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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 21/02/1809
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No Pages: 1
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j x4 ( Ireland.)— Eighth REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS [ Excife cellaneous and Law Colls charged againft the Revenue by this Officer, amounted in the whole to £. 6,344- lod. The former appear al- ways to exceed in amount the latter, and as a few imlances of trifling dilburfements only are included in the Milcellaneous Cods, they are nearly the whole a profit to the Solicitor. Thus of the Colls incurred for the bufmefs of a year ending Trinity Term 1805, amounting to j[. i, 5iy. 18j. id. and which was the firft year's Account referred to the'Examiner of Solicitor's Bills, the Milcellaneous Cofts amounted to £. 813. T s s. The total dilburfements were about £. 3 I. J . and confe- Appendix, N' 83. quently the Solicitor had a clear profit of about 1,208. The Rents that had been in libit when recovered, are received by the refpeclive Colle& ors, but the Colls of Suits determined in favour of the Crown, are received by the Solicitor, who is to give credit in his Bills of Cofts Appendix, N° 85. for the fums fo received. Between Trinity Term 1804 and Trinity Term 1808, both inclulive, the fums received for Rents that had been Appendix, 86. in fuit amounted to £ 2,738. 10J. 4c/., while within the like period the Solicitor charged for Law Colls alone £. 2,358. ys. 9 \ d. and gave cr'edit for Colls received to the amount of £- 357 1 J. 8*/. only. The Appendix, N° 87.. Solicitor, however, admits that a fum of 246. ljs. 3 \ d. has been paid to him on the latter account, for which he has not given credit to the Revenue,/ and it appears that the Board has 110 means of afcertaining the charge that ought to be made againll him in fuch cafes, as he does Appendix, N° 8j. not, nor has he ever been required to furnifh, at any fixed period, a particular llatemenjt of the Coils fo recovered, or of the amount lb received; he likewife claims a difcietionary power of remit- ting to the parties fuch portion of the Cofts chargeable againll them, as he may think advilable. It feems unnecellary to remark on the impropriety of allowing fuch a power to be exercifed by any Officer, but it is material that means fhould be provided to inform the Board of the amount of Colls, with which the parties againll whom Suits have been determined, are chargeable, therefore on the termination of every Suit, the Solicitor fhould be required to furnilh fuch an Account, duly certified by the proper Officer of the Court in which the proceed- ings were carried on ; this Account ought then to be tranfmitted to the Collector, in order that he might receive the amount along with the Rents recovered, and as a check upon the Collector, a copy of the lame Account might be fent to the Accountant General. During the curlory view we have been able to take of this Officer's Accounts, we difcovered Appendix, 83. an overcharge to the amount of £. 98. 19s. id. admitted by him to be fuch, and which appears to have efcaped the obfervation of the taxing Officer. From this circumllance, though no fraud may have been in- tended, as well as the unaicertained amount of the Colls received by him from the parties to Suits determined in favour of the Crown, and the vilible want of an efficient examination of the greatell part of his Ac- counts previous to their being paid, we feel ourfelves warranted in re- commending that the whole of tbem, both for Law and Mifcellaneous bufinefs, from the period of his entering into office, be myelinated without delay. In deviling the means of ceconomifing the expenditure on account of the ordinary Law buhnels incident to tfacfc Departments, it is obvious that
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