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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3761
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 20/03/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3761
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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THE • ALISBURY AND WINCHESTER AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. ,> a - r s r> • W^.' IRI [ NUMBER 3761. VOLUME LXX1V.] MONDAY, MARCH 20, 1809. PRICE SIXPENCE. / Stamp Duty.... 3jrf. \ Paper ami Print, 2 § rf. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. MILAN, Feb. 8. N the 27th of January, two persons, named Pittizoni and Triesi, were executed at Verona. They had formed no less a project than to over- throw the present Government, and restore the ancient Republican Government at Venice. Of four other persons, against whom there was not sufficient evidence, two wen; set at liberty, nnd two were put under the eye of the Police. LONDON, MONDAY, MARCH Last night, Dutch papers to tile 7th inst. reached town, and a number of private letters were received at the same time. From these letters and papers we learn that the French troops, and those belonging to the vassal States of France, are advancing in every quarter to the Austrian frontiers. The division of Oudenot has occupied Augs- burgh and its vicinity, and that of Davoust has quitted Hanau and C. otha, and is advancing to Ulin. The- prepa- rations of Austria are also actively carried on : the Arch- duke Charles is appointed Generalissimo, with unlimited powers, so that bis operations will no longer be shackled by the interference of the Aulic! Council— an interference which has contributed more than any thing ( except, per- haps, the treachery of some of ihe Austrian Generals) to the dreadful disasters which the Austrian arms have sus- tained. A Mail from Gottenburgh arrived this morning. The King of Sweden was expected to leave Stockholm on the 1 t or 2d inst. to visit his principal frontier posts, and see that at every point t) iey are kept ir, a proper state for the reception of the enemy. The Russians have been enabled, by the late severe ' frost, to march a considerable force across the ice from Abo, and take possession of the island of Aland. This conquest is much to be regretted; from Aland the & u siaus may transport an army into the heart of Sweden, Within thirty miles of Stockholm, ane strike a blow against, that metropolis, which, by inarching round the gulf, they could not have reached in many months. The cause of the mysterious embargo, whifch was laid on in the morning of the 28th of February, and taken off in the afternoon of the same day, does not appear to be yet known at Gottenburgh. To allay the ferment which this kutasui- e has occasioned, the Governor of Gottenburgh ap- peared upon ' Change, and assured the merchants that ' every thing was amicably adjusted between the English Minister and the Court of Sweden. A letter from the Captain of a vessel frozen in the ice » . t Yittad, dated Feb. 25, states that the sea in the vicinity ' of that place continued so full of ice, that no open water Was to be seen from the mast head ; that an English fri- gate was seen from aloft, fast in the ice, whieh fired several guns, supposed to be signals of distress, but no assistance could possibly be rendered to her. Information wus received at Gottenburgh on the 3d inst. that the Sound was entirely free from ice. The Egeria Sloop of " war arrived in Flemish Roads that morning, with dispatches from England for Admiral Keates, and on her nay was fortunate enough to capture five prizes ( four laden vessels from Norway to Jutland, and one privateer.) The Lord Nelson packet, which arrived the same morn- iii", when off the Saw ( the Egeria sloop of war in sight) was attacked by a Danish privateer; but upon Capt. Stewart. firing a few rounds of grape- shot, which did much damage to the privateer's rigging and sails, he bore up, and fell into the hands of the Egeria. New York Papers to the 7th of January, reached Town yesterday. They bring an account of the passing of the Non- intercourse Bill, " by a very considerable ma- jority ; the measure was strongly opposed in the House of Representatives. On the clause for excluding all British ships, whether armed or unarmed, from the ports of the United States, the numbers in the division were to 29- ' On a similar clause respecting Frencn ships the numbers were 97 to 24. The whole Bill was carried by a majority of 81 to 36. Preparations are making for putting the country ill a slate of defence, and a Bill was brought in in January for raising an additional military force of SO,( 100 volunteers. The British schooner Sandwich, commanded by Lieut. Foley, arrived at Savannah the latter end of December, with dispatches fur the British Vice- Consul there. Lieut, foley and a midshipman landed with the dispatches; but " whilst at dinner they were seized by a military force, Commanded bv Capt. Armstrong, of the United States artillery, conveyed on board their ship, and ordered to » ut to sea immediately. The pretence for this insult was, that Lieutenant Foley had violated the President's Pro- clamation, hy Coming, with an armed vessel, info an American Port, although the Proclamation particularly excepts vessels charged with dispatches. American papers to the 29th of January were received in town this morning, brought to Greenock by the Cot- ion " Planter, whieh arrived there from St'. Mary's River on Monday. An article dated- the 28th says that Mr. Erskirte bas demanded of Mr. Madiion an explanation of the cause and purpose of the increase of the army, and other warlike preparations of the United States. A New York paper ( the Aurora), in a letter from Pen- sacola, dated Nov. 3, says that a plot has been discovered in that city, whieh had in some measure disturbed the public tranquility ; but the leader of it, a Serjeant, was in confinement, and it was supposed would be banged in two or three days. The pint involved an attempt to as- sassinate Governor Folch, and to produce certain measures of kustiiity against the United States, which Goveriwr fetch would not countenance. Sir James Saumatez is going to the Baltic, with a powerful fleet, and Sir Samuel Hood his second in com- mand. Their flags will be hoisted on board the Victory and Centaur; the Vanguard, Minotaur, Standard, Ardent, Dictator, Ruby, and Africa, will also form a part of the squadron, to which a great many frigates and bomb- vessels will be attached. The immediate object of this armament ts the protection of Sweden from the threatened invasion wfttte Russians; for it is understood Ministers " have in- formation that the Russians are already preparing ice- ! floats, & c. for this purpose,' in the isle of Aland, in which the Danes are to co- operate, by an expedition from Zea- land. Our magnanimous ally is placed in a situation of - extreme danger; but we trust the assistance of a British fleet will essentially contribute to avert the danger, and to regain the island of Aland, of which the rigorous winter has unfortunately enabled his formidable enemy to take . possession. At the Assizes at Hertford, Edward William Roberts, the Swindler, who has lately attracted much public notice, was tried on an indictment for a conspiracy, with David Maitland, one Cole, and others, to defraud Frederick Norris, an upholstorer at Cheshunt, of various articles of household furniture. The conspiracy was carried into effect by Roberts's taking a house at Broxbourn, Cole giving assurances that ho was a man of character and for- tune, Crawford ( an attorney in Hux ton- square) confirm ing these assurances, which induced the prosecutor to send in furniture, and when he pressed for some money on account, Roberts gave him a draft for 50I. on Crawford, which draft was never paid. Roberts then said Cole would bring the money down; instead of which the goods were moved off in the night, and sold by Maitlaud. Roberts, when called on for his defence, stated that having been liberally educated, and called to the bar, he found his talents " unequal to the profession of the law, but had di rected them to lighter literary pursuits, in which for a time he had been eminently successful: he had enjoyed not merely the necessaries but the luxuries of life ; but he experienced a melancholy reverse ; misfortunes had fallen heavily on him, and be now met bis trial cheerfully, in the expectation of an honourable acquittal. He produced no evidence that could give the shadow of reason for this hope. The Jury found him guilty, and the Court sen- tenced him to twelve mouths impriaoiuaeut, and ta stand ui the pillory. Mariv- LANE, Monday, March 13. The arrival of Wheat to- day was small in quantity, and bad in quality : the con- sumers did not offer for it with any freedom ; the best samples went at a decline in price of about is. per quarter. The de- mand for Barley was also slack, the very finest for malting and the very cheapest for grinding being the only sorts that have a ready. sale. Oats maintain last price, but most other articles are declining, as per currency subjoined : Mealing Red Wheat fi'Ss. to 86s. 88s. fine 89s. to 90s. ditto White SGs. to 84s. 88s. fine 90s. to 93s. sup. Ms. to ,95s. ditto Black 66s. to 80s.— Rye 60s. to 66. t.— White Peas 96s. to 116s. Boilers 125s. to 110s. Grey Peas 50s. to 55s. sup. 58s.— Horse Beans, new, 56s. to Sis. Tick Beans, new 44s. to 52s. fine 54s. to 54s.— Barley 33s. to 38 s. Malting 40s. to45s. fine46s. to 48s..— Malt 72s. to 76s. fine 78s. to 80s.— Oats, long feed, 28s. to 37s. short, 38s. to 40s. Poland 4- 1 « . Seed 46s. to 50s. per qr.— Trefoil 12s. to 28s. fine 30s. to47s. per cwt.— Rye Grass 9s. to 28s. to 48s. per. quarter.— English Household Flour 85s. per sack. SMITIIFIELD MARKET, March 13. Our supply of Cattle to- day was nearly the same in number and quality as last Monday, aud the prices varied as little from those of last week. TRAFALGAR HOUSE. THE Trustees appointed by Act of Parliament for purchasing an Estate to be annexed to the Title of EARL NELSON, are desirous of treating for a suitable FREEHOLD ESTATE, of the value of from 80 to lOO. OOOi. to consist of a Mansion, Park, and adjacent Lands. J? 28 Particulars and proposals may be sent to Henry Charles Litchfield, Esq. Solicitor to the Treasury, under cover, ad- dressed to G. Harrison, Esq. Treasury Chambers, London. CONTRACT FOR BUILDING MATERIALS. PERSONS who may be willing to engage for the Delivery of anv of the under- mentioned Articles at the Pest- house, on Waltham Chase, near Bishop's Waltham, Hants, viz. 55,000 BRICKS, 2,500 PAVING BRICKS, 10,000 TILES, and 70 Quarters of LIME, are requested to deliver sealed Tenders at the Vestry Meeting, to be held in Waltham Church at twelve o'clock on Easter Tuesday next: such tenders to be addressed " To the Committee for building a Poor- house at Bishop's Waltham." The whole of the aforesaid articles to be of good quality, and to be delivered within six weeks from that time. QQ?" Persons making such tenders are requested to attend personally at the Vestry at the time of the same beine deli- vered. [ 908 TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS. WHEREAS the BARNS and STABLES in the occupation of W. HOLLOWAY, at Stockbridge, yeo- man, were latelv burnt down, and are intended immediately to be RE- BUILT. Any pcrsmi or pe- sons willing to contract for the same, may see the plan, specification, and other par- ticulars, at the said William Holloway's, or at Mr. James Kellow's, St. John's parish. Winchester. Sealed Tenders to be delivered to Mr. Faithfull, solicitor, Parchment- street, Winchester, on or before the 25th instant. WINCHESTER, March 17, 1809. [ S60 Homsey Association for the Protection of Property and the Prosecution of Offenders. AGeneral Meeting of the Members of the above Association will be held at the new Town- hall at Rom- sev, on Saturday the 25th day of March instant, at four o'clock in the afternoon, for auditing and settling the Trea- surer's accounts, and on other particular business. DAMAN and WARNER, Solicitors. ROMSEY, March 15, 1809. N, B. All Persons desirous of becoming Members of the above Association, are requested to send their names and sub- scriptions of 10s. fid. each, to the Treasurer Mr. JAMES SHARP, of Romsey, Banker. _ [ 913 ALDERBURY INCLOSURE. WF. whose names are hereunto subscribed, being the Commissioners named in and appointed by an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 43d year of the reign of his present Majesty, " for inclosing Lands in the parish of Alderbury, in the county of Wilta," do hereby give Notice, that we intend to hold our next Meeting, for carrying into execution the powers vested in us by the said Act, on Tuesday the 28th o( March next, at th? house of Samuel Gibbons, the Spread Eagle Inn, in the city of New Sarum. FRAs. WEBB. RICHd. RICHARDSON. Dated, the 14th day of February, 1809. [ 597 CHUTE INCLOSURE. WE whose names are hereunto subscribed. Com- missioners appointed by virtue of an Act of Parlia- ment, passed in the forty- eighth year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled " An Act for Inclosing Lands in the parish of Chute, in the county of Wihs," do hereby give notice, that we shall hold our next Meeting for execut- ing the powers of the said Act at the house of Mary Kelscy, beint; the Cross Keys Inn, in the parish of Chute aforesaid, on Monday the BOth day of March instant; and that we shall at such Meeting perambulate the boundaries of such parish, or such part or parts thereof as shall appear doubtful or in dispute, and for that purpose meet at ten of the clock in the forenoon. And we do also give notice, that all persons having or making any claim or claims which may affect such boun- daries, or any of them,— and also all persons, bodies politic Or corporate, claiming any right of common learowes or right of pasturage, in, over, and upon the lands and grounds bv the said Act' intended to be divided and alloted, or any part thereof, are hereby required, by themselves or agents, to lay their respective claims ( in writing) before us the said Commissioners at such Meeting. [ 858 March 2, 1809. RICHARD PARSONS. BENJAMIN HAYNES. WANTED, - Duty of a CURACY in Hampsh're.- A CURATE to undertake the • For particulars apply to the Printers, post paid. " [ iigt si-* There is no Parsonage- house.— Salary 601, p. r ann. BANKER'S CLERK. WANTED in a Banking- house in Ilampshfte,— An experienced and respectable MAS, as CLERIC, to manage a small concern. For further particulars apply by letters ( post- paid) addressed to J. L. at the Prinling- Office, Salisbury. [ 867 WANTED, at Midsummer next, or sooner,— A MAN and his WIFE, ( without Family), as Master and Mistress to Lymington Poor House. None need apply who cannot have good characters for honesty, sobriety, & c. It will be necessary for the Man to understand plain accounts. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to the Overseers of the said parish. ( 949 WANTS a PLACE as BUTLER,— A middle- aged MAN, who understands the management of a family, and can comb hair, if required— likewise brewing and the management of the cellar: can have a good character from the family he lives with. Letters ( post paid) addressed to X. Y. at No. 16, Canal- place, Southampton, shall be strictly attended to. ( 940 A GOVERNESS WANTED. AMiddle- age LADY, of unexceptionable Charac- ter, capable of completing the Education of a young Lady. Letters ( post paid) addressed to B. A. Mr. Skellon's, Southampton, will be attended to, [ 947 N APPRENTICE wanted immediately, by a SURGEON and APOTHECARY in good practice. A young gentleman, of respectable friends and of the established church, with a good classical education, will be received on moderate terms. Apply to the Printers, post paid. [ 859 WANTED immediately,— Two Young LADIES of respectable connexions, as APPRENTICES to the MILLINERY and FANCY- DRESS MAKINO Business. [ 949 Letters addressed ( post paid) to Miss Figes, milliner, & c. No. 163, High- street, Southampton, wilt be attended to. A WANTED, by a Person who can be well recom- mended as being very competent to the situation,— An UPPER NURSERY- MAlD's PLACE : can work well at her needle, and is uncommonly fond of and kinil to children.— Most respectable and satisfactory references can be given. Letters ( post paid) to E. ' Prattle, Brading, Isle of Wight, will be directly attended to. [ 889 WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family,— A Person capable to undertake the Place of COOK ft HOUSE- KEEPER, where a Kitchen Maid is kept.—— No one need apply who cannot bring an undeniable character from her last place, where she must have lived at least one year. For further particulars enquire of the Printers; if bv letter, post paid. [ 783 WANTED immediately, in a small family,— An active person, as COO£ : she must well understand her business as Cook, and also be capable of Baking and making Butter.— None need apply whose character will not bear the strictest investigation.