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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1809
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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N° . » . * • 1 v/ ii i JLJ ± 1 u « v j 1 v / i b t j 1 : j r1 . r\ rc — 1 u n mw 1 1 . v A therein. Examinant believes that fraudulent MannfaCturers endeavour to keen uo this falfe credit, in order to have anopening for the introduction of their private manufacture into flock. He confiders it to be the dutv of the inferior Officers in charge, to take an account of, and to have all Tobacco after the procefs of manufacturing is finiflied, weighed in their prefence before they make any entry thereof in their Hock- book, and he believes they fometimes do fo, but that more frequently the weight is taken on the declaration of the Manufacturer. He doe3 not think it would be very inconvenient to have the account taken, and the manufacture weighed under the immediate infpeCtion of the Officer. A ticket ought to be affixed to each roll, fpecifying its number and weight, but this is feldom done. All Tobacco Manu- facturers are required by Law to have wooden frames or boxes for laving their Tobacco in cafe therein, inftead of which he has found that many Manufacturers have neither frames^ nor boxes, but throw the Tobacco in heaps ' on the floor, bv which means the Officer is lefs able by the view to form an opinion of the quantity in • cafe, and the Manufacturer is enabled to add thereto, particularly to the Snuff- cafe, with little hazard of detection. He underftands that Tobacco may be fit for manufacturing into Cane- roll, after 24 hours from the time it is put into cafe, and it is the general praCtice of Manufacturers, to continue adding freffi Tobacco before the cafe ( which they are not obliged to firiifli off within any given time) has been exhautled. He is of opinion, that from the nature of the prccefs, and the facility with which Tobacco, privately manufactured, can be brought info conlumption, it is in the power of a Manufacturer to defraud this branch of the Revenue, even though the Officers be faithful and attentive in the difcharge of their duty. Permits for manufactured Tobacco to retailers are granted by the Officers in charge; but Examinant underftarids that efleCUial means are not taken to have fuch Permits returned, and certificates gran: ed in lieu thereof. The retailer is thereby enabled to retain the Permit, and cover Tobacco received without Permit, after having confumed that for which the Permit had been originally granted. It is alfo the duty of Examinant to attend from time to time, as it may be neceffary, at the head Permit Office, to receive Permit and Certificate- books, for which he pafies his receipt, and is accountable, and to deliver them out to the inferior Officers, from whom he takes them up at the clofe of the month, and returns them to the fame Office ; to examine the Weekly Charge Vouchers, the Monthly Vouchers, and the Permit Vouchers, and the Stamp- dutv Vouchers, and to compare them with the Stock and Permit- books; to fign and return the Weekly Vouchers to the ColleCtor, the Monthly Vouchers to the Regilter General of Tobacco, the Permit Vouchers to the Examiner of Permit Vouchers, and to fign the Stamp- duty Vouchers before they are returned to the ColleCtor by the Gauger; to receive and deliver out, under his fignature, the Monthly Stock- books to the several Gaugers of his survey, and examine and fubferibe them previous to his returning them to the Examiner's Office; to examine the quarterly return of the stock on hand, that every Manufacturer is re- quired to make to the ColleCtor, to compare it with the stock- book, and to sign and certify the fame. He receives a salary of sixty Guineas a year, and on certifying the quarterly return, a fee of sometimes less, but never exceeding one Guinea, from each Manufacturer ; and from each person who is put under instruction he receives a fee of 17J. 10\ d. and $ s. 5d. from each of two Tobacconifts on certifying the registry of their concerns. He understands that it was cuftomary for the inferior Officers to allow to the Surveyor id. or id. on each Permit granted, but this he declined to receive, considering it to be improper, as tending to render him in fome meafure dependant on his inferior Officers. Examinant does not receive any other fee, gratuity, perquifite or emolument, of any nature or kind whatfoever. Chas Dunlevie. J. S. Rochfort, Fredk Geale, Chas Saxton.
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