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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 21/02/1809
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No Pages: 1
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ON FEES, GRATUITIES, & c.~( Excife.) 169 1 Li 1 ^ ' CITV EXCISE, in the Year ending 5th January, 1804. Total of Grofmoluments. Deductions. 400 o o Net Emolument. £ d- 400 o o When the firft Clerk's pro- portion of Fees does not a- mounc to £. 150 a year, the deficiency is made up by the Board under an order from Government, out of incidents, to make the employment of fiift Clerk not " lefs than £. 400. Obfervations. Other Employments, Places, Penfions, or Annuities. Defcription. Annual Value. Attendance. Examitiator ) of Information Books. Paymafter, Royal Hoipitai. Keeper of BookRoom and Record Office. Stamp Mafter of Cards and Dice. Librarian to Commif- fioners of Revenue. d. 437 13 7I 500 o o b 34 177 t7 6 1.734 3 5 Firft Door Keeper- i to the Houfe of Lords,' I and granted under thel \ Act of Union; in lieu ( thereof an allowance of Supervifor to Paving Board. 89 15 8 70 Daily. Occasionally. Daily. No attendance. Daily. Hoard are properly extended, and that the feveral Clerks in the Secretary's Office execute their refpeftive duties with propriety, & c. The preparing and checking alternately the Bounties and Fxpences attending the Seizure of Private Stills in every Diftritf: in Ireland. The Duties municating the fentiments of the Board, as noted on fuch Papers or Applications upon which Minutes are not taken. The Duties of the 5th, 6th, of the hufinefs of the Office) copying Reprefentations to Government, making out Accounts required by Parliament, the Lords of the 1 reafury, • feveral Provinces throughout the Kingdom of Ireland, and copying Reports relative to fuch Orders, & c. The regular attendance in the Secre- attend at nine, and continue till four, and fometimes to a much later hour, as the difpatch of bufinefs may require. 1,040 10 10 3° 3 14 7 450 o o 150 o o 300 o o 2.344 5 5 Paid to Scriveners and Clerks, .£ 294 16 5 To Clerk, & c. 77 n 11 372 18 4\ 745 5 226 3 52 450 0 0 150 0 0 99 9 2 1,971 7 o£ No Return was made by Mr. Reeves for the year end- ing ift January 1804, but ft ices in his Return now fur- niflied, that the Emolumenr for the year ending 5th Janu ary 1805, did not amount to Crown Solicitor in all matters relat- !\ ig to the forfeited Eftares. JNot afcertaiued. . , , o(- e To keen Accounts of the Fees paid to the Crown Lawyers and Board's Counfel, and copy fame to lay ImHma- n « W, h Courtof ApK andalfo to attend the Crown Lawyers and Board's Counfel, and ro tranfait all the Law and Equity and hearings ni thj C m of Appeaw^ a Commillioners of Excife. for the guidance and inftrudtion of the feveral Col- levying the fame and report,, g o 1re erences refpea, ve Accounts, and afterwards for payment of their Totts into feveral Sheriffs of Ireland, ,„ the Couof ' t d fn all matters relative to the fo, felted Eftates under the care and fEftateT-' and InTereftsfo^ feiteT^ in the Rebellion of x68S,. and giving Copies and Certificates, * « . when called upon. /\
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