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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3791
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 09/10/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3791
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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THE [ NUMBER 3791.—'- VOLUME LXX1V:] MONDAY, OCTOBER <), 1809. PRICE SIXPENCE HALFPENNY. i Dut | Paper and fTv Print, Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. COPENHAGEN, Sept. 5i SIGNALS havd been made from the coast of jut- land that 15 or 16 English frigates are on tbeir way from the North Seas, and proceeding towards the Baltic.. We cannot divine what is the object of so extra- ordinary ail expedition at this advanced season of the year. Tbe sale of an immense quantity of India muslins, which took place here a few days ago, and which were taken in _ English prises, attracted a great crowd of buyers. The ' value exceeded 600,000 rix- dollars, The new arrangements of out* Government with respect lb neutral shipping, have already revived the trade of Tonningen in an astonishing maimer. Upwards of 50 American vessels have recently entered that port, each of their cargoes being not less than 100,000 dollars. These Vessels take continental produce in return. The price of corn falls every day. LONDON, MONDAY, OCTOBER i. A seriesof Moniteurs to the 20th ult. were received tast night They contain no information whatever relative to the Negociations between France and Austria. By a letter from Bonaparte to his Minister of War, it appears that he is not satisfied with General Monet's defence of Flushing, although it is acknowledged on all hands, that by its holding out so long as it did, the fortress and fleet at Antwerp were alone preserved. Bonaparte complains that the dykes were not sufficiently cut, and that the garrison did not sustain a storm. He has ordered an en- quiry into the conduct of the Commander in Chief, and has nominated the Generals who are to compose the Court of Enquiry, which, it appears, is to proceed in tbe in- vestigation whilst the accused General is a prisoner in England. Some more French papers arrived this morning. They are to the 34th. German papers have also arrived to the 23d. They leave the question of peace or war undecided. •— Negocia^ ions for peace and preparations for war go hand in hand. The official paper contains a journal of the operations on the Scheldt, from the period of tbe surrender of Flushing, to the evacuation of Batz by the English. This journal, after speaking of the means employed to secure Antwerp and the fleet, says— " We must, however, acknowledge that time would have been wanting to finish those immense preparations on every point, and that hostile fortune might have granted some momentary advantages to the English, had they, on tbe 1,9th of August, made their attack, and displayed all their means with the prudence and boldness indispensably necessary to meet such difficulties and such adversaries." " Every day of delay rendered the attack more difficult, and its success more doubtful." " Every thing shewed the enemy wavering in his plans; misinformed, or mistrustful; confounded at the sight of • Unforeseen obstacles; spending in reeoimoitering, the time which served to increase them, and losing, with the opportunity the will of attacking us. His boats employed jn sounding the channel of the Scheldt proved that he was Slot acquainted with its windings." The intelligence brought by the last Gottenburgh mails, that the Swedish Government had at last acceded to the proposition made by the Court of St. Petersburgli as one of the conditions of peace, namely, the exclusion of British ships from tbe ports of Sweden, is contradicted by subsequent information.— Government have deceived ad- vices that no arrangement to such effect had taken place, but that, on the contrary, the Court of Stockholm is sincerely disposed to maintain the usual commercial and political relations with Great Britain. ICELAND.— This large island, subject to the crown of JJemnak, and containing an extent of surface nearly equal to England, was provisionally taken under tbe protection of our government in July last. Strange as it may appear, the island was in effect reduced by six seamen belonging to a letter of marque from tbe Thames. These dauntless fellows took the Governor and the whole Danish garrison prisoners. ' Hie nativ « Icelanders are estimated at 45,000 ; but they ar « ujuucli scattered, have little communication • with each other, and are miserably poor. They did not seem to interest theirt& lves in the question who should be their rulers. A sloop of war which touched at Iceland, seemed rather to disapprove of the letter of uiarque's pro- • cccdings; and tlie O rnish Governor, Count Tramp, is now ait Lei( h, on his way to London, to seek redress. In the mean time the island remains in some measure in our ft amis. It is not of great value, in scarcely any point of view; no grain, even of the hardiest sort, can be raised there.— Skjns, furs, tallow, oil, feathers, and dried fish, are the exports, and these are in no great quantity. Some Seville and Cadiz Gazettes, and other Spanish Papers, were received last night. It does not appear that the armies have made any movement of importance, but tbe Spaniards are adopting a species of warfare in which they arc much more likely to succeed against tbe French, than by openly meeting them in the field. Their plan now is that of attacking tbe French in detail, cutting off their f revisions, and iiarrassing them in every direction.— The . French have re- occupied St. Andero. \ letter from Cadie, of September 14, states the deter- mination of'the Junta no to resign the supreme authority. It states, thit » ti extraordinary sitting was held to deter- mine on the great question of the establishment of a Regency-, and the dissolution of their own power. The • friends of the RegenCy were out voted, and consequently - the - Junta retains its supremacy. The Lord Dunearr has arrived at Harwich with a Sruil and a number of passengers, chiefly officers, many of Thorn are in ill lieafth. The return of sick when the • packet came away, was about 8,000; but sickness among tbe troops did not seem to be gaining ground. * Letters from. Wakheten, dated on Wednesday last, mention, that the enemy were accumulating in Beveland, '. » but had not undertaken any measure of offuuoe against us. The changes which are to be made in the formation of the ministry, it is now said with some confidence, arc to a certain degree arranged. The remains of t" he late • cabinet are to hold tbe reins of power, calling in a few subalterns to fill the stations which their promotions may leave. Mr. Perceval is to be First Lord of the Treasury, and Chancellor of the Exchequer. Mr. R. Oundas Saun- ilers, who supplied the place of Sir Arthur Wellesley, when he last went to Spain, is to succeed Lord Castlereagli, as Secretary of War and Colonies. Lord William Bentinck is to be Secretary at War, in the place of Lord LeVison Gower. Mr. Canning's successor in tbe Foreign Depart- ment is not decidedly fixed. Lord Harrowbv is named as temporary substitute till Lord Wellesely can be consulted Oil the subject. The lion. Wellesley Pole is talked of as successor to Mr. Robert Duudas Saunders, as Principal Irish Secretarv. Lieut.- Colonel Torrens is appointed Secretary to the Commander in Chief, in the room of Colonel Gordon, promoted to be Commissary General. The number of French prisoners in this country amounted last week to 106,000, and 3 or 4000 more are expected in a few days from Walcheren. The quantity of rain which fell in tbe last month was equal to four inches in depth, a quantity, perhaps, unpre- cedented at the like season in the meteorological annals of this country. The depth of rain in the two preceding months was likewise unusually great, having exceeded seven inches. On Friday, as Lieut.- Colonel Bell, of Berwick, - was shooting oil the Lowhaughs, near that place, with a double . barrelled gun, having fired at a bird, and loading a, « un the other barrel, which was charged, went off, and lodged the contents in his body : he expired soon after. Lieutenant Barton, of the 12th Light Dragoons, died at Deal last Wednesday :— His premature death was occasioned by eating a quantity of nuts on the preceding Saturday, on which day he came of age. He felt tbe effects the next morning, and medical assistance was immediately called m every possible means were tried by the faculty umatcly without effect. MARK- LANE, Monday, Sept. 25. The supply of Wheat on the Corn Exchange this morning was by no means so large as had been looked for, but the country markets since Monday last having been well filled in general, and some quantity remaining over with us of what came to hand the latter end of the week, the mealing trade proved extremely dull, and the prices were reckoned - for the most part cheaper, with a con- S'derable proportion left unsold at the close : there were, how- ever, some superfine samples at an early hour, which still com- manded the top prices of our currency on tbe 25th ult.: the greater part of the fresh arrival was complained of as cold and light in hand.— Peas of both sorts are rather dearer, as well as Beans ; but the last'mentioned do not maintain the prices wkich were obtained in some instances on " Wednesday and Friday, being here in great abundance.— Barley has reached 60s. per quarter for the finest new, which comes extremely handsome ; Malt 895. per quarter.— In other articles there is little variation, as per particulars beneath; Oats are much wanted, in respect to heavy, fair, fresh horse corn :— Red Wheat, ' is. to 1025. fine lo'os. sup. 110s. White 745. to 104s. fine 1105. sup. to 118s.— Rye 505. to 88s. fine new to, 63s.— White Peas 56s. to 705. Grey Peas 42s. to 49s.— Tick Beans, new, 44s. to 59s. fine old 56s. to 60s.— Barley 32s. to 44s. Malting 48s. to 52s.— Malt 70s. to 76s. fine 86s. to 89s.— Oats, long feed, 24s. to ills. short 35s. to 37s. Poland 38s. to 41s. — Turnip Seed, White round. fi, m 31new \~ e. to ao*. ps- r bushel.— Rape Seed 38/. to 46/. fine new to 521, to 56/. per last. — English Household Flour 100s. per sack; American ditto 40s. to 45s. 52s. sup. 54s. to 60s. per barrel. o PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, October 4, 1809. N Thursday, the 12 th instanty 1 shall he ready to receive Tenders in writing ( sealed upj and treat for 1000 Quarters of CLOSE- DRIED AMBER MALT, for the service oj this Port, answerable to a sample that will be pro- duced at the time of contract, one half to be delivered in a Fortnight and the remainder in a Month; which will be paid for by bills payable with interest 90 days after-' date. Nil regard will Le had to any Tender, in which the prices shall not he inserted in words at length, or thvt shall not he delivered before twelve o'clock on the said 12111 instant, nor unless the persons who m/ ike the same, or some person on their behalf, attend lo answer thereto when called for. WM. REEKS. N. B. The Conditions of the Contract may be seen at my O/ jiee. _ [ 5006 WILTS YEOMANRY. THE HINDON TROOP are ordered to parade in Field- day Order on Monday the 16th of October, at ten o'clock in the morning, on Fonthill Down, to be inspected. FERN, 0C/. 4, 1809. T. GROVE, Major. WILTS YEOMAN CAVALRY. npiIE WARMINSTER TROOP is to parade at X FONTHILL DOWN, on Moiwlay the 16th inst. precisely at ten o'clock in the morning, for the purpose of being in- spected, with the Hindon ami Salisbury Troops, by Lieut.- Col. Balcomb. No excuse will be received for non- attendance. ASIITON, Oct. 6, 1809. RICHARD LONG, Major. CHRISTCHUiiCI1 SHEEP FAIR WILL be held, as usual, 011 the 17th day of October.—— Convenient ground and hurdles will be provided without any expence. [ 5010 H. H. THE H. H. are requested to take notice, the FARMERS' DINNER will be on Tuesday October 31, at the Swan Inn, Alresford ; and on the same day the CUP wil 1 be run for or. Abbotsdon Down. Rules and " regulations as last year. Further particulars hereafter. 5043J J. T. VILLEBOIS, Esq. STEWARD. WILTS. MANOR OF CH1TTERN. ' HEREAS the GAME within the Manor of Chittern has been lately much destroyed by unqua- lified persons- PAuI. COBB MRTHUEN, Esq. Lord of the said Manor, informs such persons, that if they are seen here- after sporting thereon, they will be prosecuted with the utmost severity ; and Mr. Mcthuen requests qualified persons to desist from sporting on the said Mi nor, and informs them that Mr. Harding, the gam. kci per, has authority from him and his Tenants to forbid all . such persons from tresspassing on h- i- S Manor or Estates. fS08! w r Fisherton, Wilton, Heytcsbury, WiUoughby- Hedge, and llcdhonc Turnpike. THE next Meeting of the Trustees will be held on Monday the Iflth inst. at the house of William Snel- grove, the Red Lion Inn, at Hcytesbury, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. * J." C. STILL, Clerk. CANFORD BRIDGE, DORSET. To ARCHITECTS, MASONS, and BUILDERS. T being necessary to take down and rebuild some of the Piers and Arches of the above Bridge, and to repair the remainder, all persons desirous- Of undertaking or con- tracting for tbe whole or any part of such work, are informed, that plans and specifications of the whole may be seen by applying to Mr. John Dyson, at Spetisbury, rieaf Blandford, to whom all tenders and proposals are to lie addressed. Par- ticulars of the parts which are inquired to be previously taken down may also be seen at Mr. Dyson's; and all persons wishing to contract for performing the same, are to make proposals, addressed as above, on or before the first day ? f November next.— Dated the Hill of October. 1809. [ 5019 ANDOVEK, 3d Oct. 1809. THE Partnership subsisting between TIIOMAS GILBERT and CHARLES HEATH, of Andover, in the county Of Southampton, Bankers, was this day dissolved by mutual consent. All debts due to or from the said Part- nership will be received or paid by Charles Heath and Sons, by whom the banking business in future will be carried on. THOMAS GILBERT. 00)] CHARLES HEATH. but unfor- D' WILTSHIRE MILITIA. ESERTED from a Recruiting Party belonging to the above Regiment, THOMAS WEBB, aged 21 years, 5 feetSf- inches high, sallow complexion, dark brown hair, grey eyes, a native of Frome, Somerset, by trade a house- painter; enlisted at Salisbury on the 38th of September, and deserted on thc- 30th, of September, 1809 ; wore, at tlie time of his desertion, a light fustian frock, . light: blqe striped waistcoat', Hessian boots, corduroy breeches, and grey worsted stockings. Whoever will apprehend and secure the above deserter, shall receive One Guinea Reward ( above what is allowed by Act of Parliament), by applying to Serjeant Card, Green- croft- street, Salisbury. [ 4.994 TWO GUINEAS REWARD. OST, between the Pound Tree and the Quay, _ J Southampton, on Monday morning last, A small circular MQCHOE BROACH, set in gold, with gold studs. Whoever has found the same, and will bring it to Mr. Skelton, bookseller, . shall receive the above reward. [ 5044 OST, on Monday the 18th' of September, at J Southampton,- A large, handsome, double- cised SILVER WATCH, with horizontal movements, capped and jewelled, maker's name " G. M. Metcalfe, No. 122, New- gate- street, London." [ 4897 Whoever may have found tbe same, and will deliver it to Mr. Lings, at the George'Inn, Southampton, shall rcceive a Reward of Three Guineas.— Dated Sept. 26, 1S0.9.. EXETER AND SALISBURY MAIL. THE Public are respectfully informed, that a new ROYAL MAIL COACH, carrying four inside and two outside passengers, will commcnce running Monday the 16th of October, at half- past seven o'clock every morning, from the Red Lion Inn, Salisbury, through Shaftesbury, Yeovil, Crewkeme, and Chard, to the New London Inn, Exeter, where it will meet the Plymouth and Falmouth Mails, with co; ches to Barnstaple and all parts of the west ;— it will leave tbe New London Inn, Exeter, every morning at three o'clock, by the same route, to the Red Lion Inn, Salisbury, where it will meet the Portsmouth Royal Mail, the Portsmouth and Gosport coaches, with others to London, & c. Performed by ISAAC YOUNG and Co. Who will not be accountable for any'article above the value of 61. unless entered as such and paid for accordingly. [ 4997 NEW SALISBURY AND LONDON WAGGONS, From ihe THREE SWANS, Salisbury, to (^ SALISBURY ARMS, Cow Lane, London. jVfATCHAM, MITCHELL, and Company, beg lVjt_ leave to inform their Friends and the Public in general, they have established WAGGONS for the Conveyance of Goods from London to Salisbury, and from thence to Yeovil an. l Wcymoutli, on the most reasonable terms. The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Goods above the value of 5<• unless entered and paid for as such. [ 4213 COALS. DELIVERING at Eling Quay, An excellent Cargo of good and rubbly COALS, by [ 5041 October!, 1809. JOHN SAUNDERS. KING'S ARMS INN AND TAVERN, PIDDLETOWN. HALLEN, impressed with gratitude, returns • thanks to his friends and the public in general for favours received; and informs. them that he has fitted up the house in a comfoi table manner for tbe reception of families, where they may depend on every attention being paid. Good Stall Stabling, with lock- up Coach- house, and gen- teel Post- chaise. [; 974 SALISBURY, August 14, 1809. HENRY SHORTO, CUTLER, SILVERSMITH,-& C. informs his friends and the public, that during the alterations making at his Shop, the Business will be trans- acted in a room within. Wanted,— A quantity of Buckhorn. To be Sold,— The Windows, Doors, and Shutters of a Shop Front, of large dimensions, convertible into two fronts. For particulars apply as above. [ 4240 M Weyhill Fair.— Saddlery, Harness, Whips, Sfe. ESSRS. BROWN and MURCHELL, of Lon- don, beg to inform the nobility and gentry, that they will ( as usual) attend Weyhill Fair with a fashionable assort- ment of the above articles, when their favours will be grate- fully received. T5003 WEYHILL FAIR. JTROKE, Cutler, Silversmith, & c. Salisbury, • respectfully informs his friends ami the public, that he purposes, attending at the ensuing WEYHILL FAIR, with a rich assortment of Plate, Jewellery, and Trinkets, in the immediate taste of the day; Watches, plated and bronzed fashionable Tea Urns, Pontypool and Japan Tea Trays, and warranted Cutlery, of his own manufactory. J. T. begs to oiler his thanks for the'patronage with which he was honoured at the last Fair, and earnestly intreats an inspection of the valuable Stock he has now provided, which he trusts will erive general satisfaction. [ 4990 PRINTING- OFFICE, SALISBURY. MESSRS BRODIE, DOWBIKG, and LUXFORD, respectrully inform the public, that they have just re- ceived a fresh aod large supplv of Mr. WAINWRlGHT's celebrated STAFFORDSHIRE'CORDIAL, a sovereign Re- medy for the Staggers, Gripes, Fret, and other diseases of Horses and Horned Cattle. [ foil Sold in botiles at 2s. each, with directions, or one guinea the dozen,— It wdl keep for years, and never fails curing. FISHEltTON, SALISBURY, Oct. 6, 1809. WM. PHELPS, NURSERY and SEEDSMAN, re- spectfully informs the public, that he lias a general and choice assortment of FRUIT TREES, FOREST TREES, Shrubs, and Flower Roots, which, with Garden Mats, Toois, and Seeds of all kinds, he continu- s to sell ' on reasonable terms. A quantity of st> ut Standard Apple Trees for orchards. He has three acres of Nursery, consisting principally of Firs, Forest Trees, and Shrubs, which he will sell for ready money remarkably cheap, as the ground must be cleared by Christ- mas next. [ 4996 ROMSEY NURSERY, Oct. 2, 1809. CKNIGHT, NURSERY and SEEDSMAN", returns • his sincere " thapks to those friends who have favoured him with their commands, and. b. gs to inform them and the public in general, that h-- has a large choice of fine Trained FRUIT TREES; Standard Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries;- & c. for Orchards ; fine Spruce, Scotch and Larch Firs, Oaks, IfSech, Elms, ami'all other km- is of forest trees for plantations; shrubs, & c. at the lowest prices. A large quantity of fine Scotch Firs, just fitting for plantations, to be sold cheap. Gardens and Plantations iaid out, and planted on reasonable terms. [ 4981 rjPIIE Miss GILBERTS beg leave to inform their J. Friends and the Public, that at Michaelmas next thev design OPENING a SCHOOL at RINCWOOD, for the Re- ception of YOUNG LADIES. Mies G. presumes her having been teacher to the Miss Warwick's, late of Salisbury, and afterwards at Twickenham ( by. whom she was chicfty educated), will be sufficient proof of her capability. Accommodation for a Parlour Boarder. [ 4787 PREPARATORY SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LA- dies, from 3 to 8 years of age, wheie tbe - number is limited to eight, by Mrs. WESTLEY, Chris'tchurch, Hants. Mrs. W. haying been the mother of a family, - doubts not but her care and attention will ensure the' approbation cf those parents and guardians Who may honour her with their confidence. TERMS:— Board, Tuition, and Washing, 22 Guineas per Annum ; Day Ptlpils, four Guineas per Annum. Willi cach young Lady are required half- a- dozen hackaback towels, spoon, knife and fork. [ 4802 A short walk from the sea- shore. Academy, conducted by the Rev. A. Morison, A. M. ST. ANNE'S- STRBBT, SALISBURY. THE Public is respectfully informed, that the Va- cancies advertised in last week's paper are already occu- pied. There will, however, be two more at Christmas; at which time, two of the senior boys, having completed their education, are about to commence their active career in Jife October 4. [ 5009 STOLEN or STRAYED, on Thursday night the 14th of September, or early on Friday morning, the ISth, from a field at Urchfont,— A BLACK PONY, about 12, j hands high, about 8 years old, with a small star in his fore- head, short tail with grey hairs on it, with a little white at the fetlock'behind, and two saddle- spots on the near side of the back; has had a fistula 011 the withers, and is lame on the off leg behind. [ 4976 If strayed, Half- a- Guinea Reward, and all reasonable ex- pences; if stolen, Five Guineas Reward, on conviction of the offender, will be paid by me ALEXANDER GIDDINGS, Urchfont, near Devizes, Wilts.