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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Volume Number: LVIII    Issue Number: 2954
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser

Date of Article: 01/09/1809
Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number: LVIII    Issue Number: 2954
No Pages: 4
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AND MIDLAND COUNTIES GENERAL ADVERTISER; Vol. LVIII. j Jrinted and Published by John Price, Market- place Leicester. [ No. 3954 FRIDAY, September 1, 1809 \ Circulated through the principal Towns, fic populous Villages, in the Counties of Leicester, Rutland, ... ^ } - Lincoln, Nottingham, Derbv, Stafford, Warwick, Northampton, Cambridge, and York. Stamp Duty - - 34d. .... : _• ^ .1 Paper and. Print 3d PRICE 6^ d— or £\ : 9 : 0 , erAnnum SUNDA- Y'sSf TUESDAY'S POSTS LONDON, MONVA. Tr, Aug. 28. FROM SATURDAY'S GAZETTE. Whitehall, Au ust 16. The King has been pleased to grant the dignities Baror, and VUcount of the United Kingdoms of Jkrat Britain aid Iteland unto the Right Hon Sir ™ hur Wellesley, Knight of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, and Lieutenant General of llts Hajesty's Fortes, and to the heirs of his body, lawfully begotten, by the names, st'les, and titles of Baron Duoro of Wellesly in the county o'Somer- set, and Viscount Wellington. of Talavera, and of Wellington in the said county. f I he Gazette also Coii'ains an official account of the Surrender of Senegal, to a Br tish de adh- tnem, commanded by Major Maxwell, and Cap- tain Columbine, of the Navy, on the 13- b of July; but as this capture is of minor consequence at the present peri'd, we do not deem it woi ttiy of swell- ing the columns of our paper. The garrison are to bt sent to France, as prisoners of war, not to serve until regularly exchanged.] Sir James Saumare z, in a Sett r dated olfNargen Island, July 31, addressed to Mr. Welles ley Pole, incloses the two following :— Princess, Carolina, Aspo, July 26, 1609. SIR, Having been informed that the enemy had at this pl:; ce several gun- boats to prottct theii coas'ing t... de, which is of ihe greatest consequents tn sup- plying their army, & c. in ali parts ot Finland, and it having been represented to me by Captain For rest the ptobabihty of ther being destroyed, him- self having offered in the most handsome manner to command the Expediticn, which limmed a ely tccepted, and having directed all the boats of his Majesty's ships Princes- Carolina, Minotaur, Cer- berus, and Prometheus ( in all seventeen), aimed in the best possible way, , o put themselves finder the con, m , nd of Captain Forrest, and to assemble cn board the Prometheus, at s; x o'clock yesterday evening. I have. now the happiness to inform you of a successful attack he made last night about half- past ten o'clock, on four gun- boats, three of which he- has captured, and a new brig lacen with pro- visions : he gun- boats had on hi ard in allone hun- dred and thirty- seven men, besides twenty- three • in the brig They are very complete, and well foL^ which 1 intend sending to you by the •— Xii. Waur. Inclosed I have the honour to transmit Capt. Fo." pest's ietter, on th s subject, Wherein he speaks in the highest terms ol the spirited conduct of all the - effitets and men employed on this occasion. \ Vc; re it poss ble for me to say any thing whic h ctuld add to the meritorious conduct of so gallant and gqod an efficeras C apt. lories , I should most willingly do it; but I tiust the success of tins brl Ji « u. acriun will do mote justice to it. e intrepidity of every c. fficer and n an employed on this service than any language I can possibly use Ealso beg to u, close lor your information a list ol killed and wounded. i have, & c. CLLA. DUDLEY PRATER. Sir J. Saumarez, Bart. &. c. His Majesty's sloop Prometheus, Aspo Roads, July 26'. SIR, 1 am happy to acquaint you, that the endeavours of the boats of the squadron, winch you did me the honour to place under mv command, for the pur- pose of capturing or destroying the eliercy's gun boat force or convoys in the neighbourhood, have been ctowned with tne most complete sUccts- Thtee gun vessels of large dimensions, ot a hew construction, being captured, aft'er a sanguinary comest, together with a new arhied brig, with sol- diers on board, laden with provisions; destined lor Aho. , , Our loss is severe indeed, as might be expected from the nature of the foice, and the extienie ob- stihacv with which the enemy defended theirchargt; the crew of one gun- boat, ^ o. 62, being to a ilia killed or dangerously wounded, as you will see by the returns. I cannot find words to express to you the zeal and intrepid ty exhibited upon ; his oCcasiot by all, and the manifest superiority of our seamen when it came to the cutlas. Captain Forrest concludes with bestowing praisl. upon several of the Officers, and gives a list of ihe killed ard wounded, which amounts to 19 killed, arcl 51 wounded. he boats employed on this occasion were those of the Princess Carolina, iVli- E^ taur, Cerl erus, and Profnttheus.] Admiralty- Office. August 26. A letter has been received By ihe Hon. Wm. Wellesley Pole, lrom Captain Cottrell, of His Majesty's ship the Nijaden, caltd n Kilduih Bay, the6thof June last, g ving an account of ihe cap- ture or destruction of twenty- two or twenty- three vessels ir. the rivci Kola, by the boats of ihe aliot'e ship, under the direction of Lieutenants Wells and Stni'h. A fort, under which those vessels wtie anchored, was taken possession of; and the guns brought away or thrown into the river. deserted. Seventeen of them are wholly ra- vaged, and the remainder partially so. Marly of the inhabitants have taken up their abode in the wuods, forests, & c. , Spanish and Portiigeuse papers to the 1 } th and 15th hist, respectively, have been brought by the Lisbon mail. Their contents are of considerable importance. It appears that, immediately after the battle ofTahivera> tid- ings reached the allied British and Spanish forces, under Sir Arthur Weliesley and Gen. C'Uesta, that Soult, Ney, and Mortier, had advanced with their respective corps through t. strem ( dura, and were already in the rear of our army. No time was to be lost, as it was learned that the bridge of Almaras, which should have afforded a passage to one of the divisions of our retreating troops across tlie Tagus, was already destroyed, and over that of Arzobispo the whole allied army was in- stailtly conveyed. A guard was for a short .. time left on the rigirtbank, to protect the pas- sage j but that was soon withdrawn) and the bridge of boats destroyed Tlie British head- ' quai tei's were, by this rapid retrogade move- ment, withdrawn tp a place named Deleitosa, considerably to the south of the T^ gusj and about forty miles froiii Talavera, where they were stationed on the 7th inst. Stores of everv kind had been sent off to them from Seville, Cadiz, and various other towns, toge- ther with horses, mules, and caits; but the latter part ofthe supply unluckily arriving too late to aid the retreat, Sir Arthur Wellesley was obliged to leave all his wounded behind him in ' 1 alavera, from the want of sufficient means of conveyance ; and these are how ne- cessarily in the hands ofthe French, who ail vanced and took possession of that town with a rapiility equal tothat with which the combined force quitted it. The whole of the right bank of the Tagus being thus deserted, the preconcerted junction of course took place be- tween Victor's force and that Under Soult, Ney, and Mortier ; while Sir Robert Wilson, who, our readers will recollect, occupied the advanced position of Escalona, being thus cut off from the main body of the English, con- trived with a dexterity peculiar to himself, to draw off his detachment in the rear of Soult; and if he has not already formed a junction with General Bt- resford, is at least understood to nave reached a secure position, at a place called Fuenie de Ginaldo, in the vicinity of Ciudad Rodrigo. We believe, however, the junction has actually taken place. Besides some assistance may be expected from the indefatigable exertions of the Marquis Roma- na. This General was, according to our latest intelligence, on the frontier of Galicia, which Ney and Soult had abandoned, in pursuit of those Commanders ; and a diversion, weflnay hope; will be effected by his threatening the rear of the French corps, which have thus ad- vanced against the English army. The Expedition intended to reinforce Sir A. Welh- sley g'oeS to Cadiz, and will consist ( besides artillery) of a brigade of Foot Guards, two brigades bf Light Cavalry, and two bri- gades of Heavy Cavalty : the cavalry to con • sist of one regiment of Life- Guards, the regi- ment bfIlorse Guards ( Blue), the ScotchGreys, and the Inniskilien Dragoons. A vessel which left Flushing On the 23d; has brought advite that an action took plate on the 21st, between one of our small squa- drons and the enemy's flotilla, in which the lattet w e re defeated with the loss of four or five vessels. The Grand Expedition appears to have created considerable alarm in Holland. Ac- cording to the statements in the Foieigfl Pa- pers, troops are marching not only to Ant- werp; but to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, antl other parts of Holland, the enemy conceiving that our objects are tnore extensive than the destruction of tbe fleet at Antwerp. The Dutch troops have been ordered back frolh Germany, Arrtied burghers are raising in every town, tives of delicacy to him, and from the proper respect to its own character and dignitv. Another letter from the same place, dated three days afterwards, acquaints us, that the alarm excited by the refusal of Great Britain to ratify the engagements of the English En- voy, has, in a great degree, subsided. It says, that no apprehensions were then enter- tained, that Mr. Jackson's mediation would not be so far effectual as to prevent the pos- sibility of a rupture. It adds, that the people of America promise themselves the mostagree- able result from this mission j and that they breathe nothing but a spirit of amity and con- ciliation towards this country. By an arrival from 1' ort- au- Prince, at Li- verpool, accounts tp," the 8th of July have been receivtd from Hayti. The rival Chiefs, Petion and Christophe, had made arrange- ments for the final decision of their long con- test, by sending each a powerful force into the field, which were expected sooii to come in contact. The planters and every person capable of bearing arms had been embodied, consequently all trade Mid been interrupted, and the, labours of the plantations were at a stand, although the crops of coffee are abun- dan'. / . , The Rattler, arrived at Portsmouth, has brought intelligeuce that the Antelope, Capt. M'Leod, with Vice Admiral Holloway, ar rived at Newfoundland on the 18th July, after a very pleasant passage.- r- The Admiral landed on the 20th, to resume his government, and was received by all the military and civil Magistrates. It appears, that the severity, of the last winter has destroyed all the cattle and sheep, not only at Newfoundland, but in other parts of America. The greatest scarcity, pre- vails at St. John's. Beef, of the poorest quali- ty, was selling at from 16d. to 18d. per pound ; and many of the most respectable in- habitants had not tasted any for many months together, i3- TO BE LET, By the Year, or for a longer Time, And entered upon at Michaelmas or earlier if re- quired ; A HOUSE, with spacious Entrance Hall, Din- ing and Dravying Rooms, a Breakfast Par. ldlir and Study, and several Bed Rooms. Also, , A Garden, Orchard, Shrubbery, and Homestead adjoining, with Coach House and Stables, situate at Cosbington, 6 Miles from Leicester, about 3 fiout th$ Kennel, ( late Mr. Meyuell's), at Quorndon, and * i'! thiu an easy Distance of most ofthe Duke of Rut- lands, and several of Lord Lonsdale's Fox Covers. A considerable Quantity of Laud may be had if required. , Enquire at the JOURNAL- OFFICE. f- u- Eligible Situations. , . TO BE LET OR SOLD, THREE substantial new built Houses 3 S'ories high, neatly finished, situ ite in the pleasant- est Part of. South Gate Street, Leicester; each j House has capital Cellars, an excellent Parlour, ' Sitting- Room, and Back KitcHenon the Ground Floor, large Drawing Room and Bed Room on the Chamber Story, and 3 good Attics; There are Spring aud Rain Water Pumps and other Conveniences in the Yards. For Particulars enquii'tt. of J. Ei) WYN, Surveyor, near the New Work Gates. J? TO BE SOLD, ( Manor Farm—' Fitlie Free. ' f^ HE Manor Farm of1 Newiiouse Grange, in .1 the Parish of Mferivale, in. the County of Warwick, about three Miles from Atherstone, and four. from Tamworth,: the Roads aud Neighbourhood good ; and the Situation healthy and pleasant., , It consists of a large Substantial Dwelling House, Garden, Orchard, aild sufficient Barns, Stables, and Out houses of every description ; and three hun- dred and fifty Acres ( more or les § ) of excellent M. ea,- dow, Pasture, and Arable Land, ( iu about , thirty Inelosures remarkably well hedged) Tithe Free,, in a Riug Fence, and the Land Tax Redeemed.— Parti- culars may be knoWn of Mr. Richard Faux, the Tenant, who will shew the Estate ; of Messrs, Feirs- ter, Cooke, and Frere, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn, London, where a Map of the Estate may be seen ; or by Letter, addressed to Mr. It. Thomas, Post Office, Lymingtonj Hants. ITOBFC SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, The Roval Family will take their departure kb. A LL that well- accustomed Public House, now " ' ' " ir H. Neale rJt\ for Weymouth in a few days.; Sir will as usual attend the Royal Party; and have two frigates and some cutters under his com- mand for the greater accommodation and pro- tection of the Royal Visitors in their excursions te sea. Mrs. Flunkett; late Miss Gunning, charged wilh forgery, has been taken in custody, in Devon- shire, and brought to town. Murder.— Thursday, an inquisition was taken at Woolwich, on the body of T. Jones, a convicted mutineer, who was confined on board the Retri- bution hulk. It appeared that one ofthe convicts, who was employed in unloading bricks from a barge, had thrown part of a brick at the overseer, and hit him on the back of ihe head. The overseer could not tell which of them had done it, and ihe convicts refused to disclose the guilty person ; in consequence of wh eh they were deprived of some indigencies. Capt. Reed, on Monday, obtained information that W. Coleman, another mutineer, was the person, and had him instantly put in o irons; when Coleman mistakenly conceived that Jones was the informer, although he was his intimate friend. He said that he knew his man, and would have the lives of two or three before the morning j but he drank some porter with Jones, and they appeared good friends, when Coleman went to bed ; but during the night he was seen to get up, and go to a seat belonging to one of the convicts who was a shoemaker, from whence he took a round pointed knife, the sharpijess of which he tried wiih his thumb; he then with the knife brokte open a box, frt m which he took a sharp pointed knife, and said, " this will do for him."