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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3789
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 25/09/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3789
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF tVILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET T ' + UMBER 3789 VOLUME LXX1V.] MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25y 180.9. PRICE SIXPENCE HALFPENNY. /, S, TAINP D" TY •.•••' 3lf- | Paper and PriHty , .' 5{ f. - " Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. . HP Ti FOREIGN NEWS. VIENNA, Aug, 27- k ESERTION from the Austrian army ' s very considerable. Every day 100, 150, or .200 de- serters repair to our advanced posts. The Areh- duCharles, whom intrigue had driven froip the oo'm- Ju » of the army, his retired to Teschen, in the Duke Alk'i dominions. His post was at first supplied by Pri John of Liebfenstein, who was nikler- tlie orders of theuperor Francis himself. He has been since replaced, by Mieral Bellegarde, who has since lesigned the com-, tnaionee more to him. - • g ' . . 1 ' tONDO'C MONDAY, SEP- T>. MBERi\ Si '• Lters and papers to the 1 htli inst. ty^ re yesterday. VeceM from Holland. The p<£ ce'between France and Aust t V- reported to be signed,, but it. AS saUl that- the treat will not be made public until some arrangements vespe. ing" indemnifications, in \ niich Russia is interested, be eroplefed. To afford time Tor this object,' the re- newal of the armistice only had been announced. The periot of its extension is a fortniglit, Socne mare foreign journals, arrived this afternoon. The Moniteur, as might be expected, ' omits ho circum- stance attending the last events itrSpain," that cap produce any thing like an impression of French superiority. The loss sustained by Venegas, on the' 11 th ult. at Almonacid,' is sai d to have been very great, The enemy, boasts of possessing 400( Jprisoners,' 35 pieees'of artillery, 10A powder waggons, and 200 other waggons. . Joseph Bonaparte has returned to Madrid, and celebrated Te Dcum ; and the. eiecauslts terminate with the confident assertion, t- hat." the late ol Spain Las been decided during the 22 days in which the King was absent." ,•: A Mail arrived this - morning from the Brazils. It brings letters'to the 28th of- July, by which'we are in* formed, that the intercourse with " the Rio de la- Plata ivas preserved, but not without frequent- intervals ol obstruction, As the quantity of British manufactures at the Portuguese setthjineiAs was much beyond the demand, it is Of great consequence to maintain, without interruption, the coni- raerce from tlienee to Monte Videb and Buenos Ayi- es. We ) j. tel j had occasion to notice the low prices of commodities a. t Rio Janeiro, and we find from these further accounts •'. hat tUey are yet more reduced. Dispatches have been received from Sir Richard Straoha*. Captain Caulfield, who brought them to the Admindty, sailed from Flushing last Friday. The enemy were, » t tlrat date, sending troops into South Beveiaud.; and their flotilla, supported by the squadron of'- stiips of the line, ' presented a menacing aspect between Lilio ami Ant- werp, From these circumstances, added to the sickly state of the troops, we understand, the gallant Admiral is • of opinion, that it will he expedient, if not-, absolutely- jvccasary, to evacuate Walcherett speedily. The intelligence from Persia by ' tJjQ.. , li\ st . India- arrividj is very satisfactory. The " Wench influence few ibeen entirely broken bv the address aiul perseverance . of Sir Harford Jones. The English troops which had been' sent to the Persian Gulph. for tlte purpose of giving1' weight to the negotiations with the Court of ispahaji, have, tieeu rt » called. Some commercial arrangements have iatelf heen mtide: Wtween the Bengal Government and several Chieftains on the coart of the R? d Sea, which promise to Bt> attended with mutual advantage. His. Majesty's ship Glatlon, of 50 guns, Captain JJligfc, has returned home from the - Mediterranean, .. and is now in the Downs, after an absence of between 6ix and seven years. This morning, at half pa t three o'clock, a fire broke out in Bear- yard, near Lincoln* « - Inn- fields, vvhichexeited great alarm in the neighbourhood, and was productive of con- siderable mischief. Ten stables were consumed, and three - houses adjoining; and all the buildings in the yard-( form'- jng a square) were ifiaterially injured. SutcinES.-* Yesterday Mr. John Paynter, a respectable man, about thirty years of age, put an end. to his life, in a room adjoining his father's stables iu theCm tsfiir- WWlV Shoreditch, by cutting bis throat with a table knife, with which he nearly severed his head from his body.'- ' ' • This morning a young Midshipman, who had lodgings in L/ ittVi Bath- street, near Bath-' quare, Clerkenwell, was ' found dead in his bed, having taken a dose of laudanum. TJmppe'mtuumt iu love is supposed to have been the cause of this rash act. VlAf. K- L. ixr, Monday, Sept. 18. We noticed the advance cn Wheat last week, of about - IJ. perqr. in the face of a supply reasonably large for the season. This roaming We had also a ^ plentiful arrival,' fot the season, and the quality of the new crop proving in some instancss extremely hne, such samples • sjf White Wheat. commanded as high as 1 iSs. or even more money where they were clean enough for seed. The produce .. f the old yar, and such fifths new as is dinged, blighted, or < lamp, Will not sell on proportionate teims at i resent, nor was the market cc. uallv brisk at the close.— Rye, Peas cf both Sorts, ' lick Beans tolerably hard and handsome, Barley, Malt, and jiapesecd, are all dearer, as per particulars beneath ; Oats m good request, and full as dear for fresh horse corn ; Tares and White Mustard seed are both cheaper and sell heavily.— Spring mm, except Oats, is here in great abundance just now.— We i fef to the '- urrency at large for all further information :— Mealing Red Wheat, 72s. to 102s. line 105s. sup. I OSS. White 7 Is. to 101s. fine 110s sup. to 1 ISit.— Rye * 0s, to 5? s, fine new to 60t.— White Peas oils, to 70*'. Grey Peas 42s, to4.0s.— 1 ipk flans, new, 44s. to 60s. fine old SUs. to 33s.— Barley a 2s. to to lis. Malting - fete.- to SOs— Malt 70 s. tp 7<> s. fjne/ SOs,. to s6s. — Oats, tone feed, 22s. to 38s. short 34s. to 3 « s.. Poland ,87a. to 4US— Turnip Seed,. White round, Vs. to lls- new 17s. to. vnj per bushel.— Rape. Seed ' if I. to - Ib'i. fine. new to 52l, to55Z. ,. r last.— English Household Flour 100.?. per sack ; American ditto 40s. to - if.?. 50s. sup. 52s. to 58j. per barrel. ' S. Vi. isueitv INFIRMAHV,.* 8O0 » ' T'HJS Annual', Court, of " Governors, befit here this J.' daw' having,, pursuant to the statutes:, . appointed an ANNIVERSARY MEETING,— This is togivt^ ptice, that it Will this . yeaT, bs, iield ( irisFriday'the' 3.9th of September, When it is hoped that- all friends and contrij^ ggijl to this im- portant and, extensive! Charity will, by their . attendance and ' COr! ctirfence,' fnahifest a resolution and zeal to support it; as. at so small an expepCe- to themselves,. they . are enjiHed to rtlieve their . poor - neighbours,:- in the'mps*- distressed circum- stances, with such advjcc; j medicilies;,. and aceommodations, as cannot be procured for litem in any other way. All the'Subscribcrs- of one Guinea per annum, and Bene- facto. rsof at least that stfn- i, are desired to attend tile Visitor, President, Governors, Mayor and Corporation, yxacfly. at half after ten o'clock in the morning ( by permission of theMavor), at the Council House, in Salisbury, . to- walk in. proce. ' ion from thence to ihe Cathedral. Church, where Service Will . begin exactfy at eleven',' and a Sermon will be preached or. the occasion by the Rev. Mr. Marsh', lfi the course of the " Service will be performed a TeDeum, composed bv Mr. Corfe, and an Anthem, by Dr. Boyce. A Collection vvill be made at the churth doors, when all, particularly the inhabitants of this city, may; by their appearance at church," shew their appro- bation of so noble ;\ n' establishment, and have an opportu- nity; acccfrding to their'respective abilities, of contributing something tow'ards-' its support. After Divine Seitice, the procession Aydl be in the same order to the Council House, where some particulars of a Report from the Auditors of the State of the Infirmary for the last- year, ending this day, Will be publicly re^ d, and the Report itself be then ready to be delivered to all the Contribu- tors present, and sent to those whp are absent; and an OrdU nary will be provided at half an hour after two o'clock, at tile- Cross Keys Inn. [ Signed) RADNOR, President. : By order of the Annual Court, WM. DY'KE WIIITMAUSH;, Secretary. N. B.— Persons intending to dine at the Ordinary are parti- cularly desired to send their names to ME. Fry, at the Cross Kevs fnn, forthwith. [ 40' 72 gy All Patients that have been discharged from the In- firmary in the last year, who can make it convenient to attend, are'desired to tes ify their gratitude, by attending the Service at the' Church On the da) above- mentioned. *.„* The'Earl'of Radnor presents the Governors- witha Buck. GTKE- AAI, POST- OITFILT., LE « TMJN, Jit/// 22, 180.0, A CAUTION. PENALTIES to. the amount of .£' 200. v. wh " full .1 Costs, have lately been recovered and raid, inactions, brought. by the direction of the Post- M^ ter- Geheral, against a verVcoiksiderable'Mercatitiie HouSe in isDfttWn, having also an Establishment in a'durge tiiaijufaaujftlg- Hown in the ; country,- for offending against the Statutes df', th. e 9th Queen Anhe.' c. 10.6, 17. and fhe' 42dGeo.' 3d. c. 81. s. 5. by sending LETTERS- in PARCELS and other - Packages, by Coaches, to and from London and their Country Establishment. • It is. hoped that this prosecution, in addition to the many . others that have been brought, by the orders of the- Board, vfjll stop such illegal- practices. > . . By. command of liis Majestyss PoslftfaS>? r-' Gcneral, .'• IrJ'ij FRANCIS'FREELING-, Secretary. ' MIS RUNG of the CkPAlGf- ai DEVIZES. THE ' rtext'jVlceting of . thc'Cl? rgy, for the Relief of the Widows aiid Orphans of poor Clergymen in Wilts, will tl) e. hfld. at.( lifcs Bear itirr.' tft Uevizej, on Wednesday the - Syth'pfSeptenibet'inst.— when it js earnestly request. ( 1 of th. ' Clergy, particularly of the Stewattls Gf the diffeifeut Deanries, to attend. ' . . ,. f: 1680 --• - ' ' ' . . ... BE. INOIOKO, S./ il. LO, 1S09. HUE Annual ' Meeting df'the Representatives of the L: SOCIKDY of tHe- CEER( SY'alid SONS of'the Clergy in the county of DORSET, will be- held for the- usutd: purposes at- the Antelope Lmi, in- Dorchester, tin' Friday > tfie- 29th day of Sept. irist. - , . ED. MOND COOT11, Clerk. V'* » ' '"**•'•' -'••'" •. • - ••'— '——— IsLING, Sept. 15,180{(. THE- several- Owners and Proprietors of Lands, Te- nements, and other Hereditaments within the P- rish of Eling, in the countv of Southampton, and V.' iso Within the - Manorsof Eling, ih'tiie paritbes Bf gltng aifd KtVley, in the ; sa> d county, and all other, Peraons, iBteresW4n. JJvilriclosure of the Commons, Waste Lands, aild Cominon fi^ fcls, within thesaid ParisIr. andiM » nor- of; Eliiiigv" ai'e requested to tie . t at the Anehor - Inn, at Redlwidgefc. in- the sajd'Ce^ nty^ on Friday . the aath day of S^ tomhej,. iiist..- qfce) eyeh o't- lo'd:' : a the fore- neon,- to r* 5CeivE- thf> report » f. the- Comn-. i. yie !. ap!? ot « ted at a f irmer meeting) for. making the requisite; arrar .- irients for the inclosure of the said commons, waste lands, and cVtnmon fields,— when a draft of the plajinj d bill will be pic'duced, - ami - atifciitiont'TPstl- iRmWirftii.'- leave tobftoij in thosafut; laid before the me'etintr'for signature. THOMAS NICHOLS, arid Tg01ioitors 4745 Mess, DAMAN St WARNER,'/ bollutors' . "' - . . '••'. ' ' GAME,.' ' IIEiiEA$ tlie GAAl- E- otr the Manors of Stal- bridge, Hundley, Bradfor l- Abfcas, Clifton and Wyke, tile. County of Dorset, arid GharltOn- liorethrtjne, llen- stridge, T' lnple - C xniibe, MiiboCne- Pofl,' Kingsbury- Regis, and - Milbofhe- Wvke, m the Countf of Somerset, the property oftHe Right Hon' He try Earl of Uxbridge, have of late . be, n destroyed by unqualified- persons; ' [- IS- 1? ft being fntsll. led to preserve the game on the aljpvemtn- tiooeii Manors, gentlemen are r-.' yuested not to sport thereon ; and all persons", found sporting Vhweon, not beirtu- diliy qhali- ( tcd, will be pfesecuted as the law directs.— Se- pt: 9, 1809. MARLBOROUGH OLD BANK. MESSRS. HANCOCK, KING, AND GOSLING beg " to inform the Bankers and Merchants of London, and the Public in general, that all Notes, Bills, See. drawn bv them, and hitherto paid by Sir MatheW Bloxam. and Co, will in future be paid by Messrs. SPOOSER, ATTWOOO, and Co. MARLBOROUGH, Sept. 21", 1809, [ 4820 MESSRS. H URRY, JUKES, and Co. are in daily expectation of several Cargoes of DYE SQUARE . TIMBER and DEALS, from Christiana arid'other Ports in Norway, which will be sold at reduced prices. Gost'OUT, Sept. 211, 1809. [ 4832 RO'MSEY, Sept. 21, - 1809. ' "^ TOTICE is hereby given, that Part of the Land N at Saint Mary's, Southampton, advertised to be let on the 2d day of October next, vii. Lot >', containing 1G acres and 39 pefches, Occupied by Mr.. Peter Oakley, sen. is dis- posed of by Private Contract. I [ 4847 ANATOMICAL THEATRE,. BRISIl'OL. TV/ fB- SHDTE will commence his WINTER Iv. SL COURSE of l. EC'ruftES on Anatomy, Physiology, and the Principles ia i Operations of Surgery, on MO- NOAY tin 2d of ObTOSER,, at eight o'clockiin the morning. [ 4333 PAKK- StREETj Aug. 15, 1809, CITY or NEW SARUM. NIGffTL. if. IKAI-. CJi M , li N WANTED, . " VTOTICE is hereby'- eiveu, that EIGHT MEN X^ l we wanted '(<> watch the ufa City, during- the Nights, from ' the'aptji of this instant, 1: 11 the 25th of Ma- rch riext: foar of thetn. will . be required to' attend every night alternately, and ' J'wo Shillings tote paid'for each night's attendant;. ' Any Men of good . character- willing to undertake, this duty, must attend St the Meeting- cif the Duectors of the Highways . at the . Council Cfiambet, on. Thursday evening next,- die 24th instant, at six o'clock.—'^- SAKI- M, St. pt 1809. f48ati CHURCH PREFERMENT. WANTED TO PURCHASE,- A PERPETUAL ADVOWSON,' or NEXT PRESENTATION to a LIVING, in the counties of Wilts, GioceUer, Worcester, or Salop. Particulars, to be sent to Mr. Tindal, solicitor, Lin- coln's- inn- frelds, London. . [ 4743. ACLERGYMAN in- fiill orders is willing to un- dertake the service of a- Church in the- neighbourhood- of Salisbury, from Sunday the - 22d of October 1809, till about the beginning of Drccpaber following. "• • ' ' 0C| J Refer to'the printers. :•" f- K- C BOARDING- SCHOOL, MARI. HOROUGII, YO- UNG Ladies are genteelly Boarded, and Edu^ cated in( the various branches. of ( female Education, en moderate terms, by Miss ANN SHRIMPTON, of the above place.— Her house is every ways Commodious for the purpose ; and Miss S. having fyeen, fot samp years occupied in Female Education in tire most rcspectable'Sehools in town and coun- try, hopes to, give satisfaction to those who may favour her with their patronage. £ 4688' HE Miss GILBERTS beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public, that at Michaelmas next they design " OPliNING a SCHOOL at RINOWOOD, for the Re- ception of YOUNG LADIES. Miss G, presumes her having been teacher to the Miss Warwicks, late of Salisbury, and afterwards at Twickenham ( by whom she was chiefly educated), will be sufficient proof of her capability. Accommodation for a Parlour Boarder. [ 47 87 REPARATORY SEMINARY for young 1.7- DIES, from 3 to 8 years of asre, where the number is limited to eight, by Mrs-. WES. TLEY, Christchurch,. Hants* Mrs. W. having been the mother of a. family, doubts not but her care and attention will ensure the approbation of those parents and guardians who may honour iier with their confidence. TERMS:— Board, Tuition, and Washing, 2 Guineas per Annum ; Day Pupils, four Guiqeas per. Annum. With each young Lady arc required haif- a- dozen huckaback towels, spoon, kniTe and fork. [ lb0- 2 A short walk from the sea- shore. At Standcn House, near Newport, Isle of IVight, NE or two'GENTL'E. MEN may be accommodated with Board, ivc. and every convenience for keeping a horse, on moderate terms. Any Gentleman wishing to board . with the- Fanniv, would find this a very desirable place of re- sidence. The premises are extensive, and the situation very pleasant. A tew Parlour Boarders can likewise be accommodated, and Adults receive private instruction, if necessary.— Terms may be known by application to Mr. Attwood, Standen. either person ..' V • ; iy letter ( post paid), [ 4504" A SCHOOL WANTED. AN experienced Teacher of the Erench and English Languages,. & c. wishes to procure," or to establish,' a respectable DAY- SCHOOL. Persons having prCper premises to lett, masters abont- to retire, or gentlemen disposed to pro- mote an institution so USefjui to their neighbourhood, are requested to communicate all essential particulars to O. P. King's- Gate, Winchester. N. B. lie. would have no objection to form a connection with any Master in need of an industrious and zealous Assistant. . • [ 4846' P TO THE FACULTY. WANTED, for a young Man who has just com- pleted his Apprenticeship to a Surgeon and Apothecary in'extensive country practice,-!— A Situation as VISITING ASSISTANT.— Salary will not be an object, and the most nexc ptionable reference will. he given. Apply ( if by letter, postpaid) to Mr. Long, surgeon, Alfred'- street, Bath. ' 1 [ 4813 WANTS a Situation, as BUTLER, a steady • r mnji, 3.9 years of age, who perfectly understands his business, i rewing, & c. having lived many years in the above capacity both in town and country ; he can cut and dress hair and shave well, and can have ajn undeniable character from the family he has now left, where he lived some time. Letters ( post paid) directed W. T. at Mr. Harvey's, No. 147, High- street, Southampton, will be duly attended to. Grertt- ISridge House Academy, near Romsey. T\/|" R. EGERTON has the honour to acquaint the ivl nobibty, gentry, and the public in general, that he has . opened GREAT- BRIDGE HOUSE ACADEMY for the reception and Education of a. select number of young Gentle- men, to whom he will dedicate hispersonal attendance, fa ad- vance the improvement and instruction of his pupils in every elegant and polite science and accomplishment. Mr. E. is well aware, his personal attendance in the hour;; of his acade- mical pursuits vvill equally. exemplify and influence his As- sistants to their duty, so as to render his instructions to his pupils agreeable and pleasant; likewise every care will be taken of their health and morals, added to the advantages of excellent board and lodging. Great- Bridge House is most delightfully situated, and its salubrious air will be as a restorative to any declining health h. s pupils might be inconvenienced by foi the present. Any lady or gentleman who will honour Mr. E. with the education and care of their sons, will be sensible he willmerit their encouragement and patronage in his new establishment, bv favouring him with an interview to inspect his Academy, which will open on the 29th of September 1S09. [ 4785 PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, September 19, 1809. ON Thursday, the 2Sth inst. I shall be ready to risxii- e Tender* in writing ( Staledupj. and treat for the m- Jermeitionrd articles, for the Service of this Port; which will be p id for by kite payable with iutercslSO days ajter ^' SISKET, 7,000 Bags, to be manufactured from goad whole Meal, aid t" be Miner el one Month. CLOSE DRIED AMBER MALT, 1000 Quarters, answer- able to a samr- le that mil be pioduced at the time oj con- " tract, one half to be delivered i* a Fortnight, and the re- naxiiderM a Month. ', ,.,,.'. ~ No repaid will- le had to any Tender, m which the prices mall not he inseitedin. icords at length, or thai shall. nol be delivered before twelve o'clock on the said 23(/ i instant, nor unlets the persons who make the same, or some person on th- si- thalf, attend to'answer thereto when eaj^ ff"''- WM. KEt'. txo. N. B. The Conditions of the several Contract's may be seen at my Office. . . ' f"' Sfl! i NOTICE is fvereh'v given, .. that the ' PARTNERSHIP lately carried on by JANET LOBB, WM. GIBSON, and THOMAS MISSING, in the town of Southampton, as Mercers and Drapers, was, on the Tst day of July last, DIS- SOLVED by mutual consent: and that all Debts due to- and from'the Partnership are to be received and paid by the said Jartet'Lobb and Thomas Missing.— Sept. 8,1809. [- 1717 PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. " VfOTICE is hereby given,'— That, the Partnership lS hitherto subsisting between JAMES CLARKE and CHARLES THOMAS BASKETT, of the town and county of the town of Poole, Wine and' Spirit Merchants, is this day dissolved by mutual consent, . ..,_''.. As the late Partnership aff airs are now adjusting, all persons indebted to the Concern are requested to pay file amount of their several debts immediately, either to the said Charles Thomas Baskett, or to Mr. John Durant, solicitor, of Poole, who are authorised to receive the same, and'to give receipts or other acquittances, for such money as they shall respectively receive; and all persons having any claims on the said late Partnership Concern are desired to send in their accounts. JAMES CLARKE. CHA. THO. BASKETT. Poor. E, September 20, 1809. [ 4830 takes this oppportunity. of re- turning his sincere thanks to his numerous friends and customers tor the many favours he met with in conjunc- tion with Mr. Clarke, and begs to inform them and the public, that the WIKI. and SPIBIT Trades will in future be .. carried on.' oy him alone in which, by a constant attention to supply with promptitude the choicest goods, he still hopes for a continuance of those favours,, and trusts he. shaU ever give satisfaction to alt Who may please to honour him with any orders; [ 4831 COLLINS, Milliner, Court and Fancy Dress- Maker to their Royal High- nesses Ihe Princess of if ales the.. Duchess n_ f'Yorki No. 37, Half Moon- street, Piccadilly, London. MISS COLLINS respectfully informs the Ladies of Southampton and its vicinity, that tVie number of orders she received last week taking some time to complete, obligesber ( contrary to her intention, of which she save no- tice) to remain at Soutahmpton, till after Ihe Races : then- fare she has sent to London for a new assortment of Morning, Evening, and Ball Dresses, Bugle, Silver, and Bead Dresses, & c. all of which will be found particularly adapted to the race- ground, tire select evening party., or the ball- room. The box will arrive on Monday morning the 25th of Sept. Orders for Dresses, Pelisses, Mjntles, Stc. different sizes from the above ( if given 011 Monday), can be finished in time for the races. At Mr. Shatter's, No. 60, High street, nearly opposite the Market- house, Southaniptoii. N. B.— Wanted, young Persons on improvement, and Ap- prentices. Premiums expected.