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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3787
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 11/09/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3787
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET [. NUMBER a; « a.-— VOLUME LXXIV.} Monday, September is, iso9, PRICE SIXPENCE HALFPENNY. SNNY / Stamp I) ut;,- 3id. ' X Paper and Print, 3 d. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. > C 0 REIGN; , N E W S. CADIZ, Aug. 26. HIE merchants of this place hdve drawn vfy si; Petition to the iltinta, pt'aying that they may be allowed'to : export, from Cadii to. the Spanish,, Settlements, cotton - goods of. every description. MSrquis ' Wellesley'undertook to present the petition, apd the Best results were calculated upon; Trade here conthtues pretty brisk. : , > - ' ^-.. n. , ii ili ••' mi . ii ' - LONDON, . . .' F MONDAY, SEPTEMBER I • ,. . • j A Gotteivbufgh mail arrived last hightj. • advices from- Gotreuburgh of the 4th Inst, ai^ d frMn; Stpck- liolm of tlie 30th ult. After a Revere action podr( Uiiteij, on - the 10th ult. between the Swedish and. Russian troops^ the former* were ( SnnpeUed to retreat,* but. the Russians sub-' Sequent!}- cvticii- AU'd L'mea,. which place was, _ oji the g- Jth ult. in'the possession of the Swedes. . - , '•-,.• < A, private letter from SfoJkHolm states,, that there is no longer any doubt o. f peate; be& jhorlly concluded, between Russia and Swedsnj oil the rtillowiVlgbasis'; Ifussia. to retain . Finland and tile. Island of: Aland, 1 and. tdWlesist'from'per- severing in her request that the Svvedish . ports should be shut against England. ' ii, Americsn papers to the 13th of A- ugnst- aw received br a . neittral* vessel, arrived' at Liverpool. They contain a Proclamation of the - President of tbe United. Stat. eS; autho- rising the resumption of; the , Nan4rtte. reour>; e A- Ct',' in: con- sequence of Mr. Erskintfs arrangement npt having been ratified bv tlm British Ministry., Also a circular letter from the Government to the- Collectors; of the different potts^ inftlosing copies of the Proclamation, and dirpcting them- how to regulate their cotidhel thereon, Both these deeu-, mentis ajt couched iii very mild language. - They.. merely- - place America ih precisely the same situation it) which she stood towards Great Britain before Mr. ErskineV un- authorised. arrangement took place. Mi*. . feckson was expected to reach AVashlngton in a few days after tbe issuing of the'above Proclamation. Frprn Ithe temper now prevalent in America,- it may be hoped • mil expected, that in a few conferences with the American Government the difference? between the two countries will be amicably settled. We! learn, by the" ship Carmarthen, which left Bombay the lath ' if April last, that peace pervades every part'of our possessionem the East. The war with Travan- • co)*( j has buen terminated successfully, the Rajah having agreed to accept tbe'terms offered by. the Madras Govern- ment. . The Minister who has been the cause of this war commencing, immediately ou the neivsof hostilities ceasing, quitted with haste the Travancore dominions, conscious he t. imt meet with degradation, if not punishment. That ambitious chief, Holkar, we hear, has it not in his power • to thsturb tbe tranquility of his neighbours, his troops jbaiiw'- g. mutinied for want of pay. All is said to be suc- cessful at . the Persian Court. A Portuguese frigate has arrived off SSitly from the Braals, with dispatches, in 33 days. She brings the singu- lar intelligence of the arrival of a French frigate at Rio . Janeiro,' with, proposals for peace ! His Majesty's ship Agamemnon, of 64 guns, was lost in tlie River Plate on the 20th of June" last ; Officers aiid crew saved. Further disjxitfthes from Lord Wellington were re- ceived by Government this morning, and also Portuguese ymptfrs to th<* 31st. ult. by which we learuthat his Lordship Jar! ' Continued his rrtre « t xnmatustcd*. he bad reached I. lvas, on the Portuguese frontier, and was about to ( lill farther back, in order to facilitate a junction with General ® eit, f# ord, who had retreated to CasWl Brauco. On tile 14th of August an order was issued by the Junta of Spain, that the. army nf Lord Wellington should be Tihevally j- unplied with provisions; and by an answer to that order, we learn that it was promptly obeyed. Hence it appears that tbe necessities of " the army could have been supplied before, if the Junta bad obosen to issue the order for it, and tbe retreat, might thus have been prevented: it is " now too lute to expect its services can be rendered further tisejitl to'the Spanish cause. The sufferings of our army, have been dreadful beyond description-; imt'i* is now well supplied with provisions and other necessaries. There is still a talk of new- modelling the executive government and tbe armyof ' Spain.' The Archbishop of Toledft, according to report, is to he Regent. Some good might perhaps result from Ibis measure; butjudiJMg- from the past, there can be little hope of Spanish energy, even in the prt& ejit critical situation of the country. A ship laden with wool is arrived from Gijon, in eight day*. The letters by her inform us, that the Spanish General" feallasteros had again, obtained possession' of St. Andero. silis army is stated to have consisted of 12,000 men, half of whom were immediately Sent 011 towards JSilbo'a> aiid tbe remainder coutiuued at St. An'dero. A leuet* from Catjiz states, that two. assaults were made on Gerona, on the 6th and- 7th ult. in both of which the French \\ Sri repulsed, and were subsequently obliged to raise the siege. • . . ... ' A mail from Ireland arrived yesterday with dis- patches ii om- Cork, announcing the sailing of troops , frot) i that statioil, t'e- tined, according to report, far Spam. Lflrd William Beminck, who- had been appointed second ill command under Lord Wellington in Spain, and who was to have left town this, morning'to join'the army, has received counter- orders. All the accounts. received From the Scheldt concur in stating, that a great degree of sickness prevails among the British troops in that quarter, and some mortality. . Ten sail of transports have arrived at Deal from Wal- chcren, hiving'jii briard about 500 sick soldiers, belonging to different regiment'. . . ,1 j. jut.- Coi. " Dunalikso*. of the Guards, died at Harwich en Friday; two other Officers arc also dead OH beard the transports. . ,. - The Consul Gene fa! of Spam in Great B.- itam has Riven pnfiSSe notice, Sir the information of the English Merchants who may be disposed. to enter upon, commercial speculations in grain with Spain, that the Spanish Govera- rne t, by a RoVal mandate issued at Seville 011 tbe 16th of June last, deefared that all grain, Seed,' and pulse may be imported into anypatt ofSjxuu* free from ail duty of eveijt " Notwithstanding, the declares! resolution of Sir John Stuart- to hiaintam possession of the island of Iscbia, it appears the accounfm the French papers was correct- that island was ci a'eualed on tbe ' gfih of July, the works having previously Ven destroyed, and § ir John Stuart, with the troops under his command, proceeded to Melazzo, to re- fume their former station in thc; island of Sie'ly. Colonel Wardk, it is said, has filed a Bit'! m Equity to . prevent the sate of Mrs. Clarke's furniture; aud he has made the intended Auctioneer and . Mr. Wright parties to. tbe bill. A melancholv occurrense bappened on Thursday evening,, on the Sussex" coast, between Seaford and Cuekmere :— The Speedwell barge, of London, T. CleWer master, who liad been, taking hi fir- timber, at Little Hampton, and sailed from thence on Tuesday'lor London, had proceeded as far as Cuckmore, where be was detained tn. a e » lm, and on Thursdav afoernoon U came on to blow strong from the wiiith with a heavv swell, which increased so fast, that about seven o'clock in the evening, tbe Crew, consisting of the Master, Mate; the Mate's wife and daughter, and one boy, got into the boat, and stood for the shore. . They had left the vessel hut a short distance when the boat Upset, a id tbe Master, the Mate's wife and his daughter, were tmfurtuiiateiv. drowned. The* Mat* and boy were rescued from a watery grave by two persons who saw the boat tip " t. After " the Mate was taken from the. water, liis wife and ilaur liter were still alive} and floatingflw- C in with the shore; be liastenetPto their assistance, and hail Caught bold of the ghl, but from his exhausted state be let go, and she perished, The Captain was washad ashore about five minutes after be sunk, but the vital spark was gone; ha has left, a wife and eight children to iame'nt bis loss. - MASK- CANS, tjMcfkr/,'$ epi. 11. . We had scjiifceiy. any: tiling fresh up this morning, except a few, rUns of Essex Wheat'by land, and of Oats front Oie-; Northern counties. The deficiency of Wheat wis bowevct, greatjy allcviat- il by. somclarge bulks brought out of the granaries,' and the terms were only about - Is. higha* than, on Monday the, 4th, with a very slack demand. toWards the close of the market. Rye- is, cheaper; as also White Peas ; Barley, Malt,, and Oats all dearer. General Currency :^ iwealing; Red Wheat, tfSS; to 8i>* » „ ffiie< S0% to sup. tOBs. to 104S. White 6' 4s. to 02s, . firje y+ a.. to logs! Sup. l'OSs. , td 1Rye 4* fo. to cfe'fine new to 54s-.— iWhite Pea's' 56* 5. * tt) 70s. Grey Peas, 42s. to 49s. — Barley aos. to 40i. Malting 4is. to 48s.— Malt' 7os. to 7to. fine 8U » . to s4. s. » - 0pts,: long feed, 2- 2s. to 33s. short ti4s, to lili. t: Pol'asid 37s.' I'd'.- idi':— T. uti* nip Seid, ' Wiiite round,. 9s. ; to Hs. new 17s.. to 20s. per b'Ushel.— ftape Seed'is?-, to 40/. fin- fe^ tiew. te 0lv lltt, per- last.— Eiiglish Household Flour VUs. to. rniper - Sack t• AtrierSlan ditto ; 40s. to 4Ss. 60s. sup; 52s. to. 55s. per barrel. . • • -- V • : , , WILTSrflRE. .,...- TVnOTlCE. Is Hereby' given,— That tlie General Quatter Scs'Sidiis- of the Peace for the county of Wilts wilt be holdeti aiMXitW> b « bo » « i jn- rSfid ftit the said county, on- Tuesday liie 3d day of October next, at eleven o'clock, in tK'e firferloort, p. ursiiant to . the resolution ehtcred into at a fbrrtier Sessions,. for. the ." Special purposes of. feceiying the Cad- fax." Asrfgssfhents ap. d Jury. Lists from tha Constables of the Sevetat hundreds, " of examining and'auditing all Bills and - — - r ,..£(- business as may occtir relative to the civil concerns of tbe said ' County; 1 and: no bills. Will, be allowed, unless delivered in at the sitting of the Court on that day. , , . The Court will open on Wednesday morning, precisely, at ten o'clock, ' forgetiefai business,: which will begin with the Trial ofTraverses, next'Appeals, and lastly Prisoners, I ATI Appeals, ( except those to be enteted'for the purpose of adjoUrnmentJ must be entered With the Clerk of the Peace previously to the opening of the Court 011 Wednesday, and on falluTo thereof, the adverse party shall have a right to enter a A'.-,- Heapiettur. . , " Tire Bailiffs and Constables of the several Hundreds, dot of which the Jurors are taken, ate hereby ordered to attend the Court, with proper wands, diiring the whole time of the Sessions; and to remain in- such place or places in the Court as shall be then appointed, to assist in keeping peace a. nd good order,- and to execute the orders And jiroCesses of the Court. - In order to give all possible dispatch to the business of the Sessions, tbe Clerks, to the Justices of the Peace xf . the Said county arc partia'tlarly requested to send to the Clerk of the Peace, on or before 4liej( fr. i< morning of th « Sessions, all Re- aognizances, Informations, ahd Records of Convictibhs, taken before such Justices of the- Peace respectively. 4D£ » ] JOHN SWAYNE, WILTON*, Sept. ii, 1S03. Deputy Clerk of the Peace. DORSETSHIRE^ NOTICE is hereby given,— Tlrat the next General Quarter Session, of the Peace > or the county of Dorset will be hoklen at BRIDPORT, in and for the said county, On Tuesday the 3d'day of October next, en which day the Court will be opened precisely at twelve o'clock at noon, and imme- diately adjourn to the 8ull Inn, in the said town of Btidport, for the special : p « fpose of examining all Bills and Demands on the said county, and taking into consideration such other business as may occur relative to the civil concerns therein', pursuant tfi> a resolution entered into at a former Sc Ssion. And on Wednesday morning, the Court will be opened precisely at ten o'clotk, and begin with trying Appeals, next Traverses, and lastly the Prisoners. Ail A. pptals ( except those to be entered for the purpose of adjournment) must b. e entered with the Clerk of the Peace, on Tuesday, the first day. of the Session; on failure thereof, the adverse party Will have a riaht to enter a A'c Recipiattir. And in the forenvpii ojf Tuesday, all Recognizances, Infor- mations, and Records of Convictions, are to be returned to the Clerk of the Peacs by the respective Justices Clerks : also the Duplicates of the Land- tax and Lists of Jurors are to be returned by the Chief Constables, pursuant to the statutes in that m « < » » > ami also, all persons having business to do, and Bills of Indictment to prefer, are required tu atuw accordingly. WE BURNET, Clerk of the Peace of the county of Dorset, SLIERBOA- NF., Stpt. 14, 180,0. - ' " DORSET LIEUTENANCY,. AGeneral Meeting of the Lieutenancy is appointed to be held at the County Hall, in. Dorchester, on Sa- turday the 23* 1 day of September instant, at twelve o'clock yt nqoh. to ascertain and fix by ballot the order in which the vacancies occasioned by men enlisted into his Majesty's regu- lar forces shall be filled up, and for other purposes. By Order of the Lord Lieutenant, EDW, BOS WELL, Clerk of General Meetings. DORCHEST. KR, 9, , i-' 0 » . [ 4( i8t . EL1NG, Sept. ! 5, 1800. r|^ IIE several Owners and Proprietors of Lands, Te- JL nemcntSj and other Hereditaments Within the Parish of Eliiig, in the county- of Southampton, and also within the Manor of Eling, in the parishes of Eling and Fawley, in the said county, and all other Persons interested in the Inclosure of the Comnions, Waste Lands, and Common . Fields, within the said Parish and Manor pf Eling, are requested to meet at the Anchor Inn, at- Redbridgc, in th » said county, on Friday the ayth day of September inst; at eleven o'clock in the fore- noon, to receive the report of the Committee ( appointed at a former meeting) tor making the requisite arrangements for the inclosure ot' the said commons, waste lands, and common fields,— when a draft of the proposed bill will be produced, . and a petition to . Parliament for leave to bring in the same laid before the meeting for signature. . T « OMAS. » Nl; CHOLS, and ' I col: r: to„ 4745 -- Mess. DAMAN & WARNER, |*>° hcitors. Parishes'irf lxomse;/ Inj'ra and Rnmsey Extra, Hants. NOTICE is hereby given,— That, at a numerous. Meeting of'tire. Inhabitants of the said Parishes, regu- larly convened, held in the Vestry Room 011 the - 7th of September instant, it- teas resolved unanimously to opfiose the Bill mte'ndi- d to be brousbt into Parliament,' for PAVING, LIGHTING, and WATCHING the Streets, fcfc. in the said Parishes, in all its stages ; and a Committee was appointed to take the necessary steps tor that purpose, who have a Petition to Parliament aaainst. the said Bill tn preparation, which Will shortly be deposited at a convenient place { to be duly policed in this paper) for signature of the. parties interested. 4 » 4j By order of the Committee, PETER FIGES, Solicitor. Norfolk- strict. Strand, Sept. 13, 1800. • ' • ' WHERWELL FAIR, HANTS. 7HEREAS the 24th of September falls this Year on a SUNDAY, this is therefore to give Notice, that the SHEEP FAIR will. be held Oil Situ RUAY the 23d, according to. ancient custom. £ 4Sa? FORDING BRIDGE ANB HAMPSHIRE BAX1C MESS" « * KELLEWAY & Co. respectfully inform the Public, their BANK NOTES, which were payable at Sir Matthew Bloxam.' s and Co. are in consequence Of that House suspending its payments), now paying, and will Con- tinue to be paid, both at Fordingbridge" and. at Messrs. Ramsbottoms, NeWmap, Ramsbottoni, &' Co. Bankers, Lon- don, Where all Bill's issued by them in future Will be paid. . Sep!. 13, 1803. [ 47Q7 MR. CLA RIDGE respectfully informs the public, that the ESTATE at NEWTON STACEf, HANTS, advertised for Sale by Auction, at the Star Inn, at Andover, on the 5th of October next, is disposed of by Private Contract. 47, Pall Mall, London, Sept. 7, 1800. [ 476* 3 NOTICE is hereby given, that the PARTNERSHIP lately- carried on. by ' JANET I. OBB, WM. GIBSON, ' ana THOMAS MISSING, in the town of Southampton, us Mercers and Drapers, was, on the 1st day of July last, DIS- SOLVED by mutual consent; and that all Debts due to and from the Partnership are to be received and paid by tbe said Janet Lobb andThomas Missing.— Sept. 8, 1309. [ 4717 EAGLE HOUSE, BLANDFOIRD, DORSET. . 3e ® t. 14, 1809. TV/ TRS. CHURCHILL begs leave to return thanks- ITJI to her numerous friends for the patronage she has received tor sixteeii- years past; and to inform them; she has relinquished het SCHOOL in favour of Mrs; CHAMUF. RI. IN, a Lady she can recommend with the greatest confidence as Worthy their future support, . ... [ 4704 IV/ TRS. CHAMBERLIN, late of Great Ilussel- irl Street, BloOmlburyi London, in whose favour Mrs, CiIUBCBit. t. has relinquished her SCHOOL, flatters. herself that the liberal plan of education, which it is her intention to adopt, together with the strict regard she will ever pay to. the morals and health of the young Ladies committed to her charge; will secure to her the patronage and support of their friends; ahd recommend the Establishment to the notice of the Public at large. [ 4705 ASON CHAMBERLIN, of GreatRussel- strS, Sioomsbury, London, son of the late Mason Cham- herliri, R. A. ( and himself many years an Exhibitor at the Royal Academyj begs leave to inform the Ladies and Gentle- men in the vicinity, that at Michaelmas next he will remove to Bi. ANDRORTS, where be intends teaching Landscape Paint- ing and Drawing, in its various branchas, ami hopes for the honor of their patronafre, [ 4708 LEPARATORY ' SEMINARY for y. oungTjA- nifis, from 3 to 8 years of age, where the number is limited to eight, by Mrs. WESTLEY, Christchurch, Hants. Mrs. W. having been the mother of a family, doubts not but her care and attention will ensure the approbation of those parents and guardians who may honour her with their confidence. TERMS :— Board, Tuition, and Washing, 22 Guineas per Annum ; Day " Pupils, foiir Guineas per Annum. With each young Lady are required half- a- dozen huckaback towels, spoon, knife and fork. [ 4725 To commence tin the Mth of September, 18C9. MBETim " f the CLKRGY at DKVlZES- THE next Meeting of the Clergy, for the Relief of the Wklows and. Orphans' of ppor Clergymen in Wilts, will be held at the Bear Inn, in Devizes, on Wednesday the 27th of September inst.— when it is earnestly requested of the Clergy, particularly of the Stewards of the different Deanries, to attend. , r^' SO THE next Meeting of1 the TROSTEES of the STOCKBRIDGK TURNPIKE ROAD will be held at the King's Head Inn, in Stockbfidge, on Friday next the 22d instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.' H. H. A'l- TWOOD, Cletk to the said Trustees. STOCKBNIDGE,' A> P « . 15, ISSOFL. - ( 4722 Fisherion, ff^ iltoit, Meyitsbu. tyt IVilloughby- hedge, a> td lied/ tone Turnpike. THE next' Meeting of the Trustees u- ill be held oti Monday the isth inst. at the hotise'of Thomas Morgan, the George'Inn, Codford, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. 45!> 0] " ' J. C; STILL. "* MAHOR OF PI B DEN, HANTS. HpIIE GAME'on this Manor having of" late years JL been very much destroyed, Mr. T.* i- Ei, who lias re- ceived the deputation of the said manor from the Eatl of Malmcsbury, earnestly desires, all qualified persons to refrain from sporting on the Manor of Dibden for the present. N. B.— All unqualified persons found trespassing on the manor will be prosecuted as the law directs. LA. S- OOQWK, Sept. 9, 1809. -. • . GAME. ll/ ltEREAS tha GAME on the Manors of Stal- \ V bridge, Handley, Bradford- Abbas/ Clifton andWyke, in the county of Dorset, and Charlton- Mofethofne, Hen- stridge, Temple- Goombe, Milborne- Port, Kiugsbury- Regis, ; nd Milborne- Wyke, in the county- of'Somerset, the property of the Right f- lon. Henry Earl of Uxbridge, hate of late been destroyed by unqualified petsons; [ 46' sS It- being intended to preserve the game on the above men- tioned Manors, gentlemen are requested not to sport thereon; and All persons, t'oujid sporting . thereon, not being duly quali- fied, will be prosecuted as the" law directs.— Sept, S) j 1808. BOARDING- SCH. OOL, MA 11LBOItOlJGf 1. YOUNG Ladies are genteelly '. Boarded, and Edu- cated in the various branches of Ferriaie Education, © n moderate terms, by Miss ANN- & HRIMPTON, oi the above place.— Her house is cvery vvtiy commodious for the putp. osc ; and Miss S. having been for some years occupied in Female Education in the most respectable Schools in town and coun- try, hopes to give satisfaction to those Who may favour her with their patronage. ' . [ 4683 ANATGy1CAL . THEATRE, BRISTOLT " MR. SHUTE will commence his WINTER C. jr'PSE of i; KCTORiss on Ajuitomy, Physiology, and the Principles and Operations of Surgery, on " MoNftAT thb 9tl of OCTOBER, at eight o'clock 111 the nioi ning, [ 4333 PARK- STREET, Aug. lo, 1809. " " TO GROCERS, & c. JOSEPH CULL is now selling off, at liis Manu- factory in Wimborne, Dorset, a large stock of BROWN and. WHITED BROWN PAPERS of the best quality, for ten per cent, under the usual price, at short credit. Otders executed with the greatest dispatch. [ 47G0 T> 7l7j} R ODlJM'ir^ ftlEDl CINES. " AFRESH SUPPLY of Dr. BrodunVs BOTANICAL SYRU. P, and RESTORATIVE NERVOUS CORDIAL, is this day received by Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxtord, at the Printitig- Office, Salisbury. Sept. lfi, 1809. [ 47- 29 C II E A P T RAVELLING. SALISBURY COMMERCIAL COACH, from theTHREF. SWANS, SALISBURY, to the BELL SAVAGE, LUDOATE- HILI,, LONDON*. Performed by EDWARD PROCKTER, GEORGE MATCHAM, and CO. SALISBURY, Inside .. IFII. Od, .. Outside .. 10s. 6d. ANDOVER, 12s. Od. .. 