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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3760
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 13/03/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3760
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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17 N v^ ee^ iC 65 / j THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOUJl ylVD GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. [ NUMBER 3T « 0. VOLUME LXX1V.] MONDAY, MARCH 13, 1809. PRICE SIXPENC. ?\ CV / Stamp Duty W- J \ Paper and Print, 2id. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. MILAN, I'cb. 8. WE have received the pleasing intelligence from Paris, that his Majesty, the Emperor and King Napoleon, will honour this eity with his presence, perhaps as early as the present month. BANKS of the ELBE, Feb. 14.— The Ilambro' Exchange resounds with rumours respecting an immediate rupture between Austria and France. The abusive and insulting paragraphs, and the threats against the Austrian Emperor, with which most of the French Journals abound, give additional credit to these reports, and their truth appears to be almost sanctioned by the intelligence from Paris, of Napoleon's sudden return, and his intended speedy depar- ture for Strasburgh, where the palace is fitting up with the utmost haste for his reception. PEP.. 26. NINE, p. m.—' Fill this very hour neither the Austrian nor Russian Posts have arrived, which causes much impatience and anxiety. Among the rumours eir- - eulated in well informed circles this morning, is that of tbe French Minister having received dispatches from Poland of great importance, the purport of which is chiefly said to be a change in the political sentiments of the Court of St. Petersburg!!, which is said to interest itself in a most lively manner in favour of the Emperor Francis. LONDON, MONDAY, MARCH Paris Papers have " heen received to the 25th ult. Davoust has been appointed Commander in Chief of the Army in Germany, and is arrived at Paris from Spain. Bonaparte has not vet left Paris, though preparations are making with the utmost haste at Strasburgh for his re- entioii. The armv of which Davoust has just been ap- MARK- LANK, Monday, March 6. Wheat is this day at an abatement of about 2s. per quarter. Flour does not exceed sss. per sack. Barley, Malt, and Oats, all down about 2s. Other articles as last week. SMITHFIBLD MARKET, March ff. We had this dav 3200 head of Neat Cattle, ll, 00ff Sheep and Lambs, 80 Calves, and 350 Pigs. Beef 5s. Oil. to Gs. id. Muttofi 6s. Ad. to 7s. Veal 5s. Od. to Is. 0d. Pork is. id. to 6s. Gd. per stone of 8lb. to sink the offal. In NEWGATE and LEADEN- HALLMARKETS, Beef IS. Qd. to is. id. Mutton 4s. 8d. to 5, s'. 8d. Veal is. id. to 6s. 8c?. Pork 5s. Hd. to i>. s. Gd. per stone of 8 lb. by the Carcase. HAY, & c. in the different M-: rkc" ls.— Dry Meadow Hay 51. 5, s. to 61. I' 25. Clover 61. IO. S. to 71. 14s.. " Straw 11. 16s. to 2L. 4s. per load. Hops, in the Borough, Bags: Kent 41. Os. to 61. 0s. Essex a I. 15s. to 41. 5s. Sussex ' al. 5s. to SI. 15s.— Pockets: Kent - 11. OS. to to 5l. 16s. Sussex ' 61. IBs. to 41. 10s. Farn- ham 61. Os. to 81. Os. per cwt. ^^^ ceed to Bavaria. Its force is said to be about 70,000 men. The corps under General Oudinot has received orders to hasten instantly to the Lech— and the Princes of the Con- federation of the Rhine have been ordered to furnish their contingents with all possible speed. Hamburgh papers and letters arrived this morning to the 28th at' last month.— The intelligence they contain of the active military preparations carrying on in every part of Germany, leave little or no doubt that war is on the point of breaking out. The French Officers indeed assert openly, that war with Austria is inevitable. Bonaparte is expected at Milan, and will, it is supposed, direct the operations from Italy against Austria, while the Duke of Auerstadt ( Davoust) commands the operations on the side of Germany. It is reported that the Austrian army has actually passed the Inn, and that Russia has manifested a disposition favourable to Austria. It is asserted, that, previously to the late thaw in the North, 20,000 Danish troops and 16,000 Poles and Ba- varians, destined to the invasion of ScUoneri, had assembled 311 the island of Funen, from whence an attempt to pass over to Sweden was to have been made iu the course of last month. The inhabitants of Sweden have suffered much distress from want of the necessaries of life, during the winter; and Denmark continues to suffer from scarcity, in a peculiar tlcTee. The people, in many districts, are destitute of food and fuel; the manufacturers are without euiplof ; the merchants are ruined ; and the notes of the national bank are at a discount of 60 per cent. Dutch papers to the 2d inst. were also received this morning, with two bags from Heligoland, to the same date. It is said that King Louis, from a necessary regard to < rcommiv, proposes to dismiss many of his Officers of State, principally iu the unproductive departments of the Marine and Colonies. The Dutch papers further state that several French re- giments are marching from the interior of Italy towards the Ho; and that, according to letters from Geneva, 30, COO French troops, from the neighbourhood of Lyons, Macon, and Chalons, are to unit.! at Geneva. These troops are to march through the Valais, and go over the mountain Simpson. It is stated from Heligoland, that the communication from thence with the Continent is more precarious than ever. The Danes have fitted out a great number of their Blankanese boats, which are fast sailers, and draw very little water, with which they sail from the Elbe, by the W'atten, to the rivers Weser, Jahde, and Ems, and have made several valuable prizes. Lady Georgian a Bulkcley, one of the Ladies of the Bedchamber to the Princesses, who has ever enjoyed the peculiar favour of her Majesty, last week rereived an in- timation " that her future services would be dispensed with." It is said that in company Uer Ladyship had ex- pressed an opinion on the evidsuee respecting the conduct of the Commander in Chief. Her husband, Mi'. B. lias, in consequence of this, resigned liis place as Groom of the Bedchamber to his Majesty, and Brigadier General Harry Campbell has been appointed in his stead. Vint- at OXFORD.— At about half- past eleven on Friday night, Mr. Brown ( a Student of Christ Church) on entering his apartments in the great quadrangle, discovered thefu M he completely enveloped in ore: blaze of fire, which is supposed to have originated from some sparks communi- cating to a beam which ran across the chimney. The alarm was immediately given by the sounding of the Great Tom Bell, and in the space of an hour most of the engines in Oxford were assembled. The conflagration was awful, resisting for a long time the attacks of the numerous • ongines'i- liat were brought into play, consuming in a few hours the greater part of the South East angle, and threatening with destruction the most magnificent room of the kind in England. Most fortunately, however, the jiighl was calm, and there was a plentiful supply of water, - otherwise it would have been impossible to have preserved the Hall from the ravage! of the fire.— About five o'clock on Saturday morning the flames were diminished, but not until past seven were they entirely extinguished. The • estimate, of the loss is 12,000/. The principal sufferer is Dr. White, Canon of Christ Church, and Hebrew Professor; the whole of whose furniture and library ( including several valuable oriental MSS.) were entirely consumed. During the conflagration at Christ's Church College, Oxford, another fire broke out at Mr. Hodgkin's, Lee Farm, in the same county. It burst out in a hen- roost, in a spacious farm- yard, and communicated to the stables, over which a mart and a boy were sleeping, who were both burnt. About 20 head of cattle were also destroyed, together with several ricks of corn and hay, but the dwelling- house was preserved. Neither Mr. H. nor his family were at home at the time of the lire. The premises were very slightly insured. A very melancholy circumstance lately occurred at Kil- kenny in Ireland, which has occasioned among the in- habitants the most general interest and concern. Major Charles Lloyd, of the both, was, with a division of his regiment, on his march from Dublin to Cork, for em- barkation. After dining with his brother Officers, and the Officers of the Cavan Militia, he left the mess before tbe . rest of the party broke up, being anxious to return early to Mrs. Lloyd, whom he had left alone at the inn ; but'the uight being very dark, and a bridge which he had to pas's being much flooded, h » either missed his path across the main current, or sunk through a hole that has been discovered in the bridge since the waters subsided. The most diligent search for several days was made for the body without success, but on the 22d ult. it was found by acci- dent in tbe river, about a mile below tbe town.— Major Lloyd was the eldest son of Thomas Lloyd, Esq. of Win- Chclsea, in Sussex and was very recently married to ML Emma Hale, daughter of the late General Hale. A woman, nanvd Uodd, has been committed to the county gaol of Meath, on charge of having murdered her niece. The body of tfie child, who was seven years old was found buried in the garden ; and on inspection, the atrocious act appears to have been perpetrated by'buryi ber alive. WILTS. TIIE SHERIFF for the. County of WILTS here- by Kives Notice,— That in pursuance of an Act passed ill the 46th year of his Majesty's reign for granting certain duties on profits arising from property, professions, trades, and offices, lie has received from the Commissioners for tbe Affairs' of Taxes instructions to convene a Meeting of the Commissioners appointed for putting into Execution the Act for granting an Aid to his Majesty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain for the year 17.48, and qualified to act as such Commissioners for the county of Wilts, for the purpose of appointing Commissioners for the General Purposes of the said first mentioned Act, in the several hundreds or divisions in the said county, in the order and manner directed by the said Act; and the said Sheriff doth hereby summon the several Commissioners of Land Tax appointed as aforesaid, and each and every of them, to meet for the. purpose of ap- pointing the said respective Commissioners, to act for the said county of Wilts, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon of the 14th day of March, at the Council Chamber in the city of New Sarum, in the said county of Wilts. CHARLES WARRE MALET, Sheriff. WILBURY- HOUSE, March 1, 180.9. IN Pursuance of Directions received from his Ma- jesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, I hereby appoint a Meeting of the Commissioners appointed for putting into execution an Act " for granting an Aid to his Majesty by a Land- tax, to be raised in Great Britain for the service of the year 1798," and qualified to act as such Com- missioners for the county of Dorset, to be held at the County Hall in Dorchester, in the said county, on Friday the 17th day of March instant, for the purpose of appointiag Commis- sioners in the several Hundreds or Divisions of the said county of Dorset, for the general pu- poses of an Act passed in the 46th year of his present Majesty's reign, " for granting a Contribution on the Profits arising from Property,' Professions, Trades, and Offices, and to consolidate and* render more effectual the provisions for collecting the said duties." JAMES JOlIN* FARQUHARSON, Sheriff of the said county of Dorset. Dated the 8tli of March 180.9. [ 802 DORSETSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the next Ad journment of the" General Quarter Session of the Peace, for the county of Dorset, will be holden at the County Hall, at Dorchester, in and for the said county, on Friday the 17th of March next .— Dated this ibth day of Feb. 1809 By order of the Court, WM. BURNET, 852] Clerk of the Peace of the county of Dorset. • TRAFALGAR HOUSE. THE Trustees appointed by Act of Parliament for purchasing an. Estate to be annexed to the Title of EAiit NEMOS, are desirous of treating for a suitable FREEHOLD ESTATE, of the value of from 80 to 100,000/, to consist of a Mansion, Park, and adjacent Lands. j'^ 3 Particulars and proposals may be sent to Henry Charles Litchfield, Esq. Solicitor to the Treasury, under cover, ad- dressed to G. Harrison; Esq. Treasury Chambers. London. A' Portsmouth, Southampton, and London Caul!. Meeting of the PROPRIETORS ami OCCUPIERS of Lands and Mills'o. n the line of proposed Canal, will be held at the Wheat Sheaf Inn, Popham- Larie, on Thurs- day the 16th day of March instant, at twelve o'clock at noon, to receive the, Report of the Committee appointed at a former Meeting. H. DRUiVIMOND, Chairman. March 7, 180.9. [ 854 PETERSFIELO, Feb. 26, 1800. AT a Meeting of the Innholders, Publicans, See. at the above place, it w:?- unanimously agreed to catl a Meeting of the Innholders, Publicans, Sc. of TIIE WHOLE COUNTY or HANTS, at the George Inn, Winton ( being die centre of the county), on Monday the lath of March, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of piesenting a Petition to Parliament,/ ™ - Relief of the very great Burthens ( they have for a considerable time past experienced, and still continue so to do) of Quartering Soldiers and other matters relative thereto. It is particularly requested, that all who can attend will make a point of so doing. [ 76: 1 SALISBURV INFIRMARY, FEB. 25, 180.9. WANTED,— A steady sober Man, as PORTER. He must be qualified to brew, bake, take care ol the garden, and perform other menial offices in the house ; not married, or burthened with the care of a family. His salary will be £\ 2 per annum, with a gratuity of £ 6, provided he conducts himself to the satisfaction of the Governors. The Election will be on the 18th day of March next. The EARL ot RADNOR, President. By order ef the Committee, WM. DYKE WIHTMARSH, Secretary. [ 663 BANKER'S CLERK. " 1 " 17" ANTED in a Banking- house in Hampshire,— T T An experienced and respectable MAN, as CLERK, to manage a small concern. For further particulars apply by letters ( post- paid) addressed i J. L. at the Printing- Office, Salisbury. [ 867 Classical, Mathematical, and Commercial Academy, . DORCHESTER. JT11ENOW returns his sincere thanks to his • friends and the public for the repeated confidence re- posed in him for many years past, and begs leave to inform them, that he intends taking his Son FREDERICK TRENOW ( who is a Member of the University of Oxford) as Partner in his Seminary, to commence from Lady- day next. He trusts that their united endeavours and assiduity, as well in regard to the plan of education as the morals and health of such Pu- pils as may be committed to their care, will ensure them a continuance of that patronage and support which he has heretofore so liberally experienced. A French Master, a native of France, attends the School. DORCHESTER, DORSET, March9, 1809. [ 800 A N APPRENTICE wanted immediately, by a SURGEON and . APOTHECARY in good practice. A young gentleman, of respectable friends and of the established church, with a good classical education, will be received on moderate terms. Apply to the Printers, post paid. [ 859 TO CLASSICAL ASSISTANTS. WANTED, in a respectable Boarding- School, nine miles distant from Bath. A CLASSICAL ASSISTANT. Letters ( post paid) including testimonials of character, abdities, & c. addressed to A. Z. Meylers' circulating library, Bath, will be immediately attended to. [ 808 BLANDFORD, DORSETSHIRE. WANTED to PURCHASE,- A LEASEHOLD ESSATE, worth about 30 or 40/. per annum, within twenty miles of Blandford. Letters ( post paid) will be duly answered by applying to J. Hoyle, auctioneer, & c. Blandford. [ 709 WANTED to RENT, at Lady- day next, in neighbourhood of Calne or Wootton Bassett,— A : iu the A small COTTAGE HOUSE, with a few acres of Pasture Land ad- joining.— For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. B. White, Devizes Green. [ 664 READY FURNISHED HOUSE. WANTED, in the county of Hants,— A HOUSE, genteelly furnished, for a small family ; it must con- sist of two or three good sitting rooms, and not less than two best bed rooms, with servants' rooms and suitable offices, with coach- house and stables; also a good garden, and from four to twenty acres of grass land. Fhe house must be in good repair, and in a perfectly dry and healthy situation, within two miles of a post town. It will be wanted for one year certain ( w ith the option of a longer term if required) from the 1st of June next. Letters ( post- paid) directed to D. T. R. at the Bolton- Arms, Basingstoke, must contain the terms, with full particulars, and the dimensions of the principal rooms. [ 747 WANTED, at Lady- day, or soon BAILIFF,— An active middle- aged MAN. after, as He must be perfectly acquainted with husbandry in all its branches, and the purchase and sale of stock — No one need apply who cannot bring an unexceptionable character from his last place for honesty, sobriety, and attention to his employer's interest. For further particulars apply to Mr. Crutchlcy, land- sur- veyor, Winborrie; if by letter, postpaid. [ 785 WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family,— A Person capable to undertake the Place of COOK & HOUSE- KEEPER, where a Kitchen Maid is kept. No one need apply who cannot bring an undeniable character from her last placc, where she must have lived at least one year. For further particulars enquire of the Printers; if by letter, postpaid. [ 783 TO SERVANTS. WANTED,— A COOK in u large family in the country, where a housekeeper and kitchen maid are kept; a good character is required from her last place:— Also a FOOTMAN, who perfectly understands his business, and who can have a good character. Address letters ( post- paid) to the Printers. [ 824 SOUTHAMPTON, Feb. 2 1, 1809. JWIIITEHOUSE, late VETERINARY SURGEON • to the 3d ( or Princess of Wales's) Regiment of Dragoon Guards, most respectfully informs the Nobility, Gentry," and Public, that he is arrived at Southampton, where he purposes practising the Veterinary Art; and those that honor him with their favours may rely on the greatest attention being paid. An Infirmary for Sick Horses. Letters addressed for J. Whitehouse, at Mrs. Pitman's, East- street, will be punctually attended to. [ 705 GEORGE INN, & C. SOUTHAMPTON, March 10, 1809. RBUCKLAND, leaving this House on the 25th * of March, requests all those who have any demand against him yvill send in their bills on or before that day, that the same may be paid ; and all those who may stand indebted to him are humbly requested to discharge the same on or be- fore that day, or afterwards at the George Inn, WINCHESTER, which house R. B. has engaged, and enters the 6th of April 4809. [ 850 ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE, LONDON, Feb. 22, 1809. THE Corporation of the Royal Exchange Assurance have constituted and appointed Mr. JOHN UPWARD, of Newport, in the Isle of Wight, Mercer, Draper, & c. their AGENT and RECEIVER for the said place and parts adjacent, for the Assurance of Buildings, Goods, Merchandize, and Farming Stock, from Loss or Damage by Fire, and also for the Assurance of Lives. By order of the Court of Directors, 656] SAM. FENNING, jun. Secretary. rFHE Creditors who have proved, or intend to prove,. A their debts under a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against JOHN BELL, of Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, lately car-' lying oil trade under the firm of JOHN BELL and Co. are re- quested to meet the Assignees of the said Bankrupt's estate arid effects on Wednesday the 12th day of April next, precisely at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the house of William Livett, called the George Inn, in Trowbridge aforesaid, in order to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees paying and dis- charging or otherwise allowing divers cxpences incurred under a deed of assignment made by the said Bankrupt t i trustees previous to the issuing of the said commission, and to their paying oi allowing a sum. of money to Mr. John Clark, the acting trustee, as a compensation for his trouble in manufacturing and disposing of part of the Bankrupt's stock in trade ; and to assent to or dissent from a contract lately made and entered into for the disposal of the remaining part of the said Bankrupt's stock of cloth and cassimere; and also to assent to or dissent from khe sale by private contract or otherwise of the remaining part qf the freehold estate of the said Bankrupt; and also to absent to or dissent from the said Assignees settling and adjusting an account with the As- signees of Mr. Joseph Dunn, late of London, factor, and an account with Messrs. Andrews and Co. of the city of London, factors, and One other account with Mr. William Dunn, of rrowbridge aforesaid, clothier, and other accounts between the said Bankrupt and divers other persons ; and also to assent n nr ' ilssem from the saicl Assignees paying to the said John Bell a sum of money to be named, in lieu of his allowance under the said commission ; and to assent to or dissent from an arrangement lately made with divers persons, alledged to have been partners with the said John Bell, by which it is proposed such persons shall, in consideration of a sum of money to be paid by them, be exonerated from all liability or responsibility as such supposed partners ; and also to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees commencing, prose- cuting, or defending any suit or suits at law or in equity for • he recovery of any part of the said Bankrupt's estate and effects; or to the compounding, submitting to arbitration, or otherwise agreeing any matter or thing in ' any wise relating thereto; and on other special affairs. March 1, 1809. S. WILLIAMS. 