— He next went to a table, on which a lamp was burning, and tried the point of the knife upon the table. Hethen turned to Jones's hammock, and, raising his hind with the knife in it, stabbed Junes in the neck with such violence as to penetrate near- ly to the blade bone, and in a few minutes he died. 1 he Jury gave a verdict of— Wiltul Murder against Colemf. n, who was committed to Maidstone gaol. r in full Business, ihe Antelope, in the Silver Street, Leicester, consisting of excellent . Cellarage, House, Parlour, JDiuiag Room, & c. on the Giound Floor; 9 lied Rooms and 2 large Closets, Brewhou. se, and Stabling for 10, Ilorses; Malt Chamber, and 2 small Tenements in the Yard. For further Particulars and to treat for Purchase, apply to Mr. FINDLEY on tlie Premises; or to Mr. THOMAS COOK, Bhijder, near Saint Margaret's Chgrch, who has, a plan of the above. N. B If agreeable Part of the Purchase Money may remain on Security of the Premises. Leicester, August 3, 18u9. . . No Medicine is so well calculated, or has be tter succeeded in giving relief iii numerous bad cases of Scrophula, than SPILSBCRY'S PATENT ANTI- SCORBUTIC DROPS. A tfial will prove this, and convince even the tender anxiety of parents, when , ^ - A - T> , i the glands become first swelled and diseased, or the and camps are forming at Brugge, Putten, , UMU « j syirptnrtls of schrophulous enlargement of the ses Capclle, and other places. The sluices of | stomach if fchildrefi takes place. In eruptive case j Bergen- op- Zoom have been opened, and it I of Scurvy,' Gout, Rheumatism, and Nervous Irrita seems that the Dutch expect tis to cross over i l'on of the Stomach from bilious affections, its supe- from S6uth Eevfeland to tflfe road that leads riorhy has long been acknowledged. Friday Government received dispatches from Btrgen- op- Zoom to A. ntwerp. rI'he fleet from Germany bv the Heligoland Mail. A in the Scheldt is under the cofnmand of the variety ot letters and Hamburgh Papers to the French Admiral Missiessy, vVho is said to have 12th instant, were also transmitted by this been obliged to throw fiis heavy cannon over- conveyance. board, in order to pass sofne difficult parts of ' J lie same uncertainty prevails with respect the Scheldt and to have stationed his squadron to the issue of'negociations between Franct opposite Lillo. and Austria; but the important statements TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ( The latter End of September) By Mr. ROBINSON, Up. on the Premises at Bingley, in the County of Northampton, by Order of the Executors of the late John Peac'h Hungsrfnrd, Esq. Deceased; HT^ I 1 E Live aud. Dead Stock, with Ear min^ Uien'- II sils, ,& c. a, Urife Quantity of fine Old and New Hay, also several Ricks of Oa's, Bailey, & « . Further Particulars and Catalogues will be given in due Time. .' '.. LEICESTERSHIRE. ; Valuable Colliery, Manors, Cottages, and, Land, between Loughborough and Askbrj- der la- Zoitrh. TO BE SOLD BY AUCIION, /£> By Mr. ROBINS, At Garrnway's. Coffee House, Change Alley, Corn- hill, in thti IV^ onth of Novcnibci", unless an ticcfpt-* ableotfer by private Contract should be previously made; ONE Fifth Share of an undivided Freehold Estate, comprising the Manors of- Thriog- ston. e and I'eggS: Green, situate near the High Road from Loughborough to ASliby de- ia Zouel, on which there is ninety, three Cottages, with Gardens ami sundry Closes of Land, containing upwards of 26 Acres. The Coal unilnr One . Hundrecl aild Foitv Seven Acres of Land, within tbe above . Manors ; the Country is pop - Jous, aud Coal, pinch wanted. Particulars of Mr. Rollins, Warwick Street, Golden Square, London. Brockh'ea Farm, Buniell, Leicestershire. // f' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Rv Mr. N. WARD, On Wednesday th; tith September Inst. 1 at Mr: Ganus, ti. White Hart, Kirkijy Maliory; Desirable Kcehoid Estate, Land Tax re- deemed, situate in the Parish I Barwell, 10 Miles from Leicester, 10 from Atherslone; 4 from Hinckley, 3 from Milton Wharf on the Ashby Canal, and 1 from the . Leicester Turnpike, Barwell, Earl Shilton, and Kirkby Mallory, the Seat of Lord Viscount Weiitwoi'tln ; comprising a substantial Farm House newly erected, cjoNtaiumg 2 good Pai lours, 5 Chambers and 4 Attics, sashed Front commanding extensive Views, a good Kitchen, Wash House, Dairy, and Cellar; the Farm Yard is surrounded with a Barn containing 4 Bays. • Ubles fui 9 Ho ses, and Sheds for 12 Cows, all substantially bui.' t with Brick, and covered with Slates and i'lies within the last 7 Years ; the Orchard and Garden comprising 3 Roods of Ground, are well stocked with a Varietv of useful Fruit Trees in a, thriving 1 s oudition, together with upwards of 170 Acres of Improvable Arable, Pasture,. and Meadow Laud; eompartly surrounding the Farm House, and divi > ed into convenient lnclo- sures, with a eonsideiabie. Quantity of thriving t im • ber growing thereon. The ~ s aoout 30, Acres caii be conveniently and plentilully watered. ' The Sale to begin precisely at 6 in the Evening For further Particulars, and to View lh » F ate, apply to Mr. WOOD at tie Farm, if by Letter, Post- paid. Possession may be had at Ladv- day next. - 7 Advowson, Leicestershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY Mr. FARMER, At the Three Crown? Inn, iu Leicester, on Thursday the 7th Day of Sept Irtst. at 3 o'clock, subjee to such Conditions as will he then produced, uu less previously Disposed of by private Contract, o: which timely Notice will be given ; ' PHK Perpetual Advoivson of the Rectory ot X Asfordby, in the County of Leicester, 2 Miles from Melton Mowbray, and 13 from Leicester ; consisting of upwards of 26o Acres of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, divided into conveni- ent Closes in high Cultivation; there is a capital Parsonage House and Offices, with Stabling for 12 Horses, Coach House, Dovecot, Fold Yard, Barns See, & c. all erected within the las* 30 Years, and in good Repair, with Kitchen aud Pleasure Gardens, Shrubberies, Stew Ponds, & c. & e. The Rivt; r Wreake runs in front of the House, which is quite retiredfrom the Village. The present Incumbent is in the 67th Year of his Age. Further Particulars may be had at the principal Inns at Northampton, Nottingham, Derby, Stamford, Ashby- de- la- Zuuch, Loughborough, Mellon Mow- bray, and Hinckley; of Mr. NICHOLLS, ) 6, Gray's Inn Square, London ; the Auctioneer; and Mr. BURNABY, Solicitor, Leicester: A' / z Leicestershire. / Shelford House Farm, Burton Hastings, Warwickshire. ^ hich have been made . of the succession of Prince John of Lichtensfein to the chief com- mand of the Austrian armies, and of the in- creased warlike preparations on the part of Austria are fully confirmed. Ihe brave Tyroleans remain firm in their purposeto resist Bonaparte to the last extre- mity. They reject the Armistice, and will jiot sufier Ihe Austrian troops to quit them.— ' Hie word of the Emperor, they say, was pledged to them, ti at he would make no j. eaee that did not give him back tlie Tyrol. Between 2 ar. d S00O wounded Austrians, who remained in a field of rye, alter the battle ofthe 6th ult. were burnt to death, in conse- quence ofthe rye accidentally taking fire. In the Austrian districts, where the late ba-. ties took place, 27 large villages^ remain American tetters and papers to the 27th ult. have been received, and we have the sa- tisfaction to affirm, frorii ali we can collect of the disposition manifested in the United States, both by the public authorities and private individuals, that the pause in the negociation with that Government will not lead either to Thegeflujne Medicine has the words, 11 BY THE KING'S PATENT," expressed on the teo'ile, bill of direction, andoutside wrapper, and the King's duty printed in black ink. Soldat the Cispensai y, 15,' , Soho . Square, London, in small bottles of 5s. 6d.; double bottles 10s.; and larger ll. 2s. Cepipound Essence, to allay unpleasant irritation, 8s. Sold by T, Gregory, Leicester. X V • - 1lh August, 1809. NOTICE is hereby given, That Application is intended to be made to Parliament in the [ next Session, for leave to bring in a Bill and to ob- i tain an Act for making and maintaining a Navigable i Canal from and out of the Leicestershire and Nor- thamptonshire Union Canal, in the Parish ofG'umlcy, hostility, or even to that temporary cessation - in the County of Leicester, into or through the several of confidence between the High ContractifigJ » I> ari'' hes> Townships, Hamlets, Liberties, or Places of Parties, which will be attended with pernicious consequences to trade. A letter from Boston, of the 23d ult. written uuder the full conviction that no war will result from the impediment to the nego- ciation, and observes, that the ultimate ar- rangement a: ust be suspended until the arrival of Mr. Jackson, as, undcrthe present circum- stances, the Government could not renew the discussions with Mr. Erskine, both from mo- Gumley, Foxton, sLubenham, Tiledingworth, Hus- band's Bnsworth, and North Kilworeb, in the said County of Leicester: and Wei ford, Stanford, Elking- ton, otherwise Eltington, Yelvertoft, Winwiek, Crick, Watford, Welton, and Norton, in the County of Northampton, to join the Grand Junction Canal, near Long Iluckby ; and also for mak. ng and main- taining a collateral Cut from the said intended Canal, in the said Parish of Husband's Bosworth, into or through the said Parishes of Husband's Bosworth and Welford, to the Turnpike Road near Welfortl. J. E. CARTER, I B. C. SALE, 5 • Solicitors, TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, By THOMAS GRIMES, On Wednesday and Thursday, tbe 4th aud 5th Days of October next, upon the Premises occupied by Mr. JOHN LAWRENCE ( who leaves the said Farm on the 6th Day of April next) ; THE entire valuable Live and Dead Farming Stock, Implements in Farming, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, & Part of the Household Furniture. The Farming Stock consists of 100, neat Ewes and Theaves, 70 Ewe aud Wether Tegs, and 35 Shear- Hogs; 14 useful Dairy Cows, and 1 four- Year old j strong Bull, 6 Rearing Calves, 3 Fat Pigs and7 Store Ditto, 4 very useful Waggon Mares, a handsome Bay Filly, 4- Yearsold, 15 Hands high, full ofBoiie; a Blood Ray Gelding, 4- Yearsold, very handsome, and a fait Goet; allay Blood Mare, 6- Years old, 15 Hands high, stead. y in Harness. The Crops ( which may be taken off the Premises) cousis't of Wheat, Barley, OatS, Peas, Clover, Hay, and some Straw. The Grass and Clover Aftermaths, Herbage, and. Stubble Runings,' with 10 Acres of Turnips ( a good Crop on sound Land), will be Let in . suitable Lots, until the 6th Day of April, 18lite— A careful Man will be kept to Jpok after the Stock. , , The Farming Implements comprises 1 stout 6- Irich Wheel Waggon, 1 NHI row- wheel Ditto, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Land Roll, with numerous other Implements; Dairy auil. Brewing. Utensils ; together with Part of the Useful and clean Household Furni- ture; the Whole of which will be expressed in suit- able Lots in Catalogues, and dist. ibutcd in due Time from the Auctioneer's, High Street, Coventry. Purchasers may have, on approved Security, a limited Time lo pay their Purchase Money. Sal e to commence with the Sheep Stock, precisely at to in the Forenoon. The Whole of'the Livestock will be Sold the first Day ; the Ricks and Herbage on the Morning of the second, Implements ill Hus- bandry and other Effects in the Afternoon. Printed Particulars will be sent to the Inns at Nuneaton, Atherstone, Hinckley,' Leicester, Lutter- worth, Rugby, Duncbuieh, Davsntry, fcouthatn, Warwick, Coleshill, and Meriduu, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Some Time in the Moil, .'< ctober or November neSt, ( by Order . f the rust- < s appointed by tbe Will of the late The as Ch ill JII, Kseuire, of Cuilwell, 1. iii the l uunty of Nottingham) J* AVery valuable freehold Estate, comprising 2 good . F,)! m t ouses a id G. tinges, u th con- venient'Stables and Oiitb. iildings, awl a I out 25) Acres, of rich Arable, J eadow, al. d Pasture l. aud at Hoby, . Rotberby, - Rear » Uy, Gaddesby} Barsby, and South Croxton in the County of Leicester. The Estate is situate ab" ut 8 Miles fr< m Melton and about ID from Leicester, in a line - Sparing Country, in the Centre of the Quorn Hunt, and wiih- in a, 4e « y coiivenieut Pittance also ofthe . DuLe of Hollands ; and will be Sold in Lots for the conveni- ence of intended Purchasers, and die Who'e being iie a very higl> State ofCaltivation, ( and the greater Part thereof Tytfie free) comprising some of the most va- luable Land in, the Coimly of Leicester, is partic u- larly worthy the Attention of all Poisons ivho wish to purchase Farms for their own occupation. Tile Estate at Hoby comprises a very good House, with convenient Stables and Outbuildings, and about 76 Acr- s of valuable Laud, is very ui, ar the Tutu, pike Road leaiding frpifi Melton Mowbray to Leices- ter, wholly Tvthe free, and within a Ring fence, and is particularly \ yorthy the Attention of any Nobleman or Gentleman as a Hunting Seat. Further Particulars will appear iu clue Time, and will lit- i'eacly for deliyery. . at the principal Inns at Melton, Leicester, Ltiugbborosgh, and Nottingham, one Month priOf to . the Sale ; due Notice will also be given. of the Time and Place of Salt, and Plans of the Estate, with Abstracts of the Titles, will bo readyfor the Inspection of intended Purchasers, or their Solicitors, at the,. Office of Mr. ALLSOPP, So- licitor, in Nottingham, one Muiith previously to the Sale, and wh'er6 all further Particulars may he had. Mr. Simkin of Hoby, one ofthe Tenants will shew the Premises. TO BE soi b BY AUCTION, Bv Mr BURtON, ( By the Ofder of ihe Asiigriess of James Douglass a Bankrupt ;) at the Hsust af Mr. Uenshaw, tbe Red Lion Inn, in Loughborough, in the County of Leicester, at the Hour of 4o'Clock iu. the Afternoon of. 1 htirscjay the 5th Day of October next, subject to such Conditions as shall be then and there produced ; LOT 1 A VVnrsie^ Mill sub tantially erected ' l\ and Bailt, tvith new Water Whet! and Cast Metal Segments, togeiher w th a Steam Engine, by Bolton and Watts, equal to 8 Horses Power, 4 Drums ol Spinning, Roving, and Draw- ing Machines, Doubling Frames, Reels, a large 1 athe Spindles, and heavy Gear ng in ex ellcnc Condition,- containing in length w thin the Walls' 62 Feei, and in breath 22 l'eet ; and two Ware- houses underneath the Mill. Also adjoining thereto, a neat Cottage and Gar- den, in the Possession of William Rushworth, with Comb Shops, Planking House, ai d convenient Outbuildings. „ > .. These Premises which were late in the Possession of Jaifes . Douglass, are held under a' Lease ft cm the Eafl of Moir'a' for. Twenty- one Years, twelve of w)> ch are unexpired at Lady eiav l ist, ami ajC most eligibly situated upon Wood Brot k, in tie Town of Loughb rough and are well iVcuid, d to carry o,. a c nsideiable and extensive Trade as a Cotton and Worsted Mill. 1 , For Particulars apply at the Offise of Mr. E © r. D, . o'i. itir, in Letces. er. f. eicester Journal, and Midland Counties General Advertiser. ' sand i harsday's Post. IVHDNESUA 1' August 30. Wednesday LOSUtS Accounts have been received from our ex- pe* tuVp dated on Wednesday last. Colonel « oft iwi>, the inventor of the rockets, arrived iii town on Saturday, and a rumour was imme- diately put in circulation that Colonel Con- gi'eve had come with information that the ulterior operations could not be undertaken with any prospect of success. This rumour obtained hut little credit. Another was imme- diately started, that a council of war had been held in .