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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Volume Number: LVIII    Issue Number: 2934
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser

Date of Article: 03/04/1809
Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number: LVIII    Issue Number: 2934
No Pages: 4
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io. uUK^ ym AND MIDLAND COUNTIES GENE: TISE Vol. LVIII. Printed and Published by John Price, Market- place Leicester. [ No. 293< t FBI DAT, April 7, 1809. ! Circulated through the principal Towns, & populous Villages, in the Counties of Leicester, Rutland, I Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby, Stafford, Warwick, Northampton, Cambridge, and York. i Price SIX PENCE, or | One Pound Seven Shillings p. Ann SUNDAY'sSfTUESDAY'sPOSTS LONDOX. MONDAY, April 3. A VURDAY'S Gazette contains a let- letter from Vice Admiral Rowley, at Jamaica, announcing the capture of the French letter of marque brig Flphigenie, of eighteen guns and twenty- six men, bound from Bavonne to Guadaloupe with provisions ; also a letter from Vice Admiral Bertie, at the Cape of Good Hope, announcing the capture of the French Imperial corvette La Gobe Mouche of twelve guns. French papers to the 18th, and Butch to •" thofjlst, containing the Paris news to the 25th, have been received ; the latter yester- day evening.— From these we collect, that Austria does not appear less active than her rival, in har preparations for the field. The Archduke Charles, as Commander in Chief, has published two Proclamations ; one of them is addressed to the troops of the line 5 the other exhorts all those who are not called upon by the laws to join the army, to form them- selves into battalions, for the defence of the country.— Bonaparte's Imperial Guards have left Paris in successive detachments, w hich in- dicates his departure from that city to be at no distant period, but whether for Germany or Italy is not known. A treaty of peace is said to be concluded between the Court of Persia and France, by • which the former is to cede to the latter an Island in the Persian Gulph. Yesterday Government received dispatches from Col. Carrol, by a vessel arrived at Fal- mouth in five days from Gijon. At the time of her departure the French had not attempt- ed to penetrate into Austria. We understand that Col. Carrol speaks in terms of warm com- mendation of the patriotic exertions of that province, and with confitffence as to their • means for successful resistance. The Junta has applied for further supplies of military stores, and particularly for shoes. Col. Carrol advises that so late as the 10th ult. General Reding maintained his position on the Liobregat, but that the situation of affairs in Caialoi. ia was uotof a favourable nature. Colonel Carrol has addressed an animated Proclamation to the foreigners in the French armies serving in i pain, exhorting them 110 longer to fight in the detestable cause of the cunmion oppressor of nations ; but to join the Spaniards in resisting a tyrant, who, having long since exhausted the military population of France, supports his power only by mak- ing the nations lie has conquered the means of mutually oppressing each other; and of subju- gating those yet unenslaved, Marshal Soult, and the Officers of his army have resolved to erect a monument in honour of Sir J. Moore, on the spot where the hero received his death- wound. The expedition for Portugal will be carried into effect with all possible dispatch. Part of the troops destined for that service are already on board the transports at Portsmouth,— The 3rd regiment of dragoon guards embarked on Sunday morning.— The 4th dragoons, the bat- talions of the S2d, 48th, and 95th regiments are among those troops which are to embark for Portugal. Sir Arthur Welltsley, who has resigned his Seat in Parliament, and the Chief Secretary- ship in Ireland, it is said, will command an army of 50,000 men in Portugal. New South Wales.— Dispatchcs have been received from Mew South Wales, which bring the intelligence down to the middle of Sep- tember.— Lieut. Governor Foveaux had ar- rived on the ' 28th J uly, and took the command of the place. Mr. Bligh, who had been super- st ded by the Officers of the colony, remained tinder arrest at the State House.— The Lieut.- Governor had also issued a Proclamation against persons, who were prisoners in the colony, introducing themselves into the Courts of justice, as advocates, counsel, & c. in any cause, without special license. In the House of Commons 011 Thursday, Mr. Maddox gave notice that after the holi- days, he would bring forward a motion re specting Parliamentary Reform. W Admiralty- Office, 15th March, 1809. HER FAS several Lieutenants of His Ma- jesty's Heet, who are not employed, have omitted to send to this Office information of the Places of their Residence; it is the Direction of the Lords Commisioners of the Admiralty, that such Lieutenants as come within the above Description do forthwith transmit to this Office their respective Ad- dresses ; and that snali of them as are incapable of Service, either from Age or bodily Infirmity, do re- port the same, and in the latter Case transmit a Certificate from a Surgeon of such inabilty, that their Lordships may judge how far it may be proper to call upon them for Service. W. W. POLE. NEW RUPTURE SOCIETY, lor the Re- refef pour Persons of both Sexes, afflicted with Herniary Complaints and Prolapses : V\ der< ft, " That public Notice be given to paro- V chial Officers, Superintendants of Hospitals, and " the Conductors of other charitable institutions, ' S that the Benefits of this . Society are extended to *' all parts of the Kingdom; exact Descriptions of " the Cases, with proper Measurements of the Pati- " euts, ( being sent by Subscribers ( Post- paid) to Mr. Blair, Surgeon of the Institution, No. 09, "-• Great ltussell Street, Blootnsbury." J. MILLER, Secretary. No. 35, Red Lion Square. Every Contributor of One Guinea per Annum, as well as every Life Governor, is entitled to recommend Two Patients in the Year, requiring single Trusses ; or one Patient requiring a double Truss ; and a simi- lar Privilege is extended, in the like Proportion, to Subscribers of larger Sums Subscriptions and Donations are received on Account of the New Rupture Society, by Messrs. Henry lloarO, and Co. the Treasurers, Fleet Street; Hankey and Co, Bankers, Fencliurch Street; Ful- ler, Chatteris, and Co. Bankers, Lombard Street; Hanson and Co. Bankers, Pall Mall; or by James Crump, Collector, No. 15, Glouoester Street, Queen- : » qijare, London, of whom may be had the printed at. ious. grat'i- TURNPIKE TOLLS. Leicester ami Lutterworth Turnpike Road. NOTICE is hereby given, Toll Houses and lolls Charnwood Forest and Rothley Plain INCLOSURE. WE, whose Names are hereunto subscrib- ed^ being the major Part of the Commissio- ners appointed in and by an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 48th Year of his present Majesty's Reign, intitled " An Act for allotting and inclosing " the Forest or Cliace of Charnwood, otherwise Char- " ley Forest, or Chace and Rothley Plain, in the " County of Leicester," in Pursuance of the said Act, and of another Act made and passed in the 41st Year of his present Majesty, entitled " An Act for " consolidating in one Act certain Provisions usually " inserted in Acts oflncfosure, and for facilitating " the Mode of proving the several Facts usually re- " quired 011 the passing of such Acts." < D'j hereby give public Notice. That we intend to proceed, perambulate, and inquire into the Boundaries of the several Manors and Pa- rishes within the said Forest or Chace and Plain, 011 the following Days, viz.: Shcepsliead, Knight Thorpe, Thorpe Acre, and Garendon. The Manors or reputed Manors of Sheepshead, Knight Thorpe, Thorpe Acre, and Garendon, 011 Tuesday the 2d Day of May next, beginning at 10 o'Clock in the Morning, at the Boundary Mark, near Burley Wood, & proceeding in a South Westwardly Direction towards Charley, and round ttts » id Manor. Gracedieu and Bclton. The Manors or reputed Manors of ( Jraretlieu and Betton, or one of them, on Wednesday the 3d Day Of May next, beginning at 10 o'clock in the Morn- ing, at the North East Corner of Belton Low Woods, near the Fish Pool, proceeding in a Southwardly Di • rection round the said Manor or Manors. Thringstone. The Manor of Thringstone, on the said 3d Day of May, beginning at 12 o'Clock at Noon, at a Botinda ry Mark, 011 the said Forest, near Graeedieu Park, and proceeding in a Southwestwardly Direction round the said Manor. Beaumanor. The Manor of Beau 111a 11 or, on the said 3d Day of May, beginning at 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon, near Charley Lane, and proceeding in a South Eastward- ly Direction towards Beacon Brook, and round the said Manor. Whitwick, with its Members. The Manor of Whitwick with its Members, on Thursday and Friday the 4th and 5tii Days of May next, begitinirg at the Boundary Mark, near Grace- dieu Park, 011 Thursday the 4th, at 10 o'Clock in ttie Morning, and proceeding in a North Westwardly Direction towards the Town of Whitwick, and round that part of the Manor usually perambulated by the Township of Whitwick; and 011 Friday the jth, be- ginning at 10 o'Clock in the Morning, at Wigmore Pool, and proceeding in a South Kastwardly Direc- tion towards Bardon Iticlosures, and round those Parts of the Manor usually perambulated by Mark- field, llugglescote, and Donningtou on- thc- Heatli. Loughborough. The Manor of Loughborough, on Saturday the 6th Day of May next, beginning at 10 o'Cloc k in the Morning, at the Forest Lane Gate, and proceeding in a South Westwardly Direction by the old Inci- sures of Loughborough, and round the said Manor. Barrow, with its Members. The Manor of Barrow with its Members, 011 the said 6th Day of May, beginning at 1 1 o'Ckxk in the Morning, at the Beacon Brook, and proceeding in a South Eastwardlv Direction by ancient Inclosures in Loughborough, and round the said Manor. Chat ley. The Manor or reputed Manor of Charley, on the said 6th Day of May, beginning at 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon, near the Harrow, at Charley Corner, and proceeding in a Westwardly Direction to or near the South Corner of Charley, and round the said Manor. Grooby, with its Members. The Manor of Groohy with its Members, on Mon day the 8th, and Tuesday the 9th Days of May next, beginning atthe Alderstocks, on Beacon Plains, and proceeding 111 a Westwardly Direction towards Ul- vescroft, and round the said Manor, and its Mem- bers on the said Forest, commencing each Mowing at 10 o'Clock. Mupplewell and Mupplewell Longdate. The Manors or reputed Manors of Mapplewell and Mapplewell Longdale, on Monday the said 8th Day of May next, beginning at 2 o'clock in the After- noon, at the North West End of Mapplewell Long- dale, and proceeding in a Southwardly Direction, along the Dale, and round the said Manor. Rowcliffe. The Manor or reputed Manor of Rowcliffe, on the said 8th Day of May, beginning at 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon, at Switbland Wood, and proceeding round the said Manor. Swittiland. The Manor or reputed Manor of Swithland, on Monday the said 8th Day ofMay, beginning at half- past 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Forest Gate, and proceeding round the said Manor. Ulvescroft. The Manor or Precinct of Ulvescroft, on the said 9th Day of May next, beginning at 2 o'Clock in the Afternoon, at Copt Oak Wood, and proceeding along the West Side of Hammer Cliff, and round the said Manor. Rothley Plain. And we also intend to perambulate and inquire into the Boundaries of the several Manors on the said Plain, on Wednesday the lOtli Day of May next, beginning at 10 o'Clock in the Morning, at the Gate between the said Plain, and Mountsorrel j Hill, and proceeding round the Boundaries of the same respectively. And in Case it shall appear to us the said Commis-. sioners, that the Boundaries of the same respectively are not sufficiently ascertained and distinguished, then to ascertain, set out, determine, and lix the same respectively ; when antl where all Parties in- terested mav attend. Given under our Hands this 4th Day ofMareh, 1809. RORT. H. WYATT, JOSEPH OUTRAM, THOMAS F. AGLE, That the several arising upon this Road, will be LET by AUCTION, for one Year, from the first Day of May next, to the best Bidder, at the House of William Bishop, the Three Crowns Inn, in Leicester, 011 Friday the 14th Day of April next, at 12 o'Clock in the Day, in the Manner di- rected by the Act of the. 13th George the 3rd, " fof regulating the Turnpike Roads." Which Tolls this last Year were let for and pro- duced the following Sutns, and will be put Up at the same ; viz. Rawdike Gate - - Blaby Gate 1 - - 24 Bitteswell Gate 92 Whoever happens to be the Taker of any of the above mentioned Tolls must, at the same Time be prepared to give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of the Rent, at whieh the said Tolls shall be taken, by such Payments and at such Times as the Trustees shall appoint. By Order of the Trustees, THOS. FREER, their Clerk. Leicester, March 21, 1809. VA1XtABLE~ P REMISES At Quorndon, in the Countv of Leicester. IO BE LET Oil SOLD, And may be entered upon immediately, A Spacious modern DWELLING HOUSE, very substantially Bunt and in good Kepair; containing a Vestibule and 4 suitable Rooms 011 the Ground Floor, with Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Scullery, and othei necessary Attachments; good arched Cellars, two Staircases, ten Bedrooms and dressing Rooms, exclusive of Servant's Apartments; Stabling for upwards of twenty Horses, with Rooms over; a Coach- house and Saddle Rooms, spacious Yard, Gar- den, and Pleasure Grounds; and also ( adjoining) an entire Close of rich Laud, containing about two Acres. These Premises have been occupied by Noblemen and Gentleman of the Hunt, and the Qnorn Fox Hounds are still coutinued in the first Style of Ex celleuce. For Particulars, and to treat, apply to Mr. BEN- JAMIN POLLARD, of Quoin; or Mr. STAVE LEY, Surveyor, Loughborough, and if by Letter, to be Post- paid. Valuable Keeping. TO BE LET BY AUCTION, On Thursday the 1.3th Day of ftpril, ISC9, be tween the Hours of 1 1 and 1 o'Clock, on the Premises, at Frisby- by- Gaulby, in the County of Leicester, ACapital CLOSE of rich Grating Land, con- taining 63 Acres or thereabouts, be the same r ore or less, lying and being in the Lordship of Frisby aforesaid, until the 10th Day of October, 1809. Also a capital Meadow adjoining the above, containing 9 Acres or thereabouts, be the same more or less, until the 10th Day of October, 1809, both in the Tenure of John and Robert Hawley. N. B. The Person who takes the Meadow may- have the Privilege of taking the Hay off the Land. Capital Oak Timber ivith the Bark, at Charley. 1 1 O BE SOLD BY TICKET, On Tuesday the llth Day of April, 1809, at Mr. A. Brevvins, the Crown and Thistle Inn, Loughbo rough, at 2 o'Clock in the Afternoon, ^ OUK large Lots of capital Oak Timber, stand- L ing ai Charley, in the Centre of Charnwood Forest, viz. LO T t.— 2") Oak Trees with the Bark. 2.- 29 Ditto 3.— H Ditto - 4.