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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXI    Issue Number: 3273
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 12/06/1809
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXI    Issue Number: 3273
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; u^ iy/ sVtfFti Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal printed and published by and for William and Arthur Lee. Vol.. LX1. No. 3- 273. j MONDAY, JUNE 12, 1809. [ Prjck Six- Pence. --••• - Published every Monday Mornimt, for up. wnKb of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town ami Village of SUSSEX, in Parts of KENT, SURREY, This Paper which Has > eeu i s • « - O t ', ud HAMPSHIRE'; and is forwarded bv the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. ANGMERING INCLOSURE. WE, Thomas Hopcroft, Caleb Rickman, and George Henty, Commissioners named anil ap- pointed in and hv an Art of Parliament made and par- sed in the present Session of Parliament " for ihHoung " the open and common fields in the parish of Aug- morhiR otherwise East Angmering, with West Angme- ring annexed, in the county of Sussex," do hereby give notice. that our next general Meeting fur the por- jwses of, ihe said Act, will beholden at the Lamb Inn, in Angmering aforesaid, on Tuesday, the third day of July next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; and if Any person or persons, or body politic or corporate in- trrottil, or claiming to be interested in ilie premises dl);!!! have any objection to offer to any accounts or ciriin- i respecting any rig! it « in I he said Common fields, delivered lo us the said Commissioners, an abstract of which chiriw will be posted on the principal door of the parish church of Angmering aforesaid, and the origi- nal cl'tims m-. v h> inspected o; i any day ( except Sun- day) Actween the hours of ten ayd two o'cloi k on ap plication at the OfHce of Messrs. [ Mines, of Arundel, the particulars of such objection arc t » l> e." reduced into writing, and signed by them, or their respective hus- bands." guardians, trustees, committees, or agents, and to be delivered to ns the said Commissioners, at, or be- fore « « r said next meeting, which is hereby appointed bv ui foe that purpose. and no such objection can be afterward- i rerei i d unless for some special cause. Dated this 6th d ly of " June, isog. THOMAS HOPCROFT, CALEB RICKMAN, GEQRGE HENTY. WARNINGCAMP INCLOSURE. NOTICE is hereby given that the Commission- i ^ ers apnointed by an Act of Parliament, lately mide O ld passed, er, titled " An Art for inclosing lands in the Till, Inutile', or parish of Warningcamp, in the county » f Sussex," will hold their first meeting at the Norfolk Aran Inn, in Arundel, in the said county, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon of Tuesday, the twenty- seventh day of June instant at which meeting the ma- jority in value of the Proprietors then and there assem- bled will appoint some hanker, or other person or per- sons. into whose hands the monies to he raised nnd r a.'. d bv virtue of the powers contained in the said Act. nhall from time to time, as often as the same shall amount to the sum of Fifty Pounds, he paid and deposited, Dated this sixth day of June in the year of our Lord, 1S09. CALEB RICKMAN. Commissioners appointed by the said Act. Ouse Lower Navigation and Drainage. Horse Towing Path Bridge, over Glynd Reach, near Lewes. PERSONS ( lesirons ofcontrarling with the Com- mittee appointed to carry on the writs upon the Ouse Lower Navigation and Drainage, for erecting of a stood nnd substantial Horse Towing Path Bridge, over the mouth of Glynd Reach, for the purpose of com- pleting the Towing i'nth. IVf"" Lewes to S; Ferry, nr- defliri d to deliver plans ami estimates of the expence of erecting such Bridge, to me WILLIAM WHEELER, Clerk to the Trusters of the said Navigation and Drainage. Lewes, . June 3. tsot). — NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT .' he Partnership far- iy subsisting between l Messrs. Brook anil Hall, Butchers, at East Bourn, in the County of Sussex, is dissolved by mutual consent, atid ti-" t sncii business will in future he carried on bv Mr. Robert Hall, on his separate account. III persons indebted to the said copartners, are re- jjiested to pay theif. debts wi'hout delay t" the said Robert Hall ^ and all persons having any demands on them, are requested immediately lo diliver in'the same to he said Robert Hall. East Bourn, June a, isop. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. NOTICE is hereby given that Thomas Duedney, of Bexhill, in the county of Sussex, Farmer, fc- is assigned the whole of bis Estate and Effects, to Messrs. William Lansdell and James Thomas, of the name place, in trust for the benefit of swell of Ills Cre ditors who shall execute the Trust Deed, which is lying at the Office of Mr. Martin of Battle. Debts owing to the Estate are desired forthwith to he discharged. May 31st, 1809. BELLEVUE. BRIGHTON. ABOUT Twenty Plots of the adjoining Building Ground, part of them at the top of the field, now the oillv select spots for good Houses, will soon be Sold or Let by Auction. Further particulars in due time.— Proposals for treating by Private. Contract, will he re- ceived by Mr. James Poune, Surveyor, and of Mr. Ste- phen Wood, Surveyor and Builder, of Brighton. - TO BE LET BY TENDER; For 19 years, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, THE Manor and Farm, called FORBEYES, in the parish of Speldhurst, in the county or Kent, now in the occupation of John Bridgland, the te- u/ nt. within ihree miles of Tonbridge Wells, and cou- nting of. a farm house, two barns, stables, and other suitable buildings ; and about 115 acres of arable, mea- dow, posture, and wood land. The land is in a good state of cultivation, and the taxes . ire on a moderate scale. The lenders are to he. delivered in writing, on or lie- fore 14th June inst. to Mr. Gwynne, of Lewes, of whom nil necessary information may be previously procured on personal application. YORKSHIRE AND LINCOLNSHIRE. FARMS TO BE LET, AM] entered on at OLD LADY DAY next, EIGHT III! n< Ir « ? d Acres of rich arable, meadow, land.! pasture. land. being wit') in seven miles « > f the • f » '. vi » of Grantham, in the County of Lincoln, with snit f ire- lw » n- es, burns, s'tubles, and outbuildings, and several eat tildes t hereon. Two thousand acres of rieb arable, meadow and pas- ture land, Iying witlun seven miles of the town of New- wark, Nottinghamshire, the land lying in tlje County of Lincolnshire, with suitable houses, barns, stabling, cottages, &<\ Eighteen hundred acres of rich arable, meadow, pas- ture, and brook land, Iying with in six miles uf the city of York, with the same advantages as the other estates, A capital Water Mill, with drying kilns, . fee, situated on the r* ver Derwent, within sin miles of the City of York, with suitable granaries adjoining, driving, six pair of stones, with the ad vantage. of a rise water wheel in case of flood, and at no time in want of water, the river be- in;? navigable from Hull to Scarborough, for vessels of i;> o tons burthen, which. can lie alongside the granaries. The above estates are situate in genteel neighbour- hoods, within a short distance of several packs of bar rters, aad will be foUud advantageous to any gentleman foiid of .- agricultural pursuits; and will be let separately in farms of from loo to 500 acres. Further particulars may be known, and, plans of the estates may be seen, by applying to Mr. JOHN BULL, Hilly- place, Brighton, HANTS. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, By Mr. WELLER, Handsome Residence, with a good garden, shrubberies, plantations, an extensive lawn, and upwards of !<> o acres, of arable, pasture, and wood land, with common right's* a capital situation for a Sportsman. The neighbourhood and roads good, and within 60 miles of London. Further particulars of Mr. Shugars, Solicitor, Ports- mouth, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, With immediate possession, ACOPYHOLD ESTATE, consisting of 27 A. 3' R. TOP. of Arable and Coppice Land, situate in the parish of Chailey, near Lewes, known by the name of Leigh Coppice, or Lye Wood. For particulars, & c, apply to Mr. J. BULL, Hilly Place, Brighton. Staplefield House, Orchard, Garden, and 30 Acres of Meadow Land, with extensive Right of Com- mon, in the High Road from London to Brighton. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ALL that truly valuable Copyhold ESTATE, comprising a modern how fronted genteel resi- dence, finished with peculiar care and neatness, con- taining five bed chambers, two . servants sleeping rooms, handsome dining room, large kitchen, and brewhouse, coach house, stabling, granary, and other outbuildings, a fine lawn in front, wit!) sweep carriage . entrance, large garden, which is hi high state of cultivation, stocked with abundance of - choice and well bearing standard and wall fruit trees, shrubberies, flower roots, & c. the . whole well planned and laid out in a judicious manner, j capital orchard, farm yard, and sis enclosures ot mea- I dow land, the whole containing about 30 acres, more or less. The estate is delightfully situated on an emi- nence in that healthy and rural place, Staplefield Com- mon, called Staplefield House, in high repute, as a great sporting, country, and in the neighbourhood of fox hounds and harriers, and commands extensive and en- chanting views over the most fertile part of the county of. Sussex, is 36 miles from Loudon, 18 from Brighton, 3 from Cuckfield, 15 from Ryegate, and 7 from Hors- ham. May be viewed and particulars had on the premises; and of John Bromley, Auctioneer, See. - 23, Cannon- street Road, St. George's East London, COUNTY OF SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Lamb Inn, East Bourne, on Tuesday the 18th of July, atid follo wing days, to commence each day at twelve o'oClock precisely, ( unless previously dis- posed of by Private Contract, of which notice will be given,) ALL those desirable and valuable Freehold and Copyhold ESTATES, late the property of THOS. WILLARD, of Eastbourn, in the said county, Esq. de- ceased, consisting of ' A capital MANSION HOUSE, pleasure grounds, | gardens, fish poods, several farm houses aud j cottages, together with nearly one thousand acres of re- markably fine rich arpble, meadow, pasture, and wood lands, with several Extensive chalk cliffs, now in use, from whence chalk is taken, both by sea and land car- riage, to a very large annual amount, and may be in- creased to almost any extent. Likewise several plots of ground; delightfully situated for building close to the sea shore, commanding land and sea views of the most extensive and beautiful description. The whole lying in the several parishes of East bourn, Willingdon, West- ham, Pevensey, Hailsham, Hellingly, and Chiddingly in ^ he said county of Sussex. All the property is now oc- cupied by yearly tenants, except the Mansion- house, of J which immediate possession may be had. N. B. Nearly two hundred acres of the above property are in the , most desirable and valuable part of Pevensey Level. 1 Particulars of the respective lots will be ready byj the 24th instant, and may be had by applying to Thos. Lowten, Esq. of the Temple, London ^ Thomas Ryder, Esq. of Lincolns- Inn Mr. Yong, 131, Strand; Mr. Leathwaite, Newsman, Royal Exchange ; Charles Wil- lard, Esq. Seven Oaks, Kent; T. Beatham, Land Sur- veyor, Maidsone ; Messrs. Lee, Printers, Lewes • Mr. Tebay, Ironmonger, Hastings ; Mr. Merryon. Rye Mr. H. R. Attree, Brighton; Mr. Mason, Chichester; and Mr. How. Post- master, Eastbourn. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the George Inn, Henfield, in the county of Sussex, between live and seven o'clock in the afternoon, on I Wednesday, the 14th day of June, i > 09, ALL that vainahle Freehold Farm, containing fifty acres of rich land, little more or less, lying in the parish of Woodmancore, m the county of Sus- sex, known by the' name of SWANES, with the mes- suage, barn, stable, and other buildings. For further information apply to Mr. Pattenden, of Henfield aforesaid. ; VALUABLE MARSH LAND FOR SALE NEAR RYE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. NEVE, In two Lots, at tin' Royal Oak, Brookland, on Monday the iptli lSOQ, between tlio hours of a and " 3 o'elock in the afternoon, aiile- s in the mean tin: e dis- posed of by Private Contraet of whii li if it happeu. the earliest notice will tic j^ iveo : THE following Pieces of Rich Freshmarsh Land, ( in Walland Marsh) called the Shoesmith Land, late part of tlie Estate of Mr. James Terry, of I Brenzett. LOT I, One Field enllrd the Great Field, containing by ad- measurement 3( iA. JH. 39K LOT II. One Field of exceeding rich Marsh, called the Fur- ther Field, containing by - admeasurement oR. 31 R. The Lands are freehold, and adjo; n together, near Guldeford Lane, and are si, ( fate in Brookland, and were late in the possession of Mr. Terry. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next, and a purchaser may he aecbmnicdated with part of the pur- chase- money on security of the premises. For particulars eiujuire of Mr. Terry, Westbrooke, Lydd; Mr. Terry, of Fairfield; ov at the Office of Messrs. Woollett and Dawes, Rye. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By WM. DRAWBRIDGE, At the Red Lion Inn, at Danehill, iu the county of Sussex, on Wednesday the 28th day of June, J80[), between the hours of four and six in the afternoon, ALL that Freehold Messuage or Dwelling House, with the warehouse, stable, granary, and other buildings and lar? e productive garden, well planted with choice fruit trees, situate at Danehill aforesaid, late in the occupation of Amos Tuiley ; the house , ( in- sists o fa shop, kitchen, parlour, brewhouse, good cel- lars, lour bed chamber ami attics. In these premise for many years p.- st an extensive trade in the Linen Drapery and Grocery Lines has been carried on, and are well worth the attention ov any person desirous of entering into tluw li. u- s of business. For particulars apply at the ofliee of Mr. Waller, So- licitor, Cuckfield. HANTS. Handsome Villa, Cottage, and about 50 Acres of Land, Modern Houshold Furniture, Wines, aud other Effects. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, * On Tuesday the 20th of June, at twelve o'clock, on the Premises. LOT I AVERY substantial, well- built freehold Resi- dence, garden, green- house, coach- house, stabfes, Willi about 4.) acres of Meadow, arable, and coppice land, within a ring fence, situate 011 the skirts of the pleasant village of Horndean, commanding iirospeets of great beauty and extent, ill a good neighbourhood, and a fine sporting country, LOT II. A Freehold brick r. A sashed Cottage, garden, with about live acres of meadow land, adjoining lot one • and at one o'clock the same day, the genuine and entire fashionable Furniture, 011 ; lie Premises of Lot I. the property of Major Crawford, consisting of four post and other bedsteads, with callico, dimity, and o. her furni- I Hire, prune goose feather beds, hair and flock mattresses, an elegant Suit of Drawing- room Furniture, Grecian sofa, fauteuil chairs, French window curtains, card, sofa, and quarietto tables, eating room French window curtains of scarl. it, and black velvet, sideboard, sarcophagus, an ex- cellent set of tables, Brussels carpets, and the other ge- neral articles of furniture. 