— Dated Oct. 2, 180.9. . I^ AKEN UP straying at Matchwood, on the 27th of Sept. 1809,— A DARK- BROWN GELDING, 13 hands high, and about six years old, marked on the Off shoulder and hip D. B. Whoever can prove him their pro- perty may have bim again on paying the expences, by apply- ing to Ajthur Hunt, at Hythe, near Southampton. [ 5000 TWKEN UP, about five weeks ago,— A Yellow Coloured DOG, of a mixed breed ( between a New- foundland and a Bull); he has a brown head and ears, with a leather collar tied on with a cord. A'tiv person that can prove the above dog their property may ' have him again by applying to Mr, M. Goddard, Rom- i scy, 011 paying all expeiiccs. L" W8 WANTED lo RENT, furnished or mfutnished, within the circuit of this Paper,— A detached HOUSE, fit for the residence of a Gentlehian's Family of moderate size, with a good Garden and a quantity of Land. The premises must be situated near a turnpike road and a market town. Any person having such a place tolett, may hear of an un- exceptionable tenant by addressing full particulars ( post paid) to Mr. H. S. Post- office, Bath. [ 5029 CHURCH PREFERMENT, . WANTED to PURCHASE,— A PERPETUAL' ADVOWSON, or . NEXT PRESENTATION to a LIVING, in the counties of Wilts, Glocester, Worcester, or Salop. Particulars to be sent to Mr. Tindal, solicitor, Lin- coln's- inn- fields, London. [ 4743 WANTED,— A CURATE, in the Isle of Wight, to take care of two Churches, single duty at each. Terms may be knpwn by letters post- paid to Mr. Jacobs, bookseller, Winchester. [ 4942 TO CLASSICAL ASSISTANTS. WANTED, in a respectable SCHOOL, An ASSISTANT, well versed in the Classics and Com- position. Letters ( post paid) addressed to A. B. Post- Office, Winchester, will be attended to. [ 4.960 WANTED, for the Cathedral of Salisbury,— A BOY with a good Voice and Ear for Music, about seven or eight years of age. None need apply that do not answer the nbove description; if by letter, post paid, directed to Mr. A. Corfe, Close. [ 4975 WANTED,— A steady, sober MAN, to attend a Gentleman going to Spain.— Such a person, address- ing a letter to J. K. at Mr. Johnson's, the White Hart Inn, Salisbury, Will receive an answer in a few days. [ 5012 WANTED,- An APPRENTICE to aTAILOR. An active boy, about 14 years of age, of good morals, may hear of a situation by applying personally or by letter ( post paid) to T. Barry, tailor, fee'.. Fordingbridge, Hants, where he will be treated as one of the family, and a due re- spect paid to his morals. [ 4995 WANTED immediately,— A steady active per- son, of good character, who is acquainted with the Grocery and Drapery Business ; he may hear of a comfortable situation by applying to Mr. John Gundry, Calne, Wilis, WANTED,— A young Man who has served four, five, or six Years Apprenticeship to a LINEN and WOOLLEN- DRAPER, & c. who would BIND HIMSELF for one, two, or three Years, according to his competency. Any 1 inen- draper having a son who has been that term ( or nearly) in his shop, and wishing to give him a further insight into business, will find the offer hereby made very advan- tageous to the youth's improvement. Apply, by letter ( post paid) to the Printers. [ 4971 TO BAKERS. WANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN- in the above business— one Who understands making all kinds of Pastry. A11 unmarried man would be preferred, and liberal wages given. N. B. References as to character will be expected. Apply to Mr. J. Wood ( if by letter, post paid), Library, Weymouth. [ 4738 AN UPPER PORTER WANTED. ANTED,- r—- An UPPER PORTER, in a Wholesale Lead, Glass, and Colour Store, who has been used to packing and carrying out goods, can write a tolerable good hand, and. knows something of accounts. Such a person may hear of a comfortable situation by apply- ing ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Lempriere, Portsmouth. *** It is requested no one will make application who has not lived in a similar situation, and can come very well re- commended for sobriety and integrity. [ 4023. WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family,— A GAR- DENER. He must be perfectly acquainted . with the management of a Kitchen Garden in all its branches, forcMie excepted; must be free from, incumbiance, " and have an un- exceptionable Character from the master be-' last served. For further particulars enquire' at Stepleton, i^ j Bland- ford,. Dorset. [ 4998 ANTED inasjn. ijl genteel . family, residing in Berkshire, A good PLAIN. COOK and DAIRY WOMAN, who can wash and iron well," and understands her- business:— Abo a strong industrious HOUSE MAID, to the same house ; she must understand washing and ironine well, and both must have undeniable characters as. to their sobriety and honesty, and particularly for cleanliness, from their last places. On application to H. F. Walcott, Esq. Solic tor, Newbury- sjreet, Wantage. Berks, he wdl refer each of them to the family enquiring for such servants. [ 4948 ANTED, in a small genteel regular Family,— Two FEMALE SERVANTS, who have lived at'least one year in their last places, and can have unexceptionable characters: a. COOK, about thirty, a sober, steady, pious, and clean young woman, capable of sending up a dinner without instruction ;— the HOUSEMAID an active young woman, to assist at table, and work at her needle, wash anil iron well. A map is kept who cleans shoes anil knives. In the same family,— A young MAN, not under 20," who perfectly understands the management of a horse, clean shoes and knives, and occasionally wait at table. For further particulars enquire at Musson and Tayler's, printers, Newport, Isle of Wight. [ 5008 FOR SALE, atGarraway'sC'offee- Hotise.-' Change- Alley, Csrnhill, London, on Wednesday tbe 11th of October 1809, at twelve o'clock at noon,— About 300 Bags of SPANISH WOOL; 50 to 80 Bags of German Wool; about 100 Packs of prime South Down Fleeces " and prime Euglish Wools.—- Particular's will be given in due time by C. and J. D. Jac'omb, sworn brokers^ No. a, Copthail Buildings. -•"'• - MERINO RA- MH. - ~ TO he SOLI) Ijy PRIVATE CONTRACT,— About 20 ANGLQ- MEftl^ ip two- tooth and four- tooth RAMS, five, six, and sev^ n crosier; Irorh his- Majesty's best Merino Rams, from pufe Ryland Kwes, afid Carefully selected out " of a very large flgsje.. Thy. ars: worthy the attention of sheep breeders;,. a » ;. they arc. particularly deep short- legged sheep,, without horns.. For particulars Rpgly to the Printers of this Paper, or, to Mr Rufus, Winterslow Hut: [ 4416 THROtJP, "* 0 be SOLD,- NEAR CHRISTCIJURCH. • A few six- toothed Southdown- At Standen House, near Newport, Isle of Wighty ONE or two. GENTLEMEN may be accommodated with Beard, & c. and every convenience for keeping a horse, on moderate terms. Any Gentleman wishing to board with the Family, would find this a very desirable place of re- sidence. Tile premises are extensive, and the situation very pleasant. » A few Parlour Boarders can likewise he accommodated, and Adults receive private instruction, if necessary.-— Terms may be known by application to Mr. Attwood, Standen,' either personally or by letter ( post paid). [ 4504 Great- Bridge House Academy, near Romsey. MR. EGERTON has the hononr to acquaint, the nobility, gentry, and the public in general, that he has opened GREAT- BRIDGE HOUSE ACADEMY for the reception and Education of a sclect number ot young Gentle- men, to whom he will dedicate his personal attendance, to ad- vance the improvement and instruction of his pupils in every elegant and polite science and accomplishment. Mr. E. is well aware, his personal attendance in the hours of his acade- mical pursuits will equally exemplify and influence hfs As-, sistants to their duty, so as to render his instructions to bis pupils agreeable and pleasant; likewise every care will be taken of their health and morals, added to the advantages of , excellent board and lodging. Great- Bridge House is most delightfully situated, and its. salubrious air will be aa a restorative to any declining health his pupils might be inconvenienced by for the present. Any lady or gentleman Who wil! honour Mr. E. with the education and care of their sons, will be sensible he will merit their encouragement and patronage in his new establishment, by favouring him with an interview to inspect ' bis Academy, which will open on the SJ& of September 1805 [ 47S5 Merino EWES.; well worth, the atfention of those who. wish to become growers of fine- wool. Apply to Mr. Wrji. Read. [ 5035 TO be . SOLD,- at the. Dolpliins. Inn, Southamp- ton,— A well- bred DARK- GREY HORSE, free from vice or blemish, warranted sound, 6 years old ; he is laj hands high, very strong, with remarkably good action; he has been regularly hunted, is a good road horse, would make a capital charger, and is a fine figure for harness:' his sire. was Lop.— Lowest price 70 Guinea^. [ 5037 BUILDING MATERIALS." IVFOW SELLING by PRIVATE CONTRACT, i si in any quantities, for ready money,—- The MATE- RIALS of a'LARGE HOUSE at FoitDtNGBtUDGE ; consist- ing of a great, quantity of bricks, tiles, lead, roofs, floors, do « rs, windows, marble chimney pieces, and various other articles; the wholeinexcellent preservation. 1 Applications to be made to Mr. Fielder, carpenter, Post- office, Fordingbridge, Hants ; if by letter, free of postage. N. B.— Part of the Materials are now. taken down and ready - for sale. ' •' • • [ 4979 THE Nobility, Gentry,, and Public, are seriously assured that all. the. Cosmetics ever yet. discovered, do no't possess, in an jjundredth. degree, the good qualities of Mrs. .. v'lNCEKT'n GOWLAND's LOTION, as 4 clearer and beautl- iherof the Skin. Pitnples, Tetters, Ringworms, Spb'ts, Tan, . RcdneSs of the Nose, & c.> are often peculiar to tender and delicate complexions, By tHe regular application of this Lo- tion once a day, OT twice or thrice a week, the skin and fluids . are, gradually cleansed, and qooled, and assume that clear transparent white and fed which denote them in a healthful state. LMrs. Vincent, of No. 6, Davies- street, Grosvenor- square, London, the sole Proprietor, signs her name upon the label on each bottle that is genuine, to prevent counterfeits. She has likewise appointed Erodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury, and all tbe respectable venders ot medicines in the country to sell it, f5050 JTO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS, WOODWARD having resigned his trade at . Sahsbury to Mr. G. Barrett, desires all persons who are indebted to J. W to discharge their accounts, with as little delay as possible, either to him at Andovcr, or Mr. Perkins, Catharine street, Salisbury: and all persons having ar. y oe- man > on him, are requested to send the same as above, that it may be examined and immediately discharged. [ 4815 R. JOHN THRING, late of the city of New _ Sarum, Seedsman, having some time since declined business in favour of Messrs. Cooe, particularly " request* those persons standing indebted to him to avail " themselves of. the earliest opportunity of discharging their Bills, either to- him, or at the shop ot the said Messrs. Cooe, where he pcr- sotially attends every Tuesday:— REDLINX: II, Oct. 3d, 1809. NO" TICK: 1 IN consequence of the Death of Mr. SPENCE YOUNG THOMPSON, . all persons having demands rn I HOMPSON and WATTS, Cofourmen, Painters, Plumbers, and Glaziers, on the Quay, POOI. E, are desired to send their accounts to Harry Watts, the surviving Partner; and all persons indebted , to Thompsofi and Watts, arc requested to pay their respective debts to ihe- said Harry Watts, before the 25th of December next.— All accounts against the late Mr. I lionapson- to. be* sent to Mrs. Thompson, Old Orchard ; and those against Harry Watts, to be sent to him on the Quay. The Business will be carried on under the old Firm, till Christmas. POOLE, Sept. 28, 1809. [ 4910 WINCHESTER, Sept. 7, 1809. \ LL persons having any Claim or Demand on ihe IX. Estate and Effects of Mr. JOHN MOODY, deceased, are desired to send accounts thereof to Robert Moody or Thos. Blake, the Executors, that the same may be i. nmediatelv dis- charged: and all persons who stand indeLt.- d thereto, rfrede- sircd to pay the same to cither of the said. Executors. [ > i; 47 ALL Persons having anv Demands on the Estate and Effects of the late Mr. JOHN FURNELL, of Chilmark, deceased, are desired to transmit their accomptv to Mr. Wm. Gwilliam, or Mr. Wrn. Rowden, of CIvi 0: 1, k aforesaid : And all persons that stand indebted to the above are requested to ps- y the same, or they will be sued for the same without farther notice. Dated the 2.3th day of Sep- tember 180,9. '[ 4802 THE personal Representatives of Mr. THOMAS MARTIN, late of Odstock, in the county of Wilts, yeoman, deceased, request those persons standing" indebted to the estate of the deceased to take notice, that it'the amount ot their several debts is not paid to them or to their Solicitors on or before Tuesday the 24th day of October next legal measures will be resorted to for the recovery thereof, wii- hout further application. • [ 4J) e" 5 By desire of the Administrators, W1LMOT and GODWIN, Solicitors. Sarvm, Sept. i', 1809. SALISBURY.— To DEBTORS and CREDITORS. MR. THOMAS BlDDLECOMB, of the. City of New Sarum, in the County of Wilts, Cabinet maker, having assigned, the whole of his estate and effects to Messrs. Standford, Marsh, and Smith, frhrtc of his principal creditors, J in trust for thcmselves'aad all other his creditors, all persons'having any demand on the insolvent's estate arc requested to transmit " the particulars- thereof, rs err'v as possible, to the office of Messrs'. Wilmot and Godwin, in Salisbury, where the deed of assignment is lying for execution ; and all persons standing indebted to'the said estate are desired to pay the amount of such their debts, at the above ofiVe, without delay. Bv , rder of the Assignees WILMOT and GODWIN, " Solicitors. Sarum, Sept. 27, 1809. f- rnM To the Creditor*. of WM. Topinkit, if Fordinghidge, Hants, Innholder. THE Creditors of the above- named W. TOOMER, aie fecjiiested to meet at. the Crown Inn, at Forditir- hridge, on' 1 buradav next the 12th . instant,, at two o'clock in the afternoon, in order to consider of tbe state of h'isafficrs and of the propriety of taking such steps as may obtain an equal dividend of his propeitv HENRY WILLIAM WOODYEAR, - 1 Solicitor for the pefitioning- Creditora. FoRbtNGBTUDRE, Oct. 3, t: 05). . [ 4£' S9 T0 ihe Creditors of Mr. J. GIBBS,' of Dounton, Tanner~ A LL Persons to whom " Mr.. JOHN GIBBS, of Downton,, Wilts, - Tanner, is indebted, are particularly requested to send tbe particulars and amount of their respective demands immediately to Mr. Wcodyear,- solicitor, Down ten, in Order. that an early arrangement and statement of his affaiis might be made, preparatory to a general meeting of his Credi- tors, ' when proposals will tie. made for. their settlement. DrtwNTON, Oct. 3i 1809. [ 4.' i" 2 GEORGE- INN. CIHUSTCHURCH, KANTS; HPllOMAS BEEKENH. A M, late HOSTLER at tbe fi. above Inn, ABSCONDED, in a- svcrtt m'amv r, in the night between Sunday tri 24th and Monday th- ssth of Sep- tember last, strongly suspected'. f h v n~ DKF- RAUDFD his Master, JAMES VINCENT; Land,- rd. uf the above lnh, of Hay and other Articles, to a considerable amount.— W heever Will d.' tain the said Thomas Beekenham, and give, information to the. said James Vincent, shall be handsomely rewarded for their tfoubl--, and be paid all reasonable exp. nces. The said Thomas Beckenham is a married man, about years of age, about five le. et t. n inches high," light har, lar^ e nose, fresh complexion, and thick lips : walks rather stooping- generally wore a light nankeen* ( rock, . dark - fustian sm U clotbfs, and light beaver I at. Supposed to aone for Poole or Andovtr; and it is conceived to be likely for him to apply for employnient'rn sonie. flnur mill. [ 5034 FELONY, HERF. AS the Dwelling- House of ROBERT . . . R'A. WLINS, at Halnptwortb, " n? ar. Dowr. ton, was Lately searched, by virtue of a . lastitje's" Warrant, fere rlain Stolen Goods, which were found therein, ' and upon the sai, l search the following Goods were also found in the said House namely :— Three Guns*- One Hcrse Pistol— One Powder Canister with Ball in rt— One Shirt mar'-. ed ' John Brownimr 39 Rest.'— One Smock Frock— Six Purse Nets,— ind Two Gate Nets. Any . person claiming the last mentioned - » rt;- cles, or either of them, is desired to . give immediate notice thereof to Mr. John Purkess, of Downton, the Constable of the Hundred, in whose custody they are'deposited. [ 5048 PHARMAGOPOilA LO » DINEN8 « Ci&". - This day is published, in medium 4/ o. price boards" aiul I80. price 4s. • PHARMACOPOEIA CD ELEGIT REGALIS MFDICORUM L0ND1MENSIS. M. CCCJX. Veneunt apud Longman, Hurst, Rcees, et Owe, Pater- . uostr- rovv, London; et Brodie, Dowdiiig, et Lujfo'rd, Sa- lisbury. Ford, r> This day is published, .01 f. ro. mice .1 OS. lid. toards ' " THE PHARMACOPEIA of the . Rovah COL- JL' LEGE of PHYSICIANS ofLONOON. • rSt ® . • r - Translated into English, with Notes, & c.".. By RICHARD POWELL, M.- D, ... Fellow of- the College, Physician to St. Bartholomews an'J the Magdalen Hospitals. Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees-, ar. d Orfnc, " P iternost'- r- row, London ; and Brodic, D'. Wding; and Luxford, Salisbury Ot whom may be bad, on Pasteboard, TWOTABLES ex- hibiting at one view, the Relations of the last and present Pharmacopoeia, price 3s. Gt.'. . f 0' is Just published, prifcjii- e shi[ c. ngs, . A- VIEW of the Origin, Progress, and Divefsitv of HEATHEN. WORSHIP. With an Appendix, con- taining additional observations on HomerVattacbmcnt to Eastern Idolatry. By T. THOMAS. . £? For the iccommo bt'lon of former pbfehasers, the Ap- pendix, as well as the Introduction'-( which relate chiefly to tne Iliad), arc sold separately,"'! each. The plan of this work having been erroneously, represented it is now become necessity to r, prise the public, i:> at the Ex- planation of Religious Rites among tTie Aircients here offered proceeds upon principles entirely new. Printed a'nd ' sold by R. Bickerstaff, 210, Strand, London • and to be had of all Booksellers, •.- j-.!.<£, 8 ' T This day is published, in Svo. price 7s. in boartlt ' HE BRICifLAYERS's GUIDE to the M y. N- _ SURATJON ( fall sorts of BRICK- WORK, accordine to tha LONDON PRACTICE; with Observations on thl Causes and Cure of Smokv Chimnies, the Formation of Drams, and' tbe best construction of OVENS to he heated with coals. Also a variety of practical and useful information on this important branch of tbe'Building Art.— Illustrated by various Figures and nine Ccpprr- plates." n • , , Ti! vT- W- DKARN, Architcct. , Printed for J. i'aylor, at the Architectural Library, No High Holborn, r « t'"'' - Where may be- bad, TAYLOR'S BUILDERS' PRICE BOOK, corrected and new arrsmje'J. Price as. 6£. sewed. THE SALISBURY AND V, CHESTER JOURNAL, Wednesday's and Thursday's Pus is.' Xe NEWS in the GAZF. TIR of Tuesday, October 3.] F O R E I & N N E W S. Dresden, Sept. i2.- THE Duke- of A bran tea has passed several- days , bertt, during wbieb he has ' appeared to be much Occupied. All Sasoay is comprehended in the t- ermpry occupied by tlie" 8th" c u p- of the grand army, which his Excellency commands in chief. The rampart; and alt the . outworks of the city of Dres- den - are now repaired, a> id furnished with 50 pieces . if heavy artillery. The works, which are carrying cm with the greatest activity, will render this place as- strong us it was in'the seven- years war. Measures are taken to convey, at the instant the war shall break out anew on the Banks of the Danube, the most valuable eil'ects, and among others, the gallery of pictures, to the fortress of Konigstein, near Pirna. This fortress ii iu the bust state of defence, and considerable niiiga. iines are establishing there.- We have in the neighbourhood of this city a camp com- posed ot French., Poles, ami Saxons. The troops destined to occupy it are successively arriving. BOHEMIA, Sept. 14.— According to some accounts her Majesty thai Empress of Austria is much indisposed. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, 0CT03ER 4. rg"' tiE Nobilitv, Ladies, and Gentlemen, are rc- I soeetfuily informed, that the. A S TO NI S H IN G CURIOSITY, Miss BRFFIN, intends exhibiting her won- derful powers, in a commodious booth, during the ensuing Fairs at WeyUll, Salisbury, and Devizes.* This young Lady was born deficient of Arms, Hands, and Legs; she is of a comply appearance, 24 years of age, and only 27 inches high ; she d, splays a great genius, and is an admirer of the fine arts ; but wh it renders her so worihv of public notice is the indus- trious and astonishing means she has invented and practised in ohtaimng the use of tho needle, scissars; pen, pencil, < 5rc, wherein she is extremely adroit; she can cut out and. make any part of her own clothes, sews extremely neat, and iu a most wonderful maimer, writes well, draws landscapes, paints, miniatures, 1 arid nianv more wonderful things ; ail of which She performs principally with her mouth. [ 30- 10 The reader may easily think it impossible she should be capable of doing what is inserted above; but if she cannot, and even much more, the conductor will forfeit louo guineas. Cheap Shoe Warehouse, Mitjord- Street, Salisbury. JAMES JEBOULT returns his sincere thanks to his friends for the very liberal encouragement with which they honoured him in the SHOE BUSINESS, and respect- fully informs them, that . he has just received an extensive assortment of. Men's, Women's, and Children's Shoes, from the first manufactories, at the following money prices, viz.