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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 21/02/1809
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No Pages: 1
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8° "( Ireland.) - Eighth REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS { Excife Appendix, N « 57. to-£. 2,492. in the year ending 5th January 1808, without its appearing on the face of the Incident Account, while the difburfing of fo very con- ikierabie a fum is placed under the uncontrouled management of an or- Appendix, N* 91. dinary Clerk. He ftates, that every fortnight he receives by an Incident Order, as much money as he may eonfider requifite to aniwer thefe de- mands, and admits, that though . he . is fubject to have his Accounts checked bv the Surveyor of Revenue Buildings, to the Eftablifhment of whofe Office he belongs, he has not fince January 1803, made . up or ren- dered any Account of the fums fo received or expended. We have no pbfervation to make on the Penlions payable in the Excife Department, Appendix, 92. the Lift of which we annex, as they ftood 011 5th January 1808. Some favir. g might, we think, be effe£ ted in the expence incurred for Englifh .- Newspapers, amounting in the Excife Department, in the year ending Appendix, N° 54. 5th January 1808, to 229. js. 3\ dand in the Cuftom Department, Appendix, N° 93. . to £. 321. IOJ. 10\ d. making a total for Englifh Papers of£. 550. 181. 2d. • Thefe Newspapers are provided for the ufe of the Commiffioners, the . Secretaries of each Board, and the Clerk of the Poftage. None of the tCommiffioners receive lefs than two, and lbme of them three daily Engliffi" Newspapers, befides other periodical publications. The two - Secretaries and the Clerk of the Poftage receive one. each. Though we do not mean to. recommend, that an indulgence long enjoyed fhould be entirely taken away, yet we think it ought to be reftrained within nar- rower limits. One Englifh News- paper might be fufficient for each . Commiffioner, and thus a fum of£. 240. would be laved on this account . alone ; minute, as this may appear, we conlider every faving that can be cffe6ted, under the pr. efent circumftances of thefe Countries, to be of im- ; portance, and with this view we have fubmitted fuch oblervations as Teemed to us likely to promote this objeCt; not. withftanding, however, the . retrenchments we have propolid are not inconfiderable, . benefits much • more extetifive will, we conceive, refult to the Public from our Enquiries, • if we fhall fucceed in exciting a fplrit of oeconomy in, and roufing the .- vigilance of thofe whofe duty it is to fuperintend the expenditure of - thefe Departments. J. S. ROCHFORT, ( l. s.) Office of Enquiry, ERED. GEALE, ( L. sJ ' Sackvffle Street, Dublin, ROBERT ALEXANDER, ( L. S.^) nth February 1809. CHAS STEWART HAWTHORNE, ( L. s.) JOHN HAMILTON, ( L. s. 3
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