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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXI    Issue Number: 3285
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 11/09/1809
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXI    Issue Number: 3285
No Pages: 4
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Sussex Weekly Advertiser: Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. pt'tntea aim publtfljett bp aim for William anO Arthur Lee. VOL. I. XI. No. 3265. J MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1809. [ PRICK SIX- PENCE. ^ IT— r , , , , ) Zr:." u|. lr| Y miblisliett every Monday Morning for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every town and Vtl aSe of SUSSEX, in 1 arts ot KENT, SURRLY, Tins P^ er wh. ch has Veen . egularly HAMPSHIRE and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, iu London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. ™ « , 1CSrv wmrv ADVERTISER is'tcularly Hied by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS. & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publishers ilie SLISM'IA WL. E, IVI-. I riu R. It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOIISES in the^ ME'ROPOLIS- , . To tlfe NOBILITY, GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, & FREE- HOLDFRs, of the COUNTY of SUSSEX. rpHE sudden and greatly lamented death of my 1 late Uncle, Mr. William Wheeler, one of the Coroners for tlx- County of Sussex, havhig occasioned a Vacancy in ttat Office, 1 am encouraged by my Friends to offer myself as n Candidate to » aocced him ; flattering myself- that having been for several ycitrs. em- oloycd in tliis sorrier, it nmy tint be deemed ptcsnltuag lame to solicit the honor of your support « ud >•> « •"•* vn the day of Election, of whieh doe notice will, be '! IMIWO, I, tbe right of Election toI « h* « f Co. ron. r he uuqucstionnblv in li" Freehoioess < ST the Ooontv at lar? c, it has been usually tbe practice to poll an! v f » r that District or part of the County to which bis'ltiquests have been limited, viz. the Rapes of l, e « e » ami Peveoscy ; it is to those Freeholders I more parti- cularly address myself, assuring then that nothing but want of time shall prevent tne from making ft personal application Tor their favonrs. Having fonnd that to serve the cause of some of the Gentlemen who oppose me, it has been asserted tlist, 1 » m ineligible to thoOfficc because I aui not of agej 1 leg leave to assure you that the assertion is altogether false, as may be proved by referring to the parish re- gister. Greatly flattered hy a successful canvas, and by the velnntary exertions . « f my Friends, should I be BO for-" lunate as to be the object of your choice, 1 shall ever feel a lively sense « i gratitude for the honour conferred upon me, and shall hope to prove myself worthy of holding a situation so long and so satisfactorily con- ducted by my late respected Uncle. I remain with great deference and respect. My Lords and Gentlemen, Your most obedient and humble Servant, THOMAS WILLIAM WHEELER. Lewes, Aug. 16, 1809. To the NOBILITY, CLERGY, GENTLEMEN, St FREE- HOLDERS of the COUNTY of SUSSEX. IN consequence of the Vacancy in the Office of one of the Coroners for the County of Sussex, hy the much- lamented death of William Wheeler, Esq. I am induced to take the liberty of soliciting your Vote and Interest to succeed him in that appointment ; and trwst yen will think from my professional habits, that I am qualified to discharge the duties of llie Of- fice and should I be so fortunate as to be favoured with your support, it shall be my utmost endeavour to merit your approbation, by a strict attention to » uch duties. 2 have the honour to be, My Lords and Gentlemen, Your most obedient humble Servant. CHRISTOPHER KELL. Lewes, itith Aug. i£ i » > TO the Nor. iLiTV. GF. XF. iY, Ci- tncY, WD FHE- HOLDERS of tbe COUNTY of Sussi <; THE sudden and much- lamented Death of Mr. WHEELER, one of tbe Coroners of this County, bavins occasioned a Vacancy in thai Office, I beg leave , o offer myself to yu" « » a Candidate for the Appoint- ment, and to solleit your Vote and Interest on the Day of Election, of which d « te Notice will be given. ) regain with great Respect, My Lords and Gentlemen, your most faithful aud obedient Servant, GEORGE GWYNNE. Lewes, 16th August, 1S09. C » the FBFEsn » tneBs of the Cou* TY of Sussex. . My Lords and Gentlemen, THE Office of Coroner for one of the Divisions of this connty being vacant, by the lamented Peat* of Mr. Wheeler, i respectfully tnke the liberty of effeting. eaysclf a « a Candidate for that Appointment, and of soliciting the honour of your suffrages; and, I trnst, that those Gentlemen to whom I may not have an opyortonltv of making a personal application, will not uCfribnte it to any neglect on my part. Among others, ( Candidate, it seems, has started for the vacant situa- tion, who i « supposed to have, considerable interest in the obtaining of licences for pubic- houses, therefore, it is understood, that certain Brewers and Spirit- Merchants have entered the field on bis behalf, in order to deserve and obtaiu bis assistance in return ou the next licence day. 1 must say I consider it as a most singular cir- cumstance, that the Parish Officers of this place should ( if possible) be more strenuous in their exertions on be- half of the same Candidate : Surely they cannot be jg- aoraut of the impropriety of their conduct in thus ai? t > ng ou behalf of u Candidate wbo does not reside in their own town— What motive they can have I know not, but be that what it may, ( heir conduct, in my iiuui - Mc conception^ is equally reprehensible. I am inform- ed that they yesterday held a Meeting at tbe Town- Hall, for tbe purpose of considering tbe best means to fecare their Favourite's Election! 1 shall not make auv oWrvatiou 011 this, but leave tlie Independent Free- boi lers to decide on such conduct by tbeir Votes at tbe Election. And should I be so fortunate as to obtain the appointment, the favour will ever live, with the deepest gratitude, ia the memory of, My Lords and Gentlemen, , Your obedient aud very humble Servant, H. EVATT. Brighton, August j « i, 1805. , 1 * FORAGE CONTRACT. PfflSONS desirous to undertake the supply of Forage to the Ordnance Horses in the Sussex Dis- ( riit, for six months, from the 1st of October next, must a* id in Sealed Proposals, addressed to Captain Duncan, commanding Royal Artillery, Brighton, expressing on » he outside, " Tender for Forage," and Person's name. Tbe Return of Forage to consist of cither jolbs of Oats, ")— J" 7lbs of Oats, lalbsof Hay, > or of ^ i tlbs of Hay. 8lhs of Straw, ( 8lbs of Straw. The Horses in Billet to be furnished witfc « 4b of Oats. The Persons contracting afe to receive the Stable Bung, and are to make an allowance for the value « h reof, in their Tenders at per horse per week ; tbe I>: ng must not be allowed to accumulate, and must be removed lit stated periods from the premises. No Ten- , lci s will he received after Tuesday, tbe 19th of Sept, ne>: t. Brighton, 29th Aug. 1809. CONDEMNED BARRACK STORES. LINEN AND WOOLLEN RAGS, k Barrack Office, 1st September, 19og. ALL Persons willing to contract for the purchase of Condemned Linen and Woollen Rags, from the 30th September, ' 1809, 10 the 29th September, lljjo, ill the severe I Districts throughout Great Britain, may see the particular- of Contract, form of Tender, and List of Districts, at the Barrack Office, Spring Gardens, or \> y enquiring " of the several Berrack- Masters through- out the same. Sealed Tenders in the form prescribed, to be deli- vered 011 or before I a o'clock on the « 9th September next, directed to the Commissioners for the Affairs of Barracks," Spring Garden, London, aud, indorsed, ** Ttnder for ^' Oivdomned Siores." SHEEP FAIR. ON WOODBURY HILL NEAR BERE REGIS. NOTICE ia hereby given,— That Sheep Pens will be provided free from Toll, 011 Thursday, the sist September next, 1* 05). where a Shew of Dorset Rw* « ir. id Wethers will he men on that day. Good grass near the spot. ^ NOTICE is hereby given to ^ Proprietors of _ Ijmds- HIMI Estates, in the several'parishes of Aurberley, Coldwalthum, l'ittlewbrth, and WUkurongh Green, in tbe - rwunly of Sussex, lying. within the Manor of Amberley, and to all other persons whom . it may concern, that at the next Session of Parliament^ a Pe- tition will be presented to the houorahle Home Com mons. for leave to bring in a Bill, ia order to obtaiu an Act of Parliaasent for dividing, allotting, and inclos- ing all the op « a and common fields, brooks, meadows, pastures, downs, comiuoliahle laiidft, and waste grounds tu tbe said several parishes and manors aud enutaining altogether by estimation 4,000 acreS, or thereabouts. Chichester Sept. 7^ 1309. WM. FOWLER, Steward of the Manor of Amberley. " VTOl'K.' E is hereby given, That application is 1 s intended to be made to Parliament in the ensu- ing Session, for leave to bring in a Bill or Bills, for making aud maintaining a Turnpike Road, from a place called Park- street Corner, iu the parish of Slinfold, to Pulbnroifgh. und to join the present Turnpike Road, leading from Arundel to Petworth, upon or near Bury Common, with a branch of road from Park- street cor- ner aforesaid, to pass over Broadhridge Heath, aud to join the present Turnpike Road from Horsham 10 Dork- ing, at or near New Lane, iu tbe parish of Warnham, which said Roads pass, or are Tntcudcd to pass, into or through the several parishes of Sliufold, Billinghurst, Pulborough, Hardham, Coldwaltham, and Bury, and Slinfold, Itchingfield, Horsham, Sullington. and Warn- ham. ali iu the County of . Sussex. D. STEDMAN, Horsham, 3< l August, tso^. - . NOTICE is heieby given. That application _ wili tie made to Parliament in the ensuing Ses- sion. for leave to bring in a Bill to obtaiu an Act, for making and maintaining a Turnpike lioad, from a place called Five Oaks, tu the parish of Billingshurst, through the several lauds or grounds belonging to Mr. John Croucher, Air. Phillip Holland, Mr. William Stanford, and Sir Byshe Shelley, Bart, proprietors, to join the ln hitigfield Road, and tbence to Lion's Comer ; aud. also, from Ludwick Corner, pursuing the ancient highway down Hay's Hill to Slinfold- street; thence to Broadbridge Heath, to join the new Guildford Head, and thence through Waruham- street, to tbe direction- post, joining the Horsham Road near Slaughter- bridge, iu the parish of Warnham j which intended lines of Road will pass through or into the several parishes of Billingshurst, Slinfold, Itchingfield, Horsham, Sulling- ton, and Warnham. in the county of Sussex. NOTICE is hereby given, That application will _ be made in the i. ext Sessions of Parliament, for an Act to amend, alter, and enlarge jthe powers of au Act passed in the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, entitled 1111 Act for Paving, Lighting, and Cleansing the Streets, Lanes, and Places, within the town of Brighthcliastoii, in the county of Sussex; for removing Nuisances and Annoyances, and preventing the like for the future ; for holding and regulating a Market vithiu the said Town ; for building and re- pairing Groynes, in order to render the coast safe and commodious for ships or vessels to unload and land sea cool, culm, and oilier coal for the use of the inhabitants of the said Town ; and for laying a duty thereon, and for other purposes." W. and T. ATTREE, Solicitors. Brighthelmston. Sept. 1st, taog. NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN. THAT APPLI- cation is intended < 0 be made to Parliament in the ensuing Session, for leave to bring in a Bill, and to obtain an Act for making and maintaining a Turnpike- road from Stone- Street Hatch, iu ' he parish of Ockley, in tlie county of Surrey ( to join the present Turnpike road there from Cupel) through the parishes of Ockley, Wotton, and Abinger, in the county of Surrey; and Warnham in the county of Sussex, to aud into a field, called Limekiln Field, parcel of a farm, called North- land Farm, belonging to and in tile occupation of Harry Charman, in Warnham aforesaid, to join tbe Turnpike road now making, or intended' to be made there, leading from the present Turnpike road from Horsham to Dorking, near Kingsfold Toll gate, in the county of Sussex, to the souih- ea « t corner of Platter's. Hill Coppice, in the parish of Slinfold, in the county of Sussex. THOMAS HART, Solicitor, Dorking. Dated this . list day of August, ic, t> 9. NOTU'. E is hereby given. That application is _ intended to he made to Parliament in th « next Sessions for an Act for making and maintaining a Turn- pike Road from lhe West end of tbe parish of Palbo- rough, at or near 11 place called Stopham Bridge, in the county of Sussex, through Storrington and Clayton Lane to the Road miming from Worthing to Horsham, In the said county : And, also from the said Road run- ning from Worthing to Horsham, to the Directiori Post in the parish of Steyning, on th « Turnpike Road lead, ing from Steyning to Horsham ; which said first line of Road will pass through or into tbe several1- parishes of Pulborough. Wiggenholt, Parham, Storrington, Sul- lington, and Washington; and the second line through or into the said parish of Washington, aud also the pa- rishes of Wiston ami • Steyning, all ia the county of Sussex. CHARLES MARSHALL, Sol. Steyning, 6th Sept. IS09. NOTICR is hereby tjiven, That application is intended to be made to Parliament, in the next Session, for an Airtfor dividing, allotting, and inclosing the open and common Fields, Commons, and Waste Lands, in the parish of Durrington; in the ' County of Sussex. Dated this 7th day of Sept. ! SoQ. _ CHRLES MARSHALL, Sol. N' ^ TICK is hereby given, That application is intended to lie made to Parliament in the next Session, for an Act for dividing, allotting, and. enclosing the open and common Fields lying in the parish of Ashington, in tbe county of Sussex, and certain Com- mons called Ashington Common, and Spearhill Com- mon, lying in the said parish of Ashington, and lhe parishes of Washington and Thakcham, in the said County, or some or one of them, and the commonable or waste Lauds within the manors of Ashington- and Chancton, within the same parishes, or some or one of them. Dated the 7th September, 1B09. CHARLES MARSHALL, sol. NOTICE is nerebv giviMi, That application is intended to be made to Parliament in the next Session, foran Act for dividing, allotting, and enclosing the open aud common Fields and common Downs iu the parish of Washington, in the county of Sussex; And, also the several commons called Washington Com- mon, New Common, and Heath Common, in the said parish of Washington, and the several parishes of A rl- ington, Thakeham, and Sullington, in the said county or some or one of meiji, and the commonable or waste Lands within the manor ot" Washington. Dated this 7th dtty of Sept. i « o'>. CHARLES MARSHALL, sui. WHRREAS at 3 Meeting of the Trusses of the Tarnpike Road leading from Worthing, in the parish of Broadwater, in the county of Sussex, by Fin don, Washington Hill, Rock, and Ashington Common, to Dial Post, and from thence by Knep Castle, and Baybridge Lane, to the Steyniug Turnpike, at West Grinstead, in the said county, holden at the Red Lion, on Ashington Common, on Monday, the 4th day of September instant, the Tolls arising at the several Toll- Gates on the said Road, called Worthing Gate, Ashing- ton Gate, and Dialpost Gate, were put up at the sum of money for which tbey were letteu iast year, to be let by auction for one year from the 49th of September instant, but tbero wa, no Bidder : Notice is therefore hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees of the said road will be held on the 18th day of this instant September, at the Red Linn, on Ashington Common, at Noon, when the Tolls arising at the said several Gates will be LET BY AUCTION, to the be, st Bidder, for One or more years from the 29th day of this instant September, in tbe manner directed by an Act pas- ed iu tbe i3th year of tbe Reign of King George the Third, for regulating the Turnpike Roads, and will be put ep at such sums as the said Trustees shall direct. Who ever happeus to be the best bidder must pay into the bands of the Treasurer of the said Road, one month's rent in advance, aud also give security with suftirient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustes of the said Road, for the due paytti| ent of the remainder at such times as thej shall direct. CHARLES MARSHALL, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Road. Steyning, 61I1 Sept. I809. NOTICE is hereby given, that tbe Thud Meet- ing for proof of debts under a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued and now iu prosecution against Edward Hood, late of Eastbourn, ui the count of Sussex, coat merchint, dealer and chapman, -. nd for the final examination of the said Edward Hood, will be holden 011 Saturday the i^ tli day of September next, it ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the Star Inn, iu Lewes. and that the creditors who have pruvi- d their debts un- der the said Commission, are desired to meet the As signces at tbe same time and place, in order to assent to, or dissent from the said Assignees commencing, prosecuting, or defending any suit or suits at law. or in equity, for recovery of any part of the satd. Bankrupt's estate and effects, and also to their compounding, sub mining to arbitration, or otherwise agreeing any ntat- tar or thing relating thereto, and also to the said As. nignees paying out of the said Bankrupt's effects, the ' xpences of preparing a Deed of Assignment of his effects to Trustees, for the general benefit of his cre- ditors, previous to a Commission hein^ issned, and which did not take effect, iu consequence of the Trustees re fusing to act, and also the expences of a Commission. of Bankrupt issued again.