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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Seventh Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1809
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No Pages: 1
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N* 23- 1 ON T E L 3 , G R A T U I T I E S, & c.-( Auaion Duty, & c) 59 • of wfiitfh is done in the months of December, Jsnuary and February. The lowed price at which Examinant fells ( rained Taper is 3s. 3d. per dozen. The Officers in • charge keep no account of his ftock of ftained Paper after it has been marked with - the Duty charge ftamp. He ufually procures the frame mark ( tarnp, and the Duty charge ftamp to be put on at the fame time, as it fives him trouble. He is of - opinion, that the Licence on Paper- ft at tiers might be advanced to £. ico, and that • every man v, ho engages in that bufinefs could afford to pay that charge. One Table • is capable of finiffiing per day 40 pieces with one colour, 20 pieces with two colours, and 1 z with three colours. Examinant makes no monthly return to any Office or Officer of the quantity of Paper printed, painted or ftained by him during the month, • but at the time of payment of the Duty, he is fuppofed to be fvvorn by the Officer • receiving it, that no more Paper had been printed, painted or ftained by him than the quantity charged againft him by the Officer. But Examinant seldom takes the oath, or it is adminiltered to him in fuch a manner, as that he does not conceive himself to be fworn. He pays about 30 Guineas a year to the Officers in charge of his house, of which liim the Surveyor receives about 5 Guineas, and the Gauger the remainder. Thefe fees are not paid at any ( tared periods, but occasionally, in recompence for the Officers not giving them much trouble ; his stock is seldom counted, or the pieces reckoned when Duty marked. The laft payment of fees to the Gauger was made at Christmas last, and since that one Guinea was paid to the Surveyor for his Christmas- box. John Boswell. J. S. Rochfort, Fredk Geale, Robert Alexander. No. 23. The Examination of Mr. THOMAS HARNETT ; taken upon Oadi, the 9th and 18th days of December 1807. This Examinant faith, That he was appointed Surveyor of Excise in 1781, and was put on duty in the Dublin City DistriCt in June 1805, as Surveyor of Paper- stainers and Glass Bottles. The Officers employed on this duty in Dublin, are, one Surveyor and four Gaugers. It is his duty to visit the respeCtive Paper- stainers in his furvey, and to fee that the Gaugers under him attend to their duty, and that the Manufacturers commit r. o frauds. He usually vsfits each Manufacturer twice in the month, and fometimes oftener : at those visits he always takes an account of the depending ftock, which is the quantity not yet charged with Duty, and enters his vifits in the Gauger's books, with the quantity of ftock as furveyed by him. If he finds any diminution in the quantity of depending stock, he charges the Manufafturer with the Duty on the di- minution; if an increase, he adds it to the depending ftock. Paper- stainers receiving any Paper, are required to give notice of the quantity thereof to an Officer of Excise, who is required to attend and take an account of the reams received; but no such account was ever taken, or any book iffiied for the purpose, until Examinant was placed over the Paper- ftainers; when, without any instruCtions to that effect, he thought fuch an account required by Law, and accord^ ir.^ ly diredted memorandum- books to be kept for that purpofe. Thefe memoran- dum- books are not returned with the ( tock books, but remain in the cuftody of the Officers in charge; nor is the Manufacturer charged in the flock account kept in the stock- book," with the Paper as received, buc only for fuch quantities as he fi- otn time to time declares he intends to ( tain or print. Ali Paper intended to bs printed, painted or ftained, when declared fo by the Paper- ftainer, muft be ( tamped, firft in fingle ( beets, which is called the " Firft Account taken," and entered ( o in the Causer's books. After the ( beets are joined in pieces, the pieces are pieaftired, and ftamped at both ends with a ftamp, called a " Frame Mark :" when the Paper is
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