773J Solicitor to the Assignees. LOST, on the gth of February, 180g, between Salisbury and Romsev, from the hind Boot of the Portsmouth and Bristol Coach,— A TEA CHEST, directed to Mr. MOORTON, Romsey. Any person who has found the above shall have FIVE GUINEAS Reward, on bringing it to Mr. Young, at the Red Lion Inr., Salisbury. [ 8- 27 LOST, about a Mouth since, A Yellow and White POINTER DOG, rather short in the stern, and answers to the name of Don ;— also a Black POINTER BITCH, very fat, and answers to the name of I) i. Whoever will give information where the said dogs may be found, will be handsomely rewarded for their trouble on ap- plying to Mr. Complin, at the New Inn, Wimborne. [ 849 STOLEN or Strayed, on Friday night the 2d of December, 1808, from a field near Romsey,— A well- bred fast trotting BLACK MARE, 14 hands and 1 inch high, rising four years old, rather heavy ears, small eyes, and thick jaws, remarkably straight legged, and handsome made in every other respect; large saddle spots on each side, with a small white spot on the hind leg ; cut tail. If strayed, ONE GUINEA Reward and Expences; if stolen, FIVE GUINEAS and Expences, by Mr. Stephen Maffey, Sherfield- farm, near Romsey. *** She is supposed to be stolen with a Brown Gelding, 13 hands high, switch tail, aged, by two men having the ap- pearance of gypsies. [ 104 THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing date the 2d day of August 1804, awarded and issued forth against SAMUEL COOK, of Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 12th day of April next, precisely at two o clock in the afternoon, at the George Inn, in Trowbridge aforesaid, to make a final Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said di- vidend ; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. March 1, 1809. S. WILLIAMS, 774] Solicitor for the Assignees. GII. LINGHAM, DORSET. UP, on the 12 th of June last.- WKEN CHESNUT MARE, WANTED immediately, in a small family,- active person, as COOK : she must well undt BiSHOPSTROW & PITMEAD INCLOSURE. " jVTOTIGE is hereby given, that the Commissioner X ^ named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 48th year of the reign of his present Majesty, entitled, " An Act for inclosing Lands in the parish of Bishopstrow, in the county of Wilts, and also a Common Meadow called Pitmead, in the said parish, and the parishes of Warminster, Norton Bavant, and Sutton Vcnev, iu the said county," will give his next attendance at the house of John Hilliar, callen the Weymouth Anns Inn, in Warmin- ster aforesaid, on Thursday the 16th day of March next, at twoc'clockin the afternoon, in order to proceed in the further execution of the several power ; vested in him by the said Act. — Dated this 14th day of February 1309. By order of the Commissioner, S. F. PHELPS, 525j Clerk to the Commissioner. An understand her business as Cook, and also be capable of Baking and making Sutter.— None need apply whose characti r will not bear the strictest investigation.— Apply to the Printers. [ 530 VJ7" ANTED, in a Gentleman's Family i- i the T » country,— A good COOK : she will not be required to do any thing out of the Kitchen. As good wages are given, an undeniable character will be required. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) at Mr. Cox's, upholsterer, Warminster. [ 840 TO JOURNEYMEN SMITHS. ANTED,— Several JOURNEYMEN SMITHS, of the undermentioned descripti m, who may have constant employ and good wages, by applying to Wilkins, Mew, Busseli, and Co. Newport, Isle of Wight. Two or three Country Smiths;— A good Ship Smith, ca- pable of managing a Ship, and undertaking the Work of a Ship of five or six hundred tons ;— Two or three Nailers ;— A good hand for Heavy Work, and who has been used to make Iron Work for Mills. [ Sb' 6 WJ ' HE Decree of the Iligb Court of Chancery made in a cause, PEPYS v. BOWATER, having directed an In- quiry touching J ' T Incumbrances, which were on the 31st of uiy'l773 charged upon the Estates of JOHN BOWATER at Woolwich or " elsewhere, and whether any thing and what remains due thereon, and to whom— all persons having in- • umbrances, which were charged upon the said estates prior : o the said 3! st of July 1778, are personally or by their solici- tors to come in and substantiate the same before Edward Morris, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at his chambers in Southampton- buildings, Chancery- lane, London, on or before the 20th day of April next [ 730 WANTED,— Two WHITE- SMITHS.— Con- stant employ and good wages.— Enquire at Moore's Lottery- Office, Poole. None but good hands need apply. about 14 hands high, aged, a little touched in the wind. Whoever can prove her to be their property mav have her again, on paying the expences, by applying to Thos. Bort, Park Farm, Gillingham.— If not owned within a month from the date hereof, she will be sold to defray the exprnce. Feb. 27, 1809. [ 612 LYNDHURST, NEW FOREST, HANTS. TAKEN UP, on the 2< 3th of . February last, A DARK BROWN PONY, 13 hands high,' marked H in tha off shoulder, with a switch tail, four years old off. Whoever can prove him to be their property, may have him again, on paying the expences, by applying to William Fryer, Lyndhurst. ' [ 822 To WALTER SNOW, Esq. now, or late, of his Majesty's 15th Regiment of Light Dragoons. WILLIAM BUS] I HO D, of R'adipole, in the county of Dorset, Stone and Marble Mason, hereby gives notice to the said WALTER SNOW, that unless he pays to the said William Bushrod the debt due to him within fourteen days from the date hereof, the trunks and articles left with the said William Bushrod by the said Walter Snow will be sold by public auction for the discharge of the said debts. Dated March 7, 1809. [ 787 rJ, HE Creditors of Mr. THOMAS SHERRY, o [ 919 TO PARCHMENT- MAKERS. WANTED, at Longparish Yard,— A good Hand in the above busifiess. He may have constant employ and good wages by applying to H. W. Cole, Stockbridge, Hants. [ 839 £< CIt Reasonable travelling expences will be allowed. STONE MASONS. FIVE or SIX good Workmen may have constant employ and good wages, by applying to M. and W. Croome, either at Dinton, or at Fisherton, Salisbury. [ 868 f of Romsey, who have not sent in their accounts, are hereby requested to deliver them immediately to Mr. James Sharp, banker, ill order that a division of his Effects may be made: if not delivered within a month from the date hereof, they will be excluded from receiving any benefit. Those persons who stand indebted to the Estate of Mr. T, Sherry, are requested to pay the amount of their Debts to Mr. J. Sharp ; otherwise measures will be adopted to enfoice the payment thereof. [ 696 In behalf of the Trustees, ROMSEY, March 2, 1809. J. GEORGE, Jun. BRISTOL, BATH, AND PORTSMOUTH ROYAL MAIL COACH. THE Public are respectfully informed, that A MAIL COACH commenced running from the Bus 11 INN, BRISTOL, on Wednesday the 19th of October, 1808, at 1' hree o'Clock in the Afternoon, from the WHITE HART, BATH, at Five o'Clock.; through SARUM and SOUTHAMP- TON ;— and will leave PORTSMOUTH every Afternoon at Five o'Clock. 133 CHEAP TRAVELLING. SALISBURY COMMERCIAL COACH, from the THREE SWANS, SALISBURY, to the BELL SAVAGE, LCDGATF.- HILL, LONDON. Performed by EDWARD PROCK. TER, 637] GEORGE MATCHAM, and CO. SAI. ISBORV, Inside .. 16s. Or/. .. Outside.. 10s. Gd. ANUOVER, 12s. ad 8s. orf. CHEAP TRAVELLING. SALISBURY, Inside .. 18s. Od. .. Outside .. 1 ® . Gd. ANOOVER, 10s. 6cZ 7s. od. BY the OLD SALISBURY COACHES, from the BLACK HORSE INN, SALISBURY, to the BELL and CROWN INN, HOLBORN, and the SARACEN'S HEAD INN, FRIDAY- STREET, CHF. APSIDE, every day ( except Saturday) at half past three o'clock. All parcels sent by these Coaches, and by the Salisbury Expedition Coach, will be received without any charge for booking, and will be safely and expeditiously delivered to all parts of London and Salisbury, without any charge for porterage. , , _ SALISBURY EXPEDITION; a new and elegant Post Coach, from the CHOUGH INN, MARKET- PLACE, SAi. rsr. URY, Monday, Wednesday, anil Friday evenings, at six o'clock, to the BELL and CROWN INN, HOLBORN; returns to Salisbury Tuesday, Thursday, anil Saturday evenings, at six o'clock. N. BROWN, T. FAGG, _ H. WHITMASH, W. PENNY, A Gardener and a Carter wanted. WANTED in a Gentleman's Family,— A sihglc MAN, about 30, as GARDENER, to live in the house: he must be thoroughly acquainted with the training and management of wall trees, and the cultivation of the kitchen garden, as no under gardener is kept. Also a CARTER, who is acquainted with the farming bu- siness : wages 12s. per week and house- rent. Apply personally to Mr. Felix Lovell, tailor, Totton, Eiing, near Southampton. [ 718 BY the returns of country agents, " it appears, that provincial adventurers, in the last Lottery, participated of nearly one half of its Capital Prizes.— This is as it should be; and, as Fortune seems thus disposed to favour her rural votaries equally with those in the metropolis, the present Scheme, more attractive than ever, fromits superior interest, is now daily experienced to be no less a favourite in all parts of the country than in town. [ 811 JL STATE LOTTERY are respectfully informed, that at MOORE's Lucky Lottery- Office, POOLE, they may be supplied with Tickets and Shares, at the London Prices. Begins Drawing the. 12th of April. [ S46 WARMINSTER, WILIS. A LL Persons to whom Mr. THOMAS EVANS / l the younger, late of this place. Brandy Merchant, ceased ( who was in partnership with Mr. THOMAS EVANS the elder, his father), are desired to send accounts thereof to his Widow, at Warminster aforesaid, that the same may be dis- charged ; and all persons indebted to the Co- partnership's concern are desired to pay the same to the said Thomas Evans the elder.— March 8, 1809. Fs 1 HPHE Commissioners in a Commissionof Bankrupt, A bearing date the 22d day of Mareh 1808, awarded and issued forth against NATHANIEL PEACH SIN3ER, la'e of Westbury, in the county of Wilts, Common Brewer, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet oil the 10th day of Apiil next, at twelve o'clock in the forenoon, at the George Inn, in Frome, in the county of Somerset, to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when ar. d where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or thev will be excluded the be- nefit of the said dividend; and all claims not then pioved will be disallowed. S. WILLIAMS, [ 775 March 1,1800. Solicitor for the Assignees. rTVHE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, X bearing date the 3d day of November 1807, awarded and issued forth against WILLIAM DICKS, of Frome, in the county of Somerset, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the loth day of April next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the George Inn, in Frome aforesaid, to makeafinal Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend ; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. March 1, 1809. S. WILLIAMS, 776] Solicitor for the Assignees. rg", IIE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, 1. bearing date the 12th day of May 1808, awaided and issued forth against JOHN BELL, of Trowbridge, in the county ot Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 11th day of April next, at twelve o'clock in the forenoon, at the George Inn, in Trowbridge aforesaid, to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bank- rupt ; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or tney will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend ; and all, claims not then proved will be disallowed. March 1, 1809. S. WILLIAMS, 777] Solicitor for the Assignees. A' and Co. PROPRIETORS. [ 643 COALS.— NEW GUAY, POOLE. JHOOPER respectfully informs his Friends and • the Public in general, that he is now selling at his Yard PRIME RUBBLY COALS, at 2s. 7tZ.. per Bushel, with the usu al discount for ready money. [ 8go ~] VTOW Delivering at Southampton Quay, An 1 \ excellent Cargo of BIDDICK NEW MAIN' COA1. S, at 42s. per Chaldron for ready money. Will be five davs de- livering, by FLETCHER and BAKER. March 11, 1809. , [ 851 TO he SOLD,— A beautiful young CHESTN UT HORSE, now three years old, nearly 15 hands high, very full of bone, with good action: he was got by Young Fortunatus, his dam by the celebrated Hugh Capet, winch was bred by the Duke of Beaufort; Young Fortunatus was got by Old Fortunatus, which was got by Lord Berkley's Spanker. He may be seen, and price known, by applying to S, Lee, Manningfbrd, near Pewsey, Wilts. ' [ 780 VTR. JOHN SNELGAR, of Carey, near Ware iVL ham, in the county of Dorset, Paper- maker, having assigned his. Estate and Effects to Mr. THOMAS BROWN, of Wareham aforesaid. Merchant, and Mr. RICHARD WRIGHT of the same pl. ie- e, Draper, in trust for the benefit of his Cre- ditors— it is requested that those persons who sire indebted to his estate, do immediately pay the amount of their respectiv debts to Mr. Wright, the acting trustee. To the Creditors of Mr. Snelgar intimation is given, that the trust- deed will re- main for their execution at the office of Mr. Fdliter, solicitor; in Wareham aforesaid, until the 5th dav of April next; and that from the benefit of that deed will be excluded those Cre- ditors who shall omit to execute it previous to that period. WAREHAM, March 1,1809. [ 700 NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. WEYMOUTH, Feb. 24, 1809. LL persons who have any Claims or Demands on the Estate of Mr. JOHN ANDREWS, late of High- street, Weymouth, in the county of Dorset, deceased, are requested forthwith to s nd an account or particular thereof to Mrs. Andrews, the Widow and Administratrix of the de- ceased, at her house in Weymouth aforesaid, in order to their being arranged for payment: and all persons who arc any ways indebted to the said Estate are requested to discharge their respective Debts, by paying the same to the said Mrs. Andrews within one month froin the date hereof. T791 MELKSIIAM, March- 2, 1809. r|^ iIE Creditors who have proved their Debts under JL. a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against THOMAS BIGGS, the younger, of Seend, in the county of Wilts, Cheese- dealer, a bankrupt, are desired to meet the Assignees of the Estate and Effects of the said bank- rupt, on Friday the 17th day of this instant March, . at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at Mr. Thomas Nalder's, the King's Arms Inn, in Melksham, Wilts, to assent to or dissent trom the said Assignees commencing and prosecuting one or more action or actions at law, or suit or suits in equity, . against Thomas Biggs, the elder, af Seend aforesaid, yeoman , and also to assent to or dissent from the snid Assignees commenc- ing, prosecuting, or defending any other suit or suits at law or in equity, for recovery of any part of the said bankrupt's Estate and Effects; or to the compounding, submitting to arbitration, or otherwise agreeing any matter or thing relating thereto; and on oth- r special affairs. 754j STE. VEZEY, Solicitor to the Assignees. THE Commissioners in ; i Commission of Bankrupt., bearing date the : th day of J . nuery 1R04, awarded and issued forth against THOMAS DUNN, of Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts, Clothier, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 11 th day of April ii. rt, at eleven o'clock in tee forenoon, at the George Inn, in Trowbridge ^ foresaid, to make a further Dividend of the F^ ate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have trot al- ready proved their debts are to come, prepared to provf- the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the. said divi- dend ; and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. March 1, 1809. S. WILLIAMS, 778J Solicitor for the Assignees. WHEREAS aCommission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against CHARLES VINE, of Wcst- burv, in the county of Wilts, Tallow- chandler, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby re- quired to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the s- id Commission named, or the major part of them, on the 16th and 17th days of March inst. and on the 8th day of April fol- lowing, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon on each day, at the George Inn, in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, and make a full dis- covery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects ; whga end Where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to chuse Assignees, and at tht I st sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his certificate. All p - rsonti indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. John Williams, Red Lion- square, London, or to Mr. Stephen Williams, Trowbridge, Wilts. [ 779 TO COVER this SEASON, at Mr. HCOHBS'S Stable?, STOCICBBIOGE, That beautiful Bay Horse OPPOSITION, at One Guinea and Half a Crown. ' He was got by Evergreen, dam by Generosity, that well known hunter, the property of the late Mr. Gilbert, in the New Forest. He will attend at Salisbury, Tuesdays,— Fofding- bridge, Wednesdays,— Ringwood, Thursdays,— Lyndhurst, Fridays,— and Romsey and Andover, alternately Saturdays. PROFLIGATE will COVER, at Complon PauncefOot ( only),- near Wincanton, Somerset, until the 30th of June next, at two Guineas a Mare, and five Shil- lings the Groom.— He was got by Ass. issin, his dam by Eclipse, his grand- dam by Grasshopper, & c. cV\ The money to be paid at the first time of covering. Efjr Grass as usual. , ^ 834 GAMENUT will COVER, at Hasclburv Fa- m, Box, near Bath, at Five Guineas a Mare, " and Five Shillings the Groom.— The money to be paid before the mares are taken away. Gamerut was got by Walnut, his dam Contess'na by Young Marsk, granddam Tuberose, by Herod, Starling, Bartlet's Childers, Counsellor, Snake, & c.— Walnut was got by Highflyer out of Mr. Pratt's Maiden, own sister to Pump- kin, Purity, Riddle Conundrum, & c. ftc. Gamenut, when three veart old, won a sweepstakes at York, beating Symmetry ( which afterwards won the St. I. eger stakes ) and two others ; also, the three- year- old plate at fila'- ton.— At four years o'd he won fhe LOO/.' at Doncaster, B, ating Sir Solomon and four others, at four heats.— In 1?- 00 he won the. great subscription tor five- vears- old, f > ur miles, a- York, beating Mr. Gorforth's Dion ; alto, the sweepstakes at Mai ton, for all ages, beati: ig Slapbang.— In ifoi, he ran second to Agonistes, for the sweepstake's at Mai ton. Tie next day he won the plate for r. ll « ges, beating Quiz, & c.— At Northal- lerton, the week following, he broke down, and never started since, Good Hay and Grass, 7s. per week. [ s40 THE SALISBURY AM) WINGIl'ESTER JOURNAL, ON the S3d inst. bei Cliassiron lijjht- hi margin *, the An Wednesday's and Thursday's Posts. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF MARCH 7. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, March 7. Copy of a Letter from the Hon. Hubert Stafford, Hear Admiral of the / line, dated on hoard his Majesty's ship the Cresar, at anchor, Uuteine light- house A7. E. by A". four miles, Chassiron S. S. E. ten, Feb. 27. being at anchor to the N. VV. of the - house, with tile ships named in the ; Amethyst looking out in the N. W. the wind being to the eastward, about ten P. M. I observed several rockets in the N. W. quarter, which induced me to get wider sail antl .[ and towards them. At eleven observed several strange sail to the eastward, to which I gave cbace with tile squadron until dayiight next morning, at which time the strange ships were standing into the Pertuiis d'Ahtioehe, consisting of eight sail of the line, one of them a three decker, and two frigates. They hoisted Trench colours, and conceiving them to be the squadron from Brest, I immediately detached the Naiad by signal to acquaint Admiral Lord Gambier. The Naiad having stood a few miles to the N. W. made the signal for three sail appearing suspicious ; I immediately chaced them with the squadron under my command ( leav- ing the Amethyst and Emerald to watch the enemy), and I soon discovered them tp be three French frigates standing in for Sable d'Oltinne ; 1 was at the same time joined by the Amelia and Doterel. The i ,.• « ii'i. s. ies having anchored in a position which T thougit. attackable, 1 stood in with the Ciesar, Defiance, I) oneg. l, . oid Amelia, and opened our fir;; in passing as near as th ; depth of water would permit the Ciesar and Donegal to go. The Defiance being of much less draught of water, anchored within half a mile of them ; in which situation, so judiciously cho- en by Capt. Hotham, the fire of the Defiance and the other - hips obliged two of the fri- gates to cut their cables antl go on shore. The ebb title making, and the water falling fast, obliged the Defiance to get under sail, atnl all the Ships to sta d out; leaving all the frigates ashore, two. of them heeling much. They have been noticed cUsely, and from Capt. Kotld's report yesterday afternoon, they appeared with all their topmasts oil deck, Bails unbent, mainyards rigged fur getting guns out., and several boats clearing tllem. 