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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3786
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 04/09/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3786
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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• • — — 1 —- THE AND AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS\ HANTS, DORSET\ AND SOMERSET [ NUMBER 3T8T- VGLUHyS LXXIV.] MONDAY, SEPTEMBER ll, 180.9. PRICE SIXPENCE HALFPENNY./ ® taml' D,' V,' V '' 3,¥' (_ Piper and Print, id. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. PARIS, Aug. 24, HER Majestv the Empress continues to live pri- vate since her return from the baths of Mal- maison, and it is believed that she will not make her Appearance before the arrival of the Emperor, who, according to the last advices t'rpm Vienna, is not expected to be long delayed. I: i fact, we leant that the House of Austria, after many tergiversations and. much repugnance, seems at length to acquiesce in all the conditions on which the Emperor Napoleon consents to grant peace. The last obstacles i > peace being thus removed, the Plenipotentiaries reciprocally appointed to .. conclude the treaty, have re- paired to Altenburg, and not to Raab, as was at first said, Where they will open their conferences. LONDON, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, French arid Dutch papers arrived last night, the former to the 27th, and the latter to the 31st ult. An article from Paris, of the 23d, asserts, that Austria, bad acquiesced in the conditions on which Napoleon had consented to make Peace ; and it is stated in the Official Journal, that Champagny, the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, had set out from Vienna for Altenburgh. where he was to arrive on the 14th ult.; that on th& 15th, the Negoeiations for peace were to be opened, and that the Emperor of Austria had nominated Count Metternich and Count Vincent, as his Plenipotentiaries. The Royal Amsterdam Gazette mentions the surrender of Flushing, and attributes it more to the fire from our iShips than to the efforts of the besieging army. Intelligence from Holland, of a date as late as the lst inst. was received this morning. It is stated that Peace is no longer doubtful between France and Austria; and the general purport of the disgraceful terms may be appreciated from the following statement: Bonaparte is said to have assumed the title of Archduke of Austria; and the Emperor - Fiimcis It. that of King of Bohemia and llungarys aban- doning the Imperial dignity. A Gotienbuir. h Mail arrived this evening. It is confirmed that a Swedish Ambassador had set out from Stockholm to Presburgh, for the purpose, no doubt, of concluding a Peace. This is the only material fact con- tained in the Mail. We learn by letters from the Baltic, that the ports of Denmark and Sweden are now open to all neutral vessels. Seville Gazettes are arrived to the lOth ult. Let- ters, conveyed by the soine opportunity with the public papers, contain communications from Alicant to the 6th, and from Seville and Cadiz from the 10th to the 17th ult. The letters from Alicant, since the defeat of the troops vnder General Blake by Souehet, are not nearly so san- guine as they have been. The merchants in that quarter cleci'ue commercial intercourse with this country, until they shall no longer be liable to the political vicissitudes to • which they are now expused. The letters from Seville and Cadiz are dictated by a very different feeling, inspired by the natural add artificial sources of defence, possessed by their authors. The Paula and several other vessels feom the colonies, arrived at Cadiz on the 7 til ult.; one from the Havanuah, , e, t registro, with about < J § millions of pesos; about millions i. i all are expected. The Paula brought six - i' .. i. wUHtHI of ..- 1 i- - « . nil71C OT Gov rnment. A letter from Gibraltar, dated August 7, says— " On the 5th inst. his Majesty's ship Kent, Capt. Rogers, arrived here, and was immediately put in rigid quarantine, information having been received from Alicaut of his having been obliged to put in theie with 200 of his crew sick with a pestilential disease on board, which was caught from some French prisoners, which the Kent bad taken • out of a trench prize from Bona, on the eua- t of Africa. The Kent will be obliged to proceed to England, as no port, in Spain will give her adniirttar. ee. Twelve of the crew have died, and some of them with the black vomit. The Hyperion and convoy for Cadiz and England sail this evening." It is reported that a warm controversy has arisen among our chief Commander- in Walelieren, and that the Marquis of Huntley is directly opposed to Lord Chathom, of whose conduct he loudly complains. It is rumoured that the result of the late Expedition will soon become a subject of investigation before a Court of Military Enquiry. Orders have been sent off to some of the outports, for as many ships as coukl be gotredy for sea, in the course of three or four days, to be forwarded without a moment's loss of time. The orders to Sir Richard STracbaH apprised, that allVhe ships in the late Expedition were to have their defects repaired immediately, and that they • wjjild be completed with stores a'd provisions for one month longT. The Hero, Revenge, Monarch, Resolution, Belluna, Illustrious, Alfred, Orion, and Achille ( of the line), which arrived at Postsmouth from the Expedition, are also ordered to be victualled for five months, with all possible haste. MARK- LANE, Monday, Sept. 4 The new wheat formed the greatest proportion of our supply to- day : it comes to hand much finer than the general produce ot 1808, though at pre- sent damp and soft, so as to require for gfinding a large mix- ture of old : the prices were nea rly as on Monday last. Rye, Peas, Oats, and Beans are all cheaper. In other articles little variation. T " CITY OP NEW SARUM, Sept. 5. HF, SlayOr• and Justices of this City have ap- pointed Monday che isth day of September inst. at ten o'clock m the forenoon, at the Council Chamber, for granting Certificates to Persons proposing to keep Inns and Ale- houses within the said city • at which time and place the personal at- tendance of those, who intend to take out such certificates will be expected": . . . — All persons having reason to complain of any Innkeeper or Alehousekeepar in the said city for keeping a disorderly house, suffering tippling or gaming therein, harbouring apprentices, or otherwise misbehaving themselves, are desired to give in- formation thereof to the Justices at the time and place afore- said, and proper attention will be paid to tueir complaints; but no anonymous complaints Will be attended to. All persons to whom licences have been assigned since the last general licencing day. ( who have not already produced certificates), and all persons who have not been already licenced, will be expected to produce, certificates of their good name and fame, and sober life and conversation, agreeable to the directions of the, Act. Of Parliament. By order of the Mavor and Justices, 4584] JOHN HODDlNG, jun. Town Clerk. BISHOPRIC' OF WINCHESTER. 1MIE progress or order of holding the COURTS of the several'MANORS of the BISHOPRIC, for the Turn of Saint Martin 1809. Bishop's Knoyle Thursday, September 14. Fareham..... Hambledbn.... Eastmeon Sutton Cheriton Old Alresford... Droxford , . Monday i... 18. ... Tuesday 19. ... Wednesday 20. ... Thursday 21. ... Friday 29. ... Saturday 23. .. Monday 25. Bishop's Waltham ... Tuesday 26. Bitterne Wednesday....;.... 27. Bishop's Stoke Thursday 23. Crawley ...".', Friday v' 29. Overton Thursday October 5. Bentley Monday 23. Farnham Tuesday............. 21. Bnghtwell Thursday..! 2( 3. 4039] JAMES SERLE, STEWARD. Fisherton, Wilton, Heytcslury, Wilioughby- hedge, and Kedhone Turnpike. THE next Meeting of the Tri^ tees will be held on Monday the 18th inst. at the house of Thomas Morgan, the George Inn, Codford, at eleven o'clock in the t renoon. 4590] J. C. STILL. DORSET. WAI1EHAM TURNPIKE. rr, HE next Meeting of the TRUSTEES will be held 4 at the Black Bear Inn, in Wareham aforesaid, on Thursday the 28th day of September next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when the Accounts of the Treasurer and other Officers belonging to this Turnpike will be audited and settled. Dated the 1st dav of August 1809. 4<> 13] THO. BARTLETT, Clerk and Treasurer. Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation. VJOT1CE is hereby given,— That a General Quar- 1 > 1 terly Meeting of the Committee of Management ot tiie Affairs and Business of the Company of Propii- tors of th. Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation will be held at the B> r Inn, at Dcyizes, on Tuesday the 26th day of this inst. Sep- tember, at eleven o'clock in tile forenoon. JOHN WARD, Principal Cletk to the said Company of Proprietors. MARLBOROUGH, September 4, 1809. [ 4581 WHERWELL FAIR, HANTS. WHKHEA3 the 24th of September falls this Year on a SUNDAY, this is therefore to givt Notice, tlx. t the SHEEP FAIR will be held on SATUBDAY the 23d, according to ancient custom. [ 4657 SHERFIELD ENGLISH, HANTS. MALT- HOUSE, DWELLING- HOUSE, and every requisite Office, with a FARM, containing good Arable and Meadovv Lands, to be LE 1' liom the ensuing Michaelmas. For particulars enquire of the Bailiff at Melchet Park, or of Farmer William Ray, the present Tenant. f4355 r H X) be LETT, and entered on at Michaelmas 1 next, partly furnished,— DEAN's- COU RT MANSION- HOUSE, with or without about 2* 2 acres ot Pasture Land. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Gastleman, Winborne, Dorset. [ 4895 THOROUGH- BRED YOUNG HORSE, rpo be SOLD,— A young HORSE, five vears old, JL fifteen hands three inches high, with plenty of bone; equal to carry a heavy weight to any hountls in the kingdom, or a capital figure for a charger. His pedigree and price are left with Mr. Jacob, print- r, VV nch. ster. [ 4470 be SOLD,— A coital SHOUTING PONY, JL 13 hands high, eight years old: tile price 20 Guineas.— Enquire of the Printer. [ 4628 TO SPORTSMEN. SEVERAL good POINTERS and SPANIELS for SALE. Enqure of Edward Toomer, Rhinefield Lodge, near Lynd- hurst, New Forest, Hants. No letters wid'he attended to unless post paid. [ 451.5 HPO be SOLD,— A fashionable GIG, handsomely A fitted up with Morocco cushions, ami harness, trunk, & c. compleat;— also a v rycapitd GIG HORSE, which is not pin ted with for any fault. Enquire at Bloxwonh- House, near Blandford, Dorset. f 1449 ' yo be SOLO, A low PH A ETON, with ba- rouche box, HARNESS, imd i PAIR of PONIES: thi- property of a gentleman who ha., . o ! arther use ior them.— TIKI Ponies have been used to draw tog. ther and for riding'; and are about 14 hand.; high. Pnce- 70 Guineas. The Phae- ton is furnished with shifting shai'ts for a single horse, and may be had separate ly. Also,— A str. mg and roomy GIG, and HARNESS belonging to the same. Price 2U Guineas. Enquire of the Printers; or of Mr. Rogers, coach- malcer, Winchester. [ 4SSS Gaud W. ROGERS, Southampton, beg leave - to acquaint the public, they have a prime Stock of ALDERNEY COWS and HEIFERS for Sale, just arrived. To Fossillists and Collectors of Natural Curiosities, HPO be DISPOSED by PRIVATE CONTRACT, 1 — A vduable Collection of FOSSILS and other NA- TURAL CURIOSITIES, now composing a museum ; con- taining specimens of petrifactions of wood and bone, crystals, minerals, stones, organic impressions, corals, stalls, marbles, Derbyshire specimens, and various other natural curiosities, in very fine preservation ; the whole to be sold together, with or without the fixtnr. s and tables they are arranged on. Particulars may b known by applying to Mr. George Frampton, bookseller, Dorchester. [ 4632 MERINO RAMS. > TX) be SOLO by PRIVATE CONTRACT;— I About 20 ANGLO- MERINO two- tooth Wei four- tooth RAMS, five, six, and seven crosses from his'Majesty's best Merino Rams, from pure Ryland Ewes, and carefully selected out of a very large fi ' ck. They are worthy the attention of slvep breeders, as they are particularly deep short- legged sheep, without hoi lis. For particulars . pply to the Printers of this Pyper, or to Mr. Ru. u-, wmterstow Hut. f* Hl" PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, . Septembers, 1809. ON Thursday, the 14 th instant, [ shall be ready to receive Tenders in writing ( sealed up) and treat for ehe undermentioned articles, far the Service of this Port; Which will be piid for ly bills payable with interest 90 days after date, viz ENGLISH WHEAT, 800 Quarters, to weigh 57 Us. per Bushel, and in case it • sh . iikl weigh above 57 lbs. per Bushel, the ovcr- wight will be paid for; to be delivered in one Month. CLOSE DRIED AMBER MALT, 1000 Quart- rs, answer- able to a sample that will be produced at tlic time of con- tract; one half to ie delivered in a Fortnight, and the re- maituler in a Month. . No regard tell be had to any Tender, in which the prices shall not be inserted in words at length, or that shall. Mt he dUioered before twelve o'clock on ike said Hth instant \ or unless ' the persons who make the same, or some person on t' tir behalf, attend to answer thereto when call, d for. 4S0; j WM. REEKS. N. B The Condi iois of the Contracts may be seen at my Office. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, September - 5, 1809, kN Thursday, the 91st. instant, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, trill be exposed to Public Sale, at this Oilier, in several lots, the undermentioned quantities of OLD STAVES, IRON HOOPS,, & Q. lying in his Majesty's Cooperage at ( fitlnU, near Gosporl; as aim a quantity of BREAD- DUST arid DEFECTIVE PROVISIONS, lying in C. I- Victualling Stores at this place, where any persons inclin- al'le to purchase, may have the Liberty if viewing the same tit the common working hours, any day before the sate, viz. MERINO SHEEP. A LI/ person's who possess Ewes of the pure Merino IX. Race, and are desirous of increasing their Stock, are requested to apply to Sir JOSEPH BASKS, who has received the KING'S commands to distribute a considerable Flock, newly imported from Spain, among such persons as are most likelv to prescive them free fiom all admixture, and to im- prove their form by judiciously matching them in breed ng; giving a due preference to those who have manifested their approbation of this kind of stock, by having already provided themselves with the breed, but who have not yet obtained a sufficient increase vo be able to supply the wants of their neighbours who wish to improve their British Wools by the use of this valuable: cross. Letters addressed to Sir JOSEPH BANKS, Soho- squnre, Lon- don, will be; duly, attended f >. He requests to be correctly informed of the actual number of pur Merino Ewes, Ewe Tegs, and Ewe Lam' is, e , h applicant - s now in possession of, and of the source from whence the breed was originally pro cured. G ntlemon are aiso r qu sted to state the price at \ vhich they have. sol. i their Merino Wool, and the name of the person who bought it. [ 4582 MERINO RAMS. TO be SOLD,— Two MERINO RAMS of the pure blood.— Enquire of James Hog, Muddiford, near Qhristchurch. [ 4583 Manors of Crux Easton, IVondeui, and Tangley, Hants. WHEREAS the GAME upon the Manors of Crux Raston, Woodcut, and Tangley, belonging to R. G. Ti in pie, Esq. has been, of late, shamefully destroyed : All qualified persons are hereby particularly requested to ab- stain from sporting upon the said Manors, without leave; and all unqualified persons and Poachers are informed that they will be, in future, prosecuted with rigour, if they, are found trespassing upon them. [ 4576 GAME.— ISLE OF WIGHT. WHEREAS the GAME on the Manors and Estates of JOHN POPHAM, Esq. oiled Shanklin, Blackpan, and Westcourt, in the Isle of Wight, has for many years been destroyed; and it being the wish of the pro- pi i tor to preserve the same, all qualified Gentlemen are re quested not to hunt or shoot thereon the ensuing season: and all persons unqualified are hereby required to take notice, that if found Trespassing on any part of the said estates, they will be prosecuted.— August 2( 5, 1 B( W. 4137J CLAKK. ES. arid SEWELL, Stewards. DORSET. RR, IIE GAME on the Manors of the EARL of A SHAFTESBURY, at and in the neighbourhood of Wim- borne St. Giles, having of late been greatly destroyed, Notice is hereby given,— That ail unqualified persons found sporting or trespassing oil any of the said Manors will be immediately prosecuted ; and all qualified persons- are requested to desist, from . ' looting- and otherwise sports j thereon during tile ensuing season, particularly near St. Giles's House, his Lordship being desirous of preserving the Game round his Mansion. , TliOS. GOULD READ, Steward. August 24, 1809. * [ 4458 To LINEN- IjRAPERS, & c. TO be DISPOSED OF, in a good Market- Town in Wiltshire, A SHOP in full trade, sitmted in the market- place, with a light and well- selected Stock. For further particulars apply by letter ( post paid1 addressed M. J. Post- office, Bath. ' [ 4519 ISLE OF WIGHT. HPO be DISPOSED OF, on LEASE, for three JL Lives, and entered on at Michaelmas next,— A small FARM, called LONGLANDS, in the pirish of Krading. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Bell, 1: nd- agent, Winchester. [ 4665 WORCESTERSHIRE. TO he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of the GREAT TYTHES of Castlemorton, with very extensive and improveable Common Rights. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Beli, land- agent, Winchester. [ 4666 YOUNG ELM TREES. ANY Person or Persons who will engage to supply, and plant upon Southampton Beach in the ensuing season, aboutThree Hundred Young ELMS, of height from eight to fourteen feet, are requested to send terms and propo- sals to Mr. Marett on or before the 15th of September next— from whom any further information may be obtained. SOUTHAMPTON, Aug. lb, 1809. [ 4465 OW delivering at Southampton Quay,— A very N Chaldron, by Sept. 8, 1809. Will be five days delivering. FLETCHER AND BAKER. [ 4671 SOUTHAMPTON. DELLYETT, Sail- marker, opposite the back • of the Custom- House, Porter's Lane, respectfully in- forms Gentlemen Farmers and others that he lias always for sale a Quantity of SECOND- HAND CANVAS, for covering ricks, waggons, & c. on reasonable terms. . [ 46* 5: 3 SOUTHAMPTON. WAND J. JOLL1FFE, WOOLLBN- DRATERS, • most respectfully inform their friends and the public, that they have engaged an experienced Person from London* to superintend the TAILORING department, and solicit the favour of their support, which will ever receive the strictest attention; at the same time beg to return their most grateful thanks for past favours. N. B. Ladies'Driving Coats, Habits, Pelisses, & c. [ 4508 TO GROCERS, & c. JOSEPH CULL is now selling off, at his Manu- factory in Wimborne, Dorset, a large stock of BROWN and WHITED- BROWN PAPERS of liie bt.-, t quality, for ten percent, under theu- m?! price, at short credit. - " Orders executed with the gixatest dispatch. [ 1614 CHEAP TRAVELLING. SALISBURY, Inside .. 16$. Od. .. Outside .. 10s. 6d. BY the OLD SALISBURY COACHES, from the BLACK HORSISINN, SALISBURY, to the BEI. L and CROWN INN,- HOI. BORN, and the SAKACEN'S HEAD INN, FRIDAY- STREET, CHEAPSIDE, every day ( except Satuiiay; at half past three o'clock. All parcels sent by these Coaches will be received without any charge for booking, and will be safely and expeditiously delivered to all parts of London and Salisbury, without any charge tor- porterage. N. BROWN, T. FAGG, H. WHITMASH, W. PENNY, 2877J and Co. PaopiUETORs. 12500 Irish i Puncheon & 1 Barrel Heading... / New Boards and ^ Doublet Ends.... / 1j50° Old Iron Hoops, 67 tons With sundry lots of Boards Ends and Wood Hoops, as Fire- wood, and a quantity of Chips. Imager Staves..' 2800 Battditto. ...... 4500 Puncheon ditto 9300 Hoeshead ditto... 4500 Barrel ditto 4000 Half Hogshead 2200 Kilderkin V Bar. ditto 8200 \ V ne Pipe Smves 5600 Irish i Puncheon & > M Barrel ditto f The particulars of the Provisions will l- c expressed in the catalogues. A deposit ofi& l, cent, is to le made on the amount of each lot at the time of sale, and the remainder of the money paid lefore the Stores are removed, for which thirty days will be allowed for the Cooperage Articles, and seven days Jor the Provisions, after the sale, itimj ' J WM. REEKS, BOARD AND LODGING. Lady and her Daughter, or two Sisters, may be , received into a respectable Farm- house, pleasantly situ- ated in the country, within a few miles of a market- tovvn, who will not object to dine with the family: will be accommo- dated with a handsome sitting parlour. Letters addressed ( post paid) to Mrs. Kemp, milliner; Alton, Hants. ^ [ 4652 At Standen House, near Newport, Isle of Wight, NE or two GENTLEMEN may be accommodated with Board,' & c. and every convenience for keeping a horse, on moderate terms. Any Gentleman wishing, to board with the Family, would find this a very desirable place of re- sidence. The premises ' ate extensive, and the situation very pleasant. A few Parlour Boarders can likewise be accommodated, and Adults receive private instruction, if necessary.— Terms may be known by application to Mr. Attwood," Standen. eitlitr personally or by fitter fpbst paid); [ 4604 WANTED to purchase,— Six Couple of RABBIT BEAGLES, of the smallest size, and true Hound. Apply to Mr. William Lewin, Sy$ ing- Vicarage, mar Dorchester, Dorset. [ 4618 WANTED, with immediate possession, for i' Gentlem n, in the neighbourhood of Southampton, Gosp rt, or within thirty miles either way,— A comfortable FAMILY HOUSE, with complete farm- yard, and about 100 or I5i) , tcr s of land. Please to address ( post- paid) to Mr. P tt. Southampton. [ 4649 WANTED at Michaelmas next, A BAKE- HOUSE, or small PUBLIC HOUSE in full trade. Any person having premises of this description to let, may hear of an eligible tenant, by a letter addressed to A. A. at the Post- Office, Devizes. [ 4636 WANTED in the Country, for a middle- aged Gentlewoman of respectability,— A Situation with either one or two single ladies, an elderly single gehtleman, or a widower with a young family, to superintend the do- mestic concerns. As the most satisfactory references. can be given, it is hoped none will apply but those who are really in need of such a person, and who arc willing to render her situation comfortable and respectable. Letters addressed ( post- paid) to Mrs. Smith, Post- office, Staines, will be imme- diately acknowledged. [ 4609 BAILIFF. WANTS a Situation, A middle- aged Person, ylio has been regularly bred up in practical hus- bandry : is a good judge of buying and selling all kinds of farming stock, can write, and keep accounts well, and whose character will bear the strictest enquiry ; he can come well re- commended. Letters directed for Y. Z. to be left at the Printing- office, Salisbury, will be duly attended to. [ 4511 WAbNC TED,- • A Situation, as BAILIFF, or BOOK- KEEPER, by. an experienced. Young Man, about 23 years of age, who is'perfect master of the business, and understands accounts.