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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Volume Number: LVIII    Issue Number: 2928
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser

Date of Article: 24/02/1809
Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number: LVIII    Issue Number: 2928
No Pages: 4
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* Y\ mM mmi " fs - S r AND MIDLAND COUNTIES GENERAL ADVERTISER Vol. LVIII. Printed and Published by John Price, Market- place Leicester, [ No. i92t FRIDAY, February - 24, 1809. - ) Circulated through the principal Towns, & populous Villages, in the Counties of Leicester; Rutland, ) t Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby, Stafford, Warwick, Northampton, Cambridge, and York. S I Price SIX PENCE, i( r J One Pound Seven Shilling p. Ann SUNDAY'S Sf TUESDAY'S POSTS LONDON. MONDAY, Feb. 20. Dutch and German Papers down to the 29th nit. have been received in town; by which we learn, that Austria still persists in her mi- litary equipments. Twenty thousand French conscripts have lately been sent into Germany. The mos, active preparations are making by the King of Naples ( Murat) for making a descent on Sicily. Mr. Adair, our Minister at Constantinople, has had his first audience of the Grand Seignior and was most favourably received. This in- telligence is given in letters from Gibraltar, dated the 27th ult. The Cabinets of Saxony and Bavaria, are • cach engaged in measures for the augmentation of their military establishments. In Saxony the recruiting service is forwarded with great activity, and it is said that the system of con- scription will shortly be adopted there. A militia is forming in Bayaria, and vast num- bers of ammunition- waggon* and military Tehicles, called ambulances, have been built at Munich. The Emperor of Austria lately made a sur- vey of the new works constructing at JablUnka, Eruen, and Olmutz, accompanied by the above Simarro— it is evident, therefore, that the victory of which he boasted, oijep the corps of Gen. Penegas, on the 13th, lrad not produced any result favourable to the enemy, as, fifteen days after, we fiud lie had not gained an inch of ground. The Duke of Infantado had established his head- quarters at Moya, on the borders of Valencia, communicating with the army of Gen. Reding, in Catalonia, and being, at the same time, in a condition to support the army in La Mancha. The Valencia Gazette states, that the Mar- quis Lazun was on the 22d January at Gorona, that a division of his army under Gen. Cloro, had driven the enemy from Ampurias, and had pushed its patroles as far as Rosas, and had surprised at the village of Padret, a body of Italian troops, having under their escort a considerable quantity of military stores for Rosas No mention is made of Saragossa, further than that an atmy was forming at Barbastro, in Arragon, for its relief. The gallant General Romana and his troops have taken possession of Bayona, a sea- port to the south- west of Vigo, from, which our shipping may carry them oil' in safety, if found necessary. to assist in the garrisons of Cadiz, Carthagena, Ceuta, and Minorca, during the war. We hope the Treaty will now be laid bn the t § > b% of the two Houses of Parliament. This Comfhander of the British Squadron in the Adriatic, has been engaged in a negocia- tion with the Russian Admiral at Trieste. By a letter from an Officer, dated off that port the 28th December, we understand that our propositions were to the following effect, namely— that the Russian fleet, which at the above date consisted of four ships of the line and two ( f 50 guns, should be dismantled, and laid up in Trieste ; that the guns, & c. should be landed, and to remain so until six months after the conclusion of peace between England and Russia.— The reasons urged for this concession on that part of the enemy, resulted from the injury which the town sus- tained in consequence of the rigorous blockade to which the presence of the Russian fleet ex- posed it, and further to the damage it would necessarily suffer from the further operation, which, in the event of refusal, our Com- mander would consider himself obliged to undertake. Wanted, A YOUTH of respectable Connections, as an ARPRENTICE to a GROCER and TEA DEALER.— Enquire of Mr. B. CARTER, Grocer, Market Place, Leicester. Leicester,. 10th Feb. 1809. Archdukes Charles and Maximilian. Jablun- ka is in Teschen, and commands the pass in the mountains leading to Hungary. The desertion in the Bavarian army is so great, that the Government has found it ne- cessary to declare that all deserters shall be shot if taken, and all persons assisting or har- bouring them are to suffer two years imprison- ment in irons, and the confiscation of their property. Some modification of tile French Decree of September, which prohibited the introduction of colonial produce from Holland, appears to have taken place, an official notice having been published at Antwerp declaring that colonial produce would be admitted there from Holland, if furnished with the previously- pre- scribed certificates of the origin. The French Consul at Rotterdam had given notice to the same effect, but we are unable to ascertain tile date of these notices. A project of a new Law is before the Dutch Legislative Body, for preventing smuggling with England/ the penalties heretofore in- flicted being insufficient. It is now proposed to punish the first offence with confiscation of propel ty:— The second, with death. Asker Khan, the Persian Ambassador in France, is to return to Teheran early in the spring, and is to be succeeded by the present Governor of Toris. The French General Gardaune, Minister to the Shah, is represent- ed as having obtained great influence over that Sovereign. During the time the Persian Court was encamped at Sultaula, Gardanne • was lodged in an Imperial tent, with a guard of honour. The English Mission, it is added, liad wholly failed in its endevours to inflapnce the Emperor.— We have the satisfaction, how ever, to know, through more authentic chan- nels, that the Emperor is exceedingly averse to the idea of entering into a war, and has de- clared his desire to cultivate peace with us. Dutch Papers to the 8th, containing ex- tracts from Paris Journals to the 2d inst. have been received; by which it appears, that Bonaparte has actually returned to Paris; but We are not able to learn when he arrived there, nor is any mention made of the Coronation of bis brother Joseph, as had been reported, though the people of Madrid are represented as very anxious for that event taking place, for which preparations are making. The Madrid Gazette of the 22d of Januafy, contained an annunciation that the Emperor bad sworn the destruction of Saragossa; but that the mercy and humanity which charac- terize him, had induced him once more to summon it to surrender. In case of its further refusal to submit, it would be devoted to perdi- tion, being the only part of Spain which conti- nued in a state of insurrection, he being muster of all the other provinces. There are no Bulletins of the army in the It is confidently stated in the Spanish Papers, that an extensive desertion has taken place amongst the Italian, Swiss, and German troops, in the French service. Nearly half of the Saxon troops, it is said, have deserted to the Patriots, and that the contingent of the Prince of Reuss, amounting to 250 men, went over to the Spaniards, with their colours, and three of their officers. Some entire companies of Swiss troops, and upwards of 1500 Italians, are represented to htve done the same. A Gibraltar paper of a late date, states as follows :—" All the artillery belonging to the Garrison, with 500 infantry, have been employed these three days in the Spanish lines in shipping off all the guns and warlike stores in the different forts and batteries, for the purpose of sending them to Tarragona and Valentia, where they are much want- ed, and for which transports are now fitting out here: and we understand, that, all the ordnance and stores at Algesiras, and round the neighbouring coast are in like manner to be shipped off, where they may be more actively employed; " This measure has diffused the most uni- versal satisfaction throughout the garrison, and is a strong proof of the liberal and en- lightened policy of the Spanish Government towards us, as they seem anxious to remove every means by which the place could be annoyed in future, in case any reverse of fortune should take place in Spain, which might enable the enemy to penetrate to this neighbourhood. , " The utmost enthusiasm still prevails < along the whole of the provinces on the coast of the Mediterranean, where every man ca- pable of working or fighting is daily employ- ed in the common cause ; and if furnished with arms, of which they are still much in want, it would hardly be possible to subdue them." * We have the pleasure to announce' the ar- rival at Cadiz of the San Justofrom Vera Cruz, with nine millions and a half of dollars, up- wards of two millions sterling. This is the richest cargo that has been sent from the Spanish settlements to the Parent State, and is one- fifth of the total annual supply from those countries in times of peace and prosperity. About seven millions of dollars belong to the Government. The rest is private pMperty ; but we imagine the whole will, for the present, be applied by the Junta to the public use. The Expedition under General Mackenzie, which our last letters from Lisbon stated to be ready for sea, actually sailed on the lstinst. This intelligence has been received by the ship William, Capt. Ilolman, which arrived at Liverpool on Tuesday last, in twelve days from Lisbon. The transports sailed under the convoy of a frigate, and the destination of the Expedition is understood to be Cadiz. The remainder of the British troops in Portugal were preparing for embarkation, and it was believed that the whole would be removed as soon as possible to the South of Spain. French Papers, and not much is saiif" 0t its progress towards the South of Spain. ' i lie capitulation of the City of Corunna was signed on the 19th ult. by Marshal Soult and the Governor De Alzedo. The articles are thirteen in number, but they do not con- tain any feature of importance. The terms are rather lenient. An amnesty has been granted to all the inhabitants, even to those who held official « ituations; military and marine officers are allowed to retain their rank, on taking the oath of allegiance to King Joseph. Those who refuse to take that oath are to b considered as prisoners of war. Yesterday were received accounts from the Eastern coast of Spain, to the 30th ult. by the Intrepid, Capt. Hewison, which on Friday arrived in Standgate Creek, from Alicant. The intelligence by this conveyance from Catalonia and Valencia, is of subsequent date to the advices lately received by way of Ca- diz, and is of a very agreeable complexion.— ' 1 he head quarters of the French army of the Duke de Rellune, were, on the 28th January, at San Clemeute— his advanced corps occu- pi » d the passes of Sifanta, and had constructed v orks to defend the bridge over the Jucaron Orders have l. eeu sent to Cork for the im- mediate sailing of the tiansports - comprising Gen. Shvrbrookc's expedition, which had sought shelter in that and the neighbouring ports during the late gales. The vessels which had put into Kinsale, Wa'erford, have all re- assembled at Cove. This expedition is to be followed by another, consisting of 4- or 5000 men, as soon as the transports, which are under orders to sail from Portsmouth the moment the wind per- mits, can make their passage to Cork to take the troops on board. Yesterday his Excellency Don Pedro Cevallos, and Suite, arrived in town from Portsmouth. Ilis Secretary has been in Lon- don some days. At the same time two Spa- nish Couriers, the bearers of dispatches to his Excellency, reached town. By the same vessel which brought them to England, Mi- nisters received dispatches from Mr. Frere; and it was whispered that the Treaty with the Junta of Seville w as formally ratified and ex- changed. It is said that MO arc to Le allowed Four or five flags of Truce wfere sent in during the correspondense which passed on. the occasion, and each time the Russian Ad- miral summoned a Counsel of War— the Rus- sian Consul resident at Trieste, was likewise invited to attend.— A refusal was, however, the result of their deliberations, and the Rus- sian ships were warped further up the harbour.' Yesterday, Letters and Papers were receiv- ed from Charleston by the Good Voyage, bound from that port to Cadiz, but put into Liverpool in consequence of receiving somfe damage. The Charleston Courier of the 6th ult. received by the above, contains a letter, from St. John's, Antigua, noticing the de- tention and arrival at that port of the American ship Maryland, of 22 guns and 40 men.— In the same paper, there is another article, stating, that Mr. Smith, Secretary to the Navy, had declared in his report that the sum of 2,602,949 dollars would be wanting in the ensuing year for the support of the navy; and that a special act of Congress was necessary for employing 284 additional midshipmen and 2000 seamen. There are at present lying in the harbour j of New York, 240 ships, 130 brigs, and 90 s- jhooners, making a total of 400 vessels.