— 20 Ditto 115 The greatest Part of the above Timber is of large Size, and of an excellent Quality, well worth the Attention of the Public. Credit will be given on ap- proved Security. N. O. Mr. W. Heggs of Charley will shew the Timber. Dinner at One o'Clock. JOHN WIN FIELD, Junr. Surveyor. Wimeswonld, March 31, 1809. Oak Timber with the Bark, and some Elm. T TO BE SOLD BY TICKET, On Wednesday the 12th Day of April, 1SP9, at the Flying Horse Inn, atKegwortb, in the County of Leicester, at 2 o'Clock in the Afternoon, HE following Lots of capital Timber, now standing near to Lockington, the Property of the Rev. Philip Story, viz. LOT 1.— 13 Oak Trees with the Bark, and 3 Ein>. 2.— 15 Ditto - Ditto 1 Ditto 3.— 3 Ditto - Ditto The above ' Timber is of large Dimensions, and of a good Quality, suitable for Ship and Boat Builders, Joiners, & c. For further Particulars apply to Mr. Palmer, of Lockingtori aforesaid. J. VfINFIELD, Junr. Surveyor. Dinner at One o'Clock. Wimeswould, March 31, 1809. Timber in Glenfield Lordship. Leicestershire. TO BE PEREMP'l OIULY SOLD BY AUCTION, By JAMES HOLLIER, Orl Monday the 10th Day of Apiil, 1809, at the House of Edward Short, the George Inn, in Hinck- ley, in the County of Leicester, between the Houis of 4 and G o'Clock, in the following Lots :— LOT 1. ANew- erected Messuage, Tenement, or Farm House, with the Barrtj Stable, Cow- shed, Waggon Hovel, and other Outbuildings thereunto adjoining and belonging, and also several Closes, Pieces or Parcels of exceeding rich Arablej Meadow, and Pasture Ground, near or adjoining thereto and therewith held, containing together I03A. 2R. OP. ( be the same more or less) situate, standing, lying, and being in the Parish of Hinckley, in the County, of Leicester, and riow in the several Tenures 01; Uccu- pationsof \ yilliam Aiigrave, and Stephen Leediiaiii, their Assigns or Undertenants. LOT 2. . . .. All that Close and Meadow adjoining, lying near to the Town of Hinckley aforesaid, adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from thence to Coventry, commonly called the Jilly Hooks, containing 16A. and CP. of exceeding rich Land, new in the Tenure or Occupation of Mr. Samuel Bonner. The above Premises are Leasehold Held under the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, for 2,1 Years from Michaelmas- 1808, renewable every 7 Years. Land Tax and Fine certain. ' The Whole may be entered on immediately. For a View of the Premi- ses apply to ' Thomas Sansome, Esq. of Hinckley aforesaid, and for all farmer Particulars to him, or to Mr. Thomas Arnold, of Hopsford ; Mr. John Huskisson, of Nuneaton Fields ; or to Mr. George Greenway, Solicitor, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. N. B. The Sum of £\ 0,000 is ready to be advanced j in the Purchase of . in Annuity ofadequate Value, is.- suiiig out of Lands in the County of Leicester, or any of the adjoining Counties. For further Particulars apply to the said Mr. Greenway. rjpl TO BE SOLD BY TICKET, On Friday the 14th Day of April, 1809, at the Plough Inn, at Glenfield, near Leicester, at 2 o'Clock in the Afternoon, HE following small Lotsof TIMBER, viz: LOT 1.- 4 Ash Trees, near Glenfield Mill. 2 — 6 Ash and 3 Willow Ditto, in Fulbrook Meadow. 3.— 11 Ash Ditto, in the little Meadow. —— 4 1 Ash, 2 Alders and 2 Oak Ditto, with the Balk, at Ansty Gate Shoot. -— 5.— 11 Asfi, and 2 Oak Ditto, in the great Meadow. 6.— 3 Ash, 7 Asps, and 1 Oak Ditto, in Ditto. —,— 7.— 7 Ash, 4 Asps, 1 Willow, and 1 Oak Ditto, in Ditto. 8.- 7 Ash, 3 Maples, 1 Willow, and 1 Oak, with the Bark, by Kirby Hedge andBroad Meadow. 9 — 6 Ash, and 3 Oak Ditto, with Dit to, by Ratby and Gluoby Fence, and near the Turnpike Road. N. B. The two last Lots are marked with the Letters B. and K. Mr. Nutt of Glenfield Frith ivill sheti the Lots. J. WINFIELD, Junr, Surveyor. Dinner atOne o'clock. Wimesjvoydd, March qpn E 1 FUA No. Gge. 31 21 32 22 33 21 34 20 35 21 36 24 37 20 3d 21 39 18 205 21 41 18 42 18 43 20 44 24 45 18 46 20 47 19 48 24 49 20 50 18 51 20 52 21 53 18 54 19 55 20 56 24 200 20 58 21 59 19 60 20 61 20 62 18 63 18 64 18 65 20 66 18 67 19 63 20 69 30 70 19 71 21 176 24 73 21 74 21 75 22 18 84 77 21 78 18 7!) 21 80 24 81 20 016 18 78 21 84 26 80 18 86 18 87 20 88 19 89 20 90 20 91 21 16 21 93 21 94 18 91 * I 93 20 12 20 98 30 99 22 100 20 101 30 102 18 103 20 104 20 105 30 106 24 107 20 108 QO 109 21 110 21 PEREMPTORILY TO BE SOLD BY AUC- TION, By Mr. HOLLIER, On Wednesday the 13th Day of April, 1809, at the House ot Mr. VV'm. Metiham, the Ram Inn, in Hinckley, by Order of the Executors of tilt- late Wir. Brown, Esq. following 80 valuable STOCKING M ES. Where at Thomas Elliott's, Hinckley i\! r. Gunton's Shop, Ditto JohnVarnams, Ditto William l'eais, Ditto Ditto Ditto Joseph Bryan, Burbage Benjamin Crofts, Wykin Fields ' IhomasKing, Hinckley JohnTilley, Ditto Edward Barnetts, Ditto Machine, Thomas Piatt, Desford Plain, Benjamin Crofts, Wyken Thomas JNich - Is, Ullesthorpe John Ayre, Hinckley Machine, Edward Bates, Desford Plain, Wid. Neales, Hinckley George Remington, Ditto Thomas Smi'h, Desford Thomas Jackson, Hinckley Martins, Ditto Richard Merricks, Ditto Ditto Ditto Thomas Jackson, Ditto George Earls Shop, Ditto Machine, William Bonners, Ditto Plain, John Orton, Ditto Thomas Bent, Junr. Sutton Cheney Samuel Wickes, Hinckley Thomas Bent, Sutton William Allcutt, Claybrocke Jos. Plant, Desford George Remington, Hinckley James Young, Ditto Thomas Riley, Ditto William Blunt, Diito Joseph Smith, Di to Willftm Blunt; Ditto Thomas Smith, Desford James Garners, Hinckley Joseph Smith, Ditto John Standley, Ditto Richard Moore, BarweH Thomas Hall, Bedworth Mr. Brooks's Shop, Hinrktey John Beale. Ditto 20 Thomas Bent, Junr. Sutton Thomas Smith, Desford Wid. Neales, Hinckley Robert Macartney's, Ditto John Varnams, Stanton John Orton, Hinckley Edward Barnetts, Ditto Benjamin Crofts; Wyketl John Scotten, Hinckley William Mason, Dittd Edward Barnetts, Ditto William Mason Ditto William Clarkes, Ditto Richard Wains, Siapleton Joseph Coalking, Hinckley Henry Harris, Ditto Edward Bates, Desford George Earls Shop, Hincfctey John Needham, Ditto John Harding, Ditto Henry Harris, Ditta Richard Hinds, Ditto Mr. Brook's Shop, Ditto James Young, Ditto Benjamin Crofts, Wvken Michael H'ilpack, Hinckley Matthew Hind, Ditto John Harding, Dido William Mason, Ditto B. Brown, Earl Shilton Joseph Bryau, Burbage Mr. Gunton, Junr. Shop, Hinckley Joseph Coalking, Ditto Moses Hi lids, Three Pots J » hn Tilley, Hinckley A'so, Will he Sold by Auction, on the following Day April 13th, at tht- Warehcu'e ol the late Wrn. Brown, Esq. upwards ofSOOO Dozen of Cotton anri Wors'ed Stockings of various Descriptions. catalogues of which may he had with that of the Framts8 Days previous ' d, the Sale, at Mr. Find- ings, Leicester ; Plate of Sate, ef the Aucti- i f accr, HouM-' V-. PEREMPTORILY TO BE SOLD BY AUC* TfON, By Mr. JAMES HOLLtER, ( IN THREE LOTS), At. the House of Mr. Edward Short, the George Innj in Hinckley, in . the County of Leicester, on Mon- day the j7th Day of April Instant, precisely at 7 O'clock in the Evening, ( suhjflet to such Conditi- ons of Sale as will bfe then produced;) LO T I. AFREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENE- MENT, Wheelwright's Shop, and Frame- smith's Shop, together with the Yard and Garden thereunto adjoining, situateat the Top of the " I rue Briton Yard, in Hinckley aforeeaid, now occupied by John Fulieylove and Edward Gtuiton, Junr. iSvte — This Lot will be Sold without, any Road through the saine, and will extend from the Back Lane to the Slab Ff lice, in a Line with the End of thx Stable iii Lot 2, being about 110 Feet in length. LOT II ' _ All that One Part of certain Premises, known by tile Sign of the True Briton, consisting of a large Portion of Building and Back Ground, together with the capital StaideS and Chambers over the same, N. K.— This, is a very desirable Lot, fronting the Coventry Stieet, and next to or j'djoining the Pro- mises occupied t » y Mrs Elliott Dawson j it is neat 26 Feet in Front, and extends Backwards up to, a lid includes the Slab Fence of Lot 1,. and takes in all the Yard beyond the Corner of the Brick Wall, divid- ing this Lot and Lot 3, being about 121 Feet iii length, • io- r iir. A'l that the other Part of the same Prem'jes, with the. Garden thereunto adjoining, and setou*- . N. B. This also is a rhost desirable Lot, join? the Part next adjoining the House of Richard Mutt, ( known by the Sign of tile , Game Chicken) fronting the same Street as containii!,' ttie snus Num- ber of Feet u. pon4ti « Front, and -.• xiendiug Backward* as far as the Hud of the Brick Wall, dividing this Lot from Lot 2, being about 59 Feet iii length, and this Lot, together with Lot 2, is occupied by Miss Golbys, and hive for some Time past, been used as a Liquor Shop aud. Public Ilo'tise. *** The Purchaser may be let into imrtiediate Pos- session! and fill- tiler Particulars play lie had by ap- plying at the Office of Mr,. THO. RNt. lJY, Attorney- at- Law, Hinckley; or of the Auctioneer; and the respective Tenants will shew the Premises. Hinckley, April 3, 1809. fcTBE SOLD" BY PRIVA 1 K CONTRACT, AStrong well built 1 Wheel CHAISE, with Harness in compleat Repair, and fit Ibr im- mediate Use. Enquire at the Journal Office, Valuullc Live Stock, Sfc. Implements ef Husluftdrg, arj other Effects, The Property of, Mr, StfENCER, at Hoby, in tbt County of Leicester, WHICH WILL BE SOLI) BY AUCTION, On the Premises, oh Monday the 10th Day of April, 1803, By THOMAS BURTON; CONSISTING of 94 Ewes and Lambs, and Ill- lamb Ewes, by a Sheep bred by Mr. Bet- tison, of Holme Pierpout: 74 Latub- hngsby the sam « Sheep, and 15 fet Sheep, 11 In- calved Cows and Heifers, 7 barren Beast) 3 Stirks, and 6 yearling Calves ; 1 In- foal Hitckiiey Marej by Mi. Jessob'# Horse, 1 grey Mare Ditto, " l Three year old Colt, 1 Two- year old cut Ditto, 1 Two- year old blood Filly; by Earl Moira's Curricle ; 3 yearling Foals, by Mr. Jesson's Horse; and ,1 capital Treating Poney. The Implements of Husbandry consist of 1 Narrow- wheel Waggon,, 3 Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Corn Fan, ' Tackle for 4 Ilorses, Fence Trays, Corn Sacki, Forks, F. akes. Stone Troughs, & c. fco. The Sale to begin at Tea o'clock. T. B. f- eques ri an early Attendance of those Gen- tlemen who please to favjjr him with their Com- pany, as the Whole of tli. te above are intended to 1 » Sold without Reserve in one Day. Thorpe Satckville, Leicestershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. GASKlf. L, At the Swann Iriii, Melton, oil Tuesday the 25ih D « J- of April next, at 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon of th « same Day; ALI. those Two MESSUAGES, with the Barns, Stables, Outbuildings, Gardens, and Homestead i and also, several Parcels of Land, situ- ate in Thorpe Satcfivilie, in the County of Leicester, containing upwirdsof 137 Acres. In the following Luts. hi the Occupation < lf LOT 1. A. R. P. . The Upper Close - 5 .3 26 Williafn GreaStty The Middle Ditto 7 2 10 Ditto Little Meadow - 2 1 34 Ditto Total Great Close Barn Close, with Barn and Fold Yard Far Close 15 3 30 LOT 2. 42 0 11 24 16 3 20 3 6 William Shafpe Ditto Ditto total 83 2 37 LOT 3. . Wheat Hill Close 14 3 ii Ditto LOT 4. Further Woulds 5 1 34 Widow Brotighftln Nether Ditto 7 3 13 Ditto Total Farm House, Barn^ StahleS, and other/ Outbuildings, Gar- > den, arid Home-| stead North Town Hills South Ditto, with ] Spinney Wood I Chapel Close, with a \ Fibh Pond therein 1 13 LOt 0 2 32 S. Sharps! Ditto Ditto 8 2 13 William GreaiBy 0 1 0 M. Wilmot Total 3 10 LOT 6. Goadby's Yard, a j Moi. ty House, Barn, Stable,"" and other Build-( „ , „ r ^ . ings, with Yard ( 0 1 25 Mn. Sbarp and Garden • . Total 0 2 26 | For a View of the Premises apply to the Tcna- nJIs : aud for further Particulars and to treat for tb, e same, 1 apply to Nathaniel Stubbius, or Jonai b'ettison, Esqtfh Holme Pierrepont; Messrs. Godfrey and. Tallenti, Solictors, Newark, or Messrs. u'eUiiuia aod Ktf- field. Solicitors, Nottingham. March 23, 1809. I cicesfer Journal, and Midland Couln'ties General Advert wet Wednesday's and Thursday's Post LONDON, WEDNESDAY April 5. A letter received by a merchant's house in the city yesterday, contains the following postscript— Rotterdam, March 28.—" War is declared against Austria by France and Jiussia." If this intelligence were true, it is strange that the paperswhich have been receiv- ed from Holland to the 31st make no mention of it. There is reason to believe, that, in addition to the other calamities which Sweden has re- cently undergone, she will shortly experience the horrors ot' a civil war. Letters have been received from on board Admiral Keats' ship, which state that General Toll, the Governor of Dalecarlia, is at the head of 12,000 men, who tre determined to restore their lawful sovereign. Some Spanish papers, of a recent date, have been received : but they contain no event of Striking importance. A Decree by Bonaparte, 6f an apparently favourable nature to Amcriea, has been issued. It permits the release of all American vessels detained under the last French embargo ; bat njjon two conditions ; first that General Arm- • trong shall secure the direct return of these vessels to their own ports ; and secondly, that they shall not quit the ports of France till they liave given security, and received certificates " from our Consuls, Vice- consuls, & c. in France and America, that their cargoes con- tain nothing but territorial or manufactured productions of our Empire, and that there is nothing in them produced from the colonies or commerce of England." A reqni, i on bavins; been sent to the Loft! Mayor to convene an Especial Court of Common Council, for the purpose of considering the pro- priety of voting the Thanks of the Corporation, end the Freedom of the City, in a gold box, to ( j. 1- Wardle, Esq. his Lordship has appointed tomorrow ( Ihorsday) for that purpose, i « i li nt - — - Magnificent Presents are now d; stributing.— every one may have a Share. Until lately the Lottery Advertisements told, That Tickets and Shares for their value we re sold; \ Ve then were obliged for our Prizes to pay, Jjut now the Contractors give ' 1 ickets away. Twenty Thousand Whole Tickets they honght, as they tell, And but Eighteen Thousand Five Hundred they sell: Anil as a grand Present to grace theFirst Day, They promise to give a full Thousand away ; On the Second Day's Drawing Five Hundred more fall, free, gratis, without any purchase at all. Then to Cornhill and Charing Cross haste— nor delay, Where BJSH ^ ives tiie fortunate Numbers away. Drawing begins 12th APRIL, 18' J9. 