— He can bring an excellent cha- racter both for honesty and sobriety. " Fur particulars apply to the Printers. [ 46- 27 ' r| PHREE MILLWRIGHTS WANTED - Apply A to J. Bell, millwright, Romsey, Hants. [ 4603 " To Coach Horner? < >/' Co, laovJew. ' ASteady, faith" I, ami Workman will find a comf, rt ' e and constant Seat of Work, with liberal Wages, ' application to Mr. J. L. Clarke, saddlb and coach- harness manufacturer, Honitcn,— Sept. 4, 1809. N. "-- He must be a good collar hard. -[ 45.94 ASSISTANT W ANTED. WANTED immediately, A voung Man, who is capable of filling the place of English Assistant in a. School, and whose character is unexceptionable. [ 4602 For furthei particulars apply to Mr. Ansiie, Devizes. WAN TED,— A young MAN who has been accus- tomed to the Retail Grocery Business. Apply ( if by U tter, post paid; to Musson and Tayler, New- port, Isle of Wight. [ 4620 WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family, A LAUNDRY- MAID, who understands- her business well.— Enquire of Messrs. Painter, Andover; if by letter, postpaid. . [ 4378 GILLINGHAM MANOR. WHEREAS the GAME in the several parishes of Gtllingham, Motcombe, and Bourton, within this Manor,,, has of late years bejn most shamefully'destroyed, and particularly by persons unqualified. The deputation of the said Manor is now given to me, and all unqualified persons in future found sporting within the same will be prosecuted with the utmost rigour of the law ; and as directions have been given by the Steward to the several Tenants, to give notice to all qualified gentl- men to desist from trespassing on the estates in their occupation, itjs hoped they wili not be henceforth seen sporting; thereon. WM. WHITAKER. SHAFTESBURY, Aug. za, 1809- [ 4413 GAME. ENTLEMEN arc requested not to sport upon r anyof the Manors of Donhead, Tisbury, Semley, Ansty, Bridzor, or Hazledon, in the county of Wilts ; and all un- qualified persons found trespassing thereon will be prosecuted. WAROOUR CASTLE, Aug. 22, 1809. [ 44U6 WANTED,— A COOK, in a respectable Inn, where, good wages are given : she must be perfect mis- tress of her business, and bring an unexceptionable character as to sobriety, honesty, See. [ 1637 Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to the Printers, directed O. Z. WANTED, where but one male servant is kept, — A steady, active MAN of light weight, who perfectly understands his business in house and stable.-—- A good. cha- racter will be required. Good wages will be given. Apply at the Printing- office of this Paper ; if by letter, post paid. [ 4524 ' WANTED, now or at Michaelmas next,,— A single active MAN, to look after a pair of Horses and Chariot, and wait at Table. As the carriage is not used above thrice a week, he will . be required to make himself useful otherwise.— Also wanted a good PLAIN COOK, who can Wash and iron well. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) at G. Frampton's Library, Dorchester. [ 4633 w WANTED immediately,— A SHOEMAKER, either a ' Woman's or M all's Man, a good workman A serious person will be preferred, who will meet with con- stant employ. Apply to Mr. T. Moody,, boot and shoe- maker, High street, A ndover. N. B. Attends Weyhill Fair as usual, with a good assort- ment of Shoes and Pattens. [ 4658 AN UPPER PORTER WANTED. ANTED, An UPPER PORTER, in a Wholesale Lead, Glass, and Colour Store,'- who has been used to packing and carrying out goods, can write a tolerable good hand, and knows something of accounts. Such a person may hear of a Comfortable situation b? apply- ing ( if by letter, post paid) to iVlr. Lempriere, Portsmouth. * » > It is requested no one will make application who has not lived in a similar situation, and can come very well rc- COmm- lid-.- d for sobriety and integrity. " [ 4023 npo be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A A FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, delightfully situ- ated in Mant Place, about a quarter of a mile from South" ampton, and commanding a view Qf the Town and. River, and suitable for a small genteel family; consisting o'f two parlours, four bed- chambers, gCffyl bite- hen, arid dry cellars, with a small garden behind, and well- supplied with good water. • v For particulars and view of the premises, apply ( if by letter, post pai l': to Mr. Geo. Hookey, Southampton. • f4559, MANOR OF DIBDEN, HANTS. THE GAME on this Manor having of late years been very much destroyed, Mr. TATE, who has re- ceived the deputation of the said manor from the Earl of Malmesbury, earnestly desires all qualified persons to refrain from sporting on the Manor of Dibden for the present. N. B.— All unqualified persons found trespassing on the manor will be prosecuted as the law directs. LANGDOWN, Sept. 9, 1309. [ 4S48 C H E A P T R A V E L LI N G. SALISBURY COMMERCIAL COACH, from the THREE SWAN'S, SALISBURY, to the BELL SAVAGE, LUDGATE- HILI,, LONUOH. Performed bv EDWARD PROCKTER, GEORGE MATCHAM, and CO. SALISBURY, Inside .. LSS. ud. .. Outside .. 10s. t> d. AN DOVER, L' 2s. Od 85, od. A NEW COACH to EXETER and PLYMOUTH, through Hindon, Mere, Wincanton, and Yeovil, every Monday, Wed- nesday, and Friday morning, at nine o'clock. [ 4214 NEW SALISBURY AND LONDON WAGGONS, From the THREE SWANS, Salisbury, to the SALISBURY ARMS, Cow Lane, London. MATCHAM, MITCHELL, and Company, beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public in general, they have established WAGGONS for the Conveyance of Goods from London to Salisbury, and from thencc to Yeovil and Weymouth, on tile most reasonable terms. The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Goods above the value of U, unless entered and paid for ae such. [ Is 13 IO. iT, on Saturday the 2d of September, between J Wickham and Far'eham, A handsome POINTER BI TCH, her head- liver colour, with some mail spots in her side; has one dew claw off behind, and answers to the name of Romp. Whoever has found her, and will bring her to Mr. Whitehorn, Coach and Horses, Sutton Scotney, or to the Turnpike Gate at Farcham, shall rece've One Guinea, reward. . [ 4038 A VALUABLE HORSE LOST. STOLEN or STRAYED, from a Pasture Ground in the parish of Gussage St. Michael, Dome;,— A LIGHT - BAY GELDING, about fourteen hands and a half bi.- h, e; ifct years old, a blaze down the forehead, an. 1 two white heels behind.— Any p- rson giving notice to Mr. Skinner, of Red- brook, near Fordinghridge, Hants, or to . Mr. Randall, of pussage aforesaid, so that the horse may be recoveied, shall be well rewarded for their trouble. [ 4662 HANTS,— NEAR ANDOVI'RT ' " QTRAYED, on Thursday night the 3 Ist of August, 1809, from Longpari. h, in this couiny,— A remarkably handsome BAY PONY or small GELDING", about KM hands high, with black legs, and very full mane and tail:" he has no white about him, nor any other distinguishing mark. Whoever will bring him to Etlmond Moiint, Esq of G ivel icre, in the aforesaid parish, will Lc handsomely rewrded. [ 4663 ON Wednesday the 30th of August, 180C), was TAKEN from the Blue Anchor, East'fitted, Hants,— A GREY GELDING, about seven y*" ars old, and about Vt hands high, having a long tail, nearly blind with the oft'eye, and has three small warts or kernels on the testicle parts : ho is accustomed to be rode, and goes well in ham ss. Willi the above horse was taken a Saddle and Bridie, nearly new ; oil the saddle is the maker's name, Rogers, Southampton. Any person who will bring them, or g: Ve information where the above - hotse, & c. may be had, shall receive TWO GUINEAS Rcw'ird, and all reasonable expencea paid, by Mrs. Amy Bennett; East Ti> t d, near Alton, Hants. The person who took them away was genteelly dressed in a dark brown coat, a light waistcoat, with an anchor on the buttons, blue wove pantaloons, and had on Prussian boots. He is about five feet eight or nine inches high, and is Very much pitted with the small pox. He is supposed to be a foreigner. (" 4651 f^ OUND in the Flock of Fanner MAR'IIN, at A Fovant, about a month ago,— A DORSET WETHER, marked \ Vith a ruddle stroke across the back, and a lett. I B on the off side. [ 462- 2 The owner' may have it again by applying ss above, ar. d paving for this advertisement.— FOVANT, Sept. ' 9, op. ' POSTPONEMENT. ; JOHN PLAW'sCred itors are respectfully informed, the Arrangement of their Claims is unavoidably post- poned until Monday the tlth of September and two following days, which are appropriated by Mr. Pitt, lit his Estate Agency Office, Above- Bar, Southampton, for that purpose. [ 4 525 TO CREDITORS! ' THE .. Creditors of J. W. PARSONS, late of West Camel, in the county of Somerset,' Esquire, d. e ased, are requested to meet the Executors in Trust. under his will, at the Angel Inn, at Sherborne, in the county of Dors t, oil Thursday the 14th day of September next, at' cl, v- n o'clock in the forenoon, and " to bring > ith them their stcui'm- s. August 28, 1809. [- 1509 . ,. B. UANDFQED, August. iQ, 1809. TVfRS. ELIZ. SNOOK begs leave to renew her J_ » - L application to those Persons who who ate indebted to her late Husband, Mr. ROB. SNOOK, requesting til y will oblige her by an early discharge of their accounts. E. S. would feel great reluctari'ce in putting any one . of her friends t the ex pence cc % a! ip;' i « nn, but this measure must IK had recourse to with those .,., ' not attend to HjiS notice. NOTICE TO DEBTORS & CREDITORS. PERSONS who stand indebted • to the Estate of Mr. THOMAS FRKBTH, of B » idcs'one,- in the ctutity of Wilts, Taylor and Diaper, are requested to pay the same immediately at iile office of Mr. Audley Harvey, solicitor, Chippenham; and those-' w',; d> have accounts aeainst the estate will deliver them " in without delay, that a speedy ar- rangement of his affairs may take place,' for the benefit of Ct.- ditors.- T-. S" e/> i. p, 1809. [ 1624 npo be SOLD, A compact FAMILY- HOUSE, A fit tbrthc reception of a genteel Family, with excellent Stabling, double Coach- house, and other convenient offices' of every description: the whole in complete repair, with Garden partly walled, and paddock of Pasture Land, in which the house stands, pleasantly situated in a healthy part of the county of Dorset: remarkably gitod shooting, and several packs of hounds in the neighbourhood.— These premises are mostly Freehold, and the" residue held for the remainder of a term of 1000 years, under a pepper- corn rent. Fu'ilnr particulars may be known by applying to Mr. Ait:-. v. Close, Salisbury. N. B. Tiie Household Furniture may be had, if desired, and' immediate possession given. [ 4476 DORSET. ripo be SOLD,— An elegant COTTAGE RES1- JL DENCE, in the most complete repair, at Handley, in the county of Dorset, about midway between Salisbury and Blandford, and about half a mile from the great western road; comprising an entrance- hall, handsome drawing and breakfast rooms, with dining parlour, six convenient bed- rooms, with officcs of every description ; four- stall stable, with room over, double coach- house, and every other useful out- building; together with a barn, cart- stable, farm- yard, and fifteen actes of Land. There is good shooting and three packs of fox- hounds in the neighbourhood. A post to and from London every day. The appropriate Household Goods, Furniture, and Fixtures may or may not be taken. For further particulars, and to treat, apply to Mr. Arney, attorney, Close, Salisbury. [ 4144 . WINCHESTER, Sept. 7", 1809. ALL Persons having any Claim or. Dein. ind on the Estate and Effects of Mr. JOHN MOODY, deceased, are desired to send accounts thereof to Robert MooJy. or Tlio. Blake, the Executors, that the same may be immediately dis- charged; and all persons who stand indebted thereto, are de- sired to pay the same to cither of the said Executors., [ 4640 ~ * ~ TO DEBTORS AND CREDI TORS. " ALL Persons who are now indebted to the Estate either of M-. JOHN ROOD or his Widow WINIFRED ROOD, both deceased, late of Allington Farm, in ti. * parish of South Stoneham, Hants, are requested, immediately to pay the same to Mr. Robert Rood, Wine Merchant, Portsmouth, the Administrator of Mi. ( lohn Rood, or to Mr. Wobldrid'e, attorney . at . law, Winchester; and all persons having any cla'im" or demand 011 either of the above estates, are requested to send an account thereof immediately to Mr. Wooldrid^ c, in order that the affairs may be speedily ' settled, otherwise they will be excluded the benefit thereof.' [ 1600 SALISBURY.— to DEDTORS & CREDITORS. MR. EDWARD MUNDY, of the city of New Sarum, in the county of Wilts, Common Carrier, having this day executed an assignment of the whole of his Estate and Effects font he. benefit of his Creditors ; aii. p rsont having any claim or demand. 011 him are requested to trnnsmis the- particulars' thereof without delay to the Office of Messrs. Wilmot and'Godwin, in Salisbury; and ail persons standing indebted to tfe* Insolvent's estate, are ( 1.- sired immediately to pay the amount of their respective debts at the above Office, or they will be sued for the same. SAftuw, Sept.. 8,' 1809- . [ 46- 31 OAICFORD liaving resigned- his trade to G. • Mackrell and Co. desires ail persons who have any Demands on him to send in their accounts ; and requ- sts all those who are indebted to him to disciiar , e the:' r accounts to him: he would feel great reluctance in puttinc anyof his friends to the expence of legal application, but this measure must be had recourse to with them who do not attend to this Notice.— SALISBURY, Sept. 180.9. p .: a; HEKeAS I, LEONARD ELY, of the panTli of South Stoneham, Labourer, did, on or about the 6th of August last, leave Mr. T. H. SCOTT, ot Thorn Hill, in the said parish, without anyjust cause or reason, or giving . him any notice whatever of my intentions, contrnrv to an ex- press agreement made with the said Mr. Srott, to work for him during the winter and to remain over the present harvest: and for which he has very prop, rly prosecut d me ; but. in consequence of my promising never to oftend in the ldse manner again, and in consideration of niy family, and request that this shall be printed and published as a Warning to other labourers, he has consented to stop any further proceedings. - Sept G, j809. The Mail: X of LEONARD ELY. Witness— GEO. AFEDALLT. [ 4603 This day is published, in tivo. price at. THE QUARTERLY' REVIEW, No. III.— Printed for John Murray, 32, Fleet- street; Hatchard, Piccadilly ; and Richardson, Cornhill, London ; John Hal— lantyne and, Co. and Brownand Crombie, Edinburgh ; l. ums- den, Glasgow; and by , M. N. Mahon, Dublin; sold also by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury; and by evi ry bookseller and newsman in town and country. [ 4499 To Artificers, Builders, Workmen, and Dealers in Materials. MR. PHILLIPS, Author of the History of Inland Navigation, respectfully informs all Gentlemen con- cerned in Buildin that the few Copies unsold of the new Edition of his BUILDER'S PRICE BOOK, may be had of Crosby and Co. Stationcr's- court, Ludgate- street, and Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury. ' Also the fifth Edition, price 1 ( is. 6d. boards, of A GENERAL HISTORY of INLAND NAVIGATION, being a complete Account of the Canals executed in England, and also of those projected. [ 466s This day is published, price Is. TWBLF. S for CALCULATING the VALUE of LAND, and of all kinds of Labour performed thereon, by the Acre, from Is. to 101, per Acre. Printed and sold for the Author by T. Clayton, Maiden- head; sold also by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxlord, Salis- bury; Poore, Hungerfcrd; Longman, Huret, Rees, and Co. London •, and other booksellers. Of whom also may be hod, by the same Author, price Is. 6d. fI'he GENTLEMAN'S, FARMER'S, and HUSBANDMAN'S most useful ASSISTANT in measuring and expeditiously com- puting the Amount of any quantity of Land. £ l3e3 < m THE SAUSBURY AND \\ LNCllESTEli- JOCENAL, Wednesday's and Thursday's Posts. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF. SEPTEMBER 5. DOWNING- STREKT, Sept. 4. DISPATCHES were yesterday received at the Office of Lord Viscount Castlereagh, one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries uf State, from Dieu't.- General bit . f. Stuart, dated Ischia, the 5th and 9th cf July- last, and which announce that Sir John, having' formed, in concert with Rear- Admiral Martin, a project for operating a diversion in favour of Austria, sailed from faeiiy, on the 11th of June, with a large military force, under convoy of the Canopus, Spartiate, Warrior, and « >; ne frigates and smaller vessels, and after menacing the ccast of Naples, a debarkation of 2S20 men was effected rn . he 24th of that month, on the Island of Ischia, which surrendered oil the 30th. A summons was immediately tent to tbe Garrison of Procida, which surrendered the rnne day, without opposition. Tbe same day al b ' iCth of June) the greater part of a flotilla of about 41) Neapolitan fun- boats were either captured or destroyed by a squadron Witter tbe command of Captain Staines, of the Cyatv. f ifteen hundred prisoners were taken, and a great quantity cf stores and aumiunition, including one hundred pieces of ordnance. Uti:'.'.. Col. Smith bad been detached., after the sailing of the Wshifnetit front Milazio, with the 10th regiment and tbe Chasseurs Britanniques, which were to be joined at the Tir » bv the 21 st, with orders to occupy and disarm the pasts In the streight opposite Messina. An attempt to reduce the Castle of Scylia was attended in the first instance with disappointment, from the sudden re- appe. aranee of a large force of the enemy, which constrained Lieut. Col. Smith to raise- the siege, and embark for Messina, which was erfteted without loss on the 30th of June ; and the sacrifice was only temporary, for on tbe gd of Juiy, the enemy d -- troye'd their works at Seylla, and evacuated the Castle, leaving an immense quanti ty of ordnance and store- , which bad been placed there in depot) and which fell into our baud-. The capture of these stores was of considerable importance, as they bad been progressively accumulating1 by tbe enemy, preparatory to an intended invasion of Sicily. Iu consequence of this well- timed diversion, a con- siderable body of troops which had been previously detached from Nao'esas a reinforcement to the arm;; of Upper Italy, as well as nearly the whole of the troops which had been sent into tbe Roman States to aid tbe French usurpation of t'. K Papal dominions, were hastily recalled to. defend the ^ Neapolitan coast. The preponderating force which the e lemy had thus assembled in the contiguity of Naples pre- rhided the hope, at this period, of any attack on the Cviital. But our footing on the healthy islands ofi- lsshia B i Procida ( essentially necessary as a temporary lodge- is! ait as well as. a depot) affording us the earliest liieirtis. of information, is- also a position from which we can move • with promptitude to ulterior objects, . whilst the enemy, who are observing us from the unw holesome plains of Haia, must be kept on the alert by tbe uncertainty bf our opt rations, and Karr. issed by the necessity of corresponding with our every movement. The great party disunion in tbe, province of Calabria was a material obstacle to every" means of intelligence, and led to a loss of a detachment of the 21 t, which had been sent, at ot 3 Officers, four Non- commissioned Officios, and 80 the solicitation of the inhabitants of the town of Palmi, for their protection. Murat sent a flag ol truce, soon after Sir . John Stuart's arrival at Ischia,- to treat for the exchange Jhini, forming this party, nho were stated to be prisoners, and on their inarch to Naples; but Sir John Stuart bad scarcely agreed to this, when, in a seeming tit of humour, occeaaiuued by dis atisfaetion at the capitulation of the i- land, he sent another flag, withdrawing bis offer, and declining any further communication with the Utitish Commander. The capture of the islands of Ischia and Proeida was effected with very trifling loss, viz. S killed and 10 wounded: I. ieut. Cameron, of the 21st foot, doing duty with the llotilla, among the killed; (.' apt. Arata, of the Cor. sican Rangers among the wounded. Tile returns from Lieut. Col. Smith's deaebment state 2 killed, 9 wounded, 86 prisoner , and 24 missings Captain Hunter, 21st, one j> f the killed ; Captains Maekay and ponran, IdeuiV M'Nab and Maekay, unoig tbe prisoners'. A Dispatch has been received by Viscount Caslle- reagh, dated St. Carlos, before the city of St. Domingo, July R, 1809, stating that he sailed from Jamaica on the 7th of June, and arrived at Polhtgue, in St. Domingo an the 28th of July; on the 30th a Negotiation commenced with the French General, commanding at tbe city of St. Domingo, which terminated ill tlie surrender of the city on the tith of July, after preparations had ba- ii made by < 1111- troops for an assault. The utmost cordiality prevailed between our troops and the Spaniards, and this conquest was eff.- cted without the loss of a man, either by sickness or casualty. The garrison surrendered prisoners of war, to be sent to France for regular exchange; the Officers to be sent home on. their parole, not to serve agniiAt England oi- lier allies for three, . yeah, unless regularly exchanged.