8s. Od. A NEW COACH to EXETER and PLYMOUTH, through Hindon, Mere, Wincauton, and Yeovil, every Monday, Wed- nesday, and Friday morning, at nine o'clock. [ 4214 NEW SALISBURY AND LONDON WAGGONS, From the THREE SWANS, Salisbury, toTTCSALISBURY ARMS, Cow Lane, London. MATCHAM, MITCHELL, and Company, , beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public in general, they have established WAGGONS for the Conveyance of Goods from London to Salisbury, and from thence to Yeovil and Weymouth, on the most reasonable terms. The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Goods above the value of 51, unless entered and. paid for as such. [ 4213 CHEAP TRAVELLING" SALISBURY, Inside .. lffs. o d. .. Outside.. lOs. Gd. BY the OLD SALISBURY COACHES, from the BLACK HORSE INK,- SALISBURY, to the. BEi. L and CROWN INN, HOLBORN, and the SARACEN'S HEAD INN, FRIDAY- STREET, CUEAPSIDE, every day ( except Saturday) at half past three o'clock. All parcels sent by these Coaches will be received without any charge for booking, and will be safely and expeditiously deliver. ed to all parts of London and Salisbury, without any charge for porterage. N. BROWN, T. FAGG, H. WHITMASH, W. PENNY, 2877J and Co. PROPRIETORS. SOUTHAMPTON. WAND J. JOLLIFFE, WOOLLEN- DRAPERS, • most respectfully inform their friends and the public, that they have engaged an experienced Person from London to superintend the TAILORING- department, and solicit the favour of their support, Which will ever receive the strictest attention ; at the same- time beg to return their most grateful thanks for past favours. N. B. Ladies' Driving Coats, Habits, Pelisses, Sec. [ 45fi8 GRAND CITY LOTTERY, to be drawn in Guildhall. . CERTIFICATE. WE, whose Names are hereuntti subscribed, have catefully surveyed and valued the several Freehold Buildings allotted as Prizes in the Third City Lottery, and we adjudge'the separate value of each to . lie as follows." F. PAVSTEK, THOMAS SWITUIN, D. R. ROPKK. London. Aug. li, 1809. SCHEME. 1 Prize of £ 15,700 3 Prizes of £ 3,000 1 ..< .. I... 9.90O 1 ;......... 2,900 1 ... 9,300 1 8,700 1 ... 6,900 1 2,600 1 ... 4,100 1 2,300 1 ... 4, OCX)' 1 ...... j... 1,900 1 ... ....;. 3,8t> 0 1 1,800 1 3,500 1 i. 1,400 3 ... ....... 3,300 1 500 3 3,100 No FIXEB PRIZE, This nroueftv is so rapidly improving that there can be no doubt it will be Worth'double its present value in a very few years, - Tickets arid Shafts ate on sale by Sir J. Branscomb and Co. London ; likewise by their fortunate Agent# ifvlessrs, Brodie, Dowding, atid Luxford, Salisbury. Present PRICE : Ticket...... & 15 , ~ - . CHURCH PREFERMENT, tif ANTED , to PURCIlAsS^- A PERPETUAL ^ ADVOWSONf, or NEXT PRESENTATION to a LIN ING, in tlle. counties of Wilts,, GloceSter, Worcester, or Salop. " Particulars to be sent to Mr. Tiiidal, solicitor, Lin- coln - ir. ti•!' » •';••!.<, London. [ 474:! WANTED immediately.—' An ASSISTANT to a RGEQN and APROTHECARY in good practice. Application, t6_ lVIf » * Squa'rey, druggist, Sarum, ( if by letter, post paid) ciaitiohihg- Wfms-, quaiificatjons.; and age, trill be duly attended- to. " . ... • ..'.' ' " e An Afpis. B- sr. TtCE tvatjfed. [ 4703 LAW. .. * WANTED,— A WRITING CLERK in an ATTORNEY'S OFFICF. in the " Country, who can write the Law Hands neat and expeditiously. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Kichmao, tymmeton, Hants- . ' [ 4f& S> LAW. , • , . ~~~ ASteady middle- aged Person IS WANTED in an ATTORNEY'S, qt'FICE in the. country'as a WHITER ; or the Advertiser would not considet premium as an. object in treating with any young Man of creditable connexions and good chatacter, who has had a deCent education, and writes the law hands with tolerable facility, and who would- v< n.-, h to serve three years, or the whole of his clerkship, in the country. Letters ( post paid) addressed to M. II. at the Printing- office, Salisbury, will be attended to. [ 4674 WANTED,— A steady WOMAN, in the" Bar of an Inn. A reference for character will be eXjlected'. Apply by letter, post paid, with real name, to W. H'. Post- office, Portsmouth. [ 4637 WANTS a SITUATION as BAILIFF,— A middle- aged Person, who has been regularly bred to husbandry : is a good judge of buying and selling, and whose character will bear the strictest enquiries. Letters directed for A. B. Mr. Skelton's Library, South- ampton, ( post paid), will be duly attended to. [ 4747 VST" ANTS a situation, as BAILIFF,— A middle- v j aged Person ( a married, man, with no incumbrance), who has been regularly bred up in the husbandry line; is'a good judge of buying and selling all kind; ot farming stock, can wriie a good hand and keep regular accounts, yirhosccha- racter will bear the strictest enquiry from. his last employer. Letters directed ( post paid) for X. Y., Cashmore Inn, near Salisbury, Wilts, will be duly attended to. [ 47; ji> }? IGHT MILLWRIGHTS WANTED.— Apply - J to J. Bell, millwright, Romsey, Hants. There will be a winter's job for them. [ 4728 To PARCHMENT" MAKEPiS AND FEI. LMONGERS. WANTED,— A good Hand in the PARCH- MENT LINE; and a FELLMONGER, who perfectly understands Leather- dressing. They will both have constant employ and good wages by applying to H. W. Cole, Stock- bridge", Hants. * [ 4762 TO SHOEMAKERS. WANTED immediately,— A MAN'S MAN, a good workman, who can work well upon boots; and a WOMAN'S MAN, ii a neat workman, may meet with constant employ and good wages, by applying to Mrs. Jane Baker, Boot and Shoe- maker, aud Leather Cutter, AndoVer. TO BAKERS. WANTED immediately^— A JOURNEYMAN in the above business— one who understands making all kinds of Pastry. An unmarried man Would be preferred, and liberal wageS given. N. B. Reti rences as to character will be expected. Apply to Mr. J. Wood ( if by letter, post paid), Library, Weymouth; ( 4738 WANTED,— An experienced NURSE, in a large family of Children, where there is an infant brought Up by hand.— None need apply who cannot receive an un- questionable character from a genteel family, and her last place. Apply to Mrs. Johnson, White Hart'lnn, Salisbury, on. Wednesday morning the 20th of Sept. instant. [ 47- 20 WANTED,— A COOK, in a respectable Inn, whete good wages are given: she must be perfect mis- tress of her business, and bring an unexceptionable character as to sobriety, honesty, & C. [ 4751 Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to the Printers, directed O. Z. WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family, A LAUNDRY- MAID, who understands her business well.— Enquire of MeSsrs. Painter, Andbver; if by letter, post- paid. [ 4578 SERVANTS. WANTED,- A sober middle- aged Man as COACHMAN, who will dccasionally assist on a small farm; also a middle- aged Woman who is a good PLAIN COOK.— Enquire of J. Forcc, printer, Wimbourne. [ 4759 AN UPPER PORTER WANTED. WANTED,- An UPPER PORTER, in a Wholesale Lead, Glass, and Colour Store, who has been used to packing and carrying out goods, can write a tolerable good hand, and knows something of accounts. Such a person may hear of a copifortable situation by apply- ing ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Lempiiere, Portsmouth. * » * I' is requested no one will make- application, who has not lived in a similar situation, and can come very well re- commended for sobriety and integrity. [ 4023 s Half £ i 12 , 0 Wuirter 2 7 0 Eighth £ l 4 Sixteenth 0 12 Particular Numbers may. be secured, from N « . I to 90,000, at the above Offices, if not already sold, [ 4718 rp TO SPORTSMEN. . BOARD AND LODGING. ' \ Lady and her Daughter, or two Sisters, may be XI. received into a respectable Farm- house, pleasantly, situ- ated in the country, within a few miles ofmarket- town*, who will not object to dine with the family: will be accommo- dated with a handsome sitting parlour, Letters addressed ( post paid) to Mrs. Kemp, milliner, Alton, Hayts. [- 1B52 At Standen House, near Newport, Isle of Wight, /~\ NE or two GENTLEMEN may be accommodated * y with Board, & c. and every'convenience for keeping " a horse, on moderate terms. Any Gentleman wishing to board with tbe Family, would find this a very desirable place of re- sidence. The premises are extensive, and the situation Very pleasant. A few Parlour Boarders can likewise be accommodated, and Adults receive private instruction, if necessary.— Terms may be known by application to Mr. Attwood, Standen, either personally- or by letter ( post paid).. [ 4504 TO SPORTSMEN. - . EVERAL* good POINTERS and SPANIELS for SALE. Enquire of EtHvtel Toomer, Rhinefield Lodge, nearLynd- hurst, New Forest, Hant3:- No letters will be attended to unless post paid. [ 4515 O he SOtJ), either together or separate,— A very handsome staunch POINTER BITCH , perfectly steady to dog and bird ;— also, a very fine strong liver- coloured SPANIEL DOG, of eqtial goodness with the Bitch. They are disposed of tor no fault, and to a Sportsman \ tquld prove a great acquisition. - The Advertisers address, is left with the Printer?. , [ 4713 ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be DISPOSED OF, on LEASE, for three Lives, and entered on at Michaclmas next,— A small FARM, called LO » GLANDS, in the parish of Blading. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Bell, land- agent, Winchester, - [ 4665 WORCESTERSHIRE. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of the GREAT TYTHES of Castlcmortoft, with very, extensive and improveable Common Rights. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Bell, land- agent, Winchester. [ 466' 6' . To LINEN- DRAPERS, Ss'o. TO be DISPOSED OF, in a good Market- Town in Wiltshire,-—- A SHOP in full trade, situated in the markei- placC, with a light and well- selectcd Stock. For fu, rtherparticulars apply by fetter ( post paid) addressed M, J. foss- sffice,. Bath, . [ 4S1 » J. . „ PiMPERNE iNCI. bSURt. t virtue of tit. Act of Parliament, pesoec! in this the narkh mt!? led'- " A" Act fot allitti » S Uhdi iti wtrPr' JvJt 1 ftmperne, , m the county of Dorset "— We WILL AM BOND and JOHN CHARLTON, tWo of the Commissioners appointed by the stiid Act, for carrying he same into . execution; , do hereby give Notice, that we shall hold our first Attendance. dr. Mee? irig, for that purmse on ^ lOlhddyof October nexC at the ho. Use ot Charles ?" fd theCt; ov; n,. atB) andfbfd, in the cofinty o! Dorset, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon; at Which said meeting, . he majority, in value of tlie Proprietors who may- be present, are to chose a Banket; or some other prcper S 7 v, rtu? of. thc s -!' f Act are to be deposited, pursuant to the oSbtj Act'of Parliament passed irt the- 4l • fnf^^ laJelt>>, COmtfio" 1- yc411t'd the General Incl. suro act, and that . we shall continue our meeting en the next and following day, for the purpose of leceivlng claims in re n - t? P common or other rights to or ih any limit by the AC? intended to be divided," inelosecf, or alfotW ' wheh an^ whem ail persons, and bodies corporate and politic, by therivlvei wrZ" 1purred to give in an account or schedule, in writing, of such of their respective rights of ilaims, and S'"" Ihe lands and groghds, tenements and henditamehLs, in reipect whereof they shall fespectiyely claim to be entitled to any and which of such rights, and the name ? h, r^'? eS P61?^. 4" Pl- fso » s ' he., in the [. osSesjiori thereof and the particular computed quantity of the same respectively; and for. « hat estates andTntereSts they 3 he ? amc, distinguishing the freehold from the COpyVld ot leasehold ; as in non- compliance therewith, everf of them S'? HefaU thf?!"' sl, la1!' so far;, s ' « pects any claim so delivered, be totally barred and eicluSed of and trom. all right and tvtlc in or upen such Lands so tobii divided respectively, aud of and from all ben fit anil advantage m OF to any share or allotment thereof— lUted the 7' fi dan of September,' 1W&. W ' BOND ' : 1C35J JOHN CHARLTON. LOST, on Tuesday the 12th inst. in the town of I- ordingbridge, Hants,— » A large WHITE and LIVER coloured POINTER DOG / answers to the nafe of Carl, Whoever will bririg him to Mr. Pleden, at the Greyhound inn, in i'ordmgbndge, shall receive HALF- A- GUINEA Re- . ward.-—. No higher reward will be offered, and'^ hoevef de- taujs the dog after this public notice will be prosecuted. [ 473i . WETHER SHEEP; IOST, at Wilton Fair, Sebt; 1* 2, lgoa'— Tivo J six- teeth DORSET WETHERS, marked H~ in a iack- Wheel on then ear hip, and ruddle in the poll: also cue SOUTH- DOWN WETHER LAMB, marked fi'in a jik- Wheai. on. the near hip. , ' Wl'qeyef has found the said Sheep, and will give informa- tion to John, Tfibc, ot' Eling, near Southampton, shall be rewarded for their trouble, and all eitpenccs paid. [- 1746* LOST, from the Manor of ShambleUurst, Tn tire parish of Sbuth- Sbiietiam,— A BLACK and WHITE HORNLESS HEIFER, two years old, marked H on the off hip.— WhocVer will bring . her, Br send information Where « h « t ii, to Mr. Apedaile, West End,, near Southampton, shall receive- ONE . GUINEA Reward;— Svpti 1 a; lsoji. ( Mm r. ' HANTS,— NEAR ANDOVER. ~ STRAYED, on Tliursday night the 31st of August, 1S09, from Lougparish, in this county,— A remarkably handsome BAY PONY or Small GELDING, about' i', h,„, 3 high, with , black legs, and very full mane and tail: " he has 80' white about hirii, nor any other distinguishing maik. Whoever will briag him to Edmond Mount, Esq. of Gavelacre, iii the aforesaid parish, will be handsomely rewarded. p^ y IFOLLOWED a Gentleman in November last,—. . A LIVER and WHITE POINTER DOG, from Lynrf- hurst to Southampton. Whoever can prove huntobetheii property may have him again by paying the expences : it not owned by t lie 5th of October; he \ trl 1 be sold to pay tbe expences.— Apply, postpaid, to No. 40, Above- bar, South- ampton.! [ 4690* WOAKl'ORD having resigned his trade to G. * Maekrell arid Co. desires all persons who have any Demands oh him to send in their accounts ; and requests all those who are indebted to hirii to discharge their accounts to . him: he would feel great reluctance in* putting any i f hi* friends to the exjience of legal application, but Shis measure must be had recourse to with them who do not attend to this Notice.— SAlistruny, Sept. g, 180,9. [ 4W>(; TO DEBTORS, AND CREDITORS. , A LL Persons whd are now indebte'd to the EstattfJ XJL - either of M-. JOHN ROOD or his Wid; w WINIFRED ROOD, both deceased, late t'f Allington Farm, ih tU, paiisti of South Stoncham, Hants, are requested immediately tp pay . bp Mtn/' fn M'r Hull Vtri^^ ft* .1.^ 1 11. . claim or demand on either of the above estat s, are request.< 1 to send ait account thereof immediately to Mr. Wooldndge, in order that, the affairs may " be speedily settled, otherwise they will be excluded the behe- fit thereof. . [ t ,- flo A LL Persons having any Claim or Demand on the il Estpte and Effects'of Mr. WILLIAM HACKER, late of Samley, in the county of Wilts, deceased, are requested forthjyith to transfnit the particulars thereof to Mr. Jchii UogQts, of Tisbury, ol Mr. William Rixsen, of Alvideston, Wilts; the acting Executors Of the deceased, Or to their solici- tor, Charles Bowles, Shaftesbury, in order that the same may be immediately discharged : And all persons standing indebted to the said Estate are desired immediately to pay the ami tint of their respective debts as above; ot tliey Will be sued for the recovery thereof. [ 4740 ~ NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. LL persons who have any Demands upon the Estate of CHARLES PARSONS, late of Frome gel-' wood, in tbecouilty of Somerset, Breeches- maker and Glover, deceased, are requested to send their accounts to " Mr. Edv. avd Griffith or Sir. Samuel Gregory, of Froine aforesaid, Execu- tors of the . said Charles Parsons,- that the same may be dis- charged: and all ' persons indebted to the Estate of. the s « 1d- C- harles ParsdnS are requested to pay-. their respective debts, immediately to the Executors.— FROME, Sept. 7, 1809. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against iEREMlAll MOLeOWAY; of, Frome SefWood, in the county of Somerset, Clothier, and he being declared it Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himselfto the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the- 2ath and 29th days of this instatit September, and the 24th day of October next, at the hour of eleveh o'cloek in the forenoon of cach day, at the George Inn, in Frome Selwood aforesaid, anil make a full discovery and disclosure of his estate and effects, v.' hen and where the creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to choose assignee?, and at the last sitting the said bankrupt is requited to finish his examination, audthe creditorsareto assent to or dissent from the allowance of, lii^ certificate. All persons indebted to the said bankrupt, . or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the* Commissioner, shall appoint, but - jive notice to. Gilbert Rotton. Solicitor, Frome Selwood, Somer- setshire; or to Mr. William Ellis, No. GS, llatton- garden, London, [ 46* 88 . This Dan is- published, price Nine- pence, or 8s. a Dozen THE COTTAGER'S COMPANION; at, a short Treatise 011 the Duties of a Christian. Written more particularly for the inhabitants of the parish of Durnford, Wilts. . [ 4733 Salisbury:— Printed and sold by J. Easton; sold also by J, Hatchard, Piccadilly, London; and all other booksellers. Th is day is published, in Svo. price 5s. THE QUARTERLY REVIEW, No. III.— Printed for John Murray, 32, Fleet- street; Hatchard, Piccadilly; and Richardson, Cornhill, London; John lial- lantyne and Co. antl BroWn and Crotnbie, Edinburgh 5 Luhis- den, Glasgow; and by M. N. Mahon, Dublin'; sold also bv Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury ; and by every* bookseller and newsman in town and country. [ 1499 This dav is published, price 7s. boards, THE. HISTORY of CANINE MADNESS and HYDROPHOBIA; With the Methods of Treatment, ancient and n. fidern. ByGECVteE LIPSCOMB, M. D. & c. &- c. & c. London : Printed for the Author ; and sold by Budd, Pail- Mall; G. Robinson, Paternoster- row; Rodwell, Oxi'ord- street; Murray, Fleet- street; and Brodie, Dowtling, anil Luxford, Salisbury. ^ 500 THE SALISBLilY- AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL.,. | h tiintsdag s airtl fhursday's Posts. FROM TIIB LONDON GAZETTE OF SEPTEMBER 12. ... • Sept: 12. vICe- ADMIRAL Sir James Saumarez, in a board' the Victory, off ' Nargen, r. lUn ® iJ. » - uf.^ 4ts9 « st, ha* transimtud, a Letter from captain Marshall, of his majestys sloop Lynx, detailing t ,. ,, utif I ns of- the; capture of three of- the enemy s ., » •.,., .. rivnti^ rs,' bv'the " Monkey gun- brig, and llie boats !! o « fh' « W; » >|> i- in wbkit great praise is due to Lieut. IntZ- • r i U' commanding the Monkey, for- his . iudieun. s'ma- i - hu of til at vessel,; as al o to Lieut. Kelly, and the C ' .'' . i> d. M - vetr. ploved iii the boats ot the Lynx. * V vifc-' srd'Sirdiiiifej Smmarez tiaj Stso transmitted a .;,-?, iiXieut. y « >:'\ V « ' Hs,.' c< njijtf; vildi'ijg the Idas ( 2) • lia- pd ' ut.- r, j; ivi:. it an -. aec. innt of Ins Slaving captured' the JJkMi'wkt p'rWaterr uf. S'gunj and 30 men, iSonl- r.' me nftle.; from the Scasv. • \ ViM:& rifief.*, Sept IS. ' 78Ik Keg., ofFo « « .— Major james macdonnell to be Lieutenant- Colonel, vice Major- General '•'.•: BANKrUPTS/ James lee of lewes Sussex, linen- draper. '•;'. jeremiah holloway,' ' it Frome Selwood, Somersetshire, clothier. • LONDON, ' IfE Q N ES DA Y, SEPTEMBER 13. " South B - cl. i^-.! :;' again iu the- possession of the « niniV.:. A vessel ' has arrived at Dover from Flushing v. iiith - lie h ft on Saturday last. Intelligence bad . beeii T- e:; H( dof a body of French troops ba. viilg paswd Over from Bergen- op- Zoom to South Bevelahd. Thu crew of a boat bi'to • to one of our men of War, not knowing that the i- i. md'had been occupied by tile linemy, landtd oil it, and v. eie taken. From .- Buenos. Ayrcs we have received accounts to the 21.1 of June. The intercourse with Rio de la- Plata bad been much impeded from an unexpected cause. The Cus- t . lo- hnuse Officers had disputed among themselves,' as to the reward th. ev should exact from th: merchant's for the privilege of lauding their commodities, and until th - e gentlemen should adjust their discordant interests trade was suspended. * • It is stated in the ministerial circles,. that Lord wel- lington. with th' advice ami concurrence of his brother, Marquis wellesley has recommended to Government imme- diat.- ly t. confine the operations of the British army to the defence of Portugal, to secure which purpose most- effiectd- ailv, nearly the" whole of the force returned from the Scheldt will he sent out to- reinforce the army of Lord Wel- 1 r'lon. The Spanish Government, it is understood, do njt wish for any further assistance, but by supplies of arms, Sic. ai our cb- oper » fiim lias'hitberto bad no ot. her effect than to proinowv jeab- ivsy stnot ® f- be native:. A partial change in Administration is very con- f lie : tiy spoL.- u of, even in ( he ntlnutcri 1 ct.- el.- s, The Dak..: of Put! nwl redg : s on account of his advanced age Tin J ill - t. iteof nelVlli; Lord Castlereagh and Lord Chatham are aKvcxpect- d < o iv- ipn. The lo- s or raiher the gettiiiL! rid of these. Statesman, will uses! ion little regret among t'l • j Ublie " t by nhoro the Duke was considered as sipa- an .-... t. il " hen nominally placed at. the bead of the p. t sent A. or. iis- r , t on; -. ad th.- . doings . of the two latter have I- uiu. h eoncilUated public favour; hut. the re- Jiir ed u' w appoi;: tu\ e:; ts are not calculated to give very, « • - neral atwf.-. ti m, as it seem, the? are intended solely to » ... ' jit. - ri flu V/.- ile. ley interest. One report i-, that the . UiivTi. i .. Veile-.. y i-, to kiec- ed t\ v Dnkv of Portland, ai- d );.. at'o.' ne • the o'le. i b. e P. line Minister; another report a avs, the irq . i. ft at r. resent only to succeed Lord Lastio- rea^ ii as- Secretary uS Statu for the War department. The Danish privateer which captured the Archangel ships is diviured a- d carried into Leith by the Snake sloop of war. " The bat- A- int- hoi: - c of Sir M. Bloxham and Co. yesterday stopped na- inent. The debt, are said to amount to nearly half a million sterling; The ' uouse was concerned in upwards of 20 county banks. Mr. eliston and miss Colson were yesterday brought before the sitting Magistrates at Union Hall, wben the Jaar. ee trienJ who went with tbriu to the Royalty Theatre vt. ii examined as a witness, who stated that Mr. Eliston h.. d that t& i; pressed her to accept of a broach, which he }. id ;-.!>!. bought,. wl. ti.