— Apply to the Printers. [ 630 WANTED, at Lady day, or soon after, as BAILIFF,— An active middle- aged MAN. He must be perfectly acquainted with husbandly in all its branches, and the purchase and sale of stock — No one need apply who cannot bring an unexceptionable character from his last place for honesty, sobriety, and attention to his employer's interest. For further particulars apply to Mr. Crutchley, land- sur- veyor, Winborne; if byletter, postpaid. [ 785 AT a numerous Meeting of Innholders and Publi- cans resident within the county of Hants, convened by public advertisement at the George Inn, , in Winchester, on Monday the 13th of March, 1809, to consider of the pro- priety of an Application to Parliament, for Relief from the heavy Burthens sustained by them under the ptejent mode of Quartering Soldiers, aud more particularly whilst on their march ;— Resolved,— That the present Allowance by Government is wholly inadequate, and bears no proportion to the high price of every article of provision required to be furnished to Sol- diers even in quarters, and much less so on their march, when the Innholder is compelled to provide Three Meals, though the sum allowed is insufficient to furnish One. That in conscqucnce thereof most serious arid heavy Losses have been already sustained by the several individuals of this Meeting, which render an Application to Parliament for Re- lief indispensably necessary. Resolved,-— That a Committee be appointed to prepare an HUMBLE PETITION, stating these Grievances, and'praying for Relief, to be signed by the several Jifr. holders and Publi- cans within the County; and that the Committee do wait upon the Members of the County, requesting them to present the same to Parliament and to jive it their support. [ 946 Resolved,— That these Resolutions be . published in tire Tra- veller and Sun Papers, and the several Provincial Papers. Expeditions to lUWtnd and Egypt, 1799 A' 1800. AT a General Meeting of the Subscribe ™ to the Fund for the Relief of th; Widow*, Wives, and- Chil- dren of the Killed and Wounded Soldiers, Saiiprs and Marines,, on the Expeditions to Holland and Egypt, in the years 1799 and 1800, General Sir THOMAS TRIGGE, K. B. in the Chair. The annual accounts of the distribution of the Fund up to the 28th of last Month, were laid on the table, when it ap- pearing, that though the claims of PARENTS, iu conse- quence of a Resolution of a General Meeting, held the 26th of May last, were limited to the 31st of December last, many- had come in and been paid by the Committee since that- period, and that others were brought forward daily, it was, RESOLVB- D— That the Committee do continue to& dmitclainn accompanied by proper Vouchers, till the 30th of Novem- ber next. That they be authorised to pay them according to the ex'st-. ing Regulations, and to priority of applications, as lang as the Fund may hold out; but that no claim whatever, made after the said 30th of November next, shall be admiued.' or attended to; and that die distribution of the Fund shall bo finally closed on the 31 st of December this year. That a General Meeting of. the Subscribers be called early in the year 1810, when the Committee will lay the Accounts again before them, and resign the office, of which they hive performed the dut es with unremitting attention, since the year 1300. { 9fM5 JOSEPH DOUGLAS, & ec* ctaiy. No. IS, North. Auiley Street, March i, 13 us. TO CABINET- MAKERS. WANTED,— A Situation for a LAD between 14 and 15 years of age, as an APPRENTICE to a Cabinet Maker, in a good line of business. Letters ( post paid) ad- dressed to J. H. at Mr. Skelton's, High- street, Southampton, will be duly attended to. N, B. No Premium can be given. [ 957 WANTED,— A stout active LAD, of respectable Parents, as an APPRENTICE to a CURRIER, & c.; he will be treated as one of the family, and be free of the City of London. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to H. H. No. 20, Aldersgate- Street, London. A Premium will be expected. [ 905 WANTED,— A WORKING CARPENTER, to do all sorts of out- door work. An industrious man may- bear of constant employ, with a house to live in, by applying to Mr. Legge, Lvdiaid Bank, near Wootton Bassett, Wilts. [ fM8 MORTGAGE. WANTED io BORROW,— i? 1400 on a Free- hold HOUSE and LAND in Hampshire. Any person having that sum to lend, may address a line ( prtst paid? ' to A. B. at Mr. J, Middock's, the Black Horse Tavern, Cowotty- strttt, Hay- market, London, will beduly answered. [ 882 TO TIN PLATE WORKERS. J. mriKyman TIN PLATE WORKER wanted immeciitely.— A good hand may have constant employ, by applying) > A. Clarke, High- street, Portsmouth. [ 950 A'! SPYRI5G and MARSDRN's PURE LEMON ACID for Punch, Lcmonadi, Shrub, Negus, Sauces, Jellies, and^ ery purpose of Cookery. Families, Taverns, and Inns, will find it extremely conve- nient to kep by them : it possesses all the grateful flavour of the lemon, Javes trouble, and is always cheaper. Officers md Gentlemen travelling, Captains of ships and otheis goir^ long voyages, will find it particularly desirable, as it is perfctly Day arid portable, and will keep in every cli mate. Prepared sly at their warehouse, lift, Borough, London; soldinbottHat'Os. 6d: and" quantities in 1, 15i. by Bfodie, Dowding.' aid Luxford, Salisbury; also at moat grocers' shops andlibrairin every town. EDUCATION. HAVING taketi a house in the Polygon, South- ampton, to which it is their intention to remove during the Midsummer vacation, the Miss, LUDLOWS presume to make known the general outline of their plan. They pro- pose to receive sixteen young ladies : and it will be their aim to unite every female accomplishment with those solid and domestic qualifications which must be the object of every thinking parent. Their time will be entirely devoted to their pupils, and by this means they trust even the hours of recre- ation will not be destitute of improvement. As it is their wish to render school as much as possible like private tuition, the more abstruse studies will be pursued in the mornings, and in the evenings, which the young ladies will always pass in the Miss Ludlows' society, it will' be attempted to blend amusement with instruction. The Miss Ludlows have permission to refer to many highly respectable friends, and to the parents of several of their pupils for testimonies in their favour. CHRISTCHURCH, HANTS, March 14, 1809. [ 899 TILSHEAD ACADEMY, On the Wiltshire Downs, tinder the direction of R. TUCKER. THE Public are respectfully informed, that the en- suing Quarter will commence on the 25th instant. The Pupils are instructed in all kinds of Mathematical and Commercial Learning. The Master, disapproving of occasional holidays, hopes that none of his Pupils will be taken home at Easter. TILS HEAD, March 14, 1809. [ 881 AGENTLEMAN of liberal Education wishes to render his talents serviceable to the public, and particu- larly to those who may, from motives of delicacy, object to make a personal application. The writer would be happy to assist any Gentleman or Lady in the attainment of an adequate knowledge of lan- guages, the Belles Lettrcs, and the Sciences, by means of an Epistolary Correspondence. The writer has already experienced that this mode will answer every end ; and therefore, by the Pupil's adopting a feigned name, the apparent necessity of a personal knowledge may, if desired, be effectually obviated. Letteis ( post free) addressed to W. C. Leigh, Union- place, Upper Borough Walls, Bath, will be duly answered. [ 92S EDUCATION. Standen- house Classical, Commercial, and Mathematical Academy, one mile from Newport, Isle of Wight. IVf R- ATTWOOD begs leave to return his sincere 1 » A thanks to h; s Friends and a discerning Public, for the p tronage and support which he has experienced in establish- ing bis Seminary at Budbridge, from whence, from the en- couragement he has received, and the augmentation of the number of his Pupils, he respectfully informs them and the public in general, that he intends removing 011 the 25th inst. to the above pleasant, airy, and delightful Mansion : the Rouse has superior accommodations, with extensive Gardens, a Cold Bath, and remarkably pleasant Play Grounds ; in short, it may be considered, in this respect, as including all the re- quisites necessary for health and amusement, equal to any situation in the kingdom for that purpose. At this Seminary young Gentlemen are plentifully boarded, and expeditiously prepared for the University; naval', military, and civil departments, instructed in the English Language with grammatical precission, Penmanship in all its various branches, Arithmetic and Geography, by Mr. Attwood and able Assistants, for 20 guineas per annum, and one guinea entrance.— Parlour Boarders 40 guineas per annutn. Those Parents or Guardians who may honour him with the care of their children or wards, may rely on the strictest attention being paid to their health, cleanliness, morals, and education. N. B. Music, Dancing, and Drawing by approved Masters. * » * The French Language taught by a Native of Paris. Cards including further particular, may be had at the Academy. ( J^ A WHITING MASTER wanted immediately; apply, by letter post- paid, as- above. ( 909 HWHITE respectfully informs his friends and • the public, that the business of GROCER, WINE and BRANDY MERCHANT, after the 25th of March will be carried on under the firm of HENRY WHITE and SON.— H. W. begs to return thanks for the support and encouragement received for many years past, and hopes, with his son J. White, to experience a continuance of those favours. BI. ANDFORD, March 13, 1809. [ 917 CFOWLE, grateful for the favors conferred on • her for a numbenof years in the MILLINERY LINE, returns her most sincere thanks to the ladies, her friends and the public, who honoured her with their favours, and in- forms them, she has declined business in favour of Mrs. TOWSEY, jun. and Miss S. LLOYD, whom she begs to re- commend to their future favours. ( 8^ 8 UTOWSEY and S. LLOYD take the liberty to % inform the ladies, their friends and the public, they have taken the Business and Shop of Miss C. FOWLE, and that thev intend, with the assistance of a Person of the first abilities from London, to carry on the MILLINERY and FANCY DRESS Business, and hops by a strict attention to merit their favours and patronage. BLANOFORD, March 1, 1809. [ 82.9 PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership between THOMAS JACKMAN and JOHN GAL- PINE, in the Business of Oakley Farm, in the parish of Mot- tisfont, Hants, was dissolved by mutual consent on the 23d day of September 1808. JOHN GALP1NE. THOMAS JACKMAN. MOTTISFONT, March 14, 180.9. [ 894 BLANOFORD, March 17, 1809. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. THE Public are most respectfully informed, that the Partnership under the Firm of HINVILLE and POND, PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS, and PAINTERS, Blandford, Dorset, was DISSOLVED by mutual consent on the 1st of January last, and the Business divided between them, W. Hinville retaining the Glazing and Painting, and W. Pond the Plumbing ; and they do each for himself and mutually for each other earnestly solicit a continuance of that encou- ragement and supi> ort they have hitherto experienced, and for which they return their most sincere thanks. All persons having any Claim or Demand on the above Partnership, are requested to deliver in, without delay, a statement of their accounts, that the same may be discharged : and all persons who stand indebted to the said concern, are requested to pay the same immediately to either of the above parties. Witness our hands this 17th of March, 1S09, WILLIAM HINVILLE. WILLIAM POND. N. B.~ The above businesses will be carried 011 at the same shops as usual, in Salisbury- street. [ 9: 38 FLY IN TURNIPS. FIVE Bushels per Acre of prepared GYPSUM, applied as a Top Dressing on Young Turnips, just as they break the ground, will not only act as a competent ma- nure, but prove superior to other manures, in its effects on the nutritious quality, size and increase of the crop, and also completely secure it from the depredations of the Fiy, which has been proved in many instances. Prepared antl sold by " the Gypsum Company, at their ma- nufactory, 6- 2, Blackman- street, Southwark. Orders addressed to the Company will be duly executed and forwarded by sea or land carriage, as may be directed. N. B.— Sacks are '. he best packages. A four- bushel sack will weigh about 350 lbs. an J may be had ( at four shillings per bushel} of Mr. George Fry, Salisbury. Where also may be had, The true White Sparrow- bill SEED OATS, of veiy excel- lent quality. [ 887 / f ish Linens, Sheetings, find Table Linen, new printed Cambrics, Ginghams, ire. at BECKINGSALL's Warehouse, Silver- street, Salisbury. 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JOHN GROVE, a LABOURBR, who has lodged in Birmingham for two years, and lived servant in the parish of Northfield, near Birmingham, with different farmers there for about sixteen years preceding, left the country in August 1806 to see his friends ( who are supposed to live in Glocestershire or Wiltshire, or more westwardly), and has not since been heard of; he was about 50 years of age, about five feet high, stiff made, rather bow- lcggcd, his hair inclined to be grey, a single man, a broad dialect, and was formerly a smuggler. Whoever can give information of him to Mr. Brettell, attorney at law, of Bromsgrove, in the county of Worcester, will be thankfully rewarded for their trouble ; and if dead, any persons proving themselves his next of kin, may hear of something to their advantage by applying to Mr. Brettell, ot to Mr. Richard Attwood, of the Close, Salisbury. [ 898 FIVE GUINEAS REWARD. 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Ashmore, Dorset; and if not owned within one mouth from the date hereof, will be sold to pay the expenccs. ASIIMORE, March\ 3, 180.9. [ 900 TWENTY- FIVE GUINEAS REWARD. ESCAPED from Justice, on Tuesday the 14th of March inst. on his way from Romsey to Winchester Gaol, charged with a felony,— GEORGE AVERY, late of Romsey, Hants, Labourer;' and the above sum will be paid to any person who will either apprehend him, or give such in- formation as may lead to his detection. A further Reward of TEN GUINEAS will be given to any person who will either apprehend, or give such information as above mentioned, against JOHN HARRIS, late of Romsey aforesaid, Labourer, who has absconded on being charged with a similar offence. GEORGE AVERY is upwards of 45 years of age, about 5 feet 5 inches high, dark brown hair, with a very conspicuous de- fect in his left eye, and a small blemish on " his upper lip, ha is bow- legged, and walks with his feet inclining inwards, he had a handcuff on one of his wrists, and was dressed in a round frock, with a brown great coat over it, when he made his escape. JOHN HARRIS is a thin man, nearly 40 years of age, about 5 feet 10 inches high, with a pale complexion, and light brown hair. The above Rewaid will be paid by Messrs. Daman and Warner, solicitors to the Romsey Association. [ 9r4 rpo COVER this Season, at Clin,— An high- bred X Grey ARABIAN, ( late the property of Earl Poulett), at One Guinea a Mare, and Five Shillings the Groom. His stock is very strong and promising. [ 937 Clift is 5 miles from Dorchester, and 1 from Piddletown. " T^ O COVER this Season, at Dean- House, Kilmis- l ton, SELIM, got by Hugh Capet, at one Guinea, and three Shillings the Groom. 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VICE- Admiral Douglas,' Corrufiandcr in Chief nt Yarmouth, . lias transmitted. a letter from Caps. Hole, of his Alajesty's " sloop thu K^ eria, giving an account of hi- i having captured on the < 2d inst.. oil' the Scaw, the Danish national cutter A'albor"*, of 6" giifts and' 25 men, boui « d to Norway with army clothing.— Mr. Stew- art, Couimaijder of the Lord Nelson- packet, had brought the above vt. s^ el to cf » se artion, ami assisted in her capture. Vice- Admiral Sir R. Warren has transmitted from Ha- lifax'a letter he. had received from Capt. R. Wales, of hi. Majesty's sloop Ferret, relating" that on the 27th of Octo- ber, alter a c'nace of four . hours, the Ferret had come up with and - captured La lieeune Fre nch privateer, mounting* one loiig nine- pounder amidships, and two earronades, with a complement of 38 men ; ten days from Martinique, ou a three months crufae, and had made one capture. Vice- Aumiral Sir J.. 15. Warren has also transmitted a letter from Capt. Hawker, of hij> Majesty's ship Meiampti-, relatiw thsit on the 16' th of Januarv, in lat. lf)° 31)', loiuy. 59° Le nder, 24- poumler carronades ann . of . which were killed, a Lieutenant with 11 wounded, through the persevering endeavours of her Commander tra'dicted herself so much, that the whole of her evidence must be received with doubt and caution. The Duke's orders in French's levy, in Shaw's appointment, and in Knight and Brooke's exchange, had' been fairly and lit)- nourably accounted for by Colonel Gordon. It appeared indeed, in Claveiing'* and Tonyu's cases, that his Royal Highness suffered Airs. Clarke to correspond with him on military subjects, anjl here was a want of caution ; but it was also clear that there was no improper result from that correspondence, consequently he was not at all guided in his decisions by her applications, and was wholly free from corruption. Sir S, RwniUy argued at great length that the evidence had established the charge of the Duke of York's, con- the Yfelampns captured ihe French national brig i Coiibri, Mons. J) e landes, Lieut, de Vaisseau, Com- ander, of sixteen # 4- pounder earronades and' 92 men, 3 ' : iU 11 - vounded, . luv- gu v,. v ... 0 . lander to escape, who had the temerity to return the fire of the Ale- lanipus for a short time when fairly alongside. She is quite new ; from ( herbourg bound with a cargo of flour and gunpowder for the relief of St. Domingo ; had taken and sunk two Engli h brigs from Newfoundland to Lisbon ( the Hannibal and Piiscillaof Dartmouth). Commission i? i the Dorset Volunteer Infantry, signtoi by the Lord Lieutenant.— Wm. Bower,' Esq. to be Lieutenant- Colo- nel, vice LLut. Col. Pleydell/ who has transferred his ser- vices into the Local Militia. BANKRUPTS. George . Not on, of Derby, shopkeeper. Hcmy Marks, m £ Iig! i-' street, St. Gilts in the Fields, salesrrian. John Baxter, of Sheffield, edge- tool- manufacturer. Jaims Bowers, of Manchester, innkeeper. William VVyun, of. Mei'ther Tythil, vintner. John Rushy, of New Mills, Derbyshire, uottorNspinnet. S. J. Hunt, <> f Norwich, duffield- manufacturer. HOUSE OK LORDS. MONDAY, March 13. J The Royal Assent was given, by commission, to the two Hills allowing proportions of the Militia of England and Ireland to enlist into the regu- lar f rees, tb<' Bill to prohibit the Distillation of Spirits from Corn or Grain, and to nine other public and six pri- vate Bills. The proceedings on the Roxburgh Peerage were again referred to the Committee of Privileges.— Adjourned. TUESDAY, March 11.] Ijord Liverpool laid on the table some additional papers relative to the late campaign in Spain and Portugal; and ( in reply to a question from Jjord Darnley) stated that Mr. Frere's letter to Gen. Moore was not among the papers; adding, that he should resist any motion for its production. The several bills ou tin-, table were forwarded a stage.— Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. MONDAY, March 13.] The Call of the House, on the motion of Lord Folkestone, was deferred till the morrow. Oil proceeding further to consider the report of tbe Committee on tlie conduct of the Duke of York, The Secretary at IVur rose, and argued that the con- tradictions iu Mrs. Clarke's testimony were so glaring, that it was impossible to give any credit to it; that there was nothing 111 the evidence of the other witnesses to esta- blish even the probability of tbe Duke of York's having known ot' Mr -. Clarke's transactions;. whilst the regularity with which promotion proceeded through the oiliee of the Command"!- in Chief shewed that during the whole of his Royal LK..; hnes \ s minii niA(':.( ion the good of the service v. a- always predominant in his mind, and under his adtn 1- ntstrati ,1 tiie amy of Great Britain hail ju- tly obtained t - ce- iracieriAio of being the best . disciplined army in Losing sight of their representative capacity, they had assumed a character unusual and unconstitutional, and, instead of maintaining •- V Francis Harriett noticed the extraordinary way in which the Ki ', g\ s Ministers bad conducted themselves to- wards his Hon. Friend ( Mr. Wardle);— the Chancellor of ' the Exchequer, the Attorney- General, and others of the r eat Crown Lawyers, whose imperative duty should have d rested them to defend the people, had stood up in array, the avowed champions of the accused, t UI1U the part of Members of Parliament, and of Judges, they had at once presented themselves as the open advocates of tiie accused. ' Phis proved a circumstance, as alarming to the public interest, as it was subversive of the public good; for they must have come down to the House with their minds determined to be shut against conviction. ( It theses words there was a load shoal of No / No!) lie . had a right, he said, to draw thi-. strong conclusion, from their having espoused the cause they did in limine, before they had heard one tittle of the. evidence; from. their having, at the very on'et, attacked his Hon. Friend, and held up to his view the dangers and difficulties he bad to encounter, and warned him of the alternative that awaited him, if he failed in his attempt,— that infamy must rest on him or the accused. Now, he would ask, with the proofs on the table, where they would fix tbe infamy? They must acknowledge that no discredit awaited his Hon. Friend; h • would therefore leave them to place that infamy where they had said it must rest. ( A shout, of Hear ! Hear !) Sir Francis than proceeded to investigate the evidence, and the manner in which it had been treated by those Gentle- Li ' ii whom he styled " the defenders of the accused ;" he , particularly severe on the Attorney- General, who, by liis treatm • - t of Mrs. Clarke and other witnesses, h d, be said, e. mi letely succeeded in establishing their evidence, and in ruining the cause of his own client. Sir Francis t . en arg-. ied, that from tbe gei. efcd opinion in the army that prom . ion was to be obtained only through Air . Clarke, from her interceding for persons with whom she could have no acquaintance, and from other circumstances of notoriety, it was impossible but that, tile Duke of York mast have known the motives which influenced her, and consequently his Royal Highness must have been guilty of a ennupt connivance, Tbe trailsuction with Kennct, the infamous runner to the money- lenders, in which the gra- tuitous ad- i- er of the Duke ( Mr. Adam) had p rtieipated, • chewed how readily Ins Royal Highness would lend his . influence to promote his own private views. Sir Francis reprobated the non- payment of Mrs. Clarke's proini- ed annuity, and contra Led tbe conduct of the Duke and his advisers with that of Mrs. Ciaike, wlip, he said, 1. ei alvviy manifested the strongest inclination to pay t. a- debts she had contracted with her " poor trades- men," and had urn- red to give up the annuity, provided it was ippi'O] riated to that purpose. . He insisted that rite House had such a body of evidence as in old times would have rendered the Jury liable to an attaint if they bad brought in a verdict of acquittal ; and it was a cii cnmstance worthy of observation, that almost all the witnesses who had been called to invalidate the testimony < f the principal witness, instead of effecting that purpose had contrived to weaken their own credibility. The t. fenders of tin> Duke, however, had availed themselves o toe last resoursi: usually practised in other Courts, - ii n the accused found the evidence went against them ; they li. nl produced witnesses to character, and lie would snpj Ose that these witnesses gave their testimony quite <. interestedly ; but lest it should not have . its full effect, t ne " honour of a Prince" had been pledged for his Royal .1! ' hn>'..' s innocence ; but tbe honour of hi. Royal Iligii- . like Hanquo's Ghost, had arisen " with twenty in n1. al gashes on its head," and it would be impossible for 1' e ' Ipuse, on such testimony, to acquit, the Commander iVi Chi •!' .1' a participation in tnat corruption which had • d the disposal of commissions ; it was therefore • t. and highly improper that lie should remain at t- • head of the army; and the motion of . bis Hon. Friend . :. Wat die; bad his full assent. Stutter of the Rolls said, he trusted that the com-, '.. jeer. of all was the discovery of truth ; with this sole . . e in view, uninfluenced by popular clamour, and un- d by princely influence, lie had examined the :(-', and he was clearly convini ed that, though much m and negligence might be imputed to the Duke, ,1 administered the duties of his high office w th clean , and nothing like corruption would attach to him,' ' > ihl believe the testimony of Mrs. Clarke, the case .. ade out at once against bis Royal I'ighues byt . she h » J ...: so much more than could be true, and haocon- nivanee at corruption, and therefore he ought to be re- moved from the command of the army. The Solicitor General '( sir T. I'lumer) in reply, de- fended I he Duke ol York from the charges, and insisted that Mr-. Clarke, and the other witnesses against hiin, were unworthy of credit. JjOrd Castlereagh moved an adjournment; this motion was carried, and at half past three o'clock the House ad- journed. TUESDAY, March 14.] The Marine Mutiny Bill was brought iu by Mr. R. IVurd, who moved that it be read a first time. Sir Charles Pole c: '' ed the attention of the House to the situation of the Marine Corps, the Officers iu which were not in so good a situation as formerly, when promo- tion in the army was open to them. Neither bad the Ma- rine Corps so full an establishment ol Field Officers as it was entitled to ; in consequence, there were several Cap- tains of Marines whose commissions bore date early in the American war. He admitted that much had been done for the corps, particularly in the establishment of the Marine Artillery; but there was no regular system of edu- cation for the Officers, like that at Woolw ich for the regular artillery. The Pay Captains of the Marines, with much extra duty, had no additional pay ; and when the Marines were landed, their Officers hid no fixed rank, nor did they know where they were to be placed. He threw out the- e suggestions, not as finding fault, but a, hints for Gentle- men to turn the subject in their thoughts. Mr. R. tVard expressed a high opinion of the Marine-, and declared the willingness of Government to do the fullest justice to that meritorious corps. With respect to an increase of the Marine Artillery, that could not well be, without converting the Marines into a land army. The complaint of there being few Field Officers in the Marines could not be remedied ; Field Officers were not wanted on board ship, consequently there must be many old Captains. But then it should be recollected that these Gentlemen had obtained their situations by seniority, and that junior Officers hail not been placed over their heads, either by purchase or favour. He would enquire into the case of the Pay Captains, and if they performed extra labour, and re- eompenee cou'd be made them without injury to the ser- vice, it should instantly be done. The Bill was then read a first time. The order of the day being moved for the resumption of the adjourned debate on the conduct of the Duke of York, ' Mr. C. IF. TFynnc commented oil the state of the ques- tion, condemning the attempt to narrow the privileges of the House, by asserting that it would be unjust to pass any resolution against the Duke of York; and cited the case of the Jhike of Lauderdale, in which the House thought it sufficient to address the King to remove the Duke from his councils, as a proof of the old cour e of parliamentary proceeding, the simple misconduct of Ministers being cog- nizable by the House. He considered the misconduct of the Duke of York, in conniving at corruption, as fully established, by unobjectionable witnesses, and therefore should vote for the original Address. Mr. Croknr combated the arguments cf Sir Francis Burdett, on the preceding evening; declared h': was shocked at the attempt to prove Mrs. Clarke a credible witness, and the comparison of her testimony with that of Colonel Gordon. The former carried with it every thing combining malignity and falsehood ; the latter was given with the most rigid regard to truth. He condemned the . middle course marked out by Mr. Bankes, and preferred even the Address of the Hon. Gentleman who had brought forward the accusation, because that declared an opinion. His own opinion was certainly different; he should cer- tainly voce for the Address proposed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and he claimed credit for being equally sincere with gentlemen on the other side, one of whom, whilst he accused the learned Gentleman who had ably defended the Duke with coming prejudiced to the dis- cussion, forgot that he was himself accused of offering a large sum of money to procure evidence against his Royal Highness. Sir Francis lyurdett, in explanation, assured the House, that what the Hon.. Member had stated on the authority of Donovan's evidence, was wholly false : he had never offered inouev for the papers, nor attempted to procure them in any way whatever. Mr. Hose contended that it was contrary both to the usage of Parliament and the law of tbe land to punish any person without a trial. In every case on the Journals, there had been an examination under tbe sanction of an oath before a vote of censure was passed. This was prac- tised in the cases of Lord Soniers, the Duke of Marlbo- rough, and Lord Wharton, and iu a recent instance. Mr. Manners Sutton expressed regret, that the public mind should have been led astray, as it had been, respect- ing the Duke of York, which lie attributed to garbled publications of the. evidence, and the inflammatory com- ments which accompanied such publications. Air. l. ong also defended the Duke of York from the charges, and contended that Dowler's evidence, like that of Mrs. Clarke, must pass for nothing, as it had come out that he was guilty of a palpable concealment of the truth. Mr. Coke said, there was no doubt, in his mind, of the Duke of York's having been guilty both of criminal con- nivance. and corruption. Many men had been convicted, and had suffered the severest penalties of the law, on. less conclusive evidence. For his own part, he was an enemv to corruption, iu every shape ; and was convinced that, if the country was to he saved, it must be by meeting and overthrowing corruption. He thought the country highly indebted to the Hon. Gentleman who had brought forward tlx; charges, and should vote for his Address. Mr. fVindham analized the evidence, and said he must throw a considerable portion of Mrs. Clarke's testimony out of the scale. He did not think the case of Sam. Carter wi" igb » d at all against the Duke. But on the whol much was proved, that be should vote for the modified proposition of his Hon. friend ( Mr. Bankes). Lord Castlereagh. thought it extraordinary that the Right Hon. Gentleman should have determined to vote in a way so little consonant to the opinions delivered in bis speech. For his own part, he should prefer the original Address to the modification, as it was called. If he be- lieved the testimony ot Mrs. Clarke, he would' vote for the original Address; but as he disbelieved her assertion that the Duke knew of her proceedings, he would not be guilty of the injustice of addressing for the Duke's dis- missal, but would vote for the resolutions proposed liv the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Mr. (( tierajt thought the Duke ought to he dismissed from bis employments ; and that if any Minister had been I roved, on such strong testimony, to have been under the like iiiflueuce, he would have been dismissed long ago. Lord Temple proposed an adjournment; which, after - nine observations from the Chancellor of tlie Exchequer, was agreed to ; and at half past three the House adjourned. Spanish Journals ( from ' the' South of Spain) were - received yesterday morning. The Marquis de l'alacios has been dismissed from the . command of the army of the Centre, and the l) u£ e dlufantado has been dismissed from the command of tbe army of Seville, with orders to account for his conduct to the Junta of Seville. General IJrbina ( Count de Castagol) has been appointed Commander iu Chief, and both armies are for the present placed under him: they amount to about 40,000 infantry and .1500 cavalry. General Cuesta's head- quarters were at Trnxillo: his lorce consisted of 14,000 infantry and 2000 cavalry. The English and Portuguese division, from Lisbon, ( 14,000 men) were at Alcantara, 2H leagues from Truxillo. The French army, which had been in Leon and Gallicia, was advancing towards Cindad Rodrigo, which placed Cuesta iu great danger, and the Duke of Alberquerque was ordered to march to his relief, with 8000 jnfantrv and 2000 cavalry. A request bail been made that the 40th regiment, and other British tr ops iu the neighbourhood of Seville, should join the Spanish army in La Carolina. Dutch papers to the 1 1 th inst. communicating Paris news to the 7th inst. were received last night. They contain the 3. Id bulletin of the French armv in Spain, from which we learn that Saragossa has fallen, after a most gallant defence of three months, and ill which the French, with four divisions, besides artillery corps, were obliged to practice every stratagem and art of war, and when their object was effected,( principally by sapping and under- mining) they took possession of a lieap of ruins. General Palatbx is very ill from his great exertions, but his spirit appears to be unbroken. Th re was no capitu- lation, but the French Commander in Chief ( the Duke of Montebello), on getting possession of the town, published a general amnesty. The Monitcar of the 3d inst. contnitis a" violent Phillippic against the Austrian Internuncio at the Porte, who is charged with having brought about the peace. be- tween England and Austria. Ail the parties iu^:) ieaCcd are threatened with exemplary vengeance. Letters from Vietin> » report tint the Emperor was about to set out for Hungary; to organise the military levies in that country. A Messenger has arrived at the India House wi'h dispatches from the ( ompany's Agent at Constantinople, stating that the communication overland with India \ va open, and that proper arrangements had been made at the different stations for accommodating the couriers. BRKAD.— Yesterday Ihe Lord Mayor ordered the price of bread to be reduced half an a- size, making the quartern loaf wheatcn li. 3d. household Is. I\ d. MARK- LANE, March 13. Sales of Wheat slack, at Monday's prices. . Barley, Malt, Oats, Beans, and Peas, all cheaper, Tlour as on Monday. I^ HK Decree of the High Court of ChancerV made in a cause, Pr. rvs v. BOWATER, having directed an In- quiry touching Incumbrances, which were on the ;> lst of July 1778 charged upon the Estates of JOHN BOWATER at Woolwich or elsewhere, and whether any thing and what rmiilCuis due thereon, and to whom— all persons having in- cumbrances, which were charged upon the said estates prior to the said 31st of July 1778, are personally or by their solici- tors to come in and substantiate the same before Edwaid Morris, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at his chambers inSouthnmptori- buildings, Chanci ry- lane, London, on or before tile 20th day of April next. [ 7- io A U-' LI the > WARMINSTER, vvn.' s. Persons to whom Mr. THOMAS EVANS younger, late of . this place. Brandy M. reliant, de- ceased ( who was in partnership with Mr. THOMAS EVANS tbe elder, his father), arc desir. d to serid accounts thereof to his Widow, at Warminster aforesaid, that the same may be dis- charged ; and all persons indebted to the Co- partnership's concern arc desired to pay the same to the said Thomas Evans the eld. r.— March s, lsu.' i. fa IS NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. WEYMOUTH, Fet. il 1, 180.0. ALL persons who have anv Claims or Demands on th : Estate ot Mr. JOHN ANDREWS, late of ( ligh, street, Weymouth, in the county of Dorset, deceased, are requested forthwith to send an account or particular thereof to Mrs. Andrews, the Widow and Administratrix of the d.- ceased,- at tier house in Weymouth aforesaid, in order to their b ing arranged fot payment: and all persons who are any ways indebted to the said Estate are requested to discharge their respective Debts, by paying the s inle to the said Mrs. Andrews within one month from the date hereof. [ 7,11 ALL, l'erscmi the . Estate Persons having anv Claims or Demands on of- the late Mr. WILLIAM I- ARGE, of Lynwood, near Ringwood, deceased, arc desiie. l to send in their accounts immediately, in order to their being discharged: and- all persons indebted to the saixl Estate are desired imme- diately tj pay th/ v, w: e * » tit.- Kscs- utors, Mr. James L-. tge or Mr. Johh Jifortfock, bt Oxford- Street, London.-—- Fclruaru 4 » , is*!. 1 VICTUALLING- OFFICE, March 6, laop. rf^ IIK Commissioners fur Victualling his Majesty's 1 Navyjdn hereby nice i\' otice,—' t hat on Tuesday the iith instant, they will l- C ready KJ receive Tenders in writing ( sealed up), and treat for tr* a « ASH TRUSS and VVHlTfc HOOPS ( not nailed;, of the ur. der- mentione. l description, viz.