— Good Men's Cai f 8S. per pair Ditto Hide, fts. Women's Spanish, 4t. *>.-/. Women's Velvet, - Is. Gd. Ditto Seal, - is. ; l f 1000.'. EXTRAORDINARY FRAUD.— Yesterday Mr. Scboly, book- seller, of Paterno- tor- row, applied the Magistrate, at BoA- street, for his instructions how to proceed in the case of an extraordinary fraud practised upon him. He stated, ibat having occasion, about a week - ince, to thaw a check upo . his bankers, Messis. Rairisbuttoin and Co. Lombard- - t e t, in favour of a Mr. Miller, to whom he was paying a bi I, by mi take be tilled the check for SGUI. instead of a > maker sum ; but immediately on discovering ' is mistake, 1 e tire the iheek into pieces, and threw the fragments- on lis counting house floor, and then wrote another fol' the ; roller sum; but on receiving the usual return from his la ker's book oil Monday, he was astonished to find, among i t'. er vouchers, the identical check before mentioned, T. t. te i he had torn in pieces, neatly pasted together on a j. iiee of blank paper, and which had been paid by the ba. k rs to a man calling himself Thomas Thomas, in a ,' iOi Y. ilank of England note, and some smaller ones. On e <( U i v at the Rank, lie found that those notes had been changed fur their amount in small notes; but no desciiptiou could be remembered of the person. f" Bmn,— Yesterday the Lord- Mayor ordered the price of I re d to be raised to 1 Tit. the quartern loaf wheaten, 1 jjtf. bouse hold. COBS- EXCHANGE, Oct. - 1.— The supply of Wheat this day is somewhat considerable, and sales are heavily effected ™ t rather less prices. Rye is dearer. In Barley there is li fluctuation. Beans of the two descriptions as before.. M tt and White Peas are higher. Oats are rather dearer. F1 . ur is lower, and tine American nearly as before. BANKRUPTS. f Front the GA/ KTTB of Tuesday, Oct. 3 J AitnOlaAwiiA; & J. CUaclwiek, of Uraittmry- Green, Cheshire, hattrrs. KieUfu- u HuUis, vf Itvadiru;, grocer. Willi e a Parker, ol liueliftaU lruilworks, Staffordshire, iroal'uarider. i mi: i Wit iu- nv, of e,' iatb, eitmi.-. e- ueiUive, li- omiKaiger. Thomas MaTtH- r, of Newt astf. - up . a- Ty- ac, oil- mall. j., se- tiu Hj|- ri? oii'( of Snnttiwick, slii .- fc-. ien. Isiel M'Ne- eU late" of CUatJentan, Soue'ii ^ uiwlina, but llo-. v of London, raereha- it. Hifhartl lial!, of East Brent, re- r. joseyii Biowoc and Jaui-. n I'o-. v. n, of Liverpool, merchants. Boys' and Children's in proportion to size. Si dwell and Tongue's ( of Bath) Japan Liquid Blacking; also their Superlative [. quid for Boots aji'd Saddles. N. B.— A good assortment of PATTENS, at the usual* prices. [ 501" WH. CHARLES,. Manufacturer of HOSIERY, • Wholesale and Retail, Catherine Hill, FIIOME, most respectfully begs leave to solicit tlie attention of the inhabi- tants of From: an. I its vicinity, to a general assortment of Hosiery Goods, in silk, cotton, thread, . vorstcd, lambs- wool, angola, & c. pantaloon and brce. cii. t3 pieces, with eve ry other article in the hosiery line; knitting, . sewing, tambour,' fringe, and mending cotton; knitting and in'Hding worst-. 1.1,. & c. W. il. C. trusts that, from li e. ins; acquir d his knowledge Of the business in reputable m- mufactur. r. g houses in Nottingham and Leicester, and as be manufactures the principal pait of his goads, he shall be enabled to sell upon such terms as will give general satisfaction.—— As W. 11. C. will be receiving constant supplies of goods from the manufactory, any orders for : u tides out ot the common way; will ho speedily executed. Country Shopkeep. rs supplied upon as low* terms as at the manufactory, either personally or by letter — An assortment of leather gloves ; and cotton laces'at the lowest prices. Wanted',— an activc Youth, of 14 or 15 years ot age, as an APPRENTICE. FTTTL Salisbury, October < 2, .1809. CHEAP LINEN- DRAPEUY, LONDON WAREHOUSE, MARKET- PLACE. R- WILLIAMS respectfully takes this opportunity o of returning his most sincere thanks'to the'inhabi- tants of Salisbury and its vicinity for the very flatter. ng en- couragement he has experienced since his opening the above warehouse; and begs leave to inform them ot his return from London, where he has made very considerable purchases ( which are now ready for inspection;, consisting of 100 pieces of printed furniture, from Is. per yard; ad pieces ot furniture dimities, from Is. per yard ; 80 rich counterpanes, uncommonly cheap ; 50 pieces of sheeting calico, ell wide, Is. id- - per yard; 1- 60 pieces of stout calico, Sd. per yard and upwards ; 60 pieces pf best dark ginghams, St/. per yard; ,00 pieces o£ light ginghams, Is. per yard, worth Is. - id.; also ;>' 0 pieces of ilis real shirting calico, which has been so much approved of, from Is. per yard; with an extensive assortment of sheetings-, blankets, huCcabacks, brown Hollands, checks, calimancos, shawls, handkerchiefs, cotton and worsted hose, & c. ; also 100 pieces of superfine cambric'muslins, 9s. per yard, positively worth 2s. <> d.; 00 pieces of fancy muslins ; 30 seeded mull dresses, remarkably cheap; 160- dozm of worked caps, full size, from id. each, with every description of muslins; upward* of 100 pieces of d * prints of the • choicest patterns ; 80 pirees of common p • « lOrf. p r yard ; with a great variety of silk and imitation srawis, figured lustr, s, rich Italian sarsenets, wore- ftllihg dresses, & c. e'ec. R. W. wishes to observe, that he does not pr- sume to say he sells his goods under cost price ; but having bought them for ready- money, and his sales being very rapid, he is enabled- and determined to offer his goods at such prices as will not fail giving universal satisfaction ; and as business will he con- ducted on the- most honourable and libei .1 principles, any article that is not approved of will be teadily and with pleasure exchanger!.-—— No abatement made. : : ' n Country shopkeepers served on the most advantageous terms. A Youth of respectable connections wanted as an Apprentice. PLEASE TO OBSERVE, THAT, as the Drawing or the present STATE LOTTERY wilt begin and finish in One Day, viz. Fi iday the 20th of this Month, all Purchases of Tickets or Sharts must be made before tfiat day. State Lottery, containing only5000 Numbers, with Thirty- two Capital'Prizes,- including 4 of £ 20,000, besides others, amounting to .£'" 00,000; will be drawn ALL IN ONE DAY, viz. 2( Jth This Month, October lsOS. The present is the only Lottery that ever was drawn in one day. The Scheme is highly approved, atxl there is no doubt but that nearly all the^ tiekcts wiil be sold before the 20th, on which day the whole will be determinede Orders for Tickets and Shares, accompanied by remittances in Bank notes, or good bills at short dates, addressed to either of SWIFT and Go's Offices, No. 11, Poultry, No. 12, Charing Cross, or No. 31, Aldgate High- street, London, will be immediately executed on the same terms as if the patties were present. [ 4034 Twentieth of the present Month, The whole of the STA TE LOTTERY will be drawn - IN ONE DAY. ICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co.. respect- fully remind the public, that all purchases in the pre- sent Lottery must be made before the i'Oth instant, as the whole drawing will be decided in Twelve Hours. Only 5,00i) Numbers— Four Tickets of each Number. CUM rai. s 4 of £ 20,000 ;— 4 of .£ 5COO ;— 8 of £ 1000; — 1- of .£ i0' i0;— 12 of £ 500; & c. & C Sic. [ 407U AND NOT THREE BLANKS TO A PRIZE. Tickets and Shares are 011 sale by MrJ J. Moore, High- street, Poole; J. Lr> « gdon, printer, Sherborne; W. Meeler and Son, Bath; Baker and Fletcher, Southampton; and J. F. Coulton, D vizes, for RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. Cornhilt and Charitig- cross, Loudon; who shared and sold last three Lotteries Nos. 2C0.0, 10,107, and 18,0.31, three Prizes of £ 20,000; and 7950,.£ 10,000. They are- also the onlyOffice that ever sold iu Shares - 2 Prizes of £ j0,000. FREEHOLD PREMISES IN SALISBURY, rJX) be LETT or SOLI), in one o£ il^ e first situations X for trade, opposite the Antelope Inn, Catharine- street; consisting of a dwelling- house, shop, store- house or work- shop, walled ga.- ijcu well stocked with choice fruit- trees, and handsomely laid out with gravel walks, with the advantage ot a carriage- road to the back premises; at present in the occu- pation of Mr. Stevens, cabinet- maker, who has notice to quit at Lady- day 1810. To treat for the same apply to Mr. Woodward, Star and G irter, Andover.— Letters post paid. ' [ 4810 " CLOTHING TRADE. TO be LETT' or SOLD, at Island Bridge, near Dublin,— A capital new WATER- MILL, in every re- spect well calculated for machinery for carrying on' the Clothing trade on an extensive scale. The Building consists of three stories, containing nine large rooms, each" ten feet high ; new- water- wheel, upright and lying shafts,- & c.— on the river Liffey, with a large and constant supply of water, and water- carriage from the sea to the mill door. The Lease is held from the Corporation of the city for a term of 4a years unexpired. Island Bridge is less than a mile distant from Dublin, per- fectly peaceable, and the head- quarters ot the Royal Artillery, and has several considerable'factories. Persons desirous of further information are referred to Mr. Knight, auctioneer, Devizes, who will shew a view of the premises and adjacent countn . [ 48.00 IOST, 0: 1 Thursday Oct. o, from the Lamb Inn, Catherine- street, Salisbury,— \ large true- bred BLOOD- HOUND, with a white body and the upper part of the herad and ears of an ochre- yellow ; answers to the name of ROCK- WOOD.— Whoever will give information thereof to Mr. J. Fiander, of iVinterslow, or to Mr. Toomer, at Rhincfield- lodge or at Brocker. hurst, New Forest, shall be amply re- warded for their trouble. [ 5059 STOLEN, out of ihe Balloon Coach, 011 Thursday evening last, between Sal'ibury and Blandford, A SADDLE and BRIDLE, packed in'a Horse- cloth ; and a BOX, containing various Papers and Books, of no use what- ever but to the owner. Whoever will discover The offender or offenders, shall, upon his or their conviction, receive a Reward of TWO GUINEAS from Mrs. Webb, at the Black Horse Inn, Salisbury, or any of the Proprietors of the above Coach. SAUSBI'**, Oct. 7, 180J). [- 5058 RENNET AND AVON CANAL NAVIGATION. NOTICE is hereby given, that at a General Quarterly Meeting of the Committee of Management of the Affairs arid Business of the Company of Pr prietors of the Kemiet and Avon Canal Navigation, held at the Bear. Inn, in Devil, s, in the county of Wilts, on Tuesday the 8l » th day of September 180.0, at eleven o'clack in the forenoon, pur- suant to pup'ic advertisement, the said Committee did find a Caii from the sev ral Proprietors of such of the New Shares authorized by an Act of Parliament made, and passed in the 46th y.- ar of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled « An Act f-> r enabling the Company of Proprietors of the Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation to complete the same, and for altering and enlarging the powers of ti e several Acts ior making tli. s . id Canal," to be taken and subscribed for in the Navi- gation and Undertaking authorized to be made and carried by the said- Company ( If Proprietors ( on which Shares the whole amount of the money agreed to be paid for the same bath not THP already called for; for the sum 0 Ten Pounds per Centum for and in respect of every sucn Share to be wanting and, necessaiy is order to defray the expenses cif and to cariy on tnc same, and , d'd make a Call from the- said several Proprie tors f.. r th- said sum t Ten Pounds 1 1- Centum for ailel in r : .;'••: ct o. every such Share in the sa d Navigation and Under- t... :•. $ for those purposes accordingly, and did appoint th 1 smiic to be paid into' the hands ' f M : rs. Harford, Davis, and. Co.'! 1 isur-. rs ol the said Con pa 1 , in lirist..- i, on or betoie the ;; » ( lay o, November motf. by onle r of ih-- s. v ' Committee, JOHN WARD, Principal Clerk. J.' -. oRoceii, Oct. 1, iiti. [ 5u, i4 Isl'e of TVigUt Aluminous Chalybeate SjD'hig. R. W^. TERWORTH, Surgeon, of jJewpor. t, i TJt has rcccr. tly discovered a Spring of Aluminous Chaly- beate Water, at Sandrocks, in the parish'of Chale, near the foot ol St. Catherine's, in the Isle of Wight. For some mi otiis past this Water has been introduced by the chief Med teat Officers of the Army Depftt Hospital, at Paikhurst Barracks, and the Medical Gentlemen at tlie House of Industry, in the Isle of Wight; and the Report from those Gentlemen, re- spectively, has been greatly in its favour, either, used inter- nally as a Tonic, in cases of Debility, Loss of Appetite, and Lowness of Spirits ; or externally, as a Lotion for bcrophsilous Sores, Foul U! c rs, and I Ierpttic Eruptions on the Skin. On the general grounds of its acknowledged properties, and from the particular testimonials aliuded'to, a firm conviction, is entertained of the beneficial effects to be derived from the use of it to the community, and it is accordingly r. commended to them for trial. The Water is sold at Mr. Waterworth's, the proprietor of the Spring, atNcwport, Isle of Wight; Mr. LambCs Miner I Water Warehouse, No. 149, New Bond- street; and Mrs. . Watkins's ( late Owen's) Mineral Water Warehouse, Fleet- street; in stone quart bottles, ISs. per dozen, and in pint bottles, 12s- per dozen. N. B. A Chemical Analysis of the Water will speedily be published, with further Observations 011 the Nature and Use of it. [ 4557 TO MIL LEES. BLACKMORE anrf Co/ s PATENT BOLTING CLOTHS, without seams, excel every other invention of the kind, not only with regard to durability, but also in tespect to dispatch and accuracy in dressing, as the great and increasing demand for them clearly evinces. The proprietors, gratefully acknowledging past favours, ncg leave to inform their friends and gentiemcH in the flour trade in general, that their Patent Cloths arc sold by Mrs. B. Evans, Salisbury; Mews. Kclleway and Goukl, FordinKbrrdge ; Mr. J. Stratton, Andover; Mr. J. Waring, Alton; Mr. t. Gibbs, jun. Ems- worth-, Mr. R. Godfrey, Rumsey; Mr. W. Seymour, Odi- ham; Messrs J. and M. Meers, Pctcrsfield ; Messrs. Pocock and Hodgkinson, Southampton; Messrs. Rice and Fluder, Lvmington; Mr. P. Fromow, Newport, fsle of Wight; Messrs. Cox and North, Devizes; Mr. W. Hilliar, Wai min- ster; Mr. D. Maurice, Marlborough; Mr. G. P. Scott, Dor- chester; Mr. T. Butler, Poole; Mr. W. Trenchant, Shaftes- bury; Mr. C. Giombs, jun. Beaminster; Mr J. Rickett, Wincanton; Mr. J. Francis, Castle Cary ; Messrs. J. Car- penter and Son, Wellington; Mr. J. Glover, Reading; Messrs. Lodge and Holditch, Newbury. [ 4957^ - S^ f All Bolting Cloths of their manufacture have the fol- lowing inscription on the head- leather, " By the King's Pa- tent, manufactured at Wandsworth, Surry, by Blaekmorc and Co. sold at their manufactory " No others are genuine. ROYAL EXCHANGE. MESSRS. HAZARD, BURNE, and Co. Stock- Brokers, have on sale at their State Lottery- office, No. SO, Royal Exchange, Tickets and Shares for the STATE LOTTERY, which is on a .' 1.- 10- and improved plan, consisting of only 5,000 Numbers, to be Dracati in One Day, the - 20th of October 1809. The Scheme- contains 4 Pri, « - s of £$ 0,000,— 4 of£ 5,0t'<),— 4 of £->, 1* 10,—- 8 of £ f ,0u0,— and 1 i of £ 500, With others iu proportion, not. three Blanks to a Prize. Letters ( postpaid) duly answered, and Schemes gratis.— All kinds of Government Securities bought and sold by commis- sion.— Country orders, accompanied. with short- dated bills on Loridon, post- office orders, or cash in parcel by coach or car- rier, punctually attended to, and correspondents may depend on being treated exactly on the same terms as if personally present. [ 4141 . THIS MONTH. T^ BISH respectfully reminds the Public, that the • STATE. LOTTERY not only begins but finishes on Friday the 20th pf this Month ; therefore all who wish to have a chance to gain 8> V> 00/. by the purchase of a singl. Number, must, buy before the drawing, begins, as the whole Lottery, consisting of 200,000/. in Prizes, will be decided in One Day. ' Tickets and Shares arc sellim in great variety by Mrs. Hop- kins, silversmith, Bradford; Wilts, ae." nt to lilSH, who 111 the late Lotteries has been re markably fortunate in selltng and shar ng an immense number of Capital Priz s, patt. culariy the two last 811,000/. Pr z s, the last 05,000/, Prize, and the last Capital Prize ever drawn. pres. *** Persons in the country may b • supplied the s. me as. if escnt, by s lining their orders f pest or carriage paid) accom- TAe oldest Slate Lottery Ojjiee m England .' Licensed ly authority of Goiter n meat, where capital . Prizes, e. rceedih? Two Millions,, have been, fold, shared, registered, and paid tin demand. WM, CARTER, STOCK- BROKER, 8, Ch a ring- cross, London, begs leave to recommend to his friends the present and only State Lottery to he drawn this year, in addition to an extraordinary number of Capital Prizes, 4 Of 20,000/. 4 0i'Sooo/. and various other advantages, is mere beneficial to the Purchasers than any former Lottery; and al" o, an early purchase, as ( from the rapid sale of tickets) the price must Of course be daily, increasing, there being only - 20,000 Tickets, and to be drawn 0: 1 the 20th of this Month. N. B.— Persons in ihe Country may be supplied the^ same as if present, by sending their orders ( post paid) accompanied with good bills at short date, cash, bank notes, or post- office orders. [ 5002 T HO be LETT, ami entered 011 immediately,— A convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, containing'a par- lour, kitchen, and pantry, on the. gibund floor ; an under- ground collar ; three'bed- chambers, and garrets ; with a good garden well stocked with fruit trees, pleasantly situated in Ramsbury, Writs. [ 49115 Enquire of Mr. Harold, Marlboro', for further particulars. MELKSHHM, / WILTS. rT, 0 be LETT, with immediate possession, A a comfortable and convenient MESSUAGE, with a large Garden, and 2 Closes of rich Pasture Land, containing about 7 acres :— also a convenient Mali- House adjoining, capable of working 12 quarters a- week, with Store- rooms, and other attached offices, situate in Melksham, 11 miles from Bath, 10 from Warminster, and 7 from Devizes., For further particulars, cSre. enquire of Mr. Tho. Flower, Melksham ; if by letter, post paid. " [- 178.( 1 T NEWPORT,. ISLE OF WIGHT. HO he. LETT for a Term oi Years, with immediate possess " fop,;— A convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, in < ood repair, pleasantly situated in the High- street, in the town of Newport, fit for the residence of a genteel family ; comprising a large parlour, kitchen, cellar, pantry, and other suitable and convenient offices ; a handsome drawing- room, two large bed- rooms, nurs ry, and dressing- loom, ami tour good 1 ed- chambcrs in the attic story. For particulars enquire ( free of postage) of Mr. Willington, Quay street, Newport. > [ 4852 Cors/ iam, / Flits, nine miles from Hath. rpo be LETT, and entered on immediately,— A a very com .111. nt and su'.- st nti. il DWELLING- MOUSE, pleasantly situated in the centre oi Corsham aforesaid ; con- sisting ' an ei. ti:: net- hall arid sta r- case, two good parlours, siorc. ro- a, exfie', 1 ntke. el er, brew house, cellars, & c. tour good bed- ro > rns, besi .- s att cs, and other convenient offices, Well supplied t, id » '- xce 1 nt water; and a good walled Garden immediately adjoininc For particulars appiy ' if by letter, post paid; to Mr. Arnold, the proprietor, who will slnw the s » ine. [! 6' 95 MILFORD, NEAR SALISBURY. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A small Copyhold ESTATE, in the parish of Milford ; consisting of about 12 Acres of Arable, Meadow, ai « d Garden Ground, with Six Messuages or Tenements. For further particulars apply > jf by letter, post paid), to Ms- ssn. Wilmor uid Godwin'.' solicitons, Salisbury. fl8 » » FREEHOLD MANOR, HANTS, ~ TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT; consisting of two capital Farms and 313' acres of fine Woods, being tile whole of a hamlet, containing llui acres, which maintains its own poor only ; is tvthe free, and the land- tax redeemed. The estate is. yery. coinpact, well situate for markets, within reach of two packs of fox hounds, in a. pleasant part of the county, Well stocked with game, and about 50 miles from London, on a good'turnpike road. *. » * For particulars, and to treat, appjy to Messrs Webb, Webb, and Attvvood, Salisbury. [ 5060 COTTAGE AT KEYNSTON, On the Turnpike Road between Blandford fif Winbourn. '" no be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A .1 COTTAGE, almost new, and Garden well planted Witljcboice fruit trees. The house, consists of a parlour, kit- chen, pantry, and cellar, with three bed- rooms. over; besides ajshop, which would. Uh a very little cxpcnce, make a good- parlour, andbcd- rooiu over. There is a small Cottage and Garden which belongs to tlie above, after U. " death ' of a person upwin e; jf 70. The premises Leasehold .'""• " e remainder of a! tqrm of 99 years, of which 01. : o are expired, determinable on three healthy lives, aged - 11,' 39, and 14. For viewing the same, and tJi know- the price, apply to Mr. Wm. Lovcll, the tenant, at Kcynston, near Blandford, Dor- set.