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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 21/02/1809
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No Pages: 1
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• No. fio. 1 on FEES, G R A T U I T I E S , Sec.—( Excife.) t $ 3 All Orders for Wares to the Manufacturers and others, fhall be entered in In Order Book, and the initials of the Comptroller be figned to each entry, that none may be given without 1ns knowledge. The original order to be figned by the Storekeeper. ° 3 All Bills of Parcels for goods bought fhall be entered at length in a Bill of Par- cels book, which fliall be numbered, the original Bill to be filed, and have the cor- reiponding^ number for reference, if neceflary, fpecifying whether the prices are charged as for ready money or for credit ; and if for credit, for what length of time. A Duplicate of every Bill of Parcels, with the particulars, fhall be delivered to the Comptroller, figned by the Storekeeper, as a proof of his having received the Stores; from which Duplicates the Comptroller fliall caufe an account of Stores received to be kept, as a check upon the Storekeeper's account. The Comptroller shall inveftigate carefully the prices paid for the feveral pur- chafes, in order to afcertain whether they are as low as articles of a like nature and quality are bought at from the Manuiadurers by wholelale Stationers; fliall keep a Register of all Bills of Parcels, with the names of the venders, the dates and amount of the Bills, the time of credit given, and when the fame expires. All Vouchers for the payment of articles fliall be delivered to the Comptroller as foon as the fame are entered in the Calhier's books; and if, in any cafe, the prices fliall appear to the Comptroller to exceed the market price, or the dares of the payments fhall not corrtfpond with the expiration of the credit, he fhall make immediate inquiry into the caufe thereof, and ftate the refulc of the fame to the Treafury. The Storekeeper fliall have the charge of the receipt and delivery of all Stores, of which he fliall keep a corredt account by tale, weight, or meafure, according to the respective nature of fuch Stores, and fliall render a quarterly account thereof to the Comptroller. No perfon employed in the Stationary Office fhall be in any manner whatever interefted in, or receive any benefit from, the manufacture or purchafe of Stores, or in any work done for the Office, nor fliall . receive any Fee or Gratuity, snore than his Salary, on pain of difmiflion from his Office. No article of ( lore fliall be ilTued without an Order in writing from the proper Officer in each Public Office to be fupplied therewith ; which Order fliall be ad- drefled to the Comptroller, who fhall thereupon diredt the Storekeeper, or other proper Officer, to ifiue the fame accordingly. The faid Orders lhall be entered in feparate books, to be kept by the Comptroller, for each of thefe public Offices refpectively, noting in the margin when fuch order was executed, and by whom the receipt returned from each Office was figned. Each article fliall be charged by the Storekeeper at prime coft to the feveral Offices. When Paper is ruled, printed, or bound, the Office to which it is delivered fliall be charged with the exact coft of fuch ruling, & c. in addition to the price of the Paper; and all Tradefmen's Bills for ruling, binding, or printing, fliall be delivered to the Stationary Office at the end of every week. The Storekeeper fliall prepare accurate lifts of all the feveral articles contained in each delivery to the Public Offices, which lifts fhall be figned by the perfons receiving the fame in fuch Offices refpeftively, as a Voucher to the Storekeeper for the delivery. The Vouchers lhall be delivered to the Comptroller as foon as the fame fliall have been entered in the proper books. The Storekeeper fhall keep Stock Ledgers, or other proper books, for the receipt and delivery of each fpecies of Stationary Wares ; which Books and Accounts fliall be balanced yearly on the firft day of January, when an account of the Stock fliall be taken by the Storekeeper, Warehoufemen, and Order Clerk, in the prefence of fome experienced Stationer, to be employed for that purpofe by the Comptroller, to whom a Certificate of the Stock, figned by all the parties, ( hall be delivered ; the Comptroller fliall thereupon proceed, without delay, to an accurate mveftigatton of the faid Stock Account, and having adjufted the fame to his fati^ fachon, fliall tranfmit the faid Account, or a copy thereof, to the Office for auditing the Public Accounts, as a document neceflary for fupporting and illuftratmg the Ca( h Account of the Stationary Office. The cuttings of Parchment, Paper, and other waftc and damaged Stores, ( hall be fold quarterly, under the directions of the Comptroller, and the produce thereof rfhall be paid by the purchafers thereof to the Cafhier of the Stationary Office, who S2" 3 T
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