-< outh heveland, at which the majority of officers gave it as ttieir opinion, that it was not advisable to attempt any tiling further — This jruinour also experienced a similar fate. ^ e are happy to have a kind of demi- official assurance given us that the project of captur- ing or destroying the French fleet in the Scheldt is not abandoned. So far from it, we under- stand the whole of the flotilla, with all the trans- ports, and several ss. il ot' the line, were, ac- cording to advices of 1 hursday last, proceed- ing towards Fort Ltllo. Sir K. Strachan and Lord Gardner were, on that day, at Bathz, and Admiral Keats and Sir Home Popham were within a few miles of Fort Lillo. Should it be found impracticable for our ar- my to advance to Antwerp, it is we understand the determination of Government to create such obstructions in the navigation ot the Scheldt, as to render it impossible for ships of war to come down that river. This, we un- derhand, may be effected by sinking vessels, of a certain bin then, near Lillo, which will immediately collect batiks of sand or mud ; and so tar would sueli a measure he from aggra- vating the Dutch, that they would rejoice at the execution of a threat which they them- seives, during their ancient Government, were continually denouncing against the inhabitant* o! h landers; and which, should things return to any thing, like their original state, would, in effect, beneht the commerce of the United Provinces. A report was circulated yesterday morning in the city, that i. ord St. Helen's was about to leave this country to attend a Congress for a general Negotiation for Peace. W e believe the report has no foundation. Hamburgh and Aliona papers to the 17th August are arrived. The following are their contents : •• Banks of the Elbe, Aug. 15. " We have no nt- wstiom Austria mat gives any ceria n'V of war oi peace, and ihe genet al opinion is, tn t the alia r » ot luikey will aiso be decided bv t ie Austrian Congress of peafie, if it should ready take place ' I he Archduke C harles does not s . ire in tue sentiment, ot h's brother the Em- peror Francis, who is said to be preparing to con elude peace at any sacrifice. Ihe Archduke Charles has, on this account* resigned the chiet Command of tne arm v, anu noi from indispostiot: A Russian Plenipotentiary WHS hourly expected at Scooenbtunn, fromS.. Petersburg. Altona, Aug. 15. " Gen. B'llegarde has taken the conim-. nd ol the Auvrian army ; Gen H ilerznd other G ne- rals will ait under Ins oraeis. 1 he Archduke .. .,....• itu: ite in Not til Gate Street, near the Corner ofSanvy Gate, Leices- ter, lately occupied by- Mr. Haslewood, Baker. Al- though these Premises in their present State, are best adapted to the Business of a Baker, and the Si- tuation for that Business is very eligible, ihey will also be found convenient for any other Business re- quiring Room. Immediate Possession may be had. Fur further Particulars apply to JOHN BARLOW, Sanvy Gate. Giass Keeping. TO BE Lb T, And entered upun at any Time, OUR Closes ol LA I TEH MA I Fi, one twen- y Acre, two twelves, and one six For Particulars apply to Mr. ROBERT LEE, Sheep Market, Leiceste •. A Stai k of Old Hay, in one of the Closes, to be bold, and eat on the Ground. Leicester, 30th August, 1S09. 27- ' TO to sir liObEHF LAW LEY, hart. Canwell. -\ orth Jjevun Came ueipngm. If. Copyhold Estate, Sheepshead. // F TO BE SOLD, ^ i High bred, well fashioned POINTER, 2 Years oid.— Enquire at the Journal Oiiict. TO BE SOLD, it Earl Shilton, on Wednesday next, September 0, ~ 7/, I So9, at 10 o'Clock, \ Shop of Frame- mith's ' Tools, Vices, Anvils, V Bellows, Drilling and Drawing Tackle on the ne. v Construction. N. B. E. Gunton of Hinckley has a Quantity of Frann s to sell or Let, he likewise buys ur exchanges Frames. (_£• f « A truly eligible Situation. BE SOLD liY PRIVATE CONTRACT; Y Neat genttel House, situate in the New Works, Leicester.- For Paiitulars enquire of Mr. DAVIS, Auctioneer. The Premises may be entered on immediately. Leicester, August 30, 1809. -' The chiels NOT i INGHAM GRAND \ 1 USICAL FESTIVAL ill. For the Benefit of the ' GENERAL HOSPITAL. JOHN MANNERS SU'TTON, Esq. President. o N Wednesday Morning, October 4th, 1809, at > t. clary's Chuicti, will be performed a Gr Hid ^ election of Sacred Music, from the Works of Handel, Dr, Croft, Dr Boyce, & c. Ou Thunday Mornirtg, October 5th, the sacred Oratorio of The Messiah. And on Friday Morning, October fjth, a Grand Selection ot Sacred Music, From the Works of Handel, Haydn's celebrated Oratorio of ti e Creation, Marcello, & c. < 5n the Evenings of Wednesday and Thursday, there will be Grand Miscellaneous Concerts 111 the Theatre. And on Friday Fvtiiing, at the Assembly Room on the Low Pavement, A BALL, further Particulars will be given in a future Paper. TAM WORTH MUSICAL FESTIVAL. • The Profits of which are designed for improving the Church, and rendering Part ol it free for the Accommodation of the Poor. Standing t> op of Curn. TO BE Swl. l.) BV AUCiiON, By Mr. OWSION, At the White Hoi> e Inn, Leicester, on Saturday Evening the 2d September, 1309, if not previous- ly Disposed of by private Contract, BOU 1 14 Acres ot Oats, and 6 Acres of Barley, being in the Parish of VV het> tone, and in Occupation of Mr. G. Whitham. ty A1 A' Malt Office, Dwelling House, iyc. TO BEHOLD BY Al CTION, By Mr. OWSTON. On Thursday the 14th of September, 18C9, at the House of John Fosset, the Si n of the Cherry Tree, in Bond Street, Leicester, at 6 o'Clock in the Evening, unless sooner Disposed of t> y private Contract, Very neat and convenient Hbuse situate in Causeway Lane, in Leicester, lonsist ngol House Place, Parlour, and Back Kitchen, on the Ground Floor.- a good arched Cellar and 3 Chambers, in 2 of which are convenient Clusets, ilu- re are also belonging to the said Premises, a Yard, Garden, aud Wash House, together with a very good Malt Office with suitable Store Rooms and Garners ad- joining, also 2 Cisterns, in 1 ol which may be steep ed lu, and the other 5 Quarters of Barley, Storage for 12( 1 Quaiters of Cokes ; and Kilu upon a new onstruction, uhicli is estimated to s- ave one filth ol the usual Quantity of Cokes, there is a good Pump in the sa d Yard which furnishes a plentiiul Supply of excel lent Water. The above Premises are uuw iu the Occupation ol Mr. Roe. the Owner, and may he entered upon immediately. For a View of which, or to treat by private Coh tract, appiy to Mr. VV. HARRISON, Friar Lane, or to Mr G. CROSHER, High Cross Street, Leicester. if' V" Measham— Derbyshire. X- BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. DUDLEY, On Wednesday 20th of September Instant, ALL tr. e cnt re Stoik ol Nor'h Devonshire e ows, Heifers, Yearlings, Oxen, and a capital Bull ; comprising 16 Dairy Cows, 2 Feeding Ditto, 6 Heifers, 11 Yearling Ditto, and 5 Yearling Oxen, also 2 long homed Barren Heifers. The Cows and Heifers are stinted to the above Bull, which was bred by Sir Robert Lawley, out of a Cow bought of Mr. Knott, South Molton, Devon; and the Whole of the Stock have been breri and selected with the strictest Attention for s, veral Years. 18 Ewes, 50 Theaves, and 4' i Fat Wethers, all of the New Leicester, w hich have been carefully bred from Rams of Mr. J. Stone of Barrow; several Sows and Pigs, 5 Waggon Horses, with a large Assemblage of Waggons, Ploughs, Harrows, Rolls, large Cast Iron Ditto, Horse Tackle and other Implements in Hus- bandry. Particulars will appear in the Catalogues, to be had at tne principal Inns in the Neighbouihood, and of the Auctioneer, Tamworth. The Sale will corrmence precisely at 10 o'Clock, at the Farm House near Canwell Gate. Freehold Estates at Market Harborough. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By Mr. WM HOLLOWAY*, On Thursday the 14th Day of September, 1809, at the Swan's Inn, in Market Harborough, in the County of Leicester, precisely at 3 o'Clock, (. sub- ject to such Particulars and Conditions of Sale as will be then produced ;) ^ I^ H F. following newlv- erected Brick and Slated X HOUSES and PREMISES, situate in or near a Place, called the Little Street, in Market Har- borouah aforesaid, late the Property of Mr. John Hurl but, Deceased, in 12 Lots; viz.: LO T I.— A Messuage or Tenement, situate on the East Side of the aforesaid Little Street, and in the Occupation of John Weldon, consistingof a R « om on the Ground Floor, Cellar under it, 2 Chambers or Sleeping Rooms, and a Garret. 2,— A Messuage or Tenement, i » the same Street, adjoining Lot 1, ard in the Occupation of Sarah Goward, Widow, consisting also of a Room on the Ground Floor, Cellar jnder it, 2 Bed Rooms, and a Garret. The Door Way or Passage leading out of the Back Part of this Lot through paitof Lot 3, into and from the adjoining Yard is to be stopped up and discon- tinued as mentioned in Lot 3. 3.— A Messuage or Tenement intheOccu] a- tion of George Atkins, situate on the West Side of the said Yard, at the Back of and adjoining to Lots 1 and 2, consisting of a Room, Pantry, and Stair Case on theGround Floor, Cellai under the same; 2 Cham- bers or Sleeping Rooms, and a Garret; together with the Garden now occupied therewith, adjoining or lying ne< ar the Great Gates in the aforesaid Yard. The Door Way or Passage leading out of the back Part of Lot 2, through part of Lot 3, into and from the aforesaid Yard, is to be Stopped up by and at the Costs of the Purchaser of Lot 5, and from thence- forth discontinued. ——- 4.— A Messuage or Tenement, in the Occu- pation of Ann Scott, Widow, situate in the aforesaid Yard, and adjoining Lot 3, consisting of a Room on theGrouud Floor, Chamber and Garret. 5—\ Building situate in the same Yard, be- tween Lot 4 and part of Lot 7, consisting ofa Chandle House, in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Hubbard, and a Cowhouse or Stable for 2 Horses, in the Occu- pation of the said George Atkii. s, aud Lofts over the same. 6 A Messuage or Tenement, situate in the aforesaid Street, and in the Occupation of Ann Hughes, Spinster, adjoining part of Lot 7, consisting of a Parlour in the Front, Kitchen behind, and Cel- lar under the Parlour; 2 Chambers or Sleeping Rooms, and 2 Garrets ; togetherwith the Garden now occupied therewith, lying between the Garden in the Occupation of Mr. John Hurlbut, ( part of Lot 7,) and the Garden : n the Occupation of Mary Sulley, Wi- dow, part of Lot II. 7.— A Messuage or Tenement, situate in the aforesaid Street, adjoining Lot 6, and in the Occu- pation of tHe said John Hurlbut; consisting of a Shop and Parlour in the Front, a Roomy Kitchen behind, spacious Cellar under it, 2 bed Rooms and 2 Attics. Also, the Whole of theaforesatd Yard, aud the Entry out of the said Street into the same, the Pump and Well of Water adjoining l ot 6, and Privy adjoining Lot 12, ( subject to a Right of Way to and from, and the Use of the same respectively for all the Purchasers of the aforegoing and undermentioned Lots, as stated in the printed Particulars and Conditions ofSale.— Also, a Brewhouse or Washhouse, & Warehouse, situate on the East Side of the said Yard, between Lots 9 and 10, with the Chambers or Lofts over the same, and now in the Occupation of the said John Hurlbut.— Also, the Buildingon the West Side of the said Yard, adjoining the North Part ot Lot 5, lately used as 2 -• tables, but now asa Waiehouse, and in the Occu- pation of the said Thomas Hutlburt, with the Lofts over the saute, and the Ground adjoining thereon on the North, now used as a Dunghill Place, and the Pigstye standing on Part theieof, wilh the great Gates and Gateway, and also the Right of Boad or Passage at all Times for Cattle, Carriages, and Persons, into, through, over, and from the adjoining Yard, iu the Occupation of Mr. Hind, as heretofore used & enjoyed with the said Premises, and also the Pump and Well in the said last- mentioned Yard; subject to the Right of Use thereof by the said Mr. Hind and his Under Tenants. And aiso, the Uppermost or Top Gaiden, now occupied by the said John Hurlbivt, with the said Messuage or I enement, together with the Ne- cessary therein, and the Walls standing on the West and South Ends or Sides of the said Garden. 8.— A Tenement or Dwelling House, in the Occupation of Thomas Caulkwell, situate on the East or South East Side of the aforesaid Yard, at the Back of and adjoining to the Messuage or Te nement, in TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HEW II T, At the Pied Bull Inn, in Sheepshead, on Wednesday the 0th Day of September, t809, i. t 5 o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as wil! be then produced ; \ Cap tal MaT Office in very good llepair, jtX with a large liarn, Stable, large Fold Y'ard, and good Garden, situate in the Centre of the Town of Sheepshead, a most desirable Situation to tie con- verted into a Dwelling or Dwellings for either Dra • pur, Hosier, Grocer, or anyother Business that re- quires a Public Situation and deal of Room. N. B. If the above Office is not Sold, it will be Let the same Evening. Valuable Fieehold Premises. TO J/' BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DAVIS, On Monday, September 4, 1809, at the Sign of the Black Bull, in the Applegate Street, Leicester, at 6 o'clock in the Afternoon ; ALL that new- erected Messuage or Tenemen', pleasantly situated in tne ' 1 albot Lane, leading to the Bath Lane, Leicester, consist- ing of a very good House and Parlour ou the Front, Back Kitcken, 2 excellent Cellars, a Yard and Garden adjoining the same, with a good Pump; 2 very good lofty Chambers, a Side Room, and 2 Attics over the same ; the Whole are well Closeted. The House has been recently built, is in excellent Repair, and now iu the Occupation of Mrs. Weight Ulan, who will shew the Premises. Valuable Household Furniture. TO BE SOLD BY AUCiiON, By Mr. DAVIS, On Wednesday and ' Thursday next, September 6th and 7th, 1809, ALL the truly genteel HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, China, Glass, & c. of Mrs. WTHTTINGHAM, deceased, On the Premises, near St. Martin's School, Friar Lane, Leicester j Comprising capital 4- Post Bedstead, clothed with rich beautiful White Moreen Furniture, ( new) several other good 4- Post, Half ' Tester and other Bedsteads, clothed w ith Crimson and Green Furniture J Feather Eeds, Blankets, Coverlets, handsome large Counter- panes, Mattrasses, btautifulPi$ raiid Swing Glasses, capital Mahogany Bureau, Mahogany Tables, several Sets of handsome Mahogany and other Chairs, 2 handsome Sets of Oak* Double and Single C hests of Drawers, Japan'd lea frays and Waiters, Oak Bureaus, Dressing Tables, Dining Tables, OakSquare capital Time Piece, with Quarters aud Repeater, very good 8- Day Clock Japan Case, very good Easy Chair and Cover on Rollers, Glass, China, Brass Pots and Pans, Kettles, seveial 20 and 18 Gallon well season'd Barrels, 3 Strike Mash Vats, and Tubs to correspond, Quantity of Pewter, several Lots of Glass Bottles, useful Books with a great Variety of other Articles. Sale to begin each Morning at ten o'Clock. Catalogues may be had of the AUCTIONEER, and at the Place of Sale. ^ Z Crass Keeping. TO BE LET liY AUCTION, By Mr. DAVIS, On the Premises, On Friday the 8th September Inst, at 2 o'clock, until the 25th March, : 8i0, ^ rHE GRASS KEEP, m the Old Conduit Close, & near to the ' Town of Leicester;—- The( e is good Cow Sheds on the Premises. N. B. It is a very full Latter Math. ON the 21st of September, in the Morning, will be performed, in the Church, the sacred Ora- ( oi io of the Messiah. In the Evening, at the Theatre, A Grand Miscellaneous Concert. After the Concert, a Ball, at the Town Hall. On Friday Morning, the 22d, at the Church, I The Oratorio of the Creation, Compressed iu two Parts, and a Selection from the Works of Handel. In the Evening, at the Church, superbly and sui- tably Illuminated, a very Grand Selection of Sacred Music, Principal Vocal Peiformers. Mrs. Vaughan, Miss Hawkins, Master Boggins, and ( by Permission of Sir Joseph Scott, Bart.) Miss Me, Messrs. Braham, Vaughan, Goss, and Elliot, Vv.... i numerous Chorus, engaged from the Chspel Roy uulf & Oill 6 rits of. Scurvy Grass I BeaumedeVie 3 Betton's British Oil 1 R voter's Tincture 2 Walker's Jes. Drops 2 Wyiaan's Pills 3 Garret, and a Water Stand, near the Yard Door. 9.