1 U is E L h i, And may be entered upon immediately, AGood GRAZING FARM, containing83 Acres, more or less, situated in the Lord- ship Of Eye Kettleby, near to Melton Mowbray. For further Particulars or to treat for the same, apply to Mr. J. SIMPSON, Brenting, by. Valuable Farm to Let. James Skelton, aged 26, ol Walton on the Hill, Epsom, Surrv, « as seven years afflicted with seven or eight holes* in " his ri^ ht leg, and between ninety ind one hundred pieces of bone came away during that period. The discharge and weakness increas- ing, unable unassisted to move ; taking off his leg Was proposed tosaie his life. He then confidently applied to SPILSBURY'S PATENT ANTISCOR- BUTIC DliOPS, in a year 3z a half, by them alone, lie is restored to health, and it is now three years since he has followed his laborious occupation. l ie Will satisfy any inquiries, personally, or by letter post paid. Thegenuine Medicine has the words, " By THE KING'S PATENT," expressed on the bo'' le, bill <> fdirection, and outside wrapper, and the King's duty printed in black ink. bold at the Dispensary, IS,' * oho Square, London, in small bottles of 5s. 6d.; double bottles 10s.; and larger \ l. 2s Compound Essence, to allay unpleasant irritation, Cs. Sold by T. Gregory, Leicester. COUNTY SESSIONS. THE next General Quarter Session of the Peace of the County of Leicester, will be liolden at th< 5 Castle of Leicester, on Tuesday the 11th Day of April Inst, at 11 o'Clock in the Forenoon, when the Chief Constables and other Officers of the Court will be called over, and the Grand Jury impa- fielled anil sworn. All Persons bound over to Prosecute or give Evi- dence upon any Bills of Indictment, are desired to attend at the Sitting of the Court on Tuesday Morn- ing, to go before the Grand Jury, and to give Instruc tions for their Bills of Indictments, at Mr. Freet's Office, in NSw- street, on the Monday, or before the flitting of the Court on Tuesday Morning. All Persons who shall have entered intf Recogni- iatices to appear at the next Sessions upon any Matter, are requested to take Notice that they must appear at the Sessions, either Personally or by their Attorney, in orderto have their Recognizances with- drawn, although they may have previously compro- mised the Matter, otherwise their Recognizances will t>; Estreated. THOMAS FREER, Deputy Clerk of tlie Peace. For the Accommodation ot the Court, the Justices art- requested by their Chairman, to send their Recog- nizances and all Informations taken before thein in Cases of Felony, to the Clerk of the Peace's Office, On the Saturday preceding the Sessions. PORTRAITS OF Mrs. CLARKE, The Duke of York, Col. Wardle, Captain Sandon,. Sir Francis TSurdet, Lord Folkstone, Miss Taylor, Dr. O'Meara, Benjamin Towne, Dr. Donovan, & c. This Day is Published, By J. Stratford, No. 112, Holborn- Hill; sold by G. Calladine,' Bookseller, Leicester; and by all other Booksellers in the United Kingdom. PART 1. neatly done up in Boards, PRICE 8s. Gd. The second Part is in the Press, and will very < 1ioTtly be published, being an accurate and circum- stantial Account of THE Investigation of the Charges Rrought against his Ttoyal Highness THE DUKE OF YOKK, By G. L. Wardle, Esq. M. P. For Oakhampton, Devon: With the Evidence at large. The Commander in Chief's, Litter tb the House of Commons, after the Close of the Evidence. The Debates upon the Evidence, and the Resigna- tton of his Royal Highness, with official Papers and other Documents to theCUse of the Investigation. This Work is handsomely printed in Duodecimo, and it is presumed that this Interesting and Authentic Document will find a Place in the Library of every Briton. This Edition is also, for the Accommodation of the Public published in Numbers, and may be liad by one or more at a Time, of which Twenty are now ready for Delivery, price 6d. each. The Public are therefore requested to be very par- ticular in giving tt^ ij; fcfrdsrsiuf iuafotd's accurate TO BE LET, And may be entered upon the 12th of next May ; AValuable GRAZING FARM, contain. ng One Hundred and Nine Acres, situated near to Leicester. Apply at Mr. B. EAMES, Hatter, Coal Hill, Leicester. TO BE LET, And may be entered upon immediately. ANeat compact HOUSE in excellent Repair, fit for the Reception of a' genteel Family, comprising 3 Parlours, Kitchen, Scullery, Pantry, capital Cellar, four Lodging Rooms, and a Garrat, with suitable attached and detached Offices; a Two- stall Stable, Brewhouse, andGighouse; to- gether with an extensive Pleasure and Kitchen Garden, in a high State of Cultivation, well plant- ed with the choicest Frnit Trees, and Fish- Pond well stocked with Fish, containing, abbttt an Acre ; delightfully situated in the pleasant Village of Birstall, about 2 Miles from Leicester ; command- ing extensive Prospects, with the Advantages of good Roads, and a genteel Neighbourhood ; the Whole forming or. e oi'iiie mast desirable Country Boxes in the Vicinity of Leicester, and would make an excellent Seminary for Education for either Sex. For further Particulars and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. JOSEPH BURTON, Huroberstone- gate, Leicester. TO BE SOLD, And may lie entered upon immediately, AGood DWELLING HOUSE, nearly new and in good Repair, consisting of 2 Rooms on the Ground Floor, 2 Chambers, and 2 Attics, with a good Yard near Yards in length, with a good Spring Water Pump therein, situate near St. Marga- ret's Church, late in the Occupation of Mr. H. Wal- ton.— For further Particulars or to treat for the same enquireofE. MORTIN, Ct urck- gate. N. B. The greater Part of thtfPurebase Mofley. may remain on the Premises. Leicester, March 51, 1809. Long Wha'lon. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, The Beginning of May, ( if 1101 sooner Disposed of by private Contract), THREE Freehold HOUSES, Situated at Long VVhatton, in the County of Leicester, con- sisting of a House, Pantry, two Chambers, a Stoekingmaker's Shop with five Lights, and a large Garrat.— Likewise, a good Garden to each House.— The Houses are 3ll the same Size, and are now in the Occupation of Henry Bailey, Abraham GolT, and William Jackson. Possession may be had immedia NORFOLK. Shipdham, between Watton and East Dereham, capital Freehold and Ty'the- free Estate, valu- able Manor, Fines, and Quit Rents, Peipe- tual Advowsoh, tyc. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINS, At Garraway's Coffee- house, ' Change- ally, Cornhill, London, 011 Friday the 28th of April, at 12 o'clock, in Lots; THE valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, with the capital and productive Mansr of Ship- dhatn, Fines, and Quit Rents, the Perpetual Advow- son of the Rectory of Shipdham, with an excellent Residence, Offices, and Land, wsrtli about One Thousand per Annum The Estate comprises up- wards of One Thousand and Sixty- six Actes ofMea- dow, Pasture, and Arable Land, divided into eligi- ble Farms, surrounded by thriving Hedges, with go » d Farm Houses, Barns, Stables, and Out Build- ings; the whole Lett to Mrs. Vincent, Mrs. A. and Mr. Payne, Mr. Fairweather and Mr. Coe, respeeta- blvTenaikts, at low old Rents: the present estimat- ed Value of the Estate and Manor, upwards of £ 1500 per Annum, This Estate forms a most . eligible Property for a Gentleman, or Person wishing to invest Money iu Land. An 111 closure- lias lately taken place, which tas added some valuable Lai d to the Estate. One of the Farms may be converted at a small Expence to form a desirable Residence: the Roads are good, and the Neighbourhood highly respectable, and iri a beautiful Part ofthcCountry. May be viewed by applying tothe Tenants, of whom Particulars may be had ; « t the'. Post- houses, Dere- ham, Tbctford, and Brandon ; the King'* Head, Norwich; Angel, Bury; Ram, Newmarket; Mr. Phipps, Bourne Bridge; Crown, Hockerill; of Messrs. Blake and White, Essex- street, Strand ; Mr, Houchen, Wereham Stoke, Norfolk; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Robins, Warwick- street, Gulden- square London; where a Plan of the Estate may he S" en. Loughborough. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BALL, ( WITHOUT RESERVE) At the House of Mr. Sugden. the Sign of the Cross Keys, in Loughborough, in the County of Leices- ter, 011 Tuesday 1 Ith Day of April, 18u9, precise- ly atT o'Ch ckin the Evening, SOME valuable WEARING APPAREL be- longing to H. L. MONRO, Comedian, ( for a certain Sum of Money deposited on them) Consisting of 3 superfine Broad Cloth Coates ( near- ly new), 3 Pair of Doe Skin and other Breeches, as s'ood as new. Capital Timber. TO BE SOLD BY TICKET, On• Wednesday the 12th April, 1809, at Mr. W. . Harrisons, Blue Boar Inn, Leicester, at 2 o'c lock in the Afternoon, in 3 Lots, now standing near to Enderby, and adjoining the Turnpike Road, viz. LO T i. TblGHTOak Trees with the Bark, 9 Xli Ash, Snd 4 Elms. 2.- 23 Oak Trees with the Bark, 1 Ash,&- 1 Elm 3.— 5 Ditto Ditto (} Ash. The principal Part of this Wood is of large Dimen- sions, and has been well preserved from Lopping. Credit will be given 011 approved Security. N. B. W. Fellows of Enderby will shew the Wood. JOSHUA HARRISON, Surveyor. Leicester, April 6, 1809. Mrs. CLARKE. On Saturday, the 8tli of April, will be Published, closely printed 6n fine Paper in 8vo. price only 3s. 6d. ( embellished with a tine Portrait, the only striking Likeness of Mrs. Clarke extant,) THE AUTHENTIC & IMPARTIAL LIFE of Mrs. MARY ANN CLARKE, contain- ing most astonishing Intrigues, with many curious Original I. ettersof this celebrated Lady and the Duke of York ( never before Published) from authentic Soutces and Documents of her Relatives, Persons in high Office, & c. disclosing her secret Connections, and many singular and important ta cts highly inter- esting to every British Subject, and which have never yet appeared ill any Publication whatever. By W. Clarke, Esq. Tho3e who wish to possess this genuine Edition are requested to be particular in ordering of the Booksel- lers Clarke's Lift of Mrs. Clarke: printed for T. Kelly, No. 52, Pa'tcnioster- row, London. A new complete and comprehmsive System of MODERN GEOGRAPHY, Illustrated by a complete Atlas, and embellished with numerous Engravings, to he comprised in 60 Numbers, price One Shilling each, making live thick handsome Volumes Octavo ; each contain- ing 12 Numbers. This Day are published, Numbers I. to XXX, ( Including Volumes I. and II. which may he had in Boards), And on Saturdav next, will be published, NUMBER XXXI.' ( to be continued Weekly), OF THE Modern Geographer, Being a general and authentic Description of every known portion of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America ; With the Oceans; Seas, and Islands, in every Part of the World ; Including accurate Details of every Object worthy of Notice, in the different Empires, Kingdoms, Re- publics, & c. and comprising an Exposition of the various Systems of Civil and Military Government, comparative Statements of the Revenues, Commerce, Arts, Sciences, and Manufaetuers, and a copious Explanation of the Manners, Dresses, Ceremonies, Amusements, and Religions of the respective Inha- bitants. By Francis Wm. Blagdon, Esq. Member of several Learned and Literary Societies: Author of the Ancient and Modern India, ( published under the Patronage of his Majesty, and the Court of Directors'); of the Quarto Life of Lord Nelson, & c. itc. Sec. The present State of Europe, and particularly the Continent will be accurately described, the two last Volumes being reserved for the Purpose; and the Astronomical Introduction, Guide to Geography, & c. will contain the latest Improvements in those Important Sciences. London: Printed for A. Whellier, 3, Paternoster- Row ; and sold hy all the BeoTtjfclWre in the United TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By Mr DAVIS, On Wednesday next, April 12, 1S09, and following Days, on tlif Premises of Mr. Pickard, Glass and Chinaman, Hotel Street, near the Hotel, Leicis- ter, ( who is going into another Line of Business;) CUiNSlS 1 liNG of several Sets of handsume Gilt l ea Service, King Necked and Tavern Decanters, largo Assortment of cut and plain Wine, Beaker, and Goblet G lassos ; several Sets of Castor's, with Japan'd frames ; a choice Assortment of Ewer and Wash Basons, printed Sham Slides, Han- dle Cups and Saucers, Chimney Oriiaimnts, large Quantity of Oval and Round Meat and Baking Dishes, and Plates, witil- i Variety of other Articles in the above Business. The Whole of which must be Sold without Reserve, and a better Opportunity cannot oiler to a, ny Person either in public or private Life, the Whole haviug been recently bought iu. Sale to begin each Morning at Ten o'clock, CORNWALL, LEICESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DAVIS, On Saturday April 15, 18 9, 011 the Cornwall, Lei- cester, at half- past It o'clock; TWO handsome Tax'd Carts, with Harness complete; 2 capital Market Carts, with Tackle, Saddles, and Bridles; very good Narrow- Wheel'd Waggon, Barrels, and Tubs, with a Variety of other Articles. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DAVIS, On Monday the 17th Day of April Inst, at 6 o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Three Crowns Inn, iu Lei- cester, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, unless sooner Disposed of by private Contract, of which timeij Notice will be given in this Paper ; A Large and commodious well built HOUSE, siiuate near the Upper End of the Silver Street, in Leicester, late the Residence 9f Mr. Car- rick, measuring on the Front 61 Feet, which at a small Expence may be converted into two very good Houses, the Whole comprising 3 Cellars well arched, 5 Rooms on the Ground Floor, besides convenient Pantries and Closets, 6 Lodging Rooms 011 the first Floor, and i 011 the Second, With convenient Out- oflices and other large Rooms, calculated to make capital Ware Rooms, and suitable either for an Aca- demy for which it has been long used, a Woolsta- pler, an Hosier, orother considerable Manufacturer that requires room, A complcat Yard adjoining the House, measuring 39 Feet 9 Inches, by 3b Feet, with a capital Pump therein, that was never known to want Water, a Rain Water Cistern that will hold 36CO Gallons, and a Garden neatly fenced off, containing ill length 111 Feet, ancl in breadth about 57 Feet, well laid out and well planted. At the further End thereof stands a neat Alcove, under the Shade of which the late Owner and his chosen Companions, displayed their Literary Talents, over many a pleasant Pipe of Vir- ginia. The Premises are in good Repair, near the Cefitre of the Town, also near St. Martin's Church, and with- in about 200 Yards of the Marketplace. May be entered upon immediately, and the Purchaser may be accommodated with » c 1000 of the Purchase Moe ney on Security of the Premises. For a View of the Premises apply to Mrs. Carrick the Owner and Occupier; and for further Particulars apply to Alessiij Mi Wtfti aflU'jffK, Suliwtvrs, TO BE SOLD BY TICKET, At the Old Crown, in Kothley, on Friday the 14th Instant, ' at three o'clock in the Afternoon 15 Lots Maiden Willow Poles, 4 Lots of Ditto Ash Ditto. cut down For further Particulars apply to JOS. HICKLING, of Rothley. Timber. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. R. SHAW, On Wednesday the 12th of April, 1809, in Swan's Also, 011 the saiie Day, in a Wood called Sharp's Bottoms, near the aforesaid Coppice; alargeQuan tity of Ash Poles and Rails, in Lots. For a View of the Timber, apply to Mr, Thomas Newbold, of Daniel Hay, near Hartshorn. The stile to commence at Ten o'Clock, under usual Conditions Modem elegant ' Household Furniture, Pockets of Hops, fyc. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DAVIS, On Monday and Tuesday, April 10 and II, 1809, ALL tbeiruly valuable HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, China, Glass, Sic. of Mr. JAMES NU I T, Liquor Merchant, On tiie Premises, at the Upper End of IlumberStone- Gate, Leicester, ( Who is going to reside elsewhere) ; Comprising' Lofty 4- Post, Tent, and other Bed- steads, clothed with rich Cotton Furniture, capital Goosecoat Feather Beds, large Blankets, Counter- panes and Coverlets, Muttrasses, 3 handsome Sets of modern Mahogany Chests of Drawers, beautiful ; modern Mahogany Wardrobe, handsome Pjer and : Swing Glasses, capital Mahogauy Dining, Pem- broke, Snap, and other Tables, a beautiful modern Arm Chairs ( black and gold), several Sets ot high- polished Fire Irons, several Scotch Bedside and other Carpets, Oil Cloths, Hearth Rugs, capital 8- Day Time ; Piece ( Mahogany Case), beautiful modern Paper Tea 1 Tray and Waiter, 2 very good Mahogany Bureaus, modern Tea Urn plated Discharger, ti Mahogany Chairs, vitb 2- Arm Ditto to correspond, several beau- tiful Paintings ( Gold- burnished Frames), capital I. incn Chest, Night Chair, several Pairs of handsome Chintz and other Window Curtains, Mahogany Bason Stands, good Wire Fenders, modern Painted and other Chairs, Set ol handsome China, China and Glass, several Sets of Kniver and, Forks, Brass Pots and Pans, good Copper Fish Kettles, Kitchen Tables, good Patent B ® ttle Jack and Haster, Tins, with a great Variety of other Articles. Also, 3 pockets of capita) Hops, which will he Sold at the Close of the 2d Day's Sale. Sale to begin each Morning at 10 o'Clock. The above Furniture has been recently bought in and are in high Preservation Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneer, and at the Place of Sale, 011 Saturday preceding the same. Valuable Assortment of Modern Class, China, Gilt'Tea Ware, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. GLEN HAM, Or> Friday the 14th Day of April, 1809, o, n the Pre- mises of Mr. Woods; of Brooke, in the County of Rutland,, ' MIE Keeping of near Two Hundred Acres of X Capital old GRAZING LAND, from the 1st ol May until the 0th of October 1809, in Lots as may be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, The S. de to bugin at 10 o'Clock. N. B. In a few Days after the Keeping is Disposed of. will be Sold by Auction, ( for ready Money) be- tween Three and Four Hundred Lamb Hogs, and Feeding Sheep. Lead and Oak Timber. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. OWSTON, On Thursday next, April 13, at the House of Tho- mas Sharp, the Sign of the Duke of Cumberland, North Gate, Leicester, punctually at 2 o'Cloek, ABOU'I 9 Tons of Lead ip 1! 3 Lois, and also several Lots of Oak'Timber, the Materials of the Roof of the Middle Aisle of All Saints Church. The above is laid out in Lots, and may be viewed by applying to JOHN WATKINSfN, Builder, High Cross Street. Wimeswould. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOO IT, At the House of Mrs. Fox, the Three Crowns Inn, U » Wimeswould, in the Country of Leicester, on Monday the first Day of May, 1809, at Four o'Clock, agreeable to such Condi. ions as will b( then produced; ( IN ONE OR TWO LOTS) TWO CLOSES of FREEHOLD LAND, lying in the Lordship, and very near the Town of Wimeswould aforesaid, called Stone Pit Wongs, containing together about Seven Acres and a Half, iu the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Rover, For Particulars apply to Mr. LIMBERT, ot Wimeswonld, or to Mr. bOOTT, Loughborough. To Cover this Season, After the 15th of April, at Alexton, At Three Guineas a Mare, and Hulf- a- Giu& nea the Groom. VIVALDI ylYALDIfrom his Size, Bone, good Action, and Temper, is likely to get superior Hor- ses, being well known as a good bottomed and honest.. Racer; for his Performances see the Racing Calen- dars. Good Grass 8tc. may be had for Mares iu the. Neighbourhood* The M" ney to be paid before the Mares are taken away. Alexton is 4 Miles from Uppingham on the Lei% eester Road, JACK- AILANTERN will Cover this Season, at Quorndon, near Loughborough, at ONE GUINEA a Mare, and 2s. 6d. the Groom. Alt Barren Mares last Season will be covered gratis He, will be at Loughborough 011 Thursday ; and aS Leicester 011 Saturday ; during the Seaisuu. Querudon, April 6, f8t) 9. To Cover this Season, At a Guinea and a Half each Mai e, and Haif- a- Crown the Groom, ( The Half- Crown 10 he paid at the Time of Covering;, the Remainder at Midsummer next.) JUPITER, Got by Jupiter out ofThatchella by Highflyer, out o£ a Marske Mare.— Jupiter, . the Sire, was full l( ro- " TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, oXter^ Z ™ * VenUS' & C' b- vEdi" se' out . » » „ By M, OWSTON, TUPfTER is a brown Horse, with black Legs. At Mr. Henry Valentines, the Sign of the Cross J and no W| iite< and has ! W, Substance and Keys, in High Cross Street, Leicester, on Mon- Action, equal to any thorough bred Horse in the day the 17th Day ol April, 1809, at the Hour of ; Kingdom. His Stock now rising 4 Ycaiij old, are Four in the Afttrnocfti, under such Conditions as j large and very promising. shall be then and there produced ; j Jupiter will attend the Markets at Harboiough, ( IN ONE LO T) ) Daventry, Lutterworth, and alternately Leicistep AFREEHOLD ES' 1' ATE, situate in the El- ' and Rugby, during the Season; the Rest of the bow Lane, in Leicester aforesaid, consisting j Week at Home, of Four'Tenements or Dwelling Houses, each com- I " rr„ c„ prizing a House Place, Chamber, and Garret, I , L° Ver th, S ^ aSon, 1509, and a Stockinsmaker's Shop for Four Frames, with.' 4' °' le Found live Shllingi a Mare, coi& the Plots of Garden Ground thereto belonging, 1 now in the several Occupations of William Blank- ! ley, Joseph Godwin, Joha Valerdiue, and Sarah j Marsh. Two other Tenements or Dwelling Houses, j each comprising a House- Place, Chamber, and j another Bed Room, and a Shop for three Frames ; with the Plots of Garden Ground thereto belonging, Half- a- Crown the Gioom, That beautiful ftav Horse YOUNG DRONE, The Property of WILLIAM HUBBARD, Langham, YOUNG DRONE was bred by LordGrosve- nor, got by Old Drone, his Dam Anna by Eclipse, own Sister to Dido and Javelin, ( Javelin co- i vered at Twenty Guineas a Mare) bisGvandama now in the several Occupations of Joseph Slack | Spectator Mare, great Grandam by Blank, out of and Edward Pendleton. | Lord Leiglis Diana. Dido was sold at the late Dako Also, a Piece ef Garden Groui. d contiguous to ' Cumberland* Sale lor 350 Guineas. Old Drone by the before mentioned Premises, and now in " the! H, e ™ d' Dam Lilly by Blank ber Dam Peggy by several Occupations of Mr 1 omas Mr f'hpp,. • old Cade'out of Parker » Lady. thigh, by old Partners ham and iVlT Holland i and half Brother to Highflyer, and Sire ofSharley'i ham, and Mr. Holland. < Dam Young Drone his Sire of Julietta which wo » 1 he Premises comprize » bout 1720 Square Yard*. lbe 2 year old Stakes at Stamford, 1807, and io of valuable Ground exclusive of the Scite of the named for the Gold Cup this Year; he is also Sire of Buildings. ! Spaniard, the Property of Sitwell Sitwell, Esq, which John Watkinson, Builder, will shew the • is matched for 100 Guineas against Lord Lowther'a Mr Premises; and for further Particulars, application Loiterer by Sorcerer, atNewmarket, and named for may be made to Messrs. Lowdham and Cardale, ' the 3 Year old Stakes at Stamfo'd, he is also matched Aitorneys, Leicester. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. OWSTON, , against Mr. Howett's Colt, by Stamford, for 10O 1 Guineas at Doncaster this Year, " when .3 Year o: d, ran for thp Young Drono Derby Stakes of 50 G uineas each, 4.9 Subscribers, and came fourth • At the House of Mr... Neal, Saracen's Hwd Inn, ' ^ V^ t, Day '\ n for ^ in. Second, 7 in Leicester, on Tuesday the ISth Day of April " 1 he. W0'? a>^ takes a' ^- market of 10O ... , - " V"/""' ui njan Guineas each, 4 Subscribers, and was then bouirht next, at 3 0 Clock in the Afternoon, subject to by Lord Sondes at a high Price; at 4 Year old lie r, a such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there at Northampton for 50/, won the first Htfet, and higli . _ i Odds of his winning, but in running the second Heat was lamed by a Dislocation of the Foot, and has not been able to Race since. He is 15 Hands 2 Inches and allalfhigh, and free from ail uatural Blemishes, He will he at Melton, Uppingham, and at the Blue Lion Leicester, on their Market Days during the Season. Good Grass for Marps at Langham near Oakham ...... iir,.. i, * AFREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Huncore, in the County of Leicester, containing 137A. OR. 17P. ( be the same more or less) Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, now in the several Occupations of ' Thomas tlollyland, John aud Alexander Smiths, and John Airnes. 1. LOT Town End Close LOT Bridge Meadow LOT Elm Holt LOT Monaleys Long Close, Upper Part - Ditto, Low Part 2. 3. 4. LOT Hollylands Meadow LOT Feuden Ways North Ditto Middle Fuden Way Nortn Sice Ditto Fuden Ways Middle Ditto North Side of Ditto 5. 6. North Fuden South Ditte LOT 7. LQT Lindsev Upper Part North Side Ditto Lindsey Low Part North Side Ditto LOT Great Noons Close Little Ditto South Ditto 9. LOT 10. Wood Close Meadow Near Wood Close Middle Wood Close Far Ditto A. R. P. 0 2 28 ? 2 12 0 1 4 8 1 4 5 2 2 5 3 28 19 2 34 4 a 9 5 2 32 2 0 36 5 2 16 1 3 33 4 3 30 5 2 0 3 2 8 29 1 34 6 3 24 5 2 32 12 2 16 8 0 6 5 1 8 4 3 12 5 0 0 23 0 26 6 1 12 4 O 12 4 0 16 14 2 0 6 3 36 7 1 12 6 0 36 8 0 10 28 2 14 at 5 Shillings per Week. To Cover this Season, 1809. At One Guinea and a Half each Mure; LEVIATHAN, The Property of JOHN FRY ATT, of Melton Mow- bray ; and bred by COL. THORNTON, of Thorn-' ville Royal. LEVIATHAN was got by Jupiter, Dam bw Leviathan, out o< Calash, by Herod; hef Dam, Teresa, by Mateh'em; Regulus, Sister to ch ® Ancaster Starling, & c. See. Jupiter was got by Eclipse, out of a Tartar Mare and was own Brother to Mercury, Volunteer Ve* nice, Bonny Face, ftueen Mab, & c. Leviathan in 1799, beat 9 Horses over Bibury • 1800 he won a Sweepstakes at Malton, beatui" $ a- bella and Sling, 4 Miles, 13Stooeeach. He will be at the RoyaiOak, Bingham, on Tluirs- day's; Leicester, on Saturday's; Market Bosworth on Sunday's; and at Melton, oil Tuesday's, Weduci- day's, and Friday's. Good Grass for Mares. Mares proving Barrren by him this Season will tie Covered gratis next. N. B. The Estate may be entered upon imme- diately The respective Tenants will shew the Premises ; and further Particulars may be had by applying to Mr. Bower, Lincoln ; or to Messrs ' iennyson and Main, Solicitors, M^ fket Rasen, Lincolnshire. M » tch 304 1809, To Cover this Season, 1809, Tho, ' ough bred Mares, at Thiee Guineas, and 5s. the Groom, and other Mares at Two Guineas and 5s. CLASHER, Own Brother to CLINKER; Late th « Property of Sir JOHN SHELLEY, now of SAMUEL LITTLER, of Melton MowbraV. HE is a good Bay with Black Legs, 5 " Year* okl, 15 Hands 3 Inches and a Half high, with great Bone and Strength, and one of the best bred Sons of Sir Peter ; bred by Sir Sitwell Sitwell, Bart, got by Sir Peter Teazle, his Dam Hyale, by Phcenomenon; Grandam Rally by Trumpator; g. grundam Fanny, by Florizel, Sister to Diomed ^ g. g. Grandam, by Spectator, Sister to Juno; g, g g. Orandarn Horatio, by Blank ; g. g. g. g. Grandam by Flying Childers, g. g. g. g. g. Gran- dam Miss Belvoir, bv Grey Grantham, Paget, Turk, Betty Percival, by Leed's Arabian Spanker. At Newmarket Craven Meeting in 1806 Clash- er won a Sweepstakes of 600gs. heating Lord Foley's Kneebuckle, Lord Darlington's Colt by- Spectator, Lord G. H. Cavendish's Filly, Honor, and Mr. Howorth's Filly, Titian; on the same" Day he received Forfeit from Lotd Darlington's Colt, by Sir Peter, a Match for lOOgs ; next' Day he received Forfeit 200gs. for a Sweepstake* of 600gs. and was then Sold to Sir John Shelly for lOOOgs. and at the Houghton Meeting he beat Mr. Pame's ' Tudor, a Match for lOOgs. He will be at the Royai Oak, in Bingham, every Thursday; at l. eicester, every Saturday; and at home the Rest of the Week during the Season. Good Grasjfbf Maw proper Ca* e ai 6s. pe. t. week.,, em*. Leicester Jobrnal, and MidLtul Counties General '- Advertiser. Double Looped Stocking Stick Work. WHEREAS divers Persona in lhe Hosiery Trade have of late made, vended, or sold Articles, resembling the double Looped Stocking Stitch Work, for which Mr. Robert Barber, of Not- tingham, has obtained bis Majesty's fetters Patent; and whereas the said Robert Barber has lately ob- tained Injunctions in the Court of Chancery against several Persons to restrain them from committing tiny further Infringements on his before mentioned Patent, and has also recovered by Actions in the T. WILMOT, Jun. Staymaker, from London, WTH the most respectful Deference begs Leave to inform the I. adies of Leicester and its Vicinity, he has just commenced the above Business, and having been for some Years an Assis- tant in some of the most fashionable Shops in Tow n, is enabled to offer to their Notice Stays of the newest ' Paste, and in Particular a long Slay, which sits well, and is put on with the greatest possible Facility, and not only adapted to the present change of Fashion in Y< Court of King's Bench considerable Damages against I the exteriol. " of Female form, but is superior to auy them for the Infringements already committed be- | other fm. Eage am, Elegance. sides the Costs of the Suits ; and whereas several Hosiers and others, notwithstanding, continue to vend or sell the before mentioned Article, or an Ar- ticle resembling the same, under a mistaken Notion that the mere vending or selling without Manufac- turing is no Infringement of the before mentioned Patent, and with that Impression are guilty of the Artifice of pill chasing from their Workmen the Arti- cle when Manufactured, having previously sold or pretended to sell to them the raw Material; and whereas his Majesty by the before mentioned Letters Patent granted unto the said Robert Barber the sole Privilege and Authority by himself, his Deputies, Servants, and Agents, or such others as be should appomt, and no others, to make, use, exercise, and vend the said Article. The said Robert Barber does therefore hereby give Notice that all Persons who shall make, vend of se: l the said Double Looped Stocking Stitch Work or any' Article resembling the same, either Ribbed or • plain, made upon the Loop or Warp Frame, whether Masters or Workmen, and whether such Workmen sell to their Masters or otherwise, or who in any other Mariner shall infringe the said Letters I'atent, will have Actions commenced against them for the Recovery of a Compensation in Damages, and that Injunctions will be likewise immediately obtain- ed against them in the Court of Chancery, in which Court all such Persons will be compelled to produce oil Oath, their Books of Account in order to ascer- tain the Extent of the Injury sustained by the said Patentee. And the said Patentee hereby offers a Reward of FIFTY POUNDS to any Person or Per- sons who will give such Information against either J! aster, Workman, or Seller, infringing the said Letters Patent in any of the Instances before menti- oned, asshall enable him to procure a Verdict against them to be paid by the said Patentee at his Notting- ham or London Warehouse immediately on obtain- ing such Verdict. Ail Communication" are requested to be made at the Warehouse of the said Patentee in Nottingham, and at No. 92, Watling- S'reet, London; or to his Agent, Mr. John Pearson, Leicester ; or at the Offices of Mr. Barker, Solicitor, No. 5, - Krick Court, Temple; of Mr. Ailsopp, Solicitor, Nottingham; or of Mr. Lawton, Solicitor, Leicester. ! N. B. Messrs. WHEATLEY's, of Leicester, are the only Persons to whom the Patentee has grauted a Licence to make or sell the above Article. Nottingham, March 29, 1809. . To Hosiers, dfc. MR. BARBER, the Patentee of the Double- looped Stocking Stitch Wdrk, informs ihe Public that he