- t lhe said Edward Hood, at the instance of Mr. Gabriel Burrows, which was superseded, and ou other special affairs. — : THE Commissioners in a ConimMiu n£- Bank- rupt, awarded and issued forth against John Gibbs, late of Hailsham, in the county of Sussex, innkeeper, dealer and chapman, intend to meet on Tuesday, tbe 26th of September inst. at eleven o'clock in the fore- noon, at the Crown Inn, in Hailsham aforesaid, in or- der to make a first and liual Dividend of the estate and effects of the said Bankrupt, w en. aud where the cre- ditors who have not already proved tlieir debts, are to come prepared to prove the same. 0 ihey will be ex- cluded the benefit of the said dividend. And all claims not then proved will lie disallowed NOTICE TO MR. RICHARD- PLUMER's CRE- DITORS. BY request, nf several of tbe Creditors of Mr Richard Plumer, of Arundel. ibe Meeting which was to have taken ( ii- ee at Norfolk Arms, Arundel, on the 14th of Septem ' r, s postponed to Thursday, the 2| st instant, at e! \ eu o'clock in the morniug, at which place lhe Creditors are particularly requested to attend. NOTICE - ALL Persons having any claim or d » martd on the Estate of the late Mr. Thomas T: . of the Cas- tle Tavern, Brighton, iu tbe county ' if Sussex, are de- sired to send iu an account of their demand to Mrs. Mary Tilt, the administratrix, iu orderth. it the same may be arranged and settled; and all Persons indebted to the said Mr. Thomas Tilt, deceased, are requested forthwith to pay the same to the said Mrs. Mary Tilt. MANORS of NOVINGTON and STANTONS ALL Persons arc hereby desired to take Notice not to shoot, or hunt, on tbe above Manors with- out tlie consent of the Proprietor. Aud all Persons found shooting or hunting in Black- brook Wood, iu the parish of Westmeston, will be pro- secuted wuhout farther notice. GAME. WHEREAS the GAME on the Manor of DENTON, in the County of Sussex, the pro- perty of HENRY BATES, has of late years been shame- fully destroyed by hunting, shooting, and fowling, as well by qualified as unqualified persons :• NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That proper Persons are appointed' in the Manor to lay information against any Unnitali-' fied Person or Persons who shall hereafter be found sporting thereon : and all Qualified Persons who shall after this Notice persist in sporting thereon, will be considered at wilful Trespassers, and prosecuted as such. Dated « 6th August, 1809- HENRY BATES. Brighton and London. THE Public are respectfully informed that the LONDON WINE COMPANY, ( No. 3* 1. Strand) have opened a Store, No. 15 and 16, West 6' liff, Brigh- ton ; and from the interest they have given a Portuguese House in their establishment, they are enabled to offer for sale, a quantity of Port Wine that has been stored in its pure state, a custom but rarely practised in Por- tugal, for it is a well known fact, that it experiences considerable adulteration there, as well as iu England, and that its impoverished qualities are again made up by a commixture of the most inferior spirits, and other injurious, thou h palatable ingredients. The judicious arrangements of this company are calculated to produce it in such a desirable state, that it may beeven consum- ed from the pipe with gratification to the palate and be- nefit tu lhe health ; and every eudeavonr of this nature, ( that the commercial intercouse of this country with others will adimt'l is made by them in theirimportations of all other articles, from a full conviction that it is the only method to < nsnre a Repetition of the public favour. — Price, for prompt payment. Port, 46s. U » 52 » . per do- fen. Sherry, 4 ss. to - sds. Lisbon, sos. Madeira, 755. Vidonia, 4* s. liueellas, sos. French Porj, 54s. Red Madeira, 54s. Cyprus, 50s. Cape Madeira, sos. Vin de Grave, 65s. Claret, 80s. Constantia, tins. Mus- cadeh tissi Italian Punch, Sos. Ditto Capillaire, 3us. French Bitters, ( jus. Brandy, Ruin, and Hollands ; Bottled Porter, Barton aud Scotch Ales, Cyder aud Perry. NEW INN, TAVERN, COFFEE- HOUSE, AND FA MILY HOTEL, SURRY SIDE or WESTMINSTER BRIDGE, SMILLAR niosi respectfully informs bis • Friends and tbe Public in General, that he lias revived the above House from its decayed state, by sparing no expenre in alterations and improvments, and introducing ( rood and comfortable beds, with a large tock of the best and choicest wines, spirits, & c. aud bv an unremitting attention to the convenience aud comforts of his customers he flatters himself to be able give universal satisactton. THOMAS TROUBRIDGE, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, and HOOK- BINDER, South Parade, Steyne. R- li;- le-. vc ti> infoim the Gentry and Inhabi- lants of Brighton, Lewes Worthing, icc. he has declined the above business in ftivonr of Mr. Thomas Choat, Bookseller, Staiioner, aud Bookbinder, No. 23, North St 1- ert, - opposite the Castle Stables, who, he is persuaded, will sell Books and Stationary on tbe same i. iu term., having purchased tbe whole valuable stock of new and second hand Books, Magazines, Reviews, kind Periodical Publications served out regularly the ! i rrfayilf every month. Books procured by order ev, rv week. T. C. has engaged a superior Workman in the oookbiisding Business, aud elegance of binding and the utmost expedition may he relied on; the charges at ilie Loudon List price. Schools and Shops supplied with all Books and Statiouary on low terms. T his most grateful Thanks for the liberal support he has received. Brighton, July 30th. ? sog. EASTBOURNE. ' po BE LET TiY TENDER, and entered I upon at Michaclmas next, a PIGEON- HOUSE, uell- « tocked, together with two Gardens in a high state nf cultivation, and a well thereunto belonging, ad- joining to lhe Churchward in Eastbourne, CQntainiog in length from East to West on tbe South side 142 feet, and 011 tbe North side 127 feet, and in width, at the East end, 62 feet, and at the West end 31 feet or there- abouts, as lhe same are now enclosed with a fliut wall of tin; height of seven feet on an average, lately fresh planted with fruit trees, and are now in the occupation of Mrs. Woollett. The Tenant will shew the premises. For further particulars appl\ o Mr. Gell, Solicitor, Eastbourne, to whom all Tenders may he directed on or before the 25th of September instant. ' P 1 BE LEI BY TENDER, for a term ot 14 A or i I years, two capital FARMS, with Farm Houses, aod every necessary outbuilding, within three miles of Lewes, in the parishes of Ringmer and Glynd. One in the po session of Messrs. Hooper, containing about Sia acres of arable, meadow, pasture, and down land. The other in lhe possession of Mr. Crunden, contain- ing about 1G6 acres of arable, meadow, aud pasture land, about 60 acres of the arable, tithe free. May be eutered upon at Michaelmas O. S. 18I0. Tbe respective Tenants wi|| shew the farms. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Strong, Still, and Strong, Lincolns I1111, London ; or to Mr. Weller, at Glyndbourn House. And all Tenders sealed may be directed to Messrs. Strong, Still, and Strong, on or be- fore the5tli day of November next. ______ • - AMESSUAGE or Tenement, with a Garden, and a good- accustomed Sadler and Harness- Ma- kers Shop, now in full trade, in a principal market town in Sussex. The Stock in Trade to be saken nt a fair valuation, and may he entered upon at Michaelmas next, or sooner, if required. For further particalars enquire at the Office of Messrs, W. and T. Attree, Solicitors, Brighton. Aug. 139th, 1S09. rP, 0 BE SOLD, pursuant to a Decree, and sub- 1 sequent order of the High- Court of Chancery, made in a Cause Channali against Charman, about the latter end of October or beginning of November next, before Thomas Drake, Gent, the'person appointed by the said Court, at the Angel Inn, Midhurst, in the county of Sussex, in several distinct lots ;— Sundry Freehold and Leasehold Estates, situate in the parish of Mid hurst aforesaid, particulars whereof will lie print- ed in a short time, and may be had ( gratis) at the office of John Campbell, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court,, iu Southampton Buildings,' Chancery Lane, London; of Messrs. Gawne and Sowton, Solicitors, Chichester; of Messrs. Parkinson and Marriott, Solici- tors, Symouds Inn. Chancery Lane; and at the Place of Sale. TO BE SOLD, a neat RESIDENCE, called Norton House, in complete Repair; containing ail eating, and breakfast parlours, study, kitchen, butler's and meat pantries, brCw- boase, and dairy, with good cellars, fiVebcd chambers, five servants' rooms, with coach- house, stables, and other out offices, a garden and orchard well plauted ; together with from three to tjen acfes of excellent meadow land, of which possession may he had at Michaelmas next. Norton is situate on a dry healthy soil, the neigh bourhood respectable— is also eligible for field sports, within a small distance of two capital pucks of Fox Hounds, and 011c of Harriers. Distaut from Goodwood and Slindoii 3 miles. Bognor 5, Chichester 4, Arandel 6, Petworth 10, and tio miles from London. The Premises may be viewed, and further particulars known, by applying to Mr. WELLER, Chichester, TO BE SOLD BY TENDER. ALL those convenient and eligibly- situated Free- hold Premises, consisting of a good and modern- built House, with Stables, and extensive Yard opposite, lately used as a Repository for the sale of horses, car- riages, Set. near the Market, iit die most public part of the Borough of Lewes, now in the occupation of Mr. Spilshury, the Proprietor. These Premises are excellently calculatod foran Auc- tioneer, Liveryman, Corn or Wool Dealer, or any other business which requires room ; and by a projected con- struction of a New Bridge, over the river Ou. c, may be probably greatly increased in value, within a short period. Tenders, delivered, or sent ( postage paid) to Mr. Spilshury, on or before Michaelmas Day next, will be attended to; and tbe premises may be put in possession of the Purchaser by the 1st of Octobcr. N. B. Several good HACKNEYS, now standing in the above Stables to be disposed of 011 moderate terms. HAILSHAM, SUSSEX. ~ TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, Land Tax redeemed, FlPTY- tbree Acres, more or less, of rich arable meadow, and pasture Land, including one acre of wood, full of young timber; with a cottage for two Dwellings, a Bam, Stable, and two Lodges, within a ring- fence, adjoining the East side of the town of Hail- sham, in the occupation of James Pattenden, Tenant at Will, who will shew the Premises, For further particulars enquire of Mr. John Sinnock, Attorney, at Hailsham. PORTSEA, HANTS. •• ... .. TO BUILDERS, BREWERS, & c. Capital and very valuable Building Materials, of tine Dantzic and Memei Timbers, of large di- mensions, and superior quality to any iu the pre- sent Markets. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTlON, By Mr. WELLER, ( On tbe PremMcc,) IN SEVERAL LOTS, On Monday, the j Itb . September, l « » 9, and following day, at twelve o'clock, pursuant to the award of James Burrough, Esq. and subsequent rule of hia 1 Majesty's Board of Exchequer, mode hi a cause, wherein James White is Plaintiff, Samuel Scarlet, William Turner, aud Joseph Bradley, Defendants, COMPRISING ALL that substantial and extensive building, called the UNION BREWERY, fine Memet beams, joists, floor boards, roofs of various scantlings, lovel boarding, a large quantity of Purback stone, bricks, itiles,— a copper of about so barrels, another of 50 barrels, two stout tuns, a large vais, a mashing ma- chine, by Cooper, uuder backs, an excellent vat, of 170 barrels ; oue of 130, one » f IK11, amTtive of 50 barrels ; ' 40 butts, 160 hogsheads, no barrels, and 370 small casks, four large wot king squares, a capacious horse wheel, with extensive machinery atta bed, lead gut^ ters, pipe and brass rocks, two drays, abroad wheele* waggon, cart & c. together willi A FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, four tenements, • tables, piggery, with eligible . cites, lor building, whereon the said Brewery now standa.-* ALo a Lease- hold Garden and Meadow. Tbe materials may be shipped at a small expenco, being near the water. Printed particulars will shortly be published, and uiay be had ol Mr. White, Merchant, at the Union Brewery; Mr. Turner, Merchant, Portsmouth; Mr. Hector, Solicitor, Petersfield; Mr. Wigney, Banker, Brighton; Mr. Knight, Banker, Kingston; Messrs. Winstanley and Son, Paternoster- row, London; and of Mr. WELLER, Chichester. SALE OF MERINO SHEEP. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By W. MOORE and SON, On Friday and Saturday tlie sand and £ 3rd days of September, I809, by Order of the Executors, at Bowldown Farm, four miles froinTctbury, and tlirefc miles from Kingscote, Glocesleishirc;— ' TWO Thousand MERINO SHEEP, two, throe J four, and five Dips, upon pure South liosn. Crossed to this depth they will bear the drudgery of folding, tbe asperity of a severe climate, aud the arti- ficial subsistence of a sterile soil ; the carcass sutlers no great deterioration, aud by careful selection it is clearly ascertained that Breeders may secure beauty, disposition to fatten, and any weight their- land wilt require; while tbe Wool, without calculating upon, adventitious speculation, realizes a fourfold increase in value, and is equal to most Spanish samples. This desirable Stock strougly claims the atten- tion of all Sheep- Farmers, and is unquestionably the most profitable which can beplaced- op & Siifep F* rm. The Sale wiU begin precisely at ten o'clock each morning. Further particulars may be known of '. he Auctioneer* Tewkesbury. BURSLEDON HOUSE, PL- II- VMUI; mid LANDS, near SOUTHAMPTON. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. HOGGART and PHILLIPS, AtGarraway's Coffee House, Change- Alley, Cornhill, London,' 011 Friday, the tjiU ofSeptembet, at Twe. vp o'clock, by direction of the Executors, unless an ac » ceptable offer is made ru the mean time by Private Contra* t:, AN elegant modern MANSION, delightfully situate near tbe banks of the bendtiful - river 11, uulile, at a pleasing di. tanee from the sea, s miles from Southampton, 14 from Winchester, and II from Portsmouth aud Gosport, 111 the county of Hants, the late Residence aud Property of John M' Queen, Esq. deceased, The House foruu a baudsome elevation, commanding a noble picturesque view of tb « isle of U iglit, the sound and rich adjacent country; baa been recently finished in a style of superior taste, and contains * pa- cious elegant dining and drawiug rooms of fine propor- tions, boudoir, music room, morning room aud library, numerous bed chambers, servants' apartments, and ex- cellent attached offices of every description ; detached, are stabling for seven horses, a double coach- house, hornoas. room, bakehouse, dairy, aud other offices, poultry yard and bouses, bailiffs house, farm- yard, barn, granary, stabling, cnw- liouses, piggery, and out- buildings. The House is nearly encircled by a hansome Lawu, ornamented with timber and IVuit trees ; an ele- gant green. house, spacious productive kitchen garden, with lofty- walls, melon ground, a valuable orchard, cot- tage, and a quantity ot excellent arable and meadow Land adjoining, and contaiuing together about nineteen statute acres.— The Estate is equal in value to Free- hold, being copybo{ 4 ' of inheritance, aud tbe fine cer- tain and very trifling. The Purchaser may be accom- modated with a Leasehold- Parity of about 50 acres, and the elegant well- adapted Furniture at a fair valu- ation. To he viewed with Tickets only ; which, with par- ticulars may be had io days previous to the Sale of Mr. Barney, Solicitor, Southampton, aud of Messrs. Hog- gart and Phillips, t> 3 Bruad- street, Royal Exchange, London ; particulars may be also had at the Dolphin, Southampton: Angel, Lymington; Bugle, Newport, Isle of Wight; Crown, Portsmouth ; India- Arms, Gos- port ; of the Printers of the Exeter and Plymouth Ga- zette, Sherbourne Mercury, Lewes Journal, uud Hamp- shire Papers; ^ Libraries, Brighton and Worthing; George, Winchester J Swan, Alresford; and at Garra- way's Coffee- House. HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, HORSES. AND HUSBANDRY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By TESTER AND BATES, On the Premises, On Monday, the ititli of September, and following days, at eleveu o'clock, * ALL the Houshold Furniture and Effects of Mr. THOS. BARTLEY, lunkeer, at the Royal Oak, Hurslperpoint, Sussex; for the joiu| benefit of his creditors: Comprising a large assortment of good goose and other leather beds, bedstcds, and suitable furniture- pier and dressing glasses, 1111 elegant clock, mahogany tables, kitchen and parlour chairs; a compleat sin.' kt jack, kitchen range, with boiler and uven ; Bath stoves, copper furnaces, brcwiug tuba, casks and cooler.; a large quantity of pewter measures'; alVo glass and stone ware, with a good assortment of houshoid furniture in general. Also 4 cart and 1 saddle horse; 1 sow in pig, 1 wag- gon,. I dray, i road cart nearly new, 5 trace, i quilcr harness, 4 . addles aud bfidlcs, with a numerous assort- ment of husbandry uteusil* N. B. May be tiened three days prior to the sale. The fcorfei and husbandry to be told the last day. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY'S POSTS.,: » • F FROM TUESDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE.^' Downing- street, Sept 4, 180!) DISPATCHES were yesterday morning re- ceived at the office of Lord Viscount Castle- reagh, one of bis Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, from Lieut.- General Sir J. Stuart, dated Ischia, 5th ancrptb . July last, containing accounts' of tlve operations a^ alpst lschia and Procida. This important seivise was ewyted ' by Capt. Haines, of his Majesty's ship, Cyane, assisied by the Espoir. Sloop, and the British aiui Sicilian gun- boats. ' J'he amount of prisohers who have fallen into our hands already, oxceed 1500 I'ejjtilar troops, exclusive of killed and wounded. [ Then follows the Articles of Capitulation of Ischia and Procida. 1 The two ' garrisons' td'r'emafR prisoners of war, and. to be sent to Malta till ex changed.} [ This Gazette also contains dispatches from Geo. Carmichael, detailing the suirender of the eity of St. Domingo.] BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED. " William Dignum, St. Martin's- le- Grand, Mid- dlesex, cheesemonger. BANKRUPTS. Thomas Brown, Russel- street, Bermondsey, cur- rier.— Robert Barber, Watling- street, merchant.— James Prosser, Sloane street, Chelsea., grocer.— John Ellill. Queen- street, Cheapside, lead- mer- chant. Thomas Nurcomber, Smith, Broadway, Worcester, draper, grocer and shopkeeper.— Thos Caley, Liverpool; merchant.— Stephen Pearson, NewMills, Glossop. baker and shopkeeper.— Jo- nathan Docker,- Ludworth, Derby, thread- manu- facturer.— Robert Cowgey, Falmouth, merchant. — Thomas Churchman Domville, Shefford, Bed ford; draper and laceman.— William Roughsedge, Wotton- Underedge, Gloucester; vintner. LONDON, SEPT, 9. Hamburgh and Altona Papers. have been, re- ceived. to ' he 3 » th last, containing news from Vi- enna to the 13th. They give several particulars respecting the negociation between France and Austria, bat none of " them decisive of the conclu- sion of peace. Their genera! spirit and character are, however, pacific. There was a report that ' a very serious misunderstanding bad broken out be- tween Napoleon and Alexander, respecting Gal- licia and Turkey, that Bonaparte had demanded ihe cession of a considerable portion of the Prus- sian territories, including . Berlin, Stettin, & c. and that Prussia was to lie indemnified by'the cession of Austrian Silesia. It was added that the Prus, sian army had received orders to hold itself in rea diuess to march, . arid that a more intimate connec- tion between Russia, and Prussia was talked of at Berlin. These reports, however, appear to be mere conjecture. The Tyrolese still holdout. Appre- hensions were entertained in Holland that the En- glish meditate an attack upon the fleet in the Texel; troops have been in consequcute sent to the Helder. On Wednesday, Captain Stewart arrived with dispatches from Viscount Wellington, giving, an account of the farther retreat of the British army. The dispatches are dated Truxillo, the, i> l. st last, and state, that our army has been extremely dis- tressed for want. of. provisions, and his Lordship • wis therefore obliged, to fall back, and was on the road to Elvas, on the. Portuguese frontier. There' bad been no appearance of the enemy, who, it teems had not passed the Tagus, except with a' body of cavalry, near Arobispo; which took the cannon of Cuesta's rear- guard. The enemy's army had separated. Soult's was at Plasencia— Ney was , gone baclc to Salamanca— Mortier, Victor, and Sebastiani, in Estramadura: and La Mancha. Sir Robert Wilson had engaged, tWth his small corps, Ney's army, on its return to Salamanca, near Banos, After nine hour's gallant contest, he was obliged ( o retire through lit* mountains. His corps behaved with great gallantry. General Cuesta resigned the eoriimimd on the 12fh. According io one account, Cuesta is succeeded by General Equeri; and, according to ariother, by his rival, General Blake- A third report, origi- nating, we believe, here, has selected Viscount Wellington for the command of both armies.— Truxillo is about 25 miles south of Deleitosa.— The mere fact of his Lordship's arrival there would- not decide whether he meant to fall back upon Andalusia or upon Portugal, but we understand that the dipatches actually announce the latter as his object. He would of course maich by Merida jSild Badajos, and if it be true that Ney has re- turned to" the North of Spain, and that Victor, Mertier. and Sebastiani, content themselves with remaining in Estramadura and La Mancha, he may effect his retreat into Portugal without in- terruption. It would appear, however, that no • apprehensions were entertained at Lisbon, that our army must re- embark, for 55 sail of transports • In ballast sailed from thence the middle of last; month," under convoy of the Comus frigate, and are arrived at Falmouth. This circumstance has occasioned, considerable surprise. Mr. Congreve, the rocket- merchant, will leave ( own this day to join the new Expedition. He has retained all the people who were under his direc- tion - in the late expedition to the Scheldt. .. We have the satisfaction to- statej that the coun- - ties of Worcester; Hereford, Warwick, Stafford, & c. have received Utit little injury from the late rain-:, the partial ' sunshine having permitted the • Wheat in most placfes to he well got in. The. sea- " Sonable weather, the close of last, week, has. dis- Sipaied the fears of the farmers, and the cheering prospect of its continuance will enable them to pro- secute tlio'' harvest with final success. It is gene- rally, admitted that the crops in most counties ex- ceed those of several years past. , Bartholomew Fair closed on Wednesday night,, with its usual scene of uproar and confusion. A bet of a very singular nature originated at Derby during the races. S. S. esq, a Gentleman known upon the turf, engaged to produce a man, by* next October Newmarket Meeting, to crack 250 • nuts in three minutes, one by one, with his teeth; • and that they shall be cracked in such a manner as vi 11 with facility ' admit them to be taken from the shells. The bet is for 200 guineas. The person mentioned to perform this piece of JAW- WORK is a native of Leicestershire, residing not far from Ashby- de- la- Zouch. Betting is three to fouri against time. . . ... MYSTERIOUS CASE.— We have authority FCR^ communicating the following extraordinary, facts, to the public ;— -< " On Friday, August ' 18. there arrived at Har- lech, a small town on the csastof Merionethshire, a lady of a very f- emarkable figure, being five feet nine inches high, and proportionally stout; slight- ly inaiked by the small- pox, and with red hair, a little turned to grey; probably from 5l5, to 60 ye^ rs of agf. She represented herself as having beep formerly a housekeeper to a family of distinction; and slated, that curiosity alone had induced her to. visit the beauties'of th'e principality* She tra- velled alone,-, and - post ; and proceeded- from Taor- y- Bwlch by Dolgelly, to Barmouth, and thence' to Harlech. - At all the prc'c- etltrig., places, her. dc- niwlmSnt wai that of a woman- perfectly sane and, collected7 a< td - at Dolgelly she can be proved to 1) 3VP had at least Sol. ill1 notes afed cash1, : ill'her: • purse. ' After miring early to rcst'ou the Saturday , found dentin Ttsrberl | m'' tf) c Sunday, iil^ rnfn| fc- ^ wKfStefijHitl eleven, Snider chcuni^ tances, ^ piigt it nia£ noHife proper, • in this .-{ it- age of the biisfness, trt'^ etjril ^ stiblicly; nut. which cafl leave no reasonable doubt— either that she destroyed herself, or destroyed. On Monday, Vli^. next, day, befyre t\ ie Coroner's could be a\ s< ji? l< M, a^ eleven tiVlqck iV'/^ joVe1 noon, sfie was fastened down in her coffin; this Was, however, broken . open, and a verdict reUirr. ed j of " Died by the visitation of God." Only a loose seven- shilling- piece was fnnnd either nh her peri son or'in her trunks,' which had been previously opened; nor was there any paper or document . . whatever, which could lc; ail to a discovery of who she was. A pair of her stockings was found, mark- ed with the letter D. On Tuesday, the 29d ' of August, she was horldd ;' but the first inquiry not heui- a deemed satisfactory, she " was dug up again on Monday, the 28th, and a seend inquest held, < Flfen the Jury " rfftirned, " Died bv laudanum, hut by whom administered tliey knew not." It is anjiiouslv to be. 4esi'ed that ( he relatives 01 friends of this unfortunate woman should thus he apprised of her fate"; as Iris only through their means that any light is likely to be " thrown 011 a transaction, which at present appea-' s verv dark and mysterious." The following cy. rirtus atten •• to effect escape was recently made . by four convicts at Fort Cum- berland, near Portsmouth. The driver of one of the carts ein- plo ted. in carrying grave), being suddenly knockeddowy, the foul cwtmctsseixed on the team, Consisting of two horses, when two of them imme- diately riicunjtedonc- of the horses, and rode into the stream, in the hopt of reaching Hayling Island, op the opposite SHORE.— But THE animal not . tiring able to support so gieat a weight, became so deeply immersed • in thr wfiref, th it ihe convicts were washed off and drmvntd'— The animal being thus released, returned ' i the sb ire in safety The other horse being mounted, in the interim, bv one remaining convicts, he rode it diitvu to the edge of the water; with more speed than caution, and was thrown 011 his head, and very much bruised. This horse being now free from all incumbrance, was mounted by the fourth convict, but he, seeing the fate of iiis companions in the stream, deemed it more prudent not, to attempt his escape by the same route; therefore took the resolution of lidingmoie safely across the mud of Langston Harbour to Mil- ton Common ; and in this adventure he was more fortunate than his associates; for the horse stick- .. i. nEC fast in, the m. ud, the. convict was taken alive fiom off the animal's back, and the animal was with difficulty brought to the shore. At Chester Assizes, which ended 011 Thursday se'nnight, Thomas Newton,, a labourer, was tiied under the 43d Geo III comm nlv called Lord Ellenborough's Act, for giviivg medicine to Eliza- beth Turner, to pioc. ure abortion; and received the mitigaPed sentence of three years imprison- ment in the county gaol, at the end of that time to pay a fine of lOOl. to the King, and to be im- prisoned till the fine is paid. Dr. Thackery, of that city, who < vas examined as an evidence on the trial, clearly stated, that medicine given to procure abortion could nof be administered without en- dangering the life of the female.— Michael Rey- nolds-, a, weaver, fotind guilty of having 111 his pos- session a . quantity of filings of the current coin of this kingdom, and for lightening, by filing, half- guineas and seven- shillings pieces, of the lawful - gold criins of- this- realm, receivd sentence of < teatb.<— Thomas Siddall, aged 56, a labourer, was convicted of indecent practices towards several yo'> V'ijj females, and sentenced to be Iminfsoned two years in the CofottWn ' JJa'oI,' and during that time, between the hdo'rs of; twelve and two, to be set in and upon the, pillory, on a market day, at Glover's- stone. On Friday, the'S.' ith nit. a very melancholy ac- cident happened at Lowdoun Castle, Scotland. As tl\ e syoi-. kmen were employed in throwing the arch of the re> v bridge. building there, the supports gave war, when five meti were. precipitated to ihegleti below, among the ruins. Matthew. M. Cullogh, mason, a line young man, survived but a few hours; two were severely- hurt, and still Continue very ill, bating their joints rtisTo<: a( ed in several parts, whilst the etpainder verobu' slightly hurt. What makes M'Culloch's fate the more lamentable is, that he was a principal support of his parents, and this the third accidental death they have met with in their family.. Mr. W. Elliot, the superintend- ing architect, had, at tile same time, a narrow es- cape. One, of the workmen having hinted his sus- picions that the props were failing, he. wcnt below to examine them: he thought they were all secure, but had not got to the top'of the bank, a distance of about fifteen yards, when the whole fell down with a tremendous crash. Lewes Sheep Fair. IT having been resolved at a Public Meeting held by Advertisement at the Star Inn, and sanction-; edb, y, the Signatures of more than. 550 of the prin- cipal Buyers and Sellers of South Down Sheep, that this said Fair should be holdsn on the Twenty,- first of September, in" preference" to the . Second of October: not only from other Sheep Fairs in adjoining Counties being on that Day, but that the 3d of October has been fo- and by experience too late in the year for thfc distant Buyers to get the , Ewes home in proper tiffie,: NOTICE - is therefore . hereby given that the above FAIR will be liolden at the usual Place, near LEWES, on the TWENTY- FIRST Day of SEPTEM- BER next, and continue to be held on the same Day in each succeeding Year At the reqtjest of- the princijial Flock- Masters, . . * JOHN ELLMAN. ' N. B. Wattles will be provided, as usual, oil nppli- catiou to Mr. John Kennard; of St. Ann's, Lewes. LEWES, Aug. 12, I809, Lewes Cliff Fair, Held on the Second of OCTOBER. rpHE Public are hereby respectfully informed A that notwithstanding the Advertisement rela- tive to the New Sheep Fair, in the last Lewes Pa- per,' the Old- established Fair, w jilt > e held 011 the original Day ( viz, the 8d of Oct,) a> heretofore, at! Lewes; Thcrsaid Fair will lie supplied with South Down Sheep, by a great proportion of the most, nume- tous Flock- Masters, who See no reason why any al- rerat'inn should take place; The Public are there- fore requested to oWerve,' that hdwever individuals triitf atteihpt an innovatlop, the original supporters < jf . the Fair will keep it as usual. WILLIAM GORRINGE, - - -:-• • Chairman of the Committee. N. B. Tlre Rotatiwi- of Fairs in the County, is as ftiilows'-:— FOR LAMBS. St John's Clayton, July 5, I Bat and Ball, July 23, Black Boys, July 17, j Lindfield, August !>. Horsham, July- 18, | . 1 SHEEP and LAMBS. Brighton, Sept. 4, Lewes Cliff, Octobers, Battle, Sept. tv , East Bourne, Octobtr. it, Findon, Sept. 14 Steyning. October Mi- Selmeston, Sept. v Broadwator, October 29. St. John's, Clayton, Sep. S( i, r JtLtpfl^ E Jltershy rivep^ ffetf aip^ lSfiln'ts i y-'" iutjhdotlVo^ l> e inide fo Parliament ill the next ^ sifijfts, jor aai Act 01' Acts, to ejlarlge and rOlitinue tWeaerni" « n^^ ren; of two Acts of Parlia- ment, the first made and passed in the' 7th year of the retgn of his - present Majesty, King George the Third, iotituWd " Ail Act for repairing, wiifcuiiig, anil keep- I big in ^ qiairi tjie Road leaiiusf fro « 4 the High Road ! hetVeeif Brpiftley and Farnborough, ni the cotiirty df Kent, to Beggars Bush, ill the turnpike ro- tM leading tVuin Tunbridge Wells to Maresfield, in the county of Sussex," ftiid the oilier made nuil passed in the Jgtb year of the reign of his present Majesty, King George the Third, intituled " An Act for enlarging the term and powers of an Act- of the - 7th year of • iiis ' present Majesty, for repairing, widening, and keeping in re- pair the Road leading from the High Road between Bromley and Farnborough, in the county of Kent, to Beggars Bush, in the turnpike road leading from Tun- bridge Wells to Maresfield, in the county Qt' Sussex;" and which said road passes through the several, parishes of Bromley, Keston, Cudham, Westerham, Eatonbridge, and Cowden, in the county of Kent, and Hartfield, in the county of Sussex : And also to enaitle the Trustees of the said road to make a New Turnpike Road, trom Beggars Bush aforesaid, across and over Ashdown Forest, in the county of Sussex, through a farm yard called Barns Gate Farm, in the parish of Buxted,. in tl, c said county of Sussex, into the Turnpike Road leading from, Tunbridge Wells to Uckfield and Lewes', in the said county of Sussex, and which said intended New Road will pass through the several parishes of Hartfield, Maresfield, and Buxted, ill the said county of Sussex: And also to enable the said Trustees to make a New Turnpike Road, from 11 Certain place called Coldstock Cross, in the said turnpike road leading from the' High Road between Bromley and Farnborough, to Beggars' Bush aforesaid to East Grinsted, in the comity of Sussex, aiid which said intended New Road, vyill' pass through the several parishes of Wythyham, Hartfield, and East Grinsted in the said county of Sussex : And also to enable the said Trustees to mike a New Turn- pike Road < fr « n> Coldstock Cross aforesaid, to Crock- hurst Hatch Corner, in the county of Kent, and into the Road lending from Groombridge, ill the said county of Kent, to Tunbridge Wells, in the comities of Kent and Sussex, and which said intended New Road will pass through the several parishes of Wytbyham, in Sussex, and Ashurst, Penshurst, and Speldhurst, iu Kent. Dated the 8th September, 1609. CLARIDGE and AUSTEN, Clerks to the said Trustees. GAME, THE Game on the Manors of Findon and Go- ring, in the comity of Sussex, having been for some years past greatly destroyed by unqualified Per- sons and Others: Notice is hereby given, That the Gamekeepers 011 the above Manors have strict Orders in future to warn off all Persons iuprtrtmit of Game. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ALL Persons having any demand upon the Es- tate and Effects of Mr. William Wheeler, late of the Cliff, Lewes, Attorney at Law, deceased, are re- quested to semi ill the same to Mr. Thomas William Wheeler, of the Cliff aforesaid, in order to their being put into a Main of liquidation. TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. THE Creditors of Cephas. Virrell, of Alfriston, in the county of Sussex, are hereby informed, that the Trustees intend making a Dividend of the Ef- fects 011 Wednesday, Sept. an. T| lp Trust- Deed is now lying at the House of Mr. T. Hilton, Alfriston; those Creditors who do not sign it before the goth of Septem- ber, will be excluded the beru- fu thereof. . All persons that have not paid their, respective debts are desired to pay the same to Thomas Hilton, on or before the Soth September, or they will, be sued for the samew Alfriston, Aug.- 27, IS09. ROYAL EXCHANGE. MESSRS. HAZARD, BURNE and Co. Stock- brokers, have 011 Sale at their State Lottery Office, 93, Royal Exchange, Tickets and Shares for the STATE LOTTERY, which is 011 a new and improved Plan, consisting of only 5,000. Numbers, to be drawn iu Out Day, auth October, I80Q. THE SCHEME CONTAINS 4 Prizes of =£ 20,000, 4 of,<£< 5,000, 4 of o£ 2,000, 8 of 1,000, ond 12 of .£ 500, With others in proportion, AND NOT THREE BLANKS TO A PRIZE. Letters, post paid, duly answered, and schemes gratis. All kind of Government Securities bought and sold by Commission. Country Orders, accompanicd with short- dated Bills on London, Post- Office Orders, or cash in parcel by Coach or Carrier, punctually attended to, and Corres- pondents may depend 011 being' treated exactly on the same terms as if personally present. Tickets and Shares for the above Office, are also on Sale by Mr. Wm. Lee, Printer, Lewes, Who, in the late Lotteries, sold the following capi- tal Prizes: No. Ii, 283,- 30,000!.' * „ No, 19,574, 10, tool. No. 245— 20,867— 2o, 8i4, each i, oool. No.- 2, o'J8— 21,791, each' 5imi, • '. Besides many of One Hundred, Fifties, & c.& c. AS the Drawing ol'. the present STATE LOT- TERY will begin and finish in, ONE DAY, it is . recommended \ fi . those persOps who . « js. h to adventure, to make their purchases as early as possible, as, from the demand that has already taken it is possible tliey may experience somb difficulty'tV getting their orders execuied 011 the approach of tlie Day of Draw- ing, viz. ' ' " . " Tile 20th of NEXT ; ,'. , GRAND SCHEME. .. • : 4 .... - of £ 20,000 - - are - - £ 80,000 4 ..... 5,000 20,000 4 2? 000>-- - - 7, — fWi' 7 ' 8-'---.---'-'- /. oop, v-. r- r,' "- fy* 0? /' i 15 ..... . ' i 1 - ,-> 0o .---.; iy 100 ' 24 ...-'.' . I L ' 100 -.-'- - -,-" 2J400.'. 3ti --:-------- 50 1,300 ' 4,920 -----'-' 15 --.,;•---- 7 3, DUO ;. The Lottery contains only 5,0tit> Numbers [ froip ] to 5,000 inclusive) Four Tickets ol every Number, wliieli will each be entitled to the full a'mqiint of whatever, Prize- is drawn against the Number ;" t'pr instance, if- No. 1 should lie drawn a Prize . « 5f jf^ o^ MOj the tour Tickets of that Number will ea°£ li Hfceive £ s'o, ooo,' making, in the vvh » lej.. 8Suooo.; so^ bat . One Ticket will gain -- A Prize of - • - ' . . - £ 20,000 Two Tickets of the same Number will gain A Prize of - - - - : • - £ 40,000 Three Tickets ef the same Number will gain A Prize of - - - - - £ 60,000 Four Tickets of the same Number will gain A Prize of - - - - - £ 80,000 And Shares in the same proportion. PRESENT PRICE.— Ticket, £ 21 17 0 Half . . £ 11 3 o I Eighth . . £ s> 18 o Quarter . . 5 14 o j Sixteenth - .196 The Prices have already risen, and if the present i2e- niand continues, must be much higher before the day of- drawing. TICKETS and SHARES are selling by SWIFT and CO. ( Contractors with Government,) at their Offices, No. li, Poultry; No. 12, Charing- Cross; and No. 31, Aid- gate High- street, London. Orders for Tickets and Shares, accompanied by re- mittances in Bank Notes, or good Bills at short dates, addressed tq- either of the above Offices, will be iiiime- . diatoly executed 011 the same terms as if the parties were jnMneut.— Tickets and Shares may also be had at the London Prices, of J. J. B. PHLLIPSON, druggist, No. 1, St. James's Istreet, Brighton, and R. PHILLIPSON druggist, North- street, Chichester. ALL IN ONE DAY- *; The Otily, Lt> fte? y to ft duvt'tt this Year. RICHARDSON,. GOODLUCK, and Co. - STOCK BROKERS RESPECTFULLY acquaint- the Public, that the whole of the New State Lottery will be drawn iA One Day, ,20th of October next. i This Lottery has only 5,000 numbers ( from No. t to r., ooii inclusive)-. Four Tickets of a Number, so that the Purchaser of a single Ticket will gain a Prize of £ 20,000: By Two Tickets of the same Number, A Prize of - - >£ 10,000 • By three Tickets of the same Number, A Prize of T , - , £ 60,000 By four Tickets uf the same Number, A Prize of - - 80,0.00 . And all, other Prizes in the same proportion. Capital Prizes.- 4 - - - - of - - _ -. £ so; 00 » 4 . . of - - £ 5,000 I 8 - - Of ... -. £ 1,000 4 - . of - - 2,000 j 12 - - of - . £ 00 SiCi & c. ,& c. and not three Blanks to a Prize. Tickets and Shares are 011 Sale by Mr. J. WEST, & Co. Lymington. — W. WOODWARD, Hard, Portsea. — C. WALKER, Literary„ Brighton. — J. BAXTER, Bookseller, Lewes. — J. NORTON, Library, Hastings. — G. AUSTIN, Bookseller, Battle. For Richardson, Goodluck, and Co. Cornhill, and Charing Cr6ss, London • who shared and s- old last three- Lotteries,- Nos, - U603) 10,197, and 18,- 03t, three Prizes of £ on^) oo 5 and 7,950, £ 10,000. They are also the oclv Office tlpiteVr sold iu Slmres'two Prizes^ of i'dftido0. ' TICKETS and SHARES will rise, . , TO - SHOPKEEPERS & OTHERS.. ' GARDNER- STREET, HERSTMONCEUX. r" PO BE LET, by the Year, or on Lease, a JL most convenient DWELLING HOUSE, Wittt i long- established and goiod- accuslouivd Linen- Draper's and Grocer's shop, now in fu- ll trade, frtiere ( Wf above businesses has- been carried on'for upwards of tw. entv . years ; also, warehouse, stable, yard, & c. ii good gar- den, and an excellent well of water ; situnie ib miles from Lewes and Hastings, to which placed goods arc- brought by water; n stage waggon passes the door twice a week front London, and post daily. The premises may he entered upon on Old Michael- mas Day next. For further particulars and treaty, apply to John Everest and Son, tlie occupiers and proprietors, 011 the premises, who have engaged in an'other Hue sf biisincsss. - N. B. A Cow or Horse may be kept. WARREN on WASTE LAND ~ ANY Gentleman desirous of Selling a Freehold XJk- Warren or Trace of Waste Land, may hear of Purchaser at a fair price by addressing, post- paid, to Mr. J. P. Lamberly, Storey's Gate Coffee- House, Great George Street, London, describing what buildings, if QiVy; what number of acres, aud what distance from a Market Town; whether iii hand, or on what lease; and what'it islet at, and the selling price. TO APOTHECARIES AND SHOPKEEPERS^ rpO be disposed of sundry Nests of Wainscot Drawers, Flint Glass stopper Bottles, with neat painted laliels, bell inetal Morters, with sundry Other articles used by the Fatuity. Apply to Charles Pitt; Druggist, Lewes. Orders punctually executed. FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, AND A PLOT OF BUILDING GROUND, BRIGHTON, SUSSEX. BY Messrs. ADAMSON ami FIELD, by Private Contract: Three FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, containing six rooms, with washouse, and yard, let to respectable Tenants, situated JNos. t4, 15, and iff Thomas- street, near High- street, Brighton, nn. matiding beatltiful'views of the - sea and country : And, also, a valuable Freehold Plot of . Ground, for building fuur Houses similar to the above,, and situated iu Tho- mas- street, near the precediug, being 110 ft. by < 25 ft. fi inches.— May be viewed by applying on the premises ; and particulars had of Messrs. Adamson and Field, 58, Fenchurch- street, London. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ASubstantial- built DWELLING- HOUSE and SHOP, situate in St. James's- street, Brighton, one of the most eligible situations for trade in the town, now let on lease, five years of which are unexpired, at the low rent of 47I. 5s. per annum. Further particulars may he known, by applying to Mr. Evatt, Solicitor, Dorset- place, Brighton " TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, nPHE following ESTATES, late the , property i- o. f Mr. John Philcox. A capital new- b. uijt . Mansion, called York House, situate on tlie Marine Parade, Brighton, with double coach- house, and' tour stalled stable, leasehold for the residue of a term ( if 93. years, at the rent of in,!,, los. per annum, Also the furniture, platej lineii, and China therein. . A valuable Estate, consisting of several messuages in West . Street, and Duke's Court, uow producing a ren- tal of about £ 130 ] » et anu'uni. A most desirable^ Ground Rent, well secured, of about £ 130 per auuuin, issuing out of property iu Cumberland Street. , , Two Messuages in an excellent situation for ttade, 011 the north side of St. James's- street, in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Evans, and - ., at- the icut, of £ 77 per juiuuut. - ' - - . . V. . . . . >„ . A Piece of Ground adjoining the above, now Oc- cupied by Mr. Dendy, at the rent of 4i. 14s. ( id. per . aninna. A. large Piece nf Freehold Land, now used as a Car- penters' Yard, with workshops ami buildings thereon, , in the oecupatioti; of Mr. Philcox, situate near the New Steine, on the north side of St. James's- street. A Piece of Freehold Land, adjoining the above,- con- taining a| iout 15. feet in front, by 60 feet and'upwards iu depth, Mnow in the occupation of Mr. Richard Leg- gatt, as tenant at . Will,, , , ... A, Piece , af Land jidjoining, containing 30 feeti » ih' friMit„, or, thei eahouiS) in the occupation of Mr. Dendy, under a lease at the rent of £ 5 per annum. jA Piece of Land adjoining, containing 30 feet ill . frout,-- or thereabouts, with the buildings thereon; now betiupied try Mr. Jeremiah Cunningham, as tenant at will, ut the rent of £ 10 per . annum. A substantial Leasehold - Messuage and Ground, si- tuate oil tllf east side of Cumberland street, in tlie oc- cupation of Mr. John Mathias, as tenant at will, at the yearly rent of £ 38, subject to a ground rent of-" Jb 1- os, per annum. • • 1 ' A Piece of valuable Freehold Land, situate on'tlie Marine Parade, near Rock Buildings, containing in front towards the sea, s> 5 feet, and in depth 70 feet. Also a Piece of Leasehold Land adjoining theUbosc, and of the same dimensions, held for the residue^ f a' term of 99 years, at the rent of Jyt. I8s. per annum." The premises may be viewed on application to Mr. John Philcox, near the New Steine, 111 St. James's- street; and further particulars may he had of Mr. Mills, at'the Old Bank ; or at the Office of Mr. Hill, Brighton; nr2Q BE SOLD. The entire Copyright of an ol'd- i. established COUNTRY NEWSPAPER, iu a Town where tn'ere is no other printed, and within a day's" jour- ney of the Metropolis of England. The only ' ivason for itis- posing of which is the Proprietor's desire of retirement,' both the Sale and Return being larger ihan at liiiy period since its establishment. The permanence of this , im- proving property in a Provincial Town is little inferior to a Freehold Estate, and may be carried oii'to necufe a handsome annual ' income, even by persuni unacqOain't- ed with the mechauiai part of the - business, ; it likving 110 Shop attached, but a considerable quantity of « ther Printing is doiie. at the same office, ^ DK Stock of Types, Presses, S'. c, to be taken by ap- praisement. Letters post- paid,' with real name' and ptiiceof residence of tile Principal, addressed lis A. B. Old Slaughter's Coffee- House, St. Martin Lane, Lon- don, will receive doe attention. TO FARMERS, BREEDERS, GRAZIERS, & e. fa. CAPITAL STOCK OF SOUTH DOWN SHEEP, SPETISBURY, near BLANFORD, DORSET. TO BE SOLD, without reserve, on the pro- mises, at Mr. Shaw's, ( who is leaving Spetisbury Farm) 011 Wednesday and Thursday, the S" th and jath days of September instant, together with " Cart Horses,- 2 capital Colts, 3 years old, Cows, implements of Husbandry, Crops of Hay and Corn, the produce « f upwards of 300 acres, & c. & c. The Stock of Sheep consists of 850 Ewes, 30 Rams and Ram Lambs, aud 45o Lambs, All pure South Down, selected from the best filrerf* with great care, and are all y » ung. This Stock will be worthy the attention of the curious in Breeding, who may wish to change, as Spetisbury Farm it- will knew* to be sound land upon which the Flock has been bred and no expcnce has been spared to make it as good as any in the kingdom. Spetisbury, 1st September, 18( 19. ISLE or WIGHT, MANORS, FARMS, & TYTHES TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. WILLOCK, At the Bugle Inn, at Newport, iu the Wight, on Thurs day, ,£ he 5th of October, and following Day •• TWENTY- EIGHT LOTS.: 4- SUNDRY VALUABLE and very desirable FREE- HOLD FARMS, most delis; htfullv situate in the seveyal p. uwlws of Bradings Godshiil, Whitwell, Niton . Chale, and ShaH)-^, TWO THOUSAND - \\ oi, d Land, m. the occupation : of aiO'T KBsptctAtiLE TENANTS, at Rents amouutins to u".^ ward's of 0 J!" ' I Vt O THOUSAND POUNDS PER ANNCM together with the MANORS of Whitcombe. Chale and Chestle, and the RECTORIAL. TYTHES of SEVENTEEN FARMS, in the parishes' of Godshill, a„ d Whitwell let to the respective, occupiers „ f the said Farms, at'neat Two HUNDRED POUNDS per annum. ' To be Viewed till the Sale by applying to the'respeo- tive 1 eiiants, and Particulars ma, Ui had three weeks preceding the Sale of Messrs. Clarkes a., d Sewell 60li crtprn, at Newport; at she ' Hotel,' at Ryde - Vine at Cowes; George, at Yarmouth-; Fountain, ' at Ports- mouth; Dolphins, at Southampton ; Angel at Ly- mington; at ihe Place ef Silt and of Mr. Willock No. 43, Golden Square, London. Messrs. Clarkes and Sewell will give directions ,0 tlie Tenants. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION — At the siga. of . Ue. Ph. ug,,, ,, , westfield, in the count, or Sussex, on Thursday, . ; 4, st da, of Sept. l « oy, at four 0 clock in t. he at. . . a, if not previously di^ l posed of uy private Co. . ,, qf » UicU, should it happen, public notice ; ,- ie given ; ADesirable, compact FREE HOLD ESTATE, Situate at Westfield afor aid, known, by the nam « ol Pattleton's, consisting if a good Farm House, Barn Stables., Oast- house convenient Buildings, and seve- ut Pieces of parcels ariAte,' meadow, pasture, wood land, and Tiop ground, Containing ninety- four ncr » « ' little more or less, iw « in the occupation of Hannah Peters, Widow. I'uriifamrs may be had of Mr. James Peters fh* proprietor a- t- Westfield, aud of John Carey,. Attorney at' Hastings. . '. <* LIVE STOCK, & c. ~ * TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By TESTER and BATES, On the Premises* without Reserve, On Monday, the asth day of September, I8O0, an* following Days, ALL the Farming Stock, Husbandry, and Houshold Furniture, at Upper Sherve, ileu Lane, Westhoathly, Sussex, comprising four ijnii young cart horses,. four Sussex brad milch cows iu calf « » :<> wo- yerrlmg steers, two two- yearlbie heifers.- two IweivtmodtW,, three weaning calves, a, ewes, eight la-, nhs, two bog. b, one pig, two dung carts, a. land relief, t'oi, r 10? se harrows drag ditio, plough., trace addVttdU, " 0tens,( 5., n get, eral,' l^ ie Ku, litare ' c0\. si good goose and other leather beds, four 00sPinS rill,„ bedsteds, with suitable fur. nitV. re, eWsi'h dt an elegant cloek, a capper furimce, a large ^ ! of open tubs,' d. nijk barrel^,' milk leads,'' hsZ z^ A bi- etyiirgarciisili- tri'gtneral, kitcheu and chambei: b tables, glass, and pewter, hohieiiiade pork hnd ' liV0n with a general assortment of houshold requisites,' cordwood nud. faggots. * The Stock, Husbandry, Wood and Faggots, to bo sold the tvfst day at eleven o'clock;. may be viewel three days prior to the sale, and further particulars, known oil he Auctioneer, at Cuckfield. Freehold- House, Gardens, & c.