- lr she- declined, saying she; supposed J: . v ; si.; f. T. fded lor Miss Colson; he replied, F No, he had a present for h e. hi his pocket." The evidence o/ Mi- s Colson was read over to her, which she confirmed, again declaring she was convinced Mr. eliston did not mean to injure her, but that she was shot by accident, in con. e- oneuce of her endeavimruig to gut possession of the pi.- toi. Lettnsel applied for Mr. eliston's discharge, arguing that however enOrmous the crime. of self- murder might, be, the baring meditated that, crime did not. authorize his com- mittal. Sir John pinhorn thought, there: was sufficient ' ree- ion - to infer that the yue. g man had meditated th destruction of Miss Cotson, notwithstanding her present declaration. He therefore committed him for another ex- amination, and compelled the young lady to enter into a recognizance to appear against bin). BR*.. U>:— The price Is continued the same as last week. • CuaK- KxcilAXGE,- - Sept. ti.— We have again tbir ' day hut very shortsunpi es of Wheat, and sale arc at. Monday's prices. " Barley ' and Malt are likewise ill short supply. Peas and P, cans of the two kinds are nearly as before. Prime samples of Oats are dearer. Flour is on the advance. OITY OP NEW SARUM, S^ pt. Si-. npHE Al. ay. or anil Justices of this City have ap- i pointed Monday the 18th day of Septemberinst. at ten o'clock in the forenoon," at the Couqcil Chamber, for granting Certificates to Persons proposing to keep Inns and Ale- houses within the said city • at which time and place the personal at- tendance of those who intend to rake out such certificates will be expected. All persons having reason to complain of any Innkeeper or Alehousefeecper in the said city for keeping a disorderly house, suffering tippling or gaming therein, harbouring apprentices, or otherwise misbehaving themselves, ate desired to give in- formation thereof to the Justices at the time and place afore- said, and proper attention will be paid to their complaints; but no anonymous complaints Will he attended to. Alt- persons' to . whom'liccnces Ka. ve. been assigned since the last jvneral licencing day ' ( who . have not' already produced certificates), and all persons who have notibeen . already licenced,' will bepcpected to produce'certificates of their good HM « e- and fame, and sober life ami- conversation, agreeable to the directions of the Act of Parliament. By prder of the Mayor and Justices, ; •' 45843 J011N HOPPING, juri. Town Clerk. WILTS. nOTICE is hereby given,— That Application is lN mtcn led to be made, at the next Genera . Quarter Ses- sions of the Peace , to be h-< M: n at Marlborough, in aj- d for til.- county < j Wilts, on Tuesday the 3d day of O. ctob: r next, for th REPAIR Of certain PUBLIC BRIDGE over the River kennet, between ramsbury and Chilton, in tire said county. — Drcted this \?, t1F& i § ' i> f Uephmber, isufi. 4i;: w] JOHN SWAYNE, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, September 5, 18- op. ON Thursday, the 21 st instant, at ten o'clock in. the forenoon, will he exposed to Public Sale, at this Otfv. in several Ms, tht undermentioned quantities of OLD ST \ V"' S, IRON HOOPS, See. lying In his Majesty's Cooperage at. tPterin, near Gosport; as also a quantity <;/ BreAd- DUST and DEFECTIVE PROVISIONS, ./ yt> « - in t! le victualling Stores at tjlwpta. ee, ivhcre any persons inctin- ai'lc to purchase, man hace the liberty of viewing the sanie ti the common working hm:' s, any day before the sale, viz. 12500 Ir sh 4 Puncheon & 1 Barrel Heading... f New Boards and) Doublet Knds.... f ,', 5UU Old Iron IIoops, 57 tons With sundry lots of Boards Ends and Wood Hoops, as Fire- wood, and a quantity of Chip3, • CHI 1' PEXHAM RACES, isoa. ON TUESDAY, Sept, 25, a PLATE of £ 50 for all ages, the Vest ot three two- mile beats : 3 yrs. old to carry flst. a lb.; 4 yrs. old, .7, it. 11 lb.; 5 yrs. old, S st. 7 lb.; 6 > rs.' old/ s St.;. and- aged, ' Sst. 41b.— Geldings and Fillies to be allowed 3 lb.— A winner of one plate to carry 3 lb. of two ditto 5 lb. tbrbe or more 7 lb. extra.— The winner to be sold lor 200 gs. if demanded in a tpiarte. r of an hour after the race, the owner dfthe second horse beine first entitled. Same day, a S- WliEl'STAKES. of lOgs. each, with 25 gs. iidiled: i3 yrs. old,' fist. 7 lb ; 4 yrs. old, 7 St. 0 lb:; 5yrs. old, Sst..- lib.; $ yrs. old, anil aged, 8 st. 10 lb.; twice round the course.— Ai winner once, iu the. year 180,0, to carry - lib. extra, twice 5lb. and thrice or more 7.1b,; Marcs and Geldings allowed' 8 lb. Mr. Oallcy names llippomenes, aged. Mr. Scrope's Mountaineer, aged. Mr. I'. Methugn names Brainworm, aged. Sir John Hawkins's Clermont, C yrs. old.. Lord G> Somerset's Cetherus, aged. Mr. Heath's Rumb/^. aged. Mr. J. Perry's ch. c. Sai'dy, G yrs. old. Mr. Trevanion's Stripling, 5 yrs. old. On Wr. osr. soAV, Sept. 47, a PLATE f £ 50 for 3and 4yr. olds : 3 yrs. wld, 7st.; 4 yrs. old, 8st. 7 lb.; the best of three two- mile heats.— Fillies and Geldings allowed & lb.— A winner of a plate this year to carry 3 lb. extra.—' The- winner to be sold for 150 gs. if demanded in a quarter of an hour after the race, the owner of the second horse to be first entitled. Same day, a SWEEPSTAKES of 10 gs. each, for 3 and - 1 yr. s olds: 3 yrs. old to carry- 7- st.; 4 yrs. old, 8 St. 7 lb.; F5Jli. es allowed 3 lb.; Maiden Colts and Fillies allowted 3 ib.'; heat once round thecour. se.— The winner to be sold fo. 100 gs. if demanded in a quarter of an hour after the race, the ott- nct Of the second" horse being first entitle-!; and if more than six sub- scribers, the owner of the second horse to receive back his stakes.— The stakes to be made good before starting; or not entitled, though a winner. PRESENT SotiscnfEBRS: Sir j; Hawkins's Miss Bab, by I lighta'nd- Fling, S yrs. ohl. Mr. Call y-' s Scotcf- Scep, bv ' fcli. rhlahd- Flio « r, 3yis. old. " Mr. Charles Day's Snowdrc. p, by Highland- Fltng', 3" yrs. old., . Mr. Barrett's Scopas, by Skyrocket, 4 y'rs. oVd. Mr. Seflcrt's- bay celt Chance, by Skyscraper, 3 yrs. old.- • The horses'to be enteric!' for each plate at the DukfWidiam, on Saturday the 43< f„ between the hours of- three lihd six . o'clock in the afternoon; to pay one gu- nea - entrance, and \ asj$*. to the clerk of. the course.—'' Phe winner „ f each plate t? pay one t- arnea to the cte'k of the course.— The wkintr of the first day's plate not to be allowed to start tor tire second, hor less than three reputed running- horses to start- for each plate,— All ' disputes to be. s-( tl - d by the St : w- i) d, or whom he may aep. i. nt.— Each ruler ir desired to declare, at the - time ( if. naming, the colours he will rid-: in, that they jjijrr he inserted in the printed lists.— No gentleman will be admitted, into the ' grant stand, U dess'a subscriber of one guinea.— No person will be allowed to erect booths, or sell liqu- rs, on the r? ce- ground, but those Who have subscribed three' guineas.— No horse to he plated by a smith who does not subscribe 10s. Itf. — All does Sim- on the couis-' at (. he timaOf. running will be, destroyed.— Ordinaries and Balls as usual.— To start each day at twelve o'clock.. PAUL METHUEN, Esq. Steward. Wm. P. iRTaiBOE, Clerk 6f the Course. [ 4JC3. Leager Staves 2800 Butt htt. i 4500 L'U'icheon ditto .9300 Ho . head ditto. -. 4500 Barrel ditto 4000 Half Hogsh- ad 2M0 K j lerkin St Bar- ditto saw W ne Pipe Staves. 5110!) Irish' j Puncheon & > • Mt> Q0 . Barrel ditto I The particulars of the Provisions will ie expressed ' in t\ e catalogues. A deposit ofi'-. l. cent, it to he mo'lc on- the amoiuit nj each lot at the time of sale, and the remainder of the money paid More the Stores arc removed, for which thirty days milt he allowed for the Cooperage Articles, . tintf seveft- days^ ur lie. Provisions, after the sale. • 4Nwj TIM. RP, EKS.. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, September 12, 1809. ON Wednesday, the^ Oth Inst. I thai I le' ready lo receive. Tenders in writing fscaled upf and treat for- the unie- wHi- oned articles, for the Pictitafling Service at this part; which will le pMfir by bills payable with imprest SO days after date, viz. brooMS - ml CANDLES, what may he required for One- Yea'- frnm, the SQlh iast. PETTY WARRANT BREAD, what . may: be demanded fir the ensuing three ' Months. At the j- t/ ite time 1 shall also he ready to receive tenders from tur- i p sens as mat/ he wilting to purchase and take away the GRAINS which mini he producedqt his'Majesty's Brewhgiises . at ' PeeviU. fo- One. Year; commencing the tstof' October lint.. ' . Vo regard w iL is had to ajiij Tender, in. which the prices shall not he inserted in words Jit length, or JUJ shall not he delivered before tutlce o'clock on the said^' ioth iitsUmf.,. nor unless the » jrtoi « ivbo vtake the samovar some person 6t » . their behalf, atierAt o answer thereto when ettlledfor. . . WM. REEKS. N'.< ty, the 20th of October 18P3- The Scheme contains 4 Prizes of jgjo, 000,— 4 of .£ 5, orn,— 1 of. t'^ OOOj— S of £ l ,000,— and I.'. of jfSOO, With c."' i - j /,( proportion, C5* not three Ulaiiks to a Prize.- Letters ( post paid; ijaly answered, and Schemes gratis.— All kinds of. Government Securities bought and sold by corhmis- sio. i.— Country orders,' accompanied with short- dated bills on London, jidst- oltice orders', or cash in parcel hy coach or car- rier, punctually attended to, and correspondents may depend on being treated exactly on the same terms as if. personally present. , [- 1.141 THIS. YEAR. rB"*' BXSH respectfully acquaints the Public, that the A • onlv Lottery to be drawn Tins YE- AR is the STATE LOTTERY, which will' be drawn on. the- 30th of nest Oct. ... ALL IX ONE DAY. Ti kefs- nnd 5b . res are selling in great variety by his'Ageritt, Mrs, Hopkins, silversmith, Bradford, . Wilts, and A. Maud, bookseber, Andcver, Hahts. . f4J3b The- Sc. ierje is novel, highly approved, and gives an op: portunity, never, offert d before, for One Nnml- er tp le sure to gain Eighty Thousand Pounds. There at only 5,000 Num- bers, froth " f to 5,000 ( 4 Tick :- of eath number).— Schemes, with p^ rticuhis, may be had ( gratis) as above, or at either ol Bisu's r> l i- istabhshed Oiliccs m London, No. 4, Cornhill,. t> r <), Charing- cr ess, London, where Capital Prizes to an im. mense'amount have been S > ld, shared) and registered; and where persons in the country may be supplied the same as if pres ; t, by sending their orders . post paid, accompanied with good bids, cash, bank notes, or post- office orders. . ' '•*,<,* Please to notice the Lottery A EG INS. and l-' i NISIIT. S on the SOth of October, and that day will decide £ 200,000 in Prizes.' ALL IN ONE DAY ! The < mhf IMttry to be. Drawn this Year. ICS! ARDSON.,. GOODLUCK, and Co. Stock- Brokers, respectfully acquaint the public, that the whole of the new STATE LOTTERY will be drawn in ONE DAY, 20th of October next. This Lottery has only' 5000 Numbers ( from No. l to 5000 inclusive)', four Tickets of a Ntlmber, so that the purchaser of a single Ticket - will gain a Prize of /:: o,') uo; by two Tickets of the same number, a Prize of £ 40,000; by three Tickets of the same number, a Prize of £ 80,000; by four Tickets of the same number, a Prize of £ 30,600,' and all other Prizes in the same proportion. CAPITAL Piuzr. s :— 4 of £ 50,000 4 of £ 5000 ;— 1 of £ 2000;— s of £ 1000;— 1- 2 of £ 50.0; & c. & c, Stc. AND NOP THREE BLANKS TO A PRIZE. Tickets and Shares are On sale by Mr. J. Moore, High- street, Poole ; J. Langdon, printer, Sherborne; W. Meyler and Son, Bath; Baker and Fletcher, Southampton; and J. V. Coulton, Devizes,, for RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. CornhlU and Charing- cross, London; who shared an. l sold last three Lotteries Nos. Sfiua, 10,197, and 18,031, three Prizes of £ ® 0,' 000; and 7.050, £ 10,000. They are aJsO the only Office that ever sold it. Shares - 2 Prizes of £ 30,000. ^-' Tickets and Shares- will rise. F476S A S the Drawing of the pre-;, cut STA'i'E LOTTERV fl will begin and finish in ONE DAY, it is recommended toi those persons who vvi^ h to adventure, to make their put- chases as early as possible, t. s, from the demand thjt has ai ready taken place, it is possible , they may experience some difficulty in getting. their orders executed On the approach of the. day of" drawing, viz. the 20th- of KEXT MONTH. ' - GRAND SCHEME. - 4 of £- 40,000 ... arc £ 80,000 4 5,000 40,000 ' 4 .. 2,000 .1 8,000 8 1,000 " Vi .. .. 8,000 1C " BOO .....,..,,. 6, ( 100 21 100 " 2,400 3C ........ ; 50 I, M0 4,920 U 15 73,800 • The Lottery contains only 6,000 numbers ( from I to 5,000 inclusive) ; four tickclS of every number, which wiH. e'ach be entitled to the full amount of, whatever prize is drawn against the number; for instance, if Nt>. 1- should be drawn a prize of 2p, 0ooi. the four tickets of that dumber will each receive 20.6do/, making, in the; whole 80,000/.; so that one ticket will gain a prizi> of • 30,000<. . two tickets of the same number will gain a prizc- of 40,000.', three tickets of the. same number will gain a prize, of Ho, 0001, four tickets of the same number will gain- a prize of 80,000i. andshares- in the same proportion.' - PRESENT Paicr. — Tipket i/ Jl.. 17.. 0 ' Half..,...£- 11- 3 # I Eighth £ 3 13 0 ( Smarter 5 14 0 | -- Sixteenth I 9 C- The Price? have already rtseri, and if the present demand. con- tinues, must be much'hiiiher " before the day of drawing. Tickets and Shares are seHmg- - by SWIFT and Co. ( Con- " tractors With Goverrinient, J at their Offidcs, No. 11, Poultry, No.. 12, Charingf Cross;- and. No. 31, Aldgatc High- staet, London. . ' • - Orders'for Tickets and Shares, accompanied by remittances ill. Bank notes, < T goad bills at short dates, addressed to'cither of the above Offices, will be . immediate!}' executed on the • sametena? as if lbs wets gressot.-.. r ',. . p ® i's' SAHSBUIW iNj- IRMARY, AugltSt 31, JH09. . THE Annual Court of Governors, held here this day, having, pursuant to' the statutes, appointed an ANNIVERSARY MEETING,— This is to give Notice, that it will this year be held on Friday the 29th of September, when it is hoped that ail friends and contributors to this im- portant and extensive Charity will, by their attendance and concurrence, manifest a resolution and zeal to support it; - as at, so small an expence to themselves, they are enabled to relieve their poor neighbours, in the most distressed circum- stances, with such advice, medicines, and accommodations, as cannot be procured for them iu any other way. All the Subscribers of one Guinea per annum, and Bene- factors of at least that sum, are desired to attend the Visitor, President, Governors, Mayor and Corporation, exactly at half after ten o'clock in the morning'( by permission of theMayor), at the Council House, in Salisbuiy, to walk in procession from thence- to the Cathedral Church, where Service will begin exactly at eleven, and a Sermon will be preached on the occasion by the Rev. Mr. Marsh.. In the course of the Service will " bf performed : t TeDcum, composed by Mt. Corfu, and an Arthern, by Dr. tioyce. A Collection will be made at the church doors-, when all, particularly the inhabitants of th: s city, may,' by" their appearance at church, shew their appro- bation of so noble an establishment, and have an opp rtu- nity, according to their respective abilities, cf contributing something towards its support. After Divine Servicd, the procession will be in the same order to the Council Uouse, where some particulars of a Report from the Auditors of the State of the Infirmary for the last year, ending this day, will be publicly read, and the Report its. if be then ready to be delivered to ailthe contribu- tors pros lit, and sent to those Who are absent; and an Ordi- nary will be pro.- ided at half an hour after two o'clock, at the • Cross K-.- ys Inn. ( Sieried) RADNOR, President. Ty Order of t!: e Annual Co » rt, VVM. DvuE lVKiTM. iaen, Secretary. . N.. p>.— persons intending to dme at the Ordinary are parti- cularly desind to ;- end their names to Mr. - Fry, at the Cross ' Keys Inn, forthwith. ( 4b' 72 All Patients th'at have hern discharged from tpeJa- fi maty hi the, last yee. j, luake' it ' Convenient to attend,' are desif.'.; : s'it s- yfy ' their gratitude by att - ndirig the Serviee at the Church on the day. ab-> vc- mentioned. * » *- The Earl of Rsdn rpresenis thc- Goyernors witha Buck. GO U T, SpecJHly Eradicated without External Application, IT^ VINCED by tl\ e extraordinary Cure of Mrs. Ji t. CCAS, Fish- Market, Sit tsauI: Y, who, having re- cently been confined with a violent paroxysm of inflamed GOUT, attended with a severe cold, lumbago, and loss of ap- petite, experienced speedy relief, and an effectual cure, by- Mr. PYE, in file days.'— her rest and appetite being ' com-' p'etcly rcstofeil, and the inflammation, pain, and swelling's entirely subsided, without external application; and though on Tuesday last scarcely able to endure the pressure of- the bed- clodi; s on her, feet, she is now enabled to walk about with - at even- the- assiitivnee. of a stick.— So happy a transition by one, potion only, from painful debility to renovated health,- m .- riling particular attention, is inserted by desire, to promote th'e caps - of humanity. ** » ' IrW- terate cases of several years duration, generally yi.- id to two or three jed'Cious repetitions. For a description of the remedy and method of cure, see the Advertisement of the 4th instant." - Ilioii- Sf RF. F. T, ' SAtistj- usv., ln.' A Sept. 1R09. .[- isss IJe of JP. rht .- jtujni/ wns ChqJi/ bcaie Sprinr. Mil. WATER'WORTH, Surgeon,' of Newport, has recently discevered a Spring of Aluminous Cfiely- tjcate Wati r, at Sandrpek- i, in the parish Cf Chi le, near the toot ol St. Cath: rirte' 3, in ( he isle of Wight. F. r sonic months pa - 1 tb s Water has he'til intrciluecd b> » ^ be chi. f- Medical Officers of the Army DeporMospital,' atParkhnrst Barracks, and the M dxal Geiuh. nun at the I i use of Indn. trv, in the Isle of Wi'ihtJ and the Report from' those Gentlemen, ie spechvely, hasbe. cn gna^ y i. i its. favour, either Use i inter- nally as a Tunic, in cases of. Debility, Loss. of Appetite, and Lowress > f Spirits; ' orjuxiernfrily; as a Lotion for Serop. hulous1 . Se- r Foil Oic- rs, and Herpetic iC:; ipVir., ns pn the Skin. - On the gene al grotiiuls of its acknowledged'properties, and from the' naiLCul ir t; s; fp, on; s! s a! iuded to," a firm Conviction is entertained of'the bery iv.:: al; ef'ects" to be derived from rhe use o: it to tiie community, and it is accordingly recommended to them '- r trial. The Water is sold at. Mr. Wa't- rworth's, the proprietor of the Sprioe, at Nc wpoft, Isle'oi' Wight: Mr. Lambe's Mineral Water Warehouse, No. H9, New Bond. sttrtt; and Mrs. Watkins's ( late Ovv n's) Mineral Water Warehouse, Flett- stre.- t; in stone quart bottles, 185. p.-' r dozen, and in pint bottles, las. per dozen.' N. B. A Ci. emical A'i'. lvsis . of the. Water will speedily be published, with further Observations on the Nature and Use 01 [ l.'- S7 Vtti- sfiam, Wilts, nine miles fropy ISfi'. lt. HPO he LETT, and cntereil on immediately,— A J very convenient and substantial DWELLING- HOUSE, pleasantly situated in the csntre'of Corshain aforesaid ; con- istngof ah. entrance- hall and stair- case, two good parlours, scare- room, excellent kitchen', brew- house, cellars, & c. four good bed- rooms, besides att cs, and other convenient offices, well supplied with excellent wafer; and a good walled Garden immediately adjoining. ' For particulars apply ( if by letter,- post paid'; to Mr. Arnold; tiie proprietor, who will shew the same. f- KJ95 A. genteel Residence fir a Family, in a pleasant and healthy - jiurt of the West of Eng tuad. ' po be LETT, for a term ol years, and entered 1 upon immediately,—- A handsome DWELLING- HOUSE, cither Furnished or Unfurnished ( plate and linen excepted), with a six'stall stable, coach- house, harness- hot^ e. and large room ov. ef, a court- yard in fiont- of the dwelling- house wailed in and well planted with choice fruit- treev and a smalt green- bouse. . The dwelling- house Consists of two entrance- halls ( in one of. which is a - very spacious and light staircase), lofty and'well- proportioned drawing, dining, and morning rooms; study or library 18 feet square arid i e fcct high, seven convenient bed room? and dressing room, with • . closets, arid three attic rooms for servants ; housekeeper's room, two good kit. liens, most excellent arched larder, large, under- ground arched wine and brer- cellars. The premises have been lately fitted up by the owner with every domestic convenience, and fit for the reeption of a large family. The house is situated in the pleasant market- town of Blawdford, on the great western road from London te the Land's End, and within a short, distance, of that very fa- shionable and . much frequented watering- place Weymouth, the surrounding country very, beautiful and abounding with game, fox- hounds and several packs of harriers kept in'the' . neighbourhood ; the roads particularly. good. Further particulars may be had Py applying to Mr, Mon- day, solicitor, Blandford ; if by letter", postage paid. [- 1371 ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD,— A singularly elegant and desirctble RESIDENCE, comprising a . handsome stone- built Dwelling- house, finished in the most complete riliSnner, and containing excellent and well- proportioned dining & drawing rooms, library, best and other bed chambers, good cellars, with every description of attached and detached offices; a Cottage, good, garden, and about. 12 acres of. laud.;' This property is situate iu that most enchanting. ptirt of the- Isle of Wight called the Underdid', at a Sport distance from the village of Niton, and about 9 miles from Newport, and whiic it is completely sheltered from the- north by a range of rocks and cliffs, it commands in front an unbounded view of the sea, and on either side the most picturesque views. of rock,: wood, and cultivated scenery. The roads to Newport are. good,, and the whole, property is deserving the attention, of. any ppblcmah or gentleman ide- sirous of a residence ccmbinfng at once beauty and con- venience. .. ' Further particulars may be had, and the premises viewed j. on application to Messrs. Clark - s andSeA- ell, or Mr, Worsley, solicitors, Newport,. We of Wight. ''*." [ 4SBI ISLE OF WIGHT "" "'• '•" freehold Property for. Sate, Land- tax redeemed, ROOK LEY FARM. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A desirable and valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situated- in the centre ol the. Isle of Wight', and within four miles of the town of Newport; consisting of upwards of000 acres of good Arable, Meadow,. Pasture, and Wood Land: the Great Tithes whereof, and a portion of the Small Tithes, are the property of the kind- Owner. The Farm- house and out- buildings are very convenient and . in good repair, and the Innd^ in a high state of cultivation. - Also all the Great and - Small Titties, yearly arising out 6f upwards of 400 acres of very rich arable and mead. rwland, . situate in1 the parish of Godshill, and on the south side of the Isle of Wight. .. And also sundry other lots of Tithes, arising frofri good corn lands in the said parish of Godshill. A Close of Meadow Land,, situate in the parish of Caris- brooke, and wfthin a quarter of a mile of the town of New- port, and containing 8 a.- If. 15p. iu the occupation of Mr. , Thomas Hawkes. Ontf other Close of Meadow Land adjoining to the last- mentioned close, containing 2 a. 2 r. 24 p. in the - occupation of the said Thomas HawkeS. A Close of SraMe Land, situate on Crossloft Hill, in the said parish of Carisbrooke, containing about i acre, in tbfe oc- cupation of ——— Starke. . . Particulars may b# had by applying f fre'e of postage*}-, to Mr. £ Worsley, iolicitorjNewport, 1- slioi^' Wight, " [- liij , r|^ 0 be . SOLD,:— A compact FAMILY- If © USE, 1 fit for the reception of a genteel Family, with' excellent jStabling, double Coach- house, and other convenient ofB s of every description : the whole in complete repair, wiih Garden partly walled, arid paddock of Pasture Land, in which the bouse stands, pleasantly situated in a healthy part of tbe i county of Dorset: . remarkably gtjod shooting, and seveial packs of houn ds in the neighbourhood,-—^• Thase'' promises ere mostly Freehold, and the residue held for the remainder of a term of 1000 years, under a pcpper- corn rent. Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. Arney, Close, Salisbury. N. B. The Household Furniture may be had, if tlesired, and immediate possession given. [ 447G DORSET. rPO be SOLD,—- An elegant COTTAGE II ESI- A DENCE, iri the most compkte repair, at fhindley, in tbe county o'f. Dorset, about midway between Salisbury and Blandford, and about half a mile from the great western rond; comprising an entrance- hall, handsome drawing and breakfast rooms,, with dining parltjur, six convenient bed- rooms, ji- ith offices of every description; four- stall stable, with room over, double coach- house, and. every other useful ont- buildine ; together with a barn, cart- stabi'e, farm- yard, and fifteen acres, of Land. There is good shooting and three packs of fox- hotin s in the neighbourhood. A Oost t6 and from London every day. The appropriate Household Goods, Furniture, and Fixtures • may or may not be taken. For further particulars, and to treat, apply to Mr. Arney, attorney, CIi sc, Salisbury. ( 4M4 DORSET. TO bo 30LD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— S'Xty- three acres of HEATH LAND, in one pa ce, lyim near to the pleasant village of Ornfbrd ftfaina; and iu' th< centreyifthe manor, which aboui. ia with tUice of every sort, and within one niils pf the bestiti'fii! river Stour. The situatjap is well adapted fur buildine, it bein- g' on a dry:'- gravelly soil, commanding extensive am! pipturcsque vii w, pf the Isle of Wight, the'New R. res'!, and adjojping country.— The roads' areexielient. ' Distance hom-. Pb. oleseniles," four J'rtim Wimbgrne, and eight frum ChristciiUicli. Av*: a One Hundred..' and Seventeen acres of HEATH : LAND; in one piece, situated at Kingston; in the aforesaid parish,' well calculated for pfantiWg, All the Land isTythe- free.—( One &.< i: ernj Enquire of Mr. Castlcman, solicitor, Wimborne. [ 4S05 VALE OF TAUNTON. DEANE 1 TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A most desirable. FAMILY RESIDENCE and ESTATE, well stocked with choice youifg . fruit trees, Itsmall- hot- housc, grapery; and green- house, With, convenient barns, store- rooms, Sf'e. eand 200 acrM Of arable, meadow, and pasture .' landr'snit fine young orchards lying round the house in a l ing fence. The dwrfjing- house comprises a good parlour 22 ft. by 19, lireaktist- room-, study; drawing- room, ( on the ground floor) 20 ft. square,- with five best- bed- rooms and four servants' bed- rooms, patent water elfs. t, with suitable office.: : is needy • Fu- R. jnsHED, and ready for the immediate reception of a gen- teel fa nily, a:, the furniture' may be taken at an appraisement. The premises are part of the customary lauds of inheritance of tire M.. nor of Taunton Deans', and are situated in a most eligible ptn t. of the vale, two mi le from the town '. f Taunton, five from Wellington, aqd adjc; Vng the tur'np kc road from Lomlin. Bath, and Bristd, to Eket r— to and from each of which place - several' coaches pass e v- ry day. • If a less- ejnantity of land were desired, the Proprietor lias no objection, to sell the houSe and offices, with about yo acres of the, tarld, . , .' .''. " ' . --.'! Eor fc t'ier. pax^ iiu'ars app'y'at the ofJtee'. oC Messrs. Pin- ch'ard and, Trench.-. r l,.' fainiton.-— dt is rtqutSttd that all e. tti rj should b « postj » aid." " ' [- 150G 11 AMLET, OF. BOU RTON, • Parish of Gillingham, in the county of Dorset. TO be' SOLD by TENDER,— A CUSTOMARY or Copvticru ESTAtE of INHERITANCE, now in the Oc'cujip. tion of Mrs, Honor Butt, whose lease witl expire at Lady- day. i8ia ; campling a substantial HoWe, wi. h con- • Venient out- huifdirijyi, andab'out an acres of rk- h Meadow arid Pasture Land, and about' 11 acres of Arable ( bethosaifte more or le$ sj, which will be sold in oiieTot. Sealed tenders for the purchase to be delivered" io Mr. Pig'fng, Bourton aforesaid, or Mr.' Latimer," Mere, Wilts, on or before the 28th day of September Instantij by Setter, post paid. None will be received afcer twelve o'clock- ihat day. The Timber on the estate to- be Taken at a valuation. Injr iarrii,. r p^ riicuhirs apply to tfie said. Mr. Biging or Latimer; andforavitwol the premises to the tenant. [ 4G85 jjeptjord farm. TVUtgyten Miles from Salisbury. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by GERII'ARI) . fird'Crr. oiyWednesday thr- 2flfl<' of Sept. ISO.'),— Part of the LIVE and DEAD STUCK, the property of Mr. PsitaiES, who is quitting the firm"; comprising 450 two- teeth, four- teeth, and six- teeth prime South DoV/ n Ewes, 200 Chilver Lambs, four 4- teeth and two 3- fceth ftanw, and three Ram Lambs, all of the real South Down breed, war- ranted sound in every respect,. and. will be ' put upju small lots for the convenience of pinchnsers. The Dead Stock consists, of three one- wheel ploughs, . Uht harrows, two drags, one drag plough, three oak ropers complete, aud • several other implements of husbandry. - - • For the accommodation of purchasers, any part of ( he stock may remain on the farm . until O/ d JVlichaclmjs next. * t* The- sale will be$ in precisely at eleven o'clock in ihe forenoon.- . . [ 45" 2 WESTBURY, WILTS. . AX> be SOLD by AUCTION, by Ms. TIIBROOK, S. "* t thc'Weymouth Arms Inn, Warminster, on Saturday the 7th day of- Octobcr'neat, at three o'clock in the afte. i- noon, ( unlets previously disposed of by Private Contract,) subject to such conditions as will then be producet^- r- A very desirable DAIRY FARM, lying at Hawkerktge, in the parish of Westbury, V/ il. M,' consisting of about niottv acres W'ex- fellent Meadow'and Pasture Land, surrounding'the farm- house, iifid about ten- acres of capital Water Meadow. For particulars apply at the Office'of Mr. Davis, Homing- sham, who is authorized to treat tor the same before the ls't dav oi October. * » * Mr. Sifn'- n Hfscocks, of Westburv, or Mr.- Thomas Hiseneks,-( the tenant,)- w4i shew. the Uuuis. psai ' —'' . i -- '„- • ; -, . , ; . ; Sale of Little Bwduiin Manor - and Eslctfe. TO tie SOLD Hy AUCTION, in'the month of October next ( unless an aeccptablt offer sl. ould I> e made in,- the mean time, of which n. otiue will be'given1,-— The MANOR or'RKlHJTfiD. MANOR of Lt ITJ E . BEDW1N, in the county of. - Wilts, Fishery, Rights, Royalties, and MANS ION- HOUSE, two. Farm- houses, six Barm, several Cottages, and other b'nildin s, and COO acres ( more'br feS5]<. f inclosed Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and " Wood I. ar. d. The Mansion- house, coach- houses, stabfes; i: b." with the woods, an'd several pieces of landj qonts nihj together about 1,00 acres,- arid also the manori'ahrights, are in the possession of the Proprietor, and the residue is'iett iii two farms for short . terms, ... ..-..,;.. '. . The Estate is w^ H timbered, in a fine spotting country, and worth the attention. of a gentleman f. n/ t, of shnotiiig. erd hunting ; is situated about oiie mile from the Bath road, ad- joining . Marl. borouglrForest, a'gd mirtWay between Loftdc- n and Bath, ' file Kennet arid Avon Canal- passes thrd.' ugh. Litfle. Bedwi, n ; a'jiick < jf Celebrated fox- hourfds is kept within an easy reach, and a p ick of harriers wijhin two miles. - A plan of . the estate may be seen at the Mansion- house, Little Bedwin, near tlungerfurd, oh application'to Jam s Whitclo'eke, Esq. to wljorn tcadeis may he. addressed ;. and for, further particulars apply to Messrs." Crcwdyand San, soli- citors, ITuh'wpnh,. Wilt's. ''*• '- ' ' --' { 4 « 04 - P. INGWOOD,. HANTS. J • rpo be SOLD by AUC JIOX. at thcW W11 JI? rt fcui,' A on Wednesday, the 90th d « yiof September Ireft. at six : k in the evening ( unless previously disposed of by private act, of which notice will be . immediately giveivl^ TUe SIMPLE of all thewe ' otd- estabfished capital VVATER . COX. N and GRIST MILLS called RixowOoo Miuis,- with- . the Fishery and Royalty of lushing b- leneing thereto; arid also .. a neat and commodious DWELLING- MOUSE, com- priaing two front parlours, counting- Iiouse; kitchen, icullery, two cellars, four hc. d chambers," and garret, with ^ suitable offices and gardens, excellent stahles, cart hduses, Jinfl nig- Vetv, ' and about five - acres of rich fertile Meadow lafta in' - tfpmead.—' The a'b'- Ver Mills are constantly snppli d with water, are Capable of grinding forty loads of wheat jfer week, arid dejigbtfully'situa- tefl on tlie Rtvcr Avon,' which abounds with trout and other- fish, and are calculated for carrying cn a Very extensive trade, part of the Mills, which has for some time past been occupied as" a store- house, having been formerly ' used as a fulling paill, and might at an easy exper. ee be con- verted to grind several - loads qf wheat per week more.' The contiguity of the premises to the town . of Ringwood, a good ihifket town, renders them a. desirable acquisition to- any per- son wishing to. enter into tbe meal trade.— The stones; ma- chines, cloths, & c. to be taken at a valuation. • For further particulars apply ( if by letter, free of postage) to Mr. Horwqod, conveyancer, Ringwood ; and for a view of the premise*, to - Mr. Penford, the present tenant,, who will deliver possession thereof at Michaelmas. next, N. B. One halt' of the purchase money may remain on murine,, if required.. [ 1430 . .. YA'l'EIY, HANTS,- TPO be SOi, D by AUC'rriON, by 71. H. u. r., at I- th- White. Li t: inn, II; ntotdhiite." < n Tue;. av tiie lath ijf " September 180: 7, at ree o'clock m thetften. - n, I N TWELV r. 1 in s i Lot 1.— A a ven. eet and substantial Dwe'ling- bouse, fit for the reo ption of a gente - 1 family, with ; : i e-; cell nt w ' e l •' gfmsfrp'laujwtl lytivcholct- fruit- treeS; her -, tr. m - r, r- ch house, capita.! staidir,.-, and all other rrqui- ire ; . ; together w. th ti ne Ineleswr ••,. c. r. iainin,' ;.-, tvfmiatictt ij acr.- s, or thereabouts of arabiei meadow, a:. ti p;,:;:- » e l. oid, eligibly- siinate around the l, en- e, io thr p iss.- ssi . n a d . e u- pation of Chariton Dennis, l-. sq, tbo propnetor ;' Snd al a Cottage, bttn, andyar- i a joining. Lot. ' 2.-— An e. vce- ifent Dwell n-. . house, with a good gar- ien, double cnach- hoi « e, ,.„.> -. ood stublnig tor six. Iil- rso, with other rvqu'S'. te oht- bui! d. n:;.-; t-' v- hti' w, th acrs of rn; - - dow and 2 teres rf aia, le land '. adjo- ni- ie, aiid 11 mclosur. i contahiin^ re acres,_ cr. thereabout.,, if arable and copp. e land in a ring fence, imVn'- W. uely in front of the iiw,- a, i ,- house, and a wel!- « tocked fish- ptwl c- nt-;-. utni." tl- il ietr..^ — About 6 » crc » i) f4l. e arid. i neieof the1 jV. l • ); ;, d iid-- jaininK. s. re leit. i> iilt\ s..- AVHh the dwtliing- Jiouse jnd pj. n. isis to: the Rev, Mt.- C. sw*!), for a term of 7 finis J'rum Lady- day last. Lit 4.— F. ie liiclcsures, containing l-. y ^ timati-. ri 3S acres of Arable Land, in a rmgfenc •; lyiftg to the:'- a (,| loi- a, within 100 yards of the gttut western road, and one unlCof • BlackV, liter.' .. ot 4.— A valuable Irvclpstire of Arable I and, called Elm Corner, cyntaining ji « . r, s, « thi'. rcabctxs, within a few yaids of the last tor, f u " tcie't hy " the common. Lot 5.— A Close of " AiSfifc Einid-. called Rounrl Close, c ,- n- taiiiing S a. - r. thereahdutC, opposite to. a- fi Jd, part of Jot*, c- lp- itWoo- m- rvisc b- i' 1- n Field.- . . ..- -. I - 8 « - A- Clos;.-! ArnJjb Laud called Hauford, coprani.- g 6a. ir or tber about.;. hot 7_— A Close o! Arable f. snd, rear Derby Green, called . rEast M ad. c- miiu acres, « t t^ ertabouti. Lot M.— A neat a al commodious Dwelling- house, yard ami gatd.- n, with coach- hoUse, stabling, and fu. l- house, and 4 acrss- of 1 liu! adjoining, in the occuparion of Mr. Hewett, whu bos a term > » f " vi- ars tli ere in from Lady- day last. Lot .' b-^ Sets- n ijiclojtire's of Arable,' Meadow, - UHI Purture Land, cimtsi- ning. :>;> .^ r.' s, -> r tturetlbohts. contiguous todot a. • Lot l. u:— Two Inclosiiri^ of M- « ({ ow- Grounil adjoii. in'g to- gether,. containing If acres,' or th, r abouts, and a Piee of Land, pertly ae j-. l.. and partly coppii e.,' con. t ,' oeng ' In. Or. « r the'teaheuts, aCjoin n;- tfi> meadow, lying on . tie left side of Weybri- i. e lane,, ji ; r .. Sandhurst'Brid'- v, and . also a small piece of Coppice Ground on the riglit side of tbe saidtlanc, cant- rininghaif :< h acre, or tU'eieabouts; .. •• Lot II.— A Missoage- Or Tenement, garden, yard,." 6am, arid focl- tlftiii-. e, situate at ChurCh- eni, iu tbe occupkion of Joseph Jefl'. a v, tenant at wili. Lot 1- 1 luce I'i. of Arable Land, f. r . the several comr mon fi l- ls, conta. inint ( i acres or tbercalxHHs , in the sevaal qccu. . uions of Mrs. Cuve, Mr. St^ rlc,' ai. i doseph^ iood:, ticniipt;"^ t will.,... r .'.,.;,'. '*' .- ' '•' Ail the pr lh's?< i Jiw in " hand, except tlic. se whirfi art!' stated to bi; in thi. seve.' al" occupations* of " Mt." Csfwill <> fcd Mr. ffewett, arid the tw'cMstst lots; and- iril- the buildir,;.*; are in .. good repair.' *' • • y. , Very ValCiabie and . extensive Common; Rljl. ls- belongto the several lots.' >. ... • . „ . , - Yat; ly- is a b « a] t% spot. S?- miles fr.> m I Qndcn, about a mile qut- of the we,.. r » niad, IS i) iilv, s frq. n Wirfds- r, liffrora Reading and Farn. hain :" i'a in a gi- nJtfcT nHgi'ihtnirhii.>.!'- a fine • sporting cor ittjc, within' ieht mil sVrt tli. kVitnlflyt the royal hum/ and there ofth'e MJit'ary'&' lleee at SSrtidhuiA, and the roads ii.' thc nrf- iltViUrtxiOd ar4 eiceilent. '-- - 1 - • The Est lb.- is" Copyti.-. St of Inhcr tan. ee,. J> eld.. of the Manor Of Otoriii dl, in Hants.,'. Wild li> e-; u- d to he.- hi,- Id,', PoJ- ses= ion iR « y . be. liad ot. ih « prehiisis rn. hand. on thicaisiylttion ol' the p'archasji- s. ... - '/ •"• -. Th; preniiies oiay be. viewed Malays pt< vious t the sate on application to tl- je I'r; pric. tor,. every morhinir'betwetn - tlie hours, of ten and- four—: dfWhaifr further p- jrtioti. lars e bad, rs well as of the Auctiorima r', Castle- strSet, Uevid'ing and Messrs. Ragrettrri lCole, solicitors, O. titiam. "" BATH EASTON VILLA, . With leavlful Grounds, Gardens, aud Pa- Mocks of Crass Land'( about 40 arretsj, injltc vicinity oj $ ath-. . WITH AN EAIlt. V POSSESSION. '• TO be SOtX> by A UCTION, by Mess. Skin- kkr, IJyKii, Tvchim, and Fo. RRr. iiT., on, Thursday" tjle Sift of September, at twel\ e o'clock, at Garraw- iy's Cofb- i- house, ' ChangetallfV, CornhilK London, ix birt lot,— A valuable and very desu ible FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate on an eminence contiguous to the London road,- at Bath Easton, aa agreeable rt- meVe from ihe-' City^ of Bath, . coiuijiartding the nifist delightiul and pictur sque. views over a tich - end beau- tiful country, inii rep.- ised with a virrU- iV dejects ; eel ffestdcnce, tustefuHyorninwiite Uwith a . balcony and. yeranda in front, containtpga hiindiSimcdfawing- for sev'. y hor's. s. - The ] irinfi;>; i4 rooms are wJl, pmNorfirmert, W. large dimenslorne, atid; handsomely fitted up antti"' finished, op.- nbig into a betutifui jilf asur." ground, sbamiSl'Wii variety of ornamental - and v- lualde. tiiJibeT trees; hot- house, green- h. iune,; and walled g. cieii. stocked with fruit ttec- s'* and the adjoining paddocks '( if.' grass land, cortainirie; tokether about 15, acres in hand,' with a ftrt- nm of watcreonitantl^ winning through tlie grounds-; also two acres'of. veiv ptoductive nursery and garden* ' sfouiid. contiguous, with Piytlling- houses and out- buildings; part on lea. se, which c* 4> ires in 18! d;- and' the remain, er auwill, at low - renR, amounting to 511, pcr- ann. capjtble. o£ increase;- and five acres dnius land in han 1, held for about 5 ysafs, at Jt9&.. 3.. H per ami. An early possession may be had of the residence^ nd lands in hand ; and the purchaser accommodated with tfie genteel Household Furniture and Effects at a valuation. To be viewed by tickets, which may- be had ofMfr. Clarke, gjtprney, St. J. amcs's Parade, Bath,- and printed particulars hsd,' days preceding the' sale.;- also at the B- ushTavera, Bristol: Plough, ChclteirhaiH ; King's Heai:. Inn," ( jlo'sterj Hotel, Wfymoo « i) ; Dolphins, Southampton.; WliiteHart, Salisbury ; place of sale.; and of Messrs.- Skihnj- r, Dyke, Tu « chin, arid ForjiSt, Ald. rsgatc- strctt, Londun,- wlieri a plan may lie seen. j - ; - • • [ 4311 ISLE OF WIGHT.; V TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mestt*. Mbw and Poin tit, at. the Whjfat- Sheaf Inn, Newport, oa Thursday the « | » t day of Sepfember 1809, at three- ® clock in the afternoon, either together or iff lots, and Jisreeable to such conditions as will be then and there produced, A substantial- hnd; well- built. FREEHOLD . MESSUAGE or . DWBULING- HOUSF,. with convenient offices attached, anrt a- very. des. rable Tan- yaid, with a large Garden adjoining, situate jji Crocker- str et, in the town of Newport,' late in the occupation of Mr.' AbrMiam Clarke. Also two . Labourers* Terfements under'one rbof, a ljuining to the above- mentioned premises. , . Also a Freehold Me'ssrngec stabje, and cart- house, with a Garden and large Orchard a- ijoining^ containing - about half an acre, siiuate in. Crockcr- ftr. a!', in Newport aforesaid, and late • ju- the occupation of the'said Abftiham Clarke. - . Ai'so a- Leasi'l pkl tottui'e and Ciardeh, situate at Sandvpitts, in fhe_ parish of ^ albburne.- rnthe'occupation ofR. Hurt.— Thfese " premises are held'for the lives of John Mattel, aged about GO years, and James Martel, agedabimt. 54. years, at'tlio ysarly'rtnt fcflv,' •- .•.-•..- ' Tor particulars and- a view of the, premises . epp'y to Mr. - Worsley, solicitor, Newport. * ... fi( J2l • - ISLE OF WIGHT. - - MJXORS, FJ- RtfS, 4- TirrjES.. TO. be SOLD by AUCTION, BY JTFR. WCI. I. OCK, . at the Bugle- Jim, at Newport., in tiiedsHi-' of Wicht, on Thursday the 6th of ' Oetohet, stml ftjll , win » ' la. v, fn ? s Lots, —• Sundry' valuable ; End very ' d- rsir- dilc I'Ht'EflOi. D J'ARMS, most deb,. htfully sitni. te" 1.1.1 H.. e. s Vend p, ri- bes of Bradin?, Godsfri U, Whit well, Niton, (' hale, and Shaffleit;.. cpntainin5 SiJOOtaerssof- rich ormo dp. Vj. pasture,' anil Wood Land, in. the,. occupation of m- ist reip. cfal 1/* tenants, at rents ^ nwuntinz to upwards of i'iofln'per ajlnumt-' Mther with " the. M/\* N0Kof'WhitcOm'bei " Cha- le, and Chtstle; and the " R^ CTORLVL Tl'f HES ot scven- tien Farms i„ Ok parishes of G^, vhi11 and WhitwelLl tt to: the r. spectivc. oecupurs of thesald Farfiv, ar near i' 2o(/., per ; T.- nujn! To be Uwed.- till, the. sale bv applying to, the respective Te- - nam;';. ahd > iirticulars poy- Jie bad tbfos yytxks frcccd. ngithe . Sals' ot Messrs. CI ok ? arid Sewell, Sol. icitorsi at Ni w, cut; at tlli Hotel at Rvd'e. Vine ar Ot)\ ves. Ce . - v Y:- 1r. n. nrh Fountain at Pcifsmou'tft, Dolphins at Septhampion; Angel at l. ymington, at the place of side, and of Mr. Viid.- c- k, No. 45, Golden- square, L luton ;. M-' ssrs, Clark- s< tnd Sewed will cive - dira'C'ti u « ! to the tsriant. ' "•','' | l( ta Cases- at Wnllji'n- on- t/ te- jjut, Ejamn,- Surry. LUCY B- AHA" was four years, nfflic'cd with Scor- butic Ulcerations in one le-, and sp edib, c- ir d" by SMiAHUAY's PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC 151, OPS. KII2AB. ETH M. ITIN. wS also cur; d of an clejated leg by taki g ; i v n. small'bqttles." J. AMES SKEI. TON, A- ed- ORT. redi-. c d to PR-.-:. » ' W- aknres, with the loss . if niu tf pi'i ties' of h me; r. storrj, to health and a laborious occupafi n : though thc lossuf. his iej- wja thought n.- cessary to'sa v h s Hf-. , ' . [- lias • The gepuirt; me ic. nu has the w > rds " By theJCing's Pa- tent" exprcsied on the bottle, bill of directions, and outside wrapper.; euid tre ( Cing's duty is prion.. i bl- ek ink. Sold at-. the Dispensari, i ,, Soh .- square, London, in small bottles at 5s. Gd., ; d- tubic liott; s 10- ; and larger ll. 2j. Compound Essence, toullay unpleas- tit- irritafion, Us. The Medicine to be had of Brohe, Dowdng, an-, Luxter 1, Salisbury, whole- sale verdsrs for tiie West of England; aud liowlin j aai Cv. Newport, Isle o. Wight, ANL> GKNHUL ADVERTISER OF WJLTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday'-' s FOREIGN NEWS. . CONSTANTINOPLE, June \ 6. ',! IE Arras of ifofi Ottoman Potte continue tri- umphant... Oil lie 34. erf May, the Russians hist • before J^ lhreil not Ids-. thah » iI8i) 0 men, and qh ...... ." lb, ffje - remaining part of tin: corps which as- failed til it. fbi'tress was driven aWay to Pel Fitfme South, with the additional Joss of 200 men.' yesterday ( the !.> th of June) the Sublime Porte received til'! news CiV. it the Servians have, beeq defeated by the Otto- man troops seatjty his I- iighness Hi> r4Ud'P.