has appointed Mr. JOHN PEAR- SON, of J Bicester, his Agent, for the Sale of the ' above Article. Nottingham, March 29, 1809. Wii EREAS Application has been made to us whose Names are hereunder written, being Commissioners appointed by and for the Purpose of sn Act of Parliament, for making and maintaining a Navigable Cut or Canal, from the Melton Mowbray Navigation in the County of Leicester, to Oakham in theCountv ofRutlaud, by William Miller of Saxby, and Robert Day of Wvmondham, both in the County Of Leicester, Graziers, Occupiers of Lands and Grounds on the Line of the said Navigation, desiring us to appo nt a general Meeting of such Commis- sioneis, for the Purpose of ascertaining the Damages done to the said William Miller and Robert Day, in their respective Closes in the said several Parishes of Saxby and Wymondham, by the said Navigation, or some of the Woiks relating thereto. We in pursu- ance of such Application, do appoint a general Meeting of such Commissioners, to be holden at the Vhi'e Swan Inn, in Meltoa Mowbray, in the said County of Leicester, on Monday the Ist Day of May * ext, at ID of the Clock in the Forenoon, for the Pur- poses aforesaid. Witness our Hands this Sd Day of April, 1809. SETH HOSE, GEORGE MARRIOTT, > Commissioners. THOMAS BLACK, ) JOHN BRIGGS, Clerk to the said Commissioners. T. W's Sister will wait upon such Ladies who may Honor him with their Commands, and Trusts by an unremitting Attention and Assiduity in the Execution of their Orders, to merit their Patronage and Sup- port. N. B. Ladies residing in the Country by sending their Stays with proper Directions may be fitted with the greatest Exactness. Horse Fair Street, March 14, 1809. Printer, Bookseller, and Stationer, EAST GATES, LEICESTER. BS. CHAMBER LAIN returns grateful Ac- , knowledgcments to his Friends and the i Public, for the liberal Encouragement he has expe- I rienced since his commencement in Business, and : informs them he has removed from his late Residence ! in High Street, to the Shop in East Gates, ( formerly Ireland and Son) where he hopes by unremitting At- | tention to the various Branches of his Profession, to merit a Continuance of that Patronage he humbly j Solicits. . N. B. Printing executed with neatness, cor- rectness, and dispatch. J. SHERGOLD; At his Comtiiission Warehouse. CHURCH- GATE, LEICESTER; WISHES to infi rm the Hosiers of Leices- ter and its Vicinity, that having on hand a large Q uantitv of HARD YARN for the WARP MANUFACTORY, also BLUE DY'D in GRAIN which he proposes selling on the very lowest Terms, and on such Accommodations as shall be agreeable to the Purchaser. J. S. Recommends to his Friends, to Manufacture the aboVe Article of the very best Wool, which he doubts ricrt will ensure them a cohstant aud quick Sale. Leicester, April 6, 1809. H. COOKE, Sworn Appraiser and Auctioneer, EDUCATION, At Oakham School, Rutland. OUNG Gentlemen are Boarded, and instruct ed in the Latin and Greek Languages, by the Rev. JOHNDONCASTER, A. M. Fellow of Christ College, Cambridge; and lately one of his Majesty's Preachers at Whitehall. Particulars of the Terms, and of the Exhibitions with which the School is endowed, may be known by application to Mr. D. or at the JOURNAL OFFICE. J. EWAKD, LEATHER SELLER ( Wholesale & Retail), MARKET- PLACE, LEICESTER ; TAKES this Opportunity of informing those . who are concerned in the Tar.' d or Dress ; Leather Business, that be has opened a Warehouse j in the above Line, and has laid in a large and valua- ble Assortment of all the various Kinds of Leather ; now in Use, and as it is selected from the first Mar- T Shenston's Bankruptcy. HE Commissioners in a Commission of Bank - rupt, bearing Date the 28ih Day of June, 1808, awarded and issued forth againSt THOMAS SHENSTON, of Market Bosworth, in, the County of Leicester, Draper, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 20th Dayof April Instant, at 11 in the Forenoon, at the George Inn, in Market Bosworth aforesaid, to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt, when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they Will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend, and all Claims not then proved, will be disallowed. J: SALES OF TIMBER POSTPONED WINFIELD begs Leave to inform his friends, the Timber Merchants, Sfc. that in Conse- quence of his being summoned to attend the Sessions at Leicester, he is under the Necessity of Postponing the kets in thfTkii'igdom"," J*. E.' flatters himself that those ! Sale ° f Timber at Charley, to Tuesday the 18th Instant ; . . D 7 _ i it... i I— l.: —.. - j ii. . t n. t r.. . ... who favor him with worthy of Attention. March 17, 1809, tlieir Commands will find it BEGS Leave to inform h iFrierd and the Pub- lic in general, that from the Experience he has had at Liverpool in that Line, is induced to commence on his own Account in Leicester, where by a strict and unremitting Attention to Business aud the Interest of those who honor him with their Confidence, trusts he shall merit the Support of a generous and discerning Public; in Addition to the Department of Auctioneer both in Town and its Vici- nity, informs his numerous Friends he has taken Part of the late Assembly Room on the Coal llill, which lie has fitted up as a Repository for the Re- ception and Sale of all Kind of Goods, Plate, China, Libraries of Books, Household Furniture, & c. either by private Contract or public Auction, and assures those Friends who may wish to. dispose of, or ex- change any Part of their Furniture, & c. they have an Opportunity, as his Repository will be constantly kept open for the Purpose, and the most inviolable Secrecy will be observed, and all Accounts rendered and the Proceeds paid immediately after the Close of the Sale. Bankrupt's Effects and Accounts arranged, ad- justed, aud settled, and outstanding Debts and Rents collected on the usual Terms, with Correctness and Dispatch. N. B. Security will be given for the Trust reposed if required. Orders left at his Office and Repository, on the Coal Hill; Mis. Parspns, Cank Street; or Mr. Black's, Baker, Charles Street, will be duly attend- ed to and punctually executed, Leicester, 6th April, 1809, WHITE LION INN, LEICESTER. JOHN MESSENGER having taken and en- tered upon the' above Inn, respectfully ac- quaints his Friends and the Public, that every, atten- tion shall be paid to ensure their comfortable Accom- modation, he is determined continually to lay in his Stock of Wines' and Spirituous Liquois of the first Quality, be will, alsp givp, particular Attention to his Malt Liquor, so as to merit the Approbation of his Customers. J. M. Has made such Arrangements for the Con- venience and Comfort of Gentleman Travellers, as he flatters uimsclf will gain their Patronage and Sup- port. In his Stabling due regard shall be given to the Care of Horses, and in the choice of Hay and Corn. Leicester, April 6, 1809. Wanted. AN Apprentice to a Brazier, and Plate Iron Worker.— Enquire of S. CAPARN, Mar- ket Place, Leicester. Premium no Object, . and that at Lockington to Wednesday the 19th Inst, which Time- he hopes to be favor'd with their Company• IVimesttould, April 7, ! 8o9. N Wanted, Assistant to the Grocery Business.- A quire at the JOURNAL'OFFICE, Lener, Post- paid. Leicester, April 5, 1809. - En- if by A& IIi Y- DE- LA- ZOUCH CANAL, Monday, 3d April, 1S09. WHEREAS a sufficient Number of Proprie- tors of this Undertaking did not this Day attend to constitute a General Assembly, Notice ishcrcby gioen, That on Monday the 17th of this instant Month of April, another Assembly of the said Proprietors v .1 be held at 11 o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the White Hart Inn, in Ashby- de- la- Zouch, when and where all Proprietors are desired to attend by themselves or Proxies, as it is enacted by the Act of Parliament for making the said Canal, that i case of failure of the Assembling of a sufficient Isutr. ber of Proprietors by themselves and Proxies to constitute a sufficient Assembly, every Pro prietor who shall not attend such . second Meeting in Person or by Proxy will forfeit to the said Com pany of Proprietors, for every Share which he shall possess in the said Navigation, the Sum of five Shillings. JOHN CROSSLEY, Clerk to the Company of Proprietors. FIVE POUNDS REWARD. LEICESTER ASSOCIATION, For the Prosecution of Felons, ifc. APOINTER BITCH PUPPY of a Black and White colour, and tick'd or spoti'd in the light Parts thereof, and about 10 Weeks old, having been stolen from Mr. Atlierstone's, at the Bottom of Belgrave- gate, Leicester, in the Morning of Sa tur. day last, a Reward of FIVE POUNDS is hereby offered to any Person or Pesons who will cause the Offender or Offenders to be brought to Justice, and which Reward will be paid on Conviction qf such Of- fender or Offenders ; aud should two or more have been concerned in the above Offence, and any one of them will impeach his Accomplice or Accomplice therein to. Conviction, the Person so impeaching is hereby promised the above Reward, and that the utmost Endeavours shall be used to obtain his full Pardon. T. SHEPPARD, Solicitor to the above Association. STILTON CHEESE WAREHOUSE, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. TIIOM AS P1CKARD and Co. having laid in a prime Assortment of Stilton, Cheshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire Cheese, also excel- lent Hams and Bacon, respectfully inform their Friends and the Public, that they purpose opening their Shop and Warehouse id Hotel- street, on Satur- day the 15th Inst, where their Favors will be strictly attended to, and gratefully Acknowledged. N. B Flour, Suit, and Oatmeal. Leicester, April 6. DECOCTION OF THE WOODS. AN admirable sweetener and purifier of the Blood, selected from the choicest Woods, Barks, Gums, and Plants of South America, by Soubise de Vaugelin. For Scorbutic Habits, and Impurities of the Blood, from whatever Cause arising It has no equal. As a Spring and Atitumn Physic it is so pure that it may be safely administered to Wo men ef the most delicate Frame, or to Children. It is just consigned from Spain, and may be had in Packets, price One Pound esu- h. On remitting a One Pound Note from the Country, in a Letter { Post- paid) to Mr. Vaugelin, at- the Warehouse, No. 14, Charles- street, Covent- garden, London, it will \ e carefully packed up, and sent by Coach. *** Dr. Lind in lus admirable Treatise on the Scurvy, says, that " Vegetables have great and pe- culiar Virtues in this Disease, and the best Reme- " dies are furnished from a Composition of different f Plants, most eminent for the Properties required." An eminent modern Writer observes, " there is " scarce a human Frame that is totally free from ** Scorbutic Affections." And the learned Matliio- lusobserves, " if any one is III, and knows not his " Q'omplaint, let him suspect the Scurvy/' T. WADDAMS, Ornamental Hair Manufacturer, OpppositeMr. TOMLlNSON's, Bull's Head Inn, Hinckley j RESPECTFULLY informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of Hinckley and its Vicinity, that he has from London the newest and most elegant Patterns of Ladies Fancy Head Dresses, and Gentle- men's Crops, Grecian Bands, Ringlets, Frontlets and plats, with every other Pattern ; a large Assort- ment of new invented Tortoisesheil Combs, & c. ; and a fresh Supply of the richest Perfumery, and new Soaps from the first Perfumers. T. W. takes this Opportunity of offering his grate- ful Acknowledgements for the liberal Encouragement he has experienced, and humbly solicits a Continu- ance of the same. Ladies and Gentlemen's Haircut and dressed in the first Style and Fashion. Families r. nd Boarding Schools waited on in the Town and Country on the shortest Notice. N. B. A private Room lor Ladies aud Gentlemen's Hair Cutting. Hinckley, March 30, 1809. COPY OF ADVERTISEMENT. By the King's Royal Letters Patent. A most valuable Discovery in Sadlerv. GORDON HOWDEN, SADLER, & c. 197, Oxford Street, Corner of Orchard Street, Portman Square, London, begs to invite the Atten- tion of the Nobility, Gentry, and all who are in the Habit of riding, to his newly invented Patent Girth Pannel, which must effectually prevent the Saddle from getting forward on Horses however much the Shape of the Animal may work against'it. This In- vention has for its Recommendation its Simplicity and the great Comfort which it is calculated to pro- duce both to the Rider and the Horse without the possibility of the least Inconvenience arising to either; it is not further discoverable than the ordi- nary Girth, and in no Degree adds to the Weight of the Saddle, and in short it precludes any possible Objection from the nicest Critic in Horsemanship. The indisputable Proof, of its Efficacy and the trifling additional Expence it occasions in a Saddle, embolden the Inventor to offer it to the Public with Confidence. Sold also by Appointment by Mr. DUNKLEY, Sadler, Lutterworth. To Cover this Season, 1809, SAMSON, The Property of J. GADSBY, ofShenton, At One Guinea and a Haifa Mare, and Half- a- Guinea if Barren, ABlack HORSE of the Cart Kind, rising 5 Years old, full 16 Hands high, full of Bone, good Temper aud very Active.— He is of the correct Breed of the Packington Old Horse, and his Stock of their Age, are not inferior to any. *** The Money to be paid the first Monday in February. Grass for Mares with proper Attgntfojj, Shuiton, April 3, 1309. Wanted immediately, ASteady Man who is capable of taking an ac- tive snd leading Part in a Wholesale and Retail Grocer's Shoj5, and to Travel occasionally, will meet with suitable Encouragement, and for further Information apply to the Journal Office, if by Letter Post- paid. Leicester, April 6, 1809. TO TAILORS. ~ ~~ TWENTY OR THIRTY JOURNEYMEN may have Employ by applying to VVM. PEET, Leicester. N. B. W. P. having a Regimental Contract, Coun • try Masters may be accommodated by having Work at home. Leicester, March 30, 1809, ~ TfTliUfLDERa ANY Person or Persons willing to Contract for the Construction of Arches or Culverts for carrying off the Wasie Water upon the F lood Road leading from Nottingham Trent Bridge, to the Town of Nottingham, . are desired immediately to apply Personally, to the Clerks to the said Road, or to Mr. STA- VELEY, Surveyor, Nottingham, at whose Office Plans and Specifications of the in- tended Work may be seen, and Particulars known, By Order, JAMSON and LEESON, Clerks to the Trustees of ihe said Road. Nottingham, April i, 1809. Just Published, OBSERVATIONS ON THE Management of the Insane ; And particularly on the Agency and Importance of humane and kind Treatment in effecting their CURE. By THOMAS A RNOLD, M. D. Felloxii of Ihe Royal. College of physicians, and of the Royal Medical Society, of Edinburgh ; Senior Physi- cian to the Leicester Jrtfrmary, and sole Physician to the Leicester Lunqlic Asylum. Belle Grove, Leicester, March 17,1809. LEICES'l ERSH1RE MILITIA*." TWO Hundred and Forty- two Men have vo- lunteered from the above Regiment into the Regulars, being the Number required under the Act 49th Geo. III. Chap. 4. whose- Names and Descriptions will appear in the Journal of the en- suing Week. DECIMUS COOKE, Clefrk of the General Meetings. Leicester, April 6, 1809. L EIC EST ER S111R E LOC A L M1L 1' 1' IA. 48th Geo. ad. Chap. III. Ta General Meeting of the Lieutenancv held at the Hotel, in Leicester, on Saturday the 25th Day of March Instant. Ordered.