— Southwick .'., . ' Brighton. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION BY Mr. ATTREE, Oil Friday. September 82, 3309, at the New Ship Ta. vern,. Brighton, at, twelve o'clock, in one lot; with immediate possession, ASubtantial built Freehold DWELLING-. HOUSE, with coach- house, aud stabhug for four horses, toguthfcr With two: latge gardens, walled In, sti'd well Stocked with fruit trees, late in the occrt'natifm of John Norton, Esq. deceased, together with t\ f » ' ck- tagos. adjoining the above. '• ' » >•-.. Further particulars may be known hy afip'TyWg^ tf Mr. Rice, Shoreham ; to Mr. Attree, at his feertral'- A^ nc'V Olh.' e'; tn- to Mrs. Lee, on the premises, who wrtftffir^ the same. - , • >••..: n HENFIELD AND BEEDING LEVEL * TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION.- By Mr. H. R. ATTREE, At'the George Inn, Henfield, 011 Tuesday, the 17th' of October ' nt- xt, at three o'cliick lu the afiernooii, r I^ H'B- follorting desirable Copyhold and FreeK$ A Estates, situate in the parishes of Henfield, Beed- ing, and Goring; in the couui'y of Sussex: LOT I. ' A Su^ it& n'tial built Messuage or Tenemont, bare, 31i: lary, and several . pieces of lane, called. SPARES MEAD, UPRIGHT, FIELD, DEAN FIELD, PEA FURLONG, the two LOWER BROOKS, DRAG BROOK., containing by estimation 2' S acre, ''•' LOT II. Three fields of arable land, called the FIRST WORMS MIDDLE WORMS, and FURTHER WORMS, conMiin,,* • by estimation 14 acres. " LOT III. • The PEAR TREE FIELD, FIRST MEADOW, and FUR THER MEADOW, tontiiiiling by estiuiafiuu .8 acres. ' Wiese three luts are situate in th'c parish of Henfield. and no\<- in the occupation of Mr. W. Yeates, as tenant from year to year, and are Copyhold of'luheritause. held of tnc Manor of Streatham. LOT IV. A Freehold Estate, situate in the rich level of B< e&. ing, Ciilled, BED NYE, or the RISES, containing W estinration ts'aeres;' This estate ii now in tlie occupation of Mr. W. Gor dard, as ' tenant from year to year. LOT V. A piece of. Copyhold Meadow Land, situate iu the parish of Goring, called, the VIGO FIELD, coutaiainS by estimation 1 acre. * Tnis lot adjoins the road from West Tarring to Wor- thing, and is but a short distance from the latter place, is'inost'dcsirably situated for building, commanding a most extensive and uninterrupted view of the sea, Wor- thing; and the neighbouring country. It is now in the bciHtyatiou of Daniel Sutherton, as " tenant from year to year."' The estates may he viewed 011 application- to the rtv respective Truants, and further particulars known by applying to the Auctioneer, Brighton ; or Messrs W. and T. Attree, Solicitors, Brighton. i'l iiit, it i> artia'ttVars may he had 14 davs prior to tlie sale, . a't the George, Henfield ; King's Head, Horsham- White Horse, Steyning- New Hotel, Worthing,- Old Ship Tavern, Brighton; and at the Star, Lewes. psSitpE LEWES, SEPT. 11, woo. I BRIGHTION', SEPT, u, ISOQ. : Our Troops from the Scheldt Expedition are I daily arriving, and disembarking, principally on the j s Coasts of Kent The 2d Light Cavalry of the t German Legion, which landed at Ramsgate, has 1 > marched in two divisions for their former station I s near Ipswich ; the 2d Dragoon Guards, or Queen's I 5 Bays, and 3d, or King's Own Dragoons, have P marched into the Barracks at Canterbury. The 12th 1 Light Dragoons are, as heretofore, quartered along < the Coast. The detachment of the 85th Rifle ! Regiment landed at Dover, and have marched to '. the depot of the Corps, at Hythe and the Sea P Fencibles, are ordered to the Thames, there to be 1 discharged. The latter corps, received while on 1 service 7s. per day. — The Men of the Ride Regt. ' appeared rather sickly, but the Cavalry ware in ge- i neral very healthy. General Monnet, late Governor cf Flushing, I and General Osten, another French General, with their respective. Suites, are ordered on their parole I to Litchfield, on their route to which place they j on Wednesday last passed through the city ® f Ox- I ford. We are happy to state, that wa have heard < if no I [ interruption to our Channel Trade, since Govern- I ; ment ordered an additional number of crtizers j - near and about Beachy- Head. Of these we believe I i the Iris Frigate is the principal; and it gives us I pleasure to hear, her Commander and the oilier j - officers on this station, have been so much on the! I alert, that scarcely a Privateer dares now venture! " from a French Port. j * On last Thursday evening, the Speedwell barge, of s London, about 80 tons burthen, Thomas Cluer, I d Master, laden with British fir timber, on her pas- • r sage from Arundel to the Thames, was driven a- shore in Cuekmere Bay. The crew considering] : r themselves in danger, had previously quitted the j 0 barge, and taken to their boat, which, on approach- j ing the shore was upset, when the Master, with j the wife and daughter ( a fine girl about eleven j years old) of his mate, named Chapman, were tiri- 1 fortunately drowned. The Mate and a boy were I providentially preserved. The cargo and stores ate saved, and the vessel will probably be got off when I an opportunity offers. The Captain's body has been picked up. The County- Court was held here, on Thurs- day last, and adjourned to the 21st instant. We do Hot find the Writ for electing a Coroner in lieu of the late Mr. Wheeler, has yet been issued by the Chancellor. We cannot guess at the reason of this, as, although his Lordship may be out of town, he has certainly' affixed ths Great Seal to many Commissions of Bankruptey, and other instruments, since the Office of Coroner has been) yacant. I; Mr. Palmer's PORTRAITS OF the LIVING and the DEAD, which he is to exhibit this evening at the Star Assembly Room, we think from what we j have been able to learn, is an Entertainment | that will be embraced by all our fashionables in ths town and its vicinity. Last Saturday being ale- licensing day, a great number of Innkeepers and Publicans attended the sitting of Magistrates in this town, and obtained a renewal of their respective licenses. Many fresh ones for houses at Brighton were applied fox, but we heard of one, only, being granted- If in proof of the actual existence of MERMAIDS, any evidence in addition to that contained in the two letters on this subject, published in oni,' last Journal, were necessary, the_ following,; from BAILEY, might he offered : " MERMAIDS, whereas it has been though"; they have been only the product of Painters invention, it is confidently reported that there are in the fol- lowing lake, fishes which differ in nothing from mankind, but in the want of speech and reason. Father FRANCIS DE PAVIA, a missionary,' being in the kingdom of Congo, in Africa, who would riot believe that there were such ereatures, affirms, that the Queen of Zinga did see in a river coming out of the Lake Zaire many Mermaids, something resembling a woman in the breasts, nipples, hands, and arms ; but the lower part is perfect fish, the head round, the face like a calf, a large mouth, little ears, and round, full eyes; which creatures Father MERULA often saw and eat of them." The following singular circumstance occurred lately at Glynde, near this town.— A At, belonging to Mr. Ellman, of that place, on her young being taken from her, soon after she had kittened,, brought home two young rabbits, that had been recently littered, and which she must have taken from a borrow in the'fields, at a considerable distance from the house, where ' they breed in the hed^ e rows, as in, a warren. She suckled them tenderly, and al- though they are now capable of running about the house, her regard for them does not appear to be lessened. A few days since a Willow- Tree, measuring in length upwards of 60 feet, and containing 20 feet of solid timber, was cut down on a piece of waste- ground in the parish of Burwash. This tree was planted only fifteen years hack, by a School- Boy, to whom the person who claims the land it grew on, very generously gave it. A Sow, the property of Mr. Franeis Spratley, of Hurstperpoint, has produced him at'' four far- rows, living pigs, allot" which did well; arid 17 others were drawn by the farrier. A few day ago a man, servant to Mr. Caldecot, of Ripe, was killed by the wheels of a waggon pass- ing over his head. The unfortunate man had been to this town with a load of bark, and met the fatal accident on his return, by being jolted from a load of coal while asleep, when he had nearly reach- ed home. Coroner's Verdict, Accidental Death, lie has left a widow and three children to lament his loss. A PRIZE WORTHY OF A PRINCE.— The im- mense Sura of Eighty Thoussnd Pounds may be gained in the present Slate Lottery, by purchasing the Four Tickets of One Number, These whp do not look so high, may gain Sixty Thousand, by having Three Tickets of One Number; Forty Thousand Pounds by Two of the same Number, or Twenty Thousands by a Single Ticket,—- These really capital Prizes are all to be determined, in One Day, 20th Next Month.- MARRIED. Yesterday se'nnight, Mr. Henty Hod- son, Surgeon, of the Cliffe, Lewes, to Miss Birch, eldest Daughter of Richard Birch, Esq. of Hunter- street, Brunswick- square, London. DIEB. A few days since, aged 62 years, at Kim- holton, in Huntingdonshire, Mrs. Smith, widow of the late Rev. Mr. Smith, of that place, and re- lict of the late and mother of the preser. Rev Peter Crofts, rector of the parish of St. John's, in this Borough. Her remains were on Wednes- day brought in a hearse and interred in the fa- mily vault in St- John's church. FROM SATURDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE. Downing- street, Sept. 7, 1809. DISPATCMES were this day received It the office of Viscount Castlereagh, one of bis Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, from Lieut. General Viscount Wellington, K B. Truxillo, August 20, 1809- . My LORD— I wrote some days ago a letter to the- French Commander- in- Chief, ( which I sent to him by Lieutenant- Colonel Walters, to request his care and attention to the wounded Officers » and soldiers of the British Army, who bad fallen into his hands, in return for the care and attention which t had paid to the'French Officers and sol- diers, who had fallen into my hands at different times; and that he would allow motley to be sent to the Officers; and that Officers whs should not be deemed prisoners of war, might be sent to su- perintend and take care of tile soldiers, till they should recover from their wounds, when the Offi- cers should be scut to join the British Army. I received a very civil answer from Marshal Mortier, promising that every care should be taken, and every attention paid to the British Officers and soldiers who were wounded; but stating, that be could not answer upon the other demands contain ed in my letter, having been obliged to refer them to the Commander in Chief. Since the receipt of this letter, Mr Dillon the Assistant Commissary has arrived from Tal& Vera, having been taken prisoner near Ceyolla on the 27th of July, previous to the action, and having been allowed to come away.. He reports that the British Officers and soldiers • Who are wounded, ate doing remarkably well; and are well fed and taken care of; indeed he says pre- ferably to the French troops. I propose to send Colonel Walters with another flag of truce to- morrow morning, and a letter to the Commander- in- Chief of the French Army, re questing that a sum of money which I shall send may be given to the Officers; and t shall endea- vour to establish a cartel of exchange as soon as possible. I have the honour to be, & c. ARTHUR WELLESLEY, Lord Viscount Castlereagh, & c. [ Here follows another letter, signed Arthur Wei lesley, giving an account of his having detached Sir Robert Wilson, on the 3d » f August towards Escalone; of Sir Robert's retreat by the Passes through the mountains, and of his arrival' at Ba- nds, on the 11th, where on the 12th he wa3 at- tacked and defeated by the French corps of Mar- shal Ney. Next follows Sir Robert Wilson's account of tie action, which, considering the superior number and description of the enemy's troops, although unsuccesful, does him great credit. Sir Robert1 army consisted of Portuguese and Spanish troops, Sir Robert Wilson's account of the battle is fol- lowed by another communication from Sir Arthur Welleslev ( Lord Wellington) dated the 21st of August, giving an account of the F'rench cavalry having passed the Tagus, on the 8th, and taken Gen. Cuesta's cannon; and of that General's re signing the command ( on account of ill health, 011 the' 18th, to General Equia.) Sir Arthur's dispatch concludes as follows:—" Distress for want of pro- visions, and its effects, have at last obliged me to move towards the frontiers- of Portugal, in order to refresh ray troops. In ray former dispatches I have informed your Lordship of o. y distress fai- ths want of provisions and the means of transport. Those wants, which were the first cause ' of the loss of many advantages after the 22d of July; which • were made known to the Government, and were actually known' to them on the 20th of last month, still. exist in jtn aggravated degree, aid under these eircumstances 1 determined to break up on lira 20th from Jaraicejo, where I' had had my head quarters since the 11th, with the advanced posts car the Tagu^, near . tin- Bridge of Almaraz, and to fall back upotl the frontier of Portugal, where of hope I shall be supplied with. every thing I. want."] j/ rhis Gazette, likewise contains a dispatch from Lord Collingwood, giving a detail of the proceed- WigV of the squadron under Admiral Martin; of the capture of Ischia, & c. and the destruction of several vessels,' 8ic.' on the' coasts of Italy in June • and July last; most of which have been long since published. Algn an account of the capture of a French Lug- ger, % y the bonis of the' Nassau, in the Channel.] BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED. Gideon1 Lewis, White Lion- street, Whitechapel, • VICTUALLER. BANKRUPTS. William Giddy, Truro, Cornwall, chemist and druggist-^ William Gee Pilkington, Bawtry, York- sbhretlnnholder.— Edward Horne Shorto, Exeter, cutler.-*- Thomas Carr, Oxford, grocer.— William Kinsey, Oxford street, coacbmaker.— John Mar- shall, Fleet- Market, cloaths- salesman;--^- William George Hunter, Islington, underwriter.— David Robertson,' Finsbury- Square wine- merchant.^ Jo- seph King, King- street, Covent- Garden, silk- mer cer.-~ Henry Smith and James Holton, Charles- street and Suffolk- streeb, Middlesex Hospital, coachmakers and copartners.