— A Tenement or Dwelling House, in the Occupatiwn of Thomas Seal, situate on the East Side of the aforesaid Yard, adjoining Lot 8, consisting of a Kitchen, Pantry, and Ce lar on the Ground Floor, and 2 Chambers or Sleeping Rooms over the Same. 10.—- A ' Tenement or Dwelling House, in the Occupation of Robert Curtis, situate on theEast ? ide of the aforesaid Yard, and adjoining Mr. Hnrlbut's Warehouse, ( part of I. ot 7), consisting of a Room on the Ground Floor, and Chamberor Bed Room over it. —'— 11.— A'Tenement or Dwel ing House, in the Occupation of the said Mary Sulley, situate on the East Side of the aforesaid Yard, and adjoining Lot 10, consisting of a Kitchen, Pantry, and Cellar on the Ground Floor, and 2 Chambers or bed Rooms over the same, together with the Garden now occu- pied therewith by the said Mary Sulley, and adjoin- ing the aforesaid Garden, ( part Of Lot 6), in the Oc- cupation of the said Ann Hughes. -—— 12.— A Piece of Ground, whereon lately stood a ."' rewliousfc which wan then in the Occupation of Mr. LinneJ, situate on the EastSide of the* afore- said Yard, aad adjoining l ot 11 on the South, and the aforesaid I'rivy on the North, Containing in Length from . North to South, 13 Feet of Assize, ( little more or less,- and in Breadth from East to West 15 Feet 6 Inches of Assize, ( little more or less). A Description of ihe Party Walls and to whom they are to belong, by whom repaired, and also the several Privilege* to be annexed to and conveyed with each Lot will appear in the pri ted Particulars and Conditions ofSale which may be had at the Place of Sale, of the said Mr. HURLBUT, and the Auctioneer at Harborough, and of Mr. BUSWELL, Attorney- at- Law, Northampton. ' The Houses and Premises are i'n complete Repair, and the Land Tax payable out of the whole Estate, is only 61. 6s. 7d* a Year. ' The Lots may be inspected ou Application to the respective Tenants. Valuable Assortment of well- selected Printing 1 J Materials Household Furniture, Sfc. « TO BE SOLO liY AC CllOA, By Mr. DAVIS, On Monday and Tuesday, Sept, 1 Hh and 12th, 1809, ALL the truly uselul FIOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, & c. of Mr. MACKENZIE, Printer and Stationer, adjoining the Lion and Dol- phin Inn, Market place, Leicester, who is de- clining the Hrint. ng Business. Monday, September 11,18t. 9, Consists of very good 4- Post, Half- tester, Tent, and other Bedsteads, cloth'd with rich Chiniz and White Dimity Furniture, very good Feather Beds, Flock Ditto, capital hair and Straw Mattrasses, Blankets aud Coverlets, China and Glass, very good ; handsome Window Curtains, Mahogany, Fancy, and other Chairs, Tea I'rays, Mahogany, Oak, aud other Tables, Kitehen Range, Oven aud Boiler, capital Kidderminster Carpet 12bv 15, Scotch Ditto, Move, j Wire Fender, large Picture of St. Paul Fram'd and Glaz'd, several useful Kitchen Requisites, &. c. c. PlilN iIMG MA IhklALS— Second Day, Sept. 12, ! Consists of a capital full- siz'd Demy Printing Pres-. ( nearly new), select Assortment of New Types, Quantity of good Second- hand Ditto, several capital Frames and Racks ( new), a large Quantity of Wood Cuts ( amongst which are several excellent Race Horse Cuts), and a large Assortment of other useful Articles suitable to the Trade* Also a very good As- sortlneiit ol Mill Boards for Binding, and capital Glaz'd Boards for HutPressers. The Whole have been recently bought in, and are all in excellent Condition, and a better Opportunity uiay uot oiler to the Trade. Sale to begin eaeh Morning at 10 o'Clock. Freehold Estate, Leicester. TO Bli SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DAVIS, At the Hotise of Mr. Moore, at the Lion and Dolphin Inn, Leicester, en Tuesday, Sept. 12, 1809, at ti o'clock in the Afternoon, LL those 5 Houses or Premises, situated in Red Cross- street and Bakehouse- lane adjoin- ing, in the seveial Occupations of John Brooks, N. Fanner, JesSe Jackson, Daniel Smith, and Richard Pendleton. For View rfthe same. apply to the Tenants, or for further Particulars to Mr. Joshua Harrison, Grauby- street, Leicester. « M- A' 37- Capital Live Stock. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOO IT, On the Premises, at Shugborough, in the County of1 Stafford, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 5th and, 6th September, 1809, at 10 o'clock, ALL ihe very high bred Flock of Leicester Sl eep, a Quantity ol valuable South Down Sheep, aud 61 Head of the mast i .. proved Breed of long horned Neat Cattle, the Property of The Kight Honourable Lord Viscount Ansoty ( Who is reducing his Stock.) Tuesday the Ist Day's Sale will consist © f 104 va- luable Leicester Breeding F. wes and Theaves, 38 Ewe Lambs, and 10 Rams, and 250 valuable Soutl* Down Breeding Ewes and Theaves Wednesday the 2d Day's Sale will consist of 35 valuable long horned Dairy Cows and Heifers, 8 Heifer Stirks, 10 rearing H'ifer Calves, 5 capital Bulls, and 3 rearing Bull Calves, ' The Leicester Sheep are of the very best Blood, and have been bred directly from Rams belonging ti » Messrs. Buckley, A-, tley, l rinccp, and Knowles. Tile South Down Sheep have been bred en. irely from the celebrated Flocks of the Duke of Bedford, and T. W. Coke, Esq. The Neat Cattle are of the purest Blood, and aret immediately descended from the Flocks of the \ m& Mr. Fowler, and the late Mr. Baktwell. Wr Shugborough is very near the great Turnpike Road from Lichfield to Stone, aud only 5 Miles from Stafford. Catalogues may be had 4 Day's previous to th » Sale, of Mr. Stanford, Bailiff, at Shugborough Farm, at the principal Inns in the Market Towns of the Neighbourhood, and ot Mr. BOU'TT, in Lough- borough. Valuable Bleeding Ewes, Theaves, tyc. of thg JSew Leicestershire Breed. Valuable Live Stock, Flay and Keeping, Im- n . plemcnts in Husbandry, SfC. ifc. l/ V ' TO BE SOLD BV AUCtiON, By iVlr DAVIS, Ou Weduesday October 4, 1809, and following Days, ALL the truly valuable LIVE STOCK, & c. of Mr. W. WARD, Of Quebec, in the Parish of Sileby, in the County of Leicester, who intends leavi. ig that Farm, Particulars of which will appear in due Time Voluab e Drugs, Faint Mills, Faints and Ct lours, with several Lots of useful Household Furni- ture, < 5r<\ dfc. ' IOBE SOLD BY AUC'I ION, w By Mr. DAVIS, Some Time in next Month, Particulars of which will appear in dueTene, CONSISTING of valuable Counters, Shelves, Drawers, Scales, & c. two S00 Gallon Stand- ard Liquor Casks, several 60 Gallon and smaller Ditto, 2 excellent Mills for grinding Paint, a good Assortment of Drags, Paints, several Lots of Gro- cery, a choice Assortment of Household Furniture, Coppers, Barrels, Tubs, & c. the Property of Mr BRADLEY, High Cross, who is declining the Grocery Husiuess, and going to remove to a House nearly opposite the Cross in Delgrave Gate, where he intends carrying on the Wholcsals Liquor, Hop, aud Porter Business » s usual. di TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOO J T, On the Premises, at East Leke, ( iieur LoughboionghJ in the County of Notiinv ham, on Monday the lltli Day of September, 18i, 9, at 10 o'clock, ElGH 1 Y valuable Breeding Fwts, Thirty valuable' 1 heaves; and about Fifty meated S heep, the Property of The REV. DIl HOLCOMB. The Ewes are descended from Son^ of Sheep hred by Mr, Siubbins, aud the Theaves are by a Sou of a Ram bred by Mr. Buckley. Catalogues may be had on Thursday preceding the Sale at East Leke, at the Blackmoor's Head, Not- tingham ; the Flying Horse, Kegworth ; at the Bull's Head and Anchor Inns, and of Mr. BOOT'!', in Loughborough. Household Furniture, and a capital Freeholi Situation in / oughborough. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOT T, On the Premises, on Friday the 12th September, 18092 and following Day, at ten o'Clock; ALL the Genteel and useful Household Furdi- ture, I late, Linen, and other Life ts, laie the Piopsrty of JOHN COLLINS, Gent. Of Loughborough in thetouniy of Leicester*)^. ceased; W Consisting of 4- Post and oiliet Bedsteads, < lottied with Morineand other Hangings, Feather Bedi j- nd Bedoing, Mahogany Dining, Card, aud Sideb > ard Tables, Oak Bureau and Hook Case, Mahogany and other Chairs, Pier aud Swing Glasses, Sco'tcii Carpets, large Mahogany Sofa, Oak Dining & Screen Tab es, and Chests of Drawers, eight Day clock in Oak Case, Silver Sugar Basket, Cream Jug, 7- i'able » Spoons, 9 Tea Spoons, Gold Watch, Bed and Tabid Linen, a flue Panning ur at. Jerome, a targe Cuneo- tion of Prints, Kitcheu R quisite- s, & cc. & c. Catalogues may be had on Saturday preceding the Sale, on the Premises and of Mr. iilJOTT, " in Loughborough. Also, TO BE SOI D BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOO I T, At the House of Mr. Brewin, the Crown and Tlfistlrj Inn, in Loughb ( rough, on the said ! 2th Septem- ber, at 7o'C( ock in ilie Evening, agreeably to sucU Conditions as will be then produced; A desirable Freehold Dwelling House, situate near to the M. uket Cross, in Loughborough, late the Property and Re » ide- uce of > OHN COLLINS, Gent. Deceased ; Consistingof a Cellar and a Kitchen, 4 Rooms otl the first Floor, and 4 on the second Floor, with large? Attics over them, together with a detached Building u> ed as a Coal House, Part of these Premises are in the Occupation of Miss Gimson, Milliner, and are well adapted either for that Business or any other that requires good Shew Rooms. The House may be viewed on Application upon the Premises, and Particulars may be known of Mr. LACEY, Solicitor; or ol Mr. S I'AVELEY, Survey- or, in Loughborough. [ OneConcern. u Valuable Sheep and Neat Cattle. = F=~ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOH', On the Premises, on Tuesday the 7th November;. 1809', at 10 o'Clock; ALL the valuable Stock of Sheep, and Neat Cattle, late the Property of Mr. JOHN JONES, Of Gracedieu in the County of Leicester, De- ceased ; Consisting of upwards of 30 Head of Neat Cat- tle, about 130 Ewes and ' Theaves, about 40 Shear- hog Wethers, and about 100 Ewe and Wether Lambs. Particulars will appear in idue Time. • - flp Capital Sheep and Cattle, Implements of Hu3' bandiy, und other Ejects, U1> FOR SALE BY AUCTION, By MASON and SON. On the Premises of Nathaniel Pearce, Esq. of Chapcl- Brampton, inthe Courty of Northampton, on ' Tuesday the 12th of September and following Days, UAT well- bred STOCK of prime SIIEEP J. and CATTLE, as follows, viz, 120 New Leicester Ewes, 50 Theaves, 35 Shearhogs, 20 lUm she rhogs, 30 Ram Lambs, 11 I wo, l tuee', and Four- year- old Rsrm. 30 Oxen, 20 Cows and Heifers, and 13 Horses. Also, about 170 Acres of Keeping, till the Sth Day of October next, in Lots. TheSlieep Stock have been bred with peculiar Care and Attention ; the younger Part are from Sheep of Mr. Bliss, of Adsione ( which Sheep will be shewn at the Time of Sale), and the Whole will be sold without Reserve, except the Ewe Lambs, which are kept for the ensuing Season; To be viewed previous to the Sale, and in a few Day's Catalogues may be had at the Auctioneer.*^ Northampton; and at the Journal Office, Leicester journal, and Midland Counties General Advertiser. FOR BUENOS AYRES. THE Ship I. anca- ter, \\ m. TurnbuH, Master, Burden ; J7uTons Uegister'; int - nded to •• ail Avithotit Convoy, and to call at Rio de Janeiro on her Passage out. For Freight apply to Messrs. MASON, HUDSON, 5c Co. or ROBERT JOHNSON. Liverpool, July 09, 18 9. Charnwood Forest and Rothley Plain ENCLOSURE. W ' TTT'E the Commissioners appointed in and by VV an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 43th Year of his pies'ut Majesty's Reign, inti- tled " An Act for allotting aud inclosing the Forest " orChace of Charmvood, otherwise Charley Forest " orChace and llothley Plain, in the County ofLei- 4 center," in pursuance of the said Act, and con- Brmabiy to the Siatnte of 41st Geo. 3d. Do hereby gve Notice, That we have set out and appointed the following public Carriage Roads and Highways of the. Width of Foitv Feet, through aud over the Lands and Grounds i'it nded to be divided, allotted, and inclosed, ( viz). On Charnwood Forest. LOUGHBOROUGH aad BOSWORTH ROAD. No. ..— One public Car. iage Road and Highway, ( beginningat Loughborough Forest Gate,) in a South- westu- irdly Direction to near the Harrow, at (' bar- ley Corner, over Hi chwood Plain, to the Turnpike Road f oin Wjiitwiok to Makfield, over the said Turnpike R. iad to Hobby Hall Corner, by the North Side of ancient Inclosurrs called . Markfield Shaws, tn .. lie Turnpike Road leading from Asliby de- la- Zouch to Leicester, over the said Turnpike Road, aud liv the N" rth Side of ancient Inclosures to the North- w st Corner t hereof, to the South Cornerof an I over ancient Inclosure belonging to Mr. John Hood, in 1 Stanton - under- Bardon, and by the South Side of anc ent Inclosures to the Village of Stanton- nnder- . Eardon. Si EE PS HEAD and NEWTOWN RO ID. No. 2.— One other public Carriage Road and High- wav. ( beguiling at Shcepshead Forest Gate.) in a Southwardly Direction over Sheepshead Nook ind the Accommodation Bridge, to the Turnpike Road from Loughborotish to Isbby- de- la Zouch, over the said Turnpike Road, by the West End of Broadliurst . Ui'l, on the West Side if Five Tree llill, to the - I. o. trhbirough and Bosworth Road, No I, ov. i the said Road by the West Side of the Goat House, ihc East Side of Aldennan Hall, over Bcacon Plain to the Wood house Road, No 4, over the said Road, Benscliff Plain, and Newtown Nook to the Village of Newtown I. mf « ii'd. CH ARLEY and U VF. RSCROFT ROAD. No. .