— 3utt, Hogshead, Barrel, Kilderkin, and White Ash, ( samples whereof are to be produced with the tenders,) may be de- manded for the service of this departninit during the space of twelve months from the date > oj' the Contract,- to he delivered from time to time in to his Majesty's Victualling Stores at Deptford; and to be paid for by bills payable with interest 90 days aj'ter d" te. t ' The Conditions of the Contract may be see: 1 at the Secre- tary' s Office. A* o regard will be had to any Tend. r, in which the price shall not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not be delivered to the Board before one o'clock on the said Tuesday the - l+ th instant, nor mil is the person lu'io makes the Tender, or some person on tus behalf, attends to answer when called for. [ 313 rrTAKEN up Straying, in the parish of East Tuderk? y, A on Thursday tnc id of March ISOP,— One MULE, and Six FOREST COLTS of different colours. Whoever can prove them to b; their property, may have them again, on paying all expcnccs, by applying to John Maffcy, at East Tuderley House, near Romsey, Hants. If the' above Horses are not owned on or before the ftth of April next, they will be sold to defray lire expences. [ 374 ORAND LOTTEUY . JT^ KEE GIFT of ONE THOUSAND WHOLE Tic- I ' KBTS the First Day, Numbersas follow: LONDON, 1VF. DNESOAY, MARCH 15. The Surveillante frigate is arrived at Falmouth, with a convoy from the Brazils. On the 1st Instant, in lat. 46". 30. long. 12. 10. she saw a French fleet of four sail of the line and three frigates, supposed to be the rOrient squadron, which slipped out when Commodore Beresford joined Admiral Stoptord, said to be bound for South America. It is said the Royal Family of Spain are on board this fleet, but this must be mere conjecture. Letters have been received from Malta, which state that, by a secret article in the treaty between Great Britain and Turkey, the Porte is to join with Austria ill the war against France, and Great Britain is to furnish tbe Turkish Government with arms and ammunition at Malta or the Morea.— Private letter- from Holland mention that a report to this effect prevailed in that country. A vessel is arrived from St. Kitt's, but has brought' no news, relative to tbe expedition against Martinique.— On the 2d of February, as some officers were returning to Bermuda, from a party at St. David's Island, the boat upset, and Lieut. Ram, of the Royal Navy, Capt. Peak Aid a Serjeant of tlie Royal Marines, war* drowned. 10,501.. to.. 10,600 11,001.. to.. 11,100 12,501.. to.. 12, COO 3. O01.. to. .3,100 7,001.. to.. 7,100 4,501.. to.. 4,600 8,501.. to.. 8,600 5,001.. to.. s, 100 9,001.. to.. 3,100 6,501.. to.. 6,600 Also a FREE GIFT of FIVE HUNDRED wnotp. TIC- KETS to the first- drawn above ^' 15, the Second Day, Num- bers as follow : 1- 1,001 to 18,100 I 15,001 to 15,100 14,501 to 14,600 I 16,501 to 16,600 17,001 to 17,100. The above Tickets may gain the whole of the following CAPITAL PRIZES rS~ MlE Creditors tvho have proved, ( ir intend to prove, JL th-. ir debts uuder a Commission of Bankrupt award d andissa M ' rth rigainst JOHN BELL, of Trowbridge, in the county of. Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, lately car- rying on trade under the firm of JOHN- BF. LL and Co. are re*, quested to meet the Assignees of the sai l Bankrupt's estate and effects on Wednesday tha iith day of April next, precisely at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the lioust of William Livett, called the George Inn, in Trowbridge aforesaid, iu order to assent to or dissent- from the saiJ Assignees paying and dis- charging or otherwise allowing divers exj ences incurred under a deed of assignment made by the skid' tSatrkrupt to Trustees previous to the issuing ot the said commission, and to. their paying oi allowing a sum of money to Mr. Jorm Clark, the acting trustee, as a compensation for his trouble in manufacturing and disposing of part of the Bankrupt's stock in trade ; and to assent to or dissent from a contract lately made and entered into for the disposal of the remaining part of the said Bankrupt's stock of cloth and cassimere; and aiso - to assent to or dissent from the sale by private contract ot otherwise of the remaining part of the freehold estate of the said Bankrupt; and also » •> assent to or , rifsent iron the said Assignees settling and adjusting an account with the As- signees of Mr. Joseph Dunn, late ot London, factor, and an account with Messrs. Andrews and Co. « , f the city of London, factors, ami one other account with Mr. William Dunn, ot Trowbridge aforesaid,- clothier, and other accounts between the said Bankrupt and divers othi r persons ; and also to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees paying t - the s lid John Bell a sum of money to be named, in li. ru of his allowance under tbe said commission ; and to assent to or dissent from an arrangement littlv made with divers persons, alledged to have been partners with the said John Bed, by which it is proposed such persons shall, in consideration of a sum cjt money to be paid by them, be exonerated from all liability oi responsibility as such supposed partners; ami ai- so to a-.,, nt to or dissent fnm the said Assignees commencing, prose- cuting, or defending any suit or suits at 1 IW or in equity tor the recovery of any part of the said Bankrupt's estate and eifects .; or to the cotnpound- m;, - submitting to arbitration, or otherwise agreeing any matter or thing 111 any wise relatin? thereto ; and on other special affairs. March l, i8oy. S. WILLIAMS. 773J ' Solicitor to the Assignees. npHE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, S bearing date, the 2.1 dav of August 1804, awarded and Hsu- id forth against SAMUEL COOK, of Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet cm the 12th day of April next, precisely at two o'clock in tbe afternoon, at tbe George Lin, in Trowbridge aforesaid, to make a final Dividend of the Estate and Effects cf the said Bankrupt; when and where the Credit- ors who have not already proved their debts are to conic prepared to ptove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said di- vidend ; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. March 1, I80y. S. WlI. LIAM- i, 774] Solicitor for the Assignees. BEECH TlMBfilL - - rpO he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTCACT,— „ 1 Several large Lots* of valuable BEECH TIMBER",'" Tvin? in the parish of Bishop's Sutton, ntar Alresford, lla tj. fit for Building of every description, and also well woulf'fi i attention of Turners. Further particulars may be known • on application to J. E. Waiglit, Esq. Bishop's Sutton'. [ 7i>' 7 LONGHAM, DORSET. rpO he LETT,— A neat modern built DVTEL- J. LING- House, consisting of two good front rooms, and a breakfast parlour behind, six bed- chambers, kitchen, pan- try, and other suitable offices, fit for the reception ot a/ ehtetl family, with stabling, a good garden, and a small puec of land adjoining.—— Immediate posst ssion may be bad, ; ni for further particulars apply to Mr. White, at thc'Wlntc Maty . Longham. [ Jlot MILBOURNE ST. ANDREW. " XJ be LETT, and entered on immediate?-/,— A neat and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, " in racf repair, consisting of two good rooms on the ground ff >- r; three bed- chambers, and two large garrets ; granary, stable,, and other out- houses; an excellent Walled garden, weif stocked with choice fruit trees ; it is situated in the great western road, K miles from Dorchester and 8 from Blandford, both good market towns. For further particulars applv fif bv letter, post paid) to Mr. Win. Whealer, at the Royal Oak, Milbourne. [ 542 In the pleasant Village of Uythe, near Southampton. 1^ 0 LETT, and may he entered npon at LidV- rla'v ne:; t,— A large commodious DWELLING- HOUSE in the centre of ih 1 village ; consisting of a shop in front w th two bow windows, well adapted for any person in the lineir and woollen drapery and grocery lines, f r which it has been occupied for many yaars ; has a parlour behind the shop, likewise a parlour at the entrance from the street- door, with kitchen behind the same, an. J wash- house and other offices ; eard" n, and warehouse at the bottom, with lofts qa^ aMe of containing 300 qrs. of com, adjoining tlie w ter- vtile-; cn'tflg first flixtr of the house are a dining- room and rtratying- roortUi 13 feet by rx, and twn bed- rooms ; on the attic story f. nir bed- rooms; the wbot ytforthv the attention of'any tradesman. • For particulars apply to Mr. Skelton, bo ' ki ller, Soath- ampton; and ft* a view of the premises to Mr. J. Wist, llythe ; if by letter, post- paid. [ 651 T rjX- 4 of., 2 2 , .£' 20,000 . 10,000 . 5,000 6 . . 10 .. ,... of...• .. £ 1,000 coo Begins APRIL tbe 12th, 1800. In coiisequencc of the above Gifts of 1,500 Tickets, there are only 18,500 for Sale. [ 508 Tickets and Shares are sellingat all the licensed Offices. THE 12th of Next Month is the Anniversary of the ever- memorable and glorious Victory obtained by Rodney over the French Fleet in t'ne'W-. s Indies; and the 12th of Next Month is likely to be memorable, throu'; h lite, to many an individual who enter at present on board that most capital first- rate, styled Good Fortune. A view of the "• rcat weight of metal, which so peculiarly distinguishes the present Lottery Scheme now so rapidly approaching to issue, will fully illustrate the appropriate justness of this allusion. HE Commissioners in a Commissionol'Bankrupt, bearing date the 22d day of Mar - h IROS, awarded and issued forth against NATHANIEL PEACH . § INQHR, late of Westburv, in the county of Wilts, Common Brewer, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 10th day of April next, at twelve o'clock in the forenoon, at the George Inn, in I'rome, in the county afSomerset, to make a Dividend ofthe Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts are to come prepared to prove the same, oi they will be excluded the b '- nefit of the said dividend ; and ail claims not ther piovid will be disallowed. S'. WILLIAM?, [ 775 March 1, 1 Sop. Solicitor for, the Assignees. 1,5011 Extra Chances, of the value of £ 33,000, Is siven, over and above tile usual amount of capital and other Prizes, and which Chances are so arranged as to produce an immense sum of Money in the present State Lottery, which begins Drawing the Wth of next month. ORNSBY and CO. STOCK- BROKERS, respecf- " MIE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing date the 31 dav of November I8n", awarded and issued forth against WILLIAM DICKS, of Frome, in the county of Somer , ci, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman. inti nd t » m< et en the loth day of April next, tit eleven o'clock : n the I forenoon, at the George Ii. il, m Frome aforesaid, to make a final Dividend of the Estate and Etlectsof the said Bankrupt: when and wh- re the Creditors who have n - H already proved their dibts ar- to com-' prepared to prove the same, or they will be (, excluded the benefit of the said dividend ; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. •' ' " ' S. WILLIAMS, Solicitor for the Assignees. H< £•< 20,006 17,127 ....'.£ 4,000 .. 20,000 3,536 ....... 2,000 . . 40,000- 10,^ 73 ! ,000 .. 10.000 12,241 1,000 .. 10,000 1,350 500 .. 5,000 44 500 ., 5,000 10,337 500 .. 5,( 100 fully acquaint the Clt bs, Societies, and individual Pur- chasers, that the present Scheme is far more advantageous to the Purchaser than any former Lottery ; and further, there is only l8, iO() Tickets for Sale, which lire fewer than ever were known. In the last Lettery, Tickets rose as flights .£ 55.— Purchasers of Halves, Eighths, and Sixteenths, will be enti- tled to their Proporti m of the 1,500 extra Chances, as well as ail the great and small Prizes. Orders, by letter or carrier, executed exactly on the same terms as if present, at their old- established State Lottery Of- fices, No. 26, Corn- hill, and St. Margaret's- hill, Boroudi. HORNSBY and Co. have Shared aad Sold in the lastTwo Year's Lotteries, 18,544 10,2^ 4 19,544 133 2,27.9 8,83! 8,716 19,570 And were the first Office to sell two of £:. 9,000. Prizes paid on Demand. Tickets and Shares are selling bv T. ADAMS, Bookseller, SHAFTKSBURY. [ 862 GRAND LOTTERY Begins Drawing the 12th of April, 1309. REE GIFT of 1,000 WHOLE TICKITS for the First- drawn Ticket above £' 15 the First Day: FREE GIFT of 500 WHOLE TICKETS lbr the First- drawn Ticket above .£' 15 the Second Day, BESIDES 4 Prizes of £' 20,000 I 2 of ^ 5,000 5 10,000 I 6. 1,( 100 litre, fee. kc. • The Value of the above 1,500 Tick ts is ine ddikji^ f, as they m ly contain all the Cap t il Prizes, Tickets and Shares are selling in great variety at present; but a » 1,500 Tickets are 01VEN OH At is, and loiked up in the Bank of England, out of the 20, t) 0il, which theScheuie con- tains, consequently there were but 18, sou for Stle at first : a speedy purchase is therefore recommend- d by Sirs. O. HOP- KINS, Silversmith, Bradford, Wilts, agent o B1SH, ot Lo^ doa, who sold 9,151 The Last, £ « , 000 17,' ill Ihe Last A 4,000 The Two Last Prizes ever drawn, all in Shares. Persons in the country may be supplied the nine as if pre- sent, by sending their orders ' post or carriage pidi accompa- nied with good bills, bank notes, cash, or posoffice ordeis, to BISH, Csrohill, or H, Charii^- Cross, Lo; don. [ j( i< j March 1,- 1809. 7763 ' TIE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, . bearing date the 12th day of M ay 1808, aivaided and issued forth against JOHN Blil. l., of Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 11th d ly of April next, at twelve o'clock in tile forenoon, at the George Inn, in Trowbridge aforesaid, to mafee- a ' Dividend of the Estate dnd Effects of the said Bank- rupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts are to come prepared to prove tbe same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend ; and all claims not th? n proved will be disallowed. >. March!, 1309. .... S. WILLIAMS, 777] * Solicitor for tbe Assignees. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing date the 5th dav of January 1^ 04, awarded and issued forth against* TJIOM'AS DUNN, of Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet 011 the 11 th day of April n, xt, at t- lcven o'clock in the forenoon, at the George Inn, in Trowbridge aforesaid, to make a further Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not al- ready proved their debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the ben fit of the said divi- dend ; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. March !, 1809. ' S. WILLIAMS, 778J Solicit - r for the Assignees. WHERE AS aCoinmission of Bankrupt is awarded and issuediorth against CHARLES VINE, of West- bury, in the county of Wilts, Tallow- chandler, Dialer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby re- quired to surrender himself to tbe Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the majo^ partof them, on the 16th < md 17th days of March inst. and 011 the Sth day of April fol- lowing, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon on each day, at the ' George Inn, in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, and make a full dis- covery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects ; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to chusc Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish liis examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his certificate. All persons ind- bted ro tbe said Bankrupt, or that have any of bis effects, arc not to pay or deliver the same but to whom th- Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. John Williams, Red Lion- squat*, London, or to Mr. Stephen Williams, Trowbridge, Wilts. 1 [ 779 This dan i. r Published, in 8TO, handsomely printed by Italian- tyne, A HEW EDITION, being the Fourth," 12. « '. SM boards, MARMiO. N ; a TALE of FLODDEN FIELD- A Poem, in Six Cantos. By WALTER SCOTT, Esq. Author of tbe " Lay of the Last'Minstrel." Printed tor A. Constable and Co. Edinburgh '; and W. Mil- ler, Albema'rle- streef, and John Murray, 32, Fleet- street, London ; sold by Brodie, Do- wding, 8nd Luxfurd, Salisbury ; spul by every bookseller and newsman. p6s O GENTEEL COUNTRY RESIDENCE, IN THE VIClSlTY OF UATI1. , be LETT, with immediate possession,— A compact DWELI. JNG- I10USE, with . suitable office* . atttched and detached; a crtach-' nmse, sfcible, extensive walled garden, and an orchard which rr- diices good rider, and about ten acre's cf excellent meadow land adjoining, situateafMiddlehill, within the parish of Box, in the county of Wilts, about f ur miles from Bath, late in the occupation of Mr: Nt- ate, ' the propriett r. The house is roomy, and replete with < very convenience for the accommodation of a genteel family, and the. ncifl.- bourhood in every respect unexceptionable. The situation is delightful, possessing a picturesque view of the adjacent country, and is within a quarter of a mile from the turnpike, ri '. d leading from Bath to London, and s'tugc- coachcs and other public carriages are almost constantly passing to and from Bath. -• For a view of the premises apply to Mr. Noble, at thf Spa- house; and icr other particulars ,' if by letter, post i"'-'' 1 to, Mr. Ncate, at Upton Scudamore, near' Warminster, Wilts $ or Mr. Lee, winc- mcrchtmt. Gasccyne- placc Bath. [ 726 CHRISTCI'IU'RCH, HANTS. ^ JHC5 b, e LETT, RBAUY- IURNISHED, for a Year and I a I lalf, from tbe 2 - th day of. March instant,— All that h qidsnme m- dern brick- built MANSION- HOUSE, culled IIuB. JORNE- I. 000e, with a Lawn in front, surrounded. by a Sluubbery. It is situated on an eminence, about. twb mih < from the- beautiful shore ot Mud ! iford, to whieh is a good road :. it commands beautiful and extensive views of Lite sea. Lie of Wight, and adjacent country ; is bordering on tint New Forest, near fox? nounds an. l liarers, imd in tbe midst yf a genteel neighbourhood. The Mansion consists of an entrance hall; breakfast, dining, and drawinE rooms; five sleeping rooms, with convenient closets ; a servants' ball, kitchen, laundry, and- Cellars ; dttaehed art servants' sleeping • rooms, brcwhouse,. and other offices ; stabling fpr seven • horses; coach house, barn, and yard; with a'cottage and- garden for a labourer; a good walled garden, well stocked w. th fruit trees; and about two acres of land adjoinin.