—- William Thorn, . Leeds, cloth- merchant. , ,. LONDON, SUNDAY. Tb# Basilisk gun- brig has arrived at, Yarmouth from the Baltic, with dispatches from Sir James S; iumarez, and letters from the fleet. The Basa- Lisk was attacked in the- Baltic by: four praams, with very heavy metal, and fifty men each, for. nearly two hours, in » which she suffered in her rigging very materially. every thing being cut away except the braces and ties. A breeze, however, fortunately sprung up, and she made her escape; otherwise she must have struck, as two praams were placed on the bow, " arid two on the quarter. — The Basilisk had none killed, and only two wounded. Our Portsmouth letter announces an atrocious murder; that must excite universal indignation in tall civilised nations. The brig Britannia, bound from Ireland to London, in coming up Channel was chased'by a French privateer, and finding that « he could not escape, the Master, before he struck, cut away his fore- top- mast, ' with a view to retard her passage. to an enemy's port, and thus the chance of re- Capture;— This so enraged the French, that 011 boarding the brig, they murdered the Master. The Britannia has been since retaken by the Christian VII. and carried into Portsmouth; but she could not come up with the privateer, and thus the atrocious barbarians have escaped from the punishment due to their crime. An alarming and destructive fire broke out on Tuesday night, in the dwelling- house of the Rev. Mr. Rolland, at Baker's- lodge, between Uxbridge \ and Rickmansworth, which was occasioned by a 3naid- servant setting fire to her clothes, and which proved fatal to her. Mr. Rolland and his family were'spending the evening at a friend's house, and the servant was waiting for them. Her shrieks alarmed two men servants who slept up stairs, but the room had then caught fire, arid it was with difficulty that the men escaped. The poor woman escaped from the house, but died in half an hour, and in leas than an hour the dwelling- hous, e was in ruins, At no period of the year have we witnessed such strange and contrasted varieties. of weather as in the present season, the 24 hours having recently represented the rapid changes of nearly all the Sea- sons put together ; and if the day has produced something like the heat of Summer, at night, the various gradations of storm have swelled into hur- ricane and tempest, wherein the clamorous conflict of winds and waves have been borne in on " the sounding shore", along the whole extent of coast; yet, in the intervals of elementary contention, the inviting calms have had the usual effect of throng, ing the sea shore with the inhabitants of the Ma tropolis, who have, within these last few days, rushed in crowds to this most attractive and well established Watering Place, which, at this mo ment, contains a larger amount of company than was ever before remembered, unless 011 the oc- casion of soma public celebration, and the pre sence of our illustrious patron, His Royal Highness the PRINCE OF WALES, The Castle and New inn Hotels, are constantly filled with the first com pany ; and the accommodations of the Old Ship Tavern, and New Ship Inn, with the Boarding and Lodging Houses, have been in complete oc- cupation. The Steine and Marine Libraries, and Cook's Confsctionary Rooms, in East street, a; e nightly crowded with fashionable votaries, while, the Thea- tre, with the attractions of Mrs. SIDDONS, and Mr, and, Mrs. 0. KEMBLE, obtains brilliant and overflowing auditories. Don Felix and Violante, in the WONDER, under the patronage of her Grace the Duchess of MARLBOROUGH, were on Wednesday evening personated by thG two Fatter, and with the happiest effect. BRUNTON was every thing looked for in Colonel Briton ; Miss JOHN- STONE was spirited and bewitching in her per- formance of Isabella; and PALMER, highly amus- ing as Gibby, Personation closed the evening's j amusements. On Friday and Saturday, Mrs. SIDDONS ap- j peared in Belvidera, and Mrs. Haller, in Venice I Preserved aud the Stranger, with her accustomed j excellence; and this was not a little increased by the table representation of Jaffier, and the Stranger, by I C- KEMBLE, who frequently drew forth deserved I plaudits from a delighted audience, and proved I himself second, only, in ability, to his accomplished j brother. j We perceive by the Theatrical Advertisement in I the following column, that Mrs. SIDDONS finally j withdraws from the Brighten Theatre, on Tuesday evening next, in the part of Lady Macbeth. We would recommend to all frequenters of the Theatre I to be present 011 this occasion, as we are confidently assured it will he the LAST TIME they will have an opportunity of witnessing the performance of this unrivalled actress. Mr. C. KEMBLE gives his sup- port to the piece in the character of Macbeth. Mr. PALMER, who takes his benefit on Wednesday evening, we think has made a judicious selection of ' entertainments; The Foundling of the Forest be- ing undoubtedly the most interesting new Play that we have witnessed for some years, and it is but j right to add, that the acting of it does ample jus- tice to the Piece. The laughable Fares of Tit for Tat closes the. Evening's Entertainment, and will dauhtless send hit audience merrily to their homes. — Hee Advertisement. At the newly- established fair for Sheep at this place, on Monday last, the supply and attendance fell very short of last. year. The number penned did not much exceed 9,000, and of these but few were sold. The best pen of Ewes was from the fldA of T. Kemp, Esq artd found a purchaser at 40s, per head ; others were offeied at various prices down to 30s. The Lambs that were sold fetched • from 18 to 24s. Notwithstanding the deficiency of buyers, the public ordinaries were all well at- tended ; the Old Ship dined 64 ; the New Ship had its share ; and the King and Queen as many as the house could well accommodate. The Pedlary fair, in the evening, exhibited a good deal of fun and bustle. A Dealer in Devonshire beast, named Jeffery, • who went from the above fair to Chichester, on his 1 arrival, missed a cheque on one of the Brighton 1 Banks, for upwards of „£ l00 which he had taken in payment for stock on Monday, and drop- ( ped in a public house, where he dined on that day, returned hither in consequence, and on making his loss known, had the good luck to recover his cheque, 011 paying the holder of it One Guinea. On Friday the China fleet, under convoy of the Nassau, of 64 guns, passed this town, for the Downs. The fleet ' Consisted of the following ships, viz. the Essex, Elphinston , Exeter, Canton, Ceres, David Scott, Dorsetshire, Ocean, Alnwick Castle, Royal George, Winchelsea, Thomas Grenville, and , Walmer Castle. . DIED. On Wednesday last, at the house of her lister, Mrs. Kipping, of this town, with whom she lived in the most affectionate manner, for many years,' Mrs, Katherine Blaker, daughter of the late Mr. Nathaniel Blaker, of Kingstone- by- Sea, aged 70 years. Her remains, will be interred this day, ir) the , Chan, eel of our parish church. On Monday last, at her house, Pax- hill Park, in the 78th year of her age, Mrs. Board, relict of the late William Board, Esq. mother of the Countess of Winterton, and sister to the late Gibbs Crawfurd, Esq. of Saint- hill, in this county. FOE ONE NIGHT ONLY. At the STAR ASSEMBLY ROOM, LEWES, This present Evening, MONDAY, Sept. JI, I809, MR. PALMER, Will deliver his celebrated PORTRAITS of the LIVING and the DEAD. Admittance, 2s. %* Boors to be opened at Seven, and to begin at Eight precisely. THEATRE, BRIGHTON. Under the Patronage of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. The last Night MRS. SIDDONS will ever per- form in Brighton. On Tuesday Evening, September 12, 1809. will be acted ( by Particular Desire) the Tragedy, of MACBETH. MACBETH, by Mr. C. KEMBLE, ( his First Appearance in that Character) LADY MACBETH, by MRS. SIDDONS. To which will be added, a Farce, called LOVERS' QUARRELS. BRIGHTON- FREEHOLD HOUSE, AND GROUND ... . . RENT. TO- BE SOLD BY PRIVATE' CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD HOUSE, in an airy genteel si- tuation, commanding a beautiful „ in< l extensive view of the sea, and South- Do » iss, containing two handsome parlours with folding- doors, a drawing room, seven bed- rooms, housekeepers'- room., sorvants'ball, kitchen, and good out- offi' es, every way adapted cither for a Gentleman's Residence, Boarding School, or Longing. Houae. ' * Also-, a Freehold GROUND RENT, well covered at 82 pounds per annum, paid by Sir Thomas Clarges half- yearly ; presumed io be worth the attention of tVo-; e who may have money in the Funds, or on Mortgage, whereby tbey are receiving 130 more than r, per cent, and this purchase is offered at as ma to pay C| per cent. Enquire of Mr. Walker, No, " » vr Steyne, Brighton. AN EXCELLENT SITUATION For. A WHEEL- WRIGHT TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SONS, By Order of the Executor,, at the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Saturday, the 30th September, 1809, at. Six o'clock in the Evening ACOPYHOLD MESSUAGE, with a Wheel- wright's shop, and Saw Hou* c, now in fall trade, j together with a Garden and Orchard, situate at Cooks- bridge, near Lewes, the late residence?' of Mr . West, deceas d. Possession of which may be had at Lady- | day Bext 1 N. B. The premises maybe viewed at any time; and further particulars may be BAIL of the - Executors, at I Cooksbridge, Mr. Berry OR Mr, Henderson. SOUTH- DOWN FLOCK, & c. ~ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SONS, On the Prenrises, , I On Tuesday, the 19th of Sept. H09, two days previous- to Lewes Cliff Fair THE STOCK of BEEDING FARM, near Shore- bam, the property of Mr. John Chatfield, of Hor- | ton, consisting of about 4uo Ewes, from r to 4 years j old, loo Ewe- Lambs, several Rams, and RAM Lambs, I 2 prime Sussex bred Bulls, ( j Cart Horses 5 and Hus- bandry Tackle in general. I *** The Sale will begin at E. leven o'clock with the Hus- i •- bandry Tackle. J LIVE AND DEAD STOCK. TO BE - SOLD~ BY AUCTION, » BY W. BRAZIER, .] On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. the 96th,. j and 28th days of September, 1309, 011 the Premises, I at the Sheep- House Farm, near Whichelsea:—• THE following Prime Romney Marsh Breed of • Sheep, Sussex Bred Stock, Horses, and Husband- Tackle; the property of Richard Stileman, Esq. quit- ting the Castle* Laud. Consisting of 290 Barren Ewes! 570 one and two Lamb Ewes; 900 Ewe arid Wether Tags ; Co Ranis of [ different ages; s, Cows in Calf; 4 Working Oxeu ; 4 ! two- yearling and 3 oae- ye* rliug Beasts'; 4 Cart Hor- ses, 2Saddle Horses; 7 Hogs. Six Stacks of good Marsh and Seed Hay ; a Waggons 4Carts, 3 Ploughs, s Harrows, and sundry articles of useful Husbandry Tackle. The sale to begin each day at Terr o'clock in the forenoon. A SOUTH- DOWN FLOCK. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY THOMAS SONE, On Friday, the 23d Day of September, IS09, on the Premises of Messrs. Henry and William Bottiug; at Upper Budington, in the pariah of Wiston, near Findon, in the county of Sussex, who ara going to leave the Farm:—- HHHE valuable STOCK of the above Farm, con- JL Slating of— 100 Ewe Lambs yu Two- tooth Ewes go Four- tooth Ditto go Six- tooth Ditto go Aged Ewes a Draught Horses 2 Waggons, narrow- wheeled 4 Dung Carts 2 Two Two- wheeled Ploughs 3 Foot Ploughs 1 Turnrest foot Plough 1 Pair of drag Harrows 4 Pair of horse Harrows 6 Trace Ham sses 4 Thill Harnesses 2 Rollers A Quantity of Wattles Ox Yokes and Nebs. Persons who buy Stock may be acconti-. iodnt « d with three days after tbe Sale, before they take them a » ay. The Sale to begin at Eleven o'clock, TO BE SOLD BY ' AUCTION', ' BY PLUMER AND SON, Oil Tusday, tbe 26th September, 18( 19, nt the King's Head Inn. Billingshurst, between the hours of two and four in the afternoon :— AValuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, lying very compact, called Jefferys and H( r! lo » ave, consist- ing of a Messuage, two Barns, and other Outbuildings, in good repair, together with about 70 acres of arable, meadow, and coppic4 Laud, situate near Five Oaks, in the parish of Billingshurst, in the County of' . Sussex, 7 miles from Horsham, late in the occupation of the proprietor, Mr. John Eyershed deceased*. .( Immediate possession may be had). Printed particulars may be B^ D nt the King's Head, Billingshurst; « f Mr, Bennett, at Lydwick," in Stinfold • Mr. Evershed, at Killips, in Kirdferd ; and the Auc- tioneers, Horsbaw. ~ TUNBRIDGE- WELLS. " To GENTLEMEN- MECHANICS, AND CLOCK AND WATCH MAKERS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. . By Messrs., FRY AND CHEESMAN, Oil Friday, the 1MB day « F . September, tsoff, unless previously disposed of, TBE Working Implements of Mr. COLLINS, Optician, ( leaving Tunbridge Wells) consisting of a turning Lathe, with a cutting and dividing Eu- gine, and a variety of curious Tools worthy the a^ ten- " liqo of Gentlemen of a mecauical turn, with a variety of Barometers and Thermometers. Also the Patent for an Invention for Ventilating all kind of Apartments, Carriages, & c. with proper Tools for manufacturing the same. 1 . Ti'W 1. - Kwa- rsaBBcar*;-.— T." V • F"• aasaa MARKETS. Corn- Exchange, Sep. 8. There are to- day but short supplies of Wheat, and having a demand, sales are again at a small in- crease in price. Barley is dearer; Malt likewise, and a rising article. Peas and Beans of the two kinds, fully'maintain their prices. There are to- lerable remaining supplies of Oats, but very few fine samples, and this article is quoted rather dearer. Rape Seed is higher; and Flour continues at late prices— fine American also. PRICE OF CORN. , s. s. s. s. Wheat •'!'. 78— 105 Tick Beans 47 — 54 Fine ditto - 105— 113 Oats - S7 — 35 Rye, - 50 — 54 Polands - 37 — 39 Barley, - 40 — 48 Potatoe ditto — 41 — Malt, - - 76 — 84 Fine Flour 80 — 85 White Pease 84 — 90 Seconds - 75 — 80 Lewes, Saturday, Sept 9. White Wheat - - £ f> 4 o - to ft 0 0 J. LEIGHTON, Inspector. SATURDAY, Sept. 9, 1809. Cons, GAJ. 1 I per Cent. I Omnium 1 pre. THEATRE, BRIGHTON1. - |: Under the Patronage of his Royal Highnes the Prince of Wales. By Desire of the Hon. Mrs. HENEAGE. FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR. PALMER. On Wednesday Evening, Sept. 13, will be performed, p ( Second and Last Time) I ' THE FOUNDLING OF THE FOREST. I End of tbe Play, " A Picture of a Playhouse ; 1 Or, Bucks have » t you All!" By Mr. PALMER. To which will be added, ( never performed here) a Farce, called TIT FOR TAT; Or, The Double Deception. * t* Tickets atay be bad of Mr. Palmer, No. 20, Great I Russell- Street. Brighton ANY Sum from „£ luoo to ' A'dy'OO may. uc nut. I 03 a Mortgage of Freehold Land, in either of the 1 Counties of Sussex, Surrey, or Kent. Also the Sum of £ 11,000. Apply to Messrs. Brooker and Colbatch, Solicitors. I Prince's Place, Brighthelmston. I MONEY WANTED ON MORTGAGE. WAiNTED, on unexceptionable Securities, I various Sums of Money, from tool, to 5000! I The Interest will be punctually paid, and No DE I DUCTION MADE Foil PROPERTY TAX. | Apply to Mr. Dally, Solicitor, Chichester, or at his j OiTI< a't the Norfolk Ann*. Arundel, every Thursday. ! \/ i/ AN1' E1J mi Mortgage, 011 one of the 1110s; I V T desirable freehold landed Estates, in the county of Snssex. FOUR THOUSAND and FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS, 1101 half the value of the estate. Address A. B. C. to be left at the Post Office, Hail- sham, will be duly attended tn. I WANTED, at Michaelmas next, a cl I Man, As CARTER. Also a Married Man, as I Workman on the Farm. For particulars enquire of | Mr. Penfold, Annington. W" ANTED immediately, a sober, steady Ser- J vant, ill a small Family, to drive a Pair of] Horses, wait at table occassionally, and assist in the] garden, if required. An unexceptionable character will | be required from his last place. Apply to Jos. Waters, | Post- Office, Robertsbridge, Sussex. " TO POTTERS. I VIS7" ANTED, one or two good Hands, as Spin- 1 Vv tiers, who can have constant employment. For ] particulars enquire at Messrs. Smith and Collet's Kiln, Rye, Sussex. SERVANTS- ' 1 WANTED, about Michaelmas next, a Man j Servant as GROOM, aud to assist in tbe Garden, and House, occasionally,— Direct or apply to Joseph ] Ticehnrst, White Lion Inn, Lewes. WANTED, iria Gentleman's Family, a FOOT- MAN, and a PLAIN COOK. For particulars enquire at Mr. Langridge's, near the Dorset Arms, East- j Grinstead. None need apply who have not lived two | years in their last place. SERVANTS WANTED. " 1 GOOD wages will be given to a strong active Man, as SEEDSMAN and FOREMAN, in a Farm House, where a large Family of Servants are constantly kept. And also to a Mail who understands GARDENING, and looking after riding Horses. Cha- racters will he required. Apply to the Printers ; or to Mr. Gell, Applesham. near Shoreham. TO GENTLEMEN AND LADIES OF LANI> EL> PROPERTY. ANY Lady or Gentleman needing aisistance in the management of their Estates, aud not suf- ficient to employ a regular land- steward, may hear of a middle- aged respectable Man qualified for tbe under- taking, who would like tp fill up his leisure time in their service, and flattersbim « lf be could for a little expenee not only relieve them of the trouble, but would exert himself more to their Interest than they can do themselves. Letters post- paid from real names, and principals only will be attended to) direct to G. M. at Mr. Wis- dom's, Auctioneer, 13, East- Street, Brighton. The most respectable reference trill be given if requited. N. B. The Advertiser will wait on any Lady ot Gen tleman at airy part of the country, if required, by being allowed his resonable expences. SHOREHAM BRIDGE. rT^ HE Trustees of Shoreham Bridge, having J threatened a Prosecution against me, the under, signed Wm. Pitt, Gatekeeper, for abusing Mr . George Yates, a passenger, going over the said Bridge, and de- manding and taking toll of him twice ; but having agreed to drop the prosecution, 011 my acknowledging my fault, I do hereby publicly acknowledge tbe same, and promise to behave respectfully and honestly, during the time I shall continue at the said Gate, as Collector to tbe Trustees. ' WILLIAM PITT, STOLEN » R STRAYED, On Saturday night, the ad of September instant, from the White Horse Field, in the parish of Steyning, ABLOOD BAY MARE, rising 4 years, with a small mark on the oil' shoulder, aud switch tail. If stolen a reward of Five Guineas Is hereby offered by Mr. Brown, of Steyning, 10 any person or persons who shall discover the offender, on conviction, over aud above the reward of Three Guineas offered by the Steyn- ing Society for apprehending felons, & c. If strayed, any person or persons who shall bring the said Mare to Mr. Brown, at Steyning; or to the Keeper of the Half Moon Inn, in Petwertb, shall be handsomely rewarded for their trouble. STRAYED from the premises of Mr. Holman, of Crocksted Farm, Fraoi6e| d, a White POINTER BITCH, with liver coloured ears and a spot of the same colour oil the rump or root of the tail. She is re- markably shy, and will probably answer to the name of NANDO. Whoever will deliver the. said Bitch to Mr. Holman, as above, or give information of her, » o that she may be had again, shall receive a GUINEA Reward, and all . reasonable