110 dozen of choice old Wines, a new buiit gig, with curricle head and springs two staunch pointers} two capital milch cows, and two beautiful heilcrs, & c. & c. Printed particulars and catalogues may be had in due time, at the Fountain, Portsmouth, the Bear, Havant ; Dolphin, Petersfield ; Norfolk Arms, Arundel; Libraries Brighton aud Worthing ; on the Premises, and of Mr. WELLER, Chichester. SUSSEX "" ~ Valuable Freehold and Copyhold Estates, with very thriving Timber. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MR. WELLER. On Thursday the 29th June, at five o'clock, at the Spread Eagle, Midhurst, LOT I. AVERY valuable Freehold ESTATE, with a Farm House, barn, stables, granary, cart houses, & c. together with 133 statute acres, of arable, coppice, and meadow land, situate at Durnford, near tile town of Midhurst. LOT II. A valuable Freehold Coppice, full of young timber, called Gold Halls, containing 15 statute aercs, 2 roods, and II poles, situate near let 1. LOT III. A very desirable Estate, called Cranmore Farm, con- sisting of a house, barn, stables, and , ni- outbuildings, together Willi 4:) statute acres of arable, coppice, and 1 meadow laud, situate in the parish of Heysbott. Part of the last mentioned estate is freehold, and part copyhold of inheritance, timber free. LOT IV. A Leasehold Coppice of abou, an acre, with fine young growing timber, situate in the pal ish of Cocking. Po ssession of all tiie above estates will be given at Michaelmas next. Printed particulars will he published in due time, aud I may be had at all the principal Inns in the neighbour ing Market Towns • of Winter, esq. and Mr. Ward- I roper, solicitor, Midhurst: of Mr. Rhoades aud 1 Mr. WELLER, Chichester. — SUSSEX." TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, Some time next Month, ATRULY desirable and valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Colworth, 111 the parish of Oving about three miles aud a half from Chichester, and the same distance from Bognor, comprising a Farm House, two barns, stables, cart and cow houses, calf pens, atid other outbuildings, together w ith about isu acre of rich arable and meadow land ; also the T . dies on 75 acres, which are l. cld by lease of lives, and now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Upton, whose lease " ill i xpire at Michaelmas 1810. ^ Printed particulars will he shortly issued, which may I be had the neighbouring market towns, and of Mr. WELLER, Chichester. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, At the Swan Inn, Chichester, some time next mouth, the following Estates. LOT I. A TRULY desirable MEADOW, of abou I seven acres aud a half, the soil rich, well calcu- lated for Gardens, or Building Ground, lying close to 1 the City of Chichester, in the occupation of Messrs. ] Cross and Whitebread. LOT II. A Leasehold House, and Green Grocer's Shop ad- | joining the Canon Gate, 111 the South Street, Chichester, let to Mr. Thomas Monday. tenant at will. LOT III. I A leasehold House, comprising an extensive Baker's Shop and Premises, situate iu the West Street, Chi- chester, let on lease to Mr. Redman. LOT IV. An extensive leasehold House, and Turner's Shop, iu the West Street, Chichester, in the occupation of Mr. Robert Briant, tenant at " ill. LOT V. A leasehold Estate, comprising two new built Houses adjoining Lot 4. Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. WELLER, Chichester. " ' • - • • • ft . • .. ... n . Freehold Farm, Pagham, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By Messrs. WHITE and SON, On Wednesday the 14th of . fane, at the Fleece Ina^ Chichester, at live o'clock, precisely, A ed Willowhale Farm, com prising a ^ ood Farm House, barn. with two floors, stables, two cart houses, a granary over one of them, enclosed garden, orchard, and i 14 ciutoinary aorcs of rich arable, pasture, and coppice land, in a high state of cultivation, situate in the parish of Pagham, now in the occupation of Mr. Henry Bridger, under a term which expires » t Michael- mas next, the land is very good, and has been let at the same resit during; 30 years last past • the distance from Chichester, is about five miles, and from Bognor, about a mile aud a half. The estate- may be viewed by applying to the" tenant, aud. pavUchlars may be had at Garraway's. ' London; fountain, Portsmouth Norfolk Arms, Arundel Half Moon, Petworth : Hotel, Worthing; Library, Bagnor ; and Messrs. White and Son, Chichester ^ or or J. L. White, Arundel Square. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BARTLETT, On Monday the 26th of June, I8oc), at the Fleece Tun, Chichester, precisely at . seven o'clock in the evening, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising, a brick and sashed house, a stable and woodhouse, thatch* cd, and a plot of must excellent garden ground, of coti- siderable extent. The House measures 29 feet in front, and 24 feet in depth, and contains three rooms, wash- house, and eel* lar. on the ground floor, and four sleeping rooms. These premises are situate at the top of th<; Broyle Road, leading to the Barracks, and are admirably cal- culated for a Public House, or a Lodging House; is now in ; he occupation of Mrs. Wild, who will give imme- diate possession. Further particulars may be known, by applying to Mr. Bartlett, at his Royal Exchange and General Agency Offices, Chichester. CHICHESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY WHITE AND SON, For the benefit of Creditors, on Monday, the 19th of June, I8<> 9, at the Flecee Inn, between tite hours of six and seven iu the evening, ATruly valuable and desirable LEASEHOLD Estate, comprising a receut well buiit brick and sashed Dwelling House, situate without the South Gate, Chichester, 111 the occupation of Mr. Robert Rassell, builder; comprising in the basement, excellent cellars, ground floor, a entrance hall, front and back parlours; second floor, a dining room, aud two bed chambers, and attic, two bed rooms, kitchen and wash- house ; to- gether with a large work- shop detached, capable of con taiuing eight benches; also, a saw- house,, shed and va rious other conveniences, and a capital Garden; the whole extent of the premises from front to back, 190 ft. front of the house, 27 ft. the yard and garden at the hack, 54 feet. The above is held under the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral, quit rent Is. 4d. per annum. The premises may be viewed by applying to the Auc- tions ; and further particular may be known by ap- plying to Mr. R. Dally, Solicitor, Chichester. All persons having any claim or demand oti Mr. Robert Rassell, are desired to send an account of the same to Mr. Dally; and all persons who stand indebted to his Estate, are requested to pay the amount immedi- ately into the hands oi' Mr. Dally ( who is fully authorised to receive the same) iu order that it may be divided amongst his creditors. COMPACT FREEHOLD VILLA, with MEADOWS and TROUTSTREAM, at HAWLEY, near DART- FORD, KENT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. CHRISTIE, At his Great Room, 111 Pall Mall, London, on Thurs- day, the 22d of June, punctually at Two o'Oiock, ( By order of the Executors of DAVID PITCAIRN, M. D. & c. & c. & c. deceased ;) ACompact and most delightful, FREEHOLD VILLA, with Offices, Stabling, Kitchen Garden, neat Pleasure Grounds shaded by Lime and Chesnut Trees of the finest growth, and washed by a rapid trout stream, the river Darent, which flows through the beautiful vale in which the premises are situated, here two miles distant from the town of Dartford, one mile from Darenth, and three miles and a half from Far- ningham. Also, two meadows contiguous, and one de- tached, comprising in the whole about eight acres, be the . same more or it; ss. A considerable Sum has been expended on the premises which are in ihe neatest order. May be viewed. Printed particulars to tie had on the spot, ,-. t the George, Dartford ; of A. Goodeve, Esq. So- licitor, Holborn Court, Gray's Inn ; at Garraway's Cof- fee- House, Cornhill; aud of Mr. Christie, Pall- Mall, London. FREEHOLD RESIDENCE AND FARM, SUS- SEX, ON THE BORDER OF SURREY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. HOGGART and PHILLIPS, At Garraway^ s Coffee- House, Change- Alley, Cornhill, on Tuesday, the 4th July, at 12 o'clock ; AValuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called the Grange, consisting of an excellent Family House with one hundred and twenty- six acres of rich meadow, arable, and wood . land,: in high cultivation, in a ring- fence, the late residence and property of the Rev. John- son Towers, deceased, situatein a fine sporting country, near the Foxhounds, - 22 miles from Brighton, 2o from Lewes and Tunbridge- Wells, 4 from East Grinsted, 10 from Godstone, and 30 miles from London. The House stands on an eminence commanding extensive aud beautiful prospects, the principal rooms having south aspects, with suitable attached and detached of- fices,' paddock in front, coach- house, stabitn<*, pleasure grounds, and shrubbery walks, kitchen gardens, lofty south wall, aud numerous fruit trees, an orchard ; farm and fatting yards, barns and agricultural outbuildings, with unlimited ri< xht of common." Also, a compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of two. cottages and gardens, with 4 acres of meadow, and 2 acres of hop land. To he viewed with tickets 10 days previous to the sale, and particulars then had at the Dorset Arms, East Grinstead : Libraries, Worthing- and Brighton ; Star, Lewes; King's Head, Horsham; George, Crawley; White- Hart, Godstone ; of the Printers of the Sussex Advertiser : the Brighton Herald ; Hampshire Chroni- at Garraway's ; and of Messrs. Boggart aud Phillips, ( 32 Broad- street, near the Royal Exchange, London. FREEHOLD ESTATE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By AUSTEN and LASHMAR, At the Chequers' Inn, Lamberhurst, Sussex, on Wed- nesday, the 28th of June, ibuQ, between the hours of five and nine o'clock in the evening, unless dis- posed of by Private Contract, of which immediate, notice will be given : HAT compact and desirable Freehold, with q J*-. FARM HOUSE, ham, oast- house, and stable ; together with nine acres (. more <> r less) of enclosed mea- dow, hop, arable, and pasture land, with a right of turn- ing stock on tivat good and extensive Common, called Hook Green, which is equal to several acres more of the enclosed land. Situate, lying, and being close adjoin ing Hook Green, in the parish of Lamberhurst, Sussex, and only half a mile from Earl Camden's, Bayham- Ab bey ; sixmihs from Tunbridge Wells ; and good roads to all the towns and villages in the neighbourhood. Possess. on may he had on Michaelmas day next, and the. timber, timber- like, and eiVects, to be taken at a valuation, with a reserve of two a. h trees, to remain standing during the life of the vender, who is between 40 and ; io years of age. N. B. Mr. Thomas Burr, of Hook Green, will shew j the premises, of whom' further particulars may be I kuawuj and uf the Auctioneers., Lamberhurst FOR SALE, At Sir Thomas Carr's Cob- Place, near Lewes, TWENTY true- bred SOUTH DOWN TUPS, from one to two years old. The Sheep are in their wool, and may he seen, by ap- plying to the Shepherd, on the premises, who will com- municate further particulars. TO BE SOLD ONE Hundred OAK TREES, of dimensions fit for Plank, as they are now lying on Burgh Hill Farm, Chiddingly. For particulars apply to Mr. Pitt, on the Farm. ROMNEY MARSH, KENT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By WINSTANLEY and SON, , At Garraway's Coffee- House, London, on Wednesday, June 14th, at Twelve o'clock in Two Lots ; AValuable and very desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of Six Pu n's of rich graz- ing Land, containing 44 acres iu Romney Marsh, in ( he Parishes of Brookland and Ivey Church. Kent; let to Mr. Wm. Hayward, who ha* had notice to <| ui> at Lady- Day next, when possessiuu may he hiid. To he viewed by applying 10 the tenant. Particulars may be had at the New Inn. Romney ; Swan, at Hastings;. Saracen's Head, Ashford Bell, Maidstone; the Place of Sale; and of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster How, London, where a plan may he seen. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. S. MAPLESDEN, On Wednesday the 28th day of June, between the hours of three and six o'clock in the afternoon, at the Admiral Vernon Inn. in Burwash, in the county of Sussex, unless tli- posed of in the mean time by Pri- vate Contract, ( of which if it happens) public uotUe will be given, ACustomary or Copyhold MESSUAGE, Barn, Oasthouse, Stable, and convenient Lodges, with a good garden and orchard, and seieral pieces or par- U of arable meadow and- pasture land, hop ground, d woodland,. coutaining by admeasurement, / ir. A. OR. Called hv the. naiiie of Pugs- hole Farm situate Iving and being near Burwash Wheel, in the , d county of Sussex, holden of the Manor of Robertsbridge, anil now in the possession or occupation of Mr. William Buss, the proprietor, who will shew the premises. For further particulars ennuise of the » ai3 William Buss ; or at the Office of Messrs. Philcox and Son, So- licitors, at Burwash, aforesaid. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. JAMES ROW, At the King's Arms Inn, in Billingshurst. Sussex, o> i Monday the 19th day of June, long, between the hours of four and live in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall lie then produced, TWO Closes of excellent freehold arable LAND, now in wheat, containing 20 acres, and >> o rods, little more or less, situate in the parish of Thakeham, in Sussex, and iu the occupation of Mr. Luke Green, field, of West Chiltington. The - timber, underwoods, and growing crop, to b « taken by valuation. The premises may be viewed on application to the oc- cupiers ; and particulars may l. e had of Messrs. Ellis and Hale, at Petworth, in Sussex. Freehold Estates of the Late Rev. Edward Wilson, D. D. in Kent and Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. NEVE, At the Woolpack, ill Tenterden, on Tuesday the titli day of July next, between the hours of three and sirt o'clock in the al'teruoon. LOT 1. AMANSION HOUSE, several Cottages, barn, oust house, stable, lodges, and 14SA. oft. KiP. more or less, of arable, meadow, pasture, hop, and wood lands, generally kuwu by the names of Black- wall Farm, and Broomfield. in Hinxhill Wye, aud Wil lesborough, in Kent, demised to Messrs. Amoses and Barber, by a lease which expirjs aT Michaelmas n; -„ except the Woodland, about three acres in tisc hand, of the proprietor. LOT II. A Messuage, Cottage, two barns, stable, lodge, and 74A. aR. Ml', or thereabouts, of ar;; hli-, meadow. and pasture land, generally known by the names of Point Parles Farm, and Mabcroft, in Hasringleigh and Wye, in Kent, in the niiatioii ol Richard Rolfe, who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next. LOT III A Farm House, two barns, oasthouse, stable, lodges, and mCiA. IB. IIP. of arable, meadow, pasiiire. hop and wood land, called Park Pale Farm, ill the parish of Mountfield, in the county of Sussex, in the occupation of Robert Christmas, under a lease which expires at Michaelmas, 1821. LOT IV. Four Pieces of Marsh Land, in Lydd, ill ihe county of Kent, containing 4tjA. oR. - jnP. now in t'ni^ occupa- tion of Mr. John Sawyer, under a lease which expires at Michaelmas mil, LOT V. A Dwelling House, barn, stable, and seven pieces of Marsh Land, containing 3SA. oR. rSnP. situate iu did Romney, in the county of Kent, iu ;' ue occupation of John White, who has notice to i[ uit at Michaelmas next. LOT VI. A Barn and several Pieces of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land, containing if A. » R. 33 P. situate in Rye. in Sussex ( on part of which the foot barracks now stand) in the occupation of Mr. Proctor, under a Icasg which expires at Michaelmas IB17. LOT VII. A Piece of Marsh Land, near Blackwell, in Witter- sham, 111 Kent, containing 4A. oR. 2oP. in the occu- pation of Mr. George Morphett, jun. who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next, together with a . Channel rent of 17s, ( id. per annum. LOT VII. Three Pieces of meadow and pasture land, called Heronden, in Tenterden, Kent, containing 7 A. jp. in the occupation of Mr. John Mace, who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next. LOT IX. A capital Mansion House, with a garden, orchard, and pleasure ground, a barn, stable, lodges, granery, and othe" buildings, and eight several pieces of meadow, pasture, and wood land, in Tenterden, Kent, contain, inj 38A. 2ft. 27P. The House, and 44A, lit. 10P, of the land, tire in the occupation of Thomas- Weston, Esq. under an agreement which expire, at Michaelmas 1817. The other part of the land MA. IK. 17P. is in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Longrey, who ha » notice to quit at Michaelmas next. N. B. The Land Taxes are redeemed. The Tenants will shew Lots and s ; and the Tenants or their Lookers in the Marsh the ro;> « ctive lots there • and Mr. Neve, those at Tenterden. Further particulars of Lots 1 aud 2. may be bad of Mr. Thomas Turner, at Old Land, near Lewes, and Mr. Neve, Tenterden ; and of the other lots, of the above 1 Mr. Turner . and the Rev. Mr. R. Turner, o| Hartfield, Sussex, the Devisees iu trust, aud of Mr. Neve. . SUSSEX. IHEREBY give Notice, that I have received a Re- jutsiuoiuoealla Meetingof the' Fn\ holders and Inhabitants of this Cnmitv;> nd also u Counter Kcqtiuit ion:( froth. hweun. ltsr piibfisheit)'* and that after duly consjdertn'B the siflijeet, 1 feel it my duty • tu Jeckue calling litei Meeting: THOMAS TOURLE, Sheriff. Landport, June 10, JftOi). To the uigli She: iti of the County., of Sussex.- SIR, Being deeply affected by the extreme importance of the transactions which have recently passed in tV* Commons House " of Par'hiUYient, involving, as they » (.- p » ar to' us to do, the essentia! interests ot the Country, we think it highly proper and neces- s, tiy that t'he public opinion should he uneijaivo- cafty expressed with re'gaid trt them : - W. e therefore re- pec tfittty' reqtk'sO liii t vou ' wjli call a Meeting of the l- reeho'Weis and Inhabitants of. the County of Sussex, for the' above- mentioned purpose, and especially to consider of a Vote of Thanks to Mr. Wardle, along with the, other, Melwheis of the House of Commos » - ikliosupported him, for the mar. lv intrepidity and perseverance displayed by, him, in instituting and prosecuting his charges asainst the conduct of the Kx- Coitihiandei in Chid. We are', Sir, votrr mftsi obedient servants, T. Read Kemp Wm. A. Righton Ed. Ser. Curteis John Smith Matthew Walker John Arckoll Samuel Gwynne H. Buckman, jim David Sands William Cook . William Grace.; William Eldridge Joseph Messer George Slatter Nicholas Slatter Thomas Gorring J. Gladwish Stephen Blundell W. Badcock, sen. Wm. Crottenden Thomas Parks Richard Sinnock John Foord William Slatter Thomas Kenn James Biffin S. Wooldridge James Ticchurst John Fairhall T. A. Mantell John Elliot Henry Gearing Thomas Fuller J. Ellman, Cliff Henry Browne John Wood Charles Blackman, William Murrell William Hodson John Wood John Godlee James Browne James Flint John Spilsbury John Holman Charles Hobden John Whapham Thomas Winter John Kennard John Smart James Diggens Benjamin Ridge Robert Neal William Elphick Rd. Branghton Stephen Steer J. Cheesman John Guy , Thomas Pescodd Edward Thunder John Kent Robert Chatfield Joseph Marten Thomas Wrenn Robert Mott Samuel Francis Henry Bray Edward Chatfield John Henry Bates Thomas Phillips James Gregory Jeremiah Godson William Stuard To the High Sheriff of the County of Sussex. SIR, Wli the undersigned, being informed that a Re- oui^ ition for a Meeting of the Freeholders; and also of the Inhabitants of the County, has been a con- siderable time circulated for signature, and that the avowed purpose of the meeting is " to express the public opinion with regaid to transactions which have recently passed in the Commons House of i'ailiament," beg leave to represent to you that it appears to us, such a meeting of the county, called to agitate questions - which have. already been fully discussed and decided upon by the Represen- tatives of the People at large, is not only'unneces- sary, hut improper, and may tie attended with the woist consequences; that the tendency of it evi ctently will be to inflame and mislead the minds of the people, and eventually disorganize the state, at a period when the utmost unanimity is required to preserve oOr existence as a nation, and to main- tain the glorious situation in Which Great Britain now stands, the only sBppp. rtev. and. asstrtor. ttf the libei ties of mankind. Wa therefore do request that you will decline calling such a meeting Chichester Egremont John Bridger Ashburaham St. Asaph Selsey Hampden George Shiffner J. W. Commercll Cecil Bisshopp Richard Hollist Robert Blake T. Chambers Henry, Willard G. H. Cavendish Austen ( of Kirdford G. Courthope, jun Thomas D'Ovly Courthope Thomas Baker W. T. Roe, jun. John Trevor J. W. Lewis Francis Freeling A. E. Fuller Charles E. Pigou Edward Barker William Battme. Siaoei- t Newbery John Newbery John Demett W. J. Campion John Austen, ( of Horstedkeynes John Leach C. C. Porter H. Plimley William Campion W. Courthope Ellman ( Glynd) John Hoper J. M. Cripps G. E. Graham James Ingram R. A. Turner Jeslas Smith Edward Verrall John Chatfield J W. Hudson Thomas Saxby Thomas Rogers Joseph Molineax Richard Chrisman George Bodle George Gramham Henry Freeman John Cripps Francis Cell E Merriman J. Delap « . Lupton Henry Poole Edward Raynes T. Partrogton Nathaniel Kemp John Vernon James Brown Thomas Hill George Verrall Morris Trayton Prime Simon Grover W. Richardson George Wilmott W. Alexander Henry Verrall William Verrall James Hutchins Obadiah Elliot Henry Berry Richard Crimden Thomas Berry James Berry Edward Edges John Curtis Wm. Shoosmith Richard Knight P. G. Crofts Richard Hart Thomas Beard T. R. Hooker Richard Hurly John V. Tourle William Stanford J. Hardwick John Hamshar John Bull jnn. Thomas Turner Richard Attree William Young Richard Ellman William Ridge Thomas Evans Thomas Williams Charles Harison Joho H. Willard John Gorring Thomas Allwork J. Simmons J. Brooker E. Shoosmith James Cook John Ashby John Haine William Towner William Washer John Wood John Borrer G. M. Bethune T. Hudson ( Streat M. Mannington William Cane T. Cruttenden W. Gabbitus Charles Saxby W. Saxby William New Richard Sharpe Wm. Crockford William. Fuller Joseph Fuller R. T. Streatfield J. S. Clarke M Dorien Magens Edward Granston Stileman Boxcock John Woodward Thos. Woodward John Thompson Robert Bingham G. Woodward Caleb Pearee David Lungton W. Kenward S. Lidbetter William Verrall John Harmer Joseph Soper Thomas Merricks J. Fuller, Uckfield H. West T. H. Barben James Vigor Thomas Carr John Bean J. Worger Henry Chimpson. W. Brooker Wm. Woodhams John Boole Thomas Bodle Samuel Reed Joseph Seymour Charles Gilbert Thomas Lidbetter William King Henry C. Woods John Ade B. Blackman Thomas Herbert William Pucher Charles Dendney, Thomas Noakes. William Harison Walter Mason James Newman H. Barton Goldsmith William Lambe Thomas Tutt Joseph Fuller Stephen Holland John Barton: * John Langford Isaac Clapson Richard Plumer George Carey Philip Turner Inigo Thomas Thomas Broome John Yelding John Denman William Elphick Thomas Cosham Nicholas Willard L. Harison Rd. Holmwood William Delves William Dunk William Trivett Robert Huwes John Fox S. Wilmshurst Richard Green J. B. Hayley J. Buss Thomas Fuller John Thomson Robert Overy Robert Pattenden Samuel Baker William Baker Jeremiah Ellis W. Chrismas Thomas Nailard James Haffenden Edmund Hilder Edward Hilder David Dunk J. A. Balrymple John Fry John Kerby R. O. Stone Nicholas Stone. James Tompselt Thomas Tooth William Gilbert John Paine Samuel Playsted Abergavenry G. H. Nevitt John Fagg Edward Hussey W. A. Morland Henry Playsted John Tompsett John Standen G. Jarvis John Austin Stephen Standen John Underwood Benjamin Lene W. Richardson William Standon Benjamin Field Wm. Ashburnham T. P. Lamb Nathaniel Procter John Myers. William Watson G. A. Lamb Thomas Proctor W. P. Lamb Henry Eaton G. Mugleston W. Shadwell John. Thorpe Thomas Russell John Reed Samuel Wickens Richard Crawley Robert Fry John Humpbery Thomas Delves Joseph Delves T. Panawell John Killick Robert Fry James Brown D. S. Cameron Richard Jones Thomas Paige Thomas Huntly Isaac Tompsett John Hutchins William Baker John Springett William Noakes Stephen White Benjamin Buss Joseph Cole Thomas Sargant Chris opher Hoao John Harman Thomas Fuller William Arkcoll Wm. Blackman George King John Scott Charles Lamb William Gill G. Robinson Solomen Bevill John Pung James Lock George West G. Strickland Edward Tyhurst William Smith William Amoore John Longley James Dutton Stephen Tuit J. Mickletbwait R. Rideant J. Tilden Sampson T. Barton M. G. Harvey John Russell Charles Hardinge John Watts Richard Watts James Aden S. Kennett Thos. Robinson Thomas Peters John Hilder Richard Swaine William Cox James Hilder Charles Verrall J. Bourne Tilden Smith John Elliot Thomas Hilder William Newbery R. P.. Satterley T. J. Breeds John Knight Wm. Woodroffe T. Mannington John Mannington Thomas Ades Chris. Thorpe William Bishop . Samuel Satterley Stephen Brook Arthur Brook James Fuggle William Duke William Russell William Thorpe William Duke Charles Lawrence John Mynn B. Blackman, jun. John Whiteman Fran, Woodhams J. T. Fuller Richard Turner William Camfield Whitworth Sackville Bale J. Clutton Thomas Elgar Wm. Cheesman William Scrase William Attree John Artree Charles Goring William Tate George Wells Charles Bridger Thomas Green John Penfold N. Roberts P. Wood Nathaniel Hall Edward Upperton John Chatfield James Turner James Stubbs Richard Penfold Philip Peckham James Michell. William Wyatt George Newland John Wood William Stanford Richard Gates H. Bridger William Gorringe T. Poole Hooper James Newman Hugh Fuller H. Partington John Rice George Tate J. Edwards, jun. John Moukhouse John Innett John Witherston J. Clayton Cowel J. Robert Hawkins Edward Bidger T. Edwards Harry Jonott John Butler George F. Roberts Albinas Dean William Symonds Caleb Burrows Richard Smith W. Clergman John. Foster W. Walker Jesi Evans Michael Cave James Deadman John Deadman Richard Puttick John Puttick W- Haylor M. Watermam Thomas Blair Richard Comber Thomas Pelham William Corbett William Lashmar Edward Lashmar H. West John Butler. Jun. Thos. Greenwood John Boyce William Ratcliff Joseph Tilstone John Hill T. Hollingham W. Broad John Hogsflesh William Crumb, William Fennall William Blaker John Gates M. Broadhead H Thomas Thos. Wickham William Allever T. Greenwood sen Edward Tillston Blad Young W. Holcombe T. Morley Hen. Hannington Thomas Allever John Moorey Michael Durrant James Beach John Ford Barach Blaker James Belbey James Smith Nathaniel Blaker James Penfold Thomas Bushby J. N. Jordan Wm. Margesson T. Whitter John Crofts Wm. Kinleside John Holmwood William Amoore \ Harry Baker Wm. Gratwicke Charles Markwick George Cortis William Nye H. Smart John Tompkins Richard Amoore William Olliver C. Miller Charles Webber Moses. Toghill J. B. Carpenter, B. Middleton John Newland John Blagden W. Johnson Thomas Trew John Murray Samuel Cobby Chas. Pilkington John. Legg John Moore Chas. Newland Jas. Piggott, sen Joseph Triggess Henry Frankland T. F. Dayison John Cranford H. Comper Jacob Pope William Tireman Thomas Trew William. Waland John White E. W. Brine Benjamin Caffin James Caffin William Peachey Samuel Peat Henry Oaksbott Thomas Hughes James Hughes Henry Horn Thomas Randall James Thomas E. Martin Giles Cribb James Sayers Charles Peat Samuel Combes Robert Mason W. Burbury Jas. Richardson Richard Hookey John Wardham James Champ John Davis William Brown William Andrews James Lane Thomas West Thomas Newlyn Robert Smart George Lovegrove Charles Burcher W. Stephens Henry Wells William Wills George Denham J. Marsh Thomas Cobden Thomas Rhoades Charles Dunster Charles Biddulph William Mitford John L. Ellis George Dnintrey Thos. Celobrook Robert Upperton John Upton, jun, James Row William Upton William Steut Richard Martyn Matt. Halliday William Tyler Robert Palmer Edward Tooth Henry Garland E. . T. Petar William Hale Winterton W. Bridger Fran Whitcombe James Canner John Colebrook James Greenfield William King Peter Lutman Henry Upton T. Green J. Napper John King Edward Napper Henry F Napper George King George Chandler John Elliott John Elliot Richard Elliot George Barrett John L. Napper John Butcher W. Woolldridge G. Woolldridge John Evershed W. Woolldridge . junior Park Elliott John Baxter John Hemming Robert Strudwick James Street Richard Pattock Richard Launder Richard Smith Edward Tredcroft Samuel Andrew John Jupp Wm. Redman Charles Barnard William Boxall John Ede J ames Stoveld William Child T. Hudson. John Turner Thomes Reeves John Salter T, Comber Josiah Garten John Summersett John King John Ide Francis Neale John Neale John Challen Robert Palmer Richard Cobby James Heath, Edward Michell William Dennett William Botting Galloway N. Tredcroft Wm. Jameson Thomas Bedford D. Stedman W. Sheppard Hor. Ellis John Turner P. Humphreys T. N. Vinall George Champion Charles Champion H. Howes John Michell Thomas Lintott E Dabbins S. Chapman W. Rickwood John Plumer D. Champion William Clark John Rawlison S. Bockoll Thomas Lee Charles Oakes Thomas Cragg James Bayley Edmund King W. Robinson G. Waller G. Shephard John Martin John Lintott J. Asbridge Henry Wood J. Rideout Thomas Coppard Jobn Becket Thomas Becket J. William Clutton Richard Emery Hugh Penfold John Boniface Thomas Olliver John Penfold John Agate Hopcrafts & He- mingway John Hooper Luke Upperton Joseph Upperton Richard Tahny Thomas Chatfield Thomas Bowler Thomas Fuller Harry Newland Edward. Barker George Henry Thomas Henry James Hopkins John Watts Michael Morrah TURNPIKES. WHp'REAS at a - Meeting of the . Trustees of, theOflFham, Mailing, Ringmer, Shortgate, and f ^ wCs to iJrigViihelv. istoti lluftd's, holdeti at the Star Inn, Lewes, on Monday, the 2j) th day of May Jast, the TOLlis arising at the Gate,' called Shortgate, Avere pvt up at the stun of money- for which they w ere letteii the last year, to be lot- by Au'. ttioif for ene year, from the . first- dav- of July next, but there was no tiidri. ee. NOTJCF. :) S TiliiR EFORE HEREBY GIVEN, that the next Meeting mf the Trustees of ibe'said Roads will be holden at1 tli'e'White Hart Inn,' in Lewes afore- said, an Monday- the ! ulit dtiy ot' July next, at eleven o'clock in the futeuooii, witch the Tolls arising at the said Gate culled Sruirtgnte, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to the best bidder, for one ycae, t•! tontmence 011 stteli a tlay as the Trustees shall: . nominate, in the manner directed by an act passed in the IJtll year of the reign of'his present Majesty King George the Third, for re- gulating i trrir; iike-' lijiilti, and will be'ptit ap at such sum as the Trustees sliiill think fit : VV hoever happens to be the best bidder must give security, with sufticient sureties, to live satisfaetioii of the'' Trustees, for pay merit of the reiVt agreed for, which relit is ttt be paid in etiiial nliitlt'llly ptiiiiit utIi. i'il one of such iosial- meuts to be paid to the Ttvasurer in advance, mi lite eouiiiieiiceiiietit of the sutd term, antl the like instal- luents in every, svic. ceeding- month during the term Also . it the siiiit'e Vittttiit^. the.