-. Tickets for viewing the premises and further particulars may be had of Mr. Hooper, attorney at law, Kihcwobd. Letters to be post paid. [ 733 • TH) be SOLD,— • iL vonshire; within GREEN PARK PLACE, BATH. TO be SOLD or LET F, with immediate possession, — An excellent well- planned FAMILY- HOUSE, pos- sessing every domestic convenience, together with 1 irgc draw- ing- rooms opening into a viranda, and commanding an ex- tensive view into the country ; situated in a most convenient as well asJ'ushianable part of the city, being near the Market and places of amusement ; lately fitted up in a most elegant style; the property and late- residence of G. L. Wardlc, Esq. M. P. Application ( if bv lett.- r, post paid) to Mr. C. Pitt, agency- office, Southampton, will tie v unctuaily attended to. Also a large FAMILY- HOUSB, with Vark, in Flintshire, to be LETT; and two FREEHOLD HOUSES in Southamp- ton to be SOLD. ' [ 5S2 FREEHOLD LANDS, Carnar- in four miles of the Sea, and three miles of the Road now opening between Dublin and London, by wav of Porthdiulievn Harbour. This improvable and valuable Estate is compris.- d in several good Farms, with Buildings thereon, in the occupation of good tenants, and a considerable part in a ring fence, with extensive right of common, producing a rental of upwards of. 600(. p. r annum, possessing a Turbary and other valuable acquisitions: Apply ( if by letter, postpaid) to Mr. C. P'. tt, Architect " nd' Surveyor," at his Agency Offices, either Southampton, or No. 79, Baker- street, Portman Square, London. Also to be S Id in Southampton,— Several FREEHOLD HOUSES, - recently built.— N. B. Good Bargains. A Quantity of Marble Chimney Pieces constantly on sale at the Southampton Office. ' [ 966 WELLINGTON, SOMERSETSHIRE. HPO be SOLD ( in Fee) - by PRIVATE CON- jL TRACT, and immediate- possession given, A capital modern- built D lYEI. LING- HOUSE, adjoining the town of Wellington ; consisting, on the ground floor, of a vestibule, dining- ioom 25 feet by 18, drawing- room 18 by 15, small parlour, and chir. a closet, all 12 feet high ; an excellent stair- case, w. th mahogany balustrade; eight good bed- chambers ( exclu-' ive of garrets), with light closets and vyater- closit i back stair- case ; an excellent kitchen and brew- house, with servants' rooms over; gig- bouse, coaclvhouse, and a three- stalled stable, and other convenient offu- es ; under- grounfl beer and wine cellars; a good gatden w. 11 laid out with shrubs and fruit . rets, a green- boos*, and about two acres of rich land adjoining; with a large bam, stable, and linney.— » The house is extremely well supplied with spring and so't water, which is conveyed by a forcing pump into many parts ol it; the whole of the premises is in complete repair, and possesses many conveniences to make it a desirable residency for a genteel family. The fixtures to be taken at a faif valuation. Wellington is situated in one of the pleasanteSt parts of Set-, mrrsetshire, in a fine sporting country ; has a good. rnark, t, and the mail antl othvr w stern coa. hts pass through it daily. For a view of the premises, ami further particulars, pply to Mr. Mark W strnn, Bank, Wellington. [ 725 ' Freehold Public- house and Store- house tor Sale. GOSPORT. - yo be SOF. D by PRIVATE CONTRACT, JL . feither together or separately),— All that large and well- built PUBLIC- HOUSE called THE GIIEEN DIKOON, witji the Yard and Offices ther » o adjoining, most favourably situ- ated at the lower end of North- street, contiguou. to Gnsport Beach. The House is 2 < feet wide in front, containing a large and dry cellar, four rooms on the ground floor, a good par- lour and three bed- iotnr. s 011 the first floor, and four bed- rtxims ovei. In the Yard arc a large kitchen with two rtvutus for soldiers, a pump with a well ol good spring water, and a latge tank for lain water. There is also a very convenient side passage. Also all that STORE HOUSE and YARD, adjoining » and communicating with the above prnnisrs on the s. outh, and Poitsmourh Harb'- ur en the n tth. The Store- house c > nt- ins twostories, is in w rlth is feet, and in length SI fett. The Yard, including the scitc ct the store- bouse is'n wi Ith at the north end 2.0 feet, and at the south a nd til feet 8 int >, tii, and in length at the west side 74 fett, and at the east side 64 feet. The above Estate, compt'sing a depth of 120 feet, nt an avenge width ot about 27 fee t, is, not only veell adapt d tor its present use", but may tie also convti' - d . with a jma'l < x- pence) into a v ry commotions mercantile resid nee, and will be re ndered extre mely valuable by the taji ng place of the pro- jected demolition of the wharf's and store- houtei on the m.. rj eastwaid p irtof the bea h. The Land- tax is r ' dretr.- d. Part of the purchase- money may remain on mortgage, and early p is* ssior. wdl be ( Itliv - 1 eel. For particulars, and to treat for t| i purchase, apply to Mr. Henry Mitton, tie proprietor, on the premise, or 10 Mr. Compigne, solicitor, Gcsport, [ 920 AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF W^ LTS, HANTS, DOR& ET; AND SOMERSET.- Friday s and Saturday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS, from the FRENCH Journals. COPENHAGEN, February 18. AN Expedition is in preparation against Sweden ; it may take place in a tew days. It is not known whether it will be commanded by the King in person. TRIESTE, Feb. 18.— The Austrian troops received, on the loth of February, orders, which announce that they ivill be put on the war establishment on the 1st of March, and that the Militia will enjoy the same advantage. The t)( Beers have instructions to purchase their horses and field fequipag'e. Throughout, all Austria are spread the reports bf war with France. The Bank paper lia- cfallen 8 per cent, within ten days.—( Moniteur.) VIENNA, Feb. 1!).— It has been announced for some days in the political circles, that General Andreossi, the French Ambassador, has obtained leave of absence for six weeks, and that during that- time he will make a journey to Paris. The depression of the public funds has become alarming — Bank Stock htu> fallen from 84 to 70 ; other stocks in proportion. It is now certain that no negotiation for peace between kussia and Tui'key will take place. The English' Ambassador Adair entered Constantinople bn the 17th ot January ; his Secretary, Mr. Morris, pre- ceded hitn a few days. Woltes continue to commit the greatest depredations at the very gates of this capital ; six were found yesterday killed by the strokes' of sabreS; not far from these were found six hoots, and some remnants of dress. It is known that some poor soldiers, after having killed several w . Ives, were at last devoured by a herd of these ferocious animals. HOUSE OF LORDS. WEDNESDAY, March 15.] Lord Walsinghabi moved the second reading of the Mutiny Bill; but oil the sugges- tion of Lord liossh/ n, that as there were several new clauses, it would be proper to wait till some of his Ma- jesty's Ministers were present, to give any explanation that might appear requisite, the second reading was post- poned, and the House adjourned. THURSDAY, March 16'.] Tlie Bill to prevent d'hihl- murtler in Scotland, the Annual Indemnity Bill, and the Sugar Bounty and Drawback Regulation Bill, were read a third time, and passed. The Bill for funding 3,000,0007. Exchequer Bills was brought up from the Commons, and read a first time. On the suggestion of the Duke of Norfylh, the second reading of the . Mutiny Bill was again deferred, and the amendm - its were ordered to be printed. Earl Grey took notice that several papers were wanting to complete the series reletive to the late campaign iu Spain and Portugal; he particularly instanced one paper, viz. the letter of Mr. Frere, liis Majesty's accredited Mi- nister at Madrid, to Sir John Moore, which led to such important results with respect to the British army. He concluded with moving that the House be summoned for to- morrow se'nnight, to discuss the important subject alluded to.' Lord Liverpool said, the letter nf Mr. Frere was a pri- vate letter, it had never been communicated to his Ma- jesty's Government, and no important movement of the British army had, taken place in consequence of it. The production of thi- f paper would be improper, but he assured their Lordships iP it no necessary document should be kept back, and he' rejoiced that so early a period had been fixed for defending, the conduct of Ministers with respect to Spain and Portugal. It was ordered that their Lordships should be summoned for to- morrow se'miight. The Earl of Buckinghamshire moved for a copy of the instructions sent to Sir - Hew Dalrymple by his Majesty's Secr « tai'. v, of State, respecting the formation of the Portu- guese Regency., The E" rl uf Liverpool resisted the motion, which was negatived without a division.— Adjourned. • HOUSE OF COMMONS. . WEDNESDAY, March 15.] The bill for erecting a. bridge oyer the Thames, at Yauxhall, was read a second time, hord Castlcreagk. moved for leave to bring in a bill for completing the Militia to the number intended, after the volunteering for the regular army should he closed. It • was int'ehded to raise about half the number allowed to volunteer, viz. 24,000, within twelve months from a day " to ha naujeH ; eight months to be allowed for raising the men bv bounties of ten. guineas a mail, to be paid by the public ; hut at the end of that time, in any county where the msmfeer was not rai'se4> the remainder to he raised by ballot. LeavaWa- given, ' the hill brought in, read a first time, arid. jjrdrfttni for a sejiund reading on Monday next. The calling over the House was deferred till the close ' of the discussion relating to.- the conduct of the Commander in ( Thief. Tbi" adjourned debate on the conduct of the Cum- niandcr in Chief being then resumed, Lord lSTilton declared hiS' decided ionvictiqn that the Duke of , York. had. known and connived at the corruption practised in army promotions ; his conduct with respect to Ktainett. shewed. that. his mind was corrupt. His Lord- ship did not, however, fully approve of either of the Ad- dresses, but feather wished that the evidence should be laid before his Majesty.'. Lord '$ limUy argued in opinion wilh the Noble'Lord who preeeded'him, as to the proof of guilt, but approved ot the original Address,. Mr. Leicester agreeil. tfa't'no charge of contrivance or corruption had been made out against the Duke of York. Sir Thoma$ Tu. rton, considered it improper to think of passing sentence on any man, whatever his rank, without the formality of an oath. By voting the Address, the • Duke would- he degraded and punished without a trial. The Amendment proposed the same act of injustice ; it was only a gilded dagger, whose beauty could not conceal or counteract its venom ; it went to do by insinuation that which'it would be much more noble to do by open means- He must express bis surprize that his Noble Friend ( Lord Folkestone) with wliorif he had traversed the plains of Hindustan, and whose manly spirit lie was well acquainted with, could support the original Address. If the Duke was considered- as guilty, the House ought positively to declare that opiqion ; and"' he was hot certain but that he would himself propose an amendment to tlie resolution of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, omitting the word " no," by which the resolution Would state that, in the opinion of the 1- fc> use, the Commander < ia Chief had a knowledge ot the corruption proved. Oil this his impeachment might follow, and he would have the privilege of a trial, like any other Briton. • Mr. Ryder said,' if> he was inclined to vote against the. Commander iu Chief, he should consider the course pro- posed by the Hon. Baronet as the most manly and honour- able ; but believing his Royal Highness to be innocent., he should vote for the resolution proposed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Lord Temple wont over the whole of the charges add evidence in a speech of considerable length ; concluding, that although no distinct charges of corruption had bepn proved against the Diike of York, yet he found him deeply criminal in allowing an intriguing mistress to inter- fere in his official'duties, and therefore there was no alter- native for him hut to resign. The Lord Advocate contended that the Duke of York . tail neither been' guilty of corruption, participation therein,;. nvr connivance at corruption; and that he bad not, in any oj'm instande, Abused the power vested in him in the disposal of commissions. ( lie was obliged to sit down hy a clamorous fry of " Question.'"_) Mr. yVilberforee expressed much surprize that., after . the repeated applications which Mi's. Clarke had made to flu: Duke of York for appointments and exchanges, his r Royal Highness should haft) had no suspicion of the cause of her anxiety. It " was impossible that, with his education, he could have been ignorant- that the mistresses of Princes bad ever been the sources and the means of corruption: , be was aware- that bis own mistress was. extremely dis- tressed for money; that the ' prospect of relief would en- gage her in a criminal traffic: ' he knew that Some pres- " SJVeS- of distress - had'been removed without his immediate, disbursement; and he knew that she applied for the pro- motion of persons who were strangers to her. Mrs. Clarke had stated at the bar various cases of this criminal traffic ; and however exceptionable her evidence might'be, it batl been unexpectedly confirmed hy the production of letters, some of wh'mh she did nut recollect to have beeii written, and others slv haft thought, to have been long since destroyed: these documents too had been brought forward in the vain hope that they would overthrow her testimony, where it vvas supposed she had fabricated cases. The case of O'Meara, for instance, and that of Claverlng, appeared lit first to have been the creatures of her imagi- nation, yet had both been afterwards confirmed in a most extraordinary manner. He did not mean to infer that Mrs. Clarke's evidence was to be implicitly believed: he did not credit her when she said that the Duke bad fully au- thorised the traffic ill which she was engaged ; but it was evident that his Royal Highness had been so completely duped by her as to connive at her proceedings: therefore, in voting forthe amendment of his Hon. Friend, he should vote for the Duke's acquittal of corruption as faras. be could; and lie should express this opinion, that in these times the Duke ought not to retain the command of the army. - The Gen- tlemen opposite found fault of this amendment— they wanted a direct decision of the question, Corruption or No Corruption; but they were old soldiers, and they called for a strong resolution that they might the raore easily in- duce the House to reject it. He was fully convinced of the necessity of removing the Duke of York from the com- mand of the army. It was well known that Bonaparte suc- sijeded as much by his intrigues as hy his arms; at a pe- riod. when all the continental Nations are broken down by the power of France, should this country have a Commander in Chief thus liable to be blinded and duped by a woman ? Surely, after the disgusting scenes which had been disclosed to the country and to all Europe," the dismissal of his Roval Highness was a fit sacrifice to public decency, and would have a good effect on public morals. As to tlie slight Censure iu the resolution proposed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, it would really he better not to touch o" the subject at all than to touch it so slightly, He should be glad . to know what ground there was to ex- pect that his Rxjyal Highness would ill future besguided by the examplfe 6et hiin by his Royal Father: he hail no such hope. There vo bai » -! S, a stable, rick- house, cart- house, and buildings; and about 82 acres , of arable and 4| bf pasture land.— The above premises ( exclusive of the house and garden, which arc. lett at si. 5s. per annum) are in the occupation of Thomas Blake, whose term will expire at Michaelmas next, at the yearly r nt of 80Z. and payment of all taxes whatsoever. ' The Tenant or Mr. John Faithful! will shew the premises ; and printed particulars and conditions of sale may be had of Mr.. Pickering, Longparish; Mr. C. Adnam, Kingsclere; and of Mr. Todd,- or the Auctioneer, Andover. [ 395 •: Wtt Ricks, Team of fine Horses, Dairij Cows, & c. jSiqrmau- raurt Fann, between ROTTM')/ & Stockbridgc. FOR SALE by AUCTION, by J. YOUNG," on L the Premises, on. Wednesday the 29th inst. The Mrr ™ - UiV? ami DEAD STOCKS an i put of the FUR- MI U RE,' belonging to Mr. j'. BUTT . Laving business.—' The principal articles arc four clever cart horses, four prime d: iiy ^ cows ih calf, seven two- years old heifers in calf, three two- years old steers, ten pigs, two large wheat ricks, oats, thirty quarters of seed barley from Strong l4nd, quantity of clover see:!, one six- inch wheel waggon ( nearly new), two narrr. w- wheel ditto, three dung carts and light ditto, Sussex ploughs,, drags, harrows, rollers, winnowing'tackle, sacks, together with a variety of other useful articles.—' The Furniture com- prises beds ami bedding, . tables and chairs, brewing and dairy utensiis, apple mil) and press. Sale precisely at eleven o'clock. | Vl4 CASTLE SQUARE, SOUTHAMPTON. jyjTODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, SOLD F> y the property of Capt. Austin, quitting his residence, to be by AUCTION, on the premises, by G1.0. HOOKEY, on Wednesday the 2- 2d of March, 1809, at eleven o'clock. Itconsists of a set of handsome claw dining tables, sideboard ditto, modern sofa, French cotton window curtains, furni- tures of two four- past bedsteads, four post bedstead with printed- cotton furniture, beddiqi;, Kidderminster carpets, floor cloth, dressing glasses, chests'of drawers, kitchen articles, glass, yellow ware, See. To be viewed on the morning of the sale day till the Auction commences. ' [ 944 Majority against Mr. Bankes'. s amended address 95 A second division then took place on Colonel Wardle's motion : - For it 123 Against it.,...... 364 Majority against Colonel Wardle's - motion 2- 11 The Chancellor of the Exchequer, having declined to press his Resolution at that hour, it was agreed to adjourn the farther ' consideration of the Inquiry till Friday ; the House to meet on the intervening day for the transaction of the ordinary business.