— Neither the'numbers of the captured garrison, ifor those of the British troops engaged ill the capture, are mentioned in tbe Gazette : " the margin" is referred to . for the . latter, but the statement docs not appear in the margin. WriiTEiuii., Sept. 5. The King has been pleased to grant unto William Bayly, of Portsea, Esq. in behalf of bis great nephew, William Henry Dark, of Market La- vington, in the county of Wilts, his Royal Licence and Authority, that he, the said William Henry Dark, and his issue, may take and use tlie sa'ruamavjf Bayly, instead of that of Dark, and also bear the. arms of Bayly only. BANKRUPTS. Tho*, lirnvvn, of Ka « se'll- stret- t, lkiaritmdscy- street, Surrey, carticr, It'ilart barber, of Wading oi. ri. London, mttri loy. t,' Jurats Prosser; of Sloane- itr. et, Middle- sex, groceV. Thomas Nurcone. n- r Smith, of Ko. o'l'. oo', Y\ oreester8l> ifcj draper. ' 1' homas < - ol ., ot' lav.' tpciol, nierchote.. flei ueii I'f. uion, ot Wlo. sop, Herbyitiire, bakor and jhOfke- jaT. Jonathan Pocket, of M- ltm, Derltyshir.-, t. lou,, doii, oiute. tuo o Sobert Covrstvv, nC 1' iilQUmfli, merchant. Thomas aiW- laoan Uonivile, of Shelter,!, draper and lueeman. William Itouitbsedg,:, of Wnnttoie-. taelerliptJ^ e, viuU; n , Joliu l-; i!':! l, of Quecn- Jtreet, CncapsMo, U.- i- ito v. o on. LONDON-, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6. Last night's Gazette contains the official account of the capture of the i hm'tls of Ischia and'Procida, in the Gulf of Naples. The French papers have before, noticed this enpthre, and in articles from Naples, of' f hi date of Aug. od, have said that tbe islands have since been given up ; but this is probably untrue, as Sir John' Stuart an- nounces his determination to reta il them. Tire French, paper ; quaintly state, that two regiments have gone over to Malta. This appears to be true: they are tiie two regiments made prisoners by Sir John Stuart at Isebia ! The sa ne Gazette contains General Cartnichael's dispatches, relating the capture of the city of St. Domingo. Having . engaged in this expedition as the ally of Spain, General Carniiehael relinquished the city to the Spaniards, and returned with his forces to Jamaica. Yesterday a vessel arrived from B'uboa, - with skins and wool, after a short passage of five day=. We understand lio. molestation was given during her loading, or navi- gation down the river to Portugalcte, and that three more s} iips, with cargoes from tile same place, are hourly ex- pected. The. information she has brought is, that there are no French garrisons in the extensive range of coast from Suitauder to St. Sebastian, the whole uf the troops in that direction having proceeded by Orduna, Burgos, and Se- ll;- via, towards Maui id and Santa Oliala, Lo reinforce tbe army of Victor. Accpunts received yesterday from Corunna sta'te, the Geucral Bailastet'oe was mat cli ng withhii army to St. And to, am; to hp- u; ported in ail attack on that piicebv « •.,. Eiigl !, iii'- ate--. The Marqu'u dc'la'Romaua wa a^ etribiiog a I'- reo in Leon, and it is reported that he was to be oho t n President of tee Junta.— Tlie fleet" in Kern. I was fitting ho sea,' in order to be removed to Cadiz. This morning a Gott- nbursh Mail arrived, by which it a pp. ars that me disturbances has taken place in. If ra. v.— it is reported that Prince Augusteiiburg has l> ee arrested, and that a party ha. j iseo a . t. support nim. Tile Swedes have again olitai d some adva itages over, tb • Rn - ia. iS, tithe Gulf of B limia. We also lc„ rn that ST- iue rebut io • of the severe orders of France, respecting t'loir eti • nieree, ha be, n obtained. Nint eh> ps from Archangel, supposed to be worth 20' (,- ' have oee'n takei y . t Diish p. ivateer; ami by - co oil other privateer- were < n- uiziog < ttf tho , ' . th loo a- hev came out, ao that it a. peal's f . ' s ei t. i t> » f « , Genera! Monnet and General Ostefi have arrived at Deal, in tbe Monarch, Captain Lee. General Monnet was not in uniform; General Osten was dressed'in a splendid uniform. The latter was much beloved at Walcheren ; he has, on every occasion, shewn the most humane attention • to English sailors who have been cast away on tbe island, « tr who have been carried in prisoners, always using his best . endeavours to procure the liberty of aged seamen. He ' headed the several sorties made by " the garr i « oti of Flushing, anil was fortunate enough to escape unwount'led.^- General Monnet had the command of Flushing about ten years, and is said to have atria- sed A fortune of upwards of 100,000?.* A letter from an Officer on board his Majesty's ship Bonne Citoyenne; cot-. taens the report of the capture bf the Furieusey ( oca! of the French frigates which escaped from the Ssin'tes, and sftenvauls from Guadeloupe) on the 6th of July; After a cha--. e of twenty hour-, the Bonne Citoyenne came tip with, and engaged the Furieuse : the battle lasted six hours rnd ftirty- nine minutes • at the expiration of which the Furiettse struck, . having sustaiiiCd a loss of 33. killed, and nearly fifty wounded, amongst'which wa- her Captaia. The Bonne Citoyenne badamly one man killed, and . five wounded, two of them badly. The J tonne Citoyointe is a small Vessel of her class ; but the lutriense is. capable of mounting of) guns. From tbe. sboit distance from each other, at vvhich the ships eii2a » a.- d ( from 20 to 9 yards) they were, at the close-' of ( lie action, complete wrecks. Three days after the Bonne f. iri> toniie » with her prize, was Steering for the Island of ' Sl. John's Newfound- land ; but from the crippled state pf the ,- hip, some doubts were' entertained whether, they would be able to reach that port. A letter from Surinam, dated June 12, after noticing that , young- Carter, who was alluded to in the late Inves- tigation, is tln- re a Lieutenant in the HithCfoot, fays, the Officer,, bad a meeting on the subject, to consider whether they could a ssociate with him alter the discovery of his former situation; when, much to their honour, they resolved, that as he had ever behaved as a Gentleman since he had been in their corps, no notice should betaken of the circumstance. One Officer, howe - er, afterwards un- hand otnely alluded to it; Carter called him out, and lie was severely wounded. • The annals bf gaming have not produced so many vicissi- tudes of fortune as have; occurred lately in the vicinity of Pall Mall and St. James's- street. Among tho many anec- dotes, now in circulation, is one of a very recent date; and it relates to two personages of_ great, rank and, dis- tinction ; one of whom has lost at the hazard- tubb'., to the other, no lesl a sum than tuio hundred thousand pounds ! BREAD.— The Lord Mayor yesterday ordered the assize to be continued the same as last vyeek. CoRN- ExciiAVitF., Sept. 6'.— There are but short supplies of Wheat tOvday, fine samples are rather dearer ; Neav, for seed, upwards of 110s. per quarter ; Barley, likewise, in short supply, and maintains its price ; in Malt, Beans, Oats, and Pea-, little variation ;' f lour at last prices. DIE © .] On Monday morning,' at his bouse in Piccadilly, George William Coventry, Eail of Coventry, Viscount Deerhurst, Lord Lieutenant of tlie Coutity, and Recorder of the City of Worcester; llis Lordship wits in his 8Sth year, being born April 2p, 1722: he first married one of ihe beautiful Miss Gunnings, the issue by which man ingo have been remarkably unfei tmtMe : the first- born daughter died young; Mary- Alieia] the next child, was the fust wife of the present Sir Andrevv Bayntun, to whom she was married when 23 years- old, in June 1,77, was dim reed in 1783, alid- died in Jan. 1781; Ann- Margaret, the next child, was married in 1778.. when 21 jcar* old, to the Hon. Edward Foley, from whom she was divorced in 17o7, and the following year she married Samuel Wright, Esq. a Captain in the army; George' Viscount Deerhurst, who succeeds his father, and is novy Earl of Coventry, was mar- ried at 1,9 years of a ze to Lady Catherine Henley, a daughter of the late Ear! bf Northington ; the marriage was without the consent of liis father, and the Lady died iu ho- - than two year; ( in Jan. 17791 ; » few months after which, as Lord Deerburst was bunting in Worcestershire, attempting a dangerous leap, lis horse fell on him, beat his face nearly flat, and though he was miracvilpt:-- ly prx^ eted., ho " na. ever sinfie, for the long period of 30 years, heon, totally blind: in 1783, he married MRs Pitches, second daughter of Sir A, Pitches, by whom be has a numerous family. THEATRE OF ANATOMY, Blenheim- street, Great Marliiorough- street. •" TM- IE Summer Course of Lectures on Anatomy,' S. Physiology, and Surgery,- will be commenced On M6u~ day the - 2d of Oetober 180,0, at two. r/ clock, By Mr. BROOKES. Surgeons in the army and navy pjay be assisted iKrenewing their anatomical knowledge, and every pussible attention wjil be paid to their ajcominoir. tio as well m instruction. Anatomical coo. ver'zationcs will. be held weekly, when the different subjecU treated of will tv: discussed famibariy, and the students' views forwarded. To these none but pupils can be admitted. Spacious apartments, thoroughly ventilated, Slid replete with every convenience., arc bp- n all the morning, for the purposes of dissecting add injecting, where Mr. Brookes at-, tends to direct the stn. lcqts, and demonstrate the various parts as they appjat on dissection. An extensive museum, containing preparations illustrative of every patt- of the human body, and its diseases,- appertains to this'Theatre, to which students will have occasional admit-; tance.— Gentlemen inclined to support this school by contri- buting preternatural or morbid parts, subjects in natural his- toiy, &' c. ( individually of little value to tbe possessors; may have the pleasure of seeing them preserved, arranged, and re- gistered, with the names of the donors. TERMS : For a Course of- Lectures, including the Dissections 51. r> s. For a perpetual Pupil, to the Lectures & Dissections lo/. 10s. The inconveniences usually attending anatomical investiga tions are counteracted by an antiseptic process. Pupils may b- accommodated in the House.— Gentlemen established in practice, desirous of renewing their anatomical knowledge, may be accommodated with an apartment to dis- sect in privately. [- 1601 SOUTHAMPTON RACES Ti'ttt lule jfUtve the 2' 4tf> and 2! K/( of September. 71RHT DAY,— A SUBSCRIPTION CUP of _ FIVE GUINEAS EACH, with . FORTY . GUINEAS added frbui tbe Racing Fund - v three yrs. old, Sst. 1 lib.— four yrs. old, Sst. 41b.— five yis. old, ast. ffifc— six yrs. oid, Sst. 41b. — and aged, 9st. 61b. Two mile be lts. Mr. Trevauion's Stripling,, five yas. old, Mr. Mitchell names Littleton, ' by Dotterel, tllteqyiS. old. Capt. Haffchtltn, Mr. W Ellis, and Mr. Rumbold, are subscribers, but did not name. The TOWN PLATE of, FIFTY POUNDS, for Maiden Horses of alj ages: three- years, old, 7st. ilfe.—- four years old, Sst. sib.— five yrs. old',' Sst. lotb.— six yrs. old, Sst. iSib.— find aged, 9st. Mares and Geldings allowed alb. Two mile heats. SECOND DAY,— SWEEPSTAKFS of TEN GUINEAS each: four yrs. old, pst. ilb.— five yrs. old, lost. 2lb.— six yrs. old, I Ost, ? lb.— and aged, 10st. Sib. Marcs and Gctdincs to be allflvved 3lb. One~ four- mile licit. Horses that have won once in 1809 to carry 3lb. extra— twice, Sib.— and thrice, 7lb. The winner of the Cup this year to carry 5lb. over and above the weight for winning. Mr. TrevSniori's Bucephalus, tiger!. Mr. MitclieU's Tony Lumpkin, fiveyrs. old, jilr. Douglas's' b. h. Don Felix, aged. Capt. laaifeiiden and Mr. York are subscribers, but did not name. LADIES' PLATE of FIFTY POUNDS, for all ages: three yrs. old, est. Win.— four yts. old, Sst s- b.— five yrs. old, 8st. l2lb.— six yrs. old; Sst. l lb-, and aged, nst. alb. Horses that have wori'once this year to carry Sib.— twicer, Sib.— and thrice, 7 « . extra. The winner of' a King's glate this year to Carry 7lb.. in addition to the present eitra weights. The winner of the Cup this year will not be allowed to run for this plate. Three'miie heats". Mares arid Geldings allowcd, 8lb. The H rsps for the two Plates to be shewn and entered at theGeor . c Inn, Southampton,- on the Tuesday before run- ning, between the hours of four and eight o'clock in the after- '• noon, when proper certificates' mast be pr -. duced, paying' two guineas entrance and five si-' illings- to the Clerk* o, t the Course,- <> t dodble post- entrance.— No'ter. s than three reputed running • horses . to start, for c. tinr of the abc- ve plates, unie*; by per- missi n of. the Stow., rds. . if only one 1 orse enters, tSe owner • to receiyc ten guinea's ; if two, fifteen- fiuineasbetvveen thtm, and their entranr • m > n, y returned ; but if twij'be permitted to stert,, and eithe: refoi- v : snch so refusing shall forfeit his v ht to any pe. it ot the fifteen •- eao. as. It is expected that tb - qw- rter " 1 the. winning horse each day will pay one guinea to the Clerk ' of the. Cours , for weights-; scales, &£.—- All horses' to'stindat tie stab Irs of a'Se.: •:. ' - of ha! f- a-' girinea at 1 est; and. net to be plated by a smith v,. ebees not - eepsc'rib - he I Pa -. o. on a.- Ncrperscn vyili be aiioiitted to erect a booth » r stail or sefl liquors 011 the cou-. se, who do. s not subscribe half- a- guinea. , • All dogs seen on the course will be destroyed. All disputes to be settled by the Stewards, or whom they shall appeont. To start each day at one o'clock. Ordinaries, Balls, and Plays, as usual at former races. Sir T. TANC R F. D, Bart. J. B. TKEVANJON, Esq./ bttw' r,, s" ). BAVLIS, Clerk of rht Course. [ 4635 QUEEN AN\ E's BOUNTY OFFICE, Dean's Yard, Westminster, • iSdJune, 1809. THE Governors of the Bounty, of Queen Aoue, for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of t'oe Poor Clergy, having t00,000L to dispose . of for increasing that Maintenance, arising from the munificence of Parliament, in consequence of a Message from His Majesty, do give this public Notice— That they will apply it for the Augmentation of Livings which, by the rules ot this Corporation, are fitly qualified to receive it: and that, to encourage Benefactions, - they will give Three Hundred Pounds to any particular Cure, where any person, in order to obtain the Bounty, will give 200/. or a greater sum in money, or the value thereof iu Lands or Tithes, or a clear Rent- clrargc or Annuity of 15'. That the Governors will feceive proposals for Benefactions till Christmas next; and then proceed, in the first place, to augment such Livings as shall have Benefactions ottered and accepted ; and afterwards augment with 200J. by lot such Livings as shall happen to be drawn and are fitly qualified ( of which due notice wi li be given), beginning with those not exceeding 30/. per annum, according to the old returns; and then progressively, until the whole Sum shall be exhausted. That if any Living, augmented under this regulation, appears- to have no iricum-" bent resident or doing his duty in person, or if it be possessed by a person holding another Living of the value of 15Q!- per annum, the Interest of the Augmentation Money is to accu- mulate for the benefit of such augmented Living, until the impediment is removed. By Order of tbe Governors, 4660] RICH. BURN, Secretary. AMESBURV TUttNPIKE. VTOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising JL^ I from the several Toll Gates under- mentioned, Will be LETT bv AUCTION to the highest bidder, at the house Of Philip Morgan, being a common inn, known by the sign of the George, at A. me- sbury, on Wednesday;- the'aoth day of September inst. between the hours of. twelve and One of tile- clock in the afternoon of that day, in the maimer directed by the Acf passed in the eSSth year of the reign of hif present Ma- jesty for regulating. Turnpike Roads f such letting to com- mence frpm the ' i:/ th day of September nest; arid which Tolls amounted last year to tbe sums hereafter mentioned, above the expences of collecting, and will be put up at the same sums respectively, viz. Mullen's Pond and Fifield at jfll4 " 0 0 Countess Gate at 13 11 0 West Arncsbury Gate at 144 0 0 . Heytesbury and Chittern at 182 0 0 Wiley and Deptford, the. Side Bar at Dept- ford, and Langford, at 85 0 0 Bulford at 22 2 0 Whoever is the best bidder must, at the same time, git e se- curity with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trus- tees of the said Roads, for the payment Of the rent agreed for, at such times as thee shall direct. 4360] ' JOHN HOODING, Clerk & Treasurer. SAUSBCKY INFIRMARY, Augusta], 1809. THE Annual Court of Governors, held here this day, having, pursuant to the statutes, appointed, an ANNIVERSARY MEETING,— This is to give Notice, that it Will this year be held on Friday'the 23th of September, when it is hoped that all friends and contributors to this im- portant and extensive Charity will, by their attendance and concurrence, manifest a resolution and zeal to support it; as at so small an expence to themselves, they are enabled to relieve th'eir poor neighbours, in the most distressed- circum- stances, with such advice, medicines, and accommodations, . as cannot be procured for them in any other way. AH the Subscribers of one Guinea per annum, and Bene- factors of at least, that sum, are desired to attend the Visitor, President, G o. errio ' S, Mayor and Corporation, exactly at half after ten o'clock in the morning ( by permission of the Mayor;, at the Council House, in Salisbury, to walk in procissiou from thence to tbe Cathedral Church, where Service will begin exactly at eleven, and a Sermon will be preachcd on the occasion by the Rev. Mr. . Marsh. In the coarse of the Service wili., be, performed a To Deum, and a new Anthem composed by Mr. Cor!'-. A Collection will be made at the church ( laprs, when all, particularly the inhabitants of this city, may, by their appearance at church, shew their appro bation of sa noble an establishment, and have an opportu- nity, according to their respective abilities, of contributin something towards its support. After Divine Service, the procession will be in the same order to the Council House, where some particulars of a Report from the Auditors of tile State of the Infirmary for tho last year, ending this day, will be publicly read, and the Report itself be then, ready to be delivered to all th? contribu- tors present, and sent to those vvhoare absent; and an ' Ordi- nary will be- provided at half an hour after two o'clock, at the Cross Keys fun. ( Signed) ItADNOR, President. By order of the Annu 1 Court, , WJI. DYKIS WIIITM vn-; ii, Secretary. N.' B.— Persons intending tb dine at the Ordinary are parti- cularly desiiad to send their names to- Mr, Fry, at the Cross Keys Inn, forthwith. [ 4672 gT All Patients that have been discharged from tbe In- firmary - n the last year, who ce. n make it convenient, to attend, ate desired to tesiify theii gratitude by attending the Service at the Church on the d '. y above- mentioned. *** The Earl of Radn > r presents the Governors . with a Jtufk. FARMS NEAR LEWES, IN SUSSEX. HpO be LET T by TENDER, for a term of I t, « r A 21 . years— Two capital FARMS, with Farm- housesifrid every necessary Outbuilding, within three miles of LeWes, in the parishes of Ringmer and Glynd ; t rie in the possession of Messrs. Hooper, containing 81 acies ot Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Down Land, subject to Tythos; the other 11 the possession of Mr. Crund . r, containing 1611' acres of Arable Meadow ahd Pasture Land, about 60 acres of the Arable Tythe- free.— May he entered on at Michaelmas,( old style) ls'ri).— Ti. respective ten- nts iriilsbew t'e- if lenJa.' Tenders, scaled up,, to be sent to Messrs. Strong, Still, and Strong, Lincolo's I , , on or befor t'- e athof November next, of whom,- or of Mr. We, ier, at Glyndbourn House, further particulars- may be had,. [ Hi6' 7 WILTS.— CAI. NE TURNPIKE TOLLS. " iVTOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising J- ^ at the Calric Turnpike Gates, known by the several names hereinafter- mentioned, vviil be LETT by AUCTION, either in one or more lots, to the best bidder ( acc - rding to the conditions to be produced), at the White lla: t Inn, in Calne aforesaid, on Friday the 6th day of October next, in tbe mannpr directed by the Act passed in the Kith year of the reign of his present'Majesty King George the Third, " for re- gulating tbe Turnpike Roads ;" which Tolls will be put up at the several sums for which they werj last lett, viz. Chilvesterhill, Quemerfoirl, an.! Chtffk- Street Side Gate '...£ 1055 Smelling's- lane ( leading to Devizes) 110 Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give security with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of ths Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. i. MEREWETHER, Clerk and Treasurer. CALNE, Sept. 5, 1809. . [ 4580 i' VI, NEAR ANDOVER. HTO be- L'rJ T by TENDER, from Michaelmas ii , mi. 0 — JACK VTLLE- COURT FARM, situate :, tUf> p. r- Clatfeao, Ha about one mile fid'- the town pf'Anelov'er,. now in the e itiort of Mr. W: • Km:, containing about ISO acres < .- able,- Water Me - d w, P . sture,. and MarSh Land, uno: inlv allotment of wertd for f oces. ' ; The pri . ; n . fit w ,1 shew ti e land 5 and'further parti; Calais IT.-- ••-: known on appiic , t •>•; to Mr. Todd, And- vtr,' to who:': • ! efs ill Writing are to I: - • in. 1 d on or i' efOrc the first da ,' ' Jcte, be; next— r- soen h; 1 winch an. answer will be re- iarne'I I ; the person- whose 1r :,. accepted. [ 4S9S ' T'O. be LE TT bv. TE- NDJia, for a term of 7 or 14 A Years, and entered on 1 Michaelmas nc » t,— ORGAN FARM, situated !-.. the parish of Lytchet Minster, in the county of Dorset, 6 miles from Poole and 4 from'Wjireharo, both good market town's ; i consisting of about 127 acres'of Arable, P.- i « jrf,' i, n. lCoppice'Land, with a good Farm- house, barns,; stable, Sc. Sc. and unlimited right of a most excel lent common, some thousand acres in extent. For f'ui th- 1 pirticu'Mrsanda view of- the farm apply to Win. Pitt, . Esq. Or, an- house-, near Poole, Dorset, to whom ten- ders, sealed up, free of postage, are to be sent, 011 or before Thursday the 21st of September inst. [ 4563 f O be LETT by TENDER, for 8 Years, from A Michaelmas next, — T. lie following LANDS, at Milford, adjoining the city of Salisbury, with LAVERSTOCK MILL, viz. LOT I. Two Cottages', Barn, and Barton, lying to the east of the road leading to'Milfcrd. a; Great Meadow i9 Meadow Luc Geary's Valfvatercd 2 Picked Me . riow.-..... } ,.;,... 5 Piece of Pasture called the Sling 2 Allotment next t'. ie MeadoWs, '.. arable. .' 33 Allotment beyond Weepi'ng'Crhss ' i'tee, ditto.. 26 Laverstock Mill and Lairds 7 LOT II. 97 T. 0 39 29 2 26 32 . O Two Barns, Granary, Cow Stalls, and Barton, lying on the west oftheabote road. A. n. p. A Close of Pasture at Beshury '......,,.; 9 1 7 A small Close adjoining the above 2' 3 0 Besbury Water Meadow 6 9 ' 1J)- An fnclosurc of Arable at Besbury, ., 8 1 2- AllotmriftonMilfprd. Hi. il " J ...'