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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 21/02/1809
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No Pages: 1
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NV2/ J ON F E E S , G R A T U I T I E S , & c.-( Excifc Duties.) the balance overpaid, after deducing the amount of the aforefaid unacquired bills from the grofs cadi balance. The lait column of this Weekly Abftraft dates, cp- pofite to the name of each didrift the amount of the Colleftor's lecurities. '' Fhc Clerk of the Abftrafts mtikes up on Friday, and returns on Saturday the Accountant General's Abdraft for the preceding week; and if anv Weekly Abftraft for any collection is then wanting, he makes up his Abftraft for fuch collection'in the follow- ing manner: the column of produce is left blank, the column for Treafury pay- ments is filled up from the acquittances iftued in the week, the column for manage- ment is left blank; the column for fums in advance and the column for arrears re- main as in the preceding week, but from the cadi in hands, and balance in charge of the preceding week, is dedufted the fum inferred in the column of Trcafu^ pay- ments; and from the cafh in hands, in another part are deduced th bills unac- quired in the Receiver General's hands, on the fourth day after the clofe of the current vveek; after which deduction a net cafh balance is ftruck and dated: the fame praftice is continued in every week for which the Abflraft is wanting. Exa- minant admits, that bv this mode of making out the general Abdraft, the Colleftor obtains credit for the amount of his acquittances iflucd and remittances unacquired, received during the interval his Abftrafts are wanting, while his receipt:, in that time are not brought againft him, owing to this circumftance; Examinant admits, that by the Accountant General's Weekly Abftraft, ending the nth October 1807, the Colleftor of Cork Excife was flated to have over remitted £. 10,210., when by the Colleftors own Abftraft for the fame week, he appears to have over remitted but £. 45. 10s. id. The Accountant General is required to make up in his Ledger Accounts for each collection quarterly. The firft article in thefe Accounts at the commencement of the year, on the charge fide, is the balance of the Account for the preceding year; then follows the amount of the Infolvent Arrears of Rents, and of the feveral Excife Duties diftinguiflied under their refpeftive heads, and brought from the credit fide of the Collectors preceding year's Account. Examinant cannot fee any good purpofe it anfwers to prcferve thefe Infclvent Arrears in the Colleftors Accounts. After the Infolvent Arrears follow the feveral Duties brought to charge during the quarter, as certified by the Examiner of Excife, and in the laft quarter the whole amount of the Affefled Taxes charged by Survey, as certified by the Exa- miner of Hearth- money, and all fums received on other accounts. On the discharge is entered the amount of acquittances ifiued by the Receiver General to the Col- leftor during the quarter ; then follow fuch other payments made by the Colleftor, diftinguilhed under their refpeftive heads, as appear regularly vouched. In the Quarterly Account made up for the laft quarter of the year, credit is given for the Infolvent Arrears, brought to charge againft the Collcftor as above ftated in the firft Quarter's Account, and for the arrears of Afieffed Taxes uncollected. When the four quarters are thus ftated in the Revenue Ledger, they are brought to a total and a balance is ftruck, which balance comprehends the cafh in hands, the fums in advance to be accounted for, the current arrears outftanding, and the bills in the Receiver General's hands unacquired. Hitherto the Colleftor has been re- quired to come to Dublin to fign the Account in the Ledger made up as above- men- tioned, after which the Accountant General made out a copy of the Account which he certified, and tranfmitted, with all the Vouchers for both the charge and difcharge fide, to the Auditor General. But in future, by the Board's Order, two copies of this annual ftatement of Account are to be tranfmitted by the Accountant General to each Colleftor, one to be kept by him, and the other to be returned with his fignature. Paul Twigg. J. S. Rochfort. Fredk Geale. Robert Alexander. Charles Saxton. fa. K k
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