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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 21/02/1809
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No Pages: 1
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i6S v ( Ireland.) EIGHTH REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS [ Appx. — No. A R E T U R N of all Perfons employed in the Diftrift of DUBLIN N° of Officers. Defeription. I Name. SECRETARY'S OFFICE.— Inland DF. P AUTMENT. Secretary - - First and chief Cleik Second Clerk and Clerk of Minutes - Third Clerk anil ditto - Clerks: Afsf Clerks - Supernumerary Clerks: Messenger Deputy D° Alex. Worthington | Geo. Waller Jas Stoyte - ^ Jno Macauley Sac H. Lovett Chidlugh Coote - Henry Wilmot - ! Burton Newenham Michl Kearney - James Clements - Jno Noble Talbot Richd Jerrill James Barker Chas Jolly - Thos Croker Swan John Gill - Wm Hackett Wm Ryan How appointed. Duration of Intereft. How executed. ( See Cuftom Returns.) Commiflion. Bv Lord Lieut. By the Board. Commiffion. Pleafure. In Perfon. Deputy. Perfon. Grofs Amount of Salaries and fixed Allowances. I' d. 250 o o 222 15 o 120 o o j 18 o o 118 70 60 60 60 60 59 59 59 59 3 o 59 3 ° 40 o o Fees. £. d. 43 1 3 46 811 23 16 7 3 6| 7 3 61 7 3 6| 7 3 61 Paid to Deputy 10 14 iJ 1,485 4 ii 142 o 6' ) All other Emoluments. 106 18 9 106 i3 Solicitor for the Inland Depart' Solicitor for the Re.- oveiy of the King's Rent. Solicitor f » the Casual Revenue Solicitor for the Forfeited Estates. Ref. iOer of Foifeitures. Clerk and Keeper of Records in Forfeiture Office. | John Edwards Saml Bradshaw | Richd Martin | Robert Reeves The Hon. Abm Creigh- ton - - ~ - Charles Taylor - Commiflion. Patent. Commiflion. Pleafure. Pet fon. Bv Deputy : Chas Taylor. In Perfon. 250 o o 150 o o IOO o o IOO o o 300 o o 80 o o 980 o c 35 5 3 55 5 3 ' 755 5 7 » 53 14 7 350 o o 50 o o 1,309 o 2 The duty of the ffift Clerk is to examine all Minutes of Orders of the Board, fo regulate all Appointments, to fee that all the Orders of the duty of thfe- fecond and third Clerk is to draw Minutes on Orders made by the Board, and to draft Reprefentaiions to Government; alfo in of the fourth Clerk are various; but there is one particular branch of hufmefs annexed to his Department, which is, to prepare Letters, com- 7( h, 8th, 9th, and 10th Clerks are various ; fuch as keepine the Board's Diar-, writing Letters from Minutes, ( which is a very extenfive branch & c. The Dwv of the Supernumerary Clerks, refpetiively, is to enter the feveral Letters on the Board's Orders in Books prepared for the tary's Office, is from half- pjft 10 in the morning to half- paft three in the evening; but the Clerks of every rank in that Office frequently
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