— Letters, post paid. [ 4853 NEW SALISBURY AND LONDON WAGGONS, From the THREE SWANS, Salisbury, to the SALISBURY ABMS, Cow Lane, London, MATCHAM, MITCHELL, and Company, beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public in general, they have established WAGGONS for the Conveyance of Goods from London to Salisbury, and from thence to Yeovil and Weymouth, on the most reasonable terms. The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Goods above the value of 51, unless entered and paid for as such. [ 4213 £ 1 T. BASKETT PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, September 19, 1809 ON Tuesday the 3 d if Oct. uexl, I shall he ready to receive Terulers iu writing (' sealed ntlK and contract with'iuch persons nsiAay le inclinable to furnish all such, nun ler of HORSES fu miy be required far jierfornwig the < ipera lions of the Brewery, ias well as for Pumping tUHAtetJf his Majesty's VietwtUing Service at D itviU; the Cwkau to. commence forthwith, and to con'inue injorcejor oge. i > ur. c,,, - tain, ani further until three Months notice shall l- e. given on *-.' ter safe, iumaitnurfoUoteine, vix. •. .. • „ liORSES for Grinding the Malt and raising the Worts in the Brewhmtes, at per Tun of Beer brewedi HORSES for Pumping Water at either of the Wells, 011 the premises, at per I lorsc, for a Spell of four Hours. Pay men: to be made quarterly by bdU payable ninetydays after date, with interest added thereto at the rate of lhree- pe'ir. e per centum per diem. . Ve regard will be had to any teqder mv: huh the price shah not oe inserted in words at tenglh, or that fbeU not t< j < 0 lu cyd b- fort twelve, o'clock on thesaidid of October next; » ora » fo « the perron mho ir. akes the same, or souieperson on lus cc,. a! J, , U,: r. d to answer thereto when called for. REFKS N. B.— The Conditions of Ihe Contract may. be seen at + M/ Office, [ l^ e EAGLE HOUSE, BLANDFORD, DORSET, Sept. 14, ISOj). RS. CHUB CHILL begs leave to return thanks to. her numerous friends for the patronage she has received for suteen; vealrs past; and to inform them, she. has relinquished her BOARDING- SCHOOL in favour of Mrs. CnAM8Eai. nr, a Lady, she can recommend with, the greatest confidence its worthy theic future support,. [ 4704 MRS. CH AM BERLIN, late of Great Paissel- Street, Bloomsbufy, London., in tohose favour Mrs. Ciiuiic- ini. i. has relinquished her SCHOOL, flatters herself that tlie'liberal plan Of education, which if is her intention to addjit, together with the strict regard She Will ever pay to the moiais and health of the young Ladies committed to her charge, will secure to her the patronage and support Of their friends, and recommend the Establishment to the notice of the Public at large. •' ' "[ 4706 ASO N>£ JII AM BERLIN, of Great llussel- street, Bloomsbuty, London, son of the late Mason Cham- berlin, R. A. ( and himself many years an Exhibitor at the Royal Acadcmyj beg* leave to inform the Ladies and Gentle- men in the vicinity, that at Michaelmas next he will remove to BLANDFORD, where he intends teaching Landscape Paint- ins and Drawing, in its varioiw bianebos, and hopes for the. honor of their patiuaujj** [ 4^ oC CHEAP TRAVELLING.' SALISBURY COMMERCIAL COACH, from the THREE SWANS, SALISBURY, to the BELL SAVAGE, LLTIGATE- HILL, LONOON. Performed by EDWARD PROCKTER. GEORGE MATCH AM, ah'cTCO. SALISBURY, Inside .. 16s. od... Outside.. 10 s. 6d. ANDOVER, 12s. od is. Od. A NEW COACH to EXETER and PLYMOUTH, through Hindon, Mere, Wincanton, and Yeovil, every Munday, Wed- nesday, and Friday morning, at nine o'clock. [ 4514 SALISBURY, August 14, 1W9. HENRY SHORTO, CUTLER, SILVERSMITH, & C. informs his friends and the public, that during the alterations making at his Shop, the Business witl be trans- acted in a room within, Wanted,— A quantity of Buckhorn. To be Sold,— The Windows, Doors, and Shutters o. f a. Shop Front, of large dimensions/ convertible i nto two fronts. For particulars apply as above. [ 4240 and JAMES TABGETT Carpenters and Wheelwrights, ( late workmen to Mr. Itowden,) respectfully inform their friefids and the public, they have opened. a Shop in the above line of business, near the Four Rcjis,. Fisherton, where they mean to carry on the same in all its branches, when, by a strict attention, and using die best materials, they trust their friends and the . publK, - will be perfectly Satisfied. fiHtfj T. BOOKS, PRINTS, AND MUSIC. TO the' Lovers'of Music, Science, and Literature. TURNER and Co. Booksellers; - respectfullv inform Musical Ladies, Professors, and Amateurs in Harmony, that they have for Sale, at a Shop adjoining the Lamb Inn, Catherine- Street, SAI. ISBUBY, an extensive Selec- tion of choice MUSIC, comprising the MKSSIAH, and otiie favorite works of. Handel, Ptevel, Mozart, Haydn, A'azzin > h Von Esh, Shield, Dibden, and the most celebrated Composers . which ( for a short time) is selling at only Half Price; printed on fine papei, and warranted correct. Likewise a valuable Collection of BOOKS, on Divinity, I lisfory,^ Voyages, Travels. Philosophy, Sx. & c. at very reduced prices. Catalogues of the Books and Music may be had. N. B. Libraries or Quantities of Books purchased or valued 011 a plan which will insure the full value to those who have the disposal of them.— An excellent fine toned Violoncello to be sold Cfieap.-— Letteis ( paid) My attended to: *' [ 4317 WANTED tq purchase,— SiiCoupIe of RABBIT BEAGLES-, of the smallest size, and true- bred Houad*- — Applv to Mt. William Lewin, Sydling Vicarage, near Dorchester, Dorset. '. " ' &!* « WANTS a Situation as BAILIFF,-— A. middle- aged Person, who has been regularly bred up in prac- tical husbandry, and buying and- selling or cattle, and who has served a gentleman in'that capacity, from whom he can obtain unexceptionable character both as to abilities as well as assiduity. . Letters ( post paid) addressed to. M. N.. to-, be left at the Printing- office^ Canal,. Salisbury. [ 4700 TO PARENTS & GUARDIANS. - WANTED,—- AN APPRENTICE TO A SAD- DLER, in a country Market Tow- by who will bq treated as one of the family. - " For particulars apply to the Printers- pt this Piper. [ 47S4 w ANTED, at Mich a MiRt.- iiotr, Sept. ) i, 1809. » A Man and his; Wife, with no- family, to undertake the. Care. antl M- iintenatice of the Poor in the Workhouse of Jjanihuli,. in the county of Dorset; t. he. numb, ei from 25 to 80 ;. the person to feed and maintain them at so much per head, and to b. aye their earnings. - The house is Well- adapted to the pu'rposs, having been lately fitted up, is commodious and stands in a. Court paled in, and a good garden, nearly all aire. ... Farther particulars may be known by application to the Overseer of Marnhull, near Shaston, Dorset; or by letter, if post paid. '' [ 4791 IGHT MILLWRIGHTS WANTED— Apply it to J. Bell, millwright,' Romsey, Hants. There - will be a winter's job for them. [- 17* 28 To Hemp- Dressers and Chain- Spinners. A N T E D immediately, A Journeyman HEMP- DRESSER and SACKING- CHAIN- SPIN- NEll.— Good hands may have constant employ, and good wages by applying to Joseph Saunders, rope- maker, Salisbury, Wilts. . ( 48.45 To Growers ard Manufacturers of Fine Clothing HE BATH arftJ. WisfiT^ f EVOLAMO ' AEITZCURTTN'Y 11 AL SOCIETY, sensible of the. high importance, of thk- branch of manufacture to the commercial interests of the. United Kingdoms, hive for several vears assiduously occupied themselves in devising the bejt me'ans of promoting the home-* growth of stiPEftriltK WOOL, stf as to make their Native Country in this respect wholly independent of foreign nations. vi ith this view they have from time to time offered various premiums, which have appeared to " thein. be..; t calculated to accomplish that valuable end.; and it is with the greatest " satis- faction that they are able to state, what has clearly appeared to a large majority of theitMembers, who have duly' invest-', gated the subject, that Wool grown in Great- Britain is equallv tit for al- i the purposes of jlje manufacture with the'best which" can be imported froth Spain or other countries. More especi- ally they liav- r, for two or more successive vears, found that Wool from a cross between the original. Merioo Rain arid RyelandEwes, and from their posterity, variously intermixed for. several generations, without any further recurrence" to the pure breed, has, in in . every instance - n which the trial. liaa been made, produced Cloth and Ca'sSimir finer than those manufactured from the most noted Spanish piles for the ex press purpose of competition. As however doubts still remain widely extended amongst persons most immediately interested in ( lie decision, the Bath . - - . is— — • ' S.. S. .. . » , u 1LI1WU . " to the Manufacturer of the Finest Piece of Navy- Blue Broad in ai. iv country; and also Premiums of Four and Six Gui- " ncas to- the Grower and Manufacturer of a Piece ot Uniform " ' Whit:- Cassimir, hot less thsn'a3' yards in lerigth. In order "- to qualify a competitor foi this premium, the name of the " manufacturer, and pileor species of Wool, and of the grower " ( if British) to, he contained in a Sealed paper, having on the " outside a mark indicating the piece of cloth to which it r ••> " fers, and which it must accompany. Such paper will, not " be opehed till the examining Committee shall have 1. ; J « " their report on the merits of the respective cloths : which " report will be pronounced' from the Chair on the day of thii " Annual Meeting." As at this period of slackness in the manufacture, ' there csn be no difficulty in finding Clothiers who Will d • ashpit i: ii; iic* to any wool which may be Gent to them for that purpose, the Growers of. British Wool will by these means haVethe'l est opportunity of assertaining- the quality'of their respective pllt s; and ih ofder to remove every impediment to competition, tha Society doth- hereby engage, if required, to purchase, . at th » most liberal price, any piece of Cloth or'Cassimir . which may obtain either of the, above premiums." If after this general invitation, the. Manufactdrers'sh 11, by omitting to'enter into so' fair a competition, decline giving to the public that satisfaction which so impprtant a quest!,. ji de- mands, the Society, and the country at large, will have a just right to conclude jhat iheir backwardriess arises from a con- sciousness that the" Wool: of foreign prndiictibn is at least not superior, for the. purposps of-' manufacWre, to that of British growth,—— By Order of the Society, • li. ELCALLDS, SECRETARY. HETI. IN. C- HQUSE. BATH,'' Sept. 13, IGPG. . [ 48( 18 S r" TWENTY GUINEAS REWARD'. STOLEN, on Friday night, tlic lst of Sept. instant, or early on Saturday morning the 2d' inStafit, from Mr. Philip Hughes's stable- at Vcrnham, Hants,:—— A. B1. ACK QELD1NG, about. 13^ hands'lugh, nia? years" o'd, rather knuckling behind, a small Wring knot On Hi's back, and cut faili"' Also a SADDLE," marked Eaton, saddler, Andover, - a Saddle Cloth, and Head Stall . Halter.-^— Whoever will give . suqh. infprmatiPh . Is will convict the offend-, r, shall receives TWENTY GUINEAS Reward.— FIVE GUINEAS will also be given, with all reasonable e, xpenees,. for'the reeovejry of the . said Gelding, yby applying to Mr. P. Hpghes,. Vemham. STOLEN or STRAYED,' fiqtn Bucfholf Eattfo . . near'Sto& bride- e, Hants,' pn of about the' 9: h fist.— One Yearling MARE COLT, of the Cart kind, and SnifTwo- yeai - aid. BLOOD MA'dE COLT; - the j- earlrrig : is'" dart- brOwn, Afich a brown . muzzle, and a large white stripe down the face, and two. white heels behimi the blood, mare is a bright bar, about 135- hands high> With one " white, heel behind, and a s- hort switch tail. • If strayed, a reward of ONE GUINEA, and all reasonable expences, will paid on the, Colts bsin* brought to BuckhoU Farm ; if. stoifen, atewardof FIFTY POUNDS, wjil be, paid pn conviction of the offender or Offenders,- by me, WILLIAM MEAD. Sccny- i. T Farm, Sept. QO, 1809. .. ... . 448B7 TT'OLLwF'ED a Gentleman in - November last,— - L A LIVER and ". VILITE POINTER DOG, from Lvnd- hurstto Southampton. Whoever can prove him to be thcii property may have him again by paying the- expences : if not owpiil by the 5th of October, be- wiilbe sold to pav the ex'pentys.-^ pply, jpost paid, to No. 40, Above- bar, • goutli- - anjpton.., . ' - fj(; au*' TO WHEELWRIGHTS. WANTED immediately, ill an established Shop, Two steady good WORKMEN, who understand eveiy part of the above business, particularly the 6 and 9 inch work. 1' iu y will have constant employ and good wages, by applying to Wm. Rowden, wheelwright, Fisherton, Sariim. [ 4S! 8 W-" TO BAKERS. ANTED immediately,— A JOURNEYMAN in the above business— one who understands making all kinds of Pastry. A11 unmarried man would be preferred, and liberal wages given. N. B. References as to character will be expected. Apply to Mr. J. Wood ( if by letter, post paid), Library, Weymouth. 14738 WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family, A LAUNDRY- MAID, who understands her business well.— Enquire of Messrs. Painter, Ando'vCr; if by letter, post paid. . [ 4578 WANTED, - A smart, active, cleanly MAN SERVANT, to take care, of. a Small kitchen garden and a horse; occasionally to wait at table, and to make him- self otherwise useful in the house.- A clean active young Woman, as ai" PLAIN GOOK, isalso wanted. . . Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr-. Harding,. bookseller, Gosport. • . - . V. [ 4833 WANTED,— A GOOD COOK, WHO CAN PICKIE, preserve, make made dishes, soups, & c. & e.; in short; who . is properly qualified for n'Gentleman's Family, where there are s- rvcral servants, and of whom she must be capable take the management, & c. as Housekeeper,, with a kitchen maid under her.— She will of course be expected to have a good character. • ' '•' [ 4803 For reference to the Advertiser, apply at the Printing- office. ANTED,— A steady in- door SERVANT•: as. he will , hale but little to do in the house, he must make himself. useful in other respects occasionally. Address to A. B. Post- Office^ Wareharu, pest paid*. N. B.— A, light weight only need apply. [ 4825 AN UPPER PORTfiR WANTED. WANTED, An UPPER PORTER, in " a Wholesale. ' Lead, Glass, and Colour Store, who has been used to packing and carrying out goods, can write a tolerable good hand, and . knows something of accounts. Such a person may hear of a comfortable situation by apply- ing1 ( if by letter, postpaid! to Mr. Lempriere, Portsmouth. It is requested no one Will make application Who has not Jived in a similar situation, and can come very well re- commended for sobriety and integrity. . [ 4023. THRESHING MACHINE. TO he SOLD,— A. good THRESHING MA- CHINE, which may be removed and put . up immedi- ately. Enquire'Of Mr. Mills, Millwright,. Andbver'; if by" letter, the postage must be paid. • ' [ 4865 GIG ® HARNESS! . O be SOLD,— A handsome. Town- made G( G, and HARNESS incomplete repair. [ 480,1 Apply to the Ostler at the Black Horse Inn, Salisbury. pO . be SOLD,— A fashionable CURRICLE, 1 town built, and hung on the newest principle, with head, knee boot, & c.; has been newly, painted a light yellow relieved with. black, and is lined with blue cloth; and yellow- Morocco squabs' fold cushions: the whole in the most perfect condition, and fit lor immediate use. Lowest price fifty guineas. Letters fpost- paid) addressed to. H . Locke, coach- maker, Southampton,, will k. s duly . attended to, [ 4S- 10 SALISBURY, " " MART, GATTRELL begs leave to reimw her application to those persons who are indebted toiler Lite Hu, baiii.' ljVM. GATTRC LI,, resquestin^ they will oblige b « . r . by an early discharge of their accounts.- M; G. would feel great reluctance in putting any one of her friends to th » expence of legal application, buj this measure must be lrad ( recourse to with those who do not attend to this noHce.' TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS, JWOODWARD having resigned his trade at • Salisbury to Mr. G. Barrett, desires al! persons who att indebted toJ. W. to, discharge their accounts,.. with as littte delay as possible, either to him at Andover, or Mr. Perking . Catharine street, Salisbury:,' and'atl persons having apy. de- maiid on him, ate request eel to send the same'as afe'ovc, th'a » it may be examined and immediately discharged. ' f- f8* l5> A LL Persons indebted to Mrs JOHN RU'IT, hit of Ansty, Wilts, arc ri e to Lristy, are requested immediately to pay- Mr. James Butt, of Ansty, Wilts, or Henry. Gerrird, ot SWalloWclift, Wilis; and all pjrsons having any demand ars to send the amount thereof, in order to arrange a settlement of his affairs.- ASSTY, SepU ISttf. F- l'sia . MOFFATrs ' COMMISSION. HTHE several Creditors Who have' p- foveil their < Iebi# under a Comrilission of Bankrupt issued agsiinst ED- WARD MOFF4TT, late of. Warminster, in the- couv. ty of Wilts, Grocer anil Linen Draper, may receive, a final Diyideiid c- f EightShillings an'd Sixpence in the Pound, on iheir respec- tive debts, by applying to Mr. Charles'Smatt, solicit, r' Clement's Inn,- London. " - n-: THE Creditors of WILLIAM LANGtASHHiE, late of the City of Bath, Statu < ry rfnd Builder, are desired- to meet theAssignees of the said William Lancashire's- Estate and Effects, on Monday the' lfitjv day of October nex',. at. twelve o'clock at noon," at'the. Greyhound Inn, in the city of Bath , to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees com- mencing, prosecuting, or. defending any suit or kiW'at law or . in equity," for recovery of any part of the said - William. Lan- cashire's Estate and Effects ; and to the submitting to arbitn- tion an Account depending between the said Wm. Lanctif hire and Mr. Richard Bowshet, of tfie Said city of Bath, attomey at law; ar. d'also to the submitting to arbitration or otherwise agreeing any matter or thing relating to the said Wm. Lan- cashird's Estate and Effects ; antl 011 other. special affairs. Tliis day is published, price Is. fid.' ACHARGE, delivered to the Clergy of the Art- h- deticonry of SARUM, on the 11th, 12th, 18th, and 14th days of July ( 80t). By the Rev. C. DAUBENY, Archdeacon of Sarum. Printed for F. C. andJ. Rivington, St. Pmi's Chureh-\ . rd- oftvhom may be had, Archdeacon Daubeny's other Works; sold also by Brodic, Dowdmg, and Luxford, Sahsuury. [ 17s 1 • This Jay is pullisKcd, in 8to. handionielij printediy Bcillaii- tyne, a NEW EDITION, being the Fourth. 12$; hi'hoards MARIVHON; a TALE of I'LODDEN FIELD. A Poem, in Six Cantos. : By WALTER SCOTT. Esq. Author of tile " Lay of the- Lust Minstrel." Priuteifor. A., Constable and Qo. Ediiibofgh; and W Mil- ler, Albemar. le- street, % j; d Ji,) m Murray,- 3*, Fleet-' tr- ct London; sold hy, Brodie, Dov/ ding, and Luxford, Salisbnn ; and by every. bo'qtsellar and. newsman.- [ 4Cj This day is published, ' in Si- 0. price 5s THE OUARTERI. Y REVIEW, N0. HI — .. Printed tor John Murray, 32, Fleet- street; Hatchard, Piccadrlly.; and Richardson, Comhiil, London; Joha Ba'j laptyne and Co. and Brown and Crombie, Edinburgh • I jmv den, Glasgow; and by M. N. Mahon, Dublin ; sold also by Brodte, Dovvdmg, and Luxford, Salisbury: and bv every lw » 9 « eller and newsman in town and country. f44119 . ery ri49P THE SALISBURY AMI WINCHESTER JOURNAL, Wednesday's and Thursday's Posts. Ftl 0- M T1IF, LONDON* GAZETTE OF SEPTEMBER- 13. HOUSE GUARDS, Sept. IS. IT is his Majesty's counn? iud,. that all Officers tielontjlftg" to ivgUttettU stationed' ii » " Wand of Walcheren," shall immediately juin their'regiments 5 and they are p0 « it^ W ordered to repaili for that purpose forlhwithto Heal, from whence the- means will be furbished to them of proceeding to their respective corps. The only exceptions to tbi « G'et> e. ral Order are, those Officers who ate absent on a regular certYfi. yte of ill health. \ VH! TEIUIA, Sept. 19. The King has bfieh plgased to ( frarit the dignity of a Bai'onet of tin; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland to Thomas- Sbeppard, of Thorn- ton Hall, in the county of Buckingham, Esq. AdMiRALTV- Oi tier,, Sept. 19. Vice- Admiral Sir, John Borlase Warren has transmitted; for their L.. rd„ hip's infor- mation, the eopy'of a " letter from <' irpta'; n Monnsey.' who arrived at Halifax <>> i the 1- t of Aujju*, in. La Uotine- citoyenne, with La furieuse french frigate- her pi we, having struck to the British colours, after au'actioii of six hours aid fifty . minutes, ait event which has- added fresh lustre to his Majesty's aim?. The Bonne Citoyennc sailed from Spithead mi the 16th of June, in company with his Majesty's ship Inflexible,- and the Quebec trade ; oil " the '.' d ot'July, in lat. 44 N. long. 27 VV. lost sight of the con- voy. On the fith, at three P. M. fell in with a French frigate in tliri act of taking possession of a large English merchant ship, which they shortly relinquished on the approach of the J5onne Citoyenne, and steered to the Northward under a press of sail. The Bonne Citoyennc hoi'e up in pursuit, and, after a chace of eighteen hours, at twenty- five minutes past nine A. M. oil the tith, Capt. Mounsey had the satisfaction to lay bis Sfajesty's . sloop along! ide within pistol- shot of the enemy, who had brought- to to engage. A brisk cannonade with round and grape immediately commenced) and the combat continued with unabated fury, gradually closing until sixteen minutes past four V. M. when the Bonne citoyenne's powder being nearly all ex- pended, Capt. i- nsev determined to carry the enemy by hoarding with all 1 audi, and at the instant of laying her aboard tor that j ui pose, they called out they had surren- dered, and struck titir colours to his Majesty's . sloop. Thus Vndvda conflict obstinately maintained for six hours and fifty minutes, during Which the - enemy fired away more than 70 broadsides whilst his Majesty's - loop, not less sparing, discharged 1 '-' If destructive broadsides, alternately from the stjfboard and larboard sides, as circumstances would permit a change of position with advantage, so as to avoid the . ne- cessity of slackening fire from the guns being fcver heated ; three of which were dismounted and rendered useless early it! the action. La Furieu- e is a French frigate of the largest class, that eScaped from the Saintes on tha 1st of April, commanded by Capt. Le Maraut Ker Daniel, pierced forAH guns, but having only 12 42- pound carronades and 2 long 24- pounders on the main deck, with six of smaller calibre; 40 soldiers at small arms, her full proportion of Officers, and a com- plement of 200 men, besides the Color. el, two Lieutenants, and a detachment of the 6' 0' th regiment of the line ; partly lrtatbd with sugar and coffee, ami sailed from Basse Terre the 14th of June, bound fur france; is seven years old, anil sails very fast. Aft if a hard contested action, a most arduous duty still remained to he performed. On taking possession, the frigate was found to be in. a rvst perilous state, with four- t - en shot- holes between wind and water, and five feet water in her bold. Her topmast , and all her yards ( except the c: - i— jack and sprit sail) shut away, and her lower masts so " badly wound d as to render it almost impossible tA p'revfch'l tbeih from falling, with more than 70 men killed and wounded, whilst his Majesty's sloop was reduced to a mere wreck. Thus circumstanced, Captain Mounsey was induced to make the best of his- way to Halifax, where he arrived with the prize on the 1st of August. The Bonne Citoyenne's loss, in killed mid wounded, htt& been inconceivably small, which Capt. mounsey attributes to the lownes, of her hull, and being so close under the enemy's gun'. She had < mly one Seaman killed; 4 Seamen and 1 Marine badly wounded. The killed and wounded on board the I'urieuso were, 2 grafter- Masters, 27 Seamen, and 6 Soldiers, killed; the First' Captain, 2 Lieutenants, 2 Midshipmen, 4 Cannonicrs, 1<> Seamen, 1 Mentenant of Artillery, and 7 Soldiers, dan- geruii ly wounded; total killed and wounded, 71. WAR- Office., Stpt. 19. fit Rig. of Foot Guni- tls— Capt. J. S. colquitt to be Captain of a Company, vice Donaldson, deceased. i& th Zfer. <{ f foot— Major t. Moore to he Lieut.