charges. STRAYED, into the ground of Daniel Holden, of Park Farm, in the parish of Horsham, Two Leicestershire EWES, about the middle or" last Sep. tem ber. They have been cryed at Dorking, Cuckfield, Warnham, and at the Market of Horsham. Whoever lwi lost the surd Ewes, by describing their marks, pay. ing for keeping, advertising, & c. may have them again, but if they are not claimed by the 25th of next nlonth, they will be sold to pay the charges. I" OST, a blue GREYHOUND DOG, white under the neck and chest, white feet, and white at the end of his tail, about twelve months old, an- swers to the name of JUGLER: Whoever will bring the same to Mr. Newman, sadler ; or to Mr. Brown, Stable Keeper, Lewes, will receive Two Guineas Reward. N. B. The Dog was last 6een going over the Downs towards Chailey. TO BE SOLD, FROM Eighty to Ninety naked OAK TREES, now lying where felled. Their average meetings are 37 feet, or thereabouts, and their situation bandy for carriage. The Trees may be seen by applying to the Bailiff, at Ade » , Cbailey, near Lewes. TO BE SOLD, BRICK- HOUSE Farm, in Burwash, with suit- able Buildings. It consists of Fifty Acres of ex- cellent Marsh or Brookland, and of One Hundred and Fifty Acre* of very good Meadow, Hop, Arable, and Wood Land- Immediate Possession may be had, and great accommodation will be given in respect to pay- ment For particulars enquire of Mr. William Baker, Tice- hurst , or « f Messrs. Woollett aod Dawes, Rye FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. FROM THE PORTUGUESE PAPERS. LISBON, AUG. 51. WE learn, by letters from Corunna, on the 6th instant, that the army of the Marquis Romana. to the number of 50,000 men, began its *<;! » •< h from that place for Lugo, on the 1st, 2( 1, and 3d inst SERVIA, IN CATALONIA, JULY 12. Ye « terdav evening, our worthy Captain- Gene- ral. Dun Joaquim Blake, set out from this town fc » Villi de Calef. JULY 14. We know officially that succours have entered Gerona. and that several engagements with the enemy have terminated successfully on our part. The Pickle brig;. Lieut. Goodwin, is arrived at Plymouth from Lisbon, in eleven days. She has brought over Capt. Stewart, who was Aid- du- Camp to General M'Kenzie, and who was by his side at the battle of Talavera, when he fell. Capt. Stew, art brings dispatches from Lord Wellington, dated, we hear, about the 30th nit. at which time the Bri- tish army were compelled to retreat to some strong position in Portugal, merely from want of provi- sions and necessaries—' not a pound of meat could be had— the horses were entirely without forage. We have received Portuguese papers to the 22d, and Spanish to the 24th nit. but their contents are not new, and the British army has divested them of the little interest which they possessed. It was reported on Wednesday, that an Austrian Messenger bad arrived with dispatches, confirming the report of Peace having been concluded between Austria and French. On enquiry, however, we found that the statement rested on no official found- ation; and had such an event taken place, there iS no doubt we should ere this have heard of firing and rejoicings on the French coast. It is an event, however, that may be anticipated with confidence. A Gottenburg Mail arrived on Monday- A Swe- dish Ambassador has set out from Stockholm to Petersburgh!!, for the purpose, no doubt, of con- cluding a peace. This is the only article of any interest in the Swedish Papers. A vessel arrived on Monday, from Corunna, after a vovage of eleven days. It is laid that she has brought dispatches to the Spanish Ambassador, relating principally to the situation of the North of Spain, and to the operations of the armies tinder the Marquis de la Romana and Gen. Ballasteros. The Commander- in- Chief of the Northen Pro- vinces intended to proceed directly to Madrid, and at the time of the departure of this ship, be was within six days' inarch of that capital. According to the information he had then received, he was of opinion. that the most useful diversion he could Make in favour of Generals Wellesley and Cuesta, supposing Soult, Ney, and Mortier, to be kept in check by the Portuguese army, was to threaten Madrid, and to enter it by a eaup de main, should it not be protected by a powerful garrison. The unexpected retreat of Vis. Wellington, Cuesta, and Venegas, will probably derange this plan The following is an extract of a letter received, dated Surinam, June 14, 1S09:— " As Mr. Clarke and the Duke of York's story must be fresh in your memory, you cannot have fyrgotten the name of Samuel Carter: that very person is now at this place, a Lieutenant in the 15th regiment of foot; he is a very gay and gen- teel young man, very well liked by his brother officers, and is a great favourite of the ladies. When the news appeared concerning his former situation, the officers met to consult if they could allow him to remain a messmate among them and it was agreed that he bad never conducted himself derogatory to the character of a gentleman, and therefore they would take no notice of that which appeared in the papers He has lately fought a duel with an officer who made some unhandsome allusion to the business, in which he wounded his antagonist." A letter has been received within these few days, from an Officer Of the 23d regiment, who was among those returned as missing at the battle of Talavera. He had ' been Severely wounded, and was taken prisoner; and we hive pleasure in stat- ing, as a satisfaction to those whose friends may be in a similar situation, tbat. be mentions his be- ing attended by a skilful surgeon, and treated with humanity and kindness. It appears by the Gazette of last Saturday, that Sir David Dundas, the Commander- in- Chief, has bestowed the Colonelcy, of the 9* th Regiment ( consisting of three battalions}, upon himself, although he is Colonel of the Scotch Greys, one of the most lucrative regiments in the service. There is something which peculiarly calls for explanation . in this appointment. Unless" Sir David resign the office of Governor of Chelsea Hospital, while at the same time be is Commander- in- Chief, and Colonel of two regiments, it is a circumstance which cer- tainly require same animadversion. GLOPE. About ' lSO sail of vessels laden with bristles, tal- low, hemp, and flax, are at Gottenburgh, bound to England. The number of French prisoners now in this kingdom, including those brought from Zealand, are staled to be about 90,000. Seventeen thousand of Congreve's rockets are just ordered to be sent off, without a moment's de- lay, to be put on hoard the ships that compose the new Expedition. " NEW BARONETS. The King has been pleased to grant the dignity of a Baronet of the United Kingom of Great Bri- tain and Ireland, to the following Gentlemen, and the respective heirs male of their bodies, lawfully begotten, viz. Paulas Amelins Irving, of Woodhouse and Rob- gill Tower, in the county of Dumfries, esq. Lie » t.- General of his Majesty's forces. Thomas Roberts of Robert's- Cove, in tie county of Cork, James Shaw, of the city of London, ana of Kil marnock, in the county of Ayr. esq. Rowland Blennerhassett, of Blennerville, in the county of Kerry, esq. William Smith, of Eardiston, in the county of Worcester, esq.: Charles Cockerell, of Sezincot, in the county of Gloucester, and of Piccadilly, in the county of Middlesex, esq. Edwin Bayntun Sandys, of Miserden Castle, in the county of Gloucester, and of Chadlington Hall, in the county of Oxford, esq. Henry Halford, of St. George'*, Hanover- square, in the county of Middlesex, Doctor of Physic, and one. of his Majesty's Physicians in Extraordinary. John Tyrell, of Boreham House, in the county of Essex, esq. ' THE ARMY. A General Court- Martial has lately been held at Hull. on Lieutenant P. D. Wheeler, of the 2d Battalion of the 12th Regiment of Foot, upon the under mentioned charges " 1st. For behaving in a scandalous and infamous manner, such as is unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman, in having most grossly in- sulted Major King, of the S2d Regiment of Foot,- at Scarborough, by telling him that lie had asserted most damned infamous lies, at the same time saying to him, " I shake my stick over you," or words to that effect. 2d. For having, in a public coffee- room, at the York- Tavern, at York, posted, or caused to be posted, a paper, containing words to the following effect:— " I hereby post Major King, of the Rid Regi- ment of Foot, as a base calumniator, a liar, and a coward, as I personally told him. ( Signed) P. D. WHEELER." 3. For having sent a copy of the above to Major King, at Scarborough, adding, that the said letter had been posted in the coffee- room at York Such conduct being highly subversive of military disci- pline, and in breach of the Articles of War. Upon which charges the Court came to the fol- lowing decision:—' That the' prisoner, Lieutenant P. D. Wheeler, was Nor GUILTY of the first part of the first charge, namely, " behaving in a scan- dalous and infamous manner, such as is unbecom- ing the character of an officer and a gentleman, " bat was ' GUILTY of grossly insulting Major King." The Court ACQUITS the Prisoner of that, part of said charge, " I shake my stick over von," the fact not having been proved. With respect to the second and " third charges, the ' court find the Prisoner GUILTY of the whole and every part thereof, and adjudge him to he DISMISSED HIS MAJESTY'S service. Which sentence his Majesty has been pleased to: approve and confirm ; and has commanded that the charges preferred against Lieutenant P. D " Wheeler, of the 15th Regiment of Foot, together with the, punishment awarded him for the crimed of which lie has been found guilty, shall be promulgated to the army, and en- tered in the orderly books of every corps. POLICE. , MARLBOROUGH- STREET, SEPT. 5 A voting blood, of the name of Edward Ryan, shop- boy to Mr. Tonge, ironmonger, Piccadilly, was charged with assaulting and insulting Mr. Myers, and his two daughters. Mr. Myers stated, that he- was a tradesman, and was returning home last evening, between nine and ten o'clock, through Holborn, accompanied by his wife and two daughters, one to, the other 11 years of age. The children were walking imme- diately before him and bis wife. The Prisoner came up and put his hand rotund one of the chil- dren, at the same time making use of indecent language. Mr. Myers begged of him to desist, and told him they were his children. He said it was a d— d lie, he knew better, and was not to be hoaxed that way by such an old scoundrel, and and challenged him to box, raising his hands in a menacing manner. A crowd formed, and a num- ber of voting men, of the same stamp as the Pri- soner, called out for a ring, and that they would second him. Mr. Myers, and his family, got out of the mob the best way they could, and walked on. The Prisoner, shortly after, passed them, and on coming up to a watchman, ordered him to take Mr. Myers into custody, as he had insulted him. Mr. Myers tried to reaon with him but in vain; he should go to the watch- house. On coming there, the Constable of the night, very properly, refused the Prisoner's - charge, but detained him on that of Mr. Myers The Prisoner in his defence, said, he had been in the city spending the evening with some friends, and had drank more than usual; but he was suffi- ciently sober to know what he was doing; be thought then and now , that he was at he was the person who had been insulted. Mr. •<<•< • it was not his wish to push ' thebusiness any furhter; but he conceived that it would be severe if he should lose his day to humour the Gentleman; he therefore thought himself in tilled to compensation for the loss of it. The Magistrate directed he should be discharged; but if be did not make Mr. Myers proper compen- sation for his loss of time, he would advise him to indict him at the Quarter Sessions; and also de- sired that the Prisoner should give his address to Mr. Myers. This, the Paisoner said, he did not think was necessary. The Magistrate said he was of a different opinion; and as he did not think proper to give his address, he should be confined until he found bail. This had the desired effect on the young Gentleman, and he complied with the order of the Magistrate. UNION HALL., SEPT. 6. The following occurrence, resembling in some of its circumstances, the fatal affair which lately took place at Shuckburgh, in Warwickshire, was detailed in evidence before the Magistrates, on Wednesday last, at the above office: Hulston, driver of the hackney coach, No. 27S, stated, that he was called off the stand, in the Minories, on Monday night, about eleven o'clock, by a gentle- man and two ladies; lie was desired to drive to Crooked- lane, where the ladies got out; one of them however returned, and again got into the coach with the gentleman, who desired him to drive to Belvidere- place, St. George's- fields; when he arrived within two or three doors of the house where he was ordered to set them down, he was alarmed by the report of a pistol in the coach, and immediately after of a second, and heard the gentleman exclaim, " Oh, can you forgive me in your dying moment?"— the lady answered, " Yes, yes, yes." He stopped his horses, and, getting off his box, ran to look for a watchman; on his re- turn he found the coach empty, and a person in- formed him that the lady and gentleman were in the house, and that no barm was done; in search- ing amongst the straw of his coach afterwards, he found a pair of pistol- bags. Mr. John Taylor lives at No. 42, Belvidere- place, was sitting with his family, a little before 12 o'clock, on Monday evening, when he was alarmed by the report of two pistols; he ran out to the what was the matter, when he perceived a coach standing near the door, without any person on the box; he went up to the coach and opened the door, when, by the light of a candle, he per- ceived Mr. Elston and Miss Colson, the latter ap- parently fainting; he shut to the door again, and, going to the horses, drew the coach close up to Mr. Elision's door; the family were by this time alarmed, and he assisted in getting them out of the coach; Mr. Eliston was begging to be forgiven, saying be had no intention to hurt her; she an- swered— Yes, yes; she forgave him. Mr. Taylor went for the surgeon, and on his return, on search- ing the coach, he found a pistol bullet in the back- part of the seat, he saw no appearance of blood; but saw the mark of the powder on the woman's dress. Mr. Wagstaff, a surgeon, said he was called on Monday night about twelve o'clock, to go to Mr. Eliston's house to examine two persons who were supposed to be seriously hurt; he went and found Miss Colson siting on the bed partly undressed; on examining her person be found she had receiv- ed a contused wound on the right side, which was very much inflamed and swelled* her clothes were perforated in several places, and from their ap- pearance, and from the appearance of the wood, he had no doubt it was inflicted with some sort of fire arms. After baring dressed her wound, he was desired to attend Mr. Eliston; he found him lying on the bed; he bad a wound inflicted by a ball in his right side; the ball bad struck upon his ribs just below the breast, and gone off slanting, without having penetrated the abdomen. The wound was very much inflamed and swelled, but the witness did not apprehend any immediate dan- ger; from some expressions which fell from Mr. Eliston, however, the witness was fearful he had taken something of a poisonous nature; and after being repeatedly pressed on the subject, he ac- knowledged that, finding the ball had not taken effect, he had contrived, unobserved, to swallow a quantity of opium. Mr. Wagstaff had questioned Miss Colson respecting the firing the pistol; she said that Mr. Eliston had desired her to look out at the window to see if the coachman was not gone past the house; whilst her head was out at the window, she heard the report of the pistol, but did not at first know that she was wounded; nor was she much alarmed, till she heard the se- cond report, and saw the flash in the coach, when she screamed out. The witness did not consider either of the parties to be in immediate danger. The pistols were delivered to Mr. Wagstaff, on Tuesday morning, by a younger brothel of Mr. Elist6n. GRAND CRICKET MATCH. On Monday last a grand Cricket Match was played on Knavesinire, near York, for lOOgs. aside, between the Gentlemen of the Wether by Club, and the Gentlemen of all Yorkshire, which was decided on Tuesday in favour of the latter. At the first innings, the Wether by Club scored SO, and the Gentlemen of all Yorkshire 190— at the second innings the former scored 3G; total 75.— The Gentlemen of all Yorkshire consequently won the match, having scored forty- five notches more in one innings, than the Gentlemen of the We thereby Club scored in two.