- Trnstees tut'ei. d in take ilHo. considera intt t it: expuuieitcy of ereciiitt: a weigh- ing eti > ine at' CJil'baui Gnie. • Dated lite ,-> Ui - day ot' Jmit. titt'i i, ."' .'• ... LEWES SHEEP FAIR \ T a Meeting of the Owners and Occupiers of ti Land Oil the South Downs, held by Advertisement at the Stur Tnn, in Lewes, on Tuesday, the 33d of May, 1809, for the purpose of taking into eousidera- tton the altering Lewes Sheep Fair, from the 2d of Oc- tober 10 the 21st of Septemoer ; - RESOTRVM) I'KT. That owing to the great change of circumstances with regard to the Sale of South Down Slleep since the Fair ( MtaBTUVORK .. HELD ( L » THE ,2( 1 T>¥ OCTMBKR was first established, it is expedient to lis an earlier day for holding the same, more suitable to ttte convenience of the Buyers as well as the Setters. RESOI. V I; n..' Jdly, That from various representations and letters produc- ed from many respectable Sheep Buyers in distant Coun- ties, tt is clearly proved, that the 3d or October is too late for them to purchase Butts, 8011s to get tiiem home, and sufficiently recovered from their journey, to take the Ram at. the tune they wish, RKSOI. VHD 3dly, That other Sheep Fairs in adjoining Comities being held 011 the 3d of October, prevent several p. urfhaseis from attending Lewes Fair, and that the 31si of Sep- tember appears to tliis Meeting to be a proper and con- venient day for holding the said Fair. ( Signed) Charles Gilbert Charles Saxby Thomas Henry Harben Henry Petley Thomas Kemp John Hitchens J. M. Cripps Samuel Tyrrell Joseph Richards John Serase Edward Scrase John Ellman William Serase Henry Martin John Hilder William Faulconer James Hodson E. Cooper John Hodson ' Charles Harison Richard Saxby John King John Denman Joseph Als Thomas Morris ; John Ellis Thomas Davies William Hardwick William Davies John Stephens John Taylor William Knight Michael Marten ,-* tthaniel Blaker Thomas Forncombe William Bodle Richard Knight WE, the undersigned, were not at the Meeting, hut ( ally approve of the Resolutions :• Chichester Sheffield Moses Eilder John Rason Edward Auger Walter Rason Cleeve & Thos. Hooper William Stunt Thomas Carr John Body John Barnett Samuel Lidbetter John Curtis J. Farncombe, Bishop- stone James Brook John Leach Joseph Biggs William Hanson Thomas Noakes Richard King J. and H. Pagden • C. M. Burrell William Ridge Thomas Barnard James Skinner William Woodhams Joseph Fuller John Bean William Stace William Child Samuel Stace John Ade, Rich. Ade, Berwick Thos. Ade, Milton William Packbam John Worger Thomas Woodhams John Marten Joseph Marten John Ade, Firle Thomas Marchant Wm. M. Gladman Thomas Morris LEWES Cliffe Fair, for . the will be held on the SECOND heretofore, witness our hands William Stanford William Gorringe John Hamshar James Ingram John Bull, jun. John Boys Thomas Rogers Nathaniel Hall Richard Hart F Gell William Clutton R. Tester Samuel Suashall H. Hall J. Guy Miles Berry Thomas Serase Thomas Comber William Hodson Thomas Beard John Jenner John Wood Isaac Sayers J. Newland James Flint — Mitchell T. Moon J. V. Tourle J. Parsons Thomas Lidbetter George Hasler William Tribe William Cane William Turner John Coppard John Marchant William Jenner Bichard Verrall Thomas Geere Stephen Croskey Robert Gallop George Elphick John Grinsted William Hill Robert Chatfield James Lee William Dabbs William Alexander George Weller James Kent Henry Botting A. Wm. Hodson John Broad E. Tester H. Newland R. Chrismas William Tanner. George Blaker George Henry Thomas Henry T. Cutler E. Upperton William Gallop E. Waterman B. Staker T. Holmes F. Winton William Gravely William Goodyer William Sturt J. Glazebrook J. Holmwood James Turner Richard Dumbrill Wm. Wyatt. jun. J. Ford G. Bushby ' ' Joseph Ridge S. Carver John Stapely Thomas Fuller Samuel Flint Edward Pinnex William Cufield S. Bine William Goddard Charles Merchant Thomas Rogers, jun. J. Marchant, Perching Thomas Roswell Richard Hobden Henry Farley Edward Evitt J. Jeffery Thomas Poole John Osborne Thomas, Lloyd B. Smithers William Moon Richard Turner James Wood M. Jeffery Robert Hendly Thomas Bloomfield J. Trill Thomas Ellis Richard Stapely Robert Wood William Taylor Thomas Hodson James Wenham John Botting James Stubbs James Pilfold Joseph Dancey William Jennings Arthur Dudeny John Wood Robert Holmes T. Lidbetter William Bennet Thomas Burdon Joseph Thompsett W. R. Tourle Joseph Potter John Whiteman William Marshall J. Vallallce William Murrell E. Greenfield R. L. Dyer J. Paine Henry Limdup Thomas Staker J. Borrer,. Portslade. William Carter Georgw Oliver J. Oliver James Penfeld Penfold ' Thomas Turner Upperton T. Groome J. Botten P. Vallance C. Penfold Michale Agate H. Sturt J. Holmwood, jun. H. Botten NOTICE is hereby given, That the Trustees acting tinder and by virtue of 1111 act passed ttt this present Session of Parliament, intitled, " An Act for building a Chapel < if Ease, in the Town. of Worth- ing, in the County ( if Sussex," will be ready at their next meeting, to be held ai the Nelson Inn, in Worth ing aforesaid, on Monday th-' Sist day - of June instant, at six o'clock in the evening, to receive plans and ele- vations from any person - or persons willing to contract or estimate for the building a Chapel in. the said T own, the dim: usious of tin- outside walls of which will extend ju'depth so feet, aikd in width So feet. Notice is akso hereby given, T hat the said Trustees will be ready at their next Meeting to receive ' Tenders from any person or persons willing to treat for the sr,| e of a piece of ground in Worthing aforesaid, ( oiiiaiiting in width ho fit I, and ill dentil 1^ 0 feet, fur the scita of the said Chapel. By order « f the Trustees, JOHN WATTS, Clerk. TURNMKE TOLLS TO LET. NOTICE is hereby given, That the tipxt Oe- ner.' tl Meeting of the Trustees of the Turupike- r ii ad leatling from the Town t. f Brightbelmstoiu throutih Cuckfield to the County Oak on Lovel Heath, in the utility, of Sussex, is appointed to be held at the Talbot Ittn, in Cuckfield aforesaid, 011 Thursday, the 13th day of July next, at twelve o'clock at noon ; at which Meet- ilie- To Is arising at the several ' Toll gales u; vni the aid road, called Preston, Stone Pound, Austy and Austy SideGate, Slough Green, I field Bar, and Crawley "" ties, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to the best idder, from the 30th day of September next, for one or more years, as shall be then agreed on, between the hours of twelve » ud two of the same day, in- the man ner directed by the act passed ill the thirteenth year of the reign of his present Majesty, " for regutaliug the Tump ike Roads," which Tolls are let for the current ear at the sum of it3, t* o:>, and will be pin up at that stun : Whoever hap peas to be the best bidder, must pay into the hands- r/ f the ' Treasurers or the said road, two months rent in advance, and also give security, with utKcient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees ot the said road for the due payment of the remainder, at uch times as they shall direct. SAM WALLER, Clerk to the Trustees of the said roa '. Cuckfield, June 13, I80T>. TURNPIKE ROAD, FROM HENFIELD TO BRIGHTHELMSTON. next Meeting of theTnistees of this Road J will be liolden at the White Hart Inn, in Henfield, on Friday the V6th day of thin iustanj June, at the hour of. eleven in the forenoon, at which meeting the several Suhsciihers to this. road may receive one year's interest, due the. Siith day of December, 1804, on their respective securities. I'v order of the said Trustees, THO. MORGAN, Clerk. Hurstperpoint, Oth June, JSflf). DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP ' I^ TJE Paitnership lately existing between the X undersigned, was this day dissolved by mu- fiial consent; All pmsous who, stand indebted rt> the - said 1' artnership, ate requested to pay the same, on or before the 1st of July next ; and those who have claims, forthwith to send them in, that they may be discharged. EDWARD BLAKER. THOMAS BLAKER. E. and T. B. avail themselves of the dissolution of their partnership, to thank their friends and the public, for that kind and liberal support tltey have ever received, and trust that the same will he con- tinued to E. Blaker, in whose name the business irt future will be carried on. Brighton, May 96, 1309. THOMAS BLAKER. and Co. WINE AND BRANDY MERCHANTS, .> Espeetfully inform their friends and the Ptfb- 4. lie. that they have opened their Vaults, in Ship Street, in Hie above concern, where they luive laid in ail ample Stock of prime Old Port W ines, both . in Pipe and Bottle, choice Madeiras, Sherries, and other Foreign White Wines, - with i'oreign Spirits of the best quality, and British Compim, rids. T. B. and Co. flatter Themselves from the great • are arid attention bestowed in selecting their Stock » it- wHI meet, the distinguished approbation of a,. generous aiid ttisceTning Public, which it shall he their sole aifit to merit. Brighton, June '>, BENNETS BANKRUPTCY. rTntlE Creditors of the Estate of Benjamin Ben- JL nett, late of Hailsham, iu the county of Sussex, brewer, dealer and chapman, against whom a Coinmis- slou of Bankrupt it awarded and issued forth, are ; mr ticularly requested to meet at the Star Inn, iu Lewes, on Saturday, titc 17th day of June instant, at Ten o'elo k iu the forenoon, and to bring with them a particular account of their respective- debts t - lis it is proposed at tiiW'Hieetitig to take into consideration the propriety of superseding the present Commission., and making an assignment of his estate and effects to Trustees for the general benefit of his creditors; and any of the said Creditors not being able to attend, are requested with- . ou- t fail, by the 16th instant t- o transmit their respective accounts to, Mr. Colbatch, Prince's- place, Brighton, the Solicitor uuder the cftmmisstot}. JOHN SLEE, JUN, NO. I, and 5, MANCHESTER STREET, BRIGHTON HAS the satisfaction of iinnooncing to . hii Friends and a generous Public, the safe arrivals..^ ., his cargo of Wines, Cyder, Porter, & « . which are vow deposited iu his Stores at ibis place, and independent of this arrival, he has a large stock of line Old IV, it, and other Wines, that cannot be exceeded, either for < ju* i>- ty or age. The very flattering encouragement .1. SK-*- has experienced both'front the inhabitants arid Visitant* of t bis jiltiee, ; md ofiis vit'iiiifv, has. and uiil at all ti . 1, induce him to rrdopt every means Insecure him a, t » u- tiuiiatiott of Ihctr- favors, i-/ y fteepfns a 1,' trge assort in tut of the choicest Wioas, that ihey tinW be ttl C i tl It'll t ed age, by w hich hehi> i « > hi., friends will be prevented the trouble. ofdirintjiug tiieir Wines from London. John Sice Uas at 0 a lafge i » toek ol' Stunt Porter, Windsor and other alts. Perry, Cyder,'&<:. in Casl,^ and Bottles. John Stee also begs to remind his friends, he is rive Importer of all the foreign, and Maker of all the Spirits, he sells, both here, and at his Oisitlicry in London, that they may depend 011 Having genuine ar- ticles a » ' l at all times on sut h teritr., that 11a other House either here, or elsewljere, shall rival hiiu. Brighton, May .')(•,- tutip. ' HORSHAM, SUSSEX, ' CLASSICAL AND ENGLISH SCHOOL. YOUNG Gentlemen are genteely boarded a tit? educated by Messes. Thornton and Son, in English Latin, Greek, French, Writing,' Arithmetic. Mcrcinuus* Accounts, and lite. Mt| jii « m:>! ic » .— Tbfc T'otris fir tho- « wlio learn Latin and Greek, are . Thirty fniiiii- as jwr aii- ntint ; for those who desire only English and Accvmpta. Twenty- tive. ' ' 1 ,. 3 • K> rTttjivcs^ Edr. LatiuV'* Sev TwottnUfeas ; for Ea- ^ LISBY^^ E,. TJIIE. T^ IRNEAV , ' •.' '. -' Those who direct their attention to the Classics, will lie uuder the can of . lijhu Thorryon,- A. B. Considered is Piti- lottr Uoarrtei'M, n'lnl entitled" to Tea SlornUvg and Evening, . it".. ... •' I" EXTRA CltAStlB, GEOGRAPHY and u » e of the Globes, C\ Is DRAWING,' . . . „ •] DANCING, : . . . - t i,.^ w. FRENCH, - . . - ( 1.^. 3 The Vacations are at MM summer and Christmas » : month each ; . .. d icsidciu e diinita either of theuv w, for English Sehrdars, i , vo Guineas : f„ r Latin ones, 1 hree. The ensuing one will commence on the at. ta of Juue next. LEWES CLIFFE SHEEP FAIR. Sale of - Sheej?; of. OcxoEEit, ' as ACADEMY, PULBOROUGH. W BILLINGHURST mipecffully informs his V Y . friends, and the puhlit , that the very exten- sive aud column, litius preini. es, initlt lor bun iuYlie ( a- per Street, Pulborough, will be ready f.. r the rei: epu4, a of pupils, after the ensuing Midsummer vacaii nt. He avails hitiwlf of tins opporttinity to return 1ri « sincere at. d grateful thanks to those of his friends, n Ira have so liberally and confidentially come tor* a id in hie support on itii" occasion, and In those also who invited htm 10 settle amongst them, it :, I who have alrea'd'- en- trusted liini with the care til' their children. The Academy is in a very dry and airy situation, near the church,. Pullborough, May lG. 180(). A. MAIBEN. SADLER AND HARNESS- MAKER, To his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, North- street, Brighton, BEGS leave, to retain his most grateful thanks to the Visitants, Inhabitants, and Public in general, for the favours conferred on him for many years at the above shop, and also during the time he carried, « n the same business in St. James's- street, which latter concern he has now parted with; and at the same time begs leave to assure them, that every article in the Sadlery and Har- ness- making line, made of the best materials, and 011 reasonable terms, may be had on the shortest notice, at his shop, opposite the New Inn, North- street. RICHARD LAMBE, UPHOLSTERER, CABINET - M AKEB, AUC- TIONEER AND APPRAISER, LEWES, BEGS leave to thank his friends and die jniV * lie, for the many favours they have conferred ti|) on lit 111, since'his establishnieM in business ou iM- rccd hill; and respectfully in So 11ns them, that for their gcaua- convetiienre, he bas ukou the extensive shdii, Wms. house, and premises, formerly occupied by Mr. George Philcox, in the Cliff, where the CABINET- MAKING BUSINESS, in all its branches, will be in future car- ried on, and where all orders in the cabinet Li- Be will be thankfully received, and neatly aiid rapoduinH- s- ly executed by skilful uorfemcn. ' Hie Upholstery, & c. wili be carried on ss h- eretofons, at his shop 011 School. hill. WILLE and CO. RICHARD BURTON, S. GWYNNE, THOS. WOODHAMS, THOS. HALL, Lewes, June 6th, 1* 119. JOHN GODLEE, JAMES HOOK, JOHN MANN, JOHN CLARE. THE LATE ROBERT BOWND BROOKE, GENT. DECEASED. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL persons . having- any just and legal claims and demntids on the personal estate, of RO- BERT BOUND BROOKE, late Ensign . in. his Majesty's 11- th Royal Veteran Battalion, Gent. de- ceased, are desired to send - in their accounts ( post paiiD- ejfhef to Mr. Thomas Herbert, or Mr. James Moffatt Brooke, both of Maldon, in the county of . Essex; or to Mr. Thatcher, Attorney at Law, Hastings, vithin one week from the date hereof. And all persons indebted to the said estate are re- quested, forthwith to pay their respective debts to tile sa! itf' Mr. Thomas Herbert, Mr. James Moffatt, or Mr: Thatcher, they beiifg joi- otly autliorized to • teCeitfe the same. NOTICE TO CRICKETERS. JAMES WHITE, respect- fullv informs ttiose who may wish a supply of BUDD's PATRON- ISED BALLS; and CLOUT'S best Game BALLS, at the usual prices, that he has just received a, supply of the same. N. B. Otdeis sent to any part of the county. 25, North Street, Brighton. Mr. PHILLlPSON, DRUGGIST, No. i, St. James's Street, Brighton, BEGS leave most respectfully to inform the Iti- liatxltaivts ot Brighton its vicinity, tint hje has just rtee- ivi d a fresh supply of that most exceTleu* Medicme, SPlLSBURY's ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, from the Dispensary, ,5, Soho Square, London. )•- estimable quality ueeds iw, encomium, but this one case from so many thousands, is inserts* merely for the la- tisfaciiun of the finhlic. James Skelton, aged t>< 5, of Walton . on the Hi'- L Epsom, Survey, was seven yean afilicted wish seven w eight holes in his right leg, ami between tjo ami lv> 9 pie'ces. sf bone came away during- that period. The dis- charge and weakness iiuircasiug, he was ut* b! e k9 move without assistance, takiiiR off his leg was nr. posoi to save his lite. He then confidently applied to bury, s Patent Antiscorbutic Drops, iit a year and a Smif, by them aloue, he was restored to health, nr. d it is three years since he has followed his laborious ottco- pn- tions. He will satisfy any enquiries, personally, or ' try letter post paid. The genuine Medicine has the words " By the Ktn-' V Patent," expressed on the bottle, bill of direction, anr! outside wrapper, and the King's duty is prin- tu! iu black ink. Sold at the Dispensary, 13. Soho Square, London, iB small bottles of Ss. Ul. double bottles Jos. and Ijjo- e ll. 3s. Coinpotintl Essence, to allay intpleasant irrita- tio. i, « s. Sold also by Phillipson, Brighton ; Cook mid Sou, Rye-, Phillipson, Chichester ; and by one or tuore Agents in every respectable town. Freehold Sportiug Residence, and Estates, iu Hampshire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At Wick House, near Alton, Hants, By Messrs. ALLEN - and WARD, O11 Tuesday, the 4th day of July, isop, precisely ret three o'eloek in the ai'tevnoon, AMOST desirable and pleasant Ites'wletice • eallei! WICK HOUSE, having an entrauce hull, . wi. th good siz d parlour, drtuvingrootti, servants' ball, tivd « en- venient offices, on the ground Hoor, six cluuubeis, fim attics, two excellent et- llars wiih Capital arcl e. d M'. iue Vaults; together with farm buildings, and Ifl. S Jitter more or less, of the Lands thereto lieliniging, eonsisf,.^ of arable,' meadow, pasture, hop ground, and woodlatiu. all within a ring fence, 111 One Lot : And other anib's and meadow Lands, being detached parts of the Farriv in several other hits, the w hole situate and being in the parishes of Btnsted hnd East Worldhum, near Alton, Hants, Also, an exceedingly good Farm and Lauds, called Styles, alias Gofft -, eotitaiiiing r. o acnes, more- or less, of arable and meadow lan- d, sitaate in Kingsley, near and within sight of the- Residence, in One Lot • atid sever, il oilier arable, meadow, mid wood lands, in Blu- sted and Kingsley, Hants, in other lot,.. Wick House, substantial and modern " btirh, feolrts south, looks into an extensive valley of rich meadow, atidptisiure lands, interspersed with woods, hangers, itti'i villages, and comnntids a beatilifully varied view « (' Heaths and the South Dawns, to the extentjif 311 miles, and is, situate about two miles from the turnpike ro. id • loading from London t, i Gosport and Southampton, sewm from Farnham, and four from Alton, both capital market towns. The estates tie very near to several hundred acres of • preset ve eovcrts and iuclosures, and ar. tbemselve* abmidiintly sto'eked with game, have lately been im. proved at many thousand pouuds cxpeHce, tttid are now in the occupation of the owner, who will enter into con- ditions for an early completion of the stile . aiid purchase, and delivering tin the possession thereof. Printed particulars of the whole of Hie lands and pit « - nu- ce may be hud after the 1: 1th of June, of Mr. Crab- tree, Saneyor, & c. No. II, Thayer Street, Manchester Square., London, where plans of the Estates tnay ! be seen ; at tl. e principal Inns in Plymouth, Portsmouth, Gosport, Southampton, Winchester, Alresford, Alton, Farnham, and other principal towns and places ; of tlie Auctioneers at Farnham ; aud of Mr. R. Trimmer, So- licitor, at liis OUices at Alton or Farnham, where also •! a plan may ha seen, aud enquiries will be answered. * » '* A person > » ill attend tit Wick House, after tx » o'clock on every day, but Sundays and Thursdays jiH the time . of tiie sale, to slue w . the premises LA DI ES* BUEF DRESSES objec tions to Buff Dresses, from their li IL ability to stains, and the. difficulty of retnov incr thcr. i are now entirely obviated by the use of HUDSON'S CHEMICAL BLEACHING I. i- quto, which removes stains of red port wine, tea, coffee, fruit, mildew, and every vegetable matter from buff th esses, table linen, leather, cottons, muslins and lace, without injuring the buff colour, or the texture of the cloth. Prepared and sold by Hudson and Company, her Majesty's Chymists, 27, Hay- market, Loptbin; sold also by Pugh & Davey,. and W. Lee, Lewes; Gregory, Phillipson, and Gilburd, Brighton; Nor- ton, Hastings; Wheeler, Battle; Mann, Horsham; Pratt, and Phillipson, Chichester; Susan, Sea- ford ; Coleman, Rye; Johnson, Petworth; Saulez, Farebam; Chambers, Tenterden.; and the princi- pal Perfumers and Medicine Venders throughout the United Kingdom, in bottles st 5s, 3s. and Ss. each. postscript FROM SATURDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE. BANKRUPTS. WILLIAM Benton, Stoney well, Stafford, mil- ler.—. J. Tomlinson, Barlaston, Stafford, li- rat- builder.— W Ellam, Windle, Lancaster, tan- ner.——- G. Clarksbn, Bristol, cabinet- maker. E. Allan and Isaac Hancock, . Bristol, n. tvy- con- tractors. R. Lawrence, Bermondsey, corn- dea- lei . , J. Peersan, Holvhead, stationer. Thos. ' Tinson, Salier's- Hall- con.\ Cannon- street, wine- merchant. W. Barclay, Westminster, dealer. —; John Chapman, Dalson, Middlesex, flour- fac- I. M\ W. Michel, Falmouth, viniuer.— William Penwell, Moulton Marsh, Lincolnshire, jobber*—• J. w. Young, Queen- street, merchant,—. H. Dean, New- bridge, tavern- keeper.——— . Ins. Weed m, Black friar's Road, Surrey, hosier. Thomas Nichols, Birmingham, dealer. BANKRUPTS FROM TUESDAY'S GAZETTE James Barns, Kendal, dealer.— Geo. Bleckly, Reading, Berks, ironmonger.— John Sievewright, ' High- Hesket, Cumberland, cattle- dealer.— Roger Minns, jun. Norwich, coal- merchant.' Edward Jackson, Horsley- down, brewer.— Henry Minns, Knight- bridge, paper- stainer. —: _ — —.— —— LONDON, JUNE ii. The Proceedings in Parliament, during the. last week, were little more than forwarding Bills, which had been before introduced to the respective Houses, In the House of Commons, the Attorney- Cene-- ral withdrew his Motion relating to Debating So- cieties. An Austrian Bulletin published on the 23d ult. says-— The loss of the enemy on the two preceding days has been immense; the field of battle is cover- ed with bodies, from among which Hie have already pitted up above 6ooo wounded, and removed them to our hospitals." Two Gottenburgh mails arrived on Friday morn- ing with letters and papers to the 80th last. The Emperor of Russia has refused to treat- with the new lying of . Sweden, and insists upon the restora- tion of Gastavus IV.— The reasons assigned aie the same as those given by the British Minister to the fust, overtures of Bonaparte, viz:— The want of stability in the new Government, and its sub- jection to the military influence by which it was brought about.— This is officially announced in a Russian Stale Paper. In if. the Emperor of Russia farther declares, the principal basis of negoeiation upon which he would insist in the. event of the re- storation of the legitimate Sovereign. They ate the annexation of Finland, including not only the whole of East Bothnia, but part of West Bothnia, as far as the town of Calix, inclusive, situate on a river of the same, at the bottom of the Gulf of Bothnia; and also the exclusion of British vessels from the Swedish ports — All hopes of peace have in consequence fled, and a Russia army of 4- 0,000 men is on its march for the invasion of Sweden. The Mail coaches on Monday formed a beauti- ful cavalcade from St. James's to the Pom- office, as usual on the King's birth- day. They were 18 in number, among which the Portsmouth, the Dover' and the Chichester, were conspicuous for the fineness of the horses and beauty of the har- ness. During the birth day cavalcade on Monday, a fine. ! m, the son of Mrs. Hartall, who is on" a visit in Piccadilly from Bedford- hire, was run oyer by a chariot, which was clearing the procession in Albemarle- street, and killed. A servant maid, who was leading the child, was knocked down and run over, but without receiving any injury, LEWES, JUNE 12,1800. _ The' Judges, on Thursday last • chose' their re- , » pective. circuits for the Summer Assizes Lord Chief justice Ellen borough, and the Lord Chief Baron, take the Home Circuit ; and Mr. Justice Lawrence and Mr. Baron Graham the Western. The' weather, during the whole of last week, was extremely unfavourable to the military pursuits - of our Local Militia here assembled", but they have, notwithstanding, made considerable progress in the first rudiments of their discipline. A fiver body of ' men it would, .. perhaps, - he difficult to get together; and we me glad- to say, that their conduct, except- • ing a few trilling irregularities, the effect of un- founded prejudices, early imbibed, has been highly, praise- worthy, which we mention to their Credit, even under the mild command of Sir C. M. Burrell, who clearly manifests a disposition to render the short period of their subordination, as light, as, easy, and as pleasant, as the nature of the service will admit of; and, influenced by this conviction, we are persuaded, that at, the next period of assem- blage, they will meet their duty with the utmost cheerfulness and alacrity, The men enrolled to serve in the above Battalion amount to about G > 0, of whom eight, only, are absent. They arc in consequence deemed Deserters, and as such advertised in this paper. Monday last, being; kept as His Majesty's birth- day, the several troops, reomanny cavalry, and volunteers, hare, at Brighton, and all along our coast, fired vollies, & c. ill honor of the occasion. The Royal Artillery, and the other troops form- ing the garrison at Battle, also fired FEUDE- JOIES on the occasion ; after which the officers of the 1st battalion 8.6th regiment presented their Cotnniand- " ing Officer, the gallant Colonel BURNE, with a Superb Sabre ami licit, voted to him on their re- turn from Buenos Ay res. The services of this officer are known to many, while a captain . of gre- nadiers. with the .- Kith regiment, in the wars against Tippo Saib, and more recently hi the affairs of Buenos Ayies and Vimeira. In the former instance. by his intrepidity, with a small party of the regi » ment, he took and spiked two GUNS, just brought- to hear upon them by the Spaniards, and which alone secured the safe reheat of General Lumley's brigade! and for his conduct at Vimiera his Majesty was graciously pleased to reward him with the Go- vernment of Carlisle The Sword was presented on the parade in the presence of the regiment by a committee. of officers, with the following address : I addressing you in the name of the Officers of the jiH"^ k> t » lioi> 30th regiment, who had the honour of serring wader yon at Buenos Ayres, we feel that we should arrogate too much to ourselves to express our sense and approbation of your gallant conduct on all occasions, Colouel and commanding officer of this regiment, after the signal and gracious mark of Royal approbation con- ferred upon you, but in foregoing to your private worth tender the warment marks of our esteem and respect ; accept, then, this- Sword, in token of our good wishes and as a memorial of those services which have dignified your military life, arid added lustre and honour to the arms of your country'. To which the gallant Colonel replied— " In accepting this Sword from in; brother offi- cers as a testimony of their respect and esteem, ' beg leave to return them my most sincere thanks,, at the same time, it would be doing then the great- est injustice was I not in this public manner to de- clare, that in carrying on the several duties and , discipline of the regiment, I have ever found the greatest alacrity, the greatest, willingness, and the strictest obedience to all! orders; which Ms given ' ' me, as Commanding Officer,' the most hear felt sa- tisfaction. " To- you, Gentlemen,' to the non- commissioned, officers and privates, 1 take this opportunity of. re- turning my thanks for the support you at ail rimes afforded me on service, and for your coolness, stea- diness, and gallantry so often displayed by you in action. " Should the regiment be again called upon, have not a doubt remaining . they will, prove them- selves to be the S& ih, and will- add fresh laurels to those they have on' many occasions so gloriously acquired." Colonel But tie has been near .37 years in the ser- vice, and during the whole of that time constantly with his regiment,' and through a long service , in India.