— That thd 4 Battalions of Local Mi- litia of this County, assemble to be trained and ex- ercised for the Space of 28 Day's exclusive of the Days of Marching to and from the Place of Exercise, at the respective Head Quarters upon the Days and Times following, ( Viz.) 1st Battalion, or Leicester Regiment. At the Market Place, in Leicester, on Monday the 15th Dayof May next, at 9 o'Clogk in the Forenoon. 2d Battalion, or West Leicester Regiment. At the Market Place, in Hinckley, on Monday the 15th Day of May next, at 9 o'Clock in the Forenoon. 3rd Battalion, tr Loughborough Regiment. At the Market Place, in Loughborough, on Mon- day the 15th Day of May next, at 9 o'Clock in the Forenoon. 4th B" talion, or Melton Regiment. At the Market Place, in Melton, on Monday the 15ih Day of May next, at 9 o'Clock in ihe Forenoon. By Order of the Lieutenancy, DECIMUS fcOOKE, Clerk of the General Meetings. Leicester, 30th March, 1809. County of Leicester HUNDRED of GUTHLAXI'ON. Affize pf Kread loi the Hundred of Guthlaxlon take place on Monday the 3d of April, to be n Force untilanotlier Affize is fet lor the faid Hun- LONDON, THURSDAY April 0. Accounts were received by government yesterday from - Holland, stating that Moni- teurs had arrived there to the 23th of last rronth— Bonaparte had not left Paris j but they announce that an extraordinary Meeting of the Senate was to be heltl on the 1st inst. at which, no doubt, Bonaparte would assist in person, and open their proceedings with a speech upon the preparation of Austria, and the general state of Europe— he would, in all probability) set off immediately afterwards for the arjnies. . The question of peace or war has been re- solved, and hostilities have commenced. The accounts from Holland state, that the Austri- aris have made a sudden iiruption into the Tyrol, and that on the 17th of last month an action took place, in which the French were defeated. Troops are pouring into Germany in all directions. Upon the affairs of Spain the Mo- niteur preserves the profoundest Silence. General Dupont, who surrendered to the Spaniards under Cues! a, is said to have been brought to trial and condemned to death. He was shot by torch- light. This punishment is understood . to have produced much murmur- ing among the French officers. A1 APRIL 7. MARRIED. On Wednesday, at St. Martins, Mr. Thomas Coo- per, of Whotston, to Miss Mary Frone, of this place. DIED. On Saturday night last, Mrs. SvHnfeti, wife ef Mr. Edmund Swinfen, after a painful and distressing illness of twenty months, which she bore with exem- plary patience and christrian fortitude j and at length resigned her soul into the. hands of her Almighty Creator, with an humble and it was evident ( in her last momcnts) a well grounded hope of eternal happi- ness. Her kind assiduity and tender atten'ion for the welfare of her family and connections, wi| l ever be remembered by them with sincere gratitude and affeotion, and the loss sustained by her dissolution most severely felt, and justly lamented. On Wednesday last, Mr. John Loseby, many year § in the house of the. late Mrs. Harris, grocer, & c. He acquired a considerable property With the strictest honour and integrity, aHd was deservedly esteemed as a truly honest and worthy man. At Ashby- de- la- Zouch on the 2d inst. in the 60th year of his age, Ellis Shipley Pestell, Estjuire, of that place, Attorney- at- La » .— A gentleman, whose extensive legal knowledge, and indefatigable zeal in his clients cause, justified his selection professionally, for the conducting of many important transactions, as well public as private;— wkose love of literature and of the arts, coupled with liberal manners, aud an easy unaffected address, rendered his society an object . of very general desire;— aud who, amidst his other pursuits, did not neglect to study aud observe that Law by which men shall be judged hereafter. On the 21st ult. much lamented by her relatives and friends, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with patience'aud resignation, in the 21st year of her age, Mary, youngest daughter of Mr. Robert Birkinsbaw, of the Outwoods, near Derbv. Oh the 3Uth ult. Mrs. Fox, relict of the late " Mr. Fox, formerly an eminent surgeon of this town. On Sunday last in the afternoon, the anniver- sary sermon forthe support of the charity school in Kt. \ fat- « ' « napichi Wso rtt dred ib. ei. ar. The Penny Loaf Wheaten to weigh 0 4 4 Ditto Houlhold Ditto b 5 11 The Two- penny LoafWheaten Ditto 0 8 8 Ditto Houfhold Ditto Oil « The Six- penny Loaf Wheaten Ditto 19 9 Ditto Houlhold Ditto 2 S 1 he Twelvepenny LoafWheaten Ditto 3 3 2 Ditto Houfhold Ditto 4 4 2 The Eigbteenpenny Loaf Wtieateu Ditto 4 12 11 Ditto Houlhold Ditto 6 6 2 T. BURNABY. C. CHAMBERS. Every Wheaten Loafij to bemarked with a large Roman W. aud every Hoalhold Loaf with a large Roman H. on Paio of. forfeiting uoi r^ ars th^ n 20s * wr eii ttiaa5| Up eireii'H* St." Mary's parish; was preached at St. Mary's church in this town, by the Rev. Thomas Robin- son, vicar. The congregation was large and re- spectable, and the amount o£ the cillection was upwards of EIOHTV POUNDS. We > vere last week prevented from detailing the whsle proceedings of the different Courts dur- ing the assizes, with which we had been favoured > but as the cadses in the Nisi Prius Court were not of much importance, to ihsert them this week would be deemea somewhat out of season. The Judge in his charge to the Grand Jury for the Borough took occasion to wate in strong terms, hi » regret, in ob- serving that so large and populous a town should be entirely deficient in lamps, and had no doubt but that many of the petty offences which he observed in the calendar, were owing to this deficiency ; at the same time he complimented the town and ma- gistrates, on the police in other respects ; and re- commended to the inhabitants at ldrge to obviate the defect of lamps as soontj possible. We much hope the observations of his Lordship will be at- tended to ; ar. d when the spirit of improvement begins to evince itself, we trust the trespasses upon the FLAG PAVEMENT will not escape theatteniion of the magistrates ; in our last page we have inserted the bye laws of a neighbouring corporation, which we submit with deference to their conside rat on, as a wholesome corrective of the great abuses that are hourly committed by persons with barrows und drags, to the great annoyance of every well dressed woman and foot passengers in general. We have also inserted in pare " Mr. Neild'srematkson the Gaols" in this town, and we hope with Dr. Lettsom, that '' some individual of this Corporation of 80 public officers may be ani- mated to useful exertions," and remove the foul blot that throws sa dark a shade over the delibe- rative wisdom of the whole CORPORATE BODY I 1 We indeed long for an opportunity of high pane- gyric— the public naturally expect from those who voluntarily undertake thedischaige of a PUBLIC TRUST, a faithful and strict discharge of public- duty ; very much is necessary to be done, and the sooner it is attended too, the sooner the public will be convinced, that the official situation is not an object oHndividual gratification;— but has for its basis- PUBLic SPIRIT— and its great object — JPVB L1C GO0I> 1— '' The following dreadful transaction lias involved the family of Sir Stewkley Shuckburgh, Bait of Upper Shuckburgh, in the coumy of Warwick, and the family of Lieutenant Sharpe, of the Bedford Militia) in the deepest distress. Lieut. Sbarpe paid his addresses to Miss Shuckburgh, and being disappointed in obtaining the object of his affection, formed the horrid determination of putting a period to his own and her exis- tence, which be carried into effect on Sunday morning the 20th ul'i in the plantations of Shuck, burgh Parki From what appeared upon the in- quest, and the letters addressed to each other having been found upon the spot, it is evident that Miss Shuckourgh iriet Lieut. Sharpe for the purpose of dissolving the connection. After a most minute and deliberate investigation of all the circumstances of this most melancholy, and afflicting event, before John Tomes, Esq. coroner, and a respectable jury, a verdict of lunacy vvfts given respecting I. ieut. Sharpe, and that Miss Sliuckburgh died by his hand. It appeared that Lieui. Shsrpe had been some weeks past in a state of mental derangement, and under confine- ment on that account; and that it was contrary to the opinion of his ptiysicijh that he was per- rhined ( o go © lit alone, At Stafford Assizes 8 prisoners and at War. wick ass: zes 5 prisoners, were capitally convicted, The indictment agaioSt Joseph Hanson, Esq. Was brought forward on Wednesday,. at L;. ncas- er » He was charged with having, by his conduct; and language, encouraged the Weavers to hostile proceeding when they were assembled in great numbers in . May last, hear ' Manchester.— Tha trial lasted from nine o'clock in the morning till nine at night, when the Jury delivered a verdict of Guilty.— Mr. Hanson is to receive judgmcaJ in the Court of King's Bench. From the severity. bf the late winter, the morta- lity artiong the deer throughout the country hat been greater than was ever known, it is supposed that not less than from beiween four and five hun- dred have died in Salcey Purest, Northanipton » htte, since Novembet last. Col. J, Speed, convicted of bigafoy at the lam Surrey Assizes, is sentericed to sevtn years trans- portation. Last week a man, residing in Penny- sircet, Blackburn, was taken lip, lor pacing counterfeit 101. Bank of England no es. The manner '•>; which ihe no; es are fccUiiterfeittd, deserves pariicuterijT to be noticed, in order to guard the public against simitar deceptions—' 1 he w and 0 are cut from, the two pound notes, and the n and the e from the one pound notes ; by letting the I of the former, remain, and transposing the h and e of the hitter, ( by cutting out each leuer singly) a lv.< o pound is made imo ten. This may be en- ily delected on examination, as the word Ten, wherever u oeturv in the counterfeit note is obliged to be pasted a* the back. We understated that two men have beeji taken up near Padiham for a simifer offence. The Glor. ous 12th of April will be ne. v: Wed- nesday, when the Granji Siai'e Lottery will begirt drawing m Londd'i Those persons who have de- layed purchasing their usual adventures, are - e- quested to apply, without delay, to either ol the Lattery Agents in this county, in utdcr that they may be in time to obtain the grand additional prize of 1,' QC0 Whole Tickets. From tiie great de- mand', it is doubtful whethfr the supply of Shares sent from Londrjh ivill lie sufficient; therefore, delays are dangerous. Leicester Infirmary.— The following are become Subscribers to this excellent Institution : „ Annually* Honorable Mrs. Bowater; Old Dalby House Rev. Robert Marriott, Cott. esbach Society of the Great Meeting • Dr. Alexander, Danet's Hall Mr. Win. Bradley, Belg'rivp Mr. John llurgeas, Leicester r Mr. Thomas Barratt, Leictster - Rev. W. Bosworth, Pampillian Hall - Mr. Jesse Berridge, Leicester Kobert Clarke, Juu. Esq, Brookesby Mr. John Coltman, Leicester - Mr. Alderman Johnsoti, Leicester Mr. Harrison, Proctor, Leicester » John H. Palmer, Esq. Skeffington Hsll Honorable MrS, Palmer, ditto Parish of East Langtdu ' - — of Flebkney - _ AGRICULTURAL Mofithly Rdport for March The Wheat crops of both the iate and enrlj- sow- ings have come on well sinbo our last, and at present lu many places quite cover the surface of the gromid. They, perhaps; in general never looked more fa- vourably, at this period of the year. The winter Barleys and Ryes are also pretty much in the. same situation. The winter Tare and Rape crops in different dis- tricts have likewise a vtjry line appearance at this time.— In England and Wales, Wheat averages per quarter 94s.— Barley 46s. 5d. and Oats 24s. 8d. The late turnip crops have also aiforded a large Supply of both green and other food for the support ot sheep arid cattle stock, during the latter part of the present month, aiid have been particularly fa- vourable for the lambiiigjewes in mahy situations. The unusual fineness of tiie seasonj thtough most of the month, has afforded a fine opportunity of put- ting in spring crops in complete perfection, and great breadths of ground have Been already sown with Oats, spring Wheat, and other, spring crops, in the best possible state of preparation. Great breadthsof early Potatoes have liken isebeeft set in soihe districts in, the early part of the mouth. The weather has likewise been extremely favourable for the making of new and repairing the old fences; and much, work of this kind has been well accom- plished. The business of ploughing was, perhaps, never bet- ter perforfhed than in the preseht season^ the land having broken up remarkably tvell. The Tup stock, as well as that of Cattle, have done hitherto extremely welli the ewes have lambed dowu very well, in a vast number of instances double lamb » having been produced. 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 2 2 * a 2 2 2 % 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 a 2 s 2 2 2 2 £ THE QLORN HOUNDS will m# et on Monday, April 10,— at Coleorton Sjnblffs'. Wednesday, 12,— at Baidun liill. Saturday, — 15,— at Ratby Burrow. Each day at half past 1 iin o'clock. ' LORD VERNON's HOUND, ® will meet on Monday, April 10.— at Hoarecross. Wednesday. 12.— at Shugboroiijfl, Friday, —— 14.— at Black Slough* Price of Corn same is last week. GAINSROROUGLTSHIP NEWS. Arrived.—: WiIliam and Sarah, George; Trial, JSoWtit and Dorothy, Sanderson ; all from Lynn. Charlefc and Mary Storey, and Half Packet, Andrews, botfi from Wisbech. Elizabeth, Edmunds, from Wells. GainsbO'ro' Packet, Maw; Trent, Eershaw; Provl- deuce, Flower; John and Elizabeth, Cawkwell 5 Neptune, Bass; and London, Waterland; all, froni London. William and Mary, Collingwood, and New Danby, Holland, both from Yarmouth* Sailed.