— All applications by letters must be post paid. [ 25B2 ' TX) be IJ-, 1' T, and entered on immediately,—- A ft MAf. T- iTOUSE that will wet So quarters per week, with a goqd DwtBing- hoase, Itrgc Garden and One acre of Land, with aJ" ottag » adjoining; Granary, Stables, acd other out- buil-. lings^ situate- within loo yards of Totton turnpike- gatc, llite in the occupation of Thomas Scard', jun.—- The above premises are within half a mile of the sea- ports of Eling and Rfdhridge, very convenient for a contractor, or any other business requiring room. For other particulars enquire of Mr. Felix Level!, Nettley, Hants. 15008- rS^ O be- LETT, and entered upon, immediatel ^ 1 HROOM PLACE WATER CORN MILL,. situated " in the paritii of Itchen Stoke, near Alresfon!, Hants; comprising a capital Water Corn" Mill, with House, Garden, Barn, anil ^• ibfes, with excellent Water Meadow ami Arable Land ; the ffhole in thorough repair. - For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. John Dyble, Ovington, near Alwsford, Hants. [ 4944 O be LETT, in the centre of the Market- Place, S O U T H A M P T O N. nrO be SOED, A substantial and convenient 1 DWELLING- HOUSE, fit for the immediate re- ception of a genteel Family, and most desirably situated, No. 21', 011 the east side of the Above Bar Street, Southampton ; commanding; from the back front, an extensive view of the River Itchen and the surrounding country. The ground floor comprizes entrance hall, stair case, and an entrance for ser- vants, dining parlour, and two others;— one pair of stairs, drawing- room, and three good bed- rooms with closets ;— two pair of stairs, four good bed- rooms w. th closets, and way to the roof;— basement story, large kitchen, scullery, larder, pantries, cellars, and vaults for beer, wine, and every other convenience;— a large garden at the back of the premises, tastefully laid out, with a small green- house, vine- house, & c. The whole inclosed with lofty trick wails covered with choice fruit tr - es in fuil bearing, and an uncommon good supply of spring and rain water. ~ [ 4741 For viewing the premises, and further particulars, apply to Mr. W itts, builder, at his otfic in East- street, Southampton. T jianied with bat k notes, good bids, cash, or post- office orders, 11 either of h- s oid- established Offices, No. 4, C rnh. ll, or 9, Ch iring- cr- ss, London, vvher. ad business ifi the public Funds is tr nsaet- jd w th fidelity and dispatch.— Please to r - mailt the Slaw t> tlis 0 Lottery that will be drawn THIS YEAR, [ 4985 LING- HOUSE, with Coach- Houses, two Stables adjoining, and a large Yard, very suitable for any Tirade, where room [ is required. Enquire [ if by letter, post paid) of William Absolam. POOLE, DORSET, Sept. 27-, I809-. [ 4903 rI", 0 be LETT and e'ht'ered on immediately,— A JL HOUSE," Garden, and necessary " offices, fit for ihe re- ception qf a small genteel retired family ; the supply of water is rcmaikably. goodand convenient; and situated in a pleasant part of Westbury, Wilts. { r^ r1 Terms moderate, as an acceptable tenant is th? princi- pal object of the advertiser, [ 4793 Enquire of Mr. Humphries, woalstapier, Westbury. RINGWOOD MILL, HANTS. TO be LETT hy tender, for a term of seven years from the 10th of October hist.— One Of the most valuable and powerful MILLS in the South of England, now used as a Grist and Corn Mill, capable of . grinding forty loads of corn per week, having at present only three pair of stones, but capable of doing much additional work; with a good dwelling- house, garden, stable, and out- buildings, and about five acres of good meadow ground. ' The premises are. easily convertible to any purpose of manufactures that re- quires a great power, being situated cn the Avon, the only mill in a town containing 3000 inhabitants, and not being affected either by floods or drought, and very impri/ veable in tlieir- construction ; they . are very roomy, substantially built of brick, and well timbered. Also to be lett, separately,— The valuable EEL FISHERY, and Right of cutting Weeds and Rushes in the above mill- pond, near two miles in length. For particulars apply ( post- paid) to Mr. Wm. Carpenter, 3, Pump- court, Temple, London. ' [ ipiiii A genteel Residence J or a Family, in a pleasant and .- healthy part tif the'IVest of Fngluad: r] PO be LETT, for a term of years, and entered 1 upon immediately,—— A handsome PW'ELLING- HOUSE, either Furnished or Uhf& rnished ( plate and linen • excepted), with a six-* tall stably., i- eoach- house, hamejs- houste and large room over, a court- yard in liont of the dwelling- house walled iu and well planted with choice fruit- frees, and a small green- house. The dwelling- house consists of two entrance- hails ( 111 ooe- of which/ is a very spacious and light' staircase), lofty'and welbpropqrtioncd: drawing, dining, and morning rooms ; study . or library 18 fectsquare and 12 fet t high, seven convenient bed rooms'and dressing loom, with closets, and three attic rooms . for servants ; housekeeper's room, two good kitchens, most excellent arched. larder, large under- ground arched w ne aud. beer cellars. The premises have liecn lately fitted up by the owner with every'domestic convenience, and fit tor the r'ecption ' ot a targe family. The he use is situatedin the pleasant market- town vf Blan. iford, 011 the great western, road fr-. ni London to'the Land's End, and within, a short distance of that very fa- shionable and much frequented watering- place Weymouth, the surrounding c mntry veiy beautiful end abounding with game, fox- h un-' s anil s.. v ral pecks of barriers kept in the neighbourhood; the roads particularly go d. Further particulars may e had by applying to Mr. Mon- day, s- licitor, Biandiord; if by letter, postage paid. £ 4971 ISLE OF WIGHT. rr, 0 be SOLD,— A singularly elegant and desirable I RESIDENCE, comprising a handsome stone- built Div. lling- house, finished in the most complete manner, and containing excellent and Well - proportioned dining & drawing rooms, library, best and othir bed chambers, good cellars, with every description of attached and detached offices ; a Cottage, good garden, and about 12 acres of land. This property is situate in that most ' cn'- phanting part of the Isle of Wight called the Undcrcliff, at a short distance from the- village of Niton, and about 9, miles from Newport, and white it is completely sheltered from the north by a range of rocks and cliffs, it commands in front an unbounded view of the sea, and on either side the most picturesque views of rock-, wood, and cultivated scenery. ' File roads to Newport are good, and the whole property is deserving the attention, of any nobleman or gentleman de- sirous of a residence combining at once beauty and con- venience. Further particulars may be had, and the premis. es viewed, on application to Messrs.. ClarkesandScwell, or Mr. Worsley,., solicitors,. Newport, Isle bf- Wight. R- 2' ll ISLE OF WIGHT.- Freehold Property jot jSetltt., Land- tar redeemed, ROOK LEY FARM. qpO be SOLD by PR I VAT! CONTRACT,— A 1 desirable and valuable. I'llr-. fc. ifOLD ESTATE, situated in the centre of the Isle ot'W; n. and within four miles of the town of Newport; consistin -, f upwards" Ot01 - i s of good Arable, Meadow, Pasture, . - ; Wood Land : HHe Great Tithes whereof, and a portion of . . c Small Tithes, are the property of the land- owner. The Farm- house- and ut- buildings arc very convenient an:', in good repair, and the lands in a high state of cultivation. • Also all the Great -- nd Small Tithes, yearly arising out of upwards of 400 acres of very rich arable and meadow land, situate in the parish of Godshili, and on the south side of the Isle of Wight. Ami also sundry other lots of Tithes, arising from good corn lands in tli said parish of Godshiil. A Close of Meadow Land, situate in the parish of Caris- brooke, arid within a quarter of- a mile of the town, of Ne w- port, and containing 3 a. 1 r. 15' p. in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Hawkes. One. other Close of Meadow Land adjoining to. the last- mentioned close, containing 2 a. 2 r. 24p. in tho occupation of the said ' Thomas Hawkes. A Close of Arabic. Lafid, situate 011 CrossToft Hill, in the said parish of Carisbrooke, containing about 1 acre, in the oc- cupation of j- Starke. " " ' Mr. 9 DORSETSHIRE. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A very desirable ESTATE,, situate at Anstey, within the parish of Hilton, in the county of Dorset* now in the occu- pation of Mr. George Mullett, as tenant from. yeaif to, year ; consisting of a very gool DWEI. I..; NG- HOUSI:, veith necessary offices, Dairy- House, and Cottage ; end 100 Acres of cxcei- lent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, with rii; htof com- mon on Anstey Down.—— This Estate is pleasantly situated about six miles from Blandford. in. a good neighbourhood, near the borders" of the vale of Bi& ckmoor, within reach of a pack of fox- hounds and harriers. For a view of the pr; mines apply to Mr. George Mullett, the tenant ;• and for further particulars to Messrs.' B. SfJ. Fox^ attornies at law, Beaminster, Dorset; if by letter, tree' of postage. [ 4S8SI WELLINGTON, SOMERSET. TO be SOLD in FEE, by PRIVATE CON- TRACT, and immediate possession given,— A capital modern- built. DWELLING- HOUSE,. adjoining the town oi Wellington ; consisting, on the ground- floor, of a vestibule, dining room 25 feet by 18, drawing room 18 by 15, small parlour, and china closet, all 12 feet high; an'excellent stair- case with mahogany balustrades, eight good bed chambers ( exclusive of garrets), with light closcts and water closets', back staircase, ah excellent kitchen - and. brewhousc, wieh servants' rooms ' over; gig- house, coach- house, a three- stall stable, and oth- r convenient offices ; utidef- ground beer and wine cellars ; a good garden Well lard out with shrubs and fruit trees, a greet) bouse, and about two acres of rich land adjoining, with a large barn, sta'- le, and lihhay. The house is extremely well supplied with springand soft water, which is conveyed, by a forcing pump into many parts of it— The whole of the prentfscs is in complete repair, and possesses many conveni nces to make ii a desirable residence for a gen- t.- el family.— Fixtures to be r., ken at a fair valuation, and a purchaser may be accommodated with any part of the furni- ture, which' is of the best kind, and has been very little used. The land- tax is redeemed. ." Wellington is situated in one of' the' pleasantest parts of Somerset, in a fins sporting country, has a good market, and the mail and many other western coaches pass through , t daily. For a view of the promises, and further particulars, apply to Captain Stein' 1, the gro.- rle- tor, 011 the premises, or to Massrs. White and Steele, solicitors, Wellington; if bv let tcr, post paid.— WCUUKSTON, Sept. 14, 1803, [ 47ME VICINITY OF SOUTHAMPTON. - Freehold filla, double Coach- house, Stabling for eight horses. Pleasure and Kitchen Gardens, fireiii- liouse, and small Paddock ; together upwards of two Acres. ~ O be SOLD by AUCTION, at Ihe Dolphins Inn, Southampton, by Gr. o. HOOKEV, on ' Thursday October the 12th, 1809, at one o'clock,— A desirable FREE- HOLD ESTATE} comprising a comfortable dwelling- house in complete repair, consisting of a d. ning room St fett by 18, with bow window to floor ; drawing room same dimensions, breakfast parlour, entrance hall, seven bedchambers ( includ- ing servants';, and offices. of every description ; opening 011 a lawn surrounded bv a lofty shrubb; rv, and pleasantly situated within a mile and a half of Southampton. The Fixtures to be taken by appris.. incnt,'" and the House- hold Furniture and Green- house. Piauts t » be taken at the option of the pUichascr. Further particuhirs known on application at Geo. Hookey's Agency Office", Southampton. . f- 1720 rpo be SOLD by AUCTION", on Friday the 10th - ft- day of November next, at live o'clock in the afternoon, at the Angel Inn, in Warminster, in the county of Wilts,— The following eligible PREMISES :• Lot 1.— All those two Messuages, with the Gardens lying before the same; pleasantly situate at a- piace called Aslnii, iii Warminster aforesaid, now in the occupation. yt Mr. William King and ltd. Whallcy.. - Lot 2.— A . convenient Dwelling- house, with a Coach- maker's Shop, and Premises adjoining the same, sittiate itl Silver- street, in Warminster, now in the occupation of Win. King and of James Karnes, coach- makers. Lot.).— A Dwelling- house, in Silver- street aforesaid, ncW in theoccupation of Mrs. Taplin.. Lot 4.— A Dwellin- r- hous--, adjoining the last- mcntioneil tenement, situate in Silver- street afcresaid, now in the occu- pation of Mr. Edmund Slade. The above premises are- held, by lease for lives, under the most Hon. tho Marquis of Bath ; and may be viewed on ap- plication to the respective tenants. For further particulars, or treaty, apply to Mr. Phelps, Warminster. flS3t> 1- 0 be SOLD bv AUCTION, in the lj^' imIrv$ of November, in Hampshire,— A FHLKHOLD ESTATE, about Si . miles from London, and 4 from Andover; con- soling of a . modern BRICK HOUSE, substantially built, suited to a Gentleman's Family, containing a ( Irawing room, dining room, breakfast room; and a fcendfefturn's silling room, five best bed chambers, attics, stone staircase, and the usual, offices for servants ; two- Burns, Granary, Stabling for 10 horses, and Carriage- Hour s; the whole in complete repair ; ' a Farm- Yard, and walled . Garden. of about 2 acres; , '. h Six Cottages audi mall Gardens, lc( to tenants at will; / id about Ufi Acres of Land, fii ot which are covered with coppice Wood, interinixci- l'W. di Timbjfr. The Estate is a M ." nor by Repute, H - s in a ring fence, and is situated in a ihy healthy ni-' iirv.— Further particulars may be learnt by applying to Mr. Cru'btree, " I haver street, Man- Chester- squarc, London 01 bv letters ( post paid) directed to . A. V. at the : > ffic: of th s Journal. ' | 4 « fit> Qf. T Noiioc will bi, given 111 the Paper of next week of the day arid place of sale. v., • ^. Particulars may be had by apptyine ' Tree of postage), to M Worsley, solicitor, Newport, Isle of Wight. * 1 ' fiG'S GAME DUTY. LIST II. ALIST of persons who haave obtained GAME- KESPER's CER'Tll I CATES at the rate of One Guinea each, for the year 1H09, in the county of Wilts. Ke.- pers' . Vfimal. - Ve.- e, of Mi .' r or Royalty, Jh/ if/ torn appcintud. Row-. le Wadham Locke, esq. Sher- ion P. irva and Sher- stpn M'una Fenthill Guforil. Fontl- iill iiishbp, East I latch, Tis- bury P- irsonige', and Cluck I< ren- e ' W. Beck ford,- esq: Batchclor, H. F; - he'dcan ar. d Tidworth Zioncli I'.. Dvke Pbore, esq. Teffont Evias andDinton ' V yVyndhanj, esq. ' lifiston, esq. H. i. A. Angel, esq. Kingston and. Monxton D v. rill Mirquis of Bath Horn na.- ham and Hill Deyerill ^ itto Leigh Dclamcre and Se- Andrews, T. Ailin, Wm. Andrews, A. Barn s, Wm. Bishop, inr, D. Broxmoro • Budd, Wm. Studlcy Bayley, J. Bayley, Win. Bushel!, N. Ditto Ditto vimon North Wraxall Yatton Kcynell Bull, Robert Bull, Wm. Bushell, N. Butler., Tnos. II. C. Vine,. esq. P. C. Mi thwen, esq. The eari of Petcrbo- r- inuli Marq. of Lansdowne C'. arke, R. Cross, Robert Cheadle, T. Clark, WVn: Dash, John Bowood and Calstone Bremhill Cable and the Prebend Manor of Cable CastTc Coomb Kamsbui- y C. N. Bailey Barrett, Joseph Littleaotf, Rtidge, Chilton, E. W. I. e- ighboura- Src'. Popham, esq. Cook, Meshach Westburv H.- ywood, , , H- avvkeridge Wtsthury, Brook cum MandHLs, , Westbnry I, a: vcridge, Leigh Priors, Leigh ia le Marsh, BrcmeridgtJ Stbbrt'on, Wss. biJrv, Arundel St. Maine, In the hutvl. of WesAar • Carl of Abirgdon Maiden Bradley and lull Deverill Duke of Somerset Zeals Clevcdcn and Mere Woodlands Mrs. Groys Tisbury, Ansty, D. inhead St. Mary, Donbead St. Andrew, and Havstone La- ify Arundell Stanley Ditto Over Wroughtou' • Wm. PowellBendry, Dixon, SfcpheriHannington R. kiantgomery., esq. Dyer, Wm. Cor- iam, Biddestone, and heap icre Eaton,- Wm. . Edington J. Smith, esq. i i'i . blv, Geo. l-'. arlstoke Ditto Ditto Wh r1 - s- lowa Ditto' Emeryi mr. J. l. imU ; . J. M. Eyre, esq. D- cto Uloxwcll, Duto Elkins, Wm. t'lar.- n ion- pSrk 11. Bathurst, esq. Grcciiawtty, Jt) bWest Overton I- lis grace the duke 1 ' .• • oi Marlborough, Garrett, Danl. Stanton I". rz Warren Rev. J. A. Treuchatd- Gibbons, Geo. Bowalen- parlc » d Monks Gilblii, John . Rashilt , Sir. John Methucu . Poor, barf. - H iyw- ard, Win. Charlton and UandkettonTnagarl of Suffolk Hay ward, mr. J. Lnngfcvd, Odstock, & c, Tlie earl of Radnor Murst, H. Ncwtornoncy Sir Charles Warre Malet, bart. Hibberd, C. Markettavington Wm. Tinker, esq. Hewitt, Joseph Amesburv Em is tk Ames- bury Triors, Sout'isand Daubeny's, Coomi) sCourtSir Jas. Mansfield, - and Countess Cocit knight Scvcnhamp- m F. Wamcford, esq. Norridje and Thoulston, „ , Corslev Magna, Marquis of Bath Kerlcy, Samuel Liddi inlTregooze Visct. Bolingbrolte Lavvrence. mr. EVVhelple/ Samuel Orr, esq. Moore; Edm. Draycott Cernc and Stit- „ _ , . ton' Behger • Lady CTylneytong May, John StandenHusscv with Bar- „ . shot • Mrs. C. Pearce northeast, T. Aldcrbury. Grimstead.& c. Tf'. e eerl ot Radnor Noble, rsu. T. Plaitfb. rd J. Osborne, esq. Ditto Cowesfield Esturrriy arid Co westieKl. Lever ics Ditto Ditto E- iiuomS' Ditto Preston, Thos, Newmon & Ashltv, Wilts, „ , Shipie- n * • T. Estcourt, estl." Padgett, Robt. Bishop Cannings T « G. Estcourt, en, Randall, pr. J. St- indliriJh, Wheljilcy, Mdore; find Pitch bourne H. Dawkios, e< iq. t Read, mr. M. Thefreewarren of Hou. i: s- The earl of Pcm- ditch, .:.-' brolv Ransom, mr. J. West DctUi & East Grim- C, B. Trevor Roper, ..... r ' Jones, Daniel Jones, Jos. Smith, Isasc Stokes, May steaj Forsbitry Wroukhto'n J. Gulston, esq. De- in and chapter of Winchester The earl Of Suffolk John . Burnett, esq. Smith, Jacqh. Brokenbnrourh Stone,' Wm. . F. ndford and Fvfi-' ld Sainsbury, J. Evcrlv, Milton, Pcwsey, and CcMingbourne ' F. D. Astlrv, esq. Cholderton flev E: Foyle „ Kingston Deverill Marquis'of Bath Sleedman. G. Warminster, Upt-> n Scu- damore,( SrC'nrsiev Parva Ditto Berwek St. Leonard, Perts wood, and Westwoo- J • John Bennett, esq. Uu- t - n and Lands Thos. Grove, esq. Swindon, Stratton Saint Margaret, South Brook, « nd Wesrlccot A. Goddard, esq. North Bradley , Misn Tvlm v Lorp Avon & Bar ford St. Martin Th can of Pem- broke Chute Forest Wm. Fowle, esq. Sutton, Wm. Sturgis, John Scammell, J. Shears, Thos. Trotman, H. Whereat, S. Wort, rfir. G. Wild, Wm. ScJishmv, Sept. 25, 1309. Examined. J. P. TINNEY. Publ shed by order of his Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes. 1878J MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WjLTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday's Posts. A FOREIGN NEWS. PARIS, SEPTEMBER If ETTER- S from Strasborgh,- of the 22d instant, state, that th-' armistice, whihh expired on the 20th it- A of this month, lias been prolonged for one mput- h, with additional ' stipulations, that hostilities are not to be recommenced till fix weeks after notice shall have been - given of the armistice being at an end ; they cannot, there fore, be resumed before the 5th of November. LONDON, FRIDAY, OCTOBER S. D itch papers to the 1 st inst were received yesterday. The Emoeror Napoleon has been issuing a number of de- crees, Hot immediately intwesthwc, and therefore appa- - rent Iv issued, at this tiny, for the pleasure of dating thein from Vienna, the hereditary capital of his humbled adver- < arv, the Emperor Francis. N - oleon has recently removed - t-.. -- iehonhrun, and his been daily occupied iu reviewing his troops, which shews the fallacy of the reports, said to have been brought by private communications, of his being • n an ill state of health. Some further Spanish Gazettes have been received, - one of which contains a very energetic address to the in- habitants of Anurias, by " their late Commander, Don - Juan Clarus, urging them to exert their prowess for the relief of the illustrious city of Gerona, and pointing out the beneficial, eilects of such an event. There is also an official'di- patch of a gallant conflict in the neighbourhood of Alihonacld, in pursuance of the new system of warfare in Spain, on which occasion the enemy's loss was 240 slain, and some prisoners ; and a few patrfotS'were rescued from hi.; power. SoTne pas .- ngers from Flushing, who left that place on Suncav, have reached town. On the 2(>' th of September the return of tha sick in the hospitals was .9798. On the 37th the deaths were 49, Onjthe 2Bth only.'); and no new patient; had been admitted during these two days. The infer.- nce is, that the disease which had so dreadfully adhered our army is on the decrease. The French had been making great preparations, appa- rently with the intention of attempting to regain possession of Wajeheren. They had collected ai> out( 30,000 men in North ' Revehmd ; " and oil South Beveland they had raised batteries t; prevent our ships from getting round Flushing-: In Hie mean- tune oui troops have been no loss active in repairi g the fortifications of Flushing, and making every preparation to repel any attack of the enemy. The Ministerial arrangements are not yet complete. Sir, Perceval is the only Member of the New Adminis- tration who e'appointment has received the sanction of the Sovereign. He cm Wednesday kis etl hands, on succeeding the.- Duke - of Portland as Fir- t Lord of the Treasury- Mr. Robert Dundas, Who is destined to the Colonial Depart- ment, has g-.- ui.- to Ireland to pack up hi; papers, and i; mi ct- il back by Wednesday next. There is a great difficulty in finding a provisional successor toMr. Canning. J- oFtI « liarrowhy and Hat'hurst have declined the office. Lord Melville, we understand, has hsett sent for by his Mai sty's domm'aiid. iVfri Perceval's Letter to him was aent nif last Thursday, and he i; expected from Scotland the b -. inning of next week.