1 fanev they will endeavour to get over the bar into a small pier, hut I am informed by the pilots that it is scarcely practicable. The batteries protecting these frigates are strong aud numerous. The Ca- sai* bad her bowsprit wounded and rigging cut. The Defiance has all her masts badly wounded; 2 men killed, and 25 wounded. Donegal, I killed and 6 wounded. The French frigates had been out from l'Orient two days; antl, by Capt. Irby's report, appear to be the Ita- lienne,' Calypso, arid Fur'eu'e. I am very confident they will never go to sea again. My chief object in attacking these frigates so near a superior force of the enemy, was to endeavour to draw them, out, and to give our squadron more time to assemble, but in this I was disappointed. I returned to the C hi- siron at sun- set, aud observed the enemy anchored in Basque Roads. On the 25lh I was • joined by Cap't. BeVesford in the Theseus, with the Triumph, Revenge, Valiant, and Inde- fatigable ; 1 therefore resumed the blockade of the enemy's S lips in Basque Roads, and shall continue it till fiirtiitS' orders. The enemy's force consists of II sail of the line, 4fri- gatos, and the Calcutta. The force under my command Cjnsists of 7 sail of the line and 5 frigates. I have the honour to be, & c, ROB. STOPl'ORD. * Ctesar, Defiance, Donegal, Emerald, Naiad. Extract of a Letter from Capt. Seymour, of his Ma- jesty's ship Amethyst, to Rear- Admiral Stopfvrd, dated near Chassiron, Feb. 9.7. YESTERDAY, the 26th, the whole weighed from Basque Roads, and proceeded to the I- de d'Aix anchorage, one frigate excepted, which run aground- on the shoals near Isle Madame, called Les Pallia; alio after endeavour- ing to force her off by press of sail she failed, and unrigged. The enemy are anchored from, to the southward or the Isle of Aix, to the northward of the end of the Boyarr, with - topgallant- yards across, but not in a line of battle, or apparent order of defence; and, I conclude, gone in from not knowing our force ; but seeing our numbers in- creased, they have a third cable berit to the anchor in the main chains, and stopped along their side. No movement to- day. ' WII; TEH\ LI., March A. The King has granted, on be- half of Sir Thomas Sabine Sabine, Bart, ( ou'v son of John Sabine, late a Captain in the 1st Foot Guards, de- rea*' d, by Maria eldest daughter and co- heir ot Sir Tho=. I'asley, late of Chilland Cottage, ill the county of S > uih- ampton, Bart. Admiral of the White, deceased) his Royal Licence and Authority that the said Sir T. S. Sabine may, in compliance with the last will of the aforesaid late Sir Thos. Pasley, his grandfather, take and use the surname aud bear the arms of Pasley only. BANKRUPTS. F. ther Prtyner Ss John Medley, of Newport, Isle of Wight, corn- dealers. John Sctitt, of Godtnajlcliester, blacksmith. Hannah Ret-?, of Neath, luerrer. William Hurt, of Co yton, money- scrivener. James Manning, ot ftrlstal, inoeer, Willi, tm He stop, or Lontt- Atrc, manVlnfrrer. Michael Matthews, of Bath, grocer and salesman. Archibald M'Bride, of Liverpool, perfumer. William T. amb, of Dudley, victualler. Thomas Crane, of I'reston, ironmonger. Henry Martin, of Wallingford, linen- draper. John Schafter, of the Lonilon- road, Su TG. V> floor- cloth- manufacturer. HOUSE OF LORDS. MONDAY, March 6'.] Counsel were heard on an Ap- peal from Scotland, and some private hills were received irom the Commons, antl read a first time.— Adj. TUESDAY, March 9-] The Flax Seed importation Bounty Bill was read a fir- t time. Sir George Brograve's Divoee Bill was read a second time. The Distillery Prohibition Bill, Spirits Importation Pro- hibition B 11, and Irish Bank Note Forgery Bid, were read a thud time, and passed.— Adjourned. not intend to move directly for the rescinding of the Orders in Council, but for an Address to his Majesty, representing the evil consequences that had resulted and would result ( herefrom ; stating the power reserved to hi s Majesty of annulling them, whenever expedient; the offer made by the Americans of re- establishing the intercourse that had formerly subsisted between the United States and Great Brstain, provided the Orders in Council are rescinded ; that this offer appeal - just in principle, and in its tendency advantageous to the best interests of this country; that it is, as believed, still open to his Majesty's Government to renew, on the basis of this proposal, the commercial in- tercourse between this evuntry and the United States ; and humbly praying his Majesty to adopt, without delay, such measures as may best tend to that desirable object. Lord Henry Hetty seconded the motion. Mr. Stephen said, the eloquent speech of the Hon. Gen- tleman who had moved the Address contained much im- portant matter, and proceeding, as it did, from a mail most sincere in his political principles, pos-. ess'mg a heart and spirit cf truly British texture, it merited great atten- tion. But he thought it strange that the House should be called on to decide on the merits of the Orders in Council, without any reference to the voluminous evidence that hail been collected by the House on that subject during nine, or ten patient Weeks of the last Session, two or thvee passages of which would prove that those reprobated Orders in Council, had secured to us all the trade we at present en- joy ; and that without them we should abandon every prin- ciple on which our commercial greatness is erected. He denied that our Orders had produced the American em- bargo : he had documents in his possession to shew that tin* embargo had been debated in Congress three days be- fore the Americans had heard of our orders; and their conduct, on this occasion, was grossly partial to France. But if America j et chose ttJ act with impartiality antl jus- tice towards us, the differences between the two countries might be amicably adjusted. Mr. Earing considered the Orders in Council as most impolitic, antl declared that our imports and exports were lessened by them upwards of twelve millions sterling in the last year alone. Therefore the motion of his Hon. Friend had his full approbation. Mr. Hose took a general and comprehensive view of the situation of this country witlrrespect to America, ever since the peace of 178.1, and argued that the couduct of Amer ica in the embargo had been both impolitic towards herself, and unjust towards us. Notu- itstanniing the spirit of hostility towards us which had marked the aet, we h id hot suffered by it, either in the mother country or in the colonies ; whilst, on the other hand, the trade of America was ruined, and the longer she persevered in this system, the greater would be her sufferings. Mr. Gentian ably supported the arguments of Mr. Whit- bread, for the motion ; Mr. Canning, with etpial ability, " justified the conduct of Mini ters towards America, on the ground taken by Mr. Stephen; and Lord Henry Petty eloquently replied to Mr. Canning. On a division, the numbers were, for tIre Address 83, Noes 145 ; majority for Ministers o3.—- Adjourned at siren o'clock oil Tuesday morning. TUESDAY, March 7.] Leave was given to bring in a bill for regulating the trade and commerce to and from the Cape of Gootl Hope. In a Committee oil the Mutiny Bill, The Secretary at War proposed a clause for allowing the Commissioners of Excise to licence canteens in barracks, & e. to avoid the recurrence of inconveniencies which bail been felt from Justices in Sessions having the power to grant publicans licences only o. iee a year. Sir Edward Knutckbull suggested that it would be better to extend the power of Magistrates, and enable them, when necessary, to grant, licences for selling beer in military stations, rather than to erect a power that should thus clash with that of tin; Magistrates. Oil this suggestion the Secretary at [ far agreed at pre- sent. to postpone the clause. An amendment was agreed to, exempting persons hold- ing canteens iu barracks from billeting soldiers on the march ; another, exempting carts with four horses', or waggons having narrow wheels, when carrying soldiers baggage, from the penalties of the Road Acts, if they should, by accident, bear a load above the statute weight; another, to facilitate the proof of the indentures of appren- tices, by making the certificate of a Magistrate, that the hand writing had been proved before him, a sufficient proof; and another, authorising Courts- martial to inflict greater penalties than heretofore on persons employed abroad iu the Commissariat, who shall embezzled his Ma- jesty's stores. The. amendments having been gone through, the House was resumed; and the report ordered to be received oil the morrjw. The other orders of the. tlay were postponed, and the House adjourned at an early hour. Yesterday morning advice was received, at Carlton House from Sir John Stepftey," announcing the death- of hel- Royal Highness the Duchess of Cumberland, at her retreat in Switzerland. Her Royal HighnCss ftps sister to the present EarhiN> rh; tmiJton, and to the late Temple, John, and James Luttrell; and, after having been twice a widow, was married to the late Duke of Cumberland, bis Majesty's then youngest, brother, upwards of 37 years ago, but never had any children, Yesterday the Lord Mayor held a Court of Common Council, at Guildhall, for the especial purpose of taking into confederation the adjourned Report of the Committee of City Lands, recommending the removal of Smithfield Market. The report being read, an amendment was moved by Mr. S. Dixon, stating that Smithfield ' Market could be so eidarged and altered as to make it fit for all the required uses ; aud that it ought to be' so enlarged and altered, ill preference to its being removed. After a long debate, the amendment was carried by a majority of seven Only,— 7.'.' of the r lembers voting for it, and t! 5 for the removal of the market. Yesterday was tried in the Court of King's Bench an action brought by Mr. Collins, a coach- maker, against Mr. Bushnal, also a coach- maker, for whom the plaintiff bad Worked when a journeyman. It was stated by the plaintitCs Counsel, that in consequence of his embark- ing in business, on his own aecon t, the defendant threat- ened to ruin hitu, and attempted so to do by charging him with having stolen different articles when in his employ: on this charge th" plaintiff was imprisoned and tried as a felon, when it was proved that the plaintiff bad no foundation whatever for the charge. The ease of the plaintiff being clearly established, the Jury gave him 1000/. damages. Lord Son EITVILI. u'!. CATTLE SHEW commenced on Mon- day, at Mr. Sadler's Repository, in Gostvell- street. The Oxen ( some tat and others in a working, state) Cows, Bulls, and Sheep, exhibited ou this occasion, strikingly displayed the advantages of this and similar institutions to the country. So many models of beauty, in their several classei, were perhap- never before collected together. The Duke of Bedford and Lord Somerville bad each two six- years old Devon Oxen, and Lord Bridgevvater a large Su ssex Ox, which wt re much admired. Among the. Sheep exhi- bited for the prizes, were several crosses ot South Down, Rvland, & c. with the Merino breed ; and Lord Gage, Mr. Boys, and Mr. Saxby, all breeders oil the South Downs, exhibited Ewes eleven months old, which ivere greatly admired both for wool aud shape. In the class of extra sheep stock, his Majesty sent, for th.' gratification of the breeders, a Merino and a Wilts wether ; Lord S. imerviUe shewed in the yard five pure Merino rams, with very fine wool-, which have been depastured in th,- marshes iu Essex. -— Very fine specimens of wool, yarn, and cloth, from the fleeces of Merino crosses bred in this country, without any mixture of Spanish wool, were shewn. A pound of such wool, spun by Mrs. Ayre ( late Miss Ives), measures in length of yarn between 70 and IsO miles I Lord Somerville and his friend* dined yesterday at Free- masons Tavern, when his Lordship distributed the prizes. Among others, hi Lordship presented a Silver Cup to Mr. Wm. Oakley, of the Borough, woolltapler, for his great assiduity anit attention to the Merino, and the improved English wo d, in preparing it. and disseminating the same among tlie manufacturers, th" i'eby'raising it-' fame, a id making it popular among the clothiers, etc.-— Among the toa- ts drank after dinner, were—" Th King, tin; friend and father of ifi, people."—" The Plough, worked by good Oxen."— 4* The L ii'd Mayor, and Aldermen, and lit;, id- of the City of London."—" Ofir brave Defenders by S- a and Land."—" The President and Secretary of the Board of Agriculture."-- 1tfThe union of Hud- c dy and Commerce." — After some further toasts, hi Lord l ip tose, and io a very excellent. and i- oprr- eve s - ei- eh, explained the nature of, and d.- precited, . monopoly, tvu ch has - s - ha m fully of late ri en the- ,<; . of clothing w > oi ail I br. i'd- rloth; as also tlie conduct of other individuals, vv 1 h .. ve been labouring to -. it- uerac" th. 1 exertion - of lit- -.. Erected to to ; intr jductioa of sufficient numbers cf Mali a sheep here, wn'. alone cm preyeut t e recurrence „ t ih r evils.—->.. J. Si . ted these rent's meats, which' met the general approbation . meeting. 1 Easlngstohe, Bldchwater, and Hartford- bridge Roads* . ."- PROPOSALS FOR CONTRACT. ^ ITE Trustees, at their next Meeting, to be held at the White Swan Inn, in Blackwater, on Thursday the 16th day of March next, at twelve o'clock, will be ready to receive Proposals for LOWERING the Hill called NEW- ROOMS HILL, on the said road, within the parish of Basing, for Widening the present Bridge over the mill stream, and Forming an Embankment at the foot of the hill, and sub- stantially making the whole Line of Road from the eastward extremity of the said hill so to be lowered to the westward ex- tremity ( of the said intended embankment, either according to a plan antl sections now in the hands of Mr. Raggett, Clerk to the Trustees ( and which may be inspected at his office in Odiham), or according to such other plan or plans as may be laid before and approved by the said Trustees ; and such pro- posals may be made either separately or together for the Lowering the Hill and Widening the Bridge. By order of the Trustees, Feb. 23, 130.0. RICHARD RAGGETT, Clerk. N. B. Such proposals and plans to be sealed up an ( indorsed " Proposals for Lowering Newrooms Hill," and delivered to Mr. Raggett on or before the l « th d's » y of March next. [ i>' 24 WINCANTON TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the stveral Toil Gates within this district, will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, at the house of John Perrior, being a common inn or alehouse, known by the sign of the Bear, iu Wincanton aforesaid, on Wednesday the 20th day of . March next, between the hours of five and set en of the afterti t. of that day, in the manner directed by the Aet of Parliament passed in the hull year of the reign ot his present Majesty, 14 for regulating the Turnpike Roads ;" such letting to commence from the i) th tlay of April next, and to be tor the space of one year; which Tolls were lett last year at the sum.- hereafter mentioned, above the expence of collecting them, and will be put up at the same sums respectively ; viz. S- tilth Gate £<&•! STourton Gate £'> S3 W et Gate 101 Norton Gate lb' 4 Wilis ughby- hedge Gate.. 229 Who, vcr happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, giie security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Roads, for payment ef ' he rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct.- I ated the sat A day of February labs. R. MESSITER, 7t) 7j " Clerk, to the said Trances. WILTS- BREAD.— Yesterday the price of the quartern It wheaten, and Is. !> r> t OtlN- ExfitANGle, ,/< i.- effete ted this tlay at some,. Lord . Mayor ordered that the r. f should remain at Is. 3Id. it- hold. . K ile} of W , eat are heavily ' evinced prices. Barley ami LONDON, WEDNESDAY, MARCH HOUSE OF COMMONS. MONDAY, March 6.] Mr. Wharton brought up the Report of the Committee of Supply of Friday last, granting- certain sum, for Naval Estimates.— The Resolutions were agread to, and a Bill ordered. Mr. Wharton presented bills for continuing the duties antl drawback on Sugars, which were read a first time. Mr. Wharton reported the resolution of the Committee of Ways anil Means for laying a duty of 5s. a barrel on beer brewed in Ireland, the principle of which tax was con- demned by Sir J. Newport and Mr. Huteh nson; but it being admitted that this was not the proper stage for de- bating the question, leave was given to bring in the bill. In a Committee of Ways and Means, the C/ utnce/ lor of the Exchequer brought forward his motion for funding eight, millions of the out- standing Exchequer Bills, oil the principle of allowing the subscribers, for every 1( 10/. in Exchequer Bills, at their option, either 103/. 5s. Navy 5 per cent, stock, to commence interest from the 5th of January last; or 81/. Hs. Navy 5 per eeut. stock, and 26'/. 5s. 4 per cent, stock, to commence interest from the 5th of April next. By this arrangement there would be a bonus to the subscribers of about one and a half per cent, antl as 2b' millions of Exchequer bids are out- standing, he had little . doubt of the speedy filling of this subscription for funding eight millions. Mr. Raring observed, that this was only another name for borrowing eight millions, and in his opinion the sum wanted might be procured on better terms by competition in the market. The Onmcel'. or of the Exchequer replied that he had made this proposal on the conviction that it would be mutually advantageous to the public and the public creditor. The resolution was agreed to. Mr. iVhi bread ro- e to make his promised motion re- specting our eonun- reiiil situation in regard to America. Our Orders in Council, he observed, bad i: een met by Mr. Jefferson's Embargo Act; and America had offered, through Mr. Pinckney. to takeoff the Embargo, provided we would ami hiiate our Ortl, rs in Council. Their continuance would doobth'ss annoy America, but would not induce the American Government to rescind the Embargo: in the mean t me ve are tit- stressed for cotton, flax seed, turpen- tine. and many other articles, which th? restoration of amity with \ meriea would give u ; and it was to he dreaded that tiie continuance of out ptesent system would iocr. t • those feelings of pi: j it*, it. which hostile mea nr. s oil ! . th - 1.1-. it. nl oiigiisatee., into a loote- d animosity, and thus we might remain uucmies tur generations. He did Government have received dispatches from Con- stantinople, confirming the very important intelligence of Peace having bt'eii concluded with the Ottoman Porte. This welcome information was brought by the Africaine frigate, which arrived at Plymouth on Monday. The treaty was signed fas has been already stated ill the Vienna Court Gazette) ou the 5th of January, and is understood to be the ground- work of a triple alliance with Austria, who stands forward as the guarantee of the integrity of the Turkish territories in Europe. The following official notice of the above fact was this morning communicated to the Lord Mayor :—- " FOREIGN OFEICE, March 8, 1809. " SIv LORD— I have the the honour to acquaint your Lordship, that a Treaty of Peace, between his Majesty and the Sublime Porte, was signed on the 5ih ot January last. " I have the honour to he, & e, " ( Signed) GEO. CANNING." " To the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor:* This morning seven more Gotteriburgh Mails ar- rived, com pleating* the series of those lately due. The Stockholm Gazette furnishes no local news ot consequence, but exhibits, under the head Vienna, a splendid display of the regenerated military power of the Austrian Monarchy. An embargo had be<- n laid on all English vessels at . Mar- strand, which, after the lapse of one day, was taken off by order of the Swedish Government, and the packet allowed to come away. The cause of this circumstance i- unknown ; but in consequence of it, the Commanders of the packets thought it prudent to place their vessels under the protec- tion of his Majesty's ships of war at Gottenburgh. A Mail from Lisbon arrived this morning in 13 days. The packet brought over two Spanish couriers when they left Spain, it was currently reported that the Austriaiks had declared war against France, and that the French, in an attack upon Saragossa, had lost 7000 men. The Knglisk troops ( about. 