— Robert and Frances, Hudson, for Wiskech. St. Petersburgh Packet, Morden, for Colchester. Betsy, Markham, for Yarmouth. Providence, Dry ; True Briton, Gill; Exchange, Whiting, and Jolui and Elizabeth, Cawkwcjl; ail ' faBsj for Clay, I cicesfer Journal, and Midland Couln'ties General Advert wet Mr Nisids remarks on Leicester Gaols, with a , letter of Dr. Lettsom. From the Gent. Mag. of last month. " Labour lias been represented as the punishment of Sin ; but it also operates as the preservative of innocence. ' , , Sumbrook Court, March 6. " It has been the opinion of the wisest and best of men, that the time' which is employed in la- bour is so much deducted from the empire of the passions; and that, while the faculties of the mind and the body are occupied in industrious pursuits, the sensual and malevolent passions are proportion- ally subdued. But the MANAGERS OF THE TOWN GAOL of LEICESTER seem to have acted tipon principles so diametica lly opposite to the ge- neral sense of mankind, respecting the effects of labour compared to those of idleness, as 10 set reason and experience at Defiance, by inflicting a penalty on every effort of industry!! " t he Corporation of Leicester consists of a Mayor, Recorder, 24 Aldermen 4S Common Councilmen, 2 Ch. imberlains, a Steward, Baiht, Solicitor and Town Clerk ; and the annual com- mitment of Prisoners to the TOWN GAOL is nearly 200. From the subsequent recital of Mr. Nield, thst some individual of this Corporation may be anima- ed to useful exertion, is the object of this appeal, by J. C. LE1TSOM. ' Then follows the description of the County fcaol, and that of the Town ; of the latter Mr. Nield remarks, " Instead ol'encouraging industry, however, tne very disposition to it seems here to be most unac- countably repressed by a curious mode ot penalty. Every Prisoner, Debtor or Criminal, that pro- cures lunlself the means of labour in the Town Gaol of I eicester, has not only his County allow- ance of bread stopped, and witheld, but he is even obliged to pay the Gnol,:> one shilling, und sonie- titties two shillings per week, for permission to work! I A novelty of this kind is undoubtedly se- vere ; and such as I have never met with in my wide perambulation of the Gaols. A baih is face provided, which they informed me had never been used, nnd the prison seldom visited. No rules and orders. There was fornurly a table of fees, but none has been visible in the prison these many years. Neither the act for the preservation of health, nor the clauses again'st Spirituous Liquors, ire painted on aboard and hung up. The prison s clean, and waier plentifully supplied." energies of the nation, and, in the end, alienate the minds of the people from the love of their country. The King was become an old man, who had long reigned beneficially for his people, and he would not be willing to wound his feelings un- necessarily. No reply being made to these sug- gestions, the motion was withdrawn. BY F- LAWS Made by the Corporation uf the Borough of Tamworth, for the preservation of the Flag- stone pavement in the several public streets of the said borough. Ollences enumerated in the said bye- laws. Penalties to be in- curred thereby. i> or driving any waggrm, cart or other car- riage, drawn by cattle, or any of the wheels of such carriage, upon the said pavement, - - £ 5 For wheeling or drawingany barrow, hand- carl or utlier carriage, not drawn by cat- tle thereupon, For laying coals, dung, rubbish or other . things thereupon For riding- leading or driving any horse or other cattle thereupon, whether draw- ing in any carriage or not, or for permit- ting any loose horse or other cattle to go thereupon, - - For hanging, tieing up, or fastening any horse or other cattle upon or across the said pavement, One fourth part of the several penalties above mentioned, when recovered, to be given to the Per- son who shall first give information either to the Bailiffs or Town Clerk of the said Borough, Or to the Chamberlain of the Corporation. The penalties to commence after the first day of January, l8Ci>. 0 0 0 5 0 1 0 0 0 5 0 0 5 0 MEETINGS. Wednesday, a numerous Meeting of the inha- bitants of Westminster was held, in Westminster- Hall, when a number of resolutions were passed expressive of the approbation of the meeting to Mr. Wardle, and various other Members who sup- ported him in the Enquiry into the conduct of the Duke of York.— Mr. Sturch, Mr. Wis'nart, Sir Francis Burden, Mr. Whitbread, andothers, spoke on the occasion ; particularly Sir Francis Burdett, who in the course of his speech said, " There are only two means of saving the Country, the down- fall of Coriuption, and Parliamentary Reform. Corruption, he said, had insinuated itself into al- most every department of the State, and had placed the country in the slate of the fabled Pro- motheus chained to a reck, with a vulture inces santly preying upon his liver, and the vulture that preyed upon it was corruption; for notwith- standing' the immense sums lavished away in abuses of different kinds, the unexampled industry of the country reproduced those sums, and the consiant waste of corruption was by that means supplied and perpetuated. It was therefore apparent that either the country must subdue the hydra Corrup- tion, or Corruption would destroy the country; and jn the end England, like many other nations, whose own profligacy had undone them, would be laid at t . efoot of a proud Conqueror." Saturday a very numerous Meeting of the Li- verymen of London took place at Guildhall, in consequence of a requisiiion made to the Lord Mayor, ( which in the first instance, he refused) for the purpose of considering a vote of Thanks to Colonel Wardle, and his supporters, for their patriotic exertions in bringing forward the charges • 4' ainst his RoyalHighnessthe Dukeof York, which was unanimously carried.— After which, on the motion of Mr. Waithman, a vote of censure was carried against the Lord Mayor, Sir William Curtis, Sir C. Price, and Mr. Alderman Shaw, who were declared to have lost the confidence of their fellow Citizens On the dther hand, the thanks of the Livery were vo'ed to Alderman Coombe atid Mr. Waithman. The resolu'ions passed in other respects, went to reprobate the sys- tem of corruption, so prevalent in every depart- ment of the State, to deprecate the influence of otacemen and pensioners in the House of Com- mons, and to condemn the gross abuses ( tending to increase the burthens of the people) in the ma- nagement and expenditure of the public money. The meeting of the Livery was numerous, and the marks o't disapprobation shewn to the Lord Mayor and three city Members very strong and d cided. Oxford Meeting.— A Court of Common Coun- cil was held in the City of Oxford, on Wednesday last, when Mr. Adams moved for a VoteofThanks to Mr Wardle, for his recent public conduct. This wasopposed by Mr. W. Slatter, who thought that fever had been created in the public mind, whi h might lead to consequences of a very seriou3 kind. He admitted thaL Mr. Wardle had dis- charged his duty in an honourable manner, but feared that the motion might be made a rallying point for disaffected and bad men. A severe lesson had been read to the Duke of York, and he trusted the Government wouid learn a useful les- ion, before it was too late, and not suffer abuses ^ eiast vvhich must nalutaUy tend to weaken tfie GRAND LOTTERY Begins Drawing the 12th of APRIL, 1809. BANKRUPTS. W. Wranghara, Seething- lane, money- scrivener W. Mason, Hack- street, Horslydown, victualler T. Hunt, York, money scrivener W. Williams, Pentonville, factor T. Davies, Birmingham, dealer in coals T. M. Siade, Old Bond- street, picture dealer S. Nan- is, Sheffield, razorsmith G. Egler, Portsea, miller J, Croton, Drury- lane, linen- draper J. Nevett, Broseley, dealer in coals W. Prigg, Ipswich, victualler H. Holland, Dawlish, Devon, brick- maker J. philcox, Brighthelmstone, carpenter P. Forster, Great Yarmouth J. N. Rayner, Ely, lijien- draper G. Blakey, jun. Stepney, ship- owner J. P. Brothers, Aldermafrbury, jeweller Thomas Peat, Wood- street, Cheapside, hosier Thomas Thompson, Great Am well, Herts, jobber Thomas Davies, Haverfordwest, mercer Omar Hall, Stafford, banker Thomas Austin, Chester, coach proprietor Edward Deane, Liverpool, merchant John Henry Maund, Coventry, grocer Isaac Clapson, Henrietta- street, Hackney- road, carpenter Francis Lee Mead and Elizabeth Lewis, Hollis- street, Cavendish- square, milliners Ann Neve, Strand, milliner Matthew Samuel Haynes, Queenhithe, insurance- broker Abraba. n Richardson, St. Dunstan's- hill, Tower street, victualler Thomas Guillod, Craven- street, Strand, wine- mer- chant Thomas Nofris, Gosport, corn- merchant John Job Newton, ( iray's inn- lane, ironmonger. Joseph Brown aud Jane Brown, Newcastle- upon- Tyne, sadlers Sarah Colton and William Colton, Scawby, Lin colnshire, corn and coal- merchants James Hitchcock, Sculcoates, Yorkshire, white lead merchant Thomas Hawkins Patten, Drury* latie, victualler John Leach, Turnham Green, Middlesex, shop- keeper DIVIDENDS, April IS. John Dawson, Aldgate, High- street, linen- draper ' 22. Archibald Colijuhoun, High- street, Lam- beth, beast- merchant 29. Robert Payne, Ralne, Essex, shopkeeper 20. Thomas Shenst on, Market Bosworth, Lei- cester, draper 22. Thomas Cotton, Grove, Hackney, insur- ance- broker 22. Richard Thackray, Burton Leonard, York, flax- dresser 34. Henry Mettins Bird and Benjamin Savage, Jeffrey's square, merchants — 18. John Albany, Ware, barge- master 18. Brahain Damante, Whitechape', braziers 24. Kdward Morris, Carmarthen, innkeeper, at the White Lion Inn, Carmarthen 26. Isaac Rose Dale, Exeter, eartlienwareman, at the Starlnn, Exeter 27. Elias Fletcher, Sowerby, Yorkshire, wool- stapler, at the Old Cock Iun, Halifax 22. John Bridger, juu. Mortlake, Surry, tal- low- chandler, at Guildhall 15. Joseph Dunn and Charles Robinson, Wood- street, factors, at Guildhall 22. John Turnbull, John Forbes, Robert Allen Crawford, and David Skene, Broad- street, mer- chants, at Guildhall 29, James Graff and Patrick Dempsey Foley, Tower Royal, merchants, at Guildhall 24. James Wilkinson, Leeds, Yotkshit^, dyer, at the Three Legs Inn, Leeds 24. Silvester Lagledew, Httddersfield, Yorkshire, linen- draper, at the Three Legs Inn, L- ieds 23. Stephen Hunt, Crondall, Southampton, tanner, at the George Inn, Oleham 29. John Nattrass, St Jolm'sChapel, Durham, innkeeper, at the Shakespear Tavern, Newcastle- upon- Tyne 27. George Mallison and Josiah Sheard, Hud- dersfitid, York, dyers, at the Old Cock Inn, Halifax. 28. John Graham, Cborley, and John Harrison, Present, Lancaster, liquor- merchants, at the Bull Iun, Preston 25. Joseph Nield, Manchester, giocer, at the White Lion Inn, Manchester —— 27. John Vose, Preston, Lancaster, cottsn- manufaeturer, at the George Inn, Preston —— 29. Jacob Isaac Levy, Haydon- street, Minories, dealer, at Guildhall 29. James Geddes, Cleveland- street, Fitzroy- square, flour- dealer, at Gu ldhall FREE GIFT OF One Thousand Whole Tickets for the first- drawn Ticket above 15/. the first Day: FREE GIFT OF Five Hundred W hole Tickets for the first- drawn Ticket above 151. the Second Day, BESIDES ON THE Glorious 12th of April, THE GRAND STATE LOTTERY Commences Drawing-. THE SCHEME Is unprecedented, and besides the Free Gift of 1000 Whole Tickets For the First Prize above ,£ 15, the First Day ; and tOO Whole Tickets For the first Prize above ,£ 15, the Second Day, THERE ARE 4 Prizes of =£" 20,000 2 - of - £ 10,000 I o - of - oft. 000 2 ... - 5,000 [ 10 - - - • 500 See. Sec. & c. All of which may be gained by One Ticket, if pur- chased before the Drawing commences. Tickets will surely rise as the Drawing approaches. V ' GRAND TOTTERY Begins Drawing 12th April, 1809. SWIFT Friend Prizes of ,£ 20,000 a ... - 10,000 Prizes of .£ 5,000 - 1,000 and Co. solicit the Attention of their ds to the Scheme of the above Lottery. They can with Confidence recommend it as an Im- provement on that of Ihe last Lottery, wlfch receiv- . ed the decided Approbation of the Public, and cre- ated a Sale far beyond former Lotteries. Only 18,500 can be sold, a Number smaller than was ever known before, and as the Demand is now greater than in the last Lo tery, when Tickets becams ex- tremely scarce, and ultimately rose to =£' 60 each, it is expected that the Prices will be much higher. The Scheme contains the following Capitals: 4 : of : <£ 20,000 are ,£ 80,000 2 : : ^ : 10,000 : : 20,000 2 : : : : 5,000 : 10,000 6 : : : : 1,000 : : 6,000 10 : : : i 500 : : : 5,000 besides inferior Prizes of .£ 100, and ,£ 50, & c. Sec. as usual. And on the first Day of Drawing the Ad- venturers will receive a free Gift of 1,000 Whole Tickets, and on the second Day of Drawing, 5 10 Whole Tickets, by which they may gMn a Prize equal in Value to all the Capitals put together of many former Lotteries. Tickets and Shares are selling at SWIFT and Co's Offices, in London, viz. : No. 11, Poultry, esta- blished in the Year 1759, No. 12, Charing Cross, and 31, Aldgate High Street. Price of a Ticket <£ 21 J 9s. Half - - ,£ 11 Quarter - 5 Eighth - • Sixteenth £ 1 IS 1 9 Also bv their Agent, J. WALLIS, Market- place Leicester, & c. See. & c. The Value of the above 1,500 Tickets is incalcula- ble, as they may contain all the capital Prizes. Tickets and Shares are selling in great Variety at present; but as 1,500 Tickets are given Gratis, and locked up in the Bank of England, out of the 20,000, which the Scheme contains, consequently there were but 18,500 for Sale at first: a speedy Purchase is therefore recommended by J. CLEMENTSON, Stationer, Melton Mowbray. Agent to BISH, of Loudon, who Sold 9,151 - - the last - - <£ 20,000 17,611 - - the last - - 25,000 6, ti33 ) 6,457 i - the 2 last - t 30,000 { 30,000 Prizes ever Drawn, all in Shares. Persons in the Country may be supplied the same as if present, by sending their Orders, Post paid, accompanied with good Bills, Bank Notes, Cash, or Po t- Office Orders, to BISH, 4, Coruhill, or 9, Charing Cross, London. 1,500 Extra Chances, of the value of 33,000 Pounds, Is given over and above the usual Amount of Capital 3iid other Prizes, and which Chances are so ar- ranged as to produce an immense Sum of Money in the present State Lottery, which begins Draw- ing the 12th of this Month. The following valuable Articles having given general Sa- tisfaction for many Years- past, for the Purposes they are used, induced the Proprietor to hope they need no further Recommendation. 1. / GANGRENE OILS prepared and sold U by EDMD SWINFEN, Druggist, Leicester, which is the best Preparation ever invented to prevent Mortification, and thedangerous Symptoms of difficult Cases in the lambing of Ewes, and bring- ing forth the Young ot every Species in the Brute ! Creation. Put up in Stone Bottles at Is. 6d. 3s. and 5s. each. These Oils arealso an excellent Remedy forWounds, Saddle Pinches, Bruises, and particularly so for svvell- ; iug or painful Udders in Cows, Sheep, or Mares; in this Case they should be rubbed upon the Part two or i three Times a Day. 1 2. A POWDER for a CLEANSING DRINK which given to a Cow or Mare, when necessary, after calving or foaling, seldom fails to produce the desired Effect, and is the only certain Remedy that can be given to Calves,'- when afflicted with that fatal Disorder, com- monly called scouring or running out. Also a POWDER intended for a Drink to cure Cat- tle of the Hide Bound, severe Colds, and Abatement of Milk, and restore them to a thriving Condition after bad keeping. Printed Directions for Use are given with each of the above Powders, which are sold at 2s. each Dose, or 6 Doses for 10s. 6d. Sold by the Proprietors Appointment, by Hulse, Watts, Hinckley: Beadsmore, Asliby; Dodsworth, Burton ; Beadman and Hughes, Bosworth ; Adams, Loughborough; Corral, Lutterworth; & c. At the same Places are sold, the celebrated Quorn- don Diuretic Balls, and Swinfen's much approved Mercurial Ointment to cure the Scab in Sheep. Also are sold wholesaleaudrctailatSwinfen's Ware- house, fine Cake and Spanish Arnattos, for colour- ing Cheese and Butter. I HOKNSBY and Co. Stock- Brokers, RESPECTFU LLY acquaint the Clubs, Soci- eties, and Individual Purchasers, that the present Scheme is far more advantageous to the Pur- chaser than any former Lottery ; and further there IS ouly Eighteen Thousand Five Hundred Tickets for Sale, which are fewer than everwere known. In the last Lottery, ' Pickets rose as high as L55. Pur- chasers of Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Sixteenths, will be entitled to their Proportion of the 1,510 extra Chances, as well as all the great and small Prizes. Orders by Letter or Carrier, executed exactly on. the same Terms as if present, at their old- established State Lottery Offices, No. 20, Cornhill, and St. Margaret's Hill, Borough. Hornsby and Co. have Shared and Sold in the last Two Years' Lotteries, 19,544 £ 20,000 17,127 .