— Courier. Parliament is not expected to meet until after Christmas. The finances of the country, fortunately for Ministers, are in so - flourishing a state, that tli* y will he afre t-> defer accounting for the multiplied di asters of the last four months Until that period; The Customs,, it is asserted, have produced within the present year, upwards of . i million mure than they did in the corresponding period cf the Ja « year. The Stamp duties have also been pro- ductive in an equal proportion ; and the Property Tax, whatever objections may he made to it on Constitutional principles, bas been made more priihKlivt, which seems the otd< - rni - ifler ition with modern financiers. Dr. Jlrrjen'dic did hotnate before his Majesty at the Levee, on Wediicsibv, upon his being translated from the Ki. hopi te of Chester tothe Bi- bopiic of Bangor. Another Court of Common Council was held yes- terday, when Mr. Alderman Wood made his promised tmn," for iv'p'uiding tHe rote for a dinner, and buildir. g alins- fiotises with the motley. An amendment . was moved b. . Mr. lacks; and •. iter a long debate, the Court finally adopted tbe - tillowtng motion : " Tlut t his Court is of opinion that, it will foa more a'c- ceptylilo to Almighty God, and more congenial to the pifef i. u f^ lin; s of onr htiuvi d Sovereign, to promote the libijratinir'i. f the prisoner aud fhe, captive on toe joj'fui JehUpe'ali itlf'io he eeli hiatftl, than in expending sums of ntohev i: i feasting and illuminations ; therefore do resolve, that the - tun of 1000/. be &. ub~ si rib d out. of the City's ei ii to'the Society for tbe Discharge anil ile'iif of Persons imprisoned for small Debts, to he applied to the relief and discharge of persons confined for debt in the prisons of this city, especially lor those who are freemen of London,". ' if hi Lord Mayor said h i should have great pleasure in carrying this motion into effect; and if the Members of the Court, alter they had been at St. " Raul's Church, and hail waited on his Majesty with the Addsess, should feel satisfied with what they hid done, he should be glad to see them all at the Mansiou- House,. to eat a bit ot cold beef, and that an/!/ ', which invitation b ing followed by warm - expression:, of approbation, his Lordship added, " as hoi beef is better than cold, if you please you hall have it hot;" which was received with additional appr. bation. The former resolution for illuminating the front of Guildhall was then also rescinded. JtmaEP. KxnMOM> U » AttY.— The Rev. Mr. Capper, fifty years Hector of Monk and Karl Soham, diocese of York, celebrated the same hv giving a public dinner to between 3 and 400 of hi; poor parishioners. COVEST- GARORN . THEATRP..— The Managers of this Theatre, relying on the Impression siipopsed to have been made oil the public by the report, of- their. Committee, opened the house again on Wcdiie. sd; iy evening, at the new prices; hut when the curtain drew up, the same out- rageous Clamour was made, as heretofore, and the per' former; could not obtain a hearing. Mr. Kemhle came forward, and addressing the company in the house with " Ladies and Gentlemen, we had entertained a hope that, after the Very fair and candid statement,'' a yell " loud and deep" drowned his voice, and the cries o? " No 1 N. i I not lair 1" " No partial Calculators!" " Old Prices I" & c. drove li'nn from the Stage. The Beggar's Opara, and the farce of I: lie a Prince, were performed in dumb shew ; and at tbe close of the performance Mr. Ks. tnble again appeared, and obtained a partial hearing. He sa'd the Theatre must be ruined if the advanced prices were not allowed ; and he trustad a candid- consideration of the case would induce tie most cn'ightened public of the mast mlighlermd nation in the uninertte to relax ill their severi ty, and do justice to the cause of the Theatre. This fulsome flattery failed of its intended effect; the geneial reply was,- | " We will do justice! Old prices! off off!" on which Mr. Kemhle withdrew. The company kept possession of the house about an hour al ter, aud teen retired with loud huzzas, as in token of victory. We are concerned to state that the mortality amonst the Guards is abated but very little; nearly 70 of that fine body of men have been buried since their return from Walchei'eii.— Kent Courier. On Monday evening Miss Datchett, of South- street, Faddiugtou- ro. ul, was sent up stairs on some domestic oceaii ui by her mother ; shortly after, bur scream; alarmed her sisters and on running to her assistance, they found that the candle had set file to her muslin dress, and before the flames could be extinguished she was so miserably burnt that she died during the night. Four Convicts, who at the last Assizes at Gloucester were condemned to be hanger!, hut which sentence was com- muted fir transportation, were on Tuesday sent- from Gloucester by a London coach, in order to" be conveyed to Woolwich: they were ironed, chained together, and hand- cuffed, and accompanied by two guards in the com h and one on the roof well armed ; vet on Wed e^ s lay mornin, on their arrival at Uxbridge ( having unpere ived contrived to un- screw their leg irons) when one of the guards from the coach entered the inn- yard, three of the convictsjumped out, and ran off, the other guard who was iitside lining- held f > r a time by the fourth convict, who had not got off his leg irons; and although the three who ran off \ vnt » ' still e icujnbered with handcuffs, and jfore instantly pur ucd, they outstripped their pursuers, and have nofilnce been h i" rd of. Their names are Buckingham, Cowper, and T. iooipson. Their accomplice ( Payne), had UitBMilf no euaiictf of escape. Coitv EXCIIASGE, Oet. G. Sales of Wheat this day are heavily made, aud again cheaper. Barley and Malt are each tower ; as are also White Peas and Beans of the two kinds. Oat; are in tolerable supply, anil cheaper. Flour does not support last price, and is expected lower— line American 5tf » '. to t> 2s. per barrel. BIRTHS. j On Sunday the loth of April, at Calcutta, the Lady of J. H. Harrington, Esq. of a daughter.— On Friday last, at Norton Court, Kent, the Lady of - S. R. Lushington, Esq, M. P. of a son.— Oil Monday, at Bixlev Hall, in Norfolk, the Viscountess- Priniro'e of a sum— Same tlay, at DoWnes, Devon, the Lady of James Bulbr, Ksq. SL P. of a daughter.— On Wednesday,' at No. 27, Pantou- street, Hayma'rket, the wife of John Allen, a. journeyman mechanic, of three daughters : the infants, who nave thus at. once made a large addition to a numerous family, we iikelv to do well. ^ MARRIED.] On the 2d of August last, at the house of Lord .' imherst, British Minister to the King of the Two Sicilies," Win. Baker, Esq. sou of the late Member for the county of Hertford, to. Miss Fagan, daughter of Rt. Fagan, E- q. Consul General from the King of Great Britain in the islands of Sicily and Malta,— On the 2Kth nit. Henry Er- skiiie, jmi. E- q. of Amandcll, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Gen. Aiv Charles Shipley.— Oil Monday,. John Hodgson, Esq. of Devonshire- street, Portland- place, to Miss Harris, daughter of Lieut.- Gen. Harris, of Belmont, Kent.— On Wednesday, at St. George's, Hanover- square, Capt . John Tretnayne Itodd, of H. M. ship Indefatigable, to Mis Reytiell, daughter of Major James Revnell.— Lately, the Hon. John Coventry to Mrs. Pope, of Bloomsbnry- square.— Ou Sunday, at Stowmarket, Suffolk, Mr. Robert Whistlecraft, aged 25, to Miss Susan " Smith, a maiden lady, 08 years of age. DIED,] On the 23d'of September, at Presburg, the Archduke Charles Ambrosia*, Primate of Hungaiv, and brother to the Empress of Austria.— On the lfltli'of April, at Ceylon, Major Beaver, of the King's 19th regiment of foot.— On Sunday, at Newiek Park, in Sussex, Sir Elijah Impey, Knt. formerly first Judge of the Supreme Court of Judicature in Ifong d.— On Wednesday, aged 81 years, the Rev. Dr. Bullock, Rector of St. Paul's, Coveut- Gai den, and of-.' Streatham, Snrrv, which valuable livings ate in the gift of the Duke of Bedford.— On Thursday, at Burnwood, Gloucestershire, Major, Bird, of the lgth regiment of foot. — On Saturday, at Speen- hill. Berks, on his way to Bath, Colonel Burnaby Boles, , ot the II m. India Company's ser- vice.— Lately, in Spain, during tlie rctireme it of the Bri- tish army towards Portugal, Captain Hoblyn, youngest sou of the Rev. Robert Hoblyn, of Bath : having expe- rienced some remarkable escapes at the battle of Talavera, this much respected Officer tell a sacrifice, in a few days, to the ravages of a fever!— Lately, at Shipton, near V » * k, Susannah Wright, aged 100 years; she hud seven children, six of whom are now living, and the youngest is 70 years old.— Lately, Win. Case, Est), one of the senior Aldermen of King's Lynn, Norfolk. He had supped in apparent good health and spirits, and walked out, as was supposed, to enjoy; the freshness'of the evening air,, and iu the space of an hour he was found iu the street a corpse. CITY OF WINCHESTER, SF. PT. 20, 1809. A1 poration of this Citv, and- the Inhabitants of the sa d City and Suburbs, held th. s tlay at the. Guildhall, in pursu- ance of a requisition to Sir Henry Caf - vv St. John Mildmay, Bart. Mayor, ' tor the purpose of ending such M ting, to. t ike into, consideration the most ap nopnate mann- r of c-' le- brutin- rt^.; fiftieth Anniversary of his'Majesty's Accession to . the'ThrOiic, as a tribute oi loyalty and respect to so excellent a Monarch: Sir 11. C. . St; JOHN MILDMAY, Bart. Mayor, in the Chair. It'ciis Resolved.— That a Committee be appointed, consist- ing of the Myyor and Aldermen, the G ntlemcn who signed the requisition, and all other Subscribers who may think proper to attend, at the Guildhall on the days when the Com- mittee meet. That the Mayor for the time being be chosen Chairman. That there be an Ordinary at St. Jonn's House on tile $ 5th of October . next, by Messrs. Ashcombe and Buckland; Tickets, lb's. earl), to be issued by the Secretary at the Guild- hall, between the hour* of eleven and four. That ft Subscription ie opened at lire three Banks in this Ctlywhirli Subsrrift'inii is intended to prnvide the lower (•••', and ikeiv Futni/ ief with Bread, Meat, Beer, and Coal9, in their own houses, on that dettj. That an advertisement of the proceedings of fills Meeting be inserted in the Salisbury and Winchester Journal, Hamp- shire Chronicle, and Portsmouth Telegraph. That the Meeting of the Committee be adjourned to Wed- nesday the 11 th. of October, at twelve o'clock. That the Thanks of the Meeting Oc given to the Mayor for convening the Mcct ng, and for his conduct in the Chair. WILLIAM WAltNE, Secretary. Nam's of the Inhabitants, and others, who hare already sig• itried their intention of supporting this benevolent object, d. £ ' Sir II. M RiiiaYiBt. it) 1 to Sir R. Gamr- n,' lit. 10 10 Sir F. Burins, lit. 10 W. Chut.-, Ksq. M. P. 5 Rev. Sir I I. Kivfcrs, Bt. E. Poult r F. North W. Gamier .1. Hawtfey K. Salter Dr. Littlchales The Lilly Knollis Lady River's Mrs. Biackwell Mrs. . larvis Col. Godfrey Alderman EarJe Silver — Ridding — Mailt — Llovd Rev. Dr. Goddard —- H. D. Gabcll ——- T. WatkinS • .' 11. S ssmore N. Wcstcomb J. Washington G. Hcathcote -—- J. Woodburn G. L. Armsiroug 1 ,—- T. Westcomh ' I W. H- Newholt 1 W. Masters 1 C. Richards .1 . C. Richards, jun. l 0 S 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 L 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ' 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o ' 0 0 0 0 .0 0 0 i 0 - Mr. R. Smith Deane Barnes Buekiand —— Green Waller —- Ballard —- J. Woods ' G. Lyford J. Young Burnett J. V. liarle T. Bower G lfollis T. Smith J. Finriock : T. Fl. Piunoek —- J. Karl:.- Ashcombe }. Brookman J. Paul -— Wood ham Robbins N. Pyle - W. N. Wickham i — G. Richards A. Atherley, Esq. B. Whitelocke, Esq. Robert Serle, Esq. Thos. Poole, Esq, Mi", Jessett J. Young J. Saver Mrs. Blackstorre Mrs. D, Williams j'Mrs. Lyford I W. C. I Mr. R. II. Tombs ! —.—. W. Gover G. Feachem J. Lucas j. Faithful! . J. White —.— W. Jacob —— W. Cave, jun. Mrs. Attwood Mr, J. Smith 0 lu 0 10 () to o to o 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 .0 10 0 10 0 5 0 5 It is'particularly requested that those who intend to sub- scribe will signify* the same at either of the Banks in Win- chester ; at Mr." Jlcob's, bookseller, High- street'; or to the Secretary, at the Guildhall, ' as early as convenient. [ 6023 I GILUNGHAM AND MOTCOM8E 1NCLOSURE. JOHN: BILLINGSLKY, tile sole Commissioner _ named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament made and passu] in the 48th year of rhe reign of. his present Majesty, intituled, An Act for inclosing Lands, in the several parishes of Gillt'ngbam and Motcombe, in the county of Dorset," Do hereby give Notice, that I have received various Claims from Persons' claiming Rights or Interests in, Over, and upon the said Landsand Grounds by the said Act intended to be divided and plotted 1 hut on- account of the proprietors being so numerous, and lest any proper claim may have been omitted to have been delivered in, I have ADJOURNED- my Meeting to the Red Lion, at Bourton, in the county of Dorset, on Monday the aud day of October next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for. further proceeding in the execution of the powers of the said Act; when all persons claiming any rights or interests in, - over, or upon tbe lands or Grounds aforesaid, in respect wliet-. of no claim or claims have been already made, are hereby required, by themselves or agents, t.- j lay such, their respective claims, in writing, before me, the said Commissioner: And I further give Notice, that no claim can of will'be received after that time ; and al! persons making default-, will be totally barred and excluded. 1 also give Notice, tha. t, at ray said intended meeting, all persons having any objection or objections to make to any or cither of the claims which have already. been or may be delivered to me, at' my said adjourned meeting, to be held as aforesaid, are hereby required to deliver in to roc, the said Commissioner, their several objections to the s'aid* claims; and that I shall thereupon proceed to hear and determine the same. And 1 further give Notice, that I have perambulated the Boundaries of the Open, and Commonable Lands comprized in the said Act, in such part or parts thereof where 1 considered the same to be requisite, and have caused " the- sarrte to be marked or staked out;' and all persons having any objections to make to the said Boundaries, or any of them, are hereby required Deliver to me"; the said Commissioner, at my said'adjourned meeting, such their said objections, which I shall, thereupon proc- ed to hear a; id determine accordingly. . . --' ' fSO& fl Hated this ii< i Sept. 16091 JOHN BILLINGS LEY, PIMPERNE INCLOSURE. BY virtue of an Act of Parliament, passed in the last Session, ietitled, " Aij . Acti. foraHotung Lands in the parish of 1' imftefrie, lit tbe count,' of Dluset,"— We, WILLIAM BOND and JOHN CHARLTON, two of the Commissioners appointed by the said Act, for Carrying the i same into execution, do'hereby give Notice, that we shall hold our first Attendance or Meeting, for that purposs, on Tuesday the 1 nth day of October next, at the house of Charl. s Woricy, called the Crown, at Blandford, in the county of Dorset, yt eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; at which said . • meeting, rhe majority, in value of the Proprietors who may be present, are to chase a Banker, or some Other proper person or persons, in whose hands all monies to be raised under and by virtue of tile said Act are to be deposited, pursuant to the directions of a certain Act of Parliament passed in the 41st year of hisjiresent Majesty, commonly called the General Inclosure Act; add that we shall continue our meeting on the next and following day, for the purpose of receiving claims in respect of common or other rights to or in any Lands by the said Act intended to be divided, inclosed, or allotted; when and where all persons, and bodies corporate and politic, by tb. msJves Or agents, arc required to give in an account or schedule, in writine;, of such of their respective rights or Claims, and therein shall describe the lands and grounds, tenements aud. heriditaments, in respect whereof they shall respectively claim to be entitled to any and which of such rights, and the name or names of the person or persons then ir. the possession thereof, and the particular computed quantity of tbe same respectively ; and for what estates and interests they claim the same, distinguishing the freehold from the copyhold or leasehold ; as in non- compliance therewith, every of them making default herein, shall, so far as respects any claim so neglected to be delivered, be totally barred and excluded of and from all right aiid title in ijr upon such Lands so to be divided respectively, and of and tioin ail, beiu lit and advantage in or to any share or allotment thereof.— Dated the 7th day. of September, 1809. W. BOND. • Ifes.- ij JOHN CHARLTQN . CHUTE IN CLOSURE. WK whose names are hereunto . subscribed, being the Commissioners named in and appointed by an Act of Parliament made.' and . passed in the 48th year of the reigh of his present Majesty, entitled " An Act for Inclosing Lands in the parish of Chute, in the county of Wil{ s," do hereby give Notice, that we have appointed and set out the following Public and Private.{ loads through and over the said Lands intended by the said Act to be inclosed; that is to say. One public carriage road and drift way of the breadth of 40 feet, commencing at the north end of Chantry- lane, in the said parish of Chute, and thence extending northward over Chute- eath until it join? ihe public road called or known by the name of the Cans: way, the same being the highway from Chute to Mavibt rough ; which public carriage road and ' drift way soset out, is in lieu of a road heretofore set out, which road is now suppressed, and of which public notice was given by us dated March 25, 1300; and which road was described us follows :— One other public carriage road and drift way of the breadth of 40 feet, branching out of the last described road " pposite an old incl'osure adjoining Chute- heath, called the Grs . it Caw- down, and froru thence extending across Chute- heath, in its ancient- couis-.: and direction, till it joins the first described road near Scott Poors; the same being the highway from Chute to Marlborough." And one other public carriage road and drift way of thtf breadth of 40 feet, commencing at the south end of Chantry- ane, and thence extending westward,, in its usual course nd Unction, over Banks- hill to Shaw- farm, where it unites with the public road there, PUBLIC FOOT PATHS. One public footpath of the breadth of ( I feet, commencing at the north end of Tomb'er^ lrovf,!. and tbcncc extending n > rth- castivard over the allotment to Evelyn Philip Medows, Esq at Lfde- down, to the north- east corner of the said allot- ment, whi te it unites with the public carriage road leading tow. r ls Hippmscombe. One other public foot path of the like breadth of 8 feet, commencing- at a gate at the north- east corner Of an i nclosure called I K: Great Cow- down, bcloncingto George Solcy Foyle, Eaq, and extending northward, over' an allotment on Chute- heath to Strickland Freeman, Esq. to the north- east corner of the ssid allotment. One other public foot path of the like breadth of ' 6 fret, commencing at the souih- west corner of an allotment to Wm. Smart, sen. on Banks- hill, and thence extending, south- eastward, over allotments on Banks- hill to George Soley Foyle, Esqr. and Strickland Freeman, Esq. until it joins the public road in Honey- bottom. Ofie other public foot path of the like breadth of 6 feet, imriiencir. g at the north- east comer of the allotment on hute- down to Strickland Freeman, Esq. and ther. ee extend- ig, " southward, over the same allotment to a gate at the north- west corner of an old inclosure,- called Straitlands, be- longing to the said Strickland Freeman, fcsq, . One othet public foot, path ot the like breadth of C fret, branchiug out if the last described path at or near the sbuth- wesreorner of an allotment on Chute- down to Gilbert yayes, and thence extending, westward, over an allotment on Chu'te- down to the S lid Strickland Freeman, Esq. to an ancient stile leading into an old inclusure- caiiecl Cockroad- close,. belonging to the said Strickland 1' fccmnu, One other public foot - path of the like breadth of j> feet, uvimcncing " at an ancient stile, at tile south- wdst cm, r of an old incisure called the Thirty Acies, belonging to Strickland. Freeman, Esq. and thence " extending,, southward, over an allotment on Ladies lawji to Philip PulSe, Esq. tiil it joins the public road 1 a. bag towards Appleshaw. One oilier public toot path of thc hke breadth of ( 7 feet, commencing at the termination of the last described: path, and thence extending, so'uihvvard, over the said allotment to Philip Pulse, Esq. and also over a small part of an allotment to Strickland Freeman, Esq. to a gate leading- into Colling- bourne-. wood. - 1 One other public foot path of the like breadth of fi fcct, commencing at the west ennier of Hoe- lane CoimAon, and, thence extending, notlt- esstward, over the allotments . to Thomas Cook, Catherine Knight, and Sylvan Sturgess, to a stile leading into an old inclosurc called the Six Acre Hoe, belonging to Strickland Freeman, Esq. And one other public foot path of the like breadth of- 6 feet, commencing at tbe east Corner of Hoe- lane Common, aud thence extending, westward, over the allotments' to James Webb, Francis Brcadmore, Thomas Knight, Jamb Belcher, and Sylvan Sturgess, to the said stile leading into the said iuclosure called the Six Acres Hoc. PRIVATE ROADS. One private carriage road and drift way of the breadth of fit! feet, conimencing at the north end of Chantry- lanc, and extending, in a north- cast directon, to a pond on Chute- heath, called Li'mmcr- pond, arid from thence, in the same direction, to the Causeway ; the same being a private road for the owners and occupiers of lands in Chute having occasion to use the said pond. One other private carriage road and drift way of the breadth of 20 feet, branching out of tbe public road on Butts- com- mon, at the north- east corner of ail allotment to Joseph Nor- ris, and thence extending;' southward, to cottages and gar- dens belonging to James W'ayte; the same b; ing a private road for the use of the owners and occupiers of the said coitagcs. One other private road and drift way of the like breadth of 20 feet, branching out of the public^ road in- Honey- bottom, at the north- west corner of an allotment to Edward Broad., and extending, in nn e stward direction, to an allotment to Mary Arnold; the same being a private road for the use of owners and occupiers of the allotments to Biandy Bennett and Mary Arnold. And one other private road and drift way of the like breadth of 20 feet, branching out of the public road over Hoe- lane Common, at the south- east Comer of an allotment to Henry Hutchins, And extending; northwards, to an allotment to Sylvan Sturgess ; the same being a private road for the use of the owners and occupiers of the allotments to Catherine Knight, James Knight, Jane Belcher, and Sylvan Sturgess. And we do: further give Noti e that a PJan of the said roads and paths is left at the Officc of Mr. George Ryley, at Mungcrford, our Clerk, for the inspection of any persons who may cllusc to see the same ; and we do appoint Monday the Ifith day of October now ne3; tensuing. tbe,' date hereof, at the Cfo'sS Keys Inn, in Chute aforesaid, for bearing appeals against, any of the said roads so set out or omitted to be set out.