- Colonel, . vice Pettit^ deceased; Capt. J. Herries to be Major, vice Moore. Staff.— Brevet- Major R. Armstrong, from the fiid Foot, to be Staff Captain at the Army Depit in the Isle of Wight, vice Ouselcy. Commissions signed by the Lord Lieutenant of Hants.— Portsmouth ilutia'. iou « / tight Infaiihy— VitM Lieutenant T. Edgecombe to be Captain, vice Burbey, resigned ; Second Lieutenant W. Crocker to he First Lieutenant, vice Edgecombe, promoted. BANKHUPTS. Willpim hoskyn, of Cawsand, brewer and maltman. William Cleasby, of York. grocer, james Dyson, l. ivt- rfool, Thomas potter, of Manchester, grocer. phineas elton, ofbolton- le- Moors, innkeeper< James calver, of Brook- strect, ratclifF, victualler. Thomas berry, of Toolly- street,. Southwark, taylor. george pearson, of friday- street, Cheapside, warehouseman. JAMES Hillier, of rathbone- place;, Oxford- street, picture- FRAMe- maker. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, SKt'TKMBER 20. Dutch papers to the 13th have teen received.— They furnish little information respecting the progress of the jiegocittions between Bonaparte and the Emperor of Austria. A peace, it continues to be hoped, will be the result, but there is no relaxation of warlike preparations. The Tyiolese ornithine their patriotic exertions, They have committed great slaughter among the French and Bavarian forces, and have. driven them out of their country. A Gentleman who arrived At Leith last. Thursday • from- GottSnburgh, states, tint the terms of Pe'ace betweeii Russia and Sweden had been . finally arranged." The latter Lad continued firm in resisting the demand that her Ports should be shut against British commerce; but she had con- tented that no British ships of .. war should enter any of. her fortified Harbours. It was understood that Finland was positively to be ceded to Hussi. t. Sjxwkh and Purtugiliese papers to the dates of Sept. 9 anil 4, were received this morning. It appears from these papers, that ' every exertion is making to put tha tirmip* ilk such a situation-, as may enable them, in both countries, to maintain their ground, if not to resume offensive opevuions. The panic which prevailed, in conse- quence of the iate retreat of the British, is said to have ciibsithsl; but we do not learn that they have yet taken an, advanced position. Government have received dispatches from the United Statei, containing, . ewe are told, the project of a Treaty between tie republic- and France. Front private letter;, however, it seems a- s if matters have not proiKeded » n far this inf- rmation pre- stinposes'.; but sufficient has occurVt.' u to awaken the attentiou of Government, to the attempts of France to restore its anticabie relations with America, to the e^ c'iiisidn of the intercouria with this country. The '- hip. Sj re. i left France fpr America, and • arrived" there im . the 7tn pit', and the inr{ n'essioii on the dtscliisura of f he content's of her dispatches appeared to be very'tfufavpilKi.' ile to. any friendly arrangement between the. two " co'untrief. Two. days suii- efjueut, the Mentor, also fisom France, reached .. I+ ew York, with fresh- and unex- jie ted proposals from that -. Government. Letters which, nef'ore the ytli oi August, indicated hostilities between the Jle. pubiie and. F'r. inee, from that period' assumed a different tone ; and one week posterior to the arrival of the Mentor, the Wasp sloop of war took its departure for Eat ope, with instructions to the son if the late President Adams, to lie oCiate at Paris for the revocation „ f the offensive decrees . of Napoleon. In coriseqacnce of the Non- Intercourse Act having been ag. iio resorted to by the American Government, the prices of all American articles are looking up.— The holders of Ashe, s reftise to poll nmler 70s. per cwt. Cotton has ad- vanced Ui. to Id. per lb. and tobacco is from 10 avoid the hurricanes, which generally tcite piace this season of Uie year in the West Indies. A settlement has been formetf on the right bank of the RjAer Plate, by a number of deserters, ci- clsuant pri- soners and wounded, of Gen. Wlntelocke's army. Their conduct is described to be of the moat atrocious description, rivalling the Buccaneers, who, two centuries ago, were the terror of Spanish Ameiiea. Nearly 30 sail of the homeward- bouiul Leeward Island and Jamaica fleets were entered on the books at Lloyd's . yesterd ty morning, as having arrived at different ports in the Channel. Cabinet Councils liavfe been held for the last three days. Their deliberations have been long, and it is ru- moured, principally , upon the new Ministerial arrange- ment^ "..!..' It is rumoured that ihe Nijritlen frigate is ordered to be prepared at Portsmouth, for tlie'immediatereception of Afr. Rose, fun. and his SUIU, « bo are to proceed to Wal- Cheien. { t is stated ( but we think untruly) that Mr. Rose is going out in the Capacity of Governor, or Lieut. Gover- nor of that island. The heavy, complaints of the Merchants Interested in the coasting trade have at length obtained the at- tention of the Admiralty, and measures have . been taken which will put an end to the depredations on. that trade so ling committed by the enemy with impunity. The Admi- ralty hive appointed some frigates and smaller vessels espe- cially to wa; eh t' at part of the coast which has been most amio/ ed, and the ejiemy have already found that they cannot w ith impunity insult us, or make prize of our mer- chantmen.; A large bigger piivateer was yesterday taken off Hastings by the Loire frigate.. Another French priva- teer was driven from her lurking- place under Beachy- heail; she abandoned a prize which she had just taken, and was pursued by a British frigate ami a cutter, which it was hyped would coiue up w ith her before she reached a French port. Cm* 1! U? I\ E. S5.— Yesterday a Court, of Aldermen was held at Guildhall, at which the price of the quartern loaf was ordered to he advanced to I Grf. l— Tlie Emanual Hos- pital Committee reported that the Rev. Air. Shepherd lately deceased, ( who received i' 00/. per ami. in lieu Of tithes for the IkaHdsbtUton estate, in Yorkshire, left by Lady ' Dacre, as a eliarity to the Hospital), bad been succeeded by the Rev, Mr. Brajshaw, who demanded the exorbitant stun of 520/* per aim,, for the said tithes, which was read,, and it was referred to the Solicitor, to take legal opinions thereon. ... COKN'- EXCDANGE, Sept. 20. " Wheats ire again at father an advance in price. Barley is also dearer. Malt and White Peas as before. Beans ai'e higher. Oats are also in short supply, and dearer. . l-' lour this week is at an ad- vance of St. per sack; and line American higher— 62*, to Sti. v. per barrel. CHIM& FLAM RACES, 1809. X TUESDAY, Sept. 26, a PLATE of £ 50 for adages, thit berftttf three- two- mile heats : Oyrs. oldto carry « st. a lb. 5 4 yrs. old, 7st. 11 lb.; 5 yrs, old, 8st. 7 lb.; Syrs. old, pst.; and aged, flst. 2 lb.*— Geldings and Fillies to be allowed a lb.— A winner or one plate to carry a lb. of two ditto 5 lb. three or more 7 lb. extra.— The winner to l e sold for 20^ qs. if demanded in a quart. rof an hour after the race, the owner of the second horse being first entitled. Same day, a SWEEPSTAKES of logs, each, with 25 gs. added; 3 yrs. old, fist. 7 lb ; - 1 yrs. old, 7st. f » lb.; S yrs. okl, 8 St. 4 lb.; ti yrs. old, and aged, 8 st. Hi lb.; twice round the Course.*— A winner once, in the year 1 B0:>, to carry a lb. extra, twice 5 lb. and thrice or more 7 lb,; Marcs aud Geldings allowed a lb. Mr. C'alley names Hippomenes, aged. Mr. Scrope's Mmmtaiticcr, aged. Mr, P. M thuen naiuts Brainworm, agtd. Sir John Hawkins's Clermont, 6 yrs. old. l ord C, Somerset's Cerberus, aged. Mr. Heath's Humbo, aged'. Mr. J. Potty's eh. c. Sandy, a yrs; old. - Mr. Trevar. ion's Stripling, 6 yrs. old. On Wcosts D AY, Sept. 37, a PLATE of £ 50 for D and i yr. olds; Z yrs. sM, 7st. ; 4yrs. ol. l, 8st. 7 lb ; t! ie best of tbr-. e two- mile heats.— Fillies and Geldings allowed alb.-— A ; v; nr : f of a plate this year lo'carry 3 lb. extra.— The winner to be sold for laags. if demanded iri a quarter of an hour after therace, the owner of the second horse to be fii ; t entitled. Same day, a SWKEPSTAK. ESof logs. each, for 3 and4 vr. olds : ayrs.- old tn carry 7st.; 4 yrs. old, 8 st. 71b. Fillies allowed Dlb.; Maiden'Colts and Fillies allowed a lb. ; heat once found the course.— The winner to be sold fni H'Ogs. if demanded in a- quarter of an hour after the race, tlioowuerof the second horse being fust entitled; and if n- ore than .. x s j; scribers, the own-.- r of the second horse to reecive back bis stakes.— The stakes to be made good before starting, or not entitled, though a winner. 1 PRESENT SUBSCRIBERS 1 Sir J. Hawkins's Miss Bab, by Highland- Fling, 3yrs. old. Mr. Calley's Scotch- Step, by Highlanil- Flin^, a yrs. old. Mr. Charles Day's Snowdrop, by Highland- Fling, a yrs. old. Mr. Barrett's Seopas, bv Skyrocket, 4 yrs. old. Mr. SeiTert's bay colt Chance, by Skyscrapcr, a. yrs. old. The horses to be entered for cach plate at the Duke William, on Saturday the 23d, between the hours of three and six o'clock ill tile afternoon ; to pay one guinea entrance, and 10s. GJ, to tile clerk of the course.—- The winner of each plate to pay one guinea to the clerk of the course.— The winner of the first day's plate not to be allowed to start for the second, nor less than three reputed rmming- horses to start for'each plate.— All disputes ro be settled by the- StcWard, or whom n; e may appoint.— Each rider is desired to declare, " at the time qf naming, the colours he will ride in, that they may, be inserted in the printed lists.— No gentleman will be admitted into the grand stand, unless a subscriber of one guinea.— N- o person will be allowed to erect booths, or sell liquors, on the race- ground, but those who have subscribed" three guineas,— No day at twelve o'clock. PAUL MF/ THUEN, Esq. Stewart. WM. PARTRIOOE, Clerk of the Course. [ 4553 SOUTHAMPTON HACKS Will take I'laee the 1' ith and 20th of . Sepfemtei'. ^ IRST DAY,— A SUBSCRIPTION CUP of FIVE GUINEAS- EACH, with FORTY GUINEAS added from the Racing Fund : three yis ol 1, tJst. I lib.— ti ttr yrs. old, 8$ t. 4lb.— five yrs. old, < lst.— six /. s.^ ld, ast. 41b.— and aged, sst. Sib. Two mile beats. • Mr. Trevanion's Stripling, five yrs. old. Mr. MitctHl names Littleton, " byDottercl, three yrs. old. Capt. Haffendvn, Mr. W. lillis, and Mr. Rumbold, are subscribers, but did not name. The TOWN PLATE of FIFTY POUNDS, for Maiden Horses of all ages : three years old, 7st. 2lb.-— four years eld, Sst,. 6lb.— five yrs. old, 9st. 101b.— six yrs. old, 8st. I2lb.— and aged, ost. . Mates and Geldings allowed alb. Two mile • iieats. . SliCOND DAY,— SWEEPSTAKES of TEN GUINEAS each: four yrs. old, itst. 4lb.— live yrs. old, 1 Ost. Jib.—- six ' yrs. old, last. 7lb.— andagtd, lost. 91b. Mares, and Geldings to be allowed Dlb. One four- mile heat. Horses that have won once in 1 SOU to carry alb. extra— twice, 5| b.— and thrice, 7lb. The winner of the Cup this year to carry 6lb. over anil_ above the weight for winning. Mr. Trevanion's Buccphalns, aged. Mr. Mitchell's' Tony Lumpkin, five yrs. old. Sir. Douglas's b; h. Don Felix,- aged. Capt. HajTenden- and Mr. York are subscribers, but did not name. LADIES' PLATE of FIFTY POUNDS, for all ages: three yrs. old, fist. lOib.—- four yrs. old, est. alb.— five yrs. old, Sst-, 12lb.— six yrs. old, ast. lib. and aged, ast. alb. Horses that have won once this year to carry " lb.— twice, Mb.— and thrice, 7tb. extra. The winner of a King's plate- this yeaT to earry 7lb. in addition to the present extra weights. The winner of the Cup this year will not be allowed to run for this plate. Three mile hejts: Mares and Geldings allowed alb. The Ho. r-- i- s. fer tjie two Plates to be shewn . and entered at ' that George inn , Southampton , 011 the Tuesday before run- ' ning, between tie hours of four and eight o'clock in the after- noon,. when proper certificates must be produced, paying two guineas eiitranae. and five shillings to the Clerk of the Course, or double post- cntraijce.— No less than three reputed running horses to start for eitiier of the above plates, unless by per- mission of the Steward's. If only one horse enters, the owner to receive ten guineas ; if two, fifteen guineas between them, and tbpir entrance- money returned ; but if two be permitted to start, and either refuje, such one so refusing shall forfeit his right to any part of the fifteen- guineas. It is expected that the owner of the winning horse each1 day will pay one guinea to the Clerk of the Course, . for weights, Scales,-& C.—- All horses to stand'at the stables of a subscriber of half- a- guinea at least; and not to be plated by a smith who does not subscribe half- a- guinea. No person wi) l he admitted to erect a booth or stail or sell liquors on the course,' who does not subscribe half- a- guinea. All dogs seen on the course will'be destroyed. All disputes to be settled by the Stewards, or whom they, sha, ll appoint.- To start each- day at one o'clock. Ordinaries, Balls, and Plays, as usual at former races. Sir T. TANCRED, Bart. X^^ SHERI-' IELD ENGLISH, HANTS. MALT- HOUSK, DWELLING- HOUSE, and every requisite Office, with a FARM, containing good Arable ana Meadow Lands, to be LET frdni the ensuing Michaelmas. * . For particulars enquire of the Bailiff at Melchet Park, or of Farmer William Ray, the present Tenant. to TO TO . MALTSTERS AND BAKERS. rrO be LETr, and entcretl upon at Michaelmas i. next,— A large and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, situate in Broad- street, in Fome, in the county of Somerset, with a Malthouse in which may be made 2- 2 quarters - weekly, a. capital Bakehotise, and a three- stall Stable adjoining, now in the occupation of Joseph Jenkins. Apply, ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Wm. Hiscocks, or G. Kotton, solicitor, tfromc. ".;.. - [ 46' jki KNW. ESS- STREET. TO be LETT, and entered upon immediately,— A very neat, comfortable, and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, in excellent repair, and pleasantly situated in - the most respectable part of Endless- strtet,' Salisbury, late'the residence of Mrs. Spencer, deceased;. For further particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. Foot', solicitor, Endless- street. B" 72 rpO be LETT and e, rtte> ed oti immediately,— A A HOUSE, Garden, and necessary offices, fit for'the re- ception of a small genteel'retired family;, the supply of water is remarkably good and convenient; and situated in a pleasant part of VVestlinry, Wilts, Terms moderate, as an acceptable tenant is the princi- pal object of the'advertiser. '[ 4783 . Enquire of Mr. Hninphrres, woolstapler, Wt stburv. tofih'aifr, IFm, nine. wUett from Hath. TO lie LETT', anil entered on innsedlafelv,— V very convenient aul sub- itirptial DWELLINGi- Uot- Sl;, pleasantly situated in the centre'of- Corsham bibrtsaid ; con- sisting of an erttnmce- haU and stair- case, two * ood parlours, store- room, excellent kitc ien, brew- house, c-. Bars, & e. four good bed- rooms, besides attics, ai. d other convenient offices, well supplied with excellent water; and a good walled Garden immediately adjoining. For particulUrs apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Arnold, the proprietor, y.' lio will shew the s une. f ii.' po . FARMS NEAR LEWES, IN SUSSEX. TO be LETT by TENDER, for a term of 14 or 21 years,— Two capital J-' ARMS, with Farm- houses. and every aecetmy OutbaiUiag, within three miles of I. ewts, in fhe parishes ot Itinemer and Gliaid; one in the possession of Messrs. Hooper, containfn'g Sis acres of Arable, Meadow, I'asmre, and Down Land,' subject to Tythes; the other in tfie possession of Mr: Crimder, coiittaining 16' o'awcs. of Arable, Mearf9.1V. and Pasture Land, about 60" acres of the Arable Tvthe- fftie.— May be entered on at Michaelmas ( old style; ftflo.—' FUe respective tenants will shew their lands. Tenders, scaled up, to- be sent to" Messrs. Strong, Still, and Str; > ng, Lincoln's Inn, 011 or before the 5th of No\ ember next, of wdiom, or of Mr. Wetter, at Glyn Ibouru House, further . particulars may be bail. ' f16t> 7 WILTS.— CALNE TURNPIKE TOLLS. NOTICE is hereby given. That the TOLLS arising at the Cains Turnpike' Gate?, known by the several names hereinafter- mentioned, will . be IJETT by AUCTION, J. B. THEVAN10N, Esq. / J. BAYLIS, C!, erkof rheX*) urse. [ 4761 the hours of ten o'clock iu the forenoon and two o'clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed by tile Act passed in ths 10th year ol' the reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, " tor regulating the Turnpike Roads j" which Toll* will he put up at the several sums lor which they were last ll- tr, r:' z. Cti'ilr. sterhill, Quemerford, and Chalk- street Side Gete £ lau Smelling's- 14ne ( leading to Devizes) 110 Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give s- cur. iy with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. J. MERE WETHER, Clerk and Treasurer. CAI- NE, Sept. 5, rsoa. f4580 HAMLET OF bOURTON, Pa: >:•< qf ', iuinglitlm, i: i the county of Dorset. O be SOLD l> v TENDER,— A CUSTOMARY or COPY Horn nS'I VTK of lMIEUlTANCE', now in the occupation <>*' '';> j. Houot Butt, whose lease will expire at L:. dy- day 1 sja ; coi. j> i s-.. e a snl.- tztitial House, with con- M'i; ient out build n-. e , ana abbflt 33 lee. ies of rie'r. Meadow end Pasture Land, 4nd Jim u act .- 8 of Arable ( be tfissamc more or less), which w . ll be sold iu one lot. .- Scaled, unil. is for the. purchase to he delivered - to. Mr. Biging, Bourton aforesaid, or Mr. Latimer, MevS, Wilts, on or before the- afith day i, f Septtmler instant; if by letter, post- paid. None will be received after twelve O'clock that day. Tha Timber on the estate to be taker, at a valuation; For further particu; 03 apply to the said Mr. Biging or Mr. Latimer; and tor a view ot the preroise- s to th) e tenaiiu. e- 3.^ .— — * One hundred an< l thirty quarters White Oats, two ricks of Hay, Kiood Colt, Utensils, & c. at Place Farm, Sombouinej hear Stockbridge. rpoil SALE by AUCTION, by J. YOUNG, on L the Premises, on Thursday- the - Mch day of September, is. OP,— Part- Of the FARMING STOCK belonging. to Mm, Wtlkiiis, at Place Farm; comprising 130 (( Marters* of'ptime. oafs, 4 r-. eks of extraordinary fine dry- ground old hay, three sets of- winnowlng tackle, rudders, sacks and. tools, sow and 7 pigs,, tour- year-, old cart marc, tax- c" art and- harness, with & varieiy. of other, useful utsnsi. ls, lie,— At the same tiratf will be. sold a vety- handsome- blood- yearling colt, by Skyscraper out of a thorou^ h- hrcd marc, by ClayijllVlier dam own sister tm Volante.—\ ritl0- Racing Caleridiiti— Sale areleven o'clock. TObe. SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MV. YODWG, on Saturday the 7th df October .1 Sti. o, . at the White Horse Inn, between the hours of l4i> r and six in the afternoon,— The following FREEHOLD PREMISES, in the parish of R. imscy Extra, late the property of Mr. IL Bell,, deceased 1 Lot I.— All those five Messuages, under one roof, situate near the Andover Canal, in the occupations t> f John Street, Rt; Blalie, Ci. Knight, and the widow King. Lot 2.— All those two Messuages and Gardens, next, to the Canal bridge, in the occupations,- of J. Atkins and B. Mitchell. Lota.— All those two Messuages and . Gardens," ' adjoining lot S on the west, in'the occupation of — Somerton and '•*— Smith. • .. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Holmes and Son, solicitors, Ilomsey. [ 4780 TITHES PGR SALE. rJXI be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, on X JStidaythi ujjjh of October njxt, at twelve o'clock' at noon, at the Hed Lion, Fareham, in the . county of Hants,— The RECTORIAL or GREAT TITHES of the Parish of FAREHAM, held upon a lease for three lives. The parish contains upwards of 4500 acres of- Jand, of which a large propbrlion is corn land, extremely valutibk-, botii'. fi'ota b teal advantages and the fefiilify of the soil. Farcham isa jtiiarfait.- town, and a very fionsidirable torn and cattle matket is held there once iu every . fortnight. It lies within- nine miles Of Portsmouth, five from Gosport, eleven from Southampton, and a short distance from otner market- town's. Particulars maybe had of " Messrs. Bleasdale, Alexander^ and Holme, 11, New Inn, London; Mr. Woodham, solicitor, Winchester; Mi. Barney, solicitor, Southampton; Mr., Lus- combj stationer, Portsmouth; Mr. Johnson, stationer, Gos- port; and of Mr. Paddon, solicitor, Fareham. f- lSb'O Eligible Freehold Cottage Residence, genteel Furniture, capital Town, built Chariot ( almost new), fine toned Grand Piano Forte, Damask Table Linen, and other valuable Effects, of J. EDWARDS, Esq. at Twyford Cottage, near Winchester. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. Mf. CF. Y, X on the premises,* on Thursday the 28rh of S;" j) t. iso'g, and following day, at eleven o'clock,— The genteel HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, capital Town- built Chariot, fine- toned Grand piano Forte ( by Kirkman), and other effects.; comprising an elegant drawing- room suite ( in riclvprinted • cotton) of window curtains with draperies, sofa, chairs and cushions to correspond; four- post an » l tent bedsteads furniture, feather- beds and bedding ; in mahogany are— capital set of dining tables, cellaret, sideboards, tambour desk with drawers, and bookcase with glass doors, bureau, chests 1 of drawers; excellent dining- room chairs, fine- toned grand piano forte, damask table linen, Brussels and other carpets, and- Other effects. ( Cj1 On the first day, at twelve o'clock, will be Sofd by Auction, on the premises,— The very eligible COTTAGE RESIDENCE, with excellent drawing and dining rooms, 21 ft. by 13 ; library, breakfast parlour, entrance hall, three good bed- chambers, three gaTrets, and every other domestic convenience; coach- house, stables, shrubbery", plat of pleasure ground, and spacious garden ; delightfully situated in the pleasant village of Twyford, on the banks of the Ilivcr Itchcn, in a fine sporting country, three miles from Winchester, anil nine from Southampton. The Cottage maybe viewed till the time of sate, bv ap plying to thi Auction- r, or on the premises. The Furniture may'l> e Viewed the Wednesday preceding the sale, when catalogues. ar. d pri' tt- dp rticulars may be bad on the premises, and of the Auctioneer, Winchester. [ 4768 MARCIIWOOD, NE .1 ti SOUTHAMPTON". Ty be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. ETMRIDGE, on Tuesday the ad day of October 180y,— The LIVE and, DEAD STOCK . of Mr. Richard Phillips, ijaitting his farm ; consisting of five excellent young draught horses, two colts, four cows, five latg'e and four smaller pigSj thirty lour- teeth Ryland Wethers; two waggons ( nearly hew), two dung carts, two joir of drags, four harrows, twa ploughs, complete, cart and plough harness, large roller, - Vc. & c.; a rick of well- made clover bay ( about 14 tons). Sale to begin at eleven o'clock. [ 47,57 rjTO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, A - without reserve, on Tuesday October 3, 180a,— The whole STOCK, of SHEEP, young Beasts, Colts, itc. of Clavertou Farm, two miles and a half from Bath, the pro- perty of Mr. Drew, quitting the same; consisting of "> 10 ewes of different ages, a 10. wether and cbilver lambs," so two- tooth wethers, and 7 rams-; ( the above sheep are principally of the Dorset and South- dowu breed, the others pt the Dor set arid New Leicester Cross ; are fine in their wool, arjJ, it is presumed, are equally calculated for the grazier or breeder;; as heifers, of ditferspt ages, of the. Devonshire br.