< el » to flfotu^ s and C'armenza, near Mossii. The_ Turks, after having Cut to pieces a mmibtT of tie" iiiimy; have taken TOOO pri- M>: H- r<, and have possessed theiusetves o! their batteries and am muni thin, , • - mmomwKE iNCiosm&,. E, WM. JENNINGS and GEO. BARNES., . ., the Commissioners named ' in and appointed for putting. in execution an Act of Parliament, passed in the 49th vear of the reign of his [( resent Majesty, intituled, " An Act 4br." inclosing Lands in' the, parish of Bishopstooe, otherwise Bushopstone, in'the countv of Wilts," do hereby give notice, That- our next meeting will be holder, at the- Harrington's Arms, in Shriyehham, in the county of Berks, on Monday the J) th day of October next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon of the same day, to receive the claims of all persons and bodies ' corporate. or politic having or claiming any common, or other right, to'or in anv of the said lands and grounds by the said Act directed to be divided, allotted, and inclosed; which claims so to be delivered are, pursuant to the directions of the " statute in' JthSt case made and' provided, " to be in writing, signed" by such persons and bodies corporate and politic, or their respective husbands, guardians, trustees, committees, LONDON, .,.';'. \ . - FRIDAY, A Mai}, from Gottenbijrgh arrivkl. this morning, which Using* advices froin thence of the Bthidst. and from Stockholm of the 2( 1. K ws repprted- at Gotteaburgh that hostilities had re- Cilniiiiine.' d ". between - Franhe and'Austria, and thai the Im w l'm. iT\ va< to be Joined by Ruvtja and Prussia. . ? The Rusdau army'in Bothnia eomihued to retreat, anil wtte,- supposed to be much distressed By the want of pro- visions. • . , . • , - Hs- i Mapftt'vN gun- brig Minx, which was stationed at the Siijiv as a- lloatrii* lixbt, was- Captured- on- the gd iiv- t.- hy sU Danish gun- boats, after a. were action, which justed ugwards of an hour. The- loss ml boatd the Minx- is- not yet known. ' t$ y'the'last corfveyanci from, the Mediterraneans a Spanish printed paper was received, containing accounts of important- advantages obtained by. the Turks, over the Russians and Servians. - ' Letters from Jvew York of the rah- nit- not only c^ uihrm the account in a preceding page of the proceedings adonted by tin; American Government, but add the iui- po riant intelligence . that the Wasp", a national sloop of war, viai to sail for Havre oik the loth, wiUt a- Messenger who" is believed ti'be the bW- of the basis ot a treaty proposed to be concluded between the United States and France. Strong apprehensions, were entertained at New York, that this negoeiaaiav woifhl terminate by retaleiing - the '' lilted Siatestiie Ally of France. The Qnehcc - Mescnry of-' the 3d . of- July, states the trade of Canada to ' be - in a'very pro. peroCh state; = and mentions the sinking of a noble wharf in the basin of the liner UAauit- ne, jvfiiclriviU be capable of. receiviiigjnea* ly twenty v. esseli atlSat. : Tins spirited undertaking issofeiy at tbe'expenee.( if. the Hon. Hemy Caldwell, proprietor of the ' Seijpijojy through whiefr- tha River Claudiene runs into the River St, Lawrence. The infant city in embrio Jjas hc. en. nanu'd- N& W Liverpadi. We' iiavp disastrous- accounts of the ' homeward- bound Vest India fleet.. '' JJbe Argyle, . Captain Liglnly, is ai- rivrtlAat i; i-' er: ! jt'roni Juniaiea; she sailed Irom fori I-.'- V. dtb • 17th of July, iii company with 19 sail, and from Ke vrij . tile '. iOtli, with the fleet. sail) wider eonvAy of the Fiivi mite si., op of war. On thc. COth saw'several of that i'. eet e. i'- in. i- ted ; parted them next day. On the (,' tb <) f September spoke- tiie Favourite, of. Greenock, from Marlin'quii'to Llv.- rpo'ol, who bad parted.- frorn the horwe- VYard- fejunil'- fleet on t! ie 2? th of August, several of them di- nia- ten. - • . Ministers, . k, is said, have- already been considering of. th;- propriet. y of* evacnating the i land of Walcbcren. It , n:; y as well be done beipre our troops are all buried as afterwards.., .. ,....••.'"'.. General If o'pft is' arrived' in tpwn from the Scheldt, in , tolcnrtjle . good health, * Her X'. ijeity and three of ihe Friitcesses, with their yettenduits, went to*, view the interior of Covent- Garden , xfiea'irelvcsterday, They were accompanied by the Dukes < if y. ii'ft'tinjl K » nt. The Rdyal Party entered the Theatre by' the , grand . entrance, in Boiv- itrcft, about two •' clock; Qi « { remained ti. ierc- untril. ha! f- past three. The address was '. t'ohearsed which is intended to be spoken on the opening of the'House. ... .. - Viscbufit ' Wellington's last dispatches are dated MeuMa,' the 25th.- Part'of the army hud reached E| v » s, at '-'. yhieli p! « e his Lbrd- hip had cstabl shed an'hospit-' d of two ,. thoiisinij, wiifiin. diui principally, who had been conveyed to it with. great ( dtiicuity from Tilcvera.. Private letters . ,1' roin.. Lfcbon state, tb. it all the, English Surgeons bail set <> ut.% Klv. v, aud. tbat their . places'in the hospitals at Lis- t- in; yttre filled by Portuguese. Surgeons. It. is also said tbat- I^ ord Wellington bits" been forced to destroy . his am- munition,; in Order to make the waggons carriages for the. • Kick and wounded, the number of wut> m » is e tuiiated by ' some at f( 4i thousand; ' Oil Wednesday' 1 a Court hi Bl. flfS'. er? vvjis jicid at » tbe - Ejst India- iipusc','. when the uude. nr. eutidie £ the number, to. be engaged for. the cnsuki « seas AriiUtoil, Cirencester, Alfred, Wood- • ttvtti,- Karl* Camden, " Jurat tasrte* Wexford, Klp'ui. iStoue, - I) a? id Scott, F. xeter, Winciiel- ea, Alnwick Castle,' Canton, heiv " Slflp'. Ki- fiiee" of. Vale. s, Thomas. • Gi'vnviUe, Ceylon, PJiSEiiik; Pre. t. ui. vHngh'Itigiis, Ear* St. iViticent. William Ihtt.' Alcshuder, Tigris, Aifne, I) i; uia,'- Ku. hrates, Sir AV. Bensley,- Sove.' eign, N'. rtbutubl', Imid, liidu , Harriet, Sir * S. Lusfeingtot;., Lord !' 43on, and Cargiartkii. ^ Oh.' Wi^ i^ sj?: M^'^. tWjMifr.;- • taken into •' custody us a diai'ge" of f ngev'y,' but atbnitu'd'to . hjiil, was .; agiin. br iugljt lieforc thVAlagistratestatMarlborougli- strcet, tvheii. King, the- piiosceift- or, stated that the Lady had made - hinrsatisfaction,, anil ite- was. tberefure willing to drsp. the jjrbseeuti' » n.' The Magi trates accordingly directed the recogntzance to be caliceked, and JJ- rsi Plunkett was Aiv- •' V chai ned, We . thought that forgery had been an offence again-. t t'. eprtlic, and dirt not before know'that such a : charge onsiti. be . cdmpromi » e'd on private" considerations; IVriiaps there'are people in tbe world who will sjill think that cither- the patty accused, or. tire party who brought tbe accusation,- ought* to be made responsible-. to the public. On Tuesday a ship of war was launched at Woohvich. She was named the Manilla. The- following Ua statement of the late melancholy loss at Meikle Ferfy,' by Tain, as given in a letter from a gen- tleman residing near that place :—" The total number lost is J4". Tbe bodies have all been found, except 29-" Sand. n and Hitchen, the " country bank note fabricator?, sfttKid in the pillory, at Warwick, on Saturday last. - They - were were well dressed, very impudept iu their behaviour, and vowed vengeance. a gainst their prosecutors. COKK-. EXCIUNCE, SEPT. 15. ' The supply of Wheat this day is sh irt, and being in request, sales are Sgai. u at a Ittiall advance^ Rye likewise in short supply, and dear r ; " ' parley and Malt Support last price'; Bean ; of the two kinds are also deai: er ; there are . considerable renaming supplies • of Oats, SW* J sales. thereof atJittle. variation; Flour at the late advance of .10*. per sack ; arid tine Americas 54s. to 673. per barrel. ; ; • BIRTHS; J Lately, ' in Ireland, Lady, inn Maxwell of a daughter i-' On Saturday, ' at- T » i « k,: iih » m, the Lady of Lieut. Col. Head, of tbe 1 lib Light Dragofius, of a son - a id'heir.— Same day, ln'S. titiolk,. the Ladv uf Lieut. CoJ'. .' Frederick Grey Cooper,"' of tlie'buSrtls, of a daughter. and herefhtaments, in respect whereof they respectively claim to be entitled . to any,, and. which otnicK rights in and upon the said . lands « tid, grounds or any part thereof, - with the name or venues of the person or pe/ soris in the actual posses- sion thereof, and the particular Computed quantity of the stmc respectively, and'of what, na. tu're and extent such right is, and also, in what rights and. for wliat essates and interests, they claim the same respectively, distinguishing tbe freehold front the copyhold or leasehold,—: or in" default thereof such persons, beftiies corporate and politic, will, ( as far as. respects afty claim so neglected to be delivered) be totally barrcsl and excluded of and. from all rieht and title in or upon the said lands and grounds, and of and from all beiiffit and advantage in or to any- share or allotments- thereof, unless we ( the said Commisdoners) shall, for sottit- special teas- Mi. think proper to ailoyr further time ' for . thyt pnrptise.^ Given under out- hands this 15th day of July-, ill tbayear of our L'jrd ! 8;! 3. WILLIAM JENNINGS. 4700J; CEOUtig BARNES. A T a respectable Meeting of Geiitlenien, holden at I\ the Bugle Inn, Titehfiell, on the - jSih day of August instant, • It was determined, That it would be highly eemmcdious- and beneficial to the I'ublic, if a Turnpike Road) in a more . direct and improved line; Were madfc from Park Gatej. in the parish of Titefffierd, thwttgh'- fhe town of Titchfisld. to the Village of Cosham,— and it was accordingly r; solved, .' I'hat due Notice be given of an intended Application to the- ntst- S. ssio'n of Parliament td'obtaiii en Act fur the puxpose, a c- m- side'rablc sum of- money having besn- subscribed to carry- tire meaSnreinto effect. -- . , ( JW6- And it' was further resolveS, That Mr. Msidman do fe, r, h- with cause properritrtice to be gii'errof such intended appliea- tion to Parliament; and that an adjourned meeting be holden.- St the BugleTmi, ' I;; tehfield, on ' the ! -•-' » day. of September n xt, at . eleVtn o'clock in the forenoon : at-- which aji persons ' desirous of- supporting the proposed measure- are particularly, requested featfuiti. 13y ordef of thc- Mcetine, . FAREUAJJ,' AVJ.,'! J, 18,0.0.-' . W. W- MA1DMANV N'OTIG. E is hereby ^ ive. fi,— That Application is int'endedtolm'made- to'Parliament in the next. Session, for an Act to arnsn'd, widep, . alter, divert, improve, and keep in' repair, the Road leading from. a place eaiiod. Park Gate, in the parish of Ti'tchfieh. l,' in the eountv of Southamptoa, to tosbaro, in the, said county : wh. ich- said Piosd passis through, or is intended to pass through, the several parishes of Tifeh- field, Fiireha. ra, Portchesfer, and Wymering, all ir. the said cfcunty of Sattliampton.— Dated ihisilsf of August 1S09. • 4539] W. W. MAI DM AN, Solicitor. TVTOTICE is hereby given, that Application will be i M raid.: in the next Session' of Parliamcht for leave to bring in a Bill for paving, cleansing, lighting, watching, waferiiig/' Sfid BthetWiSif improving and keeping in repair tb' « Streets, Squares, and other public Passages and Places in tin parishes of ROMSHY INCRA and ROMSEY EXTRA, in the county of Southampton. DAMAN AND WARNER, Solicitors. ROMSSY, Stpt. 7, 1809.. .- , ' T^ FIL:-, : — K - Turnpike lioad under Salisbury Plain. NOTICE is I:, reby given,— That Application will be made at the- next Sessions of Parliament for leave to bring in a Kill for reviving, renewing, continuing, amending, and enlarging the Term and Powers of ^ n Act passed in the 29th year of'his present Majesty's reign, intituled, " An Act for amending, widening, and" keeping in repair the Road from the bottom of White Sheet Hill, through- Hnrdcott to the Wilton Turnpike Road, at or near Barford, in the. county of Wilts," and which said Road passes through the several parishes of Donhcad Saint Andrew, Ansty, Swallowclift, Sutton Mandeville, Fovant, Compton Chamberlain, Hurd- c'ott, and Bttrford, in the said countv of Wilts.— Dated this 8th day of August 1309- GEO. SOUTH, 4267] Cicrk to the Trustees of the said Road. fiJOTIGR is hereby given,—- That at' the next ses- i. Ni sion of Parliament a Petition will be presented to the Hon. House of Commons, . r leave to bring in a Bill for ' making and maintaining a rVnjpike Road from Cirencester, " hr t!; e. county of Gloucester, to Wotton Basset, in the county - of Wilts, to extend from the turnpike road leading from " Cirencester aforesaid'to Cricklade, in the said county of Wilts, at or near a pHuft called Watermeofj to" the turnpike' road how making from M'aimeShury, in- the^ aid county of Wilts, ft>* Wcf! KSTB ® geftrtSWsaM; at or near- Banner's- Ash ; and which. said first mentioned road is intended to pass through, tire parish of Cirencester, the consolidated. parishes ot" Sid- din'gto. n St. Peter and Siddinctan St. Mary, and the parish of . South C- rney, all in tiie said county of Gloucester; and- the Several parishes of Sharncote, Ahston- Keynes, Leigh, • Crieklade St.' Sampson, Cricklade St. Marv, Purton, Lediard-. Millicent, Lediard- Tre. » ooze, and Wotton- Basset, and through part of the Forest of Braydon, all in the said County of Wilts.. • Apd Notice is hereby also given, that a Map or Plan of such intended rosd, togctly'r with a Book of Reference, containing! a list of the names of the owners, or reputed owne rs, and oc- the- ldndsHhreucfa. which the- said road is'. intended to pass, will be deposited, for public inspection, at the respec- tive Offices of the Clerks of the Peace for the said counties of Gloucester- and Wilts., jui. or. before. th'ejioth day of Sejitcm- . her. . next. JOSEPH Pif'T. CTSE^ CCSTEFT, AII^ UST 30, 1809. ' [ 4677 BR$ W. L'TJ! S| ' PURNPIK!':. N'OTICE is hereby given,'.—^ That- application is in- tended to be mv. de to Parliament, in the next session, for nn Act to continue tiie terms, and enlarge, am, end, and con- solidate the powers of an Act of Parliament passed in the sad • year of the reign of his present Majesty,, entitled "- An- Act for Cdntin'- vngtbe terms, and altering, enlarging, and- conspiidatmg the'- poWers of two Acts of Parliament passed. in the 39th year of the reign of his late Majesty King George. the Second, and in the 17th year, of the'reign of his pres. nt Majesty, for re-' pairing and widening several roads and streets in and near the towii ' of Brewton, ' in. the - County of Somerset, therein de- scribed'; and also tot repairing, sidtming, and altering several other roads in tbe counties of Somerset and Wilts," which paid roads pass through the several parishes, lythings, hamlets, iir places of Castle Gary, Honeywipk. I ladspcn, Pitcombe, - Cole Brewton, Wyke Champflowcr, MiltonClevcdon, Lam- TO be. Lf"/ lT by TENDER, for a term of 7 or 1 4 Years, and entered on at Michaelmas next,— ORGAN FARM, situated in the'parish of Lytchet Minster, in the county of Dorset, b' miles from Poole and 4 from Wareham, both good market towns ; consisting of about 127 acres of Arabic, Pasture-,: and Coppice Land, with a good Farm- house, barns, ' stable,-& c. & c. and unlimited right of a' most excel- lent common, some thousand acres in extent. For further particulars' and a view of the farm apply to Wm. Pitt, Esq. Organ- bon. se, near Poole, Dorset; to whom ten- ders, sealed up, free of postage, are to be sent, on or before Thursday the 21st of September inst. [ 45fr3 FARMS NEAR LEWES; IN SUSSEX. O be LETT by TENDER, for a term of 14 or 21 years,— Two capital FARMS, with Farm- houses and every riec rssarv Outbuilding., within three miles' of Lewes, in the parishes of Rtnimef and Glynd ; one in the possession of Messrs. I Topper, Containing 818 acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Down Lend, subject to Tythes; the other in the possession of Mr. Cfunder,- Containing 10' tf acres of Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land, about fit) acres . of tiie Arable Tythe- lrec.— Maybe entered on at Michaelmas ( old style) 1 > ! 0.— The respective tenants will shew their lands. Tenders, sealed up, to. be sent to Messrs. Strong, Still, and Strong, Lincoln's tnni. on or before the 5 th of November " next, of whom, of of Mr. Wel! erJ at Glyndbourn Mouse, furiheir particulars may be bad. [ 4 » > 07 NPO be. LETT by TENDER, for 8 Years, from J. • Michaelmas next,— The following LANDS, at Milford, adjoining the city of Salisbury, with LAVKRbTOCK. MI LL, viz. LOT I. Two Cottages, Batn, and Barton, lying to the east of the toad leading to Milford. A. R. r. Great MeadOW.- "}". i..... 19 . ' Me- dow i ' te- Geary's Vail watered 2- . Picic- 1- M. dow j .... 5 Ficee of Pasture called the Sling ;...".. - 2 A'llcfmen't next the Meadows...' arable. ,8.1 " Allotment b.- yond Weeping'CrossTree, ditto.. 2S l. a\ erstock Mill and Lands'..'.,'......'. 7 ftlAiiiUKD.] In January,/ ai^ Crkutta, t Iwrles George BlagiV:' \ F.- q.- of tbe- Civil" rv- rilee',' to Miss Jane Coivio.— • On I.!. f ; ii!' i.- hif. t. at Ia;. vi< fbani, Ma. pir- Gen. tbe Hon. Joint - iirodiie!;,- - brirfher " of . Vis& iunt. Midleton, to All'js Ann Graham, daughter . « f P, obert Graham, . Esq. of l'intry.—•, Ye terday, at St. James's Cburcb, by- the Bishop of Win- eh .' s : er, jolnvOiborn, Esq. eldest soil of S&' GeorgeOsborn, i'. iil. to Miss Divers, a daughter of" the late; Sir Charles Davers^ iiart.. •, v .-.'•' • v • J) HM). J Lately, in Calcutta, Major- General Sir Charles Geot's'rt IJfaiLbwaite Bougiiton, Bare, aged 4G yearr.— At Batigrdini's Major Davis, of the 25th Ligbt Dragoons.— On the - Btfi'. H' March, " at Bombay-, hi'the 87t| i. y! av of bis agjty Joseph Cuiiiherles'e,' Esq. Solicitor t- heie to- the Hon. Cast-, jindia Coijipanv.— lJh the 31st of Ma" y; at the Qape of Good Hope, Ml'-. Vfjtbe'vall, wife. Of General Wethei'all, maiidani of Cape Town'. 1— In Spain, three days after the . battle offalavera, fcoin e* ces » iv « faiigfe,. the'iJoii.- Henrr IfeviUe, second sun of Lord ikaybjooke.^ in' Sunday, at' K.-. live- ton, ill her T~ thyec » , Mrs. 1). Blunt, aunt of Sir MH,;* RtKtattf Bln-. it> Bart.— On M< md; ij:, AttPlyiwoti^ h,.. ( ft. Gro- veiior, of tbe Royal' Navy, aged C8 y< v*>, after a ingering ijthew, sustained'wit'b the fjrtltude of a Urlliob sal - r and tiie : iety of a Christian.— Same day, at Greenwich, Miij- r- Genetid Fiige, of tbe Royal Artillery.— Oil Monday : i . t. Ca; t. -•; « « .' on, • formerly a Csmiaaudeir itt tbe'set-- vieu uf tbe India C « nupatiy. 0 39 • 29 • 2fJ il- 2 - 0- ' LOT- IK 97 I Two Barns, Granary, Cow Stalls, and Barton, lying on tiie west of thcelo. ve road. A. A Close of Pasture at if.- bun- 9 A sm- illClose adjoining the above. ..:....-.,'. 9. Besharv WSK. T Meadow 6 An Inclosur'e of Arable at Besbury 8 1 Allotmeut- on Milford Hill | , 3 2 AUdtrnent on the Rack. Ground ' varable....... 2 11 Allotment below the Lime Pits J 7 a r. 7- 0 19 2 22 25 22' I vat, Batcombe, I- ayton Cloford, llohvell Nunney/ Whatley Mells, Marston li gg.. tt, Truddoxhill, Fronre, West Wood- lands, Gate Hill, Yariifi. M, Kilmihgton, Sheephonsc, Red- lynch, Di-. e<. we„. Stoney- Stoke, North and South Brewham, Brewham otherwise,' Brookham Lodge, and Witiiam Friary^ in the- count'.' of Somerset';' and of Maiden Bradley,' Horn, mi- sham, 1 lil'l JJeveniH, toiigbridge DevetcM,' Sutton " V- eney, and Norton- Bavar. t, in the'eounty of Wilts. And Notice, is hereby furthfr given, that application is int'ei'ided to be made t- i Parliament in the next session,, for obtaining other neces- sary powers lor altering, ne. w making, diverting, repairing, " and widening a. certain . rond leadihg from BuVrov,- field turn- pike gate, in the oafish of Brewton aforesaid, through ' the parishes of Norrh Brewham, Upron No'bVe, Wanstrow,. Cio- ford, and Kunney, in the said county of Somerset; ami also, another road I'ro'io'Batccimbe Church, in the parish of Bat- combe, in the said county, of Somerset, to the road leading from Brewton aforesaid t- a WartstroW, in ffi- e said county of Somer- et; and also another road from the- lower Church- yard gate of Nunney aT& e'said to f Isrtptlt gate, in'thc " said- parish of- N- unney.; and also' another toad from South- hill, in the parish of Wiest Crar. more, in the said cour. tv of'Somerset, ' through the parishes, tythings, harhisls, or piaees-" of East. Cranmbxe, in the said county of Somers- t, and Wcstontown, Wanstrow, and Upton Notjle afofesiid; and'also snorher roail leading from the turnpike" road'tu fhe top- of . Milton- hill, " in t; he parish of Milton Clevedori, in . the said ' County : of So- merset.- through Heditestoeks eete, iri ' tVi'e parish of Battcom. be aforesaid, to join the toad leading fria- cv'Brewtoh- aferesajd. t^ ' Upton Noble atbre'sa- id, - at a plaer. called Copptebury, ir< the parish of Nortii'- Bfewhfl- mvafdrt- Said; and- also another road leadfhg froin"; the irhmpiire road ator near a place " CBilcclPit-. combs Rock, in the paiaSlirof'Pi'tcf) mbe: aforesaid,.-. through thi-. paii. ih Qf Shepton. Montague to a place called Jack White's Gib- bet, ih- tbe-' p'. wish-. of Bratton Se'vroour otherwise Bratton - St. Maiu,' iri- fhtl- is- iiid COifnty t- f- Somerse. S < md also- another' ^ road-' leadu'igfri- ifn tfe- terfrpike r- oitd neact- he house ofllich. afd Ciiaffin, at We'ek'Charrfj')-& nvct', in .. the-.- parish of Brew'tou aforesaid, to join the- Shepton Mallet turnpike mac} at the * tarCh'^ jt » ^ « rft'H! iVit, i'- l » » idgc'>' ( Mie^ aciah of 1,- unyat, in the said county, of Sonjefspt; and. alSo another road from the present Brsivton road, nl.- ar Jdotiiytbora- hill, in. the said parish of Meiis, through the said parish of.?^ ells, and also through the several parishes of Babmg< o% v* Kili » ef<*! on, and St » BHnSct,- « !£> ei « f thr ] si. dny of September, ITO3. - : ' [ 1585 Ter d rs in writing will be received by Mr. Still, at the An- telope inn, on Tuesday the 19th day of September 1809, be- t- ween the hours of three and five in the afternoon, subject to the conditions which will be then ptcduced. [ 1361 . Mr, We: Its, the present truant, will shew the lands. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LETT. . TOTICE IS hereby given,— tiiat. the TOLLS ^ arising at the several Toll Gates " upon trie Turnpike Road from Marlborough to Everley", in the county of Wilts, will be LETT by AUCTION, to the best bidder, according to Act of Paiii-'. hient, at the Town- Hall, in Marlborougii aforesaid, on Thursday the 28th day of September, 1809, between ' the- hours of ten o'siock in the forenoon and five • o'clock in the atttrnoon; which Tolls were lett the % st year for the several sums following, that is to sav-—" 1 he Gate in St. Margaret's for - 151, is.; the Gate at Ram's Alley for 4 01. Is.; and the' Gkies at Sou tit grove and Stibb for 501. " is.; clear of all esrpences ; and wiH'be put up lit those sums respectively. Whoever happen to- be the best bidders, must give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trusties of the said Turnpike, for the, payment of the rent at such times and in such manner as they shall direct. By order of the Trustees, TllOS. MiiR'RIMAN, Clerk. MABiuonouftH, Sept. 4, 1809. WILTS.