.'.. 3 2,22 Allotment011 theRaclt Ground* J- arable,....., 2 3 25 Allotment below the Lime PitsJ 1 it 22 41 I 17 Tenders in writing will be received by Mr. Still, at the An- telopelnn, on Tuesday the l.' Hh day of Septenrber 1R09, b'e- twee; n the hours of three and five' in the afternoon^ subject to the conditions which will be then produced. [- KjOl Mr. Weeks, the present tenant, will shew the lands., . HAMLET OF BOURTON,, Parish of Gillingham, in the county of fyorscf, fO lie SOLD bv TENDER,— A COSTOMARY or .1 Corv HOLD'ESTATE of INHERITANCE, now in the occupation ot' Mrs. Honor Butt, whose lease will cxpire- at Lady- day 13'; comprising a substantial House, wiili coii- venient out buiebne;,, ; md about '- jo. acre- of rich Meadow and Pasture Land, ahdabout 11 acres of'Arable-( be thestlme more ork- ss), vvhich will be sold in one let. • Scaled tend rs for the purchase to be delivered to Mr., Biging, Bourton aforesaid, or Mr. Latimer, Mere, Wilts, on or iicfore the 26t'n day of September instant; if by letter, post paid. None will be receiver! afte r twelve o'clock that'day. . TIw ' i'lnl'oer On the estate to be taken at. a valuation. For further particulars apply to the said Mr. Biging or Mr. Latimer; and. for a view ot the premises to the tenant. [ 4635 TURNPIKE TOLLS TO ' BE LETT. VfOTlCE is hereby give,,.—- That the TOLLS' i. ^ are ai at tbe several . Toll Gates upon tne- Turripike Road from Marlborburh to Everley. in the county of Wilts, will be LE1Tby AUCTION, to the best bidder,' accordim; to Act of Parliament, at the Town hall, in Matlb'orough aforesaid,, 011 Thursday the 28th day of September, ISiip, between tile hours ol ten o'clock in the forenoon arid five, o'clock in the' afternoon ; which Tolls were lett the last- year : the several sums following, that Is to say— The Gate in ,- . : o i- t's for 4S/:- ls. i theGate Ht Ram's Alley for 43/. 1- s.; an i ... • as a Southgrove and Stibh for 50/. Is'.; clear of ah , xpe. e. and vvali be put up at those sums respectively. Whoever ii . pj efi ' Q be the best bidders,- must give security, with sufficient sure;: es, to the satisfact' ai. oi the- Trustees oi tire said'l urnpikc, ! r the payment uf the re. nt at such times' and in such manner as they shall d, rect., By order oli the - Trustees, TUGS, MERRIMAN, Clerk. MABiBonovcu/. S'ept. 4, 1809. [ 4654 HPO be LETT by AUCTION, on Monday the 2d A • day of October," 1809 ( instead of Thursday tlie Uth of September, as before advert, sedj, between the iiours of four and six in the afternoon, at the Coach and Horses Inn, Southampton ( Unless before disposed of by private contract-, of which due notice will be'given),— The following desirable Premises, situate in the parish of St. Mary, within the town of. Sotfthampton, in two lots. . Lot 1.— All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, with, tlie stable, cart- bouse, and potatoe- housc adjoinine thereto, af. da'so 16' acres and 3.9 perches of rich Land, in a most luifbtiant state, occupied by Mr. Peter Oaklev, sen. as under- tenant of Mr. John Band. This lot, from the con- venience of its situation and fertility of soil, has proved highly advantageous to its present occupier, and'cannot fail of amply recompencing the labour of any person concerned in gu t: h*- ing or agriculture who may think propel to turn bis attention' to it.. Lot 2.— Ml those 1 Acres and 23 Perches of excellent PAS TURE LAND, contiguous to the sea, lately used as a wharf, for which it is peculiarly adapted, in the occupation of Mr. John Kent, as under- tenant of the said Mr. John Band. For further particnla r. s apply by letter ( free- of postage), or personally, to Messrs. Holmes, solicitors, Rotr. sey, c r Mr. W. Purchase, ot that place. [ 4623 HANTS. TO be SOLD by, AUCTION, at the Star Inn, at Andovcr, on Thursday the, 5th day of October 180,9, unless previously disposed of bv private contract, A verv valuable and improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE, Land- tax redeemed, consisting of a large fe. rm- house, two very good cottages, large barns, stables, malt- licuse, and out- buildings, and 208 acres of excellent, arable, meadow, and pasture land, - with right of common on Brarisbury Moor, and . fishery in the ri- er Test, and now in the occupation of Win. Burnett, s- tuate at Newton Staciy, in the parish of Barton Stacey, in the county of Hants, 9 miles from Winchester, 5 Irorn Andovcr, 6 from Stockbridgc, 12 from Basingstoke, antl 57 from London ' • EO. . HOOKEY respefitfulfy informs the Rrdi'ie, J that the SALE of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, advertised to take place at No. 2, High- street, Southampton, * on. the 2' id and 23d iust. is unavoidably postponed till the 4th and oik of October.— Particulars iu the next. SOUTHAMPTON, Sept. 7, 1809. [ 4947 FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, King- street, Spring- Gardens, Southampton. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Dolphins Inn, on Thursday the,, 1- lth of September 1809, at six o'clock, by GEO. HOCKEY,— tA very comfortable, convenient, and substantially- built DWELLING- HOUSE, in complete repair; it consists of a parlour about 16 feet square, drawing- room with bow window, three good bed- chambers, kitchen, wash- house', 111 Which is a pump of good watt r. c liar, paved court, and garden behind, in the occupation of Mr. William Ramsden. The I louse is neatly and conveniently fitted up : the Fix- tures to be taken by appraisement; and possession mav be immediately had. o. Further particulars may be known by. applying to the Auctioned. _ [ 4645 VICINITY OF SOUTHAMPTON. Freehold FILL • 1,. double Coach- house, Stalling for S horses, Pleasure dad Kitchen Guldens, Green- lioust, and small Paddock, together upwards of two acres. npo be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Dolphins 8. Inn. Southampton, by GEO. Hookr. v, on Thursday the 6th of October, at one o'clock,— A desir iblr FREEHOLD ESTATE ; comprising a congpriable Dwelling- House id Complete repair, consisting of Vdining- room 91 feet bv ts, , with bow- window to floor, drawing- room same dimensions, breakfast- parlour, entrance hall, seven bed chambers ( in- cluding servants') and offices of every description, opening 011 a Lawn, surrounded by a lofty shrubbery, pleasantly situ- ated within a mile ati. l a half of Southampton. The Fixtures to be taken by appraisement, and the House- hold Furniture and Green- house 1' iants to be taken at the option of die purchaser. Further particulars known On application at Geo. Hookey's Agency Office, Southampton. [ 4616 NEW FOREST, HANTS. TO b? SOLD by AUCTION, at Lyndluirst, by order of tbe Right Hon. Lord Gienbervic, Surveyor Ge- neral of his Majesty's Woods, Forests, & c. 011 Friday the 22d day of September, 1809,— The following lots of NAVAL T i OAK TOPS, CAST BEECH Lots. OAK TOPS. Tops. • In Burley Walk 60 2.- 1.- 1.- 1.- 1.- - Denny ditto 25 • Ironshill ditto 13 - Castlcmalwooddo. 18 - Bfambleh. llditto.. 13 LIMBER, & c. . S- c. Lots. CAST BEECH. Ends. 2.— In Ashurst Walk !<) 2. Lyndhurst ditto ... 22 4. Hhincfield ditto.. - 43 2. Whitley Ridge do.. 25 1.- Lady C ross rlitto .. 7 2 . Bramblehill ditto.. 15 • 1. Castlcmalwood do. Hi) , Cord Wood, and Bavins, in the Co eh and floras,. Sutton ; the King's Head, Stock- bridgc ; at the place of sale j and of Mr. Clari'dgd. Pail- Mall, London. - [ 45* 6 ' ISLE OF WIGHT. GOODS, which have been seized and legally condemned : SHAG TOBACCO 340),, RAW COFFEE t,. u ''. The broken- up HULL of the cutter Ocean, of Portsmouth, with her Tackle, Apparel, Fur- tore-, and small Boat; A- Wherry and her Materials t And/ or Ihe duties, LEAF TObACCO 300' ilbs. To lie viewed two days previoiisto, the sale. '[ 4tn 7 ISL:"" f •:. WIGHT.—— BREWERY. TO - be-' SOLD % AUCTION, by Messrs. M ay and PORTER, by virtue of ho M-' J.* SFXXjvrit./ iW fat ees. • on VI - day the 13th < Uv of Sqitdniber I809, on the', tre- , mi-' • „: two o'clock iv.- the efo- mtjon,— rA'l tlist ri- w .: silt1 U " o. OAGE or DWELLiNG- HOiaSE, fiREW- I- P. JSE, : d otablc,, with cbnv:;: : , t of^ c- n aH^ oinirig, end a good warden, situate near W- t CowtS, in the fee of W -'. it, late in the occupation of in- Barton, brewer. The above- ptear. es are Leasehold, and held for . term of 60 years, coma- ci. ng Michaelmas. 1804, atthe ye..: iy r.:, t oi, ' The 1 ; e is renewable for ever at the fine, of. is.. The Br wary isjwwli supplied with excellent water, brought into it •. Means of force p'utorti on the improved plan.— Indc- pe. ',:- .: of the trade oi' public- houses carried'on at this " hooeory, a ready- money trade of table- beer for private families ami shipping is carried on to - a considerable extent. The Brewery Utensils; Malt Mill, Fofce Pumps, Coppers, Vats, . and Fixtures, may be taken bv the pUrcha- er oi' the brewery at a fa: r valuatitin. For particulars app: y to Mr. WoreVe, solicitor, Newport, or to Mr. Willington, GLuay- striet, Newport; if by letter, post paid. [ 1 06 ISLE OF WIGHT. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. MEW .1 and POUTER,- at- the Wheat Sheaf Jnu, Newport, on Thursday the * 2ist day . of Sept-, mber isu-. i, at three o'clock in the afternoon, either together or in lots, and agreeable' to- such conditions as will be then and there prodiict'd,— - A substantial and well- built FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or , DWELLING HOUSE, with convenientofrices attached,- and a very desirable Tan- yard, wifh a large Garden adjoining, situate in Crocker- street, in the town of Newport-, kite in the occupation ot Mr. Abraham Clarke, Also two Labourers' Tenements under one'robl", adjoining to. the above- mentioned premises. Also a Freehold Messuage, stable, and cart- house, with a Garden and large Grchajdadjoining, containing about, halt an acre, situate in Crocker- Street, iri Newport aforesaid, and Lte iu the occupation of the said Abraham Clarlttt Also a . Leasehold Cottage and Garden, situate at Sanrlypitts, in the parish, of; Calbourne, in the occupation . pf R. Burt.— Theses premises ire held. for the " lives of John Miirfcl, aged about fit) years, a, l'* i J.- imcs; Martel, agtdabout' 64year.;, atthe yearly- rept ot ]. s-. For particulars and a' view of the. pre'tViises apply to Mr. Worsicy, solicitor, Newport. '., [ 46- 21 ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD hy AUCTION, by Messrs. TOCKBIT . and PtTTis,. oti Thursday. tlje 21st of September, " l'K0. q,> at the Bugle Inn, Newport, at fo'u'r c'eflisc'i in- tii- afternoon, If not in tbe mean' time disposed pf by Private Contract, of which notice will be giYcn. Lot T.— ATI that desirable FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE and Premises, late in the occupation of Messrs. Riiynet' and Medley, seedsmen and corn mer- chants, situated in Quay- street, Newport; cott'prismg a sub- stantial well- built' brick dwelling- house, consisting of two front parlours," four good bed r ,01: 1... ' bi'ee bed rooms n, iqtiEs, : hl- n, pantry, teUar, large ' jvived court, wailed good kitchen, Sellar, l. trg'i paved garden, with a pilmp, and vyell 01' CKcellci-. t water; aisO; a.; large store- house and counttng- houjc adjoining, and fronting tbe Guay. Lots.— A STORE- IIOUSF,, with a good under- ground Cellar, adj lining lot 1, . situated in Sea- street, late in the occu- pation of Messrs. Ravner and Medley. Lot 3.— A large ah! convenient DOUBLE STORE- HOUSE, measuring from front to back 85 feet, and in width ," i feet 6 inches, situat d in Sea- street, late in the occupation - of Messrs. Rayner and Medley. The above sto're- houses arc iii" good re- pair, and conveniently situated for shipping and re- shipping goods'. Lot 4.— An EIGHTH SHARE of a London Coasting. V.- j- sel, name the Friendship, Capt. Warn r,. Master, The above vessel has recently undergone a thorough repair, and is now in good coi lition. N. Bi— Immediate possession of lots 1, 2, and 3 fnaybe had. [- 16: 50 For further particulars apply ( if by ' letter, post paid) to the Auctioneers, or to Mr. Rayuer, West Mill, Lie of Wight. Kin*, wood ; ar. d'for " a'vlfw- Also several lots of Coalfir- the said Forest. For further particulars apply to Joseph Mortimer, Esq. Owcr. [- 1530 RINGWOOD, HANTS. npObcSOLD by A UCTION. at theWhiteHart Inn. . u. 011 Wednesday the filth day of September inst. at six o'clock iu the evening ( unless previously disposed of by private contract, ot which notice will be immediately given),— The'. FEE-, SIMPLE of all those old- established capital WATER. CORN and GRIST MILLS called RINGWOOO MILLS, with the Fishery and Royalty of Fishing bel- neiue; tb. r: to: and also a I, cat and coinuiodiobs DWELLING- HOUSE, com- prizing two front periods, counting- house, kitch. n, scullery, two cellars, four bed " bambers, and garr. t, with suitable o! 5:- s and gardens, excellent stables, cart bouses, and pig- eeiy, and about five,. icres of jrich fertile Meadow Land in . Up-. nead,—- Tile above. M ils ate constantly sujpli. d with water,, are- capable of grinding fortv loads ot wht.'. t per week, and deligotfully situated on ( he River. Avjin, which abounds with trout imd other fish, and are caiciaiats. d tor Carrying ca a very extensive trade, parrot the Mils, which has tor some time past been occupied es a storehouse, naving be. n formerly us- d as a- fu'ling mill, arid mi, ht t art t -: sv exper ce be con- i verted to grind several loads't- f wheat ? r vve-. k more. The eont'euityof the' premises " to tie. toWo ot Ringwood, a good market town, renders them a desirable acquisition to atiy per- son wishing to enter into tlvmeal trade.— The. stcnesj ma- chines, cloths, & c. to betaken at a valtiat on. r,'-/ > ut.- W- x lyatiasiais ipi^ j w • tt> Mr. l lorwoo'l, con\ a. y, l¥ ieor, Kir Of the- preipises, to Mr. Pcnford, the- present tenant, who \ vill deliver pesses. ion tiVeteOt at Michaelmas next. N. B. One half of the purchase nana may rcnviiri ca mortgage, if required. [ 4580 NEW FOREST, HAMPSHIRE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Jon* Yotrwo, on Wedn' sdav the leib - f Scptiinber, 180,9, stthe Star Inn, in the He'- i- str. o! c . t, f Southampton, betweeii . the iiours ot one and a,.: i.' e, . , in the a hern oil, unless an- acceptable olferfor tl whole should be n— d in tlie mean time, of which due notice \ vill be given in this l'ep r. Lot!.— A gCKHUuhsoanti. il FARM nOUSE, ccntiiifiifigiwo re- oe. is, with ; t wash- bouse, pantry*, cellar, and dairy, on the groundfi. n r; three convenient sized bed rooms, - en the first floor, and a garret " over the s rae : together with tile garden, farm yard, barn, ' imcMahle, ( built of brick,) with ti e ether appurtenances thereunto belonging, end the stv. ralClosescr Pieces. of Arable Slid Pasture Land, hereinafternu- ntioiud, v'uz. — One Close, railed Hill Moor Piece, of which one- half * is Arable and the other Fa- spare Land, containing togtlher 4 A. • 8 R.: P.— One oth - r Arable Close, caikab the Compon Htce, containing s A.— One oil er Arabletis- se, called thei'eddock, coritaihir. g ' 2 R.. 02 P.— One other Arable Close, oiled.- ibe Four. Acres, containing 4 A. 0 it. 20P. Lot !.— One Arable"!';- er, c- tlied" 11 ill Head, COntiiiiingSA* 1 R, 21'.— One oth r Pia ioo Close, called the Lowtr Marsh, containing 2A. OR 3:<* P.-— One other Arable CIIM-, pallid Corse Close, containing 1 A. U. .- .'. , l.'. tO.— One Close, called V. idis's Meadow, containing3A. SR. 1- 1 P.— One ether Arable Close, called Ste s, corys'uiii g 6 A. 1 R.— One other Clfsse, called tbe Little Marsh, cgatam- inglA. 2R. 6P1 , ,.' 3 Lot-!.— One Arable Close*, ea'!" d Wares, containing3 A. The Premies ;: re situated'' it Ovia r, in the Parish « l Fawlty, a dry', healthy, andptfas.' iift part'tsf'tj- e N. vv i,' oie.^ t, caiimiat. d- ing ' \! nsive views of the Ken hampfon W: tor, O. i- liot Cts- tle, Spiibead, COwes Harbour, ;•: d- o; the Isle of Wight; and art weil worth the attention ot any gentleman disposed t/ i baity, Or the present- 1 anirfiotue, which is well coi. strtuKti, may lie easily itorivcrted into one fit f< r the rereffioa otx genteel faimly: The Niei^ idsouthood is most respeetabte, end the nrineieni Roads about the premises are good; the rijlance from S'ftutliampton is, only S mileS; from l ymingto*, 11 j Portsmouth, 15; t. ntt witli'n JO < r 11 of tbe Forest lAuit — A coni-. idcia. bif quantity ol gcod Timber is growingon the ftefnises, part of Which is fit- to cut, and the rtst of a very thriving ••> it. The Timber * rs not intended to be sold with the Land; but this the Purchaser w ill be rrquiri d to take at a va- r luntion.— The Tenure is Copyhold of Inheritance; the Pie- mises in the three fiist Lots aie held under the Man;. rof Bit- tern ; anil iri fhc fourth, under the Manor of Eling, liaWr cntjr to a nominal , fine, and beriots" payable on deaths ur ahenation. • For timber p;. rtieult!.( fiapply to Mr. Barney, Solu. itor, South- ampton ; and for a view' oi tbe Premises, to Mr-. JamesBarns, the pro pro tor,; t Lat. e'ty, n- » r Fnwley, [ lii? 7 - BWRSLEDON- HOUSE, .' Pleasure Crorrr.!:,, r • 1,0/ 0/, in or Southampton. | 0 be SOLD, by A 1.1 TiCN, by Messrs. Hoc O- ART and Ptui. MM, at ( birrsway's, CII Friday tbe 15th of September, at twelve, by direction ot ibe F xeeiitcrs. un- less an acceptable, ofi< 1 is ( rtviously rr udc by private contiact, — An elegant Modern MANSION, ' delightfttllf situated near the banks of the beautiful river Harhble, a pleasing distance from the- sea, 5 miles from Southampton, 14 trom- Winchcstir, aad 11 troni Portsmouth anil Gosport, in the cfiuvty of Hams, the l; uea.: idence and property ol J, hn M'Qttrcn, Esq. de ceastjd. The House forms a handsome elevation, conm-. and- iiig ara ble picturesque view of the isle of Wight, the Sound, anrl rich a'djacent country ; has been recently finished in a style of superior taste, <- nd contains spacious'ct gtiit cining andrlrawiiig- rooms of fine proportions, boudoir, music- iaoir,, morning- room, and library, numerous bed- chambers,: ser- ve. nts' a, atttnents, and tx'ee! l et atoel-. cd cfFtc. s of cv iy de- scriptipn ; detached arc stabling for seven I: rsts, a 1 oulde coaCh- lu '."; -, harne- S TOCEI, bake- house, dffirV, ( M oti et oSices, poultry yard and houses, baihfl's bouse, farm - vei l, trim,' gi- an.- lty, stabling, cow- houses, piggery, mid out- build- ings. The House is neatly cncircied by a hand- cm;.. lawn, oroamrn'cd with timber and lor. t tries, an elf ant p. rcen- bo- ise, spacious productive kitchen patd. 11 with Hiy wails, melon grounds, a valuable orchard, cottage, an. fa quantpv of excellent arable arui meadow land adjoining, and c ntaiiung togetitor about l'. e statute acres. ' i'he Estate is vein. 1 in value to freehold., bcitig* Ccpvhord of Inheritafx? e, the ftni Vertuin and. very trifling. The Purchaser may be accomfti' dated with-' a Leasehold Farm. of about 50 acres ; and the elegant well- adapted I uri j. ture at a fait valuation. fi > 7 To be viewed with tickets only, which, with p r, jailers, may.' be bad- of Mr,. Barney, solicitor, Sooth IT I ' OH; nd of Mi'ssrs: llog- art and Phillips, No. 62, bro:, oect, [ icy 1 fcxehange.-} particu'. afs may also b? bad st the DClol- ins, Southampton 5 Antcl, Lymington; Bug].-. - Newport,. Isle of Wight; Cn vn, Portsmouth; Ii dia Arms, C S) tt; t tic Printeis ci tlie Fxetcr and Plymouth C- a/. lies. Sb< il Orne Meicmy, Lewes . l- Hirhal. end ' lko ' unep p- >.: . librori s, Brighton and Wtrthi- n ; Gc'ree, W n', 1 •>:, 1 • Swe. ii, A lus- ford j and at Gafraway's Cohet- house, Corui. nl, London. 9 • mmmmmmm AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WjLTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Friday's and Saturday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. BAJIKS OF THE Ems, Aug. 25. WITH regard to the peace with .. Attstrhi, nothing new has transpired; re- paris- nj^^ Tliis subject continue as fluctuating and uneerianf as ever. Letters from Berlin were received here on the 2jd instant, h_ v a most respectable house, stating that a very Sierious misn. iderstsnding had broken out between Napo- leon and Alexander, both with regard to Gallieia and Turkey; a.' wall as to some other fresh encroachments which B maparte intends to make upon the Continent. H » is said further to demand the cession of all the terri- tories . which Piussia holds on her side of the river Oder, including Berlin, Stettin, & e. Prussia will, it is said, be indemnified, for her new sacrifices by the cession of Austrian Silesi*. The same accounts add, that the greater part of the Prussian army has received orders to bold itself in Ffatliiv- ss to march, and i i the first, circles iu Berlin a luore intiinHit" camiec'ti< m Ijptween Russia and Prussia is also euifule- tKlv talked « f. LONDON, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8. A Heligoland Mail arrived last night, by which wc received Hamburgh and A! torn paper , to the 3l< t. These papers still assert that peace will speedily be signed between France and Austria, It is said, a prolongation of the Ar- tnistiet has taken place for 16 days, in order to couimuni- taite with Russia on the subject of the negotiation. The Ty « olese continue their desperate warfare against the French and Bavarians, A Hamburgh paper, received this morning, says, that the army of the Duke of Dantzick ba « been very roughly handled by them, and compelled to retreat. This intelligence ffoih Vienna comes down to the 17th lilt, but nothing of moment seems to have transpired there. General rumour had a . signed Bohemia to tile Grand Duke of Wurtihurgh, who was to join the Confederation uf the Rhine as King of Bohemia. The King of Wit'temberg has issued a Decree, declaring that those per ons should be considered as mail who speak unbecoming of his high person! The ships Unite, Thames, and Rcnomme, have arrival from the Straits. Previous to their departure intelligence had been received at Gibraltar that the Toulon fleet was reatly for sea. Two ships of the line immediately proceed d in eon- cqut- dee to reinforce Loid Collingwood, who was left oil" Toulon watching the movements of the enemy. The ' : tt is factory intelligence was this morning an- nounced at. Lloyd's, that the valuable fleet from China had arrived off Poitiaud. The following are the names » f the ships;— The J> cx, Klphiti- stone, Exeter, Ca . ton, Cents, David Scott, Dorsetshire, Ocean, Alnwick Castle, Royal tleorge, Winchelsea, Thomas Grenviite, and Wa'ouer Casi. U1, from China; the Carmarthen, from Bombay; Greenwich, Rebecca, Kingston, and Seringapataril, trom the SoUth Seas; the Maria, Smith, ami Generous Planter, SJ'Pbers' : » , from tlw Brazils. The Warley, from China, had arrived off the Cape. Genera.! Sir. J. Hope, it is said, is to command tile troovs from tile Scheldt, on the new Expedition for which they are destined. A Genera! Court Martial has been li, Id at Hull, on Lieut. P. D. Wheeler, of the 2d liatt. of the 18th regt. of Foot, for posting Major King, of the 82d, as a coward, and oth- i wise grossly insulting that OtHeer; of part of which charges the Lieutenant has been found guilty, and sentenced 10 be. dismissed his Majesty's service. Late on Monday night, as a hackney- coach was crossing fit •: . ; v's- fi- lds, tlie report of pistol* was heard ; the n » stopped at the house of Mr. Elkt. on, iu Belviderc- pi.