5 or 0* 000 men) remain at and near Lisbon. An embargo has been laid on all Portuguese ^ hipping as they arrive, for the purpose of carrying away all valuable property in the event of the French entering that country. Dispatches have been received at tha Admiralty, from Admiral Bertie, at the Cape of Good Hope, dated December 29, confirming the account of the capture of the Laurel, Capt. Woolcotnhe, of guns, by la Can- nouiere French frigate, of ; J6, after a severe engagement of near an hour, off the Isle of France, in which the Lau- rel had eight men killed, and 20 wounded, but no officer whatever was killed or wounded. Fourteen vessels, captured by our cruizers, had been sent, into the Cape of Good Hope, since the arrival out of the Leopard, with Admiral Bertie. The Claudia frigate brought home the dispatches from the Cape ; and it is said Admiral Bertie gave strict orders to her Officers not to divulge the cause of their sudden voyage home. It is notwithstanding asserted, that some dispatches, intended for the French Government, had been intercepted by one of our eruizers off the ! ; le of France; that these dispatches stated that a wry valuable fleet was about to be di- patched for France by the Governor of the inland ; to intercept which, Admiral Bertie had employed the whole of bis disposable force ; and lest t his " aiuhm. should be fruitless, he bad sent the Claudia to Kngland with the intercepted dispatches. A vessel is arrived fr^ h accounts thai the forces of the Presid • . is- ieat, ed tuose of his rival Christophe in ; tin; island; that the latter was now shut up in Cape Francois; and that this | lace, his last hope, must in a few days surrender t.; Truchet, o?; e of Petion's Generals.— These accounts must be received with caution.— hi a f « vr day? we may perhaps have accounts from Christophe's High Admiral Goodall, orsom « * other of partisans, ^ seitin- that they are routing Petion's in every quarter. N( Ma! t are in large supply, a. ul cheaper. Rye is in request. White Pcil- suv rather higher. Beans of the two kinds keep their pr. - . Oat a- befire. Rape Seed maintains tha late advance. Flour is 5i'. p i' sack lower. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, March 2, 1909. ON Thursday, the 1 § fh instxnt, at ten o'cloqk in the forenoon, I shall be ready to sell to the highest bitbler, in sevn al tols, the undermentioned quantities of OLD STAVtS, IRON HOOPS, & c. lying in his Majesty's Cooperage at Weevill, near Gosport, where any persons inclinable to purchase, may hare the liberty of viewing the same in the common workv. g hours, any day before the sale. viz. lv. sh 4 Punch, staves.. 2- 2. i00 Old Iron Hoops, bent and New Boards Ends .% 000 in pieces, 36 tons New Doublet ditto .", 000 Also a quantity o/" DEFECTIVE PROVISIONS, ofichich catalogues will be timety delivered. A deposit oficl. ty cent, is t'o be made on the amount of each lot at the time of sale, and the remainder of the money paid before the Stores are removed, for which twenty davs will be allowed for the Cooperage Articles, and seven days for the Provisions, alter the sale. . 71 a] JVM- REEKS. FREIGHT OF STONE From Swanctge to Portsmouth and Gospnrt. Royal Engineers' Office, Portsmouth , ad of Match, 1800. OTICE is herein/ given, That all Persons who i N ore willing to undertake the FREIGHT of PURBECK STON E from Sujanage to the different Ordnance Works car- ryi req thl Royal Engineer, on or be/ ore Wednesday the \ bth insf. Every Proposal must contain the name dnd tonnage of the vessel; and it will be expected that every vessel engaged will be exclusively employed in the Ordnunce JJ'orks urhen stone is wanted. ( 761 VICTUALLING- OFFICE, March « , 1S09. THE Commissioners for Victualling his Majesty's Navy di hereby give Notice,— That on Tuesday the Hfith instant they will be ready to receive Tenders in writing { sealed up), and treat for what ASH TRUSS a « d WHITE HOOPS ( not nailedj, of the vniler- mentioned description, viz.— Butt, Hogshead, Barrel, Kilderkin, and White Ash, ( samples whereof are to be produced with the tenders,) may be de- manded for the service of this department during the space of twe're months from the date of the Contract; to be delivered from time to time in to his Majesty's Victualling Stores at Deptford; anil to be paid for by bills payable with interest 90 days after d te. The Conditions of the Contract may be seen at the Secre- tary's Office. No regard will be had to any Tender, in tvhich the price shall not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not l e delivered to the Board before one o'clock on the said Tuesday the tk instant, nor unless the person who makes the Tender., or some person on his behalf, attends to answer when called for. [ S; a WHEREAS in pursuance of Notice given, in the manner directed by an Act of Parliament passed in the l ' th year of the reign of his present Majesty KingGeOrge the Third, " for regulating turnpike, roads," the Tolls arising* at the Gates ealled Calne- gate, Hillmarton- gate, and Lyne- ham- gate, beine, the second District of Road comprised in a certain Act of Parliament, entitled " An Act for amending; widening, and keeping in repair the roads leading from Swin- don to the centre of Christian Malford- brtdge, and from Calne to Lynehum- green, and from the direction- post in Long Leaze- lane, near Lydiard- marsh; to Cricklade, in the county of Wilts," wer « , on the 21st day of February last, p it up to be U tt by Auction, to the best bidder, at tile Wheel Inn, in Calne aforesaid, at the sum of XI45, being th sum the said tolls were lett at for the last year, but no bidder offered:— Notic - is therefore nereby given, that the said TOLLS w. ll he LE TT by AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the White Hart Inn, in Calne aforesaid, on Tuesday the 1th day of April n xi, between the hours of eleven of the clock in the forenoon and one of. the clock in the afternoon, ill m.. nn; r directed by tiie said Act. [ 797 Whoever happens to b, the best bidder, must at the same t! tr. i : iv a secuii'. y, with sufficient sureties, to the s itisfaction of tiu- Trustees i f the said turnpike road, for payment of the rentagrec. 1 for. and ,< t such tin, s as they shall direct. BENJAMIN GABY, Clerk to the said Trustees. Calnc, March i, 1303. WARMINSTER TURNPIKE TOU. S. WHEREAS in pursuance of Notices pven in the manner directed by an Act cf Parliament, passed in the 113th year of the reign of his present; Majestj , for, regu- lating Turnpike Rouus," the TOLLS arising : : ' lie sever:'. l Toil Gates upon tile several Turnpike Roads at Warinipstc r, call, d i. r known by the .- eeral names of the F t Gate, the South Gate, the North , the Pound- street ate, the Stop Gates, and'the Devre't vyere; put to Aut m to be Lett to ti.; best bidder, at the Leusc of Mr. Jam. Brooks, beoi the A <: 1 Inn, at Warminster aforesaid, or. the l- lth day of February otant, at the sum of .',:-. 40, heir ; the etnount of the last let.. , - ot the said Toi, , eutnobid. i r offered; Notice is ther e> re hereby given, that th said TOLLS will be LETT by ALe. HON to the best bid i. r ( accor.' ing to the conditions to be prodded), at the » . use of Mr. Jam-. s Ki'Oeiki, being the Angei lim, at Wa linster aforesaid, on Monday the: - 20th duy of March ne's' , at two < j .. ick itt th : afternoon, for 0!: f year, iu then ; . er directed L th sot; Act • and when tl, y will be put u;. » t such sum as tile Trus- tees shall think fit. " Whoeier happens to ' ,- the best bidder must, at the same time, give security, wit! e:': c, ent sureties to the satisfaction ot the Trustees of the said i so a pike Roe. ds, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at si. cn '" s t's they -!., sll direct.— Dated this 1 j th day oj February lsuy. By order of the Commies' v ers, 523] ' S. F. Pll.-. LFS. " iPO be LETT by TENDER, and to be entered 1 upon at Mich'elm . s next, New Sti' NEW IJARN's FARM, rytbtr- fr---, situatein the parish of Soutnwiek, in the con-. ty ot Hants; consisting oi 4- 17 A. 1 R. 08 P. Arable, Meadow, Pistf. r-, and Down Land. Alsi CASTLE FARM, tytht- free, situate in the same pari-, ;. cons eon>; of 142 A. 1 R. 17 P. in Arable, Water Mea- iow, and Pasture Land. AUo OFF WELL' FARM, tythc- frer, situatein the same parish; Consisting of iiOOA. 1 R. 21 P. in Arable, Water Mead > w, and Pasturt. Also ASHLEY FARM, tvthe- free, situate at West Bur- hsnt, in the said county ; consisting of lfldA. OR. 21 P. in Arable, M. atlow, and Pasture. For a view of the farms aud c ther particulars, apply to Mr. Nicholas Geary, at the Golden Lion inn, Southwick. All tenders to be made on or before the 1st day of April next, directed ( postpaid) to Messrs. Strong, Still, and Strong, Soutrwick- place, Fareham, Hants. N. B.— No tenders will be received ifter that day. ft> 97 VALUABLE FREEHOLD LANDS, SOMERSETSHIRE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. SKIN- NER, DYKE, TUCHIN, and FORREST, on Monday the 10th ot April, punctually at two o'clock, at the Milrlmay Arms, Queer. Camel, ih 2s3 Lots,—- V very eligible FREE- HOLD ESTATE, advantageously situate at Charlton Wcre- thornc, five miles from Wincauton, Sherborne, ami Queen Camel; consisting of about 400 ai res of Meadow. Pasture, Orcharding, Arable, and Woodlands ; with an old Mansion- house and Offices, Farm- houses and Buildings, and sundry Tenements, in the occupation of Mr. John Foot, Mr. Wm. Field, andothers, at rents amounting to only Four Hundred and Thirty Pounds per Annum.— Laud- tax is redeemed. To be viewed by applying to Mr. J hnFoot, the tenant, of whom printed particulars may be had, and ••£ the place of sale, where a plan maybe seen; particulars also at the Grey- hound, Wincanton; Red Lion, Somerton; Golden Lion, Yeovil; George, C tstle Cary; S. van, Langport; Siva-" Wells; of Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, printers, Salisbury; of Mr. Cruttwell, printer, Bath; Mr. Gutcb, print.!, Bristol; Mr. Langdon, printer, Sherborne; Mr. Marriot, printer, Taunton; Messr,-. Brays, solicitors, Great Russell- street, Bloorr. shury; and of Mesers. Skinner, Dyke, Tuchin, and Forrest, Aldersgate street, London, where a pian may also be seen, [^( 5! TI MBEIL— SOME I SETSH IRE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, BV SKINHF. R, DYKE; TUCIIIN, and FORRS; ST, on Tuesday and Wed- nesday the 11th and 12th of April, punctually at two o'clock, at the Mildmav Arms, Queen Cainel, in SO lots, for the ac- commodation of every class of pv - chasers, suitable not only for timber merchants, but for carp," liters, whe Iwriehts, coach- makers, turners, millwrights, coopers, ar. d workmen in general, Two thousand four hundred antl eigl. tv- two OAK. ASH, ELM, WALNUT, SYCAMQR*, MAPLE, and other TIMBER TREES, with the Top. Lop, and Bark, the greatest part maiden trees, very coiiyertahle stuff, and suitable for various purposes, now standing and growing on sundry estates at Queen Camel, five miles from Uchester; at Ham,' a short distance from Longpoit, the navigation to Bridgewater, and the Bristol Channel ; at Hornblotton, near Castle Cary ; and at Chariton Horethornc, on the turnpike road between Wincanton and Sherborne. Some of the timber is veiv handsome, and of large dimensions. [ sb' 4 To be viewed by applying to Mr. Mull.- tt, at the liltlmay Arms, Queen Camel; Mr. W, Slierrin, at Low Haul ; Mr. Symes, at Hcrnblotton ; Mr. Foot, Charlton Horcthun.-, of whom catalogues may be had— liso of M ssrs. Brodie, Dow- ding, and Luxford, printers, Salisbury ; Mr. un don, print r, Sherborne; Mr. Marriot, printci. Taunton ; Mr. Cruttwell, printer, Bath; Mr. Gutch, printer, Bristol; at tile Golden Lion, Yeovil; Greyhound, Wincanton ; George, Castle Cafv ; Swtfti, Langport; George, Bridgtwater; of Messrs. Brays, solicitors, Great Russeli- street, Bloertsburv ; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, Tuchin, & Forrest, Alder, gate- street, London. ISLE OF PURBECKJ DORSET. npO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Red Lion 8. Inn, inWareharn, Dirset,; on Saturday the b'th day of May 1809, at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to'con- ditions tin n to be produced, A MESSUAGE and FARM, called HERSTON, otherwise HARRISON, situate within the parishes of Swanage antl Lane- tun Matraverse, in the Isle of Purbeck and co'uiity. of Dorset; and consisting of a dwelling or farm- house, stable, barns, cut- hou, ej, bartons, garden, orchaul, and flfsj acres ( by estimation) ot arable, meadow, and pasture land. To the farm are also attached several va- luable Stone Quarries, the dues arising from which annually amount to £' 20 and upwards, exelusive of the rent derived from the farm, which is £ 182 per annum. The above- men- tioned premises are demised to Mrisrs. N. and J. Chinchen for a term of 14 years, determinable at the end of the first seven years, two of which are ntarly expired. This estate is distant from the sea- port and bathing- place of Swanage one r. iile, from Corfe Castle five miles, from Wareham nine miles. It. adjoins the turnpike road leading from Wen- ham thr , ugh Corfe Castle to Swanage ; at which places letters by the general post daily arrive from London and every other part of the kingdom. From various parts of t'- e farm are piGturesque views ot Sv.' e. r. e; ge Bay, Cortc. Castle, the British Channel, the Isles of Wight and Purbeck ; and tin- neighbourhood abounds with game of every description. At the time and place abovs- mention d will . lso be Sold,- The REVERSION of four TENEMENTS, consist::,- of c< tag s antl gardens . rginally attach; d t which ar- r. ow sep irat- d t'er. lr. m, and p. rsons f - r terms of years det - nv. inable oi For the convenience of purchis: rs, th pr;- m; ses will be di- vided into lots, particulars antl a v - w of which maybe . b- tained on application to Mr. Fnliier, sol. citor, Warth. i n, Dorset. [ 792 REVERSION OF A) CAPITAL l'REttflOtD ESTATE, Near Gikstonbfy, MmsrSlshif*. * - TO be SOLD by AUCTION, bv Mr. WH. I. OOK, at Garrawav's ' Coffee- tlouse, in'Chan, re alley, C; rn- hill, London, on Friday the 24tfi of March, at twe've o'clock, — The absolute REVERSION ( certain on the demise of two old Ladits) of, in, and to, a, valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the parish Of Barton St. David, between Castle Cary and Somerton, in the county of Somerset; e. r. sistnig of two Farm- houses, with suitable Out- buildings, and 21( 1 statute acres of rich arable, meadow, and pasture Land, and Orchards, in the occupation of Mr. Edwaul Indoe, tinder an agreement foi seven years from Lady- day 1408, at a very low netrent of £ 380 per annum. The estate is situate nearly ad joining tlie great western turn- pike road, G. niiles from Castle Carv, Sfrom Somerton, C from Glastonbury, 11 from Shepton M- illet, 11 from Wells, and 27 from Bath. To be viewed till the sale, and particulars may b; had at the George Inn, at Castle Carv ; Re-. l Lion, at Somnrton ; Castle, at Taunton; Geofce, at Bri-'. e-,- water; White Hart, at Glas- tonbury; Swan, at Wells; Bell, at Shepton Mallet; White Lion, at Bath ; and of Mr. Willock, No. ii, Golden- squV. rty London. CAPITAL- ESTATE IN WILTSHIRE. ~ X) be SOLD by AUCTION, by MR. TILBROOK, . at Deptford Batch Inn, in the county ot Wilts, on Monday the ! 7th day of April, 1H09, at three o'clock in the aft 1 moon, inone or more lots,— The MANOR, MANSION- HOUSE, and, capital ESTATE of MADOINGTON, in the county of Wilts, with its Rights, Royalties, End Appurre- nancts; compris ng a spec ous and convenient mansion- house w th requisite offices, and a!, out 1600 acres of arable, meadow, p mure, dow", and \ vo< d land, 1100 of which are in demesne, and the residue is held by sundry len. se and copyholders for one, two, and three lives; with the Great and Small Tythes arising thereon, and on other estates eontisu- us thereto. Maddineton is situ" t • m a fine open part of tho edunty of Wilts, celebrated I 1 field sports; about « miles from Anus- bury, 9 from Salisbury, ) l from Warmin.' t. r. and isfrrtn DCV zes.— Mr. Henry Washboume, the tenant, will shi w t... premises. Printed particulars will be ready for delivery hy. tV- 30th day g£ March, and may afterwards be had at the Printing Office, Salisbury; Lord's Arms. Warminster; Bear, De- vizes; George, ' Ameshiiry; of Mr. Dyne, Serjeant's Inn, London; Mr. Field, Shepton Montague; Mr. Messiter, so- licit Sha't sbury ; and Messrs. Messiter, solicitor;., W 10- canton, where, a Map of the Estate may be sum. [ 706 SOMERSETSHIRE. HPO be SOi. l) by AUCTION, on ihe Premises, . by !. Messrs. PCKCY and FORCF., 011 Tuesday the 14th day of March 1809, and two following davs,—' 1 he neat an' useful HOUSEHOLD FURN'ITUR K, Dairy and Brewing Uter. s-. is, Hay, & c. belongng to Mrs. HIM.,' at Yenston, near Hen- striike, in the c. rnnty aforesaid, quitting the. premises; com- pvii'ng mahogany post and servants' bedsteads, with cotton, dimitv, and hariateen furniture; goose feather b ( Is, blan- kets,. counterpanes, and quilts; mahogany side- board, dining, Pembroke, claw, and dressing tables, bureau and chest ot drawers, mahogany sofa; neat painted and other chairs; night t . ibies, buvm stands, Wilton and Kidderminster Carpets ; pier, chimney, and . ving dressing glasses ; regist- r, ptri. theon, and other grates, with fire irons to ditto, two roasting jacks, two furnaces, three large lea I milk cisterns, two cheese presses, tubs, and trendies, with a variety of useful kitchen and dairy utensils, & c. & c. Likewise ten Ricks of excellent prime Meadow Hay ( about 100 tons); one milch heifer; with a quantity of fire- wood, and various implements in the husbandry business, & c. as will be particularized in catalogues, Ah; ch will be delivered in due time at the adjacent places, place of sale, at R. Percy's, Blandford, and .1. Force's, Wimborne. The sale will commence each daypreciselv at eleven o'clock. NT. B. The Hay and Dairy Utensils will be sold the first day. f70H WIMBGRNE, DORSET. rjX) be SOL!) by AUCTION, on the premises, 1 by Messrs. PERCY and FORCE, 011 Tuesday and Wed- nesday' the 91st and 22d davs of March 1809',— All tin neat anil modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, China, Gluss, and other Effects, the property of Captain Pierey, quitting his residence:— Comprising mahogany post, field, and servants' bedsteads, with dimity, cotton, anil check furniture ; fine seasoned feather beds, h-. ir and millpuft mattresses, counter- panes, and blai kets; mahogany Pembroke, curd, and writing tables'; chests of drapers, nii^ ht tables, hasbn st . nds, maho- gany and painted chairs, glass s, Venetian and Kidderminster carpets, stores, and fire irons; sundry kitchen requisites, and nurueieus other articles, a- will be specified in Catalogues, which will be delivered in due time by K. Percy, Blandford, an 1 - • Force, Wimbornt. The sale wil. l begin each day at eleven o'clock. ( J43 i ercy s, T74S listing of cot- the said firm, but em sul to '. Cerent lives- r? 9+ This day is pitbii- h d. in a neat " J closely pruned volume small octavo, containing Ten useful Plaits, price 7s. Gd. in boards, a new Edition of ANew SYSTEM of DOMESTIC COOKERY, formed upon Principles ol E'- onomy, and adapt d to the use' of private families. Comprising also the Ait of Carving, Observations on the management of the D iry, and Poultry Yard ; Instructions for I lome Brewery, Wines, eVc, ; Ccokery- for the Sick and for the Poor; many vt ry useful mi cellai. eous Receipts and Directions proper to be given to Servants both, in town and country. To which is prefixed, an Essay on Do- mestic Economy and Household Management, compris ng many observ itions winch will be found particularly useful to » , the mistress of a family. BY A I. ADY. " This is really one of the nit st practically us- fill bonks of any which we have seen on the sul jcc*. The Lady who has written it, has i ot studied bew to t, rm expensive atticle? for luxurious ti. hhs, but to combine elegance with t- c nomy. She has given her directions in a plain sensible manner that every holy can understand; ant! these are not confined merely t- i co kery, but aj extended to a vari. ty of objects in use in* families; by which means the ut lit- f tne bo- k is very much inert as. tl irirccd."— Anti- Jacobin f. nieiv, Ai. fru.-: t Printed f r James Murray, ai, Flcet- strcc, Liu tion ; A. C'- nst iilc alio '.'.>, !' '. ifHorgh ; Wog ; i < m! Cu:. m ng, Dub- lin ; Biodie. ti. wdirig, ati; Luxf, » r!, t- ial. sht ry ; ar I m,. y be had of every ' oiuscW r and • t ' an in t , wi . nd c-' untry. ' Ofwhom- ir. ay'be /.-,../,. just piibii'hed, 1. Mrs. ChAPONK' vVof'. KS ; lour vol small 8v- o. 2. 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Sodurt>. n. Qunm multuj Qwim paucis.' Printed for J. Hatchard, 190, Pteeadilly, London; and J. Easton, Salisbury ; and sold bv all booksellers. Of whom may be h'. id, pric -' is. bound— A COLLECTION of AN'i HEMS, as us.- d in thcCithe.'. r d Church ot Smisbury; with .. a Alphabetical Reference and In e\; arranged by T. A. CourE. Organist. T794 AND GENERAL ADVERXiSER-. QF Wji- TS, HANTS, Lp^ SET, AND SOMERSET. Friday s and Saturday's Posts. E O REIGN. NEW S. MALAGA, Feb. 30. rjpiIE news we have this day received is of a if favourable nature : Cuesta has cut off 4000 French ' JL near Estremadura; and l'alafox 10,000 before ' N, Igossii. The swelling of the Ebro has carried away • lu ir bridge, and thes e 10,000 were prevented from joining th" rest of the army. Paialox matched out with 20,000 men, and drove into the river those he could uotdestroy. li in - aid not a man has escaped.— Gibraltar Chro. Feb. 24. HOUSE OF LORDS. WEDNESDAY, March 8.] On the order of the day being lead for the third trading of Sir George Bi qgrave's Divorce Bill, it was discovered that the bill was not drawn exactly in conformity with the standing orders of the ;.