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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Eighth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 21/02/1809
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No Pages: 1
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( Ireland-)— EIGHTH FjgPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS [ Appx. Ration mark and number, the landing mark, number, and weight, the export- ation mark, number and weight, and the futtle pounds of the whole. Every importing merchant, dealer or manufacturer having Tobacco on hand, or in ( lore, is required to fend to the Regifter, within ten days after each quarter day, an . account of the quantity of Tobacco he had on hand or in ( tore on fuch quarter day. This account, in the cafe of importers, gives the plantation and landing marks, numbers and weights of each cafli, the ( hips name by which imported, when bonded, and where ftored. In the out- ports, the merchants make thefe returns to the Collector, who figns and tranfmits them to the Regifter. In Dublin they are figned by the Merchants only, and returned by them direCtly to the Regifter; but the manufacturers return is made to the Collector, and by him i ran firm ted to the - Regiftet. The Collectors in the country fend up fuch returns from the - country to the Regifter. From tlie Land Waiters blue Books and thefe feveral returns, the Regifter pofts into his Import Ledger as follows; from the blue Books, the ( hip's name, the matter's name, the place from whence imported, the date of invoice, the number of hogsheads, the original mark, number, and manifeft weight, and the landing mark, number, and import weight of each cafk, and the number of futtle pounds • contained in the whole. From the monthly returns of Tobacco foid or exported, in the fame page with, and eppefite to, the original entry of eaci cafk, the date of - its fale or export, and again on the oppofite page of the lame account, the quantity exported, and the Port whither, and the quantity told, with the purcbafer's name and place of abode. After all the foregoing particulars have been transferred to his Ledger, the Regifter then compares the returns of the ( lock on hand which have been made to him by the importing merchants, with his Ledger: this comparifon he makes as a .. check upon thofe returns. The Bond Ledger is filled up from two monthly returns made by each Collector; the one entitled Tobaccco imported and Bonds gianted, the other Tobacco Bonds difcharged ; the firft contains the particulars of the Tobacco imported, anil < the Bonds granted. The ( econd contains an account of all Bonds difcharsred durinc the month by payment of the Duty, or vacated by exportation. From thele returns the Regifter General enters on the charge fide of his Bond Ledger, the bonding number, the obligee's name, the date of Bond, the elite when clue, the number of hogsheads bonded, the quantity of futtle pounds, and the fum for which Bond is given; and on the difcharge fide oppofite to the entrv of each bond, the quantity of Tobacco ( comprehended in fuch Bond) on which Duty has been paid, the date of payment, and the amount of Duty paid; and in cafe of exportation, the date of export and the quantity exported. When the whole quantity is accounted for either by payment of Duty or by export, the account of fuch Bond is clofed in the Ledger. No periodical return of Bonds over due is made from, nor is any account kept in, the Bond Ledger of the Intereft received or due on Tobac- co Bonds; although the latter is fpecified in the monthly return of Tobacco Bonds d: fcharged. The permitting Officers of cach Port fend to the Regifter a monthly return of Permits granted to the importer for the removal of unmanufactured Tobacco. Thefe returns contain the number and date of each Permit, the importer's name, the ( hip's name in which imported, the time of payment of the Duty, the place where, and to whom fent, the number of calks, the import numbers and marks, and the weights; thefe returns are copied into the Regifter's Permit Entry Book, in an account opened therein for each Port. Thefe accounts are compared with monthly returns that are made by the Suiveyors and Gaugers of the quantities permitted into the flocks of manufacturers j thefe monthly returns contain alfo ail account of the quantity of Tobacco brought to charge, and the Duty charged againft each manufacturer during the month, as alfo the quantity then remaiinW uncharged. The Excife Ledger contains an account taken from the Surveyors and • Gaugers monthly returns; on the charge fide, of the quantity of Tobacco received by each manufacturer, and on the difcharge fide, of the quantity charged with Excife Duty; as alio the quantity remaining uncharged at the dole of the month. The account kept in this Ledger relates only to Tobacco in the dry leaf. No return is made to this Office by any Officer of the Revenue, of the quantity of Tobacco in ( tore; nor is it the practice of the Office, in cafe any part of a cargo
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