— Dated this ml: day of September, 1809, Kn. PARSONS, VrHmmissiotiers 43rtsj BEN J s". 1) AYNES, j" Lommissioners. September 25, 1808. OTIC!"", is herebv given to the Proprietors of Lands and Estates in the parish of Fordington, in the county of Dorset, and to all other persons whom it may con- cern, that, at the next Session of Parliament, a Petition will be presented to the Hon. House of Commons, for leave to brjhg in a Bill, in order to obtain an Act of Parliament for dividing, allotting, and inclosing the Open and Common Fields; Meadows, Commonable. Lands, and Waste Grounds in the parish of Fordington aforesaid. ' [ 4,168 TOTICE is li Lau wood, " reb'y given to the Proprietors of. - amis 3h< J Estates in. the parishes of Elhngham, Ring- and Soplev, in The county of Southampton, and to all other persons whom it may concern, that iu the next Session ot Parliament, a Petition will be presented to the Honourable House of Commons, for l. cave to bring in a Bill in order to obtain an Act of- Pariiament tor dividing, allotting, inclosing, exchanging, watering, irrigating, draining, improving, eni b inking, and appropriating the common arid several meadows, marshes, pastures, lands, waste grounds, moors, and watery and improvable places, and for altering, diverting, rendering navigable, and improving the rivers, watercourses, and streams, and tor making horse and man towing. paths along the same, it? the said several parishes of Ellingirant, Ringwood, and Sopley, in the said county of Southampton-; and for defraying the expences of all and singular the premises, and for making compensation to the owners of mills and other lands, tene- ments, and hereditaments within the same parishes, and to he several other persons to be in the said Bill mcnt. oned. Ti'Uts. Beckhamjiton Turnpike Tolls. N'OTIC'K is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates, known !> v the names of the Beckhampton Gate, Avehury Gate, and Rennet Gate; situate hi the parish of Avvhury, in'the said countv of Wilts, will be LETT by AUCTION" to the best bidder, at the boost- of Wm. Edmunds, being the Catherine Wheel Inn, at Beck- hampton aforesaid, on Monday the fith day of November next, between the hours of ten in the morning and two in the afternoon" of the same day, in the- manner directed bv an Act passed in the 13th ye;. r of'the reign of his present Majesty, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads;" which Tolls produced the last year the clear nett sum of £ 1720* and will be put tiff- at thatsum. Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same • time, give security, with sufficient sureries, to lhe satisfaction of the Trustees of the sai'd Turnpike. Road, for the payment - of the rent at such times- an/ lin such manner as they shall di-' rect.— s^ Dated this 5th day of October 180,9., By order of the Trustees, ROBERT GRIFFITHS, Clerk & Treasurer. MARLHOXOHGH, Oct. 5, 180,9. [ 504.3 Valuable FREEHOLD f'AI'M, in WILTSHIRE, free of Great Tithes. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. KWXGBT, X on Thursday the 12th of October, lSO. n", at the Btar Inn, Devizes, at three o'clock in the afternoon,— A most desirable and compact FREEHOLD FARM, called Upper Bevers- brookc Farm, situate in the parish " of Ili. lhnartin, two miles north of Calne, now in the occupation of Mr. J. Rumming, including a farm- house, barn, cow stalls, stabling, and other oft- buildings, garden and orchard, with about 140 acres of good pasture land, and 20 acres of arable, in twelve inci- sures, all lying within a ring fence. The, tenant will shew the premises. Printed. particulars, and further information, mav be ob- tained from Mr. Atherton, Solicitor, Calne; John Gale, Esq. Stert; arid the Auctioneer, Devizes, where a plan of the estate may be seen. [ 4756' East Kennet, four Miles West of Marlborough. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by 11. KNIGHT, on Monday the l « th of October, t sop, and following day,— The neat and modern FURNITURE at the Parsonage- House, East Kennet, belonging to the Rev. R. GREENWOOD : comprising four- post and tent bedsteads, with dimity and cotton furnitures; fine seasoned goose feather beds," mat- tresses, blankets, and counterpanes ; floor and bedside car- pets ; a neat. set of mahogany Cumberland tables, with shift- ing flaps; Cellaret, side board, card and Pembroke tables, sofa, chairs, neat octagon tea tray and corresponding waiters, knives and forks, culinary utensils, lady's saddle, with a variety of other effects, nearly the whole of which has been nevy within two years, and is in excellent preservation. Sais " to begin each mo/ iiing at eleven. To be viewed on the Saturday preceding. Catalogues may be had at Mr.' Knight's, • Marlborough-; at the place'of sale; and Auctioneer's, Devizes. " [ 5021 N. B.— The neat and cofivenicnt Dwelling- house or Cot- • tage, containing four sleeping rooms,' two parlours, - and ' domestiecfRe. es, with stabling apd garden, to be Lett, arid entered on immediately Enquire- of the Auctioneer, Devizes WILTS. Taluabh" Freehold Manor, Perpetual Adixnniin, & Estate's. ~: X> be SOLD by AUCTION, by MARRY ROSS, at the White Lion Inn, in Bath, on the « th day of No- vember n xt. at three o'clock in the afternoon, cither together or in lots, subject. to such conditions as will be then produced, — The MANOR of NKTTLETON, with numerous Quit Rents', Fines, immunities, and Privileges extending over up- wards of ipso Acres.— Also the Perpetual Advowson and next Presentation to the valuable RECTORY of NETTI. fcTON : the present incumber,( aged about So.— And also Sundry very improvable FREEHOLD ESTATES, containing about lio'o Acres, part in hand and the remainder heid by lease for lives and copy of court roll, Pthif.' d p irticulais will be ready for delivery on the 10th ins', at the Office of Messrs. Debaiy and Darby, No. 1; Tan- fiJd- court, Inner Temple, London; at the White Lion, Bath; the Bush, Bristol; the King's Head, Gloucester ; and at the Office of Messrs. Guy and Michel!, solicitors, Chippen- ham, where a plan of the Estate may be seen. Nettleton is 11 miles from Bath, ISflErom Bristol, p from Chippenham, and 4 from Marshfield, in a good sporting country. John Hall, the gamekeeper of Nettleton, will shew the estate. ' [ 1,930 DEAN's lltoffl, HOUSE, DORSET. rjpO be SOLD, by AUCTION, by PERCY and JL FOKCK, on the . Premise's, on Thursday the 12th day of October, 1 SO!), at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,— The following ARTICLES, the property of B. LISTIIORN, Esq. who is leaving Dean's . Lyaze : one oat rick, about 50 quarters; one. barley. ditto, about HI quarters ; one clover rick, about five tons ; one ditto after shear, two teds ; a very handsome gig, almost new, with varnished punnels and patent lamps com- plete ; one cart, with iron axis ; one plough ; orn- pair of trace, one pair of thill, and two pair of plough harness; several dozen park hurdles ; four dozen boxes am! froughs ; one good water cask, with iron Hoop's; one wat. r carriage ; also a very neat complcat six- light green house, with a large quantity of beautiful green house plants, aloes, & x. Dean's Lcaze is six miles from Blandford and six from Wimborne. fS03U LANDS.— ST. LEONARD'S, DOkSt'L qpo be SOLD. by AUCTION, ,; t the White Hurt A Inn, in Ringv. ood, ou Weiine, ; . v the 11 th day ot t - tootr, I8U. 9, at two o'clock in the an. m.'-. ee imU- 1 ; i. vi. 1 . y d sposod of by private contract;; " cither together or in the tcl- lownig lots. FREEHOLD. Lnt I.— About Five Acres, of Roush COPPICE or WOOD LAND, on the N" orth side ' of the tumpil, „• id Ladun- trorrt Ringwood to Poole, near the dircctioe p: st, and Three Acre* ana Twelve Perches of COMMON. LAND lejoaiine. Lot 2.— Eighteen Acres, ( more or less of t.' ic ' HEATH LAND, near the above lot, on the South side of Poole road. — Acrts and a Quarter ( morcor le.-. s of M LA- DOW LAND, called Tor. is's. n. ;; r the - b - y I.• s Lot 4.— A Piece of- MEADOW LAND ( Lr. A -, I- IIOI. D ad- joining tile- last lot, contain n: i about Three A r. hciu f. r the remainder of a long 1, rm .. f years. Apply tar further particulars at tile Office of Mr. Baldwin, M Rmgwood or Christchurchc, [. JH .7 N° LI Turnpike l{ oad under Salisbury Plain. NOTICE is herebv given,— That Application will be made at the next Sessions of Parliament for leave to bring in a Bill for reviving, renewing, continuing, amending, and enlarging the Term and Powers of an Act passed in the 2* th year of " his present Majesty's teign, intituled, " An Act for amending, widening, and keeping in repair the Road from the bottom of White Sheet Hill, through Hurdcott to the Wilton Turnpike Road, at or near Barford, . in the county of Wilts," avid " which said Road passes through the several parches of Donhcad Saint Andrew, Ar. sty," Swallowelift, Sutton Majjdeville, Fovant, Compton Chamberlain,, Hurd- cott, and Barford, in the said couritv of Wilts.— Dated this BthdavOf August 1803; GEO. SOUTH, 42G7 J Clerk to' the Trustees'of the said Road. PELHAMS- HOUSE, DORSET. Valuable Household Furnihn e. . TO be SOLD by' AUCTION, by PEROT and FORCE, some. time. in the beginning" of- November, 1803. A considerable part of tilt; • eicfijrint and mcHlcrn HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, the property of HENRY WM. BROUNCUKR, E„ q. leaving Pel hams ; comprising handsome mahogany four- pnstaiid tent- bedsteads, with printed cotton, Chintz, and check furniture ; about fifteen fine seasoned bor- dered down and goose feather beds ; hair and mill- puff mat- tresses, blankets, and counterpanes ; mahogany Wardrobes; hook cases; dining, card,- Pembroke, and " dressing tables; mahogany" sideboard-; chests of drawers; bureaus; wash stands ; fire screens ; easy and other ch.-. irs and night stools ; pier, swing, and chimney glasses; Turkey, Brussels, and Kidderminster carpets; Rurriford, register,." and Bath stoves ; fenders and fire irons ; a very good alarum ; copper furnaces : kitchen range; smoak jack; and an excellent assortment of kitchen, brewing, and dairy utensils ; also a well- tuned piano forte, made by Longman and Broderip. The principal part of the above furniture was purchased of Messrs, Gillows, one of the first upholsterers in London. Ptlhams is " ix miles from Cliristchureh, seven from Ring- wood, six from Poole, and six from Wimbome. [ 50U2 HENSTRIDGE, SOMERSET. IX) be SOLD . by AUCTION, by 11. WADMAN, at the Fountain Inn, in Herlstridge, on Tuesday the 17th day of October, 180.9, at four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such, conditions as will be then produced,— The following FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSES and COT- TAGES; situated in the parish of Hensn idge aforesaid. Lot 1.— A Dwelling- house, w th a convenient detached outhouse and gafden, at Whitechurch, in the occupation of William Wear, ss yearly tenant-. Lot's.— A Dwelling- house and garden at Henstridge, in the occupation of Mary Coffin, as yearly uiiant. Lot 0.— Three Cottages or Tenement's, and gardens adjoin- ing, in the several occupations of Sarah Hobbs, MarthaTuy- lor,, and John Kemnston, as yearly tenants. Lot 1.— A substantial stone- built and tiled Dwelling- house, comprising three, rooms on the ground- ficor, convenient lar- der and cellar, four good bed- rooms and attics; with a stable, coach- hodse, and other convenient offices, and wailed gar- den, lately the residence of Wm. Martin, Esq. N. B.— The purchaser may have immediate possession of this lot. Lot 6.— A stone- built and tiled Dwelling- house, comprisinj; two parlours in the front, three' bed- rooms, ' dressing- room and attics over, a good kitethen, pantries, b'rewhouse, and onder- gtound cellar; a malt- house, mill- house; barn, stable, and other convenient ogees; with ah extensive yard, and good garden surrounded with walls lofeet high, well cldathed with choice fruit trees, and an orchard adjoining, the whole containing about 4- ac- res, and in the occupation of Mr. Robert Lovel, These premises are in good repair, the buildings having been erected within a few- years. Lots " land 5 are Situate in the central and most desirable ' part of the pleasant villaga of Hecsttidge, and ai e well calcu- lated lor the residence of t reel families ; or lot 5 may be appropriated to any extensive trade or business." The tenants will shew the premises; and further particulars may be known by applying to Messrs. Mfissiter, Wincanton, - or 11. Wadutan*-• aBOtjwMei— HoMingtto, • . LOXGHAM, near POOLE- TO be SOLD by AUCTION, lv Ci. hm. SHA* P, on Tuesday the loth of October 1 f t- T » . it eleven o'clcck precisely,— The entire HOUSEHOLD FLIRNT1 L'RK. 1 cat one- horse Chaise, and other Effects, the prop: rtyot W . POI- E Esq. on the premises, Longham-; comprising wblrs, ntahol gany and japanned chairs, ci rpt.- ts, hearth rues, piei g'... « s,- s and mirrors, prime gocse- feathir beds and I edding, tour- post aud tent bedsteads, fenders and fire irons, mahogany chest of drawers, glass and china, bronze chimney ornaments, andva nous other ai tides, as will be more " p- n ticulatly expressed in catalogues^ which may be had at the place of sale, and ;. t the Auctioneer's, Romsey. [ 19t, 4 ISLE OF WIGHT. RPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by TOCKBR and - fi. PriTis, at the Bugle Inn, in Newport*, on ' 1 u- sdny the 10th of October, 1809, A FREEHOLD ESTATE called V\ r. STCUFP, situate in the parish ofNertbvvi ml ; comprising about 23 acres of rich Arable, Meadow, and C'< jipici- Land, and an excellent Sronc Quarry contiguous to the s. a, being Wc'; l situated for shipping at a'trivial expenec, now In tl <• oc- cupation of Mrs. Cole, whose lease expires the 1 ith of Oct. I8O. 9, when possession will be given. N. B.— The above Farm is eligibly situated, commanding extensive sea and land views, and is well worth the i- ttcmimi ot any gentleman who is desirous ot erecting a villa, b-, in-.. ;> miles trora West Cowes, and about U nnles from the town of Newport. For a view of the Farm apply to Mr. Cooke, of Poll, nee 5 and for particulars apply to Messrs. Clarke* and S, wcll, soli- citors, Newport. | 11,51 The sale will commence at eleven o'clock in the for. noon. ROMSEY. TO be SOLD by AUCTION," at tlif Cross ICevs Inn, on Tuesday the 10th of October instant, at s'x o'clock in the evening 1 unless sooner disp< sed of by nriva c contract),— A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE <- r TLN !• M fcNT, consisting of a shop in front, with a pjiflour, knclien, and pantry behind; three good chambers and elms is ever, : nd the same number of rooms in the attic story, with a stable and hake- house behind. The above premises are now in the occupation of Mrs. Coombs, baker, as a yearly tenant; adjoin the Cress Keys in Bell strett, and are well adapted for any retail trade. Further particulars may be obtained of Mcssis. D man and Warner. [ 1347 Hiu- stboiirne Priors, near Andaver, Hunts. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by H. CRI^ VICK, on the Premises, on Friday the 30th day of October ! « 09, The FARMING LIVE STOCK, Utensils in Hus- bandry, three ricks of Hay, part of ihe Household Furniture, and other valuable effects, late the property of Mr. THOMAS DRAKE, deceased. The Farming Steele consists of- fivecapital cart gel- dings, handsome cart man; and fojd, one yearling Colt; .2 wae- gon. s,." 3 carts, rollers, drags, harrows, " cart and plough harness, saddles and ' bridles ; and time ricks of very superior drv imadbw and clover hay.—- The Household FUJ- . niture comprises mahogany tables and chairs, bedsteads with furpiture, good feather beils, clK. stof drawers, pier and swing glasses, tea equipage of Worcester china, kitchen requisites, fowling pi-. cesi pistols, and numerous other articl s. [; 005 The Sale- will- bcgin with. the faming stotk at 11 o'cltck. , , Marine Residence and Estate, Hampshire. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, in October [ 309, £ ( unless, previously disposed of by private contract'.— A FREEHOLD HOUSE and ESTATE, called ROoKt UIT, in the par: sh of Miit'ord, near Lvmington, Hants. The house is situated in a^ jaddock of abetit 20 - cres, pn ily surfoun. kd with- plantations, and commands mosi hcautiiul views of the Isle of Wight, Needles, and surrounding country. It consists of a drav; lug- room, dining- room, and library, with suitable bed- rooms, servants', offices, and excellent .. cellars. The Estate contains 2."> o acrcs fuiorcor less '"- '-'-• and Pabture l^ nd, in a ring fence; together vvith the Manors or reputed Manors of Miifo'rd. Barnes. and iNljlto^ M01.1. . •,.,.. The Land- tax is redeemed.. .- The Estate is free of Gre;, t Tithes, except about 20 acres, and'entitled to exonsivcFor st and Common rights. About 100 acrls are on an old lease, which expires 1815; the- remainder iii hand. There is a good kitchen garden, erecn-'- ouse, c •- , . coac- h- hous- es; stables, barns; ox- sheds, pig- styes, and all neccssijry farming buildings, most of which :.' v, l- ecn tr-. eied Within these few years ; together with a b use tor the bailiff, anil a labourer's. cottager The Furniture, fixtures, v.'- nes, prints, farming utensils and livestock, win'bc'mcludcd in the purchase, or sold by auc- tion on the premises. To he seen with tickets- only, which, with fu. ther particu- lars, may be- had of M ssrs. Graham, Kind. rlov, a:. d D : m- viile, Lincoln's Inn, London, who have ; i nr p of the tstate, and an inventory of the articles to be sokl wi h the hnu « e nd farm. . [- Ih't);) TITHES FOR SALE. TO be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, 0.1 Monday the Bth of November next, at tvv, Ive o'cl. ck ;. r noon, - at the. Red L'on, Fare. ham, in the coautv of Han' - — The RECTORIAL or GREAT TITHES 01 the IV- ',:' if FAREHAM, held upon a lease for three lives. The ; , r h contains upwards of 4500 acrcs of land, of which a Iar..- u proportion is corn land, extr. mely valuabte, both from 1 c; d advantages and the fertility of the soil. Farcharn is a market- town, and a very considerable: corn and cattle market - s heid there one.: in every fortnight, ft lies within n- nc miles of Portsmouth, five from Go., port, eleven from Southampton - ind a short distance from other raa; kct- t wns. ; Particufais nniy'bc had. of Messrs. Bh risdale, Alcxarder and Holme, 11, New Inn, London;' Mr. Woodh'ttm, -;",,: tor) Winchester; Mt. Barney, solicitor, Southampton; Mr. Lcs- comb, stationer, Portsmouth; Mr. Johnsop, station r. Gos- port; ttnd of Mr. Paddon, solicitor, Fareham. f4h'(., 0 —— r 111. • •——— , „— —___ HAMPSHIRE. MANOR, or Reputed Manor, of WLMFR1NC, WIMER1NG HOUSE, and the Farm and Lanas called WfMERING FARM, containing upwards of 700 acres of luxuriant Meadow and Arable L- and'in a ring fence, Cop- pice and Down Land, within 5 miles of Portsmouth ' 15 of Southampton - J3 of Chichester, 20 of Winchester, and 0' 8 of London.; in-|.£> TS. : Lot 1.— A most desirable Dwelling- house, in excellent re- pui. r, called Wimering House, situate in the parish ofWimer- ing, in a genteel and social neighbourhood, with suitable do- mestic offices, coach- house, stabling, yards, gardens, pleasure ground ami home ground, containing about 11 statute acres laid out with great taste, and ornamented with plant.- it tins' shrubberies, and walks, forming a most desirable and com- modious residence, now in the occupation of Harris ( jj.* Wither, Esq, the proprietor, with possession at Lady- day next, if requited. " 1 Lot 2.— Pettymor.