—' > ue other pub! ic Carriage Road and High- way, ( beginning at Ticknw I ane Gate,) in a South- wardly l) i ectinn to the I'urnpike Road from Lough- borough to Asiiby- de- la- Zotich, over the said Turn- pike R > adto ancient Inclosures in the Occupation of Daniel Jones, on the East Side of Black Brook, over Charley Leys to the Loughborough and Bosworth Road, No. I, over the said Road, over Swaet Hills P'ain, ou the West Side of Alderman Hall to Wood- house Road, No. 4, neir L. ttle Baldwin CastleHill, WOODHOUSE ROAD. No. 4.— One other pub ic Carriage Road and High- av, ( beginning at Beanmanor 1 ane Gate,) in a WV st'vnrdlv Direction hv the North Side of ancient Inclosures in Wood ho use Eaves, O'Jfcbe Little Hills, on the North Side of Broombrigs, V. I', i ; acon Plain, to the Sheepshead anil New town iToa^, No. 2, over tb< » . sruQ Road and Litt » i Baldwy^ f& il, to the Louglrborough tvnd JJoswoith KoatiTH&, i, iitiiir the South West Corner<> f Chajjev, HdLGATS HO A a - w No. 5.— Oneoth^ r pnt) UcCarr4i^ ev8 » 9a4 and High- wa\- branching out of the Sheepsbesd'and Newtown Road, So. on Benscliff Plain, in a outh- east- wardly Direct on to the North- west Comer of Map- pieweM Old Iucl' » sures, in a Southwardly Direction over Mapp'ewell Longdale, lo the Swithland Road, No. 8, f> v< r the said R » ad, to the Nor h- west Corner of Helgate's Wood, aud by the West S'de cf Hol- gate's InelOMires to the Gate in Flolgate's Nook WOODHOUSB EAVES ROAD. No. fi.— One other public Carriage Road and High- way, ( beffinuing at VVuodhouse Eaves.) in a South- wardly Direction by the ancient Inclosures of Wood- bouse, to Ihe South- west Corner of Hungar Hill Wood, fiver the West- side of Wondhouse brand, and be- tween the Slate Pits to the Village ofSwi'bland. BRAND ROAD. No. 7.— One other public Carriage Road anil High- way, ( heuiiiniott nt Woodbouse Brand Gate,) in a Sou li- westivardly Direct. on over the East Side of the Pra d. to the Woodhouse Eaves Road, No. 6, near t ie Slate Pits. SWITliLAND ROAD. No. E.— One other publicCairiage Raod and High- wav, branching out of the Woodhouse EaVfS Road, No fi, ina Westwardly Direction near Suithland Forest Gate, to lie East Corner of Swithland Wood, " by the North Side of the said Wood, to the West Cor- ner there f, over Rowcliff Hill to the Holgates Koad, No 5, over the said Road, and on the North Side of Flore's llill, to the Sheepshead and Newtown Koad, No. 2, on Newton n Nook BLEAK HAYE's ROAD No. 9.— One other public Carriage Road and High- way, ( beginning at a Gate in ancient luclosures in Ulvi rscroft,) near the Sheepwash, in a Southwardly Direction under Blockerclitf, by the East Side of ancient Incl sures in Ulverscrolt and Newtown Lin- ford, to the Sheepshead and Newtown Road, No. 2, near the Village of Newtown Linford. M \ RKFIELD ROAD. No. 10.— One other public Carriage Road and Highway, ( beginning at the South Find of Stoney- Xaue,) in a Suu hwardlv Direction, over the West S' rth Side of ancient Inclosures belong- ing to John Jackson, near" to the Turnpike Road Whitwick to Markfield Toll Gate, near an Iu- kt- i i the Occupation of Robert Woottoo. ( (. IFF HILL ROAD. No. 12.— Oneoter public Carriage Road and Way, branching cut of the Loughborough and >** orih Road, No. 1, in a Southwardly Direction n) • the Easi Corner of an ancient Inclosurein Stan Iiiider- llanloii, belonging to Mr John Hood, ou. • Wst Side of Cliff Hills and to the North End of toney Lane. GRANGE ROAP. No. 15.— One other public Carriage Road and Highway, ( beginning at Dumps Lane,) in the Parish ofWhitwick, in a South- eastwardly Direction over Cademati Plain, on the North Side of Kite Hill, over Moult Hdl Plains, on the North Side of Smiths of the Oaks, and over Black Brook to the Charley and Ul- verscroft Road, No. 3, near the Red Hill. WH IT WICK ROAD. No. 17.— One other public Carriage Road and Highway, ( beginning at the Town of Whitwick,) near Win. Rowel I's House, in ail Eastwaid y Direction between Parson Wood Hills into the Oaks Road, No. 16, on Cademan Plain. SWAN. MY MOTE ROAD. No. 18.— One other public Carriage Road and Highway, branching out of the Oaks Koad, No. Iti, on Cademan Plains, in an Eastwardly Direction, ou the South Side of the Swannyinote Hills to the Turn- pike Road from Loughborough to Ashby- de- la- Zouch, near a Farm- House iu Sheepshead, iu the Occupation of Wm. Thompson. BELTON ROAD. No. 10.— One other public Carriage Road and Highway, ( beginning at Belton Low Woods Gate,) in a VVestwardly Direction over the Canal Biidge and Belton Low Woods, by Brotherhood's House to the Turnpike Road from Loughborough to Ashby- de- la- E. iuch, over the said Turnpike Road to the Swanny- mote Road, No. 18, near Crophurst Hil^ CHARLEY WAY ROAD. No. 20.— One other public Carriage Road and Highway, ( beginning at Charley Gate,) in the Parish of Sheepshead, in a Westwardly Direction over the Canal Bridge, to the Turnpike Road from Loughbo- rough to Ashby- de- la- Zouch, near Gelders Hall. On Rothley Plain. THURCASTON ROAD. No. 21, One other publicCarriageRoad and High wav,( beginning at Mountsorrel llill Gate,) in aSouth Direction by ancient Inclosures ill Mountsorrel and Rothley, and in a South- westwardly Direction to Thurcaston Gate. ROTHLEY ROAD. No. 22.— One other public Carriage Road and Highway, ( beginning at Swithland Gate,) in aSouth eastwardly Direction to the Thurcaston Road, No r the said Road, in a Southwardly Direction and to Rothlty Gat'. And we do further give Notice, that we have caus- ed a Map to be prepared in which the said Roadsare accurately laid down anil described, and that such Map is depositid at the Office of Mr. Cradock, oneof our Clerks at Loughborough, for the Inspection of all Person s concerned. And we do also give Notice, That we have not changed or altered any Turnpike Road leading over the Lands, to be allotted and inclosed, but have lelt the same CO Feet wide. * And we do also appoint a Meeting to be held at the Bull's Head, in Loughborough, on Tuesday the 5th Day of September next, wl en any Person or Persons who may be. injured or aggrieved by the setting rmi of such Roads, may and they are hereby require ! to attend. Given under our Hands this first Day of August, 1109. ROBT. H. WYATT. JOHN BURCHAM. THOMAS EAGLE. JAMES GREEN. On Monday the 11th of September, at the same Hour and Place, on the Boundaries of the several Manors on Rothley Plain. And m: do require all Parties interested to produce Evidence in Support of the respective Boundarits by them claimed. Given under our Hands this first Day of August, 1809. ROBT. H. WYATT. JOSEPH OUTRAM. JOHN BURCHAM. THOMAS EAGLE. JAMES GREEN. N( 7th August, 1809. O'l ICE is hereby given, That Application is intended to be made to Parliament in the next Session, for leave to bring in a Bill and to ob- tain an Act for making aud maintaining a Navigable Canal from and out of the Leicestershire and Not thamptonshire Union Canal, in the Parish of Gumlt y in the County of Leicester, into or through the several arislies, Township.', Hamlets, Libirties, or Places of Gumlcy, Foxton, Lulu nham, Tjied'ngworth, Hus band's Bosworth, and Ninth Kilworlh, in the said County of Leicester: and Welfoid, Stanford, Elkin ton, otherwise Ellington, Yelvertolt, Winwick Crick, Watford, Welton, and Norton, in the County of Northampton, to join the Grand Junction Canal near Long Buckby ; and also for mak tig and main, taining a collateral Cut from the said intended Canal in the said Parish of Husband's Bosworth, into or thiough the said Parishes of Husband's Bosworth aud Welford, to the Turnpike Road m ar Welford. J. E. CARTER, I R. C. SALE, J Chamwood Forest and Rothley l'lain INCLOSURE. • Solicitors. Ighway, br anching out ot the Cliff Hill Road, No. 8, near the North Hud of Stoney- Lane, in a West- , rdly Direction, by ancient iuclosures in Mark- rid, and to Horse Pool Gate IBSTOCK ROAD. Not 14,— One other public Carriage Road and hwav, branching outof the Turnpike Road from shbv de- la Zouch to Leicestei, near Bardon Meet use, in a Westwaruly Direction tu the South d of Long Lane. BATTLE FLAT ROAD. No. 15.— One other public Carriage Rosd and ighway, branching out of the Ibstock Road, No, at Long- Lane, in a South- westwardly Direction Battle Fiat G » te. THE OAKS ROAD. Ko. IS.— One other public Carriage Roail and E the Commissioners mmcd and appointed in and by an Aci passed in the 48tii Year of the Reign of bis present Majesty, intitled " An Act for allotting and inclosing the Forest orChace of Charnwood, otherwise Charley Forest or Chace, and Rothley Plain, in the County of Leicester," Do hereby gtee Aohce, That we shall hold a Meeting to investigate the Claims of the sev. il and respective Proprietors claiming Right of Common, and other Kights upon the said Oi. en CotomouableGtouuds aud Waste Lands on the following Days, viz. For the several Parishes, Constableries, Town... ships, Hamlets, or Places of Loughborough, Wood thorp, Sheepshead, Garendon. Dishley, Knight- Thorp, Thorp- Acre, and Gracedieu, on Tuesday the 24th of October next, at the Bull's Mend Inn, in Loughbo roueh, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon. For Belton, iTiriugstone, Whitwick, Markfield, Hugglescote, Doniugtou- on- tlie- Heath, Ibstock, Swanniugton, Bardon, Ashby de- la Zouch, Ci- stle- Doniugton, Diseworth, Isley. Walton, and Langley, on Wednesday the 2jth of October next, at the same Place and Hour. ForGrooby, Newtown Linford, Bra^ gate, Ratby, Newtown Unthauk. Newtown Botcheston, Gleufield, Ansty, Ansty Pastures, Standon- under- Bardoii, Bag- worth, Desford, Thornton, and Snibson, on Thurs- day the' 2( itb of October next, at the same Place and Hour. For Beaumanor, Woodhouse, Woodhouse Eaves, Earlsihorpe, Barrow, Quorndon, Mountsorrel, Ha- tliern, Long- Wliatton, Kegworth, Osgathorpe, Wor- thington, Newbold, ISreedou, and Great Wigston, on Friday the 27th of October, at the same Place and Hour. For Rothley, Rothley Temple, Swithland, Thur- caston, Cmpston, U verscroft, Charley, aud Mapple- well, on Saturday the 26tb of October, at the same Place and Hour. Printed Alphabetical Lists of Claims may be had after Monday the 18th of September, instead of Monday the 28th of August, 1899, of Messrs. Cradock, Blunt, and Piddocke, the Clerks to the Commissioners, at their respective Offices in Lough- borough, and Ashbv- de- la Zouch, for the Use of the Proprietors claiming Right of Common, or other In terests iu, over, or upon the said Forest and Plain. Given under our Hands this 5th Day of August, 1809. ROBT H WYATT. JOSEPH OUTRAM. JOHN 11URCHAM. THOMAS EAGLF. JAMES GREEN. Charnviood Forest and Rothley Plain INCLOSUKE. WK the Cummij; * ..% named and appointed in and by an Act passed in the 48th Year of the Reign of his resent Majesty, intitled An Act for allotting and inclosing the Forest or Cliace of Chamwood, otherwise Charley Forest orChace, and Rothley Plain, in the County of Leicester" having, conformably to the Act passed in the 4 ist Year of his said Majesty, enquired into the Boundaries of the several Parishes, Manors, Hamlets, or Districts within the said Forest and Plain ; and it appearing tons, that the said Boundaries are not sufficiently ascertained and distinguished. Do hereby give Notice, that ice intend to heir Evidence, On Tuesday the 5th of September nest, at the Bull's Head Inn, in Loughborough, at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon, on the Boundaries of the Manors or reputed Manors of Sheepshead, Knight- Thorp, Thorp- Acre, and Garendou. On Wednesday the 6th of September, at the same Hour and Place, on the Boundaries of the Manors or reputed Manors of Gracedieu and Belton, or one of thein ; the Manor of Thriugstone, the Manor of Keaumanor, and the Manor of Loughborough. On hursday the 7tli of September, at the same Hour and Place, on the Boundaries of the Manor of Whi. wick with its Members, and the Manor or re- puted Manor of Charley. Sn Friday the 8th of Septemher, at the same Hour and Place, on the Boundaries of ihe Manor of Bar- row with its Membeps, the Manor or reputed Manor of Mapplewell anil Mapplcwell Lougdale^ the Manor or reputed Manor of Rowcliff, and the idanor or re- puted Manor of Switliland. On Saturday the 9th of September, at the same Hour and Place, on the Boundaries ol the Manor of Grooby, with its Members, and the Manor ot Tie- cinctof Ulveisuoft, ' STATE LOTTERY, To be drawn in one Day, 20th October. CAPITAL PHIZES. 1,000 : 500 all to be Melton Mowbray, 3d August, 1809. NOTICE IS hereby given, That the Tolls aris ing at the several Toil Gates situated at Melton and Burton Lane, together with a Machine at Langham, all situated upon the Turnpike Road leading from Nottingham to Kettering j—' And also the Toll Gate situated at the East End of the Town of Melton Mowbray, and also the Turnpike Gate situated upon Brannston Lings upon the Turn- pike Road leading to Grantham, will be Let by Auc- tion to the best Bidder, at the White Swan Inn, in Melton, oil Thursday the 7th Day of September next, between the Hours of E'even and Two, in the Manner directed by the Act of Parliament passed in the Thirteenth Year of his pieSeut Majesty, for re- gulating Turnpike Roads. The above Gates were Let last Year for the several Sums undermentioned, viz.! 4 : : ! .£ 8i>, 0U0 8 : : : : 4 : : : 2,000 12 t s : 4 : : : : 5,0t> 0 And others as usual, of f 100, .£ 50, & c. drawn in one Day, 2Uth October, 1809. And the Public have an Opportunity of Increasing the highest Prize to the immense Amount of s£ 80,000, by Purchasing Four Tickets of One Number, and if that single Number should be drawn a Prize of o6' 20,000, the Holder of Four Tickets would gain A Erize of - ^ 80,000 Of Three Tickets, A Prize of - ,£ 60,000 Of Two Tickets, A Prize of - o£ 40,000 And Shares in Proportion. PRESENT PRICE. Ticket - - ,£ 21 17 0 Half - .£ 11 3 0 I Eighth - <£ 2 18 Quarter - 5 14 0 | Sixteenth - 19 6 The Prices have already risen, and if the present Demand continue!, must be much higher before the Day of Drawing. Orders for Tickets and Shares, accompanied by Remittances in Bank Notes, or good Bills at Short Dates, addressed to either of SWIFT and Co's. OFFICES, No 11, Poultry, No. 12, Charing Cross, or No. 31, ^ illgate High Street. London, Will he immediately executed on the same terms as if the P . rties were present. Tickets and Shares may also be had at the l. jrulon Pilots, of J. WALLIS, Ma rket- place, Leicester. ROYAL EXCHANGE. I o L. 227 161 137 217 118 Melton Gate Burton Lane Gate, Langham Gate - - Melton Gate, ( East End) BraunstonLings Gate, N. B. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder or Bidders, must at the same Time give Security with proper Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Roads, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, at such Times as they shall direct. JOHN HENS11AW, Clerk. TO BREEDERS AND GRAZIERS. This Day is Published, In 8vo. Price 5s. FACTS and Experiments ou the Use ofSugar in Feeding Stock; With Hints for the Cultivation of Waste Lands j and an account of the two Sugar Fed Oxen which obtained the Pr ze at Lord Somerville's Cattle Show. Loudon .