— The tonnage of the above amounts to 80,000' tons, and it would require to navigate them at least 4700 seamen. It may be added, that if the embargo were raised, there could not be found more than two seamen for each vessel, this useful class of men having deserted their own country to procure bread. One of the objects of the American Embar- go was to keep their seamen at home ; but we have been informed by a gentleman who lately left the United States, that the Chesapeake fri- gate, when ordered on a cruise, for the pur- pose of detecting the vessels that should break I the Embargo, was barely able, after trying at Norfolk, Hampton, Portsmouth, and New York, to obtain a sufficiency of men to carry her to sea. The Hornet, ordered on the same service, it was found unable to equip, and she is therefore, now lying useless in Charles- town. A belief is still encouraged in the city that a reconciliation of our differences with America is on the eve of adjustment. Mr. Oakely has not yet sailed for America; and it is now said that he will carry out such overtures as have already received the full approbation of Mr. Pinckney. Lord Granville in the House of Lords on Friday moved an Address to his Majesty, res- pecting the immediate revocation of the Or- ders in Council. The recent offer of the Ame- rican Government to remove the embargo against us, and to maintain it against France,- placed us, he contended; in a new situation with respect to the United States. His Lord- ship in a long and very able speech, stated the embarrassments that were felt in all bran- ches of our manufactures, in consequence of the interruption of our commercialintercouise with America. Earl Bathurst maintained, that these em- barrassments had been felt a year and a half antecedent to the embargo, and that they were j the result of the Non- Importation Act, and i not of that measure. He expressed his hopes that in the course of a short time, we should be able to draw from other sources those arti- cles of necessity of which we were deprived by the cessation of the intercourse with the Unit- ed States. I. ord Sidmouth censured the conduct ofMi- nisU- rs towards America, and approved of Lord Grenville's motion, though not of every part of the reasoning urged in support of it. Lord Melville justified the conduct of Go- vernment. In the further progress of the debate the motion was supported by Lords Auckland and Erskine, and opposed by the Lord Chancellor and the Earl of Liverpool. Lord Grenville then replied, find a division having taken place, the motion was negatived, by a majority ( proxies included) of IJ 5 to 70. Z- Curacy Wanted, AClergyttian in Priest's Orders, wishft for a Curacy, within 10ori! 0 Miles of Leicester, by Lady- day or Midsummer next, with a good Parsonage House, suitable Offices, and a few Acres of Land, with a prospect ol Permanency. The Advertisers address is left at the Journal Office. Wants a Situation, ASteady single Young Man, 26 Years of Age, who writes a good expeditious Hand, is per- fectly qualified in the Art of Book- keeping and Ac- counts in general, having been employed in that Profession and transacting public Business upwards of Eight Years. He HOW wishes to engage with any Mercantile Firm oi- Gentleman, as first or second Clerk, in a public or Private Office, or Manufactory* in any Town in England, except London, or as a collecting Clerk, or to rupetintteiid the Business of aii elderly Gentleman or Widow Lady if required. For a Specimen of his Writing, Character, or fur- ther Particulars, apply bv Letter Post- paid, address- ed to A. B. at Mr. JOHN BILLINGTON's, Stoney Stratford, Bucks, which will meet immediate Atten- tion. BANKING BUSINESS in the COUNTRY. X3 — Any Person'vvilling to make Trial of the Banking Business in the Country, may hear of an Opulent London Banking Firm ( commenced last Yea*-), wli » are desirous of increasing their present respectable List of Country Banking Correspondents, at whose House established Country Banks or Be- ginners will experience due Attention. Application to be made by Letter to. H. P. Esq. No. 12, essex Street, Temple Bar, London. None will be answered unless Post- paid, nor any replied to, except from Principals; with real Name, Abode, and Profession. FOUND, On Friday last, at Bilsdon Coplow; A AYellow and White SPANIEL " DOG :— lor further Particulars enquire of Lieut.- Colonel BURNABY, Coplow House. February 16, 1S09. Northampton. BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE. ^ MARKET PLACE, LEICESTER. JAMES EWARD embraces ' his Opportunvy of returning his sincere T hanks to his Friends in paiticular, and the Public in general, for the nu- merous Favours they have honoured him with, since bis first commencement in Business, and humbly solicits a Continuance of the same, on his own Ac- count ; and as it has been his Study, so it will be his constant Endeavour to merit their future Favors. N. B. Ladies or Gentlemen wishing to have their Shoes bespoke, may have them made by sending a Pattern Shoe, as most of the Shoes will be Manufac- tured in this Place, makes no doubt but they will give general Satisfaction. To Master Shoemakers. J. Eward informsthg Gentlemen ofthe Trade, that life lias opened a Leather Warehouse in all its various Kinds, and has selected a choice Assortment from the ; first Markets in the Kingdom, and has no doubt but it will be found worthy their Attention. 7This Day is Published, No. I, Price Only 6d. Containing Thirty- six Pages of Letter- Press, and a Portrait of Mrs. CLARKE, ( The succeeding Numbers to be brought forward in as quick Succession as possible,) THE Investigation of the Charges Brought against his hoyal Highness THE DUKE OF YORK, By G. L. WARDLE, Esq M. P. For Oakhampton, Devon: With the Evidence at large, and the Remarks of the Members. 0 that Estates, Degrees and Offices were not derived corruptly ! That clear Honor were purchas'd by the Merit ofthe Wearer. SHAKESPEARE. This Work is handsomely printed in Duodecimo, and will form One neat Volume ; it being presumed that so interesting a Document will find a Place in the Library of every Briton. London: Printed for J. Stratford, Nd. ltg, Hol- born- Hill, and Sold by all other Booksellers. Colliery, Lime, and Slack Works. TO BE LET* On Lease for 21- Years from Lady- day next, THE valuable Colliery, Lime, and Slack Works, at Staunton Harrold, near Ashby- de- la- Zoucli, in the County of Leicester. For Particulars apply at the Fall at Staunton Har- rold, or'to Mr. ORME, Sutton Bonington, Notting- hamshire. f' Turnips. / Z TO BE SOLD, ( in Lots), Suitable to the Convenience ef Purchasers, AClose, fronting Granby- Sireet, in Leicester, opposite to the Hambletonian Public Mouse, through this ground a Street is to he formed from ti e Harboroiigh Turnpike Road, to communicate with the New Streets, lately laid o » t in the Horsefair- g'ardens. , inquire of Mr, FIRMADGE, Or Mr. BURBIDGE, Solicitor, Leicester. Lei ester, Feb. 10, 1809. Leicestershire. AValuable and truly desirabte LEASEHOLD ESTATE, situate in- the Hamlet of Wyken, in the Parish of Hinckley iii the Coiihtv of Leicest- 1, now in the several Tenures ot Occupations of Samuel Bonner, William Angrave, and Stephen Leedham. Will be Sold by Auction, .. Sbme Time in the Month 6f March next. Particulars will appear in this Paper preViousto the Sale. hinckley; Feb. jo, 1809. /. Oak Timber. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. TITTERTON, At the Roe Buck Inn, Burtort- oni- Trent, 111 the County of Stafford, on Fridav the iuth Day of March, 1809, at 4 o'clock in the Afternoon, ( sub- ject to such Conditions as will then be produced;) rr* HREE Hundred and Thirty- six OAK. and 1 One POPLAr TREES, now growing ih Swain's Park wood in the Parish of Church Grisley, in the County of Derby. I. OT li 100 Oak Trees, Blazed and Numbered with White Paint, No I to 100 inclusive. LOT 2. 100 Oak TrccS, Blazed arid Numbered with White Paint, No. 101 to 2l0 inclusive. LOT 3. 136 Oak Trees, Biased and Numbered with White Paint, No. 201 to 336 inclusive and I Poplar No. 1. Wm. Hardwick, of Swadlincote, will shew the Timber; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. JAMES, in Warwick; or the AUCTIONEER, Roe Buck Inri, Burtoh- On- Trcnt. Timber. TO BE SOLI) BY AUCTION, By Mr. HEWITT, On Monday and Tuesday, the 27th and 2 Ih Days of Febrtislrv, 1809; ABOUT 1000 Feet ot Oak and Bitch Timber, of last. Year's fail; very useful ;?> v Building or Farmer's Use, lying Part of it at Sheepshead, and Part of it near Bardon Meeting House ; that Part near Sheepshead, will he Sold at the Pied Bull, in Sheepshead, at 2 o'clock, on Monday, and that Part near Bardont, will be ' old at 2 o'l lock on Tues- day, at Thoft. Hills, the Sign ofthe Birch Tree, near Bard on Meeting House, about 50 Feet irt each I. ot. [ One Concern. Sheepshead; Feb. 14, 1809. Stratford- upon Avon, February 9, 1809. Freehold Estate-- Warwickshire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ] 3y THOMAS TAYLOR, At Mr. Carters, Kings Head Inn, High Street, Co- ventry, on Friday March 3, 1809, between the Hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the Afternoon ; ALL thail'airr. House, Barn, Hovels, Build- ing and Garden, with about 67 Acres ( be the same more or less) of very valuable Grazing, Meadow, Pasture, and Feeding J. and, with the Timber growing thereon, through which tlit Oxford Canal passes, situated at Hopsford, near the Mill in the Parish of Wythybrooke, in the County of War- wick, about 5 Miles from Coventry, and now lented by Mr. J. Bradford, who will shew the Premises; and further Particulars may be known by applying to L) r. BK F. K, Stratford- upon- Avon in the said County. Possession may be had at Lady- day next, / T- TO BE SOLD BY_ AUcTlON^ UBnlesssooner Disposed of by private Contract, of which due Ni'ticc will be giveu), at the House of Mr. Munton, the Angel Inn, in Market Harbo- rough, in the County cif Leicester, on Tuesday the 28th Day of February, 1809, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon; ASmall FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of a Messuage orTenement with the Appurte- nances; and 6 Acres or thereabouts of exceeding rich Pasture Land divided into 2 Closes, in Sibbertoft, in the County of Northampton, new in the Occupation of Mr. W. Smeeton. To treat by private Contract, and for further Par- ticulars apply to Mr. PILK1NTON, Solicitor, Lei- cester. TO BE LET, TEN Acres, upon burnt Land, and the Whole is thorough Drained : Application to be made at Mr PROUDMAN's Farm House, Thrus- sington Field. __ TO BE LET, ' * And may be entered upon at Lady- day next, AHOUSE in Sutton Bonnington, Nottingham- shire ; con'aining 4 good Rooms in Front, Kitchen, Dairy, and 2 Back Chambers ; 1 Garrets and convenient Out buildings, with Half an Acre of Land. Enquire of E. BRAMLEY, Sutton. //, TO BE LET, And may be entered upon at Lady- day next, ACapital Grazing and Dairy Fa: m, consisting of a convenient Dwelling- house with suitable Outbuildings, and about 70 Acres of excellent Grass Land, Tithe- free, and very desirably situated in the Township of Barkby Thorpe, in the County, and about 3 Miles from the Town of Leicester, now occu- pied by Nathaniel Roberts and John Sharples. John Carnal! of Barkby Thorpe will shew the Farm, and Persons wisiiing to take it are requested to apply at the Office of Messrs-. WARD, LOCKETT and BALGUY, in Derby. Derby, February li, 1309. Very valuable compact Freehold Estate at Clip stone, Northamptonshire. TO BE SOLD i? Y AUC'IION, By Mr. SMITH, Atthe Swan's Inn, Market Harborough, on Tuesday the 2Sth Day of February) 1809, at 4 o'clock, subjefct to such Conditions as will be produced at tlie Sale; A Yery valuable and improvable FREEHOLD fx. ESTATE. Tythe free, desirably situated in the genteel and pleasant Village of ClipStone, con- taining 82A. 31i. 2IP. by Survey; of rich Pasture Land, properly divided into Ten Closes, well fenced and Watered, with thriving Young Trees growing thereon, also a convenient and very pleasantly situat- ed Dwelling House, opposite the Church, consisting of a Hall, Parlour, Kitchen, Brewhouse, Dairy, Pantry, and two Cellars, with suitable Bed Rooms, Closets; & c. a good Yard with Lead Pump, well supplied with good Water, Barn, Stable, Coal- house, and other requisite Out- buildings, large Garden, two Orchards, well planted with Fruit Trees; together with Three Messuages or Tenements, We ll situated in the Village, two Pews and other Sittings ic the Church. The Dwelling Hoti'e commands a View of a great Part of the Estate, and is situate near the Centre of the Pytchly Hunt, one Mile distant from the London Road to Manchester, Four Miles from Market Har- borotigh, and Thirteen from Northampton. Possession may he had of the Whole Estate at Old Lady- dav next. May be Viewed any Time previous to the Sale, I V applying to Mr EDWARD BUSWELL. Clipstone, or to Mr. SMITH, Land Surveyor, and Auctioneer, Market Harborough, where a Plan of the Estate may be ieen. N. B. If more convenient, the Purchaser may be accommodated with Two or Three Thousand pounds, secured upon the Estate. 7 w Wednesday's and Thursday's Post WEDNESDAY Feb. 22. CInTrA CONVENTION, lord henry Petty tast night made his ' pro- Met km on this very important subject, took a very long Review of the Ministers so fur as their Expedition to Spain and condemnation of their plans . was the result of his Lordships which was able and perspicuous throughout. He exposed the futility of their military operations, by stating that they were totally devoid of common foresight and sagacity. his Motion Went to disapprove wholly ; of the Convention. Lord Castlereagh, in a very long and able speech, endeavoured to overturn the Noble Mover's argument's. he spoke with much confidence, he gave the strongest assurances, that, considering the various circumstances " which had occurred, Ministers were not cul- pable for the measures which had been adopt- ed; and, as a set off sneeringly recurred to the failure of the late Ministers' Expedition to the Dardanelles. His Lordship defended the policy of the Court of Inquiry. , Sir Arthur Wellesley delivered his senti- ments in a very manly manner. Although he in some degree approved of the Convention the time, as then requisite for our interest, yet he totally disapproved of the measures which had caused the necessity of it. Had the Victory which he was fortunate enough to have obtained been followed up by an imme- diate pursuit and attack of the enemy whilst retreating in confusion, Sir Arthur was per- fectly confident of success, consequently per- fectly certain such a Convention would have been avoided. By the delay which had taken place immediately afterthe Victory of Vimiera, the enemy had been afforded an opportunity of taking very strong positions, and had there- fore rendered the Conventional that time an act of necessity on our part. Sir Arthur con- demned the policy which had induced the institution of the Board of Inquiry instead of that of a Court Martial, and seriously hoped it would be the very last Board of the kind ever held in this country— a Board, against which he had every reason to complain ; be- cause, had he been brought toa Court Martial, he would have been most honourably acquit- ed. Sir Arthur, with much sensibility, re- gretted the dissatisfaction produced in his mind by the nature of such a Board as that now cen- sured by him, because he had been precluded from bringing forward such evidence as would have been more satisfactory to him en cer- tain points of honor— an advantage which he would have derived from a Court Mar- tial. These declarations made a powerful impression on all present. Mr. Canning condemned the whole of the Convention, as making concessions which ought not to have but lie vin- dicated the institution of the board of In- quiry as fit and proper. He opposed the Motion, as having for its object the censure of Ministers, to which he could not by any means give his assent. General Furguson said, that although from his rank he had not been consulted on the propriety or impropriety of the CoVention of cintra, yet he assured the House, that, had his opinion been asked, he would have * given such a measure his decided Negative 1L! mr. Bragge Bathurst, and all Lord Sid- mouth's Friends, supported the Motion. On a division, the numbers were— For the Motion .... 