- d;'- i yearling colts, a sticking- cults, and 2 nnres in foal, j'- iwi 1 S^ for. the accominodltion of purchasers, the sb'cep will be sold go in a lot.— The sale to begin with the sheep { jrecisstv at ten o'clock. THOMAS JAMES, Auctioneer. ' To DYERS, CU3TMIERS, AND OTHERS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by C. NORTOX, at the Bell Inn, Wilton, in the county ol" Wilt.-;, on Monday the ifit'h day, of September, between the boors of three and five,— The LEASE of all that cOmniOtifOtja ai d lately erected DVE- llOUSE, Willi jtrt- SUrdsaini Ontlmedii-. s thereto belonging, situated at Wilton afores. id;- lati; m the occupation of'Messrs. Cow;., td, aii. l Br w. r, bankrupts, f- lu- ie are tour years and a quarter of the Lease im'fSpiic8! . Tlfe purchaser will. be fequiied to take eopptT v fi. vtares, and . dyv- stoff' and utensils on the punvsis, at u- val- iai:& n. To be. § - iit. li by A- ei.- ri<>>-, on the saini iWy-. and at die same place, bttween tlie' hours of ii\ e and six,—' nie I EASE of a DWEI. 1.1NU- HOUSE and STORE- ROOMS, situ te at North Burcomb, near Wilton aforesaid, now or late in the occupation of the. above bankrupts, ' i'vvo vtm and a halt ' vf ft^ J Lease ; lre now unexpired. Particulars may be ktmw.' rbv applvii:-- t-.. e ' r. Burfciigh.- cr Mr. Squarey, two of the assi- pierS; or to Mr; Aan'.;, solicitor; all of . Salisbury. -.-..'- rrd be Sold by Auction, in'the MafkJt- plsf- e, Si'ilisbury, fefi- Tuesday the lytb of Scvt- embs'r, at twelVe o'clce';.- - A- Jioag useful SADDLE ' HUltSE, - late the property, of- tiio above bankrupts. . . F47S3 ALDERBURV, WILTS. TO be SOLD- by AUCTION, on the - Premises by - Mtsa >.' G(; rEiiOL':; i.-.. on WeUeesdav the 47ti » C ; v of September,. ]-..;<) — Pert of liie t'ARMINCx STOCK, part i. ofthi Household Furniture,• and DairV Uteri il;, tin-' 1.10- pertjf of Mr. WitidKh- ( who has left the " tarm, ; eonsisiing of a strong itscful draught horse, 1 narrow- wnecl wagson, 2- diing pots, market cii;^- 6 Sets of harness, van end' hel- er with stoeis, about W ing of potatoes, I sfoek of bees", n) j, Ifr ing tub, silts, cooler, ova! washing- tubs, brewing ditto'. clieesc presses, butter- barrel and stocks, . chceie ve- ts, bi.'- i;..-, scales, aud vei^ bt.- i, ' and fiiKiieroUs lots of dairy ut n.- its; • four- post bedstead with lnniit'ure-, one feather bed, and sundry lots offum'itur- e. . To be sold without reserve, atul the Sale to commence at eleven o'clock. [ 1 - y WESTBURY, WILTS. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION", by R. Kstoirp, X at the Vicarage House, on Tmsday the 2Cih d- v of September 1S03,— The neat aiid useful MOUSEHOI. D FOtl- NITURE, Piano Forte, Spinet, hackney Mare, with other Effects of the Rev. Mr, COOKE, who is leaving Westburv ;' including four- post bedsteads with furniture, mahogany bu- reau bedstead, good feather- beds, mattresses, and bidding.; floor add bedside carpets ; mahogany desk and bookcase ; large cellaret, tables, chairs, a set Rf mahogany Cumberland tables, deal china cupboards, linen chest, double counting- house desk, an ckht- day clock, neat spring table clock, barometer, tea urn, 150 volumes of books, culinary utensils, small copper furnace, baiter and grates, a patent portable roasting- jack, wine bottles, saddle and bridle, a quantity of manure, " ashes, & C. & c.— Sale to begin at ten o'clock in the morning. To begi be v lewed ihe day pr< ceding. [ 4758 MELKSHAM, WILTS, NPO be SOLD by AUCTION, byTL KNIGHT, at 1. the., K. ing's Arms In. fl, Me'. ksluini, ' 011 Monday tile sd day of Octaber ISO-), at three o'clock in the afternoon,— A convenient DWELLING- HOUSE and GARDEN', in the occupation of- Mrs. Mary \\'. ebb; and three 01 her TK- NEMEN'f'S adjoining thereto, wnh r. cSuy Wrrk- lfeps and Lofts over tbem, in tile. occupation. 01 Mr.. Dowi. ng, c! i* hVr," and others. The garden erotind Ue5 against the tuxcpil,: road, add is- ao eligiblespot'for- building. The above premises are Situated nvar. t'ie Bell Inn, ' in Melkshain, ami are. Iield- under a- gni » t for f rtfio yeats. Further particulars may b. at thelieKi' Inn, Dei'iz- SJ- at tbr :' e olelcck in the afternoon.— A tnCst de'- irable and cempact . FREEHOLD FARM, called Coper IJevets- braoke Farm, situate' ib trie parish of Ilidmartin, two miles n- i-'. h of Calne, now . in tSc occupation of Mr. J. Iln'rcf'rfiiiigj including a farm- house, barn, cow stalls, stabling, anil other out- buildings, garden- i. i'uj orchard, with about-' riU acres . of gcipd pasture land, ;; nd'' 28 acres of arable, in twelve inclo- surfs, all- lying \ vithitl a ring fence. " The tenant vfill shew the premises. , • Printed particulars, and further information', may be ob- tained from Mir. Arbettoir, Solicitor,- Calne ; JMin Gale,'- Esq. Stert; and the Auctiomiet, DeMzes,- whet< a. pkn'of/ tho eetatji may bp seen, , .' [; f75ti Suit of i/ Utle Hcdwin Manor and Estate. #• • TO be SOLD byi AUCTION; iit tbe inonfh of October next ( nnleSs an acceptable offer should be made in the mean time, of which notice will bp sri'eii), -- The MANOR or REPUTED MANOR of LITTLE IsRDWWy in. the county of Wilts, Fishery, Rights, Royiiftits, and MANSION- HOUSE, two Farm- houses, six " Bams, several Cottages, and other buildings, and CloO acred ( more crtessj.- of inclosed Arable, Meadow, Pasture, tind Wood Land. fhe Mansion- bouse, toa'ch- houses( sta- blf- e,, :'& c.- with tbe woods;, " and several pieces of land,-' containing together about 100 acres, and also the manorial rights-, are in the 1.- suasion of the- Proprietor, and the residue is lctt. in two farms for short termfe. The Estate is well timbered, in a fine spotting count', y, and. worth the attention of a gentleman fond < of - shooting and hunting"; is situated about one mile- from the . Bath road, ad- joining • Mafltibro. ugh i'orest, and- midway between, Loufton and Bath-. The Kc- nnet and Avon Canal paRes tbmn'jtb t. lttfe Bedvvin ; a'pack, of, celebrated. fox- Hounds, is kept vvitl'iin an easy reach, and a p- jjok of harriers within two miles. A> plan, Kif the estate rnay . be seen at the Mansion- houses Little B& Hyin, near ' t 1 nilgefford, ' on . application- to Jam s Whitclodlcc, Esq. to. whomJ tciiders may be nddresc.' d ; and for^ fui- ther paiticurMs apply to Messrs. Crowdy and Son, soli- titqi% Hjgn'wort'h, Wilis.", '. ', [ 4C04 V., "'.', MARLBOROUGH, WILTS; TO tie SOLD by AUCTION, by XOHN . D| w,- on . Weifiiesitay next, the- st7th of . September, and two following . days, All the genuine and large selection of FURNITURE, theprpperty of Richard Hope,' Esq. and, by permission, many other valuable Household Effects, which have been recently laid in ; consisting of three sets of ma- hogany dining tables, square. and'' oval t, wodeaf single ditto, mahogany sideboard, with brass . rods and cellar - t drawers; ditto card, Pembroke, claw, dressing, and other tables; three sets of mahbgany chairs; einht arm draWing- focfn chaits and a sopha, tastefully japanned in colours, With- looje covers, with a corresponding window curtain; siveral sets Of neat jatranned chamber chairs; japanned and mahogany ni^ ht tables' and wash- hand stands';' Venetian, Kidderminstt r, fi- jor1 stair, and bedside carpets; eight tiandsome't'oiif-. ppst and and t'fint- bedsteads, carved mahogany and jiip'ann'ed pillars, ' Aith chintz, dimity, and morihe furnitp're;, with sui't- rhle window curtains; eight - fine seasoned- bordered and plain goose feather beds; hair, flock, and sfaw matifesses ; blan- kets, quilts, and counterpanes.; mahogany secretary and chest Of drawers, bureaus, wardrobe^ capital eight- day clock, pier and chimney glasses, large . India tea tray, pair of magnifi- cent lustres, coffee and tea urns, India tea equipage, glass and Wedgwood's ware, collection of books, polished steel and Bath, stoves, fenders and fire irons complete, kitchen range and meat jack, a patent mangle, a numerous assem- blage of kitchen and culinary utensils, seasoned iron- bound casks, two large brewing coppers, coolcrs and stage, lead wort pump and pipe, lead under- back, mashing, wort, and washing, tubs ; glass bottles, stone garden roller,' double and single. barrel iowling pieces, pistojs, swords, & c. Sale to bee, in at ten o'clock, and viewed the Tuesday pre- ceding the sate. Catalogues mtiy be had at the Pelican, Newbury; Bell, Swindon and Rarhsbtjiy; Royal Oak, Wottott Baswit Bear, Hungerfortl and D.- vizes; Red Lion, Larnbourn; Wheel, Calnc; White Hart, Chippenham j and Of J. Day, auctioneer and upholsterer, Mailbofbogh, ' [ 482- 2 . iORSBfl . ..... TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. Jr. ASKS, ,- the Premises, at Silton Mil), on Tuesdny the i'lth ej September IStlfl,— AH the LIVE and DEAD STOCK., and part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE the \ property of Mr. Tito. JEANS, quitting the. premises; ceusisi- vi" • ire.; of three useful cart horses, a good pony about I;'. huntlB^ high, a choice milch cotv< two g. « '< I tilted carts with iron HI/* m- iny prongs, rakes, hurdleij, hitniessprsll and alder poles, cogs for mill- wheels, & c.;— also bedsteads, oak, dinirg' mahogany breakfast tables, chairs, good oak bureau,, r glass, tubs, trendler, coolers, kitchen requisites, etnppife pipes, bridle amp saddle^ and sun- iry other effects; 10-'^. with a new Gis'AIill, useful for any person concerned woollen manufacture. , Side at eleven. [ 4? DORSET. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by . f. JRANF. I'.,. 1 the Red Lion Inn, Bftuiiuh, on Thursday the astiy of Sept. instant, between the hours of three and fivy o'clcn the. alteruoon, ( subject to the conditions then to bi/ Diode, in one Lot,— All tii it capita] MESSUAi'K or D. WKLL5-- HOUSE, with: lie'ee- Milly ofiiees, and r. uitabi<;' tnj{- ho|; Mft- tiler with au e'.'. eellr'nt walled Gauieti; a good Orcjl, - lo.- k. i Willi eh- i- ee n lilt tr,., . ; an 1 - eia- ial'Closes, Pirctir i'arceis ,) t rich M- .'.-. ixnv ; pul Pasture Ijri'd adjoifiint; cotfi- iilg in the w'hole by tsticitation t, jtres Allure or less', Siitc lying a,-;; t - yiii; iu J « e t « hin » of B-. urton jtforoiaaf, » ln the Manor of Gdlihghlrn; now i- r late- in tlH Occup.: tdi.. f Mr. John Hfnhat. n. The. premises are . Copyhold o/ Inhi t ice, held undeifiil subject 10 the payment ot'a Miiiill'tpi r t, arc ill pxeeiiv- pood repair, jflrasinnly situated; aiid- neil>; iile. rtf- d ' ftir a,( ck Manufactory, or. the reside- ttcdcl'ayniilj genie, i fijiftiUL •"' The- Auetioni-' n willshiiv tile ptojicriv ; six Mi n't ha pertiM Jars may be known bya. pp! v. uie,& t, ti- ii- Oiiice or'Ch t'uus, • • ShaftiSbuK-. : ;• ' "' ' . . CnARUHTOCK, 130RSET. . TO - be SOU) by AUC'j'ION, by \ fr. CNARRTIS Loccil, on Tlnuvdav and Flidav, ibe a- th and 3' ih of Sept. ijUt. at ten ti'clock in die forenoon^ in the parislof C. i « m', sli.- ek - lforrs.- ud,— Ali'tlrat ( tteiratl, I'UK'K. of fRIWK 9 nftrt fitiiiV LtVT itnd DEAD S P^ jCK. ihe pr- ap^ ty .••' Mr. Thomas tWiyitoii, who tjfjsoins ftVtJ- fetiiie'buVin. Js; ciW& tltK oi Jo » t$ wcs inf- iUflcteiit Chftvex H « | « , . Ki- i'ei l( o> s, i R, 1ins, - jo WetlW: r-% nllw unnjt « li- ain-. i a et free from jojgk- si, t.'; gf-(); l Mtl,: h Cows, ti H. iifrrs , psi" t wiit » call . j> ' Steers;- S rv-'- ellen't Cart 1 lorses> and. ' Marts v.' iih th- eir Jljtrriesi, a. Mines with their Coltsj S ex'ce.- dia Kaekb. ey M-. tres, 2 Hackney Marcs and Cult/, 3 fine Cnjn i.- ni < to 3 yt'eis oil; b'O tons of exceeding good Hay ( writ ntede> i 50 JK- rei of Arier-:, r . ss, 60 acres of old' unit n » \ v Wheat i,-. toow twell s- ivalj, - M acres of co - d fiarlev, I'. ere. i or C its, t> rnt of peas, ;) At! of good ClOv. r \ I e . ee'. ient Gigitul IlainfiS, it i,- ry- eojd Wag; otM ,' tittty . new;, 11 - ittso Pd'tts, a Carts a ' wwd' C- ii'Kir- nr-, ss an-: l \ Jiit, with sundry impljinent* Of [ lusbaitdry, Dairy Uteiriik, -' c. ________ {' PmO DonsKT,— p. wifAt • Futiftadt. o . KstCrm npo lie SOLD by AUCTION, at ibe Crown Im, JL in Uie parish' of. Slarnhnll, - on Monday the - 1th of Ocjobir 1800, at four o'clock in tjie aft. ruoon, subject- to su* h eon- djtjpi. is as will, be then prodWd,— All that cm> « wV FAW, ' with itfi Ajpitttenanccs, • oi LYMHORGH I i\ RM, in tite parishes of Ma. r- titiille. nd ' fvdbere ; consisting of a convenji iit 1 ann- house, out- buildini- s, orcliaielins, and Hi) a.' I r. tip. of exce ding rich and weii- conditionedGrirein. n-, Pasture, ami Arable Laud, lying within a ring fence, and now in the occu- pation of Mr. John Hunt, a; tenant. ' flic Estate, is mort eligibly simste wkb- reprrd to market j and loads, being three miles- rliitant frorrnfifnrmiiiitei anil St. ilbiidge, six from ShaftesbctrJ-,.. and ten from'Sjicrborne. ' t he premises may be viewedbYt application to the Ten nti " and furiber information way be had of Mr. J. Iiidie. it, soli- citor, Laugton, near BUindforii, or of J, B: Knight, An ! rstoa, near Blandford. .' Mi;:!! LANDS— ST. LEONARD'S, DORSET. TO be SOI. D b^ AUCTlO. S, at fheAThit^ Hart Inn, In Ringwond, on Wednesday. the nth day or PCJ tober, mho, at two o'clock in the afternoon ( unit ss previously disposed of by private contract), either together or iu the foU towing lots. FREEHOLD. Lot 1.— About I-' ive Acres of Rough COPPICE or WOOD LAND, on tbe Nqrth side of the turnpike road leading front RirgWeod to Poole, near the direction post, and Three Acres and Twelve Perches of COMMON LAND adjoining. Lot < 2.— Eigl » en Acres ( more pr less), of the ' illlATHt LAND, ' rttar the above lot, ' cn fhe South side of ' Pool. rend. Lot n— Two Acres and a Qdarter ( utrav or k- e. of MEA- DOW LAND, called Te-. ts's. n ar - tW : k ee Kas. Lot •!.•— A Piece of MEADOW LAND ( Ii.- i . Wplfl* j- ini. ig the last lot, containing about Three Acres, held fur • the h- nwtnd; r- of Vt;< tn < f years. Apply far. further particulars at the Office of Mr. Baldwin, r |! jt . . • firRutgnwmt or < 5hti « < ibH{ eh. mi7 DOllSli'J'.— COltl't MULLEN INCLOSWRii.' '" PO lie- SOLD lijj AUCTION, before tVie'Cd> i'u\ iis- . . a. stOn; f appointed, for Carrying into execution, sn ' Act rrjsse^ th tlif MjA yaal of the reisn of his'pie . eirt W yestv "• KlneGv^ ree its; Third,, e; jtitied « An Act ft- r ii'iCkiji'hjt Lsuds .111 . the - p'cirishof Corfe Mnlkn. in r e- fourltyof Doj|- t," at IhtcCrovvti- Iunl i » Wimhorae Minster, on 1' r. day the Crii d- iy of October n<,- at » . » t, two-. o'clock in the afteinot'n, S. Tlii'e « Lots- of FREEHOLD V: \ STf! LAND, containing ; « W Acres, Sitoate 111 tSaixtriShiif Coif.- Mul'e >, in the couuiv of Dorset, within; a shortdbstanc. c-.- if Winibcrne, P.'- ole, CbtistclniNi, and Wartrh'iim, and adjoining the roe. i from Cnfe 11U| i: op.- ,. Printed Particularly, with Plans a- » n . ved, mav be had of Mr. Castl- eman, Wimbdrne ; a: tile Old Antelope', " Pool-• tVn W hite Hart, Rlngwooit; the Coach and I L- rs s, • Soujhtifii| v- t'on ;. and fljessw* Holjiies and Lowdcn, Clei-. ienu lot,. ! on-'.- r.. ' j- jyto JJrijpjwag'llqitsp, neat- H'eymouth, D& sci. -' TpO be SOLD bv. AUCTION", bv W. IUKJ- P, JL . otf! Thursday thciSth ofSsutetnbcr i « ': t: at, preeiscl.,- at twelve o'clock fit noon, at the King's Head Inn, in W. y- mouth,'^ Ali that elegant and convenient new eieetstl tjriefc. ' and stone b- tilt, sashed and tiled Freehold DVVEU. iNC,- HOYSE and Premises, with a neat porch in the Chin se stitjvcofittininft a brcaktxs't parlour, dining ditto, six go, d bed rooms, kitchen, under- ground cellar, wlth'an attached . building that in:. v be cenverted ipto any kindnf offices ; a . coach- house,- stebi -, poultry- house, court- yard, and saiden : wW'a- sinall.- platrd' griiiiri'J in fiont of. the said house.' , ' Th& WJowpfjmisis arc delightfully situated on an eminence, In the- pleasant village of . Ufoadway ' aforesaid, three milts • frojtt- Weyti)(- tub, on the Dorchester road j will lie f HInd a - very . deniable residence for a genteel family. May be viewed : by# pp\ y;; ijtp.- Mr.". Ji> iliff, on tbe premises, tfor ea'ats imply to Mr. Robert Br^ niAer, Solicitor the Aiicttortr,- CoriiLd!, Dorchester, Dorset; if. by li tree of po-, tige. , Nv. E.— A I'eetynt o-. en, grates, and other fixturts, m? y be - tnkcn- a:- a lair •.• uu. ition. I47JU ( Cr Possession may be had immediately. - ... .' . ' . DORSET. " ~ ' KUualie Freehold Land* and Premises, within the parish of LiHi. H. Chcftef, TO lie - SOLD bv- AUCTION; U Mr. JAMFS • RICHAsos,- of Wiyir. outh, at the'Ctaicli » nd'Hor « e » Inn, m Wmtrrborne Abbas,- Dorsft, oa'Tttiin lay ibe l? th day of October, ! » i.- y, at fttfo o'clock in the itftnncon, ir> lots,— Two MESSUAGES of DSVE- LLt^ G- llOOSES,, with a Garden and' very excellent Orchard' ad'ioinin" -, in tb • occu- pation of Mr. John Fry, tenant - ;. t will; also a OW- of Mr. ADOTV, - called Wood Mead, bv estimation five acres ; a Close of MSAP. OW, culled West Qattj or Newton's Cl' -' e, by . estimation five, I. crt S; antl.. a WATE'R MI nVnv, called Hill .. hiidow, by estin-. tfon two acres; Vli which' meadow lands are 111 the occup. iticuof Mr. Job Lege, tenants* will, at a low' t.- nt. • -•• '• These meadows are'particularly worth the attention of gentlemen having nth- r lands, in'the parish of l. iftou, as 4 valuable acquisition to the dairy and shet< p Sarin, [> 69S To be via wed by leave o! the tenant-, who will shew tbe same; and particular--, nr. iv be" had of the said Mr. Legr, at Litton ; the- Piit! i:.-- 1-, 0! V..., Vv'tnterVrhe; , f the Aac- tioneer; iiniof Mr. Jphn l leohiiig, urtoraey, WeymoutR. ot letter. Health, Bemty, a Gear S/ Ar^' ithd a Good Cmnptvihit, MRS. VINCENT'S OK. NL- INE COU'LAND"* LOTION stands m. i v -! It. el-^ fei'- c'- : iug the face p. rd skin from all eruptions, freckles, enraordirarv. redness, ef- fects of satfeitsj. heats. and tumours, scorbuficf impuritiea and dtynes- sof the skin, i ll blotches and pimples, from whatever cause arising, fc. rd lutops or kripbs. it> the skin,- the greasy br ody appearance, livid and sickly paleness, and for' tleaiir. g and improving the most delicate complexion.'. Faithfully prepared from the ijjigufa! r, cipe of the late Dr. Gowland, - by. Mrs. Vinc; nt, tile sole orlninal Proprietor for many years before any person eiisting prctebded the least knowledge of the recipe. This truly Genuine l otion is sold by Mrs. Yitv. mt, at No. G, paries- street, Grbsvenor- squafe, London ; jnd in Salis- bury by Brodie, Dowding, aii. f Luxioid; in Southampton by Harvey; 111 W uicliester by flight and Eerie; in Ptiole by Moore'; in Blandford by Sitninouds; ; nid by every respect able Vender of Genuine Medicines, in Quarts, sj.; Pints, 5s.; Half- pints, is. Sd. ^ TfTo prevent Countprfeits, please ask for Mrs. Vincent's Gowland's Lotion ; and see her Nuiiit ttgntd upon all that is Genuine. [ 47J7 / AtJD GENERAL ADVltRTigfiti OF WjLTS, IUNTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. DORSETSHIRE. TVTOTICE is herein' ' given.,-— That the next General ll Quarter Session of the Pe4. ec for the county of pbfstt Xyiil be hidden at & ri^ pOrt, in and for. jthe'said, county, % on Tu: sd tythe' 3d day of October next, ® n which ( lay the ' Co art will, be opened precisely at twejwo'clock at noon, and imme- diately adjourn to the BuH Inn, i 1 tile said town of firidport, for the so cial purpose of examining Su Bills and Demands on the. said eouriiy, and talcing into consideration sueli other businbsi as may occur relative to the civil concerns therein, pursuant a resolution entered into at a former St ssion. And. on Wednesday. mornins, the Court vvill. be opened pret isely at ten . o'clock, and begin with tiying Appeals, next Travels and lastly the Prisoners. , Al| A| « peals ( extept those to be entfri'd for flic purpose: of aifiounsr:- tit) must be entered with Che Clerk of the Peace, on Tuesday;' the first day of the- Session;-, on failure thereof,, the adverse parly will have a. risht to enter a'Ae TUeifiiatiir. . Ai| d in . tlie,/ in « a » owo/' Tuesday, all jicco. fnii'. aiveos,,' Infer. matUms, and Recorsls of.- Com- tCtiens, are to " be' ret. umed. to the Clerk of the Peace by the respective Justices Clerks i also the Duplicates of the Laud- tax anti Lists'of Jur » rs" are to be returned by the Chief Constables, pursuant, to the statutes in' that case made; and- also, all persons, having business to do, and Bills of Indictment to prefer, are required to attend accordingly. . < WM. BURNET, Clerk Of the Petico of the county of Dorset. SHERBORNE, Sep'- 14, 1809. [ 4Y- 7H .. ' . HANTS ' 8BX8IOXS. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the General . Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the county of South- ampton, will be holden at the .; Gastie.' or'* Vrincbester, on Monday the ad- day of October next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, at which time tEie'- Court wilt be opened, rn » l" i im- mediately adjourned' to the- Georje Inn, in the city of- Win- chester, for. the speci- al- purpose of insp- eting and examining: the . Treasurer's r « e tu- nts^ and alsb all biils- tmd other demands oil tpe county, pursuant to the resolutions entered into at a former session. • - Tile Court will be adjourned from the George lunL and . op; tied again at the Castle of Winchester on the Tuesday fol- 1 > Wii> g, the Jd day of October' next, preci'ily at ten o'clock in the forenoon, when all Constables, Baihlt s,- Jure, rs, ant) others concerned, are hereby ' required to give their at tendance. And in order- to give all possible* disjrateh to tils business, the attornies, parries,- and witrr prosecuting afiy appeals, in' lietnients, or teller business, most be prepare d at tlje epen- iil;' of the Ceiirt on Tuesstay* morning, and dttringahe whole of the. sessions, tliar- tli'c Court may eitlkOn' the e nlses in such order an. datsurii times'as fliry shall see eonvenietit. ApjfCttis - must~ l'< cu'vrri li- iih the. Clerk <;/ I he Peace pre- viously to the opening of the Coy? I oil Tu£ sdhy rnorhiiig, or the patties will not be permitted to try. Reeoeinizances, informations, and records of convictions, are to be returned to the Clerk of the. Peace by the reap ctive Justices" Clerks pn or before the. day preceding the'sessiens. Dated this 1' ith day ot'September iiirfil. " THO. WOOD HAM, Deputy Clerk of the Pcuce. h'/ T1 All ' persons who have entered into recognizances to ap- pear at ties session-; concerning assaults, ice. are. required to t- ak n tiee, That they must, in pursuance of their recogni- zances,- oppear at tils sessions, either personally or by their attorhtcs, in- order to withdraw the same, although they may previoUsiy'bave. c. impromised the m itter. ' P4788 NOTICE is hereby given,— That the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the. county of Wilts will be golden at MvatidROtie. ii, in andfor the saH county, on Tuesday the 3* 3 day of October next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, pursuant to the resolution entered into at < i former . Sessions, for the special purposes of - receiving the Lad- tax Assessments and Jury Lists tr im the Constables of t!