenny Loal Wheatcnto weigh 2 13 12 Ditto Hoiiihold, - 3 12 I ii Eigbtcenpenny LoafWhcatento weigh 4 14 10 Duto Houfhold, - b 12 2 T. B. BURNABY. K. NORMAN. HUNDRED of GART'REE. The Affize ol Bread for tbe Hundred of Oartree, intbe County ul Leicester. lb Ot. dr. Tbe Sixpenny Loaf VVhcaten is to weigh . . 12 2 The Sixpenny Loal Houlhold 2 5 8 Tiie Twelvcpenny Loal Wlieate i 3 8 4 The Twelve- penny Loal Houlhold 4 11 0 Set by us t wo of his Majefty's) ull ices ol the Peace in and for tbe laid Hundred, tbe 18th Day of July 1809, and tdcomuuie in iorce tor 14 Days from Saturdav nextr C. J. BEWICKE. E. GRIFFIN. HUNDRED of GUTHLAXTON. Afiize of Bread lot the Hundred of Giulilaxton to take place on Monday the 2d of October, to be in Force untilanother Afilze is let lor the laid Hun- dred The Penny LoalWheafeiUo weigh Ditto lloulhold Duto The Two- penny LoafWheaten Ditto Ditto Houlhold Ditto The Six- penny Loaf Wheaten Ditto Dilio HoulholdDitto he Twelvepcnny LoafWbcaten Ditto Ditto Houfhold Ditto lb. Hallam's Yntibiliious Pills, Invented by Edward Hallam; Snrgeon and Apothecary Bury St. Edmunds. >" T"< IIIS sufe and elegant Preparation is justly J. esteemed for its agreeable and ccrtaid Opera- tion, by which it effectually removes all Inaction or Obstruction of tbe Stomach and Bowels, whether arising from Bile, Indigestion, Flatulency, or Cold; Sickness at Stomach, Head Ach, & c. It operates by dislodging acrid Bile or other CrudilitieS retained in the intestinal Canal, and acts as an Alterative to the System generally, Free from any Antimonial or Mercurial Preparations, it is at all Times safe ; and has been given with singular good Effect during Preg- nancy Its Actioii is p titicularly adapted to Persons of Bilious Habits, and those of sedentary Lives, where a sufficient Action of the Bowels is not kept up, and Crudities retained in those Organs are fre- quently producing Pains and Distensions, Head Achs, Languor, and Giddin. ss, or a Sense of Weariness and Oppression. " Remove the Cause, the Effect must cease " A single Trial will fully convince the Patient of their Efficacy. The worst Cases of Bilious or Sick Head Achs are certainly removed by a single Dose, and in a much shorter Time than could be credited but from Experience. The Proprietor thinks it pro- per to remark, they will be found not only to act without Pain or Uneasiness but to leave the Body, after their immediate Action ceases, free from that costive State which generally succeeds the Operation of laxative Medicines. Sold Wholesale and Retail by Shaw and Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church Yard, London. Price 2s. 9d. per Box. Retail also by Gregory, Combe, S wmfen, and Matthews, Leicester ; Higgs, Harborough ; Adams and Astlett, Loughborough; Corral 1, Lut- terworth ; aud Beech, Atherstone. et. ar. 3 14 5 2 7 12 0 4 7 4 14 13 14 S 13 The Eiglueenpenny Lo'af Wheaten Ditto 4 5 12 Ditto Houlliold Ditto 5 12 6 T. BURNAliY. C. CHAMBERS, Every WheatcnLoafisto bemarked with a large Roman" W . aud every Houlhold Loaf with a large Roman H . on Pain of forfeiting not mote than 20f and not less than 5s. for every Loaf: DALBY'S CARMINATIVE. or the Wind, Convulsions, watery and dry Gripes, and other fatal Disorders in the Bowels of Children ; aLofor fluxes, Cholics, and Pains of tke Intestines in grown Persons ; scarcely ever failing to relieve when given according to the printed Directions. THE Superiority and Celebrity of this Medi- cine havingoccasioned a number of Counter- feits some even pretending to be prepared from the original