- e ' an t it was observed that two wounded persons were taken from it into the house ; informal!. >. i of which being given at Union- Hall, a Polite OiScer was sent to the house, who f.. nod a young gentleman, the son of Mr. I. listen, iw'bu. l in on; room, and a young Lady, Miss,. I- s, 111, in bed in another room, both wounded.. TJiere were beside, etily servants in the house; and they not having procured ai. y surgical assistance, rbe officer sent for Mr- Wa « - staif, a surgeon, who fiund that Mr. K. had reesived a wound in his rigot side with a pistol ball, which bad en- tered just below the lower rib ; Miss C. was wounded in the left « idc, but less dangerously. It appeartd tiiat Mr. Eli toil I, ad paid his addresses to Miss Cohan, and that in a fit of jealous discontent he had first shot her, and then himself. A :'-. l igistratn attended yesterday at Mr. piston's hnu= e, to take Miss Col on's examination••— She stated that she had been intimately » cq- « ai it « l with Mr. Eliston ; but her friend* ili appr - ving of the connection, she had oil Sunday s uge- ted to' him the propriety of putting an end to k, Solely on that a'.' eount: he was extremely litlrt, and le- • in• nitrated with her somewhat warmly; but belori: they parted he " ' onted reconciled to her, and slic coiaetttitl to go V. itli him oir Monday, aecomn mieti by a female friend, to the Tower, which " fin" accordingly did, a id . iu the fvvirng they all went to the Royalty I heatre ; on re'fur - in; | Y - m whence, they took a coach io ( lie Minorfes, and set down her friaud in Crooked- lane. When they got into the Borough, Instead of directing the coachman towards" Newingt. m- gate, near which her f,. i" nds reside, ho ordered liim to ' drive down Dirty- lane, and on . her obeying that that was not her way home, lie Slid that he ua ted to call at bis father's; after some pause, be asked Iwr if she stilt eontiifueil in the resolution of bvakinir off their acquaint- ance? She answejed in the affirmative, and o'twwoV- that " as it. was the Wish o. f herfiieutls, th « sooner'it was Jmt an end to the belter it would be for both parties." He soon after reenrested tier tt> look out of the'coach,. and see whereabouts they were. She did so, and whilst, looking I. ut, thonjlit she ln- artl a j'u tling behind her in the Conch; tumht; herself r and - q- i'tkiy, she saw a pistol iu his hand, and al tempting to lake- Iiild ot it, itvol it off, She did not bope'tliately perceive lie was wounded, and sliltoct instantly after saw the Hash of another pistol, Which she thought he hi! pointed at his own head. . She " Jul aftt a rii- eovcred she was wounded, and ta l l Mr . Kb . lou, who exclaimed, " Then we arc both dead people," and • Mitral to the coaejmian to drive to No. 42, his father's, house. He frequently begged her forgiveness, saying he had tin intention to hurt her, and she repeatedly', assured him she did forgive hhn.— She did not coi.' viwe that hi; had any intention lo injure her, but thsuglit his determination was tode- tmv himself. Here this singular affair must lest, till Mr. Clinton is. sufficiently recovered, to allow of his being interrbgated. His recovery, however, was yesterday considered as very doubtful. Cot; s » -- Kxcn.\ NOK, Sept. 8. The market this day having but short - ujiplie, of Vinea', a' small advance in price has • takitfi place.' Barley, M. « it, & c'. are also dearer. BIRTH 2 On Monday, at Melton- Mpwhray, Lady Eli- aal. eth Norn, an of ji daughter. M- UIr'll/ ii) ] Oil the 15th ult. Capt. Arthur Farqohar, Of th • fioval Navy, to Mist; Jane Murray, of Aberdeen.•— Ye tenUiv, at CtiblmiD, Ja per Vaux, Esq. of Queen Ami- street Vv't. t, to Miss t'lttjbe, e'. derfdaugbler uf Mr. Alder- man Combe.— Ye- terdav, at the Friends Meeting- house at Msidenhi- a. 1, Samuel Fo'tlmrgiH, M. D. of Leicester- square, to Anna Maria Russell, of taplow Hill. DIED.] On the SGtb U'. t. at Stewart Hall, enmity Tv.' one, at a ais advanced age, the Right Hon. Andrew Thoniss Stewart, Earl of Castle.- tewart, " ho is succeeded by his fjdc.-. t son, V:; count Stewart.— Lately, at Edinburgh, General it bert Melville, aged year's, the oldest General J., the Briti.- h army.— On th « 27tUiilt. at Hawthi> rudcn,' in S- I land, the" Right Rev. Bishop Win. Abernethy Drufn- 1111 d, . T- edyayesrs,— On Tliursday the 24th idt. at his seat at Cambermaie Abbey, in Che- hire, Sir Robert Sidus- bm y ( o. ton, Bart, many years Representative in Parljkment for tla- com tv of Chestc'i ; who is succeeded in his title . an- 1 estates by his eldt> t son, Major- General Cotton.— On Fridav, i. 1 p'orima.- Square, Sir J. diK Mu.- r.- y, Bart, of Black Baronv, iu Scotland.— On Wcdi. c- day the 30th ult. a' his hoc- I- at Scarborough, ag.- dtll, William Paul, Ivq. Barrister at Law, and one of the Senior Benchers of the , IIor. s t- i tv of GraVi';- Ihn.— The same day, at Tow!- tone Lodge, iri Yoi k liire", Peregrin.- Wentworth, Esq. aged 88 yean, the oldest sportsman on the Turf, and a most respec- table c . untry g< ntlemaii.'— On the SOth of June last, at Philadelphia, in her 109ih vear, Susanna Warden, formerly wile of Virgil Warden, one of the house- servants ol the gi at William Penn. This aged woman was born in m » . Ptmi's houje, at Pemi- burg Manor, in March 1701, and has of late been supported by the Pcuu family. , LAW ASteady middle- aged Person IS WANTED in an ATTORNEY'S OFFICE in the country as a WRITER ; or the Advertiser would not consider premium as an object in treating With any young Man of creditable connexions and good chatacter, who has had a decent education, and writes j the law hands with tolerable facility, and who would wish to serve three years, or the vvhole of his clerkship, in the country.' Letters ( postpaid) addressed to M. R. at the Printing- office, Salisbury, wili,' be attended to. .... f4-. it/ 4 HURStEY INCZdsURE. WE whose jNiiiucs" are hereunto subscribed, the Commissioners' named and appointed in and . by an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the - Iflth year of the reign of his present Majesty'King George the Third,' entitled, " An Act for inclosing Lands in the parish of l lurslcy and the manor of Merdon, in the county of Southampton," do hereby give Notic -, That we intend to hold our next meeting at the house of James Trodd, called the Dolphin Inn, in Hursley, in the county of Southampton, on Monday the 18th day of September next, at three o'clock in the afternoon.— And we do further give notice, That all persons and bodies politic or corporate, interested, or claiming to be interested, in the lands, woods, arid downs, by the said Act intended to be inclosed, who shall have any objection to offer . to spy claim or claims already delivered to us, " are required to rcil'uce such objection or objections into Writing, and to deliver the same to us at such meeting, signed by them or their respec- tive husbands, guardians, trustees* committees, * pr .' age. lfa ; and no sUeh objection Will afterwards be received, unle-. for some legal disability or'other special cause, to, he allowed by us the said Commissioners.— DaiedJhis 8th dsii oJ- July IMIJJ. . RICHARD RICHARDSON. THOMAS DAVIS. 4593] GEORGE BARNES. Harford St. Mat tin and South Newton Inclnxitre. W- E JOHN SEAG1UM, JOHN ROGERS, and JOHN CHARLTON, the Commi'ssioners named in ant! appointed by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the present year > f his Majesty's reign, intituled f1 An, Act fir dividing and allotting Lands in tile parishes cf Ba'rfo'rd St. Martin and South Newton, add for extinguishing Rights, of Common in other Lands in the parishes- of Barford St. Mart'n aforesaid and Baeerstock, in the county of Wilts," dft hereby give Notice, that we shall, at our next meeting far carrying, the sai. i Act into execution, von Monday the ciehtccnth dav of September now next ensuing, proceed to perambulate the said parish of Barford St. Martin, and by the examination of witnesses, and such other legal ways and means as we may think proper, shall enquire into the boundaries of the said parish, and ascertain, set out, fix, and determine the same; and that we shall ' begin such perambulation at ten o'clock in the forenoon, in the turnpike road leading from Salisbury to Hir. don, at the soufh- ca., t extremity of the said parish of Barford St. Martin, wiicrj the same adjoins the parish of Burcomb.— Dated tiiis Z2d day of July, 1 so.'). * JOHN' SEAGR1M. JOHN ROGERS. 4404] JOHN CHARLTON. Harford Si. War/ in and South . Vetblqp / nJovtre. X\ JE I<) IIN SEA GRIM, JOHN ROGERS. and JOHN CHAR- LTON, the Commissioners named in and appointed by an Act of Parliament made and passed in ' the present year of his Majesty's reign, intituled " Ah Act • for dividing and ailoting Lands' in the parishes of Barford- St. Martin and South Newton, and for extinguishing Rights of Common in other Lands in tile parishes of Batford St. Martin aforesaid and Baverstock, in the county of Wilts," do hereby give Notice, that we shall bold our third' Meeting for carrying the said Act into execution en Wednesday the - 20tli day of September next, at the house of Charl, s B shop,' called the Green Dragon Inn, in the parish of Barford St. Martin afore- said, at ci-' ven o'clock in the forenoon ; at which meeting all pers. avs and bodes corporate or politic-, who have or claim any Common or other Right to or m any- Lands in or adjoin- ing the Slid parishes of Barford St. Martin and Baverstock, by the sa^ d Act intended to be divided and allotted ; or any Com- • ton Right it* that part of the Woods or Woodlands Called- Grovelv Woods, within the ancient For- st of Grovely, in or adjoining the said parishes of Harford St. Martin and Baver- stock, by the said Act intended to- be extinguished; are re- quired to deliver or cause to be delivered to us an account or schedule ill writing, signed by them Or their respective hus- bands, auardians, trustees, committees, or agSnts of suA th-' ir respective rights or claims; and therein to describe the lands anil grounds', and the respective messuages, lands, t n - ments, and hereditaments, in respect whereof they shall re- spectively claim to be entitled to any and which of such rights in or upon the same or any p » rt ther of, with the name or names of the person or persons in the actual possession thereof, and tlic particular computed quantities of the same respectively, arid of what nature and ext - nt such right is, and also iii what rights and fcr what estates and interests they claim the same respectively, distinguishing the freehold from the c ipyhoid or leasehold ; and on non- compliance therewith, every of them making default therein will ( as far only as respects anv claim so neglected to be delivered) be totally barred and excluded of anil from ill right and title in or upon such lands silo be divided, and commons to be extinguished respectively, afwl of and from all benefit and advantage in or t! I anv share or allotment thereof.-- ted Ik is ml day of July, 1803. JOHN 8KA. GK IM. JOHN ROGERS. 4) S5] JOHN CHARLTON. GU. LtVCilAV •* » > MOTCOMBF.' INXLOSUKE. JOHN HI LLINGSLKY, thp sola'Commissioner named and app anted ip and by an Aft of Parliament' made " and passed in the 43th'year of the r i.; n of his pr. srnt " Waicsty, intituled " An Act for Inclosing Lai- dsjri the S ve- ral parishes of Giliingham and M - tcr- rnbe, in the coiintv of Dors'tl" do hereby giie Notice that 1. have held my first'| Meeting, for the purpose. of receiving claims frotft p rs- tns claiming any rights ' r interests in, over, and upon the l ands • and Grounds by the said Act intended to be duideil, allottal, Or ineloscd ; and have adjourncu such int- t tine, to he .. again ht- i- 1 at the Phcinix. Inn, in Gillingham aforesaid, on Monday the 19th day of September next. 1 hereby further give Notice, that I shall at that met ting perambulate the bound- re s of the open and common Lands in the said- parishes of Odling ham ' and Mot combe, or such part 11 parts ' thereof as shitll appear . tioutiul or tn- dispute ; and that 1 shall bet- in « ttch-| Je- _ mi « - bd( l « tiorfat the entrance from Gillingham' irttoPease'marsh Common, on Tuesday the Ipth day of September next,- at ten; o'clock in the forenoon i- arid all persons having any claim or claim's which may affect such boundaries,, or any'. r eitliei'cif them; and. also all persons claiming any r - htsof common, leasov.- es, rights of . pasnirage, or other ri : hts, in, over, and Upon the Lands an- 1 Grounds by ' thcsaid Act in- tended to be divided n idajlot'- ed ' which have not been already delivered), are heteby rccuirc i bv themselves or agents to |-, y the r respective clainis in writing before me. lit said Commis- sioner at such meeting; and 1 further give Notice, that no claims will be received after the - 2; = t day of Stpfembt- r next. All persons havini any Maps, or Plains and Admeasurements of ( heir inclosed Lands within the said parishes, or cither of them; ate particularly r quested to pfoduc- the same at mv- said rieiit lriei ting ; or in thc'inean time to- leave the same at the Office of Mr. Mcssitcr or Mr. Bowles,, in Shaftesbury, which would greatly tend' to facilitate the execution of the . Act, and. s'av a considerable t xpence to the coiicern.' 1> 6 • : d. this lith o$ 4ilffM> 180,<> • ioi- ij JOHN WLI. INGSI. EY. A ' F v. - rv. ipectahle .\ kftihp of CicntUnnen, hok'en at ix the Bustle. Inn, Titchfiekl, on the S8th day of August instant, It was determined, That it Would be highly commodious a id beneficial to the Public, if a- Turnpike. Road, in a more direct and improved line, were made from Paris Gate, in the . paiiih of Tirchfield, through. th « town of 1' itelvSeld to the v. llage of Cosiiam,— and it was accordingly resolved, That due Notice be given of an intended Application to the next Session of Parliament to obtain an Act for the. purpose,- a con- siderable- sum of- money having been subscribed . to- carrv- the- me'asure into effect. [ 4638 And it was further resolved, That Mr. Maidmah do forth- with cause proper tlctiee to be given of suCfi intended applica- tion to Parliament; and that an adjourned meeting be hokkn at the Bugle Inn, Titch field, on the 12th day Of September nr. xt, at cie- cn o'clock in the fort- noon : at which all persons desirous of supporting tfie proposed measure arc particularly requested to attend. By order Of the Meeting,• FAI-. F- HAM, AVIS. 31,1909;' W. W. MAID MAN. " IVTOTICE is hereby given,— Th'nt Application is i\ i intended to be made to Parliamait in the next Session, for an Act- to amend, widen, alter, divert, improve, and keep in repair, the Road leading trom a place called Park Gate, in the parish of Titchfield, in the county of Southampton, to Cosham, in the said county : which said Road passes through, or is intended to pass through, the several parish, s cf Tite'n- field, I'arehara, Portchester, and Wymering,. all in the said county of Southampton.— Dated this a Ist oj August 1803. 4529] W.' W. MAIDMAN, Solicitor. VrOTlCE is hereby, given, That Application is. tn- 1 tended to be, made, to Parliament in the next Session' for leave to bring in a Bill for repealing an AM passed in the » 3d year of the reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, entitled, '' An Act for amending, improving, and keeping in repair several roads leading to and from the city of Bath ;" and lor granting further and other powers for more effectually amending, widening, improving, and keeping in repair thesaid Iloads." Dated this and day of August 1303. By order of the Trustees, 4173J PH, GEORGE, jun. Clerk and Solicitor. NOTICE is. hereby given, that Application wiN be • made in the next Session of Parliament for leave to bring in a Bill for paving, .. clean. ing, lighting, watching, watering, and otherwise improving and keeping in repair the Streets, Squares, and other public Passages and Places in THE parishes of ROMSEY'INFKA fed ROMSEY EXTRA, in the county Of Southampton. ' - DAMAN- A:; LL WARNER, Solicitors. ROMSEY,- Sept. 7, 130.9. ' • [ 41M3 AUOIT- HOUSH, Soci II AMPTOX', Aug. UL, 180,9. NOTIC 1- 4 is hereby given, That an - AppScatiatt is intended to be- made . to Parliament in the ensuing Sessions for obtaining- an Act to alter, amend,' and enlarge the powers of an Act of Parliament raised in the loth j -,- ar of the rekri of his present Majesty, intituled, " An -\ ct for iho better pt. ing, rcpairiog, and cleansing the Streets, and other public passages, in the several, paiasheii and wards of St. Mi- chael, St. Joiin, Holy Rhood, St. Lawrence, All Saints with-" in the lia. r, All Saints without the Bar, and Ea- sileet and Bag- row, within the, town of. Southampton and liberties thereof; and for preventing Nuisances and Annoyances the re- in,, and for widening and rendering the same more commo- dious, and for the fighting and watch ng the said Strei is and publi'c PaSs-. ges ;" End also for regulating the Chairmen with- in the said town, and the Tolis Jt Fares to be taken by them. 4.434] T. RIDDING, Clerk and Treasurer. « , Turnpike Road Under Salisbury /' lain. " VfOTIC'- E is hereby givwi,— That Application will i \ be made at the next Sessions cf Parliament for leave to ' bring in a Bill for reviving, renewing,. contlhuing, atnei ding, ami f~ nlar., ing the ' I tni and P'. wers of an' A or p d in tlic 2 « th wear of his present Majesty's reign, intituhd, " An Act for ahs cling, widening, and keeping in repair the Roit'd from the bottom of White Sheet Hill, through Hurilo. nt to the Wilton Turnpike Road; ator near Barforti, in ihe county of Wilts," and which said Road passes through the. several parishes of Donlicid Saint. Andrew, Anstv, Swallowclift, Sutton Mandi'vii,.', Fovan't, Compton Chaoiberlain, Hurri- oott, and Barf- rd, in the said county of Wilts.— Dated this tsth dav of August istiff. GEO. SOUTH, ia,' g']' Cl'- rk tb the Trustees of the said Read. AUDIT- HOUSE, SOUTHAMPTON, Aug. 16, 180ft NOTICE is hereby given, That an Application is intended to be made to Parliament in the ntSt Session, for leave to bring in a Bill, in order to obtain an Act of Pur- • ment for continuing, altering, amending, and extending tile powers- of an Act passed in the 44th year of the reign- of his present Mai- sty, intituled, " An Act for abolishing certain Dues called Petty Customs, Anchorage, ar. d Groundage.; and tor improving the Port of the town of Southampton, for making a- convenient Dock for the security of ships, for ex- ' tending the- Quays and Wharfs, and making Docks and Piers in the harbour there, and for erecting Warehouses for the safe custody of goods and merchandise, and for imposing Certain Duties" for the above purp a> e ;" and also for the better regu- lating and improving the Pates and. Duties imposed l. v the said Act. THOMAS NICHOLS, ) -„ , " 41: 51] THOMAS RIDDING, DORCHESTER A USD WOOL TURK? IKE. NOTICE is hereby given,— That AI'jilichlion will be made at the. next Sessions of Parliament for Leave to bring in a Bill for the renewing, continuing, amending, and enlarging the Term anil Powers of an Act passed in the 9th year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled " . An Act for ainendin widening, altering, clearing, a; d keeping in repair several Roads leading from the borough of Dorch - rcr, in the county of Dorset; and for repealing so- much of an Act passed in the ttth year of his p'r- s.- n't Majesty's reig'r .. » relates to the* r pa r ng thc'Roa i 1 . ading from Wool to the said bo- rough:" and which said Road passes through the several parishes, hamlets, tilting*, villages, and places of Wool, E at Button, Wot Burton, East Rniehton, Winfnth New- burgh, East Fossiil, West Fossil!, Gallon, Own Moignc, Moign.- s - Down, Watercomfie, WarrnW- 11, Fry r Miiyne, Broad Mayne, Little May.-. e, W; st Kniehton, Whitcombe, Came Orinwn, aid. froth thence to Loud's' Gate, and thlough the parish of Fordin : tou, by the Church, and from thence through t! c East- street, in the parishes of St. IVttf and All Saints, in the Vorouah of Dorchester, to a place called the How. in the said parish of StaPeter, within toe - aval borough ; - an ! also the Retail leading fjpm Came Ford through a Lane, and thence to a Gate L idmg'pS the neW'- crected Britlgc in the parish . » ' Came aforesaid; atvd also the Road leading from Load's Gate aforesaid through a lane called Long l. anC, to the Church irt the parish ' if Siaftord, in the said county of Dor » - t.— Ik iat ( his i'ith day of' f » » » . « /, '?•>•>. 435- 2] JOHN TEMPLEMAN, Cletk. NOTICE is hereby given,— That Application will be made to Parliament in the next Session fot on Act to continue the t frn, and all .- a and tailrrge the powers of an Act pas- cd in the^ i.- h ye., of the teign of his late Majesty, intituled, " An Act for- repairing and widening several Reads leading to, t'iroiif. ii, - wtid frOrn the tow'n of Frome, in the connly of Som.- isi- t; and for giving further powers to the. Trees:-.-'-*-, in an Act i- a. - ed in the % 5th year of lus present Ma- jesty, t'- r r-.. pairing the Roads from the* town of Warminster, in the e: ttntv. of Wilts, the city of Bat't, in the county of Somtrs'- t, una ether Roads therein mentioned ;" also of an. Act passed in the 1 - 2th veer of the reign of hisv resent Majesty, intitpi-' d, " Ah Act for enk- rging'tne term and powers of an Act mailt- in the a : th year cf tie reign of his late Me. j stv, for repairing and v. ii. ening several Roads lending to, tl rough, anil from the town of Frame, in the county ot Somcrs- 1, and si v.