— CALNE TURNPIKE'POLLS, NOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at the Calne Turnpike Gates, known by the several names hereinafter- mentioned, will be LETT by AUCTION, either in one or more lots, to the best bidder ( according to the conditions to be produced), at the White Hart Inn, in Calne aforesaid, on Friday the 6' th day < sf October next; between the hours of ten o'clock in the ibreu: 6n. and two- p'clock in the aftmroon, in the manner'directed by the Act passed in the 13th vear of tbe reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, " for rt- gulating the Turnpike Roads;" w- ftieh Tolls will be . jut up'at the several sums for whicli they were last lett, viz. Chilv -. sferhill, Quemerford, and Cbalk- strect Side Gate £ 10SS Smelling's- la'ne Heading to Devi7. es) 110 Whoever happens to l> e. the best bidder must, at tbe same time," give s- CUMY with sufRcient suieties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of tiie- said Turnpike Roads, tor payment of the rent agreed for; and at such times as ihey shall direct. 3. MEREWETHER, Clerk arid Treasurer. CAI. NF., Sfpt, 5s 1809. - f- 1580 AMESBURY TUHNi1K. ii. ' NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS Arising from'the- several Toll G- ites under- mentioned, will be LETT by AUCTION to the hignest bidder, at the bouse of Philip Morgan, being acommon inn, known by the sign of tile George, at Amesbury, on Wednesday the 20th day Of September irist. between ' ti': c hours of twelve and One of the clock in the afternoon of that day, in the planner directed by the Act passed in the 3oth; year of ' life." reign Ot his present Ma- jesty for regulating Turnpike ltoads ;• - eeh letting to com- mence from the 29th'day of September next; and which Tolls: amounted. last year to the sums hereafter mentioned, above the expences of collecting, and Will be put up at the same sums respectively, via.. Mullen's fond and Fifield at ^ 114 0 . Countess Gate at fa 11 West Amesbury Gate at 1.44 0 Fleytesbury and Chitterh at JS- 2 ' 0 Wiley and Deptford, the Side Bar at Dept-, ford, and Langford, at 85 0 Bui ford at 22 2 - Whoever is the best bidder must, at the same time; give se- curity with sufficient . sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trus- tees of the said- Roads, for tbe payment ot tiie rent agreed for, at such times as they shall direct. ' 4380], JOHN' H0DU1NG, Clerk & . Treasurer. i^ OR SALE by AUCTION, by HARRY RES?, j . atthe Duke's Arms Inn, Marlborough; on Saturday the j 23d day of September 1809, at two o'clock in the afternoon, ( unless previously disposed of by " private contract, of which due notice will be given),— All that MESSUAGE or, DWEL- LING- HOUSE, with two Cottages, and all proper and con- venient out buildings, and several closes and pieces of Arable, Meadow, arjd Pasture Land, containing together by admea- surement 72a. a r. 9 p. ( mote or less), - of which 3 a. 0 r. Sii p. are water meadow : the whole, except the cottages, in, the occupation of Mr. Tho. Wentworth, whose term therein" ex- pires at MiehacltTHis next. These premises are'situate at Oakhi'll, in the parish of Frox- field, 7 nwles from Marlborough, arid 4 from Hungerfbrd. - The Messuage; and about 17 a.. Sr. 23 p.. are Leasehold, held for one life ane. d 70; one of the Cottages, and about 34 a. 3 r. 18 p: are Copyhold, and held for the widowhood of a lady aged < 51, and fora lite aged 71 ; and the other Cott , ee, and tiie residue of theLand ( about 20 a. 1 r. 8 p.) are. also Co- pyhold, and held trader the- manor of Kofth- Standen with • Oxkhill, for a widowhood aged Gl, and two lives aged 70 and 71. For viewing the premises apply to tbe tenant; and for parti- culars at the office of Messrs. Guy andMichell, in Cbippen- ham, where a map of the lands may be; seen-. . f- i5ii7 frloucest?)':< kire.—^— Sale of ' ftlvrino Skcsp. npo be SOLD by AUCTION, by W. MOORS and I. SON, on Friday and Saturday, the - 22- d and 2- id days of September ist) 9, ( by order of tbe Executors.!, at BowldoWn. Farm, 4 miles from Tetburv, and S miles from Kingscote,— TWO- THOUSAND MERl'X'G SHEEP, Two, Three, Four; and. Fiv--.- Dips. upon piireS: u'h- Dowr.. Cro. ssed'to this depth they will bear tile dfudsery of foUfng, the asperity of a severe climate,' and tbe artificial slihsister. ee' of a sterile soil ; the carcase suff rs no great deter oration ; and by careful sefcCtion it is clearly ascertlined, that breeders may secure'beauty, disposition to fa'tte n, and any weight their 1 in'd may retjuire ; while the wool, without calculating . upon- advenfitious specu- lation, realizes a. four- fold increase in value, and is equal to most, Spanish sample's.—- This' desirable stock strongly claims the attention of. al. l Sheep Farmers, and is. unquestionably the most profitable which can be placed upon a sheep", farm.' The. sale will begin precisely it ten o'cl ick e& ch- morning.. Catalogues may be had a fortnight precedhn; th. S sale, at the King's Head, and Bell, Glocestcr ; Plough, Chd'tefihartv; Ram, and King's Head, Cirencester; White Hart, ' girth ; White Lion, Bristol; Bear, Devizes; I ion, Salisbury; Hun- ters'Hall, Kingscote; Beacfort. Arms, Pet y t'rance ; White Hart, Tertiary; Fleece, Rpdborough ; Red Lion, NeWpott "; and of the Auctioneers, Tewkesbury. © d" The Remainder- of the Live " Stock, and the Imple- ments of Husbandry, on tile above farm, will be sold at Lady- d- iv next.—— rO. ie concern.) ' " [ 4379* Marine llesidoice and Estate, Hampshire. npo bs SOLD by AUCTION", in October ISOp, ' unless previously disposed of'J) v private contract:,— A FREEHOLD HOUSE and ESTATE", Called ROOK. CLIFF, in the p msh of Milford, near Lymington, I rants. The house is situated in a paddock of about 20 ecres, partly surrounded with plantations, and commands- most beautiful views of the Isle of Wight, Needles, andsurrottnding country. It consists of a drawing- room, dining- room, and library, with suitable bed- rooms, servants' offices,- and excellent cellars. The Est lie Contains 250 acre's [ more or lc- ssj of Arable and Pasture '. and, in a ring fence ; together with the Manors or reputed Manors of Milford Barnes and Milford Montague, The Land- tax is redeemed. The Estate is free of Great Tithes, except about SO acres, ftnd entitled to extensive Forest a'nd Common rights. . . About 100 acres are on an old lease, which expires 1815; the remainder ifc hand. There is a good kitchen garden, grccns- house, . ice- house, coach- houses, stal'Us, . barns, ox- sheiis, pig- styes, and all necessary farming buildings, most of Vvlveh have been erected within these few years ; together with a house forths bailiff, ' arid a labourer's cottage. The Furniture, fixtures, wines, prints, farming utensils and livestock, will be included in the purchase, or sold by auc- tion 0x1 tbe premises. For particulars, and tickets to view the premises, apply to Messrs, Graham, Kindetley, and Domviile, Lincoln's Inn, London. ' . ' f4t? 99 rO? he peremptorily SOLD, pursuant io a ikcree * of the. Wah Court of Chancery, made ii- a ' pause Selcox eerftas Bell, with the ' approbation of James Stanley, l.--]. one of the Masters t f the said Court, on Wednesday mt'Sofh of ' September instant, at the" Pln* hix Jim, in Giilini bum, in'tht county of Dorset; between thahsari of four, anil five of the clock in tbe afternoon,— A customary or Copyhold ESTATE of INHERITANCE, cKlled LANGHAM FARM, situate in the parish ol Gillinghani aforesaid, late the estate of William Read, Esq. deceased. Particulars whereof may be, had of Mr. Jackson, at the Chancery Office, Chancery- lane, London; of Messrs.' Pear- sons, solicitors, Pa nip- court, Temple ;' ol Mr. Dyne", solici- tor, Serjeant's h- n, Fleet- Street, Condon ;' 0f Mr. Cajrtlefnan, solicitor, Wifiborne Minster., Dorsetshire ;• of Mr. Bell or Mr. Edward Hanrtatn", in Gillin^ b'am af'- resaid, Where a map of the estate may be seen ; of Mr. Messfter, solicitor, Shaftes- bury; of Messrs. Messite'rs, solicitors, Wineariton. Soraer- " setshire; at the Red Lion Inn, Boilrton, . Dorsetshire ; and the place of sale. [ 4314 LUDWELL, NeAit SHAFTESBURY, ' O be SOLD by AUCTION,, on Thnrstlay the. Slst of Sept. 1- 809, at three o'clock in. the afternoon, at tbe Black Dos, it Ludwell, All that valuable Freehold CLOSE of LAND, containing 3 A. 3R.- 37P. situate behind' the' bl- ck. Dog in Ludwell, in the renting of Mrs.- Brothers, iSnant from y ar to year. For further particulars apply to Charles Bowles, Esq. Shaftesbury ; or at the Office of Mr. RowdCn, Attorney at Law., at Witnborne or Christc'iurch. • f- HH'a DORSETSHIRE. M. IXOR AND FARM FOR SALE-. • HPO be SOLD by. PUBLIC AUCTION', by Mr. JL J. JEASF. s, at the Antelope Inn, in Sherborne, " on Sa- turday the 23dday of September, 180,9, at four. ti'pie- ck in the afternoon ( subject to. such'. conditions as will- be. produced), unless disposed of in the meari time by privateixititract,— The ll'AVAP , f. r. nii. ve .-.„ l-> i. _ • McavliJ'tiiCFrcehr, l< i Villa, and hands, at See/ id, JViils. npo be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, at A the Bear Inn, Devizes, in the county* of Wilts, 011 Thurs- day the 2! st of September, 1 309, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon ( unless disposed of in the ' near, time by Private Contract, of which due notice Will be given)., in the following lots' , '. ' Lot 1.— All that compact and very deeirable FREEHOLD VILLA, situate in the delightful and very healthy village of Seericf, only 14 miles from Bath ( the London mad- andother coaches pa'ss near the'house, every day), comprising an en- trance hall, drawing room 24-} feet by 15, dining parlour 18 feet by I ' 1, breakfast . parlour, seven lodging rooms, coach- house, stables, dsiry house, and other appropriate conve- niences ; withgardeiis and nr> elegant lawn ir. Atmg tiie south, commanding, vefy' extensive and most lusurlant prospects. Also 10 acres of very rieh Pasture Land, adjoirdng and within aringft- ibce ( without a path through any part thereof), well supplied with unfailing, springs, of water. Also, a Pew iri S5e. ml Church.— Possession may be had immediately. Lot 2i— A piece of very Tich.' PASTURE LAND, near ad- joining the above, called Church Field Leazc, well ' supplied With water. Lot's.— A piece of PASTURE LAND, called Grote Field, near the last- mentidnCd premises. Lot 4.— All that " MESSUAGE ' or DWELLING- HOUSE, some time since used as an Inn, and callcd The Green Man, with a. large arched cellar where 500 flitches •> f f- acor. might be- cured yearly ; also a Shop, Bakehouse, Stable, . Garden, and Orchard, pleasantly situated at Seend- row. Lot 5.— A piece of ARALE LAND near adjoining and in front of the last mentioned lot. Lot n.— Two several picccs of PASTURE LAND, called The Glees,' .-..,-, ' N..- B.—' The. whole is Freehold, and the Land- tax has been ' redeemed, ' ' . - For further1- particulars' and a view of . the premises, apply to Mr, Usheri solicitor, at Seend, or to' Messrs. Flail and - Janrfian, solicitors; Bristol; , at! whose office a- plan of'the ee- itate- nwy be seen.. .. - '-. ' ' fi- lp'l Mi- iLKSHAM, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. KirmtT, at the i.' ing's Arms'ltm, Melksham, on" Monday the id -' day of Octolier 1? P9, at three o'clock in the afternoon,— ' Lpt 1-— A convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, and Garden, ii- the occupation of'Mrs. Mary Webb ;• and three other TE- NEMENTS adjoining thereto, with roomy Workshops and Lofts over them, in the occupation of Mr. Dowding, clothier, and others. The ganie- n ground lies against the turnpike '. road", and is an'eligible spot for building. ' I. ot S.'— A new- erected DWELLING- HOUSE, with exten- sive Workshops, adjoining to lot 1, and now in the occupation of Mr. Konywill,- Clothier. The above premises are situated near the Bell Inn, in M. ikshain., and are held under a giant for lOQO years. Futther ' particulars' may be had of the said Mrs. Wtb'i, whO' resides in ons - of these houses, or of Mr. Moule, at o ney at ' law, RL- lksham. [ K? Vt u nifi- nt of 300 statute and 330 customary acres of good arable', mea- dow, pasture, - orebartl,- and ce- epiee Land, lying within a ring fence, in the parishes of Lydlit. ch- and Sjoek Gayland, in the occupation of . Mr. John, Wiles,, as tenant. ' " • Tii. e above property is exceedingly . Well timber d, pleasantly situate in a'Very desirable part of trie county'of Dorset, in the neighbourhood of; good roads/ distant abeut 3 miles from the market towns of Staibridge tm- d St- urmihatei, 9 from Bland- ford, e from Sherborne, and 50 from Weymouth, The Minor abounds with Game, is bounded on one side by a good ttou. t Stream, being in; a fine sporting country, With fox- hounds and harriers at a'convenient distance. The farm- house is in an airy situation, commandinga beau- tiful prospect, is situate near the. centre of ' tJie'EJstii'e, and might, at a moderate eKpeuce, he made fit'for a gentleman's residence': and all the buildings are in complete reoSi'i'. Mt> Mr. Miles, the tenant, y/ iil shew the Fann.-— Posses- sion it! ay be had at Latly- day nest, or to suit the purchaser. Further information may be had of . Richard; M. csstter, Esq. •• Shaftesbury, whefe a Map" offhe Estate may be. seen, and of • Messrs, Messiter, Wincanton. ' [ 4^ 70 TO #. rktt& W BREEDERS, '( iR/ lZIES, H'. ~ CAFITAL STOCK OF SOUTH- DOWN SHEEP, SI'ETISBURIY,' NEAR ^ i. ANDFO B D, DORSET. . X) be SOLD by AUCTION, by PitiicY end FORCE, without reserve,. on the Premises at ? 4r. Shaw's ( who is leaving Spetisbury Fafm), .<-.# Wednes. d'ay, tbe 27th and Thursday theasth'days of September, 18091 at one o'clock' in the afternopn'of each day,^- All that excellent S I'OCiC of SOUTH- DOWN SHEEP, together with useful Cart Horses, two capital Colts ( tliree years- old), Cows, Implements of Husbandry, Cfops of Hay and Corn, the produce of upwards' of 300 acreSi .'..... ' • ;' l; fi The stock bf Sheep consisfs of B50 Ewes, '" Sri Rams, aild 4- 50 Lambs; all pure South Down; selected, from the'bifst breeds with great care, au'd. are all yojing. This stock will be worthy the attention of the curious in breeding, who may wish to change, 35 Spet. ishtuy. Farm is well kuown to be sound land, upon which - the flock has been bred, and no expenCe has . been, . spared to make it as good as any in the ' kingdom..' ' GataJogti. es may be had in due tirtie of Mr. Shatt, at tbe Farm; Ring's'Afms, Dorchester.; of R. Percy, Blandford; anfi of , T Parr.• ' V - — '. rI-• * . NEW FOREST, HANTS. ! P be SOLD by AUCTION, at Lyticiinrst, by order qf the Right Hon. Lord Gienberfie, Survn'orfc-.-- neral of his Majesty's Woods, F'orests, & e. on Ki 22d dav of September, 1809,— The following lots of NAYAf OAK. TOPS, CAST BEECH TIMBER, & c. & c. Tops. ,60 Lots. OAK TOPS. ' 2.— In E- urley Walk I Denny ditto .'.' 25 1. ™ Ironshill ditto' 13 1. Cietlemalwood do. 1 s 1.-—" Brambl- hili ditto.. 10 Lois. CAST BELCH. F. rid*, 2.—^ In Ashurst Walk .... 19 2. Lyndhurstdirio ... ;•> 4. flhinefieldditto 2. 7 Whitley Ridge do/. « ,:. l •• I iidv Cross « ii « to .. 7 2.-—- » rimblehillditto.. if, 4.—— CastP. malwotal doi as Also several lots- of Cpalfire, Co.- il IVood, and Bav< tw, in the said forest. [ 4330 For further jxirticulars apply to Mortimer, Ext. Ower WINCHHSTLR. TP he SOLD by AUCTION, oil the Premises, JL by Mr. M.'. sv, or," Tuesday the 2 ; th of September, and fallowing day, ai eleven o'clock,— Ti e. UOUSEHOLI) FURNITURE, Stock in Trade, an-! Shop I'. x'ttres, bcioneine to Mr. Doran, quitting bis residence in High- street. The Furriiiure compr- i- z- s four-;) ost and tent- bedsteads, with white dimity, printed cotton, and check hangings ; goose feather bet's, mattresses, and bedding; mahogany wardrobe ;, n, i drawers; dining, card, and claw tables; mahogany chairs and sopiias ; pier and dressing glasses; Scotch carpets": capital iron- bound half hogsheads; oak cistitn, lined w- th ie- ad ; queen's ware, glass, kitchen ' requisites, ! zc. 4c. Tbe Stock consists of japanned tui , tr. iys, cad iies, and dr-. ssine- eases ; knives, razors, and scissors ; morocco pocket books,' tombs, netting boxes, and trinkets ; counters, glass cases, and r. ces ot drawers; copper scales and weights; with uumerJus other art; e, lrs. g the sale, when cata- , , — id at the Auction . Winchester. r j. - j 0 N. B. The I- ioiischold Furniture Will be sold the firv To be viewed., on Monday preceding luues may be had'On tbe premises, ahe day. farming. Stock— WinhrM, ne. tr If iimhester, Han- . npo be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premb- s, J. by Mr. MAST, on Tuesday the 3d of October ISO" at eleven o'clock, The valuable STOCK in HUSBANDRY belonging toW. F. BHRV, ESq. leaving Hampshire; com prising between 000 and 400 South- down sheep and iambs ; 10 useful draught horses ; cows and piss ; 7 good wag- eons, S carts.; ploughs, rollers, drags, and harrows ; several sets of harness ; about three quarters of an acre of potatoes ; and a variety of other article's. Tb be viewed on Monday preceding the sale, when cata- logues may be had on the pt'eiuiscs, and at the Auctioneer's, Winchester. [ 4711 ANDOVER, HANTS. r5pO bo SOLD by AUCTION, by T. RAWLINS, J.. ; at the Upper Angel Inn, on Thursday the Slst of Sep- tember, 1309, The neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Sc. of a Gentleman of Andov r, leaving his residence; com- prising mahogany and other t'oilr- post and tent bedsteads with furniture ; goose and other feather beds ; blankets, counter- panes, - and coverlets; chest of ^ drawers; mahogany bureau ; dressing tables ; handsome pier and swing glass. 3; mahoaany dining, Pembroke, and card,, tabhs; cellaret, sofa, maho- gany and japanned , Chairs, a barometer, mahog- jiy knife ca- es, arc. kitchen requisit- s, kitchen raege compieie, cop- per and brr-- s boilers, brass furnace, upwards of - 10 gallons and one less. ditto, and numerous other articles, „ Sale to. b » gial precisely at one o'clock,' .[- KJ78 UPPER CLATFORD. np be SOLD by AUCTION, on tile Premises, L ' by T. Ramus,' on ' Porsdav the ? o'th of S ptember. I' ® ,-' The HOUSEHOLD FUKNH'UKE, & c. of the bite- Mr. Betty, deceased, at Upper Oatford aforesaid ; coafiprimngg tent and stump bedsteads, feather- beds, " blankets, conr. fr- piues; dressing tables and ." asses; night stool; mahogany dining,. Pembroke, and ':!,.'••.- tables; ditto beauiet and side- board; mahogany black stained and other chairs; glass; plated and- other caed!, 1* ticks ; Wilton catpet; sofa; coffee . and tea urns; books, jjapanned tray:;. Bath stove, kiic'Mi range, kitchen requisites, Copper boilers, & c.; large cucum- ber. frames, , and vannuS father artic les. Sale to begin precisely at on.- i o'clock. [ 4716 PENTON. ks A a AN DOVER, npo. be SOLD by AUCTION, by T. RAWLIN,., i at rile White Hart Inn, Penton aforesaid,- on Wednesday the 07tH - of September i? o. o, A ccnsidetable Guantitv of s I. iioncd Foreign FIR TIMBER ; cdhsistintr of Girders, B. a' ns, Plan's, Plates, Purloins, Tezel Posts, Rafters, Cciiing J. oists, & c. See. Which. Will be put in small Lots, for the accommoda- tion of purchasers.-— Sale to begin at one o'clock. • Fut a vU'W of the Tirrtber apply to Mr. Thomas Cutting, Barpentcr, of the same place. [ 47t? s ' CHARLTON, K^. ak ANDOVEll. ™ ' O be SOLD by AUCTION, by T. RAWLINS, at, the tippet Angel Inn, Andcver, on Friday the <* vh of September, lijtip,——- A desirable FREEHOLD ESTA'i'E, iConipfising a' large brick and tiled dwelling- house ,- e . \ adapted for tvvo families), with a, gftftd garden," barn, cxeel- jeut timber J- Jrd; together with about one acre and a h: If of land adjoining, situate at Charlton ' aforesaid, and now in the several, occupations of Mr. Steele, Carpenter and wheelwrkht, Mr. Holdway, and Mr. George Smith, f- loia- Sa'ie to begin at three o'clock. For a view of the- premises apply to the tenants; and for further particulars to T. Rawlins, Auctioneer, Andov- er. CHUTE, WILTS. ' " ~~ TO be SOLD bv, AUCTION, without Reserve, by T. RAWI. SN'S, at the Cross K ys Inn, Chi t', on Monday the 2dof Octobef, l- Sti;?,—- The STOCK of a 1.1NFN- DRAPER, HABERDASHER, & c. rem ; v, d for convenience of sale to the above Inn. The Goods comprize a gre , t variety of printed linens and cottons; plain and figured. tmuslins; mnslinets ; dimities ;. lace and etlgings; fine Irish sheeting; Iri- h and home- bleached mi'i':?; c. iurterpane. s, quiltv. and cove- lids; scarlet and . Bath lieiver cloaks ; silk handherchi. fs and shawls ; worked muslin, shawls, caps, and habit shirts ; women's and children's bone stryS ; strip- id and plain linsevs ; Welch fliwnel, hosiery, ' hats,- gloves, shoes, ire. and various . Other, articles in the above line, QZT On ace iufit of the number of lots, tbe sale will hessin at . eleven o'clock. , . . ' [ 4^ 1 S CLANVI- LLE, N'EAK ANDOVER. rpO be SOLI) by AUCTION, on the premises, Jt by T. RAWtiK'S, on Wednesday tbe 4th of October rRon. - The FARMING STOCK, a ' filed Granary 1:-. nine pah of sr'oneri, part of the HQUSEllOL- D FURNITURE, kc. of Mr. Dee, reniovtd'from Clartville aforesaid,— The Stock ce. m- . ptjses aSiiiail riek of clover and rye- grass hay, a strong narr-- vy- wiiedled " waggon, plough, harrows, fan and tackie, . rn screen and heaver, barley chunr- pers, liUshel measure, .:,--. " fidders, iron bars. Wood'chain( wfigg'- n jack, cove cr. fi, pair of cha'se wheels, ditto sharps, lamps, and iron asle; dunnVty of. hutdles, fire'. Veod, ladder, & c. The I'urtiituie " consists of dinner and claw tables, mahogany and other chairs, kme pier, glass, prints framed, and glazed, a sofa with cOitoh cover, walnut- tree chest. of dravrers, eWal dresser, copper, coal scix- p, kitchen, rejuis'ftes^. l^ astiirg jack, shop counter with drawers, tea cauist ft, scales and weights, brewing and'washing u;-. r.