( ease; on whhh the further consideration of tliu bill was . postponed, to Monday. Copies of dispatches from our Commanders in Spain and Portugal were laid on the table, aud ordered to be printed. — Adj- THURSDAY, March 0.] The bills on the table ( chiefly of a private nature) were advanced one stage in their pro- egress. Lord Moira observed, that on looking over the papers - . ' alive to the war in Spain and Portugal, he observed • hat a letter from Lord Ca- tlereagh to Sir Hew Dahyiliple • referred to an application from the Junta of Seville for an aid of 10.000 men; but the document alluded to was not • oil the table, and he wished much to see it. • • Lord Liverpool said he was not before aware that the • patter alluded to was wanting: he would make'. enquiry respecting it; ' antl if it contained nothing which rendered it improper to make it public, it should be produced.— Adj. HOUSE OF COMMONS. WEDNESDAY, March 8.] The Secretary at War br ught up the correspondence between his Office and Col mel French, which was laid on the table. Lord CustlereafcK presented returns of casualties in the anriy during the late campaign in Spain and Portugal, which were laid on the table. Thi: Bill for laying an additional duty of Si. per barrel on beer brewed in Ireland, antl the Bill for permitting the exportation of rum and sugar from Bermuda to Luwer Canada, free of duty, were each read a first time. Lord Folkestone moved that the House be called over on the morrow. Mr. Beresf'ord was against the call hanging oc. er the heads of Members, many of whom wished to attend the Assizes, and oilier particular business,. Mr. Shaw Lefeme, in reply, observed, that the para- mount ditty of a Member of Parliament was to atte'nd to the public business in that House ; and when that required h; s presence, all inferior duties must give way. Im- t se-. t'd with this consideration, and with the importance ! i t'tia investigation now before the House, the motion bil l his warm support. Tie Chancellor of the Exchequer thought the Call should b « made as effectual as. possible, and therefore lie. » i roved the motion. He wished indeed to keep alive, t ie'Call until the question should be disposed of, ami he biped that Gentlemen would particularly attend to it, ami i. L suffer their attention to be diverted, or their pidg- in- ;, ts to be biassed, by threats made use of out of. iluoi- s, a ; unwarrantable proceedings in certain quarters, which i / it bri.-. g down punishment on the patties from that House. Mr. Cur~ iKn coincided in opinion with the la* t speaker, relative to the necessity of keeping alive the Call; and - would remind Gentlemen that they ought not to be de- lurred from their duty by'menaces used within the House, siy more than by those used without, however* high in hts Majesty's Councils the party might be who used those me1 . aces. The motio.- i passed with ut further opposition. On the niorian el Mr. Wardle, the order of the day for taking into further consideration the evidence respecting t,..' n. ctuct of his Royal Highness the Duke of York was read. • Mr, Wardle then rose, and stated that lie had under- taken the ta - k of bringing this business before tile Hons? f. dely from a sense of duty to his injured country. If in any " instance he had done wrong, goodue s of intention it. list be his excuse. Though he cotdd not but feel, at the commencement of this business, that he was treated with nn. ciue harshness, he would now only wish to recollect, on the other hand, the kindness he had experienced from many Gentlemen, especially from his Majesty's Ministers, in readily allowing him rest, when worn out by his exer- tions. This kindness was the more acceptable, when, in mi early itaje, he had the misfortune to lose the aid of a worthy Biro, let .( Sir. Francis Burdett), who from ill health could no longer attend. Above all, he had to express his acknowledgments to his Noble Friend ( Lord Folkestone), who, at the moment when nothing was talked of but the odium and disgrace he had to encounter, stepped forward to share with bun that odium, and manfully maintained hi; post in discharging that paramount duty which he owed to the people as one of their Representatives. Still resting on the justice of his cause, he should cheerfully per, severe to bring it to a decision. The Hon. Member then recapi- tulated the evidence on the various cases he had brought before the Hon o;— first, the exchange between Lieut.- Cols. Knight and Brooke, which he considered as clearly proved to ll , ve been effected from corrupt motives, by the undue influence of Mrs. Clarke, and with the knowledge of the Duke of York;— next, the undue promotion of Capt. Mating, which case, when he found he had mi taken the person, he was willing to give tip, but at the desire of ( he Committee it went on, and though he- did not much rest Oil it, Gentlemen roust see " that even here there bail . been a great abuse of the power of Commander in Chief, and that that power was too great to be vested ill any per- son whatever ;— next, Col. French's levy,— Capt. Toityti'. f promotion,— Col. Shaw's appointment,— Samuel Carter's commission,'— and Major Turner's retirement,-— all cases influenced by base corruption, ami with the knowledge, as he thought proved, of the Commander in Chief. He also alluded slightly to the hegoeiatioirwithKer. net.-! observing, that as he conceived it his duty to state his sentiments without disguise, lie bad thrown them into the form of an Address; and accordingly lie moved, " That an humble Address be presented to his Majesty, stating, that informa- tion' h id been communicated to his Majesty's faithful Com- mon-:, and evidence heard before them, of various corrupt practices and shameful abuses prevailing for some ytais in the dfsjio- al of Commission, and Promotions in his Majesty's land forces; that his Maje- tyV Comm. tns had examined into the truth of the sundry transactions brought before them, together with the evidence in proof of the same ; and that it was with concern and astonishment the House found itself obliged to inform . his Majc- ty, that there ult of the examination of the evidence, and the various docu- ments hill before them,' was " such as to satisfy th.: Hotiie that the existence of such corrupt practices and abuses was • substantially proved ; that, the House could not enter into a detail of the- e transaction-, without exciting, the most painful sensation, of grief and distress. Thai the whole of the proceadinga were now maile public, and that tile House hoped his Maje- tv would give tliein credit for having proceeded ill this paiitti. l - duty with that deliberation which was due to sa important a subject,— That his Majesty's faithful Commons, without entering into the prevalence of those corruptions and abuses, wish to submit one important eirqunistauce to his Majesty's gracious consideration, which was, that if ail opinion should prevail throughout the army that promotion might he obtained by other means than by merit and service, the consequences would be disgraceful to tile country, would wound the feelings of the army, and abate the zeal which should animate ail descriptions of persons . in his Majesty's land forces. That It was the opinion ot his Majesty's faith- ful Commons, that abuses of the description now alluded to could liot'previi! without the knowledge of the Com- mander ill Chief; antl that if, even on any principle of reason or probability, these abuses could have prevailed, without his - knowledge, such a presumption in his favoiYr ought not to mat rant the conclusion, that the army could be safely trusted in his hands. And therefore his Majesty! s faiihful Commons humbly submitted it as their opinion, that his Royal Highness ought to be removed from the command of the anny." Mr. Burton, alter apologising for trespassing on the attention of the House,' declared that he was uninfluenced liv any consideration, of personal interest, and that he hail prepared hi t mind 011 the subject by a constant attenti- on"!: during the evidence, by lemarking, as far as his pe- i• iliar circumstanccs allowed him to do it, the conduct of • o: witnesses ( Mr. Burton has the misfortune to be blind), . v V' carefullv disencumbering rile case of ail extraneous matter that had been pressed into it. From the whole he deduced, that ill no one'instance had" cfrtnifiality been pioved to attach to the illustrious personage accused; the witnesses against hjm were wholly unworthy of credit; he could instance no less than twenty- eight assertions of Mrs. Clarke which had been proved to he false ; Mrs. Favourite's statements bad been contradicted by persons of unimpeachable credit. Dowler had also been proved to have stated to the Committee that which he must have known to be false; and that busy meddling physician, Dr. Thytine, had stated that the first application for the exchange between Knight and Brooke was made on the 25th of July, whereas the exchange had been accomplished two days sooner. On the other hand, the evidence of Col. Gordon wa= liable to no exception whatever, and clearly proved that the conduct of the Duke of York, as Com- mander in Chief, had been most exemplary. The whole of the charges against his Royal Highness had, in his opinion, arisen from a conspiracy of those very persons, who had preyibu. ly been engaged in swindling transac- tions, and had obtained soma money from weak people, merely by gaining a knowledge of promotions decided on, a few hours sooner than the parties promoted. Thinking in this manner, lie must of course object to the motion. Mr. Curwen observed, that the learned Gentleman who had just sitt down had made great professions of the purity of his motives. For bis part he should make no such pro- fessions, but leave his conduct to speak for itself. I le, owned he was astonished at the arguments of the learned Gentle- man. The charge on French's levy had, in his opinion, been cleared established ; Col. Taylor's official letter, stating that each recruit raised by this famous levy cost toe country loOT. ought to have put ati immediate stop to the levy, had there been nothing corrupt in the' transaction ; but it waseotitiiiued three months after this representation. Miss Taylor's evidence, which had been utiimpeached, proved the influence which directed this measure. In re- gard to Capt. Tonyn's promotion, the evidence of General Brownrigge, and of Col, Gordon himself, proved that the note found at Sanden's lodgings was in the Duke's hand- writing. Other letters that had been produced proved that the Duke was privy to the treaty with Gen. Claiming. Gentlemen might talk of the conspiracies of Jacobins, but such language would not silence truth, nor were these times to shut our eyes against corruption. The motion had his cordial assent. The. Chancellor of the Exchequer said, lie felt it his duty to propose to the House, to say directly and distinctly whether the Dtike of York had been guilty of the cor- ruption and connivance of which he had been accused, and for that purpose he would tender an amendment, on which the House might determine that question. He was con vinced his Koval Highness was free from the charge, the principal proof of which rested on the testimony of a woman wholly unworthy of belief. It was a strong proof of the Duke's innocence, that he had chosen to meet the consequences ol her threat, rather than descend from his dignity by a" compromise with her. He knew that this course would lead to the disclosure of delicate private scenes, but'he knew also that in every instance he had conscientiously discharged the duties of his high office, antl therefore he had c mrage to meet that disclosure. The House had witnessed the al t of this woman, antl there- fore could judge of the use she might make of her influence ; but' considering that during her connection with the Duke 10,00ftjfiommissions had been granted, it was wonderful she had picked up so little information by which she could profit. Of all ffieTSfiSfges, Cap. 1.. Tonyn's promotion was ihe only one not satisfactorily accounted for. In the exchange'of tails. Brook and Knight, Mrs. Clarke Jiad certainly learnt that a liagociation was pending, and. she asked and obtained 200/. on its success; though that success did not result from her interference, but from Col. Gordon's enquiries proving satisfactory. The Ria ht Hon Gentleman went through the other cases, comment- ing on the contradictory evidence ; and appearing to be exhausted, and adjournment was called for. He then stated that it was his intention, when the debate, should be resumed, to move a resolution purporting that the charges against the Duke of York had not been established , to be followed with an Address to his Majesty, stating the enquiry and result ; the satisfaction felt by the House at learning the useful regulations and high state of discipline established by the Commander in Chief; the regret and concern from knowing" that a eonnection had ever existed which had exposed his Royal Highness to so much suspi- cion aud obloquy; antl that they, learpt with the sincerest pleasure that his Royal Highness half dissolved if, and was resolved for the future to imitate the bright example of vir- tue which his Majesty so long had » etto all raiiks of people. The House then adjourned. THURSDAY, March S-] On the motion of Lord Folkestone, the calling over the House was deferred till the morrow. The bill to prevent child murder in Scotland was passed, anil ordered, to the Lords. The annual Indemnity Bill was also passed, and ordered to the Lords, The adjourned debate on the evidence respecting the conduct of the Duke of York being resumed, The • Chancellor of the Exchequer took a retrospective glance at the . observations he had before made oil the evitlence, antl ably re- stated the contradictions in the tes- timony of Mrs. Clarke, Mr. Dowler, and other witnesses, arguing that from the whole there was not the slightest, ground whereon to attach corruption to- the Duke of York. He concluded an eloquent anil impressive speech with moving the amendment of which he had given notice yesterday: Mr. Bdthurst considered the original Address as highly objectionable; but at the same time he wished to propose an Amendment very different from that of his Right Hon. Friend. After the resolution purporting that the charge of official corruption had not been proveil, lie would propose an Address, stating that " the, House bail observed with the deepest regreat, that in consequence of a connection the most immoral and unbecoming, undue influence had been continually exerted, which brought disgraceful charges against the Commander in Chief, and tended to give color to traiisactioiis the most pernicious and indiscreet. Mr. Whitbrcad expressed his appoobation of the pro- position. which had been made by the Hon. Gentleman who had just sat down, and contrasted it with the speech of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, which was one of the most extraordinary, as well as one of the most, able, lie bad ever heard. He - rehmbated the idea that the Duke of York was to be screened on account of his birth ; severely cen- sured the endeavour to raise the cry of . Jacobin ! which had been done to intimidate ; and the denunciation of Infamy which had been used to crush enquiry ; . and vin- dicated Miss Taylor and other witnesses from the indiscri- minate coridein nation w hich had been bestowed oil their testimony'; and argued that from Mrs.- Clarke's reconi- mendftion of Dr. O'Mear. t, aud other persons with whom ihc was unacquainted, an,' from various other circum- stances, the Duke of York must have suspected that Mrs. Clarke was influenced by. corrupt. motives. As to the case of Samuel Carter, he should be grieved to the heart if from this enquiry that young man sustained any injury. The Attorney ' General vindicated the Duke of York, contending that ... one of the charges against him had been established. Mr. W hitbrcad said a. few words in explanation. Mr. Hanies. then gave notice,' that he should, to- mor- row, move. certain aulendi.' ients to the original motion; the principal, of which would lie to leave put of the Ad dress the imputation of his Royal Highness having taken part in the corrupt practices imputed to him ; but adding, that- the whole. circumstance of the case being considered, it would be advisable for his Royal Highness to resign the command of the- army. The further debate was then postponed, and the House adjournetl at four o'clock. The Expedition to Martinique, has at length been carried into execution :' We learn by a letter from Liver- pool, exhibited this morning at Lloyd's, that two ships ( the Maxwell, Fowdeu, and the Paragon, Forsyth) arrived there on Wednesday from Demarara, which place they left Oil the 24th of January, aud on the 29th, off Marti- nique, saw a large fleet, and soon after spoke tlie Wolve- rine, who informed them. that the fleet then in sight, was the Expedition going against Martinique, and that the at- tack was to be made that evening. We learn from Lisbon, that the British troops wMch Sailed from thence for Cadiz in the beginning of Februaiy, under the command of General Mackenzie, had arrived in safety, and on their landing were encamped in Port St. Mary's, where they were joined by the 14th regimeut, which proceeded by land from Elvas. On Wednesday his Majesty held a Levee at the Queen's Palace, at which Lieutenant- General Sir Hew Dalt- ynipie was introduced to his Majesty, on his return from abroad. On Wednesday Capt. Nash, of the Marquis of Exeter East lndiaman, bound for Madeira and Bombay, and Capt. Le Blanc, of the Marquis Wellesley, bound for Ceylon aiid Bengal, took leave of the Court of Directors, previous to their embarkation. ELOPEMENT in High Life.— Lord Paget on Monday last, eloped with the wife of the Hon. H. Wellesley, Lord P. has an exemplary wife antl eight children. The injured husband has four children, and is at present confined by a severe illness. Lady C. Wellesley is a daughter of the late Lord Cadogan. She is about 28, and her husband about 36 ; the gallant is turned of 40. Mr. W. bad spoken, it seems, to Lady Charlotte, on the marked and constant attentions of Lord Paget, which might affect her reputa- tion in the world. Lady Charlotte- was indignant at the idea of reproach i antl hurried out with her servant to take the air in the Green Park. She ordered the servant to wait at the gate, as she should walk for a short time s and it appears that her Ladyship took a hackney coach, and sent, a'note to Lord P. at Oxbridge- House. They met, and in this state of irritated feelings, and probably i. i the con- sciousness of guilt, they set off together. As she did not return to dinner, enquiries were made.— The servant bad continued at the gate of the Green Park till a late hour, and on his return home gave the above account. The me- lancholy truth was confirmed by a letter, which Lord P. wr. ote to bis father, in which he acknowledged his trespass — and said, that he had in vain, in the beat of battle, sought a refuge from the agonies of a distracted mind. CORN- EXCHANGE, March 10. Sales of Wheat are again dull, at little variation in price. Barley and Malt, are cheaper.- Peas and Beans vary but little. Sales of Oats are heavy, and rather lower. There is very little Rape Seed. Flour as before. BIRTHS.] On the 5th instant, in Cork- street, Lady Augusta Leith of a son.-— On the 16th ult. a , cottager's wife i. i the parish of Fartiwcli, county of Forfar, of three children ( two boys antl a girl), who, with their mother, are well and thriving. MARRIED.] On Saturday se'nnight, at Cork, Capt. Win. Searle, Aid- de- Carap to General Flo. yu, and son of Commissioner Searle, of the Transport Office, to Miss Bidsey MorgeH, youngest daughter of the late Crosbie Mot- gall, Esq. of Mount Morgell, Co. Limerick;— On S-. ite. Hay last, F. E. March, Esq. of the Ordnance Office, to Miss Jordan, of Park- place, St, James's.— Oil Monday, t.' apt. Francis French Staunton, of the Bombay Military Establishment, to Miss Neeld, eldest daughter of Joseph Neeld,. Esq. of Norfolk- street. DIED.] On Saturday se'nnight, at Ramsgate, in his 78th year, the Right Hoii. John Murray, Earl of Dun- more, Viscount Fnieast'e, & c.: bis Lordship was descended in the female line from the Royal House of Stuart, and his ancestors were related to most of the crowned heads in Europe : ne married Lady Charlotte Stewart, sister of the late Earl of Galloway, and by that marriage has left issue three sons and three, daughters: his eldest son G-' bi. e, Lord Fincastle, now Earl of Dnnmore, is married to Lady Charlotte, daughter of the Duke of Hamilton : one of bis daughters ( Lady Augusta) was married to his Royal High- ness the Dule of Sussex, at Rome, in Nov. 1793, and had a son born Jan. 15, 17i/ 4 ; but a suit was instituted in Doctors Commons, by his Majesty's order, and the mar- riage was declared null and void in the following August, and Lady Augusta has since taken the name of D'Aineland; another daughter; Lady Susan, has been twice married, and has lost, both- husbands,— Mr. Thorpe, and Mr. Drew ; the other surviving daughter, Lady Virginia, wis named at the request of tin Assembly of Virginia, of which pro- vince the Earl her father was Governor, and was certainly the most zealous and active of his Majesty's Governors during the whole of the revolutionary war.— On the 2.1th ult. jit Beauport, in Sussex, Mrs. Head, wife of J. R. Head, Esq. and sister of Sir James Bland Burgess, Bart.— Oil the 8th of December, at. Berbice, in his 28th year, Thos, Sangster, Esq. Captain in the 37th foot, Assistant Barrack- Master at Berbice, and Assistant Quarter- Master General to the Forces in the West Indies,— Oil Friday se'nnight Jolm Johnson, of Brigg, in Scotland, aged 100 years.