— Adjourned at sit o'clock in the uioiniug. THURSDAY, March 16.] A Bi I was brought up to permit the importation of Tobacco into Great. Britain front any part ' of the world ; read a first time, and ordered for a secflud reading to- morrow. The Cape of Good Hope Trade Bill was read a third time, and passed, General Gascoyne presented a Petition from the Mer- chants concerned in the African Trade, praying for some compensation, in consequence of the Abolition of the Slave . Trade; The Bermuda Spirits Bill was read a third time, and passed. • The Land Tax Commissioners Bill was brought in, and read a first time. CITY OF NEW SARUM. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Directors and Trustees of the Highways of the said city, will, at their meeting to be held at the ' Council Chamber of the said city on ' Thursday the 23d day of Marsh inst. at six o'clock in the evening, LETT by PUBLIC AUCTION the TOLLS to be received at the several Sunday ' Toll Gates of the said city for One Year, from the 25th day of March 1809, according to the directions of an Act of Parliament fn that behalf made. The Tolls arising from the several Gates were lett for one year last past at the several sums following, and will be put up at the same sums ; viz. Winchester Gate i. J49 I Martin Gate £ 37 Harnham Gate 43 | Castle- street Gate........ 6 N. B. The persons taking the said tolls will be expected to produce sufficient sureties for payment of the sums at which the gates shall be respectively lett, and subject to such condi- tion's as shall be then produced; and no proposal will be re- ceived unless the party or an agent for him attends. JOHN HOLDING, Jun. 919] Clerk to the Directors and Trustees. N( WINCANTON TURNPIKE. OTICE is hereby given, that the- TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates within this district, will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, at the house of John Perrior, being a common inn or alehouse, known by the sign of the Bear, in Wincanton aforesaid, on Wednesday the 29th day ot March next, between the hours of five and seven of the aft'arnoon- of that day, in the manner directed by the Act of Parliament passed iii the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads;" such letting to commence from the 6th day of April next, and to be for the space of one year ; which Tolls were lett last year at the sums hereafter mentioned, above the expence of • coildcting them, and will be put upat the same sums respectively; \ iz. Stourton Gate .£' 583 Norton Gate 164 South Gate £' 232 West Gats 10! Willoughby- hedge Gate.. 229 Who. ver happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties to the'satistaction of the Trustees of the said Roads, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct.— Dated the o's/ h day of February 1809. R. MESSITER, 707] Clerk to the said Trustees. WILTS,— WARMINSTER TURNPIKE TOLLS. WHEREAS in pursuance of Notices given in the manner directed by an Act of Pgrtiamcnt, passed'ir the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, " for. regu lating Turnpike Roads," the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates upon the sewiial Turnpike Roads at Warminster, called or known by the several names of the East Gate, the South Gate, the North Gate, the Pound- street Gate', tlie. Stop Gates, and the Deverell Gate, weTe put to Auction to be Lett to the best bidder, at the house of Mr. James Brooks, bcijig the Angel Inn, at Warminster aforesaid, on thel3xhdayof February instant, at the sum of « i'lS4o, being the amount of the last letting of the said ' Tolls, but no bidder offered.; Notice is therefore hereby given, that the said TOLLS will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder ( according to the conditions to be produced), at the house of Mr.' James Brooks, being the Angel Inn, at Warminster aforesaid, on Mondav the 20th ' day o^ March next, at two o'clock in the afternoon, for one year, in the- manner directed bv thesaid Act; and when they will be put up at such sum as the Trus- tees shall think fit. Whoeiu- happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction ot the'Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct.- Dated Ms lUh day oj February 1809. By order of the Commissioners, 526] F. PHELPS. CHARLTON, NEAR ANDOVER. X> be SOLD by AUCTION, on the by T. R. IWUNS, premises, SOUTH STONEHAM PARSONAGE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by GEO. HOOKEY, on Thursday, March the23d, tsos, at eleven o'clock,—' The Entire HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, consisting of four- post bedsteads, with dimity, cotton, ar.: l moreen hangings ; good beds, mattresses, blankets, and count- rpanes; set of mahogany dining, Pembroke, card, and dressing tables; double and single chests of drawers, chairs, night stools and bidets ; Kidderminster carp- ts ; pier and dressing glasses ; capital eight- day clock ; kitchen furni- ture, glass, tubs, cask's, Sc. & c. tbe property of the Rev, Mr. Cook, leaving his. residence. [ 043 . Ta be viewed on the morning of the saleday till the Auction commences. Catalogues, in due time', will be delivered at the place of sale, and at the Auctioneer's, Southampton. No. 11, BUGLE STREET, SOUTHAMPTON. EAT and Entire HOUSEHOLD FURNI- X 1 TURE, consisting of handsome fourpost, tent, and press bedsteads, with cotton and dimity hangings ; seasoned feather beds, mattresses, blankets, quilts, and counterpanes ; mahogany ' wardrobe, double and single chests i- f drawers, bookcases, dining, sideboard, Pembroke, card, and dressing tables, eight- day clock in mahogany case, mahogany and japanned chairs, pier, chimney, and dressing glasses, Brussels and Kidderminster carpets, hearth rugs, floor cloths, glass, china, yellow ware, &.:.; the property of Capt. Bnynes— to be SOLD by AUCTION, by G1.0. HOOKEY, on the, premises, on Friday the 24th of March, 1809, at eleven o'clock. To be. viewed the day preceding the sale. Catalogues to be had in due time on the premises, and of the Auctioneer, [ 942 Bitlh- n. Manor House, near Southampton. MODERN and Entire HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE; a remarkably fine- toned Fin ; er Organ, by Allen, in superb mahogany case, ornamented with a painting hy Singleton.; Harp; Piano F'orte; collection of scarce Prints., Paintings, Books, China, Glass, and other valuable effects ; the property of Henry Hanson Simpson, Esq. quitting Ids' residence ; to be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, hy GEO. HOOKEY, on Tuesday, March the 28th, 1803, and following days.— The Household Furniture consists of lofty four- post and tent bedsteads, with piinted- cotton and diinitv furnitures ; prime seasoned feather beiis; mattresses, blankets', countermines ; Turkey, Brussels, and Kidderminster carpets ; in mahogany arc a capital set of dining, card, Pembroke, and sofa tables, chairs, wardrobes, and chests of drawers ; a draw- ing- room suit of japanned arm chairs ; Frehcb window cur- tains, in printed- cotton and moreen ; chimney and dressing glasses; an elegant tea and dessert ssrvice. of Derbyshire china; kitchen requisites, & c. To be viewed ( with catalogues only, priceone shilling each, which will admit four, and to be returned to purchasers,] on the d ly preceding the sale, and each morning of the salt days until eleven o'clock, when the Auction will commence. Catalogues, in due time, to be had at the place of sale, and at the Auctioneer's Southampton. [ 941 Elegant and Modern Household- Furniture, at Great Bridge House, near Romsey. nno be SOLD by AUCTION, by C. SHARP, on I Thursday March 23, 1809, and following days,— All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, the pro- perty of CHAHLES BERNARD, Esq. who is about to leave the premises. The . whole is in good preservation and quite fa- shionable, having been newly furnished within nine months, and consists of four- post and tent bedsteads, with printed cot- ton and dimity hangings ; prime goose feather beds, mat- tresses, blankets, counterpanes, mahogany chests of drawers, dressing tables, & c.; motine and chintz window curtains, full trimmed and- lined, with japanned cornices, See.; ma- hogany and japanned chairs, sofas, carpets, health ruggs, floor qloths, mahogany sideboard, dining, loo, card, and Pembroke tables; chiffonier, handsome table clock, excel- lent tetaed forte piano by Clementi, some capital paintings and prints,. mirrors, pier and chimney glasses, quantity of damask table l'tnen, blue and white dinner service, set of rich enamel- led tetf, china, tea and- coffee urns, hall lamps, medicine ehest^ lyonze and china chimney ornaments, plated goods, avaiM of cut glass. Sec.; and a quantity of kitchen, dairy, and Brewing utensils. The whole may. be visw- ed the day preceding and on the morning of sale, which will commence ( to a mimttej at eleven o'clock each day. Catalogues and further particulars to be had ( GRATIS) at the place of sale, or at the Auctioneer's upholstery warehouses jn Ramsey, [ a is 1 • RAWLINS, on Wednesday and Thursday, the . dr- am! 6th ol April, is09,— The HOUSKHOULD FURNI- TURE, and other Effects, of the late Mr. Seth Lawes, de- ceased, at Charlton aforesaid; comprising four- post bed- steads and furniture, mahogany bureau ' and'stump bedstc- ids, goose and other feather beds, mattresses, blankets, coun- terpanes, chests of drawers,.. mahogany and oak bureaus*, painted clothes press,, pier, chimney,' and swing glasses; mahogany dining, card,' and other tables; mahogany and other choirs, prints framed and glazed, chiila and glass, plated cups, tea urns, Miller's natural history in folio, and other books; a piano forte, Bath stoves, good thirty- hour clock, time piece, neat corner cupboards, kitchen range, ^ large settle, deal dresser, considerable quantity cf pewter, roasting jack, and kitchen requisites of every* d senption; large and small copper and brass boilers, kettles, bc- lUmend pots, copper fountain, & c. brass furnace of42 gallons, and a copper of about 2- 2 ditto as fixed, with lead work, fee. lead . cistern, iron oven lid and frame, excellent oak bacon bin, brewing and washing utensils, iron- bound mash tub for mashing 1- 2 bushels, large iron bhuntl casks, hogsheads, half- hogsheads, Sec. & c, a one- horse chaise,' two side sa id, « . and numerous other, articles. [ 9;;;) Sale to begin each day precisely at one o'clork. A CAPITAL TAN YARD. I^ OR SALE by AUCTIONS it 1.01 disposed of hy Private Contract), by Mr. LIMPVS, at the Crown Inn, BishopN) Waltham, on the 7th day of April, 1809, at three o'clock in the afternoon, agreeably to conditions. Lot 1.— A very desirable " end improvable Tan Yard, now in full trade, situate at Bishop's Waltham, now in th.- occupa- tion - of' the proprietor; consisting " of 63 pits, b rk mill, s .- miring house, • beam house, drying shade, large bark and stable, and other conveniences'; together with an excel- lent piece of mead iw land adjoining, and a fine stream of water running. close to the yard. The above premises arc well worth the attention of any persnn wishing to c'ngtr; in the business of a tanner or fellnnjneor, there being sufficient room to build, and increase the number of pits if r. quired: Lot 2.— Consists of a neat bricked and tiled Dwelling- house • and Garden adjoining the aforesaid tun yard. Lot 3.— Consists or a capital piece of Arable Land, contain- ing four acres ( he the same mora or less;, situated butasmull distance from the abi. ve premises. 1 For a view of the whole and to treat by private contract, and for further particulars, apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mrs. Upsdale, at. Bishop's . Waltham, the proprietor. [ 84- f BLANDFORD, DORSET. ~~~ npo be SOLO by AUCTION, by J. GUY, on ' J- Wednesday . the 29th day of March 1809, on the premises,• at Dammery- qourt farm,— The STOCK of DAIRY COW S on the said farm, thsjtpropcrty of Mr. WOOI. RIDOE, who is declining the dairy business ; consistitHg of sixteen prime dairy cows, and a capital Norman, the greatest part with their calves, the others well'seasoned ir. calf. • N. B. The above stock is we'd worth' the attention of the public, and will be sold without reserve. Sale to begin at eleven o'clock. [ 939 DORSETSHIRE. To- be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises/ by Messrs. PERCY ahd. F'oRcr,, on Tuesday the 29th day of March 1809, ami following dav,— All the neat and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Linen, China, Glass,- and numerous other Efrefets, of Mr. JOHN WATTS, Drug;:; t and Chvmist, Ai) aiket- t> lace, Blandford, in the county aforesaid,' who has quitted the same ; consisting of handsome maho- gany post, field, and servants'bedsteads, with silk, danjn. sk, cotton, dimity, and chenev furniture in beds and window curtains ; fine boi lered seasoned goose feather beds, hair and millputl mattresses, Marseilles and other quilts, countermines arid blankets ; mahogany dining, sideboard, Pembroke, claw, card, arid dressing tables ; wardrobe,- chest of drawers; night tables, bason stands, sofa, chairs, pier and swing glasses, carpets, stove,, grates, with fire irons to ditto., and a variety of useful kitchen requisites, tubs, & c. fee. as will be'par- ticularized in catalogues, which will be delivered in due time at the place ot sale, by R. Percy, Blandford, and J. Force, Wimborne. ' [ 7h7 The sale will begin each, morning precisely at 11 o'clock. CAPITAL ESTATE IN WILTSHIRE, npo be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. ' " n. uitooK, S. at Dcptford Batch Inn, in tii'e county of Wilts,' on Monday the ! 7thday'of April, 1809, at three o'clock ' it the afternoon, in one or more lots,— The MANOR, MANSION HOUSE, and capital ESTATE of MABDINCTON, id the county of Wilts, with its Rights, Royalties, and Appurte- nances; comprising a spacious and convenient mansion- house withTequisitc offices, and about 1 sod acrcs of arable, meadow, pasture, down, and woed land, 1100 of which arein demesne, and the residue . is held' by sundry lease and copyholders tor one, two, and three lives; " with the Great. and Small Tythes arising thereon, and on other estates contiguous thereto. Ma'ddington is situate in a fine open part cf the countv of Wilts, celebrated for field sports; about 6 miles from Ames- hury, 9 from Salisbury, 11 from Warminster, and 12- from Devizesv- Mr. Henry Washbourqe, . tile tenant, vyill . shew the premises. Printed particulars will be ready for delivery hy the 30th day of March, and may afterwards he had at the Priming Office, Salishurj'; Lord's Arms, Warminster; Bear, De- vizes; George, Amcsbury; of Mr. Dyne, Serjeant's Inn, London; Mr. Field, Shepton Montague; Mr. Mcssiter, so- licitor, S'nal't - sbuiy; and Messrs. Messiter, solicitors, Win- canton, where a Map of the Estate - may be seen. [ 706 SAL'. iU'BNAL, lay s Pas' • By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED' ON SATURDAY NIGIIT, MARCH 18- THIS Gazette contains an Order of his Majesty ii Council, dated Queen'- Palaoe, March 15, sus- p ruling the operations of two Aets, passed in the 4- jtb year'of his Majesty's reign, as to anv Duties on Ex- portation granted by the said Acts, so far as relates to articles being the growth, produce, or manufacture of any country for the time being in amity with bis Majesty, and from the ports of which the British Hag is not excluded, whieh articles have been or shall he imported direct from sucti country, in Gibraltar, Malta or any of the British Free Ports in his Majesty's West India Islands, and from thence in British Ships into any Fort qr Place of the United Kingdom, Wilt reiui. i., March 18. The King has been pleased to grant to- the Rev. William Carey, Doctor in Divinity, the place, and dignity of a Prebendary of the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter. Westminster, void by the promotion of Doctor Walker King to the See of Rochester. BANKRUPTS. . Tiiotms Draper, of the City. road, Shoredith, surgwn. ' Win. Williams, nl' W&' miaii, soap- bolel'. J iha 11'. \ nsom, of Ficet- tttVt, London, linen- draper. Wm. Wit. 1, of spital- sqaare, London, silk- weaver. t< avil Wild, of Newtown, flannel- manuracturer. David WUitinarsli, of Hrnkuihnrst, ( lints, shopkeeper. HOUSE OF COMMONS. FRIDAY, Much 18.] The Bill for allowing the impor- tation of Tobacco from any part of the world was read a second time. In a Committee of Supply, 150,000?. waS voted for the interest on Exchequer Bills.. On the motion of Lord. Folkestone, the debate on the enquiry into the conduct of tha Duke of York was resumed. The Chancellor of the Exchequer moved the following resolution, i" order clearly to convey his sense that the Duke of York bad not been guilty of conniving at corrup- tion :—" Resolved, That it is the opton of this House, after the fullest and most attentive investigation of the evidence reported by the Committee of the whole House, appointed to enquire into the conduct of his Royal High- ness the Duke of York, that there is no ground for charging him, in the execution of his office of Commander in Chief, with personal corrupt!;! i, as alleged in the said evidence, or-- any connivance in the corrupt and infamous practices therein exposed." Sir Thomas Tnrton moved, as an amendment, to omit the declaration that there was no ground for charging his Royal Highly: s with Corruption, and to substitute the words " aifor '• ground to believe that his Royal Highness must have bee. i aware of the corruptions and abuses proved by the evidence received at their Bar." After- a long debate, a division took place on Sir Thomas Turton's Amendment:— Aves 135 Noes i.: 534 Majority against the Amendment 1.09 While the Chancellor of the Exchequer was in the Lobby, he requested his friends not to go away, as another division was likely to take place; and accordingly the House soon after divided, on the resolutions proposed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, when the numbers were— For the Duke of York's acquittal .. 278 Against it 190' Majority 32 Some discussion afterwards took place, on the question of adjourning the debate on the other resolutions of the Chancellor of the Exchequer till Monday, which was agreed to, after some opposition.— The House then ad- j earned at five o'clock in the morning. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, MARCH IS. The Caledonia, Tonnant, Illustrious, and Bellona, with several frigates and sloop:, under the command of Lord Gambier, arrived off Rochefort on the 7th. There is no chance of getting off the line- of- battle sbip which was driven on shore. One of the frigates that went on shore lias got off, and is re- fitting. L'ltalienne, La Calypso, and Le Tepreuse French frigates, ere wholly destroyed. Yesterday the Court of Common Council rescinded their former resolution, for enlarging Smithfield Market, and re- solved that the market for cattle should be removed either to the Spa Field, belonging to the Earl of Northampton, or to a tract of land on the west side of Bagnig'ge Wells, belonging to Lord Calthorpe. ST. PATRICK'S DAY.—. Yesterday the Anniversary of the Benevolent Society of St. Patrick was held at Freemason's Tavern. The contribution amounted to 1138/. including • the Prince of Wales's annual donation of 100/. DIED.] On Thursday, in l.; pper Wimpole- street, Lady Dorothy Fitzivilliam, sister of Earl I'itzwiUiani. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three a'Clock. Bank Stock, shut India Stock, shut South Sea Stock, 72J 13 Cent. Red. shut 8 - if- Cent. Cons. 67f 4 Cents shut 5 Cent. Navy, 97f 6 & Cent. 17< i7, shut Long Ann. shut Omnium, — India Bonds, 6 a 8 p. Exchequer Bills, 7 a 8 p. Irish 5 ty Cents, shut Imperial 3 ijfi Cents. 66J English Lott. Tickets, £ tt 19 Ditto Prizes, full money. Port FALMOUTH, March IS. The Defiance, 74 guns, was off this port on Tue- day from the coast of France. ; and this morning an American merchant- ship arrived from • Bourdeaux—- from accounts by both it appears that Austria and France are actually at war. The fever whieh raged so violently in the hospital at Pandeanis has greatly subsided ; few are now ill. A fleet from the Brazils ( about twelve sail) under convoy of the Surveillante frigate, arrived on Saturday last. Lately died, at Petidenuis Castle, of a typhus fever, in his 21st year, Mr. Brailsford, Assistant Surgeon of the North Hants Militia. PLYMOUTH, March 17. It is reported here that the squadron under the command of Admiral Sir John Duckworth is gone to Cadiz. On Thursday came in the Defiance, of 74 guns, from off Rqehefort; put in to repair damages whieh she received in engaging the frigates that were cut off from the L'Orieut division of the French fleet. ' Came in the Valiant, of 74 guns, from off Rocbefort, to re- victual; and Parthian, of 18 guns, from a cruize. Sailed the Hope, of 18 guns, to the eastward, with a • fleet under convoy. This day ( Friday) came in the Harlequin, of 14 guns, from Milford, with a fleet under convoy. PORTSMOUTH, March 18. On Monday sailed the Jamaica, of 13 guns, Capt. Lysaght, with convoy for • the Mediterranean ; and Tortoise store- ship, with Lord Amherst, family, and suite, for Sicily.— Arrived the Sa- turn, of 74 guns, Capt, Lord Keauclerk; Defence, of 74 guu? i| Captain Ekins; and Blake, of 74 guns, Captain • Codrington, from Plymouth- On Wednesday arriyed the Fleehe sloop, Capt. Buchanan. — Sailed the Victory; of 100 guns, Capt. Dumaresq • and Elake, of 74 guns, for the JJowns, On Thursday arrived the Saracen sloop, Capt. Provost, from Plymouth ; and Port Mahon sloop, Capt. Chambers, from a cruize.— Sailed the Defence and Saturn, of 74 guns each, for the Downs; Coquette sloop, Captain Forbes; and Dexterous guiirvessel, Lieut. Tomlinson. This day ( Saturday) arrived the Magicienne, of 32 guns, Captain Curtis; and Daphne, of 22 guns, Captain Pipoti; trom the . Eastward.— Sailed the Champion, of 24 guns, Captain Crawford. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, MARCH 18. On Monday the 77th Regiipent of Foot, and the 3d Lancashire Militia, returned to their former sta- tions in this city, which they had quitted during the Assizes only. On Saturday last was married, at Winchester- house, Chelsea, the Rev. Charles Augustus Nortl", third son of the Bishop of Winchester, to Miss Rachel Jarvis, second daughter of the late T. Jarvis, Esq. of Laverstoke- house, in this county. The same day was married, at St. Saviour's Church, Southwark, Reader Clarke, Esq. only son of* Wm. Clarke, Esq. of Ride, in the Isle of Wight, to Miss M. D. Ptnhorn, youngest daughter of Sir John Pin- horn, of Southwark, and of Ningwood- house, in the Isle of Wight. Owing to the lateness of the hour on Saturday last that the Court continued sitting, we were not enabled to lay before our readers any account of the trials or sentences of the prisoners at this Assizes. There were fifty prisoners on the calendar for trial, nine of whom had the sentence of death passed on them— John Pearmine Garrett for sheep- stealing, Thomas Cppain for cutting and maiming, Joseph Fisher and Henry Rose for horse- s ealing, William Chad- wich, William Ford, and Jane Drover fir burglaries, T. Day for house- breaking, and Richard Griffin for stealing monies above the value of 40s. in a dwelling- house. Before the Judge left this city he reprieved the s. en last of these capita! c mviets, leaving the two first, namel; , John Pear- miqe Garrett and Thomas Copain to suffer the sentence of the law, which will be carried into effect on Saturday next the 25tb instant. Six were transported for seven years'each; one to the house of correction for 18 months, three to some place of confinement fir six months each, one for manslaughter imprisoned iu the county gaol for one year, anil two for six months each, and all fined I t.; seventeen acquitted ; seven bills were thrown out by the Grand Jury ; against two there was lio prosecution ; and George Binneld, for stealing at Basingstoke, was hdniitted as evidence against - Richard Waldron for receiving the same : but Binfield refusing to give hi^ testimony in Court, was remanded, and stands for trial at tl> e next Assizes.— The Court was occupieS with the business of the Arizes til! vert near twelve o'clock on Saturday liiarlit. There were 33 Causes at Nisi Prius — In Chamberlain v. Bell, for defamation, the plaintiff had a verdct of 40s. da- mages.— On the trial of an information, the King, on. the prosecution of John Fitzgerald, Esq. v. Bell, for chal- lenging Mr. Fitzgerald, and endeavouring to provoke him to fight a duel, Mr. Bell was fpund guilty.— In the King, on the prosecution of David Lance, Esq. v. Morgan, for a challenge, the defendant was found guilty. Judgment in the Court of King's Bench, n - xt term. The High Sheriff, before, he left Winchester, be- sides the usual donations for coals, Ate. gttve 20/. to the Society for the relief of Prisoners confined for small debts, and 20/. to the County Hospital. SALISBURY. MONDAY, MARCH 20, 1809. The business of the Wilts Assizes commenced here on Monday. Three prisoners were capitally convicted, and received sentence of death, viz. John Reeves, for stealing a bay mare from a field in the parish of Chiseldon, the property of Mr. John Smith; Joseph Farmer, for a burglary, in the house of Mrs. Catharine Crook, at Ty- therton- Lucas, and stealing therefrom thirteen cheeses; and Robert Smith, for breaking open the house of William Lawrence, at Alderbury, in the day- time, no person being therein.— They were all reprieved before the Judges lef: the city. Thomas Stockhara was convicted of receiv'^ g. the cheeses stolen from Mrs. Crook, knowing them to have been so stolen, and was sentenced to be transported for fourteen years : be is 64 years old.— James Hathrele, an accomplice, only lt> years old, was admitted an evidence. Thomas Bendle was convicted of stealing two gowns, the property of Hannah Morgan, of Bradford, and was sentenced to be transported for seven years.— He has before received a similar sentence, and returned home a few months since, on the expiration - thereof.— John Lampier, convicted of stealing a quantity of provisions, was also sentenced to be transported seven years. Joseph Watts, for stealing a quantity of wheat and bar- ley from a barn at Liddington, was sentenced to be impri- soned 18 months, and pay a fine of li.—- Thomas Herring, for stealing c dressing- case, and other articles, from the house of Mr. A. Welch, at Ogbotirn St. Andrew, to be imprisoned twelve months.— Jane Clack was tried for the murder of her bastard child, and acquitted, but was sen- tenced to be imprisoned a year for concealing her situa- tion.— W. Jones, for stealing a table cloth, the property of John Brown, of New Sarum, to be imprisoned 14 days, and fined li.— D. Couch, R. Jones, Wm. Dosivell, Robert Ayres, and Thomas Barnes, were all acquitted. And no bill was found against Robert Ileal. The most interesting cause at Nisi Prius was an action brought by Mr. Crocker, a respectable young man of Westwood, against Baker and Wheeler, two young men of Bradford, to recover damages for a violent assault. The defendant Baker having circulated a report to the injury of a young lady to whom the plaintiff was about to be married, the latter called on Baker for an explanation, when tbe assault took place, at Baker's house, Wheeler joining therein, and the plaintiff was so much beat, that a concussion of the brain ensued, and his life was for some time in danger. Th.: Jury, which was special, gavj a xer- diet for the plaintiff, damages ( 500/. In the - evening a Writ of Enquiry was execute! before Mr. Tinney, who presided for the SI eriff, and a Jury of this county, in an action brought by F. D. Astley, Esq. against Archibald Robe, Esq. for a trespass, in entering tlie plantations of the plaintiff, and destroying his game.— Mr. C'asberd conducted the case on the part of tbe plaintiff, and proved, by two witnesses, that the defendant, acc- nv- panied by two gentlemen, bad, after notice, gone upon the plaintiff's lands, and having committed the aggressions stated in tbe declaration, ought to pay exemplary damages. Mr. Serjeant Pell made an eloquent address to tbe Jury, and contended that, as the whole amount of the injury sustained by the plaintiff consisted iu the killing of a hare upon bis estate, which, by the law of this land, could not be considered as any violation of tlje lights of property ( game not being considered as the property of any one) it was im- possible that the Jury could give more than nominal da- mages. The evidence was summed up by Mr. T. who stated to the Jury, that although they should be of opinion that the property of the plaintiff bad not been violated in this case, yet they would consider that bis manorial royalty had been wilfully entrenched jipon after notice, which was a right established by law, Maintained at a vely considerable e. xpence, and for tbe security of which actions of this sort were the appropriate remedy. He thought their verdict, without being vindictive, should be such as to satisfy the public that theiaggression complained of entitled the in- jured party to more than a nominal compensation. Tbe Jury, after some deliberation, gave three pounds damages. There were four other actions, resting upon similar grounds, in two of which similar verdicts werjf entered by consent of the parties, and in the other two the plaintiff consented to accept a shilling damages. On Wednesday morning tbe Judges set off from hence for Dorchester, where they opened the commission the same evening. There were lti pri oners for trial, aud the business was not ended till Saturday morning. Edmund White, a youth of 15', was convicted of stealing from Mr. Stanley, Veterinary Surgeon in the 5th Dragoon Guards, three 10/. and three 5/. Dorchester Bank notes, and was sentenced to 14 years transportation. Francis Jones, for stealing about 2/. in money from a soldier in the Second Somerset Militia, 18 months imprisonment; George Saunders and John Phillips, for stealing flour, & c. each one year's imprisonment: T. Ward, six months imprison- ment ; J. Ackerman, a week's imprisonment; no bill against four ; and five acquitted. There were eight causes at Nisi Prius, but none of them evry important. In the new trial of tbe cause Hooper and Hanham, a verdict was now entered for Sir James Hanham, who lost the former trial. On Tuesday last died, after a few days illness, at her house in Park- street, Grosvenor- square, London, the Hon. Mrs. Grant, third daughter of the late Vis- count Folkestone, and aunt to the Earl of Radnor. Lately was married, at Trowbridge, Mr. William Spragg, plumber, ( son of Mr. Joseph Spragg, of Melkshani) to Miss Reeves, daughter of Mr. John Reeves, of Trowbridge, Also, Mr. Pearson, of Bath, to Miss Martha Edgell, of Trowbridge. On TUm'sy cii- ';, •.. •• - . plenty, Mr. Kerly, of this city, formerly of .• ..-.' ii'oril. On Wednesday died Mrs. Carter, widow of Mr. Thomas Carter, of Fishertou. March Salisbury, 14 Basingstoke 15 Devizes, 16 Newbury, 16 Andover, 18 HOME MARKETS. urn, per ( Quarter— Bread. Wheat. s. s. 82 to 98 80 In ,98 68 Ml 00 64/ ol 00 67 to 97 Warminster, 18- 1 80 /<> 99 IVeight of the Gallon Loaf, Sib. 1 iox. Barley. Oats. Beans. Bread, s. s. s. s. 5. s. s. d.\ 35 to 52 34 to 47 70 lo 88 2 2 40 lo f. 0 as to 42 64 to 69 2 0 36 to 5: 3 40 lo 46 66 to 80 30 to 50 30 to 48 60 lo 77 2 0 33 lo 49 31 lo 40 6- 2 to 68 1 11 32 to 56 36 to 44 60 lo 82 - Half Gall. 4//•. 5 § oz. 1-^ HE GRAND STATE LOTTERY begins . Dl awing the 12th of next Month. The SCHEME contains 4 .... Prizes of.... £ 20,000 2 ..., of.... £ 10,000 I 6 of £ 1000 2 of..., 5,000 | 10 .... of.... 600 & c. & c. & c. A FREE GIFT of 1000 TICKETS for the FIRST DAY, and a FREE GIFT of 500 TICKETS for the StfeoND DAY, WHEK- EBY One Ticket may gain £ 100,000! Half £ 50,000 I Eighth .... £ 12,500 Quarter 25,000 | Sixteenth 6,250 Tickets and Shares, in great variety of numbers, are now selline : for Sir JAMES BRANSCOMII and Co.) by BRODIE, DOWDING, and LUXFORD, at the PRINTING- OFFICE, SALISBURY; where No. 1S59, a Prize of £ 20,000, was sold in the last Loitery; No. 6145, a Prize of £ 20,000 in the October Lottery ; and where three Prizes of £ 20,000, several of £ 10,000, £ 5000, & c. were sold in the preceding Lotteries. - [ 876 Prizes to the Amount of ONF. MILLION Sterling have been sold by Sir J. Rrvnscomb and Co. in farmer Lotteries. THEATRE, SALLSBURY. ON MONDAY EVENING-, March 20, 180g, the Trasedy of JANE SHORE, with LOVE LAUGHS AT LOCKSMITHS. ON WEDNESDAY, by desire of Col. Boucher and the corns o' Sal shiiry Volunteer Infantry, the Comedy of MAN AND WIFE, and THE MIDNIGHT HOUR. On FRIDAY,— A Play and Farce, as will he expressed in the Bil's of the Day. STURMINSTER NEWTON, DORSET. I^ HE Sixth and last Subscription BALL for this . Season will be on Wednesday the 2Sth of March 1809- ' DORSET LOCAL MILITIA. AGENERAL MEETING is appointed to be held at the County Hall in Dorchester, on Tuesday the 28th day of March irstant, by eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of appointing theTime and Place for training and exercising the LOCAL MILITIA of this County ; and whether it shall be performed at two distinct periods, instead of one, in pursuance of the Secretary of State's Letter dated the 24th of February last.' Bv Ord.- r of the Lieutenancy, EDW. BOS WELL, Clerk of the General Meetings. DORCHESTER. March 18, 1800. TWO GUINEAS REWARD. RUN AWAY, and left his Family chargeable to the parish of Wintcrbcrne Earls,— WM. SHEARING, a Labourer: he is about 5 feet 5 inches high, very stout made, cf a dark complexion, ' black hair, and very dark eyes, about 36 years of.- age ; he is a very good player on the cla- rionet, ami has taken one away with him. Whoever wall apprehend the said William Shearing, and keep him in confinement, and give notice to the Overseers of Winteiboume aforesaid, shall receive of them the above re- ward, and all reasonable expences paid. HENRY MUNDY, 97Sj WILLIAM CUSSE,}° vcrsecrs' 165, HIGH- STREET, SOUTHAMPTON. KI LUCK, Upholsterer, Cabinet Maker, Sworn Appraiser, & c. & c. begs leave to return his most sincere thanks to his friends and the public in general, for the very liberal and distinguished favours be has received, and most icspectfuHy informs them, that he hath received from the Manufacturers the Newest Patterns ot Carpets, Paper Hrnglngs. Be. I I'u. aiture, & c. Sec. and which he offers t. the public on the very fewest terms. R. K. flatters hitnsejf that havfrg spent the whole of his life in the above branches, and after ten years' experienc - ir: the first m isuf icturiug shops in London, he can supply those that m y honour l. im with th ir commands, in the first style of elegance, combined with oeexmorny, and equal to any shop in the kingdom.— Seasoned Feath r Beds- and Mattresses.— Paper Hangings, from ikd. p; r yard t ? s. 6rf, N. B. Houses lett, or provided ; and Commissions faithfully attended to. f? 55 WILTS. I^ OR SALE by AUCTION, by HASRY Rtrss,. at the White Hart Inn, Chippenham, on Wednesday the 22d day of March, at four o'clock in the afternoon, iu se- parate lots,— About 294 Acres of " ARABLE and PASTURE LAND, situate at Heddington, near Calne. Particulars of which may be known by applying to tbe Auctioneer, Chippenham. ' [ 823 REVERSION OF A CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATET Neat Glastonbury, Somersetshire. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. WILLOCK, ' at Garraway's CofFee- licuse. in ' Change- alley, Corn- hill, London, or, Friday the 21th of March, aftwelve o'clock, — The absolute REVERSION ( certain on the demise of two old Ladies) of, in, and to, a valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, folate in the parish of Barton St. David, between Castle Cary and Soruerton, in the county of Somerset; consisting of two Farm- houses, with suitable Out- buildings, and 210 statute acres of rich at le, meadow, and pasture Land, and Orchards, in the occupation of Mr. Edward Indoe, under an agreement for seven years from Lady- day 1808, at a very low netreni of £ 380 per annum. The estate is'Vituatc nearly adjoining the great western turn- pike road, H miles from Castle Carv, 5 from'Somen en. / from Glastonbury, lj from Shepton Mallet,- 11 from Wells, and 27 from Bath. To be viewed till the sale, and particulars may be had at the George Inn, at Castle Cary; Red Lion, atSomerton ; Castle, at Taunton ; George, at Bridgewater; White Hart, at Glas- tonbury; Swan, at Wells; Bell, at Shepton Mallet; White Lion, at Bath; and of Mr. Willock, No. 25, Golden- square, London. [ 539 SOMERSET. TO he LETT by AUCTION, by J. JBANES, at the Greyhound Inn, Wincanton, on Saturday the 25th day of March, Itl0£), precisely at five o'clock in the afternooh, for a term of Seven Years, to commence from the day of letting, subject to conditions then and there to be produced,— ALL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, and good accus- tomed . BRICK, and TILE YARD, with tire Garden and ap- purtenances '.'