> e several hundreds, of examining and auditing ail Bills and Demands on the county ; and of attending to all business relative to the County Gaol and Bridewells, Militia, convey- ance of Soldiers' Baggage, County Bridges, and such other business as may occur relative to the eivii concerns of the said county; and no lulls will be allowed, unless delivered in at tile sitting of- the Court on their ' day. The Court Will open on Wednesday morning, precisely at t.- n o'clock, for. general business, which will begin with the Trial ot Traver- es, next Appeals-, and l- tstly Prlsaners. AM Appeals eeteept those tb be entered for tiie purpose of .. adjournment miisi be entered with the Clerk of the P- ace previously to the opening of the/ Court on Wednesday, an; l oil . failure thereof, the adverse party shall have a right to enter a Xe Iliripiatitci' •' Ttve. Bailite; and Constables of the several llunilfeds, out of which the jurors are taken, are hereby ordered to attend the Court, with proper winds, during the Vfhole time of the Sessions; and to remain in. sum place or places in the Court as shall be tbeuappointed,•*> assist in keeping peace, ahtl gbod order, and to execute the ord - r • .. ret processes of the Court, In order to give art possible dispatch to the business of the Sessions, th'i Clerks to the J ustices of tlie Peace cf the S- iid county are./) « rii> « irt. r/. y requested t:> send to the Cierk of the Peace, on or bet'irts. thS jiftti meniing of the Sessions, all Re- cognizances, Jn formations, and Hecoid. s of Cortviction?, taken betora such Justices of tlieTeac; respectirelv. • K » 0] JOHN SWAVNE, Witters-,'- Stpu 19,. li5f> ftt Deputy Clerk of the P. ece. NOTICE is hereby glvefi, that Application will be mtde. in the. next Session of Parliament for leave to bring ill . a Bill for paving; cleansing, lighting, watching, watering, and otherwise improving andkeeping in repair the Streets', Squares, . and other public Passages and. Places in tile parishes of KOMSEY INTRA and ROSISEY EXTRA, in the county of Southampton. . DAMAN AND WARNER, Solicitors. ROMSEX, Sept.- 7t- 180. M. [- 4( 515 . NOTICE is hereby n;' t. V. en to the.' Aojiriejors of Lands a » d Estates hi the parishes of Ellingham, Ring- Vv. iod, and Soplev, ill the county. ofSouthahipton, and to all < U': e r persons Whom it may concern, that lit the next § ession of Parliament, a Petition* will be presented to the Honourable H ouse of- Commons, fori Wave to bring in a Bill in order to obtain ; rn Act of Parliament for dividing, allotting, inclosing, exchanging, waterini, irrigafing, draining, improving, em- banking, anil appropriating the common and several meadows, marshes, pastures, lands, waste grottomoors, and watery atjd improvable places, ami fpr altering, diverting, rendering navigable, anil improving the rivers, watercourses, and streams, and ior making horse and- man towing paths along the same, . in the said fftieral. parishes of Ellinghaixi, Ringwobd, an. t| Sopley, in the said county of Southampton ; and for defraying the expenets. oCaU and sinsular. the premises, and for making . iompensation to the oieners of mills and other lands, tenc- . j ments, and hc- reilitini- euts' within the same parishes', and to the Several otherplisteis to W in the'said Bill mentioned: ; NOTICE, is hereby give.;),—' Rial at the- next ses- sion of Parliament a Petition will be presented to tl e llon/ House of- Commons, for kave to bring- in a Uill jot makingamd . maii-. taining, aTuijipike'Read frdiriCirencester, in the county of Gloucester, to WoKon li iist t, iy the Jputity of Wilts, jp, extend fiein the. turnpike rbiUI . leading frorr, Cirencester aforesaid to Cnekl id .-, in the said counfj- of Wistsj at or near a place called Watertnocr. to toe turnpike read nt>& making'frjwri iya'm.- eury, in the said cqumv « { Vfilts, . to Woltoo Ba-' set aio'resa; tl,. at or. near'& innef's' . jsli ; and which, said first mentionid road is ititetiJerl to pass tiirough the; parish, of Citelicester, the consolidated parisiis of Sid- dingron St, Peter aral'Sidditigton St.' Mary, and the parish. of South Cuney, all in the said county of'GMuccster'; and the several parishes of. Sbaiiveote, Aii.- toi; Kevnes, I. rinh, CncklftdeSf. Strmpsoni Criekla le'St: Mary, Furtoh;' tedurd- Milliwiit, Lediard-' fregoiize. and Wotton- Basset, aijd through part of the Potest of Braydon, all in tke said county of Wilts. -'.'• Arid No, tice" is hereby also given, that a Map or Plan of such • intended rosij, together wiiha Book of . Reference, containing a list of the names of tlie owners, or reputed owiiers, apd oc- cupiers of the lands through Which the'said road, is . iiiK- uded to pass, will be deposited, for. public inspection, ai. the respec- tive Oiliees of the Clerks . of'the Peace for the said counties of Gloucester and Wilts, on or before the30lb day of Septem- ber next. . JOSEPH PITT. CiftENtr. STER, jit/ pist 00, 1809. -[ 4677 ALbRPdiliaYJKCLOSURE. THE' Commissioners named iu an Act of Parlia- ment for inclosing Laiuls in the parish of Aiderbury, in the. county of Wilts, do hereby give Notice, That they intend to meet at the Spread, Eagle inn, in the City of jfew Sarum, on the t Cib day of October next, at six o'clock iri. the. evening; arid, on tile- following, day proceed in further executing the. powers vested in them by the said Act; and On the ISth day : of- Oe( ob'e'rv sit eleven . o'clock in the morning, hold a'special general . meeting at the place plousiM, for reading ever their , a\ v -. rd, a'ud. tliaf during such re. eetiugthey will execute the S lid award, ivljen all persons interested may attend if they think prpper.— Dated this Ist'Sept, . isofi. F'RANCfS W'KBB. RICHARD RK; H. tRDSON. lil] JOHN* HODD1NG. JXplOSU/ it. * WE, the Coiniuisiianws narncil and , appoi. utetl i. ap< J by an Act of Parliament, made and p .- std in the • l. othyearof the. reign of his pr. ssnt \ Djesty, entitled,'' Afi Act for' inclosing Lands in the parish of- Stock ton, in the county of Wilts," do hereby tj- ve Notife, That a'd claims of rights delivered to us at our late meeting, are deposited at. the Office of Mr. S. F. Poelps, of Warminster,; id order th , t all persons interested in the said Inelosure may itispect- lhesame', and be pr<. ptire< l to make such objections thereto at our nest meeting as they shall deem necessity ; and we do hereby give notice, that we intend to ni t on Tuesday the'lbih day.' tii Oetober; next,' at, nine o'eloclf in the forenoon, at the house ( ifffm, l. aoeley, called or knov.' n by. the nam't. of Che Dtpt- fordlnii, in tlie- parish of Wiley, in the said county, in'orde. r to receive such o'rjettioris to clfiims, and to proceed in the'ex's ecution of the powers vested in us by the said Aet."- Witnes.- our . hands this 15th day of Sept, 180.1. - RICHARD WEBB. 4601] THOMAS; DAVIS. Pl'MPKRNE INCLOSDRE. - BY virlne of aii - Act. of. P- arljameuf, passed : a the : last Session, . iritWed, An.>\. ct for., uljoftitip Lands in. thit. parish of P. mperne, - in - the column Of D - TSet,' f-— We', WILLIAM ISONI) ami JfOIfN CHARLTON, two of tlie Commissioners appointed' by. the said Actj. for carrying ti-. t same into execution, do Hereby give N. nice, * tj. nt we shall hold. filar lirstA. ttenil. mee. or Meeting, for lliat' purpose;.. on Tuesday the 16th day of October next, at the' house: cf Cfra) ies VVoriey, called the Crownat Blandford, in the county of Dorset, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; at vHlieh meeting', the majority, in value of the Proprietors wlip may be pres.. nt, are to chn ; e a Banker, or some other proper person or persons, in whose hands all monies to be raise. guilder ; jnd by virtue pf the . said Aet are to he deposited, pursuant to the drect. ohs of a ceMaln Act of . Parliament passed in the 41 si year of his present Majesty,. commonly called the General teclesure Act;- and that We shall continue our meetiiigon the next ' and ioilowing day, for the purpose <> f receiving claims in respect . of common bt otin r. righis to or in any fluids by the, said Act intended to be divided, inclosed, er allotted ;* Wlitn and where • all persons, apd bodies corporate " aild politic, by themselves ' or agents, are required to ft We in an tieeuunt or scbed « le, in writing, of such of theii respsctive rigfcs or claims, and therein shall descrihe the lands and grounds, icnc. njepts and lleritlita- meji'ts, in respect whereof they shall respect'n'ely claim to be entitled to any an. d which of such' tights, anil the name or names of tile. person or pcrsoris- tlieu;. in'the . possession thereof, and . the. p. ire'rtilar. ComputsiI . quantity bl' t'lse . sitme. respeetively ; and for what estates and iritefeSts tliey claim the safiie, distinguishing the- freehold'from the. copyhold or. leasehold; fjs in nofi- compliatice therewith, every. of- tlie. rii makiiig default herein, shall, so " faf as1 rcs'peets any ( flaim so neglected to be delivered',- bctOtally barred " aikl- ex- ctttdecl of and . from all right and title in or upon ' such' Lands so to be - divided- respeetively, and of and from all benefit- and'tidvantage in or ro any share or allotment thereof.— tiatnbth* 7th: day of Septemhr; 1803. - , W. BOND. • • JOHXCHAiaTON., 0iiatiiSTON ST. " li^ OllQP. ISCLOSfJriE.' I JOHN. QAL. E, the sole CpmuiitsiQiiCi iiamerl aild appointed In and by a ceftain Act . pf Pirliament, made and passetl in tlje 4,9th year of the ieign of his present Majesty, intitled, " An Act" for inclosing ^ aniis in the se- veral tytbings. of Oicbestoti Saint George, and felstnn, in the par'isb'of Orch. estoti. St. George, in the county ot Wilts,." do hereby give notiC'e, That 1 have, by virtue and in ' execution of the power given as well by " the said Aet as- by a cejt . in Act of Paibament, made and passed in the 41st year of the reign Of his said Majesty, httitted, " An1 Act tor consul id; t ng in one Act certain provisions . usually- inserted in Acts of 1 clo- sure, and for facilitating the mode of proving tile several fiefs usually ' required on the passing of such Acts," set out and ap- pointed the public Carriage Roads and Highways tIirou., h and ' over the lands and grounds by the first- mentioned Act in • tended t. i he . divided,, allotted, arid tnfcfoscd," in mamii r. di- rectt- d by the last- mentioned Act, the generhl line's of which i roads are hereinafter described ( that is to say)., .. One public Carriage Rerad of the breadth, of 30 flirt, com'- I m iieing at its usual entrance from Ma'ddiiigton comnion field into the parish of Oreheston St. George, and extendibe; fibitlj- westward in its u; ual- tract till it enters' the parish Of. Oieheston', St. Mary, - the same being part of the public highway; leading, from tvladdiiigton towards Tdsbead. Omi other public Carriage Re. adof the breaijth of . an, feet, comtuenctng at the west end- tif an ancient larto cjilled'. S^ eH-' *, v, iy, yu I- * XUnijing westward' in its. usual tiact till it unites : wif'h the public road leadiilg- from iMadifnigton towards Chit-, tern and Warminster.' ' One. other public' Carriage . Road of the breadth of 30 feet, ' eonunenci'cg at; the bottom. of Orcheston Hill,' ant* extenijiiig westward iti its us, ial tract up the same hill till it unites, with tll. e Wiit- d'. js'eribedroad.., And one- other public Carriage Road of . the breadth of ft. commencing at Its usual entrance, at ihe so'tidi cornet of ' rtlewden'Dovvrij. ar. d ixtending " hortliwaird' to l « s ' usual' en- trance, on J" Is ton Down, tlje same bting part of the |; dUic rosd leading from Rlston - tovvards Dovires. And I do hereby, also give Notice, Trat IJiave prepared a map, i'tl iv- frieh siich ifit. ti3ei3 ra. ds ; lr.> aee; in: t ' ly lei 1: 1GWO an'tt d; Seri3ed, and caused theMmeinap { being signed by me) to' lie deposited with Wm.. Hujhes, of'Devless, til the county . of Wilts, Gentleman, my Clerk," for'the' m? peetftm of all per- sons CQiicerijed j and that I hive appointed'*' and 1 < lo hereby anpottft, a meeting or sitting, to be holden by me, at the George Inn,, in the parish ef Sbrev; ton, in the. county of Wilts", nu Saturday the 21st day of'Oetcber next,- at eleven "' o'clock in the ibrt- nonn,— at which tneetirig or sitting ail sitrh j persons as may be. injured uraisrie- ved b'yi the si- ttin - oiit^ of i ? ueh roadVrni'y arrehd.—- An'l fdo hereby fnttker wc No- tice, That 1 shall, at the sail meeting, or sitting, ptocf'ed in the further execution of ( he purposes of'- tbe.- ti;'. rementionvd Aet.— Witness my hand thi i; i lth'of Siptember - " ' JOHN GALE. ' " ' • W: re » i—''. Vt^ tUJi i « « !]?>. [ 4810 Fridays and Saturday's Posts., Lti sioNj . gtytewlkt 7- jgr^ T THAT tiKiy be tha. present ' wteniioiis. of Sir Al'th" r Wellesley, we know ifof. . - We ere told V W his lieait- qunrttils areJuny at ,\ teri< la,; a. ii4 that beiUfill contituie in Spain. U is. witlalioreiiifovee- mc. ts aim coining up j but we fwieUbat Kiigbsil mimey Wilt III tiiis eoi. tesr . he waited, . CoitUNNA, Sept. 14. Th- re is ' uothitij'TiK'W.; hui » -^ all goes 1( 11 well.— w." are in no dread iif the (" jiaiteh,• as. thi* tii'oviwce. js now perfectly* covered with the army,- which would be augmented to'move tha!>'. o; ie- tliii'tl" o? its actual force, had we arms for the army of reserve,\ rfiich has been Itaiiiing for some tinie past. e -. -.', LONDON, FRIDAY, SKVTXMVfiTi 2; ^: WK. sr KINGTON' INGLOSURK. WE, tlie Cunniissimiers. r. atncii in anil appointed by an Act of IVjiament, made and passed in the - 19th • year of the reign of the Kins;, for inclosing Lands in the p. w rish of West Kington, in the county of Wilts, do hereby give Notice, That we have, reeeiv. d the claims of the several persons interested in the said' Inclosure, and that a copv of the same is left tor the inspection of the proprietors at the house of Thomas Wait, the King's Arms Inn, in Marshfield, in the county of Glocestcr. All persons and bodies politic or corporate, interested, or claiming to be interested, in the saa| Lands by- the said Act intended to be inclosed, vvlw shall have snv objection to offer to* any claim or claims already delfvt- ral to " us, Kre required to reduce such objection or olijectkms into ivy, tine, and deliver the same to us at out meeting, to be held on Monday the fcth day of November next, at the house of T'IIQW S Wat afore- said, signed by them or their respective husbands, puardians, trustees, committees, or agents; arid no such objection will afterwards. be received, unless for some legal disability, or other special cause to be allowed by us the said Com- missioners.— Dated the Ib'th tlay of September l& 0 » . KfCHARD RICHARDSON. ;.. 4821] ROBERT. WRIGHT HALL.. C11UTE, INC LOSURFI. ' ' WF* wl, ose n » « » « » . nfe hefctmto<. subscribed, being » V the Commissioners named in an; i appoint, d by an Act ot Parliament natlc and passed in the 4s'th year of' the : reign of his pa- sent Majestv, entitled' " An Act for Inclosing Lands in the parish of Chute, ih the county of Wilts," do hereby give Nuiice, that we have appointed' ami set out the following Public a, lid Private Roads through aud over the s ed Lands intended by the^ aid'Aet to be inclosed'; that is to say. One public carriage road and drift wav of the breadth of 40 feet, commencing . at the north ted o'f Chantry- lane, in the said parish of Chut ', and thence extending northward over Chute- heath t. md it joins the public road called or known by the nTinieof tlu Causeway, tile stuns being tiie highway from Chute to Marlborough; which public carriage road am} drift way so set out', Is m lieu of & mail heretofore'set out, which road is now suppressed, and of which public notice w. tj given bv us dated Match JSCS.;' at: d witich road was described as tollpws ..' J One other public carriage: road and drift way of the breadth of 40 feet, brauohing out of the bett d'scribed road cpj. osite an old inclosute adjoining Qhutc- beath, called the Great Cow- daWn, and from tbenea extending across Chote- liea. th, in its ancient cotjrse and direction, till it joins the first - described road near Sqcitt. Poors; the same being the highway from Chute to Marlborough.'' And one other public curiage road anddrift way of; the breadth of 40 feet, commencing at the south eta! of. Chantry- lurlc, and thence extending westward, in its usual course and direction, over Banks- hill to Shaw..- farm, where it unites with the public road thi re, PU3LIC FOOT PATHS. • •' One public foot path of the b « ad » b of < i feet, commencing at the north end of- Tontber- drvve, and thence lexteoding north- eastward over the allotment to Evelyn Philip M& knvs, lis<). at LittJe- dqwii, to the nortb- saet corner of the said allot- ment, Where it unites with tile public carriage rdad fading totvaais Hippenscotlibc. • • • r One other public. foot ,;> ath of the like- breadth of G ffct, commencing at Hgate- at the. nottb- east coiner of an inclnaure Ga'led tiie, Great GpWrdoyvn, belongingUrGeorge, Soley Foyle, Esq. and extending- northward, • over art allotment on Clmte- heath to Striek, lan'd Freeman, Esq. to the north . ast corner of, the said allotment. . One other public foot path of the like breadth of G fret, cofnraencing at. the south- wet corner of- an allotment;' to Wrn. Smart, sen, . on Banks- li ll, and ther. Ce eitetiding, ' sOuJh- e;' sf. w; inl, oyer allotments on Banks- hill to G- orge Soiey Foyle, Esqr. and. Strickland freeraan, Esq. until it j ins the ptiblic vo. ad in I lonty- bottom. One other public foot path of th4 like, breaihh of fi fret; , commencing at the north- east corner of the allutnv nt oa Chute- down- totStrickland Freeman, Esq<- and tller. ee extend- . irig,. southward, over tlie same allotment to a gate at the north- west corner of an old inelosure, called Stfaitlaftds, be- longing to thcrsaicl Strickland Freeman, Esq. One"" Othet public loot path of the I ke breadth of 6 fret, branchiqg of tile laft described path at or near tlie south west corner of an allotment oil- Chtits- down to Gilbert Hayes, apd tbaice< t- xteiiding,- Vifesty.- ard,. t) ver an allofcnent on Chute- down to the s iid Strickland Freeman, Esq. to . in ancient stili ie dinij itito arrflld inelosure called Coekroad- close, belonging ttj the said Strickland Freeman.- One other public- fo, it- path- of the like breadth of 6 feet, e- jisnaericiug ntsjh anciejit ^ tileat the south- west corner of an old inclosure called theThiriy Ae. ie » , belonging WStrickland Fireman, f. sa, jjpd . tbcnce extending, southward, over an ail ismeiit on l. '. dies lawn to. Philip Pulse, Esq. till it joins the' public road leSdiaK toward^ Applestiaw. One otlier public ie. ot path oi tlx. 1.1,... of ^ fret, • ciommcnjing at the- termination, of the last, described path, and thence extending, sowiiwatd, over the . said allotment to Philip Pulse, • Esq. and, als'a over a small part of an allotment to Strickland Freeman, Esq. to a gate, ieaditig- intd Coliing- bour't; e-\ voad. . ' Oile other public foot pith of the Kks breadth of 5 feet, Commencing at, the, wjest corjlcr of Hoe- lane Common, and rhe'ticc extending, rfotii- eestward, over the allbtmems to Thomns Cook, Catherine, liuight, and. Sylvan Stargesa, to a wife leading into , an old. incisure called the Six Acre Hoe, belotiging- to S-. trickl ind Freemutv, . Esq. Aud i. ne. o. th .' r publie fot't p;^ h of the like breadth of S feet, eorpmencing at the east comet. of Hoe- lane Common, aud- thence exteijdirtg, westward, over the allotments to laities Webb, Francis lirjadifvore, Thomas Knight, Jane Belcher, and Sylvan ^ furgess, to - tho said stile leading into the'said inciosuracalled tlx- Si< x Acres Hoe. • PRIVATE IWJADS. OAe. priiate carriage nwjl. jmd, drift way of the breadth of • 60 feet,, yommeneing at the ntirdl. eodl of Chantry. lane, and extending,, iufl nurtb- eiistmrecmn, to te. pon-, 1 oh Chute- heath, called Limrner- pond, and. from thcrlee, m the san-. c direct!: n, to . the. Cailsi way ; tile s;, r. ii- being S - pitv. ite roatf for the owners and ccepp'iers of landi iii- C^ ute havingOdOasion to use the said: pond. . . ••- • One other private carriage road and diift vi'i. y f the breadth of"' 20'; feet, . branching 0141. of. ths - public ro. t. 1 tin Butts- c'm- mon, at the north- i ast OH'i. et of an. i. jiotm. mt to Joseph N or- ris, and thence e.- tte- jiling, southward, to. cottaires ilnd gajr- - dens belonging to jam„ s Wayte ;. tbie same being a private ' road for the use of the owners and oecupieis 01' the said cottages!. ' , One other private rosd and drift way of the like breadth of 20feed, branching odt of the public- road inTloney- bo'. tom, at the liottf.- west. corner of. im allotment to- E'lw. ird- Broad, arid extetid'lhg, in. ah e stvvard direction, to an all tmcnt to Mary - Ariioli!; the < ame being k. private road for the Use'of owners and o'cciipieisof thii alKitm.; nt3 to Bluntly Bennett and Mary Arnold. And ' orie. other private road anddr'. ft way of the like breadth. pf •-*<) feet,.. branching, out . of the . public road over Hoe- lane Can}'. i)!;? j at the^ SOTith- eajt t- JCtU't'of an allotment to Henry llutfihins,. aii; l. exten, dinv, northwards, to an allotment to Sylvan. Spurges*'; the same being a private ro id for the use of the owners and iccupk- fs of the allotments to Gatherine Knight, J unes K" n! g';-. t, . lane Uelcber, and Sjd. van Sturgess. And We do . fiifthe- r give. Notice,.. that- a Plan of the said roads and - pathiTu lift tit the OfHce. of Mr. GeOree Rylev, at ilungert'oid, bur Clerk, - for tlie inspection of any persons who nraVehiise to see; ihcs » i » ). e ; aivl we do appoint Monday the Hfch'd ly of October now nexteiisuing- the date hereof, at the Cross Keys Inn, in C, liUta- afMts, iid, for hearing appeals against any o'f the s'a; 4 roaHs so set out or omitted to be set Oau— Dalcd this lith i'rsj of^ ejileniber,. 