— The following are the actions in' which he has beep engaged j— Sattimurgulum, Shaoor, Bangalore Pettah, Ban- galore Fort, Nundidroog-, . Eadgau Redoubt, Se- ringapatam, and Pondicherry, in the East Indies. Suburbs of Buenos Ayres, and Buenos Ayres, in South America. Roleia and Vimiera, in Portugal; and Gorunna, in Spain. -. « ' The turbulence of. the wind on Friday the id inst. did immense mischief to the orchards and hop gardens in Kent. It made sad havock amongst the cherries and filberts in particular. The gale of wind which caused so, much distress at Brighthehmston, we are happy to find was much less disastrous than at first repot ted, to the Hasting boats, one of which only was lost; but in that three brothers, named Adams, and another person un- fortunately perished. Many were saved, by running into Rye harbour, and they were so heavily laden with mackerel, that in default of purchasers, many were given to the soldiery, and to such others as. chose . to accept them. The crew of a Worthing boat, after the loss of 100 of their nets, gained the shore in safety, at Bopeep, near Hastings. Yesterday se'n night, at noon, a fire was discovered in a turf- lodge, belonging to Mr. Goldsmith, but- cher, of Waldron, which communicated to his dwelling- house, and consumed the same, with all it contained, except two beds and a tub of pork, which were with difficulty saved from the devour- ing element. MARRIED. On Sunday, the - 28th May, by the Rev Jas. cowe, the Right • Hon. Lord Viscount Tumour, Son of the Earl of Winterton, to Miss Heys, daughter of Mrs. Heys, of Upper Sunbury Lodge; immediately after the ceremony was over, the happy pair set oft' in Mis. Heys's carriage and four to Windsor. On Thursday last, at Kingstone, near this town, J. King, Esq. of Wilmington, to Miss Rogers, daughter of Thomas Rogers. Esq of Kingstone DIED. A few days since, Filmer Honeywood, esq. who in several Parliaments represented the county of Kent ; and in one Parliament the bo- rough of Steyning, in this county- Last Friday, the wife of Serjeant Kennyon, of the Royal Artillery, at Ringmer Barracks, a very worthy woman, dropped down dead in an apoplec- tic lit, occasioned, it is supposed, by the alarm she i experienced by a sudden stroke of thunder, that immediately preceded her death. BRIGHTON, JUNE 12, 1809. An act has been, obtained for building a spa- cious Chapel of Ease, at Worthing; for plans, & c of which intended building, an Advertisement ap- pears in the• preceding page - of this paper. A very liberal subscription has- been raised by the Visitors and Inhabitants of this Town', for the re- lief of the Widows and Children of the Fishermen, who were unfortunately drowned, whilst pursuing their usual avocation, on the 2d instant, as men- tioned in oar. last paper- To this. Subscription every description, of persons Contribute their re- spective mites in proportion to their means; and, we are very happy to slate, that a sum equal to a great aleviation of the grief of the Widows and Orphans, is likely to be thus raised. Nearly Seven Hundred Pounds had been contributed in the town on Sunday morning; and as Subscription Books are open at the Banks at Lewes, at Worthing, and at Messis. Hankey and Co's. Fenchurch- street; and Messrs. Lefevie and Co's Go nihil I, London, we have no doubt but we shall, next week, be enabled to announce a very large increase; and sure we are a case more worthy the attention of the bene- volent never ' happened :— four Widows, and four teen Orphans, the wives and children of the un- fortunate deceased, deprived by this merciless ele- mental visitation, of the means of procuring the necessaries of life, are the objects of commissera- tion ! The body of the boy, named Priest, drowned as mentioned in our last, was found on Wed- nesday, among the rocks, near Rotting dean ; and yesterday, the body of Wm. Priest, father of the above- mentioned youth, was also found in a sadly mutilated state, near the same place. A considerable. number of casks of Holland's gin, and brandy, were last week picked up by dif- ferent persons on this beach, between this place and Shoreham, supposed to have beep part of the cargo of some vessel upset at sea, by the late pre- vailing high gales of wind, There was quite a glut of mackerel on the beach yesterday, which were sold very cheap, principally to the lesser dealers and country people. None of; them, we believe, were bought for the London market. ',..'."'• On Saturday night, or early, on Sunday morn- ing, a house on the New Steine, was broken open, and topped of a large quantity of eatables, with which the thief, or thieves' got off undiscovered, On ' Tuesday a child belonging to a poor woman at Yaptea, "- as so terribly burnt by its clothes catch ing fire, that it died in consequence a few hours afterwards. MARRIED Capt. Thompson, of the 3 id Regiment of Foot, to Miss Chasemore, eldest daughter of Mr. Philip Chasemore, of Horsham. DIED. On Monday last, Mrs. Bull, wife of Mr. J. Boil, Agent for, the Sale of - Estates, & c- in this town. On Thursday, aged 56 years, Mr. Baulcombe, many years Master of the New ship ' Inn, but who had Utelv retired from business. r8", HERE will be a BALL and CARD ASSEMBLY 1 at the- George Inn, on Wednesday, J 14m inst' Capt. HUGHES, R. A. „ ' M • . STFWARDS Rev. M •. • THOMAS, \ Ti< ke'. i for L i- Ire^, 7-. 0- 1. ' ,- rv o ••> ' . s. tVl AGood PLATS ' I K, or Oil Character wanted in a small Family ... . .'.. v.. ing*. Apply to Mr. H. Baton, Hastings. J. E. CLARKE, MUSIC MASTER, FROM LONDON, RETURNS his most sincere thanks to the No- bility and Gentry of Lewes, and its vicinity, for the great encouragement he has experienced under their kind patronage ; and as he has, in consequence, resolved on making ' Lewes his permanent residence, he humbly Solicits a continuance of the same, not doubting but that in the practice of his profession. he shall be enabled to give every satisfaction that can he wished for, to those whom be may have the hi, nor of attending, School's attended at One Guinea per Quarter, and One Guinea Entrance. N. B. Plain Square Piano Fortes sold at the regular price, which is THIRTY GUINEAS, and NOT Thirty- six Guineas, as charged by some teachers. Plain Grand ditto, at /." » Guineas. Ornamented ditto, H5 ditto. CHEAP HAT WAREHOUSE, Adjoining the Boot and Shoe Manufactory, SCHOOL- HILL, LEWES. RICHARD TUGWELL begs leave to inform his Friends, and the Public in general, that he has in addition to his Boot and Shoe Business ( with the as- sistance of a Friend in the Hatting Line) selected a good and fashionable assortment of Huts of all description", which he is determined to otter at such prices that be doubts not will give satisfaction, and insure him their future support. R. T,: begs to return his unfeigned thanks for the very singular encouragement he has met with in the Boot and Shoe Line, and assures them it shall be bis whole study- to merit a continuance of their favours. N. B. Ladies, and Children's Beavers. " CONTRACT. THE Rt. Hon', and HOn. the principal Officers A of his Majesty's Ordnance do hereby give Notice, that they are ready to receive Tenders from any Person or Persons who are willing to sup- ply the Ordnance Barracks at Ringmer, with COALS, CANDLES, STRAW, BIRCH and HEATH BROOMS, for One Year, from 1st of July, I809, to 30th of June, 1810. Such Persons as may be desirous of furnishing either, or all, of the above Stores, are desired to send Tenders, for each article separately, sealed and marked on the outside " Tender for Goals, Candles, & c. & c." as the case may be, addressed to Mr. Assistant Commissary Ellis, Acting Ord- nance Berrack Maste;, Ringmer, from whom any further particulars may he obtained The parties are requested to state the description of Coals they mean to supply. *„* No Tender will be received after the 2oth of June, 18ti9, nor unless delivered free of postage. CONTRACT. THE Rt. Hon. and Hon. the principal Officers of His Majesty's Ordnance do hereby give. Notice, that they are ready to receive Tenders from any person or persons who are willing, to sup- ply the Ordnance Barracks at and near Eastbourn, with COALS, CANDLES, STRAW, BIRCH and HEATH BROOMS, for One Year, from the 1st of July 1809, to 30th June, 1S10. Such persons as may be desirous of furnishing either, or all, of the above Stores, are desired to send Tenders, for each article separately, sealed and marked on the outside " Tender for Coals, •' Candles, & c. & c. as the case may be, addressed to R. S. Bate, Esq. Ordnance Barrack Master, East Bourn, from whom any further particulars may . be obtained. *„* No Tender will be received after the 20th • June, 1809, nor unless delivered free of postage NOTICE WITH submission, the world's inhabitants are most respectfully informed, that ELGAR'S large Exhibition- room at Portslade, will be opened this day, at ten o'clock, till two in the afternoon, and continue so to be the four following days, with rational amusements, for the benefit of the PORTS- LADE WIDOWS, whose united ages make nearly 1300 years, consisting of Ancient, Modern, and Speaking Novelties, which be has great reason to hope will be beneficial to many beholders, as there will he ocular demonstration given of a project, that lias for it object prolongation of life— on an easy, safe, and simple construction ; yet at once seems to assist nature, invigonate and promote- health, strengthen weak hands, and lend a helping one to feeble knees I and here the admirers of an- tiquity may indulge themselves, with a sight of a few such rare curiosities, as perhaps this island, or the ransacked Continent's collections at Paris, cannot equal, for high preservation, and natural strength of colour, considering the lapse of time, which is strongly conjectured to be nearly one THIRD! from the WORLD'S BIRTH- DAY! Admittance half- a- crown. Livery servants, and other domestics, one shilling each. June 12, 1809- Sussex Local Militia. RETURN of Men of the Centre Battalion of Sussex Local Militia, who have not joined. GEORGE STEVENS, Cuckfield. THOMAS BARTLEY, Bolnev. FRANCIS ROVERY, St. Peter and St. Mary Westout, Lewes. RICHARD JENNER, Hurstperpoint. WILLIAM BATCHELOR, I field. BENJAMIN ROTHWELL, Broadwater. RICHARD TAYLOR, Broadwater. JAMES PATCHING, St. Michael's, Lewes. The above named persons balloted and enrolled in the Sussex Local Militia, and appointed to the Centre Battalion, under my command, having neglected to appear at Lewes, for the purpose of being trained and exercised, agreeably to notice for that purpose given; they are hereby proclaimed deserters. And the Officers of their respective parishes are required to apprehend and carry them before a Magistrate forthwith ; when they will be entitled to the reward offered, by Govern- ment. To which also any other person apprehend- ing them will have an equal claim, . Head Quarters, G. M. BURRELL, . Lewes, June 10, iSfif;.' Lieut.- Col. Com TO THE GENTLEMEN FARMERS AND BUILDERS, in the Neighbourhood of Hurstperpoint, and the ad-; joining Parishes. LIME and CHALK to be had in any Quantity, - J at the customary prices, at Newtiniber Pit, on application to Mr. James Pilfold, at Newtimber Form- House. The LIME is a strong Grey lame, fit for any purpose, either for building, or manuring land. The CHALK has been proved to stand the arch of a Flame Kiln ; it was burnt by Richard Peters, of Bolney, who will certify the fact to any person interested. Newtimber, June 1), lxnjj, KSMITHS. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, ABLACKSMITH'S SHOP, with double Forge, exceedingly well situated for road custom, being directly facing the Swan Inn. ill the Cliffe, Lewes, a Shocrs. For further particulars apply to Mr. Simon Grover ; or o Mr. James Wenham, of the Clitic, aferesaid. BATTLE. TO BE SOLD OR LET, ALARGE commodious HOUSE, in the cen- tre of the town, with a modern front Shop, an excellent Garden, two stalled stable, and every other requisite for an v business requiring room.— Possession may be had immediately. For particu- lars apply at the Office of Messrs. Tilden Sampson and Barton, Battle, Sussex. SURVEY. • 28 miles from London. 9 from God stone, 5 from East- Grinsted. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of a mansion house, offices, gardens-, hot and green houses, extensive manor. and five bunded acres and upwards of excellent Land, with the great and small tythes of an adjoining Farm. The Estate is by the fie , and great part in hand, or let at will, The mansion- house and part of the land may be had separate. For particulars apply to Mr. Barrow, Attos'iU'V- fs - Law, East- Grmastead; or Mr. Roberts, Ely Place, H< - born. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD, PURSUANT to a decree and order of the High Court of Chancery, made in a cause Hull v. Cage, before John Simeon, cs,|. one of the Masters of the said Court, at the Public Sale Room of the said Court, in Southampton Buildings, Chancery- lane, Lon- don, on Thursday, the 6th day of July next, at the hour of six of the cluck in the evening, in lots, part of the Freehold Estates of Lewis Cage, late of Millgate. in the parish of Bearsted, in the county of Kent, esq. de- ceased, situate in the parishes of Hollingbourne. Thurn- ham, Bearsted, and Otham, in the sain county of Kent ; consisting of a house, tan- yard, farm- house, malt house, and cottages, with the buildings, orchard, hop garden, and about 148 acres of arable, meadow, and woodland. Printed particulars may be had at the said Master's Chambers, in Southampton Buildings- aforesaid; of Mr, Benjamin Follett, Paper Buildings, Temple; of Mr. Bridges, Red Lion Square; of Messrs. Debary end Derby, Tanfield court, Temple, . London: and of Messrs. Scudamore, and Mess Burr and Pope, Attornies, Maidstone, Kent. ' FREEHOLD COTTAGE AND LAND. TO BE SOLD. A NEAT COTTAGE, with farm- vard and re- quisite buildings, and 45 acres of land, en- tirely compact, consisting chiefly of pasture, or- chard, and rich meadow; situated in a beatiful country, ' convenient- to the turnpike road, 3 " miles front Tonbridge, 3 from Seven Oaks, < 27 from Lon- don • coaches pass daily to mid from Town ; also a regular supply of fish from the coast. Immediate possession may be had. Apply to Mr. Borman, Auctioneer, Tonbridge. TO BE SOLO. At the Royal Oak, Walherton, on Monday, the 19th o June, ( Hot), at Ten o'clock, A. M. THE following MARES and COLTS A bay Mare and her Coll. by a Son of Driver. A Mare by the above and Old Driver, 6 years old stint- ed to Bobtail. A Driver Colt, one year old, by the. first mare. A chesuut Colt, 3 years old, by Ditto and Ishmael. A. Colt- by a Clay Holt Mare and Hercules, - 2 yrs old. » . May be viewed any time preceding the Sale, by s applying to Joseph Knibbs, gardener, at Walberton- Honse. •. • ~ " ' HORSES. ~~ ' e TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SONS, - At their Repository, in Lewes, . on Saturday next, " the 17th instant, precisely at six o'clock in the evening, A BROWN MARE ; shews a deal of blood, five years old, with a foal at her f or, by Mr. Stapley's Horse of Albourn Place. A beautiful bay yearling Coil, by the same mare and horse. A brown well bred yearling Filly, and a capital bay Poney. Hacks as usual ; and a narrow wheel Waggon. NEAR LEWES SUSSEX; ' Capital Freehold Estates, Manors, Fines, and Quit Rents, Perpetual Advowson, Mansion, Parks, Farms, and Lands, near the Navigable River Ouse, and extensive Common Rights. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINS. At Garraway's Coffee House, ' Change Alley. Corn hill, London, on Thursday, 2/ tli of July, at twelve o'clock, in One Lot, THE valuable Freehold ESTATE, with the Manors of Newick and Warningrove, Fires and Quit Rents; the capital Mansion House, called Newick Place, with offices of all descriptions, excellent garden walled round, plantations, parks, woods, farms and lands; the whole upwards of 1,121 Acres, all lying com- pact in a most beautiful and picturesque part or' the country, opposite the South Downs. Also the valuable Rectory of Newick. with a good Parsonage House, of- fices, gardens, and land ; and the great and small Tithes of the parish. The Mansion, and part of the Parks, containing 255 acres, are on lease to Sir Elijah Impey, during two lives, each about 73 years ; the other Parks and Woods, containing 275 acre's, are in hand ; the remainder of the Lands, with good Farm Hons, sand outbuildings, and sundry cottages, are let 10 Tenants at will ; the whole are at low rents. This Estate is a desirable property, the grounds are pleasingly diversi- fied, and ornamented with full grown timber; the Lands adjoin the navigable River Ouse, and a short distance from the sea ; only 43 miles from Loudon, 14 from East Grinstead, 7 from Lewes, from Brighton, and 16' from Tunbridge, the right on the Common Lands may be considerably improved . by an in closure. May be viewed by applying to Mr. Mark wick, at Chailey, of whom particulars may be had ; at the Crown, Newick Green ; Star, Lewes ; Old Ship, and the Castle, Brighton; Mr. Weller, Chichester; Mr. Lear, Auctioneer, Arundel ; Dorset Arms, East Grinsted-; White' Hart, Godstone ; King's Aims, . Croydon, at Garraway's • of Messrs. Blake and While, Essex Street, Strand; and of Mr. Robins, Warwick Street, Golden square, London, where a plan of the Estate may, be seen. " MARSH " LAND IN EAST GULDEFORD TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BRAZIER, On Monday, the ad day of July, 1809, at the . George Inn, Rye, at four o'clock in the afternoon, TWO pieces of most excellent Freehold Marsh Land, containing by estimation 18 acres, more or less, situate in the parish of East Galdeford late in the occupation of Mr. William James,. deceased;.- toge- ther with a Messuage divided into two- dwellings. The premises are adjoining the high null, the paro- chial rates remarkably moderate, and subject to a mo- dus of three peace an acre, in lieu of tithes. while in pasture, and live shillings an acre, when in tillage. Possession of the land will- be given at Micbaehnas next. -, Thomas Pankhurst, the. looker, will shew the pre- mises; and further particulars may be had of William Wheeler, esq. Lewes ; or at the office of Messrs. Shad- well, Bishop, and Thorpe, Solicitors, Hastings-. LOST, On or about the 15th of May instant, in the neighbour- hood of Arundel, AWHITE POINTER DOG, named PLATO, having a liver coloured head, with a white streak down the crown, and a small round Uvt'r spot about the size of a shilling' in such white streak; also two more liver spots, on the loin, one about the size,. of the top of a tea cup the other which is hinder most, not half the bigness: there is also another liver coloured spot on the tail, near its root, about an inch a it d a half long. Whoever will give information of the above Dog to '. Mr, Chas. Bornface, Storrington, Sussex, SO that he' may be recovered, shall receive Two Guineas Reward, Any person detaining; the; dog after this notice, if found out, will be prosecuted. Lewes, SATURDAY., June 10. . Red Wheat - £ S O - to : 3 14 0 White ditto - 4 0 0 t<> o o o J. LEIGHTON. SATURDAY, June 10. I son. Cons. Red. ti/ J.— Omnium J pre. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, • AN APPRENTICE to a Grocer and. Linen- M i. draper, from 14 to iO years of age. A pre- . mium will be expected: Apply to the Printers. - WANTED, IN a Grocer's Shop, an active YOUNG LAD, S. . to carry- out goods, and occasionally to assist behind the counter. Enquire of Mr. Smithers, bookseller, Chiches- ter, if by- letter* post paid. WANTED, TO borrow £' 250 on joint security, the interest A to be- regularly paid half yearly. Letters addressed . J. G. to he left at the Printing Of- fice, Lewes, will he duly attended to. A CARTER WANTED APERSON who is a good Plowman, and who ' perfectly understands the management of horses. If a married man, he will be provided with a cottage. None need apply but such as can bring an unexceptionable character from his last em- ployer, Particulars may be known by applying to the Bailiff, Buckhurst Park, With-. ham. Sussex. " WANTED, A FOOTMAN, who understands his Business, j. JL. in a Gentleman's Family, and who can have an unexceptionable character. Apply at Mr. Harrison's, St. Ann's, Lewes, * WANTED, ~~ At Midsummer next, ASHEPHERD, to manage a SOUTH- DOWN FLOCK. He must be a sober, steady man, and if single, would he preferred ; as there is no Cottage nil the Farm. Apply for reference to Mr. Arthur Lee, Printer, School Hill. Lewes. WANTED, In a Gentleman's Family, AStrong, active, cleanly Young Woman, as UNDER LAUNDRY MAID, who can have a good character from her last place. Apply to Mr. Lee, Printer, Lewes. ~ 7 WANTED" ~ A COOK, House- maid, and Nursery- maid, in / l a gentleman's family near Brighton; The Cook must be thorough mistress of her business, and understand baking, and the dairy. The House- maid will be required to wait at table; and the Nursery- maid to clean part of the house. Cha- racter will be strictly enquired into. Apply for reference to Mr. Boxall, the New- timber postman, at Lewes; or the Post Office, Newtimber. WANTED, At Michaelmas next, AMarried Man, as CARTER.— Mso, a married Man, as LABOURER, to work oil the farm. For particulars enquire of Mr. Penfold, Anning- ton. SEA BATHING. To be had for Five Months, from the 24th instant, at Seaford, AN excellent Family House, ready furnished, with a Garden, & c. To prevent trouble or delay, the price is Fifty Guineas. Application to be made at this Office; or at Mr. Atttee's Herald- Office, Brighton. THE general Meeting of the Governors of the Society established for the relief of the - Widows and orphans of indigent Clergymen, with-. in the an chedeaconry of Lewes, and the several Pecullars in the Eastern of Sussex, is appointed to be held at the King's _ He id, at Horse bridge, on Thursday the 29th of June instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. JOS. SMITH, Treasurer. — * . - NOTICE. THE Marshland in Brookland, fare part of the estate of Mr. James Terry, of Bienzett, ad- vertised in the first Page of this Paner, to he sold by auction at Brookland, on the 19th June instant, is disposed of by PRIVATE CONTRACT. Rye, June 9, fSOg. TO THE HUMANE AND BENEVOLENT! In the midst of life we are in death— or, who shall say, " We will To- morrow !" BISDATQUICITO. THE inhabitants of Brighton, and the Public at large, whose feeling hearts can Sympathize for others woes, are now called upon to exercise their benevolence' towards the survivors, and af- flicted families of the dreadful casualties of Friday, June 2, 18<> 9, which, in the sight of some hun- dreds of spectators, took place, when several honest and industrious seamen met with watery graves I The dreadful casualties above alluded to, were occasioned by a sudden and tremendous gale of wind, which came on in the night of Thursday, when of the twenty- two mackerel boats belonging to this place, twenty were unfortunately exposed to all the horrors of the storm ! The greater part of them, however, after much labour, well- directed perseverance and difficulty, succeeded ( though not without incurring heavy damages, and serious losses in nets, & c.) in gaining the land; hut the following, melancholy to relate, were, unhappily, overwhelmed and lost. 1 The Good Intent, John Priest, owner, in which I boat were William Priest and his son, ( the son and grandson of the said John Priest) William Leach, and John Sargent, was sunk within half a mile of the shore, when all on board perished ! The lad, supported in the arms of his' father, was seen for a few moments, until both being exhausted, they sunk together! Four widows and fourteen chil- dren, are left almost friendless, and without the. means of support, by this distressing catastrophe. The case of poor Sargent was lamentably severe; buffeting the waves, he had nearly reached the land, where numberless individuals had collected in the hope of affording him assistance, who, with- in his hearing, called out to him, to keep up his spirits, as his preservation appeared even more than probable. The drowning man, in the agonies of death, bad just strength left feebly to ejaculate, " My heart is gone!" then clasping bis hands, and raising his eves towards Heaven, he sunk— to rise no more i— Tears gushed from the eyes of all who witnessed the distressing spectacle— in truth, it wis a moment of agony too exquisite to be described. Another boat, the Mayflower, J. and R. Spicer, joint owners, upset, in attempting to get into Shoreham Harbour, when John Spicer unhappily perished. ' In the present instance, it is to be hoped, that the Disconsolate, the Fatherless, and the Widow, will be upheld by the Benevolent and the Hu- mane, who are now called upon, by a liberal Sub- scription. to alleviate those woes, which no human endeavours could prevent: and as " the widow's mite" was acceptable,' so will the smallest donation be thankfully received, and properly applied. Subscriptions are received at the Libraries, and at the- respective Banks in Brighton, Worthing, and Lewes— Barkers: Messrs. Hankey and Co. Fenchurch- stret, and Messrs. Lefevre, Curties, Raikes, and Co. [ The Subscription for the above charitable pur- pose already POUNDS serted Journal; the POETRY. ODE., For His MAJESTY'S BIRTH- DAY. BY H. S. PYE, ESQ. P. L. WHILE Europe wt'h dejected eye Beholds around her rural reign Whilom of Peace ihe fiiir< l< nnairij Tin* , f •!'"" lie ; Or if with trembling hone stic rast Her look 011 hours of elorv past; A ' id ln\ . i> again with virtuous fain* Her ancient honours to reclaim. And brace the corslet on her breast, Arid gt; is:> the spe. tr an< l wave the crest; Yet lies her course thro' War's eiiaangiiinM flood ; Yet mu t she win her way thro' carnage and thro' blood. Ah ! happier, Britain, o'er thy plain Still smiling Peace and Freedom reign, And while thv sons with pitying eye Behold the fields of ruin round them lie; The storms that shake each neigbourre— aim with fear, Like distant thunder die upon the ear ; They bless the halcvon hours that gave, To rule a people free and brave, A patriot Monarch all their own, Their swords his bulwark, and their hearts his throne. Am! while to this auspicious day The Muse devotes her tributary lay, A nation's vows in choral Paean join. And consecrate to fame a ' verse as mean as mine.' Yet not to selfish thoughts confin'd, At e the warm feelings of a virtuous mind ; The Royal Patriot, while he views Peace o'er his realms her bliss diffuse, Mourns for the sorrows that afflict mankind. Go forth, my sons, he cries;' my Britons, go, And rescue Europe from her ruthlcs, foe. Behold, in arms, Austria's Imperial Lord; Behold lh< riadraw th' avenging sword ; O let with tbeir's your mingling ensigns fly, In the great cause of injur'd Liberty ; On forth, mv sons, and to the world declare. When suffering Freedom calls, Britannia's arms a: e( here I LINES, On seeing in the papers, the death of Capt. CHARLES RAND, of the 2> th regimeivt of Na- tive Infantry, and Town Major of Seringapatam ; who died at Bangalore, in September, 1808. BY CLIO RICKMAN. If MANHOOD saw tl. ee flourish as YOUTH, The child of gay good HUMOUR, SCIENCE, TRUTH; If riper years, and so thy friends proclaim, that province, have evacuated it. General Chasteler, who is ill, and who is cursed by the Tyrolese, retreated on the 18th with the re- mains of his amiv over tl. tR Brenner, towards Stei- nach; hnt it is probable tfijft he will not he able to teach Carinthia, since General Macdonald, with a considerable corps of the Italian army, has pro- ceeded from the Italian Tyrol, to that part of the German Tyrol through which General Chasteler has to pass. TENTH BULLETIN. EBERSDORPE, MAY 28. After describing the form of the Danube at Thersdorff, i: states, that on the night of the 20th, the Emperor crossed the Danube, accompanied by Benhier. Massena and Lasnes— they took a position on the 21st, on the left bank, the right wing was at the village of Essling, and the left at Grossass- peren— both these villages were taken — At noon, on the 21st, the enemy shewed themselves, and at- tempted to drive our advanced guard into the river — Vain attempt 1 The, Duke of Rivoli was at first attacked at Gros- sasperen, by Bellegarde— he manoeuvred with Mo litor's and Legrand's divisions, and rendered all their attacks abortive.— The Duke of Montebello defended Essling.— The. Duke of Istria covered the flank with cavalry. The action was severe— the enemy having 200 caution and 90,000 men, being the remains of their armies. General D'Esoagne divided his corps into squares, but he was killed, with a musket- ball, at the head of hi; troops; and Gen. Foulers was also killed. Gen. Nansouty arrived in th& cveningon the fie'd of battle, and distinguished himself highly. At eight in the evening the battle ended, and we re ihained masters of the field.— During the night, Ou- riIMOI'S corps, Hilait « ' s division, and two brigades of cavahv, crossed from the right bank to the left — ' hi the . Mat, at four p. m. the Duke of Rivoli a' last completely defeated them. The enemy oc- <" i. vim? a largo space between the right and left vinoi, we to > k the resolution of penetrating their centre. The Duke of Montebello headed the charse- Oudinot w* s o* Hie left, St. Hilaire in the centre, and Boudet on the right. The centre of the. enemy could riot withstand us— in a moment all was overthrown. The Duke of Istria made several fine charges. It seemed all over with the Austrian army; when, at seven in the morning, an Aid- de- Camp of the Emperor came to inform him that the rising of the Danube had drifted a great number of booms, which, in cotvenuence of the events at Vienna, bad hern r « t down and laid » n the bank, and that thevhad broken down the bridges, which commu- nicated from the right hank with the little Island, and with the Wand In- der- Loban. All ' he reserve corns which were advancing xver'e upon the right bank, as also part cf our heitvv cavalry, and al! Auerstadt's corps. In con- sequence of this shocking accident, the Emperor resolved to stoo the troops from advancing. He ordered the Duke of Montebello to stop on the field of battle, and take his. position with the left wing against a curtain which the Duke of Rivoli covered, and his right wing at Essling. The cannon, infantry, and cartridges, which belonged to our parks, could not he brought over. The cnetnv was in great disorder just at the moment when he learnt our bridges h" d been broken down . The slackening of our fire and the concentrating of our army left him no doubt respecting the unfore- seen accident that Ird happened. _ All his cannon and artillery equipage were again brought in line, and from nine a.' rn. till seven p. TO. he made the greatest efforts, supported bv 200 cannon, to over- throw the French art » v— but all his efforts turn- ed onlv to his discomfiture. Three times he at- tacked the villages, and three times we filled them with his dead. The enemy resumed the position which they had left before the attack began, and we remained masters of the field of battle. Their loss has been great; prisoners who have been taken sav th « v lost 23 Generals, and 60 supeiier Offi- cers; Marshal Weber and 1500 prisoners are in our hands. Our loss has also been very consider- able— 1 100 killed and 3000 wounded— The Duke of Montebello ( Lasnes) was wounded bv a cannon ball in the thigh, on the S? d in the evening. Gen. Hilaireis also wounded. Gen. Durosnel was killed The waters of the Danube did not permit the bridges to be rebuilt during the night, and the Em- peror ordered the armv to pass the little arm from the left bank, and to take a position on the island of In- der- Loban. We are la'iotiring to