153 For. tin; Ministers . . . . 203 Majority . . 50 Rumours were immediately circulated that the present Ministers must resign, as no longer having the confidence of the house of Commons. Lists of New Administrations were even handed about. The Brunswick, f 7 4 guns, is in Yarmouth Roads in a very deplorable condi- tion, having lost her anchors, cables, and guns, and having exhausted her provisions and fuel. She comes last from the Baltic but the same causes which have reduced the ves- sel to so lamentable a state have disabled her from bringing any other intelligence than what respects the disasters of the season.— Our anxiety concerning the political state of Sweden and Russia remains ungratified.—' The Brpnswick has, for a considerable time, had no connection with the shore ; but we learn through this, as well as other channels, that the winter has been unusually severe in the Baltic. Much damage has been done ^ rnong the'- shipping, It appears by private letters from Holland, that the King of Denmark has been turning informer, and complained to the French and Dutch Governments of the evasions and viola- tion of the penal laws against commerce with Great Britain. He has represented that nu- merous vessels, laden in the ports of Russia, have been continually passing the Sound under Dutch colours, ^ uid furnished with Dutch clearances ; but these clearances, it is pre- tended, ate false, these vessels notoriously j rocet- tlitig from, and returning to England. In. answer to this information, the King of Denmark has been desired to administer jus- tice against the offenders) by seizing the hips, and imprisoning the crews which may all into his hands. It is now generally believed that the Ex- pednion against Martinique, the success of was confidently anticipated, has been for the present. The enemy, it apt tare, has. contrived to elude the vigilance of the British blockading squadron, and Urge reinforcements ol troops, as a quantities of provisions and . country almost cestitute of every article to the comfort and equipment of the men, and re- presenting the immediate necessity of his royal Highness being empowered to order the agents of each regiment to advance the captains of compa- nies such a sum, AS would enable them IO complete the non- commissioned officers and soldiers the ne- cessaries according to his Majesty's regulations, which would be repaid as soon as the same could be obtained in the usual manner from the soldiers, except in such cases where the loss of the whole of their baggage before the enemy should be proved, or to have been destroyed by order of the com- manding officerand that the Lords of the Trea- sury had sanctioned the measures proposed by his Royal Highness. In the Court of Common Pleas, on Saturday, Mr. Finnerty obtained a verdict, and one shilling damages, against Mr. Tipper, for publishing a li bel on the plaintiff, in The Satirist. It appeared the publication in question designated the . plaintiff " a scoundrel and a fool;" and in return, the Editor of the Magazine had been held up to notice as an object of comparison with Bill Soames, ' the pick pocket. By the verdict of the Jury, each par ' will be obliged to pay his own costs. u• LEICESTER ASSOCIATION, For the Prosecution of Felons, twO Cow Chains and Kings having been Stolen from the Shed in a Close belonging to Mr. Alderman Swinfen, Oil the Westward Side of the London Road, and opposite to the Old Conduit Close, in the Parish of St. Margaret, in Leicester, in the Morning of Wednesday the 15th of February In- stant; he hereby offers a Reward of ONE GUINEA, in Addition tothe Reward allowed by the above Asso- ciation, to any Person or Persons who will cauiet. ho Offender or Offenders to be brought to Justice. Both which Rewards will he paid on Conviction of such Offender or Offenders; and should two or more have been concerned in the above Offence, and any one of them will impeach his Accomplice or Accomplices therein to Conviction, the Person so impeaching is hereby promised both the above Rewards, and that the utmost Endeavours shall be used to obtain his fui I Pardon. T. SHEPPARD, Solicitor to the above Association. Leicester, February 23, 1809. A Caution. HEREAS JOHN BEGLEY, son of Sa- muel Begley, Chimney Sweeper, of Mel- ton Mowbray, hath been in the Habit of contracting Debts in the Name of and to the great Injury df his Father.— This, is therefore to Caution all Persons from Trusting him on my Account, as I will not be ac- countable for any Debts he may hereafter Contract in my Name.— As witness my Hand. SAMUEL BEGLEY. Melton Mowbray, 21st Feb. 1809. SOMERBY ASSOCIATION, For the Prosecution of Felons. THE Annual Meeting for transacting the Busi- ness of this Association, will be holden at the Three Crowns Inn, in Somerby, oil ' lhutsday the 9th Day of March next. Dinner on the Table at 2 a'Cltjck. Somerby, Feb. 22, 1809 ' The present Subscribers are : Beaumont Mrs. Withcot Black Michael, Somerby Brickwood Mrs. Nesvbold Brown J. S. Esq. Leesthorpe Bull William, Somerby Bull John, Burrow Cole Thomas, Owston . Cook Thomas, Somerby Cragg Rev. Joseph, Pickwell Crow John, Withcote Danzey Francis, Pickwell Floor Thos. Somerby Gilson George, Owston Gilford Thomas, Ditto Green John, Withcote Halford Andrew, Horninghold Harby James, ISewbold Hall Hoyle John, Cold Ovarton Hartopp Rev. Samuel, Little Dalby Heycock John, Esq. Owston Healey John, Little Dalby Leadbetter John, Great Dalby Mason George, Kelam, Cold Overton Mayn William, Somerby Meadows William, Somerby Meadows John, Cold Overton Noon Mrs Barrow Newton William, Somerby Peck Henry, Knowston Pywell George, Esq. Somerby Roberts George, Junr. Somerby Roberts William, Somerby Robinson John, Braunston Sanders Samuel, Cold Overton m Sharpe Samuel, Cold Overton Sharpe William, Cold Overton Smith John, Pickwell Swann William, Somerby Turner John Frewin, Esq. Cold Overton Tyler Robert, Pickwell Tyler Rober, Junr. Pickwell Wingfield John, Esq Tickencote Wortley William, Beaumont Chase Wright John, Uppingham. SUPERIOR TRAVELLING. From the Horse and Groom, Humberstone- Gate, _ _ Leicester. II- llEKEAS a Commission ot Bankurpt . is awarded and issued forth against JEaSE JACKSON, of Leicester in the County of Leicester,. Hosier, Dealer and Chapman, an I he boiug declared a Bankrupt, isi hereby required to surrender him- self to the Commiissoners, in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, » n the fth Day of March next, at live o'clock in the Afternoon, on the 10th Day of March next, at Ten (/ Cluck in the Forenoon, and on the 8th Day of April next, at seven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the House of Tho- mas Peter Hart, known by the Sign uf the lilue Bell, in Leicester aforesaid, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his F. state and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts; and at the Second Sitting to chnse Assignees, and at She last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to liuish bis Examination.^ and the Creditors, are to absent to or dissent from the Allowance of his Certificate.— All Persons indebted to the said. Bank- rupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint,, bat give Notice to Mr. THOMAS BURBIDGE, Solicitor, Leicester. wHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against DANIEL COOPER, of Stockport, in the County Palatine of Chester, Llat Manufacturer, Dealer and Chap- man, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the ft til and 10th Days of March next, and on the Sih. Day ot April next, at 11 in the b orenoon ou each, Uay, at the Douse of Thomas Peter Hart, known by the Sign of the Bell Inn, at Leicester, in the County of Leicester, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the secend Sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required tp finish his Examination : and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from the Allowance of his Certificate AH Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects. are not to pay Or deliver the same but to whom the Com- missioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Messrs. PARES, MILES, ALSTON, and MILES, So- licitors, Leicester. izr* A",' London and Liverpool To carry Four Insides. SETS out from the Golden Cross, Charing Cross, every Sunday, Wednesday, atid Friday Mornings, at 6 o'clock; through St. Albans, Dun- stable, Newport Pagnell, Northampton and Welford ; and arrives at the horse and groom Inn, Lei ester, at 9 o'clock in the Evening, w here Places are taken, and Parcels are regularly Booked. On its way to Liverpool, through Ashby- de- la- Zonch, Burton- upon- Treut, uttoxeter, the whole of the Potteries, Sandbach, Middlewich, Northwich, and Warrington, and arrives at the Angel Inn, Dale Street, Liverpool, the next Afternoon; Sets out from the Angel Inn, Dale Street, every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings, at 7 o'Clock, through the above- mentioned Places, and arrives at Leicester, the next Morning at 2 o'Ctoek, on its Way to London, where it will arrive early the same Evening. , N. B' The Public are requested to observeithis is the only London Coach which passes through North- wich, Middlewich, Sandbach, the Pottery, Uttoxeter, Burton, and Ashby, and that Parcels sent by this Coach will be delivered earlier, and at much less Expence, than they can be by any, other Conveyance. The Proprietors beg leave to their Friends and the Public, thatthey arenot accountable for any Parcel or Passengers luggage above the Value of Five Pounds, unless entered as such, and pa; d for accordingly. Performed by Jonathan Neale and Co. _ PROPOSALS 2For establishing a Company, For insuring the of Cattle, Conformably to a PLAN in the Possession of William Robert Henry Brown, Eaq. Chairman ol the HOPE INSURANCE COMPANY. IN the present State of ihe Proposals, the whole Nature and extent of the Plan cannot, with Prudence, be made Public, but it is necessary lo mention, that the Risks of Insurance are the Deaths of Horses, Mares, Mules, Bulls, Oxen, Cows, and Sheep, occasioned by Disease or Accident ( Fire ex- cepted), subject to such Conditions and Restrictions as will in due Time be circuited throughout the Kingdom, by the means of Agents, who will be spee- dily appointed for the general Purposes' of the Com- pany. The Capital not to b « less than One Million of Pounds Sterling, and to be divided into Shares of Fillv Pounds each, part of which are intended to be reserved for Country Gentlemen, Owners, and Blee- ders of Cattle, Farmers, Graziers, and others, who mav be disposed to countenance the Undertaking. No Person to be allowed to subscribe for more than Forty Shares', nor less than Five Shares ; Pro- prietors of which are to have a Vote for every Five Shares in all Cases where ballot may be necessary. Five Pounds on each Share sha| l be paid when called for, and no more of the Capital will be requir- ed unless wanted ; and then only in proportion 1,0 the Claims which may arise by Losses. The Company to be under exclusive Manage- ment of 21 Directors, a President, w hereof the undersigned Gentlemen, marked , are to form a Part, and the Remainder shall be appointed by the Proprietary at large. The President to be appointed out of, and by the above- named Gentlemen, who, together with those to be appointed by the Proprietary, are to remain in Office four Years. No Director shall be qualified unless possessed of Twenty Shares; but the Directors shall have Power to appoint honorary Directors in different Parts of the Country, provided they are Proprietors The Species of Insurance proposed to be effected by the Company has been hitherto unknown in this Kingdom, and is presumed to be of the highest Im- portance, tendering more secure a Property. which tar exceeds all other in value, and whose Protection, therefore, is of the first Consequence. In short," when the Plan ( which has been matured by long Investiga- tion, and formed upon a Basis derived from Experi- ence and subsequent Calculations) becomes to be thoroughly understood by the Owners and Breeders of Cattle, it will be found to promise great Beneiit to the Agricultural Interest; and there is not the least Doubt that it will receive the Support which its Mag- nitude and Importance entitles it to. Such Persons as may be desirous of promoting the intended Establishment, by subscribing for Shares, are requested to address Letters ( Post- paid) to VV. R. II. Brown, Esq. at the City of London Tavern, Bi- shopsgate- street; and all such as are approved by the present Directors will have Notice of the Number of Shares allotted them, and of the Time of paying the Deposits; but preference will b(? given in all Cases, to Owners and Breeders of Cattle, Farmers, Graziers, and all others connected with or engaged in Agricultural pursuits, - The Deposits when called for will be required to be paid into the Hands of Messrs. Smith, Payne, and Smith, Bankers, Man- sion House- street; and Messrs. Hammersley and Co. Pall Mall ; and also into the Bank of such Places io the Country as the Directors shall appoint, for the Accommodation of those who reside at a Distance from London, preparatory to an Investment in the public Funds, in the Names of Trustee to be appoint- ed by the Directors. We, the undersigned, having had the Basis on which the foregoing Plan is founded submitted to us by Mr. Brown, and by a Gentleman of extensive In- formation on the Subject, as well as the private Cal- culations formed on it, which, in our Opinion, can- not, without Prejudice to the Company, be at pre- sent made known, do recommend the Plan as worthy of the Public, and particularly of those connected With the Agricultural Interests of the Country ; and we assure such Persons, that the Object iti view, and all its hearings and Consequences, particularly the Mode of preventing Frauds, which, upon the first Glance this Species of Insurance appeared to be open to, have been frequently discussed by us, at various Meetings, aud that it appears to us to be a Plan pos- sessed of peculiar Merit, and promises to be of great Advantage to a Proprietary as Well as to the . Empire at large. Under this Impression we have resolved to give it every Support in our Power. * W. R. H. Brown, Golden- lane Brewery * John Card, Devonshire- street, Portland- place J. J. Lockhart, M. P. Tubney Lodge, Berks * W. A. Madocks, M. P. Tre Madoc, Caernarvon- shire * Wm. Hall, Duke- street, Lincoln's Inn Fields * John Warmington, plaistow, Essex * Samuel Davis, Borough * Alex John Strickland, Wapping * John Farley, Clapham Common * John Burnell, Whitechapel Road * John Simkin, Red Cross- street * George Leyburn, leadenhall * j. Johnson, St. Paul's Church Yard John Simpson, West Oate House, near Louth, Lin- colnshire * John Capel, Royal Exchange * Andrew Abbot, fleet- street. Notice io Creditors and Debtors Persons who have any Claims or De- mands upon the ' Es'afe of the late i\ I; THOMAS TOWLE, of Hinckley, in the County - f Leicester, Coach Proprietor, Deceased, are desired to deliver an Account of the same to Mr. JOHN BERRY, of Market Harborough, his Executor, or to Mr. JOSEPH HUMPHRIES, Castle Street, Hinck- ley ; and all Persons w- ho stand indebted to the Estate_ of the said Thomas TowLe, are requested to pay the Amount of their Debts immediately to the said, Executor. 