— Same day, Sarah Dean, of Horsforth, aged 102 years.— Same day, Mary Airtoi), of the same place, aged 10? years.— A few days since, in Lewisham Workhouse, Isaac Evans, a depraved character, well known there, antl at Sydenham, Dulwich, & c. by the name of Wry- necked Isaac:- a. little before his death, he confessed that havin, once quarrelled with one Harvey, a fellow- labourer, - and made up the difference over some beer, he afterwards took an opportunity, as they were going home together, to knock Harvey down, when he beat him unmercifully,, and threw hi in into a hedge, where he was found the next morning in a state of insensibility, in which he continued two days, and then died,: he also owned that he was one of three men who murdered Matthews, the Dulwich Hi l' mit; that one of his accomplices is dead, and the other at sea; but lie would not men! ion their names. ALL Persons having any I.) emand on the Estate or Effects of the late SARAH STURT, of Fourppsts, near Southampton, deceased, arc r.^ uestcd to send in their ac- counts to James Sturt, at Fourposts aforesaid ; and all debts slue, to the Estate of the said Sarah Sturt are desired to be set- tlcd'immediately. fs53 i CHUTE INCLOSURE. . WE whose names are hereunto subscribed, Com- missioners appointed by virtue of an Act of Parlia- ment, passed iii the forty- eighth vear cf the reign of his present Majesty, intituled « At: Act for Inclosing'Lands in the parish of Chute, in the county of Wilts," ' do hereby give notice, that we shall hold out next Meeting for execut- ing the powers of the said Act at the house of Mary Kelsey, being the Cross Keys Inn, in the parish of Chute aforesaid, on Monday the 20th day of March instant; and that we shall at such Meeting perambulate the boundaries of such parish, or such part or parts thereof as shall appear doubtful or in dispute, and for that purpose meet at ten of the clock in the forenoon. And we do also give notice, that all persons having or making any claim or claims which may affect such boun- daries, or any( of them,— and also all persons, bodies politic or corporate, claiming any right of common leasowes or rii; ht of pasturage, in, over, and upon the lands and grounds by the said Act intended to be divided and alloted,' or any part thereof, are hereby required, by themselves or agents, to lay their respective claims ( in writing) before us the said Commissioners at such Meeting. [ 858 March 2, 1809. RICHARD PARSONS. BENJAMIN HAYNES. GO SPUR i . I^ OR PUBLIC SALE, - at ' ili'e Dolphin inn, on A Thursday the 23d'inst. at eleven- o'clock in tli • tor im " n, —<-': 6 Barrels of Fine FLOUR, just ianticd from the !': n: h frigate.; L'Hebe, captured on her passing.- iron: Bomdc- ux to Martinique, by his Majesty's ship La Loire, A. W. '--,. :.- berg, Esq. Captain. To be vn wad three davs bcMVw the sale, antl Catalogues had, by applying to March 10, 1809. ' MATTHIAS MARCUS Brck" II GRAND LOTTERY. ^" J^ REE GIFT of ONE THOUSAND WHOLE TIC- 8. K UTS the First Day, Numbers as follow : 10,501.. to.. 10,( 500 11,001.. to.. 11,100 1- 2,501.. to.. 12,600 .1,001. . to. ..' 1,100 7,001.. to. .7,100 4,501.. to. .4,600 8,501.. to.. 8,600 5,001.. to. .5,100 9,001.. to. .9,100 6,501.. to.. 6,6Q0 Also a FREE. GIFT of FIVE HUNDRED WHOLE TIC- KETS to the first- drawn above .£' 15, the SeCond Day, Num- bers as follow : 1: 3,001 to 1- 3,100 I 15,001 to.,.. 15,100 14,501 to 14,600 | 16,501 to 16,600 17,001 to 17,100. The above Tickets mav gain the whole of the following CAPITAL PRIZES : of.. . . . £ 20,000 ... 10,000 .., 6,000 ... of £ 1,000 - 500 & C. & C. Begins APRIL the 12th, 1809. In consequence of the above Gifts of l ,500 Tickets, there are only 18,500 for Sale. [ 508 Tickets and Shares are selling at all the licensed Offices. SECOND STATE LOTTERY for 1808, Consisting of only 20,000 Tickets, BEGINS DRAWIIIG THE 12th or APRIL, 1809. TICKETS & SHARES are selling by HAZARD, BURNE, and Co. Stock- brokers, at their State Lottery- office, No. 93, Under the Royal Exchange, and no whete else in Lontlon on their account. The Scheme contains 4 Prizes of £ 20,000 each, with the usual'number of other Capitals, & c. in addition to ' which, the First- drawn Prize'above £ 15 on the first day, will be entitled to Ore Thousand if hole Tickets; and the First- drawn Prize above 15 yon the Second day, will be entitled to Fire Hundred If ' hole Tickets. Shares in proportion. These Tic- kets are deposited in the Bank of England, and will, be deli- vered to the fortunate Proprietors at the close of the drawing. r* J* Lettets ( post paid) duty answered, aiid Schemes gratis. Country orders, accompanied with short- dated bills on Lontlon, post- office orders, or cash in parcel by coach or car- rier, punctually attended to, and correspondents may depend oil being treated exactly on the same terms as if personally present. [ 6- 2- 6 This day are published, price Is. 6d. , BSERVATIONS on an ERUPTIVE DIS- EASE which has latelv occurred in thfi. towri of SHER- BORNE, DORSET, AFTER VACCINATION. In a letter to a friend. By RICHARD PEW, M. D. Of Sherborne ; Member of the Royal Medical and other Societies, Edinburgh. MlLB& URNE ST. ANDREW. NPO be LETT, and entered on immediately,—— A JL neat and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, in good pair, consisting of two good rooms on the ground floor, three bod- chambei'S,' and two large garrets ; granary, stable, and other out- houses; an excellent walled garden, well stocked with choice fruit tree:; it is situated in the great western road, 8 miles from Dorchester and 8 from Bland'ford, both good market towns. For further particulars apply ' if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Win. Whealer, at the Royal Oak, Milbourne. ' [ 542 F GO SPORT. ? OR PUBLIC SALE, at the Bnlphit, Inn, - in the course of the present Month,— Tl,.- NAVAL arid- ORDNANCE STORES now landing from the French ftip'ate L'Hebe, and privateer San Josepho, captured by his Maj- :, tv's ships La Loire antl Undaunted; consisting of Anchors, Cables, Sails, Standing and Running Rigging, Masts, Spars. L . n, ,; s, Cannonades, Muskets, Pistols, Powder, antl Provisions.' Catalogues will be timely delivered bv March 10, 1809. MATTHIAS MARCH, Broker. GOSPORT. FOR SALE by AUCTION, at the India Arms- Inn, on Thursday the& d of March, at elevan o'clock in the forenoon,— The following GOODS : For Home Consumption. 2260 Bars RUSSIA IRON— Two Casks SPERMACETI; For Exportation, Eleven Cases PLATE GLASS, landed from the galliot Wilheltnina, W. Elduts, nrn- t- r, bound from St. Petersburg to Lisbon, and condemned as prize to his Majesty's brig Linnet, John Tracey, Esq, commander. After which,— Sundry old SHIPS STORES, old LEAD, old IRON, Camp Stool antl Tabl; Frames, & c.- A! ni the good CUITER BRISK, completely fitted as a pldasure vessel, admeasures about 22 tons, has two calms, six excellent bed places, and is well found in stores ; f . • iy description. For catalogues, inventories, and further particulars, apply three days before the sale to GOSFORT, March!), 1809. JUKES, HURRY, and Co. [ 817 LONGPARISH, NEAR AtfcJOVER, HAM'S, nno be SOLD by AUCTION; by ll. CRiswiCK, H. at the Plough Inn, Longparish, on Wednesday the 22d day of March 1809, at two o'clock in the. afternoon,- A valuable inclosed FREEHOLD . ESTATE, situat.- in Long- parish aforesaid, in the occupation1 of Mr. Mortimer, tenant at will; consisting of a good farm- house, two barns, still s, and other out- buildings, with about ninety acrcs of excellent arable antl pasture land. The Tenant or Mr. John Faithful! will shew the pr. mises ; printed particulars and conditions of sale may be had ten days previous to the sale at Mr. Pickering's, Longparish ; Mr. C- Adnam's, Kingsclcrc; at Mr. Tod's, solicitor, and at the Auctioneer's, Andover. [;. j:) TO BREWERS AND OTHERS. TO be. SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by Mr. LIMPCS, oil Tuesday the 14th day of March', 1809, ( if not disposed of by private'contract),— A'll that good- accustomed and convenient PUBLIC- HOUSE, now iii full trade, known by the sign of the CRICKETTERS, with a stood Stable and useful Out- bouses, a good Garden, and a piece of Arable Land adjoining; situated lit Curdridge, on the turnpike road leading from Southampton to London ; distant two miles from Bishop's Waltham, two from Bntlev, three from Wink- ham, twelve from Gosport, antl seven'from Southampton. The House has latelv undergone: a complete repair.— A pur- chaser may have an early possession. Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. Wm. Long, on the premises.— The sale to' commence at two o'clock in the afternoon. [" 643 SOUTH STON. E11AM, HANTS', npo be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, a. on Wednesday the 15th day of March inst. at three o'clock in the afternoon, by Mr. WATTS,— The MATERIALS of a brick- built Farm- house; consisting of a large quantity of brick work, some stone pavement, oak in floors, partitions, roof, lintalls, and bent! timber; oak and deal floor boartls, skirtings, linings, staircases, doors, and cupboards; transom windows, with square glass anil' casements, & c. ivrc.; the same being, situated north of the m msion- house of Lewis Bazalgettc, Esq. and near the road leading to South- Stoneham Church. Also, a small quantity Of Round Oak and Fir Timber, lying near tile above pfeinises. Particulars may be known by application to the Auctioncct) Southampton. 1 pjy In the pleasant Pillage of Uytbe, near Southampton, TO LETT, and may be entered upon at Ladv- dav next,— A large commodious DWELLING- HOUSE iii the centre of the village ; consisting of a shop in front with two b'nv windows, well adapted for any person in the linen and woollen diapery and grocery lines,' lor which it has been occupied for many years-;. has a parlour, behind tile shop, likewise a parlour at the entrance from the sfre, e. t- tloor, with kitchen behind the same, and wash- house and Other'offices1; garden, and warehouse- at the- bottom, with'lofts capable of containing 300 qis. of corn, adjoining the- water- side. ;• on the first floor of the house are a dining- room and drawing- room, 1:) feet by 18, and two bed- rooms; on the attic stbry four bed- tooms; the whole worthy the attention of any tradesman. For particulars apply to Mr. Skelton, bookseller, South- ampton ; and for a view of the premises to Mr. J. Vest, Hythe; if by letter, pc- sr- paitl. [ 651 PRINCE EDWARD's ISLAND, BRITISH AMERICA. TO be SOLD ( in Fee) by PRIVATE CON- TRACT,— Twenty Lots of LAND, of 200 Acres each, well stocked with prime Timber. The soil is fertile, pro- ducing all sorts of fruits, vegetables, & c. in as- great perfection as in England. The furthest I t from the harbour where ves- sels load is not above four miles. The present high price of timber tells us,' it is a valuable acquisition to those purchasers of lots who wish to go abroad antl reside there. Several Fami- lies who arrived there last vear are comfortably situated. The price is from TEN SHILLINGS to ONE GUINEA per Acre. The only Tax is EIGHT SHILLINGS per Lot per annum, to be applied in repairing bridges, roads, and churches. For a view of the plan of each lot, furth - r particulars, and to treat for the purchase and passage to the island, apply to Mr. Edward Jones, No. 5, High- street, Bristol;- and if by letter, post paid. [ 602 LONDON, FRIDAY, MARCH 10. Dispatches have been received from Rear- Admiral Stopford, dated the 2d instant, at anchor in Basque Roads, with seven sail of the line, blockading eleven sail of the iine, and the Calcutta ; and it now appear.' that instead of a frigate, as mentioned, in his former dispatch, published in tile Gazette, the ship 011 her beam- ends, aud with masts gone, is a SiewBO- guu ship, and that'She is completely bilged. One of the frigates is also bilged, and deserted by the crew, and the two others are on their beam- ends. Some letters received from Heligoland state that Austria has actually marched an army into Bavaria, but this accouht is evidently premature. The, arrival of an Austrian Messenger has given rise to a report that he brings the Declaration of War issued by his Court against France; but whatever maybe the nature of his ilre- patches, Ministers have not suffered them to transpire. / " Dr. Pew says, that seven or eight cases of an eruptive dis- ease, resembling small- pox, have lately occurred in Sherborne, but that in the worst of these cas* s, the indisposition was so slight that the child was not confined to bed, nor even to the house, for a single day. Instances are not rare in which indi- viduals, who have been inoculated with the small- pox, have afterwards been indisposed in a similar manner, by cohabita- tion with persons labouring under variolous infection. ' Though previous vaccination may not, in all cases, render the system insensible to the deleterious ajency of variolous matter, yet it always rentiers the disease more mild, so mild indeed as hardly to deserve the name. When the few and trivial evils, which in the great average ofinstances are subsequent to the vaccine, are compared with those which are incident to the variolous inoculat on, a balance will appear in favour of the vaccine prat> ticc, which every rational lovejr of his family and his species will think sufficient to give it a decided preference. Even ac- cording to the anti- vaccitiists, ninety- nine instances of vacci- nation out of an hundred are not attended with any subsequent disorder. How many persons gladly engage in what is called the state lottery, with as many chances k:; ainst them, as vacci- nation exhibits in their favour 1 And yet, in this instance, prejudice, ignorance, or the misrepresentations of interested impostors, prevent numbers from having recourse to a safe, antl at least highly probable preventive. of tpe most loathsome disease with which humanity can be afflicted. " Dr. Pew'has placed the. argument in favour of vaccinatioti in a verv clear point of view ; ami his remarks arewell worthy of extensive circulation."— Critical Review, Peb. 1809. Sec also Medical and Physical Journal for March. Sherborne : Printed by J. Langdon ; and soltl by Longman, Hurst, Rces, and Orme, Paternoster- row; J. Murray, Fleet- street, London; Brodia, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury; and tile booksellers of Sherborne. Ofichom'may be htid, bu the same Author, A few remaining Copies. of MEDICAL SKETCHES, Part the First. Pride is. 6rf. f781 THE REAL JAPAN BLACKING, MADE 11 Y 11 A V AND MARTIN, I. O N DON. IS invaluable Composition, with half the usual . labour, produces the most brilliant jet- black ever beheld; affords peculiar nourishment to the leather, will not soil the finest linen, is perfectly free from any unpleasant smell, and will retain its virtues in any- climate. Sold, wholesale, by Ds. y and Martin, removed to No. 97, HighHolhorn, London ; and by Biodie, Dowding, and Lux- ford, Salisbury, wholesale agents for the West of England-; Coulton, Devizes; Simmonds, Blandfortl; Penny, Sherborne; Clarke, Dorchester; Harvey, Weymouth ; Harold, jur.. Marl- borough ; Skelton, Southampton ; Martin, Lymington ; Crookford, Castle- Carey; Moore, Poole; and Shipp, Bland- ford; in stone battles, price Is. 6d. each. [ 277 WEST COWES, ISLE OF WIGHT. r] HO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. H. IIICKS, i at the Fountain Inn, West Cowes, 011 Wednesday the 15th day of March, 1809, at twelve o'clock at noon ( unless previously disposed of by private contract, of whirh notice will be given),— All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, with the Appurtenances, situate in the Hlph- strcet of West Cowes, now in the occupation of Mr. W. Richard- son, jun. and peculiarly well adapted for any kind of trade. For a view of the premises apply to the tenant; and for further particulars, or treating for private contract, to Mr Cruickshank, solicitor, Gosport. [ 548 Elegant and Modern Furniture, Patent Piano Forte, Valuable, Prints, tye. HOLLY- HILL, NEAR TITCHFIELD, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by H. HICKS, on tile Premises, on Monday the 13th day of March, 1809, and following davs, at eleven o'clock each day, - All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and. other Effects, of the late EDMUND Coiiit HURRY, Esq.; together with a quantity of OAK and FIR TIMBER, & c. lying 011 the Dock near the same place. The Furniture consists of four- post and field bedsteads, with chintz and dimity furnitures ; excellent seasoned feather beds in superfine ticks, bordered; mattresses; blankets; counterpanes ; japanned chairs with cane seats, cushions, and chintz covers; tlrapery window Curtains to match, richly fringed; elegant mirror with three lights, pier and dressing glasses: in mahogany are a sideboard table, set ofdinjiifi tables, chairs, chests of drawers, and secretaire and book- case; sattin wood commode and Pembroke table ; an excel- lent patent grand piano t'otte, neaily new ; Brussels antl other carpets'; forest and pantlieon > tove's, fenders, antl fire irons ; Wedgewood ware, glass, and ch: no ; a general assoitment of kitchen furniture, coppers,' smoke jack, kitchen range, ami a variety of useful good's ; also a neat gig, nearly new, and a own made fowling piece. The Articles at the Dock consist of oak kne^ s, a few fir masts and yards, fir plank, floor boards,- panne) and ledge doots' and door cases, sashes, and frames; weather board scantling; two roofs complete, taken from a store and black smith's shop lately built of fir, and carefully taken down one of which is 52 feet long and 2- 5 feet wide, the other 46 feet long and 27 feet wide; an engine for steaming ship plank new iron crane with brass boxes, an oak ditto, two sa, w pits and sheds, boat house and mould loft, brick sheds, old ship timber and plank, bricks and tiles, a great quantity of useful iron and blacksmith's tools, screw ' jacks, two seed drills, block driving machine, reaping machine, a Dutch hoy plea- sure- boat and sails, and numerous other valuable articles, the whole of which have lately been brought . to the place where they now lay at i great expence, and the greater part never used. Catalogues, at Cd. each, may be had in due time at the George Inns, Southampton and Winchester; Bugle, Titch- field ; and of the Auctioneer, Gnspoi't. The sale of the furniture will commence on the Monday, and, of tjie timber, 011 the following Thursday. fr-?? The whole'may be t . vo " days preceding that of sale. CHII. WORTH HOUSE, near SOUTHAMPTON. O SOLD by AUCTION, on the Piemises, by Mr. DELL, on Tuesday the 14th of March, I8 « 9 —— i Paitof the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, choice collect on Ol BOOKS, in various languages, among which are Har. inn's • ihakespeur, Anderson's Commerce, Guthrie's History of England, Parliamentary Debates. Sutler's Memoirs, a .': Li- able Book of Drawings, Stuart's Athens, 011 Ball • c and Palmyra, : 3 vols. The furniture comprises a handsome drawing- room suit of white and gold, elegant sofa betlst. ad, mahogany snl. l - ard, a set of circular dining' tables, gentlemtns'dfessintr s'l t: s, cellaret, Turkey carpet, window frames and na hs's,. • ,, a number of other articles. Together with SEVERAL FAT SCOTCH OXEN, about twenty score each, vr- - 1 calcinated for private families. N- B.— The whole of the furniture has- been new within a h,. rt time. Catalogues to be had at the White- Horse, Rornsev; George Inn, Winchester; Crown Inn, Lyndhurst; place' of sale J and of the Auctioneer, High- street, Southampton. [ 7- 14 ' the sale to begin' at eleven o'clock. SOMERSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by .1. JEANS, with- out reserve, on the Premises, at New Park Farm, in the parish of Yarlington, on Thursday the 16th day of March, 1909,— All the LIVE and DEAD" STOCK, the'property of Mr. JOHN THICK, quitting the farm ; comprising'ten good dairy cows, part with Calves, the others well,. seasoned in ditto; two barren cows; two yearling heifers ; two goold cart horses; one ditto mare; eight good two- tenth wettursheep of the Dorset and Somerset breed; six couples antl eleven thy sheep; two good waggons, one of them with, iron axles; a broad- wheel put; a narrow- wheel ditto; a- nod roller, two sulls, drags, harrows, niow- staddles with stocks antl caps, hurdles, sheep- cribs, & c.; several sets of horse and plough- harness ; two vans and stocks ; many sieves; a chaff- engine, nearly new ; a rick of good meadow hay, about 15 tons; a a goo'd hogshead copper furnace, and sundry other effects. Sale, to begin at eleven o'clock in the forenoon'. N. B.— The sheep will be put up in small lots ; and the hay to be fed on the farm any time before the 1st Of May next. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. THE greatest Blemish to Beauty is SUPERFLUOUS HAIRS on the Face, Neck, and Arms; HUBERT'S ROSEATE POWDER immediately removes them; is an elegant article, peifefectly innocent and pleasant to use. PRtcE and 7s. f Sold by the proprietor, No: C; 3, Russell- street, Covcnt-* earqen, London; Brodic, Dowding, and Luxford, Canal, Salisbury; Langdon, Sherb6rne; Harvey, Southampton; Currell, Winchester; Lancaster, Portsmouth and Gi sport; Bowling, Newport; . Gould, Bath; and in every town.