Receipt, in the Family of tbe late Mr. Joseph Dalby, Apothecary, of Welbeck- strcet, Cavendish- square, the following Extract from bis Will will shew to wham he bequeathed this Property; and from whom only the genuine Medicine can be procured. " Whereas, fdid many Years since instruct my " Daughter Frances, now tbe Wife of Anthony Gell, " of North- street, Westminster, Gentleman, in tbe " Art of compounding a certain M* diciue, of which £* I am the sole Inventor, called Dalby's Carminative, " I do hereby appoint niy said Daughter the sole " Preparer of this useful Medicine; 1 likewise give " toher my sole Property in tbe said Carminative, " and all Profits arising from the Sale thereof, to " her, and her Heirs forever." This invaluable cordial Medicine continues solely to be prepared by the said Frances Gell, aud Sold only by F. Newberv and Sons, No. 35, St. Paul's Church- yard, a few Doors from Cheapside, Loudon; price Is. 9d. a Bottle, Duty included, but observe that the Words, " F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's" are en- graved on the Stamps ; and by their Appointment by Gregory, Swinfen, Combe, and Matthews, Leices- er ; Watts, Hinckley; Con- all, Lutterworth; Cle- meutson, Melton ; Adams, Loughborough; and Higgs, Harborough. CERTAIN COMPLAINTS. ARNOLD'* PILLS, celebrated for their su- perior Efficacy, and peculiar Mildness, in perfectly eradicating every Degree of the Veneral Disease without the least Trouble or Confinement. — Prepared by J. Arnold, Whetstone, Middlesex; sold by Gregory, Matthews, & Combe, Leicester; Adams, Loughborough; Dicey and Co. London; and in most Towns in England— Price 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d, Stamp included, with lull and plain Direc- tions. Where may be had Arnold's Nervous Resto- rative Droits. WARREN's Original Jupan Liquid Blacking. nfTUS Compssition with half the usual Labour JL produces a Brilliant Jet Black, preserves the Leather Soft, and prevents its Cracking, is perfectly free from any unpleasant Smell, will not Soil the Linen, and will retain its Virtues iu any Climate.— Sold Wholesale by R. Warren, 14, St. Martin's Lane, London ; anil- Retail by Gregory, Swinfen, Matthews, King, and Cowdall, Leicester; Adams, Loughbo- rough, Wardand Hulse, Hinckley; Bingham, Ather- stoue; Hai rod and Dawson, Hat borough; Readsmore, Ashby; Dodsworth and Wayte, Burtoii; Pritchard, Derby; Else aud Tupnian, Nottingam ; and in every Town in the Kingdom, ui Stone Bottles 2s. 9daQuart. — Is. 6d. a Pint, and lOd. Haifa Pint. Caution.— The superior Quality of this Blacking has induced several Persons to sell spurious Compo- sitions under the above Name, to prevent which, Observe, none are Genuine unless Robert Warren, is Signed on the Label, aud 14, St. Martin's Lane, Stamp'd in the Bottle. B R1T1 S H FIRE- OFFICE LONDON. THE British Fire Office in the Strand and Corn hill, London, and by Agents in Edmborough, Glasgow, Dublin, and other principal Towns, grant Insurances against Fire. Premiums for Insurance renewable at Michaelmas, must be paid within Fifteen Days therefr m. The Terms and Conditions of Insurance, as stated in the Policies, are defined with perspicuity, plain- ness and precision, so as to prevent tbe Misunder- standings and Disputes dependant upon ill- digested, unadvised, and ignorant Plans, equally baneful to the Proprietors and those Insuring. ANNUAL PREMIUMS. Common Insurance, 2s. per Cent.