- Coppice, containing 7 A. and 31 P. ad- joinins SoUthwic. k Park, hi tile parish of Wimcring in the occupation of Mr. Pittis. Lot 3,— A Piece of Pasture Ground called the Moor, con- taining - 10 A. a R. 10 P. situate at Potwell, in Widley parish also in the occupation of Mr. Pittis. P nure. of naturally fertile and highly/ cultivated mcad.' iv, pasture and arable land, and 1 do'acres of down ; a substan'ti, 1 Farru House, farm and rick yards, barns, stabling, and agricultural buildings of every description, situate in the. parish of Winter- ing, and adjoining the London and western roads, in the oc- cupation of Mr. Pittis ; together with six Labourers' Cottcircs four of which have been recently built..—- The buildings and fences are in excellent repair, a considerable sum havin?' been expended thereon within the last two years. The above Estates, which arc FREEHOLD, and exonerated from Land- tax, will be SOLD by AUC TION, at Garraway's CoReeih ouse, CornhiM, London, in the month of February or March next, unless an acceptable sum should b. . dLi.' d for the purchase of either or tbe whole ot the lois bv'l e nd r signed by principals only, addressed to Hairs Higi Wili er' Esq. Wimcring Mouse,' near Portsmouth, .( free ofpsbgcl on or before the- ist day . of December next. ' . The timber, tcHcrs, anil under- woods on the farm and in the coppice- ground arc Ui he taken at a fair valuation ; th. t, l- lers, down to the value of 1id. Lot i, nui'y u view d between the hauls of eleven and three, til, the 1 Ith of October ; ana lots 2, 3, and 4, by leave of Mr Pittis, th. t-' teoit. Prtsndat applications to treat Will hot be attended to. For particulars apply ( if bv letter,' free of p t- ucl to Mr. Poulden, solicitor, Portsea, Hams, at whose office a plan of I th- estate may be seen. THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. S- T- WShMB Sunday's Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY NIGHT, OCT. 7. WHITEHALL, Oct. 7. THE King has been pleased to order a Conge d; Elire to pass the Great Seal, empowering the Dean and Chapter of Chester to elect a Bishop of that See ; and his Majesty has also been pleased to recom- mend the Rev. Bowyer Edward Sparke, D. D. to be elected Bi- hop of the said See of Chester. The King has also been pleased to recommend to the " Dean and Chapter of tho cathedral chuteh of St. Paul, London, the Hon. and Rev. Gerald Valerian Wtllesley, M. A. to he elected a Canon Residentiary of the said ca- thedral, the same being vacant hy the translation of the Bishop of Chester to the See of Bangor. The Kins has- also been pleased to gsant to the Rev. W. II. E. Bentiuck, M. A. the place and dignity of a Preben- dary of the collegiate church of St. Peter Westminster, void by the resignation of the Hon. and Rev. Gerald Vale- rian Welleslev. WiJl- Oi i lCE, Oct. 7. His Majesty has been pleased to appoint bis Serene Highness WillUm'Duke of Brunswick ( Ms to be Lieutenant- General, with temporary rank in the army. BANKRUHS. Harry Hale and Harry H. Hale, of Uircliin- lane, London, merchants. Gf>: k<- Parkinson, of Ilucklirsbury, London, warehouseman. John Francis, of Lealher- lane, Holtjoni, leather— seller. Michael Comfort. <> 1 Brightlielinston, carpenter. John Itedfern, of Bury. Lancashire, Jjread- baker, Ann Chadwii k, of Bvedbury, ti ^ manufacturer. J. 01 o Ch- ulv. ick, of Bredbury, hat inannfacurer. Henry liiiitclitv. rd Shiltibeer, of I'tymouth- Dock, auctioneer. Alexander Allen prvnn, of St. Cotuinb, mercer. John Mitchell, of New Sl. iafurd, grocer. John Bin, of L'- iMiamp'oiir farm r. * 1 horns* 1- rv. ui. of Mineiag- lanr, I/ ndon, broker. Kobert K IOVU, of Liverpool, ir, reliant. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7. ! t A considerable time • having elapsed without any cominunication from Heligoland, the delay has occasioned several speculations, and some apprehensions in the city. A v^ sel, however, arrived ye- terday, which left the i iaiul all wall 011 the 29th ult. but she lias brought no intotli- g oiee of importance relative to tbe situation of affairs 011 tbe Continent. Hamburgh and other German papers to the 16th ult. arrived this morning. They confirm the intelligence of the prolongation ' of the armistice, which was doubted merely because it had not appeared in the Paris papers. The reason a- signed for the prolongation of the armistice is the great distance of the Court of Petersburg!), which is materially interested in the negotiation.— An article from Vienna of the 2d ult. says the hopes of peace are very slight. The main Austrian army has quitted Bohemia, and taken a position on the Raab. This position covers almost the whole of Hungary. Private advices from Flushing, of the 2d inst. state, that a person had that day arrived from Tergoes, with ad- vice thrtrt. be French were arming all their fishing vessels in the Scheldt, wi th a heavy gun in the bow of each, and were making other preparations for an attack upon Walcheren. The Court of Directors of the East India Company, it 13 said, has come to a resolution to restore to their Tank and pay such of the 0,. cers suspended by the Government of Madras in the late dissensions, as • cted in obedience to the orders of their superiors. The Duke of Norfolk was on Monday sworn into the office of Mayor of Gloucester, and gave a sumptuous entertainment oh the occasion to the body corporate. Notice of an intended Application to Parliament for leave to bring in a bill for erecting and maintaining a Theatre in the metropolis, to be called the National Subscription Theatve, appeats in some Newspapers of this evening. . > Covp. st- Gabden Thfatre was again opened last, night, and the sa/ ne scene ot' uprqar took place as on Thursday evening.— MXi^ fn^ e, tired out with . the repeated failure of his efforts to ohtajs a hearing, did not make his appear- ance during the whole evening. ' A young. Irishman, an Ensign in the army, was last week fully eemmitted to Gloucester Gaol, charged on the oath of a young Lady of , Utat city, of good character and respectable cdnnectiou$ » ijtith a violent assault, attended with circumstances uf- igreat indelieay. T- RAI; DI; LKM'' JBANKS.— Yesterday, a person calling him- self . lohn Kei'eheval, was examined before N. Gral* am, Esq. at tbS Public Office, Bow- meet, on a charge of ur- tijfduSj^ HSinnotes of 3/. each, designated the T. u> on Bank, - > committed to take his trial for the Laid, in ob- ig uioney under false pretences. PRtCES OF STOCKS THIS At Three o'Clock, DAY, Rank Stock, shut. India. Stock, — South Sea Stock, — 3 V Cent. Red. shut. 3 p- Cent. Cons. 68£ . 4 Cents, shut. ft I:- C< lit. Navy,— 5 Cent. 1797, SSj I Long Ann.— India Bonds, 24s. 28,?. p. Exchequer Bills, 7s." 12s. p. Omnium, — Irish 5 ^ Cents. — Imperial a <$>• Cent?. — i English Lot. Tickets, i Ditto Prizes, Pott 3! 2efe) 0, PORTSMOUTH, Oct. 7. The'Danish ships lately- ordered to be prepared to be sunk in the Scheldt are not to be employed 011 that service. , The Brilliant, of 23 guns, Capt. Smyth, is or- dered to be paid off. Monday— Arrived tbe Thames, of 32 guns, Capt. Wal- degrave, from Weymouth. Tuesday— Arrived the Lively, of 38 guns, Capt. M'Kin- ley, from the Downs.— Sailed the Dryad, of 36 guns, Capt. Galwey ; Crocus sloop, Capt. Fowler, for Falmouth. Wednesday— Sailed the Ajax, of 74 guns, Capt. Otway ; Active, of 38 guns, Capt. Gordon; Fylla sloop, Capt. Rodney; Port Mahon sloop, Capt. Lawson; Hermes, William, and Cormorant store- ships, with transports with troops for Lisbon and the Mediterranean; Georgian* packet, Capt. Leigh, with dispatches for the East Indies; and Statira, of 38 guns, Capt. Boys, with convoy for Halifax.— Arrived the . Royal Oak, of 74 guns, Capt. Lord A. Beauclerk ; and Arachne sloop, Capt. Chambers, from Flushing. Thursday— Sailed the Reindeer sloop, Capt. Douglas ; and Conquest gun- vessel, for Guernsey.— Came into har- bour the Monarch, of " 4 guns j and Horatio frigate. Saturday— Arrived tiie Repulse, of 74 guns, Hon. . Capt. Leggc, from Flushing, and Hecate sloop, Captain Buchanan, from Sheerness. Sailed the Marlborough, of 74 guns, Capt. Phillimore. Came into harbour the Kent, of 74 guns, to be docked. FALMOUTH, Oct. .5. A fleet ( supposed to be that for the Meditetranean, under convoy of the Ajax, 1 is now passing this port., with a fair wind. We are hi hourly expectation of arrivals from Lisbon and Cadiz. A fleet of victuallers, und<; r convoy of the B'oin frigate, failed to the fleets 011 the coast of France 011 Monday. Another volunteering for ^ he line took place this week At Pendennis Castle, when more than the limited num- ber volunteered from the Glamorgan regimeyf . and lots were proposed to be drawn who should gy. A party of the volunteers marched off yesterday morning to join their regi ment. The Nocton packet sailed for Cadiz ' oa Monday ; and the Princess Eijzabeth packet sailed on ti,,> Same day for Lisbon. Plymouth, Oct. G. The tlesper, of 18 guns, Capt. Home, has received her orders for'Madras and Bom- bay, and will sail as soon as her dispatches arrive from the Beard of Controul and tbe. Directors of thp India Company. A Cartel sailed on Sunday for Morlaix, with French Ladies on board, who have been allowed to return home. La Tonnant, of 84 guns, which- has been out 26 weeks oft' Basque Roads, a d the Captain, of 74 guftt, lately ar- rived from the Leeward I lands, went up the harbour 011 Monday • they were both towed up, as the wind was vrrv • canty. Sailed the Morristown, of 16 gun-, with a conv y, to the westward, but put back with a foul wind. On Tuesday sailed 1 be Orestes, of 18 guns, Capt. Laponi- tiere, for Portugal, with tivo transports under convoy, having on board recruits from the 2d battalion of the Old Buffs, to e nnplete the Ist battalion of that regiment, serving under Lord Wellington. On Wednesday came in ( he Narcissus, of 32 gun's, from Weymouth; Rainbow, of 18 guns, from Woolwich ; Albi- core, of 18 guns, from Newfoundland ; Orestes, of 18 guns, from a cruize; Pheasant, of 18 gun-, fr m the westward. Sailed ihe Druid, of 33 gun=, for Ireland; and General Wellington, letter of marque, to the westward. On Thursday came in the American ship Eunice, from Liverpool,, for Gottenburgh, with salt, after a passage of £ 1 days, having beeu heating at sea with strong and con- trary winds. Sailed t'- e Rainbow, of 1.8 gitn « „ on a cruize. On Friday came ill theJuija; of- Nurfolk in Virginia:,, frniTtNorth'k, with tobacco, put in by contrary winds: the. pUof., belpngiug to Cawsand Bay, who brought her in, was ohaeed on Wednesday last, olf the Edystone) by a French lugger privateer, and tbe same day . she'captured a . brig. aboCit 4 m les N. N. W. of the Edystone, but the'RInd Revenue cutter heaving in sight, the lugger'escaped, and • he brig was recaptured and carried into Foivoy, WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7. The Rev. Dr. Goddard, at present head master of Winchester school, has signified bis intention of retiring from that situation. Dr. Goddard has filled the office of bead master for more than sixteen years, and has been en- gaged in the school, tot nearly thirty, with high credit to him self and advantage to the institution. BIRTH.] On Thursday morning, at Paultons, Lady Gertrude Sloane of twins, a son and a daughter. Lately died, at R mvey, Mr. William Sharp, an eminent paper manufacturer. On Wednesday died, at Ipswioh, Edmund S. Pouller, Esq. of the first Foot Guards, ( recently returned from Flushing) eldest son of the Rev. Mr. Poulter, Prebendary of Winchester Cathedral. - The Amateurs of' Single- stick assembled 011 Monday at Alresford ill considerable numbers,, iu consequence of the play announced for that day. The players were four of Hants and five of Wilts, At the commencement Coleman, of Wilts, broke Newlvn's In ad, of Hants; Harris, of Hants, then opposed Coleman, and handled him so smartly that he was obliged to quit the stage: this gained Harris a head. Flowers then encountered Harris, and afier one hour and a half severe play, Harris lost his head, as did Hawksby, of Hants. Michael, a Hampshire man, next took tbe stage, opposed to a Wiltshire man ( name not known) and broke bis bead, after some very severe play. Carter, a Wiltshire man, nex, t played Michael, to whom Carter lost his head also ; Ellis, of Wilts, having gir. ed two heads, the tyers then commenced, from some circum- stances l-' lower gave way ;, Ellis, of Wilts, conte ted the ties with Michael, and carried the first prize of 20 guineas, Michael t. h" ec" ond, so that the prizes were divided between Wilts and Hants. It is to be observed, that Ellis had, from his superior pay, but little to contend with from the two players whose heads he first broke, being both truly novices; and was of course a fresh player opposed to Michael, who had experi- enced some very hard play fiotn his two first opponents, and for want of practice, Michael is not a good match for Ellis. However, from what the Hampshire men already know, something is to be expected from them another year. In tbe evening a large subscription was made to establish ail annual display, of this manly sport. The General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for tbe county of Southampton commenced here 011 Monday last. The Bench was composed of 19 Justices ( including the Chair- man). George Sutton was convicted of stealing a quantity of halfpence, and sentenced to be imprisoned six months ; Jamos Hatfaore, for a petty theft, to be imprisoned four months ; John Andrews, for another potty theft, to be imprisoned three months; and three other petty offenders were sentenced to be imprisoned 14 days. At this Sessions William Eyre, Andrew Berkeley Drummoud, and Wm. Grant, Esq is. delivered in their qualifications to. act as Justices of the IVacc for this county. Joseph Davis, for horsestealing ; John Raimot, a French prisoner of war confined in Forton prison, for manslaugh- ter, in killing one Jaqua Fillora, also a prisoner of war confined in the same prison; and Henri Schneider for the murder of Moses Mitier, at Freshwater, in the Isle of Wight, have this week been brought to the county gaol. SALISBURY, MONDAY, OCTOBER 1B03. On Monday - last a Common Council was held in this city, when James Hussey, Esq. was unanimously elected Mayor for the year ensuing, who signified his intention of taking upon himself the said office. At the same Council it was resolved to attend diribe service, 111 the Cathedral Church, on the 25th inst. in commemoration - of his Majesty's accession to the Throne. A requisition, signed by several inhabitants of this City, has been presented to the Mayor, requesting him to call a publie meeting, to consider of the proper manner of celebrating the approaching anniversary of his Majesty's Accession to the Thone. The Mayor has complied with the requisition, and accordingly conveued a meeting for Friday next. At an Assembly of the Corporation of Taylors of this city, on Friday last, it was unanimously resolved that, tbe body should walk in procession to the Cathedral on the 25th inst. and that a dinner should be provided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his Majesty's accession to the Throne. The preparations making for the celebration of the approaching fiftieth anniversary of the King's accession to the Throne, ( which, according to the original institution of a Jobilee, and to former examples, will be observed this year,) are now very general throughout the kingdom, and such as indicate that it will be celebrated with un- usual rejoicing, Tbe religious Jubilee of the Jews was a celebration of tbe completion of a sabbath of sabbaths of years, or forty- nine years, and was ordained in tbe 23th chapter of Leviticus, to be held in every' fiftieth year, though it was di puted by some whether it ought not to be observed in the forty- ninth year. In the late Roman Catholic Chinch a Jubilee was celebrated by Boniface VIII. in the year 1300, which festival was repeated in tbe year 1350, and afterwards after shorter peri ids. Iu 1362 a '- rand festival was kept iu Eng- land, in honour of K ng Edward III. then entering upon hvsfitfiieth year; he gave a magnificent tournament to the Citizens of London, ^ luring five days in the month of May in that year, and afterwards. pre claimed an act of Grace to all his subjects: heft- as born in Oct. 1312. In 1376, being the 50th year of li; reign, another Jubilee was held in his honour, the last, which the people of England have had an opportunity of observiii^, . and on that occasion a general pardon was ordained in parliament, to take effect from the beginning of the fiftieth year of that King's reign; up- wards of four hundred yn » rs have elapsed since that me- morable period," when the British nation testified their love for a generous and venerable sovereign, who had completed seven times seven years upon the Throne. They will not suffer a recurrence of that rare felicity to pass by at present without due observation. Audley Harvey, Esq. is chosen Bailiff of the bo- rough of Chippenham for th'i year ensuing. On Monday last, George Churchill, Esq, was cleeted Mayor of the borough of Dorchester for the year ensuing. OIL Friday last, Thomas Bennett, Esq. was sworn into the office of Mayor for the borough of Shaftes- bury for the year ensuing! On Wednesday se'nnight the Rev. Nat Fletcher, Clerk, was instituted by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury to the Rectory of Donhead St. Andrew, in this county, 011 the presentation of Frederick Chailes Wilson, Esq. of filing. And on Friday se'nnight the Rev. Henry Ellis St. John, Cleik, was instituted by his Lordship to the Rectory of Fincbarnpstead, in the county of Berks, ' on his own petition. filRTH.] At Weymouth, Oct. I, the lady of the Rev. Mr. Cracknall of a son and heir. On Monday last was married Mr. Henry Banks, of this city, to Miss Charlotte Chidell, of South- ampton. On the 23d ult. died, at Sarcli Farm, near Stour- head, in the prime of ltfe, Miss Mary Long, second daughter of the late Mr. W. F. Long, of Sutton Veney, Wilts. On the 1st inst died, at Clifton, the eldest son of Mr. Henry Waiisev, jun. of Warminster. On Monday last died, at Lyme Regis, the Hon. Mary Wyndhain Arnndell, second daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Arundell, of Wardour, in tlie 21st year of her age. O11 Wednesday last died Mrs Neave, wife of Mr. Neave, of Gillingham, Dorset, and one of the societv of friends called Quakers, universally respected, and regretted by all who had the^ iuMS^ ure of knowing her. A grand match of . Cricket- was played on Tuesday, on l'iriam Down, between elevrat of. the Lower Colling- bourn and eight of the borough jof Ludgershall, with two Hampshire players and one of the North Tidworth, which was won by the former, with seven wickets to go down. Thomas A. Smith, E. q. sent two tents for the use of the company on tbe occasion. On Monday evening, when the Royal Spanish Mail, from London for Falmouth, stopped at the Coach- office in this city, on removing the luggage for the exchange of coaches, a boy about five years old was found asleep at the bottom of the boot! On his being awakened, and questioned how he cathe there, he said he had been playing at Hyde- and- seek, in the inn- yard in Lad- lane, and get- ting into tile boot to hide, he fell asleep, and was not - awakened either by the- putting iu of the luggage ( which was light); by the noise and harnessing of the horses, or the removal and rumbling of the coach through the streets of London ; and he further asserted that he had consumed asleep during whole of the journey ; though it seems more probable that he had awaked at times, but was too much frightened by his situation to . give the ne- cessary alarm for his release. I te told his name aod re- sidence, and was immediately taken back to London, in trie same coach. The period of his' continuance in the boot most have exceeded four- and- tyventy hours. SINGLE- STICK.— Givat play was expected at Yarnborough Castle Fair, on Wednesday, but tbe expectation was not realised, tbe players being unequally matched. In playing off the tyes, an unexpected event occurred, by which the renowned Masleir missed obtaining tbe prize-: he bad only one head to gain, and it feii to the iot of a young Gam' « ter to contest it yvith him. Maslen set to with great confi- dence, siiaiply tOHChitix Hy t, fie ri- ht.,. oni of his antagonist, to disabl • his guV. d ; but. the ytSdhgrGejne.- ter put in a hit be' ind Ma- I, n's ear, which occasioned tbe blood to spin copiously, and thus for tnat day crushed the pretensions of the crack man. At Bridport Sessions on Wednesday an appeal of great consequence was heard from the Tenant of Monckton Farm, near Dorchester, against the orders of the Commis- sioner as to the remuneration due to him for the remainder of a lease, under tbe authority of an lnclosure Act. The term unexpired was eight veal's, determinable 011 the death of the landlord, who bad only a life interest. The Com- missioner, from his judgment yf the improved state of the farm, had awarded 1689/. 1 Ox. 6rf. But after a hearing of four hours, in which Atr. Sergeant Pell argued the case of the Apellant with hi; usual skill and perspicuity, the Court were of opinion, that tbe Tenant was entitled to his farmer's profits, and decreed him tile sum of 5000^. At the Quarter Sessions of the Peace for this county, held last week at Marlborough, Robert Tiley was con- victed of stealing eight fowls from tbe premises of Mr. I bomas Edwards, at l. rehfont, ami was sentenced to be imprisoned in the cells at Deyi& n for fix calendar months; Wm. Hobbs, convicted of stealing wheat, to be impri- soned in the cells at Marlborough three months; Jacob Glass, convicted of stealing a cheese, to be imprisoned in the cells at Devizes tivo months; and John Maslen, con- victed of stealing wheat, to be imprisoned in the cells at Marlborough one month. The other prisoners were all discharged. HOME MARKETS. Prices of Com, , ic< fjmtrter— Bread, per Galltn. Oct. Salisbury, Basihgstike Devices, Newbury, Andovcr Warminster, Wheat. s. | Barley. . » . s. Oats, s. i. 8 104/ M la ,45 to 7R to 44 41 Otfnl 30 ,4- i to 50 ; 35 In 43 5 ! 