- Printed for J Harding, 36, St. James's Street; and Sold by Combe, Leicester. h'here may be had, 1st. Loid Somerville's Essays c, n Merino Sheep and Wool, and on Oxen, Ploughs, and other Implements of Husbandry, on Farming Accounts, & c. & c. with 10 Plates 8s." _ 2d. Bafccwcll's OWrvations on the EflVct ornoil and Cliuiate upon Wool, arid the Management of Sheep after Shearing & c. ic. with Lord Soinerville's Notes 8vo, 6s. lid. 3d. Luccock's General Essay on Wool, addressed to the Grower, Dealer, and Manufacturer, New Edition, Price 7s. 4th. The Farmer's Account Book, which by means of Printed Tables, enables the Farmer with the great- est Flase to keep an accurate Account, each Week throughout the Year, of every I'hing done on the Farm; Printed on Writing Paper, Price for a Year, 21s. Bonaparte and the Fate of Europe. This Day is published, neatly printed on fine Paper, Demy 8v 0'), w ith others in Proportion, and not Three Blanks to a Prize. Letters Post- paid, duly answered, and Schemes gratis. All Kind of Government Securities bought and sold by Commission. Country Orders, accompanied with short- d ited Bills on London, Post Office Orders, or C ish in Par eel by Coach or Carrier, punctually attended to, and Correspondents may depend on being treated exactly on Ihe same Terms as if Personally present. ToT. Taylor, Surgeon, No 9, New liriilge- sire^ l, London. SIR, Edinburgh, May 2, I80C. N the Spring of 1794, i was afflicted with a Venereal Complaint, which 1 treated with in- difference ( or five Months; but was tlien obliged to apply to a regular Phyftcian, who put a temporary Stop to the Virulence of ihe Difeale ( by Meiconal Applications) for fome Time; but grow ing, i c ipitt of all Medicine and the Advice ol tin Jit it Gentle* men ot the Faculty here, worfe and wotfe loi two Years, I was reduced to a State almofl unparalleled and beyond Dcfciiption, beirg an entile l. epcr, and alci'rated from Head lo Foot.— My Heao, Throat, Mouth, Nofe, Legs, Arms, & c. havcheen alternate^ ly in Dangerof hcconung ufeltft ; . n Ihoit. l have had from twenty to thirtyeating Ulcers on n, y Body, and nearly totally deprived pi Sight.— li would bn voluminous to particularize all my Caft— fuflnc it to fay, there never w as, or ever will be, ore ol a more dangerous or of a more complicated Nature. I was long looked upon by my Friends, and imagined tnyfelf, beyond all Hopes ot Recovei); ana indeed, in my then Condition, Death was prcieuhle to my more than miferable State In this dreadiulSitua- timi did 1 drag a mott mifcrable ExMlente, till Di- vine Piovidence threw in my Way a Newlpapcr containing the Cafe of a Mr B. of Plymouth— my Friends read it, I could not.— 1 fent aud procured fome of your LEAKE's PATENT PILLS, whith, by ufing from Time to Time, am now, and have long been, ( after more than four Years iniiifcribable au- tre fs), in as good a State ol Health ai ever 1 enjoy- ed; as a Proof of this, 1 had a fine, thriving, healthy Child, born to me a few Monthsagtu in Gratitude to God, and in Hopes of rendering any ^ ellovv- crta- tafe fcrvicc, I reqticlt you to publith this; and you may at any Time refer Pfifuns who. vvi111 to be satisfied ol tbt Truth of this, orfurther Particulars*^ ol me or my Friends, by Letter or I'crfon. As lew Cafes for Badnefs will ever equal mine, and none exceed it, I have from Experience every Reafonto affure Mankind, that in your LEAKt'a PILLS tbey willfind a lure, fpeedj', fafe, andfadicat Cure, for that moftdrcadlul Stage of the Venereal Difqafe, which is called aCOKMKMEIILUTs. I. T. * I nfiirmountablcFamil) Reafons prevent making my Name and Addrefs Public; butcreditable Per- sons really wanting Information may alfo be relcrred •- me and my Friends by Mr*. S. Clark, Ramfa* . ,1 „_,!..!. , ' In one Day, October 20th, the State Lottery will begin and finish. Only 5000 Numbers, and ,£ 200,000 Prize Money. HORNSBY and Co. take the Libeny i an early Purchase l'i of rf com mending of Tickets and Shares ; and hope to supply their Country Friends with a large Share of the said jT2 0, 00 Prize Money Orders from any Part of the Globe executed on the same Terms as if present, at e ther of their old esta- blished State Lottery Offices, 26, CornliiH, or St. Mari'ant's Hill, Borough. In 1807 aud 1808 capi tal Prizes shared by Hornsby and Co. 18,544 - - d£ 20,000 8,831 - ,£ 5,001 10,294 - 2C, 000 8,716 - 5,00t 19,544 - 20,000 19,570 - 5,000 2, v! 79 - 10,000 17,127 - 4,000 133 - 10,000 3,536 - 2,000 several,, f . tiOll, J. 1 WO, XSO, SCO, De- sides One Million Sterling in former Lotteries. POLITICAL REVIEW. On the 1st of every Month Is published, Price 2s. FLOWEii's POLITICAL REWIEW. And MO NTH LEY It EG IS IE It: CON TAINING a copious Review of Public Affairs— State Papers— Parliamentary Regis- ter— Original Correspondence— Foreign Intelligence, including the French Bulletins and the. different offi cial Accounts of the War—& c. & c. Harlow : Printed by B. Flower, for M. Jones, No. 5, Newgate Street, London; and sold tiy the differ- ent Booksellers in the United Kingdom, *** I he Editor begs leave to make his acknow- ledgments to the Puolic for the Support offorded to this Work, and to request a Continuance of that Support, and the Assistance of nis literary Frienos. As the Numbeis of the Review are enlarged, he is enabled to increase the Value of a Work peculiarly- devoted to the Interestsof political civil and religious Liberty, which may be considered as a Compendium of the Political History of the Times, a Register for the Proceedings of Parliament, a Channel for Fice and Temperate Discussion, and a Repository for many valuable Documents, which confioed to the- Public Journals, are often carelessly perused, and soon forgotten. County ot Leicester HUNDRED of FRAMLAND. THE ASSIZEof BREAD— Selthe 15th Day ol August, 1809, to continu lb. oi. 1809, to continue 14 Days. dr DALBY'S CARMINATIVE For the Wind, Convulsions, watery and dry tripet, and other fatal Disorilers in the Bonels cf Children ; alofor fluxes, Cholics, and Pains of the Jitestines in grown Persons ; scarcely ever failing to reteve when given according to the printed Directions. r" l"' HESuperiority and Celebrity of th » Medi- JL cine havingoecssioned a numbtr of Counter- feits, some even pretending to be prepared fom the original Receipt, iu the Family of the late Mr Jusepli Dalby, Apothecary, of Welbeck- strcet, Cawndish- square, the following Extract from his Will wll shew to uhjtn he bequeathed this Property; anc from whom only the genuine Medicine can be procuad, " Whereas, I did many Years s nee instruct my " Daughter Frances, now the Wifeof Anthouytiell, " ofNorth- street, Westminster, Gentteriian, in the " Art of compounding a certain M< dii/ iire. of which I am the sole Inventor, called Dalby'sC'. rainat ve, " I do hereby appoint my said .' Daughter the sole " Preparer of this useful Medicine^ L- fikewise g ve " to her my sole Property in the laid Carminative, " and all Profits arising from the Sale thereof, to " her, and ii « i Heirs for ever." This invaluable cordial Medicine continues solely to be prepared by the said France! tiell, and Sold onl" by F. Newbery and Sons, No. 35, St. Paul's Church yard, a few Doors from Cheapsidc, Londor; price Is. 9d a Bottle, Duty included, but observe that tin Words, " F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's" are en- graved on the Stamps; and by their Appointnent by Uregorv, Swinfeu, Coouihe, and Matthews, theat- er ; Watts, Hinckley ; Corrall, Lutterworth} Cle- mentson, Melton; Adaus, Lougbbvioufhi and IliSSsi Harborough, The Penny Loaf Wheaten to weigh 0 4 4 Ditto Huulliold, - 0 5 11 Twopenny LoalWheaten to weigU 0 8 8 Ditto Houlhold, - - 0 116 Sixpenny Loal Wheaten to weigh 19b Ditto Houlhold, - 2 2 2 Twelvepenny Loal Wheaten to wei, gb 3 3 0 Ditto Houlhold, - 444 Eigliteenpeiinf Loal Wheatento weigh 4 12 8 Ditto Houthoid, - 0 6 6 J. S. BROWN. T. B. BURNABY. HUNDRED of GARTKEE, The Affile ol dreadiorthe Hundred of Gartree^ in the County ot Leicei: er. II oi. dr. The Sixpenny Leal Wheaten is to weigh . . 1 2 2 The Sixpenny Loal Houfhold 2 5 8 The Twelve- penny Loal VVlieate i 3 8 4 The Twelvepenny Loal Houlhold 4 11 0 Set by uitwoofuis Iviajelty'sj uli ices oltlie Peace inatidtor tiie laid n undrco, ihe 13th y ut Jalv 1809. and tocontinue in lorce lor 14 Days Irorn Saturday next. C. J. BEWICKE. E. G HI WIN. HUNDRED of GUTH I. AXPON. Affize ol Bread loi the Hundred of Guthlaxton to take place on Monday tiie 2ist of August, to be in Force untilanother Affize is let loritic taid Huu- Ired lb. 0 0 0 0 I s 3 4 the Penny Loal Wheatento weigh Ditto Houlhold Ditto The Two- penny Loal Wheaten Ditto Ditto Hou'hnld Ditto he Six- penny Loal Wheaten Ditto Ditto Houlhold Ditto he rwelvepenny Loa fWheaten Ditto Ditto Houliioid Ditto he Eighteenpenny LoafWheaten Ditto 4 Ditto HouUiold Ditto 6 T. BURN A BY. C. CHAMBERS. Every W heater Loaf is to bemarked with a large oman W. and every Houthcld Loaf with a largt " nan i- l. on o i forfeiting not n. Q££ than 2i » nd \ 9t leu than 5s. for efery Loafy to Gardens, Edinburgh. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, THOS. TAYLOR, Member ofthe Corporation ot Surgeons, Loudon, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- street; where he wil'give Advice, without a Fee, to Persons taking these Pills and will answer Patients Lett' if, if Post paid, on the same Terms, observing in all Cases the most inviolable Secresy. no Patient's Name or Case ha\ ing been mentioned but at their own par- ticulao request, by the Proprietor, during the Course of more than 45 Yta is, that he has hail the conducting of an extensive Sale ofthe above Medicine, and the Practice arising therefrom. They are sold by his Appointment for the conve- nience of those living at a Distance, by Mr. WatsoB South- Bridge, Edinburgh ; Mr. Mentions, Printei • Glasgow; Gregory, Swinfen, Matthew:, Leiceite, j Caldwell, Dublin ; and by one F< rson in every con- sideiable Town in Grtat Britainand Ireland, in boxes at only 2s. 9d. each, sealed up with full and plaiir Directions, whereby Peis ' tis of either Sex may cure themselves with Ease and Secrecy. Xlurk- Luie, Aug. 21, lii> 9 We had pretty considerable arrivals of Wheat > his mornmg, and a le* line samples gave a price higher than last week, but th s only in the sales cC such as were cf superior quality ; the middling and; inferior sons improved nothing invalue, — We had a short supply ol Barley, and wb en with Malt is getting dearer.— White Pease were likew. se oil mc rise ; nut Urey 1' case witaiSiualland lick. Beans, remain nearly at last qaiot3tion.— in Cats, as in W heat, the supplies were- c nsideraule, but none obtained higher prices, except those that were neavy and in good cond t. on ; tuese l. isi were dearer.— Flout utady at b5s. Wheat- Fine - Rye - - Barley - Fine - - Malt - Fine - - - - PRICE OF 7.0s to 88, 94s to 98s - - 42s to •• 2s - - 38s lo 43s - - - — s to 46s 70s to 78s — s to 80s GRAIN. White Pease 60s to Grey Pease New Beans New Tick s Oats - - - - Fine- Pvlunds - - 75 » 44s i o 9 » 50s to 60a 40s to 48 » 26s to — s to 52s £ 6* to £ 9* Kent Sussex Essex TRICE Iiors Bags. 0i to 51 5, \) s 0J Of to 4/ Oi to 5. Kent Sussex Farn. Pockets 4.' 10s to 6/ SI os to it 71 0s to 8( 49 4 » 0s SMITH FIELD.- Monday Angus. 21. To sink the offal, perstoneof 81b, Beef 4s Od to 5 » Od 1 Veal 5s (! d to 6s Mutton4s 4d i. o 5s 4.1 | Pork 5s Od to 6s 11SAD OR CATTI. E THIS £ AV. Beasts, about 25b4— Sheep and Lambs 23,140 Od 8< 1 5a 5s 5s PRICE Ol- TALLOW. St. James'sMarket - -- . -- Clare Market Wbitechapel Market ( Per Stone of 81b.) )?< Average price - -.-..... 5s Town Tallow b2s Russia ( Can .) - S( s tu —. Russiaditto ( So.) - - - -- -- -- -- -- 88s to •— s Melting Stuff - -... .... 7l s to — K Oittorough ------ - - .-.-.... 45s lo 47 » < Giaves .--.-. -.--.... ..... — 3tu 1J » I Good Dregs - -- -- -- — i to 14 » Yellow Soap 9Ks— Mottled Hi8s— C'tftrit. i l£ s Price of Caudles, per doz. 14s. Ou— Moulds 1 bi td. !> d I'd 7d Id td i d PRICE OF LEATHER. In LcadenhalljtHrhel. Butts ..... Ditto - • - • Merchants'Backs - - - - - Dressing Hides ------ Fine Cuaeh Hides - - - Crop Hides orcutt.- Call Ski is - - - Ditto - ..... 34,| to iSd Ditto - -- -- ... . .... 33d to 3t « J gmallSsals - -.--. .... 3Sd to S9d Large ditto .... lots to 1;(' » • pan led Horse Hides - -- - e( d t » 22J. QoatSkins - -- -- -.. - - 50s to SS 19d to 23d to U'd to 2Id 17- 2 to 184 1 SO to 2 Id 19d to £ 2d 2Cd to S2d Printed and Published by John Pi in , I\ ;>,?• ket- place, Leicester. 1 his Paper is regularly filedin London ; attheLondon, Chapter, ai. d J tel'i Cuffte H « uses; and by \ J Jf l aylor and T. Newton, Prin ers Agents, No. If Warwick- square, Ntw- gate- street; where Advertisements are recihed.— The Paper may also be seen at Mr. Billing' > Ci'owi, Vinegar- yard, Driliy- lane; at the Pied llorst, Chiswcll- strect, Finsbnry- sqiiare; at the Bull's. Head, Vere- street; Advertisements are re- ceived, and the Paper distributed by Mr. Tujnian ' and Rr. Dunn, Nottingham ; Mr. F idgard, Shef- field ; Mr. Marriott, Derby; MissWilson, Rotlitf- ham ; M^. Barrow, Kegworth; Mr. Smith, Lake- well ; . lr. Warin and Mr. Park. s, Aslibourue} Mr, Hdlerinshaw, Tides » ell; Sir. D'cdsvioith, Burton Mr. Adams, Druggist, Loughborough ; Mr. Lester, Shsepshead j Mtssrs. G. acd A. VN ard Hinckle:; Clementson,' Melton; Mr Losebv, rtillesdoi, Oakham, it. ; Mr. Eol art Vulitlf, Asbbv ind Villager adjacent, Ctc. Ml, Glcve) Frisby & GraEthEUi, Leicester Journal- and. Midland Counties General Advertiser.' LBECE* TEUAHHTE MILIT'IA. AGeneral . Meeting of llie Lieutenancv will be held- by Adjournment, at the Hotel, in Lei- cester, on Tufsrbij) the 29th Day of August Inst, at 31 n'Cloek in " the Forenoon, for the Purpose of finally Settling the Store Rooms for the Arms, Ammunition, and Accoutrements of the 4 Battalion of Local Mi- litia ; and also for the Completion of the Old Militia, agreeable to the 6th Sec. of the 49t! V Geo. 3d. Chap. 53. By Order, " DECIMUS COOKE, Clerk of the General Meetings. Leicester, 3J August, 1869. Thurmaston Book Club. AT a Meeting held at the Unicorn and Star lnn,- Thur, nasions agre ablv to the establish- ed Rules << f the Society, on the 28th of June last, it was ordered, that a second Meeting be held at the same Place, on- Wednesday the 30th Instant, at One o'Ctock, to special Bus- ness, and that every Mem- ber should then attend or he subject to the Fines re- quired of Absentees on the Day Of the General An- nual Meeting by the Rules of the Society, . J. DUDLEY, President- August 21, 1& 09 .'•" "" --' - ; l* efma) uint Library. AT a Half- yearly Meeting of this Society, it was resolved. that the Hule which prevented the Admission of Membprs whose Place of Residence, exceeded 5 Miles from Leicester, should be re- . jscinded. Persousdesirous of becoming Members are inform- ed that the yearly Subscription commences on the 29th September, and that the Rules and Catalogues of the Books may. baliad of * T. COMBE, Librarian. ~ MILLERS STATUES, 1809. " VTOT1CE is hereby given. 