1 Harborough, February 22, 1S09. TO BE SOlD, ~ tHOSE well- bred Black CART STAL- IONS, late the Property of Thomas El- liott, but now of Mr. Henry Burgess, of Illston Lodge, Kibworth, Leicestershire :— one rising 7 Years Long Whatton. barns, Stables, Sheds, & c. containing Flaxlandside Close, containing old, the other 5— One 10 Hands 3 Inches high, and | Three Flaxland Closes, containing together thu- other 10 Hands 3 Inches high. Meadow Close, containing For Particulars apply to Mr. BURGESS, of ston Lodge, aforesaid. TO, BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOTT, - At the House of Mr. Jackson, known by the Sign of the Boot, in Long Whatton, in the County of Lei- cester, on Monday the 27th Day of Februarys 1809, at 3 o'Clock, subject to such Conditions will be then produced^ Very desiiable FREEHOLD ESTATE, late the Property of Mr. MIDDLETON, Deceased, ( Tythe- free,) situate in the lordship of Long Whatton aforesaid, in the following Lots. vii.: LO T I. A. a J p. Consisting of a convenient Farm House, with .3. 4 10 A H Nottingham Market Plate. VALUABLE SITUATION. TO BE SOLO BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AHOUSE and Premises, most eligibly sit uai'ed for Business on the Long Bow, in the Town of Nottingham, consisting of an excellent and roomy Shop, Drawing Room, Parlour, 2 Kitchens, 0 Lodg- ing Rooms, exclusive of Attics, with excellent and extensive Cellars., Possession maybe had early in May next. To treat for the same apply to Mr. WILLIAM SIMES, on the Long Row, or Mr. EDWARD STAVE- LEY, Surveyor, Pelham Street, Nottingham Feb. 22, 1809. This tot is situate itj and near the Town, and- : s subject to an Outgoing of is. per Annum, payable to Belton Chuich. LOT II Consisting of Hunt's Close, containing Bowley's Burnbridge Close, containing Little Burnbridge Close, containing Rice Field Closes, containing together Oak Timber. BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, 5Q Capital TREES, and a Quantity of Gate and Fence Posts, lying in Ashby Pasture, near to the Leicester Turnpike Road, and the Melton Mowbray Navigation. Apply to JAMES TYLER, of Melton. Wood Sale. ~ TO BE SOLD BY TICKET, At the Plough Inn, in Mountsorrel, on Monday the 13th Day of March, 1809, to Lots of very valuable Elm, Willow Wood, and Alders, standing in the Lordships of Rothley and Barrow. Mr. Brotherwood will shew the Wood at Barrow, and Joseph Hickling, at Rothley. spring Wood, Oak, with the Bark and Underwood. TO BE SOLD BY ' TICKET, Tuesday the 7tli Dav of March next, at the George Inn, Belton, at 2 o'Clock in the Afternoon ; THE following LOTS of OAK, ASH, and ASP TREES, with the Underwood, stand- ing in the Liberty of, Tonge, and Parish of Breedon, in the County of Leicester, ' belonging- to S. D. COWLISHAW. Esq. viz. LOT 1.— 93 Oak, 5 Ash, and 2 Asps, with the Cyphers and Uuderwood. -•— 2.— 68 Oak, 4 Ash, and 9 Asps, Ditto Ditto 3.- 69 Oak, 1 Ash, Ditto Ditto 4.— 53 Oak, 4 Ash, 16 Asps, and Maple, Ditto Ditto 5.— 58 Oak, 8 Ash, 16 Asps, and Maple, Ditto Di tto 6— 19 Oak, 20 Ash, and 9 Asps, Ditto Ditto N. B. The above Wood is within 2 Miles of Charley Forest, and may be viewed by applying to S. D. COWLISHAW, Esq. Dinner at one o'Clock. JOHN WINFIELD, Jun. Surveyor. Wimeswould, Feb. 24, 1809. Capital Oak Timber, with the Bark. TO BE SOLD BY TICKET, In about a Months Time, which will be particulariz'd ill a subsequent Paper,- ^ ' 115 Fine OAK TREES,' Tb four very large Lois, standing upon an Estate at Charley, near Loughborough^ and in the Centre of Charley Forest. N. B. The Timber maybe viewed at any Time. by applying to Mr. W. HEGGS, of Charley aforesaid". JOHN WINFIELD, Jun. Surveyor,-. , Wimeswould, Feb. 24, 1809. ' " Ash and Willow Poles. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HOLLIER, On the Premises, on Friday the 3d Dav of March, 1809, ABOUT 20 Lots of capital Ash and Willow Poles, either fit for Carpenters, Coopi r<, or Wheelwrights, lying upon the Farm in the Occupation of Mr. Wigstone, called the Brockey, situate in ihe Parish of Stapleton, in the County of Leicester, who will shew the same. The Sale to begin precisely at 10 o'Cloek in the Morning. , Timber. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. R. FINNEY, On Wednesday the 1 st Day of March, 1809, at tho - Sign of the White Horse, in Seagrave, in the County of Leicester, between the Hours of 2 and 4 o'Clock in the Afternoon, in 1 or more Lots, NE Oak, 139 Elm, 112 Ash ' Trees, and 105 Cyphers, Numbered with Stamps, and Standing in the Parish of Seagrave, N. B. Thomas Betts of Seagrave will shew the Timber. Timber at heir. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Three Crowns Inn, in Leicester, on. Wednes- day the 8th Day of March next, between tbeilours of 3 and 6 in the Afternoon, in the following or such other Lots as shall then be proposed, and subject to such Conditions as shall be produced ; LOT l. FIFTY Elm Trees, and 7 Ash Trees, of large Dimensions, Numbered with Scribes from 1 to 51. LOT . 12 Oak Trees, 57 p- lm Ditto, 42 Ash Ditto, Num- bered with Scribes from 58 to 168 inclusive. The aboveTimber is growing on a Farm in the Oc- cupation of Mr. Mason, who will shew the same. I. eiris situate 3 Miles from Lutterworth; 6 from Hinckley ; and i I from Leicester. Lot 2. is situated in Rice Field, subject to a Fee For a View of the Estate apply to Mr. Charles Har- ris, jun. on the Premises, and tor Particulars; it* Messrs. BLUNT, or Mr, BOOTT, in Loughborough. Long whatton 34 lU a jr rp 3l Timber at Donisthorpe. TO Be SOLd BY AUCTION, At the Queen's Head Inn. in Ashby- de- la- Zouch, on ' Thursday the 9th Day of March nest, between the Hours of 3 and 6 o'Clock m the Afternoon, in the following or such other Lots as shall be then pro- posed, and subject to such Conditions as shall he produced; LOT 1. TWENTY Oak Trees of large Dimensions, and the Bark of the best Quality. E3 Ash Trees and 2 Elms, Numbered with Scribes, from 1 to 44. LOT 2. 31 Oak Trees, ), . „ ., , 8 Ash Ditto, ( Numbered with Scribes, from 1 Elm and 1 Cypher, LOT 3> 17 Oak Tre ® s, 22 Ash Ditto, 3 Elm & 5 Cyphers, _ The above Timber is growing on a Farm, in the Occupation of Mr. John Smith, who . will shew the same. Donisthorpe is situate about 3 Miles from Ashby- de- la Zouch, and the Canal from Ashby Woulds to the Coventry Canal passes Numbered with Scribes, from 84 to 125 inclusive. TO BE SOLd BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOT!', Oil thePremises, on Tuesday the 28th Day of , 1809, and following Day, at Ten o'Clock; AlL ihe LIVESTOCK, Hay, Corn, Imple- ments of Husbandry, Household Furniture, Brewing Vessels, Dairy' Utensils, Linen and other Effects, late the Properly of Mr. MIDDLETON, Of Long Whatton, in the County of Leicester, De- ceased ; Consisting of 13 Head of neat Cattle, 17 Sheep, 3 Cart Mares, 1 cart Filley, rising 3 Years old; 4 l'at. Pigs, a Quantity of Hay aud unthreshed Corn, 1 Waggon, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Tackle for 4i Horses, Fan, Rakes, Forks, Cheese Pan, capital Stono Cheese Press, with Iron Screw ; Churns, Milk Pails, Malt Mill, Brewing Copper, and Vess. is tu. correspond; 4- Post and other Bedsteads, with vari- ous Hangings, Feather and Wool Beds, Blankets ami Bedquilts, Oak Chest of Drawers tables and Chairs, 9 Pair of Sheets, table Cloths and napkins, about Yards of new Linen Cloth, and sundry other . Effects. Catalogues may be had on preceding tlia Sale on the Premises, at the Flying Horse, Keg- worth; the Turk's Head, Castle donington aud of Mr. BOOTT, in Loughborough. Eligible Residence & c. 4n Leicester , — - TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, f By Mr DAVIS, ( Unless previously Disposed of by private Contract,) at Ine Three Crowns inn, Leicester, on Monday the 6th Day of March next, at 0 o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject tosuch Conditions as will be then in two or more as may be then, agreed upon;.. that spacious DWELLING HOUSE,.. Silver Street, Leicester, late in- tho-' Occupation of Mr. Carrick, together with the Yard and large fertile Garden behind the same, - The House contains 3 large Cellars, 3 Parlours, a Kitchen, ' 2 Pantrys, and 10 commodious Chambers; and in the are a Pump, and Rain Water Cistern, and ex- tensive Outbuildings, now used as a Coach House, Wash House, Stable, and School Room. the Whole forming a pleasant and most desirable Resilience for the Gentleman of retired Life, or uf extensive Mer— Also A large Garden in a very airy Situation, Fronting the London Road, Leicester, well stocked with the; choicest Fruit Trees, and in the highest possible Stattt of Cultivation, and to this it may be important to add, that was long in the Occupation of Mr. CARRICK. are a Pump and Summer House on the Ground. For further Particulars apply at the Office of Mr. BURBIDGE, Solicitor, New Street, Leicester. TO bE SOLD BY AUCTION, : Some Time in the Month of March next, unless sooner Disposed of by private Contract; AFreehold Messuage or tenement, together with 3 small Closes of Land, containing to- gether about 7 Actes, situate at Thurnby, in the County of Leicester, and now in the Occupation of Mr. George Hawes. Immediate Possession may ba had if required. For Particulars applv to the said GEORGE HAWeS, or at the Office of Mr. ROBERT PEaCH, Solicitor, Leicester. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ' By Mr. BRYAN, At the Turk's Head Inn, in Castle Donington, on Tuesday the 14th Day of March next, ( if not pre- viously disposed of by private Contract), subject tosuch Conditions as will be produced aud read at 4 o'Clock in the Afternoon, when the Auction is intended to commence; tHREE Freehold Closes or Parcels of Land, situate in Diseworth, in the County of Lei- cester, containing 25 Aercs or thereat outs, in the Tenure of Mr. George Hinde. For further Particulars or to treat by private Con tract, apply to Messrs. PESTELL and WEBSTER. Solicitors, in Ashby- de- la- Zouch, aud for a View of the Closes to the Auctioneer, in Castle Donington, or the Tenant. • February 21, 1809. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, : By Mr. SMITH, On the Cornwall, Leicester, on Saturday February 25, 1809, at 12 o'Clock, AVery capital Narrow- wheel Carrier's Wag gon, new, a gcod Narrow- wheel. Cart, au excellent Taxed Cart and eompleat Har- ness, also Tackle for 4 Horses, a Quantity of excel- lent Hops, a good Malt Mill, Corn Screen, and sun- dry other Ffl'ects, the Whole of which are in a good State, aud deserve the Attention of the Public. To Dyers, 15 Bags of superior Logwood Chips, to he Sold by Private Contract, apply to the AUCTIONEER. [ One Concern. HORSE. WHEREAS on the 11th Day of December, 1808, a Brown Gelding was left at tlia House of Francis Moore, the Lion and Dolphin Inn, Leicester, by a Person calling himself Wm. Caswell; Notice is hereby given. That if the said Gelding is not taken away and the expences paid, before Saturday th: 4th Day of . March next, he will on that Day BE SOLD BY AUC TION, By Mr. SMITH, On the Cornwall, precisely at 12 o'Clock for Payment of the same. FrAnCis MOOKe , A I c i c e s f e r Journal, and M i d l a n d Couln'ties General A d v e r t wet Horse and Gig. TO BE SOLD BY AuCTION, By Mr. OWSTON, without Reserve, on the Cornwall, Leicester, to- morrow Saturday, Feb. 25, in two Lots, AVery useful Horse for road or Harness, and a Gig, with Harness complete, late the Pro- geny of I he liev. ROBT. INGRAM, deceased. Tlie Sale will commence punctually at 12 o'Clock. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By Mr. OWSToN, On the premises, High Cross Street, Leicester, 6i> L d Monday the ' 27th Day of February Instant, and fol lowing Davs, at 10 o'clock each Morning; • HE very useful HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, a large and valuable Assortment of Carpenter's and Joiner's Tools, Work Benches, Chests, Glass Cases, and Ladders, and other useful and va- luable Effects of the late Mr. ELLIOTT'. The Whole will be particularized in Catalogue, which may be had on Friday preceding the Sale, on the Premises, and of Mr. oWSTON. The Carpenters and Joiner's Tools, Work Benches, 5 » c. & c. wiil be Sold on Thursday the last Day. N. B. All Persons who stand indebted to the said Thomas Elliott, Deceased, are requested immediate- ly to discharge the same tb JOHN BASFORD, his Executor in High Cross Street, and all Persons who liavs any Claim or Demand on the said Estate, are icqyested to transmit an Account thereof imme- diately. [ One Concern; t0 BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, £ 49* Bv Mr. OWSTON, At the George Inn, Leicester, on Monday the 13th March next, at 6 o'Clock in the Evening, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced ; APIECE of GrOUND, in a most eligible Si- tuatiou for Building, at the Upper End of Church Gate, Leicester, now in the Occupation Of James Brown, Whitesmith. The Land Tax is redeemed. For further Partidulars apply at the Office of Mr, BURBIDGE, New Street, Leicester. Leicestershire. PEREMPTORILY TO BE SOLD BY ' ^ AUCTION, By Mr. OWSTON, At the Queen's Head Inn, Ashby- de- la- Zouch, on Saturday 18th March 1809, at 3 o'Closk in the Afternoon, unless disposed of by private Contract, of which Notice will he given in this Paper; AVery DEsirABLE ESTATE, clear of Land l ax, held under a Lease for three Lives from the Chaplains and Poor of Wigston Hospital in Leicester, at the Yearly Rent of Four Pounds 8s. and 3Jd ami 27C\ vt. of Coals, and which Lease is renewable at the Will of the said Chaplains and Poor, upon Payment of a Fine, and commonly called the Berry Hills, iu the Hamlet of Snibson and Parish of Packington, and late in the Occupation of Mrs. Pratt, Deceased, consisting of a substantial and Convenient Messuage or Tenement, with Stabling for 1 Horses, a good Cow Shed, Bam ami other Out- Buildings, Yard and Garden* and also 12 Closes of exctllent. Land, laying round the same, and occupied therewith, containing by Estimation 37. Acres, be the same wore or less. Snibson is situate in a fine Sporting Country, and is distant from Ashby - de- la- Zouch 5 Miles ; from Market Bosworth, 7 Miles, and from Loughborough, Leicester, and Hinckley, 13 Miles; and the Berry Hills aforesaid, is not more than one Quarter of a Mile from tne Turnpike Road leading to all the said Towns, and is a desirable Residence for a small genteel Family, the I'oor Rates are very low For a View of the Premises apply to Mr. HEXTALL, the present occupier of the Laud, and for further Parti- culars to Mr. RICH. CHOYCE, of Twycross, Mr. . SAM. CHAPMAN, of Upton, both in the County of Leicester; or to Messrs. WOODCOCK and TWIST, Solicitors, Coventry. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION^ By Mr. T. BURTON, On Tu< sduy fhe 14th Day of March next, at the House of Arthur Williams, in Melton, ill the County of Leicester, between the Hours of 3 and 4 iu the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then produced ; AN ESTATE, at Somerby, held under a Lease from Brazen Nose College, in Oxford, at a small Annual Rent, fur a Term of 21 Years from Lady- day last, renewable every 7 Years, consisting ofa messuags or tenement ill good Repair, withtheOr- chard thereto belonging, Containing 2R. CUP. of Ground, in the Occupation of William Rippen, and 2 Closes, containing together 23 A. 1R. 16P. now in the Occupation of Mr. Robert Tyler, and called Wood Close and Shuter Close. Also, another Estate, situate at Somerby aforesaid, lield under a Lease from the same College, for 21 Years, at a small Annual Rent, from Michaelmas last, consisting ofa Messuage or Tenement, with a large Barn, Stables, Farm Yard, aud other Conveni- ences, standing upon ! It. 29P, of Ground. Also, One Close, culled small thorn, containing 9A. IR.- JP. i one other Close, Called Norman's Old Slade, containing 11A. 1R » 141'.; one other Close; called Rice Leys, containing 15A. 1 R. 34P. iu the Tenure of Robert Tyler, the Tenants will shew the Premises, and for Particulars apply to Mr. TY- LER, of Pickwell > or Mr. JAMES JUDD, or Mr. CALDECOTT, Solicitor, Melton Mowbray. 7$ % Warwickshire. sUNDrY valuable FREEHOLD FARMS, 0 Lands, Coppice Woods, and Tenements, in Nuneaton and Stockingford, in the Parish of Nun- eaton, containing in the Whole 793A. OK. 83 P. WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JOHN SAUNDERS, of Atherstone, In 55 Lots—( Particularsof which will be 0iven in next Week's Paper.) Oil Wednesday and Thursday the 15th and 16th Days of March, 1809, at the Red Lion Inn, iu Atherstouo. riaus of the Estate with a Particular Survey Of the fespeciive Lots as distinguished thereon, may be seen ' oil Application to Mr. EAGLE, Land Surveyor, Al- 1 us ley near Coventry or to Mr. BAXTER, Solici- tor, Atherstone; and for a View of the Lots or any • ofthem, app) y to Mr JOHN LANE, at Mr. Daniel • Wagstaff's in Nuneaton, at any Time previous to the Day of Sale. Printed Particulars may be had after tie 27th of February, at Allesley, Atherstone, and Nuneaton ; King's Head Inn, Coventry; bull's Head Inn, Hinckley; Swan Inn, Coleshill j and Castle Inn, Tamworth. BE SOLd BY AUCtION By Mr. ROUSE, On Friday March 11, 1809, about 6 in the Evening, at the Angel Inn, in Market Harborough, in the undermentioned Lots, viz V. Close of Pasture Land; adjoining the North Side of the Road from Market Harborough to Lutterworth, & c. ( near the Turnpike) containing about 3A. 1R. 20P. now in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Allen. of Meadow Ground ad- joining each other, on the South Side of the same Turnpike Road, ( opposite Lot 1) and on the South by the River Wel- laud, containing together about 2A. 1R. 361'. uo. w in the Occupation of Mr. Cooper. 1& T3. Another Close of Grazing tand, adjoining the West Side of the Turnpike Road from Market Harborough to Leicester, and the South End of Foster's Brick Kiln, in Quan- tity about 3A. 1 It. 20P. iu the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Garden. The above described Lots are Freehold and Tythe- free, well fenced and water, d, and are iu the Lord ship of Great Bowden. Further Particulars may be had by applying to mr. ADAMS, Solicitor, Market Harborough, LEICESTER INFirMARy SPECIAL BOARD, February 16, Present. JOHN MANSFIELD, Esq. Chairman. and 70 Governors. The Meeting was also attended by many Parish Officers and Heads of Societies, and a Proposal was made that tliey should be admitted to V" te. But it appeared that there was no existing Statute which gai'e them that authority ( tfieir Privilege being eou- fiued to the Recommendation of Patients), and that this Board was not Competent to make an alteration in the Statutes for that Purpose. It was then moved by C. L. Smith, Esq. anil second- ed by the Rev, T. Robinson, that the Parish Officers and Heads of Societies not being in their own right Governors of this House, should withdraw from this Meeting, and they immediately retired. The Rev. Mr Robinson then recommended Mr. John Flint, as Secretary to the Infirmary, iu the Place of John Throsby resigned, which was seconded by Robert Clarke, Esq. J. E. Carter, Esq. recommended Mr. Thomas Martin to the vacant Secretaryship, and was seconded by Mr. Price. On a Poll being taken, the Votes of the Governors appeared to be as follows For J. Flint, For T. Martin, ^ Mr. Flint was declared duly elected ; and it vis or- dered that should give satisfactory Security to the Governors, for the proper Discharge of his Duty, in the Amount of £ 200, and it was recommended that such Security should be required of every future Se- cretary. Ordered— That the Treasurer be requested t6 take legal Advice on the best Means of recovering from the late Secretary the Sums embezzled by him from the Lunatic Asylum, and of bringing him to Justice for liis Misconduct, the Governors Of the Leicester Infirmary. GENTLEMEN, Your proceedings this day, relative to the election of a Secretary, I confess, have not made the most favourable impression upon my mind, and I cannot but fear, that it will produce a similar effect upon many in the same situation. I am not indeed dissa- tisfied with the , person w ho is elected, for I confess had he first applied for my vote, I should, without hesitation, have promised him my support. It has, however, so fallen out, that my vote, with that of many others who were representatives of public bodies, would have been of n0 avail, since by your decision on this occasion, you cut off every claim to such a privilege : a privilege, I conceive, founded in equity ; and perfectly consistent with the benevolent design of this noble institution* It appears to me, that, to deny a number Of per- sons the privilege of voting for a Secretary, because they were only Representatives of public bodies, and not subscribers in their own proper persons, is both unjust and impolitic. Unjust, because it is the tity subscribed that gives a qualification to an individual to act as a Governor, and to recommend patients, and in the present case no more would be required, and of course such persons are equally eligible : and it is impolitic, because it is more thaii probable, that such Societies will in future withold their Subscrip- tions and Collections, if their just rights bedenied.— Whatever objections may be raised against Parish Officers, Churchwardens, or the Stewards of Friendly- Societies, also which have the same claim in point of equity ^ surely ill is most invidious, as well as unjust, to object because persons are Dissenters, and re- present Dissenting Congregations. Nor is itless illibe- ral and unmanly, not to say persecuting, to object to a Candidate for the Secretaryship, because he is not of the Established Religion ! However some may be disposed to undervalue the Dissenters, I believe if any of the Governors chuse to inquire of the Treasurer, or to examine the printed Annual Accounts, they will find several handsome Subscriptions, Donations, and Collections from that body. Amidst all the generosity, forbearance, and tameness of Dissenters, can they be so generous, for- bearing, and tame, as to continue to support even the most valuable institution under heaven, when the joint exertions of the lower classes among them are treated with neglect, and they arc not allowed to send a Representative to vote in so paltry a concern as the choice of a Secretary. Whatever may be the existing Rules of the Infir- mary in the present ease, which, by the bye, are too vague to determine in favor of the present measure, there can be little doubt with any reflecting mind, as to what is equitable. I trust, therefore, that this subject will be duly considered by every Gover- nor, and that, if the present Rules be insufficient to determine the point, a new Rule will be formed at the next General Board, by which the- Rights of the Representatives of Public Bodies of every description may beduly acknowledged, and their claims admitted. I have the honor to be, GENTLEMEN, Your most obedient Servant, A Friend to the Institution. Leicester, Feb. 16, 1809, To the Governors of the Leicester Infirmary. MY LORDS AND GENTLEMEN, had the Honor of being elected your Secretary at it, very numerous and re- spectable Meeting of Governors on Thursday the \ i5lh Instant, 1 beg leave to express my grateful Acknowledgements for this Favour, and to as- sure you that it shall be my unremitting Study and endeavour to discharge the Duties of my Office with fideluy and strict Attention. To those Gentlemen who stood forward in my Support oil the Day of Election, I feel a pecu- liar Obligation, titiid return my Warmest Thanks; but I shall hope to conciliate the favourable Re- gards of all ihe Friends of this charitable Insti- tution byfulfding my important Trust. I am, - MY LORDS AND GEnLEMEN, Your obliged and faithful humble Servant, JOHN FLINT.- Leicester, February 22, 1809. The Governors who polled 011 the Day of Election for John Flint, were » 41) For Thomas Martin - -- 21 TJ^ Wanted, AN APPRENTICE to a SURGEON and APOTHECARY. Apply to Mr. CAN- TRILL, Ashby de- la zouch Feb. 23, 1809. _________ Wanted, Situation as an Assistant to " a Surgeon and A Apothetary.-- For particulars apply to A B. Post Office, Lutterworth. Letters Post- paid. Wanted, Apprentice to the GROCERY BUS!- NESs,— Apply to Mr: NICHOLS, Junr. lately, " just entering Lodgings in any of the Central and Public Situations in Leicester, a Parlour, Study, and Bed Room will be required. The Advertiser will prefer treating with Persons of such Character and respectability as may allow of his taking Dinner with the Family. Communications addressed to Mr. PALMER, Surgeon, coleshill, War- wickshire, will be immediately attended to. February 23, 1809 ~ TO BE LET, i And entered upon at Lady- day next, Neat new built HOUSE in the Swine's Mar-, ker, consisting of a large Dining Room, Parlours, and 6 Lodging Rooms, a good Cellar and Kitchen, with Rain and Hard Water Pumps, and other Conveniences, all in must excellent Condition. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. MILLER, at the Bank.. to BE LET, And may be entered upon immediately, ANeat compact hOUsE in excellent Repair, fit for the Reception of a genteel Family, comprising 3 Parlours, Kitchen, Scullery, Pantry, capital Cellar, four Lodging Rooms, and a Garrat, with suitable attached and detached Offices; a Two- stall Stable, Brewhouse, and Gighouse; together with an extensive Pleasure and Kitchen Garden, in a high State of Cultivation, well planted with the choicest Fruit Trees, and Fish- Pond well stocked w ith Fish, containing about an Acre ; delightfully situated iu the pleasant Village of Birstall, about 2 Miles from Leicester; " commanding extensive Prospects, with the Advantage of good Roads, and a genteel Neigh- bourhood j the Whole forming one of the most desir- able Country Botes in ti'- e Vicinity of Leicester. Adjoining are two large Rooms, that would make an excellent Seminary for Education either for Young Ladies or Gentlemen. For further Particulars and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. JOSEPH BURTON, Humberstone- gate, Leicester, ffT TO BE LET, And may be entered upon immediately, AHOUSE and old accustomed Bakehouse, si- tuate at Syston.— For further Particular's in- quire of Mrs. TAYLOR, of Syston. TO be LET, ( upon Lease ) ~ And entered upon at Lady- day ne* t, ACommodious Sashed HOUSE, pleasantly si- tuate near the Londen Road, between Lei- cester and Market Harborougb, and only six Miles from Leicester, consisting of a good Dining Jloom, Drawing Room, Store Room, Servants Hall, Kitchen, arid Brewhouse, four . good Chambers with Attics and 2 Sleeping Rooms for Servants, barn,. Stables, and other convenient Out- offices. The Whole forming a. desirable Residence for a Gentleman's Family.— Also, a Garden and Orchard, and with or without between thirty and Forty Acres of very rich Grazing Land.