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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 21/02/1809
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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. avs8 ( Ireland.) — EIGHTH REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS [ Appx. To Wm Croker Attorney, amount of his Bill of Coft - - - Arthur Dunn, Attorney, Local Aoent, amount of his BiilofCoft - Samuel Bradshaw, Solicitor for the King's Rents, an advance for the bufinefs of his Office Bradshaw and Swany, Attorneys, amount cf their Bill of Cofts Richard Martin, Solicitor for the Cafual Revenue, an advance for the bufinefs of his Office ------ - Wm Saurin, His Majesty's Attorney General, Fees for bufinefs dor. e in the Excifs Department .------ - - ... . Paid swearing Affidavit refpe& ing Quit Rents in Mallow Difbifl - - - - for sending a Writ to County 1 vrone, and for fervice of fame - Bryan Campble, for serving Notices Nathaniel Gordon, Gauger, being a Compofition made with the Profecutor's Agent, he being found guilty of an AfLu'lt ------ Expences paid in prosecuting Parishes where private Stills were found sundry Yeomen their expences attending at Carrickfergus Assizes, fix days on a Prosecution ------------ William Philips, Local Agent at Cork, amount of his Biii cf Cofts for bufineh done for the Revenue - -- -- -- -- - William Johnston, Local Agent, his Bill of Costs - George McEntigart, Attorney, amount of his Costs on Excise Trials in Co'eraine Bryan McMahon, Agent Limerick, his Bill of Costs - - r - a Person for business done in coi, fequence of Law proceedings carrying on bv Mr. Edwards & Mr. Bradshaw, Solicitors ------ Amount cf expences incurred in delivering Writs at the Suit of the Crown Thomas Checkley, his expences attending Trials as Attorney for Offices, agiinft - the spirit Licence Act ---------- ThOmaS Serjeant, Gauger, his expences incurred in the proscuting Offenders against the Spirit Licence Adl --------- Serving Custodiams, and issuing them in the District of Mallow - - - - John Dab , for serving Notices on the Tenants, of Abbey at Moathill George Mathews, late Excise Collector, for lervtng the Sheriff of the Coi. nty of Down at different times with Writs of Scire Facias - - - - ' - - Service of a Writ in Drogheda Diftrict - - - - - • - Total Law Charges - ~ £• 19,114 18 lof incident Office, Cuftom House, 2o; h July 1808 Thos Conolly, Examr Excise. No. 66. The Examination of RICHARD WALLER, Esq; taken upon Oath, the 30th day of November and 21 ft of December 1S08. This Examinant faith., That he is Solicitor for the Department of Cuftoms, was appointed in the year 1783, previous to which he had been in the Solicitors Office; he has a falary for himfelf and Clerks ofj£. 200 a- year onthe Eftabiiffimetn, and £. 50 a- year on Incidents. It is his duty, in consideration of his salary, to attend daily at. the Cuftom- Houfe, and report 011 all references made to him by the Board, to take the opinion of Counfel upon all cafes referred to them either by special order of the Commiffioners or at his own difcretion, which however he rarely exercifes, it being the ufual pa& ice of the Board, in the first instance, to refer every cafe requiring legal advice to Examinant, and to direct that the opinion of Counfd ihouid be taken, if recom- • mended by him; to prepare all Informations for offences againft the Cuftom Laws, to attend the Board's Counsel with the fame, make copies thereof, ro be filed with the Cleik of the Informations, and to attend the Trials of fuch Informations . as are had before the Commissioners of Cuftoms in Dublin, and all hearings in the Court- of Appeals. All Informations are laid before Counfel, but they do not require the same legal precision as Common Law pleadings, nor are they liable to be quashed for want of form. Examinant never attends at Trials of Informations before Sub- commissioners in the country, unlefs Counfel is alfo or- dered to attend, in which case the travelling expences of both are paid by the Revenue, and the Solicitor receives an allowance of two guineas a- day. Local Agents
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