- s. ils," ha'i'f- hogshead copper'' as fixed, Willi iron urate, ' copp; r rboildfs, fiscs about - lOOOrOld tiles, . and i. umr- ious'oiiicr effi. Sale- ts> begin at eleven o'clock. ' r; C7 .... . FINCHES 11.;;. ' " ' HO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. N, • JSL ' and Gouwijf, on Tuesday the 21> th day of September, 809,'- at the White Hart Inn,, in Wiuchts'fer, between the lours- 6 and 8 " o'clock in the afternoon. - The following and J. Force, . Vrirtiborue. TJie Sheep wiU. be sold oh the first day. [ 1545 DORSET.—- CAPITAL FRF.' KIIOLD ESTATE. O be SOLD by AUCTION, - at the Crown Inn, . in the parish of Alrirnhull, on Monday ihe 4th of October - liiOfl, at four o'cioek in tbe afternoon, subject- to such '' oii- dftions as will be then produced;— Ail that capital FAlIM, with its Appurtenances., called LYMBURGH FARM, in the parishes ot Mamhili and'l> dbere ; consisting of a convenient Farm- house, out- buildirtgs, ' orcharding, and 113 - a. 1 r, 2u p. of exceeding rich and welj- conditipned'Grazing. Pasture, and Arable Land, lying within a ring fence, and new ih the occu- pation of Mr. John Hunt, as tenant-. Tiie Estate is most eligibly situate With regard to markets i n broads, being three mile?" distant from'Stutminster and St bridge,)' six from Shaftesbury, and'ten from Sherborne. "• h ' p. e- mis.- s may be viewed on application to the Tenant; an- fur- hern formation may be hail of V! r. J. Ui. lout, soli- citor, L . njrtiin, near Eiandiord, or of 1. ii, Ki.^ bt, Anneiston, near Blrindf.- rd. ' fis^ i 1S0.9; hours- of ESTATES, situate in and near Winchester, in the county of Hants, dri nine Lots, sObject'to conditions to be then ar/ J there, produced- i t Lot .1.— Three tenements or dwi llinor- house;, situate on the Causeway, in Winchester, in the occupation of Messrs. Smith, Carter, and. Dorc. Lot 2.— A . dwelling- house, gardeii, and work- shop, situate in KingSgite- street, Wineliesicr, in the occupation of'Mrs. Bradfi- eld; alsro a dwelling- hoi,'..- and garden adjoining thereto, in tbe occupation of. Mrs. Ccric. Lot 8.— A dwelling- house and garden, situate in Kingsgate- stteet, in the ocsujiafion of ihe Rev. F. Iremonger; toge'ther with a stable and piece of land i.-' j ining. Lot 4.— Three 4wel! iii:.-;- hce: s.,-:, situate in Kingsgate- Street. in the.. occopatiqn of iVlessrs. Browning, Pullen, and Annells. Lot 5,,— A piece ofTand, called Fishercioii-, siiui. n- in the parish of St, Michael's, Wirt'cl: ster, containing - abofif one acre, ir. the ocCupatiot- i of Mr. Jafnes Wells. Lot 6'.— A piece of land, near" Kingsgarc street, called la- vender Mead nv, containing 1 A. OR. OS P., now in the occu- pation of Mr, James Wells, Lot 7.— A piece of land, called Ciipsjei'Meadow, tvthn- free, in St. Fal'tfi's,. Winchcsrer, coirlaming about five acies, and in the- occvpstion of Mr. dame- Wells.' Lot 8.— Stshdry pieces ct; parcTs of copyhold land, sit in the ' parish ot Wir. all, near W inchester, in the oeeupn of Mr. James Wefts. • Lot 8,— A nidi - ty of the Tolls of St.' Giles's Hill Fair, near the city of Winchester. The above B| lf: ites I erree'-.-: i'r- lot 4, which is on a lease for 500 years, froth Nov. in, i.-" 18 ;- End lot 8, copyhold ol laves, under the Coll.- ge of V.' mchester!, rue held under ren wable leases from the Dean and Chapter and the Corpciation of Winchester, at low reserved r- nt » .—' 1 he . r. eveial xccupiers of ' dwelUng'lieuses have hail notice to quit at Michaelmas IB119, and the occupier ci the land is tenant from year to \ ear. Particul ars may be known 1 y application to Messta.. Strong, S- i:!, and Strong, solicitors, Lirn- i ln's Inn. London; or to Messrs. Hale and Godwin., auctioneers, Wiucl-. s . ter. ftrafi situ rile occupation « ... irn^ t THE SALISBLilY- AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL.,. 6 ' undo > ost.- - By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, : USURP UN . SATURDAY NIGU'l', SEPT. 16. AJIMIRALTY- OFFI- CE, Sept. 15. \ T1CE- ADM 1IIAL Whit shed. Commander in ' Chief on t if. Coast lit'Ireland, Ins transmitted the copy of a tetter from Capt. Worth, of his Majesty's sloop lh leitu, stating hjs hiving ea, tured, on the 1- t iust. in hit. - 1 >. 0. N, long. 8. 10. W. Le Jason French lugger piivateer, ( piei :;.: d for ten guns and forty- four men, from Hiyoi. uo, twenty- one day « , not made a capture) after a chace of - eventy miles ; she threw her guns overboard ex- cept two. Her oture was fortunate, as she would have intercepted a j acket which the Helena crossed during the cbace. WHITEHALL, . Sep.'. LG. The King has been pleased to nominate and appoint Major- General John Cope Sherbroke' to be one of the Knights Companions of the Most Honorable Order of the Balb. WAK- OFFICE, Sept. 16. LieutenaKt- G;- neral Sir James HeYirv Craig, K. E. from tbe 22( 1 Foot, to be Colonel of tbe 731 h Reg. of Foot, vice Lieut. Gen. Mackenzie FraZtr, deceased. A Corirt of Common Council was held yesterday, for the purpose of considcring- the propriety of celebrating in a particular manner, on tho 23th of October next, the 50th anniversary of the accession of our gratiousSo* ereig< i to the Throne. " Kir Wm, Curtis, after some merited com- pliments to the distinguished virtues of his Majesty, sub- in tted two resolutions to tbe above effect; which, after some conversation, were carried unanimously. PR1CLS OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three o'Clock. Bank Stock, shut. ! n ha Stock, — South Sea Stock, — ' o yt Cent. Red. shut. 3 p. Cent. Cons. | 4 y- Cents, shut: 5 - jfi- Cent. Navy, 9.0J § 5 • jp. Cent. 1797, ;— ii Long Ann. i India Bonds, ids. ! 9j. pi 10J. 1 " Exc- hequy Bills, gs |! Omnium, — ii Irish 5 C& nts. — Imperial 0 ^ Cents. — j English Lot, Tickets, 21/. l 7 | j Ditto Prizes, full money. SALISBURY, MONDAY, SEPTEM B ER 18, 1809. BANKRUPTS. Sir JTaUhr. v^ lnxaTl, Knt. of : ii-; iciehurcti, ptrflet. London, banker. . Sir ': 0 Kat. Thomas Wilkinson, and Win- Hlojcam, Of Cir ; c-- eliurcli-* treijtt, Len'dwl, hankers. Tu s.'. oO, sen. sod i'ho. i. Smith, jun. of Wakefield, linen- drapers. Jai'. iv. ovl l- Iiliviiia oi' abuk- lATl. e, Laidoil, pork- butcher, John s<. u'li, of L'ariiff, iro. uaongcr, j .5' pli Gregory, of Le- e.' el, maViga. nei'. e dealer. Kdwarrii. of Loath, spirit uifichaiu. Geo. Sim . ads, of (. apfi- ec- raw, Cieil. fciiH- elt, baker. ioattT v . e, of Osi" M- a market, eaicAae- Oel- tier. Wm. Wr. ol foils, Norfolk,- nui> enter }( . H. Twveiuis; < . e. o o.- stieet, tl, thorn, ' \ Vr . Hi. •> k-! ay- lmv- j, of Old Ponl, VfiS • tiler. .•:' fx, d. yem-' LONDON. SATURDAY I. i'& ti I S'G, SEPTEMBER, IS. Hamburgh Papers to the 6th i lists were received last > ii- » bt. Their contents are very important. Tbe accounts relative to Austria and Prance continue to be contradictory, some staling that there is nO doubt of the negotiation ter- winatin^ iu peace, Whilst others assert the result of tbe conferences to be directly the reverse ; that the French Minister has left Altenburgb, and that the llinpcjor of Austria has given tbe required notice of his intention to re* commence hostilities. Without deciding on this great question, it may be observed, . that tho Emperor Francis is affoided a strong inducement to continue the contest, in tiie invincible spirit displayed by the brave Tyroleans in their determined hostility to the enemies of their indepen- dence. These gallant Patriots have ehtirely defeated several i'%- o iaii and Saxon corps, and even the army of the Duke ol Dantzic has been nimble to make any bead against them. On the 13th u'. t. they sustained a desperate conflict With tbe French corps commanded by the Duke of Daiitzie, from > ix o'clock in tbe morning till night, and the result was evidently iu their favour. Besides .1,10 number of tbe enemv slain, they either took prisoners, or out off, between ii and 9000 men. " They defend themselves ( says the enemy) like desperadoes, and Tyrol now presents another La Vendee." They have carried their successes to an un- looked- for extent, and are even preparing to invade Ba- varia ; in consequence of which the whole of tbe French and confederated forces are to be concentrated near Munich. At an extraordinary meeting of the Diet of Siebenburgen, 4000 cavalry and 14,000 infantry were voted for the defence of the Austrian manarcby. One half to be raised in tbe course of a month, the other half during tbe eiisuitig'mouth. Several promotions have taken place in the Austrian army, and Count Metternich lias been nominated First Minister of State.- Tbe promotions have been made in favour'of persons supposed disinclined to peace, Til.; Elector of Saxony, with his family, are to set out for the Duteby of Warsaw. Floro the preparations which were making, it was supposed they would not return for a long time. Every thing of value, even the articles of the Green- vault, were to be tiansported with them and tbe whole of the Saxon army was to follow. Hnmburgli papers to the 7th inst. Paris to the 28th ult. Berlin to tbe 301b ult. Frankfort, Prague, and Man- heim papers to the 1st. inst. are all arrived this morning, but they contain little intelligence. Several changes in the Austrian Ministry are mentioned in articles from Vienna ; and it is added that the greater part of tbe Austrian array proceeds to Hungary. An article from Prague says, that the Archduke Ferdi- nand, after having been forced to evacuate ( iallicia, has filtered Bohemia with about 12,000 men. It is mentioned as a repoit in an article from Frankfort, that peace was signed on the 24tli of August. We ai' « informed from Warsaw, that in Lemberg, and the ot' er towns in Galicia where the Russians are, tbe oa of ful dity to Napoleon lias not been taken. V.' o team from Paris, that Bonaparte has created six new p.. • s. These are the Secretary of State, who is created Dr. s. e of Bassauo ; tho Mini' t T of Foreign . tyf- it's Duke of Cad a-- the Minister of General Police, Duke of Otranto ; tb-- Minister. of Ffnante, Duke of Gaol a; the . Minister of War, Duke of Veleteri; and tile Minister of Justice, Duke ofMassa and Carrara. The Dutch in the island of Java have ' lately been enga :; od in extensive hostilities with the Chiefs of the in- terior. A strong detachment of Dutch troops from Sa- na nig, which was sent against the dominions of the King of Kooloo, had been cut Off to a man. A Mail from Flushing arrived yesterday. The sickness among our troops has not abated : more " than 9000 of the army in Walchuren were reported to be sick at tbe time the Nelson packet ( which brought ttie Mail) sailed from Flushing. Twenty- five sick. Officers arrived in the packet, anil lauded on Thursday at Harwich. General M'Kenzie I'razer, w ho returned from Flushing only a few days ago, died on Thursday, lie was an excel- lent Officer, and much beloved by the army. Lord Chatham landed at Deal yesterday morning. Sir R. Keats also arrived in the Superb, of 74 guns, with six sail of the line, bringing with them about. 5000 troops. When the squadron left tin1 Scheldt, the French troops in the neighbourhood were fast increasing, and the Uotilla ol gnu- boats, brigs, & c. aniounti/ ig to near » P0 sail, were coining down tbe river. Two regiments are under orders for the West Indies, to replace the 3~ th and G3d, now reduced to a skeleton, and just returned by the last West India fleet. At the time the fleet left Martinique, Sir George Beckwith was pre- i ing an expedition against Guadaloupe; and Sir George i ievost was expected with a force from Halifax. COVENT- C. ARORN THEATRE is completed, and- the open- ing is announced for Monday next. It is certainly one of the most splendid and perfect theatres ever erected ; but the Proprietors have not acted generously 4iy- the public. They talk of the immense stiifl they have expended in the building ( 150,000/.) whereas it appeal's they have riot expended a shilling of their own money. They received 75,000/. from the insurance offices, and from the sale of the old materials, and the other 75,000.'. they borrowed from' the public in 500/. shares, and for which the subscribers are to receive 5 per cent, and a free admission, which is amply provided for by extra room, aud by making no less than thirty- four private boxes, let at - 100 guineas per annum each, making a rental of 1- 1,2S0/. and from which alone they have a clear extra gain ot' 6", 930/. per annum; yet on pretence of iheir great expenditure,. they have raised the price of admission to the boxes to 7' s. the pit to 4s. and the lower orders are almost shut out from tho house, for so little attention has been paid to their accommodation, that the upper gallery is made to contain only 201) persons ! Th- sa circumstances occasion olnervations on the injustice of toe patent monopoly, which msy jn lime make an im- pression ruinous to the monopolists. HOPE.- - Th picking in Kent commenced la t week, and became geqeral this wrwlw It is barely p - s'ible at present to form a jqdgmt- nt of thetfc> n. but on a rough estimation it would seem the produce v. ubUi, be greater than at first expected i th • quality. is. good, anil many bright samples will probably be produced. The accounts from the'Wealds of Kent and" Sussex state the crops iu those parts as the be, t in tbe kingdom ; in general the observation is, that those grounds which Were strong in bine when the vermin attacked lb ill, have suffered lsast, and are in consequence much improved. port Bstog, Plymouth, Sept. 15. We learn by the Pickle schooner, from Corunna, that a large body of French aie on their march for that city, and daily expected. • The ' Spanish ships at Ferrol are fitting out very fast, to be sent round to Cadi?, to prevent their falling into tbe bands of the French. The Spanish General Ballastoriani, Com- mander of the army lately under Cuesta, has 35,000 men in arin « , and eould muster 50,000, if arms could be procured. On Monday came in the Potomac, from New York and Madeira. Ot. the 6th inst. off tbe Lies of Stilly SAV. 10 leagues, she was chaced by a French schooner privateer, of 12 guns, which, on a gun- brig with a convoy heaving in sight, immediately hauled her wind, and sheered off. PORTSMOUTH, Sept. l6. The Pomona, Captain Lloyd, is arrived heto from St. Kitt's, and gives the fol- lowing distressing account relative to the homeward- bound West'tndia fleet:— On the 23th ult. saw a number of the ileet with loss of masts and top- masts ; also several of tbe Jamaica fleet, which had joined in the night. Capt. Lloyd Counted 60 sail, but could not discover the Commodore; spoke the ship Thomas, of London, from St. Kitt's; the Master said, she had four feet water ih tbe hold, and they could not free Iter; the fore- topmast was blown over, and niizeii- maii out away. Spoke on tbe 29th, the Ii is. Strange, from Grenada to London, and tbe Isca, Lloyd, trom Tri- nidad to Dover; each of them had both their topmasts blown over., and their foresails blown to pieces. Spoke the Hero, Bear, from St. Vincent's to Loudon ; she had lost her foremast and milen- topmast, and tbe bead of her rud- der twisted off. The Hero informed Capt. Lloyd that lie saw tbe Captain mart of war the night before making tele- graph signals to the Express brig ; her mizen- rrtast gone, and tbe brig's foretopniast. Capt. Lloyd made sail in pur- suit of tbe ships. arhead, and left nine disabled ships, and two without loss, wliiah had each a disabled ship in tow ; one was a ship of iGguns, formerly belonging to Scot- land, iilid employed in the slave trade, now belonging to London. On the 31st spoke the brig Perry, from Grenada to Cork : she bad been blown over, but her topmasts gave way, and, as the gale abated,, she righted. On tlie morn- ing of tbe 28th saw two men on a wreck, bnt could not give them any assistance. An order from the Admiralty arrived here yesterday, for the whole of the copper- bottomed transports, assembled at Spithead," to proeeeiito Lisbon with the Ajax man of war, which takes convoy to the Mediterranean. It is hence in- ferred that. Government have resolved to evacuate tbe Pe- ninsula, and that tbe empty transports are sent to bring away our troops. Monday-— Arrived the Kent, of 74 guns, Capt. Rogers, from Gibraltar, » md Is put under quarantine at the Mother- bank'; Fylla, of 32 guns, Capt, Rodney, from Lisbon. tl'eJnesday— Arrived the Lavinia, of 40 guns, Captain Lord Wm. Stuart, from Flashing.— Sailed the Christian Seventh of 74 guns, Capt. Sir I. J. Yot'ke ; aud Warspite, of 71 guns, Capt. Bowles, to cruize off Cherbourg. Thursday.— Arrived the BelleUle, of 74 guns, Captain Coekburn, from Flushing, and Sarpedon sloop, Captain Davies, from Cork. Friday.— Arrived tiie Statira, of gun?, Capt. Boys ; Hyperion, of 32 guns, Capt. llco'die, from Flushing ; and Chanticleer sloop.— Sailed the Goshawk sloop, Captain Innes, off Cherbourg. Saturday.— Arrived the Centaur, of 74 guns, Captain Weblcy; Valiant, of 74 guns, Capt. Shoitland; Marlbo- rough, of 74 guns, Capt. Phillimore, from Flushing, and sundry transports with sick troops; Horatio, of 38 guns, Capt. Scott, from Halifax, and Coquette sloop, Captain Forbes, from Quebec; Hardy gun- vessel, from the Downs, and Nereus, of 32 guns, Capt. Henivood, from Weay- niouth,— Sailed the Lnite, Capt. Campbell, Tortoise, and Weymouth store ships, for the Downs. Came into harbour the Lavinia and Dryad frigates. rjpiIE WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER Iff. On Monday last, at a Common Council at the Town Hall, Atidover, William Ludlow, Esq. was elected Bailiff, and Philip Henry Poore and Ralph Etwall, Esqrs. Justices for the year ensiling. The chief Magistrate and other Officers of the Town of Southampton, for. the year ensuing, were chosen yesterday. Wm Lituott, Esq. was elected Mayor \ Mr. Wm. J- oiliffe, Sheriff; Geo. Atherlev, Esq. and Mr. Rd. Eldridge, Bailiffs; after which the present Mayor gave an elegant dinner at'thc Dolphins to the Corporation and other Gentlemen of the town and neighbourhood. . Yesterday also Mr. Mackie, juu. was elected a Burgess of tlie Corporation of Southampton. The influx of company at Cowes, during the bathing season, has this summer been greater than ever'. The Theatre has been warmly patronized. The Princess Sophia of Gloucester commanded the - performances on Wednesday evening, when. there was the fullest bouse ever known there. On Monday the 43th regiment of foot marched from this city for Portsmouth. The (". urai a frigate, of 36 guns, is to be launched from Northam yard, Southampton, on Saturday next. At Giles's Hill Fair, on Tuesday, a large quantity of Cheese was pitched, the sale of which was very- brisk, at the following prices:— New from 31, to Si. 12.!. Old from 4/, 4s.. to 4/'. 10s. and prime Old 4/. 1 o. v. per cvvt.—' There was also a good shew of young Colts, which were nearly ali sold, at high prices. Early on Tuesday morning, as Mr. Bell was coming through Anfield Wood to the above fair, be was stopped by three foot pads, and robbed of four clieeses: soon after, a cart from Motcomb, Dorset, was robbed of eight cheeses; and another cart of two cheeses; with which the thieves got clear off. BIRTH.] On Sunday, at Winchester House, Chelsea, tl) C Lady of the Hon. and lley. Thomas De Grey of a daughter. Lately was married, at Andovcr, by the Rev. Wm. Pedder, Mr. Reeves, grocer jmd tallow- chandler, to Miss Mary Baker, both of the same place. On Friday Jast was married Mr. Thomas Norris, to Mrs. Elizabeth Hay ward,' both of Lymiiigton. On Monday was married, at Boldfe, by the Rev, John Bird, Richard Hoskings, Esq. of Woodsidc Cottage, to Miss Armstrong, only daughter of Charles Armstrong, Esq. of Brockenhurst. On the 2d iiist. died, opi hoard hjs Majesty's ship Courageux, offWalelieren, in the 20th year of his age, Edward Morant, Ivsq. Lnsign in ihis- jst Foot Guards. On the 3Uth of July died, in Spain, inconsequence of a wound received at theabJtUe of Talayera, Cant. & aml. Gauntlett, of the' 29th l'egt. of foot. On Friday evening died, at Christchurch, in her 85th year, Mrs. Jackson, the mother of the late Rev. Mr. JasWson, Vicar of that place. The Friendship, of and from Bridgewater, Batten, master, laden with timber, bound to Southampton, t- un- dered on the 2d inst. within 8 leagues ol Mi! ford. The crew were saved. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales arrived io tliis city 011 Friday evening, changed horses at tile White Hart Inn, and proceeded for Weymouth, to visit the Princesses Mary and Amelia, The health of the Princess A melia has been so much benefited by her residence at Weymouth, that hopes are entertained of her Royal Hi jbness's complete recovery. W7e have received a letter from the Lady Lydia Edgcumbe de la Villebague ( daughter of Richard Lord Edgcuinbe, aunt to the present Earl of Mount Edgoumbe, aud widow of M, de la Vdlebague) commenting on a para- graph ill our last, in which the merits of General Osten,. late second in command of the French garrison at Flushing, were set forth, with the remark, that General Monnet was Governor of Flushing ten years, and had accumulated 100,000/. This Lady states ( and we have no doubt truly) that General Monntlt merits every Word of tin* praiiie be- stowed 011 General Osten ; ai\ d she herself had experienced the most generous protection from him, whilst in much distress, last year, 011 tbe island of Waltheren, She found him a Gentleman of the most refined manners, hospitable, generous, and friendly; but bis fortune is merely a military one, and by no means so large as lias been stated. We willingly insert thus much in justice to tbe General, and regret that want of room precludes our inserting ibe whole ot the Lady's letter. ^ WILTON- SAINT GILKS'O . ORZ. VT SHEEP FAIR was held 011 Tuesday last tbe 12th instant. The situation, arrangements, and accommodation of this Fair, exceed any thing of the kind in England. The number of sheep penned amounted to 66,000. The sales were particularly dull 011 horned and South Down ewes ; but fleshy and good South Down and horned wethers and lambs sold very briskly, and at a great price. Wethers fetched from 36V. to 52s. per bea/ 1,— Ewes from 22*. to 36. « . por bead,— anil Lambs from 16s to 25s. per head. Mr. Budden, of Lain- ston Farm, near Cranborn, aud Mr. Self, of YVitchbury Farm, near this city, obtained tbe high price ol 31s. per bead for South Down lambs. The preference continued very decidedly in favour of the South Down stock. Mr. Sykes, of Kihnington, Hants, exhibited many Spanish rams; and the shew was very great of South Down, Leicester, and Cotswold rams, from tbe choicest of stocks. The number of horses was great, aud those that were good sold very high. The WHEAT HARVEST being now concluded, the follow- ing may be considered as an Impartial estimate of the pro- duce 1— Wheat on the strong lands short in quantity, but good in quality. On the light and cold lands a fair crop as to produce, bnt much infected with the smut. Some strong lands, which last year produced four quarters an acre, do. not this year average more than three ; but with respect to weight, the quality is considerably better than that of last year. Oil tbe whole, from the various ac- counts, the produce may be estimated at about l- 8th short of what is termed an average crop, taking tbe medium of an average crop at three quarters an acre. The quality however generally so superior, tbe deficiency of the quan- tity may probably be obviated, so as to raise the produce of nutriment equal to that of last year. On Saturday the Qth inst. was married, at Rer- mondsev Church, by tire Rev. J. Henderson, Charles Fox, Esq. of the Grange, to Fanny, second daughter of Robert Rich, Flsq. of Southwark. After the ceremony, the hippy couple left tow n for Weymouth. Oil Monday was married" Mr. Box., surgeon, of Market- Lavington, to Miss Giles, of Crookwood. On Tuesday was married, at Westbory, Mr. Geo. Bailey, woolstapior, to Miss Sarah Vine, both of that placc. . Oil Thursday last was married, at St. Edmund's church, by the Rev. T. Davis, John Davis, Esq. of Fisherton Delamere House, in this county, to Miss Swayne, only daughter of Mrs. Swayne, of this city. The same day was married Mr. Samuel Foot, solicitor, . econd son of Henry Foot, Esq. of Berwick bit. Jobu, to Miss Loder, both of this city. On Thursday last was married, at Cbarminsfer, bv the Rev. Mr. Meech, Mr. Grey, surgeon, . of Sher- borne, to Miss Fookes, of Wolverton House, near Dorchester. On the 2lst of August died, in Spain, Wrilliam Calcraft, Esq. late Major iti the 7 th Light Dragoons. On the 2,3d ult. died, at Dorchester, Robert Lam bert, Esq. On Saturday the f> th inst. died, at Weymouth, after a few days illness, Capt. Riehatd Cairathcrs Corne, of the Royal Nave. On Tuesday died, - at llenstridge, Mrs. A ml Cap- per, relict of the late C, Gapper, lvsq. of that place. A CAt'Ti > . < 0 the Owners and JJriri rs of lt'aergons.