— For further Particulars apply to mr. GEORGE COOPEr, of Great Glenn Great Glenn, Feb. 22, 1809. TO " A1 BE LET, And entered upon immediately, Country Residence for a small Family, four Miles distant from Oadby,— the Tenant may be accommodated with about Ten Acres of I. and, if required. Apply to Mr, FREeR, Attorney, New Street, Leicester. LEICESTER ASSEMBLY. THE next ASSEMBLY will be at the Hotel Rooms, on tuesday the of February Instant. Tine Assize Assembly will be 6n Friday the 24th of March next. Colonel CRUMP, if. February 22, 1809. Dr. FREER, mr. WALKER, • Stewards. I HE Partnership between William Gardiner, and Thomas Paget, of Leicester; and John Allsopp of Loughborough, iu the County of Leices- ter, Lace- Manufacturers, carried on under the Firm of Gardiner aud Allsppp, was this Day dissolved by mutual Consent. Leicester, Jan. 1, 1807, , WILLIAM GARDINER, T. PAGET, , JOHN ALLSOPP. Witness to the Signing, THOMAS SCOTT. * . MISS GOODE wishes to inform her Friends l\ x and the Public, that she leaves her pre- sent Residence at Lidy- dav next, aud enters upon the House of the late Mr. ELLIOTT, in North- Gat e- Strect. The Situation is Airy, and the House com- modious, with an excellent School Room, and well adapted. fol the Reception of Day Scholais and Boarders. Leicester, February 03, 1809 » J . JACKSON; WHOLESALE and RETAIL LINEN and WOOL- LEN DRAPER, MARKET- PLACE, LEICESTER ; RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public, that he has taken his Son Ben- jamin into Partnership ; and that the Business of the House in future will be conducted under the Firm of JOHN JACKSON and SON. J. Jackson returns his grateful Acknowledgements for the liberal Patronage he has so many Years expe- rienced, and hopes jointly with his Son to meet a Continuance of it. Leicester, February 14, 1809. RAN- AWAY, From Rothiey, and left his Children chargeable to the Parish THOMAS NORTH, frame- work. knitter, on or about the First of February instant He is about 5 Feet 9 or 1& Inches high, thin made, long Visage, and walks- straight. Whoever will give Intelligence to the Overseers ofRothley, will be esteemed a Favour, and will be handsomely rewarded. / Rothiey, February 18, 1809. RiVEr FEBRUARY 24. MARRIED. • , -. On Thursday, at Heckfield Hants, the Hon. Sir Arthur Paget, K. B. to Lady Augusta Fane, second daughter of the Earl of Westmoreland, ami late wife of Lord Boringdon, from whom she. was divorced by an act passed on the preceeding Tuesday. At Plymouth Dock, 011 the 7th instant, Mr. Nor- man, banker, son of Mr. Alderman Norman, of Co- ventry, to Miss Spry, both of the former place. On Thursday last, Mr. W. White, of East H. ad- don, to Miss J. F. Gee, of Elkington, both in Nor- thamptonshire. On Tuesday, Feb, 14, Mr. James Martin to Miss Kenny, both of Whetstone, in this county. DIED. On Tuesday last, after a very short illness and se- vere affliction, in the 07th year of his age, Clarke Watkins, Esq. of Daventry, Northamptonshire. A few days since, after a lingering illness, which he bore with fortitude and resignation, Mr. Swinfen, 1 of Oadby, in this county. The . Burnaby, Official of this Archdeaconry, to appoint the Rev. Henry Eveleigh Holland clerk, M. A. Curate of Hinckley, to be , Surro- gates for granting marriage licencies', within the said Jurisdiction. ... On Sunday last, atfer an excellent appropriate discourse . by the Rev. R. Davies, at St. Margarets Church, for the benefit of St. Margaret's Charity School, The collection at the church doors amount- ed jo : 7 : 10|. On Tuesday last, Thomas Hussey, Esq. of Ful- mer, Buckinghamshire, son- in- law of the Earl of Oxford', and cousin, to Lord George Henry Ca- vendish, was unanimously elected Member of Parliament for the borough of Aylesbury", in ihe . room of the ever- to be- lamented Major Caven- dish. The election of a representative for the Borough of Stamford is likely to be warmly contested. The candidates are Mr, Chaplin, eldest son of the Re- corder of that town and Mr. Oddy, of St. James's square.— the last contested election was in 1734. -- The right of voting is in the inhabitants who are householders, and the nUmber does not. much ex- ceed 500 — The tumAlt incidental t » an election ' commenced thereon Thursday. On Sunday evening, the 12th instant, was rung, by the Society of Coventry Youths. at St. Mi- chael's, in Coventry', a complete peal- of- grandsire Cators, containing 5219 changes in three hours and 58 minutes :— The above peal being the full extent of changes that can. be obtained with only four bells behind On , Coventry Youths rang, a new peal,, called the valentine, containing ' 5,075 chan- ges, in three hours . The advanced price of woollen. cloth is already generally known and generally felt. A coat which, a month ago, would have cost is now seven guineas I And the people of life country are to bo- that this exorbitant rise , is: the necessary result of an existing scarcity of superfine the Spanish wool, without which, it manu- factured. The consequence of this increase of price has been., that the metropolis alone, five thousand . journeymen Tailors were thrown out of employment. , Five thousand more, it is computed, will this week be discharged ; and it can by tio means be an exaggerated statement, that in Great Britain 20,000 families will be thus reduced to Wretchedness and famine ; for, certaihly, no man who can possibly avoid it, will order cloaths while they continue at such ' a price. This evil, were it a matter of necessity', should be quiescently submitted to... But the scircity complained . of is a false and artificial scarcity., There is in the country neither a deficiency of wool nor of cloth. There are, however, men sufficiency rich, selfish and profligate to create both. When the British army, Was compelled to aban- don Spain, the Factors of Blackwell Hall naturally concluded that all the ports of that country would very soon be closed against the British Flag. When- ever this should take place, they judged that all Commerce between the two countries must termi- nate ; and that of course, Spanish Wool would no longer be attainable. " Make hay while the sun shines," is the ' command of wisdom • and these gentlemen', accordingly, determined to recompense themselves with the wool and cloth, now in the country, for the defalcation in their fut. ure revenues, that the loss of this lucrative branch of trade would probably occasion. In pursuance of this laudable resolution, they began with buying up, at an in- creased price} whatever quantities of these commo- dities they could procure.. ' They applied to the Merchant Taylors, and offered them at once an advance of sis shillings per yard on such clothS at they might have on. hand ; and having thus engros- Majority 28 Disorders of the Head, Dimness of Sight, Defect of Hearing, . THE CORDIAL CEPHALIC SNUFF. AS a Proof of its Efficacy. Mr Richard Thorn, of Itchen- Stoke, Hants, writes, in Febru ary, 1805, to the Proprietors as follows : " I am now 74 Years old, and can see to read with common Glasses, and my Memory is as good as when I was only 18. In July 1776 ( 29 Years ago), I was seized with a dreadful Giddiness in my Head.— My Doctor gave me various Medicines : they did no good. He admitted this, and Candidly advised the Use of your Cephalic Snuff. I took it, and in a few Weeks was n ueli better.— After this I took it more freely, and in six Weeks was as well aud hearty as ever, and so have continued to this Day. Inconsequence of the increased Expence of the Ingredients of which this elegant and efticacious Snuff is composed, aud the high Duty upon the Bot- tles, the Proprietors are under the Necessity of . rais- ing the Price to Is. l| d. per Bottle, Stamp in- cluded. It is sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, at tl. e Warehouse for Dr. James's Powder, No. 45, in St. Paul's Church- yard, London; and brodie and Co. at Salisbury; and none is Genuine, unless the Words " F. Newbery, No. 46, St. Pauls," be engraved on the Stamp. And by their Appointment by Gregory, Swinfen and Co. and Combe, Leicester; Watt's, Hinckley; Corrail, Lutterworth; Clementson, Mel- ton ; Adams, Loughborough; and higgs, Harbo- rough,, KENT NAVIGATION. AGeneral Meeting of the Company of Proprie- tors olThe River ' Trent Navigation, wiil be ( widen at the Kingston's Arms Inn, in Newark- upon- Trent, on Tuesday the 7th Day of March next, at 11 o'Clock in the Forenoon. The Committee will meet at the satrte Place on the preceding Day. E. S. GODFREY, Clerk to the said Company. Newark, Feb. 20, 1809. , Ashby- de- la- Zouch, Leicestershire, STALLION FAIR. R account of the p' ailing Opinion of Per- sons most conversant with the proper l ime of. Disposing of STALLION HOUSES, that in general the Fair established at Ashby falling too late, an al- teration is desirable for the mutual Advantage of Buyers and Sellers; it is therefore agreed upon by the principal Breeders to show Stallions at Ashby, on the Monday before the 25th of March Annually after the pusent Year 1807 ; and they invite other Persons whom they, have not had an Opportunity of consult- ing to encourage the Plan. Suddenly; oil Thursday Feb 16, most deservedly lamented by his family and friends, Mr. Thomas Tompson, of Swepston, in this county, many years a considerable farmer and grazier at Weddington, in ; the county of Warwick, at the advanced age of 78 years Lately, at Ashby- de la- Zouch, in this county, aged 17, Master Martin Farnell: he bore a long and painful illness with becoming fortitude, and met death j with great composure, his mind having been early impressed with proper principles of religion. On Monday se'nnight, aged 29, of a consumption, Miss Eliza Ariss, daughter of Mr. Ariss, baker, of Pailton, Leicestershire. The dreadful effects of that prevalent complaint have been in no case more se- verely felt than in this family. The surviving parent has followed to the grave his wife and 9 of his children, victims to that fatal disorder. Cr V/ si LONDON, ' THURSDAY Feb. 23. RUmours of Hostilities between Austria ami France were yesterday prevalent, and that such an event was the cause of Bona- parte's sudden return to Paris. However much we doubt the truth of this report, it is our duty to notice it. The Lady Frances has arrived at Harwich, frotn Heligoland, in five days. She brings intelligehce that it was very generally rumoured oh the C « jiti' nent, that a rupture between France and Austria was inevitable. Bonaparte it ap- pears, did not remain long' in Paris after his return from Spain, but set out for Ger- many almost immediately. Papers and letters from the United States to the 29tli ult. have been received. The new Embargo Laws were in force at that period, and acted upon with the strictest rigour. The Henry, Harman, belonging t « Liverpool, that arrived at that place on Sun- day, has brought this intelligence. The Investigation before the House of Commons has so completely superseded evety other subject, that no one asks a question about the operations of the war-, or the movements and ihtentioos of the enemy. The Duke of York has beat Bona- parte out of the field— and Mrs. Clarke has almost obliterated from the public mind all Conti- nental considerations. It has happened however tbat during the time this investigation has been going on, no operations of great importance have taken place in Spain or any other part of Europe ; the principal occurrences will be found in our pre- ceding columns. Whilst we carefully abstain frorti offering any opinion respecting either the validity or fallacy of the charges exhibited in the house of Commons against a certain illustrious Military Cha- racter, we cannot but sincerely deplore the moral turpitude, mental depravity, and total absence of common decency, which the investigstion of those charges has developed to an astonished nation. That such glaring examples of voluptuous adultery and dissipation should emanate from so high a source, is a truly melancholy and most alarming circumstance. Can it be wondered at that the lower classes of the community should indulge in the excess of prostis' tution, debauchery, and every species Of vice, When the most immoral examples are", daily held out to them by elevated rank ?— The mischief that may hence arise is incalculable. Every person of prin- ciple must feel and lament that such pernicious and dangerous lessons are openly inculcated, and widely disseminated. Sufficient evidence has. al- ready been adduced to prove that an illicit connexion has long existed between the exalted personage' alluded to; and an abandoned courtezan— enough to establish a Wanton pollution of the connubial bed — a criminal and lustful intercourse. The Ignorant it is well known, are too prone to imitate the vices of their superiors, ahd to extenuate their mis conduct by the pattern shewn them. When harlots are enabled to revel in luxury, and suffered to in- fluence the conduct of those who ought to govern with purity, prudence, and ceconomy, the people may naturally be expected 10 devia. e from the paths of morality, and imbibe a contempt of their governors. We hope, most ardently hope, the investigation of this disgraceful business may pro- duce its due effect, and open the eyes of the dis- tinguished individual implicated, to a sense of the duty he owes to his own dignified station, to morality, and to his country. Henry Bromley, of Abberley, Esq. is appointed high Sherifi'of the County of' Worcester. ' The King has been pleased to appoint the Rev. Charles Talbot, Batchelor in Divinity, to the Deanry of Satum, void by the death of Doctor John Ekins, late Dean thereof. The Rev. John Hildyard, Vicar of Grimboldby and Bonby, has been presented, by the Right hon. Lord Yarborough, to the Vicarage of hork- stow, in Lincolnshire, vacant by the death of the Rev. Mr. Robinson. sed the article it only remained for them to it whatever price they thought proper. As if to feel the public pulse, the increase was made, n'b. all st once,, but by degrees, and at successive meets, ings. At first they advanced the price only by i | few shillings,— then by a few more ; and the con- clusion is, that for wool, which was sold at six shillings, they now exact six- and- twenty shillings per pound. Cloth of course, is proportionably raised. Immense quantities of cotton have arrived at Liverpool from America Great quantities of cotton have also arrived. from the Brazils and the West Indies. In consequence of the above ar- rivals, the price of cotton has experienced a con- siderable reduction during the present week- Caution.