£ 4,000 10,294 20,000 3,536 2,000 11,541. 20,000 10,873 1,000 133 10,000 12,224 1,000 2 279 10,000 1,350 500 8 831 5,000 44 500 8,716 5,000 10.3137 800 19,570 5,000 STONE and GRAVEL. And were the first Office to sell 2 of £ 30,000. Priaes paid on Demand. COOKE's ELEGANT EDITIONS Of the most esteemed and popular Works, SUPERBLY EMBELLL- HED; With numerous Engravings by Bartolozzi. R. A. ; Heath, A. E. ; Smith, A. E. ; Sharp ; Neagle ; Warren; Armstrong; &, « . And sold at a cheaper. Rate than the most common and unadorned. SELECT POF. TS. Hammond and Spratt 0 6 Moore 1 0 Gray 0 6 Tickcll 1 0 Collins 0 6 Cunningham 1 0 Otway 0 6 Lansdowne 1 0 Rochester 0 6 Addison 1 6 Walsh 0' 6 Shakespeare 2 0 Sheffield 0 6 Waller 1 6 Armstrong 0 6 Langhorne 2 0 Smollett 0 6 Savage 0 0 Johnson 0 6 Parnel 2 0 Garth 0 6 Shcnstone 2 0 Pomfrct 1 0 Akenside 2 0 Dodsley 0 6 Watts 2 0 Lyttleton 1 0 G lover 2 0 Goldsmith 1 0 Somerville 2 0 Warton 1 0 Thompson 3 0 Falconer 1 0 I.- dton 3 6 Congrcve 1 0 Prior 3 6 Feuton 1 0 Butler 3 6 Rowe 1 0 Gay 3 6 Mickle 1 0 Youns 4 0 Broome 1 0 Pope 4 0 Mallett 1 0 Dryden 5 6 SELECT NOVELS. s. d. t. d. Solyman and Almena 0 6 Gulliver's Travels 0 Nourjahad 0 6 Sisters 2 6 Almoran fc Hamet 1 0 ' Henrietta 2 6 Zadig 1 0 Joseph Andrews 3 0 Sentimental Journey 1 0 Female Quixote 3 6 Castle of Otranto 1 0 Telemachus 3 6 Rasselas 1 6 Humphrey Clinker 3 6 Theodosius and Con Moral Tales 3 e stantia 1 0 Count Fathom 4 6 Belisarins 1 0 Tales of the Genii 3 6 Journey to the next Roderic Random 4 6 World 1 0 Tristam Shandy 5 0 Pompey the Little 1 0 Amelia 4 6 Candid 1 6 Robinson Crusoe 5 0 Jonathan Wild e 0 Adventures of a Gu Peruvian Princess 2 6 nea 5 6 Louisa Mildmay 2 0 Gil Bias 5 6 Adventures of an Atoml 6 Peregrine Tickle 7 6 Vicar of Wakefield 2 0 Tom Jones 7 0 Chinese Tales 2 0 Arabian Nights 9 0 Tale of a Tub 2 0 Don Quixote 8 6 Launcelot Greaves 2 0 Pamela 11 6 Devil on Two Sticks 2 0 TO those afflicted with the Stone and Gravel the proprietor of Abraham's Liihontriptic is happy in having it in his Power to offer a Medicine which has invariably proved both a safe and effectual Remedy for those dreadful Disorders. Its beneficial Effects have been long experienced in au extensive circle of Private Practice, and the fol- lowing is selected for the Information of the Public, from among many other Cases of the Cures it has performed; a fuller Account ot which may be had ( gratis) of the undermentioned Venders. CASK. Mevi gessy, January 7, 1806. Mr, Abraham, SIR, I feel happy in announcing one of the most speedy and effectual Cures by your Lithontriptic. which, perhaps, was ever known to be performed by any Medicine in the World ; begging at the same Time, that you will, ( for the Benefit of those who are. or may be afflicted with the like dreadful disease,) im- mediately make it as Public as possible. While 1 live, I shall be thankful to Providence for such un- speakable Relief, and be always ready to give Testi- mony to the wonderful Effectsofyourinvaluable Me- dicine in the following Case. Iliad for seven Years been afflicted with the Gravel, and the Faculty, even the most skilful, could afford me no Relief, except by taking off my Water with an Instrument. My Sufferings cannot be expressed, and I entirely de- spaired ofany Relief, as I had frequently been a Week together withoutSleep, either Night or Day, and at last I could not suffer myself in any other posture than Kneeling : in this extremity I happily heard of your Lithontriptic, and by taking only one Bottle, I am perfectly cured, and have felt no Symptoms of ihe Complaint since, though it is now seven Months Back, and am now in perfect Health, though 67 Years ofAge. lam, Sir, yourobedient Servant, HENRY HUSBAND. Witness, John Elvius, Druggist. The Lithontriptic is Sold Wholesale, only ( by Ap- pointment of the Proprietor) by BARCLAY and SON, No. 25, Fleet Market, London, without whose Sig- nature on the Label of each Bottle it cannot be Ge- nuine; and Retail, Price lis. per Bottle, by Gre- gory, Swinfen, Matthews, Woodward, Leicester; Pearson, Melton Mowbray ; Snodin, Oakham j Free- man, Uppingham ; Adams, Loughborough ; Beards- more, Ashbv- de- Ia- Zouch; Dodsworth, Brookes, Burton ; Leigh, Atherstone; Baker, Tamworth ; Edge, Northampton ; Munn, Kettering; Drakard, Stamford and Uppingham; Tuptnan, Nottingham; Drewry, Derby ; Edge, Newark; Mitton, Grant- ham ; Drury, Lincoln; Rollins, Wilkinson, Da- ventry. For Disorders of the Head, Dimness of Sight, Defect of Hearing, Sj C. THE CORDIAL CEPHALIC SNUFF. Leake's Pills. To T. Taylor, Surgeon, No 9, New Bridge- street, London. SIR, Edinburgh, May 2, 1800; N the Spring of 1794, 1 was afflicted with a Venereal Complaint, which ltreatedwith In- difference for five Months; but was then obliged to apply to a regular Phyfician, who put a tempotafy Stop to the Virulence of the Difcale ( by Mercurial Applications) lor fome Time ; but growing, i n Spite ol all Medicine and the Advice of the fir it Gentle men of the Faculty here, worfe and worle for two Years, I was reduced to a State almolt unparalleled and beyond Defcription, being an entire Leper, and ulcerated from Head to Foot.— My Head, T hroat, Mouth, Nofe, Legs, Arms, & c. have been alternate- ly in Dangerof hecoming ufelefs ; in ihort, I have had from twenty to thirty eating Ulcers on my Body^ and nearly totally deprived ot Sight,— It would be voluminous to particularize all my Cafe— fuffice it to fay, there never was, or ever will be, one ol a more dangerous or ol a more complicated Nature. I was long looked upon by my Friends, and imagined myfelf, beyond allHopes- of Recovery; and indeed, in my then Condition, Death was prelerahle to my more than miferable State, In this dicadttilSitua- tion did I drag a molt miferable fixiltencc, till Di- vine Ptovidence threw in my Way a Nevvfpaper containing the Cafe ol a Mr B. of Plymouth— my Friends read it, I could not.— 1 fent aud procured tome of your LEAKE's PATENT PILLS, which, by ufing from Time to Time, am now, and have long been, ( after more than four Years indifcribable d il- trefs), in as good a State of Health as ever 1 enjoy* ed; as a Proof of ibis, I hud a fine, thriving, healthy Child, born to me a few Month, sago. In Gratitude to God, and in H opes of rendering my Fellow- aria- ttire fervice, 1 requett you to publifh this ; and you may at any Time refer Peifons who wilh to be satisfied ol the Truth of this, orfurther Particulars*, of me or my Friends, by Letter or Perfon. As few Cafes for Badnefs will ever equal mine, and none exceed it, I have from Experience every Ueafon to affnre. Mankind, that iri your LEAKE'S PILLS they willfind a fure, fpeedy, fafe, and radical Cure, for that molt dreadful Stage of the Ventrcal Difeafe, which is called a CONIIRMED LUES. I. T. * InfurmountableFamilyReafonsprevent waSing my Name and Addrefs Public; but creditable Per- fons really wantinglnformation may alfobe referred to me and my Friends by Mrs. S. Clark, Kamfa; Gardens, Edinburgh. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, THOS, TAYLOR, Member of the Corporation of Surgeons, London, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- street ; where he will give Advice, without a Fee, to 1' ersoni taking these Pills and will answer Patients Letti rs, if Post paid, on the same Terms, observing in all Cases the most inviolable Secresy, no Patient's Name or Case having been mentioned but at their own par- ticulao request, bv the Proprietor, during the Course* of more than 45 Yeais, thathe has had the conducting of an extensive Sale of the above Medicine, and the Practice arising therefrom. They are sold by his Appointment for the conve- nience of those living at a Distance, by Mr Watsou South- Brdge, Edinburgh; Mr. Mennons, Printer Glasgow; Gregory, Swiufen, Matthews, Leice- stei J Caldwell, Dublin ; and by one Person in every con- siderable Town in Great Britainand Ireland, in Boxes at only 2s. 9d. each, sealed up with full and plain Directions, whereby Peis., ns of either Sex may cure themselves with Ease and Secrecy. SACRED CLASSICS. d. s. d. Fenelon's Pious Re- Young's Centaur 1 6 flections 0 6 Blackmore on Crea- Economy of Human tion - 16 Life 1 0 Addison on Christ. Death of Abel 1 6 Religion 1 6 Dodd on Death 1 6 Pilgrim's Progress 2 6 Dodd's Prison Rowe's Letters 2 6 Thoughts 1 6 Hervey's Meditations 3 0 Rowe's Devout Exer- cisers 1 0 BRITISH CLASSICS. Goldsmith's Essays Shenstone's Essay's Idler 1 6 1 6 3 0 Citizen of the World Adventurer Rambler MISCELLANEOUS WORKS. New- Bath Guide 0 6 Stephen's Lectures on Heads 0 6 Life of Col. Gardiner 1 6 Fenelou's Dialogues 1 6 Watt's Logic Watt's Essays Watt's Improvement of the Mind Cooke's Description of London and Westminster AS a Proof of its Efficacy. Mr. Richard Thorn, of Itchen- Stoke, Hants, writes, in Febru- ary, 1805, to the Proprietors 3S follows : " I am now 74 Years old, and can see to read with common Glasses, and mv Memory is as good as when I was only 18. In July 1776 ( 29 Years ago), I was seized with a dreadful Giddiness in my Head. My Doctor gave me various Medicines: they did no good. He admitted this, and candidly advised the Use of your Cephalic Snuff. 1 took it, and in a few Weeks was n ucb better.— After this 1 took it more freely, and in six Weeks was as well and hearty as ever, and so have continued to this Day, In Consequence of the increased Expence of the Ingredieuts of which this elegant and efficacious Snuff is composed, and the high Duty upon the Bot- tles, the Proprietors are under the Necessity of rais ing the Price to jls. l^ d. per Bottle, Stamp in- cluded. It is sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, at the Warehouse for Dr. James's Powder, No. 45, in St. Paul's Church- yard, London; and Brodie and Co. at Salisbury ; and none is Genuine, unless the Words " F. Newbery, No. 46, St. Pauls,'' be engraved on theStamp. And by their Appointment by Gregory, Swinfen and Co.' and Combe, I. eic ster; Watt's Hinckley; Corrall, Lutterworth; CJemeutson, Mel- ton ; Adams, Loughborough; aud Higgs, Harbo- rough. - 2 0 The aboveWorks may be had bound or in sepa- rate Numbers, Price Sixpence each. To accommo- date the Virtuoso ill Embellishments and the Admirers of beautiful Printing, are published superior Editions on the best Vellum Paper, and containing additional Plates, which Editions are sold at double the Price of the above. London: Printed for C. COOKE, Paternostcr- Row, and Sold by all tl » c B © oks » llfjrs in the Kiu$ dom. Mark- Lane, April 3, L « 09. This da) has produced to us a pretty considera- ble supply of Wheat, which in general proved of better quality than of late. Our buyers being numerous, the sales were brisk in ihe morning, and at an advance upon last week's prices of about Js. per quarter,— We had a good deal of ordinary Barley Ijere, the price of which was rather lower, but not so the prune Malting samples, which fully kept their price.— White and Oiey Pease, ar. d tlia two sorts have undergone but little alteration since our last ; but Oats are in plenty, and rasher cheap- er.— Flour has again revived, in consequence of the star: in Wheat, and sales were made to- day upon the terms specified in our figures below.- Wheat Fine - Itye Barley Fine Malt Fine PRICE OF GRAIN To the Afflicted. GALL's ANT1 BILIOUS PILI S, ARE the cheapest and mast efficacious Medi- cine now in Circulation, for removing all Obstructions in the Stomach and Bowels, and pre- venting the long Tram of Diseases occasioned thereby. Those afflicted with Pilious Complaints, Indiges- tion, Flatulency, Jaividice, habitual Costiveness, and SicK Head- acbs ( particularly those which pro- ceed from free Living) will meet with speedy Relief by taking them agreeable to the Directions, aud in most Instances, the disagreeable Operations of an Emetic may be avoided. Hundreds of Cases could be brought forward to prove their Efficacy, but the Proprietor lias ever studiously avoided such a Practice, trusting their Merit would ensure their Success, in which opinion he has not been disappointed. A Recommendation signed by upwards of 60 respectable Persons, may be seen at the respective Venders, whioh is hoped will be a sufficient Testimony of their Utility. They are Sold Wholesale and Retail by the Pro- prietor, B.- Gall, Druggist, Woodbridge, Suffolk ; and Howard and Evans, 42, Long lane, West- Smith'- field, London ; and Ketail by E. Swinfen, Whole- sale and Retail Chymist, Druggist and Medicine Vender, opposite the Conduit, Leicester ; and most reputable Medicine Venders in the Kingdom, in Boxes', containig 55 Pills4 at 2s. Cd. anil 20. at Is,. Id*, each, Duty iucluded. Kent Sussex Essex 62s to 76s Sos to S8s 54s to 62s 32s to 44s 47s to 48s ... 70s to 78s - - - — s to 8us PRICE Ol' Bags. SI LOI to 4/ 16,.- St 3s to 31 12j 41 0j to 4. 12s White Pease tlrey Pease New Beans New Ticks Oats - - - - Fine - . - . Polands - - HOPS Pockets Kent it l) s to ot IGg. Sussex 31 3s to 4i 0s Farn. 61 ( Js to St 0a 80s tollOj « 5S to 50s 54s to 60s 42s to 50s 28s to 34 » — s lo S8 » 39* to 40 » Beef Mutton 5s SMITH FIELD.— Monday April 3. ' I'll sink the offal, perstone of 81b. 5s Oil lo 6s 4d J Veal Od to id 04 2< J 4d 5d Od 44 i ( d 6d lo 6s 8d | Pork fcs Od to 7s HEAD OP CATTIE THIS HAY. Beasts, about 1838— Sheep and Lambs 10,200 TRICE Ot TALLOW. St. James's Market ....... 5a Clare Market 5, Whitechapel Market .. 5S ( Per titone of 81b.) 16, Average Price - - . ...... 5 » Town Tallow yj, Russia ( Can.)-.- - ....... ..... 92 s - to g Russiaditto ( So.) - - yt) s to — s Melting Stuff - ......... 7( s 10 si- Ditto rough 48S to — s Graves - ..... — 5 to 14ft Good Dregs .-..-.. .......... — s vo 14^., Yellow Soap 104s— Mottled 114s— Curds. U8s Price of Candles, per doz. 14s, Oil— Moulds 1 ss 0d,- PRICE OF LEATHER Jn Lead en ha 11 AJurket, Butts - 19d to 2ia Ditto 23d to 25d Merchants' Backs - ... - . . tpj t0 gjd Dressing Hides ---..- - - . 17-^ to 18 § Fine Coach Hides ... . - - . 19d to 2Iil Crop Hides or cutt. - . ... I9d to 22d Calfskins ... . - -' - . 26d to 32d Ditto ....... ..... 34,1 to 394 Ditto - --.- - ... . ---. 33d to 3t> d Small Seals .--.-. .... £ 8d to 39d Large ditto - ..... 100s to 1£ 0 » Tanned HorseHides ... ..... xiil it, GoatSkins .. S0s to 35 Printed and Published by John Pi ice, JViar ket- place, I. eicestcr. ' lhis Paper is regularly filed in London ; attheLondon, Chapter, ai d Peel's Coffee Hsuses ; and by W. Taylor and T. Newton, Printers Agents, No. 5, Warwick- square, New- gate- street ; where. Advertisements are received.— The Paper may also be seen at Mr. Billing' Drury- lane; at the Pied Fiusbul- y- square; at Air. Vere- street; and at E. Inn Coffee- Louse, West —- Advertisements are re- ceived, and the Psper distributed by Mr. Tupnian and Mr. Dunn, Nottingham ; Mr. Ridgard, Shef- field ; Mr. Marriott, Deiby; Miss Wilson, Bother, ham; Mr. Barrow-, Kegwerth; Mr. Sniith, Pakc- v- ell ; Mr, War in and Mr. Parkas, Ashbourne ; Mr, IJollerinshaw, Tidcswell; Mr. Dcdswcitn, Burton ; Mr. Adams, Druggist, Loughborough ^ Mr. Lester, Sheepshead; Messrs. G. and A. Ward ' Hinckley; Clementson, Melton; Mr Lose by Billesdon, Oakham, & c. ; Mr. Rot erf Young-, Ashby and Villages adjacent, & c. Sir, Glev « t I'rijfcy i. Grantham. Crown, Vinegar- yard, Horse, Chiswell- strf et, Taylor's, Bull's- Head, Linthuaite's, George Srnithfield, London.-
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