1809. NEWPORT, 1SI. K OF'WIGHT. TO be SOX. O l^ AUCTION, iby ^ lEw & PilBTER, on Thursday theSSth'of'Sop< embcf inst. at four o'clock, at the Wh'cat, Sheaf fr- n, Newport, by order of the Assignees of Vlr. J( Ht)# s• Uritdjntr. elwil. Vr, bant; . e't,—— A siibst;. r. tial, nevv'ly- crccted, h? misqh « s wbite- hrice: fi nt DWF, L1.1NG » TTOTSB, deIigilttu, lly-' s; tuat'. d in UppfcrSt. James's- street, in the, tti. 7u,.. of Ni \ f port,, late in the possession ot fylr. James Btadmg aforesaid, WeU. Cufcobted for the'receptinn of a gen- reel family ; - CQmpiisinir, oir. thf ground fl jor,' « n . entrance passage; a neat, breakfast tx-. rlbur, luindsonie dintng parlour,. ' , convenient kitchen, wash- hou'se, and other suitable umees; a large paved court, a r. cver- i iiiitef ' suppiy jf ' fscuHcnt water, conveyed by a lead . pump ;• e.; tl; e second floor, an elegant drawing- room, two bed- roiitns, and ajarge laundry; on the third story, three bed- rooms, v.' itii a terre. ee if ft." by 12 ft. cominKn. di. 3,^ IxilJ, beautiful, and 1 xtcns; v< view?, which in- " elude" Carisbrppke Castle and'. ViUltge, Pttrkhurst Forest, ths Depot Bafracks, & c. N, 11. Other particulars- known by applying to Mr. John C. W. lmot, solicitor,- No-. 7, Holborti-'. ourt,' Gray's Inn, Lon- . don ; to Mr. Henry Brailmg, Arreton, Isle of Wight ;- or to the Auctioneers, Kcwp; rt. [ 472! Tint dng- it pul'lislicd, ! CURSORY OBSFiiVATlOMS on ; tbe Nature arid Properties Of ths AU-* MWt « JS-' CHAbY, fMi4TK WATER lately dtsca » « r; d at ia.. t'ie ptrtislr of Chale,- in t'ne Isle pf Wight.; tie Diseases in which 11 may be ; advantageously employed, and'the Mode ot- administering it, bt> th internally and externally. ...• By.' F. L. WATE!, UTO. RTH, SArgeon, . Honorary Member . Of the. Ptiysiee Soctetv, Guy's'losp'rtil, Surgeon to the Isle iif, Wight Volunteer Cavalry, atidon'eof the'Surgeons of the HSti'se of ; ndustryin the ls'ls t i, SoH by _ Mu. « on and; Taylet,. ptintets, Newport • lara. be. Mineral Water Warebouse, No, 143. Nev/ Pond. stte. t ; a d Mrs. Watkins, ( lats OWill's) Mineral NVe; « W a'novise, Fleet- street, [> aiB , . . . WILTS. NOTICE is hereby . givvnj— That Application is intended to be made, at the next General Quarter Ses- sions of the Peace, to be holden at Marlborough, in and lor the county of Wilts'", oh Tuesday the Sd day of Ocrob'rnrxt, t > r the REPAIR or a certain PUBLIC BRID'GE . oyer the R. vei Jv'enn - i, between Uarnsbury andChiltod, ih the seidcounty. — Dated this \ ntk doif of Srptnnleri rV09, '•}!;.<)>] JOHN SW. AVNE,- 1' leputy Clul. of the Peace. Tvrhjiib: Hoad vtirfcr Sit'i: Mi> >/ Piisea. ^ Vy OTK'K is hereby given,— That Application will 1.^ 1 be - made at the next Sessions of parliament for leave to bring in a Will lor reviving, renewing, cor. tiniiing', ain'ctid. iig, undenlargtng the Term and Powers of an Act passed in the 2' sth ycttr of'his prescnt. Majosty's reign, intituled.," " An - Act for amending, widening;, and keeping in repair the ' Road" from the bottom of Vv. hi. te Sheet'l li'k if' 10'.' J, h Hurtlcott to - the Wilton Turnpike Road, at or near' !'• 0 wfI", > 11 the county ' of Wilts," and- wh'teb said HOIKI j^ fes'es- ttpHjSTifh the'. several parishes of Donhead Ssott. Andrew-, Ale-' tf, - Swallow, lift, Suttoii Maddaville, Kovaur, C- omptoji tTainberlain, Hurd- • cott, and Uarfird, it> the said county. of. Wiftj.—- Dated this Sth'day of August 18931 , GEO. SOOTH,, • I ! i> 7'] . Clerk to' the Trustees of the, said Road. Bi'- KWrON TURNPHCE. N'OTTCE is hereby, given,;— That'apjilicifjiori is in- ... te- ndtd- to be made to Pariiament, in- the- ii^ xt , session, for an Aetio e- mtinuc the terms, and'enlarge', amend, and con- jk'nvers of an Act of- ' Parliament passed in the 38d year irf tlie reign of llis presnit Majesty, entitled "" An Act for & yitihU:. hg tils terms, and altering', 1eiiiargmg, and consolidating the'povi'ersof two,- Acts of. Parliament' passed in the ejtth year of t'e. e reign of his 1 m- Maj. stv King George the Second, and iri tile l nli year of the rei » n Qfibis' present Majesty, for rt- paitirtg'and V. idening several roads'and streets in arid hear the t « > v& v/< if iSewton, " in the county of Somerset, therein de- scribed g and -.'. ill fit ' repining, !; lrntiig,' andUlterjug. several other jo eli in the- counties ot Somerset and Wilts," which said rA « ljips? s- thrMgh t: ius- e.> era! parishes, tytbings,. hamlets, Of plates of Castle Gary, Honeytvick. Hadspen, Pitconibe, Cole Br^ wton, Wykt- GhamtJS. iwer, MiltoivCleveilon, Lam- ya « ; BatvOniiiC, Laytoh Clomrd", Hohvell' Nunriev, WhatleV . Alells,. Mar. Jtolv B g- gf- tt, Tru. ltloxhill, Frome, West WootU lar. Ss, Gare Hill, Xarnfield,. Kiimingten; Slieepbouse, Red- lynch, DScSve,* Stouey Stoke, Nnrth amd South'Brewham, iir » ' wl(, ui} ythertvise Broflkham Bodge; ? ntl Wit'nam Friary, ill tlje eouufv of'Somerset 5 and- of Maiden Bradley, Horn- ' ihgsbatri, Hid De'verell, Longbr'. dge DevtireU, Sutton Veney,' an 1 ' N; ii'tou tiiKidit, i'n the touaty t> f Witts. And Notice is' hereby further given, that application is intended to be made ti ParlttmVent- in th » next- session, for obtaining other neces- sary powers for'altering, new making,' diverting, repairing-, and widening a'Certain road leading from Eurrowfttld turn- pike gate, in tlie parish of- Bee v.- fan aforesaid, through the . parishes tif North Sriwhara, Upton Noble, - Wanstrow, Clo- f- ifd,' and'Nuu'ney, iVi the said county of Somerset; and also" another-'. r'oad" from 8itcomte . Chueeh, in the . parish pf Bat- conibe;;- in the said eounty of' Somer^ t, tp the road leading from Bnfeio'n arqry's- liil to Wanstfow, in tire'- said county of Somerst t;'. tni. i also ' mother rtiadTrbti the lower'Church- yard gate ilt Nunney albrisaid- to Bangui gate, in ' the sleil p ; rMi of Nunncy; and. also another r- jtid from, South- bill, in the parish 0! West Cranmore, in. the "' iid . county of . Somerset, tbmueh ihe parishes, tythin- s, hsmlets.' or places " of East Cranmer.-, ;. in the said county of Somerset, arid We^ toutown, Wnrwtrmyj. and ' Uirtoijt Noble aforesaid; an. I also another fnatl le& dir. g from the turnpike road St the top of Miltnii- hill, in the par sh of Milton Clevedon; in thesaitf Coiiijty of So- mefset, tbrou^ h lledgesrocks gate, in' the parish of batcombe aforesaid, to . join the road leading from Brc. yipn aforcsa'd to Upton Noble aforesaid, at a - plase called Coppleibur^, jp the parish of North, Brewhara. aforesaid ; and also another road liiadirtg from. the turnpike road at or uear- a place called Pit- combe Rock, irt the parish of Pitcombc - aforesaid, thronph • the parish of Shepton Montague to a pla'fie called Jack White's Gibbet, in the parish of Bfatton Seymour ottjicrwise Qratum St. Maur, in the said countyX) f Somerset; an. a also itrrfffief" road leading from the turnpike road near the house of Rfcnurd CHafHn, at Week Champflowtr, in the parisli of Beewtoti aforesaid, to join the Shepton Mallet turnpike road at the • itch gate near Arthur's Bridge, in the parish of Lam'yat, in the said county of Somerset; and als > anoth- t road fibtn Ih'e present brewton toad, near. HtmeythornThiil; in the said parish of Mells, through the said parish of Mells, and also through the -.' v.- rel partsh^- s of Babiha'tlwr; Ralttlf'rsdon',' Viid Itad, stock, in the saidCOUnry of Someii « :,•— Dated the ! si day & September, tsos. [ IMS the most magnificent Theatre in Europe; wardrobe, scenery, & c. svere. still to provide ; and he could have no hesitation in believing, that on consideration the liberality and justice of " the country would decide iu favour of the advtojee. He bowed and retired, amidst hisses and some veryfamt applause; and after, about an hour spent ill willing their discontent, alio audience retired. Tile Theatre was again crowded last night at a very early hdthvby the^ irtiaans of- the Manager aiid'their active uppo- ii<-> nts,- and tlie . n. lainuur was, it'possible, greater- thinr ever. When the bawl cu'niiuelieed the Overture' to Tj- vr in a f'~ tU< tgP » thfty. vv^ re silenced, and " God save the King" was eominandetUiiml p! ay « tl:. the vocal performers were then called upon to coiue forth, but as they did not apjiear th. e sotig^ was sun^ by the- audience, both parties joining in. the Jbotus.. ThfeOptira proceeded; as did the performances of the preceding evenings, in the ntiditofan incessant ruar of t1iseoiid'ttnt*)! itfJ<,— jVnpmglotber imtruments ofanr. oy- auet ivvre s; \* ei'ai- ee. m 111 o11 horns, I'eirtholoiueiv l air trum pets, rattles, at;.! tin wlu^ tleThe placards, with the iiiseriptibtis Oid Pliee;!,". & C, were exhibited on sticks! in the Pit., and jiiiined'; oi> the fionOsofthe lJaXes.' After tin; cl'ose' of the oei- fot'titai. ie^, Mr. Leigh adth't'S. if'il the attilience, Tept'ifliattiig ! be conduct of tin'Managers. Mr. Kemble appeaVed on the Stage, and spuke some time, in his yindieatioii, but did not succeed' in allaying the clamour; Lend cries and lio-. tieg- prevailing lie withdrew, and the house broke up iti an uproar. As heretofore, not a syllable hud lii- eiibeai'll. Wben the pei'l'. u'ineis. attempted tn. speak, nearly the whole of the men in the pit stood up with their hats on, and tm'iled their backs to the Stage.— A sailor was taken out of the boxes for breaking a chandelier, and was' committed to prison by Mr. Read. Assault r/ t WdRTHtM. G*— It was stated about two months since, that an o'lftrageotis assault had been committed oti a voting Lady at t^ ort. iiitg, who had been left' 111 the: care " til a sick brother. The man who committed the. assault; was a stranger, not khowu to- any one in the town ; but the young Laity. gave such a description of his person, as set tliij Pnlice Of& eers mi the alert, and a person e, as 111 cousc- queil'ee taken into custody l e t week, lie u; is examined before, a Magistrate, when the vomig Lilly described. tl),- assault, and swore positively to bis person. He deriiwl having been at Wortbing ; and being a man of. eoiiseqtiet « ae- iu the City, be tvas liberated On. giyitig bail to . the mutiuitt of 40( 10/. fin1 his fo. tiuti appeaiviiiCe. Tile geiKieuia'li tliui ciiargud is Mr. Barrett, a wine mid brandy tuerehaiit in great trade; the Lady is a daughter of Dr. Ladiam, the eminent physician. • On Wedneulsy Mr. Barrett underwent an examination at the Police. Office in MaiHiordiigb- strctit, ' Mr. Alley, bis Counsel, applied to Mr. Neve, the Magistrate, to have tile examination piibii. i, that 110 misrepresentation might get abroad; with. which request the. Magistrate complied. The testimony of Miss Latham, the proseeutlis, was read oyer, as fallow-;:— ibe was walking ajotig Soutb- stieet, WoKthing, at seven o'clock in the morniiig- of the - Kith f June, altet'. fclie bail left lief brother' and a maid - servant, at ' a bathiiig, machine, when she was overtaken by the defmilant, who took her by the lyin, and pressed hisieouversatioii 011 her. She deelintutsbkco. mpany,. but be.-. ttll snlicited her to graiit him five ulinutes e. xivt- rsiuimi, and followed her to the door of her- lodgings, where he lf. it Iter. Tlw next morning., being the 11th,' Miss Lat- bam saw the ilefi- ndinit . pa-. 8 the House, but slur supposed he d ,1 not so.- her. On th » lnorHiiig of the ! 2iU, the young f ally lt-. il ri'- tti. ncd from bathing, anil* ivhil t sitting 011 liei sofa, and peeudiig- s. book, she beanl- the- lock of tlie stivet.- door open, and thinking tltat . tbe son. of- Mr. King, ol' liedford- row, was entering the house, she went down stairs, . and to her sur- pebe behekl rhc dcfcndimt, who followed her hastily into I. i. t ibawing-- i'ooni. . He immediately bej- an to take liber- tics, ni'. tl Nli? s ^ atham fainted. - She chd not linow what haddia'Spehed until some time after, when she partly reco, vtSret'i, and foutid herself oil her sofa, with' a handkerchief tipd o- er li ' f nioutb. . The . defendant bad taken off her tvbij- t; sa_ s! j, and riedl'ti'er fiaii. d's at til wrist. He observed tuaL'she - should lint be hurt",' and. advised' her not to be atriiiKd. . After haviiif. violated her person, the defendaii t u « « il pi'essiri;' solicitations ti prevail 011 the young lady to elope, and he- udiiesl, . that, a pest- oiiaise should be waiting for - ber atf'the Uubreof Mr. Ogle. He assured . her that In lybnli'l treat* her'." affectionately; she '. sb. uiM go to his elitifftCv. liriu •' « ',• atid bavfe ' servaiita'at lio^' « m1mand. He theniubserteH fhe. h'atidfcetbb't'ef'fi'ofri lifr. nitriitb, iu order, as I)',; sai4,., tp teeyive. a gratifying answer to'. tbt proposed eiopmnViif; fiuC'oif . her indignantly ea^''--".^ h.- r all- j? orreh* ce" of his nondticf » > e again feumiVTyie ) ia" liki'teliirf < iwffr- r- iaji> tl., :>! Kl - b> ft • the ftl& i-. ihavhig- plneeil. tlns- rfiixiti- turw, & e... l! i order. Miss Latbaiu loosenetl the havidket'elii if, by' placing'her bead against the table, aed she if. turtved tir'rfng the bell f ir her servant,' w ho untied die, tvlate sa - liV'arid ItKiarswdljer biitds -. The . P. rose. cirti i\ .. rvoi; e ' pos&' fi; e). J et'Vi Defeti. jaj't, ns being- the man who 1iad i iiifl. ttd lief p. vsoi » ',- ai'iil;''. vb - HI sHe- bad liad'o^ xntiihi ofk'rfowihg, tK'ii'l leptr. tedlv ;..- i; iitg bini. •-• « , . * f Mi-.*'; AHey,* i.' t rte- fi'iiefe of bts ' eUCnt, begged to off.; r- sueh • Ki&^ ai. to ffe, Miiy, tratV, by alibi,, as should " conviiicj OJ^. t'is;;" ti> t^ l, iji- ioeetice of Mr. ffirretf.— Mr. Francis teEtqe,. ^. llfai. c." Qffitife, jn'oyeil having executed two |>( iH. d » rt;)- tliti preset'ee of t'ie . defetida'it, at his connting- ) nw » e'P4?. sil'' t.- 3tOi « ft-, - oil ibe l? th of . luue ( the day the f'a. pjr » oV'- 6iii j" to hjve'iaert. isoimuitted, 1 between . the hours \ w- i- fe4'' ami fMi, itvlvirJi bouilt were produced with the ffef^ tfeiS* siMgn. ittHe;— Mr. Robe. it I'ulltnv - aw anil con-. vecsVtl ivitllft1ie derebrlarit tnj T'th.— Mr. Tfale . received iT'yy^' ijfcpf'tlnj, dufe. idaTnt; and sighed by his own band; which he paid'. into . a ba-. ikj'ng'- liu- a- K! on the 12th; as did a!, b a Sir. Grnl'ii;.— Mr.^ J. ibJviii, a " m - rchaiit, dined in a party with Cfifc'de& iilSiit,' tit' the' house of a friend iu Cm k- stt- eiifi, Boml- rtnSt," on. tbe 1 ith of Jiiive.— Mr. IbieHionse . called un th » defentfeua ' oat the Krthaif June, anil ordt red soihe ale, wbieh''. vas ^ e^ t^ e ttlii 11th, ami'un the 12th bt: called again, ' inilsaifMr. Piri-' e'tt,-'\ Vi'th whim lie had some CO iv; Viatioivo!!^^ tlie esirtiliVirey of his ale, and be gave him another order,—'? r, Mo^ fiVSIii'ifiercbaiit, eifeclc. l a | Rilicy '. villi tUi defendant oiytVie iiiortijiTg ol'tiic lSth ; arid several other. witne^ es prii. ved ail alibi, as e'inipl tely as ever was. . proved i'ii^ any. Ciitii't. r- rTbesc . several wit'nesse. s, who were Ot: the firstTtiliest- abjii^ y, described the d- f.'- alant as a nlaii of nice morab, mirvxemplary husband,., and the. I'atjief ol ( i. ve 4iiWren,-^ Mr,- BereeH had been a|. Brighton . in the early pai t of. tha season, < t* it visual, for htm to be, . but he w'as'tht|- e B- H'. I Mvs. Barrel- t atid hi; children. Mi » s Latham ' did. - n. it attend at this cxainilMtion, lint Ail". Gurtiey wa. teheil the cvrdt- iiee_ i. il. her behalf. The - Ma^' istrat'i expre- icd his eoiivietion of tBe- jmiocei'ice of. sMr. Barrett, but he felt it his duty hfoi'de'.' atf ither exaynina- tion, to an- opportunity for other witnesses to be biiougbt, forward . ou * » serious a c'Mi'ge.— Mi- l. athatu^ the jlfosecutrix, is. a handsome yjiuug lady; l'x>' jvaiVSf agtr, ami. she b id,, accompanied H. r parent^ to Worthing, who ( eft her with Wr. brother artd- a fcmale seiyant. - • ' Ot i> BAILEV.—' Tho Ses-. l ins c.> miiit> nced onWednesrlay. — Matt Taylor, a girl only twelve years old, ' was indietiid for ' stealing a horse and cart, wbieh'-. bc Ayoto off from MOT Spit- al'lelds market; sbe aftt- i'naid i mil) 3i iiireved the horse iu WhitecUape. l- riiatl( wbejt- she left the, cart, and. led the fsoi- io awav ami attempted to sell it: she cajiitally' c. m- victeil. Ricliavtl Oak U n, i'prrnsrty a cletk iti. the Bank"; flamtah Kee. 5< i'l, ' for liurej irii'ii ; ly. cnteriug a house, and • stealing a Wttteh, ftf. V Mary Williams for privately steal- ing a pair of boots ; T. biinp. son. a id It. Wilsen, for stealing 108 yards'ot printed calieii, were also capitally convicted. Yesterday three" prisoners wei' 6'' capitally convicted, viz. Matilda Dyer and..- Vim'Carte, rigiit, for privately stea iug 10.')/. in" Bank notes, ft out . the person of B. Bird, E- q. a Puisci'- iu the Mavy ; aiitlTUoma- M'N'aniai'a, for privately stealing 6t)/. in the house of John Peake., 011' Wc'. Hiesday-: het iU a jesty and- the Princesses paid • a vi it ' 0 Mr. Charies . Eliis,, St., Clartniiint, near Usher, • where thev were entefuiii?< ivyUh a sumpttioai dinner. - Illilf| li|;] : On MpfiKy; ih « wifo of. Joseph Fi" p, not tvi'. n'i; Vbaii'fouf feet'high, Svbo Jives iu Latnb- all.' y, Bi- . sjjop^ rt. e- t'treef, of tljree: fiy. e cbildtvtt, two girls and a boy', wi « - v- vvi. t'n the naiLbjy, are. likely to do well. • JSLtMilSl,):] On Tuesday, tit Saint George's Church, • Hanover- Sfpitire* iliin, Kdwatd'Harbtird, eomJ son e* bf Iiortf ' Stifliiddy . to the Hon.- Georgiaoa Ver non, only ' ehild iii Lord Mefnon. • „- i « tMjr,,. at* Kani'?" herff, Baron Ilanlenberg, ' the faithful Minister of the unfortunate King'of Prussia: ," li. e'. i » #' iid ; to. iiave died of a . broken heart, in eoiisetpletice ' uf Um- mMforWuicsUhafe- . liav? befallen bis Royal Waiter.— Lately, it) Old. Cavenuidi- strect, fiaven. li h- sipiarV, the Hon'. A. ( S'eljbton, oidy brother of the Kail of Efn.— I/ atelv, Jft- Abbuvlantr, ' county Cotk, the Right Rev. Dr. Di'loj'i, titular Arehbisb . p of TuaiU-.— O. j the 2Stb. ult. at Rihgijiouut, ciidirfy Wateribrd, aged 00 years, Mrs. Young', " relict. 6'' ti. Young, K. q. of Custlereagh, ami mother . of the Khat- asv. Dr. Young, Bishop of Clonfert. — Gill NVe'J'nestfa. v ( it fht' lSoORif of* lih'Votlrtr," Sartmol Douglas, Esq. in America- square') Sir. Wihiam Henry Doukias, in the eonnly of Ivirkudbriglit. His Majesty be'tt a private ljevee oti-^' t liires. tlay, at Which thn Uiirl 01 Cb itham'was pVi- iaoite;! to' bis Alajcsty > 011 bis retire;} from the Expedition to fhiMliiig, and was most, gta'eiou 1. refteived. C'ulor. els Lililg, feyef,- and tiiivv',' MaiorTv.'. idfiD'd, -. mil the llo'. i. Capt. l, arduer, who had'been'tin " Lotil CbathaillV staff, wete als'o- among' the piTsefitalViius. ' Maj..> r- f. eirerabt: « m- pbe! l. took leave- of bis Maieitv, previbu- to hU setting off to taktftlie eouiHlantl • of'the garrison of Gibraltar. His. Nlajesty afte'Hvatds heM a Crrunoil, and gave audience to the Duke of Portland end other Cabinet' Mi-*..- Bisters; but none . of the expectcd " changpa in Adminis- tratiml were announced. The DUke of Portland appeared so extremely iulirin, that it was with difficulty he passed tu nii'J i'rfm'tllb Audience Chamber. ' n^ tUiTcfelities in the Cabrnet, to vvhieli we alluded in our l$ ffj have becu mir. ifeitcd in a duel bctweeii Lord Castf - feagh and Mr. Canuing, which took plao: yekyrdi. v mornilig. The oai tics met 011 Wimbledon Common, Lord Cas. H'e'rligb. ataitideii by- Lord y. ar. mouth, Mr. Canniug by Ur. rUlIt-, . and the following art stated to be ^ the- circum- ttai> ee. s, of the recontre ; At live o'clock yesterday morning, I. ord Yarmouth waite" d.,' bif, Lbrd fastlereagh, at his butisti- in St. Jatnes's- • srjiiar.-. ' In a. bi'iut half an hour they set out for Wimbledon, atruuipajneil' bv- Mr. Home, Surgeon, ot'- JNiekville-. treet; tii - v - Arrived at Wimbledon Common about a quai'ter be-' fore seve,;, where - Mr. " CamtttH'. aiid Mr. Ellis were already ' waiting for them. Having taken their ground precisely at ' seven o'clock, they firedby. signal,.. and Mr, Catmiiig re- ceived Vtie bah of bis antagonist. in the fleshy pavr of the thigh. Ha win preparing for another fire, but Mr. Ellis perceiving asreatetfuiiim, of blood fruni the wound, inter- posed, ami, after a conference with Lord. Yarmouth, the parties retired. As Mi;. Canning was ) iot;\ Ui: nded by any Surg' 011,' Mr. Home accompanied biiM ih bis chariot to t, l . ficestef Lodge, ISri. tiipton ( lately purchased by. - Me. Cai. iiiii*, and where be has an e- tid, di- bnient1, a « d dresifcd his V/ oi'tt'id.' It was found on . examination that the ba'l bad fa si tl quite Jhrw'ijh Mr. Canning's thigh « n the divtsidool' the beii.', but fortn'oattly no'iic of the large'blood vessels were injured, and the woutnf is not cie.- idered ililngerous, fj-, p; ct: iig tlie immediate caij e of this affair there- are varbHii , tat eiiients. It h'- s been " attributed to aconveiisiition betwiei Mr. Catinirig, ind Jjoi'd C. istiereiw. b, after tliii. L'evee on W « hie-- rlay 5 Irut H. is. ii'eotiht has since beon - iiaid- to be . « rr ifteous and that Hie , anii". bail not ii- oij. each oilier 011 that . Ttv. i. o-. i V< i-.. v. iith w r. the bearer of a coiiiniuiii- Mtiim.' to Me. f: auhius i- arlv on Wi- tli « sday morning, Which it supposed t> have been the challenge. A consi- ( li'i'jV. e. tl'ff-.' i'UQi! i. f'opinipu. has for" a long tune- sob- iste. it he twee iv fyaul- Ci- tlej- ea^' h. auik'Mr, " Caimi- Ug, JjM tt kpr"- bable that'this diffcrt- ico. ha> been a^ gravatiid by'iectqtf events,: •• - ' " • • J!' ."' • - - •. ; > ft Is saiil- Aat notli'nS h- as+ et been' settled respecting,, the ^ rnist'u- iai arfcui^ ewentSt,- though at Ifctjlt tlnec, Mem-. hers .. f fie* Ciljinpt, \ Ir. Can. tiney Lord Ca- tlmTagb, and. t'ie Doko afPurtTtii4,- mar 110V be crmsidl- r. il n'virniaily--, cut of im. ee- This, ho. vc'vrr, iaimf vfirvsiu'pir. ibg,'' toi', ; ia the p> vs-- it > tate, « f and. . of . piiUic. aitairSj it. is • Ailiveim < h\ t tb-' fon iation of a. new Administration, bausf Mr. iV- rcevaf n » ti!'- ftfr, Ca'tuiiiig arc repnrjed to have both' aimed. at . - t- o'ltee p, f ft- omiur, aiid sf - coiH se to . have eshilrteil sVi,, tools of jfibrn'sy'. In proof of this ft las heen- renlirk^ a,' I'M Mr.. TWBmral >" chnniig to, and Mr. tl'. i in'mg iii g-'.'.'. ig, from,' the. Levee, uiit eieb other,": a- id passed, with' ut the, tti- inl bijj- i'ciianges civility, or eve. i taking ntiiice of each uther." ^ , , ' .. ' ^ Vpsterdny- ihere was- a ijencral Gourt; of, Bmil;; Pro- prietir.- s, Waic'i) wesTnrin - ro'usly' StteHdrt'.,- ffoiU tli<> ex.- pectario.. trii. l same tr' .^" ftW.- lvA- %> Jte. t^ ivoitj- nr. that ' nine j lb h'tj^ iirn ei>' ielnjh'd tvi> i> (.••> yt- f,, ib;,' pt, jinie'.!.; waatl" hiuf- ta* K.- n • ilae'c ' ati- Iviii their " ft- tik. . Tbethairm. t:., inJ. vj. viv •/. ' iBUiiei'tV unit' - the n- iut div. iileud o{;.> per'. eeilt.:-- MiV l& mHa 3abkwi', l- i a'slwrt fs e"; b. - f l bis mtffetkm • tint froin. theiiviiie- ii', » in<.- vivi, iUs,;, the tifuvr of lliieetoi s • might sal el v r* ect a- iliviiieiiil bt'; i> er. e'^ if. inrtbi h. 1,1 year. The" CSinii-. nan i> siir « 1 the*' li- arneifMiiinbi'r, shK from the strictest examiiulToh f. f tW; ir " affair-*, tlie' Court, of , Piiv--. ti. ri' dill not llii! ik" tUaXs) irfi.'; ni ^ u/. iila.-- of. . bvi'l. n i vviiulf! either be. piudeut;. or. jjtstilijme. r- Aiid " U'e the matter tlfopped, . .. 1, .',,, CovKsf-(;.-. Ruc*< Tfin. irr. E.