— On Saturday last, Thurman, of Atherstone, malster, was convicted before Francis Newdigate, Esq. and the Rev. G. Beresford, at Nuneaton, in a mitigated penalty, for watering his malt Contrary to the statute. Ackerman has authorized us to inform our readers, that his next number of the Repository of Arts and fashions, to be published on the March, will contain, in addition to many interest- ing subjects, a Fac- Simile of a line of a Latin poem, found and unrolled by Mr. HAyter, from ihe Pompeian Papyri J and also an authcntic commu- nication respecting the Merino Sheep, which has been made to him by a gentleman lately arrived from Spain and who has passed a great part of his life in that kingdom. This communicatiori embraces every kind of information that caa be sited this Very important subject. , FAIRS. Feb. 28— Chesterfield. March 1 Duffield, Brackley. —— 2,— Wem, Leicester. THE QUORN HOUNDS will meet on Monday, Feb. 27, at Oadby Town IJ eJnesitay, March. I, at Braunstone Friday, 3, at Normanton- on- the- woulds each day at half- past Ten o'clock. LORD VERNON'S HOUNDS will meet cn ( Should the Weather permit) Monday, Feb. .27, at Black Slough Wednesday, Mar. 1, at blithfield house Friday, 3., hatherton PRICE OF CORN In LElCESJEIl MARKET, Feb. 18, 1809. P G AINSBOROUGH Armed.'— Six, Brothers, Sanderson, from Lynn. Hopewell, Anderson Sunderland. Hero. Witting, """ Castle, Ward j, Mary Ann, ; p " aud Sally, Parkin, from Lonon,, ' * » — neptune, Bass, 1 Editor of the Leicester Journal. SIR, voluntarily undertaken to address myself to the freeholders of Great Britain, respecting what is necessary and useful at the present artful crisis.— And to point out those duties which are indispensIHe, men and Englishmen they feel at all desirons to vindicate their intellectual, moral, and political cha- racter, to God, themselves, and their country. It will be necessary for me to proceed cautiously, step by step, on such ground as may appear teualile and de- fensible. A task, you must allow, more suited to the strong herculean mind of a Demosthenes or Tully, than the feeble arm of a solitary individual. They, like ano- ther Hercules, might rid the world of tyrants and monsters; but by what means shall I be able to cleanse this angean stable or scour the filth from our Commonwealth, in order to restore it to its pristine state ? When I speak of a Commonwealth, Sir, I wish the word to understood in every possible sense but that of a Republic. No, onr government is not Re- publican, but is, if the phrase may be admissible, a Monarchical Commonwealth. Thi duty I shall first treat of, * is that we owe to Cod us the author of our existence, the- mcans of our duration, and the final disposer of our being. Con- cerning which religious duty I shall presume no fur- ther than to state, that man, as a responsible civature, ought always to be ready, to render unto his Creator a just account uf those" talents with which he hath been pleased to entrust him. Now God hath im- planted in onr nature an intellectual capacity. He hath granted us also a free will to choose or reject. He hath placed before ns'a code of moral and prohi- bitory laws, as the rule of our conduct, and the test of our obedience, lie hath subjected all earthly things to thecontronl of our reason. These, we must allow, are very high and distinguishing privileges, and for the use or abuse of which, we are jusiy an- swerable. This responsibility, in which all men stand to their Creator, applies to every state of the creature, as far as the indications of God's holy will dwells on their mind. But for men, like ourselves, baptised and initiated into the sacred gospel of truth and revelation, obedi- ence , and our responsibility altogether strengthened. Thus far with respect to our duty to God. Now let us take a view of man as a social or moral agent, in a state of society. For, as to speak- ing of him or his rights, as in a state of rude nature, they scarcely, if any where exist, not even in the al- most inaccessible wilds of Lapland, Africa, or Ame- rica. Every man therefore born into the world is a mem- ber of that state or society where he first makes his appearance ; and his natural rights, of course, give place to the established ones of the country which nurtures and protects him. These rights are all de- fined, guaranteed, and established by laws, formed » u the wisdom, and rendered permanent hy the suf- frages of former generations Hence they become rules for our moral dnty, as members of society, in the same < Iegre< j, as the former which I hefore enumerat- ed, are of'our religions, to express our gratitude to God. l aws then are equally binding on the conduct of the prince as on that of the peasant , And the sum of , when taken collectively, is, what is general- ly termed, the constitution of a country. That is, the rule or mode by w hich all the parts of a govern- ment are kept in a sound state, and rendered condu- cive to the general interest of the Commonwealth,— ' Of this hereafter. A British Freeholder. * Solomon's Guide to Health—' To obtain a radical and permanent cure for those secret infirmities of nature, which delicacy often forbids to disclose, even to their nearest relatives; also a '[' realise on Female Diseases, nervous, hypochondriac and con- sumptive complaints; to which is added, an Essay on the Venereal Disease, Gleets, Seminal Weak- nesses, and a destructive habit of a private nature; with an Address to Parents, Guardians, Tutors, and those who have the care and education of Youth — Likewise advice to Bathers, particularly the afflicted with nervous complaints.— The whole futerspered and illustrated with a variety of authen- tic facts never before published. Sold at 3s. by Matthews and 1 eigh, 18, Strand, and by all the . booksellers Sold by T. Gregory, Leicester. 3 The want of making early purchases of Tickets and Snares in the last Lottery, was afterwards so clearly felt by numerous applicants from y parts of the kingdom, that thev now seem mined to take Time by the forelock. Commissi-* ot s, in short, are already pouring into town, from all quarters, for Chances in the present Scheme ; which, in addition to a most capital Prize List, in ikes a free Gift of 1,500 Whole Tickets to adven- turers.— Of course, only 18,000 Numbers are for sale t Mr RICHARD FISHER, of Bermuda, having written by the brig Maria, Capt. T. Smith, a hasty memorandum, to inform the Proprietor of SPILS- BURY'S PATeNT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, that, from taking three bottles of his medicine he has derived more relief than he ever experienced, in a violent rheumatic complaint, and begging at the same time, a fresh supply of the genuine me- dicine may be sent him. The genuine Medicine hast he words, " BY THe KING'S PATENT," expressed on the bo'de, bill of direction, and outside wrapper, and the King's diuy printed in black ink. Sold at the Dispensary, 15, soho Square, london, in small bottles of 5s. Gd.; double bottles 10s.; and larger 1I. 2s. Compound Essence, to allay unpleasant irritation, £ s.— Sold by T. Gregory, Leicester. BANKRUPTS. T. Scott and Co. York, grocers V. Kow, St. Peter's Quay, Northumberland, ship- builder Taylor and Co. Liverpool, merchants w. Choyce, Coventry, innkeepers j. and J, Webster, Wakefield, cornfactors S. Knight,' White- cross- street, cloth factor J. Atkinson, Clevely- Mill, Lancashire, miller T. Stennes, Lautrissant, Glamorganshire, linen- drape G: Davis, Kingsland- road, cow- keeper My Webster, Witham, York, builder T. Lloyd, Poultry, slate- merchaiit T. Payler, Greenwich, merchant J. R Ireland, Burr- street, East Smithfield, coal- factor J. Hand, Wormwood- street, warehouseman J. Dean, Birmingham, japanner w. R. Parker. Hebden, York, cotton- twist- spinner w. Darby, Hertford, butcher j, Morris, King- street, Greenwich B. Fisher, Dudley, Worcester, wine merchant W. Horsefall, Hampstead- road, victualler V. Bentley, Bucklersbury, stone- mason . Scarborough, ship- owner DIVIDENDS. ' V ei, 11. John Carrington, manchester, warehousc- man, at Guildhall 7. H. Barton, Manchester, dyer, at the Bridge- water Arms Inn • - 8. C Dudfield, Tewksbury, Gloucestershire, innholder, at the Swan Inn 35. T. Clayton, Dilworth, Lancashire, tanner, at the New Inn, blackburn 14. John Tennant, Oxford- street, wine- mer- chant, at Guildhall 11. R. Foggan, Salford, Lancashire, cotton- manufacturer, at the Palace Inn, Manchester. 15. Richard Palke, Little Hempston, Devon- shire, coal- merchant, at the Golden Lion Inn, Newton- Abbott April IS. C. Tytlar, Hounsditch, slopseller, at Guildhall 18. Edw. Winwood and S. Thody, Poultry, glovers, at Guildhall 8. Geo. Tupper, Linton, Kent, shopkeeper, at Guildhall 25. Sam. Davis, Bury- street, St. Mary- Axe, merchant, at Guildhall 7. Jos. Gill, Brownshill, Gloucestershire, clo- thier, at the George Inn, Stroud i. XV. Chester, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, mer- cer, at the Falcon Inn, Chesterfield 30,000 the last Prize of 500 Tickets, Ever Drawn, were all Shared and Sold at BISH's 4, Cornhill, and 9, Charing- Cross, LONDON. • V THE Scheme of the present LOTTERY con- tains only 18,500 Tickets for Sale, with the same Number of Prizes as the last, viz. 4 of .£' 20,000 I 2 of £ 5,000 2 of 10,000 I 6 of 1,000 The First- drawn Ticket above o£ 15. on the First Day is entitled, over and above the Prize, to 1000 Whole Tickets; The First- drawn Ticketon the Second Day, above of 15. is entitled, overand above the Prize, to 500 Whole Tickets; * The Value of those 1,500 Tickets is incalculable, as tbey may contain all the Capitals ; and Shares are entitled to a Proportion of all Benefits. Tickets and Shares are Selling In great Variety at BISH's Offices as above, also by his Agents J. Clementson, Bookseller, Melton Mowbray. H. Burnett, Printer, Nottingham. Thomson and Wrigtson, { stamp Office, Bir- mingham. Persons in the Country may be supplied the same as if present, by sending their Orders ( Post or Car- riage paid) accompanied with good Bills, Bank Notes, Cash, or Post Office Orders, to either 4, Cornhill, or 9, Charing Cross, London. EDMUND SWINFEN, Druggist, Market- Place, m n LEICESTER; li m ml hAS just received an As- ^^ Jr sortment of Elastic Spring Trusses, manufactured by JOHN WRIGHT, No 31, paradise Street, Liver- pool these Trusses are made upon anew Principle, and J W, warrants them to answer every Purpose for winch tbey are intended, they can be altered at pleasure, so as to lit any sized Person, and are far superior to any other ever offered to the Public, and are approved of by the most eminent Surgeons in the Kingdom; each Truss is accompanied with printed Directions, containing every Particular as to the Manner of putting them on. These Trusses may be had . t Edmund Swinfen's Genuine and general Drug Medicine and Perfume Warehouse, opposite the Conduit, in the Market- place, Leicester, and of the principal Druggists in most Towns of the Kingdom. J. w. makes a new invented Naval Truss far su- perior to any other ever offered to the Public. Orders from the Country, ( Letters ost paid), will be duly attended to N. B. Gentlemen ol the Faculty or others may inspect the Trusses at Swij. ien's Warehouse The above may also be had of Mr, Adams, Drug- gist, Loughborough. 77 For the Head, Stomach, and Bowels. Dr, JAMES's ANALEPTIC PILLS. Til E Celebrit y of these Pills as a general Preservative of Health, by assisting Nature l » the due Discharge of the animal Functions, is be- come universal, and tbey are now recommended by Medical Gentlemen of the first Eminence, who nse them in their own Families. They are admiralty calculated tor Disorders of the Stomach and Bowels; for Persons of a Bilious, a Gouty, or a Rheumatic Disposition; as well as for those whose Constitutions have been atfeeted by a sedentary Life, or by a Resi- dence in Hot Climates : also for Head Achs occasion ed by Indigestion and other bad Effects of free Liv- ing ; and for preventing Palsies and Apoplexies, so often the Consequence of Intemperance. These Pills which gently epen the Pores by Night and the Body by Day, are excellent in Colds and slight Fevers ; and they have a Tendency to promote Sleep. They should never be omittidat Bed- time, after any ex- cess of Eating or Drinking. Sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, No. 45, St. Patil'sChurch Yard, London ; in Boxes, Price 4s. 6d. each, or 6 in one large Box, for 1/. 4s. Duty included; and by their Appointment by Gregory, Swinfen, and Combe, Leicester; Watts, Hinckley ; Corral], Lut- terworth; Clementson, Melton; Adams, Loughbo- rough ; and Higgs, Harborough. kjp Observe that the Words, " F, Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's," are eniwaved in the Stamp. Whitehead's Essence of Mustard. ft law, RHEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Affec- tions, with their usual Concomitants, Spasms or flying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and gene- ral Debility ( originating in whatever Source), are relieved and frequently cured by Whitehead's Essence of Mustard Pills, after every other Mean had failed. The Fluid Essence of Mustard ( used with the Pills, in those Complaints were necessary) is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and effectual Remedy in the World, curing Chilblains, Sprains and Bruises, in less than half the Time usually taken by Opodel- doc, Arquebusade, or any other Liniment or Embro- cation;' and if used immediately after any Accident, it prevents the Part turning black. Whitehead's Family Cerate, is equally efficacious for all ill conditioned Sores, Sore I. egs, Scorbutic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ring- worms, Shingles, Breaking out on the Face, Nose, liars, and Eyelids, Sore and Inflamed Eye-, Sore Heads, and Scorbutic Humoufs of every Descrip- tion. Prepared only, and Sold by R.. Johnson, Apothe- cary, No. 15, Greek- street, Soho, London. The Es- sence and Pills at ' 2s 9d. each ; thoCerate at is. Hd, and 2s Pd. Sold by T. Gregory, Leicester; and by every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom, The Genuine has a Black Ink Stamp, with the N ame of ii. Johnson inserted on it. ill : riVtic is ledVbie STONE and GRAVEL. those afflicted, with the Stone and Gravel X the Proprietor of Abraham's happy in having it. in his Power to offer a M which has invariably proved both a safe and effectual Remedy for those dreadful Disorders. Its beneficial Effects have been long experienced in an extensive circle of private Practice, and the fol- lowing is Selected for the Information< rf the Public, from among many other Cases of the Cures it has performed; a fuller Account ot which may be had ( gratis) of the undermentioned Venders. CASE. Mevagessy, January T, 1806. Mr. Abraham, SIR, I feel happy in announcing one of the most speedy and effectual Cures by your Lithontriptic. which, i perhaps, was ever known to be performed by any f Medicine in the World ; begging at the same Time, j that you will, ( for the benefit of those who are. or \ may be afflicted with the like dreadful disease,) im- mediately make it as Public as possible. While I live, I shall be thankful to Providence for such un- speakable Relief, and bo always ready to give Testi- mony to the wonderful Effeets of your invaluable Me- dicine in the following Case. I had for seven Years been afflicted with the Gravel, and the Faculty, even the most skilful, could afford me no Relief, except bv taking off mv Water with an Instrument. My Sufferings cannot be expressed, and 1 To the Afflicted wth the Rheumatism, Rheumatic gout, Lumbago, Back and kidnie's, numbness, Palsy, ly recommended the CUMBERLAND BITUMINOUS FLUID. THIS most valuable . Medicine is prepared from a Fossil Bitumen, lately discovered in the Mines ot Cumberland, and may justly ha saiJVto be the most effectual Remedy ever made known'ftr T^ e! World, for the Relit f and Cure of the above Com-' plaints, it having succeeded in Cases of many Years standing, after every other Means had failed. Upon Application to any of the Venders of fctr* Medicine, may be bad gratis, an Account of a Num- ber of surprising Cures that have been efTecfcct through its Use, which are well authenticated ami Reference given to People of the first KespectabiJitv. CASE. from John Brown, esq, Askham, near lowther, in westmoreland, to Mr. Ramsay, Penrith, SIR-, Askham, Apr 5, 1808'. I now fulfil my Promise by sending you an *\ c- rouritofan extraordinary Cure effected bv the Cum- berland Bituminous Fluid, upon a Lady, a particular Friend of mine in London. Mrs. Holmes, Niece and Housekeeper to Mr. Ayrey, No. 24, Northumberland Street, Manchester entirely about 50 Years of Age, had been afflicted Cheap, Safe, and Superior Travelling, FITOM TIIF. THREE CROW NS, LEICESTER. THE Proprietors of the CORNWALLIS COACH, beg Leave to inform the Town and Trade of Leicester, that for their better Accom- modation tbey will reserve 2 Inside Places, Ontsides, and room for Luggage, every Evening at 8 o'clock, for London1; they also wish , to say that the above Coach is the only one passing through this Town, in which Places can be taken for certainty before tiie arrival of the Coach.