- r d other Ro.' is in the counties of Somerset - and Wilts';" and also of an Act pas, set! ia the 3* th year of the reign cf his said pr- sent . Majesty, intituled, « ' An Act for enlarging the term and powers of two Acts,, pass.' I in the 30th yeerofthe reign of bos late Majesty, and the l- Stii year of the reign of his present Majesty, for repairing.. and widening several Roads leading to, thtough, a- itl froni Hie t v.- n of Frcr. v-, in tl- e. county of Somerset, and for pavni the Fo - tways and liahting the Streets within the said town •" which roads pass into or through' th. e parishes ot Warminster, C. rulcy, Westbury, Dillon', and Maiden Bradley, in the courty - f Wi'ts ; and HoikUn, Frome, Wbatlcv, Elm. Leigh upon Men I'p, Dowp- h-' i-' l, Sttikelanc, " WestCfan'mOrc,'& baltirg, - Mtbs, Buck- land Denliaiu, olarstofi', an/ 1 NUuhy, in the county of So- m is- t. Aval also for p- iwer tri make and maintain anew R'.- ad fr -. mNorth Ilill lo Keyford, and which road is intended to pass iut > or through thesaid parish ot Frome, in ilie county of Somcrst t. J. A. WICK 11 AM, [ 4337 FROME, Aug. 15, f « 03. Clerk a>" dTreasurer. BREWTON ' TURNPIKE. XTOTFCE is hereby given,-— That application is iff. IT tendi- d to be made to Parliament, in the next session, for an Act to continue the terrris, and enlarge, amend, and con- solidate the powers of art Act of Parliament pissed in the 33d year of the reign of his picstnt Majesty, entitled " An Act for continirngthc te. rms, and idtering, enlarging, and consolidating the powers of two Acts of Parliament passed in the 23th year of the reign of his late Maj. sty King George the Second, and in the 17th year of the rcigh of his present Majesty, for re- pairing and" widening several roads and ' streets in and near the town of- Brewton, in the county of Somerset, therein de- scribed ; and also for repairing, v. idening, and altering several other roads in the counties of Somerset and Wilts," which said roads pass through the several parishes, tythihgs, hamlets; or places Of Castle Gary, Honeywick, Hadspen, PitCOmbe, Cole Brewton, Wyk? Champflower, Milton Clcvedon, Lam- vat. Batcombe, Lavton Clotord, HolweU Nuiin.- v, . Whatlcy Mulfe,. Marston #> « go » , Tru- ldoxhill, Fro- ne, West Wo: id lands, Garg Hill,. Yarcfield, ( fiimjugton, She pbousc, Red-, • vach, Discove, Stoney Stoke, Noj- th and South Urewham, Brewharn otherwise, Brookham Lodge, arid With^ rn Friary, iu the cogYi".' oi Somerset; and of Maiden Bradley, ff. am- ingsham, Hill Dcvercll, Longbridge Dcvereil. tSuttoh Vency,. an 1 Norton Bavant, in the county of. Wilts. Ant! Notice is hereby further given, that application is. in tended to He ( toatte to Parliament in the next session, for obtaining1 other- neces- sary powers for'altering,- new making, diverting, repairing, and widening a Certain road leading from Bijrfowfieid tur. n- pike• gate, in the parish of Brewton aforea'aid, through the parishes of. North Brewham, Upton Noh. ie; WjjWdw, C'. lb. ford, and Nunney, in the said county of Somerset; and also another road from Katcontbe Church, in the . parish 04 bat- combe, in the said county of Somerset, to the'road leading from Brcyyton aforesaid to Wanstrow, in the said catinty of Somerset; itnd also another road Irom the lower Ghurch- yaial gate of Nunney aforesaid to Hartgill gate, in the said parish of Nunney; and nisi . mother road from South- hill, in the parish: of West Cranmorc, iu the said county of Somerset, through the parishes, tythiugs, hamlets, or places of East Cranmore, in the said county of Somerset, and VVestout. awn, Wanstrow, arid Upton Noble afore-. aid; an - 1 also another road leading from the turnpike road at the fop Of Milton- hill, in the parish of Milton Clevedon, in. the said county of SO- merset, through Hcdgestoclcs. gate, in the parish of Isutco'mbe aforesaid, to join the tout I leading from Brew- tori aforesaid to. Upton Noble aforesaid, at a place- called Cop'plesbory, in the parish of North Brcwham aforesaid; and also another, road leading from the turnpike road at or near a pljce called l'it- cornbe Rock, in the parish- of Pitcomhe aforesaid, thnaigh the parish Of Shepton- Montague to a place called Jack White's Gibbet, in the parish of Bratton Seymour otherwise Jirati- oo St. Maur, in rite said county « f Somerset; arid also anoiher road leading from tile turnpike, road ljear the liouse of HiChar. 1 Chaffin,- at" Week Ch'ampflower, in the parish of I're. wton aforesaid,' to join the Shepton Mallet turnpike road at the catch gate near Arthur's Bridge, iri the parish of Lamyat, in the said county of Somerset; and also aliother road from- the present Bi'cWLca roar!, n- ar Httutiythorn- hill, in the sa. d parish, of Mells, through the said parish of Mells, and also through, the several parishes j5f Habington, Ivilmersdon, and RadstOclt, in the said couuty of Somciscti— Baled the ul day qf S'ptemlcr, 1S0P, [ logs ' TO lie- peremptorily SOLD, pur. sK. iiu to. a decree of the Hiah Court of Chancery, made in a c use Selcox versus Bell, with the approbation of James Stanhv, Esq. one of the Misters, of the said Couft, on Wednesday the ® oth of September instant,, at fhe'PhdSl" ix Ions' in Giliinl'naqi, in the county of Dorset, between the hours cf four and five of '' iJW- cloek. in the afternoon,— A customary or Copyhold ESTATE of INHERITANCE, railed LAN GUAM FARM, situate in tile parish of Gillineham aforesaid, late the estate of W. iKam Read, Esq. rieceS& ed. . Particulars whereof mav be had of Mr. Jackson, at the Chanpenr- Office, Ciianccry- lane, London; of Messrs. Pear- sons, solicitors, Pump- court. Temple ; of M. t. Dt •>•.-, solici- tor, Serjeant's Inn; Fleet- street, London ; of Mr. Gastleman, solicitor,' Winbbtne Mitv. er, Dorsetshire ; cf Mr. Bell or Mr. EdWar. l Hanuam, in Giilinghatn aforesaid, v. here a map of the estate may be fecn ; of Mr. Messiter, solicitor, Shaftes- bury ; of Messrs'. Messiters, soiicitnrs, Wihcanton, S'omcr- i.- tshirc; at the iled Lion Inn, Bourton, Dorsetshire'.; apd the placi of sale. . [ 4515 CH'ARDSTOCK, DORSET. TO be'SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. CHARLES LOVCM, on Thuri fay and Friday-, the 2Sth and 23th or Sept. inst. at ten o'clock iri the . forenoon, in the p- iristvof Chardsuock aforesaid,— All that desirable FLOCK of PRIME SHEEP, and other LIVE and DEAD STOCK, the prop.- rty of Mr.- Thomas Drayton, who is going to deciine'blrstiK- ss cons; st'og - of 21.0 Ewes of ilifi'erejit ages', 50 Cbilver Hogs, 1' !' ur Hogs, 0 Rams, Co Wether all v.- arranted sound and free from- goggles; 0 good Milch ( JovvS, 6 Heifers fnart with ' calf., 3 Steers; s excellent Cart Horses and Marts with" their Harness, 2 . Marts with their Colts, 3 exfce- dm good flackncy Mares, 2 Hackney'Mares and Colts, 3 fine Colts' frofit 2 to 3' years old; fio tons of exceeding . good ll.' v ( v.-" etl maitc), 50 acres of After- grass, 50 acres of old and new Wheat in mow (# e! l saved), 9( 1 acres of good Barley, 20 acres of Oats, 8 acres of ptas, a- acres of good CIo'v r Seed ; l cx'ccliertt Gig and Harness, 3 very good Waggons .( Ktciy new), 6 ditto Putts, 3 Carts ; a good Cider- press; and '. Mill, with sundry Implements of Husbandry, Dairy " Vahis Is '. . " / [ ii;; o . be SOLI) by AUCTION, by .1 AMKS BRW' *. to-.-: a, at the Old Antelope Inli; iri'Poole; on Thurs- day tin: H- tbof September, I80 » , at thret- o'clock m the affer- norn,— All that. MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE and SHOP, now occujiied as two tenements by Mr. S'edglcy and Mr. Sudden, v. iih several Out- buildings, and a Qard. ii HtTaitttf . the Slime, situate in the High- street' iu Poole, extend ng in depth from the street 100 feet or thereabouts, and in breadth in front against the street nearly 33 feet, and at the back nearly - 10 Let. The above premises arc lit Id for the remainder of a term of 303 years, commencing the ? cl of Match 1716, • subject to the yearly rent of JTl.. 5.. 0. For further particulars apjily to Mr. T. Parr, attcrnty, [ 1314" SOMERSET. HpO be SOLD by AUCTION, by . T. JeAJIKS, tin i . the Premises atGalhamptorj Mill, in'the parish bf North Cadbnrv,- on Monday the tsth day of Septcmher 180t';,'—- All premises; comprising 14 choice dairy cows, weU-. si'- sson « - d, in calf, two v.- hereof ate of the AJdcrney breed, abdifMit ye?, r's old each; 4 t\ Vo- year- old heifers, well seasoned in. oitto, two' whereof aic 61 the Aiderney breed ; a two- year- old ' bull cf the Devon breed, a very good carthorse five years ojd, Warranted . south!; six good fat pigs ; dung put,- cart bed, suil, hainess, fan and stocks, sieves, ' chgti'- cutter, cider mill arid press, double milk- lead, cheese presses, butter hatred, tubs', tremlles, vats, & c.;— bedsteads and furniture, nest. of drawers, tables, chairs, pier and . swing el. sscs, ,0y- hour clock an'djjase, brac- ket clock with an alarum, a variety of kitchen utensils, ar. d sundry ^ ther articles. S ale. toibeginat eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and continue tili all is sold. [ 4C30 SOMERSET. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. . TEANK?, on - 1 the Premises, at Charlton llorethorn, on Thursday the "' st'day of September, iSOfi,— All the LIVE ami DEAD STOCK, anil sluidry other Effects, the property o" f Mr. R. H. Glitch, quitting the ptemis-. s ; Comprising 7 good dairy cows well Siajoned in calf, 73 stock sheep,' io fanvefhors, two dry ewes, 10 - fat; lambs, handsome cart mare six/ years old, very good carl mare rising four ' years old, and a strong cart stallion rising three years old ; 4 sets of thill arid, tragj harness nearly, new, 4 sets, of plaugh harness ditto; pxd waggons, one of them with iron axles, nearly new ; two puts, sails, harrows, drags, winndwing machine, barley forks, rakes, prongs, cribs, racks, empty sacks, cider mill and press, two wheat mows', two barley ditto, one oat ditto, rick, of seed Clover, mow sstddles, stocks and caps, about 20 tons of hay, 10- dozen hurdles, the rnn or feed of 18 acres ot grass from Michaelmas next to Christmas, about 50 fowls and geese, ahd sundry other effects.—& le to begin at eleven. The horaesv.' illjiew. rrantcdisound." fissg , DORSETSHIRE. ' MANOR AND FARM FOR SAl. K. TO-. be SOLD by PURiLIC AUCTION; by Mr. • J Jai- Sts". at the Antelope I do, in'Sherborne,- ojj Sa- ten'a;! ccs,'- an: i Farm tlie'retobcionaang, cp'mprizin- i a c- arve- nien. t Farm-' House, with requisite ouibuiUlinas, and npward » Of 300' statdte and Soil customary acres of g- i'od arable, mea- dow, paStufJ-. orchard, and coppice Lam), lying within a ring teqee, in . the parishes of Lyrili. nch'and Stock Gayhtnd, in the occupation of Mr. John Miles, as tcriant. The above property, is exc, c. lin - ly well timhepleasantly situate ill V. Very desirabi;- p rt or th,. county of t^ irs-. t. ir. the- iieithbourhcbd of gpojJ roads, '. ista- t about- 3 . milts from the njarket towns of Stalbrid ee arid Sturminstei, <\ Com Bland- ford, 3 f'l'om- Sherborn i, a- tl in ' Vom W.. yrc. t u-' a. ' I'll j'Manor abounds with Game, is bound d no brte side by a good trout stream, bchig in a flic- spoiling- SouiTtry, v/ itu fox- Hounds andharrie- rs at a convenient . distance, ' • . Thc Farm- hou-.- e is in an airvshuaition, cOmmnndingp beau- tiful prospect", is situate ri. ar the centre of the Estate, ah- f might, at a moderate cxpet. ee, Le midcfit U- r ft ai- riiicman's residence; and all th'cbu- idings a: a i. i c nplete. repair. ' ( O* Mr. Miles, the tenant, will shew the Famii— Posses- sion may be had at Lady- day next, or to suit thl' purchaser. Further information may tie. had of liichartl Messiter, Esc. Shaftesbury, where, a Map'of the Estate may be Seen, and of Messrs. Messiter, Wincanto'n. [- 1270 WEST MOr. Di N, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUC'J'ION, by PERCY and Fopc'i-., on Tuesday the. 12th day of September, 1S03, at'eleven o'elock in the forenoon, at the dwelling- house of Mr, Thomas Riddel fquitting Mordeii),— Part of his HOUSE- HOLD ' FURNITURE, FARMING STOCK, &- c. com- prizing mahogany ami other tables and chains, a good eight- day clock, one carpet,, chest* of drawers, cottier cup! o.' irds," Bath st yes, fenders an ! fire - rows, pier glasses, china, queen's ware and earthen Ware, With ma- ny useful kitchen" requisites ; two carts, o. nc plough, several i, - iks, sieves, picks and fakes, two saddles, two wheelbarrows, three stone hog troughs, Ac. also a very handsome hackney,(. four years old, fifteen ham's high, arid perfectly sound in ' eyt ry respect; about seven tons Of hay, together With various gefod and useful dairy, brewing, and baking Utensils, & c. Arc. [ 4flt2 - • CHETTLFU n « B BI. ANDFOUD, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUC'l'IOJSr, without reserve, on the Premises, bv Pr. fiCV; and Ftiacs, on Monday the tsfh " bf Sejitemb f, iatifL and the toilow'ihgdays,— All the STOCK in'TRADE cf Mrs. RoMsr. v, who is about d • - lin- nd out • IMHIPRPIHP99P ^( BPBUPlpiece! . of piilicos'ansi dimities, checks, dowlas, brown hqllantl, sheet- ing, canvas, shawls, handkerchiefs, white and. black lace • edgings,-- sundry, cotton and worsted hose, men's hats, a va- riety of new i, ho, ft, waistcoat " pieces, Szc. Src. alsca cfuantitv of IK- W and second band men's and women's apparel o'f almost . every dctetiptian-; likewise some Household Furniture, The SALE Will'beg in each day precisely at twelve o'clock. TO PdRSfiljtS, EP. EF. DLXS, ' QRAiUES. fc. CAPITAL STOCK OF SOUTH- DOWN SHF. EP. srETisuttRv, niiau nLAi. ni'Oftii, noasr. T. TpQ be'SOLD by AUCTION, by PERCY ami JL jfo. Rct, Without reserve, on the- Premises at Mr Shaw's ( who is tavine Spetisbury farm), on Wednesday the127th and Thursday the v-. th days ot St i.- te- obef, ! k; p, at i ne o'clock in the aft? riioon cf each day,— All-. that- exccileni STOCK of • SOUTH- DOWN• & H- EKP," t0getto. w! 8i useful Cf. it Horses, two capital Colts ( three years oluj, CoWs, Implements of Husbandry, Crops cf Hay ari. dCtt.- n, the produce of, upwards o'f IJOO iicrt- t. The - stock of Sheep- C0n?; sts of 850 Ewes, 30 Rams,' and 430 Lambs'; all pure South Down, s..! yct.- d from the best breeds with great care, and are - all young. Tl is. sto; k v.- ill be worthy the attention of the etiii- W in breeding, who may . wish to change, ssuSpctisbary Farm is weli known to be ' sound land; upon Which the flock lias been bred, and no- expence has been spared to make it as good as any in the kingdom. Catalogues may be had in due time of Mr. Shaw, at the Farm ; - King's Arms, Dcrchtster; of it. Percy, Blandford; and'of J. Force, Wimbrrire. TbeShrep will be said on the£ ist day. - £ 4645 l^ O be SOLD by AUCTION, by W. '..... ... u 1 SON, on FriJay bod Saturd.. y the « ed and ..." d-\ • , -,' Scjdemb, r ICOy, : hy order of the Executors ,, !-.-,, a. oV., l-' arm, 4 mi Us from Tct'- ury, and 3 mil s from Kit,.-.,- .. _ 1-- VTO THi) t:- SAND MERI NO SHEEP, Two, ' I brV, Fo'ur, md l- iv-.- i Dips upon pure St- utli- Dowri. Cross < 1 to this d- p- h they will fiear the drudgery of old na, the asp rity ot a s rere climate, anil the artificial subsistence of a ste. r 1 soil; tmt carcase sari: rs no great deterioration ; and by car. ful s. leciioai it is clearly ascertained, that- breeders may secure bean y, disposition to fatten, and any weight their 1 i: ri may reouitet while the wool, without calculating aps- n adv ntitious specu- lation. rcab- es a tour- fold increase in value, and is equal to - most Spanish samples.— This desirable stock strongly claims the attention of. all Sheep Fanners, and is. ui questi ' nablv the m ist in- fifctble which can be placed upon a sh cp farm.' The salt w 11 beain precisely at ten- o'cl . ck each morning. . Catalogues may- be had- a fortnight , receding the s- ile, at the King's Head, and Bell, GJoccste'r ; Plough, t'' la'ltcn! am ; Ram, and Kine's Head, Cirencester; White Hart, Path - White i. ion, Bristol ; Bear, Deviz, s ; Lion, Salisbury; Hun- ter.;' Hail, Kin S MI.--; Beaufort Arms,' P.- tty't- r. inc-•; Wi its Hart, Tet- iury; F. l. ecce. Ro,- f'.-. rough ; Red Lion, .. Ncwpt rt; and of the Auctioriseps, Tevvkesmiry. 6C'i'J Th-.- Remainder'of the Live Stock, and the Imple- ments of 1 ( usbandry, on' the above faint, will be s. Id at L- idy- • nmrerv.:) U- Sale of Little liedwiii Main/- anil jhia.' e. ' 1) 0 SOLD by- AUCTION,, in j month of Jt October next ( unless an aefceptabit vilT. r should be mai s in- the. mean ti- oc, of which ri . tice- v.- i'l be » - o en - I • MANOR or REPUTED' MANOR of Ulf K I'EDWIN, m the gouhiy of Wilis, Fis- h ry, . Rights. Kit hies, nd MANSION- HOUSE, two Farm- houses, six it'. rns, s v r il Cottat s. and other buildin. s, and ab- ut .-, 70 acr's .-. f inclosed Arable, Meadow. P . sture, and. Wood Land. T! j'J Maiisi. ur- lio. uie, ooaeb- bouses, stab cs;. ." ec with the woods, afid several pieces cf laud, c. mta n n to, ther about 100 acres, and also the- maiairia! rkhts. aie - ri toe ptv. s , a ot the Proprietor, and the residue: . s'lett in uvtv farm, tor a'-. ort terms. The Estate is well timber.,!, in a finesporifti? country, and worth- the attention of a'gtntl'eman f'- ii,! of " shoot, ng and hunting; is situated abi: ut'ohe'' mi; c from : li> Kufi I. K* 3, r. d- jonnng Marlborough Forest, and no. svay '- e: w - n I. t- il , aud Hath. The Kt nn.- t arid- Avon C- mil -..- asses : lv » h Little Bedwin ; a pack of Cf- lebrat d fox I oun i i.-, k pt within an easy reach, and a p ick oC harriers witt n twoi. n > s A plan cf tile estate mav. be seen, - t th" vl s on- house, Little Bedwin, n ar Humverforil, On applicali'- n to J in s WhiteUtolfc, Esq, to- whom t- nlcrs m v M- l-' tos d; nd for further particulars apply to Messrs. Crowd/ and SJn, l- otors, Hithworjh, Wilts. f|. CO'OMHE BISSETr,- WILTS. rpO . be SOLD by AUCTION , o; i the pre mi - eis, by A G IRK Alto and Co on Tt ursdaV the 14th o S.- p:. o. ber, Httfe,— Part of ; the I. tVIJ and DEAD STOCK, I c pro, . rty of Mr. THOMAS HITAI. E; who is- quitting T: f rm • c m- pr sing. 100 tons ot prims clover, sanfoin, a. i".. l m - a t. v, l ay ; four cart horses,' one Waggon-,- on- cart, a,, d ei. tl. t stoic pi. r.; r ok sta Idles and st TB- S, a large STONE trgu, t: , ; 1 out tvv nty dfiiari of huniles; sheep . cribs, and" a quantity of old iron; a capital cheshut niarc, fifteen hands high, live y ars obi, war- ranted sound aud tree . from, vice, very fast ami sl.- adylu all her - paces, and well calculate:! to calrva lady ; also cut forty lots of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, a cap i . l i ovbu. i- piece, and a number of " other artfdtSj Which » li be sold Without reserve. ' [ 4551 Til- sale to be^ n at eleven'o'clo i; in the for noOii. aw. Hotnhiu- lst Dept/ brd farm, Wilts,, / en Miles from Sali^ un/. TO he. SOLO by AUCTION, © i. llw premises, by GERtUro . and Co. on'Wednasdisv th • SutSi « , f S. pt Part of ths LlVBirod DEAD STOCK, th.- property of Air. Pi; i> r. i- tn, who is quitting the farm; comprising 4SO two- u-.- ih, fourth th, and six- tewii prime Souib Dowr. Fwes, ; 2wi Chiiver ; i.-; mbs, f. ur4- tei- th and tVro. S- u- s- ih Kmk, and three ftSrn Lambs,- dl of ths real S uth Down breed, w. ranted pound in every respect, and will' he put up in small jots flit- the- Convenient • of pu'rchsis. The D, Stock consists , qf- three . one- wheel p'lon-. hs, eishu hair ws, two drags, one dpg ' plough, three ogle Toilers complete, and • several other . implements of husbandry. Fhrthe accomm- dation of purchasers, any par! f the stock niay remain on tfie farm until 0. U1.. M ehaclm s next. The sale wiil begin pr. aiscly at . eleven o'ci.- ik in the forenoon. , .-, . • WESTBURV, WILTS. TO be SOLD by. AUC TION; by Mr. TIT. BROOK, at the Weymouth Arms Inn, WaVn. i s;- if on Sate! v the 7th d y of October next, at three o'clock .11 ti e a t 1- : noon, ( unless previously deposed of by Pfiv-. te C ti t ) subject to su h conditions as will then be pr ,. lue » - 1 — A v; iv VicAirKble DAIS. Y F R: Vf,-. lying at W-.-. wkenda . 1. 1: e p 1 » h of Westbury, Wilis, consisting rf a' eat ni.'. ety aer s 01 , x- eellent Meadow and Pasture Lund, • lu- fidinir the- ' firm* '. ho, 11 se t aud aKtoillt tcn- acres-< f capital V\ . t, 1 \ J tj'hiw. For particulars apply ar'the Office of Mr Davis, ( loft sham, who is~ itmtaorizsiri tu. treat, tor tile same- befofe th ' day ot October* * » • Mr, Simon. Miscoe'ks-, trf- Wc'stbury, dr Mr. T! omas Hisitocb, ( the teirantJV'O shew thc- lanu's. [- 61.11 TO huildehk. />/ UMI'HUS, & r. & c, HpO K- SOLD. by- AUCTION, by V>. IL!.,. w LBB, . J- . on. . W'-' um- i- ay th. l"> th hi st. ptimbc, - .;), o the premises,— All the v: Nliable • . VIAI'M, L.-' I L& . LOMJBHI. IY fita'xsios FIO~ O. SK, ' Offices,. Hot. ami G . Houses, wnh ths Fixtures therein; coinorz- ne a1 out 1 . n v t u - - ' ingly good lead, five lead puit- i V, a"; •: - • ,;-, ,1.- ea t tns • hp war 3 of . excel!. nt f r i ks, a lane c, u • no. if btidunig ston s of" li- 3t- r<- nt sort.', - ftfnlaui • -.' ur .. k ns puVin/ j in - i jal eon htion ; n nib the a • fi - > r • - the cai'iasc'tim- crs. end r. x « of the hens nd offices, the greatest ii-' rt of Which are oak . nil de. 1; cv r Id ;• , f 111 alio amy and ah r s.:, ns and ti - in. n ,1 n. - ins, with th.- shutters nid'hoici RS. C • a-.;- ilt - , : . 1. s... . ot'ier ui itcri- ds - f two lu- t- ho a- es^ nd a •- .11- h- ms -; s. v rai h : tids. me math chimney p . c'slii.; slabs , Ki number of six panitel andjOt'c. a do is, up a •- m f' ' tWd. il Hoot ins, s-. ver. l of'the ( taTi r. f the b - t C; rist. na deal, m. f, u. i- i eonaitBit-, on- capital -* a -. c t fl 01. v. it :. the staircase^ an'd tor er's v> ork. The, Fixtures c r. s'. st of a han U ;- me di al bo kcase w h Cupbsards", tour copp. 1 furnacis, < 1. she grates, re i-, t r st- cs and ovens, a kitchen rang.-, i, ra e- jack and cian . . 1- 0 bel'i and cupola on- tr. e t."|> of the • use nd . :< 11, 011 the too of the co-. ch- heese, w t'i a typi: 1.- ur h-. ' ock .--.•!• ial • " all t: ie brewing utens Is, consisting ot a larae v ,: -.-. h st\ r I Capital deal coolers and si 11 a lai e ap la ;,„.. and „ n excellent and complete still. A great - part of the materials are in i^ ocvl i d t. on, nd Well worth the attention o; gei-' tl men con, • rn • 0; mi : n<, a: many of. the bttil iings have b- e. n ereei ... , t tu - j years;' for vi-. wing whaii a, . ply tot;. Cat - - 1, at png- bredy- liousC, of whom . catalogu s may 1 e fail t. d ys pre- vious 10 the sale; as we'd as . t'tbe principal i n- a; Dorc: -- s- fer, Weymouth, hridport,. Beam. ster, and l. j- mc ; and at the Au i - i- i 1 r's h use at Honiion. Longbredy- house is situate S nines from Hr dport. 