— The do > r= of ibis magmfi- CBfif- nWv hbiisc wereUiwiied for tlj" receptiw . if tlm public 011 - Monday cveni'. ig ; the house w'aS srtiifit flfmwhai ha- everj- mr, ami all app^ red < tiilig'h't'e, d'Vifli its 111 igiilCieeitci;. G X. I mrethekbig,' arid ' Rule JSei! a, i; iif, werepeifoi'inerl, and ih* curtain > W5 dia. vn. up reio.' iate-. l li'. aiks of » p| iiause. Mr. Kenible came {> irvvard to deUjir an. Aimross tu rhyme, written by Mr. Cubnim, but a numerous pasty: then basaii to express their iHifipproliati'm of t. Ue. ivoof prices'; and so loud and . vehement were their, e. tpre.- loits tif displeasure, that uot ' oiif: word of. the Address could be hetuil-, this, Iiiiwever, was; no loss ;,. the Address. bas. v. iiee been printed,' and ' it contains neith. r poetry nitr common sense. The play cf Macbeth, and. tbc alW- piw- o of Ike Ouak'er, followed 5 but the uproar ror. tinued with such Increasing violence, tltat not a single sentence could " be h .- I Iv VI • , i t- i I, e. : lbe ? - ' i'V ,• " - J in position— No Tatiirtioii— N'o^ lforei^ ucrs—_\..'.-(.. ai; d;'. r, t. The rage Seetjiei} pt'iiicinilly directed against Mr. Keinb. e ; tint even Mrs. SidtJ-. i^' s imjitt ' aiyned repi e • eutitioieol LaViy Mecbeth eontd not ob. ain a ui'iment's . cessation ot tba ciartiitiiv— Sfter the close of. the paittociiine • letjonnati;; the Sttdiwioe iejnaliieii upwards of an huBV, exptessmg the. v discdhteut, and ' calling lor the Manager » . bu|,. no Manager • ppra'rmg, tlitjy ftt* length dispersed.. ' OiiTuesd^ eveitijig the fiiggai's Opera v. ,' intendeds to li. ve lieetvrenres" ted, but like t'ee tlagedy of Miirbeib 0: 1 life ptee'din'.; i- i .'•••..,- it w'a; a men; piece of mummery. Fmtir the l i'-' it g of the cut ta'm. tiU. , tl: c. eonclusiuii of the wbolApi'fl'm « i- iiv: e, . which . was over'by ten 1/ clock, there M- JSohethcpssaat s- laiWuur, Whencurtain v. as let down, the edit lor the Mana- ter was eC. iemeiy le. ud, Imt nobody appeared. . JVhlt-' il |>%>' r » with ' the words, " old j. pe-,', were sfTif. M an the front of the bo; se.=, and held up m the pit, Tu't. 110 nblfcri aas'" taken of thfln. At length there was a - cry of " g'-' t'bti ttife'stagR," dti whieti- u 0! Bow- street oliitVj- s aiipHar-' d/ and ( be sta^ c ir. tps Here let do-. vn : these proceeding, deierrcii the'auUience fmni " miming on tbAt pari of the Theatre. A gentleman of the name of • Leigh, a' merchant, then'iithk'essed t!. c ittiilieuce from the botes, and urnud then to per-' eivn e ju the temperate opjo-. siiion Kiev bsir begun, and he tV. m'd in- tire thrift suedes. This iva; Veei'i. rd wltli ^ rtsit ' sjiptarise. " The' peoplu iiHt' ' disperiin-, the constables ait " Iftigtb. l « -' ga. ii-- to attempt to: clear tSie pit and gall^ i< ii!;'' fo\^ relrci) li¥ lefaWe oppi'/ iCioii was lr.- iile, and severai pers- erts went taken i; itii ctiuodyr It we.-' lU'. lf pii- t'tuelve befofe tie botrse nasfUiptipJ. - ; Jtieh& fl- lite- Third teas on Wedbe-' Iky • Hi^ ht..- a-, coin-, pletfl'v - spoilt as either of tlie preceding- ] v: rt « n « wrip< s. Print ed papers were exalted \ U « • « ! al plitees with '*' price*.'' " Heslit the te/ a » - l< t « 5 » eft/ r/ niWft. m'iiH- a^ mtd "- " M Gittflaui." ", jVt; t'- e talents." IiV aa'ditioii-' tb all the noises that bait been iiui< fc,' sbibolfrk blew a puSt- tioy'.,. horn. A little before. t. l; e eonelusiun fttC^ hs . pecformiinc^. » Ir. Keir. ble . mptaici1,, . and begged to know what was watitf d ? " What, aff. ' tat. iou. 1" enelaimed 80vuR » l,. i » idtha a'ao'utiug prevented !* i being further, heard. . Wlien the performauces were f ii= hed, many of' the . « uili « ttce « ept their seats at on ti; e fiirmer flight. Mr. Udgh ajmuuad. dressed tlic atniiei e , statihg that the itsct- ease'of prices was a gro'ss huoo: 10, that the private boxes tfiore than remunerated t'u'- " p'Pi. itbYrtbi'all'tlieiT- ettt- i n expi'. ucii.'.-— Mr. Sifti'h, a ba.'. t* r, spuke in behalf « f tlie pro). t". etors, a id obtained a . rnmise that if Mr. Kemble . would, ctnn'e. firuard. he sh. eel be heard., Mr. Keiuble came forward, .1- 1.1 requited kno. iv tiie wjsltes. of t%. audiena;, Mr, '. eifh re, lied, Tiie old prices."— Mr. Kemble stated, t. tin- <- one>- :> f" i' soiiie veal's bad not cleared 67. per - '; t,; that ISC. oWi. hud nmy been expended in oieUtng THE SALISauaV AND WLNCLIESTM JOURNAL. THE LOTTEltY. THIRTY- TWO CAPITAL PRIZES win be Drawn in ONE DAY, the 40th ol next Month: these, with tlii- smaller Prz s, rnakior in the whole the immense sum of Two Hundred Thousand Pounds, will be distributed in the short space of twelve hours anion? tlx; fortunate ad- venturers in the preRenr State Lottery, as the whole Drawing Will be completed in One Day. The Scheme is hi. h'y ap- proved, and the demand for Tickets and Shares has been greater than in any Lottery for mauy^ years past. Apply immediately to Sir JAMES BRANSCOMII'S fortunate • Western AgtHts, B ROD IE, DOWDING, AND LTJXFORD, PRINTING- OFFICE, SALISBURY; who sold in the last Lottery No. 3filR, the Grand Capital Prize of ONE' THOUSAND TICKETS, which produced £ 91,765!'.'.— also No. 9133, a Prize of ifiO. OOO— No. if-,' 97?, a Prize of £=> 0,000— one of £' 0,000— s^' eral ot jfjson. Ac. and where five Prizes of .£ 20,000 were sold in the preceding Lotteries. " F4*° B SOUTHAMPTON RACES, lew. THE BALL antl SUPPER will be at the Rooms on Friday the 2! Uh of September, being the second day of the Races. , Sir THOS. TANCHED, Bart. Uteward. J, BF. T i'ESWORTH TREVANION, Esq. j" Mt- warns- ( X ' f Gentlemen's Tickets One Guinea, Ladies' ditto Five Shillings. [ 4749 THEATRE, NEWPORT. Mr. and Mis* HOLM AM, for a/ ew Mights. ON TUESDAY,, the e6th inst. wiil. be presented, VENICE PRESERVED, in which Mr. HOI. M « V will p rf irm a principal character;— to which will bc » ddcd THE - BLIND BOY. THURSDAY, ly Desire of the Gentlemen of the Bmriine- Green, THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL j and TWO STRINGS TO YOUR BOW. SATtiitOAY, A Play and Farce, as the Bills will express. THEATRE! COWKK. On Monday the SSth,— THE HARI. OF ESSEX, ( Earl of Essex, Mr. HOIMAN J ; and HAUNA ,' BRITTLE. Wf, DNRSDtV, as will he expressed in ' h • Bibs: [ 4 « S3 SOUTHAMPTON.— VOCAL CONCERT. Under the patronage of theSTEWARDS of ike RACES. • MESSRS. HARKJNGTON, Ett'iovr, I'. VANS, and BEALE, respectfully inform the Nubility \ nd Gentry of Southampton ar. d its Vicinity, that th. > w U perform a CONCERT of VOCAL MUSIC, at ( he ASSTKI- LV- ROOMS, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 27, on tbe same approved plan as last year, when they hope for the honour or their patronage. Tickets, 5s, each, to ba had of Mr. Ski-' ton, and at Mr, Wellman's Music Warehouse. The We, ; f the. O ncert will be given at the Assembly- Room door on the evening of the performance. The Concert to begin at '• ehto'clcck. SINGLE STICK. Al. RESFORI), HAN I'S. APURSE . of TWENTY GUINEAS will be played for on Monday the 2d dav of October*— and a PURSE of FIVE GUINEAS to the second- b t Player. The Gamesters to be at Alresford by - ight o'c ck on Mon- day morning. To commence play precisely at mn , =- nd play till" one ; to recommence play at two, and begin the ties at f ur. No sham play to. be allowed ; a 4 > f any dispute arise between tit • two empires, an i • n, a: 11 a 1 p- r n to decide. The ties to play each other in turn. Thee,, . itions to b.' suc!~. as approved by competent judges. [ 476^ MILLINERY ROOMS. MRS. BAKER respectfully be » s leave In inform her friends in general, rb? t sh 1 h s j ist rtcetv an elegant Assortment -> f f= shi triable Articles - n- 1 i" ncy Orna- m- nts f r the Races and Ball, win eta she fla'.. • herself w. Jj meet their portil atioo. SOUTHAMPTON, Sept.'. 2F, IS09. QUEEN- STREET, SAMSEURY, Sept. 93, 1S- G. 0. D\ NIl. L NKATE. Boor and SHOE- MA, KEK, ' run VIr. Woodw r !' s,, iiumhly th'nks h s friends and the pa " Sic for th' enoo r .: m.- nf h* has r ce- ve' s'n<- e he com- u'nced business, a id r spect u tv sol i s tht ir fuither c- immands, which he will fnde. iv ur to merit bv cont numg to use til. best mater nls. and v s- ri ' i attend M to th-: finish- ing o- Ills work, so that it s'mll com bin* the sever, 1 requisites of fashioo, neariita . d dura' Jity. - r « • * - - • — TO SHOEMAKERS. Y* T ANTE 1> iniimdiate!; >' A XV. M AN, V7 i irood workman, wit:. ci. work well o ; hoots : an : a WOMAN'S MAN .! a neat » ..-,- n, inay r.- e t with constant empl'- y a . d good w i. es. by a, p' ntr to f Us.- Jtne Baker, boot and shoemaker, audi ,-.! ei- cuttvr \. id vw. SOUTFIAMP'RBN. ' PO be LETT, for th- Autumnal :' Uil Winter 1 vlonths, or a longer time, if required,— A Rea. ly- furnished HOUSE, in'Moira- pl c . Enquire at G. Hockey's ag- ncy office, High- sir et, for p. tticul.-. ts ". ps55 ISLE OF WIGHT. HPO he DISPOSED OF, on Li ASE, for three JL Lives, and enttred on at Miihailm s n xt,— A small FARM, called LONOLANDS, in th. pirishot Br. dni '. F. r part culars apply ( it : yl ttr, postpaid) to Mr. Bell, land- gem. Winchester. ftSfJA WORCES'I ERSHJRE. rpO be SOU) bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— I A valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, c iisist. got tin GREAT TYTHES ot CastLmorton', with vrry xunsive. aud improveable C immon Rights. For particulars aop. y ( if by letter, post p,, id; to Mr. Bell, land- agent, Winchester. [ 4( 5 » > tl To LI MEN-' lUPERS, & c. TO be DISPOSED OF, in a good Market- Town in Wiltshire, A SHOP in tub trade, situ tid in the market- place, with a light and well- s leeted Stock. For further particulars apply by letur ( postpaid addressed M. J. Post- office, Bath. _ f45| 9 BRIDPORP, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on- Wednesday the 97th ot Septemlier ristaht, and riir e lollowing da'ys, at Mr. Knight's, Pavrnbrok. r, A Quantity of Unredeemed PLEDGES; consisting of Household Goods,' * V • : rinii Apparel, Silver and other tV itches, Sliver Table and Tea Spoons, & c. & C.-— The salj to begin each day at two o'clock. [ 4814 Ifbli SALE by AUCTION,' at the Custom, House, Ppole, on Thursday tlleSBth day of September, 1803, at two o'clock, .. For DBALEBS— fi G dlo'is of RUM. For PRIVATE USE— 184 Gall- ns ••< BRANDY and 19 Gallons ot GENEVA Also, TWO OPEN BOATS, which have been seiied jnd l . ga. hy c nd. mned ; and may lie viewed, and the spirits t at- it, two days before tBVs- il-,, tween the hours ot tin and three, . [- JSss' " WAKMINSTER. WILIS. TO be SOLD bv . AUCTION, on Saturday the 7th day o! October next, at fit- j o'clocli in the'afltrr n < on, at tile Angel Inn,— The Fee Simp',- qjid. I- heriiance Of all that large and substantial DWSLI JNG- HOySE, with the Malt- home fin w! i c.. SO quarters ot malt a. week maybe made], StabJe, and .' pputt. nan. es thereto'belonging, situate near the Obelisk in Waririmster, lat- ly occupied by Mr. Jona- than Patient, as tenant at will, and of which immediate pos- session will be given. A, piT to Messrs. Davies ar, d Davis, att" rnies, Warminster ; Who are authorized to treat by Private Contract at any time previous to the 7th ot October. Chctlcot Farm, near JVesLbtiru, iVUts. TO be- SOLD by AUCTION, b\ 11. H. SHRAP- N ELL, on Monday the id of October 1.809, and following . d iy, wth- ut the least reserve,— Alt . the can tal LIVE and DEAD STOCK," t ie pr « perty of JAMF. S Cot. ts, Esq- ; con- sisting i f IS print,- young u„ tul d:-. r- cows, three - railing cows, t> vo 4- year .. did fat h-. ifers, m yearhng ditto, one 3- vgirold btili, store pi- is, a'- out 8JO sheep, of the Leie,: ster liret-' l rros. tl bv the South O wn,, four strong useful cart, " horses, w th h'armSs, two ri ri nr- w eel waggons, broad and narrow wll ei carts, b ri yi dler. double, p ring, and other ploughs ; dns:, h rrow.-,. ' tir II m r hme, corn scr. en, van an : st icks, Sieves, Src. ; and the DAi ' XY UTENSILS, comprising pr ss^ s, whey )- ads, tubs, trt . lies, vats, barrel iibain, & c. n f I'- out 90 tons < v" p- or.- i Knglish hii i French Grass. Hay. The Live Stock will be sold the first day; the waggonr, r carts, h y.' dairy ut ns. is, & C. ' be s- cond. QC3" I h s st ck is well w > wh the attentionof gentlemen, fatinei.., wanting to puichase. For th convenience o purchasers, the sheen Will be put up in small 1 > t;. The sale to begin at t& n o'clock in the in- r,. in? of each day. runLis:: T. o os SATOHOAY NIOHT OLLF. K,:' 1' A LACK, Sept. 20. JT is this day ordered.. by his Majesty in council, that the Parliament, which stands prorogued to Thursday tile 48th d o.' of this instant September, 1 » ; farther prorogued to. Thursday the 2d day of No- ve.- nber next. ADMtn tl. TV ORFICR, Sept 93. Cant. M'Kinley, of the Live v liifafs ba ammu is d to Vice- Admiral Campbell tb • , ioc- p- (>:' th • new F » " neb luggrr piivatoer Aurora, of 1G 51ms anil til) m II, off B'lichv head, on Monday last. She vns fn. m Fecamp on th • preceding day, and had made 110 capt : i- e. WAR- OFFICE, Sept. 23. 1 aiJt Regt. Dj Captain Lawrence to be Major, vice l>> - v r, t! ceas d 2id ditio, Li ut.- G n. the Hpp. Edward Finch, from 84th fo it, to oe Colon I, v re G n. Sip J . UTKS Craig, appointed to th c - mm ind of the Ttth foot. Hth ditto,—. tieD'. G - n. James Lord Forbfs, fromP4th foot, to he Colonel, » ioe ljeut - Geh. Finch. • \ th ditto,— Lieut.- C © 1. the Hon. Rt. I e Toer French, from tVe staff in America, to be Lieuf.- Col. v. CC M'Pherson, who exe'- nges. ' ' • iVh diiio,— Major- Gen. Rowland Hill, from 3d garrison ba't, to be Colonel, vice Lieut.- Gen. Lord Forbes. • id Garrison Bait.— Major- Gen. Baldwin Leighton, from 46i fo - t, lo beCoionel, vice M;.] or- Gen. Hill. i ' iiiiminiw i i Ihe Dorsetshire J eomanry Cavalry, signed bj the Lord Lieut.', tint,— Samuei Cox, Ge.. t. to be Cornet, vice Pitfield, promoted. - BANKltlll'TS. r- Jill l Seiace. of WHctiroV, i^ arBaOi. i>: stonc- ma-- ot>. . Cuarl'- s smart, of- BerwicJi. street, v\'.-, t- u: ister, t. i. ylo . V- 11 H i iry Fre , of Bnia.' i- air^ et, iJ• • unvn, in - ,1 int. 3 - se ( iibaiiev. nt L- ij Arr . laeeandfn-. ge manQtacturer. \ V >. r isdifftilfv. of t.. istl « - r, tre, l lia?', . tati'. r. er. Sln- e It •?< r.-, i'. f Tooting, saii- y, si v. . lltr. J . , i l. f » u, of Brijlol, liik- k- makev Vt - 1'. Laveniler, of O',' 1 CawiduMtrGet, japantier. All lre* w VVdlson, of \* i. l . v Ttli,' . y, * orn. t Handler.• AV. il I' lS 1, of iiiaraili- C Lirt, I 111, iijrJwi - nan. T* 11 c. ivluen, of Ctanb . urn-- L<- .;•. i'- linen- draper. Jo iMi l of t- fi,.. ii- or- ' i, - . jiiiit'. 1^, vict ii'l^ r. Henry ii. iwKn?, fC s'I'>~ s! • ., St. Mi.- tin in the idelds, linen- draper. J. a slli on. - filJii . victualler. Wr, ' .. ve, of rv." j I'-;.-, io. el- boilor. Joli. i M. IL- S o'l r. . UsuiI, sadte--' noi-.- oger. WINCHESTER. SAJURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, On Monday John Nicholas Silver, E^ q. was' elected Mayor of this city for the ensuing year, and Mr. John Barnes and Mr. John Hooper were chosen Bailiffs. There was a grand d'ajier on the occasioaat St. John's House. Another division of the troops of the Duke of Brinv wiek Ools landed on Saturday morning in the Isle of Wight, on which day bis Sim- ne Highness accepted the in- vitation of Sir H. W. Holmes, Bart, to a grand dinner given on the occasion, to which his staff and the principal military officers and gentlemen of the Island wcie invited. Mr. Holman has joined the theatrical corps in the Isle of Wight, being engaged to perform a few of his fa- vorite characters botb at Newport and Cpwes. He is ac- companied by Miss H'dman, who is to perform with him. Mr. Holman's animated delineations of diameter have so repeatedly attracted public attention in this neighbom hood, that it would be superfluous to praise talents so generally known anil adlllTed; but of the interesting young Lady his daughter it may be proper to observe, that her recent entrc' on the stage was marked with more than usual suc- cess, and her subn- quefit improvement has been so rapid as cl" arly to indicate her early mounting to the summit ® !' professional excellence-. A few days sincc was married, at Kingston church, John Bull, Esq. of Titchfield, son of Mr. John Bull, of Ilvthe, merchant, to Miss Harriett Bald, of CrcVckethill, an amiaMe and accomplished young ladv, . with a large fortune. On Monday was. married, at Alton, James Hinton Baverstock, Esq. to Miss Seward, of the Vicarage. The same dav was married, av Holdenhiirst, Mr. JoJah Rodwell, of King ton, Dorset, to Miss Ann Harve youngest danghter of Mr. Benjamin Harvey, of Mackle hull. On Tuesday was married, at Bishop'; Stoke, Joseph Mabcrly, Ksq. of Powis place, Ormond street, Lon- don, to ' Miss Henrietta Serle, youngest daughter of J une: S ile, Esq. Receiver General for Hampshire. Married, at Gospont, on Wednesday last, Mr. Denr.) l > e to Mi s Sinith, of the same place.— Mr. T. A. Noddall, Parser of the Sarpedcn sloop, to Miss Firrell, all of Gosport. • Died, ' Mi. W ii. Pve, Purser in the Navy, and Mr. Rood, M-, 1. of Partaisouih, 0,1 Saturday the f) ih inst. died, after a long illness, M( ss Snpp, aged t? 0 years, only daughter of Air. Stephen :- iopo, of I'pper CUif- vrd, near And > vcr. On Thursday the I4. ih itist. died, in London, Miss A> in Btfit, stcond daughter of the laie Mr. William Bant, of Andovcr. On Saturday diet* Mr. Arnold, of I. ymington, and the same day died Mrs. Arnold, his wife. On Monday died, ut Ityde, in the Isle, of Wight, Mrs. Hodgson, wife of ijie Rev, Mr. Hodgson, Vicar of Rickiruasworth, Herts. • On Tuesday last died Mrs. Smith, of Longstock, near Stockbridgc, aged f) 0 years. On Thursday last died John larrett, Esq. of Free- mmtle, near Soutiianipion. London. y E t'F. VI NG, sr P T T estprdav a Flushifjg mail arrived, wnich btought a freat numom-< if !• tt is from officers, naval and military, a o t', mi iii - rCai. til » * agrtits in Waleheren. The works on the f- » i li.-. ii ns i* e proceeding, especially on the side of Fain n keOs, with ' allilie la klits the health of the persons d sinifd to thi- em loviuent will abow. Notftiibstanding t ; tun er of sicti wlio have lelV tiie island, nearly 8,000 ( hi oiodical li t. The niiole of the BritUh force on . ritiii , ilid tiot much exceed- 14,000. ' Let • f be gfjih tilt, were received yesterday from T.' • . '' i ll, slating, that, a number of the sick « t ' liging to L r. l VV llingtt n',; ,- irmj lia T ;.-... os, but ibat the main body of the army iustralion " f ' he country is at this moment io i : i ; state. We understand that all the Members < liir t, except tL • L,'! il Chaiic ' I'III' antl Lo' d have t- nikI' d dieir re ignaiio s ; but notbi g o! ti re- uit can yi I I. ; ues eil at.— Times. A r p r of a sp" edy ilissolu: ion « > f Parliament wis in g cral ci. eolation last nighi at the West e- d of lire ton n : It will be. seen by the Gazette, that it is furtiier ( iiorogued. Nothing certain is vet known respecting the new Cabinet ara gen enis. The Wiol. ofve- tertiay was- pei't in li'-:: o- ialtoij. in whieh a Rt. yal Duke, already di- ii, i- giu,,,. d fin Ine 1 ad'mg isart. iie took in b. ingin'g I aether t. - pie ent M- niboi of his \ la; orty' ou cil , wa ' 11 - iiy , mi '... sell. u*. it;.;,-,! Ni^- h es- has beeu three times ar V » . • r mce two oMo" k on T ai.- day. A Cabinet Co i ictl wa^ jiield yesterday, hut its de- lih'- iaii intj/ Ud nit last long. It was attended by Lords BI'lou, Miilgvavo, and Levi on Gower, Earls Liverpool, < ami II, jBi. tlmrst, Chatham, Westmoreland; a d Air. l ' oevri. We l- iivh- announced ( he loss of the Agamemnon, of 6' I ,.- 71. firUrt& teUos were on W.- dnesday received from A : • 1 > tt f-' ulr' , Cnmmaiaior in Chief On the Braz'l fiatio i, dated the V (>( • f June, which ail uitmee the safety of all i h* tjffieers ai. l mi n, and ah t o" whole of the stores of that tuiforliiiiait- \ I- > 1- 1. 1 h - Agamemnon \ va i nee th" £ ; t 1 . ird Nelson's slop, and aftei. wartU coniTaoded by - ii K Kv. Berry, his Loid hii- V first Captain at to -. in.( tie ftf ( lie Voi-, Several of the nffice s, and a great proportion Of her crew, were r. at ves of IVoi'wich and its vicinity. CoVENT- GAltr. es THF. ATRE.—- The riot continued L « t nig it, with utidimi . i bed 1my. In the midst of the dis- turbanee, Air. K" tnble cam 1 forward, and atr » - r waiting half an hour fm- a lvarinff, he oflered lo submit ihe deci- sinn of tin di pure to Ihe Governor of the Bank of i. ngland. tVo AcoOnutairi- General of the Court of. Chancery, the A t ,. i" o". - OoiiPi al, the Si> lleitor- Geni « » l, or any Merchant o! eiiiin nee, a in! who should be furnished with the books ef the fie atre td eoaiiV them to decide. The e propo als were an. ,- tl by No! No!" " Off! Off!" and the house, be ike up ia as discordant a spi: it as on either of the yrt'Cedms; oi. ii, t: si Col. WA » DLE « . Mrs. CLARKE, Sec.— Col. Wardle, hav- ing ahandoned Ids jnU'iition of prosecuting Mrs. Clarke for fei jury, preferred an indictment at the Middlesex Sessions ugaiii t her ami the two Wiights for a conspiracy. The G. and Jmy came to a tlediion on the subject yesterday, de- clari' g it to be a true• bill. The parties will of course be tried for t! ie conspiracy. OLD BAILEY.— William Jordan and Mary his wife were yesterday tried on a capital indictment for the wilful mur. der of Walter Flagherty, in the month of July last., in <~' i; ok- laue. The parties were all Irish, and residing among • ' body of their countrymen, frequent sanguinary con- tests : .. ' dace in defence of the bouour of the respective towns whu . bid given. them birth. Jn one of these con- flicts, Jordan, .- /-> is a Galway man, struck Flagherty, who cam. frnm • lobar, on the head with a bludgeon, * nil on the latter W- iii gthat the blow bad failed to hurt him, the ntle Alary - aid she- would make bun feel x ac- cordiugiy , be wept into her bouso and got a flat iron, with » inch - t « . fractured the skul! of Flagheriv, who died in eonsequeuce fo. i.- days after, U lie Judges thought there was no proof of > i- meditated malioe/ md tits prisouei's were ftia ..' ^ uihy of Manslaughter. • SALISBURY, MONDAY, SEPT E M B ER 55 On Thursday the Prince of Wales quitted Wey- mouth. His Royal Highness supped and slept that night. at the Star and- Garter at Andoicr, and break- fasted there on Friday morning, after which he con- tinued his journey to London, Friday the 15th jnst. being ihe Charter- day for the election of Alayorand other principal officer-, for the town anil county of Poole, a question arose on an assumed right whieh a certain part of the Corporation set tip respecting the nomination of the respective officers, claiming for themselves an exclusive privilege ; whilst the popular party insist--. I on the freedom of nomination and election', agree thly to the directions of the charter. A poll » ; as ac- cordingly demanded for every officer, when there appeared very decided majorities on all the . questions in favour of ^ he Burgesses at large. Thus by tbe inflexible spirit anil p> '.' severance of the majority, every obstacle t.