— Hazardous 3s. — Double Hazardous, 5s. Insurance on Farming Stock, at 2s. 6d. perCent. Specifying the Sums to be insured on the different Sorts of Grain-— or s. 6d. per Cent, only on the whole Slockof any one Farm, with Salvage Clause. ROBERT SKELTON, Sec. PHCENIX FIRE OFFICE, MuAKD- sTKEET. THE Directors of the PIKENIX FIRE- INSURANCE COMPANY re urn theii Acknowledgments for the Patronage they continue to experience, and they refer with confidence to the Sys- tem which has been pursued in tbe Management ol the Concerns ofthe Office for a Period of upwards of Twenty- five Years, and by which, every possible Ac- commodation antl Advantage has been afforded to the Public, as well in the Arrangement of Rates as in tbe prompt and liberal Adjustment of Losses. Stock on a Farm may be inlured in one Sum with- out tbe Average Claule, at 2s. perCent. per Ann. The ReceiptslorPoliciesfalling due at Michael- mas are now in tlitt Hands of the feveral Agents. The important Sums annually paid by this Office to Sufferers by Pite, Wrongly prove the Benefits refilling from fnfurance, as well to Nobiemen and Gentlemen to fecure tbe value of their Manfionsand Effects, as to Farmers Mannfafiiurers, and all the Commercial Orders. *** Pcrfoos infuring for Three Hundred Pounds or upwards, will not be charged for the Policy. By Order ol the Direfiors, H. A. HARDY, Sec. of Country Department. JUtt& s \ FIRE AND LIFE wLs& xxv& mz FENTPTMP OF LONDON. ERSONS who have assured at this Office are requested to take Notice, that Policies expir- ing at Michaelmas Day next, should be renewed that Period, or within 15 Days thereafter. Persons desirous of encreasing ti. e Amount of their Assurance in consequence of the increased Price of Building Materials, are informed, that no additional Expence of Policies is incurred at this Office. The following are among tbe Advantages derived from effecting Assurances at this Office, viz. That Rent is paid in case of Fire, without any ad- ditional Premium. That Farming Stock is assured, without an average Clause, at 2s. per Cent, per Annum. That Damage by Lightning is made good, and That Policies are issued, and Endorsements and Surveys made free of Expence to the Assured. Printed Proposals may be bad, on Application at the Office in London, or to the following Agents ill the Country. By Order of the Board, HENRY DESBOROLGU. Jun. Secretary. Cheapside, London, lst September, 18l' 9. Mr, WILLIAM SULTZF. R, of Leicester — JOHN BUT TRILL, of Lutterworth — GEORGE ABBEY, of Northampton Persons of Respectability desirous of being appoint- ed Agents to the Company iu the following Towns, are requested to apply to the Secretary. LOUGHBOROUGH, MELTON MOWBRAY HINCKLEY, ANI> ASHBY- DE LA- ZOUCI1 MARKET HARBORO' AGRICULTURE, & c. Monthly Report for September. The Wheats in some counties have risen rather thinner to the sickle, than, from their appearance, they were expected to do , but they are heavy in hand, from the corn being large and fine, except in a few partial spots, where they were affected by the mildew. The Barleys are more than an average crop, but have been a good deal injured by the successive rains. Where they were thrown down by ihe showers of last month , they have been hedge- grown, which always renders them more d. fficult to harvest well when the weather is not bright. I he oats are a good crop, and will be very produitive, although much of the grain has fallen out of the ear, and in someplaccs has been ploughed in, to stand for a crop next year. The Beans, Pease, and all the leguminous tribe, will be more than an average crop; but those ihat do not throw oil'the leaf, have been considerably injured by the continued rains and cioudy