— At the commence- ment, betting was rather in favour of the Wether by Club; after the first innings, the odds were ten to one that the Gentlemen of Yorkshire won. Two marquees were on the ground, one for the accom- modation of ladies and gentlemen, the other for the cricket- players; the former was at the expence of Mrs. Osbaldeston, where this lady handsomely entertained her visitors. Both tables were plenti- fully provided with handsome cold collations, con- sisting of the delicacies of the season, and the choichest wines. Many Ladies and Gentlemen of the first respectability were present. In the even- ing of Monday, Mr T. Duncombe gave an elegant dinner, at Etridge's Inn, to a number of Gentle' men, among whom were the following:— The Hon. E. Lascalles, M. P. Sir H. Ibbetson, Mr. Willough- by, Mr. Osbaldeston, Mr. Treacher, Mr. Cole, Mr. James Croft, Mr. Arthur Strickland, & c. INSANIYY. On Wednesday last, an inquest was taken before William Trigg, gent. Coroner, on view of the body of Henry Baylis, a child about four years of age, who was murdered by bis mother, Hannah Baylis, of Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire, in a violent fit of insanity. It appeared in evidence, that this unfortunate woman killed her child by beating out his brains, with such violence, as en- tirely to remove the upper part of the skull, and afterwards treated the mangled remains in a way too shocking to relate! She had previously at- tempted to destroy two other of her children; one, by cutting its throat, which only failed from the bluntness of the knife; and the other was happily rescued from her grasp, at the moment when she was going to break his back across a window- frame I It was during the confusion occasioned by this aw- ful scene, and before she could be secured, that she murdered the poor innocent first mentioned. This miserable woman had been for a considerable time in a state of derangement, about ten years since The Jury, after a minute examination, re turned a verdict— Homicide, in consequence of lu- nacy. She will be indicted for the commission of the fact, at the next Assizes, in order that she may be securely confined in future. SUICIDE. William Hey, under- hostler at the Swan Inn, in Chertsey, was married on the 8th of August last In the evening of' that day some interruption was given to the harmony of the new- married couple and their friends, by two young men, who threw a stone at the door where the wedding was kept.— W. Vincent, the son of a butcher in the town, coming by at the time, was assailed by Iley's party as the supposed aggressor. This produced a quar- rel between him and Iley, so much so, that Vin- cent next day watched lley going to his business at the Swan, and beat him so unmercifully as to brake one of his ribs, and cause several contusions on his head; he was conveyed home and died on the Sunday following. A Coroner's Inquest was afterwards held on the body, and numerous wit- nesses were examined to state the particulars of the circumstance. The Jury brought in a verdict of— Died by the Visitation of God. The whole neighbourhood deeming this verdict by no means correct, some disorderly proceedings took place among the lower order of the people of the town, with a threat to pull down Vincent's house, & c, Upon this the Magistrates in the neighbourhood called a special meeting of their brethren, the Ma- gistrates of the county of Surry, on the 23d ult for the purpose of investigating the affair of the death of Iley. Several medical gentlemen, with many other witnesses, were examined at consider- able length, as to the cause of the death of the deseased ; and after the most minute investigation the Magistrates were fully satisfied that he had died in consequence of the blows he had received from William Vincent. A warrant was accordingly issued to apprehend him, in order that he might take his trial for the murder, and the several par- ties were bound over to prosecute. A reward of 40l. WAS offered for apprehending him; but Vin cent, who bad retreated to a neighbouring village, surrendered himself, and was committed to take his trial. These, we believe, to be nearly the facts relative to the death of Iley. One of the witnesses examined before the Coroner's Jury, was Mr. Sum- mers, a respectable young man, an apothecary arid surgeon, of Chertsey. After giving bis evidence, it was imputed to him that, being the medical man who attended Vincent's family, he had delivered himself more favourably as to the cause of Iley's death than the circumstances would warrant, and that with a view to shelter Vincent. Hand- bills were published in Chertsey, and even doors and shutters written upon, reflecting, in very gross language on Mr. Summers; other mortifying at- tacks were likewise made upon him by some of his neighbours. At length this gentleman, being na- turally of a desponding nervous habit, about seven o'clock on Wednesday morning, left his house, and repaired to the Abbey River, from the side of which, after placing his stick in the mud, he threw himself in and was drowned. This awful occur- rence produced as soon as it was known in Chert- sey, an universal . sentiment of sorrow and regret. MARRIAGES. On Saturday last, at Milford, in the County of Hants, by the Rev. Thomas Rivett, Nicholas C. Tindal, of the Inner Temple, Esq. Barrister at Law, and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Merelina, youngest daughter of the late Capt. Symonds, R. N. On Thursday, at Bilton Church. Capt. Cham- berlain, of his Majesty's 15th Regiment of Foot, son of the late Judge Chamberlain, of the county of Meath, in Ireland, to Miss Anna Maria, third daughter of Lieut. Col. Plumer; of Bilton- hall, Yorkshire. THE ROYAL BRAZILIAN TOOTH POWDER This admirable powder, now first introduced into this country, is composed of the choicest aro- matics and antiseptics, the productions of the most fertile provinces of Brazil; and is therein exclu- sive esteem with people of the first fashion and distraction. It is a safe and gentle determent of the tenth; rendering them gradually and perma- nently white, without injuring the polish of the name. It gives an agreeable aroma to the breath, and, by invigorating the gums, yields a firmer sup- port to the teeth. Any other encomium would be superfluous, as use will produce a conviction of its excellence It should be used every morning with a soft brush, and fair water, rincing the mouth after it; application. Prepared by the Proprietor, and sod by Messrs. Price and Co. Chemists and Druggists, Nos. 1 and 2, Great Russel- street, Co- vent- Garden, at is. gd. the box, sealed " Price and co," by Mr. Arthur Lee, Lewes; and may be bad of the News- Carriers; and a principal Me- dicine Vender in every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. Oil Saturday, September 16th will be published, Number I. Price Eight pence, ( of the second Edition) Embellished with a superb Frontispiece, representing our Saviour taken from the Cross, ( The succeeding Numbers to be published Weekly, by two or more at a time) of THE LIFE of our Blessed Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST: containing a complete History of all the interesting and sublime events of the life of the SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD, From the period of his birth in Bethlehem, to that of his Ascension into Heaven. Forming a harmony of the Gospels, and an authentic narrative of all the circum- stances related by the Evangelists. To which will be annexed, the LIVES, TRAVELS, AND SUFFERINGS OF THE APOSTLES; A History of the Primitive Martyrs and Fathers of the Christian Church ; a Review of the Progress of Christi- anity, until it became a National Establishment, under the auspices of the Emperor Constantine the Great; An Essay on the Evidences of the CHRISTIAN RELIGION, Refuting the objections of Hume, Bolingbroke, Wool- ston, Chubb, Tindal, Rousseau, Voltaire Gibbon, and others ; A Summary of the Prophecies respecting the Appearance of the Redeemer of the World; A Chro- nological Table of Events, from the Birth of Christ to the reign of Constantine ; and a copious Index. By the Rev. HENRY MOORE, D. D. Enriched with elegant Engravings. London : Printed for A. Whellier, No. 3, Paternoster Row ; and 6old by W. Lee, Lewes ; and every Book- seller in the Uuited Kingdom. We " need 110 other testimony in favor of this work than the rapid sale of the first Edition, which' was sold in little less than a twelvemonth. A large impression of the Second is now printed, Sets of which may be had complete, in 46 Numbers, price Eight pence each, or by one or more at a time, as may suit the convenience of purchasers. Those who wish to have it bound may be accommodated in any form of binding they please. Just Published, APLAIN ADDRESS to Lord Viscount Sid- month, shewing the pernicious consequences of any restriction or limitation of the TOLERATION ACT. Sanutrl's first and second Message to Eli ; containing faithful warnings to the Rev. W. HUNTINGTON ; and Letters to Messrs BROOKES and JENKINS. The Christian Memorial, containing God's abundant grace and providential kindness to the Author. By G. S. WHITE, Minister of the Gospel. Also. The CoAI.- HEAVER in the Ballance, and HUNT- INTGON measured in his own Sark. By V. M'CULLA, Author of Zion's Traveller, & c. Sold by Jones, Newgate Street ; and J. White, S5, North Street, Brighton, Stationers. TV/ TR. PHILLIPSON, Druggist, 1, St. James's IvA Street, Brighton, has just received a fresh sup- ply of SPILSBURY'S PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, Cases at Walton 011 the Hill, Epsom, Surrey. Lucy Baily was four years afflicted with Scorbn- tic Ulcerations, in one leg, and speedily cured by Spils- bury's Patent Antiscorbutic Drops.— Elizabeth Mat- thews also cured of an ulcerated leg, by taking seven small bottles.— James Skelton aged 26, reduced to great weaknesses, with the loss of90 pieces of bone, restored to health and a laborious occupation, though the loss of bis leg was thought necessary to save his lite. The genuine Medicine has tire words " By the King's Patent," expressed 011 the bottle, bill of direction, and outside wrapper, and the Kings duty is printed ill black ink. Sold at Brighton and Chichester by Phillipson, as at the Dispensary, is, Soho Square, London, in small bottles of 5s.( id. double bottles 10s. and larger ll. as Compound Essence, to allay unpleasant irritation, 8s. MATRIMONY. IT is much to he regretted, but indisputably cer- tain, that many persons of both sexes are deterred from entering into the married state, by infirmities, which delicacy forbids them to disclose ; and there are not a few, who being already married, are rendered miserable, for want of those tender pledges of mutual love, without which, happiness in this state, is at least, very precarious. It has been ascertained beyond doubt that these circumstances are occasioded by a general or partial relaxation or weakness in either sex, and it is equally certain, that the genuine AROMATIC LOZENGES OF STEEL Are the best, if not the only remedy for this species of debility. When taken into the stomach, they immedi- ately diffuse themselves like a vapour, through every pore, producing effects, at once delightful, salutary, and permanent. When the spark of life begins to grow dim, the circulation languid, and the faculty paralysed these Lozenges are sound to give tone to the nerves, ex animate the animal spirits, invigorate the body, and re animate the whole man. When aversion to exercise, loss of appetite, and palid countenance indicate approaching consumption, the delicate female will be preserved, and restored to health and society, by the benign influence of this medicine. When the delusion of imagination, or the force of bad example have tempted unguarded youth into the dangerous labyrinths of secret sensuality, debi- ilated his body, or impaired his understanding, these Lozenges will protect him from lingering dissase, the infirmities of premature old age, and a wretched disso. lution. When by luxurious banquets, copious libations, Paphian excesses, and midnight revels, the sous and daughters of dissipation have" brought on themselves debility, relaxation, imbecility, and a long train of ner- vons complaints, these Lozenges will restore health and vigour to the debilitated frame, and cheerfulness and animation to the mind. The AROMATIC LOZENGES OF STEEL are prepared genuine, by the Inventor, Dr. Senate, and by his ap- pointment are sold by Messrs. Parsons, at their circula tins library, 46. Ludgate Hill ; also by Mr. Green, : ig3, Oxford Street, near Dean Street 5 Messrs. Bell and Co. 3! Q, Strand, near the Lyceum; by Mr. W. Lee, Lewes, and all the Newsmen ; and by most respectable medi- cine venders, price 8s. per boxd, duty included. Markets. CORN- EXCHANGE. Monday, Sept. 4, 1809. The fresh supplies of Wheat this day are rather short. - Early in the forenoon prime samples were at a small advance, but the sales, in genera!, were at little fluctuation.— Barley and . Malt, likewise ; live is cherper.— White Pease also.— Beans of the two kinds nearly at last prices. There are large supplies of Oats, excepting fine, this article it quoted rather lower.— Flour at our last currency. Fine American also. Wednesday, Sept. ( 5. This day the supplies of Wheat are again incon- considerable, fine sample are quoted somewhat dearer.— Barley likewise in short supply, and main- tains its price. In Malt and White Pease, little variation; Grey, and Beans of the two descriptions, scarcely at last prices. Of Oats the supplies are considerable, and those of first qualify arc- rather dearer. Rape Seed also. Flour at last prices, and tins American 4Ss. to 52s. per barrel. CURRENT PRICE of GRAIN, as under S-- . s. s. ' S. Wheat 70 '— 85 Polands 3. J — Fine ditto — 98 W. Pease ( 5. — jjs Rye 44 — 5u Fine ditto S:> — gs Barley 3- i — 44 Grey do. 41 — 39 Malt 70 — 79 Beans 54 - ( Kt Small Oats 28 — S3 Ticks 4,1. - i- S9J RETURN OF WHEAT IN MARK LANS. By Messrs. Child and Malpas. Meal Weighers. Including only from the 21st of August, - o t'. A 26th of August, agreeably to the " Act, Total 10,047 Quarters.— Average 03-'. 4i< L Is. 2£ d higher than last return A Return of the PRICES of FLOUR, From Aug' 19, to Aug. 25, from the Clock- Office ' Total J7,57ftSacks.- aA'veragfe. Sle. - 0s. Did. higher. < PRICE OF FLOUR. Flour — Os. to Sis. per Sack.,. Coarse ditto 75s. to SOs. Bran 8s. to 10s. od. per Quartet. Fine Pollard 24s. to 28s. ditto. PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to be continued at 14id. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION S. d. Sack of Flour - 84 4j Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 98 Eighty Quartern Loaves at 14jd £> 8 4 Against the Baker - - - . 0 PRICE OF SEEDS. Rape Seed 01. Os. to ol. Os. per Last. Carraway, - - Os. Od. to Os. Od. per cvrfc Coriander, Os. Os. to Os. Od. Red Clover 50s. 90s. to 108s. tlitf ® White ditto -, 0s. to llos. ditt « Trefoil 10s. od. to 52s.— s. Od. ditto Rye Grass 25s. to 40s. od. to— s per quarter. W. Mustard Seed 0 » . Od. to Os. od. per bush* Biown ditto Os. Od. to Os. Od. diito Turnip 10s. Od. to 18s. Od. ditt* PRICE OF MEAT. SM1THF1ELD. NEWGATE To sink the offal— per By the Carcass— per stone of 8lb. stone of 81b, s. d. s. d. s. d. 1. d. Beef 4 0 to 5 0 Beef 3 4 to 4 4 Mutt 4 4 to 5 4 Mutt, s 8 to 4 fc Veal 5 0 to 0 4 Veal 4 0 to 0 O Pork C 0 to 7 0 Pork 6 o to 7 0 Lamb 4 8 to 6 0 Lamb 4 0 to 5 4 Head of cattle- this day— Beasts, about l. SSf Sheep and Lambs, 17,' 2S0. Calves, lio. - - - Pigs, 100. PRICE OF LEATHER. d. < 1. Butts, 50 to 561b. each . 19 to •?< Ditto, 56 to 66lb. each . 93 to ti Merchants Backs - 19 to 21 Dressings Hides, - la to 1& 5 Fine Coach Hides 19 to Crop Hide for cutting 17 to 19 Calf Skins, 30 to 40lb. per doz. Qt> to 3'-' Ditto 50 to 70lb. per lb. 33 fc> 39 Ditto 70 to 80lb. — 33 to 38. Small Seals ( Greenland) as. to 3 » . 3 Large ditto, per dozen 10t> » . to ifloj. Tann'd horse hides, per lb. lgrf. to SliA PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. ST. JAMES'S. £. s. d X. s. A. Average. Hay, 4 10 6 to 0 8 0— 5 9 o Straw 8 8 0 to 2 18 6— 2 13 $ WHITECHAPEL. Hay 5 0 0 to 6 14 0- r6 17 A Clover 7 0 0 to 8 0 0— 7 10 0 Straw 2 0 0 to i 10 0— 4 * • PRICE OF HOPS. BAGS. POCK* TFC £ s. £ a. £ « • £ 9. Kent 4 10 to 6 4 Kent 4 0 to S 8 Sussex S 3 to 4 4 Sussex $ 0 to 4 • Farn. t 0 to 8 0 Essex 4 0 t » 4 ]$ PRICE OF TALLOW. a. < t. St. James's Market - - 5 8$ Clare Market - - 5 8J . Whitechapel Market - 5 ai Average price per stone 8lb. 5 8* Town Tallow - 98 » Yellow Russia - 99 0 White ditto - « So ( » Soap ditto - - < 16 0 Molting Stuff - 80 n Ditto rough 48 <> Graves - » 14 • Good Dregs - 14 f Yellow Soap - » 110 0 Mottled ditto - • « I'M • Curd - - 12S 0 Candles, per dozen - 14 S Moulds . • IS g PRICE OF COALS. Newcastle, 51s. Od. to 64s. 9d. Sunderland, 52s. Od. to dCs. Od. printed and published by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS will also be received, and are fully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. COLORING, Petworth; Mr, WHITE, Arundel, • Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM; PALMER, East- Grinsted, Mr. MEYRON Rye; Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen,
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