0 from Dorchester, 14- from Weyihf-. uth, and neailv '. djonn< on the eastern sid • to the great western turnpike r id [" 4 57 East Brent, near CridgewaUr, Sum:- • t, May . - sta. ADaughter of Mr. Sparing being in a tie j> decline, and after consulting some of th.-' mOf t niiueut physi- cians, made application to Dr. BAR TEN, of Shastop, Doisct and in six weeks was perfectly cilr d. Bast Brent, near liridgttrjicr, Some- set, May 1( 5. i » o. o. A'daughter of Mr. Baker being 111 a deciiut, am, inter ct'n- sqitHiigsoi. ne of the moat eminent physicians, Out finding no benefit, made application to Dr. But- n, Shai. fon, Dorset, ai*. i in five weeks was perfectly recovered. Eriugtvn, near Glastonbury , Somerset, March 10, I80P, Mr. John Ball being atihetcit with a cane r in his mouth ior a considerable time,. an ! after consnhing some of thi most eminent gentlenienr of the faculty, made' iippntation to ,, r" Bartcn, Of Sliaston, Dorset, and in two months w. 19 pcrfiet./ recovered. i- ringlon, near Glastonbury, Somerset, March 18, I8O9.— John Biirsons being afflicted with the scrcphuL,' vu » ' t. iy called the evil, J'or'a number of years, and aft r uy. nt many gentlemen of the fat ilty. made application to Dr. " B rn . of Shastoii', Dorset, and in three montiis '. v.. perfectly rt covered. Mear, near Glastonbury, Somerset. Feb. ft, Isofj." Joi ri Harper being afflicted with a high dr psv for siveral y. . rs and atferm„ kiRg application to many gentlem ti of the t c: fu' made application to'Dr. Sarten, Shastoi',, Dorset, audi, five weeks v. ais p:- rfectly r t. ver. d with, utcuttipg'. u •<:,.;• Mear, near Glasloubm;/, Somerset. , V- p. 1:: t— of John Rolcy's wife b ing afflicted with a cane, r in h'ti nr. > t a considerable time, and alter consulting somo. f t! « e 1 •. t eminent acritleiiien of the faculty,' ma- it applieiit oti to Dr. Bart: u, Shuston, Dorset, and m'two inonti. s Was- pcrfcci. y recovered. Sea. ton, lorset, Nov. 20, lBos.-— Mr. J hn Andrews' wife Ijeing afflicted with a cancer in hi- r lac -, u- d<- r 1 er > ht eve, which extended al) over ( ur right cheek, tc, - etb-, 1 with the loss of spnee'h for upwards of ritne inh'. nffo ma x ipp 1- CiutontoDr. Bart 11. ti Shaston, Dot tt, and v.-... / cikciiy reccvcreif of Bo'tb m . ia. iii's. Any lariy or genti; man v/ fiom it m: v c - i, em. ma by applying in person, or by letter post'paid;, to any- of the above, receive satisfaction of th tai ls. N B. — Dr. Btirle: v. ivcs advite to the poor griti iy Satutdky, lietwe-.' t: the hours of nine and three, ii hi 11 u e, High street, bhaston, Dorset. TifE SAOSBURV AND WlNCUKSTIiXi JOURNAL, Sunday's Post.—— By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SATUKUAY NIGHT, SEPT. 9. DOWMING- STKEET, Sept. 7. DISPATCHES were this day received at the Office of Viscount Castlereagh from Lieutenant- Gen. Viscount Wellington, K. B. A Letter dated Truxillo, Aug. 20, relates that Viscount Wellington had written to the French Commander in Chief, requesting his attention to the wounded Officers and soldiirs of the British Army, and had received a very civil answer from Martial Mortier, promising: every at- tention in his power. A letter dated Aug. states that Sir Robert Wilson arrived at Berlins on" the 11 th, and on the 12th was at- tacked and defeated by the French corps of Marshal Ney, lint bad effected his retreat to Miranda de Caslenar. Ill another letter of the same date Viscount Wellington, iter noticing that the Spanish General Cuetta had resigned ehe command of the Spanish army on account of ill health, says, " It appears now that the. French force in this part of Spain is distributed as follows ^ Marshal Victor's corps is divided between Talavera and La" Mancha ; Sebastiani's is in La Mancha; Marshal Mortier's at Orapesa, Arzobispo, and Navalmuval; Marshal Soult's at Plasencia ; and Mar- shal Key's at Salamanca. « Distress for want of provisions, and its effect', have at last obliged me to move towards the frontier of Portugal, in ordei to refresh my troops. In my former dispatches I have informed your Lordship of our distress for the want of provisions and the means of transport. Those wants, which were the first erase of the loss of many advantages after the 22d of July, which were made known to the Government, and were actually known to them on the 20th of last month, still exist in an aggravatad degree, and under these circumstances I determined to break upon the 20th from Jaraicejo, where 1 had bad my head- quarters since the 11th, with the advanced posts on the Tagus near the Bridge of Almaraz, and to fall back upon the frontiers of Portugal, where I hope I shall be supplied with every- thing I want." iSANKltt'PTS. William Gidrlv, of Toir. v, cliemist. Wit1; am. Gee pilkinjjton, cf Hawlry, inniiolder. J'. dwacd MnrneShnrto, late of Kew'Sarum, lint now of Exeter, cutler. ' J'h mas t'arr, of Oxford, grocer. M'ilhein Kinsey, of Oxfordrstreet, coach- tnaker. Jo: m Marsliall, of Fleet- market, cloaths- ifflesmen. V\ iilivoTi George Hunter, of Islington, underwriter, J> avicl Robertson, of Fillilmpy ooure, vilte- niercUant. . luseplr King, of^ King- street, Coveat- gardcti, silk- mercer. II. Smith aad J. Hoi ton, of Cfcarles- struet nnd Suli'olk- sueet, Middle- sex- hospital, coaeli- makurs. William Thorn, of Leeds, cloth- merchant. LONDON. SATURDAY E FE N lb! G, SEPTEMBER PORTSMOUTH, Septim'oer-%, Early this ( homing- several French prisoners effected their escape fronl the. ships in the harbour, but- were timely discovered, arid1 brought back to their old situation. The nutViber at - present at this pott is very cotls'idetable, and it. is much to be regretted they can riot be kept on shore, where the expeoce is not one- fourth part so great. Yesterday a brig, re- captured off Cherbourg by the Christian the 7 th, was brought into harbour, on board of which the Master, with his dog, was found inhumanly murdered ; the barbarous wretches, how- ever, coritrived to effect their escape in their boat. The Spodv ha'i since been brought 011 shore and interred. Monday— Arrived the Sparrow- hawk sloop, Capt. Pi ingle, from - Guernsey; and Hardy gun- vessel, Lieut. Dutton, from Flushing. Tuesday— Arrived the Defender gun- vessel.— Sailed the Resolution of 74 guos, Capt. Ward,. for Flushing; and Nereus, of 82. guns. Wednesday-— Sailed the Revenge, of 74 guns, Captain Paget, for Flushing ; and Brilliant of 28 guns, Capt, Smyth, with convoy for the Downs.— Arrived the Neptune, of ,08 - gups, from the West Indies; Unite, of 46 guns, Captain Campbell; and Thames, of 32 guns, Capt. Waldegiave, from the Mediterranean. Thursday.— Arrived the Dryad, of 36 guns, Capt. Gal- wey, from Flushing ; and Goshawk sloop, Capt. limes, from off' Cherbourg. Friday.— Arrived the Christian the 7tb, of 74 guns, Capt. Sir.). S. Yorke; and Warspitc, of 74 guns, Capt. Bowles, from off Cherbourg ; Comus, of 22 guns, Capt. Smith, with transports from Falmouth.— Went out of Harbour the Port Million sloop.— Came in the MofcknOy Russian 74. Hamburgh . papers are received to the 3lst ult; They contain several reports respecting the negotiations at Altenburgh ; but it appears by a letter from Bayreutb, t'nat Bonaparte himself looks forward to the possibility of a renewal of the war, and is taking precautions accordingly. An Arm v corps, to be called the . 8th, and to consist of 35,000 men, is forming under the command of Junot, at Havreuth. This corps, it is said, is destined, in case hos- tilities should be resumed, to cover Saxony ami Franconia against an invasion from Hohemia, General Kienmayer having assembled an army of 25,000 men near Egra. Letters liv the Walcheten mail, v. ljieh arrived, yes. terdav, mention, that General Graham^ would be left iu the command of that. Island, with from 14,000 to 16,000 men. The Scout sloop of war has put into Gibraltar for repair, after an action with two privateers, one of 18, and the other 20 guns, in the Gulf of Genoa. The Master of the Scout and live men > iere killed. A Dublin paper of the 5th inst. says, " The em. barkatlon of the Royals at Cork was effected with the ut- uioat regularity, and without any accident whatever. Eight troops only, consisting of eighty men each, have em- barked ; the other two are to remain in this country. On Wednesday, Brigadier- General blade embarked on board the Emerald frigate, {.' apt. Maitland, which is to convoy the transports with the Royals on board to I heir destination. A nimibct of merchants having, in consequence of a request made to that effect, waited on the Board of Trade yesterday, were informed, in relation to the trade to be carried on between this country and the island of Wal eheyen, that British skips only would be permitted to con WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER ' The annual Venison Feast, given bv Sir Henry Mildmay, Bart. Mayor of this city, arid the Body Corporate, to a select number of friends, was held on Thursday last, when about one hundred sat down to dinner. Marty excellent songs were sung, and ihe evening was spent in the greatest harmony. On Thursday the 4oth regiment of foot came into quarters in this City. On . Saturday was married, at Milford, near Ly- mington, by the Rev- Thomas Rivett, Nicholas C. Tiridat, Esq. of the Inner Temple, Barri-. ter at Law, and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Me- re] ma youngest daughter of the late Capt. Symonds. of the Royal Navy. " On Monday died, at Earl's Court, near Reading, in a fit of apoplexy, Lady Scott, wife of the Right Hon: Sir William " Scott, Judge of the High Court of Attairiilfy. ' John Harnett, for bouse breaking, has been committed to the comity gaol this WeekJ- To the Editor of the Salisbury (( Winchester Journal. SIR, THE aceouift of the Single- Stick Play at Warminster on the 20tb and 30th ult. that appeared in your last Journal, is so - evidently written with a view to conceal the facts, that it would be ail injustice to the Champions of Somerset if it was suffered to pass over in silence. The play between Ellis and Browning was certainly, as therein stated, " e » eelleiit;" but every person who witnessed it, admits that the- contest between the former and Wm. Wall ^ in which the latter gained the head) was a fine display of skill, and could ooly be excelled by the scientific manner ill which Tucker, of Somerset, succeeded against Humphries,. The state of the contest at four o'clock on the first day ( the period fixed for playing out the tyers)- was, 8 on the side of Somerset to 5 of Wilts; and at the close of the day,, 6 tyers of 2 beads each to 1 ( Cok- rtiati) of Wilts; the odds being therefore too great for him to have any hopes of success, he gave iu.— It is stated in the account alluded to, that " on the second day the play altogether was not so good as on Tuesday." " 1 give tb « writer credit for the truth of the assertion, if he intends to confine his observation to the Wiltshire gamesters alone, because they lost 12 beads by four. o'clock', without being enabled to obtain one 1 It is also stated that" Ellis and some ot the best ot the Wiltshire men did not play the second day." The reason why they did not was, of" course, because, ( bey were fearful of the • consequences; otherwise,, why did they decline it, when repeatedly called for by their stickler and umpire?— The same paragraph concludes with the curious and very modest period, " the prize was again obtained' by the Somerset gamesters, who may, on this occasion, console themselves for the defeat which they lately sustained at Salisbury." Now, Sir, for the accuracy of this statement it is only necessary- to refer you to the same Paper of the of the 7th of August last, but suffice it to say, " that they ( the Somerset) carried off, on tie. first day, the prize easy, and the contest was very severe on the Second day, when, however, the Wilts divided the. prize." When:, then, is this exulting defeat to be foil : i ' J tie writer, in his hurry, no doubt meant to say, when speaking of defeat, that the Somerset lads so Completely defeated the Wiltshire dons in the la t contest, that it is expected they will be prudent enough not to meet them in this manly exercise again. A CONSTANT READER. FtiOME, Sept. 8, 1809. SALISBURY, M 0 N DAY, SEtP T E M B E R ii, laoa. vi- y their cargoes to that Island ; from which ihe Com- mander ic Chief would have the power of granting licences to trade with the Continent. Parliament, it is said,, will certainly meet for the dispatch of business before Christmas : the expences of the late diversions in / avour of Austria render this measure necessary. Yesterday a requisition, signed by 1 cpMefnhers of the Court of Common Council, with Sir Williarii Curtis at their head, was presented to the Lord Mayor, requesting his Lordship to convene a Court,' at an, early day, for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of celebrating, in a signal and appropriate manner, the ap- proaching Anniversary of bis. Majesty's Accession to the Throne, when his Miyesty hill enter into the 50th year of his reign. His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester left Cowes, in the Isle of Wight, on Thursday morning last; his sis'ter, the Princess Sophia, accompanied him to Southampton, and returned to - Cowes that evening. His Royal Highness continued his journey • to Melchet Park, where Ire staid till Saturday morn- ing, and proceeded from thence to Cheltenham, passing through this city, after having changed horses at the Antelope. On Wednesday morning a detachment of the 6Gth Regiment marched from their depot at this place ( chiefly consisting of volunteers from the. Irish Militia, and three. Officers), to Hilsea Barracks, to embark to join their brave comrades in Spain, The Non- coinmissiotied Olltcprs and private tokiiers of the Royal Diagrions have voted a swqrd, value i 00 gtuue toBridgadier~ Gener. il Slade, their first lieu- tenat- Colonel. On their presenting it to the Brigadier- General, he said lie yvould wear it with pleasure, and ' he expressed the highest satisfaction that he was now PRICES OF STOCKS THIS At Three o'Clock., Bank Stock, shut. India Stock, — South Sea Stock, — a Cent. Red. shut. DAY, 3 fi Cent. Cons.- 68J 4 Cento, shut. 6 ^ Cent. Navy, 9!) 5 ^ Cent. 1797, — i LoiigAijn. shut, 1 India Bonds, S$ s. 24s. p. J Kxcheuuer Bills, 8s, 15s. v. | Omnium, — | Irish 5 » Cents. — • Imperials -^ j- Cents. — I English Lot. Tickets, 2U. 17s. ! Ditto Prtzes, fajl tnortey. port Beltts, FALMOUTH, Sept, 6. The Comus frigate came in on Sunday, with a fleet of light transports, from Lis- bon, and sailed again yesterday for Portsmouth, The Princess Charlotte packet, from Lisbon, arrived yesterday. She brought no news of importance. The Duke of Montrose arrived this morning from Cadiz. There are various reports, but it Is difficult, iL seems, at that place to obtain authentic information. There was a general dissatisfaction at the conduct of Cuesta, who, it is reported, is to, give up the command of the army to the Marquis Roniana. The British army was retiring on Elvas, which it was expected it would reach about a week ago. The French are very superior in numbers to the English, unsupported as they are by their allies; but both armies are stat: d to want provisions; particularly provender for the cavalry. It is stated that Marquis Wel- Jesley is making efforts to form a regency. PLYMOUTH, Stp(, $ » The Spanish fleet at Ferrol is expected at this port.-.. The Seaflower, of 16 guns, with two transports, having on board jury- masts, yards, and sail-, for the purpose of equipping that fleet, sailed for Ferroi on Sunday. The Aeasta, of 41 guns, and Dover store- sbip, arrived on Sunday from the West Indies, with Flench prisoners taken at the Saintes. On Tuesday came, in thp- Ametbyst, of 38 guns, Captain Sir M. Seymour, from the Lie of Walchei'en, but last from Portsmouth, to be docked and refitted. On Wednesday came in four French cligxse mnrees, from Quiberou, in ballast, captured by the Medusa frigate. Sailed the Virago and Orestes, of 18 guns each, to the westward. Came in the Eagle excise cutter from a cruise, having been in quest of a French priyateer, but returned without having seen her: th: privateer mounts 4 guns, and had 40 men oh board, and on Monday last is said to. have broujjit to near he Ldistone, a neutral vessel, from Liverpool, hut suffered her to proceed for Holland. Arrived the Morristown armed ship, with fleet from the westward. Ou Thursday sailed the Swallow, of 13 guns, on a * mize ; and Milford, of 75, for the squadron off Roehfort. Came in the French cbasse inaree Le Napoleon, for Pelli.- le, In. ballast, prise to the Melius* frigate. HOME MARKETS. Prices of Com, per . Qum'i — Bread, per Gallon. Wheat. Barte* Oats. Beans. Bread Sept.. s. s. s. S. s. s. s. s. s. d. Salisbury, 5 ill '" 10! 367* 4'] to 44 69 to 74 2 4 B'asingstoke 6 9201109 35 In 41 ILO to .19 56 to 59 - 2 2 Devizes, 7 80/ ill i t 33 to l- i 36 to 42 56 to 62 —— Newbury, 7 73/ 0114. • U to 40 23 to 40 56 to 6: J 2 1J Andover 8 74 0.112 89 t'i 41 25 In 40 5 - 5 to 62 2 1 Warminster, a 36/ 01 io 3S io J6 33 to 45 62 to 72 Weight of the. Gjilloa Lotf, ilh, tlo*.— Half Gall. Alb. Sjoz T A PRIZE UOKfllY OF A PRINCE! ill!-, immense sum of EIGHTY THOUSAND POUNDS may be gained in the present State Lottery, by purchasing the Four Tickets of One Number. Those woo do not look so high may, gain Sixty Thousand, by having Three Tickets of One. Number; Forty Thousand Pounds by Two of the same Number ; oi I'wenty Thousand Pounds by a Single Ticket. These replh Capital Prizes are to be all determined in ONE DAY* tli- - 20th of KSXT MONTH. Tickets and Shares, in great Variety of Numbers, AUK NOW SI- tLlNO BV BRODIE, DOWDING, AND LUXFORD, SALISBURY; going on service with the regiment, which had ever been an object of his wishes. Oil Monday last, - at- the Town Hal], Devizes, Wiiliam Hughes, Esq. was chosen Mayor; for the year ensuing. • The Rev. Henry Rice, of Choldertoil, is presented to the perpetual Curacy of Swingftekl, in this county. Lately was married the ltev. John Pluinptre, eldest son of the Dean of Gloucester, to Miss Caroline Carter, third daughter of Richard Carter, Esq. of Foxley, in this county. On Wednesday se'nhight died the Jlev. Nicholas Heath, LI,. B. a Prebendary tjf Ghichester Cathe- dral, and'Rector of All- cannings, in this county. On Tuesday'. hi » t died, in London, Mrs., Goddard, relict oJv the late Mr. James Goddard, of this city., On Spnday. the 3( 1 inst. died, at Knighton, near Long; ham, Xiorset, Sophia only daughter and last sorvivingichild ' of the late Mr. Samuel Williams, for- merly < 5f Fisliertor} Mills, near this city. Interesting a-. id amiable in her person and mannears, she was beloved wherever known ; but this could not exempt her from misfortune : the ehrly and successive loss t) f friends and relations preyed on her gentle spirit: with her the scene of mortality lias closed on her family, and she has'followed them to the grave at the age of twenty two years. On Wednesday last died Mrs. Bath, wife of Mr. Bath, cutler, of Cirencester. On Wednesday, as Sir John Hawkins, ' Bart, was shooting near bis seat at. Kelstpn,- Somerset, accompanied by a friend, Ihe gun Of the bitter went off by accident, and the whole charge was lodged in Sir John's back. Happily the shot have since been all extracted, and the life of the wor- thy Baronet is judged to be out of danger. The CLOVER Citoi- s " require particular attention at pre- sent, both fromtheir abundance, and from the preearjpus state of the weather ;. and the. following, precautions, we are'fts aired, # lVi bjj found of great utility :— Let the clover bft mown wbeu'fhc - a- j shines, and if possible not after a strong dew in the. morning, oi rain during the ni lit. In- stead of letting the swathes lay flat on the ground, in a few- hours after they are cut, or. before the evening, if the wea- ther continue fair, let tbein- with a fork or rake be raised "• entlv, so as to seem to stand op,- hut not to be turned either then or at a following p- riod, unle- s they receive much wet. By this method tile coloor of the clover and its nutritious " properties will he effectually preserved; without this caution, great injury will be soon sustained. JERSEY, Aug. 23, On Friday last the Rev. Michael Dupre, B. D. and Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, was inducted by the Dean of the I- land to the Rectory of St. John, in the island of Jersey, and on Sunday last lie des flared in open Church bis full assent to the Liturgy of the Church of England, as by law established, and read the Articles. After the - induction, a cold collation, together with eake and wine, was prepared for as many of the pa- rishioners as thought proper to attend. Mr. Duple lias sinoe taken his seat as one of the Members of the State, among the Clerical. Body. Lately was married by the Rev. Dr. D. upre, Dcaij • of tiie Island, Caj> t.. Wooldridge, of the Government Packet, to Miss Astiiti, of the Uuiou Hotel, in the town of St. Helier's., Last week'died , at an advanced- age, Mrs. Lenier, widow of the late Philip Letiier, Esq. a respectable merchant of Jersey, TO be. LETT and entered on immediately; A roomy COTTAGE, in Piddletown, lately the residence of an Apothecary, with a gig house, stall stable for two Horses, and Walled garden. The above will suit a- gentlemtn of the above description, as there is no one within five miles. Enquire of Mr. House, Piddletown. fttiU* TO be LETT and entered ( » tv immediately,— A HOUSE, Garden, and neccssary offices, fit for* the re ception of a small genteel retired family ; the supply of water is remarkably gorttf and convenient; and situated in a pleasant patt of Westbury, Wilts. Terms moderate, as an acceptable tenant is the principal object ef the advertiser. ( 4fti4 TO be LETT, and entered upOri at Old Michaelmas next,— A PA. PEK- MILL ' with one vat, but. with room for another), a DWELLING- HOUSE, Dairy- house, Barn,. Stables, and other out- buildings, and near SO & « eg of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, and 200 actes of Heath, at Carve, near Wareham, Dorset. Tenders for the Farm and Mills, either together or sepa- rately, specifying the