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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 21/02/1809
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No Pages: 1
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[ 1 2 3 1 A F P E N I X. No. The Examination of Mr. SAMUEL HOOD; taken on Oath, the 20th and 2id of May, and 8th Juiy i 807. This Examinant saith, ^ THE Establishment of the office of Examinator of Excise, consists of George Hatton, Esquire, the principal, who has never done anyduty: this Examinant, who is Affiftant Examinator, four Clerks on the Eftablifhment, and four on Incidents ; one of the Clerks is from infirmity incapable of doing any duty. The whole business is done by this Examinant and his Clerks, The duties of the office consist in examining the several Excise Vouchers tranfmitted to him by the Collectors, for the purpofe of ascertaining whether the charges of the Duties therein have been rightly computed; and after comparing them with the Quarterly Accounts, to certify to the office of the Accountant General, the amounc of Duties with which the Collectors of the feveral distriCts are chargeable. The Spirit Vouchers are returned weekly, all other Vouchers monthly, except thofe for Tobacco in the city of Dublin, which are returned weekly. It has not been hitherto the pradtice to make any comparifon between the Vouchers and Stock- books, but by a late Order of the Board, from the firft day of January laft, the Examiner of Gaugers books has been directed to make fuch comparifon in the office of the Examinator of Excife, commencing with the January books of this year. All Surcharge Vouchers, whether made by the Officer of the Walks, or by the Examinator of Gaugers books, are tranfmitted to the office of the Examinator of Excife by the Collectors only. He has no other knowledge or information of thefe fur- charges. No charge made againft the Collector by the Examinator of Excife can be abated without a Board's order. When the Board make such orders, a duplicate fhould be fent to the office of this Examinant, who is thereupon warranted in admitting the Collector's claim to abate-- ment in the Certificates transmitted Quarterly to the Accountant General. The principal books kept in his office are a Survey and Walk Book for the receipt and arrangement of the Vouchers ; a Diftillery Ledger, containing an entry of the charge returned against each Distiller, and an account of the quantity of Spirits ware- houled, if any, in each week. A Hide Ledger for that Duty, specifying the produce of each walk and district monthly ; a Paper Ledger, stating the quantity of paper manufactured, and the Duty thereon, or when the Duty is impofed by Engine charge ; an account of the Duty arifing from each Mill, monthly and quarterly ; a Ledger for the other Excife Duties; viz. Malt, Tobacco, Paper- hangings, Auctions, Mead, Vinegar, Home- made Wines, and Glass Bottles, in each walk and diftriCt, monthly; a Licence Ledger, for the several species of Licences in number and amount, in each walk and diftrSt, monthly ; a Quarterly Book, shewing the produce of the different Duties taken from the Ledgers, but confined to districts ; a Quarterly Book, fhewing in like manner the produce from Hides; a Quarterly Licence Book, fhewing in like manner the produce from Licences; a Quarterly and Yearly Excite Tot Book, ffiewino at one view the quarterly and yearly produce of Excife for the feveral diftri& s, and for the whole of Ireland ; a Quarterly and Yearly Licence Tot Book, for the'fame purpofes as the preceding; a Permit and Certificate Ledger for the Stamp Duty on Permits and Certificates. Various other Books are neceffary for the entry of Drawbacks, Bounties to Diftillers, Board's Orders, Reports and Anfwers to : cxs, the Board's References, Copies of Letters and Accounts, & c. J. S. Rochfort. Frederick Geale. Robert Alexander. Chas. Saxton. Saml Hood.
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