1 bat ihe Miller's JLN Sta ues will be held at the Blue Bell Inn, Leicester, agreeable to ancient Custom, on Mon- day the 4th Day of September next, being'Old Bar' tholoinew's Day, All Favors conferred on this Occa- sion will bs gratefully acknowledged by their humble Servant, T. P. HART. Dinner on Table at Half- past One c'Clock. WREAK and EYE HlIMANiTsoUlE1Y. THE Annual Meeting, of tins Society will be held at the . nvan Inn, Mellon Mowbray, on luoutlay the 28th Instant, a' 8 o'Clock. 11. BROWNE, Treasurer. .- Hoby, Aug. 15, 1809. GAME. Stoneu Stanton. WHEREAS tne GAME in and upon the Manor, of Stoney Stanton, - n the C'oun'y of. Leicester, belonging to the Right Honorable The Earl of Moira, hath within these last few Years been . very much destiojied by Poachers aud others:— This is to give Notice, I hat the Game within- the said Manor will henceforth be strictly preserved. j; All Persons who may be Qualified are therefore particularly requested rot to Sport on the said Manor, otherwise Actions of Trespass will be brought against them; Persons not Qualified by Law wilt have Informations laid against them, if found Tres- passing tnereon ; and Poachers will be Carefully Watched and Punished. By Authority of the Earl of Moira, THOMAS FRANKS, Deputed Keeper. Stancy Stanton, lGtli August, 181) 9. ISCOUNT MAYNARD means to preserve the Game on his M mors of Thornton, Bng- vorth, and Iilgorsby. in the County of Leicester, aud hopes no qualified Ptoson will sport thereon without ... iiis- special Permksidu ; and he strictly enjo ns all ; Lis Tenants to beniiSjltw- atciiful in observing of who. . cU. ll Tressnass. and SDort on any Part of his :$ i'operty; and toetiqijire the• Names of such Per- ' Sons, aud require^; l- iiem to produce their Certifi- cates, aud to be . f& y Particular in taking down in Writing the Day of tlie Week, and of the Mouth that - " any Tresspasses ate committed. Manor of Knighton. R1 IT is earnestly requested that ail Person* will re frain from Sporting within his Manor, without leave; and Notice is hereby given, That all Tres- passers and Poachers will be proceeded against with Vigour. By Order of Sir Edmund C. Hartopp. Bart. THOMAS CLARKE, Knighton, August 23d, 1809. _ Game in Sutton Lonntngton, ST. MICHAELS. " VT OT 1CE is hereby given, That a regulaV JL\ Game keeper is appointed for this Manor. — Persons found Punching wit! be Prosecuted accord- ing to Law; and qualified Persons are strictly eujuin- jed not to Sport therein. GAME. TT7HEREAS the Game whhin the Manor of VY Cbarley, in tue C ounty of Leicester, hath teen of late Years muci destroyed, arid the Fences damaged, by tersuiis Sporting without leave-; It is earnestly requested that all Persons will desist from Sperling or ouienvise Trespassing within the said Manor; and all Poachers and Trespassers detected after this Notice will be proceeded against according to Law. By Order of tlje Proprietor, JOnN W1NFIELD, Jun. Surveyor, Wimeswould. August 25, 18( 9. " T X II1EREAS some misunderstanding hasarisen V V m the tamily ot William W'dkins, of Wells- borough., in the Cotmty of Leicester, Farmer, he finds himself under the necessity of requesting all Persons whouiay havean. y concern with him, not to buy or sell, pay any Money, or transact any Busi- ness with his Wife Ann WilkinS, his Son Thomas Wilt. ins, or any other Person not properly authorised by him the said William Wilkius, as he will nut be ausweraule for any Debts or other Engagements they trtay enter Intoj the Property on the Farm being his, and his chly. August 17, 1309. WILLIAM Wtl. KlXS. _ A CAUTION. " Kigibdrt/ i, l. eicestersluie. AT Mrs. PEAUSON'sSeminary, Young Ladies are boarded end n .- ructed in evei •• usetu. aiui refined Science, by Masters of the first Respec- tability ; the greatest Attention is paid to the Culti- vation ofthe Mind, antfelegance of Manners of her Pupils, and due Care is taken of their lleaith and Morals. •'•'".•'• TERMS. Twenty Guineas a Year, and One Guinea En- trance, Mulic, French, Drawing, Danemg, Writing arid Arithmetic, Geography, and the Use of the. Globes, on the usual Terms, Mrs. PEARSON. having Accommodation for pri- vate Boarders, would be h'ppy in receiving in her House a Wiildw Lady and Two or Three Daughters, upon reasonable, Terms the young. Ladies may have the Advantage of taking Lessons* in the abov, Branches of Education if required. The situation is particularly healthful, and the Apartments large and commodious, having the addi tioiral Advantage of an extensive Garden contiguous totheHouse. No Inconvenience can be experienced from the . School Room, Mrs. P's Namberyf Pupils being li- mited to Twenty, and no Day Scnolors being ad- mitted. '- , A young Person. of a good Disposition is wanted, in the Situation of a naif Boarder. August 1809. ti AJ- A-'. N, Loug'ioo ouj.-, .. ESPEC'l'FULLY acquaints her l,' r ends and tiie- Pubbc, she in- ends to coii& ncnee selling oil her present Stock at piim'e Cost arid under, on Monday, the, 28th, of this Instant August, consisting' of . Millinery f. Haberdashery,' Perfumery,- Shoes, & c., August 23, 1809; Cheap Boot and Shoe Warehouse/ BOTTOM OF SlLYEJt ST REET, . LEICESTER} Wf HOtt'lON, w'tii mucn " Respect ictuins VV • sincere TRanks to Friepds <, na ttic Public, for the distinguished Preference they b , ve shewn for the Goods'Of his Manufactory, at the same 1' iaie assures them thesti iciest Attention wirl continue to be paid to ' nearness and firmness ot Workman, ship,' and thathenow has an Opportunity uf Offering to their Notice a very large and must fashidnable As- sortment ct Ladies' and Gentlemen's Dress Shoes, ol the best Quality, thi Superior ty of wbich wi l beevi dent from a.- slight Inspection. N. B. Gjod Allowance to Wholesale CustoinerSi Leicester, J, ilv 13, l8c- 9 Judd's Insolvency. JOHN' JUDO, of the " Borough iff Li! tester Victualler and Frame- woik- kn tti, havtn . conveyed and assigned his real and personal Ksiates to Mr. Burnahy, Solicitor, and Mr. vV- m. iiassford, of Leicester, Frame work- knitter, in Trusi, toi t: i. benefit of thems. Ives aim his other Creditors; sue; Creditors as. are willing to take the Benefit ot such Assignment, are requested to call ai Mr. < uniabv's Office, in Leicester, io execute ihe same, within one Mouto from the Date hereof, or, in failure, tbey wif- be Excluded all lieiiefn arising theiefrom. Leicester, Hug. 10, 1 Sc9. John Oeagrave, Deceased. ALL Persons having any CUim or Demand or the late JOHN .• liAGRAVIi, Deceased, Of Kirby Bellairs, ' n the ounty of Leicester, „ i requested by the Executor to stud ill " the Accoum of their Demands, that they may be discharged, within one Month froiu the Date hereof: — AJ> i- ali- Persons wlio stand indebted to the above Deceased John Seagraee,- of Kirby Be- llars, in lite Comity o Leu ester, are requested by the fcxecutoi to discharge the same withni tue abovemeutioncd Time. . J(:> HN SfiAGKAV'E, Executor. Kirhy Bellans, July 29, 1809. ALL Prions inni- iteii on Mortgage B, nd- f- otherwise to tne ate Mr, Tbom, s Coupei. of i. arl Slnlion, at ( lie Time of his Death, are re- quited, to pay the Amount of their l'Cspecliva Debts to tlie Administrators, on or before tne oth Day of I October next, or in failure legal Proceedings will be immediately commenced for Recovery of tne same. By'Order of the adnnnistrators, SAMUEL MILES, ( , .. . , BEAUMONT BURNABY, \ 01I Aug. 23, 18,19. Mr. A' JSutice to the Deb ors and Creditors of Wm. jndiews, Deceased, LL Persons indebted to Air. WM. AN- DREWS, the Yuungei, late of nrnesby, 111 the County Of Lt cesfer, MiLer, deceased, are re- quested to settle their Aeeounts with Mr. Ralph Old- acres, or Mr. Samuel Stevens, uf Arnesby aforesaid, his Executors, on Or- before the - twenty ninth Day of September next; and ail Persons having any Demand ou the Estate and Effects Of tae said IV in Andrews, art- desired to deliver iu tneir Account* to the said Executors. ' ' August 25, 1808. WHEREAS the Practice of Apprentices ab- sconding their Master's Serv ce, has grown so prevalent, as to- beet » me of- serious Consequence / the Framework- knitters of- this Parish, have entered into a Subscription - for the Purpose of punishing such Offenders with the utmost Severity, and of vi- gorously prosecuting those Persons, who shall after THIS YEAR. TBISH respectfully acqua nis the Public that 4 the only Lottery to be drawn ibis Year is the b 1 ATE LOTTERY, which will be drawn on the 20th of next October, All in One Day. Tickets and Shares are seising m great Variety by his Agent, T. CLEMEiVISOA, Bookseller, Melton Mowbray. Die Scheme is Hovel, highly approved, and gives an opportunity, never offered before, for one Num- ber to be sure to gaiii Thousand Pounds There kre only 5,000 Numbers, from 1 to 5,000 ( 4 Tickets of each Number). Schemes, with P'arti- <; ujars may be had, gratis, aaabove, or at either of BISH's old established Offices in London, No. 4, Cornhill, oi 9, Charmg- Cross, LONDON, . where Capital Prizes to an immense Anidlmt have been Sold, Sfhared,. apd Registered, and where Per- sons in the Cpuritry may be supplied tne same as if present," by seeding their Orders ( Post paid) aceemi- Jianied with. good Bilis, Cash, Baiik Notes, or Post Office Orders:" * jfx Please to Notice— the Lottery begins and finishes on the, 2ii. th of October, and that Day will decide -£ 200, tJOO in Prizes. Apprentices belungui. at'ion. SAMUEL ROBINSON, Eurbagc, 23d August, 1809. Health to any Member of this Associ- Secretary. Eligible Situations. TO BE LET OR SOLD, THREE sub- tannal new built Houses 3. Storifes high; neatly finished, situate in the pleasant- this Notice, harbour or employ any Apprentice ue. j m part o( Sol|- th Gatjj street Leicester; each A. tn » n. Mpmh « r « f » h. « Assora- Honse ,) as Cellars, an excellent Parlour, Sitting Room, aud Back Kitchen on. the Ground Floor, large Drawing Room and Bed Room on the Chamber Story, aud' 3 good Attics: 1 here are Spring and Rain Water Pumps and other Conveniences in the Yards, For Particulars enquire of near die New Work Gates. J. EDWYNj Surveyor, and Beauty, BURGESS's Lilac Flower Soap, ISfet superior in its Fragrance and infallible irits Efficacy lo any other Soap, being prepai ed Vith the Milk extracted from the Flower : tins Milk being _ of an oily Substance will. make the Complexion bum- i Hubert's Roseate Powdef immediately removes them, LONDON, THURSDAY August 24. No further intelligence has arrived which serves to confitm or refute the report of the renewal, ol hostilit. es between Austria and France ; but report^ are , n c rculation, which, if well founded, would add. gr, eatly ifVjthe probability that the Emperor Francis lias tesolved once more to try the foriune of war. It is sa. d that the conscriptions for the years 1011 and 1812 are to be immediately called forih The French lands also have fallen 5 per cent. The bridge's oirer fhe Danube at Presburgh are said to he restored Since the French obtained pos- session ot that place, and a bridge of boats is to be built besides: these ire circiimstarices Strongly in- dicative of the rene\ val of the war, By JSewhavefi ic. t ers received this morfiing, we Have'he unpleasant iit'ejligence of'he cap ure of a CPiisiderablepart of the Oporto fleet . by the priva- teers of the enemy.;, I '..%" » -• Ill • M. n 1* 11 • •• ' A anted, \ Steady active- Youth, as an Apprentice to a Hoser — H is. Friends will be expected to find hint Boir. and Lodging. - .... Apjil v at the JOURNAL'OFFICE. Wants a Situation, . . Ai BUTLF'R./ . Z-. , . ASteady., Persons abou. 35 YeirS of Age,. who tineterstancls t ue M - inagejneni of a Cellar ,- nidi Brewing, and can have a good Charac. er from his last Miao-, where he l>, ved upwards of 5 Years. [,- tteis addressed, (-.- ost paid) to J. S. at the Journal Office will, be duly attended . to; ,-, , i llaivesi Men wanted. ps i Oiis - i. ta BEAU 1' IFUL WOMEN, H E Crops - t Oats n th; Last, West, and Wiidmon. Fens, neat Bo; t in, m the Cour. t. of LinColn, being abundant, anei the- Population ot . , at Nciglibourhood. iiot being eqiial io hs produi e. 41- eat tears ire entertained that Hauds " ill scarcely • be procured to gat iter it, and particularly as its okely from its pi- sent Appearance to be all ready .' getiiei. Irish LaUoui* nS an Harvest Men from me Interior Counties will uieei ith great n'lioourage- ment, and are sereto'make much f < heir Time by ,-> j uj to Work iu these Fens. Reaping will begn. j about the l4t, i or. 2oth Instant; oosion, August'i 18 9. • . ... ' Wanted, VRe- p - ct- ble Clen; ym" « ." i( eifhef in Deacons or' Priests' Uiuei s, to assist 1. ihe PtrlotmanCe Divine Service ( on a Suanav) in a Church in 1 e ,\ eigbbourhood ot l. oughboioug- h. Ssnpenit 50l. per A r, r,. cer- ain, or at he Rate ol 60/ for a- , ny Months in the Year as his sid may be • nied. For information apply by Letter, Post- paid, a, t t Journal Office. s" B. The Curacy likely to be for a Continu- ance. • Wanted, ftF. VF. UAL SH. 4- UEV IN THE Leicestershire d* Northamptonshire UNION CANAL., ( Usually called the O. d Harborough). Apply t 1 C Hextail, at b s Navigauon l iffice, Leicester; where all other Shares are Bought and Sold by Comni ssion. On Sunday, September 3, 1809. SI. RAION WILL BE PREACHED In the Parish ( ihui cli of Lutterworth, By the Rev JOHN A BMP ' HOKtik, B. D. Curate of Clayb- ook, For the Benefit of the SUNDAY sCHOOLS, esta- blished in tliat l lace. DiviiteService will begin at Three o'Clock in the Af'ernoon, Appropriate Psalms and a Hymn will be Sung by ihe Children. On Sunday next, the 27 th Instant, A SEfUION WILL BE PREACHED At the Presbyterian Meeting House, Hinckley, By the Rev CktAuLES BhkUY, of Likester, FOl THE BENEFIT OF THE SUNDAY SCHOOLS, ielouginj to that Place. Appropriate Hymns will be Sung 011 the Occasion by the Childrer and the Chbir. * jf* Ser. ice to begin at Three o'Clock. To Ironmongers, TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately,,, A N Oki- esabiished Shop most eligibly situated £\ for Trace, in the Centre of the High Street, in Stamford, n the.- County of Lincoln," being the only Ironmonger's. Shop in the Street; together with a respectable Dwelling House belonging to the same, with ample Warehouse Room, and every Conveni- ence necessar; for carrying on the Ironmongery Business. Th; incoming Tenant to take the present Stock ( whiclr'cbfis'ists of the most desireable and saleable ArticbS iii the Trade, is in excellent Con- dition and his be>- n chiefly laid in fiohi the best Markets wittier these few Months) ' at a Valuation, for the Amamt . of which, reasonable Credit will be . given on approved Security. For further- Particulars apply at the Office of Mr. THOMPSON, Attoriioy- at- La, w, inStamford. ABSCONDED. • An d left his Family chargeable to the Parish of Hun* j; • cote; l.- CHARLES HUDSON, 57; Years of Age, .' 