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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 21/02/1809
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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( continued) CORK PORT : To George Jack, Attorney, amount of his Bill of Cofts for buflne. fs done - . FOXFORD: John Davis, Agent to Peter Browne, amount of his Bill of Colts ft r defending him KILLYBEGS: George Henderson, Attorney, for two days attendance at the adjuftment of the salvagc of the Cargo of the William - . . FOXFORD: Margaret Hamilton, Widow, to support her on a profecutioa .... Thomas Gibbons, Commissioner of Affidavits, for delivering a Writ to the Sherif Fra. Kiernan, Examr. AN ACeO UN T of the Particulars of the Sum of io, 618. js. ic J. charged In the Account of Incidental, & c. Expence » , under the Head of LAW CHARGES, in the Department of the CUITOM-.; for the Year ending 5th January 1806. No. 64.] ON F E E S, Q R A T U I T I E S, & c.—~^ Excife.) DUBLIN: Richard Waller, Solicitor, a further advance to enable him to proceed for the recovery of Sums due to the Crown - Mr. O'Grady, Attorney General, for fettling Money Bills laft Seftions Prime Serjeant ------ the like - - - Solicitor General Plunkett - .- - the like - • - Richd Waller, Solicitor, to defray Expence » of Advertifements - Henry D. Grady, Board's Counsel, for. preparing Bills pafled -, 1.1 ft Seffi n Richd Waller & John Edwards, Solicitors, for preparing and copying certain Money and Regulation Bills, & c. presented to Parliament ------ C. M. Ormsby, Board's Counsel ; the like for the Bills Solicitor General Plunkett, usual Allowance far perilling the Regulation Bills - Richard Waller, Solicitor, advance for Law Diftnirtements - - - - - John Edwards, Solicitor, Balance for the Money and Regulation Bills of laft Sefiion H. D. Grady, Board's Counsel, on account of Fees due to him to 27th April - Mr. Prime Serjeant Browne, for preparing and fettling the Regulation Bills laft year - -- -- -- -- -- - - D° - - - as Crown Lawyer, commencing Michaelmas 1804, and ending 27th April 1805 - -- -- -- -- -- - Attorney General, for perusing and settling the Regi: latiomBiUs laO year D° - - - - - Fees due to- him as Crown Lawyer, to 2.7th April 1805 - H. D. Grady, Board's Counsel, for his trouble in preparing a Bill for the better col- letting of the Revenue ----------- R. Waller, Solicitor, on account of Expences at Cork, & c. - - - - L)° - ' - to enable him to carry on Suirs for recovery of Balance* Fees due to Mr. Browne, late Prime Serjeant, ending 23d May 1805 - R. Waller, Solicitor, Bill for attending Trials, & c. ------ _ . - D" - - - at Cork Reeves & Ormes, by Bill- for preparing Lesfes ------- R. Waller, Solicitor, Balance of his Bill of Cofts,, commencing Michaelmas Term 1804 ----------- C. M. Ormsby, Counsel, for preparing and fettling the, Bills of laft year ... D° - - - amount of Fees- from Michaelmas 1804, to 3d January 180 5 . . - E* - - - Compensation for preparing a new Revenue Adt . . - D" - - - Fees for preparing Custom Regulation Bill Solicitor General Plunkett - - - the like - - - - * Attorney General ------ the like - H. D. Grady, Board's Counsel - - the, like - - Messrs. Waller & Edwards, for preparing Revenue Bills laft Seffion C. M. Ormsby, Counsel, Fees due to him from 1 ith January to 13th July 1805 - Fees due the Ute Prime Serjeant . ..--- - James Galbraith, Attorney for Revenue business done at Lifford -
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