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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 21/02/1809
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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219 ( Ireland.)— SEVENTH REPORT Or THE COMMISSIONERS [ Appx. N" of Officers Defcription. Name, EXAMINATOR OF SURVEYORS DIARIES. W. Dudley Diggs - - . How appointed. Commiffion. Duration of Intereft. Pleafure. How executed. Perfon. Grofs Amount of r~ Salaries and fixed Allowances. £ s. J. 70 o o Fees. All other Emoluments. £• s. d. The Duty as Examinator of Surveyors Diaries is to examine quarterly the Diaries of the fever. il Surveyors of Excife in the different DiftriifU Snb- Cumiiiiffioncr, to hear and give judgment upon all Informations entered into the Diftridts of Dublin Excife and Dublin County, in confe- HEARTH- MONEY OFFICE. 18 Examinator'of Assistant Examinator Inspector General and Clerk Supernumerary Clerks: Supervifor Collectors: Examinator and stater of Heal th- money Accounts James Talbot - Ed. Winder Thos Wray Dan. Kane Jams Hughes - Jams Magee Solomn Rounds Richd Serjeant - _ Sam. Kelly Jocelyn Waller - Pierce Hackett Abm Hughes' Thos P. Glcw Robt Serjeant Jos Braddle Ralph Judge John Curolin Wm Jones - The Duty of the Examinator and Inspector General of Hearth- money refpe& ively, is to fuperintend in its various Branches the Collection of Hearth- money Collcdtors, into the several Excise Offices of the Kingdom of Ireland ; and report to tha Board the periodical Payments as made Accountant General the Charges againft the Chief Collectors refpcttively. The Infpedtor General of Hearth- money examines and certifies Light Tax. The Duty of the Supervifor of Hearth- money, is tw examine the Books of the feveral Hearth- money Colledtors of the DiftriCt, tiie full difcharge of the Sums they may have collected up to the time of their Payments into the Chief Collector's Office ; and alfo to check the Duties attach, & c. The Duty of the Hearth money ColleCtors refpe& ively, is to furvey, charge, colleCt, and pay to the Chief ColleCtors the for the fame, & c. The Duty of the Supernumerary Clerks in the Hearth- money Office, is to keep the Books of the Office, enter and copy Letters, of Hearth- money Accounts, is to examine the Hearth- money Accounts of each Excife Colle& or, and to ccrtify the Hearth- money CollcCtors INLAND EXCISE PERMIT OFFICE. Clerk of the Permits. 1 Assistant Clerk. Vacant James Lyons ,- MALT PERMIT OFFICE. Clerk of Malt Permits. Affift ant Clerk. . Acting Clerk of Permits. | H. Ottiwell J. Glew - 7 3 Thos Vicary Fees - - . 206 9 6 Deduct, paid } thereout to S- 54 4 c Clerks - - \ 152 5 6 Ct mmiffion. The Eoard. Pieafure. D » Perfon. Carried forward - £. 80 o o jo o o { JO O O 40 o o 220 O O 15* J 6 J 6 I « -
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