- •*#• Good allowance to dealers. [ 6U0 BUTLER's RESTORATIVE TOOTH POWDER. AN offensive Breath is of ali other thjngs the m ft disgusting in cither Man or Woman, especially in the F tir Sex ; it arises oftener from want of attention to th" Teeth than any other cause: the regular u; c of a Tooth Powder to icmove all impurities, and preserve the Teeth sweet and clean, becomes,- on this account, indispensably necessary.-— Of all the compositions for this purpose, BUTLER's TOOTH POWDER, from its carminative and restorative qualities, has d.' se. rvully gained a preference : it - renders the teeth of. pearly white colour, i. ives a firmness and vermilion hue to the gums, and imparts a delectable fragrance to the br. ath. So extensive has ben the demand. for it,- that it forms an appendage to the toilets of the Royal. Famiiy, Nobility, and other persons of high rank and fashion. Sold wholesale and retail at Mr. Butler's, No. 4, Chcapside, corner of Pate'rnoster- row, London.; bv Brndie, Dowtlijn;, and Luxford, Salisbury i and retail by most Medicine Vcn I: rs and Perfumers, in* boxes at as; !) ji. * ach. [ 206 MANN's APPROVED- MEDICINE. ANY remarkable Cases, recently performed by this Medicine, have been laid'before the public. Is influence in - the worst stages of a common Cold. and Cou.-. l , in the most dreadful Hoopin: Cough, antl e\ ry other Ct- m- plaint attended with a Cough, are " truly wonderful. Asthma and all the relative diseases, with the debility arising thtrn- from, are within ( he scope of if;' powers.— The new cases just published arc, so well att steel, that the most increduV us must be convinced of the virtues of this most approved Medicine ; afresh supply of which, has just been received from the Pro- prietor, Thomas Mann, Horsham, Sussex, by BROOMS, DOW- DING, and LUXFORD, Printing- office, Salisbury, and may be liatl GENUINE of their Newsmen and Agents,' in bottles at 2s." Sd. and 4s. 6< i. each. QC%' In purchasing of Stranrers, it '• » necessary to guard against Counterfeits, by observing that the gcmunc'App'r-- v d Medicine always has " Thomas Mann, Ilorsham. Se n • i," engraved on the stamp, by tavour of the Ilca. - Comic. isionrrs of his Majesty's Stamp Duties, [ 300 THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. Sunday's Post. - By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, TUBLISKBD OS SAIURDAV NIGHT, MARCH 11. FOREIFJV OFFICE, March 8. THE Right Honourable George Canning, His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Fo- reign Affairs, has this day notified to the Ministers of Neutral Powers resident at this Court, that His Majesty has judged it expedient to establish the most rigorous blockade of the Isles of Mauritius and Bourbon; and that the same will be maintained and enforced in the strictest manner, according to the usages of war acknowledged and allowed in similar cases. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, March. 11. floe- Admiral Collingwood lias transmitted an account of various gallant actions performed by Capt. Lord Cochrane, the officers and ship's company of the Imperieuse, employed in the Bay of Rosas to assist the Spaniards ill defending that^ for- tress, iu which service bis Lordship has garrisoned Trinity Ca- tie, an outwork of tbe garrison ; but tin; Spaniards having, on Dcc. 5, surrendered the citadel of Rosas, Lord Cochrane destroyed Trinity - Castle, and embarked the garrison on board his ship. Extract of a Letter from the Hon. Rear- Admiral Slop- ford, dated Gear, at anchor, March J, 1809, Ckaisiron lAghf- house S. E. i 5. eleven miles, Boieins Liglt- house N. E. t'onr mile's. Wind North. TI 1F. enemy's ships remain at Isle d'Aix. On the 28th I closely reconnoitered them in tbe Cesar, and only counted ten sail of the line, four frigates, and the Cal- cutta. The eleventh ship of the line was observed on her beam ends, with all her masts gone, and apparently bilged She grounded upon the Shoal called Les Palles, within L'Isle .' Aix ; and is the same ship mentioned in my letter of the 27th ult. supposed by Captain Seymour to have be^ n a frigate. From many circumstances I apprehend this ship is the Warsaw, anew eighty. ' 1 he enemy's frigates remain at the Sables ( l'Olonne. One of them js abandoned by the crew, and bilged upon the Beach; another is hauled up close to the opening of a small inlet, but grounding every tide ; and the third is in t- i^ am - iuiation, . but not quite so near the inlet. STAFF.— Lieutenant- Colonel James Kempt, of the 81st ' Foot, to be Aid- dc- Camp to the King, vice Sir George Smith, deceased. BANKRUPTS. W (>. R- omley an- t R. Smith, HI Bisho » sgatr- » treet, auctioneers. H ' iry II illiar,* of James's Haymarkt, itmbMU- malwr. Tims: > 1 irtin, of Rlrnuaghan:, cordwainer. J, ha Oinrles, of Tr- gar,-, limber ilealer. Henry Mi. Is <, 1* Ouipbroagli, miller. JoimTmnlihs, of I;-;;' a. trocer, Benjamin Polai- k. " f- SlieOtieid, watch- maker. lJet - r ilobson, fit' 01 I'riitoo, coilon- spinner. Wolfel. yon, of Dai; tr< ae , Clare- arket, glass- merohant. ItiahanrForster, of H i ili- street, llloomsbuvy, cheesemonger. . t"! in B - 0 ar, of Oxford- street, s'lveKtnith, J'., Inunl Bradley. sen. of Broml y. baker. • lohn Jones, of Gloucester, cvdcr- merchgnt. John Charles Finch, - a' Ha- P- court, Drury- lane, victualler. John Gurtuy, of A- o.-- l.- i- o, Surrey, carpenter, Peter Fipnin, of DeiUiam, money- scrivener. JaiiH- s Riace, of Bnt'- lane, Ilaptford, dealer, Hicljflrd Samuel, of High- stroe-, St. Giles's, Mi ldlisex, linen- draper. SALISBURY. MONDAY, MARCH 1- 3, 1809.: HOUSE OF COMMONS. FRIDAY, March 10.] The Cape of Good Hope Trade Re rulation Bill was brought in, and read a fir t time. On resuming the debate respecting the charges against t'. e Commander in Chief, tbe Chancellor of the Exchequer stated, that the question was now a singular one ; it being whether th" original Address with his amendment, or the proposition of his Hon. Friend ( Mr. Ilankes) should be carried. Mr. Banles briefly stated the reasons which induced him to move an Address on this occasion, and concluded with moving an amendment, humbly representing to his Majesty, that the ilouce had been deeply engaged in the examination of certain charges against the Commander in Chief, respecting abuses in military ' apppointment ® , and oiher subjects connected with the armv; and the House, Upon the most mature deliberation, submitted it to his Majesty's decision, whether or not, from a review of all the circumstances, his Royal Highness ought to continue in his office as Commander in Chief of the Forces. M". Yorhe resisted the motion. A long debate again ensued, with another adjournment of that debate ; and at four o'clock in the morning the House adjourned to . Mon- day. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, MARCH 11. Paris Papers to the 1st inst. have been received. One of them ( the Journal de l'Empire), states, that Sara- gossa surrendered on the 21st of February, or, rather was taken by stortn. It is said, that on the entrance of a large body of French, headed by some of their best Generals, a mine was sprung ; by which several Generals, and a consi- derable number of French troops were destroyed. This determined the French General in Chief to direct that no quarter should be giveu, and consequently immense num- bers of Spaniards were sacrificed. They had asked for terms, but were refused ; but on their unconditional sur- render, the French General ( Lasnes) pardoned all. The same paper admits that a dreadful battle has been fought near Barcelona, in which the Spaniards obtained a victory. By a Gentleman, recently landed from the coast of Holland, we have been informed," that the Portu- guese Expedition had succeeded in its enterprise against Cayenne, and they were in full possession of that colony. A Russian Messenger arrived yesterday,— a circum- stance which made a strong impression in the market, on the principal articles of trade with that country. Tallow fell 20 per cent: and hemp and other articles experienced a proportionate degression. Accounts from the Brazils, received this morning, state that the market there is overstocked with Briti- h goods, and that our merchants will be considerable losers. A Duel was fought yesterday by the Hon. T. F and Lieut.- Col. L , who had quarrelled respecting the in- nocence or culpability of the Commander in Chief. The Colonel was slightly wounded in the shoulder. MARRIED.] On Monday, Mr. Fitzgerald, Son of Lord Henry Fitzgerald, to Miss Ford, a daughter of Mrs. Jordan. STOCKS.— Consols 67$.— 5 per Cent. Navy 98. Pott Betos. PLYMOUTH, March 10. On Wednesday came in a pilot boat belonging to Cawsand, from'sea: last evening, when off the Edystone, she was boarded by a French lug- ger, of 2 guns and 55 men, and rowing 36' oars, who, after plundering the boat, allowed the crew to make for land. The lugger had previously captured two brigs, and a fish- ing boat of this port. Oil Thursday caine in the Nelson, Capt. Mathews, from Gijon, with French prisoners: it is said that she brings an account, of the Spaniards having gained some advantages over the French. On Thursday also came in the Cadmus, of 18 guns, from Falmouth, with a fleet under convoy ; and tbe Charlemagne French schooner, from L'Orient, bound to the West Indies, with Hour and provisions, captured by the Raleigh, of 18 guns; which was left in ehace of several other*. This day ( Friday) sailed the Defiance, Blake, and Saturn, of 74, guns each, to the eastward ; Weazle, of 18 guns, on a cruize ; and Minerva, of 38 guns, on a cruize. PORTSMOUTH, March 11. Ills Excellency Don Juan Reis de Apodaca, Ambassador and Minister Plenipotentiary from His Catholic Majesty Ferdinand the Tilth, has been pleased to constitute and appoint George Phillips, Esq. Vice Consul of Spain and the Indies for the Port of Portsmouth and its vicinity. The Lark sloop, which has sailed from this port for America, has a Messenger on board with important dispatches, which it is hoped may lead to an accom- modation of the differences at present subsisting be- tween this country and the United States. The business of the Assizes for the county of Ilants was not ended at a late hour on Saturday evening, and both the Judges of Assizes ( Sir A. Thompson and Sir A. Chambre) were detained at Winchester, endeavouring to get through the trials.— Mr. Serjeant Pell arrived here on Saturday evening, and opened the commission for the Judges." There are eighteen prisoners for trial here, but among the whole no case that excites any extraordinary interest. One of Bonaparte's silver eagles, taken by a British trooper in Spain, and sold by him to a silversmith at Chi- chester, was purchased of the silversmith by Colonel Brereton, of this city, who has just received it from Chi- chester, and means immediately to present it to the Prince of Wales. Mr. Douglas Guest, Lecturer on the fine Arts at the Royal Institution, has gratuitously offered a large and appropriate painting for an altar- piece to the Church of St. Thomas, in this city. Lately was instituted to the Vicarage of Collaton Pialeigh, in the county of Devon and Diocese of Exeter, the Rev. Robert Greenwood, A. M. on the presentation of the Rev. the ' Dean of Exeter, now Dean of Salisbury. On the 28th of October last died, at Brussels, at an advanced age, James O'Conncll, Esq. formerly resident and possessed of considerable property in the. neighbourhood of Glastonbury, Somersetshire. On the 22d tilt, died, at Newport, in the Isle of Wight, after a few days illness, Mrs. Dennett, wife of James Dennett, Esq. sincerely lamented by her friends, anil the poor, to whom she was a liberal benefactress. On Wednesday last died, at her home in London, Mrs. Cornwall, relict of the Right Hon. Charles Wolfati Cornwall, Speaker of the House of Commons, and sister of the late Earl, of Liverpool. On Thursday last died, at West Dean, Mrs. Mitchell, wife of Mr. Mitchell, of that place. Doctor Thomas has committed to the press a third Edition of his Modern1 Practice of Physic, which points out the nature and cure of all the di- ea- es to which men, women, and children are liable under every variety of climate, and the work is in a state of forwardness. A large portion ol new and important matter has been added to this edition, so as to render it a very complete system of the present improved state of medicine, and make it a valuable acquisition, not only to those of the profession, but like- wise to the Clergy, and other country Gentlemen of classical education, who iu cases of sudden illness, either in their own fa mi ic-, or those of the poor, may wish for a safe guide to enable them to administer remedies suitable to the disease, until the assistance of the Faculty can be obtained.— Doctor Tbc* nas continues to give his advice to the poor of this City every Friday morning. The following Law Case having been imperfectly reported in our Journal of the VMku. lt. we are re- quested to insert the statement underneath, which would have appeared in our last, but for want of room. COURT of KING'S ISKNTU.— The King v. Sir Richard Colt Hoare, Hart, and Wm. Warry, Esq.— On Thurs- day February the flth came on to be argued in this Court, the special ca e reserved at the lust Taunton As; izes on the trial of this indictment, which was preferred hy Henry Da. ubeny, Esq. the Rev. Isaac Moukhouse, and others, against the defendants, for erecting three heavy spring catch- gates, in the space of about 1400 yards, across a public carriage- road, at a place called the Drove, in HoU well Common, and which the defendants htd so erected to divide their allotments awarded them under the late inclo- sure act for allotting arid dividing the said common, in- stead of fencing the same on each side the road, as tbe act direct--. When the Court gave judgment for tne defendants. Prosecutors had before removed these gates as a great nuisance, and an action was brought against them for so doing, which they defended by the advice of their counsel ; but upon arguing the demurrer which they filed to the plaintiff's replication, it was held not to be good, which put an end to that action, but the real merits did not at all come in question upon that argument. It was then advised that defendants should be indicted for the nuisance, and at the trial uf said indictment, defendants applied to the Judge to take a special vcrdiet, which was complied with. Prosecutors profess that what they did herein was for rhe good of the public at large, and, conceiving that the Act of Parliament for inclosing the said common did in express words forbid, as did the common law of the land, tbe erecting any gate or gates by any person or j - rsons, across a public carriage- road, they thought that they were sufficiently warranted in endeavouring to refnove so great a nuisance, and it is to be lamented that they failed therein, by reason of the great inconvenience to the public occasioned by the said gates. WEYMOUTH, March <}.— Notwithstanding all the dread- ful gales of wind and extraordinary high tides that have been experienced here during tbe winter, we are happy to state that little or no damage has been done to our shipping or harbour; it must be a source of much satisfaction to Mr. Allen, and it reflects equally as much to his credit, that tPTe very extensive works which he has had the superin- tendance and execution of forsome years past in improving the Esplanade, and extending tho pier, have stood the test of one of the most violent ca* a:!- ions of the sea we. ever witnessed iu this port. Sixteen thousand pounds have been laid out by the late Sir Wm. Pulteney and his representa- tives on this concern ; and it is said that government have it in contemplation to complete the remainder, and deepen and improve the Harbour for the safety of his Majesty's ships and shipping in general; it will be of infinite advan- tage in general to ship owners and merchants that an harbour of shelter ( so much wanted on this part of the coast) will in consequence be afforded to many vessels in distress, that may otherwise fall a sacrifice to the Elements in gales of wind, as was the case with part of Admiral Christian's fleet, and the Halsswell and Abergavenny East Indiamen. The 16' th regiment of Light Dragoons, under the com- mand of Colonel Anson, ( the finest corps in his Majesty's service), occupy the Bairacks lately quitted by the Hano- verian Light Horse, and, together with the 2d Somerset Regiment of Militia, under the command of Lord Hinton, are likely to remain here and compose part of a camp to be formed in this district, during the ensuing summer.— Col. Cooper's hospitality and politeness have much enlivened our fashionables during the last month, by repeated entertain- ments to select parties of nobility and gentry.— Last Friday he gave a most elegant dinner at his house in York Build- ings, to Lord Hinton, Major Stanhope, Mr. Stmt, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Williams, and a largo party of Officers of tbe Garrison. The band of the regi- ment was in attendance, and the whole was conducted in that stile of hiliarity ami taste which the worthy Colonel always displays when with his regiment.— Lady Burnaby is just arrived. WHEAT at Devizes, 68s. to I0CV.— At Warminster, 80. « . to 102S— BREAD at Basingstoke and Newbury, 2F. per gallon ; at Salisbury, 2s. 3d. WRITING PAPERS ( at the following Money- Prices) now sellins by BUOOIT, DOWDING, and LUXFORD, at the PRINTING- OFFICE, SALISBURY:— A few lots of thin quarto post paper (- 20 quires, no outsidcs) at 16s. the ream; fine yellow wove post at 18*.; thick ditto at 19s.; and fine thick ditto at 20s.; extra large thin wove post, for bankers remittances, & c. at 2 is.; a good second pot at 16s. Gd.; fine ditto at 18s. ; fine thin foolscap at - 20s. ; fine thick, ditto at 25s. ( id.; superfine ditto at 28s.; and law- yers draft or copv paper at 24s. the ream folio. N. B. Orders for the country executed on the same terms as if present, and the money returned if disapproved. [ 874 To FARMERS, SHEPHERDS, Sfc. ALiberal price will be given for any quantity of GROW QUILLS, by Messrs. BRODIE, DOWDING, and LUXFORD, Salisbuiy. [ 770 SALISBURY ASSEMBLY. THE ASSIZE BALL will be on Monday the 13th of March. H. BROOKE, 633] H. EYRE, "- Stewards. W. B.' BRODIE, J Dancing to commence at e'ght, and continue to an un- limited hour. Mr. GOODALL, M. C. THEATRE, SALISBURY. ON MONDAY EVENING, March 13, 180f), ( never performed here,) the Comedy of MAN AND WIFE or MORE SECRETS THAN ONE ! On TUESDAY, by Desire of Sir CHAS. W. MAIHT, Bart. Hieh Sheriff,— JOHN BULL, & PAUL AND VIRGINIA. On WEDNESDAY (" the second time),— The new Comedy o TIME'S A TKLf.' l ALE. On FRIDAY,— A Pliyand Farce, as will be expressed in the Bills of the Lay. T1IEATKE, SHAFTESBURY. MINTOJSrS COMPANY OF COMEDIANS. ON MONDAY, March 13, 180y, will be pre- sent.- d,— THE CASTLE SPECTRE, with BARNABY BRITTLE. On TUESDAY,— THE HEIR AT LAW, with the Panto, mime of HARLEQUIN HIGHLANDER. fy* For Thursday's and Saturday's Performance see the Bills of the Day. * [ sas TO JOURNEYMEN BRAZIERS. ' WANTED,— A Journeyman BRAZIER, who is a good workman ; he will find constant employ mcnt and aood wages by application ( if by Ivtt r, p n paid to Mr. R. Roberts, " brazier, He. Shaftesbury, Dorset. CFOWLE, grateful for the favors'conferred on • her for a number of years in the MILLINERY LINE returns her most sincere thinks to the la lies, her triends and the public, who honoured her wirh their favours, and in forms them, she has declined business in favour of Mrs TOWSEY, jun. and Miss S. LLOYD, whom she begs vo re- commend to their future favours. [ 828 UTOWSEY and S. LLOYD take the liberty to » inform ih; U'dies, their fri nds and the public, they have taki n the Business and Shop of Miss C. FOWLE, anil that they intend, with the assistant: - of a Pers n of the first Hhilities frooi London, toba'rrv n the MILLINERY and FANCY DRESS Business, and hope by a str. ct attention to merit their favours and patrona e. BLANDFOKD. March ' IWFIF. P" R. LEVY begs leave to rettir • tin , t; . lv'JL to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Chrstc urc'n and its environs for the very liberal support they hav- favoured him with during his stay ; and at the sam • time informs the Gcntrv and h « t Friends in general, he has entered into Part'ersh p w; th Mr. JACOB, who is perfectly acquainted with WATCH MAKINO and JEWEI. LINB ; they have open- d a Snop rcpl- te with the mostt legant assortment of Watches, Jewellery, n 1 their Friends ar. i the Public may be assured of their con- stant endeavours to merit supp > rt. f796 KBYFORD GRAMMAR SCHOOL, FROME. I^ lIE Inclemency of the Weather at the opening of the School after the late Christmas Vacation havit prevented the arrival, of several Pupils that had been pro- mised, Mr. ROBERTS takes the lib.- rtv of informing his friends arid the public, that the ensuing Quarter commences on the 27th inst. At this Seminary, while every attention is paid to the in- fraction of the Scholars in Latin. French, and English Lite- rature, th - ir domestic comforts are by no means neglected.