reot, proposed course of crops, and what improvements will be made on a wn years' lease, may be addressed to Mr. W. Carpenter, 3, Pomp- court, Temple, London. Mr. Snelgar, of Carye, will shew the premises ; and further particulars may be known from Mr. Filliter, WVreham. " [ 4SC9 a Prize of 4: 20,000— one of £' 10,000— several of £- 500, e^ c. and where five Prizes of £'• « ), 000 were sold in the preceding Lotteries. ( 4 (' 70 SOUTHAMPTON SAILING MATCH. THE Annual PRIZES given by GEO. II. ROSE, Esq. one of the Representatives of this town, will be sailed for on Saturday the J6th of Si ptemberinstant. N. B. ' l'iie vessels to be at anchor at the usual place pre- cisely at eleven o'clock, to be mustered, and to start by a signal gun precisely at< arrive. f « 6l I THERE will be a BALL, for the Master ' of the Ceremonies, on Tuesday, Sept. 19, at the Lone- Rooms, Southampton. " W. LYNNE, M. C. 0C1"' Tickets to be bad of Mr. Lyune andef Messrs. Baker and Fletcher. " [ ftfoti SOUTHAMPTON RACES. Fashionable Mitiinery mid DreSses, from London, selling « ! f\ forafiw days only, remarkably cheap, at Nv. Ci0, High- street, nearly opposite the Market- house, Southampton. MISS COLLINS, MILLINER, COUKT & FANCY DftESS- MAKER to their Royal Highnesses the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York, No. 37, Half Moon- Street, PiccadiJIy, London, respectfully informs. the Ladies of South- ampton and its vicinity, that being obliged to return to her establishment in town next week, and, to prevent the injury her goods might sustain from re- packing, she is determined, to offer them at such very- low prices as, she hopes, will induce Ladies, this week, to- make their purchase for the,. Races. A Box has recently arrived; containing a new assortment of elegant Morning, Evening, and Ball Dresses, Dress and. Un- dress Caps, Carriage and Walking Bonnets, Lace Sleeves, Handkerchiefs,. Veils, & c. & c. As this is Miss Collins's last advertisement, she begs leave to express her most sincere gratitude for the very distinguished patronage with which she has been honoured during her short st iv at each place. N. B. Wanted,— A first- band Milliner, a young Person on Improvement, and two Apprentices. . [ 4655 SALISBURY, August 14, 18C9. HENHY. SIIORTO, CUTLER, SILVERSMITH, & c. informs his friends and the public, that during the alterations making at his Shop, the Business will be trans- acted in a room within. Wanted,— A quantity of Buckhorn. To beSpld,— The Windows, Poop, and Shutters of a Shop Front, of large dimensions, convertible into two fronts. For particulars apply as- above. [ 4240 TO be SOLD, the property of a Gentleman leav- J. ins off shooting,— TWO BRACE of most excellent POINTERS, and a capital DOUBLE GUN, by Manton, nearly new. Letters ( post- paid) to T. A. to be left at Dean Gate, near Overton, will be attended to, and any fair trial allowed. SALISBURY. O be LETT immediately,—— A very genteel, comfortable, and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, situated - in Endless- street. For further particulars appiy'to Mr. foot, Solicitor, Salisbury. f4ii73. SOUTHAMPTON. r | X) be. LE TT on Lease, unfurnished, for the term J. of Three, Five, or Seven Years, A substantial, and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, fit for the immediate re- ception of a genteel Family, and most desirably situated, No. 3f, on the east side of the Above Bar Street, Southampton ; commanding, from the back front, art extensive View of the River Itchen and the surrounding country. The ground floor comprizes entrance hall, stair case, and an entrance for ser- vants, dining parlour,, ar. d two ethers ;— one pair of staits, drawing- room, and three goOci bed- rooms with closets;— two piir of. i f " : nfid bed rooms w; lh clo ets, and way to the - root}—;'. Trent •• rory, Inr,.- kitchen, . scullery, 1 " ler. pantries, cellars, and vaults for beer, wine, and every other convenience ;— a large garden at the back of the premis '., tastefully laid out, vvith a small green- house, vine- house, & c. The whole inclosed with lofty brick walls covered With Chfljce fraif trees in full bearing, and an uncommon good supply of spring and rain water, f- KiH For viewing the premises, and further particulars, apply to Mr. Watts, builder, at his office in East- street, Southampton. Cottage, near Carisbrooke, Isle of I fig lit. npo be LETT or SOLD,— A neat and, comfortable X COTTAGE, consisting of two parlours* two best bed- rooms, atticks, & c. with an excellent under- ground cellar, . and a small garden. Apply to Mr. Fmch, Laverstock, or Mr. Noyes, Pan Farm, rear Newport. [ 4- 5S9 CO', I AGE at KEYNSTON, On the Turnpike Road l- etwcen Blandjnrd WhiVrmm. rpo be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A a COTTAGE, almost new, and Gardtn well plat wirticlioice fruit trees. The house consists of a parlour, '.. > Chen, pantry, and cellar, with ' three bed- roonis over, besides ajshop, which would, with a very little expttice, make a good p'irlour, and bdd- rcom over. There is a small Cottage and Garden which belongs to the above, after the death of a person upwatds of 70. The premises are Leasehold for the remainder of a term of AO years, of which only lo are expired, determinable oh three healthy lives, aged- 11, Jf), and 14. For viewing the same, and to know the price, apply to Mr. Wm. Lovell, the tenant, at Keynston, near Blandfofd, Dor- set.— All applications by letters must be post paid. [- 2562 TO, WRITING ASSISTANTS. WANTED, at Michaelmas next,—— A Young MAN, of , moral character and good disposition, to assist in the various duties of an English seminary. Letters ( post paid) including specimens of penmanship, ad- dressed to W. Wills, Boarding- School, Castle- street, Salis- bury,' will be duly answered. NOTICE is hereby given,— That at the next ses- sion of Parliament a Petition will he presented to the Hon. House of Commons, for leave to bring in a Bill for making and • maintaining a Turnpike Road from Cirencester, in the co « » iy of Gloucester, to Wotton Basset, in the county of Wilts, - tfi extend from the turnpike road leading from Cirencester afofesaid to Crieklude, in the said county of Witts, at or near a place called Watermoor, to the turnpike road now making from Malmesbury, in the said county of Wilts, to Wotton Basset aforesaid, at or near Banner's Ash ; arid which said first mentioned road, is intended to pass through the parish of Cirencester-, the consolidated parishes of Sid- dingtonSt. Peter and Siddington St. Mary, and the, parish of . South Cerney, ail in the said county of Gloucester; and the Several parishes of Shamcote, Ahston- Keynes, Leigh, Cricklade St. Sampson, Cricklade St, Mary, Purton, Lediard- Millicent, Lediard- Tres> ooze, and Wdtton- feasset, and through part of the Forest of Braydon, all in the said county " of Wilts. And Notice is hereby also given, that a Map or Plan of such . intended iosd, together with a Book of Reference, containing a list of the names of the owners, or reputed owners, and oc- cupiers of the lands through which the said road is intended to pass, will be deposited, for public inspection, at the lespec- tive. Offices of the Clerks of the Peace for the said counties of Gloucester and Wdts, on or before the Both day of Septem- ber next. - JOSEPH PITT. CIRENCESTER, August 30, 1809. [ 4571 TO be SOLD by AUCTION, towards the latter part of this month,— A desirable COTTAGE, called Twyford Cottage, pi - asantly situated in that village, about three miles from Winchester; together with its IfouSchold Furniture, connfrising excellent dining and drawing- room suites, and other requisites; an excellent modern light Chariot, on its first, wheels, built in London last year, and has been but little used; also a Grand Piano Forte, and sundry valuable articles, which wilt be- enumerated iu cata- logues. [ 4641 LYNDHURST, HANTS.— FREEHOLD HOUSES. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Crown Inn, Lyndhurst, by- J. Vsotro, on Friday the 15th dav of September inst. at three o'clock in the a'ternoon.— All ' i; ose FREEHOLD Brick nrf T-! » d fjWELXIJiG. HOUSL.- i, o. rte- tner with. the Gardens, Yard; and out- buildintts, situate in the c.- ntre of Lvndhurst, in the occupations of Wm. Caner and Elizabeth Vyatson, tenants at will. ( 4616 Hurstbounie Priors, near Andover, Hants. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by FI. Cit 1 s wi CK , on Wednesday the 27th of September 1809,— Part of the FARMING LIVE STOCK, Utensils in Hu- sbandry., Hay, & c. the property of Mr. LOWMAN; con- sisting of 160 South- down ewes and faftibs ; - 2 capital draught horses, mare, and colt; 3 fat cows ; 3 waggons, 6 carts, 4 ploughs,- 1 nine- share ditto, harrows, drags, and rollers, plough and cart harness; 2. rick scaffolds ; upwards of 100 tons of meadow hay; hurdles, hav cages, &' c. & c. Sale will begin at eleven o'clock. [- 1664 - ANDOVER, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by T. RMVUHS, at the Upper Angel Inn, on Thursday the 21st of - Sep- tember, ISO,'),— The neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. of a Gentleman of Andover, leaving his residence; Com. prising mahogany and other four- post and tent bedsteads with furniture ; goose and other feather beds ; blankets, counter- panes, and coverlets ; chest of ( drawers; mahogany bureau ; dressing tables ; handsome pier and swing glasses ; mahocany dining, Pembroke, and card, table* cellaret, sofa, maho gany'and- japanned chairs, a barometer, mahogany knife cases, & c. kitchen requisites, kitchen range complete, cop- per and brrss boilers,- brass furnace Upwards of 40 gallons and one less ditto, and numerous other articles. Sale to begin precisely at one o'clock. CHARLTON, NF. AR ANDOVER. TO he SOLD by AUCTION, by T. RAWLINS, at the Upper Angel Inn, Andover, tin Fridav the 99th' of September, 1809,—— A desirable FREEHOLD " ESTATE, comprising a large brick and tiled dwelling- house ( well adapted for two families'), with a good garden, barn, excel- lent tithber yard, together with about one acre and a half of land adjoining, situate at Charlton aforesaid, and now in the several occupations of Mr. Steele, carpenter and wheelwright, Mr. Holdway, and Mr. George Smith. [ 4659 Sale to begin at three o'clock. For a view of the premises apply to the tenants; and for further particulars to T. Itawlms, Auctioneer, Andover. BATH EASTON VILLA, With beautiful Grounds, Gardens, a/ id Paddocks of Gno. ss Land ( about 20 acresj, in theririnity of Bath, WIT'lt AN EARLY POSSESSION. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mess. SKINNER, DYKE, Teems, and- FORREST, on Thursday the'ijlst of September, at twelve o'clock, at Garraw, ay's Coffee house, ' Change- alley, Cornhil!, London, IN ONE tor,— A valuable and very desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate on an eminence contiguousto tl\ e London road, at Bath Easton, an agreeable remove from the city of Bath, commanding the .. most delightful and picturesque views over a rich'iind beau- tiful country, interspersed with a variety of pleasing objects ; comprising a genteel Residence, tastefully ornamented with a balcony and veranda in front, containing a handsome- drawing- room, morning room, eating- parlour, and library, with ijed- cha'mbei*,. and apartments for servants, domestic offices and cellars ; a court yard, with two coach- houses, . and stabling for seven horseS." The principal rooms are Well proportioned, of large dimensions, and handsomely fitted up and finished* opening into a beautiful pleasure ground, shaded- jiy a variety of ornamental and valuable timber trees ; - hot- house, green- house,, and walled garden, stocked with fruit free!;, and the adjoining . paddocks of grass lah, d, - containing together about 1.5 acres in hand, with a stream of water constantly ruunin" through the grounds,; also two acres of veiv productive nursery | nd garden ground contiguous, with Dwelliinr- houses and out- buifdingsy" part on- lease, which expires m 1810, and the remainder at will, at low rents, amounting to 511, per ami, capable of increase ; and fite acres of grass land in hand, held for about 5. years, af jt' 36.. 2., s per aim. An early possession mjay be had- of the residence and lands in. hand ; aml- the purchaser accommodated with the genteel Household Furniture and Effects at a valuation. To be Viewer! by tickets* w hich may be had of Mr. Clarke, attorney, St. James's Parade, .' Bath, and printed particulars LUDWELL, hear SHAFTESBURY. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Thursday itie .1. 2ist- of. Sept.. tsofl, at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Blatk Dog, at Ludwell, All that valuable Freehold CLOSE of LAND, containing 3 A. aR. 37P. situate behind the Black Dog in Ludwell, in the renting of Mrs. Brothels, tenant from year to year. For further particulars apply to Charles Bowles, Esq. Shi tesbury ; or at the Office of Mr. Rovvden, Attorney at Law, tat Wimborne or Christclmrch. [ 4642 DORSET. , TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by M. BAKER, on Thursday the 14th dav of September, 1.309, at Bellhuish Farm, near East Lulworth,— The follow- ing STOCK of SHEEP, & C. consisting of about 160 ewes of different ages, 63 chilver anil pur lambs, 7 good rams, 20 six- teeth wetfiers, 68 two- teeth ditto; a good nine- share plough, 3 suUs and tackle, drags, harrows, plough- harness, 5 beil blind- halters, and 1 hoop of chime bells. The above sheep are of the real Dorset breed, warranted sound and free from goggle? ; the property of Mr. Symonds, quitting the said farm. The sale to begin at one O'clock in the afternoon. [ 4591 DORSET. Valuable Freehold Lantls and Premises, within the parish of Litton Cheney. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. JAMES RICHARDS, of Weymouth, at the Coach » nd Horses Inn, in Winterborne Abbas, Dorset, on Thursday the 12th day of October, 1809, st two o'clock in the afternoon, in lots,— Two MESSUAGES or DWELLING HOUSES, witu a Garden and very excellent Orchard adjotnimr, in the occu- pation of Mr. John Frv, tenant at will; also a Close of MEADOW, called Wood* Mead, by estimation five acres; a Close of MEADOW, . called West Close, or N- vvtor.' s Close, by estimation five acres; and a VVATI:; I Mutitnv, called Hill Meadow, by estimation two acres; all, which meadow lands are in the occupation. of Mr. Job Legg, tenant at will, at a low rent. These meadows are particularly worth the att< o, - of gentlemen having other lands in the parish of Litton, valuable acquisition to the dairy and shetp farm. [ To be viewed by leave of the tenants, who will shen the same; and particulars may be had of the said Mr. Legs, at Litton; at the Public- house, Winterborne; of rb. e Auc- tioneer; andof Mr. John Hennin?, attorney, Weviijouth. JScautiful Freehold Villa and Lands, at Seend, Witts. npo be SOLD by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, at it the Bear Inn, Devizes, in the county of Wilts, on Thurs- day the 21st " f September, IKU » , between the hours of three and five ii.' t'oe afternoon ." unless disposed of in the mean time by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given), in the following lot; Lot 1.— All that compact and very desirable FREEHOLD VILLA, situate in the delightful and very healthy village of Seend, only 14 miles from Bath ( the London mail anil other coaches pass near the house every day), Comprising an en- trance hall, drawing room 24.5. feet by 15, dining parlour IS feet by 14, breakfast parlour, Seven lodging rooms, coach- house, stables, dairy house, and other appropriate conve- niences ; with gardens and. an elegant lawn Ir nting the soutl • commanding very extensive aAd most luxuriant prospects! Also 16 acres of very rich Pasture Land, adjoining and within a ring ' nee ( without a path through anv part thereof), welt' supplied with unfailing springs of water. Also, a Pew iu Seend Church.— Possession may be had immediately Lot 2.— A piece of very '. eh PASTURE LAND, near ad- Joining the above, called Church Field Lcaze, well supplied with water. r Lota.— A piece of PASTURE LAND, called Grove Field, near the last mentioned premises. Lot 4— Alt that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, some time since used as an Inn, and called The Green Man with a large arched cellar where 500 llitbnes < 1 f> acon nurfit be cured yearly; also a Shop, Bakehouse, Stable, Garden, and Orchard, pleasantly situated at' Seerrd- row. Lot. 5.— A piece of ARALE LAND near yeiipininsr and iu front of the last mentioned lot. Lot 6.— Two several pieces of PASTURE LAND, calltd 1 he Clees. N. B.— The whole is Freehold, and the Land- tax has been rede. med. For further particulars and a view of the premises, apply to Mr, Usher, solicitor, at Seend, or to Messrs. lb, 11 3,4 Jarmai!, solicitors, Bristol ; at whose office 5 plan of the est: i • may be seen. [ 44< is " Salisbury ; place of sale; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, Tu- chin; and Forrest, Aldersgate- stfeeS, Loudon, where a pfap may be seen,. [ 42.11 TXJR S. iXM by AUCTION, by HARRY Ho^ A I,. tiie Duke's Arms Ian, Marlborough, on Saturday the 43d_ uey of September 1809, at two o'cloek or the afternoon .( un, t ss previously dispose ' - f by private com,- ct; of which dy notice wi'l he » Hen,,- - Ad t! i;< t Ml. isoo^' v. t jj'JSJiL- • i„ AG- HOUSE, with two- Cottages, arid all proper and con- venient out- bulMi- gs. ahd several closes and pieces of Arable,' Meadow, and Pasture Land, containing tenet! tr by admea- surement 72 a. 3 r. 9 p. ( more or less), of which a a.' oi 26 p. are water meadow: the whole, except the cottages, in the occupation of Mr. Tho. Wcntworth, whose term therein ex- pires at Michaelmas next. ThcSe premises are situate at Oakhill, in the parish of Frox- field, 7 miles from Marlborough, and 4 from Humjertord. The Messuage, and about 17 a. Sr. 93 p. ar< Leasehold, held tor one life a » cd 70 ; one of the Cottages, and about 34 a. 3 r. 18 p. are Copyhold, and held for the wido'wh- od ' of a- lady aged 61, and for a lite aged 71 ; and the other Cottage, and. the residue of the Land ( about, 20 a. 1 r. 8 p.) are also Co- pyhold, and held under the manor of North Stand; n with Oakhill, for a widowhood aged 61, and two lives need 70 and 71. ' For viewing the premises apply to the tenant; and for parti- culars at the office of Messrs. Guy and Michell, in Chippen- ham, where a map of the lands may beseeh. [ 4567 ISLE OF WIGHT. ~ MINORS, FARMS, £ TITHES. TO he SOLD by AUCTION, by MR. VV'ILLOCK, at the Bugle Inn, at Newport, in the Isle of We- ht on Thursday the 5th of October, and following day, in l ots — Sundry valuable and very desirable FREEHOLD FARMS, most delightfully situate in the several parishes of Bradinir* Godshdl, Whitwell, Niton, Chale, and Shalfleet, containing 2300 acres of rich arable, meadow, pasture, and wood larif ill the occupation of most respectable tenants, et renr- i amounting- to upwards of £' 9000 per annum ; toe- ether with ' 2f. » ombe, Chale, and Ch'estfe ; and ^ R^ pR AL THHES of seventeen Farms in the parishes of Godshdl and Whitwell, lett to the respective occupiers of the said Farms, at near .£ 200 per annum. To be viewed till the sale by applying to the respective Te- nants ; and particulars may be had three weeks preceding' the sale of Messrs. Clarices and Sewell, solicitors, - at Newport'- - it the Hotel- at Ryde, Vine at- Covves, George at Yarmouth Fountain at Portsmouth, Dolphins at Southampton, Angel - c Lymmgton, at the place of sale, and of Mr. Willock No 25 Golden- square, London ; Messrs. Clarkesar. d SewelPwil' Jvo directions to the tenants. ISLE OF WIGHT. 1 ^ ' TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT — The MANSION- HOUSE and MANOR of COS1IAM with thirty- six acres of rich Meadow Grounds, Gardens end' Orchards thereto belonging, situate in the parish of St. Ni- cholas, adjoining the town of Ncwpoit. The House is spacious and comfortable, with suitable offices, a green- house with choice vims, and a large walled garden attached, well stocked with fruit trees —— A part of the laud will be in band at Michaelmas next. The Estate is Leasehold, held under Queen's College. Oxfcrd . The lythes are Freehold, and will be sold therewith. The Man- sion- house, garden, and such other part of the propertv as is occupied by the proprietor, may be entered on immediately for particulars, and to treat for the purchase, apply fif by letter, post pa, d) to the proprietor John Young, or Messrs, Clarkes and Sewell, Newport. Aug. 15, 1809. [ 4315 ISLE OF WIGHT. " ' trochoid Property for Sate, Land- tax redeemed. TROOK LEY FARM. O be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A desirable and valuable FREEHOLD ESTVfE situated m thc. centre of the Isle of Wight, and within four mtlesof the Newport; consisting of upwards of 300 acres of good Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land 1 the Great Tithes whereof, and a portion of the Small Tithes, arc the property . of the land- owner. ' ' ' The Farm- house and out- buildings are yerv convenient and in good repair, ajid the lands in a high state of cultivation Also all the Grqas and Small Tithes, yearly arising out of upwards of 400 acres of very rich arable and me; J, w land, TS" Wi htpur ° l Gc> clsh' 1^• and 011 the S0Ul11 suie of the A$ d also sundry other lots of Tithes, arising from ( rood corirlttuds 111 the said parish of Godshill. b A Close of Meadow Land, situate in the parish of Caris- brooke, anil witnm a quarter of a mile of the town of N. w, aa, lr' 18P' in the occopatidn of Mr, One' other Close of Meadow Land adjoining to the last- mentioned close, containing 2 a. 2 r. 24 p. in the occupation ol the. said. Thomas Hawkcs. wu^ ooi, A,- Or ® pf Arable Land, situate on Crossloft Hill, in the • SX^ Sei COmaiUinS ab° Ut ' *** cc Particulars may be had by applying ( free of postal, to Mr Worsley, solicitor, Newport, Isle of Wight. * PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BV. W. B. BRODIE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; Where Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of JVtM's are received ( Postagepaid). Aisoby the t'WNTtSS iir. d BocK- SSilEas » ihe W « st of EngUndi bj the respective NftWaissj ami in London by Messrs. TAVLLH and NEWTON, No. 5, Warwick- Square,- Warvrie!<- Lane, Newgate- Street,; and Mr. WttKI ® , JJoofeellw, P^ terijofter- Row, St. pauV*
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