- l* gai inves- tigation is removed; and it remains now to b • ascertained svheri" the right of nomination and election shall constitu- tionally rest. This subject haa been often agitated at. former periods, but till now the popular interest was. out- voted. On the 5th inst. wns married, at Stoke Wake, by the Rev G. Seymer, Mr. J. Dibben, lo Miss Shepard, of the same place. On Wednesday last was married, at Pnrton, the Rev. John. Mervin Prower, of Wadham College, Ox- ford, to § u » an, daughter of the lale John Coles, Esq. of Gloucester. On Monday last died, in the 82d year of his age, Edward Bowie, Esq. of Gomeldon, near this city. On Saturday tbe Ifi'. li i:! t. an inquisition vv; a3 taken by T. O. Read, Esq Mayor and Coroner for the borough of Dorehdster, on I be body of Richard Collins, a pauper, who died as he was conveying to be examined as to his l*;: al place of settlement—•>' Verdict, Died by the Visitation of God. A few days since two countrymen offered a 10/; Shaftes- bury note at Mr. Turner's, mercer, in Bristol, which he refused; when they successively tendered four others ; oil which'Mr. T. liad them apprehended, and notice thereof was sent to tbe above Baitk ; and on Monday last a gentle- . ma irived at Bristol and claimed ihi: notes, which, . with 12 other >, and a 100/. draft, were lost from his pocket, near Wells, and, on searching the cou trymeu's lodgings, tbe whole, except ab^ ut Ql., w>- le recovered, HOME MARKETS. - Prices of Corn, per . Quarter— liread, yer Gallon. Wheat. • Barley, j Oats. Beans. | Brea i Sept. s. s. s. s. I s, s. s. ' s. r. d. Salisbury, IS IQatol 14 5- 3 j 02 to 41 gs' 7- 1! S G Hasingstbke SO 9a/.!> l » .') l;! S Ai ,4!?: 29 tn 4o 61 ' 2 S Devizes, at IOO/ t) lJ4 :) » In 44 i40Vn 44 Si) In 66 Nre\ ybury, 41 I09< t> 13a 4CW » 4s | < 20 to ^. fl to SJ j i 4 Vildover ?. l iHlnllO SS toto \ 9- 55 In S>\ i 3 Warminster, 93- ". Wo! 30) SO to i3- J lo 4. vf'> 2 to yi} —— i- l'eight of the Ga'tun Loof, « U\ U « r.—// « // GalL Ml-. 5Jns PRICES OF STOCKS T1I1S DAY, At Three o'Clock. India Stock, 1<> 7J Long Ar. n. shut South c- ea Stock, — India Bonds, is*, so » . p. 3 Cent. Red. shut. Kxchecuer Bills, 4j. I u. p, 3 Cent. Cons. } Omnium, w 1 if)- Cents shut. Irish 5 » Cents. — i t^ Cer. t. Navy, 9f » J \ J Imperial 3 ip- Cents. — I qp. Cent.' l797, — F. ngbsh LotiTirki ts, 2U. i: Hank stock, shut. Ditto Prizes, fail money. pott mm PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. UROOIE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; tFhsre ( h iers, Adr< ertiaen,? nts, avd authentic Articles of News are received ( Postagepaid), ' IMTERS and BooKSEHEits a Ep^ lsfflJj bj tto iSBj* pti » e Nw^ mwj « id in London by Messrs. TAYLER < tnd NEWTON, Na, 5, M « rwjck- S^ osr « , NewgatE- Strert, f. r. il Mr. BeolttaBrr, J> aVenie* ter- Bcw,- Su Paul'* FALMODTH, Srpti 21. The Mary packet, from Jlew Yofk { which she left the Ist inst.) arrived yesterday. The revival of the non- intercpurse laws hail not occasion d muah e< pect « 1iou of war. between Great Britain & America. TbeWal atlehani packet arrived oil. Monday froni Lisbon. The last a'cconrts from Lord W » tlli igtwn'i army left it at Tllva- S, .( where lie had Stfppli S of provisions, and tbe troops had become, conr. arativeiy healthy. The account"- pub- lished in several of the p » p » r£ f o'f a regiment ' deserted by Its CioloneL, & c. at Tulayera, apiiear to be scandalous Tibrications, s » r| ierhaps jfounded qu the nu re circyijlstarrce Of an Ensign being missing from one of the regiments,— A lt « > Micy in Spain was, talked of at Lj. bon, Tit" Pi iirfteiis Augusta pjclp t arrived Tuesday night from tht » Wimiwartl I ' and t The- Capt till ifi'.. Aubyn) Sod el.-^ n of the crew bavins; died duii. is; the voyage, [ be abip. has been placed uuder btl'iet quarantine. PORTSMOUTH, Sept. 23, TO. e following shigs have bten fitted for the temporary reception of prisoners of war, under tile direction of tbe Transport Board, » nd a Lieut- iiant of the Navy appointed lo superintend them, viz.— Marengo, Waldernaai, i lercnle, Arve Princen, Prin- cess Sophia Frederic*, antl Kron Fi ineesseii. ' Die Achille and Illustrious, . d' 74 guuji each', relieve the Warspite and Christian the Seventh off Cherbourg, and will sail as soon as tbe weather moderates. The Virginia hris, which arrived here this morning from Madras, after a four month's passaie, with dispatches for the India Company, sailed from Madras on the 16th of May, and from St. Helena the 7th of August. There was no i rw- of the seven missing ships. Monday—. Arrived the Garget, of " 4 guns, Capt. Hal- kett ; Sceptre, of 74 gains, ( apt. Bingham ; Hypeiion, . If 32 guns, Capt. Brodie ; Hussar, of 38 guns ; and Reindeer : sl on, Capt. Douglas, from Flushing; Express brig, from the VVest Indies. Tuqsday— W\ t into Sti Helen's, and sailed again off Cher- bourg, ihe Christian Seventh, a'd Warspite. tWednesday— Sailed the Hardy gun- vessel.— Came Into harl. ur the Comns, of 22 guns, Capt. Smith. Thursday— Arrived the Christian thy Seventh, of 74 guns, Capt. Sir , I. S. Yorke; ' Warspiie, of 74 guns, Capt. Bowles; and Goshawk » Joop, Capt. Innes, from: off Cher- bourg. Friday— Arrived the Porcupine, of 24 guns, Captain E! li-. tl, from the Mediterranean. Saturday— Arrived the Virginia hired armed vessel, with dispatches from tli « East Indies. Came into bavbour the Belleisle, of 74 guns, and Comus, of 22. CANADA TIMBER, DEALS, & c. JUST arrived " from Quebec, and now discharging in Southampton River,— The ship SWAN, Fen- wick, master, With a Cargo of tbe I '. lowing Goods : K000 Feet Pine Timber 711 diito White Oak 3000 Inch Pine Boards BOO 10 to 12 feet ins Deals 4130 Staves 1 ( Masts, from 64 to C7 ft. by 15 to 20 in. ltf Smaller ditto, which will be SOLD bv AUCTION, or. Thursday the Sth of Octoh.- r, at the Dolphins Inn, at 11 o'clock in the foreno-. n. For the convemtnoy of purchasers, part of the cargo will be landed at Rcdbridge, and . be put itl stn& U lots. For particulars and Catalo^ u s aoply to 4S54J E. BAKKR and Co. Southampton, AMERICAN BISCUIT, & c. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, On Wednesday next the 27th instant," at noon, at the Storehouse on the Ouay, , by Mr. COTTCRELI, : 1 fo Ba^ s of American Biscuit, partly damaged ; 240 Bars of Square and Fiat Russia Iron ; 150- Caskso* Lamp Black; Also sundry old Stores, consisting ot Sails, Anchors, Cables, Blocks, Mast, bowsprit, Spars, and the Standing and Running Rigging of a. SI - op of 40 io,. s aUineasut'- tnent.—- For viewing, aiid Catalogues, apply the day before the sale ( o W. UNTOTT AND SONS. SOUTHAMPTON, Sept. 2-?, 1809. • N. B. For Sale by privai. C infract,—' 50 Sacks of Barcelona Nuts, in excellent condition; 14878 SALISBURY. f^ OR SALE by AUCTION, by J. ELDERTON, near the Corn- M rket, o i Tu,- sday the 86' th instant,— A strong useful ONE- HORSE CHAISE, with a head ; an excellent Gig Mare, sound; a capital C- rt Hmse ; two good N gs, and two oth r Hor- es. The bovearc soU! for no fault, being the prop: rty of a gentleman, who has no tutther use for them. [ 4S72 Sale at Twelve o'clock. Weymouth. Sale oj. jine Puintingli. TO- be SOLI) by AUCIION, at Mr. Harvey's Assembly Room on the Esplanade, W ym nth, m , Mondav tbe 23th of September,—- A capital Collection of I'AINTfNGS, by some oi th mist stecmed M st rs f the Italian, Fl " lush, at. d English schoi ls ; on ludme ar ex cecding fine Copy of the Cart ions, OT ug't fr un Italy about " 0 years ago, ill. ' are st kti - wi, in th- king- lorn, antl in very good pr. si rvatjon. The pa ntmgs arc all in superb modern gut frames. . Catalogues to be had at the place of sale, and at Mr. Framptori's Libr rv, D' rchestcr. ( 4735 _ VICINITY OF SOUTH/- Mm- N. Freehold !\ lla, dovlle Coach- house, Stullingfu- r eight horses, Pleasure ahd Kitchen Gardens, G em house, and small Paddock,- together upwards af two Act. s. rSX) be SOLD by, AUCTION, at the Doluhins A. Inn, Southampt. n, oy GEO. HOOKEY, on Thursday October the 12th, 1 0.9, at one o'clock— A dsS r- ble FREE- HOLD feSTA'l E ; comprisinP'a cimturtable dwelling- bouse in complete i jta. ii consistin ; of a dining room - 21 feet by is, With bow win ow to floor; drawing rt/> m same- dimensions, breakfast : irl ur, er. tr, nee hall, seien bedchambers ( includ- ing servant! , and offices of every description ; opening on a la-. vn surrounded by a lofty shrubbery, and pleasaiitiy situated within a mile and a half ot Southampton. The Fixtures to be taken by apprisement, and the House- hold Fum'tuie ; nd Green- house Plants to be taken ai the option if . the purchaser. Further particulars known on application at Geo. Hookcy'a Agency Office, Southampton. (" 47-,' TV/ J ODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNlTl'Rj", ivl elegant Drawing- room Suit, Pier Glasses. 90- inch Mirror in superb frame with four lights, Register and Pan- theon Grates, ar. d Qther valuable Effects, the property of a Gentleman ( quitting his residence, No. 2, High- street, South- ampton— to be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by Gr. o. HOOKEY, 011 Tuesday tiie 3d ot October lsuy, tt eleven o'cl - ck. Toe Household Purniturc consists of four- post'and tent b'.-. isttads, With printed cotton and dimity turi iture; goO » o. feath r beds, mattresses, Uankets,, quilts, and counterpanes; a drawin ;- room suit of twelve handsome Grecian- form C; airs, jipaniicd, rose- wood, and gold; elegant drapry curtai-. for three windows, of handsome print'> 1 cottnn, lined with blue ami Parisian fringe; Bruss- ls carpets of large djm. psions ; set of mahogany dining tables,. 11 I!, p in. by 4 ft.' 6111.; card antl Pembroke tables, maho tarty and pamted drawers ind bi. sin - stands, - fenders and fire- irons, alasS; Chita, kiichtn. • ut. rn/ s, 4-. ifc. To b. viewed the day precedir. gthe sale.— Catalo . ues, price, I'd. each, to be had at tile place ot salej and at the A. ur; « oneer's g ocral AHIncy- ofiic,, S. uthampton. , P47M Household Furniture and Building Materials.' ISUU I HAMPTON, TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises,, by Gf. o. HOOKEY,- 011 Thursday the .5th of Ocr. iso. n', a't eleven o'clock,— The neat and entire HOUSEHOLD fUIti NM'URK ; consisting of four- post at, d tent bedsteads, with pr nted cotton and dimity hangings ; modern Frcnch window curtains; goose^ feather bedt, blankets, and couiiteipar. es ; mahogany draw ts. wardr/ bes, a Set of small { fining tables circular ends, cart! and pier ditto, inclpsed bason stands, ma- hogany and stained chairs, a Sofa, pianoforte, Brussels £ » . r- p- its, pi r and dressing glasses; kitchen range, pantheon st ives, t>- ders and irons, glass, china, 8? c. 4c. the nraperty of Mr. MAISSHALL,. quitting bis residenc. at St. Mary's. Precisely at two. cM ek will be sold,— The MA I ERIAL6 o a Brick and Oak- timber built capacious CART- HOUSE . and ST ABLE, tQ be. taken down and removed in two rnonths-. Th whole may tic viewed the dav previous, and on the m'irni got. the s". le. riay till it comrnt- nc s f4ft4S ' BUILDING MATERIALS. LITTLE HOOK- HOUSE, near TitCHWata, HANTS. npo be SOLD by AUCTION, o,, tlr- Premises, on 1 Thuce! y the Sth day of October ! Slj; i. precisely '. t e even o'clock ( unless an acceptable offtr sbouM - te made to r. k the sum.- in three. lot, s, as it now stands); — All the M A- TERIALS of the abov. Budding; compfsing- bricks, tiles,' timbers of various scantlings, and finlshin s o-" excellent floor boards; ( loots, sashes, and frames fsome of laroe dimen-, si.' 11s, wi'h plate gMSs therein) ; ' modern imposts and skirt-' ngs, stair- Cases', stone pavint- s, excellent statuary, marble chimney- piecf, v/ ith carved t - biet, 4c. marble and artificial stone chimneji- pt.' CsS, vein marble slabs of lar, c dimensions, and a numerous ass>' rtm nt of other materials, well worih the attention of- Budders or Gentlemen concerned in building. Particulars may be known of Mr. Pitt, at his Esptte Agency- ifBc.-, A . ov; - Bar, Southampton, where catalogues will h ready f- ir delivery on thija- ith of S pt. . t ihe Bugle", Titchheld ; the Dolphin, Gosportj the Crown Inn, Portsmouth; the Black Sw. fn., Winchester ; apd Red Lion, Fateham. " ISLE OF WIGHT. TO; he SOLD by AUCTION:, by TOCKER and Pi'TTts^ iit Ihe Bn^ le Inn, in Newport, on Tuesday file 1 orii of Oct ber, 130? - A FREEHOLD ESTATE called vVisrci. tt-' f; i uiite- m tb'e partsh ofNprthwonft; cbmpri- sing WS)< M dshill,' Whitwelf, Nitu'n,- Chale,- and- Shalfieet,' aontaining 2300 acres of rich arable, meadow, pasture, and wood Land, ill the occupation of fno'Jt respectable teiiants, at rents am- u itinfe to uptnrds' of £ 3000 per annum 5 together with the M ANORS of Whitcorrtbe, Chale, and Chestlc ; and the RECTORIAL TITHES of seventeen Farms in the parishes of Godshill and Whitwell, kit to the respective occupiers of the s iid Farms, at near . t, 2oo per annum. To be \ revved till the sale by applying to the respective Te- nants ; and p . tticulars may be had three wet ks pieeedin ™ tbe sale of. Messrs. Clark- s " and St'WtiH, solicitors, f. t. HewpOit; at t ie Hotel ' at Ryde, ' Vine at Cowes,. Georg.' at Yarmouth,, Fountain at Poitsmouth, Dolphins' at Si uthmnpton, Angel at Lymitigtori, at ihe place of sale, and of Mr. Willock, Nu. « 5, Golden- square, London ; Messrs. Clarkesand Sevrcll willgive directions ty the tenants. [ 44 TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. Vt ni. ER, oa Thursday the sth of October 1808,— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITORB' of'a < ientleman quitting bis residence . at Wisliii> rii House,- Writs. ( Particulars m the next Journal.) Catalogu- s in due tunc at Vidier's Upholstery Warehouse, High- street 1 Salisbury. [ 48os WINCHESTER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Ihe Premise, by Mr. MANT, on Tuesday the stith of September, i*' t » i, and following day, at eleven o'clock,— The HOUSEliOLD I-' URNI I URE, Stock in Trade, an^ Shop Fixtures, In longing to Mi. Dor.> n, quitting his residence in High- street. The Furniture comprizes four- post" and tenl- bertsteads, wuh white dimity, printed cotton, and check h. ngings; goose fe. tl. er buls, inattressds, and bedding; mahogany wuidfohe and drawers; riming, Card, and daw tables; mahogany chairs and sopl. as ; pier and dressing glasses : Scotch carpets ; capital iron- bound half hogsheads; oak eisttrn, lined with- lead; queen's ware, glass, kitchen requisites, 4c. & c The Stock Consists of japanned tta frays, cad lies, and dn ssu g cases ; knives, rr. jtors, anil scissors ; morocco pocket ' l. otiks, . on- lis, netting boxes, ami trinkets ; counters, giass cases, and nests ot drawers ; copper scales and weights; " with i- umer us other art- dev.. To be vie\ ved on Monday preceding the sale, when cata- logues may be had on the premises, and at tile Autt. cnecr's, Winchester. [ 4710 N. B. The l- iouschoi 1 Furniture will be sold th first day. tormina Stock.—( FiiAalt, near ft inch, sh,, Hants. rpO lie SOLD by AUCTION, on ihe I'r. rni- cs, 4. by Mr. Mant, Ml Tuesday the ad of Oeuier ifio.", at elevai o'clock,-—' I h. valua'- l: STOCK in HUSBANDRY b' longing to W. p. DOIIV, Es « .- leaving Hampsi 1,. ; com- prismg betwe. n 0' Ml und/ itm Scutl - iiow," si. e n nil lanibs : .10 us lul draught bursts: o> ws and pics; T good w gt ens' Gcar. s'; pi mghs, r li, rs, drags, and h. nrows ; stvt r. il > cts of harness ; ab. iut tiiree quafers ol' an acie of potat. ts ; . nd a var ctj of other articles. To be viewed . n Monday preccdinir the sale, when cata- logues may be hud ,. 11 the premises, and at ill. Auctioneer's, Winchester [ 4- 11 Hurstbou, ne Piiors, near Axdnvtr, fim ts. TO bo SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by H. CtltwtCK. " n W diwsdnv the, Sjihoi S. pt. mbcr. 181) 9,- Part of tbe FARMING I. IV!' STcCK/ Uttnsils rr Husbandry, . Hay, etc th pwputynl'Mi I OWMAK, eon- sistmg of 160 S-. uth down twei ai 11 lai bs; Scnpu. 1.1 dt u h5 horses, mare and colt; .3 fat rows; a va.' gorra, Setts. 4 plough?, 1 nine- sB... re ditto, h . rrows. . ra- s, snif i- ll. rs ; plough and cart harness; 2 rick scafl' Ids: u, wards 11 ioO tonsot meadow hay; huidles, lav cast s.- 4c. 45. S. l Willi.- gin t Iveno'c ck. f4eti4 LEASEHOLD AND COPYHOLD ESTA'IE. PllOUGinoW, HAMS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by fi CPISWTCK, at tbe " White Hart Inn, in StoeUbridge, on W, dn sday the 4th day of Oet" b r ISO?, at thiee o'. Joek in tbe aft. tnoon, — A d s: r ble ESTATE, situat- at Broughtort, part y O py and partly Le. tf. hoW,' p rticubirs. ol wh h arc. as Iflli ws j A I-' arin- House and Garden, with Barn, St- ble. CarfHou « e » Rick House' on 90 pair of stones ; a piece of P store Lard ( abouta acres) adjoining; also a piece, or parcel if Arable Land lying inTownsend Fiekl, containing 4o A. and unws rds; also a piece of Arable Und lying ii G. re. ohtdit Field con- taining at A. and upwards. Tliese. fields. arc onr'v separated bv the turn pike road leading from Waljpp to Rotns y. Ai( dIt rt 1- pieces or parceis of Arable Land adjoin ng cgC » other, called Lord's Wood, containing about (.' A. S R. ; ' aluo'- an Or' hard; about a quarter c- f ;, n acre, near the Farm House ; also a p, c » of Pasture, at the lower end " f Br '. lpliton, td'- out hidf Mi acres and a piece of Me dow rr Pastute- Ground ift- Oakley M ad w, Cntaining 1 A. 1 R, 10P.— The^ vnol" consisehi^ v by admea- surement ,. uf about 85 acres 5 of which sfctwt. 17 arr.- s aretie ld- by c ipv of court roll, the remainder by leas f. r f); i y : ars, tle- terrn- n ible Upon lives ( and foil Stat dj under Sir C. Mill li irt. Fot particulars, and to treat by private coi- iraci, apply to Mr. ffredgoU, Winchester,, or to the Auctioneer, An. .< ive r; and for a ti-. w of the premises, appty to Mr. flurtf solicitor, the present occupier. •••'.; - f4* 6S ^ fTh ; purchaser may have possession at MiCliFielmiis next. - . PEN TON, NEAR ANLOVEH. TO be SOLD by AUCTION' > y T RAWLINS, at the White I litft tnn. Pen ton iforestiid, on Wednesday the 27th of Septeffib- r laon, » A cotisiderahle Quantity of Seasoned Foreign Fl ft TIMBER; cbnsiStins ofQird, rs, Bea'ma, Plank, Plat: s, Purloins, T. zJ JVts, Rafters, Ceilini Joists, 3ts. Re. which will be put jo srriati tots', ft the accommoda- tiv> i i. purch isers. Sale to begn. at'one 1 ' e. ock. F ra view . i f Che Timber app.- y to Wr. Thomas Ctttttn;, carjicnt. r, ot (" he s rrc flace. • , ..- • fjjftn • CHAItlTON, nin' ANDOVER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, Hv T. Hawliiw, Rt the. Upp r Annei'loll, Asrtov r, • n fihrtiy th. wih of September, Itm,-^— A desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising a. 1 . rstf brick Hud tiled dw tiling- house fwell . adapted fo » ty » d families), with s- gotj . gurden,' b.- rn, excel- Icnt . timber yard, toieflr-. r with about on, e ere and a half of land adjoining, siruJit. r. t Charltm ' ifores id^ and now in the several occuyationff rf Mr. Steel , c « rp. nter and wheerwriaht, • Mr. Holdwav, and Mr. Georai; Smith. f4B50 . Sale to b* Kir » irt: fee'o'clock. ., For a view of tht pti m'ses jppiy to tfKt tenants; and for furthiir particulars to V. It. wl n;, Auctioneer, Andcver CHDTFC, WILTS. . TO be SOLD by AUCTION, without Reserve, byT. RAWLIVIS. lit ihe Cross K ys Inn Chute, 011 MottdavtbeCd<••' October, l « iS,— Hit S'lOCKo'a I IM-' V. DRAPER, HABERDASHER, aire, remi v. d tbr. coi v. mence W sale to the above fnn. The Ciini* comprize a great Variety < if printed linens ail cottons ; pi .!'• ano figured muslins'; ftllsslinets^ dirhities; Jace und- edg'tigs; fine' Irish sheeting ; Irish " Snd Home- blenched linens; Cuimterp n- s, quilt*' , nd • coverlids; scarier and liatb h- ner cloak,; silk ha;. dh rctii fis arid shawls'; worked musito shawls, cups, i n'f'bai'tt shirts j women's and children's I * nc sti ys striped an: 1 pla. n linseys . Welch flannel, hosiery, hats, gloves, siloes, & c. and various other article- sin the above l iie. GCr On acconni ot the number oi lots, the sale will • begin at eleven o'clock. j" 47 if> Marine Residence twd F, tnti, Hamptlriie. rPO be SOLD Iry AUC ! !()>, j„ ( jV'iJ. cr isop, a ( unless previouslvdisposed of hv irvat cohtTi- ct A FREEHOLD HOUSE and ESTATE", call, RooKCi in-- 1: 1 th. p risb. ot Miirord, near Lyr'x iuetori,' I tdr- is. | he btmso is situated in a paddock erf ab' tfi ' O . cr. s, pi, to, suoguniini wit p. notations, and com ma ids most, beau uuf v i-. s ol the Isle of W Ight, Nt allies, a-: dsurioundmg cirntry. It c>' M- ta ot a dravvng- rooui, dining- ro. m, • nd hi i ov," with auntb. e be- d- ri « ms, servants' offices, aiio ejte » ile- M Cell:, i--, The Estate contains 450 acres'( n. or • r lessi o- Arable rnit Pasture Land, in a. ring f'e. nc-; togeihei w. th the Manors- or reputed Manors o'" Mill ird Barn. j. ,110 Mihor 1 Mo'itagti:.;' The Lantl- tax is r deem d. The Estai is ( r e oi Great T. theS, exc. pt . b- ut 30 acres, and ent. tlcd to cxt'nsiveFi r st and Common rights. , < About 100' jtcr sare'on'an old leas., wi. kh expires 1' eiS £ the remainder in hand * There is a goo 1 kite- hen garden, ree- n- housc, ice- hous » , coach- hoUs. s, stable!, - barns', . ox- sheds, pig- stves, t- nd all necessary f . rmingbuildiiits. mi. st i-. f which h vc been . erected within tlies • lev/ j years ; together w. th a house tor ( lie bailiff, arn! a labourer's'cottage. . •' The Fiiruitur , fixtures, w pes, prints,- ( armine ut'ns Is arui livestock, wi I be included in the purchase, or soul by tion on the pr nnses. - To be seen withtickets onlv, which, w th I'u iher particuj. I rs, may he had of Messrs Graham, Kmdcrlev, a d Jf ville, Lincoln's Inn, London, who have a m- p ol theistnte addan inventbry. of tlie aitiaks to be seltl wi'. h the botneas*.' . form. ' Chips' •. GOSPORT. , Ercellent Situating for any kind af Trade TO be SOLD by AUCTION; by iNh- ssrs. MRTUFIRSR and TMt'IR, at tbe Dolphin Inn, Go'si ort on M01 day ihe 2d day of October next, betwt. n ttie l outs t f'six anflf eight in the evening funless » n acceptable ef', r I e rrladt in the. mean time hv prhate e- ontr- iri, 01 which du notic , t be given),— A FREEHOLD DWEl. LlNG- lk. USE, venha" capital Sbop,. Storehouse, twoStal. les, and t thi rOuti U'ldmgs ahd Yard; situate in North- sircet; at the o rner ot N rth Cr sv street, G'ispost; now in the occupation ot Mr. Til- s. Kini- grocer, the jlji prfctor; who is tjUitfng business. The Dwelt ling- housc has " two pirlours, a dmini r om, and six bed rooms,, a kitchen, and paiur}-; and is r-. plete wit!, fixtures and every family convenience; and theie is a g. sid c- liar 1 under the whole house, and in the y id is a rain water tank of eight tons'. - The Shop bus fir many years I ad a ir'r » l- apeustomed trade to it, an i the whole. esiatc nuasurts in ftnnt in N rih- street, 30 feet, and. in North, Cross- strtet so | vt » - and from its pecubariy advantage! us situation, commai dine two jTtin'c pal stre. ls at the entranc of the town, is adeqi i. to 10 an extensive business.— A purcbas r may have i- t mediate possession; may take the Stock - n'. Tradc and Fsures on a valuation; and if required, pari of the purchas,- money may remain on mortg: g — The l and- tax is rede. mtd. . Jor tufill r part- ctilars app'v t the Auctioueeis, and attho office^ ot Mr. Minchin, sollcitpt, Gcspoit. [ 47( 2
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