. hereto belonging, containing, in the whole, by estimation, eight acres ( be the same more or less), situate within tla': parish of Charlton Musgrove, and one mile of Wiocatucn, and now in the occupation of Mr. John English, as a tenant thereof. For particulars, enquire of the. Auctioneer, Red- Lion Inn, Bourton, Dorset; or by letter post- paid, to Mr. Palmer, solicitor. Ottfcry, Devon." [ 697 WILTS. RPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. JEANKS, at a Hill Deveril Farm, three miles from Warminster, on Monday the 27th of March, 1809, and following days,— The following EFFECTS late the property of Mr. Henry Folliot, deceased) comprising 16 good dairy- cows, some of them with calves; 1 three- year oSd heifer with calf; 2 two- year old ditto, with d'tto; 1 two- year ditto, in ditto; 2 yearling heifers; 1 yearling bull, of the Devon breed ; a capital hackney horse, rising four- years old, fifteen hands one inch huh, got by Fortunatus; one ditto ditto, rising three- years old, fourteen hands one inch high, got by Truss ; together with all the Dead Farming Stock and Dairy Utensils, Household Goods and Furniture, and Brewing Utensils, & c. & c. the particulars whereof will b^ expressed in catalogues, to be had three days preceding the sale, at the George Inn, Longbridge- Deverill; New Inn, Maklen Bradley ; Angel Inn, Mere ; at the place of sale; and of the Auctioneer, Red- Lion Inn, Bourton,, Dorset. The sale to begin each day- at eleven, and the Farming Stock and Dairy Utensils wilt be sold the first day. N. B. The Stock of Sheep will be sold on a future day. Also, will be SOLD by AUCTION*, on the premises aforesaid, on Monda^ he 27th of March, precisely at five o'clock in the afternoon,— A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the Garden thereto adjoining, situate at Maiden Bradley, in tbe said county, and now in the occupation of as tenant at Will.- ( One Concern.) [ S9G To FARMERS, SHEPHERDS, S( c. ALiberal price will be given for anv quantity of CROW QUILLS, by Messrs. BRODIE," DOWDING, and LUXFORD, Salisbury. [ 770 MALAGAS AND SMYRNAS. ALot of prime MALAGAS and SMYRNAS, for Wine, also a few Casks of fine WELSH BUTTfiR, are selling at J. and H. WHITMARSH's, Canal, Salisbury. TO be DISPOSED OF, An old established MANUFACTORY in the SALISBURY FLANNEL and LINSEY line, replete with Machinery of various kinds. For further particulars apply by letter ( post paid) to A. B. to be left at the Printing Office. [ 236 „ TO CLOTHIERS, nno be DISPOSED OF, A very old and exten- 1 sive CONCERN, including every branch of the Salis- bury IFooll - n Manufacture, with Fulling Mills and Spinning Machinciy. attached thereto, Looms, Racks, Presses, Arc. The STOCK of Manufactured GOODS to be taken or not as may be agreed on. The Warehouses and Fulling Mills will be Lett at an annual rent. For further particulars apply to the Printers. [ 613 TO SADDLERS. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— The new and fashion ble Assortment of GOODS in the SADDLERY LINE, lately laid in by Mr. WtATiif- BBURM, of Taunton. An. f to be LETr for a T. rtn of Years,— A commodious DWELLING- HOUSE and SHOP, with convenient Offices, situated in High- street Taunton, in which the above business has for some time past been carried . On.—( One Concern. J For further particulars apply ( if by letter, free of postage) to J. L. Claike, saddler, Honiton, Devon, or Messrs. Meade and Warren, solicitors, Taunton, [ 901 TO STONE AND MARBLE MASONS. T) be DISPOSED OF, by PRIVATE CON TRACT,— The valuable LEASE and GOODWILL of an extensive Prenvses in the above line of business, now in full trade, and one of the most desirable situations about Lon- don.— Terms of Lease, 15J years unexpired at Lady- day 1809.— The only reason of this opportunity offering to the public, is the proprietor's ill state of health. To prevent trouble, the lowest sum for taking the business will be two hundred pounds. [: W 1 For further paiticulais apply to J. Wilson, King's Head Inn, Whiteparish, Sarum, Wilts; if by letter, postpaid. BLANDFORD, DORSET. TO be DISPOSED OF immediately,-- A LINEN- DRAPERY, HOSIERY, & HAT BUSINESS, situated in the centre of the Market- place; together with a MANUFAC- TORY of four- thread- knit Hose, an establishment of nearly 100 years, which might be carried to a great extent. { 880 Any person wishing to treat for the. same may apply ( if by letters, post paid) to P. Edwards, the present proprietor. TO be LETT, or SOLD,— A DWELLING- HOUSE and SHOP, most desirably situated for business in one of the most public streets o, f SALISBURY.— Immediate possession may be had. For particulars apply at the Printing- Office. [ 970 SALISBURY, March 17, 1808. TO be LETT, and entered upon immediately,— A genteel HOUSE, with a Gardeji, & c, & c. pleasantly situated by the river Avon ( from the upper part of Castle- street), commanding a picturesque view of the meadows and adjacent country. For partitul its enquire of G. Morris, builder, surveyor, & c. Endless- street. [ 964 PUBLIC HOUSE. ' I '' O be LETT, and entered 011 at Lady- day,—- The I WHITE HART, at West Cowes, Isle of Wight. Enquire of Ploughman, May, and Co. Romscy. [ 816 DORSET. TO be LETT, by tbe Year,—. A genteel LODG- ING, FURNISHED, pleasantly situated in the Country, one mile from a Market- town, fit tor the immediate reception of a gentleman and his wife, or lady and her daughter and maid- servant; consisting of two or three bed rooms, one parlour, and a kitchen. [ 534 For particulars apply by letter ( post paid) to the Printers. DORSETSHIRE. TO be LETT, and entered on immediately,— All that well- established and accustomed INN, called the CRISPIN, situated in Salisbury- street, Blandford. The Stock and Furn ture, See. to be taken at a fair valuation. Further partid.'- rj r. iy he had ( letters post paid) by ap- plying to Mr. J . Dyer, tbe tenant. [ 801 COUMRY RESIDENCE IN HAMPSHIRE. r| X) be LETT, completely FURNISHED,—. A large JL !•"•'. MILV- HOUSE, with all Offices, Gardens, Orchards, a:: d Pleasure Grounds, and ten acres cf Meadow I. ruid, for Thr't Years.— Rent, £ 200 per annum. To be entered on at l. ifiy- day n- xt.— More m.- aduw land r; iay be had, if desired. For further particulars enquire of M- r. Bale, upholsterer, Winchester. [ 841 ANDOVER, HANTS. HjHO be LETT, and entered on at Michaelmas next, A — A iargeand convenient BRTCK- KM- X, with hack- hous s. stabling, and ev.- rv convenience of sheds, 4tc. with cliiv and chalk pits at a very short distance. [ 860 For further particulars apply to. F. ' v. ' fapp, Andover. eligible Situation fir e, Clergyman, or any small genteel Family. TO be LETT,— A HOUSE ' in the Cotfoge Stile, at Milstone, near Amesbury ; consisting of a parlour and drawing- room, with a dressing- room for a gentleman, three bed rooms, and attics; a garden and, orchard adjoining, and stable for five horses. For particulars enquire of Mr. Chubb, Salisbury; or Mr. Robbins, Bulford, who'will shew the'premises. [ 930 rpo be LETT, and entered on immediately, in the J_ neighbourhood of Calne, W Its,— A convenient DWEL- LING- HOUSE, in good repair, consisting of two parlours, kitchen, pantry; three bed- rooms, & c. Sic. with fixtures ; a large Garden well stocked, and from 3 J to S£ acres of capital Land adjoining, if desired. The Housq. and Garden are free of all taxes, at the yearly rent of £ 25. For further particulars enquire of Mr. John Chivers, cabi- net- maker,, Calne. [ 888 rT, 0 be LETT and entered 011 immediately, at . I RiNGwoub, HANTS, A small, compact BRICK HOUSE, lately in the occupation of Mrs. Haskell; consist- ing of two good parlours, kitchen, hall, and a cellar for wine, beer, and a larder; four good bed rooms, a dressing room adjoining to one of them, and three good garrets; a yard, wash- house, coal- hole, pigsty, and a small garden paled round. The house is dry, and in good repair. For particulars enquire of Mrs. Smart, Reading, Berks; letters post- paid. [ 807 Elizabeth Green will shew the premises. COUNTRY RESIDENCE. TO be LETT by TENDER, with immediate possession, either with or without a few acres of Meadow Land,— A HOUSE, consisting of an entrance- hall, two par- lours, a drawing- room, four sleeping- robins, good attics over the whole, kitchen, cellars; small- orchard, Sic. garden partly walled- in, and planted with choice fruit trees ; a coach- house, and four- stall stable ; in a dry, healthy, and plctisant situation, within ten minutes walk of the city of Salisbury, ( where the mail and other coaches pass daily),' bounded bv a fine trout stream, and in the vicinity of three packs of hounds. For a view of the premises apply to R. Figcs, ironmonger, Salisbury—- to whom Tenders are tobedircc'ed. [ 972 March 12, 1809. TO be LETT, for the term of Three Years from Lady- day next,—— HOLYROOD FARM, Tythe- free, situate in the parish. of Saint James, adjoining the market- to wti of Shaftesbury, Dorset, in the following lots; viz. Lot 1.— The Dwelling- house, Garden, Stable, and Paddock, with the privilege of digging A. up the Paddock as a nursery garden 2 Lot 2.— Home Close M. 14 Lot 3.— Holyrood Mead. .,'<.,: M. 13 Lot 4.— Dry Close and Steward's Croft M. 12 Lot 5.— Southlicad and Coppice Close .... M. 12 The land is of the first quality in the neighbourhood of Shaftesbury, and by proper management the greatest part of it can be watered from springs and the run from the town. Persons desirous of taking the above lots are to propose the price they will give for lot 1 at perannum, and the other lots at per acre,— or for more lots than one, or the whole farm to- gether, in like manner,— and are to direct their proposals, sealed- up, to Mr. Durnford, Pensbury House, near Shaftes- bury aforesaid, 011 or before the 25th instant, of whom printed conditions may be had, and further particulars known. [ 91s R. T. 2 0 0 0 2 0 3 0 3 0 ISLE CF WIGHT. r| X) be LETT, with immediate possession, for the 1. term of Two Years,— A DWELLING- HOUSE, fit tor the reception of a genteel family; a Stable for three hors. s, a good Garden, and about too acres of Pasture Land in fiont of the house, pleasantly situated in the centre of the Isle of Wigkt, and abo^ t one mile and a half from Newport. fer further particulars applv ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Wor. sley, solicitor, Newport, ' Tsleof'Wight. [ 961 ISLE OF WIGHT. Valuable Freehold Estates for Sale. TO be SOLD,— Several Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, ( exonerated from Land- tax), situate in the Isle of Wight. r9,; 3 For further particulars, applications ( free of postage) may bemade to Mr. Worsley, solicitor, Newport, Isle of Wight. rrO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, X either together or in Lots,— 59 ELM TREES, of the first quality, and large dimensions, adapted for Navy purposes, lying ill the parish of Alton Priors, in Wilts, 7 miles south- east of Devizes, and on the banks of the Rennet and Avon Canal;— Also, 23 OAK TREES, with their Tops and Bark, now standing in the same parish. For further particulars, and to treat, apply to Mr. Arney, Close, Salisbury. f<)! 5 Enford, Wilts, six Milesfrom Amesbury. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. VtI » LKR, OO Wednesday the 29th of March, 1809, and following ? aK'~ Tht' vvhole cf the MATERIALS of ENFORD- HOUSE; comprising excellent deal floors, doors, wainscot- ing, two stair- cases, sishss, frames, and shutters; a large quantityef prime oak in girders, beams, and joists; in th* root, principals, plates, and rafters; lead gutters, tiles, stone chimney pieces and slabs ; the walls are stone and bricks. The sale to begin at eleven o'clock in the morning, r Catalogues at the place of sale, and at the Auctioneer's, High- street, Salisbury. May be viewed any day previous to the sale, by applying to the Keeper, on the premises. SALISBURY, WILTS* ™ nno be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. GAT*. HOUSE, at the' 111ree Swans Inn, in Wiufhester- strect, on Tuesday the 4th of April J809, between the hours of 3 ,-, r4 5 0 clock m the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shill then be produced,— 18 SERONS of WOOL, aud P- ckase of Skins for ditto, from Spanish America; which may be viewed two { lays previous to the sale. [ 97) ROWD, WILTS. Fine Dairy of Cows., Jifty Tt> ns of HAY, See. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. HISCOCK. A on Wednesday the 22d of March, lsr. 9, at eleven o'clock, on the premises of Edward. Iliscock, Smithwiek Farm, Rowd, near Devizes, Wilts., who is leaving the same; comprizing Jt'most useful Daily Cows, in and with calves 5 two fat Cows ; one Bull ; three two- vear old Cr. it Colts ; r. yearling ditto ; three Sows and fies ; upwards of 20 tons'' fj old dry Meadow Hay; 30 togs of new; the whole exceed- ingly well secured.;— and other Effects. Catalogues in/ lue time at the neighbouring Tnns; place c> i sale ; and of Mr. Hiscock, surveyor and auctioneer, Stroud, green, Newbury. ( s3& ELM TIMBER.— GOMELDON, WILTs] ' T). be SOLD by AUCTION, on Tuesday the 21 st day of March inst. at the Maidenhead Inn, in the city ot New Sarum, at half- past three o'clock iu the afteVnoou, toge- ther or in lots, as may Ke determined on at the place of sale. — Twenty- seven capital ELM TRi'- ES, marked numerically from ! to 27 inclusive, with the Lop and Top thereof, standing and being on Gomeldon Farm, in the parish of fdmiston, irt the county of Wilts, in the occupation of Mr. George Batt. For particulars applv at the office of Messrs. Tanner and Ccper, Salisbury ; and for a view of the timber to Mr. Geo. Batt, on the farm. rsss WARMINSTER, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. DANISM, oaTuesday the Slut day of Match. 1809, 00 the premises at Smallbrook Farm,— One good HACKNEY MARE, ard twelve prime DAIRY COWS, either in calf 01 wish calves, the property of a p- rsori quitting the said farm. Sale to begin at eleven o'clock. [ 7S9 NEW FOREST, HANTs! TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at LynjhuraV fer order of the Right Hon. Lord Glenber- vie, Surveyo/- General of his Majesty's Woods and Forests, on Thursday •>: « 93d day of March 1809, The following Naval BESCH TOPS, TIMBER Wd WOOD, i?. several lots; Tops. BexkTrmw. Ashurst Walk < ft « ir Hurst & Goldsmith's Hills Enclosure 481 m New Coppice Enclosure 47 Wootten Coppice Enclosure.......... 8 1 Burley Walk.,. 180 Also 50 Coalfires of Wood in Wootten Coppice Enclosure, a quantity of Bavins, and a quantity of sound Hollies, vdi worth the attention of cabinet- makers, turners, asjd whee^ Wrights. For further particular? apply to Jifeph Mortimer, E; Ower, March 2, 1809, OAK TIMBER, TOPS, & c. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Antelope Inn, Poole, on Montjav tbe 27th of March, at time o'clock in the afternoon,— Several tots of OAK TIMBER, OAK TOPS, Sci. lying at Hamworthy Wharf, near Poole, very convenient for shipping. The. above materials are Well calculated ft » building barns, out- houses, tec.; a, latge quantity is U for feneing; and there is also some compass timber, and tops fit for bjtiiMjiic small vessels, lighter^, Sc. fSsti For viewing the same'apply to Mr. Jobn Bracks, Hwn* worthy Wharf, near Poofe^ three- days previous to the sale. 925 ' TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. NEWELL, at the Nag's fCead, Lymington, on Saturday April I, at four o'clock in the affc- rnootj.' if not before disposed of by Private Contract), IM OAK TREES, r. ow standing in Batchley Great Coppice, & c. with Lop, Top, and Bark, .11 five lots. For viewing and particulars please to apply to Thomas Aldridge, Everton Farm, near t. ymfogtotvl [ S5i CAPITA!. OAK TIMBER, ryx) be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. ETHERISE. Jl at the Rodney's Head Inn, Hytbc, on Wednesdav the 5th of April 1809, at three o'clock 111 the afternoon,—--> u prune OAK TREES, upwards of 30 feet meetings, with theit Lops, Tops, and Bark, as they now stand in a field within one mile of Hythe, where they may be shipped,— and thf. - ASH TREES. r. g; i> For a view of the. timber apply to the Auctioneer, Hythe. TIMBER: TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. MA NT, o- T Thursday the 6th of April 1R09, at the I- hcerix Inn, Twyford,— Several Lots of OAK & ASH TIMBER TREE-., now standing and growing in the parishes of Twyford and Ouslehury. For particulars, and a view of the same, apply to John Berry, of Twyford aforesaid. Sale to begin at three o'clock. f85t> COWES, ISLE OF WIGHT. FOR SALE by AUCTION, at the Fountain INN, on Wednesday the 12th of April 1809, at eleven o'cloc*, For Home Consumption, 526 Bales PERNAMBUCA COTTON, 320 BRAZIL HIDES, 48 Packages TALLOW, 20 Logs BRAZIL WOOD, The whole in the best condition : per the Flora, lately arrifed from the Brazils. For catalogues and samples apply at the office cf Thorn*! Day, at Cowes aforesaid. * « * Prompt One Month. f9? 7 WROUGHTON, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION ( if not previously disposed of by Private Contract), 011 Saturday the 1st dav ot April, 1809, at the KING'S HEAD INS, Marlborouirh, — Eligible COPYHOLD PREMISES; consisting of two dwelling- houses, with barn, stable, outhouses, large garden and paddock thereto adjoining ; together also with an allot- ment of arable land, containing ten acres and one rood ; and two closes of pasture ground, containing nine acres and one rood ; held of the manor of Wroughton during the life of tba present possessor, agt d 43 years ' with power to nominate a new life on the termination of the existing estate for three lives), and subject to the unexpired term of five years ' granted to the present tenants) from the Cth of April next, at old le. » yearly rents together of 31/. 10s. Printed particulars may be had of Mr. Woods, solicitor, East India Chambers, London ; of Mr. Rimell, solicvcr, Reading; and at the King's Head and Duke's Arms Inns, Marlborough, six days prior 10 the sale. [- b' 5 PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BROOIE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; mere Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of News are received ( Postage paidj. Also by tfce Vzr - ERS ar. d BOOKSELLERS io the West of England; by the respective NEWSMEN ; and in London by Messrs. TAVLER and NEWTON, No. 5, Warwick- Square, Warwick- Lane, Newgate- Street, and Mr. WILK1E, Bcekseller, PateraotUr- R. w, St, Paul'* I
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