— The situation of the House, which mav he truly said to b, '' rus in oppido," possesses every local advantage ; and the in convenience of crowding numbers into on apartment, by which epidemic ,1 diseases are frequently generated, is en tirely avoided, by each young Gentleman being provided with a separate bed. The Pupils in general attend a Dissenting Place of Worship with the family; but those whose parents prefer the Church, will be accompanied thither by an Assistant. [ TFIN MPI1E GRAND STATE LOTTERY begins JL Drawing the lathof next Month. The SCHEME contains 4 Prizes of.... _£' 20,000 2 of £ l<), 0() 0 I 6 of £ 1000 2 of.... 5,000 I 10 of.... 500 & c. & c. Sc. A FREE GIFT of 1000 TICKETS for the FIRST DAY, and a FREE GIFT of 500 TICKETS for the SECOND DAY, WHEREBY One Ticket may gain £ 100,000 I Half £ 50,000 I Eighth £ 12,500 Quarter 25,000 | Sixteenth 6,250 Tickets and Shares, in great variety of numbers, are now selling Tor Sir JAMES BRANSCOMB and Co.) by BRODIE, DOVVDING, and LUXFORD, at the'PRINTING OFFICE, SALISBURY; where'No. 1359, a Prize of £- 20,000, was sold in the last Lottery ; No. 6145, a Prize of £ 20,000 in the October Lottery; and where three Prizes of £- 20,000, several of £ 10,000, £ 5000, & c. were sold in the preceding Lotteries. [ 876 Prizes to the Amount of ONE MILLION Sterling have been sold by Si. r J. llranscomb and Co, in former Lotteries. CAPITAL OAK AND ELM TIMBER, Fit for Navy Purposes. HPO he SOLD,— 3245 OAK TREES, with the 1 Lops, Tops, and Bark, standing in Loosehanger Park, Birchin Coppice, Little Birchin Coppice, and Wormstalls Coppice, situate in the parish of Downton, in the county of Wilts, about twelve miles from Rcdbridge River, which is navigable to Southampton. Sealed proposals ' post paid) to be sent to the office of Mr. Heath, solicitoi, Chippenham, Wilts, before the first day of April next. William Nicholas, of Downton, will shew the Timber. Fuller particulars in next Journal. [ 806 SALISBURY, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. GATE- HOUSE, on Wednesday the 15th day of* March inst. and following day, — Upwards of 200 Lots of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, removed for conveniency of sale to a house situated in High- street* [ H72 The sale to beein at eleven o'clock each morhing. Isle of Wight.— Navi/ and other Timber. NNO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. YOUNG, 1 at the Sun Inn, Newport, on Thursday March 20, at four o'clock in the afternoon, in seven lots, 541 OAK TIMBER TREES, 272 AS! I TIMBER TREES, and 2 ELMS. For a view arid other paiticulars apply to Farmer James Barton, at Bihstcd Lodge; to Mr. Cole, of Cheverton Farm ; and to Farmer Dunkinson, of Beanacre Farm. Particulars of the Lots, & c. in next Journal. - [ 857 Com Ricks, Team offme Horses, Dairy Coivs, & c. at Nnrmar.- couTt Farm, Mwcen Korr. sey & Stockbridge. I70II SALE by AUCTION, by .1. Yousr,, on £ the premises," on Wednesday the aflth inst. The valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, and ptrt of the FUR- NITURE, belonging to Mr. T. BUTT, leaving business. Fuller particulars in next Journals. fsi4 FORDINGBRIDGE. HpO he SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN HANNF. K, ft on the premis-' s, on Friday the 17th of March 1809,— All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of the late Mr. WM. SIIEPPATID. Sale to btgin at one o'clock. [ 873 Further printed particulars of the Auctioneer. Elegant and Modern Household Furniture, Hfc. at Great Bridge House, near Romsey. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by C. SHARP, on Tuesdav March SS, 1809, and following days,— All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, the pro- perty of CHARLES BERNARD, Esq. who is about to leave the premises. Catalogues and further particulars to be had ( GRATIS) at the place of sale, or at the Auctioneer's upholstery warehouses in Romsey. ' ' [ 845 BLANDFORD, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN IIOYLE, fwithout res- rve,! on Wednesday March 22, 1809, and following day,— All the valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, the property of Miss FOWLL: printed particulars of which may be had of the Auctioneer, Blandfbrd.. [ 803 ROWD, WILTS. Fine Dairy of Cows, fifty Tons of HAY, S,' C. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. IIISCOCK, on Wednesday" the 22d of March, 18P9, at eleven o'clock, on the premises of Edward Hiscock, Smithwick Farm, Rowd, near Devizes, Wilts, who is leaving the same; comprizing 2- s most useful Dairy Cows, in and with ealvcs ; two fat Cows; one Bull ; three two- year old Cart Colts ; a yearling d'tto; three Sows and Pigs ; upwards of 20 tons of old dry Meadow Hay; 30 tons of new ; the whole exceed- ingly well secured ;— and other Effects. Catalogues in due time at the neighbouring Inns ; place of sale ; and of Mr. Hiscock, surveyor an3 auctioneer, Stroud- green, Newbury. [ S38 RE » LION INN, GILLINGIIAM, In the county of Dorset. nno be SOLD by AUCTION, by II. PLOWMAN, A on the Premises, on Thursday next, the 16th instant, between the hours of four and six o'clock in the afternoon, All that long established and good accustomed INN, called the RED LION, at Gillingbam, with excellent Cellars, Brewhouse, Store Rooms, Stables, and other convenient offices; a good GARDEN and ORCHARD adjoining, and about one acre of LAND at a short distance from the House. The premises are Copyhold of Inheritance, nearly equal to Freehold. The situation is most desirable, being in the direct road between the Market Towns of Shaftesbury and Wincanton, in one of the largest parishes in the county, where there is only one more public bouse, and no other within several miles of it.— The house is in. full trade, the draught of Beer, He. very great, with a large demand for Wine and Spirits, and which, by proper attention to Gentle- men Travellers, tkc. would be considerably increased. *#*• So good an opportunity seldom oilers to persons de- sirous of being engaged in the Public Line of Business. The purchaser may probably have an opportunity of taking off' the Household Furniture, Stock, Brewing Utensils, & c. by appraisement. [ ti7u For further particulars please apply to Mr. WINCH, solicitor, Salisbury; or the Auctioneer, at Shaftesbury; and for a sight of the same, to H. GOODFELLOW, on the premises. rpO be DISPOSED OF, - An old established JL MANUFACTORY in the SALISBURY FLANNEL and LIVSEY line, repl te w-. th Machinery of various kinds. For further particulars apply by letter ( post paid) to A. B. to be left at the Printing Office. [- 236 ' TO CLOTHIERS. TO be DISPOSED OF, A very old and exten- sive CONCERN, including every branch of the Salis- bury If'ooUen Manufacture, with Fulling Mills and Spinning Machio - ry attached thereto, Looms, Racks, Presses, ftc. The STOCK of Manufactured GOODS to be tak 11 or not as may be agreed on. The Warehouses and Fulling Mills, will be Lett at an annual rent. For further particulars apply to the Printers. [ 613 npo be~ SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, in 1 Lots.— Nine Acres of FREEHOLD MEADOW GROUND, adjoining the town of Marlborough, in Wilts; Weing tile property of a Gentleman leaving his residence. For particulars and to treat for the purchase apply to Mr. Townsend, solicitor, Newbury, Berks. ' [ 761 POOLE, DORSET. ' PO be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— 1 A FREEHOLD WHARF, contiguous to the Quay, and adjoin ng the public road it me extremity, and the channel at the other;— length to the Pier Head, 270 feet; breadth, 70; advantageously situated for trade : it has formerly been used as a Ship- builder's Yard. A,' Tenement is on the pre- —- - For particulars apply to Mr. Walters, No. 3, Tay- lor's Buildings. [ 818 W1SHFORD, WILTS. TO he SOLD during the Planting Season, A most valuable new, early WHITE POTATOE, very early and a most a1 undant bearer : no potatoe whatever can exceed it as to quality, & c. The price is one Shilling per Gallon only. If they are n » t found to answer as to the above, the mvney to he returned. Ord rs received f - r the above ( free of espcnce) by Mr. Miller, K na's Head Inn, Rsherton- bridge, and by William Dredge, Wishford, Wilts. ' ' [ 798 HORSES. < T< 0 be SOLD,— Two HORSES, of the following fi description, warranted sound, the property of a Gentle- man goina abr ad : A BAY GELDING, seven years old, nearly thorough bred, has been used to be drove both in a curricle and in a gig, and also r il- e Pr ce 7o Guineas. A BAY GELDING, six years old, has been hunted, and used occasionally as a charger: an excellent leapcr. Price 60 guineas. Apply to the Printers. The Horses may be seen in Salisbury. [ 789 rIX) COVER this Season, at Barford St. Martin's, 1 near Wilton, at one Guinea a Mare, and seven shil- lings for keep. ' That well- known good Hunter OLD MARSK, lat- e the property of Capt. Jervis : be was g , t by Ciayhall Marsk, out of Rutilia, ai d is own brother to Sir Edward. Apply to John Swi tman, at B rmrd. [ 875 rPWO neat DWELLING- HOUSES to LETT. 1 within a mile of POOLE, iu the pleasant Village of Parkstone, furnished or unfurnished ; consisting of two par- lours in frant, five sleeping rooms, with a kitchen, cellar, pi try, and scullery adj nning; likewise a Stable and Coach- IIJUSV, Garden, and Shrubbery.— Pasture Land may be had, at the Tenant's wish.—— Also a good- accustomed BRICK- KILN to be lett. [ One Concern.] For furtner particulars apply at Moore's Lottery Office, Poole. [ 743 PUBLIC HOUSE. IX) be LETT, and entered on at Lady- dav,— The . WHITE HART, at West Cowes, Isle of Wicht. Enquire of Ploughman, May, and Co. Romsey. [ 816 r| X) be LETT, from Lady- day next,— A cotive- f. nient DYE HOUSE, in the neighbourhood of FHOME, Somerset, having room for five vats- and four furnaces, well supplied with water; and 111 no danger of beina flooded at any time; with full conveniences for washing stages, and a very g 101 stove and packhouse. For further particulars apply to Mr. Rossiter, Frome. * [ 7A3 DORSET. TO be LETT, by the Year,— A genteel LODG- ING, FURNISHED, pleasantly situated in the Country, one mile tram a Mark- t- town, fit tor the immediate reception of a gentleman and his wife, or lady and her daughter and maid- servant; consisting of two or three bed- rooms, one parlour, antl a kitchen [ 534 For particulars apply by letter ( post paid) to the Printers. HO be LETT and entered 011 immediately, at I RINGWOOD, HANTS, A small, compact BiiICK HOUSE, lately in the occupation of Mrs. Haskell; consist- ing of two good parlours, kitchen, hall, and a cellar for wine, beer, and a larder; four good bed rooms, a dressing room adjoining to one of them, antl three good garrets ; a yard, wash- house, coal- hole, pigsty, and a small garden paled round. ' The house dry, and in good repair. For particulars enquire of Mrs". Smart, Reading, Berks ; letters post- paid. [ « 07 Elizabeth Green will shew the premises. HYTHE, NEAR SOUTHAMPTON, rpo LETT, at Lady- day,— A comfortable COT- .1 TAGE, READY- FURNISHED, with chaise- house, two- stalled stable, wash- house, & c. detached, and a good kitchen garden. The house stands in a shrubbery, and commands a view of the channel: the country is picturesque, the roads excellent, and the neighbourhood sociable. Some pasture, f required. For particulars enquire of Mr. Colson, broker, Southamp- ton ; if by letter, post paid. [ 852 ALL Persons who stili remain indebted to the Estate of BENJAMIN CHARLES CI'LINS, Es. p late of Salis- bury, and of Mortimer- street, CavenIsh- square, London, wh ) died in January 189S, are earnestly requested to pay the sam*, without further delay, toJoiiN DOWDING, Bookseller, 011 the Cinal, Salisbury, who is authorised hy TOWNLEY WARD, Esq. the Acting Executor, to receive the same : and f any person or persons have any Claim upon the Estate, an 1 have not yet delivered an Account of their Demands, they are now desired to transmit the sa ne immediately to the said Jon N Dow01 so, in order that they may be discharged. SALISBURY, March 10, 1809. [ 835 THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, PRICE THREE SHILLINGS, VIEW of the POLITICAL SITUATION of the Province of UPPER CANADA, in North America. In which her Physical Capacity is stated ; the means of dimi- nishing her Burden, encreasing her Value, and securing her Connection to GREAT BRI TAIN are fully considered.— With NOTES and APPENDIX. By JOHN MlLl^ S JACKSON, Esq. Salisbury: Printed by BRODIE, DOWDING, and LUXFORD, for W. EARLE, 48, Albemarle- street, London; and sold by the Booksellers of Salisbury, Southampton, Bath, Bristol, Liverpool, & c. & c. Shortly will be published ( by subscription), for the benefit of his Widow and her Son, ATECI1ETICAL LECTURES, by the late _ Rev. Dr. PURDY, Vicar of Cricklade. Subscriptions of One Guinea each are received at the Print- ing- office on the Canal, Salisbury. [ 782 c FOR SALE by AUCTION, at Garraway's Coffee- house, in Exchange- alley, Cornhill, London, on W< d nesday the 15th of March 1809, at five o'clock in the after- noon,— 400 Bags ( prime Leonissa) SPANISH WOOL. Catalogues to be had of C. and J. D. JACOMB, No. 2, Copthall- buildings, Throgmorton- street, 861] London. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Custom- house, Poole, on Thursday the 16th inst. at two o'clock in the afternoon,— About 160 Gallons FOREIGN BRANDY, 16 Gallons FOREIGN GENEVA. Also, the HULL of the SEA GUI. L CUTTLR, a » she now lies, to be broken up and removed by the purchaser within one month after the day of sale. [" 821 Seasoned CHRISTIANA DEALS and BATTENS HIXJ he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, for 1 rcadv money,— 120 BATTENS, Thirty- seven 13 ft. 3 in. YELLOW DEALS, and Sixty- five 10 ft. " 2k in. ditto. *#* Apply at Vidler's Cabinet and Upholstery Warehouse, High- street, Salisbury.- [ ggj Evford, Wilts: six Miles from Amesbtfry. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. VoLER, on Wednesday the 29th of March, 1809, nStf followin> day, The whole of the MATERIALS of ENFORD- HOUSU; comprising excellent deal floors, doors, wainscot- ing, two stair- cases, sashes, frames, and shutters ; a larre quantity ot prime oak in girders, beams, and joists; in the roof, principals, plates, and rafters; lead gutters, tiles, stuns chimney pieces and slabs ; the walls are stone and bricks. The sale to begin at eleven o'clock in the morning. Catalogues at the place of sale, and at the Auctioneer's. High- street; Salisbury. May be viewed any day previous to the sale. bv applying to the Keeper, on the premises. ' ' fgjjt; ' TIMBER, AT ENFOHD, WILTS " TO he SOLD by AUCTION, by J. VIDLER, at the White Swan, at Enford, on Friday the 17th of March instant, at two o'clock in the aftSnoon,—( IF) ELMS - 1 ASH 45 CH ESN UTS, 17 WALNUTS, SO LIMES, 9 POPLARS! with their TOP and LOP, as they now stand in Enford Pail-, and the grounds adjoining. Also, several Pieces of V: h and Poplar, down; together with 38 Elm, 42 Ash, and several Sycamore- POLLARDS.— Which will be sold in fiiteen lots as ill printed Particulars, to be had of the Auctioneer, or of the Keeper at the House, who will shew the Timber, any day previous to the sale (-^ 71 NEW FOREST, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at Lvndhurst, ly order of the Right Hon. Lord Glenbervie, Surveyor- General of his Majesty's Woods antl Forests, 011 Thursday the 23d day of March 1809, A large Quant ty of Small BEECH TfMBER and WOOD. Further particulars will appear in a future paper. [ 7,7 ELM AND ASH TIMBER. ' r| XJ be SOLD by AUCTION, at the New Inn. X at Weston, near Itchen Ferry and Southampton, by GEORGE HOOKEY, on Tuesday the" 2i- st of March, 1809, at three o'clock in the afternoon,— 174 ASH and 34 ELM TIM- 1 BER TREES, in nineteen Lots, lying in Weston Woods. May be viewed by application to Mr. Hayes, Weston- house. * 1- 740 ELM TI M B E R.— GO MEL DON, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Tuesday the 21st day of March inst. at the Maidenhead Inn, in tile city of N ew Sarum, at half- past three o'clock in the aft rnoon, toge- ther or in lots, as may be determined on nt the place < f sale, - Twenty- seven capital ELM TREES, marked numerically from 1 to 27 inclusive, with the Lop arid Top thereof, standing and being on Gomeldon Farm, in the parish of Idmist- n, in the county of Wilts, in the occupation ot Mr. Geou'e Batt. For particulars apply at tbe office of Messrs. Tanner and Cooper,. Salisbury ; and for a view of the timber to Mr. Geo. Batt, on the farm. fagf, T I M B E R TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. COREI. V, on Tuesday the 21st of March instant, at one o'clock iu the afternoon, at the Dolphin, at Harper's Lane, in tl: e parish of Meieombe Horsey, in tl. e county of Dorset,— 124 OAK a- d ASH TIMBER TREES, now standing and marked < 11 Mel- combe Horsey Farm, with the TOPS a- d BARK. For viewing the Timber apply to Mr. John House, at Har- per's Lane. Harper's l. anc is ten miles from Dorch- ster, eight from Blandford, and six from Cerne. [ s.' u TIMBER. ' TO be SOLD by AUC TION, by J. CORCIN, on the 20th of March inst. at one o'clock in the afternoon, at the White Hart, in Shroton, in the county of Dorset — 68 OAK and ASH TIMBER TREES, now standing and marked in Roger Hav's Coppice, in the parish of Iwerne. Also 77 OAK and ASH TIMBER TREES, now standing and marked in tht? Brake, in the parish of Shroton W'th the TOPS and BARK. For viewing the Timber at Iwerne, apply to John Prince • and the Timber at Shroton, to Mi. John Goddurd. Shroton and Iw.- rne are about five miles from Blandford, Seven from Shaftesbury ; and Roger Hay's Coppice is about a quarter of a mile from the turnpike road leading, from Blandford to Shaftesbury. [ K^ O _ __ TIMHE! L ' • TO be SOLD W AUCTION, by Mr. MANT, on Thursday the 6th of April 1809, at'the Phoenix Inn, in Twyford,— Several Lots of OAK ft ASH TIMBER TREES, now standing and growing in tiie parishes of Twyford and Ouslebury. For particulars, and a view of the same, apply to John Berry, ofTwyford aforesaid. Sale to begin at three o'clock. [ 856 WARMINSTER, WILTS. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. DANIELI., 1 on Tuesday the 21st day of March I HI 9, r. n the premises at Smallbrook Farm,—- One good HACKNEY MARE, and twelve prime DAIRY COWS, cither in calf or with calves, the property of a person quitting the said farm. . Sale to begin at eleven o'clock. [ 788 GREEN PARKT* PLACE,~ bA'i'H. * rIX) be SOLD or LET I', with immediate possession1, 1 — An excellent well- planned FAMILY- HOUSE, pos- sessing every domestic convenience, together with 1 irge draw- ing- rooms opening into a viranda, anil commanding an ex- tensive view into the country ; situat - d in a most c mvenient as Weil ns fashionable part of the city, being near the Market and places of amusement; lately fitted up in a most elegant style; the property and late residence of G. L. Wardle, Esq. M. P. Application ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. C. Pitt, agency- office, Southampton, will be'punctu diy attended to. Also a large FAMILY- HOUSE, with Park, in Flintshire, to he LETT ; and two FREEhOLD HOUSES in Southamp- ton to be SOLD. [ 5.0 CHRISTCHURCH, HANTS. TO be LETT, RKADY- FURNISHBD, for a Year and a Half, from the 25th day of March instant,— All that handsome modern brick- built MANSION- HOUSE, called HUBBORNE- LODCE, with a Lawn in front, surrounded by a Shiubbery. It is situated 011 an eminence, about two miles from the beautiful shore of Muddiford, to which is a good road : it commands beautiful and extensive views of the sea. Isle of Wight, and adjacent country; is bordering on the New Forest, near fox- hounds and barters, and in the midst of a genteel ncighb mrhood. The Mansion consists of an entrance hall; breakfast, dining:, and drawing rooms; five sleeping rooms, with convenient closets ; a servants' hall, kitchen, laundry, and cellars ; detached are servant.' sleeping rooms, brewhouse, and other ofRcts; stabling for seven horses; coach hftuse, barn, and yard; with a cottage and garden for a . labourer; a good walled garden, well stocked w th fruit trees; and about two acres of. land adjoining. Tickets for viewing the premises and further particulars may be had of Mr. Hooper, attorney at law, Rinfiwood. Letters to be post paid. [ 733 GENTEEL COUNTRY RESIDENCE, IN TUG VICINITY IVF BATH. TO be LETT, wi. ih immediate possession, A compact DWELLING- HOUSE, with suitable " fiiccs attached and detached, a coach- house, stable, extensive walled garden, and an orchard which produces good cider, and about ten acres of excellent meadow land adjoining, situate at MiddlehiU, within the parish of Box, in the county of Wilts, about f ur miles from Bath, late in the occupation- of Mr. Neate, the proprietor. The house is roomy, and repftte with every convenience for the accommodation of a genteel* family, and the, neigh- bourhood in every respect une\ ceptionable. The situation is delightful, possessing a picturesque view of tbe adjacent country, and is within a quarter of a mil trcyn tlib turnpike- road leading from Bath to London, and stage- coaches and other public carriages arc almost constantly passing to and from Bath. For a view of the premises apply to Mr. Noble, at the Spn- house; and for other particulars .' if by letter, post paid 1 to Mr. Neate, at Upton Scudamorc, near Warminster, Wilts ; or Mr. Lee, wine- merchant, Gascoyne- place, Bath. [ 7S6 PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BROOIE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; TVhere Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of News are received ( Postagepaid). Also by the FIT - EM arid BOOKSELLERS i » the WW of England; by the respective ; end in Ldndon by M* m. TAYLER and NEWTON, No. 5, Warwick- Square, Warwick- Lane, Newgate- Street, ar. d Mr. WU. KIE, Bookseller, Paternoster- Row, St. Paul'-.
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