- The Cornwallis in its Way from London and Man- chester, leaves the above Inn every Morning at. 4 o'Clock, and arrives at the Swan, Market- Street Lane, Manchester, the same Evening at 7 o'clock. The Manchester and Loudon Mail also leaves the Three Crowns every Day at 3 o'Clock, and arrives at the Swan with Two Necks, Lad- lane, I. ond0pt the next Morning by 6 o'Clock, and in its way tti Man- chester from Londcn, it leaves the above Inn at Half- past 10 o'clock, and arrives at Manchester the same Evening. Performed by \ V. Bishop and Co. N. B. The Proprietors will not be accountable for any Parcel or Passenger's I. uggage ahove the Value of 5/. unless entered as such and paid for accordingly. spaired ofany Relief, as I ha- l frequently been a Week for upwards ot three- Years, parti- together without Sleep, either Night ot Day, and at " ip Joints, so as to be last I could not suffer myself ia auy other posture of her Limbs, and had re- ceived the best Medical Advice without any My Son being in London, by my desire called her, when he vras much ' affected by hf r distressed S tnation, and knowing the great Estimation in which your Medicine is so deservedly held in this Part of the Country, he recommended a Trial. Not know- ing it was sold in London, be wrote to me to send a large Bottle, which I got of you and sent per Coach. I have lately received a Letter from my Son, stating that your Medicine had effected a compute Cure. Mrs. H. having recovered the full Use of her Limbs, and was entirely freed from every Symptom of the Complaint, fie further observed, that if any Person will take the Trouble to call at No. 24, Northumber- land Street, Manchester Square, Mrs. H. will be very happy to give them any further Information. I am, Sir, your most obedient Sewant, JOHN BROWN. The above Medicine is prepared only by the origi- nal Discoverer and sole Proprietor, G. RAMSAY, Penrith, ( many Years of Apothecaries' Hall, London), and is sold Wholesale by Barclay and Son,. No. 95, Fleet Maiket, London ;' and Retail in Bottles, i t l2s. 9d. and 7s. 6d. each, by Gregory, Swinfen, Mat- thews, Woodward, Leicester; Pearson, Melton Mowbray; Snodin, Oakham; Freeman, Upping- ham ; Adams, Loughborough ; Beadsmore, Ashby- de- la- Zouch ; Dodsworth, Brookes, linrton ; Leigh, Atherstone; Baker, Tamworth ; Edge, N- urthainp ton ; Munn, Kettering; Drakard, Stamford and Uppingham ; Tupman, Nottingham; Drewry, Der- by ; Edge, Newark ; Mitton, Grantham ; Drury, Lincoln; Robins, Wilkinson, Daventry London and Liverpool LIGHT TOST COACH, called ) c Bopal | Mlot, To carry Irt> ur Usidei: SETS out from the Dull and Mouth Inn, Lon- don, every Monday,. Thursday, and Saturday Mornings, at 6 o'Clock, through St. Albans, Dun- stable, Newport Pagtiel, Northampton, Harborowgh, and arrivesat the George Inn, I. feiceste"-, at 9 o'^ lotk in the Evening, where Places are taken and Parcels are regulaily Booked, on its way to Liverpool through Ashby- de- la- Zouch, Burton- upou- Trent, Uttoxeter, through the Potteries, Smallwood, Holme Chapel, Nuts ford, Warrington, and arrives at the Crown Inn, Red Cross Street, Liverpool, the next Afternoon ; sets out from the Crown Inn, Red Cross Street, Liverpool, every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday Morning, at 7 o'Clock, through the above mentioned Places, and arrives at Leicester the next Morning at 2 o'clock, on its way to Loudon, where it will arrive the same Evening. Performed by JOHN WILI. IN, Bull and Mouth, l. ondoif BRIGGS and W. PETT1FGR, Leicester JOSEPH RICE, Ashby- t'c- l^- Zouch ASH and SYMS, Uttoxeter FRANCIS BROTHER l'ON, J. iverpool Parcels, 4tc. exceeding the Value of 5/. insured at alow Rate, from Loss or Damage, when delivered at this Office, or any other on tie- Road. Parcels of 5/. Value and under, will be accounted for if Lost or Damaged. Cheap and Expeditious Travelling, from the George Iun, Leicester. 11 LONDON and SHEFFIELD NEW COACH, called SO) e pe, will leave the above Inn, every Afternoon st 3 o'Clock thro' Harborough, Northampton, Newport- Pagnel, Woburn, Dunstable, and St. Albans, and ar- rives at the Angel Inn, Angel- street, St. Martin's le- Grand, I/ mdon, the next Morning by Ten o'Clock; also leaves the Angel Inn, St. Martin's- le- Grand, every Morning at Half- past Four o'Clock thro' the above mentioned Places, and arrives at Leicester by Ten o'Clock in the Evening, on its way to Sheffield, through Loughborough, Nottingham, Mansfield, Chesterfield, and arrives at Sheffield next Morning by Ten o'clock. Performed by JOHN ROBINSON, Angel Inn, London G1LBERT, White Hart, Redburn CULLEN, Anffel Inn, Northampton BRIGGS and W. PETT1FOR, Leicester J. BATES, Loughborough B. BOWER, Crown Inn, Nottingham J. BOGG, Crown Inn, Mansfield T. SIMPSON, Tontine Inn, Sheffield Luggage and Parcels sent by this Coach will be punctually delivered the same Day the Coach arrives. The Propri& iors beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public, that they are not accountable for ar, y Parcels or Passenger's Luggage above the Value of Five Pounds, unless entered as such, and paid for accord ngly. GRIGGS and W. PETTI POIi, beg leave to inform their Friends in Leicester, and the Public in. gew. ral, that this Coach will be worked as regular as any on the Road. myselt in auy other posture than Kneeling: in this extremity I happily heard of your Lithontriptic, and by taking only one Bottle, 1 am perfectly cured, and have felt no Symptoms of the Complaint since, though it is now stiven Months Back, and am now in perfect Health, though 67 Years ofAge. ^ I am, Sir, your obedient Servant, HENRY HUSBAND. Witness, John Elvins, Druggist. The Lithontriptic is Sold Wholesale, only ( by Ap pointment of the Proprietor) by BARCLAY and SON, No. 25, Fleet Market., London, without whose Sig- nature on the Label of each Bottle it cannot be Ge- nuine; and Retail, Price lis. per Bottle, by Gre- gory, Swinfen, Matthews, Woodward, Leicester; Pearson, Melton Mowbray ; Snodin, Oakham; Free- man, Uppingham ; Adams, Loughborough ; Beards- more, Ashby- de- la- Zouch; Dodsworth, Brookes, Burton ; Leigh, Atherstone; Baker, Tamworth ; Edge, Northampton ; Munn, Kettering ; Drakard, Stamford and Uppingham; Tupman, Nottingham; Drewry, Derby ; Edge, Newark; Mitton, Grant- ham; Drury, Lincoln; Robins, Wilkinson, Da- y- entry. For Sprains, Rheumatisms, Chilblains, dfc. Dr. STEERS's OPODELDOC. Tlie Name " F. Newbery, , No 45, St. Paul's," is en- graved on the Stamp, round the Wrapper of each Bottle, which, if carefully attended to by Pur- chasers, will prevent their being imposed upon by the numerous Counterfeits in Town and1 Country,- to which its success has given rise. IT is far Superior to all other external Applica- tions, in the Cure of Bruises, Sprains, Rheuma- tisms, & c. also in Cramps or Numbness, in Stiffness and Weakness of the Joints, as well as in promoting , Circulations in the Limbs when in a paralytic State: it is also the best Remedy for Chilblains, if dissolved in a Spoon, and applied warm, and with a Pledget of Lint well moistened with it, and tied on the Part af- fected with a Rag. It is likewise, from its penetrating Quality, of admirable Service in the Accidents and local Complaints to which Horses are subject, and no Stable should be without it. Sold wily by F. Newbery and Sons, No. 45. St. Paul's Church- yard, London, price 2s. 6d. a Bottle, Duty included ; and, by their Appointment, by Gre- gory, Swiufen, and Combe, Leicester; Watts, Hinck- ley ; Corral, Lutterworth; Clementson, Melton; Adams, Loughborough; Higgs, harborough. For Coughs, Consumption PECTORAL ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT. Herb Coltsfoot, called Tussilago by the Ancients, was distinguished by them, as its Name sufficiently conveys for its Excellence in the Cure of Coughs, and other pulmonary Complaints; and this Essence has, in the Course of a long Practice been found the most safe and effectual Remedy for J Coughs, Asthmas, and all Disorders of the Lungs. It ! gently opens the Breast, and immediately gives I. i- ; berty of Breathing, without any danger of taking cold. It admirably allays the Tickling which provokes | frequent Coughs, cleanses the small Glands, relaxes ! the Fibres, and thereby enlarges the Cavities of the j Vessels. Thus it will prevent Consumptions, if taken I before the Lungs are ulcerated. It cures also all husky and dry Coughs, heals rawness and soreness of the Breast, and gives Relief to those who, through Age or Infirmity, are deprived of Rest or Sleep. This Essence is prepared by James Ryan, Surgeon, in Bristol; and sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, No. 45, the East End of St. Paul's, Loudon, in Bot- tles, 2s. fid. each, Duty included ; and none are ge- nuine, but those which have the Words " E. Newbery, No. 45, St. Pauls," engraved on the Stamp. And by their Appointment told by Gregory, Swinfen, anil Combe, Leicester; Watts, Hinckley ; Corrall, Lutter- worth; Clementson, Melton ; Adams, Loughboro'; Higgs, Harboro'. County of Leicester. HUNDRED of FRAMLAND. THE ASSIZE of BREAD— Set the 7tli Day oI Feb. 1809, to continue 14 Days. lb. oi. dr The Penny Loaf Wheaten to weigh 0 5 5 Ditto Houlhold, - 0 7 2 Twopenny Loaf Whcaten to weigh 0 10 10 Ditto Houihold, - - 0 14 4 Sixpenny Loaf Whcaten to weigh 1 15 14 Ditto Houshold, - 2 10 12 Twolvepenny Loaf Wheaten to weigh 3 15 12 Ditto Houshold, - 5 5 8 Eighteenpenny Loaf Wheaten toweigh 5 15 10 Ditto Houshold, - 8 0 4 J S. BROWN. T. B BURNABY. HUNDRED of GARTREE. The Assize of Bread for the Hundred of Gartree, in tiie County ol Leiceiter. Ik oi. Jr. The Sixpenny Lsaf Wbeaten is to weigh . . I 12 2 The Sixpenny Loal Houlhold . 2 5 8 The Twelvepenny Loaf Wbeaten 3 8 4 The Twelvepenuy Loal Houlhold 4 11 0 Set by us two of his Majeity ' sjuflicesol the Peace in and for the laid Hundred, the 13th Hay ol Dec. 1808, and tocontinue iu lorce lor J. 4 Days from Saturday next. C. J. BEWICKE. W. HANBURY. HUNDRED of GUTHLAXTON. Affize of Bread foi the Hundred of Guthlaxton to take place on Mondav the Cth of Febuary, to be in Force until another Assize is let lor the laid Hun- dred li. ei. ar. The Penny Loaf Wheaten to weigh 0 4 7 Ditto Houfflold Ditto 0 5 15 The Two- penny Loal Wheaten Ditto 0 8 13 Ditto Houffiold Ditto Oil IS The Six- penny Loal Wheaten Ditto 1 10 7 Ditto Houlhold Ditto S 3 8 he Twelvepeuny Loaf Wheaten Ditto 3 4 14 Ditto Houfflold Ditto 4 7 0 The Eighteenpenny Loaf Whcaten Ditto 4 15 5 Ditto Houihold Ditto 6 10 8 T. BURNABY. C. CHAMBERS. Every wheaten Loaf is to be marked with a targe Roman W. and every Houshold Loaf with a large Roman H. on Pain of forfeiting not more than 20s Mark- Lane, Feb. 20, 1809 The quantity of Wheat for this day's Market was not considerable; its quality, mostly second and inferior ; in price, fine samples fetched Is. and 2s. per quarter more than last Monday, with a brisk demand other sorts acquired little or no additional value, and went oil' heavily.— Barley it Is. per quarter dearer; and Malt the same.— White Pease continue at the currency of this day se'nnight.—- Grey 1' cas andlieans of the two kinds have undergone some fluctuation since our last, but were to- day rather upon the rise.—\ iootl Oats con- tinue to obtain high prices. We have no ^ reat quantity of this article on , nor had we many arrivals. Printed and Published by John Price, Mar- ket- place, Leicester. Paper is regularly filed in London ; at the london, Chapter, and peel's Coffee houses; and by W. Taylor and T. Newton, Printers Agents, No. 5, Warwick- square, New- gate- street; where Advertisements are .— The Paper may also be seen at Mr. Billing' Crown, Vinegar- yard, Drury- lane; at the Pied Horse, Chiswell- street, finsbury- sqrare; at Mr. Taylor's, Bull's- head, Vere- street; and at E. linthwaite's, George Inn Coffee- House, West. Smith- field, London.— Advertisements are re- ceived, and the Paper distributed by Mr. Tupman and Mr. Dunn, Nottingham ; Mr. ridgard, Shef- field ; Mr. Marriott, Derby ; Miss Wilson, rother- ham; Mr. Barrow, Kegworth; Mr. Smith, Bake- well ; Mr. Warin and Mr. parkes, Ashbourne j Mr. Hollerinshaw, Tidcswell; Mr. Dodsworth, Burton ; Mr. Adams, Druggist, Loughborough j Mr. Lester, sheepshead ; Messrs. G. and A. Ward Hinckley; Clementson, Melton; Mr loseby Billesdon, Oakham, & c. ; Mr, Robert Young, Ashby and Villages adjacent:, . mr. Glover Frisby & Grantham,
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