103 /" 132 ,33 to 54 i 40 In 44 5 too/ 0124 ; 43 to 5'! 130 to 40 7 9S( ol2o'SS f<< 4fi 47 In 4- 2 7) ftS/ oltai SO In Gt; 01 to 48 Beans. SO to 74 57 to < 15 ( 10 to 6 s CO In 611 .55 In SJ 64 to 71 Bread d. 7 n 3 3 lfreight of tlie Gallon Loaf, 81K 11 oz.— Uatf Ga. ll. ill-. 5t » » AVF. 4IY URRP, and CAPITAL ASSORTMENT of ACCOMPT BOOKS,, BIBLES, COMMON PRAYER BOORS, ami all kinds of BoqKS and Stationary, is now 00 sale, wholesale and retail, at the lowest London prices, bv BRODIE, DO WD IN G, and . LUXKOKD, at the PHINTIVG- OFFICE, SALISBURY, \ ihere the following WRITING PAPERS are selling at the undermentioned Money prices -. Fine thin Quarto Post, at 15s. the ream, no outsitlcs— superfine wove ditto, l< 3s. (!,/.— thick wove ditto, 1.0s.— and superfine ditto, 20s.— Outsides superfine thin wove Foolscap, 10s. t! d.— Second Pot, ] Gs. ( W.— fine ditto, 18s.— fine thin Foolscap,- 20s.— fine thick ditto, 24.1.— and Lawyers Copy Paper, fjpm 21s. to 2Ss, the ream folio. Orders'from the country" executed on the same terms as if present, and the money relumed if disapproved. [ 5065 AT the Election for MAYOR for the Borough and Town of WEYMOUTH and MELCOMUK REGIS, held on the 21st ult. Mr. Wm. Williams rose to propose the Mayor for the ensuing year, and said it gave, him great satisfaction to find that the four persons nominated by the Aldermen were gentlemen of respectability. He hoped this would hereafter be ever the case ; and shewed that the inhabitants had a right to expect that all the four should be persons who, from their characters and situations, would be likely to perform the offi, e with propriety,' and he trusted this right would never be abridged, by any improper persons being included in the no- mination., He then enlarged on the importance of the office to the inhabitants, and pointed out the duties as the chief ma- gistrate of the town and the. regulator Of tbe tolls and markets; and ex resscd his concern that men of the greatest respecta- bility, who had 1 ing resided among them, yvbo wen intimately acquainted with th*; r customs, and what would most conduce to their prosperity, were excluded from the nominati n ot tbe Aldermen, oil account of the independence of their conduct as freeholders. He deprecated,!!) is system as highly injurious to the interest of. the tw/ n, and expressed his wish that all, instead of looking to' private advantage or thetvill of a patron, would be atStftid by what alone otulit to influence English- men. ™ their,- political conduct— the welfare arid prosperity of their country ! He then alluded to the duties of tbe Mayor as returning officer;— aoi here,"- said Mr. Williams, " I must put iii a claim on behalf of myself and those freeholders who ate ever determined to uphold the principles of.- c. ur Con- stitution, to assert- ur invaluable privileges, and, if possible, to have real representatives sent to Parliament; for these! claim impartial justice. We ask no favour, because we deprecate ail favour as improper and illegal. We expect that if '. he Mayor should be called upon to exercise this part Of his func- tion, he will act without the shehte-' t partiality either to th « one party or tbe other." Mr. Williams then noticed the great res. ectabilify of Mr. James Bower, whom he pr posed' as Mayor, and sh-' wed thacfrom him the inhabitants might fairly expect the impartial administration; of this offic •; and concluded with some handsome compliments to Mr. Scholfer, the late Mayor, on the propriety with which he had conducted himself. _ [ 4f) S9 SUCH is the popularity of the COUNTY FIRE- OFFICE, and the eagerness to become partners in this thriving concern, that double and treble the original price is offered to procure shares, but in vain : it is otherwise with those who desire 10 insure; they are admitted at the common rates, and without any increase of expense on removal from other offices, although at the same time they are equally en- titled to share profits with the subscribers to the capital of £ 400,000. [ 479tJ HAVING received a Requisition, of which the following is a Copy : " To the Itorshipful the Mayor of Salisbury. " SIR, " WE, the undersigned, request that you will be pleased to convene a Meeting of the Inhabitants of tbe City and Close of SALISBURY, 011 the earliest day which will suit your convenience, to consider of the proper manner of cfclebratirtg the approaching Anniversary of his Majesty's Accession to the Throne. Oct. 5, 1803. • " . T. Sarum Wm. Brereton R. Fowler J. P. Tinney Wm. Douglas W. B. Brodie T. H. Hume, Can. Res. W. B. Blaekmore Wm. Coxe, Archdeacon Sam1. Whitchurch of Wilts John Blatch Edward Stevens Thomas Davis Tho. Tatum Sam'.' Fisher." IN consequence of the above application, I hereby appoint a Meeting of the Inhabitants of this City, to which the Inha- bitants of the Close are also particularly invited, at the Council Chamber on Friday next the 13th inst. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. THO. WILK. IE, Mayor. Salisbury, Oct, 7, 1803. fsoGl COUNTY OF SOUTHAMPTON. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the General Smarter Sessions of the Peace for the county of South- ampton is and stands adjourned to Saturday the 2 Ist day of October instant, and will' then be held at th~ Castle of Win- chester, in the said county, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the pbrpose of administering Oaths, and other matters required by an Act ot Parliament passed in the 4yth year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, " An Act for the relief ef certain Insolvent Debtors in England "— Dated this Stfc day of October, 1800. THOS.' WOODHAM, 5027] Deputy Clerk of the Peace. - ALL IN ONE DAY I THE Public are respectfully requested to observe, that the whole of the present STATE LOTTERY will be drawn in One Day,. rt3. next Friday Week, the 20th of Tbis Month ; therefore, all who intend to purchase, should apply immediately. This Lotterv ( being the only one to be drawn this year) consists of only 5,000 Numbers, and tbe Scheme contains Thirty- two Capital Prizes, including Four of £- 20,0110 each, besides others, amounting to £ 200,000, and Not Three Blanks to a Prize. The whole will be determined on the TWENTIETH of THIS MONTH. [ 4983 Tickets and Shares are now selling by BRODIE, DOWDING, AND LUXI'ORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, SALISBURY: Who sold two Prizes of £ 20,000, one of £' 10,000, and several of £ 500, in the last Lottery. w WEVHILL BALLS ILL be at the Town Hall, ANDOVER, on Wednesday the 11th and Fridav the lath of Octobci. Tickets 5s. to be had of Mrs. Maud, |" 4fgt SOUTHAMPTON VOCAL CONCERTS. LADIES and Gentlemen wishing to become Sub scribers to the above Concerts, are requested to send in th- ir names to us on or before the 14th inst. [ 5036 October 5, ISO!). BAKER AND FLETCHER. P BALL and SUPPER at the Hotel, Christchurch, I Hants, to celebrate tho entrance of his Maj sty info the 50th year of his rci :. n, on Wednesday the 25th of October 1809. Admission Tickets for Ladies .... Six Shillings. Ditto ditto .... Gentlemen One Guinea. QCf The Bail to commence at eight o'clock. [ 3023 , A TOWN and COUNTY BALL will be held at il the King's Arms, Dorchester, on Wednesday the 25th of October 180!), in honour of his Majesty's entering the 50th year of his reign, and during the meeting of the Dorset Yeoman Cavalry. Tickets b's. tea and music included. [ 501C CLASSICAL EDUCATION. THE Rev. JOHN GREENLY, A. B. will open Mil. FORD llocsr,, near SALISBURY, for the reception of a limited number of Pupils, on the 12th instant.— Terms, & c. may be known by applying at the Printing- Office. Milford- House, October 7. [ 5081 HPHE GRAND JUBILEE MEDAL, patronized 1 and to be. u- om by HER MAJESTY and ROYAL FAMH. Y on the 25th of October, isoy,— 10 be had of Pitter, Gold and Silver Laceman, Jeweller, and Perfumer, No. 1. Bath- street, Bath, and ofT. Harrington, SilVt rsm tb, Cutler to the Duke and Duchess of York and Princesses, Catharine- street, Salisbury. [ 5062 MILLIENRY & DRESS- MAKtSG. jl/ TRS. FOOTNER begs leave to inform her friends iVl and the public in general, that her Assistant is just re turned from London with a new and fashionable assortment of MILLINERY, & c. Sic. f- r the present season. N. R.— A- gr at. v: rety of MutTs and Tippets to be sold on very reasonable terms. [ 5001 To FARMERS, SHEEP- DEALERS, & c. ("< OOI) KEEP for any Quantity of SHEEP, for J the Winter, not exceed'ng'.'? 00, may be hea'rd of by applying to Mr. Webb, Pelican, Salisbury. [ 5DS4 LOST, from Lyndhurst, early in September last,. Four HEIFERS; one three years old, with a " white fee-; one other two- years- old heifer, with, a larsre bunch under her jaw; all marked T. H. i: i the horns. If any person has found them, anil will bring ihem to Mr. Cooml' Lynd, hurst, they shall receive ONE GUINEA rew rd, and all reasonable expences paid; if stolen, FIVE GUINEAS shall be paid on convection of the olfen lers. " [ 50 ' 4" SOUTHAMPTON. TO be LETT, for the Autumnal ? nd Winter Months, or a longer time, if re- quired,— A Ready furnished HOUSE, in Moira- plaee. Enquire at G. Hook'ey's agency offipe, Highsstreet, for particular. [ 4655 NETHER WALLOP, HANTS. TO be LETT by Tender, for a term of seven years, from the ilth of October instant,— A. FARM, in the parish of Nether Wallop, consisting of a dwelling- house, barn, stable, granary, and 87 acres and a half of pasture and arable land. For a sight of the premises apply to the Miss Tanners, the present tenants; and for particulars, and to " treat for the same, apply to Mr. Newton, of Berry-. Court Farm, ih the same parish. , . [ 5054 Isle of Wight.—— Farm to be'Lett. TO be LETT, for a Term of Years, arid entered , on at Michaelmas next 18io,'— A- corogaet and very de- sirable FARM, called IlboKHiLL, comprising i good Farm- house, barns, stables, granary, and Oticr n'ec. - saiy and con- venient out- buildings, in good repair-, . with 200 acres and 3 roods of arable, meadow, and pastine land, in well- divided indosur. s, situate in the parish " of Freshwater, in the said Isle of Wight. For particulars and terms apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Messrs. Clsrkes and Sewell, Newport, Isjc. of Wight ; and . for a view of the premises at the Farm. [ 5O07 Pennerly Cottage, near Heau'. tpu, Hants. TO be, SOLI) by PRIVATE CONTRACT, An exceeding neat new- erected CO'fTAGE, built with the'best white brck, and slated ; consisting of two kitchens, two sitting rooms ( 14 feel by 15;, two best bed- chambers, and two servants' rooms; wash- house, fuel- House^ two- stall stable, cow- pcns, and pig; erv, " detached ; wim tjjree small paddo, ! c- of excellent- grass 1 nd, and also a large garden adjoining; enjoying an unlimited right of parturage in tbe New Forest, by which it is surrounded, adapted particularly to the r. si- deneeof a sportsman, within a mile' and an half of the pleasant village of Beau! it u, and in a situation the most picturesque. Further particulars may be known by application to Mr. Richman, solicitor, Lymingtonj Hants. ' [ 4f) 86 TffDYERS,. CLOTHIERS, AND OTHERS, npo be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, 8. The LEASE of ail tfat commodious and lately erected DYE- HOUSE, wit'i the Sheds and Outbuildings thereto be- longing, situate at Wilton, lata in the occupation of Mrssrs. Coward and Brewer", bankrupts. Ti. re are four years and a quarter of the Lease unexpired. The purchaser will here- quired to take copper vats, fixtures, and dye- stuff and uten- sils 011 the premises, at a valuation. Also the LEASE of a DWELLING- HOUSE snd STOP. E ROOMS, situate at'Nortb Bureomb, near Wilton aforesaid, now or late in the occupation of the above bankrupts. Two vears and a half of this Lease are now unexpired. Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. Burrough or Mr. Squarey, two of the assignees 5 or to'Mr. Af ney, solicitor; all of Salisbury. f50l7 MARKET- PLACE, SALISBURY. nr° ^ SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. GATF- J- HOUSV., near the Corn- market, on Tuesday the 10th of October, 1809,— Twejve Pockets of prime Country HOPS last year s growth, which will be sold in twelve Lois, for the accommodation of purchasers. The sa( e to commence at twelve o'clock. [ 501* SALISBURY. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. BUTLER, under a de d of assignment for the benefit of ihe Cre- ditors, on Wednesday next, the nth of October, and folk, wine in„ TBADE HOUSEHOLD 1URNIIURE of Mr. Tno- BIDULI. COMBE, Calinet- uiakcc and Upholsterer, Castle- street. Sale to begin. each morning at eleven o'clock.— The Stock will he first disposed of. Catalogues may bejiad at the'Auctioned, on the Canal. • the day preceding the sale. j- SQ5-. * no be SOLD l. y^ UJCriON, by J. VioiER, ou _ L V\ ednesday tbe 11th of October I80£ i, instead of the stM — The HOUSEHOLD FURNI'LUREof a gLiitlem^ n quitting his residence at Wisnroan HOUSE: comprizing ( 0ur- p0, t tent, and other bedsteads, wiih cotton, dimity, and Hurt" fur- nitures ; prune seasoned goose feather beds and bi ddinc • set of mahogany dinner tables, handsome sideboard, mabopany asd painted chairs, card and claw tables, bureau, chests of drawers, carpets, pier and dressing glasses, kitchen and brew- ing utensils, & C. & C.— Also a very handsome Norman cow two pigs, a small new- built granarv on stones, a bathing tub* leaping bar a quantity of pests and chains, and a handsormT family carriage on two wheels. The sale to begin at eleven o'clock in the mernin"- Catalogues to be had at Vidler's Upholstery Warehouse High- street, Salisbury; and aithe place of sale. pjraa SALISBURY. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, in the Com Market, fl by Messrs. GLRBARD and Co. on Tuesday the loth of October instant,— A handsome Bay MARE, 15 bands hieh six years old; and a well- bred FILLY, r'jine threevcars Also a good Saddle and Bridle. Saicat^ Vwclve o'cK UPPER WOODFORD. WILTS " ~ HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by. Messrs. Gisniunn and Co. on Thursday the 10, h of October instant,- All the HOUSEHOLD I- UHN'ITURE the property < t Mr Giles White- horn; consisting o, f,, ur- post and stump be dsteads with check furniture, beds and beddmr oak dining tables, stained chairs, kitchen requisites, a good cipper and grate, tubs, iron- bound casks, Sc.- Also to be so d" Two Leasehold TENEMENTS, with' Outbuildfn' s and c'a dea adjoining, held by three good lives under Wm. Beckford, Esq lor timber parti.. Jars apply to Air. Whitelio ™ , on the premises; or at the <-. 1.1 ' • I - -'-' J t yyiy u> . VJ 1 . | V a premises; or at the Auctioneers, Salisbury. Sale at eleven o'clock* [ 5050 HURDCOT FARM, NEAH SALISBURY SOL° 1>- V AUC' 110N, « „, premises, * by Messrs. GEKH A no and Co. on Wednesday the l- th of October, 180fi,- Parl of the FARMING STOCK of Mr JOHM NOWLSON, quitting the farm; cons sting of ten strode cart noises, t. n store pigs, and about thirty tens of rntne meadow hay. ' [ 5035 Sale at two o'clock in the afternoon. STAPLEFORD, NEAII SALISBURY " rr° l> « SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, qtopk- October 27, lS09,- Pl, rt of the FARMING siuc,\ of Mr. Goo M 11s, quitting tbe farm; consisting of six strong cart horses, a hack gelding,- three waggons, ploughs, dress, harrows, and idlers, sets of trace, tbi'il and plough harness, r ck staddles and stones, winnowing r tklc sieves,_ rudders, scoops", rakes, sheep cages, hurdles, and other implements ot husbandry; also about forty lots of Household Furniture, Brewing and Dairy UtrtiSils, Saddles and Bridles, Cider Mill and Press, Lead Pump and Pipe, he. Sale at eleven o'clock. p,( i24 WI LTS. ' ~~~ A BREWERY, and other Freehold Property, in Calne r r° be SOLI) by AUCTION, by J SIDfoRD, at I- the Wheel Inn, in Calne, on Wednesday the isth ne ? n- toiV- 80"' at fouro'clock in tlle * fe'.. oon, in the follow- lot t. A new- built BREWERY, with lofty Cellaring and other Store Rooms adjoining. This property is we'l wo the attention of any person wishing to enter into the Brewimr busmess, particularly as there is no other Brewery in the « w. i and immediate possession may be bad, provaled the stock and iixtures are taken at a valuation ; and it mav at a trifling cx- perice be adapted for any otlvr concern requiring room 1 1 2j V^ '^""" Ts; situated ii. Mdl-' street, stone built and tiled, m the occupation of Widow Lanfeur, Susanna Kogers, and I bomas Hand. Lot,'). Two TENEMENT'S, pleasantly situated at the'top of hiih- street, , n the occupation of R. eharo liudd, and George Greenawnv, as t nartS at will. ° Lot 4. two COTTAGES, situated at thc^ aner of Calne rt'" tl" K Josc|, h W,* cr " a" d i ,8. ( KJT For viewing a^ Y to the te'uants, and for iurftiec p rtcolars to tile Au. ti ncer, Cain;-. • •..'•' •' [ « 04ti om- Lisii, voiisispt,* T712LZ2" < 0 be SOLD by A Ut TlON, . M. BAKER, on Thursd Y the 1 Ofh- day. ot ( ict'frm I son at Dcwbsh Farm, about srx miles WISTULJ. rehtstt/, and TEN west of bhu dioid ; the FVLKSWING prime. STOCK F" P CART HORSES, & c. consisting of about SFIII . WTTL' ! - - ferent ifges, 2 « 0 chilv r and pur 1 tubs, ioo wrti ers of d F- • ferent cg. s, and 10 eitiod rams; one two- yeers'- ojd Cart colt one two- years- old handsome ffly, one hackhe'Y BOG colt! tour good cart hoists, & c. tbe property of Mrs Bland- quitting the said farm. ' - • ' The abov.-. Siieep ;- e a well known good sta, OTTHA lJors.- t breed, warranted sound, and tie. from -' OGI'lcs Dinner at twelve o'cock, A. IDJB^ I. IJOB, on at 011C. Capital Sale of Sheep.— Stalbrid -.- }* qrk, & » •• » •(. ' T° be SOLIJ l>. v AUCTION, bv IL- TAYI.' iir, oa 1 Thursday the liih of October IBM.— A'l - he v in' •• FLOCK, of Si 1EEP and I A MRS, the pro'ertv of Mr i • who is qu ttiflg the said Park; consisting of SOJ fohr- tcetb" - 240 tw i- teetb Ewes, and SSoChilvi r Lamlw. " ' The above flock is warranted sound and free from " og^ lcs well worth the attention of bfeeders, and will be pit up iii small lots for the convenience ' of purchasers. " Tha.- sgle wr& bqtjia- a » « neolol. iek jweeise ly. J^ gg\ Hamlet < f- BoTwroi, P'arkh. of ( ULLiscHAjiJ'&' tte" County of Dorset. ... , TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by . T. ' jj^ g, af the Red- Lion Inn, Baarton af iresaid, on the - 20th of October, lsop, between the hours of four and six in the nut, SiirSfe^ Customary pr Copyhold ESTATE of lMIERI I ANCft, now m the'occupation of Mrs Honor - Butt, whose lease will expire Kt Lady- day I8rs; eomor's nc - a substantial dwellihg- lviuSe, with suitable out- buiidin- s about thirty- three- acres of'rich nnadou and pasture land, and about eleven acriS ot arable ( bf tile same m. it- or JessV •-. For- fuitotr particulars appiy to the Auctioneer,; ami for a view of the preonsts to, tbe tenant. The Timber of tbe estate to be taken at the valuator,. Mono N. B.— The Land- Tax is redeemed. ' Gins I'arm, war IScavlieu, Hants. T° beSOL1) » » y AUCTION, bv J. ETHERIDRB* i on Wednesday the isth instant,—— The FAR. M LIVE and DEAD STOCK of Mr.' WHEEL, Ton a,, .' business; consisting of fur useful drau , ht In- r- es tw » wie pons, three, dung carts, ploughs, hanows, dr, o- i cuf'- ol plough harness, & c. ttcc. r-| ^ Sale to begin at eleven o'clock. - T TO BUILDERS.^- SPDTHAM'PTON rpo be SOLD by AUCTION, on the'ftcmisea- A " lately occupied by Mr. Skinner, in the liU...,. ,, ot, I ues lay the 17th ot October, at 1- 2 o'clock, byGko. Wooitv ,,„ Lo; ' - A neiy'y « « « <| si I HI), timber flamed and tiled! about 30 feet iji length and 9 feet in depth Lot2. A WORKSHOP and SHEDS, brick and tiled , > about 45- feet in leneth: ro'be^ taken down and removed from oft" the. premises „, two months ^ ror turther particulars apply to the Auctioned, f;„ oM F. OilDlXGSRii'GE, / DINTS, ' ' - T0 BE S0LD " Y AUCTION, HY J. IKWRJF 6LL a. the Premises, on Friday the i? th day of Geo H , iVr. o ar eleven o clock, under an ex- cm, on of th • Sh.- l - i' of TRAlFofM KURN1 f URE » « i « Tt K in a "" » •• rooMtB, at the Geor -- [ , 14 iUid at six o'cl . ck in the evening will bt Sold by A- ci in r- h'%! ^- s'cu- nomcd flense , VlJei the GEORGE INN, witn a good cellar, brew- hohse, siMci fuel- house, and earden, situatedTn tbe most eliiohle n- X of t _ e tovvn of hordingbndge held ui. der the D. rd. of the Munot kl S" r'r r; e lives' $ u' • l" ctquit- rent- of.^. w! Also all thosi f , i « i . m- ments or Dwelling- hous, s with a „ 0. d garden, contauurty, by estimation in lugs - is- s I 1 Fordmgbridge, in the occupation of W Gcrd a' • J '. f rll under the Hon. John Coventry for the lnc . (' „" J VS m. loorner, now aged 52 years, at a quit-, P, , f " r„ Further particulars may be known on apolicat. o-' i'w- Mr Strickland, solicitor, or the Auctioneer, at Foroingbr dge - , - v PRINTED AND PUBLISHED RY W. B. BRQOfE, J> DOWDING, AND J- LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTINQ- OI'PICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; Where Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of News cu e received ( Postagepaid). ilipbythe PJUJRPFEB and BOOSSELLERS S the West of England; by tbe respe* i » e Ni WSMEXJ and in Luadon by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, No. 5, > VarwipM> quJirf, Warwick- Lane, Newgafs- Street, and Mr. WIIKIL, Ecokellcr, Paterrosttr- Stir t : - e . i ^ . s
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