5 Feet 9 lushes high, dank Complexion11 he returns witbin- l^ Days from the Date hereof, his Misconduct williv overlooked ; if not, any Person whp will appr.' bend and bring iiim to the Overseers Shall be handiomely Rewarded. Huncote, iiUgust 24, 1809. ... j STRAYED^ r~ Ihto a Close ' rf tile Parish of ShaWell, iatMie Oieii- of John C'onptoti', about fhe 5th Day of August, A Brown Horse; The Owrier by felling his Karks and Paying the Charges miy have the jams again,' • WARREN'S1 • """" Original Japan Liquid Slicking. ' TMHijComposition with half the usual Labour JL proluces a Brilliant Jet Black, preserves fhe I. eathfer Soft, and prevents its Cracking, is perfectly free fr « n au'Jt unpleasant Smell, will not Soil th'e Linen, add will retain its Virtues in arty Climate.— Sold Wholesale by R. Warren,- 14, St. Martin's Lane, LEICESTER LNFIRMAKY. IT is requested that the Governors will abstain from recommending. ln- Patieiits until af. er the 16th Day of September next, the Floor of the Upper Wi^ rd bting to be unde. r Repair in the Interim. By Order of the Committee, JOHN FLINT, Secretary. August'- 2,1809. AUGUST 25. NT> TE.— S> ME udvei tisements received tale yesterday it was impossible to'insert, ana some received at an earlier hour tee have been obliged to. abridge, but we hate endeavu, ed to accommodate all ill the best manner the limits of our paper would admit. THE greatest T. lemishto Beauty is super- Laddon,- and Retail by Gtegory, Swinfen; Matthews', fiuo'us Hajrs on the Face, Neck, and Arnrs-.^- King, raiid ' Cowilall, Leicester;— Adaihs0 Loughbo- tifully white, soft, and smooth It braces and che- rishes the Skin for ever; in old Ageit produce a blooming Appearance of Youth. It is unnecessary- to comment upon this invaliable Discove. y, as the Projrittor will pledge hjnstlf to return the - Money, if not - to answer the disired Effect. ! .- . Sold Wholesale only hf the Proprietor at his Manufactory, CierSitor- str « t, Chancery- lane, Lon - don ; and Retail by Appointment, at « v.' d in be Bottlw iinmi. Lately, in London, the Lady of John Frfiiven Tur- ner, F. sq. of Cold- Orton, in this Couuty, of a daughter. MAR HIED;. Oil Tuesday, at Nuneaton, Mr, John . Craddock, solicitor, of Atherstone, to Miss Miiv Greenway, second daughter of George Greeiiway, Esej. of tile former place. D: ED. Y On Wednesday morning, at Red'liill, Mr. ioSeph Chamberlin, hosier; fourth Soti ot jcth'n Chaniberltn, , -...'. iii.'- S -'^ r'- i'j, • . i> Vf.-'" US li bv •!- (. Ill Sunday last sit liis house at the East Gates iu ttbis - town, aged 74, Thomas Dnakin, Gelit. . He wps formerly a Quarter Master in tlife royal regiment of llorse Gifiards, ( Blue) and- servod therein 21 years ; he was also chairman of the Leicester Navigation Company, and one of the Commissioners of ti e property tax for this Borough ; in- which offices both evil, artd military, he acquit ed himself as a brave soldier, and active citizen; - being ' Uniformly corisi dered as a man of great candour arid unblemished integrity, and highly esteemed by all who hail the pleasure of his acquaintance. ... \ On ri. ttrsday last, at his house, at Soho, Staf- fordshirer, Mathevv Boulton, Esq. F, R. S. Sic aged 81, ( llsiinguished by the energies of bis mitld, em- ployed during a long and active life in improving various manufactures by his sdierice and taste, and in founding extensive establishments; whereby he nas advanced , the trade aind prosperity of his country and acquired a very general and justly merited ct lebrity. . , -,.. ( Oh Friday last, at Lacoek- Abbey; in the 86th year Of her age, nniversali" andeleser- Vediy lamented, the Right hou. . Elizabeth CotintessiDeiwa'ser. of Shrews- bury, relict of the late Geort e Ear! of Shrewsbury, and. daughter of- the late John Dormer, Baron of Wenge, who died in 1785, at the very advanced age of 95 years , ...... On Monday, St . hisseat at Costessey'Hall, Norfolk, 111 the 74th year of his. age, Sir Wm. Jer. iiingliam, Bart - and ( subject to- the decision now pending, in the House of Lords) Baron Stafford, of Stafi'ir< l'Caslle. On Monday St'hftigbt, Wright Co'dham, Gent Alderman, was nom nated M, ayor of Nottingham tor the year ensuing. On Wednesday last, John Mortl.- cft, Esq. Was elected Mayor of Cambridge Jot. the year, enduing.: The sum of \ il. 10s. 6j has bein paid in o • he hands ofthe Treasurer of the Infirmary, being part of a penalty of20'. levied upon- J - sse King, of Hinckley, victnaller, convicted of . fiav ng bought a quant'tv of hosiery goods of Richard Peng, of Stoke jolding. kno. vmg the same to have been purlom- i- d and embtizled. In a pari only of oUr last publication, we hid the pleasure to announce the grateful intelligence ,, ftbe " surrender ol t" e important fortress and": garrison of ' 1' iUshng, by which the conquest of the rich and " oeauuful island iif WALCHERES iseompleied; ihe command of boih branches' ot trie Scheldt obtained iiid secured ; » a military or , com.. iercial aciess opsn- d nto the heart ot the Low . Countries, and ihe '•" mid., bit- navy of Buonaparte, driven back to the roiect on of his garrisons in the . narrow- part of the ivtr, imprisoned and deprived of all communica- tion with the sea ' i he official particulars of this great event will be found in the first page. We , ongratulafe the public upon the very small com- parative loss with \ thich this splendid conquest - has been achieved, and upon the rival zeal, valour, and devotion of. both services, from the union ind emu- lation ot which, under their brave and active com- manders, there can be no doub," hat'every thing will, be accomplished which the. ictual state of affairs ^ ipon. the Continent permits them to undertake, with true policy, and a just regard to the Kiterests of their own country. We have been favored with the perusal of a let- ter from an officer at M- iddleburgh to h s brother, a Gentleman in this town, whicfi speaks highly of the courtesy and cleanliness of the ' inhabitants of the island ; and also states that Lord Robert Manners, a representative pf this county in Parliament, and one of the aide- de- camp* to the Comrhander in Chief, had his horse shot under him wiihout re- ceiv. ng any persona! injury himself. Sporting Intelligence.— Warwick Races com- mence on Tuesday the 5th of n£ xt month; and the Races at Lichfield ihe Tuesday following. Colonel Gordon whom the Gazette Extraordi- nary of last week, mentions as liaviag beein slam 11) ihe ever- memorable batiie of Talavera, was spn to the present Countess of Dumfries, and brother to the member for the city of Worcester. He fell at the head of his regiment, t he 83d, whilst braV'ely leading it into action. A musket bali wounded him in. the neck, as he was. in " the act of charging the enemy , and while carrying tiff tiie field, a shell fell on him, and killed hinj instantaneously. • Property Tax Appeals.— A. considerable agita- tion has been- excited throu^ hoflt the country^ by a number of sureharges under- « the Propeity Act which have lately been mads/ qr eighieeti hundred and eight. The Appellants, and even the Com- missioners, doubt whether the Inspectors ? nd Sur- veyors can sustain surcharges which have a retros- pect like this The officers, we understood, are supported by the opinion of the Board of laxes ; but a case has been demanded for the consideration of the Judgesj and the following is the, copy ot a' circular note issued atStamffrd by the Inspector:—- " In consequence of a cose nbw pending before the Barons of the Exchequer., whether the Notice of Sur- • Chage giver.' . in this snd other counties, for the. year : 808, are legal;, this is to give.' notice, that the Commissioners ae'fing for the Hundred of Ness, . have postponed, heaViffg the,, Appeals against, such Sur- charge^- tmt? l the Jud, ges, have, determined the above case, of Which" due notice will be hereafter given in each h^ rish." , • Signed, & c- Spanish Sheep.- The following facts m'ay be re- lied Upon, to prove the manifest, advantage, to be derived from only one Cross with a Spanish ram,' vi4.— A good Leicester Ewe; ( ihe property of a gentleman in the couiiiy of Dtrbv), was at Micha-, elmasj 1807, put to a Spanish ram. , The ewe has this Midsummer ( as she has Uniformly for years past) produced a fleece" weigi ing 5, lis and which has been always sold at lld. & i'ls. iper'pi'tmd; this year at the larger price, and of course therefore pioducmg five shillings to the pocket - of its owner. The " daughter of the above ewe-( by- a Spsij'sb ram) has this Midsummer produced a fleece of a very superior quality to its. bothers-; weighing 7 bs. and which was last week actually sold for 3s. fid per lbp or ^ I. 4s. 6d,~ Such it is presumed • only w cit to b>.' known, to ' convince siu- cu 01 .. euerti ( particularly forest and moor edg; farmers) of ih6 manifest advantage to he der. ve 1 in their fine- w. iol. ed flocks, by a cross Br two with Spanish blood. A Correspondent at Lincoln says — our Shew of Horses, which was held on Satu. day and Monday last, August 12 and 14, and which has ,- b- en esta- blished princ'p^ ltv through the active zc;; fl of out present chief, iwjgytrjte, Thomas " Cuiton, Esq, was v^ ry nuinerousiv attended, mos of, the, prin- cipal Dealers and Breeders belonging to the adjoin- ing . Counties; and,. London, being present, and the , Shew was far superior to what mig;, t have bevn ex.- j pected on, the first Meeting,, l'hei e were a , s um- 1 berof high- priced Horses which sold vvsll. and a ; good Deal of Business was. done in the Nag and Black- Colt Line, From he manner in which th « Shew has been supported, arid the Number of Dealers. an. d. . Breeders who have promised tie r future Attendance, the neit Atigu- t Meeting, it is expected, will be very fully attended. . At the Gaol Delivery, at Licjifieiei, on Tuesday se'nnight, Midbael Campbell, John ( iregoi v, and Jane Carbetry, were . convicted . pf liign treason, condemned, . and left for execution; , On Fri, d? y ijipniing last, l'h rick Wickham, cpr- victed at the Jate assize fyr. Warwickshire', of. shopi. ing Mr. Averrl, . in Japbiry list, 011 Stank - liili. near Warwick, and ajso of'robbing, fvl'• Gardner, benveen Warwick and Long Bridge turnpike;, and Susannah Grab', for . having n- her, possesniou,, in. Birmingham, ail e. dger, or in'tromtntli- f m- uk ng seven, shilling .^ pu^ d , tbe . edges, were ejtts- cuied over the door o'f the, county goaf. A Bet of a very.- Sfngul^ r. nature^ originated, at Dur- by laVf; we? k dur ng the Races, the. publicity of which is yef .1. jt^ e; k, iiw. wn |, ntiie porting World,-; -- S; S. I>. q. ,1 , Gentle, ttiiin. well known up, 011 me urf, has engaged to produce a man by next. Ocid- • ber , Newrfn> tkef. -' M rettng, 10 cr^ ck n- Jts Hi t'. ree minutes, ^ r. e by, one; . yi£ h h s terih. and ihat tliey shall be- c, racked in sucha manner as will wuh fafcihty admittbem to be taken from the shelii. 1 he Bet sGujneas.., The person fnetiiion"- ed to perform ' this piefce. viMto'/ Po, k IS a native of I'. eicesters. liiie, residing not far from Ashby de- l* « Zouch. Betting is 5 to 4 against, t me. During a violent, storm on Thursday se'nnight, an ash free of about tour feet in djameter, winch stood in Cro. iton Park, hear fjrfvbfr Castie, , iya< . stricken by ihe lig. h ning in a most extraordinary mahner : all its arms were fofc;, d oflf. and . scattered round its jjjiae. j npw. qrds of 2U,, iei i of, , t it top ,0/ the trunk wajliui: ied. u. yer, tbe p'ar^. ivat^ V and - tooc! upright on tue,' ground; a pF- incipal pyt was . o'rt- i into, pieces like btiis, but tney,. vyerji nqt detache- d from e\ aeb other> and the heaito. of.-. the tii- tv which " was .' iierv » ' « oaii* i-, • - wis - shivered" - n like manner. 1 he more brittle paits vvere st- atiered in all directions; some to the distance of 70 vards. About " 13^ to 14 feet of t ie bottom uf tne trunk is left standing, in the form of a cone, verv much sicken and rent, in some places troth iisiop doivrv to ' he . roots. On Friday morning se'nrtight, between 6 and 7 -.' cloCk,. a tower windmill, tne . prcfpe- i iv of - Vlr. I hotnas Chaptnae,, of Chippenham, in Cambi idge.- snir^, was struck by lightning on ihe noddle bolt of the sail, and shivered, into 24( 50 pieces, which were picked up'and told from, the sea. it came down ar one cornei, split the Drick work, and shivered a pteceof toe door. A lew ounces of lamp black thai were in the mill were scat ered about, nd- the papef- whic ,' contained it scou. hed, but uo damage vva's dohtib tne jn « de of tne mill. J oiU' The follcwing'SK^ iip. iions have I;, ten received on behalf of Rtbriwidow - Brute, whose calami- tous si- ruatioa wie- ststed in our last: T: Bal- i. u'Vi. til M. p.. S. Smith,. K^^ J. - P Mau'sfxeld^. i^ iBer,' arid Clarke Pares, f'agejy and'Co. fielfairs. VVtlb^, arid Co. Samuel Clarke, Esq. - Ad. Neale, ' • i - A d. J ffcutt. I Mil Jesse Be'rrirfge, * i Mr. Rawsohj - - • Mr. * iar! e, • . Mr. CapamV • Mr. Smithy . - , A Friend by T. Stmrth, . Mr. Henry Richards, » - Mr. J. Atherstoue, Mr. Ruddy Mr Staples, Mr. Price, - Benefactiufis continue to be received at each of the Banks, and at the Journal Office. 0. H) 0 10 0 It) 0 10 d. CI 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 . a e.. 6 6 0 6 0 d 0 0 " 0 To the EittfSr Wfthe Leicester JownaL • Mr. EDI I <>! L . •'",-• Asl have'lotig HbuCed your pubJifenoR to be. con- spiciious for its at'taiihrft'ent to the King, Constitu- tion, and Laws; arid its adherence indeed ro. every principle whxil bespeaks Lie true Englishmen, I doubt not you wv'I'l agree with me, mat, as'i. i ii generally understood fhai^ tbe united kmgdoip at large wilt cfilebraie the 50tii anniversary on which our beloved monarch ascended the throne',' f. tbese realms with tbanksgiv. ngs apd public rejoicings-, it is time soihe attaiigemems vVers made for the ac- " complislfment thereof. 1 know hot whether such il the Case in this town, nor do I pretend tokno whose p, ntitular province it is to introduce the business publicly 5 but 1 hink t is much to be Wished that uooks tor subscriptions were opened at the different banks, public Coffee- rooms, & c and if'his w'as tfegun IMMEDIATELY, our town: would not be the fii. st, fo.-. l notice->, jhis loyal and p- ii'notic p'r- iceed- ng to have commenced alreadyin several places fhave, been in expecta- tion of seeing some - dispositions made ere nuwdfot; the purpose, and as I am certain we afe not a jot e » i loyalthatv,. anjy* otlietpart- 0f" bis Slajesiy'jj- dominions, I hope vve " shall. be'no k* ss forward in shewmg our gratitude to Heaven for bis preservation, and also our tespects and veif'fctdf on to hts pirson, and the just, , mild paternal. goVernmtiif by which he reignj the King ol a free . otoplfr. ,-, . In nopt- 9, Mr. Editor," tliat our native tow, n may prot'eitself second to none 111 loyalty, 1 remain Ioat' » , -& c. •..'- i .. AN ENGLISHMAN. 24 th August, 1809, PA1KS. August 29.— Bakewell Sept., 1,— Coventry. PRICE OF CORN In LBICBS'l'lih jiiARh l. i, AUG: 15, 1809. jri. ii UUARTER Ciisloiiiii I'V M, | Average | tvin. I? Wheat from ' to RyC Barley ftom to - Oatsfrom to Beans., , to Blue Pes^ se Hog Pease , Oatmieal q> 4 ' 9 0^ 415 3 « [ 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 18 '(>•;' « 9 9 1 n ti l. i i4 9 fi4 V b f 6 (> 0' | f) 0 1 3 3 0 i S 1 11 jt) 11 U j 3 u a JOSEPH $ AUti), Ulrii- bifrito.:
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