replace the bridges, and nothing will be undertaken till they are replaced. [ In addition to these particulars a great part of the Bulletin consists of a sentimental description of the interview between Lasnes and Bonaparte, at a time when the Marshal's wound was thought to be mortal, in which, of course, the Duke of Montebello manifested all possible heroism, and evinced the greatest readiness to die for his Em- peror; and that the Emperor was melted into tears f The Bulletin has, however, other passage from which some inferences inav be drawn, as to the extent of the loss sustained by the French. Bona- parte, it is said, boasts that the retreat* was well conducted, though 200 pieces of cannon were play- ing upon them, which thev could not answer, dur- ing which 4.1,000 rounds of shot were fired among them. Bonaparte promises to repair his loss, and declares his intention not to renew the attack till his force is concentrated, and better prepared He allows the Austrian army to have been well fur- nished and equipped on the occasion.] ELEVENTH BULLETIN. EBERSDORFF, MAY 24. The Marshal Duke of Dantzic is master of the Tyrol, and on the 19th entered Inspruck: the whole country has submitted. On the lllh the Duke of Dantzic took the strong position of Strub- Pas, with seven cannon and 6on ineij. On the lS* b, after having defeated and put to flight Chasteller, in the position of Voergel, taking all his artillery, he pursued him beyond Ratten- berg, the fugitive being indebted for his safety onlv to the fleetness of his horse. General Deroy having raised the blockade of ( he fortress of Kufstein, joined tile troops commanded bv the Duke of Dantzic, who much commands the conduct of Major Palm, and several other officers, ( named in the Bulletin.) Chasteller came into the Tyrol with a handful of wretched rabble, promoting insurrection, plunder- ing, and murder. He saw massacred before his eves several thousands of Bavarians, and some hun- dreds of French soldiers. He himself encoaragcd the murderers, and excited the barbarity of the mountain peasants. Among tbe muidered French were about sixty Belgians, the countrymen of Chasteller. The wretch, overwhelmed with bene- fits bv the Emperor, to whom he was indebted for the recovery of his property, amounting to several millions, was incapable of the feelings of gratitude, and of the sympathy which even barbarians have for their countrymen. The Tyrolese abhor those who, by false insinua- tions, have excited them to rebellion, and brought upon them all the consequent calamities. Their rage against Chasteller is so great, that, after his flight at Voergel, thev detained him at Hall, beat him with sticks, and treated him so ill, that he was forced to keep his bed for two days, and, could only make his appearance to propose a capitula- tion ; but he was answered, that this would not lie made with a robber; 011 which he precipitately fled into the mountains of Carinthia. The valley of Zillerthul was the first to submit, lay down their arms, and send hostages, and the rest of the country followed the example. All the chiefs commanded the peasants to return to their dwellings, and they were seen to leave the moun- tains and return to the villages. The town of Ins- pruck, a, id all the districts, have sent deputations to his Majesty, the King of Bavaria, to offer their • submission and entreat his clemency. The Vorarlberg, which had been misled by the inflammatory proclamations and arts of tbe enemy, will follow the Tyrol, and that part, of Germany will then be delivered from the commotions and evils of populai insurrection. BATTLE OF URFAR. On the 17th i 11st. at two in the afternoon, three Austrian columns, under the command of Generals Grainville, Bucalowitz, and Somma Riva. and sup- ported by a reserve under Gen. Jellachich, attack- ed Gen. Van Damme, at the village of Urfar, in the front of the bridge- head at Lintz. At the same moment the Marshal' Prince of Ponte Corvo came to Lintz with the cavalry, and the first brigade of Saxon infantry. Gen. Van Damme, at the head of the Wirtemberg troops, and four squadron of Saxon hussars. and dragoons, repulsed the two first columns of the enemy, drove them from their positions, took six pieces of artillery, made 400 prisoners, and threw them into entire confusion. The third co- lumn of the enemy appeared on the heights of Bus- lipgberg at seven in the evening, and his infantry in a moment took possession of the neighbouring mountains. The Saxon infantry fell 011 the enemy with fury, drove him from his position, and took 800 prisoners, and several ammunition waggons.— The enemy has retired to Freystadt end Haslach. The hussars sent out in pursuit have brought in many prisoners; 500 rmwktJts, and a mimber ofj waggons and caissons, were found in the woods.— j The loss of the enemy amounts to 2.000 killed and wounded, besides prisoners. Our whole loss in killed, wounded, and prisoners, is not 400. The Marshal Prince: of Ponte Corvo praises greatly General Van Damme, and the behaviour of the Saxon General- in- Chief, Leschwitz, who, in his 65th year, posesses all the activity and fire of youth; the General of Artillery, Mossel; General Gerard, Chief of the Staff; and Lieutenant- Colonel Aid- de- Camp Hamelinaie. TWELFTH BULLETIN. PARIS, JUNE 2. The following Twelfth Bulletin has been pub- lished :— EBERSDORF, MAY 26 On the 23d and 24th the army was employed to restore the bridges, which were ready the 25th early in the morning, and the wounded, caisson's, he, were removed to the right bank of th'e Danube. The Danube being likely to rise till the 1.5th inst it is intended to mark the height of the river bv means of poles driven into the ground, to which a large iron chain is to be fastened, which the Turks had destined for the same purpose, but the Aus- trians took it from them, and it was found in the arsenal of Vienna. This measure, and the works which are constructed on the left bank of tile Da- nube, will enable us to manoeuvre on both sides of that river. Our light horse have taken post near Presburgh, on the lake of Newsiertel. General Lauriston is in Styria, at Simeringsberg and Bruck. The Duke of Dantzic is hastening by forced marches, at the head of the Bavarian troops, to join the army of Vienna. The horse- chasseurs of the Imperial Guards ar- rived here yesterday; the dragoons are expected in the course of this dav, and within a few davs the horse grenadiers, and sixty pieces of ordnance, at- tached to the Guards, will reach this place. By the capitulation of Vienna, seven Marshal Lieutenants, nine Major Generals, ten Colonels, twenty Majors and Lieut. Colonels, one hundred Captains, one hundred and fifty Lieutenants, « 0 second Lieutenants, and J.' itio Non- commissioned officers and soldiers, were made prisoners of war, exclusive of those who were in the hospitals, and whose number amounts to some thousands. IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF LORDS, TUESDAY, JUNE 8 Mr. Wharton, and other Members from the House of Commons, brought up the Vote of Cre- dit Bill, the Insolvent Debtors' Bill, and several other Bills; which were laid upon the table, and afterwards read a first time. The Irish Loan Bill, the Irish Treasury Bills' Bill, the Militia Subalterns' Bill, the Judges' Bill, the Irish Recognizance Bill, and the Customs Con- solidation Bill, were read a third time, and passed The Irish Militia Families' Bill passed through the Committee, and was reported without any amendment. Upon the motion of the Earl of Liverpool, the second reading of the Loan Charge Bill was post- poned till to- morrow. After disposing of the other orders of the day, the House adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. TUESDAY, JUNE 6. Sir Edward Knatchbull pre? \ ited a Petition from the Debtors confined in the gaol of Maid stone. Ordered to lie on tbe table. Sir Thomas Turton moved the third reading of thr Insolvent Debtors' Bill, which was agreed to, and Bill passed. The Irish Militia Bill was read third time and passed. A Message from the Lords signified their Lord- ships' concurrence in the Irish Treasury Bills' Bill, the Irish Paper Manufacture Bill, and several pri- vate Bills. MARTINIQUE. Mr. Stevens, in pursuance of a previous notice, moved— " That there be laid before the House, an ac- count of the whole number of bis Majesty's land forces employed in Martinique, distinguishing the number of European from that of the Black troops employed in the said service." He stated, as his motive foi making this motion, that he wished to biing under discussion the sub- stance of the proclamation which had been issued by our Commanders, on the capture of that Island : which, he said, was unjust and improper, hv its threatening the slaves with 5 trial by a military tribunal, if they resisted our authority, bv acting in their defence. This he compared to the violent decrees of Bonaparte; and without anv disposition to press upon the gallant commanders of our forces, it did seem to him necessary, since the papers had found their way upon the table, that the subject should come before the House, in order that they might know whether 01 not Ministers countenanced such proceedings; for, if they did, it was discou- raging that species of force upon which we must rely for our securitv in the West Indies. Lord Castlereagh said the matter had already attracted the atlention of Government, and thev had already taken measures to procure informa- tion, and prevent any evil consequences arising from the proclamation issued. Mr. Stevens, finding that Government were dis- posed to attend to this matter, agreed to withdraw his motion. SEATS IN PARLIAMENT BILL,. On the motion of Mr. Curwen, the House re- sumed the consideration of this Bill, by going again into a Committee to discuss its various clause, After a long debate, in the course of which the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Tierney, Lord Henry Petty, Mr. W. Wynne, Sir Thomas Tur- ton, and Mr. Adam, severally delivered their sen- timents. The Chairman reported progress, and obtained leave to sit again on Wednesday. Adjourned. POLICE. HATTON- GARDEN. On Monday, Samuel Davy, a shoemaker, in Skinner- street, Somers- town. was charged with the murder of his wife and child, eight months old, in their bed on Monday morning, half past six- o'clock, by striking the woman on the head with a lap- stone, and cnlting her in the loins with a sharp instrument; tbe child's heart was so beaten, that the brai'is flowed out; he afterwards made an at- tempt to cut his own throat with a razor, which was prevented by people coming about him. He said that he was sure his wife would go to Heaven, and that he must be doomed to Hell. He had been in St. Luke's Hospital as insane, and dis- charged about three years ago, and it is thought that the malady returned upon him with more violence than before. He was committed for re- examination, till a Coroner's Inquest shall retuin | a verdict. OLD NETTING, For preserving Seed and Fruit from frost, Wight, and birds. GENTLEMEN, Gardeners, and others, sup- plied by the hundred weight, half hundred, or piece.— Inferior Old Netting for bakers, at 30s. the hundred weight, at Geo. Gimber's Net Ware- house, 10, Crooked- lane, near the Monument, London.— Horse Nets, great variety of colours, and on an an improved plan. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE- OFFICE. JUNE. 1809. rTTIIS CORPORATION have reduced the Pre- Jl m'niHIS (. a Fanning Stork, from as. Grl. yer cent, to 2s. ner cent, and existing Insurances, covering su-.- n property, will be reduced as they become due, npnij application. to the Agent through whom the Insurances were made. Persons whose Animal Premium* fall due on the 25t! i instant, we hereby informed that receipts are. now ready to he delivered by the Company's Agents under- mentioned. and the parties assured nre requested to ap- ply for the renewal of their Policies on or before the ytli day of July next, as the usual fifteen davs allowed fur payment, beyond the date of each policy, will then expire. SAMUEL FENNING, jun. Secretary. SUSSEX. ARUNDEL, William Olliver. BATTLE, William Ticehurst. BRIGHTHELMSTON, John Mills. CHICHESTER, J. Bartlett. HASTINGS, William Gill. HORSHAM, Humphreys and Turner. HAILS HAM, Wm. Martin LEWES, Henry Brown. MIDHURST, John Geering, jun. PETWORTH, Thomas Holt. RYE, Daniel Gill. TICEHURST, Samuel Perigoe. SURREY. CROYDON. J. and C. Strudwicke. DORKING. Samuel Dendy. EPSOM. J. Scott. FARNHAM. W. Cock. GUILDFORD, Winkworth and Cooper. KINGSTON, W. Strange. REIGATE, W. Moore. N. B. Fire Policies w ill be allowed free sf expeiiee, where the- annual premiums amount to ( is. or upwards, * y* This Company have invariably mad* good Losses by Fire, occasioned by lightning. Proposals may be had of the different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES, being found to be ad- vantageou. i to persons having Offices, Employments. Estates, or ot!< r Income's, determinable on the Life of Lives of themselves or others; Tables of the States on such 4ssuri/. ces, and for the Granting Annuities or Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And, for the greater convenience of the Public, the Company have . determined to extend ( by special agreement) the As- surances 011 Lives at the a ore, producing effects, at once delightful, salutary, and permanent. When tbe spark of life begins to p. ro/ v dim, the circulation languid, and the facility paralysed, these Lozenges arc * und to give tone to the nerves, ex- animate tbe animal spirits, invigorate the body, and re- animate the whole man. When aversion to exercise, loss of appetite, and p. did countenance Indicate approaching consumption, tbe delicate female will be preserved, and restored to health and vociety, by the benign influence of this medicine. When tbe delusion of imagination, ov tbe force of hud example have tempted unguarded youth into the dangerous I ibyrihtbs of secret sensuality, debi- itated his body, or iuvprri. xl bis understand! nS, these. Lozenges will protect him from lingering dissasc, tbe infirmities of premature old age, and a wretched disso- lution. When by luxurious banquets, copious libation*, Paphian excesses, and midnight revels, llse sons and daughters of dissipation have brought 011 themselves debility, relaxation, imbecility, and 11 long train of ner- vous complaints, these Lozenges will restore health and vigour to the debilitated frame, and cheerfulness and animation to tbe mind. The AROMATIC LOZENGES OF STEEL are prepare*!' genuine, by the Inventor, Dr. Senate, and by hi* ap- pointment are sold by Messrs. Parsons, at their circula- ting library, 46, Ludgate Hill ; also by Mr. Green, 39s, Oxford Street, near Dean Street -, Messrs. Belt and Co. 310. Strand, ue » r the Lyceum 1 by Mr. W. Lee, Lewes, and all tbe Newsmen ; and by most respectable medi- cine venders, price Ss. per boxd. duty included. Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Olficcs, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS will also be received, and arc fully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth; Mr. WHITE, Arundel Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM, PALMER, East- Grinsted, Mr. MEYRON Rye; Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen.
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