— Isaac Wilms and Edward Flower ( owners of waggons) were lately convicted before Sir William a'Gourt, at j Heytesbury, in the penally of twenty shilling* each, for being up in their waggons and driving furiously through the parish of Bishopstrow'. On the fitii mst. Elizabeth Mott, wife of John Mott, of Cbarniinsct*, near Dorchester, who was detained in Dorchester ' astle oil a charge ol bigamy, was liberated, at. the earnest request of her first husband, who had kindly ro- oived, on the death of the second ( which took place a few days prior, at the house of tbe first), to take his faith- ful, affectionate, and loving spouse a second time to bed and board. Four male convicts, under sentence of transportation to New Soueh W ales, were 011 Monday taken from Fisherton Gaol, and conveyed to Portsmouth, where they were put on board the. Captivity hulk. Fourteen male coiivlets, from Bristol, were lodged in Fishcrtou Gaol on Thursday night, and on Friday they were removed to Portsmouth, and put 011 board the con- vict ships for transportation. Among them were two bovs, sons of the noted Pill, who was executed here about three years agij. They had been convicted of stealing bats from a shop iu Bristol. And 011 Friday six male eonviets, from Ilchester, were escorted - tbiaaugh this city, in their way to Woolwich. Among. them was Capt. Davison, late of the Royal Marines, convicted of a robbwyat Taunton. ' I'o CORRI. II'ONDI'. XTS.— The interesting account of Ann Moore, of ' Trent, in Staffordshire, communicated In/ a Ueverend Divine, is' ' unavoidably deferred till our next publication. STATE JMTTFAiY- DRAWING wilt BEGIN and FINISH 011 the 20th of next Month. Tickets and Shares, in great I ' atieiy of Numbers, ALLE SEI. I. ING r. v BRODIE, DOWD1NG, AND LUXFORD, ' PRINTING- OFFICE, SALISBURY; who sold in the last Lottery No. Sb'lR, the Grand Capita! J'rize of ONE THOUSAND TICKETS, which produced J& M, 766!!!— also Np. 9134,- a Prize Qt" £ 40,000— No. a Prise of i;? 0, H00— one of £ i0,00u— several of £' 500, frc. and where five Prizes of ,£' 20,000 were se-! d in the preceding Lotteries. , • . . , 14770 THERE will be a BALL, for the Master of the Ceremonies, on Tuesday, Sept. 19, at tie Long- Rooms, Southampton. , W. LY- NNfe, M. C, GCJ* Tickets to he had of .'. St. Lynne and of Messrs. Baker and Fletcher. SOUTHAMPTON RACES, 1809. THE BALL and SUPPER will be at the Rooms 011 Friday the 29th of September, being the second day of the Races. * - , Sir Tl IOS. TANCRED, Bart. lc,„„,,„ i, J. BET I'ESWORTH TRSjVANFI'ON, Esq./ ( JCJP Gentlemen's Tickets Omj Guinea, Ladies' ditto Five Shillings. - ' £ 47- 18 I TO BRIGADIER- GENERAL SLADE.' Sin, Bog to acquaint you, that the Non- camfflissioncd Officers, Truiiip-' ters, and Privates of the Royal Dragoons, have voted you too Gtiintjiis for the purchase of a Sword, Which they respectfully acquest yoy will be pleased to accept, in testimony. of their respect ; yjd regard, arid of the'just sense they entertain of the uniform- attention you have paid to their welfare. I have been deputed by theni to make this com muntcation, and to take the liberty of expressing to you, in behalf of the whole, ihe satisfaction they feel in jour em- barking with them tor service, with their hope that the regi- ment will be in your brigade. I am, Sir, most respectfully, Your obedient humble servant,. ( Signed) WILLIAM WADDLE, Serjeant- Major, 1st ( or Royaij Dragoons. Cove oj Cork, Aug. 31, IS09. THE GENERAL'S REPLY. CoceofCork, Alig. Si, 1809. SERJEANT MAJOR,— I have received your letter, notifying to me the intention, oa part of the Non- commissioned Officers, Trumpeters, and Privates of the Roval Dragoons, to present me with a Sword, and that you arc deputed. by the Regiment to make me this communication.:— I accept it, and shall wear it with pride and exultation ; but I cannot suf- ficiently express the grateful feelings of my heart on the ocoasioa. 1 have done no more than my duty by them ; this has always be n met by a ready obedience to my ordets, the best proof of their respect ami regard. I cannot deny the satisfaction 1 feel io going with them on service; it is what I liavc most earnestly sought tor, anil I am confident they will do their duty. I wish this to be under- stood by the regiment, and to assure them of the sincerity with which I am their friend and well- wisher. ( SignedJ JOHN SLADE, Brigadier- General. 7o Serjeant- Major H'addle, bit ( or ticryalj Dragoons. Sept. \ Salisbury; Qiiartvi — Bread per Gallon. Barley. Oats. Beans. Blead s. s. s. s. s. s. d. 88 to 4h 32 to 42 lis to 7.1 1 4 iiS to 4- 2 28 to ; J8 55 to 69 3 3- J 34 to 4> 33 to 4"! 50" to S4 — 34 to 45 29 to 43 5fi to fit! 2 21 35 to 4 1 25 to 40 55 to li* 2. . 2 2 44 to 57 .3- 2 to 44 fi- 2 to. 7 2 Devizes, 1- 5 SO/ 11I!! Newbury, 14 ; 90( nt2S Andover 1 a -< 7 to 114 Warminster, lo! 8<> ri* t 181 Weight of the Ga'lon Loaf, 8//-. 1,10z.— Half- Gall. - Mb. S$ » x w - A CURACY ANTED in the Neighbourhood of SALISBURY', by a Clergyman in full Orders. - Enquire- at the Printing- Oflice. 14770 FED, A steady, single, active MAN SERYAK'T, to live in the Country, as FOOTM AN" and BCTI. ER< He mil'', thoroughly understand his business; and be well rceotru'icrided from his last place. - Apply to the Printers; if hy letter, post paid. [ 4770' TO WRITING ASSISTANTS. ANTED at Michaelmas next,— AyotmgMAN, of good disposition, to assist in the. various duties of an English Seminary. A liberal satlary va il be giv< n to a person well recommended.—^ Letters ( post paid . including specimens of penmanship, . jddressed to W. WILL'S, Boarding- School, Cas. tle- street, Salisbury, will be dtily attended to. [ 4774 OST, about six weeks,— A CHESTNUT MAKE, Impit blind, and lame in one Of her hinder legs, with large bone spavin, and therefore of little value;— put if stolen, the Informer shall re.- five TEN GUINEAS on ccn- vietioil; or if strayed, tbe person shall be regarded for his tiouble of bringing her 1,0 Mr. Poyuton's, Fritham, near EtanuLuw, New Forest. [ 4709 w L SHERFIELD ENGLISH, HANI'S. j\/ TALT- IIOUijE, DWELLING- HOUSE, and 1 r A every requisite Office, with a FARM, containing good Arable, and Meadow Lands, to be LET from the ensuing Michaelmas, For particulars enquire of the Bailiff at Melchct Park, or of Farrtier Walliam Ray, the ptf. sent Tenant. floss STRONG CART HORSES, & c. At DeUcn's Farm, Dahit'oad, near Rontsey. TO he SOLD by AUCTION, on Thursday uext, the. Olstof September, at twelve o'clock, by J. YOUNO, — A Team of four stout CART- HORSES with their Harness, Tuo « o Carriage with Gin and Chains, a Pony, Cow in calf, and a rick of exceeding good Clover Hay, the property of Mi. Andrew Hunt, deceased. ' [ 4t>' 94 At the same time will be sold a { cur articles of sundry Furniture, & c. SOUTHAMPTON. RICK of capita! CLOVER and RYE- GRASS HAY, about ii tons, more or kss, to be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. foTTr. Rtl. t, at the Hampton Arms, , Southampton Common, on Friday the- aid of September, ar four o'clock in the afternoon. The Rick, which was out toectiler in excellent order, is now standing \ m Mr. Rolph's field, near the place of sale, and rrny be viewed at any tints previous thereto. [ 4748 SOUTHAMPTON. OUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. the pro- perty of Mr, OAKtr. v, qaitting his residence at Slhtt Mary's, to be SOLD bjl' AUCTION, bv Kju. h- k and C'OT- TE itt T. T., en the Premises, on Monday the Eoth of Septem- ber. The Furniture comprises four- post, tent, and other bed- steads; goose feather beds, blankets, couiitttpaives, mahogan" tables, chairs, chests of drawers, carpets, looking glasses', kitchen requisites, Bath stove, - kitchen range, & c. [ 4760 May be viewed tke morning of sale ' till eleven o'clock, when the Auction will begin.— Catalogues may be had at the Offices of the Auctioneers in High- street aud French- street. Hnrstlowrne Priors, near Aicdocer, Hai. ts. rrG be SOLD by AUCTION, on ike Premises, J. by H. Caiswtci:. 011 Wtdnisdav the 27fh ol September 1809,- Part of the FARMING LIVE STOCK, Utensils irv Husbandry, Hay, & c. th'ti property'of Mr. Low - . ix; con- sisting of- 1 Co South- down ew- es and lambs; 2 capital dsaught horses, mare, and colt; Si tat cows; 3 waggon--, S carts, i ploughs, I nihe- share ditto, hajiows, drags, and rollers, plough and cart harness; 2 rick scaffolds ; upwards of 100 tons ot Jheadow hay; hurdles, hay cages. & c. & c. Sale will begin at eleven o'clock. [ IfiiH SINGLESTICK. ALRESFORD, HAN I'S. APURSE of TWENTY GUINEAS will he plaved tor on Monday the 2d day of October;— and a PURSE of FIVE GUINEAS to the second- best Player. The Gamesters to beaut Alresford by eight o'clock on Mon- day morning. To commence play precisely at nine, and play till one ; to recommence play at two, ami begin the ties at four. No sham piay to be allowed-; and if any dispute arise between the two umpires, an impartial person to decide. The ties! to I'lay each other 111 turn. The conditions to be such as approved by competent judge's. [ 4753 CHRISTCHURCH, HANTS, MISS LLOYD respectfully informs the Public, that she has opened an ENGLISH and FRENCH SEMINARY for the reception of a. limited Number of Young LADIES, where they may have the advantage of Sea Bathing. Boarding 21 guineas per ann.—- Entrance 2 guineas. Parents and Guardians may- rely that the greatest attention will be paid to the health, ' morals, and comfort of the Ladies entrusted to the care of Mis* L. who will, if required, give the most respectable references. S* TW) VA YT ' AUGHT 4' 4, 18C9. HENRY SIIORTO, CUTLER, SILVERSMITH, ice. informs his friends and the public, that during the alterations making at his Shop, the Business will be trans- acted in a room within. Wanted,— A quantity of Buckhorn. To be Sold,— The Windows, Doors, and Siiutters of a Shop Front, of large dimensions, convertible into two fronts. For particulars apply as above. [ 4940 SALISBURY. J70R SALE by AUCTION, by J. ELUESTOV, "" " " on Tuesday the 19th of Sept. 1809 Ml! cap near the Corn- Market. The remaining part oi- she fyoperry at Mr. Ewimi IN- DAY, tor tile benefit of ' is Creditors, comprising four . lital CART HORSES, 1 excellent broad- wheel Waggon, one narrow- wheel ditto with tilt, four - oair of Trace Harness, two pair of Thill ditto, Head Stalls, Sa'ddle, sundry Harness, Core- bin,- Chaff- cutter, Bushel,. i\--. &;. The sale. will b gin at twelve o'c j'clock. [ 47a- 2 MESSRS. WYATT t M FOOT beg to inform their triends and tire public, they have just arrived, in Packages of too Bottl- s each, a la'rgc quantity of curious: FRENCH WINES, consisting- of White sparkling Chara- paigne, Red Burgundy, Cbambeitin, Chateau le Fite, Barsac, Vin de Grave, Red and White ! leriVlitago, and cite Roti, with a quantity of superior old Hock. It will riot be ready for delivery till the latter end of next week. ENOLES'S- S- EJIEET, SALISBURY, Sept. 16, 1809. [ 4771 SHKOTON FAIR. JTROKE; CUTLER, SILVERSMITH, & C. Salis- , bury, respectfully informs his Friends and th • Public, that he purposes attending at the ensuing SHliOTON FAIR, with a large assortment of Plate, Jewellery, and Trinkets, .0 the immediate taste of the day; Watches, Plated and Bronzed fashionable Tea Urns, Pontypool aud J ipan Tea Trays, and warranted Cutlery, of his own manufactory. J. T. begs to offer his thanks for the patronage with which he was honoured at the last fair, and earncstly intreatsin in- spection of the valuable Stock he has now provided; which he trusts will give general satisfaction. [ 4702 rpo be SOLD, at the lilack Dog, Ltidwtl),— A A GJGG and HARNESS, complete. TO be SOLD, A- low PHAETON, with ba- rouche box, HARNESS, and a PAIR, of PON'IF. S: the property of a gentleman who has no farther use tor them.— The Ponies have been used to draw together and tor riding; and are about 14 hands high. Price 70 Guineas. The Phae- ton is furnished with shifting shafts tor a single horse, and may be had separately. Also,— A strong and roomy GIG, and HARNESS belonging to the same. . Price ao Guineas. Enquire of the ' Printed; or of Mr. Rogers, coach- maker, Winchester. _ ' [ 4599 MERINO RAMS. TQ be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— About ao ANGfcO- MERINO two- tooth and four- tooth RAMS-, five, six, and seven crosses- from bis Majesty's best Merino Rahis, from pure Ryland EsveSj- and carefully selected out of a very large fiucki ' They are Worthy, the attention of sheep breeders, as they'are particularly deep short- legged sheep j/ without horns. Pit- particulars apply to the Prin'ters'Of this Paper, or to. Mr. Ruins,- Winterslow Hut. [ 4415 TO . siti To PERFUMERS & JWrELLEIlS.— BATH. be SOLD, in a Vprv commanding central ituati'on,—_ sl'he LEASE and GOODWILL of a PER- FUMER and JEWELLER'S Si IQP, U> full trade; together with the iqodfrn STOCK, which is synall ; — Fixtures and - Furniture at a fair appritsement.- rand is only disposed'of. . irqrn the death of the fite Proprietor- The premises arc replete with every Convenience, and so adapted'as to receive two fa- milies without the leas; interruption ', 0 each other. The un- expired'tefro- of the lease is twenty- one years. - Fuf ther particulars may be- known tin application to Bally and Bartium, Miljotn- streef, Bath ; Waireti and Ross. it, Skin- ner- street, London; or Boutevill and Norton, Aldersgafe- street, London. ' [ 4704 rpo be- LETT, and entered von at Michaelmas 1 next, P^ R/ TY/ JOTI'IFTW,— DEAN''' SJ- COURT MAXSION- • HQUSE, with or without abo- ut 1? acre-, ot Pasture Land. Apply ( if by letter, putt paid) to Mr, Castleman, Winborac, Dorset. ' [ 139S ™ " FARM,' NEAR ANIJOVEIL — HpO - be LETT by TENDER, from Michaelmas JL itfio, fir a term of seven, ten, or fourteen years,— SACK. V1LLE COURT FARM, > ituate at Upper Clatfofd, Hants, about one mile from the town - of Andover; now in the occupation . of Mr. Wm. K nig.; containing about 180 acres of arable, water meadow, pasture, and marsh land ; and a yeaTly allotment of wood for fences. The present ienant will shew the land ; ar, d further parti cjl. irs may be known on application tq Mr. Todd, Andover; to whom tenders in writing are to be delivered on or befor* the 1st of October; soon aftci which- an an? Wer will bete turned to the person whose offer is accepted. [ 47 t'i WESTBURY, . WILTS. TX) be SOLD by AUCTION, by R: KJTIGRT, at the Vicarage House, on Tucsdav the 2e'th day of September 1809,— The neat and useful HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, Piano Forte, Spinet, hackney Mare, with other Effects of the Rev. Mr. CooKfc, who is leaving Westbury-^ including foufepost bedsteads With furniture, mahogany bu- reau beosieail, good feather beds,, mattresses, and bedding j floor and bedside carpets; mahogany desk and bookcase ; lafg- j cellaret, tables, chairs, a set of mahogany Camberiarrt tables, deal china cupboards, linen chest, double counting- house desk, an eight- day clock, mat spring tahM cloak, barometer, tea uin, 150 volumes of books, culintiy utensils, small coppec furnace, boiler and grates, a patent portable roasting- jack, wine bottles, saddle and bridle-, a qaantity of manure, ashes, & c. & c.— Sale to begin at'ten o'clock in the mowing.—.— To be viewed the day preceding. ' [ 4753 WORTING HOUSE, HANTS. ~ FOR SALE by AUCTION, by Messrs. SHARP ami R KIKKUF, 011 the Premises, near Basingstoke, Hants', on follow-* The . _ v and EFFECTS, the property of the " Right Hon. Lord Srr. Ncsa STANLEY CHICHESTER, removing to Ireland j consisting of brilliant pier and ^ himney glasses ; capital sofa, Pembroke, cird, and mahogany dining tables; rich chintz curtains^; sofas, chairs, otti mans, ,> iq. at svitc; elegant dome, fout- - post, aud held bedsteads, with suitable hangings ;' prime goose- feather' beds and bedding ; a superb French . clock, bronze figures; Chamber organ, two' $ mi4 pianofortes, by Stodart and Jones ; rich Dresden, sieve, and French p. rce'- lain ; service of fashionable plwfc ; a splendid library of- Eng- lish and French books, scarce books of prints, maps,, charts, ftc.; a valuable colLctiOn of music, Compliiing tile wn » k « of Handsll, Ame, Bu^ ce, Webbe, Haydn, Wc.; ; r capital cell. I of wines, consisting of fine old Port, claret, Champagne, Hurgue. ly, a! hoc.!-;, Ma'msey and East India Madeir • » sniri. y, Cape wine, oqueurs, Ssb ; paintings, UvPaiil P. itt.% Gainsoorough;. Morland, iSrc.; ejrce. Hont double and sinptS- harrdW fywhn* pieces, pistols, Ac.; valuable offk timbtr; bfcwmg' utensils, wroughMron rrpps'nory, a large tumt - clock, and numerous other Valuable effects.' Catalogues-, at 2*. ad. etch, i, n the premises, aridof Mcii. Sbirp am! Ki; kup,' S2, Wlnchcstiy- stre- et, Lmdun, ' JQ* The Wines to be. tasted at the titnc otsale. N. E.— l" be Building Materials were sold With the Estate on the 8th inst. [ 1710 TP DYERS, CLOTHIERS, AN a OTHERS. TO be SOLD'by AUCTION, bv C. NORTOK, at the Bell Inn, Wilton, in the couiity of Wilts, on Monday the 25th day of September, between" the-' hoc fi of three and five,— Thy LEASE of all that Cointiiodious and lafrly ftectcdDYE- HOUSE, with t( ftSheds an< f< Jot6uiiitinfi> thereto belonging, situated at Wilton aforesaid, late in the . occupation of Messrs. Coward and Brewer, bankrupts. There are four years and a quarter of thv Lease unexpired. Tim. purchaser will be required to take copper vatj, fixtures, and dye- stuff, and Utensds on the pr- noscs, at a vahiat. on. To be SOLO by AcCTtoK,' on the same dav,. and. at the same place, between the bouts of five a d six,— Tlic LEASE of a DWELLING- HOUSE arid STORK- ROOM'S, situate at North Burcomb, near Wilton aforesaid, now or late in the occupation of the abisve bankrapts. Two years and a haif ot this Lease are now unexpired. - - Partfcpiars may be known by applying to Mr. Burroueh ot Mr. Squarey, two of tho assignees; or to'Mr. Anu- y, solicitor j all ot Salisbury. -. '. , To bp Sold by Auction, in the. i\ Iark'ct- place, " Salisbury, on Tuesday the 1.' Kb of September, at twelve o'clock,— A strom: useful SADDLE HORSE, late tb< j piopcrty of the abfvb bankrupts, • ' [ 1755 MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, • etegant. Drawing- room Suit, Pier Glasses, ao- iuctt Mirror in superb frame- with four lights, Register and Par- • theon Grates, and other valuable Effects, the'property of i Gentleman quitting his residence, No. 2, High- street, Sooth- ampton—. to be SOLD, by AUCTION, on the'Uremisis, ' by GEO. HOOKEY, 011 Tuesday the 3d of October l& oy, at eleven o'clock. The Household Furniture" consists of four- post and tent - cdsteads, with printed cotton and dimity furniture; goose-. w- .. ., ... r.. , „ drape; three windows, of. handsome printedcotton, lined with bhtc, and Parisian- fringe; Brussels carpets of large dimensions, set of mahogany dining tables, 11 tt. 9 j„. j,,. 4 ft. Gin.. cat s and Pembroke, tables, mahogany and painted drawers' and basin Stands,, fenders and fire- irons, glass,' china, kitche. utensils, ttc. & c. . To by viewed the day preceding the sale.— Catalogues, prlc- tic/, each, tb be had at the place of sale, and at the Auctioned ' 4 general" Agency- office, Southampton. f- iTi-' i " VICINITY OF SOUTHAMPTON Freehold FVitt, doitblt Coach- h • se, SlaUing for eight horses. Pleasure / and Kitchen Garvms, Green- house, and small Paddock fttgtther upwards of two Aires. Hpo bo SOLD by AUCTION, at the Dolphins J. Ir. n, Southampton, by Gro. Flooxsr, 011 ' ttmrsdhy October tbe 12th;. 1809, a* one o'clock,— A desirable liUt. Tr* HOLD ES TATE; comprising a comfoitable ihvelling- licii, e in complete repair, consisting of a dining foom 21 feet by IS wilb bow window to floor; drawing room same dimensions,' Within a mile and a half bl Southampton. ' The Fixtures to be taken by apprisemihit, and tbe House- hold Furniture and ' Green- bouse Plants to bc'takfcn at the option of the purchaser. . Hirtlier particular-, known on application at Geoi Hookey' » Agency Qffise, Southampton. f- 172.'* T tl^ q hn th* PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. RROOIE, J. DOW DING; AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SAl ISRURV 5 tf/. erc Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of News are received ( Postagepaidj. '<" » ,•-' n r.!, 4nd BCIHSRI. tr. iC a the West of SngUad} bj tU r « pecU » e KESTSXES ; a. ati ia London by Mt- ssr?. ' J'. ULLK and NEWTON^ No. ki W^ rwick- aqu^ te, Kewptf- Streft, and Mf, WH- 5J& ? 90?!? « ll « r, Patenwstor- Rnr, St, TiulV
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