weather. Turnips^ and all the brassica species, are very abundant. Potatoes rise a large crop, and free from rand. The Aftermaths, both of Clover andnatural Grasses, are very large, and will produce an abundance ot" autumn seed, as ihe weather has prevented them tiom being mown for latter hay. Mark- Lane-. Oct. 2, 1809 We had a pretty considerable supply of Wheat this morning from Essex, Kent, and Suffolk ; in the sales, there was an abaiement cf 3s. and 4s. per Quarter on fin. samples, and a further eltciine in the disposal of all below that quality.— The aruvala of Barley continue short, and prices have again ad- vanced ; Malt is in consequence dearer — No very material alteration in Boiling Pease, but Gtey Pease and the two soits of Beans are higher - Uals are in plenty, and prices nearly as last quoted. PRICE OF GRAIN. Wheat- - - - 80s to 90s. Fine - lu6s to 112s Rye ..... 56s to 60s Barley - - - 48s to 56s Fine - - - - - — s to 5bs Malt ----- 80s- to 88s Fine ----- — s to 90s White Pease Grey Pease New Beans New ' Ticks Oats Fine - - - - Polands - - 75s to 85s 48s 10 itis 64s to 70s 46s to 52s 30s to 34a — s to 36s 38s to 42a ToT. Taylor, Surgeon, Ao 9, Acw Bridge- sirca, London. SIR, Edinburgh, May 2, 1800. IN the Spring of 1794, 1 was afflicled witli a Venereal Complaint, which I treated with In- difference lor five Months; but was then obliged to apply to a regular Phyfician, who put a temporary itop to the Virulence of the Difeafe ( by Meicu'ial Applications) for fome Time; but grow ing, i n Spite of all Medicine and the Advtee ol the firll Gentle- men of the Faculty here, worfe and woi fe for two Years, I was reduced to a State almoft unparalleled and beyond Description, being an entire Leper, and ulcerated from Head to Foot.— My Head, Throat, Mouth, Nofe, Legs, Arms, & c. havebeen alternate- ly in Dangerof becoming ufelefs; in fhort, 1 have had from twenty to thirtyeating Ulcers on my Body, and nearly totally deprived ol Sight.— It would be voluminous to particularizeall my Cafe— fnfficc it to fay, there never was, or ever will be, one of a more dangerous or ofa more complicated Nature. I was long looked upon by my Friends, and imagined myfelf, beyond all Hopes of Recovery; and. indeed, in my then Condition, Death was prelerable to my more than miferable State In this drcadiulSitua- tion did I drag a moft miferable Exiftence, till Di. vine Piovidencc threw in my Way a Newfpaper containing the Cafe of a Mr B. of Plymouth— my Friends read it, I could not.— I fent and procured fome oi" your LEAKE's PATENT PILLS, which, by ufing from Time to Time, am now, and have long been, ( afier more than four Years indi'fcribable dil- trefs), in - as good a State of Health as ever I enjoy- ed; as a Proof of this, 1 had a fine, thriving, healthy Child, born to me a few Montlisago. In Gratitude to God, and in Hopes ofrendenng myFellovv- crea- j tare fervice, I requeft you to pnblifh this; and you may at any Time refer Pcrfons who wilh to be ? satisfied of the Truth of this, or further Particulars* of me or my Friends, by Letter or Perfon. v As fe w Cafes for Badnefs will everequal mine, and none exceed it, I have from Experience every Reafonto affure Mankind, that in your LEAKE's, PILLS they w ill find a f u re, fp<; edy, fafe, and radical Cure, for that molt dreadful Stage of the Venereal Djfeafe, which is called a CONHRME'D LUES. I. T. * InfurmountableFamily Ileafons pre vent making my Name and Addrefs Public; hntcreditahlePer- fons really wanting Information may alfo be referred to me and my Friends by Mrs. S. Clark, Ramfa) Gardens, Edinburgh. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, THOS. TAYLOR, Member ofthe Corporation of Surgeons, London, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- street; wherehe wil! givo Advice, without a Fee, to Persons taking these Pills and will answer Patients Lett- rs, if Post- paid, on the same Terms, observing in all Cases the most inviolable Secresy, no Patienl'sName or Case having been mentioned but at their own par- ticulaorequest, by the Proprietor, during the Course of mora than 45 Yuars. thathe has had the conducting of an extensive Sale ofthe above Medicine, and the Practice arising therefrom. They are sold by his Appointment for the conve- nience of those living at a Distance, by Mr. Watson South- Bridge, Edinburgh; Mr. Mennons, 1' rintei Glasgow; Gregory, Swinfen, Matthews, Leicei'te. ; Caldwell, Dubiiu ; and by one Person in every con siderable Town in Great Britainand Ireland, in Boxes at only 2s. Sd. each, sealed up with full and plain Directions, whereby Peisons of either Sex uiav cure themselves * iih Eascand Secrecy. PRICE OF HOPS Bags. Kent 5i 0, t to 51 12. Sussex 41 10s to 51 5s Essex 4£ 15j to 6. 10s Pockets1 Kent 5! 0. to jl 15s Sussex 3/ 3s to 41 4s Farn. 6/ 0s to S> 1 0s SMITHFIELD.— Monday Oct. 2. Tu sink theofl'al, perstoneof 81b. Beef 4s 4d to 5s 4' i I Veal 5s ou . u 6s Mutlon4s 8d to 5 » 8d | Pork 6s 8d to 7 » HBAL/ OF CATTtF. THIS DAY. Beasts, about 2747— Slieep and Lambs 17,200 Od fcd PRILE Ol' TALLOW. St. James's Market - i - - - - . 5s 10J Clare Market - is | od Whitechapel Market. lis 04 ( Per. Stone of 81b.) 17 s 8J Average Price - - - ...... 5s 1 id Town Tallow 92s oj Russia ( Can.) - -- - - - _ 9os s fyissiaditto ( So.) - - S8s to s Melting Stuff. - -- . - -..---.... 7ts | 0 —, Ditto rough - . - 45s to 47a Graves - -- -- - ........ ..... —, to 54, Good Dregs - -- -- -- - - - - - — s to 14 » Yellow Soap 98s— Mottled 108s— Curus. 112s Price of Candles, per doz. lis. bu— Moulds 1 ss bd. PRICE OF LEATHEK. In Lvadenhatl Market. Butts & • - L' E 22d to 23d Ditto 2g,| t0 Merchants'Backs ----- - - 1' Jd to 21d Dressing Hides - -- -- - ... t0 j. fij Fine Coach Hides ... - ... 19u to 21d CropHides orcutt. - - ... I9d to 22d CalfSkins ... . . - - 2Cd to 32d Ditto ..... 34,1 to 3Sd. Ditto . .... 33d to 30d SinallSeals - -.... .... S8d to 39d Large ditto - .... 100s to 150 » ,. ' panned HorseHidet ... -..-. god to 22J, QoatSkins - .. ; (, s ,0 JKga « a « MM » , i. nr. TtT.. n.. i- Tiliii. » . rr, Printed and Published by John Pnte* I\ ia>- ket- place, Leicester. ' I bis Paper is regularly- filed in London-, attheLondon, Chapter, and Peel's Coffee Hsuses ; and by W Taylor and T. Nentoll, ' Printers Agents, No. 5 Warwick- square, New- gate- street ; where Advertisements are received.— The Paper may also be seen at Mr. Billing' 1 Crown, Vinegar- yard, Drury- lane; at the Pied Horse, Cliiswell- stree t, Finsbury- sqiiare; at the Bull's- Head, Vere- street; Advertisements are re- ceived, and the Paper distributed by M r. Tupman and Mr. Dunn, Nottingham ; Mr. Ridgard, Shef- field ; Mr. Marriott, Derby; MissWilson, Rother- ham ; Mr. Barrow, Kegworth; Mr. Smith, I ake- well ; Mr. War in aud Mr. Parkvs, Ashbourne; Mr, HoUerinshaw, Tideswell; Mr. Dods « orlh, Burton ; Mr. Adams, Druggist, Loughborough ; Mr. Tester, Sheepsbead ; Mcssrs. G. and A. Wards Hinckley; Ciemeutson, Melton; Mr. Loseby, Billesdon, Oakham, & c. ; Mr. Rot ert Young, Ashby and Villages adjacent, & c, Mr. Glovtl Frisby S, Grantham,
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